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aesthetics • medi • wellness Volume 97 2024 BTL CELEBRATES 5 YEARS The Healthification OF BEAUTY CLARIFYING The New TGA Guidelines

The Acne Revolution Is Here

The first and original TGA-approved energy device for the treatment of mild to severe inflammatory acne.

©2024 Cutera, Inc. All rights reserved. AP004105 rA (01/24)

Treat active acne and prevent future acne breakouts in as little as three 30-minute sessions

Results may vary. “After“ photos taken 12 months after final treatment session.


NEW melanopro peel system

a dark spot-fading treatment for every skin tone

does your clinic offer comprehensive options to safely target all forms of hyperpigmentation on all skin tones?

the solution: melanopro peel system

This unique professional peel system reduces all forms of hyperpigmentation in less than 6 weeks and is effective and safe on all skin tones. This transformative 2-phase regimen works to visibly counteract environmental skin damage – fading dark spots, reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and smoothing skin’s texture to reveal fresh, brighter skin.

Phase 1 - in clinic

Intensive Peeling Masque (Day 1)

• Professional application (45min)

• Removed at home (4-7 hours later)

Phase 2 - at home

Resurfacing Moisturizer (4-6 weeks)

• Home applications: 2-3 times daily

• Day 1-6: flaking

• Day 7-15: adjustment

• Day 16-48: results peak

“Melanopro Peel System has been developed and thoroughly tested to provide excellent results on all skin tones. I have witnessed outstanding outcomes on Fitzpatrick types one to three. However, it was particularly exciting to observe the results on Fitzpatrick types four to six, who are more susceptible to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and have limited treatment options. Moreover, Melanopro Peel System is a comfortable treatment option with minimal to no downtime, so it does not disrupt the patient’s daily life.”

- Dr. Wong, Double Board Certified Dermatologist, Edmonton, Canada Melanopro Peel System does more than enhance your professional offering on all hyperpigmentation concerns – it is also highly profitable. Contact your local Dermalogica PRO representative or contact us on 1800-659-118 or go to

after before after before
after before
Results from clinical study conducted on 30 subjects.

Treatment on the Market*

The Soprano Titanium Special Edition reduces treatment times to a fraction of what you might expect. It's not just an improvement; it’s a game-changer. The pe ect solution for the ultimate hair removal experience, and more.

Scan here to MAXimize Results and your Clinic
In-Motion Technology Safe for All Skin Types Built-in Cooling
*Validated by ‘Sapio Research’, an independent global research agency, when compared with leading global laser hair removal brands. **Valid in SHR In-Motion mode and high fluence levels.


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Editor’s Letter

We blinked and all of a sudden, it’s May! Time is flying by at a rapid speed, which was particularly apparent to me when I realised that it had been five years since we celebrated SPA+CLINIC’s 20th anniversary, which means, we’ve already reached the next milestone: 25 years of SPA+CLINIC! If it were a marriage, it would be our Silver Anniversary, which is, of course, a reason to celebrate! Having a magazine in print for a quarter of a century is no small feat these days, and I am proud that we have landed on your desks continuously – even through the pandemic. We are excited to host a 25th anniversary event this September to celebrate our milestone with brand partners and some of our dear readers – stay tuned for more information to see how you can score an exclusive invitation.

in Australia. In only five years, the device company has established itself at the forefront of innovative technology and has won over many Australian practitioners as loyal brand partners. Read more on page 50. We also look at the changing landscape of aesthetic clinics, with MECCA recently ‘entering the game’ with their MECCA Aesthetica clinics (page 40). Yes, there is more competition than ever, but that just means you have to focus on your point of difference. Demand for aesthetic and wellness treatments isn’t slowing down so there is ample opportunity out there for spas and clinics.

I hope you enjoy this issue, and please come say hi if you see us at any of the upcoming conferences.

The magazine has seen the industry it is written for change and evolve dramatically over the past 25 years, and it feels like we’re in the middle of another big shift right now. One of the biggest accelerators of that change is of course the new guidelines introduced by AHPRA and the TGA since July of last year. Australia is now one of the strictest countries in the world when it comes to advertising non-surgical aesthetic procedures, and there a whispers that the crackdown will continue and include more treatments soon. On page 94, read our summary of the updated TGA guidelines, and if you’re curious to learn how other countries are doing it, head to page 90 where we take a look at Germany’s (also) strict regulations.

Touch button to watch Nadine preview this issue.

aesthetics • medi • wellness

Customised compounding with over 40 active serums

Unlock the power of personalised skincare with our advanced compounding technology. Craft custom formulations in minutes, ensuring superior results for every client, every time. by derma aesthetics


50 Five Years of BTL Aesthetics Australia

54 The Healthification of Beauty

94 Clarifying The New TGA Guidelines


12 Nadine and Kym try the latest aesthetic treatments


20 NSS Preview

What to expect from this year’s Non-Surgical Symposium

26 Our Experience At The Alma Academy in Barcelona Kym Cowper shares her learnings BUSINESS

32 Out and About Launches and events we attended

36 Own Your Future

Ella Baché has launched a new Dual Diploma

40 The Age of MECCA

MECCA is expanding its skin clinics, MECCA Aesthetica

42 The Path To B Corp Certification – And Why It Matters James Vivian is one of the very few businesses in Australia that is B Corp certified

49 Diversifying My Offering

Dr Yalda Jamali has made the conscious decision to work out of three different clinics


56 The Role Of The Skin Microbiome In Acne

Dr Jo-Ann See explains the latest findings

58 A Toolbox For Your Skin To Repair Itself

We meet the founders of Augustinus Bader

60 Stem Cells, Exosomes, And Red Deer Umbilical Cord Lining

What’s It All About?

On the cover

64 Introducing, Dermalogica Pro Biocellulose Cooling Masque The perfect add-on to clinical treatments


66 Auriga Spa, Capella Sydney WELLNESS

68 The New Category Of Rehabilitation Retreats Nawa Wellness offers mental health support through holistic wellness practices

71 A New Standard In Clinic Design Wellness real estate has finally arrived in the medical realm TECHNOLOGY

72 Targeting Collagen Directly Introducing DEKA’s RedTouch Pro

74 Why Dermatologists Call This Laser ‘Better Than Pico’

Dr Nina Wines on Lutronic’s Hollywood Spectra

81 My Go-To Acne Protocols

Dr Kentaro Oku shares his expertise in acne treatments


90 The State Of Injectable Treatments In Germany

We take a look at Germany’s regulations around cosmetic injections

92 What Vaping Does To Your Client’s Skin Dermatologist Dr Shammi Theesan explains just how detrimental vaping is

With 30 years of continuous innovation, BTL belongs among the world’s major manufacturers of aesthetic equipment with direct offices in more than 70 countries around the world. The company develops, manufactures, and markets a portfolio of recognised products, becoming a market leader in non-invasive body shaping, one of the fastest-growing segments of aesthetic medicine. Over the past 30 years, our research and development team substantially enlarged and diversified our product portfolio by bringing innovations that are used across multiple medical specialties. Years of development resulted in a number of patents being granted and helped us in expanding the diversity of healthcare services that can improve patients’ lives. This way we have revolutionised the way to offer the most advanced non-invasive solutions for body shaping, cellulite, skin tightening & other medical aesthetic treatments. BTLAESTHETICS.COM.AU

40 90 66
dark spots, trust the leader .com the element for skincare experts cosmelan®
is the world’s leading professional depigmenting solution, suitable for all skin
tones, that offers a unique dual action. It provides a visible corrective action on the appearance of dark spots,
long term results. take advantage of exclusive packages, available for a limited time Advanced Cosmeceuticals 1800 242 011
types and


The latest and greatest in the aesthetics industry, tested by the SPA+CLINIC team.

Nadine Dilong, Managing Editor tried: Rejuran

Rejuran, also known as the ‘salmon testes injectable’ has probably been the most talked about aesthetic treatment this year. Since its launch in Australia at the beginning of the year, many practitioners have praised it for its skin quality improving benefits. Derived from wild Korean salmon testes, the injectable uses the salmon’s DNA and so-called DOT technology (DNA Optimising Technology) to stimulate regeneration and repair damaged skin while reducing unwanted inflammation. It is injected superficially, about 1mm deep, and, unlike other injectables, can be injected around the eyes and therefore help with fine lines and crepiness of the delicate periorbital skin.


I saw Dr Eric Song to perform the treatment on me, and after numbing cream did its magic on my face for about 45 minutes, we got started. Dr Song used an injector gun to inject Rejuran all over my face, which took about 20 minutes to get an even application. It does sting a bit, so I highly recommend to leave numbing cream on for up to an hour before the treatment, but overall it was tolerable. Afterwards, I was puffy and red, and tiny little bumps appeared under my eyes where the skin is thinner, but all subsided within 48 hours. So far, I have had two of the recommended three treatments, and the biggest difference I can see is, indeed, on the skin around my eyes. Being in my mid-thirties, my smile lines were starting to become a bit too deep for my liking, but Rejuran has definitely softened them as well as brightened my dark circles.

Kym Cowper, Partnerships Manager tried: Emsculpt NEO Tricep Applicators

The treatment began with a thorough consultation to assess my fitness goals and customise the treatment plan to suit my needs. Once comfortably positioned, the tricep applicators were strategically placed on my arms, and the session commenced. As the BTL Emsculpt NEO technology went to work, I experienced a series of intense yet manageable muscle contractions. These contractions effectively targeted the deep muscles of my triceps, simulating an intense workout without the need for strenuous exercise. Being small muscle groups, it was quite intense but tolerable, and Julie from BTL controlled the device throughout the whole 20-minute treatment. After completing the recommended series of four sessions, I was delighted to see noticeable improvements in the tone and definition of my triceps. The targeted muscle stimulation had effectively sculpted my arms, resulting in a firmer and more contoured appearance – no more tuck shop arms. One of the standout benefits of the BTL Emsculpt NEO tricep applicator treatment is its ability to deliver results with minimal discomfort and downtime. Unlike traditional surgical procedures or strenuous workouts, this non-invasive treatment has no downtime – I did feel like I had a massive tricep workout for two days post sessions. In conclusion, the BTL Emsculpt NEO tricep applicators treatment exceeded my expectations in terms of both efficacy and convenience. With its innovative technology and proven results, it offers a compelling solution for anyone looking to enhance and tone the appearance of their arms without resorting to invasive and more expensive treatments.

Nadine Dilong, Managing Editor tried: The Intrinsic Illumination Infusion

There is nothing quite like an amazing facial, where a skilled therapist uses their bare hands to make you drift off into another galaxy for an hour or two – or so it feels. But these facials are hard to find, so I was excited to try Isabella Loneragan’s latest facial creation, the Intrinsic Illumination Infusion. Known for her buccal facials (where the inside of your cheeks get massaged), Isabella has taken her offering to the next level by combining Japanese Kobido and Chinese Chuanzhi acupressure massage methods to create a facial that works on ‘neurocosmetics’ or the ‘brain-skin connection’.

The 60-minute facial includes precise movements in the face and neck, and Isabella identifies and focuses on my specific acupressure points that are believed to correspond to different organs and systems in the body. This helps to balance the body’s energy flow, improve circulation, and promote overall health and vitality. The buccal massage always feels a little weird – it’s not often you have someone else’s hands in your mouth – but it targets muscles that you can only get to through this technique. The whole treatment feels relaxing and at the same time like a workout for the face, and there is no doubt that my entire head feels so much lighter and relaxed after the facial, which uses a bespoke combination of Isabella’s Ragan Skin products and finishes with LED. Truly, a masterpiece.



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DMK Super Serum, RRP $180.00

Adoreyes PepChat Lip Serum, RRP $59.00 Murad Cellular Hydration Repair Cream, RRP $115.00

Cosmetics Newbies The latest innovations
hit your shelves. Astromantique
Idealist Cosmetic Clinic Premium LED Face Mask, RRP
Re-Dox Skin Lab Hydrating Niacinamide Night Gel, RRP
Earth Body Elixir, RRP $69.95
RRP $335.00
DR™ CryoEnergising Mask, RRP $115.00 Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Roll-On, RRP $78.00 Medipledge Collagen Soothing Spray, RRP $90.00 medipledge.

Airyday Lip Me Vanilla SPF50+ Dreamscreen, RRP $24.00

SkinCeuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst, RRP TBA

Strange Luxury Barrier Balance Cream, RRP $89.00

Lust Minerals Bronzing Glow Drops, RRP $48.00

Heartwood Royal Revival Serum, RRP $130.00

OKKIYO Prioriteyes Mascara, RRP $49.50

Biologique Recherche Crème Masque Vernix VG, RRP $411.00

Rejuran Healer Healing Mask, box of 5 RRP $65.00

Dreamweave & Co Powerhouse Lip Plumper, RRP $52.95

Sodashi Samadara Ultimate Age Defying Elixir, RRP $284.00

ZO Complex A+, RRP $190.00


A SpaceUnique

Soft shapes, surprising textures, and a contrast of light and dark invite you to explore Dr Nik Davies’ new clinic, Klinika.

September Studios


Elsa Foulon Studio Paris custom design by SMD, made by Rachel Nadler Ceramics

Mariza Galani

custom made by SMD, fabric by Unique Fabrics (Copenhagen Nude)


Facts & Figures



Location: ERINA, NSW

Size: 220m 2

ATreatment Rooms: 6

Staff: 9


fter many years of being renowned as one of Australia’s top Cosmetic Doctors, Dr Nik Davies has taken the plunge and opened his own clinic on the New South Wales Central Coast in Erina. Together with his wife Steph and interior design firm ‘Something More Design’, Davies has created a unique space unlike any other clinic in the area. “We saw a gap in the market on the Central Coast which we have filled,” says Davies. “We wanted to create the most high-end clinic in the area without making it an overtly clinical space. We achieved this with the decor and the staff who have filled it. Klinika is a warm, inviting space where our guests feel comfortable and looked after. We have the only dermal clinician on the Central Coast and our other staff are excellent at what they do. This has allowed us to attract the best people in the industry and the clientele that we seek.”

The space when you walk in is light filled and dominated by shades of white and cream, with shapes and textures contrasting to create moments that capture your eyes. There are many curves that lead you through the clinic, with hardly any harsh edges in sight. Indeed it was those curves that became somewhat challenging in the build, explains Davies, “there are always hiccups,” he tells us, but overall the experience of creating Klinika was a positive one.

Dr Nik Davies wanted to create a space that reflected his attention to detail and passion for offering only the best, both in terms of products and practitioners. “We are a doctor-led clinic. All our treatments are carefully curated and have the patients’ results and comfort in mind, but are backed by scientific research and literature.

For example, we offer a pico laser which requires extensive training and experience in order to see results. Moreover, both our injectors are national clinical trainers who live and breathe aesthetics,” he explains.

As a point of difference, Davies put a ‘Skin Bar’ in the reception area, a curved ‘nook’ with built-in rounded shelving displaying Klinika’s skincare brands and a stunning Anna Charesworth pendant light sitting above in a plaster finish, inviting everyone to browse the products and receive a customised skincare prescription from one of the many qualified staff. In fact, the Skin Bar is Davies’ favourite corner in the clinic. “It was a bepoke, custom designed structure where patients experience a formal or informal discussion with one of our professionals talking all things skin,” he explains, and another room worth mentioning at Klinika is the infrared sauna room, whose dark walls create a moody, cozy feeling, which sits in stark contrast to the bright interior of the rest of the clinic. Davies offers a holistic approach to aesthetics, including nutritional counselling, sauna therapy, and functional medicine.

Unique lighting fixtures, surprising shapes, and sculptural elements throughout almost evoke a sense of this being an art gallery rather than a clinic, truly setting it apart from what most patients are used to when seeing a doctor. Davies is proud of what he has created – rightly so – saying although it has been stressful, “it is worth it in the end and I feel it is the best thing I have ever done. Having said that it can’t be too bad as we are already looking for our second space.” We can’t wait to see it.



By invite only

25th Anniversary Event

Are You Ready For NSS 2024?

This year will be all about ethical and evidence-based good practice.

Known as Australasia’s Premier Educational Event for NonSurgical Aesthetics, this year’s Non-surgical Symposium will take education, networking, and managing compliance with a competitive edge, to a whole new level.

The theme of the 2024 NSS is Ethical and Evidence-based Good Practice and this is particularly showcased on the Sunday Session dedicated to ethics and regulatory compliance. “Prioritising compliance with the recently announced TGA and soon to be announced AHPRA guidelines in ethical advertising and evidence-based cosmetic procedures is fundamental. It will help foster trust with your patients, elevate you as a responsible and reputable cosmetic practitioner, and enable your cosmetic practice to remain competitive,” says Dr Naveen Somia, PhD, FRACS and Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

A diverse and inclusive group of experts, also known as the NSS Scientific Advisory Committee, led by Scientific Convenor Dr Naveen Somia has carefully curated an outstanding educational program for 2024. The 3-day event encompasses presentations, panel discussions, masterclasses, workshops, social and networking events, and an injecting village.

“2024 is turning out to be a very big year for the non-surgical aesthetic industry and NSS 2024 is ready to meet the challenge and support you with skills and knowledge that you need to have a successful year. We have excellent streams that complement your CPD learning, streams in facial aesthetics, streams on care of skin, the business stream, all to ensure that you remain competitive and successful.

CPD is mandatory in the area in which you practice. So if you’re practising in non-surgical aesthetics, there is no excuse for you not to attend the CPD program at the NSS. It has all requirements of your CPD to be ticked off. The entire program of NSS 2024 is excellent. It’s been

curated by experts in the field, so I look forward to every aspect of the program. If I were to highlight a few things in particular of extreme relevance to every single practitioner in 2024, it is these four:

Number one, the art of consultation, which is going to be an important event at the NSS this year. The consultation is not just a medical history taking, it is much more than that. So you should not miss this session.

The second one is about advertising. Most of the regulations are going to target your advertising. It is important for you to know what is right, what is wrong, what is allowed, what is not. Because if you remain compliant, you can avoid a significant amount of headache, fines, and regulatory action that come with it.

We also have a session on an ethical cosmetic practice, which I think would be very useful for everyone to understand the boundaries and what should be done, what should not be done, the concept of good care, and the concept of better aftercare. There is a special session on Sunday morning where we have the President of the Medical Board of Australia coming to give us a talk. We also have the Head of AHPRA Regulatory Compliance coming to give us a talk as well on the upcoming regulations,” says Dr Naveen Somia, NSS 2024 Scientific Advisory Committee.

Dr Naveen Somia, NSS 2024 Scientific Advisory Committee

Business And Skin Streams

As Suzie Hoitink, Co-Director at HTNK Advisory and Member of the 2024 NSS Scientific Advisory Committee explains about the business stream, ”NSS 24 is simply the conference you cannot afford to miss. As always, we’ll bring you the latest techniques and technologies, but in this year of fear, with increasing compliance and competitiveness, we are pulling together the experts to give you the clarity and direction you need. Building on the incredible success of NSS 23’s business program, we present NSS 24 Smarter Business, a full-day


program focused on compliance, but also giving you the competitive edge you need in the current environment. Seasoned experts will take you through marketing, your processes in clinic, building a highperforming team and planning for the future. And, you will leave with all the tools you need to drive your business forward.

I really look forward to connecting with you all at NSS 24, but in particular in the Smarter Business program.”

2024 sees an expansion of the skin program covering topics such as ‘Skin Philosophies of Aesthetic Leaders’ and ‘Menopause & Skin Changes’ under the guidance of Dermatologist, Dr Liz Dawes-Higgs and Dermal Clinician, James Vivian.

“I’m really happy to be part of the Non-Surgical Symposium Scientific Advisory Committee. Part of my role is looking after the program and an area that I’m really excited about this year’s conference is we’re going to have multiple sessions based around the new injector. So this is really going to help you develop those skills around communication, business and also how to develop a treatment plan for your patients. So I’m really excited about this one,” saysDr Giulia D’Anna, Dentist.

Featuring a host of 75 esteemed international and local speakers and 45 hours of specialised CPD in cosmetic procedures, this is an opportunity for attendees to elevate their expertise and network with the best in the industry.

“The NSS is a special event because it focuses on ethical and evidence-based practice. We have an open, inclusive, diverse group of

people who have helped curate the content so that there is something in it for everybody. It is not just scientifically relevant, it is current as well. So it is an open meeting, everyone is welcome to attend, every single practitioner who practices non-surgical aesthetics is welcome to attend the meeting. And since we’ve been in this space for the longest, the history and the legacy of NSS is nothing but improving the quality so that we can improve patient care,” says Dr Naveen Somia.

And last, but by no means least, the jam packed 3-day event includes a Welcome Reception on Friday evening and the infamous, not-to-be-missed NSS Gala Dinner on Saturday night.

Continuing Professional Development

The 2024 NSS also offers best-in-class evidence-based education on cosmetic procedures to fulfil Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. With the regulatory body, AHPRA, mandating that CPD must be in practitioners’ area of practice, the 17 CPD hours provided by NSS 2024 makes it compelling for attendees.

For those with a chosen specialisation in cosmetic procedures, participation in the NSS guarantees adherence to regulatory standards, while fostering professional advancement. This is the best way to accrue the essential CPD hours that AHPRA indicates is a prerequisite for maintaining registration.

The NSS will take place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on 14th-16th June 2024. Register at

What You Can Expect From Exhibitors At NSS This Year

High Tech Medical, Stand #97-#99

This year at NSS, High Tech Medical is excited to be showcasing its signature devices along with new launches. These include Smartxide Punto by Deka, a next-generation CO2 laser with unique PSD technology that provides CoolPeel, a ten-minute, minimal downtime, skin resurfacing treatment that delivers outstanding results; EndyMed, featuring proprietary, clinicallyvalidated 3DEEP RF technology, is the most powerful and focused RF technology available, providing efficient, comfortable and results-driven treatments for the face and body; new addition Sofwave is a noninvasive breakthrough ultrasound skin tightening and lifting treatment with proven clinical efficacy, minimal downtime, minimal discomfort and minimal risk of side effects with visible results achieved in just a single treatment; newly launched RedTouch PRO by Deka is the first and only fractional laser that, unlike other wavelengths that interact with water, melanin or haemoglobin, delivers energy directly targeting collagen for total skin rejuvenation; and EmCyte Pure PRP system, the world’s leading platelet-rich plasma (PRP) technology that provides unparalleled purity in PRP samples for natural skin rejuvenation.

High Tech Medical is also very excited to be welcoming Dr Charlene DeHaven, Clinical Director at iS Clinical, a performancedriven clinically-validated skincare line that combines pharmaceuticalgrade ingredients with those that are botanically sourced to deliver dramatic, visible results, and Dr Jeannie Devereaux as speakers at NSS. Dr Charlene DeHaven will be speaking in Session 7C on Growth Factors in Cosmeceuticals and an Effective, Safe Growth Factor Analog and Session 8C on Extremozymes-Cosmeceutical Ingredients from

What we’d like to see this year:

Nobody covers aesthetic conferences on social media like SPA+CLINIC!

Follow our Instagram stories @spaandclinic as we take you along with us to NSS 2024. Here’s something we’d like to see in conference programs moving forward; include speakers’ Instagram handles next to their names so it’s easy to tag them!

Extreme Environments. Dr Jeannie Devereaux, who submitted an abstract on EmCyte, will also be presenting in Session 7C on Enhancing Hair Restoration Enhancing Hair Restoration Outcomes through HighDose Platelets and Monocyte Intervention.

Cryomed Aesthetics, Stand #69-72, #85-86

Cryomed Aesthetics are proud Platinum Patrons at the 2024 Non-Surgical Symposium. You’ll find the Cryomed team at Stand #69-72 where we will be showcasing our key technologies including the state-of-the-art Ultraformer MPT, FILLMED and Universkin plus more! Our team of experts will be on hand to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of our core technologies and to answer any questions.

As well as our Cryomed stand, we have an impressive lineup of technologies at our Lutronic Stand #85-86 where you’ll meet the team who will be showcasing all the world-class technologies

Events | 21


including DermaV, LaseMD Ultra, Hollywood Spectra, Genius and Healite. Find out how Lutronic technologies can enhance and grow your business.

Cryomed will further amplify our presence with Dr Riekie Smit for ART FILLER by FILLMED presenting on the main stage as well as hosting an exclusive workshop with Live Injecting on Sunday from 9.30 am to 11.00 am in Arena 1B. Additionally, Dr Davin Lim will present the groundbreaking technology of DermaV – the first and only 532nm device to offer ICD cooling and Variable Sequential Pulsing. This unique technology offers faster, safer and more comfortable treatments for skin through the use of cryogen. Don’t miss his presentation on Saturday 15th June at 11.20am. We can’t wait to see you all there!

BTL, Stand #77-80

Three reasons to join BTL at the Non-Surgical Symposium 2024:

1. Discover and learn about the latest trends and innovations in the aesthetic medicine field. In the past few years, we have launched multiple first-in-class devices and introduced unique synergistic combination treatments. Our foundation and legacy stands strong on solid science. Learn more by attending some of our lectures.

2. Stay ahead of your competition by partnering with us. We are here to help you maximise the potential of your clinic and patient satisfaction while keeping in mind your fast ROI.

3. Celebrate with us 5 years of BTL Australia!

With 30 years of continuous innovation, we belong among the world’s major manufacturers of aesthetic equipment with direct offices in more than 80 countries around the world. The company develops, manufactures, and markets a portfolio of recognised products, becoming a market leader in non-invasive body shaping, one of the fastest-growing segments of aesthetic medicine. BTL has revolutionised the way to offer as well the most advanced noninvasive solutions in facial aesthetics, and other medical aesthetic treatments, including women’s intimate health and wellness. BTL’s brands include EMFACE®, EMSCULPT NEO®, EXION™, EMSELLA®, EMSCULPT®, EXILIS® and EMTONE®, as well as their proprietary HIFEM® and HIFES™. Visit us at the booth #77-80 or learn more at

CUTERA, Stand #65

As we gear up for NSS 2024, we’re excited to unveil a myriad of engaging opportunities for delegates to connect with us directly. One standout feature is our exclusive sessions at the CUTERA booth, where attendees can engage with our AviClear ambassador dermatologists. These esteemed professionals are leading the charge in the market, championing innovative aesthetic procedures. Don’t miss this unique chance to glean insights from their expertise and discover the latest advancements in the field.

Aesthetic Nurse Software, Stand #20

Aesthetic Nurse Software (ANS) will be exhibiting at NSS in June on the Gold Coast to officially launch their clinic software system to cosmetic injectors in Australia! The team from ANS will be at the conference to meet with injectors and demonstrate the incredible benefits that ANS can bring to your clinic. Aesthetic Nurse Software offers an all-in-one system that makes it easy for practitioners to manage and run a successful aesthetics business.

Founder and nurse prescriber, Jo Hayward, said “We are so excited to attend NSS this year and can’t wait to chat with the incredible cosmetic nurses, doctors, and dentists from across Australia. We believe that ANS will be a game-changer for cosmetic practitioners that are in need of a software which is truly built and designed for medical aesthetics and skin clinics. If you’re attending NSS, please stop by and speak to us at Stand 20.”

Beauty Technology, Stand #75-76

At NSS 2024, Beauty Technology will be showcasing its full device and product portfolio, including Aerolase Neo Elite, Aerolase Era Elite, Byonik Heartbeat-Triggered Laser, Slimyonik Air Bodystyler, MyPureSkin collagen and the MoreMe facial analyser.

This year we have plans to do something unseen at any trade show across Australia on our stand. There will be LIVE Aerolase laser demonstrations behind safety glass flown in exclusively by Aerolase for the Non-surgical Symposium. A pop up glass box will be installed and demonstrations performed inside while delegates can gather outside the glass box to look inside perfectly safe without using safety goggles. A much needed novelty to the Australian medical industry. If you are interested contact Philipp on: 0490 257 449 to organise your spot. Hurry, demonstration spots filling fast! Come and check it out, you’ll find us directly behind the Merz stand.

Venus AI is excited to be part of NSS 2024, showcasing leading aesthetic technology at booths 93&94. We invite you to experience our latest innovations, including the new Venus Versa™ Pro and Venus Bliss MAX™ (soon to be available for purchase in Australia). The Venus Versa™ Pro features advanced IPL, (MP)2, and Viva MD modalities for comprehensive skin care treatments, enhanced by state-of-the-art SmartPulse™ technology for precise energy delivery and superior outcomes.

