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Monique Lhuillier Salons: new york 212.683.3332* los angeles 323.655.1088* Additional Salons: Alabama birmingham Ivory & White Bridal Boutique* 205.871.2888 mobile Something New 251.345.0860 / Arizona scottsdale Destiny’s Bride 480.368.8868 / California costa mesa Erin Cole Couture Bridal 949.642.5552 la jolla M Bride 858.551.1718 san francisco Bridal Galleria* 415.362.2277 / Colorado denver Anna Bé 720.855.1111 / Connecticut westport The Plumed Serpent Bridal* 203.226.9868 / Florida coral gables Chic Parisien* 305.448.5756 orlando The Collection Bridal* 407.740.6003 / Georgia atlanta Joan Pillow Bridal Salon* 404.841.6202 / Illinois chicago Ultimate Bride* 312.337.6300 / Louisiana baton rouge I Do Bridal Couture 225.361.0377 / Massachusetts boston L’elite* 617.424.1010 / Michigan birmingham Roma Sposa Atelier* 248.723.4300 / Missouri st. louis Town & Country Bridal Boutique 314.863.7200 / New Hampshire portsmouth Madeleine’s Daughter 603.431.5454 / New York manhasset Wedding Salon of Manhasset* 516.869.8455 new york Bergdorf Goodman* 212.872.8957 new york Mark Ingram Atelier* 212.319.6778 new york Saks Fifth Avenue* 212.940.2269 North Carolina charlotte Nitsa’s Apparel 704.940.1999 raleigh Alexia’s Bridal Boutique 919.829.5900 winston-salem Nitsa’s Apparel 336.725.1999 Ohio cincinnati Bridal & Formal 513.821.6622 / Oregon portland Divine Designs 503.827.0667 / Pennsylvania pittsburgh Anne Gregory For The Bride 412.531.3160 wayne The Wedding Shoppe* 610.293.1299 / South Carolina charleston Maddison Row Bridal Chic 843.720.7979 / Tennessee nashville The Bride Room 615.297.9899 Texas dallas Neiman Marcus* 214.573.2663 dallas Warren Barrón Bridal* 214.526.8400 houston Casa de Novia Bridal Couture* 713.523.9090 houston Joan Pillow Bridal Salon* 713.622.1122 san antonio Julian Gold Bridal 210.824.2493 / Utah salt lake city Alta Moda 801.531.1215 / Washington seattle Marcella’s La Boutique* 206.264.0700 / District of Columbia washington Carine’s Bridal Atelier* 202.965.4696 / Canada montreal White Montreal* 514.507.4296 toronto Dina Alonzi 416.236.0270 toronto White Toronto* 416.849.9196 vancouver Bisou Bridal 604.696.0880 / International Salons: london paris istanbul hong kong tokyo sydney. For a complete list of our International Salons visit our website. *Indicates Platinum Collection

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Bridal - Better Designer


Š2014 David’s Bridal

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Melissa Sweet Style MS251082

Jewelr y cour tesy of Fra gments, NYC



w w w. s o t t e r o A N D m i D g l e y . c o m

Birmingham The White Room Birmingham 205 970 6767 San Francisco Marina Morrison 415 984 9659 A Little Something White 203 309 5110 Washington Hitched 202 333 6162 Atlanta Bridals by Lori 404 250 8767 Chicago Bella Bianca Bridal Couture 312 787 2377 Boston Allegria Bridal 617 489 1449 Westfield Exquisite Bride 908 232 5676 New York Kleinfeld 646 633 4300 Columbus La Jeune Mariee 614 228 2700 Wayne The Wedding Shoppe 610 293 1299 Dallas Neiman-Marcus 214 573 2663 Houston Mia Bridal Couture 713 622 2022 Burlington Sewly Yours Bridal 802 660 9003    AL   C    NJ PA T IL 












A L L U R E B R I D A L S . C O M

D esi gned f or J LM Coutur e Jewel r y co u r tes y o f Fr a g m en ts

A L L U R E B R I D A L S . C O M



j u s t i n a l e x a n d e r.c o m

AL - HARTSELLE, THE SOMETHING BLUE SHOP 256 -773-4956 714 - 5 4 6 - 570 0 | |



S UZ A N N E ’ S B R I DA L 4 8 0 - 9 26 - 910 6 | C A - C O S TA M E S A , M O N A M I E B R I DA L S A LO N C A - C U LV E R C I T Y, J B I R DS B R I DA L B O U T I Q U E 424 -228 -2296 | C A - SUNNY VALE, | FL | CA - TORR ANCE, BRIDAL ELEGANCE | | FL - GAINESVILLE, A BRIDAL FL - TALL AHASSEE, ABSOLUTE C A - S A N T A R O S A , W I N E C O U N T R Y B R I D E 7 0 7- 5 4 4 - 3 6 9 5 |

BRI DES O F C ALI FO RN IA 408 -732- 3382 310 - 4 0 6 - 3 9 61

C O - D E N V E R , T H E B R I DA L C O L L E C T I O N 720 - 493 -94 5 4 |

- C E L E B R A T I O N , C A S A D I B E L L A 4 0 7- 5 6 6 - 919 8 B O U T I Q U E 3 52- 378 - 4 213 | F L - L A K E L A N D , R O B Y N LY N N E ’ S 8 6 3 - 6 8 2-1414


H A V E N 8 5 0 - 2 2 2 - 11 9 7 | F L - T A M P A , T H E W H I T E C L O S E T B R I D A L C O . 8 1 3 - 2 4 9 - 4 6 9 6 | GA - ATHENS, I DO I DO BRIDAL BOUTIQUE 706 -546 - 8586 | GA - ATL ANTA , BRIDE BEAUTIFUL 404 -250 -4330 | G A - C U M M I N G , B R AV U R A 7 7 0 - 9 7 7- 8 313 | GA S TAT E S B O R O , J ’A D O R E B R I D A L & F O R M A L 912- 76 4 - 4 0 2 2 | G A - T I F T O N , U N I Q U E LY YO U R S 2 2 9 - 3 8 6 -19 32 | H I - H O N O L U L U , M A S A KO F O R M A L S 8 0 8 - 59 3 - 0 6 8 0 | I A A N K E N Y, T H E B R I D A L C O N N E C T I O N 515 - 9 6 4 - 5 6 8 3 | I L - O A K L AW N , E VA’ S B R I D A L 708 - 422- 5599 | | I L - W E S T D U N D E E , S H E L L E Y ’ S B R I D A L C O U T U R E 8 4 7- 4 2 6 - 5 8 0 6 | IN - NEWBURGH, ELLA | L A - METAIRIE, THE BRIDAL BOUTIQUE BY MAE ME I N - E L K H A R T , B L U S H I N G B R I D E O N 17 5 74 - 2 9 4 - 2 217

PA R K B R I D A L 812- 8 5 3 -18 0 0

5 0 4 -26 6 -27 71 | M A - FA L L R I V E R , A L E X A N D R A’ S B O U T I Q U E 5 0 8 - 679- 87 70 | M A - TAU N TO N , N E W YO R K L AC E 50 8 - 824 - 69 0 0 | M D - E L L I C OT T C I T Y, V E N U S B R I DA L C O L L E C T I O N 410 - 4 8 0 - 0 012 | M D - P I K E V I L L E , B R I D E S & G R O O M S 410 - 6 5 3 - 3 3 3 9 | M D - T O W S O N , M ’ J O U R D E L L E 410 - 3 37- 0 4 9 0 810 - 3 9 7- 8 2 51 | | | MI - BRIGHTON, THE WHITE DRESS | M I - S H E L B Y T O W N S H I P, M I - S A I N T C L A I R S H O R ES , B OM B S H E L L B R I DA L 586 -294 -728 0 | MO - LEBANON, NORMAN’S JEWELRY | | NC NC


P I E R A’ S B R I DA L C O U T U R E 58 6 - 56 6 -78 0 0 636 -939- 6005 |

A N D B R I D A L 417- 5 3 2- 2 2 91 | M O - S T . C H A R L E S , W H I T E T R A D I T I O N S B R I D A L H O U S E M S - C O L U M B U S , T H E B R I D E A N D G R O O M 6 6 2 - 3 2 7- 4 3 3 7 | FAY E T T E V I L L E , B R I D A L A N D F O R M A L C E N T E R 910 - 8 6 8 - 4 6 9 6 | N C - G A S TO N I A , P O F F I E G I R L S 7 0 4 - 8 6 6 - 019 8 N C - G R E E N S B O R O, D I VA’ S B O U T I Q U E 3 3 6 - 5 4 5 - 97 97 | | - W I L M I N G T O N , T H E W E D D I N G D R E S S S H O P P E 910 - 3 9 2- 0 818 A N G E L A’ S B R I DA L B O U T I Q U E I N C 3 0 8 - 6 3 5 - 0 0 01 N E - S C OT T S B L U F F, | N J - CLIFTON,

N H - B E D F O R D/C O N C O R D ,

U N I Q U E L Y C O U T U R E B R I D A L /A D AY T O R E M E M B E R 6 0 3 - 6 3 7- 2 0 3 7 | N J - M A R L B O R O , C A S T L E C O U T U R E 7 3 2 - 617- 216 8 | | |

BRUELLE’S BOUTIQUE 973-280 -3473 | N J - LEBANON, L ACE & BE ADS 908 - 840 - 4 470 N J - MORRISTOWN, I DO I DO | NY - PATCHOGUE, PAR ADISE | OH - MINSTER, EMMY’S 9 7 3 - 9 9 8 - 6 215 N J - N O R T H F I E L D , W E D D I N G B E L L E S B O U T I Q U E 6 0 9 - 2 41- 013 4 | |

N J - V E R O N A , P A R K A V E N U E B R I D A L 9 7 3 - 2 3 9 - 7 111 B R I D A L S 6 31- 6 5 4 - 5 0 2 0 | | B R I D A L 419 - 6 2 8 - 75 5 5

O H - C I N C I N N AT T I , E U R O P E A N B R I D A L 513 - 8 21- 6 5 0 9 O H - R O C K Y R I V E R , T H E P E R F E C T B R I D E 4 4 0 - 3 3 1 - 5 11 3 | PA - L ANC ASTER, IN WHITE

O H - DOVER , L AVEN DER BRI DAL 330 - 602- 0333 O R - P O R T L A N D , C H A R L O T T E ’ S 5 0 3 - 2 9 7- 9 6 2 2

7 17- 3 9 2 - 2 018 | P A - M I L F O R D , I C B R I D A L 5 7 0 - 2 4 3 - 9131 | P A - P I T T S B U R G H , B R I D A L B E G I N N I N G 412- 3 4 3 - 6 6 7 7 | R I - E A S T G R E E N W I C H , E R I N A B R I D A L 4 01- 8 8 4 - 0121 | R I - E A S T P R O V I D E N C E , A N A’ S B R I DA L B O U T I Q U E 4 01- 4 3 8 - 59 32 | T N - F R A N K L I N , T H E S P O I L E D L A D Y O F F R A N K L I N 6 1 5 - 8 0 7 - 1 3 5 2 | T N - N A S H V I L L E , G L I T Z B R I D A L 615 - 6 4 6 - 9 9 6 4 | T X - L A R E D O , VA L E N T I N A C O U T U R E 9 5 6 - 718 - 0 0 9 6 | T X - V I C T O R I A , A L L A B O U T T H E D R E S S 3 61 - 5 7 2 - 0 4 3 8 | V A - F A R M V I L L E , C A R Y N ’ S 4 3 4 - 3 9 2 - 5 111 | V A - F R E D E R I C K S B U R G , A V A L A U R E N N E 8 0 0 - 5 17- 5 5 2 4 | V A - N O R F O L K , M A Y A ’ S C O U T U R E 7 5 7 - 4 6 1 - 1 6 9 0 | W A SE AT TLE, A PRINC ESS BRIDE COUTURE 425 - 488 -5558 | WA - TACOM A , THE WEDDING B E L L B R I D E 2 5 3 - 759 -2 513 | W V - P A R K E R S B U R G , S E R E N D Y P I T Y 3 0 4 - 4 2 2 - 74 3 4



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Go bold with your wedding color palette. Think sexy, sophisticated dark hues, like black and blue, with pops of lighter colors to add some softness to the overall look. >>

rock and roll chic






THE CENTER OF MY UNIVERSE™ FROM FOREVERMARK Less than one percent of the world ’s diamonds c an c arr y the Forevermark inscription — a promise that each is beautif ul, rare and responsibly sourced .

Forevermark is part of the De Beers group of companies. FOREVERMARKDIAMOND.COM

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® , C E N T E R O F M Y U N I V E R S E ™ A N D S H E I S M Y E V E R Y T H I N G ™ A R E T R A D E M A R K S O F T H E D E B E E R S G R O U P O F C O M PA N I E S .




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482 our favorite rings—with a pop of color, 169











1 . 8 0 0 . 633 . 595 0


about the cover

g   et the look Believe it or not, one of the most common questions we hear (after how to word your wedding invitations) is whether or not you have to wear a veil and how to wear it. So in the spirit of breaking “wedding rules,” we couldn’t resist a new take on the traditional veil on our cover—and here’s the look without it. You decide which you like better and tweet us (@TheKnot) #veil or #noveil. Other ways to break the rules: a motorcycle jacket and rubber wellies (you can’t see them but they’re there!) paired with a classic Carolina Herrera ball gown. Gown, $7,990, Carolina Herrera, (212) 249-6552; veil, $330, Cheryl King Couture,; engagement ring, $1,673 (not including center stone),; earrings, $145,; jacket, $268,

see more of the new wedding rules on page 246



Photographer: Corbin Gurkin Fashion Styling: Annie Cavallo for Ennis Inc . Hair and makeup: Ashley Brook Perryman Flowers: Anne Bowen for Charleston Stems


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GRONO & CHRISTIE JEWELRY East Milton MA 617.696.1490 ROMM DIAMONDS Brockton MA 508.587.2533 GREENWICH JEWELERS New York NY 212.964.7592 WEST ESSEX JEWELERS West Caldwell NJ 973.227.0234 CARROLL’S JEWELERS Fort Lauderdale FL 954.463.3711 COUGHLIN JEWELERS St. Clair MI 810.329.6866 HERZOG JEWELERS Ft. Mitchell KY 859.331.4653 COTTAGE HILL DIAMONDS Elmhurst IL 630.832.8800 BAY AREA DIAMOND COMPANY Green Bay WI 920.494.0002 WEDDING DAY DIAMONDS Minneapolis MN 866.740.RING IOWA DIAMOND West Des Moines IA 515.246.8070 ROBBINS BROTHERS Dallas TX 972.385.0614 OCCASIONS FINE JEWELRY Midland TX 432.684.0510 TRICE JEWELERS Denver CO 303.759.9661 DIAMOND BOUTIQUE Del Mar CA 858.720.1800 BARONS JEWELERS Dublin CA 925.452.1700


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Jim Hjelm Occasions



Jim Hjelm Occasions


Oleg Cassini Style CWG633

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This issue we asked our staff: “What were your wedding colors?”


Carley Roney editor in chief


Rebecca Dolgin, @rebdolgin Kellee Kratzer, @kelleekratzer Meghan Corrigan, @meghantcorrigan senior fASHION & Beauty editor Senior Features editor style editor Associate editor, real weddings assistant editor, research copy editor editorial assistant, Real Weddings Weddings photo director photo director senior designer Junior designer Photo coordinator Managing editor Art director

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blue in all different shades—it’s my favorite color! married july 5 , 2012


site director Creative director assistant managing editor assistant editors editorial assistants, Real Weddings Photo assistant we chose coral, fuchsia and sage to complement

the Arizona desert

Production VP, print & production Frank Dolphens systems manager Sheryl Ziegler graphic production team Jesse Hardy, Kate Richter, Daryl Wills managing editor Susan Berryman Quality Assurance Lois Brunnert Bethune executive VP, national enterprise group

married May 25 , 2013

Jennifer Garrett

Carrie S. Reynolds, (212) 515-3599 Stephanie Nicolet, (917) 267-6981 Scott Ashmore, (847) 235-2940 Jennifer Davidson, (210) 416-5946 Rachel Jackson, (904) 273-9012 Alecia Fox Dalessio, (212) 515-3539 Candice Reggi, (630) 903-6336 Shri Lildharrie, (212) 515-3576 Amy Schoenfeld, (917) 386-2645 Jena Tanaka Kaneshiro, (808) 222-5855 Rita Belitzky, (212) 515-7465 Kate Brame, (917) 386-2646 Amy Jarczynski, (646) 237-5073 Danielle Goldman, (847) 433-5224 Sharon Thomas, (303) 388-1308 Vanessa Velazquez, (212) 515-7488 Shieva Latifpour, Jenna Bruno, (212) 515-7463 Luviane Francois, (212) 515-7454 Alethea Critides, (212) 515-3521 Kimberly Barbosa, (212) 515-7536 Kristen Romano, (212) 515-7543 Marissa Olivier, (212) 515-7469 Jennifer Petrie, (212) 515-3562 Natalie Rogers, (212) 515-7545 Joanna Dedvukaj, (212) 515-3525 Martha Civitillo, (212) 515-3504 Erin Benza McKay, (212) 515-3590 x1053 Jaclyn Raftery, (212) 515-7546 Chaucy Dixon,, (212) 515-7479 x1053 Charlette Scott, (917) 386-2636 Howard Ladd, (212) 219-8555 x1110 Kaitlin Breen, (212) 515-3516 x1268 Jordan Blaser, Nicole Gengaro, Katie Leavitt Caryn Audenried, Heather Buchma, Amanda Hughes, Annie Jacobson, Ringo Lertprecha, Chad Ossman, Koichi Sato, Mike Shea, Silvia Tueros-Cossio senior manager, revenue management Renee Wu, (212) 515-3543 associate manager, advertising insights Shannon Gill, (212) 515-3506 we had navy and gold business manager Peter Di lorio, (212) 515-7470 with some orange Vp, sales operations John Reggio, (212) 515-3545 accents— director, ad operations Tien Mao, (212) 515-3565 they were very subtle advertising production manager Abby Baird, (212) 515-7459 married October 21 , 2011 production coordinators Melissa Bromberg, Jessica Hanes, Robert Pigue senior public Relations MANAGER Melissa Bach, (212) 515-3594 Vp, Sales & Custom marketing Solutions publisher Midwest/west director, advertising & custom solutions Global Fashion Director jewelry Director Custom Solutions Sales Director retail director, Midwest/west Global travel director Home & Lifestyle director Director, Hawaii & Pacific northwest fashion & Beauty manager CONSUMER PACKAGED GOODS & pharma MANAGER Travel manager, mexico, latin america, europe & middle east Advertising Manager, Midwest Advertising Manager, west director, account strategy Associate Director, account strategy, home & lifestyle senior account strategist, lifestyle East senior account strategist, lifestyle west account strategist, fashion account strategist, fashion & accessories account strategist, consumer packaged goods & pharma account strategist, jewelry account strategist, travel account strategist, registry & retail account strategist, lifestyle account strategist, west/midwest associate director, sales development marketing senior manager, sales development marketing sales development marketing manager executive administration coordinator director of insights insights manager Creative Services Product design


light blue with hints of light pink and greenery— shabby chic has always struck a chord with me married August 4 , 2012

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a registry

t  his season, I’m loving...color!   White is an obvious choice for your wedding— it’s simple and elegant. But it’s definitely not your only option. What hues are hot right now? Shades of pink, silver, blush and blue.

beyond the white dress I have to confess, I’m crushing on the blush, gray, pistachio and soft blue gowns I just saw at Bridal Fashion Week—and am still absolutely obsessed with pink dresses, like the one newlywed Kaley CuocoSweeting recently rocked.

the wedding of the year

The Icing on the Cake You’ll receive one $100 Splurge Card to shop in-store when you spend $500 or more on your own registry. Let the wedding days begin!*

Huge congrats to Rebekah and Pete, both survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings and the winners of The Knot Dream Wedding. You chose every detail for the enchanted-garden-themed soiree—and it was seriously stunning. See for yourself on page 252. The color palette:

favorite flowers 1-800-888-2wed Download The Big Brown Bag App Peonies, roses and ranunculus are the wedding flower dream team (p. 228). The trusty trio are always popular, in part because they come in tons of fabulous colors. For example, did you know that roses come in five versions of red alone (p. 180)?

*Offer expires 3 months from issue date. Spending threshold excludes sales tax. Certain designer and brand exclusions apply. See a sales associate for details. Valid toward almost any Women’s, Men’s, Kids’, or Fashion Accessories purchase of $500 or more. Not valid in Cosmetics, Fragrances, Fine Jewelry, Fine Watches, Women’s leased departments, Men’s Electronics and Home. Cannot be combined with any other certificate or offer. Valid for one-time use, in-store only. Customers must present this splurge card at time of purchase. Dollar savings are allocated as discounts off of each eligible item as shown on receipt. When you return an item, you forfeit the savings allocated to that item. This splurge card has no cash value. Return Policy: Splurge Cards must be returned when purchased items are returned. If items are returned without cards, the difference will be deducted from your refund. See a sales associate for details. Employees of Bloomingdale’s and its affiliates are excluded. Not valid at Bloomingdale’s Dubai or Bloomingdale’s The Outlet Stores.

@carleyroney Carley Roney Cofounder

roney: daniela stallinger



How did you choose the gorgeous colors for “Rock & Roll Chic” (p. 220)? I went with my favorite palette—black and blue. When I first saw the fabric for the backdrop, I loved the soft blues with the black rock-and-roll edge, and that it looked like vintage wallpaper. @jesgordon


Which was your favorite dress from the fashion shoot (p. 314)? K gordon: sofia negron; jenks: daniel cochran; porcaro: anyssa samari; flower: devon jarvis

I actually liked the Temperley London jumpsuit the best. I thought that would be a fun, comfortable look for a wedding. @meredithjenks



What’s the most memorable event you’ve worked on? We transformed a farm for a three-day wedding. It’s memorable not only because it was one of our biggest productions (including a rehearsal dinner, huppah hoisting and arranging in horse stalls!), but also because it was for a close friend. @flowergirlnyc


You’ve designed dresses for a ton of celeb brides. who stands out for you? My favorites include LeAnn Rimes and Jenna Dewan-Tatum. LeAnn’s was sexy and showed off her figure, whereas Jenna’s was voluminous, with lots of tulle, and intricately detailed, with a hand-beaded bodice. @Reem_Acra


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the wedding network

t  he social club we asked on facebook:

k +


Fill in the blank: “We’re inviting guests to our wedding.” (168 was the average number) you told us:

Here are some of our Instagram favorites. Follow us @theknot

Tiffany R . “416, and that’s after cutting down our guest list.” Lisa T. “18, Disney’s Fairy Tale Escape wedding package.”

Which of these @jeandousset engagement rings is your favorite? So much pretty! #love #engagementring


behind the scenes

@THEKNOT Awwww flower girl looks from Oscar de la Renta! #bridalfashionweek


We’re wearing green bridesmaid dresses today and here’s the gorgeous #bride! Photo captured by @swalkerphoto with @taylorabeel #wedding #bridesmaids in the spotlight

We’re loving this playful (and totally polished) baseball-inspired wedding cake. And how unique is this portrait session in the woods? So pretty and natural! Carley Roney, @carleyroney Rebecca Dolgin, @rebdolgin Meghan Corrigan, @meghantcorrigan Jennie Ma, @ma_ jennie Rebecca Crumley, @rebecca_crumley Amy Levin-Epstein, @amylevinepstein Samantha Roberts, @samroberts456 Lauren Kay, @laurenekay

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Wedding planning, moving to Florida, job hunting...just a few things I got to do once the plane lands. #theknot #biglifechanges



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wedding timeline Here’s what to do, when, on your way to the altar.

months date:


months date:

6 to 8

______ /______ /______

______ /______ /______

Go to and enter your wedding date to get a free personalized to-do list. Define your wedding style and choose your color palette. Settle on the budget with help from your parents (or other contributors) and enter it at Choose your wedding date and time. Finalize it after checking with key guests (parents, grandparents, attendants). Start outlining the guest list and enter it at Create your wedding website. (Get a free customizable site at

9 to11 months date:

Plan out the ceremony with your officiant and discuss any specific religious requirements (such as premarital counseling). Go wedding dress shopping and order your gown and your veil. Book your florist, photographer, videographer, and band or DJ. Start a prewedding beauty regimen; schedule facials, manicures and so on. Have engagement photos taken. Start planning your honeymoon. Research and book ceremony musicians. Research hairstylists and makeup artists.

______ /______ /______

Finalize your guest list. Scout and book the ceremony and reception location(s). Choose and book an officiant. Work with hosts on an engagement party, and register for gifts. Pick your bridal party, and ask them in a creative way. Two examples: Send them a Vine video invitation or mail them ring pops and “propose.” If your venue doesn’t have an in-house caterer, interview candidates and select one. Hash out a rough price per head; then start thinking about the menu. Start shopping for your wedding dress. Research photographers and videographers in your area. Research DJs and bands for the reception. Research and interview florists. Research lighting designers and rental companies. Research stationers and choose one. Choose and order your save-the-dates.



Start researching ceremony and reception sites. You can check out thousands of venues at Book any vendors you consider a priority. Book a wedding planner (if using one). Get your engagement ring appraised— and then have it insured.

Interview and book a cake baker. Choose the bridesmaid dresses and fill in your attendants, so they can order them and schedule fittings. Set aside blocks of rooms at nearby hotels for out-of-town guests. Send out your save-the-dates. Work with the hosts to start planning the rehearsal dinner. Finalize and order your invitations. Order thank-you notes now too. Reserve venues for the next-day brunch, welcome party and after-party. Interview and book a day-of coordinator. Research and purchase wedding insurance (if you’re using it). >> From Top: lisa Hubbard, anTonis acHilleos


Something fast...

built to last...

something hot...

a set of pots...

One good proposal deserves another! Now that he’s popped the question, it’s time to say “yes” to the kitchen of your dreams. So, when filling out your registry, pick something fast, that’s built to last, something hot like a set of pots, and something new that’s brewed just for you. Make the kitchen of your dreams a reality with Cuisinart.

something new... Bloomingdale’s • Macy’s • Bed Bath & Beyond Crate & Barrel • Williams-Sonoma • Kohl’s

brewed just for you!.



months date:

4 to 5

months date:


______ /______ /______

______ /______ /______

Finalize your flower proposal with florist. Decide on formalwear for all the men in the wedding party. Address invitations or give to calligrapher (they need several weeks). Finalize the rental list (tables, chairs). Book a room for your wedding night and your honeymoon flights and rooms. Make sure your passports are up-to-date. Schedule dance lessons (if you want them). Design and order the groom’s cake. Arrange for day-of transportation for you, the wedding party and guests (if needed).

