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Tuomey interim CEO outlines plan for tenure ‘Strong mayor’ vs. councilmanager BY BRADEN BUNCH

Former, incumbent Sumter brass discuss pros, cons of systems

For Michael Schwartz, getting the local Sumter hospital into a strong position for the future is the current in a long line of tasks he has undertaken during his extensive career. Having spent more than 40 years in health care, al-

most exclusively working in high-level administer positions at nonprofit hospitals throughout the SCHWARTZ east coast, Schwartz now finds himself coming out of retirement to serve as the interim CEO of Tuomey Healthcare System.

He comes to Sumter after being named to replace Jay Cox, the hospital’s long serving CEO who resigned shortly after the hospital found itself on the losing end of an extended — and, in many ways, unresolved — lawsuit with the federal government. While negotiations are continuing to resolve the

lawsuit once and for all – Schwartz says the hospital, which currently faces a $239 million ruling, is making “incremental� progress in its discussions with the federal government - the need for meeting the health care demands of Sumter continues. SEE SCHWARTZ, PAGE A8


BY BRISTOW MARCHANT On Dec. 3, only a month after they elected a mayor and other officials, voters in Columbia went back to the polls to decide whether or not to change their city’s form of government. The question on the ballot involved an arcane shift of powers and responsibilities among municipal officials, moving from what’s called a “council-manager� form of government to a “strong mayor� system. Voters ultimately McELVEEN rejected a change to strong mayor system, with 57 percent of Columbia voters against the move. It was a result that pleased some officials in the area of Sumter, where the councilmanager form was pioneered more than 100 years ago. “I’m a big believer in the council-manager form of government,� said Steve Creech, a former Sumter mayor who also served as president of the S.C. Municipal Association. “Overall, it’s the purest form of government. It keeps politics and corruption out of administration.� Under council-manager, an elected mayor and city council vote to institute policy, pass ordinances and set the city budget, but most administrative SEE STRONG MAYOR, PAGE A4

Group gives dozens of bikes to children BY MATT WALSH The Evening Optimist Club Project Chairman Tom Lawrence and his family have refurbished thousands of bicycles over the years to bring a brighter Christmas to underprivileged chil-

ABOVE: Michael Lawrence, 21, puts the finishing touches on bicycles that were given to children on Saturday during an event held by the Evening Optimist Club at Westside Baptist Church.

dren in Sumter. “I work in a bike shop now because I have so much experience fixing bikes,� said Michael Lawrence, 21, son of the club chairman and a Costal Carolina University student who works

LEFT: Xavior Conyers rides a new bike he received from the Evening Optimist Club on Saturday. MATT WALSH / THE ITEM


Airmen keep eyes out for Santa

One of the F-16s from McEntire Joint National Guard Base’s 169th Fighter Wing takes off from a runway recently.

BY ROB COTTINGHAM As children wait anxiously in their beds the night of Christmas Eve, a few will be plotting to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus as he delivers their gifts.



20 N. Magnolia St. Sumter, SC 29150 (USPS 525-900)

Good luck with that. But as far as tracking Santa’s movements, none have been as involved and enthusiastic as the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s Santa Tracking program. Every year, NORAD tracks the

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progress of Santa’s deliveries through Christmas Eve and Day, relaying his progress online, on the radio and on TV. Many know about the yearly tracking of Santa’s SEE ALERT, PAGE A4



Mostly cloudy throughout the day; rain and thunderstorms at night. HIGH: 77 LOW: 64 A12

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SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2013 Contact the newsroom at 803-774-1226 or e-mail

Record highs in the South; ice, snow, freezing rain in the North CHICAGO (AP) — A storm with a 2,000-mile footprint threatened to frustrate Christmas travelers from Texas to Nova Scotia with a little of everything Mother Nature has to offer, from freezing rain, ice and snow to flooding, thunderstorms and possibly some tornadoes in the South. Some of the millions of people hitting the roads and airports Saturday squeaked through before any major weather hit, but as the afternoon wore on some cancellations and delays started to mount at major aviation hubs. Forecasters said roads that are passable one minute could become treacherous the next as a cold blast

on the backend of the storm turns rain to ice and snow. Making it harder for forecasters to stay a step ahead, the system was a weird swirl of wintry and spring-like weather as it passed over areas in the Midwest with freezing temperatures and places like Memphis, Tenn., where temperatures surpassed 70 degrees on Saturday. “This is a particularly strong storm with very warm, near record-breaking temperatures in the East and very cold air in the Midwest, and that contrast is the sort of conditions that are favorable for not only winter weather but also tornadoes,” said National

Weather Service meteorologist Ed Danaher in College Park, Md. The worst of the storm was expected to hit Midwest population centers Saturday night, giving some travelers a window at the start of the holiday rush to get through airports and along highways with little disruption. About 350 flights had been cancelled, nationwide, as of 5 p.m. EST, according to aviation tracking website Most of the disruptions were affecting flights in and out of major hubs like O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, though the weather there was not yet nasty.

“Santa Claus” Bill Leslie fishes n the fountain in downtown Sumter on Saturday when temperatures reached record highs. Ironically, Saturday is marked on the calendar as the first official day of winter. MATT WALSH / THE ITEM


Officers search for local man wanted in 2 robberies BY BRISTOW MARCHANT


Passers-by take in the view of Steve Davis, right, who dressed like a Gamecock cheerleader and stood on Broad Street in Sumter after losing a bet on the Carolina vs. Clemson game to his friend, David Kirby. Along with dressing as a cheerleader, Davis held a sign reading, “I lost the bet. Gamecocks Rule! 31-17.”

Investigators with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office are asking for the public’s help in locating a man accused of robbing two convenience stores at knife-point. Bryan Kenneth Hodge, 29, of last known address 205 Toonsie Drive, is wanted on two charges of armed robbery. Around 5:30 a.m. Saturday, Hodge reportedly entered a store on the corner of U.S. 15 and Caroland Drive armed with a knife and held up the clerk, making off with an undetermined amount of money. HODGE Shortly after 6 a.m., Hodge reportedly entered another store at U.S. 15 and Nettles Road and again robbed the counter brandishing a knife. Law enforcement did not identify what kind of knife Hodge was reportedly carrying. Investigators were able to identify Hodge from security camera footage at one of the stores. He reportedly has been arrested previously on burglary and forgery charges. Hodge is described as a white male standing 5-foot, 11-inches tall and weighing 200 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. He was reportedly seen in a black 2002 two-door Chevrolet S-10. Hodge is described as armed and dangerous. Anyone with knowledge of Hodge’s whereabouts is asked to call the sheriff’s office at (803) 436-2700 or call Crime Stoppers at (803) 436-2718 or 1-800-CRIME-SC (274-6372). Members of the public are advised to never attempt to apprehend a fugitive themselves.

Get vaccinated to avoid shingles rash BY JADE ANDERSON The holidays can literally cause you to break out. “(Shingles) are not really more prevalent at a certain time of year, but stress can bring it on and the holidays are stressful for people at times,” said Paula J. Stover, chief programs officer for Sumter Family Health Center. Shingles is a painful rash that comes from the same virus as chickenpox. After an individual recovers from chickenpox, the virus stays dormant in the body until for reasons not fully understood, it manifests as shingles. “Anyone who has had the chickenpox can get it because the virus is already in their

body, and we do see a good number of cases,” Stover said. Almost 1 in 3 Americans will develop shingles in their lifetime with an occurrence of about a million cases each year, according to the Center for Disease Control. “I always thought older people got it because I remember my grandmother having it,” said Holly Chase, director of the community development for the center. “I was 35 or 36. It hurt like someone was sticking me with tons of needles. It was very painful and scary. It was up in my hair line just above my eyes and ran back through my hair line on one side of my head and down the back of my neck. I was very fortunate that it didn’t get in my eyes.” About half of all shingles

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cases occur in individuals 60 and older, and the older a person is, the more likely they are to develop shingles, the CDC states. One to five days before the rash appears, a person may feel pain, itching or tingling in the area where the rash develops. It forms blisters that tend to scab over in a week to 10 days and clears up in two weeks to a month. Shingles can cause loss of vision, according to the CDC. Other symptoms can include fever, headache, chills and upset stomach. On rare occasions, shingles can also lead to pneumonia, hearing problems, blindness, brain inflammation or death. The rash showed up during a stressful time in Chase’s life and right after she had her hair

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colored for the first time. “I thought I was having a reaction to the chemicals, but the dermatologist the doctor referred me to told me I had shingles,” Chase said. “I got the antiviral medicine, (and) it really did help after a day or two. I had blisters for several days, and I had to be very careful even washing my hair. The pain got less and less.” At the time, Chase worked with Tuomey Healthcare System, so she was out of work two weeks. “Just going to my office, I could end up in an elevator with a patient,” she said. “I had to stay away from those with a very low immune system or who were pregnant and small children, even my own children for a time. That was kind

of hard.” When the rash is in the blister-phase, an individual can spread the virus to people who have never had the chickenpox. A person who has never had chickenpox would develop them, not shingles, the CDC states. The only way to reduce the risk of developing shingles is to get vaccinated, according to the CDC. “We typically do recommend the vaccine,” Stover said. “The vaccine Zostavax® is typically a onetime vaccine. You don’t get it every year like the flu shot or every few years like the pneumonia vaccine.” If you suspect you have shingles or are interested in getting vaccinated, see your healthcare provider.

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STRONG MAYOR from Page A1 tasks and management of municipal staff are the responsibility of a fulltime, nonpartisan manager who works under council. It was one of several systems created in the early 20th century to separate politics from daily city administration. Sumter boasts of being the first city to adopt the system after a public referendum on June 11, 1912, approved a municipal reform plan first proposed by New York reform advocate Richard S. Childs. “He learned about the commission (or council) form of government in Galveston, Texas, and heard Staunton, Va., had hired a manager,� said Talmadge Tobias, a former Sumter city manager. “He thought if you combined the commission form of government with the city manager, a professional could deal with the issues of running the city.� Today, council-manager is the preferred form of government for 40 percent of American cities with a population of more than 2,500 and many more overseas, according to the International City/County Management Association. Current Sumter Mayor Joe McElveen thinks an experienced city manager, like Sumter’s Deron McCormick, who understands the ins and outs of municipal finance and different de-

partments can be an invaluable guide to elected politicians who may not have any previous experience with city government. “When I was first elected, I had a little experience working with utilities and roads, but most (politicians) have run their own businesses or had other responsible positions somewhere else,� McElveen said. “They don’t know the core duties of the office.� But proponents of the strong-mayor form, which vests more executive authority in the city’s top elected office, say it makes government more responsive to voters when they know the mayor is directly responsible for how the city is run. Many of America’s largest cities have strong mayors, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, and South Carolina’s two largest cities after Columbia — Charleston and North Charleston — both also have executive mayors. Proponents of council-manager, on the other hand, say a hired manager can be more responsive to his bosses on council than a separately elected mayor, and it’s the responsibility of the elected council as a whole to exercise oversight. “I never had a contract,� Tobias said. “I

worked at the will of the council. At any meeting, if four of them broke that way, they could tell me goodbye.� But an official who manages department operations separately from the political branch of government can also act as a check on the elected politicians, said Creech, who noted if he or a council member ever made a poor suggestion to a manager like Tobias, he could politely “blow us off.� “Talmadge went to the department heads and told them, ‘you work for me. If you have a problem, come to me. If you go to a council member, I’ll dismiss you,’� Creech remembers. “And he told the council, ‘if you talk to the department heads, I’ll dismiss them.’� Manning Mayor Julia Nelson presides over a city that only switched from strong mayor to a system run by a city administrator under the council in 1995, and says she prefers the way Manning operates now. “I feel more comfortable if everybody has the same responsibility,� she said. “That way it’s not a one-man show.� Nelson likes the “team effort� required from the administrator and her fellow council members. She agrees the model is responsive to the city’s needs, because if an administra-


tor isn’t doing a good job, “he’s not going to be the administrator anymore.� If he could change anything about Sumter’s government, McElveen would keep his office’s current level of responsibility but allow the mayor to become a fulltime city employee rather than a part-time official. That would allow a mayor (McElveen said the change would probably happen after his time in office) to focus more on the city, take part in more activities and better represent Sumter when dealing with other levels of government. “I spent as much time on my job with the city as I do my law office,� he said. “I don’t think it’s the form that determines (the mayor’s influence) so much as an individual who is willing to devote a lot of time to the position, and that can take away from the business side.� In that sense, McElveen said, the outcome of Columbia’s failed referendum may have left the city with the best possible outcome, a full-time mayor working alongside the city manager and council. “Columbia has really hit the sweet spot,� McElveen said.



Anthony Dustin Dill, 28, of 3109 Old Stone Road, Manning, was arrested Thursday and charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of a Schedule II controlled substance. Police approached Dill at a store on the 200 block of North Washington Street at 11:50 a.m. He was reportedly found to have an unlabeled bottle of 21 suspected 8mg hydromorphone pills and .03 grams of methamphetamine. STOLEN PROPERTY:

A PlayStation 3, a laptop computer and a metal safe containing a Taurus PT22 .22-caliber handgun, Cobra .380-caliber handgun and various legal documents were reportedly stolen from the 100 block of Wilson Street between 10:30 a.m. Sunday and 8 a.m. Monday. The items are valued at $1,252. The following items were reported stolen from a residence at the 6000 block of Spring Hill Road in Rembert at 1:59 a.m. Wednesday: a security box containing jewelry including bracelets, necklaces and a wedding band, a 47 inch flat-screen TV, two 32 inch flat-screen TV, a dvd/vcr combo, an xbox 360, an Apple iPad mini. The central A/C unit and a Murray riding lawn mower were also stolen from outside the house. The stolen items are valued at a total of $7,174. Several aluminum windows, a gas water heater and a portable fireplace were reportedly stolen from the first block of Branch Street between 11 and 11:15 a.m. Monday. Two boys approximately in their teens were seen passing the items out the home’s windows, then left the scene in an older model white Jeep. An HP laptop computer was reportedly stolen from the 500 block of North Guignard Drive between 5 p.m. Dec. 5 and 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. The computer is valued at $1,100.

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SCHWARTZ from Page A1 Because of this, Schwartz is in the process of evaluating exactly where the hospital stands. And while that continues, Schwartz, armed with a 9-month contract from the hospital’s board of directors, says he has found several pressing issues for the local hospital. BRINGING PHYSICIANS TO SUMTER


According to Schwartz, the Sumter hospital needs about 22 new physicians working in Sumter to meet the healthcare demands of the community. These figures, he said, actually come from a report conducted by the hospital’s previous administration that he praised and agrees with after review. In addition, Sumter also has the added difficulty of an aging doctor workforce, with several of the physicians approaching retirement. Eventually, these doctors will need to be replaced, and Schwartz said with recent changes in health care regulations, that could happen sooner than expected. “A lot of them grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, and they’re tired. They came in, and they were pretty much free spirits. Now they’re controlled by the

health care system — Medicare, Medicaid, the bureaucracy — and they’re just tired of it,� Schwartz said “It’s not what they signed up for.� Just because there is a need for doctors in Sumter, however, Schwartz said that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy to fill the need. “There are difficulties in recruiting doctors to rural areas, and small towns,� Schwartz said. “Probably there’s more issues with the spouses than with the doctor, but it’s difficult.� And while there are needs in various different fields, Schwartz recognizes that some of those will be easier to fill than others. Therefore, the interim CEO said he hopes to focus on those positions that are crucial. “The first thing you do is make a list of priorities. What types of doctors do you really need,� Schwartz said, adding he also believes Tuomey needs to work with the current doctors’ practices in the area to recruit new talent. “If you can get doctors to come to existing practices, that’s a good thing,� Schwartz said. “We want to support our doctors, not compete with them.� “My goal is to hire eight to ten (this year),� Schwartz said. “We’re not

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going to be able to hire 22 doctors in one year. There’s no way. But will hire eight to ten. If we’re lucky, twelve.� “How do you do it? I’m going to answer you in a short sentence. You do it legally. That’s the way you do it,� Schwartz said. “I don’t know what happened before. You do it legally. And there are ways to do it.� ENACTING THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT

Sitting on Schwartz’s desk is an extensive checklist, provided to him by his previous employer, that hospitals need to go through to make sure they are meeting all the requirements of the new health care law. The number of challenges the new law creates for hospitals, Schwartz said, is imposing. “If an airplane pilot had this for a checklist, the plane would crash by the time they got through all this,� Schwartz said. “I’m one of those ‘trust but verify’ kind of people,� Schwartz said. “We need to go through this stepby-step, and see how prepared we are for the Affordable Care Act.� One of the main goals for the hospital in regards to the Affordable Care Act is creating a hospital portal, an electronic records database so patients can have an easier time sharing their records between

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but also its day-to-day legal counsel, as well. Those changes could have a positive impact for the hospital as they continue to meet with federal prosecutors in resolving the case. “It’s obviously not every day, but there’s incremental movement forward, and it’s yet to be determined what the outcome will be,� Schwartz said. “My view is, whatever the outcome, I’m hoping for an outcome - I’m praying for an outcome - that leaves this hospital intact so that it can continue to serve the community in the future.� NOT WORRYING ABOUT OPINIONS

“Not everything I do here will I be liked for,� Schwartz said. “Some things will be loved. SEE SCHWARTZ, PAGE A11

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“Of course, I would like to see during my time, the resolution of this legal issue,� Schwartz said, referring to the federal lawsuit that has spanned more than eight years now, and resulted in a jury determining earlier this year that Tuomey had violated the False Claims Act and Stark Law. Since the verdict, Tuomey has changed not only its top leadership,

At the request of the board of trustees that hired him, Schwartz is also working to update a system to help educate the board on what it takes to run a hospital. “They have it, but they want to update it,� Schwartz said, adding that this will be especially important for any board members that have recently joined the leadership group, or might do

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so in the future. This includes updating the orientation program for board members, but also establishing a robust continuing education program for the members. Schwartz said he is also working with the board to make sure Tuomey has a working three-year capital plan.

the various doctors that might see them. While Schwartz says ultimately it will be a valuable tool, he said Tuomey is not going to make the mistake another electronic system associated with the Affordable Care Act — healthcare. gov — made. “We’re going to test it before we release it,� Schwartz said. “If it’s three months late, I don’t care, as long as it works right.� He has shared the checklist with all of the vice presidents at the hospital, who are working with him to determine how prepared they are for undertaking all of the new protocols required by the law. “We’re going to put in place what we can. It would take a magician to do it all. It’s not easy, and that’s why you’re having so much controversy across the country,� Schwartz said.


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Fury and frustration over Target data breach NEW YORK (AP) — Potential victims of credit card fraud tied to Target’s security breach said they had trouble contacting the discounter through its website and call centers. Angry Target customers expressed their displeasure in comments on the company’s Facebook page. Some even threatened to stop shopping at the store. Target’s CEO Gregg Steinhafel apologized through a statement issued on Friday. The retailer also said it’s working hard to resolve the problem and is adding more workers to field calls and help solve website issues.

A customer signs his credit card receipt at a Target store in Tallahassee, Fla., in 2008. Target says that about 40 million credit and debit card accounts customers may have been affected by a data breach that occurred at its U.S. stores between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

And the discounter began offering 10 percent off for customers who shop in its stores this weekend and free credit-monitoring services to those who’ve been affected by the issue. The Minneapolisbased discounter said that while it’s only heard of “very few� re-

ports of fraud, it’s reaching out to customers who made purchases by swiping their cards when the scam occurred. The company also said it’s continuing

its investigation into the matter. “We take this crime seriously,� Steinhafel said in the statement. Target’s statements come after the nation’s

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TJX Cos. That incident affected at least 45.7 million card users. Target disclosed the theft a day after reports that the company was investigating a breach. The retailer’s data-security troubles and its ensuing public relations nightmare threaten to drive off holiday shoppers during the company’s busiest time of year.

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second-largest retailer acknowledged Thursday that data connected to about 40 million credit and debit card accounts was stolen as part of a breach that began during the Thanksgiving weekend. The theft is the second-largest credit-card breach in U.S. history, exceeded only by a scam that began in 2005 involving retailer

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Shoppers looking for holiday deals wait in line outside of Kohls in Harrisonburg, Va., on Thanksgiving. Broadway resident Laura Flick, far right, was first in line at 4:30 p.m. for the store’s opening at 8 p.m.


Stores open for 100 hours to attract shoppers BY ANNE D’INNOCENZIO AP Retail Writer NEW YORK — Some stores are ending the holiday shopping season the same way they began it — with roundthe-clock, marathon shopping hours. Kohl’s for the first time is staying open for essentially five days straight, from 6 a.m. on Friday through 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Macy’s and Kmart are opening some of their stores for more than 100 hours in a row from Friday through Christmas Eve. And Toys R Us planned to stay open for 87 hours straight starting on Saturday, which is typically the second-biggest shopping day of the year. The expanded hours

in the final days before Christmas are reminiscent of how some retailers typically begin the season on the day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday. The strategy comes as stores try to recoup lost sales during a season that’s been hobbled by a number of factors. Despite a recovery economy, many Americans have been struggling with stagnant wages and other issues. On top of that, the time period between the official holiday shopping kickoff on Black Friday and the end of the season is six days shorter than a year ago. That has given Americans less time to shop. Sales at U.S. stores rose 2 percent to $176.7 billion from Nov. 1 through last Sunday,

according to ShopperTrak. That’s a slower pace than the 2.4 percent increase the Chicago store data tracker expects for the entire twomonth season. The disappointing growth pace has put more pressure on retailers to get people into stores in the final days before Christmas. A lot is at stake because they can make up to 40 percent of their revenue in November and December. “It’s make or break for the retailers,” said C. Britt Beemer, chairman of America’s Research Group, a consumer research company. “They have to make up for lost ground.” Retailers hope the expanded hours will make last-minute shopping easier for Ameri-

cans such as Peter Sallese, who have either stayed out of stores so far because of money problems, inclement weather or other issues. The financial executive from New York City said he’s usually finished with shopping by midDecember, but with the shortened season, he fell behind. “Basically, when I came back from Thanksgiving, there was no time,” Sallese said. “Add in the snow and

the freezing weather, and you didn’t feel like shopping.” This isn’t the first year retailers have used marathon hours to lure shoppers. Toys R Us will open from 6 a.m. on Saturday to 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve — the fourth year it’s had marathon hours at the end of the season. And this is the third year Kmart has offered round-the-clock hours: The discounter will open a little more than


one tenth of its 1,100 stores from 6 a.m. on Friday until 10 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Macy’s began testing its 24-hour strategy in 2006, but it has made tweaks this year. Most Macy’s locations were open for 48 hours straight during the final two days before Christmas last year. But this year, 37 of Macy’s 800 stores will be open for 107 hours from 7 a.m. on Friday to 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve.


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Church seeks donations for Christmas dinner

day season,” said Ginny Waller, executive director of STSM. “It can be helpful Jehovah Missionary to offer alternative activiBaptist Church is seeking ties or gatherings. The donations and volunteers most important thing peofor its second annual ple can do is to believe the Christmas Day “Feeding survivor and encourage the Hungry” event. The them to get help. STSM is church is collecting dona- here to provide support tions for the meal at the for survivors through our M.H. Newton Family Life hotline and can schedule Enrichment Center, and a free counseling appointaim to serve lunch to 300 ment with one of our lipeople. Volunteers are also censed counselors who needed to serve meals be- specialize in dealing with tween 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. trauma. It is never too late on Christmas. Donations to start the healing proshould be brought to the cess.” church at 803 S. Harvin St. The private, nonprofit by Monday. organization provides crisis intervention, personal STSM offers 24-7 help and legal advocacy and counseling to survivors as during holidays well as prevention educaThe holidays are often tion to local middle and difficult for survivors of high school students in sexual assault, and Sexu- Richland, Lexington, Newal Trauma Services of the berry and Sumter counMidlands’ is here to help. ties. All services are free Challenges may inand confidential. clude: The office number is “Please respect the lim- (803) 790-8208. The 24itations of those who hour hotline is (803) 771struggle during the holi7273.



BIKES from Page A1 in the campus bike shop and has been repairing bicycles almost his whole life with his father. Tom Lawrence and his family of eight have been refurbishing bicycles and tricycles with the Evening Optimist Club for Christmas presents for the last 17 years. This year, the club refurbished about 200 bicycles, and they gave them to underprivileged Sumter children for Christmas on Saturday at Westside Baptist Church. “Look at the bright side of everything, and try to make the best come true, that’s one of our mottos,” Lawrence said. With the help of dozens of

volunteers, including members of the USC Sumter Fire Ant baseball team and Boy Scouts from Troop 86, who helped refurbish and collect used bikes from local fire departments, the club put smiles on the faces of dozens of children and their parents. Fundraisers like Cycles for Christmas BBQ Chicken Dinner that raised thousands of dollars for bike repairs were also a great help for the club. It cost about $20 per to fix each bike, he said. The used bikes were donated to Sumter fire departments by community members year round and later collected for repairs by the Evening Optimist Club. The club went through the Sumter School District and used an application process to determine which children need bikes.

The bikes were finally distributed Saturday by a tricycle riding Santa Claus and his elves after a waffle breakfast at West Side Baptist Church. “It makes my Christmas every year, this is my Christmas today,” Tom Lawrence said. “I work on these bikes all year round, and this is my reaping the rewards of that today.” The reward is hundreds of happy children, including 3-year-old twins Jeremiah and Josiah Gary riding away on their very first training-wheelequipped bicycles with big smiles on their faces.

Eddie C. Durant, Jr., D.D.S. Gregory A. Wheeler, D.M.D.



Fill your holiday with smiles..


Charles T. Brooks, III Trusted Legal Advice & Services

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740 Bultman Drive Convenient Office Hours: 7:00 a.m.–7:30 p.m. Monday–Friday

C A L L T O D AY F O R Y O U R A P P O I N T M E N T !

309 Broad Street Sumter, SC

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Here’s how area senators voted on major issues in the week ending Dec. 20. The House was not in session. TWO-YEAR BUDGET DEAL: Voting 64 for and 36 against, the Senate on Dec. 18 gave final congressional approval to a two-year, bipartisan spending and revenue plan that will enable Congress to operate in a stable budget environment through September 2015. The measure (HJ Res 59) softens the impact of the blind cuts known as sequestration on defense readiness and critical domestic programs, raises a variety of taxes and fees by $7 billion over 10 years, reduces deficit spending by $23 billion over 10 years and slightly raises discretionary spending to $1.012 trillion in fiscal 2014 and $1.014 trillion in fiscal 2015. Additionally, the bill would save $6 billion over 10 years by trimming cost-of-living increases in the pensions of military retirees who are younger than 62. Among its revenue provisions, the bill would increase airline ticket fees, raise pension contributions by newly hired federal employees, trim certain payments

to Medicare providers, increase fees paid by corporations to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. and require states to pay a larger share of the cost of managing mineral leases on federal land. Angus King, I-Maine, said the deal “will finally get us out of the business of governing by crisis, of lurching from crisis to crisis and threats of shutdown and continuing resolutions� and will “demonstrate to the country that we can do our job.� A yes vote was to send the bill to President Obama for his expected signature. VOTE S-1 slugged BUDGET SOUTH CAROLINA Voting yes: None Voting no: Lindsey Graham, R, Tim Scott, R Not voting: None

2014 MILITARY BUDGET: Voting 84 for and 15 against, the Senate on Dec. 19 gave final congressional approval to a bill (HR 3304) to authorize a $625.1 billion military budget for fiscal 2014, including $80.7 billion for actions in war zones, up to $60 billion for active-duty and retirement health care, $17.8 billion for nuclear-weapons programs run by the Department of Energy, $10 billion for the U.S. Special Operations Command and $9.3 billion for spaceand land-based missile defenses. The bill funds a 1 percent military pay raise, bars higher copayments or enrollment fees in the military health care system and sets active-duty endstrengths of 520,000 for the Army, 327,600 for


the Air Force, 323,600 for the Navy and 190,200 for the Marine Corps. The bill keeps the handling of sexual-assault cases within the chain of command where they occur, but ends commanders’ authority to dismiss the findings of a court martial. The bill establishes a special counsel to help survivors of sexual assaults navigate the military legal system and makes it a crime under the Uniform Code of Military Justice to retaliate against those who report sexual assaults. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., objected to the bill, in part, because he had been denied an opportunity to introduce an amendment that would prohibit the administra-

tion from reducing the U.S. nuclear arsenal without the consent of Congress. A yes vote was to send the bill to President Obama for his expected signature. VOTE S-2 slugged MILITARY SOUTH CAROLINA Voting yes: Graham, Scott Voting no: None Not voting: None

Defense in the first Obama administration. The 200,000-employee DHS was founded soon after 9/11 with the consolidation of 23 separate agencies into a single department. The previous DHS directors are Janet Napolitano, who served in the first Obama administration, and Michael Chertoff and Tom Ridge, who headed the department under President George W. Bush. No senator spoke against the nominee. A yes vote was to confirm Johnson. VOTE S-3 slugged JOHNSON SOUTH CAROLINA Voting yes: None Voting no: Scott Not voting: Graham

JEH JOHNSON CONFIRMATION: Voting 78 for and 16 against, the Senate on Dec. 16 confirmed Jeh Johnson, 56, as the fourth director of the Department of Homeland Security in its 11year history. Johnson, who comes to the post from private law practice, was general counsel to the Department of

Š 2013, Thomas Voting Reports Inc. FURNITURE & MATTRESSES


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Queen Mattress Set Public Notice City of Manning

Call me today to discuss your options. Jfd\g\fgc\k_`eb8ccjkXk\fecpgifk\ZkjpfliZXi%Kilk_`j#8ccjkXk\ZXeXcjfgifk\Zkpfli _fd\fiXgXikd\ek#pfliYfXk#dfkfiZpZc\$\m\epflii\k`i\d\ekXe[pflic`]\%8e[k_\ dfi\f]pflinfic[pflglk`e>ff[?Xe[jž#k_\dfi\pflZXejXm\%

General Election NOTICE: The Municipal Election Commission of the City of Manning announces the general election for the City of Manning to be Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

Bobby Beatson Agency, Inc. 803-778-6579


*/0IXjkJki\\k Jldk\i YY\Xkjfe7XccjkXk\%Zfd

Council member from District 2 for term expiring April 2018. Council member from District 3 for term expiring April 2018.

Insurance subject to terms, qualifications and availability. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company, Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company, Allstate Indemnity Company, Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Company. Life insurance and annuities issued by Lincoln Benefit Life Company, Lincoln, NE, Allstate Life Insurance Company, Northbrook, IL, and American Heritage Life Insurance Company, Jacksonville, FL. In New York, Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York, Hauppauge, NY. Northbrook, IL. Š


Council member from District 5 for term expiring April 2018.

Tom & Mary’s Put & Take LAUNDRY AND


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Plus Tax - With Coupon No Limits - Exp. 12-31-13

Plus Tax - With Coupon No Limits - Exp. 12-31-13

All Coupons Must Be Prepaid At Drop Off Time Coupons Valid At 2 Locations:

1784 Peach Orchard Rd (Hwy 441)t 88FTNBSLt (Across From Simpsons Hardware)

People desiring to vote in the upcoming election must be registered by March 8, 2014. To register, one must contact the County Board of Voter Registration. POLLING PLACES: Manning #2 Cypress Center Manning #3 K-P Lounge/Woodmen of the World Manning #4 Billie S. Fleming Protective Services Building (Fire and Police building) Manning #5 Manning Methodist Church

50 Hospital Street 419 Rudy Road 42 West Boyce Street 17 Rigby Street






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Christmas 2013: A reflection on families


his Christmas, I’d Cousin Jimmy, and he like to engage in explained it in a way some family rethat will surely be helpmembrance prompted ful to those who know by the death of James some of the characters Wesley Weeks, 77, of we’re talking about Duluth, Ga. here. “Jimmy” was my faFor quick reference: ther’s first cousin, who “Toody” is my paternal was born in Sumter grandmother from Pineand grew wood; “Boodie” was her up in Pineniece, and “Tat” and wood. He “Buzz” were her nephdied last ews. They were all from week after Kingstree, and I was forsustaining tunate to have known brain inju- WEEKS and loved every one of ries from an them. Here’s how my faaccidental fall. ther explains it all: Many older Sumter Jimmy and his sister Item readers will make Mary Lou (now demeaningful connections ceased) were the first with his life and local children of Uncle Jim ties. He led a full, interWeeks, Toody’s brother. esting life, as his obituAfter Uncle Jim’s wife ary explained: Margie (and Jimmy and He served honorably Mary Lou’s mother) as a pilot in the U.S. died, Uncle Jim married Navy from 1956 - 1967. Mary Hart (Aunt Mary), His Naval career was a school teacher in distinguished by serving Pinewood. From this two tours of duty with union Julia, Tommy and “Operation Deep Edgar were born. Julia Freeze” in the Antarctic, is deceased. She would supporting the move to Kenscientific mistucky with her sions there in son and was a 1959/60. “Mount practicing paWeeks” on the thologist. She Antarctic continever remarried. nent was named Thus Uncle Jim’s after Lt. Weeks children by Aunt Graham by a New ZeaMary were OSTEEN land survey Jimmy and Mary team, whom he Lou’s half-brothtransported to the reers and half-sister. mote location. Later Jimmy and Mary Lou that decade as a P3 were Aunt Mary’s stepOrion pilot, he commother although he remanded air support for garded her as his moththe sea recovery of NAer since he hardly reSA’s Gemini 12 piloted membered Aunt Margie by Buzz Aldrin and as he was very young commanded by James when she died. Lovell. Aunt Gladys Weeks In 1967, Jim joined Evans, John William’s Delta Airlines as a commother and Toody’s sismercial pilot, retiring as ter, died shortly after a captain in 1996. He giving birth to John was an avid bicyclist William. Toody, her and had a successful mother, brother Jim racing career in the 80’s and sisters Midge and and 90’s, winning medSis helped raise John als in the U.S. Nationals William after his father, and Golden Olympics, Willie Evans, was killed among others. Known by in a car accident when many as “Opa”, he was John William was an active member of his about 12 years old. church and community John William spent and a generous support- most of those growinger of arts education in up years in Kingstree Gwinnett County with Sis, Boodie, Tat Schools and a tireless and Buzz. Willie, by the and devoted volunteer way, had just been for the Duluth High elected coroner for WilSchool Marching Band. liamsburg County when He gave generously of his he was killed. time and resources to So there’s one long, many in his family and fairly complex branch of community and will be our family tree. sorely missed by those When you think who knew and loved someone in your family him. is getting on your last Jim is survived by his nerve this Christmas – loving wife of 53 years, and it happens in all Kay; his three children, families – remember Mike, John and Lori; that we’re all we’ve got, and his seven grandchil- and we’re all in it todren. gether. I knew him as Cousin Ho. Ho. Ho. Merry Jimmy the Famous Pilot, Christmas. and he was always a Graham Osteen is Edwelcome presence at itor-At-Large of The my Osteen grandparItem. He can be reached ents’ Hasel Street home at graham@theitem. in Sumter. com. Follow him on I asked my father for Twitter @GrahamOsome more clarification steen, or visit www.graon our relationship to

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Poinsett Park also offers First Day Hike I see The Item printed an article about the First Day Hike at Lee State Park, but Poinsett State Park also does a First Day Hike. Poinsett is on Highway 261 and is right here in Sumter County but it is often ignored or forgotten about due to the larger and more active state parks in South Carolina. However, Poinsett offers fishing and camping; it has hiking, biking and equestrian trails; it is home to two passages of the Palmetto Trail, and this past summer it opened up a swimming area. On January 1st there will be a First Day Hike in the morning. There is no fee for the hike or entrance to the park. Poinsett also offers various programs throughout the year. Please, let us not forget that Sumter County is also home to a state park that greatly needs our support. For more information on the First Day Hike visit http://www.southcarolinaparks. com/products/10003891. DEANNA ANDERSON Sumter

Baten still doesn’t recognize problems of health care act It is apparent from Friday’s Item that Mr. Eugene Baten still doesn’t understand the problems with the Affordable Care Act. Health care insurers are not charitable organizations, but for-profit businesses. Their rates are set by pooling participants by age, gender and geography. Then they add the expected losses for the pool, sales and administrative cost, plus profit and divide by the number of participants. Knowing this, it should be obvious that all the government mandates will up the cost and the only beneficiaries with be those with serious preconditions (a good thing) and those receiving government subsidies (yet another entitlement). Everyone else will pay more. Historically in this country a full work week has been considered 40 hours, but the ACA defines it as 30, and when the employer mandate kicks in, many workers will find their hours substantially reduced. This is why the Democrats were so happy to postpone the mandate until after the 2014 elections and the uninformed voter realizes what is being done to them. Also, if the government keeps cutting Medicare payments to doctors, more will start opting out, and heath care for the elderly will decline. It should be noted that the Canadian lady that pushed for their government health care program recently died while waiting on health care. Had she lived in the USA, she would likely still be alive. The good news for you, Mr.

Baten, is that now your health care insurance will cover your mammograms, birth control pills, and oops…, if you forget to take them, it will cover your abortion. I sincerely hope you are pleased with your new benefits.

N.G. OSTEEN 1843-1936 The Watchman and Southron

H.G. OSTEEN 1870-1955 Founder, The Item

H.D. OSTEEN 1904-1987 The Item

Baten isn’t well informed about new health law

Regarding comments by Mr. Eugene Baten (published in a letter to The Item, Dec. 20, that “Republicans” and I assume he meant every single Republican in the republic, including me) “resort to lies and distortions” and engage in “manipulative behavior” when discussing the Affordable Care Act, I have but one thing to say: “If you like your health care plan you can keep it. Period.” I’m not sure if that statement qualifies as a lie, a distortion, or simply manipulative behavior (all of the above?), but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t made by a Republican.

Re Eugene Baten letter of Friday, Dec. 20: Thank you for your insight into the Obamacare experience of one person you know. I’m impressed someone you know is getting coverage for less than before. You forgot to mention how much the deductible is on that policy. Most of my friends have a minimum of $5,000. A deductible is the part you pay before the insurance company pays anything. After reading your letter, I was left with the opinion you are not very well informed. The greatest downfall of the Obamacare website is it’s not a secure website. I can’t imagine anyone putting all their most personal information on a website that is not secure. Another thing you fail to mention, Obamacare is an insurance program, not a health care program. What it does is let insurance companies ( only a select few) decide what healthcare you can have, who your healthcare provider will be, what hospitals you can use, and how much they will pay. These policies do not cover prescription medications either. The insurance companies involved have decided most medications are too expensive to carry. This president has perpetrated the greatest fraud against the American people in the history of this republic. He lied about the program to get reelected. He lied about keeping the healthcare you have and keeping your doctor. He has taken control of 1/6th of the economy to finance it. That is about 16.66 percent of the economy. So far the website has cost $900 million and still isn’t ready or secure. I understand you haven’t researched this project and you feel anyone that objects to the plan is a racist because Obama is a black man, but race has nothing to do with it. The law is not sustainable, is not “free market”, and places millions of Americans at risk of no insurance. Feel comfortable though. Many Christians like myself pray for folks like you that are led by feelings instead of knowledge on this issue. We understand you can’t help being prejudiced. The only problem I have with Obama is he is a liar and a socialist. If you support those attributes in a president, regardless of skin color, maybe you should reevaluate your own values. Merry Christmas to all The Item readers and keep Jesus in your heart for He is the reason for the season, not all this commercial stuff!




President Obama’s current poll numbers don’t lie Once again, I’m sitting here at my desk, sipping on a cup of “joe” and going through my usual routine of reading the paper, I get to the letters section, and actually busted out laughing. I was laughing so hard, I actually woke my wife up, and my dog thought I was crazy. I actually felt great afterwards. I know they say that “laughter is the best medicine,” but if the Dems find a way to tax something like laughter, well, you know... I actually don’t know where to start in response to Mr. Baten’s letter of Dec. 20. The very first sentence was enough to trigger my laughing fit. “When Republicans resort to lies and distortions. ...” Really? All my life, I thought a lie was when you say something that is totally false. “If you like your insurance company, you can keep your insurance company” is a prime example of a lie. I applaud you, Mr. Baten, for actually taking the time to review Obamacare (by the way, Republicans are not the only ones who use this term, just watch MSNBC). It would explain why you haven’t written a letter to the editor in quite a while. I could go on and on with this discussion, but all I would be doing is saying things that a majority of voters either already knew, or have recently found out. Obama’s poll numbers don’t lie. 2014 can’t come quick enough for me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours also Mr. Baten, and to all the readers of The Item. DENNIS VICKERS Sumter

Does our leader’s statement qualify as lie or distortion?

Founded October 15, 1894 20 N. Magnolia St. Sumter, SC 29150





JOHN DUVALL OSTEEN Vice President and Publisher




LINDA AARON COLUMBIA — Linda Aaron, 53, was born on Jan. 6, 1960, in New York City, N.Y. She was a daughter of Audrey Mitchell James and the late Alonza Aaron. She departed this earthly life on Friday, Dec. 20, 2013, at Palmetto Health Richland Hospital, Columbia. The family is receiving friends at the home of her mother, Audrey Mitchell James, 1933 White and Rivers Road, Rimini community, Pinewood. Professional services entrusted to Dyson’s Home for Funerals, 237 Main St., Summerton. (803) 485-4280. EUGENIA B. BATEMAN LEXINGTON — Graveside services for Eugenia Brown Bateman, 84, of Lexington, will be held at noon on Tuesday at Fort Jackson National Cemetery. Dr. Mark Bredholt will officiate. The family will receive friends from 6 to 7 p.m. Monday at Thompson Funeral Home of Lexington, 4720 Augusta Road, Lexington, SC 29073. Mrs. Bateman died on Friday, Dec. 20, 2013. Born in Sumter County on Oct. 13, 1929, she was a daughter of the late W.A. and Elizabeth Pauline Osteen Brown. She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, and a consummate military wife. She is survived by her

ALERT from Page A1 movements, but what if he’s in trouble? “We’re all at alert for Santa Claus,� said ACA Director of Operations Lt. Col. Brent Allen of the Air National Guard. “If he’s in trouble, we’re here to help.� The 169th Fighter Wing at McEntire Joint National Guard Base is the primary air support hub for a large portion of the Southeast, Allen said. They will be on alert throughout the night as Santa does his only job. In a news release sent out recently, U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Keith “Dolph� Miller, the ACA commander commented, “We’re all big fans of Santa at McEntire, especially at alert. Santa is a pilot, too, and therefore, a kindred spirit. We are thankful to be part of NORAD’s watchful eyes this Christmas and take special pride in knowing that we play a part in his safe passage throughout the Southeast.� Allen helped explain what the alert status means in terms of logistics. “When we’re on alert, it means our F-16s are sitting at the end of the runway, ready to take action at a moment’s notice,� Allen said. Along with fighter pilots, entire maintenance and service crews also re-

loving husband of 63 years, Warren Bateman Sr.; her children, Warren Bateman Jr. (Deborah) and Vicki J. Bateman, all of Lexington, Ronald Bruce Bateman (Debbie) of Spotsylvania, Va., and Max Bateman (Diane) of Warwick, N.Y.; seven grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren; sister, JoAnn Willis of Festus, Mo.; brother, Carl Brown of Sumter; and a large and loving extended family. She was predeceased by her parents, a brother and two sisters. Friends and friends may sign the online guest book at www.

SAMMIE LEE McKNIGHT Sammie Lee McKnight, 68, the husband of Earline Logan McKnight, entered into eternal rest on Dec. 20, 2013, in the Tuomey Regional Medical Center. He was born March 26, 1945, in Sumter to the late John and Idella Parker McKnight. The family is receiving relatives and friends at the home 904 Collins St., Sumter. Funeral arrangement will be announced by Community Funeral Home of Sumter.

ERIC J. MATHIS COLUMBIA — Baby Eric Jermaine Mathis was born on Dec. 19, 2013, in Columbia. He was the son of Erica Elaine Mathis and Sean Jermaine Rheubottom. He departed this earthly life on Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013, at Palmetto Health Richland Hospital, Columbia. Professional services entrusted to Dyson’s Home for Funerals, 237 Main St., Summerton. (803) 485-4280.

