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FASTER RESULTS, FASTER GROWTH WITH TRUSCULPT FLEX+ The first fifteen-minute muscle sculpting treatment Expand your treatment offerings with truSculpt flex, the first fifteen minute muscle sculpting treatment that offers personalized treatments based on patient fitness level, shape, and goals. Only truSculpt flex with MultiDirectional Stimulation (MDS) and our new flex+ treatment mode provides 3 unique treatment options, covering the largest treatment area in the body sculpting industry. Elevate your patient throughput and provide the flexibility and convenience your patients want to sculpt their best body. • Rapid, 15-minute treatment protocols • 30% increase in muscle mass1

• Equivalent to 54,000 crunches

• Treat up to 8 areas simultaneously


12 Weeks After 4Treatments

Photos courtesy of M. Somenek, MD


Stephen J. Ronan M.D. A Novel Bio-Electric Current Stimulation Device For Improvement Of Muscle Tone 7/2019.

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Payo t wa As seen nt to in send Marie YOU Claire New Cus tom ers

Clinically Tested Certified Organic Skincare

Nourishing face & body massage bar with rosemary essential oil

The skin texture is improved 100% (2)

Face beauty oil

with everlasting flower essential oil

Smoothes fine lines & wrinkles 100% (2)

Face & eye cleansing oil with olive oil

The skin appears purified 100% (2)

Revitalizing body oil

with thyme essential oil

Hydrates even the driest areas 100% (1)

Crème universelle visage with lavender essential oil

Plumps the skin up 100% (2)

(1) (2)

U s e t e s t o n 2 0 vo l o n t e e r s . % o f vo l u n t e e r s w h o n o t i c e d t h e e ffe c t i m m e d i a t e l y a ft e r a p p l i c a t i o n .

U s e t e s t c a r r i e d o u t o n 2 0 vo l o n t e e r s . % o f vo l u n t e e r s w h o n o t i c e d t h e e ffe c t a ft e r d a i l y a p p l i c a t i o n fo r 2 8 d ay s .


https://www.instagra tralia/ /showcase/c


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EDITOR’S Letter Welcome to our last issue of 2021 – a year none of us will ever forget. If you’re in NSW or VIC, you’ve gone through arguably the hardest time of your life due to several months of lockdowns, but it’s time to pat yourself on the back and look forward to a busy Christmas period and a stellar 2022. Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so you’re going into this next chapter of your business more experienced and more resilient than ever.

I am looking forward to a much more ‘normal’ 2022 with in-person conferences and events resuming. We are currently planning our own events, with BEAUTY & SPA Insiders returning in September next year, more information to come soon. If you want to be the first to know about our events and anything else happening in the aesthetics and wellness industry, make sure you subscribe to our free e-newsletter on our website and follow us on social media.

To give you an idea of what 2022 has in store for us, we talked to industry experts about their upcoming launches and vision for next year on page 24. If you’re in need of some ‘me-time’ before starting the new year, take a look at some of Australia’s best wellness retreats on page 58, and find some tips on how to reset your (and your clients’) gut (page 62) and sleep patterns on page 64.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time and a happy start to 2022,

It wouldn’t be our last issue of the year without our annual Christmas gift guide (page 88). Eight pages full of gift ideas for your VIP clients, your staff, or yourself – you deserve it – and if it’s something less materialistic you’re after, take a look at page 34 to read about how our industry is giving back by donating their time and expertise to great causes, and how you can get involved, too!



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MULTIMODALITY PLATFORM OFFERING A SPECTRUM OF SOLUTIONS Versatile treatments for skin resurfacing, pigments, vascular and more

Powerful, versatile & upgradable Treats over 72 FDA-cleared indications

My Face My Body Awards Global Aesthetic Awards

Innovative Treatment of the Year Winner 2020

Extensive clinical studies Comfortable treatments using in-motion

ClearLift Best Anti-Ageing Treatment of the Year 2019-2020

Innovative Treatment of the Year Winner 2020

Minimal downtime Safe and effective for all skin types No consumables









Courtesy of Alma’s Clinical Department

Tel (02) 8339 4791 www.a 184 Bourke Rd Alexandria NSW 2015





58 84

34 Ways To Give Back 46 The Intersection Of Dental Aesthetics And Wellbeing

78 Getting In Shape 88 Christmas Gifts For Everyone

INTERIOR 14 Ascension

Dr Scott Allison has opened a new clinic in New Farm

BUSINESS 24 Looking Back And Ahead

Industry experts share their plans and vision for 2022

38 What Do I Need To Know To Thrive When Others

Just Survive? Suzie Hoitink explains how to future-proof your business

40 With Purpose Comes Profit

Gry Tømte shares her tips on how to lead with purpose

44 The Ecommerce Experience

Is your online shop user-friendly?

ICONS OF INDUSTRY 48 Dr Joseph Hkeik 50 Nicole Montgomery 52 Melanie Grant 54 Dr Neil Kitchen 56 Dr Nashwa Botros

WELLNESS 58 (Re)treat Yourself!

Australia’s best wellness retreats

62 Reset Your Gut Michaela Sparrow takes us through the ultimate New Year’s diet

66 The Power Of Gua Sha April Brodie reveals her facial massage technique

AESTHETICS 68 Made Just For You We round up all the skincare brands that offer bespoke formulations

72 Skin News What’s new in the world of skincare?

74 Conceal While You Heal Post-procedure coverage that cares for patients’ complexion

TECHNOLOGY 82 Working In Perfect Harmony We ask two practitioners about Alma Lasers’ Harmony XL Pro

83 The New Generation Of Body Contouring Danielle Smith on why she chose Cynosure’s LIPOcel for her clinics

MEDI 84 Bio-Remodelling VS Booster Filler Dr Rahma Targett explains the difference

96 My Glow-To Routine …with Sarah Laney

ON THE COVER Dr Martina Lavery has been a dentist for over 22 years in the Hills District, Sydney. Her clinic, Martina Dental + Aesthetics, was born out of a vision to provide dental care of the highest standard in a caring and calm environment. She studied dentistry in her native land, Ireland, in Belfast, before migrating to Sydney after meeting her husband in Adelaide while on a forensic dentistry scholarship at Adelaide University. Dr Martina has a passion for and is interested in cosmetic dentistry, aesthetics and the oral microbiome. She loves the process of working closely with patients to build trust and achieve undetectable aesthetic results. It is a great privilege to work on people’s faces and teeth, she says, and focuses on achieving wellness through oral health integration and education. Dr Martina’s philosophy of care is preventative, respecting how the health of your mouth is integral to your overall wellbeing. MARTINADENTAL.COM.AU



personalised anti-ageing science the element for skincare experts

age element The latest professional anti-ageing system inspired by the most advanced aesthetic technology, which includes the [meso]epigen system™ complex. An innovative, completely customisable and integral treatment for all skin types and ageing concerns.

Advanced Cosmeceuticals | 1800 242 011

ww w.advancedcosmeceutical


The latest and greatest in the aesthetics industry, tested by the SPA+CLINIC team.

SkinDNA Reviewed by Editor Nadine Dilong

There is no doubt that a qualified skin expert is able to recommend the right products and treatments to a client after a thorough skin analysis. This usually includes looking at the skin in special lighting, touching the skin, and UV photography to show different skin concerns, such as redness, pigmentation, and dehydration. But in order to really get the ‘big picture’ of someone’s skin health, and to make more targeted recommendations, understanding a clients’ hereditary DNA markers can really help. Getting someone’s DNA sample still sounds somewhat like a scene from a Sci-Fi movie, but is actually just a simple saliva test anyone can do with world-renowned company SkinDNA, who work with partners all over the world, such as O Cosmedics and Rationale to offer skin professionals and their clients the ultimate skin analysis. After a quick swab of my inner cheek, my sample gets sent to a laboratory where it is analysed for genetic markers (SNPs) in 5 categories of skin aging: 1. FIRMNESS & ELASTICITY Are you genetically predisposed to premature wrinkling? 2. WRINKLING (GLYCATION) Glycation affects collagen and elastin and creates accelerated skin aging. 3. S UN DAMAGE & PIGMENTATION How well can your skin naturally cope under the strains of the sun? 4. F REE RADICAL DAMAGE Are you genetically protected against Free Radical vulnerabilities? 5. SKIN SENSITIVITY How well are your genes protecting you against irritation? About two weeks after I’ve sent in my sample, I get my results sent to me in a handy pdf file. 10 pages of thorough information about my genes, my DNA, and how this affects my skin and skin ageing. The way the results are structured is by categorising the different areas into ‘normal’, ‘impaired, or ‘deficient’, so you know at a glance which areas your body is struggling with most. 12 | SPA+CLINIC

Another handy piece of information is that your result is compared to the company’s huge database of people who have taken this test, so you know what the average result in each area is, as well as how many people have had the exact same result as you. The internal signs as well as visible signs are explained, so you know what’s happening in your body and how this might show on your skin, and at the end, recommendations for topical ingredients, internal supplements, and professional treatments are made, giving you a 360 degree approach to achieving your skin goals. What I found most interesting is to find out the ‘why’ behind most of my skin concerns. For example, I have prolonged redness on my skin after treatments because my gene responsible for the regulation of inflammation is “less than optimal and can result in the body’s ability to over-respond to a threat creating a heightened inflammatory response that can be unnecessary to skin cells.” While I can’t change the gene itself, the report recommends topical products, such as Vitamin B5 to calm skin, as well as supplements such as Olive Leaf Extract to reduce inflammatory processors, and also advises that I should opt for professional treatments that don’t use heat, such as LED or microneedling. If you’re worried about a company storing information about your DNA, I’m told there is no need as being a 100% Australian owned company, they comply with the strong privacy obligations contained within the Australian Privacy Act, and information is never sold to a third party. Moreover, any user has the ability to request SkinDNA remove their information from their systems at anytime. My final verdict? SkinDNA has given me information about my body and skin that I wasn’t aware of before. It has made it easier for me to make the right choices when it comes to skincare, ingestibles, and professional treatments. Combined with a professional skin analysis, this test can give your clients a holistic approach to their treatment plan.

Tried + Tested

Universkin Reviewed by Advertising Manager Kym Cowper

I began my Universkin journey in lockdown in a bid to alleviate fine lines and pigmentation, committing to being a ‘one brand gal’ to ensure the best results. A Dr’s personally prescribed bespoke skincare formula sounded too good to refuse. My consult is conducted via a comprehensive online questionnaire, and when results were in, my prescription was ready and sent to me promptly and in a gorgeous sustainably packaged little brown box. The prescription is super simple, just a 3-step regime: a beautiful oil cleanser to wash off any makeup and dirt, a potent day time serum including Niacinamide followed by nexultra™ P moisturiser, then switch it up to another serum at night, featuring my all time favourite ingredient, retinol, topped up by the delicate nexultra™ P light emulsion before bed. Universkin’s potent concentrated formulas are absorbed easily into my skin and only very slightly fragranced. I’m now in week six of my Universkin journey and I’m so happy with my skin, I can see real results, less pigment, and fine lines are minimised. I now have my freedom face all ready for the outside world. Thank you, Universkin.

mesoestetic At-Home Mini Peel Pack Reviewed by Online Editor Jessica Frost

Nothing drains a complexion of its radiance quite like being stuck at home, snacking all day, mask wearing and just generally getting a little lazy with your skincare routine. And that’s exactly what I learnt after almost three months in Sydney’s lockdown. Without the ability to visit a professional, or the motivation to stick to my regime, the mesoestetic At-Home Mini Peel Pack came at the perfect time for my dull, textured and breakout-prone skin. It’s a four-step system that combines the brightening foam cleanser, ultimate micropeel, treatment ampoule and a post-procedure skin repair cream to target pigmentation, dullnes and signs of ageing. What’s great about the peel is that your clients will get to wake up with the kind of glow only a strong slough of AHAs and enzymes can induce, without the redness and shedding of stronger in-clinic peels. Not only is it quick, busy clients who can’t commit to regular appointments or downtime can use it to maintain in clinic results and boost their at-home regime.

Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask Reviewed by Editor Nadine Dilong

I’m probably not the only one who has experienced the appearance of some lines and wrinkles throughout the past year. Lockdowns and COVID-related stress have literally left their marks on my face due to more frowning and restlessness at night. And while I’m all for injectables, I was intrigued to hear about a sleep mask that was clinically proven to reduce lines and help you relax. The Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep mask looks just like any other sleep mask you would wear on a plane or to block out light, but it has 47 silicone dots on the inside and fits quite tightly around your head. The silicone dots stimulate mechanoreceptors (tiny little nerve endings in your face) which keeps you from frowning and sends your facial muscles into a deeply relaxed state. While this mask will of course not magically erase your wrinkles, it will reduce their appearance temporarily, and more importantly, the mask helps me sleep as it blocks out any light and somehow keeps my mind from racing, which in turn results in a more refreshed eye area. Would recommend to anyone that has trouble sleeping or finds themselves frowning a lot. | 13



Dr Scott Allison’s new clinic, Ascension, makes patients feel like they’re on a mini-getaway.

Lumen8 Architectural Lighting

Maison Balzac




Maison Fleur Floral Design


Dina Broadhurst

Design & Co Rationale

Maison Balzac

Style Craft Furniture | 15


Facts & Figures

Name: ASCENSION COSMETIC MEDICINE Owner: DR SCOTT ALLISON Location: BRISBANE, QLD Size: 250 m2 Treatment Rooms: 4 plus 1 procedure room, 1 photography room, 1 recovery room Staff: 7 Interior Inspiration: CONTEMPORARY, LUXE, EARTHY

Dr Scott


here has been a slow but steady merge between clinics and wellness spaces in the past few years, and the newly opened Ascension Cosmetic Medicine clinic in New Farm, Brisbane is the perfect example of this. Offering medi-aesthetic treatments, such as injectables, lasers, and body contouring, Dr Scott Allison has created a safe space for his clients where they can come to feel good. “As an aesthetic practice it was important to me that the look and feel of the clinic aligned with our brand and the feeling that we wanted to evoke walking in the door. I wanted to get the balance right between luxury spa and medical clinic, where clients feel relaxed and pampered as they momentarily escape their busy lives,” Dr Scott says. Working with medical fit-out company Medifit, Dr Scott has created a warm and inviting interior with earthy tones and natural textures and materials. Different types of wood from the floor to the wall panelling and even the reception desk are broken up by luxurious terrazzo and chrome surfaces. The complete client experience is of utmost importance to Dr Scott. “From the moment our clients step foot through the front doors at Ascension, I want them to feel like they have been transported to a luxury hotel,” he explains, “It’s a complete sensory experience – from the scent and sound, to the fit-out and feel. On arrival, our clients are welcomed by our experienced clinic coordinators, invited to our waiting lounge and offered an extensive 16 | SPA+CLINIC

refreshment menu of naturopath formulated herbal teas, signature barista made coffee and gut healing elixirs. While in the waiting lounge, our clients are surrounded by some of my favourite decor pieces such as Trudon candles and Assouline coffee table books from my private library collection. At Ascension, it’s all in the finer details. The team wear a specially designed uniform by Juli Grbac, we have a signature Ascension scent that flows throughout the clinic, and a gallery of artwork from Dina Broadhurst across all shared spaces and treatment rooms. Individually picked, feature interior pieces and decor are placed throughout to continue this experience while our clients are in treatment. We balance this with the highest level of technical expertise and innovative treatment offerings. Our treatments are supported by Cutera laser devices, Allergan, Rationale, Universkin and Medik8 products. We want our clients to feel like they are in a comfortable yet stylish space that they can relax in and almost feel like they have escaped life/ had a mini getaway, while also achieving their skin and aesthetic goals.” Dr Scott’s favourite corner of the clinic? It’s hard to choose just one, he says, but “it would have to be either our dedicated recovery room or our discreet VIP entrance/exit. Some clients want anonymity when visiting, and we understand that so wanted to ensure the clinic had a space to make this possible.”

BRIGHTER TOGETHER everything you need to know about biolumin-c featuring our ultra-stable, highly potent vitamin c complex

BIOLUMIN-C GEL MOISTURIZER brightens, hydrates, + renews skin for a natural glow

BIOLUMIN-C SERUM brightens, firms, + helps skin defend itself

BIOLUMIN-C EYE SERUM brightens, firms, + hydrates the delicate eye area

Become a Dermalogica stockist, call 1800 659 118 for more information


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This Brand Went From Failure To Millions In Just One Year

Has Australia’s Laser Franchising Bubble Burst?

9:41 AM


7 Months And Counting; 3 Melbourne Clinic Owners Share Their Lockdown Lessons

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NEW ARRIVALS The latest and greatest product launches to stock on your shelves.

Revision Revox™ Line Relaxer, RRP $220.00

Synergie LumiBalance, RRP $110.00

AWE Cosmeceuticals Brightening Serum, RRP $79.00

ESK Repair+, RRP $95.00

Augustinus Bader The Serum, RRP $490

WelleCo The Skin

AestheticsRx Tinted Water Resistant

Elixir, RRP $60.00

Sunscreen Cream, RRP $59.00



Payot Herbier Face and Eye Cleansing Oil, RRP $50.00

OmVeda Kumkumadi Oil, RRP $65.00

Prologic Derma Aid, RRP $149.00

Medik8 Oxy-R-Peptides, RRP $124.00

Styled by Nadine Dilong, photography by Brandee Meier


SkinCeuticals Silymarin CF, RRP $228.00

Biologique Recherche µ-Fill PIGM 400, RRP $375.00 | 21



BizCover’s Ryan Johnson explains what business owners need to do, now that almost everything has changed.


he Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way spas, clinics and retreat businesses operate day to day. As vaccination rates climb and borders look to reopen, it is important to remember that your operations may not return to pre-pandemic ways. Whether your business is reopening postlockdown or you’ve been lucky enough to avoid major disruptions, it may be time to consider how your clinic will operate in the ‘new normal’. Here are a few things to cross off the list to ensure you are prepared for the months ahead.

1. Stick to the rules While stringent lockdowns may be a thing of the past, there are many additional considerations you need to navigate when running your business. Ensuring you are across the safety protocols that will protect your employees and clients is perhaps one of the most important things you can do. Make sure you comply with local regulations and continue with practices that reduce the spread of the virus. This includes but is not limited to practising good hygiene, regular cleaning and maintenance and using personal safety equipment. It’s also prudent to prepare for the worst. If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us is that snap lockdowns can spring up in a moment’s notice, and you need a plan in place to quickly adapt to the situation. Additionally, it’s a good idea to think about what happens if your staff suddenly need to isolate or your customers cancel last minute.

2. Kickstart your market and culture It’s time to reinvigorate your business. And that involves marketing your business like you’ve never done before. Jump online and connect with your client base through social media and email marketing. For those locations that have been in lockdown there will be pent-up demand, and it’s time to offer killer discounts and generate genuine excitement about your brand. Identify your top-selling items or services, create enticing add-ons and watch the money coming in. It’s also time to rebuild your team culture. How your employees go about 22 | SPA+CLINIC

their work says a lot about your business. You want them informed, motivated and highly skilled. Empower them by creating internal perks or by providing temporary extra commissions during the busy period. Commit to some training sessions and team building days. This is also a chance to go over the ‘new normal’ changes to your business.

