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Embrace the Chlorination Revolution

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Inline chlorine generation via electrolysis is revolutionary AIS’ award-winning technology is a Simpler, Safer and Smarter way to disinfect pool water, even at low TDS. It’s time to make the switch from conventional chlorine dosing. Watch these videos to understand why.

Why Choose AIS?

AIS is passionate about transforming the future of pool water sanitization. Inline chlorine generation via electrolysis delivers all the benefits of clean and bacteria free water without the risks and hassles associated with conventional chlorine dosing.

About AIS

Australian Innovative Systems Pty Ltd (AIS) is an award-winning industry influencer with a 25+ year history of innovation and excellence in the design, production and supply of inline chlorine generation technology via electrolysis.

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1300 965 222 (Australia wide) Telephone: +61 7 3396 5222


AIS’ vision is for the global aquatic community to have access to safe and perfectly disinfected water while ending the dependence on hazardous chlorine dosing. AIS’ mission is to develop simpler, safer and smarter technologies for water disinfection.

WINNER OF THE SPASA QLD SUSTAINABLE & INNOVATIVE PROJECT AWARDS Evo have installed of one of the largest aquatic heat pump systems in Australia with a cutting-edge pool heating system upgrade at the popular tourist theme park, WhiteWater World. Located right next door to Dreamworld, WhiteWater World water park now features ground breaking heat pump technology that delivers reliable, energy efficient water heating for hundreds of thousands of guests every year. Evo’s redesign heats over 30 slides, water-rides and pools to a toasty 26 to 28 degrees year round using 19 high performance EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps. This new infrastructure offers WhiteWater World a low maintenance, energy efficient solution for pool heating that significantly reduces their pool heating running costs and carbon emissions and increases the control WhiteWater World has over managing their pool temperature.


EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps provide unparalleled performance and have reduced WhiteWater World’s annual pool heating costs by over 70% compared to their previous gas boiler system. Evo’s technology has also reduced their carbon emissions by over 35%, helping WhiteWater World get closer to their aim of being one of the most energy efficient water parks on the planet.

For award winning advice on your next pool heating job contact us…..

Ph:1300 859 933 |


el 304 ste

inless sta

l 304 tee

304 inless s sta

NOTHING COMPARES TO THE EVO CS-GEN2 Extremely energy efficient C.O.P. up to 5.79 Available in 95kW to 200kW Heating & cooling capability EEV2 technology Exclusive tariff & timer system 304 stainless steel Intelligent digital controller Dual defrost systems Dual speed fans V shaped evaporator Eco-friendly refrigerant Safety & protection features Vertical air flow Full range of commercial and domestic pool heater models from 6kW

to 200kW

25 on titanium heat exchanger


Lower Environmental Impact

INVERTER HEAT PUMPS Discover the new inverter technology in AstralPool’s Viron Inverter heat pumps. As the heat pump approaches the desired temperature, the unit will automatically desired temperature, the unit will automatically slow down. This will reduce energy usage by maintaining the water temperature at a slower speed. The Inverter technology also reduces the noise due to a unique internal ventilation design, plus the addition of silent mode allows you to conveniently operate at anytime without disturbing your neighbours.

Flexibility Extend your swimming season and swim all year round Environmentally Friendly Lower operating costs and noise levels Viron Inverter Technology R32 Gas for quicker heating times and less energy used HeatPumpGO App WiFi Module included for control though the HeatPumpGo App

Find out which heater is best for your pool at

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editorial Leading into the future

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An undisputed highlight of 2017 was the first ever SPASA Leadership Convention. This was despite some early questions about how such an undertaking would turn out. After all, trying to bring industry leaders together from across the country was no small task. Their time is valuable and they already have considerable business acumen, experience and nous. However, there is always something that can be learned from the right people, and that was the key to the success of the event – the speakers were world class and the response was enthusiastic. Leaders from across the industry raved about the presentations and the quality of the day, were unanimous in their positive assessment, and went home with pads full of notes and a renewed enthusiasm to take to their businesses.

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Many participants said they couldn’t wait for the next one, and were keen to not only come themselves, but to bring the next generation of leaders with them. And now it’s here, this August 2 at the Adelaide Hilton. The speakers are just as impressive, including Matt Church, Matina Jewell and David Staughton, and the day will be followed by the annual National Awards of Excellence. There is more on the convention on page 46.

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The DA statistics took a bit of tumble this quarter, but there is always some trepidation during a federal election, especially when real estate values are one of the defining issues of the campaign. It’s worth noting that while the quarterly numbers were down, overall the numbers were steady comparing this year to the past one, so we can all hope the hiccup will be short-lived. And now the rains have come, maybe the water restrictions will be eased in NSW too – but we shouldn’t hold our breaths. Despite the rain, this is still a drier than usual year – with the drier trend accompanying the extreme warming trend. In Australia, five of the past seven years are five of the six hottest ever recorded, and this year we had our warmest January on record in terms of mean, maximum, and minimum temperatures, breaking the monthly mean temperature record by nearly three degrees. The July to September climate outlook still suggests a drier than average three months for most of Australia. The good news is, the industry is coming together to address these and other problematic issues as they relate to energy and water use, and these proactive efforts will hopefully help keep the regulators at bay.

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This issue’s cover The views expressed in this magazine do not necessarily represent those of the above supporters, nor should any product advertised in SPLASH! magazine be seen to be endorsed by the above.

Cover shows Compass Pools UK’s planned four-sided infinity pool to be built on top of a 55-storey skyscraper in London’s business district. There is more on this on page 24. Image: Compass Pools UK

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Four-sided infinity There is a new entrant in the most spectacular infinity pool in the world. Compass Pools UK plans to construct Infinity London, a 360-degree infinity pool on top of an elongated 55-storey pyramid.

heart of the South Australian capital, on Friday August 2.


Using digital tools to boost word of mouth Tracy Hall describes how word of mouth is the primary influencer for three-quarters of consumer purchases, and shows how to capitalise on the fact through a targeted digital media strategy.


Platitudes: a company-crushing killer Brett Lloyd Abbott begins his series on companycrushing killers by outlining the marketing dangers of praising yourself too highly with nonspecific platitudes, instead of looking for specific distinguishing facts.


Confidence: the essence of leadership Ros Ronning shows that the performance as a leader is measured by how willingly others follow and details useful advice for overcoming a lack of confidence – which can be especially prevalent among women as they move into leadership roles.

46 57


Leading by example The second bi-annual SPASA Australia National Leadership Convention, following on from the success of the 2017 event, will be held at the Hilton Adelaide, a modern luxury venue in the

Teen helps Indigenous kids keep healthy and safe by learning to swim An Indigenous teenager has decided to tackle the issue of water safety head-on by starting a charity to fund swimming lessons for local Aboriginal children.


The high life An Australian pool interior finish manufacturer helped elevate the look and feel of Bali’s largest salt chlorinated pool club by providing a custom designed white sand surface.


The hot topic of pool heating Izzy Grace looks at how Australian consumers are becoming more energy-conscious with their equipment purchases, with a special emphasis on the running costs associated with pool heating.


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Narellan Pools partners with US giant Latham Pool Products Narellan Pools has forged a partnership with North America’s largest manufacturer of swimming pools, pool accessories and components – New York-based Latham Pool Products. Latham has made a strategic investment in Narellan Pools to share IP, develop new technology and drive growth in the domestic and global swimming pool industry. Latham is owned by private equity firms Pamplona Capital Management and Wynnchurch Capital, and as part of the deal, long-time Narellan managing director Chris Meyer now also owns part of Latham. Others in the Latham management team have also invested in the company. The objectives of the partnership are to accelerate the growth of the fibreglass industry throughout North America and globally, and to continue the strong growth of Narellan Pools in the Australian and New Zealand markets. The Narellan Group is a leading fibreglass pool manufacturer, franchisor and exporter with an enviable growth record locally and includes the company’s Australian, New Zealand and Canadian franchises, manufacturing businesses and export operations. Meyer says there will be synergies to bring some Latham product to Australia. “They do have some great products and innovations – but we’re just looking at what works

for each other. The DNA of Latham is rooted in quality and they are a brilliant company with great values, so we’re working out the best ways we can work together on the global market – a true form of partnership in a very positive way,” he says. “It will be business as usual in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, while building growth in an accelerated but intelligent way through this synergistic partnership, and improve both our industries.”

Growth strategies

Meyer will continue to lead these markets and, as a shareholder in the new enlarged Latham family, will also drive the fibreglass pool expansion into the United States. “Latham has invested in Narellan to grow the business here, and also to accelerate the growth of the fibreglass industry throughout North America,” says Meyer. “They’ve identified we are the best at what we do, and it is my job it to help develop and lead the strategy by applying my learnings from 30 years in the pool industry.” The partnership with Narellan Pools will support Latham Pool Products’ continued growth by opening new markets around the globe, and by expanding its industry-leading manufacturing capabilities. “Australia leads the world in fibreglass swimming pools,”

Meyer says. “For me it’s about rolling out the brand and our current business model into the North American market, which includes our marketing strategy, sales processes and network building, while accelerating the growth in the Australian market which means maintaining our goal of doubling our current Australian sales in the next few years.”

Unlocking potential

Meyer says his team knows how to unlock the potential within a market. “The Australian market has grown about eight percent over the past six years and we’ve grown in excess of 150 per cent over the same time. We plan to keep doing that.” Australia is a world leader in fibreglass swimming pool technology, with Meyer estimating the penetration rate of fibreglass in Australia as approximately 70 per cent and growing. This is compared to between 10 per cent and 20 per cent in North America. He says this is similar to the Australian market in the 1980s and he will work closely with Latham to provide strategic leadership to unlock the fibreglass market in North America. “We’re incredibly proud to have built the biggest and best pool brand in Australia and New Zealand and we are excited to join forces with North America’s

Long-time Narellan managing director Chris Meyer

leading pool company,” he says. “This partnership allows us to maintain our strong manufacturing base in Australia, with added resources to aid our innovative research and development program and look for alternative ways to accelerate our domestic growth. We have found a partner who shares our purpose and values, and most importantly our vision of building the world’s biggest and most loved pool brands. “I am delighted with the opportunities this partnership gives our incredibly passionate people, both in manufacturing and franchise. I am proud of our humble beginnings in a chicken shed in the suburb of Narellan in 1972 and it’s wonderful to be recognised on the global stage. Through our partnership with Latham, we can now transform the global swimming pool industry and I can realise the goal I’ve had for over 20 years. It’s exciting to know, after 47 years, we are just getting started.”

The partners Narellan Pools Established more than 47 years ago, Narellan Pools began as a small, fibreglass swimming pool manufacturing business in Sydney’s south west. Today, Narellan Pools has a network of qualified pool builders in 90 regions across Australia, New Zealand and Canada, with a global presence which extends into the South Pacific, Middle East, North America and Asia.

Latham Pool Products Latham Pool Products was founded in 1956. With 1300 employees, it is the largest manufacturer of swimming pool components and pool accessories in North America, sold

10 SPLASH! June/July 2019

primarily to the in-ground pool market, and has more than 21 manufacturing locations in the US and Canada. It is a Pamplona Capital Management portfolio company.

Pamplona Capital Management Pamplona Capital Management is a specialist investment manager established in 2005 with offices in New York, London, Madrid, and Malta, managing more than $US12 billion in assets for a variety of clients.

Wynnchurch Capital Wynnchurch Capital manages a number of private equity funds with $US2.2 billion of committed capital under management.


Narellan expands into New Zealand






Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May

Year old

Year new






Feb Mar Apr May



Narellan Pools has opened a new manufacturing facility in Hamilton





The available three-monthly pool DA numbers for Marchto-May show the quarter down by eight per cent compared to the same period last year, possibly related to uncertainty during the national election campaign. Over the three months, Queensland was up a massive 92 per cent, but all other states were down: New South Wales by three per cent Victoria by 29 per cent, Western Australia by 39 per cent and South Australia by 48 per cent.

Yearly comparison by month

However, the annual figures comparing the 12 months to May showed the market basically level pegging (down one per cent), with Queensland up 14 per cent, Victoria up one per cent, New South Wales down four per cent, Western Australia down 12 per cent and South Australia down 13 per cent.

Year old

Year new





3000 1000 2000 500






Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May

Year old

Yearly comparison by State

transporting pools to the North and South Island, and it also has a high calibre of local employees. “The local authorities of Hamilton have been receptive and supportive to our plans,” he says. “Our investment in a new manufacturing facility gives Narellan Pools an excellent opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our passionate dealers and the local market.” Hamilton City councillor Geoff Taylor attended the opening of the facility, and says the significant investment by Narellan Pools demonstrates a welcome confidence in the market and believes the facility will bring new employment and training opportunities to the city. “Narellan Pools is a perfect fit for our community,” says Taylor. “Their business is based on building quality pools, exceeding customer expectations Year andnew investing in their people. We are excited to welcome them to Hamilton.” The first New Zealand made pools have already rolled off the production line.

