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truBody is a complete body sculpting solution to remove fat, rebuild muscle, and renew skin. By pairing the synergistic and complementary truSculpt iD and truSculpt flex technologies, truBody delivers a personalized and comfortable treatment experience with superior results and high patient satisfaction. CONTROLLED ENERGY DELIVERY

• Treat all body and skin types and all fitness levels with no BMI restriction • Increase muscle mass and metabolism while decreasing subcutaneous fat • customisable treatments to enhance body confidence


• Fully customisable based on patient goals • Treat all body and skin types and all fitness levels with no BMI restriction • Comfortable with no downtime MAXIMUM ROI

• Fast growing market segment • Low cost of consumables • High patient satisfaction • Tap into this exploding $4.9B market

Photos Courtesy of A. Moradzadeh, M.D.



After 4 Weeks

1 truSculpt iD Tx & 4 truSculpt Flex Tx

* Medical Insight Energy-Based Body Shaping and Skin Tightening 8-2019 © 2020, Cutera, Inc. All rights reserved. AP003584 rA



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ONLY AT SELECTED PAYOT SALONS & SPAS Call 1300 367 969 or 02 9874 1166 for the location of your nearest Payot Salon & Spa. | join us



High in vitamins & nutrients, they strengthen the skin’s structure, which means it can protect itself better against the oxidative stress caused by daily agression.


This cocktail of antioxidants neutralises the free radicals that cause dull complexions, and visibly improves skin quality.



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EDITOR’S Letter As we slowly but surely reach the end of Winter, it’s safe to say most of us are also reaching the end of our patience with the ongoing lockdowns. When we had a bit of a break from harsh COVID-restrictions towards the start of the year, many spas and clinics were busier than ever – a much needed opportunity to make up for the huge loss of income most businesses had to endure last year. But unfortunately the second half of the year has felt like a déjà vu with VIC and NSW both experiencing strict lockdowns. The only consolation is that, in contrast to last year, this time, you’re prepared. Many business owners I’ve talked to have said that they feel frustrated, but also much calmer and more organised than last year. Their online shops are up and running, and re-booking clients has become the new norm. As horrible as it is that small business owners have to deal with the ongoing uncertainty, it is impressive how well most of you have adapted. I have no doubt reading this issue will take your mind off the challenges you’re facing for a bit and instil some hope as it’s packed with inspiring industry professionals, such as our cover star, Jaclyn Isaacs, who opened her clinic Art of Aesthetics in the middle of the pandemic, and hasn’t looked back (page 50). I also talked to the founders of bathing house Sense of Self who are bringing about change in the often exclusive wellness industry to make it more accessible for everyone (page 70).

If you happen to have some time on your hands during lockdown, now is the perfect time to overhaul your online presence. Did you know that your website has its own (probably larger than you think) carbon footprint? Learn all about how your online activity can become ‘greener’ on page 47. Lastly, we unfortunately had to postpone our networking breakfast event, Sip+Connect, due to COVID restrictions, but we are determined to make it happen as soon as we can, and we can’t wait to see you in person again! Stay safe,


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Powerful. Multi-functional. Ethical. Luxurious.

The future of Cosmeceuticals is here Introducing Dermalist - a revolutionary new breed of scientifically advanced skincare that offers dramatic clinical-grade results with fewer steps. Faster & easier client consultation & conversion Achieve dramatic results, faster & with no downtime Increased client retention & loyalty Vegan, cruelty free, eco-friendly recyclable & refillable packaging Are you ready to join the skincare revolution?

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COVER STORIES 44 50 68 70

Update! Art of Aesthetics Slow Ageing The Inclusive Wellness Movement


INTERIOR 14 Jacqueline Brennan

Take a look at this Mosman beauty

52 Tim Boon, TLC 54 Dr Ehsan Jadoon, Venus Concept



60 Onsen Hot Pools, Queenstown, NZ

19 Consumer Trends and Innovation at the


Wellness Tourism Summit What to expect at the much anticipated event in Noosa 22 ROAR Was Unleashed Onto Melbourne And Sydney What you missed at this fun and educational conference 24 Not Your Average University Cutera University 2021 was a big success, here’s our full recap.

BUSINESS 26 6 Reasons Why You Need An Intelligent 30 32 37 38 41

Dyson Air Purifier Is your air more polluted than you think? Better Uniforms For Everyone It’s time to consider high quality Getting Personal The new wave of branded Instagram accounts connecting therapists with their clients online. 4 Steps To Financial Selfcare Financial expert Natasha Janssens explains. Let’s Hear It For The Boys Could male therapists be the answer to engaging male clients? A Different Kind Of Beauty Business We speak to the owner of Australia’s largest beauty, skin, and wellness space.

62 Enhancing Skin Results From Within

Fiona Tuck explains how her supplements complement any skincare routine.

REAL RESULTS 72 Real Results with Prologic Skin Care

AESTHETICS 76 Are You Ready For The New Era Of Aesthetics?

APAN CEO, Tina Viney takes us through her forecast.

78 The Big Cleansing Debate

We asked three skin experts what we really need to know about cleansing.

TECHNOLOGY 86 Now You See It, Now You Don’t

The latest in tattoo removal technology

MEDI 94 It’s A No From Me

How to say no to patients with unrealistic expectations

98 At-Home Needling

DIY hero, or a dermal disaster waiting to happen?

104 10 Questions With…

… Dr Cosima Karlburger.

ON THE COVER Venus Concept pioneered the first subscription-based business model in the industry and developed a world-class organisation committed to the highest level of post-sale support. This philosophy is what sets Venus Concept apart from competitors — no other company provides the level of practice enhancement services, seamless upgrade programs, device warranty, and marketing and clinical support programs. Today, they are one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry helping providers in over 60 countries and 29 direct markets and almost half of their business coming from repeat customers. VENUSCONCEPT.COM/EN-AU/


new smart response serum delivers what skin needs, when + where needed

hydrate brighten soothe firm

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Tried + Tested


The latest and greatest in the aesthetics industry, tested by the SPA+CLINIC team. Dyson HEPA Cool Formaldehyde Do you ever wonder how clean the air that you’re breathing is? Even if you’re a regular shelf-duster around your house or business, there are many pollutants including potentially harmful gases such as NO2 from smoke, VOCs released by air fresheners, odours and formaldehyde, as well as particles as small as 0.1 microns such as allergens, bacteria, pollen and mould spores. We tried the new Dyson air purifier, the HEPA Cool Formaldehyde, which not only purifiers your air effortlessly, but it also connects to an app on your phone to show you exactly what type of pollutants are in the room. After using it for a few days, and seeing the graph jump from ‘good’ to ‘poor air quality’ every time we were cooking a meal, we loved the challenge of keeping our air as clean as possible, which the (super quiet) device makes really easy thanks to its auto setting.

Nutritional Cleanse by Fermio Lab You can’t think about skin health without first addressing gut health, and the Nutritional Cleanse from new Australian brand, Fermio Lab, does just that. We tried the 8-day program that’s formulated to bring balance to your gut and skin health. The plant-based shots are made from 88 whole foods that are triple fermented making them highly bioavailable. It’s high in prebiotics, antioxidants, gut-friendly enzymes and energy boosting B vitamins that work together to eliminate waste build-up, prime the microbiome and support gut health and immunity. Unlike your average cleansing protocol, Fermio’s Nutritional Cleanse doesn’t require any periods of restrictions or going without our favourite vices (ahem, coffee). Instead, it aims to support your lifestyle and was easily added to our routine by simply sipping one dose every morning 30 minutes before eating. The sweet berry taste is achieved naturally through the addition of grape juice and makes the elixir not only pleasant, but actually enjoyable to drink.

CHANGE Skincare When the founder of Aspect skincare releases her own line, you have our attention. Trish Winchester launched CHANGE Skincare earlier this year, almost 20 years after she first launched Australian Skin Technology in 2003. The range includes 17 products, all based on proven applied science with a biometric formula to help restore and build long-term results for all skin types. We tried the Blemish Detox Kit and loved the potent ingredients in the products, which aim to clarify our skin tone and deeply hydrate. Our personal favourite? Protecta Zinc+, which protects the skin from UV rays and environmental pollutants while deeply hydrating with Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, and D-Panthenol.

MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket MiHigh’s Infrared Sauna blanket arrives beautifully packaged, including its very own store away bag, making it super easy to pack away after use in clinic or at home. This innovative idea brings the wellness that infrared technology promises, all wrapped up in a cocoon like cosy sleeping bag. It is worth noting the velcro opening going all the way from top to bottom, which makes it extremely easy to clean before and after use. The blanket has a timer, which automatically turns off after 30minutes. Different temperature options means we can work our way up to the maximum heat of 80 degrees, which delivers a really good sweat. After using the MiHIGH three times a week for a month, we can feel the benefits and adore the energised feeling we get after a 30-minute session. It reduces toxins, relaxes us and has definitely improved our sleep. We love the product and would highly recommend it for in-clinic and at-home use!

Cutera xeo There is only so much you can do about Rosacea as it’s one of the hardest skin conditions to treat, but regular IPL tends to help, so we were excited to get treated with Cutera’s xeo device at the stunning Jacqueline Brennan clinic in Mosman. According to Cutera, more than 92% laser and light-based treatments can be addressed with xeo. We were impressed how quick the entire treatment was, taking only about 10 to 15 minutes. While the light pulses were quite intense and felt like someone snapped a rubber band onto our skin, they were so short that it was completely tolerable. Afterwards, we experienced mild redness and some puffiness around the eyes, which subsided within 48 hours. A week later, our skin clarity had improved and redness due to Rosacea was slightly reduced. 12 | SPA+CLINIC

ww co ced an dv w.a


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ece sm age element

The latest professional anti-ageing system inspired by the most advanced aesthetic technology, which includes the [meso]epigen system™ complex.


the element for skincare experts

m. .co

als personalised anti-ageing science

An innovative, completely customisable and integral treatment for all skin types and ageing concerns.

Advanced Cosmeceuticals | 1800 242 011


Jacqueline Brennan’s new, larger skin clinic boasts high end interiors and light-filled rooms.

Petite Friture Vertigo Pendant

Homelife Furnishings

custom built

En Gold

Papaya Homewares

Kristina Dam Studio



custom built

Jacqueline Brennan Signature candle

Medik8 | 15


Facts & Figures Name: JACQUELINE BRENNAN Owner: JACQUELINE BRENNAN Location: SYDNEY, NSW Size: 110 m2


t must be every clinic owner’s dream: having to relocate to larger premises due to too many clients. Jacqueline Brennan opened a small skin clinic in Neutral Bay about five years ago and soon found herself with a loyal client following who would seek her expertise on all things skin and beauty. Fast forward to the beginning of 2021 and Jacqueline has opened her new, bigger, and very stylish skin clinic in Mosman. Getting to that milestone, she trusted interior designer Perì Mooney. “The creative process started with a concept and every decision was made based on that. We feel it really honours our clients. Perì is a truly gifted interior designer who helped me realise my aspirations and has exceeded all of my expectations. She has excellent taste and resources, and led me in new and different directions that provided beautiful solutions keeping the design luxurious and practical,” Jacqueline says. What seems like a juxtaposition – luxurious and practical – is actually a very fitting description of the space. The reception area boasts a mix of natural materials such as oak and travertine stone, all in shades of warm beige, which gives the room a cozy feel, but the minimal décor and pared back colour palette keep it elevated. The true ‘piece de resistance’ is revealed after you walk through the long hallway and enter Jacqueline’s treatment room, which, as she says, is her favourite room in the clinic. 16 | SPA+CLINIC

Treatment Rooms: 4 Staff: 4 Interior Inspiration: HIGH CLASS SIMPLICITY

“The high ceilings and light filled space create calm. I adore the big welcoming chair by the window, it is a calm and serene area to escape and relax.” Indeed, it is a room you don’t want to ever leave, especially when the morning sun shines through the large window onto the moss green sheets on the treatment bed and cream coloured boucle chair. The theme running through Jacqueline Brennan’s new clinic is definitely ‘less is more’ or ‘quality over quantity’ with only essentials and a few carefully chosen bunches of white orchids adorning the space. It feels elegant and not overly feminine, like most beauty clinics tend to be. Jacqueline’s clients agree that the new clinic feels unique. “New clients usually say there is nothing like it in Sydney or the North shore, which is lovely to hear,” Jacqueline says, “and my regular clients say it’s very me! I’ve always loved interiors and really feel having the right pieces and look truly makes a space for clients' overall experience. So finding a blend of luxury furniture and joinery, comprising clever design solutions, hardworking finishes and the highest quality materials was essential for my business and our clients’ experience.”


Laura Smyth at Lush Skin & Body



aura Smyth knew from an early age that she wanted to work within the beauty industry. After High School, Laura received her diploma in Beauty Therapy, and after a few years she took the first steps in building her own business. Laura borrowed $1,000 off her family and opened her own business in a small room at a health clinic. Fast forward two years and the clinic had expanded into a five-treatment room salon. From there, Laura transformed this business into Lush Skin & Body, a full-service salon which was founded in 2012. “The beauty industry 17 years ago looked completely different to the way it looks now,” says Laura. “We have seen a huge shift in salons and clinics niching down to their expertise. Technology and equipment advancements have seen a rise in incredible, result driven treatments. Social media has been a huge driver for digital marketing in businesses like mine.” The Lush Skin & Body objective is to offer a variety of beauty and dermal services whilst creating an exceptional customer experience in a luxe salon space. Lush Skin & Body use salon quality brands such as ASAP, Medik8, USPA, Beauty Chef, and Laura’s very own selftan brand, Tulum Tan. After a few successful years within her Melbourne salon, Laura felt it was time to grow her business, expanding to Mount Hawthorn, Perth and even a global pandemic would not stop her. “My goal was always to expand Lush Skin & Body nationally, I was just never sure of

where and when,” Laura says, “during the COVID lockdown, I was not able to get back to my Melbourne salon, and it was then that I realised how much I missed being in the salon environment. I missed treating clients and being surrounded by my team. I knew opening a salon during the pandemic was definitely going to be a risk, but it was one I was willing to take, and I was confident in my skills in making it work even during these hard times.” And so, Laura took on the challenge of opening her second salon in Perth despite the difficult and uncertain times that she knew would lie ahead. Even having experienced issues such as border closures and lockdowns, all while juggling work and being a mother to an 18 months-old girl, the doors of Lush Skin & Body, Perth opened in February 2021. “The biggest challenge I faced was finding balance. Owning two salons in two different states and being a Mum, made me feel like, at times, that I was dropping the ball in either area. Having recently moved to Perth, with no family support, it was important to have a plan in place to create that structure and balance. I am lucky enough to have a supportive partner and a great friendship network that I can rely on if needed,” Laura explains. “Pre-COVID I was flying back quite regularly between Melbourne and Perth to spend time in my Melbourne salon with bub-in-tow. However, the pandemic has come with some blessings as well. Being able to slow down and spend quality time with my family

whilst being hands-on in opening my Perth salon has been a great experience.” It is this positive can-do attitude that saw Laura through the lockdown periods, too. “During my Melbourne and Perth salon closures I focused on things that I could fix and change instead of worrying about things that were not in my control. I am motivated by growth – both personal and professional. I love new challenges and love being able to train and inspire the next generation of Beauty Therapists. I am also motivated by being a good role model for my daughter.” Laura is not going to stop or rest on her laurels anytime soon. “The future for Lush is to grow the Perth salon to capacity whilst continuing to evolve with the beauty industry and bring out the latest in beauty trends in both salons. In the next 12 months, I will look at expanding to the Sunshine Coast in QLD and hopefully other states in the near future.” | 17


Director of Lush Skin & Body, Laura Smyth, is juggling motherhood and business in a bold way, opening her second clinic during a pandemic.


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Can Small Business Owners Survive The Ongoing Lockdown?

This Small Business Is Reopening After Its Toughest Year Yet

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Australia’s Most Searched Procedures Aren’t What You’d Expect

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WTS will be held at the Sofitel Noosa

CONSUMER TRENDS & INNOVATION AT THE WELLNESS TOURISM SUMMIT The Wellness Tourism Summit is back on again and taking place in Noosa at the Sofitel Noosa on October 14-15, 2021.


he Wellness Tourism Summit team have been reshaping the event after its postponement last March, to deliver an inspiring experience for the industry at a time when the demand for Wellness Travel has continued to surge. Given the strong interest from the industry in to join this event, the relaunched Wellness Tourism Summit 2021 will also now include a virtual element as well as the in-person event in Noosa. This allows delegates from around the world to attend and hear the latest insights and innovation from both the local and international wellness tourism landscape. Katherine Droga, Founder of the Wellness Tourism Summit and Chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Wellness Tourism Initiative said “We are so excited to be relaunching the Wellness Tourism Summit at such a critical time for the industry. COVID’s silver lining for our industry has been people prioritising their own health and wellbeing more than ever. The latest research from the Global Wellness Institute’s Wellness Tourism Initiative reveals that 53% of people are looking after their wellbeing more than they did before.” The program has been designed to deep dive into consumer insights and trends and reimagine wellness travel with a panel of international and local wellness leaders. Topics include Top 10 Consumer Wellness

Trends for your business, The Rise of Australia’s Mineral and Hot Springs Sector, and the Evolution of the Spa Experience, featuring Karen Golden from Hepburn Springs and Spa, facilitated by Neil Owen from Spa Vision, and moderated by SPA+CLINIC Editor, Nadine Dilong. Georgia Rickard, founder of PHHNIX Group, will share how to harness social media influencers in the Wellness travel space - a topic of great interest at the moment. The program will also shine the light on indigenous healing and rituals, redesigning urban wellness and global leaders and innovation in Wellness Travel. “What we are finding is that there are so many ways people are seeking to enhance, maintain or kickstart their wellbeing while they travel. The event will bring together the industry’s leaders from Australia and across the globe to share their latest insights and innovation.” Katherine said. If you are a tourism region, hotelier, nature-based attraction, wellness practitioner, retreat organiser, spa or beauty operator, you don’t want to miss this. Virtual tickets are now available for $195 with in-person tickets starting from $495. For the full details including the full program and to purchase a ticket head to | 19



What to expect from this year’s Non-Surgical Symposium.


he Non-Surgical Symposium (NSS), Australasia’s premier event for non-surgical aesthetics, is back as an inperson event to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2021. This year, the event will be held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) from 19-21 November 2021, following the success of last year’s virtual event. The event is set to be a huge opportunity for all attendees to learn, get inspired, share ideas and commit to professional development. The preliminary program covers an extensive range of topics, with something for everyone including the advanced use of toxins and fillers to cosmeceuticals, jawline rejuvenation, body contouring, hair transplants, regenerative aesthetics, use of ultrasound in a cosmetic practice, cellulite, skin rejuvenation and new technologies all aimed at your professional development and success. The NSS attracts the brightest and best in aesthetics and this year is no different. International key opinion leaders combined with local experts will share their knowledge, insights and expertise to enhance your learning. With attendee safety front of mind at all times, all sessions and social events will be hosted within the GCCEC to limit attendee movements. The NSS team is working hard to ensure all safety precautions are taken alongside the surprises and excitement that the Non-Surgical Symposium has become known for. While the event organisers encourage attendees to experience the learning in-


person where possible, there will also be a virtual component for those who are unable to travel, which will also allow for a wider range of international speakers to share their unique insights and expertise. International speakers from the USA, Canada, Morocco, Italy, UK, India and Hong Kong will take to the virtual stage, delivering presentations that will keep attendees at the forefront of innovation and patient safety. Dr Richard Chafoo from the USA is set to share his deep knowledge of hair transplantation, including current and future industry trends. Dr Anne Chapas, also from the USA, will take to the virtual stage to walk attendees through a new electro-muscular stimulation system that has the power to improve aesthetic appearance with minimal patient discomfort. Dr Tahl Humes will speak about body contouring, Dr KM Kapoor will offer new insights into lip rejuvenation, while Dr Jeremy Wilson from Melbourne will host a session on regenerative aesthetics. Specialist radiologist Dr Mobin Master will cover the use of ultrasound, and Dr Arthur Swift from Canada will share his wisdom on the aesthetics of the upper face. The symposium will host a large section on complications, including a session from Sydney’s Dr John Holbrook, who will discuss a year of data regarding complications, along with best practice guidelines to manage adverse events via telehealth and much more besides. For those wanting to catch up and make a toast to this year’s in-person event, the

Dr Naveen Somia, NSS Covenor

symposium will host a Welcome Reception on Friday 19th November, and end the event with a Gala Dinner on Saturday 20th. Dr Naveen Somia, NSS convenor and Past President of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is excited to welcome attendees to the event, and says: “Over the last 10 years, continuous learning and ongoing education opportunities provided by the NSS have raised industry standards and patient safety, empowered practitioners to be successful and helped the healthy growth of the industry – which is the envy of the world. When we meet at the NSS –whether virtually or in-person – –let’s raise a toast to this successful partnership and incredible achievement.” For more information and tickets, visit


Postponed! Beauty Expo, ASCD, and more have fallen victim to the pandemic again.


t may not be surprising, but we are still sad to report that Australia’s largest beauty event, Beauty Expo, has been postponed due to the ongoing COVID restrictions, and is now scheduled to take place on October 16-17, 2021. In an official statement, the organisers of Beauty Expo, Reed Exhibitions, said: “The Beauty Expo Australia team want to express our concern for everyone impacted by COVID. In the context of the current situation and out of an abundance of caution, we have made the necessary decision to postpone Beauty Expo Australia, which was to be held at the ICC Sydney from 2829 August 2021. Beauty Expo Australia will now take place on 16-17 October 2021.” Flyn Roberts, Event Director for Beauty Expo Australia says while it is disappointing news, “the new dates gives us another seven weeks for the current pandemic conditions to come under control and provide the industry with the only major Beauty event in Australia in the last two years. The support from our exhibitors was a major driver to find an alternative solution and has been backed up by our recent survey to industry attendees who are adamantly excited for a return to F2F connection and events.” “Although the impacts of COVID-19 have been with us for longer than anyone may have originally expected, the last 18 months have shown how resilient our community can be and we remain committed to work together to get Australia’s vibrant Beauty industry back to business in the safest and most engaging way possible. We thank all our exhibitors and retailers for their patience, positivity and ongoing support and we can’t wait to meet face to face again in October.” Reed Exhibitions’ decision to postpone was supported by exhibitors; Matt Williams from Professional Beauty Solutions says “although the delay is disappointing, we’re really excited about exhibiting at Beauty Expo Australia in October. It’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to showcase our brands and connect face to face with our clients and industry, so this year’s show will be better than ever. We can’t wait to see everyone in October.” It isn’t the first major industry event to reschedule due to the ongoing pandemic induced challenges, with both the ASCD Symposium and the Global Wellness Summit changing their plans recently. ASCD President, Prof Greg Goodman, said in his official statement: “In light of recent COVID-19 updates and due to current border restrictions, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the 2021 ASCD Symposium until 2022. We will continue to communicate with you as we announce the 2022

symposium dates. We have a dedicated team of people who we are very proud to be working with, who enable this event to happen every year. We will continue to work closely and diligently together to ensure that the 2022 ASCD Symposium is once again, a world leading event for our industry.” The Global Wellness Summit, which was scheduled to take place in Tel Aviv in mid-November, will now take place in Boston, Massachusetts, from November 30 through December 3 at the Encore Boston Harbor. The event will also become a hybrid offering allowing people from around the globe to tap in virtually while three days of in-person keynotes and panels will go ahead as normal in Boston. “After consulting with the GWS’s global Board of Advisors and our close partners in Israel, we made the decision to pivot to the US again this year,” said Susie Ellis, GWS chair and CEO. “The 2021 Summit will explore the dramatically different and vibrant future for wellness that lies ahead after the lessons of the pandemic: an epoch where the relationship between ‘health’ and ‘wellness’ gets completely rethought, driving so much creativity and opportunity. We chose Boston because there’s no better place to gather health and wellness leaders to rethink the place of wellness and prevention in society, medicine, technology and in the investment world – at the very highest level.” Visit for the latest updates and developments regarding conferences and events.