3. Check your business insurance Your business may not be the same as it was before the pandemic and your insurance should keep up with the times. Too often, companies wind up without the right cover because the original policy is renewed without the owner factoring in changes to their business. Perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to invest in new equipment or have even added new product lines to your range. As the value of your equipment and content grows, you can update your policy to help ensure you have sufficient insurance to cover your loss if you need to make a claim. On the flipside you may have reduced your stock and equipment and can take the opportunity to reduce the value of your insured assets. The pandemic has also been a volatile time for your employees. Some may have moved on, or perhaps you’ve onboarded new hires to keep up with demand. Ensure that when renewing your policy, it reflects the current size of your business. While there are many perks to running your own spa, clinic or retreat business, overseeing everything can get quite dramatic. Luckily with BizCover, business insurance doesn’t have to be. Visit – no dramas! *This information is a general guide only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained on this page is general only and should not be relied upon as advice. © 2021 BizCover Pty Limited, all rights reserved. ABN 68 127 707 975; AFSL 501769

Life is already


Business insurance doesn’t have to be Compare multiple quotes online in minutes Instant online cover – no paperwork required Save yourself time and money

Earn 1 Qantas Point per dollar spent on any new business insurance policy*

www.bizc .au

1300 805 821

*Must be a Qantas Business Rewards member. Maximum of 10,000 Qantas Points earned per policy. Available to new BizCover policy purchase only and not available with any other offer. See Terms & Conditions at The information provided is general only and should not be relied upon as advice. BizCover Pty Ltd (ABN 68 127 707 975; AFSL 501769) © 2021 BizCover. BC2007

LOOKING BACK & AHEAD Another challenging year is coming to an end, but amid the difficulties have been great developments in the industry. We hear from brand leaders about their highlights of 2021, and what we can look forward to in 2022.

Iola Ciavarra, Director Reveal Pty Ltd Our highlights of 2021:

2021 was another technological breakthrough year for Revision Skincare with the introduction of Revox Line Relaxer. A potent, targeted serum designed to be paired with neuromodulators to dramatically reduce expression lines. Another nod to the medical aesthetics industry with visible and statistically significant outcomes in double blinded, placebocontrolled studies. Dramatic results are seen with, or without neuromodulators. Recent developments locally have been the introduction of myself as Director of Reveal, Revision’s new distribution partner with existing distributor EnVogue Skin. With 25+ years’ experience in the aesthetics space, I help support clinics in offering superior outcomes for their clients that work with their existing treatments and operations. With the philosophy of simplicity, flexibility and results, the partnership is refreshingly standing out from the skincare crowd already.

A sneak-peek into 2022:

2022 will see to a broader offering of digital promotional and educational support for Revision stockists that tie in with current and future trends. Technological innovations will see the launch of two new products in the retail line as well as innovative packaging updates to existing key sellers. We promise an exciting year ahead!

Catherine Biedermann, Managing Director Advanced Cosmeceuticals Our highlights of 2021:

“2022 will see the company continue to introduce new packaging and the brand’s refresh.”

2021 has seen expanded growth for Advanced Cosmeceuticals with some exciting new skincare and device brands joining our portfolio including Plasma Pen and HyaPen Pro by Louise Walsh International, innovator of one of the world’s most advanced suite of non-invasive, nitrogen plasma devices. Barcelona based Cocoon Medical joined our portfolio with innovative energy-based devices including Primelase, Elysion-Pro and second generation Cooltech Define. Lutronic launched HOLLYWOOD SPECTRA™, building upon the world’s leading 1064/532nm laser platform. Pushing boundaries of efficacy, skincare brand SkinMTX provides high potency formulations for in-clinic, postprocedure home care and special care. Stateof-the-art needle-free biorevitalisation, WiQo

is a lifting and brightening programme applied in-clinic with a home care protocol, and finally, scientifically advanced, AnteAGE, in-clinic only, provides powerful skincare and treatments based on growth factors, stem cells and cytokines for microneedling, hair regrowth, vaginal rejuvenation and advanced anti-ageing. A sneak-peek into 2022:

With the exciting new additions to the Advanced Cosmeceuticals portfolio, 2022 will see our team concentrate on building brand awareness of our new skincare and device brands within the industry and working with clinic partners in terms of education and training. This will, of course, be in conjunction with the continued focus on working with our existing brands and their launches. mesoestetic introduced their new brand positioning in 2021, ‘the element for skincare experts’ so 2022 will see the company continue to introduce new packaging and the brand’s refresh. We hope 2022 will see the return of conferences, events and face to face trainings – something I’m sure we all look forward to.



Dennis Cronje, Managing Director InMode ANZ Our highlights of 2021:

InMode continues to be the fastest growing Aesthetic Medical Device company in the industry, delivering record quarterly revenues through COVID, with an increase of 184% compared to 2020. The unique in-office, minimallyinvasive treatments provided by EmbraceRF and Morpheus8, has gained solid support from surgeons, delivering surgical-like results with minimal to no downtime. The launch of a range of comprehensive non-invasive solutions including Morpheus Pro (sub-dermal, fractional RF microneedling), the most advanced feminine wellness solution leveraging multiple complementary technologies - EmpowerRF, and the hands-free, zero downtime, full body transforming solution EvolveX to remodel skin, treat fat, and sculpt muscles, has enabled customers to provide broadened treatment offerings to their clients,

generating increased revenue streams and attracting a new base of customers. The focus on delivering low-to-no consumable-based products, ensures maximum financial return to customers during difficult trading conditions. A sneak-peek into 2022:

InMode plans to continue expanding our existing suite of solutions into market while delivering new and innovative solutions for customers to enable them to offer the best-in-class treatments for their patients/clients and to maximise their return on investment. In addition to working closely with our customers to facilitate their success, we are set to expand our presence in plastic and aesthetic surgery, gynaecology (GSM), the non-medical sector and enter new markets with revolutionary technologies. These include ophthalmology (dry eye/drooping eyelids), dental (temporomandibular joint disorders), ENT (snoring/rhinitis), and urology (erectile dysfunction).

“The focus on delivering low-to-no consumable-based products, ensures maximum financial return to customers during difficult trading conditions” Pauline Valle, Founder Ultraderm Our highlights of 2021:

“The pandemic has shown us how quickly things can change, and this includes innovation in beauty products.”

Whilst we’ve all been shocked by COVID-19, the beauty industry has worked hard to be resilient to the pandemic. Digital presence and the virtual experience has accelerated and we have redeveloped and continued to innovate and improve our online training and delivery. The stay-at-home orders and the pandemic resulted in many of our salon partners being closed for extended periods, but over the year we have managed to grow our business with new product lines and brought on new accounts. We’ve also launched Advanced Mineral Make Up whose natural looks are perfect for video conferencing. The pandemic has shown us how quickly things can change, and this includes innovation in beauty products. In 2021, we launched our Vitamax collection and the Vitamax Rapid Retinol kit, Rapid Retinol is our most active Vitamin A serum, and quickly becoming what Ultraderm is known for. A sneak-peek into 2022:

Planned for 2022 we have in the pipeline extensions to our Skin Clear Range, a wellness focused nutritional skin supplement and new kits including a male skin specific set. We are also excited to rebrand our products and marketing campaigns, and most of all, getting back to interacting in person with clients old and new. | 25


Dr Donna Marçal, Founder Dermatonics® Our highlights of 2021:

As we look back at the year that was 2021, many of us didn’t expect to be locked down for the second half of this year. As a growing brand, 2021 was a positive year for us, gaining further recognition in the industry and having many new amazing clinic partners join us, even in what has been a year of uncertainty. We have launched new products that have been fully embraced by our clinics and their clients. One of our most notable launches is an addition to our Dermatonics Clearskin® range, our Balancing Face Oil, which is already becoming a much-loved product like our #1 selling Nourishing Face Oil. With 2021 being a goof year, despite lockdowns and uncertainty, we are excited for what 2022 brings. A sneak-peek into 2022:

We are really looking forward to 2022 with more certainty and going back to a bit more of ‘normal’. Here at Dermatonics® we have a

Brett Elliott, GM Cutera ANZ Our highlights of 2021:

In what has been yet another turbulent year due to COVID and numerous government imposed lockdowns across Australia and NZ, there were also some key highlights for me in 2021. We increased our customer support via investment in people – In spite of the uncertainty of COVID lockdowns in 2020 and in 2021, due to the unprecedented growth CUTERA ANZ has been experiencing over the past three years, I have been able to re-invest heavily in new positions that are designed to support our loyal customers postsale better than ever before. In 2021 I have been

“With 2021 being a goof year, despite lockdowns and uncertainty, we are excited for what 2022 brings.” lot of great plans we are looking forward to in 2022. Look out for a bit of a refresh with our brand throughout 2022, as we’re really excited about bringing a bit of a new look to our range. We are really missing seeing our clinic partners in person and getting back to our in-person product education sessions as we are normally holding these quite frequently all around the country. Planning has also been in place for a while with some great new product launches including a night cream, sunscreen and other fabulous retail products our clinics know that their clients will love. Bring on 2022!

able to add positions into the CUTERA structure. This expanded structure effectively positions CUTERA to be able to deliver ‘best-in-industry’ support for all our customers, existing and future. Just another reason to invest in a partnership with CUTERA as we are investing in you. Over and above all of the ongoing educational events we run throughout the year, CUTERA UNIVERSITY remains our flagship educational event and attracted in excess of 200 delegates to the brand-new W Hotel in Melbourne on the weekend of May 19-21. CUCF was a special event in that we had a world class speaker list headed up by Prof Greg Goodman who is always so giving of his time and expertise to support quality education, plus it was an event that brought the industry together professionally and socially after such an extended period of COVID uncertainty in 2020. A sneak-peek into 2022:

I am really looking forward to ideally putting the world of COVID lockdowns behind us in 2022 as we are vaccinated and getting on with living the ‘new normal’ and supporting our customers and their patients to do the same. We will also continue to improve the way CUTERA partners with all our customers to support your business and continue to enhance the educational offerings we provide. 26 | SPA+CLINIC



Anna Teal, CEO Aromatherapy Associates Our highlights of 2021:

In 2020 Aromatherapy Associates joined the family of B Corps. This was an important moment in our company’s history and confirms our pledge to put people and the planet on the same footing as profit. In 2021, we launched a new home fragrance, a beautifully designed, 100% natural, hand crafted home range allowing you to fill your entire space with therapeutic essential oils, whether you’re seeking sleep, calm, energy or purification. We also welcomed new home wellbeing products in 2021: The Atomiser – the future of essential oil difusion, shower oil collection, pure essential oil blends and four new candles. We are also excited to launch our 2021 festive collection, which reflects on ‘Every Moment Matters’. A sneak-peek into 2022:

A report by Euromonitor has found that 64% of professionals think working from home will be a long-term change for them, with 70%

expecting an increased focus on their lifestyle post-lockdown. This home-centric life will need redefining, and fragrance will play an important role in it. With invaluable global industry insights, we know that many hotel guests might be reluctant to have a traditional spa experience. To support this, we have designed a thoughtful collection of treatments to reset guest’s wellbeing in the comfort of their own room. We will also launch a collaboration with The Laundress to transform your daily cleaning routine into a luxurious and wholly beneficial experience. This innovative collection couples purpose-driven cleaning solutions with hand-blended natural essential oils to reinvigorate the senses while balancing mind, body and spirit. As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we have introduced significant changes to the way business operates, which includes removing one and a half tonnes of plastic from Christmas packaging and committing to becoming carbon neutral across direct company operations by 2023.

“We are also excited to launch our 2021 festive collection...” Fiona Tuck, Founder Vita-sol Our highlights of 2021:

2021 has been the most challenging year for the professional skincare industry but we have pushed through regardless. March 2021 saw the launch of the Vita-sol organic herbal blends which are proudly Australian Certified Organic (ACO), independently third party certified to ensure the ultimate in purity and quality. Our expertly crafted naturopathically formulated herbs are designed to support specific skin conditions, modulate stress and support the immune and nervous systems of the body. We took the opportunity to focus our energy on increasing our offerings for our wonderful resilient and loyal stockists. Ingredient purity, quality manufacturing, brand integrity and regulatory compliance is the key to everything we do as is evidence-based training for both our stockists and consumers. We provided ongoing training throughout 2021 via our training resource portal, facebook and Instagram lives to support our clinics. I have also been an active media commentator throughout 2021 dispelling skin and nutrition myths in mainstream media such as Body and Soul, SMH, Mama Mia, Studio 10 and The Today Show Channel 9 as well as hosting The Forensic Nutritionist Podcast, an investigative approach into gut health, nutrition, skincare and wellness. A sneak-peek into 2022:

We are working on some exciting new projects for 2022 which we cannot wait to share with you all. In mid-2022 we will be launching a revolutionary functional omega oil supplement specifically designed for skin health which Fiona has been working on with scientists for several years now. We will have more Vita-sol educational consumer videos available for social media use explaining how our products work on a nutrigenomic level and more education on skin and nutrition, plus regular myth busting to ensure we are raising standards within the professional skincare industry by providing evidence based scientific information. We are also hoping to be able to host more social and networking exclusive events for our premium clinics as a thank you for all their ongoing support. Vita-sol has also undergone a subtle yet sophisticated brand refresh ready to take on 2022 with a bang.



www .aro

The Sydney Sheraton Grand Hyde ParkPark Sydney |Gillian Adams The Langham Langham The Langham Sydney | Sheraton | Sheraton Grand Grand Hyde Hyde Park Sydney Sydney |Gillian |Gillian Adams Adams for Aromatherapy Associates Signature Treatments Aromatherapy for Aromatherapy Associates Associates Signature Signature Treatments Treatments AromatherapyAssociates AromatherapyAssociates AromatherapyAssociates aromatherapyassociatesau aromatherapyassociatesau aromatherapyassociatesau

Tobecome become ourexclusive exclusive stockist, contact 0435 882 669 To To become our our exclusive stockist, stockist, contact contact 0435 0435 882 669 882 6


Kane Hammond, CEO and Co Founder The Global Beauty Group Our highlights of 2021:

Throughout 2021 our team was inspired by the resilience of Australian beauty businesses and their ability to adapt and grow in an ever-changing landscape. The launch of new interactive online learning programs on our Education HUB aimed to support this growth with modules on everything from mechanisms of action and performing client consultations through to upselling, cross-selling and promoting new treatments. With a record number of self-care treatments being performed at home this year, we saw in-clinic demand shift from pampering services towards the more results-driven. Consistent with this trend, we were delighted to launch Obagi medical-grade skincare and empower stockists with ‘skinclusive’, clinically proven results backed by a 30-year legacy of science and innovation. Another 2021 highlight for us was the launch of ReBorn, an Israeli made medical-grade Power LED fat reduction technology with dramatic body contouring results. The Global Beauty Group were delighted in 2021 to join

the Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) as a Foundation Member, and raise over $19,000 for their ‘Let’s support the Beauty Industry’ GoFundMe in support of Australian aesthetic businesses impacted by COVID in our MediLUX Fundraiser Auction. A sneak-peek into 2022:

Looking ahead to 2022, our top priority remains helping our clients make the most of their investment through the use of accessible education and support programs. We are excited to be launching new ‘treatment upgrade’ products that along with enhancing results, will also create additional revenue streams for clinics. Skin professionals have new Obagi products to look forward to, along with the addition of innovative new skin correction technologies to our award-winning LUX Series device range. Here’s to a beautiful 2022!

Gidon Silverman, National Sales Manager Venus Concept Our highlights of 2021:

Despite the obvious stress of living through the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are proud to say, that as always, Venus Concept still managed to celebrate more than a few successes with our partners in 2021. Tennis superstar Venus Williams joined Venus Concept as brand ambassador for the Venus Bliss ‘2-in-1’ body contouring device that reduces fat on the abdomen and flanks as well as cellulite around the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Venus Concept co-hosted two ROAR events – Melbourne ROAR at the Grand Hyatt and Sydney ROAR at Taronga Zoo. Both events were sell-out successes that managed to go ‘live’ in between lockdowns. Venus Concept also launched the Venus Heal to treat common soft tissue injuries such as neck, back and shoulder pain, RSI and plantar fasciitis. The device uses Multi-Polar RF energy, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) and therapeutic massage to reduce pain and swelling, and accelerate healing. A sneak-peek into 2022:

Venus Concept will launch at least one new device onto the Australian market into the new year, however, in the interim, we will continue to spend a lot of time and effort in helping our partner clinics ‘rebuild’ their businesses as we all learn to live with Covid. Venus Concept’s new online onboarding program, Ignite, will help our partner clinic owners increase their sales and profits by ensuring their aesthetic devices work as hard as they do. Created and led by Venus Concept’s sales and marketing experts Neil Osborne and Nicole Montgomery, the five-hour course, which can be completed in bite-sized sessions of 10-20 minutes or in one long binge, aims to help all clinic owners “take their business to the next level”. Neil and Nicole both believe that the course’s simple selling tips, strategies and tools have the potential to make a huge difference to sales and profits. The course focuses on “a few simple changes in client interactions (online and in real-life) that deliver more positive outcomes for therapists and clients”.



Matt Moncrieff, MD High Tech Medical

launches including PerfecTint (Mineral SPF makeup) and their medical-grade Prodigy Peels.

Our highlights of 2021:

For High Tech Medical, 2021 was an exciting year of significant growth and evolution. We recently partnered with two globally-recognised manufacturers: Sofwave and EndyMed. Sofwave is quickly gaining global recognition as a nextgeneration Ultrasound Technology that goes beyond HIFU. We partnered with EndyMed to provide the current and future users with a comprehensive support programme to ensure they can all take advantage of Endymed’s unique 3DEEP RF technology. Onda Coolwaves by Deka is a revolutionary microwave body contouring technology that simultaneously treats fat, cellulite and skin laxity. Many clinics are now offering their patients the advantages of this exciting new technology. iS Clinical, our luxury cosmeceutical skincare brand, saw exponential growth and exciting new products

A sneak-peek into 2022:

As part of their global expansion and strategy to work more directly with clinics and consumers, HydraFacial recently acquired High Tech Laser (the local distribution partner) and will now operate through a direct local office. Expect increased brand presence and consumer awareness, increased clinic support, new product launches and a larger local team bringing an even bigger, better HydraFacial experience to more people across Australia and New Zealand. In 2022, HydraFacial ANZ will roll out a number of new innovations that take full advantage of the connected world we live in. High Tech Medical will operate as normal, ensuring the same high level of customer support with iS Clinical, Deka, EndyMed, Sofwave and other industry leading brands as we work alongside HydraFacial ANZ.

Neil Owen, Director Spa Vision Our highlights of 2021:

Spa Vision’s 2021 highlight would be turning 15! From small beginnings we now work with over 40 brands and have clients in over 35 countries around the world. We’ve supplied and worked with Pan Pacific London and Yangon Maldives supporting their launches, as well as The Corinthia Hotels in London and Malta and PGA Catalunya. To support our expansion, 5 years ago we opened an office in Australia to look after the APAC region. During this period we are proud to have supplied so many of the top destination spas and hotels, including The Ritz Carlton Perth and W Brisbane as well as design and consultancy services for new projects such as Opuke Thermal Spa in New Zealand. Our approach is to ensure our clients and customers receive industry leading advice and support with a focussed and dedicated team of directors involved at every step of the process. A sneak-peek into 2022:

Through 2022 a key focus for Spa Vision is to continue growing our exclusive partnership with Esthetica throughout Australia and New Zealand. Esthetica manufacture high quality spa equipment and furniture, combining design innovation with modern woodworking techniques all at competitive prices which is ideal for the growing APAC market. We’re able to customise products and have a large variety of woods and finishes to meet the client’s needs and specifications. Working with Esthetica, we recently delivered a turn-key equipment and furniture solutions for Opuke Thermal Pools & Spa which is opening imminently and supplied premium treatment tables to Osborn House, a 5-star luxury boutique hotel in the Southern Highlands of NSW, which opens later this year. | 31


“This year more than any other we are receiving incredible feedback from our customers who are more directly engaged than ever.” Vivien Gardiner, MD Jan Marini Skin Research Our highlights of 2021:

For the 11th year in a row, Jan Marini was again voted 2021’s Best Skin Care System by New Beauty. That’s more awards than any other brand has received. The vote includes assessment by a professional panel of 30 board-certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists and the criteria include excellence in results, scientific integrity and formulation technology. Jan Marini has almost 40 years' experience developing and formulating medical-grade skincare. With no private equity or corporate investors, Jan Marini Skin Research is free from the pressures of shareholders to lower costs and increase profits. This means excellence in every aspect of development and production. Skincare is all about results. This year more than any other we are receiving incredible feedback from our customers who are more directly engaged than ever. A sneak-peek into 2022:

Continued disruption to the aesthetics industry in 2021 has meant we’ve all had to reimagine the way we do business. One of

the things we’re most encouraged by is how our clinic partners have taken to our locally-provided virtual training and online sales support. In 2022 we have new packaging rolling out and continued development of our hybrid training. We want our business partners to flourish again and to assist their patients and clients with exceptional results. The pent-up demand is likely to be phenomenal. Jan Marini Australia continues to upgrade IT systems, to work with US headquarters to disrupt unauthorised sales channels and provide exceptional skincare, service and support. We can’t wait to see you all open and thriving again.