Send out wedding invitations at the six-to-eight-week mark. Work on your ceremony vows, if you’re writing them yourselves. (Don’t put this off until the last minute!) Make a plan for the younger guests and arrange for babysitters for the reception, if necessary. Buy your wedding accessories (like hair adornments). Decide on your “something old, new, borrowed and blue.” Order or start assembling the ceremony programs. Order your guest book and any supplies for your escort card display. Confirm room blocks for the out-oftown guests. Have your first dress fitting. Schedule hair and makeup trial appointments to take place three to four weeks before the wedding. Write thank-you notes for gifts as your receive them. This will help you from falling too far behind later. Attend food tastings and finalize the reception menu with your caterer.

month date:


______ /______ /______

Have your last dress fitting. Finalize the ceremony details with your officiant. Get your marriage license. Finish assembling your ceremony programs (or pick them up from the stationer or printer). Create a day-of schedule. Plan any night-before social activities with family and friends. Purchase gifts for your parents, attendants and each other. Order or prepare welcome baskets for out-of-town guests’ rooms. >>


months date:

2 to 3

______ /______ /______


Choose accessories for your bridesmaids. Buy or rent any ceremony decorations that aren’t included in your flower proposal (aisle runner, program basket). Shop for and buy your wedding rings. Order wedding favors (go to for inspiration). Schedule your dress fittings (usually at both the six-week and one-month mark). Purchase any special lingerie. Attend your bridal shower and bachelorette party. Finalize the playlist with your band or DJ. Research local marriage license requirements.

from top: Gisel florez; laura luÍs photoGraphy


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1 to 2 weeks date:

2 to 3 days date:

______ /______ /______

______ /______ /______

Follow up on missing RSVPs. Finalize the seating chart and distribute to vendors. Give your caterer, cake baker and site manager the final head count. Include vendors such as the band. Supply the site manager with requests from vendors (like a table for the DJ). Work on your escort cards (or send them to your calligrapher). Shop and pack for the honeymoon. Confirm all final payment amounts, details and delivery with vendors. Confirm day-of schedule and contact list; distribute to wedding party, parents and vendors. Prepare your wedding toasts.

Pack overnight bag for the wedding night. Leave a copy of your honeymoon itinerary with close friends and family. Put tips for vendors in envelopes and give to an attendant (or planner) to distribute. Have a bridesmaid or your maid of honor put together a day-of emergency kit. Steam or press dress if needed. Touch base with the ceremony and reception sites one more time to go over the schedule and any last-minute details. Before the rehearsal, determine the order of bridesmaids and groomsmen in the processional and recessional. Confirm flower delivery times. Confirm wedding transportation. Deliver welcome bags to out-of-town guests’ hotel rooms (get attendants to help if possible). Confirm with anyone giving toasts.

day of date:

______ /______ /______

Eat a good breakfast—you may forget to eat later (or not want to stain your dress). Give gifts to your parents and each other. Give the best man and/or maid of honor your wedding bands to hold. Give the best man an envelope with the officiant’s fee, to be delivered to him or her after the ceremony.


Have your final dress fitting. Compile a must-take photo list. Deliver “must play” or “don’t play” song list to DJ or bandleader. Include your first, father-daughter and mother-son dances. Get final hair trim and color touch-up. Arrange for transportation for out-oftown guests who aren’t renting cars.


after the wedding date:

1 day before date:

______ /______ /______

Return tuxedo rentals. Freeze the top layer of your cake. Make a note of any stains on your wedding dress and take it to be cleaned and/or preserved. Send your vendors thank-you notes and submit online reviews while the details are still fresh in your mind. When you return from your honeymoon, call and thank each of your attendants. Send out your thank-you notes for gifts as soon as you possibly can.

______ /______ /______

Get a manicure and pedicure. Bring all ceremony accessories to the site. Rehearse the ceremony and attend rehearsal dinner. Give marriage license to your officiant. Present your attendants with their gifts at the rehearsal dinner. Introduce your reception manager and coordinator or maid of honor, so they can deal with any problems during the party.

Find more planning advice at


from top: elizabeth messina; rita maas


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*To qualify for this offer, your registry must be created between the period of 7/22/14 to 12/1/14 and must contain at least 15 items. Qualifying registries can expect up to 14 days for your offer to arrive by email. One offer per registry. Offer not valid for prior registry creations. Offer has no cash value and is not redeemable for cash. If you have questions regarding this program, please email

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etiquette Q& A

a   sk carley Our cofounder answers your questions.

Q I had a small destination wedding.

announcement etiquette

Can I send out wedding announcements to let family members and friends who weren’t invited know that I got married? A There’s no doubt your family and close friends want to be informed of your wedding (and not hear about it by chance), so you should feel free to send them your announcement. It can be as simple as a postcard with a photo from the ceremony, along with the date and location. This informal approach is a great way to let everyone know about your wedding without making them think you’re asking for a gift.

of Knotties are sending marriage announcements to people who weren’t invited to the wedding


Q My fiancé doesn’t want to wear a ring, and I’m totally fine with it (he’s actually getting a ring tattoo after our wedding). I’ll have a wedding band, but what should I present to him during the ceremony? A Great question, and one I’ve actually heard a lot lately. Since you’d like to have your fiancé put your ring on in the traditional way, just ask your officiant to say a few meaningful words about the significance of a wedding ring and about what your guy’s permanent choice means to you both. That way, no one will wonder why you’re not reciprocating the gesture.

ring alternative



 Q A

lopsided guest list

My groom has a much smaller family than I do. Is it weird that way more than half the guests will be from my side? Nope! This happens more than you’d think—especially if one family is larger or if one person’s friends and family live in a different locale. It really doesn’t matter at all. If you’re concerned that the ceremony will have more guests on one side than the other, you can ask your ushers to disperse the guests equally—omitting the “bride” and “groom” sides. Or put up a sign that says something like, “Choose a seat, not a side.”

Q A good friend of my mine has offered to be our wedding photographer as her gift to us, but I just worry that she’s not experienced enough. How do I let her down gently, without offending her? A That’s really a tough one—your friend is incredibly generous to offer, but it’s totally understandable that you’d want to have your own pro shoot your wedding. The easiest way is to just tell her you’d rather celebrate with her as your guest and want her to enjoy the day without working! >>

photographer pal







toko ohmori

M A D I S O N J A M E S B R I D A L . C O M


etiquette Q& A

Q Kids aren’t invited to our reception, but my sister-in-law will have a four-month-old baby at the time. Should we let her bring him? A This is a little tricky. While you want to be considerate of your sister-in-law being a new mom, you need to be careful not to offend those who also wanted to bring their kids. Simply tell anyone who asks that you made an exception for family. But then offer to let other family members bring their kids as well. If you do this, consider setting up a babysitting room so the adults can relax and have a good time while the kids are taken care of and entertained nearby.

baby blunder

Q Is a Friday-night wedding a faux pas? Our venue is 20 percent cheaper then, and we’re tempted to just go for it. A I hear you, and this is absolutely not an etiquette error. In fact, Friday-night weddings are becoming a lot more common, and it’s a way to save a large chunk of cash, since many vendors will charge less for a Friday (or Sunday) event. But you’ll have to accept that some guests won’t be able to join you due to work commitments. However, if a majority of your friends and family live nearby and aren’t flying in, making it a Friday-night party shouldn’t be a problem for most of them. In fact, if you’re getting married around the same time as many of your friends, you may help prevent potential guests from having to decide between two Saturday-night soirees.

friday night fete

Q My shower is the week before the wedding. Do I need to write and send thank-you notes for the shower and wedding after the honeymoon? They’ll arrive at the same time! A It’s more work, but the right thing to do is to send separate notes for both events. If you can, get quick thank-yous for the shower out the day after it happens—before your wedding weekend is in full swing. If you simply don’t have the time prewedding and are worried about being overloaded with thank-yous posthoneymoon, prepare ahead of time by having the envelopes addressed for your RSVP’d guests. Then, divide and conquer! While you’re working on the shower thank-yous, have your husband get started on the wedding ones.

double thank-yous

of surveyed brides said that they’re on board with the Friday-night-nuptial trend


Q We think we want to have a friend play a few songs on the piano at our reception. When do we have to ask him? A It’s so nice to have a talented friend participate in your wedding day. You should definitely ask him as soon as possible— preferably when you pop the question to your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be part of the festivities. And if your friend is traveling for the wedding, he’ll need to plan his trip around your request and add in additional set-up and warm-up time. Advance timing also allows your friend to practice his instrument, find the perfect song (and get your input on the options if you’d like to give it) and find an accompanist, if necessary, for his performance.

reception role notice

Q One of my bridesmaids betrayed my trust. When I confronted her, her attitude upset me. My fiancé thinks that we should ask her to leave the wedding party. I’m torn. How do I do this politely? A There’s really no polite way to take back the question “Will you be my bridesmaid?” In this case, however, it doesn’t sound like she was very polite to you either! If you’re reluctant to remove her from the wedding party because she’s a friend you’ve been close to for a while, talk to her again about this issue. Let her know that it hurt you that she betrayed your trust and that her attitude when you confronted her hurt you even more. Maybe she will explain what happened, or apologize in a way that makes amends. Good luck!

bridesmaid drama


Have a question for Carley? Tweet her @carleyroney

troy house


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straight from the

K 101

maria valentino/mcv photo; inset: getty images

Monique Lhuillier’s Spring 2015 collection was inspired by John Singer Sargent portraitures like this one—The Wyndham Sisters: Lady Elcho, Mrs. Adeane, and Mrs. Tennant (1899)


the latest from bridal fashion week

Our favorite new styles, straight from the bridal fashion runways. carolina herrera Reem Acra



Rivini by Rita Vinieris

Inbal Dror

Lela Rose

t 窶覚p trends

This sounds a lot more scandalous than it actually is. The idea behind the trend is wearing lace over a nude underlay. The nude backdrop makes the pretty lace pattern really stand out. >>

naked lace

rivini, rose: kurt wilberding; dror, herrera, acra: maria valentino/mcv photo

W W W. M I K A E L L A B R I D A L . C O M • M A D E W I T H L



the latest from bridal fashion week



Carolina Herrera

kenneth pool

houghton bride

ines di santo

jim hjelm

We aren’t talking about your typical V-neck here— these are skimming your belly button. Best keep away from this trend if you’re a busty bride. >>

plunging neckline

herrera, houghton, di santo: maria valentino/mcv photo; pool: kurt wilberding


the latest from bridal fashion week truly Zac Posen



naeem khan


alberta ferretti

peter langner

Even bridal designers have Game of Thrones fever. Capes (and cape-like details like flowy sleeves) were everywhere on the runways! >>


khan, ferretti: maria valentino/mcv photo; watters, langner, posen: kurt wilberding

A L L U R E B R I D A L S . C O M


the latest from bridal fashion week


yumi katsura


kelly faetanini

maggie sottero

judd waddell

You get the best of both worlds with this silhouette—a curve-hugging bodice that shows off your shape and the fullness and romance of a big airy skirt. >>

dropped waist

katsura, moonlight, faetanini, sottero: kurt wilberding; waddell: maria valentino/mcv photo


A L L U R E B R I D A L S . C O M


the latest from bridal fashion week

lattice details jenny packham j. mendel marchesa

This is a trendier take on lace. It has the same delicacy in the pattern, but instead of florals, it has a really cool crisscross effect.


angel sanchez

monique lhuillier


Search for your wedding gown at

sanchez, lhuillier: maria valentino/mcv photo; packham, mendel, marchesa: kurt wilberding



the latest from bridal fashion week

Monique Lhuillier

b   est bridesmaid dresses Your bridesmaids are going to love this season’s hottest colors. Jim Hjelm occasions donna morgan




watters bridesmaids

This sophisticated slate is neutral enough to match any color palette. If you’re fair, a deeper gray will look best and vice versa for darker complexions. >>


amsale: maria valentino/mcv photo; watters: kurt wilberding


B l u s h B r i d a l C o u t u re : Tu s t i n , C A 7 1 4 - 5 7 3 - 8 0 0 0 w w w . b l u s h b r i d a l c o u t u re o c . c o m Haute Bride: Los Gatos, CA 408-827-4775 Here Comes the Bride: San Diego, CA 619-688-9201 Lovella Bridal: Glendale, CA 818.246.4637 Mon Amie: Costa Mesa, CA 714-546-5700 www.monamie. com Nordstrom Wedding Suite: Canoga Park, CA 818-884-7900 Starlet Bridal: Santa Rosa, CA 707-544-0334 Bridal Trousseau: Bradford, CT 203-488-1552 Little White Dress Bridal Shop: Denver,CO 303-814-8972 Jennifer’s Bridal: Hockessin, DE 302-235-1660 www. J. Del Olmo Bridal Gallery: Coral Gables, FL 305-448-3599 www. Dimitra's Bridal: Chicago, IL 312-787-0920 www.dimitrasbridal. com Nordstrom Wedding Suite: Oak Brook, IL 630-571-2121 www.nordstromweddings. com Volle’s Bridal & Boutique: Lake Zurich, IL 847-438-7603 Wolsfelt’s Bridal and Tuxedo: Aurora, IL 630-896-7166 Allegria Bridal: Belmont, MA 617-489-1449 Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection: Baltimore, MD 410-484-4600 Love Couture Bridal: Potomac, MD 301-610-5683 Bridal Couture of Birmingham: Birmingham, MI 248-645-0500 Posh Bridal Couture: Wayzata, MN 952-249-8000 Laura’s Couture Collection: Kansas City, MO 913-631-3010 Castle Couture: Marlboro, NJ 732-617-1414 Designer Loft: New York, NY 212-944-9013 Mark Ingram Atelier: New York, NY 212-319-6778 www. Nordstrom Wedding Suite: Garden City, NY 516-7460011 Wedding Salon of Manhasset: Manhasset, NY 516-869-8455 Bridal and Formal: Cincinnati, OH 513-821-6622 Catan Fashions: Strongsville, OH 440-238-6664 The Wedding Shoppe: Wayne, PA 610-293-1299 Belle Revé Bridal Couture: Pearland, TX 713-436-3388 Houston Bridal Gallery Houston, TX 713-526-9401 www.houstonbridalformalgallery. com Nordstrom Wedding Suite: San Antonio, TX 210-332-1900 Stardust Celebrations: Dallas, TX 972-781-1619 Weddings by Debbie: Katy, TX 281-698-8160 Nordstrom Wedding Suite: McLean, VA 703-761-1121

To find a store nearest you and experience the entire collection, visit us at w w


the latest from bridal fashion week

jenny yoo for BHLDN

Blue has such a wide range when it comes to setting different moods. A soft periwinkle looks romantic, while navy is as formal as it gets. >>


alvina valenta Maids


Jim hjelm occasions



noir by Lazaro

amsale: maria valentino/ valen mcv photo

Sareh Nouri NEW YORK

By Millie B Photography



the latest from bridal fashion week



watters bridesmaids

jim Hjelm occasions

aria bridesmaids

All shades of this color (hello radiant orchid!) are super-hot right now. Here’s why: They look good on almost all skin tones.

watters bridesmaids


monique lhuillier


Find more bridesmaid dresses at

watters: kurt wilberding

Shannon Fine Jewelry, Houston & The Woodlands, TX | Paul’s Jewelry, Lafayette, LA | Robert Lance, Lubbock, TX | Signatures, Wichita, KS | LaRog Brothers, Portland, OR Grebitus Jewelers, Sacramento & Folsom, CA | Simmons Fine Jewelry, Meridian, ID | G. Thrapp Jewelers, Indianapolis, IN | Droste’s Jewelry Shoppes, Evansville, IN Continental Diamond, Minneapolis, MN | Iannelli Diamonds, New York, NY | Boone & Sons Jewelers, Chevy Chase, MD | Quest Fine Jewelry, Fairfax, VA Goldstock Jewelers, Pittsburgh, PA | The Gem Collection, Tallahassee, FL | Windsor Fine Jewelers, Augusta, GA | Marthaler Jewelers, Asheville, NC Goldstein’s Jewelry, Mobile, AL | Skatell’s Jewelers, Greenville & Charleston, SC

A. R. Morris Jewelers, Wilmington, DE | Albriton’s, Jackson, MS | Barmakian Jewelers, Nashua, NH & Framingham, MA | Beards Jewelry, Jacksonville, FL Borsheims Fine Jewelry, Omaha, NE | Diamonds Direct, Charlotte & Raleigh, NC, Birmingham, AL, Glen Allen, VA | GMG Jewellers, Saskatoon, SK, Canada | Ganem Jewelers, Phoenix, AZ Genesis Diamonds, Nashville, TN & Louisville, KY | Hannoush Jewelers, Albany, NY | J. Brown Jewelers, Pikesville, MD | Joe Escobar Diamonds, Campbell, CA Lewis Jewelers, Moore, OK | Mervis Diamond, Tysons Corner, VA, Washington DC, Rockville, MD | Robbins Brothers, Southern CA & Texas Solomon Brothers, Atlanta, GA | Costello Jewelry, Glen Ellyn & Naperville, IL

M A D I S O N J A M E S B R I D A L . C O M

X3 DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS In 18k white gold. From top: 15⁄8 ct. t.w.‡ $19,500. ★ WebID 1230027. 11⁄2 ct. t.w.‡ $18,500. ★ 699374. 1 ct. t.w.‡ $5000. ★ 901486. 2 ct. t.w.‡ $28,200. ★ 699370. 11⁄2 ct. t.w.‡ $12,200. ★ 579057. For these and more styles, visit or

FREE SHIPPING AT MACYS.COM with $99 online purchase. No promo code needed; exclusions apply. ‡All carat weights (ct. t.w.) are approximate; variance may be .05 carat. Photo may be enlarged or enhanced to show detail. Fine jewelry at select stores; log on to for locations. Advertised merchandise may not be carried at your local Macy’s and selection may vary by store. 4060002.

start yo your y ur registry here! PROMOTION

RegistRy guide fall 2014

macy’s ultimate

delicious ways to make the most of fall

+ get cooking!

comforting recipes kitchen must-haves foodie honeymoons



1 Check out Macy’s Ultimate Registry Guide from Macy’s and The Knot at

2 Get inspired by fabulous home ideas, and find your decorating style PHOTO CREDIT

3 Create your dream registry!

#DaV i D s B r i Da L Left to right: Style F15678, F15736, F15701, F15607

put your ladies first. Find great styles and shades For the ones who stand by your side.

with surprisingly sweet prices starting at

$ Š2014 David’s Bridal




JENNY YOO COLLECTION FLAGSHIP SALONS NEW YORK CITY 132 W. 36th St., 9th Flr / 212.645.0823 CHICAGO 300 W. Superior St., Suite 102 / 312.642.2327 18 Nordstrom Wedding Suites / Select Bella Bridesmaid stores / BHLDN / ALABAMA Birmingham, Bella Bridesmaid 205.871.2383 CALIFORNIA Corona del Mar, Bella Bridesmaid 949.717.7800 / Los Angeles, Bella Bridesmaid 323.932.8580 / San Diego, Bella Bridesmaid 858.459.1078 / San Francisco, Bella Bridesmaid 415.931.5492 / Sunnyvale, Brides of California 408.732.3382 COLORADO Denver, Bella Bridesmaid 303.377.2025 CONNECTICUT Clinton, The White Dress by the Shore 860.669.4596 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Washington, Hitched 202.333.6162 FLORIDA Jacksonville, Bella Bridesmaid 904.374.0351 / Tampa, Bella Bridesmaid 813.443.4984 / Tampa, Isabel O’Neil Bridal 813.251.0749 GEORGIA Atlanta, Kelly’s Closet 404.377.9923 / Atlanta, Bella Bridesmaid 404.846.8880 / Atlanta, Fabulous Frocks of Atlanta 670.409.3026 ILLINOIS Chicago, Bella Bridesmaid 312.943.0344 KENTUCKY Lexington, Twirl 859.309.2493 LOUISIANA Baton Rouge, Bella Bridesmaid 225.246.2106 / New Orleans, Wedding Belles 504.891.1005 / Shreveport, Bella Bridesmaid 318.698.0075 MAINE Falmouth, Spoil Me 207.773.0743 MARYLAND Baltimore, Garnish Boutique 410.321.1406 MASSACHUSETTS Boston, Flair 617.247.2828 MICHIGAN Ann Arbor, Vintage to Vogue 734.665.9110 MINNESOTA Burnsville, Bridal Accents Couture 952.846.4496 / Excelsior, Bella Bridesmaid 952.474.5086 / Minneapolis, Flutter Boutique 612.216.1926 MISSOURI Kansas City, Bella Bridesmaid 816.361.5700 / St. Louis, Bella Bridesmaid 314.205.1191 NEBRASKA Omaha, Ready or Knot Weddings 402.885.4883 NEVADA Reno, Swoon, A Bridal Salon 775.826.0505 NEW JERSEY Englewood Cliffs, Rana Bridal 201.503.9611 / Madison, Bella Bridesmaid 973.210.0967 NEW YORK Saratoga Springs, Lily Saratoga 518.587.5017 / New York City, Bella Bridesmaid 212.695.2700 NORTH CAROLINA Raleigh, Bella Bridesmaid 919.800.1799 / Charlotte, Bella Bridesmaid 704.817.7547 / Durham, Tre Bella Bridal 919.323-7167 OHIO Cincinnati, Carrie Karibo 513.821.9666 / Rocky River, Bella Bridesmaid 440.799.4468 / Worthington, La Jeune Mariee 614.430.9659 PENNSYLVANIA Pittsburgh, Bella Bridesmaid 412.854.4422 SOUTH CAROLINA Charleston, Bella Bridesmaid 843.425.8079 / Charleston, Fabulous Frocks of Charleston 843.754.1855 / Columbia, Sash Bridesmaid Boutique 803.708.9060 / Greenville, Bella Bridesmaid 864.241.4001 TENNESSEE Memphis, Bella Bridesmaid 901.590.3268 / Nashvllle, Bella Bridesmaid 615.383.8004 TEXAS Austin, Unbridaled 512.444.2743 / Dallas, Bella Bridesmaid 214.999.9311 / San Antonio, Bella Bridesmaid 210.804.1000 VERMONT Burlington, Sewly Yours 802.660.9003 VIRGINIA Alexandria, Fabulous Frocks of Alexandria 703.683.2306 / Alexandria, Hannelore’s of Olde Towne 703.549.0387 / Richmond, Bella Bridesmaid 804.658.0105 / Virginia Beach, Ava Clara Bridal 757.962.1466 CANADA Calgary, Frocks Modern Bridesmaids 403-263-5580 / Edmonton, Delica Bridal 780.465.3604 / Vancouver, Frocks Modern Bridesmaids 604-738-8622 / Ottawa, White Satin Bridal Couture 613-695-9888 AUSTRALIA Double Bay, Bridesmaids Only 6129-328-3835


BRIDAL RETAILERS CALIFORNIA Petaluma, Nan Winters 707.778.0163 / Sunnyvale, Brides of California 408.732.3382 CONNECTICUT Clinton, The White Dress by the Shore 860.669.4596 FLORIDA Jacksonville Beach, Love A Bridal Boutique 904.242.9800 / Orlando, Calvet Couture 407.245.7000 / Tampa, Isabel O’Neil Bridal 813.251.1749 KENTUCKY Lexington, Twirl 859.309.2493 LOUISIANA New Orleans, Wedding Belles 504.891.1005 MAINE Falmouth, Spoil Me 207.773.0743 MARYLAND Baltimore, Garnish Boutique 410.321.1406 MASSACHUSETTS Boston, Flair 617.247.2828 MICHIGAN Ann Arbor, V2V Vintage to Vogue 734.665.9110 MINNESOTA Minneapolis, Flutter Boutique 612.216.1926 NEBRASKA Omaha, Ready or Knot Weddings 402.885.4883 NEW YORK Saratoga Springs, Lily Saratoga 518.587.5017 NORTH CAROLINA Charlotte, J. Majors Bridal 704.372.0082 OHIO Worthington, La Jeune Mariee 614.430.9659 / Hudson, All Brides Beautiful 330.655.1339 TEXAS Austin, Unbridaled 512.444.2743 VERMONT Burlington, Sewly Yours 802.660.9003 CANADA Calgary, Frocks Modern Bridesmaids 403.263.5580 / Edmonton, Delica Bridal 780.465.3604 / Ottawa, White Satin Bridal Couture 613.695.9888 /Vancouver, Frocks Modern Bridesmaids 604.738.8622 CREDITS: Photography by Stephanie Williams ; Hair/Make-up by K.C. Whitcamp ; Headpieces by Erica Elizabeth ; Styling by Details Details Weddings & Events

w w w. h o u s e o f w u . c o m



the latest from bridal fashion week




snapshots from the runway #NaeemKhan

Here are our favorite Instagram photos we took during New York Bridal Fashion Week!






@ManoloBlahnikHQ and @SophiaWebster_

snap it>>

Share your fashion photos with us on Instagram (@theknot) and hashtag #theknotloves






® At The Home Depot, the best paint and the boldest colors come together to bring any room in your home to life. We have more number one and top-rated paint than any other store in every color you can imagine. So spending a few hours with a roller, and fewer dollars than you expect, will lead to perfect results that last.

Living room: BEHR ® in Lagoon–520D-6 Trim: BEHR ® in Juicy Passionfruit–190B-5 Dining room: Glidden® Premium in Gold Coast White –GLC05

© 2014, HOMER TLC, Inc. All rights reserved. Rated by an independent consumer study.


the latest from bridal fashion week at the end of the Rivini by Rita Vinieris show, the models pulled fashion editor Jennie Ma out of her seat to take a selfie!

n   otes from t  he front row floral crowns The “it” accessory this bridal fashion week was the floral crown. We saw oversized ones and delicate and dainty. And don’t think it’s only for outdoor garden weddings—throw on some dramatic hydrangeas and it’ll work for an art gallery or ballroom affair.

What caught our eye at New York Bridal Fashion Week.

oscar de la renta

mira zwilling


inbal dror

vera wang video Instead of having a runway show, Vera Wang sent out this spookily beautiful video of her new collection. It’s a must-watch.


i   sraeli designers de la renta, di santo, dror, herrera, houghton: maria valentino/mcv photo; watters, zwillinger: kurt wilberding


ines di santo

There must be something in the water over there by the Dead Sea. Israeli designers made a huge splash this season. Look out for these names: Inbal Dror, Mira Zwillinger, Galia Lahav and Zahavit Tshuba.


houghton BridE

sheer dresses Eyes were popping out of sockets when this completely sheer dress came out at Houghton. We also spotted this bare-all style at Vera Wang, Inbal Dror and Zuhair Murad. Let’s just say bridal designers are bringing sexy back in a big way, and we kind of love it.

Carolina Herrer a

two in one We’re never one to say no to a good deal! This season, we spotted dresses that are twofers. You get a classic ceremony dress and a sassy reception dress for one price, like this one by Hayley Paige.

statement earrings Love them or hate them (for the record, we love them!), statement earrings were huge this season (no pun intended). Also, a little birdie told us Carolina Herrera will be selling bridal accessories soon!

you can line these sheer dresses for your wedding!

Find more bridal fashion trends at



® At The Home Depot, we’ll help you throw open the options and discover hundreds of beautiful window treatments to fit any room or style. We have all the brands and designs you love. And because you can shop online or in-store, for in-stock or custom treatments, we’ve got you, your décor, and your windows covered. Let’s do this.

Home Decorators Collection TriLight Shade® with Cordless Option Top Sheer Pleated Shade in Natural Bottom Cellular Shade in Fresh Baguette

© 2014, HOMER TLC, Inc. All rights reserved.


the latest from bridal fashion week

b   eauty trends We spotted these gorgeous makeup and hair looks on the runways that you can wear down the aisle.

