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What We Learned at the GLOBAL WELLNESS SUMMIT GIVE YOUR FACE A triLift Dr Saras Sundrum shares how she elevates her business with Lumenis’ latest facial stimulation technology 2023 CONFERENCE CALENDAR Mark your diaries! aesthetics • medi • wellness Volume 92 2023



30% UP TO fat reduction per treatment area1

increase in muscle mass2

“Cutera has done it again by developing leading technology and partnering with leading physicians world-wide to bring new innovation to the industry. The gold standard in the industry for body sculpting is the truSculpt and truFlex reducing treatment times down to 15-mins. Over the last couple of years, we have seen the introduction of devices that help patients achieve their body goals during their lunch break.

From the minute I bought my first Cutera device, I was blown away. Cutera devices deliver results time and time again, consistently, reliably and safely. Partnering with Cutera allows me to keep my practice ahead of the curve. Cutera’s constant innovation allows me to offer new proven treatments, and results to my aesthetic clients. The ongoing support that not only me but also my staff receive from Cutera is something that I have not experienced with any other device company.”


Please review the operator’s manual and treatment guidelines for the contraindications, precautions, warnings, side effects and possible adverse events associated with the truSculpt/truFlex treatment. Results and experience may vary.

REFERENCES: 1. Somenek MT, Ronan SJ, Pittman TA. Lasers Surg Med. 2021;53(3):337-343. 2. Ronan SJ. A Novel Bio-Electric Current Stimulation Device For Improvement Of Muscle Tone [white paper, Cutera Inc.]. 7/2019.

©2023 Cutera, Inc. All rights reserved. AP003907 rA (12/22)

Take your patients beyond their best PHOTOS COURTESY OF TAHL HUMES, DO 1 truSculpt treatment and 4 truFlex treatments BEFORE AFTER Model. Not actual patient. 1 truSculpt treatment and 4 truFlex treatments BEFORE AFTER PHOTOS COURTESY OF JEFFREY FROMOWITZ, MD Patient results may vary. LEARN MORE AT CUTERAANZ.COM/DEVICES/TRUBODY/ Patient results may vary.
swiss Pine polyphenols & a hyaluronic acid duo iNNOVATiON ONlY AT seleCTeD PAYOT sAlONs & sPAs Call 1300 367 969 or 02 9874 1166 for the location of your nearest Payot salon & spa. | join us payotaustralia

Protects skin against daily aggressors and blue light(2) improves skin texture(4)

Regenerates the skin during the night(3)

Gives an immediate and lasting plumping effect(1)

Wrinkle smoothing cream Resurfacing sleeping cream 10-day express radiance and wrinkle treatment Plumping booster serum
CliNi CA llY T es T eD The skin is plumped The skin looks visibly younger The skin is rested
86% (1) 91% (2) 85% (3) 87% (4)
COMB i N e TH is ROUT i N e TR e ATM eNT W i TH OUR GYM B e AUTÉ PAYOT® A combination of smoothing and stimulating movements to erase wrinkles, relax the features and
radiance to the face. TH e N e W WR iNK le-sMOOTH iNG sK iNCARe R i TUA l AsseeninMarieClaire We’resendingPAYOTsalonsnewcustomers
The skin tone is evened out
(1) Use test carried out on 21 volunteers. Application twice a day for 4 weeks. % of volunteers who perceived the effect. (2) Use test carried out on 23 volunteers. Application twice a day for 4 weeks. % of volunteers who perceived the effect. (3) Use test carried out on 20 volunteers. Application once a day for 4 weeks. % of volunteers who perceived the effect. (4) Use test carried out on 23 volunteers. Application as a cure twice a day for 10 days. % of volunteers who perceived the effect.


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Editor’s LETTER

Welcome to our first issue of 2023. We’ve taken the opportunity of a new year for some refreshed branding at SPA+CLINIC. You will notice a new look in this issue, which coincides with our brand new website that not only received a facelift (pun intended!), but also boasts an improved user experience and revised categories. We hope you like it; make sure you check for daily fresh content by and for the aesthetics and wellness industry.

Have you decided which conferences you’ll attend this year? With events back to faceto-face, there are so many to choose from, so we’ve compiled the most important ones in one place to make it easier for you (p 26). Make sure to mark October 16 in your calendar, as our very own BEAUTY & SPA Insiders will return, even bigger and better than before. We will bring you a day that is more interactive and immersive, inspiring, and hands-on, all at the beautiful Pier One in Sydney.

Our cover star of this issue is Dr Saras Sundrum, who is always at the forefront of the latest treatments and technology. In our cover story (p 54), she explains why she chose to introduce Lumenis’ new triLift into her practice. triLift is a game-changer in anti-ageing treatments that combines toning of the facial muscles with RF Microneedling, so you get facelift-like results and at the

same time, an improvement of skin quality. It is one of many technology innovations coming to your spa or clinic this year – see our curation of the most exciting new devices on page 78.

2023 will also be the year in which selfcare will continue to be increasingly important to people, and as a result, the wellness offering in Australia is steadily growing, especially when it comes to sauna and bathing culture. One of Australia’s biggest wellness hubs is about to open in Melbourne; read our interview with Olympia Bath House Founder, Emily King, on page 70.

I hope you find inspiration and motivation for a successful year in this issue.

aesthetics • medi • wellness
NDILONG@INTERMEDIA.COM.AU Video Click to watch Nadine talk about this issue.


26 Conference Calendar

54 Dr Saras Sundrum on Lumenis’ triLift

72 What We Learned At The Global Wellness Summit


16 Lavada

Take a look at this stunning new clinic in Hobart


28 The Winners Of The Inaugural Spa And Wellness Awards

See who took home the coveted awards

32 Product Trends That Will Shape

The Industry This Year

Our Cosmoprof report

38 KAILO Wellness Summit

Nadine Dilong shares her experience at this industry-first wellness summit event


44 New Openings

See the latest spa and clinic openings

46 Supporting Your Team’s Mental Health As A Small Business

How to create a culture of wellness for your spa or clinic team

51 Overcoming Financial Challenges in 2023

Andy Heyne has five tips to get you back on track

52 The Art of a Facelift

Dr Jack Zoumaras shares a chapter from his new book, which explores the psychology behind Plastic Surgery


58 The Menstrual Cycle And The Skin

Understanding the effects our hormones have on our skin

On the cover

60 Let’s Focus On The Body

mesoestetic has relaunched their bodyshock range

64 The ‘R Word’

We chat to skin experts about all things Retinol


68 Chuan Spa at The Langham, Gold Coast


70 Bringing Social Bathing Culture To Australia

Meet the Founder of Melbourne’s new wellness destination, Olympia Bath House

75 Living Skin and Extremely Alive Skincare

Dr Marc Cohen explains the importance of bringing back good bacteria

76 Communal Contrast Therapy And More

Rimba Sweat is about to open their third location


78 Technology To Watch In 2023

Here are the latest releases in aesthetic technology

84 Meet The Team

Get to know the Lutronic BDMs


92 Introducing, The Non-Surgical Neck Lift

Dr. Greg Mueller is the inventor of the revolutionary MyEllevate chin and neck defining procedure


96 Kiss Me!

The latest lip products to enhance your patients’ pouts

Lumenis is a global leader in the field of minimally-invasive clinical solutions for the Ophthalmology and Aesthetic markets, and is a world-renowned expert in developing and commercialising innovative energy-based technologies, including Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio-Frequency (RF). Lumenis has successfully created solutions for previously untreatable conditions, as well as designed advanced technologies that have revolutionised existing treatment methods in each and every one of the sectors they operate in. Their drive for innovation stems from an uncompromising commitment to improving the health and well-being of their patients; addressing new and growing needs of ageing populations; and in offering medical professionals cutting-edge solutions that fit seamlessly into the health-economics environment of the 21st century. LUMENIS.COM.AU

78 83 68 70 Contents

Visibly regenerates and restores skin

Improves post-procedure recovery time with immediate results Day 4 post procedure: Decreased swelling on LHS using CALECIM Day 4 post procedure: Decreased redness on LHS using CALECIM Post 2 weeks using CALECIM The World’s Only Skincare Powered by Ethically Derived Red Deer Umbilical Cord Lining Stem Cells | 1800 242 011 IT’S NO MIRACLE. IT’S SCIENCE ® SCAN TO ENQUIRE


The latest and greatest in the aesthetics industry, tested by the SPA+CLINIC team.

Managing Editor Nadine Dilong tried NuCalm

There is no doubt that stress has become a global pandemic, but not everyone is a natural yogi or good at meditation (i.e me!). Enter, NuCalm, the new biohacking treatment to reach Australia that helps to manage anxiety, decrease depression, improve sleep, regulate the circadian rhythm, increase dreams, accelerate recovery, increase focus, improve mood and so much more. I experience the treatment at Recovery Lab in Sydney (the only place in NSW to offer this treatment at the moment), and all it involves is a set of headphones playing music, an eye mask, and an intriguing sticker, or disc, as they call it, placed on my left wrist. The headphones release specific frequencies, which manipulate my own brain wave frequency, basically slowing it down. The disc on my arm releases the neurotransmitter GABA, a naturally occurring chemical messenger that counteracts the damaging effect of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol (it’s like magic!). All of this combined ‘forces’ my body from fight or flight to rest and digest. The treatment can be as short as 30 minutes, and after about 20, I can feel my body slowing down and find myself in that weird state between being awake and being asleep. I can totally see how beneficial this would be if done regularly.

Advertising Manager Kym Cowper tried Thermage FLX

Nobody wants tuck shop arms and saggy skin, especially when we have non-evasive options to improve this. I’ve sadly felt that over the past couple of years, I’m in in need of a little help, those pilates and gym classes only do so much. Thermage FLX promises to kick start some collagen stimulation and regeneration, so I was delighted to trial the infamous treatment, as the team at Solta Medical promise me Thermage FLX is a game changer for many body parts – abdomen, face, neck and arms. They kindly organised one of their long time partners, Renu at Balmain, to perform my treatment. Sylvia and her team are SO passionate when it comes to energy devices, they explain to me that they have numerous clients that have unbelievable results with Thermage FLX and that’s why it’s by far their favourite device.

Sylvia firstly cleanses my arms and maps out the area, explaining that Thermage FLX delivers RF energy while penetrating deep into the middle layer of my skin (dermis), heating it to cause contractions and promote collagen production. I shall see an immediate tightening effect and will continue to see results up to 6 x months later as the collagen renews. No numbing cream is needed, just a small amount of coupling gel and a bigger tip for the body as it’s more efficient to cover larger surfaces. I feel small warm pulses that are entirely tolerable, but as we progress there are definitely some ouchie parts of my arms that welcome the cooling Zimmer the device offers. You need to allow at least 90 minute for the treatment – Sylvia treated the front and the back of my arms. On completion of the treatment, I’m so excited and truly amazed to notice a significant improvement, the immediate lift and tightening to the front and back of my arms is next level.

Managing Editor Nadine Dilong tried WiQo ONE

It’s fair to say I’ve had many facials in my life. From simply hydrating and plumping ones for a quick pick-me-up, to active peels that basically stripped off the top layer of my skin. Finding the right balance between the two is key, and this is exactly what WiQo ONE promised (and – spoiler alert – delivered). The ‘needle-free’ bio-revitalisation is a lifting and brightening program that stimulates the skin’s regenerative process, and all it entails is the application of the WiQo product to the cleansed face, and rubbing it in quite firmly. That’s it! I’m lucky to have WiQo expert, Dr Zunaid Alli, perform the treatment on me, and after 15 minutes, the treatment was done, and I couldn’t believe how plump, lifted and brightened my skin was the next day – and other people noticed, too! I had the benefits of a more ‘agressive’ peel, without any of the downtime as the product does not cause frosting. Patients get sent home with the WiQo cosmeceuticals range, which can prolong the results at home. I was particularly impressed by the WiQo ICP Cream, which is a compact makeup with SPF 50, and which easily covered any slight redness I had straight after the WiQo ONE treatment. This is a revolutionary treatment for anyone that wants visible rejuvenation without any needles, lasers, or downtime.


BLC Cosmetics Acquires USPA

Health and beauty tech business Anagenics, owner of cosmetic and wellness product distributor BLC, has acquired Melbourne-born wellness and skincare brand USPA. The acquisition continues the ASX listed company’s previously advised strategy of growth via synergistic M&A. BLC’s Head of Marketing, Alison Navarrete, told SPA+CLINIC:

“USPA has an authentic brand story that resonates with our team and our business. It complements our current BLC family of brands – offering our salon and spa partners a range of skincare products and treatments rituals that create a holistic experience. I am delighted that with this acquisition, we can build on its 25 years of experience in the spa and skincare industry.”

With its longterm experience in the spa and skincare industry, USPA is dedicated to pure, clean skincare that utilises the best of nature through science. USPA is the perfect journey to naturally beautiful skin. Established in 1995, in Melbourne Australia, USPA was born with the desire to create a holistic spa experience that would restore and rejuvenate the entire being. Developed and trialled in their own flagship day spa to ensure efficacy, USPA’s harmonious blends nurture the skin and the spirit, promote health, vitality and radiance.

Other professional brands that BLC distributes include Comfort Zone, Hydropeptide, In Essence, LightStim, Thalgo and more.

*Must be a Qantas Business Rewards member. Maximum of 10,000 Qantas Points earned per policy. Available to new BizCover policy purchase only and not available with any other offer. See Terms & Conditions at The information provided is general only and should not be relied upon as advice. BizCover Pty Ltd (ABN 68 127 707 975; AFSL 501769) © 2022 BizCover. BC2129 Compare multiple quotes online in minutes Instant online cover – no paperwork required Save yourself time and money 1300 805 821 Compare with Australia’s Small Business Insurance Specialist Life is already Business insurance doesn’t have to be EARN QANTAS POINTS for every dollar spent on a new small business insurance policy* Business




Three warriors

Shhh silk



Jackman Builders

Cabinets North Hobart

Calm And Nurtured

INTERIOR CREDIT: IMAGES BY ROSIE HASTIE That’s what patients feel like once they’ve visited Lavada, the new wellness destination in Hobart.
Ian Clare Etsy | 17

Facts & Figures



Location: HOBART, TAS

Size: 250m 2

Treatment Rooms: 6 + IV/LED lounge

Staff: 10


We didn’t need yet another reason to visit beautiful Tassie, but Hobart has a new spa destination for locals and tourists alike, and it’s called Lavada. The wellness space offers more than just facials, combining medical aesthetics, spa treatments and dermal therapies tucked away in a quiet courtyard close to the harbour. “Our building was formerly an art gallery and is heritage listed,” explains Lavada owner and visionary Natasha Wolf, who began designing her dream spa space three years ago. “I didn’t end up working with an interior designer as I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted. However, my vision was brought to life through collaboration between myself and an amazing Tasmanian architect Kate Symons (@studioilk) and Australia’s best spa consultant Naomi Gregory (@spasessionsconsulting). The work of these wonderful women was crucial to the success of the project.”

As with most builds, this one didn’t come without its challenges. Natasha was left without a stone for her reception desk when the Travertine slab she chose broke during installation.

“It was three days before Christmas and there was no travertine left in Tasmania,” she tells us. “I was frantic to say the least. We were faced with having to open Lavada with a piece of plywood as the reception counter! BUT, true to my determined nature I ended up in the stonemason’s yard early in the morning in the pouring rain and mud, rummaging through huge slabs of stone. We finally found a replacement marble fittingly called ‘The Taj’. It just felt so fateful as my husband and I used to jokingly say the building of Lavada felt like we were building the Taj Mahal.” There were more challenges with long delays getting supplies to Tasmania and many tradesman repeatedly unable to work due to COVID, but a lot of flexibility and rethinking

of plans meant the opening in early January 2023 could go ahead. “I had to learn to let go of some elements of the design and focus on the bigger picture and getting the project completed,” says Natasha.

Walking into Lavada now, you wouldn’t notice anything had ever gone wrong. The look of the space is crucial to Natasha’s business success, she says. “I feel the look affects the energy of the space. My vision was to create a space that promotes calm and allows people to feel nurtured, and replenished when they leave. The space also affects the service our team is able to provide to our guests so it needed to be beautiful and functional. One of our highest values as a business is providing impeccable service to our guests, so the design is everything.”

Her advice for others in the industry wanting to open their own spas or clinics? Be brave. “Don’t give up on your vision, trust that if you’re brave enough to keep on moving forward you will get to where you want to be. I would also say to expect cost blow-outs with the building industry, do your homework, ensure you can accommodate the blowouts financially as it can be a true strain.” But in the end, it was all worth it. “We are so proud of what we have achieved and we’re excited to share Lavada with our local community and visitors to our beautiful state.”

Natasha Wolf
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Jovena ® takes on a unique approach to skin regeneration by combining two patented modalities in a single device. Fractional Plasma ® for minimally invasive microsurgery and RF Diathermocontraction ® to reach deeper dermal layers and muscles. Greater ROI with one Aesthetic expandable platform.

DISTRIBUTED IN ANZ BY ADVANCED COSMECEUTICALS 1800 242 011 rf bquad® plasmarol l ® plasmatip ® plasmapr o ® SCA N TO ENQUIRE
BEAUTY & SPA INSIDERS Monday 16 October 2023 Pier One, Sydney Harbour Register NOW. Limited tickets available.

Save the date for Australia’s Premier Beauty and Mediaesthetics Event

The fourth installment is returning to Sydney.

BEAUTY & SPA Insiders is our celebration of the Australian beauty and medi-aesthetics industry – showcasing talent, innovation and creativity.

Join us for presentations and panels from industry leaders and get ready to explore the latest trends, technologies, and news from well-loved and up and coming brands.

New to the 2023 line-up will be masterclasses, business coaching, and treatment demos.

Designed to inspire, BEAUTY & SPA Insiders also provides the opportunity to connect and celebrate with like-minded professionals from across the industry. BROUGHT



New releases from some of our favourite brands.

Biologique Recherche Collagène Originel, RRP $133.50 THEBEAUTYEMBASSY.COM.AU

mesoestetic bodyshock intensive mist, RRP $169.00 ADVANCEDCOSMECEUTICALS.COM.AU

Skin Better Science Alto Denfense Serum, RRP $230.00 ADVANCEDSKIN.COM.AU

Image MD Restoring Eye Masks, RRP $99.95 IMAGESKINCARE.COM.AU

Hydrafacial Regen Gf Booster, POA, HYDRAFACIAL.COM.AU

mesoestetic age element firming concentrate, RRP $179.00 ADVANCEDCOSMECEUTICALS.COM.AU

Ultraderm Active Regenerating Serum, RRP $98.00 ULTRADERM.COM.AU

Sparitual Hydrating Mist, RRP $66.95 SPARITUALAUSTRALIA.COM.AU




Cremo Cooling Beard Oil, RRP $24.99 via AMAZON.COM.AU

Adoreyes Obsidian Enriching Liquid Eyeliner, RRP $42.00 REVEALAUSTRALIA.COM.AU

Murad Deep Relief Blemish Treatment, RRP $69.00 MURAD.COM.AU

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum, RRP $149.00 DERMALOGICA.COM.AU

Aesthetics Rx Microbiome Balancing Mist, RRP $59.00 AESTHETICSRX.COM.AU

Liberty Belle Rx Belle Intensive Rejuvenating Hand Cream, RRP $88.00 LIBERTYBELLERX.COM

Photographed by Brandee Meier, styled by Nadine Dilong Jane Iredale HydroPure Tinted Serum, RRP $100.00 JANEIREDALE.COM.AU Skinstitut 1% Hyaluronic Complex Serum, RRP $64.00 SKINSTITUT.COM | 25

Conference Calendar 2023


When: 2nd-5th March

Where: InterContinental Hotel, Double Bay, Sydney

The two-day scientific program is the jewel in the COSMEDICON crown and will feature prominent international and local experts delivering their insights and practice tips on the most relevant and cutting-edge techniques and products in minimally invasive cosmetic practice, including facial rejuvenation, body sculpting, skincare and laser.

ASCD Symposium (Australian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists)

When: 24 – 26th March

Where: Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne

After a successful return following the pandemic in 2022, the Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists (ASCD) are delighted to invite attendees to the 2023 ASCD Symposium. A two-day inclusive symposium filled with the latest innovations and challenges within the cosmetic dermatology sector, alongside hands-on educational workshops and a celebratory Gala Dinner. The Gala Dinner will be the social highlight of the ASCD Symposium, and will be held at one of Melbourne’s most beautiful venues. It’s a perfect opportunity to unwind after a day of information gathering. Enjoy great Melbourne food, network with your peers and be entertained!

Cutera University Clinical Forum

When: 5-6th May

Where: The Langham, Gold Coast

Join us at the 2023 CUTERA University Clinical Forum (CUCF) on the Gold Coast. During two days of face-to-face lectures and live demonstrations from some of the leading names in the world of aesthetics, you’ll learn how to optimise your treatment offerings and marketing tips with CUTERA devices. This is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your industry peers for a weekend of educational and social events.


When: May 13, May 20

Where: Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney on May 13, The Glasshouse in Melbourne on May 20

Now in its third year, ROAR 2023, brought to you by Venus and enVogue, will bring together the Australian aesthetics industry to learn about laser-based devices, injectables, skincare, and much more. ROAR 2023 promises to be different from any other event, with both Venus and enVogue introducing a new, highly engaging concept (more info

to be released soon!). Delegates can expect national and international speakers, engaging educational sessions, big prizes to be won, live injecting sessions, device demonstrations and lots of entertainment! The days will conclude with a fun and glamorous cocktail event giving everyone ample opportunity to network and connect.

Non-Surgical Symposium (NSS)

When: 23-25th June

Where: Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, Gold Coast The NSS is an all inclusive 3-day learning event designed to give you a lifetime of value. The 2023 NSS has an expert, inclusive and diverse scientific advisory committee, who are working hard behind the scenes to put together outstanding and innovative content that will offer you great value. Sessions will also be made available on-demand post-event to give you the opportunity to catch up on any sessions missed or to recap on sessions enjoyed.

SkinCon (Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians)

When: 5-7th August

Where: Melbourne (venue TBA) & Online (hybrid event)

SKINCON hosted by the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians is a hybrid boutique educational conference. This has been designed to offer greater accessibility and value with options for delegates and sponsors to attend and be represented online or in-person with access to presentations and networking opportunities with sponsors before, during and after the event.  These events provide opportunities for Dermal Clinicians, Dermal Therapists, Dermatology and Cosmetic Nurses, and Beauty Therapists to connect and support ongoing education.