Three-monthly comaparison

Meanwhile, Narellan Pools has opened a new manufacturing facility in Hamilton, New Zealand. The state-of-the-art facility will manufacture pools for the New Zealand market and export to the South Pacific. Meyer says this is a boost for local Hamilton economy with new jobs and a commitment to development in the community. Narellan Pools has been in business for 45 years in Australia and has been in the New Zealand market for more than 15 years through its extensive network of local pool builders. There are projections to build 500 pools across the North and South Islands over the next 12 months. Meyer says New Zealand was an obvious choice for the facility because of the opportunities in the market and their existing dealer network. “The demand for quality fibreglass pools and as aYear rapidly old 2000 growing global business, New Zealand is an ideal export hub for 1500 our pacific operations,” he says. Narellan chose Hamilton for its utility as a logistics hub for 1000

Election jitters slow market

Year new 7000




5000 3000

4000 3000


2000 1000




Quarter old





Quarter new

7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0

While these figures give an indication of the way the market is trending, they are not comprehensive and don’t include all pools built or even all DAs lodged. By some estimates, the total national numbers including all types of pools could be almost double these figures. They do not include pool projects that are approved as part of a new home, smaller projects under the cost threshold, renovations that don’t require a DA, or some aboveground pools. Additionally, not all councils are forthcoming with data or report on time; councils in some states such as Queensland and Victoria are particularly reluctant. For further information, call Cordell Information on 1800 80 60 60.

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Donation helps spinal injury recovery at new wellness hub Sanctuary for TNS athletes The wellness centre is the brainchild of TNS Founder, Rhiannon Tracey, who knows firsthand the challenges of living with a spinal cord injury after a swimming pool accident 10 years ago saw her diagnosed as a C-5 quadriplegic. Designed as a place of sanctuary for TNS athletes living with a spinal cord injury, the new hub will feature a meditation space and additional rehabilitation areas. Located on the newly constructed second level of the recovery facility, access to the space has been made possible through the generous $50,000 donation from the team at Spa Electrics, which has funded the installation of a much-needed lift enabling direct wheelchair access to the new level. “This is such an exciting time for TNS and I’m so incredibly proud of what we have achieved as a team in the past five years,” says Tracey. “I cannot thank the team at Spa Electrics enough for their incredibly generous support, which has allowed us to pursue this wonderful expansion. Since opening The Next Step five years ago, it has been my goal to provide others living with a spinal cord injury a facility that not only works on the body, but also the mind – something that has been crucial during my own recovery.”

Aiding recovery CEO of Spa Electrics, Kevin Rust, says he is thrilled to partner with TNS to help make this important expansion possible. TNS Founder, Rhiannon Tracey The Next Step (TNS), leader in spinal cord injury recovery, is celebrating its fifth anniversary with the addition of a brand new wellness hub, thanks in part to a generous donation from Spa Electrics. Officially opening on Friday March 29, the wellness hub represents a new chapter for TNS. The launch will see an entirely new level dedicated to the holistic wellness of TNS clients, referred to as athletes, as well as their family and support networks who are integral to their ongoing recovery.

Keep informed by subscribing to the free online newsletter. Swim Loops goes into voluntary administration The company that represents many Jump! Swim Schools has gone into voluntary administration. However, as the schools themselves are independently owned they are not covered by the order. 12 SPLASH! June/July 2019

“Working with Rhiannon, who experienced her own injury in a swimming pool, makes this a project that is very close to the hearts of those at Spa Electrics, and we are thrilled that our partnership will enable more athletes the opportunity to work with this incredible organisation to aid their recovery,” he says. The wellness hub will be a vital addition to TNS’s goal of holistically treating those with spinal cord injuries. The centre offers recovery programs designed specifically for those who have suffered a spinal cord injury through the delivery of evidence based recovery models that utilise the latest recovery options and modalities.

Top five online news stories

The online stories that made the news over the past two months. Narellan Pools partners with US giant Latham Pool Products

New spa service and repair courses being held nationally

Chemical seminars to help Queensland pool shops avoid hefty fines

The Australian manufacturer and franchiser forged a partnership with North America’s largest manufacturer of swimming pools, pool accessories and components.

Spatex’s Adrian Lacy is helping SPASA Australia compile a training course called Spa Service and Repairs – Professional Level III.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland are investigating pool retailers who don’t have a chemicals register on site or don’t have all their safety data sheets.

Kiwi aquatics supplier expanding in Australia Sports facilities specialist HTS Group is expanding across the Tasman to service Australian sports centres, clubs, councils, schools and other sporting facilities.

Upcoming events 2019 July 17

SPASA Golf Day Queensland

July 20

 A Awards of Excellence, Crown W Perth Grand Ballroom

Jul 29-Aug1

Australian Swim Schools Conference, Cairns

Aug 2

 PASA Leadership Convention, S Adelaide Hilton

Aug 2

National Awards Gala, Adelaide Hilton

Aug 16-18

Aqua futures, Runaway Bay, Queensland

Sept 10

SPASA Bob Stanley Memorial Golf Day NSW

Oct 9-11

Japan Gardex, Tokyo

Oct 15-18

Piscina, Barcelona, Spain

Oct 16-18

 orld Aquatic Health Conference, W Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Nov 4-11

Aquanale, Cologne, Germany

Nov 5-7

International Pool Spa Patio Expo, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Nov 5-8

FSB, Cologne, Germany

Nov 6-8

SETT, Montpellier, France

Dec 2-5

 anadian Pool & Spa Conference C & Expo, Niagara Falls

Dec 11-13

Japan Build, Tokyo

2020 Jan 13-17

International Swim Schools Spectacular 2020, Singapore

July 29-30

 PLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show, Gold S Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre

More details at Dates are subject to change and should be checked with the relevant organisation. Send calendar submissions to

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In Brief Sadly, Phil Jones from Enviroswim passed away in June. He is survived by wife Karen, daughters Hannah and Linsey and son Harry. He was the business partner of Gary Stutt for 20 years. Barry Shaw has updated SPLASH! on the Malaysian Swimming Pool Association, which he says is going very well. He says that despite the sad passing of founder Chew Soo Ngee they have maintained the same intentions to promote the professionalism of the swimming pool and spa industry in Malaysia and environs. He recently went to an event in Kuala Lumpur that boasted more than 50 participants. Full membership now numbers about 45 members. They recently established a revolving presidency which will see current president Ivan Wong will step down next year to be replaced by Joe Kuah. Australian Innovative Systems (AIS), has been named by Inside Small Business as among the nation’s top 50 small business leaders for 2019. Now in its third year, the Inside Business Top 50 Small Business Leaders Report acknowledges the diversity and limitless opportunities of the small business sector and recognises the achievements of pioneers who often overcome significant hurdles to develop and grow their small enterprises. Clark Rubber has now added smaller-format Clark Pool & Spa stores and a standalone van-based pool care service model specialising in on-site pool care and servicing to its offering.

14 SPLASH! June/July 2019

Permits to fill pools 10,000 litres or more require the installation of a Climate Care endorsed swimming pool cover Environment

Pool top-ups exempt in new water restrictions The recent downpours on the east coast of Australia came too late to prevent the Sydney dam levels plummeting, triggering the operation of the desalination plant. Sydney Water said the city’s dams have fallen faster over the past two years than during the millennium drought, with inflows at low levels not seen since the 1940s. Level 1 Water Restrictions are now in effect, applying to both residents and businesses in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra. Topping up of swimming pools through normal use and evaporation is exempt at this stage, but filling a new or renovated pool greater than 10,000 litres requires a permit, which in turn needs the installation of a Climate Care endorsed swimming pool cover. The pool company must apply for an exemption to fill each pool and spa on a job-by-job basis. SPASA COO Spiros Dassakis says we are starting to see energy and water regulators working with industries like never before, and that SPASA has been working hard with Sydney Water to ensure they have a better understanding of how the swimming pool and spa industry operates, as well as advocating to limit the impact on swimming pool and spa businesses and owners.

“The benefit of this is we have an opportunity to influence outcomes based on industry best practice, innovation and design when it comes to water and energy sustainability,” he says. “SPASA has been working for some time with Sydney Water and SEQ Water to ensure our entire industry is not significantly negatively impacted through initiatives brought about to restrict water use by the regulator. As an industry we are grateful that the regulator is working with SPASA Australia to reach our combined objectives of conserving water and using it more efficiently.” Dassakis says that the Climate Care Program is playing an important role in this. “The regulators are taking water and energy seriously. The government wants action and the consumers expect it we already have our own industryowned water and energy scheme. We are going to see more of these types of things and there is no better time to take control of the process before the regulators do,” he says. “It is a positive sign that the regulators have appointed Climate Care Program as the certifier for endorsement under their scheme.”

Level 1 water restrictions

• You can’t leave a hose

unattended, unless you are topping up a pool • You will need a permit to fill a new or renovated pool greater than 10,000 litres. Having a pool cover that is *endorsed by the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia (SPASA) is a condition of the permit • When watering a garden, hoses must have a trigger nozzle, wand or other attachment with an instant on-off mechanism, and you need to water your lawns and gardens before 10am or after 4pm • The use of spriwnklers and watering systems is not permitted, except for drip irrigation systems or automated watering systems with controllers that automatically adjust watering details based on changing soil moisture or weather conditions • Hosing hard surfaces like paths and driveways is not permitted. However, you can always spot clean areas for health and safety reasons, or in an emergency • You can only wash vehicles, boats and buildings with a bucket, a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle or highpressure cleaning equipment * Endorsed means under SPASA’s Climate Care Certified program

Level 1 exclusions

Exclusions include the following: • Topping up swimming pools to replace water lost through normal use, including evaporation • Recycled water (from nonpotable pipework) • Rainwater (as long as the tank/dam isn’t topped up from, or switched to, the drinking water supply) • Water parks • Water used for firefighting, testing and related activities •D  rip irrigation systems, or automated watering systems incorporating soil moisture sensors • Watering of newly laid turf by handheld hose or sprinkler for a period of 7 days from date of installation.


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In Brief Victorian concrete pool builder Neptune Swimming Pools is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Neptune Swimming Pools has specialised in the design and construction of concrete pools since 1959. From modest pioneering beginnings, Neptune has become a market leader by combining intelligent design and quality materials with a highly skilled team. Acoustic Box is relocating their office/warehouse to new substantially larger premises at 6 Carolyn Street, Silverwater, NSW, 2128. The phone number remains unchanged at (02) 9620 5430 as do the other details. Sadly, Colin James Munro of Tamborine and formerly Grafton and Sydney passed away peacefully at home aged 75 in May. In the 1980s he was secretary of the National Swimming Pool Association (NSPA), which became the Council of Australian Swimming Pools Association (CASPA), and finally the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA). He also worked closely with SPASA NSW and nationally for many years into the 2000s. He dedicated a great deal of his time helping the local community, coaching, managing and/ or sponsoring local sporting teams and was always willing to dig deep for a worthy cause. Following SPASA’s proposal to review the fibreglass standards AS/NZS 1838:1994 and AS/NZS 1839:1994, a committee is drafting new sections to address new technologies and materials. Meetings are currently being held to engage, collaborate and refine further. SPASA will update when news becomes available.

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Heating sector update Heating sector leaders are formulating consumer fact sheets so consumers can make better informed decisions regarding pool heating, while also committing to undertaking revisions and new drafts of important standards relating to pool and spa heating. As well as the initial meeting, SPASA has since held individual meetings with the different heating segments, and the segment committees have been

tasked with various functions to prepare development proposals and fact sheets. Spiros Dassakis says from an industry point of view it’s very exciting because the industry sectors appear to be on the same page. “The three committees are pool covers, solar pool heating and heat pumps. On the solar side there are approximately eight committee members, pool covers has three, and heat pumps also has eight. The gas standard was under review

by Standards Australia and the industry will be provided with an updated standard for public consultation shortly,” he says. “After the action items are done in terms of fact sheets and the development of project proposals, and once they come back in final draft form, the committee will meet again to determine the final proposals to be considered by standards Australia as viable projects.” “By August we may be in a position to move forward,” he says.

Industry moves

Mike Wren retires

Business development manager Mike Wren, who was instrumental in the growth of SPASA WA over his four years in the role, has resigned to pursue “the perfect life”, travelling extensively with his partner Sandra in a Winnebago throughout both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. He will also be preparing to race in New Zealand’s iconic Bike, Kayak & Run across the South Island. He will be replaced by Gary Rendall, who was previously promotions and operations director for 17 years at Perth radio station 882 6PR. Prior to that he worked in the expo and event management sector responsible for various expos including Minex, The Home Show, Kitchen & Bathroom Show, Careers Expo and the Ideal Home Show.

Guy Rendall who will take over the position of business development manager





Chemical Tips Overdosing magnesium With the increasing popularity of mineral pools we are starting to see some problems with the overdosing of magnesium. This is usually a result of consumers using straight magnesium sulphate or magnesium chloride and not a mineral blended product specifically designed for mineral pools. The problem manifests itself either as a yellow/ opaque gel-like substance on the pool surfaces, mainly on the floor, or as yellow staining on the walls and floor. It appears that the excess magnesium attracts calcium from the water forming the gel-like substance and either flocs or attaches to the pool walls. In the case of the gel, the only way to clear this up is to vacuum to waste and wipe down any surfaces which show evidence of it. If only yellow staining is apparent then this may be removed by lowering the pH to below 7 for 24 hours then treating the pool with a stain remover. Pool water should then be diluted to show an acceptable magnesium level to prevent the problem re-occurring. There seems to be some disagreement in the trade as to the acceptable levels of magnesium so we would suggest that you contact your mineral supplier for their recommendations. Contact: These tips are supplied by International Quadratics’ David Lloyd. For more information call (02) 9774 5550.

