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Southmead News & What’s On Issue 70 September - October 2022 FREE DONATIONS WELCOME Knit & Na�er at last year’s Winter Celebra�on Week

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e understand how worrying it is to constantly hear in the news that another na�onal crisis is upon us and that we’re going to struggle even more to afford to feed ourselves and our families, to pay bills, or to keep the cold out this winter. As you may have seen, the new Prime Minister has announced an ‘energy price guarantee’ limi�ng the annual bill of a household, with typical electricity and gas usage, to £2,500 from October. This is welcome, and although helpful is not going to be enough for many of us. Here at the Trust we’re looking at ways to support residents to get through the Cost of Living Crisis. We want to s�ck together to keep our community as strong as possible. Please do pop into the Greenway

Centre, call us on 0117 950 3335, or email us on and we can let you know what advice or support is available locally. If you would like to work with a professional to help manage your rising energy bill, then come to one of our Energy Help Hubs at the Greenway Centre. The next one is on Tuesday 27th September, from 1:30pm to 3pm. Topics discussed will be: how to reduce our energy home use; how to communicate with your energy company; and what help is available. See full details on page 3. Please join us at the free family event ‘Charge the Earth Summit’ organised by MP Darren Jones at the Greenway Centre, on Saturday 1st October, from 10:00 am to 4:00pm. On offer will be advice from chari�es, tradespeople, live demonstra�ons and talks about how to how to handle the crisis. See full details on page 4. cont on page 3>

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S�cking Together Southmead New Mural at Badock’s Wood School Southmead Fes�val Saturday Sales Are Back Community Corner Free Support Groups Living in Southmead Yearly Update Greenway Community Learning is Open Greenway Care Connect is Open For Business Meadows to Meaders 5 Community Events and Info


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'm delighted to announce that we have two new Community Development workers star�ng with us at Southmead Development Trust. You can see their photos here. They’re a very welcome addi�on to the team and together we’ll be able to work alongside more members of the community to set up groups, find out what’s important to residents and con�nue to build on the network which exists in Southmead. Sher has been a member of the community for a long �me. You may know her as a volunteer at The Ranch or as one of our trustees. Rhona has been working in Southmead doing art workshops with young people and is really looking forward to ge�ng to know

BY: SIMONE DAVIS, NEIGHBOURS CONNECT SOUTHMEAD t the beginning of September we held a celebra�on event for our Neighbours Connect Southmead volunteers. They do an amazing job connec�ng with residents and building networks in the community. Cafe des Amis at the Greenway Centre kindly provided delicious food. Jessica, the massage therapist, gave shoulder massages so we could all unwind! It was great to catch up and hear everyone’s news. Thanks to everyone who came, and for your hard work. Volunteers are a vital part of the work we do at the Trust. We offer lots of opportuni�es to get involved. We also have a brand new,


Southmead be�er. You’ll be hearing more from them soon, both out and about and in The Mead. Please join me in giving them a warm welcome! This autumn we are star�ng the Living in Southmead Yearly Update. This is a chance for us to catch up with residents and find out what people are involved in and want to take ac�on on. This year there is a focus on the Cost of Living Crisis as this will be something the community is concerned about. There’s lots of ways to take part. You can come and chat to us, fill out the form online or you can flip to page 11 right here in The Mead and get started. Remember we are always growing our network of free groups in Community Corner (see page 9). Do get in touch with me: Call: 07498 755 863 Email:



Take part in the first Living in Southmead Yearly Update on page 11

free course about becoming a volunteer in the community to help you work out what’s the best opportunity for you. find out more on page 15>

Are you interested in volunteering with us? We’re really excited to have a new Volunteer Coordinator, Alex, star�ng with us! She joins us a�er volunteering with Neighbours Connect Southmead for several years. Her focus will be making sure everyone’s volunteering experience in the community is the best it can be. To chat about being involved, do get in touch: Tel: 0117 950 3335 Email: alexbenne�

I’m very excited about becoming part of the Southmead Development Trust team. I can’t wait to meet all the lovely, hardworking volunteers and ge�ng to know Southmead and the community.