We’re loving strong eyebrows. Here’s how to make it work: Pick a shade that’s one degree lighter than your real brow color, fill in with small strokes and brush out to diffuse color.

bold brows


Naked Illuminated shimmering powder for face and body, $29, jenny packham

austin scarlett


 p early shimmer A pearlescent glow is so pretty! But beware, there’s a fine line between shimmer and shine, and it’s all about highlighting in the right places. Highlight your face where the sun naturally falls—the brow bone, the bridge of your nose, cheekbones and chin. monique lhuillier

jenny packham

Veluxe brow liner in Deep Brunette, $20, kelly faet anini

Brow pencil in Ash, $22,

 undone updos

Retractable brow pencil in Rich Chestnut, $13,

Perfect is so overrated. The newest and prettiest styles we saw on the runways were all about getting that wispy, undone look. Hairstylists were purposely giving what looked like beauty “nuggies” to models to create that messy, just-woke-up-like-this style. Basically, in bridal beauty these days, flaws are cool—and we’re into that.

Find more beauty ideas at


models clockwise from top left: maria valentino/mcv photo; kurt wilberding (2); maria valentino/mcv photo (2); kurt wilberding


Hearts On Fire, Las Vegas, NV, King of Prussia, PA | Greenberg’s Jewelers, 9 Locations in IA, NE, SD - | Wimmer’s Diamonds, Fargo, ND - Saxons Diamond Centers, Aberdeen, Bel Air, MD - | B.C. Clark Inc, Oklahoma City, OK - | Rogers Jewelry Co., 9 Locations in CA and NV - Shreve & Co., Portland, OR, San Francisco, Palo Alto, CA - | Long Jewelers, Virginia Beach, VA - | Williams Jewelers, Englewood, Denver, CO - Dejaun Jewelers, Sherman Oaks, Westlake Village, CA - | Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers, San Diego, CA - | Murphy Jewelers, 3 Locations in PA - James and Sons, 3 Locations in Chicagoland, IL - | Meyers Jewelers, Grove City, OH - | The Wedding Ring Shop, Honolulu, HI - Lux Bond & Green, The Shops at Mohegan Sun, CT and Boston, MA - | Azzi Jewelers, Lansing, MI - | Morgan Jewelers, Salt Lake City, UT - Walters & Hogsett Fine Jewelers, Boulder, CO - | Michael C. Fina, New York, NY - | Sidney Thomas Jewelers, Raleigh, Durham, NC -

View the entire collection at | 877-PERFECT


the latest from bridal fashion week


anne barge

ines di santo

kenneth pool

Catch your favorite designers’ fashion shows—straight from New York Bridal Fashion Week—on our website.

K marchesa


monique lhuillier

oscar de la renta

reem acra

rivini by Rita Vinieris

D.I.D. by watters

acra, amsale, barge, de la renta, di santo, lhuillier: maria valentino/mcv photo; marchesa, pool, rivini, watters: kurt wilberding

watch runway shows online

©Disney WH-14-34228


Find the perfect dress — anytime, anywhere. Search 6,500+ dresses on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. Search LookBook by The Knot on the App StoreSM and Google Play™ or text DRESS to 55958 to download the app.*

* Standard text messaging and other charges may apply per your service plan. Please check with your wireless carrier regarding the cost of sending and receiving text messages. MSG & Data Rates may apply. Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

What’s New Cake News, LATEST FASHION updates, cocktail buzz, Groomsmen Gifts, Décor ideas... And more photograph by k aren wise photography

K 147

the cascade The new flower trend that’s sweeping aisles is a classic reimagined (remember Princess Diana’s 1981 bouquet?). Cascades of the past were tightly bound with a symmetrical style similar to an upside-down pear. Today’s bouquets are wilder with flowers loosely gathered. Flowing ribbon, greens and vines add to the lessstructured look and give the bouquet its “cascade.” >>



cocktail buzz

posh napkins + spiked seltzer Whether you’re hosting a formal fete or a backyard bash, here are two ways to freshen up your cocktail hour. Lettermade offers custom monograms, cute critters and wedding motifs on embroidered cloth napkins—perfect for champagne aperitifs (from $42 for a set of 4, Just serving beer and wine? Spiked Seltzer is the super-classy alternative. It’s an all-natural low-carb beer with 6 percent alcohol ($9 for 6, It also makes a punchy mixer! Try filling a bucket with ice and pair bottles with striped straws ($7 for 25, for a festive sip.

embroidered napkins add a luxe touch to your party!

nuptial news

read it THE duKan diet made easy Embrace the diet that got Kate Middleton wedding ready. $19,

see it TLC DOES DRESSES Get your wedding gown fix. Watch Curvy Girls Bridal and Heidi to the Dresscue on TLC.

do it The Ultimate food diary Scan barcodes of packaged foods and catalog calories with the MyFitnessPal app.

Read It, See It, Do It K

cake craze

stairway to heaven Who said your wedding cake needs to be a symmetrical stack? These staircase-inspired confections belong front and center. Give your cake some edge by shifting all the tiers to one side. This asymmetrical piling works with round or square tiers in pretty much any style you want— fondant cutouts, sugar flowers, hand-painted tiers and pearls are all fair game. The result? A visually interesting design with an unexpected twist. >>


our current obsession

tea for two Here’s an unexpected partnership: former Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr and Royal Albert china (if you’ve started registering, you’re bound to have seen its classic Old Country Roses pattern—chances are your grandmother owns it too!). Kerr brings her signature style to the fine china. The result: Teacups and pots and dessert plates that are pretty, not stuffy. From $15,

cakes from left: photo pink; devon jarvis; scobey photography

your registry

It’s your wish list... if you love it, add it!

Registry Perk #1:

5% Cash Back Registry Rewards! Once you reach $1000 or more in eligible registry sales, you qualify to receive a gift card worth $50 or more to use anywhere in the store. More than half of our qualifying brides get at least $90! Visit us online at For more registry perks, keyword search “registry perks.”





Available at:



hot now

the velvet tuxedo After making a major comeback in men and women’s readyto-wear last year, this super-soft fabric has found its way onto the backs of several celebs, including Justin Timberlake, Macklemore and Matthew McConaughey, who rocked an emerald green velvet jacket at the 2014 Golden Globes Awards. Unless your groom is a rock star, stick to classic colors like black or navy and avoid the velvet-on-velvet look. Joseph Abboud, chief creative director for Men’s Wearhouse, suggests making the jacket the centerpiece of the outfit and dressing down the luxe fabric with pieces that create contrast. Black or gray matte wool trousers, a satin tie and a crisp white dress shirt will do the trick.

quick fix

Links you’ll Love K groom style

Looking for a unique pair of cuff links for the guys in your party? Antique Jewelry Mall offers more than 150 new and vintage styles including stegosauruses and lucky four-leaf clovers (from $150, Want to commemorate the date? recently launched same-day engraving. Choose from more than 40 styles with overnight shipping available.

r  einventing t   he rental The biggest hassle of black tie weddings? Getting the black tie. But thanks to online retailer The Black Tux (, you can have a tuxedo delivered right to your door. Choose your outfit and accessories, enter your measurements, and sit back and relax—your ensemble will arrive a week before the celebration. After you’ve rocked the dance floor, pop the finery back in the mail. Suits and tuxedos start at $95 with free shipping both ways. Add a cotton shirt for $15 or a pair of studs for less than your morning latte.

this tuxedo (and shoes) ships right to your door!


his obsession

bespoke bow ties You tried on dozens of dresses—it’s only fair he has his style moment too. Say hello to the custom bow tie. Choose from hundreds of designs at Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont. You can even personalize with a custom message or monogram (from $40, Looking for something less classic? Two Guys Bow Ties has reinvented this menswear staple with wood! Customize your hardwood and fabric choice (from $55, >>

mcconaughey: getty images

Memories that last a lifetime

We vow to honor your romantic imagination, and obey your every command. All in the world’s most luxurious all-inclusive surroundings. You just need to say “Yes, I will marry at Paradisus Resorts.”

The Pure Freedom to Just Be • Lushly Appointed Suites • Private Pools and Beach Areas with Bali Beds & Valet Service • World Class Cuisine • YHI Spa ($) • LUXEclusive® Freedom • Customized Wedding & Honeymoon Packages Contact your travel agent, 877.276.0872 or PARADISUS.COM DOMINICAN REPUBLIC PA R A D I S U S PA L M A R E A L | PA R A D I S U S P U N TA C A N A ME XICO PA R A D I S U S P L AYA D E L C A R M E N L A P E R L A (E xclusively for Adults) PA R A D I S U S P L AYA D E L C A R M E N L A E S M E R A L D A | PA R A D I S U S C A N C U N C O S TA R I C A ( 2 0 1 5 ) A Meliá Hotels International Brand.



test your wedding


1. Rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because: turn your wedding invitation into a tray A. it’s the most noticeable finger. B. rings were made in small sizes to save on gold costs. C. it was once thought the vein in that finger led directly to the heart.

2. A veil is worn to: A. ward off evil spirits. B. to symbolize purity. C. to deter mosquitoes.

hot tip

beyond the album Looking for a unique memento of your wedding day? Turn your invitation into a decoupage tray. Kaas GlassWorks (from $200, can transform a wedding invitation, a custom stamp or even handwritten wedding vows into a treasured keepsake. Bonus: The catchall tray will be a daily reminder of your “I dos.”

3. The white wedding dress trend was started by: A. Queen Elizabeth. B. Queen Victoria. C. Queen Mary.

4. A groom carries his bride over the threshold: A. because if the bride trips over her dress, the marriage is doomed. B. to protect her from evil spirits

trend alert

lurking below. C. to get her into bed as quickly as possible.

unique gifts Being a bridesmaid is not a one-day job— she’ll stand by as you contemplate colors, pick out the perfect dress and, if we’re being honest, she’ll likely witness a meltdown or two. Instead of giving her a one-time gift, sign her up for a monthly subscription service. If she’s a beauty junkie, she’ll love samples from Birchbox ($10 per month, Is she the ultimate DIY-er? Give her a Whimseybox ($15 per month, Whimseybox .com), which comes packed with materials and instructions to complete a fun craft.

5. A bride stands on the left side of the groom: A. because the groom wears his ring on the left hand. B. because the bride will never be “left” again. ward off other suitors. >> top left: devon jarvis

great things come in small packages—every single month!

C. so he can easily reach his sword to

answer key: 1: C; 2: A; 3: B; 4: B; 5: C


One design. Made for two.

Ends 12/31/14

*Enjoy eight (8) samples using the code 13TRYWPD at checkout. One-time use only. This offer applies exclusively to stationery and is not applicable to previously placed orders. Offer is only valid on Wedding Paper Divas and is not applicable to third party or partner websites.

8 F R E E S A M P L E S*


This is the story of us.

Code: 13TRYWPD



fashion flash

Your wedding shoes might be the most photographed shoes you ever wear. Why not have a pair made especially for the occasion? Here are three places to customize your perfect pumps (or flats!).

custom bridal kicks

these sparkly bow flats will keep you comfy all night long!

milk & honey Start by choosing from 14 shoe styles ranging from platform sandals to ankle booties. Customize toe shape, materials, trim, embellishments (think: rhinestones and bows) and preferred heel height. From $149 a pair,

design your pedestal A designer will work with you every step of the way, helping you choose from 69 colors and dozens of adornments, from feathers to pearls. You can even personalize the soles with your wedding date. From $250 a pair,

shoes of prey Use their online 3-D designer to choose your preferred shape and color. Choose from 170 materials including Italian silk and vegan “leather.” You can even add a custom message inside your shoe! From $129 a pair,

reception buzz

Change your Chairs trend alert



Looking to upgrade your rentals without cutting into your after-party budget? Think decals! Add your wedding monogram to the backs of ceremony chairs (from $15 for 8, DaliDecals .com). Totally transform reception seating with classic chair back decals that resemble Chippendale and Queen Anne designs (from $30 for 6, Or assign seats with chalkboard labels that can be personalized (from $10 for 10 labels,

bowed over We’re totally inspired by all the bows on the bridal runways. Bring a piece home with this patterned ribbon pillow ($65, or a casual black and gold canvas bow tote—perfect for toting groceries or comfy flats ($12, Or, put a bow on it! Outfit your attendants with a delicate gold-dipped necklace (whisper bow necklace, $62, Or gift your bridesmaids with these chic silk hair ties that look as good on the wrist as they do in a ponytail ($26,

we love the jumbo bows on this Viktor & Rolf Marriage gown!

See what’s trending at


I N T R O D U C I N G C O O R D I N AT I N G A C C E S S O R I E S A L L U R E B R I D A L S . C O M


news Cotton Comfort

Made from brushed cotton, this lightweight throw is well suited for all seasons. $99,

Trendy Tools

This sleek colander does double-duty. Use for food prep or fill with fruit for a casual centerpiece. $40,

registry trends

Bold Bubbles

Add carbonation to your favorite drink in less than 30 seconds. $130, SodaStream,

Make a splash on your registry with indigo, cobalt and navy.

moody blues


Blue Streak

Picture perfect

Inspired by vintage cuff links, this enamel frame is a touch of fancy. $150,

A swirl of sapphire adds richness and color to a glass vase. $40,


Royal comfort

Cobalt Coast

This armless ikat love seat was made for lounging. $600,

The agate stone is known for its density and resistance, making it the ideal coaster. $40,

Garden Chic

Color your outdoor space with this ceramic stool. $199,


Find more registry ideas at



The serene desert scenery at Canyon Ranch

A private plunge pool with a view at Hermitage Bay

One of seven restaurants at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos


resort buzz

What you don’t know about all-inclusives Already considering a bundled vacation for your honeymoon? They’re a popular choice for good reason—you don’t have to worry about things like tipping or big bar tabs. But these amazing, unique options might still surprise you.



there are plenty of non-chain, boutique hotel options

There are a few very popular all-inclusive chains, but if you’re looking for a one-of-akind resort, there are also intimate boutique options. For instance, Antigua’s Hermitage Bay is set on 140 acres of undeveloped hillside and white sand beaches, with just 25 suites carved out of sustainably harvested wood. Book a Hillside Pool Suite (from $1,225; with a wraparound deck and private plunge pool. Turtle Island, a solar-powered resort off the coast of Fiji, has only 14 cabins (or bures), and each has a “Mama” to make sure your every want—like a private sunset champagne toast—is met (from $2,499,


they aren’t all beach vacations

All-inclusive doesn’t necessarily mean sun, sand and frozen cocktails—although we love that option! Twin Farms in Barnard, Vermont (from $1,450,, offers in-room massages, candlelit dinners in its wine cellar, fireside s’mores and six private ski trails. Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, is a perfect pick for couples who aren’t big drinkers (alcohol isn’t served but you can bring your own for your room). Instead of booze, their package includes healthy meals and a $670 credit for activities like cooking classes or spa services. Book the detoxifying Herbal Wrap for Two and wedding planning stress will seem like it was a lifetime ago (from $4,520 per couple,


many are kids free

Even if you love children and can’t wait to have your own, you might not want to see or hear any on your honeymoon. AMResort’s new Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort (from $378 per person, SecretsResorts .com) has 500 rooms, each with a romantic private balcony—and all are adults only. Another kids-free resort, Sandals Grande Rivera Beach & Villa Golf Resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, just underwent a $60 million renovation (from $204 per person, Sandals .com). Every mountainside villa comes with your own personal butler to stock your fridge. Honeymooners receive a complimentary bottle of chilled sparkling wine (along with a rose petal turndown service). >>



Aston Kaanapali Shores

Aston Waikiki Beach Tower

Aston Kona by the Sea

Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel

Make that moment perfect with a trip to Hawaii. From romantic white sand beaches to luxurious suites with breathtaking views, Aston o ers truly memorable locations for your wedding, reception or honeymoon. Enjoy on-site catering, customized function space and personal wedding coordination services. Let your lifetime of memories begin here. Special group rates available.

866.774.2924 |



just opened

go there first These new hotels are totally honeymoon worthy. Book one now (before everyone else)!

destination spotlight

Instagram-worthy beaches and friendly locals make the Aloha State a honeymoon favorite. But you can have a trip that’s totally original. Here’s how:

Hot HawaiI tips dine in a cave

nayara springs, costa rica Stay in one of the 16 villas in this adults-only resort and relax in your private plunge pool, fed by mineral hot springs. Then, get your adrenaline fix with zip-lining in the rainforest and whitewater rafting in the Arenal Volcano National Park (from $590, park hyatt vienna, austria Set in a 100-year-old former bank, this hotel’s a short walk from museums and shopping. Swim in the gold-tiled pool (a nod to the gold bars of its vault past). Austrian Airlines just added flights from Newark and Chicago (from $525, Nizuc Resort & Spa, Mexico Enjoy 29 acres of white sand beaches and three infinity pools, as well as the largest coral reef this side of Australia and archeological sites just minutes away. Try the spa’s signature NIZUC renewal massage, which uses Mayan herbs, pure Mexican agave and turquoise stones (from $400, hawaii from top: shutterstock (2); getty images

have a volcano view Book a room at the Volcano House Hotel overlooking Kilauea, which has been erupting for more than 30 years (!). Seriously— seeing it is worth the flight alone. Try The Rim restaurant’s take on surf and turf, the Mauka & Makai, a juicy local Kuahiwi Ranch steak paired with Dungeness crab. Originally built in 1846, the hotel just received a gut renovation to each of its 33 rooms and cabins (from $335 for a room with a volcano view,

The new Vintage Cave restaurant ( in Honolulu has an astounding 24-course tasting menu made by chef Chris Kajioka. At $295 per person, no expense is spared for ingredients like caviar, foie gras and white truffles, which are infused into local dishes like suckling pig. Trust us—this is a YOLO meal worth splurging on.



visit more than Maui The quieter Lanai has two revamped Four Seasons resorts, the beachfront Four Seasons Resort Lana’i at Manele Bay (from $489, and the countryside-set The Lodge at Koele (from $339). The Resort has a sexy new eatery, Nobu Lana’i. Try specialties cooked table side on a sizzling lava rock, and most produce—like the greens in the lobster salad with spicy lemon dressing— is grown on site. Lanai has no direct flights, but the Four Seasons recently opened a private lounge at the Honolulu airport, so you can relax before the 30-minute flight.

give back Spend an afternoon at the Maui Humane Society (, where you can volunteer on Wednesdays and Thursdays walking dogs or cuddling kittens (aww!). Or, lend a hand with the Hawaii Wildlife Fund: They offer trips where honeymooners can help monitor sea turtles and plant taro plants, saving reef fish from extinction ($1,485 per person for seven days including accommodations and meals,


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Privacy. The ultimate honeymoon.

Just 8 hours from L.A.



just for fun

you’re not allowed to freak out if… ...someone acts like your raw bar is an all-youcan-eat seafood buffet. …your signature cocktail turns out aqua instead of sky blue. He’s a bartender, not a scientist. …one of your readers flubs her lines a little bit. …your DJ plays something you could have sworn was on your do-not-play list (a guest may have requested it). …the best man accidentally breaks your monogrammed champagne flute. Just order a replacement later. …your flower girl falls asleep at game time (skip her or have her mom or dad carry her down the aisle). of your bridesmaids has a fling with one of the groomsmen. Maybe you’ll be a bridesmaid in their wedding someday! K 162


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Christa Renee

with our Romance lifetime warranty, your ring will be as timeless as your love available at a fine jeweler near you •

Diamond Bridal Collection




behind the scenes

w   hitney port’s b   iggest wedding p   lanning secrets Just as last proposal season kicked off (yes, there is one—it’s November to February!), Tim Rosenman popped the question to the designer. Here’s what might surprise you about their planning.

my fiancé is super-involved… He has strong opinions, which is great because sometimes I’m not sure. It’s been fun to do something like this together as a team. Whitney’s ring resembles this Jean Dousset stunner

…and is dominating the guest list! He has a bigger family and more friends—he’s way more popular than I am! For me, it’s important to just enjoy the weekend with the people you really want to be there.

I’m most excited about décor succulent: thinkstock; watercolor: shutterstock; port: michael kovac/getty images; ocean scene: beautiful day photography; praver wedding: maui maka photography; dress: mcv photo; cocktail: @whitneyeveport; flower: devon jarvis

I’m a creative, visual person and am most excited for the table settings and flowers. I’m not someone who wants a wedding filled with candles and dramatic lighting. I’m thinking of a desert color palette—greens and natural tones.


I’m no bridezilla I’ve never dreamt about my wedding, but I do see myself getting more particular. My older sister Ashley is a wedding planner with her own company, BK Events, so she’s helped me stay organized.


I love wedding stationery I’m designing an invitation collection with Wedding Paper Divas and am doing custom ones with them for my own wedding. I think stationery is so important because it sets the stage for the day.

I get inspired by other celeb weddings Victoria Traina’s wedding was sophisticated and upscale, yet so tasteful, classic and chic. Swimsuit designer Tori Praver’s was beachy and whimsical, without being overdone. Tori Praver’s gorgeous beach nuptials

we’re taking the planning slowly My father passed away a year ago and we’ve been going back and forth with the notion of even planning anything. I want it to be an amazing day and to celebrate, but something big will be missing. she Instagrammed this pretty signature cocktail the former reality star plans on collaborating with another designer on a simple gown

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RK Bridal New York, NY 10018 212.947.1155 Bridal & Formal Cincinnati, OH 45215 5 13.821.6622 Magnolia Bridal Boutique & Formal Putnam, CT 06260 860.928.4775 Becker’s Bridal & Formal Toronto, ON M4K 1P1 C anada 416.463.6601 Mona Richie Woodbridge, ON L4L 4Y5 Canada 905.856.6888 The Dress Saskatoon Boutique Saskatoon, SK S7K 1K3 Sas Canada 306.652.3914 The Bridal House Edmonton, AB T5V 0A2 Canada 780.454.1636



aries mar. 21–apr. 19 Go glam (eyelash extensions for makeup and gold for registry flatware) while Jupiter’s resting in your dramatic fifth house this season. Conquer big choices October 8; an Aries lunar eclipse will make you unstoppable.

taurus apr. 20 –may 20 Stock your registry when Jupiter pauses in your domestic realm in July and August. September’s stars are sexy and playful, so reconnect with each other over non-wedding talk on a sporty date, like a tennis match.

gemini may 21–june 20 Stop pinning signature cocktails and grab a real one when this season’s social stars reconnect you with friends. Communicator Mercury goes into retrograde in October; take care to prevent arguments with your spouse-to-be.

cancer june 21–july 22 In August, Jupiter aligns with Venus; count on getting some expensive gifts (hello, espresso machine!). Your mom or maid of honor will play a key role in something happening around the September 24 Libra new moon.

leo july 23–aug. 22 Plan fab details—from flowers to favors—when you feel a burst of creativity in August (thank Jupiter aligning with Venus). Friction with Mom? It’ll pass post-October, when Mercury is no longer in retrograde in your family sector.

virgo aug. 23–sept. 22 With Jupiter in your house of surrender, it’s time to hire a day-of coordinator, or at least delegate the seating chart or transportation to a bridesmaid. Focus on your fiancé during the couple-centric September 8 full moon.

bridal astrology Here’s what the stars are forecasting for your wedding planning this season. by the Astrotwins, ophira and tali edut (@astrotwins)

the AstroTwins say these colors may inspire you this season



libra sept. 23–oct. 22 On August 11, a passionate full moon means you’re set for a sexy date night, like a candlelit dinner. Feeling like no one, from your motherin-law to your florist, is hearing you? The October 8 lunar eclipse will help you speak up.

scorpio oct. 23–nov. 21 Prioritize your ladies at the female-focused August 11 full moon; book a bonding spa day or a bachelorette beach weekend. Be pleasant to your wedding pros in October—Mercury’s retrograde can challenge communication.

sagittarius Nov. 22–dec. 21 With Jupiter touring your worldly ninth house, book your destination wedding, honeymoon or hotel block. The September 8 Pisces new moon highlights the women in your life, making it the perfect bridal shower date.

capricorn dec. 22–jan. 19 Is a ballooning guest list stressing you out? Use your practical side to explain to your parents and fiancé why you need to limit it. Mid-September, an identity crisis ends—any name-changing questions will be answered.

aquarius jan. 20 –feb. 18 With stern Saturn in your structure sector this season, stick to a firm agenda or you’ll get overwhelmed with to-dos. If you haven’t hired a wedding planner (or at the very least, a day-of coordinator) by October, do it then.

pisces feb. 19 –mar. 20 Alert the seamstress: You’ll experience a year-long fitness craze starting in mid-July, so your dress might need some alterations. The October 8 eclipse in your money zone could bring either serious sticker shock or a cash gift.


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Think of it as your

wish list



2 6

colorful rings K 5 3

our favorite...


1 There’s a reason why canary diamonds are so popular—they’re special yet subtle. $49,700, 2 A pink sapphire set in rose gold makes this ring perfect for a feminine bride. $2,400, Suzanne Kalan, 3 Pear shapes give off an antique vibe, especially when the stone’s a rosy pink. $7,995, MarkBroumand .com 4 If you’re into bold brights, you’ll want an aquamarine ring. $6,380, 5 Say yes to blue topaz—the color has so much depth and dimension. $3,140, 6 Emeralds look extra-glam when set with oversize pavé diamonds. $8,175, >>




our favorite...

Bridesmaid gifts 3 1 2

add a personalized message to the inside of the bag too!






1 Paying for her dress is what she really wants! $75, 2 Personalize this classic canvas tote with her initials and a hidden message of gratitude. From $98, 3 Tell her how much you “adore” and “treasure” her friendship with these trinket trays, perfect for corralling baubles and loose change. $20, 4 Upgrade cult favorite Chuck Taylors with her monogram. $90, 5 Who said friendship bracelets are just for kids? This grown-up rose gold version is elegant and understated (and looks great stacked). $325, 6 Create a collage of your favorite #bestfriend Instagram snaps on a canvas pillow. $68, >>




sexy lingerie 1 This nightie might look sweet, but it’s actually scandalously sheer. $50, 2 Floral prints are hot right now. Bra, $62, panties, $46, 3 Slipping into a slinky chemise just feels sexy. $145, 4 This set is pretty and practical—the underwire will give you support while the boy shorts mean goodbye panty lines. Bra, $78, hipster, $45, >>

our favorite...








Colorful invitations 7

our favorite...



3 6





1 Elaborate calligraphy adds a formal touch to this simple lavender design. $214 for 100 invitations, 2 Punchy pink and black, paired with an Aztec motif, give off a modern vibe. $280 for 100 invitations, 3 Hints of orange add whimsy to a classic letterpress card. $471 for 100 invitations, 4 We love the handwritten look of this multicolor typography (you can have the stars printed on the back too). From $237 for 100 invitations, LovevsDesign .com 5 Big blooms pop against the drama of a “chalkboard� backdrop. $218 for 100 invitations, 6 An art-deco-inspired design exudes elegance. $234 for 100 invitations, 7 This graphic and neon explosion just shouts fun! $1,350 for 100 invitations, >>

we love the contrast and drama of this deep charcoal background!






our favorite...

new fragrances 8 5





1 Hints of rose and an unexpected zest of lychee smell romantic and fresh. Roses de Chloé eau de toilette, $95 for 1.7 oz., 2 Love Elie Saab’s first fragrance? His new one has warmer vanilla undertones. Elie Saab L’Eau Couture eau de toilette, $73 for 1.6 oz., 3 This scent is sugar and spice and everything nice. Vince Camuto Femme eau de parfum, $60 for 1.7 oz., 4 The classic Romance fragrance just grew up with hints of sultry black vanilla. Midnight Romance, $74 for 1.7 oz., 5 Strong and glamorous, this fragrance smells like caramel and peaches. Bonbon eau de parfum, $80 for 30 ml, 6 You’ve never smelled anything like this before (literally!)—it has white amaryllis, which is the first time this flower’s been used in a fragrance. Dolce eau de parfum, $90 for 1.6 oz., Dolce & Gabbana, 7 Don’t let the bow fool you, Signorina is velvety and sensual. Signorina Eleganza, $110 for 3.4 oz., 8 This perfume is as addicting as its namesake— you won’t be able to get enough of the sweet scent. Candy l’eau de toilette, $68 for 1.7 oz., Prada,


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“White Lace” by Palm Papers (Dallas, TX), “Passing Notes” by Annie Clark (San Francisco, CA). “Majestic” by Oscar & Emma (Columbus, OH). “Botanical Wreath” by Alethea and Ruth (Seattle, WA). “Formal Ink” by Jill Means (Lodi, CA) © 2014 Minted LLC

Your style. Our perfection.