18 SPLASH! June/July 2019

Compass acknowledges trailblazers Diane Bostock of Bostock Pools (left), Lyn Martin of Compass Pools Melbourne (middle) and Jackie Fagan of Compass Pools Sydney (right)

Compass Pools Australia recently held their awards inside the Wigram Airforce Museum in Christchurch, New Zealand with a 1940s, World War II theme dinner and show.

Franchise group streamlines accreditation Jim’s Pool Care has recently joined in collaboration with SPASA to develop streamlined accreditation for franchisees. The majority of Jim’s Pool Care franchise owners around Australia have completed at minimum a Certificate III in Swimming Pool and Spa Service in recent years and understand the benefits to their customers and their own business. Peter Holland from SPASA Australia recently met with Brett Blair, general manager of Jim’s Pool Care Australia, to begin working in collaboration to build and improve on the course integration of the Pool & Spa Certificate into one of Australia’s largest franchise systems. The new course requirements will ensure all franchise owners will be applying the best up-todate practices when servicing swimming pools around Australia, ensuring they are certified to do so and ensuring the continuation of quality standards within the industry.

As part of the awards a special Trailblazer Award was given to four women: Kerri Mewett (Director of Compass Pools), Diane Bostock (Bostock Pools), Lyn Martin (Compass Pools Melbourne) and Jackie Fagan (Compass Pools Sydney). The women were recognised for their outstanding contribution throughout their careers to the pool and spa industry. Peter Holland (SPASA) and Brett Blair (Jims)


New national minimum adult wage The Fair Work Commission’s recent wage review decision comes into effect from July 1, increasing the national minimum adult wage by three per cent to $740.80 per week or $19.49 per hour. This constitutes an increase of $21.60 per week to the weekly rate. The increase will flow into all Modern Award rates of pay when adjustments are finalised by the Fair Work Commission. Any employer who pays their employees at the minimum Award rate of pay will be required to increase pay rates by three per cent from the first full pay period on or after July

1, 2019. Weekly wages within Awards will be rounded to the nearest 10 cents as part of the process of applying the increase. The incoming increases to the Award rates of pay can be absorbed into an employee’s current rates of pay as long as the result leaves their rate of pay at least equal to the increased Award minimum rates. Award covered employees who are paid an annualised salary must ensure the employee’s annualised salary remains sufficient to absorb the increased Award-based monetary entitlements, and

make adjustments upward where necessary. An employer who has Award-free employees must pay them at least the new National Minimum Wage. Similarly, employers need to ensure that the base rates of pay in their enterprise agreements are at least equal to the relevant rate in respective Awards as increased by the decision, and Individual Flexibility Agreements make employees “better off overall” when compared to the applicable Award. Contact: www.

Swimjet is a great addition to any pool. (And great additional revenue as well)

SWIMJET Remco has been manufacturing high quality pool covers for over 30 years and in recent times the revolutionary Remco Swimjet system. With its quiet, adjustable speed settings, the strong, underwater current turns even small pools into Olympic sized ones. Suitable for all standards of swimmers, Swimjet adds a new dimension to any pool. It also offers you the opportunity to increase the scope of your project and therefore increase your margin on the job. Contact Remco to find out what we can do for you and your customers. I 1800 609 986 I

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US tour inspires franchisees

Following an exploration tour to the United States by a contingent of top performing Australian Poolwerx franchisees, the group now has expectations that

more than 10 percent of local franchisees can achieve a turnover of more than $3 million within the next five years. Poolwerx Australian COO

Andrew Kidd says 50 percent of its American network generated between $3 million and $8 million turnover and the visit proved the potential to reach a similar scale in Australia. “The models and market might be slightly different between the two countries, but the underlying challenges and opportunities experienced as a business owner are very similar. “They learned how staffing could be scaled and controlled, and overall, they took away how vital it was for them to focus on the strategic direction of the business, and accurately understand how to measure business profitability,” he says.


Pool and spa industry CEO breaks fundraising record Australian Innovative Systems’ CEO Elena Gosse broke the fundraising record for the Dancing CEOs competition, becoming Allstars Fundraising Champion with a new high water mark of $83,550. The amount Gosse raised is the highest individual amount ever recorded in the event’s sixyear history and contributed to the overall record fundraising total for the event of $440,000. Funds raised will be used by Women’s Legal Service Queensland (WLSQ) to continue to provide free legal and welfare assistance to women and children experiencing domestic violence. Appearing for the second time, Gosse was named 2019 Allstar Fundraising Champion as well as being crowned winner of the Allstar Judge’s Choice Champion Award for her dance routine. 17 CEOs competed in front of 1000 cheering audience members for the prestigious Dancing CEO mirror ball trophies at Brisbane City Hall on May 17. Gosse surprised the crowd by performing a dazzling dance routine in which the 55-year-old grandmother and mother of two arrived on stage wearing an oversized costume dressed as an elderly woman, before changing her costume twice onstage and breaking into an up-tempo hip-hop routine. She says no one should have to live in fear of violence. “The fact that one woman is killed each week, and one in six has experienced domestic or sexual

violence by a former or current partner is beyond unacceptable,” she says. “We need to stop talking statistics and start talking about the lives of the women affected. This means that one in six women who you may work with, are friends with, exercise with or catch the train with are victims of violence. As a community we need to talk openly about this insidious issue and make a united stand against it. We need to raise awareness about the different types of domestic violence and promote organisations like Women’s Legal Service Queensland as a place where women can receive free, confidential help so they can enjoy a happier and safer future.” Gosse acknowledged the contribution that her family, friends and business community made to her Dancing CEOs campaign, as well as the collective effort of the participating CEOs.

Spa Tech Tips Safety suctions and skimmers are significant safety feature of spas that have specific requirements. AS1926.3 is the relevant Standard for Australia. It is permissible to use only a skimmer in a spa without safety suctions, provided the skimmer is ventilated to atmosphere with a 315mm2 vent. This generally applies to the main filtration pump. Additional pumps will generally require multiple safety suctions, although it isn’t uncommon to see a twin filtration skimmer used with one filter per pump in conjunction with a safety suction each. This is done to handle the flow rate required. The skimmer still requires ventilation. For pumps utilising safety suctions, a single suction is permitted only if it exceeds 800mm x 75mm in dimensions. Normally one more suction than the number required to exceed the system flow rate is required. They must be positioned a minimum of 600mm apart centre-to-centre – if this separation cannot be achieved, an additional safety suction is required. Safety suctions do not need to be of the same make and model, but flow calculations are then based on the lowest rating suction fitting. Branch lines to the suctions must be free of obstructions and of equal size. Solation valves must not be fitted. Custom-made safety suctions are permitted but must be independently tested to ensure compliance with the Standard. NZ follow USA Standards which are similar, but differ in a number of aspects. Contact: These tips are supplied by Adrian Lacy of Spatex. For more information call 1300 772 839.

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Large investment in NZ pool and spa industry pays off ABOVE: Spas play an important part in the New Zealand industry TOP RIGHT: Swim spa demonstrations were a popular feature of the show

BELOW: There was a wide variety of exhibitors RIGHT: Latest technology was on offer BOTTOM RIGHT: The expo included a trade day and two full days of a consumer expo

A new era has begun with the success of the first Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo held in Auckland at the ASB Showgrounds in May. The New Zealand Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo goes one step further than the old SPLASH! New Zealand expos by not only being a standalone trade expo, but also including two full days of a consumer expo. Additionally, it expanded the offering to include backyards, landscaping and outdoor products and services. Exhibitors reported solid leads and sales as industry professionals joined together to showcase the latest in technology and design,

providing a wide variety of choices in relaxing, swimming and outdoor living. Consumers were able to take advantage of the many specials on the weekend, along with free seminars which delivered tips and expert advice. Lindsay McGrath from Pool & Spa Association New Zealand says the public response to the dedicated pool and spa exhibition was fantastic. “Congratulations to all exhibitors who have helped in creating a vibrant new venture directly and positively impacting all pool and spa professionals,” he says. “Constructive feedback has been already provided on improvements to next year’s event to expand the services offered and increase the impact to potential markets. We are all very excited about the future of the event and other promotions for 2019 and 2020.”

Exhibitor comments

Steve Budden – Filtermaster “We had a good steady flow of customers through all day, so it has been awesome. I appreciate the opportunity to come to the show and think you guys have promoted it very well. Primarily we came for the trade day but it was all worthwhile and we’ll be back again.” 22 SPLASH! June/July 2019

 manda Minogue – Davey A Pool Products “The show for Davey has been great. Everyone is so excited and engaged to buy a pool. We have met so many families and we are having a great time.” Kerry Richmond – Auckland Inground Pools “Every person that has come and seen me today has been a 100 per cent positive buyer of a concrete pool. Totally pleased that we came!” Robert Luijten – Luijten Landscapes “The expo was far more valuable than we had anticipated. We were very impressed by the quantity of quality enquiry we received. This expo is highly recommended for any company with an interest in reaching the consumer who wants to improve their outdoor area.” Brian Hoffman – Aqua Technics “We have had so many positive leads come through. I’m thinking of doing away with the Home Show because this has been such a great event.”


Four-sided infinity ABOVE: Infinity London will be the first 360-degree skyscraper infinity pool. Images: Compass Pools UK


ools on the roofs of hotels and residential buildings are the new way to make an architectural statement. You only need to think of the stunning pool at Marina Bay Sands that straddles three towers and has become the iconic symbol of Singapore. Other examples nearer to home include the SPASA National Commercial Pool of the Year 2018, Surfside Pools’ infinity pool at the Darling Hotel overlooking Surfers Paradise. Now there is a new entrant in the most spectacular infinity pool in the world. While Infinity London hasn’t been built yet, the plans from Compass Pools UK to construct a 360-degree infinity pool on top of an elongated 55-storey pyramid are remarkable.

“When we designed the pool, we wanted an uninterrupted view, both above and below the water.” The square pool has 1.4 metre see-through walls, made from cast acrylic rather than glass, as this material transmits light at a similar wavelength to water so that the pool will look perfectly clear. The floor of the pool is also transparent, allowing visitors to see the swimmers and sky above. When constructed, this 600,000-litre design will be the world’s first highrise 360-degree infinity pool. The 24 SPLASH! June/July 2019

plans have garnered a great deal of publicity, despite the fact the specific location of the five-star hotel is yet to be decided.

Computer controlled

Compass Pools UK is the distributor, designer and installer of ceramic composite swimming pools in the United Kingdom, and while their main business is the residential market, they also have a commercial division. Their swimming pool designer and technical director is Alex Kemsley, who is the former president of the British Swimming Pool Federation and chairman of the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association. “The project started in 2017 as a proof of concept and an engineering project,” says Kemsley. It quickly gained interest and they started talks with a “superlux” hotel chain and have gained prospects in both London and Dubai. One of the questions to surface about this pool is how to keep the water from flowing over the edges and onto the street, 200 metres below. There are two features that stop that from happening. The first is that the water level is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) which receives a signal from an anemometer on the roof which monitors wind speed. Kemsley says the PLC is similar to units on control lifts, roller coasters and other safety critical machine controls. The PLC in turn uses an algorithm to control the variable speed pump which will reduce the flow and drop the water level relative to the wind speed.


an underwater drowning detection system with underwater cameras set up, and if it detects anyone in danger it will automatically trigger the staircase. Regarding falling out of the pool, Kemsley says this is no less or greater risk than any other building in the world – and that the 1.4m wall height is actually a foot higher than the UK prescribed standard height of 1.1 metres.

Energy saving

Additionally, there is a gully on the outside of the walls that will link to a balance tank two floors below, the same level as plant room. And failing that, if water still manages to spill it is unlikely to ever reach the ground, given the tapered nature of the pyramidal building. “The building is tapered so it is several metres wider at the bottom,” says Kemsley. “So people on the ground are highly unlikely to get splashed.”

Submarine inspiration

The other big question about the pool is just how do you get into it, given there is no deck around it. Kemsley found the answer by looking at submarines – particularly the interlock door systems. “There is a tube within a tube,” he says. “Inside the second tube is a spiral staircase. The first tube raises out of the pool floor on hydraulics The PLC drains the tube of water back into the balance tank. The spiral staircase comes out of the floor into what is now a dry tube, which allows people to get in and out. “It is all linked to the PLC via an interlock and there are water sensors in the tube so the doors and mechanical devices can’t move unless the safety switch is triggered.” He says this stops any chance of the building flooding, but if water does get to the wet floor below, it drains right through a 55-storey pipe to the street below. He also says this is one of the safest building for fire rating, as it has an inbuilt reservoir. A lifeguard will be in the pool with a waterproof radio. They will also control the staircase, letting people in and out in phases. There will also be

Boasting an innovative twist on renewable energy, the pool’s heating system will use waste energy from the air conditioning system for the building, similar to a system described in SPLASH! 123. “The hot gas that is produced as a by-product of creating cold air in the building will run through a heat exchanger to heat the water for the pool,” he says. Kemsley says architects have often come to him to design rooftop infinity pools, but he usually doesn’t get a say in the building design because the pool is often an afterthought. “But on this project, we actually started with the pool design and essentially said, how do we put a building underneath this,” he says. “When we designed the pool, we wanted an uninterrupted view, both above and below the water. The pool is also fitted with a full spectrum of lights which will give the building the appearance of a sparkling jewel-topped torch at night.” Construction will kick off in 2020 once all partners and contractors are confirmed. Kemsley says potential investors and developers should feel free to contact him. Contact: www.