Rachel Robertson, Founder and Director Prologic Skin Care Our highlights of 2021:

For the Prologic team, 2021 has been a year of supporting our stockists and helping them keep their businesses strong during a very difficult time. We have focused on training and teaching our stockists important skills, such as how to stay connected with their clients during lockdowns. We have also had some very exciting product launches with our Derma Aid, Microfiber Face Cloth and our Gua Sha tools and treatments. Being a new brand to Australia it was important to share our values around the slow skincare movement with corneotherapy, along with our ethical processes and sustainability practices. A sneak-peek into 2022:

Next year our plan is to continue with the growth of Prologic in Australia, with a big focus on how skincare choices can help save our skin and our environment. Some exciting new product launches will see us develop even more holistically and incorporating allover wellness. Keep an eye out in the first quarter of the year for the first of these new launches. Prologic believes in self acceptance and self love, and we have plans to share that love around the world. It really is shaping up to be an exciting year. 32 | SPA+CLINIC

“Next year our plan is to continue with the growth of Prologic in Australia, with a big focus on how skincare choices can help save our skin and our environment.”








LGFB hold workshops covering skincare, makeup and wig and scarf styling.

Jessica Frost interviews industry titans who are donating their time and skills.


sk anyone from the aesthetics and beauty industries and they’ll tell you that the best part of their job is giving back to their clients to make them look, and more importantly, feel great. While we can all do this on a small scale day-to-day, there are some incredible organisations in our industry that take giving back to new levels and give members of the beauty and medical aesthetics community the chance to join in.

Look Good Feel Better Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is a national community service organisation run by the Cancer Patients Foundation with a mission to help cancer patients manage the aestheticrelated side effects of cancer. With both in person and virtual workshops and a range of other activities on offer, they give skincare, makeup and haircare professionals the chance to share their skills and improve the lives of women and men battling cancer. 34 | SPA+CLINIC

We chatted with EMMA HOBSON, the Director of Education Asia Pacific for Dermalogica and long-standing volunteer for LGFB about her experience with the organisation.

Can you tell us about the work you do with Look Good Feel Better and how you became involved? EH: Dermalogica, the company I work for, has

been a proud product sponsor for LGFB for many years. Being introduced to the amazing work that LGFB did across the country (and the world), I just had to get involved. Sadly, I have lost both parents to cancer as well as other close family members and friends. I know all too well the challenges of the side effects the treatment has on a patient. Being a volunteer for LGFB is probably one of the most rewarding things I have done. The workshops we run are a place of safety and of joy. A place to come together and know you are not on your own, a place to forget about the treatment for a while and focus on the

Emma Hobson


positives that come with knowing how to care for your skin, work with new headpieces and makeup techniques to feel better, and dare I say more normal about yourself. We’re always seeking to improve the experience as well as making it available across the country, be that face to face workshops (outside of COVID) or in more remote locations where it is difficult to access a live workshop, via digital streaming. Not only has LGFB increased its reach and popularity across the country, it’s a program for everyone and it’s great to see more men attending the male-focused workshops.

How can other industry professionals get involved? EH: First and foremost, you need to have a

positive mindset, ideally a cheery disposition, coupled with empathy and a desire to help others. It is advantageous to have some industry hair, beauty, skin, makeup type experience, however, the willingness and desire to give to those who currently need a ‘lift’ in their life is what really makes you a great volunteer. LGFB ask for a minimum commitment from their volunteers of attending four half-day workshops a year. Anyone interested in being a volunteer can go to our website and read about the program at https:// You can always be invited to attend a session as an observer to see if this is really something that speaks to you.

Interplast Interplast Australia and New Zealand was founded in 1983 through a partnership between the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and Rotary. It

was established to provide voluntary medical teams to carry out plastic and reconstructive surgery in developing countries across the Asia Pacific region. Thanks to their volunteers and generous donations, they’ve impacted millions of lives, not only through the surgeries they perform but the education and development they provide in countries that need it most. Interplast Australia and New Zealand’s CEO, CAMERON GLOVER, shared with us Interplast’s mission and the impact they’re having around the globe.

Can you give us an overview of the work of Interplast?

Cameron Glover

CG: Prior to the emergence of COVID-19,

Interplast sent teams of volunteer plastic and reconstructive surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and allied health professionals to provide lifechanging surgery and medical training in 17 countries across the Asia Pacific region. The global pandemic has seen a change to the way that Interplast works, but our commitment to quality, accessible patient care remains. We’ve continued to focus on building a sustainable surgical workforce through digital training, virtual 1:1 mentoring, and telehealth services. This allows our partners to access essential resources, education, and case-planning advice to ensure optimal patient outcomes. COVID-19 has also presented the opportunity to expand our educational and training programs to reach over 30 countries. Remote support has proven to be an invaluable resource to our partners and will continue long after our international programming resumes.

“Globally, five billion people are without access to safe, affordable surgical and anaesthesia care when needed”

Interplast provide medical care and training in developing areas. | 35


Why is the work of Interplast important to you?

Can you tell us about the charitable work ABIC does?

CG: Globally, five billion people are without

SM: The Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council was

access to safe, affordable surgical and anaesthesia care when needed. 143 million surgical procedures are needed each year to save lives and prevent disability and more than 99 million of those cases are in Asia and Oceania, where Interplast works. Interplast’s work is important to me as we have, and continue to, play a pivotal role in addressing surgical inequity experienced by our neighbours across the Asia Pacific region. Every person deserves access to high quality surgical and related healthcare, and I am proud to lead an organisation that is working towards ensuring that this life-changing care is available, for all.

privileged to be able to provide $100 Coles Grocery Vouchers for aesthetic and beauty professionals in need throughout lockdown. For many, this small gesture not only allowed them to have some financial breathing space when purchasing essentials, but it provided our people with a feeling of support and understanding, a shoulder to lean on during difficult times, and a sense that they were not alone. Throughout the lockdown, we have had hundreds of professionals from our community reach out in great financial and emotional hardship. The lack of clarity and direction that is being experienced is tremendous, and we felt compelled to help. Many professionals reached out and let us know the sense of encouragement that this gave them to keep going when they felt at their lowest point.

How can doctors and nurses get involved? CG: Interplast has numerous opportunities

available for medical professionals who wish to contribute their time and talent to building capacity with our international colleagues and improving the quality of patient care across the Asia Pacific region. We have a need for clinical volunteers who are keen to help us in the development and delivery of remote and online education, both in the short term, while we are unable to mobilise teams, as well as in the future. Or you can express your interest in joining an international program when travel resumes. You can find more information about the type of medical volunteers we need and apply on the ‘Volunteer with Us’ page on our website. If you are interested in helping but aren’t sure if your background is suitable, please get in touch via e-mail on We would love to hear from you. Financial contributions are also gratefully received to support Interplast’s program delivery. To learn more about becoming involved with Interplast, visit

Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council The Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) was established to better the professional standards, working practices and unity of the salon, clinic and spa industry. It’s led by a board of members who are personally invested in the industry and dedicated to building an industry standard, regulations and voice to government that truly makes a difference. CEO and Director, STEFANIE MILLA talks us through their dedication to giving back and how that has come to life throughout COVID’s challenges. 36 | SPA+CLINIC

Stefanie Milla

How much was donated and how was it distributed? SM: In total $55,000 was donated by extremely

generous individuals and businesses. There was a groundswell of support from every corner of the industry, not to mention our very generous Foundation Members. We then took online applications from individuals needing support and distributed the $100 vouchers electronically. This is the reason we were able to get vouchers out to people in such a timely manner.

What’s in store for ABIC in the future? SM: We have so many exciting things in store

for the future. From increasing our presence and influence in government to expanding our support and betterment efforts for the entire aesthetic profession, and strategically steering the industry towards great advancement. In the three months since our launch we have made incredibly significant strides. We are being recognised as a strong and formidable voice to government, and we have been able to start educating them regarding the expertise in our field. We have set up an extensive platform for professional and business support via our various memberships, some of which include industry specific HR, IR, hundreds of tailored resources, training, education, and businesses advice. We will be releasing our 2022 Initiatives towards the end of the year. We encourage every professional and business to have their say regarding what they would like ABIC to focus on. You can do this by filling out this important industry survey at https://www. Your voice matters and you can be sure that ABIC will listen!

“This sense of community and reassurance is what we strive to give not just to our members, but the entire aesthetic industry”







All ages All areas All skin types All year-round


After 3 sessions

ww w.advancedcosmeceuticals| 1800 242 011


Suzie Hoitink

HOW TO THRIVE WHEN OTHERS WON’T SURVIVE Suzie Hoitink established the Clear Complexions Clinics in 2005 before successfully selling it to ASX listed Vita Group Pty Ltd in 2017. The business coach tells us what it takes to run a thriving clinic.


ardly a day goes by when someone doesn’t say to me, “I bet you’re glad you sold your clinics.” Yep, I sure am. There were some significant challenges throughout the 13 years, but I count myself very, very lucky not to be navigating 70 employees, six leases and countless other expenses and obligations through the current crisis COVID-19 presents. Very lucky. Now in my capacity as a consultant in our industry, a ‘secret CEO’ if you like, I am coaching practice owners on how to not only survive, but to thrive. There isn’t a business large or small that hasn’t been impacted by the pandemic's far-reaching effects. For a minority 38 | SPA+CLINIC

it has come as a blessing, for most it has been devastating. For our industry, it’s been the latter. All of you have experienced lockdowns, some multiple, and the restrictions on trade necessary to curb the spread. You have had to adapt to what is out of your control and try to stay afloat long enough to outlast the situation.

But what if you can do more? I realise it’s a rare individual who takes a ‘glass half full’ attitude in a pandemic, but I promise you, this is a golden opportunity to achieve the kind of long-term success your business was never going to prior to the pandemic.

How do I know? Because most businesses in the aesthetics industry grow organically; start small and expand one person, one premises at a time. As they grow, they rarely take the time to adopt the corporate disciplines that are crucial to ongoing success. The areas that they are weak in become an anchor, limiting their ability to continue to achieve. They hit a wall. That is how I ensure my clients’ businesses thrive. I focus on where they are weak. I remove the wall. While weakness can vary, for the vast majority it falls into one of two buckets, usually both: processes and productivity. Focus on strengthening these two areas of your business now and greatness can happen.

Processes Organically grown businesses tend to be either encumbered by complicated, layered and inefficient systems or worse, be sadly


lacking altogether. If I ask owners what systems and processes they have, they are usually unsure exactly what I mean and point to a dusty folder in the staff room or dig up a word doc or two. It's a document of every aspect of your business through essential policies and procedures; every action and interaction carefully scribed and scripted into a manual of best practice. Administrative, clinical, human resources and compliance; everything from how to answer a phone call, how to perform each treatment, what to do in case of an adverse event and how to apply for leave. I understand if this seems overwhelming, but it’s not. I get my clients to write a to-do list, I fill in the gaps and before you know it, they are the authors of ‘How to run a clinic’. Why bother? Because policies and procedures drive consistency, improve safety, increase staff retention, and improve client spend and conversions. They are also valuable to prospective buyers. Once you have a complete set of policies and procedures you can turn your attention to becoming a systemised, productive machine.

Productivity Increasing your clinic’s productivity isn’t the only factor in achieving greater profitability, but it is one that is in your direct control. Understanding what strategies you need to employ to increase the productivity of your clinic starts with knowing your numbers. The business intelligence in your reporting shows you what levers you can pull to improve business productivity and staff performance so set an operating rhythm around your reporting: what reports are reviewed daily, weekly, monthly and so on. Who reviews each report and most importantly why? What is the data telling you and what action needs to be taken? Productivity is linked to client spend each visit, so it makes sense to focus on your clinician’s ability to maximise the client they have in front of them. But how can you control what happens in the treatment room? Is there a way to consistently increase clients’ treatment and skincare spend? Absolutely. You develop a system that supports your team to sell. I realise this is a controversial statement in the healthcare industry but make no mistake, you have a client who is buying what you are selling.

Building a system that supports and develops your team into high performers clinically and commercially takes a strategic ‘CEO’ type approach. This is the ‘it factor’ the truly successful practices and clinics have, giving you a hugely competitive advantage. What I’m referring to is building a framework for a collaborative consultative system encompassing consultation, treatment/skincare planning and reviews that increases client frequency, spend and satisfaction as well as delivering consistent treatment results. Powerful stuff! The consultative system is auditable and therein lies the gold. You, your practice manager or your leadership team can see if a client missed a step in the process and

“Building a system that supports and develops your team into high performers clinically and commercially takes a strategic ‘CEO’ type approach” can then ascertain whether this is a skill or will issue with the treating clinician, and improve/correct as appropriate within your performance management plan. It’s how you develop a high performing, highly productive team. This is a time to hustle, to think outside the square and focus on what is in your control. For many this means looking for alternative revenue streams like developing your online shop or online consultations. Of course, we need to do what we can to manage the short term but please, use this time to plan for the long term. Focus on your weaknesses and remove your walls, whether they be your processes, productivity or other areas that limit your potential and rather than just survive this time, you will set yourself up to thrive. Suzie Hoitink RN FACN, is the Director and Senior Consultant at HTNK Consulting

Savvy Salon & Clinic owners have boosted the sales & profit of their business by using Mayerling Professional Peels & Take Home Treatments


Skin Rejuvenation Brand of the Year 2021 (Australia & NZ)

Cosmeceutical Range of the Year 2020 (Australasia)

SHARE IN THE SUCCESS Call Amanda on 02 9874 1166 or email Toni at

WITH PURPOSE Comes P rofit There’s a new vibe in town. It’s blowing in from Melbourne, and it’s called Profit + Purpose. Gry Tømte has one wish for the industry’s leaders; to lead with purpose and find more profit AND enjoyment in the process.

“We know there are four keys to a successful business; people, process, execution and profit”

Gry Tømte




aving grown my own clinic to a successful, 7-figure business is probably the least interesting part of my story. Much more interesting are all the mistakes I’ve made along the way, giving me the gift of all the learnings I needed to get to where we are today - a people and purpose over profit business. Not that profit is a dirty word - in fact who doesn’t love profit in their business! But in my opinion it cannot start with profit. It has to start with the people in your business. Get that right and profit will follow.

The mistakes that led me here Let me tell you a bit about my journey and some of the mistakes that led me here. My love affair with purpose driven leadership and a people-first business really started about four years into my business. With not much more than my therapist knowledge and the smell of an oil rag I borrowed from friends, the bank at 17% interest – thank you – I put all our savings on the line. I had a passion and a dream to build a beautiful space that combined a relaxed vibe – much like a Scandinavian living room – combined with serious professional treatments. A workplace where people could have fun and feel supported. Since I had no knowledge I knew I had to seek help from a business coach before I even opened. It was my first of several. I definitely learnt some strategies for growth from some of those coaches. And it wasn’t long before my business was temporarily making good money. BUT, everything I learnt was process driven and outcome focused - and all of a sudden I found myself in a position where team morale and culture hit rock bottom. It was pretty clear that I had failed pretty badly at creating that supportive, fun environment I wanted to create. In the pursuit of growth I had hired, and promoted, too quickly. And had little idea of the kind of values I wanted in my business. Now I was paying the price.

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Why losing my staff was the beginning of something great It all culminated in one sunny day (ironically) when I arrived to the clinic. When I left two hours later I’d lost two staff members. At the end of that week, I’d lost another four. Devastating as it was (and yes, momentarily I did think about throwing in the towel), it was also the pivotal moment that saw me begin my incredibly exciting journey to becoming a purpose driven leader for my team – and ultimately my new venture, 'Profit + Purpose Concept'. One of our clients was a successful business owner and founder, and we chatted about the struggles of business and team culture. She recommended I do a Mindful Leadership course with this fantastic business mentor she had used in her own journey, which had changed her life. That mentor was Omar DeSilva, and the client was one of the founders of a ‘little’ brand called Frank Body. I signed up for six months’ mentoring. It was expensive, so that was all I thought I’d be able to afford. Fast forward three years and my own business is the best it’s ever been. A thriving culture that is completely values aligned and robust enough profit wise to continue to pay my team whilst being closed for over a year now. A business that is working well even through a pandemic – and even though we only stock ONE brand, which is internet protected! And it’s all because we’re focused on the right input – people.

Skin Rejuvenation Brand of the Year 2021 (Australia & NZ)

Passing on my knowledge Omar and I still work together, and we’re now bringing the purpose driven, people first approach to leadership to the industry at large. We know there are four keys to a successful business; people, process, execution and profit, and we feel that where things often go wrong is the focus on the outcomes we want rather than the input. Put simply, there is no “5 steps to 10 x your business” model (tried it, nearly killed my business!). To create REAL, lasting impactful change, we need to start with growing incredible leaders. After hosting two free mini zoom sessions during lockdown where we made an introduction to the Growth Mindset to over 280 people in the industry, we’re now super excited to announce that our 2-Day Workshop is scheduled to go ahead on Sunday and Monday Nov 14th and 15th in South Melbourne.. It’s the first of many exciting projects along with the launch of my limited private mentoring programme, now live. Gry Tømte is the founder and director of HÜD and founder of Profit + Purpose Concept.

Cosmeceutical Range of the Year 2020 (Australasia)

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A-Z OF ASSOCIATIONS There is an association for everyone in the aesthetics industry, but it can be confusing to know which one does what, so we’ve compiled the information for you. ABIC


Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council

Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine

The Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) was established to better the professional standards, working practices and unity of the salon, clinic, and spa industry. Pairing the unwavering passion of small businesses with a large voice, ABIC proudly provides our diverse industry with the trusted, authentic and united representation they deserve. Your ABIC Board Members are personally invested in the industry. Their long-term dedication to the industry, commitment, connections and specialised skill sets made them leading choices to build an industry standard, regulation and voice to government like no other. Channelling our Board Membersʼ individual expertise is our ABIC Resource Hub. Members enjoy access to a plethora of resources to enhance their business operations, boost their professional conduct, transform their leadership confidence and foster a high-performance team. Guided by specialist advice from experts in business development, team management, HR, law and marketing are our ABIC facilitators. Members can be connected with our facilitators to answer queries, thoughts, questions and everything in between.

ACAM Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine

ACAM was formed in May 2014, when it merged with the Australasian Society of Cosmetic Medicine (ASCM), which was founded by Dr Sharron Phillipson in 2005. ACAM is committed to establishing and maintaining a high standard of practice through training opportunities and continued professional development. The mission of ACAM is to provide leadership and support to advance quality clinical, educational and professional standards in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. 42 | SPA+CLINIC

Established as the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery in 1999, ACCSM is a notfor-profit, multi-disciplinary fellowship-based body of general surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and physicians, plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, dermatologists, ear nose and throat surgeons, opthamologists and other doctors who have trained in and practise cosmetic medicine and surgery. ACCSM is the only medical college which provides education and training leading to fellowship specifically in cosmetic medicine and surgery. Fellows of the college are medical doctors who have completed post-graduate education and training and demonstrated competency specifically in cosmetic medicine and surgery. To become an ACCSM Surgical Fellow, doctors must typically complete a minimum of 12 years of dedicated surgical education and training.

APAN Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network

Established in 2009, the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN) is Australia’s fastest growing member-based professional organisation in the Australian aesthetics industry. APAN represents and pursues the interests of practitioners in aesthetics, dermal therapies, cosmetic nursing, cosmetic tattooing, beauty therapy and more. We define professional standards and support the development of educational qualifications that protect the integrity of the profession and the safety of the consumer. APAN creates educational events and workshops for connection, networking and continue to enhance and improve professional skills, best practice


and foster professionalism, high standards and integrity.