Moreover, visitors can explore our comprehensive skin suite of devices designed to address any skin concern with precision and efficacy. From rejuvenation to resurfacing, our state-of-the-art technologies cater to diverse needs, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients.

We will also display the Venus Bliss MAX™, an advanced 3-in-1 body shaping solution targeting fat reduction, muscle enhancement, and cellulite treatment. This device represents the next level in non-invasive body contouring, offering comprehensive solutions for aesthetic practitioners.

Join us for live demonstrations and expert discussions to see how these technologies can elevate your practice. Witness the future of aesthetic treatments with Venus AI at NSS 2024.


Get Ready For The NZ Hair & Beauty Expo

Returning to Auckland this June.

The NZ Hair & Beauty Expo is returning to the Viaduct Events Centre on 15 – 16 June, 2024 bringing all the behind-the-scenes intricacies of the hair and beauty industries under one roof as they come together to share, educate, network and inspire.

The NZ Hair & Beauty Expo creates an environment that supports and fosters education, deepening relationships between businesses and their customers, driving sales and increasing buying power not only during the Expo, but in the months after. Starting back in 2003, this is New Zealand’s only trade-event for the hair, male grooming and beauty industry in New Zealand that connects brands face-to-face with buyers.

Shaughan Woodcock, Show Director comments, “We’ve seen such positive growth within the industry across hair, beauty, health and wellbeing sectors. It’s a great opportunity for a lot of business to be done under one roof with an audience that spends most of its time working in the business rather than on the business. As an industry we are very aware it’s both what you know and who you know if you want to get ahead and we try and achieve it all.”

“There is a power in coming together, sharing knowledge, learnings, insights and building connections. We are delighted with the new exhibitors that have signed up, but more importantly the exhibitors that are returning – the real proof that we are achieving our goals.”

There will be a wide range of brands and businesses involved including established and new exhibitors – Youth Beauty, Dermaplaning, Salon Furniture, Dermaplaning Australia, Revita Lash Cosmetics, Sparklewhite Teeth Whitening, Beauty Gallery, Beauty Care, De Spa Cosmetics, Floractive Sydney, Live Deeply,

Spring Spa Wear, Holski Skincare, Lumini Skincare, Bronsun Australia, Emendee – just to name a few!

Expect a combination of traditional beauty well-being products and services with some incredibly advanced technology which has gone from strength to strength post Covid. Everybody wants to be the best, look the best and put forward the best and this will be a hub of all the people who are the very best at achieving it!

There are ticket options for businesses, students or those self-employed including One Day Pass, Weekend Pass, Group Pass (5 tickets for the price of 4) and Weekend Group Pass.

Get your tickets and more info at

“Starting back in 2003, this is New Zealand’s only tradeevent for the hair, male grooming and beauty industry in New Zealand that connects brands faceto-face with buyers.”
Events | 23

Things We Learnt At This Year’s ASCD Symposium 5

shares her new insights.

This year’s instalment of the Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists (ASCD) Symposium provided a dynamic platform for professionals in the field of dermatology to converge, exchange insights, and unveil emerging trends shaping the industry.

From the resurgence of radio frequency to the undeniable prominence of AI in daily practice, the symposium noted of a new age in aesthetics.

Here are five takeaways that we observed within the industry:

1. AI revolutionises record keeping

The symposium shed light on the escalating integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical aesthetics, particularly in the stream of document and record keeping. AIdriven platforms streamline administrative tasks, facilitate accurate documentation, and enhance patient management workflows. From electronic health records to automated appointment scheduling, these AI-powered solutions optimise operational efficiency while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Mike Clague RN, discussed how he maximises the use of AI in his practice, with using programmes such as ChatGPT (paid version) to write his promotional material, whilst inputting regulatory guidelines to ensure the marketing material is compliant. Dr Belinda Welsh also discussed using an AI programme to scribe her patient notes and prepare relevant documentation, but also educated delegates on what to look out for with security, data protection and compliance when using these softwares.

Despite being a longstanding modality, radio frequency regained the spotlight at the symposium. Its renewed popularity signifies a resurgence in interest, driven by advancements in technology and a growing demand for non-invasive procedures.

Speakers highlighted its efficacy in skin tightening, reduction of wrinkles and skin laxity, and scar revision, reaffirming its status as a versatile modality in dermatological practice.

From traditional bi-polar radiofrequency, to RF Microneedling, radio waves have stood the test of time since the late 1800’s and still continue to provide stellar results in aesthetics, standalone or in combination.

3. Emphasis on combination therapies

Speakers underscored the significance of combination therapies in achieving optimal outcomes. By integrating multiple modalities, such as radio frequency, laser treatments, and injectables, clinicians and practitioners can tailor solutions to address diverse patient concerns comprehensively.

Dermatologist Ko Bumjun (South Korea), discussed how his practice has combined from 5 up to 8 different modalities in a single treatment for maximised and global results. He also explained that with some of his practice’s modalities, they have multiple of each to often treat each side of the face simultaneously to increase efficacy and reduce treatment time – when it is safe and possible to do so.


Laser coring is the new black

With the latest launch of UltraClear (Device Consulting), this has taken non-surgical lifting to new heights. Whilst it is fairly new to Australian practices and is still finding its place in-between other modalities, the evidence of results are strongly convincing.

Involving an ablative Erbium YAG wavelength, this device delivers high energy with a larger diameter of tissue that is targeting lax tissue, and by working in vertical vector patterns, can provide significant results without further surgery.

5. Biostimulators are gaining momentum

What was heavily discussed within the program was the emergence of biostimulatory fillers as a primary modality of choice among practitioners seeking naturallooking and long-lasting results. By harnessing the body’s natural regenerative processes, these fillers stimulate collagen production, restoring volume and improving skin texture over time. Their versatility in addressing a spectrum of aesthetic concerns, from facial rejuvenation to hand augmentation, positions them as a preferred option for patients seeking subtle yet transformative enhancements.

Rejuran was a commonly discussed modality, alongside presentations on cadaver dissections and anatomical findings from using these stimulatory injectables, as well as comparing their results to other non-surgical treatments for maximum collagen induction.


Our Experience At The Alma Academy in Barcelona

KYM COWPER shares her learnings from one of the biggest device company conferences.

To celebrate 25 years of Alma, we joined the Australian Alma team and clinic partners in bustling Barcelona for the 6th annual Alma Academy. If you haven’t met Alma yet, there is a chance you will sometime soon as the company has 11 subsidiaries and supplies over 100 countries. Only a short five years ago, Alma took over the direct distribution here in Australia and appointed Tal Uzan as General Manager at Alma Australia, who says that Alma Academy “is an experience that money cannot buy.” The best mix of education and entertainment with the most respected KOLS in our industry worldwide.

The 6th Alma Academy was successfully held in Barcelona by Alma Laser, a Sisram Medical company and global leader in energy based medical and aesthetic solutions, and included physicians from 37 countries. Alma Academy brought along 16 world-class experts from across the industry to discuss the latest news, insights and share real case practices. Among the notable speakers were Prof Ofi Artzi and Prof Moshe Lapidot from Israel, Dr Munir Somji from the United Kingdom, and of course one of our own, Dr Natasha Cook MBBS (Hons) FACD.

Topics ranged from skin rejuvenation to addressing challenging skin conditions, scars, melasma and body contouring. Participants included dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons

and nurses. The event included live demonstrations with Alma’s award winning products such as the flagship Harmony XL Pro and the Alma Hybrid. For more than two decades, Alma’s multiple award winning products have established a new benchmark in the medical

Alma CEO Lior Dayan (third from left) with Kym Cowper (fourth from left) at the Alma Academy in Barcelona

aesthetic industry, both in terms of clinical excellence and innovative breakthrough. With 50 registered patents, 5 energy sources, 100 applicators, 50+ product platforms, and 160+ research publications, Alma is a true leader in the industry with a well diversified product portfolio.

We were also treated to a zoom live video message from no other than Kate Hudson herself, Alma’s global ambassador. Kate commented how she has long been a customer of Alma’s and truly believes in their technology and has personally seen results, saying that Alma is always one step ahead and always beyond the trend in a world that’s constantly chasing the next big thing. The actress champions the Alma campaign with the perfect tag line: You don’t need another trend, you need a safe, effective solution.

We interviewed Lior Dayan, CEO at Sisram Medical, who brings 18 years of experience in the energy based medical device industry, with expertise in sales, marketing, finance and operations across global businesses, he believes that Alma clinic partners become part of a global family, therefore coming together at annual Alma events is a recipe for the ongoing success for the company.

Lior, why is it essential to invest time and money in events such as Alma Academy?

1. Knowledge Empowers Excellence: In the field of medical aesthetics, staying updated with the latest technologies, techniques, and best practices is crucial for delivering optimal patient outcomes. By providing learning academies, Alma ensures that clinic partners have access to cutting-edge knowledge and expertise, empowering them to excel in their practice.

2. Building Trust and Loyalty: Investing in education demonstrates Alma’s commitment to the success of its clinic partners. By equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, Alma builds trust and loyalty among its partners, fostering long-term relationships and collaboration.

Continuous learning fosters innovation. By providing clinic partners with opportunities to learn about Alma’s latest products, advancements, and techniques, Alma stimulates innovation within its network. This not only benefits the clinic partners but also contributes to Alma’s overall growth and competitiveness in the market.

4. Enhancing Patient Satisfaction: Well-trained practitioners are better equipped to address patient needs effectively, leading to higher levels of patient satisfaction. By investing in learning academies, Alma indirectly contributes to improving patient experiences and outcomes, which ultimately strengthens its reputation in the industry.

5. Promoting Industry Leadership: By offering comprehensive education and training programs, Alma positions itself as a leader in the medical aesthetics industry. This leadership not only attracts new clinic partners but also elevates Alma’s brand as a trusted authority in the field, further solidifying its market position.

In summary, Lior views investing in learning academies for clinic partners as a strategic imperative that not only benefits individual practitioners but also contributes to Alma’s overall success, growth, and leadership in the dynamic and competitive field of medical aesthetics.

Another unforgettable experience was the grand social events, including a Spanish Tapas-filled dinner with a fantastic show of Flamenco dancers at Codorniu, which is the oldest and second largest producer of Cava (Spanish Sparkling wine), founded in 1551 near Barcelona and one of the oldest companies and winery worldwide.

Alma Academy continues to provide an exclusive opportunity for professionals to learn, engage, and excel in their field alongside industry leaders. Held in various global locations such as Greece, North America, Spain, Dubai, and Italy, the Alma Academy annually convenes world-leading experts in medical aesthetics, facilitating the sharing of recent research and real-world cases.

Dr Natasha Cook was one of the Australian doctors on stage at the conference | 27
At the dinner event with Alma’s VP Sales APAC Alex Kleiman

Come On In!

The latest spa, clinic, and wellness openings you need to know about.

Epios Cosmetic Clinic

After many years of fine-tuning her skills, Dr Adina has opened up her own boutique clinic - Epios Cosmetic Clinic - in the heart of Paddington’s sunny William Street. Epios is a full-service cosmetic clinic with the central ethos being about taking a measured approach to optimising the individual beauty of each client, using targeted, non-surgical treatments. As a doctor-owned and doctor-only clinic, safety is the number one priority.

Epios is based in a renovated Paddington terrace that has been carefully designed to maintain some of the crucial historical elements - including the original fireplaces, facade and ironwork. The rest of the clinic has been designed in hues of rich pinks, purples and reds. When Dr Adina was asked about her inspiration behind the design, she said “I want patients to walk in and feel like it is their home away from home”. With furniture pieces from KE-ZU scattered throughout the clinic, the custom-made ribbon chair is the star of the show. A backlit orange and red onyx hangs in the patient ‘numbing’ area, which Dr Adina says was chosen “because onyx is meant to bring good energy” - whether it’s true or not, patients are encouraged to see for themselves!

Joining Dr Adina’s team will be her daughter Anna whose official title is Practice Manager, but she will be Dr Adina’s 2IC - helping with the day-to-day running of the business as well as the friendly face greeting patients on arrival! This mother-daughter duo are taking the cosmetic industry by storm, with a true patient-focused approach

that ensures each patient receives a high level of care that is both anatomically and physically safe and also conducted in a beautiful and relaxing environment. With Anna’s background in business and marketing, she has put her own business on pause to join Dr Adina in building Epios.

Aesthetics & Wellness Collective

Aesthetics & Wellness Collective is the latest aesthetic clinic in Canberra, nestled in the heart of Ainslie. Opened in September 2023, this airy loft space founded by two Registered Nurses offers a mediterranean inspired interior. The duo Aileen and Rachel have a combined 20 years of experience within the aesthetic and medical industries.

Aesthetics & Wellness Collective offers a curated range of targeted treatments within the cosmetic and wellness category such as vitamin Infusions, IR sauna, no-fluff tailored skin treatments and PRP. They also offer consultations for a range of aesthetics indications from anti-ageing and volumising to bio-regeneration and sweat reduction. The business was born from their strong passion for empowering people to feel their most healthy and confident selves. Aileen and Rachel take a holistic approach, with each client leaving the clinic with their very own bespoke treatment plan to meet their individual cosmetic & wellness goals.


Xtra Clubs

Just opened in Bondi Junction, a new expansive bathhouse featuring saunas, steam rooms, and ice baths is introducing a novel membership model to Sydney’s wellness scene. This model offers unprecedented anytime access at rates significantly lower than traditional single-session costs, a first in the sauna studio domain. Xtra Clubs, established by two brothers, is behind this innovative venture. The facility is designed to accommodate a large number of guests, with a 30-person Finnish sauna, six ice baths, three infrared saunas for four people each, and a 20-person steam room, blending the grandeur of ancient bathhouses with modern amenities.

Introductory memberships are priced at $24.95 per week, granting unlimited access during off-peak hours and one 70-minute session during peak times each week. After the initial period, membership fees will increase to $29 per week. The “Elevate” membership, at $44 per week, provides additional peak-hour visits and extended session times. For those deeply invested in their wellness regimen, a premium membership is available for $69 per week, offering unlimited access at all times, fresh towels, and access to future locations. The Bondi Junction location opened in April, with plans to expand to 200 locations across Australia by 2034, marking a significant evolution in the country’s wellness industry.

SOMA Health & Wellness Club

One of Australia’s most luxurious and exclusive health and wellness clubs, SOMA, has unveiled its new Sydney CBD location at Aurora Place. The beloved health and wellness sanctuary is acclaimed for its holistic wellness offering, created for time-poor corporate professionals, with fast-paced lifestyles. The state-of-the-art space has been reimagined with a dedicated Wellness Hub, fitted with three intimate smart control infrared saunas, a 12-person custom-made traditional Finnish sauna and a magnesium muscle-recovery cold plunge pool.

Situated in the heart of the city, the wellness oasis offers customised fitness solutions, tailored specifically to each of their client’s needs. Founded in 2019, and formerly within the Chifley Tower, co-founders Simon Anderson, Franco and Amy Atashi saw a gap in the market and the demand for an exclusive health space, unlike traditional mass-market gyms, engaging with consumers on a personal level with its unique wellness offering.

On arrival, members are greeted with warm hospitality, and by name by the friendly concierge team, while its opulent interior design evokes a luxurious, lounge-like atmosphere. Dark moody tones, brown leathers, and Calacatta marble make a statement in each space, not to mention, SOMA’s signature touches of brass. The revamped and inviting Reformer Pilates studio won’t be missed, fitted with 14 beds, with interiors featuring curved arch mirrors, soft, relaxing hues and glowing lighting fixtures. The Health Hub also offers an experienced team including an on-site Physiotherapist and Nutritionist, Osteotherapist and Massage Therapist specialising in sports, remedial massage and deep tissue massage.

Business | 29

Do You Know Where Your Clinic Is Falling Short?

How Fresh Clinics’ latest innovation is empowering cosmetic nurses and clinic owners with the business insights needed to succeed in a competitive market.

Fresh Clinics is more than just software — it’s a tailored solution designed exclusively for cosmetic professionals by clinicians who understand the unique challenges of the cosmetics industry. And now, with the launch of the Fresh Insights Dashboards, the game has changed forever.

Imagine having the power to see beyond the surface of your clinic’s operations — to delve deep into business performance, patient demographics, product usage, and staff efficiency. That’s exactly what the Fresh Insights Dashboards offer clinic owners and cosmetic nurses alike.

With unprecedented visibility into never-beforeseen business insights, cosmetic professionals can make informed decisions and strategically plan their path to success. From tracking product usage and monitoring patient insights to accessing real-time staff statistics, the Fresh Insights Dashboard puts the tools of success right at your fingertips.

Product usage tracking:

Easily monitor product purchases, spend breakdown, and dosage trends, allowing for comparison of monthon-month data, and making it easier to benchmark your business against others in your industry.

Real patient insights:

Insights about patients, including the split between new and returning customers, time between appointments, and average appointments, so you know how you’re matching up to the potential in your area.

Nurse statistics:

The Nurse Dashboard also displays real-time data about employee treatments, appointment times, and capacity, identifying opportunities for upskilling and scheduling optimisation.

These dashboards offer invaluable data to maximise ROI and efficacy across your clinic that cannot be found with any other software.


And, with the new Inventory Management feature, running your business can be done on the go, with low stock notifications, seamless product purchasing, automatic drugbook reconciliation, and more –all from the Fresh Clinics app.. Ready to unlock the full potential of your practice? Scan the QR codes to learn more about Fresh Clinics’ latest suite of features and take your clinic to new heights.

Don’t just take our word for it — see what Fresh Members are saying about these industry-first insights:

“The new Fresh app is so wonderful with all the data collated, and it is incredible to be able to benchmark myself against others. Once again, Fresh Clinics has outdone themselves with phenomenal forward thinking and such appreciated attention to detail.” – Malinda Micich, Anti-Wrinkle Injections Melbourne

“This is the reason my partnering with Fresh is so important to me because it makes business an absolute breeze. The clinic dashboard is an amazing new feature. It has so many insights that really show me how my business is performing.” – Jess Horne, Meridian Aesthetics

Limited tickets remaining to the Aesthetics Event of the Year!

The Fresh Life 2024

The Fresh Life delivers an unparalleled aesthetic conference experience—innovative, immersive, adventurous, and distinctly different from traditional industry conferences.

Attendees can expect inspiring content both on and off stage, live demos, hands-on training, and valuable networking opportunities with peers and sponsors, all within a relaxed and captivating environment.

This year, Fresh Clinics has fine-tuned every detail to create an even more magical experience, and for the first time, are offering exclusive discounts rates for accommodation at Elements of Byron.

Tickets to The Fresh Life 2024 are on sale now. 1st and 2nd tier tickets have sold out with limited tickets remaining, so scan the QR code to purchase yours!

Learn more about Fresh Insights Dashboards

Learn more about Fresh Inventory Management

This is one event you don’t want to miss out on!

“An absolutely jam-packed few days spent soaking up the knowledge of key opinion leaders from every corner of the world amongst the beautiful backdrop of Byron Bay! Thank you @fresh.clinics! I’m so excited to introduce new products & techniques to my business over the next few weeks”

– Nastazia Saad, Injectology By Nastazia

“The conference has been absolutely sensational, blown my expectations and no shortage of education. It was absolutely fantastic, best conference I have ever been to!”

– Georgia Mulhall, Cosmetic Culture

Scan to buy tickets

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Out About &

Industry events, social gatherings, and brand launches lately.

GALDERMA ALASTIN Skincare® Launch & Shape Up Event

On March 4, 2024, Galderma invited practitioners and select media to the Sydney Opera House for their exciting launch event of ALASTIN. After we sipped on purple sparkling wine (in line with the brand colours) and mingled with industry, the founder of the brand, Prof Alan Widgerow, presented the science behind ALASTIN, which is a complete skin rejuvenation approach to complement cosmetic treatments and maintain the skin’s healthy look on a daily basis. Furthermore, ALASTIN can enhance treatment results, showing promising evidence in the body contouring realm.

After Prof Widgerow’s presentation, we enjoyed a live demonstration by Dr Jing Wang using different Galderma injectable products while explaining how she consults her patients and why she recommends certain products. Guests had the opportunity to ask both Prof Widgerow and Dr Wang questions while enjoying a 3-course dinner.

Introducing Laser Coring with Dr. James Chelnis

On March 6, 2024, Device Consulting invited practitioners and select media to the official launch event of their new laser, UltraClear. The event was held at the prestigious ZEST in Point Piper, offering stunning sunset views over Rose Bay. As a special guest, Device Consulting introduced New York based aesthetic practitioner and Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon, Dr James Chelnis, who presented on his experience with the UltraClear device.

The cold ablative fibre laser technology delivers a train of fractionated ablative and sub-ablative pulses, setting it apart from traditional laser resurfacing methods, with no consumables. But the most exciting part of this device is its coring option, whereby the device creates, at 5000Hz pulses, a series of micro channels within the skin, which allow for significant tissue tightening and lift, rivalling surgical facelift results in some patients. Guests also watched a live demonstration of the laser coring treatment while enjoying canapés and drinks.


ZO Skin Health Complex A+ Launch

On February 13, ZO Skin Health launched a new powerful skincare product and invited practitioners and select media to a breakfast at Chiswick in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. The team behind ZO unveiled their new Complex A+, a maximum-concentration retinol that improves the appearance of severe signs of aging, including wrinkles, skin sagging and laxity. The morning included a presentation by ZO’s National Sales Manager, Michael Kavic, who explained the ingredients and formulation of the product and showed incredible before and afters from their clinical studies.

The morning concluded with a Q&A with one of ZO Skin Health’s KOLs, Dr Amy Chahal, who explained how she integrates ZO into her practice in Surry Hills, which products she prescribes mostly, and how the different retinol strength products in the ZO range allow her to treat all kinds of skin types and build up to more concentrated formulations without any irritation. Guests got to take home the new product and enjoyed a delicious breakfast.

SEIR Beauty School Open House

Founder of SEIR Beauty School Samantha Elliott has recently opened her new space in North Sydney, bigger and better than ever before! The new campus boasts large treatment and education rooms, light-filled breakout areas and a beautiful beauty salon at the front, presenting the perfect real-life experience for her students. We got to take a look around the new SEIR Beauty School and learn about the unique features, such as the medical-grade training room including a variety of lasers in a medical environment to equip students with education around the latest medispa treatments.

Samantha prides herself on offering courses that go beyond the bare minimum or standard curricula. She aims to prepare her students for the competitive beauty and aesthetics industry in a way that qualifies them to work in whatever job or role they pursue post-graduate. This includes educating them is areas, such as the booming wellness industry, and she also hosts workshops with some of the industry’s leading brands to further her students’ knowledge and help them build connections with industry leaders. It was inspiring to see the beautiful campus that helps shape the future of our industry.

Events | 33

Are You Prepared For A Cyberattack?

BizCover’s SALLY MACKENZIE explains why small spas and clinics may be more vulnerable to data breaches and cyberattacks than you might realise.

Small businesses are big business for cybercriminals. The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) reported a cybercrime every six minutes in 2023, a 23% increase from the previous year. Many of the reports targeted Australia’s small business community.

But what does that have to do with your spa or clinic? You run your business from a laptop, and you don’t store much information about your clients. Cybercriminals wouldn’t bother with your business, right?

Think again. Small businesses are often targeted simply because they are small. And the truth is, spas and clinics can be hit just as easily as businesses operating in any other industry. Spas and clinics are often vulnerable to attacks like phishing emails, data breaches, POS system attacks, ransomware, and social engineering.

Why small businesses?

When a cyberattack hits a big corporation, it makes the news. However, that doesn’t mean that small businesses are safe. Cybercriminals tend to prefer them because they are typically easier targets. There are many reasons why small businesses are often unprepared for cyberattacks. You may not have time to educate yourself and your staff on how to spot common threats; keeping your spa or clinic running takes a lot of work, and cybersecurity may become a low priority.

Many spas and clinics rely on outside suppliers and partners. These relationships can be exploited to hack into your systems, steal data,

or initiate unauthorised money transfers. Even if cybersecurity is important to you, seriously protecting your business might be beyond your budget. It can be incredibly expensive to implement the most comprehensive protections. Nearly half of small businesses spent less than $500 a year on cybersecurity, according to one ACSC survey.

When cyberattacks occur, many small businesses don’t know who to contact for help. Finding and hiring an IT professional takes time, which could create a costly delay in reopening your spa or clinic.

What can spa and clinic owners do?

Staying one step ahead of cybercriminals may seem impossible, but even small steps can make a big difference in avoiding attacks. Learning how to spot dodgy emails, messages, and calls is a great first step. The website has many free resources for small businesses to help educate themselves and their staff.

It’s also crucial to protect your systems. Installing anti-virus software and a firewall are the basics, as well as promptly installing security updates on your spa or clinic’s devices (including computers, tables, mobile phones, and POS devices). Regularly backing up your business files is also recommended. In the event of an attack, backups are often essential to restoring systems and getting your spa back up and running.

Finally, if your budget allows, consider hiring a cybersecurity expert. They can help secure your systems and provide more guidance on staying cyber-safe.


Creating a cyber safety net

Despite your best efforts, a cyberattack may still hit your spa or clinic — and the cost could be devastating. In 2023, cybercrimes reported to the ACSC cost small businesses an average of $46,000 per incident. Cyber Liability policies cover losses from claims arising from data breaches, business interruption and remediation costs following an actual or threatened data breach. This includes expenses like investigating the incident, notifying affected customers, and recovering data.

Business interruptions caused by cyberattacks can also be expensive. Cyber Liability insurance can help you manage these expenses, like covering rent, utilities, and lost income if your spa or clinic has to temporarily shut down until the cyber incident is resolved.

Cyber Liability insurance can even help you contain cyberattacks and recover from them. Policyholders typically have access to 24-hour

incident response services that can provide immediate assistance. These services can help reduce the impact of cyberattacks and get your spa or clinic back to business faster.

Switch & Save with BizCover

Cyber Liability insurance can help your spa or clinic manage the financial fallout of a cyberattack. That’s less drama and more time to focus on running your business. Compare and buy

small business insurance in minutes with BizCover and save today! Visit or give us a call to get no-dramas Cyber Liability quotes.

*This information is general only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. It should not be relied upon as advice. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording.

© 2024 BizCover Pty Limited, all rights reserved. ABN 68 127 707 975; AFSL 501769

Business Compare multiple quotes Protect your business instantly Save time and money *Must be a Qantas Business Rewards member. Maximum of 10,000 Qantas Points earned per policy. Available to new BizCover policy purchase only and not available with any other offer. See Terms & Conditions at The information provided is general only and should not be relied upon as advice. BizCover Pty Ltd (ABN 68 127 707 975; AFSL 501769) © 2024 BizCover. BC2768 SCAN TO COMPARE QUOTES 1300 805 821 Earn Qantas Points for every dollar spent on a new small business insurance policy*

Own Your Future


Ella Baché College have unveiled a new offering that goes beyond in education as they introduce the new Dual Diploma in the Business Of Beauty with enrolments open now. This marks the institution’s new era of expanded diplomas, and first offering of a Dual Diploma, evolving their already wide experience in beauty education since 1963 including a full and part time time Diploma of Beauty Therapy, a Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy, and a Certificate III in Beauty Services.

Reshaping the standards of beauty education, their Dual Diploma in the Business Of Beauty is an immersive program that seamlessly merges the world’s of beauty and business. It will have a focus on Skin Solutions including Diagnosis, Treatment and Homecare while acting as a pivotal stepping stone towards upgrading therapist skills and creating a brighter future for those in their school leaver stage, individuals returning to higher education and those pursuing a career change.

We caught up with Pippa Hallas and Jenny Hayes to learn more.

Pippa Hallas, CEO - Ella Baché

What made you decide to introduce the dual diploma?

The decision to introduce the dual diploma program was driven by a combination of factors. Firstly, we recognised the evolving landscape of the beauty industry, where professionals increasingly seek a multifaceted skill set to navigate the complexities of both beauty therapy and salon management. Additionally, feedback from our graduates indicated a growing interest in not only mastering the technical aspects of beauty therapy but also in understanding the business side of the industry. The Business of Beauty dual diploma was conceived as a response to these insights, aiming to provide a comprehensive and integrated education that aligns with the changing needs and aspirations of beauty professionals.

What are some of the challenges beauty therapists face when wanting to open their own business and how does the dual diploma help?