LEFT: Construction will kick off in 2020 once all partners and contractors are confirmed MIDDLE: When completed, the pool will allow swimmers to have panoramic views across London BOTTOM: Guest in the hotel can look through the pool to the sky

June/July 2019  SPLASH!  25



a companycrushing killer By Brett Lloyd Abbott


or any pool industry contractor who is frustrated with failed efforts to grow the business, this message is for you. Every day I talk to pool builders who are spending more and more on advertising, but are not impressed with the results. So tell me if this sounds like you.

“In the absence of any reasonable distinguishing information, they have little choice but to base their decisions on price alone, disregarding any unique value your company has to offer.” Your pay per click (PPC) ads aren’t performing as well as they used to. You complain to your PPC ad agency, and they keep telling you to “increase the budget.” But at this rate, you’re slowly bleeding dry. It seemed a lot easier just a few years ago, but now nothing seems to work. Your people are good, and your product is good, but competition is increasing, and you’re just not getting your fair share of the business. 26 SPLASH! June/July 2019

You’ve fallen victim to the company-crushing killers of traditional marketing. It may seem odd for a marketing consultant to tell you that “marketing” is killing your business, but the truth is there is a lot of bad marketing out there. And if you don’t uncover it and eradicate it, it will slowly choke your business to death. That’s why we’ve created this series called Pool Industry Marketing Killers – to show you exactly what these evils are, and where they lurk, and how to permanently eradicate them from your business.

A case of the platitudes

Let’s start with traditional marketing company-killer number one: platitudes. “Highest Quality!” “Best Service!” “Built with honesty and integrity!” “We’ll make your backyard dreams come true.” Did your eyes glaze over, and your ears and brain tune out? Yeah, so did your customers’. Platitudes like these are so rampant that no one sees or hears them anymore. Every marketing and advertising campaign says the same thing. But these empty claims are like the chips that come with your meal – just empty calories to fill up the plate. Not a reason to order the meal.


And much like chips, the empty calories of platitudes are seriously bad for you. Your customer, bombarded with similar hollow claims from everywhere, begins to assume that the companies making these claims are all the same. In the absence of any reasonable distinguishing information, they have little choice but to base their decisions on price alone, disregarding any unique value your company has to offer. If you find yourself frequently fighting on price, now you know why. You’ve got platitudes. What’s worse is the fact that you’re paying for all these empty calories. Advertising and marketing consultants are more than happy to take your money and fill their ad space with your empty platitudes. Why should they waste time trying to identify the qualities that make your company unique? They don’t know what’s so special about you, so they’re depriving your prospects of the information they need, thus leaving you stuck in a price fight. And that’s the last place you want to be.

How to kill the empty calories of platitudes

Bring in the facts! “Built with honesty and integrity!” isn’t telling your prospects anything. (In fact, isn’t that exactly what a dishonest contractor would say?) To defeat this enemy, you need to replace the empty platitudes with real information and evidence that proves your claims. The opposite of platitudes is facts. Cold, hard, specific facts. Not fluff. Not feel good/sound good statements. What can you say about your company that no one else can say? Until you start uncovering and exposing some of your undeniable “inside reality” advantages to the public, you will forever be stuck with the same “outside perception” as every other pool builder in town. Here are some examples of “inside reality” facts that would be a lot more compelling and believable than meaningless platitudes: • 167 5-star reviews with Google • Cert III or Cert IV staff • Member of SPASA • More than 63 per cent of our business comes from referrals • Winner of 87 design awards • Exclusive dealer for _________ • Exclusively recommended by _____________ • Lifetime warranty/guarantee Tell your prospects specifically why they should go with your company. Highlight what makes you stand out above the competition. Are you the leading authority in your field? Do you have evidence to share, such as your on-time delivery, your project completion rate, your customer service rating, your record of on-budget completion, or how much longer your product lasts? These are sound, fact-based reasons a prospect should choose your company. These are the antidote to platitudes. No-one knows your business better than you do. You understand your market, your history and your competition. Sit down with your team and get down on paper the quantifiable, measurable reasons you stand out in a crowded market. This is the bedrock of many aspects of the sales cycle, and one of your main weapons in this fight. Next time we’ll discuss company-killer number two: fragmented, chaotic marketing. n These articles by Pool Builder Marketing’s Brett Lloyd Abbott are part of a series designed to provide pool companies with unique insights that will help them address modern marketplace challenges. To learn more, check out the link to a short video at Contact: June/July 2019  SPLASH!  27


confidence becomes further eroded. Confidence doesn’t just happen – it’s a lifelong process, achieved by learning through our successes and failures. Failure has been the making of many great leaders who demonstrate their resilience by bouncing back from defeat to try again.

Knowing who you are

Confidence: the essence of leadership By Ros Ronning


ow well we perform as a leader is measured by how willingly others follow. A leader paints an aspirational picture of future success. They are the safe pair of hands; able to solve problems and lead through the tough times to ensure a sustainable future. Great leaders can do this and at the same time radiate a sense of confidence others admire and aspire to. Women new to leadership roles have been shown to have a high degree of ambition, with a mix of confidence, a determination to be successful, and desire to achieve aspirational goals. However, some studies suggest the longer they remain in business, these aspirations diminish rapidly with more than 50 per cent of women in leadership roles losing confidence and the will to continue. Many factors come into play when considering why this happens. Typically, women feel they have to compete – often unfairly – with their male counterparts to be heard and taken seriously. Instead of relying on the capabilities and talents they bring to the table, women often feel they have to re-shape who they are and start acting out of character and adopting a persona that doesn’t reflect their authentic self. This behaviour erodes self-confidence and frequently results in women being overlooked for more demanding roles because they are perceived as too erratic, emotional and simply trying too hard to be like their male counterparts. When our confidence takes a hit, it initiates a series of emotional responses and an internal dialogue or self-talk which may lead to the creation of self-limiting beliefs. We might start questioning whether we are good enough and whether we have what it takes to be a leader. The unfortunate consequence of self-limiting beliefs is that we feel if we make a plea for help, this will only add to the perception that we don’t have what it takes, and our

28 SPLASH! June/July 2019

Recognising confidence in others is a matter of perception. Even the most confident of leaders experience moments of doubt, and that’s a good thing because it shows we are all human and we all suffer from frailties. However, a good starting point for enhancing selfconfidence is knowing who you are, what you believe in, what you want to achieve and staying true to yourself. If we have that belief, it manifests in how we interact with others. Such surety gives us confidence. The term authentic leadership describes a leader with the confidence to be open, honest, and candid. Authentic leadership means having a realistic view of who you are and being proud of it and is coupled with an appreciation for the importance of humility. People are naturally drawn to such leaders because they clearly express the future direction they have, for themselves and their business. It evokes confidence in those around them. When delivered with passion, energy and commitment, it becomes contagious and inspires others to want to achieve ambitious goals. These leaders are engaging and win the hearts and minds of their cohorts. The role of leader is a challenging one because we are constantly on show; our every action, reaction and intention is scrutinised. We hear about “walking the walk” and “talking the talk” but what does it mean? As a leader you are the focal point for everyone in your business. Leaders are highly visible; there is no down time because people constantly look to you for direction, guidance and support. They are also watching for inconsistencies in how we lead. If you expect your people to be diligent and committed, they expect to see these traits in you. People will walk over hot coals if they believe you will do the same, this is how we build engagement. Leaders who engage verbally paint a picture of what is possible and how to achieve it. They also realise they don’t necessarily need to have all the answers. An engaging leader inspires the confidence in others to want to follow them. They empower their people, enabling them to learn and grow in their role. Engaging leaders allow themselves and their people to learn through both successes and failures. By overcoming failures and setbacks, stepping up and taking ownership of our actions and realising the buck stops here, we enhance resilience, build self-confidence, humility and empathy. Confidence allows us to step up to the plate in times of uncertainty and change and willingly take ownership of change. Women in leadership roles often underestimate their ability to not only cope with change but to view it as an opportunity to create a better future. Confidence comes from allowing yourself to be the best you can be, challenging the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back, being proud of who you are and remembering to always back yourself. n Ros Ronning is the managing director of performance management practice C-Change Potential and facilitator of the SPASA Women in Leadership Program.

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The hot topic of pool heating

By Izzy Grace ABOVE: Skyrocketing energy prices coupled with greater environmental awareness mean today’s consumers are looking for the best energy efficient options for their homes. Image: Sunbather

32 SPLASH! June/July 2019


ustralian consumers are becoming far more prime target for government regulation and reform. energy-conscious with their equipment “The focus on energy use extends further when purchases by considering the ongoing costs of a pool or spa is heated,” he says. “And the concern operation and also the environmental impact. relates not only to the added cost and environmental This is no more evident than in the case of impact, but also to the protection of consumers in the swimming sense that pool heating. their product And for good choices “While heating a swimming pool can consume reason – provide heating can the level of a lot of energy, the industry is taking significant be one of the efficiency steps towards more sustainable options – most energywhich is future-proofing both the sector and consuming expected.” elements Clearly, the the environment.” of pool heating of ownership. water requires As Mark high volumes Crowther of Rheem Australia says, the implications of energy. Of the two common powered forms of for the swimming pool industry are obvious, as heating – electric heat pump and gas – the most widely fundamentally, pools carry a high energy footprint. debated in the current market is the heat pump. “Data released by the federal Department of the “Heat pumps are gaining strong popularity with Environment and Energy nominates that in a typical consumers as their ‘real’ price has fallen substantially home with an in-ground pool, the energy and water over the past 10 years and they pair perfectly with use can be as much as 30 per cent of the household’s solar-PV,” says Crowther. “The high energy efficiency energy bill,” Crowther says. “Likewise, a pool pump of the heat pump, which comes from its ability to can be the largest user of electricity in a home.” capture heat value from air, means that this is an These factors make the swimming pool industry a attractive approach, with the potential to achieve zero


LEFT: Colin Mauger believes a customer’s first consideration should always be whether renewable energy – in the form of solar pool heating – will do the job. Image: Supreme Heating

BELOW: Rheem’s psychometric test laboratory is central to the company’s heat pump development and allows it to test its own Australianmanufactured hot water and pool heat pumps along with imported units

heating cost under certain conditions and a greatly reduced reliance on grid supplied power across the heating season.”

Measuring the coefficient of performance

The energy efficiency of a heat pump is measured by its coefficient of performance (COP). This has become a critical part of the equation for consumers, and it is the potential for this aspect to be misunderstood and misrepresented that is of great concern to Crowther and Rheem Australia. “The COP is the ratio of heat value produced by the heat pump relative to its electrical input,” says Crowther. “That is, if a heat pump produces 5kW of heat but in turn only consumes 1kW of input, then it has a COP of 5. Higher COPs equate to lowered energy use and lower running costs. “Given that the COP is potentially such an important measure in the purchase decision, it is vital that consumers are given easily understandable, comparable and genuine information on efficiency. In my view, this is not the case now in the Australian market. Understandably, many consumers are simply bewildered at the variance in information which is presented to them.” As a former ministerial advisor in energy policy and past president of the Australian Heat Pump Association who has 30-years’ experience in heat pump design and manufacturing, Crowther is in a unique position to provide commentary. “My concern is, firstly, there is no standard approach to COP either in terms of the definition itself (that is, the point of measurement or the ‘rating condition’), or in terms of the methodology of measurement,” he says. “Secondly, and more importantly, there is no direct restraint on how product sellers then portray how the COP characteristics of their heat pump provide savings for the pool owner. “This issue is more pronounced now with the cross-over of inverter technology from air conditioning to pool heating. If I was to be generous, I may say that some of the information evident in sales literature is at best misleading

while some of it is simply wrong.” Rheem’s psychometric test laboratory is central to the company’s heat pump development and allows it to test its own Australian-manufactured hot water and pool heat pumps along with imported units. Crowther says that access to the laboratory has given Rheem the ability to fully break down and understand the key elements of heat pump efficiency. “Indeed, the laboratory has allowed us to voluntarily adopt the Florida Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) progressively into the design of units in our residential range,” he says. “The Florida MEPS requires a minimum COP of 4.0 when the air onto the heat pump evaporator (the ambient temperature) is 10°C. Compliance to the Florida MEPS does present a challenge and if I was a pool owner looking at heat pumps, I would use this as a key benchmark. High efficiency when the outside air is coldest is fundamental as it is at this time that a pool’s heat losses are highest, the heat pump is working hardest, and heating costs are highest.” June/July 2019  SPLASH!  33


ABOVE: EvoHeat director Tony Mills says that heat pumps are fast becoming a mainstream heating and cooling solution for domestic and commercial applications across Australia TOP RIGHT: Unobtrusive solar. Image: Sunbather

Seasonal efficiency ratings

The need to provide a more realistic and complete picture of pool heat pump performance saw the United States and Europe move to a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER/ESEER). The USA standard is defined in AHRI 210/240. Crowther says the benefit of this type of standard is obvious. “Unfortunately, there are no such guidelines for performance rating applying for pool heat pumps sold in Australia, nor any need for certification or independent validation of performance claims.” Crowther says that at some stage, the regulatory environment which applies in air conditioning and for many whitegoods will be extended to pool heat pumps.