Aesthetics 2023

When: 10-13th August

Where: WInx Stadium, Sydney

Dr Steven Liew’s previously sold-out conference will be back this year, bigger and even better than before.

We’ve compiled a list of upcoming conferences and symposiums this year in date order for you to add to your calendar. We hope to see you there!


When: 25-27th August

Where: Millenium Hotel, Queenstown

The New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine looks forward to welcoming all New Zealand, Australian and International Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, Light based Therapists and Practice Managers to their not-to-miss cosmetic medical conference.

Beauty Expo

When: 26-27th August

Where: ICC Sydney Darling Harbour

Beauty Expo Australia unites the beauty industry in the country’s largest celebration of all things beauty. Be inspired with this unparalleled opportunity for connection and inspiration with a community of likeminded professionals. With the whole industry at your fingertips, discover and experience over 200 brands and products, world class education, international talent and live performances and competitions across one wonderful weekend in Sydney.

Medical Microneedling Conference

When: 28th and 31st August

Where: Sydney on 28th August, Auckland on 31st August

The highly anticipated Medical Microneedling Conference, proudly brought to you by derma aesthetics, is centred around the theme of: Pushing the boundaries and enhancing treatment results. Their intention is to offer unique insights and valuable takeaways into exactly how the parameters of microneedling can be pushed and flexed

to influence unrivalled results. The ultimate goal of the conference is to elevate industry standards in the field of microneedling whilst encouraging new networking opportunities.

Fresh Life Conference (Fresh Clinics)

When: 5-8th September

Where: Byron Bay, NSW

The Fresh Life will inspire perspective, confidence, community, self care and life-changing moments. A gathering ground for cosmetic professionals, it’s an experiential unification of personal and professional, business and lifestyle – delivering everything you need to live ‘The Fresh Life’.

Sciton Rockstar Experience

When: 9-10th September

Where: Brisbane

BEAUTY & SPA Insiders (BSI)

When: 16th October 2023

Where: Pier One, Sydney Harbour, NSW

BEAUTY & SPA Insiders is our celebration of the Australian beauty and medi-aesthetics industry – showcasing talent, innovation and creativity. Join for presentations and panels from industry leaders and get ready to explore the latest trends, business tools, technologies, and news from well-loved and upcoming brands. Designed to inspire, BEAUTY & SPA Insiders also provides the opportunity for beauty therapists, salon owners, aestheticians, spa and wellness professionals and more to connect over like-minded discussions impacting the future of our industry in Australia.

Events | 27

Inaugural Spa & Wellness Award Winners Announced

The event shone a light on Australia’s incredible wellness industry.

On Sunday, November 27, 2022 the inaugural Spa & Wellness Awards took place in Brisbane. Organised by Kris Abbey, the event aimed to reinvigorate Australia’s wellness industry and acknowledge the incredible talent we have in this country.

Wellness professionals from all over Australia attended and agreed that it was time to unite the industry, which has become somewhat disconnected throughout the past few years, not least due to the pandemic. Attendees included spa consultants, spa owners and operators, spa brand founders, wellness practitioners, as well as

Congratulations to all the winners:


Best Skincare: Face


Best Skincare: Body


Best Hair Care

Mukti Organics

Best Wellness Product

Happy Bum Co

Best Wellness Retreat

Kamalaya Koh Samui

Best Spa

Five Star Day Spa


Spa Star of The Year

Kristy Morris & Kath Merlot

Spa Consultant of the Year

Sam Dunn

Wellness Warrior of the Year

Naomi Whitfeld

Ambassador for Change

Alice Hansen


Best Eco Retreat


Best Travel Experience

The Reef House

selected Medispa and aesthetic professionals who are offering a more holistic approach to their services.

The event honoured people in 37 categories, with most of them being visibly moved and humbled to be acknowledged by their peers. While the majority of awards was judged by an advisory board (including our Managing Editor, Nadine Dilong), there was also a consumer voted category. Abbey announced that over 6,000 consumers had voted, which far exceeded any expectations she had and showed the general public’s interest and investment in wellness.

Best Island Resort or Hotel

COMO Laucala Island

Most Unique Property

COMO The Treasury Perth


Best Wellness Program

endota Online Retreat

Best Wellness Product

Subtle Energies Sleep Program

Best Wellness Retreat or Resort

Kamalaya Koh Samui

Best Urban Wellness Centre

Kailo Medi Spa

Best Wellness Cuisine

Aro Ha

Best Mineral or Hot Spring

Peninsula Hot Springs Spa

Best Urban Spa

Relinque Urban Retreat & Spa

Best Resort Spa

Spa Anise

Best Hotel Spa

Aurora Bathhouse

Best Rural Spa

Osborn House Spa

Best Wellness Spa

Amatara Welleisure

Best Spa in Australasia


Best Spa in Asia

The Datai, Langkawi

Best Spa Experience

Soul Skin Spa

Best Spa Supplier

Spa Vision

Best New Spa

Bodhi Yallingup

Best Medi Spa

Ascensión Cosmetic Medicine


Best Internal Beauty Product


Best Sustainable Beauty or Body Range

Retreatment Botanics & Better Brand

Best New Beauty Range

Vanessa Megan

Best Hair Care

V&M Spa

Best Cosmeceutical Range

Dr. NC

Best Spa Skincare Range



Waterlily Wins Best Spa Skincare Range

The inaugural Spa & Wellness Awards were created to recognise and honour the people and businesses who have made outstanding contributions to the spa, health, beauty, and wellness travel industry. The awards, founded by industry visionary Kris Abbey, Founder & CEO of Spa and Wellness, focus on recognising those who set the bar high in their respective fields, with an emphasis on quality, sustainability, innovation, and originality.

One of the winners at the awards was Waterlily Australasia, who received the award for Best Spa Skincare Range. Waterlily is a professional Australian spa collection known for their sensory spa journeys created from pure botanical extracts and aromatic essential oils. We spoke to Formulator & Founder, Michelle Reeve, to learn more about the innovative touch points that set the brand apart.

According to Michelle, Waterlily’s artisanal brand pillars, infused with green science, have remained consistent for nearly twenty years. The brand’s ethos is centred around the concept of “slow skincare” and “eating beauty,” where each product is carefully imagined, formulated, and hand-crafted in their Botanical Laboratory in Brisbane. The brand takes inspiration from the wholefood movement, where health is at the heart of each unique formulation.

One of the unique features of Waterlily’s products is that they are hand-crafted fresh each month. This means that as a spa partner, you can expect to receive products that were made within the last week. This artisanal approach, which honours their naturopathic foundations, continues to be at the centre of product creation, even as the brand

has grown to partner with over 150 salons and spas in Australia and New Zealand. Waterlily’s formulations are concentrated infusions of nutrient-rich plant-based actives, sourced from unique supplier partnerships. The brand uses food-grade ingredients, such as nutraceutical encapsulated delivery systems, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables concentrates, and mineral-rich sea water concentrate, to create formulations that are rich in emulsions of super foods, fruits, exotic berries, antioxidant-rich vegetables, hydrosols, essential oils, mineralrich clays, cold-pressed plant oils, and clinical concentrations of clean and green cosmeceuticals. The hand-crafted approach also amplifies the intensity of aroma, opulent textures, and ease of transdermal infusion, delivering benefits that promote the quality of ingredients. The botanical freshness translates into beautiful aromatic rituals of self-care.

Waterlily’s formulations also include advanced green cosmeceuticals, which are intense botanical blends of nutrient-rich ingredients. The formulations include powerful antioxidants, encapsulated vitamins, super-nutrients, and cutting-edge cosmeceutical actives, which have been synergised to combat inflammation, oxidative stress, and photo damage, all of which are precursors to premature ageing and disease.

The brand works with nutraceutical and TGA certified companies, who conduct clinical trials to establish the maximum effective dosage for the delivery of cosmeceutical actives. The result is a collection of effective skin correctives that are pure, based on green science, and deliver high performance ingredients.

Michelle Reeve (centre) with her team and Kris Abbey (right)
We spoke to the brand’s Formulator & Founder to find out what makes Waterlily stand out. | 29

The Era of Change

The Beauty and Aesthetic industry has been described as being among those at the forefront of growth and progress, fast paced and innovative, with the world market for the aesthetics sector alone predicted to rise approximately 13.9% between now and 2027.

Rapid evolution requires stabilisation and thoughtful consideration of many areas, the most pressing being changing educational and training requirements, safety, and client / patient awareness.

As our industry looks forward to the future with excitement, ABIC has created a framework in 2023 to continue to strengthen our foundations, ensure that safety keeps pace with change, and education is in more stride with progress.


ABIC is now the largest Industry association servicing and assisting over 1200 members, clinic owners, managers, professionals and students from every sector; Beauty Services, Beauty Therapy, Dermal and Aesthetics.

In 2023, member benefits will increase, offering added value, services and expertise for all members, including education, insurance, self-managed superannuation options, business support, student services, increased sole operator support and so much more.

ABIC have begun to leverage important partnerships

with key companies and experts to benefit members and the industry. The altruistic backing shown by our industry suppliers for our members will result in added support for all professionals and businesses.

Unity & Collaboration

2023 will see ABIC solidify its working relationship with aligned beauty & aesthetic associations, this deeper collaboration will commence with the ABIC Conference on the 12th of February 2023 with the first ever combined key industry association panel of leaders to discuss how together, they can best serve the industry.

ABIC will also make aligned industry events & conferences available to its members, free or at well discounted prices and explore combined association memberships or benefits to increase support to its members and participate in collaborative projects such as industry skin cancer education with The Australian College of Skin Cancer.

ABIC Certification

Beta testing for ABIC Certification will be completed, with Industry wide certification being launched at the ABIC Conference in February.

ABIC Certification is one of the most significant contributions to the industry, as it is a system that will uphold, elevate, maintain standards and set a benchmark

ABIC Director and CEO, STEFANIE MILLA , shares her vision and plans for the Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council to further unite and empower our industry in 2023.
“In 2023, member benefits will increase, offering added value, services and expertise for all members”

for all professionals and businesses. It will give clients and patients safety and reassurance that best and safe practice is being upheld in their clinic or salon of choice.

Skills Migration

The skills shortage concern and skills migration project are both ongoing matters which involve ABIC’s consistent focus. As ABIC continue to make strides with Skills Migration, a strategic plan to enable smooth migration of professionals into Australia is being created, and endeavours are being made to establish connections with oversees training providers through the leading recognised global beauty bodies and organisations, with a view to migrate qualified students into Australia.

VET Education

With so many changes happening in the VET space, ABIC is making strides as the new, modern voice for the industry. ABIC is registered as a peak industry consultative body for the newly forming Skills groups, taking an active part in reforming and advancing VET education in our industry.

ABIC Education

Education and elevation of standards for our combined industry is a key focus of ABIC. Leveraging and collaborating with our partners and council for the benefit of the industry is at the forefront in 2023.

The opening collaborative effort with this focus at its core is the ABIC Educational Conference in February. Here we will see, for the first time ever in our industry, the leaders of The Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council (ABIC), The Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians (ASDC), The Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), Cosmetic Nurses Association (CNA) and Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA) come together to inform, elevate and benefit the industry, its professionals and businesses. This timely and

progressive step will form the foundation of stable, cooperative and safe growth for our combined fields.

ABIC will also be launching a platform for education that is delivered by ABIC partners in 2023, which will result in online and in person niched education to fill industry gaps and assist business owners, professionals and students.


Self-regulation has been a boiling topic for many years, it is a complex endeavour involving profound and extensive industry collaboration. ABIC have been busy establishing key partnerships with government, aligned bodies, education providers, suppliers and industry and have garnered enough support, commitment and collaboration to make a solid start in 2023.

The ABIC Educational Conference in February will be a launching pad for this and for industry collaboration, with Self-Regulation Committee submissions to begin in March / April 2023.

With so much to look forward to in 2023, ABIC’s primary focus will always be on assisting its members and ensuring a safe and profitable environment for every professional to thrive and grow.

If you are interested in becoming part of ABIC, head over to or call us on 1800 692 242 (1800 MYABIC).

Join us at the ABIC Educational Conference on the 12th February 2023. SPA+CLINIC readers get 50% off tickets, and if you are a member the cost is included in your ABIC Membership.

Business | 31

PRODUCT TRENDS That Will Shape The Industry This Year

MICHELLE REEVE attended Cosmoprof Asia late last year and shares the skin product trends she witnessed at the must-attend beauty conference.

The island city of Singapore was the host for last year’s special edition Cosmoprof Asia held from 16th to 18th November.

“Being the first rendezvous for operators in Asia-Pacific after almost three years, Cosmoprof Singapore is the best occasion for the beauty industry to experience the new business conditions in the region and rethink future strategies”, says Enrico Zannini, General Manager of BolognaFiere Cosmoprof and Director of Cosmoprof Asia Ltd.

For 25 years Cosmoprof Asia has been a reference event for buyers and operators interested in business opportunities in the AsiaPacific region, and getting back finally to a face-to-face exhibition is a long-awaited occasion. And Singapore did not disappoint with a 50,000 sqm exhibition hosting 1,202 exhibitors from 46 countries and regions in 18 national and group pavilions to give 21,000 international attendees a global perspective on the emerging trends having a strong impact on consumers in the AsiaPacific markets in the coming years.

Trend #1.

Biome Mania – Microbiotic allies that support the skin’s barrier

This is the age of the microbiome, not a fad or a trend, but a scientifically grounded field that is opening up new vistas of understanding about human health, and the importance of an inside-out approach. New fermentation processes are creating molecules such as variations of lactic acid, peptides and probiotics, in addition

to enhancing the potency of tried and tested skincare ingredients. Together, they strengthen the skin’s barrier, kick-start the production of ceramides, and supercharge skincare routines. The holy grail is achieving a diverse and balanced microbiome for calm, non-reactive skin.

From South Korea - Ambling Plant Probiotics Balance Ampoule by Amtixbio is a deeply moisturising antioxidant ampoule for healthy, shiny skin. The product’s Pediococcus ferment extract activates bacteria beneficial to the skin while suppressing harmful bacteria and improving the protective structure and microenvironment of the skin.

Trend # 2.

Hair MD – Luscious locks and not losing locks

Temporary hair loss and thinning hair is an ongoing after-effect of pandemic-related stress and anxiety. However, a spate of hair care innovations is helping ailing manes with a variety of supplements, serums, leavein treatments, and new technologies that deliver proprietary blends of ingredients deep into the follicular layer, activate hair follicles, strengthen the structure of weakened hair, encourage regrowth, and restore fullness. Scalps, too, are receiving some TLC with solutions for itchy, flaky scalps that can exacerbate follicle damage. The good news: stress-related shedding is reversible. Hair M.D. to the rescue.

From Spain - F11 Treatment by Nuggela & Sulé is a high-performance capillary treatment that consists of a kit with Premium No.1


Shampoo with red onion extract and Hair Regenerator Serum that has been clinically demonstrated after 56 days of use to accelerate hair growth by 41.2%, increase hair thickness by 17.9%, and hair density by 11.6%.

Trend # 3.

Skin Reset – Dermatherapy for stressed out skin

While the idea of a “skin reset” might seem like a dermal fantasy, a breadth of scientific innovations is tackling the myriad and changing ways in which stress manifests itself on the skin, including inflammation, redness, cellular ageing, dryness, and dehydration. The emphasis is on identifying, and addressing, a variety of skin states and personalised needs with the safest active ingredients underpinned by rigorous clinical testing. Natural ingredients, too, are meeting new levels of safety with greater transparency when it comes to sourcing and traceability.

From Malaysia – Hops Essence by Sky Resources activates, strengthens, and sustains the protective skin barrier. It features a naturally bitter ingredient, humulus lupulus (hops) extract, a compound that exists in nature and helps to activate the “bitter” sensors in the skin to boost the skin’s natural defence immunity.

Trend # 4.

Plump up the volume – Minimally invasive treatments gain popularity

In the pursuit of rejuvenated skin, why endure invasive procedures if you don’t have to? Non-invasive yield a more natural-looking outcome compared to more extreme procedures that require undergoing the scalpel. “Slow” plastic surgery, as it has sometimes been called, covers the gamut from the newest generation of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle alternatives to cosmeceutical-grade serums and athome products that refresh the face and body with zero downtime. Skin refining reaches new heights with high-performing proprietary molecules and patented technologies.

From Singapore – Youth Activating Instant Filler by Invity is a noninvasive treatment that boosts hydration levels and increases the rate of collagen production, lifts the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A 28- day consumer study of 23 participants aged 30 and above showed that 96% found the product has a skin-firming effect.

Trend # 5.

Illuminators – Switch on your skin’s natural light

Healthy, glowing skin that looks “lit from within” is easier to achieve thanks to powerful new brightening ingredients, technologies, and professional-level at-home devices that boost the skin’s repair process, improve uneven skin tone, protect skin cells from free radical damage, and boost luminosity. The newest innovations aim for gentler, less abrasive brightening, with a cocktail of active, skin-loving ingredients that cause minimal irritation and achieve maximum results.

From Italy – VIT C+ Ultra Mask Intensive Radiance by N&B Natural is an overnight treatment that helps the restructuring and rejuvenating skin process with an immediate and brightening effect using a blend of vitamin C, aloe vera, olive oil, vitamin F, fructo-oligosaccharides, beetroot, bakuchiol, caper, and prickly pear.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna will take place from 16 to 20 March 2023.

Michelle Reeve is the Founder and Formulator of Waterlily Skincare. She is an industry thought leader, speaker and guest contributor and makes sure to stay ahead of the curve by attending the best aesthetics and wellness conferences globally.

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COSMEDICON 2023 2-5 March, 2023

Don’t miss out on Australia’s must-attend boutique cosmetic medicine conference!

Calling all clinic owners, aesthetic nurses and cosmetic doctors! COSMEDICON is back for its 6th year and is set to host another hands-on action-packed weekend of learning and networking with some of the best in the industry.

Held over four days at the Intercontinental, Double Bay, COSMEDICON 2023 will feature prominent international aesthetic medicine legends, including Dr Michael Kane (Plastic Surgeon, USA) and local thought leaders. Hear them share insights and practice pearls on the most relevant treatments, topics and cutting-edge techniques and products in minimally invasive cosmetic practice including facial rejuvenation, body sculpting, skincare, and thermal, RF and light-based devices.

This year COSMEDICON also features two full sessions of live injecting demonstrations in the scientific program where luminaries including Dr Joseph Hkeik (All Saint Clinic), Dr Niki Talic (Dr Fresh) and Dr Ingrid Tall (Cosmetic Image Clinics) will reveal their tips and techniques for excellence in injectable results. Scientific program delegates are also treated to free full-day workshops on Thursday and Sunday and breakfast workshops on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

No aesthetics conference is complete without a fun social program! Welcome Drinks, sponsored by Croma Australia, will be held in ‘The Bar’, the recent update inspired by the great hotel bars of London, Rome, Paris and New York.

The Gala Dinner, sponsored by High Tech Medical, sees us relive (some of us anyway!) the ‘Swinging Sixties’. And on Saturday night there will be an ‘Exclusive Networking Event’ in The Courtyard at the Intercontinental, giving delegates a chance to debrief, cement newly-made friendships and catch up with friends and colleagues.

Speaker spotlight: Dr Michael Kane, plastic surgeon, NY

Dr Kane is an aesthetic plastic surgeon who has been practicing in New York City for over 15 years. He performs a wide variety of cutting-edge cosmetic procedures, facial rejuvenation and aesthetic injections.

Dr Kane was accepted into a five-year program in medical education at Pennsylvania State University, while still at high school. There he received his undergraduate and medical degrees, and was a member of the Hobart Hare Honor Society. From 1989 to 1991, he participated in a plastic surgical residency at Wright State University in Ohio. Following this, he completed an additional fellowship in aesthetic surgery at NYU, based at the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. When he opened his practice in 1992, he had extensive surgical and clinical experience.

Dr Kane is known for his pioneering work with injectables for cosmetic purposes while a fellow at the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. Over the past 20 years, he has taught thousands of physicians how to properly administer injectables through lectures and live demonstrations.

COSMEDICON 2023: What’s on Thursday, 2 March, 2023

• Croma Australia Full Day Workshop (free for scientific program delegates)

• Dermocosmètica Full Day Workshop (free for scientific program delegates)

• Welcome Drinks, sponsored by Croma Australia in ‘The Bar’, InterContinental, Double Bay, from 6:30pm

Friday, March 3, 2023

• Croma Australia Breakfast Workshop

• Day 1 Scientific Program

• Interactive multidisciplinary panel discussions

• Live injecting demonstrations

• ‘Swinging 60s’ Gala Dinner extravaganza sponsored by High Tech Medical at the InterContinental, Double Bay, from 7:00pm

Saturday, March 4, 2023

• Breakfast Workshop – TBA

• Day 2 Scientific Program

• Interactive multidisciplinary panel discussions

• Live injecting demonstrations

• Exclusive Networking Event in ‘The Courtyard’ at the InterContinental, Double Bay (from 6:00pm)

Sunday, 5 March

• Cryomed Aesthetics Full Day Workshop (free for scientific program delegates)

• Advanced Nurse Injector Aesthetic Practice Workshop

• Facial Injectables Training (FIT) for Beginners


Become A Master of Microneedling

Take your microneedling to the next level.

“Pushing the boundaries and enhancing treatment results” is the theme of derma aesthetics’ highly anticipated Medical Microneedling Conference this year, taking place on August 28 in Sydney, and August 31 in Auckland. The intention is to offer unique insights and valuable takeaways into exactly how the parameters of microneedling can be pushed and flexed to influence unrivalled results, and this will be facilitated by none other than internationally renowned Dr Matthias Aust.

Dr. Matthias Aust is a leading researcher and practitioner in the field of medical microneedling. His experimental and clinical research focuses on skin regeneration, burns and scar treatment. Having understudied one of the most renowned plastic surgeons

worldwide, Dr. Desmond Fernandes, they later became co-authors of the Illustrated Guide to Percutaneous Collagen Induction.

Dr. Matthias Aust is a distinguished plastic surgeon at Aust Aesthetik in Munich, Germany. At his practice, he specialises in both aesthetic and surgical microneedling. He continues to push the boundaries in his area of expertise, with his research and findings frequently published in reputable medical publications. All will be shared during this event.

The ultimate goal of the conference is to elevate industry standards in the field of microneedling whilst encouraging new networking opportunities. The event is held exclusively for Doctors, Dermatologists, Nurses and Aestheticians.