ASAPS Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

ASAPS has been one of the peak bodies for cosmetic surgery in Australia and New Zealand for 40 years. We represent 300 comprehensively qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeons in the region. We are committed to making sure patients receive the best advice, find an appropriately qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon and experience world-class treatment before, during and after their surgery. All ASAPS members work with anaesthetists they know and trust, and perform surgery in reputable hospitals and clinics. Each of our members is committed to helping patients achieve their cosmetic goals in a safe and caring environment, every step of the way.

ASCD Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists

The Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists provides education and training activities under the registered entity Cosmetic Dermatologists Education Inc. with individual membership open to all Australian and New Zealand dermatologists and dermatology trainees. Our mission is to foster, equalise access and improve training in cosmetic dermatology for all Australasian dermatologists and registrars and, more broadly, to share dermatologist’s expertise with other disciplines. We provide education and training in cosmetic dermatology and help cosmetic practitioners to develop their expertise and optimise patient care.

The ASDC was founded to provide these new health professionals with a professional body and network. Our mission is to advocate for our members and publicly support and recommend causes and policies to uphold professional reputation, as well as to provide education to both our members and the public on endorsed educational programs and opportunities for professional development.

CNA Cosmetic Nurses Association

The Cosmetic Nurses Association (CNA) was established in 2020 to serve as a collective voice for all Cosmetic Nurses who provide non-surgical cosmetic services in Australia. By becoming a member of the CNA, you will be joining a movement striving to create a specialty for Cosmetic Nursing in Australia. As a member of the CNA, you are demonstrating your commitment to the field of cosmetic medicine and upholding certain standards of practice that aim to uphold patient safety during every treatment. The CNA will not only help to protect patient safety by lifting the industry standards, but it will also provide nurses with a safe working environment and provide a clear training and education pathway to advance their skills and expertise. The CNA strives to professionalise Cosmetic Nursing by making it a dedicated specialty within nursing that is recognised by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Our mission is to serve and protect Cosmetic Nurses in Australia and to assist in maintaining the highest level of quality care delivery to the public.


The Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia


The CPCA is a leading representative body for medical practitioners practising non- or minimally-invasive cosmetic medical treatments in Australasia. The College, which evolved from the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia, provides education, training and ethical practice standards for its Fellows and Members who are required to have relevant training and experience as prerequisites for admission to the College. Members are also required to keep abreast of the most up-to-date, relevant information and latest medical and scientific advances. Overall, the key role of the CPCA is to develop and maintain the highest standards in cosmetic medicine, which helps safeguard the public.

Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians

The Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians (ASDC) was founded in 2000-2001 with the first graduates of the Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Dermal Therapies) from Victoria University. The field of Dermal Therapies in 2000, as a progression from the skin therapy industry, was predominantly based in Melbourne, Victoria. The medical and health sector encouraged the development of a formal university qualification in the area of dermal science to manage the risks and complications associated with providing advanced non-surgical cosmetic treatments. | 43

THE E-COMMERCE Experience Jessica Frost put together a guide to creating a memorable online shopping platform for your customers.


all and collect and small online shopping operations became the saving grace for a lot of clinics with clients rallying behind the concept of ‘support small’ throughout the pandemic. But with books now bursting with filled appointments, and clients still looking for the convenience of shopping from home between appointments, creating a robust eCommerce experience becomes more important than ever.

Choosing your platform There are quite a few different platforms you can choose from to build and manage your eCommerce site including options to build from scratch or add shopping functionality to your existing website. They can seem overwhelming to navigate, so we’ve rounded up the most popular choices to give you the rundown of each option. Shopify: known for being quick and easy to set up, Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce software platforms. It can cope with high traffic and provides an intuitive interface with a lot of plug-in options that make it fairly easy to customise your site. WooCommerce: if you have an existing WordPress website, WooCommerce is a free and flexible add-on that will give you all the necessary functions of an eCommerce site. While you can get creative and customise the site quite a bit, it’s not as easy to use as other options but there are online guides with some great tutorials available. Wix: designed for total beginners, Wix and its WixStores 44 | SPA+CLINIC

eCommerce Checklist: Kaelon Atelier Beauty use menu categories to make it easy for clients to shop its eCommerce site.

• is the shopping journey intuitive? • does the online shop match your branding? • is it mobile friendly? • are products described in enough detail? • are you connecting with your client?

plugin make it easy to drop and drag the elements you need to build your site. Its features are easy to use and while the platform isn’t as customisable as others, its limits aren’t too noticeable if you’re just trying to create a nice looking and functioning online store. Magento: as a self-hosted solution, Magento provides complete flexibility and unlimited options for building your site. However, if you don’t know how to code, you’ll likely need a professional on your side to get the site up and running.

The nuts and bolts You can get free or affordable templates, sometimes called themes, for all the above platforms that do a lot of the hard work for you. With the basics in place, you can then upload your images into the galleries, add product copy, change the fonts and colours to match your branding and you’re halfway there. As you’re editing your template, the most important thing to keep in mind is the user experience. Ultimately, it needs to be very easy for clients to find the products they need, add them to their cart, and check out with as few clicks as possible.


Perfecting the customer experience MADONA EL NACHAR is the founder of Kaelon Atelier Beauté in Sydney. Their website is a formidable online presence for her business, and for Madona, it all comes back to customer experience. “There are two words I love; form and function. I try to apply these to everything I do so our website was no different. The experience of online shopping should be smooth and enjoyable. You want to create an atmosphere that is welcoming, easy-to-use, and personal,” shares Madona. “We put a lot of thought into what makes an eCommerce experience great and how we can incorporate that into our website. For us, it started with the mission to provide an uncomplicated curation of quality products across all categories, so we carefully curate the best-inclass brands we sell online. Then we made sure the function element was there by ensuring it was easy to navigate with an ability to filter and shop by concern, brands, category, and we also made sure to provide clear product descriptions, usage details and images so you know exactly what you’re getting before you buy.”

Make it mobile friendly Research consistently reveals that more and more Aussies are doing the majority of their online shopping from their mobile phones, rather than desktop. So, it’s very important to make sure that your website and online shopping functions look good, and function just as seamlessly on mobile devices. Most web development software will give you the option to edit the mobile view where you’ll want to think about reducing font sizes, moving navigation buttons and reducing content to suit the smaller, portrait screen size.

Invest in your imagery We live in a visual world so it should go without saying that a beautiful product image is worth more than a thousand words. Not only will well-lit, hi-res product shots give your clients the most accurate depiction of a product possible, they will make your eCommerce website look more professional and your brand more trustworthy. Also, think outside the box when you’re taking photos. Show the product in action, get up close to highlight the texture and be sure to show it off from all angles. If products on a plain white background aren’t your brand, include some simple props or style the products in a bathroom or vanity area to help build the story of the product and connect with your clients in a new way.

Craft thoughtful copy The copy you include on each product listing needs to be equal parts engaging and educational. All of the details like ingredients and directions for use should be there. But think also about including notes on texture, scent if it’s important to the product, the skin types it’s right for, the concerns it treats and advice on how to incorporate it into a routine. The more information you share, the easier it is for a customer to imagine the product in their own routine and the more likely they’ll be to buy.

The extra mile A great eCommerce experience doesn’t stop once the customer has made their purchase. There are plenty of things you can do to help build stronger connections between your brand and the customer to encourage loyalty and give them a taste of the in-clinic experience at home. Madona and the Kaelon Diandra Politano includes a playlist team have created beautiful recommendation with her facial kits to emulate the in-clinic experience at home. instruction cards that clients receive with purchases so they have a step-by-step guide to achieving radiant skin at-home. “We wanted them to have an experience that recreated the closest thing possible from experiencing one of our facials, and through showcasing steps of delicate, balanced skin refinement followed by replenishing the skin after yields beautiful results, for everyone!” says Madona. DIANDRA POLITANO, founder of namesake clinic in Sydney’s Balmain, Diandra Politano, also goes above and beyond the average eCommerce experience by including a music playlist recommendation alongside the online product listing for her at-home facial and peel kits. “The playlist we recommend is what I play in the clinic, so I feel as though it will trigger a happy memory for my regular clients. Anyone who isn’t familiar with the music I play, it is a beautiful way to set the scene and mimic the ambience we create for clients.”

Content is king We’ve seen how big beauty retailers use content streams such as blogs on their websites to enhance the customer experience and there’s no reason you and your team can’t do the same. Adding educational, inspirational or fun blog posts to your eCommerce site is a great way to tap into the powers of SEO while also helping to inform and entertain your customers leading to positive purchasing decisions. Your team is likely bursting with knowledge and having a space for them to share that, whether it’s writing a review for their favourite product, tutorials or guides on understanding ingredients, will add to the online shopping experience you deliver. | 45

THE INTERSECTION OF DENTAL AESTHETICS AND WELLBEING Dr Martina Lavery merges the world of dental health, aesthetic treatments, and overall wellbeing – and discovered an unexpected side effect of Covid-stress.


r Martina Lavery has been a dentist for over 22 years in the Hills District, Sydney. Her clinic, Martina Dental + Aesthetics, was born out of a vision to provide dental care of the highest standard in a caring and calm environment. She studied dentistry in her native land, Ireland, in Belfast, before migrating to Sydney after meeting her husband in Adelaide while on a forensic dentistry scholarship at Adelaide University. Dr Martina has a passion for and is interested in cosmetic dentistry, aesthetics and the oral microbiome. She loves the process of working closely with patients to build trust and achieve undetectable aesthetic results. It is a great privilege to work on people’s faces and teeth, she says, and focuses on achieving wellness through oral health integration and education. Dr Martina’s philosophy of care is preventative, respecting how the health of your mouth is integral to your overall wellbeing.

A holistic approach to ageing and wellbeing Being a huge advocate and believer in the wellness model of dental medicine, rather than just treating oral diseases, Dr Martina educates patients on achieving the best outcomes for their health and wellbeing, which is central to her philosophy of rejuvenation and pro-ageing. This integrated philosophy saw her explore facial pain management, and with neuromodulators being one of the options for treating temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, she collaborated closely with specialists in this field, which ultimately led to the introduction of facial aesthetics to her practice. She is one of the few dentists to study a Master's degree in Facial Aesthetic Medicine and a Diploma of Dermal Therapies to support her training in aesthetics as an adjunct to her practice of cosmetic dentistry.

How Covid has changed our face shapes Fast forward to coming out of the most recent 100-day lockdown, not a day passed without a patient presenting with facial pain and TMJ discomfort due to the enormous stressors of the pandemic. In the 2020 lockdown, treating only essential and emergency patients, Dr Martina observed 46 | SPA+CLINIC

Cover story

tooth sensitivity, which affects what you can eat and drink – champagne is just not the same though a straw! This common problem can affect many different aspects of health, so it should be taken seriously. Teeth grinding wears down the surfaces of your teeth and can lead to future problems. If your teeth grinding is severe, this could result in cracked, chipped, wearing or even broken teeth or restorations, which need replacing. Grinding or clenching your teeth can contribute to TMJ dysfunction, leading to muscle tension, presenting as headaches and severe pain in the face and neck muscles. If your partner hears a grinding noise coming from you when you’re sleeping, or if you feel tightness or pain in your jaw during the day, you’re likely grinding your teeth in your sleep. However, there may be no audible sounds if you are clenching your teeth tightly closed. Once a diagnosis of bruxism is made, an integrated approach to management will achieve the best patient outcomes. Dr Martina recommends a specialist referral, TMJ CT scanning and addressing lifestyle choices. Occlusal splint fabrication and masseter/ temporalis neurotoxin injections can assist in reducing the patient’s pain.

“Grinding or clenching your teeth can contribute to TMJ dysfunction, leading to muscle tension, presenting as headaches and severe pain in the face and neck muscles”

a trend of patients presenting with vague pain of their face and mouth. Patients were unsure about the source of the pain. However, with a comprehensive head, neck and oral exam, it became apparent that the pain was not dental in origin but indeed muscular. Patients also noticed their faces becoming more masculine with a square-like jawline instead of the more desirable heart-shaped face associated with beauty. Therein lay Dr Martina’s question; is Covid affecting the heart-shaped face? Her personal anecdotal evidence and experiences are, yes, it is.

Why grinding your teeth is a bigger problem than you may think Suppose you wake in the morning with tightness or soreness in your jaw, perhaps a little ulceration in your inner cheeks, headaches or teeth sensitivity. In that case, you could be suffering from bruxism or grinding your teeth while you sleep. Indeed, this incidence has increased by about 45 per cent, according to data sourced from Dr Martina evaluating her clinic’s data. While teeth clenching or grinding can be done when awake, it is more significant during your sleep. Your jaw forces tend to be much more powerful, and the clenching or grinding is done for prolonged periods. In fact, per square centimetre, the masseter muscles can exert the most potent force in your body. Imagine going to the gym for seven or eight hours straight – the ache you’d likely feel in your body afterwards is what you’re feeling if your jaw muscles are grinding all night. Your teeth enamel can become worn or fractured depending on how severe your bruxism or grinding is and how long you leave it untreated. Beneath the enamel on the tooth, the dentine, calcified tissue which sits underneath the enamel, can also be damaged. This leads to extreme

Muscle relaxants aren’t just for wrinkles Occlusal splints, bespokely fabricated, are a standard treatment for teeth grinding: a simple plastic covering to insert into your mouth to wear at night. Occlusal splints won’t stop your teeth grinding habit. Still, it reduces the damage, and it’s far easier to replace a piece of plastic than your precious tooth structure. Muscle relaxants are periodically injected into the muscles of the lower jaw and temples of the forehead. This can be very effective in relaxing and temporarily reducing the activity of these muscles, leading to a considerable reduction in the pain as the medication temporarily switches off the muscle activity. The muscle bulk reduces, softening the squareness of the jawline, which many patients find aesthetically displeasing. Of course, careful assessment is required to not exacerbate jowl formation and mimetic muscle asymmetry in smiling. Dr Martina has found that psychological stress is a significant underlying contributor to grinding or clenching your teeth in your sleep. The unprecedented stress, sadness and uncertainty that patients have experienced over the last 18 months further confirms the link between stress and pain and how important our mental health and wellbeing is. It is critical to seek help and support for these genuine feelings of distress. Some natural, simple remedies to relieve stress, particularly before sleep, include: turning off all devices (including mobile phones, computers and television) at least two hours before you plan to get into bed; using essential oils, writing down anything that’s worrying you or you’re thinking a lot about; taking a hot bath or shower before bed and listening to relaxing music with the lights turned low before going to bed. With lockdowns easing, the doors to aesthetics will be opening, and Dr Martina is looking forward to welcoming her patients back through her doors, whether it is to treat their not-so-heart-shapedanymore faces or any other cosmetic, integrated and preventive dentistry. All treatments carry risk and a personalised consultation is recommended to assess suitability. | 47


Who I Am With over 20 years’ experience in the aesthetics industry, I believe in delivering natural-looking results, drawing from my sense of artistic appreciation and commitment to patient care. Skincare is a fundamental part of our business – with our skincare boutique Le Petit Saint in Double Bay, our online shop as well as in our All Saint Clinics, with three locations around Sydney. When clients come to us at our clinics, we are helping to take their skin on a journey, which starts with a detailed skin analysis, then encompasses a combination of bespoke treatments and skincare solutions. My whole team is passionate about high-quality, scientifically proven skincare and we only stock brands that are highly effective in delivering impressive results for a wide range of skin conditions or concerns.

Why I chose iS Clinical We have stocked iS Clinical for over a year. It is a high-end, luxury, medical skin care range which fits in perfectly with our ethos at All Saint Clinic and Le Petit Saint. We are focused on offering our clients the best global skincare brands that are backed by expert science. iS Clinical has impressive benefits that we see first-hand with our clients, helping to improve their skin health and achieve visible results, without side effects or downtime.

Botanical power The ingredients are of the highest purity and potency – 95-98% botanically derived of a medicinal quality, being pharmaceutical-grade

cosmeceutical – and independent clinical studies are carried out on all final formulations. The products are multi-tasking, with innovative chemistry that minimises chemical interactions and allows more active ingredients per product. They are also safe, with nonsystemic absorption – meaning they are even suitable for pregnancy, during nursing, or for oncology patients. Similarly to our approach at All Saint, iS Clinical doesn’t pay for endorsements by celebrities, who purchase products and often share the benefits of the results they achieve.

Visible results within days My hero product is the Active Serum, because it works within 2-3 days and the results are long-lasting. This product improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, visibly evens skin tone, and is excellent for blemish-prone skin. It is suitable for all skin types and for all ages, leaving the skin hydrated and smooth. Pro-Heal Serum is amazing for clients with inflamed skin, as it effectively reduces irritation and redness in a matter of days. Youth Eye Complex contains pure hyaluronic acid that has been cross-linked, dehydrated and encapsulated into microspheres which prevent TEWL and expand to fill in wrinkles. Shield Recovery Balm can halve the downtime after our resurfacing treatments. I always like to test the water with few active ingredients before we embark on a serious skin journey. So I prescribe specific products for each client to ensure their skin is ready for an in-clinic challenge. The products also help to prep the skin before their treatment.

“Skincare is a fundamental part of our business”



P roducts Active Peel System Active Serum Brightening Complex C Eye Serum Advance+ Pro-Heal Serum Advance+ Youth Intensive Creme Hydra-Cool Serum Copper Firming Mist & more

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Who I Am I have always wanted to help people and that is ultimately why I became a nurse. My nursing career saw me working with many doctors and surgeons and opened my eyes to the good and the bad of aesthetics. I have been very fortunate to work alongside aesthetic professionals and I am always in awe at how incredibly rewarding every day is for them. Sadly there are unscrupulous clinics, outlandish claims and people who prey on the insecurities of others, which causes people to have false hope and to be left with no self-worth, self-loathing and in some cases, disfigured. Having this insight has given me a great sense of purpose and passion to help reputable clinics, professionals and practitioners who want to authentically educate and promote their services to consumers. Being able to help clinics market themselves and attract clients is so much fun. Clients learn about treatments and solutions they never knew existed and the journey of changing lives begins.

Bespoke marketing for your clinic Having worked with so many different clinics, I can see the common pitfalls and ingredients in the campaigns that continue to work. The industry is growing at a rapid rate thanks to consumer demand driven by social media, influencers and TV shows like ‘Mirror-Mirror’. Unfortunately some clinics are not benefiting from all this growth, they are being left behind because they don’t understand marketing. These clinics often have one of three issues: their marketing doesn’t reach their ideal client, their messaging is lost in poor design or their campaigns and

copy is attracting the wrong type of client. This is why I have created a course which will help clinics in all aspects of their marketing.

A course to attract, nurture, and convert clients Throughout the COVID-lockdowns, I recognised industry and consumer needs were changing, and it gave me the impetus to finally act and launch something new. Clinics who cannot invest in their own marketer or marketing management can now have the best of both worlds. They can upskill their staff and rather than investing in marketing management they can invest in advertising and PR. This is a no-fluff course with years of sales and marketing training condensed into easy to understand modules. My course helps clinic owners attract, nurture and convert clients. I am really excited about it because I know the course will help every person who completes the ten modules. I am so confident, if anyone completes the course and believes they received no value I will give 100% of their money back. I really want to focus on helping clinic owners increase their profits and brand profile by understanding marketing. In the past, I have worked with very basic clinics who cannot keep up with demand and clinics with the most elaborate fit outs and no clients. If you can attract the right client, nurture new and existing clients and convert new and existing clients, you will continue to grow and the renumeration will allow your clinic to invest more in devices, fit-out and staff. And I am here to help.

“I really want to focus on helping clinic owners increase their profits and brand profile by understanding marketing”



9:41 AM


Services Business consulting Strategy sessions In-person and online training Lead generating advertising funnels Websites Content creation Social media management E-Commerce stores

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Who I Am What I love most about my job is hands down, my clients for sure. I’m fortunate to meet and work with inspiring people from all walks of life. This makes work a pleasure. From traditional spa practices to innovative corrective technologies, our offering at Melanie Grant has always been shaped around giving our clients the very best of both worlds – what we call “Clinical Beauty”. Ensuring my clients see true results and improvement with their skin, without compromising their experience. We employ a purposeful selection of devices, such as LED, Electric Current, Microdermabrasion along with more corrective modalities like Micro Needling, IPL, laser, ultrasound and RF, which allows us to do this within a setting that is both relaxing and holistic.

