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Issue 105  April/May 2016

Pool as art In New York City Country pool managers Celebrate 20 years together Women making their mark In the industry

Giant lagoons Coming to Australia

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Our range of residential products: Special Edition

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editorial Good times and good business

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There is a social aspect to business, and it can certainly make work a lot more enjoyable.

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This issue we celebrate the anniversary of the Country Pool Managers Conference, being held for its twentieth time. A number of long term delegates and exhibitors contacted us to pass on their comments and congratulations, and it was noteworthy that while they mentioned the benefits for their businesses and professional development, most also mentioned the networks they established during the social parts of the conference, the friends they made and, dare I say it – the fun they had.

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Members of

Chris Maher Editor chrismaher@

Conferences and trade shows can be very enjoyable for a number of reasons. A big one is that everyone – to one degree or another – has something in common with most everyone else. While it might be too optimistic to think every competitor will put aside their differences, many do and are rewarded for it. SPLASH! is presenting two trade shows this year. In September, SPLASH! Asia is joining with the Architecture & Building Services (ABS) Show at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. This is the fourth SPLASH! Asia, the first in an even-numbered year, and the first since our amicable separation from French organisation GL, with whom we’d co-organised the past two shows. And of course, there is the big one. The SPLASH! Pool and Spa Trade Show on the Gold Coast. For the past decade this has been the trade show for the industry, and now it is going to be even bigger and better. There is more information on the show on pages 40 to 47. There is the most extensive education program with seminars and workshops covering chemistry and disinfection, marketing and digital communication, business management, construction, safety, maintenance and just about anything you can think of. Additionally there is the Swim Disability Conference and a number of other supplementary events organised by SPLASH! or by industry suppliers and organisations. Three of these ancillary events are the famous welcome drinks, the gala awards night for the SPASA Australia national awards and the Andrew Simons Golf Day. Delegates have told me time and again that their biggest deals were often done at one of these side-events over a frosty lager or two, or after sinking a ten foot putt. And even if no deals are done, it’s worth doing it anyway, just for the fun of it. All work and no play, as they say.

This issue’s cover Cover shot shows artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset’s transformation of New York’s Fifth Avenue with a giant swimming pool called Van Gogh’s Ear. There is more on this work on page 29. Photo courtesy of the artists and Public Art Fund, NY.

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April/May 2016 SPLASH!



Contents 22 Update on E3 and pool pump standards

52 Giant lagoons arrive in Australia

Acting GEMS regulator and E3 committee chair Rick Miles informs us about the upcoming considerations for national regulation of pool pumps and the E3 program.

Crystal Lagoons’ Germàn Rocca talks to SPLASH! about his plans to bring multi-hectare recreational lagoons to urban, regional and coastal areas of Australia.

26 Are pool covers as good


as we’re told they are? Cal Stanley looks at swimming pool covers and considers if the influence of human nature and lethargy dilutes their obvious benefits.

Country pool managers gather for their twentieth conference We look back at the past 20 years of the Country Pool Managers Conference, held around regional centres in NSW for the benefit of country poolies.

29 High art pool in NYC

Artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset have transformed Fifth Avenue in New York with a giant swimming pool called Van Gogh’s Ear.



30 Criminalising pool-related deaths

could be counter-productive Legal expert Mark O’Connor says introducing prison sentences for people found negligent in pool drowning may restrict the potential for compensation.

32 No longer just a blokey industry

The swimming pool industry has definitely veered towards peak blokeiness at times, but now more women are finding their place not only as workers, but as leaders.

News South Wales regional roundup In celebration of the country pool managers’ 20th anniversary, we showcase a selection of recent projects in rural and regional New South Wales.

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April/May 2016 SPLASH!




NSW and SA vote overwhelmingly for national unity Annual general meetings (AGMs) were held in several states recently, with national interest focussing on Sydney, Adelaide and Perth – the capitals of the three states yet to formally decide on their involvement in the SPASA Australia single entity. While SPASA WA did not present a proposal to the members regarding unification – preferring to wait until more detailed information was on hand – members of both SPASA NSW & ACT and SPASA SA voted overwhelmingly in favour of a single entity.

Lorenzo Peressin SPASA SA president, Suzie Kent SPASA SA executive officer and Lindsay McGrath, SPASA Australia CEO after the South Australian vote


On March 16, near total support from SPASA NSW & ACT members saw the passage of a special resolution to move forward with unification with SPASA Australia. What was required was the agreement of more than 75 per cent of ordinary members present and voting at the AGM, either in person or by proxy. The result was more than 95 per cent of voting members agreed with the resolution. SPASA NSW & ACT president Robert Guthrie says that discussions over the past few years regarding forming a single-entity association have been driven by the belief that the common mission for SPASA and the state bodies would be better advanced by ideally having one entity operating across Australia. “The growing demand for a stronger, unified and collective voice has driven SPASA NSW & ACT to challenge how we are conducting ourselves now and how we may grow in the future under a single entity national body,” he says. CEO Spiros Dassakis highlighted the historic nature of the vote and the importance for the industry. “The swimming pool and spa industry is a significant economic contributor for the Australian economy, and the importance of a single entity national peak body delivering stronger services and advocacy for operators of swimming pool and spa related businesses is of paramount importance,” he says. “Members will start to see movement in the next few months as discussions progress further, processes are formalised and due diligence is undertaken.” The resolution stated: Based on appropriate due diligence as determined by the board, the membership approves the board’s authority to continue collaborating with SPASA Australia and the other SPASA states towards a unified (one) SPASA national model. The purpose is to improve member services and industry value by positioning SPASA Australia as a unified, single entity national body supporting and delivering improved benefit to all members Australia wide.

South Australia

If anything, the vote was even more decisive in Adelaide, where on March 23 every vote was cast in favour of the resolution for the SPASA SA board to continue collaborating with SPASA Australia and other states in moving towards the long term strategy of building a unified national SPASA model. “This is an important step for SPASA South Australia as a unified, single entity national body will increase our ability to deliver high quality services and products both to our members and to all users of swimming pools and spas across South Australia,” says SPASA SA president, Lorenzo Peressin. “The swimming pool and spa industry is a major player in the South Australian building industry and also contributes significantly to the state economy and our population’s health and well-being,” he says. “Being part of a unified national body will ensure we can deliver improved benefits for all members.” Suzie Kent, executive officer of SPASA SA, says this latest critical step has been built on the foundation of much hard work. “Further developments and a due diligence process are well underway and we look forward to updating members in the near future,” she says. SPASA Queensland had already voted in favour of the merger process at their 2014 AGM, with the resolution that SPASA Queensland operations transition into SPASA Australia and that SPASA Queensland de-incorporate by 1st of January 2017, or earlier. SPASA Western Australia’s board has expressed support for the national model but is awaiting more information before putting a vote to members. SPASA WA has formed a sub-committee to analyse the due diligence (financial and legal) that SPASA Australia has provided and will be reporting back to the state committee at the next meeting in early May. SPASA Victoria walked away from involvement last year. 8


April/May 2016


South Australian data breakdown Development applications for pool installations in South Australia during the 2015 calendar year have been broken down and compared to 2014 numbers, providing useful information on the areas of growth. This data was compiled from information available via the 68 South Australian metropolitan and regional councils. Regional areas showing the greatest increases include Port Pirie Regional Council, the City of Victor Harbour, and the District Council of Copper Coast; while metropolitan areas of growth include Port Adelaide, Enfield and Adelaide Hills. Regional areas showing the greatest decreases include Light Regional Council and the City of Murray Bridge; while metropolitan areas showing the greatest decreases include the City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters, and the city of Salisbury. Local government areas with continued strong DA numbers include the City of Charles Sturt and the City of Onkaparinga. SPASA South Australia has posted the details on their website or you can access it through the QuickLinks tab as



The available January to March 2016 pool DA numbers show a decrease of 18 per cent when compared to the same period last year. Over the three months, every state went backwards with Queensland (down 31 per cent), Western Australia (down 20 per cent), New South Wales (down 18 per cent), Victoria (down 13 per cent) and South Australia (down nine per cent).

Comparison of Australian pool approvals 12-monthsto-March 2015 with 12-months-to- March 2016

Despite the disappointing summer figures, the annual figures comparing the twelve months to March show the market up four per cent, with Queensland and New South Wales both up 11 per cent, Victoria up six per cent, South Australia down two per cent, and Western Australia the only state substantially down on -11 per cent, continuing its post-mining-boom decline.

Pool Approvals by State

completed all the strategic and SPASA Australia has appointed planning work around a single industry training advocate Lindentity, and needed the right say McGrath as its new executive person to take them through director. the process; someone who is McGrath was until recently also committed to growing the BioLab managing director and is industry and delivering improved a past president of the Swimbenefits to the members. ming Pool and Spa Association McGrath says he is honoured of South Australia. He was also to have been selected as SPASA’s a founding member, CEO and executive director and will do his secretary of the Swimming Pool best to enable members to fulfil Retail Association (SPRAA), ditheir passion to make a difference. rector of SPASA NSW & ACT, “A wonderful opportunity is has been a SPASA Australia now available to deliver on SPASA director and was chairman of the members’ needs and to continue to CPSISC industry qualifications distinguish SPASA members from steering committee. the rest of the market.” McGrath is known in the pool McGrath succeeds Bryce and spa industry for his strong Steele, who was temporarily secadvocacy of training, national onded to the role from SPASA qualifications and career pathways WA after the retirement of Gary for industry members. He is a Nye in September 2015. Certificate IV qualified trainer and Papineau says it is an exciting assessor, holds a master’s degree time for the industry. in business and has been heavily “Never have we seen such involved in the development 12-months-to-March of 2015 before 12-months-to-March 2016 collaboration between states with industry training and 2000 accreditation, wide-sweeping benefits. We are especially through his roles at looking forward to Lindsay startSPRAA, BioLab and1500 most recenting. It is going to be a busy year ly with SPASA Australia. 1000 ahead and one which will bring all He takes the helm of the notof the hard structural work over the for-profit association to lead SPA500 past two years to fruition,” she says. SA Australia through the project of unifying and merging the federated 0 states into a more efficient andMay June July Continuity April Aug Sept Oct at NovBioLab Dec Jan Feb Mar powerful industry body. McGrath had spent the past 10 He will be based out of the years with BioLab Australia and 12-months-to-March 2016South Australia office12months-to-March 2015 12months-to-March SPASA New Zealand, including eight 2016 5000 in Adelaide. years as managing director. SPASA Australia president BioLab will continue to be led 4000 Lynley Papineau says McGrath’s by the experienced management 3000 appointment was the result of team, with McGrath’s former a rigorous and comprehensive responsibilities shared by Julian 2000 recruitment process to hire the best Quinn (sales and retail network), 1000 person to deliver to the organisaJames Badger (marketing and tion’s short and long strategic goals. technical), George Loizou (fi0 ct Nov Dec Jan“Lindsay’s Feb Mar experience as a state NSW VIC director) QLD and Paul WA KimberSA nance, president and his executive roles (operations). with SPASA SA, SPASA NSW BioLab says the team, in and SPRAA along with his 25 conjunction with the global oryear career in leadership roles ganisation, will continue its work and strong personal values make with Australia and New Zealand him the perfect choice,” she says. retailers and service technicians Papineau says they have now to help grow their businesses.

Summer not so sunny as threemonthly figures down 18 per cent

Three-Monthly Comparison

Industry training advocate Lindsay McGrath to head SPASA Australia

12-months-to-March 2015

12-months-to-March 2016





3000 1000 2000 500




April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar

12months-to-March 2015

12months-to-March 2016

Jan 3500




2500 3000

2000 1500


1000 1000





January to March 2015





January to March 2016

3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0

While these figures give an indication of the way the market is trending, they are not comprehensive and don’t include all pools built or even all DAs lodged. By some estimates, the total national numbers including all types of pools could be almost double these figures. They do not include pool projects that are approved as part of a new home, smaller projects under the cost threshold, renovations that don’t require a DA, or some aboveground pools. Additionally, not all councils are forthcoming with data or report on time; councils in some states such as Queensland and Victoria are particularly reluctant. For further information, call Cordell Information on 1800 80 60 60.

April/May 2016 SPLASH!




NSPF and APSP plan merger in historic agreement


ollowing a marathon April meeting in Colorado Springs, USA, the boards of the two dominant organisations in the American swimming pool and spa industry have agreed in principle to unify. The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) mainly covers the residential swimming pool and spa market across the country, while the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) has traditionally been associated with research in the commercial swimming pool and aquatics arena, although the recent acquisition of Genesis has also given them a foot in the residential sphere. Rich Garbee, APSP chairman of the board, and Bruce Dunn, NSPF chairman of the board, issued a joint statement saying the merger will better support the present and future needs of the industry, and that a process is underway to plan and implement this merger of equals.”

A long gestation

SPLASH! spoke with NSPF chairman Bruce Dunn following the announcement. He says the idea of a merger had simmered for just under a year, and that once the Genesis acquisition had been successfully completed, they focussed on moving forward with this opportunity. The two boards met at the national trade show, followed by further long discussions between the two chairmen with the result that they both agreed that their respective stakeholders had sufficient interest to pursue the merger. Then, over three days beginning on April 6, discussions began in earnest. “If you’re going to go dinner and you never set the table you’re not going to get fed,” says Dunn. “So we all got out there, starting on Wednesday night, then all day Thursday and Thursday night, and into Friday. At two o’clock on Friday we said we needed to make an announcement that we have an in-principle agreement to merge for the good of the industry as a whole.” He says that up until last year when they completed the acquisition of Genesis, the NSPF had really been just a commercial oriented institution with a focus on research to keep pools open and people swimming. In 1998 Genesis ruffled feathers when they originally took on the NSPI, which was the earlier incarnation of the APSP, but Dunn says that is all in the past now. “They just took a trip around the world and came back to the same

Keep informed by subscribing to the free online newsletter. 1. Fifty firefighters battle pool shop fire in Hornsby The Pool & Spa Warehouse retail outlet in Jersey Street, Hornsby was engulfed by fire early on Sunday morning April 3, with the building destroyed and the neighbourhood evacuated.



April/May 2016

spot. They approached an organisation with an idea and the organisation said no. So they did it themselves! That’s old news. In the conversations we had in the past week, we said to everyone to leave your baggage at home, what we need is vision and thought and honesty and open-mindedness.” He says he has been impressed and enthused by the way the participants in the discussions have put aside any “turf protection” for the good of the industry, boding well for the progress of future discussions.

Where from here?

Dunn says that it is still early days, and the details will be ironed out in due course. “The honest answer is we couldn’t eat the elephant in one bite. We first had to decide if there is a true interest in the merger of equals. But until you look at the process from 30,000 feet you get stuck in all the details. We’re making the announcement to say this is where we’re going, and it’s out in front of everyone. We’re doing our due diligence on how you formulate a unified functional entity that allows for a non-profit organisation that is a foundation on the one hand and an association on the other. And we will create a business plan to work out how that will happen.” Regarding management and staff, he says that at this point there are two entities with programs that are already in place that have very key people operating those organisations. “The key is to not take the eye off the ball and for the CEOs and staff in general to keep doing what they do best – and while they work in the business, it’s the boards’ challenge to work on the business.” He says there is a general consensus that it will probably take somewhere between 12 months and 18 months to work through the due diligence and formulate a collective business plan, although that timeline is not written in stone. “There will be some things we don’t know and some challenges that have to be met, but when I saw the quality of the vision, the openness and honesty of the people from diverse backgrounds involved in the discussions, it really is promising.” The NSPF and its Genesis arm are increasingly reaching more of a global audience. This merger may see a growth in the international influence of the APSP’s expertise as well. “Here’s a pool industry talking about unifying and putting a very specific voice out to the public – and it’s not just the national public, it’s a global public,” says Dunn.

Top five online news stories

The online stories that made the news over the past two months. 2. Pool pumps may face national regulation as new proposals considered Rick Miles, the Acting Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 (GEMS) Regulator updated readers on plans for national pool pump regulation.

3. Heroic father dies trying to save daughter in electrified swimming pool On Easter Sunday a 43-year-old Californian father died while trying to save his nine-year-old daughter from a Palm Springs swimming pool in which the water had become electrified.

4. Home buyers given 90 days to fix non-compliant pools The responsibility for making non-compliant pools compliant will shift in some cases from the vendor to the purchaser when a home with a swimming pool is being sold.

5. National SPASA Australia one step closer after landslide NSW vote Overwhelming support from NSW & ACT members has seen the passage of a special resolution to move forward with unification with SPASA Australia.

Upcoming events 2016 May 4-5

Pool Expo 2016, Istanbul, Turkey

May 10-12

IAKS Ice Rink Management Conference, Dresden, Germany

May 12-13

Inaugural Victorian Country Pools Conference (CPC), Shepparton

May 13-15

Sauna & Spa & Pool China PWTC Expo, Pazhou, Guangzhou

May 18-20

Country Pool Managers 20th Anniversary Conference, Forbes NSW

May 19-20

PVC AUS 2016, Melbourne

June 4

SPASA Qld Awards of Excellence, Brisbane

June 11

SPASA WA Awards of Excellence, Perth

June 18

SPASA SA Awards of Excellence, Adelaide

June 20-21 ARI Conference and Trade Show June 25

SPASA Vic Awards of Excellence, Melbourne

June 29

John Clark Memorial Golf Day, Brisbane

July 16

SPASA NSW Awards of Excellence, Sydney

Aug 13-14

Spa & Pool Consumer Show (Winter Show), MCEC, Melbourne

Aug 15-17

The Business of Swim Schools Conference, Gold Coast

Aug 17-18

SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Broadbeach

Aug 18

SPASA Australia Awards Gala, Gold Coast

Aug 18

SwimDisABILITY Fest, Gold Coast

Aug 19

Tots Swim Teaching Conference, Gold Coast

Aug 19

Andrew Simons Memorial Golf Day, Gold Coast

Sep 8

Bob Stanley Memorial Golf Day, Sydney

Sep 17-19

Piscine Middle East, Dubai

Sep 27-30

Interbad 2016, Stuttgart, Germany

Sep 28-30

SPLASH! Asia 2016, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, in conjunction with the Architecture & Building Services (ABS) Show

Oct 11-14

World Waterpark Association Show, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Oct 19-21

13th Annual World Aquatic Health Conference, Nashville, Tennessee

Oct 24-25

Hot Tub Living Expo, Birmingham, UK

Oct 30-Nov 4 International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, New Orleans Nov 9

SPASA Victoria AGM

Nov 15-18

Piscine Global, Lyon, France

Dec 3-5

FINA World Aquatics Convention, Ontario, Canada

More details at Dates are subject to change and should be checked with the relevant organisation. Send calendar submissions to

April/May 2016 SPLASH!




Expo News The SPLASH! 2015 Pool & Spa Trade Show on the Gold Coast has officially sold out of exhibition space, boding well for what the organisers expect to be the biggest and best SPLASH! ever. Interpoint has also released details of the extensive education program. Some of the marketing-based sessions include: Running a Cost Effective and Integrated Local Marketing Campaign for your Retail and/ or Service Business by John O’Brien, CEO, Poolwerx; Live by Price, Die by Price by Anthony M Davis, Brightwater Business Coaching; and Digital Marketing and Social Media Checklist by Simon Hall, Owner, Fitness Business Events.

Additionally, as one part of the broad ranging SPLASH! education program, SPASA Australia and BioLab will host four education sessions and three workshops. The sessions are: Effective Leadership by Lindsay McGrath, SPASA Australia executive director; Selling Solutions by Julian Quinn, national sales manager of BioLab Australia; How to Attract the Right Staff by Lindsay McGrath; and Developing Effective Teams by Brendan Butler, chief manufacturing executive of AstralPool Australia. The workshops are Resolving Business Disputes and Risk Management; Pool Equipment Maintenance and Barriers; and Water Quality Workshop.