RUBY MAE J. TEMONEY Ruby Mae Jefferson Temoney, 76, wife of James E. Temoney, was granted her angel wings and departed this earthly life on Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013, at Tuomey Regional Medical Center. She was born Nov. 26, 1937, in Mayesville, daughter of the late Henry and Elizabeth Isaac Jefferson. She attended the public schools of Sumter County. At an early age she joined the Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church in Mayesville, where she served on the senior usher board and was a former member of the culinary committee. Survivors include a loving and devoted husband, James E. Temoney of Mayesville; four daughters, Patricia Ann, Harline and Wanda Teresa Jefferson of the home, and Ella Ree (James) Hall of Hartsville; three sons, Willie

main in standby status when a base is at alert. Everyone in the crew waits to hear a particular order, then act appropriately. “Once the horn is sounded, they scramble,� Allen said. The “scramble� order means that all manned jets must ascend immediately, he explained, specifying there are other statuses that precede alert. “An order nearly everyone is familiar with is ‘battle stations,’� Allen said. “For pilots, that means proceed to your plane and sit in it until you receive further orders.� An initial order that often precedes “scramble� or “battle stations� is known as “runway alert,� in which planes are moved to the runways and crews remain ready

to execute their orders. In sequence, “battle stations� is a much more heightened sense of alert. From how Allen explained it, it’s much like the “ready, set, go� of a race. Each crew and station is much like that of a firehouse, Allen said. “We have maintenance personal and combat personnel on hand,� he said. “They work 24- to 48hour shifts in a building that features bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and a small gym.� Some might expect the base and its fighters to be at an especially keen alert when such a high-profile and revered man like Santa Claus is in the air, but according to the news release, this is the standard by which the base operates. “McEntire’s Aerospace Control Alert mission is

PHYLLIS HENDERSON Phyllis Ace Henderson, 77, wife of James A. Henderson, died Friday, Dec. 20, 2013, at a local nursing facility. Services will be announced by ElmoreCannon-Stephens Funeral Home and Crematorium of Sumter.

Pick Up Your

HOLIDAY HAM TODAY Complete your meal with our selection of sides and desserts.

DOROTHY V. SAMPSON Dorothy Vermelle Sampson, 94, entered eternal rest on Dec 19, 2013, at Lake Marion Nursing Facility in Summerton. She was born Aug. 4, 1919, in Sumter, to the late William B. and Bessie V. Moore Sampson. She was a graduate of Mather Academy, Hampton University, Atlanta University School of Social Work, and North Carolina College of Law. She was a member of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Fedpart of NORAD’s nationwide armed security response force that is ready to launch on a moment’s notice should an airborne threat present itself,� the release said. “Since assuming the alert mission again in 2011 after a nearly 40-year hiatus, the 169th Fighter Wing has been recognized repeatedly for its stellar performance, known throughout the Air Force as ‘Swamp Fox Standard.’� If you would like to track Santa on his journey, you can call 1-877-HI-NORAD or visit the NORAD Tracks Santa website at Reach Rob Cottingham at (803) 774-1225.

erated Club of Sumter Green Thumb Garden Club, Community Action Advisory Board of Child Development Center, Board of S.C. Commission of Farm Workers Inc., Sumter County Cancer Society, YWCA Board of Directors, Sumter and State Bar Association U.S. District Court of South Carolina, U.S. Court of Appeals of the Fourth Circuit, the U.S. Supreme Court, American Bar Association, The National Association of Women Lawyers, S.C. Democratic Party and a contributing member of the National Democratic Committee. She was preceded in death by her four siblings, Dr. William C. Sampson, Donald J. Sampson, Joyce S. Scott and Irene S. Williams; two sisters-in-law, Frances and LaBarbara Sampson; and a brother-in-law, Benjamin F. Scott. Her survivors are a brother-in-law, Drefus Williams; a supportive and caring niece Barbara (Mozette) Edwards; 14 nieces and nephews; 19 grandnieces and -nephews; and nine great-grandnieces and -nephews. Memorial services will be held at 11 a.m. on Monday at Community Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. Willie Wright. Online memorial can be sent to comfhltj@sc. Community Funeral Home of Sumter is

HARRIETTE STUCKEY BISHOPVILLE — Harriette “Ann� Humphrey Stuckey, 78, wife of E.B. “Buddy� Stuckey, Jr., died Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013, at a Hartsville nursing facility. Born in Florence, she was a daughter of the late K.C. Humphrey and Frances McElveen Humphrey. Mrs. Stuckey was a member of Cedar Creek Baptist Church. Survivors include her husband of Bishopville; three children, Robert Stuckey of Bishopville, Teresa Stuckey Clark (Frank) of Bennettsville, and Susan Stuckey Watkins (Darrell) of Decatur, Ala.; five grandchildren, Jenny Massa, Ashleigh Millen, Austin Millen, Jessi Garrick and Sam Cooper; three greatgrandchildren, Nathan Garrick, Alex Garrick and Bentley Cooper; one brother, Kenneith Humphrey; and one sister, Shelbra Bennett. Graveside services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday in the Bethlehem United Methodist Church cemetery, with the Rev. B.R. Wallace officiating. The family will receive friends from 5 to 7 p.m. today at HancockElmore-Hill Funeral Home and other times at the home. Hancock-Elmore-Hill Funeral Home of Bishopville is in charge of the arrangements.

SCHWARTZ from Page A4 Some things will not be liked. But my goal is to leave the hospital in the best possible position it can be, and be prepared to be, to serve this community in the years to come.â€? And while the number of tasks before Tuomey could be considering daunting — a list that Schwartz says he knows he cannot entirely complete during his tenure — aiding him in all of this is the attitude of the people already working at the hospital. “I think it’s a testimony to the culture that has been established here, and that includes my predecessors,â€? Schwartz said. “Of all the places I’ve been I would rank this place at the top ‌ the moral and the loyalty to the hospital, the commitment to the hospital, is the best asset this hospital has, and it is very high. And if you didn’t have this legal albatross, it would be even higher. So it’s remarkable.â€? Contact Braden Bunch at (803) 7741201.

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Hapy Holidays rom


EVERYDAY FLORENCE 2151 West Evans St. Florence, SC 29501

SUMTER 532 Bultman Dr. Sumter, SC 29150

(843) 629-8899


in charge of these arrangements.


Paying Top Dollar in Sumter


James (Lynda) Jefferson of Denmark, Louis Bernard (Verneice) Jefferson of Sumter, and James Lee (Gloria) Jefferson of Mayesville; and a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. Public viewing will be held on Monday, Dec. 23, 2013, at 2 p.m. at Ebeneezer AME Church, Mayesville, with the Rev. Phillip L. Washington, pastor; the Rev. Dr. Jon R. Black, officiating, assisted by the Rev. Abraham Temoney, the Rev. Archie Temoney and the Rev. Leo Chapman Jr. Interment will be in the Mayesville cemetery. Family is receiving friends at the residence, 3395 Third St., Mayesville, SC 29104. Job’s Mortuary, Inc., 312 S. Main St., Sumter, is in charge of arrangements. Online memorials may be sent to




/(VJHOBSE%SJWFt4VNUFS (803) 773-6237





Christmas closings schedule BANKS — The following will close at 1 p.m. Tuesday and reopen Thursday: SAFE Federal Credit Union; All South Federal Credit Union; The Citizens Bank; First Citizens; and NBSC. The following will close at 2 p.m. Tuesday and reopen Thursday: Bank of America; Bank of Clarendon; BB&T; and Wells Fargo. GOVERNMENT — The following will be closed Tuesday through Thursday: state government offices; Clarendon County offices; and Lee County offices. Sumter city and county offices will be closed Wednesday through Friday. Federal government offices and the U.S. Postal Service will be closed Wednesday. SCHOOLS — The following will be closed through Friday, Jan. 3, 2014: Clarendon School Districts 1, 2 and 3. The following will be closed Monday through Friday, Jan. 3, 2014: Sumter School District; Robert E. Lee Academy; Thomas Sumter Academy; Wilson Hall; St. Anne Catholic School; St. Francis Xavier High School; Laurence Manning Academy; Clarendon Hall; and Sumter Christian School. Central Carolina Technical College will be closed through Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014. USC Sumter will be closed through Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014. Morris College will be closed Monday through Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014. Lee County Public Schools will observe a teacher in-service day Friday and will be closed Monday through Friday, Jan. 3, 2014. William Thomas Academy will be closed Monday through Friday, Jan. 3, 2014. A teacher in-service day will be observed on Monday, Jan. 6, 2014, and students will return on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014. UTILITIES — Black River Electric Coop. will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Farmers Telephone Coop. will be closed Wednesday. OTHER — Clemson Extension Service will be closed Monday through Friday. The Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday. The Sumter County Library will be closed Tuesday through Friday. The Harvin Clarendon County Library will be closed Tuesday through Friday. All offices of The Item will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday. The Item will not publish on Christmas Day.

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38° Winds: S 10-20 mph

Winds: S 8-16 mph

Winds: SW 7-14 mph

Winds: NNW 7-14 mph

Winds: ENE 4-8 mph

Winds: NNE 3-6 mph

Chance of rain: 25%

Chance of rain: 70%

Chance of rain: 80%

Chance of rain: 15%

Chance of rain: 5%

Chance of rain: 15%


Bishopville 79/64

24 hrs ending 4 p.m. yest. ........... 0.00" Month to date .............................. 2.82" Normal month to date .................. 2.17" Year to date ............................... 48.46" Normal year to date .................. 45.77"

Lake Murray Marion Moultrie Wateree

Full 7 a.m. 24-hr pool yest. chg 360 350.25 none 76.8 74.35 -0.02 75.5 73.77 +0.01 100 95.94 +0.07

River Black River Congaree River Lynches River Saluda River Up. Santee River Wateree River

Full pool 12 19 14 14 80 24

City Aiken Asheville Athens Augusta Beaufort Cape Hatteras Charleston Charlotte Clemson Columbia

Today Hi/Lo/W 76/63/t 67/52/r 71/58/r 79/64/t 77/63/pc 68/63/pc 78/65/pc 73/59/t 70/60/r 78/65/t

7 a.m. yest. 7.76 4.90 6.15 4.94 78.88 5.90

24-hr chg +0.02 -1.10 +0.03 -0.34 +0.04 -0.40

Mon. Hi/Lo/W 65/36/r 54/28/pc 59/32/r 66/35/r 73/45/r 68/45/r 74/44/r 63/35/r 63/35/r 67/38/r

Columbia 78/65 Today: Heavy rain and a thunderstorm; breezy. Watch for looding. Monday: A touch of morning rain; otherwise, mostly cloudy.

Today Hi/Lo/W 78/64/c 74/63/c 79/66/pc 78/64/c 78/64/c 82/62/pc 72/59/t 81/66/c 78/66/pc 73/60/t

112 114 115 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127

DOWN 1 Baby’s sock 2 Plant pests 3 Duplicity 4 Italian article 5 Written reminder 6 Hospital area 7 Simpsons bartender 8 Well-put

Jan. 1 Full

Jan. 7

Jan. 15

Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.

Charleston 78/65 The following tide table lists times for Myrtle Beach.

High Ht. 11:45 a.m.....2.9 --- ..... --Mon. 12:17 a.m.....2.6 12:24 p.m.....2.9 Sun.

City Greenville Hickory Hilton Head Jacksonville, FL La Grange Macon Marietta Marion Mount Pleasant Myrtle Beach

Today Hi/Lo/W 66/59/r 68/55/r 71/63/pc 82/64/pc 72/54/r 76/62/t 69/52/r 67/57/r 77/66/pc 73/65/pc

Mon. Hi/Lo/W 63/32/r 60/31/r 70/46/r 79/43/t 57/30/r 63/32/r 55/28/pc 59/31/pc 73/44/r 71/41/r

City Orangeburg Port Royal Raleigh Rock Hill Rockingham Savannah Spartanburg Summerville Wilmington Winston-Salem

Low Ht. 6:17 a.m.....0.3 6:47 p.m.....0.4 7:00 a.m.....0.5 7:26 p.m.....0.4

Today Hi/Lo/W 79/65/c 76/64/pc 79/66/t 74/60/t 76/63/t 80/64/pc 68/60/r 73/61/pc 75/67/pc 72/60/t

Mon. Hi/Lo/W 70/41/r 72/45/r 69/35/r 65/34/r 69/37/r 74/43/r 64/34/r 70/44/r 74/44/r 62/31/r

Shown are today’s noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day.

-10s -0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s

70s 80s 90s 100s 110s Stationary front

Cold front Showers Rain T-storms Snow Flurries

Warm front


Today Mon. Today Mon. City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Albuquerque 42/23/pc 44/24/s Las Vegas 56/39/s 57/42/s Anchorage 30/9/sn 15/5/s Los Angeles 69/50/s 72/52/s Atlanta 70/55/r 56/30/r Miami 83/74/pc 83/70/sh Baltimore 74/55/sh 59/30/r Minneapolis 19/-2/sn 0/-10/pc Boston 60/50/sh 58/30/r New Orleans 75/50/r 56/37/pc Charleston, WV 69/43/r 45/27/c New York 69/56/sh 58/31/r Charlotte 73/59/t 63/35/r Oklahoma City 30/18/c 32/20/s Chicago 33/17/sn 20/2/sf Omaha 17/1/c 10/-4/s Cincinnati 59/32/r 37/18/pc Philadelphia 73/57/sh 59/30/r Dallas 44/29/pc 45/27/s Phoenix 61/44/s 67/44/s Denver 35/19/c 47/30/s Pittsburgh 67/37/r 39/22/sf Des Moines 20/2/sn 8/-12/pc St. Louis 38/19/c 23/7/pc Detroit 41/24/r 29/15/sf Salt Lake City 33/23/pc 36/24/pc Helena 22/17/sn 40/22/sf San Francisco 60/43/pc 60/44/s Honolulu 82/68/pc 81/71/s Seattle 50/45/c 49/38/r Indianapolis 46/25/pc 31/11/pc Topeka 24/5/sn 15/-2/s Kansas City 23/6/sn 12/-6/s Washington, DC 76/59/sh 61/34/r Weather(W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice

ARIES (March 21-April 19): A those less fortunate. Not the last word in astrology heartfelt talk will make a everyone will be as huge difference in the way enthusiastic as you about eugenia LAST you feel and how you helping others. Do what move forward next year. makes you feel good and try Making a move to pick up to get loved ones to pitch in new skills will open up your options. as well. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Getting together with SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Jealousy will cause you friends or peers, or reconnecting with someone grief. You have to be careful not to set a double you haven’t seen in a long time, will lift your standard when it comes to an important spirits and get you geared up for end-of-the-year relationship. Love is in the stars. festivities. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Getting together GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Share your feelings and with old friends or traveling to a place you have you will find out exactly where you stand and fond memories of will lead to good times. Be what you need to do to improve your current honest with regard to the way you feel. situation with a friend, lover or peer. Be proactive. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Focus on what you CANCER (June 21-July 22): Keep things simple and have, not on what you don’t have. A rich life within your budget. You don’t have to spend a lot begins within, not with what you have to win someone’s affection. Spending time with accumulated. Strive to be your best, as well as the people you love is what counts. being mindful of those you encounter. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You need a change. Don’t let AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Share your feelings. someone pressure you into doing something An overview of what you want to achieve and you don’t want to do. Follow your heart and how you are going to go about it will intrigue pursue your dreams. someone who wants to spend more time with you. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Don’t share personal information. Emotional deception is apparent PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): A romantic encounter and discussions with individuals who brag or will lead to serious talks about your future and show off must not be allowed to dampen your how you want to move forward. Don’t lose sight day or your plans. of your goals. Be cognizant of what’s best for the people who are influenced by your decisions. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Volunteer your services to





by S.N.

109 110

Dec. 25 First

Aiken 76/63

Mon. Hi/Lo/W 70/38/r 72/40/r 72/40/r 70/39/r 71/40/r 78/44/t 64/36/r 72/41/r 74/43/r 63/32/r

SEASON’S EATINGS: Timely audible edibles

103 106 108


Myrtle Beach 73/65

Manning 79/65

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City Darlington Elizabeth City Elizabethtown Fayetteville Florence Gainesville Gastonia Goldsboro Goose Creek Greensboro


Florence 78/64

Sumter 77/64

Today: Breezy and very warm with intervals of clouds and sun. High 72 to 77. Monday: Rain beginning; breezy. High 70 to 74.

Edited by Stanley Newman (

97 98 99

Sunrise today .......................... 7:23 a.m. Sunset tonight ......................... 5:17 p.m. Moonrise today ..................... 10:15 p.m. Moonset today ...................... 10:31 a.m.

Gaffney 71/59 Spartanburg 68/60

Greenville 66/59



30° Warmer with times of clouds and sun


87 88

26° Partly sunny and chilly

High ............................................... 79° Low ................................................ 46° Normal high ................................... 55° Normal low ..................................... 33° Record high ....................... 79° in 2013 Record low ......................... 15° in 1981


9 American Legion member Abandon Three, in Bonn Perfume holder Curtain holder Object of some cable TV “Wars” 15 Flower girl, perhaps 16 Law school course 17 Rum cocktail 18 Netanyahu predecessor 24 Da Vinci Code setting 25 Coral isle 26 Button on 11 Across 32 Adolescent 34 “Holy cow!” 35 Prefix meaning “green” 36 Makes over 38 Novelist Hunter 40 Is obliged to 41 Ran ahead of 44 Frat letter 45 Poetic preposition 46 Smithsonian space seller 47 Tenth-anniversary gift 48 Decline gradually 49 Italian wine 50 Kind of comparison 53 Poker ploy 54 Struggle to hold 55 Second sight 57 Cape Town cash 58 “I hated it!” 59 Dragonfly prey 60 More than sore 62 Whichever you want 64 One of 88 65 Chew on 68 Justice Kagan 69 Whodunit pioneer 70 __ Trapp (Sound of Music surname)

26° Mostly sunny and cooler



Parting words Watched Fluffy Carpet fabric Vivaldi concerto soloist Attic spaces “Don’t you cry, I’ll be __”: “Frosty the Snowman” How you start something Microscope part Lasso loop Shakespeare contemporary Kid’s talking toy Humdrum __ Britain (London art museum) Floorboard sounds The Dragons of Eden author Every other tropical storm __ Hill (San Francisco area) Our appropriate year-end wish Olympics blade Mideast airline Way of walking Head of a violin Takes the plunge Moist, as at sunrise Governess of fiction Largest Amer. union


Not as warm with rain, some heavy

Sumter through 4 p.m. yesterday

Having cancer is hard. Finding help shouldn’t be. Free help for cancer patients from the American Cancer Society. Transportation to treatment, help for appearance related side effects of treatment, nutrition help, one-on-one breast cancer support, free housing away from home during treatment, help finding clinical trials, someone to talk to — all free from the American Cancer Society. Call (800) 2272345. Navy and Marine Corps shipmates who served on the USS Columbus CA-74/CG-12 from 1944 through 1976 and the USS Columbus (SSN-762) past and present, to share memories and camaraderie with old friends and make new ones, contact Allen R. Hope, president, 3828 Hobson Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46815-4505; (260) 486-2221 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; fax (260) 492-9771; or email at Agape Hospice is in need of volunteers. Whether your passion is baking, knitting, reading, singing, etc., Agape Hospice can find a place for you. Contact Thandi Blanding at (803) 774-1075, (803) 260-3876 or tblanding@agapsenior. com. Hospice Care of South Carolina is in need of volunteers in Sumter County. Do you have one extra hour a week? Opportunities are available for patient/family companionship, administrative support, meal preparation, light household projects, student education and various other tasks. Contact Whitney Rogers, regional volunteer coordinator, at (843) 409-7991 or

80 82 84 85


A t-storm early, then rain and a t-storm


ACROSS 1 Target of some spectator boos 7 NBA team, for short 11 TiVo’s, e.g. 15 Fictional submariner 19 Warm-up act 20 Oil ministers’ org. 21 Public uproar 22 Emphatic type: Abbr. 23 Line from “. . . All Ye Faithful” 27 Make a connection 28 Hugs, in a love letter 29 Online sales 30 Say from memory 31 Tweak text 33 32 Down rite of passage 36 Wheels on a track 37 Lauder of lipstick 39 Outspoken 40 Designer Cassini 42 Collect dust 43 “Say hello to friends you know and __”: “. . . Holly Jolly Christmas” 48 Arise (from) 51 Start from scratch with 52 Musical lament 56 Yogurt flavor 57 July birthstones 61 Tailors, at times 63 Be boastful 64 Clip-on device 65 Heredity component 66 Criminal charge 67 Line from “Silent Night” 73 Chiang adversary 74 Cargo 75 Julius Caesar costumes 76 Chills in the air 78 Singer whose name is an anagram of “enlarge”



Mostly cloudy



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Teamwork disrupter Beseech Besmirch DC grid Hold up Marshes Thumbs-up vote Rude fellow Typical Al-Jazeera viewer 86 Make illegal 87 Layered rock

89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 100 101

Disagreed sharply Close enough Lunchtime for many Mariner’s signal Basic cable channel Steer clear of Sonoran’s shawl Leaked through Bryce __ National Park Eight-time Oscar nominee 102 Astronomical cloud

104 What shirt collars cover Telescope’s target Mickelson’s org. Place for toys Cabbage concoction Join forces Carve in glass Jai-alai cheer Football filler Suffix for 119 Down Metallic rock

105 106 107 110 111 113 116 117 118 119




THE ITEM To contact the Sports Department, call (803) 774-1241 or e-mail


Roland rides late-year surge for USC BY RYAN WOOD Post and Courier COLUMBIA — Shaq Roland saw the challenge on game film this week as he prepared for the Capital One Bowl. Wisconsin, typical of a Big Ten defense, doesn’t give up anything easy. The Badgers’ cornerbacks crowd the line of scrimmage. They jam. They shove. They grab. Whatever it takes to disrupt a receiver’s timing on pass

WHO: South Carolina (10-2) vs. Wisconsin (9-3) WHEN: Jan. 1, 2014 WHERE: Orlando, Fla. TV: ABC

routes, Roland saw it. “They like to play a lot of man-to-man,” Roland said. “So

it’s going to be a lot of bumpand-run, one-on-one outside. And I think that’s the kind of game I like, one-on-one.” Roland smiled as he spoke. He has no problem accepting the challenge Wisconsin’s defense presents. Lately, no secondary has been able to stop him. Roland recovered from a four-game suspension in October — something coach Steve SEE ROLAND, PAGE B4


South Carolina wide receiver Shaq Roland (4) has been a consistent weapon for the Gamecocks over the last four games of the season and hopes to continue that against Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl.

Leaving his mark

Clemson QB Fuller recalls ’78 Gator Bowl in different light

Manning High’s Darley makes most of limited playing time with 4 tackles in Shrine Bowl

BY AARON BRENNER Post and Courier

BY RUDY JONES Special To The Item SPARTANBURG — Manning High School’s Cameron Darley wasn’t a starter in Saturday’s Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas, but he did his part to help the team of South Carolina all-stars to a 28-23 victory over a North Carolina squad in front of 7,845 at Wofford College’s Gibbs Stadium. The Monarchs star was in on four tackles as a linebacker and also participated on special teams in the annual game to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children, including the Greenville unit. Darley’s first tackle in the second quarter kept the North Carolina team from converting on a third down. His second-down stop of Tarheels running back Elijah Hood at the Sandlappers 6 helped force North Carolina to settle for a field goal in the third quarter and keep the Tarheels from tying the score at 14-14. His other two tackles came in the fourth period. He stopped Hood — North Carolina’s most valuable offensive player — for a 1-yard loss and later brought down Hood after a 1-yard gain. SEE DARLEY, PAGE B6


Manning High linebacker Cam Darley (46) is introduced prior to Saturday’s 77th Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas at Gibbs Stadium in Spartanburg. Darley did not start, but was in on four tackles and played on special teams as South Carolina beat North Carolina 28-23.

CLEMSON — Even Steve Fuller admits that, decades later, it still bugs him. His most vivid memory of the 1978 Gator Bowl is that a breakthrough moment for Clemson football is barely noted as such. “I’ve talked to some of my teammates over the years, and I think we were all disappointed the way it ended seems to be the prevailing thought when that game is mentioned,” Fuller said Friday in a phone FULLER interview with The Post and Courier. “It’s always ‘the Woody game.’ ” Ohio State head coach Woody Hayes slugged Clemson middle guard Charlie Bauman on the sideline after Bauman’s interception basically sealed the Tigers’ 17-15 victory over Ohio State. That closed out Clemson at 11-1 and No. 6 in the country, just two years removed from a 5-15-2 two-year stretch. “We worked awfully hard to get to the point where we felt like we had reached a little bit of a national program,” Fuller said. “There was certainly no BCS then, but we were one of the top five or six teams in the country. Who knows what was going to happen? We weren’t in a SEE FULLER, PAGE B4

Panthers look to silence Brees, Saints in rematch BY STEVE REED The Associated Press


Carolina defensive end Charles Johnson (95) and the rest of the Panthers defense look to have more success against Drew Brees (9) and the New Orleans Saints today when the two teams meet in Charlotte.

CHARLOTTE — Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott faces a quandary today against the New Orleans Saints in a pivotal game between two 10-4 teams. Does he blitz Drew Brees or not? Brees torched the Panthers for 313 yards and four touchdowns two weeks ago in the Saints’ 31-13 win at the Superdome. Three of those touchdowns came in the sec-

ond quarter when Carolina’s front four failed to get pressure on Brees. The Panthers had better success after adding blitzes in the second half, but by that point it was too late. McDermott said blitzing Brees too much can be a

“slippery slope’’ the Panthers don’t want to go down. “Most great quarterbacks are better when you blitz them because they want to see it,’’ McDermott said. “They want to get the ball out and into the receivers’ hands. Drew’s no different. We’ll have to be smart. We’ll have to cover well if and when we do blitz. But as we all know, to let a great quarterback sit back there and pick you apart, that’s not the way to SEE PANTHERS, PAGE B3

Morris men’s basketball led by Canty’s all-around game EDITOR’S NOTE: Barbara Boxleitner is a former Item assistant sports editor and college teacher. She is a Florida-based journalist and photographer who has been published in 41 newspapers, magazines and journals throughout North America. Each week she’ll provide updates on area athletes participating in college and professional sports at all levels.


ndreaus Canty has been an all-around leader for the Morris College men’s basketball team. The Manning native started the first 10 games and led the team by averaging nearly 32 minutes a contest. His 12.2 scoring and 5.2 rebounding averages led the team. Canty had at least 10 points in seven games, in-

12th in scoring average among National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Division I independents. MORE MEN’S BASKETBALL

cluding a season high of 24 against Emmanuel College. He ranked ninth in rebounding average and

Reggie Bonner, who played for Sumter High School before transferring to Conway High, is a freshman for Limestone College. He did not appear in the SEE BOXLEITNER, PAGE B6




TSA grounds Eagles 31-18 FLORENCE — Thomas Sumter Academy improved to 6-3 on the season with a 31-18 victory over Florence Christian School on Friday at the FCS gymnasium. Taylor Knudson led the Lady Generals with 12 points. Logan Morris had six points and six steals and Kayla Chappell had six points. Hannah Brown led FCS with eight points. THOMAS SUMTER Chappell 6, Knudson 12, Long 2, Jenkins 1, Ross 2, Morris 6, Law 2. FLORENCE CHRISTIAN Owens 2, Brown 8, Medlin 3, King 3, Drummond 2.


A person familiar with the deal tells The Associated Press that free agent outfielder Shin-Soo Choo

SPORTS ITEMS has agreed to a $130 million, seven-year contract with the Texas Rangers. The person spoke on condition of anonymity Saturday because there was no official announcement about the deal that is pending a physical for the 31-year-old Choo. The deal comes a month after Texas acquired slugging first baseman Prince Fielder in a trade with Detroit for second baseman Ian Kinsler, the Rangers’ primary leadoff hitter. Choo was Cincinnati’s leadoff hitter for 143 games last season, when he had a .423 on-base per-


centage with 20 stolen bases and 21 home runs. O’S PART WITH BALFOUR

BALTIMORE — The Baltimore Orioles won’t be closing a deal for All-Star closer Grant Balfour. Days after reaching a preliminary agreement with the free agent pending a physical, the Orioles said Friday that they weren’t satisfied with the results of Balfour’s exam. Baltimore and Balfour agreed Tuesday to a $15 million, two-year contract that included $1 million in deferred payments, a deal dependent on the physical. From staff, wire reports


New Hornets logo unveiled CHARLOTTE — Bobcats owner Michael Jordan has unveiled the brand identity the Charlotte Hornets will use after this season. Jordan introduced the team’s primary new logo and word mark — as well as one of the eight alternatives — during a halftime ceremony at Saturday night’s game against the Utah Jazz, saying “You guys asked and we delivered.’’ The primary logo features the purple and teal palette used by the Charlotte Hornets from 1988-2002 with a more aggressive-looking hornet with piercing eyes, a raised antennae, larger wings and pointed stinger. In the logo is a basketball that doubles as the hornet’s body with the Hornets word mark written across the insect. The Bobcats officially become the Hornets the day after their final game this season. JAZZ BOBCATS

88 85

CHARLOTTE — Trey Burke scored 10 of his 20 points in the fourth quarter and the Utah Jazz snapped the Charlotte Bobcats’ three-game winning streak with an 88-85 victory Saturday night. Burke hit a 3-pointer with 1:38 left to put his team up by three and added a pair of free throws with 10 seconds remaining. Gordon Hayward had 12 points and 10 rebounds for the Jazz, who had lost three of their past four games. Derrick Favors added 14 points. Kemba Walker scored 20 points and Al Jefferson had 19 for the Bobcats, who were playing their fourth game in five nights. The victory would have gotten the Bobcats (1315) back to .500 on the season. WIZARDS CELTICS

106 99

BOSTON — Trevor Ariza scored 27 points and hit a 3-pointer that capped a fourth-quarter run that carried the Washington Wizards to a 106-99 comeback win over the Boston Celtics on Saturday. Trailing 92-84, Ariza started the 14-1 rally with a jumper from the right corner. John Wall had five of his 20 points in the surge, which was interrupted only by a free throw by Jared Sullinger that gave Boston a 93-91 lead with 3:39 remaining. Then Nene tied the game with a short baseline jumper and Wall gave the Wizards their first lead, 95-93, with a 20-footer with 2:5 to go. Marcin Gortat then blocked Sullinger’s shot and Ariza hit his 3-pointer with 2:25 remaining to put Washington ahead 98-93. Boston was led by Avery Bradley with 26 points. GRIZZLIES KNICKS

95 87

NEW YORK — Zach Randolph had 25 points and 15 rebounds, and the Memphis Grizzlies snapped a five-game losing streak with a 95-87 victory over the New York Knicks on Saturday. Tony Allen added 19 points and eight boards while providing his usual strong defense. Jerryd Bayless scored 11 points, including two free throws to end a Knicks flurry that had trimmed a 19-point deficit to four in the final half-minute. Mike Conley finished with nine points and eight assists after missing two games with a bruised left thigh. Carmelo Anthony scored 30 points, while reserves J.R. Smith and Tim Hardaway Jr. each had 16 for the Knicks. ROCKETS PISTONS

114 97

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — Dwight Howard had 35 points and 19 rebounds, leading the short-handed Houston Rockets to a 114-97 victory over the Detroit Pistons on Saturday night. In one of his best games since joining the Rockets in the offseason, Howard


The new logo of the Charlotte Hornets is displayed on a video monitor during a halftime ceremony of the game between the Bobcats and Utah on Saturday in Charlotte.

dominated Andre Drummond, Detroit’s promising 20-year-old big man, and helped Houston control the game despite the absence of star guard James Harden, who was out with a sprained right ankle. The Rockets also were without Jeremy Lin, who has been bothered by back spasms, and they lost guard Patrick Beverley to a fractured right hand. Josh Smith scored 19 points for the Pistons. KINGS MAGIC

105 100

ORLANDO, Fla. — Rudy Gay and Isaiah Thomas each scored 23 points, Marcus Thornton added 15, and the Sacramento Kings held off the Orlando Magic 105-100 Saturday night. DeMarcus Cousins added 14 points and 11 rebounds. The Kings connected on a season-high 12 3-pointers in the victory, helping to end a three-game losing streak. They return home Monday to host New Orleans. Arron Afflalo led Orlando with 26 points in his return to the lineup after sitting out for the first time this season Wednesday with an illness. Tobias Harris finished with 21 points. BULLS CAVALIERS






100 84

CHICAGO — Carlos Boozer scored 19 points and the short-handed Chicago Bulls snapped a four-game losing streak with a 100-84 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. D.J. Augustin scored 18, Tony Snell came on strong in the second half to finish with 17 points, and Chicago prevailed after matching its longest slide in four years under coach Tom Thibodeau. Boozer and Augustin both got off to strong starts as the Bulls built a 17-point halftime lead, and Chicago withstood several pushes down the stretch to come away with the win after dropping 13 of 16. Boozer hit 8 of 14 shots. Augustin converted 4 of 6 3-pointers and added 10 assists. NETS’ LOPEZ OUT WITH BROKEN RIGHT FOOT

NEW YORK — Center Brook Lopez has broken a bone in his right foot again, leaving the Brooklyn Nets without their leading scorer as they try to turn around a disappointing season. The team said Saturday that Lopez was hurt during its 121-120 overtime loss at Philadelphia on Friday. The Nets said they would issue another update next week after consultation with their doctors. Lopez had the same injury, a fractured fifth metatarsal, when he was limited to five games in the 2011-12 season. He underwent surgery following last season to replace a bent screw in the foot. Lopez is averaging 20.7 points and 6.0 rebounds in 17 games. From wire reports

TODAY 8:25 a.m. -- International Soccer: Barclays Premier League Match -- Tottenham vs. Southampton (NBC SPORTS NETWORK). 10:55 a.m. -- International Soccer: Barclays Premier League Match -- Everton vs. Swansea (NBC SPORTS NETWORK). 11 a.m. -- Women’s College Basketball: Maggie Dixon Classic from New York -- Texas A&M vs. St. John’s (ESPNU). 1 p.m. -- NFL Football: Denver at Houston (WLTX 19). 1 p.m. -- NFL Football: New Orleans at Carolina (WACH 57, WWFN-FM 100.1, WPUB-FM 102.7). 1 p.m. -- Women’s College Basketball: Maggie Dixon Classic from New York -- Connecticut vs. California (ESPN). 1 p.m. -- College Basketball: Purdue at West Virginia (ESPNU). 1 p.m. -- Women’s College Basketball: South Carolina State at South Carolina (FOX SPORTSOUTH, WNKT-FM 107.5). 3 p.m. -- Women’s College Basketball: Duke at Kentucky (FOX SPORTSOUTH). 3 p.m. -- Professional Basketball: NBA Development League Game -- Teams To Be Announced (NBA TV). 3:30 p.m. -- College Basketball: Connecticut at Washington (ESPNU). 4:25 p.m. -- NFL Football: New England at Baltimore (WLTX 19). 5 p.m. -- College Basketball: Eastern Washington at Seton Hall (FOX SPORTS 1). 5 p.m. -- College Basketball: Southern at Baylor (SPORTSOUTH). 5:30 p.m. -- College Basketball: Diamond Head Classic Quarterfinal Game from Honolulu -- Iowa State vs. George Mason (ESPNU). 6:30 p.m. -- LPGA Golf: Swinging Skirts World Ladies Masters Final Round from New Taipei, Taiwan (GOLF). 7:30 p.m. -- College Basketball: Diamond Head Classic Quarterfinal Game from Honolulu -- Oregon State vs. Akron (ESPNU). 8:20 p.m. -- NFL Football: Chicago at Philadelphia (WIS 10). 11 p.m. -- College Basketball: Diamond Head Classic Quarterfinal Game from Honolulu -- South Carolina vs. St. Mary’s (Calif.) (ESPNU, WPUB-FM 102;7, WDXY-FM 105.9, WNKT-FM 107.5, WDXY-AM 1240). 1 a.m. -- College Basketball: Diamond Head Classic Quarterfinal Game from Honolulu -- Boise State vs. Hawaii (ESPNU). MONDAY 2 p.m. -- College Football: Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl from St. Petersburg, Fla. -- East Carolina vs. Ohio (ESPN). 2:30 p.m. -- College Basketball: Diamond Head Classic Consolation Game from Honolulu (ESPNU). 2:55 p.m. -- International Soccer: Barclays Premier League Match -- Chelsea vs. Arsenal (NBC SPORTS NETWORK). 4:30 p.m. -- College Basketball: Diamond Head Classic Semifinal Game from Honolulu (ESPNU). 6:05 p.m. -- Talk Show: Sports Talk (WPUB-FM 102.7, WDXY-FM 105.9, WDXY-AM 1240). 7 p.m. -- College Basketball: Morehead State at Tennessee (ESPNU). 7 p.m. -- NHL Hockey: Columbus at Carolina (FOX SPORTSOUTH). 7 p.m. -- NBA Basketball: Milwaukee at Charlotte (SPORTSOUTH). 7:30 p.m. -- NHL Hockey: Minnesota at Philadelphia (NBC SPORTS NETWORK). 8 p.m. -- College Basketball: Las Vegas Classic Consolation Game from Las Vegas (CBS SPORTS NETWORK). 8:25 p.m. -- NFL Football: Atlanta at San Francisco (ESPN). 9 p.m. -- College Basketball: Diamond Head Classic Semifinal Game from Honolulu (ESPN2). 10 p.m. -- NBA Basketball: New Orleans at Sacramento (NBA TV). 10:30 p.m. -- College Basketball: Las Vegas Classic Championship Game from Las Vegas (CBS SPORTS NETWORK). 11:30 p.m. -- College Basketball: Diamond Head Classic Consolation Game from Honolulu (ESPNU). 2 a.m. -- NHL Hockey: Boston at Nashville (FOX SPORTSOUTH).

NBA STANDINGS By The Associated Press EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division W L Pct Boston 12 16 .429 Toronto 10 14 .417 Brooklyn 9 17 .346 New York 8 18 .308 Philadelphia 8 19 .296 Southeast Division W L Pct Miami 20 6 .769 Atlanta 15 12 .556 Charlotte 13 14 .481 Washington 12 13 .480 Orlando 8 18 .308 Central Division W L Pct Indiana 21 5 .808 Detroit 13 15 .464 Cleveland 10 15 .400 Chicago 9 16 .360 Milwaukee 5 21 .192 WESTERN CONFERENCE Southwest Division W L Pct San Antonio 21 5 .808 Houston 17 10 .630 Dallas 15 11 .577 New Orleans 11 13 .458 Memphis 11 15 .423 Northwest Division W L Pct Oklahoma City 21 4 .840 Portland 22 5 .815 Denver 14 11 .560 Minnesota 13 14 .481 Utah 7 22 .241 Pacific Division W L Pct L.A. Clippers 18 9 .667 Phoenix 15 10 .600 Golden State 14 13 .519 L.A. Lakers 13 13 .500 Sacramento 7 18 .280 Friday’s Games Philadelphia 121, Brooklyn 120, OT Cleveland 114, Milwaukee 111, OT Miami 122, Sacramento 103 Atlanta 118, Utah 85 Charlotte 116, Detroit 106 Indiana 114, Houston 81 Toronto 109, Dallas 108, OT Phoenix 103, Denver 99 L.A. Lakers 104, Minnesota 91 Saturday’s Games Memphis 95, New York 87 Washington 106, Boston 99 Sacramento at Orlando, 7 p.m. Houston at Detroit, 7:30 p.m. Utah at Charlotte, 7:30 p.m. Cleveland at Chicago, 8 p.m. Philadelphia at Milwaukee, 8:30 p.m. Oklahoma City at San Antonio, 8:30 p.m. Dallas at Phoenix, 9 p.m. New Orleans at Portland, 10 p.m. L.A. Lakers at Golden State, 10:30 p.m. Denver at L.A. Clippers, 10:30 p.m. Today’s Games Boston at Indiana, 6 p.m. Toronto at Oklahoma City, 7 p.m. Minnesota at L.A. Clippers, 9:30 p.m. Monday’s Games New York at Orlando, 7 p.m. Detroit at Cleveland, 7 p.m. Milwaukee at Charlotte, 7 p.m. Atlanta at Miami, 7:30 p.m. Indiana at Brooklyn, 7:30 p.m. Dallas at Houston, 8 p.m. Utah at Memphis, 8 p.m. Toronto at San Antonio, 8:30 p.m. L.A. Lakers at Phoenix, 9 p.m. Golden State at Denver, 9 p.m. New Orleans at Sacramento, 10 p.m.

GB – – 2 3 31/2 GB – 51/2 71/2 71/2 12 GB – 9 101/2 111/2 16 GB – 41/2 6 9 10 GB – – 7 9 16 GB – 2 4 41/2 10

W 9 5 4 2

PF 338 326 221 253

PA 319 355 399 375

PF 354 296 321 288

PA 274 277 332 362

PF 535 399 343 295

PA 372 255 311 393

PF 364 393 251 305

PA 349 385 357 434

PF 359 328 258 309

PA 270 208 324 388

PF 406 353 362 363

PA 391 362 339 425

PF 380 349 342 316

PA 205 228 291 324

NHL STANDINGS By The Associated Press EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA Boston 35 23 10 2 48 96 74 Tampa Bay 35 21 11 3 45 97 84 Montreal 37 21 13 3 45 92 81 Detroit 37 16 12 9 41 94 101 Toronto 37 18 16 3 39 101 106 Ottawa 38 14 17 7 35 106 126 Florida 37 14 18 5 33 87 117 Buffalo 35 9 23 3 21 63 100 Metropolitan Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA Pittsburgh 38 27 10 1 55 121 83 Washington 35 19 13 3 41 111 104 Philadelphia 35 16 15 4 36 86 97 Carolina 35 14 14 7 35 81 98 New Jersey 36 14 15 7 35 85 90 N.Y. Rangers 36 16 18 2 34 82 100 Columbus 35 14 17 4 32 91 100 N.Y. Islanders 36 10 19 7 27 90 124 WESTERN CONFERENCE Central Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA Chicago 38 25 7 6 56 140 105 St. Louis 34 23 7 4 50 119 81 Colorado 34 23 10 1 47 100 80 Minnesota 37 20 12 5 45 86 88 Dallas 34 17 12 5 39 99 102 Winnipeg 37 16 16 5 37 100 108 Nashville 35 16 16 3 35 80 99 Pacific Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA Anaheim 37 25 7 5 55 119 93 Los Angeles 36 24 8 4 52 101 69 San Jose 35 21 8 6 48 113 88 Vancouver 38 21 11 6 48 104 92 Phoenix 35 19 10 6 44 110 108 Calgary 36 13 17 6 32 91 115 Edmonton 37 11 23 3 25 95 127 NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for overtime loss. Friday’s Games Vancouver 3, Chicago 2, SO Anaheim 3, New Jersey 2, OT N.Y. Islanders 5, N.Y. Rangers 3 Washington 4, Carolina 2 Winnipeg 5, Florida 2 Saturday’s Games Pittsburgh 4, Calgary 3 Phoenix 4, Ottawa 3, OT Colorado at Los Angeles, 4 p.m. New Jersey at Washington, 7 p.m. Philadelphia at Columbus, 7 p.m. Montreal at Nashville, 7 p.m. Buffalo at Boston, 7 p.m. Detroit at Toronto, 7 p.m. Carolina at Tampa Bay, 7 p.m. Anaheim at N.Y. Islanders, 7 p.m. St. Louis at Edmonton, 10 p.m. Dallas at San Jose, 10:30 p.m. Today’s Games Minnesota at N.Y. Rangers, 7:30 p.m. Winnipeg at Vancouver, 8 p.m. Monday’s Games Phoenix at Buffalo, 7 p.m. Toronto at N.Y. Rangers, 7 p.m. Anaheim at Washington, 7 p.m. Columbus at Carolina, 7 p.m. Pittsburgh at Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. N.Y. Islanders at Detroit, 7:30 p.m. Tampa Bay at Florida, 7:30 p.m. Minnesota at Philadelphia, 7:30 p.m. New Jersey at Chicago, 8 p.m. Boston at Nashville, 8 p.m. St. Louis at Calgary, 8 p.m. Winnipeg at Edmonton, 9:30 p.m. Dallas at Los Angeles, 10:30 p.m. Colorado at San Jose, 10:30 p.m.