“The reason this conversation is so important is for the simple fact that it takes considerable energy to heat water – more than 3500 times more than air.” “In my view, it is important that the Australian pool industry is proactive in leading discussion and reform because if it does not, then such change will be taken out of its hands and directed by government,” he says. “The worst-case scenario for the industry would be to see the ACCC involved. So, until a new regulatory framework applies, consumers need to carefully assess sales claims.” 34 SPLASH! June/July 2019

Simulating the seasons

Waterco’s heating manager Adam Shelley agrees with the need for standardised data. He says a baseline should be determined to obtain performance results under standard test conditions, so that a true COP can be obtained for each heat pump at the same specified humidity, water temperature and air temperature. “Without any consistent Australian Standard, people will simply test pool heat pumps according to whatever temperature they like,” he says. “So, unless every company follows, for example, the US AHRI standard for humidity, water and air temperature, you are unable to easily compare the performance of one heat pump to another.” Waterco has adopted the US AHRI 1160 Standard for the short term which, as Shelley explains, specifies three different test temperatures to simulate performance according to seasonal variations. “Many people may be unaware, but the US uses three temperatures – 26°, 15° and 10° – to simulate the different seasons. So, if for example, pool owners just want to heat their pool during the summer months, you would use the 26° air temperature heat output as the baseline. However, if the owner would like to heat their pool throughout the year including winter in cooler locations – they would likely need to use the 10° or 15° air temperature heat outputs as the baseline performance of the unit. The cooler air temperature reduces the heat output because there isn’t as much heat in the air for the heat pump to draw on.” Consequently, he says that inexperienced people may use the 26° tested heat output for a cooler location, but the heat pump may not deliver the amount of heat required to heat their pool.


“That’s the mistake installers may be making as they’re not accounting for the air temperatures the unit is operating in,” he says. The same size heat pump may not perform similarly for a swimming pool in cooler Victoria compared to far north Queensland because there isn’t as much heat in the air to transfer into the refrigerant, which means less heat output to warm the water. “To balance that, the installer would need to increase the size of the heat pump to compensate for less heat in the air,” Shelley explains. “Unfortunately, many installers forget to size the units according to the location and intended use, leading to a cool pool.”


The adoption of inverter technology

The pool heating market is changing with the adoption of inverter technology, which allows pool heat pumps to reach extremely high COPs compared with traditional “on-off ” heat pumps in the market. “When there is heat required for the pool, the old on-off technology would switch the compressor on, and then it would switch off when it reached the desired water temperature,” says Shelley. But he says Waterco’s new Electroheat Eco-V range of inverter technology heat pumps uses a variable speed compressor, so it speeds up slowly to maximum while increasing the water temperature. “Then, once it starts getting closer to the ‘set’ temperature, the compressor gradually slows down which increases operating efficiencies,” he says. “This new technology is more energy efficient than an onoff compressor.” Photo voltaic technology is another use for the roof space, which can also be used to power pool equipment. Image: Sunbather

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Swimming as nature intended

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“Given the small kW input of residential inverter pool heat pumps, the load of the recirculating pump is significant.” Not only do pool covers conserve heat, they reduce evaporation and are a requirement in many jurisdictions in relation to heating and/or filling pools Image: Supreme Heating

36 SPLASH! June/July 2019

More sustainable heating

For more than a decade, Australian-owned and -operated pool heat pump specialist EvoHeat has helped pave the way for sustainable heat pump technology in Australia. Their technology is driven by the global shift away from unsustainable products with pollutants and high CO2 emissions. EvoHeat specialises in pool and spa heat pumps that are specifically engineered for domestic and commercial pool and spa heating and cooling applications and can

supply heat pumps ranging from 6kW all the way up to 200kW output. EvoHeat director Tony Mills says that heat pumps are fast becoming a mainstream heating and cooling solution for domestic and commercial applications across Australia. “With advancements in technology, Evo heat pumps offer a smarter heating solution that outclass in efficiency and surpass traditional methods of heating, while saving energy, reducing running costs and carbon emissions,” he says.


Mills says that Evo heat pumps are a different way to use renewable energy to heat or cool pool water. “Using environmentally friendly refrigerants, heat pumps are designed to extract the latent heat from the ambient air and transfer the heat into the pool water through a series of processes,” he says. “Evo heat pumps are designed to operate in all Australian climates and weather conditions, even in temperatures as low as -7°C. “Evo heat pumps produce far more energy than they consume, for every 1kW of electricity used, in excess of 6kW of heating is produced. With one of the highest COP ratings available worldwide, Evo heat pumps are up to 600 per cent more energy efficient than traditional methods of heating, translating to exceptionally large savings in the long term,” he says. Mills says that Evo heat pumps are specifically engineered with a range of energy efficient innovations including double-coil titanium heat exchangers, latest electronic expansion valve technology, and features like built-

The EvoHeat range

in smart timers and ripple fin heater technology with corrosion protection. He says they can be used in conjunction with other third-party products such as solar PV panels, and be powered by the solar energy produced by the panels, making the heat pumps even more energy efficient. “We only specialise in heat pump technology,” he says. “And we constantly improve our designs and develop new products to ensure we offer the best in the market.”

Pentair’s Bipin Gangadharan at SPLASH! on the Gold Coast with an ETi 400 high efficiency heater

1300 787 978 June/July 2019  SPLASH!  37


Slatted pool covers are particularly effective at retaining heat in the pool

Due to growing demand, the Evo Fusion range will now include 22kW and 26kW models. “The Fusion series is our entry level heat pump, ideal for recreational pool owners seeking heating with minimal costs,” he says. “A prototype is currently in production and is expected to be available in the coming months.”

Innovations in gas

Pentair Aquatics product manager Robert Sterland says there are several factors that make gas heaters an efficient and cost-effective pool heating solution for pool owners. “Firstly, our MasterTemp gas heaters use pre-mix forced induction technology, as this ensures a perfect air-fuel mixture for guaranteed clean and efficient combustion,” he says. “This compares with old, atmospheric heaters which are often inefficient and high in noxious emissions like the carbon monoxide. “Secondly, Pentair’s MasterTemp heaters heat the water up quickly, which makes them a truly on-demand heater, so you’re not wasting energy heating the pool or spa when it’s not needed. Also, we use a hot-surface igniter, so there is no pilot light, no wasted gas at all when the heater is not in use and generally safer overall.” Sterland says UltraTemp heat pumps incorporate design features that stretch the efficiency as far as possible. 38 SPLASH! June/July 2019

“All of our heat pumps have a COP above 6 at 24°C,” he says. “This means the heat pump is putting six times as much heat energy into the pool as it is using in electrical energy – that’s 600 per cent efficient you could say. We achieve this level efficiency using the best parts available including threaded titanium heat exchangers, electronic expansion valves, hydrophilic condensers and high efficiency compressors.”

Latest smart renewable solutions

Right across Australia, energy costs are rising. According to the Grattan Institute, electricity prices rose across the National Energy Market between 2015 and 2017 by an average 130 per cent. Gas prices are on the increase too – the Department of the Environment and Energy says that, in the 10 years to 2017, residential gas prices rose 50 per cent from 2c/MJ to 3c/MJ. Supreme Heating director Colin Mauger says there is a degree of uncertainty around electricity generation and the use of natural gas as the government aims to meet its Paris Agreement emission reduction targets. “In such a climate, we believe builders and pool owners have a responsibility to make sure their pools are heated in a sustainable way,” he says.


“Because of this, when it comes to pool heating, we think a customer’s first consideration should always be whether renewable energy – in the form of solar pool heating – will do the job. Not only does it heat the pool during the peak Australian swimming season from September to April, it is also environment-friendly and has low running costs.” Mauger says Supreme Heating’s hybrid product, Heatseeker DualSun, takes this one step further by simultaneously producing electricity while it heats the pool. “With this as a solution, you can effectively heat your pool during the swimming season with renewable energy and reduce your total swimming pool running costs to zero. It really is a fantastic choice in today’s climate of uncertainty,” he says. He says that if solar heating is ruled out as an option, he’ll ask customers to consider electric pool heating in the form of heat pumps and, finally, gas heating. And it’s equally important to conserve the heated water in the pool. “No matter what solution we offer our customers, we always recommend a swimming pool cover,” he says.

Covering up to reduce energy bills

Sunbather national sales manager Anthony Lestani agrees that skyrocketing energy prices coupled with greater environmental awareness means today’s consumers, more than ever, are looking for the best energy efficient options for their home. “As an industry, it’s important we are in step with this and provide consumers with the right advice and the best product to fit their needs in and out of the water,” he says. “The reason this conversation is so important is for the simple fact that it takes considerable energy to heat water – 3500 times more than air.” With more than 90 per cent of this valuable energy lost off the top of the pool, Lestani says half the pool heating conversation should be about pool covers and subsequently pool rollers. NATIONAL AWARDS OF EXCELLEN CE






Colin Mauger and Bree Daniel with Supreme Heating's hybrid Heatseeker Dual Sun which simultaneously produces electricity while heating the pool June/July 2019  SPLASH!  39


RIGHT: Waterco’s Electroheat EcoV inverter heat pump

“Too often we find the pool owner exploring their cover options after the pool is completed, which reduces the options they have, particularly if they prefer a hidden roller,” he says.

40 SPLASH! June/July 2019

He says that for more than 45 years, Sunbather has been dedicated to these very conversations – finding the best energy efficient heater system and pool cover and roller that best fits the needs of the pool owner. “We do all three types of heating – solar, gas and electric – and a complete range of pool cover and roller systems from fully automatic slat covers to hidden Downunder rollers and small above-ground rollers,” he says. “This enables us to be able to provide all the facts and options to enable the client to make an informed decision, with our only bias leaning towards best energy efficient and sustainable solutions for a particular application – bias we feel important in today’s climate.” He says that is why a few years ago they developed a smart app. “Our smart app easily and accurately provides the client with real data at their fingertips to explore all options and provide the pool owner with the whole story and all the facts,” he says. “While heating a swimming pool can consume a lot of energy, the industry is taking significant steps towards more sustainable options – future-proofing both the sector and the environment.”

Inverter technology 101

We asked Mark Crowther from Rheem to explain the science behind inverter technology.


The inverter was introduced for multiple-head split or ducted air conditioning. It uses an external variable frequency drive to control the speed of the compressor. The turndown ratio depends on the system configuration but in air conditioning, the inverter typically modulates from 15 per cent or 25 per cent up to 100 per cent at full capacity. Prior to the release of the inverter, air conditioners regulated temperature by using a compressor that was periodically either working at maximum capacity or switched off entirely. As a reference, let’s call this an on/off type.

The transition of inverter technology from air conditioning to hot water and swimming pool heating is driven largely by air conditioning manufacturers – but the heating of water as opposed to air is a very different application. The value of the inverter technology comes with the

ABOVE: Tom Boadle at the recently completed extension to the Sunbather factory built to cope with increased Downunder demand

ALLCHLOR S3800 Allchlor’s brand new chlorinator is modern, sleek and turning the clock back to a simpler era. 100% made in Australia and assembled at Allchlor, the S3800 culminates four year of intense research and development working with the Pool trade. The S3800 is changing the way retail customers buy a salt water chlorinator. The simplicity and functionality takes the guess work out of the what to buy. With Sizing from 25G up to small commercial 60G systems.