April/May 2016

SPLASH! Asia back in Singapore in 2016 The fourth edition of SPLASH! Asia will be held as part of the Architecture & Building Services (ABS) Show on September 28 to 30, 2016 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. SPLASH! Asia was first held in 2011 and has seen the emergence of a genuine pool and spa industry in Asia. The industry has a different profile to other pool and spa trade shows in Australia and Europe. Simon Cooper, managing director of Interpoint Events and publisher of SPLASH! magazine, says the Asian market is complex and weighted towards the commercial sector. “We launched the show in 2011 and with the support of sponsors Pentair and participation from leading players such as Fluidra, Hayward and Waterco, we positioned the event as a regional show for suppliers and distributors,” he says. “Over three editions we have seen the show develop, but our research has shown in order to be successful we need to reach the commercial pool and water market. The real buyers and decision makers are the architects, builders and developers. Hence our partnership with ABS.” ABS is a well-established event attracting more than 9000 visitors from 40 countries and comprising six events covering a 10,000sqm exhibition area. Two of these events – ArchXpo, the 3rd International Exhibition of Architecture and the Built Environment, and the International Facility Manage-

This will be the fourth time Interpoint has organised a SPLASH! Asia event in Singapore

ment Expo – attract delegates interested in building and maintaining pools in commercial properties. A SPLASH! Asia pavilion will be part of this event for the first time. SPLASH! Asia will be organised by Interpoint Events – who have run the event since 2011 and will receive the support of SPLASH! magazine along with a number of industry associations. The ABS show differs from past events in that it is longer (three days) which will deliver greater value and contact time for international exhibitors, and the convention format delivers a high quality of delegate especially architects, developers and commercial facility managers. SPLASH! magazine through its print and online reach into Asia is uniquely positioned to promote the event. Contact:


Gosse does industry proud Elena Gosse CEO of Australian Innovative Systems has become the Community Awareness Champion at the high profile fundraising event, Dancing CEOs. She raised $23,472 for Women’s Legal Service Queensland (WLSQ), while the overall event raised $219,000 from the 12 participating CEOs. She achieved the night’s first perfect 10 score for her dance routine and was awarded the title of Community Awareness Champion for the high level of awareness and exposure she had generated for WLSQ and the Dancing CEOs event. Her innovative fundraising campaign included numerous public speaking roles, creative fundraising events and raffles which attracted a high number of donations and associated publicity. “As much as the fundraising and dancing were important parts of the evening, it was equally important to me to raise awareness of the incredible work that WLSQ does,” she says. “As a community we need to talk openly about domestic violence and make a united stand against it. We must promote the fact that there is somewhere to turn to for women facing domestic and family violence and that there is someone who

Elena Gosse takes out the title of Community Awareness Champion at the gala fundraising event, Dancing CEOs cares. Quite simply, the free legal assistance that WLSQ provides saves lives.” However, she says the grim reality is that domestic violence will continue. “The $200K raised as a result of Dancing CEOs 2016 will help WLSQ to run their free help line for another year. It is why I would like to thank everyone involved in the event, from the organisers and volunteers, to the sponsors and all who supported me and donated to my fundraising campaign. In doing so they have helped thousands of women and their children on a journey to lead safer, happier lives.” Contact: Women’s Legal Service: 800 WLS WLS (1800 957 957)



Fifty firefighters battle pool shop fire in Hornsby The Pool & Spa Warehouse retail outlet in Jersey Street, Hornsby was engulfed by fire at 6am on Sunday morning April 3, with approximately 50 firefighters battling the blaze. The pool shop fire spread to adjacent premises through the roofspace, including to the Community Church Hornsby and Studio Artes, a creative space for people with disabilities. Up to 60 people were evacuated from nearby homes and businesses and four people were treated by paramedics after being affected by the smoke. The blaze was brought under control by 8:30am. A towering plume of black smoke was caused by burning plastics from the pool cleaners, filters and other equipment. Fire & Rescue NSW Superintendent Greg Rankin said the fire was too intense for firefighters to get into the building. He said they took special precautions due to the fact that chlorine, acid and other chemicals were probably involved, although SPLASH! understands it was the plastics that caused the most serious problems. Any Hornsby residents who had not been evacuated were advised to stay inside and keep their doors and windows shut to avoid inhaling the fumes. Motorists were asked to avoid the area. Specialist hazmat teams monitored the site checking both the smoke plume and the water run-off at the fire. The air quality was confirmed safe later in the day and the residents were allowed to return home. Inspector Ron James from Fire & Rescue NSW says the building was unstable and had to be knocked down before the investigators could begin their search

for the cause of the fire. The building’s alarm was triggered about one hour before the fire took hold, believed to be near the source of the blaze. SPLASH! understands the cause of the fire was electrical. The Hornsby store outlet is one of five retail outlets operated by Pool & Spa Warehouse and Inspector James said the owners were quite devastated by the loss of the business. Mitch H from the Hornsby store says the owners are looking to open up a new store soon and while he doesn’t know if it will be permanent or temporary it will be nearby. At the time of writing SPLASH! understood negotiations were underway for a space in the same street. SPLASH! wishes the owners and staff a quick return to full operation.

Studio Artes looking for help

Studio Artes is a leading not-for-profit service provider offering programs that empower people living with disability by tapping into their creative potential. The studio is a place where all people with any disability can participate in artistic, creative and recreational activities. Studio Artes is working toward the vision of an enriched society where all people living with disability are empowered through creativity and meaningful interaction. The studio offers high-quality, person-centred programs, led by professional artists and facilitators in visual art, performing arts, learning and life skills. Go to the QuickLinks tab at splashmagazine. to donate to the Studio Artes fire recovery appeal.

Industry Moves

Vendart moves to larger Sydney premises

Vendart managing director Jason Leach announcing the company’s move to new, larger premises at Seven Hills

Managing director Jason Leach has announced Vendart’s move to a new office and warehouse in Seven Hills in NSW. He says the move to larger and more modern premises allows Vendart to not only hold more stock, but also to streamline the order processing thanks to the installation of a new communication system. “As well, being more centrally located in Seven Hills means that transport movements are faster and more convenient for us,” he says. Leach says the move had to be made during the pool season despite some minor hiccups and

delays that resulted, as Vendart was running out of space and had to resort to holding stock off-premises. “Now stock and order processing are done at the Seven Hills premises only,” he says. “The move also allows Vendart to roll out a range of new products from a better, more spacious location.” He also says new products were in the pipeline and information about them would be released shortly. New address is Unit 2, 6 Boaz Place, Seven Hills NSW 2147. Contact: (02) 9624 8842;

Spa Tech Tips Many spa owners don’t use their spa for months at a time during winter and want to shut them down. ASP recommends a spa is never emptied/ turned off for any long timeframe. Turning off a spa and draining it does not evacuate all water from the plumbing. The moisture/water remaining in the pipes, if not in perfect balance, will corrode the heater element, pump seals and other parts even if you’ve made sure there is no water in the heater at the time of draining. Also rubber o-rings can dry out and crack, mechanical seal sections can “weld” together, and jet bearings may seize with calcium. Solution 1. Never leave a spa turned off, full of water or empty. It is designed to run and be in use year-round. If it’s not going to be used for a substantial time, turn the temperature to minimum and reduce the filtration cycle length. This minimises running cost and chemical requirements, but keeps the spa filtering and balanced. Solution 2. Fully drain the spa, physically disconnecting pumps, heater etc from the plumbing and flushing with fresh water. Leave disconnected from the plumbing so moisture damage/corrosion cannot occur. Doing this will result in saving the heater, but risks o-rings drying out etc and the potential for vermin to enter plumbing is high.

For more information contact Australian Spa Parts 1300 736 025.

April/May 2016 SPLASH!




Heroic father dies trying to save daughter in electrified pool On Easter Sunday, a 43-year-old Californian father died while trying to save his nine-year-old daughter from a Palm Springs swimming pool in which the water had become electrified. Three other children and the girl’s mother were in the pool but since they were further away from the source of the current – believed to be faulty wiring in an underwater light – their injuries were less severe and were treated at the scene. The person who called emergency services was reported as saying people were turning blue after jumping into the pool, and swimmers told police they experienced a tingling feeling while in the water, leading investigators to suspect faulty wiring in the pool light as the cause. Jim Tramel, an executive with Silicon Valley firm RevJet, was at his holiday house with his family in Palm Springs when he saw his daughter sink to the bottom of the pool and turn blue. He instinctively jumped in to save her but lost consciousness as soon as he hit the water. He and his daughter were pulled out of the water by others

at the gathering, but he died from the electrical shock shortly afterwards. At the time of writing his daughter remains in critical condition while a 10-year-old girl remained in stable condition. The Los Angeles Times reports that a light fixture in the pool was missing screws and may have had some kind of power surge, electrifying the water. While there is a trend for low voltage underwater lights in the US, there is no requirement for pool lights to be low voltage, although other safeguards are meant to be in place. “It’s just all over tragic,” Police Sergeant William Hutchinson said. “It was just a sad experience for everybody.” He said that that if a person suspects that a pool has become electrified, they should shut off the electrical circuit breaker to the pool’s lighting and pump systems. The incident remains under investigation. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family. Go to the QuickLinks tab at to link to the page. SPLASH! offers condolences to the family.


Unlicensed pool builder fined thousands A NSW Central Coast man has been successfully prosecuted for unlicensed contracting and demanding and receiving an excessive deposit. He was ordered to pay $8649 in fines and costs. The offences related to sub-standard and unlicensed swimming pool repairs and restoration work valued at $6900 undertaken at a home in Berkley Vale in early 2015. Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe says Maxworthy has a long history of non-compliance with consumer protection laws, dating back to a caution in October 1987 and disciplinary fines of $500 in July 1988, $1500 in December 1989 and $1000 in September 1990. Maxworthy previously held a NSW building contractor licence that was cancelled on 19 October 1990 after several suspensions for failing to pay fines. He was also issued with 13 penalty infringement notices worth $6650 between 23 March 2010 and 9 February 2015 for offences under the Home Building Act. He has three outstanding Tribunal orders dating from 2006, 2012 and 2013. On 17 August 2014 Maxworthy registered the Maxworthy Pools website and later that month registered two Australian Business Numbers (ABNs) as an individual/sole trader and as a family partnership. On 10 January 2015 he advertised for pool restoration, repairs and resurfacing work in the Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle areas. He responded to a request from a consumer in Berkley Vale and on 12 January 2015 contracted

to do work, then demanded and received a $2000 deposit, a prohibited amount because it exceeded 10 percent of the contract value of $6900. At no time was Maxworthy licenced to do the work for which he contracted. Maxworthy Pool Restorations is not a registered business name with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Stowe urged consumers to check trade licences at or call 13 32 20. Meanwhile, there have been several other instances of unlicensed operators in NSW. These include Guildford man Paul Logan (trading as Paul Logan Creations) ordered to pay more than $90,000 in fines, costs and compensation; and a public warning against Luke Vincent Rigby who has convictions under the Home Building Act and Australian Consumer Law, and is still under investigation. The most serious incident resulted in jail time for the convicted builder. Unlicensed builder Michael Issa of Greystanes was sentenced to a 12 month prison term for fraud and fined $15,000 for four Home Building Act offences and one Australian Consumer Law offence and was also ordered to pay $26,000 compensation to two consumers. He had been in custody since January this year and was released on probation consistent with a non-parole period of two months and 11 days.

Global news Fluidra has acquired the goodwill of EGT Aqua, part of the EGT Partners Group, with the company transferring its timber pool and accessories commercialisation division to Gré, a subsidiary of the Fluidra Group. This acquisition is part of the strategic plan defined several months ago and will allow Fluidra to extend its pool product range with the addition of Sunbay branded timber swimming pools for distribution in the French and international markets. Gré has signed an exclusive agreement with Piveteau Bois, one of the leading French manufacturers for pool production. This move strengthens Fluidra’s position in the French market. Ángel Celorrio has been appointed director of of Piscina & Wellness Barcelona, the next edition of which takes place in October 2017, taking over from Josep Jonàs who will be concentrating exclusively on the management of the Sustainability and Infrastructures Business Division at Fira de Barcelona. A 45-year-old Barcelona native, Celorrio has a degree in Occupational and Organizational Psychology from the University of Barcelona and a Master in Business Management and Sales. He joined Fira de Barcelona in 2004 as the manager of hall operations. Three years later he was appointed director of Servifira, the department that sells services to exhibitors.

April/May 2016 SPLASH!



Industry Moves

Industry moves Global manufacturer of premium installation and finishing systems Laticrete has now made its products and materials available to be purchased in Western Australia, though a distribution deal with Tilers Express WA. They will stock a full range of Laticrete products for all tile and stone applications. Tilers Express can be contacted on (08) 6388 8988 or by emailing Aaron Holdaway at a.holdaway@ Laticrete products are now available to be purchased through preferred stockists across NSW, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and WA. Atlantis Eco Drainage Products has appointed a news sales contact for Queensland, Northern Territory and northern New South Wales. The new contact for purchase of Atlantis products for these areas is Teresa Cullen. Contact: admin@ ecodrainageproductsqld.; 0408 984 787. Gold Coast-based pipe repair company Nuflow Technologies announced its international expansion, with operations now established in Hong Kong, India, Thailand and Singapore. The only Australian based company licensed to roll out the innovative Nuflow technology is now set to ensure the future supply of clean drinking water in Asian countries by providing a barrier against dangerous toxins from entering pipe water supplies. They aim to ensure a safe and viable supply of water in the target markets.



April/May 2016

Jeremy Smith appointed new BDM for SR Smith Australia of competitive swimming products SR Smith Australia has named former under the Anti Wave brand, which the product manager Jeremy Smith as its company markets and sells in Australia. new business development manager. In addition, SR Smith has expanded Smith will be working with distributor into the Australian market with its partners to help increase exposure of the current family of products including comprehensive SR Smith’s Deckscaping slides, diving boards, pool games, rails, range. He brings many years of successful ladders, lifeguard chairs, starting platswimming pool industry experience to forms and pool access lifts. the new role, particularly in establishing SR Smith is a worldwide leader of new product and marketing programs. Jeremy Smith residential, commercial and pool access In November 2013, SR Smith, LLC equipment. It was founded in 1932 and is headacquired the assets of Anti Wave Australia and quartered in Canby, Oregon, USA, with additional established SRS Australia Pty Ltd. The purchase of manufacturing outside Nashville, Tennessee. Anti Wave Australia brought SR Smith a portfolio Industry moves

Hayward appoints new national sales manager Hayward Pool Products (Australia) has appointed Shawn Scurrah to the position of national sales manager, operating out of the Melbourne head office. Scurrah has many years’ experience having held a number of positions within the industry. In his most recent role he acted as national sales manager for national chemical supplier and equipment distributor Focus. He is relocating his young family

back to his home state of Victoria and in the coming months he will become a familiar face around the country in his new role. Hayward says he is looking forward to supporting the customer network and sales team with a focus on continual improvement of customer relationships and dealer support. Contact: au; (03) 9792 2325

Industry moves

BioLab recruits new Victorian BDM with pool retailers and detailed BioLab Australia has recruited knowledge of the BioGuard product Rhiannon Morgan, an experienced range and business solutions, inindustry professional, as its new cluding customer database manBusiness Development Manager agement. She will play a valuable for Victoria Central and role in supporting the growth of Western regions. BioGuard retailers’ businesses. Morgan joins BioLab with “Joining BioLab is an excitmore than five years’ experience ing next step for me in the pool in pool retail, service and sales. industry,” says Morgan. “I’ve worked This includes time spent working Rhiannon Morgan closely with BioGuard in the retail closely with the BioGuard product environment, love their products and have range and water testing systems and undertakvalued their training programs, particularly the ing BioGuard, SPASA and broader business Pool Schools. management training, and obtaining “I’m looking forward to meeting and working relevant qualifications. with my customers to maintain their hard earned BioLab says Morgan brings new energy and industry leading reputation.” enthusiasm to the role, as well as experience




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NSW Home buyers given 90 days to fix non-compliant pools

Below: From 29 April 2016, vendors will have the option to attach to the contract of sale either a Certificate of Compliance or a Certificate of Non-Compliance outlining what needs to be fixed


SW Minister for Local Government Paul Toole has announced that the regulations applying to the sale of properties with swimming pools will take effect on the planned date of 29 April 2016. However, the responsibility for making non-compliant pools compliant will shift in some cases from the vendor to the purchaser when a home with a swimming pool is being sold. In those instances the purchaser will have 90 days to rectify non-compliant swimming pool barriers. Under the earlier proposed regulation it would have been the vendor’s responsibility to get a Compliance Certificate and attach it to the contract of sale. Now, from 29 April 2016, vendors will have the option to attach to the contract of sale either a Certificate of Compliance or a Certificate of Non-Compliance outlining what needs to be fixed. While the changes shift the responsibility from the vendor to the purchaser in some instances, it will help to minimise the rectification log-jam that had been widely anticipated once the legislation comes into effect. Currently, with up to 95 per cent of swimming pools barriers failing a first inspection, many homebuyers may be unknowingly purchasing homes with non-compliant swimming pool barriers. The NSW Office of Local Government (OLG) says the government had previously acknowledged the low numbers of qualified certifiers and has worked to increase both the number and the quality of pool certifiers by introducing the E1 Swimming Pool Certifiers course. There are now 208 private certifiers across NSW, including 14 from border states, ready to undertake swimming pool certification inspections in addition to council certifiers. To further attract certifiers, the Building Professionals Board (BPB) has reduced the licensing fee for E1 Swimming Pool Certifiers from $1500 to $750 and has accredited three training providers offering the E1 Swimming Pool Certifiers course with more providers to come. The OLG says the number of compliance certificates issued has been increasing and it is anticipated that there will be a continued increase in the number of certificates of compliance issued as the introduction of the sale and lease provisions commences. “While there is no substitute for vigilant adult supervision of children, this change will ensure that new pool owners understand what they need to do to make their pools safe,” says Minister Toole. Over the past ten years, 1000 children in NSW have required hospital admission as a result of an immersion in a backyard swimming pool. Tragically, 60 children have drowned with an additional 70 children suffering permanent neurological damage. “These statistics highlight the devastating impact on families and the need for property owners to ensure their swimming pool barriers are compliant at all times,” he says. “This will ensure that homebuyers are fully informed before entering into a contract of what they need to do to make their pool barriers safe.” Fully-informed homebuyers will be empowered to negotiate a purchase price that takes the cost of compliance into account. Councils can issue fines to owners if pool barriers are found to be non-compliant. The NSW Government has previously announced that, from 29 April 2016, every new tenancy application to the Residential Tenancy Tribunal must have a compliance certificate if the property has a swimming pool. This has remained unchanged and will come into effect on the planned date. The pool compliance certificate regime has been delayed twice with the first date set at April 29, 2014, then April 29, 2015 and now it will be going ahead on April 29, 2016.

The NSW Government says it is currently considering the recommendations in the Review of the Swimming Pool Barrier Requirements for Backyard Swimming Pools in NSW (the Lambert Review) and will issue a response later this year.

Support from industry

Robert Guthrie, president of SPASA NSW & ACT, says his organisation is pleased the government has recognised the need to provide relief for vendors while arming purchasers with the relevant information before entering into a contract, but is keen to see the recommendations of the Lambert Review. He says the transfer of compliance amendment is necessary to address supply and demand issues for vendors, purchasers and tradespeople tasked with undertaking repairs within rigid timelines. Tim McKibbin, CEO of the Real Estate Institute of NSW says that the government’s move is a good compromise. “I think that what concerned the government is that there’s a shortage of resources, as the E1 certifiers are in short supply, and they’ve recognised that and in the interest of not holding up the transfer of the property they have said that the vendor has to get a certificate, but if the pool is non-compliant the Non-Compliance Certificate goes on the contact of sale.” McKibbin says it’s important that now the purchaser will be put on notice that there is a danger and an issue that has to be dealt with within 90 days. “The purchaser will then be able to make a determination as to the cost of the remedial activities to undertake within the 90 days and within the negotiation for the acquisition of the property, and they’ll no doubt factor in the cost. “Or they may say, it’s a danger to my family and I’m no longer interested in pursuing the acquisition of the property on those grounds. But the important point is they are on notice of the issue,” he says. “I think it is a good balance to not interrupt the purchase or sale of the property. In a perfect world, we’d want to see all pools compliant before exchange because what we said from day one is that this is a good initiative, and that any initiatives that address injury – and in this case also sadly death – will have our support. “But having said that the program has to work and we were concerned, and still are concerned, that there aren’t enough certifiers.” Go to the QuickLinks tab at for links to the relevant changes to the legislation. April/May 2016 SPLASH!




Government considers national pool pump regulation Above: The E3 Committee is planning to release a consultation RIS on regulation and labelling of pool pumps this year

Rick Miles, the acting national Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 (GEMS) regulator and the chair of the E3 program committee, has contacted SPLASH! to help inform the industry on the upcoming considerations for national regulation of pool pumps, and the status of the E3 program. Below is an article he has put together for the industry’s information. The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program is considering the costs and benefits of introducing mandatory Minimum Energy Efficiency Performance Standards (MEPS) for residential pool pumps. The committee is also considering moving from the current Voluntary Energy Rating Label to a mandatory label. In households with a swimming pool or spa, the pump often uses more electricity than any other appliance in the house. For this reason, the E3 Program has identified swimming pool pumps as an area where there may be scope for big improvements in household energy efficiency. The E3 Committee is planning to release a consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) on possible approaches for regulation and labelling of pool pumps around the middle of this year. Industry and other interested stakeholders will have three months to consider the options set out in the RIS, participate in face to face meetings and public discussions on the proposals and make a submission to the E3 Committee.

What is being proposed?