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Meanwhile we are growing all our free or low cost community programmes here at the Southmead Development Trust; there are walking, crea�ve wri�ng, art and kni�ng groups to join at the Greenway Centre (full details on page 9). Our Link Workers, who are connected to all GP surgeries across North Bristol, are already responding to concerns about the coming crisis and are looking to find out what other help groups are needed – current free groups are on page 15. We also offer open access youth and play sessions at The Ranch; this summer hundreds of local children and young people enjoyed these sessions taking part in sports, arts, cycling, and nature ac�vi�es, along with freshly cooked hot meals. Remember the café at the Greenway

Centre is open every week-day with free wifi and hot drinks from 50p, and our affordable gym has a great fitness programme and discounts for those on low incomes. We’d love to know if you have any other ideas about how we can all support each other at this �me. Thoughts so far include clothes and gi� swap events, batch cooking, and low cost winter family events. Do let us know if you have any ideas you'd like to make happen and if you can volunteer to help. Please get in touch with Lucille from our Community Development team (contact details opposite). We really want to hear how the crisis is affec�ng you and what else the Trust and the community could do to help. Please let us know by filling in the ‘Living in Southmead’ ques�ons on page 11 so we can then gather all your thoughts, ideas and views. As a community we have amazing strength and resilience and

by working together we can help each other through this �me to make sure that everyone has something to look forward to.

See details of ‘Charge the Earth Summit’ overleaf

GROUPS You can find Community Corner’s groups on page 9. Info about specific support groups are on page 10. Community events and info are on pages 22 and 23.

energy help desk with Bristol Energy Network

NEXT SESSION: Monday 27th September 1:30 - 3:00pm at the Greenway Centre Book over the phone: 0117 950 3335



BY: CLAIR HAMILTON, SCHOOL AMBASSADOR, BADOCK’S WOOD E-ACT ACADEMY n the summer term the front of Badock’s Wood E-act Academy had a faceli� with a new mural. Pupils worked with the ar�st in residence, David Bain, to design the mural and then some pupils got involved with pain�ng it. The pupils gave David lots of ideas about what they wanted the mural to reflect and they love the final design espeically the bright colours and the use of leaves and animals. The longstanding school values of “Be kind, Be safe, Try your hardest” can be seen in the final artwork. These are the values that both pupils and staff try to keep in all that they do. David spent four days at the school and invited a few of our children, who are keen ar�sts, to join in with him. They absolutely loved helping him. Every day from now on pupils will be greeted by the mural as a bright reminder of the values that the school holds dear. But what are the pupils and staff most looking forward to this year? Our new Head Girls Krystal and Ruqayya said, “I am looking forward to helping people around the school, helping make people feel proud of themselves” and “I am looking forward to more learning opportuni�es, doing SATS and year 6 camp”. Staff echoed these feelings. Mr Arthur our Head said, “we want to make the community proud” and Mrs Kelly our Deputy Head said, “I am looking forward to watching children get all the amazing experiences that we can give them so that they can con�nue to flourish and grow”. We want the whole community to be welcomed in to our school so I am most excited to see our School Hub full of people taking all sorts of courses. The courses are available for anyone in the community to take part in. So far, these courses have included First Aid, paren�ng, suppor�ng mental health, ge�ng back to work, English as an addi�onal language and healthy cooking. Anyone is welcome to join a course, you don’t have to have a child at the school. To find out more you can give the school a ring: Tel: 0117 903 0050


Before and a�er

Pain�ng together

ADULT COURSES AT BADOCK’S WOOD E-ACT ACADEMY HUB All welcome! Lots to choose from, something for everyone. Tel: 0117 903 0050