From start to finish, your dedicated Minted design associate will hand-tailor your design until it’s perfect. 15% off wedding stationery: CODE: TKFALL14 EXP: 12/31/2014


got ta have it

w   here’d they get that? Steal the look of these real couples’ stylish wedding details.

Kendrick & Aron Indian Wells, CA May 4

stir crazy Fun, glittery drink stirrers take a signature cocktail from drab to fab. Wedding drink stirrers, $18 for 25,

Rebekah & aaron dallas may 18

glass act Glass bell jars protect your sweet treats from the elements and look cute while doing so. Miniature glass bell jar, $25 for 4,

rebekah & aaron: stacy reeves photography (2); kendrick & aron: onelove photography (2). opposite: heather & peter: james christianson photographer; lindsay & rishi: carolyn scott photography (2); nelly & michael: kate harrison photography (2)



heather & peter Telluride, co july 20

sign language Mix and match easy-to-paint kraft letters for a one-of-a-kind banner that’s perfect for photo ops. Assorted kraft letters, $4 each,

NELLY & MICHAEL Pescadero, CA october 13

Lindsay & rishi Cary, NC december 21

Even if your groom doesn’t ride in on an elephant, you can incorporate these Indian symbols of good luck into your décor with a pachyderm planter. Ceramic elephant, $60,

wild side

K 179

paper perfect For a quirky touch, top off your wedding cake with an adorable paper likeness of you and your man. Custom paper wedding cake topper, from $275,


Check out more stylish wedding details at



color count 46% brides who choose ivory or white as part of their palette. Classics stick around because they work! peter langner lazaro

Working on finding the perfect palette for your wedding? Enjoy these fun facts about pretty hues. maggie sottero romona keveza

40+ the number of Blush dresses spotted on the spring 2015 bridal runways




hues of roses recognized by the American Rose Society (there are five different variations of red alone!)

1964 2x

nail polish colors offered by Essie, including two brand-new hues made for brides: Got Engaged (a pretty pale pink) and She Said Yes (a sheer silver)



how much more popular navy is today (22 percent use it) compared with 2004

Choose your own pretty palette at

dresses: langner, sottero: kurt wilberding; roses: thinkstock; Taylor: getty images

the year Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Burton (for the first time) wearing yellow, paving the way for other colorful wedding dresses


editor’s picks




I ’m o   bsessed... From eye shadow to eye-catching heels, here’s what I’m loving right now. By Rebecca Dolgin k shop




this is my go-to notebook—I carry it everywhere!





1 This is the only eye shadow palette you’ll ever need. Trust me. Naked3 palette, $54, Urban Decay, 2 Confession: It’s my job to know all the new cool stuff in The Knot Shop, but half of the time I’m just shopping for myself. That’s how I found this necklace. $38, 3 Whether you’re throwing in a bathing suit and towel or a laptop and books, you’ll look chic carrying it all in this leather tote. And it’s so classic, you’ll have it forever. $150, 4 Who wouldn’t lust after these gilded heels? They would look amazing paired with a Grecian-inspired gown. $650, KoturLTD .com 5 These solid brass nesting dishes are the perfect catchalls for jewelry, keys and spare change. $240, 6 I love Nate Berkus’s take on geometrics. His new line for Target is so affordable and versatile. Gemcut dinnerware, $70 for a 16-piece set, 7 I’m aqua obsessed. This spiral notebook is the perfect hue and the pages are perforated, so it’s easy to tear them out. $9, 8 A friend of mine wanted this instead of an engagement ring. Kind of a cool idea! Love bracelet, price upon request,


Behind the scenes

Lace trim bra and panty set, $40,

10 things every bride should have Reem Acra, the designer with a serious celebrity cult following, dishes on her must-have list.

1 love all around you You have your groom, family and closest friends surrounding you on this day—open yourself up to receive and give love.

2 a gown that reflects your personality If you’re a glamour girl, you just won’t feel right wearing a simple, unadorned dress. Find a dress that feels like you.

3 people you care about 4 a gorgeous wedding ring This band of gold symbolizes your marriage—pretty powerful. Peonies symbolize happiness and marriage. veil: jeff harris; dress: mcv photo; bridesmaids: jen huang photography; rings: trevor dixon; bouquet: lindsay docherty photography

While there’s romance and excitement to eloping, it’s nice to share this incredible moment with the people you love.

5 the right undergarments Even though you can’t see them, it’s what you wear under your dress that will make the biggest difference in how you look.



6 a little personal prayer personalize your ring with an inscription It doesn’t matter what you believe in. Take a few minutes to yourself, think about the moment and feel grateful.

A bride feels most like a bride when she puts that veil on. I also love the idea that it adds a little mystique to your look.

7 a veil

reembroidered lace gown, $4,950,

Just a whiff of it will transport you back to this happy day.

8 your signature scent 9 meaningful flowers 10 personal style

Different blooms represent different things (roses mean love and violets represent loyalty)—choose them carefully.

Let your personality shine through your fashion choices. If that means wearing cowboy boots instead of heels, do it. Reem Acra eau de parfum, $125 for 3 oz.,

Have your besties by your side!


Find more fashion advice at


what to wear to...

a classic wedding

A simple ball gown is a fashion decision you won’t regret in 10 years. Add touches of yellow and rose gold for a current-yet-timeless look. Ball gown, $1,150,; necklace, $340,; clutch, $450,; shoes, $720, Paul Andrew,


There’s a reason a black tuxedo is the go-to attire choice for most grooms—it just looks so classic and sophisticated. Pair it with black and white accessories to keep the look sharp. Tuxedo, $800, shirt, $40, BLACK by Vera Wang,; bow tie, $5, pocket square, $7,; cuff links, $385,; watch, $1,900,; shoes, $198, >>


gown and suit: devon jarvis; soft goods styling: claire tedaldi for halley resources. invite by Cheree Berry Paper




what to wear to...

a modern wedding

You’ll want a dress that has architectural details and a sleek silhouette. The pearl clusters on this gown add a special touch without too much sparkle. Dress it up even more with silvery extras. Dress, $850, Truly Zac Posen,; earrings, $90,; bracelet, $745, Ben-Amun,; clutch, $1,905,


Blue feels fresh right now. Play with different shades for a pulled-together, modern look. Also add a pattern like polka dots or plaid to break up all the color. Blazer, $345, trousers, $99,; shirt, $215, Canali,; tie, $60, pocket square, $39,; tie clip, $88,; shoes, $175, >>


gown and suit: devon jarvis; soft goods styling: claire tedaldi for halley resources. invite by




what to wear to...

a romantic wedding


You can’t go wrong with lace for a romantic wedding, since the fabric has an antique feel. Look for accessories that have intricate details to add to the heirloom vibe. Lace dress, $3,800, Watters .com; headband, $550,; clutch, $250, Moyna,; shoes, $455,



Search wedding dresses by style

Consider a lighter suit—in both color and fabric. The wood-inspired buttons give it a rustic feel, while caramelcolored accents make your ensemble look luxurious. Suit, $1,600, Canali,; shirt, $175,; bow tie, $25, Dap Kitsch,; glasses, $440,; leather belt, $330, Mulberry,; shoes, $1,045,


gown and suit: devon jarvis; soft goods styling: claire tedaldi for halley resources. invite by paper source



Look of the Moment Cher Power Glitter clutch

Acrylic clutch, $1,095, Edie Parker,

The slit, the sparkle, the fur—so ’70s.

D   ISCO Haute Hoops

We’re having a major Studio 54– inspired bridal moment right now. Bring on the glitter!

Rose gold crystal earrings, $150,

Starburst Cuff



Enamel cuff, $28, Accessory

sequin jumpsuit

Lace jumpsuit with glitter detail, $8,000, Serious Sparkle

Polish in Worth, $18, TenOverTen, Sweet pleats

Check out these pleated fondant tiers.

 Party Shoes

Gold heels, $1,095, Charlotte Olympia,


Keep up with the hottest trends at

glitter, disco ball: shutterstock; cher, saturday night fever : getty images; runway: maria valentino/mcv photo; cake: devon jarvis


real style

s   tyle stalker E   very day we come across brides who just nail their look, and we had to share. photogr aph by r ad + in love

s   imple elegance Drawing inspiration from Carolyn BessetteKennedy’s iconic wedding look, Kyong, a teacher from LA, chose a Delphine Manivet silk sheath gown from BHLDN for her own nuptials. “I’m not a fussy gal. I knew I wanted something simple and comfortable that flattered my shape,” she says. “My dress was perfect for me—I felt beautiful and could chow down and dance all night.”


K Share your fashion and beauty tips at



C O L L E C T I O N , F E AT U R I N G A N T I Q U E C U S H I O N C U T D I A M O N D S P R E C I S I O N S E T. C O M


behind the scenes

  tom bachik: the   mani guru Meet the man behind Hollywood’s hottest nails—from Zooey Deschanel to Anne Hathaway. Follow him (and his mani masterpieces) on Instagram (@tombachik).

zooey deschanel

anne hathaway


what’s your favorite recent celeb manicure? I did Versace-inspired nails with a brocade pattern, pastel leopard print, gold chains and lots of glitter to bling it out for Jennifer Lopez’s “I Luh Ya Papi” video. Another fun one: cameras for Zooey Deschanel at the 2013 Golden Globes and daisies for this year. Now, she calls me and says, “Oh my gosh, I have so much pressure— everyone wants to know what I’m doing with my nails!”

should brides do a nail trial along with their hair and makeup ones? deschanel, biel: getty images; hathaway: shutterstock; polish: todd huffman; nails: @tombachik


I would. What if you try a design the day of because you think it will look pretty—but then you see it and hate it?

okay, so how can someone make their mani last through the honeymoon? Apply a quick-dry topcoat—like L’Oréal’s Quick Dry—every other day. Your manicure will be refreshed, and you’ll prevent chips without making it look too thick. Gel polish will last a few weeks, but you should go to a licensed manicurist because improper application and removal can weaken your nails.

too funny! what other looks are hot right now? White is huge, and I think it’s a perfect fit for brides. The new whites are more modern and have a little translucency and depth— they look like fine porcelain as opposed to Wite-Out. I like the L’Oréal Color Riche Les Blancs collection.

any other ideas for fab wedding day nails? You can go clean and simple, with a “French 2.0”—a milky white over a white tip. Or add a bit of shimmer or a subtle ombré sparkle. You could even put a lace pattern over the top or an ombré of multidimensional glitter with chunky pieces of gold and silver.

great tips! do you have any for growing seriously stubborn nails? Regular manicures will keep you from picking at your nails. Also, a good cuticle oil—I like Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil—will keep them hydrated, so if you hit one, it won’t chip. Keep a bottle by your bed and rub it in at night—you’ll see a big difference.

is the square shape still best? In my opinion, a classic, old-Hollywood almond shape is generally most flattering to the hand. But if you have shorter nails, a square or soft square shape looks powerful and strong. Find other gorgeous mani ideas and superchic nail art concepts at


jessica biel

Love. Honor.Commitment. The Grace Collection from Effy Bridal features bold, chic engagement rings for couples looking to express their love and show off their style. Dazzling sapphires and diamonds set in white gold catch the eye and capture the joy of this special time. Effy Bridal, designed to last a lifetime.



beaut y buzz

w   e want   d   iane k   ruger’s b   raids Mini-braids literally add a new twist to updos.

g   et the look We asked Kylee Heath, the celebrity stylist who created this pretty plaited look, exactly how she did it so you can too.


1  Part your hair down the center while it’s damp. Apply Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse from root to mid-shaft. Blow out hair, section off  bangs and pull out a half-inch strip from behind each ear. Secure with an elastic hair band at the nape of your neck and weave into a single braid. Weave remaining hair into  15 braids in different sizes. Wrap two braids around the top of your head to create a headband. Leave out one braid in the  center. Loop the braids under and tuck them into the base of the first braid at the nape of your neck and pin in place. Wrap the last center braid  across the top of the minibraids. Pin the bangs back.







Find more wedding hairstyle ideas at

getty images (2)

tucking the braids under creates the illusion of a chignon!


beaut y buzz

how to ace your hair trial We asked the pros to share their tips to make the most of your appointment.



stay true to your look and make sure your style feels comfortable!

wait until the last minute to book your hair trial. (We suggest three to four months before the wedding.)

All brides want to look beautiful, but you don’t want to be fussing over your hair on such an important day. —Frédéric Fekkai, celebrity hairstylist

Make sure you get in an appointment, so there are no surprises on the actual day. —Orlando Pita, celebrity hairstylist



take pictures during the trial.

bring a large entourage.


What looks good to the naked eye doesn’t always photograph well. —Ursula Stephen, celebrity hair expert

This should be about what you want— too many opinions will just confuse you. —Sean James, celebrity hairstylist




think about your dress.

—Stacey Weinstein, owner of Once Upon A Bride

—Megan Garmers, founder of MG Hair and Makeup


Find more beauty tips at

preston schlebusch (3)

Your hair should complement your gown. Wear your hair up if you have a lot going on with your dress around the neckline.

be afraid to speak up.

Don’t pull the “yes, it’s fine” card. The stylist should do more than one look if you don’t love the first one.

Each Danhov ring is handmade or hand-assembled by skilled artisans. is ensures each piece of ne jewelry is created with unique intricacies, and the strength to last a lifetime.

DAVID CLAY JEWELERS San Francisco, California 415-922-4339 CH PREMIER JEWELERS Santa Clara, California 408-983-2688

TRICE JEWELERS Centennial, Colorado 303-759-9661 JAMES & SONS Chicago, Illinois 773-327-8800

JAMES & SONS Orland Park, Illinois 708-226-0800 JAMES & SONS Schererville, Indiana 219-864-9090

GREENWICH JEWELERS New York, New York 212-964-7592 THOM DUMA FINE JEWELERS Warren, Ohio 330-393-4696 td .com

ROBBINS BROTHERS Dallas, Texas 972-385-0614 ROBBINS BROTHERS Houston, Texas 713-961-0011





7 things on everyone’s registry jose villa

There are all kinds of crazy things you can ask for—a mountain bike, a marble chess set, an at-home brew kit—but everyone should have these basics covered. By lauren K ay

1 frying pans for the New Cook The Lodge cast iron skillet is preseasoned and distributes heat evenly for expertly prepared everything—fish, veggies and pancakes. This heavy pan can go from stove to oven too! $25, for the Carnivore If you love sizzling steak, the 3-D I Love Meat & Poultry pan is for you. A ribbed design makes it ideal for searing (it can handle the heat) and distributing oil for even frying. $50, for the Expert cook Chefs rely on Mauviel M’héritage’s durable cookware, which is guaranteed for life (and handmade in France). The luxe copper looks pretty enough to display on a hanging pot rack. From $100,

A skillet will be your stove’s MVP, but one is not enough. Register for a 10-inch and a 12-inch.

2 VACUUM CLEANER Thanks to new luxe (and dare we say, sexy) models, this cleaning essential is topping couples’ wish lists.

for the wood Lover Six settings on the Miele S2121 Olympus control suction between hardwood and low-pile rugs. An upholstery tool keeps furniture clean, while a stainless steel wand gets the hard-to-reach spots. $415,

for the Allergy Prone Sonic technology allows the Soniclean VT S-200 to remove microscopic particles like pollen and bacteria. This lightweight vacuum even dispenses a fresh laundry scent while you clean! $200,

for the Pet Owners The Dyson DC65 is designed to clean all types of floors from carpet to hardwood and tile (and upholstery too). With 25 percent more brush bar power, no tuft of Fido’s fur will get left behind. From $499,

3 blender A blender can whip up your morning smoothie or crush ice for your frozen margarita better than any other kitchen appliance.

for the Smoothie lover The Breville Hemisphere’s blade system whips and aerates juice for a better blended (read: creamier) smoothie. If you’re not a morning person, you’ll love the quieter high-power motor. $200,

for the Soup Fanatic Add precut ingredients and watch in awe as the Cuisinart Soup Maker & Blender sautés, blends and keeps soup warm until dinnertime. Oh, and it can whip up a frozen margarita too. $150,

for the Expert Cook Chop, cream, blend, heat, grind, churn and more with the Vitamix 5200. The Mercedes-Benz of blenders even cleans up after itself. Add a drop of dish soap and run on high for 30 seconds. $450,

4 stand mixer We know what you’re thinking—do I really need this? Yes, you do.

for the Vintage Baker The Ankarsrum original stand mixer has been a favorite of bakers for over 70 years. This mixer’s design mimics hand kneading, so you get supersmooth dough without breaking a sweat. $800,

for the Entertainer You can prepare seven pounds of mashed potatoes in the KitchenAid Artisan 5 Quart mixer’s bowl—perfect for hosting Thanksgiving. It’s a pro at cakes, cookies and doughs too. $500,

for the City dweller Attach a citrus juicer, blender, pasta maker or food processor to the Cuisinart 7 Quart stand mixer—talk about versatility. You can do it all with 12 speeds and a digital timer. $450, >>



5 food processor for the Casual Cook The KitchenAid 7 Cup’s twoin-one feed tube allows for continuous food processing (more dicing in less time). Three speeds let you shred a block of cheese in seconds, knead a pie crust or blend a dip. $100, for the Advanced cook A four-cup work bowl is nested inside the big bowl of the Cuisinart Elite 12-cup, giving you two processors in one. Measurement markings and a large feed tube offer ultimate versatility. $250, for the Entertainer Julienne carrots, cut French fries, knead dough and more with five cutting discs and 24 settings on the Breville BFP800XL. The 16-cup capacity bowl gives you plenty of space to work. $600,

You’ll love this king of chopping, dicing and slicing— it’s like a personal sous-chef.

6 slow cooker If you want someone else to cook dinner for you, invest in this kitchen powerhouse.

for the Busy Cook Add ingredients to the All-Clad 4-quart slow cooker, set the timer and let the machine do the rest. Bonus: The ceramic insert goes from cooker to table for easy serving. $150,

for the City DWeller The VitaClay Smart Organic multicooker’s chemical-free clay pot cooks rice, steams vegetables and even makes yogurt. And this three-in-one cooker is super-compact! $130,

for the Entertainer The Bella triple slow cooker’s 2.5-quart pots allow you to make every part of the meal at once (and serve it too). Perfect for pleasing a crowd—and you can let the dishwasher clean up the mess. $80,


7 coffeemaker Quite possibly the most essential household electric—every couple “needs” a coffee upgrade.

for the House Divided Pop a capsule (choose from 12 flavors) into the Nespresso VertuoLine and a perfectly brewed cup of coffee (for you) or authentic espresso (for him) is just moments away. From $299,

for the Caffeine Junkie Grind beans and fine tune your drip with the Cuisinart Grind and Brew 12 cup. Set the timer in tandem with your alarm for an instant fix. You can even sneak a mug before brewing is complete. $170,

for the commuter Let the Breville YouBrew tailor your morning joe—a cup, a travel mug or a carafe. Customize strength and flavor too. Plus, there’s an auto start feature, so it’s ready when you wake up. $327,


expert tip

cheers to your registry!

Go To The Store!

Registering from your couch has its appeal, but wielding a scanner is fun too. Registry specialists can help you choose the right product (and tip you off to new models on the way). And you’ll get to touch and feel the goods to confirm “Ocean” looks as blue in person—for fewer returns later. thinkstock


Find more of our registry must-haves at

c u @1

French Perle Dinnerware and Flatware, and Tuscany Classics Stemware and Barware

Š 2014 Lenox Corporation

psst... just for you! Get exclusive access to our concierge team to help you plan your wedding. Sign up at

KT Merry

st yle


palette play Rich, saturated hues like turquoise, emerald, flame, cobalt and radiant orchid can add instant sophistication or create a totally playful vibe at your wedding—it’s all in how you combine them. Read on for more genius color advice. >>

K 207

justin & mary

Picking a scheme will help refine your style and unify your wedding’s look. Here’s everything you need to know to have fun with color (really!)—plus surprising new pairings. By Lauren K ay

win at color


st yle

metallics are a great way to amp up your palette— use as a third color or an accent

The easiest way to pull together all of your wedding elements? Stick with one main color and an accent color, or choose two equally prominent complementary colors. You could also go with an analogous scheme— combining three hues that fall side by side on the color wheel—to highlight the nuances of one color family. >>

clockwise from top left: arrowood photography; lauren fair photography; melanie duerkopp photography; the purple tree

color rules



Tie The Knot Teleflora. with

Teleflora is ready to make your dream wedding come true. Our trusted expert florists will work with you to create bouquets and arrangements that match your wedding style perfectly. That’s why Teleflora is a preferred floral partner of The Knot. To get started, visit or



st yle



Mix up textures—go for wooden tables with translucent ghost chairs or lace overlays topped with gold flatware and chargers. And don’t forget about patterns! Layering different motifs, like toile and plaid in complementing colors, can add character and interest to your design. >>

maribeth romslo

totally textured

SAVE 10% OFF your order with code FALL10


Get the look! Reception decor and personalized details at or 800.390.9784.

+ Paper Lantern From $1.95/each Personalized Votive Holder $2.30/each

+ Personalized Dinner Napkins $39.95/per 100













st yle

opposites attract clockwise from top left: kate preftakes photography; ashley leslie photography; hector sanchez; kt merry

Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel—they work because they pair a cool and warm hue together. The result? Some of the most beautiful, unexpected and awe-inspiring effects. Try blush and lime, violet and melon, or orange and sky. >>



To re q u e s t a v i e w i n g v i s i t : w w w. p a r l e c o l o r b r i d a l . c o m


st yle

While we’re never ones to shy away from color (see previous), there’s just something so chic about an all-white wedding. White is essentially a blank canvas that allows your décor to define the style, whether it’s modern, romantic, vintage or even eclectic. Don’t forget to layer lots of textures to give the look dimension, like a bouquet with a mix of calla lilies, ranunculus and hydrangeas, or a tabletop with subtly patterned linens or china with different finishes.

chandeliers add a luxe touch and a soft glow!

l  ight it up Lighting is one of the best ways to instantly transform your space, making it totally worth the splurge. (And you’ll probably end up spending less on décor!) Instead of choosing colors in your wedding palette, which may not cast the most flattering glow, opt for hues that complement all skin tones, like soft rose. To take full advantage of the effect color has on the ambience, consider changing shades throughout the night. Intense ambers and reds let guests know it’s time to party, while cool blues and purples set a soothing, sophisticated vibe. >>

clockwise from top left: bamber photography; jere & ashley dotten | photographers; abby jiu photography (2)

fade to blanc K 214

Spill your heart. Personalized gifts tell all your girls how much you appreciate them. We’re here to help you make it personal for gifts that are remembered. ®



st yle

5   no-fail c   olor combos

black + eggplant

With so many distinctive tones within each shade to choose from, we know deciding on the perfect color combination for your wedding can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re in need of some inspiration (and guidance!), check out a few of our fave new palettes that totally work—we’ve tested them!

dark drama Purple is one of the most popular colors for weddings, and eggplant is a chic take on the hue. Team it with black (think: black bow ties and anemones) for a stylish and polished look.

copper + persimmon

acid green + turquoise

pistachio + coral

lilac + dusty blue

Pistachio Pop Add a sense of whimsy to your wedding with this happy pairing— pistachio has a preppy feel and coral keeps things fresh and cheerful. Mix them with gold for a super-luxe look.

simply Serene Cool colors like purple and blue are good for creating a calm and relaxed feel. Lilac and dusty blue give off a romantic vibe and pair perfectly with neutrals like white or silver.


Find more color ideas that work at

clockwise from top right: lauren fair photography; closer to love; annie mcelwain; the nichols; abby jiu photography.

Copper Calling Copper is the new neutral! Metallics up the elegance of any scheme, but copper isn’t just for glitzy affairs. Pair it with persimmon for a rich and punchy vibe that can be dressed up or down.

Nearly Neon Add zing to your wedding palette with acid green. Turquoise helps balance the bold green, and the two analogous hues set the mood for a playful and lively party.





CorningWare is a registered trademark and CW by CorningWare is a trademark of Corning Incorporated, both used under license by World Kitchen, LLC.

‘I do’ trust the CorningWare “I do” trust the CorningWare® name ® name

‘I do’ love to be creative “I do” love the new colors, shapes & sizes

The new ‘IDo” Do’ The new “I ofbakeware Bakeware of ‘I do’ love all the“I colors, shapes andcreative sizes when I cook ‘I do’ love to mix and match styles do” love to get & entertain

Creative, colorful, stackable, mix and match-able new Creative, colorful, stackable, mix and match-able new CW by Corningware. CW by CorningWare bakeware. Say “I do” to a colorful start. Say “I do” to a colorful start. TM

Scan the QR code to view the full| collection. | |

Scan the QR code to view the full collection.

to see more

go to

want tktk slug

row 1, from Left: Antonis Achilleos; Heidi O Photography; Rita Maas; Jen Kroll Photography; The Schultzes. Row 2, from Left: Spark Photography; K. Corea Photography; Philip Ficks; Jill Thomas Photography; The Schultzes. Row 3, from Left: Philip Ficks; Jen Kroll Photography; Mary Wyar Photography; Creative Image Collections. Row 4, from Left: Jubilee Photography; Devon Jarvis; Andrea Polito Photography; Hannah Photography; Kelly Brown Weddings. Row 5, from Left: Bruce Plotkin Photography; Brooke Schwab Photography; Real Photography; Kate Mathis; Wren & Field Photography




st yle

ROCK & ROLL Ombré, fleur-de-lis and feathers harmonize in this vibrant design that’s a little bit country and a whole lot of soul. By Lauren Kay photography by Philip Ficks event Styling & Florals by jes Gordon/Proper Fun




“One of my favorite color combos is black and blue—it’s timeless and can work for any season,” says event stylist Jes Gordon. Lighten the look with pops of bright green and soft pastels, like lavender and seafoam. Rentals,; tablecloth, >>

ruffled feathers


st yle

colorful c   onfections  

“Macarons are a great choice for something sweet that you can hold in your hand while dancing,” Gordon says. Bonus for celiacs: They’re naturally gluten-free. Cake stands, teapot and cups,



Kick off the party with a colorful signature cocktail. Garnishes, like fresh berries and paper straws, make a big impact for little cost. Glasses, >>

rockin’ refreshments

K 223

prop styling: kate jordan for pat bates and assoc.


st yle



a    riot of color

“I like adding something unexpected without rocking the boat,” Gordon says. Festive details, like sugar roses in espresso cups, feather table numbers and paperweights that double as place cards, are far from predictable. Plates, flatware and place card holders, >>


st yle



Draw upon your color palette to accessorize your look. A dramatic black and blue necklace is cool and unexpected. Pair a classic bow tie with a nontraditional boutonniere, like a single peacock plume wrapped in copper wire. Bow tie,; necklace, Lulu Frost,

in fine feather


Find more dĂŠcor and style inspiration at



yOur dream bouquet At every price The big three flowers everyone wants rights now—peonies, ranunculus and roses—can range from $3 to $20 a stem. Here’s how to get a bridal bouquet you’ll love, and stay on budget. By Lauren k ay photogr aphy by k ate mathis bouquets by flowergirl nyc Calligraphy by fleur de Let ters

Pecher peony

Kansas peony

Scarlett O’Hara peony

prop styling: pamela duncan silver for plum reps

Simple and sweeT This cream and blush bouquet is made up of just two varieties: peonies and jasmine. A simple pairing allows florists to buy in bulk, keeping costs down. Big-headed peonies will wow, and fragrant jasmine will perfume your walk down the aisle.