Beauty therapists often encounter challenges when transitioning to business ownership, including issues related to financial management,

marketing, and operational efficiency. The Business of Beauty dual diploma addresses these challenges by equipping students with essential skills in salon management. Graduates of this program gain a deep understanding of not only providing excellent beauty services but also running a successful and sustainable beauty establishment. This holistic approach aims to empower beauty therapists to overcome common hurdles and thrive as entrepreneurs in the competitive beauty industry.

Jenny Hayes, Ella Baché College General Manager

Who is the Dual Diploma best suited for?

While the dual diploma is ideal for individuals with aspirations of opening their own beauty businesses, it is not limited to this specific goal. The program is designed to cater to a broader audience, including recent school leavers, industry newcomers, and those seeking a career change within the beauty sector. The dual diploma opens doors to various opportunities by providing a versatile skill set that is valuable for both working in established salons and pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. It is a pathway that not only fosters business acumen but also enhances employability across different facets of the beauty industry.

What sets Ella Baché College apart from other beauty colleges?

What sets Ella Baché College apart from other beauty colleges is our commitment to a holistic approach that seamlessly fuses beauty and business. The Business of Beauty dual diploma, combining Beauty Therapy and Salon Management, exemplifies this commitment by offering a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for success in both technical and managerial aspects of the beauty industry. Our emphasis on real-world applications, entrepreneurial mindset, and the integration of Skin Solutions and Salon Management distinguishes Ella Baché College as a leader in providing a transformative and industryrelevant education. The success stories of our graduates, coupled with a 90% employment rate, further reinforce the effectiveness of our educational approach.

For more information, visit

Ella Baché College Launches Dual

Why Injectors Need More Than Just A Booking System

A software that is compliant from all angles.

Clinic owners, whether they are nurses, doctors, or dentists, understand the critical need for both streamlined operations and safeguarding patient information. While a booking system is undoubtedly a valuable tool, it’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what injectors require to run a successful and compliant clinic. Aesthetic Nurse Software (ANS) is designed to seamlessly manage a medical aesthetics clinic.

for non-surgical cosmetic treatments, by offering crucial features that meet these requirements. Including:

• Giving patients a copy of consent forms; The ability to send patients a copy of their signed consent forms with the click of a button, making it easy for practitioners using ANS, rather than having to scan and print copies manually.

Comprehensive patient management

Aesthetic Nurse Software goes beyond just scheduling bookings. It seamlessly integrates a clinical pathway for documentation that’s designed around the medical aesthetics workflow, covering everything from medical history and consent forms, before and after photos, treatment notes and treatment mapping, meaning, you have a complete set of records for every single patient. Features that are bespoke to the aesthetics industry, such as treatment mapping which allows you to plot injection points, dosages and products, is used as part of your documentation within the software.

As a company that was founded by a Nurse, ANS has always understood the time constraints that practitioners face in a busy clinic. That’s why features such as our note ‘snippets’ were created to streamline your note taking with your own custom templates, whilst still ensuring notes are detailed and specific for each patient.

Software designed for aesthetics also understands how important it is for patients to have all the information they need, at the right time. You can automate medical history and consent forms to be sent out to patients prior to their treatment and aftercare forms post-treatment.

Data security for patient records

Confidentiality is non-negotiable in the realm of medical aesthetics, especially considering new guidelines set out by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Injectors handle sensitive patient data on a daily basis, ranging from personal information to medical records and treatment notes. Any breach in confidentiality not only compromises patient trust but also exposes the clinic to legal and regulatory consequences.

Storing patient records within a secure digital platform, such as Aesthetic Nurse Software, mitigates the risks associated with manual record-keeping and unauthorised access. Clinic owners can rest assured that patient records are safe and backed up. ANS keeps all patient records safe and secure at all times, utilising end-to-end encryption and SSL security, as well as cloud storage to ensure that data is backed up and reduces the risk of records being lost or stolen.

AHPRA Compliance for practitioners

Aesthetic Nurse Software also gives injectors peace of mind that they are working within the record keeping requirements of AHPRA

• Storage of patient photos; The new AHPRA guidelines state “Patient images must be stored on a secure device. Medical practitioners must not store patient images on a personal device.” By using ANS, practitioners have a secure solution to store photos that complies with the AHPRA requirements.

• Photo consent; Documented consent for taking, use and storage of any patient photos which is separate from the consent to the procedure. Patients have the option to withdraw their consent at any time which is date and time stamped.

• Recording & time stamping of patient notes; Giving practitioners an accurate audit trail for every treatment. There is a clear record of what was discussed during the consultation as well as the procedure and outcome. This can be crucial as evidence for insurance purposes if there were ever complications following a treatment.

Streamlining workflows and business growth

Efficiency is the key to a successful medical aesthetics clinic. Timeconsuming administrative tasks, such as manual record-keeping and appointment scheduling, can impact productivity and hinder business growth. Aesthetic Nurse Software helps cosmetic injectors to streamline their processes by automating routine tasks and freeing up valuable time to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

With features like automated appointment reminders and stock management, clinics can operate more efficiently, reducing no-shows and driving the business forward. There are also some incredible features to increase patient retention, such as automated reminders to rebook when the patient’s next treatment is due, so that you can ensure you have a stable pool of loyal customers who return regularly.

Moreover, the software provides valuable insights through analytics and reporting, empowering clinic owners to make data-driven decisions that drive business growth and enhance profitability.

By embracing software designed specifically for our aesthetics industry, to handle confidential patient records, clinic owners can elevate their practice standards, build patient trust, and position themselves for long-term success in this competitive market.

When choosing a software to support your clinic, Aesthetic Nurse Software emerges as the perfect partner for injectors committed to delivering excellent patient experience while upholding the highest standards of patient confidentiality and compliance. For more information, visit

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Storytelling – The Secret Sauce for Marketing Success

How podcasting can take aesthetic practitioners’ marketing to the next level.

In the ever-changing landscape of digital media, podcasting emerges as a trailblazing medium, allowing aesthetic experts and brands to reach marketing goals through storytelling and deep engagement. The newly launched BE Ageless Network, created by founder and editor of Ageless by Rescu, Bahar Etminan, offers bespoke podcasting and digital content production services that meet the rigorous standards of the beauty and wellness industry.

Empowering Practices with Expert-Led Narratives

The essence of this strategy lies in transforming the specialised knowledge of aesthetic practitioners into engaging audio narratives. This approach not only elevates the practitioners’ status as thought leaders within the industry both locally and globally, but also cultivates a foundation of trust with the audience. In today’s digital age, where authenticity and transparency are highly valued, podcasts serve as a perfect channel for professionals to share their stories, discuss the latest advancements, and demystify procedures, all while connecting with listeners on a personal level. This medium is referred to as ‘companionship media’.

Cultivating Influence and Authority

For individual practitioners, the journey through podcasting opens doors to new realms of influence and authority. The BE Ageless Network provides the tools and guidance needed to carve out a unique brand voice, fostering deep engagement and establishing a trusted presence in the aesthetic field. Through the power of storytelling and genuine connection, practitioners can demonstrate their competence, integrity, and empathy, laying the foundation for a robust relationship with their audience.

The Art and Science of Podcasting

The network’s process is anchored in efficiency and impact, encompassing everything from initial strategy and media training to research, scripting, full production, and publishing. This comprehensive suite of services and media output is designed to allow practitioners and clinics to focus on what they do best with the least amount of time away from their practice, while the network creates a suite of content and amplifies their digital footprint.

Backed by Data

The power of podcasting is backed by compelling data: Australians, a highly educated and affluent demographic, listen to podcasts for approximately seven hours weekly. In 2022, Australians downloaded 755 million podcasts, highlighting the medium’s vast reach and potential for brand awareness and engagement.

Podcasts offer a unique opportunity for brands to connect with consumers on a deeper level, fostering a relationship characterised by trust and loyalty. By embracing the dynamic capabilities of podcasting, clinics, brands and practitioners have an additional tool to navigate the digital frontier.

“The market is so competitive with many regulatory and tech challenges. Podcasting was and is a unique medium for storytelling, showcasing expertise and providing information in a compliant and entertaining way,” Bahar Etminan concludes. To learn more about podcasting, contact Bahar Etminan

“When Bahar first mentioned the concept of having a podcast, my first reaction was ‘I am not podcast material‘ because I was comparing myself to Andrew Huberman or Joe Rogan. This happened at a time when the cosmetic industry was impacted with negative media publicity followed by regulatory scrutiny and all of us were feeling vulnerable.

After some research I was convinced that it was important to have a podcast voice that highlighted the patient first approach in cosmetic surgery and requested Bahar to help me with my podcast. Bahar’s depth of understanding of the aesthetic industry coupled with her expertise in media, marketing and podcast was the reason I wanted to work with her.

Setting up for success is what Bahar did through background research on the content, podcast topics, tone of voice and gave me excellent advice on the technical set up. These were invaluable.”

– Dr Naveen Somia, Specialist Plastic Surgeon, NSS Scientific Convenor, Former President ASAPS

“Working with Bahar and the entire Ageless by Rescu has been a brilliant experience. Bahar has insight, perfection and honesty that is rare and a true delight to work with. Her values and approach aligned beautifully with my own style, and we were able to produce a podcast that I am truly proud of. Her guidance through the podcast production was superb.

Creating the Dermal Distinction Podcast has been a passion project that has come to life for me. I was looking for an inspired way to reach a new audience to continue on my path of aesthetic and ethical treatment and education. Bahar brings insight and foresight into every project that she works on.”

– Dr Giulia D’Anna, Director of Faculty, Dermal Distinction Academy


Unwavering Support For Cosmetic Nurses and Doctors

Allure Pacific Aesthetics is here to help cosmetic nurses and doctors in all areas of their businesses.

Cosmetic nurses and doctors face a few challenges that other HCPs may not: They often start out as a one (wo) man show, and besides needing to know how to safely inject, they also need to know how to run a business. With many of them without a business background, it can be daunting and isolating. On top of that, it’s not always easy to find a doctor they can work with for prescriptions, and overheads can accumulate quickly – in other words, cosmetic nurses need a support system they can trust.

Introducing Allure Pacific Aesthetics (APA), your one-stop shop for doctors and cosmetic nurses. APA was founded in 2021 and provides a comprehensive aesthetics product and consultation service- offering individualized and in clinic support to assist both doctors and nurses in meeting industry standards, accessing products, scripting, ongoing internationally accredited practical training and education for both doctors and nurses, support, marketing guidance and much more. They offer support for both Doctors and nurses alike- with real time support and provision to ensure that adverse events are being managed and that compliance is continually being met. They even offer IV therapy product scripting for those business owners wanting to expand their services into wellness and wellbeing.

The support team includes doctors with extensive availability to prescribe appropriate medications for clients, a fulfilment team to facilitate product orders, a PR & Marketing Manager and an in- house IT team, as well as support staff. The inhouse IT team is important and sets APA apart from others on the market, as in-house means that no data is shared outside the company or without the HCP’s consent – in today’s challenging digital landscape, this is an important factor when deciding who you work with.

The company is headed by Dr Toni Connor. She is currently working as a Surgical Registrar in general surgery and concurrently undergoing the Cosmetic Fellowship program. Dr Toni is a registered member of both the Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine (ACAM) and the Australasian Medical Aesthetic Training (AMET). Dr Toni founded APA to create a personable, family-like environment for cosmetic nurses, with open communication channels and available support at all times.

When we asked Dr Toni why Nurses and Doctors should sign up with APA she said “APA has no sign up fee, which is very appealing to

nurses, in addition to very competitive pricing on products.”

“We have had such an overwhelming and incredible response this year, onboarding a lot of new nurses and clinics, we are grateful that they have chosen APA as their support partner on their aesthetics journey. We have a lot of exciting things planned for 2024, without giving too much away- we have started the year with a bang with our National Roadshow and we will continue to focus on providing our HCP’s with further training opportunities throughout the year. We are also introducing some NEW and exciting products that have only just been introduced to the Australian market.”

“Although the BIG secret that we have been keeping is, that we are extremely excited to be launching SKIN and LASER this year, as we believe that these go hand in hand with aesthetics treatments, to give clients the best possible result.”

APA are focused on prioritising cultivating meaningful relationships with every clinic they serve and minimising costs for the clinic. Unlike larger corporations, APA offers personalised attention and tailor-made solutions to meet the unique needs of each HCP, ensuring a partnership built on trust, reliability, and unwavering support.

Linda Hopley from Ivy Aesthetix speaks very highly of APA and the very friendly and professional team. “Recently starting a small aesthetic business was very overwhelming. This feeling was soon eased and comforted with support of the team at APA who have patiently navigated my way through industry changes, concerns and most importantly assisting with maintaining patient safety. APA are readily available and super helpful with any questions I have. I am forever grateful for a wonderful scripting platform.”

Recently, APA conducted an Australia-wide roadshow, visiting NT, SA, QLD, VIC, WA and NSW, offering presentations from Dr Connor and Pharma companies to educate and train APA members. Many nurses commented that “they have never been to anything like this before” as Dr Toni has been supporting the nurses with very hands on training.

Dr Toni said- “Be sure to follow our APA journey, as we are extremely excited with what is to come – we have big plans.”

For more information on APA, visit

Dr Connor (left) and APA Members at the roadshow | 39
Dr Connor training nurses in Brisbane

The Age of MECCA

MECCA is expanding its skin clinics, MECCA Aesthetica, so what does this mean for our industry?

NADINE DILONG investigates.

MECCA has become an Australian beauty phenomenon, attracting customers as young as Gen Alpha (born between 2010 and 2024) who can’t get enough of marketing savvy brands, such as Drunk Elephant and Summer Fridays. As its name suggests, it has become a ‘Mecca’ for beauty enthusiasts, but until recently, MECCA’s offering was limited to retail products. Now, through the introduction of MECCA Aesthetica, the brand offers professional skin treatments using some of the world’s most prestigious skincare brands, such as Dr Barbara Sturm, Augustinus Bader, and now, also Biologique Recherche.

If you think the treatments will be superficial and gimmicky, think again, as MECCA Aesthetica will only employ dermal therapists and offer professional devices, such as LED, and even lasers. It seems as though consumers will be able to get professional, customised skin treatments at MECCA Aesthetica and enjoy the MECCA experience, i.e. beautiful interiors, flashy marketing, and a superb retail offering. What this means for our industry is that smaller skin clinics have to offer the same kind of exceptional client journey that MECCA does. We need to step up our game, especially to attract the younger generation, who have higher expectations than anyone.

As of early March, MECCA Aesthetica brings its curated selection of Biologique Recherche products and personalised services to aesthetic enthusiasts across the country, offering skin treatments at both MECCA Aesthetica Highpoint, Melbourne, and MECCA George St, Sydney.

“We are delighted to be a part of the launch of MECCA’s expansion into the professional treatment space with the launch of MECCA Aesthetica, their standalone skin clinics,” says Meghan Horn, Managing Director Biologique Recherche Australia. “It is big news, not only for us as a brand but for the industry as a whole. MECCA is known for introducing some of the biggest retail beauty brands into the Australian market so to have their expertise focused on the professional treatment space will mean more accessibility and awareness of different facial treatments and clinical modalities. MECCA will be introducing their customer base to the world of advanced skin treatments, customers that perhaps have never ventured into the treatment room or clinic before.”

We caught up with Yasmin Najjar (MECCA Aesthetica Concept Manager) to learn more about the expansion, including what treatments and devices will be included in their launch.

What does MECCA Aesthetica offer?

After 26 years, we understand skin and its intricacies and MECCA Aesthetica brings all of our knowledge together in an environment where we offer clinical skin treatments, efficacious products, and high-tech facials that deliver results for our customers through a skilled and experienced team of dermal therapists.

Home to world-class trained experts and brands, MECCA Aesthetica provides a bespoke approach to curating fully integrated, in-clinic and at-home programs for customers that help to demystify the world of high-performance skincare and treatments.

Will they be standalone locations or additions to existing MECCA


There is currently one MECCA Aesthetica clinic, at Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne, which was our first-ever concept-led destination that opened in December 2021. Looking ahead, we are planning on expanding with more standalone clinics, as well as bringing the Aesthetica concept in-store, through opening clinics within our store footprint, including our upcoming Bourke Street flagship in Melbourne.


What will be sold, i.e. just skincare? Are the brands different to what’s available at MECCA stores?

MECCA Aesthetica’s priority is to offer clinical skincare treatments and ensure we are addressing customers’ skin concerns by educating and empowering them to understand how they can best look after their skin both in the Aesthetica clinic and at home. Aesthetica offers a curated edit of high-performance, scientifically backed skincare brands that allow customers to continue their skincare journey at home between treatments.

MECCA has also recently launched the luxury French skincare brand Biologique Recherche exclusively at MECCA Aesthetica. Customers can book a Skin Instant Consultation using Biologique Recherche’s unique Skin Instant Lab© technology used for analysing, diagnosing and prescribing products and treatments, and then shop the Biologique Recherche product offering following their diagnosis or book a completely customised facial, which includes professional use products that aren’t available for purchase.

What treatments and devices will be offered?

MECCA Aesthetica have recently released a brand-new skin treatment menu, as we are constantly looking at ways to advance the technology and treatments we use to treat different skin types, ages, stages and phases. From rejuvenating and soothing LED light therapy to active peels, VISIA skin analysis lymphatic massage, laser treatments using fractional laser technology and microneedling, all treatments are delivered by MECCA Aesthetica’s expert team of dermal therapists.

The new offering also includes MECCA Exclusive Treatments, which are highly personalised, unique facials you won’t see anywhere else, created exclusively for MECCA Aesthetica in collaboration with our most advanced skincare brands including Augustinus Bader, Dr Dennis Gross & Dr Barbara Sturm, and now Biologique Recherche.

MECCA Aesthetica also offers a range of customised, clinical treatments that are tiered into three tailored options to simplify your skin journey, each one combining world-leading aesthetic technology and powerful ingredients to deliver results.

Will the cost of treatments be redeemable on products?

The cost of treatments is not redeemable on products.

Will everyone performing treatments have a dermal degree?

All of MECCA’s highly skilled and experienced dermal therapists at Aesthetica have completed a dermal degree.

How will MECCA Aesthetica differ from going to a skin clinic or medispa?

We classify MECCA Aesthetica as a skin clinic; however, we deliver the customer experience in the MECCA way.

Aesthetica takes a thoughtful approach to beauty delivered by a team of highly trained, highly skilled, passionate, friendly and knowledgeable MECCA dermal therapists that get personal and serve with honesty and heart.

As customers already come to MECCA for trend, performance, and luxury skincare products, we want to offer

our customers the next step in their skincare routines, being clinical, efficacious, high-tech treatments that deliver results, because we know changing how someone feels about their skin can transform their life.

MECCA always take an education-first approach and aims to demystify and put knowledge in the hands of the customer, and our approach is no different with MECCA Aesthetica, we want to demystify the technology, ingredients and products used within treatments, making it easy for customers to understand the science behind skincare.

We are also in the unique position in that we have a direct partnership with globally renowned skincare brands, practicing dermatologists and medical professionals who deliver bestin-class treatments within their clinics around the world, with whom we work closely to ensure we are bringing best-in-class techniques and innovations to our customers at Aesthetica.

Will you offer injectables?

At MECCA Aesthetica, we pride ourselves on being all about the customer, and ensuring we can provide a full-service offering and experience, as injectables are a highly sought-after beauty treatment in many customers’ treatment regimes, this is something we will be looking into providing for our Aesthetica customers in the future.

Where and when exactly will you open more MECCA Aestheticas?

Our first MECCA Aesthetica clinic opened its doors in December 2021. However, we are excited to offer our customers a brand-new Aesthetica clinic which will open inside our new Bourke St Flagship store in Melbourne in 2024.

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The Path To B Corp Certification – And Why It Matters

JAMES VIVIAN is one of the very few businesses in Australia that is B Corp certified. Here he tells us what it means, and why it’s so important for our future.
“At JV, we strive to impact positive change not just through the treatments and homecare that we offer our clients, but also by the way that we give back to our planet”

My sustainability journey began somewhat by accident. I was attempting to complete a submission for an Australian Beauty Industry Award (ABIA) when my submission was stopped in its tracks by the question ‘Please describe your Green Policy’. I had no idea what a Green Policy was nor did I have one to describe.

Through much googling I found an organisation, Sustainable Salons, who were at the time Sustainable Salons Australia, who helped hair salons and dog grooming services divert the bulk of their waste from landfill and repurpose them into a change for good.

I reached out to enquire as to whether or not they would consider extending their services to the beauty and dermal industry. I shared with them the commonly used and disposed of items that we use in a clinic like ours, and it wasn’t long before our purple bin arrived and we began our obsession with recycling.

It didn’t take long to realise not just how much waste we discarded in our little clinic each week, but also how many alternative options there were for us to use that had a reduced impact on our environment. It also didn’t take long until our second purple bin arrived and we were able to quantify that we had reduced our non-recyclable waste by 80%.

Fast forward 12 months and our commitment to our environment saw us take out the inaugural Sustainability Award at the 2019


ABIAs. From there, we have been on a journey of strengthening our commitment to our environmental footprint as well as our impact on the people we work alongside and our wider community.

I was first introduced to B Corp from a colleague who had gone through the process of certification in their PR and marketing firm. For them, team culture and community were everything and being part of an organisation of like-minded business owners who championed their values was something that they were very proud of.

Upon further investigation, B Corp seemed to serve as a guide to ensure that one’s business was structurally and morally sound from an environmental, community, governance, employee and customer perspective and once I learned that this could be measured and benchmarked against other businesses around the world, it was a challenge that I had to meet head on.

Creating positive impact

By learning that there was a certification available to us that scored our ability, or inability, to enhance the positive impact that our business has on our community and environment, it became a no brainer.

At JV, we strive to impact positive change not just through the treatments and homecare that we offer our clients, but also by the way that we give back to our planet to offset the impact that our little business creates, but more importantly, the big impact that our industry creates at large.

B Corp helps to provide further education and guidance around a ‘better’ way of working that by no means detract from the premium and high-level service that we strive to offer but in fact helps to galvanise these objectives into more meaningful and impactful outcomes.

The process of certification

I learnt early on that becoming B Corp Certified was to be a journey and not necessarily a destination. When I began the process of certification, it was instantly confronting because there was so much that I was not doing and it was clear that some things would take longer to change than others.

The process is fairly simple from the perspective of putting you in the driver’s seat to answer, in your own time, questions that need to yield your business a score of above 80. Once you reach above 80, you are then designated an Impact Officer who will request documents to confirm that your answers have merit and can be qualified, and from there, you receive certification.

For us, certification took just over five years. It began with me attempting to answer the questions but soon realising that there were so many questions that I just didn’t understand the meaning behind or if it was relevant to our business or not (I am a Dermal Clinician after all, and not an environmental lawyer). I left and came back to the certification process several times over the years before finally engaging a third-party company that specialises in helping businesses reach their certification. They were pivotal in helping me understand what questions were relevant to our business and which questions we really needed to focus on to reach certification.

Being part of a bigger movement

As part of B Corps commitment to continuous improvement, all B Corp certified businesses are required to recertify every three years, providing further improvement opportunities and to benchmark their impact. From a micro level, upholding the standards of which you used to receive certification is crucial to us. Whilst achieving a B Corp

What is B Corp?

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, envision a better economic system where businesses can benefit people, communities, and the planet. They choose long-term investments over quick wins, and measure their success based on the positive impact they create.

B Corp began in 2006 with the idea that a different kind of economy was not only possible, but necessary — and that business could lead the way towards a new, stakeholderdriven model. B Lab became known for certifying B Corporations, which are companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

They’re building the B Corp movement to change our economic system — and to do so, they must change the rules of the game. B Lab creates standards, policies, tools, and programs that shift the behavior, culture, and structural underpinnings of capitalism. They mobilise the B Corp community towards collective action to address society’s most critical challenges.

By harnessing the power of business, B Lab positively impacts companies around the world, helping them balance profit with purpose. Together, they are shifting our global economy from a system that profits few to one that benefits all: advancing a new model that moves from concentrating wealth and power to ensuring equity, from extraction to generation, and from prioritising individualism to embracing interdependence.

certification is something to be proud of, it’s really about what you do with it that counts.

Sadly, I was not able to make it to B Corp’s annual conference this year, however, being part of a community of like-minded businesses all around the world has created opportunities for collaboration between us and other B Corp certified businesses. I have also spoken to many people across multiple industries about my B Corp journey and will always encourage others to take the leap, even if you don’t complete the certification. It can purely serve as a self-audit to highlight what areas you may want to focus on when it comes to helping more people than just the clients who walk through your doors.

James Vivian is the owner and Director of Melbourne-based skin clinic, James Vivian.

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Code Breaking a Label

This is an exclusive excerpt from the second edition of Truth in Beauty by Mukti, which was released on April 29.

substances that may cause harmful allergic reactions. On average, 30% of injury reports received annually by the ACCC are due to cosmetics.

Learn your INCI

The acronym INCI stands for the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients and is the international standard and terminology for writing ingredients. In most countries, this standard is enforceable; the nomenclature must be used and not the common name.

Do your math

Not all numbers are bad but as with food products they may add up. Unpronounceable names followed by a number may be of a synthetic origin for example, glyceryl cocoate polyethylene glycol-7 or PEG-7 however, others may refer to the number of chemical bonds or chains such as peptides or fatty acids or alcohols (emulsifiers). If you are unsure, research the ingredient through INCIdecoder or EWG.

Look out for latin

If a product is mainly plant-based and natural, then the label will mainly consist of Latin, the root language of Europe. Botanical species will be listed – for example, lavender should be labelled as Lavendula angustifolia, macadamia as Macadamia ternifolia and aloe vera as Aloe barbadensis. In any case, it’s a good idea to become accustomed to and able to discern between a plant species and a chemical.

Divide the label into thirds

One of the biggest challenges with cosmetics and personal care products is regulation around labels. This includes everything from logos and symbols, to claims such as natural, organic and hypoallergenic.

Cosmetic labelling standards

In Australia, the product safety and compliance of cosmetic labelling standards are regulated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). All cosmetic products imported or manufactured in Australia (and intended to be used in the country) must be labelled in accordance with the Consumer Goods (Cosmetics) Information Standard 2020. Ingredient labels that are missing or contain inaccurate information, can mislead purchasing decisions and expose consumers to

Companies may prominently feature trending ingredients on their product packaging to attract consumers, but upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that these ingredients are often included in minuscule quantities compared to the overall formulation. In many cases, the amount is so negligible that the purported beneficial effects of these ingredients may be virtually insignificant.

To distinguish between a label claim and a genuinely functional ingredient within a formulation, one can examine where the ingredient appears on the product label. Additionally, price can also provide a clue. Mass-produced products, with low costs of goods sold (COGS), are often cheaper to develop and bring to market.

Ingredients are typically listed by volume in descending order. Most mainstream cosmetics and skincare products are primarily composed of water and fillers. Water, or ‘aqua’, is often listed at the top, followed by silicone fillers like


1. Top third

This area lists the ingredients that constitute 80-95% of the product.

2. Middle third

This constitutes about 4-12% of the product and is generally consists of oils, actives, emulsifiers and surfactants.

3. Final third

This makes up around 1-4% of the product and consists of preservatives, fragrances, stabilisers, and label claims.

cyclopentasiloxane or dimethicone. These products are commonly found in discount pharmacies and supermarkets.

Hypoallergenic/Allergy Tested/Safe For Sensitive Skin

A useful way to gauge the percentages of active, natural, or organic content in a product is to mentally divide the label into three parts. The further down an ingredient appears on the list, the lower its percentage in the formulation. For products with significant levels of active ingredients, these should generally be closer to the middle of the ingredient list. Ingredients at a concentration of less than 1% can be listed in any order. Understanding how ingredients are listed on product labels can empower you to make more informed choices and select products that align with their preferences and expectations.

Generic terms & claims

You may have noticed a variety of generic terms appearing on product labels and packaging. These are generally used for marketing purposes and are endorsed by skincare experts. They are not always defined in simple, clear language.

Botanical Source

This could be a vague statement about an ingredient that may have once (prior to numerous processes) come from a plant. Check the rest of the formulation especially if the claim is found on the front of the label or packaging.

Clinically Proven

This claim would suggest a product has undergone rigorous testing. It’s a broad claim that means the product was tested however, it doesn’t need to clarify how the product was tested, where on the body it was tested, how many people were tested or what the actual test included.

