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Dr Ben Talei


Create younger skin. Profoundly. Profound® dramatically improves ageing skin without surgery, fillers or toxins, so your patients can look years younger. •

Clinically proven 100% response rate

Creates elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid

Predictable results Clinically proven

100% response rate1

Profound naturally solves the biggest problem of ageing skin loss of volume and elasticity ÂŽ

For most physicians who provide aesthetic treatments, replacing lost volume in the dermis is one of the most challenging aspects of treating ageing skin. Profound replaces this lost volume and elasticity by fostering neoelastogenesis, neocollagenesis and the generation of new hyaluronic acid.3 Profound uniquely generates new dermal volume. This is the result of the natural healing process following a carefully controlled thermal impact in the dermis. For patients who prefer a natural approach, dermal volume and elasticity is created by fostering the body’s own healing process, without fillers or toxins. What signs of ageing can be treated with Profound? All areas of the face can be treated: periorbital, perioral, nasolabial folds, cheeks, jawline and neck. Profound is suitable for all skin types.

Nasolabial folds

Volumise cheeks

Volumise marionette lines

Tone lax jawline Add structure to neck

Ageing Skin

Younger Skin

Profound Lift Treat sagging jowls and loose skin under the neck Profound Contour Define the jawline (double chin) Profound Smooth Treat other areas of loose skin

Complete treatment control for all areas, in a single treatment ProfoundÂŽ is the first device with temperature controlled radio frequency clinically and scientifically proven to deliver energy directly to the deep dermis to stimulate neoelastogenesis, neocollagenesis and hyaluronic acid deposition. Profound delivers fractional radio frequency energy to the subcutaneous layer enabling treatment of adipose tissue and the septae as well.

With Profound, temperature, treatment time and treatment depth are each controlled independently. This means that each treatment can be completely customised to the individual and the particular skin condition being treated.

Needle Cutaway View

Temperature Probe

Real-time temperature control

Dermal and SubQ cartridges

100% predictable results, 100% of the time.

Unique real-time feedback

Single-use, sterile treatment cartridge with five or seven pairs of bipolar micro-needles, each pair with independent temperature control.

Know your exact treatment temperature endpoints, with a specific targeted effect.


Intuitive software

Dermal handpiece has integrated skin stabiliser for easy guided insertion and thermokinetic skin cooling bar. Both handpieces are lightweight.

Full treatment control: control of temperature at the treatment site, control depth of treatment, and time of treatment, all independently.

Easy touch screen interface

Sleek, attractive, mobile device Fits into any office setting. Moves easily from room to room, or between offices.

Intuitive, colour touch screen interface easy to use and carefully tracks treated areas.

Talk to us about how a Profound device could benefit your clinic. References 1. Based on results of a clinical study in 20 patients, measuring improvement in Fitzpatrick Wrinkle Scale at 3 months compared to baseline based on independent review of photographs. 2. Prospective Multicenter Clinical Trial of a Minimally Invasive Temperature-Controlled Bipolar Fractional Readiofrequency System for Rhytid and Laxity Treatment, Alexiades-Armenakas, Macrene et al. Dermatologic Surgery, 2012 3. Bipolar Fractional Radiofrequency Treatment Induces Neoelastogenesis and Neocollagneesis, Hantash, Basil et al. Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 2009

The first device to create all three skin fundamentals. Profoundly.

Elastin. Collagen. Hyaluronic Acid. Profound® is a revolutionary energy-based facial treatment designed to create new elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid – the building blocks that keep your skin smooth and elastic.

Awarded best energy-based microneedling device in the Aesthetic Industry Awards 2018.

Profound is a comprehensive treatment addressing both the dermal and SubQ layers. Confidently expand your practice offering with this single treatment procedure with a 100% response rate for wrinkles and a 95% response rate for skin laxity.2

Profound Results Before








Photos courtesy of Dr Benjamin Talei, M.D.

Visit www.syneron-candela.com or call 1300 (CANDELA) 226 335.