NFL STANDINGS By The Associated Press AMERICAN CONFERENCE East W L T Pct New England 10 4 0 .714 Miami 8 6 0 .571 N.Y. Jets 6 8 0 .429 Buffalo 5 9 0 .357 South

L T Pct 5 0 .643 9 0 .357 10 0 .286 12 0 .143 North W L T Pct Cincinnati 9 5 0 .643 Baltimore 8 6 0 .571 Pittsburgh 6 8 0 .429 Cleveland 4 10 0 .286 West W L T Pct x-Denver 11 3 0 .786 x-Kansas City 11 3 0 .786 San Diego 7 7 0 .500 Oakland 4 10 0 .286 NATIONAL CONFERENCE East W L T Pct Philadelphia 8 6 0 .571 Dallas 7 7 0 .500 N.Y. Giants 5 9 0 .357 Washington 3 11 0 .214 South W L T Pct New Orleans 10 4 0 .714 Carolina 10 4 0 .714 Tampa Bay 4 10 0 .286 Atlanta 4 10 0 .286 North W L T Pct Chicago 8 6 0 .571 Green Bay 7 6 1 .536 Detroit 7 7 0 .500 Minnesota 4 9 1 .321 West W L T Pct x-Seattle 12 2 0 .857 San Francisco 10 4 0 .714 Arizona 9 5 0 .643 St. Louis 6 8 0 .429 x-clinched playoff spot y-clinched division Today’s Games Tampa Bay at St. Louis, 1 p.m. Indianapolis at Kansas City, 1 p.m. Denver at Houston, 1 p.m. Miami at Buffalo, 1 p.m. New Orleans at Carolina, 1 p.m. Dallas at Washington, 1 p.m. Cleveland at N.Y. Jets, 1 p.m. Minnesota at Cincinnati, 1 p.m. Tennessee at Jacksonville, 1 p.m. Arizona at Seattle, 4:05 p.m. N.Y. Giants at Detroit, 4:05 p.m. Oakland at San Diego, 4:25 p.m. Pittsburgh at Green Bay, 4:25 p.m. New England at Baltimore, 4:25 p.m. Chicago at Philadelphia, 8:30 p.m. Monday’s Game Atlanta at San Francisco, 8:40 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 29 Green Bay at Chicago, 1 p.m. Houston at Tennessee, 1 p.m. Philadelphia at Dallas, 1 p.m. Detroit at Minnesota, 1 p.m. Tampa Bay at New Orleans, 1 p.m. Carolina at Atlanta, 1 p.m. Cleveland at Pittsburgh, 1 p.m. Washington at N.Y. Giants, 1 p.m. Baltimore at Cincinnati, 1 p.m. Jacksonville at Indianapolis, 1 p.m. N.Y. Jets at Miami, 1 p.m. Buffalo at New England, 1 p.m. Denver at Oakland, 4:25 p.m. Kansas City at San Diego, 4:25 p.m. St. Louis at Seattle, 4:25 p.m. San Francisco at Arizona, 4:25 p.m. y-Indianapolis Tennessee Jacksonville Houston

PF 369 310 246 300

PA 311 296 367 354

By The Associated Press FOOTBALL National Football League CLEVELAND BROWNS _ Placed WR Davone Bess on the reserve/non-football illness list. MINNESOTA VIKINGS _ Placed TE John Carlson on injured reserve. Signed RB Joe Banyard and DE Justin Trattou from the practice squad. Waived CB Robert Steeples. HOCKEY ECHL ECHL _ Fined Elmira G Maxime Clermont, Toledo D Richard Nedomlel and Alaska LW Tommy Mele undisclosed amounts as supplementary discipline for their actions in games on Dec. 20. COLLEGE DUKE _ Suspended sophomore RB Jela Duncan from school for an undisclosed violation of its academic policy. FLORIDA _ Announced junior F-C Damontre Harris has left the basketball program and was granted permission to transfer.




PANTHERS from Page B1


Chicago wide receiver Brandon Marshall (15) and Philadelphia quarterback Nick Foles (9 are key parts of respective high-powered offenses that will clash today when the two teams meet in Philadelphia.

Bears, Eagles meet with high-powered offenses BY ROB MAADDI The Associated Press PHILADELPHIA — When Brandon Marshall first saw the Philadelphia Eagles run Chip Kelly’s offense, he didn’t expect them to succeed. “I saw a lot of chaos out there,’’ Marshall said. “I thought: ‘Man, I wouldn’t want to play in that offense. It seems like there’s so much going on.’ I needed to see more, and now, deep in the season, it’s legit. They have special guys and have a special system. It’s definitely a legit system, but at the beginning, it wasn’t for me. It was tough to see. Those guys, it seemed like they were running with their heads cut off. Now

they’ve got it down pat and they’re rolling.’’ Marshall will get a sideline view of Kelly’s up-tempo offense today when the Chicago Bears (8-6) visit Philadelphia (8-6) in a matchup of division leaders. The fourtime Pro Bowl receiver will try to help the Bears outscore the high-flying Eagles. Only Denver has scored more points than Chicago this season, so this could be quite an offensive showdown. Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Marshall and Alshon Jeffery vs. Nick Foles, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson. Things could get ugly for a pair of defenses that have struggled. “Chicago might be one of the most talented

offenses we face,’’ Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis said. “This is overall our biggest test.’’ Both teams have a chance to clinch a division title. If the Cowboys lose to Washington, the Eagles win the NFC East and secure the No. 3 seed with a victory. The Bears would win the NFC North and lock up the No. 3 seed with a win and if Green Bay loses to Pittsburgh and Detroit loses to the New York Giants. There’s also a chance the game won’t mean anything win or lose for the Eagles except a potential No. 3 or 4 seed. If the Cowboys beat the Redskins, the Eagles must beat Dallas in Week 17 to win the division.

New faces, same Ravens-Pats rivalry BY DAVID GINSBURG The Associated Press BALTIMORE — Ray Lewis is retired, Bernard Pollard is playing elsewhere, and Tom Brady won’t have Ed Reed to kick around anymore. Much like the Baltimore Ravens, the New England Patriots have also undergone a radical transformation since the teams met last January in the AFC title game. BRADY Brady’s targets no longer include Aaron Hernandez, Wes Welker or Brandon Lloyd, and defensive tackle Vince Wilfork is done for the season with a torn Achilles tendon. Despite the absence of these key players, Sunday’s rematch between

the Ravens and Patriots should have a familiar feel because both teams have plenty incentive. With a victory, New England (10-4) can clinch a fifth straight AFC East title. Baltimore (8-6) is seeking a fifth consecutive win and will remain in the hunt for the AFC North crown by beating the Patriots in the latest installment of this rivalry between teams that perennially rank among the finest in the NFL. Brady saw the Ravens FLACCO twice last season — and lost both times. After a 31-30 defeat in September, the Patriots fell to Baltimore 28-13 in the AFC championship game behind quarterback Joe Flacco. Two weeks later, the Ravens beat San Francisco in the Super Bowl.

go, either.’’ It’s a game that will likely determine the NFC South champion and a first-round bye in the NFC. And playing at home is of particular interest to these two teams during the postseason. The Saints are 7-0 at the Superdome; the Panthers are 6-1 at home, with their only loss coming in a close defeat to the Seahawks in the season opener. Seattle merely has the league’s best record. The Panthers haven’t been to the playoffs since 2008, and quarterback Cam Newton is among several players eager for a trip to the postseason. “We’re looking at it as, `Why not us?’’’ Newton said. “... If we do what we have to do. If we win this game, we have our confirmation of being in the playoffs.’’ There is the added motivation of beating the Saints, who handed Carolina its only loss in the past 10 games. “We really got embarrassed a couple of weeks ago,’’ Newton said. “This is our opportunity to prove to ourselves that we are who we think we are.’’ Five things to know about the Saints-Panthers matchup PLAYOFF SCENARIOS

The Saints clinch the division and a first-round bye with a win. They can still lose and earn a postseason berth if Arizona loses to Seattle. The Panthers clinch a playoff berth with a win in either of their games, but can’t secure the division title this week. If Carolina loses, it still can clinch a spot in the postseason if Arizona and San Francisco both lose. BREES’ BLIND SIDE

The Saints have benched left tackle Charles Brown and handed


the starting job to Terron Armstead, a rookie from Arkansas-Pine Bluff who has never taken an NFL snap on offense. When the right-handed Brees drops back to pass, as he has done on about two-thirds of Saints offensive plays this season, Armstead has his blind side. Armstead’s main job will entail blocking defensive end Greg Hardy, who has eight sacks this season. “Just like anybody, there’s gonna be things that happen to Terron because he’s young,’’ Saints right tackle Zach Strief said. “But at the end of the day I think we have more than enough confidence that Terron will be a good player.’’ CHANGE O’FOOT

The Saints made a significant late-season change in the kicking game, releasing Garrett Hartley and bringing in 36-year-old Shayne Graham. Graham has been on the rosters of nine other NFL teams during a 13-year career, but has not kicked in a game since Jan. 13, when he was with Houston. He made field goals of 27 and 55 yards in a playoff loss at New England. HARD ROAD

While the Saints have looked unbeatable in the Superdome, going 7-0 with five double-digit victories, they are 3-4 on the road, with a pair of double-digit losses in each of their last two games away from the Big Easy. “Obviously we’re not very satisfied or happy with our performance on the road as of late,’’ Brees said. “We played well on the road early in the season. We just haven’t been able to put it together the last few times.’’ RIDING DEANGELO

The Panthers will again be without Jonathan Stewart, out with a torn MCL. That means DeAngelo Williams will carry the load. The 30-year-old Williams had 168 total yards from scrimmage last week against the New York Jets, including a 72-yard touchdown reception.

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Southern California quarterback Cody Kessler (6) carries the ball against Fresno State during the Trojans’ 45-20 victory on Saturday in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Trojans roll in Las Vegas Bowl LAS VEGAS — Southern California wrapped up its rocky season by rolling over Fresno State in the Las Vegas Bowl. Cody Kessler passed for 344 yards and a bowl-record four touchdowns in the Trojans’ 45-20 victory over the 21st-ranked Bulldogs on Saturday under Clay Helton, their third head coach in less than three months. Marqise Lee and Nelson Agholor had two touchdown catches apiece, Javorius Allen rushed two more scores for the Trojans (10-4). Derek Carr passed for just 217 yards and two TDs in his final game at Fresno State (11-2). NEW MEXICO BOWL COLORADO STATE WASHINGTON STATE

48 45

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Jared Roberts made a 41yard field goal with 3 seconds left and Colorado State overcame a 22-point deficit to beat Washington State 48-45 on Saturday in the New Mexico Bowl. Garrett Grayson threw for 369 yards and Kapri Bibbs

COLLEGE FOOTBALL ROUNDUP onds left, but Vernon Adams’ first pass was intercepted.

ran for 169 yards and three touchdowns for Colorado State (8-6). FAMOUS IDAHO POTATO BOWL SAN DIEGO ST 49 BUFFALO 24

BOISE, Idaho — Adam Muema ran for 230 yards and three touchdowns and Quinn Kaehler threw two scoring passes in San Diego State’s 49-24 victory over Buffalo in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. FCS SEMIFINALS TOWSON E. WASHINGTON

35 31

CHENEY, Wash. — Backup quarterback Connor Frazier scored on a 1-yard run with 17 seconds left to lift Towson to a 35-31 victory over Eastern Washington in a Football Championship Subdivision semifinal game on Saturday in foggy, wet conditions. Towson (13-2) took over on its 29 with 1:35 left in the game and went 71 yards for the winning points. Eastern Washington (12-3) got the ball back with 12 sec-

ROLAND from Page B1 Spurrier said “wasn’t entirely his fault� — to end the season on a hot streak. He caught four touchdowns in the Gamecocks’ final four games, including a 9-yard, tiptoeing reception on the first play of the second quarter against Clemson. The score gave USC a lead it never relinquished. For Roland, it was the type of catch that revealed how good he can be. “Man, we were actually watching it today, he barely got a foot in. The guy had him covered,� Spurrier said Wednesday. “I don’t know how he caught it.� Spurrier didn’t want to hear about Roland’s late-season emergence. The Head Ball Coach pointed to the opener against North Carolina, when Ro-



52 14

FARGO, N.D. — Brock Jensen threw three touchdown passes and ran for another score to help North Dakota State rout New Hampshire 52-14 in the Football Championship Subdivision semfinals on Friday. The two-time national champion Bison (14-0) advance to the title game Jan. 4 in Frisco, Texas. John Crockett ran for 196 yards, including a 71-yarder on North Dakota State’s first play from scrimmage in the second half. DIVISION II CHAMPIONSHIP NORTHWEST MISSOURI ST. LENOIR-RHYNE

43 28

FLORENCE, Ala. — Trevor Adams passed for 277 yards and three touchdowns to lead Northwest Missouri State to a 43-28 victory over Lenoir-Rhyne in the Division II championship game. From wire reports

land caught a 65-yard touchdown on the Gamecocks’ third snap of the season. At the beginning and end of the fall, Roland was a productive member of USC’s offense. The former South Carolina Mr. Football recovered from his suspension to post better numbers across the board compared to his freshman season. He finished with 19 catches for 343 yards and five touchdowns. He led the Gamecocks with 18.05 yards per catch, which also ranked fifth in the SEC. Most importantly, Roland was consistent in the season’s final month. In three of November’s four games, he had multiple catches with at least 40 yards and a touchdown. “I’m pretty comfortable with everything,� Roland said. “It’s just me going out there and working hard every day and doing what I need to do. That goes for every one of our receivers. Everybody knows they can play. They’re just waiting for the chance.�

position to probably jump all the way up top, but there were no undefeated teams that year. “We got in the situation where the game was in hand — then that (melee) kind of took over. Even to this day, I think that’s what everybody remembers.� It was also Fuller’s last game of his storied Clemson career. The senior and thirdteam All-American engineered two long touchdown drives — 15 plays, 80 yards in the second quarter, and 18 plays, 83 yards in the third — to defeat the vaunted Buckeyes. Memories of that game return this winter as Clemson prepares for its second meeting with Ohio State on Jan. 3 in the Orange Bowl. While it was the first coaching victory for Danny Ford, it was the 21st and final win of Fuller’s quarterbacking career. Lasting 10 years in the NFL with four different franchises — he was Jim McMahon’s backup for the 1985 Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears — Fuller was one of three charter members in the Clemson Ring of Honor, joining coaches Banks McFadden and Frank Howard. “At the time, Clemson wasn’t very good until Steve Fuller got here,� Ford said Dec. 11. “Well, Clemson had been good — coach Howard had been to the Orange Bowl once, they’d been undefeated once, went to several bowl games. But Steve was so good, and he was so smart.� The way Fuller sees it, the Tigers’ buildup to a national title in 1981 didn’t start that Gator Bowl year. It was the previous season, when they flipped a bad 1976 (3-6-2, 0-4-1 in the ACC) into a productive 1977 (8-3-1, 4-1-1, conference runner-up), which put the program back in a bowl game for the first time in 18 years, though the

South Carolina’s receiving corps is far from toothless, but it lost depth Friday when it was announced junior Damiere Byrd will miss the Capital One Bowl with arthroscopic knee surgery. Byrd, the Gamecocks’ secondleading receiver, was injured in practice this week. Byrd caught 33 passes for 575 yards and four touchdowns this season. Along with Roland, the duo gave USC two receivers capable of stretching the field vertically, creating big plays in the passing game. Now, even more responsibility will be on Roland’s hands. It’s an opportunity for Roland to carry his momentum into the offseason. Still young, Roland knows he must continue improving in the fu-

WHO: Clemson (10-2) vs. Ohio State (12-1) WHEN: 8:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 3, 2014 WHERE: Miami, Fla. TV: ESPN

Tigers lost 34-3 in the 1977 Gator Bowl. “I’m sure having a good finish that (1978) year helped,� Fuller said. “I wouldn’t say it was the pivotal point, but even going back to the year before was probably more important in getting that thing turned around.� Fuller is the only Clemson athlete to win the NCAA’s Top Five Award and to become ACC player of the year twice in football. He also was a two-time firstteam academic All-American, one of three Tigers ever to be an All-American in football and academia the same year. “He was academically gifted. He was smart as he could be, could throw the football, run the option and do a lot of things,� Ford said. “Good golfer, good at basketball, just a good athlete.� These days in Bluffton, Fuller can’t play as much hoops as he’d like — injuries slowed him down five or six years ago — but he still works on his golf game around coaching high school football at Hilton Head Prep School and dabbling in real estate development. Fuller returns to campus for 2-3 big games a year at Death Valley; he saw the Georgia win and Florida State loss this fall. His daughter, Alexandra, graduated from Clemson last year and will attend the Orange Bowl next week. Steve’s not sure if he’ll make the trip. “I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I would like to. I just don’t know,� Fuller said. “I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow. I’ll probably wait a few days after Christmas to make the decision.�

ture. Stephon Gilmore, Marcus Lattimore and Jadeveon Clowney — three of the program’s four recent South Carolina Mr. Footballs — have promising futures in the NFL. How will Roland get there? Near the end of Wednesday’s practice, Roland was asked how this season could be used as a springboard. “Looking to next season, I just want to work hard, get better every day and do whatever this man has to say,� Roland said, placing a hand on receivers coach Steve Spurrier Jr.’s shoulder. “Next season?� Spurrier Jr. asked. “It’s this season.� “Oh, yeah,� Roland said. “We’ve still got one more game.� One more game. And one more big challenge.

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Payne powers Spartans past Texas AUSTIN, Texas — Adreian Payne scored a career-high 32 points and No. 5 Michigan State dominated the final 11 minutes of a 92-78 victory over Texas on Saturday. The Spartans (10-1) led for only 56 seconds in the first half as Texas (10-2) controlled the game early. Michigan State used a 9-2 run to take a 52-50 lead about halfway through the second half. Following two quick buckets by Jonathan Holmes, six Spartans scored during a 14-2 run that put the game away. (6) LOUISVILLE FIU



MIAMI — Russ Smith scored 18 points, Wayne Blackshear added 13 and No. 6 Louisville won its sixth straight, easing past FIU 85-56. Smith had 12 in the first half for the Cardinals (11-1), who never trailed and were rarely threatened, outside of a couple brief early stretches where the game was tight. 88 67

VILLANOVA, Pa. — Freshman Josh Hart came off the bench to score 19 points and No. 8 Villanova stayed perfect with an 88-67 rout of Rider on Saturday. JayVaughn Pinkston added 14 points for Villanova, which shot 50 percent from the field in its final non-conference home game of the season.


Collins leads Wofford past Winthrop 62-56


Michigan State’s Adreian Payne (5) pressures Texas’ Jonathan Holmes (10) during the Spartans’ 92-78 victory on Saturday in Austin, Texas. (18) KANSAS GEORGETOWN

86 64

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Tarik Black came off the bench to score 17 points, Joel Embiid also had 17 and No. 18 Kansas bludgeoned Georgetown 86-64. Andrew Wiggins added 12 points and Naadir Tharpe had 10 for the Jayhawks (8-3).


72 62

WICHITA, Kan. — Thomas Gipson scored eight of his 14 points in the game’s decisive minutes and Marcus Foster also had 14 points as Kansas State outlasted No. 21 Gonzaga 72-62. From wire reports



60 55

SUNRISE, Fla. — Florida State scored the game’s final six points, including two free throws by Ian Miller with 1:06 left that put the Seminoles ahead, and they handed No. 22 Massachusetts its first defeat of the season, 60-55, in the Orange Bowl Classic. BOSTON MARYLAND

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. — Josh Cameron made a four-point play with 22 seconds left to give Coastal Carolina the lead for good in a 65-62 victory at Central Connecticut State. Coastal Carolina (6-6) trailed 62-59 when Cameron made a 3-pointer and the foul shot to put the Chanticleers up 63-62. CCSU (3-8) had a chance to go back ahead but Kyle Vinales missed a 3-pointer with 6 seconds to go and the Blue Devils fouled El Hadji Ndieguene who made both free throws. Malcolm McMillan missed an attempt to tie the game with a 3-pointer as time ran out. Cameron led Coastal Carolina with 16 points. Ndieguene had six offensive rebounds and 12 overall.


COLLEGE PARK, Md. — Boston University got 25 points from D.J. Irving and surprised Maryland 83-77 to snap a three-game losing streak.

From wire reports


90 79

RALEIGH, N.C. — T.J. Warren scored a careerhigh 32 points and North Carolina State beat East Carolina 90-79 for its seventh straight win. WAKE FOREST UNC-GREENSBORO

59 51

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Devin Thomas scored 12 points and pulled down 13 rebounds and Wake Forest held off UNC Greensboro’s second-half rally for a 59-51 victory. VCU VIRGINIA TECH

82 52

RICHMOND, Va. — Melvin Johnson scored 16 of his career-high 27 points during a 31-0 first-half run Saturday and VCU won the featured matchup of the Governor’s Holiday Hoops Classic 82-52 against Virginia Tech. VIRGINIA N. IOWA

57 43


North Carolina’s Marcus Paige (5) goes to the basket against Davidson’s Tom Droney, right, during the Tar Heels’ 97-85 overtime victory on Saturday in Chapel Hill, N.C.

led Virginia with 16 points, four rebounds and three assists in a 57-43 win over Northern Iowa. PITTSBURGH CAL POLY

73 56

PITTSBURGH — Lamar Patterson scored a career-high 30 points to lead Pittsburgh to a 73-56 victory against Cal Poly. From wire reports

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Justin Anderson



Gators pull away from Fresno State 66-49 SUNRISE, Fla. — Will Yeguete led a strong rebounding effort Saturday by the 16thranked Florida Gators, who pulled away in the YEGUETE second half to beat Fresno State 66-49 in the Orange Bowl Classic.

son-best 22 points and made two free throws with 4.6 seconds to lift Illinois over No. 23 Missouri 65-64 in the annual Braggin’ Rights game.



LEXINGTON, Ky. — Julius Randle scored a career-high 29 points and led a second-half rally that pushed No. 19 Kentucky past stubborn Belmont 93-80. ILLINOIS (23) MISSOURI

ST. LOUIS — Tracy Abrams scored a sea-

65 64


65 63

ATHENS, Ga. — Charles Mann made two free throws with 2.5 seconds left to rally Georgia to a 65-63 win over Western Carolina. 76 63

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Rod Odom scored 18 points — including four 3-pointers — and Vanderbilt rallied from 14 points down in the first half to beat Georgia Techs 76-63. LSU UAB

86 63


81 76

CHARLOTTE — Ben Cherry hit 6 of 8 3-pointers, scoring a career-high 20, as Charlotte held off a furious rally to beat South Carolina Upstate 81-76.

83 77


97 90

CONWAY, Ark. — Saah Nimley had hit just two 3-pointers in 10 tries, but drilled one at the end of the first overtime to force a second, and hit another 3 to spark Charleston Southern to a 97-90 double-overtime win against Central Arkansas. Nimley scored seven of his 19 points in the overtimes. The Buccaneers (4-6) placed four in double figures, including Matt Kennedy with 23, Will Saunders 20 and Arlon Harper 15.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Marcus Paige scored 11 of his 17 points in overtime to help No. 14 North Carolina hold off Davidson 97-85 on Saturday. FLORIDA ST. (22) UMASS

65 62


Page, Tar Heels beat Davidson in overtime

93 80


ROCK HILL — Spencer Collins scored 19 points to lead three in double figures and Wofford held on to defeat Winthrop 62-56 Saturday. Collins scored 15 in the second half. His 3-pointer stretched the Wofford (4-7) lead to 48-29 with 9:41 remaining. Lee Skinner added 13 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. He also shot 4 of 4 from the line in the last 16 seconds for the Terriers. Wofford shot just 2 of 15 from 3-point range, but had 13 steals. COLLINS Collins and Karl Cochran led with three steals apiece. Cochran also scored 13 points. Down 57-35 with 4:57 to play, Winthrop (6-4) closed on a 21-5 run. Keon Johnson scored 10 of his 18 points during the span. Johnson hit a 3-pointer and made two free throws to pull the Eagles within 60-56 with nine seconds remaining. Skinner capped the scoring hitting two from the line.

85 56



— Johnny O’Bryant scored 17 points to propel LSU to an 86-63 victory against UAB. OKLAHOMA TEXAS A&M

64 52


dan Woodard had 20 points as Oklahoma won their seventh straight with a 64-52 victory over Texas A&M. From wire reports

STATE Saturday Wofford 62, Winthrop 56 Coastal Carolina 65, CCSU 62 Charleston So. 97, C. Arkansas 90 Charlotte 81, USC Upstate 76 Citadel at Nebraska (late) Today South Carolina vs. St. Mary’s (Calif.), 11:30 p.m. ACC Saturday (3) Ohio State 64, Notre Dame 61 (14) North Carolina vs. Davidson Florida State 60, (22) Massachusetts 55 N.C. State 90, East Carolina 79 Boston University 83, Maryland 77 Wake Forest 59, UNC Greensboro 51 Virginia 57, Northern Iowa 43 Pittsburgh 73, Cal Poly 56 VCU 82, Virginia Tech 52 Today La Salle at Miami, 7 p.m. SEC Saturday (16) Florida 66, Fresno State 49 (19) Kentucky 93, Belmont 80 Illinois 65, (23) Missouri 64 Vanderbilt 76, Georgia Tech 63 Georgia 65, Western Carolina 63 LSU 86, UAB 63

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Xavier 77, Alabama 74 Oklahoma 64, Texas A&M 72 South Alabama at Arkansas (late) Today Boston College at Auburn, 2 p.m. Mercer at Mississippi, 4 p.m. Mississippi State at South Florida, 8 p.m. TOP 25 Saturday (5) Michigan State 92, Texas 78 (6) Louisville 85, Florida International 56 (7) Oklahoma State vs. (20) Colorado (late) (8) Villanova 88, Rider 67 (13) Oregon vs. BYU (late) (15) Memphis vs. Southeast Missouri State (late) (18) Kansas 86, Georgetown 64 Kansas State 72, (21) Gonzaga 62 (24) San Diego State vs. McNeese State (late) Today (10) Connecticut at Washington, 3:30 p.m. (11) Wichita State vs. North Carolina Central, 8 p.m. (12) Baylor vs. Southern, 5 p.m. (17) Iowa State vs. George Mason, 5:30 p.m. (25) Iowa vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff, 2 p.m.

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In Business Serving Sumter 31 Years

8 W. Hampton Ave.








first 11 games. Crestwood High School graduate Kevin Bradshaw had four rebounds and two points for Lindsey Wilson College (Ky.) against Martin Methodist. WOMEN’S BASKETBALL

Anna Outlaw of Bishopville is a freshman forward for Columbia College. Previously at Robert E. Lee Academy, she averaged 1.9 points and 1.1 rebounds in 10 games. She had a seasonhigh seven points against Columbia International University and a seasonhigh five rebounds against Armstrong Atlantic University. Freshman guard Alexandria Scriven led Voorhees College with three assists against Newberry College. Out of Crestwood, she added two points and two rebounds. Sumter High School graduate Brittany Starling led USC Upstate with 17 points, eight rebounds and three steals against UNC-Asheville. WOMEN’S CROSS COUNTRY


The Sumter Spartans, a Pop Warner Mighty Mites (ages 7-9) football team, was unbeaten this season with a 5-0-3 record. Members of the team are, first row: left to right: team mom Angie Trimnal, Donovan Nelson, Keon Jett, Corean Nelson, Ky’lan Wright, Brice Berry, Killan Brubaker, Zayne Burke and team mom Teresa Hennegan. Second row: Samondre’ Robinson, DiVon Woods, Jakob Chavez, Travis Rembert Jr., Marquias Lane-Owens, Ezra Lampkin, Holden Trmnal and Kelvin Evans Jr. Third row: Quinci Davis, Sam Ackerman, Ryan McCants, Jaden Sanders, Demetrius Ortiz-Bossie, Jordyn Paiz, Nathan Toto and Charlie Goldurs. Fourth row: coach Trey Lampkin, coach Curt Ackerman, association president Vincent Poole, coach Tony Dinkins, coach Ivan Sanders, coach Frank McCants and coach Quinton Ford.

DARLEY from Page B1 “I felt like I played well, but I could have done better,� Darley said. “I played a lot on special teams.� Darley knew he wouldn’t be in on every play because of the other talent. “We all shared the time, because in the Shrine Bowl everybody’s good,� Darley said. “I really wanted to show I could play with the top players in South Carolina and North Carolina,� Darley said. Asked if he thought he did that he said “Yes sir.� Darley, who is 6-foot-3-inches and 245 pounds, said he’s being recruited by Charlotte, The Citadel and South Carolina State. Darley said his Shrine Bowl experience “was great. Just seeing the kids at the hospital. The whole (game) slogan is ‘Strong legs run so weak legs may walk.’ It was just so surreal to help with that.� At halftime a check for $1,437,720.13 was presented to the Shriners Hospitals. South Carolina took a 14-0 firstquarter lead on touchdown passes from Northwestern’s Mason Rudolph to Chapman’s Deebo Samuel (21

yards) and Byrnes’ Shaedon Meadors (33 yards). Samuel is a University of South Carolina commitment. North Carolina rallied for a 23-21 lead on three touchdown runs by Hood, a student at Charlotte Catholic High School and future North Carolina Tar Heel. His final score came with 1:56 left in the game. Rudolph, who was named South Carolina’s offensive most valuable player, led Northwestern to a 4A Division II state title and has committed to Oklahoma State. He directed the Sandlappers to a 10-play, 68yard winning drive capped by a 21yard pass to Gaffney High’s Shaq Davidson with 16 seconds left. Davidson has committed to play for South Carolina. Daniel High linebacker Solomon Brown, who had 10 total tackles, was named most valuable defensive player for the Sandlappers. He has not made a college decision. Clemson commitment Jae’lon Oglesby of Daniel High led the Sandlappers ground game with 57 yards. South Carolina commitment Joe Blue of Dillon carried the ball just twice, but scored on a one-yard plunge on fourth-and-goal to give the Sandlappers a 21-17 lead early in the fourth quarter. USC commitment Kevin Crosby caught two passes for 27 yards.

Shawntese Smith of Sumter placed 19th overall and second among Washington Adventist University runners in the Virginia State University Trojan Invite 5K. Smith finished in 25 minutes, 47 seconds. WOMEN’S TRACK AND FIELD

Former Gamecock Angelica Clayton is a freshman sprinter for Georgia Regents University.

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&S.P.C.A. Publishes every 3rd 3 Tuesday esday of the month month. Deadline: Noon on the Wednesday before publication date. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has an abundance of friendly pets looking for nice, warm homes with lots of love to share. Help get these affectionate animals adopted by becoming a sponsor on this page. It includes photos of animals available for adoption and information on ways to help the SPCA care for the ones still waiting to find a home.

Call the classiied department for more info and to reserve your space.

20 N. Magnolia Street Sumter, SC 29150


Superb Events Venue

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59 *0%89%% .Ę+9 2;; *9 +;.%9, 9+97*9/ @B(5R 9+97*9/ @C(5 68, 6806/= 

We invite you to hold your upcoming special event at Sunset CC. This amazing venue is perfect for celebrations of all types. With several different room options and delectable cuisine — an event hosted at this fine southern venue will exceed your expectations! Membership is not required to host an event at Sunset.

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Contact Ivy Moore at (803) 774-1221 or e-mail


Natalie Williams points to several ears of corn, or muhindi, a Kwanzaa symbol that represents children, or reproduction, because, she said, “Children are our future, the ones who will continue our history and legacy.” She spoke to members of the Westside Neighborhood Association last Monday, demonstrating her talk on Kwanzaa by showing the symbols of each of its seven days.

Kwanzaa celebrates history, culture, legacy SEVEN PRIMARY SYMBOLS 1 – Mkeka, a straw mat 2 – Mazao – fruit 3 – Muhindi, corn 4 – Zawadi, gifts 5 – Mishumaa Saba, seven candles 6 – Nguza saba, principles 7 – Kikombe cha umoja, unity cup

7-day observance begins Dec. 26 BY IVY MOORE

SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF KWANZAA 1. Dec. 26 – Umoja: Unity 2. Dec. 27 – Kujichagulia: Self-determination 3. Dec. 28 – Ujima: Collective work and responsibility 4. Dec. 29 – Ujamaa: Cooperative economics 5. Dec. 30 – Nia: Purpose 6. Dec. 31 – Kuumba: Creativity 7. Jan. 1 – Imani: Faith


n Dec. 26, when Christians are just beginning to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, many African-Americans will observe both Christmas and Kwanzaa, a seven-day reaffirmation of their ancestors and their heritage. Only 47 years old, Kwanzaa is an observance that is neither religious nor political, as Natalie Williams explained to members of the Westside Neighborhood Association at their December meeting. Williams is the founder and director of the Sankofa Connection, an organization that encourages individuals “never to forget those who have enriched our own lives,” she said. “We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward; so we understand why and how we came to be who we are today.” That philosophy is very much like that of Kwanzaa, which Williams explained was founded by Dr. Maulana Karenga,

Jim McCain, president of the Westside Neighborhood Associatin, pours the libation to the ancestors as Natalie Williams names them during her program on Kwanzaa presented at the Birnie Hope Center on Monday evening. Williams explained the principles, symbols and practices of the seven-day observance, a celebration of family, culture and community.

professor and chair of the Department of Black Studies at California State University at Long Beach. “He founded Kwanzaa in 1966 to offer a formal means of reaffirming African

Americans, their ancestors and culture and applying the seven traditional principles to modern day life.” Williams brought with her the seven symbols of Kwanzaa, each related to one of the seven days, which are in turn dedicated to the observance of one of the seven principles. “The seven days of Kwanzaa are Dec. 26 through Jan. 1,” she said. “It is based on an agricultural celebration from Africa called the ‘first fruits,’ which are times of the harvests and a special time to give reverence to our Creator and the creation. It is a time of thanksgiving for the good in life, for SEE KWANZAA, PAGE C4

Swan Lake to remain closed; Supreme Court rules against city yesteryear in Sumter

75 YEARS AGO – 1934 the auditorium of the Girls’ May 15–20 High School at which time 23 A strong address by Dr. J.P. officers of the Sumter police Marion of Greenwood, Miss., department, Sumter County on the “Unchangrural police, state highing Christ and His way patrol, sheriff’s offrom the Unchanging Love” fice and A.C.L. railroad archives of for us was featured The Item detective received diat the 30th anniverplomas. sary exercises of Negro farmers celethe Fraser-Edbrate 25 — On Saturmunds Bible Class day, May 13, more than of the Sumter Pres900 Negro farm men byterian Church and women and 4-H Sunday morning. club boys and girls of Item Archivist 23 officers get Sumter County gathSAMMY WAY diplomas — The ered in the city of SumSumter Police ter to celebrate the Training School came to a 25th anniversary of farm exclose last night when gradutension work. The meeting ating exercises were held in was held at the Lyric Theater.

There are 30 community leaders in the county and each took an active part in seeing that his or her community was well represented at this meeting. The main speaker was Farm Demonstration Agent S.C. Disher of Darlington County, who gave a splendid outline of the accomplishments in the field of agriculture under the farm extension program. In and around the town — Today was the day appointed for opening of Swan Lake Iris Gardens, but the opening was canceled at the request of the Board of Health, due to the infantile

paralysis outbreak. The iris and water lilies are beginning to bloom and the floral display will be more beautiful than in previous seasons. The public will not be admitted to the gardens, but those who drive past may gain a glimpse of the iris growing in the section of the garden adjacent to the highway. If business interferes with baseball tomorrow afternoon, cut out business. Tomorrow is a half holiday anyway. The stores close at 1 o’clock and the game in Municipal Park will be called at 4. The act providing for a tax levy of one half mill for the support of the Sumter County

Public Library and for the administration of the same by a board of seven members was ratified on May 4 and approved by the governor on May 8. Charles Lesesne, a member of the Charlotte Observer news staff, paid a flying trip to Sumter yesterday afternoon to visit his mother, Mrs. Bessie Lesesne. He called at the Daily Item office where he worked a few years ago. He flew down from Charlotte in a cabin plane and landed at the airport. Lesesne has been flying about three years and makes frequent trips around SEE YESTERYEAR, PAGE C4





Davis-Villarreal Mrs. Beverly Davis of Sumter announces the engagement of her daughter, Beth Randall Davis of Sugar Land, Texas, to Joe Louis Villarreal of Sugar Land, son of Vicente Zuniga and the late Mary Lou Zuniga of George West, Texas. The bride-elect is also the daughter of the late Allen Davis of Sumter and Mr. and Mrs. Randy Davis of West Columbia, and the granddaughter of Mildred Davis of Sumter, the late Mr. and Mrs. Chalmer Ray Ardis of Sumter, the late Bernard Davis of Virginia and the late Jean Brandon of Florida. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor of arts in education, Francis Marion University with a master’s in special education and the University of Houston with a master’s in mid-management. She is employed as a teacher by Fort MISS VILLARREAL, DAVIS Bend Independent School District in Sugar Land. The bridegroom-elect is the grandson of the late Mr. and Mrs. Guadalupe Espinoza of Corpus Christi, Texas. He received certification in both machining and manufacturing from Houston Community College. He is employed as a supervisor and operator by Accredo Packaging in Sugar Land. The wedding is planned for June 14, 2014, at Faith Presbyterian Church in Sumter.

EARLY DEADLINE FOR DEC. 29, JAN. 5 The deadline for engagement and wedding announcements to publish in the Dec. 29 and Jan. 5, 2014, edition was noon on Wednesday, Dec. 18. Announcements of local interest are published on Sundays. The normal deadline is noon on the preceding Monday. Holiday deadlines vary. Engagement and wedding forms may be obtained at The Item or downloaded from The Item’s Web site at Please type or print all information, paying particular attention to names. Do not print in all capital letters. Photographs must be vertical and of reproduction quality. To have photo returned, provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Photos can also be e-mailed to rhondab@theitem. com. All photographs must be received by above deadlines. It is not The Item’s responsibility to make sure the photograph is e-mailed by your photographer. The Item charges the following fees: $95, wedding form announcement with photo; $90, wedding form announcement without photo; $75, engagement form announcement with photo; and $70, engagement form announcement without photo. If you would like your announcement to include information that is not on The Item form, there will be an additional $50 charge. For information, call 774-1264.


Distraught daughter won’t let longtime couple tie the knot


EAR ABBY — I’m 50 and without leaving any for me. His army boyfriend, “Ray,” is 55. gument is that if it’s around for sevWe have been together for eral days —even if it’s frozen — I 11 years. He’s divorced with two have had “plenty of time to get my children. I am single and childless. share.” I feel it shouldn’t be up to We owned our own homes until a him to tell me how much to eat, and year ago, when we sold them and when. bought a house together. We each He weighs almost twice as much pay half the bills including the as I do, and eats accordingly. It’s mortgage. We love each other, get particularly upsetting if I have inalong great, have similar valvested hours in the prepaues and can’t imagine not ration of a dish, only to find being together. it’s gone when I want my My problem is I want to get second helping. I think he married. Ray does, too, but is being inconsiderate at his 20-year-old daughter isn’t best. Am I wrong? ready for it yet. She and I get WHERE’S MY BEEF?! along fine, but she gets very stressed and cries when the DEAR “WHERE’S” — I Abigail topic is mentioned. I told Ray VAN BUREN don’t think so. Your husI think she has learned from band is behaving like a selfher childhood that crying enish child. If you have been ables her to get her way. But Ray in- cooking in large quantities, try presists she has anxiety issues, and he’s paring only enough for two portions afraid she will hurt herself if we get for a while — a LONG while. married. I say we should just do it and hope that, eventually, she acDEAR ABBY — My 30-year-old cepts it. niece passed away, leaving a 7-yearCounseling is out of the question old daughter. Her grieving husband for her. She won’t go. Ray and I did found a married woman two go for advice about this. The counmonths later. She divorced her secselor agreed that his daughter ond husband, and now all three of needs counseling, but we can’t them are living together. “make” her go. My question is, is Abby, the little girl is not allowed Ray ever going to marry me? Any to tell anyone that her mommy died suggestions on what we should do? and has to tell all her friends that CONFUSED IN NEW JERSEY her father’s new girlfriend is her mom. Is it right to keep her from DEAR CONFUSED — If Ray talking about her mommy? waits for his daughter’s blessing, it MARIA FROM TEXAS may take another 11 years for her to give it — if she ever does. You and DEAR MARIA — Of course not! Ray should get more counseling to While the father and his girlfriend help him find the strength to stop might wish to erase the child’s allowing his troubled daughter to mother from her memory, she is rule his life. old enough to always remember not only that her mother died, but also DEAR ABBY — My hog-mouth that her father and this woman husband and I are having an ongowant to bury the fact that she ever ing disagreement about food. When existed. That child NEEDS to talk there is special food in the house, about her mother, and to forbid it something we both like, he feels will cause problems when she is free to eat as much of it as he wants older. Count on it. dear abby


A bridegroom’s guide to getting involved (sort of) BY DAN ZEVIN Associated Press Generations ago, planning a wedding was 100 percent the bride’s job, but in today’s age of gender equity, it’s a mere 99 percent. Yes, we modern men are more involved than ever, but many of us are still left wondering, “How can I take a more active role in the stress and panic of planning the happiest day of my life?” Gentlemen, you’ve come to the right guy. Groom Job 1: Plan the Menu. When it comes to cuisine, the crucial question is: cash bar or open bar? Once you’ve chosen the latter, tackle other meal-related matters. Will you keep your open bar open throughout the reception or for the first hour only? (Hint: throughout the reception.) What about hors d’oeuvres? Will your guests be sipping them through bottles, glasses or cans? Remember, you can’t please everyone. Therefore, it’s best to inscribe BYOB under RSVP on your wedding invitations. You may also want to consider serving some food. Groom Job 2: Book the Music. Wedding musicians are expensive, so cut costs by asking your groomsmen to lip synch and air guitar to a playlist you’ll download from iTunes. Alternatively, you can hire a deejay. A deejay is an individual who sees your wedding as an opportunity to act out his fantasies of being Eddie Van Halen, Rock God, by dancing in place to all his favorite hits.

Remind him that it is your special day, not his. Inform him that the song you’ve chosen for your first dance isn’t actually “Hot For Teacher.” Request that he blend into the background, perhaps by streaming his set to the dance floor from his booth in the banquet hall boiler room. Groom Job 3: Manage the Guest List. Tradition dictates that the groom cut everyone off his list to make more room for his bride’s list. This is easier than it sounds. Just review all the people on your list and think of one reason not to invite them. Let’s start with your best man, “Bob.” Remember that time “Bob” borrowed your drill and returned it without recharging the battery? Put a big red slash through “Bob’s” name right now. Before you know it, the only one left on your list will be you. To demonstrate what a generous husband you’ll be, cut yourself from the list, too. Dude, you’ll be spending the rest of your life with your bride. Is it really going to kill you if you’re not together on one lousy day? Groom Job 4: Help Register For Gifts. From the male point of view, there are three kinds of gifts: 1. things you already have; 2. things you don’t need; and 3. bowls. To help your guests select stuff you actually want, you may be tempted to register at offbeat places like Sports Authority and Home Depot. This is fine as long as you realize that no one’s going to get you anything from these places. They are going to get you bowls. So go help your

“The Nearly-Wed Handbook” is a comical guide for couples to plan their weddings. Generations ago, planning a wedding was 100 percent the bride’s job, but in today’s age of gender equity, it’s a mere 99 percent.

bride pick out punch bowls, bisque bowls, bowls to hold other bowls. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on the most rewarding groom job of all: returning them for a full cash refund as soon as you get back from your honeymoon. Groom Job 5: Plan the Honeymoon. Choosing a destination typically falls to the man, which explains why many couples are slapped with steep penalty fees upon cancelling their flights to the National Baseball

Hall of Fame. Remember, your honeymoon is a time to rest, to recuperate, to experience the phenomenon of everyone being uncharacteristically nice to you. Groom: Excuse me, flight attendant, do you think we can have two peanuts instead of one? Flight Attendant: What does this look like, Chez Panisse? Groom: We are on our honeymoon. Flight Attendant: Right

this way to first class, you adorable honeymooners! Do you prefer Moet or Veuve Clicquot with your caviar? Here’s to the happy couple! Dan Zevin is the author of “The Nearly-Wed Handbook: How To Survive The Happiest Day of Your Life” (Kindle edition 2013) and “Dan Gets a Minivan” (Scribner, 2013), among other books. The 2013 winner of the Thurber Prize for American Humor, he can be reached at www.DanZevin. com .