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June/July 2019  SPLASH!  41


Sunbather’s Downunder in situ

modulation of the compressor output. The compressor modulates from low to full capacity, with the electrical demand and output varying accordingly. The benefit of this in air conditioning is obvious. The output of the compressor lowers as the heating/cooling demand

lowers as zones are switched off. The high efficiencies of inverter technology are made when the compressor is operating below full capacity. The unit operates at high efficiency as the compressor is effectively de-rated. The compressor input and heating output reduces but the COP is increased as the evaporator and heat exchanger effectively become over-sized. At first glance, the increased COPs achieved with partload operation of the inverter compressor are attractive, but the key aspect is to understand that the high efficiency is made as a trade-off to capacity. When a pool heat pump receives a call to run, this means that the pool temperature has fallen. The expectation is that

IA g R vin TO o 19 C M 0 VI fice ly 2 f u O J

1300 498 819 Head Office: 20 Curtis Road, Mulgrave NSW 2756

VIC Branch: 39B Rimfire Drive, Hallam VIC 3803

42 SPLASH! June/July 2019 Spacraft_HPH_JJ19.indd 1

14/06/2019 10:50 AM


the water temperature is returned to temperature as quickly as possible. With the on/off heat pump, the full capacity of the heater is immediately put to the task of heating. Typically, in heat pump sizing there is a close relationship between the heater’s capacity and the heating needs of the pool (which we call the heat load). In responding immediately with its full nominal heating capacity, the on/off heat pump should be able to restore the pool temperature, but this is a slow, gradual, process even at full capacity and may take hours. The alternative scenario with an inverter heat pump


is that the unit first responds to the loss of pool water temperature at part capacity or “unloaded”. Unless the heat load is slight, the risk becomes that the heating provided is less than the heat loss and the pool temperature continues to fall. This aspect is the crux of the matter in relation for the potential for consumers to misinterpret high COPs into new substantive savings in heating costs comparative to the inverter compressor vis-a-vis the on/off unit. The higher COPs occur when the inverter heat pump is operating at less than full capacity and possibly as low as 10 per cent of

ABOVE: Supreme’s Genesis gas heater LEFT: Supreme’s Heatseeker Vortex Pro Inverter heat pump

The Eco-therm panel is manufactured by Aquatherm Industries in the US, who have been manufacturing pool heating panels for over 30 years, and its fluted design gives more surface area to achieve one of the highest heat transfer ratings in the Australian market. The strategically placed slots in the webbing prevent moisture build up under the collector and allow pressure relief during high winds. Of all the options available to heat your pool, solar energy is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly method available.

To find out more visit our website.


p 1300 688 828 e June/July 2019  SPLASH!  43


Heating standard reviews and proposals SPLASH! would like clarify that the industry experts quoted in this article, while offering highly valuable and knowledgeable advice, are not representing SPASA with their opinions. This is an important distinction as SPASA is in the process of building industry consensus on heating standard reviews and proposals. SPASA COO Spiros Dassakis says he has been receiving more communication from regulators on this topic than ever before. “It is likely the industry will have imposts placed on it by government or regulators, local and national, if we continue to sit back and do nothing on this issue,” he says. To help consumers make better informed decisions regarding pool and spa heating, SPASA has brought together respected industry leaders to develop a project proposal to be submitted to Standards Australia. “Once we have shown the project has broad-based support, and if they approve it, then we develop the Australian Standards,” Dassakis says. “Once that is completed, it goes out for public comment where everyone – and I mean everyone – has the opportunity to review it and provide feedback on it.” The end-goal is to determine a minimum benchmark that people can measure products against. “Now, plenty of people in this space exceed benchmarks, which is great, but consumers need a baseline,” he says. “Consumers are the ultimate winners in all of this because they are the recipients of a document that ensures installation is done to a benchmark whereas currently there are too many factors that impact the purchasing decisions.” There is more on the progress of the standard reviews and proposals on p16.

ABOVE: Due to growing demand, the Evo Fusion range will now include 22kW and 26kW models BELOW: Supreme’s uni panel is very easy for trades to affix to a roof

44 SPLASH! June/July 2019

its nominal heating capacity. If a pool owner has been recommended a 20kW (heating output) heat pump for their pool, I think it is pretty clear how little potential there is for the inverter heat pump to operate at 10 per cent when it’s heat transfer will be something like 2-3kW. Yet it is the de-rated operation at high efficiency which can be the focus of the sales literature. It does not immediately follow that these periods of high efficiency will lead to substantial running cost savings over the total heating season.

This aspect of comparative sizing is very important. The heat pump capacity needed for any project is typically recommended following detailed heat load analysis. The heat pump model offered is based on the unit being able to meet the maximum rate of heat loss, that is, the loss of pool temperature on the coldest/windiest day of the intended season. Air conditioners are likewise sized to meet maximum load but in a multi-head system, this assumes that all parts (zones) are occupied. If only one or two zones of a home are occupied, the potential for the inverter A/C unit is clear. But a pool is very different. The large mass of water carries high inertia and when the pool heater is called to run by a 0.5°C or 1.0°C drop in water temperature, this represents a large volume of heat energy which must be met while the losses continue. The majority of the heating cost of a swimming pool is incurred in the coldest months of the intended season. These are the months for which your heat pump has been sized. In these months, the unit must operate at 100 per cent for the pool temperature to be maintained. A further aspect of the use of inverter technology for water heating is the pumping load which goes hand-in-hand with the operation of the pool heater. Operation at less than 100 per cent must by definition lead to longer total run-hours. The COP figure ignores this but given the small kW input of residential inverter pool heat pumps, the load of the recirculating pump is significant. A key characteristic of inverter systems in air conditioning is their ability to achieve a balanced load so that the unit is working incrementally to maintain space temperature, with the compressor working for long periods at less than full capacity, whilst holding the space temperature within a close band. Whilst this approach is perfect for air conditioning, it is not suited to pool heating. If the programming of the


inverter pool heat pump likewise looks for this energy balance, the plateau effect is again substantial excess pump load. The need to provide a more realistic and complete picture of performance saw the USA and Europe move to a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER/ESEER). The USA standard is defined in AHRI 210/240. SEER ratings more accurately reflect overall system efficiency on a seasonal basis. The benefit of the introduction of this type of standard for the Australian pool heating industry is obvious. Unfortunately, there are no such standards for performance rating applying for pool heat pumps sold in Australia, nor any requirement for certification or independent validation of performance claims. n


Sp nTouch

Suntube II is an Australian-made rigid solar pool heating panel, built in the manufacturing facility of a newly formed company called Aspire Polymers. Sunbather has been heavily involved in the design of the product

Solar pool heating is an effective use of roof space and a highly eco-friendly heating solution

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EvoHeat: Pentair: Rheem: Sunbather: Supreme: Waterco:

p 02 9624 8842 | f 02 9674 5115 e June/July 2019  SPLASH!  45


Leading by example ABOVE: The 2017 event saw the entire industry converge TOP RIGHT: Dancing the night away at the national awards RIGHT: Matt Church FAR RIGHT: Matina Jewell


he second bi-annual SPASA Australia National Leadership Convention will be following on from the success of the 2017 event. It is held on odd years, with the SPLASH! Pool and Spa Trade Show being held on even years. This event will be held the Hilton Adelaide, a modern luxury venue in the heart of the South Australian capital, on Friday August 2. As with the previous event, the industry’s best minds will congregate in a non-competitive setting to learn new skills and forge new connections, growing their networks while helping propel the Australian pool and spa industry into the future. It aims to inspire people to take the lead in these challenging yet exciting times of change. The SPASA Australia National Awards of Excellence will follow the Leadership Convention, also at the Adelaide Hilton, to celebrate the best of the industry. Internationally renowned thought leaders will be presenting at the convention including Matt Chrurch, Matina Jewell and David Staughton.

Matt Church

The founder and chairman of Thought Leaders, Matt Church is consistently voted as one of Australia’s top conference speakers. He is the 2014/15 Australian Speaker of the Year and has recently been named one of the top ten motivational speakers in the world by E-speakers, the peak global event industry body. A prolific author, his publishing history is a demonstration of his polymathic nature, and his ability to draw from this incredibly diverse sphere of 46 SPLASH! June/July 2019

knowledge means he can often shed new light on a topic which an industry has “done to death”. From this space, he inspires people to think, expertly delivering key messages and weaving them together with narratives from a diverse range of sources. Many say his presentations are watershed moments in industry and business culture. As the founder of Thought Leaders Global and the author of Amplifiers, Church has long been driven to understand the most important elements of influential leadership. He believes that leadership is in essence about bringing out greatness in others and this principle is at the centre of his keynote on amplifiers.

Amplifiers: the power of motivational leadership to inspire and influence

Organisations that succeed have leaders and teams that are inspired by what they do and what their work stands for. Matt unpacks the process by which transformational leaders can amplify their impact –


amplify their productivity, amplify their creativity and amplify their results. Having committed decades to research and development in this field, Church has the skills and strategies to unlock and amplify transformational leadership in pool and spa businesses. Amplified leaders will become masters of maximising human potential and developing other great leaders among their colleagues. In this high impact presentation, he will demonstrate how to: Master the essential communication tools for making an impact; Bring out the best in people and maximise their impact; Employ positive tactics that inspire others to achieve the unimaginable; Create work worth doing and cultures worth belonging to; Become leaders worth following.

Matina Jewell

Matina Jewell’s unique story is one of inspiration, of authentic leadership and resilience in the face of crippling adversity, and of thriving through change across a trailblazing military career. Her keynote presentations and workshops have transformed some of the country’s biggest companies, empowering leaders from all walks of life. The bestselling author of Caught in the Crossfire, Jewell has also been the subject of ABC’s Australian Story and has served on the ANZAC Centenary Commission and the Prime Minister’s Advisory Council where she has given a voice to the rights of veterans throughout the country. Her vast experience with the military both during and after her years of service, coupled with her powerful storytelling has resulted in countless standing ovations from Australia’s biggest corporations. Audiences sit spellbound as they hear how she tracked down war lords, fast-roped onto ships and took command, leading teams under extreme conditions under fire during the Lebanon War. With on-the-ground footage from life-threatening missions bringing audiences into the moment, she shares an incredible journey: drawing out the lessons from her varied experience that affect long lasting change in leaders, teams and organisations, for years to come.

Caught in the crossfire: leadership lessons from the front lines of change

We all walk a tightrope every day whether it’s juggling the conflicting demands of work and home, our team and our leaders, or the needs of our customers and our staff – it’s how we handle these times that will define and ultimately determine our success. June/July 2019  SPLASH!  47


David Staughton

You will be inspired, hearing how she cheated death, took command and demonstrated pure courage while leading her team in the most extreme of conditions. Using footage of her many life-threatening missions, this thought-provoking and moving presentation will force audiences to question everything they think they know, while inspiring lasting change through self-reflection. Key takeaways include: Demonstrating leadership; even when it’s not in your job description; Finding a way forward in high-pressure situations: decision-making strategies, thinking outside the box, and adapting to succeed; Overcoming fear to lead through adversity – seeing challenge and change as opportunity; Being the catalyst for teamwork, empowerment and cooperation: taking responsibility to motivate teams and inspire others; Building resilience in teams; The keys to creating effective communication.

David Staughton

An award-winning international speaker, David Staughton is also an author and an expert on sales and customer service for SMEs. Staughton graduated as a scientist and worked for five of Australia’s largest companies before leaving to start his own wedding reception business. He grew an award-winning hospitality empire and hosted more than 2000 weddings over 15 years. He has more than 25 years of hands-on sales experience in a broad range of industries including hospitality, tourism, health and business consulting. He has been passionate about small business since working in the family hardware store at age six. Staughton has grown many SME businesses, coached business leaders and teams and has assisted many small business associations and groups. He has been responsible for multi-million dollar sales turnarounds and helped several businesses grow to get listed on the ASX. As a best-selling author, he has contributed to books on sales, small business and most recently The VIP Principle – about the long-term business benefits of improving your customer experience. He is a highly entertaining speaker and has been performing in front of audiences for more 20 years, presenting to more than 750 audiences in 10 countries. Some of Staughton’s bigger, longer term


Reliable, Sexy, Classic


48 SPLASH! June/July 2019

07 3277 2554


clients have included Hard Rock Café, Tyrepower, QBE, Inenco (BSC/CBC) and Goldwell. In 2017 he was awarded the Nevin Award, the most prestigious award presented by Professional Speakers Australia – the peak association for conference speakers in Australia.

Sales leadership: building and leading your team to sell more

Your salespeople can be the best investment you ever make or your biggest nightmare. You need to build a high performance sales team to help your business outperform and grow in a turbulent and disrupting market. This highly practical presentation is based on real sales experience. You’ll find out what other successful sales organisations are doing to build a more effective and sustainable sales team. Discover great tools, technologies and techniques that you can use for bestpractice sales leadership. During this interactive and fun session he’ll cover: • Three essential strategies of successful sales leaders; • The significant impact and value that a high performing salesperson can add; • The keys to attracting, selecting, inducting and retaining better salespeople; • How to inspire, motivate and reward your salespeople; • The biggest mistakes that sales leaders make in building a great sales team;

• The secrets of a more systematic approach to sales – developing your sales playbook; • The rise of “SMarketing” – combining sales with automated marketing tools.

National Awards of Excellence

Friday 2 August: 6.30pm – 11.00pm Hilton Adelaide The SPASA National Awards will be held at Hilton Adelaide following the Leadership Convention. This annual event provides great networking opportunities to celebrate the year’s outstanding achievements. Purchase tickets for this exciting event when you register for the Leadership Convention. Contact:; 1300 021 482. n

TRAINING BY THE INDUSTRY FOR THE INDUSTRY Flexible delivery & assessment to suit your circumstances

National training and accreditation for Pool Builders and Service Technicians Become recognised and rewarded by working in the pool and spa industry. Courses include: ü ü ü ü ü

Certificate IV Swimming Pool and Spa Building CPC40808 Certificate III Swimming Pool and Spa Service CPP31218 Certificate IV Swimming Pool and Spa Service CPP41312 Certificate IV in Building and Construction CPC40110 Certificate III in Landscape Construction AHC30916

P: 1800 802 482 E: W:

June/July 2019  SPLASH!  49


Using digital tools to boost word of mouth

keep your current clients engaged with your business and gives you the opportunity to reach new clients. To encourage your clients to engage with likes and comments to boost that digital word of mouth, ensure the content you post is attention-grabbing – think a happy family sitting around a sun-kissed pool. Posting regular tips, upcoming events and special offers can help to remind your clients why they trust your services and might prompt new clients to book their next appointment. To further encourage social engagement, you could consider offering clients an incentive for sharing their experience with your business with their personal social networks. For instance, you could offer discounts or vouchers to customers who share and tag friends in a post.