©2018. All rights reserved. This marketing material may include registered trademarks, trade-names and brands in certain jurisdictions of Syneron Candela group of companies. SYNCAN0092


AGE PREVENTION SKINCARE Protect your skin from BLUE LIGHT Constant exposure to blue light from screens, a lack of natural light and not enough sleep can alter our skins biorhythms causing wrinkles, dehydrated skin and a dull complexion



95% WRINKLES AND FINE LINES ARE SMOOTHED 71% IN THE MORNING THE SKIN LOOKS RESTED CLINIC ALLY TESTED Source : Satisfaction test carried out under dermatological control on 21 volunteers who use screens and do not get enough sleep. Daily application for 28 days. % of volunteers who noticed the effect.


EXCLUSIVE TO YOUR PAYOT SALON & SPA Call 1300 367 969 or 02 9874 1166 for the location of your nearest Payot Salon & Spa. www. payot.com | join us payotaustralia

PROFESSIONAL ONLY COSMECEUTICAL SKINCARE Repair the past, correct the present and prevent future damage with Liquid Laser Prescriptive from Alpha-H. lpha-H has earned a global cult following in corrective and preventative skincare with innovative products and of course - the one and only Liquid Gold. On a mission to create revolutionary cosmeceutical formulations, CEO Michelle Doherty created the professional-only Liquid Laser Prescriptive range in 2018, and it is specifically designed to help bridge the gap between the beauty counter and invasive treatments. With rich Australian heritage, the Alpha-H philosophy has always been that clients are a valued source of insight into consumer needs. With their own customer facing Clinic at HQ on the Gold Coast, it’s been this direct connection with clients that has enabled a very precise range to be created to address the challenges our skins face in the harsh Australian environment. One of these challenges is the skin reaching a stage of unresponsiveness. It is at this point that many of us find ourselves searching for the scalpel. And while surgical intervention is a very real option for many clients, there is a real risk of irreversible skin trauma, unpleasant results and long recovery times. Through the use of controlled trauma,

the Liquid Laser Prescriptive range really comes into its own. As the name suggests, the skin is diagnosed, range prescribed and treatment administered by accredited therapists who balance the application of actives in the 50% CHA-Peel with optimal exposure time over a course of six treatments. What’s great about the Liquid Laser Prescriptive range is its versatility. The range has been designed to synchronise with skin needling, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion and LED in a bid to correct texture, repair past damage and restore skin vitality and health. A complete cosmeceutical solution. The 360° at home care regimen contains an arsenal of powerhouse actives to continue the good work in-between peels including the Super C Cream with 20% vitamin C, and range hero HA Gel with 100% Hyaluronic Acid for immediate use post-peel. Seeing really is believing – or maybe it’s feeling is believing in this case and we suggest you join the global Alpha-holics movement and experience the power of Liquid Laser Prescriptive today.

“Knowing it’s a salon-exclusive range you can’t buy online or instore has certainly been a game-changer for Champions. Liquid Laser Prescriptive has evolved our service menu by allowing us to combine it with other treatments like needling and microdermabrasion, and in turn giving our clients more instant, visible results.” – Caroline Childs, Owner of Champions Hair Beauty Day Spa, Sanctuary Cove, QLD

LIQUID LASER PRESCRIPTIVE CASE STUDY – CHA PEEL 50% Female - early 60’s, non-smoker, wears daily SPF and moderate exposure to UV. Concerns: Uneven texture, broken capillaries, deep pores, sun damage and hyperpigmentation, deep visible wrinkles and enlarged pores. Prescription: Over a 12-week period, the client was treated with a course of six 50% CHA Peels and prescribed a home-care routine tailored to maintain and support in-salon treatments. Homecare Prescription: • • • • • •


Balancing Cleanser Liquid Laser Prescriptive Cleansing Oil Vitamin E Liquid Laser Prescriptive 20% Super C Cream Liquid Gold 24 Hour Moisture Repair Cream Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 30.