Sumter’s Cpl. Heriot exhibited uncommon valor Soldier posthumously awarded highest U.S. honor for his actions The Medal of Honor, awarded for acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty, is the United States’ highest military honor. The president of the United States awards the medal in the name of Congress only to U.S. personnel. Created during the Civil War, 119 Medals of Honor were awarded for extraordinary military action through HERIOT World War I. Of these, 33 were presented posthumously including one presented to honor Corporal James Davison Heriot. Reflections recalls the heroic actions of this young soldier, whose bravery and sacrifice will be forever remembered by those he protected.



rs. Carrie Heriot received word from the War Department on Oct. 10, 1918, that her son, James D. Heriot, had been killed in action on the battlefields of France. James Davison Heriot was born on Nov. 2, 1890, in Providence, S.C., then a part of Sumter County. He was about 28 years old when he lost his life in combat. Little information concerning his death, other than that he was killed by enemy fire, was relayed to the family. They were told that additional details would follow. Heriot was a member of Company I, 118th Infantry, and 30th Division and was engaged in action in France. After his heroic death at the battle of Vaux-Andigny, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross by Gen. John J. Pershing, but this distinction was later changed to the Medal of Honor. Sammy The Army provided the WAY following information describing the action that led to his death. His citation reads as follows: “Corporal Heriot, with four other soldiers, organized a combat group and attacked an enemy machine-gun nest which had been inflicting heavy casualties on his company. In the advance two of his men were killed, and because of the heavy fire on all sides, the remaining two sought cover. Unmindful of the hazard attached to the mission, Corporal Heriot, with fixed bayonet, charged the machine gun, making his way through the fire for a distance of 30 yards forcing the enemy to surrender. During this exploit he received several wounds to his arm and later in


ABOVE: Gen. John J. Pershing, commander of U.S. forces in Europe during World War I, is seen decorating one of the members of the 81st Wildcat Division in Belgium. Pershing recommended Cpl. James Heriot for the Distinguished Service Cross, which was later changed to the Medal of Honor. RIGHT: The front entrance of the Rembert Church which is currently undergoing renovations. Cpl. Heriot is buried in the church’s cemetery.

the same day, while charging another nest, he was killed.” Major Gen. Henry G. Sharpe, accompanied by Lt. W.C. Bacon, traveled to Sumter to present Mrs. Heriot with the medal. Sharpe, in charge of the Southeastern Department of the Army with headquarters in Charleston, made the presentation in a formal, quiet ceremony. The medal was presented at the residence of Mrs. H.T. Abbott on Washington Street. Others present at the ceremony were Robert L. and Joseph C. Heriot, brothers of James Davison Heriot. Sharpe read the citation for which the medal was given and the regulations governing the wearing of the medal. The ceremony took place at about 10:30 a.m., and after its conclusion, Sharpe returned to the Claremont Hotel, and Mrs. Heriot returned to her


home in Lee County. James D. Heriot is buried in the Rembert Church Cemetery with several “departed loved ones of many well-known families in Sumter and Lee County.” According to Cassie Nicholes, circa 1788 Col. James Rembert “gave land for the erection of a meeting house possibly known first as Rembert’s Chapel and later Rembert’s Church.” The stately white building, which ceased housing regular services in 1934, creates a quiet, beautiful final resting place for one of our nation’s bravest. Reach Item Archivist Sammy Way at or (803) 7741298.

LEFT: The gravestone of Cpl. James Davison Heriot is located in the Rembert Church Cemetery near Woodrow. SAMMY WAY / THE ITEM




KWANZAA from Page C1 love, for friendship, for the elders, for children, for family, community and culture.” Williams said the terminology used in Kwanzaa is in Swahili, “a widely spoken African language.” She then gestured toward a table covered in symbols used in the celebration of Kwanzaa, starting with the mkeka, or straw mat, “the symbol of our tradition and history, the foundation.” The corn, or muhindi, represents the children, she said, “one ear for each child in the home. This is because corn represents reproduction. The children are our heirs ... responsible for preserving our legacy.” “The mazao is the fruit, which represents the gathering of the first fruits of the harvest, which is what Kwanzaa means,” Williams said. She then quoted from Exodus 23: 16 and 19: And the feast of the harvest and the first fruits of labor, which thou has sown in the field: and the feast of in-gatherings, which is in the end of the year, when thou hast gathered in thy labors out of the field. ... The first of the first fruits of the land, we shall bring into the house of the Lord. Other symbols used in the seven-day observance include Zawadi, the gifts, which are given to children on the seventh day, Jan. 1. Williams said the gifts usually include books, “to represent a commitment to education. We give them a heritage symbol, because that represents our roots. “The important thing to remember about the Zawadi is it’s not like another holiday that we celebrate, that whether you’re naughty or nice, you still

YESTERYEAR from Page C1 North and South Carolina on his days off duty from his news desk in the Observer’s editorial office. Dr. J.A. Hayne, state health officer, declares his department has not advised closing schools as a precautionary measure, unless infantile paralysis existed in the community. Sumter’s elementary schools have been closed as an extraordinary precaution. It is better to be safe than sorry. A news item originating in Charleston intimates that Highway No. 15 may be relocated between Santee River and Summerton in consequence of the SanteeCooper project – and that the State Highway Department is expected to do the work and pay the bill. This job which will run into big money should not be charged against the taxpayers. The Santee-Cooper Authority should pay for all the damage they do with some of the $40,200,000 federal allotment of New Deal money. The Santee-Cooper Authority has hired a full-time photographer to work under the direction of the manager of the publicity and educational department. The mails will not be flooded with press agent propaganda and picture publicity. Application is hereby filed for candid photos of all the big-shot politicians who have found snug havens under the lee-shore of Santee Lake; also to accompany said pictures an official footnote listing the total of salaries and expense accounts allotted each of the bigshots. There are no cases of infantile paralysis in the city or Sumter County, according to statement authorized today by the City Board of Health. Sports news — Commander Harry A. Davis of American Legion Post No. 15 announces the appointment of G.W. Shaw as athletic director for the post this year. Shaw, a member of the Buick Sales Co., is one of Sumter’s most

ardent supporters of the high school and junior athletic teams. May 22 has been set by American Legion officials as the starting day of practice for the local American Legion junior baseball team. It is expected that a number of good players from Hillcrest, Pinewood, Mayesville and Sherwood will try for the team this year. The Sumter High School swimming team yesterday won the annual state high school swimming meet held at Pocalla. The scores were Sumter 104, Darlington 15 and Rock Hill 4. Members of the team are: Bert Hamm, Lewis Bradham, Edgar Klarpp, Ed Martin, Pat Norris, Stanyarne Stoudenmire, Billy Forrester, Raymond Baker, Quinn Jeffords, Ed Gibson, Hamp Flowers, Herbert Moses, Billy Trembley, Fen Murray, Deuward Bultman, Ralph Wilson, Randolph Bradham, Harry Parker and Charles Propst. Austin M. Francis is coach, and Arthur Burnette is team manager. The Sumter Seacocks won seven of the eight events, losing only the 200-yard freestyle relay, which was won by Darlington. Norris of Sumter won first place in both the 50- and 100yard freestyle events. Parker also captured two first places, winning the 100-yard breast stroke and the 200-yard freestyle events. Propst upset his teammate, Stoudenmire, in the 100-yard backstroke. Wilson successfully defended his state diving title, while a team composed of Martin, Klarpp and Propst won the 150-yard medley relay. 50 YEARS AGO – 1964 Feb. 15–21 The Heart Sunday Volunteer Army will be on the march on Feb. 23 to give every resident of Sumter County an opportunity to join the fight against diseases of the heart and blood vessels, responsible for more than 52 percent of all deaths in South Carolina.


get a gift anyway. Kwanzaa doesn’t work that way. In order for the children to get gifts, they have to make a commitment. They might do chores for the

elderly in the community or in their own homes, offer to keep their community clean, make good grades. So when Kwanzaa 2013 comes, they will get a Zawadi. “It has to be earned. It teaches them personal growth and how to achieve things, if they keep their word.” After explaining all seven symbols, Williams moved on to talk about the seven principles of Kwanzaa, ending with Imani, faith. “It is in our capacity to live righteously,” she said of Imani. The seven days of Kwanzaa, each to honor a principle, begin with Umoja on Dec. 26, a day to acknowledge unity: “We are together in all things.” The sixth principle, observed on Karamu, Dec. 31, is Kuumba, or creativity. “Karamu means feast,” Williams said, “and young and old share food, music, memories, dance, poetry and more. It’s usually a pot luck with traditional African foods.” She asked, “What African foods can you bring? You’re already cooking and eating them. Cucumbers, lettuce, okra, peanuts – these and many other foods originated in the motherland.” The Karamu is a spiritual and joyous occasion, Williams said, during which all the principles of Kwanzaa are honored. “It’s the time the community gets together to honor the Creator for the past year’s accomplishments.” For more information on Kwanzaa or Sankofa, contact Williams at (803) 406-0832. You can also visit the official Kwanzaa website,

Mrs. W.B. Boyle, local Heart Sunday chairwoman, said it is anticipated that volunteers in this community will complete their residential visits on the same day. Each of the volunteers will have then called on from 15 to 25 neighbors, distributing information designed to guard their hearts and health and receiving gifts for the Heart Fund. Shoppers rushing to plaza — Huge crowds have been pouring into the new Palmetto Plaza Shopping Center since its grand opening two days ago. Backers of Sumter’s first shopping center reported today they were “overjoyed” at the public’s response to this new venture. Last night the 500-car parking area was filled to capacity, with more cars spilling into adjoining streets. Traffic along Guignard Drive was particularly heavy between 8 and 9 p.m. as Sumter shoppers turned out to “see what’s new.” Building permits reach new high — Building permits issued last year for city construction, additions and alterations totaled more than $500,000 above 1962 construction. In the yearly building report recently issued by Building Official J.H. Delk, construction for the past year amounted to $2,852,869. Guignard-Miller to get traffic light — Guignard Drive at Miller Road, site of several serious traffic accidents over the past six months, will soon have traffic lights. In a report received today at City Hall from the State Highway Department it was recommended that a semi-actuated signal control with eight oneway three-section signal heads be erected at the intersection. Merchants announce winners — Martin G. Haneck of Sumter was the winner of a four-day trip to the World’s Fair at the Palmetto Plaza grand opening. The all-expenses-paid trip for two was awarded after a drawing Saturday night at the shopping center. It is sponsored by the Palmetto Plaza Mer-

area considered by many as the future site of a civic center. The building, Sumter’s first commercial office space in decades, will rise soon on a plot located at 107-109 Canal Street behind the Sumter County Court House. Several old houses will make way for the structure. Young pilot “concerned” — “I’ve never been scared, only concerned in rough spots,” said 18-year-old Walter Johnson, who is a licensed commercial pilot for Sumter Airways. According to E.H. Lynam Jr., manager of Sumter Airways, the youth is the youngest he knows in 32 years to get a commercial license in this part of the state. And Lynam should know about these things because he’s been flying since 1932. Chandler to lead Gardenmakers — Mrs. Frank Chandler was elected president of the Gardenmakers Club at their meeting Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Abram Brody. First vice-president is Mrs. Robert L. Ramsey, second vice-president, Mrs. J. Perrin Lawson. Mrs. Cliff McLeod was chosen secretary and Mrs. K.P. Forester, treasurer. Mrs. F.W. Hartin and Mrs. LeRoy Davis were named to the executive board. Mrs. Herbert Rosefield was elected alternate representative in the Council of Garden Clubs. Mrs. E.W. Dabbs presided in the absence of the president, Mrs. Riley A. Bradham. Sports news — Sumter’s Gamecocks ran into a hot-shooting bunch of Falcons at Columbia last night and limped away with an 85-61 defeat, their first since the Dreher loss. Sumter guard Ray Ardis came up with an 18point effort. Coach Charlie Hodgin, disappointed at losing by such a wide margin, is taking his boys to Charlotte today for a basketball clinic at 2 p.m. They will stick around to see the college doubleheader program tonight. Last game for Bird seniors — Displaying

Some of the symbols of Kwanzaa, celebrated Dec. 26 through Jan. 1 include fruit, candles, cup and straw mat. Williams explained how these and the three other symbols relate to the week-long Kwanzaa observance.

chants Assn. Haneck, who hails from Watertown, N.Y., was recently discharged from the Air Force, having spent two years at Shaw AFB. Accompanying him on the trip will be his wife, the former Virginia Hodge of Sumter. Supreme Court upholds injunction — The State Supreme Court has upheld an injunction against the City of Sumter restraining it from condemnation procedures on Tuomey Hospital property along Sumter Street. A temporary injunction was issued last May by Third Circuit Judge James Hugh McFaddin stopping condemnation procedures by the city against hospital property which would be used in right-of-way for the widening of Sumter Street. Outstanding Young Man named – Dan F. Laney, Jr., 32-year-old state legislator, attorney, banker and civic leader, was named Lee County’s Outstanding Young Man of the Year last night by the Bishopville Junior Chamber of Commerce. Cal Johnson was named Jaycee of the Year. John Bell, general manager of Bishopville Finishing Co., was guest speaker. His talk covered the past, present and future of Lee County and Bishopville. Laney is a native Lee Countian. He graduated from Bishopville High School in 1948 and attended The Citadel three years. He graduated in two and a half years from the University of South Carolina Law School in 1954 with an LLB degree. Beauty queens — Miss Sandra Andrews was named Miss Medical College in a recent beauty contest in Charleston. The daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Andrews Jr., she is in her sophomore year as a nursing student. First runner-up was another Sumter girl, Miss Rhetta Sydnor, a freshman in the Medical College School of Nursing. Downtown Sumter to get new building — A new office building will be erected in an

their wares before the home folks for the last time tonight are four senior members of the Sumter Gamecock basketball troupe. These four upperclassmen will start tonight’s final home game of the season in accordance with Coach Charlie Hodgin’s tradition. This gives Jim Seller a starting guard berth, as James Scarborough steps aside. Tommy Edens, a junior, will be the only non-senior starter. Ray Ardis, Wayne Robertson, and Dillard Thompson will all be bowing out in this game with Lancaster’s Blue Hurricanes. Lincoln cagers end season — The Lincoln High School Bulldogs will be gunning for their 12th victory of the season tomorrow night when they play host to an improved Howard High five from Georgetown. The Bulldogs took it on the chin when the teams met earlier this year by a score of 51-50. Since this time the visitors have improved tremendously. They have lost only to Whittimore of Conway and they know their high conference standing will be determined by what they do against the Bulldogs… At the movies:The Sumter Theatre this week shows “Love with the Proper Stranger” with Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen; “Seven Days In May” starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Frederic March and Ava Gardener. The Carolina Theater is showing “Sundays and Cybele,” “Surf Party” with Bobby Vinton, Patricia Morrow and Jackie DeShannon; and “Womanhunt.” . The Lyric Theater has “Irma La Douce” with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine, and showing at the Sky-Vue Drive-In are double features “King Kong vs Godzilla” with “Phantom of the Opera” and “Showdown” starring Audie Murphy and Kathleen Crowley with “Desert Patrol” starring Michael Craig. Reach Item Archivist Sammy Way at or (803) 774-1294.





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veryone who is anyone knows about Elf on the Shelf. And if you don’t, you’ve been living under a rock. In homes across America, the Elf on the Shelf finds himself in many different places during the holiday season — and lately some of those places may be considered inappropriate by some. What some don’t know is the origin of the popular Elf on the Shelf. According to, the infamous toy is “a special scout elf sent from the North Pole to help Santa Claus manage his naughty and nice lists.” A family adopts (or in most cases, buys) and

names the elf, and it receives its Christmas magic so it can fly to the North Pole each night to tell Santa about the family’s daily activities. The elf always returns by sunrise and perches itself in a different place in the family’s home. Children are not allowed to touch the elf, and he is not allowed to speak when the family is awake; he simply watches and listens. The elf’s story is told in the book by the same name written by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell. There are a number of elves that have found a home in the Sumter County area. To join in

on the fun, stop by Books-A-Million in Sumter, which has been selling the book and toy all holiday season, according to an employee on Friday. The bookstore is selling the product for $29.95. In the meantime, here are a few elves that have been hanging out in some of our readers’ homes this season. — Raytevia Evans






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+2.34 -.03 +2.90 +2.27 -.25 -.82 +.20 +1.72 -.36 +.55 +.98 +1.45 +2.77 -.37 -2.77 -2.11 -1.93 -1.89 -.36 +6.54 +3.79 +6.58 +4.31 +.98 +2.78 -.40 +.97 +.38 +1.45 +4.97 +2.26 +.84 +2.31 +1.31 +.67 +.75 -.21 +1.24 +9.50 +1.13 +3.26 +4.75 +.42 +1.66 -3.56 +.90 +.03 +3.75 +.36 -.15 -.09 +3.14 +1.18 +.07 -.54 -.26 -.13 +.29 -2.67 +1.29 +1.08 +2.08 -.25 +1.71 +.15 +.55 -.44 +.29 +.92 +2.14 +3.37 -.27 +.74 +.21 +.53 +4.81 +2.06 -.39 +1.45 +.33 +.36 +.17 -.28 +.90 +.01 +3.37 +4.58 +2.30 -1.17 +.88 +1.86 +.23 +2.23 +1.35 +.99 +.18 +.31


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Gafisa SA 3.32 -.08 +.28 Gallaghr 45.99 -.02 +.19 GameStop 49.25 -.62 +1.96 Gannett 27.81 +.33 +1.62 Gap 38.57 +.28 +.08 GencoShip 2.02 -.01 +.09 GenDynam 93.37 +.71 +3.11 GenElec 27.36 +.04 +.74 GenGrPrp 20.40 +.23 ... GenMills 49.30 -.06 -.34 GenMotors 40.99 +.69 +.95 GMot wtB 23.21 +.49 +.80 Genpact 17.72 +.31 +.12 Genworth 15.40 +.12 +.44 Gerdau 7.84 -.38 +.16 GlaxoSKln 51.38 -.19 +.01 GoldFLtd 3.09 +.07 -.32 Goldcrp g 20.92 +.08 -.14 GoldmanS 175.16 +.39 +6.77 +SSHV4IX   GraphPkg 9.36 +.05 +.24 GtPlainEn 24.43 +.43 +.45 GpFnSnMx 14.29 +.04 +.42 GpTelevisa 29.49 +.01 -.02 HCA Hldg 46.89 +1.23 +.06 HCP Inc 36.08 +.28 +.31 HDFC Bk 34.11 -.18 +.01 HSBC 53.53 -.05 +.47 HalconRes 3.90 +.11 +.11 Hallibrtn 50.54 +1.12 +1.15 HarleyD 68.05 -.15 +.54 HarmonyG 2.40 +.04 -.06 HartfdFn 36.07 +.55 +1.05 HatterasF 16.78 +.27 +.31 HltCrREIT 53.11 +.53 -.80 HltMgmt 12.98 +.15 +.02 HlthcreTr 10.03 +.19 +.13 HeclaM 2.73 +.07 -.04 HelmPayne 82.03 +.36 +2.51 Herbalife 80.61 +1.03 +12.23 Hersha 5.56 +.05 +.10 Hertz 25.75 +.34 +.96 Hess 80.17 -.37 +1.22 HewlettP 27.79 -.25 +1.02 Hilton n 21.93 -.35 -.17 HollyFront 48.39 +1.08 +3.07 HomeDp 80.04 +.09 +1.03 HonwllIntl 89.55 +.91 +2.94 HospPT 26.98 +.14 +.85 HostHotls 19.07 +.20 +1.00 HovnanE 5.85 +.21 +.48 Humana 101.89 +.20 +1.98 Huntsmn 23.77 ... +.59 IAMGld g 3.24 -.03 -.19 ICICI Bk 36.36 +.41 +.53 ING 13.31 +.18 +.91 ING US n 35.03 +.02 +.67 ION Geoph 3.19 -.03 +.05 iShGold 11.65 +.11 -.36 iSAstla 24.00 +.38 +.77 iShBrazil 43.41 -.65 -.34 iShCanada 28.58 +.09 +.58 iShEMU 40.04 +.25 +1.25 iShGerm 30.74 +.19 +1.01 iSh HK 20.10 ... -.10 iShJapan 11.81 +.04 +.11 iSh SKor 61.89 +.01 +.46 iSMalasia 15.44 -.13 +.35 iShMexico 66.60 +.13 -.89 iShSing 12.79 +.15 +.03 iSPacxJpn 45.84 +.53 +.89 iSTaiwn 13.88 +.04 -.08 iSh UK 20.12 +.02 +.59 iShSilver 18.62 +.13 -.33 iShS&P100 81.43 +.36 +1.87 iShChinaLC 37.32 -.27 -.89 iSCorSP500183.53 +.97 +4.43 iShCorTBd 106.86 +.18 +.21 iShEMkts 40.48 -.06 -.10 iShiBoxIG 114.88 +.53 +.79 iSh20 yrT 104.25 +1.58 +1.04 iS Eafe 65.07 +.37 +1.55 iShiBxHYB 93.11 +.06 +.21 iShMtgRE 11.92 +.20 +.33 iSR1KVal 93.19 +.40 +2.18 iSR1KGr 84.72 +.62 +2.06 iSRus1K 101.95 +.59 +2.47 iSR2KVal 98.56 +1.51 +2.93 iSR2KGr 133.53 +2.37 +4.71 iShFltRtB 50.68 ... +.04 iShR2K 113.93 +1.89 +3.73 iShUSPfd 37.50 +.03 +.05 iShREst 63.47 +.49 +1.21 iShHmCnst 23.61 +.41 +1.17 iShCrSPSm108.10 +1.81 +3.29 M7XEV    Idacorp 52.71 -.11 +1.23 ITW 81.87 +.05 +2.92 -RJSFPS\   Infosys 57.00 +.45 +2.63

How To Read The Market in Review The list includes the most active stocks in each exchange, as well as stocks of local interest. Stock Footnotes: cc – PE greater than 99. cld - Issue has been called for redemption by company. d - New 52-week low. dd – Loss in last 12 mos. ec - Company formerly listed on the American Exchange's Emerging Company Marketplace. g - Dividends and earnings in Canadian dollars. h - temporary exmpt from Nasdaq capital and surplus listing qualification. n - Stock was a new issue in the last year. The 52-week high and low figures date only from the beginning of trading. pf - Preferred stock issue. pr - Preferences. pp - Holder owes installments of purchase price. q – Closed-end mutual fund; no PE calculated. rt - Right to buy security at a specified price. s - Stock has split by at least 20 percent within the last year. wi - Trades will be settled when the stock is issued. wd - When distributed. wt - Warrant, allowing a purchase of a stock. u - New 52-week high. un - Unit,, including more than one security. vj - Company in bankruptcy or receivership, or being reorganized under the bankruptcy law. Appears in front of the name. Mutual Fund Footnotes: e – Ex-capital gains distribution. f – Previous day’s quote. n - No-load fund. p – Fund assets used to pay distribution costs. r – Redemption fee or contingent deferred sales load may apply. s – Stock dividend or split. t – Both p and r. x – Ex-cash dividend. Source: The Associated Press and Morningstar. Sales figures are unofficial. IngerRd 60.12 +.97 IntcntlExG 224.46 +1.83 IBM 180.02 -.20 IntlGame 17.44 +.19 IntPap 48.35 -.50 InterOil g 52.49 -2.21 Interpublic 16.90 +.12 InvenSense 17.14 +.69 Invesco 35.83 +.58 InvMtgCap 15.20 +.21 IronMtn 29.81 +.58 iShCorEM 48.38 -.02 ItauUnibH 13.13 -.44

+3.30 +4.02 +7.22 +.13 +.52 -2.15 +.40 +.81 +1.25 +.29 +.32 -.14 -.19

J-K-L JPMorgCh 57.70 +.47 Jabil 16.12 -.14 JacobsEng 61.20 +.63 JanusCap 11.79 +.18 Jarden s 59.78 +1.09 JinkoSolar 28.70 -.66 JohnJn 92.09 +.11 JohnsnCtl 50.31 +.15 .SRIW+VT   JoyGlbl 54.45 +.37 JnprNtwk 21.77 +.57 KAR Auct 28.88 -.12 KB Home 16.91 +.44 KBR Inc 30.41 +.61 KKR 24.47 +.49 KKR Fn 12.24 +.23 Kellogg 60.52 -.08 KeyEngy 7.71 +.09 Keycorp 13.32 +.05 KimbClk 105.18 +.80 Kimco 20.21 -.01 KindME 79.26 +.87 KindMorg 35.22 +.46 KindrM wt 3.55 -.03 Kinross g 4.28 -.13 KiteRlty 6.60 +.24 KodiakO g 11.35 +.32 Kohls 54.95 +.33 KosmosEn 10.92 +.26 KrispKrm 19.09 +.45 Kroger 39.70 +.03 L Brands 61.04 +.12 LabCp 90.00 +.39 LaredoPet 26.87 +.33 LVSands 76.57 -.52

+1.53 -2.95 +4.44 +1.13 +2.46 +2.72 +.74 +.31  +.92 +1.10 +.44 -.32 -.66 -.51 +2.71 +.02 +.24 +.28 +1.26 +.19 +.25 +2.39 +.02 -.31 +.41 +.92 +.87 -.09 +1.05 -.22 -.13 +.87 +1.14 +.35

LaSalleH 31.66 +.50 +1.67 Latam Air 15.93 +.25 -.34 LeapFrog 8.10 +.09 -.03 LearCorp 79.64 +.15 -1.53 LeggMason 43.47 +.10 +2.09 LeggPlat 30.55 +.29 +1.40 LeidosHld 45.13 +.85 +1.99 LenderPS 36.49 +.06 +.80 LennarA 37.38 +.34 +2.38 LeucNatl 27.95 +.54 +.75 Level3 32.21 +.22 +1.80 LexRltyTr 10.17 -.03 -.04 LibtProp 34.85 +.85 +1.73 LillyEli 50.20 +.06 +.81 LincNat 51.36 +.05 +.42 LinkedIn 218.66 -.41 -10.64 LionsGt g 31.11 +.90 +2.85 LiveNatn 19.40 +.32 +.71 LloydBkg 5.13 ... +.19 LockhdM 144.21 +1.22 +5.18 Lorillard s 49.90 +.12 -.24 LaPac 17.97 +.12 +.96 Lowes 47.97 -.42 +.86 LumberLiq 100.89 -1.38 +11.40 LyonBas A 78.60 +.64 +2.41

M-N-0 M&T Bk 114.34 +.61 MBIA 11.47 +.45 MFA Fncl 7.30 +.14 MGIC 8.33 +.16 MGM Rsts 22.72 +.11 MRC Glbl 31.61 -.29 MackCali 21.86 +.39 Macys 52.27 +.04 1EK,6IW   Manitowoc 22.50 +.33 Manulife g 19.43 ... MarathnO 35.16 +.25 MarathPet 87.26 +1.55 MVJrGld rs 29.28 +.26 MktVGold 20.53 +.03 MV OilSvc 47.55 +.41 MV Semi 42.05 +.31 MktVRus 28.64 -.01 MarkWest 63.42 +.34 MarshM 48.13 +.06 Masco 21.69 +.02 Mastec 31.42 +1.10 MatadorRs 19.83 +.86

+.59 +.36 +.19 +.03 +1.52 -.53 +.67 +.86  +1.00 +.91 -.64 +2.05 -.95 -.58 +.40 +1.18 +.73 -1.85 +.88 +.41 +.13 +1.16

McDrmInt 8.31 +.07 McDnlds 96.51 +1.37 McGrwH 76.00 +2.18 McKesson 161.50 +.91 McEwenM 1.73 -.04 MeadJohn 82.89 -.46 MeadWvco 35.85 -.31 Mechel 2.44 +.09 MedProp 12.38 +.16 Medtrnic 56.89 -.28 Merck 49.32 +.53 Meritor 8.16 +.21 MetLife 53.12 +.85 MKors 83.88 -.04 1MPPIR1HE   1MPPIV)R6   MitsuUFJ 6.33 +.03 MobileTele 21.02 +.24 Mohawk 141.44 -2.06 Molycorp 4.90 +.13 Monsanto 113.73 -.08 1SRWXV;[   Moodys 77.30 +3.10 MorgStan 30.93 +.07 Mosaic 45.72 +1.04 MotrlaSolu 65.61 -.24 MuellerWat 9.37 +.44 MurphO 63.59 -.82 NCR Corp 33.32 +.48 NQ Mobile 11.50 -.34 NRG Egy 28.40 -.02 Nabors 16.26 +.11 NBGrce rs 5.58 -.15 NOilVarco 78.37 +.59 NatRetPrp 30.49 +.07 2EXMSRWXEV  2EZMWXEV  NewResd n 6.94 +.15 NY CmtyB 16.56 +.22 Newcastle 5.53 +.14 NewellRub 31.64 -.46 NewfldExp 23.98 +.13 NewmtM 22.64 -.12 NextEraEn 84.82 +1.09 NiSource 32.86 +1.36 NielsenH 45.35 +.22 NikeB s 77.34 -.92 NobleCorp 36.32 -.18 NobleEn s 67.94 +.07 NokiaCp 7.81 +.08

+.28 +2.07 +3.80 +4.11 -.07 -.27 +.69 +.20 +.36 +1.00 +.94 +.31 +1.93 +1.61   +.17 +1.00 +1.80 +.33 +3.07  +5.47 -.16 +1.75 +.56 +1.03 +.58 +1.02 -.60 +.45 +.54 -.27 -.37 +.01   +.60 +.33 +.29 +.88 +.62 -.64 +2.11 +1.92 -.27 +.94 -.23 -.74 +.27

2SVHMG%Q   Nordstrm 61.19 +.95 NorflkSo 91.32 +.81 NoestUt 42.11 +.23 NorthropG 112.26 +1.71 NStarRlt 13.07 +.15 Novartis 78.32 -.25 NuSkin 136.40 +1.73 Nucor 51.99 -.40 NuvMuVal 8.86 +.02 OGE Egy s 33.78 +.41 OasisPet 47.02 -.64 OcciPet 92.80 -.13 OcwenFn 54.81 -.13 OfficeDpt 5.35 +.07 Oi SA 1.62 -.01 OldRepub 16.81 +.58 Olin 28.26 -.77 OmegaHlt 30.09 +.13 Omnicom 71.48 -1.12 ONEOK 59.75 +.65 OpkoHlth 9.03 +.22 Oracle 36.37 -.23 OwensCorn 38.90 +.18

 +1.10 +3.35 +.52 +3.34 +1.21 +1.48 +6.46 +.40 +.18 +.27 +2.65 +1.69 -.50 +.16 +.06 +.71 +.94 -.10 +3.06 +1.10 +.06 +3.14 +.26

P-Q-R PBF Engy 30.68 +.46 PG&E Cp 40.56 +.34 PNC 76.37 +.37 PPG 186.62 +1.32 PPL Corp 29.68 +.35 PVH Corp 130.88 -.10 PaloAltNet 56.46 -1.04 Pandora 28.00 -.20 ParkerHan 126.21 +2.34 Parkwy 18.82 +.77 PeabdyE 18.23 -.90 Pengrth g 6.24 -.03 PennVa 9.95 +.19 PennWst g 8.51 +.01 Penney 8.32 +.36 Pentair 75.40 +.51 PepcoHold 18.91 +.29 PepsiCo 81.81 +.15 Perrigo 152.26 +1.12 PetrbrsA 14.35 -.29 Petrobras 13.34 -.23 Pfizer 30.25 -.46 PhilipMor 85.52 +.04 Phillips66 74.03 +1.11

+1.24 +.14 +.99 +3.71 +.43 +1.82 +2.52 +.74 +7.24 +1.54 -.18 ... +.14 -.10 -.25 +5.39 +.33 +.88 +.45 -.55 -.35 ... +.28 +2.43

PiedmOfc 16.83 +.39 Pier 1 22.52 +.73 PinWst 53.08 -.02 PioNtrl 187.29 -.26 PitnyBw 22.40 +.34 PlainsAAP 50.57 +1.00 PlumCrk 46.37 +.31 Potash 31.80 +.43 PwshDB 25.66 +.20 PS USDBull 21.66 -.02 PS SrLoan 24.82 +.04 PwShPfd 13.48 +.01 Praxair 127.54 +.39 PrecDrill 9.07 +.22 4VIXMYQK   PrinFncl 48.75 +.55 ProLogis 36.83 +.10 ProShtS&P 25.65 -.15 ProUltQQQ 96.37 +1.90 PrUShQQQ 15.51 -.32 ProUltSP 99.19 +.99 ProShtR2K 17.20 -.26 ProSht20Tr 32.27 -.51 PUltSP500 s91.64 +1.50 PrUVxST rs 18.48 +.28 PrUltCrude 32.41 +.27 PrUShCrde 31.48 -.27 ProUltSilv 15.61 +.23 ProctGam 81.84 -.06 ProgsvCp 26.82 +.12 ProUShSP 30.68 -.38 ProUShL20 76.24 -2.33 ProUSR2K 12.48 -.39 PUSSP500 15.87 -.29 Prudentl 91.33 +1.16 PSEG 31.75 +.10 PulteGrp 18.62 +.37 QEP Res 30.01 -.45 Qihoo360 78.72 +1.11 QuantaSvc 30.66 +.38 QstDiag 53.52 +.73 Questar 22.99 +.27 QksilvRes 2.72 +.04 Quiksilvr 8.63 +.39 RLJ LodgT 24.50 +.16 Rackspace 37.08 +1.14 RadianGrp 13.93 -.04 RadioShk 2.62 -.03 RangeRs 82.45 +.67 Rayonier 42.68 +.35 Raytheon 88.39 -.10 Realogy 48.23 +.86 RltyInco 37.64 -.40 6IH,EX  RegalEnt 19.37 +.21 RegionsFn 9.63 +.04 6IKMW'T   6IRI7SPE   Renren 2.99 +.01 RepubSvc 33.29 +.29 ResMed 46.09 +.44 ResoluteEn 8.99 +.24 RestorHdw 67.65 +2.82 RetailProp 12.91 +.15 ReynAmer 48.77 -.05 RioTinto 53.83 +.14 RiteAid 4.99 -.18 RobtHalf 41.16 +1.42 Rowan 33.69 +.75 RylCarb 46.96 +1.05 RoyDShllA 69.55 +.42 RuckusW 14.47 +.13 Ryland 40.87 +1.07

+.83 +1.65 +.28 +7.54 +.16 +1.99 +1.93 +.98 +.27 +.08 +.05 +.01 +3.29 +.12  +.67 +.82 -.66 +4.12 -.73 +4.65 -.57 -.37 +6.51 -2.47 +1.46 -1.52 -.58 -.53 +.58 -1.61 -1.69 -.87 -1.27 +3.14 -.11 +.64 -.68 -2.24 +1.93 -.68 +.49 -.13 +.35 +1.68 +2.16 -.31 -.06 +2.76 +.47 +1.95 +1.22 -.61  -.17 +.10   +.08 -.65 -.37 +.72 +2.40 +.12 -.19 +2.05 -.57 +1.84 +.05 +3.25 +2.98 +1.57 +2.41

S-T-U SCANA 47.25 +.23 SK Tlcm 24.88 +.05 SLGreen 91.90 -.65 SM Energy 81.14 -.44 SpdrDJIA 162.01 +.52 SpdrGold 115.94 +1.12 SpdrEuro50 40.84 +.28 SP Mid 239.67 +2.67 S&P500ETF181.56+1.05 Spdr Div 71.76 +.54 SpdrHome 32.14 +.40 SpdrShTHiY 30.88 ... SpdrLehHY 40.61 +.03 SpdrLe1-3bll 45.78 -.01 SpdrS&P RB40.10 +.50 SpdrRetl 87.14 +.84 SpdrOGEx 67.73 +.95 SpdrMetM 39.40 -.35 786,PHKW   SABESP s 10.98 +.33 Safeway 33.08 +.26 StJude 61.89 +1.07 Salesforc s 53.72 +.65 SallyBty 30.00 -.02 SandRdge 5.79 +.14

Creech Roddey Watson Insurance (&DOKRXQ6WUHHW‡6XPWHU6& (803) 775-1168

+.71 +1.15 +2.14 +1.44 +4.75 -3.44 +1.48 +5.21 +4.43 +1.60 +1.37 +.09 +.12 -.01 +1.19 +1.85 +2.47 +.77  +.72 -.24 +3.90 +2.59 +2.25 +.38

Sanofi 51.84 +.31 +2.14 Schlmbrg 87.27 +.80 +.90 Schwab 25.61 +.03 +.82 ScorpioTk 11.88 +.26 +.86 ScrippsNet 83.69 +.33 +2.96 SeadrillLtd 39.19 +.65 -.90 SealAir 32.95 +.40 +1.10 7IP1IH,PH    SempraEn 89.80 +1.49 +3.31 SenHous 22.29 +.26 +.27 SensataT 37.97 +.09 +.65 ServiceCp 17.39 +.22 -.22 7IVZG2S[   SibanyeG n 4.59 +.07 -.06 SiderurNac 5.89 -.16 +.35 SilvWhtn g 19.74 -.01 -.62 SilvrcpM g 2.24 -.02 -.11 SimonProp 154.71 +.71 +3.08 SolarWinds 37.13 +.10 +1.57 SonyCp 17.56 +.08 +.05 SouthnCo 41.06 +.27 +.94 SthnCopper 27.45 +.42 +1.97 SwstAirl 18.86 +.24 +.23 SwstnEngy 39.32 -.18 +.74 SpectraEn 34.16 +.27 +.94 SpiritAero 33.60 +.70 +1.61 SpiritRC n 9.85 +.01 +.03 7TVMRXR    SprottSilv 7.62 -.03 -.08 SprottGold 9.95 +.12 -.26 SP Matls 44.93 +.14 +1.22 SP HlthC 54.91 +.28 +1.33 SP CnSt 42.55 +.19 +.60 SP Consum 65.66 +.27 +1.44 SP Engy 86.67 +.15 +1.94 SPDR Fncl 21.61 +.13 +.58 SP Inds 51.26 +.41 +1.75 SP Tech 34.96 +.27 +.93 SP Util 37.83 +.37 +.72 StdPac 8.43 +.23 +.38 StanBlkDk 80.56 -.17 +.08 StarwdHtl 78.90 +1.14 +4.70 StarwdPT 27.85 +.23 +.53 StateStr 71.55 +.52 +1.82 Statoil ASA 23.30 -.06 +.77 StillwtrM 11.75 +.14 +.44 StratHotels 9.50 +.11 +.70 Stryker 74.72 +.87 +3.16 SumitMitsu 10.29 +.09 +.49 Suncor gs 34.08 -.12 +.31 SunEdison 12.77 +.13 +1.31 SunstnHtl 13.31 +.10 +.58 SunTrst 36.39 +.28 +1.40 SupEnrgy 25.11 -.05 +.09 Supvalu 7.02 +.15 +.61 SwERCmTR 8.22 +.04 +.07 SwftEng 13.69 +.35 +1.31 7[MJX8VERW   Synovus 3.52 +.07 +.15 Sysco 36.45 +.19 +.17 T-MoblUS n 31.00 +1.39 +3.36 TD Ameritr 30.41 ... +1.20 TE Connect 53.74 +.73 +1.76 TECO 17.04 +.14 +.23 TIM Part 25.54 +.30 +1.33 TJX 62.49 -.06 +1.32 TRWAuto 72.77 -.30 -1.43 TaiwSemi 16.99 -.06 -.09 TalismE g 11.47 -.18 -.23 Target 62.49 +.34 +.13 TataMotors 30.35 +.31 +.20 TeckRes g 24.67 +.62 +1.68 TelefBrasil 18.35 -.12 +.41 TmpGlb 7.87 +.10 +.04 TenetHlth 40.31 +.46 -.03 8IVEHEXE   Teradyn 16.73 +.16 +.34 Terex 39.70 -.26 +1.28 Tesoro 56.16 -.23 -.14 TesoroLog 50.39 +1.24 +1.01 TevaPhrm 39.51 +.15 -.31 8I\XVSR   ThermoFis 108.57 +.41 +7.23 8LSQ'VOK    3D Sys s 86.42 +3.23 +5.45 3M Co 136.72 +.31 +10.29 TW Cable 132.46 -1.28 +1.05 TimeWarn 68.34 +.44 +2.79 Timken 53.61 +1.15 +1.95 TollBros 35.16 +.94 +2.57 TotalSys 33.06 +.32 +1.87 TowersWat 125.07 +1.44 +4.28 Transocn 47.00 -.15 -1.22 Travelers 89.18 +.39 +2.69 TrinaSolar 13.46 -.41 +1.44 Trinity 55.50 +.80 +3.90 Tronox 22.85 +.28 +.09 Trulia 33.11 -.27 +1.38 TurqHillRs 3.18 +.01 -.03 TurqH rt .80 -.03 -.05

Twitter n 60.01 +2.52 TwoHrbInv 9.50 +.05 TycoIntl 39.60 +.69 Tyson 33.21 -.63 UBS AG 18.74 +.17 UDR 23.02 -.08 UNS Engy 59.70 +.09 US Silica 32.53 +.32 97)'VW   USG 25.78 +.02 UltraPt g 20.80 -.07 UnderArmr 86.04 -.01 UnilevNV 39.01 +.29 Unilever 39.91 +.29 UnionPac 163.60 -.59 UtdContl 37.39 +.12 UtdMicro 1.95 -.03 UPS B 103.33 +.15 UtdRentals 77.35 +2.48 US Bancrp 40.05 +.01 US NGas 21.79 +.04 US OilFd 35.48 +.16 USSteel 27.95 -.69 UtdTech 110.66 +1.16 UtdhlthGp 73.35 +.96 UnivHlthS 79.40 +.38 UnumGrp 34.38 +.09

NuvREst 3VKERSZS OrionEngy PalatinTch ParaG&S 4IHIZGSVW PhrmAth PlatGpMet PolyMet g Protalix Quaterra g 5YIWX61K 6EVI)PIK ReavesUtl 6IZIXX1MR RexahnPh RingEngy Rubicon g SamsO&G SandstG g SaratogaRs SilverBull SilvrCrst g SondeR grs SparkNet

SynergyRs SynthBiol TanzRy g Taseko Tengsco 8LIVET1( TigerMda 8MQFIVPR6 Timmins g 8VRWEXP4IX TriangPet 8YGS[WK UQM Tech US Geoth Ur-Energy Uranerz UraniumEn VangTotW VantageDrl VirnetX VistaGold WFAdvInco WFAdMSec ;MHI4SMRX >&&)RVW

+1.01 +.39 +2.25 +.10 +.49 -.54 +.76 +.24  +.06 -.33 +2.35 +.75 +.78 +2.85 -1.14 -.01 +1.95 +5.36 +.99 +.38 +.84 +.64 +3.31 +2.87 -1.93 +.47