BY: SAM GARBETT, OPERATIONS MANAGER, SOUTHMEAD DEVELOPMENT TRUST outhmead Fes�val is special. It has a great history and is one of the stand-out days in the calendar. In recent years, the Trust has had the pleasure of hos�ng and coordina�ng the Fes�val – an honour and responsibility. Even more so in this year as we returned cau�ously from Covid and we felt an addi�onal drive to put on a really good day. And how it did return! Under the blazing summer sun we had a magnificent day. It was a joy to see so many people from all around the community come and enjoy themselves. To play, to relax, to dance, to eat, to sit, to laugh: together. Being together again was a favourite part of the fes�val for many people who a�ended. It is a truly community-run day and wouldn’t come together without the support and ‘can-do’ spirit of so many people. It was a pleasure to be a part of and I really want to thank everyone below who truly made Southmead Fes�val: � The staff and legion of volunteers from the Trust, including the Greenway Centre team, the Ranch Youth and Play team, the Greenway Gym and with special men�ons for Karen Green and Stephen Haddow. •Our brilliant photographers Mark Holbrook and Mar�n Twomey � Deana Perry, Mike Murch and the crew for their fundraising throughout the year. This allowed us to provide free kids’ rides on the day - a wonderful gi�. � Everyone who donated and contributed to the raffle – some amazing prizes this year, £945 raised for future fes�vals and projects locally! � Southmead Rugby Club, Café des Amis, Raised in Bristol Nursery, and our stallholders in the pre-loved and cra� fair � The full diversity of performing ar�sts and entertainers � All our lovely partners and community groups: Bristol Bears Founda�on, Bristol Libraries, Bristol


Rovers Community Trust, SS Great Britain, Travelling Kitchen, Avon Fire & Rescue Service, Bristol Waste, Travelling Teapot, and Southmead Churches Together. � Giuseppe and his Ice Cream van – thought to be his 25th Southmead Fes�val, at least! And finally, a huge thank you to everyone for coming! Here’s to next year. Do get in touch if you would like to lend a hand pu�ng the next one together or if you or your group want to play a part in the day itself. There is always room for more! Tel: 0117 950 3335 Email:

A FESTIVAL REVIEW BY DAWN PAYNE WHAT YOU SAID “Everyone says bad stuff about Southmead but there’s no trouble here!” - David H “Great to get together and see people you know from the past” - Danny “Really surprised it’s so big with so much variety” - Sue “Really good but I’d like to see more stuff for men” - David C “Love seeing everyone back together” - Carol “Free stuff for kids good, funfair too pricey though. More shade please!” - Alicia

What a scorcher, the weather was the best ever. Plenty to entertain everyone. The children all were happy with the rides. Travelling Kitchen gave out lovely fresh fruit. Churches Together gave out lovely cups of tea. Well appreciated. Line dancing wow! How did they do that with the heat, well done! Food by Glenn, a lovely chilli and salads. Bill was on top form again playing the organ. He was on fire, matching his shirt! All the tables consis�ng of toys, homemade cards and cra�s - a very good selec�on. Janet made coconut ice, very yummy. I had a table for the awareness of sepsis, people were interested. Bring it on for next year. Thank you to everyone who made all this possible.



BY: KAREN GREEN, VOLUNTEER �er a work life of helping others do the things they want or need to do, it was refreshing to be able to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while: organise the cra� and preloved sale. To be honest I don’t think there was much of a queue in front of me, but it was great to be enthusias�cally welcomed in as a volunteer for the Southmead Fes�val. Obviously, as with true love, things don’t always run smoothly but as someone who has been on the other side there wasn’t much that I wasn’t prepared for. The evening before the Fes�val we had 24 tables booked and paid for. On the day we’d had two late cancella�ons,but another wai�ng for a last-minute space, so at 11am there were 23 stalls laden with a vast array of items both pre-loved or made with love. We had two amazing Tombolas that didn’t run out of prizes, even though they were both busy all day long. Dawn Payne was there with her Sepsis Awareness informa�on table, a cause close to her heart. There was a welcome musical break when the Southmead Line Dancers gave a great demonstra�on of their skills too. I’d like to say thank you to Alison for being my link at the Greenway Centre and Steve and his team for their help se�ng up the tables in the hall and for pu�ng them away a�erwards. The feedback from the sellers was that they had a good day and are more than happy to do it again. So we will be running a monthly Pre-Loved & Cra� Fair at Greenway star�ng on Saturday 24th September. Anyone wan�ng informa�on on having a table at the next fair can contact me. Email: Call and leave a message: 0117 950 3335


Would you like to share a skill or start a group? Give Lucille a call on 0117 950 3335 or email

Coffee Morning Thursdays 10am-12pm Your first drink is on the house! Enjoy a cuppa, a chat and sometimes an activity.