Dermatologist Tested

This claim doesn’t mean that a dermatologist endorsed a product or that it was tested to deliver any promises or results. It refers to a patch test performed by a dermatologist to see if the product created sensitisation or irritation.

Fragrance Free

This claim may sound as if no artificial or synthetic fragrances have been added to a product, but unidentified fragrance ingredients can still be used to mask a product’s natural odour and still claim to be fragrance free.

“On average, 30% of injury reports received annually by the ACCC are due to cosmetics.”

This should mean the product contains no common allergens. These terms are often used for promotional purposes and value and can be entirely meaningless. They don’t require any skin testing or validation from a third party or regulatory body. Exercise healthy skepticism when encountering these terms.


Implies something taken directly from nature without having undergone any processing. The law doesn’t prohibit the term being used in products that may also contain synthetics. Even if products are labelled as natural, they may also contain synthetic chemicals.


Technically this term means that the product shouldn’t clog pores or trigger acne by occluding the skin and blocking the oil glands resulting in irritation of the hair follicle. There are no definitions or cosmetic regulations for this claim, but companies do their own internal tests to determine whether a product should be considered comedogenic or not. Often these are the results of comedogenicity studies (refer to the comedogenic scale) but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is totally free of ingredients that may cause you to break out.

Truth in Beaut y is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide designed to help readers navigate the clean beauty movement and achieve a healthier lifestyle, with realistic and practical tips. Mukti first wrote and self-published Truth in Beauty in 2018. Whilst the first edition was a best seller in Australia, she has now written another edition, which is available at | 45

The Tides of Change in the Beauty & Aesthetic Industry


MILLA wants you to have your say regarding the new tightened guidelines for our industry.

As beauty and aesthetics continues to evolve, we as professionals find ourselves amidst a sea of changes, prompting many of us to reflect on the profound shifts that are underway. The past year has marked a clear period of transformation, with implications reaching every corner of the industry, from beauty services to medical aesthetics.

Foremost among these changes are undoubtedly the new guidelines from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and impending updates from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), signalling a significant restructuring on the horizon. These developments have sparked discussions on the future landscape of beauty and dermal sectors, raising questions about their impact on businesses, patients, qualifications, and regulation.

AHPRA focuses on dermal sector

Apart from the clear target on, and changes to, the non-surgical cosmetic sector and prescription based treatments such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, of particular note is the attention now directed towards dermal treatments by AHPRA, traditionally overseen by the dermal sector, with proposed restrictions looming over cosmetic nurses, bachelor qualified dermal clinicians and medical aesthetic professionals. This shift has ignited debate within the industry, with some viewing it as a move to regulate and control the dermal sector under medical aesthetics.

The Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council has recently been inundated with inquiries and concerns, reflecting the uncertainty and apprehension gripping beauty therapists, dermal professionals and patients alike. At the heart of these discussions lies an apprehension that the dermal sector is next to undergo significant transformative legislation, along with the recognition of the industry’s rapid evolution, outpacing the ability of regulation to keep pace, with some industry players commenting of a perceived ‘knee-jerk reaction’ by legislators to ‘keep it under control’.

While regulatory bodies aim to address suggested gaps in oversight with stringent legislation, there are growing concerns about the unintended consequences of such measures. Critics argue that overly restrictive regulations risk stifling innovation, driving patients to seek advanced treatments abroad, and hindering the industry’s progress in Australia. To further complicate matters, a divergence in legislation between dermal and medical aesthetic sectors is an apparent development, potentially leading to confusion among patients and professionals alike.

The concern here is that the fragmentation may result in inconsistency of service and standards. Other unintended consequences could be reduced accessibility to treatments, ultimately undermining Australia’s position as a fast growing leader in the adoption of advanced treatments and technology, thereby impeding patient outcomes.

Make your voice heard

As the debate rages on and the industry charts a course through these uncertain waters, one thing is certain, we must collaborate more closely than ever to navigate the challenges ahead. Together, we must ensure that regulation strikes a balance between oversight, fostering innovation and doing what is the best interest of the patient or client. Only through collective action can our industry continue to thrive in this ever-changing landscape.

But sadly the reality is that our industry has lacked comprehensive and unified representation across all of its sectors for over three decades. During this time, while advancements in services and technology have surged forward at a rapid pace, government involvement and understanding, along with regulation and oversight has struggled to keep up with the evolving landscape. The establishment of the Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council was a crucial step, yet long overdue. Now, as an industry, we find ourselves in the challenging position of needing to make up for lost ground.

Unity and strength in numbers is the key to addressing these challenges, and a large majority of us must come together to amplify our collective voices. However, despite ABIC’s emergence as the largest peak body in our industry, with a community of over 25,000 professionals, our official representation is currently just over 1,200 members.

Government bodies are inclined to give greater credence to peak bodies with membership exceeding 10,000 individuals, and are thus more likely to be held accountable to them when enacting bold or inadequately considered guidelines. As we look to the future, our efforts must be focused towards achieving this critical milestone.

ABIC is making headway in all areas of reform, from being a lead consultative force in the remodelling of our industry education with the newly appointed Jobs and Skills Councils, to working with the Australian Bureau of Statistics to correctly classify our industry occupations, and our most comprehensive program to date being a framework for industry wide self-regulation called ABIC SafeSkin Certification.

But the responsibility still lies with us, the professionals of the industry, coming together, and making a decision to legitimise our own voices and control our own future. We alone have the profound understanding of our industry and what it needs to reach benchmark standards universally, for the ultimate purpose of serving our patients and clients to the highest standards.

The way we make a difference, is literally to join together, numbers and voices have power, so let your voice be heard. If you have feedback, give it to us. If you have concerns, share them with us. And most importantly, if you have a vested interest in this industry, join us, as together we strive to empower ourselves as professionals, look after our patients, grow our industry and elevate our standards. We cannot wait to welcome you and to represent you.

Stef Milla is the ABIC Founding Director & CEO.


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The Hair And Beauty Awards Have Changed – Now What?

RYAN PRICE explains what the recent changes to the industry awards mean for skin clinics and day spas.

Ryan, what are ‘industry awards’ and who controls them?

Industry awards outline the minimum work conditions and entitlements for employees in specific industries or occupations. They are determined by a variety of factors, including the type of employment, the duties of the role, the employee’s qualifications and experience, and where and when they work.

Industry awards specify pay, hours of work, overtime rates, penalty rates, allowances, rosters, breaks and leave entitlements. Business owners and employers are obliged to ensure they are adhering to and applying the correct award in their operations – they may face penalties if they fail to do so.

The Fair Work Commission controls the content of awards based on the powers given to them in the Fair Work Act.

Please explain the changes that have recently come into effect for the Hair and Beauty Award.

Some of the junior age descriptions outlined in the Hair and Beauty Award have been updated to make them clearer, and the weekend rates for casuals has increased, both effective from the first full pay period on or after 31 December 2023.

In determining the minimum rate for junior workers, the descriptions to follow are:

• 50 percent of the applicable adult rate for those under 17 years of age

• 75 percent of the applicable adult rate for those over 17 years of age

• 100 percent of the applicable adult rate for those who are 18 years of age

The penalty rates for casual employees who work ordinary hours on the weekends are now:

• 150 percent for ordinary hours worked Saturday before 7am and after 6pm

• 158 percent for ordinary hours worked Saturday between 7am and 6pm

• 225 percent for ordinary hours worked any time of the day on Sunday

Additionally, the overtime rates for Sunday have increased to 225 percent of the minimum hourly rate for casual employees.

How would this affect a skin clinic?

Skin clinics that fall under the Hair and Beauty Award employing casual workers on the weekend, or staff who are 17 years of age or younger, may experience increased costs associated with paying the correct wages.

An employee in a day spa or skin clinic may fall under this award depending on the nature of the work and they do and the treatments they provide. For example, it would typically cover beauty therapists performing the following work:

• Make-up application, skin analysis, development of treatment plans, facial treatments including massage and other specialised treatments such as lymphatic drainage

• High frequency body treatments including full body massage and other specialised treatments using machinery and other cosmetic applications and techniques

• Aromatherapy and the application of aromatic plant oils for beauty treatments

• Using various types of electrical equipment for both body and facial treatments

What does an employer in the spa and clinic industry have to do now?

Business owners and employers in the spa and clinic industries for which the Hair and Beauty Award applies should review the amount they are paying weekend casuals and junior employees against the minimum rates in the Award, to ensure they are not underpaying staff. It can be confusing and complex to navigate award changes, so I’d advise any business owners or employers who are unsure to seek advice from a professional.

Is there a way to leave feedback to the Fair Work Ombudsman if people in the industry aren’t happy with the state of the award?

While employers can contact the Fair Work Ombudsman to talk about the Hair and Beauty Award, the Ombudsman isn’t the best agency to act on that feedback. Members of employer or industry associations could provide their association with feedback on the operation of the award. Those associations might then act on that feedback by making submissions in award or wage review cases before the Fair Work Commission, or by applying to the Commission to vary the award. Individual employers with an interest in an award could also make submissions or an application to vary the award but it would be best to seek advice from a professional before doing so.

Ryan Price is the Head of Content and Training at Employsure.



Diversifying My Offering

Dr Yalda Jamali has made the conscious decision to work out of three different clinics. Here, she tells us why.

Dr Yalda, please explain your professional background briefly and what brought you to Australia.

I am a UK trained cosmetic doctor. I graduated in 2015 and since 2017 I have been working in the field of cosmetic medicine. I have a postgraduate qualification in facial injectables and a Masters degree in Clinical Dermatology. My main areas of interest are facial contouring and skin rejuvenation. I am also very passionate about teaching and have been involved in medical education within the field of cosmetic medicine since 2018. I met my now husband (who is Aussie) in London in 2018. He is from Sydney, and it didn’t take much persuasion from him to get me to move to Sydney in 2021.

Was it challenging to find a job when you first arrived?

As a UK trained doctor, I had to return to clinical hospital work for one year upon my arrival in Sydney, this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing as most cosmetic clinics were closed during the many Covid lockdowns. After my year in hospital was over, I moved into a role at a cosmetic clinic and resumed my cosmetic medicine career. I have invested heavily in my cosmetic training and trained/worked alongside well known industry leaders so I didn’t find it difficult to get a job. I have recently moved and am now working across three locations in Sydney. I find that the cosmetic field is at least five years ahead in London, so most of the “new” treatments on the market in Sydney, I have had exposure to and experience with from London.

What made you decide to work out of three different clinics as opposed to just one?

I previously worked just for one clinic and I didn’t feel like I could reach my potential or provide the service I wanted to for my patients. The clinics that I have joined really align with my values and ethics as a cosmetic doctor. An added bonus is that all three clinics are female owned and managed, this was really important to me. Most cosmetic doctors are self employed and essentially pay for the usage of rooms at different locations. Being in different clinics will allow me to provide a wide range of treatments. This way I have access to a wide range of energy based devices and my patients can choose a location that is convenient for them. I am spread between Paddington, Northbridge and Balgowlah. I am also a clinical trainer for Merz Aesthetic Australia, in this role I train other medical practitioners in injectable treatments.

Would you ever want to open your own clinic? Why/why not?

I am still managing my UK clinic from here (Dr Yalda Clinics). I am currently really enjoying working as part of different teams in Sydney and don’t have current plans of opening my own clinic. The cosmetic industry can be very isolating as a small business so opening a clinic of my own isn’t on my agenda at the moment.

What treatments do you perform at the clinics you work at?

I offer all my usual anti-ageing and contouring treatments at all three clinics. In addition, at Epios Cosmetic Clinic in Paddington I see a lot of patients for the famous Morpheus 8 treatment. At Northern Sydney Dermatology and Laser in Northbridge I offer a huge variety of laser treatments (for pigment, redness and texture) and have the benefit of working alongside amazing dermatologists to offer the best treatment plans for complex cases such long standing acne scarring.

Aesthetics | 49

Five Years of BTL Aesthetics Australia

Celebrating Innovation and Excellence

After celebrating 30 years of innovation at the BTL Group last year, the company has reached another significant milestone – five years since the introduction of the first BTL device in Australia. Over this period, BTL has substantially expanded and diversified its product portfolio in Australia and New Zealand introducing innovations each year that are utilised across multiple medical specialties. These innovations have played an important role in expanding the diversity of healthcare services that can improve patients’ lives.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate our 5th anniversary in BTL Australia and New Zealand. Our commitment to research and development enables us to continuously push the boundaries of innovation, providing healthcare

In your opinion, what BTL treatment is currently the most sought-after?

professionals with unparalleled tools to enhance patient outcomes and satisfaction,“ shared Gareth Pepper, Sales Director for BTL Aesthetics Australia and New Zealand, the company that has recently won the APAC Insider Award for the Most Innovative Aesthetic Solutions Manufacturer.

In honour of our five-year journey of success, we have highlighted the perspectives of five distinguished doctors who embody the essence of BTL Aesthetics in Australia and New Zealand. These esteemed doctors generously share their insights on the profound significance of BTL and its transformative influence on the aesthetic landscape. Join us in commemorating five years of innovation and excellence as they share their experiences and reflections from this collaborative partnership.

SS: In my humble opinion the ‘star’ treatments in the BTL portfolio that are, and I think will always be the most popular with our patients, are the Emsella chair and the Emsculpt Neo! They can be used by everybody whether they are young or old, male or female and are non-invasive, quick and easy. But most importantly, deliver results.

RC: As medical practitioners immersed in the realm of aesthetic medicine, we are tasked with evaluating the efficacy and impact of various treatments on patient outcomes. Among the diverse array of options available, BTL’s Exion has garnered significant attention and is currently the most sought-after at Regenesis. We typically provide Exion treatments to at least four patients daily, and notably, we’ve achieved a return on investment within the initial five months of purchase.

ST: Currently it is the Emface. No other device synchronously combines radiofrequency with HIFES to tone, lift, and re-drape the muscles, soft tissues, and SMAS layer while simultaneously improving skin tone.

AC: The most popular treatment right now is BTL Exion. We were one of the first clinics in Australia to receive an Exion device. I was one of the first patients to be treated by the machine, and my patients were impressed with the results they saw from my treatment. Once they learned about how the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the device

helped to improve outcomes and reduce discomfort, my patients were quick to book their own Exion treatments.

GM: Emface is indispensable in each of my clinics, which is why we have one in every location. Similarly, Emsella is another game-changer that we simply cannot operate without in each clinic. Its transformative impact on people’s quality of life, regardless of the severity of their incontinence, is unparalleled. From patients with MS to postprostatectomy, and individuals with various conditions, we’ve witnessed firsthand how Emsella has significantly improved their quality of life.

What are your thoughts on BTL’s continuous innovation in technologies and exploration of new approaches in aesthetic medicine?

RC: BTL’s commitment to pushing boundaries has led to pioneering advancements that redefine aesthetic standards and enhance the patient experience. With BTL’s new Emface submentum applicators, this perfectly encapsulates their dedication to innovation.

AC: I’ve owned BTL machines since 2013, and every time I buy a new one, I am blown away by how each device exceeds all expectations and surpasses the competition when it comes to quality, innovation, and efficacy. I’ve been fortunate to have met and spent time talking with many of the engineers and designers within the company. I’ve found it mind-boggling to hear about the enormous resources constantly being invested by BTL into their Research and

Cover story
Dr Gina Messiha - GM Ocean Cosmetic, WA Dr Robin Chok - RC Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery, SA Dr Saras Sundrum - SS Dr Saras & Co, NSW Dr Shammi Theesan - ST Ode Dermatology, VIC
Dr Andrew Clark - AC Mira Clinic, WA

Development pipeline. Investment on this scale is something you will rarely see in other device companies, and I am sure it is their commitment to R&D that explains their consistent appearance at the cutting edge of aesthetic technology.

GM: Undoubtedly, BTL has ushered in a new era in addressing facial aging and body contouring. Take Emsculpt Neo, for instance; it represents a groundbreaking advancement by offering simultaneous RF and HIFEM, not only delivering desired aesthetic results but also enhancing clients’ strength and functional abilities. With Emface, we now have the capability to target facial elevator muscles, connective tissue, and supporting ligaments, achieving remarkable lifting and volumisation of the upper and mid-face – a virtually needle-free 3D facial rejuvenation. Additionally, Exion introduces a completely new category for Fractionated RF Microneedling technology, showcasing notable advancements in accuracy and precision while ensuring minimal discomfort for clients, all without compromising on results.

SS: Since becoming a partner with BTL in 2018, BTL’s constant investment in research and development in finding the next technology that the modern aesthetic patient wants, has really impressed me! They have realised the areas of treatment that our patients desire and have delivered in record time a fast-growing list of technologies that deliver results safely, quickly and in a minimally invasive way. It makes our jobs as physicians very easy!

ST: BTL has worked very closely with Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons to really work out what we want in the market and what those gaps are. Then they’ve pushed technology either in a hybrid form or that synchronous nature, to create effects that I’ve been impressed with.

What are your thoughts on the latest innovation, specifically the Emface® submentum applicator?

SS: The Emface focuses on the tightening and lifting of the face which is a natural progression to the other BTL treatments. It is the most recent technology introduced to my practice to target the underchin area to tighten the muscle, decrease the fat, and tighten the skin. I am especially excited by this concept. In my consultations with patients, nine out of ten patients, men and women, old and young, whether they are experienced cosmetic patients or new to treatment are interested in improving this area! We now have a treatment that is quick and very easy to deliver. Everybody will want this one!

ST: I’m genuinely thrilled about the latest innovation, particularly the Emface Submentum applicator to treat the double chin and sagging effect of the lower face. It addresses a multifaceted issue involving

unwanted fat deposits, skin laxity, and muscle laxity in the submental area, offering a comprehensive solution for achieving a contoured jawline is a big thing and aligns with my patient demand.

What prompted you to incorporate BTL technologies into your practice?

AC: Customers of aesthetic treatments are increasingly fearful of the possible complications and the potentially fake-looking results that can be caused by poorly executed injections and surgery. Consequently, there is a huge appetite amongst customers for aesthetic treatments that are less invasive, have lower risks, and most importantly can produce dependable and worthwhile results. BTL has an amazing track record of consistently producing devices that are easy, comfortable, and safe to use, and manage to also reliably deliver outstanding aesthetic improvements.

RC: The decision to incorporate BTL technologies into our practice was predicated on the pursuit of offering patients the most advanced and effective treatments available. Witnessing the transformative impact of Exion, Emsculpt NEO and other BTL treatments on patient confidence and satisfaction reaffirms our commitment to leveraging innovative technologies to enhance patient care and well-being.

Have you personally had any BTL treatments yourself? What was your experience with it?

AC: I have to say I can’t live without my Emsculpt Neo. Using it just once a month has allowed me to maintain a level of fitness that I don’t deserve (because of how little proper exercise I find time to do).

GM: I had them all, and my experience is very positive, especially Emsculpt Neo for waist-line reduction and gluteal lift, Emtone for my stubborn cellulite and Emface for lifting.

ST: Absolutely, I’ve had all the treatments. The Emsella, for instance, offers fantastic overall pelvic lift and floor improvement. I’ve also undergone treatments with Emface and Exion, my favourite being the Face applicator. It’s about biohacking your skin and going beyond mere reliance on topicals or lasers. With synchronous technology like this, you can truly impact your fibroblast production of hyaluronic acid, yielding remarkable results.

DISCLAIMERS: PRODUCTS ARE NOT INTENDED FOR PURCHASE BY GENERAL PUBLIC We recommend following a healthy energy-controlled diet and physical activity. Always follow the directions for use. Patient results and patient experience may vary.

For more information about BTL products, contact BTL Aesthetics on 0435 769 639, email: or visit

Cover story | 51

KNESKO Launches At Dolce Vita

Skin, Seamlessly Integrating Aesthetic Procedures And Wellness

Identifying KNESKO as the perfect complement to her medispa offerings, VITA CATANZARITI is enhancing her patients’ skin journey with the gemstone infused masks and serums.

Renowned skin clinic Dolce Vita Skin, located in Erina, New South Wales is introducing KNESKO to their menu of services. Two Australian female entrepreneurs with aligned visions on wellness and skincare partner together.

Vita Catanzariti is a highly trained Dermal Therapist whose leading treatments and superior results have earned her the name, the “Skin Whisperer”. After 13 years of working alongside Plastic Surgeons, Vita felt inspired to create a space that offered more connection with clients and their treatments, and provide a holistic approach to their skin journey. She founded Dolce Vita Skin to harmonise her vision of clinical skincare with a long term approach that prioritised wellness and an exceptional guest experience.

KNESKO’s success story

Vita’s partnership with KNESKO came as one of the brand’s first partnerships in Australia. 2024 has been an exciting year for KNESKO Skin with the initial launch of KNESKO AUSTRALIA, the acquisition of the company’s warehouse in Perth, and their partnership debut with Crown Spa Sydney.

Over the last decade, KNESKO has seen global success. The brand was founded by Lejla Cas, a highly trained esthetician whose career in the beauty industry began when she lived in Perth Australia, before she moved to the United States in 2007. Through her connections with thousands of clients across the globe, Lejla realised that everyone was seeking the same thing. They wanted intentional time for themselves to recharge, and a skincare routine that was effective, luxurious, and healing.

Lejla founded KNESKO in 2012 with her husband Sean, and it has grown to be championed by estheticians, makeup artists, and dermal therapists worldwide. KNESKO’s holistic approach to beauty resonates with the

ever growing desire for an exceptional guest experience that keeps efficacy and wellness at top of mind.

Each of KNESKO’s six collections are crafted with revolutionary GEMCLINICAL® technology which is the infusion of real crushed gemstones that optimise the delivery of active ingredients while balancing the chakras. KNESKO’s products are all charged with Reiki energy by Lejla, a Reiki Master herself, and formulated with clean, clinical ingredients to target every skin concern.

Combining clinical treatments with the mind-skin connection

Vita’s ethos for effective clinical skin treatments with a personal, holistic touch seems to perfectly aligned with Lejla’s unique approach to formulating high-vibrational skincare. The partnership is meaningful to both female entrepreneurs.

“Deciding to bring KNESKO on board was a shift towards the mind-skin connection. Our vision is to have a multi-sensory experience combined with clinical treatments to complete the skin journey and boost health and wellbeing. To personalise these skin concerns is a win. It doesn’t matter how great the products are, there must be a beautiful experiential feel. KNESKO aligns with our vision,” says Vita.

“The way that Vita has embraced the brand and integrated KNESKO into her treatments with a clinical perspective is my dream scenario. Vita’s approach to skincare is so harmonious with my approach to formulating, so it’s a fantastic match. I could not be more thrilled that we found one another and that we are forging a true partnership together,” Lejla concluded.

Responding to client demand

The Australian market seems to be craving more wellness integration into clinical skincare. When asked about why now felt like

Vita Catanzariti
Knesko Founder, Lejla Cas, with her colorful retail merchandising featuring all six collections including their collagen masks, Gemstone serums, and sculpting tools.

the time to introduce her clients to KNESKO, Vita shared, “this is the perfect time with wellness on the rise; we feel with that comes a more emotional experience. It’s all about mixing it up, evolving and meeting consumer demand and introducing spiritual and therapeutic care tech, and treatments that enhance mental, emotional and physical health. Clients are spending more time caring about mental and emotional health; the beauty and wellness industry is responding.”

KNESKO has launched in Australia

KNESKO is a gem-infused, high-vibrational skincare brand founded by celebrity esthetician Lejla Cas. Each product is developed under Lejla’s creative direction alongside a team of board-certified dermatologists and cosmetic chemists. The brand’s premium formulas are routinely found in high-end spas and clinics, makeup artist kits, and celebrity bathrooms across the world.

KNESKO masks and serums can be used post-procedure to aid recovery and soothe the skin, making it the perfect addon to medispa treatments.

Vita continued, “We are excited adding the mood boosting KNESKO range of masks and serums, filled with colour. Training our staff since COVID in emotional intelligence, dopamine beauty is all about making clients look and feel great. I am looking to incorporate these into the treatment room and extend to home care to give a more youthful radiant complexion.”

KNESKO Skin is globally known for being the preferred menu enhancement among luxury spas and is also favoured in clinical settings for its post regenerative technology. This aspect appealed to Vita, “My services are multi-disciplinary with everything from medical grade facials to cosmetic treatment offerings. Including these during the consultation process and having discussions around pre and post care with clinical treatments, KNESKO provides the complete skin service.”

The science behind KNESKO

The Knesko range includes masks for the face, eyes, lips, neck, and decollete, gemstone serums and sculpting tools

The cutting-edge GEMCLINICAL® technology used in each product is perfect for clinical application. Made with a bioavailable marine collagen that utilises a special poly-peptide delivery system, the mask itself melts and penetrates through the epidermal barrier as it sits on the skin for intense hydration. With a triple helix structure that stores up to 10x more nutrients and 22ml of age-defying serum in each face mask sachet, there is no comparison amongst competitors.

KNESKO masks also feature hydrogel technology, that is used in burn units in hospitals to fast-track wound healing. The notable thickness of the masks helps drive actives deeper into the skin. This wound-healing technology makes the collagen masks perfect for medispa procedures. The soothing effect of our masks help to reduce visible redness, puffiness and irritation, providing rapid post-treatment comfort and skin restoration.

Vita praised the integration of the brand in her clinical treatments to balance post procedure recovery with holistic self-care, “Having high performance masks and serums completes the skin journey. KNESKO masks with Gemstone serums can be used to promote healing and recovery of the skin both as part of any aesthetic medical treatments such as lasers, micro needling, injectables and for post procedure aftercare. Also, to destress and connect with mind and body, this is an

added benefit. Now more than ever we can give permission to take time to self-care. “

KNESKO’s core value is bridging science and spirituality with a commitment to both results-based skincare and sustainable practices.

“Our partnership with KNESKO is the perfect fit for Dolce Vita Skin,” explains Vita. “With over 25 years industry experience I like to stay on top of the latest scientifically backed data and innovations putting the needs of our clients first and sought to deliver the necessary treatments and product ranges. I love the fact that the mask range is ecofriendly, making changes to use products that cause little or no harm to the planet. The range is stunning, delivering long lasting results. This is a wonderful partnership with premium formulas and aligns beautifully with our existing leader skin care brands.“

When asked what Vita’s favourite KNESKO product was, she responded with the brand’s Global Bestseller, “my absolute favourite KNESKO product would have to be the Gold Repair Collagen Face Mask with the glimmering gold and science tested active ingredients that firm, lift and repair the skin. It gives an instant glow and elevates my skin care regime. I always say to clients that if you have somewhere special to go and want an instant glow these KNESKO masks are great to have on hand and perfect to use for the changing season.“

For partnership inquiries contact: Aldo Celeste, VP of Sales & Spa Development on

Follow KNESKO on Instagram @kneskoskin and Lejla Cas @mrsknesko


Sponsored | 53

The Healthification of Beauty

More and more colour cosmetics and other ‘traditional’ beauty products are turning towards our health, says NADINE DILONG .

Until a few years ago, the most important aspect of a foundation was how well it covered uneven skin tone, and we didn’t care whether that meant clogged pores, dryness, or irritation. The same principle applied to mascara – how long and thick it can make our lashes look was all that mattered, even if it made our eyes red and watery at the end of the day. And when it comes to hair styling products, the hotter the better used to be the credo to achieve voluminous waves or a shiny blowout. Hair damage was just the collateral damage in the quest to perfection.

Fast forward to 2024 and it seems consumers have become a whole lot smarter. They want all the above but WITHOUT the damage to our skin, eyes, and hair. Well, brands have listened and are increasingly launching products that multitask. Here are some examples for all three categories.


Inspired by the secrets of its professional artists backstage, MAKE UP FOR EVER has developed a foundation that is lightweight and hydrates the skin, while giving a luminous glow.

The HD Skin Hydra Glow Foundation is designed to provide the essential steps of skin preparation before makeup application, making it a single product foundation solution for a flawless complexion. How? The

HD Skin Hydra Glow Foundation mimics the hydrating effects of a skincare mask, leaving the skin moisturised, plumped, and radiant. It is the perfect choice for all skin types, including normal, dry, mature, and sensitive skin.

One of the standout features of this foundation is the innovative Hydra-Skin Booster complex. This unique polymer innovation is infused with hyaluronic acid and glycols, offering not only a flawless and glowing finish but also a clean formula that is gentle on the skin.