V-W-X-Y-Z Valassis 34.60 +.18 Vale SA 14.43 -.38 Vale SA pf 13.28 -.40 ValeantPh 112.00 +.10 ValeroE 47.49 +.83 VlyNBcp 9.99 +.17 VangSTBd 80.28 -.06 VangTotBd 80.58 +.15 VangGrth 91.65 +.63 VangTSM 94.33 +.62 VanSP500 rs167.18 +.84 VangREIT 65.52 +.40 VangAllW 49.29 +.20 VangEmg 39.95 -.08 VangEur 56.86 +.29 VangFTSE 40.47 +.21 :ERXMZ  VeevaSys n 33.69 +.75 Ventas 57.35 +.70 VeriFone 24.15 +.85 VerizonCm 48.08 -.35 ViolinM n 3.82 -.18 Visa 215.97 -.11 VishayInt 12.95 +.24 VMware 90.18 +2.83 Vonage 3.20 +.10 WPX Engy 20.14 +.54 Wabtec s 73.78 -.02 WalMart 77.43 +.19 Walgrn 59.04 +2.10 WalterEn 14.79 -.57 WsteMInc 44.37 +.48 WeathfIntl 15.17 +.26 WellPoint 89.59 +.84 WellsFargo 44.96 -.06 WestarEn 31.79 +.32 ;WX%WX1XK  WstnRefin 39.84 +1.43 WstnUnion 17.01 +.13 Weyerhsr 31.40 +.13 WhiteWave 21.84 -.17 WhitingPet 61.57 +.11 WmsCos 37.01 +.12 WmsSon 57.90 -.63 WiscEngy 41.56 +.33 WTJpHedg 50.00 +.08 WT EmEq 50.11 -.24 WT India 17.11 +.54 Workday 81.85 +1.72 ;SVXLKXR  Wyndham 72.97 +1.02 XL Grp 31.10 +.36 XcelEngy 28.21 +.06 Xerox 11.88 +.10 Xylem 34.08 -.08 YPF Soc 33.41 +.16 Yamana g 8.46 +.01 Yelp 68.01 +2.52 YingliGrn 5.14 -.05 YoukuTud 28.67 -.47 YumBrnds 73.39 +.64 ZaleCp 15.01 -.12 Zimmer 92.74 +.13 Zoetis n 32.38 +.07

+5.98 -.24 -.26 +5.17 +1.36 +.23 -.05 +.15 +2.42 +2.36 +4.00 +1.16 +.93 -.17 +1.74 +.92  -3.24 +1.37 -.26 +.24 +1.13 +8.61 +.75 +4.56 -.02 +1.12 +4.34 -.65 +2.03 +.38 +.75 +.46 +1.84 +1.23 +.24  +1.49 +.64 +1.39 -.83 +2.55 +2.76 -.32 +1.03 +.63 +.01 +.45 +1.87  +2.38 +1.45 +.47 +.55 +.27 +4.20 -.23 +3.96 +.93 -2.21 +1.58 +.53 +2.23 +.80

NYSE MKT EXCHANGE Name AbdAsPac AbdAustEq %HZ4LSX AlexcoR g AlldNevG AlphaPro %Q%TTEVIP AmEagE n AmLorain AmpioPhm ArmcoMetl %WOERS+K AtlatsaR g Augusta g %ZEPR6EVI B2gold g Bacterin &ERVSK BarcUBS36 BarcGSOil Bellatrix g BioTime BlkMuIT2

Last 5.84 8.87  1.20 3.21 2.22  2.07 .82 7.24 .32  .55 1.43  2.08 .38  37.44 23.24 7.13 3.44 13.31

Chg +.02 +.14  +.01 +.02 +.04  -.02 +.01 +.16 -.01  +.02 -.04  +.06 -.01  +.30 +.12 -.03 +.16 +.08

Wk Chg -.02 +.15  -.19 -.10 +.11  -.05 +.07 +.50 -.00  +.02 -.05  ... -.04  +.37 +.58 -.09 -.15 +.68

BlkMunvst 9.00 +.04 +.30 BrigusG g .74 -.01 +.14 BritATob 104.18 -.11 +1.84 CAMAC En 1.24 -.01 -.13 'EWXPI&V    'IP7GMVW    CFCda g 13.22 +.28 -.29 CentGold g 41.86 +.81 -1.30 CheniereEn 43.04 +1.59 +2.11 CheniereE 28.11 -.23 +.11 ChenierE n 19.10 ... -.12 ClghGlbOp 12.85 +.03 +.26 ComstkMn 1.71 +.04 -.05 ConsEP 2.28 +.06 +.13 Contango 46.18 +1.74 +2.52 CorMedix .86 -.03 +.08 CornstProg 5.10 +.02 -.01 CornstTR 5.72 +.04 +.04 CornerstStr 6.32 +.03 +.09 CrSuisInco 3.55 +.02 -.01 CrSuiHiY 3.07 ... -.02 DejourE g .12 -.00 +.01 DenisnM g 1.14 -.01 +.02 DocuSec 1.83 -.09 -.02 DryfMu 8.45 +.07 +.40

EV CAMu EV LtdDur EVMuniBd EVMuni2 EV NYMu )PITL8EPO eMagin EmeraldO EnviroStr ExeterR gs Fibrocell rs FT WindEn FrkStPrp FrTmpLtd GamGldNR GasNatural +EWXEV)\T GenMoly GigOptics GoldResrc GoldenMin +SPH7XVK +SVQER6W GranTrra g GtPanSilv g

10.22 +.05 +.30 14.97 -.02 +.07 11.35 -.10 +.56 11.04 +.10 +.47 11.40 -.06 +.45    2.57 +.02 +.01 7.56 +.16 +.86 2.76 +.09 -.56 .53 +.01 +.02 4.02 +.12 +.17 10.88 -.01 +.07 12.26 +.36 +.43 12.87 +.04 +.08 8.87 +.01 +.03 8.28 +.23 +.23    1.12 +.02 -.03 1.47 -.02 -.09 4.66 +.03 -.19 .46 +.02 +.03       6.98 -.03 -.12 .68 -.03 -.01

GreenHntr Hemisphrx HstnAEn iShIndia bt iBio -QQYRS'PP ImpOil g InovioPhm InspMD n InstFnMkts -RXIPPMGLO IntTower g InvAdvMu2 -WS6E] Iteris 0EH8LEP*R 0O7LV+PHK LiberMed LiqTech LucasEngy MadCatz g MastThera MeetMe Metalico MdwGold g

1.20 .26 .26 24.51 .37  43.50 2.15 2.50 1.92  .40 10.48  2.25   3.86 2.17 .97 .51 .42 1.65 1.65 .77

-.03 -.00 -.00 +.77 +.01  -.44 +.02 -.06 -.07  +.01 +.07  +.10   -.14 -.02 +.01 -.00 ... -.05 +.03 -.02

-.12 -.01 -.02 +.49 +.01  +.74 +.17 +.09 -.43  -.01 +.36  +.13   +.15 -.19 -.01 +.01 +.01 -.07 +.02 -.07

282&Y^^ 2ERS:MVMG 2EZMHIE&MS NBIntMu NBRESec Neuralstem Nevsun g NwGold g 2%4EPPK 2(]R1RK NthnO&G NovaBayP NovaCopp NovaGld g NCaAMTFr NuvCADv2 NCADv3 NvDCmdty NuvDiv2 NuvDiv3 NvDivAdv NNYAmtF NuvAmtFr NvLSCmdty NMuHiOp

Scott Kinder

   14.45 4.33 2.48 3.25 4.91   15.08 1.25 1.44 2.32 12.32 12.65 11.47 15.18 12.91 12.49 12.65 11.99 12.14 16.92 11.87

   -.05 ... -.05 +.04 +.04   +.12 -.01 +.04 +.04 +.07 -.01 +.01 +.08 +.09 +.11 +.11 -.05 +.02 +.04 +.02

   +.22 +.05 +.08 +.13 +.05   +.26 -.01 -.09 -.07 +.58 +.41 +.42 +.23 +.60 +.55 +.43 +.31 +.52 +.32 +.49

RF MicD 4.95 +.08 Rambus 9.61 +.29 Randgold 61.20 -1.67 RaptorPhm 13.10 -.09 RealGSolar 2.53 -.06 Regenrn 278.69 +8.14 RenewEn 11.26 +.29 Rentech 1.71 +.06 6IWTSRW]W RevolutnL 3.16 +.13 RigelPh 2.47 +.05 RiverbedT 17.58 +.39 RockwllM 11.43 +.28 RosettaR 46.93 +.52 RossStrs 74.02 +.70 Rovi Corp 18.53 +.71 RoyGld 44.06 +.52

-.09 +.07 -2.88 -.49 +.29 +9.10 +.75 +.06  +.32 -.04 +.87 -1.89 -.95 +2.28 +1.22 -1.26

9.38  6.81 .73 .94  1.80 1.07 .93 3.96 .08   24.67  .43 11.94 .73 .43 4.18 1.20 .32 1.50 .59 6.17

+.13  +.21 -.03 +.02  +.04 ... -.03 -.08 -.00   +.35  -.01 -.44 +.02 +.00 +.10 +.04 -.01 -.01 -.01 +.11

-.43  +.64 +.02 -.04  -.20 -.02 -.05 +.11 -.00   +.50  +.00 +.05 -.03 +.02 -.02 -.01 +.01 -.07 -.03 +.63

SkywksSol 27.69 +.22 SmithWes 12.93 +.15 SodaStrm 54.50 +.12 SolarCity 55.80 -1.10 SoltaMed 2.96 +.02 Sonus 3.06 -.02 SpectPh 8.42 +.15 SpiritAir 46.06 +1.82 Splunk 69.52 +1.03 Sprouts n 37.81 +.24 Staples 15.73 +.15 7XEV7GMIRX   Starbucks 77.66 +.51 Starz A 28.70 +.52 StlDynam 18.53 -.04 7XIVISXE\W   Stratasys 125.87 +3.06 SunPower 29.16 -.59 SusqBnc 12.80 +.29 7[MWLIV,L   Symantec 22.51 -.48 Synopsys 39.63 +.49 7]RXE4LQ   TTM Tch 8.21 +.25 tw telecom 29.59 -.11 TakeTwo 17.58 -.22 8EVKEGITX   TASER 16.20 +.06 TeslaMot 143.24 +2.52 TexInst 42.84 +.38 Theravnce 34.50 -.48 8MFGS7JX  TileShop 17.41 -.02 TiVo Inc 12.61 +.26 TowerGp lf 2.65 +.10 8S[IV7IQM  TractSup s 74.92 +.85 TrimbleN s 33.88 +1.17 TripAdvis 83.13 +1.11 TriQuint 7.99 +.06 21stCFoxA 34.30 C

+.37 +.56 +3.28 +4.64 +.87 +.32 -.70 +3.02 +1.79 +1.52 +.30  +1.31 +1.29 -.25  +5.88 +1.44 +.47  +.40 +1.49  -.37 +.42 +.64  +.68 -4.41 +.89 -1.12  +1.17 +.22 -1.13  +2.89 +2.20 +1.75 +.03

9.25 1.16 1.71 1.91 .39  1.29  .98  9.02  2.12 .38 1.13 1.13 1.79 58.01 1.79 20.31 .38 9.11 13.92  

-.25 -.01 +.05 +.14 -.05 -.18 ... ... +.01 +.01   ... +.09   -.02 -.09   +.19 -.10   +.08 -.15 ... +.01 ... ... ... +.01 +.02 +.13 +.32 +1.32 +.01 -.01 +.65 +1.75 +.00 +.00 +.05 +.04 +.01 +.04    

NASDAQ NATIONAL MARKET Wk Last Chg Chg A-B-C AMC Net 64.57 +1.26 +.05 Abraxas 3.33 +.15 +.07 AcaciaTc 13.61 +.20 +.88 AcadiaPh 24.16 +.81 +1.13 Accuray 8.53 +.16 +.49 AcelRx 10.53 -.07 +2.33 Achillion 3.13 ... ... ActivsBliz 17.87 +.21 +1.10 AdobeSy 59.26 +1.13 -1.63 AEtern grs 1.20 ... -.07 Affymetrix 8.73 +.28 +.78 %KIRYW    AkamaiT 47.70 +1.10 +1.98 Akorn 24.90 +.23 +.32 Alexion 130.64 -.11 +6.95 AlignTech 57.03 +.56 +2.83 AlimeraSci 4.17 +.02 +1.84 Alkermes 40.15 +1.01 +.65 AllscriptH 15.02 +.11 +.25 AlpVident 24.25 -.06 +.21 AlteraCp lf 31.50 +.24 +.67 %Q8VWX*MR   %QEVMR    Amazon 402.20 +7.01 +17.96 %QFEVIPPE   Amdocs 41.02 +.07 +.60 AmAirl n 26.33 +.21 +.10 AmAirl pf 25.83 -.01 -.07 ACapAgy 19.87 +.40 -.15 AmCapLtd 15.21 +.62 +.55 ACapMtg 18.20 +.18 +.04 ARltCapPr 12.60 +.02 -.10 AmSupr 1.44 +.02 +.01 Amgen 114.03 +1.43 +1.87 AmkorTch 5.75 +.12 +.28 Anadigc 1.79 +.01 -.02 AnalogDev 50.01 +.35 +1.60 %RKMIW0MWX    AntaresP 4.24 +.05 +.29 ApolloEdu 26.68 +.27 +1.49 ApolloInv 8.48 +.10 +.03 Name

Apple Inc 549.02 +4.56 ApldMatl 17.19 +.31 AMCC 12.93 +.33 Approach 19.09 -.01 ArenaPhm 5.57 -.03 AresCap 17.59 +.13 %VMEH4   ArmHld 53.85 +1.56 ArrayBio 4.85 -.05 %VVMW  %VVS[6WL   ArubaNet 17.74 +.47 AscenaRtl 20.23 +.16 AsiaInfoL 11.95 -.01 AsscdBanc 17.33 +.35 Astrotch h 3.05 -.05 Athersys 2.17 +.05 Atmel 7.44 +.07 Autodesk 49.19 +1.15 AutoData 79.97 +.55 Auxilium 20.59 +.35 AvagoTch 51.65 +.21 %ZERMV4LQ   %:)34L   AvisBudg 38.11 +.76 B/E Aero 85.55 +.41 BG Med h .96 -.05 BGC Ptrs 5.92 +.16 Baidu 173.36 +2.97 BallardPw 1.52 -.01 BedBath 77.41 -.11 BioRefLab 25.38 +.21 Biocryst 6.92 -.04 Biodel 2.27 ... BiogenIdc 283.34 +6.13 BioMarin 68.86 +.50 BioScrip 7.19 -.20 &PEGO&IVV]   BloominBr 23.88 +.53 BreitBurn 20.00 +.10 Broadcom 28.57 -.17 BrcdeCm 8.61 +.06 BrukerCp 19.80 +.58 CA Inc 32.93 +.03 CH Robins 56.54 +.06

-5.41 +.49 +1.61 -.25 +.01 +.22  +4.95 -.15   +1.61 +.32 -.06 +.48 +1.23 +.14 +.23 +1.45 +2.95 +.33 +6.25   +1.98 +.19 -.14 -.07 +2.12 -.17 +.89 -1.45 +.87 +.11 +8.02 -.67 +.66  +.14 +.52 +.56 +.23 +1.19 +.59 +.14

CME Grp 83.79 +.11 CadencePh 9.31 +.10 Cadence 13.56 +.01 Caesars 20.26 -.09 Camtek h 3.57 +.16 'HR7SPEV  CapFedFn 12.13 -.14 CpstnTurb 1.25 +.02 CareerEd 5.44 +.25 Carrizo 42.78 +.39 Catamaran 48.01 +1.38 Cavium 34.91 -1.08 Celgene 167.48 +3.46 CellThera 1.77 +.03 CelldexTh 23.32 +.34 ')YV1IH   CentAl 9.51 +.27 Cerner s 54.67 -.02 CharterCm 130.02 +.90 ChkPoint 62.21 +.65 ChelseaTh 4.13 +.01 CienaCorp 22.69 +.47 'MRXEW  Cirrus 19.86 +.46 Cisco 21.13 +.06 CitrixSys 61.73 +2.61 CleanEngy 13.01 +.26 Cognex s 36.69 +.36 CognizTech 98.16 +1.14 CombiMtx 2.25 +.01 Comcast 50.94 +.16 Comc spcl 49.12 +.40 CommScp n 17.84 +.35 CommVlt 75.96 +3.02 Compuwre 11.13 +.02 Conns 75.00 +.41 CoronadoB 2.09 -.01 Costco 118.53 +.54 CowenGp 3.81 ... CSVelIVST 32.95 -.25 CSVxSht rs 8.18 +.06 Cree Inc 59.65 +1.67 Crocs 13.19 +.37 48.68 +1.02 CubistPh 66.97 +1.54

+2.28 +.34 +.01 +.10 -.32  +.23 +.08 +.67 +.96 +2.53 +.92 +2.58 ... +.80  +.36 +.50 -1.52 +1.62 +.49 +1.02  +.27 +.89 +3.74 +.75 +3.32 +4.62 -.54 +1.93 +1.60 +.44 +8.79 +.13 +.38 -.06 +.62 -.06 +1.71 -1.10 +3.58 +.36 +1.34 +4.19

CumMed Curis CypSemi CytRx

7.42 2.82 10.33 4.66

+.09 +.08 +.24 -.22

+.43 +.28 +.77 -1.06

(%6%&MSL   DeckrsOut 84.72 +3.37 (IPGEXLL   Dndreon 3.32 -.06 Dentsply 48.43 +.10 Depomed 10.05 +.20 DiambkEn 50.79 +.99 DirecTV 66.28 +.35 DiscComA 87.75 +1.43 DishNetw h 56.49 +.66 DollarTree 55.45 +.15 DonlleyRR 18.67 +.49 DrmWksA 35.14 +.46 DryShips 3.69 -.04 Dunkin 47.61 +.57 DyaxCp 7.56 +.21 Dynavax 1.82 +.03 E-Trade 19.34 +.01 eBay 54.58 +1.18 EaglRkEn 5.26 -.22 ErthLink 5.03 +.16 8x8 Inc 9.95 +.31 ElectArts 23.54 +.12 EndoPhrm 65.54 -.41 EndurInt n 14.20 +.60 EnrgyRec 5.46 +.15 EngyXXI 26.97 +.37 )RXIVS1IH   Equinix 170.69 +1.66 Ericsson 11.82 +.09 Exelixis 5.86 +.06 Expedia 67.61 +.82 ExpdIntl 43.55 +.59 ExpScripts 68.96 +1.08 ExtrmNet 6.92 -.11 F5 Netwks 88.10 +3.12 FLIR Sys 29.14 +.47 Facebook 55.12 +.07 FairchldS 12.92 +.26

 +.20  +.01 +.59 +1.85 +6.06 -.35 +5.30 +3.20 -.27 -.33 +1.96 +.03 +1.07 -.04 +.15 +.81 +3.03 +.06 -.09 +.93 +1.32 +1.68 +1.28 +.51 +1.37  +1.90 +.02 +.04 +4.88 +.53 +2.34 +.07 +6.63 +.44 +1.80 +.35


Fastenal 45.62 -2.39 FifthStFin 9.25 +.12 FifthThird 20.81 +.14 Finisar 23.00 +.18 *MR0MRI  FstNiagara 10.42 +.20 FstSolar 55.87 -.89 FstMerit 21.65 +.16 Fiserv s 57.83 +.56 FiveBelow 42.73 +.47 Flextrn 7.53 +.15 FlowInt 3.94 -.03 Fortinet 18.43 +.55 Fossil Grp 118.85 +.04 FosterWhl 31.93 +.05 Francesca 17.80 +.28 FrSeas rs 1.25 +.04 FreshMkt 40.41 -.15 FrontierCm 4.69 -.04 FuelCellE 1.39 -.04 FultonFncl 12.92 +.03

-.62 +.05 +.72 +1.19  -.30 +2.08 -.26 +1.91 -.73 +.38 -.05 +.75 -2.76 +.61 +.86 -.08 +.39 +.25 -.39 +.18

G-H-I GT AdvTc 8.37 -.17 +.35 +8\-RG    GalenaBio 4.03 -.03 -.11 Gam&Lsr n 49.82 +.55 -.24 Garmin 46.03 +.33 -.55 Gentex 32.64 -.26 +1.94 GeronCp 4.84 +.09 +.07 Gevo 1.27 -.01 +.09 GileadSci s 74.66 +1.23 +3.26 GblEagEnt 14.67 +.46 -.99 GluMobile 3.90 +.06 +.35 Gogo n 24.27 -1.27 -5.00 GolLNGLtd 35.15 +.89 +.96 Goodyear 22.93 +.15 +.31 Google 1100.62+14.40+39.83 GreenMtC 77.25 +1.00 +4.59 GreenPlns 18.84 +.78 +1.82 Groupon 11.68 +.03 +1.44 GulfportE 60.34 +1.44 +4.29 HD Supp n 24.33 +.38 +1.35 Halozyme 14.85 -.01 +1.75 HanwhaSol 2.64 -.13 +.05

Hasbro 52.49 +.22 HercOffsh 6.09 +.19 ,MQE\8GL   Hologic 22.42 -.03 HomeAway 40.07 +.07 HorizPhm 7.07 -.01 HudsCity 9.20 +.06 HuntBncsh 9.56 +.01 IAC Inter 67.15 -1.34 IdexxLabs 105.21 +1.40 iRobot 34.03 -.02 iSh ACWI 56.31 +.25 -HIRM\4L   -HIVE4LQ   Illumina 104.92 +1.41 -QYRS+R   Incyte 51.34 +1.23 Infinera 9.23 +.18 InfinityPh 13.08 +.47 Informat 40.68 +.65 IntgDv 10.10 +.16 Intel 25.06 -.09 -RXIV1YRI   Intersil 11.24 -.02 Intuit 75.28 -.41 -VMHMYQ'Q   IronwdPh 11.76 +.52 -WMW  -ZERLSIVWL  

+.73 +.16  +.41 +2.21 +.46 +.04 +.25 +7.30 +2.94 +4.68 +1.29   +2.49  +2.45 +.17 +.12 +1.74 +.10 +.77  +.27 +.26  +1.13  

J-K-L JA Solar 9.07 -.08 JDS Uniph 12.56 +.20 .E^^4LVQ  JetBlue 8.57 +.10 KLA Tnc 63.12 +.42 KandiTech 7.50 ... KeryxBio 13.02 -.34 KraftFGp 54.00 +.82 LKQ Corp 32.79 +.28 LSI Corp 10.94 +.01 LamResrch 53.90 +.88 LamarAdv 50.01 -.32 Lattice 5.37 ... LexiPhrm 1.80 +.05

+.47 +.74  -.18 +1.94 -.27 +.85 +1.39 -1.07 +3.03 +2.83 -.46 -.04 +.04

LibGlobA 86.02 +.38 LibMed A n 144.95 +1.68 LibtyIntA 28.15 -.07 LifeTech 75.65 +.01 Lifevantge 1.69 +.04 LinearTch 44.80 +.26 LinnEngy 30.52 +.70 LinnCo 29.62 +.61 lululemn gs 58.80 +.03

+1.55 -2.07 +.49 +.01 +.17 +1.45 +.74 +.23 -.40

M-N-0 MannKd 5.01 +.08 MarIntA 48.15 +.43 MarvellT 13.34 -.11 Mattel 45.52 +.45 MaximIntg 28.32 +.39 Medivation 65.14 +2.26 MelcoCrwn 37.85 -.45 MentorGr 23.84 +.43 MerrimkP 5.01 +.10 Microchp 43.42 +.73 MicronT 22.17 +.55 Microsoft 36.80 +.55 1M1IH\   Momenta 17.40 -.05 Mondelez 34.67 +.24 MonstrBev 66.24 ... Mylan 42.51 -.02 MyriadG 24.00 -.39 NII Hldg 2.57 +.08 2474LQ  NXP Semi 43.52 +.42 NasdOMX 39.96 +.50 NatPenn 11.30 +.30 NektarTh 11.19 +.43 NetApp 40.49 -.15 Netflix 375.67 -1.07 2IYVGVMRI   NYMtgTr 7.01 +.04 NewsCpA n 17.75 +.39 NorTrst 60.81 +1.53 2[WX&MSXL   NorwCrL n 34.52 +1.36 2SZEZE\   NuanceCm 14.91 -.06

+.03 +1.58 +.19 +.15 +.58 +2.00 +.02 +1.38 +.48 +1.89 -.91 +.11  +.15 +.82 +4.78 +.73 +.07 +.64  +1.01 +1.41 +.42 +.66 +.72 +6.70  +.06 +.09 +3.23  +2.87  +.68

NuPathe NutriSyst Nvidia 3'>8IGL 3GPEVS OdysMar OldDomFrt Omeros OmniVisn OnSmcnd 3R8VEGO Oncothyr OpexaTher Orexigen 3\]KR&VW

3.24 16.95 15.69   2.09 52.67 10.50 16.61 7.85  1.83 1.69 5.49 

+.08 +.10 +.31   -.01 +.93 +.37 +.14 +.06  +.06 -.01 +.10 

+.94 -1.63 +.67   +.27 +1.80 +2.25 +.39 +.41  +.11 -.23 -.09 

P-Q-R PDC Engy 53.40 +1.35 PDL Bio 8.31 +.07 PMC Sra 6.28 +.02 Paccar 57.62 +.33 PanASlv 11.14 +.19 PatternE n 27.77 -.48 PattUTI 25.24 +.03 Paychex 45.15 +.25 PnnNGm 14.26 +.14 PeopUtdF 14.64 +.09 PeregrinP 1.27 +.01 PetSmart 72.55 +.36 Pharmacyc 103.85 +2.44 PlugPowr h 1.84 +.04 Polycom 10.91 +.10 PortfRec s 51.57 +.79 PwShs QQQ86.50 +.87 Premier n 38.25 +.31 PriceTR 82.88 +.75 ProUPQQQ118.08 +3.45 PrognicsPh 5.17 +.24 PrUPShQQQ15.10 -.47 ProspctCap 11.31 +.09 pSivida 3.92 -.09 QlikTech 26.08 +.52 Qualcom 72.91 +.48 QuantFu rs 7.33 +.22 Questcor 53.26 +.72

-1.40 +.25 +.35 +2.36 +.15 +.49 +1.49 +2.52 +.27 +.09 -.04 +.19 -4.03 -.25 +.34 -.63 +1.92 +1.61 +4.51 +7.46 +.78 -1.08 +.19 +1.16 +1.52 +.33 +1.25 -.05

S-T-U SBA Com SFX Ent n SLM Cp SalixPhm SanDisk 7ERK&MS Sanmina 7ERSJMVX Santarus Sapient 7EVITXE8L SciGames 7IEKEXI8 SearsHldgs SeattGen SelCmfrt Semtech Sequenom SvcSource ShandaGm Shutterfly 7MIVVE;V SilvStd g Sina Sinclair SiriusXM

87.06 -.15 10.85 +.03 25.95 +.01 87.61 +2.04 69.51 +.85   16.22 +.01   31.93 ... 17.40 +.52  16.49 +.69  45.94 +.45 39.78 +1.13 20.91 -.14 24.20 -.47 2.22 +.07 8.44 +.39 4.41 +.03 50.24 +1.24  6.57 -.07 79.91 +.20 33.78 +.15 3.52 +.09

-.48 +1.27 +.19 +3.56 +3.24  +.97  -.01 +1.31  -.50  +.58 -.43 +.93 -3.44 +.09 +.31 +.05 +2.52  +.27 +1.52 +.01 -.01

U Um U U O U O

VWXYZ C C Q m m Cm m

; ' W MD W C W WD W W W W m W m W G 31% RC Ww w m

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








From staff reports

Edward Jones again ranked No. 1 in national survey For the 19th time, the financial services firm Edward Jones ranked No. 1 in magazine’s annual survey of the nation’s six largest financial services firms, according to the Edward Jones Financial Advisors in Sumter. The magazine randomly selects financial advisors nationwide and asks them to rank their firms in various categories. Edward Jones’ overall score was 9.5 out of 10 possible points. The firm scored top marks across the board, earning near-perfect scores in overall ethics (9.8) and public image (9.7), according to “This honor is a testament to the enduring strength of our firm values, our trade-offs and our partnership,” said managing partner Jim Weddle. “We are guided by a clear mission to serve the serious, long-term individual investor and to provide the best career-long opportunity for financial advisors who take pride in their work and appreciate the importance of the work we do.”

Company announces Sumter office broker-in-charge Russell & Jeffcoat Real Estate Inc. announces the addition of Ruth Torchia as broker-in-charge of the Sumter office, 1229 Alice Drive. She is excited to be returning to Russell & Jeffcoat, where TORCHIA she previously spent 14 years, three as the broker-in-charge of the Camden office. Torchia has been a broker


From left, Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce president Grier Blackwelder, vice president of membership development; Nancy Lee Zimpleman; and Hal Turner, membership event 2014 chair went on a mission from the chamber to recruit membership event chairs from the community.

since 1996 and established a successful real estate career during the past 18 years in general real estate brokerage sales. Education has been a top priority in her career. She has not only acquired valuable real estate designations such as ABR, GRI and SRES, but she has also graduated with honors from North Georgia College and State University with a major in business and minor in psychology. Later, Torchia earned her MBA from Georgia State University. She has settled into her new position as broker-in-charge with a commitment to supporting her agents through encouragement, training and guidance.

President of Cipov Enterprises re-elected to 2-year seat The National Association of Tower Erectors recently released the results of its 2014 Board of Directors election, and Pat Cipov, president of Cipov Enterprises Inc. in Sumter, was re-elected to his seat. The candidates will officially begin their two-year terms Feb. 23, 2014, at the NATE UNITE 2014 conference in San Diego, Calif. “NATE extends our congratulations to the candidates who emerged successful in the 2014 Board of Directors election,” said Executive Director Todd Schlekeway. “Serving on the NATE Board of Directors is a tremendous commitment, and we appreciate their willingness to contribute their time and talents to continue to help the association fulfill its mission of raising the bar on industry safety, standards and education.”

Classified lassified



11:30 a.m. the day before for Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday edition. 9:30 a.m. Friday for Saturday’s edition. 11:30 a.m. Friday for Sunday’s edition.



PUBLIC NOTICE OF SIGNIFICANT INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION VIOLATIONS The following is a Violation of 40 CFR Part 403 (General Pretreatment Regulations) for an industry that discharged to the City of Sumter's Pocotaligo Wastewater Treatment Plant during the year 2013: 1. Industry Name: Peace Textile Address: 1605 S. Guignard Parkway, Sumter, SC 29151 Violation: Exceeded the pH limits by 38 percent on Samples taken between April 2013 and September 2013. Peace Textile is Action Taken: under Consent Order with the City. The industry has requested a modification to their pH limit and the request is under review. Also the industry has submitted a Preliminary Engineering Report to address their failure of Permit Limits.


Legal Notice

Industry Name: Au'some, LLC. Permit No.: 051 Address: 2720 Southgate Drive Sumter, SC This notice will remain open for thirty (30) days for public comment. Persons wanting to comment should do so in writing to the City of Sumter

Legal Notice

Abandon Vehicle / Boat

Legal Notice

PUBLIC NOTICE OF SIGNIFICANT INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION VIOLATIONS The following is a Violation of 40 CFR Part 403 (General Pretreatment Regulations) for an industry that discharged to the City of Sumter's Pocotaligo Wastewater Treatment Plant during the Second and Third Quarters of 2013: 1. Industry Name: Precision Pin Product Group Address: 1355 N. Wise Dr., Sumter, SC 29151 Violation: Exceeded the Cyanide limits by 33 percent or more on samples taken between April 2013 and September 2013. Precision Pin Action Taken: Products was issued a Notice of Violation. The industry does not use cyanide in their process and attributed the violation to an anomaly. The industry will increase the frequency of sampling from semi-annually to monthly. The City and the industry have since sampled with favorable results.

PUBLIC NOTICE CITY OF SUMTER PRETREATMENT SECTION PO BOX 1449 SUMTER, SC 29151 Date: December 4, 2013 The industry listed below has requested a variance in a limit or limits of its Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit that authorizes a discharge to the City of Sumter sewer system. The variance is in compliance with the General Pretreatment Program and the City of Sumter's Sewer User Ordinance.

Date: December 4, 2013 The industry listed below has requested a variance in a limit or limits of the Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit that authorizes a discharge to the City of Sumter sewer system. The variance is in compliance with the General Pretreatment Program and the City of Sumter's Sewer User Ordinance.

Legal Notice

We will be happy to change your ad if an error is made; however we are not responsible for errors after the first run day. We shall not be liable for any loss or expense that results from the printing or omission of an advertisement. We reserve the right to edit, refuse or cancel any ad at any time.

Industry Name: Peace Textile, Inc. Permit No.: 033 Address: 1605 S. Guignard Drive Sumter, SC This notice will remain open for thirty (30) days for public comment. Persons wanting to comment should do so in writing to the City of Sumter.


Abandoned Vehicle Notice: discharged to the City of Sumter's Pocotaligo Wastewater Treatment Plant during the Second and Third Quarters of 2013



1. Industry Name: Carolina Filter, Inc Address: P.O. Box 716, Sumter, SC 29151 Violation: Exceeded the Nickel limits by 33 percent or more on samples taken between April 2013 and September 2013.

The following is a violation of 40 CFR Part 403 (General Pretreatment Regulations) for an industry that discharged to the City of Sumter's Pocotaligo Wastewater Treatment Plant during the second and third quarter of 2013:

Action Taken: Carolina Filters, Inc. was issued Notices of Violation. They are working with their consultants to upgrade the wastewater treatment process to include polishing the wastewater with a resin filter.

1. Industry Name: Au'some, LLC. Address: 2720 Southgate Drive, Sumter, SC Violation: Exceeded the BOD and TSS daily maximum Limit and monthly average limit on more than 33 percent of all samples taken

between April and September 2013. Action Taken: Au'some, LLC. was issued Notices of Violations. The industry has requested the City adjust their BOD limit to accommodate their new line. The City is reviewing this request.

The following vehicle was abandoned at Bailey's Automotive, 152 Myrtle Beach Hwy, Sumter, SC 29153. Described as a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer, VIN # 4M2DU52P4VUJ20911. Total Due for storage is $1,710.00 as of October 223, 2013. 1990 Acura Integra, VIN# JH4DA9356LS036843. Total Due for storage is $1,500.00 as of September 26, 2013. Owner is asked to call 803-773-3053. If not claimed in 30 days. it will be turned over to the Magistrate's Office for public sale.

CLARENDON HEALTH SYSTEM has employment opportunities available in the following areas: Registered Nurses for ED, Clinical Decision Unit, Women’s Services, Share to Care Float Pool and Long Term Care Division RN, Unit Manager for Extend Care and Rehab Facility at Lake Marion Rehabilitative Services: Physical herapist, Physical herapy Assistant, Occupational herapy Assistant for Inpatient, Outpatient and Home Health Health Information Management Coding Manager Surgical Services: Circulating RN and Certiied Surgical Techs EMS: Paramedic


The following is a Violation of 40 CFR Part 403 (General Pretreatment Regulations) for an industry that

Excellent salary and beneit package available. For a listing of all employment opportunities visit our website at and complete your on-line application today!



THE ITEM Bid Notices

BID SOLICITATION Lee County School District is interested in receiving sealed bids on a rubberized running track for Track and Field Events at Lee Central high School. The price for the system must be good for 90 days. Bids should be mailed to P.O. Box 507, Bishopville, SC 29010 or hand delivered. Sealed bids will be opened at 9:00 a.m. on January 7, 2014 at Lee Central School District Office at 521 Park Street in Bishopville, SC. All questions concerning this bid should be directed to Dr. Jeff Long at (803) 484-5337 or at (803) 486-1149

BID SOLICITATION Lee County School District is interested in receiving sealed bids for Intercom Door Release Kits to include a door station with build in camera, base station with monitor, power supply Surface Mount 24 V Electric Strike. The price for the system must be good for 90 days and will be for the kits and installation at all facilities throughout the district. Bids should be mailed to P.O. Box 507, Bishopville, SC 29010 or hand delivered. Sealed bids will be opened at 9:00 a.m. on January 7, 2014 at Lee County School District Office at 521 Park Street in Bishopville, SC. All questions concerning this bid should be directed to Dr. Jeff Long at (803) 484-5337 or at (803) 486-1149

BUSINESS SERVICES Home Improvements Professional Remodelers Home maintenance, ceramic tile, roofing, siding & windows doors, etc. Lic. & Ins. (Cell) 803-459-4773 H.L. Boone, Contractor additions, painting, roofing, gutters, sheetrock, blown ceilings, decks. 773-9904

Lawn Service JW Professional Pool & Lawn Service Seasonal lawn maintenance, weekly pool cleaning, hedging, pine straw, mulch, pressure washing & more. Satisfaction guaranteed. 803-406-1818 Daniel's Lawn Care •Firewood starting at $45 •Tree removal •Leaf removal •Gutter & roof cleaning 803-968-4185

Painting Int/Ext Painting, Pressure washing. 30 yrs exp. Ref. Quality work/free est. Bennie 468-7592

Garage, Yard & Estate Sales LARGE GARAGE SALE 1st & 3rd Weekend Tables $1 & Up

For Sale or Trade Sleeper Sofa & Reclining loveseat, Great Condition! Call for details 803 491-4451 Hickory & Oak firewood. Seasoned/Green $65 Delivered. Notch Above Tree Service. 983-9721 Softball Equipment- Pitching machine, Backstop, Balls, Bats ETC. Call for details 803-968-2459 POOL TABLES for CHRISTMAS $800 to $1200 includes balls, cue sticks, rack, and chalk. Free delivery within 25 miles of Manning. 803-433-5544 803-473-0939 Downsizing estate moving sale! Lots of furniture - 8 full rooms, attic & garage. Call 494-4220. Firewood for Sale Will Deliver. Call 803 651-8672


HOLIDAY GIFTS $10 & UP! 633 Bultman Drive. 774-7823

C&B Roofing Superior work afford. prices. Free est., Sr. disc. Comm/Res 30 yr warr. 290-6152

Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Stoves. Also new Gas stoves. Guaranteed. 803-464-5439

Robert's Metal Roofing, 35 Yrs Exp. 18 colors & 45 yr warranty. Financing avail, 803-837-1549.

Expert Tech, New & used heat pumps & A/C. Will install/repair, warranty; Compressor & labor $600. Call 803-968-9549 or 843-992-2364

STATE TREE SERVICE Worker's Comp & General liability insurance. Top quality service, lowest prices. 803-494-5175 or 803-491-5154

In Loving Memory of Mary C. Logan 9/24/24 - 12/22/11 Mom, It's been 2 year today since God called you home, Our hearts are heavy, we love you. Sadly missed by your children Earline, Ellenora, Talmadge, Mary, Ruby, Susan, Vickey and John

A Notch Above Tree Care Full quality service low rates, lic./ins., free est BBB accredited 983-9721


Help Wanted Full-Time Hardworking salesmen needed ASAP at car dealership. 5 positions. $3k-4k/mo. We'll teach you to sell. Training class on 12-26 & 31. No exp. nec. Great attitude, good worker & team players only. 8a-9p M-F, 9a-7p Sat, 12-7p Sun. FULL TIME No criminal bkgrd or drug issues please. Valid drvs. lic. req. Call Denis @ 803-454-6815.

Two Red poodles, Teacup and tiny toy. Gorgeous! 803 553-4868

Help Wanted Part-Time

Want to Buy Golden Kernel Pecan Company 1214 S. Guignard Dr. Sumter, SC 803-968-9432 We buy pecans, We sell Pecan halves & Pieces, Chocolate, Sugarfree Chocolate, Butter Roasted, Sugar & Spiced, Prailine, Honey Glazed, English Toffee Gift Packages available. Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-1.

Farm Products E & E Farm & Pets. We have Protein tubs and high Mag mineral salt for Cattles. 803-435-2797 E & E Farm & Pets. 2420 RR, $23.75 50lbs. 21% Sports Blend $15 40lbs. Call 803-435-2797 E & E Farm & Pets. 10% Sweet Feed Wrangler $9.00. Safe Choice Senior $20 per bag. 803-435-2797

Firewood Rev. Henry B. Brown and Eula Lee Brown Although we love and miss you, it comforts us to know you are together in Heaven. One day we will all be together again.We remember both of you always. Your sons, daughter in law, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.


Upscale salon seeking Cosmetologists, Braiders for 2014. Increase your revenue. 803-847-4776


In Loving Memory of Rosetta Davis Burson 8/18/54 - 12/22/10 Zet, You gave us so much Love, Joy, Laughter and so many memories to cherish. Mom,Children,Brothers, Grands & Family

Bush hog, $175. New 10 ft. Basketball goal/stand, $100. VCR & tapes, $55. 983-6182

CKC Peek-a-poo pups. 9wks, paper trained, S/D $300 Cash. Alice 803-428-3803

AKC Rottweiler Puppies, 7 wks old. Tails docked, dewclaw removed, 1st shots. $300 each. Call 803-428-7279.

Oak Firewood For Sale @ 1030 S Main St 803 840-7234

Garage, Yard & Estate Sales Sumter County Flea Mkt Hwy 378 E. 803-495-2281 500 tables. Sat. $8 free return Sun.

Office Rentals

Will sit with sick & elderly, run errands, light housework, References available 803460-3168

217 W. Hampton, 604 sq ft. office space. $525 /mo. Lg. office, sm office/breakroom. Contact C21 Hawkins & Kolb for more info. 803-773-1477.

Open every weekend. 905-4242


Ricky's Tree Service Tree removal, stump grinding, Lic & ins, free quote, 803-435-2223 or cell 803-460-8747.

Work Wanted


2 Cemetery Plots @ Evergreen . Call 803-795-7630 or 803 883-2982

Tree Service


Medical Receptionist needed Part-time. Ideal candidate must have medical office experience, excellent computer and telephone skills. Fax resume to 803-433-5637 or deliver in person to Lakeside Orthopaedic Center 50 E. Hospital St. Suite 6, Manning, SC 29102. $$$ AVON $$$ FREE TRAINING! 803-422-5555

Trucking Opportunities Drivers: DEDICATED. Regional & OTR. Start up to $.44/mi + Excellent Benefits. 401K + Bonuses. Excellent Hometime! CDL-A 6mos. exp. 877-704-3773 Driver Trainees Needed Now! Learn to drive for US Xpress! Earn $800+ per week! No experience needed! CDL -Trained and Job-Ready in 15 days! 1-888-263-7364 Drivers: Solos. Great Pay & Benefits! Quality Hometime! Assigned Trucks. CDL-A req. Jeanine: 855-219-8907

Schools / Instructional • Tax Preparer • Training provided Dec. 26th. Day and evening classes available. •Customer Service• Free week long tax preparation class with customer service focus. Learn computerized tax preparation in day or evening classes starting Dec. 26th. Apply for seasonal opportunities. 803-418-0123

RENTALS Unfurnished Apartments A MUST SEE 2 Units - 1Br 1 full bath & 1Br 2 full baths, hardwood flooring, very spacious. 1st Floor unit has an outdoor deck, both units include frig. & stove. Located at 315 Liberty St. Downtown, $550 incl. water. Contact 803-775-0429 or 803 316-2602 Montreat St./Dixie (off Miller Rd.) 2BR 1BA, appliances, no pets $400 mo + dep. 316-8105. Senior Living Apartments for those 62+ (Rent based on income) Shiloh-Randolph Manor 125 W. Bartlette. 775-0575 Studio/1 Bedroom apartments available EHO 211 W. Hampton Ave. 2 BR/2 BATH Apt. located near Tuomey Hospital/Downtown area. Stove, refrig, dishwasher, W/D hook-ups. $550.00 month includes lawn maint. Call Century 21. 773-0221.

Unfurnished Homes Close to Shaw. Dalzell 3br 2ba brick, fenced yd, screen porch, all appl. C/H/A No Pets. $800 /mo+dep 803-316-8105 Manning Area, House in exc. cond. w/ good neighbors. Centrally located schools, businesses & shopping. 1 yr. lease preferred. Sec. dep. req. Good credit a must. 803-968-4630 or 934-1126.. ALCOLU: 4BR/2BA in the country for rent. $700/mo + $700/dep. 803-473-3301 428 Loring 2 BR/1BA house. Stove, refrig, W/D hook-ups. Hardwood floors. $400/mo. Call Century 21. 773-0221 3 br house on Burgess Ct. C/H/A $495/mo. First month rent free! 774-8512 / 983-5691 3BR or possibly 4BR// 2BA with W/D hook up. On Plowden Mill Rd. Rent or RTO (803)473-3301 3Br 1 BA For Rent or Rent to own Alderman Camp Rd $600 mo + Dep Call 803-473-3301 Patriot Parkway 2BR/1BA, LR, den, dining room, C/H/A, gas stove. 803-607-9276.