Venus and enVogue are putting on another showstopper event

Now in its third year, ROAR 2023, brought to you by Venus and enVogue, will bring together the Australian aesthetics industry to learn about laser-based devices, injectables, skincare, and much more. ROAR 2023 promises to be different from any other event, with both Venus and enVogue introducing a new, highly engaging concept (more info to be released soon!).

Delegates can expect national and international speakers, engaging educational sessions, big prizes to be won, live injecting sessions, device demonstrations and lots of entertainment! The days will conclude with a fun and glamorous cocktail event giving everyone ample opportunity to network and connect.

ROAR Sydney will be held at the Art Gallery of NSW on May 13, while ROAR Melbourne will be held at Glasshouse on May 20

Events | 35

iS Clinical Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Big Sydney Bash

It was a skincare-themed night to remember.

It wasn’t just another manic Monday back in November as American professional skincare brand iS Clinical welcomed over 130 aesthetic professionals, media, and influencers to the beautiful Rooftop of Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary. Guests included practitioners from all over Australia, including the QLD based team from Orea Aesthetics, VIC based Lush Skin & Laser Clinics, and Sydney based Dr Joseph Hkeik, Dr Saras Sundrum, and many more.

But it wasn’t just a birthday milestone. Reaching Aussie shores just before the pandemic turned Australia into a fortress, iS Clinical’s launch party was postponed so many times that it ended up taking almost three years to finally take place last November. Motivated to, at last, ‘officially’ introduce the brand to Australia, the party was one to remember.

From acrobats showing off impressive tricks, to disco ball ballerinas, a live band playing tunes all night, and a claw machine with iS Clinical products inside, there was so much to see and do. A 360 degree camera captured those perfect Instagram videos, several media walls made the perfect selfie easy, and there was free flowing drinks and flying food to keep everyone’s hands full.

National Sales Manager for iS Clinical, Fergil Mestanov, welcomed guests and shared how she was initially hesitant to work with a skincare brand, however, after trying the products for herself, she was absolutely blown away by the results and hasn’t looked back since. She introduced the brand’s founders, Bryan Johns and Alec Call, who had flown in from the US, and who couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces as they were so happy to finally make it to Australia for the brand’s 20th anniversary.

Johns and Call thanked guests for their continued support of iS Clinical and the warm welcome it has received by Aussies, and even (half) joked that they might consider moving here.

There was a third reason to celebrate, namely the launch of a new iS Clinical product, Cleansing Complex Polish, providing expert-level, eco-friendly exfoliation in a single step.

“Physical exfoliation has long been popular as a form of at-home skincare, but in recent times there has been an increased demand for more sustainable options. This, coupled with a desire for salon-quality exfoliation at home led us to develop Cleansing Complex Polish,” said Dr Charlene DeHaven, iS Clinical’s Clinical Director.

iS Clinical is now stocked in just under 100 clinics Australia wide, and the team are confident to see this number grow steadily.


Here’s What Australian Doctors Experienced At The Alma Academy in Dubai

A grand trip to end the year that was with Alma Lasers Australia.

In what was one of the most exciting meetings of 2022, Alma Academy hosted by Alma Lasers Australia brought together thirty practitioners in Dubai at the prestigious Hyatt Regency. The two-day conference was filled with educational content, interactive discussions, expert panels, live demonstrations, networking opportunities, whilst providing a large variety of entertainment, which started pre-departure as Alma sent a team of flight attendants to hand deliver Alma Academy passports to selected practitioners around Australia.

At the sold out 2-day educational event, attending delegates immersed and engaged in interactive discussions with Alma’s diverse group of aesthetic experts sourced internationally, including leading Dermatologists Dr Ofir Artzi, Dr Jeffery Hsu, as well as Australia’s Prof AM Greg Goodman and Dr Saleem Loghdey, who both presented on the Alma Hybrid. “Alma Hybrid is easy to use, offering relatively quick treatments with good patient satisfaction,” said Prof Goodman. Dr Natasha Cook, who attended the Alma Academy as a delegate, added, “it’s highly effective and offers superior results whilst less painful and with less downtime than comparative devices.”

Australian leading Dermatologist Dr Davin Lim also shared his marketing tips and tricks at the event to master brand awareness through 2022 via platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. In addition, delegates also received a sneak peek of the new Alma Duo, a revolutionary new men’s treatment using focused low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy to restore sexual performance.

Participants had access to a variety of live-demonstration sessions, new marketing and business insights and received exclusive offers on the Alma device range – all integrated with fun activities and leisure in one of the world’s most popular cities. Social events included a welcome evening by the Hyatt Regency pool and an incredible All White Desert Party, themed ‘Caravan Serai’, which reflected the cultural heritage of the area. Then to top it off, the Gala dinner was hosted at the Armani Ballroom within the Burj Kalfia, with breathtaking views of the starlit city of gold, Burj Kalifa and the water fountains.

Attendees of the Alma Academy were thrilled with the mastery event, with exceptional feedback provided, a common mention amongst delegates was that they each found a new technique, skill, or device that they could take back to their practices and introduce to their patients.

The next Alma Academy is not to be missed, and will take place on the 4th-7th May 2023, hosted in Italy.

The Annual Alma Academy Goes Italy!

At the Alma Academy, the motto is ‘knowledge is power’, and the Alma team is proud to offer their clients a unique educational platform. They’re excited to invite you to their Annual Alma Academy, this year, at the fabulous Lake Maggiore, Italy. Join them for an exclusive educational event that will have you mixing, mingling, and engaging with the best of the best!

At this annual event, you will be able to learn all you need to strengthen your professional skills, as well as better market and grow your business. Alma will provide a variety of devices and live-demonstration sessions so that you can really get a feel for how everything works in practice. Furthermore, they have invited some of the world’s leading aesthetic experts who are available to share their knowledge and insights with attendees. Of course, there are plenty of fun activities planned, such as sightseeing tours around Lake Maggiore or culinary experiences in its amazing restaurants. Plus, there will be exclusive sales offers available only to participants! For more info about Alma Academy Italy, contact the Alma Lasers Australia marketing team at or

Sponsored | 37

Wellness Summit KAILO

I’ve reported on Brisbane based KAILO Wellness Medispa since its beginning back in 2018. What started as a beautiful, small medispa at the Calile Hotel, has turned into a beauty, wellness, and aesthetics brand that is slowly but steadily growing and going global! Founders Kath Merlo and Kristy Morris have developed a holistic one-stop shop for modern women and men, offering aesthetic services such as lasers and injectables, medical services such as IV infusion therapy, as well as Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Nutritional services.

So it didn’t come as a surprise when the power duo announced an event, the KAILO Wellness Summit, for clients and anyone interested in the ever growing world of wellness to learn from the experts in the field. After a few pandemic-induced postponements, the event finally took place in October 2022. Over 200 guests, some flying from interstate, made their way to beautiful Calile Hotel in Brisbane for a day of wellness presentations.

“Our aim was to educate and inspire the audience to look at new ways to live better lives,” says Merlo. “Our intention was always to bring a range of topics to our existing guests, and to anyone who is interested in their health and wellbeing.” And that, they did, attracting over 250 wellness enthusiasts to the Brisbane event.

For VIP ticket holders, the day started with a 6am Yoga class, sponsored by Lululemon, and taught by ‘Assembly by Aiko’, who guided us through a Flow Yoga class with Sound Bowl Healing. While it was hard to get up at 5:30am, I didn’t regret it for one second as the yoga class perfectly set the tone for the rest of the day. It was followed by a light breakfast with author and nutritionist Lola Berry, who talked about ‘failing fearlessly’ and why we all need to stop worrying about things not working out.

After a quick freshen up, the summit kicked off in style with none other than Lisa Wilkinson welcoming guests and speakers to what would be an incredible lineup of speakers and fascinating presentations. The aim of the event, it felt,

The inaugural KAILO Wellness Summit proved people’s increasing focus on their own wellbeing, says NADINE DILONG
Dr Charlie Teo KAILO Founders Kath Merlo (second from left) and Kristy Morris (middle)
“Our aim was to educate and inspire the audience to look at new ways to live better lives”

was to introduce attendees to a variety of different wellness treatments and approaches to a longer, healthier life – not in a salesy kind of way, but in am empowering, educating way.

Speakers and topics included Dr Zac Turner, who spoke about peptides and psychedelics, the power of NAD+ explained by Mary-Lou Condon, the importance of sleep with Dr Olivia Lesslar, and Dr Charlie Teo, who captivated the room with his insights on brain health and the importance of a healthy lifestyle to prevent brain damage. Keynote speaker Samantha Bloom didn’t leave a dry eye in the room and received a standing ovation after sharing her healing journey, both mentally and physically, ever since an accident in Thailand left her paralysed from the chest down.

The audience was engaged and seemed genuinely interested in improving their wellbeing, with many people keen to book in for NAD+ infusions at KAILO post-event. It was great to see healthy, vegetarian food at lunch and tea breaks in line with the event’s wellness messaging.

“We have had incredible feedback from guests, speakers and sponsors,” says Merlo. “Everyone loved the event and was impressed with the calibre of speakers we had. Feedback includes that they loved the diverse topics covered, the level of experts we had presenting, and that they left feeling inspired and ready to take on some new wellness habits into their lives.”

While smaller, often after-work events put on by spas and clinics are quite common and a good way to grow your clientele and introduce clients to new treatments, a big event like the KAILO Wellness Summit hadn’t really been done before by industry. Given the great turnout and positive feedback that Kath and Kristy have received, I am sure it will not be their last event. In fact, they have already hinted at early 2024 for their next KAILO Wellness Summit.

“This was not a money-making exercise, and we invested a lot of time and money into making the event world-class,” says Merlo. “We are passionate about wellness and helping people to live their best lives – so we were incredibly happy with the outcome, and I think we were successful in achieving our goals for this event. We hope the next Kailo Wellness Summit will be bigger and better!

While it may not have been a profit-focused event, the team did gain new clients and bookings post-event. “We have had increased interest from existing and new clients from the event,” explains Merlo, “in particular people had not realised the amount of things we offer at Kailo such as nutrition support, ayurvedic and vitamin therapies. Many of our existing clients have booked in for treatments they had not previously had.” We call that a big success!

“We are passionate about wellness and helping people to live their best lives – so we were incredibly happy with the outcome” | 39
Keynote speaker, Samantha Bloom

Here’s What To Expect At This Year’s CUTERA University Clinical Forum

CUTERA is excited to announce the upcoming University Clinical Forum (CUCF) 2023 Gold Coast event, set to take place on May 5th – 7th 2023, hosted at the brand new Langham Hotel on the Gold Coast.

CUCF 2023 Gold Coast is a premier educational event for healthcare professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of aesthetic medicine. The event will feature a variety of lectures, workshops, and hands-on demonstration sessions led by world-renowned experts in the field.

CUTERA is excited to announce this must-attend event showcasing one of the newest additions to CUTERA’s body aesthetics solutions. Be the first in Australia to learn and hear from industry experts on CUTERA’s newest technology for the treatment of mild, moderate and severe acne, AviClear; the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine, including laser and energy-based treatments; injectables; and skin rejuvenation techniques. Delegates will also have the opportunity to network with other healthcare professionals and gain valuable insights from industry leaders.

This year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever before, with an impressive lineup of keynote speakers and a packed agenda of informative sessions.

A fulfilling two-day event with leading medical professionals as they share their knowledge and expertise in the field of medical aesthetics.

Returning to the CUTERA stage by popular demand, leading laser dermatologist Dr Shobhan Manoharan will moderate the event, leading discussions and presenting case studies illustrating how the CUTERA devices can benefit both your patients and your practice.

He will be joined by world renowned international speakers including two of the most respected and accomplished medical professionals in the industry. There will be a host of other esteemed speakers, including Dr Ryan De Cruz, Professor Greg Goodman, Dr Heather Jenkins, and many more, who will discuss the latest advancements in the field and how they can be applied to improve patient outcomes.

CUCF 2023 will cover a wide range of topics relevant to the field of medical aesthetics, including the latest advancements in laser and energy-based treatments, such as the soon-to-be-launced AviClear, the first FDA approved laser for the treatment of mild to severe acne. Additionally, delegates will gain an insight to the latest research and developments in skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing, and more. Of course, there will be plenty of entertainment and networking opportunities.

Last year’s CUCF event sold out in record time, and this year’s event is expected to be even more popular. Beauty and medical professionals from a variety of specialties are encouraged to register early to ensure their spot at this premier event.

For more information about CUCF 2023 Gold Coast, visit

Why You Should Attend CUCF 2023:

• Experience two and a half days of education, entertainment and professional and social connection

• Gain a competitive advantage over your competition, with sessions on cutting-edge body sculpting, muscle sculpting, acne, and vascular and pigmentation treatments

• Network with clinicians, doctors, and body aesthetic professionals from all over Australia and overseas

• Learn the proven clinical and business techniques, processes and tips from some of the leading names in the field

• Discover the latest developments in body sculpting, how to get the most out of your laser, and how to conduct the perfect patient consultation

• Experience a treatment or a personalised demonstration of CUTERA’s range of products in our on-site clinical treatment suites

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Making Aesthetics and Cosmetic Procedures More Accessible

How MyHealth&Beauty’s Flexible Payment Plans are Revolutionising the Profession

It’s More Than Just a Payment Plan

Give your patients and clients a new level of treatment accessibility and affordability with MyHealth&Beauty’s exclusive payment plan options - designed specifically for your clinic’s needs.

MyHealth&Beauty works closely with your clinic to understand unique needs and preferences to deliver tailored payment options that drive maximum treatment acceptance, client retention and new client referrals.

When it comes to planning for cosmetic procedures, many patients and clients miss out on the full potential of their treatment plan or may not proceed at all due to bill shock or affordability. This is where a payment plan becomes an essential tool in enabling treatment acceptance and avoiding delays.

MyHealth&Beauty increases treatment acceptance by supporting clinics and clients with multiple payment plan options for treatments between $150 up to $12,000 and merchant fees between 1.5% up to 5.9% relevant to services selected. Extra funding for additional treatment can also be provided.

Simple, Customised Treatment Proposals

MyHealth&Beauty operates on a dedicated online platform created specifically for the aesthetics and beauty profession. Your clinic will be provided a personalised branded portal account to create treatment plan proposals accompanied with the associated payment plan.

Once created, the treatment proposal and payment plan link is sent to patients or clients via an SMS message. The SMS message and link is personalised and clearly worded using your clinic’s preferred business name to ensure clear communication, safety and security.

Effortlessly streamline the patient agreement process with our SMS-based system. Patients and clients can easily sign and confirm agreements right from their mobile devices, making the process faster and more convenient than ever before.

Full visibility of treatment proposals and payment plans, including progress tracking, is provided in the MyHealth&Beauty portal.


Open For Business

The latest spa and clinic openings to know now.


Founded by Katelin Gregg and Ella James, better known as Cosmechix, Fayshell is a new-age facial clinic situated in the heart of Sydney’s Bondi. Their model is set to turn facials from a luxury to a necessity through providing fast, affordable, customised skin treatments, on a membership basis. The clinic offers 3 treatment rooms, a retailing space and an LED light lounge which Fayshell members have access to. Instead of having a treatment menu, all facials are carefully curated by a Fayshell therapist at a fixed price. This empowers the team to select different ingredients and modalities, tailoring the treatment and get the best results for their clients without having to increase the cost.

Dr Refresh

As one of Sydney’s most in demand dermatologists, Dr Ritu Gupta realised she needed more space at her dermatology clinic, Platinum Dermatology. Out of this need was born Dr Refresh, a cosmetic and medical dermatology practice offering a one-stop shop for the face and body, from skin cancer diagnoses to lasers, injectables, muscle stimulation and more.

“I see Dr Refresh as an expansion of my offerings at Platinum Dermatology,” says Dr Gupta, “medicine is an ever-evolving field and as a specialist dermatologist, I am ideally and best placed in terms of all things skin and best placed to know laser therapies and technology inside and out from my training. My professionalism and degree of training means that patients can rest assured that they are in the best and most qualified possible hands when they come to see me. I advise and plan a holistic treatment that deals with the things that they would like to improve and I never offer anything that is not required.” Having the extra space in the new clinic has allowed Dr Gupta to have a dedicated photo room, a picosecond laser for darker skin tones, as well as BTL’s new Emface, leaving very little for patients to miss.

Fayshell is like a gym for your skin. The monthly treatments are like PT sessions, they push your skin hard to get lasting results. The LED members lounge is like the gym, the more you go the better your results. Your at home skin care routine is like your diet, to get the best results you must be feeding your skin the right nutrients at home.


Nimbus Co

One of Australia’s leading health and wellness brands, Nimbus Co has launched a fourth infrared sauna studio to its portfolio, on Sydney’s north shore, in Manly. Founded by qualified Nutritionist Su Tuttle and husband Neil O’Sullivan in 2016, Nimbus & Co was born from their vision to create inviting spaces and communities where people would feel at home, whilst exploring both traditional and contemporary health practices using infrared saunas and cold immersion therapy as the core combined modality.

The new studio follows its predecessors in Bondi Beach, Byron Bay and Richmond in Melbourne with three more studios nationally slated to open in 2023 plus expansion into the UK market. Nimbus Co offers private infrared saunas, ice baths and cold plunge experiences as well as multi-modality health services including remedial massage, chiro, kinesiology, myotherapy, acupuncture and TCM, colonic hydrotherapy, boutique retail offerings and more. The freshly opened Manly studio boasts a compilation of four private infrared sauna rooms, and a private ice bath, plus exclusive health practitioner offerings including meditation courses, nutrition, remedial massage and aromatherapy as well as Nimbus Co’s customary in-studio retail selection. New studio owner, Lyndsay Dalton, says, “Having been a part of the Nimbus Co family for over three years now, I am so incredibly excited to introduce the northern beaches to all things Nimbus Co and can’t wait to continue supporting local community members in improving their health and prioritising self-care.”

Face + Body by SM

Sanja Maria, founder and owner of Face by SM in Paddington, is delighted to announce the opening of her sister clinic Face + Body by SM located in the heart of Mosman. Spacing 180sqm, it allows for four spacious treatment rooms and a HQ with a modern twist on french provincial decor. Both clinics offer the latest cosmetic injectable rejuvenation techniques and advanced skin modalities, incorporating cutting-edge laser technology, medical-grade devices, and an extensive paramedical product range.

Face + Body by SM is offering a range of Women’s Health modalities such as Empower RF V Tone to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles used by the likes of Eva Longoria post-pregnancy, the Morpheus 8 for skin tightening vouched for by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, as well as C02 Laser to help with skin resurfacing and rejuvenation all over the body. With a team of accredited experts, a results-driven bespoke treatment plan is designed for clients that focuses on illuminating the beauty within. Our passion is to help clients look and feel their absolute best, providing them with the utmost skill and the most advanced treatments available.

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Supporting Your Team’s Mental Health As A Small Business

t’s not a secret that organisations now know the importance of mental health in the workplace. But, just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean that you’re an exception to your obligation to promote cultures of

Your employees are your most important asset, and their mental health is essential to their productivity, creativity, and overall well-being. As a small business owner, you have a unique opportunity to create a workplace culture that supports mental wellness. Here are some tips for promoting cultures of mental wellness in small businesses:

Mental health plays a defining role in our lives, and it impacts everything we touch, from our personal lives to our professional livelihood and our overall wellbeing. Most of us understand it is important even if we couldn’t clearly define it. The baseline of understanding all things related to mental health benefits begins with the definition. According to the government website, MentalHealth.gov1, mental health encompasses a great many aspects of our lives and is explained as:

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

From this definition it is clear that mental health is a dominant part of our overall health and wellness, impacting everything from our emotional connectivity to others to the

way we treat ourselves in both the physical and emotional realms. By knowing this we are able to recognise that it requires our attention and focus.

The C.A.R.E model

A staggering 41% of employees say that they are more likely to stay at their employers if they have access to mental health benefits. However, this may be a challenge for small businesses. If you’re not able to provide a large amount of benefits packages, the least you can do is just C.A.R.E. The C.A.R.E. model is a simple, yet powerful, way to promote cultures of mental wellness without the financial obligations that larger business have access to:

The “C” in C.A.R.E is Concern. Just being aware that your employees need time during their day to address their mental health demonstrates that you have concern for their well-being. Showing concern can start with the basic skills that can make a difference. This includes practices

Mental health at the workplace expert, NATASHA BOWMAN , explains how to create a culture of wellness for your spa or clinic team.
“Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.”

like mindfulness, meditation, and learning to work with helpful and unhelpful thoughts. These skills also include those in communication, problem solving, and emotional intelligence. At this level, these benefits can be self-help initiatives that allow employees to learn better skills to mental wellness before they get to a tipping point. Starting at this point will allow organisations to better prepare employees for the more taxing parts of mental health that impact an individual and by default, the organisation they work for as well.

The “A” in C.A.R.E. is awareness and access to resources. With the basic skills in place, the next level of care involves self-help resources, coaching, therapy, and psychiatry, depending on the individual’s needs. As the need for these next level care concepts are revealed, it becomes necessary for employers to make access to these resources easy to come by and also at an affordable rate for the one who needs them. There are more and more organisations that are offering affordable mental health solutions. Which brings us to the next letter in our C.A.R.E. model.

The “R” in C.A.R.E. is Resources: By taking a broad view of mental health support, businesses help their employees by offering mental health care that supports attentiveness to both flexible work policies and financial wellness. It embraces the notion that the approach to mental health consists of two components: 1) offering the services that provide the necessary mental health coverage employees demand; and 2) ensuring that employees understand what is available to them and that they will not be poorly judged for admitting they have mental health needs.

The “E” in C.A.R.E. is Empathy. According to National Council for Mental Wellbeing,  “Most people experiencing distressing emotions and thoughts want an empathetic listener before being offered helpful options and resources.”

Here are some ways to show empathy the next time you encounter someone who may be experiencing a mental health crisis:

1. Focus on conveying empathy and not on changing the person or their perspective.

2. Slow down. Distress often increases the speed of our speech and gestures. Give the person in front of you enough time to express themselves.

3. Use a relaxed body posture. Stay close enough to the person to show you care, but do not touch the person without asking first.

Simple ways to promote mental wellness at the workplace

Today, the baseline for the benefit packages that attract employees, address their emotional needs, and lend to a robust work culture include initiatives and coverages such as:

• Non-judgmental mental health days for employees in need: taking one of these days does not lessen how an employee is valued or viewed.