“Beauty Expo Australia will now take place on 16-17 October 2021.” | 21


ROAR WAS UNLEASHED ONTO MELBOURNE AND SYDNEY The first interstate industry conference for many this year was a big success; here’s what went down at ROAR 2.0 in Melbourne and Sydney.


t is not easy to plan events at the moment. With snap lockdowns and border closures only one ‘mystery COVID case’ away, the industry held its breath in the lead-up to ROAR 2.0 in Melbourne, organised by Venus Concept and EnVogue Skin. As the conference was a ‘Zoom-free zone’, all presenters and guests, even those from interstate, planned to be at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne on Saturday, May 15, 2021. Thankfully, borders stayed open, and so over 100 people from the medi-aesthetics industry gathered to learn and connect.

Words by Nadine Dilong

Face-to-face education Doctors, cosmetic nurses and physicians, and dermal clinicians and therapists heard from renowned speakers about the latest in facial rejuvenation, body sculpting treatments, hair transplant technology, and networking skills, hosted by communications expert and inspirational speaker, Grazina Fechner. The program kicked off with live injectable and PDO threads demonstrations by Dr Steven Liew and Dr Cosima Karlburger, and a lesson on facial harmony and combination therapy by Dr Lucas De Siqueira. After a delicious lunch break and a wellneeded catching up opportunity between industry peers, Dr Nik Davies talked us through the revolutionary hair transplant device, Neograft, and how it gives so many of his patients back their confidence. Guests also learned more about Venus Concept’s body contouring device Venus Bliss, which had its own cozy suite at the hotel, inviting guests to try the treatment for themselves. Dr Sean Arendse closed the device talks of the day with a presentation of Venus Tribella, the ‘holy 22 | SPA+CLINIC

Venus Concept’s Nicole Montgomery with SPA+CLINIC’s Kym Cowper and Nadine Dilong

Dr Sean Arendse during his presentation of Venus Tribella

The Venus Concept team with Tracey Spicer


trinity’ of facial rejuvenation, combining IPL, DiamonPloar RF, and Skin Resurfacing nanofractional RF. Grazina Fechner followed with advice on how to network and build valuable relationships. Throughout the day, guests were invited to chat to and learn more about the event’s sponsors, including skincare brands Dermalist, Dermaenergy, and Murad, design and fit-out company MediFit, and medical technology distributor MediGroup. Dr Lucas De Siqueira treating a patient with filler

There were lots of photo opps at ROAR

Delegates danced the night away at ROAR Sydney

Over 200 delegates in Sydney

SPA+CLINIC’s Jessica Frost, Kym Cowper, and Nadine Dilong at ROAR Sydney (left to right)

The Venus Bliss Suite at The Park Hyatt, Melbourne

MC Grazina Fechner on stage at ROAR Melbourne

Just a few weeks after the Melbourne event, ROAR attracted a record number of delegates to Taronga Zoo, Sydney. Over 200 people gathered for ROAR Sydney to experience a day of fun education. A program highlight included award winning journalist Tracey Spicer talk about her career in media and struggle with sexism, ageism, and overall inequality when it comes to women in business. The audience was inspired and motivated to ‘keep fighting the good fight’, and also proud to be in an industry that is widely led by females. But it wouldn’t be a ROAR event without a good amount of entertainment. Besides several media and flower walls perfect for those Instagrammable snaps, and a candy bar attracting sweet tooths all day long, attendees got treated to two dance and musical performances at both the Melbourne and the Sydney event before hitting the dance floor to boogie the night away. Venus Concept and EnVogue Skin successfully brought the Victorian and NSW aesthetics industry together at ROAR 2.0. Unfortunately, due to new lockdowns and border closures, the Gold Coast event had to be postponed, but we are sure it will be another hit with the industry when it is safe to meet and mingle again. | 23


NOT YOUR AVERAGE University Cutera University 2021 was a big success, here’s our full recap.

Words by Nadine Dilong


t is no small feat to attract more than 200 delegates to a physical event in this not-quite-post-pandemic world we live in, but that is exactly what Cutera University Clinical Forum did back in May, just days before yet another lockdown would see Melbourne come to a halt. Team SPA+CLINIC was there to experience two and a half days of education, connection, and entertainment. The conference started with Welcome Drinks at W Hotel Melbourne’s poolside bar. Clinicians, doctors, and aesthetic professionals from all over Australia enjoyed drinks and nibbles while catching up on what the past 14 months had been like for them. There was a palpable feeling of relief and gratitude that the Australian aesthetics industry was mostly bouncing back relatively quickly after months of lockdown, as well as happiness about the fact we could all gather in a somewhat carefree and not so socially distant manner. Upon registration, people could choose a green sticker if they were happy to shake hands, or a red sticker if they felt more comfortable to keep a distance. After a quick ‘hello’ from Cutera’s GM Brett Elliott, guests were surprised by an in-pool performance by synchronised swimmers. Saturday was packed with educational sessions by some of the industry’s biggest names, among them Prof Greg Goodmann, The Cutera team at the VIP Cocktail Party


Prof Greg Goodman

The Cocktail Party at Bond Bar

Synchronised swimmers surprised delegates

Cutera Drinks were served

Skin Angel’s Angelina Veljanoski and SPA+CLINIC Editor Nadine Dilong

Treatments demos were performed all weekend

Dr Sean Arendse, Dr Roger Bell, Dr Ryan de Cruz, and Crystal Patel, RN. Topics included the latest developments in body sculpting, how to get the most out of your laser, and how to conduct the perfect patient consultation. The coffee and lunch breaks throughout the day were welcomed by all as an opportunity to network and get those selfies in front of the media wall. Delegates received goodie bags including reusable water bottles and, of course, a copy of SPA+CLINIC magazine. Cutera also had two treatment suites set up where clinical trainer Danielle not only offered treatments, such ad truSculpt iD, truSculpt flex, and excel V+ to delegates, but she also live streamed some of them to the big screen making it possible for all attendees to get a close look at the treatments on offer. The always professional Clinical Imaging team snapped photo and video footage of everything that was going on, and also offered to take professional head shots of delegates.

The goodie bag included SPA+CLINIC magazine

SPA+CLINIC’s Kym Cowper with Cutera GM Brett Elliott

The highlight of CUCF for many was the Cutera VIP Cocktail Party held at Bond Bar. Delegates donned their finest black tie outfits and were clearly chuffed to dress up after a year without events, and were greeted with customised Cutera cocktails and a green and gold Cutera balloon media wall. A DJ and live saxophone player provided party tunes which kept guests on the dance floor all night. Sunday offered more opportunities to learn with sessions running all morning and some of the afternoon, this time focusing on multimodality platforms, muscle stimulating devices, and the treatment of melasma. The conference concluded with closing comments from a clearly relieved and happy Brett Elliott, who explained Cutera’s commitment to long-term partnerships with clinics. CUCF 2021 was an impressive event, organised by the fantastic team behind Cutera and by the always amazing team at The Production House Events. We can’t wait until next year to do it all again. | 25


6 REASONS WHY YOU NEED AN INTELLIGENT DYSON AIR PURIFIER AT YOUR SPA OR CLINIC We know the industry’s hygiene standards are high, but have you ever thought about cleaning your air? 1. Indoor air is more polluted than you think Chances are you spend the majority of your time at your spa or clinic, breathing in up to 9,000 litres of air every day. Just because you have your work space cleaned regularly and the air in your treatment rooms and reception area smells neutral (or like the skincare you use, scented candles you burn, or room fragrances you spray), doesn’t actually mean it’s clean. Air in indoor spaces can contain pollutants including potentially harmful gases such as NO2 from smoke, VOCs released by air fresheners, odours and formaldehyde, as well as particles as small as 0.1 microns such as allergens, bacteria, pollen and mould spores. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we’ve become more aware of the importance of hygiene measures. Your staff and 26 | SPA+CLINIC

clients deserve to be reassured that you aim to create a safe environment at your business.

2. Formaldehyde can cause serious health issues Did you know that formaldehyde is a colourless gas pollutant, released by furniture and wooden products which use formaldehyde-based resins? Formaldehyde is 500 times smaller than 0.1 microns, which makes it particularly difficult to capture but potentially leads to long-term exposure if left undetected due to off-gassing. The new Dyson HEPA Cool Formaldehyde includes a Selective Catalytic Oxidisation (SCO) filter, which continuously destroys formaldehyde at a molecular level.¹


Professor of Global Environmental Health, Sotiris Vardoulakis, says there are “a range of chemical pollutants that we are exposed to in our homes including formaldehyde which is emitted from building materials (e.g. insulating materials and pressed-wood products) and household products (e.g. paints, cleaning products, pesticides, adhesives) – continuous exposure to formaldehyde over years is carcinogenic to humans and over shorter periods it may cause health effects in some individuals such as irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. Air purifiers with formaldehyde sensors and sealed HEPA 13 standard filtration, when appropriately used, can reduce exposure to formaldehyde and significantly improve indoor air quality. They can also provide added protection from smoke as well as keeping the air clean of everyday pollutants found in our homes. This includes indoor pollutants such as dander from pets, fumes from gas stoves and VOCs from beauty products like hair spray.”

3. Give your business a point of difference Let’s be honest, clients expect more from you than ‘just a treatment’ these days. The savvy skin clinic or spa client is always looking for businesses who offer more, whether that is a focus on sustainability, natural products, the latest technology, or purified air. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to provide an environment where clients can breathe cleaner air, free from pollutants when you ask them to ‘take three deep breaths’ during a facial or massage? Letting people know that you are using a Dyson air purifier to improve wellbeing across all your marketing messaging will make you stand out from the crowd and might just be the reason someone chooses your business over another one down the road.

4. More affordable than you think Many air purifiers require regular replacement of the filters in order to function well, however, the new Dyson HEPA Cool Formaldehyde is different. While the HEPA+Carbon filter is recommended to be replaced only once a year, the formaldehyde filter doesn’t have to be replaced at all. Formaldehyde sensors can be gel-based and may deteriorate gradually as they dry out over time. Using a solid electro-chemical cell, the Dyson formaldehyde sensor does not dry out and its unique intelligent algorithm cross-checks data every second, selectively sensing to avoid confusion with other VOCs. Dyson’s Selective Catalytic Oxidation (SCO) filter continuously destroys formaldehyde at a molecular level.¹ The catalytic filter has a unique coating, with the same structure as the Cryptomelane mineral. Its billions of atomsized tunnels are the optimal size and shape to trap and destroy formaldehyde, breaking it down into tiny amounts of water and CO2. It then regenerates from oxygen in the air to keep destroying it continuously without ever requiring replacement.

cable. On its maximum setting, it can cool and purify the air in a room as big as 81 m3, all while being extremely quiet. It detects particles, formaldehyde and other gases, displaying real-time reports on the LCD and Dyson Link app² In Auto mode, it automatically reacts – only purifying when needed. The Dyson Link app lets you see which particles have been captured, set schedules and more. You can also control the device hands-free, using compatible voice services such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri3.

6. Breathe cleaner air, not dirty air Conventional ventilation, air circulation and air conditioning systems in spa and clinic spaces may not have adequate HEPA filtration. They usually contain a filter element that tends to focus on capturing larger particles like dust or airborne debris with the ultimate goal of protecting the airflow systems within, rather than providing efficient particle removal. Dyson’s latest purifiers have fully-sealed filtration systems, and HEPA-13 certified filters. This means they can capture not only the larger particles but those as small as 0.1 microns, including gases, bacteria and some viruses4 to ensure the indoor air meets guests’ expectations. They are engineered to provide high-quality filtration and powerful projection to support existing HVAC systems and provide cleaner, purified air throughout your space. To learn more about the Dyson HEPA Cool Formaldehyde visit ¹Third party full machine testing based on GB/T 188012015 formaldehyde cumulative clean mass testing with continuous injection until plateau of formaldehyde CADR is achieved. Results may vary in practice. ²Requires device to run app, Wi-Fi or mobile data, Bluetooth 4.0 support, and iOS version 10 or Android version 5 (or above). Standard data and messaging rates may apply. App control doesn’t apply to heating. 3 Refer to the Dyson Link app for compatible voice services. 4 Whole machine tested by independent third-party laboratory Airmid (Ireland) in 28.5m³ test chamber pre-conditioned to 20±3C and RH 50±5%. Influenza A (H1N1) aerosolised in the test chamber and airborne concentration observed for the duration of 60 minutes under maximum Fan speed. 99% efficacy but real life efficacy may differ depending on actual environment and Fan speed. Tested on Influenza A (H1N1) only.

5. Connected technology engineered for real spaces The new Dyson HEPA Cool Formaldehyde is specifically engineered for businesses and commercial spaces. Benefits include a spare remote and a longer

The new Dyson HEPA Cool Formaldehyde | 27

New ARRIVALS Our curated selection of new product launches to take care of dry Winter skin.

Sisley Black Rose Beautifying Emulsion RRP $210.00

SISLEY-PARIS.COM.AU endota Organics Brightening Eye Oil RRP $35.00

ENDOTASPA.COM.AU SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Essence Mist RRP $108.00

SKINCEUTICALS.COM.AU BABOR Spa Energising Hand Cream Rich RRP $72.00

BABOR.COM.AU BABOR MEN Instant Energy Ampoule Concentrates RRP $86.00


Dermaenergy Advanced Eye RRP $160.00

DERMAENERGY.COM.AU CHANGE Skincare Caviar Lime H2O Pro RRP $65.00

CHANGESKINCARE.COM dermalogica Smart Response Serum RRP $211.00



Dermatonics Clean the Day Away Clay Face Mask RRP $ 55.00 and Clearskin® Balancing Face Oil RRP $60.50



Ultraderm Restore Radiance Pack RRP $72.00

ULTRADERM.COM.AU Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment RRP $110.00

MURAD.COM.AU iS Clinical White Lightening Serum RRP $115.00


Dr Naomi Skin Let It B RRP $119.00

DRNAOMI.COM Ultraceuticals Ultimate A Perfecting Serum RRP $166.00

ULTRACEUTICALS.COM O Cosmedics Vitamin C Hemp Seed Oil RRP $119.00

INSKINCOSMEDICS.COM.AU NIXE Facial Cleanser RRP $70.00 and Facial Moisturiser RRP $110.00


Sodashi Arabian Oud Face & Body Mist RRP $99.00 and Body Cream RRP $169.00


JURLIQUE.COM Advanced Mineral Loose Mineral Powder Foundation RRP $36.50 and Cream Perfecting Concealer RRP $25.50


Photographed by Brandee Meier, styled by Nadine Dilong

Jurlique Activating Water Essence

BETTER UNIFORMS FOR Everyone If you still buy your teams’ uniforms at fast fashion retailers, it’s time to consider high quality uniforms that will last longer than just a few months. We chatted to The Better Uniforms Co. Founder, Al Foster. Boilersuit Black, $100.00

What is your background in the fashion industry? Al: I have a degree in Business and a degree in Fashion, as well as

Work Short Ice, Mandarin Collar Shirt Ice, $35.00 each

multiple garment construction diplomas. I had nine years in the Melbourne fashion industry working across multiple roles, prior to moving to Hong Kong to launch my own brand A.C.F in 2016. Fun fact: my great-aunt was the dress maker for King Farouk of Egypt and lived in their palace in the 1940s, so you could say that fashion is in my blood.

What makes a great uniform? Al: You need to step back and look beyond the actual uniform,

beyond the brand and its services and products. What makes a great uniform are the people that wear it. They are the life blood of the companies they work for, the atmosphere that is created when you walk into a business. They are the people that become cheerleaders for a business. When they wear The Better Uniforms Co, instantly there is a shift in their mood, the quality of service, the pride they take in how they look comes through naturally when they present themselves in attire that they are proud to wear. Quite simply, a better uniform makes for better business.

“Fun fact: my great-aunt was the dress maker for King Farouk of Egypt and lived in their palace in the 1940s, so you could say that fashion is in my blood.” 30 | SPA+CLINIC


What fabrics do you use? Al: We created a unique blend of organic

cotton with a dash of post-consumer recycled elastane. The fabric is a durable twill weave in an array of weights, depending on the practical needs of the business. The organic cotton is sourced from a Better Cotton Initiative certified farm and the dye is certified Eko-Tex non-toxic.

What trends do you see at the moment? Al: We tend to shy away from trends and

see what other uniform brands are doing. We started The Better Uniforms Co. when it became obvious to me what was missing in the industry. Our design aesthetic is minimalistic Boilersuit Terracotta, $100.00 yet functional and I have used a colour palette that will instantly enhance any business and stay relevant for years to come. With my fashion Can any of your uniforms be customised? background, naturally our styles are fashion-led and I’ve been inspired Al: Customisation is definitely something we do. We work hand in hand with all of our clients to create the perfect uniform for their business. by the shift in cultural expectations customers have with high-end Be that branding colours or special design features. luxury services. It no longer has to be still and stuffy. We’ve been seeing warm, welcoming branding and communications and I like to Al Foster is the Founder of The Better Uniforms Co. think TBUCo. reflects this too.


w.k ito mb a

.co m


Are Instagram personalities the key to social selling? We explore the new wave of branded accounts connecting therapists with their clients online.

Words by Jessica Frost


here’s no denying that social media plays an important role in the running of any business. It’s the epitome of modern marketing and can bring an influx of new clients to your spa or clinic. While we’re all familiar with daily posting protocols and showing off your treatments via stories and reels, there’s one social strategy that’s still fairly untapped but proving to be a winning formula for online engagement; branded accounts for each of your team members.

Sanja Maria, owner of Face by SM in Sydney’s Paddington, is an early adopter of the strategy with six of her team members, including Sanja herself, running accounts under the Face by SM banner. For example, @sanja_facebysm and @lacey_facebysm. “It happened quite organically in the team as it was an opportunity to showcase their work and also amplify the business and brand while highlighting their individual voices and talents,” shares Sanja. “The strategy is working well for the business. Our team

Face by SM owner, Sanja Maria

Each Face by SM team member has their own Instagram account


enjoys using social media and seeing their authentic audiences grow. It’s a great way for them to showcase their industry experience as well as their individual personality which helps build trust and credibility. I am fortunate to have a passionate and experienced team who share my view that knowledge and education within the beauty industry is paramount and this provides an opportunity to share this.” While these Instagram accounts are designed to capture the unique skills, personality and aesthetic styles of each individual team member, Sanja advises that guidelines are an important tool to help keep any accounts associated with your business on brand. “Employees with their own account need to ensure that the content shared is professional at all times and true to our brand and business values. I make sure the team is educated that the content is not only a reflection of the business but also of their personal brands.” Dr Daniel Lanzer (@drlanzer) is arguably one of Australia’s leading TikTok influencers in the medical aesthetics field with content that’s been viewed more than 1.3B times. He made the decision to tap into this social strategy and create branded Instagram accounts for his nursing staff in an effort to help clients choose the right practitioner. “Patients want to see a practitioner’s work before committing to an appointment and also to be able to keep in contact with them post treatment. Through our


“We have social media guidelines for our staff to follow on what can be said and the accuracy of photos etc. We also have a manager who oversees it all but we do give our nurses freedom of expression.” Instagram accounts, they can see their nurse practitioner’s work, contact them and make enquiries directly to them,” shares Dr Lanzer. Like Sanja and the Face by SM team, Dr Lanzer’s team are given support to ensure their content always reflects the business in a positive way. “We have social media guidelines for our staff to follow on what can be said and the accuracy of photos etc. We also have a manager who oversees it all but we do give our nurses freedom of expression.” Nurse Gigi, an employee of Dr Lanzer’s with her own branded Instagram account (@drlanzernurse_gigi), says having her account creates stronger bonds with patients. “A lot of people come to Dr Lanzer as they already respect him and his 30 years of experience. Having been specifically trained and selected by him already gives you trust with patients before they even walk in the door,” says Nurse Gigi. “Having my own Instagram with the Dr Lanzer name attached is a great way to showcase my work for future patients to see my results and book in.” When it comes to creating content, Nurse Gigi advises that being authentic and keeping your clients’ ultimate goals in mind is the key to success. “I like to think about what I personally like to see and what I would be curious about,” shares Nurse Gigi. “I also think about what my patients

Dr Daniel Lanzer

often ask me in my consultations regarding cosmetic surgery and try to be educational and engaging while also being demographic specific. My goal is always to increase awareness in an informative and honest way.” Sanja agrees that authenticity is paramount telling other clinic owners to “enjoy the process but ensure you are being your true authentic self. It is almost an extension of business opening hours but it’s a great way to learn more about your audience and to grow that connection with them.” Of course, with anything in the digital realm, there are questions about copyright and account ownership to be asked. Instagram doesn’t provide any guidelines around account ownership in a business setting, so the decision about who retains the audience if a team member were to leave the team is a decision that’s up to each individual business. While Sanja is still working out the technicalities of account ownership for her team, Dr Lanzer’s rules are clear cut telling us that all of the accounts branded with the Dr Lanzer name are property of the business. As the digital space gets crowded and new ways to help your business stand out become more important, could branded accounts help your team build better relationships and attract clients? Only time will tell.

✓ I f you want your staff to have professional Instagram accounts, make sure you ✓

communicate clear expectations, i.e. the type of content, frequency, what not to post, hashtags used etc. Y ou should also have a clear protocol in place to advise what happens to these Instagram accounts if the person were to leave your business, and who ‘owns’ the content.