Gary Davey, ANZ Brand General Manager at MAKE UP FOR EVER, says, “We are thrilled to unveil the launch of our HD Skin Hydra Glow Foundation. By seamlessly combining the expertise of both makeup and skincare, this evolution will take our HD range to new heights and is a testament to the brand’s commitment to continuous innovation. It will transform the way you experience and wear foundation, allowing you to embrace a new level of radiance and achieve a flawless complexion this year.”


OKKIYO, a play on the Italian word for eye - occhio, is a game-changing, new beauty brand set to challenge the status quo of the industry. Carefully and consciously created by renowned Ophthalmologist Dr. Jacqueline Beltz, the revolutionary range, specifically the PRIORITEYES Mascara, is expertly designed for people with sensitive eyes


/ eye conditions. Whether it’s contact lens wear, dry eyes, or allergies, OKKIYO products are suitable as they avoid typical irritants and feature the perfect blend of aesthetics and eye health.

We chatted with Dr Beltz to learn more about her innovation.

Dr Beltz, why do some mascaras on the market irritate your eyes? Shouldn’t they all be tested to be safe? Cosmetic regulations are not that strict, so whilst we would love all cosmetics to be tested to be eye safe, it’s expensive, time consuming, not compulsory and therefore most brands would not take those extra steps. Most mascaras would have an “ophthalmologist approved” label on the packaging, but what I found out during my research and development is that unfortunately that term is not regulated, so there are no actual criteria that the ophthalmologist needs to look at and there is no actual testing done in order for a product to display that label.

The difference with my mascara is that I have created it especially for people that struggle to wear or tolerate regular mascaras, or that might worry about the effect that mascara could have on their sensitive eyes. Our eyes can be quite delicate, and for some this is more of a problem than others. This problem gets worse for women as we get older (in Australia, 57% of people over the age of 50 have some degree of dry eye, which is one of the most common causes for eye sensitivity (Blue Mountains Eye Study)), so I just noticed that many of my patients were struggling to wear mascara and they weren’t really able to get answers as to what they should or shouldn’t be wearing in terms of eye make up. Traditional teaching in my field is to “just not wear make up” if it’s bothering you, but that never sat well with me and I think that everybody should be able to look and feel their best and if it’s make up that gives us that confidence then what a shame to have to avoid it!

So, I made my mascara particularly with these people in mind. To make sure it was suitable I worked with two sets of chemists and we took out ingredients that are known to be more likely to irritate eyes and put in more gentle, soothing ingredients such as Manuka Honey. We also made sure that the mascara would feel very light on the lashes, like you’re not wearing anything at all, because the last thing you need if your eyes are already bothering you is mascara that you can feel. The other super important point was that it needed to wear well all day despite watery eyes and eye drops, but not be waterproof because waterproof mascaras are not so good for the eyes. Oh, and it also needed to come off super easily at the end of the day.

Once we had the mascara and I liked it, we then did two separate rounds of testing, one was lab based looking at the effect that the mascara could have on the cells in the eye and the second was an actual ophthalmologist (not me, an independent ophthalmologist) run trial in which people with confirmed sensitive eyes wore the mascara every single day for 28 days and we made sure it wasn’t irritating them or their eyes. So, that’s how we came to the conclusion that my mascara is well tolerated by people with sensitive eyes.

What ingredients should one try to avoid if they have sensitive eyes?

It’s really difficult to say do or don’t use this one specific ingredient. The reason for that is that the percentage matters, and also the way the ingredient sits or reacts with other ingredients in the formula. So, I couldn’t really tell my patients

to choose a mascara without X, Y and Z. There are general categories that can be difficult, for example products with a lot of alcohols can be quite drying for the eyes which can irritate given that many people have dry eyes to start with, some preservatives can be more toxic than others, fragrances can be an issue and certain ingredients such as shellac can cause reactions in some people. There are other ingredients, such as our Manuka Honey and orange and mandarin extracts that can be quite nourishing and conditioning and therefore might be good for sensitive eyes. This difficulty with comprehending ingredients lists is basically why I created this mascara, so that my patients don’t need to analyse every ingredient, they can just trust that I have done my best to make sure it will be well tolerated by most people with sensitive eyes and that I have produced it especially to be eye safe. That said though, everybody should listen to their own symptoms and body and if any product doesn’t agree with you or causes an issue then please discontinue use and if necessary see your eye health professional which, in Australia could be your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist.


We have written about the rise of scalp health treatments before, including cosmeceutical haircare products, and dermatologists offering scalp services. Now, scalp health has well and truly trickled down into mainstream beauty with Dyson unveiling its latest innovation during a global launch event in Seoul: Supersonic Nural.

Dyson’s latest styling tool comes equipped with a new Scalp protect mode which uses a network of Nural sensors, automatically reducing heat and airflow as it nears your head, helping protect your scalp from damage. These sensors also improve the styling experience, enhance hair shine, and prevent heat damage. New and improved attachments which cater to all hair types are equipped with attachment recognition, learning a user’s styling preferences, and simplifying their routine for fast healthy drying with no extreme heat.

“Already, the Australian environment is quite damaging to our scalps and can lead to oxidative stress, caused by UV damage, stress and poor diet. The Dyson Supersonic Nural™ hair dryer has the capacity to prevent any further and unnecessary damage to the hair and scalp, with its scalp care technology forefront, maintaining an optimal temperature of 55°C, no matter how you use the tool,” says Trichologist Chelcey Salinger.

In the scalp protect mode, heat is automatically reduced to 55°C, the optimum temperature for scalp comfort and drying speed, as the hair dryer gets closer to hair and scalp. A time of flight sensor enables this, by projecting an invisible infrared beam to measure the distance between the machine and your hair.

“From our research into the science of hair, we know that there is a connection between the quality of hair and a healthy scalp. The scalp tissue comprises different layers, with the outermost layer serving as a barrier against external stressors. But when your scalp is damaged, moisture loss can occur, a key factor in our development of the Scalp protect mode feature. This helps to maintain scalp moisture levels, and allows for gentle drying,” says Dyson’s Head of Research, Shawn Lim.

It’s comforting to know that increasing research and development means less damaging products, and in some cases, they’re even beneficial for our health.

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The Role Of The Skin Microbiome In Acne

SDR JO-ANN SEE explains the latest findings around the effect of good and bad bacteria on our skin.

cience and technology are constantly evolving and they’re bringing exciting innovations to acne treatment both now and in the future.The widespread use of antibiotics over many decades has been a cause of concern both in Australia and globally due to the risk of antibiotic resistance. This has led to a need to develop treatments that are non-antibiotic. This concern has also led to a lot of research regarding antibiotics and their effects on our skin and gut microbiome.

The skin microbiome consists of all the microorganisms populating the human skin not only bacteria but yeast and fungi, which play a vital role in our skin immunity. This gentle balance of microorganisms can change with intrinsic factors such as age, gender and even external factors such as hygiene and even our beauty routine! In the past we thought of the “acne bacteria” Cutibacterium acnes as a causative factor for acne but we now know that the problem is an imbalance in the diversity of microorganisms and that some acne bacteria are actually helpful.

Due to recent scientific innovations we recognise there are distinct classes (or phylotypes) of C.acnes and that a loss of diversity of these classes is seen in acne prone skin. The aim therefore is to establish and maintain a diverse microbiome which can be compromised by certain acne treatments particularly antibiotics and even harsh skin care routines! To maintain a healthy microbiome we need our epidermal barrier to be intact and diverse so skincare is important. Ideally we need to avoid irritation of our epidermis by harsh or irritant products or procedures.

The gut microbiome is probably more well-known than the skin microbiome and the gut and skin can communicate with each other through the immune system known as the “gutskin axis”. There are many factors that can alter gut microbial communities such as bowel diseases or antibiotics. This alteration of the normal healthy gut microbiome can lead to inflammation and a decrease in the protective gut mucus layer. Dysbiotic gut microbes, their toxins and neuotransmitters travel through the compromised intestinal barrier along with a disruption of protective immune cells or T lymphocytes. They then travel through the circulation to affect the skin.

It is therefore important to maintain a healthy gut microbiome by having a balanced diet, limiting the use of oral antibiotics (but of course use them when needed) and decreasing gut inflammation in certain diseases with effective therapy. It is a very complex science that not only is involved in acne but other skin diseases such as rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.

What we eat can also affect our gut microbiome and therefore high-fat diets may limit microbial diversity whereas increased dietary fibre can have a beneficial effect by increasing microbial diversity. There is a multitude of gut supplementation products available however more robust research is necessary to fully evaluate the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics.

As we are looking at non-antibiotic treatments for acne, more thought has been given to oral spironolactone in postadolescent hormonal acne. It is a safe prescription medication that can be used long-term. Other interesting innovations are wellestablished treatments that are being tweaked by improved delivery systems or vehicles. Oral isotretinoin is one example whereby newer formulations of micronised particles may lead to better absorption at lower dosages (bioavailability) and another benefit will be that ingestion will not be necessary


such as La Roche-Posay are focusing on the skin’s healthy microbiome

Fixed dose combination therapy for acne means that several products are combined into one and this also improves patient adherence as application is usually just once a day. There will be triple combination therapy soon and this may help with acne treatment as it will be more targeted to provide anticomedogenic, anti-inflammatory and comedolytic activity. In the future there is research on bacteriophages that may be able to kill the unhealthy acne bacteria and perhaps they could restore sensitivity of acne strains to antibiotics. There may be other creams that may even be able to restore a healthy diverse skin microbiome.

Dr Jo-Ann See is a dermatologist in private practice at Central Sydney Dermatology and key opinion leader in acne.



GIVING SKIN WHAT IT NEEDS, WHEN IT NEEDS IT. Introducing a revolutionary serum inspired by nature’s own skin rejuvenation process. This potent powerhouse serum helps to revitalize and renew skin, delivering impressive results. Witness the transformative effects below.


NeoGenesis science-based products provide the solution to younger, healthier skin and hair through our patented S²RM® technology. This exclusive technology harnesses the power of selective molecules that contain a variety of proteins to awaken your body’s natural regenerative power.

Courtesy of Professional Partner Sherri Widtfeldt, Sherri’s Skin Care Clinic
Courtesy of Professional Partner Donna Glazer, Face It Skin Clinic Courtesy of Professional Partner Srita Edgecomb, The Honey Pot

AA Toolbox For Your Skin To Repair Itself

We meet the founders of one of the most talked about skincare lines ever, AUGUSTINUS BADER.

ugustinus Bader is a skincare brand deeply rooted in science and research. Created by co-founders Prof Augustinus Bader and Charles Rosier, the brand took the market by storm when it launched its now iconic ‘Rich Cream’ five years ago. Prof Bader and Rosier visited Sydney in February for the first time since the brand launched Down Under at Melanie Grant Skin Studio in 2018. We sat down with the duo to understand how exactly the brand’s TFC8 technology works to repair skin.

“Australia is actually not a small market for us,” explained Rosier. “It’s a very important market. The appropriate technology that we have with the TFC8, the toolbox for your skin, to do the job and repair itself, it’s something that resonates with Australia, because you have the level of education about skin protection and taking care of your skin, which is higher than in many other markets. I think there is a certain sophistication when it comes to what you apply on your skin, what is damaging your skin, and I think it has resonated with Australians.”

How does TFC8 work?

Every product in the Augustinus Bader range, which now also includes body and hair care, is based on the brand’s TFC8 complex, which Prof Augustinus Bader developed. For over 30 years, Prof Bader has worked in stem cell research and organ transplants. At Harvard Medical School, he researched tissue engineering, and eventually, in 2008, he came up with a complex that helped burn victims’ skin heal. “Professor Bader developed a groundbreaking Wound Gel, a medical grade prototype that promotes the natural self-repair of traumatic wounds at a cellular level. From diabetic wounds to third-degree burns, the Wound Gel eliminates the need for surgery, skin grafts, or scar revision,” the Augustinus Bader website reads. It’s this concept of wound healing that Bader applied to skincare, and which has made it one of the most successful skincare brands in the world. “We use this TFC8 technology to help your stem cells in their decision making process and to give them a tool to fix your skin, which is especially good for UV damage,” Prof Bader explains. In a test with volunteers who exposed their arms to UV light, he found that the least amount of damage was caused to those who had applied the TFC8 complex, he shares with us.

about in skin care. Stem cells derived from plants or animals or any other organism other than humans (which would be illegal to use in cosmetic products), cannot turn into stem cells our bodies need, he explains, and it’s not what Augustinus Bader and their TFC8 complex do. “You don’t need ingredients derived from something else,” he says, “it’s about communication. We help your body send the right signals. Stem cell and exosomes we hear about a lot these days are about the assumption that we have a shortage of these things in our body, but this is not the case, our bodies just don’t always know how to use [stem cells]. So we found the epigenetic signals for your repair mechanisms. Inflammation in our body is a signal which is necessary to initiate the [healing] process. And if it is not answered by the second molecule, which I discovered its mechanism, inflammation will become chronic.”

While the brand is now available at retailers including MECCA in Australia, it was first introduced to us by none other than celebrity facialist Melanie Grant, who tells us she was introduced to Augustinus Bader products through a friend in Paris over five years ago when the brand had just launched.

“I was given both The Cream and The Rich Cream to try and was instantly taken with the fact that, not only was the formula elegant and a pleasure to use, it was so effective,” she explains. “It was a particularly cold winter in Paris and my skin was sensitised, dry and red from the harsh wind, cold temperature, heating and the hard water in Paris. I used The Rich Cream before going to bed one night and the results were incredible, my skin continued to improve throughout the week – I was hooked. I’ve worked with the range in each of my Studios ever since.”

Prof Bader tells us that his stem cell research and technology is not to be confused with plant stem cells or exosomes that we hear

Melanie has created a Melanie Grant x Augustinus Bader facial treatment that is exclusive to Melanie Grant Studios in AU, US, UK and EU. This innovative treatment is designed to boost cellular communication, promote regeneration, firm, lift and refine the complexion. Comprising intelligent, potent formulations by Augustinus Bader, clinical modalities like LED and sonophoresis infusions and an artful massage to boost blood flow and directly address the fascia, this therapeutic treatment enhances the penetration of actives to promote the long term health and vitality of each unique complexion. An advanced option of this treatment is also available, including bipolar radiofrequency to tighten, tone and densify the complexion.

Left to right: Prof Augustinus Bader, Melanie Grant, Charles Rosier

Introducing, SynTernals

Synergie Skin Founder TERRI


explains the power of her new NAD+ boosting supplement, NRgize+.

Terri, what made you decide to enter the supplements market?

I decided to enter the supplements market based on my background in human microbiology and immunology, which has always fueled my passion for biomedical science. As the founder of Synergie Skin, a prominent player in Australia’s professional skincare market for nearly two decades, I noticed a consistent demand from our stockists for oral supplements to complement our cosmeceuticals. I always take my feedback seriously and the timing was perfect to introduce our nutraceutical range, hence the birth of SynTernals.

cellular support. This unique combination not only enhances cellular energy processes but also offers robust protection against internal and environmental oxidative stress, making NRgize+ an outstanding supplement for promoting overall healthspan and longevity at all life stages.

What effect on skin health can NRgize+ achieve?

With the beauty industry focusing on whole body health and recognising the strong link between topical cosmeceuticals and oral nutraceuticals, I saw a unique opportunity to promote wellness and beauty from the inside out. Emphasising healthspan over lifespan became a core principle, highlighting the importance of living a long life in great health rather than simply reaching old age in any condition. Additionally, my personal passion for biohacking drove me to explore ways to synergise internal health with external radiance.

Considering the challenges posed by today’s environment, including pollution and nutrient-depleted soils, supplementation has become more crucial than ever. This venture reflects both my professional expertise and personal convictions, aiming to optimise health and beauty holistically.

Why have you decided to focus on NAD+ ?

I chose to focus on NAD+ because this molecule is integral to providing energy for every process in our cells. NAD+ is essential in promoting cellular healthspan and this originates from the mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse. This amazing organelle is like the battery pack for everything our body needs. If the mitochondria are operating well, our cells and entire body thrives.

At SynTernals, we believe in nurturing cellular vitality from within, and NAD+ is pivotal. Our flagship product, NRgize+, is designed as your NAD+ supercharger, enhancing energy production and supporting your cellular processes. Boosting NAD+ levels are key to promoting cellular health and longevity, making it a cornerstone of our approach at SynTernals.

What makes NRgize+ stand out compared to existing supplements on the market?

NRgize+ is a nutraceutical supplement that truly stands alone, with a scientifically backed formula, featuring a blend of vitamin B3 derivatives, Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), and Niacinamide. These molecules are strategically combined to synergistically elevate NAD+ levels in our cells. Additionally, potent antioxidants such as Quercetin and Resveratrol are included to combat free radical cell damage and provide comprehensive

NRgize+ offers a comprehensive approach to skin health, backed by clinical evidence. The skin acts as an external reflection of inner wellness, and this formula targets key processes to promote optimal skin function. By boosting NAD+ levels and providing potent antioxidants, NRgize+ supports collagen synthesis, reduces inflammation, and promotes pro-ageing skin processes.

Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) boosts NAD+ levels and enhances mitochondrial function, vital for DNA repair and inflammation reduction.

Oral and topical niacinamide has been scientifically proven to improve barrier function, collagen production, and hydration while addressing issues like acne, hyperpigmentation and skin immunity. Resveratrol quelches free radicals and contributes to hydration and inflammation reduction, supporting sirtuin activation and DNA repair. Quercetin reduces oxidative stress and inflammation on cells, and promotes healing, targeting cellular senescence pathways for enhanced skin health and vitality. Additional to whole body health, this comprehensive approach addresses key aspects of skin health, offering a foundation for long term pro-ageing.

Is it suitable for everyone?

NRgize+ is tailored to meet the needs of mature adults striving for optimal energy levels, improved healthspan, and overall vitality. Because our NAD+ levels significantly decline as we mature, it’s particularly beneficial for those seeking to support our natural ageing process and combat free radical damage from the environment. Additionally, NRgize+ is suitable for individuals looking to enhance digestive support, cognitive function, cellular metabolism.

How would you suggest a skin clinic integrate NRgize+ into their offering?

NRGize+ should blend seamlessly into all clinics focused on holistic skin health. Beauty and vitality extend beyond the surface, requiring a blend of customised cosmeceuticals, clinical treatments, and supplement support. By offering multilayered, personalised client plans, you can more effectively optimise your client’s outcomes and support homecare routines. Supplements like NRgize+ can accelerate the results of clinical treatments while harnessing the harmony between inner wellness and outer beauty and confidence. For more information, visit

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Stem Cells, Exosomes, And Red Deer Umbilical Cord Lining –

What’s It All About?

We chat with ROSS JOHNSTONE about CALECIM’s ingredients and how exactly they work to rejuvenate skin, hair, and scalp.

Ross, can you explain your role at CALECIM briefly? I have been the Head of Education at CALECIM for the last 4.5 years. My work mainly involves training our distribution partners, key clients and internal team on all things related to CALECIM. These trainings cover topics varying from the science behind the products all the way up to how our clients can best market the products to their clients. I work closely with our Marketing team to ensure that our messaging is not only aligned across all our brands and departments but also to ensure that it is always digestible for anyone who wants to learn about us. The technology behind our products can at times be overwhelming for our customers so it’s crucial we are clear and concise in our messaging and in how we educate all our relevant partners. I also do a lot of work with our key accounts assisting in content creation and promoting the brand through our social media channels.

Stem cell technology has been a huge topic, and can sometimes be quite controversial, can you please explain why the red deer stem cells used in CALECIM are sustainable and don’t actually harm any animals? Absolutely! This is a common concern/query people have regarding CALECIM. First, the reason we do not use humans as a source is because it is illegal to use a human derived cosmetic product everywhere in the world excluding the USA, Hong Kong and Japan. Given that we needed to use a mammalian source, we then looked at what mammals were accessible and had no history or risk of cross species contamination and that is why we chose red deer. There is no harm that comes to the deer as part of the process as the cord lining would otherwise be medical waste. We approached a farm in New Zealand, who have some of the strictest animal welfare laws in the world. When the deer give birth, we simply took what was left behind

Ross Johnstone with S+C Editor Nadine Dilong

and did all our relevant disease testing. In terms of sustainability, there are 12 billion stem cells found within the cord lining, the highest yield known anywhere in the world. We are able to increase the yield through a process called passage where we can double the amount up 30x i.e. 12 billion, 24 billion, 48 billion and so on. As a result of this we have only ever used one umbilical cord lining from one red deer to create all the products ever produced by CALECIM since 2016.

What is PTT-6 and how does it work on skin?

PTT-6 is an active ingredient that is naturally derived from Cord Lining Stem Cells. It contains no actual stem cells but is instead the messaging signals that are secreted by the stem cells. It is made up of over 3000 proteins, exosomes, growth factors, and cytokines secreted by the cord ling stem cells. These act as youthful signalling messages encouraging our skin to behave younger – promoting restoration to help enhance the skin’s appearance. Imagine the proteins in our skin and hair as individual members of an orchestra. Each one has their own role to play but they all communicate with each other to make one harmonious sound. As we get older, some of these instruments disappear or are out of tune. We still can have good skin or good hair, but the orchestra just doesn’t quite sound the way it did when we were younger. By introducing PTT-6 to the skin, or hair, we are reintroducing those missing members of the orchestra which brings back that full orchestra once again encouraging our skin and hair to look the way it did when we were younger. Clinical observations show that PTT-6 can increase the appearance of skin fullness by 600%*. We have also seen an increase of visible skin restoration of 42% after 7 days of application**.

What is the difference between PTT-6 and exosomes, which has become quite the buzzword? Exosomes, in simple terms, are like tiny ‘communication capsules’. You can think of them as messengers carrying parcels full of specific proteins, Growth Factors, Cytokines & Peptides that improve both skin and hair. All exosomes are derived from stem cells as is PTT-6. There is actually no difference between PTT-6 and exosomes because they are part of PTT-6! As you mentioned, exosomes have become a buzzword and in turn people commonly think it is its own new active ingredient when in actual fact it is just one piece of the puzzle that has always been used by any active ingredient derived from stem cells. The key question with exosomes is not how many you have but what messaging signals they are carrying and all of that relates to the source of stem cells. If exosomes are derived from adult stem cells or from a low yielding source, then the messaging signals contained within them will not be as effective or plentiful as those derived from a youthful source with the highest yielding stem cells. Exosomes and PTT-6 are one and the same as it all comes from stem cells of which has the highest yield and the highest quality.

There are brands that use stem cells and/or exosomes from plants instead of animals or humans – what are your thoughts on this?

This has been a common practice for many years and there are some benefits from using plants as a source of stem cells. They do have benefits regarding antioxidant production and inflammation. The big main benefit of plant stem cells is that they are cheap to produce and harvest. Put simply, you will not see any plant stem cells technologies being used in a medical sense in the way that PTT-6

is being researched for. We are not plants. We are mammals. The messaging signals that come from a plant just simply do not match those of a mammal.

What kind of results have you seen from the CALECIM Advanced Hair System?

The Advanced Hair System has quickly become our top selling product. Hair loss is becoming more and more of a prominent issue around the world for people and the results we have been seeing right from the beginning have been incredibly exciting. We are seeing over 95% of clients who use the product repurchasing to maintain and enhance results they have achieved. We are seeing hair condition visibly improve by 16%, the volume of hair visibly increase by 16% and a decrease in the feeling of scalp discomfort by up to 30x*. This has led to us seeing incredible results for not just hair revitalisation but also hair restoration as well as we see thicker looking, visibly bouncier and more lustrous hair from clients using the product on a long term basis. The product has been effective on all forms of hair loss types and has demonstrated improvements in natural hair restoration for so many. The product is being used by leading Trichologists, Dermatologists & Hair Stylists around the world. It’s quickly becoming a product which will become a staple of everyone’s haircare routine to help address current problems and also helping to address future hair and scalp concerns.

Are the skincare products suitable for all kinds of skin?

All our skincare products work on all types of skin other than those suffering from acne. We do not recommend using our products on active acne simply because the increased cell turnover rate could cause the acne to develop. Even though this may seem obvious to say, we also do not recommend using our products if you are suffering from skin cancer. Other than that, the products are suitable for all skin types and are also suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding woman.

Ross Johnstone is the Global Head of Education at CALECIM.

*Collaboration study performed by L’Oreal, France, and CellResearch Group, Singapore, August 2016

**In-Vitro results performed by Cell Research Corporation, Singapore, May 2016

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Ross Johnstone presents CALECIM’s science at a media briefing in Sydney

ELEMIS – A Spa Brand Trusted For 35 Years

ELEMIS, the renowned skincare brand synonymous with luxury and scientific excellence, is returning its focus to spas in Australia

Katie Lowndes, a stalwart in the beauty industry with over two decades of experience, has recently t aken back spa distributorship brand in Australia. With a passion for ELEMIS deeply ingrained in her career, Katie expresses her enthusiasm for sharing this passion as she takes on the distributorship of the brand for spas in Australia. ELEMIS, known for its commitment to sustainability and exceptional skincare solutions, has earned BCorp certification, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

Katie’s relationship with ELEMIS spans two decades, starting from her early days working with the brand on Royal Caribbean cruise lines. This experience served as the catalyst for her illustrious career, leading her to become a trainer for Steiner, where she imparted knowledge on ELEMIS products to therapists across numerous cruise ships. Her journey with ELEMIS continued as she managed flagship spas in London before eventually settling in Australia.

As ELEMIS renews its focus on spas in Australia, Katie is excited to introduce new treatments and products to the market. With her intimate knowledge of the brand and unwavering dedication to excellence, she is confident that ELEMIS will continue to be the number one spa brand, as recognised by the World Spa Awards in 2022.

ELEMIS chooses their spa partners carefully, ensuring long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We chat to two of ELEMIS’ spa partners in Australia, to see what they love about working with the brand.

Reflecting on her time with ELEMIS, Katie acknowledges the challenges of working with distributors while striving to maintain the brand’s standards. Her dream of ensuring that Australian spas receive the same level of care and attention as those in the UK has now become a reality as she steps into the role of distributor herself.

ELEMIS’s decision to refocus on the Australian spa market comes at a crucial time, with the brand prioritising quality over quantity and streamlining its product offerings. With a global spa team spearheading this effort, led by Co-Founder and President Noella Gabriel, ELEMIS is poised to elevate the spa experience in Australia and New Zealand.

Botanica Wellness Spa and Clinic

Sofie Gillard, Director

How long have you been working with ELEMIS?

This year, Botanica proudly celebrates a decade of partnership with Luxury British Skincare Brand ELEMIS. At Botanica, we share ELEMIS’ core values, which include a belief in skin health, real results, feel-good skincare, and transparent innovation. Our commitment to these values resonates with ELEMIS making our partnership a perfect synergy of excellence and dedication to our guests’ wellness journey.

What made you choose the brand?

Throughout the development and start-up phase of Botanica Wellness Spa and Clinic in 2014, choosing to partner with ELEMIS was an easy decision. As a global leader in the beauty and wellness industry for over 30 years, it was ELEMIS’ product innovation, clinical trials and proven results that stood out to us and aligned perfectly with our business ethos. Being situated within an international hotel, InterContinental Melbourne the Rialto, partnering with an internationally recognised brand like ELEMIS was paramount to Botanica.

How has working with ELEMIS helped your business?

Katie emphasises the importance of her role as the distributor, bridging the gap between ELEMIS’s headquarters in the UK and the Australian market. Her strong relationship with the UK team enables her to import and manage the business effectively, ensuring that Australian spas have access to the latest innovations and support from the global team.

As the spa and wellness landscape evolves and consumer preferences shift, it’s essential for businesses like Botanica Wellness Spa and Clinic

Katie Lowndes

to look beyond borders and integrate international skincare brands and cutting-edge treatments, like those developed by ELEMIS. Since introducing ELEMIS, we have and continue to build strong brand trust and loyalty from our clients who value innovation, quality, and results.

What is your favourite ELEMIS product?

I absolutely cannot live without my Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm and Pro-Collagen Marine Cream! By far our top 2 sellers in spa at Botanica Wellness Spa and Clinic.

How do your team feel about working with ELEMIS when performing treatments?

The love and passion for ELEMIS is incredible amongst our Botanica team. In particular, we love the sensory journey you’re taken on when experiencing an ELEMIS treatment, the quality of ingredients, how you feel after a treatment and most importantly, the results we see on our clients.