Mobile Home Rentals

2 & 3 BRs 803-494-4015 3BR 2BA DW on 27 acres of land, like new, no pets, no inside smoking, have your own vegetable garden. Convenient to Shaw. $600/mo + $500 dep 905-5608 Very Clean 3BR/2BA, Quiet neighborhood. Suitable for mature older couple ONLY need apply. No section 8. $450/mo + $400/dep. 803-775-0492 for info. 2BR/2BA, 14x70, C/H, No Inside Pets! $450 mo + $300dep. 5 Person Max. Tindal Rd. near Lakewood High School. 481-8134. Scenic Lake 2Br, 2Ba. No pets. Call between 9am - 5pm ONLY! (803) 499-1500. Oaklawn MHP: 2 BR M.H.'s, water/sewer/garbage pk-up incl'd. RV parking avail. Call 494-8350

Resort Rentals Vacation Rentals Santee, Garden City Beach Michelle Hodge, 803-491-4914

Commercial Rentals Guignard Storage: 57 Neal St. Personal storage units. No deposits. Call 803-491-4914 Building for rent, 4 Mi. out of Manning. Might could be used as a church. Call 803-473-3301 862 E Liberty St Office/Retail 1550 Sq Ft. $250 Mo. Agent Owned Call 803-236-2425


2007 Hyundai Sonata, 124k mi. 4 cycl, AT, PW, PDL, CC, remote entry. New battery, front brakes, 30 MPG, very well maintained, runs great. $6,350. Call 803-236-6361

Miscellaneous C&C Recycling Parts & Wrecker Service Top price paid for junk cars! We buy scrap metal, alum cans, batteries, copper. 773-7702

Homes for Sale 2806 Tindal Rd Sumter 3BR 2BA C/H/A Call 803 481-7903 Asking $51,000

Manufactured Housing Singlewides & Doublewides sold wholesale for CASH... Call Now 983-8084 REDUCED 3BR/2BA DW on 1 ac in a quiet wooded area mins from Shaw. Den, DR, all appl's, large front/back porch. Storm doors windows. $54,000. 803-983-1300 LOW CREDIT SCORE? Been turned down for bad credit? Come try us, we do our own financing. We have 2-3-4-5 bedroom homes on our lot. Layaway program available. For more information, call 843-389-4215.

Farms & Acreage FSBO: Land, Small & Large acreage. Owner financing. 803-427-3888.

Land & Lots for Sale Multiple lots for sale: 803-236-8495 ask for Bruce.



Commercial Industrial Church Facility located at 16 Kendrick Street. Move in Ready. 10,195 sq ft on 2.35 acres with 1,040 sq ft picnic shelter. Chapel, Fellowship Hall, Sunday School Rooms, Office Complex and Full Working Kitchen. Contact Talmadge Tobias at Re/Max Summit 803-491-4573.


2008 PONTIAC G6 - 14,000 MILES




Boats / Motors 2007 Triton TR-21X HP Bassmaster Classic Edit. with 250 Mercury XS Call for details 803 968-2459



TRANSPORTATION 2011 HYUNDIA SONATA GLS - 36,000 MILES Autos For Sale Holiday Special 150 cars $5,000 or less $$$ CASH $$$ Price is Right Auto Sales 3210 Broad St 803-494-4275





Office Rentals 50 Wesmark Ct. 1,177 sq ft. $1000/mo. + $100 CAM. Reception area, 3 office space, breakroom, 1/2 ba, file/storage room. 773-1477

2008 Yamaha TTR 125 EX and 2009 TTR 50 EY with helmets. Both in excellent shape with very low hours.

SEEKING CHIEF NURSING OFFICER Clarendon Memorial Hospital is seeking a dynamic leader to direct our Nursing Services Division. Actively involved, at the executive level, in the leadership of the organization. Organizes and administers areas of Nursing Services to attain hospital’s objective established by the Governing Body. Position requirements include graduate of an accredited school of nursing; current SC licensure in the State of SC; a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in healthcare management or nursing. Master’s Degree is preferred; minimum of ive (5) years prior experience in nursing services management or supervisory role. Must possess excellent communication skills to support collaborative working relationships between physicians, staff members, and patients including internal and external customers of Clarendon Health System.

(a division of Clarendon Health System) has employment opportunity available for RN, UNIT MANAGER. Qualiied candidates must possess current, unencumbered, active license to practice as RN in the state of SC. Must have, as a minimum, one (1) year of experience as a supervisor in a hospital, nursing care facility, or other related health care facility. Visit our website at to complete your on-line application or fax your resume to 803-435-3157.

120 Broad St Office Building, Great location Rent is $650 mo Agent Owned Call 236-2425



Autos For Sale

Package Price $2800

Call 803-468-2244

Qualiied candidates may apply on-line at, fax resume to 803-435-3157 or forward resume to


Marriage Licenses Joseph Vall Brown and Wanda Arlene Dennis; Cord James Montoya and Kelsey Lynn Sakos; Jephthah Bush of Cheraw and Kathryn C. Dixon; Alphonso Jamaal Tindal and Tamara Dionne Ellison; Romeo Rachine Daniels and Shakeia Simmons McFadden; Devangkumar Vishnubhai Patel and Jayna Sudhirkumar Patel; Seth Albert Frazier and Anne Elizabeth Woodcock; Sherrard Calvin Graham and Indaneshia Deaundria Grier; Bobby D. Davis and Olga Nicole Johnson.

Building Permits PS Southeast Two LLC, owner, Palmetto Sign Service, contractor, 3785 Broad St., $5,000 (freestanding sign — public storage, commercial); PS Southeast Two LLC, owner, Palmetto Sign Service, contractor, 1143 N. Guignard Drive, $5,000 (freestanding sign — public storage, commercial); Almena M. Merritt, owner, Roosevelt Butler, contractor, 1600 Gardner Road, 640 unheated square feet, $20,200 (detached garage, residential); Charles L. and Sharon A. Joe, owners, Charles Joe, contractor, 606 Brockington St., 1,824 heated square feet and 832 unheated square feet, $60,000 (new dwelling, residential); Gainey Construction Co. LLC, owner and contractor, 3425 Traditions Place, Dalzell, 1,253 heated square feet and 312 unheated square feet, $79,226 (new dwelling, residential). Gainey Construction Co. LLC, owner and contractor, 3435 Traditions Place, Dalzell, 1,258 heated square feet and 452 unheated square feet, $82,456 (new dwelling, residential); Sumter County, owner, Lee Construction Co., contractor, 13 E. Canal St., $653,000 (parking lot renovation, commercial); Woods Bay Co. LLC, owner, Davies General Contracting Inc., contractor, 5660 Broad St., $180,000 (add parking lot and renovate parking and drive thru, commercial); Morningstar Limited Partnership, owner, Shamrock Building Systems, contractor, 1277 Camden Highway, 3,540 unheated square feet, $100,000 (rebuild existing building C damaged by fire, commercial). John R. and Emily J. Lee, owners, Knepp Roofing Carpenter, contractor, 2265 Camden Highway, $12,090 (roof replacement, residential); Sumter County, owner, Campbell Pavement Specialties, contractor, 141 N. Main St., $7,300 (seal coat and restripe 18 Law Range parking lot, commercial); Sumter County, owner, CNA Construction Inc., contractor, 141 N. Main St., $119,080 (remove / repair concrete sidewalks, commercial); Sumter County, owner, CNA Construction Inc., contractor, 13 E. Canal St., $38,000 (brick fence, commercial); Hurricane Construction Inc., owner and contractor, 5570 Pershing Drive, Dalzell, 2,374 heated square feet and 564 unheated square feet, $112,200 (new dwelling, residential). Hurricane Construction Inc., owner and contractor, 5590 Pershing Drive, Dalzell, 3,627 heated square feet and 705 unheated square feet, $126,530 (new dwelling, residential); Hurricane Construction Inc., owner and contractor, 5550 Pershing Drive, Dalzell, 4,072 heated square feet and 716 unheated square feet, $129,000 (new dwelling, residential); Hurricane Construction Inc., owner and contractor, 5560 Pershing Drive, Dalzell, 3,627 heated square feet and 705 unheated square feet, $126,530 (new dwelling, residential); Heirs of Richard Beckham, owner, JAMG and Co., contractor, 132 Maney St., $5,750 (remove and install shingles and ADA commode, residential). Sumter Builders Inc., owner, Hardee Construction Co. Inc., contractor, 1151 N. Pike West, 5,343 heated square feet, $424,750 (construction of new office building, commercial); Church St Rest Apostolic Holiness, owner, Jefferson Barns and Salvage Inc., contractor, 128 Willow St., Mayesville, $5,000 (1/2 roof, commercial); Joseph and Shirley Choice, owners, JAMG and Co., contractor, 26 Wilson St., $11,500 (shingles / replace tub / shower and install seven replacement windows, residential); Ralph Brown, owner and contractor, 4100 Broad St. Ext., Lot 85 (mobile home, residential); Anthony J. Simmons, owner and contractor, 1057 Robin Hood Ave., 864 heated square feet, $40,000 (bedroom, dining room and bathroom addition, residential). Mary E. Jordan, owner, Joseph Powell, contractor, 2840 Airport Road (mobile home, residential); James L. Clea, owner, Richard Murphy dba Murphy Builders Inc., contractor, 6020 Cohen Road, Rembert, $6,200 (remove existing door and replace with larger door /

PUBLIC RECORD replace shower, residential); Keisha Joe, owner, Harvey McDonald, contractor, 5145 Dennis Road, Rembert (mobile home, residential); Timothy W. and Jody D. Murphy, owners, All About Pools and Spas LLC, contractor, 6760 Stateburg Hills Drive, $29,800 (swimming pool, residential); Windsor City, owner, Tim Huffstetler, contractor, 20 Somerset Drive (A) (mobile home, residential). Sean P. and Allison G. O’Donnell, owners, Brian Fortin, contractor, 1960 Hatteras Way, $5,200 (brick fence, residential); Seabrook and Willie Mae Taylor, owners, Seabrook Taylor, contractor, 680 E. Brewington Road, $5,825 (reshingle roof, residential); Sumter Habitat for Humanity, owner, Home Work, contractor, 20 Habitat Court, 1,056 heated square feet and 112 unheated square feet, $63,600 (new dwelling, residential); Sumter Habitat for Humanity, owner, Home Work, contractor, 30 Habitat Court, 1,056 heated square feet and 156 unheated square feet, $64,524 (new dwelling, residential); City of Sumter, owner, Hunter Builders, contractor, 21 N. Main St., 3,890 heated square feet, $415,000 (renovation of council chambers, commercial). Annie Lee McCoy, owner, Harvey McDonald, contractor, 5605 Old Camden Road, Rembert (mobile home, residential); Kimberly Benjamin, owner, Baxley’s Bestway Transportation, contractor, 907 Salterstown Road (mobile home, residential); Patrick S. and Debra D. Healey, owners, Cherokee Builders LLC, contractor, 2387 Paper Birch Ave., 384 unheated square feet, $6,641 (detached storage building, residential); Minnie Hammett (trustee), owner, B.P. Builders, contractor, 2092 Kingsbury Drive, 260 heated square feet, $52,000 (room addition — enlarge bedroom, residential); New Start Homes LLC, owner, Brantley C. Pope dba New Start Homes LLC, contractor, 2158 Eureka Way, 4,072 heated square feet and 716 unheated square feet, $124,000 (new dwelling, residential). New Start Homes LLC, owner, Brantley C. Pope dba New Start Homes LLC, contractor, 2150 Eureka Way, 3,627 heated square feet and 705 unheated square feet, $115,000 (new dwelling, residential); New Start Homes LLC, owner, Brantley C. Pope dba New Start Homes LLC, contractor, 2142 Eureka Way, 2,519 heated square feet and 619 unheated square feet, $97,000 (new dwelling, residential); David C. Ross, owner, James W. Ross, contractor, 3510 Black River Road, Dalzell, $8,300 (remove / replace shingles, residential); Jeanette Brown, owner, Sharon D. Tindal, contractor, 24 Walker Ave., $5,750 (reroof — shingles, residential); Lewis Jr. and Barbara H. Walker, owners, Shelwood China, contractor, 1228 Collingwood Drive, $6,300 (reroof house, residential). Windella Michelle Richardson, owner, Sharon D. Tindal, contractor, 32 W. Red Bay Road, $38,000 (repair roof, floors, electrical, vinyl, sheetrock, plumbing, HVAC, residential); Rose Myrtle Farm LLC, owner, Hoover Builders, contractor, 1583 Florence Highway, $33,000 (post frame open shelter, commercial); Julia D. Jackson, owner, Michael Porcher, contractor, 1066 Shoreland Drive, 352 unheated square feet, $5,000 (addition — 16x22 porch, residential); Frances L. Brunson, owner, Baxley’s Bestway Transportationa, contractor, 1045 Plowden Mill Road (mobile home, residential); Meredith Homes Inc., owner, Brian Richard Wesley, contractor, 460 E. Emerald Lake Drive, 2,306 heated square feet and 1,287 unheated square feet, $180,000 (new dwelling, residential). Southside Baptist Church of Sumter, owner, Doug Odom Contractors LLC, contractor, 1116 Manning Road, $13,000 (remove / replace shingles, commercial); City of Sumter, owner, Carolina Wrecking Inc., contractor, 14 N. Main St. (20), $154,000 (commercial demolition); Bradley Shane and Cassand Walton, owners, Sam Avins Construction, contractor, 465 Eastern School Road, 3,000 heated square feet and 800 unheated square feet, $195,000 (new dwelling, residential); Hurricane Construction Inc., owner and contractor, 1041 Rockdale Blvd., 2,853 heated square feet and 692 unheated square feet, $88,584 (new dwelling, residential); Hurricane Construction Inc., owner and contractor, 1061 Rockdale Blvd., 3,627 heated square feet and 705 unheated square feet, $126,530 (new dwelling, residential). Hurricane Construction Inc., owner and contractor, 1071 Rockdale Blvd., 4,072 heated square feet and 716 unheated square feet, $129,000 (new dwelling, residential); Hurricane Con-

struction Inc., owner and contractor, 3725 Katwallace Circle, 3,627 heated square feet and 705 unheated square feet, $126,530 (new dwelling, residential); Louise G. Skinner, owner, Hurricane Construction Inc., contractor, 1885 Moorhill Estates Drive, 2,853 heated square feet and 692 unheated square feet, $88,584 (new dwelling, residential); Kenneth M. Rogers, owner, Jeffrey D. Haas, contractor, 270 Freedom Blvd., $11,033 (reroof, residential).

Property Transfers Beulah Smalls to Forfeited Land Commission, one lot, one building, 743 Warley St., $436; Edwin E. Mayhew to Forfeited Land Commission, one lot, one building, 1002 Driftwood Court, $1,970; Erica Whitney and Jane Cokley to Forfeited Land Commission, one lot, 278 W. Williams St., $1,970; Cheryl Simmons White et al to Forfeited Land Commission, one lot, 352 Eugene St., $1,260; Heirs of George Webb to Forfeited Land Commission, one lot, 1012 Truitt St., $337; Darlene Staton to Forfeited Land Commission, one lot, 3800 Hedgewood Drive, $517; Darlene Staton to Forfeited Land Commission, one lot, St. Johns Road, $437; Vanessa L.C. Small to Forfeited Land Commission, one lot, two buildings, 1036 White Horse St., $681. John and Ethelena Sinkler to Forfeited Land Commission, one lot, 1145 Pulpit St., $500; Grace Singleton to Forfeited Land Commission, one lot, one building, 4842 Patriot Parkway, $1,405; Showcase Properties LLC to Forfeited Land Commission, one lot, 16 Rovena St., $461; Showcase Properties LLC to Forfeited Land Commission, one lot, 26 Walsh Grove, $299; Showcase Properties LLC to Forfeited Land Commission, Kingsbury Drive, $259; Sumter West LLC to Forfeited Land Commission, one lot, Loring Mill Road, $162; Debra L. Mello to Household Finance Corp II, one lot, 3841 McCrays Mill Road, $10,000; Deborah Lynn Edwards to David Thomas Sr. and Deborah Lynn Armstrong, one lot, one building, 3600 Oleander Drive, $5 etc. Serina A. Bell and Sarah Williams to Avon Atkins, Albertha Road R/W, $400; J.B. and Geraldine M. Timmons to Palmetto Properties of Sumter County LLC, one building, 4925 Bethel Church Road, $39,000; Carolina Coca Cola Bottling to CCBCC Operations LLC, one lot, two buildings, 516 E. Calhoun St., $5 etc.; Carolina Coca Cola Bottling Co. to CCBCC Operations LLC, five buildings, 480 E. Liberty St., $5 etc.; Carolina Coca Cola Bottling to CCBCC Operations LLC, one building, Pocalla Road, $5 etc.; Pinnacle Properties of Sumter to Mungo Homes Inc., one lot, 1696 Ruger Drive, $19,000; Pinnacle Properties of Sumter to Mungo Homes Inc., 1714 Ruger Drive, $42,000. Pinnacle Properties of Sumter to Mungo Homes Inc., 1720 Ruger Drive, $42,000; Eugene W. Daughty Estate and Myrtle Moss to Liberty Savings Bank FSB, one lot, five buildings, 84-88 Sally St., $10,000; Keith A. Sokie to Bank of America NA, one lot, one building, 30 Cobb Court, $2,500; Michael E. and Catherine W. Pender to Michael E. Pender, one lot, Second Mill, $5 etc.; Leland Frank Robertson Jr. et al to Joe E. Richards, three buildings, 2850 N. Main St., $110,000; Wilbur McLeod to Wilbur and Judy B. McLeod, one lot, one building, 41 Lakeside Drive, $5 etc.; Wilbur and Judy McLeod to Wilbur and Judy B. McLeod, one lot, two buildings, 84608470 Camden Highway, $5 etc. Robert Clanton et al to Clanton Farms LLC et al, Lynches River / Trinity Road, $5 etc.; Robert D. and Richard M. Clanton to Clanton Farms LLC, Lynches River Road, $5 etc.; David R. Gallahar to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, three buildings, 3720 Furman Road, $61,200; Jay A. and Chelsie J. Stoker to Jay A. Stoker, one lot, one building, 3095 Explorer Drive, $5 etc.; Jessie Lee I. Cooper to Federal National Mortgage Association, two buildings, 6940 Skinner Road, $2,500; Thomas E. and James R. Reaves to Larry O. McIntosh, one lot, one building, 30 Church Court, $112,000; Alvin Roland and Bethany R. McConkey to Alvin Roland McConkey, one lot, one building, 1625 Yaupon Drive, $5 etc. Debra Lynn Lyons to Paul J. and Debra Lynn Lyons, one building, 4465 and 4469 Frisco Branch Road, $5 etc.; Lizzie Montg Johnson to Jean J. Ajani et al, one lot, one building, 9 Republic St., $5 etc.; Melvin Blackwell et al to Janice B. Prince et al, one lot, one building, 18 E. Sumter / Liberty Street, $5 etc.; Neil S. and Delores R. Scoggins to Neil S. Scoggins, one lot, four buildings, 30 Baldpate Cove, $5 etc.; Neil S.



Scoggins to Neil S. Scoggins and Michelle S. Duvall, one lot, four buildings, 30 Baldpate Cove, $5 etc.; Forfeited Land Commission to Langdon H. Dinkins, one lot, Loring Mill Road, $5 etc.; PNC Bank NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, one lot, one building, 390 Wildwood Ave., $59,874. Chandler Investment Properties Inc. to William C. and Sallie A. Urquhart, one lot, three buildings, 2335 Toxoway Drive, $131,000; William C. Hudson to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, one building, 3835 Pinewood Road, $97,365; Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Edmund James Kazmierski, one lot, one building, 1260 Kings Pointe Drive, $44,000; Tony A. and Christina A. Metze to Gloria J. Pounds, one lot, two buildings, 115 Benton Drive, $118,000; Harvey B. and James F. and Robert L. Boykin (lifetime estate resident) to Harvey B. and James F. and Robert L. Boykin, one lot, one building, 865 Marigold St., $5 etc.; Masako Emerson to Masako Emerson Estate, one lot, one building, 1816 Kolb Road, $5 etc. Bob Davis and Robert Holloman LLC to Bob Davis, one lot, one building, 2132 N. Main St., $5 etc.; Bob Davis and Robert Holloman LLC to Bob Davis, one building, 2138 N. Main St., $5 etc.; Bob Davis to William Brad Dollar, one building, 2138 N. Main St., $150,000; Bob Davis to William Brad Dollar, one lot, one building, 2132 N. Main St., $150,000; Joseph H. and Joann W. Taylor to Joseph H. and Joann W. Taylor (lifetime estate), Camden Highway, $5 etc.; Joseph H. and Jo Taylor to Joseph H. and Joann W. Taylor (lifetime estate), one lot, 7045 Camden Highway, $5 etc.; CCBCC Operations LLC to Palmetto Properties of Sumter County LLC, five buildings, 480 E. Liberty St., $250,000. Doris P. Kolb to Doris P. Kolb (lifetime estate), off Tailback Road, $5 etc.; Doris P. Kolb to Doris P. Kolb (lifetime estate), one building, 2625 P & P Lane, $5 etc.; Great Southern Homes Inc. to Wesley W. Nickels and Nicole Naomi, one lot, 290 Aberlour Drive, $179,900; Malichia Glover Jr. to Malichia Jr. and Dorothy Glover, 6710 Spring Hill Road, $5 etc.; Mary C. Fulwood to Elizabeth Richardson, one lot, 207 Institute St., $2,500; Louis Joseph Marconyak Jr. to William A. and Peggy L. Trimnal, one lot, one building, 2951 Sylvan Way, $205,000; Melvin E. Brown to Melvin E. Brown Sr. et al, one lot, one building, 2 Que St., $5 etc.; Melvin E. Brown to Melvin E. Brown Sr. et al, one lot, one building, 40 Corbett St., $5 etc. Melvin E. Brown Sr. to Melvin E. Brown Sr. et al, one lot, two buildings, 1 Peach St., $5 etc.; Melvin E. Brown to Melvin E. Brown Sr. et al, one lot, one building, 1926 W. Oakland Ave., $5 etc.; James M. Morris to Gloria M. Tidwell, one lot, 3977 Barfield Road, $15,000; Michael D. and Sherry Pitt Mitchell to Michael D. Mitchell, East Brewington Road, $5 etc.; Ruth Ann McClary and Carolyn Green et al to Joseph Sigler (lifetime estate), one lot, one building, 360 Sandy Run Drive, $5 etc.; George R. Mayo Estate and Rosetta W. Mayo to Rosetta W. Mayo, one lot, two buildings, 27 S. Salem Ave., $5 etc.; Janett L. Wilson Estate to Lauren Wilson-McLeod, one lot, one building, 170 Cromer Drive, $5 etc. Daniel McGill Estate and Lucile McGill to Lucille McGill et al, one lot, three buildings, 5650 Narrow Paved Road, $5 etc.; Daniel McGill Estate and Lucile McGill to Lucille McGill et al, one lot, three buildings, 5650 Narrow Paved Road, $5 etc.; Daniel McGill Estate and Lucile McGill to Lucille McGill et al, one lot, three buildings, 5650 Narrow Paved Road, $5 etc.; Stanley and Tangela Lawson to Stanley Lawson, one lot, 390 Commander Court, $5 etc.; Kimberlee A. McNamara to Gerald Robert Christopher and Kimberlee Ann Haefelin, one lot, one building, 2425 Stadium Road, $5 etc.; Brenda O. Shaw to Nexsen Holdings LLC, one lot, two buildings, 463-465467 N. Guignard Drive, $285,000. Matthew Edward and Gabrielle S. Campbell Donkin to Matthew Edward Donkin, one lot, one building, 2151 Avalon Drive, $5 etc.; Nehemiah James Sr. and Albertus Clea to James Clea Sr. et al, two buildings, 2941 Kolb Road, $5 etc.; Gainey Construction Co. LLC to Tabitha C. and Nathaniel T. Lee, one lot, one building, 2870 Foxcroft Circle, $169,886; Vinia Mae G. Williams to Vinia Mae G. Williams (lifetime estate), one lot, two buildings, 508 Dicks St., $5 etc.; Patricia H. Conyers and Katelyn E. Hamilton to Janet C. Dubose, one lot, one building, 165 Lakewood Drive, $5 etc.; Linda W. and Thadeous and Davin Bach to Linda W. and Davin Bach, one lot, one building, 6061 Acton Road, $5 etc.




Item: Outdoors



to the first doe and began to feed, facing me! Now what? As a bowhunter, I know that a shot at the upper side of the neck and chest is almost impossible to pull off. There’s just too much bone between the arrow and the vital area. What I need is a broadside shot at the rib cage. One of the does finally pulled out of the line and took up a station behind the others, but was intently watching something that was in the fire lane leading out of the clover. Within a matter of seconds the rest of them were focused on whatever it was as well. They didn’t spook and run off, but they all turned at about the same moment and trotted to the path into the woods. I suppose it was a coyote, or maybe a buck, that had their interest; whatever it was, they wanted no part of it. I have to admit that at one point during the encounter, while I was watching four does all lined up in a row, that I wished, just for an instant, that I had my rifle. Of course, at 15 yards I’m not sure they would have been in focus in the scope. It was nice to see them in any event and I’m sure I’ll get back to the ground blind before the season ends. Maybe I will take the pistol next time; at 15 yards it would be hard to miss. Before we meet again, we will celebrate one of the two most important Christian holidays of the year, Christmas! And as much as we all like to give and receive gifts, let’s keep in mind that the good Lord gave us the perfect Gift on that day and that is the only reason for the holiday. It’s not a “winter festival;” it is the celebration of the birth of Christ. I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas!

MOTORCYCLES, ATV’S, UTV’S, SCOOTERS, WAVERRUNNERS & GENERATORS. We sell Parts & Accessories for and Service most major brands. We pay cash for used motorcycles, ATV’s and UTV’s. Open Tuesday - Friday 9-6, Saturday 9-3. 803-905-7766, 405 W. Wesmark Blvd., Sumter. Located between IGA and PO’ House.

Chance encounter


afield & afloat

really can’t remember the last time I hunted deer with a rifle. I’m pretty sure it was in the middle of the 1990s, but I just can’t remember when I put it down. My son, Robert, has been in possession of my rifle for a couple of years now, so I don’t have a rifle to shoot, even if I wanted to. I have toyed with the idea of using a pistol but, as of now, that’s just a thought in the back of my mind. I’m a bowhunt- Earle er, plain and simWOODWARD ple. I started hunting with a bow in the early ‘90s, which would make it somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-plus years ago. Seldom, if ever, have I missed the gun. There is just something about the bow. You have to be in close, which in my way of thinking means you have to pay special attention to the details. You can’t stink and you’ve got to avail yourself of all the camouflage that you can lay your hands on. Quiet is the name of the game, full stealth mode. So far this year, and with only a week and a half remaining in the season, it is unlikely to change. I’ve taken one deer and missed another. The one I did get was a medium-sized doe, so more meat for the freezer would be welcomed. I’ll try to the very end. The other day I decided I would head out to the hunting club, sit in the ground blind for a little while and then retrieve the trail camera and move it to another location. I really had little

confidence in the afternoon, but if I’m going to be there to get a camera, I might as well hunt. The ground blind is on the eastern side of our clover patch and with a south wind, it was perfect. Most of the deer come from the woods on the western side, so the wind would be taking my scent away from them. I had recently purchased a new chair for the ground blind. Up until this point, I had been sitting on a dove stool with a back on it. The bar across the front of the stool started to react with the back of the legs about 15 minutes into the sit, and that caused an awful lot of movement and discomfort. The new chair was made especially for ground blinds and has some short arm rests built in as well. I threw the old stool out the back of the blind and erected the armchair. Oh, pure comfort, and it swivels! Like I said, I was really not expecting any action on this property because the deer have started moving only at night, but like a good little soldier, I dutifully sat there in my comfy chair. She came from the south end of the clover patch, out of the volunteer pines that have taken root over the years. She was a nice, fat doe of about 110 pounds of so, perfect for the freezer. She walked across the patch, reversed her course and stopped directly in front of the blind at 15 yards. The only problem we now had is that she was facing directly at me, head down and munching sweet clover. Oops, here comes another one! Yep, a total of three more does came strolling out of the pines, one behind the other and everyone of them walked right up

Agriculture the most promising market for drones PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Idaho farmer Robert Blair isn’t waiting around for federal aviation officials to work out rules for drones. He and a friend built their own, outfitting it with cameras and using it to monitor his 1,500 acres. Under 10 pounds and 5 feet long nose to tail, the aircraft is the size of a turkey and Blair uses it to get a birds-eye view of his cows and fields of wheat, peas, barley and alfalfa. “It’s a great tool to collect information to make better decisions, and we’re just scratching the surface of what it can do for farmers,” said Blair, who lives in Kendrick, Idaho, roughly 275 miles north of Boise. While Americans are abuzz about Amazon’s plans to use self-guided drones to deliver packages, most future unmanned aircraft may operate far from the nation’s large population centers. Experts point to agriculture as the most promising commercial market for drones because the technology is a perfect fit for large-scale farms and vast rural areas where privacy and safety issues are less of a concern. Already, farmers, researchers and companies are developing unmanned aircraft systems equipped with cameras and other sensors to survey crops, monitor for disease or precision-


A multi-rotor hexacopter, an unmanned aircraft, was purchased by Robert Blair to monitor his farm in Kendrick, Idaho. Experts say agriculture is the most promising commercial market for drones, the technology a perfect fit for America’s large-scale farms and vast rural areas where privacy and safety issues are less of a concern.

spray pesticides and fertilizers. Drones, also known as UAVs, are already used overseas in agriculture, including Japan and Brazil. And the possibilities are endless: Flying gizmos could be used to ward off birds from fields, pollinate trees, do snow surveys to forecast water supply, monitor irrigation, or plant and harvest crops. The technology could revolutionize agriculture, farmers say, by boosting crop health, improving field management practices, reducing costs and increasing yields. So far, drones have been used mainly by the military. Interest is booming in finding other uses for them, but the possibilities are limited because of regulations on the use of airspace and privacy

concerns. The Federal Aviation Administration does not allow drones’ commercial use. Businesses and researchers can only apply for a special, experimental airworthiness certificate for research and development, flight demonstrations or crew training. The FAA does allow public agencies — including law enforcement and other governmental agencies — to get a certificate of authorization to operate unmanned aircraft in civil airspace. About a dozen sheriff’s offices, police and fire departments, as well as U.S. Customs and Border Protection, have been allowed to use drones. The move has raised concerns about privacy and government surveillance, leading to drone

WEDNESDAY, December 25 12:43 AM 4.69 06:58 AM 0.75 12:50 PM 4.79 07:15 PM 0.38 THURSDAY, December 26 01:39 AM 4.87 08:00 AM 0.71 01:47 PM 4.73

08:12 PM

privacy bills being introduced in most states this year and about a dozen states passing laws, most to limit drone surveillance by law enforcement. Those concerns, in turn, have tempered interest in developing unmanned aircraft technology for police and other crime-fighting agencies — leading drone manufacturers and researchers to focus on agriculture instead, said Josh Brungardt, director of unmanned systems at PARADIGM, a Bend, Ore.based drone research company. “A small UAV flying over a field with nothing around it doesn’t create a privacy issue,” he said. “We’re talking about an operating atmosphere that’s much more benign.” Last year, Congress directed the FAA to grant unmanned aircraft access to U.S. skies by September 2015. The agency is in the midst of developing operational guidelines for drone use, but it said the process would take longer than Congress expected. Next year, the agency plans to propose a rule for small unmanned aircraft, but it declined to discuss the rule. In the meantime, the FAA is also working to choose by the end of December six drone test sites across the country.

Tide Tables MONDAY, December 23 05:13 AM 0.59 11:15 AM 5.05 05:39 PM 0.5 11:52 PM 4.59 TUESDAY, December 24 06:02 AM 0.7 11:59 AM 4.91 06:24 PM 0.46



0.23 L FRIDAY, December 27

02:40 AM 5.13 09:04 AM 0.55 02:48 PM 4.74 09:11 PM 0.01 SATURDAY, December 28 03:42 AM 5.45


10:08 AM 03:50 PM 10:12 PM SUNDAY, December 29 04:42 AM 11:07 AM 04:50 PM 11:10 PM

0.28 L 4.84 H -0.29 L 5.82 -0.06 5.0 -0.62



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FISHING REPORT Santee Cooper System Bream: Good. Captain Steve English reports that bream fishing continues to be strong in the canal and around brushpiles, with the best concentrations of fish 12-16 feet down over the top of brush in 24-30 feet of water. Crappie: Good. Captain Steve English reports that crappie can be caught around brush, especially in 32-40 feet of water. Fish minnows about 18-22 feet deep. Captain English has found that the crappie fishing is much better in the upper lake right now. Captain Jim Glenn reports that in addition to the brush pattern crappie have been caught in good numbers in the bigger creeks on Lake Marion. Folks have had success fishing from docks and piers in late evening or from daylight until 9 o’clock. Striped Bass: Fair. Captain Jim Glenn reports that striper fishing is fair, although by most accounts there are not many keeper fish being caught. There is some schooling activity when folks cast jigs and spoons to visible fish. Drifting live herring or free-lining is also producing some stripers. In the Cooper River fish are feeding around grass beds and traditional mouths of the rice fields on the dropping tide. Lake Murray Striped bass: Fair to good. Lake World reports that striper have moved up the lake and are mostly being found above Dreher Island. Fish are not all the way up the rivers yet but they are moving that way. The most productive patterns have been fishing down-lines from the surface down to 30 feet, free-lining herring and trolling bucktails. There has been some schooling activity, and the birds are starting to show up and point the way to the fish. Catfish: Good. Captain Chris Simpson reports that the bite has been consistent on Murray recently. Drifting with cut herring over main lake humps that top out at 30-50 feet has been most productive, varying from day to day as fish change areas and feeding habits. The catch has been good numbers of big channel catfish, with bonus blues and flatheads mixed in from time to time. Lake Wateree Largemouth bass: Good. Right now, main lake rock and docks are the ticket. Fish shallow to medium depth Crankbaits and jigs. A shakey head trick worm will work as well. The grass is dying off, so that bite is pretty much dead. Lake Greenwood Largemouth Bass: Fair to good. Veteran tournament angler Stan Gunter reports that bass fishing has been good on Lake Greenwood, and has taken some big weights to win recent tournaments. Fish are starting to move into the backs of creeks. For now the best pattern is fishing jigs around docks in the middle part of the lake. Catfish: Fair to good. Captain Chris Simpson reports that the channel catfish bite on Lake Greenwood is consistent, but the average size of fish continues to be small this year. Drifting in 18-35 feet along the old river channel has been most productive, and fish have also been caught in some of the bigger feeder creek channels on the lower end of the lake. Lake Monticello Catfish: Good. Captain Chris Simpson reports that the fishing for big fish has been really consistent the last few weeks, and this year there have also been good numbers of teenage-sized fish that help pass the time between bites from the big ones. Most baitfish are holding in the 40-60 foot range, and in that range and a little deeper the majority of the big fish have been found. It’s not always necessary to fish around large schools of baitfish, but often it is an indicator that feeding cats are also present. Both anchoring on and drifting across ledges are working equally well. Lake Russell Black Bass: Fair to good. Guide Wendell Wilson reports that fish have moved into a traditional late fall/ winter pattern, and most species are grouped up in about 30 feet of water around bait schools. Spotted


and largemouth bass can be caught on jigging spoons and drop shot rigs. To target largemouth, head for the trees and fish around standing timber in 30-50 feet of water. Crawl soft plastics through the tops of trees falling to 15-20 feet. Crappie/ perch: Fair to good. Wilson reports that crappie and perch are keyed around the same shad schools that the bass are on, but the crappie action has been a little slower. White perch have been biting well on minnows fished on drop shot rigs, and soon yellow perch should start to feed well, too. Crappie have moved off of the shallow brush piles where they could be caught a few weeks ago. Lake Thurmond Crappie: Very good. Captain William Sasser reports that crappie fishing continues to be very strong around brush piles 15-18 feet deep in 20-25 feet of water. Fishing the Georgia Little River in the backs of coves has been good with minnows being the best bait. White Perch: Very good. Guide Wendell Wilson reports that at the top of Clark’s Hill schools of white perch are being found on the bottom near 22 feet of water. Some yellow perch are also mixed in as well as small striper, but the white perch sizes and numbers have been excellent. Minnows have been the best bait. Striped and Hybrid Bass: Good. Captain William Sasser reports that striper can be found way back in most or all of the major creeks. Captain Sasser’s boats have been using a 1/8 ounce egg sinker and about 20 feet of line between the board and the bait. Fishing has been good in the Amity area, and the upper part of the lake below the Russell Dam. Lake Wylie Catfish: Good. Captain Rodger Taylor reports that fishing for channels and blues has been strong over the past few weeks. Blues and channels are mixed together around the deep flats, but the blues seem to be especially keyed in on depth changes. They are holding in small schools near the river drops or humps with sharp inclines as well as at the mouths of major creeks bordering deep flats. Largemouth Bass: Slow. FLW Professional and Guide Matt Arey reports that bass fishing has been much tougher than usual and tournament weights have been way down on Lake Wylie. Fish are getting bunched up around deeper channel swings and in their traditional winter haunts. Lake Jocassee Black Bass: Fair. The baitfish should continue to bunch up tighter and tighter and the bass action should continue to improve until temperatures get cold. Trout: Slow. The trout bite has been slow ever since the rain caused levels to rise rapidly and dirtied the water. November is traditionally a tough month but this month has been even tougher than usual. Try trolling minnows and spoons around 80 feet deep. Lake Keowee Largemouth and Spotted Bass: Slow to fair. Guide Brad Fowler reports that Lake Keowee bass fishing is pretty erratic right now, with some fish in the 15-20 foot range and others in 60 feet of water. Before the very cold snap there was also some schooling activity. The bait that the fish are keying on has been small threadfin shad. Overall the best patterns have been fishing a Scrounger head/fluke combination and fishing a finesse/ doodle worm on a drop shot. For schooling fish Spooks have been the best bet on top. Lake Hartwell Striped and Hybrid Bass: Slow to fair. Captain Bill Plumley reports that striper fishing has improved significantly on the lakes. Fish are scattered and have been found out in the middle on the main lake and up the major rivers and creeks including the Seneca, Tugaloo and 6 and 20 Creek. Most fish are being caught trolling umbrella rigs and free lines right now, and there is less action on down lines. Crappie: Fair to good. Captain Bill Plumley reports that crappie fishing continues to improve.


SUNDAY December 2013 July 10, 22, 2011












AFall look at a few Failures fall season failures Season BY CANDACE HAVENS By2013 Candace © FYI Havens Television, Inc.

© 2013 FYI Television, Inc.

Sunday, December 22 - 28, 2013

Christy (Anna Faris) has her patience tested weekly when it comes to “Mom,” airing at 9:30 p.m. Monday on CBS.

Thereareare some television inThere some in in thethe television dustry who believe wewe areare in ainGolden industry who believe a Age when it comes the small screen. Golden Age when ittocomes to the small But it doesn’t greathow the screen. But it matter doesn'thow matter show if it doesn’t an audience great isthe— show is - if itfind doesn't find an quickly, it’squickly, gone. Sometimes it’s the audience it's gone. Sometimes writing casting, times it’s a it's theand writing and other casting, other premise audiences aren’t intimes it'sthat a premise thatjust audiences terested in seeing. We’re taking aWe're look just aren't interested in seeing. at a selected fall programming taking a look list at aofselected list of fall programming that quiteforhitviewthe that didn’t quite hit didn't the mark mark forthe viewers - or the networks. ers — or networks.

ABC: ABC: "Back in in thethe Game" hadhad everything “Back Game” everything goingfor forit,it,including includingaagreat greatcast castwith with going Maggie Lawson Lawsonand and James James Caan. Caan. ItIt Maggie even did did OK OK in in the the ratings. ratings.The Theshow show even neverquite quitepicked picked up up the the buzz buzz aa comecomenever dy needs needs to to survive survive these thesedays. days.The The dy networkwill willairairallallofofthe theoriginal original1313 network episodes, but but itit didn’t didn'torder orderanymore anymoreto episodes, to finish season. of finish outout the the season. It’s It's oneone of those those shows justquite didn'tcome quitetoshows that justthat didn’t come together in the execution. gether in the execution. And we’ll And say we'lla say a great deal, but comethis greatthis deal, but comedies should dies should be funny. be funny. Oh, "Betrayal," you tried so hard, but Oh, “Betrayal,” you tried so hard, it's difficult to connect with two hot but it’s difficult to connect with two hot people cheating on their spouses. people their spouses spouses.hapDoesn'tcheating help thatonthose Doesn’t help that those happen to be decent people.spouses And then pen to be people.of And there's thedecent complication allthen that there’s complication all backthat popoliticalthestuff going on inofthe litical stuff going on of in the background. ground. This is one those shows This one really of those shows thatit can’t thatiscan't decide what wants really what it wants be. We to be.decide We don't mind mixingto genres, don’t mind romance mixing genres, especiallybut roespecially and suspense, mance suspense, it needsand to make sense.butIt'sit aneeds good to make It’s a good thing thing sense. the network planned to the keepnetthe work to keep run ofplanned the show brief. the run of the show brief.constructed ["Betrayal"] as a "We've “We’ve constructed [“Betrayal”] as 13-episode run, and we're really makaing 13-episode run,series and we’re really as it like a cable inasmuch making it likehappy a cable inasmuch we are very to series push the boundas we on arethat veryshow," happysays to push aries Paulthe Lee, boundaries ” says Paul president ofonthethat ABCshow, Entertainment Lee, president of the ABC EntertainGroup, about "Betrayal." ment Group, “Betrayal. ” "Once Uponabout a Time in Wonderland" is “Once a Time in Wonderland” another oneUpon of those shows on the isbubble. another one of been thosecanceled, shows onbut the It hasn't

Christy (Anna Faris) has her patience test weekly and so do viewers when it comes to "Mom," airing Monday at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.

bubble. It hasn’t been cancelled, but the have been been less the ratings ratings have less than than stellar. stellar. IsIs there there aa quota quota for for how how much much fantasy fantasy viewers can handle in a week? Or viewers can handle in a week? Or isis itit the on Thursday Thursday night nightthat the competition competition on that is killing this one? We keep wonis killing this one? We keep wondering dering the network didn't piggywhy thewhy network didn’t piggyback this back this its onesister withshow its sister show one with “Once Upon a "Once Uponnot a Time." not hold Time.” Why hold onWhy to that audi-on to thatforaudience for possible? as long as possience as long as ble? We’re not really sure how “Lucky 7” We're not itreally sure "Lucky ever made on the A bunch of 7" ever made it on thewin air. the A bunch friends/co-workers lotto. of They friends/co-workers win the lotto. They proceed to have absolutely miserable proceed to have absolutely miserable lives. While that may be truthful when it lives. thatreally may happens be truthfultowhen comesWhile to what lotto itwinners, comes most to what reallydream happens people the to lotto lotto winners, most people will make a positive changedream in theirthe lotto positive lives. will Andmake once aagain ABCchange failed ininthe their lives.department. And once again character ThereABC wasfailed cerin thecharm character department. There tain on the British version that is was certain charm on the British missing in the Americanized one. verYou sion is missing in the want to havethat to make the audience Americanized one. You have to make take the journey with the characters, the to take journey andaudience that didn’twant happen withthethis show. with the characters, and that didn't happen with this show. CBS: We warned audiences that “We Are CBS:was a hot mess, and viewers Men” We warned audiences that a"We agreed. The show only aired fewAre epiMen" hot mess, and viewers sodeswas andathen disappeared. It’s a agreed. The show only aired a few shame since the cast, which included episodes and then disappeared. It's a Tony Shalhoub, Jerry O’Connell, Kal shame since the cast, which included Penn and Christopher Nicholas Smith, Tony Shalhoub, Jerry O'Connell, Kal was stellar. But the writing on this one Penn and Christopher Nicholas Smith, was stellar. so contrived it hurt to watch. was But the writing on thisEvery one bad bachelor cliché in the was so contrived it hurt to universe watch. was used. bad We aren’t so sorry Every bachelor clichétoinsee thethis uni-one go. was used. We aren't so sorry to verse “Hostages” see this one go. had such promise, but the ratings have The show "Hostages" hadfallen such off. promise, but wasratings said tohave be only 15off. episodes, and the fallen The show CBS said is committed it through. was to be onlyto15seeing episodes, and We wouldn’t expecttothere to itbethrough. any exCBS is committed seeing tension or new premise We wouldn't expect therefortothe beseries any beyond that. We’repremise torn. Weforwant extension or new the it to work because we love thistorn. cast.We It is difseries beyond that. We're ficult to level of we tension and want it tokeep workthebecause love this believability wheretoit needs to level be forofa cast. It is difficult keep the show likeand this. We’re hoping the itwriters tension believability where have some and turns up their needs to be twists for a show like this. We're hoping haveussome sleevesthe thatwriters will make wanttwists to see and up one theirinsleeves that will moreturns of this the future.