 Poppy Petals Peonies are joined by fellow “heavy hitters” like ranunculus, roses, gloriosa and scabiosa in this monochromatic bouquet. Stand out varieties and the absence of greenery adds to the price of this showstopping bunch.

K 229

LUSH Tropics Phalaenopsis orchids and arid succulents give this bouquet of pink peonies a tropical edge. Succulents must be individually hand wired (hello, labor charge) and, depending on the season, orchids will cost you. >>

pricing Key $ = $95 - $125 $$ = $150 - $200 $$$ = $225 and up



David Austin Juliet garden roses

Blush spray rose Madeline roses

Garden Snow spray rose

C   oming up roses Classic roses often mimic the look of the more expensive garden variety when fully open. A supporting cast of spray roses (lots of blooms per stem) and a few apricot garden roses give this bouquet texture.

Ombré Blooms More roses (both branches and varieties) are needed to achieve this ombré design. Spray roses in ivory make up the base, while blush and cream roses join pricier garden varietals at the top. The floral fullness of this bouquet results in added cost.

K 231

R   unning Wild Premium blooms like poppies, ranunculus, Juliet garden roses, fragrant jasmine and sweet pea join together with ivory roses to create this wild bouquet. Big blooms mix with delicate flowers like spirea to create a lush and natural feel. Expect to pay for these choice varieties in any season. >>



Hanoi ranunculus

White ranunculus

Carno beige ranunculus

Sanculus peach ranunculus

Classic Elegance Ranunculus and calla lilies champion this bloom-heavy bouquet. Open ranunculus give the feel of big-headed flowers for less. This arrangement is lush yet wallet friendly, thanks to the use of two floral varieties.

P   erfumed posy The soft, silvery leaves of dusty miller add subtle color to this creamy bouquet of ranunculus. Hand-wired gardenias add fragrance (and labor costs), while open white roses complement the other blooms.

K 233

LadyLike Blossoms A luxe mix of prized stems like white lilac, Japanese lisianthus, sweet pea, tweedia and peonies join ranunculus in this stunning bouquet. You’ll pay for the wide variety of specially sourced blooms.


Find more beautiful bouquets at



k st yle

devon jarvis; insets: jen fariello

how to have a fall wedding Fall is quickly becoming the top season for saying “I do.” If you’re planning (or thinking about) getting married from September to December, read this first. By Kristin Koch

5 reasons to love fall weddings

1   an unbeatable backdrop

Autumn’s leaves provide a naturally gorgeous setting for outdoor ceremonies and pictures. Colorful foliage can create a more dynamic look all on its own—no fancy florals required.

2   design and color flexibility 3   off-peak travel prices 5   just-right temps balance rich colors, like rust and burgundy, with delicate accessories, like crystal earrings

Transitional seasons offer more options: indoor or outdoor, black tie or casual, sleek and modern or rustic and chic. Gold, rust, yellow, red, purple, emerald, brown, tan and every variation in between offer a variety of colors for your palette and make it easy to create an elegant, romantic mood that will stand out from the standard pastels and pink.

Fall is a great time to take advantage of off-peak rates for flights and accommodations for both your traveling guests and your honeymoon (if you plan to take it right after your nuptials).

4   your guests won’t be wedding-ed out

Waiting until everyone has recovered from the summer nuptial blitz to exchange vows means everyone will be even more excited about your day.


Who doesn’t like fall weather? A little crispness in the air is a good thing, and it typically stays warm enough through September for alfresco ceremonies and cocktails. >>


Get inspired by these elegant, autumn-appropriate palettes. gold can even be used as a third accent color

fall Color Combos

pantone 2623

pantone 496

pantone 7546

pantone 356

pantone 7499

pantone 125-M

pantone 159-C

pantone 206

pantone 294

pantone 241

pantone 1675

pantone 7427

a great complement to the changing leaves!


st yle

t   he must-have i   ngredients From a seasonal color scheme and fresh fall fare to can’t-miss details, tap into the season to create a one-of-a-kind fall fete.

a standout fall style Though you might want to use it as filling for ravioli, you don’t have to incorporate pumpkins into your wedding. “A concept becomes a dreaded ‘theme’ when it’s overly literal,” explains Lindsay Landman, of Lindsay Landman Events. Tara Guérard, of Soirée, suggests less obvious motifs, like trees, horns, birds (such as quail) and feathers.

a fresh autumn palette “While the most common colors for fall are the warm shades of orange, yellow and red, I love to introduce colors such as moss green or a ‘dusty’ eggplant, which still have warmth but are less expected,” Landman says. “Instead of using standard metallics, try bronze or copper for a sophisticated look.”

tons of texture Bark-accented arrangements or vases wrapped in twine bring a rustic touch to an elegant reception. “I love linens with texture, like velvet,” Guérard says. “Or why not have a cowhide or two at the bar?” Guérard also likes using feathers or faux bois with menu cards to add interest to your details.



a fall-flavored spread Peter Callahan, of Peter Callahan Catering in New York City, recommends twists on the traditional roast chicken and filet, such as Cornish hens, pheasant, trout, elk, bison, rack of lamb or a cut of veal.

seasonal sips

Seasonal Sweets Apple Bar “Set up an apple bar—with dipped apples, mini apple pies, hot and cold apple cider, and apple candies—as an alternative to a traditional dessert display,” Landman suggests. Fall Dessert Bar Cake tables filled with fall-flavored sweets, like pumpkin spice cake with maple cream cheese frosting, cranberry bread and gingersnaps, will be a hit with your guests. Pie Bar A display of freshly baked pies, like apple, cherry, pecan and pumpkin, can provide a tasty alternative to cake and add a warm, homespun feel to your harvest celebration. >>

autumnal stems Sticking to flowers that are in season will give you fresher, more vibrant arrangements and help keep your flower budget from sprouting up. That means dahlias will be your BFF. They come in dozens of colors, shapes and sizes, so they can be used in many ways.

clockwise from top left: philip ficks; jen fariello (2)

Nothing says autumn like hot apple cider. Serve a spiked version with rum or bourbon, and finish with a cinnamon-stick stirrer or add candied cranberries for a pop of color.


st yle

wedding wardrobe Fall is the time of year to embrace texture and layer up, and it’s no exception for your wedding party’s attire.

grooms and groomsmen Though seersucker suits will feel too summery, fall offers grooms (and their groomsmen) far more options than the classic tux or black suit. Tan suits (just not linen) will work in a rustic environment, while gray or navy suits can be a dapper alternative to black for cocktail attire. If you’re hosting a more casual affair, skip the ties and go for a less dressy, but still polished, look with crisp jackets and slacks. If your groom isn’t that into the idea of wearing a flower on his lapel, you’re in luck. Fall offers plenty of boutonniere options, from gilded acorns (or au naturel, depending on the formality of your day) and mini wheat bundles to a cluster of leaves or twigs with berries.

bridesmaids When it comes to dressing your attendants, let the date inform your fabric choice—cotton and chiffon will work better for early fall, while satin, silk and taffeta will feel more appropriate later in the season. When it comes to color, rust, aubergine and deep green are widely flattering shades that look chic. For black tie, look for long dresses in formal fall hues, like berry, plum and navy. And don’t forget accessories, like rich gemstones, fur stoles or jewel-tone sashes. >>



brides The great thing about fall is that you can make just about any dress work. Ball gowns can look over-the-top during the summer, but come fall, no one will bat an eye; strapless is just as autumnappropriate as sleeves; and any style—beaded or lace, short or long, sheath or mermaid— can work. Your venue and wedding style will dictate your dress, but the one seasonal factor you do need to consider when choosing a gown? Fabric. Fall is like two different seasons rolled into one—with temperatures varying widely between September and October on.

devon jarvis (5)


st yle

setbacks and solutions While each season has its own obstacles, knowing what they are— and how to avoid (or at least manage) them—will help to keep your guests comfortable and ensure your day goes off without a hitch.

the setback: fickle weather “Proper ‘plan B’ precautions should always be in the works from the outset,” Landman advises. In addition to being prepared for the heat, the cold and the rain, you should have a game plan in the event of more severe weather during hurricane season (which lasts from June to late November), according to Guérard. Play it safe by having a tent or indoor option on hold, and reserve portable heaters and air conditioners in case of a sudden temperature change. “Guests have the best time at a wedding when they’re comfortable—no matter what you think in the heat of the moment—they value being cool or warm (not cold or hot) and dry over a beautiful view or prettier chair,” Landman says. “A comfortable guest is a happy guest, and a good host is one who appreciates that above all else.”

the setback: few free weekends “Fall seems to be a busy time, with the beginning of school and lots of holidays, so be conscious of your guests’ needs, particularly if many of them need to travel,” Landman says. Check with your close family and friends for dates to avoid, so you can find a weekend that’s more likely to work for everyone, and send out save-the-dates eight to nine months in advance to give guests a heads-up before they plan their schedules. Think twice about threeday weekends, when people tend to schedule family vacations.


“October is the new June, which means you’ll face competition for vendors from other to-be-weds.” the setback: football season Check the college and professional football schedules when timing your events (you don’t want guests glued to If your venue is near a stadium, check its schedule so you can plan for traffic.


the setback: competition for vendors and venues “With the growing popularity of fall weddings, October is surpassing June. So the most important thing to consider is venue and vendor availability, followed closely by higher prices for in-demand dates,” Landman says. Nail down your venue and any must-have pros as soon as possible. Having your wedding on a Friday or other day of the week can open you up to more options and, sometimes, better rates.

the setback: you have your heart set on peonies “If you’re a bride who has her heart set on blooming branches (cherry blossoms, dogwood, pear), anemones or peonies, fall is not the season for you,” Landman says. If you can live without the exact blooms you wanted, talk to your florist about similar seasonal substitutes that will have the same impact.

the setback: early sunsets “If you’re dead set on an outdoor ceremony in full daylight (to appreciate a view, for example), then fall may not be the best choice for you, as the sun may set too early,” Landman warns. Opt for an earlier start time and hang market lights for a glowing dance party.

Find more fall wedding inspiration at


jen fariello

B O U T I Q U E CALIFORNIA BEVERLY HILLS Panache Bridal 310-8609221/COSTA MESA Panache Bridal 714-540-7800/PASADENA Panache Bridal 626-585-8200/SANTA BARBARA Panache Bridal 805-892-4000/SAN DIEGO Here Comes The Bride 619-688-9201/COLORADO LAKEWOOD D’Anelli’s 303-980-1400/FLORIDA Boca Raton Bridal Consultants 561-447-6541 ST. PETERSBURGH CC’S Bridal 727-8231761/GEORGIA Atlanta Bridals By Lori 404-252-8767/ILLINOIS Chicago Eva’s 773-777-3311/MASSACHUSETTS BELMONT Allegria’s Bridal 617-489-1449/ MICHIGAN SHELBY TOWNSHIP Piera’s Bridal Couture 586-566-7800/ BERKLEY Konjas Bridal 248-545-4076/GRAND RAPIDS Bianka Bridal 616-808-7850/MISSOURI KANSAS CITY Gown Gallery 816-361-8111 /MANCHESTER Maiden Voyage Bridal 636-394-5858/NEW JERSEY MARLBORO Castle Couture 732-617-1414/VERONA Park Avenue Bridal 973-239-7111/NEW YORK CARLE PLACE Bridal Reections 516-742-7788/MASSAPEQUA Bridal Reections 516-795-2222/NEW YORK CITY Bridal Reections 212764-3040/NORTH CAROLINA Anjolique Bridal 704-8926450/OHIO CATAN FASHIONS 440-238-6664/PENNSYLVANIA COCOA COUTURE 717-533-3323/JOHNSTOWN Celestial Brides 877-880-1935/TEXAS DALLAS Stardust Celebrations 972-781-1619/McAllen Sposa Mia Bridal 956-683-8740/VIRGINIA OLD TOWN ALEXANDRIA Elegance By Roya 703-838-9282/BRITISH COLUMBIA NEW WESTMINSTER Lisa’s Bridal Salon 604-540-1968/EDMONTON ALBERTA Novelle Bridal 780-761-0888/MONTREAL Galleria Della Sposa 514-272-4777/TORONTO Kleinfeld’s 416-861-6691/DUBAI The Bridal Showroom 00971557722790/LEBANON Novias Bridal 9613910666/ MEXICO MEXICO CITY Sposa Bella (525)55310493







appily ever after begins at Sandals Resorts, created specifically for two people in love. Your vows have been recited. Your bouquet has been thrown. And now you can enjoy the honeymoon you’ve always dreamt of at your choice of one of 15 world-class resorts on the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. True romance shines on perfectly white powder-soft beaches caressed by warm turquoise waters. Everything your heart desires is always included, unlimited, and completely taken care of by the most attentive staff in the Caribbean. A honeymoon at Sandals gives you more quality inclusions than any other resorts on the planet. Ž

Sandals Resorts even includes a

plus customizable options







the new wedding rules Get ready for people to give you all kinds of advice on what you “have to do.” Now, you can officially tell them they’re wrong. (You’re welcome.) photograph by Corbin Gurkin



don’t have to  1 you wear white

The big decision used to be white or ivory (champagne if you were really daring!), but now black, blue and pink are also in play. Monique Lhuillier, Carolina Herrera and Vera Wang are just a few of the wedding dress designers who offer these less-traditional hues. >>


Amour Jewellers 780-439-0098 • Edmonton, AB Joseph Schubach Jewelers 480-946-6000 • Scottsdale, AZ McGuire’s Jewelers, Inc. 520-622-6272 • Tucson, AZ Barons Jewelers 925-452-1700 • Dublin, CA Diamond Palace 530-743-1815 • Marysville, CA Global Rings Jewelry, Inc. 888-774-4367 • Los Angeles, CA Kieu Hanh Jewelry 714-891-0205 • Westminster, CA Yonan’s Fine Jewelry 209-656-9219 • Turlock, CA Karagosian Jewelers, Inc. 248-682-8573 • Sylvan Lake, MI Landmark Jewelers, Inc. 651-222-2282 • Saint Paul, MN Steven DiFranco Jewelers 440-943-2700 • Willoughby, OH Worthington Jewelers 614-430-8800 • Worthington, OH James Douglas Jewelers 724-387-2090 • Murrysville, PA Austin Americus Diamond, LLC 512-467-8907 • Austin, TX Sam’s Fine Jewelry 972-495-2521 • Garland, TX Tracy Jewelers, Inc. 509-893-2929 • Spokane, WA




you don’t have to have a traditional bridal party

If your closest pal in the world happens to be your grandma, or even a guy, go ahead and make them attendants.

you don’t have to have your father walk you 6  down the aisle Heck, you don’t even have to walk down the aisle at all. We love when the couple walks in together from the side, or when the bride walks in solo.


you don’t have to have guests pick a side

Fewer couples than ever are asking their family and friends to choose sides. Some are even having guests form a cozy circle around the altar. It’s a nice symbol of your new union, and everyone gets a great view.

you don’t have to limit your registry to china and  8 kitchenware If you’ve lived together for a while, you probably already have plates and a blender. Consider registering for other items you actually need (or want!) like sports equipment, luggage or specialty appliances, like a bread maker. Or choose a honeymoon registry, where guests can contribute toward everything from a scuba-diving excursion to a private picnic for two.



2   you don’t have to have matching bridesmaid dresses Then, everyone can pick a dress that she feels great in—and may actually wear again. Instead of singling out all the singles

More and more bridal parties are going the mismatched route. But here’s the trick to

don’t have to wear a traditional diamond  9 you Not everyone wants a classic round solitaire diamond or the popular cushion-cut version. A few big trends right now are yellow diamonds, vintage settings, sapphires and stacking rings.

pulling it off: Either have your bridesmaids stick to the same color family or the same fabric.

don’t have to have a you don’t have to bouquet (or garter) toss hide from each other 3   you 4  beforehand (awkward!), try the anniversary dance. Have all married couples join the bride and groom on the dance floor, as the bandleader or DJ plays a song and then eliminates couples depending on the amount of time they’ve been married. The last couple remaining (aka the longest married pair) is then presented with your bouquet. Brides and grooms used to avoid one another at all costs prior to the ceremony. But seeing each other before walking down the aisle can help ease your nerves. (No matter how relaxed you feel, day-of jitters are just a reality!) Plus, taking first-look photos (where your photographer snaps shots before the ceremony) frees you up to enjoy cocktail hour.

don’t have to cover your tattoo 1   0 you

There’s no reason to hide your body art behind high necklines or gobs of makeup. Remember: It’s your day, and you should feel like you—even if your mom’s judgmental friend gives you side-eye. Leo patrone photography

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the venue It doesn’t get more romantic than Asheville’s iconic French Renaissance–style Biltmore Estate.



real weddings


K 253

dream wedding photography by Allan Zepeda Photography

rebekah & pete April 4 • Asheville, NC


real weddings



ast April, Rebekah Gregory (27) and Pete DiMartino (29) were seriously injured during the Boston Marathon bombings (he lost 90 percent of his Achilles tendon and her left leg was so damaged it may have to be amputated). When Pete proposed in October, we knew immediately that we wanted to throw their wedding. (Every year, The Knot plans one couple’s “Dream Wedding.”) But we didn’t do it alone—tens of thousands of you helped us pick the details. Would Rebekah wear a blush mermaid gown or a beaded fit-and-flare? You voted for the fit-and-flare. Would the theme be Hollywood glam or enchanted garden? You chose the latter. And of course we had some of the most talented wedding pros in the world pitching in, including celebrity wedding planner Marcy Blum and florist Holly Heider Chapple. The result was a magical day that still makes us teary eyed. —Meghan Overdeep

the bridal style Proving once again that Knotties have great taste, Rebekah stunned in the winning gown—a beaded ivory fit-and-flare dress with a dropped waist and sweetheart neckline. A cathedral-length veil and a crystal-embellished sash added a touch of bling to her day-of look. Never failing to inspire, a determined Rebekah sent chills down our spines when she walked down the aisle. the littlest attendants While the adults took formal photographs, the flower girls and ring bearers, including Rebekah’s six-year-old son, Noah (on the left), who gave Rebekah away alongside her dad, celebrated in their own adorable way—joyously throwing handfuls of the pink rose petals that filled the ceremony aisle.


The color palette:

real weddings


The romantic and whimsical arrangements were designed to resemble moss-covered trees. Strands of crystals added a hint of glamour to the rustic centerpieces.

the centerpieces

K 255


real weddings

to be a hard month for me and Pete because April 15 is the anniversary of the bombing. But April 4 is my wedding day, and that will be what I remember most about the month of April every single year from here ´cor Rebekah and Pete on out,” Rebekah says. the ceremony de exchanged vows beneath a woodsy arbor decked out in lush roses, ranunculus, budding cherry tree branches and greenery.

the lounge Guests took a break from dancing to relax on plush silk dupioni couches. the timing “Someone asked me if April was going



Design and Photo © 2013 -2014 Le Vian Corp. All Rights Reserved. Le Vian Bridal™, Chocolate Wedding®, Chocolate Diamonds®, Vanilla Diamonds®, Vanilla Gold® and Strawberry Gold® are trademarks of Le Vian Corp.


Available at Selection varies by store


real weddings

the wedding cake For Rebekah and Pete’s wedding cake, Knotties

chose a stunning confection decorated with delicate white fondant ruffles, buttons and pink sugar flowers. the groom’s cake The Boston Red Sox surprised Pete (who's a lifelong fan and threw out the first pitch at a game shortly after the bombings) with a Sox-inspired cake. the reception de ´cor A jaw-dropping pink and green chandelierlike floral installation hung from the tent over the dance floor.



Ceremony & Reception Site Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC Photography Allan Zepeda and Ahmet Ze/ALLAN ZEPEDA PHOTOGRAPHY Videography Tweed Weddings Consultant Marcy Blum/Marcy Blum Associates Floral Design Holly Heider Chapple Flowers Flowers American Grown Flowers; California Cut Flower Commission Officiant Edd Hendee Gown Sophia Moncelli, Kleinfeld Bridal, New York City Hair Alli Webb/Drybar Makeup Too Faced Cosmetics Veil & Headpiece Kleinfeld Bridal, New York City Wedding Rings Michael C. Fina Bridesmaid Dresses Watters Formalwear Men’s Wearhouse Stationery Alpine Creative Group Rentals Biltmore Estate; Classic Event Rental; Nüage Designs; Syndicate Sales Catering Biltmore Estate Cake Cake Alchemy Music Ceremony: Braidstream; cocktail hour: The Night Trotters; reception: Sol Fusion Honeymoon Thailand Don’t forget to share your wedding! Go to



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island romance photography by KT Merry Wedding Photography

Winnie & mike december 14 • Montego Bay, Jamaica

real weddings


K the location “We fell in love with Round Hill—it’s the perfect blend of relaxed and elegant,” says Winnie of their destination wedding resort. 263


real weddings


here were two requirements New Yorkers Winnie Ma (34 and a director of watch and fine jewelry retail at Chanel) and Michael (Mike) Gorzynski (36 and CEO of MG Capital Partners) had for their wedding: a tropical setting and lots of quality time with their guests. So Winnie and Mike (who met as students at Harvard Business School) decided on a four-day destination wedding at Jamaica’s Round Hill Hotel & Villas. With a Jamaica-based planner and the help of her sister Jennie, who just happens to be an editor at The Knot, they put together an elegant, black-tie affair with a color palette of soft, dreamy neutrals like white, cream and light pink, accented with plenty of luxe custom details. —MO



the flower girl Winnie asked her cousin’s two-year-old daughter, Skyla, to be the flower girl. “She did an excellent job scattering the white rose petals down the aisle!” Winnie says. the wedding rings Winnie chose a cushioncut diamond eternity band to match her engagement ring, while Mike opted for a simple platinum band. the invitations The couple’s custom invitation suite was printed on heavyweight cream card stock and mailed in waxsealed, hand-calligraphed envelopes. A small green pineapple motif, which they used throughout their stationery, mimicked Round Hill Hotel & Villas’s logo. The color palette:

K the bride’s style Winnie wore her hair in a chic chignon to accentuate the illusion neckline of her tulle gown.



real weddings



the cocktail hour After the ceremony, guests enjoyed sunset views of the ocean and sipped on Winnie and Mike’s tropical signature cocktail— ´cor White Chinese lanterns and strings of lights hung from the trees to create a soft glow and a romantic Jamaican rum punch. the reception de effect during the reception. the bridal party looks Winnie’s four bridesmaids all wore the same convertible, floor-length gown in blush, but they each styled it differently. the details Small, simple clusters of white roses in vintage mercury glass vessels topped the tables at the cocktail hour.

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real weddings

Ceremony & Reception Site Round Hill Hotel & Villas, Montego Bay, Jamaica Photography KT Merry Wedding Photography Consultant Racquel Bernard Flowers Tai Flora Services Ltd. Officiant Rev. Glenroy Clarke Gowns Ceremony: Romona Keveza, Kleinfeld Bridal, New York City; reception: Chanel, New York City Hair & Makeup Round Hill Hotel & Villas Veil Sara Gabriel Veiling & Headpieces Shoes Badgley Mischka Engagement & Wedding Rings Custom, Vered Mor Jewelry Chanel Fine Jewelry Bridesmaid Dresses Jenny Yoo, New York City Formalwear Paul Stuart, New York City Stationery Invitations & programs: Bureau Blank; escort cards: Paper Boutique Calligraphy Anne Robin Catering & Cake Round Hill Hotel & Villas Music Charlie Klarsfeld Accommodations Round Hill Hotel & Villas Registry Michael C. Fina Honeymoon Premier Tours Don’t forget to share your wedding! Go to




the cake Winnie and Mike served a classic, all-white, five-tier, fondant-frosted confection

finished with delicate sugar flowers. “We wanted our guests to have a lot of flavor options, so we had carrot, chocolate and red velvet layers,” Winnie says. the first dance The couple had their first dance to one of their favorite songs, “Your Song” by Elton John. “It was extraspecial because our friend and professional singer Savannah Auger Citron sang it live—it was one of the most magical moments of the night,” Winnie says.


real weddings

island romance k shop

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2 1







1 Point d’esprit lace gown with illusion halter neckline, $3,950, Legendsby 2 Hobnail mercury glass votive candleholders,$79 for 3, 3 White lantern string lights, $17, 4 Thermography pineapple invitation, 5 Antique wedding table numbers, from $10 each, Z Create Design, 6 “Love, hope, dream” mini heart set, $13,


real weddings



vibrant whimsy photography by Rebekah j. Murray Photography

elEanor & kevin May 4 • Leesburg, VA

Leaving the long farm tables exposed created a clean look, while macramĂŠ hanging floral arrangements added color to the rustic setting.

the reception de ´cor

K 273


real weddings


ore than anything, Eleanor Campbell (28 and development specialist for WEvolution) and Kevin Agyemang (30 and a neurosurgeon) wanted their wedding to be a reflection of themselves—joyful and easygoing. The rest was just icing on the cake! With a clear vision for their day in place, the free-spirited couple (who was living in Scotland at the time) worked with a local Virginia planner to bring their happy, eco-conscious bash to life. Bohemianinspired details and a bold color scheme of bright pink, red, yellow and orange lent a decidedly cheerful air to the rustic barn reception. From a temporary tattoo parlour during cocktail hour to adult flower girls and a shoeless bride, everything about Eleanor and Kevin’s day was completely “them.” —MO

The color palette:

ranunculus, craspedia, dahlias and dusty miller. “The flowers in my bouquet were happy, joyous, free and just flat-out stunning—they encapsulated everything about the day,” she says. the reception site Thousands of miles away in Scotland, Eleanor and Kevin trusted their planner to scout out reception venues. “After watching a video tape of the site visit, we fell in love with Murray Hill right away,” Eleanor recalls. After an intimate ceremony overlooking the Potomac River, the celebration moved to the barn for dinner and dancing. the signage Wooden signs guided guests to each portion of the day’s festivities scattered across the 57-acre estate.

the bridal bouquet Eleanor carried a bright, textured bunch of peonies, poppies, succulents,

“I wanted to feel completely and utterly myself,” Eleanor says of her day-of style. She looked and felt comfortable wearing a loose-fitting dress—without shoes.

the bridal style

K 275


real weddings



Ceremony & Reception Site Murray Hill, Leesburg, VA Photography Rebekah J. Murray Photography Event Design Laura Ritchie/Events In The City Flowers & Floral Crown Sweet Root Village Officiant Chuck Willoby Gown Claire Pettibone, Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection, Baltimore Hair & Makeup Claudine Fay Engagement Ring Sarah Perlis Jewelry Wedding Rings Bride: Sarah Perlis Jewelry; groom: Erica Weiner Bridesmaid Dresses J.Crew Formalwear Reiss Stationery Invitations: June Bride Lettering,; programs: Deleted Space Creative; other stationery & sign-in book: Intrigue Design Studio Signage BHLDN .com Rentals Design Cuisine; Something Vintage Rentals Catering Design Cuisine Music Ceremony: Sage String Quartet; reception: DJ D-Mac & Associates Photo Booth Bash Booths Tattoo Parlor Events In The City Transportation Girons’s Limousine Service Inc. Accommodations Hyatt Regency Reston Honeymoon Six Senses Con Dao, Vietnam Don’t forget to share your wedding! Go to


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vibrant whimsy 8

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guests of all ages will have fun with temporary tattoos!