Rick Miles, the acting national GEMS regulator and the chair of the E3 committee 22 SPLASH! April/May 2016

The consultation RIS will detail possible regulatory options and provide evidence for and against specific proposals, including the results of a detailed cost benefit analysis and an analysis of the economic effects of the regulatory proposals. In summary, the consultation RIS will:

By Rick Miles

• Detail the specific regulation options being considered, encompassing: - no change to the current arrangements; - regulation requiring mandatory energy efficiency labelling for pool pumps; - regulation requiring mandatory MEPS for pool pumps; and - regulation requiring both mandatory labelling and mandatory MEPS for pool pumps. • Provide details on the scope of any new regulation options, such as the type of pumps or equipment that could be covered by any new regulations. • O utline possible transitional arrangements from the current voluntary energy labelling scheme to a mandatory approach.

How you can help?

Preparing the consultation RIS requires a lot of data. The E3 Program is commissioning testing of the energy efficiency and noise produced by pool pumps on the market and we may be contacting companies and industry associations about getting up-to-date data on the market for pool pumps. The industry has been working with the E3 Program over the years to promote energy efficiency improvements in pool pumps, including helping with the development of national energy test methods and establishing the voluntary energy rating labelling scheme, which has 65 registered models. If you would like to know more, you can email the E3 Program at with “Swimming Pool Pumps” in the subject line or you can ring the project leader for pool pumps, Mr Peter McLoughlin, on (02) 6243 7957. To stay informed about the development of the consultation RIS and other work on energy efficiency, you can also subscribe to the E3 Program’s newsletter, The Efficiency Standard. Go to the QuickLink tab at au for easy links to contacts and more information.

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Families made up the bulk of the visitors

Both days saw excellent numbers coming through

Expo News The 2016 South Australian Swimming Pool & Spa consumer show will be held at Adelaide Showgrounds on May 14 and 15. It will have a guaranteed marketing expenditure of $80,000 plus a new television commercial, along with digital, print and radio. It is being held at the same time as the Adelaide Sports & Fitness Expo, the Body Mind & Psychic Expo and the Wildlife Expo, all of which are expected to add to the buzz. SPASA SA is aiming at an exhibitor floorspace of 2000sqm. Door prizes have been donated by Spa Industries and Daydream Pools.

In 2016, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) is hosting its annual Euro Attractions Show (EAS) for the first time in Barcelona. EAS is the largest conference and trade show for the attractions industry in Europe and will take place Tuesday, 20 September to Thursday, 22 September at the Gran Via Convention Center in Barcelona. This three-day event will feature a trade show floor filled with the latest products and services and more than 20 hours of educational sessions, forums, facility tours, professional development, and networking events. The event is expected to attract more than 9000 industry professionals from more than 100 countries.



April/May 2016

The education sessions were very well attended

Leisure Pools had the only freestanding negative edge pool in the Australian market on display

Fibreglass pools proved popular


Sunny Sydney draws families to Rosehill Good weather saw an increase in consumer numbers at the 2016 SPASA Pool & Spa Expo in a welcome sign for the industry. Attendees included a large number of families throughout the two days, and SPASA says they distributed more than 4500 Pool and Spa Essentials magazines. The event hosted 90 exhibitors and 12 well-attended free consumer seminars. Spiros Dassakis, CEO of SPASA NSW & ACT says the quality of attendees at this year’s expo validates the love that NSW and ACT residents have for pools, spas and outdoor living. “The expo provided an excellent platform for industry to showcase swimming pools, spas, products and services directly to the public under one roof,” he says. “Rosehill was packed full of feature displays, special show offers and new releases from leading suppliers, plus many of Sydney’s award-winning pool, spa and landscape designers. Also on display were the latest shade systems, gazebos, pool and spa heating systems, barbecues, outdoor tiles and pool/spa finishes.” He also says that SPASA spent an enormous amount of time, energy and funds coordinating and promoting ownership of pools and spas through the expo and he was happy to report that the quality of attendees was high. “The general consensus was that the level of genuine inquiry had surpassed expectations and that exhibitors were very satisfied with the leads generated,” he says.



West Aussies holiday at home The Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo was held in Perth on April 2 and 3. With more than 6000 visitors, the organisers are hailing it as a great success, considering the currently slower Western Australian market. These numbers were down from the peak of March 2015 but higher than both September 2015 and September 2014. There were 108 exhibitors showing their pool and outdoor wares over a beautiful Perth weekend, shared with a number of other local events such as the Bike Hike which closed part of the freeway and a Walk for Cancer Charity Event as well as a ROC family adventure race. The marketing campaign was well received with the message to Holiday at Home. The expo covers more than just swimming pools and spas, as it also has outdoor kitchens, BBQs, landscaping, turf, paving and decking. Organiser Carol Harper says the visitors may come looking for an outdoor kitchen but leave with a spa. “The numbers may not have been as high as previous years,” Harper says. “However every exhibitor has said that they were happy with the leads they received over the weekend. “The other very important aspect of exhibiting is the networking opportunities with other exhibitors. Many working relationships are formed at events such as these, and could provide as much business as selling to the public.” Research found that 34 per cent of the attendees were 35 to 44 years of age, and 29 per cent were 45 to 54 years of age. The research also showed 60 per cent of attendees came to see swimming pools, and 62 per cent came for landscaping ideas. Contact:

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April/May 2016 SPLASH!



Are pool covers as good as we’re told they are? T he supply of pool covers for new pools is compulsory in most states. It is seen as environmentally friendly as the cover will reduce evaporation and thus save water. It also reduces the amount of chemicals required as it protects the water from direct sunlight which plays a large part in the depletion of chlorine. A cover, if carefully removed, can reduce the amount of leaves and other debris in the pool – saving further water due to a reduced need to backwash while also saving chemicals. These performance claims are not unreasonable as most if not all pool covers sold are capable of achieving all of the above. Can they do what they are supposed to – YES! Do they actually achieve these results in real life – most unlikely! Why not? Because human nature kicks in and it can become too much of a problem to use the covers to gain full advantage from them. This article is not a shot at the pool cover industry or even the regulators that require their sale. Its aim is primarily to get those who sell the covers to better advise their customers how to get the best from their purchase, and of the consequent problems should they ignore that advice. Of course we all know about leading the horse to water…

Human nature

Generally, pool covers are less frequently used at the time of the year when most benefit can be gained from them; and conversely used more frequently at a time of the year when they are of least benefit. Human nature says that in the warmer part of the year the pool will get maximum use and for those with families, that can mean almost daily. Removing and 26


April/May 2016

By Cal Stanley

replacing a pool cover is not always a quick and simple task. It is even more difficult trying to prevent debris on the cover surface from falling into the pool water. So in summer when evaporation is strongest, chemical usage is highest, and surface debris is most common, the cover will likely be used the least, if at all. Human nature says that for the six to eight months of colder weather, the pool is not going to get much use. I’ve got an automatic chlorine and/or pH device so I will put the cover on and forget it for a while. This at a time when evaporation is non-existent due to winter rains, and chemical usage is at its lowest. For many, that “period of forgetfulness” gets longer and longer. Where are the savings now?

Chemical nature

Chemical nature results in a lower chemical demand during cold weather due to the actual temperature, the absence of bathers, in many cases less debris and a reduction in the effect of the sun’s UV rays. Evaporation is low and any such loss easily replaced by winter rains. A salt chlorinator generally does not produce chlorine on demand, it produces according to the setting on the chlorinator. Some pool owners will reduce the chlorine production in winter, many will not. Regardless, one of the real possible savings with a cover can turn into the exact opposite. The chlorine level in a

“This article is not a shot at the pool cover industry … its aim is primarily to get those who sell the covers to better advise their customers how to get the best from their purchase, and of the consequent problems should they ignore that advice.”


Aqua Technics Pools are seeking expressions of interest from qualified and experienced pool builders/installers who would like to become an Aqua Technics Pools accredited dealer. We pride ourselves on developing relationships and offering support without interfering in how you run your business. We offer the following exclusive products and features, many of which cannot be matched by other pool builders:

40 years manufacturing experience Does natural human inertia mean pool covers aren’t used to their full advantage?

covered pool may continue to rise to the point where levels as high as 30ppm have been recorded. This can cause major degradation to the pool cover and bleach colour out of a pool surface. Chemical nature also causes the production of carbon dioxide (CO2) when acid is added to pool water. CO2 is itself acidic and thus lowers the pH of the water. Any excess of CO2 normally gases off and is absorbed into the atmosphere. This “gassing off ” is prevented by a pool cover, so the pool’s pH can get lower and lower and result in degradation of the cementitious surface layer of many concrete pools. Of course, many pool owners do not check chemical levels at all over winter resulting in a pool that looks more like a swamp when they finally remove the cover. Black spot algae and other nasties can proliferate and be very costly to remove and some effects may be permanent. Treatment in the hand of the unskilled may also damage pool surfaces. Where are the savings now?

Now producing from our purpose-built, state of the art manufacturing facility, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. • • • • • • • •


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Prominent advice

Most pool covers are purchased based on the perceived savings discussed above. The purchasers need to receive better instructions to achieve these savings. Most sellers of pool covers do give good instructions in pool cover use but maybe they should be more prominent and reinforced verbally at the point of sale. But as we know, you can lead that horse to the water trough as often as you like but if he ain’t thirsty then he ain’t going to drink. For these articles Cal Stanley draws on his 30 years’ experience and success in pool construction, having run award-winning pool construction company Neptune Pools in Western Australia for three decades. For the past five years he has worked as a pool consultant and trainer and delivers hydraulics courses for the swimming pool industry. If you have a topic you think Cal should delve into, contact him on:

POOL Confidential enquiries can TECHNOLOGY EXPERTS be directed to: Neville Fenton E: M: 0412 654 399

April/May 2016 SPLASH!


Bringing together leaders in the Southeast Asian Architectural & Building Management Industries

The fourth edition of SPLASH! Asia will be held as part of the Architecture & Building Services (ABS) Show on 28 – 30 September 2016 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore SPLASH! Asia was first held in 2011 and has seen the emergence of a genuine pool and spa industry in Asia. The industry has a different profile to other pool and spa trade shows in Australia and Europe. According to Simon Cooper, Managing Director of Interpoint Events and Publisher of SPLASH! magazine the Asian market is both complex and weighted towards the commercial sector. “We launched the show in 2011 and with the support and sponsorship support of Pentair and participation from leading players such as Fluidra, Haywards and Waterco we positioned the event as a regional show for suppliers and distributors. Over three editions we have seen the show develop, but our research has shown in order to be successful we need to reach the commercial pool & water market. The real buyers and decision makers are the architects, builders and developers. Hence our partnership with ABS” ABS is a well-established event attracting more than 9000 visitors and comprises six events. Two of these: ArchXpo, the 3rd International Exhibition of Architecture and The Built Environment and the International Facility Management Expo attract delegates interested in building and maintaining pools in commercial properties. A SPLASH! Asia pavilion will be part of this event for the first time. SPLASH! Asia will be organised by Interpoint Events – who have run the event since 2011 and will receive the support of SPLASH! magazine along with a number of industry associations. The ABS show differs from past events in that it is longer (three days) which will deliver greater value and contact time for international exhibitors, and the Convention format delivers a high quality of delegate especially architects, developers and commercial facility managers. SPLASH! magazine through its print and online reach into Asia is uniquely positioned to promote the event.

To be part of SPLASH! Asia 2016 contact Karen Jaques on +61 2 8586 6135 or email

Elmgreen & Dragset, Van Gogh’s Ear, 2016. Artists’ rendering. Courtesy of the artists and Public Art Fund, NY


Swimming pool elevated to high art in NYC


rtist duo Elmgreen & Dragset have transformed Fifth Avenue in New York, USA, with a giant swimming pool. Van Gogh’s Ear is a sculpture that takes the form of a swimming pool sitting upright. Its cyan blue interior, adorned with a polished stainless steel ladder, bright lights and a diving board, opens up to the public traveling down Fifth Avenue. Conceived specifically for this site, where fashion, commerce, tourism, business and art collide, the work playfully contradicts our expectations of both this familiar object and the iconic site. Van Gogh’s Ear will be free to the public and on view from April 13 through June 3, 2016. The exhibition is organised by the Public Art Fund and Tishman Speyer. Following its presentation at the Rockefeller Center, the K11 Art Foundation will take Van Gogh’s Ear to China. The work is displayed as if in a high-end retail showroom, and it continues the idea of Marcel Duchamp’s readymades which debuted a century ago and featured ordinary objects elevated to the level of high art by the choice of the artist. In contrast with these works, which were often only

Elmgreen & Dragset have carefully designed and crafted each detail of Van Gogh’s Ear to mimic a garden pool

slightly modified, Elmgreen & Dragset have carefully designed and crafted each detail of Van Gogh’s Ear to mimic a garden pool. Re-positioned in a pedestrian plaza surrounded by the busy life of tourists, skyscrapers, and businesses, the pool stands out as a surreal object uprooted from its usual environment. The sculptural elements of the pool itself—from the curves created by the different depths and its overall shape, to the protruding diving board— become apparent when it is singularly presented vertically and above ground. Elmgreen & Dragset render the pool devoid of function via its displacement, and in turn prompt a simultaneously more cerebral, poetic, and aesthetic approach to the actual object as well as its setting. “The title Van Gogh’s Ear plays on the mythological versus the ordinary. We thought it was a perfect name for a swimming pool of this shape. It opens up the possibility for a different perception of the form itself. And like the myth of Van Gogh cutting off his ear in despair, the dislocated pool will hopefully make people wonder ‘why?’, and pursue their own reasoning behind this inexplicable scenario,” say Elmgreen & Dragset. Contact: #RockCenterArt @PublicArtFund April/May 2016 SPLASH!



Criminalising pool-related deaths could be counterproductive says legal expert Mark O’Connor

Earlier this year, SPLASH! reported that a Queensland coroner had called for tougher penalties for people found negligent in cases of pool drowning, including potentially sending those found guilty to prison. Now, Mark O’Connor, compensation law expert with Brisbane firm Bennett & Philp Lawyers, suggests that such an approach may restrict the victim’s families from successfully seeking compensation.


his issue made news after an inquiry into the death of four-year-old William Corben, who drowned in a neighbour’s backyard pool on the Gold Coast a year ago. William died last March after he was found unconscious in the pool of his neighbours, Rodney and Lisa Stewart. The pool gate had been deliberately propped open with a wooden block. The child had been playing hide-and-seek with four other children when he reportedly entered the pool area unnoticed and drowned. Media reports stated Deputy State Coroner John Lock, who investigated William’s death, said Mr Stewart had propped the gate open so he could bring his mower through – something he often did. A safety bracket that prevented the opening of a

30 SPLASH! April/May 2016

screen door from a bedroom to the pool area was also removed after an inspection of the property in 2014, the Coroner’s Court in Brisbane was told. “It arguably points to a fairly cavalier approach by the Stewarts to their obligation to maintain pool safety,” Mr Lock said. The court reportedly heard neither of the Stewarts were watching the children, all of whom were aged under 11, while they were playing, and that William’s death could have been prevented. “In this case, submissions were made that there is sufficient information for me to refer the facts of the case to the DPP,” Mr Lock wrote in his findings. “I agree the appropriate threshold has been reached to do so.” The Stewarts could face a charge of leaving a child


“I believe there will be some support for the state government to consider making it a criminal act for people who deliberately prop open pool gates or flout pool fencing safety.” under 12 unattended if the Director of Public Prosecution pursues the matter. If charges are laid it would escalate growing moves to strengthen backyard pool safety. Queensland has tough laws and fines now for pool fencing but, despite this, there has been a spate of child pool drownings in the state and authorities are alarmed by the spike. The Royal Life Saving Society’s annual drowning report has revealed a 30 per cent national increase in drownings of children aged under-five last year, reversing a historic downward trend. The report recorded 271 deaths due to drowning in the last financial year, with 26 of those being of children of pre-school age. The society found children under five is the age group that is most at risk of drowning and the majority occur in and around the home – commonly in home swimming pools. With these factors in mind, I believe there will be some support for the State Government to consider making it a criminal act for people who deliberately prop open pool gates or flout pool fencing safety, because some pool owners need a hard reality check about child pool drowning risks. As an injury compensation lawyer I have represented parents of children drowned in backyard pools and know first-hand how a tragedy like this devastates and tears a family apart. We must do anything we can to prevent child pool drownings. But I caution that treating the leaving of a pool gate open as a criminal matter could have an unexpected and unwanted side effect on the families of victims. Under Australian law there is no entitlement to compensation for parents for the loss of a child who died because of a pool owner’s negligence. But compensation may be available to parents for psychological or other injury, which may develop consequently on their child’s death. But there’s no compensation for the accidental death. This is a delicate topic, but one that could be worthy of some community discussion. However, if a parent or close family member developed a psychological or other injury because of the drowning, then there are compensation avenues against the pool owners, which will be covered by the public liability insurance they would have in their home contents insurance policy. But here’s the warning: such insurance policies would likely have a clause denying coverage to the property owner if the negligent act that caused the death led to a criminal conviction. I think if the State Government did want to make leaving pool gates open a criminal act, it would need to consider the impact on the pool owner’s public liability cover of their insurance policy. If there is no insurance company to stand behind the negligent pool owner then often any claim for compensation would not be viable to pursue and leave seriously psychologically injured parents and family members with no viable form of redress. However, I support anything that improves pool safety because there have been far too many child drownings in Queensland pools. I don’t see how anyone could justify deliberately circumventing pool fencing rules and exposing any children to the risk of drowning in an unsupervised pool. Mark O’Connor is a director and injury compensation law expert with Brisbane firm Bennett & Philp Lawyers.

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Currently four discs to choose from, Chlorine/Bromine, Chlorine/Bromine + Phosphate, Chlorine /Bromine + Borate, Biguanide + Borate - minimum of eight tests per disc. DataMate Web - Cloud based software. Mobile connectivity to Apple and Android Smartphone or tablet. Mobile Job Scheduling - Single cloud based database.

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No longer just a

blokey industry D

“One of the hardest decisions of my life was to join the family business because I didn’t want anyone thinking I had a handout or couldn’t have made it on my own.”

Lynley Papineau, president of SPASA Australia and executive director of Aquatic Leisure Technologies

uring World War II, when large numbers of male workers went to fight in Europe and the Pacific, women took their place in more “masculine” occupations in the workforce. These gains in traditional male jobs such as manufacturing were short-lived, as they were deemed necessary only for the war effort, and once the men returned from overseas the situation went back to pretty much business as usual. However, social, economic and industrial evolution has seen a change from the traditional family having only a male breadwinner, to a situation where women are valued in most occupations – as is their input to the family coffers. Perhaps understandably, some occupations have still remained very male-orientated – usually those that are physically demanding, involve a lot of “dirty” work and have an ingrained “blokey” culture. The swimming pool industry – especially on the construction side – has definitely been one of those industries in the past. But times are changing as more and more women are finding their place in the industry – and not only as workers, but as leaders. There are a number of reasons for this including the maturation of the industry and the influx of a second and third generation into the pool businesses. Whereas previously many business owners planned to pass the reins onto their sons, many now pass them onto their daughters instead. It is also worth considering the distinction between the three arms of the pool and spa industry. While construction has been the most male orientated, manufacturing was less so, and retail least of all.

Also, it is worth considering that most small builders have been very much a partnership between the man working in the field, and the woman running the office side of the business. Over the following pages we talk to a number of women who have made their mark on the industry and are helping lead it into the future. We look at the changing perceptions of women in the industry by other industry members and also by the general public. We’ve spoken to a number of women in the industry, but this of course only represents a small sample of the women who are out there making a success in the swimming pool and spa industry, and in turn making the industry a success.