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“Mom” received a full-season pickmake us want to see more this one up from the network, whichofmeans the innetwork the future. is more patient with this show "Mom" received a full-season pickup than we are. We love the actors. We from means love the thatnetwork, the showwhich is taking risks.the We network is more patient with this hate that it’s a comedy that doesn’t show than we are. We love the actors. have a single laugh in ismost episodes. We love that the show taking risks. Wehate havethat highit's hopes it will find balWe a comedy that the doesance it needs to survive. n't have a single laugh in most episodes. We have high hopes it will NBC: find the balance it needs to survive. No one can outdo Raymond Burr as “Ironside,” not even Mr. Hotty Blair NBC: Underwood. show only lasted No one can The outdo Raymond Burr aasfew episodes. We blaming "Ironside," nothave even no Mr.problem Hotty Blair the writing onThe thisshow one,only and lasted makinga UnUnderwood. few episodes. We have no problem derwood’s version of Robert Ironside blaming the writing thissound one, and pretty unlikable. Weon might like a making of Robert broken Underwood's record, but a version show can’t sucIronside pretty unlikable. mightto the ceed if the viewers can’t We connect sound like a broken record, but a show characters. can't “Sean succeed if thetheviewers conSaves World”can't has an nect to thecast. characters. adorable Everyone I know watch"Sean Saves World" hasone-liners. an es just to see the Linda Lavin’s adorable cast. Everyone I know watchUnfortunately, a cute cast and some es just to see Linda Lavin's one-liners. great lines don’t always make a hit. Unfortunately, a cute cast and some We’d lines be surprised to seemake NBCaextendgreat don't always hit. ing this one beyond We'd be surprised to the see four NBCscripts extend-it just ordered. ing this one beyond the four scripts it What’s that we hear? America just ordered. doesn’t pregnancy funny? What's find thatteen we hear? America doesThat so surprising. to the n't findis teen pregnancy“Welcome funny? That is is another comedy thatFamily" didn’t soFamily” surprising. "Welcome to the Whilecomedy the actors iswork. another thatwere didn'twonderful, work. the writing fell flat. Wewonderful, did love thethe mulWhile the actors were writing fellaspect flat. We thebut multiticultural of did the love series, the cultural aspect the series, the execution of theofshow — not but so much. execution of the show - not so much. FOX: FOX:“Us & Them” — we know what "Us &thinking. Them" - What we know you're you’re showwhat is that? It thinking. What show It was was the BBC’s “Gavinis&that? Stacey” rethe BBC's Stacey" make that"Gavin never &made it toremake the air. Trust that made it toand the romantic, air. Trust us, us, itnever was charming it was charming and romantic, which which is probably why FOX nixed it beis probably why FOX nixed it before it fore hit it ever air. (It hasn’t officially ever the hit air.the (It hasn't officially beencancelled, cancelled,but butinsiders insiderssay sayproprobeen ductionstopped stoppedon onthe theshow showmonths months duction ago.)FOX FOXseems seemstotoprefer prefercontrived contrived ago.) comedieslike like"Dads," “Dads,”which, which, to to our our horcomedies ror, received a full-season pickup. But horror, received a full-season pickup. “Dads” is on hiatus, so maybe FOXFOX will But "Dads" is on hiatus, so maybe forget about it. it. will forget about

4 PM


5 PM


Sports Legends: Football World of Adventure Skiing: from Copper Mountain, Colo. no~ (HD) Storytellers Sports (HD) The NFL Today (HD) NFL Football: Denver Broncos at Houston Texans from Reliant Stadium z{| (HD) I Hate My Hair! Car. Bus.

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CABLE CHANNELS Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) The Rainmaker (‘97, Drama) aaa Matt Damon. Courtroom battle. (HD) The Shawshank Redemption (‘94, Drama) aaaa Tim Robbins. (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) You’ve Got Mail (‘98, Romance) aaa Tom Hanks. (HD) Big (‘88, Comedy) aaa Tom Hanks. Boy’s wish granted. (HD) Legally Blonde (‘01) Reese Witherspoon. (HD) Home Alone (‘90, Comedy) aaa Macaulay Culkin. (HD) Alone 2 Untamed (HD) Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Morning Inspiration Jones Gospel (N) (HD) Voice Moesha Moesha Sistas The Musical (‘13) Beloved grandmother. TD Jakes: Soul (N) Cadillac Records (‘08, Drama) aaa Adrien Brody. Exhale Thicker: Kandi Rocks (:58) Housewives Housewives Settle. Vanderpump Vanderpump Vanderpump Shahs Face-off. Shahs Housewarming. Housewives Housewives Cleaning! Focus T25 Paid Focus T25 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid New Day Sunday State of the Union (HD) Fareed Zakaria (HD) Reliable Sources (N) State of the Union (HD) Fareed Zakaria (HD) CNN Newsroom (HD) CNN Newsroom (HD) CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom 30 Rock Barbershop (‘02, Comedy) aac Ice Cube. Facing change. (HD) My Boss’s Daughter (‘03) Ashton Kutcher. (HD) (:53) Trading Places (‘83, Comedy) aaa Dan Aykroyd. (HD) (:26) Life (‘99) Eddie Murphy. (HD) Scary Movie (‘00) (HD) Jake and Sofia (HD) Despicable Me (‘10) Steve Carell. (:45) Meet the Robinsons (‘07) Angela Bassett. Chicken Little (‘05) aac (HD) Blog Blog A.N.T. Blog Jessie Shake It Good Luck Good Luck Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Gold Rush (HD) Bering Sea Gold (HD) Salvage City (N) Salvage City (N) Salvage City (N) Backyard Street Outlaws (HD) Dude Dude Gulf of Mexico. SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) Sunday NFL Countdown (HD) Wom. College Basketball: California vs Connecticut PBA Bowling no~ (HD) Poker Outside Sport Rpt Colin’s New (HD) SportsCenter (HD) Fantasy Football Now (HD) ESPN Radio Wom. College Basketball z{| (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsC. Santa Who? (‘00) (HD) I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (‘02) aa Unaccompanied Minors (‘06) Lewis Black. (HD) The Santa Clause (‘94) aac Frank Welker. (HD) The Santa Clause 2 (‘02) aac Tim Allen. (HD) Santa Clause 3 (HD) Pioneer Trisha’s Week in a Day (N) (HD) Giada at Home (HD) Pioneer Farmhouse Guy’s: Feisty Fiesta Restaurant (HD) Iron Chef Amer. (HD) Chopped (HD) Mystery Mystery Diners, Drive-Ins (HD) FOX & Friends (HD) FOX & Friends (HD) News HQ Housecall MediaBuzz (N) America’s HQ (HD) News HQ (DC) (HD) FOX News (HD) America’s HQ (HD) Carol Alt News HQ MediaBuzz Paid Paid LA Rider Paid Golf Life Xterra Adv Game 365 Icons Kentucky: Kentucky Wom. College Basketball z{| Wom. College Basketball: Duke vs Kentucky Golden Boy Live (HD) The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (HD) Fir Crazy (‘13, Holiday) Sarah Lancaster. (HD) Finding Christmas (‘13) JT Hodges. (HD) The Christmas Blessing (‘05) Blake Shelton. Christmas Magic (‘11, Holiday) aac Lindy Booth. Property Property Property Property Property Property Property Bro (HD) Love It or List It (HD) Property Bro (HD) Property Bro (HD) Property Bro (HD) Love It or List It (HD) Love It or List It (HD) American American American Restor (HD) American American American American Cars (HD) Cars (HD) Cars (HD) Cars (HD) Cars (HD) Cars (HD) Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars In Touch (N) Paid Paid Paid Paid Christmas Mail (‘10, Holiday) aa Ashley Scott. All I Want for Christmas (‘13) Christmas Belle (‘13) C. Thomas Howell. My Santa (‘13) Amazing David Jere Osteen Paid (HD) Betty Betty Holiday Baggage (‘08) aa Cheryl Ladd. (HD) Call Me Claus (‘01) aa Whoopi Goldberg. (HD) The Real St. Nick (‘12) aac Torrey DeVitto. (HD) A Snowglobe (HD) Megaforce Rabbids Sponge Sponge Sponge Sanjay TMNT Sponge Sam & Cat Sam & Cat A Fairly Odd Christmas (‘12) (HD) Sponge Sponge Merry Christmas Drake & Josh (‘08) aac (HD) iCarly Focus T25 Focus T25 Search Search Search Search Cops Cops Kick-Ass (‘10, Action) aaac Aaron Taylor-Johnson. (HD) (:32) Ghost Rider (‘07, Action) Nicolas Cage. Hell’s vigilante. Bourne Identity (‘02) Paid Paid Twilight Twilight The Bleeding (‘09, Action) ac Vinnie Jones. Black Christmas (‘06, Horror) ac Katie Cassidy. 28 Days Later (‘02, Science Fiction) aaac Cillian Murphy. The Faculty (‘98) Jordana Brewster. Friends Friends Friends Friends Year One (‘09, Comedy) aa Jack Black. (HD) Land of the Lost (‘09, Comedy) Paul Adelstein. Hot Tub Time Machine (‘10) aac John Cusack. Zoolander (‘01, Comedy) Ben Stiller. Model killer. One Foot in Heaven (‘41) aaa Fredric March. On Moonlight Bay (‘51) aac Gordon MacRae. Period of Adjustment (‘62) Anthony Franciosa. Christmas in Connecticut (‘45) aaa Now, Voyager (‘42, Drama) aaac Bette Davis. Revolution Focus T25 Four Weddings (HD) Four Weddings (HD) Four Weddings (HD) Four Weddings (HD) Breaking Faith (HD) Breaking Faith (HD) Breaking Faith (HD) Breaking Faith (HD) LI Medium LI Medium Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) Law & Order (HD) The Wizard of Oz (‘39) aaac Judy Garland. (HD) Larry Crowne (‘11, Comedy) Nia Vardalos. (HD) The Holiday (‘06) (HD) Paid Paid Paid MLopez Most Shock Most Shock Most Shock Bait Car Bait Car Bait Car Bait Car Pawn Pawn Guinness Guinness Gold Girl Gold Girl Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady The Exes Kirstie Cosby (:48) Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Roseanne Roseanne Paid Paid White Collar (HD) psych: psych: The Musical Escaped playwright. SVU: Rooftop (HD) SVU: Stolen (HD) SVU: Dominance (HD) SVU: Blood (HD) SVU: Parts (HD) SVU: Strain (HD) Paid Hope Fit Paid Paid My Fair Wedding (HD) My Fair Wedding (HD) My Fair Wedding (HD) Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) Key David Beyond Matlock Matlock Red Planet (‘00) aa Val Kilmer. (HD) Get Shorty (‘95, Comedy) aac John Travolta. Bones (HD) Bones (HD) Deep Blue Sea (‘99)


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News (HD) Football Night in America (:20) Sunday Night Football: Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles from Lincoln Financial Field z{| News (HD) (HD) NFL Football: New England Patriots at Bal- 60 Minutes (N) (HD) The Good Wife: Hitting the The Mentalist: Devil’s Elementary: The News 19 @ timore Ravens z{| (HD) Fan (HD) Cherry (HD) Deductionist (HD) 11pm World News Superbook The Sound of Music (‘65, Musical) aaac Julie Andrews. A novice nun becomes the governess for the children of News (HD) Wen Hair (HD) a demanding sea captain. (HD) New A Grand Mercer Christmas National Christmas Tree Mr. Stink Girl helps vagrant. Masterpiece: Downton Abbey III Big changes impact the Curiosity Travels (HD) Lighting 2013 (HD) (N) (HD) manor house. (HD) Quest (N) Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Bob’s Bur- American The Simp- The Simp- Family Guy (:45)Axe Cop News The Big Bang The Big Bang TMZ (N) gram gram gers (HD) Dad! (HD) sons (HD) sons (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) Queens (HD) Queens (HD) How I Met How I Met Movie White Collar: Bottlenecked OK! TV (N) Paid Pro(HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) gram News

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Right This Minute Interac- Criminal Minds: Sex, Birth, tive news. Death (HD) CSI: Miami: Rampage Inside Edi- Face the NaHoratio hunted. (HD) tion (N) tion (N) Burn Notice: Question & Bones: The Daredevil in the Answer (HD) Mold (HD) Mr. Stink Girl helps vagrant. Masterpiece: Downton (HD) Abbey III (HD) Glee: Duets Love triangle. 2 1/2 Men (HD) (HD) Always Always Sanctuary: End of Nights, Sunny (HD) Sunny (HD) Part 2

CABLE CHANNELS Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck Dynasty (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (‘92) aac (HD) Home Alone (‘90, Comedy) aaa Macaulay Culkin. (HD) Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (‘92) Kid alone in NY (HD) Home Alone 3 (‘97) a Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Beaver Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman (5:30) Waiting to Exhale (‘95, Drama) aac Whitney Houston. The Perfect Holiday (‘07, Comedy) a Morris Chestnut. TD Jakes: Let It Go Weekend Inspiration Religious events. Housewives Housewives Real Housewives (N) Thicker Water (N) Housewives Watch What Fashion Housewives Housewives Paid Paid Debt On Money 60 Minutes The Profit Greed 60 Minutes The Profit Greed CNN Newsroom CNN Presents (HD) Anthony Exotic foods. Anthony Exotic foods. CNN Presents (HD) Anthony Exotic foods. Anthony Exotic foods. CNN Presents (HD) (4:58) Scary Movie (‘00) aa Shawn Wayans. (HD) Tosh (HD) Tosh (HD) Kevin Hart (HD) Kevin Hart (HD) Tosh (HD) Tosh (HD) Brody Stevens (N) (:01) Kevin Hart (HD) Austin Austin Shake It Good Luck Liv (HD) Blog Good Luck A.N.T. Blog Gravity Jessie Good Luck Good Luck Shake It A.N.T. Alaska: Last (HD) Alaska: Last (HD) Alaska: Last (HD) Alaska: Last (N) (HD) (:01) Dude, You’re (N) (:02) Alaska: Last (HD) (:03) Dude: Green Hell (:04) Alaska: Last (HD) WS of Poker (HD) SportsCenter (HD) GameDay (HD) 30 for 30: No Mas (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsC. Nation ESPN Radio Poker WS of Poker (HD) WS of Poker (HD) WS of Poker (HD) WS of Poker (HD) ESPN FC (HD) This Is SC (HD) Santa Clause 3 (HD) Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (‘00) aac (HD) Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (‘00) aac (HD) Osteen Meyer Paid Paid Chopped (HD) Guy’s Grilled cheese. Guy’s Chopped (HD) Cutthroat Kitchen (N) Restaurant (HD) Chopped (HD) Cutthroat Duct tape. FOX News (HD) FOX Report Sun. (HD) Huckabee (N) (HD) Hannity (HD) Stossel (HD) Huckabee (HD) Hannity (HD) Stossel (HD) Golden Boy Live (HD) World Poker (HD) World Poker (HD) Bull Riding ASA Big-Air (HD) World Poker (HD) UFC Unleashed (N) Xterra (N) Ext. Games Naughty or Nice (‘12) Hilarie Burton. (HD) A Boyfriend for Christmas (‘04) Kelli Williams. Hitched for the Holidays (‘12) Fake lovers. (HD) November Christmas (‘10) Karen Allen. (HD) Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunt (N) Hunt Life (N) Life (N) House Hunters (HD) Hunters Hunters Life Life House Hunters (HD) Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Ax Men (HD) Ax Men (N) (HD) Shelby’s Great American Jungle (N) (:01) Ax Men (HD) (:01) Ax Men (HD) (5:00) My Santa (‘13) The 12 Wishes of Christmas (‘11) A Star for Christmas (‘12) aa Catherine Hicks. All I Want for Christmas (‘13) Christmas Date (‘12) A Snowglobe (HD) Dear Santa (‘11, Holiday) aac Amy Acker. (HD) Christmas in the City (‘13) (HD) (:02) Dear Santa (‘11, Holiday) Amy Acker. (HD) Christmas in (‘13) (HD) VICTOR. Fairly Fairly Sponge Dad Run Instant Look Who’s Talking Now (‘93) ac Danny DeVito. Friends Friends Friends Friends Wedding fight. Dad Run The Bourne Identity (‘02, Action) Matt Damon. The Expendables (‘10, Action) aac Sylvester Stallone. (HD) The Day After Tomorrow (‘04, Drama) aac Dennis Quaid. (HD) Repo Games Faculty Pitch Black (‘00, Science Fiction) aaa Vin Diesel. (HD) The Matrix (‘99, Science Fiction) Keanu Reeves. Humankind enslaved. The Devil’s Advocate (‘97) Keanu Reeves. (HD) Talladega Nights: Ballad of Ricky Bobby (HD) Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy (HD) Hot Tub Time Machine (‘10) aac John Cusack. Talladega Nights: Ballad of Ricky Bobby (HD) Gigi (‘58, Musical) aaa Leslie Caron. The Shop Around the Corner (‘40) aaac In the Good Old Summertime (‘49) aaa Ben-Hur (‘25, Drama) aaa Ramon Novarro. Long Island Med (HD) On the Road (HD) Long Island Med (HD) Long Island Med (N) Breaking the Faith (N) Long Island Med (HD) Breaking Faith (HD) Long Island Med (HD) The Holiday (‘06, Comedy) Cameron Diaz. (HD) Four Christmases (‘08) aac Vince Vaughn. (HD) Four Christmases (‘08) aac Vince Vaughn. (HD) Mob City: Oxpecker/Stay Down (HD) Guinness: Shattered! Panic Panic Top 20 Funniest (N) Dumbest Dumbest (:01) Dumbest (:02) Top 20 Funniest (:01) Dumbest Roseanne: Altar Egos Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Gold Girl Gold Girl Gold Girl Gold Girl Gold Girl Gold Girl Kirstie (:48) The Exes (HD) Queens SVU: Annihilated (HD) SVU: Fight (HD) SVU: Persona (HD) SVU: Branded (HD) SVU (HD) White Collar (HD) (:01) White Collar (HD) psych: Office Space CSI: Miami: Bunk (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami: Bunk (HD) Deep Blue Sea (‘99) Home Videos (HD) How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met News Replay Men of Honor (‘00, Drama) aac Robert De Niro. 30 Rock

HIGHLIGHTS Four Christmases 8:00 p.m. on TNT Trying to avoid their parents during Christmas, a couple plans a secret trip and tells everyone they are helping a charity, but when the trip is interrupted, they must visit each of their divorced parents, which leads to trouble and revelations. (HD) Sunday Night Football Quarterback Nick 8:20 p.m. on WIS Chicago has won Foles and the four of its last five Philadelphia meetings with the Eagles host a Eagles, including a critical NFC 30-24 triumph match-up as WIS when the two presents "Sunteams met at day Night FootLincoln Financial ball" at 8:20 p.m. Field in 2011; Matt Forte rushed for 133 yards, and Jay Cutler threw two touchdown passes in the victory. (HD) Call of the Wildman 9:00 p.m. on ANPL Ernie “Turtleman” Brown, Jr. and Neal take their down-home ways to Manhattan, where they meet the cast of Broadway’s Annie, see fine art and dine at Katz’ Deli, and quickly find that “The Big Apple” New York is a whole lot different than Kentucky. (HD) Ax Men 9:00 p.m. on HIST Shelby must carefully go through a narrow canal surrounded by homes and docks to reach a cache of logs; Gabe risks his own life for work; poachers are discovered; a team suffers a crippling injury; a new logger is taught. (HD) The Matrix 9:00 p.m. on SYFY A computer hacker joins a shadowy, underground group’s struggle to free humankind from slavery after he is shown that reality is nothing more than an illusion engineered by artificially intelligent machines that use human beings for fuel.






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It’s a Wonderful Life 8:00 p.m. on WIS On Christmas Eve, a discouraged, suicidal man gains a new perspective on life when his guardian angel grants him a chance to see what the lives of his friends, family and neighbors in his small town would have been like if he had never been born. (HD) Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas 8:00 p.m. on WOLO A mean-hearted hermit descends into an unsuspecting town, looking to act out his plan to ruin Christmas which involves stealing all of the presents, food and decorations, but he ends up learning the true meaning of the holiday instead. (HD) Boston’s Finest 9:00 p.m. on TNT The Gang Unit embarks on a frantic chase after gunshots cause chaos at a party; Officer Chambers takes on the daunting task of planning a large event in the hopes of raising money for an organization that has made a big impact on his Jess (Zooey son’s life. (HD) Deschanel) tries New Girl to avoid a re9:00 p.m. on morseful Sam WACH during multiple When the gang holiday parties tries to juggle on "New Girl," multiple holiday airing Tuesday parties on the same night, Jess at 9 p.m. on attempts to WACH. avoid Sam, and Nick works to keep up with a sexually adventurous Angie; Winston panics when he gets a cranberry stuck in his ear. (HD) The Mindy Project 9:30 p.m. on WACH When Mindy throws a Christmas party for her colleagues at her apartment, she is eager for everyone to meet her new boyfriend, Josh, but plans go awry when she discovers a secret he’s been keeping; Jeremy deals with doling out office holiday bonuses. (HD)

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Almost Human 8:00 p.m. on WACH After awakening from a 17-month coma to find his leg has been replaced with an artifical one, a depressed Detective John Kennex, who rejects all synthetics, learns he must work alongside a discontinued android that possesses emotions to fight crime. (HD) The Sing-Off 8:00 p.m. on WIS After a whirlwind couple of weeks, the remaining groups prepare for the final performances of the season before a winner is announced; the previously eliminated groups return to help crown the ultimate winner of the $100,000 prize. (HD) Shrek the Halls 8:00 p.m. on WOLO The curmudgeonly ogre Shrek tries to overcome his case of the holiday bah-humbugs and enjoy a relaxing Christmas with his family, but when Donkey, Puss-in-Boots, Gingerbread Man and the rest show up, his plans for peace and joy get sidetracked. (HD) Sleepy Hollow 9:00 p.m. on WACH When an unidentified child comes to Sleepy Hollow, he is brought to Ichabod and Abbie, who realize that the little boy is a sign of a bad omen, and so they go on a hunt to track down where he comes from, only to find a shocking reality of the future. (HD) The Great Monday at Christmas 9 p.m. on WOLO, Light Fight the time has 9:00 p.m. on come for WOLO Michael MoloAfter a whirlwind ney to judge couple of weeks, the remaining fami- who has won overall in "The lies who have won Great Christmas their respective Light Fight." contests compete one final time to determine who is deserving of the ultimate grand prize; Sabrina and Michael choose a winning home. (HD)


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Nightly News News Entertain- The Sing-Off: Finale Final performances by groups before Hollywood Game Night (N) News (:35)The Tonight Show (:36) Late Night with (:36)Carson (HD) ment (N) a winner is named. (N) (HD) (HD) with Jay Leno (HD) Jimmy Fallon (HD) Daly News 19 @ Evening News 19 @ Inside Edi- How I Met 2 Broke Girls Mike & Molly Mom (HD) Elementary Sobriety in dan- News 19 @ (:35)Late Show with David Late Late Show with Craig (:37) News 6pm News (HD) 7pm tion (N) (HD) (HD) (HD) ger. (HD) 11pm Letterman (HD) Ferguson (HD) News (HD) World News Wheel For- Jeopardy! (N) Shrek Halls Chipmunk The Great Christmas Light Fight Winner named for holi- News (HD) Jimmy Kimmel Live Celeb- (:37)Night- (:07) Dr. Phil Life strategies. (HD) tune (N) (HD) (HD) day season. (N) (HD) rity interviews (HD) line (HD) (HD) The PBS NewsHour (HD) Governor’s Carolighting Antiques Roadshow Acci- Christmas in Norway (N) Independent Lens: Jiro Dreams of Sushi BBC World Charlie Rose (N) (HD) Christmas in Norway 2013 Tree lighting. dental finds. (N) (HD) (HD) Chef’s story. (N) (HD) News Christmas concert. (HD) Modern Modern The Big Bang The Big Bang Almost Human: Pilot An an- Sleepy Hollow: John Doe WACH FOX News at 10 2 1/2 Men 2 1/2 Men The Middle Raymond TMZ (N) Seinfeld: The Family (HD) Family (HD) (HD) (HD) droid partner. (HD) (HD) Nightly news report. (HD) (HD) (HD) Strike Dish Nation Queens (HD) Always Always Community How I Met Family Feud Family Feud Law & Order: Special Vic- Law & Order: Special Vic- King: High Cleveland The Arsenio Hall Show tims Unit (HD) Anxiety (HD) (HD) (N) Sunny (HD) Sunny (HD) tims Unit (HD) (HD) (HD) News

CABLE CHANNELS The First 48 (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck Dynasty (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Jack Frost (‘98) aa (HD) (:15) Home Alone (‘90, Comedy) aaa Macaulay Culkin. (HD) Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (‘92) Kid alone in NY (HD) (:15) White Christmas (‘54) Bing Crosby. (HD) My Cat From Hell (HD) My Cat From Hell (HD) My Cat From Hell (HD) My Cat From Hell (N) Treehouse (N) (HD) My Cat From Hell (HD) Treehouse (HD) My Cat From Hell (HD) Radio aac Hurricane Season (‘08, Drama) aac Forest Whitaker. American Gangster (‘07, Drama) Denzel Washington. Drug investigation. Wendy Williams (HD) American Gangster Housewives Housewives Settle. Real Housewives (N) Vanderpump Rule (N) Housewives Vanderpump Housewives Vanderpump Mad Money (N) Kudlow Report (N) Greed Greed Filthy Rich Mad Money Greed: Loan Scam Greed Situation Crossfire Erin Burnett (N) Cooper 360° (N) (HD) Piers Morgan LIVE (N) Anderson Cooper Erin Burnett Piers Morgan (HD) Cooper 360° (HD) Futurama South Prk South Prk Futurama Futurama South Prk South Prk South Prk South Prk South Prk South Prk South Prk Tosh (HD) Tosh (HD) Always Sunny (HD) Good Luck Jessie Blog Austin Santa Clause 3: Escape (‘06) (HD) Fish Hooks Blog Jessie Blog Austin Good Luck Good Luck Shake It A.N.T. Street Outlaws (HD) Street Outlaws (HD) Street Outlaws (HD) Street Outlaws (HD) Street Outlaws (N) Street Outlaws (HD) Street Outlaws (HD) Street Outlaws (HD) Sports Monday Night Countdown (HD) Monday Football: Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers z{| (HD) SportsCenter (HD) NFL Primetime (HD) Horn (HD) Interruptn SportsCenter (HD) This Is SC (HD) College Basketball z{| (HD) Sports Olbermann (HD) Nation SportsCenter (HD) Santa Claus (HD) Without Santa (HD) The Polar Express (‘04) aaa Tom Hanks. (HD) Prancer (‘89, Holiday) aac Sam Elliott. (HD) Scrooged (‘88, Comedy) aaa Bill Murray. (HD) Rachael vs Rachael vs Rachael vs Rachael vs Diners (N) Diners Diners Diners Rachael vs Diners Diners Special Report (HD) On the Record (N) O’Reilly Factor (N) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) O’Reilly Factor (HD) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) Game 365 Pregame NHL Hockey: Columbus vs Carolina z{| (HD) Postgame College Basketball no} NHL Hockey: Columbus vs Carolina (HD) Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle (‘09) aac (HD) November Christmas (‘10) Karen Allen. (HD) The Wishing Tree (‘00, Drama) Alfre Woodard. Night Before Christmas (‘10) Rick Roberts. (HD) Hunters Hunters Love It or List It (HD) Love It or List It (HD) Love It or List It (HD) Hunters Hunters Love It (N) Love It or List It (HD) Hunters Hunters Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars (HD) Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars (HD) Legend American Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Nanny Christmas (‘10) A Star for Christmas (‘12) aa Catherine Hicks. Christmas Kiss (‘11, Holiday) Elisabeth Röhm. The 12 Wishes of Christmas (‘11) Forgotten X-mas (‘11) Dear Secret Santa (‘13) Tatyana Ali. (HD) Merry In-Laws (‘12, Family) George Wendt. (HD) The Real St. Nick (‘12) aac Torrey DeVitto. (HD) Merry In-Laws (‘12, Family) George Wendt. (HD) Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Friends Friends Friends Friends Lopez Lopez Bourne ID The Expendables (‘10, Action) aac Sylvester Stallone. (HD) The Day After Tomorrow (‘04, Drama) aac Dennis Quaid. (HD) Cops Cops Jail (HD) Jail (HD) The Matrix (‘99, Science Fiction) Keanu Reeves. Humankind enslaved. Batman Begins (‘05, Action) aaac Christian Bale. Behind the mask. Frank Miller’s Sin City (‘05) Jessica Alba. (HD) Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Family Family Family Family Family Big Bang Big Bang Conan (HD) Office Conan (HD) Office Scrooge (‘70, Musical) aaa Albert Finney. Meet Me in St. Louis (‘44) aaac Judy Garland. The Bells of St. Mary’s (‘45) aaa Bing Crosby. (:15) A Night at the Movies: Merry Christmas! Little (HD) Little (HD) The Little Couple (HD) Cake Boss Cake Boss Cake Boss Cake Boss Cake Boss Cake Boss Cake Boss Cake Boss Cake Boss Cake Boss Cake Boss Cake Boss Castle (HD) Castle Juror killed. (HD) Major Crimes (HD) Major Crimes (N) (HD) Rizzoli & Isles (HD) Major Crimes (HD) Hawaii Five-0 (HD) Law & Order (HD) Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Full Throttle (N) Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Griffith (:49) Andy Griffith (HD) Griffith Griffith Griffith Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Queens Queens The Exes Kirstie Queens Queens NCIS: Reunion (HD) NCIS (HD) WWE Monday Night Raw (HD) (:05) NCIS: L. A. (HD) (:06) NCIS: L. A. (HD) (:04) NCIS: L. A. (HD) Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) CSI: Miami (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) News (HD) How I Met Rules Rules Parks Parks 30 Rock


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Nightly News Special It’s a Wonderful Life (‘47, Holiday) aaaa James Stewart. A man is allowed to dis(HD) cover what would happen if he had never been born. (HD) News 19 @ Evening Griffith Military NCIS: You Better Watch Out NCIS: Los Angeles Hetty’s (:01)Person of Interest: 6pm News (HD) Greetings (HD) motivations. (HD) Shadow Box (HD) News (HD) World News Wheel For- Jeopardy! (N) Grinch Stole Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (‘00, Holiday) aac Jim (HD) tune (N) (HD) (HD) Carrey. Mean Grinch plots to destroy Christmas. (HD) The PBS NewsHour (HD) Making It Grow (N) Christmas at Belmont Mormon Tabernacle Choir Frontline Jesus’ world. (HD) Carols and more. (HD) (HD) Modern Modern The Big Bang The Big Bang Dads (HD) Brooklyn New Girl Mindy Pro- WACH FOX News at 10 Family (HD) Family (HD) (HD) (HD) Nine (HD) (HD) ject (HD) Nightly news report. Community How I Met Family Feud Family Feud Bones: The Boy in the Bones: The Blonde in the King Cleveland (HD) (HD) Shroud (HD) Game (HD) (HD) News

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Songs of Season Mormon

The Christmas Eve Mass From St. Peter’s Off Air Station downtime. Basilica in Rome (HD) A New York Christmas to (:37)Military (:07) First Baptist Church Remember (N) Greet Pageant Twilight Jimmy Kimmel Live Celeb- (:37)Night- RETHINK Christmas: ‘Unrity interviews (HD) line (HD) wrap The Gift’ (N) Frontline Christianity’s roots Charlie Rose (N) (HD) Christmas at Belmont (HD) Carols and more. (HD) 2 1/2 Men 2 1/2 Men The Middle Raymond TMZ (N) Seinfeld (HD) (HD) (HD) The Arsenio Hall Show Dish Nation Queens (HD) Always Always (HD) (N) Sunny (HD) Sunny (HD)

CABLE CHANNELS Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck Dynasty (HD) Duck Dynasty (HD) Storage Storage Shipping Shipping Shipping Shipping Duck Dynasty (HD) Storage Storage Chisum (‘70) aac (HD) Rio Bravo (‘59, Western) aaac John Wayne. A lawman in trouble. (HD) Cahill: US Marshal (‘73, Western) aa John Wayne. The Shootist (‘76) aaa (HD) North America (HD) North America (HD) North America (HD) North America (HD) North America (HD) North America (HD) North America (HD) North America (HD) Roots (‘77, Drama) aaaa LeVar Burton. A family’s history. Roots (‘77, Drama) aaaa LeVar Burton. A family’s history. Roots: The Gift (‘88) Wendy Williams (HD) Cunningham Wayans Housewives Housewives Forgetting Sarah Marshall (‘08, Comedy) aaa Jason Segel. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (‘03) aac Kate Hudson. (HD) (:59) Something’s (‘03) Shoplifting Coca-Cola Hotel: Marriott #TwitterRevolution The Costco Craze Hotel: Marriott Shoplifting Love at First Byte Situation Crossfire Erin Burnett (N) Cooper 360° (N) (HD) Piers Morgan LIVE (N) Anderson Cooper Erin Burnett Piers Morgan (HD) Cooper 360° (HD) Analyze This (‘99) aaa (:59) Bill Cosby: Far Finished (HD) Trading Places (‘83, Comedy) aaa Dan Aykroyd. (HD) Tommy Boy (‘95, Comedy) Chris Farley. (HD) (:02) Titus: Voice (HD) Good Luck Jessie Blog Austin Liv (HD) Good Luck Charlie! (‘11) aac Austin Jessie Blog Austin Good Luck Good Luck Shake It A.N.T. Moonshiners (HD) Moonshiners (HD) Moonshiners (N) Moonshiners (N) (HD) (:01) Backyard Oil (N) Moonshiners (HD) (:02) Backyard (:02) Moonshiner SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (HD) College Football: Boise State Broncos vs Oregon State Beavers z{| (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) Horn (HD) Interruptn SportsCenter (HD) Sports Special (HD) E:60 (HD) NFL 2013: After (HD) Sports Sport Sci. Olbermann (HD) Sports Special (HD) Santa Clause aac (HD) The Santa Clause 2 (‘02) aac Tim Allen. (HD) The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (HD) The 700 Club National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Diners Diners Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Special Report (HD) On the Record (N) A FOX & Friends Christmas (N) Hannity (HD) O’Reilly Factor (N) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) N.C. Behind the World Poker (HD) UFC Ultimate Submissions 2 Predators Driven World Poker (HD) UFC Ultimate Submissions 2 Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus (‘04) aac (HD) Meet the Santas (‘05) aa Steve Guttenberg. Hats Off to Christmas! (‘13) Haylie Duff. (HD) Fir Crazy (‘13, Holiday) Sarah Lancaster. (HD) Life Life Life Life Life Life Life Life Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters Life Life Hunters Hunters Modern Marvels (HD) Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Cars (HD) Cars (HD) Cars (HD) Cars (HD) Cars (HD) Cars (HD) American American Cars (HD) Cars (HD) Cars (HD) Cars (HD) Christmas Belle (‘13) Defending Santa (‘13, Family) Jodie Sweetin. Christmas Twister (‘12) Casper Van Dien. A Star for Christmas (‘12) aa Catherine Hicks. Anything Christmas The Twelve Trees of Christmas (‘13) (HD) Finding Mrs. Claus (‘12) aac Mira Sorvino. (HD) Christmas Crash (‘09) ac Michael Madsen. (HD) (:02) Finding Mrs. Claus (‘12) Mira Sorvino. (HD) Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Instant Dad Run Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Friends Friends Friends Friends Lopez Lopez The Mummy Returns (‘01, Adventure) aac Brendan Fraser. (HD) The Scorpion King (‘02) aa Dwayne Johnson. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (‘03) aa Angelina Jolie. (HD) Batman Begins (‘05, Action) aaac Christian Bale. Behind the mask. The Prestige (‘06, Drama) Hugh Jackman. Rival magicians. Warehouse 13 (HD) Warehouse 13 (HD) Haven Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Family A Christmas Story (‘83) Melinda Dillon. (HD) A Christmas Story (‘83) Melinda Dillon. (HD) A Christmas Story (‘83) Melinda Dillon. (HD) It Happened on 5th Avenue (‘47) Don DeFore. Christmas in Connecticut (‘45) aaa Sun Valley Serenade (‘41) aac (:45) I’ll Be Seeing You (‘44) aac Bishop’s Wife (‘47) aaa Long Island Med (HD) Long Island Med (HD) Long Island Med (HD) On the Road (HD) On the Road (HD) On the Road (HD) On the Road (HD) Long Island Med (HD) Castle (HD) Castle: Knockout (HD) Castle: Rise (HD) Boston’s Finest (N) Marshal Law (N) (HD) Boston’s Finest (HD) Marshal Law (HD) The Mentalist (HD) Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn (N) Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Kirstie The Exes Queens Queens Queens Queens SVU: Haystack (HD) SVU: Sin (HD) SVU: Web (HD) Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Strings Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Miss Congeniality (‘00, Comedy) aac Sandra Bullock. Miss Congeniality (‘00, Comedy) aac Sandra Bullock. Will Grace Will Grace Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD)





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Year in Re- Nightly News News Entertain- Kelly Clarkson’s Music Michael Bublé’s Christmas Hollywood Game Night view (HD) ment (N) (HD) (HD) (HD) Griffith Evening Military Inside Edi- Undercover Boss Inner Hawaii Five-0: Kahu Blue Bloods: Front Page News (HD) Greetings tion (N) workings. (HD) Missing father. (HD) News (HD) (5:00) NBA Basketball: Miami Heat at Los Angeles Lakers The Middle Trophy Wife Modern (:31)Fun Nashville: Never No More from Staples Center z{| (HD) (HD) (HD) Family (HD) Night (HD) (HD) The PBS NewsHour (HD) Christmas on the Trail Mu- Nature: Christmas in Yel- NOVA: Building the Great Comet Encounter Comet sic and poetry. (HD) lowstone (HD) Cathedrals (HD) meets sun. (HD) Modern Modern The Big Bang The Big Bang Ice Age (HD) Dragons: Gift Raising Hope Raising Hope WACH FOX News at 10 Family (HD) Family (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) Nightly news report. Community How I Met Family Feud Family Feud Law & Order: Criminal In- Law & Order: Criminal In- King Cleveland (HD) (HD) tent (HD) tent: Monster (HD) (HD)

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(:35)The Tonight Show (:36) Late Night with (:36)Carson with Jay Leno (HD) Jimmy Fallon (HD) Daly News 19 (N) (:35)Late Show with David Late Late Show with Craig (:37)Military Letterman (HD) Ferguson (HD) Greet News (HD) Jimmy Kimmel Live Celeb- (:37)Night- (:07) Dr. Phil Life strategies. rity interviews (HD) line (HD) (HD) Tavis Smiley BBC World Charlie Rose (N) (HD) Nature: Christmas in Yel(HD) News lowstone (HD) 2 1/2 Men 2 1/2 Men The Middle Raymond: TMZ (N) Seinfeld (HD) (HD) (HD) Slave The Arsenio Hall Show Dish Nation Queens (HD) Always Always (HD) (N) Sunny (HD) Sunny (HD) News

CABLE CHANNELS Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Cahill: Marshal (‘73) aa El Dorado (‘67, Western) aaa John Wayne. Out of retirement. (HD) The Sons of Katie Elder (‘65, Western) aaa John Wayne. (HD) West Was Won (HD) Gator Boys Xtra (HD) Gator Boys Xtra (HD) Gator Boys Xtra (N) Gator Boys Xtra (N) Gator Boys Xtra (N) Gator Boys Xtra (HD) Gator Boys Xtra (HD) Gator Boys Xtra (HD) Alex Haley’s Queen Mulatto woman struggles with identity. Alex Haley’s Queen Mulatto woman struggles with identity. Game Game Wendy Williams (HD) The Last Fall (‘12) aac Something’s Gotta Give (‘03) aac Steel Magnolias (‘89, Drama) Sally Field. Close-knit friends. Steel Magnolias (‘89, Drama) Sally Field. Close-knit friends. Gangs of New York (‘02) aaac 60 Minutes 60 Minutes The Costco Craze Target: Inside Coca-Cola Pepsi’s Challenge Supermarkets Target: Inside Situation Crossfire Erin Burnett (N) Cooper 360° (N) (HD) Piers Morgan LIVE (N) Anderson Cooper Erin Burnett Piers Morgan (HD) Cooper 360° (HD) Tommy Boy (‘95) (HD) (:59) Jeff Dunham Jeff Dunham Jeff Dunham Jeff Dunham Roast of James Franco (HD) (:31) Roast of Flavor Flav (HD) Jessie A.N.T. Blog Austin Good Luck Liv (HD) Shake It Good Luck Jessie Blog Austin ‘Twas the Night (‘01) Santa’s sleigh. A.N.T. Alaska: Last (HD) Alaska: Last (HD) Alaska: Last (HD) Alaska: Last (HD) Alaska: Last (HD) Alaska: Last (HD) Alaska: Last (HD) Alaska: Last (HD) SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (HD) NBA Basketball: Houston vs San Antonio z{| (HD) NBA Basketball: Los Angeles vs Golden State z{| (HD) SportsCenter (HD) Outback College Basketball z{| (HD) College Basketball z{| (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) NBA (HD) NFL Films Santa Clause 2 (HD) The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (HD) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (HD) The 700 Club Bruce Almighty (‘03, Comedy) Jim Carrey. (HD) Rachael Fresh dishes. Rachael 1950s cuisine. Rachael: Picky Palates Rachael Food trucks. Rachael Dinner party. Diners Diners Rachael Food trucks. Rachael Dinner party. Special Report (HD) On the Record (N) O’Reilly Factor (N) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) O’Reilly Factor (HD) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) World Poker (HD) World Poker (HD) World Poker (HD) World Poker (HD) World Poker (HD) World Poker (HD) World Poker (HD) World Poker (HD) Window Wonderland (‘13) (HD) A Very Merry Mix Up (‘13) (HD) The Christmas Ornament (HD) Let It Snow (‘13) (HD) Snow Bride (‘13, Holiday) Katrina Law. (HD) Life Life Life Life Property Bro (HD) Buying; Selling (HD) Hunters Hunters Property Bro (HD) Buying; Selling (HD) Hunters Hunters Bible Secrets (HD) Bible Secrets (HD) Bible Secrets (HD) Bible Secrets (HD) Bible Secrets (N) (HD) Bible Secrets (HD) Bible Secrets (HD) Bible Secrets (HD) (5:00) Christmas (‘09) A Golden Christmas 2 (‘11) Julie Gonzalo. A Golden Christmas 3 (‘12) Shantel VanSanten. Holiday Road Trip (‘13) Shelley Long. Christmas Town (‘08) Christmas on the Bayou (‘13) (HD) Kristin’s Christmas Past (‘13) (HD) A Snowglobe Christmas (‘13) Alicia Witt. (HD) (:02) Kristin’s Christmas Past (‘13) (HD) Fairly Fairly Fairly Fairly Dad Run Instant Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Friends Friends Friends Friends Lopez Lopez (5:30) Forrest Gump (‘94, Drama) aaaa Tom Hanks. A simple man. Forrest Gump (‘94, Drama) Tom Hanks. A simple man changes those around him. Spaceballs (‘87) aaa Mel Brooks. Snow Beast (‘11) (HD) Ice Quake (‘10) ac Brendan Fehr. (HD) Snowmageddon (‘11) ac Magda Apanowicz. (HD) Ice Twisters (‘09) Mark Moses. (HD) Snowmageddon (HD) A Christmas Story (‘83) Melinda Dillon. (HD) Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Conan (HD) Office Conan (HD) Office King of Kings (‘61, Religion) aaa Jeffrey Hunter. Top Hat (‘35, Musical) aaac Fred Astaire. Swing Time (‘36, Musical) aaac Fred Astaire. Shall We Dance (‘37, Musical) aac Fred Astaire. Undercover (HD) Undercover (HD) Undercover: ADT (HD) Undercover (HD) Undercover (HD) Undercover (HD) Undercover (HD) Undercover: ADT (HD) Black Pearl (‘03) (HD) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (‘06) Johnny Depp. (HD) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (‘07) aaa Johnny Depp. (HD) Hawaii Five-0 (HD) Repo S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach Repo (N) (:01) Repo (:31) Repo S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach Gold Girl Gold Girl Roseanne Roseanne Cosby Cosby Raymond Raymond Kirstie The Exes Queens Queens Queens Queens Kirstie The Exes (5:30) Couples Retreat (‘09) Vince Vaughn. (HD) Bridesmaids (‘11, Comedy) Kristen Wiig. (HD) Family Family Family Family Family Family Couples Retreat (HD) (5:30) Miss Congeniality (‘00) Sandra Bullock. You’ve Got Mail (‘98, Romance) aaa Tom Hanks. You’ve Got Mail (‘98, Romance) aaa Tom Hanks. Driving Miss Daisy Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD)