Results: Brightened uneven skin tone, improved firmness, reduced appearance of lines, pores, broken capillaries and sunspots.


Exclusively distributed by BLC Cosmetics. To register your interest please contact us on customerservice@blccosmetics.com or +61 2 9430 2200


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On the cover For decades, Syneron Candela has been a trusted name for dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical aesthetics specialists worldwide. They have engineered the systems that serve as the basis for building profitable practices – reliable solutions that use proven energy-based technologies to treat a vast array of conditions, on the full spectrum of skin types. The Company has a wide portfolio of trusted, leading products including Profound, PicoWay, VBeam Prima, Co2Re + Intima, Gentle Series, Ellipse, VelaShape and eTwo. syneron-candela.com.au

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Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Supplements may only be of benefit when the diet is inadequate.

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THE START of a new year is often a confusing time. As Christmas decorations are taken down and put back into dusty boxes for the next 11 months, gym membership cards often resurface from the deepest layers of our wallets. We’re motivated to make changes, be better, reach further, but technically nothing has changed but the page on our calendar and the digit at the end of the date. We could change our habits any day of the year, and yet, we feel January 1 is the best choice. Maybe it’s the collective aspect of it; if everyone does it, it’ll be easier, right? We can support and motivate each other, and say things like “new year, new you!” hoping that everything will improve. Our discipline is often short-lived, especially when it comes to exercise, but in other areas of our lives we tend to be more successful with our ambitions at the start of a new year. You’ve probably used January – usually a quiet month – to 'Marie Kondo' your business, your desk, or even just your e-mail inbox. Cleaning up and making way for new things and fresh ideas can be extremely helpful for your professional and personal development. With a clean slate, you can now implement new strategies to reach your goals for 2019.

As always, we’re here to give you tons of inspiration on how to do this: from ways to grow your revenue (page 24) to sprucing up your waiting rooms (page 40) and maybe even introducing some new add-on treatments into your menu (like teeth whitening, read more on page 66) – the options are endless. For SPA+CLINIC, 2019 marks an exciting time as we are not only celebrating our 20th anniversary in May, but we are also putting on our very first B2B event teaming up with Professional Beauty. ‘BEAUTY & SPA Insiders’ will be a day full of inspiring talks, innovative ideas, and engaging conversations lead by industry experts, and we truly hope it will be an opportunity to get you, our readers, together to support and lift each other up. I invite you to join us on May 27 and can’t wait to chat to you about all things beauty and spa, and how we can make this wonderful industry even better, because any day is a good day to make a change.


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LOVE LUXURY Experience 5 star luxury in your treatment room everyday. Create the ultimate spa room experience with superior hotel grade spa bed linens with our signature spa bed linen pieces. It’s about pure indulgence.



Stylish, cool comfortable uniforms made to work in. Corporate grade fabrics for easy wash and wear. Bleach resistant, fade resistant — made to last.


The LCMC exhibition space

Attendees could watch demo treatments

The new members of the ACAM


Laser Legalities

Morning tea

The 14th National Laser and Cosmetic Medicine Conference sparked interesting conversations and showcased the latest in laser technology. Mala McAlpin reports.


he first weekend of November saw the return of the National Laser And Cosmetic Medicine Conference, this year celebrating its 14th year at Brisbane’s Sofitel. The sunny two-day event saw the congregation of the cosmetic medicine industry’s finest, from plastic surgeons and registered nurses to clinic owners, keen to learn what’s new in trends, procedures and devices. The annual conference aims to provide medical professionals and cosmetic technicians with the knowledge and skills to keep them up to date with this everygrowing, fast paced area of medicine. The ballrooms played host to 9 to 5 education sessions across both days, with a broad range of topics hosted by leaders in their fields in addition to panel discussions and Q&A sessions. Guests listened to topics covering everything from business to techniques, as well as engaging workshops and device demonstrations. Highlights included an in-depth photobiology, tissue science and laser selection session with Professor Laurence Walsh, an interactive Complications & Protocols workshop including live audience 16 | SPA+CLINIC