Like father like daughter

After 21 years in the industry, Lynley Papineau has risen to the role of president of SPASA Australia and executive director of Perth-based fibreglass pool manufacturer, Aquatic Leisure Technologies (ALT). It is an exciting time to be involved in the industry, with the transition to a national SPASA on the association side and technological advancement on the manufacturing side. Like a number of the participants in this article, Papineau came from a pool industry family and was given the opportunity to continue with the family business. “When I graduated from university with a Bachelor 32 SPLASH! April/May 2016


of Business I had to make the choice to join the family business or branch out on my own,” she says. “After doing work experience at a large mining company, I knew that it would be years before I could have a significant impact. I was impatient and wanted to make a difference straight away. One of the hardest decisions of my life was to join the family business because I didn’t want anyone thinking I had a handout or couldn’t have made it on my own. It may have been hard but was also one of the best decisions to enter the swimming pool industry and join ALT. “I had grown up around pools with many school holidays spent in the office helping out. As the business was a lot smaller back then there wasn’t a position for me in my field of marketing and public relations so I started out in purchasing and stock control, moving into office management and quality assurance before taking over the marketing function some years later. All of these roles helped build a solid foundation to understand how the business operated.” Although the industry tends to be male-orientated, Papineau says being a woman hasn’t made life too difficult as an industry leader. “Sure there have been some experiences and comments over the past 21 years that I would prefer to forget, wish they didn’t happen and certainly would not have happened if I was a bloke but I won’t let the minority of small minded people impact the person I want to be or the career I want to have,” she says. Papineau adds that she has always been focussed and results orientated. “It doesn’t take people long to realise you are competent when there is positive change. In the early days I was very mindful of being in a position of authority as a 25-year-old female, as the daughter of the business owner asking team members who had been around for a lot longer to trust you that the change or improvement you wanted to implement would work.” However, she says any reluctance probably had more to do with her age than her gender. “Once you get a few wins under your belt and the trust is built, you very quickly get a reputation as the ‘go to person’ to get the job done.” She says that ALT has always been an organisation that supports women in business, and as such she has been surrounded by strong and capable women. “The manufacturing and construction sides are certainly more male-dominated due to the physical demands of the roles, but there are plenty of husband and wife partnerships owning and operating pool building companies in Perth,” she says. “From the perspective of our business and other businesses in the industry there is a strong presence of women. ALT has four women as part of the management team. It is more at the committee and board levels where I see some gender inequality.” In 2000 she became the youngest and first female president of SPASA WA. There are now three women on the SPASA WA committee and she says she’d like to see other states encourage women to join board positions. She adds that during her 18 years involved with SPASA she has always felt supported. “I remember falling pregnant during my first term as president,” she says. “And I wondered what the committee would think. We were lobbying government as

the time in relation to a change in legislation. The committee was not only happy for me but fully supported my role as president. In terms of discussions around gender equality, I have always taken the mind-set that I am equal and it is my work that should be judged and not my gender. “To me the most important point is choice. Any woman should have the same choices available to them as a man. It is then up to any individual or family unit to decide what is best for them. The problem is that many workplaces don’t offer choices that are conducive to women re-entering the workforce after having a family.”

Flexible workplaces

“I am a strong believer in whoever is best for the job, they should be given every opportunity to succeed whether they are male or female.”

Papineau says the real challenge is being able to achieve business success with a work-life balance, and that a flexible work environment is key to retaining women in the industry; which ultimately benefits both employees and employers. “Some of our key staff members are working mums with flexible arrangements – they are powerhouses. I challenge businesses in our industry to consider offering flexible working arrangements if they don’t already. Through this we can invest and develop women in our industry which can ultimately result in more women in leadership roles.” She adds that women in leadership positions offer a different perspective and it is important to have a balanced view in any team. Papineau recommends women in the industry look for networking and advancement opportunities through initiatives such as the Telstra Women in Business Awards program, and the Accelerated Leadership Performance Program for Women through the Australian School of Applied Management and Women & Leadership Australia (see box on page 39). Scholarship funding is available and the program supports the advancement of women into positions of leadership across the Australian workforce. She is not aware of any specific swimming pool and spa industry networking programs for women, but says it is something SPASA Australia could consider leading the way with.

The third generation of women

Peita Otterbach, sales and marketing manager at Albatross Pools, is continuing the line of women involved in the family business, starting with her grandmother Judith Van Der Haar and her mother Lynda Van Der Haar. Her grandfather Ben Van Der Haar started the business in 1969 with Judith working as the office administrator. Her father Michael Van Der Haar started working for the business when he was 12, initially cleaning the pools before moving on to help build them. “Then he went over to Canada where he did quite intensive training on our particular system – which originally comes from Canada – and when he came back he became the construction manager and showed the team how to build the pools in a more efficient manner,” Otterbach says. He expanded the business to Brisbane where he met and married Lynda in the 1980s, who also joined the business handling retail sales and support. “When grandpa officially retired, the whole family moved back to Melbourne and I started in the company

Peita Otterbach, sales and marketing manager at Albatross Pools, is the third generation of women in her family in the pool and spa industry

April/May 2016  SPLASH!  33


“I recall one time when an industry rep asked my husband not to include me in a meeting. I’ll never know exactly why but I will assume it was because I wouldn’t hold back on asking the tough questions.”

Kate Smith, general manager of Compass Pools Victoria in a tongue-in-cheek pose with some award photos

part-time. I was in my teens, then. Basically I’ve always worked in the pool shop from when I was at school and then when I was at uni. “When I finished uni my mum and dad said, you need five years’ experience outside the business. So I gained a background in franchise marketing and in earthmoving and machinery with Caterpillar. That experience helped because I now deal with both trade and retail.” Otterbach completed an MBA, and as she gave her last presentation she suddenly realised she really wanted to go back into the family business. Now, with Justin Otterbach, her husband, they are the family succession for the business, with three younger siblings also involved part time. “My role is essentially to look after sales and marketing, but like most small family businesses we need multiple skill sets, marketing to both retail and trade as well as export. I look after the retail stores and sell the pools and deal with the pool buyers.” Otterbach says that the export and trade sides are definitely male-orientated. “But they’ve always been very respectful and they don’t question my knowledge just because I’m a female – and I think that’s a sign of the times as well.”

Consumer confidence

Otterbach says that when she started in consumer sales in her late 20s, her age was as much of an issue as her gender. “The first two things that were barriers when I started was my age. There was a minority of pool buyers – the husband in the couple usually – who saw my age as a barrier. And my gender – but I didn’t let that consume me. If I came across questions I couldn’t answer I never bluffed, I always waited until I had the answers and came back to them. And nine out of ten, those were the hardest clients to get across the line, but they were also the most satisfying. “I think once you get your confidence up and believe in what you’re doing – and I believe strongly in what we do – that shines through in the end. And with consumers who did have some sort of gender bias, I just went above and beyond to get the sale across the line. “I now have a lot of pool buyers asking for me by name, because I have a blog post, and some females want a woman to come out and sell the pool to them – but I think that’s just a comfort thing more than anything.” She says that with the trade, she did meet some re-

sistance early on from the older generation, but believes that was as much to do with the fact she was new as anything else. “At the SPLASH! trade shows for example, older gentlemen of my father’s era – until they knew who I was – in the first instance would prefer to speak to a man. That was fine in the early days, it didn’t bother me, because they didn’t know who I was – so you can look at that two ways. “I would definitely agree that the industry is still blokey – especially dealing with the older generations. But with the younger generation – as a reflection of the times – it’s not as prevalent.” Comparing her experience in other male-dominated industries, Otterbach says manufacturing and optometry (where she worked in franchise marketing) were more progressive than the swimming pool industry. “But I think we’re catching up. And the role those other knowledgeable, confident women are playing in the industry is helpful for us all.”

Daughters succeeding

“I don’t really network in a formal way with other women but I do have friends in the industry. Veronica Neal, Peter from AstralPool’s step-daughter for example, she’s a friend and also a really good networking contact.” She says that more women are coming through into the family businesses now and that succession means the industry doesn’t lose the knowledge base, so we don’t have to repeat the same mistakes made in the past. “There isn’t a lot being done to attract younger people to the industry – although people like Lindsay McGrath are trying to drive more young people into it. Without succession, it’s hard to know who to sell your business to. This is a huge focus in the USA at the moment – certification for the younger people coming through.” She says that there are some differences in attitude between women and men, but believes the best person for the job should get it. “I tend to find the women in the industry are a little bit more holistic in our approach – more mindful of the impact to people in the business as well as the business itself, and how decisions will affect members of the team. Without wanting to sound soft and fluffy, they are often more in tune with the people side of the business. “Having said that, I am a strong believer in whoever is best for the job, they should be given every opportunity to succeed whether they are male or female. “If the industry continues to evolve and lift its profile – through the efforts of SPASA and the like – it will attract the next generation of educated minds and hopefully this includes a decent handful of strong and confident women.”

Pump talk

Kate Smith, general manager of Compass Pools Vic, says that while the industry is generally supportive, the general public can sometimes be less supportive. “I have had the odd cases where customers have requested they speak to my manager, or have requested my boss’s details so they can tell them how they thought I was very knowledgeable or professional,” says Smith, who runs the company. “They want to let them know that I was doing a good job!” 34 SPLASH! April/May 2016


Elena Gosse (left) with artist Ludmila Lyubushkina and Queensland Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence Sharon Fentiman. Lyubushkina was invited by Gosse to the Women’s Week Community Lunch as part of her participation in Dancing CEOs, through which she is raising awareness and funds for the Women’s Legal Service Queensland (WLSQ) which provides free legal and welfare assistance to women and children affected by domestic and family violence. Lyubushkina’s artistic efforts depict women of different nationalities represented as traditional Russian Matryoshka dolls

Maytronics’ problem solver Anna Meldrum started her career in the pool industry at the Monash Aquatic Centre as a lifeguard back in 2000 and worked her way up to become Victorian customer service manager, playing an integral role in helping grow the Maytronics business

Smith is the daughter of Ted and Lyn Martin who ran the Victorian business from 1977, and brother to Adam Martin who runs the business with her. She believes that coming into the family business offered an easier pathway to managing a medium sized company than some other women may have experienced. “I note that most women who are running companies usually come from a family background. This industry is not really attractive to younger women who would want to run a construction business.” Having said that, she believes it would be a challenging job regardless of gender. “I think running a construction business must be one of the more challenging types of businesses to run as a swimming pool is really like a mini- (or more often a major-) backyard renovation. So I don’t think having a male-dominated industry makes running our company any more challenging.” Sometimes having women dealing with clients can be advantageous, as they may see things with a slightly different perspective, and previously Compass Pools Vic had sent female staff to conduct handovers, with positive results. One of the issues for women in the industry is the fear of being bamboozled by technical details, but Smith says women should not let “pump talk” worry them. “People love to talk pumps in our industry: sales people, suppliers, even the general public – which always surprises me as the pump represents less than one per cent of the cost of a pool,” she says. “It would be like going to a house builder and wanting to talk about the hot water service – obviously something that needs consideration, but for many it seems to be their number one focus. “So, as long as I can talk the pump talk – without bluffing my way – I very rarely feel out of my depth.” Currently all her excavation and installation crews are men but she has had women installers in the past, although they found the role less suitable after starting a family. Smith says she receives terrific support from her crews

and from male builders via the SPASA network, but wonders if female sales staff could do with more support. On a lighter note, she says that when she met her husband Xavier Smith 16 years ago, she told him she ran a family swimming pool company with her parents and brother. “Xavier honestly thought I just walked around in swimwear all day! Sixteen years on and he is now running it with me I think sometimes he wished that was all I did!”

Lightbulb moments

When Elena Gosse, CEO of Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) joined the Australian swimming pool and spa industry, she already had a great deal of experience navigating male dominated arenas in the media and entertainment industries in Russia. “I worked as part of male dominated teams in my former entertainment career in the USSR so it wasn’t very different when I changed careers,” she says. “What was different was mastering the English language and acquiring the technical skills and knowledge required for my new industry. “I arrived in Australia from Russia in 1994 and then started work with AIS in 1995. My limited command of the English language, along with my Russian accent, made things difficult. I could not understand Australian slang at all. I can assure you that it does not translate into Russian! “Initially I felt like a fish out of water. I decided to focus on the structure of the business, to build it so that it worked more efficiently and profitably, and relied on others with the necessary technical skills and knowledge in our company to design and manufacture our products. I then progressed to fully understanding our technology. “Looking back, I was probably too hard on myself. It is the curse of being a perfectionist!” Gosse says her turning point was when – after years of building the business and gaining various, additional qualifications – she convinced herself that she was serious and competent. “A lightbulb moment came when I realised that my April/May 2016  SPLASH!  35


“I certainly don’t think there is any need for women to act like men to achieve our goals.”

role was simply to lead my team and that I did not need to be the world’s most proficient, technical specialist in water disinfection to be a successful CEO. “Of course I understand our technology but I entrust my expert staff to design and manufacture it while sharing with them my vision for our future. My job is to drive our company forward and provide an inspirational and innovative environment for staff to work within as well as build bridges between AIS and various stakeholders.” Gosse believes women are born with natural leadership abilities. “We are carers, strategists, negotiators, nurturers, communicators and visionaries. We are intuitive, resourceful and creative problem solvers,” she says. She thinks that helps them excel at collaboration and multi-tasking, and that women are often very supportive of others, rather than competitive. Women now make up 40 per cent of AIS staff. “I love being a successful woman,” she says. “And I want others to be successful as well. Thankfully gender equity is here to stay. I think there’s so much value in women and men recognising their intrinsic, natural abilities and then using those complementary skills to achieve outstanding results. “I certainly don’t think there is any need for women to act like men to achieve our goals.” Gosse’s advice to other women in the industry is to always be yourself.

“Stand up for what you believe in. Lead by example. Don’t apologise or be afraid to admit that you don’t know something. People respect honesty.” She suggest women should use their innate female abilities of caring and collaboration to create a workforce and business environment which celebrates diversity – a place where gender equity, multiculturalism, aged and disabled people and people of all skill levels are welcomed. “Our business world is a global one and our workplaces need to reflect that,” she says. “Finally, celebrate your successes and provide a legacy for other women. Be the leader that people want to follow, not have to follow.” Gosse agrees with Papineau that while there are networking opportunities for women in business generally, there is no initiative specifically for women in the pool and spa industry, and says now might be the time to start one.

Nurturing a career and kids

In 2007 marketing executive Ina Claro joined BioLab, an organisation committed to gender diversity in the workplace. Forty per cent of Biolab employees are female, with women taking on roles in all areas of the business. Claro’s career has developed at the company, with BioLab providing her with opportunities to grow, supported by training and professional development and flexibility as her personal circumstances changed.

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April/May 2016


“I’ve never felt like I’ve had to compromise my career or my family because of the support I’ve received from BioLab,” Claro says. “They’ve invested in me and I’ve invested in them, and we’ve both benefited.” Lindsay McGrath, BioLab managing director at the time of the interview, says that without nurturing her career and being flexibility and understanding, the company may have lost her and with it, her extensive skills and experience. “It’s most often much easier, more productive and cost effective to retain and develop people than continue to re-employ,” he says. Claro says the marketing department at BioLab has always supported her career by giving her opportunities to participate in training and travel, and by trusting her management skills. “I’ve taken two maternity leaves and had flexible hours when returning to work. And now that my son is starting school, they have once again offered me flexible hours.” She says that she’s hasn’t really found the industry in general to be more masculine-based than other industries, although there does tend to be a gender bias in certain segments. “Pool construction for example tends to be dominated by men, while there’s a greater balance with areas like retail, sales and marketing. “I haven’t experienced any detractors within the industry because of my gender. I’ve worked hard to

demonstrate my abilities and have gained respect from both male and female colleagues and industry partners as a result.” Her advice to other women in the swimming pool and spa industry is simple: be yourself and be confident.

A partnership in a changing industry

In 2006, Irene Hughes with her husband Ian ditched their corporate careers and purchased a single Poolwerx franchise in Perth. They now have four stores and five vans representing sales in excess of $3 million. Last year they won The Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) Multi-unit Franchisee of the Year Award. “I joined our Poolwerx business eight years ago, alongside my husband, but I have to admit I was initially hesitant as I realised it was a very ‘blokey’ industry,” says Hughes. “I was the HR manager for Legal Aid at the time and I was moving from a corporate environment with a high percentage of female staff. It also appeared that women had been relegated more to the admin, behind-the-scenes side of the business, but my deal to move into the business was that it had to be a complete 50/50 management partnership. My husband Ian was, and still remains, completely supportive of this and so certainly in the early days he helped forge my place alongside him in the business.” Hughes says that initially, meetings were very male dominated.

BioLab’s marketing executive Ina Claro

April/May 2016  SPLASH!  37


Former corporate manager and now Perth multi-unit Poolwerx franchisee Irene_Hughes

“Stand up for what you believe in. Lead by example. Don’t apologise or be afraid to admit that you don’t know something. People respect honesty.”

“Both clients and suppliers would gravitate towards Ian rather than me because they didn’t expect me to have the same level of technical knowledge. Once they realised I knew what I was talking about things changed but it stumped people for a while. “I recall one time when an industry rep asked my husband not to include me in a meeting. I’ll never know exactly why but I will assume it was because I wouldn’t hold back on asking the tough questions.” She believes the growth of women’s roles in the industry has turned around quite considerably in the past eight years. “As the business model shifted focus from ‘man in a van’ to include single or multiple retail stores, the role of women in the business changed too. We gained more responsibility and started to play a more direct role in managing the business via the retail environment. I’d hate to stereotype, but in my experience women generally enjoy more of the human resources and marketing elements of the business, much of which came through the introduction and growth in the retail side of the business and increase in staff numbers. Especially within the Poolwerx network this shift really brought women out from behind the scenes and gave them an opportunity to shine in their own right as opposed to being the bookkeeper.” Hughes says that her husband Ian has received a few jokey comments over the years about being “under the thumb” because they share the running of the business and he doesn’t make major decisions without her input. “He easily laughs it off though as he knows he’s lucky to have someone to share the time-consuming tasks associated with managing the business and I have never really worried about stuff like that because at the end of the day it’s all about what works for our business,” she says. Hughes believes women can certainly bring a different perspective to leadership roles, as they gravitate and excel at the more people/relationship orientated roles such as human resources, marketing and day-to-day management. “In general, I believe women have some softer skills and maybe a more open communication style that makes them more approachable as leaders,” she says. “We often think of and organise the small things like staff birthday cakes and cards or incentive rewards, for example, small things that that show people they are appreciated. These outward displays of appreciation make a difference to staff and morale in the business and I think women do this more naturally.” She suggests other women in the industry should make sure their contribution counts and urges them not to get caught behind the scenes unless that is really where they want to be. “Overall, I believe the industry is better off and has progressed because more women have joined the ranks.”

Driving change

Lauren Humphris is a director of Focus Products and has been a driving force as the company expanded its reach and range. “Since acquiring a 50 per cent share of Focus in 1993 38 SPLASH! April/May 2016

I’ve had an amazing journey,” says Humphris. “In the early years I was the only sales person at Focus and my job was to visit businesses throughout Queensland and Northern NSW.” Humphris says she soon realised she needed to quickly adapt her marketing experience to invigorate the Focus brand. “From a basic platform I created a team of people with a new way of thinking. We transformed Focus into an industry leader that has captured the attention of businesses around the world. My role has now undoubtedly transformed into more strategic thinking though I still go out and visit stores. Beyond the sales process I am also responsible for the ongoing development of the Focus culture that delivers creative and edgy thinking, and challenges the industry status quo.” She says that worldwide, women are underrepresented in leadership roles and this is no less evident in our industry. “Unfortunately many women are not perceived as leaders. Their abilities can often be taken for granted due to their more collaborative style of management. This is something I faced in the early years of my career in this industry,” she says. Humphris says that some in the industry only realised she was a serious competitor in the past few years. “Maybe it’s because I’ve helped Focus drive some huge change in the market; maybe it’s because they lost business to a woman, or maybe there’s a growing awareness of women in leadership that just can’t be ignored. I’m not sure.” She also says her leadership in Focus has led to what she terms a more inclusive marketing style, shedding outdated industry patterns and a “sex sells” approach. “Because of this, I believe Focus has helped many of our retailers better reach a broader demographic.” Her advice for other women in the industry is to never be afraid of being yourself, even though you’re in an industry dominated by men. “Embrace it instead,” she says. “And I would also say connect yourself to a great team; you don’t have to do it alone. Once you get past the fear of having to push against everything and everyone then amazing things will happen.” n Focus Products director Lauren Humphris


Developing female leaders in the construction sector Women & Leadership Australia is administering a national initiative to support the development of female leaders across the construction sector by providing grants for leadership development. While the deadline for expressing interest in this funding is April 29, this information was also posted on the au in early April. Be sure to subscribe to the free online newsletter to get timely information in your inbox, or “like� the SPLASH! Facebook page or follow the Twitter account. The program encourages senior management and executive level women leaders to apply for $12,000 individual grants to undertake the Advanced Leadership Program. Women managers can apply for $5000 individual grants to undertake the Accelerated Leadership Performance Program. To discuss the initiative in more detail contact Ian Johnson at the office of the National Industry Scholarship Program, Australian School of Applied Management on (03) 9270 9016 or via ijohnson@; or for links to more information or go to the QuickLink tab at

April/May 2016 SPLASH!


17-18 August 2016 Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia Since 1998 SPLASH! has become the must attend event for manufacturers, retailers, pool builders, contractors, architects, landscapers, engineers and service technicians to stay ahead of market directions as the wet industry continues to expand and take on new dimensions and international trends. Australasia’s foremost pool & spa trade show provides the opportunity to showcase your company, launch new products, network, build existing relationships, meet the press and build brand awareness while meeting the key decision makers in the wet industry.



FIRST TIME INTERNATIONAL SWIM DISABILITY CONFERENCE Welcome Reception Wednesday 17 August 2016 Poolrite is proud to be the official sponsor of the 2016 SPLASH! Welcome Reception. The reception will be open to all participants at the show including visitors, speakers, exhibitors and training delegates, offering everyone the opportunity to meet and connect at the largest Australian gathering of the swimming pool and spa industry professionals.