10 years of working with Candela I’ve been working with Candela since I opened my first Studio in Sydney almost ten years ago. In fact one of the first IPLs I worked with back in 2004 was the elos. For me, when I’m looking for new devices or technologies to incorporate into our treatments, it always starts and finishes with quality, efficacy and proven technology. I actively avoid trends and rather seek out new and clinically proven devices based solely on the needs of my clients. The PicoWay was a no brainer for me – its treatment offering is so diverse, allowing for a truly customised treatment. Like any corrective treatment, I prefer to treat conservatively and

prescribe a course to ensure a detailed, comprehensive and long-term result. The results I have seen in terms of addressing sun damage, scarring, pigment, and coarse texture have been incredible so far. In terms of the treatment’s comfort, I can speak for myself here after having several courses of PicoWay treatments over the past year – my complexion is firmer, clearer and brighter. I do love IPL treatments for redness in my complexion, though the PicoWay is a much more comfortable treatment. I’ve also seen incredible results with scarring and pigment in my clients with the PicoWay.

Versatility to treat all skins One of the reasons we started working with the PicoWay was because of its versatility. We’re seeing amazing results across all skin types, including those that are usually higher risk candidates for laser treatment. The device allows for a truly bespoke protocol and for corrective treatments to be entirely designed around the unique needs of that client, at that appointment. After an initial course, often maintenance treatments can be carried out seasonally or yearly, depending on your goals. I love pairing the PicoWay with our greater clinical offering. Treatments such as LED light therapy, microdermabrasion, IPL, CIT and Radiofrequency Skin Tightening can all complement the PicoWay when it comes to creating a larger, holistic treatment plan.

“We’re seeing amazing results across all skin types, including those that are usually higher risk candidates for laser treatment”



Treatments Custom Skin Health Facial Camera Ready Facial PicoWay Ultimate Collagen Facial Biologique Recherche Soin Lissant Sublime Augustinus Bader x Melanie Grant Facial

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Who I Am Why me and my identical twin are not the same

How we reverse the ageing of skin cells

As an identical twin, I have always been fascinated by how our DNA is impacted by our environment. While my twin and I are alike in many ways (after all, our DNA sequences are 100% copies of each other), we are not identical because our DNA expression patterns change over time and in response to our individualised experiences. The science of epigenetics helps explain how identical twins are not exact clones of each other. This interest helped push me to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in cell biology and a doctorate in protein and molecular biology along with a master’s degree of business administration. My background includes research in epigenetics, signalling pathways and the molecular mechanisms involved in anti-ageing. While I did not have plans to be part of the beauty and skincare industry, I still remember the pivotal phone conversation with my sister, Annette Rubin. At the end of 2011, she shared that she was joining HydroPeptide as a Managing Partner. I teasingly asked her if she even knew what a peptide was and then said to her “you do realise peptides and cell signalling is what I have been researching the last eight years, right?” She got super excited to learn this, which led to an initial consulting opportunity with HydroPeptide. An advisory role was important for me as it allowed me to see the opportunities available in the skincare and wellness industry and how we could apply the principles of epigenetics to the industry.

I am particularly excited for the impact epigenetics will have on skincare. We are now using the principles behind epigenetics to create ground-breaking skincare formulas that impact cellular health and help change gene expression patterns over time, so skin looks and acts younger from the inside out. With an innovative approach of reversing the ‘aged’ epigenetic state of the cell and improving cellular health, we can create solutions that benefit the health of the skin long-term. We are collaborating world-wide with some of the best minds to develop products, devices and protocols. These collaborations have already delivered game-changing, patented formulations like Nimni™ technology and other clinically proven formulations like LumaPro-C and Power Serum. These award-winning formulations have led to partnership opportunities with best-in-class devices (e.g. HydraFacial), as part of which our formulations will enhance the user experience and deliver optimal cellular health. Our research and development team has never been busier and the future for healthy skin is very bright.

Upscale experience, flawless results HydroPeptide is a professional skincare brand committed to the physician and spa channel. Our blend of scientists and beauty professionals have spent the last 15 years perfecting anti-aging specifically for discerning clients who desire an upscale experience with flawless results. Every decision we make aligns with our goal of building and driving business through our professional accounts.

“I am particularly excited for the impact epigenetics will have on skincare”



P roducts Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Clarify Targeted Solutions Protect Detox Restore

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Who I Am As a young adult I faced the troubles of having acne prone skin, which left me with deep scarring. I graduated as a Medical Doctor in 1988 and then through my professional life realised how many of my patients face the same issues as well as other issues that are medically indicated but require a more holistic approach to treatment. I started researching and came to learn that there are treatments that I could coordinate with my medical knowledge and that can help my patients and improve their quality of life, and in some cases, their appearance. I realised the connection of my passion for art and aesthetics and I just kept going. My passion for knowledge grew and led me to acquire many certificates and diplomas as well as becoming a Fellow of CPCA and Fellow of ACAM. I consider aesthetic medicine to be an important branch of medicine where the individual holistic physical and mental health is the focus and the ultimate goal for the clinician. In my clinic we offer quite a range of treatments starting with basic skin analysis and treatment planning, filler enhancements, nonsurgical face and neck lift, PRP, skin needling, fat dissolving injections, LED therapy, photo rejuvenation, RF skin Resurfacing, Erbium, NDYAG and Q switch pigmentation treatments, and many more. We also offer cosmetic lesion and skin cancer removals. I am also proud to say that I have developed my own skincare range, which I also offer through my clinic.

Highly customisable skin resurfacing I decided to work with Venus VivaMD because it is such a wonderful and versatile machine. It is a highly customisable skin resurfacing device that delivers exceptional results with little downtime. Moreover, it is

safe for all types of skin including fitzpatrick 5 and 6. Venus Viva MD is a fractional resurfacing system that allows me to control the degree of ablation and coagulation based on skin condition, catering for resolving mild to severe skin damage. The device is wonderful in terms of the numbers of skin conditions we can treat using it. In addition it is light weight and simple to operate which makes it favourable for me to use . I call it my “small & mighty” device.

Game changer for clinicians and patients The Venus VivaMD is a game changer for clinicians and patients and there are number of things that differentiate it from similar devices. Having the 80 pin is a great tool and gives me great advantage as a doctor to treat difficult deep wrinkles and severe acne scarring, and the large spot size is amazing for greater coverage. The energy is deployed through each pin by the smart scan algorithm for uniform energy distribution, which means reducing the risk of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. I am confident that I will get the desired results, every time. I treat the vast majority of skin conditions with the Venus VivaMD, such as superficial and deep skin pigmentation, malasma, all grades of wrinkles from fine, moderate, deep and severely deep. Acne scarring, again from mild, moderate to severe is treatable, as well as surgical or traumatic scarring. In addition to improving rosacea and stretch marks, skin texture and pores can also benefit from skin rejuvenation. The Venus team has been great to us, we are constantly keeping in touch and are updated on new possibilities. They have amazing trainers and are very supportive overall.

“I am confident that I will get the desired results, every time”



Treatments Filler enhancements Non-surgical face and neck lift PRP Skin needling Fat dissolving injections LED therapy and photo rejuvenation RF skin resurfacing & more

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TIME TO (RE)TREAT YOURSELF It’s been a tough year. Thankfully, Australia has some of the best wellness retreats on offer, ready to welcome you and help you heal. Nadine Dilong explores four retreat options perfect for recharging after a busy 2021.

Gaia Retreat & Spa



Gaia Retreat & Spa Gaia Retreat & Spa is nestled on 20 acres in the breathtaking Bundjalung Country, often referred to as ‘the healing heartland’ of Australia, and enjoys endless stunning vistas of the Byron Bay hinterland. The property offers unsurpassed spectacular views over the horizon, from the Pacific Ocean to the Nightcap Ranges. The wellness retreat, which was co-founded by Olivia Newton-John, is majestically poised on the highest point in the shire. Unlike any other property, Gaia’s sacred healing energy is attributed to the powerful song lines that cross through the highest point of this summit. Traditional custodian elders speak of song lines guiding those who traverse the land to ensure they stay on the right path. Gaia offers eight unique retreat packages and five styles of accommodation which guests can choose from. All packages allow you to check in any day and simply surrender to the healing energy. Drawing on holistic wisdom, Gaia has developed unique specialised treatments, fitness and health programs, as well as alternative therapies for both men and women. The packages allow guests complete freedom of choice and flexibility to tailor and personalise their experience. The large Day Spa is the pure heart of the Gaia experience, with 10 treatment rooms and over 35 healers and therapists who lure you into a profound state of blissful repose. Gaia offers a sophisticated and extensive choice of healing treatments, using their very own luxury range of skincare, Retreatment Botanics. The Day Spa has won many global awards, and in 2020 was crowned ‘World’s Best Day Spa’ for a sixth consecutive year by the World Spa Awards.

What? Gaia Retreat

& Spa Where? Byron Bay

Hinterland, NSW Cost? From $1,950

for two nights


What? Samadhi Where? Daylesford,

VIC Cost? From $1,940

for two nights

Located near the world-famous Hepburn Springs in Victoria, the healing waters that surround Samadhi Retreat rise out of volcanic basin 450 million years old with each spring acquiring its own unique blend of health giving minerals. With over 40 years of background in the healing professions, hosts Annah and Wayne welcome you to their private, bespoke retreat designed for the discerning guest who needs a comprehensive emotional and cognitive reset. 2021 marks their 20th year in business, which means they have seen tens of thousands of guests experience various levels of life change. Wayne suggest three to four days as a minimum stay to achieve the best outcomes. Beautiful accommodations, healthy meals and a wide range of therapies on offer from experienced practitioners will help you heal from whatever life throws at you. Our suggestion? The Nurture Retreat, which is designed for those who have pushed the boundaries of stress and excess and need to return to loving balance again. The program includes a wellness consultation, pranic breathing exercises, heart healing meditation sessions, Samadhi’s signature relaxation massage, and a selfcare healing session. Instead of a food menu, Samadhi offers an individualised service where they choose the freshest organic local produce on a daily basis, to create a unique culinary experience for guests to enjoy. The retreat also offers sound therapies. “We see sound medicine as being at the cutting edge of healing. It adds to and enhances a persons vibrational resonance. We see this positive effect continually enhancing our guest experience as part of our healing programs. Like yoga and meditation we see sound therapy as mainstream,” the Samadhi team say. | 59


Eden Health Retreat Just 20 minutes from the glittering Gold Coast beaches, Eden Health Retreat is a world away in terms of rest, relaxation and restoration, perfect for those seeking a post-pandemic escape. Nestled in the Currumbin Valley, Queensland, Eden is Australia’s longest-running retreat and the winner of Australia’s Best Wellness Retreat at the World Spa Awards. “Eden has always offered for guests a chance to pause, reflect, reprioritise, focus and gain a renewed sense of purpose,” says General Manger Chris Van Hoof. “For many, Covid, and the subsequent lockdowns, encouraged people to slow down and reprioritise their work-life balance. Eden can help people focus on goals they may have made and help bring them fruition, within a supportive environment.” At Eden, your stay is determined by your goals. If fitness is high on your post-Covid heath agenda, you can enjoy workouts designed to suit all abilities and preferences. Choose from boxing, yoga, Pilates, stretching, class workouts and more. Or simply lose yourself in the beauty of the rainforest – there’s almost 400 acres of rainforest and natural beauty to explore – and soak in the benefits of biophilia. Then wind down in the resort-style pool and hot tub, or simply lie back and drift away in the healing environs of the steam room and sauna. The spa staff are available to fulfil your relaxation and treatment needs – choose from the blissful Hawaiian style massage, hot stone therapy, or simply work your way through the extensive spa menu, including bespoke beauty treatments. If relaxation is your top-priority, then don’t miss the mediation and mindfulness classes, and stretch out those tight muscles at the yoga and Pilates classes, or simply sit on your balcony and enjoy the breathtaking views.

What? Eden Health

Retreat Where? Currumbin

Valley, QLD Cost? From $2,340

for three nights

Gwinganna At Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat in the Gold Coast hinterland, guests can fully immerse themselves in a safe and spacious environment, surrounded by nature. Disconnecting from technology also helps compound the benefits from a retreat and with the largest wellness team of any Australasian retreat, Gwinganna can offer more diverse experiences and services. One of the key elements that separates Gwinganna from other retreats is the range of emotional wellbeing services on offer, including the popular equine therapies. Having a dedicated Emotional Wellbeing Manager on the team, ensures that the sessions on offer are suitable for each guest and fitting to the retreat experience. Demand for these services grew significantly even before 2020 happened, said Public Relations Manager, Tracy Willis. Embracing nature in a stunning environment is also a key element of stays at the award winning property. With more land space than any retreat, the team can ensure guests have plenty of places to explore, surrounded by native wildlife including koalas, towering ancient trees and views out to the What? Gwinganna valley and Pacific coastline. "We know the significant Where? Gold Coast healing power of nature and it is something so many Hinterland, QLD people have missed during this time. Its ability to Cost? From $1,210 help calm the nervous system and slow the mind is for two nights invaluable."



RESET YOUR (CLIENT’S) GUT Clinical Nutritionist Michaela Sparrow takes us through the ultimate New Year’s diet for a healthy gut and glowing skin.


hristmas and New Year’s are called the silly season for a reason. Most people spend a good month celebrating, enjoying delicious rich food and lots of alcohol. Whilst this can be good for the soul, it can really put your gut health under a lot of strain. Hippocrates said almost 2500 years ago “all disease begins in the gut” and with all of our scientific advances happening every day, this is proven to ring true. Good gut health is vital for good health in general. So how can you kickstart your gut health and help reduce inflammation, fight ageing and support general wellbeing? It really is quite simple and the great thing is that there is a lot of blood flow that goes to the digestive system. This means, with the right support it doesn’t take long to reset your gut. I recommend following these gut reset guidelines for four weeks to see optimal results:

Diet & Nutrition • Remove all alcohol: alcohol creates dysbiosis within the gut and also contributes to increased intestinal permeability • Avoid gluten where possible: gluten increases intestinal permeability and inflammation • Eat two serves of prebiotic rich foods everyday (this will feed the good bacteria in your digestive system helping it proliferate), such as green tea, leeks, onion, asparagus, or cooked than cooled potatoes (potato salad with raw garlic and yoghurt is a perfect gut food). • Eat two serves of probiotic rich foods every day, such as Greek yoghurt, kefir, or sauerkrauts (make sure it is a refrigerated one to ensure the bacteria are still alive) • Focus on foods rich in Zinc & Vitamin C (Zinc is needed for stomach acid production and also in the repair of the gut wall), such as pepitas/pumpkin seeds, oysters, hemp seeds, chia seeds, chicken, chickpeas, or almonds • Vitamin C will help dampen the inflammation associated with poor gut health. Eat all types of berries, passionfruit, kiwi fruit, and raw vegetables, such as spinach, tomatoes, capsicum, broccoli • One cup of bone broth a day. Bone broth is super simple to make and you can also purchase it pre made. It will support the repair of the gut wall, whilst also flooding your body with easily absorbed minerals and amino acids. 62 | SPA+CLINIC

Lifestyle • Sunlight exposure: Vitamin D is essential for gut health; whilst we don’t want the skin to get sun damage, we do need some sun exposure on our skin (not only for Vitamin D but also mitochondrial health). You can supplement with vitamin D if you are concerned about sun damage, but I do recommend getting sunlight on your skin (especially your stomach) two times a week minimum • Walking: This will reduce stress hormones, but is also a free and easy way to get exercise in. Regular exercise has been shown to positively modulate the bacteria in our gut, whilst also improving general circulation (needed to carry nutrients around the blood including to the gut). Try 30 minutes three times a week.

Supplements As a Naturopath and Nutritionist I don’t recommend selfprescribing supplements as there are many factors that will impact what supplements you need and how they interact with each other. But as far as gut health goes these are my top choices for getting started on a gut healing journey: • Vitamin D: Needed for gut wall health, surprisingly it is one of the most common deficiencies • Magnesium: This has over 300 functions in the body, especially related to the nervous system. Magnesium supports healthy mood, reduces stress and aids in healthy sleep, all important for their effects on gut health • Glutamine: An important energy source for the cells in the gut. It also plays are roll in the repair and maintanence of the gut wall


• Multistrain probiotic: This will provide temporary benefits to the rest of the bacteria in your gut, providing some support whilst your gut heals. Michaela Sparrow is a Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, and Anti-Ageing Practitioner

My favourite gut healing bone broth recipe:




1 kg of chicken frames OR chicken wings/chicken drumsticks 6 stalks of celery: cut in half 3-4 carrots: cut in half 3 onions: cut in half, you can leave the skin on handful of parsley 1 cup of apple cedar vinegar Salt & pepper



In a large soup pot (5 litres min) add your chicken & all the vegetables and then cover in cold water, add the vinegar & salt and pepper (you want the ingredients to be soaking in the water and vinegar for about 30 minutes to help extract the nutrients). Bring to the boil and then turn heat down to a gentle simmer, let it cook for minimum 6 hours and you can go up to 24 hours if you like (the longer the better, 12 hours is ideal) as water evaporates you can add extra water to the pot. Once it has cooked for your desired time, strain with a pasta strainer and freeze or store in airtight containers in the fridge for up to a week.


1800 242 011


The Secret TO BEAUTY SLEEP Give your clients (and their skin) the gift of good sleep this silly season. Jessica Frost explains how.


s we enter the holidays, there’s a good chance just looking at your calendar is making you tired and you can bet your clients are feeling the same. With our post-lockdown lives in full swing and a Summer of socialising ahead, sleep, and the many benefits it has on the skin is going to be a luxury your clients’ regime can’t afford to miss. MADILYN WOLENS, known as The Functional Nurse and founder of The Functional Skin Studio, is an experienced Nurse with postgraduate studies in Dermatology and Integrative Medicine. Her team of Cosmetic Doctors, Dermal Therapists and Naturopaths deliver a holistic experience with every treatment that includes expert advice to help clients care for their skin by catching some zzz’s.

A long list of benefits

releases proteins called cytokines that help your body fight inflammation, infection and trauma.” Beyond feeling well-rested, sleep is essential for brain and immune health function, stress and mood management, healthy weight control and the strong and revitalised skin we’re all searching for.

Quality over quantity

Madilyn Wolens, The Functional Nurse

“During sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines that help your body fight inflammation, infection and trauma.”