feedback with Professor Greg Goodman, and Kate Gillman’s instructive session on legal dos and don’ts; including online reviews and third party payment providers – just to name a few! Other topics covered over the weekend ranged across facial anatomy, thread lifts, localised fat reduction and transfer, PRP, ultherapy, blepharoplasty, liposculpture and hyperpigmentation. The exhibition hall showcased some crowd favourites and some totally new brands and devices. BLOC Cosmetics were thrilled to be launching their brand new skincare and post-procedure makeup ranges, developed by Australian Dermatologist Dr Michael Freeman. Cutera have been hard at work launching their innovative new trueSculpt iD technology around the globe, generating plenty of excitement on the LCMC floor. Cryomed engaged attendees with a live demonstration of their latest, Ultraforma III, and HarpMed were excited to introduce attendees to their unique ENDYMED Intensif RF Microneedling device; boasting an exclusive 5mm depth capacity. Other event sponsors and exhibitors

The view from the Sofitel conference space

included Cynosure, DermoCosmetica, Galderma, High Tech Laser Australia, Lumenis, Merz Aesthetics, Sciton, Syneron Candela, KOSmedical, and Innovative Medical Technologies. Late Saturday saw the convocation of the new fellows of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine after which attendees were treated to a conference dinner party at the closing of Day 1 at Stokehouse Q, complete with breathtaking views of the Brisbane River. The LCMC will return in 2019 – dates and city location to be announced.


Come To Cosmetex

Transform your thinking with cosmetic industry trailblazers and revolutionary innovation


osmetex, now proudly in its 19th year, has been leading the way in industry events by bringing together the world’s best medical professionals, to share inspiring and engaging presentations, panels and workshops, showcasing the latest cuttingedge technology and advances in cosmetic surgery. This year, Cosmetex will unveil a refreshed Master Series format that aims to break the traditional conference mould. Taking place at the Hilton Sydney from Friday 5 to Saturday 6 April 2019, the redesigned program will not only provide delegates the opportunity to be a part of a more hands-on and interactive learning experience, but will also deliver unparalleled networking opportunities to ignite new ways of thinking and build valuable connections within the cosmetic industry. A key component of Cosmetex19 will be a series of interactive workshops, run in conjunction with their key partners, Merz Australia, Innovative Medical Technologies, Advanced Cosmeceuticals, Croma Australia and Galderma Australia. The Cosmetex team is excited to be working together with their partners to develop a unique and revitalised program, showcasing the very best of the cosmetic industry today.

2019 Program The hand-selected keynote speakers are trailblazers and torchbearers, renowned for their expertise and influence. Confirmed speakers to date include local and international thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers: Oculoplastic Surgeon and facial surgery expert Dr Benjamin Burt, former surgeon and now specialising in injectables Dr Niamh Corduff, Senior Plastic Surgeon at a state-of-the-art clinic in Dubai

Dr Francisco de Melo, Seattle based Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Antonio Mangubat, and Blepharoplasty expert Dr Angelo Tsirbas. Passionate about the cosmetic surgery field and industry-changing technology and innovation, they are among the best and brightest, who will share ideas and advancements in all cosmetic industry areas, from aesthetic training to cosmetic surgery. A highlight of the 2019 programme will be the exclusive Surgical Masterclass facilitated by international Keynote Speaker Dr Antonio Mangubat, Director of La Belle Vie Cosmetic Surgery Centers and Fellowship Training Director for the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS). Dr Mangubat will present on the ‘The Challenges We Face in Breast Augmentation Mastopexy’, performing a live demonstration of the procedure itself. As one of the most complicated procedures in body cosmetic surgery, this will be a once in a lifetime training opportunity for delegates and an experience not to be missed. Gone are the days of traditional programme sessions and formats. Cosmetex19 will engage, challenge and motivate you to leave with new ideas, industry connections, and skills for your future practice. Cosmetex is backed by the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, with its well-earned reputation for championing advancements within the cosmetic industry. President of the ACCS, Ron Bezic, says “Cosmetex19 is the one event on the cosmetic surgical and cosmetic medical calendar not to be missed. I look forward to personally welcoming you to sparkling Sydney next April.” cosmetex.org spaandclinic.com.au | 17