• Manageable workloads: overextending employees will lead to turnover, burnout, and can quickly spiral out of control.

• A well-functioning EAP (Employee Assistance Program):

this will help employees be more proactive in finding ways to solve their problems.

• Training: offering training or seminars in important topics such as resilience and stress management can provide employees with critical coping tools.

• Flexible scheduling options: when possible, this is an excellent way to ensure employees have the flexibility they need to tend to their mental health issues and their workload, which is also important to them.

• Discrimination prevention: whether it is management or fellow employees, it is a responsibility that an organisation must take on to ensure that those who use mental health benefits are not discriminated against either through gossip or not receiving equal opportunities for advancement.

• Continuously emphasise the importance of physical health and nutrition: from walking clubs to nutritional education, better mental health is easier to achieve when you are taking care of the body as well as the mind.

In this article we discussed the important components that make up the case for mental health benefits, why they are necessary, and how they are being demanded in today’s workplace. Those organisations that offer such benefits are also ones that are invested in their employee’s wellbeing and understand its impact on the health of the organisation itself.

When a merger between organisational success and mental wellbeing of those it relies on is present, everyone benefits. There is better balance to the business because it is attentive to the needs of its greatest capital, which is its human capital.

Natasha Bowman is a two-time author, TEDx Speaker, Forbes Contributor, media maven, and President of NYC-based leadership development firm, Performance ReNEW.

“Most people experiencing distressing emotions and thoughts want an empathetic listener before being offered helpful options and resources.”
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It’s a misconception that only product based businesses can succeed online. I’ve seen accountants, building inspectors, barbers and more, all use digital strategies to great effect, and why wouldn’t they – ecommerce is currently about twenty per cent of total retail spend, and I predict that will be fifty per cent within the next ten years.

Think about it; The occasional Baby Boomer might be doing some online shopping, Gen X is a little more web savvy, and just about every millennial that doesn’t live under a rock would be spending online, then comes Gen Z, who literally walk down the street admiring themselves with their smart phone on selfie mode. So, if we follow that trend, as time goes by, more and more of the population will be active consumers of digital products, so it’s not wildly controversial to think that ecommerce will be 50/50 with physical retail soon enough.

Taking Beauty From the Clinic to the Web

Ecommerce expert Paul Waddy explains how important – and simple

it is to incorporate online business to your spa or clinic.

There are two components to a beautician, clinic, salon or anyone in the field of the aesthetically pleasing, making a living using the wonderful world wide web. The first is to drive business to your physical location, and the second is to sell products, which can be a natural progression from selling a service. For example, you have your regular clients who come to you for your expertise, at a certain point, it makes sense to sell your clients the products that accompany your service. At the next point, it makes sense to sell to them via your online store, even when they aren’t in the salon or clinic. In the next instance, it makes sense to expand beyond your own client base, and into potential online customers who may not be clients in your physical business.

Businesses in the area of beauty and self care are among the largest and fastest growing sectors of ecommerce, so if you’re in that space, there are genuine opportunities for expanding beyond the four walls of your store.

Here are a few tips to remember.

Keep it Simple

Part of the reason that I wrote my first book, Shopify for Dummies, was that I wanted to show people how easy it was to change their lives using ecommerce, particularly using Shopify as the platform for building their online store. Shopify keeps things simple – You won’t need a web developer, and in fact, a sole trader can scale an online business past $50,000 in sales per month, on their own.

Build your Community

Your community may start with your existing customers, so if you have clients coming into your store, get them digital – in other words, get them on your email database. Email, or EDM as it’s known, is likely to be your most profitable digital channel, so your job is to build that list. Consider asking all of your clients to join the list, or start emailing or texting receipts, as a way of transitioning them to your digital side. Your job firstly, as an expert in beauty, is to build your community, in many respects, monetising it is the easy


part. What I mean by that is, instead of worrying how to sell eyelash extensions to fifty customers, first try and build your audience across your various channels, then, when you have several thousand followers, you’re able to introduce products to them, via your online store. So, build the community first, and the money will follow.

Content is Queen

On the back of my last step, building an audience, the key to this is content. Try and schedule time in your calendar each week to produce content. The best form of content is organic, meaning turn the camera on yourself, and start talking about what you know. A tip for producing content, is to provide free tips, for example you might teach your Instagram followers how to give yourself the perfect facial cleanse at home. Once you’re recognised as a ‘must follow’, you’ll find it much easier to sell products, rather than having to spend a fortune on Facebook ads.

Product is also Queen

One of, if not the fastest way to grow your online business, is to introduce new products. It’s no secret that if you walk into a store with the shelves full of amazing products, you’re more likely to buy - it’s no different in ecommerce, if your

virtual shelves have a smaller range of products, you’re unlikely to have a high conversion rate. So, think about the products that sell well for you, and then start to brainstorm what sub-categories you could introduce under these. For example, you might be selling organic facial cleansers, could you then add the brushes, masks, or applicators that the consumer might use alongside this. Before branching out into new categories, try and nail the natural journey of your consumer in that moment; when a customer comes to see you, what is the occasion they’re planning for, what else will they need that will complete their journey in that moment of seeking to look or feel better? Try and sell products that are complementary, and in your early days, invest as much money back into the product as you can, to build your virtual shelves.

Remember, beauty, health, and wellbeing are enormous categories online, and there’s every opportunity to take your business beyond the confines of your four walls, and create your own multi-channel empire, so start today, and start with your community, the online sales will follow.

Paul Waddy is an experienced Ecommerce executive, adviser and speaker with over 12 years experience. He is also the author of ‘Shopify For Dummies’.

“So, build the community first, and the money will follow”

Overcoming Financial Challenges in 2023

Struggling with cash flow? ANDY HEYNE has five tips to get you back on track.

As we’ve entered 2023, it’s yet another untypical year to most others we have experienced before. For some of you, interest rates are reaching all time highs never experienced in your business life cycle before. To make things more challenging, your personal life is being impacted by the rates rises; mortgage, living costs, coffee, fuel, insurances etc. Then to top it off, it’s synonymous with your clients, potentially instilling uncertainty and fear in 2023. There may be a drop in client visits, and frequency of visits, and it’s obvious what follows, right? A drop in daily, weekly, monthly sales! You may ask yourself or start to internalise negative thoughts, because your mind has entered survival mode! How am I going to cover the costs of my 2-3-4-5 machines that are valued at around $80K ++? How am I going to cover wages, rent/mortgage on my building?

Financial challenges will definitely come at you from every angle, that’s guaranteed! Although, this can either be your most detrimental moment in time or your most favourable. Let’s dive in and understand what you can do to mitigate the impact, or even thrive:

I have nearly liquidated twice in my career; the strategies below are some of what I did to save & thrive both times.

1. Take up real estate in their minds

Either you or your clients will convince themselves that spending money on treatments or services in your business is not essential, right? Firstly, that train of thought is a limiting belief and dis-empowering! If you believe that, you will inject the same beliefs into your clients. You need to re-direct your focus on “How can I take up real estate in my client’s mind”? How are you going to adapt and pivot your business model with value add? So your clients, when they do their budgets, don’t even consider cutting visits to your business. Put yourself in a state of growth and adaptation, you did it through COVID so you can do it again through an economic downturn!

2. Focus on cashflow habits: Expenses, re-financing, wastage

I have an automated cashflow tracker that will track your

expenses to the day. You will find a QR code below, just scan and follow the prompts, it is yours for free. Your expenses will shock you when stripped down to the day. Re-financing: In our business, I rang both the companies we rent our cars through. I re-financed and saved over $1,000 a month in repayments, we were paying over $3,000 a month for our cars. A simple exercise to dramatically cut your monthly expenses down and increase cash-flow! Are you with me here? If you have had your equipment or machines for longer than 12-28 months, ring around and look at re-financing! Wastage in your business, I don’t need to harp on about wastage, I can guarantee your wastage control (I hope I am wrong) is not unabridged.

3. Look at synergistically creating new revenue streams to your business

If you can find 2-3 ways to add new revenue streams to your business that give your bottom line a bump of 20-30% with a cost ratio 1:3-1:5. With new revenue streams ensure it does not cost capital, You must find ways to have minimal startup (ideally none) at all. This will come from collaborations and being resourceful. Collaborations with people that are liquid will be the greatest move you make in tough times!

4. Increase your hours

WHAT, excuse me Andy!!!! Economic times, call for drastic measures. If you cut back your hours in the easy and comfortable times, it’s potentially time to revert back to putting the hours in. Be intentional about it though, how long for? What is your goal for doing it? What is your savings goal? What is your investment goal? Set intentions so you don’t start to despise the idea. The FASTEST way to increase CASH-FLOW is increase the frequency of your efforts!

5. Have a follow up strategy

Pull client files and look at clients that haven’t been back to you for over three months. Call them up and check in (don’t make this a sales call) it is purely a re-connection call. Your follow up and reaching out to your powerbase has the potential to increase your margins by over 25%

Focus on the above to combat rate rises, financial challenges in 2023. Here is the QR code to my cash flow tracker you can download for free! Become expansive in your thinking and in your efforts.

Cash flow tracker:

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The Psychology of the Facelift

In his new book, The Art of a Facelift , Plastic Surgeon DR JACK ZOUMARAS gives us an insight into the psyche of his patients.

Psychology is involved in every decision we make as humans whether good or bad, right or wrong. Plastic surgery and Facelift surgery are no different. While patients have a facelift to lift their skin, their jowls and smooth the face, the reason for having a Facelift are far more etched into the psyche than simple lifting. Even the result of looking rejuvenated and more youthful doesn’t explain the reasoning for a Facelift.

Not everyone who has jowls and loose skin seeks a facelift. Patients have a facelift because of an internal calling that has everything to do with psychology and nothing to do with the actual plastic surgery and its effects.

Many would be surprised to know that the major reason for patients requesting a Facelift, is not to look younger. In fact, only 20% of all of my patients that present for a Facelift say they want a Facelift to look younger. Now, there is no doubt that you will look more youthful, but this is not the primary motivator in the majority of patients.

Humans are complicated, and we do things for various reasons that are intricate to the internal and external environment that we are coming from. It is important to understand, acknowledge and work with this as a Plastic Surgeon, this way, when I consult with my patient, we can both be on the same page about what they want in/with their facelift, so that it will be an empowered choice, which is ultimately fulfilling.

Thankfully I can report that 100% of my Facelift patients are incredibly happy that they had the surgery and that the procedure has in fact empowered them with confidence.

But why do some want a facelift and others do not?

This question is complex but comes down to what you as an individual value in your life. A facelift empowers and gives confidence. Many patients value the way they look and it forms an important part of who they are, others have reached a point in their life where they want to do something for themselves and be confident. A facelift is a pathway for this to happen.

Much like we dream of upgrading our cars, buying our dream house, renovating our kitchen, that promotion to our ideal job; the patients I see, want to improve on themselves.

They want to refresh the way they look on the outside, to match how they feel on the inside. They want their confidence back. As a Facelift Plastic Surgeon, I have found that the main motivators for a facelift vary from wanting to feel better about themselves, look better/ fresher, look younger and rejuvenated, and wanting to stay relevant in the workforce.

Other reasons I come across regularly are patients that suddenly face a major life change or milestone, including separation from a life partner, marriage of a child, celebrating a milestone birthday, or having children. These major life events matter, because of the way they make you feel, and let’s just get down to psychology 101, no one should ever disregard or discount anyone else’s feelings.

My patients want to feel empowered; they want to look the way they feel, and they want to feel great. They want to look and feel refreshed, and remove that “you look tired” look. This is a great reason to have a facelift.

However, wanting a “revenge” facelift, to get back at someone or prove a point, is the wrong motivating factor for a facelift, and will not result in empowerment,

“They want to refresh the way they look on the outside, to match how they feel on the inside. They want their confidence back.”

because a Facelift cannot change your relationships with other people, it can only enhance your relationship with yourself.

I have counselled patients on this very point and recommended they see a psychologist to work through any unhealed trauma. I’m happy to see them proceeding with this, and we can then work out a plan that is suitable for them and their needs if they still feel that they want Plastic Surgery.

As an ethical doctor and expert Plastic Surgeon, I must obtain as much information about the reasons my patients are wanting a facelift, as this information serves to enable my patient and me, to make the right decisions before proceeding with surgery.

Plastic Surgery will improve your relationship with yourself, not with others. This is a very important point and I will say it again “Plastic surgery will improve your relationship with yourself, not others.”

It is lonely having plastic surgery

A lot of my facelift patients feel a sense of loneliness, even guilt, and other mixed emotions when presenting for a facelift. I find that even though my patients have different reasons and life circumstances for wanting a facelift, they all share a very similar emotional burden that they are working through in their quest to look and feel great, (and a lot of it is guilt-driven).

Both younger facelift patients (40-55) and older ones (above 55) often have some guilt when presenting for a facelift. Younger patients feel that the amount of money they will spend could be better used for a mortgage or rent or family holidays. Older patients, likewise feel that money should be spent on their children or grandchildren. They feel guilty for wanting to spend money on themselves.

Most of the time, there is nobody that these patients can talk to about this, and sometimes it truly falls on the Plastic Surgeon to listen and understand these very real feelings and emotions.

Patients often feel judged, even by close family members and friends, and it’s important to understand that these are all normal feelings. Patients often cannot confide in family or close friends when having a Facelift, because it is taboo and they fear judgement.

The positive side is that I can honestly say that not one patient has regretted the money that they have invested in themselves. The very normal feeling of guilt is replaced by happiness, confidence, and self-love.

My patients often come with a partner or support person, but many come alone. Sometimes their partners do not understand why they are wanting a facelift. Many partners are supportive, but also hesitant, which visibly adds stress to the patient. It’s very sad that a lot of my patients, more often than not, feel quite lonely having a

facelift, this is because they feel that they cannot tell their extended family and friends, for fear of being judged.

Plastic surgery and Facelift surgery are still very much taboo, particularly in Australia (less so in other parts of the world). Less than 10% of my patients freely talk about it, and I am hoping that my book will provide insight and reassurance for those that are contemplating a facelift, those that have had a facelift, and their support persons (family, friends and work colleagues).

A facelift is an investment to self, it will not only rejuvenate and refresh your look, but it will also rejuvenate and refresh your relationship with yourself. The new-found self-empowerment and confidence are real and priceless.

This is an excerpt of The Art of a Facelift by Dr Jack Zoumaras.

Aesthetics 1 19/8/2022 3:55 pm ART012_Artiste Book Cover_FA.indd 3 19/8/2022 3:55 pm | 53
“Patients often cannot confide in family or close friends when having a Facelift, because it is taboo and they fear judgement”


Elevate your business with triLift facial stimulation.

The past couple of years have seen muscle stimulation treatments rise in popularity, particularly those strengthening the abdomen or buttocks, but what about our facial muscles? What many people don’t realise, is that one of the first signs of ageing is muscle atrophy. Loss of muscle tone and thinning skin gives the face a drooping appearance, and while there are many treatments to improve the quality of skin, Lumenis’ new triLift technology is here to treat both muscle and skin.

The leading energy-based medical device company for aesthetic and eye care applications has launched triLift, which is the first treatment in the market to use Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt) in sequence with two other modalities. The technology works to tone healthy muscles, reduce facial wrinkles, and smooth and resurface the skin, achieving an effect similar to a facelift, through an entirely non-invasive method.

Unlike traditional electrical muscle stimulation and magnetic muscle stimulation, DMSt technology allows in-motion muscle stimulation, covering small to large areas. TriPollar RF and triFX Radiofrequency Microneedling then tighten the skin, smooth its texture and plump it by regenerating collagen and elastin.

“At Lumenis, we are always pioneering new technological and clinical frontiers, bringing to market innovative, efficacious and safe energy-based aesthetic solutions,” said Tzipi Ozer- Armon, CEO of Lumenis. “With the launch of triLift, a new facial stimulation category leveraging our DMSt technology, we have done just that— offering providers and patients another first-of-its-kind aesthetic solution. We look forward to partnering with providers across the globe in the months and years to come to further expand the impact and reach of this revolutionary technology.”

Why Dr Saras Sundrum Chooses triLift

Dr Saras Sundrum is a Cosmetic Physician and Founder/ Director of three Dr Saras & Co clinics across Sydney. She has been at the forefront of cosmetic enhancement technology for over three decades and is excited to introduce triLift to

triLift can increase skin smoothness by 80%, reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 30%, and triple the natural production of hyaluronic acid compared to baseline.

her patients. We caught up with Dr Saras to hear what she likes about the treatment.

Why have you decided to add Lumenis’ triLift to your clinics?

triLift by Lumenis is a very exciting, new, and extraordinary technology as it allows me as a Cosmetic Physician to offer my patients an antiageing and lifting result almost as good as surgery without the risks and downside of surgery. It is a comfortable, quick, non-invasive treatment with no surgery and no downtime that not only lifts and tones the face but also improves contour, texture, decreases wrinkling and provides very natural results with no over freezing or over filling! It has three components to it, which allows me to custom make an individual treatment for each of my patients. The other big attraction is that there are no consumables (except for the needles for their triFX component that not every patient is going to have).

How does triLift within your existing cosmetic offerings?

triLift is going to be very successful in my practice because patients who already have other treatments are going to want the lifting and toning that this treatment offers and they can still have this new treatment even though they might be having injectables and lasers. But also, it is going to attract a whole new patient group, those who don’t want to have any invasive treatment and are attracted to its easy application and longlasting results. I think it’s going to be very popular with men and women, young and old!

How do you find triLift technology to be superior to other anti-ageing technologies?

DMSt stands for dynamic muscle stimulation, which involves the application of transcutaneous electrical muscle stimulation through skin contact to activate healthy skeletal muscle and cause contraction. triLift activates this muscle

stimulation causing toning of muscles and restoration of the contour of the SMAS, thus strengthening facial skin support, and improving the facial appearance.

Could you walk us through Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt) and how it works?

triLift has been very successful because, as we age the SMAS weakens, and the muscles of the lower face lose their tone. This causes a slackening of these muscles and causes a less elastic, supported look to the face. By reversing this we can provide a more youthful, supported and lifted look for our patients. After doing the necessary four to six treatments, the results are long lasting as well without the need for surgery. The demand is going to be explosive. The before and after results speak for themselves, and it can be used on almost everyone and is so easy and non-invasive! You can also tailor treatments, not all faces are the same, particularly male vs female – so we can’t take a one size fits all approach.

What has been your personal experience with triLift so far?

In my over 30 years of being in the Cosmetic Medicine field, I have always done my research and been an early adopter of new technology as this is where the biggest rewards are. You can attract the bulk of new patients and you get a growing reputation for providing the treatment first. triLift is an easy-to-use application, is completely personalised – and best of all, there are no consumables. The treatment is comfortable, and results have been incredible. I’m really excited to be able to offer this gamechanging technology to my patients. For more information, visit

“Patients are ecstatic. They want to come back for more and see the continued improvement in their jaw line, cheek bones, and mouth after each session.”

- Dr Rondalph Taylor, MD, Rescu Wellness, NY

“Once in a while, our industry has something come along that literally sells itself. triLift is absolutely one of these.”

- Julie Davies, Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa, Inc., FL

their 30s who are starting to notice their nasolabial folds to elderly patients who don’t want to undergo surgery.”

- Dr Elaine Kung, MD, Future Bright Dermatology, NY

“The triLift is my go to overall facial rebalancing and rejuvenation procedure. I offer it to patients in
After 6 x treatments Source: In House Collection Courtesy of Garden Medical Spa | 55
Baseline 3 months after 4 treatments

What is your background in the aesthetic industry?

I have over 25 years experience in the medical aesthetic industry. With tertiary studies in paramedicine I worked in the health services area, I then pivoted my career to study and then finally open my own aesthetic clinic. Finally I stepped into the distribution channel and have been able to work with key companies in business, sales and education and also expanded my studies to include training and assessment. I have been a hands-on therapist and educator most of my career, and I have been fortunate to combine my love for business and education in dual roles and work every day doing what I love.

What does your role as Education Manager at AC entail?

Each day is definitely different but I help create, coordinate and deliver training for the education calendar along with programs and webinars. I provide support to the education team, ensuring that they are up to date with the new products and treatments that our brands launch. My role also sees me working one-on-one with the key brand managers to represent and support all the new content and updated presentations and aiding the business managers to help deliver training for internal and external partners. Business and Education are the key components of my role and this entails working in collaboration with all the various teams within our company.

What do you like most about your job?

There are so many great aspects but working in collaboration with the Advanced Cosmeceuticals team to bring the brands to life is a facet I really enjoy. Having such a broad selection of premium, science-based skincare brands means there are always exciting delivery systems, technology and treatments being launched. I have such a

NEVER Stop Learning

Advanced Cosmeceuticals’ National Education Manager ANZ, FIONA DOSEN , takes care of all things training and education across the distributor’s brand portfolio. We take

a closer look at what her role entails.

huge love for ingredients and love that we can give our partners the best of the best. Additionally to be able to build strong relationships with all partners from brand owners, salons and therapists and give them the tools they need to grow to not only support their customers coming through the door but also to ensure their businesses are succeeding with the right education and systems so their therapists stay up to date is an aspect of my role that I find truly fulfilling.

What does AC have planned for 2023 (launches, initiatives etc)?

On the agenda this year are face-to-face workshops that involve combination therapies within our skincare and device brands. A national online training calendar will still be a core for education with specialised training on skin conditions available. Internal training is offered and delivered to all our Advanced Cosmeceutical teams as a priority to ensure they can provide the best information and advice to support our clinics. The hair loss industry has also seen a surge, which has seen us incorporating one of our key hair brands, Kerafactor combined with the Lutronic LaseMD Ultra to take the results to the next level. The treatment, which is known as KeraLase, will be showcased at our upcoming conferences. With devices really becoming a staple in every clinic, a focus on products such as CALECIM Professional Serum, a post-procedure serum, has established better ways to minimise downtime and clients’ response to aesthetic treatments overall which enables our clinics to offer best practice and protocol. Lastly, some exciting news is the launches from our hero brands of Medik8 and mesoestetic seeing product releases with new generation ingredients and technology coming in the next few months - definitely worth the wait.

For more information, visit



A revolution in needle-free biorevitalisation that stimulates the skin’s natural restorative processes like never before.

The 3-step approach combines an innovative, patentpending formulation applied in-clinic, with a home care protocol to deliver immediate and progressive results with minimal downtime.