Linda's Card Making Every other Wednesday 10:30am-12:30pm Get creative and make a card for any occasion!

Lung Health Second Tuesday of the month 2-4pm


COMMUNITY Community Corner is home to CORNER several welcoming groups where you can find company, have a cuppa and learn new things. We'd love to see you there!

Sporting Memories Tuesdays 10:30am-12pm Olympic Golds, Euros trophy celebrations let's connect over our fav memories

Support for people with lung problems. Tea, coffee and a raffle.

Art Group Every other Wednesday 10:30am-12:30pm Bring your current project with you. No pressure to be a brilliant artist!

Games Club Wednesdays 2-3:30pm Knit and Natter Fridays 10am-12pm All knitters welcome. Beginners - we'll have you knitting in no time!

Cards, Dominoes, Scrabble, Ludo - come and play whatever takes your fancy.

A regular at Linda's Card Making

"It’s encouraged me to visit a new place, meet new and old friends, and be creative. It lightens my mood!"



check our website for updates




SHIREHAMPTOM METHODIST CHURCH Third Thursday of month 1 - 2.30pm

LIVING WITH LONG COVID ONLINE Wednesdays 10 - 11:30am


Scan here to sign up!

CARERS SUPPORT DROP IN ONLINE 1st Thursday of month 1 - 2pm

MANAGING MENOPAUSE ONLINE Coming Soon! ENERGY HELP IN PERSON Please contact us for the location

Groups are open to adults (18+) who are registered at a North or West Bristol GP surgery. Sign up online by visiting or telephone: 0117 950 3335 and ask for the Social Prescribing Team.

Last Tuesday of month 1:30 - 3pm


Living in Southmead yearly update Southmead Development Trust is starting an annual update about what it's like to live in Southmead. We're hoping to catch up with residents to find out how people are doing and what they would like to be involved in or take action on. There's lots of different ways to take part!

answer questions on paper Take some time (maybe with a cuppa?) to answer the questions on the next two pages. Then drop them into our red postbox in Greenway Centre reception by Monday 10th October. Or give us a call on 0117 950 3335 for someone to collect it.

scan this qr code with your phone A link should appear when you scan the QR code. Click this and answer the questions. When you hit submit, they'll be sent straight to us.

chat to us On Thursday 29th September and Monday 3rd October we will be door-knocking in the community. We will also be in the following places if you want to drop by for a chat. Greenway Centre Foyer 9:30am - 12:30pm, 1:30pm - 4:30pm Arnside Road 9:30am - 12:30pm, 1:30pm - 4:30pm




What do you like about living in Southmead?

Do you live in Southmead?

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Are you involved in the community of Southmead?


How are you already involved in Southmead?

e.g. helping neighbours, sports clubs

Very Somewhat Neutral Not really Not at all


What has motivated you to be involved?

Please continue to question 6



6 Is there anything you'd like to be involved in or take action on?


What do you know about Southmead Development Trust?


How concerned are you about the rising cost of living?

Do you feel the rising cost of living will or has already affected you? How?

Very concerned Somewhat concerned Neutral Somewhat unconcerned Very unconcerned


What could the community be doing to support each other at this time?


Where did you pick up this copy of The Mead?

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thank you! Would you like to stay up to date about future events and opportunities? Is there something you'd like to be contacted about? By providing your details we can be in touch. We won't share your details with anyone. your name

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what would you like to be contacted about? (if there's something specific)



We are delighted to open our free adult learning hub at the Greenway Centre Please contact us to find out more, register and book courses INTRODUCTION TO CARE WORK Wednesday 5th October 2022 10am - 12pm, for 6 weeks

From fully employed jobs to being an independent carer with hours decided on by you, this will equip you for the next step.

INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING Wednesday 19th October 2022 1pm - 3pm, for 6 weeks

Meet and be inspired by our volunteers. Learn how to use your interests to support others in the community with confidence.

FIND YOUR STRENGTHS Wednesday 11th January 2023 10am - 12pm, for 6 weeks

Aimed at those looking to kick-start their employability or training goals, or simply to get inspiration for improving wellbeing.

INTRODUCTION TO MINDFULNESS & RELAXATION Wednesday 11th January 2023 10am - 12pm, for 6 weeks

Prepare yourself for any situation, especially stressful ones such as beginning new courses, training and employment.

INTRODUCTION TO RETAIL WORK Please enquire for start date 10am - 12pm, for 6 weeks

Greenway Centre, Doncaster Road, BS10 5PY

Hear what this sector can offer you and discover a wide range of job opportunities on offer. Meet businesses to hear what they're looking for.

0117 950 3335


BY: CECILIA CASADIO, SOUTHMEAD DEVELOPMENT TRUST e are delighted that Greenway Care Connect, our new carer introduc�on agency based at the Greenway Centre, is now open. The journey to ge�ng it up and running has been a long one, or perhaps it just feels long as we have faced some challenges to make sure the service is the best it can be. Greenway Care Connect is an unprecedented service in Bristol, which has meant that we have had to start from scratch. There are no carer introduc�on agencies of its kind in the city. None like ours that: serves their local community exclusively; is physically present to support customers and carer partners to receive and deliver the best service possible; promotes everyone’s wellbeing without making profit. To make sure we achieve these goals we have needed to succeed in dozens of smaller projects, all of which run simultaneously. All of this has been possible because we have some wonderful partners who support us. For example, all our teams at the Southmead Development Trust have contributed a crucial building block to this project: our


Communica�ons team have helped us to share our message with you via social media and The Mead; our Social Prescribing team have spread the word to North Bristol GP surgeries; our Employment and Training team have supported us to find training opportuni�es for our carer partners; our Youth and Play team have been talking with local parents and carers about the flexibility of being a Carer with us; and our Fitness and Wellbeing team are ready to support our Carers and Clients with new sessions. We have also had the privilege to develop some helpful partnerships with external organisa�ons, such as the DBS Outreach Service, RPC Legal, SelfDirected Futures and WECIL, amongst several others. The local community organisa�ons in the North West of Bristol have also kindly welcomed us and shared our news with residents in their areas. We are extremely grateful to everyone. We must send a special thank-you to the caregivers and

GREENWAY CARE CONNECT A new Kind of Care LOOKING FOR A ROLE WITH HOURS TO SUIT YOU? We offer free training to become an independent carer. Choose your hours, your days and who you work with.

Contact: Cecilia Casadio email: Tel: 07376 067 980



poten�al customers who are already on board and we can’t wait to update you all on how their partnerships of care progress and about our next step of the journey to 'a new kind of care'. If you would like to know how to become a Carer with us, or would like to know how to find a Carer for yourself or loved one, please contact: Cecilia Casadio Email: Tel: 07376 067 980

THERE’S A GROUP FOR EVERYONE If you need some company then take a look at our groups in Community Corner on page 9. If you need support then take a look at our free groups on page 10.

GREENWAY CARE CONNECT A new Kind of Care LOOKING FOR A CARER? We connect you with trusted carers who have signed up to our standard of care practices. We can help you find the best support to cater for your lifestyle and needs, and at times to suit you.

Contact: Cecilia Casadio email: Tel: 07376 067 980


C�������� �� L�� G������ Good comedians where have they gone Funny jokes and wi�y song. Memory long it is so sad To see gone the talent had. Morecambe and Wise the top of the bill Bring me sunshine had your fill. Tony Hancock had great wit The best of all his ‘Blood Donor’ skit. Sid James films with laughable situ Always with Barbara Windsor’s assets in view. Jim Davidson he was quite a lark But some of his jokes were quite near the mark. Charlie Drake a li�le fellow of comedy and song “Hello my darling”, he would sing along.