The Big Beauty Melbourne Revamp ‘Out with the old, in with the new’ must be Melbourne’s biggest beauty expo’s credo this year with many changes you can look forward to.


re you ready for a new and improved Beauty Expo Melbourne? The event for all beauty professionals has undergone a massive rebranding, and will now be known as ‘Beauty Melbourne’. This new identity is a subtle change designed to differentiate the event from its national counterpart, Beauty Expo Australia, held in Sydney each year. But it’s not just the name that got a makeover, Beauty Melbourne is introducing an All-Access Education Pass, which provides access to a non-stop schedule of Look ‘n’ Learn education sessions over the weekend that visitors can pick-and-choose to attend, depending on their preferences. The AllAccess pass also includes entry into Beauty Melbourne, with sessions taking place within one dedicated education room, in the midst of the action on the show floor. Whether it be subjects in aesthetics, skincare, brows, lashes, makeup, clean beauty and wellness, or business; the All-Access Education Pass will provide beauty professionals with 18 Look ‘n’ Learn


education sessions over the course of the event for just $189. Educators confirmed to present at the show this year include Dermalogica educator Lisa Paone, cosmetic tattoo guru Gordana Poljak, social media expert Heather Porter, nutritional skin specialist Chiza Westcarr, clean beauty industry-leader Cindy Lüken, brow henna specialist Jodie Burwood, bridal makeup artist Martha Mok, and dermal scientist Jennifer Byrne. A range of exciting exhibitors are already confirmed for this year. Covering the spectrum of beauty and aesthetics, visitors can expect brands like Dermalogica, Inglot Cosmetics, Pevonia, Murad, Lycon Cosmetics, Lash Sublime, The Global Beauty Group, Crown Brush, Eco Tan, and many more. From salon software heavyweights like Timely and Shortcuts, to natural beauty brands like Olie Pure Skincare and Indira Organics, there’s plenty to discover at Beauty Melbourne 2019. If you’re a beauty business owner or entrepreneur, Beauty Melbourne is delighted to offer a free Advice Hub in this year. A

selection of experts on various topics in business will be available throughout the event for complimentary one-on-one consultations with commercially-minded visitors seeking advice for their own enterprises – tailored to each individual. Following on from the success of Beauty Melbourne’s Proudly Australian and Proudly Natural initiatives, which highlight local brands and those exhibitors with products featuring natural ingredients, the event has introduced ‘Launchpad’ in 2019. Visitors can look out for the ‘New Launch’ signs on the stands of those brands that have launched a product in the six months leading up to the event or are launching a product at the show. The signifier will also appear on the Beauty Melbourne Event Guide and website exhibitor directory. It goes without saying that there will be plenty to discover, learn about, and take home at Beauty Melbourne, and team SPA+CLINIC can’t wait to be amongst all the action. Beauty Melbourne will take place on the 23rd and 24th of March at the MCEC. See you there!

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New Treatments 1.

What’s new in the world of facials, devices, and body treatments? Here’s a snapshot of the latest innovations and new offerings. 1. Laser Clinics Introduces Micro Filler

It’s filler, but not as you know it. Combining over 14 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with a uniquely formulated dermal filler, this revolution in anti-ageing helps stimulate collagen, boost hydration and improve skin elasticity. Micro Filler is administered evenly all over the face, neck, décolletage or hands by one of Laser Clinics Australia’s expert Cosmetic Injectors through a new and innovative delivery device, which evenly distributes 3ml of Micro Filler injections directly into the skin, across the whole face including sensitive areas like under the eyes. Micro Filler is a non cross-linked hyaluronic acid based gel, with eight Amino Acids, among them leucine, essential for the cell regeneration process and Glycine which stimulates the production of collagen fibres. The Micro Filler treatment itself will take 60 minutes to complete and the effects start coming through 10 days after the session. For optimal results Laser Clinics Australia recommend three full face treatments at three to four week intervals. To maintain maximum results one treatment every 8 months is recommended.