InterContinental® Hayman Island Resort

Ben Buchan, Director – Marine, Leisure & Retail

How long have you been working with ELEMIS?

We at InterContinental Hayman Island Spa launched our new ELEMIS Spa menu in June of 2023, and we were working closely with ELEMIS months prior to this on our staff training and curating our spa menu.

What made you choose the brand?

We had so many of our guests during their treatments seeking advice on skincare products that we could recommend, and so we began to look for a brand that we could partner with that had a reputable skincare line, but could also cater to the spa industry for massage and facial treatments. It didn’t take long for us to realise that ELEMIS was the perfect fit.

How has working with ELEMIS helped your business?

Our staff and therapists have such confidence in the ELEMIS products, as they receive substantial practical and theory training provided by the brand. As a result, they are able to confidently tailor their recommendations of products to our clients. Since working with ELEMIS last year, we have had a substantial increase in our retail revenue from skincare products, with some months being 60% higher

than previous months. We’re able to order with short notice and receive both retail and professional products quickly, and Katie from ELEMIS provides significant product support and knowledge for our therapists on an ongoing basis.

What is your favourite ELEMIS product?

My favourite ELEMIS product is the daily moisturiser boost for men; its lightweight texture sits perfect on my skin. I spend a lot of time in the salt and sun, but its soothing properties have made a difference in the appearance of my skin. I love the simplicity of the men’s range – my ELEMIS regime fits perfectly into my busy lifestyle.

How do your team feel about working with ELEMIS when performing treatments?

Our team has been loving the ELEMIS range. With such a wide facial range, our therapists are able to analyse skin types and conditions, then choose the best products to treat our guests’ concerns. Our therapists feel it’s important to believe in a brand and its products; ELEMIS is results driven while also providing luxurious textures and organic fragrances, which helps us deliver the perfect spa experience. You can contact to receive information around becoming an Elemis stockist and try some complimentary samples.

The L’OCCITANE Group is proud to announce that its innovative global British skincare brand, ELEMIS, is now a Certified B Corporation™. This marks a new milestone in the Group’s global journey to achieving B Corp™ certification. To certify as a B Corp, a rigorous assessment of the whole business is carried out to meet high standards of verified social and environmental performance. For L’OCCITANE Group, pursuing certification signifies being part of a global movement of businesses that share a collective vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. | 63

Introducing, Dermalogica Pro Biocellulose Cooling Masque

The perfect add-on to clinical treatments.

The aesthetics industry has seen many advancements over recent years, with a drive for more advanced procedures and more invasive procedures at the helm. Whilst, as aestheticians, we know we can achieve great results for our clinic guests, we also need to consider the comfort of those guests as well.

The skin undergoes a series of physiological responses in the process of self-repair and rejuvenation. These responses, driven by the skin’s natural repair properties, encompass several key factors:

Inflammation: Post-procedure, the skin’s immune system begins an inflammatory response. This plays an important role in initiating the reparative phase of tissue healing. Signs of redness, swelling, heat and discomfort can also be present.

Erythema (Redness): A surge in localised blood flow rushes to the treated area with essential nutrients and oxygen, critical for tissue regeneration. This superficial reddening can appear as flushing and be a visible indicator on some skin tones of the dilation of blood capillaries.

Desquamation (Peeling): The epidermis begins the process of renewal, characterised by the shedding of damaged superficial cells and the generation of new, healthier ones. This process may manifest as peeling or flaking.

Sensitivity: The post-treatment skin experiences heightened sensitivity and vulnerability. This is attributed to the temporary removal of the damaged stratum corneum, leaving the underlying skin exposed and susceptible to external irritants.

Dryness and Dehydration: Often advanced services may temporarily disrupt the skin’s natural barrier function, leading to dehydration and temporary dryness. By restoring the skin’s moisture-retaining barrier properties, this can help provide optimal healing and comfort.

Dermalogica PRO is excited to welcome its latest addition: Biocellulose Cooling Masque. This professional-grade masque provides a comforting feeling of coolness and smoothness thanks to its excellent water-holding capacity and structure.

This cooling and hydrating masque creates a hydrophilic barrier to help comfort skin while providing a long-lasting cooling sensation. This masque’s bio cellulose is coated with Hyaluronic Acid and made from coconut extract. The masque is then saturated in a 20mL serum rich in Vitamin B5, a powerful skin hydrator, to help restore skin’s barrier.

It is the perfect companion to your advanced services that may leave the skin in a state of inflammation, dehydration or general sensations of warmth or heat such as IPL, microneedling, chemical peels, and dermaplaning.

There are many professional sheet masques in the market but what makes this one different?

Superior Adherence: Fits snugly, ensuring optimal ingredient absorption. Unlike sheet masks, they offer even application.

High Moisture Retention: The material retains more serum, deeply hydrating the skin and improving texture and radiance.

Cooling Comfort: Provides a comfortable cooling sensation, making it ideal post-treatment.

Biocompatible & Gentle: Derived from microbial fermentation.

Ingredient Delivery: The porous structure allows for deep penetration, intensifying the treatment. Unlike sheet masks, biocellulose helps the delivery of active ingredients to the surface of the skin.

Eco-Friendly: Biocellulose is biodegradable, making it an environmentally conscious choice

Key ingredients include:

• Isopulegol is a natural cooling agent that produces a pleasant cooling sensation.

• Hyaluronic Acid is a well-known humectant with high waterbinding capacity, making it a great moisturiser

• Pro-Vitamin B5 moisturises the skin thanks to its humectant properties.

• Madecassosside is one of the powerful soothing molecules with moisturising and smoothing properties.

• Passion fruit seed oil, rich in antioxidants, has soothing and moisturising properties.

The three layers of the Biocellulose Cooling Masque consist of protective outer layers and the active biocellulose masque. The outer layers shield the masque during handling and transportation, ensuring its integrity. The central layer adheres closely to the skin, allowing for optimal absorption of active ingredients. This three-layer structure guarantees the masque’s efficacy, hygiene, and safe application.

After your advanced service, Biocellulose Cooling Masque can be applied to the skin. First, apply protection across the eyes such as 2x2 gauze or cotton rounds, remove the masque from the first protective film and apply it to the face, adjusting to the client’s facial contours.

Remove the second layer of the protective film and smooth the masque with fingertips, ensuring a comfortable fit. Leave the masque on for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the type of service performed and the level of inflammation or dehydration. Gently remove by lifting from the corner of the masque and discard into a waste bin.

If there is any remaining residue, massage into the skin and proceed with the finishing products as needed such as toner, serum, moisturiser, and sunscreen depending on the service provided.

Biocellulose Cooling Masque is available for presale in May 2024, launching in clinics nationally from July 2024. For more information, contact your local Dermalogica representative, call us on 1800-659-118 or visit



3DEEP® Skin Science

The most powerful and focused Radio Frequency (RF) treatment technology on the market

Featuring proprietary, clinically-validated 3DEEP RF technology, EndyMed delivers RF energy to three different layers of the skin, reactivating the skin’s natural collagen for a lifting, tightening and contouring effect, with minimal patient discomfort.

It is a highly-effective solution for nonablative and fractional treatment targeting visible lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, body contouring and acne scars.

Why You Should Invest in EndyMed:

• The most powerful and focused RF technology available

• Patented 3DEEP RF technology for superior results

• Powerful, precise and effective all-in-one platform

• Fast, comfortable and resultsdriven treatments – just 30 minutes for a full face

• Multiple hand-pieces for head-to-toe applications (fractional RF, RF microneedling, focused RF)

• Safety control with 3 sensors: Contact, Motion and Impedance

• Impressive ROI

• Minimal to no downtime

• Suitable for all skin types

Contact the High Tech Medical team to find out how EndyMed will add value to your clinic.

1300 309 233

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Courtesy of Dr. Gregory Keller, USA

Understated Luxury

Auriga Spa at Capella Sydney offers exceptional wellness experiences, rooted in nature, says NADINE DILONG.

‘Quiet luxury’ has been a major trend in fashion for the past few years. Think old money, understated looks, and quality over quantity. These are some references that popped into my mind when I entered Sydney’s newest luxury hotel, Capella. Dark wood, white marble, and velvet furnishings made me feel like I stepped into a different time reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.

Capella Sydney is located in what used to be the Department of Education, with its golden sandstone facade an integral part of Sydney’s CBD. Reawakening as Capella Sydney late last year, it is setting a global benchmark for luxury accommodation, cuisine and cultural immersion. The Capella Group has won many awards, including ‘World’s Best Hotel Brand’ by Travel + Leisure in 2023.

Of course, no award-winning luxury hotel would be complete without an outstanding spa, in this case, Auriga Spa is located on the sixth floor, offering one of the most stunning indoor pools I have ever seen. Large

SPA Hotspot

white columns and a 20-metre heated swimming pool bask in natural light as the spa is set beneath a glass dome, offering views of the sky as I relax pool-side on one of the incredibly comfortable lounge chairs. Next to the pool, there is a yoga space and a Technogymequipped gym.

Natural light in a spa and wellness space may sound like nothing special, but it makes a world of difference to the overall ambiance and is actually quite rare as a lot of hotel spas are located underground. The wellness facilities, which are available to spa guests for 30 minutes prior to their treatment include a steam room, sauna, experience shower, and even an ice fountain encouraging guests to a bit of contrast therapy.

The spa’s treatment menu is unique and Australiacentric, with signature massages informed by the new and full moons aimed at increasing circulation, relieving physical and emotional tension, and balancing chakras. Capella Sydney’s spa offering features a custommade range of skincare products by Byron Bay brand Synthesis Organics.

I am booked in for a full body massage and facial –the perfect combination if you ask me as the skincare products on your face can really take their time to work their magic while you enjoy the massage. Before the treatment begins, I need some time to take in the beauty of the treatment room – again, there is a glass dome, so-called ‘heritage lanterns’, in the ceiling which means the room is flooded in natural light. Moreover, the dark timber used on the floor and walls is broken up by a green wall full of moss and other greenery, making me feel like I am immersed in nature - biophilic design at its best. I have my own bathroom within the treatment room, and the incredibly soft, wide treatment bed is located right in the centre of the room, underneath the heritage lantern, offering the perfect spot to relax for the next two hours.

My treatment starts with a face cleanse and mild physical exfoliation. Then, a deeply clarifying mask is applied, and as it soaks in, I receive a full body massage, culminating on my scalp. The treatment bed is heated, the blankets used are plush and heavy on my body, making me feel cocooned as I almost drift to sleep as the therapist’s hands massage my head.

It is a full-body rejuvenating experience that feels luxurious, but also grounding in a way as the Australian products used and rituals performed are rooted and inspired by nature, including the very soft and subtle music that is played, which reminded me of being in a utopian jungle, slowly becoming one with it.

Capella’s Auriga Spa truly is Sydney’s latest gem in the spa and wellness space, one that it desperately needed. It is oh-so luxurious, but in a grounded, understated way that I’m sure will appeal to many guests looking to indulge in a tranquil haven in the middle of the city.

SPA Hotspot | 67

The New Category Of Rehabilitation Retreats

Nawa Wellness offers mental health support through holistic wellness practices.

Sitting atop a gentle rise overlooking the Gold Coast Hinterland is a private Wellness Retreat, known as NAWA. NAWA is a Premium Residential Therapy Clinic where every program utilises evidence-based medicine as well as the Seven Dimensions of Wellness - Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Spiritual, Environmental and Occupational. It is a rehab retreat with a strong focus on Wellness. What’s the difference between a rehab & a wellness retreat?

Wellness Retreats: Nurture the Mind, Body, and Soul

Imagine being surrounded by serene landscapes, participating in daily yoga sessions, and savouring organic, locally sourced cuisine. This is the essence of a wellness retreat. Wellness retreats focus on holistic healing, emphasising relaxation, self-care, and rejuvenation. They provide a tranquil sanctuary for those seeking respite from the stresses of modern life.

Mindful Practices: Wellness retreats often feature guided meditation, mindfulness workshops, and stress-reduction techniques to help participants reconnect with their inner selves.

Physical Wellness: Yoga, spa treatments, and fitness classes are common offerings, encouraging guests to nurture their bodies and promote physical well-being.

Nutrition: Healthy, nourishing meals are a cornerstone, fostering an understanding of how diet can impact overall health.

Nature Immersion: Retreats often take place in picturesque settings, allowing guests to connect with nature and find solace in the great outdoors.

Community: Many wellness retreats prioritise fostering a sense of community, creating an atmosphere of support and shared growth.

Rehabilitation Retreats: A Road to Recovery

For those grappling with addiction, trauma, or mental health disorders, rehabilitation retreats provide a lifeline to recovery. These retreats offer a structured environment where individuals can address specific issues under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Clinical Support: Rehabilitation retreats often have licensed therapists and medical staff who create tailored treatment plans, combining evidence-based therapies with holistic approaches.

Group Therapy: Group sessions allow participants to share their experiences, gain insights, and build a network of support.

Detoxification: For those with substance use issues, medically supervised detoxification may be part of the process to safely manage withdrawal symptoms.


Education: Participants learn coping strategies, relapse prevention, and stress management techniques to support their long-term recovery.

Aftercare: Many rehabilitation retreats offer aftercare programs to help individuals transition back to daily life, ensuring continued support.

The Choice: Wellness or Rehabilitation Retreat?

The decision between a wellness and rehabilitation retreat ultimately depends on your unique needs and goals. Wellness retreats are ideal for those seeking relaxation, personal growth, and an opportunity to rejuvenate. They are a chance to reconnect with oneself and focus on preventive health measures.

On the other hand, rehabilitation retreats are a lifeline for those dealing with addiction, trauma, or mental health challenges. These retreats offer structured, evidence-based treatment to help individuals regain control over their lives.

And Then There’s Nawa Wellness Retreat

Nawa Retreat, while a rehab retreat, combines the principles of holistic healing and wellness. Founded by Dr Su Kalava, a Clinical Psychiatrist specialising in addiction and trauma, and her husband Dr Shashi Kalava, a Lifestyle Physician, they wanted to create a sanctuary in the serene Gold Coast Hinterland, where individuals could seek the necessary treatment they required in a stunning, private location.

It is a space where you can access treatment in an empathetic, nurturing, warm and homely atmosphere so your treatment experience is a positive, welcome step in your life journey and not a hindrance or imposition.

Distinguishing itself from traditional rehabilitation centers, Nawa Retreat adopts a holistic approach that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. While traditional rehabilitation centers often focus solely on addiction treatment or mental health therapy, Nawa integrates evidence-based therapeutic modalities with wellness practices such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, and mindfulness.

This comprehensive approach addresses the root causes of addiction, mental health challenges, and stress, empowering individuals to cultivate lasting change and well-being. In contrast to a traditional wellness retreat, Nawa offers a more structured and therapeutic environment tailored to individuals grappling with addiction, trauma, burnout, or other significant challenges.

The Best Decision

The decision to book time at Nawa Retreat is not solely based on the severity of one’s challenges but rather their readiness and willingness to engage in the healing process. While some guests may arrive feeling overwhelmed or stressed, others may be grappling with addiction, trauma, or mental health disorders. Nawa welcomes individuals at various stages of their journey, providing tailored support and guidance to meet their unique needs and goals.

In addition to individual guests, Nawa also offers corporate and small group wellness programs tailored to the needs of the organisation and their team. Whether it’s a small team from a medispa or clinic, Nawa’s group offerings provide an opportunity for professionals to recharge, bond, and cultivate a culture of wellness within their workplace.

While the duration of stay at Nawa Retreat varies depending on individual needs and goals, a minimum of seven days is typically recommended to fully immerse oneself in the healing process and experience the transformative benefits of the retreat. Longer stays may be advisable for individuals seeking deeper healing or intensive support.

Acknowledging that the cost of Nawa Retreat may be prohibitive for some individuals, the retreat strives to make its programs accessible to those in need. While subsidies from the government or health insurance may not be available, Nawa offers flexible payment options and works closely with guests to explore potential financial assistance or sponsorship opportunities.

If you or your clients are seeking support for mental health disorders or addiction, please reach out.

Wellness | 69

Introducing: The ‘Wello’

What used to be the ‘smoko’ 20 years ago is being replaced by the ‘wello’.

On March 11, renowned wellness entrepreneur Tony de Leede opened Wello Works in Rosebery, Sydney. Wello Works is a groundbreaking space with a dualconcept approach, seamlessly integrating coworking and wellness under one roof. It comprises two distinct spaces – Wello Coworking and the Wello Collective – each designed to cater to the diverse needs of today’s consumer.

“As it relates to the evolution of coworking and the various amenities that will encourage more and more people to use some kind of coworking, hybrid working, flexible working (or whatever you want to call it), a recent survey by JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle) said that today, 5% of commercial space is dedicated to some form of coworking and they predict that by 2030 it will be more like 25%,” says de Leede. “This represents a quantum shift to how people work. One of the biggest growth areas we feel will be in suburban coworking i.e. being able to work closer to where you live in an environment that is conducive to working.”

HydroMassage, LED Light Therapy Bed, Relax Meditation Pods, Infrared Sauna with Salt Bricks, CryoLounge - Cold / Hot Therapy and Somadome deep meditation. Sessions range from 10 to 20 minutes and the Wello Collective is independent from Coworking (Coworking membership is not required).

A key component of Wello Works is the introduction of a new concept – ‘the wello’. An evolution from the traditional “smoko” – a smoking break at work, the innovative “wello” is a wellness break designed to foster a healthier and more balanced workplace. To facilitate efficient wellos, Wello Works offers several state-of-the-art wellness amenities, such as

“As it relates to our wellness offerings, I believe that while most traditional coworking spaces offer coffee, tea, sparkling water and a few other amenities (as we do), there is nobody offering any true lifestyle amenities,” says de Leede. “Our USP is the blend of a comfortable community working environment with wellness amenities. While wellness comes in hundreds of different ‘flavours’, our focus is in what we call ‘everyday wellness for everybody’ as well as in our Wellos, which are a 5 to 10 minute wellness break. We believe that wellness breaks will become a part of people’s everyday routines, just as a smoking break (smokos) were 20 to 30 years ago.”

“I think that people realise that they need to switch off for a few minutes and by going into a different environment – either one of our meditation/recovery chairs or going into a Zen Room and choosing some breathing, meditation or stretching content – it keeps you more productive and it is a very attractive offering in today’s increasingly fast paced world,” he concludes.

Tony de Leede is the Founder of Wello Works.

The welcome desk and coworking space at Wello Works
The Somadome is one of many amenities offered

A New Standard In Clinic Design

Wellness real estate is a trend that is turning into a movement, and has finally arrived in the medical realm.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the built environment determines 85% of our health outcomes. Let that sink in. In other words, if you live in a community that has your wellbeing at its core, you’re much more likely to live a healthier life. This applies to communal spaces such as parks, community centres, and recreational areas, but also to your own home, the office that you may work in, and facilities such as gyms and health centres.

In the past few years, there has been a shift in real estate design to include features that make us feel good, rather than just focus on what ‘looks good’. This trend has trickled down to one of the most important spaces when it comes to our health: medical centres, doctor’s rooms, and clinics. One outstanding example is the new Genea Fertility Clinic in East Melbourne, which was designed by international design firm Unispace, pioneering a new era of treatment.

The patient experience was a key consideration when designing the space, ensuring that the sensitivities of the fertility journey were respected throughout every element. Upon entering the ground floor site in East Melbourne’s medical precinct, patients are greeted with curves, soft lighting, lush plants and warm textures – a striking deviation from the norm seen in typical hospital or medical environments, marking a new, pioneering approach and design-first for fertility clinics in Australia.

Creating a sense of privacy, treatment and consulting rooms are strategically nestled in low foot-fall walkways and within separate zones to reduce patient crossover. The entry encompasses two waiting areas to maintain a boutique feeling and a degree of privacy – one for patients consulting with a Specialist and another for those accessing Genea’s services such as blood tests and scans. Chairs within these spaces are grouped in small clusters and angled inward to allow people to sit with a support person, while achieving a sense of separation.

We spoke with Unispace Designer, Karen Garrett, to learn more about the concept of wellness interior design.

It seems we are finally designing healthcare spaces with the patient in mind, how come they used to be all white and sterile?

I suspect this was a direction given by health professionals in the past intending to give their patients confidence that they were in a sterile, medical environment. This generally translated into a harsh, clinical feeling space which was devoid of any sense of calm. We now know the negative effect that stress has on general wellbeing and therefore counter-productive to the benefits of healing, so the importance of

creating spaces that evoke a more tranquil reaction to being in the space is paramount to improving the effects of treatment.

What are some ’simple’ design tricks that you implement that make a space feel inviting?

Biophilia is the human innate tendency to seek connections to nature. So as a design principal we look to use elements that reflect organic forms such as soft curves, diffused light, and a colour palette that references the natural environment with use of tonal colours and different textures. We specify non toxic but still fit for purpose and easily cleanable materials, natural light where possible and good ventilation systems to assist in creating a holistic good indoor environment quality.

What are some interior design trends you’re seeing this year in health and wellness spaces?

The lines between Health and Wellness space design tends to be blurring, therapeutic spaces are being designed to feel more like spas or hospitality venues to promote that sense of calm and reduce people’s potential for a heightened state of anxiety from being in a medical environment – similar to the way children’s specific health facilities are designed to be fun and exciting. The more comfortable an individual feels in a space the more chance they are giving to their medical care.

Curves, soft lighting, lush plants and warm textures dominate the clinic design | 71

Targeting Collagen Directly

A new device promises to deliver outstanding anti-ageing results without downtime. Introducing DEKA’s RedTouch Pro.

In late February this year, High Tech Medical invited media and select practitioners to the launch of a new laser device, directly from Italy, manufactured by DEKA. The company’s very own Francesco Badii flew in to attend the event, and explain the unique technology to us. Nadine Dilong sat down with Francesco Badii and High Tech Medical’s MD, Matt Moncrieff.

Working directly on collagen

“Everything is manufactured in Italy. We just buy the raw materials and then everything is built in our huge facility in Florence,” Francesco explained, but what makes the RedTouch Pro different from other lasers? “Within our body there are different targets called chromophores, so you have water, haemoglobin, melanin, but then there is also collagen, and from the literature, we discovered that this additional chromophore reacts if properly irradiated by a particular wavelength, which is 675nm. So, for the first time you can stimulate the collagen directly and not acting on the water, like you may do with a CO2, that then creates a cascade of events to stimulate the collagen. Plus, you do not induce heat. So it’s revolutionary from this standpoint, because with a milder approach, you can get amazing results.”

The Relive treatment option

The Relive treatment option on the RedTouch PRO is a mix of parameters that practitioners can choose from a database via the control panel, and it’s mainly a decision about which layer they want to target more. “If you want to stay a little bit more superficial and, for instance, you want to improve pigmented lesions, like sun damage spots, wrinkles etc, you can do that, or if you want to go a little bit deeper to target the collagen to promote neocollagenesis and improve fine lines, wrinkles, and scars, the RedTouch PRO can do that too,” Francesco says.

He tells us about the expansive research that has gone into creating this device and the interesting findings around the effect of stimulating collagen directly.

“We have discovered that collagen is everywhere and it’s also around the vessels that are ‘feeding’ melasma so, by rejuvenating, you induce a kind of contraction of those vessels, and you are not only on the melanocytes, you also work on the lumen of the vessels. You shrink the diameter, so you have a lesser presence of vascularisation there. Another interesting thing that we have seen when you work on the collagen, is a diffusion of redness, and flushing is improved, even though we’re not targeting blood, but by this contraction and by this shrinking effect, you can improve redness, too.”

“We have even seen great results on lips, where the new collagen produced resulted in a subtle lip augmentation that lasted for up to two months, so it can even be an alternative to injectables for some,” Francesco tells us.

A global leader in energy based devices

When asked why High Tech Medical MD, Matt Moncrieff, decided to introduce the RedTouch PRO to the Australian market, he says it was a no-brainer.

“At High Tech Medical, we’ve had a relationship with DEKA for over 20 years. It really feels like a partnership of introducing these new game changing products, such as the RedTouch PRO, which is the first laser that specifically targets collagen, which means it’s more effective for the amount of energy you put in, which means less trauma to the skin, and therefore, less downtime. You also don’t need anaesthetic, so without anaesthetic and without downtime, we’re seeing significant improvements in things like lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and plumping and tightening of the skin.” Another important aspect to mention about the device, is that it works on all kinds of patients, and may even be used for hair loss cases.

“It works on all skin types and colours, and we’ve even seen improvements in patients with alopecia, as this device offers the specific wavelength that interacts with the tissue, and can also be used as a stimulative treatment at the depth that’s required for triggering hair growth in patients with alopecia.” For more information, visit

Francesco Badii at the RedTouch PRO launch in Sydney The High Tech Medical team
Nadine Dilong and High Tech Medical MD, Matt Moncrieff

RedTouch PRO

The first and only collagen targeting fractional laser

Distributed by High Tech Medical, RedTouch PRO by Deka is the first and only fractional laser to selectively target collagen for overall skin rejuvenation. Utilising an exclusive wavelength, RedTouch PRO provides a comprehensive skin regeneration treatment with no anaesthetic and no downtime.

Go PRO with RedTouch PRO:

• Unlike other wavelengths that interact with water, melanin or haemoglobin, RedTouch PRO delivers energy selectively targeting collagen for overall skin regeneration

• Unique action makes it ideal for treating lines and wrinkles, dyschromia, melasma, skin rejuvenation and more without causing damage to the epidermis

• Treats lines and wrinkles, dyschromia, melasma, skin rejuvenation and more

• Powerful collagen stimulation

• Proven to assist with the treatment of melasma

• Minimal side effects, even in dark phototypes

• ReLive preventative rejuvenation treatment solution visibly improves premature signs of ageing, with maximum efficacy and little to no downtime

Handpiece with an integrated scanner system provides high performance in transmitting energy to the skin with optimised ergonomics

• Fast ROI with no consumables

Contact us today to learn more about how High Tech Medical can increase your clinic’s profitability and deliver dramatic clinical outcomes for you and your patients.

Why Dermatologists Call This Laser “Better Than Pico”

Discover the power of Lutronic’s

Hollywood Spectra™

– high

powered, nano-acoustic technology.

Uncover innovation with Hollywood Spectra™, the world’s leading ultra-short pulse 1064/532nm laser platform. Equipped with proprietary capabilities, Hollywood Spectra is a workhorse when it comes to removing unwanted skin pigmentation and helps stimulate collagen production. With its intelligent and intuitive design, it allows practitioners to rejuvenate complexions, remove multi-colour tattoos and perform the in-demand Hollywood Laser Peel® and AcnePeel™.

Hollywood Spectra™ is proven with its powerful performance across a diverse patient profile. With unparalleled short pulse widths and high peak power, it delivers safe and effective treatments while minimising patient downtime. Hollywood Spectra™ truly is a foundational laser platform for any practice.

Key Benefits of Hollywood Spectra™

• Exfoliates skin, diminishing unwanted pigmentation, stimulates collagen production and refines the skin’s texture and tone.

• Offers a safe and comfortable way to revitalise and maintain a youthful appearance.

• Can be marketed as a treatment series or single session before an event.

• Offers Hollywood Laser Peel treatments to allow for differentiation in the market.

Hollywood Spectra™ Advantages

• Dual wavelengths – 1064nm / 532nm (optional 585nm / 650nm Dye HPs)

• Pulse widths 5ns (Q-Switched mode) 300 μs (Spectra Mode)

• Patented Hollywood Laser Peel treatment

• Highest QS peak power with precision top hat beam profile

• Ergonomic design with user friendly interface

• Auto-calibration

• Versatile, dependable workhorse

• Laser toning

• Treats multiple indications

• No consumables

“The Hollywood Spectra is being used all the time in our clinic, it is one of the most profitable devices in the clinic”

Hollywood Spectra™ is a high-powered nano-acoustic laser that offers the capabilities of a pico without the high running costs. Lutronic has developed the IntelliBeam™ that produces a unique spatial delivery of the energy that produces significantly increased tissue undulation, due to both positive and negative pressures during the pulse. Only the Hollywood Spectra by Lutronic offers this level of innovation and treatment flexibility.

Revolutionary IntelliBeam™

The 532nm and 1064nm multi-depth fractional handpiece can be used for enhanced collagen stimulation, rejuvenation, scars, wrinkles, PIH and acne scars.

The Hollywood Spectra™ offers PTP Mode for expanded treatment capabilities and increased patient comfort. This also allows for patients with thinner, more sensitive skin to be treated as well as being able to treat darker pigmented skins while also minimising hyperpigmentation risks.