Join us! pm Wednesdays 10:30am -12 Room Greenway Centre - Activity 5 Contact Brian on 07484 268 14

Frankie Howard he had his leanings Very funny but with double meanings. Les Dawson with mother-in-law jokes And with Roy Barraclough dressed as women and cha�er pokes. Russ Abbo� with his talent of many guises Batman comedy and ac�ng surprises. Bob Hope in America was a hit Bri�sh born with his dry wit. Tommy Cooper conjurer and comedian was his trade With his red Fez hat he topped the grade. We never realised the comedy that we have to guard To find good ones now is really very hard. To make people laugh now their jokes are rude We don’t want our children to listen to something crude. The talent is out there the past is the proof Give us good comedy that will raise the roof.

D ID YOU KNOW? Bob Hope has links to Bristol! As a toddler he lived in St George, East Bristol before his family moved to America. On a visit in 1952, he went to his childhood home. There is a blue plaque in Church Road remembering him.


BY: ������ ������ f you didn’t get a chance to catch the fourth episode of the Southmead soap opera, Meadows to Meaders, when it was aired on BBC Radio Bristol over the Jubilee bank holiday weekend, don’t worry! You can tune in by visi�ng meadows2meaders and hear all four parts of Southmead Cares together with chat and insights from the cast. Details from our third episode, Love on the Mead, performed live at the Greenway Centre in May, are also available on the Local Learning website. We are hoping to create a fi�h episode, ‘Fab Living on the Mead’. It will con�nue our tradi�on of collec�ng true stories from people who have lived, worked and grown up in Southmead. This �me we will be building on the remaining founda�ons of the post war pre-fabs in Badock’s Wood.


� Do you know anyone who lived in the pre-fabs in Bowness Gardens? � Maybe you can remember playing in Badock’s Woods and can share some of your childhood games? � Perhaps you have stories about the Bronze Age burial mound. If you have stories to share or would like to get involved we would love to hear from you! Tel: 07899 841088 Email: Visit: meadows2meaders


Music and movement sessions to improve your health and wellbeing No experience necessary, everyone welcome

Drop in workshops: Monthly at Greenway Centre, BS10 5PY Weekly group: Wednesdays 11-1 at Beacon Music Centre, BS10 5SJ To sign up or for more info: • 0117 204 7103


new group, which is both a posi�ve The Allegr Founda�on exists to create recogni�on for what we are doing and opportuni�es for human connec�on a significant help to get the through the provision, and support, of e’re really excited to have programme up and running with community events, where people can launched our community financial support. par�cipate in healthy recrea�on for Walk+Talk programme in Southmead on Tuesday 6th September. The So do come along. Bring friends the benefit of their physical and programme is free, for all abili�es and and meet new people. Walk, talk, or mental health. runs alongside the walking and social just listen. We’re confident, you’ll feel Walk+Talk is our inaugural Community groups which already meet at the be�er together! campaign - a simple, safe and Greenway Centre. If you would like any more info, welcoming programme - which aims to Our friendly team encourage you to please don’t hesitate to contact us: help rebuild people’s confidence to get come along and join in – nothing else is Ben Burch, Co-Founder and Rachel out and join in with some gentle required! We’ll meet at 11:00am at the Mitchell, Co-Founder. ac�vity and easy conversa�on. Greenway Centre, every other Tuesday Accessible free walking groups, in the Tel: 07779 323220 morning, from Tuesday 6th September, community, each week, led by walk Email: and go for an easy 30-40 minute walk leaders from the community. Website: in the local area talk We have been working with Lucille at the Southmead Development Trust’s Community Development Team to find the best day for and to spread the word about our new group. We understand not everyone can make it to the Greenway Walking Group on SOUTHMEAD - GREENWAY CENTRE Wednesdays and so this is a welcome addi�on to groups supported by the TUESDAY 6th SEPT Trust at Greenway. 11:00 At Allegr we agree that the strongest connec�ons are made when JUST SHOW UP people come together, in person, to share ac�vi�es like walking and find 30 MIN WALK AS A GROUP common ground through talking. We NOBODY LEFT BEHIND want to extend the number of free FREE COFFEE ac�vity groups in Southmead and encourage residents to join each other ALL AGES AND ABILITIES, in a safe environment to socialise. We know in Southmead that PETS AND PRAMS WELCOME community spirit is already strong, yet loneliness and social isola�on is o�en s�ll an issue. We found out about WANT TO TALK? PREFER TO ac�vi�es in Southmead during our LISTEN? SPACE FOR BOTH fundraising and community events programme in 2021 when we met with the owners of Café Des Amis at the GREENWAY CENTRE Greenway Centre – we immediately knew we wanted to invest in the good DONCASTER ROAD, BRISTOL work going on here. We’re really looking forward to mee�ng Southmead Residents and to TUESDAYS. 11:00 meet. be part of the range of ac�vi�es which 6th September, 20th September, 4th October, aim to build confidence, enjoy 18th October, 1st November, 15th November. company and take gentle exercise in a safe, welcoming environment. We were delighted to receive Supported by... Na�onal Lo�ery Funding to support our B�: ������ ����������









Wednesdays 10:00am - 12:00pm

Star�ng Friday 23rd September for 4 weeks 1:30 - 3:00pm

Mondays 10:30 - 11:30am

St Stephen’s For info, contact: 0117 959 1250 Good coffee! Children welcome. Drop in for however long you’d like to.

Inspira�on by Dawn Payne Inspira�on comes from seeing other people cope Giving us hope when we feel like we are on a downward slope. Some�mes through our pain We can see a rainbow a�er the rain. We can give advice to one another But there is nothing like reaching the goal together. And being there for each other Through whatever. Grief takes �me to heal the pain Which may never fade. But being inspired by whoever You can weather the storm together. Prayer and faith can help you. Determina�on can help you through the day So just pray! Be inspired with something new I’m sure good �mes will come to you.

Greenway Centre For info and to book: 07498 755 863 Are there a lot of changes happening in your life? Would you like to reflect and take ac�on? Join Alice Revell and work together so you can shine!

Pentecostal Holiness For info, contact: 0117 987 1327 Join us for a cuppa, company and a chat. All welcome!

THANK YOU DAWN FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS IN THIS ISSUE Contribu�ons from the community are what we love to see in The Mead. We’re extremely grateful for the �me and energy that people put into their items. WOULD YOU LIKE TO SHARE SOMETHING WITH THE MEAD? We’d love to hear from you! If you need some guidance on contribu�ng your item (could be a story, event, pictures or poetry) then you can contact Lucille Call: 07498 755 863 Email:

DID YOU SEE THE LAST ISSUE? We’d love to hear your thoughts! If you have feedback on the issue or how The Mead could connect more people, please do get in touch. Tel: 0117 950 3335 Email:




Tuesday 27th September 11:00am - 1:00pm Tuesday 25th October 11:00am - 1:00pm St Stephen’s Church For info, contact Deana tel: 07790 426 609

Monday 10th October 6:30pm - 7:30pm Henbury & Brentry CH Monday 14th November 6:30pm - 7:30pm Greenway Centre For info, contact Mike tel: 07875 126 321




CHURCHES & FAITHS CONTACTS St Stephen’s tel: 0117 959 1250 New Brunswick URC tel: 0117 950 7776 Pentecostal Holiness tel: 0117 987 1327 Greenway Community Church tel: 0117 950 3335


Friday 30 September 7:00-9:00pm Thursday 6 October 11am - 1pm

New Brunswick URC For info, contact Deana tel: 07790 426 609

Lanercost Centre For info, contact Deana tel: 07790 426 609

£3 per person includes tea, coffee and nibbles. Plus a raffle!


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THE NEXT SUBMISSION DEADLINE FOR CONTENT FOR THE MEAD IS: Friday 21st October Southmead Development Trust proudly sponsors The Mead. Contact us by email: or tel: 0117 950 3335


Strong like Ron. Fall-proof is a strength and balance plan made up of exercises that can be done alongside your daily routine to keep you steady, strong and able to get out and about independently. Visit www.fallproofwest. to find out more.