A good night’s sleep has become an important part of any wellness ritual as we begin to better understand the monumental effect it has on so many aspects of our health. Not only is it essential to feeling good, it also goes the mile in helping you look good, too. Of course, the adverse effects of a lack of sleep are even more worrying. “Poor or inadequate sleep is a major stressor on the body,” shares Madilyn. “It can contribute to driving our cortisol levels up, increasing inflammation and causing issues with blood sugar regulation. Your body also requires sleep downtime to help rejuvenate. WelleCo Sleep Welle Calming Tea WELLECO.COM.AU During sleep, your immune system 64 | SPA+CLINIC

Let’s be honest, being told to get more sleep when you’re busier than ever is frustrating. The good news is, more sleep isn’t the ultimate goal. “There are five stages of sleep but more importantly is the quality of the sleep over the quantity,” advises Madilyn. “This means regularly getting healthy, consistent sleep that allows your body to go through all of the restorative processes that are necessary to maintain our overall health.” So, how do you broach the topic in a way that will resonate with clients and not have them yawning in the belief they’ve heard it all before? “First, start by providing awareness around the link between their skin issues and the importance of quality sleep. Once patients truly understand the importance of this correlation, they are more compliant with the advice. This is then when we would go over some sleep hygiene tips and maybe some internal supplements that can assist with sleep quality. We also offer our clients relaxing, nurturing facials to treat the mind and body. This can aid in stress reduction and reducing cortisol The Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty levels,” shares Madilyn. Support THEBEAUTYCHEF.COM


Creating the right environment

“Sleep is one of life’s basic necessities, yet we find Sleep hygiene is a relatively it so hard to do. Whether modern term that gets it’s stress, hormonal thrown around often. But changes, vitamin and mineral what does it actually mean? deficiencies, distractions, or Madilyn explains it’s all about poor sleep behaviours and creating the right environment hygiene that is preventing and routine to help induce us from engaging in what quality sleep, consistently. “It should be a well-developed is imperative that you create habit. A habit that is a sacred space for sleep,” essential for a quality life,” she says. Whether it be says Cara. during your consultation or “I will usually ask a client during your post-treatment their thoughts on how well prescription, sharing or not they sleep. I’ll explain Tia Miers Calm Nervous System superfeast Ashwagandha actionable tips your clients to our clients the role sleep Support TIAMIERS.COM.AU SUPERFEAST.COM.AU can follow will help them set plays in repairing our bodies, themselves up for success and use examples that they can resonate by incorporating a healthy with. Staying more skin specific, I ask does sleeping environment into their everyday your skin look better in the morning, 6 Steps to better sleep routine, just like they would skincare or during the day or night? They will always 1. Keep the room clean and free from supplements. say morning no matter how inflamed their distractions skin condition. And why is that? Because 2. Dim lights in the room to help wind A little retail support your body has had the opportunity to down the body Arming your clients with the tools they repair and regenerate overnight. If a 3. R emove blue light from electronic need to care for their sleep is no different client shows more technical interest I will devices an hour before bedtime to prescribing a skincare routine that explain further the cascade of events that 4. R educe stimulants such as coffee and cares for their skin. There are plenty of occur during sleep that aid in health and tea at least four hours before bed trusted aids that perfectly complement wellbeing.” your retail range and can be incorporated 5. Practise deep breathing exercises to into your clients’ evening ritual. “We stock A holistic approach wind down before sleep and love a few incredible internal health Like Madilyn and her team, Cara believes 6. Create a Gua Sha ritual to release products that can assist in your quality of the solution to achieving better sleep muscle tension and reduce cortisol sleep. The first is Tia Miers ‘Calm Nervous takes a faceted approach with simple and System’ Herbal blend. This is a powerful achievable steps that lead to meaningful herbal blend to soothe the nervous results. Starting with nutrition, Cara system, promote healthy sleep patterns recommends clients “have a small and reduce feelings of anxiety. Another amount of carbs with dinner. At around is Medlab MgOptima Relax, a magnesium 2am your body will begin looking for supplement scientifically formulated with glycogen and if you haven’t had any carbs specific ingredients to promote relaxation with dinner, your body will use cortisol and support healthy sleeping. And finally, to mobilise stored glycogen. As a result, the Gua Sha. This tool can be used as part the cortisol will wake us up.” of a sleep hygiene practice prior to sleep On the topic of supplements, Cara to help reduce muscle tension and reduce advises “magnesium, zinc, melatonin and cortisol levels.” glycine all play a significant role in your quality sleep. superfeast’s Ashwagandha Putting knowledge and Reishi are excellent supplements to into practice take to assist in aiding sleep. I personally CARA HO, founder of The Clinic Skin have Ashwagandha every evening. For Health in Canberra, has long been an any client that has communicated poor advocate for an integrated approach sleep, I suggest this supplement. Our toward caring for her client’s skin and clients like using superfeast because overall health. Her team are well-versed they’re medicinal mushrooms, something in providing sleep support to clients, that’s completely different to what Cara Ho, founder of and for them, it starts with asking the they’ve tried before. And, they love that The Clinic Skin Health right questions. it’s natural and not made in a lab.” | 65



April Brodie is Australia’s only Cecily Braden-certified Gua Sha fusion facial specialist. Here, she explains how she came to love the facial massage technique.


April Brodie

April prefers her Gua Shas to be made from Nephrite

had seen Gua Sha used for many years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Four years ago on a trip to New York, I saw the trend growing. I had just completed my Buccal Training and was achieving incredible results, but I needed something I could give my clients to maintain results and manage their skin when I wasn’t with them. I had started to devise self-massage programs but found that my clients were noncompliant or struggled to find the time. During an advanced facial massage workshop in New York, I connected with some amazing therapists that were already using Gua Sha in their treatments. Before this time, I hadn’t realised that the technique being used was a fusion technique, based on the TCM method but did not involve any skin scraping that often leaves clients’ skin bruised. I had a light bulb moment where I realised this was the missing piece to my client maintenance. With a lot of research on tools and techniques, I realised that I needed to learn from (renowned spa educator and trainer) Cecily Braden. We connected several times, but I was unable to secure a training position after multiple phone calls and emails. After a lot of begging I finally had a place! Four flights and nearly 40 hours later I arrived in Florida. Little did I know that this would be a pivotal moment in my career.

World-class training by Cecily Braden Arriving in Florida I had no idea what the training involved, all I knew was that my research had kept leading me back to Cecily. I arrived at a room of some of the most amazingly talented therapists I had seen in my 35 years in the industry. This was not the traditional cookiecutter massage. The training days were long but invigorating. Cecily has an amazing presence; her story is more of a journey. From the first session when I saw Cecily pick up a stone I was in awe and saw the skin change before my eyes. I was hooked. Each day we performed hours of treatments, training in different techniques until we pulled it all together to perform the 66 | SPA+CLINIC

world-famous Gua Sha fusion treatment, finishing with a herbal poultice. I had been programmed to always follow a set pattern or protocol – it wouldn’t be until months later that I fully understood how truly powerful this technique and the thoughtfulness behind each move was. Cecily taught me that the use of these techniques and tools was the key to a very special experience. Gua Sha provides movement and space while allowing lymphatic drainage to take place in order to alleviate puffiness, breakouts, and dullness. It also increases circulation. I truly believe in the power of lymphatic drainage to improve skin. Gua Sha also allows you to work deeper into the muscle and fascia, releasing tension and in turn, lifting the facial muscles. The technique that I use is a fusion technique that has grown from Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been adopted into a facial technique. You really can achieve a beautiful glow that Gua Sha is now so renowned for.

Using the right stone for Gua Sha The amazing thing about Gua Sha is that it is portable and can easily be adapted to create a facial experience at home. Combined with correct breathing, good technique, and the right angle, the results speak for themselves. Like most things, you need to be consistent. It is very easy for my clients to maintain treatment results and manage their skin between appointments using Gua Sha. It also allows me to connect with my clients during lockdown and help them during these unprecedented times. I believe that a Gua Sha should be made of stone. I love the way it feels against the skin. I like that I can heat the stone up if needed, like a hot stone massage. Personally, I love a stronger stone, like Nephrite. It is super strong, travels well, and doesn’t break easily. Some people believe in the energy effects of certain stones believing that each has a certain property that facilitates healing. There is a belief that if you feel drawn to a certain


My Favourite Gua Sha Neck Routine 1. S tart with cleansed skin 2. Gently press 4-6 drops of the April Brodie Skinsculpt oil onto your face and neck in order to help your stone glide properly. Remember to include the back of your neck. 3. S tart by opening the neck. Taking the curve of your stone, cup it around the spine from the base of the neck, and slowly and gently pull upwards. Repeat each stroke 3- 5 times before moving laterally across. This movement allows The right facial massage your stone to sit on either side of the spine techniques can sculpt and contour the face and gently pull up into the base of the skull. The stone should sit flat against the skin, and your pressure can be slightly firm if you have tension in this area 4. G ently work your way around the neck covering all areas, always starting from the base and moving upwards. As you move around to the front of the neck, adjust to lighter pressure. 5. From the collar bone, stroke slowly upwards to the jaw bone and gently wrap up over the curve of the jawline before stopping. If the skin is a little lax in this area, you can support it by using your fingers to gently stretch the skin of your cheeks upwards. 6. S wap to your stone’s U Edge and use a feather-light touch over the throat, completing your neck routine when you reach the chin.

stone that it is meant to be, and if it cracks or breaks that it has served its purpose in your life. The stone should have weight. It is also important that it has the correct ridges and curves. There is a huge difference in a $50 stone compared to a $200 stone. The way it fits against the skin and whether it can be used correctly on delicate areas around the eyes to the tops of the shoulder is incredibly important to achieve results.

Grip and glide Gua Sha should be used with high-quality facial oil. It must be the right consistency to provide grip and glide on the skin, not slip. When I returned to Australia, I found it incredibly hard to find a good quality professional product. There were plenty overseas but nothing available here. One of my projects during the long Melbourne lockdown last year was to develop my own facial oil. Using a blend of rich botanical extracts and skin-nourishing oils, ‘Skinsculpt Glow Edition’ was born. It is a beautiful Australian-made oil that provides the perfect texture to be used with any Gua Sha or stone! Facial Gua Sha is one of the most effective ways to lift, sculpt and contour the face with immediate results. When practiced regularly and performed correctly, it helps to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage,

Savvy Salon & Clinic owners have boosted the sales & profit of their business by using Mayerling Professional Peels & Take Home Treatments


promotes healthier skin, reduces puffiness, and lessens the appearance of fine lines. By promoting improved lymph flow, you can change the function of the skin from the inside out by increasing oxygen flow and removing toxins and waste.

My Gua Sha tips The key to any good Gua Sha routine is beginning with the neck. This is the junction between the face and the body and contains a lot of our lymph nodes. By clearing out the waste that may reside around the lymph nodes in our neck, we facilitate better drainage of toxins residing in the face. It is important to stay hydrated before, during, and after your treatment, as our lymphatic system relies on water to flush waste out of the body. A simple neck routine is great for the time-poor, as well as anyone experiencing breakouts. You want to make sure facial Gua Sha is a relaxing experience for you. Take deep breaths, and move slowly. Remember that these times of high emotional stress have a huge impact on the way we breathe, as well as our overall health. Take the opportunity to reduce some of those stress hormones, and really soak up the soothing experience. April Brodie is an integrated facialist with almost 40 years’ experience in the beauty industry.

Skin Rejuvenation Brand of the Year 2021 (Australia & NZ)

Cosmeceutical Range of the Year 2020 (Australasia)

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Buying skincare off the shelf is so last year. What clients want now is customised products that specifically target their unique skin concerns. We’ve collated what’s on offer in the field of bespoke skincare.

pharmacy to take care of all the product preparation, packaging, and logistics.

The Secret

Practitioners choose from 19 pure actives


Founded by two Perth-based cosmetic medical professionals, skin clinic owner Dr Clara Hurst and General Practitioner Dr Deb Cohen-Jones, The Secret fills a gap in the market for a highly effective solution for complex cosmetic conditions. Carefully researched and formulated with medical strength ingredients, such as Tretinoin and Hydroquinone, each jar is handmade individually for each patient to treat their specific skin concerns. Each formulation contains a unique combination of prescription strength ingredients in a patented base, which provides the optimal carriage of these prescription strength compounds. The focus is on increasing skin clarity, treating fine lines and skin laxity, eliminating pigmentation and breakouts, and achieving that coveted Secret glow. The ordering process allows the doctors to select products for each customer based on their professional opinion of the details in the medical questionnaire they provide. The doctors’ decisions on which formulas will be best for clients is communicated via email, before the bespoke products are made and sent with instructions on how to use them.

Created by a team of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, and anatomo-pathologists, UNIVERSKIN™ was founded in France in 2006. The founding medical team has extensively studied international medical databases in order to select 19 pure actives based on their efficacy and their tolerability, by responding to a vast range of issues. Out of these 19 ingredients, doctors can prescribe bespoke serums including up to three pure actives each. In addition to the personalised serum, particularly when the skin has been sensitised by mechanical or environmental aggressions, doctors can also recommend the use of products within the nexultra™ range, which is made up of a universal oil cleanser, two peptide creams with different textures (light to rich), an anhydrous balm, and a SPF50 mineral powder luminizer. The concept relies on a cosmetology consultation after which the patient leaves with their own prescription skincare formula(s) or has them delivered to their door. The brand also offers a digital dispensing service that allows doctors to digitally The Secret Founders Dr Deb diagnose skin and remotely dispense all the Universkin Cohen-Jones and Dr Clara Hurst range, collaborating with a Sydney-based compound 68 | SPA+CLINIC


CUSTOM D.O.S.E allows for more than 250 ingredient combinations

SkinCeuticals CUSTOM D.O.S.E SkinCeuticals CUSTOM D.O.S.E allows practitioners to create a custom, anti-ageing corrective serum – developed, measured, and dispensed in approximately 10 minutes. After a thorough consultation guided by a SkinCeuticals diagnostic tool, a bespoke formulation is prescribed including exfoliating, brightening, enhancing or clarifying ingredients combined using the very sleek-looking SkinCeuticals compounding machine, which mixes the ingredients before your client’s eyes in a hydroalcoholic or emulsion base. More than 250 combinations of skin traits are considered when selecting from nine key ingredients. Each bespoke serum is fitted with a custom label that includes the client’s name, an expiration date and a barcode for easy reordering; moreover, the serum can be modified depending on seasonal changes and the client’s unique skin journey.

Qr8 Founder Dr Michele Squire

Qr8 Qr8 is a personalised skin care concierge service and brainchild of PhDqualified scientist Dr. Michele Squire, and now also offers Qr8 MediSkin, an Australia-wide service delivering safe, online access to customised, prescription-only, skin actives for acne, pigmentation, melasma, rosacea and signs of ageing. Developed by an expert team of scientists, doctors and pharmacists, Qr8 MediSkin pairs clients with experienced medical practitioners and tailor-made, prescription-only formulations from the comfort and convenience of their homes. Clients are initially paired with an experienced aesthetic medical practitioner who reviews their photographs and detailed pre-consult questionnaire. The client then books a one-on-one secure telehealth consult with their dedicated doctor, during which a tailored medical treatment product is designed to



address their specific skin concerns. The client’s custom medication is manufactured by a specialist pharmacy into a day or night moisturiser and delivered by courier. Unlimited email follow-up support with the Qr8 MediSkin team and a quarterly medical progress review is also included in the one-off cost.

Software Founder, Niamh Mooney

Software Founded in 2020, Software connects people with doctors online who are able to prescribe formulations that use clinical-strength ingredients, including prescription retinoids, azelaic acid, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and more. By partnering with skin specialists, every Software customer’s skin is reviewed to safely and accurately prescribe ingredients that have been proven by decades of research to reduce fine lines, pigmentation, problem skin etc. “Skincare isn’t one-sizefits-all,” says Software’s founder, Niamh Mooney. “It never has been – but we’re often made to believe that it is.” The treatment is about minimalism, simplified into three steps (cleanse, treat, moisturise), with every bottle made to order. Clients can choose to have their skincare delivered every two months as part of a subscription, or buy a onceoff product.

DNA and hormone testing Veracity

Veracity is revolutionising the way women approach caring for their skin. Instead of treating symptoms, they help women get to the root cause of their skin concerns through the first-ever at-home Skin + Health Test, which measures your saliva for 5 key hormones (estrogen, progesterone, 70 | SPA+CLINIC

testosterone, cortisol, and DHEA) and pH. With this, Veracity provides recommendations on skincare products and ingredients, supplements, diet, and lifestyle to support and rebalance your unique biochemistry. Their revolutionary line of skincare, developed with a PhD in hormonal health, is the first to be verified hormone-safe and specifically designed to treat the effects of hormonally imbalanced skin. Their products are clinically proven and safe for all life moments, including pregnancy and breastfeeding. While Veracity is currently only available in the US, the team are working hard to bring Veracity to Australian shores, so watch this space.

SkinDNA SkinDNA examines a proprietary combination of genetic markers (SNPs) in five categories of skin ageing: firmness and elasticity, wrinkling, sun damage and pigmentation, free radical damage, and skin sensitivity. With a simple swab of your inner cheek, your sample is analysed at a laboratory and a couple weeks later you get your 10-page SkinDNA Report, which explains the areas where your skin is genetically weaker, and the right treatment plan, not only for topical skincare products, but also for ingestible supplements, and which professional treatments are appropriate depending on your skin. Getting information about your DNA is a great way for your clients (and the treating therapists) to really understand the ‘why’ behind your skin conditions, while also validating treatment plans, especially to clients who like to know the nitty gritty and science behind your recommendations.


ITALIAN EXPERTISE AND INNOVATION Italian cosmeceutical brand WiQo has landed on Aussie shores. We speak with the brand’s trainer, Dr Antonella Franceschelli, about what sets WiQo apart.

Why is it important to combine professional treatments with a suitable at-home regime? At-home skincare is paramount, so it’s important to have a range of products to complement in-clinic treatments. You only see your patients every so often, so we must try and educate them to work on their skin every day: that’s the key to a successful patient-physician alliance. The products in the WiQo range help keep the skin at the right pH level, maximising WiQo ONE’s results.

Please tell us a bit about your professional background. I am a board-certified doctor, specialised in internal medicine and aesthetic medicine and I have a PhD in clinical nutrition. I also obtained the title of Member of the Specialist Certification of Obesity Professional Education in 2009 in Cambridge (UK). I live and work in Rome, Italy, where I practice at my private surgery and at the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of the Fatebenefratelli Hospital - Isola Tiberina.

What differentiates WiQo from other skin products on the market? WiQo ONE and WiQo Cosmeceutical products are highly innovative and their cutting-edge technology provides great results in a quick, pain-free and subtle way. But it’s the Italian style behind their development that sets them apart from all others as it is an expression of pioneering expertise and unique specialisation in aesthetic medicine. Take our WiQo ONE Lifting Programme, a revolution in needle-free biorevitalisation, this state-of-the-art lifting and brightening programme helps stimulate the skin’s natural revitalisation processes like never before.

How does WiQo enhance the result of treatments like mesotherapy and filler? WiQo ONE is capable of helping stimulate the skin’s natural revitalisation processes in the skin, but at the same time improve skin tone and texture. This double-whammy enhances all other treatments – both injectables and energy based devices – because when combining treatments, the total is superior to the sum of the parts. You can achieve elegant and symbiotic results with a combined aesthetic approach, as overdoing one single therapy can result in side effects and unsatisfied patients.

What kind of skin clinic and clientele would WiQo be best suited to? Dynamic and on-the-go people today seek immediate results and tend to prefer treatments with minimal down-time, so WiQo ONE is ideal for them! There is also an increasing demand for more natural looking outcomes, and clients are interested in taking care of themselves and their skin, so they adhere to a home-care regimen. Speaking from a provider’s perspective, my aim is to try and broaden my base of clients, offering reliable and effective mid- to long-term treatment plans suitable both for ‘beginner’ patients and more experienced ones. WiQo ONE’s versatility makes it so much easier for me to adapt to so many different contexts and indications, with no side effects to worry about. WiQo is distributed by Advanced Cosmeceuticals. | 71


Payot Launches Herbier Following in the footsteps of botanists, PAYOT has travelled across France to select five essential oils and precious botanical extracts to give skin what it needs, and nothing more. No frills, no excess, but a focus on organic and natural ingredients. Herbier includes five products containing certified organic and Frenchgrown pure botanical extracts and essential oils: Lavender, Thyme, Everlasting Flower, Rosemary and Olive to boost the immune system and detoxify the skin while creating an intense moment of wellness for the spirit. The products are natural, certified organic and made in France, favouring short supply chains. The bottles and jars are sold without boxes and their packaging is designed ecologically to reduce their impact on the planet. The range includes a face and eye cleansing oil, face beauty oil, universal face cream, nourishing massage bar, and revitalising body oil. Payot shows its commitment to nature and the environment not only through 100% recyclable packaging, but also through a financial donation to SPLP Foundation, which protects lavender in Provence. Furthermore, for every universal cream purchased, $1 will go towards the charity. The Herbier products have been awarded COSMOS ORGANIC certification by Ecocert.

Omnilux Launches Acne Fighting LED Mask Based on the world’s leading Omnilux Medical light therapy technology, CLEAR is an FDA-cleared flexible, portable and affordable home-use device that uses a combination of red and blue light emitting LED to reduce or eliminate mild to moderate acne vulgaris and reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation. The red light reduces inflammation, boosts blood oxygen levels in the skin, and reduces sebum (oil) production by targeting the sebaceous gland while the blue light works on a cellular level to neutralise and kill acneforming bacteria in these sebaceous glands which causes acne. Recommended course of treatments is four x 10-minute sessions per week for six weeks. Once the initial series is complete, Omnilux CLEAR can be used at the earliest signs of a breakout, and is suitable for persons 14 years and over. Omnilux CLEAR is compatible with most skincare routines, but not recommended in conjunction with Accutane or retinol products.