Impress with a professional website

According to Deloitte, three-quarters of consumer purchases come from word of mouth

By Tracy Hall


ord of mouth is the primary influencer for three-quarters of consumer purchases according to the fifth edition of Deloitte’s annual Media Consumer Survey. The majority of respondents ranked reviews from people within their social media circles in their top three influences for buying decisions, and digital word of mouth from friends and family is becoming ever-more prominent. For many pool and spa businesses, marketing can seem like no easy feat, especially if you don’t have a dedicated marketing team member. But what many businesses don’t realise is that there are plenty of cost-effective and time-efficient strategies to help encourage organic marketing through digital word of mouth.

“Social media can help you keep your current clients engaged with your business and gives you the opportunity to reach new clients.” To help generate a buzz about your business, we’ve put together some tips to engage your client base and get them spreading the word to their friends and family.

Generate excitement on social media Social media can be a powerful way to instigate conversation about your business. It can help you 50 SPLASH! June/July 2019

Once a potential client has heard of your business through recommendations and word of mouth, they may want to check you out online for themselves. A polished and professional website, showcasing your specialised services, can really capture their imagination while they’re showing interest. Ensure your website domain name is directly relevant to your business, and consider aligning your social media handles to your domain name too. You will want to make sure your website is optimised for mobile devices, as many people will view your website on their smartphone. Not only should your website include beautiful images and glowing testimonials, it should also include contact details, operating hours and a list of services and packages you offer. If they’re looking for this information, it might mean they’re serious about proceeding, so ensure it’s easy to locate. For most Australians, a pool is not a spontaneous purchase but a carefully-considered decision. Therefore, pool builders may consider adding an online appointments feature, so prospective clients can easily arrange to meet or speak with a friendly specialist.

SMS promotions

Did you know the average open rate for a text message is 98 percent? So, if you want to boost engagement, SMS marketing can be extremely effective in helping you reach existing customers. It’s an especially helpful tool for offers and discounts, leading to spikes in engagement. If your business offers a maintenance service or swimming pool accessories, for example, targeted SMS promotions could be an effective way to drive customer engagement. People don’t appreciate being overwhelmed though, so only send SMSs sparingly. And offer them an easy way to opt out – customers appreciate the option to unsubscribe. Word of mouth for your business doesn’t have to be a stressful process. If you think strategically about the channels that are right for you, and put some simple marketing elements into place, you can be on the right on track to thrive through word of mouth in no time. Tracy Hall is the marketing director of GoDaddy Australia and New Zealand. GoDaddy is empowering entrepreneurs everywhere. Contact:









commercial news



news World’s deepest pool to open in Poland. . . . . . . 54 Royal Life Saving celebrates 125 years of Aussie service . . . . . . . 54 ACCC initiates proceedings against Jump Swim. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55

Crystal builds first US public lagoon The first publically accessible Crystal Lagoon project in the USA has been opened at the Epperson development in Tampa, Florida. Since its opening ticket prices have increased from $US10 per person to $US25 per person, based on the popularity of the facility. Additionally, entrance to the lagoon had to be restricted after reaching peak capacity.

The lagoon was designed for private residential use but has an added public accessibility. It has been built as a real estate lagoon in a rural community 35 miles outside of Tampa, leading Crystal to be hopeful that their dedicated public access lagoons – especially those developed in urban areas – will garner an even greater popular response.

Skypools planned for Indonesian national swimming competition . 55 Teen helps Indigenous kids keep healthy and safe by learning to swim . . . 57 The high life. . . . . . . . . 60

The lagoon was designed for private residential use but has an added public accessibility

In Brief Royal Life Saving Society Queensland is hosting its bi-annual Aquafutures International Conference at BLK Performance Centre Runaway Bay, August 16-18. This year’s conference is about implementing the new processes and moving the aquatic industry into the future. This year RLSSQ will be covering first aid, pool plant operations, training, guidelines to safe pool operations standards (GSPO) and the new supervision plans – the only workshop in Queensland for the new GSPO. Contact: Village Roadshow Theme Parks (VRTP) is spending $50 million dollars on new attractions including the New Atlantis ride for Sea World, planned to become a destination in its own right where guests experience the myths, mysteries, quests and challenges in the new fully immersive precinct, including sleek, eye-catching and architecturally aesthetic theming including waterfalls, fountains, statues and hanging gardens. Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, USA, sent employees to the hospital as guests complained about “electric shocks” on social media. Fox News reported that the Volcano Bay, a water park in Universal Studios, closed due to a technical issue with the Orlando Fire Department responding to reports of an incident at the park. The employees sent to the hospital were later released and the park reopened the next day. A spokesperson said they closed the park early while working to resolve the issue, adding that from an abundance of caution, a small number of team members were transported to the hospital and all were released and fine.

52 SPLASH! June/July 2019

commercial news

Public infrastructure

Gunyama Park gets budget boost The designated growth area of Green Park in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs is getting a cash injection of almost $200m from the City of Sydney in the next financial year. The 2019/20 capital works program totals $196.4 million, with $103.9m for major projects, $36 million for extensive asset enhancements and $56.5 million for rolling capital renewal programs. Funding is part of a $1.6 billion, 10-year budget for capital works that builds major community infrastructure, increases open space and reduces carbon pollution. One of the most important projects for the area is the Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre and surrounding open space. In 2014 a design inspired by Sydney’s rock pools won the Green Square design competition for Sydney’s newest swimming pool addition. At the time the winning aquatic centre design by Andrew Burgess Architects with Grimshaw and TCL was estimated to cost $50 million. Now the budget has risen to $84.6 million for the continuation of the construction of Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre –however it also includes large-scale urban renewal of the Green Square Central Park, the Drying Green and major works on the area’s streets. “Transforming Sydney’s oldest industrial heartland into a new Green Square town centre is an enormous task, but I’m so proud of the wonderful new library and community and cultural precinct we’ve established, and I look forward to the future aquatic and recreation centre,” says Lord Mayor Clover Moore. “With so many of our residents living in apartments, parks and open spaces become their common backyard. That’s why we are prioritising planting trees, upgrading our parks and creating more green spaces for people to enjoy,” she says. Additional in the latest budget are $9.1 million for the continuation of green infrastructure projects, including the improvement of energy services at Cook + Philip Aquatic Centre. With so many Sydney residents living in apartments, parks and public pools are becoming their common backyards

June/July 2019  SPLASH!  53

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Royal Life Saving celebrates 125 years of Aussie service This year marks 125 years of service by the Royal Life Saving Society in Australia. To celebrate the occasion, a black-tie ball was held at Dockside in Brisbane in April. Royal Life Saving Queensland president, Les Mole says the Queensland board was pleased to host such a memorable occasion. “The focus of the evening was to highlight the exemplary efforts of our army of volunteers who are as committed today as they were back in 1894,” he says. “Although innovation over time has changed some of the technical aspects of rescue and resuscitation, the general principles of saving a person’s life still remain relevant today.” The Royal Life Saving Society in Australia remains affiliated to the founding organisation in England, and still has official recognition by Royal Charter. Commissioner Katarina Carroll attended the function. Commissioner Carroll was recently named as

Queensland’s first female police commissioner in the 155-year history of the state’s police service. Carroll says that “keeping our wonderful state safe” is a priority of the police service, and Mole says the society looks forward to working with the

commissioner to ensure the drowning toll is reduced. Several RLSS members received honours on the night, and a bravery award was presented to Ayden Driscoll for saving his brother from drowning in a lake.

(Left to Right) Paul Barry, executive director Royal Life Saving Qld, Cameron Eglington, president Royal Life Saving Society Australia, Commissioner Katarina Carroll APM, and Les Mole, president Royal Life Saving Queensland


World’s deepest pool to open in Poland A 45m-deep swimming pool is being built near Warsaw, Poland and is due to be open to the public this year. The DeepSpot dive training and underwater experience pool will be the deepest in the world and will have a capacity of 8000 cubic metres of water. It will be located in Mszczonow, Poland, about 40km south-west of Warsaw. It will be open to all levels of swimmers, including beginners, athletes and professional divers. Also, it will be open to “viewers only” due to an underwater tunnel that takes spectators past the divers; and there will be conference rooms, training facilities and even hotel rooms with underwater views. The current reigning deepest pool in the world is the 42m deep Italian Deep Joy diving pool. Next year Blue Abyss, a 50m British pool, is expected to take the record as world’s deepest pool. Contact: 54 SPLASH! June/July 2019

The pool will eclipse the current world’s deepest pool by three metres It will be open to all levels of swimmers, including beginners, athletes, professional divers and even spectators. Images: Facebook/@deepspotpoland

commercial news

Swim schools


Skypools planned for Indonesian national swimming competition Two competition pools will be constructed by Fluidra at the Sentani Aquatic Arena in the Indonesian province of Papua using Skypool panels. The venue is due to host aquatic competitions during National Sports Week in 2020, an event held every four years featuring athletes from different disciplines drawn from all Indonesian provinces. Fluidra will also provide a warm-up pool fitted with a spa, filtration, pumping, disinfection and competition accessories for the venue. The project includes the design and installation of a 51.2 metre by 25 metre by 3 metre Olympic swimming and water polo pool to be fitted with an automatic bulkhead unit and a 20 metre by 25 metre by five-metre Olympic diving pool using Skypool panels to be fitted with a spa. Skypool is AstralPool’s range of easy-to-assemble prefabricated panel pools that can be adapted to fit existing and new infrastructures. Galvanized in zinc, they are protected against rusting, safe and long-lasting. All pools will be constructed in line with FINA requirements. Filtration and pumping for the pools will be provided by Praga filters and KIVU pumps, while ultraviolet automatic equipment will be installed to disinfect the pools. The company will also provide competition accessories which will be used during the championships. A Skypool was used at the FINA World Championships held in Melbourne in 2007 at the Rod Laver Arena, after which the panels were repurposed for regional council pools. Skypools have also been used for many other international competitions, including four pools for the aquatic competitions of the 2018 Asian Games which took place in Jakarta. Fluidra installed another Olympic-size Skypool in Jantho in the Indonesian province of Aceh.

The planned Sentani Aquatic Arena in the Indonesia province of Papua

ACCC initiates proceedings against Jump Swim

The ACCC has instituted proceedings against franchisor Jump Loops Pty Ltd and its parent company Swim Loops Holdings Pty Ltd (collectively Jump Swim) in the Federal Court, alleging that it made false, misleading or deceptive statements about Jump Swim School franchises, in breach of the Australian Consumer Law. Jump Loops Pty Ltd is an Australian-based franchisor that sells franchises to those wishing to operate their own Jump Swim School to supply learn-to-swim services. This follows on from Swim Loops, the company that represents the largest number of Jump Swim Schools, going into voluntary administration in May. However, it should be noted that as the individual Jump! Swim Schools are independently owned, they are not covered by that order. Jump Swim had been facing challenges following a series of court cases and disputes with franchisees. Jump had grown dramatically and has more than 100 franchise swim schools in the network, including 60 in Australia and others in New Zealand, the US, Singapore and Brazil. Now, the ACCC is alleging Jump Swim made representations in its promotional material that a prospective Jump Swim School franchisee would have an operational swim school within 12 months of signing a franchise agreement, when it did not have reasonable grounds for making that statement. Many franchisees were not provided with an operational swim school within this period and in some cases it was not provided at all. The ACCC alleges there are over 90 Jump Swim franchisees who did not receive an operational swim school within 12 months or at all. The initial costs of setting up a Jump Swim School generally ranged from approximately $150,000 to $175,000. “We allege this conduct caused substantial harm to franchisees who paid significant sums but did not receive an operational swim school within the time specified, or at all,” says ACCC chair Mick Keogh. The ACCC is also taking action against Jump Swim’s director, Ian Michael Campbell, alleging he was involved in the conduct. Additionally, the ACCC alleges that the franchisor Jump Loops Pty Ltd wrongfully accepted payment from franchisees where it failed to supply an operational franchise within the 12-month period specified, or alternatively, within a reasonable time. The ACCC alleges that Swim Loops Holdings Pty Ltd and Campbell were involved in the conduct. “Jump Swim continued to accept payments when it knew, or ought to have known at the time it accepted the payments, that the timing for its delivery of operational franchises was dependent on events that were outside its control,” Keogh says. Each Jump Swim School required development and building approvals from council, and in many instances, it was taking longer than 12 months to provide franchisees with operational swim schools. The ACCC is seeking injunctions, declarations, pecuniary penalties, redress for franchisees, disqualification orders, an order as to findings of fact, and costs. Before starting this court action, on June 7, 2019, the ACCC obtained a Federal Court order freezing the assets of Jump Swim and Campbell and requiring them to disclose details of their financial position. If the ACCC is ultimately successful in its case against Jump Swim and Campbell, it intends to apply to the court for any preserved funds (if available) to be used to compensate Jump Swim School franchisees affected by the alleged conduct. June/July 2019  SPLASH!  55


Developed by women for women who find themselves in a leadership role



The 1-hour webinars will present the skills and knowledge forming the foundations of leadership. Some of the topics covered include: Your role as a leader, How to create the conditions for success, How to lead in the moment, Manage expectations of others, and How to harness your personal power to influence others effectively. You will also have the opportunity to interact with likeminded successful women in the industry; where we can share thoughts, concerns and challenges around being in a leadership role.