The skin is visibly firmer, brighter and smoother from the very first treatment.

Before After 3 sessions

All ages | All areas | All skin types | All year-round

@wiqoanz 1800 242 011

The Menstrual Cycle AND THE SKIN

The skincare industry has long overlooked the importance of menstrual cycles on how the skin responds to certain treatments, products, and how the skin changes throughout the cycles. These natural changes are normal and can be beneficial when understood, when we know how to identify the traits associated with hormone-related skin changes, more personalised diagnoses and recommendations can be made, benefiting both clients and clinics.

There has been a huge rise in the discussion around cycles in recent years; menstrual cycles are no longer being seen as a mystery, in part, thanks to the rise of social media. There is huge potential for businesses to embrace cycles and for this to become the norm in the skincare industry.

Not only do oil and collagen production vary across the menstrual cycle, but seemingly random skin changes can also significantly impact confidence and these changes can be frustrating, especially when they aren’t understood. When we can

identify how our skin is changing, and the causes, we may also be able to address underlying hormonal imbalances and make the necessary adjustments to promote healthier skin.

A little bit about Hormones:

Hormones produced by our endocrine system control nearly all the processes in our bodies such as metabolism, growth and development, emotions, moods, appetite, libido and sleep.

We produce over 50 different types of hormones, including oestrogen, testosterone, insulin, cortisol, serotonin and adrenaline. Each function in our body connects in some way; stress, for example, causes changes in the levels of other hormones in the body.

As women start being more aware of their cycles, it’s important to understand the effects our hormones have on our skin, explains HANNAH SHENTON.

Reproductive hormones:

Normal hormone fluctuations throughout the menstrual cycle impact mood, libido, sleep, weight, digestion, appetite, emotions and skin. When we look at symptoms daily, it can be hard to see any rhythm or pattern linking the reasons for these shifts, but once we consider that these changes happen each and every cycle, they can become quite predictable and easier to understand.

Symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle can tell us so much about your overall health and are a great indicator of when things are out of whack. When we begin to pay attention to the natural cyclical rhythms, we begin to appreciate this greatly misunderstood part of being a cyclical person.

occurs, an embryo would be able to implant in the uterus, otherwise, the immune system would fight off the embryo.

Things to consider:

• Menstrual cycles are impacted by stress, lifestyle, diet and overall health, and if things are out of whack, such as experiencing irregular cycles, painful periods or PMS, it’s worth reaching out to a supportive naturopath or doctor that’s willing to get into the root cause of the problems.

• The hormonal contraceptive pill (HCP) is made of synthetic hormones that aim to prevent ovulation. Natural Progesterone production only happens after ovulation occurs, so it’s likely that the skin will not get that natural fluctuation in sebum production. Progesterone is essential for mood regulation, sleep and bone health, and the skin becomes more elastic and firm.

The Menstrual Cycle Phases:

• The Follicular Phase: The time from the first day of menstruation until ovulation, this phase includes menstruation and the proliferative phase. Oestrogen gradually rises as an egg prepares to be released.

• Menstruation: When the lining of the uterus sheds (the period). Levels of oestrogen and progesterone are low.

• The Proliferative Phase: After the period and before ovulation, the uterine lining builds back up again.

• Ovulation: The release of the egg from the ovary. Oestrogen peaks just beforehand, and then drops shortly afterwards.

• The Luteal Phase: The time after ovulation and before the start of menstruation, when the body prepares for a possible pregnancy. The uterine lining produces chemicals that will either help support an early pregnancy or will prepare the lining to break down and shed if pregnancy doesn’t occur. In this phase, Progesterone is produced, peaks, and then drops.

Menstrual Cycles & Skin:

Oestrogen and Progesterone play key roles in the menstrual cycle and link directly with the skin’s overall appearance and health. Higher levels of Oestrogen is known to be linked with increased collagen, and increased progesterone is linked with higher skin sebum production. So, as hormones vary throughout the cycle, the skin changes in firmness and appearance. While menstruating, Oestrogen and Progesterone levels are at their lowest and circulation slows, leading to more dry and dull skin.

Oestrogen assists with the production of collagen as it increases approaching ovulation products and exfoliating, as the skin is less sensitive during this time. At Ovulation, skin can be prone to the occasional breakout around the chin and jawline, this can be due to sensitivity to the increased Oestrogen, but also can represent a hormone imbalance.

After ovulation is the Luteal Phase of the cycle, in this phase, progesterone production increases and the skin’s oil production rises. In the Luteal Phase, metabolism increases slightly, causing the Basal Body Temperature to rise and increase sweat production which can lead to breakouts when paired with increased sebum. Additionally, in the Luteal Phase the immune system is slightly less active, which can lead to susceptibility to breakouts. As the body prepares for possible pregnancy, the immune system function slows so that if fertilisation

• The withdrawal bleed from taking the HCP is not a true period and is simply a withdrawal from the synthetic hormones. Skin will not change in the same way when on the HCP compared to having a natural cycle but it’s possible to still notice changes in the skin due to other factors such as dehydration, sleep quality, diet, lifestyle changes and other, non-cycle-related hormonal fluctuations.

• Naturally, the menstrual cycle hormones fluctuate, and so having “balanced” hormones may come across as having the same levels of hormones all cycle long. However, having balanced hormones across the menstrual cycle means that the hormones are appropriately ebbing and flowing – there isn’t too much of any particular hormones affecting the natural course of the cycle and giving rise to unwanted symptoms such as hormonal acne, pain, cramping and low moods.

Cycle Tracking:

Tracking cycles can be a crucial aspect of taking care of your health, many people in the health sector are beginning to refer to the menstrual cycle as a “fifth vital sign”. Our menstrual cycles give us a huge amount of information on our overall health, such as if we are over or under-exercising, oestrogen or progesterone dominant. Just as hormones play such a huge role in skin health, our skin is a visual clue to our cycle health, and therefore our overall health.

Hannah Shenton is the creator of Hart Skincare, Australia’s only menstrual cycle-focussed skincare brand.

5 Cyclical Phases That Can Have An Effect On Your Skin • Follicular phase • Menstruation • Proliferative phase • Ovulation • Luteal phase
“Symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle can tell us so much about your overall health and are a great indicator of when things are out of whack” | 59
“Progesterone is essential for mood regulation, sleep and bone health, and the skin becomes more elastic and firm.”

Let’s Focus On The Body

mesoestetic has relaunched their bodyshock range, giving practitioners the opportunity to enhance their clients’ body treatments. ELISA TAPIA tells us how it works.

Cellulite and localised fat are notoriously hard to treat, how exactly does this range do this?

It is important to have a comprehensive treatment (combining an aesthetic in-clinic treatment and home care protocol), which offers a complete alternative for improving the appearance of these difficultto-treat skin conditions. With the in-clinic bodyshock® treatment, the preparation phase (bodyshock exfoliator gel) contains liposome acids that enhance the exfoliating action and promote the penetration of subsequent active ingredients. The active solution (bodyshock active solution) contains the targeting complex that acts as a GPS biovector for the ingredients contained in the concentrates. In addition, the concentrates can be combined and allow the treatment strategy to be adjusted to help treat the different types of cellulite (oedematous, fibrous and soft cellulite). bodyshock® formulas contain innovative delivery systems via niosomes. These maximise the delivery of active ingredients to the target area and help protect them along the way, optimising their benefits and thus results.

What are the key ingredients that reduce localised fat and/or tighten skin?

Localised fat is an accumulation of fat, normal in form and function, in a specific area of the body, which causes an increase in volume. It is usually resistant to physical activity and dieting, and is common in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks. To combat fat accumulation, it is essential to incorporate active ingredients with antiadipogenic efficacy, as well as lipolysis-enhancing active ingredients and those with adrenaline-induced lipolytic action. The latter produce an increase in lipid degradation in situations of stress or physical activity, so their incorporation in formulas combined with physical exercise maximises results. Examples include Coleus Forskholii, L-Carnitine, Caffeine and enhancers such as Lysine and Valine.

Flaccidity is the sagging or loss of firmness that occurs due to the passing of time or intrinsic ageing as well as ageing caused by external factors, such as solar radiation. It is due to a decrease in the capacity of fibroblast synthesis which causes a decrease in the quantity and quality of the structural support elements of the dermis, such as elastin. The areas where flaccidity is most common are the inner thighs and arms, the buttocks and the abdomen. Active ingredients that help stimulate while providing a visible tightening effect are used such as vegetable proteins, amino acids and trace elements like organic silicon, that provide an intense revitalising effect with a visible firming and tightening action. It is also very important to incorporate active ingredients with

a moisturising action such as hyaluronic acid, helping to maintain the appearance of the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Please talk me through the professional in-clinic treatment and how to best manage clients’ expectations?

Aesthetic body treatments are, in general, non-invasive topical application protocols whose results are not immediate but are visible progressively, with an improvement in appearance seen approximately halfway through the treatment course. As results are not immediate, this can lead to a certain skepticism and demotivation on the part of the patient, which can lead to them stopping the treatment. Therefore, personalisation, the experience and treatment efficacy with visible results achieved in less time are key factors in boosting adherence to the treatment and achieving optimum results.

The personalisation of body treatments is essential due to the great diversity of triggers that contribute to the change in a person’s silhouette. It allows us to respond to the specific needs of the patient and to create unique experiences in each session, impacting the patient’s adherence to the treatment.

Personalisation begins in the first phase of treatment: diagnosis, a key and very important phase in which all the patient’s data (history, lifestyle habits, concerns, etc.) must be analysed in order to create a customised treatment, 100% adapted to the patient. In this phase, it is becoming increasingly common to have digital platforms which, through a diagnostic test, allow the professional to obtain all the relevant patient data and guide them in the choice of the treatment strategy through a personalised recommendation based on the combination of different products in each session. These advanced platforms also allow a comprehensive follow-up of the patient through photographic records and measurements, allowing the professional to analyse the results and the patient to see his or her improvement.

In synergy with the active ingredients, the formulation is of the utmost importance, as are suitable textures that are easily applied and correctly absorbed. To enhance the absorption of the formulas, the professional treatment incorporates massage techniques specific to the area, helping to enhance the absorption of the active ingredients, maximising effectiveness. Massage during application should also be included in the home-care routine, through the use of products that incorporate specific massage devices that visibly improve the firmness and appearance of the skin, while providing a feeling of well-being for the patient.

Elisa Tapia is the Global Product Manager at mesoestetic ®

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Here’s Why The New DMK MD Range Is Ideal For Post Treatment Recovery

A long-awaited revamp of some DMK favourites, with new packaging and improved formulas.

Danné Montague-King’s line of revolutionary skincare & treatment protocols have re-introduced their long-awaited rebranding of the previous Limited and Enbioment ranges, now combined into one line with both sleek new black packaging and a new name – DMK MD.

The brand-new MD (Master Delivery) range, DMK’s most advanced Home Prescriptive product line for dermatology conditions, hosts improved professional product formulas, and cutting-edge treatments whose results distinguish them in the skincare industry. With new and improved formulations in the MD range, Enbioment products can help re-establish health and diversity to the skin’s microbiome, reducing and revising reactive skin conditions.

Supporting the Enbioment products entering the MD range, the re-introduction of the advanced age management line (previously known as the Limited range) includes the long-loved Mediterranean Pearls cleanser, which has now moved into the retail range as ‘Micro Pearl’ – the exfoliating cleanser all of your clients will love.

The DMK MD range is designed to match the skin’s natural homeostasis and support DMK’s Advanced Paramedical Skin Revision Concept to REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN.

“At DMK, we bridge the gap between biology and design, advancing the adoption of nature-inspired physiological strategies to solve the most prominent skin conditions. The design of products following nature’s design has played a vital role in pushing DMK’s technology and product effectiveness to the next level. The DMK MD Home Prescriptive range represents the application of principles and functions found in biological systems to produce scientific-based solutions,” says Danné Montague-King.

The DMK concept is based around imitating nature to achieve natural, long-lasting results. DMK MD has been formulated to provide highly effective solutions to treat skin conditions without using harmful toxins and chemicals. Not only are the ingredients tried, tested, and naturally sourced, but the products and packaging are also planet friendly.

To minimise waste and maximise sustainable resources, DMK MD’s breakthrough science-backed product range is made from 100% recycled materials and glass, whilst the cardboard boxes and design elements are non-toxic and fully biodegradable. The release of the DMK MD line comes alongside the newly released DMK Cryo Pro-X treatment, which uses the same scientific research in cryotherapy and applies these principles to skin experiencing dermatitis, acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and advanced sun damage, leaving a tighter, more glowing complexion.

“‘Microbiome’ will be yet another trending buzz word, with a plethora of crèmes claiming to restore the microbiome of the skin. I have researched a few of these and sadly found they mostly consist of dried yogurt in a crème with a lot of other ingredients, not bad, but they had nothing to do with the skin microbiome. Some of the future products will be pretty good however, as long as the manufacturer understands the real concept behind skin micro-flora,” the DMK Founder concludes.


Advanced Age Management

The new DMK MD Home Prescriptive range represents the application of principles and functions found in biological systems to produce scientific-based solutions!

The ‘R’ Word

Dr Samantha Davidson, GC Dermatology Clinic

As a dermatologist, do you recommend retinol to every skin type, even sensitive skin?

Retinol is a well studied, efficacious active ingredient, that I recommend most patients over the age of 30 incorporate into their skincare regime. At this point we are looking at maintaining skin integrity, minimising the loss of collagen and elastin, preventing pigmentation and encouraging healthy keratinocyte (skin cell) turnover. Younger people may use retinol for acne prone skin, oily skin, enlarged pores and pigmentation issues, but this age group doesn’t necessarily ‘need retinol’.

Sensitive skin types can usually tolerate a retinol and actually benefit from its effects in strengthening the skin barrier, however, I would recommend patients start slowly and gradually build up to frequent use. They can start with twice weekly application and increase from here. The key is consistency in application, which is more important than frequency. Rosacea and acne-prone patients can definitely benefit from retinol as it decreases sebum (oil production) which is a key component in causing these conditions.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend retinol to all skin conditions as this includes a large array of complex, medical conditions, for which retinol is not suitable, for example patients with more eczema prone skin, are likely to avoid retinol when they have active flares. But all skin types (dry, sensitive, oily, normal, etc) can usually include retinol in some form.

There are a lot of retinol products with varying price points out there, are they all the same?

There are products with price points for all budgets, but more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. CeraVe products are formulated for sensitive skin, so don’t include fragrances or additional preservatives that may increase the cost of the product. They have active ingredients that are well studied and have been long demonstrated to work in conjunction with Vitamin C and Retinol.

What kind of patient would benefit more from a retinal than a retinol?

Retinal is a stronger active ingredient than retinol, however with that increased strength often comes increased irritancy, less stability and

increased sun sensitivity. Some peoples’ skin types can tolerate retinal, but most people are unable to use it as frequently, which then decreases efficacy.

It is better to use a product that is not as strong, more frequently, and gain consistency with your application and skincare routine, than to use a stronger product less frequently.

If you get regular facial treatments, it’s often recommended to not use any actives the week prior and post treatment, which disrupts the regularity of retinol use. How should patients navigate this?

First check with the person doing your skin treatments, as if they are very frequent, they may be mild treatments, in which case you don’t need to stop your retinol. Alternatively, if you do have regular skin treatments, these are designed to improve structure of your epidermal layer (skin barrier) and the retinol can work in conjunction with this and then the retinol only needs to be stopped for two - three days after a procedure.

If you are having a treatment such as a medium - deep chemical peel or an ablative laser, it is advisable to cease your retinol three to five days prior, and not recommence retinol until peeling or crusting of the skin has ceased. Recommencing skincare with an encapsulated retinol (such as CeraVe retinol) is great at this point as it is formulated for sensitive skin with Niacinamide and Hyaluronic acid to hydrate and sooth the skin whilst the retinol becomes active. Most people do a series of these once or twice per year so that the rest of the year they can utilise their retinol consistently.

Dr Howard Murad, Founder of Murad What makes a retinoid product effective?

Retinol is well-known as the gold standard for anti-aging ingredients, that’s why my patients ask for it frequently. However, I saw a significant need for a new product that worked more quickly and didn’t cause irritation and dryness. After years of research and development, I’m proud to say we have finally perfected the science with our revolutionary line of Retinol products: Retinol Youth Renewal Serum, Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Cream, Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream, and the latest, Retinol

If there was a holy grail ingredient in skincare, for most it would be Retinol. We talk to skin experts on how they use and prescribe it.

youth Renewal Eye Masks. What’s exciting about this revolutionary new product range is that it gets to work quickly and without any of the irritation of traditional retinol formulas. The serum was the number one retinol product in the U.S. three years in a row and is clinically proven to deliver results in 2 weeks. And the serum and night cream reduce the appearance of wrinkles 3x better when used together.

What’s different about Murad’s retinol?

Many retinol formulas rely on a single form of retinol and may take several weeks to deliver results, and cause

irritation. Retinol is not stable, and this makes it a more difficult ingredient to work with. Murad’s range of retinol products overcome these traditional drawbacks with its breakthrough Retinol Tri-Active Technology. It’s comprised of a fast-acting retinoid, time-released retinol, and a booster to optimise performance and quickly deliver visible results with minimised side effects. These results include a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and dramatic improvements in texture, tone, and radiance. On top of this, all our products include antiinflammatories, antioxidants, and hydrators.

Retinoid Superstars

DOCTOR BABOR PRO A Retinol Concentrate

Retinyl palmitate and stable retinol esters (in the form of Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate) work to protect the cells from oxidative damage and prevent premature ageing in this wonder-filled concentrate. With this perfect blend of two innovative retinoids, it can achieve direct access into the cell, making it the ultimate anti-aging hero. This blend is amazing for blackheads, whiteheads, stubborn texture, and our favourite- balancing and regulating oil flow. Daily use encourages cell turnover, stimulates collagen synthesis, and refines skin texture. This is a true all-rounder, appropriate for all skin types as initial tolerance can be introduced slowly.

Ultraderm Rapid Retinol Concentrate

Rapid Retinol Concentrate contains a synergistic blend of Retinol (1%), Peptides, Liposhield and other performance actives to assist rejuvenate, refine and illuminate the skin.  It helps promote a more youthful complexion by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation whilst improving skin laxity and dryness. It also works as a barrier to prevent oxidative stress from blue light emissions.

“At Beauty On Queen - Southport we rate Ultraderm’s Rapid Retinol to be one of the best Retinol products on the market! Extensive research went into perfecting this product in order to give clients the best results possible along with the best quality ingredients. It has the powerful ingredients to combat conditions like acne and can target areas of pigmentation. It can also reduce premature ageing and sun damage.” - Muntaha Bourke, Beauty on Queen

Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream

A fast-acting retinoid, a time-released retinol and a retinol booster helps fight lines and wrinkles, even skin tone, and boost radiance. Niacinamide and Dipeptide strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, while leaving skin with a firmer, more lifted appearance. Murad’s potent-yet-gentle formula equals results that are impressive, not aggressive.

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum

The Retinol used in the new Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum is a 3.5% Retinoid Complex containing Retinol, which improves texture and firmness and fades the appearance of dark spots, as well as Encapsulated Retinol Spheres, which carry time released Retinol to improve fine lines and wrinkles, and even skin tone. The addition of Granactive Retinoid, a stable retinoid ester further reduces fine lines, wrinkles,

2 weeks | 65
These professional retinoid skincare heroes pack a punch.
Before After

pores, and the appearance of dark spots as well as skin smoothness, and 10 HAS/ hydroxysteric acid (Retinol Booster) works to boost the already potent abilities of Retinol. This formula is a high-dose, fast-acting multi-retinoid serum with a skin health approach for resilient skin with fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin, open pores, dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Medik8 Crystal Retinal

Medik8 Crystal Retinal harnesses retinaldehyde, a next generation vitamin A molecule. Unlike retinol, which must first be converted to retinaldehyde and then to retinoic acid within the skin, Crystal Retinal only requires one conversion to retinoic acid. Delivering results up to 11 times faster than classic forms of retinol, retinaldehyde rapidly resurfaces the skin while helping to plump the complexion. Delivered in a crystal encapsulation system, the active is time-released throughout the night. This means retinaldehyde is just as gentle on the skin as retinol but has effects similar to prescription-strength retinoic acid.

Unlike other forms of vitamin A, retinaldehyde also has the added benefit of having direct bacterial action, making it the ideal anti-ageing ingredients for blemishprone skin. Medik8 Crystal Retinal is suitable for all types of skin and is available in five strengths – from Crystal Retinal 1 formulated for sensitive skin right up to Crystal

SkinMTX Intense RejuvorA

SkinMTX Intense RejuvorA is a vitamin A complex that uses a unique encapsulation system to effectively deliver retinol into the skin without causing sensitivity or irritation. The triple protection system stabilises retinol and minimises its exposure to the environment which leads to oxidation, ensuring it is delivered efficaciously and effectively into the skin.

Intense RejuvorA Cream demonstrates a vast improvement in efficacy and stability compared to conventional retinol, helping provide stellar protection against free radical damage, minimising the appearance of lines and wrinkles, brightening of the skin, and overall improvement of skin texture, tone, and hydration levels.

The formulation has also been infused with duo-vitamin ascorbyl glucoside and the blend of 10 natural calming essences of BioCalm10™ for optimum skin rejuvenation results. It’s also proven to have high stability, even in high temperatures. With impressive clinically-proven results exhibiting a 97% higher stability level, 15% higher skin regeneration benefits, 15% anti-wrinkle action, and a 50% reduction in skin irritation, SkinMTX Intense RejuvorA Cream provides intensive retinol

mesoestetic post peel 1% retinol concentrate

mesoestetic’s post-peel 1% retinol concentrate has a high retinol concentration in a lightweight serum texture that is designed to help enhance the results of the mesopeel professional peels and be used to visibly brighten, moisturise and unify skin tone at home. The post-peel 1% retinol concentrate is a retinol based formula that helps combat visible signs of ageing, with rebalancing benefits and antioxidant support.

Thanks to a precise combination of active ingredients, it significantly improves the appearance of wrinkles and skin elasticity while helping visibly plump the complexion. It improves the appearance of skin texture and visibly softens wrinkles and expression lines. Vitamin E and B5 have an antioxidant and rebalancing effect, while Centella asiatica has restoring properties.