4 7

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Fallwith in vintage lovestyle


The Glass Houses has floor-to-ceiling windows for dramatic city views. Candlelight and glass created a warm glow.

the reception de ´cor



real weddings


K 281

city chic photography by Donna Von Bruening

ceron & Todd december 31 • new York City


real weddings

 A 282

lthough they live in Texas, Todd Fiscus (47 and the owner and creative director of Todd Events; left) and Gonzalo Ceron (49 and the owner of Ceron Salon) were certain that no place but New York City would do for their epic wedding weekend. “We chose New York because no city is more glamorous,” Todd says. And they would know—the couple is no stranger to swank soirees. Looking to recreate the polished vibe of an old-school supper club, Ceron and Todd outfitted their wedding with a masculineyet-elegant color palette of black, gold and cream with pops of cobalt blue. Drawing on Todd’s endless industry connections and his own talented event team, the couple threw an over-the-top New Year’s Eve bash for the ages. From a floral wall made of 9,220 garden roses, hydrangeas, peonies, ranunculus, sweet peas and lisianthus to a surprise performance of “New York, New York” at midnight, Todd and Ceron pulled out all the stops—in serious style. —MO


the couple’s style “Ceron loves to dress up­ —he would wear a tux every day if he could!” Todd says. The couple donned black tuxedos by their favorite designer, Tom Ford. the place settings “We consider ourselves modern, but we’re traditionalists at heart,” Todd notes. Monogrammed linen napkins were a classic addition to their settings. the reception A 12-piece band wearing sequins and white dinner jackets serenaded guests during their meal.

The color palette:


real weddings


the de ´cor To keep guests in the New Year’s Eve spirit, Todd and Ceron exchanged vows at 10:30 p.m. The moment was framed by a lush floral wall. the cocktail hour Guests toasted to the new year with a specialty caviar bar and champagne in colorful glasses before partying into the wee hours. the wedding cake Todd’s close friend, celebrity cake baker Sylvia Weinstock, made the couple’s glam confection. “We told her our theme and let her do the rest,” says Todd. “It was spectacular and perfect!”


Ceremony & Reception Site The Glass Houses, New York City Photography Donna Von Bruening Videography Elysium Productions Floral & Event Design Todd Events Officiant Marcy Blum Hair Ceron Salon Makeup LB Rosser Formalwear Tom Ford Shoes Ceron: Jimmy Choo; Todd: Barneys New York Wedding Rings Cartier Stationery Invitations, programs & menu cards: Color Box Design & Letterpress; escort cards: Laurie Harper Calligraphy Sign-In Book Choca Loca Designs; Kari Hancock Artistry Rentals Classic Party Rentals; La Tavola; Nicolas Villalba Couture Catering Peter Callahan Catering Cake Sylvia Weinstock/Sylvia Weinstock Cakes Music DJ Tyger Lilly; The Elements/Élan Artists; Rhythm Collective/Élan Artists Other Entertainment Dance the Ages/Élan Artists; Mariachi Tapatio de Alvaro Paulino Favors Ladurée Transportation Bermuda Limousine International Accommodations The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel Registry Neiman Marcus Honeymoon Thailand Don’t forget to share your wedding! Go to





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real weddings

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real weddings

refined rustic photography by Carrie Patterson Photography

anna & alex august 10 • wilson, wy



Elegant monogrammed napkins with Anna and Alex’s new shared initial topped the classic white table settings.

the reception de ´cor

K 289


real weddings


fter years of vacationing in the Jackson Hole area together, Anna Payne (28 and an MBA student at the University of Virginia) knew it would be perfect for an intimate mountain wedding to her fiancé, Alex Fife (also 28 and an MBA student at the University of Virginia). “We were excited to have our wedding someplace beautiful, where the scenic backdrop and natural elements could be a part of our day,” Anna says. “Plus, we loved the idea of sharing it with friends and family who had never seen the Tetons!” For their color palette, the outdoorsy Virginia-based couple drew inspiration from a photo Alex took of aspen trees against a blue sky, settling on an organic mix of slate blue, white and pale yellow. The result: A day filled with effortless rustic charm that fit seamlessly into the gorgeous setting. —MO

The color palette:

delicate lace overlay. “The combination of its simplicity and lace detailing seemed perfect for the backdrop,” she notes. She and her bridesmaids carried green and white bunches of garden roses, ranunculus, snapdragons, clematis and sweet peas. the invitations The couple’s stationer outlined the peaks of the Tetons and used the subtle silhouette throughout their invitation suite. the escort card display Guests found their seats thanks to river rocks hand calligraphed with their names and table assignments. “A few friends told me they made wishes and ceremoniously tossed the stones into the creek,” says Anna. “It seemed like a great tradition to start!”

the bridal party looks For her ranch nuptials, Anna wore a strapless A-line gown with a

The late afternoon ceremony took place in an aspen grove against the backdrop of the Tetons. A wooden saw horse table with large arrangements of white delphinium and clematis served as a rustic altar.

the ceremony de ´cor

K 291


real weddings

Ceremony & Reception Site Snake River Ranch, Wilson, WY Photography Carrie Patterson Photography Consultant Easton Events Flowers Lily and Co. Officiant Rev. Ben Pascal Gown & Veil Vera Wang, New York City Hair Frost Salon Makeup Shayne Skin Care and Cosmetics Shoes Planet Cowboy; Stuart Weitzman Wedding Rings Carla Morrison Fine Jewelry Bridesmaid Dresses Jenny Yoo, New York City Formalwear J.Crew Invitations & Sign-In Book Rock Paper Scissors Programs Payne, Ross & Associates Advertising Escort Cards Easton Events Rentals Canvas Unlimited; La Tavola; Maho Catering; Montana Party Rentals Catering Maho Catering Cake Jackson Cake Company Music One Ton Pig; String Lake Quartet Transportation AllTrans Inc. Accommodations Hotel Terra; Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa Registries Crate & Barrel; Williams-Sonoma Honeymoon Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, CA Don’t forget to share your wedding! Go to


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real weddings

refined rustic 1

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F O R D E T A I L S A N D A V A I L A B I L I T Y, P L E A S E C A L L 2 1 2 . 6 3 2 . 5 0 0 0

R A I N B O W R O O M .C O M


K the venue The Ringling Museum of Art was an easy choice for the Florida natives. “It’s a beautiful location with gorgeous sculptures and amazing art,” Lauren says.

real weddings


K 297

lauren & adam november 16 • Sarasota, fl

southern elegance photography by Garrett Nudd Photography


real weddings

the details “Adam and his family are Greek,

so we included subtle nods to his heritage throughout the day,” Lauren explains. Instead of wearing the traditional flower crowns for the ceremony, they used them to decorate their chairs at the reception. the bridal bouquet Lauren held a soft, feminine bouquet of garden roses, seeded eucalyptus, peonies and ranunculus (her faves). the tablescapes A floral garland dotted with small arrangements of blush and white blooms ran the entire length of the long tables. Hundreds of candles and warm amber lighting gave the space a romantic glow.



The color palette:


tyle is all in the details, so we couldn’t wait to see the small touches that our own style editor Lauren Kay (31) would infuse into her Florida wedding to Adam Soufleris (32 and a vice president of leveraged finance at Wells Fargo). Their friends and family were also waiting patiently—the nuptials came almost 11 years after the couple met as freshmen at Syracuse University. And it was worth every minute. Between the Love Actually–inspired musical performance that concluded the ceremony, the choreographed father-daughter dance and the incredibly thoughtful gift Lauren gave Adam—cuff links with the coordinates of where they got engaged and got married—there wasn’t a dry eye in the house (including the groom’s!). With a muted, timeless color palette of white, green and pale gray, they pulled off a chic and sophisticated, yet approachable, celebration. —MO

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Fa vo R s


B R i da l pa R t y g i F t s




a cc e s s o R i e s




real weddings

Ceremony & Reception Site The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, FL Photography Garrett Nudd Photography Videography Stoner Video Consultant Lisa Stoner/ E Events Design Flowers Botanica International Design & Décor Studio Officiant Howard Edington Gown Ines Di Santo, Bergdorf Goodman, New York City Hair & Makeup Ana Molinari Salon & Spa Veil Bergdorf Goodman, New York City Shoes Jimmy Choo Wedding Rings Cartier Earrings Miriam Haskell Formalwear Groom: Tom Ford Stationery Mr. Boddington’s Studio Calligraphy Calligraphy with Style,; Poppy Pedals Sign-In Book Dahlia Press, Catering Mattison’s Catering Cake Pastries By Design Music Ceremony: Musical Rendez-vous; reception: The Buzzcatz Photo Booth ShutterBooth Transportation Sarasota Trolley Accommodations Hyatt Regency Sarasota; The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota Registries Bloomingdale’s; Tiffany & Co.; Williams-Sonoma Honeymoon Australia Don’t forget to share your wedding! Go to




for her invitations. The custom suite (complete with whimsical illustrations) was letterpressed in charcoal gray on heavy white stock. the menus Each menu was hand calligraphed with guests’ names. the couple’s style Lauren wore a strapless, blush, fit-and-flare gown with an alençon lace overlay. Beside her, Adam looked dashing in a classic black tux.

the invitation suite Lauren, a self-described “stationery fanatic,” chose a classic aesthetic


real weddings

southern elegance 2 1

get the look

k shop





4 6


1 Layered lace fit-and-flare dress, $5,000, 2 Crystal and pearl pavĂŠ chandelier earrings, $525, 3 Solid cabana tote, $20, TheKnotShop .com 4 Clear glass square base pillar, from $20, 5 Evelyn peep-toe pump in champagne glitter, $575, 6 Field wedding invitations, Toast & Laurel, 7 Art gold 5-piece place setting, $140, Sambonet,

dress: Maria Valentino/MCV Photo

Short Tea Floor

*Not all styles available in all options

w w w. P r e t t y B r i d e s M a i d s . c o m


st yle


crazy-different wedding venues



By Amy levin-epstein


If you’re not getting married in a house of worship, your venue options are almost endless. Here are a few of our favorite offbeat ideas.


Baltimore, Maryland

The George Peabody Library

clockwise from top left: liz and ryan photography; kate harrison photography; Susan Stripling Photography

Soaring 61-foot ceilings, impressive marble floors and historical manuscripts from the John Hopkins University collection—that guests can peruse over cocktails—are all part of this luxurious library’s appeal. Fun fact: Rumor has it that the Beast’s library in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was modeled after this one. Saturday night rentals start at $6,000, with the average wedding (with 170 guests) costing about $50,000, which includes a library manager, staff worker and security guard. Party animals take note: No amplified music is allowed in the Exhibit Gallery and all parties must shut down by midnight (


Big Daddy’s Antiques

Los Angeles and San Francisco, California

If you want unbelievably eclectic vintage décor without having to buy or rent it all, book Big Daddy’s Los Angeles warehouse (an old sound stage) or their San Francisco rustic barn-style space. Want that kitschy cement lion sculpture to greet guests? You got it. Love the vintage leather couch? Make it part of your custom lounge area. For catering, choose from recommended pros or go casual and quirky with local food trucks. The Los Angeles space holds 250 for a sit-down dinner, while the San Francisco one maxes out at 39 (rentals from $6,000,


Please Touch Museum Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

By day, this museum’s interactive exhibits play host to curious children. After hours, rousing receptions are held in Hamilton Hall, a beaux arts building with a dramatic domed ceiling. The museum’s 1908 Dentzel Carousel has whimsy galore, with 1,296 twinkling lights and 52 hand-carved animals (that your guests can not only touch but also ride). The elegant 9,000-square-foot glass-enclosed Carousel House, which surrounds the ride, is an über-chic setting for your ceremony and cocktail hour. Facility rental starts at $5,000, with catering packages from $155 per person ( >>


st yle


Las Vegas, Nevada

Grand Canyon Helicopter Package

Okay, picture this: You and your wedding guests (you can bring two—the officiant and photographer are provided for you) fly over the Hoover Dam and land on the rim of the canyon for a simple, but superstunning, sunset ceremony. After you wed, take an aerial tour of the lights on the Strip as newlyweds. You’ll leave with 24 photos, a framed marriage certificate and bragging rights to one of the most creative and scenic (not “Vegas-y”) Las Vegas weddings of all time. Packages start at $3,595, including the necessary park permits (



 5 Chicago’s First Lady Chicago, Illinois

Taking a cruise for a wedding is a photographer’s dream—every backdrop will be a unique look for your album. For instance, you can drop anchor and marry on the top deck in front of the city’s iconic Centennial Fountain. Want fireworks? During the summer, stop in a prime spot for the city’s weekly Saturday night ones—for free. Five of the six vessels hold 100-plus guests, while their vintage cruiser, Lady Grebe, is an elegant choice for two to six people. Wary about your wedding being a “booze cruise” (think: watereddown drinks and bare bones décor—yuck!)? Rest assured that these boats are in shipshape, with rich burgundy tones, Mahogany wood panels, upholstered chairs and marble bathrooms. Weddings are held from April to November, with costs from $950 per hour with a three-hour minimum (

from top:; angela renee; shutterstock

6 TreeHouse Point Fall City, Washington

If you’ve always wanted an enchanted forest wedding, this venue can make it happen. Although it’s just a half hour outside of Seattle, you’ll feel completely isolated (in the best possible way) on this four-acre property. Do your first look on the wooden walkways that are suspended in the air, connecting the tree houses, for a truly magical moment (and photos). You can marry in a tree house or under their 800-square-foot wood-floored tent. The venue can accommodate 80 guests, and 16 can snag converted tree house lodging. Packages start at $1,400, which includes a coordinator, an officiant and some extras to keep your guests comfy, like standing heat lamps and firewood for campfires ( >>

amanda lloyd weddings


st yle

 7 Mt. Hood Organic Farms Mt. Hood, Oregon

Dreaming of a rustic-yet-elegant wedding but aren’t quite sure how to plan one? This venue makes it easy. Already in place: 300 acres of orchards and gardens for guests to explore and views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier that will have them thinking “best wedding ever” before you even say “I do.” An on-site coordinator can provide day-of or full-service planning help, including decorating (great if you love the DIY look but don’t have the time or patience to actually DIY). And its exclusive caterer specializes in farm-to-table Pacific Northwest cuisine (think: tomato and zucchini gratin for a midsummer soiree). Saturday night festivities for 100 guests (the space fits 200) costs about $16,500 (excluding beverages, flowers and décor); the fee for the venue alone is $6,950 ( >>



michael radford photography

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Get the look! Cake toppers, serving sets and accessories at or 800.390.9784.

+ Hand-painted Wooden couple cake topper $50/pair vintage Wooden cake pedestal $45/each

+ Kate spade new york grace avenue serving set $60/set



Fa vo R s


B R i da l pa R t y g i F t s




a cc e s s o R i e s



aRuna B. pHotogRapHy


st yle


Iolani Palace

Honolulu, Hawaii

This is the only official royal palace in America. Period. But the list goes on. First, there’s the gold-trimmed Throne Room and manicured lawns that would give Buckingham Palace a run for its money. Then there’s the Barracks, the expansive former residence of the royal guards, that’s available for seated dinners for up to 100 people (150 for cocktails). Wannabe Cinderellas should be aware that amplified music must stop by 10 p.m. sharp—in fact, your entire party has to turn into a pumpkin at that time (


Bloomington, Indiana

Buskirk-Chumley Theater

dance the night away on the Queen Mary

1  0

Queen Mary and Queen Mary 2 Long Beach, California

Find incredible and inspiring venues near you at


There’s nothing quite as synonymous with the word “posh” as the Queen Mary, the 1930s fighting ship turned luxury liner turned museum, now permanently docked in Southern California and available for weddings. Packages for the Queen Mary start at $59 per person ( Or, if you want to take your destination wedding fantasies to the next level, host yours en route to fabulous locales like the Mediterranean or the Panama Canal on the still-sailing Queen Mary 2. Gather your wedding party for a prewedding spa day at the Canyon Ranch Spa Club. Bonus: Nobody will need any directions—they’re already there! Packages for the Queen Mary 2 start at $3,900, which includes ceremony flowers, wedding invitations, music and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne, but not the cost of your sailing (

clockwise from top left: shutterstock; linda ko photography; Jason Burns Photography, michael lafleur

Your wedding is kind of your own Oscar moment, so a theater and marquee make sense. We love this vintage one because you have access to the mezzanine, lobby, stage and dressing rooms for your day, and the theater provides local brews from the Upland Brewing Company and wine from the nearby Oliver Winery, as well as concession snacks (for a more formal fete, they allow outside vendors). Rates start at $1,000 for the venue, which comes with a technical staff and house manager who can help you screen a slideshow or even a film of your own love story (



Don’t get stuck waiting for a dress that will never come...

Before you purchase your dress, be sure to verify that it’s from an authorized retailer, not a counterfeiter.

sleek and chic No fuss or frills—just simple, stunning dresses. By Jennie Ma photography by meredith Jenks



Smarty Pants This look isn’t for everyone, but you might be surprised how big the wedding jumpsuit trend is getting. Jumpsuit, $1,635,; headband, $126,; cuff, $238, Kenneth Jay Lane,; shoes, $395,

Material Girl A more structured fabric (like silk taffeta) can make a gown look extra architectural. Dress, $4,200,; engagement ring, $2,135 (not including center stone),; earrings, $2,800,; cocktail ring, $6,200,; bracelets, $118 each, >>

K 315



Hard Edges Who needs embellishments when you can have an edgy neckline? Dress, $3,455, Roland Mouret, KleinfeldBridal .com; engagement ring, $3,999 (not including center stone), LoveMyRomance .com; earrings, $484, Monica Rich Kosann,; bangle, $545,; cocktail ring, $175,

Show off your toned legs and a pair of fabulous shoes (um...did you take a look at these crystal Choos?) in a stylish little mini. Dress, $1,890,; engagement ring, $5,005 (not including center stone),; earrings, $42,; shoes, $3,250, >>

High Roller

K 317


K E   arn Your Stripes An unadorned dress is like a blank canvas —your accessories can change up the entire look. Pair it with a sleek blazer for a cool, downtown vibe. Dress, $2,900,; blazer, $248,; engagement ring, $1,260 (not including center stone),; earrings, $3,950,; cocktail ring, $2,900,; shoes, $398,

Back story From the front this might look like a simple T-shirt dress, but from the back it’s anything but. Dress, $5,150, Lanvin,; engagement ring, $2,999 (not including center stone),; earrings, $165, Kenneth Jay Lane,; shoes, $398, >>

K 319

Training Day Simple can still be dramatic when you add a long train to your gown. Dress, $5,995, Lela Rose,; veil, $298,; ring, $45,



speaking volumes A billowy bodice gives your dress shape and structure without any extra weight. Dress, $4,950, Angel Sanchez,; earrings, $2,250, Fashion Styling: Annie cavallo for ennis inc . Hair: Takeo Suzuki using Davines Makeup: gia harris

K 321


Browse thousands of dresses at

Drama photography by Helena Palazzi

a flair for

it’s your wedding—when else are you going to be able to wear feathers, beads or headpieces? by Jennie Ma

Sometimes a strong shape is all it takes to make a major statement. With its curve-hugging bodice that flares out into cascading ruffles and layers of tulle, this gown’s a total head turner. Gown, $3,375,; engagement ring, price upon request,; necklace, $1,600, AlexisBittar .com; jacket, model’s own >>

Striking Silhouette

K 323

Shining Armor

The chain-mail-like beading and crystal details on this dress create a medievalqueen vibe—there’s even a matching cape to cover its open back. While the gown looks heavy, it’s actually pretty light, so you’ll stand tall on your wedding day. (We’re also obsessing over the gowns from ready-to-wear turned bridal designers like Naeem Khan, who designed this stunner.) Dress, $13,995, cape, $8,995,; engagement ring, price upon request, Premier Gem,; earrings, $170, Ben-Amun,

There’s a reason why Gatsby-inspired gowns are still the rage—nothing looks quite as glamorous as beading and flapper-esque feathers. If the crystal diadem feels too over-thetop, go for a vintage-looking veil, like an ivory lace or cloche style (think: Anne Hathaway’s cap-like veil). Dress, $2,639, Sotteroand; engagement ring, $20,000,; diadem, $550, >>

Pretty Plumage

K 325



Sexy and sophisticated—the lace-like beading over a beige underlay is one of our favorite trends this season (see p. 102 for even more styles!). Dress, $12,980, Rivini .com; earrings, $17,850, ON HIM Suit, $1,515, Gucci, MRPORTER .com; shirt, $175,; tie, $15,

Grand Illusion

“Something blue” used to be subtle—an aqua heel or a sapphire stud—but we love the idea of going bold with it. Dress, $10,900,; engagement ring, $19,000 (not including center stone),; earrings, $395,; shoes, $250, Klub Nico, >>

Blue Valentine

Sheer Perfection

It’s the unexpected that makes a big impact—say, a completely sheer back with intricate crystal embellishments. Dress, $1,575, Madison James,; cocktail ring, $495, ON HIM Suit jacket, $450, pants, $198,; shirt, $175, tie, $115,

All That Glitters

Don’t overlook the small details. Each of these mini flowers and crystals is hand stitched on the gown. Yeah, we think it’s pretty amazing too. Dress, $6,990, Liancarlo .com; engagement ring, $6,000 (not including center stone), TimelessDesigns .com; earrings, $21,500,

K 329

Fashion St yling: Annie Cavallo for ennis inc . Hair: Noah Hatton for Redken/Cutler @Judy Casey Makeup: Kim Weber for Kev yn Aucoin beaut y Location: Alder Manor in Yonkers, ny

Search thousands of wedding dresses at


gown by kenneth winston p. 393

s p ec ia l a d v er t is in g sect i o n

look book 332 gowns 448 bridesmaids

wedding gowns 101 We know your first priority­ —finding the (other) one—your dress.

gown silhouette styles empire-waist gown The skirt in this gown style extends from the bustline. It’s a great choice for pear-shaped brides because it disguises the hips.

trumpet gown The skirt in this style flares out just below the hips, creating a semi-full skirt (shaped like the bell of a trumpet) without extra volume and bulk.

mermaid gown This gown is a bit more fitted and flares out at the knee (or lower). It’s a great silhouette for showing off curves.

a-line gown This universally flattering style hugs the torso and has a flared skirt in, you guessed it, an A-shape.

ball gown The ball gown has a fitted bodice and a dramatic full skirt. Busty brides will love this shape because it creates balanced proportions.

sheath This slim, form-fitting silhouette hugs the body from head-to-toe. It’s the perfect look for casual, intimate weddings.


finding the right white skin tone Dark go for Stark white, or almost any shade skin tone Medium with olive tones go for Champagne or diamond white skin tone Medium with yellow tones go for Off-white or creamy ivory skin tone Fair and pink-toned skin go for Ivory

gown shopping pointers head to a trustworthy salon Don’t know where to begin? Just scan the QR codes on the bottom corners of the Look Book pages to find local salons that carry our featured designers, along with the addresses of bridal salons in your state.

want more gowns? >> Check out


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wedding gowns 334 Alfred Angelo Bridal $$ 336 Allure Bridals $$$ 338 Allure Couture $$$ 340 Allure Romance $$ 342 Alyne by Rita Vinieris $$$ – $$$$ 344 Augusta Jones $$$ 346 Bonny Bridal $$ 348 Brides by Demetrios $$ – $$$ 350 Camille La Vie & Group USA $$ 352 Casablanca Bridal $$ – $$$ 358 CB Couture $$$ 360 Christina Wu $$ – $$$ 362 Cosmobella $$ 364 Cristiano Lucci $$$ 366 David Tutera $$$ 368 David’s Bridal $ – $$ 370 DaVinci Bridal $$ 372 Demetrios $$$ 374 Enzoani $$ – $$$ 376 Essense of Australia $$ 378 Eugenia $$$$ 380 Galina Exclusively at David’s Bridal $ – $$ 382 Groupo Rosa Clará $$$ – $$$$$ 386 Impression Bridal $$ – $$$ 388 Justin Alexander $$$ 390 Kenneth Winston $$ – $$$ 394 Kenneth Winston: Ella Rosa $$ – $$$ 396 LIANCARLO $$$ – $$$$ 398 Lillian West $$$ 400 Madison James $$ – $$$ 402 Maggie Sottero $$$ 404 Martin McCrea Couture $$ 406 Martina Liana $$$ 408 Matthew Christopher $$$$$ 410 Mikaella Bridal $$$ 412 MOONLIGHT $$ – $$$ 414 Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner $$ – $$$ 416 Paloma Blanca $$$$ 418 Pnina Tornai $$$$$ 422 PRONOVIAS $$$ 424 Reflections by Jordan $$ – $$$ 426 Simone Carvalli $$$ – $$$$$ 428 Sincerity $$


430 432 434 436 438 440 442 444 446

Sophia Tolli Sottero and Midgley ST. PATRICK | LA SPOSA Stella York Stephen Yearick | Ysa Makino Val Stefani Venus Bridal Victor Harper Wtoo

$$$ $$$ $$ $$ $$$$ – $$$$$ $$$ $$ – $$$ $$$$ $$ – $$$

price key $ $600 or less $$ $601 to $1,500 $$$ $1,501 to $3,000 $$$$ $3,001 to $5,000 $$$$$ $5,001 and up please note: prices may vary gown by essense of australia p. 376


alfred angelo bridal $$ on the knot on the web collection disney fairy tale weddings by alfred angelo style cinderella style #205



allure bridals $$$ on the knot on the web collection allure bridals styles 9154, 9162


allure couture $$$ on the knot on the web collection allure couture styles c288, c280




allure romance $$ on the knot on the web collection allure romance styles 2715, 2709



alyne by rita vinieris $$$ – $$$$ on the knot on the web collection alyne by rita vinieris styles sylvie, colette


augusta jones $$$ on the knot on the web collection augusta jones fall 2014 style skyler




bonny bridal $$ on the knot on the web collection bonny bridal styles 1412, 1424 347

brides by demetrios $$ – $$$ on the knot on the web collection brides by demetrios styles 1455, 1476




camille la vie & group usa $$ on the knot on the web collection camille la vie & group usa styles 41770/4237w, 42423/4267w



casablanca bridal $$ – $$$ on the knot on the web collection casablanca bridal fall 2014 collection styles 2168, 2169


casablanca bridal $$ – $$$ on the knot on the web collection casablanca bridal fall 2014 collection styles 2170, 2180



casablanca bridal $$ – $$$ on the knot on the web collection casablanca bridal fall 2014 collection styles 2174, 2163




cb couture $$$ on the knot on the web collection cb couture spring 2014 collection styles b076, b075



christina wu $$ – $$$ on the knot on the web collection christina wu styles 15538, 15553


cosmobella $$ on the knot on the web collection cosmobella styles 7664, 7674




cristiano lucci $$$ on the knot on the web collection cristiano lucci styles elizabeth b 12865b, dorothy 12864/louise 12868


david tutera $$$ on the knot on the web collection david tutera for mon cheri styles 214206, 214215




david’s bridal $ – $$ on the knot on the web collection david’s bridal styles v3680, wg3672



davinci bridal $$ on the knot on the web collection davinci bridal styles 50267, 50281



demetrios $$$ on the knot on the web collection demetrios styles 553, gr250


enzoani $$ – $$$ on the knot on the web collection blue by enzoani styles gabes, gage



essense of australia $$ on the knot on the web collection fall 2014 styles d1672, d1686




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kenneth winston $$ – $$$ on the knot on the web collection kenneth winston style 1573



kenneth winston $$ – $$$ on the knot on the web collection kenneth winston styles 1584, 1565




kenneth winston: ella rosa $$ – $$$ on the knot on the web collection kenneth winston styles be233, be240



liancarlo $$$ – $$$$ on the knot on the web collection liancarlo fall 2014 styles 5869, 5865


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maggie sottero $$$ on the knot on the web collection maggie sottero styles 4mb956, 4mw060



martin mccrea couture $$ on the knot on the web collection martin mccrea couture styles 322, 387


Photographs: Philip ramackers


martina liana $$$ on the knot on the web collection fall 2014 styles 581, 595





matthew christopher $$$$$ on the knot on the web collection the devotion collection styles victoria, marilyn


mikaella bridal $$$ on the knot on the web collection mikaella bridal styles 1905, 1908



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pnina tornai $$$$$ on the knot on the web collection pnina tornai for kleinfeld styles 4270, 4261




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venus bridal $$ – $$$ on the knot on the web collection venus styles ve8177, ve8172


victor harper $$$$ on the knot on the web collection victor harper styles vh176, vh181



wtoo $$ – $$$ on the knot on the web collection wtoo curve, wtoo brides styles 13118 eloise, 13111 pippin


wedding party 101 The least you need to know to coordinate your wedding party’s look.

bridesmaids • For a modern, but still put-together look—pick the color and fabric, but consider letting your bridesmaids choose the neckline and silhouette. • When shopping, bring one or two bridesmaids—maybe the maid who has the body or coloring that’s most similar to the rest of the bridal party, or the maid who is the most difficult to fit. • Ask for your maids’ advice, but make the final decision yourself. You’re the one who knows the big picture—overall look, formality and people’s budgets—best. • The bridesmaids should try to place their orders at the same time to ensure that the dresses will be made from the same dye lot. • Allow three months’ delivery and alteration time for the dresses. • Don’t forget the extras. Should the maids all have the same shoes, jewelry, hairstyles, handbags or wraps? Communicate your desires clearly to your maids. Email works great for this.

sweetheart neckline

scoop neckline

one-shoulder neckline

groom & groomsmen • Brush up on your tuxedo terms and take a peek in your own closet before you begin suit shopping. This will give you an idea of what style you like best—notched or shawl lapel, standard or spread collar. • The groomsmen should dress around the groom. A consistent look is great, but the groom should sport some detail (a boutonniere, tie or pocket square) that differentiates him from the pack. shawl lapel notched lapel


• The tuxedo is classic, but consider all your options. Marrying by the beach? Try a more casual jacket and trousers. Having an ultra-formal wedding? Pick a cutaway coat, gray-striped trousers, gray vest and ascot. peaked lapel

flower girls & ring bearers • Flower girls and ring bearers don’t have to match the adults perfectly, but they should certainly fit in with the formality of the event. The only exception: Tuxedos aren’t necessary (and may not be available) for tykes under six. Our trick—substitute a black suit and a bow tie. • Be sure to dress your flower girl or ring bearer appropriately for their age. Strapless or halter dresses may be too sophisticated for the little ones (even with a cardigan), while overly froufrou tulle dresses might not look right on, say, a 10-year-old.