Advanced Cosmeceuticals Welcomes SkinMTX To Their Portfolio Having a reputation for being at the forefront of the industry, Advanced Cosmeceuticals is excited to take another step ahead to bring onboard the awardwinning brand SkinMTX. SkinMTX has been driving innovations in aesthetic

skincare with unrivalled potency and having this new addition complements the distributor’s overall offering. SkinMTX is a dermatological-grade skincare brand formulated for proven, sustainable results. The brand offers a complete solution to practitioners by providing endto-end options

from in-clinic treatments to patient homeware regimes. Ideal to combine with your in-clinic treatments, SkinMTX offers a postprocedure cream that goes the extra mile. Advanced Reconditioning Cream includes carefully curated actives that work synergistically to restore compromised skin and rebuild its moisture barrier, and shield skin from external aggressors to provide the optimum environment for skin to repair. Their award-winning product, TeloZyme Youth Activator is a revolutionary multifaceted serum that is based on the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of telomeres and how the deterioration of this part of the DNA structure accelerates cell ageing. SkinMTX is currently available in eight countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Oman, Qatar, New Zealand, and Australia.


1.8 GW Picosecond Laser Four Emission Modes Three Wavelengths (1064, 532 & 694 nm) Two Lasers (Nd:YAG & Ruby) in 1 Device

Four Emission Modes Picosecond Q-Switched Double Pulse Photo-Thermal

Multiple Indications  Pigmentation

 Multicoloured Tattoo Removal

 Skin Lightening

 Acne and Scar Treatments

 Nail Fungus

 Skin Rejuvenation and Resurfacing

Pigmented Lesions - Courtesy Paolo Sbano MD

No-Consumable Dye Handpieces for Maximum ROI  Square  Round Holographic  Micro-lens Array Fractional Handpieces


Acne Scars - Courtesy Celina Chuang MD

1300 25 70 20

CONCEAL WHILE You Heal Provide your post-procedure patients with coverage that cares for their complexion.


hile clients wait for the ultra-glowing and anti-ageing effects of their treatments to kick in, they can often be left facing redness, flakiness, sensitivity and even bruising. It would be great if they could wait it out at home, but the reality of our modern lives and the rising popularity of the ‘lunch-break treatment’ sees them having to brave the streets before their skin has had time to heal. You know they’ll likely reach for coverage, and SPF is non-negotiable, so why not arm them with an option that’s actually good for their skin and see them walk out of your clinic looking their best? Whether it’s laser treatments, chemical peels, micro-needling, PDO threads and even injectables, these picks give instant glowing gratification that’s not only safe but able to provide skin with some much-needed TLC.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation with Dr Joseph Hkeik, Founder of All Saint Clinic

Words by Jessica Frost

“At All Saint Clinic, we use the Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation as the final step in a procedure. It allows the skin to breathe and speeds up the recovery process whilst simultaneously All Saint Clinic and Le Petit Saint Founder, Dr Joseph Hkeik providing full coverage to conceal any imperfections. We find it pairs particularly well with treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing as it helps to cover redness and assists with skin renewal. “Not only does it help conceal redness or bruising, it also minimises downtime post procedure and aids the skin’s healing process. Oxygenetix helps our clients leave the clinic looking and feeling fabulous without having to worry that the makeup is counteracting the effects of their treatment.”

skinbetter science Tone Smart with Crystal Patel, Founder of Clinica Lase Cosmetic and Laser Clinic “We perform a lot of laser treatments in the clinic and find the skinbetter science Tone Smart compact great post treatment. The fact that it is SPF 50 puts our minds at ease sending clients out into inevitable UV exposure after a treatment. The compact is a great 74 | SPA+CLINIC

Clinica Lase Cosmetic and Laser Clinic Founder, Crystal Patel

design too and clients will often purchase one to keep in their handbags to reapply on the go, something we strongly advise all our clients to do. “Tone Smart is a Physical Sunscreen as opposed to more common Chemical Sunscreens which create a chemical reaction in the skin to convert the UV into heat. As such, it is a much safer option posttreatment as it significantly reduces the risk of reaction. Also, the consistency is somewhat similar to that of a primer so our clients love it. It provides a great protective base, and light and even coverage prior to applying a mineral makeup for a smooth natural complexion.”

iS Clinical PerfecTint Powder with Angelina Veljanoski, Founder of Skin Angel “Our clients love PerfecTint Powder post treatment as it covers any post treatment redness and they are leaving the clinic with their skin luminous and radiant. I love Skin Angel Founder, this SPF as I’m left Angelina Veljanoski feeling confident and ensured my client's skin’s DNA is protected by the Extremozyme technology in PerfectTint to defend against environmental stressors while providing their skin hydration all in powder form. “At Skin Angel, we incorporate the PerfecTint as the finishing application into all our iSClinical Facial Protocols. It also pairs beautifully with our clinical corrective treatments such as Laser Genesis and light-based modalities, to cover any temporary erythema or redness post treatment and leave their skin with a smooth, lightweight SPF matte protection.”


Factor Fifty Finds Lightweight and nourishing, these coverage picks share the benefits of SPF 50+ in a lightweight, oil-like consistency with a touch of coverage to disguise redness while protecting postprocedure complexions. From left to right Rationale The Tinted Serum SPF 50+ RATIONALE.COM mesoestetic melan 130 pigment control

ADVANCEDCOSMECEUTICALS.COM.AU colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection


A Touch of Tint Delivering buildable yet breathable coverage, this edit helps make glowing post-treatment skin a reality without the chance of skin damage. Each of these finds offer flexibility in coverage while staying light and velvety on red and textured skin. From left to right Sisley Phyto-Teint Nude SISLEYPARIS.COM/EN-AU O Cosmedics Sk1n Natural Fusion Treatment Foundation

OCOSMEDICS.COM Biologique Recherche Serum De Teint


Complete Coverage For those times your clients need a skin-safe alternative for full coverage foundation, these creamy and nourishing foundations offer the best of all worlds delivering full coverage that’s safe for compromised post-procedure complexions. From left to right asap pure skin perfecting mineral foundation

ASAPSKINPRODUCTS.COM lycogel Breathable Camouflage Foundation

ADVANCEDCOSMECEUTICALS.COM.AU Advanced Mineral Makeup Liquid Mineral Foundation


www .skin

mtx. SkinMTX com .au


Clinically Researched Formulation

Elevate Your Aesthetic Practice With SkinMTX ®

Trusted by Dermatologists, Aesthetic Doctors and Medi-Spas ®

SkinMTX offers a complete range of formulations from in-clinic solutions to post-procedure home care and special care. ®

A perfect companion to your aesthetic practice, SkinMTX pushes the boundaries of efficacy to offer high potency products that are specially designed and formulated to penetrate optimally into skin to achieve visible results.

ANTI-AGEING Activate skin’s restorative ability for lasting youthfullooking skin and vitality

DERMAT Recommended for postlaser and post-procedure

ANTI-ACNE Purify skin for long-lasting mattness and a comfortable feeling of freshness

SPECIAL CARE Boost your skincare regime to reveal flawless skin

BRIGHTENING Improve the appearance of pigmentation and even skin tone for luminosity

IN-CLINIC Professional monodose treatment kits to nurture and optimise healthy-looking skin

www.s kinmt | 1800 242 011 .au


GETTING IN S hape Nadine Dilong chats to Dr Louis Wessels about the latest in minimally invasive body and face contouring.

Left: Before and 8 weeks after InMode FaceTite procedure on the neck by Dr Yumiko Kadota and Dr Louis Wessels


e all know liposuction as the gold standard for removing unwanted fat, but with our population increasingly interested in achieving not only a reduction of fat, but tightened skin, there are superior ways to treat your patients. We are now able to provide body results previously only achieved through more extensive excisional surgical procedures. Radiofrequency has emerged as a safe and reliable method for minimally invasive skin tightening in the face and body areas under local anesthesia, and is achieving outstanding results, whether as a standalone treatment, or combined with liposuction. “The demand for both body and face contouring procedures is at an all-time high, particularly during the pandemic when people have increasingly been prioritising their own self-care,” says Plastic Surgeon, Dr Louis Wessels from One Cosmetic. “In recent years skin tightening has been an important addition to liposuction. Depending on the location on the body and the skin quality, removing fat can leave loose skin behind. There are various devices that can tighten the skin, and our choice is radiofrequency (RF) technology by InMode,” he explains. “At One Cosmetic, we use the BodyTite workstation, which offers a number of different treatment functions. Firstly, Morpheus8 is a unique, fractional RF microneedling device which specifically targets the Fibro-Septal Network (FSN) to remodel collagen in the subdermal layers on the face and body. The other three functions use a subcutaneous probe, which provides a high level of safety through constantly measuring, monitoring, and control of both the internal and external temperatures, to deliver the radiofrequency – these are AccuTite, FaceTite and BodyTite. We typically use AccuTite for 78 | SPA+CLINIC

Right: Dr Louis Wessels

small areas of the face such as eyelids and lower face. FaceTite is appropriate for the neck. BodyTite is a larger probe for areas of the body like the arms and abdomen. The probes melt fat as well as provide skin tightening via collagen remodelling and three-dimensional contraction of the dermis, subdermal connective tissue matrix and deep fat” he explains. For patients with small amounts of fat, there is no need for more invasive liposuction, and the minimally invasive procedure can be done in-office under local anaesthesia. “Whether we use liposuction in addition to FaceTite and BodyTite, depends on the amount of fat a patient has. If the main concern is loose skin, then InMode alone is adequate. For a small amounts of fat InMode can melt the fat and this can be ‘milked’ out. However, for larger pockets of fat, we perform liposuction following the InMode procedure. Liposuction is made easier after InMode, as the fat has already been broken up by passing the probe under the skin and melting the fat,” says Dr Wessels. “We also offer fat grafting in a number of scenarios. The most popular option is fat grafting to the cleavage at breast surgery. We can also treat contour deformities or old scarred areas. Fat transfer is also popular for filling hip dips to create a softer curve.” But it’s not just body contouring that can be achieved with InMode’s devices. FaceTite and AccuTite offer small probes with precise heating technology to reach areas such as brows, peri-orbital, nasolabial fold, lower face, and the neck.

“Facial contouring often requires a multimodal approach depending on patient goals and their desired outcomes. For example, slimming and lifting of the lower face may require a combination of dermal fillers, muscle relaxant to the masseter muscle, buccal fat pad removal and skin tightening. Customising the treatment for each patient using a combination of techniques often leads to the high patient satisfaction,” says Dr Wessels. For Dr Wessels, there is no doubt using RF in combination with liposuction is the way forward. “InMode is our choice at One Cosmetic as it provides a superior result compared to liposuction alone for areas of the body that have thin, loose skin such as the neck and upper arms. Liposuction in isolation would not allow the skin to contract adequately after the procedure for those areas. BodyTite is a versatile workstation that is portable – this means we have been able to utilise it for both in-clinic treatment, as well as an adjunctive treatment in the operating theatre. InMode has also been used in labiaplasty procedures – it produces skin tightening for the labia majora,” he adds. To complement these procedures, or for those who aren’t ready for invasive treatments, InMode offers Morpheus8, the first and only FDA cleared and TGA listed fractional RF technology to provide deep 8mm subdermal adipose tissue remodelling. Depending on your patient, their concerns and desired results, InMode’s BodyTite, FaceTite, AccuTite, and Morpheus8 offer you a wide range of possibilities to achieve long term superior results in fat reduction and skin tightening with minimal downtime.

Bridge the Gap between



BodytitePRO unlocks a unique and niche minimally invasive solution for body and face contouring with results previously only achieved through excisional surgery.

• Controlled heating at critical temperatures allows contraction of between 36.4-47%, far higher than any other thermal energy system* • Some in-office procedures can be done under local anaesthesia from as little as 25 minutes • Deliver surgical results to patients with minimal downtime and no large visible scars • Deepest subdermal Fractional RF microneedling to target the Fibro Septal Network (FSN) (up to 8mm)

*InMode Clinical Data on File.


.com/company/inmo de-anz/ InMode Australia

https://www.faceb NZ/ InMode_Australia

https://www.instag tralia/ InModeAustralia

ps:// | (02) 7209 5678 INFO@INMODE.COM.AU | htt INMODE.COM.AU


BREAST FAT TRANSFER 101 Dr Simone Matousek has a special interest in breast fat transfer, and takes us through key points to consider for this increasingly popular procedure. problems such as liposuction defects. Thin athletic patients tend to get the most underwhelming results with fat transfer and are best to explore the alternative of breast implants.

Who is most suitable for breast fat transfer? • Those who have sufficient pockets of fat

Patients need to have a few distinct areas of fat to be suitable for breast fat transfer. The ‘love handle’ area in the lower back is often the best area to find fat in thinner patients. The skin here is thick and always springs back well after liposuction. In some thin patients, multiple liposuction sites are needed to gain enough fat. Sometimes slender people will surprisingly have enough fat even if seemingly very light. Conversely, some very muscular athletes may not have enough. Each patient needs to be assessed individually to determine if safe liposuction can be performed that will harvest enough fat. • Those with a reasonable starting volume

In someone with a good starting volume or breast shape, a fat graft can give a good change without undergoing the risks of an implant for an already reasonable breast. The more volume and space in the breast, the larger the amount of fat that can be placed. Those with a better starting volume will achieve better results. • Those planning pregnancy in the near future


ydney Plastic Surgeon, Dr Simone Matousek, has been doing breast fat transfer procedures for over 10 years. During her training, Dr Simone read an exciting article in 2006 when fat grafting was experiencing a resurgence and was impressed by the results that could be achieved. Determined to learn the technique once she had completed her training, she travelled to the United States to learn from experts in the field. She has developed and refined her own technique of breast micro fat grafting, which she explains here: The greatest disadvantage with fat transfer is the variable fat graft take. There are always individual factors which mean a person will take better. Nevertheless, there is always some positive volume change. Even if a fat graft does not give you as great a volume as an implant, there is no need to ever undergo surgery again. However, the fat grafting can always be repeated to gain a better volume the next time (as there is more tissue to graft to), and many patients have been pleased enough with their first results to come back for a second round. Moreover, not everyone is suitable for breast fat grafting, there are some patients who are simply too thin. In these individuals, liposuction can create 80 | SPA+CLINIC

If pregnancy is on the horizon within a few years of a breast augmentation, in most cases, this will lead to a need for early revision surgery, especially if multiple pregnancies are foreseen. Breast fat transfer is more likely to move with the native breast as it fluctuates in size. An implant with a pregnancy will often remain high while the breast expands on top of it and then sags in relation to the device. • Those who are prone to scarring

Olive and dark skin can scar badly, leading to hypertrophic or keloid scars. A breast implant requires a minimum 5cm scar and sometimes a larger one for subsequent exchanges. The scars from fat grafting are less than 1cm and usually well hidden in the inframammary crease. There are only three access points used in the average fat graft, two in the breast crease and one in the armpit. • Those concerned about breast implant illness

There is increasing concern that breast implants can be


Before and after fat grafting to the breast by Dr Matousek

associated with breast implant associated cancer (BIA-ALCL). Fat grafting has been shown to be safe and there are no studies to suggest it can trigger breast cancer. It is important to do precise breast imaging prior to a fat graft which includes a breast MRI plus an ultrasound or mammogram. This way if there are any changes from injection of the fat such as calcification on imaging there is a precise pre-operative picture to compare it to. It is also an objective way to measure breast volume changes post-grafting.

Correcting breast asymmetry or congenital constricted or tuberous breast Many patients with breast asymmetry due to congenital problems or post lumpectomy for breast cancer do not want any operation on the non-affected breast. If an implant is used on one side to match symmetry it always tends to make the breast sit higher than the one without a breast implant. A fat graft can match the asymmetry exactly where it is needed. Use of different size implants can never match the asymmetry as precisely. With constriction of the breasts, the constricted areas are often like a resistant elastic band that springs back if fat is not placed in the area. This can lead to the “double bubble” appearance seen when this condition is corrected with implants alone. Serial fat grafting can help gradually correct areas of constriction. Typically, with this condition, especially severe tuberous breast, patients will need a minimum of two sessions to get reasonable volume. The constriction in some can be very difficult to release and in the first operation it is more about reshaping than getting a lot of projection. Ideally people with severe tuberous breasts and asymmetry would present for correction in their teenage years. A few patients that have presented in their late teens have experienced some growth with release of the constriction band in the breast beyond just the take of their fat graft.

Who is not suitable for breast fat transfer?

large volume will not adequately correct nipple position. In fact, the fat often takes better in the upper breast (as there is more tissue to graft to than in the lower pole) and will often then push the nipple areolar complex down further. A mastopexy should be performed a few months before fat grafting. This is because fat grafting needs a loose skin envelope, space and a good blood supply. A mastopexy creates a bad environment for fat take; part of the blood supply has been cut off and the closure is tight to achieve maximum lift. This creates an increased risk of fat necrosis and even skin necrosis has been reported with attempting a large volume fat graft in combination with a lift. Only very small volumes should be grafted during a breast lift for these reasons. • Patients who fluctuate in weight

Any breast augmentation gives the best results when someone is at their target weight. However, fat grafting will lead to disappointing results if any weight is lost after the surgery. In fact, for fat grafting it is better to be slightly lighter than the ideal weight when presenting for surgery. The most common complaint with fat grafting is achieving a smaller than desired size, especially with one surgery. It is important to manage expectations that the volume change will never be equivalent to that of a large implant. Multiple breast fat grafting sessions are initially a more complex and costly way of attaining a large volume change, however, the patient never needs to do any further surgeries again in their lifetime or risk the problems associated with devices.

• Those without adequate body fat stores

There are some patients where the risk of liposuction defects outweighs the small volume augmentation that will be gained. If there is no excess fat, especially in the thigh area, the risks of trying to take fat can lead to problems. How much fat can be taken is also determined by a patient’s skin quality; not all the fat can be emptied out in people with skin that is already exhibiting problems such as stretch marks or wrinkling. Thighs are extremely unforgiving and must be done conservatively and with a fine cannula. VASER liposuction after fat harvest is best to ensure adequate skin tightening and smoothing in higher risk patients (i.e. those with minor skin laxity). • Those wanting a large volume change with a single operation

Fat grafting will not give the results of an implant in one operation. In fact, due to the way native tissues move, it will always feel softer and have much less lifting capacity. More than one fat graft may seem like it costs a significant amount, however the long-term costs of implant exchanges are greater. A second fat graft typically does better than the first as there is more volume to graft to. • Those with uncorrected moderate to severe breast ptosis

Fat also has limited lifting capacity. In those with significant breast ptosis, even a

How much fat is placed in one session? Generally, one fat transfer will place an average of around 350-400ml in each breast with lesser amounts if there is congenital breast constriction. Up to 600ml can be placed in a very large breast in some cases. The endpoint of how much fat is safe to place depends on the individual patient. Placing too much fat in a breast that is tight risks fat necrosis and poorer take. Studies do not suggest one liposuction site is necessarily better than another. From experience diet resistant pockets work best. The fat that is hardest to move, seems to take the best. People with abdominal fat deposition associated with insulin resistance or those with very stubborn thigh fat and a slender upper body seem to take the best. Dr Simone Matousek MBBS, FRACS (Plast), PhD operates out of St Luke’s Private Hospital in Potts Point. | 81



Multi-application platforms are often the workhorse of a successful clinic. We chat to two practitioners about their favourite laser device.


eing able to offer treatment solutions for many different skin conditions is paramount for a successful skin clinic business. So, you need a device that offers those solutions. Alma Lasers’ Harmony XL PRO is FDA cleared to treat over 72 indications in one powerful and versatile platform. The multi-application platform offers a full spectrum of technologies, applicators, tips and treatment methods that achieve outstanding results. Providing the added benefit of synergetically combined treatments, Harmony XL PRO is in tune with today’s holistic and personalised approach, enabling intelligent and patient-centric treatments and enhanced results. Indications include: skin remodelling, tone & texture, vascular lesions, tattoo removal, pigmented lesions, scars, acne, and hair removal. The different applicators (including a Q-Switch handpiece) offer ablative and non-ablative treatments, with some of them allowing a Medicare rebate (e.g. certain vascular abnormalities and treatments of warts etc). The Harmony XL PRO is safe and effective for all skin types, making it highly versatile for your business. Alma Lasers Harmony XL Pro We chatted to two practitioners who have been working with Alma Lasers’ Harmony XL PRO and saw great benefits to their business.