Why dermatologists love the Hollywood Spectra™

How long have you owned the Hollywood Spectra™?

It has been around two years. We chose Lutronic’s Hollywood Spectra™ because we needed a solution for various pigment problems, in particular pigment issues for skin type 3 and above. In our view, picosecond systems are very expensive and they can easily breakdown; I believe that the technology with the Q-switch Hollywood Spectra™ and its hyper-surge resonator ensures the highest peak power is taken advantage of during treatments and it has the IntelliBeam™ technology, which enables the stability of the beam and makes it 20% more efficacious, meaning it can treat 90% of the work a picosecond system can treat, it is stable and has no consumables. We don’t have too many skin type 6 patients which would be the only skin type I would need a picosecond laser for. We wanted a stable, reliable device and that’s what we have in the Hollywood Spectra™, Lutronic’s third generation Q-Switched laser.

How does the Hollywood Spectra™ compare to a Picosecond device?

Essentially, the Hollywood Spectra can do everything that a picosecond laser can do but it’s more reliable, more stable and a less expensive machine. You need less treatments than a Pico to gain the same outcome as a picosecond device. I like the stability of the beam that the Hyper-surge resonator offers and the ability to minimise PIH which allows me to provide patients with reproducible results. With some picosecond lasers, you need to perform a higher number of treatments to achieve the same outcome as the Hollywood Spectra™.

Can you explain the pulse duration modes of the Hollywood Spectra™, the PTP mode, the mode used to perform the Hollywood Laser Peel and the Q-switch mode?

My system has two handpieces, the Zoom collimated handpiece and the multi-depth fractionated Hand piece. PTP is a mode that allows you to break the laser pulse into 2, 3, and even 4 shorter sub-pulses, so I can use the system as a photo-acoustic/photo-mechanical way that is breaking the pigment up into smaller particles without inducing heat and it minimises the risk of inflammation.

The Hollywood laser peel is typically performed with the Nd:YAG zoom handpiece, in combination with a carbon lotion. It gets carried out in two different modes, first in the Spectra mode, which is 300 microseconds to activate the effect of the carbon on the skin, then in PTP mode, similar to my description earlier to rapidly remove the carbon, which offers the immediate Hollywood glow on the patients’ skin without any downtime. Over time, with a series of treatments the skin is rejuvenated and pigment continues to fade.

For laser skin toning I manage conditions such as Melasma and general laser toning requirements for patients. I’ve also used 532nm for a laser peel too, but only on Fitzpatrick type 1 and 2 skin and I do a lot of 532nm first, single spot treatment of unwanted brown pigment. The

laser peel done in this way is fantastic on skin types 1 & 2. I find it to be great for those really light-pigmented spots that other corrective lasers can’t get so I can sort that type of pigment out for the patient with the Hollywood Spectra and the Hollywood Laser Peel.

The Q-switch mode is when the laser pulses with a single pulse of 5 nanoseconds which can be used on pigment, including tattoos that patients want to have removed. The great thing about the Hollywood Spectra is that there are no consumables so you don’t have to keep paying and paying and paying.

What skin conditions do you treat with the Hollywood Spectra™ Laser?

The Hollywood Spectra™ is being used all the time in our clinic, it is one of the most profitable devices in the clinic. We use it for melasma and skin toning, skin rejuvenation and pigmentation including spot treatments with the 532nm beam, as a laser peel and as a dermatologist we use it for Nevis of Ota and managing iron stains in my clinic. Being a specialist dermatologist we use it for acne scars as well. We don’t have a large patient caseload for tattoo removal but I have used it for tattoo removal. Also the Hollywood Spectra™ has a multi-depth fractionated handpiece, which has an adjustable spot size from 3 to 8mm and an adjustable focused microbeam for treating at varied depth in the skin, which can be focused at level one, two, and three in the skin, which is good for acne scar patients as well that some of our other patients too.

What Fitzpatricks do you treat?

I treat all Fitzpatrick skin types up to skin type 5. I don’t tend to treat or manage skin type 6 with the laser. It’s really just pico for those skin type 6 patients, in my view. Because of the new hyper-surge resonator and the new IntelliBeam™, the Hollywood Spectra is a lot safer than most other lasers of the same category.

What modes would you use on an acne patient?

You can treat active inflammatory acne with the system in Spectra Mode which is 300 micro-second pulse durations for gentle and effective management. For patients with acne scarring, you use the multi-depth Fractional handpiece, which works well and there is only a short amount of downtime of about one and a half weeks, with petechiae and skin roughness after the treatment. When treating acne scarring you treat it with the multi-depth handpiece using the 1064nm Q-Switch to reach all levels at which the scar is at.

Are there any consumables involved with the Hollywood Spectra™?

No, there are no consumables, which is a real winner, the handpiece switch out is really easy, and it’s a very reliable, great device and no maintenance schedule costs either, which is fantastic, and a great thing for practices like ours.

What do you like about working with Lutronic?

The distributorship changed hands recently and is now with Cryomed Aesthetics. I am working with a new team and so far they are all very professional and are keen to get involved with educating their partners. As a whole, they are very results-oriented when it comes to teaching and showing you their equipment. For more information, visit

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Unveiling Success: How Secret DUO catapulted my business growth

We spoke with JAMAL AMMAR , Founder and Director of Lulu Aesthetica, about his success using Cryomed’s Secret DUO.

Jamal, why did you choose Secret DUO to introduce into Lulu Aesthetica?

Choosing the Secret DUO was a no brainer. It’s the only RF device on the market that has both the RF microneedling but also the 1540 erbium glass laser in one device. This makes it a unique offering but also amplifies results in the one session with no consumable costs when using the 1540 erbium glass component.

We dropped some teasers to our clients showing some of the official before and after results directly from the manufacturer on our social media platforms. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response and have performed over 150 treatments in only three months since having the device.

What type of results are you seeing for your patients?

We recommend a minimum of three treatments to our clients but sometimes up to six (depending on what sort of a clinical endpoint we are working towards). The results have been incredible, after the first treatment clients are already noticing an improvement in their overall skin quality, texture and the glow that they receive. The best comment we’ve received from a client was “this is the only treatment I’ve had on my neck that has made a difference after one session, I can’t wait till my second, third and then fourth”!

What type of skin concerns can you treat and what is the downtime for patients?

We treat a large range of skin concerns, which is why the Secret DUO was our device of choice. Crepey skin (especially under the eyes and neck), skin laxity, large pores, acne scarring, scarring post surgery, stretch marks and the list goes on!

The other reason why I chose this device is that downtime and pain is minimal. Clients would describe the discomfort involved as a 4/10. The downtime on the face is less than 24 hours and on the neck/body this can last a little longer but not more than 48 hours. I speed up the recovery time and enhance the results using NCTF Boost 135 HA, as this can be applied topically post treatment.

Tell us about the combined modalities and how you work with them.

My favourite combo is the Secret RF microneedling component,

followed by the 1540 erbium glass laser to further heat up the dermis and then finishing up with NCTF Boost 135 HA, which is hands down my favourite topical skin booster which I apply post treatment.

With this combo we can induce collagen production but also deliver 60 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and HA. This improves recovery but also amplifies results quite significantly.

What has the ROI on Secret DUO been for you?

The ROI on this device was another huge advantage. Within a month and a half after purchasing this device, I had already paid it off! The consumables are extremely reasonably priced and the erbium glass laser requires no consumables, which means pure profit.

On average, we have an increase of $1,000 per treatment which takes approximately 3045 minutes. We are also seeing anywhere from 5-15 clients a week for this treatment but in saying this, the Secret DUO has also allowed us to sell more skincare, which equates to more profit per client.

What sort of support have Cryomed offered?

What I’ll say is Cryomed as a company have really made it their mission to make sure that they provide their clients everything they require to succeed. From the minute I’d made contact, they were warm, welcoming, and attentive without the pushy ‘sales’ aspect I’ve received from other companies.

Cryomed have provided multiple training sessions (both at head office and in clinic) to make sure I got the most out of the Secret DUO which has been incredible.

Whenever I’ve had a question or something I’ve been stuck with, the team are ready to help and assist. They are extremely quick with answering any questions over the phone and really offer service at the highest level.

Cryomed also have their own online VIP portal that provides further training and marketing assets which I’ve incorporated in both social media marketing but also mail/text blasts to our customers, which has really contributed to the success of this device. I’m so glad that I purchased this device and to be working with Cryomed as they’ve really helped us grow as a boutique business.

Before and after 3 Secret DUO treatments
Jamal Ammar performing Secret DUO

Melbourne Clinical Laser Is Cynosure’s First Australian Signature Partner

With Melbourne Clinical Laser becoming Cynosure’s inaugural Signature Partner in Australia, both entities are poised to redefine standards in the industry.

The recent partnership between Melbourne Clinical Laser and Cynosure marks a significant milestone in the landscape of cosmetic and medical laser technology in Australia. Cynosure, a global leader in aesthetic laser technology, represents a synergy of shared values and a dedication to delivering superior outcomes for patients. Through this partnership, Melbourne Clinical Laser gains access to Cynosure’s state-of-the-art devices and technologies, enhancing their ability to provide an extensive range of safe, effective, and innovative treatments.

We had the opportunity to speak with both Sean McKiernan, Country Manager of Cynosure, and Dr Feng Yang about the significance of this partnership and the impact it will have on the landscape of medical aesthetics in Australia.

Sean, tell us what the Signature Partner program is?

This APAC Regional Partnership program, originated in SEA, to recognise, celebrate and promote the best of the best. Signature Partners become part of an APAC network to share best practices, get access to new technology, contribute to clinical case studies and access to additional education tools.

Patient experience and outcomes are a critical focus for our business. The Signature Partner program creates a network of destinations that patients know they can visit to have a premium experience from a trusted source.

Why was Melbourne Clinical Laser selected?

Dr Feng Yang has more than 30 years’ experience in general medicine and is an industry role model. He is a longtime advocate and partner of Cynosure. Dr Feng Yang has written clinical papers and conducted primary research, been part of early market releases to evaluate new technologies, regularly speaks at industry events e.g. Cosmedicon, he is a highly regarded leader in maximizing the potential of Cynosure devices to produce amazing results for his patients. We at Cynosure are proud that Melbourne Clinical Laser can be our very first Signature Partner in Australia.

Dr Yang, why did you choose Cynosure products for your clinic?

Choosing Cynosure products was a clear decision for our clinic due to their unparalleled quality and reputation within the cosmetic industry. Not only do Cynosure devices stand out as the best in the field, but the accompanying services provided by Cynosure further enhance the value they bring to our clinic. We have found that Cynosure’s commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with our

own standards, ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care and outcomes.

Can you share any studies or research you have conducted on Cynosure’s devices, particularly the PicoSure Pro?

We have conducted extensive research and studies on Cynosure’s devices, with a particular focus on the PicoSure Pro. Our findings have shown that utilising Cynoglow, a treatment incorporating the PicoSure Pro alongside the Potenza device in the same session, allows us to achieve remarkable results for our clients. This bilayer treatment approach has consistently delivered impressive outcomes, validating the efficacy and versatility of Cynosure’s technology in our clinical practice.

What does being a Signature Partner with Cynosure mean to you?

Becoming a Signature Partner represents a pinnacle of collaboration and excellence for our clinic. It signifies a strong and mutually beneficial relationship characterised by outstanding cooperation. Through this partnership, we gain access to invaluable training and academic opportunities for our team, enabling us to continually enhance our services and elevate the standard of care we provide to our clients. Being a Signature Partner is not just a title; it’s a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in our practice.

You have 5 Picosure devices, what are the top 3 things these devices have brought to your practice?

1. Exceptional Results for Customers: The use of PicoSure devices has consistently delivered outstanding results for our patients, exceeding their expectations and ensuring their satisfaction with our treatments.

2. Enhanced Reputation of the Clinic: Incorporating PicoSure technology into our practice has bolstered our reputation as a leading provider of advanced cosmetic treatments. Patients trust our clinic to deliver superior outcomes, further solidifying our standing within the industry.

3. Business Sustainability: The investment in PicoSure devices has proven to be a wise decision from a business standpoint, contributing to the long-term sustainability and growth of our clinic. By offering cutting-edge treatments with proven efficacy, we attract new clients while fostering loyalty among existing ones, ensuring the continued success of our practice.

For more information, visit

Sean McKiernan and Dr Feng Yang | 77

Introducing Venus Versa™ Pro

Welcome to the Future of Aesthetic Intelligence

The Venus Versa™ Pro offers 10 applicators, 25 treatments, and over 100 aesthetic goals

Discover the power and precision of the new Venus Versa™ Pro, our latest multi-application platform that redefines face and body treatments. This platform is not just versatile; it’s a pinnacle of innovation, equipped with distinct modalities tailored to achieve superior results in aesthetic care.

Advanced Technology for Unparalleled Results

The Venus Versa™ Pro is engineered to address a comprehensive range of aesthetic concerns, making it an indispensable tool for modern clinics:

• Multiple Applicators: With 10 different applicators, customise treatments to meet diverse patient needs — from dyschromias and textural improvements to wrinkle reduction.

• Enhanced Ablation and Coagulation: Building on the success of our Venus Viva™ MD technology, the Versa Pro offers deeper skin remodelling for optimal resurfacing outcomes.

• TriBella™ Treatment: Combine (MP)² technology, IPL, and NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) technology in a single session for a total facial rejuvenation experience that delivers visible results.

Why Invest in Venus Versa™ Pro?

In the current landscape, where communication and marketing are tightly regulated, the Venus Versa™ Pro stands out as a symbol of compliance and excellence. Its multi-faceted capabilities allow for an expansive treatment menu, making it an ideal investment for clinics aiming to enhance their service quality and business growth:

A Message from Gidon Silverman,

“As we unveil the new Venus Aesthetic Intelligence branding and our revamped website, I am thrilled to lead our community into a dynamic future filled with innovative possibilities. Our new direction not only reflects our commitment to pioneering advancements in the aesthetic field but also reinforces our dedication to empowering clinics and patients alike. With the introduction of the Venus Versa™ Pro, we are setting new standards in treatment efficacy and practice efficiency. I invite every clinic owner to experience how our latest offerings can transform patient satisfaction and operational success.”


Why the Venus Versa™ Pro Is A Great Addition To Any Medical-led Clinic

The recent TGA and AHPRA changes have created a challenging environment for nurse injectors as it has become virtually impossible to advertise your injectable services. Now is the time to broaden your treatment offering and introduce an energy based device that can complement your existing services. Not only will you be able to advertise the Venus Versa™ Pro, giving you something to talk about without fear of breaching compliancy, but you will also be able to treat your clients’ skin in a much more holistic way. While injectables treat wrinkles and loss of volume, the Venus Versa™ Pro treats a myriad of skin concerns, such as enlarged pores, acne scars, skin tone, and tightness.

• Diverse Treatments: Offer a wider range of services with a single device, appealing to a broader client base.

• Data-Driven Insights: Stay ahead with IoT connectivity and real-time data analytics that optimise treatment approaches and patient care.

• Venus offer world-class clinical training and support from highly skilled and experienced aesthetic specialists

• Practitioners have access to downloadable marketing materials to promote your new Venus treatments in practice

Explore more about Venus Versa™ Pro and Venus AI’s innovative solutions and connect with us today to learn how our technologies can elevate your practice.

+61 416 022 096

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There Is Only One Ultherapy



continue to put consumers and practitioners at risk. We chat to Merz Aesthetics’ Associate Vice President, JEANNINE HILL , to understand the impact this has on our industry.

Jeannine, please explain the technology behind Ultherapy, and its significance in the Merz portfolio.

Ultherapy is a non-invasive skin lifting and tightening device which harnesses the technology of ultrasound to target different layers of the dermis, depending on where the delivery of energy will be most beneficial. The benefit of Ultherapy’s advanced technology is two-fold; the ultrasound is used therapeutically to deliver precise thermal coagulation points of energy to the different layers, depending on each patient’s unique anatomy, as well as being used diagnostically, to allow the therapist to see exactly where they are treating. No other device on the market can provide real-time visualisation. Ultherapy fits nicely into the established Merz Aesthetics portfolio, as a treatment option for those who want to avoid needles or cannulas, and want a benefit that will continue to develop for up to a year.

Since its inception over 20 years ago, other ultrasound devices have entered the market, but what makes Ultherapy stand out?

The unique difference of Ultherapy compared to the surfeit of ultrasound devices on the market is its ability to utilise ultrasound to visualise the various structures of the skin. This allows clinicians to see exactly where they are delivering the energy, which leads to not only a more optimal end-result, but also a safer treatment for the patient, as the visualisation allows the therapist to identify any potential ‘no-go’ zones, such as bone. Ultherapy is the only device on the market to offer this technology, and is backed by over 120 scientific publications, including over 50 clinical studies. There have been 2.5 million treatments performed in more than 80 countries worldwide, which makes Ultherapy a trusted brand for non-invasive facial lift treatments.

Counterfeiting is a big problem in the industry, tell us about your experience with fake Ultherapy devices. Every day we are working with our team across Australia and New Zealand to ensure any clinic advertising Ultherapy as a service is one in which we have a direct relationship with. As a result, Merz Aesthetics has recently both confiscated a fake device, as well

as sent out numerous legal challenges to clinics falsely advertising their treatment offering as Ultherapy. This includes clinics with registered non-Ultherapy devices, claiming that they are offering Ultherapy treatments.

Why is this harmful for practitioners and patients alike?

Fake aesthetic devices, often claiming to be authentic Ultherapy devices promising amazing results, are becoming more prevalent than ever. This is an issue for consumers and brands, as it creates an opportunity for misrepresentation of goods, as well as potentially inconsistent results. Counterfeit devices are not registered with the ARTG, therefore have not been assessed for safety, potentially posing a risk for adverse events. For clinics, the purchase of a counterfeit device could lead to legal action, or the confiscation of the device.

What is Merz doing to protect the brand and its stockists?

Merz Aesthetics has recently increased its defence of trademarks and patents. We strongly encourage clinics to purchase devices directly from the registered manufacturer. In our instance, the Ultherapy device should only be purchased from Merz Aesthetics. Purchasing secondhand, from overseas or on eBay, can put clinics at greater risk of acquiring counterfeit devices and products.

How can patients be sure they are getting treated with a genuine Ultherapy device?

All Ultherapy devices contain serial numbers on the control unit, handpiece, and transducers, which can be verified to ensure authenticity. Patients can also verify they are receiving an authentic Ultherapy treatment by checking that the treatment visualisation is occurring in real-time. When the handpiece moves along your skin, the device should display the ultrasound image in real-time. Counterfeit products usually feature static images or generic ultrasound footage that plays on a loop. Clinics which have purchased an authentic Ultherapy device are also provided with a Certificate of Authenticity, along with an Ultherapy crystal and authenticity sticker, which can be found on the front of the device. Lastly, Merz Aesthetics also have a clinic locator – if a clinic isn’t listed, but is advertising Ultherapy as a service, this is a red flag and may be a sign of fake devices or products. If patients are unsure whether the clinic they’re intending to visit is offering an authentic Ultherapy treatment, they are advised to contact Merz Aesthetics directly through our website, and we will be able to verify whether or not the device is authentic. For more information, visit


My Go-To Acne Protocols

DR KENTARO OKU is a renowned dermatologist based in Japan and has been involved in the Cynosure APAC Medical Advisory Board since 2019. Here, he shares his expertise in acne treatments.

Dr Oku, what is your experience with acne patients?

As a dermatologist, I have been regularly seeing acne patients since I started practicing. Especially during the past few years when wearing masks was necessary, I have noticed an increase in acne patients and have developed various treatment options. Acne is a disease where dysfunction and overactivity of the skin occur simultaneously, so in addition to oral and topical treatments, treatments using energy-based technologies tailored to each patient’s symptoms are an effective choice. Currently, we have introduced four special treatment methods developed in our clinic, tailored to the symptoms, and the treatment effectiveness has significantly improved compared to a few years ago.

The advancements in oral and topical treatments in dermatological practice in Japan might have led to a slight decrease in the number of patients overall, but there is an increasing trend in the number of visits for severe acne. In particular, there was a noticeable increase in moderate to severe acne patients coinciding with the period when mask-wearing was necessary.

What are some treatment options you recommend for active acne?

The necessary treatment varies depending on each individual case, but as a general treatment for active acne, we promote epidermal turnover with retinol and suppress sebum production using ingredients like vitamin C, while using EBD (Energy-Based Devices) for the extraction of Acne core as well as simultaneous inflammation sedation and skin remodelling. By implementing a multi-aspected approach as early as possible, we can protect the skin tissue around the acne and prevent acne scars.

What are treatment options for acne scars?

Although treatment combining subcision with HA filler, collagen filler, and skin boosters, as well as full-face CO2 fractionated laser treatment, are some of the representative methods, we also offer CynoGlow, which combines Potenza with PicoSure Pro, and Skin ReGeneration, which combines PicoSure Pro with Sofwave. Of course, these treatments alone cannot address all types of acne scars. However, CynoGlow and Skin ReGeneration are highly requested by many patients as they can treat various types of acne scars with minimised downtime. Additionally, home care is an important part of acne treatment, so we often create our own

original skincare products at our clinic and combine them with device treatments.

Nutrition/gut health seems to be a factor for many acne patients – how do you include this in your treatment plans?

At our clinic, we use prebiotics (not probiotics) and fermented products to correct disturbances in the gut microbiome. Particularly for fermented enzymes, we prescribe ‘Sakiwai Koso,’ a product developed by our clinic, which has shown effectiveness against acne. Sakiwai Koso is recognised for enhancing NK cell activity and improving microcirculation, and it is highly regarded not only as part of acne treatment but also as a component of overall well-being.

What is your go-to device when treating acne?

If there are pustules with deep inflammation, we use Potenza with the single needle mode. Potenza is an ideal treatment for sedating strong inflammation while remodelling the surrounding tissue. When there are many superficial pustules with pigment deposition, we often use PicoSure Pro, especially with fractional hand piece. This is because treatments using LIOB (Laser Induced Optical Breakdown) are suitable for the superficial dermal remodelling and epidermal reconstruction.

What are your favourite features of the PicoSure Pro and Potenza devices?

My favourite features of the PicoSure Pro are the adjustable fluence / diameter and irradiation parameters, as well as the fractional irradiation mode. The former allows for finely tuned settings according to the operator’s preference based on the target depth and density, achieving high efficacy in colour removal while minimising the occurrence of Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). The latter is because, with LIOB in the epidermis, not only the epidermis but also the dermis can be remodelled. This combination of features is not available in other picosecond lasers.

My favourite feature of Potenza is its ability to divide RF irradiation into pulses. The operator can choose whether to deliver the entire energy in one pulse or to deliver the same energy in a series of shorter two to five pulses. These two devices stand out from others in their ability to tailor settings according to the specific skin conditions. Both are indispensable in my practice.

For more information, visit

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The Laser That Delivers On Results And Profitability

DR ANDREW SUN tells us how Aerolase has transformed his business.

Dr Sun, please tell us about your clinic and what you offer?

At Sun Health Clinic we enhance beauty and health from within and without. We combine the best of modern medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and the most impactful skin treatments to deliver natural and health focused outcomes.

“Patients are pleasantly surprised by the lack of pain compared to other lasers and treatments, and love the lack of downtime.”

What made you decide to get the Aerolase?

The Aerolase devices sell themselves with the powerful technology, compact portability, and the versatility to effectively treat most medical skin conditions in addition to skin rejuvenation for all skin types and colours.

We treat ageing skin, age spots, spider veins, acne, eczema, rosacea, scars, freckles, melasma, skin tags, peach fuzz. After a single session of Neo Elite, skin tone and texture improves, wrinkles, pores, inflammation, and pigmentations are reduced.

How does the Aerolase compare to other devices you may have worked with in the past?

Collagen naturally deplete with age, causing thinning of the skin dermis, which is the leading reason for wrinkles and sagging. The Neo Elite targets the dermal layer to stimulate an increase in collagen production, thereby increasing the amount of collagen in the treated area, and taking away years of skin age. This de-ageing effect is further amplified by the effective treatment of common skin blemishes and conditions.

Compared to painful damaging older generation lasers, and those targeting the upper layer of skin, the Neo Elite is a clear winner for patients and clinicians.

What is your patients’ feedback on the Aerolase?

Patients are pleasantly surprised by the lack of pain compared to other lasers and treatments, and love the lack of downtime. With Aerolase, some patients gained the confidence to have laser treatment for the first time. The immediate results when treating blemishes such as spider veins and pigmentation, along with the skin quality improvement that becomes more apparent session by session leads to great patient satisfaction.

How profitable is Aerolase for your practice?

The Aerolase Neo Elite is the linchpin device of our business model. The effectiveness of the treatments leads to extensive word of mouth promotion. I am eagerly looking forward to getting my hands on the Era Elite for even more impressive treatment outcomes. For more information, visit

Phil Willmann, Director of Beauty Technology tells us how his partnership with Dr Sun evolved:

Dr Andrew Sun is a delight to work with from the first minute we met at Beauty Expo last year. He absorbed the Aerolase technology and understood its versatility and financial gains that quickly that he walked off our stand by saying he will not look at anything else, but instead go home and get started with the purchasing process. He delivered.

Training Dr Andrew on the Aerolase was a breeze, he is smart, a quick-learner and eager to explore the limits. Dr Andrew is

excited to get his hands on his second Aerolase device, the 300 microsecond resurfacing laser Aerolase Era Elite. Working alongside him and his team feels effortless, efficient and productive.

Aerolase and Beauty Technology have great pride in the after sales process by onboarding new customers and giving them all the tools they need for their marketing, including website information, social media tips and tricks, social media content, introduction videos, tips for cross- and up-selling, clinical education, ongoing clinical training, clinical helpline and the Aerolase Academy.



The most efficient lasers on the market today, Aerolase devices treat the most over 400 million people globally . Aerolase devices address the root cause of many medical skin conditions, not just their symptoms

With Neo Elite, our medical and aesthetic professionals are able to help their patients with a variety of these conditions, including, but not limited to: Melasma, Psoriasis, Acne and Rosacea.


• Acne

• Rosacea

• Benign vascular lesions

• Benign Pigmented Lesions

• Skin tightening

• Hair removal

• Onychomycosis

• Psoriasis

* e outcomes shown are only relevant for these patients and do not necessarily re ect the results other patients may experience, as results may vary due to many factors including the individual’s genetics, diet and exercise.' or similar.

courtesy of Michael Gold, MD

Treatment of moderate to severe acne and post acne scare with 650 microsecond 1064 nm laser combined with low dose isotretinoin. Gold M., Evgenievna N., Sergeevna L., Vladimirovna E. Lasers Surg Med. 2019 Mar;51(S31):S13-14


Comparative Study Of e E ectiveness Of Papulopustular Rosacea Subtype By Pulsed Dye Laser (595nm) And a Neodymium Laser (1064nm) With a Shortened 650-Microsecond Pulse Width. Manturova Natalia Evgenievna, MD, PHD, Kruglova Larisa Sergeevna, MD, PHD, Ikonnikova Evgenia Vladimirovna, MD, PHD.

Treating melasma with the 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser with a 650-Microsecond pulse duration: A clinical evaluation. J Cosmet Dermatol. 2021;00:1–4. Greywal T, Ortiz A.

914.345.8300 | | @aerolase

62 New South Head Rd Edgecliff, NSW 2027

phone: 0490 257 449

instagram: beautytech_anz web:

Photo Courtesy of Skin Boss Med Spa Greywal T, Ortiz A. Treating melasma with the 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser with a 650-Microsecond pulse duration: A clinical evaluation. J Cosmet Dermatol. 2021;00:1–4. ACNE Photos MELASMA Photos courtesy of Jason Emer, MD Photos courtesy of Kevin Pinksi, MD
Live Demonstrations atNSSstands75&76

Esthetica Academy: Australia’s

Premier Destination for Cutting-Edge Medical Aesthetic Devices

Get to know our team and impressive portfolio of aesthetic devices.

Esthetica Academy redefines excellence in the aesthetic industry. As the undisputed innovator in the industry, we set the standard for breakthrough technology and quality, reliable devices, offering a curated selection of state-of-the-art capital equipment tailored to elevate aesthetic clinics.