Savvy Salon & Clinic owners have boosted the sales & profit of their business by using Mayerling Professional Peels & Take Home Treatments


Skin Rejuvenation Brand of the Year 2021 (Australia & NZ)

Cosmeceutical Range of the Year 2020 (Australasia)

SHARE IN THE SUCCESS Call Amanda on 02 9874 1166 or email Toni at


THE beauty OF DRAMA FREE BUSINESS INSURANCE BizCover explains the different types of insurance you need, whether you’re a spa or clinic owner, or a mobile beauty therapist.


here’s plenty that goes into running your own beauty spa or clinic, and let’s be real, things can get pretty full on at times. For many it’s a juggling act of dealing with cancelling clients, trying to grow your business, running a household, being a parent and not to mention handling with those not-so-happy demanding clients who can make a scene- you know the ones. Life is dramatic enough but getting your business insurance doesn’t need to be. At BizCover, we understand small businesses and the balancing act of trying to save both time and money, and while your todo list may be growing, putting off your business insurance is one thing that cannot be pushed aside. The reality is that accidents can happen at any time and the last thing you need to be worried about is dealing with a claim – now that’s dramatic! It’s important to have the right types of insurance in place to safeguard your business and this is a vital step to staying in business for the long haul. Some of the types of business insurance you may need to consider to protect your spa or beauty business include: Professional Indemnity insurance*: providing professional advice and services when it comes to all things beauty, unfortunately doesn’t come without the potential risk of claims for misinformation or negligence. Professional Indemnity insurance is designed to protect your business from losses due to claims made against you arising from actual or alleged negligence or omissions in the provision of your professional service or advice. Business Insurance*: Business Insurance is an insurance package designed to provide cover for your business contents, stock, tools and commercial premises as well as other cover options. 34 | SPA+CLINIC

Some of the types of coverage options available include: • B uilding*- if you own your business premises, then Building insurance is a type of coverage that you need to think about. Building Insurance covers your building if it is damaged by an insured event, such as fire, storm, malicious activity or other event as defined by the policy. • C ontents*- these are the things which help your business stay in operation, like your treatment chairs, beauty supplies and equipment for example. It covers things like your business contents or stock if they were damaged in a fire, storm or due to malicious damage or some other defined event listed in the policy. • P ortable Equipment*- if you operate your business out and about as a mobile business then consider the importance of insuring your valuable equipment with Portable Equipment insurance. Portal Equipment insurance (also known as General Property insurance) covers you for loss and damage to items of portable equipment associated with your business. These can include tools of trade and items of stock. • B usiness Interruption* provides protection for the loss of income and increased costs of operating your business caused by a specified insured event (such as property damage or fire). It is also designed to assist your business to recover from an insured event by paying ongoing expenses (such as wages or rent). It is important to note that Business Interruption cover is an additional cover option available when you take out a Business Insurance policy. While you’re busy making your clients feel and look fabulous, leave all that dramatic shopping around for your business insurance with us. We will provide multiple quotes from a great range of trusted Australian insurers, so you can compare policies and get covered quicker than a spray tan. With over 150,000 Aussie small businesses trusting us for their business insurance needs, explore a hassle-free experience allowing you to: • Pay your premium monthly or annually • Save yourself time and money • Receive your documents instantly upon payment • Get online cover - no paperwork required No matter if you’re a spa owner or operate as a mobile beauty therapist, we offer a variety of insurance options to protect your business from some of life’s unexpected accidents and events. So, no dramas with BizCover! Visit today. *As with any insurance, cover is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in your policy document. The information contained in this article is general only and should not be relied upon as advice.


Life is already


Business insurance doesn’t have to be

m. co er. ov

izc w.b Compare multiple quotes online in minutes Instant online cover – no paperwork Save yourself time and money

1300 805 821


Earn 1 Qantas Point per dollar spent on any new business insurance policy*

*Must be a Qantas Business Rewards member. Maximum of 10,000 Qantas Points earned per policy. Available to new BizCover policy purchases only and not available with any other offer. Terms and Conditions apply. The information provided is general only and should not be relied upon as advice. No guarantees are provided as to pricing for individual risks. BizCover™ Pty Ltd (ABN 68 127 707 975; AFSL 501769). © 2021 BizCover. BC1877


WAYS TO REDUCE NO-SHOWS IN YOUR SPA OR CLINIC To lower the chance of lost revenue and wasted time, check out these tips by Kitomba’s Isabella Castle.


o-shows are a pain for you, your team and your bottom line. However, you can easily reduce them with some quick fixes!

1. Set up an automatic appointment reminder Appointment reminders are the simplest and most effective way to reduce no shows. Your salon software should offer automatic appointment reminders and let you choose when you want the reminder to be sent (we recommend 24 - 48 hours before the appointment). Reminders can be sent over email or text message. Texts are great because customers can easily reply to confirm their appointments. Email gives you the opportunity to add your branding and additional information, like parking details and opening hours. But the best form of communication is the one that your client prefers so be sure to ask them their communication preference.

2. Get your customer details right To make sure your appointment reminders are being received by your clients, you’ll need to keep your client database up to date. Have your clients check their details every time they visit. It’s easy if your salon software offers ‘give-to-client’ functionality, simply hand them their client card on a device where they can confirm or update their details.

3. Take deposits or prepayment If your no-show numbers are causing concern, you might want to consider asking for a deposit when booking an 36 | SPA+CLINIC

appointment. Deposits can be taken when a client books in person, on the phone or online. Your salon software should allow you to customise your online booking deposit settings so you can choose a percentage or a fixed amount, depending on the type of service. Before introducing a deposit you may want to inform your current clients that you will be doing so, so that it doesn’t come as a surprise.

4. Be clear with a cancellation policy It’s important to set expectations for your client, so they are aware how long before an appointment they can rebook or cancel without a penalty, and what happens to any prepayment or deposit if they do need to cancel or rebook. Add your cancellation policy to your website and online booking page so it’s easy for clients to find.

5. Encourage online booking We’ve found that offering online booking reduces cancellations and no shows. When a client can see all your appointment availability on your online booking site, it’s easier to secure a slot that they know will work for their schedule.

6. Send appointment details after booking Reduce the chance of a forgotten appointment by sending clients their appointment details after they’ve booked. Set up an automatic text message or email with their appointment time and any other details they might need to know. No shows do happen, especially when appointments are booked far in advance. The best way to reduce them is by putting effective systems in place. Try out some of these tips to see if they can help your business. Good luck! Isabella Castle is a marketer at Kitomba Salon and Spa Software. To learn more about how Kitomba can help you reduce no-shows, visit or call 1800 161 101.


4 STEPS TO FINANCIAL SELF-CARE Have you ever considered that your relationship with money should be part of your self-care routine? Financial expert, Natasha Janssens, explains.


f there is one thing women excel at, it is taking care of others. It is something that not only comes naturally to us, but that society has conditioned us to prioritise. While feminism has come a long way, in many regards the outdated expectations on women still stand. I think John Wayne put it best when he said “women have the right to work wherever they want to, as long as they have dinner ready when you get home”. The fact that little has changed in this regard is evident when we take a look at some recent statistics. Despite making up half of the workforce, according to WGEA women make up only 37.9% of full time employees and 67.2% of part time employees in Australia. And during lockdown? Well, the Australian Institute of Family Studies found that women were 5 times more likely to take on the primary carer role while also working from home. Needless to say when our mental load is under so much pressure, something has to give and for many of us, financial matters are the first to go. While expectations of women still haven’t changed, the financial reality of the world we live in has. Divorced women approaching retirement age are often broke and facing homelessness, after having dedicated their lives to caring for their families. Women also feel more financially stressed than men, and are twice as likely to be the victims of financial abuse. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Here are four simple steps to help you shift your relationship with money and in doing so, improve your financial wellbeing and independence.

#1 Identify and challenge your money stories Start by taking a moment to reflect on your relationship with money and identify what thoughts and beliefs you hold. For example, do you feel overwhelmed making financial decisions? Do you believe that you’re bad with money? Perhaps you feel a great deal of guilt or shame about your situation. A good exercise can be to keep a journal for a week and record any emotions and thoughts that you experience in relation to money. Review the entries at the end of the week and see if you can spot any recurring patterns.

#2 Trace your influencers What you think and feel about money has developed over time as a result of your upbringing. Meaning that you weren’t born with your

money beliefs. You learned them, copied them, and responded to them as a result of what you saw your parents, grandparents, and other adults around you doing. So take a moment to reflect on how your parents were with money when you were growing up and which of these patterns of behaviour you share with them. Were they often stressed or anxious? Were they secretive? Frugal? Overly generous? Strict? Also consider the language that you use. Do you say things like ‘we can’t afford it’ or ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’? Consider, who did you learn these from?

#3 Build your confidence Research has found that women tend to have less financial confidence than men. As a result, we often shy away from some of the bigger financial topics such as superannuation and investing. So pick one topic that you would like to learn more about and dedicate some time to researching it. These days there is no shortage of information and online support groups, making it all the easier to build your financial literacy. Remember, there is no such thing as a silly question!

#4 Let go of who and what doesn’t serve you A great starting point to changing your financial habits for the better can be to write down the limiting beliefs and stories you tell yourself every day that aren’t serving you. Then rip them up and throw them in the bin! Now write down some positive affirmations that you will commit to repeating in their place. If you find yourself surrounded by people who put you down and make you second guess yourself, try to connect with more likeminded individuals who will cheer you on instead. Over the years, women have been conned into believing two major lies. The first, that we aren’t good with money. And the second, that we have more important things to do than take care of our money. Neither could be further from the truth. But just by incorporating a bit of financial self-care into your daily routine, you can easily pave your way towards a wealthier mindset and bank account. Natasha Janssens is the Founder of Women With Cents. | 37

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS In a female dominated industry, could male therapists be the answer to engaging male clients?


s the world shifts further toward gender inclusivity, it’s hard not to feel like our industry has some catching up to do. Female-focused marketing dominates the airwaves, but two Australian businesses are proving male therapists may be the key to bringing more male clients into the fold. MARCUS and CHRISTINA NATOLI are the founders of Skin Aesthetic Studio in Perth. Their unique approach to gender-inclusive social media content is setting a new standard for marketing to men and they have plenty of useful tips to follow their lead.

As a male therapist, what inspired you to get into the aesthetics industry?

Words by Jessica Frost

MN: Inspiration came down to a number

of things. My wife, Christina, had helped me over the years with looking after my skin, because I had my struggles at the time as most teenagers would. Her and I would also often joke about us working together within the industry. I was always interested in science as a subject through school and throughout Christina’s studies I would often take an interest in her learning materials as I discovered the science behind the skin and how it functions. I also wanted to be that male in the industry that any man could come to seeking advice or treatments to help them with their skin’s concerns or needs. 38 | SPA+CLINIC

The SAS treating male clientele

What was your experience like starting out? MN: Starting out in the industry I felt came

with an expectation and pressure because I am a male in a female dominated industry and I’d be working with Christina representing our business just as much as she was. I attended AACDS whilst working full time, so studying and getting my practical assessments done after hours on weeknights and on weekends was a difficult task. But, I did feel welcomed and encouraged into the industry as there were no male Dermal Therapists in Perth at the time.

Can you tell me a little about your business and your decision to market to both men and women? CN: It’s developed organically over time. Our

clinic has a boutique personalised feel so all of our clients feel comfortable and welcomed.

When we discussed a future with Marcus within the business we felt there was a gap within our community for men to seek more skincare and treatment advice by a male. This industry is heavily female dominated and most marketing is targeted to females leaving men with limited resources. Trying to encourage men to invest in their skin can be challenging but having a male to guide them became appealing to us.

What are you doing differently in order to attract more male clients to your studio? CN: We understand there are male skin

clinics and female skin clinics but we wanted to have a private space for both men and women and keep it feeling fresh, modern and unique to both genders. From our friendly approach, to the privacy of our clinic, the professional


‘non-fluffy’ treatments, the chill hop beats we play in clinic and the male inclusive social media content we use has been a great combination that our male clients are enjoying.

are more questions to be asked and answered, whereas males have a specific concern and they need to be told what to do and really be guided in order to get a great result.

What has your experience been like working with female clientele as a male therapist?

What advice do you have for other business owners who want to attract both male therapists and male clients?

MN: It’s been great. I’m often met and

received with an open mind and attitude. It hasn’t come without its challenges though which have mostly come from within myself. I really had to structure my approach as female and male skin is very different and behave in different ways. I definitely felt I had to be more engaged and prepared with females as there

CN/MN: Our main piece of advice would be

to educate your clients and audience on the importance of male skin health just as much as women’s. Men need that little push in the right direction for them to hear, see and feel the benefits of looking after their skin, and they will come around to it.

Is inclusive training the next step?


AMANTHA ELLIOT is an International Trainer, Founder and Expert Consultant at SEIR Beauty School who recently welcomed its first male student, Abdul Mohammad. His unique journey is yet another example of the market demand for male therapists, and Samantha believes an industry shift starts with inclusive training.

It must have been exciting to welcome your first male student! Can you tell us how it came about? SE: It was very exciting! We have been

promoting our male-focused beauty specialised courses and diplomas since last year with our hugely popular ‘Males in Make Up’ workshops which saw an amazing turnout. Adbul Mohammad and his business partner approached us in April 2021 about our Skin Specialist & Facials Certified Course to add additional services to their successful male grooming salon ‘The Brothers Cartel’ in Sydney. From the start, they were never reluctant to train with other females at the academy which we found really refreshing. They just wanted to jump in, get trained up, and were always super ambitious from the start.

Can you tell us what’s unique or different about your male only training courses? SE: Our male only training courses and

diplomas were created to encourage men to feel comfortable training to pursue a career in this female-dominated industry. Although Abdul was very confident and non-apprehensive about training with other ladies at the academy, we wanted to make sure that other males that may


be a little more introverted and unsure about training alongside females, have a safe space to train in their chosen courses and diplomas. Our courses offer advice on treatments for both male and female clients.

Does your training include any advice on how to market themselves to the industry once qualified? SE: Yes, all our courses and diplomas include a

Professional Conduct, Business Development Training, and Selling Solution skills as part of the curriculum. All these components encompass marketing techniques, including social media and website tips and tricks, to get your business off the ground. We believe it’s so important as nearly all our students have dreams to open their own businesses so we do want to make sure they have the best chance to be successful.

What advice can you give to males who want to get into the industry?

ARE YOUR BEAUTY QUALIFICATIONS OUTDATED? The Beauty Industry is a 500 billion dollar global market and is constantly changing. New trends and practices are continually coming into place. Are your qualifications still current for the times? The ITEC Diploma of Beauty Therapy at SEIR Beauty School is the #1 Most Prestigious and Highly Recognised Beauty Qualification in Australia recognised nationally and worldwide in 66 countries! Industry-relevant and on-trend with the latest practices and technique, the ITEC Diploma is your key to a thriving career in Beauty today.

SE: Just jump in! It’s 2021 and there is nothing

to stop men from entering the beauty industry, just as Abdul has done. Samantha Elliot with student, Abdul Mohammad

For a limited time, UPGRADE your current Diploma with an ITEC Accreditated Diploma for just $9995 (reduced from $16995).

Also Upskill with our ITEC Specialised Short Courses! SEIR BEAUTY SCHOOL (02) 9960 2636 WWW.SEIRBEAUTYSCHOOL.COM



Appointments Is there a place for app-based diagnosis tools in dermatology? Jessica Frost asked the pros.


he rise of virtual consults has changed the way thousands of people access healthcare. Now, new technology is taking things one step further putting the powers of diagnosis into the hands of anyone who can download an app. Google has announced a new dermatology tool powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and designed to help diagnose skin concerns using its database of 288 skin conditions. The new app, Derm Assist, comes as a response to the more than 10 billion searches related to skin, hair and nail conditions made each year. Here’s how it works: After launching the app, you use your phone’s camera to capture three images of the skin condition of concern from different angles. You’ll then be prompted to answer questions about your skin type, the duration of the condition, and any other symptoms that may help to more accurately identify the condition. Then, the app uses the information to search its database of 288 skin conditions to create a list of possible matching conditions for you to further research. Google insists the tool is not intended to provide a diagnosis nor be a substitute for medical advice, but rather help people make more informed decisions about their next steps. With the obvious risk of misdiagnosis coming to mind, could there be a place for tools like Derm Assist in the practice of dermatology? Dr Cara McDonald, Dermatologist and Director of Complete Skin Specialists thinks so, but these tools aren’t without their limits. “AI technology in Dermatology has many uses and will certainly be utilised significantly in the future. There are however many limitations. “Despite external perceptions, the visual aspect is only a fraction of our practice in the specialty of dermatology. Other aspects of our assessment include, of course history taking but also a large component is the feel of the skin and its behaviour with stretching, pressure, reflection under light and other features we can see microscopically.” Dr Cara McDonald 40 | SPA+CLINIC

While current AI tools may not be revolutionary to dermatologists, Dr Cara believes its non-specialist doctors who may benefit most. “AI has reached a point where it is most likely significantly more accurate than the majority of non-specialist doctors and therefore represents an excellent opportunity for the wider medical community to confidently screen lesions without referring on to a dermatologist.” But in the hands of the average person, perhaps there is still more to be done before these tools can safely be rolled out. “It’s important consumers understand the limitations and are not falsely reassured or alarmed by using these tools. With increased availability and usage of AI we need to ensure that there is enough education and publicity around the pros and cons of these tools and self-management of skin conditions, as opposed to seeking a professional medical opinion.” Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan, Founding Dermatologist of ODE Dermatology, thinks advancing AI tools may be a solve to the dangers of ‘Dr Google’, not to mention the countless hours we’ve all spent scrolling through WebMD. “Having access to a health care web tool might streamline the process of someone’s own research on the internet. These algorithms seem to reach the top three diagnoses 84% of the time in research studies. So, it will hopefully reduce the rates of confirmation bias that we are all susceptible to with Googling!” she says. Of course, any advancement in technology in the medical field is exciting, whether that be AI tools, robotics, or even product formulation. But, one thing that Dr Shyamalar makes clear, is that there’s no replacement for hands on experience. “I am excited and impressed by the advancement of AI tools in the professional setting. But, the years of clinical acumen, natural instinct and the gestalt of dermatology will be difficult to be mimicked even by deep artificial neuronal programming i.e. the Human Element!” Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan


A DIFFERENT KIND OF BEAUTY BUSINESS Nadine Dilong chats to the owner of Australia’s largest beauty, skin, and wellness space to learn just how she manages to do it all.

The manicure room at Beauty on Rose | 41



very business starts small, and if you’re lucky (and work hard), your business might grow with time and you might find yourself employing a small team. That’s what most spa or clinic owners experience throughout their career, and then there is Catherine Egan, Founder and CEO of Melbourne based Beauty on Rose, a beauty, aesthetics, and wellness destination that is so big and encompasses so many different aspects and services, it is hard to describe. Catherine has grown her small beauty salon, which she started in 1995, into Australia’s largest ‘home of spa, skin, and wellness’ offering a whopping 72 services in an area as large as an inner-city department store. When we walked into Beauty on Rose, we felt like walking into a beauty aficionado’s dream with a massive retail area offering dozens of different skincare, beauty, and wellness products welcoming us. Professional skincare brands like Thalgo and Kerstin Florian sit on pretty shelves next to Catherine’s own skincare range ‘defy’, and are surrounded by Glasshouse candles, coffee table books, and supplements. There is something for everyone at Beauty on Rose, and we hadn’t even seen the treatment areas.

Beauty on Rose owner Catherine Egan with Editor Nadine Dilong

Steam Room Infrared Sauna

72 Treatments And Counting Here are just some of the treatments Catherine offers: LED Light Therapy, Facials, Peels, Lymphatic Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Carbon Laser, Oxygen Infusion, Skin Needling, Radiofrequency, Body Scrubs, Steam Room, Vichy Shower, Mud Mask, Mani and Pedi, Floatation Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Cosmetic Injectables, and to top it all off, a ‘Life 360’ wellness program guiding clients to a healthier, happier life over several weeks. With 1,500 square meters of beauty and wellness, calling it a onestop-shop would be an understatement. In fact, even the business name ‘Beauty on Rose’ doesn’t quite cut it anymore, but Catherine hasn’t yet found a name that truly represents what she has built. From a small 5-treatment room salon 25 years ago, she now has 43 staff and has been in the new, bigger location for about three years, but the business just keeps growing. “We were thinking about segmenting it; Beauty on Rose, Wellness on Rose, and the retail space at the front is called Skin Emporium,” she explains, “We’ve really only been here for over two years [taking lockdown closures into consideration], and we’ve changed the layout four times.” She says she isn’t afraid to keep changing and adding as the business changes with its clients. “The demographics have changed, but we’re very lucky as we have a database of 56,000 people. So we’ve got four generations of clients coming here.” 42 | SPA+CLINIC

The Skin Emporium

International Flair

Ongoing Education

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between beautiful makeup and quality ingredients.

.au com

Vichy Shower

. keup

Visit our stand G136 at Beauty Expo Australia


And when it comes to onboarding new staff and keeping existing staff on top of their game, Catherine doesn’t rely on brands coming in to train, she has created her own training library. “We have our own online training portal, which the girls can log into whenever they have got downtime, so they can work on their journey. We get videographers in and we film our own educational videos across all categories in the business.” “I go through people’s highs and lows with them but all I want is honesty in return. I don’t want drama. A business will only rot from the head down. If you don’t have strong leaders and a team that has the same core values as the business, it gets disjointed.” And if you don’t take advice from someone that’s been in the industry for 25 years, that’s on you. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for this impressive business.

Australia’s newest Mineral Makeup Range


“I took a lot of inspiration from overseas years ago, because there really wasn’t anything like what we were looking for here in Australia,” Catherine says, and we’re not sure if there is anything like it now. The mani/pedi room includes a sparkling diamond curtain hanging from the wall reflecting light onto the black walls and floor, and the wellness treatment area is darker and more moody than the rest of the space, clearly defining that this is an area to rest and recover. With a LightStim bed, infrared sauna and a Vichy Shower room, her clients can experience a wellness treatment and combine it with a visit to their resident doctor injector for some aesthetic tweakments including PRP, before finishing with a spray tan, manicure, and some retail therapy on the way out. The cross-selling options are endless, and in fact, Catherine calls herself a “bit of a geek” when it comes to crossmarketing opportunities within her business. “Clients want convenience. It’s all about converting them over to the different ‘food groups’. If I’ve got someone in three different areas of the business, that’s an amazing client and they will spend $20,000 to $30,000 a year with you.” “Somebody asked me the other day ‘What makes the brand so strong?’ and I think it’s the team. I’m a firm leader, I know what we’re looking for, I know what works in here, and it’s all about customer service and making sure we’re catering for the client that comes in once a year as well as for the one that comes in four or five times a week. We market each separately, and we’re never rigid, we’re never finished.”

dm ance .adv www


Superior ingredients

Treatment Colour Makeup

Flawless results with 100% pigment Compact range Retail friendly

Flexible opening orders

Free from talc, parabens, synthetic fragrance.



From digital marketing tips to sustainable online practices, this is your ultimate guide to a stellar online presence.



8 WAYS TO ELEVATE YOUR BRAND ONLINE PR and Marketing Expert Nikki Milne explains how you can stand out from your competitors online. #1 Invest in your website Up to 97% of consumers use the internet to find a business, so if you don’t have a website, do you really have a business? Is your website up to date? Is it modern and responsive? Are the photos professionally taken and your own? Is it time for a new website? Or maybe a website refresh? Is my copy speaking to my target market? These are just some of the questions that all business owners should be asking themselves. Not only is a modern, responsive website a must for all business owners, you only have 15 seconds to capture people’s attention on your website, so you need to make it count! Your website should take a potential customer on a journey, mirroring what would happen in person when you meet them for the first time. Additionally, investing in a copywriter who can create copy that clearly highlights your business and why a customer would choose you, will be pivotal in making a customer either book or reach out to your business.

#2 Invest in professional photography You have around three seconds to capture someone’s attention visually, and with today’s marketing world built on visual platforms, how your brand visually presents itself matters more than ever. Surprisingly, this can be really affordable! Find a photographer to come to your business for two hours and create content. This should be lifestyle content of your business running as it would day to day, photos of your team or you in action and also details of your workspaces. You can then use this new content on your website, social media, in the media and in your monthly email newsletter. I recommend investing in a content shoot every 3-4 months to keep your brand relevant and fresh on all digital platforms.