Karen Sher – Beauty & Laser By Karen: “I’ve been in the beauty industry for the past 16 years, and many years ago, I realised that not only was waxing going to become obsolete, but all skin type treatments such as traditional facials were being challenged by new technology. It offered even more possibilities than I ever imagined I could perform. So my investigation into modernising my hair removal business soon led me to joining the new skin care revolution. The Harmony XL allowed me not only to offer hair removal in an IPL and Laser format (which includes pain free in motion technology), but also allowed me to offer treatments such as sun damage/sun spot removal, face and leg vein removal, tattoo removal and the incredible pain free laser Clearlift Skin tightening treatment – all in one platform. 82 | SPA+CLINIC

While this sounds too good to be true, the best part is that every single treatment delivered on its promise. Alma continues to deliver new technology that adds on to the Harmony XL, keeping me ahead of the game and allowing me to offer my clients cutting edge treatments. While my waxing customers were coming back to see me every month, my fear with the laser hair removal was that after only six treatments, I was going to lose a customer. Now with the Harmony XL, while I’m treating them with hair removal, I am already discussing with them their next course of treatment to improve their skin health. My customers keep coming back for more.”

Dr Michele McGrath – Advantage Skin Clinic: “As a new business owner, it was important to have confidence in a reliable, cost effective and multiplatform laser (device) that supports both the cosmetic and medical application that our practice requires. The technical support and professional backup for our staff from the provider was also critical in deciding on the purchase of the Alma Harmony XL PRO laser. As a multi-platform device, combined treatment modalities assist us to treat a broad range of conditions to make our practice run smoothly and efficiently with great satisfaction and results for our patients. Our team of practitioners received professional training from the skilled technical support by the Alma staff, which has never wavered and can be called upon at any time. We have an ongoing strong relationship with Alma to assist us in managing a broad range of aesthetic skin conditions, such as fines lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, skin laxity and enlarged pores to medical applications for management of scars, acne and rosacea, vascular lesion and ablative lesion removal in safe and effective way. The team at Alma was a wonderful support during a difficult time through the Covid pandemic and was always available to assist us with queries even at short notice. I would highly recommend considering the Alma Harmony XL PRO for a practice seeking multiple modalities of treatment required for a wide range of patient needs.”


THE NEW GENERATION OF BODY CONTOURING INCLUDES SKIN TIGHTENING We hear from Elite Body Contouring’s Founder and MD, Danielle Smith on why she chose Cynosure’s LIPOcel for her clinics. Please explain the concept of Elite Body Contouring. Elite Body Contouring was established in 2015, our mission is to help every client reach their full potential and to support them in their journey towards feeling comfortable and confident in their own bodies. Body Contouring is in high demand and we saw an opportunity to be able to provide a safe, gentle and effective alternative to surgery without the pain or downtime. We wanted to provide a service that was comfortable , performed by a trained and experienced team in a dedicated clinic environment that not only delivered real visible results but was also affordable. At Elite Body Contouring we specialise in the reduction of stubborn subcutaneous fat, tightening up loose skin, minimising the appearance of cellulite, building and toning muscle and non-invasive face lifting and jawline contouring. Our clients come to us for many reasons but the most important is for our measurable results that we track in clinic using medical grade body composition scanners.

What made you decide to purchase Cynosure’s LIPOcel? The industry has changed over the last few years – it’s not just stubborn fat that people want to shift anymore, they want to tighten the skin and they want the most dramatic results they can achieve – in the least amount of time and fewest treatment sessions as possible. Elite Body Contouring was the first clinic in Australia to introduce LIPOcel into our clinics as we noticed a trend overseas of using HIFU technology as a non-invasive solution for both fat reduction and skin tightening within the same session.

What differentiates LIPOcel from other fat reduction devices on the market? After experiencing first-hand the limitations of older technology such as Cavitation (which only shrinks fat cells), and Cryolipolysis (which reduces fat but has little to no effect on skin elasticity), we looked at LIPOcel as the ideal solution as it provides us with the ability to not

only target larger areas of the body within the same session, but it also allows us to truly customise and tailor our treatments to our clients’ concerns for both fat reduction and skin tightening! LIPOcel targets the subcutaneous layer of fat known as the ‘stubborn, hard to shift’ fat below the skin and above the muscle and heats it to 65-75 degrees which causes fat cell necrosis. The dead fat cells in the targeted area LIPOcel performed on the abdomen are then disposed of naturally through the body’s waste system (the liver and lymphatic system) gradually from day one, up until 12-weeks post treatment. This gradual removal of fat from the body places no strain on the body’s waste system. One of the main advantages of LIPOcel would be the collagen boosting and skin tightening benefits, and the fact that it truly is a 2-in-1 treatment, delivering fast results.

What kind of results do you see and how many treatments do patients need on average? LIPOcel is not only virtually painless with none of the side effects associated with other technology (such as bruising and discomfort), but there is also no downtime or massage required post-treatment! Our clients are loving the results, with the majority noticing 5-15% of the full effect immediately post treatment! We put these fast results down to HIFU being able to metabolise the dead fat cells faster than older devices, combined with the tightening effect of HIFU. (It’s important to note however that results may vary from person to person and an in-clinic consultation with a trained professional is always advised prior to treatment to assess suitability and to allow for a tailored treatment program to be developed). Clients also love how customisable the treatment is given that we can increase the intensity and decrease the energy output according to their comfort levels, making this treatment suitable for those who may not be able to tolerate the discomfort from other treatments. We find our clients are generally happy with between 2-4 sessions.

How easy is it to operate LIPOcel? The actual treatment to perform is pretty straight forward, a handpiece is moved over a grid that is mapped out on the client's body, emitting the energy in 15-30 second passes. Focus and an in-depth understanding of LIPOcel protocols and parameters are crucial to the treatment success which is why we conduct special in clinic training for our team so that our clients can be confident they are in the best hands. | 83

BIO-REMODELLING VS BOOSTER FILLER Dr Rahma Targett talks us through the difference in these two popular treatments.

What is the V2 Beauty Booster treatment?

Dr Targett performing the V2 Booster Filler treatment

What is Bio-remodelling filler? Bio-remodelling is a new and innovative approach to skin rejuvenation designed to remodel multi-layer skin tissue, falling under the cosmetic injectables category. It is a nonsurgical treatment formulated to specifically improve the appearance of skin laxity (skin firmness and structure) and improve the resilience of skin. In comparison with traditional dermal fillers, bio-remodelling filler doesn’t volumise but alternatively acts to stimulate the skin to produce more of its own Hyaluronic Acid, collagen and elastin. As bioremodelling filler contains a higher concentration of an ultrapure Hyaluronic Acid, the formulation helps your skin to look more hydrated, plump, fresh and youthful as it lifts and tightens sagging tissue. Results of bio-remodelling filler are also shown to improve overall skin texture, especially in areas that have an appearance of crepeiness and sagging. This makes bioremodelling filler a great treatment on areas such as the front of the neck and décolletage, whilst also being suitable for hand rejuvenation. Another difference to note when comparing bioremodelling filler and dermal filler is that dermal filler is usually injected into particular areas such as the lips or cheeks. Bio-remodelling filler is administered across the entire face rather than focussing on one area, so you can ensure total face rejuvenation is the focus. It is best to remember that when it comes to skin rejuvenation different approaches may work better for different people, so although the approach of bio-remodelling filler is different to conventional dermal fillers, one is not necessarily better than the other. It’s about finding what works best for you and your skin to achieve the goals you have.

Who would benefit most from this treatment? The best candidates for bio-remodelling filler are those who present any signs of ageing, particularly adults aged from 40-50 years. Bio-remodelling filler is specifically designed to overcome visible signs of the physical ageing process such as fine lines and wrinkles and skin sagging from loss of volume. 84 | SPA+CLINIC

The V2 Beauty Booster is an innovative skin rejuvenation treatment I offer at my North Adelaide clinic, Advanced Cosmetic Medicine. Ultimately, it is an injectable hydration treatment which combines techniques and benefits from the likes of skin needling and the injection of dermal fillers. The result is a plumper, firmer, more hydrated and radiant appearance which is visible after just one treatment. The face is the most common area to be treated, however you can also treat sensitive areas such as your neck, décolletage and hands if you are wanting to rejuvenate these areas. Another reason why I love the V2 Beauty Booster is because it can accommodate all skin types and be customised to suit a variety of skin conditions. The V2 Beauty Booster treatment involves the administration of a uniquely formulated and patented hydrator serum consisting of Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins which are naturally already found in our skin, but deplete with age. Using the hand-held V2 Injector gun, this unique filler is injected superficially under the skin using Mesotherapy technique to plump the skin, promote collagen production, reduce hollowness and smoothen wrinkles to replenish dull and ageing skin. The V2 Injector is an essential part of this treatment because it allows fine control of the amount of filler ingredient injected as well as exact control over the depth it is injected. This is extremely important for optimal results to be achieved. Mesotherapy is a lesser known non-surgical technique that has been popular in Europe for some time and is now becoming a popular alternative to mainstream skin rejuvenation techniques in Australia. It involves delivering micro amounts of a nourishing solution into the dermis of the skin, usually by way of a skin needling device such as the V2 Injector gun. These controlled micro-injuries assist in the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which as a result produces thicker, tighter and more elastic skin.

Who would benefit most from this treatment? If your skin needs a quick and effective boost of hydration from the inside out, or you are wanting to achieve a plump and dewy appearance, this treatment may be for you. Although the V2 Beauty Booster is marketed as an anti-ageing treatment, anyone that has skin concerns such as a tired, dull complexion or fine lines and wrinkles they wish to target is an ideal candidate. Due to the V2 Beauty Booster’s ability to be highly customisable, a personal treatment plan including the V2 Beauty Booster can be arranged for you at a consultation with your cosmetic physician.

Dr Rahma Targett is a Cosmetic Physician and Founder of Advanced Cosmetic Medicine.


15G 15G


SCENTS Give your clients the opportunity to not only look good, but smell even better when they walk out of your spa thanks to any of these clean fragrances made in Australia.

Who? Seneca Parfums What? Australian based fragrance

house, formulating superior handcrafted fragrances. RRP $89.00 for 60ml Where?

Who? Vahy What? Premium, clean and

natural fragrance house based in Melbourne. RRP $240.00 for 50ml Where?

Who? ODESSE What? Solid Refillable Fragrance

made in Victoria. RRP $69.95 for 4ml Where?

Who? Recreation Bondi Beach What? Clean beauty company specialising

in fragrances and oils based in Sydney’s Bondi Beach. RRP $109.00 for 50ml Where?

Who? Mukti Botanique Parfum No1 What? A natural blend of essential

oils made in Queensland by apothecary artisan, Mukti. RRP $99.95 for 15ml Where?



Who? Vanessa Megan What? Natural essential oil blends

Who? SŚAINT What? Sustainable and luxurious

with aromatherapeutic benefits, made in Sydney. RRP $89.95 for 50ml

fragrance range for men and women to indulge, hand-poured in Sydney. RRP $109.00 for 50ml



Who? Ananda Life What? Essential oil blends made

with intention in Byron Bay. RRP $24.95 for 10ml Where?

Who? Ella by Megan Potter What? Natural and Australian-made

floral fragrance dedicated to the founder’s grandmother. RRP $97.00 for 50ml Where?

Who? Minenssey Mine Natural

Perfume Oil Who? One Seed What? Honest, natural perfume from plants with at least 80% organic content. Made in Adelaide. RRP $99.00 for 30ml Where?

What? 100% natural perfume oil,

which lingers on the skin and relaxes the body and mind, using Australian native ingredients. RRP $55.00 for 10ml Where? | 87


FOR EVERYONE Welcome to our ultimate Christmas Gift Guide, full of small and big presents for everyone so you can treat your VIP clients, staff, or friends and family. 1. A spect Dr Skin Excellence Kit, RRP $199.90


5. T halgo Wrinkle Filler Treatment, RRP $185.00 BLCCOSMETICS.COM 6. O Cosmedics Core Four Immortal, RRP $247.00

2. Sodashi Let It Glow Trio, RRP $149.00 SODASHI.COM 3. Waterlily Get Glowing Gift Set, RRP $199.00


INSKINCOSMEDICS.COM.AU 7. G lasshouse Naughty & Nice Candle, RRP $54.95




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11. S anta Maria Novella Ceramic Bauble, RRP $99.00

BUY.SMNOVELLA.COM.AU 12. E ve Lom Iconic Cleanse Ornament, RRP $34.00 MECCA.COM.AU 13. Burt’s Bees® Treat Yourself Duo,


RRP $9.95 BURTSBEES.COM.AU 14. I nika Lip & Cheek Cream, RRP $45.00

INIKAORGANIC.COM 15. Ultraderm Rapid Renewal, RRP $124.00 ULTRADERM.

COM.AU 16. D ermatonics, Comfort Skincare Pack RRP $119.00

DERMATONICS.COM.AU 17. A lpha-H Triumphant Trio


Glow Kit, RRP $69.95 ALPHA-H.



18. U ltraceuticals Limited Edition Ultra Hydrating Skin Mist 150ml, RRP $69.00

ULTRACEUTICALS.COM 19. T RUDON Gabriel Candle, RRP $149.00,


TRUDON.COM.AU 20. Mayerling Summer Rejuvenation Kit, RRP $197.00




18 Styled by Nadine Dilong, photography by Brandee Meier



19 | 89


ghd Gold Limited-Edition Styler Gift Set, RRP $315.00


Morphe Holiday Quad Goals Multi-Palette, RRP $25.00


Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk On The Go, RRP $80.00 CHARLOTTETILBURY.COM/AU

Cozmetic Lab Flawless Finish Brush Collection, RRP $149.95


Payot Advent Calendar, RRP $320.00


Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer Prussian Blue & Rich Copper Gift Set , RRP $599.00



Gift Guide

Face Halo Glow, RRP $30.00 FACEHALO.COM.AU Moroccanoil Brume Du Maroc Stocking Stuffer,

It Cosmetics Brow Power


Universal Eyebrow Pencil, RRP $38.00 SEPHORA.COM.AU

Vapour Beauty Aura Multi Stick Blush, RRP $55.00


Coco & Eve Oh My Hair Kit, RRP $56.80


Stay X Hair Perfecting Wand, Luk Beautifood Luxe Lip Trio, RRP $59.90 LUKBEAUTIFOOD.COM

RRP $23.99 STAYX.CO | 91

FOR THE Homebody

XRJCelebration Blobbies In Knots Candle, RRP $90.00

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EMU Australia Mayberry Slippers, $59.95


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Rochway Beauty Sleep Christmas Gift Set, RRP $90.00,


Wanderluxe Sleepwear The Fern Kimono Robe, RRP $164.00 miHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket, RRP $699.00, AU.MIHIGH.COM



Sarah Laney

Glow by Sarah Founder, Sarah Laney, takes us through her beauty routine and lets us in on her secrets to glowing skin. What does your morning routine look like? I absolutely love to move my body first thing in the morning. Depending on the day and how I feel, it could be Pilates, HITT or a lovely walk with my fur baby. I haven’t always been an early riser but over the years I’ve come to really love the ritual of getting up to a quiet house and giving myself that hour just for me. After my workout I try to finish a litre of water. I make a delicious coffee, start my diffuser or light a stick of incense (I’m obsessed with “This Is Incense” at the moment) and put some music on to slowly rouse the fam. I love the feeling of knowing my workout is done and that I’ve already achieved something great for the day and anything else is a bonus.


Please take us through your AM and PM skincare routine For my skin, I love Waterlily’s Spaceuticals range. Since turning 40 I added in the Spaceuticals performance serum to really up the ante and my skincare ritual. I love spending time outdoors and at the beach so I really need those powerhouse ingredients to get my glow on. AM: • Lactic Cleanser • Hydra C Mist • Super C+ Ultimate C Serum • Plasma Repair • Activated B Eye Serum • Ferulic + C Eye Repair • O Cosmedics Mineral Pro Tinted SPF30

Glow-To Routine

If you could only get one facial for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

PM: • Bio Cleansing Oil (1st cleanse) • Lactic Cleanser (2nd cleanse) • Hydra C Mist • Super Proof B3 Perfecting Serum • Super Smart Serum • Activated B Eye Serum • Ferulic + C Eye Repair

I’m a traditional girl at heart, so for me nothing beats Waterlily’s Rose Quartz Facial Ritual with the most epic facial massage ever to bring back your ultimate Glow.

Your #1 tip for healthy, glowing skin?

What do you love about Waterlily products? I researched for years to find the perfect skincare line for Glow. I immediately loved that Waterlily was a women led brand with Australian made products. Handcrafted clean and green cosmeceuticals proving that you can have results-driven skincare while honouring pure nutrient-dense ingredients. I also love the incredible training, customer service and constant support from the company itself. I love the results on my own skin and that of my clients and even after a day in the salon I love the way my skincare ritual makes me feel when I use them in my own bathroom. They all smell incredible! I also love the diversity of the Spaceuticals facial rituals, allowing me to deliver exceptional in-salon experiences for my clients.

Straight up because of our climate I would say be careful in the sun and always protect your skin. However I believe a huge part of glowing in your skin is how kind you are to yourself. So apart from all the obvious ones, like drinking water, wearing sunscreen and using good skincare I try to encourage my clients to create rituals for themselves and do things every day that they love so they can truly glow from the inside out.

Favourite lipstick? I have two because a girl needs options. I can’t live without my Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pots in Harmony and Hello. I love that they can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks for quick effortless glam and you can never go wrong with a natural pink and a vibrant red to cover all bases.

Name five things we would find in your handbag.

Do you take any supplements/ which ones?

• Water bottle - hydration always! • Peppermint Beadlets - Beauty Therapist habit • An apple or almonds - I’m always hungry • Sunscreen - obviously • Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot - it’s the perfect all rounder for a quick Glow on the go

I take Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega to nourish my skin from the inside out, magnesium for restless tired legs especially after a day in the salon and I’m currently trialling some collagen powders to find the perfect fit for Glow. Sarah Laney is a passionate skin and beauty therapist and the Founder of Glow by Sarah.

Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega | 97



11, 37, 63, 76, 77


50, 51










54, 55


52, 53


2, 3


6, 7


48, 49




39, 41, 67







4, 5

56, 57, 100

Call us at: 0435 769 639


Candice Warner Official EMSCULPT NEO Brand Ambassador Always Original


Muscle Results and patient experience may vary. As with any medical procedure, ask your doctor if the EMSCULPT NEO® procedure is right for you. In Australia EMSCULPT NEO® is intended for application of combination of bipolar radiofrequency with high-intensity electromagnetic energy for body reshaping and fat reduction by lipolysis. ©2021 BTL Group of Companies. All rights reserved. BTL and device®, EMSCULPT®, EMSCULPT NEO®, EMSELLA®, EMBODY®, EMTONE®, HIFEM®, SYNCHRODE®, EXILIS and device®, VANQUISH and device® and UNISON® are registered trademarks in Australia. Trademarks EMSCULPT, EMSCULPT NEO, EMSELLA, EMBODY, EMTONE and HIFEM are parts of EM™ Family of products. Products, the methods of manufacture or the use may be subject to one or more Australian Patent Registrations or pending applications. Any unauthorized use is expressly prohibited. *Data on file. 899-79EMCNFAACW1AENAU100, Emsculpt_Neo_LF_Candice-Warner-ambasador_ENAU100_A4