The 1-day workshops and forums will be held in a range of locations and will provide a face-to-face environment where participants will expand their learning and dig deeper into the skills required and issues faced in the workplace.



The facilitator for the Women in Leadership will be Ros Ronning, a business executive with over 25 years’ experience specialising in Learning & Development and Human Resources. Ros has coached directors, CEOs and senior executives in organisational change initiatives, leadership development, change resilience, performance management, managerial effectiveness, corporate communications, interpersonal skills, and cultural change.

FOR MORE INFORMATION To view webinars, forums and workshops available, visit or contact: Suzie Kent - SPASA Communication Manager e: p: 1300 021 482






commercial news

Teen helps Indigenous kids keep healthy and safe by learning to swim


n Indigenous teenager has decided to tackle the issue of water safety head-on by starting a charity to fund swimming lessons for local Aboriginal children. Piper Stewart and her brother Lane are Aboriginal kids who love to swim. They noticed that there were only a couple of other Aboriginal kids their town, Griffith in NSW, who swim regularly and few competed in swim meets. Royal Lifesaving Australia data shows Indigenous people are four times more likely to die from drowning than non-Indigenous people. It showed 26 per cent of Indigenous drowning deaths were children under the age of 10 and almost half occurred in rivers. Griffith lies in the heart of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area

with plenty of rivers, creeks, dams and open water-filled channels and canals. Due to the cost of lessons, many Aboriginal kids in Griffith swim in dangerous channels or never learn to swim. Only 12 years old at the time, Piper decided to do something about it. But not being old enough to teach the kids herself, she instead started fundraising to help local Indigenous families send their children to swimming lessons. This included starting a Go-FundMe page, raffles and trivia nights. She named the charity Bambigi meaning “to swim” in Wiradjuri, Griffith’s traditional Aboriginal language. In January, the New South Wales Government awarded Bambigi with a $21,600 grant. The money has been partly used to help pay for swimming lessons for children at a local pre-school and Aboriginal teenage students from another school. Piper hopes to be able to teach the children to swim herself after turning 16 and doing the required course. She has been helped in her endeavours by her mother, Allison Stewart.

ABOVE: Although only 12 at the time, Piper Stewart took on the responsibility to help get Aboriginal kids swimming – for their own safety, and to encourage a love of the sport All images: Sarah Brown Photography

LEFT: Bambigi has so far funded six months of swimming lessons for more than 80 kids – almost none of whom have had any formal swimming lessons before

How Bambigi works

Bambigi helps Aboriginal kids get assessed and enrolled in local swim classes, and pays for six months of lessons at multiple pools in the Griffith area. Some pools, including the Griffith Regional Leisure and Aquatic Centre, discount their rates for Bambigi kids and they are planning to expand the program this summer. In 2019 Bambigi started to fund weekly swimming lessons for four-year-olds attending Griffith Wiradjuri June/July 2019  SPLASH!  57

commercial news

ABOVE: In the Riverina town of Griffith, there are no nearby river or lakes safe for swimming, so many kids swim in dangerous channels

BOTTOM LEFT: Royal Lifesaving Australia data shows Indigenous people are four times more likely to die from drowning than non-Indigenous people

58 SPLASH! June/July 2019

Aboriginal Pre-School, and it also funds water safety lessons for boys at the Tirkandi Inaburra centre for Aboriginal boys aged 12-15, which is a culturally-based residential program aimed at reducing future contact with the criminal justice system by strengthening the boys’ cultural identity, self-esteem and resilience. Each term Bambigi funds a new group of boys to do water safety lessons. Classes focus on reducing at risk behaviour around water and rescue techniques. Bambigi has so far funded six months of swimming lessons for more than 80 kids – 94 per cent of whom have no previous formal lesson experience. Bambigi volunteers also supported a group of Aboriginal High School students complete the AUSTswim instructor courses – and two are now employed at local pools. Allison says that a number of parents have told her that the lessons have increased their children’s confidence and self-esteem and that the program has led to schools reporting an increase in the number of Aboriginal kids participating in school swimming carnivals. “One of the Bambigi kids, who had never been in a swimming competition before, was selected for her schools relay team and made it all the way to the State Championships,” she says. “A number of the kids who have started entering competitions

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love the fact that they are good at a sport that their parents aren’t good at.” Some of the Tirkandi Inaburra boys who have completed the water safety program have expressed an interest in become lifeguards.


“Piper had the idea of Bambigi late in 2017,” says Allison. “She started fundraising in 2018, first with a garage sale, then a raffle, selling Cadbury chocolates, a trivia night and auction. Two local schools also helped us fundraise. “Our next big fundraising activity will be a NAIDOC swimathon in July. Piper will be swimming continuously for 3.5 hours. We would appreciate sponsorship or donations.” As mentioned above, Bambigi received a grant of $21,000 from the NSW Water safety fund, and has also received a number of donations through the GoFundMe page. Additionally, Zoggs has donated more than 150 pairs of goggles so all of the kids get free goggles, and GHD included the Bambigi program as one of the projects it will support in its reconciliation action plan. Bambigi is an incorporated Aboriginal organisation and also a registered charity. Go to splashmagazine. for a link to the donations page. Contact:


The Climate Care Certification Program is an initiative of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia Ltd (SPASA). It is the industry’s efficiency and sustainability certification program. SPASA is proud to deliver an industry wide program to support, protect and promote the way the swimming pool and spa industry operates and strives for best practice sustainable solutions.


ü Purchase with confidence knowing that you are choosing a certified environmentally sustainable solution ü Enjoy the benefits of choosing a solution which utilises water efficiency, energy efficiency, noise reduction measures, environmentally sustainable designs or efficiency/sustainability innovations ü Reduce your overall carbon footprint whilst saving money


ü Highlight your product/system/installation’s environmentally sustainable qualities ü Show your commitment to preserving the environment and to industry best practice ü Demonstrate your investment in the industry’s sustainable future and inspire others to do the same

THIRD-PARTY VERIFICATION All Climate Care Certified products undergo independent third-party testing and/or verification to assess and report on claims being made such as water efficiency and energy savings. Only credible and trusted local, national and international testing and verification bodies are considered by SPASA to ensure that claims being made on energy and water efficiency and sustainability are substantiated.

SPASA is proud to have appointed Smart Approved Watermark as their certification partner for water efficient products.


commercial news

The high life RIGHT: There is also a rope swing FAR RIGHT: People from all walks of life flock to the club with fun in mind

60 SPLASH! June/July 2019

commercial news


ustralian company Designer Concrete Coatings, manufacturers of Beadcrete pool interior finishes, helped elevate a Balinese pool club by supplying a custom white interior for its expansive aquatic spaces. Mrs Sippy Bali boats the largest salt chlorinated pool club in Bali, with an 800m2 pool and five-metre high diving platforms, providing a holiday environment full of adrenaline, dancing, diving and swimming. According to Badung Regency Tourism, foreign tourists visiting the island hit a record of 6.5 million people in 2018, or nearly half of the total international tourists in Indonesia throughout the year. Singaporean visitors alone recorded a 97 per cent increase with the top attractions being wellness and relaxing poolside holidays. This Australian winter Mrs Sippy is featuring top Aussie act Sneaky Sound System, poised to redefine the Ibiza-style party experience, hosting the island’s hottest pool party every Saturday, together with Australia’s most in-demand DJ, Dom Dolla. Contact: n

ABOVE: The club features fivemetre high diving platforms

BELOW: The diving platform

BOTTOM LEFT: The Designer Concrete Coatings custom pebble mix gives an extra white finish

June/July 2019  SPLASH!  61

new products

Between the flags

This Tesalate swim towel is named Between The Flags thanks to its distinctive red and yellow styling. Tesalate beach towels are ultra-compact, super absorbent, dry rapidly and are insatiably vibrant. Additionally, if you use them at the beach as well as the pool, the sand won’t stick to them, even when wet. The towels are made from exclusive AbsorbLite fabric and are full sized at 1600mm x 780mm. They are compact when rolled, easily fit in a bag and are ultra-absorbent – taking in more than a litre of water. As well, they are rapid-drying – getting dry in half the time of a regular beach towel. Contact:

Al fresco dining

The Vela dining table features two powdercoated steel sleigh legs topped with solid teak slats. It has an attractive modern look and is made to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, making it perfect for an outdoor entertaining space, able to cope with the Aussie weather. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use in both residential and commercial spaces and can be paired with other items from the Vela range for a coordinated look. Contact: www.satara.; (03) 9587 4469

62 SPLASH! June/July 2019

new products

Technology revolutionises pool measuring


ABGAL Liners & Covers’ new Photo Measure system for measuring swimming pools recently won the STA Product Innovation Award. Initially developed to replace complicated mark-outs for fitted leaf covers, the system has now been refined to measure inground pools for PVC interiors. After a couple of simple check measurements and a series of targeted photos taken with a mobile phone or even a drone, the ABGAL system is able to pattern and manufacture a custom Pooltex cover or Aqualux pool finish. Managing director Garry Long says this system simplifies an incredibly complicated process. “We’re really excited to bring this to our customers,” he says.


Contact:; (07) 3803 9000

The summer of 69

The minimalist Lagoon Sling Sunbed from GlobeWest invokes the sunkissed image of 1960s poolside glamour. With a powdercoated aluminium frame ensuring a resistant surface, weather resistant upholstery and rubber edged wheels for easy manoeuvrability, this sunbed adds charm and ease to outdoor entertaining. Contact: www.globewest.; 1800722366

June/July 2019  SPLASH!  63

new products

Sunlovers’ newest heat pump range

Sunlover Heating has been designing and installing pool heating systems across Australia for more than 30 years, and has now introduced a new series of heat pumps. The Oasis X Series is designed for both extended season and year-round heating. Sunlover says the new X Series is more efficient than standard heat exchangers and offers high-end performance, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. They are easy to install with units up to 13kW fitted with a threepin plug. They have super quiet operation and are engineered to not intrude upon poolside leisure time. The entire Oasis range now comes with a 25-year warranty on the titanium heat exchanger against corrosion. Sunlover has options applicable for all pool heating situations, ranging from 9kw to 200kw. Contact: 1800 815 913;

Keep on trucking

Lifting injuries are becoming more common which is why Bailey says their hand trucks are becoming so popular especially within the pool industry – in fact, Bailey won the Queensland Government’s Health & Safety Innovations Award for helping to avoid workplace injuries. Lugging around large drums of chlorine, 25kg bags of salt and pool pumps can take a toll on regular equipment and pool shop staff. The patented pivoting axle system with locking bar allows people to carry bigger loads with less effort – Bailey says 300kgs can feel as light as 120kgs. Thousands of Australian businesses use the hand truck – with many still using the same unit they purchased more than 15 years ago – and unlike the “toy trolleys” sold at hardware stores, Bailey hand trucks come with an unconditional lifetime warranty on the frame, making them a great investment. Contact:

Protect Pool, Protect Your Your Pool, Protect Kids Protect Your Your Kids View our online video showing common pool fencing faults and how to spot them at View our online video showing common pool fencing faults and how to spot them at

KIH1025/0811/SC KIH1025/0811/SC

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new products

Restorative sprays for aquatic facilities Restorative Sprays by Waterplay promote physical wellbeing through water therapy elements designed to relax, restore and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

Water therapy elements are becoming more common in North America’s aquatic facilities and the Restorative Spray 1 and 2 provides healing and health-related benefits through hydrotherapy, with a look that naturally complements aquatic environments. Restorative Spray 1, with a cascading fan-shaped water display, creates a serene water experience that calms the senses and soothes by enveloping the body in water; Restorative Spray 2 releases a more robust stream of water to target tired, aching muscles.

Owned an'lf �erated by


For over 42 years

"dH4fr�owned.-fa,m,l½, 'B�' s uppor-rlA'l-ft

� sw� pooL I n.d«�-,--� Fellow 'B� ownu-!1 !







RAINBOW POOL PRODUCTS Ph: 61 7 3849 5385 June/July 2019  SPLASH!  65

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Paramount’s custom built in-floor cleaning systems are engineered to automatically clean any pool you design, including floors, steps, benches and spas. Minimising maintenance and maximising enjoyment.

Aquarius Pools – Mornington VIC


Pool-Water Products | P: 03 9873 5055 Email:

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SPLASH June-July 2019  

SPLASH! is the leading trade publication for the Australasian “wet industry”, incorporating the swimming pool, spa and aquatics industries....

SPLASH June-July 2019  

SPLASH! is the leading trade publication for the Australasian “wet industry”, incorporating the swimming pool, spa and aquatics industries....