Skinbetter Science AlphaRet Overnight Cream

Multiple award-winning AlphaRet® Overnight Cream is a complete one-step nightly treatment containing scientifically validated, revolutionary retinoid technology to target skin aging.  Suitable for all skin types, the cream features a unique ingredient that is made up of a retinoid combined with an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that provides visible skin rejuvenation with little-to-no irritation. The product is particularly effective on dry and dehydrated skin as well as ageing skin.


New Study Shows Hydrafacial Improves Acne

Beloved professional skincare treatment Hydrafacial is now clinically reported to improve acne skin concerns, according to a new study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology (JCAD). The Beauty Health Company-owned brand (NASDAQ: SKIN) shared that 100 percent of study participants reported clearer, less inflamed skin after a series of clarifying treatments with Hydrafacial’s patented vortex fusion device and blue LED light.

During the 12-week assessment, study participants, ranging in age from 19 to 48 and with varied skin tones, received a clarifying Hydrafacial treatment from a trained esthetician every two weeks. All participants reported a significant improvement in acne severity, finding they had fewer acne lesions and cleaner, more radiant-looking skin. Additionally, participants reported a significant boost in confidence in their appearance at the conclusion of the study, growing from 40 percent feeling more confident after their first treatment to 100 percent, after their final treatment.

“We are thrilled to present these latest findings on the benefits of Hydrafacial clarifying treatments for those suffering from acne,” says BeautyHealth Chief Medical Officer and study co-author Dr. Jwala Karnik. “Anyone who has ever experienced acne understands the desire to find a solution that truly works and can help them feel more confident in their appearance. Our hope is that these findings encourage anyone suffering from acne to try this clarifying treatment and see the results for themselves.”

DISCOVER INSTANT RELIEF NEW ExaSoothe INTRODUCING A luxe, clinically proven system for immediate and ongoing relief of sensitive and eczema-proneskins It’s luxurious skincare anyone with sensitive skins will want to use. Clinically proven to relieve redness, itching and flare-ups. Not Only Highly Effective Homecare Discover Murad’s ExaSoothe range for your clients. Contact 1800 687 237 or Visit to become a Salon Partner. Murad’s ExaSoothe range is formulated with science-backed ingredients and patented technologies including: Colloidal Oatmeal Soothing Oat & Peptide Cleanser Quick Relief Moisture Treatment Daily Defense Cream Proven to relieve itch and soothe eczema- prone symptoms Rapidly soothe, hydrate and restore skin’s suppleness Support hydration and a healthy microbiome to relieve irritation Ground Cherry + Oat Lipids Mondo Grass Sugars + Niacinamide

Luxury Wellness on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has become a favourite holiday destination for Aussies and international tourists alike and is slowly shaking the reputation of ‘schoolies central’. Instead, high end boutique hotels, cafes, and restaurants are opening up, with one of the most anticipated being The Langham, just north of Broadbeach. With its waterfront location, luxurious rooms, and incredible service, The Langham is bringing luxury to the Gold Coast, but it’s its spa, which is the jewel in the crown that makes The Langham worth a visit.

Chuan Spa opened its doors on November 23, 2022, presenting an oasis of peaceful ambience guided by the principles of traditional Chinese medicine with each treatment being customised to nurture, balance and restore, guided by the Five Elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

I am meeting Chuan Spa Manager, Emma Sirett, upon my arrival at the spa to learn more about the

offering and philosophy behind Chuan Spa. Emma shows me the stunning fitout of soft, neutral, calming hues, and bespoke contemporary design with marble accents comprising eight treatment rooms including two couple rooms. The rooms are very spacious and while the lighting is moody, there is still a light and airy feel to it.

Brands used in the spa include Biologique Recherche, IKOU, Qi Beauty, and AMRA Skincare – with Chuan becoming the first partner in Australia to feature the high-quality ingredients and formulas for their guests. Throughout the spa, I notice the subtle scent of Chuan signature elements oils, and when I am completing my consultation form, it turns out I am in the element of ‘Earth’ that day, so that is the oil that will be used during my treatment.

I am surprised by how tailored each treatment at Chuan is. After a quick consultation, we decide a body scrub, followed by a Harmony Massage

The new Chuan Spa at The Langham Gold Coast combines glamour with Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, says NADINE DILONG

would be best for me that day. The scrub, which is made on-site, is not just any scrub, but uses herbs including Ginger and Peppermint mixed with Salt to gently exfoliate and invigorate my body. The customisation even goes so far as the music; I appreciated my therapist asking me if I was happy with the volume of it. Another impressive detail is the treatment bed, which is not only extremely comfortable, but a bit wider than most others, and of course, it can be heated to keep me at a comfortable temperature. The treatment beds (by Gharieni, made in Germany) as well as some other chairs and equipment at Chuan has been supplied by Spa Vision.

After I shower off my scrub, my full body massage begins, but not before my therapist guides me through a breathing exercise as well as pressing down on certain pressure points on my face, to keep my mind from wandering off, but make me more present in the moment, as she

explains. The relaxation massage uses Chuan’s Traditional Chinese Medicine sequence, combining flowing relaxation movements with therapeutic acupressure techniques. This means that my therapist uses her finger tips and knuckles to firmly press down on certain points on my body, and to be honest, some of them hurt quite a bit, but in a good way. As soon as she releases the pressure, I can feel a warm, tingling sensation in my body. And after 60 minutes of massage, my body feel relaxed, but also invigorated and energised.

Afterwards, I am guided to the relaxation pods in the shape of cocoons where herbal tea and a healthy snack await me. The rattan cocoons offer comfort and privacy – and also look very stylish – and make it quite hard to leave the spa. But after about 15 minutes of enjoying my tea, I float out of Chuan Spa and vow that I will be back at this new must-visit wellness destination on the Gold Coast. | 69

Bringing Social Bathing Culture To Australia

Melbourne’s new wellness destination, Olympia Bath House, aims to make bathing culture accessible to everyone. We chat to the Founder, EMILY KING .

Please explain your professional background and what sparked the idea for Olympia Bath House?

Growing up as a sporty kid, I’ve long understood that the human body can be an extraordinarily powerful vehicle if nurtured and respected. The rewards of hard work and discipline, balanced with rest, have shaped the way I move through the world. As an adult, these ideas were further realised during my first overseas trip to Japan where I visited the Onsen. I found that this practice helped me refresh and recover from the exhaustion of the bustle of city life and I was immediately hooked.

Years later, whilst studying in Amsterdam, I signed up for the local health centre with access to a 24-hour sauna. Everyone was nude, no one was segregated, and it was buzzing at all hours of the day. It was awesome. I then moved to London to pursue a career in fashion, which proved the perfect basecamp for me to escape on weekends and explore Europe and of course, many bathing and wellness centres. These weekend jaunts soon grew into a passionate research mission and a stabilising ritual in my life. This journey led me through global wellness centres beyond Europe, crystallising my understanding of community as a crucial function of being well.

My travels taught me that city life is both enthralling and challenging no matter what the time zone. For all its rewards, atomised urban living is defined by contradiction: filled with time-saving conveniences, rarely do we feel the minutes we’ve saved add up to hours we can truly enjoy. Population density rarely translates to personal connection

and the rich swathe of opportunities and sensory experiences that are said to unwind us do little to quiet our busy minds. When I returned to Australia, I found that the wellness industry wasn’t serving us very well: failing to fulfil consumer desire for communal experiences and neglecting to look towards an increasingly urbanised future.

The Australian wellness movement has so far targeted the individual, but scientific research and my global experience have shown me that long-lasting wellness lies in collective wellbeing. To achieve this, I believe we must reimagine health as a community practice. I haven’t looked back.

Why is bathing not as common in Australia as in, for example, Europe, and why do we need to change this?

That is a big question and one that deserves some academic attention. I think that bathing culture is not as common in Australia for two reasons. The first is that the colonisers of Australia were not interested in understanding the bathing culture of the First Nations people and in the process, decimated thousands of years of bathing history in Australia. Aboriginal peoples have for thousands of years spent time on rivers and billabongs, which is central to intergenerational knowledge, cultural transfer, and family time. I have been lucky enough to visit Witjira-Dalhousie Springs (Dalhousie Springs) in central Australia, which are mineral-rich thermal waters containing water that is possibly millions of years old. This has been a fundamental part of Aboriginal tradition, proven by the large campsites and stone artefacts found throughout the location.


Secondly, it is likely that when the British and Europeans came to Australia, bathing culture was not introduced because there had been some significant shifts throughout history that, before their arrival, had diminished the role of public bathing more broadly. That is, a cultural shift influenced by many factors: social ideas, religion, the environment and who would fund public bath houses. At the same time, technological advances made bathing in homes more accessible to the masses.

We need to change this because regardless of an individual’s cultural background, water plays an important role in human well-being that extends well beyond its role in supporting life-sustaining functions, and includes mental health, spiritual well-being, emotional balance and happiness. We have designed the Olympia Bath House for daily enjoyment to encourage the use of the bathing areas as a civic space by a broad range of people. Inspired by ancient traditions, we see Olympia as an urban wellness playground that will meet our need for a renewed and transformed urban lifestyle that encourages boundarycrossing connections and nourishment for the people who live in and pass through cities.

Olympia Bath House sounds unlike anything we have in Australia, can you briefly describe it and what makes it different?

We believe that Olympia is the only bathhouse in Australia designed for daily enjoyment. For an individual or a group to go somewhere daily, it must first be a place where they are able to go daily. It needs to be accessible in price and physical design, convenient to access by multiple forms of transport and provide opening hours that extend beyond any other bathhouse. So a big difference is that Olympia was intentionally designed with accessibility at its core.

For someone to want to visit a space regularly, it also needs to offer transformational experiences, connections, and community. In what we call wellness-based entertainment, it is our goal to foster bonds between like-minded wellness devotees, local workers and residents and non-residents alike. We see Olympia as much a place for self-care as an alternative to going to the pub for after-work drinks or coffee catch-ups with friends.

Who would be the target customer?

Our aim is to create a luxury brand that is inclusive and reminds us that indulgence should not be unattainable. We see our audience as a community of people that are motivated to be well, practice self-care and appreciate luxury; a concept that we believe has evolved from ownership of expensive goods to experiences that offer convenience, choice, value, and the ability to share with others.

It’s our hope that having locals patronise the bathhouse will build a community. For casual guests, and tourists if you like, this provides an experience of the ‘local culture’, which is one of the fundamental principles of why people visit new neighbourhoods and travel in the first place.

Why did you choose this location in Melbourne?

For several years we have been looking for a space that would represent and accommodate the grand nature of Olympia Bath House and provide the structural integrity required for a luxury bath house. The new development, St Germain in Toorak, ticked these boxes, and we realised that the area is much more than an emblem of affluence. Stonnington is a council of growth, not just in population density but also its diversity. This melting pot closely reflected the essence of the ancient bathing cultures that first inspired Olympia Bath House.

Can you describe a typical client journey at Olympia Bath House?

Olympia intentionally breaks away from prescribing a typical journey. There will be guidance on how to engage with each experience for the best results and safety but ultimately, we prefer to provide a space that constantly introduces new experiences and where guests can take their own journey, especially for our members who will use the facility more regularly. There will be times dedicated to lowering the vibrations and others that are more lively. For example, a guest could focus a single visit on connecting with themselves during one of the silent hours. It might be a long and slow visit that starts with a sound bath, followed by a massage and then a soak session that allows time to explore each of the bathing experiences. Those looking for an alternative to afterwork drinks might head straight to the experience sauna for an Aufguss ceremony followed by a chess tournament, conversation and beverages in and around the vitality pool. One of our members might pop in for a quick sauna in the evening to help them sleep soundly through the night. And furthermore, people may choose to work out in any of our movement classes. It’s completely up to them!

What is the thinking behind the long opening hours?

Accessibility is a big driving force that makes extended business hours an important part of our offering. Many of us have had commitments, whether work, family or other, that have made it challenging to find the time within what the industry considered standard operating hours to get a massage or visit a spa. As a result, a huge portion of the population has been excluded from access simply because of their schedule. That’s not right.

At the same time, outside of business hours is when people most seek entertainment, something that can relieve stress and promotes creativity while establishing the culture of a community. Opening later into the evenings also intentionally provides alternative nourishment to a bottomless internet scroll or an alcohol-focused catch-up.

What is your favourite part of Olympia Bath House?

We are most excited about how Olympia will offer bathing to more people and will help to evolve the practice from rarely to daily, from episodic to essential, and from a luxury to a dominant lifestyle value. If I was to call out a single experience, it would have to be the hammam. The spacious heated marble seating, domed ceiling and fresco paintings are going to provide a moody atmosphere for lively conversation and intense body scrubs.

Australia’s largest social wellness club, Olympia Bath House, will open in April 2023. | 71

Key Learnings From The Global Wellness Summit

The theme of the 16th annual Global Wellness Summit for 2022 was “Open Minds. Open Hearts. Open for Business.” recognising the importance of embracing an ‘open’ attitude as the world reels from years of challenges and awakens to the significant impact that health and wellness have on the global economy.

Hosted in Tel-Aviv, the Israeli innovation scene was my bucket list backdrop of this international event, bringing together leading luminaries from the wellness, medical, scientific, tech, academic and investment sectors to explore what lies ahead for wellness and preventative health.

In 2017 the Global Wellness Institute launched their audacious Wellness Moonshot; a serious and earnest call to action to unite health and wellness leaders to eradicate chronic and preventable disease. The harsh reality is that 70% of all deaths each year are a result of completely preventable diseases potentially costing the global economy $47 trillion by 2030.

State of the Union

Susie Ellis, Founder, Chair and CEO for the Global Wellness Summit welcomed delegates with a 30,0000 feet view of how the world has shifted from a lockdown mentality to gathering and traveling. While people have returned to their lives, it has not been necessarily to the lives they had before. This is great news for the wellness industry. Susie explains, “People are now demanding that wellness be at the centre of everything they do. From where they live to how they work and travel, to how they track their health and hack their biology to be the best they can be. There is a new consciousness around both health-care and self-care.”

First a Global Economic Health Check

Thierry Malleret, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of the Monthly Barometer, a leading analytical global monthly newsletter with predictive insights into economics, geo-political

Susie Ellis, Founder, Chair and CEO for the Global Wellness Summit
It’s impossible to walk away from the biggest wellness conference in the world uninspired. MICHELLE REEVE shares her key takeaways from the GWS 2022.

environment, social issues and technology, discussed the inequality in wellness both holistically and individually. “Our wellness is linked to the wellness of environment. It is impossible to be fully well in a world that is polluting and when you face recurring extreme weather events. It is hard to be well in a world that is environmentally and socially unwell. And so just how do we reconcile these?”

He asks the industry how we can democratise wellness products while honouring our commitment to a well world. For example, how does the wellness industry prosper while ensuring international standards on carbon emission standards? We know that bio-diversity is as essential as climate, but we currently utilise the environment as a resource without attributing a price. Plants, animals and natural activities account for half of the world’s GDP. If bees didn’t exist, their contribution would cost around $24b per year. Is the wellness economy recession proof? “Wellness is a global aspiration and accounts for in excess of 5% of the world GDP. We all want to be well,” Confirms Thierry. He predicts a fast growing explosion of start-ups around nature based solutions.

Your Genes are Not your Destiny

Richard Carmona, the 17th Surgeon General of the US and now Chief of Health Innovation for Canyon Ranch made the case for epigenetics – simply, how our behaviours and environment can cause changes that affect the way our genes work. He reminded us that only 20% of us come from our parents. Epigenetic inputs include food, exercise and mindfulness, meaning we recode our genes by the behavioural actions we take every day. Give good inputs and genes code in a way that is positive for you. Macro concepts of environment, sleep, relationships, diet, exercise, stress and even business are the essential elements of the pursuit of optimising our wellness. Dr Carmona’s aim is to democratise health to create a well world, “We now need to rescue our future by preserving the social practices of our past that have been set aside in favour of expediency, speed and business.”

embraces innovation. To enhance health, Viome have created a simple test to analyse gene expression in an individual’s unique microbiome, then creates a bespoke supplement prescription to maximise gene expression. “Given the technology now available, the future,” he claims “is personalisation, a concept the wellness industry should be pursuing.“

The Medical Science for Longevity

Michael Roizen, MD, Emeritus Chief Wellness Officer for the Cleveland Clinic got our attention quickly by demonstrating how a 55 year-old woman today was given a life expectancy of just 74 when she was born. Today it’s 82. Until now society has expanded life expectancy two and a half years every ten years since 1890. This has mainly been due to sanitation, infant mortality and more recently the management of chronic diseases. So given the interventions in science and tech, a 55 year-old woman today will most likely live to be 115. In the next ten years, he suggests, we should expect a whopping 30-year expansion on top of this. Dr Roizen claims (with 80% probability) that within our lifetimes, 90 will be seen as the new 40!

Naveem Jain, CEO for Viome, also reminded us that only around 5% of diseases are rare genetic diseases outside our control. The rest is all completely preventable. “Your genes are not your destiny. Expression of genes changes everything in your body. How you express genes is within your control.” Seven minutes of high intensity exercise can add ten years to a lifespan, fifteen minutes can equal an extra two decades. Even praying before you eat, the simple act of gratitude extends life expectancy. Mindfulness, belief systems and positivity are no longer esoteric concepts but all lead to parasympathetic physiology which significantly impact our genes. Viome is a company that

There are fourteen areas of research into the mechanism of ageing which have rebooted the quest around gene expression and epigenetics. Some of these include senolytics, which is the harvesting of old cells that make neighbours old, stem cell and telomere regeneration, and gene editing with immunomodulation.

This kind of research focussing on longevity is challenging the medical community to think differently. Dr Tzipora Strauss, head of Neonatology at Sheba Medical Centre is pioneering the first Longevity Centre to address the issue of healthy ageing. Multidisciplinary experts from internal medicine, endocrinology, gynaecology, geriatrics, and brain science will constitute the centre’s advisory board. This centre will focus on cognitive aspects, sleep, frailty, and menopause. “We found these four aspects are really connected to longevity.”, explains Dr. Strauss, “and, if you treat all of them you can really influence the way you age.”

The Blue Zones; Eating like the world’s longest lived

Dan Buettner, explorer, journalist, author and founder of Blue Zones, US explores the lifestyles of the world’s longest lived. The message is simple, Dan urges us to return to simpler times to sustain our future. He explores the diets of longevity from five blue zones, Okinawa (Japan), Ikaria (Greece), Sardinia (Italy), Nicoya (Costa Rica), Loma Linda (Ca, USA) where people live statistically longer and there is the lowest rate of middle age mortality. It turns out there are nine common denominators for ageing well and these are highlighted by giving meaning to purpose and belonging.

Richard Carmona (right) The Tech Pavilion at GWS | 73

Ironically, none of these communities are ‘trying’ to extend their longevity. As a western culture we are obsessed about ageing. There are no gyms, supplements or special diets in the Blue Zones. Dan uncovers what seems to be going on, “They don’t exercise but walking and incidental exercise is woven into their day and around meals. They have sacred daily rituals, like prayer and taking a nap. They have vocabulary for purpose (which adds about eight extra years life expectancy). They drink in moderation, and eat a wholefood plant based diet. They keep the family first and keep ageing parents nearby. And importantly, they are surrounded by people who reinforce the right behaviours.”

So it seems the secret to longevity is a blue zones diet of at least 90% whole plant based, no snacking between meals, communing closely with friends and family, a tonne of incidental exercise and a day punctuated by prayers or expressions of gratitude. Amen!

Why not just Reverse the Ageing Process?

Dr Shai Efrati, MD, Professor for Sackler School of Medicine & Sagol School of Neuroscience in Tel Aviv introduced us to the game changing science of hyperbaric medicine. As a scientist and a doctor he translates wellness into the measurable metric of performance. That is, the combination of not just the physical capability and brain function of our youth, but also the life experience and knowledge gained as we age. We are the only species that continues to live a significant amount of time after our reproductive period, yet this final life stage is riddled with degradation and serious loss of both performance and regeneration.

Dr Efrati’s research recognises that neurons can be regenerated. In order to regenerate or repair tissue there are four crucial elements that are required; energy in the form of oxygen, a trigger, stem cells and angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels). Stem cells are cells that can proliferate into different tissues in our body. The amount and quality of stem cells decline as we age. And while we understand that we cannot change our chronological age, our biological age (that is the sum of the physiological age and the genomic age) is another story altogether.

The most powerful trigger in our bodies for regeneration or stem cell proliferation is hypoxia. Dr Efrati has created an innovative hyperbaric treatment that tricks the body into hypoxia while still supplying the oxygen needed to proliferate stem cells and improve damage from neurodegeneration. This is known as the hyperoxichypoxic paradox and the therapy while still in its infancy is generating incredible results changing our fundamental biology including reversing the damage from Alzheimer’s. This is about regeneration, not just slowing decline, and is a space worth closely watching!

From Prayer to Prevention

Sadhavi Saraswati, a renown spiritual leader and author of bestselling memoir “Himalayas: A Journey of Healing and Transformation” has for 25 years engaged in spiritual service, wisdom teaching and deep spiritual practice. She speaks to the power of spirituality in moving from illness to wellness.

Sadhavi asks, “What do we mean by wellness, what are we trying to achieve?”. So many of us are physically well but are riddled with anxiety, stress, depression. And yet there are those who are terminally ill yet their minds and heart are so clear. What are the building blocks of wellness we want to attain? The root of health is derived from the world ‘hal’. Wholeness, an awareness, a connection to. The

etymological translation of health describes a spiritual salvation, that is, a wholeness or as she prefers ‘a holiness’.

She sees the solution to wellness of going back to a system of connection. An experience of something that extends beyond the human experience that creates a unification and wholeness. She shares a study by Duke University where upon intake they asked patients who had suffered a heartache one specific question. “How religious or spiritual are you?” The options? Very, somewhat, or not at all. Of those who had said were ‘not at all’ religious or spiritual, 11% had experienced within six months a second fatal heartache. These statistics are standard with this kind of cardiac event. But of those who said they were ‘very’ spiritual or religious, none of those patients had a secondary event and remained healthy.

John Hopkins did a similar study with 100,000 people where they found if you regularly attended a place of worship, of any faith, you were 50% less likely to die of any cause during the time of the study. Many comparable studies have shown that you are 25% less likely to die of any cause during the time of the study regardless of the timeframe. There was no additional health interventions and the same results weren’t achieved by simply communing with other social organisations. It appears that the connection to a higher purpose serves as as ource of prevention for our wellbeing.