#3 Organically encourage Google reviews Gone are the days where you exchange a review for an incentive. Today, smart business owners have an automatic

Nikki Milne

email system in place to trigger within 24 hours of the client’s service. This email may say something like: “It was a pleasure to meet you today, we hope you enjoyed your experience at (your business name). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our locally owned business is reliant on our amazing customers to spread the word about our treatments - our best advocates are the people who have experienced our services. We would really appreciate it if you could leave us a review? You can do so here (link to Google review for your business).” You can then repurpose these reviews onto your social media and website. The bonus of getting them to leave a review on Google, is that it also increases your SEO and gives your business public credibility.

#4 Change up your marketing activities each quarter I suggest that each quarter, you introduce a new offer and focus on promoting one key service offering as your marketing campaign for this period. Educate your followers and clients on why this service will help them, include an introductory offer and an added bonus (not a discount). This could include a bonus treatment or complimentary product, then promote it on your social media, via your email list and on your website. You will find it much easier to promote one service, rather than trying to promote many which will lead to a simpler increase in sales. | 45


#5 Build, nurture and grow your e-mail list Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalised way and increase sales. Research shows for every email on your list, it’s worth $1 per annum to your business. Additionally, emails are one of the only databases you actually own, so it’s important to invest your time into building it. If you’re in the beauty industry, I recommend you send one email per month, which highlights a particular service, introducing a team member and perhaps a product spotlight. You can also include the current campaign offer (see point #4). Don’t forget your call-to-action buttons, allowing customers to click, book and purchase with ease.

#6 Set up automations and systems Automate as much as you can so it not only frees up your time, but keeps the client experience at a premium level. Use email to automate encouraging customer Google reviews, sending birthday vouchers and retargeting customers who haven’t been in touch for a while. When it comes to social media, make your life easier and ensure your posts are consistent and strategic, by using scheduling software such as Planoly or Later to schedule your posts. Generally, when you take the time to plan your social

media content, you have a more targeted mindset, allowing you to produce higher quality content, as opposed to posting on the run or simply because you feel you need to.

#7 Encourage culture and community Invest in encouraging culture and community by hosting VIP evenings and product nights, and encourage clients to attend social events for your business. This brings people together, creates brilliant content and visibility for social media and helps build community – all this is incredibly important for the strength and awareness of your brand. Encourage customers to share their experience on socials with their family and friends, with a branded hashtag they can share.

#8 Outsource Learn to understand that you can’t possibly do everything all by yourself and outsource where you can. By outsourcing, it frees up your time to do what you are the strongest at and allows you to get more done - trust important tasks and processes to professionals. This could be outsourcing your social media, your emails or even your website build. It will also enable your business to scale and become more effective in your marketing, which can lead to an increase of customers and profit. And who doesn’t want that?! Nikki Milne is an ex-hairdresser and beauty salon owner, turned PR and Marketing Expert and Founder of The Perth Collective PR.


Did you know that your online presence contributes to global warming? We chat to director and digital producer of Mulholland Digital, Rebekah Mulholland, who explains why we should all have ‘green websites’.


hen we think about climate change and limiting our carbon footprint, we often think of walking instead of driving, catching trains instead of flights, eating less meat etc, but have you ever considered that your daily digital activities, such as e-mailing, browsing the internet and watching Netflix is part of the problem? According to, over 4 billion people use the internet regularly, and this requires a lot of energy. From production of hardware, to powering and cooling devices, to servers and even e-mailing, our internet activity accounts for 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions. An average person’s e-mail activities over one year (including sending, filtering, and reading) creates a carbon 46 | SPA+CLINIC

footprint of around 135kg. To put this into perspective, a flight from Sydney to Melbourne creates a carbon footprint of around 170kg. Add all the video streaming, online shopping, and simple search engine activity you do daily, and you’ll soon realise that the internet is a much bigger problem for the environment than you might have thought. But besides improving your own online habits, what about your business’ website? Have you ever questioned the server you’re using, or whether your website was coded efficiently? We know IT isn’t everyone’s thing, but if you’re focusing on selling sustainable skincare and using green energy, taking a look at your own website should be on your to-do list.


Rebekah Mulholland is working with Waterlily on a mission to be as sustainable as possible, this includes the skincare brand’s website. “Sustainable web design is a real passion of mine. Working with Waterlily is about adopting a clean, green digital and web design ethos, ensuring we’re considering sustainability in the digital work we do, which is our website, our learning education hub and our soon to be launched partner ordering website. We’re so excited to be working on a green web strategy for Waterlily, one that is taking into account things we can do right away and also processes we put in place now to move forward and ensure our digital presence is clean and green,” says Rebekah. The first step Rebekah is taking is making sure Waterlily’s web host’s data centres are run on renewable energy, not coal. “This goes a really long way to helping minimise the detrimental impacts our internet usage has on the environment. Data centres are one of the fastest growing demands for energy, and unfortunately the majority of them are run on coal and or/coal seam gas,” according to Rebekah.

But there are so many more steps you can take in order to achieve a green website, according to Rebekah: 1. P rioritising and having clean code on your website, doing a review and seeing what you can clean up. You can always write better, cleaner code. The cleaner the code, the faster the site loads and less energy is used. 2. Block bots! A big user of energy on the web is actually bots. Some reports say it’s up to 50%. Some bots we want to crawl our sites, for example Google for search. But there are so many we don’t want or need and blocking them can really go a long way to helping implement sustainable web design practices. Some ways to block bots include via your host, or with Cloudfare or Malcare. It also adds extra security for your sites too. 3. Decoupling your CMS from the front end user experience. 4. You can cache a website, which is what we do, so instead of having a new server request every time, it’s conserving energy by having the code/content ‘stored’ and ready to deliver from memory, using something like a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Waterlily has a global audience, however at present, over 90% of our website traffic is from Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. As our northern hemisphere audience and web traffic grows, I will be researching CDNs. CDNs are an excellent choice for websites who have lots of international traffic,

“...until we start to consider the internet as part of this mission for sustainability, we haven’t truly adopted a green approach to our businesses.” because what it does is help reduce the need for loads of processing every time say, a visitor from Amsterdam visits the Waterlily website, the server is loading all our content and essentially sending it from Sydney, as this is where our server, and data, is located. But, like hosting, you have to choose carefully, as many have not committed to energy efficiency and carbon offsets. Cloudflare is one that has. 5. S omething really, really simple, but has huge implications, is actually resizing your images to be small file sizes, it reduces load on energy, makes websites faster, and ensures a better end-user experience. “[Founder of Waterlily] Michelle and I are so excited to be looking at the processes we implement digitally at Waterlily, and plan on publishing a guide for our Waterlily clients later this year/early next year on really simple things they can do to start their clean, green content/digital/web offering journey,” Rebekah explains. “We know so many people in the spa, wellness and beauty industries care about the planet. We see it in their partnership with us, and with other brands they stock. But, until we start to consider the internet as part of this mission for sustainability, we haven’t truly adopted a green approach to our businesses.” Rebekah Mulholland is the Director and digital producer of Mulholland Digital. | 47



Your website is often the first point of contact for any potential client. Creative Director at Dream Town Projects, Lena Tarasenko, tells us what makes an amazing website. If a spa or clinic owner wants to build a new website – where do they even start? You should first get clear on what your website is for and what you would like it do. For example. Is it going to be for providing information to your customers only or are you also going to have an online store to sell products? Do you want clients to be able to make online appointments? This will help when you reach out to designers/ web developer to assist with your project by having clear direction for its purpose, and it will help them to decide the best platform for you. Having a domain name is a must and a standard in running a business these days – you can buy one yourself online quickly and easily. However there has been a big change in website design and development in the last 5 to 10 years. There are platforms out there now like Shopify that allow you to create beautiful bespoke websites and online shops, and they roll hosting and all the tech side into one payment. So there are no seperate hosting or server costs.

The 3 Key Factors For A ‘WOW Website’ Customer experience: sleek flow and clever navigation Beautiful branding: bespoke, high quality design and aesthetics An eye for detail: a team that can produce final quality in design and functionality

With so much focus on social media these days, how do you best integrate your social accounts to your website? Social media is a huge driver to websites these days. There are plug ins (apps) that integrate with your website to automatically pull in and display your Instagram feed on your website in real time. This helps your homepage look fresh and gives your customers a quick insight into your brand. Not to mention you can also now create shoppable feeds where they can click the image and link through to the page to purchase, also known as Shoppable Content.

Does a website have to be updated all the time to rank well on google? Yes, regular updates tell Google your site is active and helps with ranking and performance. Updating your blogs with targeted key words and phrases also helps with your rank.

Can you talk us through your project with Lisa Rush a little bit? Dream Town Projects recently created a new website for Lisa Rush


This was a big project as there was the main information based site we were redesigning along

with a new online shop. It started with the design process where I presented Lisa with mock-ups of all the key pages throughout the site so she could see the new design, functionality and aesthetic come to life. The point of difference with Lisa’s site compared to others is that we have woven the online shop products throughout the website in with the treatment information to create a clever ‘Discover’ function to elevate the online experience for her clients. They can discover products and treatments for their key concerns such as “I want to contour my body” or “I need anti-ageing support.” Once you click, it then shows you the top treatments and products to help with your concern. It was a team effort. We were fortunate to have a photoshoot for the key visuals throughout the site with professional models, photographed by Chloe Paul, and the products also had their own photoshoot. Having consistent professional photos elevates your website instantly. Lisa and Hannah provided content for the main site and the online shop, and me and my team at Dream Town Projects designed and developed the new website. Once the design was approved and the content provided we went into development. With my fine eye for detail, I reviewed the website once it had been developed to ensure perfect design replication. This is our point of difference and it shows in our work. Once Lisa had reviewed and we did any final updates, our tech team delivered the actions to push it live.

How involved are your clients in your projects? To be honest they are not that involved, and they don’t have to be. Their main critical role is to provide content, and review and provide feedback or approval at key stages throughout the project. Myself and my team work hard to fine tune the design, development and functionality before each client review, eliminating a lot of back and forth. We cover everything from start to finish. Lena Tarasenko is the Director of Dream Town Projects.

ww m .co sol

ita w.v No ordinary skincare...

Natural ingestibles & herbal tisanes to target specific skin concerns

For stockist opportunities visit:

slow ageing experts Proudly Australian




Cosmetic Nurse Jaclyn Isaacs takes us inside her newly opened clinic, Art of Aesthetics, and explains why injectables and the Venus Versa go hand in hand.


aclyn Isaacs may have opened her clinic on April 1, which is coincidentally also her birthday, but she is no April Fool. Unlike many who open their businesses solely on the belief that if they build it, ‘clients will come’, Jaclyn already had a long list of ‘followers’ eagerly awaiting her clinic opening. Jaclyn, a registered nurse who has spent the last 11 years working as a cosmetic injector in leading clinics around Sydney while raising her five children and two stepchildren with her husband Richard, decided to open her own clinic “just to give it a good go”. And although Art of Aesthetics has only been open for four months, the future looks bright as Jaclyn’s patient list has already surpassed her first-year expectations. We chatted to Jaclyn about her inspirational journey from single mother studying nursing part-time at 20 to mother-of-five running her own aesthetic clinic at 37. 50 | SPA+CLINIC

How did you begin your career in the aesthetics industry? After graduating as a registered nurse in 2006, I started working at Hills Private Hospital in Baulkham Hills and then moved to Norwest Private Hospital in Bella Vista. Although I was happy working on all the hospital wards, I always had a strong interest in Plastic Surgery and was given an amazing opportunity to work in the area in 2010 when Dr Kourosh Tavakoli (plastic surgeon specialising in breast and body surgery) offered me a job as his practice nurse at his Bella Vista and then Double Bay clinics. This really was the beginning of my aesthetic career, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I was given. During


the two-and-a-half years I worked with Dr Tavakoli, I completed training courses (basic and advanced) in injectables and began performing treatments on patients. Since then, I have worked as a cosmetic injector at several other clinics around Sydney.

Why did you decide to open Art of Aesthetics? I feel I’ve learned a lot in the eleven years that I’ve been working as a cosmetic injector, so I just thought: ‘I’ve found my passion. I’ve found my niche. Why not just open a clinic? Why not just give it a good go and see where it takes me.’ I began by renting a little treatment room at a hairdressing salon in Greystanes in October, and then once that started to take off, I began searching for a clinic of my own. I officially opened the doors to Art of Aesthetics in Parramatta six months after first renting the room.

How do you attract patients to the clinic?

“The Versa is a multimodality platform which enables us to treat all aspects of the skin and a whole range of skin concerns.”

I haven’t really done any advertising to attract patients other than some posts on Art of Aesthetics’ social media pages. Before I rented the clinic room, I thought it would take me at least three months to build up my clientele, but after my former patients found out that I was working for myself most of them flooded back straight away. I honestly never expected to attract so many patients so quickly, but it was exciting and gave me the confidence to open the clinic.

What treatments do you offer at Art of Aesthetics? I specialise in anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments such as upper-face rejuvenation (relaxation of forehead lines, glabella lines and crow’s feet), mid-face rejuvenation (lip augmentation, cheek filler, under-eye trough and liquid facelifts), and lower face correction (face slimming, pre-auricular rejuvenation and chin augmentation). However, I also offer skin health treatments, and I particularly love using the Venus Versa, Tribella, Venus Glow, and stock medical-grade skincare products (Skinceuticals and Cosmedix) as I believe that good skin is an essential aspect of facial aesthetics. We decided to invest in the Venus Versa because it has enabled us to maintain continuity of care with our patients. We needed to be able to treat their skin. Anti-wrinkle purely relaxes the muscles, dermal filler is purely for structure and replacing volume loss whereas you can not neglect the skin. The Versa is a multi-modality platform which enables us to treat all aspects of the skin and a whole range of skin concerns. The IPL for photofacial rejuvenation, the diamond polar for skin tightening and collagen stimulation and the Viva for non-fractionated resurfacing to improve the skin’s tone and texture. I constantly remind my patients that there’s no point having anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections if they’re not taking care of their skin because skincare treatments and injectables work together – they complement each other.

How do you think Art of Aesthetics differs from other clinics? I want to give my patients the care factor. I’m trying to create an aesthetic clinic that offers patients the highest quality, safe, ethical and efficient experience every time. I want to create a warm clinical environment so that every patient feels looked after from the start to the finish of their aesthetic journey. I want them to feel totally comfortable knowing that I meticulously plan and carry out all their non-surgical enhancements and skin treatments in the safest possible way.

think it’s essential that I keep up to date with all the latest developments as the industry is forever changing. Apart from completing my graduate certificate, I also want to focus on building the business and continue providing the highest level of care to all my patients so that they keep coming back. For more information on the Venus Versa, visit

What are your plans for the near future? I’m currently halfway through my Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Nursing at the Australian College of Nursing. Although I have completed advanced training in cosmetic injectables and have been working as a cosmetic nurse for 11 years, I still | 51

EVERYBODY NEEDS A LITTLE TLC ! BY TIM BOON Founder / TLC (Total Lifestyle Credit)

Who I Am I am hugely passionate about the medical sector working with some amazing doctors and clinics – so many people have moved away from private health insurance and many more self-funded patients are looking at getting cosmetic/medical treatments. Making sure they find the right doctor rather than shop around over price point is so important. In order to help people achieve their preferred treatments, I started a Consumer Loan Company about 17 years ago, which I successfully sold in 2016. Three years later, I started my new patient funding platform, Total Lifestyle Credit, or TLC.

What makes us different A big invoice can be daunting for clients and can often be a deal breaker. When funding is easily accessible and affordable it is a “win-win” for both clinic and client. TLC provides patients a direct channel to any medical/ cosmetic clinic in Australia. We offer a complete in-house and stress free service. We want to provide our wealth of knowledge to our clients by assisting them in finding the right clinic or business and empowering them with information and support. TLC is specifically designed for clients undergoing medical and cosmetic treatments as well as any associated costs including hospital, anaesthetist, after-care etc. We can also cover simple non-surgical treatments like injectables, bleph lifts etc, meaning we can potentially help a wide range of a cosmetic business’ clientele.

How TLC works

a treatment, and 1,700 patients applied with TLC in March alone. Providing patients with a solution results in a higher conversion. We fund patients from $2,001 - $50,000, and for practitioners, there is no cost involved. A simple 30-second patient point form can be added to your practice website and or team’s email signatures. Patients are funded within 24 hours of approval and your practice receives 100% of the total care treatment plan upfront. TLC provides your practice with marketing merchandise to promote patient payment plan options, and most importantly, we allocate a dedicated account manager to your practice, meaning there is always someone to help should you have any questions.

Exceptional customer service TLC is affiliated with 1,600 businesses nationally, such as Dr Anoop Rastogi, Dr Kourosh Tavakoli, Dr Michael Zacharia, Dr Craig Rubinstein, Dr Vlad Milovic, Inigo Cosmetic, Cosmetic Avenue, Northern Beaches Plastic, Hunter Plastic Surgery, Dr Anh Nguyen, AMOS, One Cosmetic, Sunshine Vein Clinic, SJOG Hospitals, just to name a few. At TLC we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, responsible lending and supporting our fantastic clients and clinics countrywide, helping their businesses run more profitably by helping patients secure the treatments they want and need. TLC also provides bespoke commercial funding for innovative Medical Device businesses like BTL nationally.

At least 1 in 3 patients ask about alternate payment options for

“At least 1 in 3 patients ask about alternate payment options for a treatment and 1,700 patients applied with TLC in March alone.”


PROFILE PROMOTION “Since 2016, we have noticed a downturn in patient conversion for high-end treatments. It wasn’t until this legislative change regarding offering payment plans to patients that we have finally seen an increase! Choosing to go with TLC was a simple decision: We have known Tim for over 10 years and of his extensive experience and understanding of patient requirements, plus the all-inclusive nature of TLC’s funding options is exactly what our patients were looking for. The cost of everything involved in the procedure is included, unlike with other platforms. That includes anaesthetic and post-operative garments all the way through to accommodation and travel for the patient and their support person if they’re coming from interstate. We have seen a dramatic change in our business after partnering with TLC and could not be happier.” – Dr Vlad Milovic, Plastic Surgeon

Covering Bariatric Surgery Cosmetic Surgery Dental/Orthodontic ENT Surgery Eye Surgery General Medical Fees IVF Programs Obstetrics Orthopaedic Vascular Surgery Plastic Surgery

Contact TLC (Total Lifestyle Credit) Ph: 1300 045 047 E:

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HONEST CARE, OPTIMAL RESULTS BY DR EHSAN JADOON Medical Director / Medaesthetics / Perth

Who I Am As a child, I had always been good with drawing and painting. I used to draw cartoons and human faces on my school note books and text books all the time and often used to get into trouble with my parents and teachers for doing that. I had a natural artistic flare from a very young age. I graduated as a medical doctor in 2000 and back then there were very few doctors offering non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the world. It was not until 2006/2007 that I first noticed the very first cosmetic clinics starting to open doors (which were not affiliated with Plastic Surgery or Dermatology clinics). Back then I was working as an RMO in Adelaide, SA. As a junior doctor I was very good with my injecting and minor surgical skills in the hospital Emergency setup. I used to do hundreds of cannulas while being on-call as a Resident in medical and surgical wards and suture a lot of trauma related lacerations in the hospital emergency department. My training in clinical Psychiatry also helped me develop quick rapport with patients and win their trust. For me the field of cosmetic medicine was a god-send and it ticked all the boxes I could hope for as a career of choice in the field of medicine.

Bringing Skin Treatments To Central Australia I established the very first laser and skin clinic in Central Australia (Alice Springs) in 2008/2009 on a part-time basis. There were no cosmetic clinics in the entire region back then. From memory, even Darwin had just one or two cosmetic clinics at the time. Those were very exciting times. Newer and better laser and light platforms were hitting the Australian market and the cosmetic industry literally exploded in popularity and demand right in front of our eyes. I remember I used to get patients who would travel 500km from Uluru to Alice Springs just to have laser skin treatments and anti-wrinkle injections with me!

Our Alice Springs clinic unfortunately closed down last year due to Covid related travel restrictions. Currently we have three clinics in Perth, WA and we are set to open a few more clinics in the greater Perth region once this Covid related uncertainty is under control.

Working with Venus Concept I have been doing liposuction since 2011. We find Venus legacy to be an excellent treatment to combine with Vaser Liposuction for better results before and after the surgery. As a stand alone platform, it delivers excellent clinical results for treating mildmoderate cellulite and improves skin tone and texture where there is pre-existing skin laxity. It helps tighten the skin and improve body contours. Unlike many other non-surgical platforms, Venus Legacy actually works. Venus Concept offers excellent after-sale service and marketing support. Unlike most other cosmetic device manufacturers, Venus Concept have a dedicated team based in WA to support all the local clinics, which is very helpful.

My motivation I love my job and it also happens to be my passion. As a cosmetic doctor, I have the ability to bring a smile to my patients’ faces once they achieve the desired improvements. I am also very ethical and honest when it comes to recommending any cosmetic treatments. I never try to upsell or recommend treatments which may not deliver the desired results. I think as cosmetic doctors, our prime responsibility is to still be the healers and treat every patient with utmost respect and care.

“As cosmetic doctors, our prime responsibility is to still be the healers and treat every patient with utmost respect and care.”



Treatments Advanced Cosmetic Injectables Mini Facelift Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Mini Tummy Tuck Liposuction Gynecomastia Surgery Labiaplasty Venus Legacy Body Contouring

Contact Medaesthetics Ph: 08 9381 5840

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INGESTIBLE BEAUTY As the number one marine collagen brand globally, Vida Glow is leading the way for ingestible beauty brands.



We chat with Vida Glow Founder, ANNA LAHEY, about what makes the brand a natural fit for your spa or clinic. What is marine collagen and why should we consider supplementing it? Collagen is one of the main proteins found in our skin, hair and nails. As part of the natural ageing process, collagen production begins to decline in your 20s. This is when you might start seeing early signs of skin ageing, and where marine collagen supplementation can support the natural ageing process. Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen contains the essential peptides and amino acids our body needs to produce collagen. Through a process called hydrolysation, raw collagen from our responsibly sourced fish skin is broken down into small, easy to digest molecules – so your body can actually absorb it. By supplementing your body’s collagen, marine collagen is clinically studied to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin firmness and enhance skin elasticity.

What differentiates Vida Glow from other collagen supplements on the market? Vida Glow is the number one marine collagen brand globally, selling one unit of our hero Natural Marine Collagen every four seconds. Critical to this success is the real, tangible results our customers see from our collagen. Our marine collagen delivers these impressive, and clinically proven, results because it is highly bioavailable with an absorption rate of over 90 percent. This high absorption rate is credited to our unique hydrolysation process. Hydrolysation breaks down raw collagen into its smallest and purest form. Vida Glow marine collagen is broken down from a molecular weight of 300,000 Daltons to as low as 2,000 Daltons. This is the lowest possible weight for collagen peptides. While there are many factors that can contribute to a collagen formulation being superior, one of the most important considerations when choosing an effective collagen supplement is whether it has been hydrolysed and what weight in Daltons the collagen peptides are.