A word from our welcome reception sponsor... Since 2012 the Evolve Group has focused on rebuilding a solid foundation for the Poolrite brand in the Australian pool industry, and are excited to announce some huge developments at SPLASH this year! For that very reason they have sponsored the famous and extremely popular SPLASH welcome reception to kick off the 2016 Season. This is Evolve’s first opportunity to launch a range of new products into the pool industry since taking on the Poolrite brand. “We have been laser focused on developing a range of robust and reliable equipment” says Ty Hermans, Evolve’s MD. “In our opinion this is something that has been lacking in the industry for a long time. We believe quality and reliability have taken a back seat to unnecessary features and lower quality components. Many manufacturers have lost sight of the real objective – which is reliable, quality equipment to keep the pool clean and easy to manage. In the past when people wanted to buy equipment that would run for 10, 15, even 20+ years they’d buy Poolrite, and that’s the main feature we have set out to maintain across the product range”. Evolve are excited about the future of the pool industry here in Australia and are looking forward to launching the new range at SPLASH!. Come and see the Poolrite team at SPLASH! 2016.

Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

New Venue - more space, easier access SPLASH! has secured more than 5,000 square metres of exhibition space across the ground floor, large spacious foyers showcasing 180 degree views of the Broadbeach skyline, over 1,400 undercover car parks – the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre provides the flexibility to stage SPLASH! under the one roof.


Key facts

More than 2000 visitors had the chance to see 105 exhibitors and attend educational sessions in 2014. SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show is the largest trade event for the industry in Australasia. All states of Australia were represented and visitors also attended from China, England, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, UAE and USA.

“SPLASH! provides one of those rare opportunities to showcase the innovation, technology and dedication of the eclectic talents of the aquatics industry. The organisers of SPLASH! are to be greatly commended and encouraged to grow this fabulous and relevant event” – Les Mole, Vici



NETWORKING DRINKS SPLASH! Andrew Simons Memorial Golf Day



19th August 2016 Back by popular demand, The Andrew Simons Memorial golf day will be based on a 4 man ambrose with a twist. Lo-Chlor Chemicals will be co-ordinating the day which will not only include the ambrose event but a unique sudden death playoff format. This revolutionary system revolves around a super six draw which occurs at the end of the days play where six holes are chosen at random from the eighteen played. The eight teams with the best scores then playoff over two holes creating a unique professional tournament atmosphere where finalists of the day will play in front of a gallery made up of the days former combatants. Prizes for the ambrose event will be presented after lunch at the course “The Glades” and the winner of the shootout will win 2 x airfares and accommodation to Las Vegas, Nevada USA for 4 nights where you can attend the International Pool I Spa I Patio Expo 2017. $150 inc GST for a single player $550 inc GST for a team of four


1300 789 845 or Silver Sponsors

Welcome Reception Sponsor

Media Partner

Golf Sponsor

Education Program NSPF COURSES MONDAY 15 – TUESDAY 16 AUGUST 2016 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday & Tuesday

NSPF CPO Course Shane Ince and Mike Geddes, NSPF This hands-on training program will teach you how to operate and maintain an aquatic facility. This program can be used as a pathway to obtaining either the Certificate III or IV in Swimming Pool and Spa Service qualifications. Completing this program will give you the ability to use the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) route to becoming qualified. Additionally, successful completion of this program will qualify you for the NSPF Certified Pool/Spa Operator Certification for commercial pool operators. The blended program covers topics such as disinfection, filters, filtration, recreational water illnesses, water balance, pool and spa water problems, and more.

The world is on the cusp of an energy revolution and our industry needs proactive leadership to better adopt and develop more energy efficient swimming pools. Listen to Tom discuss the current energy consumptions of a swimming pool and how we can take simple leaps forward to reducing energy footprints. $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after

12:15pm – 1:00pm SAFER Swimming In and Around Home Pools Siria Thomas, Aussie Aquatics This presentation will cover the latest relevant stats, whilst focusing on how the SAFER Swimming ‘layers of protection’ message can be applied to the home. To make it even more relevant Siria will hone in on the vital role they can play; eg, what with the fence/gate/Resus signs etc. $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after

$450 +GST (including certificates)

MONDAY 15, TUESDAY 16 - WEDNESDAY 17 AUGUST 2016 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday & Tuesday 9:00am – 1:00pm Wednesday

NSPF Instructor Course Alex Antoniou, Fontaine Piper and Silvia Uribe, NSPF The NSPF® Instructor Course provides professional, consistent, comprehensive, and standardized methodologies to present all seven of NSPF’s courses, including the Certified Pool/ Spa Operator® (CPO®) and the Certified Pool/Spa Inspector™ (CPI™) certification trainings. Topics Covered - Structuring and conducting NSPF courses; Teaching and communication methods; Use of teaching aids and equipment; Lesson planning and teaching units; Administrative policies and procedures; Graded practical teaching exercises. For more details visit $895 +GST (including all materials and insurance)

WEDNESDAY 17 AUGUST 2016 9:15am – 10:00am

Basic Water Chemistry – Learn how to convert your knowledge into a trusted sale John Charles, National Key Account Manager, Focus Products Water chemistry knowledge is a vital tool in the professional retail industry. Whilst it is highly beneficial to be armed with key technical information, the skill of communicating your knowledge to the consumer is often overlooked. In this session we will cover basic water chemistry and equally as important, how to convert your knowledge into a trusted sale with key conversation and questioning techniques. 30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after

10:15am – 11:00am Hotel/Waterpark: Floating Your Hotel with A Waterpark! Gary Pogharian, Maintenance Director, Yas Waterworld $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after 11:15am – 12:00pm Energy, Swimming Pools & the Future Tom Boadle, General Manager, Sunbather Pool Heating

1:15pm – 2:00pm The use of reinforced concrete in swimming pool construction Cal Stanley, Director, Neptune Pools Cal will present a comprehensive session covering: Brief history of concrete and it’s early use in swimming pools; first use of steel reinforcement in concrete; properties of concrete and reinforcing steel; understanding what your engineer prescribes for your pools; putting the concrete and steel together in a pool; pneumatically applied concrete; curing concrete and pipes embedded in concrete. $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after

2:15pm – 3:00pm Growing your Business: Signing on New Customers and Keeping Them Alex Antoniou, Chief Marketing and Information Officer, NSPF The saying is that it is harder to find new customers than it is to keep existing customers. In either case, keeping customers is what is important. An effective communication plan is what is needed. Have you considered your business’s marketing plan? Do you have an effective client relationship plan in place? What is your brand promise and do you keep it? These are all important questions that must be answered if you want your business to grow. The answers can all be spelled out in your marketing plan. This session will cover marketing ideas, such as the use of websites and social media to help achieve successful marketing campaigns. Being able to measure your ROI on your marketing campaigns will guide you moving forward with your plans. Once you have convinced customers to buy from you, your next step is to make sure your customers are treated appropriately so that you can instill customer loyalty. Selling more to an existing and happy customer may be the easiest sale you have. $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after

3:15pm – 4:00pm Live by Price… Die by Price - Making it work Profitably Anthony Davis, MD, Brightwater Business Why is it that the Seller usually has a greater problem with price than the Purchaser? If profit is the key to sustainability in business, and price affects profit, it is essential for businesses to sell the value they bring to the transaction and therefore profit for sustainability. Price is what they pay, Value is what they get! At this presentation you will: • Determine what business you are REALLY in and then identify the REAL benefits of your products to

REGISTER NOW – 1300 789 845 OR your customers; • Learn why the Quality, Service, Price proposition is so important to your business; • Develop a process to build a sustainable business that is based on quality, relationships and accurate costings! In this session, you will discover changes you can apply to build a sustainable business that stands apart from your competitors! $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after 4:15pm – 5:00pm Understanding the Water Treatment Needs of Swim Schools Ross Gage, CEO, Aussie Aquatics Looking at getting more involved with swim schools – either in (retro)fit outs and/or ongoing maintenance? This session would highlight the differences with swim school water treatment; eg warmer water, high bather loads, younger users, different Health Department requirements etc. $30+GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45+GST after

SPASA AUSTRALIA WORKSHOPS For more information visit 9:00am – 5:00pm Pool Equipment Maintenance and Barriers Paul Jacobson, Business Development Manager, BioLab Set the industry standard for maintenance of Circulation and filtration, dosing and cleaning systems, know how to assess risk and what to know about pool safety barriers. Workshop provides a certificate of attendance that goes toward RPL for the following qualifications. (Should the attendee choose to progress down this path) Suitable for all industry members, employers setting a standard for employees, technicians, builders providing recommendations. Certificate III qualifications included in this workshop • CPPSPS3004A - Routinely Maintain Swimming Pools and Spa Water Circulation & Filtration Systems • CPPSPS3003A - Routinely Maintain Swimming Pools & Spas • CPPSPS3005A - Routinely Maintain Swimming Pools and Spa Dosing Systems • CPPSPS3006A - Routinely Maintain Swimming Pools and Spa Cleaning & Vacuuming Systems $150 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $195 +GST after 1:00pm – 5:00pm Resolving Business Disputes and Risk Management Mick Naidofski, trainer - TAFE, Master Builders Association (MBA) and the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of NSW & ACT (SPASA) A must for all builders, renovators and installers. Dispute prevention, management and prosper through resolution. Project management without the fuss. Gain a quality edge over your competitor. Workshop provides a certificate of attendance that goes toward RPL for the following qualifications. (Should the attendee choose to progress down this path) • CPCCBC4024A - Resolve Business Disputes • BSBPMG404A - Apply Quality Management Techniques • BSBPMG415A - Apply Project Risk-Management Techniques $85 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $100 +GST after

THURSDAY 18 AUGUST 9:15am – 10:00am Global demand for Energy Efficient Pool Products Carlos Del Amo, VP Global Marketing, Pentair Water Quality Systems $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after 10:15am – 11:00am Turning the tide when it comes to water disinfection Elena Gosse, CEO, Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) The world’s fixed supply of water means it is vital that we conserve it wherever possible and ensure it remains clean and healthy in the face of rapid growth and urbanisation. The demand for our cities’ leisure and recreational facilities is increasing. Municipal pools and lagoons, aquatic centres, water theme parks and water features in the built environment are sanctuaries for our densely populated urban communities. Water sanitation is critical. How should we be managing public health and safety when it comes to water disinfection in our aquatic facilities? What role will innovation play in determining our future? How can we stop the endless cycle of transporting, storing and handling large quantities of dangerous chemicals and exposing our communities to health and safety risks? Should government and industry play a role with community education campaigns regarding water hygiene? It is time to turn the tide on archaic methods of water disinfection and embrace innovative technology and education to become world leaders in the field. $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after 11:15am – 12:00pm Evolution of the Australian Pool Industry Peter Wallace, Managing Director, AstralPool Australia Learn how 25 years of manufacturing in Australia has led to innovative ways to make owning a pool easier. From saving energy, monitoring and saving chemicals through to automation of your swimming pool from anywhere in the world with your smart device. Find out new ways to delight your clients and make more money. Come and be inspired by one of the icon’s of the Australian pool industry, Peter Wallace the Managing Director of AstralPool Australia. $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after

12:15pm – 1:00pm Drowning Detection Technologies for Public Swimming Pools Dan Kwaczynski, Owner & Managing Director, Maytronics Drowning risk remains the no 1 safety concern for public pools, this is the case despite significant efforts by many parties to put in place risk reduction measures, whether that be education, supervision, signage, barriers, lifeguards or a combination of the above. Proven technology can now been used, in conjunction with existing measures to significantly improve the chance of rescuing distressed swimmers before it is too late. The presentation covers: 1) Performance aspects – what criteria of performance are necessary to provide improvement 2) Technical aspects of these systems, how to choose a suitable system and what engineering and architectural design guidelines should be followed for optimum performance $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after

Education Program SPASA AUSTRALIA DIPLOMA OF MANAGEMENT SHORT COURSES 10:15am – 11:00am Effective Leadership Lindsay McGrath, Executive Director, SPASA Learn how to lead a high performing team that shares your business standards and values. Workshop provides a certificate of attendance that goes toward RPL for the following qualifications. BSBMGT401 Show leadership in the workplace. $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after 11:15am – 12:00pm Selling Solutions Julian Quinn, National Sales Manager, BioLab Australia Learn how to use effective selling techniques and persuasive communication skills to unearth the specific needs of your customers, identify value adding solutions and secure the sale. Workshop provides a certificate of attendance that goes toward RPL for the following qualifications. BSBSLS408 Present, secure and support. $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after 12:15pm – 1:00pm How to attract the right staff Lindsay McGrath, Executive Director, SPASA Learn how to engage the right candidates and avoid the common mistakes in the recruitment and selection process. Workshop provides a certificate of attendance that goes toward RPL for the following qualifications. BSBHRM402 Recruit, select and induct staff. $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after 1:15pm – 2:00pm Develop Effective Teams Brendan Butler, Chief Manufacturing Executive, AstralPool Australia Learn the skills and techniques to improve team performance and create a highly motivated team. Workshop provides a certificate of attendance that goes toward RPL for the following qualifications. BSBLED401 Develop teams and individuals.

greater satisfaction for their clients, for their team, and for their business. Photos of totally completed projects including outdoor living areas, furniture, landscaping, fencing etc, make a bigger statement for your business, however they don’t need to be create a greater workload if you don’t want them too. A relationship with a landscape company is not new for many pool builders, however creating a synergistic relationship where work flows in both directions is both good for the consumer, good for the businesses involved and good for the overall scope of works you can complete for each customer. However it’s not without it’s pitfalls and there are some things you will need to do to make this relationship work. Chris will expand on how you can create this relationship and what to look for if you choose to do this. $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after

1:15pm – 2:00pm Running a cost effective and integrated local marketing campaign for your retail and/or service business John O’Brien, CEO, PoolWerx As business owners we know that local area marketing can be the biggest driver of new business, but it requires a lot more effort than just placing ads in your local paper or discounting at every turn. Learn how to: • unlock the hidden value of your email list • go beyond digital engagement and back to personal contact • tie all your activity together with an online presence • measure and monitor your success $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after

2:15pm – 3:00pm Tapping into the Subscription Economy Ray Smith, Manager, AquaZone The use of subscriptions in businesses has exploded over recent years. Beginning in service based companies; the practice of subscriptions has now expanded into the provision of goods, including the retail sector. More than creating a recurring income stream, subscriptions are transforming how we engage with and change the purchasing behaviours of our customers. Improved client retention, customer loyalty and increased recurrent sales are key outcomes of subscription business models. The session will explore how subscription services have been successfully adopted in a range of industries and from these learnings, develop a strategy to implement a subscription model that is scaled into your business needs. $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after

$30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after 2:15pm – 4:15pm Waterpark Maintenance: Maintaining Your Waterpark Without Breaking Your Budget Gary Pogharian, Maintenance Director, Yas Waterworld $60 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $90 +GST after 1:15pm – 2:00pm Synergies in our industry - How you can increase sales whilst not increasing workload Chris Gill, CEO Director, Lifestyle Landscape Design & Construction For many pool builders the process of and quantity of pools they install leaves no time for additional considerations such as how the area around the pool will be finished, what works will need to be completed to complete the project and how they can increase their profit margins whilst not increasing their workload. In Chris’ experience working around the pool industry many pool builders have one focus-building pools. However those that have created additional focuses and synergised with other industries have found that the end product they produce creates

4:15pm – 5:00pm Digital Marketing & Social Media Checklist Simon Hall, Owner, Fitness Business Events An overview of what you need in your Digital Marketing and Social Media footprint to be seen, to be engaging and to be clickable. A takeaway checklist of things you can do to monitor your digital exposure and also plan your digital and social strategy. Covers - Google Knowledge Graph, SEO, SEM, Facebook, Instagram and lots more. $30 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $45 +GST after

REGISTER NOW – 1300 789 845 OR

SPASA AUSTRALIA WORKSHOPS For more information visit 9:00am – 5:00pm Water Quality Workshop Bill Mansfield, Training Facilitator, BioLab Set Industry standard in maintaining and monitoring water quality, know what is expected from Australian standard to industry best practice. Suitable for all industry members, employers setting a standard for employees, technicians, builders providing recommendations. Certificate III qualifications included in this workshop Workshop provides a certificate of attendance that goes toward RPL for the following qualifications. (Should the attendee choose to progress down this path) • SISCAQU201A - Monitor Pool Water Quality • SISCAQU304A - Maintain Pool Water Quality $150 +GST if booked by 22/07/2016, $195 +GST after

Erin Seale-Grande – Seal Swim School

Are you ready for the Swim School EVENT of the Year? Hosted by Aussie Aquatics & SPLASH! 15-19 August 15-17 August - The ‘Business’ of Swim Schools Conference • Frank Sahlein – 3rd Level Consulting, USA • Erin Seal-Grande – Seal Swim School, USA • Sharron Crowley – Smart Moves Swim, Canada • Laura Daquino – Business News Australia • And many more 18 August - International Swim Disability Conference • Erin Seal-Grande – Seal Swim School, USA • Swim School, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy experts 19 August - Third National SwimTOTS Fest • Erin Seal-Grande – Seal Swim School, USA • Sharron Crowley – Smart Moves Swim, Canada • And other industry and educational experts

For more information visit

Are you up to the challenge? The team to build a water filter the fastest will win $1000 cash - while helping in a small way to tackle the single biggest problem in the world today – access to clean drinking water. Join SPLASH! and Water Works Program to help those less fortunate – free to register - competition to be run on the show floor on Thursday from 2pm.

Must register online or call Melanie 02 8586 6115.

International Swim Disability Conference Thursday 18 August 2016 9:00am – 5:00pm ‘Aussie Aquatics recognises the great potential for people with disability to participate in all aspects of the great activity and sport and is committed to making inclusion simply part of what they do. Aussie Aquatics believes in taking a social approach to disability inclusion by putting the swimmer first, adapting to individual need and addressing both physical and attitudinal barriers to participation. With the help of other partner organisations, Aussie Aquatics deliver programs and resources to support and develop Swim Schools and teachers to understand the needs of people with disability and how they can create a positive and welcoming environment. People with disability should have the same opportunities to swim as everyone and SPLASH! 2016 will have a special focus via an International Swim Disability Conference for swim schools and teachers and a display of swim disability equipment, to support swimmers to learn and improve.’ Speakers include: • Erin Seale-Grande – Seal Swim School • Michael Warburton – Gateway Therapies • Julia Ham – Hampton Swim School • Nicole Grant – Gateway Therapies • Tracey Ayton – Little Heroes Swim Academy • Toni Fuller – Aqua Moves Physiotherapy • Lisa Gilkes – Aqua Moves Physiotherapy • Renee de Silva – Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria $125 +GST AIS is proud to be the official sponsor of Aussie Aquatics Swim Disability Program.


SPASA Australia 2016 National Awards of Excellence SPASA Australia is hosting the 2016 SPASA Australia National Awards of Excellence as part of the 2016 SPLASH! Pool and Spa Trade Show on August 18th 2016. The SPASA Australian Awards promote achievement in design, construction and innovation across the industry, and give recognition to SPASA members who have demonstrated a high degree of competency and professionalism. Former SPASA Australia Executive Director Bryce Steele said, “SPASA Australia is delighted to be able to play a significant part in this event as people gather from all around Australia to attend SPLASH! 2016.” Bryce added “With SPLASH! Making the move to the Gold Coast Conference and Convention Centre, the SPASA Australia National Awards of Excellence will be held at Jupiter’s on the Gold Coast.” SPASA Australia President Lynley Papineau said “SPASA Australia have gone through a rigorous process to review the award categories to have these harmonized across Australia to ensure the best opportunity is given to those gold award winners from the respective state awards programs. We have also looked at how each sector is represented within the award categories. We are delighted that we can again be part of SPLASH! and will be working together to ensure the success of not only the National Awards of Excellence but also the very important training and education program that will be on offer throughout the course of the two day trade show.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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A word from our sponsors... PLATINUM SPONSOR AstralPool Australia is proud to again be the Platinum Sponsor for this year’s SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade show. It is an exciting year at an exciting new venue. It is also a milestone year for AstralPool Australia representing more than 25 years in the Swimming Pool Industry. Founded as Hurlcon in 1990 by Peter Wallace, it has been an impressive period of growth that now sees AstralPool as the leading equipment manufacturer. This year will also see the completion of our new state of the art production facility at Keysborough in Victoria. A $45 million project that will see AstralPool as one of the largest manufacturers in Australia, not just in the pool industry. This will enhance our Product Development, continuing to introduce new products to the industry that save energy, chemicals, water and enhance the lifestyle of the pool owner. Come and visit our stand to see first hand some of these new products and ideas. We are proud of our involvement at SPLASH! as the leading trade show in Australia, we are also excited to support SPASA Australia and their National Awards Night. It is an exciting time to be involved in the industry and AstralPool Australia is proud to be a part of it for many years to come.