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Nightly News News (HD) News 19 @ Evening News 19 @ 6pm News (HD) 7pm News (HD) World News Wheel Fortune (N) (HD) The PBS NewsHour (HD) Europe

Entertain- Parks & Rec. Parks & Rec. ment (N) (HD) (HD) Inside Edi- The Big Bang The Millers tion (N) (HD) (HD) Jeopardy! (N) Shark Tank Seven-figure of(HD) fer. (HD) Palmetto Carolina Stories: Carolina (HD) Chefs Modern Modern The Big Bang The Big Bang Glee: Glease Rachel returns. Family (HD) Family (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) Community How I Met Family Feud Family Feud House: Merry Little Christ(HD) (HD) mas (HD)

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Sean Saves Michael J. Parenthood Crises at home. News (:35)The Tonight Show (:36) Late Night with (:36)Carson (HD) Fox (HD) (HD) with Jay Leno (HD) Jimmy Fallon (HD) Daly The Millers The Millers (:01) Elementary: Snow An- News 19 @ (:35)Late Show with David Late Late Show with Craig (:37) News (HD) (HD) gels (HD) 11pm Letterman (HD) Ferguson (HD) 20/20: Mysteries of the Castle: Beyond Downton Abbey News (HD) Jimmy Kimmel Live Celeb- (:37)Night- (:07) Dr. Phil Life strategies. Modern aristocracy. (N) (HD) rity interviews (HD) line (HD) (HD) (:05) Barbeque & Home Mind of a Mind of a Tavis Smiley BBC World Charlie Rose (N) (HD) The This Old House Hour Cooking Chef (N) Chef (N) (HD) News (HD) Glee: Glee, Actually Kurt’s WACH FOX News at 10 2 1/2 Men 2 1/2 Men The Middle Raymond: TMZ (N) Seinfeld Christmas. (HD) Nightly news report. (HD) (HD) (HD) Lateness House: Joy to the World King Peeping Cleveland The Arsenio Hall Show Dish Nation Queens (HD) Always Always (HD) Toms. (HD) (HD) (N) Sunny (HD) Sunny (HD)

CABLE CHANNELS The First 48 (HD) Duck (HD) Duck (HD) Duck Dynasty (HD) Duck Dynasty (HD) Rodeo Girls (N) (HD) (:01) Rodeo Girls (HD) Duck Dynasty (HD) Duck Dynasty (HD) (5:30) The Godfather (‘72, Drama) aaaa Marlon Brando. Mafia family life. (HD) The Godfather: Part II (‘74, Drama) aaaa Al Pacino. Michael Corleone takes over the empire. (HD) Wild West (HD) Grizzly Sized (N) Grizzly Sized (N) Grizzly Sized (N) Grizzly Sized (N) Cold River Cash (N) Grizzly Sized Grizzly Sized Game Game Game Game Game Game Game Game Game Game Game Game Wendy Williams (HD) The Wash (‘01) Dr. Dre. Matchmaker Settle. To Be Announced Matchmaker Matchmaker (N) Courtney Matchmaker Matchmaker Courtney Courtney Styled Mad Money (N) Kudlow Report (N) 60 Minutes Greed Fugitives Mad Money Greed Fugitives Situation Crossfire Erin Burnett (N) Cooper 360° (N) (HD) Piers Morgan LIVE (N) Anderson Cooper Erin Burnett Piers Morgan (HD) Cooper 360° (HD) Futurama Futurama (:59) Jeff Dunham Without a Paddle (‘04) aa Antony Starr. (HD) Harold & Kumar Escape (‘08) John Cho. (HD) (:16) Epic Movie (‘07, Comedy) c Kal Penn. (HD) Good Luck Jessie Blog Austin Bolt (‘08) aaa John Travolta. (HD) Phineas Blog Jessie Blog Austin Good Luck Good Luck Shake It A.N.T. Mermaids: New (HD) Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives (HD) River Monsters: Legend of Loch Ness (HD) Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives (HD) River Monsters (HD) College Football: Pittsburgh Panthers vs Bowling Green Falcons z{| (HD) College Football: Utah State Aggies vs Northern Illinois Huskies z{| (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) College GameDay X Games (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) Olbermann (HD) Middle Middle National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (HD) The Santa Clause (‘94) aac Frank Welker. (HD) The 700 Club The Santa Clause 2 (‘02) aac Tim Allen. (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Diners Diners Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) Special Report (HD) On the Record (N) O’Reilly Factor (N) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) O’Reilly Factor (HD) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) Icons Access UFC Ultimate Submissions 2 Bull Riding UFC Unleashed (HD) World Poker (HD) UFC Ultimate Submissions 2 Let It Snow (‘13) Candace Cameron Bure. (HD) A Town Without Christmas (‘01) aac The Christmas Blessing (‘05) Blake Shelton. The Christmas Pageant (‘11) aa (HD) Property Bro (HD) Hunters Hunters Addict Addict Addict Addict Hunters Hunters Rent Buy Rent Buy Addict Addict Hunters Hunters Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Without a Trace (HD) Without a Trace (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD) Paid Paid Did You Hear About the Morgans? (‘09) (HD) Pretty Woman (‘90, Romance) Richard Gere. Man hires companion. (HD) (:01) Biography (HD) (:02) Pretty Woman (‘90) aaa Richard Gere. (HD) Hathaways Hathaways Hathaways Hathaways Sponge Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Friends Friends Friends Friends Lopez Lopez Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Impact Wrestling (N) (HD) Cops Cops Jail (HD) Jail (HD) Jail (HD) Jail (HD) Daybreakers (‘09) (HD) The Faculty (‘98, Horror) aac Jordana Brewster. Resident Evil: Extinction (‘07) Milla Jovovich. The Ruins (‘08, Horror) Jonathan Tucker. (HD) Witchslayer (‘12) (HD) Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Family Guy (HD) Family Big Bang Big Bang Ground Big Bang Conan (HD) Ground Conan (HD) Office Life with Father (‘47, Comedy) William Powell. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (‘47) aaa Billy Liar (‘63, Comedy) aaac Sir Tom Courtenay. Pennies from Heaven (‘81) aac Steve Martin. Gypsy Sisters (HD) Gypsy Sisters (HD) Gypsy Sisters (HD) Gypsy Sisters (N) (HD) Gypsy Wedding (N) Gypsy Sisters (HD) Gypsy Wedding (HD) Gypsy Sisters (HD) Castle (HD) Castle (HD) NBA Basketball: Memphis vs Houston z{| (HD) NBA Basketball: Los Angeles vs Portland z{| (HD) Inside the NBA (HD) Dumbest Dumbest Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Panic (N) (:01) Top 20 Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Loves Raymond (HD) Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Queens Queens Queens Queens Kirstie NCIS (HD) NCIS (HD) NCIS (HD) NCIS (HD) NCIS (HD) NCIS (HD) NCIS (HD) NCIS (HD) Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Braxton Family (HD) Braxton Family (HD) Braxton Family (HD) Braxton Family (HD) Braxton Family (HD) Braxton Family (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met News (HD) How I Met Rules Rules Parks Parks 30 Rock


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Entertain- Dateline NBC (N) Grimm Cop hunts creatures. Dracula Revenge in London. ment (N) (HD) (HD) Inside Edi- Undercover Boss ReHawaii Five-0: Hookman Blue Bloods: Warriors (HD) tion (N) flecting. (HD) (HD) Jeopardy! (N) Last Man The Neigh- Shark Tank Grilled cheese. (:01) 20/20 (N) (HD) (HD) (HD) bors (HD) (HD) Leadership Wash Wk (N) The Week American Masters: Marvin Hamlisch: Abbey (HD) (N) (HD) (N) (HD) What He Did for Love (N) (HD) Modern Modern The Big Bang The Big Bang Bones: The Diamond In the Raising Hope Raising Hope WACH FOX News at 10 Family (HD) Family (HD) (HD) (HD) Rough (HD) (HD) (HD) Nightly news report. Community How I Met Family Feud Family Feud Monk: Mr. Monk and the Se- Monk Monk slays Santa King: Movin’ Cleveland (HD) (HD) cret Santa (HD) Claus. (HD) On Up (HD)

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CABLE CHANNELS The First 48 (HD) The First 48 (HD) The First 48 (HD) The First 48 (N) (HD) The First 48 (N) (HD) (:01) The First 48 (HD) (:01) The First 48 (HD) (:01) The First 48 (HD) Break. Bad Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) (:48) Breaking Bad: Peekaboo (HD) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) Living (N) Living (N) Treehouse (HD) Treehouse (HD) Husbands Husbands 8 Mile (‘02, Drama) aac Eminem. Rapper vs. conflict. 8 Mile (‘02, Drama) aac Eminem. Rapper vs. conflict. Wendy Williams (HD) Eve’s Bayou (‘97) aaac Housewives Housewives Styled To Rock (N) Friday (‘95, Comedy) Ice Cube. Los Angeles life. Friday (‘95, Comedy) Ice Cube. Los Angeles life. Styled Fashion show. Mad Money (N) Kudlow Report (N) Fugitives America’s Gun Greed Mad Money America’s Gun Greed $400 million. Situation Crossfire Erin Burnett (N) Cooper 360° (N) (HD) Piers Morgan LIVE (N) Crossfire Unguarded Anthony (N) Cooper 360° (HD) Crossfire Unguarded South Prk Tosh (HD) (:59) The Dukes of Hazzard (‘05) aa (HD) Futurama Futurama Futurama South Prk South Prk South Prk (:01) Kevin Hart (HD) Katt Williams aaa (HD) Good Luck Jessie Blog Austin Enchanted (‘07, Fantasy) aaa Susan Sarandon. Liv (HD) Austin Blog Austin Jessie Jessie Jessie Blog Gold Rush (HD) Gold Rush (HD) Gold Rush (N) (HD) Gold Rush (HD) Bering Sea Gold (N) (:02) Gold Rush (HD) Bering Sea Gold (HD) (:04) Gold Rush (HD) College Football: Syracuse Orange vs Minnesota Golden Gophers z{| (HD) College Football: BYU Cougars vs Washington Huskies z{| (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) NFL Kickoff (HD) NBA Coast to Coast (HD) NFL 2013: After (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) NBA (HD) Coll. Ftbl Santa Clause aac (HD) The Santa Clause 2 (‘02) aac Tim Allen. (HD) The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (HD) The 700 Club The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (HD) Guy’s Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners, Drive-Ins (HD) Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners, Drive-Ins (HD) Special Report (HD) On the Record (N) O’Reilly Factor (N) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) O’Reilly Factor (HD) The Kelly File Hannity (HD) Game 365 Pregame NHL Hockey: Pittsburgh vs Carolina z{| (HD) Hurricanes Live (HD) Icons World Poker (HD) NHL Hockey: Pittsburgh vs Carolina (HD) The Christmas Blessing (‘05) Blake Shelton. Help for the Holidays (‘12) Summer Glau. (HD) Matchmaker Santa (‘12) Lacey Chabert. (HD) It’s Christmas, Carol! (‘12) Olivia Cheng. (HD) 2013 Hunters Hunters Hunters Hot Beach Houses (N) Life Life Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters Life Life Hunters Hunters American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) American Picker (HD) Cold Case (HD) Cold Case (HD) Cold Case (HD) Cold Case (HD) Cold Case (HD) Cold Case (HD) Cold Case: Greed (HD) Paid Paid You Again (‘10, Comedy) aac Kristen Bell. (HD) The Ugly Truth (‘09) aac Katherine Heigl. (HD) Fool’s Gold (‘08) Matthew McConaughey. (HD) (:02) The Ugly Truth (‘09) Katherine Heigl. (HD) Sanjay Sanjay Sanjay Sanjay Sam & Cat Thunderman Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Full Hse Friends Friends Friends Friends Lopez Lopez Cops Jail (HD) Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops The Departed (‘06) Leonardo DiCaprio. (HD) Resident Evil: Extinction (‘07) Milla Jovovich. WWE SmackDown (HD) Underworld: Evolution (‘06) a (HD) Zombie Apocalypse (‘11) ac Ving Rhames. (HD) Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Family Family Family Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang 50 First Dates (‘04, Comedy) aac Adam Sandler. You, Me and Dupree Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (‘57) aaa The Magnificent Ambersons (‘42) Out of the Past (‘47, Drama) Robert Mitchum. Silkwood (‘83, Drama) aaa Meryl Streep. Activist intervenes. Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Say Yes to Secret Wedding (N) Atlanta Say Yes to Secret Wedding (HD) Atlanta Atlanta Castle: Demons (HD) Castle (HD) Castle (HD) Gran Torino (‘09, Drama) aaac Clint Eastwood. (HD) Cold Justice (HD) Cold Justice (HD) Torino Dumbest Dumbest Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Hardcore Hardcore Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Loves Raymond (HD) Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Queens Queens Queens Queens SVU: Bombshell (HD) SVU: Totem (HD) SVU: Reparations (HD) Family Family Family Family Family Family SVU: Wet (HD) SVU: Branded (HD) Will Grace Will Grace You’ve Got Mail (‘98, Romance) aaa Tom Hanks. You’ve Got Mail (‘98, Romance) aaa Tom Hanks. The Lylas (N) My Fair Wedding (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met News (HD) How I Met Rules Rules Parks Parks 30 Rock


HIGHLIGHTS Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas 8:00 p.m. on WACH Sid accidentally destroys Manny’s holiday decorations, and Manny makes Sid believe that he’s now on Santa’s naughty list; Sid, Crash, Eddie and Peaches head to the North Pole to plead their case to Santa but end up making things worse. (HD) Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Music Tale 8:00 p.m. on WIS Kelly Clarkson is joined by a bevy of superstars in a comedic musical take on a classic Christmas story, featuring holiday classics like “Silent Night” and “White Christmas,” as well as original songs from her newly released album, “Wrapped in Red.” (HD) DreamWorks Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury 8:30 p.m. on WACH During the winter holidays, all the dragons of Berk depart, with the exception of Toothless, hindered by his inability to fly; Hiccup creates a new prosthesis for him, allowing his escape; the dragons fly to a hot-springs island to lay eggs. (HD) Trophy Wife Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. on 8:30 p.m. on WOLO WOLO, Pete The house is a com(Bradley Whitplete disaster area ford), his wife on Christmas mornand his ex-wives ing, and Pete, Kate, Diane and Jackie wake up with wake up hung-over hangovers on Christmas morn- and confused about what happened the ing on "Trophy night before, and Wife." they hurry to clean up the house to save Christmas for the children. (HD) Raising Hope 9:00 p.m. on WACH Virginia uses her extreme couponing skills to stock up on supplies and forces her family to train for the apocalypse; Jimmy is determined to give Hope the best Christmas possible; Maw Maw attempts to knock more items off her bucket list in time. (HD)

HIGHLIGHTS Glee 8:00 p.m. on WACH Rachel and Kurt return to Lima from New York City as the glee club launches the production of “Grease;” Cas-sandra July returns to shake things up in Rachel’s life; Santana comes back to Lima to lend a hand with the musical. (HD) The Big Bang Artie (Kevin Theory McHale) and the 8:00 p.m. on rest of New WLTX Directions are When the girls’ trip asked to perform at two dif- to Las Vegas ends ferent events at up falling through, the guys decide to the same time on "Glee," airing invite them to play Dungeons & Thursday at Dragons, causing 8 p.m. on Sheldon and Amy’s WACH. relationship to take an unexpected turn; Raj and Lucy go on an awkward date. (HD) The Millers 8:31 p.m. on WLTX After discovering that Nathan is seeing a therapist, Carol secretly schedules herself for an appointment to find out what is going on. (HD) Rodeo Girls 10:00 p.m. on A&E The rodeo girls each make a stop at home between competitions and personal issues immediately come to the forefront as they have to make life-changing decisions that will affect their time with the rodeo and time with their family. (HD) Elementary 10:01 p.m. on WLTX Sherlock and Joan do everything they can to prevent a robbery from one of the largest cash vaults in the country during the middle of a huge snow storm; Sherlock tries to help out a transgender woman who is recovering after a recent break-up. (HD)

HIGHLIGHTS Styled To Rock 8:00 p.m. on BRAVO The three finalists prepare a look that embodies Rihanna’s latest fragrance, Rogue, after which the two designers left must present Rihanna with five total looks, a face-off that culminates in a heated fashion show; a winner is name for season one. The Neighbors 8:31 p.m. on WOLO When the Weavers explain what April Fools’ Day means to Larry, he begins meticulously planning a major prank; Reggie and Jackie work together to convince Amber that Reggie has no emotional connection to his Zabyronian soulmate. (HD) Gran Torino 9:00 p.m. on TNT After an aging, disgruntled veteran of the Korean War catches his Asian neighbor’s son trying to steal the 1972 Gran Torino he dearly prizes, he faces his racial prejudices while he becomes involved in the troubled teenager’s life. (HD) Grimm 9:00 p.m. on WIS A homicide detective suddenly begins to experience a series of disturbing visions that he can't explain, until he learns that he is a member of an elite group charged with the task of hunting and destroying supernatural creatures and villains. (HD) Frank (Tom Selleck) navigates Blue Bloods international pol10:00 p.m. on itics to help a WLTX young Turkish Danny finds himself in anger managewoman avoid ment class when he prosecution on takes a hot-headed "Blue Bloods," approach to a case; airing Friday at 10 p.m. on WLTX. Frank navigates the politics of the State Department and the Turkish government in order to help a young Turkish woman avoid prosecution. (HD)






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Pajanimals Justin Time Tree Fu To Lazy: Lazy English Premier League Soccer: Sunderland at Cardiff City from Car- ‘14 Winter Olympic Trials: 2013 World Long Drive Red Bull Signature Series diff City Stadium z{| (HD) Scouts Speed Skating Championship (HD) (HD) News 19 Saturday Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Men March Men March College Basketball: Villanova Wildcats at Syracuse Or- College Basketball: Louisville Cardinals at Kentucky Wildcats from Rupp Arena z{| (HD) ange from Carrier Dome z{| (HD) gram (HD) (HD) gram Morning Countdown Ocean (HD) Explore (HD) Sea Rescue Wildlife Expedition Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Figure Skating: Holiday African American Short The Great Christmas Light X Games Anthology (HD) ESPN Sports Saturday gram Festival on Ice (HD) Films Fight (HD) (HD) gram (HD) (HD) (HD) The This Old House Hour Woodworki Woodwright Victory: Easy Laura Cook’s Lidia’s Italy Baking Julia Ming Garlic Kitchen Cooking Martha Meals A Chef’s Life For Your The This Old House Hour (HD) ng (N) (N) (HD) McIntosh Country (N) (HD) (HD) dishes. (HD) Bakes (N) (N) Home (N) (HD) Teen Kids Real Edge Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Disney’s A Christmas Carol (‘09, Holiday) aaa Jim The Lines of The Simp- Glee: The Rocky Horror Glee Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid ProNews (N) gram gram gram gram Carrey. Mean old miser changes his life. sons Show (HD) gram gram gram gram American LatiNation Edgemont Edgemont Edgemont Edgemont Young Icons Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- MyDestina- McKenzie Real Green MyDestina- Sanctuary: Hero II Special Paid Pro- Cars.TV gram gram tion.TV (HD) tion.TV powers. gram gram (HD)

CABLE CHANNELS Criminal Minds (HD) Criminal Minds (HD) Flip This House (HD) Flipping Vegas (HD) Flipping Vegas (HD) Rodeo Girls (HD) Rodeo Girls (HD) GoodFellas (‘90, Crime) aaaa Robert De Niro. Life of a mobster. (HD) Rawhide Space Cowboys (‘00, Science Fiction) aac Clint Eastwood. (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Dogs 101 (HD) Pit Bulls (HD) Pit Bulls (HD) Pit Bulls Pit Bulls Pit Bulls Pit Bulls: Storm Surge Pit Bulls (HD) Pit Bulls (HD) Pit Bulls (HD) Moesha Moesha Scandal (HD) Scandal (HD) Scandal (HD) Scandal (HD) Scandal (HD) Scandal (HD) Scandal (HD) Scandal (HD) Scandal (HD) (6:00) Gangs of New York (‘02) To Be Announced Top Chef Courtney Courtney Matchmaker Matchmaker Vanderpump Vanderpump Housewives F. Furious Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid (6:00) New Day Saturday Your (HD) CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom Your (N) CNN CNN Newsroom CNN Sanjay CNN Newsroom Presents Key; Peele Key; Peele Wayne’s World (‘92, Comedy) Mike Myers. (HD) Balls of Fury (‘07, Comedy) aa Dan Fogler. (HD) (:39) MacGruber (‘10, Comedy) Will Forte. (HD) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (‘86, Comedy) Matthew Broderick. Jake and Sofia (HD) Blog Blog Austin & Jessie Liv (HD) Jessie Jessie Jessie Jessie Jessie A.N.T. A.N.T. A.N.T. Blog Blog Blog Good Luck Blog Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Moonshiners (HD) Moonshiners (HD) Moonshiners (HD) Moonshiners (HD) Backyard Street Outlaws (HD) Street Outlaws (HD) Fast N’ Loud (HD) Fast N’ Loud (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter (HD) SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (HD) College Football: Rutgers vs Notre Dame z{| (HD) College Football: Cincinnati Bearcats vs North Carolina Tar Heels (HD) Sport Sci. NFL Match NFL 2013: After (HD) NFL Kickoff (HD) NFL Live (HD) College Basketball: Nebraska vs Cincinnati College Basketball: Eastern Michigan vs Duke Chick-Fil Golf Challenge (HD) Sport Sci. Bring It On: Fight to the Finish (‘09) ac (HD) Bring It On: In It to Win It (‘07) aac (HD) Bring It On: All or Nothing (‘06) aa (HD) Another Cinderella Story (‘08) aa Pop star. (HD) A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song (HD) Best Thing Best Thing Brunch Pioneer Pioneer Trisha’s Barefoot Giada Chopped (HD) Restaurant (HD) Restaurant (HD) Restaurant (HD) Diners Diners Guy’s FOX & Friends (HD) FOX & Friends (HD) Bulls (HD) Cavuto Forbes Cashin In News HQ (DC) (HD) America’s HQ (HD) Respected America’s News HQ (HD) Carol Alt News HQ The Five (HD) Paid Wolfpack R.Williams Krzyzewski Ship Shape Insider ASA Big-Air (HD) Wom. College Basketball z{| World Poker (HD) World Poker (HD) UFC in the: The Rise of Jon Jones Insider It’s Christmas, Carol! (‘12) Olivia Cheng. (HD) Help for the Holidays (‘12) Summer Glau. (HD) Silver Bells (‘05, Holiday) aac Anne Heche. (HD) Matchmaker Santa (‘12) Lacey Chabert. (HD) A Bride for Christmas (‘12) Arielle Kebbel. (HD) Flop Flop Flop Flop Bath Crash Bath Crash Bath Crash Bath Crash Bath Crash Bath Crash Love It or List It (HD) Buying; Selling (HD) Buying; Selling (HD) Buying; Selling (HD) Buying; Selling (HD) (7:00) Mankind (HD) Mankind The Story of All of Us: Empires (HD) Mankind The Story of All of Us: Survivors (HD) Mankind The Story of All of Us (HD) Mankind The Story of All of Us (HD) Mankind (HD) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Oyakhilome Paid Paid Paid Paid Monk Monk Monk Surprise party. Monk Foul play. Monk Dog adoption. Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Betty Betty A Mother’s Rage (‘13) Lori Loughlin. (HD) Missing at 17 (‘13, Drama) Tricia O’Kelley. (HD) The Nightmare Nanny (‘13) Ashley Scott. (HD) Sanjay Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Sanjay TMNT Rabbids Sponge Sponge Megaforce Sponge Rabbids Sanjay OddParents (HD) Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Paid Paid The Departed (‘06, Crime) aaaa Leonardo DiCaprio. Cops and mobsters. (HD) The Green Mile (‘99, Drama) aaa Tom Hanks. A prison guard meets a special convict. (HD) Cops Cops Paid Paid Species: The Awakening (‘07) ac (HD) Star Trek: Nemesis (‘02) aac Sir Patrick Stewart. (HD) Outlander (‘08, Science Fiction) aac Jim Caviezel. (HD) Drive Angry (‘11, Action) aa Nicolas Cage. Payne Browns There Yet? Rules Rules Rules You, Me and Dupree (‘06) aac Owen Wilson. 50 First Dates (‘04, Comedy) aac Adam Sandler. Friends Friends Friends Friends Queens Queens Don’t Make Waves (‘67, Comedy) Tony Curtis. Carson Up Goes Maisie (‘46) Ann Sothern. The Dirty Dozen (‘67, Action) Lee Marvin. Suicide mission. The Far Country (‘55, Western) James Stewart. The Black Swan (‘42) A pirate story. Paid (HD) Paid (HD) Couponing (HD) Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Untold ER (HD) Untold ER (HD) Untold ER (HD) Marshal Law (HD) Major Crimes (HD) Cold Justice (HD) Cold Justice (HD) Valkyrie (‘08, Thriller) aaa Tom Cruise. Angels & Demons (‘09, Thriller) Tom Hanks. Mysterious symbols. (HD) Da Vinci Code (HD) Paid Paid Paid Paid Most Shock Most Shock Most Shock Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Saloon New distillery. Saloon Michael gone. Full Throttle Saloon Full Throttle Saloon Nanny Nanny The Exes Kirstie Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Paid Paid SVU: Fault (HD) SVU: Starved (HD) SVU: Rockabye (HD) SVU: 911 (HD) SVU: Clock (HD) SVU: Spectacle (HD) SVU: Snatched (HD) SVU: Signature (HD) SVU (HD) Paid Paid Paid Paid Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Paid Paid Matlock Matlock: The Reporter Heat of Night (HD) Heat of Night (HD) Heat of Night (HD) Walker: Saving Grace Walker: Money Talks Law & Order CI (HD) Law & Order CI (HD)



The Wrong Woman 8:00 p.m. on LIFE When a caring mother and wife is accused of attempted murder and arrested, she finds her life torn apart by overwhelming evidence against her and diminishing support from her family, even though she can’t remember committing the crime. (HD) Gaslight 8:00 p.m. on TCM Shortly after an English singer marries a handsome man with a dubious past, the couple move into the house the singer inherited from her murdered aunt, where strange noises and bizarre events cause her to doubt her sanity. WWE Tribute to the Troops 8:00 p.m. on WIS WWE superstars and some of the biggest names in Hollywood join forces to pay tribute to the men and women who serve the country in the armed forces, featuring the WWE’s visit to troops overseas and to Joint Base LewisMcChord in Washington. (HD) Saturday at Just Go With It 8 p.m. on WOLO, 8:00 p.m. on an assistant WOLO (Jennifer AnisWhen a bachelor, who wears a wed- ton) becomes a pawn in the ding ring to lure women, meets the romantic woman of his scheme of her dreams, he is womanizing unwilling to reveal boss in "Just Go the embarrassing With It." truth, so he convinces his assistant to portray his divorcing wife until able to win the woman’s heart. (HD) Pit Bulls and Parolees 9:00 p.m. on ANPL Despite the enormous responsibilities that VRC presents, the team gathers with family, parolees, friends and volunteers to celebrate and look back on great rescues, poignant adoptions and some of their favorite pit bulls in their new forever homes. (HD)

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News (HD) Entertainment Tonight (N) (HD) News 19 @ CBS Evening Inside Edi- Griffith tion (N) 6pm (HD) World News Paid Pro- Wheel For- Jeopardy! (HD) gram tune (HD) (HD) The Lawrence Welk Show: Sherlock Holmes: The EligiNew Year’s ble Bachelor The Big Bang The Big Bang Modern Modern (HD) (HD) Family (HD) Family (HD) The Office The Office Community Community (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD)

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WWE Tribute to the Troops The Blacklist: General Ludd Saturday Night Live Sketch News (:29) Saturday Night Live Sketch comedy, (:02)Criminal Minds: Fear (N) (HD) (HD) comedy. (HD) celebrity hosts & music. (HD) and Loathing (HD) Mike & Molly Mom (HD) 48 Hours In-depth investi- 48 Hours In-depth investi- News 19 @ (:35) CSI: Miami: One of Our (:35) Crook & Chase (N) Entertainers gative reports. 11pm Own (HD) (N) gative reports. (HD) Just Go With It (‘11, Comedy) aac Adam Sandler. Man fakes split for Trophy Wife News (HD) White Collar: Front Man Burn Notice: Mind Games Animal Reslady, due to ring. (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) cue Father Brown: The Blue Last Wine Doc Martin: Cats and Sun Studio Austin City Limits: Rodrigo Nature: Christmas in Yel- NOVA: Building the Great Cross (HD) Sharks y Gabriela (HD) lowstone (HD) Cathedrals (HD) The Middle (:15)School (:45)School The Closer Stunt goes omg! Insider Raymond Almost Human: Are You Re- Bones: The Secrets in the News ceiving? (HD) Proposal (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) wrong. (HD) (N) Futurama Futurama Da Vinci’s: A Nice Home in First Family First Family Mr. Box Of- Mr. Box Of- Access Hollywood (N) (HD) The Arsenio Hall Show fice (HD) (HD) the Country fice (HD) (HD) (HD)

CABLE CHANNELS The First 48 (HD) The First 48 (HD) The First 48 (HD) The First 48 (HD) The First 48 (HD) (:01) The First 48 (HD) (:01) The First 48 (HD) (:01) The First 48 (HD) Break. Bad Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad (HD) Breaking Bad: Kafkaesque (HD) Pit Bulls (HD) Pit Bulls (HD) Pit Bulls (HD) Pit Bulls (N) (HD) Pit Bulls (HD) Pit Bulls (HD) Pit Bulls (HD) Pit Bulls (HD) Scandal (HD) Eve’s Bayou (‘97, Drama) Jurnee Smollett. Daughter uncovers secrets. The Secret Life of Bees (‘08, Drama) aaa Dakota Fanning. What My Husband The Fast and the Furious (‘01) aac Paul Walker. xXx (‘02, Action) aa Vin Diesel. Outlaw secret agent. The Fast and the Furious (‘01, Thriller) aac Paul Walker. xXx (‘02) aa Vin Diesel. Paid Paid 20 Under 20: Part 1 20 Under 20: Part 2 Suze Orman Show (N) The Profit The Profit Suze Orman Show (N) The Profit: Eco-Me CNN Newsroom CNN Presents (HD) CNN Presents (HD) Anthony Exotic foods. Anthony Exotic foods. CNN Presents (HD) Anthony Exotic foods. Anthony Exotic foods. (:58) The Dukes of Hazzard (‘05) aa (HD) Get Him to the Greek (‘10, Comedy) aac Jonah Hill. (HD) Liar Liar (‘97, Comedy) aac Jim Carrey. Waiting... (‘05) Ryan Reynolds. (HD) Blog Austin Austin Austin High School Musical (‘06) ac (HD) Mickey Lab Rats Mighty Med Jessie Jessie Jessie Jessie A.N.T. A.N.T. Fast N’ Loud (HD) Fast N’ Loud (HD) Fast N’ Loud (HD) Fast N’ Loud (HD) Fast N’ Loud (HD) Fast N’ Loud (HD) Fast N’ Loud (HD) Fast N’ Loud (HD) Coll. Ftbl (:45) College Football: Miami Hurricanes vs Louisville Cardinals z{| (HD) (:15) College Football: Michigan Wolverines vs Kansas State Wildcats z{| (HD) Sports SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (HD) College Basketball z{| (HD) College Basketball: Alabama vs UCLA (HD) SportsCenter (HD) Sports Coll. Ftbl A Cinderella Story (‘04) aac Hilary Duff. (HD) Cinderella (‘50) Ilene Woods. (HD) The Little Mermaid (‘89) Samuel E. Wright. (HD) Along Came Polly (‘04) aa Ben Stiller. (HD) Bel-Air Diners Diners Diners Diners Cupcake Wars (N) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) On the Rocks (N) Chopped (HD) Chopped (HD) America’s HQ (HD) Report Saturday (HD) Huckabee (N) (HD) Justice (N) (HD) Geraldo at Large (HD) Red Eye (HD) Huckabee (HD) Justice (HD) UFC Unleashed (HD) Driven Predators Wom. College Basketball no} World Poker (HD) World Poker (HD) NHL Hockey: Los Angeles vs Nashville (HD) The Christmas Card (‘06) John Newton. (HD) A Princess for Christmas (‘11) Katie McGrath. Christmas with Holly (‘12) Friday Harbor. (HD) All I Want for Christmas (‘07) aac (HD) Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters Love It or List It (HD) Love It or List It, Too Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters Love It or List It, Too Hunters Hunters (5:00) Mankind (HD) Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Monk Scout trip. Monk Monk Monk Visiting the past. Monk The wife killer. Monk Plot to kill mayor. Monk Monk freezes. Paid Paid Hidden Away (‘13) Emmanuelle Vaugier. (HD) The Wrong Woman (‘13) Danica McKellar. (HD) The Husband She Met Online (‘13) (HD) The Wrong Woman (‘13) Danica McKellar. (HD) Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Hathaways Thunderman Thunderman Full Hse Full Hse Friends Friends Friends Friends Lopez Lopez Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops The Green Mile (‘99, Drama) aaa Tom Hanks. A special convict. (HD) The Matrix (‘99, Science Fiction) Keanu Reeves. Humankind enslaved. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (‘03) aac (HD) The Devil’s Advocate (‘97, Thriller) aaa Keanu Reeves. (HD) Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Ground I Love You, Man (‘09, Comedy) Paul Rudd. (HD) Joe Dirt Jason and the Argonauts (‘63) aaac Gaslight (‘44, Thriller) aaac Charles Boyer. Suspicion (‘41, Thriller) aaac Cary Grant. Leave Her to Heaven (‘45) aaa Gene Tierney. Untold ER (HD) Untold ER (HD) Untold ER (HD) Untold ER (HD) Sex Sent Me (N) (HD) Untold ER (HD) Untold ER (HD) Sex Sent Me (HD) (5:00) The Da Vinci Code (‘06) Tom Hanks. (HD) Ocean’s Eleven (‘01, Crime) aaa George Clooney. (HD) The Da Vinci Code (‘06, Adventure) aac Tom Hanks. Jesus’ descendants. (HD) Dumbest Dumbest Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers (:01) Dumbest Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Cosby Cosby Cosby The Exes Kirstie Loves Raymond (HD) Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Queens Queens Queens Queens SVU: Stranger (HD) SVU (HD) Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family SVU: Fault (HD) SVU: Starved (HD) Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Will Grace Bones (HD) Bones (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) Home Videos (HD) How I Met Rules Rules Parks Parks 30 Rock




All This, and Heaven Too aaac ‘40 Bette Davis. A teacher tells a story in which she was accused of adultery and murder. NR (2:30) TCM Thu. 3:30pm. Au Hasard Balthazar aaac ‘66 Anne Wiazemsky. A girl and her donkey feel connected through their mutual struggles. NR (1:45) TCM Sun. 2:15am.

The Departed aaaa ‘06 Leonardo DiCaprio. An undercover cop discovers that a mobster is working as a police officer. R (3:30) SPIKE Fri. 12:00am., Sat. 9:00am. Despicable Me aaac ‘10 Steve Carell. A master thief decides to use three orphaned girls to pull off a big heist. PG (1:45) DISN Sun. 9:00am.



The Bad and the Beautiful aaac ‘52 Lana Turner. Three Hollywood icons are hoodwinked into signing a deal with a vile producer. NR (2:00) TCM Fri. 4:15am. Batman Begins aaac ‘05 Christian Bale. A billionaire develops a dual personality to fight crime in Gotham City. PG-13 (3:00) SYFY Mon. 9:00pm., Tue. 6:00pm.

Eve’s Bayou aaac ‘97 Jurnee Smollett. The youngest daughter of a Creole family discovers her parents’ frailties. R (3:00) BET Fri. 1:00am., Sat. 7:00pm.

C A Christmas Story aaac ‘83 Melinda Dillon. A 9-year-old boy dreams of owning a BB gun. PG (2:00) TBS Tue. 8:00pm, 10:00pm, 12:00am, 2:00am, 4:00am., Wed. 6:00am, 8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm.

ACROSS 1. “Whose Line __ __ Anyway?” 5. “__ and the Fatman” 9. “Beat it!” 10. Kiwi fruit’s shape 11. Spend (2) 12. Oscar winner Kathy __ 14. Black Jack, for one 15. Suffix for differ or depend 16. “Places in the __”; Sally Field film 19. McEntire and others 21. 1959-66 James Arness Western series 22. One of the Marx Brothers 24. “Sesame Street” character 27. Year south of the border 28. Optima maker

9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 12 AM 12:30 LOCAL CHANNELS

29. Simba and his family 32. Visitor 34. “Answer Yes __ __”; early TV game show 35. Worldwide: abbr. 36. “We __ to Talk About Kevin”; 2011 movie 37. “The Ninth __”; 1999 Johnny Depp film DOWN 1. Magazine edition 2. Actor on “Criminal Minds” (2) 3. Debtor’s note 4. “America’s Next __ Model” 5. “The __”; 2001-02 Denis Leary series 6. “Up All Night” role 7. Role on “Castle” (2)

8. Ms. Verdugo 11. Word of disgust 13. Nov. 1 honorees 17. Male animal 18. Word in the title of Jon Cryer’s series 19. 2011 animated film about a bird 20. O’Neill and Harris 22. “My __ Sal”; Rita Hayworth movie 23. “xXx: State of the __”; 2005 Willem Dafoe film 25. Walkway 26. “The __ Patrol” (1966-68) 30. 90º from WNW 31. Layer of turf 32. Young, for one 33. Merkel or O’Connor

F Ferris Bueller’s Day Off aaac ‘86 Matthew Broderick. A high school student cuts classes for a day of adventure with his friends. PG-13 (2:17) COM Sat. 3:41pm. Forrest Gump aaaa ‘94 Tom Hanks. A slow-witted man grows to adulthood amid the historic events of four decades. PG-13 (3:30) SPIKE Wed. 5:30pm, 9:00pm.

G Gaslight aaac ‘44 Charles Boyer. An innocent newlywed begins to doubt her sanity when she starts seeing things. NR (2:00) TCM Sat. 8:00pm. The Godfather aaaa ‘72 Marlon Brando. A reluctant heir takes over crime family from ailing patriarch. R (4:00) AMC Thu. 9:00am, 5:30pm.

H Hidden Away aaaa ‘13 Emmanuelle Vaugier. A woman fakes her own death in an attempt to escape her abusive husband. NR (2:00) LIFE Sat. 6:00pm. How Green Was My Valley aaac ‘41 Walter Pidgeon. A Welsh miner’s family faces a series of socio-economic changes over time. NR (2:00) TCM Fri. 12:00pm.

I It’s a Wonderful Life aaaa ‘47 James Stewart. A man is allowed to discover what would happen if he had never been born. NR (3:00) WIS Tue. 8:00pm.

J Jason and the Argonauts aaac ‘63 Todd Armstrong. A legendary Greek hero enlists a band of warriors for an important quest. G (2:00) TCM Sat. 6:00pm.

K Kick-Ass aaac ‘10 Aaron TaylorJohnson. A teen decides to fight crime, then gets involved in a conflict with a mob boss. R (2:32) SPIKE Sun. 12:00pm., Mon. 10:30am.

L Life with Father aaac ‘47 William Powell. A kind, eccentric man raises his son in New York City in the early 1900s. NR (2:00) TCM Thu. 6:00pm. Little Women aaaa ‘33 Katharine Hepburn. A family of four energetic sisters and their loving mother embark on journeys. NR (2:00) TCM Mon. 8:00am.

obsessed with perfecting a startling new illusion. PG-13 (2:30) SYFY Tue. 9:00pm.

R Roots aaaa ‘77 LeVar Burton. The story of an African-American family, from enslavement to emancipation. NR (2:30) BET Tue. 8:00am, 10:30am, 1:00pm, 3:30pm, 6:00pm, 8:30pm. Roots: The Gift aaac ‘88 LeVar Burton. Kunta Kinte and Fiddler help lead a group of runaway slaves to freedom. NR (1:00) BET Tue. 11:00pm.



The Shop Around the Corner aaac ‘40 Margaret Sullavan. Feuding co-workers are unaware they share a romance by mail. NR (2:00) TCM Sun. 8:00pm., Tue. 2:30pm. The Sound of Music aaac ‘65 Julie Andrews. A novice nun becomes the governess for the children of a demanding sea captain. NR (4:00) WOLO Sun. 7:00pm.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance aaac ‘62 James Stewart. A lawyer wanting civility in the Old West gets help from a gunslinger. NR (3:00) AMC Tue. 10:00am. The Matrix aaaa ‘99 Keanu Reeves. A hacker joins a shadowy collective’s struggle to free humankind from slavery. R (3:00) SYFY Sun. 9:00pm., Mon. 6:00pm., Sat. 6:00pm.

Top Hat aaac ‘35 Fred Astaire. A dancer falls in love with a woman, but she mistakes him for a married man. NR (2:00) TCM Wed. 8:00pm. 28 Days Later aaac ‘02 Cillian Murphy. A young man awakes from a coma to find the country infested with zombies. R (2:30) SYFY Sun. 2:00pm.

N Now, Voyager aaac ‘42 Bette Davis. Therapy brings spinster out of her shell, but she falls into a doomed romance. NR (2:00) TCM Sun. 4:00pm.

O Out of the Past aaac ‘47 Robert Mitchum. A private eye is entangled in murder and double dealings with a gangster. NR (1:45) TCM Fri. 9:45pm.

P Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl aaac ‘03 Johnny Depp. Two swashbucklers seek to rescue a woman abducted by cursed pirates. PG-13 (2:45) TNT Wed. 4:15pm. The Prestige aaac ‘06 Hugh Jackman. Rival stage magicians become


W The Wizard of Oz aaac ‘39 Judy Garland. After a tornado, a farm girl and her dog are transported into a magical world. NR (2:15) TNT Sun. 1:00pm.










December 22, 2013