How can a spa or skin clinic partner with Vida Glow? As the consumer uptake and value of the category continues to grow, we’re excited to provide skin professionals opportunities to expand into ingestible beauty. Being innovative and quality first-movers in ingestible beauty is what drives us. Establishing and maintaining a well-informed and committed consumer base is important to us. That’s why supporting our relationships with salon and spa partners is key. Each stockist will be guided with a dedicated Account Manager and a tailored marketing plan to support your launch and growth of Vida Glow. We want to empower consumers to understand the science of ingestible beauty to make informed decisions about their skin, we know our spa and clinic partners share this sentiment. So, our training managers will support your initial launch of Vida Glow and our new products, with comprehensive brand and product training face-to-face or through our online learning platform. Our partners can also enhance their in-salon experience through our Vida Glow sampling program, offering clients Vida Glow infused water beverages.

What are some of the results people can expect from taking Vida Glow products in conjunction with a professional skincare routine? At Vida Glow, beauty and skincare routines are equal parts intrinsic and extrinsic. I have personally seen incredible results from pairing my topical skincare routine

with marine collagen supplementation. By supporting my collagen and elastin production from the inside, I’m maximising the benefits of my topical skin, hair and nail care. The benefits of daily and consistent Natural Marine Collagen supplementation can be seen in weeks. In clinical trials, increased collagen production begins to plump fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth after four weeks. As elastin builds and regenerates in the dermis layer of skin, elasticity is improved six weeks in. From nine weeks of supplementation, a stronger and more resilient collagen matrix results in firmer and smoother skin. Like Natural Marine Collagen, our Anti-G-Ox range delivers actives internally to support skin health and glow. Providing daily defence against the environmental and lifestyle factors that accelerate premature ageing, AntiG-OxTM is a daily antioxidant supplement packed with multi-essential nutrients to help protect skin against the ageing effects of stress, UV light, environmental pollution, sleep disruptors and dietary choices. Antioxidants dissolve into the bloodstream within 15 to 20 minutes to protect the body against prematurely ageing free radicals, which offers brightening and strengthening results for skin like a topical serum would. We’re also expanding into advanced and functional products that target very specific beauty concerns this year, like Radiance – a daily ingestible capsule that enhances skin health to support a radiant complexion addressing pigmentation and uneven skin tone at a cellular level. | 57


Active beauty ingredients that work


ida Glow uses only the most bioavailable active ingredients proven to deliver visible results. All of their ingredients meet the highest quality standards for purity, debunking faux beauty science by simplifying the message

and focusing on ingredients that work. Vida Glow develops products, driven by efficacy and innovation, they utilise clinical data and cutting-edge technology to deliver scientifically formulated products that make a difference.

Vida Glow Anti-G-OxTM

Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen

Vida Glow Radiance

Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen is a collagen peptide supplement made from responsibly sourced fish skin. As part of a daily beauty routine, the ingestible promotes a youthful-looking complexion. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and the building block of skin, hair, nails and joints. Vida Glow’s hydrolysed marine collagen delivers bioavailable collagen peptides to stimulate collagen production, which slows with age. By replenishing collagen levels, Vida Glow Marine Collagen enhances beauty from within. Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen is available in seven flavors – Original, Blueberry, Peach, Cranberry & Lime, Mocha, Mango and Pineapple.

Melanin is a natural pigment that determines the colour of our skin. Yet genetics, skin type, sun exposure, injuries to skin and hormone changes can trigger an overproduction of melanin, resulting in uneven, hyperpigmented skin. Radiance reduces melanin production resulting in a more even and brilliant complexion. The powerful daily capsule contains SkinAx2TM an award winning, patent-pending formula of natural antioxidants. French Grape Seed selected from France’s premiere Champagne region combines with rockmelon extracts from the pristine South of France. Clinically proven to deliver real results, SkinAx2TM increases skin luminosity, reduces imperfections, and brightens the appearance of dark under-eye circles.



– Promotes Glowing Skin – Smooths Fine Lines – Decreases the appearance of wrinkles – Increases skin elasticity – Boosts skin hydration

– Blurs skin imperfections – Brighten dull complexions – Awakens tired skin – Lift and lighten dark spots – Reduces skin redness – Reduces appearance of existing pigmentation – Inhibits development of new pigmentation


– Natural Marine Collagen derived from fish skin – Contains no artificial flavours, preservatives or other additives – Flavoured formulas contain real fruit juice powders and natural sweeteners



– SkinAx2 – Vitamin C – Zinc – Marigold extract – Cysteine – Glutathione

Vida Glow Anti-G-OxTM is the daily ingestible skin defence against premature ageing. The supplement includes multi essential nutrients and herbs to enhance skin regeneration, reduce free radicals formed in the body and assist healthy sugar metabolism. Premature ageing (fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, skin discolouration and a dull complexion) starts at a cellular level as a result of external environmental ageing stressors - pollution, alcohol, lack of sleep, smoking, stress, UV rays, diet. These stressors trigger the three root causes of premature ageing - inflammation, advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and oxidative stress. Anti-G-OxTM features actives clinically studied to defend the skin against three of the root causes of premature ageing. KEY PRODUCT BENEFITS

– Helps reduce free radical damage to support even skin tone and texture – Supports healthy blood sugar which helps promote strong, firm skin – Helps enhance skin’s internal structure and strength – Helps enhance skin regeneration INGREDIENTS

– Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) – Biotin (Vitamin B7) – Chromium – Vitamin B6 – Vitamin E – Magnesium – Niacinamide – Zinc – Trademarked active HydrocurcTM


What do skin professionals say about Vida Glow signature Marine Collagen range? What are some skin conditions that Vida Glow can help with and how? DR PHILIP TONG - DERMATOLOGIST:

There is a range of treatment options available for those concerned with ageing and maintaining a healthy complexion, including dietary supplements and nutraceuticals. Rather than treating skin topically, they function by supporting skin internally. A dietary supplement I recommend to support the skin from intrinsic ageing is Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen. Early clinical evidence shows that the low molecular weight collagen peptides, found in Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and enhance skin tone. To reverse and protect the skin from visible signs of ageing, it’s important to support this skin with a comprehensive routine that treats the underlying conditions of both intrinsic and extrinsic ageing.

What is some of the misinformation out there on collagen supplements? DR MICHELE SQUIRE - SCIENTIST:

Many people think you can get enough collagen from your diet. Dietary collagen (including gelatin and bone broth) needs to be broken down into tiny peptides and amino acids in the gut before it can be used by the body (i.e. the ‘bioavailable’ parts of the collagen). The amount of bioavailable collagen peptides resulting from dietary collagen breakdown is highly variable - it depends on the animal, what body part it is from, and how it was cooked. And with all the best intentions, none of us eat a 100% healthy diet every day, and we may not absorb all the nutrients optimally either, especially as we age. Good quality collagen supplements like Vida Glow contain tiny collagen peptides 2-4 Kilodaltons in size (or 2000-4000 Daltons – Daltons are a way of measuring protein size). So the collagen in these supplements is already broken down (or ‘hydrolysed’) into their smallest size. Scientific studies show that peptides of this size cross the gut without being further digested, enter the bloodstream in large numbers within 1-2 hrs of ingestion, and reach the dermal layer of the skin where they work to build the skin’s collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid stores. So collagen supplements are different to dietary collagen - they don’t need any further breaking down. Instead you are directly providing high amounts of the necessary amino acids and peptides that the body needs to form collagen.

Can Vida Glow complement someone’s diet and when should skin practitioners refer a client onto a dietician? CHLOE MCLEOD - DIETITIAN:

Vida Glow marine collagen provides a great addition to someone’s diet. Collagen has been shown to improve the health of skin, with Vida Glow’s marine collagen being hydrolysed so it is well absorbed and utilised by the body; up to 1.5 times more efficiently! Whilst there are some food sources of collagen, these aren’t absorbed or utilised as well due to having a higher molecular weight. Referring to a dietitian if a person is struggling to make positive dietary changes, or maybe they are unsure what needs changing can be a game changer for them; great nutrition underpins great health. Consistently making great nutrition choices, as well as supplementing your diet with Vida Glow marine collagen can help support your skin to be as healthy as possible.

For more information on Vida Glow, visit If you are interested in becoming a Vida Glow stockist, e-mail or call 0405 555 600 | 59


Spa WITH A VIEW Nadine Dilong shares her experience at Queenstown’s Onsen Hot Pools.


s Australians, we tend to take our proximity to the country with some of the most stunning landscapes you have ever seen for granted, and so it’s not uncommon for Aussies to have seen plenty of Europe and the USA before ever even considering traveling to New Zealand. But then when they do, they wonder why they haven’t booked the short flight across the Tasman Sea earlier. With snow capped mountains, mint blue lakes and rivers, and lush green rolling hills, New Zealand is hard to beat in terms of natural beauty, which is why it’s no surprise that some of the world’s best spas are located there, taking full advantage of their surroundings. The arguably most iconic one is Onsen Hot Pools, located just a 10-minute drive from Queenstown on the South Island. Opened in 2007, Onsen offers a unique kiwi twist to a Japanese bathing tradition with 14 Cedar-lined hot pools accommodating up to four people each, perched on the cliffs overlooking the magnificent Shotover River and mountainscape. Additionally, Onsen recently opened private oval tub rooms, perfect for one or two people and with an even better view as they are located on the top floor of the building. I was lucky to experience Onsen’s new oval tub hot pool and massage packages, which started with a drink and snack menu I got to choose from to enjoy during my bath, as well as four Pure Fiji massage oils which were presented to me. I chose Noni for the bath, 60 | SPA+CLINIC

Spa Hotspot

and deep green trees at the bottom lit up by the afternoon sun, and a mint green river at the base glistening in what can only be called ‘golden hour’. The room’s floor-to-ceiling windows are opened wide , giving you a 180 degree view of the most beautiful landscape while being sheltered from any wind or rain. The hot tub is bubbling away with Noni scented bath salts, and my drink and snack of choice as well as a candle sit beside it. I have 45 minutes of pure relaxation in the tub before it automatically drains, and I am guided to the massage rooms. My therapist Simone enquires about any areas I want her to focus on (neck and shoulders for me, please) before I step onto one of the most comfortable massage beds I have ever experienced. The 60-minute full body massage using Pure Fiji’s coconut oil is definitely on the stronger deep tissue side, and I can feel her really getting into all the knots and tightness she can find. The scalp massage about halfway through is a highlight, and I find it hard not to fall asleep. Afterwards, I am guided to the lounge area where comfortable velvet chairs, a tea I had chosen beforehand, and a raw lemon cheesecake await me. There aren’t many things that can be as relaxing as a hot bath followed by a massage, but add one of the world’s best views to that and you got yourself the ultimate spa experience.

and coconut for the massage, and was guided to the modern and generously sized changing rooms to prepare for the Onsen experience. Fluffy robe and slippers on, I was shown the way to my private bath room. When the door was opened, I couldn’t help but gasp, unsure if the view I was presented with was in fact real or somehow a product of my imagination. Tall mountains before a blue sky with golden, red, | 61


Enhancing SKIN RESULTS FROM WITHIN Founder of Vita-sol, Fiona Tuck, explains what makes her range of ingestible products stand out. What made you start Vita-sol/what was the gap in the market you saw? Vita-sol came about for a couple of reasons. My mother was terminally ill, and I was looking for a quality, nutrient rich product that had no fillers, excipients, sugars or artificial vitamins. I am pedantic about quality and by developing my own product, I had total control regarding where and how the ingredients had been sourced and exactly what went into the formula. This then got me thinking about the professional skincare industry and how there was a gap in the market for quality ingestibles that were targeted to support specific skin conditions. Our Collagen Boost for example is 100% pure marine bioactive collagen peptides. It is the purest collagen available, wild caught and sustainable. Many collagen products use cheap bulking agents such as maltodextrin or lower quality farmed fish including Tilapia fish and Jelly fish that involve harsh chemicals for processing. Some collagen products do not even contain any actual collagen! Vita-sol is a range that is designed to target skin conditions from within whilst working synergistically along side topical skincare and professional dermal therapy modalities. Having a background as a skin therapist and nutritional medicine allowed me to develop a range from both a client and therapist perspective.

Why do you choose to be stocked professionally only? I have worked in the professional skincare industry for 30 years and it is what I live and breathe. I truly believe that when you combine good nutrition with expert skin treatments and quality cosmeceuticals, we can take skin 62 | SPA+CLINIC

results to the next level. I am passionate about results, quality, transparency, and evidencebased training. We do not sell Vita-sol via health food stores, department stores or bargain discount online retailers. Maintaining and enhancing industry standards is paramount and so we carefully choose clinics that align with our philosophy of natural nutrition, evidence-based education and a desire to take treatment results to the next level. You will find us in aesthetic medical practices, dermal therapists, and professional skin clinics.

What support do you offer your stockists? I believe that we provide support like no other ingestible beauty company due to the fact that we have a background in both professional skincare and nutrition. We offer a 3-month money back guarantee on all opening orders meaning that if for any reason you are not satisfied with the products or change your mind we will refund your money. It is important to us that therapists and practitioners stay within scope of practice and so we provide in-depth training on our products, we cover topics such as nutrigenomics, how to stay within scope of practice, effective retailing, as well as providing advanced training in topics, such as gut health, nutrition and skin health and how diet impacts skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation and rosacea. We have an online training resource that can be accessed by our stockists at any time as well as a private facebook support group where we hold regular facebook live trainings, plus I am available for one-on-one live Zoom trainings. Stockists can talk to me directly regarding any skin, nutrition and ingredient

Vita-sol products are only stocked professionally.

questions. They therefore have access to a nutrition and skin expert and founder of the products, not a sales rep just trying to sell a product. The biggest high for me is hearing how Vita-sol has helped improve someone’s health or skin. That really makes my day and is why I do what I do. We also provide marketing materials, and I am available if our stockists want to do fb or Instagram lives to discuss the products with their clientele or talk about nutrition and skin topics. This is a great way to grow social media and brand awareness and give clients quality education.

What are you working on at the moment? We recently launched our certified organic herbal tea blends that are specifically designed to support conditions such as histamine intolerance and problematic skin conditions and we even have a calming herbal blend which is fabulous to support a restful sleep or those suffering from anxiety or stress. We are currently in the process of developing new products, the first being an Australian EFA blend that is specifically designed for skin using the highest quality ingredients available. Oxidation of EFAs can be a real issue plus the type of EFA used to treat skin conditions is important and I have yet to find a supplement that ticks all those boxes so we have spent the last four years researching and formulating something very special. I am passionate about bringing transparency and integrity into the industry and ensuring that therapists are not fooled by fancy marketing or misleading information.

Infrared Saunas just got portable. The MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket brings the infrared sauna experience to the comfort of your own home, or on the go. Having an infrared sauna in the form of blanket has proven very popular with athletes on the move, and with health clinics that want to provide a more accessible form of infrared saunas to their clients. The infrared sauna blanket provides a wide variety of health benefits such as releasing toxins, relaxing the body and mind, rejuvenating the skin, promoting blood flow, boosting collagen, exercise recovery and improving sleep. To enquire about using the MiHIGH for your company, contact us below. Instagram: @getmihigh

Facebook: @getmihigh

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hile the pandemic may have other plans for us right now, a luxurious new day spa and thermal bathing experience is on its way to Victoria giving us the perfect chance to hope for a little normalcy in the future. Alba Thermal Springs and Spa is set to open in the heart of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula bringing a host of serene spa and thermal bathing experiences. It will offer a contemporary line-up of wellness focused treatments to renew, repair and recalibrate with a luxury edge. The expansive 15-hectare space will offer a wide selection of indoor, open-air, and outdoor treatment rooms and bathing pools. Guided by a vision to be Victoria’s most sought-after bathing and wellness experience and a commitment to respecting the natural environment, Alba will be a low-impact development offering luxurious spa and bathing experiences. While you’ll have to wait until its Winter 2022 launch to plan your visit, there’s no harm in dreaming of a relaxing getaway for the mind, body and soul while looking at the stunning renders of Alba Thermal Springs and Spa.

ceut osme .awec www





There is a clever new device on the market that promises deeper penetration of skincare ingredients. Dermatologist Christopher John Quirk explains how the gadget works.


ue to the size of particles and way of application, traditional skin care products are barely absorbed by the skin, and simply sit on the surface. Now, you might be thinking “but after using the cream, my skin looks and feels soft and hydrated.” All you are feeling, however, is the layer of cream on top of your skin. What actually happens is that the water content of the cream evaporates relatively quickly, leaving little trace on your skin. In contrast, the fat content of the cream simply sits on top of the skin and is washed away after showering or washing your hands. RÉDUIT Enhanced Delivery System incorporates a number of proprietary technologies that are grouped under the title of RÉDUIT Magnetic Misting. The aim of RÉDUIT Magnetic Misting is to substantially increase skin and hair penetration of active ingredients, while using less resources and less chemistry. RÉDUIT has created special formulations that are ultra-light, and elegantly simplified with the minimum of components, thickeners, preservatives and emulsifiers. This ingredient rich formulation is transformed into an Ultrasonic Mist composed of micro fined droplets that are 50 times smaller than found in traditional aerosols and sprays. The stream of formulation mist is directed at its target through a specifically configured magnetic field, produced inside the RÉDUIT device,

“The aim of RÉDUIT Magnetic Misting is to substantially increase skin and hair penetration of active ingredients, while using less resources and less chemistry” 66 | SPA+CLINIC

that induces a small change on each droplet to allow each drop to penetrate to the target tissue. This same field also modifies surface tension, surface charge and wettability of droplets on hydrophilic surface such as hair and skin. This creates a super-fine film with excellent partitioning characteristic that doubles* the absorption and diffusion of active ingredients. The magnetic technology in RÉDUIT has been well proven to be effective in double blind clinical studies for the delivery of important analgesic drug molecules such as Ibuprofen**, Diclofenac, and Sumatriptan, as well as skincare active ingredients marketed by P&G’s Olay and SK-II brands. Without the invasive techniques of injection, laser or other methods of breaching the stratum corneum, RÉDUIT is able to magnetically ‘push’ selected active molecules deeper to the skin in comparison to the traditional topically applied products that do not have the ability to penetrate. RÉDUIT’s delivery method does not traumatise the skin and induces no immunological or inflammatory response. RÉDUIT could be incorporated in professional skin services, used separately or together with existing products in the salon for a wide range of clients or combined with existing technology in salon to enhance the results and technology. The overall performance of Magnetophoresis (diamagnetic delivery) is superior to Galvanic drug delivery methods due to greater overall delivery rates, zero bilayer disruption, and wider range of applicable ingredients and cost and ease of use. While RÉDUIT is a Swiss luxury tech brand, the enhanced delivery technology was invented at the research and development laboratory in Perth, Western Australia by Australians. * Clinical test: Skin moisture-level measurement with Courage & Khazaka coreometer ** Double blind Clinical Study: Monitoring the Clinical Response to an Innovative Transdermal Delivery System for Ibuprofen : Pharmaceutics : 2019, 11, 664; doi:10.3390/pharmaceutics11120664 journal/pharmaceutics


Sweat IT OUT! I

nfrared saunas have taken the wellness world by storm recently due to its many health and wellbeing benefits. Spas and wellness centres all over the country are offering clients sweat sessions in their infrared saunas, but in order to do this, you need to invest in a full-size sauna and you need a lot of space in your rooms, which not many people have. This is where MiHIGH comes in – the infrared sauna blanket offers the benefits of a full sized infrared sauna room minus the cost and the need for space. The blanket is made from waterproof, non-toxic fabrics and a PU leather exterior. Measuring 180cm, it covers your clients’ entire bodies, wrapping around them while they lie down comfortably to enjoy an infrared session. MiHIGH blankets use the same heating technology as an infrared sauna, emitting far infrared wavelengths. The experience is much the same, but your clients sauna while lying down instead of sitting up in a traditional box sauna. “The MiHIGH infrared sauna blanket is a great addition to spas and clinics who want to provide the benefits of infrared saunas. A number of clinics use the blanket in addition to facial therapy as the face is out of the blanket, and some use it when there is not enough space for a traditional infrared sauna,” says MiHIGH Co-Founder Ed Hodge. Of course, good hygiene is paramount when offering sauna services, and the MiHIGH is easy to clean as you can open it up all the way to spread it out like a blanket. Then, simply wipe the surface with a natural cleaning spray and the infrared blanket will be ready to go for the next client. The infrared light of MiHIGH has many benefits, such as detoxifying the body, calming the mind, and many people experience that ‘post-sauna high’, i.e. they just feel good. The easy to use blanket controller has a temperature gauge that can be increased by increments of 5 C°, and the temperature can go from 25-80 degrees celsius.

Savvy Salon & Clinic owners have boosted the sales & profit of their business by using Mayerling Professional Peels & Take Home Treatments


Skin Rejuvenation Brand of the Year 2021 (Australia & NZ)

Cosmeceutical Range of the Year 2020 (Australasia)

SHARE IN THE SUCCESS Call Amanda on 02 9874 1166 or email Toni at



We are living longer, but are we living better? The latest enzyme treatments could see our bodies’ ageing progress slow down drastically.

Words by Nadine Dilong


geing is inevitable – or is it? According to professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, David Sinclair, PhD, there is “no biological law that says we must age,” and he even goes so far to call ageing “a disease.” In a recent interview with Inside Tracker, Sinclair explains: “The regulatory definition, currently, is that ageing is something different than a disease. The reason is that even though it satisfies the criteria of a disease – which is a decline in function over time leading to death – ageing is separated because it happens to more than 50% of us. And I’d argue that just because ageing happens to more than half of us, is no reason to not include it as a disease. In fact, I would say it’s even more important that we work on trying to combat it, because ageing is the main cause of all major diseases in society now.” It’s a pretty bold statement, but Sinclair is certainly not alone in his quest for eternal life, or at least, prolonged life. Australia’s pioneer in integrative and holistic medicine, Prof Marc Cohen, says “scientific developments will allow us to live much longer than we currently do and potentially live forever in the digital and possibly the physical world. This however will radically redefine what it means and there are many projects going on across the world to do exactly this.” “Ageing and the irreversible passage of time is intimately linked to entropy, which is the natural tendency for any closed system to deteriorate. To slow ageing you therefore 68 | SPA+CLINIC

NAD+ infusions are said to slow down ageing by helping to repair damaged cells


need to slow entropy. Biological systems defy entropy by being open systems that are open to the environment and maintain life through the constant flow of matters, energy and information through them,” Dr Cohen explains. While he states that it is “not possible to ‘reverse’ ageing as entropy is a one way ride and becoming a child again is not necessarily desirable,” he says that slowing the ageing process is possible, and best done through general lifestyle improvements, and most of all, finding a reason to live longer. “There is no point living a long time if you are depressed, unhappy or without purpose. A general principle used in permaculture that also applies to human life is ‘if you get the basic things right, other things will go right by themselves while if you get the basic things wrong it is very difficult to play catch-up’.” Some of the ‘basic things’ to get right are nutrition, exercise, being in the moment, being around loved ones, and more. However, there are certain treatments one can undergo to assist the body’s ability to slow down the ageing process. NAD+ is one of them, becoming more and more popular, both as IV infusions, injections, and oral supplements. We chatted to SSKIN clinic Co-Founder Amy Hembrow, who offers NAD+ injections at her clinic to learn more about the slow-ageing treatment.

Why did you decide to offer NAD+ shots at your clinic? SSKIN provides a beauty experience that is bespoke and luxurious with treatments taking a holistic approach to wellness and beauty. NAD+ shots are a popular treatment in the United States, with a range of benefits aligning with our luxury wellness experience. We believe that valuing that ever-elusive work-life balance has become more important

SSKIN offers NAD+ Booster Shots

now than ever, so providing a treatment that can improve the individual’s ability to support their bodies’ healing and vitality is a unique selling point catering to the market’s current needs.