GOLD SPONSOR Pentair Aquatic Systems are excited to be the Gold sponsor of SPLASH! for 2016, and as the world’s leading manufacturer of pool and spa equipment and accessories, we are excited about the opportunity to show case our products and services at this great show. At Pentair, innovation stands at the centre of our strategy and this has led to the development of some exciting new products which you can discover at the Splash show this year. 2015 was a great year for us at Pentair in Australia and we enjoyed some fantastic growth in the market, and 2016 is shaping up to be even better! With not only some new and exciting product launches, we also expanded our sales team with some new team members, completing our great team who are focused on new and exciting plans to better service our customers around the country. New and improved branding strategies and marketing material is also underway to best show case our Pentair, Sta-Rite and Onga brands….. making it easier for our customers to sell our products to pool owners, new and existing. All in all we are very excited about the upcoming changes and the year ahead! With our renewed customer focus, new branding and marketing plans, along with our new and exciting products, 2016 is going to be a great year for Pentair. If you would like to learn more about the world’s leading manufacturer of pool and spa equipment and accessories….. come and visit the Pentair team located at booth 186.

customer experience. The expansion of the business has seen IQ have national representation through a strategic distribution network of the industry’s most experienced professionals, which ensures care of product and reinforces their commitment to local area support and award winning training. The company has also just recently opened a New Zealand office. IQ has grown from the original beginnings of manufacturing pool cleaning products and chemicals to now operating in three divisions. • Swimming Pool and Spa Chemicals: Manufacturing and supply of a full range of quality chemicals. Recently launching a brand new retail and service dealership model. • Commercial Equipment: Offering over five thousand different product lines for the commercial pool sector, catering for inside the pool and plant room as well as around the pool deck. • Theralux: A mineral pool bathing system for the residential pool offering high quality and environmentally friendly equipment.

SILVER SPONSOR Australian owned and operated water disinfection technology manufacturer, AIS will be showcasing its range of fresh, mineral and salt water residential and commercial chlorine generators at the upcoming Splash! show at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on 17-18 August 2016. With AIS’ technology already operating in over 50 countries worldwide AIS is putting the finishing touches on its new revolutionary fresh water pool chlorinator for the residential market - EcoLine HOME – which it hopes to launch at the show. EcoLine HOME disinfects water via electrolysis using the natural salts and minerals already present in the water. It operates at ultra-low salinity levels of TDS 1,200ppm+ (rather than standard 5,000ppm required by salt water chlorinators). The end result is a swimming experience that is kinder to skin, hair and eyes as well as pool equipment and surrounds. It is more like swimming in fresh water than a ‘standard’ swimming pool. The creation of EcoLine HOME follows on from AIS’ award-winning EcoLine commercial system which is in use in major theme parks, resorts and residential developments world-wide. The adaptation of the technology for residential use is another example of AIS’ reputation for innovation and excellence. AIS CEO Elena Gosse will also be speaking at two sessions during the conference. On Wed 17 at 4.15pm Elena will join Ross Gage, CEO of Aussie Aquatics to talk about Swim Schools water treatment needs. On Thu 18 Aug at 10.15am Elena will then take to the stage to talk about ‘Turning the tide when it comes to water disinfection.’ She will discuss the demand our cities’ leisure and recreational facilities place on water and the role innovation will play in determining our future.


With a combined history of over 150 years, International Quadratics (established in 1976) and Pierce Pool Supplies (established in 1898 as A H Pierce) have been synonymous names within the Aquatic and Leisure Industry. Both companies merged together in 2008 and for the first time the Commercial and Domestic aquatic product and service became available under the one roof. The result is one place where a broad range of customers are given a solution to almost all of their aquatic needs. The expertise of their staff backed by an extensive range of quality furnishings, equipment and chemicals allows them to offer an exceptional

The 2016/17 season marks Kreepy Krauly’s 40th anniversary providing Australian designed and manufactured pool cleaners. We are an Aussie proud company who never compromise on quality and simply put, we are engineered to last. Our latest model, the new VTX-7 harnesses Kreepy Krauly’s Vortex technology to suck, scrub and skim making pool ownership a breeze. This year we proudly support Make-a-Wish with the help of our trade family in the pool industry to help grant wishes to children with life threatening illnesses. We are also excited to support SPLASH! magazine and the 2016 show. So come and join our Kreepy Krauly family and clean up today or simply come visit us at the show in August. For more information visit our new website,

commercial news

Urbnsurf lagoon is expected to be as big as two MCGs


news Global news . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Neptune Benson bought by Evoqua. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Tenders. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Giant lagoons coming to Australia. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 CPMC celebrates 20 years. . 54 Regional roundup. . . . . . . . . 64

48 SPLASH! April/May 2016

Now a surfing lagoon is coming to Melbourne


n the previous issue of SPLASH! (Edition 104) we highlighted the possibility of the Subiaco Oval site in Perth being turned into a Wavegarden surf park, utilising the wave generating technology currently in use at Surf Snowdownia in Wales and being developed in another park in Austin Texas. Now, the Perth-based Wave Park Group has announced an $18.5 million, 30-year lease of a seven-hectare site on Airport Drive in the Melbourne airport suburb of Tullamarine. Construction is scheduled to begin later in 2016 with a plan to open by the end of 2017. There is still an AFL connection (the Perth project plans to include an AFL Hall of Fame) as the site is opposite the headquarters of Australian Rules football club Essendon. Called Urbnsurf Melbourne, it will be the first man-made surf park facility in Australia. With a north-south lagoon orientation, Urbnsurf Melbourne has been designed to suit prevailing winds, with one side of the lagoon always delivering offshore waves. LED lagoon lighting means surfers can take to the waves both night and day. “The beauty of the Wavegarden technology is

that it can accommodate in separate zones the needs of all surfers,” says Wave Park Group founder and executive chairman, Andrew Ross. “That’s from the smallest groms and those starting out, through to the high performance training requirements of elite surfing athletes. Waves will range from 1.9m high, 32-second long, pitching waves designed for the highest levels of performance surfing, down to 0.6m high, rolling white-water waves, which are ideal for beginner surfers,” he says. Waves will form cleanly and break with constant power and shape throughout the ride, which will be the equivalent to riding high-quality, ocean-based waves of similar sizes. He says that Melbourne’s 200,000 or so surfers will be able to enjoy longer and better quality rides than can usually be found at many of Victoria’s most popular breaks. There will be multiple lagoon-side amenities such as a licensed café, a fully equipped pro-shop and a wetsuit and board rental centre. An Academy will host training programs for all levels of surfing, from beginner to elite as well as a range of surf-fit styled personal and group fitness programs.

commercial news

There are also plans for beach cabanas, skate ramps, playgrounds, rock-climbing, mountain bike pump tracks, a climbing wall, parkour trail, bouldering course and other lifestyle sport opportunities. Ross says the development will generate more than 300 jobs during the construction phase, and another 45 full time positions will be created in the park when it opens. He also estimates more than $267 million in gross economic contribution will be injected into the Melbourne region over the project life Victoria’s Minister for Tourism John Eren says this will be a great attraction that will shore up Victoria’s status as a world-class destination for visitors.

A master plan and preliminary design for Urbnsurf Melbourne has been delivered and planning approval was received for the project in March 2016. Detailed design activities will commence in mid-2016, with construction scheduled to begin in late 2016. Construction and commissioning activities will take the better part of a year, with Urbnsurf Melbourne due to open to guests in late 2017. Ross says there are well-progressed plans for additional Urbnsurf facilities around Australia which will be announced in the near future. Contact:

The waves will suit all levels of surfing, from beginner to elite

WA Health closes Elizabeth Quay waterpark for second time in a month In February, following routine water sampling, the WA Department of Health recommended the temporary closure of the BHP Billiton Water Park at Elizabeth Quay . A message still on the waterpark’s website at the time of writing says it will be closed for maintenance until further notice . The park was officially opened on January 29 . WA Health Chief Health Officer Tarun Weeramanthri says the closure follows the detection of bacteria (Pseudomonas type) in the water spray and amoebae in the waste discharge pipes . “In the interest of public safety, and following best practice guidelines, the BHP Billiton Water Park was closed today to allow for modifications to the park’s filtration systems,” says Professor Weeramanthri . “While tests are needed to confirm if the amoe-

bae is pathogenic (disease causing), the presence of Pseudomonas bacteria can cause skin rashes or ear or eye infections in some people . “Anyone who experiences these conditions following exposure to the water park should visit their GP .” Professor Weeramanthri says previous detections of non-pathogenic amoeba in the waste discharge pipes – which caused the temporary closure of the park earlier in February – were treated appropriately at the time . WA Health will continue to work closely with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority to determine when the BHP Billiton Water Park can be safely re-opened . Contact: www .health .wa .gov .au

In Brief The public swimming pool in the Victorian town of Portarlington has been saved by publican Kylee Clasper . Geelong mum Clasper owns the Black Hatt pub, and is taking on the lease and necessary renovations to keep the facility afloat, with a view to open 50 swimming schools across Australia starting with regional Victoria . She already had plans to open a swimming pool in Geelong, so took the chance to save the community pool from an uncertain future while taking the first step on her new business venture . Clasper also manages a commercial construction business, which is expected to help with the renovation of the swimming pool . Parramatta’s swimming pool faces an uncertain future as the NSW state government plans to demolish it to make way for a new sports stadium . The $300 million stadium is planned for the existing site of Pirtek Stadium and will encroach on the pool site as well . There are no firm plans to build a replacement pool . Parramatta lord mayor Paul Garrard says the state government should compensate the council for its only pool which had $8 million spent on an upgrade in 2007 . Sports Minister Stuart Ayres says the pool could have one last summer but has not answered questions about compensation . Some residents hold out hope an indoor pool might be built as part of the new development .

April/May 2016 SPLASH!


commercial news

Evoqua Water Technologies acquires Neptune Benson Global news Cambodia’s new National Sports Complex being developed for the 32nd SEA Games in 2023 is being constructed on an 85-hectare site as part of the Samdech Techo satellite city . The Chinese government is footing the bill for the project’s second phase after Cambodia provided $38 million for the first phase which includes the three-pool swimming centre which can host 3000 spectators, an indoor stadium, sports dormitories for 300 national players, a football and volleyball field for warm-ups, and a threetype tennis court . China has also helped to construct stadiums in neighbouring Laos and Myanmar when the countries were preparing to host the SEA Games in 2009 and 2013 respectively . India’s largest waterpark, Wet N Joy Waterpark, hosted a grand opening on March 18th entertaining over 2000 people for the evening . The park is located in Lonavala, a lush hill station in the Indian State of Maharashtra, drawing tourists from over the world with its natural lakes, historic caves and picturesque mountains . The waterslides, play structure, lazy river and wave pool were all supplied by WhiteWater . The park will house India’s first Master Blaster and at 5500 square metres, India’s largest wave pool .



April/May 2016

US company Evoqua Water Technologies has signed a Neptune Benson definitive agreement to acquire privately held Neptune BenDefender filters son, a leading manufacturer of high-quality water filtration and disinfection products for the recreational, industrial and municipal water markets. Neptune Benson’s filtration and ultra-violet disinfection products can be found in more than 20,000 installations worldwide, covering 45 countries. Terms were not disclosed. The transaction is expected to close this spring and is subject to customary regulatory approvals. Ron Keating, Evoqua CEO says they are are excited to welcome the Neptune Benson team to the Evoqua Water Technologies family. “Neptune Benson’s filtration and disinfection products have been well regarded in the industry since 1956 and complement Evoqua’s existing businesses and markets. This addition is a natural fit for us and consistent with our growth plan to double our business by the end of 2021.” Australian representative Brad Weir says there will be no implications for the Australian market from the sale, as Neptune Benson will slot in as a division of Evoqua and the local situation will remain as is. Neptune Benson was founded by Junius and Raymond Gertz as a residential and small commercial pool company in 1956. The company later shifted its focus to filtration systems for institutional pools larger than a million litres. Over the years it experienced strong growth through the introduction of new products such as the Defender regenerative media filter and through acquisitions such as: Lawson Aquatics, ETS-UV, the ProStrainer product line and Sonitec filtration products. Evoqua has a 100-year heritage of innovation in transforming water and wastewater. LGA

Upcoming tenders Ashfield Council

Request for Tender - 16/17285

Expressions of Interest are invited from suitably qualified and experienced Contractors for the design and construction of the Ashfield Aquatic Centre Redevelopment . Contractors must have an extensive and demonstrable track record in the successful delivery of Aquatic Centres, using a Design and Construction delivery model . Expression of Interest documents may be downloaded at www .tendersonline .com .au/ashfield or requested through info@ashfield .nsw .gov .au Contact: info@ashfield .nsw .gov .au; 1800 233 996 Close date: EOI close on Tuesday, 3 May 2016 at 9 .30am .

Logan City Council

Contract No: SLF/09/2016 Tender Code: LCC005336

Management & Operation of Gould Adams Park Aquatic Centre by a commercial operator or community sector who can offer some or all of the following with a lease term to be negotiated pending components of offers received from the market: • An Operator to operate the Gould Adams Park Aquatic Centre and associated services, including any additional improvements above the current facility; • Capital contribution towards the cost of providing any additional supporting facilities that will add to the

attractiveness and viability of the facility as a site for aquatic and other complementary facilities; • “Value” in terms of the management of the current facility that will result in no or low operational cost subsidy from Council; • “Value” in terms of the management of the current facility that will result in the same or increased customer outcomes for user groups and patrons; and/or • “Value” in terms of operation and maintenance that will result in an annual “profit share” or fee to Council based on a percentage or gross revenue or some other agreed basis . The final date for accepting questions regarding this tender via any medium including but not limited to LG Tenderbox Forum, is 5:00pm Thursday, 28 April 2016 (before tender close date) . Any questions after this date will not receive a response . Closing: 2pm Tuesday 3 May 2016 .

Livingstone Shire Council Tender No: 2016.0.22 Pool Management Services

Closing: Wednesday 4 May 2016 . For further details contact Peta Hardy Email: tenders@livingstone .qld .gov .au Download documents from Council’s tender website www .lgtenderbox .com .au Note: Registration of contact details is required to obtain documentation .

13th Annual

World Aquatic Health™ Conference Shaping the Future through Aquatics October 19- 21, 2016

#1 Professional Development Conference EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS • RWI Prevention • New Industry Technology • Health Benefits • Facility Management • Public Health Codes • Advanced Chemistry • MAHC

YEARLY ATTENDEES • Pool Operators • Service Technicians • Aquatic Managers • EH Officials • Academia • Pool Builders • Aquatic Retailers • Manufacturers

Sheraton Music City Hotel Nashville, Tennessee (719) 540-9119 •

REGISTRATION PERIODS • April 1 - May 31 .....$445 • June 1 - July 31 ......$495 • After August 1st ....$595

Commercial Feature

Giant lagoons arrive in Australia W ay back in 2009, SPLASH! interviewed inventor Fernando Fischmann who had just seen the completion of the first Crystal Lagoons project – the amazing San Alfonso del Mar in Chile. Although at that time it was often called the largest swimming pool in the world, it is actually a lagoon, built using different methods and maintained with different technology than normal public swimming pools. These lagoons are a boon to residential real estate and commercial hotel developers, as they can supply a body of water to enhance housing estates or tourist resorts. In the seven years since the interview with Fischmann (Edition 65) Crystal Lagoons has put 300 projects into development in both residential and hotel settings, including a 12 hectare lagoon at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, which set a new Guinness World Record for the world’s largest man-made lagoon. Crystal Lagoons Oceania regional director Germàn Rocca says they are negotiating with parties across Australia in urban, regional and coastal areas, with developers recognising the potential of a lagoon to generate more real estate value than any other amenity at very low cost. “We have 30 leads in Australia in different stages of conversation,” says Rocca. He says that Crystal Lagoons has revolutionised the real estate market in every country it has entered and he believes the technology will have just as great an impact in Australia. “It brings waterfront amenity to inland areas of major cities and regions and in some coastal areas it will help solve the problem of pollution, jellyfish, sharks and dangerous currents. Australians love the water but the coastline of major cities has been virtually built out and the real estate is very expensive. Crystal Lagoons’ technology allows developers of residential real estate and tourist facilities to create crystalline lagoons for swimming and water sport in any location and with any

52 SPLASH! April/May 2016

type of water, including fresh, salt and brackish, which has no other use. This makes it useful even in those areas that suffer from a lack of water.” He offers the example of western Sydney, where the state government is keen to add an extra 1.4 million people by 2020. “They need to build housing and infrastructure for those people, and the lagoon concept can provide the water appeal that Australians love so they don’t have to travel to the harbour or the coast.” He says it has already proven its worth in multiple locations across the globe, from medium-sized residential developments to mini-cities in the Middle East. It has taken over from golf courses as the world’s top amenity, providing recreation for the whole family and wider community at a much lower cost. “Australia is a large continent but much of it is considered uninhabitable due to the absence of water,” he says. “Our technology opens up land that would not previously have been considered attractive for residential or tourist development, at low cost and using a fraction of the water required to maintain a park or golf course.”

Above: The 12 hectare lagoon at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, the world’s largest man-made lagoon

Below: The water in the lagoons is not heated, so separate heated swimming pools are often incorporated in the projects if required

Commercial Feature

Low costs

Rocca says they are the only company in the world that can provide this technology because they patented it in 160 countries and have a huge research and development team which is always improving the technology and creating new patents. He says the building methods and proprietary disinfection system mean the costs involved are dramatically reduced. “What is happening now in Cairns for example, they pay lots of money to maintain that pool – the ratepayers are paying for that. We try to avoid that because we used 100 times less chemicals, and we use just two per cent of the energy of a regular filtration system. “To give you a basic example of maintenance costs, one hectare may cost $1 million to construct; and the maintenance may be $120,000 per year,” he says. He says that depending on the project, capital expenditure would be approximately $AU100 per square metre, compared to other pools that are also called lagoons costing up to $AU2000 per square metre. He says they don’t actually do the construction work on the lagoons – that is left to the developer. They only plan and install their system. The construction costs are kept down by using earthworks rather than concrete. The lagoon sits on earthworks with concrete only used for piping. The land is moved into position and then the proprietary, thin liner is put in place. “We want to avoid any extra costs or risks for the developer,” he says. Rocca also says they try to distinguish themselves from swimming pools, because their goal is to transform landscapes, so while they could build smaller, pool-sized lagoons they try to keep them above one hectare in size.


The proprietary disinfection system uses chemicals injected into the closely monitored water. However, Rocca doesn’t expect that the strict regimes governing the maintenance of public swimming pools will necessarily apply to the lagoons.

“Basically, our maintenance costs or operational costs are related to our ongoing technology. Every case and every country is different, and we adapt to each country and use existing examples. Here you have Cairns Esplanade, Orion Lagoon and Airlie Beach that can be used as a reference and a guideline to meet local regulations. But our technology is different from other systems. Those examples call themselves lagoons, but they work as big pools. The size of the Cairns Esplanade for an example is 0.4 hectares. We can manage over one hectare, and we can manage that water in an inexpensive way.” He says they comply with every federal guideline and are in discussions with the individual councils and the state health departments. However, he says it may be the case that a different regulation will apply to the lagoons, as they are in a space between being a pool and being a lake. “In America, the state of Florida created a regulation especially for us. It’s called Public Bathing Places. It’s not a pool, it’s not a lake, but it’s a public bathing place. It’s somewhere in between, created especially for our technology,” he says. “Something like that might happen in Australia. If you can get certified in the United States, you can get certified all over the world.” n

Above: La Serena resort

Below: The first Crystal Pools project in San Alfonso del Mar in Fernando Fischmann’s native Chile

Crystal Lagoons • Allows limited resources such as energy and water to be used efficiently and can use any type of water: salt, fresh or brackish water . • Consumes up to half the water of a park of the same size and uses up to 30 times less water than a standard golf course . Evaporation is minimised through the use of liquid pool covers . • Uses up to 100 times fewer chemicals than conventional swimming pool systems and consumes up to 2 per cent of the energy needed by conventional filtration systems . • Fully complies with the most stringent international water-quality standards . • All Crystal Lagoons are monitored and operated from a centralised location ensuring optimum water quality and an eco-friendly environment . Contact: www .crystal-lagoons .com

April/May 2016 SPLASH!