We heard over 200 speakers in three days and the take-aways were clear. Technology and innovation are converging to blur the lines between health (our current Western model) and Wellness (the power of prevention). And it seems that despite all the technology and content around wellness, the anchors around health seem to be the systems of community, common belief and faith. The power of mindfulness, and arcane systems of spirituality and gratitude seemed to underpin the power of wellness. The momentum and personal passion leading to entrepreneurship in this sector is driven by personal exposure and the empirical need to serve each other creating a more robust and equitable solution around wellness for us and our planet.

About the Global Wellness Summit:

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) is an invitation-only international gathering that brings together leaders and visionaries to positively shape the future of the $4.4 trillion global wellness economy. Held in a different location each year, Summits have taken place in the U.S., Switzerland, Turkey, Bali, India, Morocco, Mexico and Austria. The 2023 Summit will be held in Doha, Qatar.

Michelle Reeve is the Founder and Formulator of Waterlily Skincare. She is an industry thought leader, speaker and guest contributor and makes sure to stay ahead of the curve by attending the best aesthetics and wellness conferences globally.

Sadhavi Saraswati

Living Skin and Extremely Alive Skincare

When I first studied medicine over 30 years ago, I was taught that the skin is the largest organ with a surface area of just under two square meters. We now know if we count the 2 million or so times the skin dips down to form tiny clefts for sweat glands and hair follicles, the skin covers more than 30 square meters. We also know skin clefts contain natural oils that help maintain a healthy and slightly acidic pH, prevent the skin from drying out, and host and feed of good bacteria while inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria.

Beneficial Bacteria

Our skin is literally alive and teeming with trillions of naturally good bacteria, fungi, and viruses. While it was previously thought that bacteria and germs are ‘bad’, this is no longer the case. Our understanding of microbes has exploded due to new DNA sequencing technologies that reveal the importance of the human microbiome and how an imbalance of gut microbes is “linked to virtually every chronic non-communicable disease of the modern era”.

The Skin Biome

Knowledge of the gut microbiome is still in its infancy, and we know even less about the skin biome. What we do know is, we all have a unique microbial fingerprint that impacts on our health and wellbeing and mediates between our outside and inside worlds. We also know each body surface has a unique microbiome that regulates inflammation and serves as the first line of defence against pathogens.

Beauty in Diversity

Just as our gut-biome mediates between the ‘outside’ world of our intestines to the ‘inside’ world of blood, our skin-biome educates our immune system about environmental microbes and puts us in living communication with a global microbial ecosystem where biological information is shared across microbes in soil, air, plants and people.

We still have a lot to learn about the microbiome, yet it is generally accepted that greater microbial diversity leads to a more robust and resilient ecosystem. This may explain some of the benefits of pets, organic soils, fermented foods and forest bathing, all of which increase our microbial exposure.

Despite diversity being beneficial, we commonly wage war against our skin biome with an array of soaps, scrubs, sanitisers and disinfectants. These products oxidise and deplete our natural protective oils and disrupt our natural microbial balance in favour of harmful bacteria. Our natural microbiome is also under attack from chlorine and antibiotics, and is often left depleted with little exposure to living foods or natural microbial ecosystems.

Benefits of Bringing Back Bugs

Restoring a healthy biome is a noble pursuit and studies on the benefits of probiotics for gut health are now being supported by research that suggests topical probiotics can help reduce dryness, inflammation, itching, and stinging and have a role in the treatment of conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, and dry, flaky skin.

A 2016 review of research suggests probiotics restore the skin’s naturally acidic pH, reduce oxidative stress, protect against photoaging, improve the skin’s natural moisture barrier, and enhance hair quality. Further research suggests probiotic products can assist in wound healing and protection against sun damage, premature aging and skin cancer.

Probiotic Skincare

The awareness of the microbiome that fuelled the explosion in the popularity of fermented probiotic foods and drinks is now fuelling the emergence of living skincare. As Co-Founder of Extremely Alive, which produces probiotic shots, tonics and sparkling probiotic drinks, it was natural for me to turn to my friend and colleague Theme Rains, Founder of Synthesis Organics to develop a range of premium probiotic skincare.

The new Extremely Alive Synthesis Organics products include Living Wonderbalm, which is an all-purpose balm for babies and adults and can be used on the skin, lips and hair as a moisturiser and soothing treatment for dry, flaky, irritated, inflamed or chaffed skin. Probiotics are also being included in the Synthesis Organics Active balm, which features essential oils of arnica and kunzea and aims to treat sore muscles, aches and sprains, as well as a new sun protection balm.

The new probiotic products will be fortified with probiotics cultures produced by Extremely Alive, which has expanded its offerings to include bulk probiotics and living ingredients for the cosmetic, food, confectionary and beverage industries. The new Extremely Alive Synthesis Organic products are due for release in Autumn 2023 and will be available online from Synthesis Organics as well as from properties such as Peninsula Hot Springs and selected spas and boutique retail in Australia and USA, South America, Hong Kong, and South East Asia. Dr Marc Cohen is a medical doctor, university professor, author, poet, entrepreneur, wellness trailblazer, and Co-Founder of Extremely Alive.

DR MARC COHEN explains the importance of bringing back good bacteria. | 75

Communal Contrast Therapy And More

We chat to LAUREN WRIGHT, the founder of one of Sydney’s first infrared sauna studios, Rimba Sweat, who is about to open their third location.

How did you get into wellness?

I’m extremely passionate about the health and wellness industry and the benefits of living a well-rounded life has always been ingrained in my values, a big reason why my family and I choose to live on Sydney’s idyllic Northern beaches. It was in January 2020, I was on my last six months of maternity leave from my career in the media industry and my husband and I thought ‘what are we waiting for? If not now, then when?’ A bit of a fearless leap (global pandemic kicking off), I exchanged the corporate attire for active wear and set out to follow the dream of becoming an entrepreneur – creating Sydney’s Northern Beaches’ first dedicated sauna studio.

What made you want to open your first Rimba Sweat and why Manly?

Being part of the local community ourselves, I had a vision of creating a self-care haven that incorporated the Manly beachside, relaxed lifestyle – which is woven throughout the DNA of Rimba Sweat Manly studio because we created every part of it with our locals in mind, including the interior aesthetics to the fresh ocean scent present when you walk in. Rimba is a place for local residents to take time out of their busy lives, adding to their weekly health and wellness regime. The community aspect is also the reason that the next two locations we have chosen to expand into have a really strong local community presence – both Neutral Bay and Cronulla.

You were one of the first infrared sauna studios in the area, what was that like and how did you attract customers?

Being the first on the Northern Beaches was a really exciting experience! We are overwhelmed by the success of the Manly studio, which is testament to the support and loyalty we have received from the local Manly community. Since opening the doors, word of mouth has been a big part of our success. Our signature Mediterraneanluxe aesthetic coupled with our high level of customer service and cleanliness standards play a big role, then of course the therapy itself –it’s a very easy therapy to fall in love with!

How has demand for wellness treatments changed over the years?

Wellness is still in its infancy and treatments continually evolve. I think demand has been driven by Covid which has definitely made everyone more conscious about the importance around prioritising self care,

and how important it is to use preventive measures for longevity to support mental health. The effects of mental health can have a significant impact on physical health, people can get caught up in the busy-ness of day to day life and sometimes need to be reminded to switch off and take time for themselves, doing something good for their physical and mental health. Being able to switch off and disconnect from everything and just have that alone time is invaluable. We’ve had this feedback from high level corporate executives to busy mums.

When did you know it was time to open a second studio, why Neutral Bay?

After opening our Manly doors and seeing how well it was received and the amount of people travelling from other areas outside Manly to experience Rimba Sweat, we felt the need to expand and share the Rimba experience with other communities. Again, it was about choosing a location with a really strong local community presence, for us that stood out with both Neutral Bay and Cronulla.


How is that studio different to Manly?

Our new Neutral Bay studio is double the size of our Manly studio, we wanted a space that allowed us to add the contrast therapy offering, but also the vision for future studios was to take the interior design to another level, which we’ve certainly been able to achieve.

Through our own research and my husband’s new found love for ice baths we found we could open Neutral Bay with the new concept of the ‘Remedy Room’ and it complimented our original offering of infrared sauna therapy. The Remedy Room consists of a traditional Finnish sauna, two ice baths and a pail shower. It is a communal space for four people at any one time so you still feel like it is a semi private space, whereas everyone enters the space together and progresses through the contrast therapy for the hour time slot. We’ve had a great response from our clients whether it be four total strangers experiencing it together or a group of friends who have booked out the whole space. This is a really unique way to experience this type of therapy as most places are either a public pool or sporting facility.

Explain the concept of communal contrast therapy

Contrast therapy revolves around the use of hot and cold extremes. For us that’s using the traditional Finnish sauna for heat, and the ice baths for the cold. Going from 80-95 degrees, down to 5-10 degrees.

At Rimba, we recommend the Hot, Cold, Rest & Repeat method. The first step is heat exposure using the Finnish sauna, you’ve got the beautiful addition of being able to pour water on the stones to create steam. After 8-12 minutes of sweating, you move on to step 2: cold exposure via the ice baths. Before entering the ice bath, we ask you to take a cleansing shower using the pail or rain shower located in the room. Pick the ice bath of choice and fully submerge your body into it. One is set for five degrees, and the other is set around 10 degrees. Once you have submerged your body, practise breathing to help the amount of time you last. Anywhere between two up to five minutes is great but when your body feels ready, move on to step 3: rest. Time to relax. Take a seat, and let your body rest. Allow your body to rest for at least five minutes before heading back into the sauna. And repeat!

What kind of client do you attract?

At Rimba we really do attract everyone, it’s such an easy therapy to incorporate into your wellness regime. Obviously we attract health conscious people who are proactive in maintaining general health and wellbeing but the spectrum significantly varies as sauna therapy has so many significant health benefits. Clients will come to us for one specific benefit such as muscle recovery, and they then receive so many other benefits as a byproduct, like improved sleep and mental clarity and that’s what keeps them coming back.

Tell us about your third studio, about to open in Cronulla.

We are currently on track for an opening in mid-Feb 2023. We’re working with Daniel Malik for our third studio in Cronulla, who was the original designer and architect of our Manly studio. It’s amazing to be working together again and what is planned for Cronulla is a step up again from the design of Neutral Bay. We are so excited to share this next space! We’re wanting to continue to elevate the design of each studio allowing us to stay ahead of the design trends but also to be able to allow the location and lifestyle to be woven throughout the look and feel of our studios.

What are you planning for 2023 / what does the future look like for Rimba?

We love sharing our spaces and therapies with all our clients, the benefits are undeniable and the way you can really reset or set someone’s day up for the better, no one ever regrets a sauna session with Rimba Sweat. The endorphin release makes it feel like a blend of walking out after a relaxing massage and just finishing a workout. When you see the clients leaving our studio either feeling completely energised for the day ahead or relaxed in the evening winding down from a stressful day, it gives you a genuine feeling that we’ve really helped improve their mental and physical wellbeing, and that makes us feel really proud to be doing what we do.

In 2023 and beyond, we want to continue to share the Rimba experience with as many people as possible so the vision is to continue to expand throughout Sydney, NSW and interstate within the next few years.

Wellness | 77
“Our new Neutral Bay studio is double the size of our Manly studio, we wanted a space that allowed us to add the contrast therapy offering, but also the vision for future studios was to take the interior design to another level”

Lumenis triLift

In November 2022, Lumenis launched triLift, a facial stimulation device targeting the three ageing elements of structure, contour and texture by treating the three tissue layers — the muscles, the dermal layer and the epidermal layer. triLift uses Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt) in sequence with two other modalities. The technology works to tone healthy muscles, reduce facial wrinkles, and smooth and resurface the skin, achieving an effect similar to a facelift, through an entirely noninvasive method. Unlike traditional electrical muscle stimulation and magnetic muscle stimulation, DMSt technology allows in-motion muscle stimulation, covering small to large areas.

TriPollar RF and triFX Radiofrequency Microneedling then tighten the skin, smooth its texture and plump it by regenerating collagen and elastin. According to studies, triLift can increase skin smoothness by 80%, reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 30%, and triple the natural production of hyaluronic acid compared to baseline.

Lumenis will be present at the following conferences:

• Cosmedicon, March 2-4

• ASCD, March 24-26

• NSS, June 23-25

• Aesthetics, August 11-13

• NZSCM, August 25-27

• Beauty Expo, August 26-27

Technology To Watch In 2023


This year, AviClear is coming to Australia revolutionising how we treat Acne. AviClear uses the power of laser light (1726 nm wavelength) to selectively target and suppress sebaceous glands, eliminating acne at the source without the need for prescription medications. Designed with patient comfort in mind, AviClear is enhanced with AviCoolTM contact cooling for an optimal and safe treatment experience.

Clinical trials demonstrate that current and future breakout episodes are shorter, less intense, and more infrequent following the AviClear procedure. Further, acne clearance results continue to improve over time, demonstrating the long-term efficacy of this novel treatment.

CUTERA will be present at the following conferences:

• ABIC, February 12

• Cosmedicon, March 2-4

• ASCD, March 24-26

• CAS NZ, June 9-10

• NSS, June 23-25

• NZDSI, August 2-5

• Aesthetics, August 11-13

• NZSCM, August 25-27

• Beauty Expo, August 26-27

Before and after 3 sessions of triLift

After: 3 months post final treatment After: 6 months post final treatment
Thinking of investing in a new device? Here are the latest releases in aesthetic technology.

Candela Nordlys

The Nordlys™ multi-application platform combines four innovative laser technologies to create a flexible, risk-minimising platform offering a remarkable 21 treatment opportunities, such as benign pigmented and vascular lesions and permanent hair reduction in both lighter and darker skin types. These qualities landed the Nordlys™ system the Aesthetics Awards Winner 2022 for Energy Device of the Year.

Candela will be present at the following conferences:

• ASCD, March 24-26

• NSS, June 23-25

• NZDSI, August 2-5

• Aesthetics, August 11-13

• NZSCM, August 25-27

• Beauty Expo, August 26-27


EMFACE™ by BTL Aesthetics is a facial treatment to treat the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks and jawline, resulting in a 37% reduction in wrinkles, a 30% increase in facial muscle tone, and a 23% lifting effect. The treatment emits both synchronised radio frequency and HIFES-brand energies. The homogenous radio frequency heats collagen and elastin fibres while the HIFES™ stimulation emits thousands of pulses per session to contract delicate facial muscles. This results in re-contouring and lifting the skin, including the brows, refreshing the skin tone, and smoothing lines and wrinkles.

EMFACE™ is hands-free, non-invasive, with no needles and no downtime. It takes just four 20 min procedures to reach optimal results, and it is backed by six clinical studies.

“For the last two decades, clinicians have focused on treating the signs and effects of the ageing process rather than the root cause. We are looking at the technology to deal with some of the causes of ageing,” said Dr. Steven Liew, Plastic Surgeon FRACS, Medical Director of Shape Clinic in Sydney.

Nordlys is the first platform to feature dual-depth non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing. The Frax 1550™ applicator is designed for deeper non-ablative skin resurfacing, improving skin texture and treating acne scars, surgical scars and striae. The recently launched Frax 1940™ applicator delivers a 1940nm wavelength with a focal reach extending to approximately 200 μm in depth for a shallow, epidermal approach to non-ablative skin resurfacing. The Frax 1940™ treatment demonstrates clinically proven results for skin resurfacing, including pigmentation, actinic keratosis and improving textural irregularities.

The Nordlys system also features Candela SWT, a unique narrowband IPL technology defined by dual filters and sub-millisecond pulses for skin rejuvenation, vascular treatments and hair removal. The Nd:YAG 1064 completes the Nordlys treatment capability, designed to treat benign vascular lesions such as leg veins, port-wine stains, onycomycosis and facial telangiectasia.


After: 3 months post 4th treatment

BTL will be present at the following conferences:

• Cosmedicon, March 2-4

• ASCD, March 24-26

• NSS, June 23-25

“The Nordlys™ multi-application platform combines four innovative laser technologies to create a flexible, risk-minimising platform offering a remarkable 21 treatment opportunities” | 79
“EMFACE™ by BTL Aesthetics is a facial treatment to treat the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks and jawline”

Quanta System Chrome Lase

Multiplatform Laser System, with multiple easy to use Skin Apps, a series of predefined settings using different Laser and Light technologies,

than 50 different types of skin treatments. Chrome is based on an innovative Q-Switched Nd:Yag (1064nm & 532nm) technology that uses repetition rates of up to 20 Hz making

The device is upgradeable with up to seven modules that expand wavelengths and emission modes allowing for more treatments to be performed. One of the highlights of the Chrome Lase Station is the NaturaPeel Skin App, a laser carbon peel treatment performed with a newly engineered handpiece and a 100% Natural and eco-friendly carbon cream. The cream is made of 90% bamboo extract and 10% of active ingredients to detox, cleanse and

Advanced Cosmeceuticals Jovena

A new, multifunctional device for total skin regeneration. Jovena takes a unique approach to skin regeneration by combining two patented energies in a single powerful device. Combining RF Diathermocontraction and Fractional Plasma technology machine offering versatile treatment options. From soft tissue coagulation to décolletage revitalisation, this breakthrough device can address multiple skin concerns in the superficial dermis and epidermis.

Jovena offers breakthrough versatile treatment options based on your clients’ needs with impressive results achieved via the use of four different hand pieces: RF bQUAD® for MUSCLE TONING; plasmaROLL® for EPIDERMAL RESURFACING; plasmaTIP® for DEEP DERMAL REMODELLING; and plasmaPRO® for MINIMALLY INVASIVE MICROSURGERY.

Advanced Cosmeceuticals will be present at the following conferences:

• Cosmedicon, March 2-4

• ASCD, March 24-26

• NSS, June 23-25

• NZSCM, August 25-27

• Beauty Expo, August 26-27

Two of these boast further alternatives for their application, depending on the desired outcome of your client. Each handpiece is specifically designed to maximise treatment results while minimising downtime.

Aussie Medi Tech will be present at the following conferences:
Cosmedicon, March 2-4
NSS, June 23-25
“Chrome is based on an innovative Q-Switched Nd:Yag (1064nm & 532nm) technology”
“From soft tissue coagulation to décolletage revitalisation, this breakthrough device can address multiple skin concerns in the superficial dermis and epidermis”
1300 25 70 20 THE NEW ERA OF PIGMENTED LESIONS, TATTOO & SCAR TREATMENTS aussie 4 EMISSION MODES Picosecond Q-Switched Double Pulse Photo-Thermal 2 LASER SOURCES Nd:YAG Ruby De rma to lo g i c a l Va sc u l ar L e sio n s B e nig n Pi g m e nte d L e sio n s Fractional Resurfacing M u l t i co lo ur Tatto o Re m ova l Na tura P ee l TM O n y c h o m y c o si s

EMERALD Laser by Erchonia

With 25 years’ experience, 16 000+ devices in the market and 20 of the 23 FDA-clearances for Low Level Lasers, Erchonia Corporation is the world leader in non-thermal Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for fat reduction, pain relief, nail and skin pathologies and more.

EMERALD Laser is the world’s 1st diode laser for non-invasive fat reduction (NIFR).

Emerald Laser and Innova Med Aesthetics will be present at the following conferences:

• NSS, June 23-25

EMERALD Laser is included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ARTG 395892, and the only device FDA cleared for reduction of body circumference in individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of up to 40. With a clinically proven efficacy of an average combined circumferential reduction of 6 inches (waist, hips & upper thigh), EMERALD Laser offers non-invasive, pain free treatment with no associated downtime or known side effects and is the winner of ‘Best Aesthetic Technology 2022’ in the prestigious Safety in Beauty Awards.

High Tech Medical Schwarzy

Schwarzy acts on different body areas to reduce localised fat, tone, volumise the muscles, and improve the postural aspect. Supramaximal in-depth stimulation of the muscle induces a strong metabolic reaction and fat reduction with maximum comfort. The unmanned technology is effective on various body areas, including buttocks, abdomen, hips, legs, and arms without dermo-epidermic involvement.

The focused magnetic stimulation triggers intensive lipolysis within fat cells and apoptosis following adipocyte injury that yields a desirable reduction in fat. Another effect is muscle thickening due to the stress of rapid nerve firing and fibre contractions.

Venus Viva MD

Venus Viva MD is a highly effective and customisable skin ablation and resurfacing device, and it now comes with two tip options for treating a range of mild to severe skin conditions. Treat milder skin texture irregularities with the 160 pin tip, or treat more severe acne scars, scars, and deep rhytides with the 80 pin tip. This device uses NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) technology, offering patients a safer, lower downtime, lower risk alternative to traditional skin resurfacing options, while providing equal results.

The Venus Viva MD applicator is safe for all skin types, including Fitzpatrick Skin Types IV-VI. A clinical study on striae alba on the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks showed that post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) was low with Venus Viva at only 18.1%, compared to 81.8% and 36.4% for fractional CO2 lasers and fractional erbium glass lasers, respectively. NanoFractional RF with SmartScan technology is delivered through a small footprint per pin which creates micro-dermal wounds surrounded by in-tact tissue for fast recovery and low downtime.

High Tech Medical will be present at the following conferences:

• Cosmedicon, March 2-4

• ASCD, March 24-26

• NSS, June 23-25

• Cosmetex, August 17-18

• Beauty Expo, August 26-27

• ASAPS, October 13-15

Venus will be present at the following conferences:

• Cosmedicon, March 2-4

• ASCD, March 24-26

• ROAR, May 13 & 20

• NSS, June 23-25

• NZSCM, August 25-27

“Schwarzy acts on different body areas to reduce localised fat, tone, volumise the muscles, and improve the postural aspect.”

Update on Covid manifestations and how to effectively manage them

We interview APAN CEO, Tina Viney, on her research findings on COVID-related skin manifestations.

As we move to the next phase of the pandemic, the issue of recurring skin symptoms and other physical manifestations are disruptive to salon and clinic owners. In this interview Tina Viney offers evidence-based solutions that are providing credible answers for businesses and their staff to confidently move forward.

What is the COVID SKIN MANIFESTATIONS AND SOLUTIONS Program and how did it come about?

The pandemic that we have experienced over the past two years and the global effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 Infection has impacted not just how we do business, but also introduced physiological changes that are contributing to various skin and health conditions. The three reported areas that recent studies validate are:

• Accelerated inflammation

• Compromised immune response

• Accelerated cortisol levels due to ongoing stress that compromise skin health and overall wellbeing

Meanwhile, ongoing industry feedback confirms the emergence of a diverse range of symptoms and skin reactions that were unexplained, for which practitioners were seeking guidelines for treatment recommendations or a regulatory strategy. Progressively, we started to see patterns emerging – increases in client cancellations, staff absentees and unpredictable skin manifestations and other symptoms.