How exactly does NAD+ work? What’s great about NAD+ is that it’s a natural co-enzyme that exists in every cell throughout your body and is essential for optimal health and ageing. With age, our levels naturally decline due to lifestyle factors such as stress, medications, alcohol, and poor diet choices. NAD therapy helps to increase the level of NAD in your body repairing damaged cells and DNA, improving immune system function, reducing pain by reducing inflammation, and fighting the effects of ageing.

What is the difference between getting the booster shot and having it administered through an IV? Infusions are often part of a treatment regime, not everyone has the time or money available to them unless treating a specific ailment. In addition, not everyone is an ideal candidate for infusions or take well to the process. By administering NAD+ via intramuscular injection the treatment is more time efficient, making it a great option for people who are time poor. This method also allows you to bypass the digestive system minimising the post injection nausea (a common after effect for 10-15 minutes with some patients).

What are the results your patients see/feel? With regular treatments we have seen our patients find a boost in energy, improved clarity of thought, reduced inflammation; some patients have reported significant improvement in symptoms associated with their arthritis pain and IBS symptoms, better sleep and improvement in their athletic performance. One of our regular clients, Roberta Grasso, told us it has changed her life as there was a massive decrease in her arthritis and it has become her favourite treatment.

Is demand increasing? Who is the ‘typical’ client for this treatment?

SSKIN Co-Founders Amy and Emilee Hembrow

The demand is definitely increasing. Like with any treatment, information is key. We have seen a massive demand due to word of mouth from current patients receiving the NAD+ shots and from patients that live a fast-paced lifestyle, are business oriented also with health concerns, and finally the health-conscious consumer. | 69

If you’re enjoying wellness treatments on a regular basis, you’re part of a small, privileged group of people. But there are a few women, who want to make wellness accessible to everyone. Nadine Dilong chatted to the wellness industry’s trailblazers.


All photography by Martina Gemmola


hen I think of the term ‘bathhouse’ I think of big, Romanesque architecture, large mineral pools filled with mint blue water and naked Greek men with white beards lounging around. Of course, I am very much aware that this is a highly romanticised and almost mythical creation of my imagination, but my point is this: when I walked into Melbourne’s very own inner city bathhouse, Sense of Self, I wasn’t sure what to expect. From the outside, there is no sign whatsoever that you are about to step into a hydrotherapy oasis. The red brick building doesn’t give anything away. But then the large steel door opens and you are greeted by white arches, high ceilings, plenty of light, and plants everywhere. After I pick up my towel and robe, I am guided past a flowy curtain, and just like that, the bathing area opens up with massive windows, several lounge areas to relax and read a book (you are encouraged to leave your phone in your locker), and of course, the pools and sauna. Women and men of every age, size, and ethnicity are enjoying the hot mineral water or testing their mental strengths in the ice cold plunge 70 | SPA+CLINIC

The sauna at SOS

pool, and everyone seems relaxed and happy to be here. It’s exactly this kind of community and inclusivity the owners of Sense of Self (SOS), Mary Minas and Freya Berwick, had in mind when opening SOS late last year. I sat down with Freya to dig a bit deeper.

What does ‘inclusive wellness’ mean to you and how is it reflected in SOS? Mary and I had both experienced that communal kind of bathing in our overseas travels in places like Scandinavia, Morocco, Japan. And there, bathing gives people a space to take care of themselves and there is no sense of performance or beauty element, but it’s just a ritualistic thing to do for yourself. We recognised that, in Australia, we didn’t have that kind of space. So we saw a huge opportunity, and responsibility really, to ensure that our space represented all body types and genders because wellbeing doesn’t just concern one type of person, we all need it. When you take off your clothes, you remove the things you use to indicate how you identify, so we wanted to address that human level.


What has the feedback been like since opening and has your clientele been as diverse as you hoped it would be? Yes, which is amazing. We don’t have one type of person that comes through the door. And we really do mean it when we say that everybody belongs.

Does the Australian wellness industry need a bit of an overhaul, especially when it comes to inclusivity? Yes, wellness shouldn’t be a luxury. But of course, we live in a country where labour is expensive and you can’t really pay people less, but that’s also why we saw communal bathing as a high opportunity as it lowers the price of services so more people can enjoy it.

What are some of the health benefits of communal bathing? I think one of the biggest benefits is physiological; it’s seeing other bodies and understanding that yours is one of many on a spectrum and that that is ok. Body acceptance is a big thing that we try to advocate here and hopefully when you walk out of here you understand that you’re fine the way you are. Also, the hot and cold contrast is good for your circulation and your immunity. Our hot pool is magnesium based and essentially like a big Epsom Salt Bath.

On your website you say there is no ‘wellness BS’ - what do you mean by that? There are a lot of people out there who promote something that has worked for them as the answer

The Cold Plunge Pool at SOS

to everything. But wellbeing is not necessarily anything really profound. It’s not like going through a really strict exercise and diet regime, it’s more about the key pillars of health: movement, sleep, nutrition, and social connection. And that’s what we do, we strip it back to those key terms. And we put the additional layer of permission for people through our brand, which helps people set an intention when coming here.

Above: The shower facilities at SOS Left: The lounge invites guests to read and connect with others | 71


“Self care isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity for the physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing of every person...”


Top: Bump Day Spa Right: Founders Tegan Natoli (left) and Kerry Crossling with their children


hen friends Tegan Natoli and Kerry Crossling were pregnant and couldn’t find any wellness services that specialised in pre- and post-natal care, they took matters into their own hands and started Bump Day Spa, which now has two locations in Sydney and a cult following to boot. But instead of just catering to pregnant women, Kerry and Tegan have made it their mission to create a safe, nurturing space for all women. “Self care isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity for the physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing of every person. Wellness and self care might be different for everyone, however everyone is deserving, whether they are thriving or barely surviving,” Tegan explains. And their success can be seen by the fact that Bump Day Spa’s clientele doesn’t just include women with kids, but any woman who wants to take some time for herself. “They build a rapport with our amazing therapists and continue to trust us with their ongoing care and pampering [postpregnancy]! Our Mother’s Day campaign was also our way of reminding people that you don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy our services,” says Kerry. Indeed, the duo’s Mother’s Day Campaign was a heartwarming campaign including women from all walks of life: mothers-to-be, mothers who have lost a child, single mothers, those who are trying to become mothers, and many more. The tag line of the campaign ‘no matter who she is, she is deserving’ summarised Tegan and Kerry’s core beliefs perfectly. “Mother’s Day can be a hard day for a lot of women including those who have lost their mum, have lost a child or pregnancy or for women who so desperately want to be a mum. We wanted to give those people an opportunity to feel seen on a day that might usually be tough for them,” says Tegan.

As a skincare brand partner, Kerry and Tegan chose Waterlily. “A huge factor for us is of course using a brand that is pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly, but also effective! Also being Australian owned and made is important to us. Waterlily have been really helpful with staff training and also creating services that suit our clients’ wants and needs,” says Kerry. When asked if they have seen a change in the wellness industry since launching in 2017, Tegan says they have. “I think the change is slowly happening. With things like COVID making accessibility to health and wellness a little tricky, as a society we are starting to realise the importance of self care and that it is a necessity for mental and physical health.”


Mayerling WINS PRESTIGIOUS AWARD – AGAIN! The results-driven skincare range has done it again, winning another Health & Beauty Wellness Award.


ust over 20 years ago, multi-award winning cosmetic surgeon Dr Lawrence Ho founded Mayerling Skin Renewal System. Over the course of his scientific career, Dr Ho followed his results-based research and developed a brand that achieves clinical results. Today Mayerling has become an indisputable industry leader in exfoliation, resurfacing and skin renewal and has won international award recognition. Mayerling have been formulating chemical peels often referred to as ‘laser resurfacing in a bottle’ and home treatments, supplying the professional beauty industry for over 20 years. As of 2021, Mayerling is distributed by C&R Smith, who have a long standing history distributing PAYOT in Australia, thus adding to their cosmeceutical brand portfolio. In 2020, Mayerling won in the Health & Beauty Wellness Awards UK ‘Best Anti Ageing Skincare’ - Australia & New Zealand category, as well as the My Face My Body Global Aesthetics Awards US ‘Cosmeceutical Range Of The Year 2020’. One year on, and the skincare brand has done it again, winning the Health & Beauty Wellness Awards UK ‘Skin Rejuvenation Brand Of The Year’ - Australia & New Zealand 2021. Mayerling are leaders in exfoliation, resurfacing and skin renewal. The brand has been formulating its own clinical peels and supplying the professional beauty industry for over 20 years. Professional clinics Australia-wide offer clinical peels that are proven to substantially increase the effectiveness of Mayerling home treatments. Owner of Exotic Skin Co, Sharon Horner, has been working with Mayerling and loves the brand’s ethos and results. “I have been in the beauty industry for 30 years now performing chemical peels,” Sharon explains, “I’ve tried and tested many cosmeceutical brands over these glorious years but when I came across Mayerling Skin Care in 2019 I was extremely intrigued not only by their philosophy but by the result-based research behind this product. We all know that the key to [great results] is exfoliation, resurfacing, and skin renewal treatments so seeking a unique concept that delivers professionalism is what The Skin Renewal System is about. Moreover, I feel like I’m part of this family, they make my business their business and support me and my clients in every way.” The brand’s home treatment products work on the premise that for the skin’s texture to be improved, it must be resurfaced. The old cells need to be removed, allowing the new, young, healthy skin cells to regenerate from deep within the skin. Mayerling is effective in reducing lines and wrinkles, fading pigmentation from ageing, sun damage, pregnancy and the contraceptive pill. The products are very effective for improving the appearance of scarring, enlarged pores and. Together, they produce a smoother, clearer, lighter, more vibrant, even skin tone. For more information on Mayerling, visit

Savvy Salon & Clinic owners have boosted the sales & profit of their business by using Mayerling Professional Peels & Take Home Treatments


Skin Rejuvenation Brand of the Year 2021 (Australia & NZ)

Cosmeceutical Range of the Year 2020 (Australasia)

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Pigmentation: Before and after 5 months of using Prologic Skin Care Pigmentation Range, results by Divine Skin And Beauty

Acne: Before and after 6 weeks of using Prologic Skin Care Acne Range, results by Divine Skin And Beauty

Director of Prologic Skin Care, Rachel Robertson, talks to us about the amazing results Tegan Frost from Divine Skin And Beauty achieved.


rologic is a progressive and sustainable advanced skin care range. Following corneotherapy principals, our products are super clean, containing only what the skin needs and is free from nasties. High level actives in their purest form mean we are getting exceptional results quickly, without the use of synthetic ingredients. All of this is done while having an eco-conscious mindset. Prologic was developed with both the skin and the enviroment in mind. Prologic treats all skin conditions; because we are a corneotherapeutic range, the focus is on repairing the foundations first. We place a big emphasis on creating healthy systems and functions of our cells, repairing the barrier function and allowing the skin to function correctly. Working this way means you have a strong healthy canvas to start with, anything you do after that gets such a better result. 74 | SPA+CLINIC

The treatment plan

The powerful ingredients

Tegan Frost from Divine Skin and Beauty is a very talented Corneotherapist and was just named NZ Therapist of the Year at last month’s awards evening. I first met Tegan eight years ago and mentored her for a few years. She has just continued to grow and succeed in her career and we are so happy to have her as a part of our Prologic family. Her two clients used the following products, one treating acne, the other treating pigmentation: •P igmentation – Pigment Cleanser, Pigment Serum, Pigment Moisturiser, Hydrating Treatment Spray. These results were achieved from Feburary 2021 – June 2021 • Acne – Gel Cleanser, Anti Acne Spray, Repair Moisturiser, Omega 3 Treatment Oil. These results were achieved from April 2021 – May 2021

One of the main reasons for launching Prologic was the need for treating specific Southern Hemisphere skin conditions, such as Pigmentation. Pigmentation is hard to treat, and it’s important to look at the Melanogenesis process in full detail and what happens at each enzymatic stage. Without having an inhibitor at each of those stages the results are limited. Within our three pigment products we have an inhibitor at each point to stop these processes. Ingredients like Tyrosinase inhibitor Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Dopa and L-Dopa Inhibitor Licorice, and Melanosome Transfer Inhibitor Niacinamide. With our Acne range we really wanted to have the ability to treat all types of Acne, not just excessive oil flow related. We are seeing an increase in adult acne tending to be more


lipid dry. This is where a few of our hero products come in, our Anti Acne Spray, which doesn’t interrupt the oil levels of the skin. However the tea tree extract along with the urea, help to decrease bacteria at lower levels of the pilo sebaceous duct, while Panthenol helps with inflammation. Our Gel Cleanser is pretty special, it’s actually a triple use product, it can be used as a cleanser, spot treatment or a mask. The salicylic acid helps to slowly unblock sebum plugs while having an anti-microbial and anti-viral effect.

Award-winning Prologic stockists Our stockists are our number one priority, you will often hear us talking about our “Prologic Family”. Once you become a Prologic stockist, you really do become a part of our family. Having been a handson skin therapist myself for 16 years, I’ve been there and know support from your suppliers is so important. Education is really important to us, and having knowledgeable and confident therapists is essential. Having a rapport and personal connection to our stockists is something that I know they really love. I always say it’s not the one big thing you do, it’s the 100 little things. I founded Prologic Skin Care in New Zealand, and am proud to have a distributor in Australia who understands and represents the brand’s core values. Paula Cliffin is a corneotherapist and skin specialist with a focus on caring for oncology and auto-immune challenged clients, as well as sustainability. With her as exclusive Australian distributor of Prologic Skin Care by my side, we can’t wait to see the brand expand into many more skin clinics that share our passion for ethical, sustainable, and progressive skin care. For more information on Prologic Skin Care, visit

Tegan Frost, Divine Skin And Beauty | 75

ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEW ERA OF AESTHETICS? TINA VINEY takes us through her forecast of changes within the aesthetics industry.


s CEO of an industry standards body/association, my responsibilities include examining the industry landscape, both within Australia and globally to investigate research advances, new technologies, consumer mindset, and trends that will impact the future of the industry. This data allows us to proactively determine and design safety standards, educational initiatives and pursue regulations that will protect the future of our members and our industry. In this article I will touch on some key drivers that I believe will redefine and shape the future of services within the personal appearance skin and age-management sector, as well as new initiatives to support the industry during these challenging times.

Workplace diversity Since COVID, we are seeing several shifts driving change in the way we need to do business. The lockdowns have directed consumers to seek answers through their own online research, exposing them to alternative solutions to their skincare needs. Our research confirms that since the lockdowns, over 30% of our clients have not returned. In some cases, subtle changes are driving expectations towards different priorities. While pre-COVID ‘results and treatment outcomes’ were the number one priority, ‘safety’ now holds the prime position. Consumers are increasingly questioning what we apply on their skin and the safety consideration of our procedures. COVID has made us more aware of our mortality and the issues that may influence our health are becoming more important. Workplace diversity is a common topic of conversation among employers and recruitment professionals. But diversity and inclusion in the workplace isn’t just factoring in age, gender, race and religion, it is also about hiring a wider range of people to add value to a business. Increasingly, business leaders are identifying the need to extend the range of services they provide to improve on tangible benefits for business survival, attract a new client demographic, as well as retaining existing client loyalty by expanding their scope of practice. The presupposition that you just need to specialise in one thing is now considered narrow minded and risky. Astute businesses are revisiting their business model to incorporate comprehensive wellness programs, stress-management, nutritional support, and mental wellbeing support. 76 | SPA+CLINIC

Tina Viney

The trend away from heat-based rejuvenation At our recent conference program, Gay Wardle presented a compelling lecture on Heat Shock Protein Stimulation. Gay discussed the mechanisms of heat shock proteins (HSP) as a family of proteins that are produced by cells in response to exposure to stressful conditions. They were first described in relation to heat shock but are now known to also be expressed during other stresses, including exposure to cold, UV light and during wound healing or tissue remodelling. Many members of this group perform what is known as chaperone functions by stabilising new proteins to ensure correct folding, or by helping to refold proteins that were damaged by cell stress. This increase in expression is transcriptionally regulated.


What we now understand is that excessive and prolonged use of heat-based treatments, especially if they are performed at close-proximity and high temperatures can contribute to collagen degradation, therefore it is important that only qualified practitioners operate these technologies, as burns can result in permanent skin degradation. Nevertheless, with appropriate controls, heat-based technologies will continue to offer excellent skin treatment solutions, however, emerging new advances in skincare formulations are now introducing effective ways of improving the skin without the need for heat or trauma.

New skincare technologies Biotechnology has come a long way over the past five years. Advances in manipulating ingredient molecular size and more advanced delivery systems have contributed to sophisticated ways of optimising cell-to-cell communication - even the appropriate application of larger ingredient molecules is now clinically proven to have a level of penetration capabilities. Mechanisms that support immunity by improving the microbiota and restoring the skin’s biofilm against degradation are proving effective in preventing pre-mature ageing and optimising cell renewal. Advances in epigenetically active ingredients that intentionally influence the genes of skin cells are able to support longevity and protect against premature ageing. Many new-generation skincare formulations focus on minimising inflammation. As we know, low-grade ongoing inflammation is a key contributor to ageing. Knowing that you can now rejuvenate the skin through nurture, rather than aggression, is considered a welcoming breakthrough. Advances in biotechnology are identifying new techniques in harnessing peptides and naturally derived botanicals to achieve impressive treatment result that can even rival equipment technology.

Wellness and nutrition reaches a new level Consumer interest in safety and wellness services has reached a new level and is valued and sought with eager intent. The stigma of discussing mental health issues has vanquished since COVID. Consumers now value those who can provide them not just with smoother skin, but also help them improve their disruptive sleep, lower stress levels, and even help them with low energy and mood issues. The era of Beauty and Wellness nutrition has now become mainstream. Leading skincare companies are investing in pure and safe nutritional and food-based formulation to improve gut health, support hormones and energy levels as well as enhance the skin.

Mental health and wellbeing According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, between 16 March 2020 and 24 January 2021, almost 11.5 million Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) -subsidised mental health-related services were delivered nationally ($1.3 billion paid in benefits). In the four weeks to 24 January 2021, 736,344 services were delivered,

exceeding the services provided in the same period of the previous year by 6%. Uncertainty breeds anxiety and during these turbulent times businesses must remain agile and flexible to change. Small business owners are often required to carry a diverse range of responsibilities to maintain business viability. In our industry the compounded stress is often leading to mental health issues contributing to reduction in productivity and inability to visualise strategies for sustainability and implement a plan for future growth. We found that almost 42% of businesses we surveyed stated that because of the challenges in coping with their stress, they preferred to decrease staff numbers and downsize their business.

“The stigma of discussing mental health issues has vanquished since COVID. Consumers now value those who can provide them not just with smoother skin, but also help them improve their disruptive sleep, lower stress levels, and even help them with low energy and mood issues” While the Government is providing support measures, APAN is taking an industry-specific focused approach. As a result of on-going industry feedback, we are launching later this year the MENTAL HEALTH AND BUSINESS PROGRAM. This is a clinically proven 12-unit program developed by a highly qualified HR and wellness expert who is designing the program to provide a tailored approach in line with our specific industry needs. The program will provide mental health and leadership development tools to help business owners gain resilience, enhance their capacity to view the future with greater optimism, identify options and viable possibilities for sustainability and on-going growth. It will also help improve relationships both in the workplace and beyond. Supported by several tools including notes, worksheets, videos, and feedback forms, the program will enhance skills in preventing mental health issues, master stress, self-leadership and accountability, courageous conversations and more. Life will continue to have its disruptions, however expert help is now available, and incredible opportunities still await you. APAN is continuing to refine the services they are providing, both through individual consultations and support. Please contact us if you need help. An Expression of Interest for the MENTAL HEALTH BUSINESS PROGRAM can also be accessed from our website or phone 07 55030 360. Tina Viney is the CEO of Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN). | 77



DEBATE It’s often the most overlooked and underrated step in your patients’ skincare routines: cleansing. We asked three skin experts what we really need to know about cleansing. MEET THE EXPERTS

Dr Eleni Yiasemide, Dermatologist, South Derm


Shoshana Eisner, Pharmacist and Founder of QED

Mari Carmen Vaquero, Product Manager of mesoestetic Pharma Group

Does every skin type need a different cleanser? EY: All skin types will benefit and suit the use of a gentle soap free

.med www


EY: No, double cleansing is not recommended by dermatologists. It


DNA Repair Technology

Advanced Sunscreen Filters

360o Environmental Protection

will only strip the skin of its natural oils and protective layer and impair the barrier function of the skin. When the barrier is impaired, the skin

“...the type of cleanser you use will also depend on the weather, environment and even your hormones. So, when your skin is dryer – it needs a more nourishing and hydrating cleanser. When it is oily, it needs a more exfoliating cleanser”

Invisible Finish On All Skin Tones

u om.a

Is double cleansing at night necessary?



cleanser. It should rinse well without leaving a soapy residue and it should not irritate or strip the skin of its natural protective barrier function. So, skin should be left feeling clean and hydrated and not stripped, irritated or dry or cracked. Ingredients such as ceramides respect the barrier of the skin and replenish the natural lipids or fats in the skin. I think that most people need to have a few different cleansers available at hand. In the morning for instance, they should use a really gentle hydrating cleanser. At night, especially if you need to remove makeup or have oily skin then you want a cleanser that is more active in exfoliating the skin (such as containing salicylic acid) but still gentle and one that respects the barrier function of the skin. Also, the type of cleanser you use will also depend on the weather, environment and even your hormones. So, when your skin is dryer – it needs a more nourishing and hydrating cleanser. When it is oily, it needs a more exfoliating cleanser. SE: People think of cleansing as just cleaning and tend to be least fussy about what they use but actually cleansing is the most important part of your skincare routine. Yes, of course cleansing is about getting rid of makeup and daily grime and unblocking pores but ordinary foaming cleansers tend to completely strip out the skin. Your squeaky clean skin is a sign that literally all of your protective oils have been removed, which means that your poor expensive moisturiser has to undo the damage wrought by your cleanser, instead of taking care of your skin. This is why it’s critical to use a cleanser that is right for your skin type and your skin’s sensitivity. Choose your cleanser wisely and you will see a dramatic difference. MCV: Yes, of course. Each skin type has specific needs, and this is just as true for a facial cleanser as for any of the products you include in your routine. When choosing a cleanser, the skin type is as important as its texture. For example, dry skin contains less lipids, so a sulphate-based foaming cleanser can be harmful to the cutaneous barrier of the skin. In this case, the best solution is an oil-based cleanser, such as squalene, a very gentle oil that can enhance the skin’s protective barrier while softening and nourishing the skin. However, oily skin requires more scrubbing to remove the excess fat that builds up on the skin which can cause blemishes to appear. For this type of skin, it’s better to use a foaming cleanser that contains active ingredients such as salicylic acid, which, thanks to its gentle exfoliating action, helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes.