Commercial Feature

The biggest conference so far was Lake Macquarie in 2014 with 150 delegates and more than 200 for the dinner

Country pool managers gather for their twentieth conference


he upcoming Country Pool Managers Conference being held at Forbes RSL Club on May 18 and 19 will be the twentieth time the event has been held. The conference began way back in 1997 in the New South Wales town of Mudgee, home of pool manager Mick O’Sullivan, who founded the conference concept together with Mick Austin from Wellington, Brian Lynch from Cowra, Billy Smith from Engadine and Les Drury from Lithgow. As the years have moved on, Brian’s brother Kerry from Orange has taken over organising the conferences with his wife Mary and some continued involvement from “the two Micks”. Kerry Lynch says the conferences have kept on getting bigger since the first one that had 57 delegates and 70 people in total including trades. “The biggest conference we’ve had was at Lake Macquarie in 2014 with 150 delegates and more than 200 for the dinner. Generally we get about 150 to 160 on average with probably 100 delegates and about 35 trade displays,” he says. “The conference was put together to make an affordable event for country people to get together and discuss the things that relate to us and to have presenters who offer advice for our unique situations.” He says that the bigger conferences at the time, like the ARI conference for example, were mainly dealing with big leisure centres that have multiple pools and land-based activities. “The country people don’t have that sort of money to 54 SPLASH! April/May 2016

spend on their facilities” he says. Following the first event in Mudgee, the conference moved around the state. First to Wellington in 1998, then Cowra in 1999, Lithgow in 2000, Mudgee in 2001, Wellington in 2002, Parkes in 2003, Young in 2004, Maitland in 2005, Muswellbrook in 2006, Gilgandra in 2007, Nelson Bay in 2008, Port Macquarie in 2009, West Wyalong in 2010, Forbes in 2011, Katoomba in 2012, Cowra in 2013, Lake Macquarie in 2014, Tamworth in 2015 and now Forbes again in 2016.

Content is king

Lynch says the content is crucial to getting people involved. “We’ve covered many topics over the 20 years but the reoccurring subjects are water quality and chemical usage, all types of maintenance issues, increasing patronage, dealing with unruly patrons and employing and trying to understand Gen Y,” he says. “We have practical, hands-on advice and get people in to talk about the situations that are important to us. For example, this year we’ll have Anne Bolton from NSW Health who’s going to discuss the Public Health Regulations 2012 and the current review, and then we’ll have Bobbi Brodie from the Office of Local Government talking about Practice Note 15.” Another important issue for country pool managers is how to go about getting grants, and this year they’ll have Lawrance Ryan from Cowra Shire Council who’ll be talking about applying for grants. “Grants are usually based on a dollar-for-dollar basis,” says Lynch. “A lot of country councils don’t have

“The conference was put together to make an affordable event for country people to get together and discuss the things that relate to us and to have presenters who offer advice for our unique situations.”

Commercial Feature

the dollar in the first place, which seems to make it hard. But what they don’t realise is if you have volunteers doing work at the pool for you, that can be counted in the dollar-for-dollar equation.” There’ll also be David Young from WorkCover talking about Work, Health & Safety (WH&S). “We have a lot of leasees and some don’t understand that they still have to comply with the council’s WH&S policy and procedures. For example, one bloke said he was going to get short-sleeve shirts for his staff. But even though he’s leasing the pool he’s still governed by the council’s WHS sun safe policy, so he has to check that beforehand.”

The big issues

Lynch says the big issue in the country is qualifications and the loss of experienced personnel. “We had a very positive meeting with the Minister for Local Government the Hon Paul Toole regarding Practice Note 15 and now we’re trying to get the OLG on board and get the industry back on track, especially on the qualification side of things,” he says. Service Skills Australia has produced the Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package which is the national framework for skills development for the sport, fitness, community recreation and outdoor recreation industries. The package includes nationally recognised units of competency and qualifications to train and assess individuals in a range of skills and job roles. This has resulted in the SIS31015 Certificate III in Aquatics and Community Recreation. Lynch is scathing about this qualification. “This document has made a mockery of the aquatic qualifications,” he says. “Participants who enrol in this course are able to attain a Certificate III in Aquatics without completing any of the aquatic units. There

it’s about clarity..

Mick O’Sullivan, one of the founders and the host of the first event at Mudgee in 1997

Victoria joins the party Aquatics and Recreation Victoria (ARV) is now organising a Victorian version of the country pool managers conference in conjunction with Sport and Recreation Victoria and the City of Greater Shepparton . ARV says the aim of the conference is to create a forum for listening to the country pool managers’ issues, contributing to the solutions, cheering for the wins, learning about what’s going on in the bush, and the networking with peers from across the state . Victoria has 279 publicly owned pools and hundreds more pools used by the public, such as swim schools, schools, universities, hotels, motels, holiday parks and theme parks . The Victorian Country Pools Conference will be held on Thursday, 12 May 2016 and Friday 13 May 2016 at the Eastbank Centre, Shepparton .

Only Zelbrite® produces pool water of crystal clear clarity. Zelbrite® is suitable for use in all types of media filters and is endorsed by Australia’s leading filter manufacturers and swimming pool product suppliers. Zelbrite® also saves over 50% water usage through fewer and faster backwash and rinse cycles. Australian water Quality Centre tests prove Zelbrite® outfilters sand with as little as 2 microns. MANUFACTURED IN AUSTRALIA BY: ZEOLITE AUST PTY LTD

The quality of the content is key to making a successful conference

This unique filter media has received accreditation from Savewater W.A.Water Corp Waterwise & Smart Approved Water Mark

NO other filter media can make this claim.

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Country Pool Managers 20th Conference Agenda Venue: Forbes RSL Club, Templar St Forbes NSW 2871 Wednesday 18th May, 2016 8:30am – 11:30am: John McKenny, Macaquatics: The use of chemicals and the importance of testing in swimming centres . This will include the use of chemicals at the different times of the day for indoor and outdoor pools . John Davie, Orimatech: The importance of maintaining your pool cleaner during the pool season to obtain premium efficiency from your machine and new pool cleaners . Ian Micallef, Alias: Maintenance of your pool cleaner and other equipment . 12:30pm: Delegates and trade networking afternoon Thursday 19th May, 2016 07:45am – 8:45am: Registration 8:45am – 9:00am: Official opening 9:00am – 9:45am: Anne Bolton NSW Health: 2012 Health Regulations & Review 9:45am – 10:30am: Lawrance Ryan Cowra Shire Council: Applying for Grants 10:30am – 11:15am: David Young, WorkCover: Pool operators’ responsibilities to comply with council’s Work Health & Safety regulations . Morning tea, trade displays 12:00pm – 12:45pm: Bobbi Brodie, Office of Local Government NSW: Practice Note 15 Lunch, trade displays 2:00pm – 2:45pm: Graham Turner: NSW Ambulances 2:45pm – 3:15pm: Louise Johnson: Cowra Community Health Services: Free aqua fitness classes for seniors – the benefit to their health and increased revenue for the centre . 3:15pm – 4:00pm: Sponsors presentation: Tim Batt Water Solutions; Warren Thomas, Palintest; Bill Antoun, Prominent Fluid Controls; Pam Robinson, IQ & Pierce . 4:00pm – 4:30pm Open Forum: Which chlorine product is the best to use; and what problems do operators have to deal with? Trade displays 6:00pm: Pre dinner drinks: Forbes Services Memorial Club 7:00pm: Dinner and sponsors’ presentation Friday 20th May, 2016 9:00am – 9:30am: Tea and coffee 9:30am – 10:00am: Robert Savell, Hydrocare Pools Plus: Advance technology in pool renovations 10:00am – 11:30am Trades presentation: Matt North FAST College; Dan Kelly Colormaker/Luxapool; Craig Brooks Poolranger; Ron McMahon Wizid; Richard Ellis Ellis & Sons; Colin Grant Adidas Swim . 11:30am – 12:00pm: Trade displays Conference closed



April/May 2016

The social nature of the conference is one of its strengths

“The key to success in the country pool market is understanding how hard these guys work with so few resources.” was no consultation with the country pool managers when this new course was being put into place.” He says the bigger management companies are coming in to manage the country pools and they’re replacing the existing experienced managers and staff with young people who don’t have the same aquatic knowledge or experience. “There used to be Ordinance 4/52 of the Local Government Act which said pool managers or pool superintendents had to be issued with a license from OLG to operate a public swimming pool,” he says. “When I first started at Condobolin I had to work for three years before I could even sit the exam to get my Pool Superintendent’s Certificate. It was like an unofficial apprenticeship or traineeship – you had to have actual practical experience and knowledge before you could sit the exam. Then you needed a character reference from the shire clerk to apply for a license to operate a public swimming pool.” Lynch says that system ensured there were qualified, knowledgeable people operating swimming pools and it meant New South Wales was head and shoulders above the other states because of those systems. “Since the removal of this Ordinance, there’s been no legislation to say that you must have these qualifications to manage a public swimming centre, large or small.” At the conference, Bobbi Brodie from the OLG will be talking on this issue as well as talking on Practice Note 15. “The practice note is only a recommendation, it’s not legislated. We’d like to get the correct qualifications put into the practice note and then legislated under WorkCover or the health regulations so it protects people in the industry and safeguards the communities using public pools.” He believes that one of the major turnarounds since that legislation was removed is the loss of very experienced and knowledgeable operators from the industry. “Previous to that, if you were in the position of a Pool Superintendent, that job was yours as long as you were doing a good job. We had blokes in the industry for up to 40 years, now we’ve got such a turnover they don’t last 10 years and then move on. “And that means the quality of service provided to the community is diminishing.”

Regional venues

Lynch says that originally the conferences were centred around the Mudgee and Wellington area to lessen the travel distance for people north, south, east and west of these towns. Later, it was recognised that other people in the industry wanted to challenge themselves to host and organise a conference.


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Aflex Technology

Quadratics/Pierce Pool Supplies




Colonial Chemicals Australia

Local Government Super


Colormaker Industries


Pty Ltd

Crystal Pools


Daisy Pool Covers



Elite Pool Covers

Prominent Fluid Controls

Tim Batt Water

Robert Carr & Associates

Toas Tees Wetsuits

Royal Life Saving NSW

Vici Australia


Ellis & Sons Group Eyeline Australia FAST College Geoff Ninnes Fong & Partners Heliocol Solar Hydrocare Pools Plus Hydrothermae International

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Palintest Australia

See Clearly Now Solarwise NSW Dolphin Tech Southern Aquatic Services

Statewide Aquatics

Swimline Products Tabata Australia TAFE NSW Riverina

Solutions Pty Ltd Australia

Vorgee Waterlilly Australia (Lovibond) Wizid Zeolite Australia

“Not only would it be a great experience for them but the revenue generated from the conference benefitted the local businesses,” he says. When finding a venue, the most important thing is the size and shape of the space at the club. “It must be able to accommodate the trade displays and presentation area,” he says. “We have been fortunate the last few conferences that two rooms have been available to host both areas.” Other factors include ensuring there are enough nearby motel rooms or hotel rooms to accommodate everyone, as well as the cost of hiring the venue. Lynch says they have been fortunate that over the past 20 years only three venues charged fees to hire the rooms, as most of them recognise the benefit to their business by hosting the conference and so waive the hire fees. “Affordability is the key to our success,” he says. “Thanks to our sponsors, our conference fee remains at $60. The delegates who attend are small company leasees, individual contractors and council employees. Few receive financial assistance from their councils, which is why we strive to keep the fees as low as possible.” This year the sponsors are Perfect Water by Waterzone, ProMinent Australia, Palintest, Orimatech, Alias, International Quadratics and Pierce Pool Supplies, and Tim Batt Water Solutions. Lynch says it is very satisfying for everyone involved to see how the conference has grown, watch as friendships are forged, and above all being confident that the basic ideas behind the formation of the conference are still firmly in place. The success of the show also hinges on the support of the trade

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Robert Savell enjoys the comradery of the gathered pool managers at the conference

“Since the removal of this Ordinance, there’s been no legislation to say that you must have these qualifications to manage a public swimming centre large or small.”

John Davie will be talking about pool cleaners at Forbes

exhibitors, as not only do they provide valuable information and networking opportunities for delegates, their involvement helps keep the delegates fees as low as possible. Many supporters of the conference have written to SPLASH! to offer their congratulations to the CPMC in print, and to express their thanks to the organisers over the years.


Hydrocare/Waterzone has been supporting the CPMC as a sponsor for the past 15 years and has been attending and displaying at the trade show for 19 years. Managing director Robert Savell says he and Anna enjoy the comradery of the gathered pool managers at the conference.

“The key to success in the country pool market is understanding how hard these guys work with so few resources,” says Savell. “So many ageing country pools are in need of new upgrades to remain the centre of the community recreation.” He says Hydrocare and Waterzone are committed to the country poolies and will continue to support them in the future. “Congratulations to the two Micks and Kerry for the past and continuing efforts in creating successful conferences. See you all in Forbes!”

Tim Batt Water Solutions

Tim Batt from Tim Batt Water Solutions wanted to offer his congratulations to the organisers of the con-

Celebrating Country Pool Managers 20th Anniversary 1996-2016 Country Works Adelong Broken Hill Coonamble Forbes Glen Innes Grenfell Lake Conjola Lake Keepit Mittagong Moss Vale Oberon Lithgow Narrabri Parkes

Country Pool Specialists

Tel 02 9604 8396 E April/May 2016 SPLASH!


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Primary School CPR Awareness Campaign After being personally involved in five successful cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) incidents over a two year period, Tamworth lifesaver and long-time CPMC delegate Cameron McFarlane came to the realisation of just how important this simple and effective skill can be. “As it is can be the difference between whether someone lives or not, I really wanted to promote this life saving skill into primary schools and the community,” he says. “I really felt Year 5 and Year 6 primary students were a great age group to educate with this skill, as they are big water users and its good knowledge to have just before going to high school. So I developed a one-hour CPR session designed for primary schools.” The program consists of 30 minutes going through the CPR protocol chart with demonstrations and questions, followed by a 25-minute session with students breaking into groups and having hands-on practise of techniques. The last five minutes includes a quiz and the presentation of a Royal Life Saving participation certificate. McFarlane contacted the local principals and had great success getting the program into local schools. This became an annual event, growing every year to cover approximately 27 local primary schools and 2500 students over the past four years. “Realising how well the students interacted and enjoyed this program, I was determined to push it into more primary schools outside Tamworth and into other regional schools. I worked out I would need approximately $3500 from sponsors to do a state trip. As it had turned out I managed to secure $11,000 from sponsors, and 21 motels around the state have offered to put me up for no charge. All sponsors will have their logos printed on my car,” he says. McFarlane is using his own car and also his own time to carry out this important road trip – taking seven weeks of his annual leave to complete the journey. He is covering 27 towns, running the program at two schools each day. He is likely to reach approximately 5000 students in total. Everything has been arranged with the approval of the education

department, and he has informed the directors of the areas he is visiting and has permission to send invitations to principals. Any sponsorship funds left after completing the state-wide trip will be donated to the Samuel Morris Foundation, the chief Australian charity for non-fatal drownings; and Royal Life Saving Society Northern Branch to put back into CPR awareness. He will be undertaking the tour from May 2 to June 10, 2016. Townships covered are: Armidale, Glen Innes, Inverell, Moree, Narrabri, Coonabarabran, Dubbo, Parkes, Forbes, West Wyalong, Griffith, Leeton, Narrandera, Deniliquin, Corowa, Albury, Wagga Wagga, Junee, Cootamundra, Young, Cowra, Bathurst, Orange, Wellington, Mudgee, Muswellbrook and Scone. Please contact Cameron McFarlane if you wish to offer your support or donate to either of the charities, or go to the NSW Primary School CPR Awareness Campaign Facebook page. Contact: 0439 244 026

take the stress...

...out of water testing.

Reliable and easy to use products from Palintest 60 SPLASH! April/May 2016

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ference, having been associated with the NSW Country Pool Managers Conference for the past five years as a major sponsor. “Prior to that, my previous companies were involved as key CPMC sponsors for the full 20 years, along with the manufacturers of the products we represent,” he says. He says these include Strantrol Pool controllers, manufactured by BECS Tecnhnology USA; Wallace & Tiernan pool controllers, UV systems and chemical pumps from Germany; and the Pulsar System from the USA. “Of particular importance to the country pool managers in NSW has been the ability to have a say in how the organisation has been run and where the conference has been held around this state, reaching far into outlying areas where the larger metro/national focussed organisations weren’t going,” he says. “Keeping the costs low and the delegate numbers healthy has meant that a multitude of companies in the industry have been keen to be involved, providing a showcase for new products and services, while also offering training and regular supplier contact to the country-based pool operators. It has been a winwin situation for all involved and all have benefited from the practical and friendly approach. “Our thanks go out each year to those whose efforts started the country pool managers’ conference in NSW

20 years ago and to those who work on tirelessly behind the scenes to keep it an ongoing success.”


Palintest Australia is a long-term supporter, having been exhibiting and sponsoring the conference almost since its inception, only missing the first conference in Mudgee. General manager Warren Thomas says that the CPMC is a fantastic way to catch up with their customers and friends, show new developments and products in a friendly informal atmosphere. The CPMC is also a good networking event for trade delegates. “Many of our customers bring their Palintest photometers for the annual calibration check which we perform on the stand, saving both time and money,” he says. “We also get to talk about water testing with all our country customers in the one location. “The CPMC is a great event in Palintest Australia’s exhibition calendar and we will be there in 2016 and going forward. We congratulate the CPMC organisers for such as successful event and conference, and wish them a happy 20th birthday!”

Tim Batt has been a major sponsor for the past five years but his connection goes back to the beginning


Derek Prince, managing director of Daisy Pool Covers has a long history with the conference going back for an uninterrupted 16 year affiliation.

Major Sponsor and Proud Supporter of CPM NSW since the beginning!

Pulsar® Feeders NEW DESIGN provides the most bang for your buck in pool chlorination. Automatic wash down cleans the inside of the feeder for less maintenance. Booster pump control option reduces energy consumption. Patented spray technology provides a consistent high strength solution of 2.0% AvCl for reliable dosing.

bang > buck

For a clean, clear pool with less hassle.

Ph: 0438-889268 All trademarks belong to Lonza or its affiliates. © 2016 Lonza. April/May 2016 SPLASH!


Commercial Feature Derek Prince from Daisy has long affiliation with the CPMC

“Daisy Pool Covers along with Sealed Air has been supporting the old ARI and the Country Pool Managers for more than just a few years now, and we have no plans to stop.�


“It is only 16 years because Daisy purchased the pool cover manufacturing division from Sealed Air Australia – nee Rheem – nee Southcorp – nee Jeal for those who can remember that far back, in October 2000,� says Prince. He says that before 2000 the commercial pool cover market was looked after by Sealed Air, with Ron Olsen and Ron Stevenson the ambassadors for commercial pool covers for many years. “A bit of history for those with long memories,� he says. “Sealed Air – prior identity Rheem – invented bubble wrap and then in the late 1970s invented solar pool covers. Jeal invented the roller systems – both domestic and commercial. Together Rheem and Jeal embarked on the commercial sector developing pool cover systems for commercial applications. The old name Rheem that many people remember was bought out by Southcorp for a short period before Sealed Air, in 1990s, bought them out.

Christie Horne, marketing manager at New Zealand based Aflex Technology says they are proud to have attended the country poolies conference for nearly all 20 years it has been running. “The conference is a wonderful opportunity for us to catch up with our existing customers and connect with prospective customers in the wider NSW area. Kerry and Mary organise a fantastic event with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Every year we always meet a fun bunch of people and have a great time,� she says. “As a family business it is important for us to support the industry and engage personally with our customers, which the country poolies conference is a great platform for – we will continue to attend for many years to come.�


Matt North, owner and operator of Fitness and Sports Training (FAST) College – a nationally recognised training provider established in 2014 – says he keeps going back to the conference because he finds it enjoyable on a professional development level and also on a social level. “I enjoy the workshops and guest speakers; and taking part in lawn bowls, golf and table tennis is also a highlight,� he says. “I have met some wonderful people and characters along the way including Gary Johnson from Tamworth, Tracy Knight from


LovibondÂŽ PM 630 The new PM 630 photometer for pool water testing introduces data management and BluetoothÂŽ functionality to the highly proven range of LovibondÂŽ photometers. Using the free LovibondÂŽ App, AquaLXÂŽ, enables results to be quickly and easily transferred to smartphones and tablets. Amongst many features of the app, additional information such as a pool i.d. and pool engineer can be recorded, providing a complete record of the measurement.

Free download available for Android and iOS.


For 27 Years – Lovibond Product Specialists

For further information contact:

Ph: 02 9798 9975 Email: Web: 62 SPLASH! April/May 2016

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Muswellbrook, Chad McCamley from Maitland, Sandy Moretti from Wollongong, Julie Coburn from Springwood, Graham Suckley from Shellharbour and many more. Meeting these people has been beneficial to expand my business within their regions but also allowed me to develop friendships to assist each other throughout the year.”