As an industry standards body/association we believe we have a duty-of-care to act proactively and introduce initiatives to protect the industry and enhance its reputation. This involves introducing bestpractice standards where no regulations exist.

COVID-19 had thrust us into uncharted territory with at first, very little research. As we work closely with the Government on regulatory issues, we approached both federal and state health ministers for their input. Their advice was to draft our own as there was insufficient or inconclusive data at that stage for them to establish anything.

They also advised us to contact the Communicable Disease Network of Australia (CDNA) and their state public health units for their advice. The CDNA is an authoritative body that provides guidelines on disease symptoms and health issues within Australia. They strongly encouraged us to write our own document and share it with them so they can also adopt it.

We therefore reached out to some of the most expert academics who specialise in viral infections, both here and internationally. Within Australia, Emeritus Professor Laurence Walsh is a recognised authority in this area. He informed us that since the middle of 2022 there was quite an extensive

body of research that identified over 100 persistent skin manifestations as a result of COVID-19 infections, as well as symptoms relating to COVID long haul post-infection, such as fatigue, brain fog, disturbed sleep patterns, migraines, depression, and hair loss, particularly in women.

For three months, we worked extensively reviewing the data in collaboration with our academic advisors and finalised the COVID SKIN MANIFESTATIONS AND SOLUTIONS – a 68-page document that includes a 50-minute video from Professor Walsh.

What is in this document and what are the objectives of this program?

This document contains two sections:

• SECTION 1 is dedicated to identifying both the skin manifestations, as well as the symptoms relating to COVID long haul. It also describes how these symptoms are systemically impacting the body.

• SECTION 2 covers treatment recommendations and ways of supporting your clients and patients through an evidence-based approach. It covers various modalities and simple strategies to lower inflammation and support the immune system towards recovery from some of the debilitating symptoms that people are experiencing, which they often keep to themselves. This is because they may not be connecting their fatigue, brain fog, aches and pains etc, as part of an aftermath of COVID.

The objective of this program is to support practitioners to establish a position on these issues based on credible research findings provided to them by their industry body, which they can confidently share with their staff and clients. Many businesses are shying away from this topic as they don’t have credible answers. Now they do.

This will empower businesses to effectively address emerging current needs and extend their services to provide solutions for COVID related symptoms that are impacting their clients and business.

Who is this program suitable for and how can someone access it?

This program is appropriate for anyone in the personal services industry who works on skin or body.

This is a one-of-a-kind document that is comprehensive and invaluable for salons and clinics moving forward. As practitioners we can’t afford to take wild guesses, especially when we now have reliable evidence-based information.

The program can be accessed from the APAN website or phone 07 55930360.

MEDI | 83

Meet The Team!

You see them at conferences and on social media, now is

time to get to know the team at Lutronic a bit better!

What do you love most about your role and the aesthetics industry?

For me it is being involved in the aesthetic industry and being able to educate my clients on the latest and greatest devices on the market. Day to day I enjoy interacting and educating my existing and new clients. It is also the continual growth of learning about new treatments available in the industry and the R&D that goes into making a device that shows great efficacy and value to my clients.

What is your favourite Lutronic device and why?

I would have to say my favourite Lutronic device would be the LaseMD Ultra. Not only being able to showcase the benefits to my clients of such a device, but even having experienced multiple treatments myself, I can highly recommend this device. My facial skin has never felt as great, and it feels brand new each time that I am able to have this laser treatment. It is an amazing technology, with many benefits and works effectively with the add on KeraFactor Peptide Complex (KFP) with other scalp stimulating ingredients to promote stronger, smoother, thicker, and fuller looking hair.

Rhiannon Mitsopoulos

ANZ Clinical Educator & Business Development Manager (NSW, WA, TAS & SA)

What do you love most about your role and the aesthetics industry?

I love to understand my client’s needs, identify their problems, and provide the right solution through education and continued support. Watching my colleagues in the industry succeed in their business, careers and personal growth is very rewarding.

What is your favourite Lutronic device and why?

My favourite Lutronic device is the LaseMD Ultra. The versatility of the LaseMD Ultra, price point and no consumables make this 1927nm laser a must for every clinic in ANZ offering or wanting to offer laser treatments. The LaseMD Ultra treats a variety of

conditions including sun damage and Melasma, skin rejuvenation, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and pore refinement. LaseMD Ultra is the ideal laser for assisted drug delivery and can be used with a variety of topical drugs, such as Kerafactor for the improvement of hair loss and scalp health. The LaseMD Ultra has multiple treatment modes and treatment tips making it the most versatile, user friendly and powerful (20 W) 1927nm laser on the market.

What do you love most about your role and the aesthetics industry?

The ability to offer not only leading advanced aesthetic device technology to my customers but also have access to the latest cosmeceutical products. Plus, I love the autonomy of managing my own territory/business with the support of head office. As for the aesthetics industry, what’s not to love?! After nine years specifically in aesthetic device sales, the buzz in delivering the very best device technology to customers never gets old, and to share in their exceptional experiences and outcomes. Also, with 50 around the corner, what better industry is there to be in? I will never leave the aesthetics industry.

What is your favourite Lutronic device and why?

LaseMD Ultra, as it’s like a vacuum cleaner for pigmentation, and offers a quick effective non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing treatment like no other. Its versatility and no consumable costs makes it a go to device in any clinic.

For more information, visit

Lutronic’s LaseMD Ultra is a team-favourite

“I love the autonomy of managing my own territory/ business with the support of head office.”
“Watching my colleagues in the industry succeed in their business, careers and personal growth is very rewarding.”
THE WORLD’S LEADING 1064/532NM LASER PLATFORM 1800 242 011 | | Shortest true nanosecond pulse width (5ns) Enhanced Tx versatility1064/532nm dual-wavelengths Exclusive Spectra mode enables patented Hollywood Laser Peel® HyperSurge™ Resonator performs comparably to Pico IntelliBeam™ homogenizer ensures energy consistency BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER Courtesy of Melanie Palm, MD AFTER 6 SESSIONS Courtesy of Fabian P. Rivera, MD AFTER 8 SESSIONS Scan to Enquire

23 Years of High Tech Medical


s often happens, starting the company came about through a series of unexpected events. I was in an operations management role and I met someone who was interested in starting a medical equipment distribution business. Following some discussions we decided to start a company and focus on launching a new technology into Australia and New Zealand, which was lasers for dentistry. A critical part of launching our new company was ensuring we had close working relationships with high-quality suppliers, so we secured the distribution rights with two large and established European laser manufacturers, Deka and Fotona.

It was clear to us that with these new lasers we could assist dentists to perform better and less-invasive dentistry and provide their patients with more comfortable and more effective treatments. We could see there was a significant business opportunity, which allowed us to quite quickly gain a position as one of the leading suppliers of dental lasers in Australia and New Zealand.

Following our success in the dental laser field, we had hundreds of laser devices installed around Australia and New Zealand and the infrastructure in place to support these customers, including technical support, clinical support and also commercial support, such as marketing and PR. It meant that the transition into lasers and other energy devices in aesthetic medicine was a logical and relatively easy step. Especially given our close working relationships with Deka and Fotona.

An Australian-first

In 2007, we launched the first fractional CO2 laser in Australia and New Zealand with the Deka SmartXide Dot, and that followed on to launching CoolSculpting, Hydrafacial and MonaLisa Touch, and working with globally-recognised brands such as Ulthera, InMode and Ellipse. We had gained a reputation for launching new innovations that allowed practitioners to achieve better clinical outcomes for their patients while in many cases reducing the risks and the downtime. This became our point of difference when compared to our competitors, which was made up of both other independent distributors and some manufacturers who had direct operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Over the years, selecting the right products to add to our range has been a key part of our success. Above all else I have tried to select products that are new innovations that will in some way change how practitioners can treat their patients, with the focus being less invasive treatments and better results. And in some cases providing technologies and treatments that simply were not available


until that particular device was invented. CoolSculpting, Hydrafacial and MonaLisa Touch are great examples of this.

In addition to looking for these new technologies and treatments, it’s always a process of identifying products from world-leading manufacturers that complement each other. The aim is to have a comprehensive range of products without having too many and without too much crossover.

So, in short, I am always looking for the latest innovations, which often come to me through the network we have built up around the world over the past twenty plus years, and also aiming to work with the best manufacturing partners.

Personalised Support

Building a great team of people who work together as friends and who treat their customers in the same way is one of my highlights of the past 23 years. Altogether there are twenty people in the team. This includes our logistics, customer service and technical team, sales, marketing and management. While there is always room for improvement, we do our best to provide our clients with comprehensive and personalised support in all areas of business including clinical, technical and marketing support. I often get great feedback about this, which is something I am very proud of.

As I’ve mentioned, I am always looking for the next big thing, and of course you don’t know what that is until you find it or it comes to you. So watch this space! Our team will continue to grow as our business does and we will continue to work closely with our customers to assist them to both provide their patients with better treatment outcomes and to further grow their businesses.

I am very excited about our current range of products. It includes iS Clinical, a luxury, pharmaceutical-grade, cosmeceutical skin care range; Sofwave, the latest innovation in ultrasound tightening and lifting on the face and neck; EndyMed, a world-leading radiofrequency platform for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and body contouring; EmCyte PRP; Adip’Sculpt fat transfer; Black and Black surgical instruments; and Deka, the European laser and energy device manufacturer, which includes, CoolPeel, the no downtime, no anaesthesia, fractional CO2 treatment, MonaLisa Touch, Onda CoolWaves microwave body contouring, and also the Again, which is the fastest laser for hair removal, with a 30mm spot size that can work at 4 hz. It’s a comprehensive range of products which allows us to provide Australian and New Zealand practitioners with a full range of the latest technologies and treatments.

As one of Australia and New Zealand’s
aesthetic devices and skincare, High Tech Medical has a lot to offer. We take a look at how it all started with Founder MATT MONCRIEFF.

The High Tech Medical Portfolio

1. iS Clinical: a luxury, pharmaceutical-grade, cosmeceutical skin care range

2. Sofwave: the latest innovation in ultrasound tightening and lifting on the face and neck

3. EndyMed: a world-leading radio-frequency platform for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and body contouring

4. Onda Coolwaves: Microwave Body Contouring, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening

5. Again: The fastest laser for hair removal

6. SmartXide Punto: Fractional CO2 laser and CoolPeel

7. SmartPICO: combines 4 emission modalities: Pico, Nano, Double Pulse and Thermal

8. Schwarzy: Effortless muscle toning through neuromuscular stimulation

Surgical / Regenerative Medicine Range: Black and Black surgical instruments, Adip’Sculpt fat transfer and EmCyte PRP

And more…

For more information, visit

1 3 6 7 8 4 5 2 | 87

Why did Venus Concept decide to rebrand?

Venus Concept has been a global supplier of aesthetic medical devices since 2008 and through strong leadership, industry knowledge and experience we rapidly grew as a leading manufacturer and supplier of aesthetic devices. The name and logo has not changed since its inception and continued to be well recognised, however like many good things, positive change is often needed. Using our solid foundation we will be moving forward and continuing to build our brand recognition and putting key areas of focus and our value drivers in order to build on a solid strategy for additional growth. With that said, I welcome and am excited for Venus’ next phase of the business.

What does this mean for existing clients, will anything change?

We will continue to offer leading medical aesthetic devices and strong support to our clients to ensure their success however we have taken this rebranding opportunity to revitalise what we do and how we do it. We wish to empower clinics and so we are excited to offer a unique partner programme that allows clients to choose a programme that best works for them; not just a basic rubber stamp approach. We continue to innovate and provide best-in-class technology and strive to deliver a world-class customer experience that turns every relationship into a life-long partnership.

Do you have any upcoming launches you can share?

In collaboration with our Global Marketing Team we’re excited about the launch of a Global Aesthetic Networking Program (an industry first) for Venus Customers called “Venus Values”. This will compliment our local partnership

New Year, New Venus!

programme and will aid Venus customers success. While the program is tailored with  services specific to proven successes centric to Venus Devices, it will also offer a myriad of  benefits to support our partners every business need.

What trends can you see in the aesthetics industry currently?

There will continue to be a strong case and need for skin related devices; skin tightening and the likes of wrinkle reduction and facial scarring will be a large part of the direction for many clinics via demand from consumers. Body treatments will also continue to grow with fat reduction, skin tightening and muscle stimulation also proving to be a popular treatment.

What can people expect from your annual event, ROAR 2023?

ROAR 2023 will be a dynamic event that will engage, educate and excite those that attend. Our programme is somewhat unique and presented in a never done before style that will continue the strong ROAR experience and fun that has led to the success and enjoyment received by many from previous ROAR events. Together with Envogue we are enthusiastic about the programme, networking opportunities and education that ROAR will bring in 2023.

What do clinic owners get from Venus in terms of support when they are working with you?

We have already touched on Venus Values and 2023 will see further investments in our customers success. Our unique Partnership Programme that includes our IGNITE Business and Sales educational modules is a local industry first and allows new and existing customers access to programmes best suited to their needs when acquiring a new device. Our Clinical and Service support continues to receive positive feedback and we continue to help potential customers in a consultative approach to better understand their needs, make the right decisions for their business and their future success.

Venus Concept has just revealed its fresh new branding. We chat to Venus MD, GIDON SILVERMAN , about what to expect from the device company this year.

Debunking Thermage Myths

Did you know that Thermage has greatly evolved over the years? Painful treatments are a thing of the past!

Thermage FLX is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that tightens and contours the skin on the face and body using radiofrequency (RF) energy. The treatment aims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, resulting in a more youthful and revitalised appearance.

The procedure stimulates collagen production and tightens existing collagen fibres by heating the deep layers of the skin. As we are aware, collagen is a protein that provides elasticity and firmness to the skin, so increasing its production makes the skin firmer and smoother. The treatment is also capable of targeting deeper layers of the skin, resulting in longlasting results.

The treatment is carried out with the help of a device called the Thermage FLX, which is a specially designed device that delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy to the skin. The device includes a cooling system that helps to protect the skin’s surface from heat and discomfort. The treatment is typically administered in a series of passes over the area being treated, with the energy adjusted to meet the needs of the individual.

The practitioner starts Thermage FLX by cleaning the area to be treated and applying coupling gel to the skin. The handpiece is then moved across the skin in a series of passes, delivering RF energy to the skin’s deep layers. The device’s built-in cooling system helps to reduce any discomfort, and most people are able to resume their normal activities immediately following treatment.

The RF energy delivered by the Thermage FLX device penetrates deep into the skin, heating the collagen fibres in the dermis (the middle layer of the skin), causing contraction of these fibres and an immediate tightening effect. Thermal energy also stimulates the production of new collagen, resulting in increased skin firmness and elasticity. This reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.

One of the benefits of Thermage FLX is that it can be used on a wide range of skin types and tones. It is also suitable for use on a variety of areas of the body, including the face, neck, arms, abdomen, and thighs. It’s important to note that there may be an immediate result with improvement for up to 6 months.


Common misconceptions about Thermage FLX

• Misconception

#1: Thermage Is Painful

One common misconception about Thermage FLX is that it is painful to use. However, this is not the case. The treatment is generally well tolerated, with the treatment experience usually characterised by a sensation of heat. It should be noted that everyone’s pain threshold varies, and some people may feel more discomfort than others. However, the cooling system built into the handpiece helps to minimise any discomfort, as well as vibrations of the hand-piece which have shown to reduce discomfort by 30%; most people are able to resume their normal activities immediately after treatment.

• Misconception #2: Numbing Helps With Discomfort

Numbing is not a safe or recommended option for Thermage FLX because when the patient isn’t able to feel the heat, there is a higher chance of side effects like burning or blistering. There is no need for numbing cream as a properly trained Thermage practitioner will be able to perform the treatment in a way that is tolerable.

• Misconception #3: No pain, no gain

The old adage “no pain, no gain” simply does not apply with Thermage FLX. Thermage FLX should be tolerable at all times, and the treatment level should not be intolerable in order for patients to see results. Trained Thermage

FLX providers constantly ask for patient feedback throughout the treatment, using a heat sensation feedback scale ranging from zero (nothing) to four (intolerable), whereas aesthetic practitioners aim for two to two and a half (hot, but easily tolerable). The ideal treatment level for any given area of the skin for any given patient is not one fixed level; this is why it is critical to receive patient feedback throughout the treatment to ensure that it is both safe and effective.

The clinical endpoint, or when the treatment ‘has done its job,’ is reached when the treated area turns pink, becomes visibly and palpably tighter, and feels warm to the touch. Thermage FLX providers are trained to pause once half of the treatment area has been treated to demonstrate to the patient that the clinical endpoint has been reached before proceeding to treat the other half of the treatment area. Once the clinical endpoint is reached, it makes no difference whether the patient received 800 or 888 REPs; what matters is that the treatment achieved the desired outcome.

It’s important to note that some minor redness or swelling may occur immediately following the treatment, but this typically subsides within a few hours. To achieve the best results, it is also critical to follow the aftercare instructions provided by the practitioner.

Thermage FLX is a safe and effective treatment that can improve skin texture and tone without the need for surgery. It’s an excellent choice for people who want to rejuvenate their skin without the downtime or recovery time associated with more invasive procedures. The effects of the treatment can last for up to two years with proper aftercare and maintenance.

Additionally, the treatment has been demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of loose skin, and sagging skin. Although it is not a replacement for a surgical facelift, it is an excellent option for those seeking a non-invasive alternative that can produce noticeable results.

In summary, Thermage FLX is a non-invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten and contour the skin, resulting in a noticeable improvement in skin texture and tone. It is a safe and effective option for those looking to rejuvenate their skin without undergoing surgery. Despite the myth that it is painful to use, the treatment is generally well-tolerated. The effects of the treatment can last for up to two years with proper aftercare and maintenance. Never accept or administer numbing cream or numbing gel as part of a Thermage FLX treatment. If the treatment is too painful, the provider will reduce the intensity of the treatment, and providers will pause halfway through the treatment to ensure that the treated area has met the clinical endpoint. For more information visit: THR.0020.AU.23

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INTRODUCING, The Non-Surgical Neck Lift

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, DR. GREG MUELLER , is the inventor of the revolutionary MyEllevate chin and neck defining procedure, distributed in Australia by Cynosure. We chatted with him during his time Down Under, where he trained Aussie surgeons.

What motivated you to create MyEllevate and how does it work?

So I’ve been in practice since 1998 and when I first went into practice I found that open neck procedures were quite invasive and they were something that many patients didn’t want to have as they resulted in a lot of downtime for the patient. I wanted to find a way to sew the neck muscles without opening the neck so I started my search in the early 2000s and realised that using a lighted needle and thread would be the best way to be able to sew the muscles underneath the skin without having to open it. After many years of thinking and research and development, that was the birth of MyEllevate.

Who is a good candidate for the procedure and what are the procedure’s limitations?

The great thing about MyEllevate is it really works in all different types of patients and what I mean by that is, the procedure works great in a young patient who might have that ski slope neck, or just less defined neck or jawline contours so it works great to augment what someone inherited from their parents genetically.

It also works in patients who are a little bit older who are just starting to show the signs of ageing. Those are the patients where we often combine it with energy based

Cynosure’s National Clinical Education Manager, Sandra Sostres, and Dr Greg Mueller during his time in Australia in December last year

skin tightening technology such as [Cynosure’s] Potenza with Precision TX which is a great laser technology, or we have used RF or a J plasma so it works with every energy based skin tightening technology in that middle group of patients who are just starting to show some signs of ageing.

The third group of patients who come in for a facelift or neck lift are those patients who have a lot of excess skin from the ageing process, so we will combine MyEllevate with skin removal such as in a neck lift or face lift so as to address the muscles under the area of the jawline.

Then there is a fourth group who have already had a neck or face lift who come in and they had some recurrent platysma banding or some sagging underneath the jawline, but this is a great bridge procedure to help prolong the results and to help bring them back to where they were many years before.

Compared to a face or neck lift what is the downtime involved?

The nice thing about MyEllevate is that it allows a surgeon to sew and support the underlying muscles underneath the jawline without surgically opening that area of the neck so when used in combination with skin removal such as in a neck lift or a facelift, this really reduces the healing time and the downtime, because we haven’t surgically opened the entire front of the neck. Being able to use a lighted needle and thread and use light guidance to build the matrix to lift and support everything is a much less invasive option! We’re looking at just a few weeks versus and weeks and months compared to normal face or neck lift.

From a practitioner’s perspective what are the benefits of performing MyEllevate compared to a face/necklift?

The great thing about MyEllevate from a provider’s view or a surgeon’s view is it allows the surgeon to offer their patients a solution that has never been available before.

They can give their patients a new refined jawline and neck without invasive surgery so it adds great value to the provider’s practice and their skill sets and allows them to offer a younger patient a solution; it also allows them to offer their patients a less invasive and less risky solution.

What qualifications are needed in order to perform this procedure?

The ideal MyEllevate surgeon is a surgeon who is well trained and an expert in the anatomy of the neck. Also a surgeon who is very experienced in performing

liposuction of the neck – we want surgeons who are safe and also very well educated, so these are the qualifications that we look for when we are selecting new MyEllevate surgeons.

How does the MyEllevate procedure differ to thread lifts?

MyEllevate is commonly confused with thread lifts when doctors first hear about it and also patients sometimes… it is completely different from the thread lift and that is for several reasons:

The most important is, we are using light guidance, i.e. a lighted needle and thread to deliver the suture right onto the muscle and we are using surgical suture – braided polyester suture – that has been used for probably 100 years in heart surgery.

It’s not a barbed suture, this is a permanent suture and we’re delivering it right under the muscle like we would do when opening the neck. Thread lifts are those absorbable sutures that have barbs in them and they’re actually placed in the skin itself to lift the skin and they are a very temporary solution that may last a year at most. They can also cause some rippling in the skin and bunching of the skin.

MyEllevate is delivered right under the muscle and lifts and supports and shapes the entire foundation of the neck and it is a permanent suture with results that can last 5+ years.

Dr. Mueller is a world-renowned inventor and plastic surgeon, Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and public speaker who educates surgeons around the world about the minimally invasive MyEllevate procedure that he developed.

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