Supercharge Protection

100% Vegan



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Dr Eleni Yiasemide recommends CeraVe Hydrating Cream-toFoam Cleanser

is more sensitive and more likely to develop irritation and allergies. If you are using the right cleanser, then there is no need to double cleanse. After cleansing, your skin should feel clean and fresh but not stripped, dry or taut. A good cleanser should also not leave any residue on the skin - so there is no need to double cleanse to remove this residue. SE: It really depends on the products you are using and how much makeup you wear. I don’t believe double cleansing is a one-size-fits-all rule, rather using the right cleanser is essential. A no-rinse cleanser which is applied using a cloth or cotton round, wiping off the excess, will deeply cleanse your skin and simply wipe away dirt and makeup. You can actually see the dirt coming off. Apart from being very satisfying, you can actually see when your skin is clean. This means you don’t over-treat, waste product and most importantly, you don’t flush fabulous, nourishing ingredients down the drain with the water you use to rinse it off. Basically you’re keeping the good stuff on your skin! MCV: The formulas in today’s facial cleansers have evolved to strike an ideal balance between efficient cleansing while at the same time keeping the skin looking healthy by respecting the hydrolipidic layer of the skin, its pH, and even the cutaneous microbiota. More innovative ingredients are also being included to help remove all types of impurities and dirt, even the most resistant ones, such as particulate pollutants. In short, if the right product is used correctly, a very effective cleanse can be achieved in just one step. However, double cleansing is recommended if you use makeup. Mascara, lipsticks, etc., are wax-based formulas that are difficult to eliminate and the best way to remove them is with oil-based cleansers or two-phase solutions.

“After cleansing, your skin should feel clean and fresh but not stripped, dry or taut. A good cleanser should also not leave any residue on the skin - so there is no need to double cleanse to remove this residue.”

Do any of the ingredients in cleansers penetrate the skin or does it all just go down the drain? EY: A cleanser’s main goal is to clean the skin and prepare it for serums

Shoshana Eisner recommends QED Deep Hydration No Rinse Cleanser

Mari Carmen Vaquero recommends mesoestetic micellar biphasic


and moisturiser. By removing dead skin cells, cleansers will make the skin look and feel better. However, active ingredients are best put into serums and moisturisers that penetrate into the skin rather than something that is washed off. I don’t recommend my patients waste money on expensive cleansers for this reason. A good cleanser can be found at an affordable price point from the chemist. SE: This is an excellent question and one of the reasons that I love using a no-rinse cleanser. With any good treatment cleansers, it is best to leave them on the skin for a few minutes before you rinse them off, if you want to maximise the benefit of the ingredients. MCV: The ingredients in a facial cleanser, whose function is to clean, don’t penetrate in the same way as the ingredients in an anti-ageing serum or cream, which stays on the skin longer. That is why each product has different formulations and excipients. However, thanks to innovation and evolution of active ingredients, specific delivery systems have been achieved ensuring that these ingredients remain on the skin to continue carrying out their action, even if it is only for a short time of exposure and the product has been removed by water.

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Is it ever beneficial to use a cleansing brush or device? EY: Cleansing brushes and devices are great for oily and thick skin. They

are also great for skin that has enlarged pores and is prone to blackheads (open comedones). I recommend only using the device once or twice a week. I don’t recommend these devices for dry skin types, for sensitive skin types or for rosacea-prone skin. SE: They certainly work well to cleanse the face and are a great solution for a person who enjoys using a tech device and as such may spend more time in their cleansing, which will give them a more thorough clean. However, I am not convinced that they necessarily give a better cleanse than cleansing attentively with a good cleanser. That is what I really like about using a no rinse cleanser with a microfibre cloth, you know that your skin is really clean when you wipe and the cloth comes back clean. My other reservation with the cleansing devices is the temptation to use it too firmly on the skin, which basically makes it into an exfoliating device. You really don’t want to exfoliate more than twice a week. MCV: There is no doubt that the devices that accompany a facial hygiene routine have become essential for skin-care practitioners in recent years. These devices, in addition to improving the facial cleansing experience, provide multiple benefits to the skin: They mainly help to eliminate the dirt and impurities that build up, primarily on the cheeks, chin and forehead. If the manual cleansing is not done thoroughly and consistently, it may, in many cases, be insufficient. Beyond removing impurities, the massaging action during their application reactivates microcirculation in the skin, increasing its oxygen levels and, as a result, adding a touch of luminosity and turgor to the skin. However, it’s important to realise that not all skins are the same. As with any other product, using them incorrectly or at the wrong frequency, or using the wrong type for your skin, can alter the barrier function, leading to excessive dryness, irritation, even sensitivity. That is why you should check with a professional before you include a facial brush in your routine, especially if you have sensitive skin or acne. It’s the perfect accessory if you use it at the right frequency with a cleanser that is suited to your skin type.

Is Micellar water harmful to the skin? EY: Micellar water is a great ingredient that I recommend mainly

Best. Facial. Ever.

The results Boosts skin hydration

Plumps out lines and wrinkles

Increases product absorption for deeper penetration of topical skincare products Restructures, rebalances and optimises cell function

Volumises for a firmer, more lifted appearance

Enhances microcirculation for improved brightness and optimum skin health Lessens the appearance of UV damage and pore size


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for makeup removal. It is an oil-in-water emersion. A good micellar product will not compromise the barrier of the skin and is better than using makeup wipes to remove makeup. Most make up wipes contain preservatives that can irritate the skin or develop allergies. Micellar water is generally free of these preservatives. SE: Micellar waters are fun. However, as far as the skin is concerned they work just like a strong detergent on the skin and are highly stripping. This is their purpose. They “emulsify” (separate) oil from water, to easily strip away dirt, oil and makeup but unfortunately they also emulsify the good protective oils. You know it. That is why your skin feels “squeaky” clean and tight after you use them. MCV: Micellar water was developed to remove makeup and cleanse in a single step without having to rinse. It sounds like magic! But how does it do that? Well, through the so-called micelles. Micelles work like magnets; they are chemical structures with a hydrophilic head and lipophilic tail that combine to form spheres. These spheres efficiently encapsulate the dirt, trapping fat, make-up and impurities of a lipophilic nature inside. These products are easy to use and have an effective and gentle cleansing effect on the skin. However, although they don’t have to be removed in theory, in many cases, micellar water contains surfactants (substances that work like “soap”) that, if kept on the skin, can irritate and compromise its barrier action. Which is why if you do use them, they should be rinsed afterwards.

Welcome to the Rezenerate Revolution.

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Newly appointed Venus Bliss ambassador, VENUS WILLIAMS, shares her thoughts on beauty, self-care and the importance of finding Bliss every day.


enus Williams, one of the world's most powerful women, has been appointed global brand ambassador for Venus Bliss, one of the world's most powerful beauty devices. In her new role, the tennis superstar will work closely with Venus Concept on brand awareness campaigns for the body contouring device that turns the dream of fast, painless fat loss (without diet and exercise) into a reality. Recently launched in Australia, Venus Bliss combines two distinct modalities – four diode laser applicators AND an (MP)2 applicator (powered by Multi-Polar Radio Frequency, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields and VariPulse technology) – to reduce fat on the abdomen and flanks as well as cellulite around the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. In her first major interview since taking on the ambassadorship, Venus discusses the importance of beauty, self-care and Bliss in her life.

What is a typical day like for you? I don't think there is a typical day. I am just moving around non-stop. The first thing I do in the morning is get out there on the courts, and then I spend a few hours in the gym. After that, I go to the office and interact with my teams and then do my physical therapy. Then, in the evenings, I spend a lot of time with my parents or my niece – my day is completely packed with work and family.

How do you balance being an athlete, business woman and women's rights activist? Honestly, I don't know that I do. I live a very unbalanced life. I think when you're trying to achieve different things, or if you have family and a job, life goes up and down. It's not always balanced, so it's

“It's not always balanced, so it's about finding those moments of balance and finding those moments of self-care so that you can deal with an unbalanced life. I think most of us are trying to balance multiple things, and it's not easy.” 82 | SPA+CLINIC


“I saw visible results! One of my goals is just to freeze time where I am, so I'm constantly thinking of ways that I can continue to tighten my skin and continue to encourage my skin to stay where it is right now.” about finding those moments of balance and finding those moments of self-care so that you can deal with an unbalanced life. I think most of us are trying to balance multiple things, and it's not easy.

Bliss because I love beauty, and I love all things in beauty, whether it's topical or whether it's new technology.

What does confidence mean to you?

First, I thought the Venus Bliss treatment was very relaxing, and I was just happy to stop for a moment. I was also very happy to find something that works. I think you can sometimes do things, but you don't get the results you like and then you're very unhappy.

What did you think of the Venus Bliss treatment?

Confidence to me is something earned. Sometimes it comes naturally but not always, so confidence is something that you work on and work through to get. Sometimes people think, 'if I wasn't born confident, I'll never get it,' but no, it's something you can work towards. A lot of times it's not easy to feel confident, but it's unrealistic to think that you're going to feel confident in every moment. No one does. Everyone has moments of ups and downs, but it's about making choices that you would make if you felt confident. Sometimes we make choices that may not be the best choice because we don't feel great at that moment, so it's about making the choices while believing in yourself.

What did you think of the results? I saw visible results! One of my goals is just to freeze time where I am, so I'm constantly thinking of ways that I can continue to tighten my skin and continue to encourage my skin to stay where it is right now. I try different ways just to look the way that I am right now because I love how I look, and I love how I feel, and I want to stay exactly this way.

How does looking good give you an edge? I think when you look good and feel good about how you look, then you don't have to think about how you look, so you're able just to go on and achieve what you'd like to achieve. But if you're constantly thinking about how you look or are feeling not so great about how you look, then you're so focused on that instead, so I always encourage people [to focus on how you feel]. I'll be in a changing room, and people will come out and ask, 'How do I look?' and I reply, 'How do you feel?' because if you feel good in it, that's all that matters. If you love it, if you feel great, if you feel confident and ready to rock it, go for it. I have to say I sometimes think I look my best when I walk on the court because I actually do want to look good for what I do. I want to show up and be able to know that what I'm wearing [and my face and hair] looks great, so I can just go play.

Any advice for people considering Venus Bliss treatments? Venus Bliss worked for me. I really enjoyed it, and it is something I would highly recommend as I was able to reach my goals with it.

What's your self-care routine like? My self-care involves lots of sleep, lots of water, lots of vitamins, lots of laughing, lots of stretching, and movies… I love movies. They just calm me down at the end of a really busy day. I also love alone time so I can breathe because my days are so busy that I need to reset for the next day.

What brings you Bliss?

Why did you decide to partner with Venus Bliss? I've partnered with Venus Bliss because it's something I've already used. I was so excited to have the opportunity to partner with Venus

Venus Bliss

I would say just being able to live my life the way I want makes me very happy, and being able to spend my time the way I want makes me very happy. Bliss for me is just being able to achieve my dreams, even if they are small ones, even if that dream is just to sit on my couch – those are happy blissful moments. This is an edited extract from Venus's first in-depth interview as Venus Bliss ambassador. For more information on Venus Bliss, visit | 83



t Cutera, we develop new solutions that give medical aesthetic professionals the power to adapt, evolve, and stay at the forefront of the field so that they can deliver true patient satisfaction. Ideating, exploring, designing, testing, and developing new solutions is the foundation of our process that has created truly one-of-a-kind devices. Committed to providing world class customer service to our partners we have recently invested in growing our team to provide post-purchase support and customer engagement to match the unquestionable quality and performance of our aesthetic devices. Here’s what some of our clinic partners have to say about working with Cutera.

DR JOSEPH HKEIK, ALL SAINTS SKIN CLINIC: “We have had Cutera since the early days of All Saints and the experience has always been extremely positive. The device is reliable, easy to use and backed by science. Additionally, Cutera has always been a great company to work with, really believing in their devices and offering support to our team whenever we have needed it. Most importantly it enables us to give our clients impressive and reproducible results. I would say that the Excel V+ is way ahead of other technologies on the market. It is a highly engineered and versatile device that targets vascular and pigmentary conditions. At All Saints, we use it for many different indications and it is great to have one device that is so flexible, treating such a range of conditions on all skin types including: deeper, darker vascular lesions, rosacea, photodamage and facial telangiectasias. It forms an essential part of our signature Red Carpet Laser Facial with its Genesis component, improving fine lines, wrinkles and promoting collagen, as well as softening scars. The green Genesis targets reds and browns on the face and the body with no downtime. In addition to all these benefits, the Genesis treatments are twice as powerful in half the time.”

DR CLAIR MCCARTNEY, SANCTUM MEDICAL AESTHETICS: “I have been using Cutera lasers since I first started in Cosmetic Medicine, and continue to purchase them because of their reliability, flexibility in treatments and the exceptional customer service that continues well after the purchase with Cutera. A particular favorite of mine is the Xeo platform. At my clinic, Sanctum Medical Aesthetics, I have the Cutera Xeo with headpieces Limelight, Prowave, PEARL and Acutip, as well as the 1064nm Laser Genesis. I love being able to see a patient for a holistic treatment that includes a full face Limelight for freckles and pigmentation, some Acutip for blood vessels and hard to reach areas, finished off by a Laser Genesis to the decolletage. We pride ourselves on treating the person, not the single issue, and for this reason the Xeo continues to perform for our patients and our clinic. We have grown our Cutera platform from an initial workhorse Xeo to include two Excel V+ lasers. In the next 12 months we have our sights set on another Xeo for our second clinic and to branch into TruSculpt and Truflex for body contouring.”



DR ALLAN CLARKE, ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON, SUNSCULPT BODY CONTOURING: “Muscle wasting and weakness often occurs following reconstructive joint surgery and can prolong post-op rehabilitation. I was impressed with the Cutera research that showed a rapid increase in muscle bulk following treatment with truSculpt flex. I tried the flex on myself and was astounded at the results after four treatments both in terms of strength and muscle bulk. I have now used the flex at SunSculpt, located in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, with excellent results in selected patients. In my opinion, the truSculpt flex delivers both muscle sculpting and toning faster than any other treatment modality.”

LISA RUSH, LISA RUSH SKIN CLINIC: “At Lisa Rush Skin Clinic we are passionate in providing our patients with ‘state of the art’ treatments that are safe, effective, and achieve outstanding results. Moving to the realm of body contouring was a natural progression for us with such a growing market. We chose Cutera and the truSculpt iD not only because of the capability of the treatment system, but also because Cutera provides excellent education and business support. We love the truSculpt iD because it takes body contouring to the next level. It is quick, painless, achieves outstanding results with an average of 24% fat reduction per treatment and enables us to treat much smaller, more targeted areas”. DR SHOBHAN MANOHARAN, BRISBANE SKIN: “The Cutera Enlighten III Picosecond laser is a tremendously versatile device that I believe is gold-standard in its class at present. While useful in removing tattoo pigment, we have extensively and successfully utilised it in the treatment of difficult pigmentary conditions such as melasma and Naevus of Ota. I also use it as one of my go-to treatments for toning, rejuvenation and acne scarring in darker skin types. Cutera have provided excellent support and aftercare, and have always been receptive to my feedback and requirements.”

DR SHYAMALAR GUNATHEESAN, ODE DERMATOLOGY: “The Cutera truBody system yields great clinical results for muscle building and non-surgical fat reduction. A muscle building device like truSculpt flex can be used alongside a fat reduction technology like truSculpt iD to elevate body aesthetics to the next level. At ODE Dermatology, my brand new medical and aesthetic dermatology clinic in Melbourne, the truBody system is woven into multi-modality protocols to ensure visibly transformative results on both the inside and out. The patient benefits most in this way because not only do we help them reduce fat and tone muscles (internally), we also restore external skin radiance, reawakening a full body glow and a renewed sense of vitality.”

DR SEAN ARENDSE, FLAWLESS REJUVENATION: “Cutera has done it again by developing leading technology and partnering with leading physicians world-wide to bring new innovation to the industry. The gold standard in the industry for fat reduction is the truSculpt iD reducing treatment times down to 15mins with an average of 24% reduction in fat per treatment. Over the last couple of years, we have seen the introduction of devices which can now build and define muscle. Everyone wants the muscle definition without spending hours in the gym, so the truSculpt flex is an absolute game changer with the ability to build and define muscle in your lunch break. From the minute I bought my first Cutera device, I was blown away. Cutera devices deliver results time and time again, consistently, reliably and safely. I know that when I turn the key on my Cutera device that is will always fire up and deliver the results not only I expect but that my clients expect. Partnering with Cutera allows me to keep my practice ahead of the curve. Cutera’s constant innovation allows me to offer new proven treatments, and results to my aesthetic clients. The ongoing support that not only me but also my staff receive from Cutera is something that I have not experienced with any other device company.” | 85

NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU don' t With tattoos now mainstream, so is tattoo removal. We compare some of the best tattoo removal lasers on the market.




n November 2020, a McCrindle report on 'Tattoo Perceptions, Trends and Regrets' found Australia is seeing a growth in the proportion of people getting a tattoo compared to previous years. A whopping 25% of Australians now have a tattoo – up from 20% in 2018 and 19% in 2016, which consequently means the tattoo removal industry has grown rapidly in the last ten years. With tattoo removal technology constantly improving, it means people no longer have to fear

making a life-long decision when getting inked, which in turn means more tattoos, and more tattoo removal demand – a win/win situation for both tattoo artists and laser operators. Unsurprisingly, 22% of Australians say they have tattoo regret, and 25% have looked into tattoo removal. So if you want to tap into this multi-million dollar market, choose your tattoo removal device wisely. We have collated the best on the market.

Aussie Medi Tech Discovery PICO Plus • Multi-wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm, 694nm • Pulse durations: 370ps, 450ps, 6ns, 30ns (Ruby) • Spot sizes: 2mm - 10.5mm

Cutera enlighten • Multi-wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm, 670nm • Pulse durations: 750 ps, 660 ps + 2ns • Spot sizes: Up to 8mm (1064 + 532nm); Up to 6mm (670nm) | 87


The Global Beauty Group UltraLASE • Multi-wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm • Pulse duration: Less than 15ns • Spot sizes: Up to 7mm

Candela PicoWay • Multi-wavelength: 532nm, 730nm, 785nm, 1064nm • Pulse durations: ultra-short pulses of 250-300ps • Spot sizes: 2mm - 10mm


aussie 585nm

Diode Laser with the Best Wavelength for Vascular and Pigmented Lesions Multiple treatment options Including : Rosacea, Port Wine Stains



Skin Rejuvenation

Sophisticated technology for Maximum ROI: First Solid State 585nm Laser Purpura Free.

No Consumable or Maintenance costs.

Powerful Scanner with air-cooling adapter.

Compact and Portable System - only 13Kg.

Touch Screen for perfect treatment customisation.

Fiber Optic Handpieces up to 3 mm

Undeniable Results

ROSACEA - Capillaries

ROSACEA - Redness


All Pictures are Courtesy of Paolo Sbano MD s tp ht -s nm




om r.c

se t la am


Aussie Medi Tech Pty Ltd

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id ol er



Cynosure PicoSure • Multi-wavelength: 755nm, optional 532nm, 1064nm • Pulse duration: 50-750ps • Spot sizes: 2mm 6mm, Fixed 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

Cryomed Pastelle • Multi-wavelength: 532nm, 585nm, 660nm, 1064nm • Pulse duration: 5ns, 20ns, 300μs (Genesis mode) • Spot sizes: 2mm - 10mm




Nurse Ally Hanby from award-winning Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Practice Cosmetic Avenue gives us the lowdown on the common mistakes she’s witnessed in her eight-year career.


ccording to the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, each year Australians spend approximately $1 billion on cosmetic treatments. Surprising? Not really. The surprise comes when you hear firsthand how many of these treatments often go wrong and how many patients aren’t completely satisfied with their results. The issue often lies with the expert facilitating the treatment and their experience – we’ve all seen ‘Botched’.

Not knowing when to say no My biggest gripe is seeing patients coming into our clinic with previously over-filled lips and product migrating outside the vermillion boarder. It’s imperative to have the patient’s best outcomes at heart and not be sales driven, it doesn’t do you or your clinic’s reputation any favours if your patient is walking around looking like Donald Duck. There is also something to be said for ‘pushing back’ on patients, if your patient is looking for ‘too much, too soon’ in your professional opinion, I’d suggest taking them on a staggered journey to get there, it doesn’t have to be a solid ‘no’, but perhaps you can invite them to a few more visits to make them understand the effects / outcomes before overdoing it. If you deem the outcome to be unrealistic or unsafe, however, that’s where you need to learn to say no.

Poor consultation Time and time again I consult patients who have revived treatments from various injectors using both antiwrinkle and dermal filler and aren’t aware of all the risks associated with each treatment. It is a legal requirement for all patients to be made aware of all risks; common,

uncommon and rare. Again, this can only come back to bite you on the rare occasion that things go south.

Managing unrealistic expectations Anti-wrinkle injections are not indicated for static lines, only dynamic lines, it’s important to explain to patients that static lines will only be softened and not eradicated. It’s all about managing expectations and knowing what will work best for each individual person and tailoring your approach.

Perceived results vs actual results As humans our perception of ourselves can be overly critical and skewed. Patients who come in complaining that their dermal filler treatment has completely gone are those who need gentle reminders of the difference between perceived results and actual results. Perceived results are what the patient sees in the mirror, this can be skewed and the comparison of before and after treatment is heavily reliant on one’s memory. Patients most commonly will say it’s all gone, or I can’t see any difference. It’s important to take high resolution pictures prior to treatment in order to manage perception, unrealistic expectations and highlight actual results vs perceived results.

Treating outside of current scope We all have to start somewhere but treating complex patients and/or anatomically complex/high risk areas early in one’s career can have catastrophic patient outcomes. Be mindful of one’s scope and if you are unsure or inexperienced in a certain indication seek out mentorship, external education and/or support from pharmaceutical business development managers for training.

Not knowing how to manage a vascular event It is imperative that adequate stock of hyaluronidase is kept on site at all times and having a current policy and procedure in place for the effective management of a vascular event. As well as making sure all injecting staff members receive training on how to implement policy and procedure. | 91


w.c y

The Only Expandable RF Platform You’ll Ever Need / by

no s


Designed for Your Practice’s Success / The only true temperature-controlled radiofrequency probe for women’s wellness. The TempSure Vitalia probe is specifically designed for your patient’s smaller, hard to reach areas. Now you can provide your patients with easy treatments to maintain their wellness without hormones, invasive procedures or downtime. WOMEN’S WELLNESS

*Through soft-tissue coagulation. **Treatment time vary on selected treatment areas. ©2021. Cynosure, LLC. All rights reserved. Cynosure is a registered trademark of Cynosure, LLC. TempSure is a trademark of Cynosure, Inc., LLC. owns exclusive rights to photography. Use of photography without written permission of Cynosure is prohibited. Model for illustrative purposes only and not an actual consumer of the product. Results may vary.



Revolutionary RF Delivery, Every time /

Wrappable Design Ideal for all Body Shapes /

The TempSure Firm handpieces are ideal for driving continuous, non-invasive monopolar RF energy to areas such as the abdomen, arms, buttocks, and thighs.

The world’s first wrappable RF applicator is here! TempSure FlexSure delivers hands-free, non-invasive deep tissue RF treatments in only 15 minutes.

sur e.c om The newest 60mm handpiece allows you to treat larger areas of the body in just five minutes**. Deeply heats tissue and temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite.