• Should you rent or buy? If you don’t attend many formal events or if your weight is frequently in flux, renting may be the way to go. If you’ll have three or four more good uses for a tux, the suit will pay for itself.

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bridesmaid dresses 450 452 456 458 460 462 464 466 468 470 472 474 476 Allure Bridesmaids Bari Jay Bill Levkoff Camille La Vie & Group USA David’s Bridal Enzoani Impression Bridesmaids Jordan Fashions Liz Fields Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner Pretty Maids Sorella Vita Wtoo | Watters $$ $$ $$ $$ – $$$ $$ – $$$ $$ – $$$$$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ – $$$ $$ – $$$$$


price key $ under $150 $$ $151 to $250 $$$ $251 to $350 $$$$ $351 to $450 $$$$$ $451 and up please note: prices may vary dress by mori lee by madeline gardner p. 471

allure bridesmaids $$ on the knot on the web collection allure bridesmaids styles 1356, 1369




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wtoo | watters $$ – $$$$$ on the knot on the web collection wtoo maids, watters maids styles 794, 799, 6314i lucca, 6317i brescia

websites to help you plan your wedding

ACCESSORIES Brilliance by Imperial Tejani Jewelry 189 249

Demetrios Enzoani Essense of Australia

96, 372 165, 187, 374 111, 376

Madison James Maggie Sottero Martin McCrea Couture Martina Liana Matthew Christopher

91, 124, 400 30, 402 404 406 113, 408

FASHION–WEDDING GOWNS Alfred Angelo Allure Bridals Allure Couture Allure Romance Alyne by Rita Vinieris Angel Rivera Anne Barge Augusta Jones Bonny Bridal Brides by Demetrios Camille La Vie & Group USA Carolina Herrera Casablanca Bridal CB Couture Christina Wu 98, 334 22, 336 107, 109, 338 28, 340 342 225 16 344 346 348 350 39 60, 352, 354, 356 358 134, 360

Eugenia 378 Eve of Milady Boutique Galina Exclusively at David’s Bridal Hayley Paige Impression Bridal Ivoire by Kitty Chen Ivy & Aster Jasmine Collection Jasmine Couture Jenny Yoo Collection Jim Hjelm Judd Waddell Justin Alexander Kelly Faetanini Kenneth Winston Kenneth Winston: Ella Rosa 241 380 56 386 271 237 49, 50 117, 118 132 12 20 32, 388 54 390, 392 394

Melissa Sweet Exclusively at David’s Bridal 10 Mikaella by Paloma Blanca Monique Lhuillier MOONLIGHT Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner Nicole Miller Bridal Oleg Cassini Exclusively at David’s Bridal Paloma Blanca Pnina Tornai PRONOVIAS Reem Acra Reflections by Jordan Rivini by Rita Vinieris Rosa Clará Sareh Nouri Simone Carvalli Sincerity Sophia Tolli Sottero and Midgley 103, 410 4 181, 412 414 45 62

K link love

77, 416 418, 420 8, 422 6 424 2 64, 382, 384 115 426 261, 428 430 18, 432


Cosmobella 362 Cristiano Lucci David Tutera David’s Bridal DaVinci Bridal 364 366 368 370

Kleinfeld 100 LA SPOSA 435

Lazaro 24 LIANCARLO Lillian West 14, 396 191, 398

St. Patrick 434 Stella York Stephen Yearick Truly Zac Posen Exclusively at David’s Bridal Val Stefani Venus Bridal Victor Harper Couture 193, 436 438

Jim Hjelm Occasions Jordan Fashions Liz Fields Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner Pretty Maids Sorella Vita

58 466 468 470 304, 472 474

Effy Bridal


Forevermark 37 Frederick Sage Hearts On Fire Henri Daussi Kay Jewelers Mark Broumand Mark Schneider Precision Set 185 141 85 257, 259, 267, 293, 303 167 46 195 69

94 440 442 26, 444

Watters 477 Wtoo 476

Watters 41 White by Vera Wang Exclusively at David’s Bridal 120

FASHION–MOTHER OF THE BRIDE Jade by Jasmine Jade Couture Jasmine Black Label 239 301 269

FlyerFit by Martin Flyer

Wtoo 446 Ysa Makino 439

Lashbrook 277 Macy’s 128 Natalie K 66


FASHION–BRIDESMAIDS Allure Bridesmaids B2 by Jasmine Bari Jay Belsoie Bill Levkoff Camille La Vie & Group USA David’s Bridal 450 73, 74 183, 452, 454 79, 80 456 458 130, 460

FASHION–Groom Allure Men Joseph Abboud Exclusively at Men’s Wearhouse 155

link love

Parlé 213 Romance Diamond Bridal Collection 163



FINE JEWELRY DESIGNERS ArtCarved Cover Barkev’s 247 Benchmark 43 Blue Nile Coast Diamond 143 122

Scott Kay Cover Simon G. 87

Sylvie 219 Tacori 92, 93

Tiffany & Co. Cover Trumpet & Horn 279

Enzoani 462 Impression Bridesmaids Jasmine Jenny Yoo Collection 464 171, 175 132

Danhov 201 Daviani 173

GIFT REGISTRIES Bloomingdale’s 70, 71

Demårco 126

Celebrations 149

Crate & Barrel


Sandals Sandals Barbados Sandals Emerald Bay Great Exuma, Bahamas Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa Sandals Grande Riviera Beach & Villa Golf Resort Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort Sandals Halcyon Beach

242, 244 496

Staniel Cay Yacht Club Stella Maris Resort Club Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino Swains Cay Resort Turquoise Cay Boutique Hotel

494 495 507 495 495 495

JCPenney 157 Kohl’s 88 Macy’s Insert Target 34

494 491


HONEYMOONS Aston Hotels & Resorts 159

Valentines Resort & Marina

505 505 498 500 500

invitations Cards & Pockets Invitations by Dawn Minted Wedding Paper Divas 287 283 177, Insert 153

Barbados 487 Beaches 250 Beaches Negril Resort & Spa Beaches Ocho Rios Resort & Golf Club 499

Sandals LaSource Grenada Resort & Spa Sandals Montego Bay


Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort & Spa Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island Sandals Royal Plantation Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun Secrets Playa Mujeres Golf & Spa Resort Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay Small Hope Bay Lodge St. Croix

K link love

Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa Carriearl Boutique Hotel Couples Resorts Disney Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons Fernandez Bay Village Gems at Paradise Private Beach Resort Grand Pineapple Beach Resort Antigua Hellenic Holidays The Islands of Tahiti Maui Romance by Paradisus Resorts Saint Lucia

additional resources 505 American Bridal and Prom 313

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Cuisinart 83 CW by CorningWare 217 137, 139


501 501

144 493 493 491 497 161 485 151 483

Home Depot

Lenox 205 Perfect Circle by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company Rainbow Room 168 295

501 503 503 481 501 494 199

Teleflora 209 Things Remembered 215


Special Offers f o r K n ot ties Inside!



D I S C O V E R U N L I M I T E D - L U X U R Y速

Cancun Cozumel Puerto Vallarta N


Riviera Cancun Huatulco Playa Mujeres Los Cabos Montego Bay Punta Cana N N N N




S EC R E T S M A RQ U I S LO S C A B O S Situated on Mexico’s west coast, guests are privileged to enjoy the luxurious accommodations of the all-suite, all-ocean-view resort with 26 one-bedroom casitas that feature a private pool. Located close to Cabo’s most famed landmarks, El Arco, Land’s End and Lover’s Beach, this seaside escape sits serenely along the coastline with views of the pristine beach, magnificent Sea of Cortes and the tranquil desert. Relax at their world-class spa, named one of the Top Spas in Mexico, spanning over 15,000 ft., after saying “I do” under the modern wedding gazebo. Newlywed bliss begins here. Indulge in the Unlimited-Luxury ® experience at all Secrets Resorts & Spas, where everything is included: > Pristine beachfront locations and shimmering pools > Luxurious accommodations with 24-hour room and concierge services > Full breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from gourmet-fare restaurants > Top-shelf spirits > Pool and beach wait service > A spectacular array of daily activities and nightly entertainment

Unlimited-Luxury ® is offered at all Secrets Resorts & Spas. Learn more at




For chic sophistication along the stunning Maya coastline, stay in one of Secrets Silversands’ gorgeous, award-winning suites (AAA Four Diamond Award), each of which has a cozy suspended bed, daily refreshed mini bar and furnished terrace or patio. Our full-service Spa will keep you wellattended during the day, while your night will sparkle with live, open-air entertainment, food, drink and festivities at eight gourmet restaurants and posh bars. To refresh and energize, take advantage of our fitness center, dance classes, kayaking, sailing, tennis and a wide variety of vibrant activities—or simply lounge by the beach and enjoy impeccable service. It’s all part of the Unlimited-Luxury ® experience. Our Secrets Wedding in Paradise Package is complimentary when you stay 7 nights in the required room category or higher. It includes: > On-site wedding coordinator to handle every detail > Complimentary room for the groom the night before the wedding (based on availability) > Preparation of couple’s wedding day attire > Symbolic ceremony > Bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonniere > Wedding cake and sparkling wine for 10 guests > Romantic turndown service and late checkout for the wedding couple > Discounted Spa treatments > Complimentary anniversary nights!

The Wedding in Paradise package is offered at all Secrets Resorts & Spas and is subject to change. Learn more about the selection of wedding and honeymoon packages at .

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S E C R E T S R OYA L B E AC H P U N TA C A N A On the palm-studded, sugar-white beach in Playa Bavaro, Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana offers adults a seaside getaway to paradise, only 30 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport. This magnificent escape, with touches of modern Caribbean-inspired décor, boasts a wealth of amenities, elite services and contemporary accommodations. 465 spacious guestrooms provide guests with unparalleled views and superior amenities. Swim, sail, snorkel or windsurf in the turquoise Caribbean or take an introductory scuba diving lesson! For golf enthusiasts, a world-class 18-hole golf course is just minutes away. Enhance your special day with unique touches and little extras like a: > Sky lantern, dove and butterfly release > Photo booth at the cocktail hour and reception > Bonfire on the beach, firedancer show and fireworks > Private cigar roller and tequila tasting stations > WebCam service for guests unable to attend > Mariachi Band, Caribbean Trio and steel drum band > Mayan and Sand Ceremonies Have a special floral arrangement, bouquet, cake, hairstyle or wedding theme in mind? Send us a picture and your wedding coordinator will work to make all of your special requests realities! S E C R E T S R O YA L B E A C H P U N TA C A N A

Enhancements offered vary by resort and are subject to change. Learn more about the special touches offered by each resort at

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6/4/14 12:34 PM



SECRETS THE VINE CANCUN Located in the heart of Cancun, this modern oasis boasts 495 graciously appointed guest rooms with private balcony and spectacular views. Mingle at The Vine Bazaar, a unique, centralized venue with modern touches, where guests can enjoy a café, relax on the terrace or experience a sommelier-led wine tasting of some of the world’s finest wine collections. Happily ever after begins here! Our Secrets Eternity Honeymoon Package is complimentary when you stay 7 nights in the required room category or higher. It includes: > Sparkling wine, fresh fruit and flowers in room upon arrival > Romantic Mimosa breakfast in bed > Tension Release Massage for two > European Facial or a Salt Glow Scrub body treatment for two > A private beachfront dinner > Delicious petit fours each evening with turndown service > Complimentary anniversary nights!

The Eternity Honeymoon package is offered at all Secrets Resorts & Spas and is subject to change. Learn more about the selection of wedding and honeymoon packages at .


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promot i o n

S E C r E t S W i L D o r C H i D m o n t E g o B Ay

S E C r E t S S t. J A m E S A n D S E C r E t S W i L D o rC H i D m o n t E g o B Ay Located a mere 20 minutes from Montego Bay airport, these gazebo-speckled sister resorts boast fabulous restaurants and unparalleled luxury. Guests of either location have access to both—which means double the Unlimited-Luxury ® . With gorgeous interiors styled as “modern Victorian,” Secrets St. James is a quiet, relaxing destination for couples looking for unmatched service against a serene oceanfront backdrop. For youthful souls seeking a hip vibe, Secrets Wild Orchid draws from Jamaica’s Ethiopian roots and bubbles over with a variety of vibrant entertainments, nine fabulous lounges and seven gourmet restaurants serving international cuisine. Torn between the two? You don’t have to choose: stay at either resort and you can have the best of both worlds! Free nights toward your first anniversary: > Stay a minimum of 7 nights with your qualifying wedding or honeymoon package at any Secrets resorts & Spas and earn complimentary nights toward your return stay for your first anniversary! > Stay 5 or more nights over your first anniversary date and receive 2 additional nights free, OR > Stay 4 nights over your first anniversary date and receive 1 additional night free

Complimentary Anniversary Night program is offered at all Secrets Resorts & Spas and is subject to change. Learn more about the qualifying wedding and honeymoon packages at .

pro m otion

S e C r e t S S t. J a m e S m o n t e g o B ay

S e C r e t S S t. J a m e S & S e C r e t S W i l d o r C h i d m o n t e g o B ay

Call your travel agent for all the details or visit


S E C R E T S P U E RTO LO S C A B O S GO L F & S PA R E S O RT Set along the Pacific coast within the exclusive community of Puerto Los Cabos, the brandnew all-suite haven, provides the ultimate adultsonly Unlimited-Luxury ® escape.

Secrets Resorts & Spas’ amorous locations and adults-only settings make wedding, honeymoon and anniversary dreams come true. The Unlimited-Luxury ® experience—where everything is included—grants couples and their guests limitless access to gourmet-fare dining, premium cocktails, 24-hour room and concierge service, daily adventures and nightly entertainment. And with perfectly designed wedding and honeymoon packages (some of them complimentary), little extras like Wedgwood Vera Wang Love Knots toasting flutes and unique touches to add the “wow” factor, Secrets Resorts & Spas are the perfect destinations for your most special events. Secrets The Vine Cancun N Secrets Aura Cozumel N Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun N Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun N Secrets St. James Montego Bay Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay N Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa N Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta N Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort N Secrets Playa Mujeres Golf & Spa Resort (Nov. 2014)

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your Secret? Ours is all-adult Unlimited-Luxury®


SECLUDED. STUnnIng. SPLEnDoR. Join your lives together at the all new Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort. It’s the perfect place to say,“I do” with three miles of pristine beach, footsteps from a private marina, pedestrian village, artisan walkway and botanical gardens. Plus all the automatic inclusions of Unlimited-Luxury.®

Visit to learn how to receive your COMPLIMENTARY wedding or honeymoon — our gift to you! Enjoy ADULTS-onLy UNLIMITED-LUXURY ® In DOmINIcAN REpuBLIc: PUnTA CAnA | JAmAIcA: MonTEgo BAy | mExIcO: CanCun • Cozumel • HuatulCo • los Cabos • Playa mujeres (NOV 2014) • Puerto Vallarta • riViera CanCun



real honeymoons

luisa & justin

thailand Luisa and Justin—the lucky winners of The Knot Honeymoon Sweepstakes!—jetted off to Thailand for an exotic, all-expenses-paid excursion full of elephants and Southeast Asian flavor. 1 2 laos chiang mai new york

thailand cambodia bangkok dam An

3 Gulf of Thailand

  want their honeymoon? where to stay... In Bangkok, they stayed at the Riva Surya, a quaint hotel in the middle of bustling nightlife. From this home base, they were able to walk to popular local restaurants and shops and take river taxis to other areas to see landmarks like Wat Pho and the Grand Palace. For the second leg of their journey, in Chiang Mai, they spent four nights at the gorgeous 137 Pillars House, which Luisa describes as “straight out of a magazine.” They loved the luxurious touches like the claw-foot bathtub and private indoor/outdoor shower. while you’re there... In Chiang Mai, Luisa and Justin spent an entire day hanging out with elephants in a camp—not only riding them, but also bathing them in the river and even painting with them. “I’m an animal lover, but Justin was more reserved about heading into the experience,” Luisa says. “You spend the entire day with ‘your’ elephant, and by the end of the day, Justin couldn’t help but fall in love with his new friend.” follow their advice... Don’t scrimp on spa services! “They can be pricey, but they’re totally worth it,” Luisa says. “You really feel like you’re pampering yourself.” >>

ea an S





1 Maesa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai 2 Poolside at 137 Pillars 3 The Grand Palace in Bangkok 4 Member of the Kayan tribe just outside Maesa Elephant Camp 5 Luisa and Justin at Maesa Elephant Camp 6 The Grand Palace 6


Free time of year

January length of trip

10 days travel time

20 hours from New York City

Listen closely and you’ll hear your wake-up call.

Hear that? It’s the sound of an island welcoming you with open arms. It’s birdsong, mingled with laughter. You hear it because your hotel room has no fourth wall—it’s an always-open picture window. In here, you’re pampered and celebrated by an island that heard your requests and is intent on answering all of them. Hear how Saint Lucia lifts your senses. Call 1-800-456-3984 or visit


real honeymoons

kellee & michael

sardinia Our managing editor, Kellee, and Michael chose Sardinia for their romantic, off-the-beaten-path Italian escape. 1 new york

italy corsica


sardinia Tyrrhenian Sea

3 1 The Centro Storico, in Alghero, on the Mediterranean Sea 2 Kellee and Michael 3 Vigne Surrau, a winery in Arzachena 4 Grotta di Nettuno, an underground cave 5 A hidden beach north of Bosa 6 Alghero’s Centro Storico at night

  want their honeymoon? where to stay... For their first night, Kellee and Michael splurged on a private cottage at Villa Mosca Charming House in Alghero. Next, they made their way to Aglientu for three unforgettable nights of a farm stay at Li Pireddi, where they enjoyed three-course communal dinners and a day at sea, sailing to Corisca on the owner’s boat. After that, they moved on to Corte Fiorita, in the river town of Bosa, for two nights before driving to Riola Sardo for two nights at Hotel Lucrezia. “The beautiful beaches in the Oristano province are well worth the trip,” Kellee says. while you’re there... The couple rented a brand-new Fiat Cinquecento to get from place to place. “It was perfect for two people plus our luggage—and fun on the island roads!” Kellee says. She’s also adamant about stopping to see Is Aruttas, also called the “risotto beach,” near Cabras. “The white quartz sand looks like uncooked Arborio rice,” she says, adding that “because so much of it has been carted off, it’s now illegal to take any.” follow their advice... Kellee recommends doing a farm stay. “It’s a great way to meet people and eat homemade local food.” Also, stop by one of the island’s wineries. >>





5 6

$10,000 time of year

June length of trip

13 days travel time

11 hours from New York City

I not see why dancing should end with the reception. Vow to have the perfect honeymoon.


real honeymoons

julia & joe

hawaii Looking for a guaranteed good time, Julia and Joe traveled to the Aloha State for the perfect mix of R&R and island adventure. 1 new york San Francisco



california arizona

2 3

hawaii honolulu

  want their honeymoon? where to stay... Julie and Joe started out with three nights at the Thai Garden House by Moloaa Bay (an Airbnb find), in Kilauea. “It was incredible, with the most amazing fruit growing all over the place,” Julia says. “We’d never seen pineapples growing out of the ground before, and it kind of blew our minds.” From there, they moved on to Kapaa, for four nights, before ending their trip with a stay at Honolulu’s luxurious Moana Surfrider (where the newlyweds upgraded to a room with a balcony). while you’re there... Julia says the ATV tour of Kipu Ranch with Kipu Ranch Adventures is a definite must. “Every moment was a photo op, and driving the ATV was thrilling in itself!” Julia says. “Plus, our tour guides were phenomenal—we learned so much about the island through them.” follow their advice... “Pack bug spray and earplugs!” Julia says. “We got riddled with mosquito bites the first few days.” The earplugs are for the “batty” roosters that roam free.


5 4 1 View of a private beach from their ATV tour 2 Male peacock 3 Kauai Coffee Company tour 4 View of Kipu Ranch 5 Julia and Joe 6 Queen’s Bath in north Kauai



$3,500 time of year


July length of trip

11 days travel time

Get more hot honeymoon ideas for all budgets at


12 hours from New York City


K ultimate honeymoon & destination weddings


Your guide to some of th e world’s mos t beautiful spots

K 489

Antigua 491 The Bahamas 492 Barbados 496 Greece 497 Grenada 498 Jamaica 499 Mexico 502 SHUTTERSTOCK


St. Lucia 504 Turks & Caicos 506

Looking for the perfect getaway spot? Search by place, price and amenity to find the ultimate honeymoon for you and your sweetie at

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caribbean island details island geography/ language currency affiliation flight time features in hours tourism board tie the knot?


Lesser Antilles/ English British Lesser Antilles/ English British Netherlands Antilles/Dutch Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamento*

Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC), US dollar Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC), US dollar Aruban Florin (AFl), US dollar Bahamian dollar (BSD), US dollar Barbados dollar ($BD), US dollar Netherlands Antilles guilder (NAFl), US dollar

7/NYC, 7/Chicago, 7.5/Dallas, 13.5/LA 4/NYC, 8/Chicago, 7/Dallas, 10/LA 4/NYC, 9/Chicago, 8/Dallas, 11/LA 5.5/NYC, 5.5/Chicago, 5.5/Dallas, 8/LA 4.5/NYC, 8/Chicago, 7/Dallas, 9.5/LA 7/NYC, 9/Chicago, 10/Dallas, 15/LA

(800) 553-4939

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes

antigua & barbuda aruba

(888) 268-4227

(800) to-aruba

THE Bahamas British English barbados

(800) bahamas


Lesser Antilles/ English British Netherlands Antilles/Dutch Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamento*

(800) 744-6244

(800) bonaire

cayman islands

Greater Antilles/British English Cayman Island dollar (CI), US dollar Netherlands Antilles/Dutch Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamento* English, Local Patois** Netherlands Antilles guilder (NAFl), US dollar Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC), US dollar

6/NYC, 7/Chicago, (212) 889-9009 6/Dallas, 8/LA 7/NYC, 9/Chicago, 8/Dallas, 11/LA 7/NYC, 26/Chicago, 12/LA 4/NYC, 7/Chicago, 9/Dallas, 11/LA 4/NYC, 9/Chicago, 12/Dallas, 17.5/LA 7/NYC, 8/Chicago, 8/Dallas, 12/LA 4/NYC, 6/Chicago, 5/Dallas, 7.5/LA 11/NYC, 23/Chicago 23/Dallas, 13/LA 5/NYC, 9/Chicago, 8/Dallas, 11/LA (800) 328-7222



Lesser Antilles/ French-British Greater Antilles/ Spanish

(888) 645-5637

dominican republic


Spanish, Dominican peso (RD$) English Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC)

(800) 723-6138

Lesser Antilles/ English British

(800) 927-9554



Lesser Antilles/ French Greater Antilles/ British

French, English, Euro Creole English, Jamaican dollar (J$) Local Patois** Creole, Euro French, English Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC), US dollar

(011) 590-590-82-0930

(800) 233-4582


nevis & st. kitts

Lesser Antilles/ French

(011) 0596-61-61-77


Lesser Antilles/ English British

(664) 491-2230

Lesser Antilles/ English Eastern Caribbean 6/NYC, 6/Chicago, (800) 582-6208 & British dollar (EC), US dollar 16/Dallas, 10/LA (866) 556-3847 &

puerto rico


Greater Antilles/ US

Spanish, US dollar English

4/NYC, 5/Chicago, 7/Dallas, 10/LA

(800) 866-7827

Yes Yes (Saba)

saba & Lesser Antilles/ Dutch, Netherlands Antilles 7/NYC, 8/Chicago, st. eustatius Dutch English, guilder (NAFl), 9/Dallas, 13/LA Papiamento* US dollar

(011) 599-416-2231 & (011) 599-318-2433 &

No (St. Eustatius)


st. barthelemy

st. croix

Lesser Antilles/ French

French, Euro, US dollar English

6/NYC, 10/Chicago 19/Dallas, 14.5/LA 5/NYC, 7/Chicago, 6/Dallas, 10/LA 4/NYC, 8/Chicago, 7/Dallas, 11/LA 7/NYC, 10/Chicago, 6/Dallas, 12/LA 6/NYC, 7/Chicago, 7/Dallas, 12/LA 6/NYC, 7/Chicago, 7/Dallas, 12/LA 3.5/NYC, 8/Chicago, 7/Dallas, 11/LA 8/NYC, 10/Chicago, 14/LA 5/NYC, 7.5/Chicago,

(011) 590-590-27-8727

No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

st. john

Lesser Antilles, English US dollar USVI/US Lesser Antilles, English US dollar USVI/US Lesser Antilles/ British Lesser Antilles/ Dutch Lesser Antilles/ French English, Creole Patois Dutch, Papiamento*, English Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC), US dollar Netherlands Antilles guilder (NAFl), US dollar

(800) 372-usvi

(800) 372-usvi

st. lucia

(888) 4-stlucia

st. maarten

(800) 786-2278

st. martin

st. thomas st. vincent & the grenadines tortola & virgin gorda

French, Euro, US dollar English

(877) 956-1234

Lesser Antilles, English US dollar USVI/US

(800) 372-usvi

Lesser Antilles/ English French-British Lesser Antilles, English

Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC), US dollar US dollar

(800) 729-1726

BVI/British 6/Dallas, 10/LA trinidad & British English, French, Trinidad and Tobago 8/NYC, 9/Chicago, tobago Spanish, Hindi dollar (TT), US dollar 11/Dallas, 12/LA turks & British English, Creole US dollar 4/NYC, 7/Chicago, caicos 6/Dallas, 13/LA budget travel casinos eco-tourism golf hiking hurricane-safe lots to do lush flora music nightlife packages peace & quiet

(800) 835-8530

(888) 535-5617

(800) 241-0824

key all-inclusive beaches

quick escape rain forests sailing

shopping tennis water sports


antigua 1 2

5 things you need to know Antigua sits smack-dab in the center of the Caribbean Islands. The island has 366 chalky white public beaches. Some of the best include Dickenson Bay (for restaurant-hopping and people-watching) and Half Moon Bay (for windsurfing). 3 Clothing is optional at Five Islands Peninsula! 4 The Antiguan climate is one of the most idyllic in all of the Caribbean, thanks to constant sea breezes and trade winds. The hot season runs from May to November. 5 Don’t leave without spending Sunday afternoon at Shirley Heights Lookout, a restaurant perched on a bluff on the south side of the island. You’ll get a stunning panoramic view of English Harbour and the island of Montserrat, not to mention some lip-smacking barbecue.