See Clearly Now

After 10 years overseeing the operations of Tamworth Regional Council’s public swimming facilities Gary Johnson formed See Clearly Now, a company dedicated to reducing fatal and non-fatal drowning in public swimming facilities using his proprietary Gary Johnson from See Clearly Now with lifeguards Reece Rowbottom and Hayley Gollan at the Monckton Aquatic Centre in Armidale

risk management system, Pool Super Vision. Johnson has been attending the conference since 1998 in Wellington, and last year he left his role in local government to attend his first conference as a trade delegate. “Opportunities for staff development are difficult in regional areas and the NSW country conference partly fills this niche,” he says. “Travel and accommodation costs can make attending metro events difficult and the content for some aspects needs to differ. Most regional managers operate older centres and so some of the issues they face are quite different from those with modern centres. Customer expectations can also be quite different.” Johnson says the strength of the NSW Country Pool Manager’s Conference has been its ability to remain relevant to the sector, with low registration fees, affordable accommodation and high networking opportunities making it popular with industry people. “Many of the problems I’ve solved or advice I’ve received has been picked up during the networking sessions. Informal and friendly, they are an integral part of the conference recipe. I am thoroughly looking forward to Forbes.”

Matt North from FAST has met many wonderful people and interesting characters at the conference

Contact: n

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4/7/16 2:37 PM

April/May 2016 SPLASH!


Commercial Feature The million dollar makeover of Mittagong pool

News South Wales regional roundup Kids are catered for at Mittagong


n celebration of the country pool managers’ 20th anniversary, a number of industry members associated with the conference have sent SPLASH! some information on recent projects in rural and regional New South Wales. Locations include Mittagong, the Hawkesbury, the ACT, Broken Hill, Murrurundi and Moruya.


The Mittagong Swimming Pool was Wingecarribee Shire Council’s oldest public swimming facility. Now it has reopened to the public after the completion of Hydrocare’s multi-million dollar makeover. More than 1000 patrons attended the recent reopening. Works included the demolition of the toddler pool, the integration of a learnto-swim pool and aquatic play area, the installation of tuition seating for the learn-to-swim pool and the erection of a shade sail, and the addition of an accessible ramp from the kiosk entry level to the pool deck. Further enhancements included refurbishing the existing filtration unit while new flexible membrane liners were installed in the 50 metre and 25 metre pools. Prior to the refurbishment, which started in June last year, the facility’s pool had faced a range of maintenance issues common to many ageing aquatic centres with water leakage and rising maintenance and operating costs. Refurbished using Hydrocare Pools Services’ innovative Waterzone pool reinforced vinyl swimming pool lining 64 SPLASH! April/May 2016

system, the upgrade also included the re-plumbing of its water filtration and management system that maintains the pool’s water clarity. Robert Savell says the use of the Waterzone pool lining system significantly reduced the cost or refurbishment and marks the fourth installation of the technology. “The system was introduced at the Parkes Swimming Pool in the western NSW town of Parkes in 2012, generating increased patronage and reduced running costs,” he says. Inspired by the Melbourne Olympics of 1956, communities across the country built a massive number of “Olympic” pools in the subsequent 25 years – in Victoria alone it is estimated that between 1950 and 1980, councils built approximately 200 swimming pools. “After decades of use, many of these seasonal outdoor pools are now in very poor condition,” says Savell. “Councils have to deal with ageing plant and equipment; extensive leaking due to cracks in the pool shell or pipework; slow water turnover rates and non-compliance with current Occupational Health and Safety legislation or standards of accessibility in the Disability Discrimination Act.” As a result, he says councils across Australia face difficult decisions as these pools reach the end of their operational lives and as repair and maintenance costs mount.


Hawkesbury Council’s aim was to reduce energy consumption on their

Commercial Feature

50m outdoor pool and the indoor 25m pool. Heating was being provided by three 250Kw heat pumps with annual energy costs estimated by council at $75,000. After being invited to tender, Heliocol’s NSW branch manager Paul Verheyden spent several weeks carrying out extensive hydraulic design and consultation work, and in January 2014 Heliocol was awarded the tender to supply and install solar pool heating to the Oasis Leisure Centre. A particularly challenging part of the tender was for the new solar system heating the outdoor pool to be able to switch over to heat the indoor pool when the outdoor pool reached 27degrees. This required the use of several large motorised changeover valves together with water drain down facilities to ensure pool water mixing could not happen. With Paul Verheyden, Greg Skelton and two other experienced tradespeople on the job, the solar panels were installed in two days and water was circulating within the week. In total 868sqm of Heliocol solar heating panels were installed, along with 750 metres of 80mm and 100mm PVC pipe. In addition, a purpose built solar controller, manufactured by Dontek Electronics in Melbourne, was installed to control the operation of the various temperature sensors, the circulating pump, and the motorised valves. The control unit is also connected into the council’s BMS system to enable further control and monitoring by Council staff. This information is shown on a monitor in the facility manager’s office. Data provided by Heliocol’s controls and the BMS also enables council to know the energy savings, which at last calculation was saving ratepayers more than $60,000 per year. One of the three original heat pumps has since broken down and the council has decided not to replace it due to the performance of the Heliocol system. This has also provided the council with considerable savings in capital expenditure.

Broken Hill

Crystal Pools was appointed main contractor for the North Broken Hill Aquatic Centre and took on full management of every aspect of the project. In addition to the swimming pools, Crystal Pools arranged and built everything, including construction of the buildings.

Residents now enjoy a state-of-the-art leisure centre. The slide, for example, provides patrons with a thrilling 70 metre ride dropping from an eight-metre platform. The centre has had a transforming effect on the community at Broken Hill. It’s an asset for the community to enjoy for decades to come. Broken Hill, while a vibrant and culturally rich city, is located in the centre of the sparsely populated outback of western New South Wales close to the South Australian border. The decision to redevelop and revitalise the original 1937 pool complex was made after very careful research and master planning provided by the town council and their appointed architects. Crystal’s first appointment was Geoff Ninnes Fong & Partners (GNFP) who designed the water retaining structures and the pool water treatment (PWT) plant. Closely after this, Crystal appointed Trisley Hydraulic Services Pty Ltd to supply and install an appropriate PWT plant. Based on Crystal’s policy of using local resources wherever possible, they also appointed Timperio Enterprises Pty Ltd (a local Broken Hill contractor) for the construction of the PWT plant room, the gas containment room and other associated building works. Stemming from council’s consideration of all available pool options, a reinforced formed and poured pool construction was selected due to its unique cost effectiveness and it proven longevity. The soiled water gutters on both pools were set on a generous grade to operate in accordance with opentrench drainage. This method is widely considered preferable because of its efficiency and its ability to collect the total plant flow over the full length of the gutter. This construction method also precluded the need for any soiled water piping, which would have otherwise been installed external of the water retaining structure. Crystal says a prefabricated panel type pool would not have provided the same benefits. The construction of significant swimming pools in remote locations relies heavily upon applied experience that firstly establishes a workable cost plan. Next comes a robust design and committed project team who must understand and respects the client’s needs and aspirations, says Crystal. Although the delivery of large swimming pools in

Above left: The view from above showing the Oasis Leisure Centre and solar panels Above right: The Broken Hill slide provides a thrilling 70-metre ride from an eightmetre platform

April/May 2016  SPLASH!  65

Commercial Feature

regional areas is never easy, the North Broken Hill Pool now has a new eight-lane, 50 metre (FINA compliant) competition pool and an exciting new water slide.


Another Crystal Pools project was the $30 million Gungahlin Aquatic Centre in the Australian Capital Territory. It was completed by Crystal Pools in 2014 and provides a new facility for swimming lessons, fitness classes, squad training and learn-to-swim programs to the local community. The complex features an eight-lane, 50-metre swimming pool with a moveable boom, a 25-metre leisure pool and a large splash pad/water play area for children. The centre was opened by the Chief Minister Katy Gallagher MLA and Andrew Barr MLA in May 2014. It is a managed in partnership between the ACT Government and the YMCA. The centre offers a range of health and aquatic programs to cater for the diverse ages, interests and abilities of the Gungahlin community and wider region. The services include swimming lessons, personal training, café, group fitness classes, small group training, recreational swimming, squad training and school programs.


Colormaker Industries supplies Luxapool epoxy pool paint, which has been developed for application over existing epoxy, old and new cement render, fibreglass, marblesheen and even pebblecrete. This product is well suited to commercial and council pools and has been used on a number of large commercial projects including the Sydney Aquatic Centre training pool. Dennis Cronberger of DC’s High Pressure Cleaning Service is a reputable pool paint applicator based in the Tamworth area. Cronberger has managed a number of commercial and domestic pool painting projects in regional areas using Luxapool pool coatings, resurfacing pools with both epoxy and chlorinated rubber products to deliver an outstanding finish. The Murrurundi pool project is one such job undertaken by Cronberger, resurfacing the pool in epoxy pool paint in Pacific Blue colour.

The Gungahlin complex features an eight-lane, 50 metre swimming pool with a moveable boom


Another Luxapool recommended pool paint applicator is John Townsend of Many council pool managers and commercial swimming pool operators throughout Sydney and regional NSW have entrusted him with their pool resurfacing, renovation and refurbishment projects. Colormaker Industries says Townsend only uses and recommends Luxapool pool paint due to its consistent quality, ease of application and outstanding results. He has been painting commercial swimming pools, indoor and outdoor, for more than 30 years, including the Sydney Aquatic Centre training pool at Homebush; Manly, Kuringai and Hornsby council pools; and large school pool projects including Cranbrook School, Waverley College, Wenona School for Girls, Kincoppal School, and Campbelltown school for disabled children. He also did the refurbished Moruya pool project, pictured below. Contacts: Colormaker: Crystal Pools: Heliocol: Hydrocare: Moruya pool being painted

The Murrurundi pool before the renovation

The Murrurundi pool after the renovation 66


April/May 2016

“Councils across Australia face difficult decisions as pools reach the end of their operational lives and as repair and maintenance costs mount.”

Pool of Poolies UPDATE It’s not YOU, it’s US – WE’VE chang changed!! ed!!

Aussie Aquatics (formerly t/as Swim Australia), is undergoing a major brand re-evolution … our logo and our name are in the midst of a revamp. Despite the changes underway, it’s business as usual; still operating as the industry’s peak body, with over 500 registered swim schools. Stay tuned for some major industry announcements, reinforcing our leadership, and our fine-tuned focus on all things Swim Schools.

If you’d like to become a Pool Of Poolies (POP), supporting the learn to swim industry and our mission to reduce drowning deaths, please email our CEO, Ross Gage at

Are you ready for the Swim School EVENT of the Year? Mark it in your diary - Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, August 15th - 19th. Hosted by Aussie Aquatics & SPLASH! 15-17th - The ‘Business’ of Swim Schools Conference • Frank Sahlein – 3rd Level Consulting, USA • Erin Seal-Grande – Seal Swim School, USA • Sharron Crowley – Smart Moves Swim, Canada • Laura Daquino – Business News Australia alia • And many more 17-18th - SPLASH! Pool and Spa Expo 18th - International SwimDisABILITY Fest • Erin Seal-Grande – Seal Swim School, USA • And Swim School, Physiotherapy and Occupational cupational Therapy experts 19th - 3rd National SwimTOTS Fest • Erin Seal-Grande – Seal Swim School, USA • Sharron Crowley – Smart Moves Swim, Canada • And other industry and educational experts xperts For more information visit

Presenting partner of SwimSAFER

new products

The infinite fibreglass horizon Leisure Pools new Horizon fibreglass pool features a recirculating system where water overflows from an infinity edge and is captured by its own inbuilt reservoir and returned to the pool. This is a freestanding fibreglass pool, and Derek Glinka believes this is the only negative edge freestanding pool in the Australian market or even in the world as far as he knows. It was developed in Brisbane by Leisure Pools’ owner and designer Kerry Pain,

Turning the view to advantage

Vitrocsa’s Turnable Corner glass door system allows panels to glide independently left or right and around corners. This eliminates the doors from view and allows for maximum sized openings. Turnable Corner panels can be moved along any angled or curved track and then stacked around the side of a building, along a cavity in the wall or in a purpose built cupboard. The invisible track sys-



April/May 2016

and it received a lot of interest at the most recent SPASA NSW consumer show. “A lot of people never realised you could have a negative edge in fibreglass,” says Glinka. “If you’ve got a sloping site with a good view, you can put a slab in and the pool sits on the slab, so it can save you tens of thousands in having to build retaining walls. It would cost about $30,000 on a slab finished off with a decorative border around it.” Contact:

tem means that even if you have multiple corners for the panels to slide around, these won’t appear as unsightly tracks in the flooring as only two 10mm gaps are visible in the flooring for each track. This is a great way to see the backyard and pool without any visual impediments, while letting in fresh air and instantly making the room an indoor/outdoor space. Contact:

new products

Portable shower perfect for poolside

All you need to do is step onto the portable Viteo Shower to get a refreshing burst of gentle summer rain. The shower is set off by body weight, as the jets are arranged in a circle around the edge of the foot panel. The jets first gush up and meet in the middle overhead before falling gently down like rain. The white foot panel has a diameter of 78 cm and is made of UV resistant, non-slip plastic, with the substructure enclosed in a stainless steel ring. Water is supplied via a standard garden hose with a Gardena connection.


The height of the water column varies between two and four metres depending on the water pressure (min. 3 bar necessary). Featuring a clear and functional design by Danny Venlet, ideal for the garden or around the pool and can also be used on a jetty or a patio. Contact:

April/May 2016 SPLASH!


new products

Sterns going swimmingly at retail stores Last year Swimart signed an agreement with Sterns Pools to supply their modular aboveground pools through their retail network. Swimart national franchise manager Chris Fitzmaurice says the first season results were well ahead of expectations and bode well for the coming season.

Poolwerx splash into spas with Banff

Poolwerx estimates 12,000 spas are sold in Australia every year, and so is tapping into the market by launching a new exclusive range called Banff Spas, manufactured by Spa World. John O’Brien, Poolwerx CEO says the company had proactively sought a spa partner to increase retail opportunities for the business, after market research indicated a potential for growth. The Banff Spas range is based on data relating to the most popular models sold over the past few years and will offer five-person



April/May 2016

from Swimart’s parent company Waterco, including a suite of award winning EnviroPro products. Depending on the package selected, this could include an EnviroPro pump, filter, chlorinator, LED lights, glass pearl media or a heat pump.

He says that with land sizes shrinking and level land becoming harder to find, modular pools are becoming more popular as they are ideal for smaller spaces and sloping land.

“Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and are looking for ways to save on water and energy usage and costs making the EnviroPro range the perfect fit for this demand,” says Fitzmaurice.

The pools are packaged with products

Contact: www.swimart.

to eight-person configurations. Banff will be accessible to the Poolwerx network throughout Australia and New Zealand first, but is also intended to appeal to Americans when the company eventually launches the Banff Spas brand in the US. To celebrate the official product launch, Poolwerx will also be giving away a Banff Mt Fifi spa package valued at more than $10,000. Contact:

Relaxed Las Ramblas style

The Rambla chair takes its conceptual inspiration from the seats used in one of the most emblematic pedestrian thoroughfares in the world: Barcelona’s Las Ramblas, the promenade that runs from the very heart of the city to the waters of the port. The Rambla outdoor chair is based on rented chairs on the famed promenade. The arms of the Rambla chair are made from iron bars but it is light and stackable and has a contemporary shape, reinterpreting the tradition of the cosmopolitan Mediterranean lifestyle. Roomy and comfortable, with relaxing arms and an optional polyurethane foam cushion, this chair is suitable for outdoors and can also be used in dining rooms, kitchens, porches and terraces.

Evolution Series Chlorinator Pride: Australian designed and manufactured Performance: Advanced digital micro processing PCB Simplicity: Analog time clock with adjustable chlorine output Choice: 2 models automatic and manual 5 sizes 15kg/hr to 35g/hr Environment: Pool salt or mineral salts 3500 ppm to 4500 ppm Assurance: 3 years warranty power pack and electrolytic cell

Evolution Water & Lighting Solutions QLD 4213 P: 61 7 5565 0000 F: 61 7 5565 0010

E: W:


Vertical gardens by the pool

The Greenwall Company’s new freestanding design is perfect for those looking for a green dividing solution. Founder Mark Paul says that traditionally greenwalls have been designed to cover facades of buildings or structures to provide amenity and environmental benefits, but now they are finding clients are looking for much more. Greenwall can be used like cladding to produce instant greenspace both inside and out. The system was developed by Paul over approximately 30 years, presenting an innovative system based on inorganic media and adjustable substrate depth that retains moisture and simulates conditions resembling natural soil. Contact: April/May 2016  SPLASH!  71

new products

Viega press fitting system

The Viega press fitting system was used for Melville Aquatic Centre, at the southern hemisphere’s second largest solar pool heating system, installed by Supreme Heating WA. The 160 panel evacuated tube (EVT) system, which was put in place to support the gas system, took nine weeks to be installed on the roof of the centre. The huge installation needed approximately half a kilometre of copper and the Supreme Heating team used a myriad of Viega products during this project, including Viega press

Big horizontal filters get NFS 50

Waterco’s range of Micron horizontal commercial filters has achieved certification under the American National Standard for swimming pool equipment, the NSF/ANSI Standard 50 certification. “This is an outstanding achievement – for a number of reasons,” says Bryan Goh, Waterco group marketing director.

These fittings were essential to ensuring a high quality finished system, as they are designed to support the EVT system and have the high temperature tolerances which were crucial. Viega fittings also make installation easier and quicker as you don’t have to worry about soldering. Contact:

resistant, which is another key criterion. They’re manufactured from the highest grade of non-corrosive materials and are designed and built for many years of trouble-free operation.” Clint Holland, vice president of Waterco USA says the award is testament to the quality and durability of Waterco’s Micron Horizontal filters.

criteria to ensure the materials do not contribute harmful contam-

“These are the largest such filters to be certified to this standard. The certification means that these very large FRP filters can now be used on high flow waterparks across the United States.”

inants to the water. Not only that, it proves our filters are corrosion


“It demonstrates our commitment to environmental conservation and public health by reinforcing that these filters meet the requisite


fittings from 15mm to 80mm, which encompassed joiners, elbows, valve train configurations, and Ts.


April/May 2016

new products

Soaking by the dozen

Tippers keep landscaper on track

The largest of the Cirque features at 4.5m tall, the Big Top Soaker towers on whimsically curving legs as if performing on stilts.

“The NPR is mainly used for bringing the crew to the worksite, and for transporting lighter equipment and land materials,” he says. Its potent SiTEC Series III 155 engine offers torque, power and good acceleration, producing 114 kW @ 2600 rpm and maximum torque of 419 Nm @ 160.

Waterplay has released the Big Top Soaker, a humongous dumping bucket that brings a big splash experience to the Cirque aquatic play collection. Its unique translucent bucket lets waterplayers watch in anticipation as it fills with water and then tips out a show-stopping splash to soak the senses.

When Descas Landscapes owner Andrew Descas invested in six Isuzu trucks, he chose the NPR 300 Crew Tipper and the FRR 500 Tipper for the combination of power, performance and economy.

Its bucket, designed with a transparent AquaLume, allows light to illuminate the water as it rises, creating a fun visual experience for excited waterplayers below. Those in the front row will get a thrilling head-to-toe splash experience, while passers-by can marvel at the spectacular water show from a distance.

“We rely on the FRR 500 for transporting heavier equipment like bobcats which can be very cumbersome,” he says. With a GVM of 10,700 kg and a SiTEC Series III 205 engine it scores points for its reliability and larger load-bearing capacity.



“My drivers are really happy with both models.”


Piscine Overseas Pool Export Network

DWTC - Dubai, UAE

5-6 October 2016


EXPO & CONVENTION CENTRE Contact: CANDICE - +65 6816 2654

Singapore - Marina Bay Sands

15-18 November 2016 Eurexpo Lyon - France

RCS Lyon 380 552 976 - Non-contractual documents - Illustrations : Cruschiform

17-19 September 2016 April/May 2016 SPLASH!


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AUSTRALIA’S LEADING POOL BUILDERS CHOOSE PARAMOUNT IN-FLOOR CLEANING SYSTEMS Paramount In-Floor Cleaning Systems offer you and your customers the perfect cleaning solution when working together to create the perfect outdoor oasis. Astonish your clients with the incredible effectiveness of an in-floor cleaning and circulation system.


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CHOOSING THE RIGHT FILTER HAS NEVER BEEN SO CLEAR The Posi-ClearTM RP filter gives you everything you could ask for in a filter. It delivers top-of-the-line cartridge performance to keep your pool sparkling clear. This new design features a raised and offset port which creates a cyclone effect inside the filter. The larger particles are flung out through centrifugal force, leaving the filter element to deal with the ultra-fine particles. The large particles simply fall to the bottom of the filter, where they can be easily drained out, making the Posi-Clear RP easy to clean too.












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SPLASH April-May 2016  

SPLASH! is the leading trade publication for the Australasian “wet industry”, incorporating the swimming pool, spa and aquatics industries....

SPLASH April-May 2016  

SPLASH! is the leading trade publication for the Australasian “wet industry”, incorporating the swimming pool, spa and aquatics industries....