The flexible applicator curves and conforms to multiple body parts including abdomen, flanks, back, arms, buttocks, thighs and knees. MUSCLE BUILDING



Safe, Consistent, Reliable RF Skin Tightening* Treatments /

With TempSure Envi, you can give your patients an easy, gentle way to maintain tighter, younger-looking skin without invasive procedures or downtime, no matter what their skin type or the time of the year. SKIN TIGHTENING

Cynosure Australia

Delicate Cuts, HospitalQuality Coagulation /

TempSure Surgical RF technology enables surgical precision with aesthetic results. The device’s 4 MHz frequency creates less heat when cutting and coagulating tissue compared to competitive devices, resulting in minimal lateral thermal damage to surrounding tissues, and leading to a better aesthetic outcome. SURGICAL PRECISION

Cynosure Australia

Cynosure Australia

For more information, contact us at



Cynosure’s TempSure is one of the most versatile devices on the market. We chat to Dr IAN Chinsee about what makes TempSure a must-have technology to have as a clinic. Why did you choose to work with TempSure? I’ve had the TempSure in my clinic for about two years now. It was the first device that I purchased, and the attraction for me was its versatility. Although it is an RF (radio-frequency) machine, that energy can be used in a number of different ways to achieve a specific outcome.

Cynosure TempSure offers over 50 treatment options

“I don’t think there is a single patient who could not find some benefit from a TempSure treatment.”

What treatments do you perform with it? The TempSure can be used as a diathermy device for minor skin surgery and this is how I personally use it the most. In the clinic it is often used by my dermal therapist to treat skin laxity of the face or body (Envi and Firm handpieces). It’s a gentle treatment, and a good way to get patients interested in looking after their skin, especially if they are afraid of more aggressive or painful treatments. Users of the TempSure platform can also perform vaginal rejuvenation using a special handpiece (Vitalia). This can be combined with surgical labiaplasty as an adjunct treatment. A recent addition to the platform is FlexSure which is a flexible applicator for hands-free treatment of the limbs/body. I’m looking forward to combining this with liposuction treatments.

How does the TempSure work and what sets it apart from other devices in this area? TempSure uses radio-frequency technology to generate heat, and this in turn stimulates an inflammatory response in the skin, specifically in the dermis. The heat response stimulates collagen formation and ultimately results in skin tightening. This is the base technology and can be used over the entire body. Safety and efficacy are two of the most important factors in a medical device and TempSure contains a number of features to ensure that the skin reaches and maintains the target temperature without going over this and potentially causing a burn. Many other machines using similar technology don’t have the safety measures in place. 94 | SPA+CLINIC

Dr Ian Chinsee

What do you like most about the TempSure?

I really like its versatility. I like that it can treat a number of different areas and I like that multiple members of my clinical team are able to use it for various treatments.

Why would you recommend the TempSure to other clinics? I think it is a great ‘first machine’ for a clinic if you want to offer multiple types of treatments without buying a device for each specific area. It’s also a very good introduction to cosmetic treatments for patients who may not have had anything done before. And even if they have, what TempSure can offer is a skin maintenance routine to slow down the ageing process. I don’t think there is a single patient who could not find some benefit from a TempSure treatment. Dr Ian Chinsee is a Cosmetic Surgeon based in Brisbane. For more information on TempSure, visit

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Saying ‘no’ to certain patients is crucial to avoid disaster. We chatted to RN Kelly George and Dr Michael Zacharia for advice on how to navigate these sometimes tricky situations. Can you tell pretty much straight away if a patient has unrealistic expectations and what are the ‘red flags’ you see? MZ: During a consultation, we can generally see when ‘red

flags’ start to appear. Some indications may include: Patients wanting to know exactly what their result will be to the millimetre. Patients asking what guarantees can be given that they’ll be happy with their surgery results. They want a perfect result; a 100% symmetrical face. Patients who bring photos of different celebrity noses to a consultation wanting the same look, yet each celebrity has a different style nose. Patients who want to keep adjusting their 3D imaging to see what another millimetre may look like. They don’t realise the before and after imaging is only used as a reference tool for discussing different features. A patient who can only have surgery at a certain time and opts to choose their doctor based on surgery availability rather than the surgeon’s experience.

“Sometimes, they will refuse to agree to a consultation and at that point we say, well then we can’t make an appointment for you.” 96 | SPA+CLINIC

KG: Yes! In fact, we can often tell even from the booking process by the things they say to my receptionist. Usually, the client will have 'injector hopped', that is, they have been everywhere but haven’t been happy with anything. They also tend to want to tell you over the phone exactly what they need and often try and resist the consultation process. Our policy is that all new clients will have a consultation first, more often than not the “Red Flag” clients say they don’t need a consult because they “need 35 units and I can tell her where to put it”. Sometimes, they will refuse to agree to a consultation and at that point we say, well then we can’t make an appointment for you. Other times, they will reluctantly agree to the consult but then come in unwilling to hear any advice I have.

Were you taught about ‘difficult patients’ as part of your education/training? MZ: Part of our training involves interacting/consulting

professionally with patients. Attending seminars can also be a resource for anticipating ‘red flag patients’. Having a psychologist work at our practice assists patients in managing the postoperative period and can talk through any unrealistic expectations prior to surgery. KG: No, this is certainly not something we’re taught as a registered nurse in general, but even once we enter the


then made a deal with her. I said, why don’t we take a photo right now, I’ll go and print it out and I will draw where I want to place the product. I’ll then keep both pictures in your file, and when you come back for your review, if you’re unhappy, I’ll try it your way (this tactic obviously requires confidence in your own ability!). She agreed, and at the review she was ecstatic and allowed me to throw the original photo in the bin. BUT to this day, 3 years on, she still asks me if I’m doing it like the photo I took and drew on all those years ago!

aesthetic world, the early training focuses (rightly so) on clinical skills, but being successful in the aesthetic industry requires exceptional clinical AND interpersonal skills. Unfortunately, it’s really only with experience both in the clinic, working with large numbers of patients every day, and also once you start to attend really varied aesthetic conferences do you start to learn more about the psychology of patients and learn to identify body dysmorphia.

Should there be more support for practitioners on how to navigate patients/ turn them away in certain cases?

What advice would you give practitioners who may not have much experience with ‘difficult patients’ yet?

MZ: As much as a patient has the right to select their

surgeon, a surgeon should have the right to select their patient. Unfortunately, there are some patients who we may decline, who will write on every website review negative information as to why we preferred not to move forward with their surgery. This can be very damaging and is why we need to ensure all positive reviews are entered on all platforms with feedback from our clientele. KG: Yes, because ultimately red flag patients are body dysmorphic patients and that is something we, as healthcare practitioners, have an ethical obligation to help with (if the patient is open to it). We could even go as far as having a referral system in place where we could offer psychological help for patients if they need it. I believe when we have new patients visit our clinics, a brief screening process should be conducted so we can identify those patients who may have unrealistic expectations, and gauge the severity of the body dysmorphia if that is what we’re dealing with. Of course, you’re always going to have patients who don’t have a mental health issue but who will just never be happy no matter what you do! So it’s also about protecting yourself and making sure your clinical imagery is always consistent.

MZ: If a patient is having a big life-changing surgery, revision

Kelly George has mastered the art of consulting

surgery or you just get a gut feeling something isn’t right, I’d recommend you get your patient to have a psychologist appointment before surgery to talk through the process and how they may feel after surgery. Additionally, it is important to understand the support a patient has at home. It also helps to understand the personality history and any potential confidence issues. My main advice would be, don’t be scared to say no to a patient as sometimes this is what a patient needs to hear. KG: Trust your gut! Even when you’re a newbie, you get gut feelings. Listen to them. The only difference between me now and when I first started out is confidence. I felt like I needed to please everyone – but saying yes to these patients, and going against what you know is best for them, won’t actually make anyone happy! This patient will never be happy, you’ll be unhappy that you didn’t trust your gut, and the patient can now go around telling anyone who will listen that she’s unhappy with your clinic. I’d much rather her go around saying “Kelly wouldn’t treat me because she said I didn’t need that!” The people she’s telling will probably respect that you DO say NO, and want to visit you for your expertise!

Can you share a particularly difficult situation you experienced with a persistent patient and how you handled the situation? MZ: We had a patient who took off their cast and had a

full breakdown because she felt she looked too beautiful. She was getting too much attention and could not cope with the situation. This patient had continued working with our psychologist and had ongoing support provided by the whole MZ team. Now she is so confident and happy, which is great to see. KG: I once had a patient attend her initial consult and bring an A4 size piece of paper with her face on it, and she had drawn dots where she wanted me to inject her. I took one look at the photo and knew that if I placed any version of that product into the locations of the dots, the result would be a severe brow and lid ptosis – she would possibly be unable to even open her eyes for weeks! I spent 20 minutes explaining how muscles work and the science behind how the product works. I then explained why I believed that her requested injections sites would result in an undesirable outcome. And as she was warming to me, I | 97



Needling DIY hero, or a dermal disaster waiting to happen? Jessica Frost explores.


he rise of do it yourself skin treatments has seen an explosion in the number of at-home devices on the market. At some point we graduated from mashed avo and sticky honey to techy tools that aim to replicate in-clinic treatments. Unfortunately, the increased popularity of these at-home tools has brought along a surge of bad reactions, skin damage, and clients needing corrective treatments. The main culprit? At-home needling tools. Kelly Noone is a Dermal Therapist and Business Marketing Coach for the aesthetics industry who has seen the effects of at-home needling first hand. “Throughout COVID I saw a massive uptake in at-home skincare tools,” shares Kelly. “It seemed every second business that popped up with cutesy pink Instagram aesthetics and influencers promoting their products was an 98 | SPA+CLINIC

Kelly Noone

at-home skincare tool. I get the appeal because looking after your skin and having regular treatments in clinic can be expensive. But, there is a reason for this; quality! “Therapists that have studied and worked in the industry have experience with the skin and know a reaction vs an adequate response to treatments. What I struggle to see with at-home skincare tools is quality and long-term results.

The damage is real In an Instagram Reel, Kelly shared some of the side effects she’s had to correct because of at-home needling tools with a list including folliculitis, infections and even burst capillaries. She’s even had a client asking for help with ‘track marks’ that came as a result of putting too much pressure on her skin while using a device at home. “The few clients that have used at-home needling tools and have sheepishly messaged me to let me know


what they’ve done, have messaged to ask a plethora of questions. For example: Do I need to wear gloves? What depth should I do? Can I needle in my retinol? That alone scares me,” says Kelly. While Kelly admits that there are some amazing at-home skincare tools on the market, such as LED masks, she believes they should never be sold as a replacement to professional treatments. “Most of the time, the companies selling these devices aren’t reputable, have popped up out of no-where, can’t vouch for clinical results and don’t take responsibility for damage done. They should only ever be positioned as boosters to the professional treatments you have in clinic. If people are doing research and thinking this is a great replacement instead of seeing a professional, that’s when it can cause more damage than good,” says Kelly.

The warning is clear “For at-home needling and microdermabrasion (or typically referred to as pore suckers), stay clear! Don’t use them unless you want tissue damage, bruising and superficial damage,” warns Kelly. “The only thing worse than messaging your skin therapist to admit your wrong doings with skin, is messaging your hair dresser to admit you used packet dye and now you need an emergency appointment. Remember that skin needling, whether it be in clinic or at home, creates open channels within the skin leaving you open to cross contamination and infection if not done with the correct hygiene protocols. “The skin is our largest organ and protects us from the outside world. We don’t give it enough credit! It’s important to respect its function and respect the people who are qualified to work with skin.”

Should rollers be retailed? Nicola Kropach is the General Manager of Aesthetics Rx, a cosmeceutical brand that retails a derma roller for at-home use. She believes there is a place for needling tools in clients’ skincare routines, but inferior quality products are a huge cause for concern. “Consumers have access to many devices globally that may not carry the same safety and quality assurances that derma rollers sold in Australia must. It’s easy to be unaware of the dangers and the differences of using a device that isn’t listed on the ARGT and may be putting their skin at risk by using inferior devices, or devices that really should only be used by a trained professional,’ says Nicola.

Nicola Kropach

While it’s clear that things can quickly go wrong when using at-home needling tools, both Nicola and Kelly agree they can provide benefits when it comes to product penetration and textural concerns.

Client education is key

Ultimately, safety comes down to the choice of device and a therapist’s ability to manage their client’s expectations while providing adequate training and safety protocols to follow at home. Side effects of social scrolling “Therapists should only prescribe and sell derma rollers In Nicola’s opinion, it’s not just cheap devices causing the suitable for homecare use and they must spend time damage but misinformed influencers using their platform to educating their client about correct use and hygiene. The best sell these products. way would be to demonstrate with the client and have the “There has been multiple demonstrations and stories on client show them the correct use after the demonstration social platforms, sometimes by well-known celebrities, that so they can be sure the client has understood correctly,” give untrained advice. advises Nicola. “I’ve seen at least two instances where a celebrity or “The use of home care derma rollers is relatively safe influencer endorses using a home care derma roller in such provided the consumer is only using a device that has an a way that it makes the skin bleed; too many passes, too ARTG listing, and the needle depth is appropriate for much pressure, uncontrolled application and using a device home use. Aesthetics Rx Derma Roller that is better used only in a professional setting. “I wouldn’t want to see consumers using a needle depth “There are significant hygiene implications as well. If a beyond 0.25mm at home. Complications and injury can occur consumer is not across how to prepare the skin and the device for if a professional use derma roller with needle depths greater than safe, hygienic use, they can run into problems.” 0.25mm are used by untrained, unqualified consumers.” | 99


ASAPS’ STANCE ON THE TITLE OF ‘COSMETIC SURGEON’ The conversation surrounding titles used in the medical aesthetics industry continues.


he ACCSM recently announced their move to lobby the Australian Government to bring clarity and reform for all medical practitioners providing cosmetic surgery, without necessarily banning the title ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’, but changing the accreditation process. In response, Dr Robert Sheen, President of ASAPS, has provided SPA+CLINIC with the following exclusive commentary: “Today’s cosmetic surgery market is complex and confusing. Consumers are overwhelmed by a deluge of information and made-up titles. Many of these made-up titles are misleading and do not clearly state the recognised skills and training required by law. These potentially unsafe, unregulated, and even illegal practices may compromise patient safety and mask an inability of the practitioner to deliver high-level results. ASAPS is extremely concerned that Australian consumers continue to be misled by practitioners who self-label as ‘cosmetic surgeons’. Our members, who are registered as Specialist Plastic Surgeons, are seeing the adverse impacts of this misleading activity every day. At best, patients present to us to correct the unfavourable consequences of poorly performed surgery. At worst, patients experience devastating complications with life-threatening health implications. The title ‘cosmetic surgeon’ indicates to patients and the public that these practitioners do have specialist training of some kind. How can consumers make informed decisions when practitioners use misleading titles? • Australians believe it is wrong that doctors without any surgical training are allowed to call themselves surgeons • 81% of Australians agree that the title ‘cosmetic surgeon’ implies that the doctor is a registered specialist There are countless examples of patients who have experienced harm as a result of being misled by an unregulated title. This is a huge cause for concern. This is not a turf war. This is a rallying cry from patients that is echoed by ASAPS: practitioners must tell the truth about their qualifications. We are not telling these unregulated practitioners to stop performing surgery. We are asking them to tell the truth. What reason could a practitioner have for not telling the truth to a patient? We know that not holding specialist registration does not mean 100 | SPA+CLINIC

a medical practitioner is not able to perform any services within a particular speciality. There are countless dedicated practitioners in remote and rural areas who provide valuable surgical, anaesthetic, and obstetric services to their communities. They deserve praise and support for their significant contributions to patient welfare. The issue is that practitioners who refer to themselves as ‘cosmetic surgeons’ are usually practicing in urban environments that are well served by qualified, registered specialists. Unfortunately, the made-up title of ‘cosmetic surgeon’ is understood by reasonable Australians to indicate that these practitioners have specialist qualifications to provide those services. In reality, they do not. Not only is this in clear breach of section 118(1)(b) of the National Law, as we have highlighted in our recent submission to the Senate Inquiry into AHPRA, but it is a clear breach of ethics and a duty of care. ASAPS is addressing the widespread deception of patients who go on to experience harm, through the following: Calling on practitioners to not use misleading titles, and to tell the truth about their qualifications so that the patient can make an informed choice. Urging AHPRA to exercise its responsibility to ensure consumers are not misled and can make informed decisions that consider their safety and wellbeing, and patient outcomes. Educating the consumer to know the difference between a registered specialist plastic surgeon and someone using an unregulated title. Patients should be able to rely on the ethics of practitioners and expect that AHPRA would enforce Australian law and protect the public from harm before it occurs. […] The point is that when considered in the circumstances in which it is used, that is to inform patients of a practitioner’s medical qualifications and expertise, the title ‘cosmetic surgeon’ is highly deceptive. It does imply that the person is a specialist health practitioner and is qualified to practice in a recognised speciality. AHPRA needs to exercise its responsibility to ensure consumers are not misled and can make informed decisions that consider their safety, wellbeing and outcomes.” This is an excerpt from ASAPS’ statement, the full version can be found at

"If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can' t hear them anymore." – Michele Ruiz | 101



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Photographed by Brandee Meier, styled by Nadine Dilong



DR COSIMA KARLBURGER The Sydney based Cosmetic Physician is renowned for her natural results. Let’s get to know her a little better.

1. Why did you become a cosmetic physician? It literally is just something I fell into! I started my internship at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney in 2007 and immediately fell in love with the plastic surgery specialty. I was completing my senior residency in surgery when a colleague asked me if I would like to cover some shifts for him at a cosmetic clinic. It wasn’t long before I was so busy doing cosmetic injectable treatments that I no longer had time to work at the hospital and I’ve never looked back. I find work as a cosmetic physician the ideal combination between aesthetic artistry and sculpting, but with having my patients awake! I love the long term relationships that I build with people, the trust and their life journey that I am privileged enough to share with them.

2. What has been the highlight of your career? I have always found the Eastern European Aesthetic incredible with their gorgeous high cheekbones and the women always seem to age so beautifully, so in 2013 I decided to attend the 1st Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Moscow, Russia to find out more. Not only did I learn novel injecting techniques and new skillset from an injecting point of view, I also met my now husband! Well worth the trip ;-)

3. What is one of the biggest challenges working in aesthetics? Working in an unregulated industry. When I first started injecting 14 years ago, there was a trend towards having that one-on-one training with a mentor and working only under supervision for a considerable amount of time before progressing to injecting unsupervised. Since the launch of the chain clinics there has been a significant undersupply of experienced injectors to deal with the demand of the consumer so it is natural that injectors with less experience who haven’t had the in-depth one-on-one training have been brought on board, however considering the risks and complications associated with these types of treatments I am shocked that no ‘official’ training is required before working unsupervised in 104 | SPA+CLINIC

10 Questions With

this industry. A big shout out to all the injectors out there who have worked incredibly hard to educate themselves doing courses and regularly attending conferences, but it is still a pain point that I think the industry needs to address.

4. What is your favourite treatment to perform and why? My favourite treatment is when someone asks me to do what I think they need – these are usually my happiest patients because it allows me to make them look ‘harmonised’. Often I’ll see patients that have had their face as a whole neglected. They have repeatedly had a single area treated, for example cheeks or lips, and other areas such as temples or the perioral region completely ignored. Having had these treatments doesn’t make them look any better or more youthful, it just makes them look strange and often they’re not sure why they don’t feel happy with their results. That’s why my passion is to provide the harmonisation of the face as well as addressing the two other areas that are often neglected – the neck and décolletage. It’s really only when I create a harmony of youthful curves and symmetrical proportions along with improved skin quality and texture that I feel like I have provided a good service. I love to combine my dermal filler and Matrix PDO thread treatments with Byonik Laser facials to improve skin quality, healing times and skin tightening.

“... a BBQ with friends and family followed by drinks at Bondi Icebergs with the girls...”

5. What does your perfect Sunday look like? Waking up early to my little son for cuddles and then heading off to discover a fun new playground (our current favs are Chifley Sports Reserve, Chifley and Dickson Reserve Playground, Bondi). These playgrounds are also great for adults to get a workout so it's a 2-in-1, which every mum needs! After a busy morning play, brunch at Bills in Bondi is always a winner. In the afternoon a BBQ with friends and family followed by drinks at Bondi Icebergs with the girls (on my rare Sundays off) would be the icing on the cake!

6. Do you have a mentor? I am very lucky to have had a few amazing mentors during my career but in saying that I have not had a mentor every step of the way. Part of the challenge of working in a small practice is not always having someone to bounce your ideas off so I think it is really important for everyone to have someone to turn to, look up to and to be inspired by although this person doesn’t necessarily need to be from the same industry. Recently I attended an event and was incredibly inspired by Tracey Spicer who courageously shared her life story so rawly. Her passion for empowering women was a true motivation and inspiration for me and it can be these snapshots in life that can be incredibly powerful.

7. What is your favourite app and why? Instagram of course! Now I’m not great at posting – admittedly I’m an over thinker and it takes me about an hour to create an idea for a post, edit it and then not post it (haha!). But it is an invaluable way to learn from others, be informed and occasionally get sidetracked by some amazing holiday resorts. I’ve recently started following Dr Tim Pearce who has raised some very interesting topics regarding injecting techniques which might make me change some of my treatment recommendations in the future. We are so lucky these days to have such broad access to information and so many people willing to share their knowledge and experience. I just love soaking it all up!

8. Where will your first international holiday be once borders open? Italy for sure! A country close to my heart since I was a child. Having relatives in Europe meant that my mother always took me for extended travels to countries that she thought were most full of history. Perhaps that is where my love of beauty and aesthetics came from; I spent many days exploring Baroque churches and in a fantasy world of museums contemplating how incredible sculptors like Canova and Bernini could make marble sculptures look so full of life, so soft yet from a piece of stone – truly incredible.

9. What do you do to relax/recharge? At the moment I don’t get much time to relax whilst juggling being a wife, a mum and running a business but when I do get a chance for a weekend away I love to connect with nature. My usual escapes are to the Hunter Valley or Southern Highlands to revitalise and remind myself of what is truly important, to appreciate nature and life for itself. I did, however recently discover a new all inclusive “glamping” resort called Marramarra Lodge on the Hawksbury River which is accessible only by boat or seaplane. They had so many great nature inspired activities like fishing (turns out it’s actually fun!), kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, swimming – it made a weekend away feel like two weeks – it might be my new fav.

10. Coffee or wine? My son is two years old so at the moment it’s coffee, but wine does come a very close second for that very same reason (especially during lockdown)! | 105



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Candice Warner Official EMSCULPT NEO Brand Ambassador Always Original


Muscle Results and patient experience may vary. As with any medical procedure, ask your doctor if the EMSCULPT NEO® procedure is right for you. In the EU, EMSCULPT NEO® is intended for the treatment of obesity by fat reduction through neuromuscular stimulation, radiofrequency-induced lipolysis and increase of blood fl ow. ©2021 BTL Group of Companies. All rights reserved. BTL®, EMSCULPT NEO® and EMSCULPT® are registered trademarks in the United States of America, the European Union, or other countries. The products, the methods of manufacture or the use may be subject to one or more U.S. or foreign patents or pending applications. Trademarks EMSCULPT®, EMSCULPT NEO®, EMSELLA®, EMTONE®, EMBODY®, and HIFEM® are parts of EM™ Family of products. *Data on file.

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