At a Glance Language SPOKEN

English Currency

Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar, US dollar Best months TO GO

December to May


Want more info on the Antigua? Go to

K 491

Grand PineaPPle Beach reSOrT anTiGua rand Pineapple Beach Antigua, located on Long Bay Beach, is the quintessential Caribbean beach resort. As affordable as it is easygoing, it’s a place to sun, sip fruity rum drinks, laze around two pools and snorkel along a reef within walking distance of the shore—without a care in the world because everything is included. The Outhouse restaurant stands out as an open bar atop a cliff with spectacular ocean 877-846-3290 views—a must-see experience.





oted “World’s Most Romantic Resort,” Sandals Grande Antigua is two worlds in one located on Antigua’s best beach. The Caribbean Village is a garden oasis with quaint island-style cottages, incomparable Rondovals (circular suites) and a Red Lane® Spa. The all-suite, six-star Mediterranean Village is a palatial rendition of bold Mediterranean glamour with the island’s largest pool and villas featuring a private courtyard, 877-SandalS pool and whirlpool. There are 11 restaurants, including the exquisite Barefoot by the Sea.


the bahamas 10 things you need to know K Seven hundred islands make up the Bahamas, tossed across the lower Atlantic between Florida and Cuba. Only 30 of them are inhabited. 1 2 The water is so clear in the Bahamas that divers experience visibility of up to 200 feet.


Looking for excitement? Don’t miss Junkanoo, a Bahamian costume parade in which people dance to copper cowbells, goombay drums and whistles. The parade goes from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. (yeah, you read that right) on December 26 and January 1. 6 7 The Abaco islands are famous for sailing and bird-watching, while the Exumas and Pelican Cays feature incredible land and sea parks. 8 Popular cuisine includes locally grown guava, mangoes, papaya and plantains with conch, kingfish, wahoo and grouper—all washed down with pineapple wine from Eleuthera. 9 Boats are available for chartering or group tours, including Sail Nassau’s two multimillion-dollar Racers, where you can take the helm or just sit back and feel the wind in your hair. 10 The Bahamas are just a 35-minute plane trip from Florida, making them a quick trip for destination weddings and honeymoons alike. SHUTTERSTOCK

At a Glance languages spoken

English currency

US dollar, Bahamian dollar best monthS TO GO

The biggest eyefuls of coral are off Andros (home to the third-largest barrier reef in the world—it has 140 miles of coral and cathedral-like caves), Bimini (where you can also find dolphins and sea turtles), Eleuthera/Harbour Island and the Exuma Islands. 3 4 Nassau, the capital city, is extra-crowded during March and April, when spring-breakers invade. It is also one of the busiest cruise ports in the world. 5 Grand Bahama Island, the fourth-largest island in the chain, is only a 35-minute flight from Miami and exudes an airy, spread-out feel compared to busy Nassau. Take diving lessons or browse dutyfree bounty at International Bazaar in Freeport.

December to April


Want more info on the Bahamas? Go to

Carriearl Boutique Hotel


t Carriearl Boutique Hotel in the Berry Islands, our motto is Your Toes in the Sand—a Drink in Your Hand. So if you want a deserted beach for your wedding, yummy food, great rum punch and lots of chillin’ and romance, you have found the perfect place. Come stay with Angie and Marty—The Brits. 001-242-367-8785

K 493

Fernandez Bay Village iscover the breathtaking beauty and relaxed atmosphere of FBV. Let our friendly staff help you plan for the perfect sunset ceremony on a sugary white sand beach. We offer 17 beachfront villas and bungalows, casual seaside dining, spacious clubhouse with complimentary Wi-Fi, library, boutique and famous tiki bar. Kayaks, paddleboards, boats, bikes, sightseeing and more are all available. 242-342-3043 Quiet, romantic, unforgettable.

Gems at Paradise PriVate beach resOrt



pectacular beach views, tropical grounds attracting various bird species and flora amidst undisturbed serenity makes Gems the ideal destination to relax or indulge your eco-tourism and soft adventure fantasies, from multiple fishing and water experiences to diving into nearby Deans Blue Hole. Signature features include intimate, boutique, all-balcony hotel and suites accommodations, personalized service 242-337-3016 and custom dining. Share your wedding invite and receive a room upgrade and bottle of wine.


SandalS EmErald Bay GrEat Exuma, BahamaS he Luxury Included® Sandals Emerald Bay in Great Exuma, Bahamas is an oceanfront resort set along a pristine one-mile beach boasting some of the world’s clearest waters, a Greg Norman-designed golf course and a worldclass marina. The resort includes specialty dining at seven á la carte restaurants, premium brand liquors, and unlimited land and water sports—plus gratuities and airport transfers. The 29,000 sq. ft. Red Lane® Spa 877-SANDALS further enhances this 500-acre resort, set on one of the Bahamas’ most beautiful Out Islands.

SANDALS ROYAL BAHAMIAN SPA RESORT & OFFSHORE ISLAND t the Bahamas’ most elegant resort, experience a cultured European ambience with island warmth—with two epic oceanfront pools, a posh Red Lane® Spa and 10 restaurants. The modernized Windsor Tower accommodations are spacious and luxurious, now including Sandals’ iconic Swim-up Suites. The new Balmoral Tower has all new rooms, some with oversized balconies, and just offshore, an island beach 877-SandalS club offers two secluded beaches, a pool with swim-up bar, a restaurant and chic bonfire parties during the night.





Small Hope Bay lodge mall Hope Bay Lodge is located on two secluded beaches on tranquil Andros Island, Bahamas. We are totally all-inclusive: beachfront cabins, all meals, beverages, bar drinks, taxes, use of kayaks, bikes, paddleboards, sail boat, windsurf board and free Wi-Fi in lounge and bar areas. 800-223-6961

Staniel Cay yaCht Club



oothe your body, mind and soul on Staniel Cay. Your balcony will literally overhang the most beautiful waters in the world. Take your own boat (provided in our package plan) and explore hidden cays, exposed sandbars and intimate beaches. We’ll pack your cooler and welcome you back at happy hour! Snorkel or scuba an incredible undersea world. Kayak, paddleboard, bike—or do nothing at 954-467-6658 all! But don’t forget to visit the swimming pigs!

Stella MariS reSort Club ook no further than Stella Maris Resort for your Bahamas wedding. We’ll help you create that special day you have always dreamed of, whether it’s saying your “I dos” on the sandy beach or celebrating in an intimate reception setting. Our complimentary wedding planner can help you choose the right setting to create a uniquely memorable island wedding. 242-338-2051/50

SwainS Cay ReSoRt



wains Cay Lodge is the perfect Bahamas Out Islands retreat and Andros Island honeymoon resort. Located on a white-sand beach laced with swaying coconut palms and gin-clear water, Swains Cay Lodge is a true escape to peace and tranquility. An island getaway for couples to sit back, relax and enjoy the view of the Bahamas’ best-kept secret. 242-422-5018

K 495

Turquoise Cay BouTique HoTel

Valentines ResoRt & MaRina


urquoise Cay Boutique Hotel provides the pleasures of tropical luxury and the highest quality of service, creating a unique experience for every guest’s needs.



alentines Resort & Marina offers a unique way to say “I do.” Your wedding can be a simple yet romantic and whimsical occasion, or it can be an ultimate destination wedding experience. Exchange your vows on our stunning pink-sand beach, poolside or within our tropical courtyard. Let our wedding planners help you design the beautiful stressfree wedding you have always dreamed of. 954-463-4519 Valentines will make your special dream day one you will always treasure!


barbados 5 things you need to know K 1 With more than 3,000 hours of sunshine each year, the weather is almost always sunny and warm, cooled by the constant northeast trade winds. The average daytime temperature is balmy, ranging between 84-88 degrees. 2 Shorts, t-shirts, wraps and sundresses are your best bet for daytime wear and elegantly casual wear for evenings. Swimwear should be kept for the beach and suitable attire should be worn when shopping or dining out.


At a Glance languages spoken

English currency

The Barbadian capital city of Bridgetown was originally named “Indian Bridge” for the crude bridge that was constructed over the river by early Indian settlers. 3 4 First made 370 years ago from the sugar cane that populated the island, Barbados rum soon found the favor of many English sailors. 5 Hike along an inland trail or down a coastal pathway, laugh at a mischievous green monkey in the wildlife preserve or unwind in one of the numerous parks.

Barbados Dollar best monthS TO GO

SandalS BarBadoS

December to April


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urrender to endless sunshine and calypso rhythms. The only resort in Barbados exclusively for couples, this paradise is an idyllic refuge to reconnect and recharge. Find inner peace at the newly built yoga and fitness center. Embrace cool Caribbean waters at three sparkling pools or by diving into the vibrant coral reefs. With complimentary greens fees at the Barbados Golf Club, 11 specialty dining venues and 280 luxurious 877-SANDALS rooms—all overlooking the exotic gardens and ocean— there’s a magical story just waiting to be told.

greece 5 things you need to know 1 All island trips begin with a flight to Athens, on Greece’s mainland. Stay a few days if you like, then start your island odyssey by plane. Fly to an island with an airport—not all have one—then fan out by ferryboat. 2 If you learn just one Greek word, it should be “Opa!” Shouted with enthusiasm, it means “Bravo, wonderful, hooray!” 3 Two island groups, the Dodecanese and Northern Aegean Islands, aretantalizingly close to Turkey. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore it as well. ­

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At a Glance Language SPOKEN

Greek (many people speak English) Currency

The Euro Best months TO GO

Linger over dinner, traditionally an all-evening affair that begins with mezedes (hors d’oeuvres) at 7 or 8 p.m. Afterward, you can stroll the moonlit streets, toast with ouzo (the national drink, an anise-flavored liqueur best diluted with water) and dance until dawn. 4 5 Many seasonal businesses (including hotels) are closed from November to March for the colder, less popular months.



May and October SHUTTERSTOCK

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iscover the magic of Greece and Turkey with Hellenic Holidays, a travel specialist in hand-crafted vacations to Greece and Turkey. Our concept of a honeymoon is the deep understanding of this special journey by designing a trip full of intimacy, romance, beautiful scenery and spectacular cuisine. Forty years of experience and an uncompromising level of service make Hellenic Holidays the perfect match to 212-944-8288 make your honeymoon the trip of a lifetime.


grEnada 5 things you need to know K 1 The three islands of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique are located in the eastern Caribbean at the southern extremity of the Windward Islands, only 100 miles north of Venezuela. 2 International flights stop at Maurice Bishop International Airport, and visitors who continue have only a short hop by inter-island charter to Lauriston Airport in Carriacou.


The driest season is between January and May. Even during the rainy season, from June to December, it rarely rains for more than an hour at a time and generally not every day. At a Glance 4 If you want to drive in Grenada you must obtain a local driving permit. Most Language SPOKEN English, French car rental firms issue local permits. Note that driving is on the LEFT. 3



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River Antoine Rum Distillery, the oldest functioning distillery in the Caribbean, is a must-see for visitors. Best months TO GO Using only locally sourced sugar cane, January to May the rum is handmade by the same process (and on some of the same equipment!) that was used when the distillery first opened in the late 1700s. You can even sample the rum at the end of your tour. 5

East Caribbean Dollar

SandalS laSource Grenada reSorT & Spa


world-class resort in Grenada has finally emerged. Introducing Sandals LaSource Grenada, an unsurpassed, all-inclusive luxury experience on the seductive “Spice Island.� Exotic elements of the South Seas are infused with bold, contemporary design resulting in a first-class resort unlike any other. Guests revel in pools that float in the sky, living rooms that float inside pools, and Tranquility Soaking Tubs that offer 877-SandalS endless ocean views from magnificent balconies.

Jamaica At a Glance languages spoken


5 things you need to know 1 The best way to get around is in Jamaican Union of Travelers Association (JUTA)–licensed taxis. 2 Montego Bay is definitely a must-see. Located near the airport on the northwest side of the island, “MoBay” is perfect for golf getaways and short honeymoon trips. 3 Bob Marley’s birthplace, Kingston, is ideal for honeymooners seeking their reggae roots or even a starting point for spa trips and hikes in the beautiful Blue Mountains. 4 Many popular Jamaican destinations are between one and two hours from the Montego Bay airport by car. Bring Dramamine if you’re at risk for motion sickness, as taxi drivers take the curvy roads at quite a clip. 5 While shopping in Montego Bay, don’t hesitate to haggle. Sellers are insistent.


English currency

US dollar, Bahamian dollar best monthS TO GO

Beaches Negril resort & spa et go and let loose because Negril invented “chill.” Located on the widest and best stretch of Jamaica’s famous Seven-Mile Beach, Beaches Negril is an upbeat, family-friendly resort where three shimmering pools, eight superb restaurants and an exclusive Red Lane® Spa are a few of the many heavenly temptations. Here you’ll sway to the beat of Bob Marley played by an authentic Mento band and stroll lush 877-BEACHES tropical gardens—a paradise where no building is higher than the tallest palm tree.


December to April SHUTTERSTOCK


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Beaches OchO RiOs ResORt & GOlf cluB



ascading down from the lush St. Ann Mountains to the romantic beach of Ocho Rios, this newly renovated family golf and beach resort offers something for everyone. Unwind at one of five pools, or get revved up at the Pirates Island Waterpark and the chic 18-and-under Liquid nightclub. From beach bonfire parties and a Red Lane® Spa to specialty dining at seven world-class restaurants—plus the 877-Beaches lavishly refurbished rooms and suites—Beaches Ocho Rios is for lovers of luxury and sun-kissed fun.


estled between the St. Ann Mountains and the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica’s newest resort has been thoroughly renovated and features three extraordinary destinations in one: the chic Ochi Beach Club and Riviera Seaside, the lively plantation-style Great House, and new All-Butler Village, with 105 pools and romantic Romeo & Juliet Suites. Enjoy 15 restaurants, nine bars, a nightclub, 877-SandalS live entertainment at a cutting-edge amphitheater ® and two Red Lane Spas.



SANDALS MONTEGO BAY he “flagship” Sandals, set on Jamaica’s longest, private white-sand beach in Montego Bay, is where the beach goes on and the party never stops. Eight restaurants make you think, it doesn’t get any better than this, and a Red Lane® Spa renews you. Wedding bells ring at a nondenominational chapel—exclusively at this Sandals location. For those who prefer glamorous seclusion, the Beachfront 877-SandalS Hideaway Butler Village provides privilege and butler service along a beautiful stretch of beach.

SandalS negril Beach reSort & Spa ick back on the best and longest stretch of Jamaica’s famous SevenMile Beach and experience the very chic and slightly playful side of Negril. Unwind poolside or at the Red Lane® Spa. There are seven restaurants, including our signature dining experience, Barefoot by the Sea. Breathtaking Swim-up Suites are on the edge of a lagoon pool with the beach in view, and exquisite Millionaire Suites include private 877-SANDALS outdoor pools and gardens that wrap you in luxurious seclusion while personal butlers attend to your needs.





sandals royal plantation

lassic Georgian architecture welcomes you to a place reminiscent of the grandest British manor houses. At the main resort, the noblest of British refinement blends with Jamaican charm. Feast at eight tantalizing restaurants including an authentic British pub. Breathtaking Swim-up Suites place water’s allure at the edge of your patio. Then venture to an exotic offshore island and discover a private 877-SandalS island—Sandals Island—with a Thai restaurant, ® secluded beach and Red Lane Spa escape.


uilt in the glamorous 1950s and luxuriously appointed in the 21st century, this serene sanctuary for adults still maintains its stellar reputation as one of Jamaica’s most exquisite resorts. Sandals Royal Plantation sits on a bluff 25 feet above the Caribbean Sea, granting each of its 74 suites heartstopping views of the ocean and exclusive butler service. Bask blissfully on the spectacular twin beaches where you can spend 877-SANDALS hours sunbathing or partake in exciting watersports including scuba diving or snorkeling.

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SANDALS WHITEHOUSE EUROPEAN VILLAGE & SPA iscover European grandeur on the undiscovered South Coast of Jamaica. Located on an uninhabited 500-acre nature reserve, an oasis of extraordinary proportions unfolds along two miles of beach that span the entire property. You’d have to travel around the world to find all the indulgences included here, from the magnificent seven restaurants to all ocean view accommodations in three European-themed villages: 877-SandalS Dutch, French and Italian—all surrounding a magnificent Venetian piazza and inspiring passionate romance.

SecretS Wild Orchid MOntegO Bay



rom indigenous art to chic design, Secrets Wild Orchid takes its inspiration from the island’s gorgeous surroundings. Couples discover a vibrant, adults-only, hip locale with exclusive amenities of Unlimited-Luxury®, beginning with 24-hour room service, seven restaurants, nine bars and lounges, the world-class Secrets Spa by Pevonia and championship-caliber golf nearby. Ask about the complimentary Secrets 866-GOSECRETS Eternity Honeymoon package and how to earn free nights towards your first anniversary return stay.


MEXICO 10 things you need to know K Seemingly carved out of a jungle, Cancún sits at the tip of Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula, twinkling with big resorts and beautiful palm beaches. 1

At a Glance languages spoken

Spanish currency

2 Unlike its bustling neighbor Cancún, Cozumel is relatively quiet: Only 3 percent of this 189-square-mile island with clear waters, beautiful reefs and white-sand beaches has been developed. 3 If you like nightlife, discos are popular in Acapulco; they’re open 365 days a year, from 10:30 p.m. until 4 or 5 a.m. 4 The “Corridor” near Los Cabos is a gorgeous string of cozy hotels, championship golf courses, winding horse trails and white-sand beaches. 5 Big ocean-side resorts in Cancún are a good home base for exploring ancient Mayan ruins. The seaside Mayan city of Tulum is closest. Good day trips include Coba and Chichen Itza.

Most of the Yucatán peninsula is great for water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving. For underwater sightseers, check out El Chileno, an underwater preserve, or Bahia Santa Maria, a cove surrounded by cliffs, near Los Cabos. 6 7 People fall in love with Playa del Carmen equally for what it has (gorgeous beaches and rustic charm) and for what it doesn’t (the crowds and overbuilt beachfronts of some big tourist spots). 8 Located at the edge of the Sierra Madre range, Puerto Vallarta is full of old cobblestone streets and plenty of Mexican tradition (think: fiestas!). 9 San Jose del Cabo is an old Mexican village built around the Colonial-style church Iglesia San Jose and a charming town square. 10 The Riviera Maya parallels the Caribbean coast. It starts in Playa del Carmen and ends in Tulum.


Peso best monthS TO GO

October to May


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K 503

SecretS capri riviera cancun

SecretS Playa MujereS Golf & SPa reSort


ecrets Capri Riviera Cancun offers an adults-only, UnlimitedLuxury® experience where everything is included! Intimate, villastyle surroundings set the tone for achieving ultimate rejuvenation and were designed to inspire the experience-seeking guests. Enjoy complimentary greens fees at a nearby championship course, partake in a digital photography class, unwind at the 1-866-GOSECRETS Secrets Spa by Pevonia and say “I do” under an elegant gazebo.


pening November 2014, Secrets Playa Mujeres offers guests white sandy beaches and stunning ocean views. This brand new, adultsonly, all-suite resort offers the Unlimited-Luxury® experience (where everything is included) and is only 35 minutes from the Cancun International Airport, adjacent to an 18-hole signature Greg Norman golf course and in close proximity to shopping, 1-866-GOSECRETS restaurants and nightlife.


St. Lucia At a Glance languages spoken 1 Avoid St. Lucia’s rainy season, which runs from June until November. 2 Make sure you check out Gros Piton and Petit Piton, rugged mountains located on the island’s southwest coast; they’re among the Caribbean’s most recognizable landmarks. 3 You’ll need a guide to enter the island’s restricted rainforest region, so sign up for a tour to walk through the dense foliage and swim in one of the tropical waterfalls. If you’re lucky, you may see the rare St. Lucian parrot.

10 things you need to know 6 The best place to start a scuba dive along the coral walls is the beach at Anse Choiseul, a hotel on the southwest coast. 7 Some of the coral walls plunge 200 feet deep! Keep your eyes peeled for barrel sponges, angel fish, sea horses, spotted eels, stingrays, nurse sharks and sea turtles. 8 Try local favorites like saltfish, green fig and Creole barbecue. While you’re in Castries, try Jimmie’s or Bang, two can’t-miss restaurants. 9 Gros Islet, a small island on the northwest shore of St. Lucia, is known throughout the Caribbean for its Friday night jump-up. Street-side music blares as locals jam to the sounds of reggae, soca and calypso. 10 If you or your groom loves jazz music, plan your trip around the four-day St. Lucia Jazz Festival, held every May.


English currency

Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar, US dollar best monthS TO GO

December to April

5 Visit the hopping Saturday market in Castries, the island’s capital. The vendors sell everything from fruits and local spices to crafts.


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If you rent a car, make sure you keep to the left side of the road (like you would in the UK). You can also make your way around via ferry, bus or cab. 4


SandalS Grande St. lucian Spa & Beach reSort rand panoramic views add to the grandeur of this palatial resort set on its own spectacular peninsula with the ocean on both sides. The most discerning guests will be impressed by such indulgences as eight restaurants including a British pub, the signature Barefoot by the Sea and Gordon’s on the Pier for Butler Elite guests. Five magnificent pools and the island-inspired Red Lane® Spa invite total relaxation. Spectacular 877-SandalS accommodations include lagoon swim-up rooms and circular Rondoval suites with private plunge pools.


K 505


sandals REGEnCY la toC Golf REsoRt & spa


waken your desires for romantic temptation in the true Garden of Eden. Quintessentially Caribbean with classic island architecture and charm, this intimate seaside oasis is blissfully serene. Enjoy six restaurants, including Kelly’s Dockside, which extends out over the ocean and offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Laid back and casual, this is Saint Lucia’s ultimate beach resort—with exchange 877-SANDALS privileges between all three Sandals Resorts in Saint Lucia.


igh glamour rises to new heights of luxury on the legendary La Toc estate, which includes a half-mile cove beach, a nine-hole golf course, nine impressive restaurants and a stunning Red Lane® Spa. Dramatic twostory villas atop Sunset Bluff, with private pools and butler service, are the pinnacle of indulgence. Exclusive Millionaire Suites with private pools are the summit of prestige at the cliff’s peak with 877-SANDALS 180-degree ocean views, while elevated privileges include personal butler service.



turks & caicos 10 things you need to know 6


At a Glance Language SPOKEN

1 Look out for the “green flash” at sunset. This splitsecond burst of emerald light can sometimes happen along the horizon on a clear day. 2 The largest of the islands, Middle Caicos is 48 square miles of natural beauty. The coastline is more dramatic than that of the other islands; especially on the north shore, where there are limestone cliffs with long sandy beaches.

English Currency

North Atlantic humpback whales are seen around the islands of Grand Turk and Salt Cay from late January through early April. These magestic creatures pass through as part of their annual migration for mating and birth. 7 Only 8 of the 40 islands are inhabited, which gives it an intimate feel.

US dollar Best months TO GO

December to April

Grace Bay beach is one of the highest-rated beaches in the western hemisphere. 3 4 Turks & Caicos is less developed and more upscale than other Caribbean islands. 5 South Caicos, or The Big South, is the fishing capital of the islands, and boasts the best natural harbor. It is home to the annual Big South Regatta each May.

One of Grand Turk’s main attractions is diving. With its many dive operators it caters to both novice snorkelers and experienced divers. 8 9 North Caicos is the lushest of all the islands because of the abundant rainfall and boasts the largest flock of pink flamingo in the islands. 10 Some say the Historic Cockburn Town on Grand Turk is the spot where Columbus landed in 1492. Take a walking tour through the town.


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K 507

BEACHES TURKS & CAICOS RESORT vIllAgES & SpA enowned for its sparkling turquoise waters and the longest, most coveted stretch of Grace Bay’s 12-mile white-sand beach, “The Last of the True Exotics” is perfect for romantic getaways and family-friendly escapes. This includes underwater adventures at one of the top diving destinations in the world. Enjoy 19 fabulous restaurants, and sip tropical drinks at 13 bars. Plus, choose from four spectacular villages: French, 877-Beaches Caribbean Seaside, Italian, and the Key West Luxury Village—all boasting stellar accommodations.

SunScape curaçao reSort, Spa & caSino



ocated near one of the world’s most praised diving sites, Sunscape Curaçao offers guests a fun-filled getaway with all the privileges of Unlimited-Fun®. Guests of all ages will enjoy limitless access to five gourmet restaurants, where reservations are never required, and endless top-shelf spirits from four chic bars and lounges. Certified divers will also enjoy a complimentary shore dive per day. For 866-SUNSCAPE those looking for a unique destination wedding or honeymoon, Sunscape Curaçao awaits!

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