Esthetica provides continuous support dedicated to transforming your approach to aesthetics. With our devotion to excellence, our support transcends the initial purchase, extending to marketing assistance, extended device warranty, and ongoing educational resources ensuring the success of our devices within your clinic.

With over 25 years of experience, Esthetica Academy has earned a reputation as the trusted authority in the field. Our team of experts harbour extensive insight and expertise in the aesthetics industry allowing us to anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations at every turn. In an industry where evolution is constant; we anticipate the desire for continuous education, through masterclasses led by our esteemed experts, we prioritise knowledge, empowering our clients with fresh insights and techniques.

Mediha Zeeshan, Founder and CEO Esthetica Academy

Mediha Zeeshan is a seasoned aesthetics professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry, specialising in laser and aesthetic devices, skin education, scar revision, and more. As a visionary leader, she possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of the aesthetic industry, leveraging her expertise to drive innovation and excellence into her brands Esthetica Academy and SkinGen™.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Dermal Health and Science, coupled with certifications in Training and Assessment, and Dermoscopy in Cancer Lesions, Mediha has refined her skills and knowledge to become a respected expert in the field. Mediha’s educational background provided her with a steadfast foundation for her accomplished career, enabling her to stay at the forefront of aesthetic technological advancements and optimal methodologies.

Mediha’s contribution to nationwide clinical education has significantly elevated standards and enriched the learning experience for professionals across the country, fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. As a CEO and founder of both Esthetica Academy and SkinGen™, Mediha is committed to bridging the gap between aesthetic devices and skincare.

Gagandeep Singh, Managing Director Esthetica Academy Gagandeep Singh is a multifaceted professional with an extensive and diverse background, holding degrees in Electronic & Communication Engineering as well as Computer Network Engineering, leading to his current position as the Managing Director of Esthetica Academy, an esteemed and trusted supplier of aesthetic devices in Australia. Singh’s adeptness in these technical domains has uniquely positioned him to navigate the intricacies of the Aesthetic Industry, blending technology with aesthetics seamlessly and projecting him to the forefront of innovation and knowledge of aesthetic devices.

Throughout his career, Singh has demonstrated a fervent passion for Entrepreneurship and the art of scaling businesses. His entrepreneurial spirit has propelled him to innovate and drive growth initiatives within the Aesthetic Industry, contributing to the advancement and expansion of businesses he has collaborated with. With a keen eye for market trends and a commitment to excellence, Singh remains dedicated to pushing boundaries and exploring new opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of aesthetics and entrepreneurship, uniquely positioning himself to provide niche expertise to industry professionals. His strategic foresight, combined with his technical expertise, remains instrumental in propelling both success and innovation within Esthetica Academy.

Experience the Esthetica Academy difference today and discover why we’re Australia’s premier destination for cutting-edge aesthetic devices.


Our Best-selling Aesthetic Devices


Multifunctional Diode

Laser, IPL & Nd: YAG



• LCD Friendly Interface

• 11 Wavelengths To Cover 15 Treatments



High-Intensity Electric Muscle Stimulation

• Diode Laser/Nd: YAG Laser/IPL and RF Technologies

• Contact Cooling System

• 1 Million Shots IPL & Nd:YAG Handpieces

• 1 Billion Shots Diode Laser Handpiece

• 6 Year Warranty

Introducing the ultimate all-in-one system utilising diode laser for more effective hair removal, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) for a broad spectrum of skin correction treatments, Nd: YAG (1064nm & 532nm) laser for tattoo removal and carbon facials plus radio frequency for skin tightening. The E-Luxx IPL/Laser/ RF device combines the power of multiple technologies to address a wide range of skin concerns, delivering exceptional results with maximum convenience.

With its diode laser, this device offers effective and long-lasting hair removal for all skin types. The IPL skin rejuvenation feature targets a variety of skin imperfections, such as pigmentation, vascular lesions, fine lines and wrinkles and problem skin. The radio frequency skin tightening technology stimulates collagen production, resulting in firmer, tighter skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, the Nd: Yag laser is ideal for treating pigmented lesions, such as freckles and melasma, as well as tattoo removal.

The extremely versatile E-Luxx device is TGA registered, safe, effective and suitable for all skin types. It’s customisable settings allow for personalised treatments tailored to specific needs. Say hello to flawless, rejuvenated skin with the most IPL and laser device –The ultimate skincare and hair removal companion.


Pico Laser

Introducing the latest breakthrough in laser technology: The Picobeam. At 300 picoseconds, this cuttingedge device offers faster, more effective and safer treatment for tattoo removal along with a variety of skin concerns, including pigmentation, acne scars, fine lines & wrinkles.


• 300 PS

• User Friendly Interface

• 5 Wavelength options (1064nm, 755nm, 650nm, 585nm, 532nm)

• Treats Coloured Tattoos

• Fastest Results

• High Peak Power

• Articulated Handpiece

• 6 Year Warranty

The revolutionary Picobeam uses picosecond pulses to break down pigment particles and stimulate collagen production, resulting in clearer, smoother, brighter and more youthful-looking skin. Its ultra-short pulses minimise discomfort and downtime, making it a convenient option for those with busy lifestyles.

Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate skin or a faster way to eliminate pigment or unwanted tattoos, the Picobeam delivers outstanding results with minimal downtime. Experience the future of flawless skin with the Pico laser – the ultimate solution for flawless, radiant skin.

The Sculpt X Plus is a high-intensity, electric muscle stimulation (EMS) body contouring device.


• Pain Free & No Downtime

• High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation

• Results within 4 Treatments

• 4 Treatment Handpieces (Additional Pelvic Floor Handpiece Optional)

• User Friendly, LCD Interface

• 6 year warranty

The Sculpt X Plus offers a comprehensive approach to body sculpting, targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously to enhance muscle tone, definition, and strength. The result is a more contoured, sculpted physique with improved muscle definition and tone.

This non-invasive, innovative technology works by selectively and vigorously contracting targeted muscle areas on the body to create a more sculpted and toned appearance. According to EMS studies, high-intensity EMS can help reduce body fat by up to 19% and increase muscle ratio by up to 16%. Additionally, It can also help improve the metabolic rate of the body.

With customisable treatment programs and intensity levels, the Sculpt X Plus allows tailored treatments to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether clients are looking to enhance their athletic performance, sculpt their physique, or improve muscle tone, the Sculpt X Plus will deliver exceptional results.

Experience the future of body contouring with the Scuplt X Plus and take the clinic’s offerings to the next level. Elevate clients’ experience and help them achieve their body goals with the new highintensity EMS technology.


Advanced Skin Analyser


• Detects Over 15 Skin Types

• 9 Second Processing Time

• Import All Products and Services

• Prediction Technology

• Moisture and Hydration Measuring Tool

• Print Or Email Reporting

• 5 Different Spectrums

• 8k Camera

• IOS Compatible

• 6 year warranty

Introducing the Scan X, a sophisticated professional skin analysing and prediction device that sets a new standard in skincare analysis. The Scan X comes pre-set to detect over 15 different skin conditions and can analyse the skin of up to 5 different spectrums, including polarised, crosspolarised, daylight, UV and RGB. Furthermore, the Scan X also comes equipped to measure the moisture and elasticity levels on the skin in order to provide even more comprehensive and accurate skin assessments.

Scan X features a rapid 9-second processing time, allowing for quick and efficient analysis of the skin plus product and treatment service recommendations. Compatible with iOS software, this device enables seamless integration with apple existing systems. Scan X goes beyond basic analysis by offering the ability to compare different dates and predict future skin conditions, providing valuable insights for personalised skincare routines. With the ability to import your clinic’s products and existing services at ease, generate email-ready or printable reports, Scan X makes it easy to recommend products, services, as well as share results with clients and track progress over time. Elevate your skincare practice with Scan X and offer clients the most advanced, sophisticated and personalised skincare analysis available.


The Acne Treatment Revolution

AviClear is finally here, ready to change the way you treat acne patients forever.

While acne is one of the most common skin conditions patients present with, it can also be one of the hardest to treat, especially without the use of drugs, which often cause unwanted side effects. CUTERA has managed the seemingly impossible and developed a laser that targets acne at the source by selectively treating the sebocytes and suppressing sebum production.

In 2022, AviClear laser achieved TGA clearance as the first energy-based device for the long-term treatment of acne, garnering acclaim from industry publications with seven awards recognising its excellence. Most recently, AviClear received the Silver award from MM&M for its outstanding product launch.

AviClear uses a 1726 nm wavelength to treat acne at the source by selectively targeting and suppressing the sebaceous gland. CUTERA’s engineers have developed this technology to specifically target the source of acne, and it has been proven safe and effective through an extensive clinical trial.

After three treatments spaced one month apart, AviClear can provide long-term resolutions of acne for all skin types. In addition, acne clearance results continue to improve over time, demonstrating the long-term efficacy of this novel treatment. Furthermore, no pain medication is required and the treatment is well-tolerated by patients, as it is designed with patient comfort in mind. AviClear is enhanced with AviCool™ contact cooling for an optimal and safe treatment experience.

What do our AviClear ambassadors think?

Prof Greg Goodman AM

“I have used the AviClear device for six weeks and am really interested in trialling it on sebaceous hyperplasia (overgrown oil glands) and in rosacea and rhinophyma. The AviClear has given us an alternative to isotretinoin that we have not really had before and something we can offer when we are struggling with drug therapies. I would recommend the device to other practitioners as it does open up the possibilities of using a benign drug free treatment to our armamentarium for those who can’t or won’t undergo, or have failed drug therapies.”

Dr Shobhan Manoharan

“We have used the AviClear for about six weeks and are starting to see patients having their early results after their second treatment, in terms of acne inflammatory lesion counts as well as reduction in overall oiliness of their skin.

Clinical trials demonstrate that current and future breakout episodes are shorter, less intense, and more infrequent following the AviClear procedure. Further, acne clearance results continue to improve over time, demonstrating the long-term efficacy of this novel treatment. 92% of patients treated with AviClear saw at least half of their acne resolve at 12 months following treatment.

Our AviClear protocol is for three treatments spaced one month apart, but in the middle fortnight of each treatment, patients, depending on the nature of their acne and skin type, will either have an Excel V vascular laser treatment to reduce overall inflammation and vascular scarring, or the Enlighten picosecond laser to reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scarring.

AviClear has finally given us an option to treat the root cause of acne, namely the sebocytes or oil producing cells, without the need for oral vitamin A tablets. The science behind this technology is novel but proven, and we finally have an effective laser to target the root cause of acne. The device is generally well tolerated for both adults and


children, risks and side-effects are low, and the benefit of being a non-pharmacological treatment without the internal impacts of medication appeals to many. The treatment is also delegatable, and may be performed by doctors, nurses and dermal clinicians and therapists, and the training and support from CUTERA continues to be on-point as always.”

Dr Ryan de Cruz

“We acquired Australia’s first AviClear laser in November 2023 and could not be more excited about providing a  drug-free therapeutic alternative for our acne patients. I have treated thousands of acne patients over the years, but have relied heavily on prescription medication to achieve long-term results. For the first time ever, I can now offer a therapy that provides an alternative

We are still exploring how to most effectively maximise efficacy and patient satisfaction, but believe that topical anti-inflammatory agents including topical retinoids, effective skincare and dermal therapy will all form part of the patient journey. I can now provide a scientificallyproven option to patients who would otherwise have spent huge amounts of money on ineffective skincare and/or alternative therapies with minimal (or no) improvement.

AviClear enables me to delegate acne management to my Dermal Therapists and Nurses, who are also well placed to educate patients on the importance of effective skincare and adjunctive therapies we offer such as LED, chemical peels, laser genesis and extractions. The response of our patients to AviClear has been overwhelmingly positive and incredibly exciting. We have seen a significant increase in skincare and ancillary services since the introduction of AviClear at Southern Dermatology.”

Dr Andrew Freeman

“We have seen exponential uptake of AviClear as a treatment modality since we started using it over a month ago. Patients are genuinely excited about its potential. I know acne can flare with this treatment, but, so far we have been able to prevent this entirely, which we are really pleased with. I can’t wait to see what the modality is

AviClear has completely transformed the way I can approach acne management. To be able to provide a medication-free treatment modality which actually works changes the game entirely. I love the fact that it can be used in conjunction with all of our current treatments. In my practice, I use it across all stages of the acne journey. As mono-therapy, as adjunctive therapy and as maintenance therapy. We have also been using the machine in novel

ways which has been very rewarding. Hopefully there will be more indications for AviClear to come!

The way I see it, it makes everything we are already good at, even better or even easier. If you have a practice or you are a practitioner that manages a lot of acne, then you should definitely consider adding AviClear as a modality.”

Dr Natasha Cook

“We have has the AviClear since February 2024 and we are pleasantly surprised how well it complements our other acne treatments and how it appeals to our acne clientele who don’t want to take harsh medications with possible side effects. AviClear works best on inflammatory papulopustular acne, and we recommend a topical regime to address any comedonal and congestive components, specifically we use the dr.NC 1,2,3 routine, which is: Concentrated Cleaner with anti-inflammatory botanicals and vitamin B3 to protect the barrier, Concentrated Clarifier for cell renewing, Concentrated Moisturiser+ as a lightweight, antioxidant multivitamin that combines moisture-binding ingredients and vitamin B3 and the Concentrated Micropeel with active ingredients such as AHAs BHAs to decongest, help with skin cell renewal

We sometimes add in a prescriptive vitamin A to use 2-3 nights a week to assist in addressing comedonal acne so AviClear is free to concentrate on the

really filled in the gap of being able to provide an effective and long-lasting acne treatment for those patients who want a drug free alternative.”

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The State Of Injectable Treatments In Germany

take a look at Germany’s regulations around cosmetic injections.

In our February issue, SPA+CLINIC Editor Nadine Dilong and Plastic Surgeon Dr Naveen Somia shed light on the challenges the UK faces when it comes to injectable treatments and patient safety. In this issue, they take a look at Germany and chat with Plastic Surgeon Dr Njde Hambarchian, who offers plastic surgery as well as injectable services out of his clinic in Hamburg.

Can you please explain who is allowed to inject anti-wrinkle, filler, biostimulators etc in Germany?

In Germany, as per the regulations of the Medical Association, all licensed physicians possess the authority to administer these substances, irrespective of their specific medical specialisation. Notably, whether one is a dermatologist, urologist,

or pediatrician holds no bearing in this regard, as completion of specialist training is not a prerequisite.

Furthermore, dentists are permitted to utilise botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid, albeit within prescribed limitations. Botulinum toxin may be employed exclusively within the oral region and on the masseter muscle. Hyaluronic acid injections are sanctioned solely for the oral area, with strict prohibitions extending beyond the vermillion border. However, a notable legal loophole permits dentists and alternative practitioners to acquire injection techniques through certified workshops, primarily facilitated by industry and private institutions.

According to Section 1 of the Alternative Practitioners Act, alternative practitioners in Germany, known as “Heilpraktiker,” are lawfully

Nadine Dilong Dr Naveen Somia
Dr Njde Hambarchian

entitled to administer anti-wrinkle injections, specifically employing hyaluronic acid. Conversely, the usage of botulinum toxin is restricted to licensed medical professionals, as it constitutes a prescription medication. Often beauticians offer hyaluronic acid treatment in Germany although they are not authorised to administer hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, or analogous substances. Nonetheless, some circumvent this restriction by acquiring training as naturopaths, thereby offering such treatments within select cosmetic studios or perform the treatment illegally. However, concerns persist regarding the adequacy of anatomical knowledge among these practitioners, particularly in comparison to licensed medical professionals such as dentists.

Do you think this group of people is well-equipped to inject? Where do they get their cosmetic injecting training from?

Private institutes and industry entities provide certifications and training programs for the qualification of alternative practitioners as injectors. While such programs offer technical proficiency in injection techniques, they often lack comprehensive education on managing complications and understanding anatomical intricacies.

Nurses are not allowed to inject in Germany – do you think this is fair?

The responsibility for determining the most suitable treatment for a patient should ideally lie with qualified medical professionals following thorough consultations. Given the proliferation of overtreated filler cases and resultant distortions, I contend that the decision-making process regarding injectable treatments warrants greater restriction and oversight, ideally under the purview of qualified physicians, such as a plastic surgeon.

Does Germany have a problem with illegal injectors? What is the government doing about this?

Indeed, Germany faces challenges in curtailing illegal injectors, albeit with inadequate governmental intervention. Prioritising the cessation of filler treatments by alternative practitioners could significantly mitigate the prevalence of distorted outcomes and overfilled facial features.

Who can purchase injectables in Germany?

Officially, sales of injectables are restricted to specialist customers such as medical professionals, clinics, pharmacies, and alternative practitioners. Despite regulatory measures, reports of patients receiving treatments from unqualified individuals suggest potential loopholes in enforcement.

Are you allowed to advertise injectables in Germany?

Advertising of medical services in Germany is governed by the Law on Advertising in the Field of Healthcare (HWG), which imposes stringent regulations on the

promotion of medical products and services, including injectables. While certain exemptions may apply, adherence to ethical standards and compliance with professional guidelines is imperative for healthcare professionals engaging in advertising activities.

What would you like to see change in terms of legislation?

Ideally, I envision a regulatory framework wherein filler treatments are exclusively administered by physicians specialising in aesthetic and plastic surgery. This approach facilitates informed decision-making regarding the most suitable treatment modality for patients, balancing invasive and non-invasive options.

While Germany’s aesthetic industry is subject to existing regulations, continual refinement is essential to safeguard consumer interests and uphold ethical standards within the sector.

What constitutes Germany’s primary challenge concerning patient safety?

A big problem for patient safety in Germany is when people travel to other countries for medical treatments, a practice called medical tourism. They’re often attracted by flashy advertisements and impressive before-and-after pictures that they can’t find at home due to strict rules about advertising medical results online.

Banning before/after photos in medical practice does not help to protect patients, but rather has negative effect. By banning such images, it is implied to patients that they can only achieve similar results abroad. This tempts people to choose treatments abroad without considering the same standards and safety measures that apply in their own country – Germany. This in turn disempowers patients by suggesting that they cannot critically evaluate before/ after images themselves.

A ban on before/after photos for aesthetic operations creates unfair competition for German doctors on the European market. In today’s globalised world, medical professionals compete not only nationally but also internationally. If German doctors are not able to document their successful treatment results through before/after photos, while foreign doctors are allowed to do so, this puts German doctors at a competitive disadvantage. It might give the impression that foreign doctors can achieve better results, although this is not the case. In the contrary, I see a lot of patients operated abroad being in a desperate situation of dealing with their operative complications.

Overall, the ban on before/after photos does not effectively protect patients but creates additional challenges with medical tourism. It is important that when setting such policies, regulators and healthcare organisations carefully consider how they can ensure the protection of patients without restricting competition and the opportunities of healthcare professionals.

“A ban on before/after photos for aesthetic operations creates unfair competition for German doctors on the European market. In today’s globalised world, medical professionals compete not only nationally but also internationally”
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What Vaping Does To Your Client’s Skin

Dermatologist DR SHAMMI

THEESAN explains just how detrimental vaping is from a dermatological perspective.

s an esteemed Australian dermatologist with decades of expertise, I’ve keenly observed the shifting landscape of skincare trends. Today, I’m here to delve into a phenomenon that’s captured widespread interest: vaping.

Vaping has been heralded as a modern alternative to traditional smoking, yet beneath its sleek exterior lies a complex story with implications far beyond mere nicotine addiction. Recent studies have unearthed a concerning truth about vaping, one that extends beyond its respiratory effects to impact the very canvas of our skin.

Let’s unravel this narrative. Vaping isn’t just about exhaling vapour; it’s intricately linked to a host of dermatological dilemmas, from premature aging to stubborn acne. First, consider acne – that timeless adversary of clear skin. Vaping introduces nicotine into the bloodstream, a compound known for its vascular havoc, igniting inflammation pathways, and fostering an environment ripe for acne eruptions. Furthermore, the surge in oil production induced by vaping can lead to congested pores and persistent blemishes, reminiscent of adolescent woes.

Then, there’s rosacea – a condition as enigmatic as it is vexing. Vaping, it seems, is no friend to the rosacea afflicted. The chemical cocktail found in e-cigarettes serves to stoke the fires of inflammation, exacerbating redness and discomfort for those grappling with this chronic complexion conundrum.

And let’s not forget the pursuit of eternal youth. Vaping poses a formidable adversary to the skin’s natural defences. The noxious compounds within e-cigarettes sabotage collagen and elastin, the stalwart sentinels of skin firmness and resilience. Coupled with nicotine’s vasoconstrictive tendencies, this assault can leave one with

a complexion prematurely aged, etched with the telltale signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

But fear not, for there are remedies to be found amidst this tumultuous tale. Prioritise hydration, embrace a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, shield your skin with diligent sunscreen application, and curate a skincare regimen tailored to your unique needs.

Now, let’s address the proverbial elephant in the room: the perilous chemical cocktail lurking within vaping products. Nicotine, formaldehyde, acrolein, propylene glycol, diacetyl – these are but a few of the dubious constituents found within the vaporous veil. Understanding the risks inherent in these compounds is the first step towards making informed choices about your skincare and overall health.

In essence, let us approach vaping with discernment and prudence, recognising its potential impact on our skin’s vitality. For those guiding clients or patients through skinrelated concerns stemming from vaping, it’s crucial to gently encourage them to explore the path of quitting this habit.

Quitting vaping isn’t merely about breaking free from a habit; it’s about reclaiming control over your skin’s health and wellbeing. By embarking on this journey, individuals can unlock a myriad of benefits, including a clearer complexion, reduced risk of premature ageing, and improved overall skin vitality.

When guiding others towards this decision, presenting the benefits of quitting alongside a realistic plan tailored to their health goals can be instrumental. By emphasising the tangible improvements they can expect to see in their skin’s appearance and health, individuals are more likely to feel motivated and empowered to take action.

Dr Shammi Theesan is an Australian dermatologist renowned for her pioneering work, and established ODE Dermatology in Melbourne in 2021.

1300 25 70 20 Variable Picosecond laser in 800ps, 600ps and 450ps The ultimate picosecond laser ♦ Acne scar revision and inflammatory acne ♦ Skin resurfacing / rejuvenation ♦ Benign pigmented lesions ♦ Multicolour tattoo removal ♦ Nail fungal infection for more information

Our Key Takeaways From The TGA Webinar On Their New Guidelines Advertising Injectables

summarises what we learned.

Recently, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) hosted a webinar shedding light on their updated guidelines regarding the advertising of injectables. The TGA lightly distinguished between promotional and informational content. While advertising injectable services, they highlighted that the focus should be on providing information rather than promoting prescription-based medication, however, it seems like most content could be identified as ‘advertising’ as it ultimately encourages readers/followers to book a treatment. This includes communicating the benefits of treatments without resorting to promotional language that “could potentially mislead or coerce patients”.

Interestingly, the TGA clarified that while they do not regulate the advertisement of health services, advertising injectables may fall under the purview of both the TGA and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). They also stated that the TGA cannot provide independent advice.

A summary of commonly asked questions

• The TGA webinar emphasised the importance of distinguishing between promotional and informational content when advertising injectables.

• Practitioners should focus on providing information rather than promoting products, using neutral language to communicate benefits and risks transparently.

• While the TGA does not regulate health service advertisements, advertising injectables may fall under the purview of both the TGA and AHPRA.

• Specific prescription-based products can be mentioned in private consultations, but businesses must avoid explicitly referencing prescription-based medicines in their advertising.

• Practitioners may conduct phone consultations, but questions on compliance must be sought out with AHPRA regulations, as the TGA could not confirm details.

• Brochures can still be distributed during 1:1 consultations to provide patients with educational resources, including pricing and product information.

• Rejuran can be promoted within regulatory guidelines as it is class III product, not listed in schedule 4.

• Previous marketing material (including social media posts) that does not comply with the new guidelines must be archived or altered (if possible) to reflect current guidelines.

One key takeaway was the emphasis on using neutral language when discussing injectables. This means steering clear of exaggerated claims

and instead focusing on transparently communicating both the risks and benefits associated with treatments.

What terms can you use when it comes to advertising services?

The TGA listed examples of advertising services for aesthetic businesses, which included:

• “During this consultation we will discuss any concerns you might have with the appearance of your skin”, as this is suggested to not focus on a particular product.

• “If you would like to talk to a health professional about your wrinkles, our qualified health professionals can help”.

• “We consider the suitable options that may address concerns about your facial fat”.

Before & after photos

The TGA stated in regards to before & after images: “if it is apparent to the consumer that the ‘after’ photo is due to the administration of a prescription-only substance, this is likely to amount as an advertisement which would contravene the act”.

Business names

The TGA also mentioned that businesses must also not be promoting prescription-only substances in their business name, including if it indicates or suggests that treatments are to be using a prescriptiononly substance, in which these business names must be reconsidered as this would be against the Act.

Booking systems & pricing

If a booking system that anyone can access promotes the availability of a specific prescription medication or substance, it likely counts as advertising for that product. Businesses can instead refine and remove prices from booking systems that are publicly facing (for those that have not had a consultation). If the patient can select their own service based on the use of prescription-only products, this will contravene the act, as stated by the TGA.

Interestingly, the TGA mentioned that one of the reasons for these new, stricter guidelines is their observation of an increased number of adverse events and an increase in the import of illegal substances used in cosmetic injectables. Another aspect is that the guidelines need to be standardised across the board of all prescription medicines, which includes other sectors such as medicinal cannabis, vaping products etc. There will be more resources, including their presentation from the webinar, made available on the TGA website in the coming weeks.





Multiple THE RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES... Enhance your services and deliver exceptional results with one of the fastest growing companies in professional skincare FDA CGMP Clearance
& Manufactured in the global biotech hub of Silicon Valley Pioneers in innovative skincare technologies
exclusive patents
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Pigment, Be Gone!

These brightening products pack a punch in the fight against pigmentation.

Top to bottom:

iS Clinical Brightening Complex, RRP $255.00

Synergie Skin Effica C, RRP $125.00

Amperna [SUPAGLOW] Pro+ Advanced Brightening Serum, RRP $82.00

Retreatment Botanics Kakadu Brightening Serum, RRP $94.00

Dr Naomi C Bright Serum, RRP $139.00

mesoestetic mesoprotech melan 130 pigment control, RRP $96.00 advancedcosmeceuticals.

PCA Skin Pigment Gel Pro, RRP $260.00

IMAGE Skincare Iluma Intense Brightening Serum, RRP $109.95

Aesop B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel, RRP 150.00


Top to bottom: Medik8 C-Tetra, RRP $86.00, advancedcosmeceuticals.

Subtle Energies Facial Blend, RRP $298.00

Dermaviduals Pigment Punch, RRP $150.00

OCosmedics O-Biotics

Concentrated Brightening Serum, RRP $110.00

Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Plus, RRP $169.00

G&M Flash White Even Skin Booster, RRP $91.00

MxSkincare Serum Vitamin C+, RRP $89.00

Cosmedix Simply Brilliant, RRP $119.00

Codage Paris Serum No:4, RRP $218.00

74, 75, 76,

– Effective on visible hyperpigmentation and all skin tones*

– Visible improvement in the appearance of hyperpigmentation in as early as one week after one treatment*

– Addresses visible hyperpigmentation with minimal downtime

The professional peel for visible hyperpigmentation and all skin tones*
LAUNCHING THIS JUNE 2024 BASELINE AFTER 12 WEEKS VISIBLE HYPERPIGMENTATION BASELINE AFTER 12 WEEKS VISIBLE REDNESS BASELINE AFTER 12 WEEKS PHOTO DAMAGE Results in as early as 7 days postFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT AST’S CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM: AU | 1800 648 851 NZ | 0800 238 754 Two independent studies (each for 12 weeks) treated all Fitzpatricks and various visible hyperpigmentation with the Pigment Correct Peel at 0, 4, 8, and 12 weeks. Participants were also instructed to use a benign daily regimen during that time which consisted of PCA SKIN Creamy Cleanser, ReBalance and a Sun Protection product. Improvements in skin tone were examined using Visia images and a dermatologist assessment. *When combined with SPF. For professional in-clinic use only. Results may vary.


• 830/590, 633 & 415nm phototherapy system

• Photo-sequencing technology

• Proprietary OLAT technology for deeper more intensive treatments

• Treat more than 20 indications

• Clinically backed and efficacious

• Zero consumables - no added running costs

• Outstanding return on your investment

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