2. Dr Spiller Power Lift Peel

3. 4.


Renowned German skincare brand Dr Spiller has launched a new facial suitable for almost all skin types. The Dr Spiller Power Lift Peel offers visible results without any downtime, discomfort, or redness. “Women all want their complexion to look less ‘tired’ but they no longer want treatments that harm the skin and cause pain. Nor do they have time to suffer acute side effects like redness and peeling,” says Dr. Spiller expert facialist, Sue Dann. “I have specifically addressed this need with this amazing new treatment, which brightens, tightens and rejuvenates tired skin and feels indulgent and relaxing. It’s luxe meets lasting results!” Sue personally designed this highly effective treatment, which combines the regenerative power of Dr Spiller Argan Oil Deluxe (rich in biomimetic triglycerides and fatty acids to restore healthy acid mantle function) with the firming effect of Dr Spiller Aloe Vera Skin Lift Powder (a professional strength powder that tightens and tones tired skin, and stimulates healthy lymphatic drainage function). The result is fresher, younger-looking skin without the use of harsh or abrasive products. The facial is available at salons and clinics stocking Dr Spiller, such as Amirova Cosmetic Clinic in Rosebery, Sydney.

3. Cynosure Launches ZWave Pro Cynosure Australia is excited to announce the launch of ZWave Pro, a new radial shockwave therapy device to enhance fat reduction as well as significantly improve skin firmness, skin elasticity, and collagen regeneration. Radial shockwaves are high energy sound waves generated electromagnetically outside of the body, which are then gently introduced through the skin’s surface to trigger a tissue reaction that has beneficial effects on the skin’s structure. The shockwaves have a positive influence on the collagen structure of the skin and the body’s connectivity tissues to improve blood circulation and metabolism of the body’s fat cells whilst the intense mechanical massage of the 39mm applicator head leads to a reduction of oedemas and improves elimination of toxins. Used as a standalone device, ZWave Pro can treat patient concerns such as cellulite and stretch marks, as the technology focuses on improving the skin's structure, elasticity and connectivity tissue. In conjunction with fat reduction treatments such as SculpSure, the ZWave Pro improves lymphatic drainage to decrease swelling, increase skin tightening and improve clearance of destroyed fat cells.

4. endota Light & Hydration ‘express facial studio’ endota has just launched their first Light & Hydration studios in Perth, WA and now at Sydney Airportcontinuing to innovate with a new and unique offering for customers. In Perth, the space offers facial and spa treatments for busy customers at 30 minutes and under. The concept is set to make wellness and selfcare more accessible to Perth residents, challenging the perception with young professionals and time poor consumers that looking after yourself involves investing huge amounts of time. The spa at Sydney airport makes quick pick-me-up treatments more accessible to travellers, in particular boosting their skin hydration levels prior to flying to combat the dreaded post-flight dry skin. Customers can also now experience endota’s high-performance Light Therapy facial in shorter treatment bursts at the new concept spa, as well as other treatments (including an express massage) designed to give customers instant results. In addition to the treatments at Sydney Airpor t, customers can walk away with curated travel product packs, which provide a range of benefits for various skincare concerns, including hydration, balance and protection.

5 Strategies to Grow Your Revenue This Year

We love what we do, right? But we also need to make a living, so if your passion for your job alone isn’t enough to pay the bills, consider the following tips from Beauty Biz Coach Pam Stellema.


f staying in business for the long-term as well as taking home a reasonable wage are both important parts of your business goals, you’ve probably already asked yourself, ‘How can I make more revenue and profit without working any harder than I already do?’ When working longer hours is simply not an option, finding strategies that will help you to work smarter is the key to achieving your goals. In this article, I cover 5 profit-generating strategies that will help you work smarter to increase your salon revenue.

Strategy #1 – Promote More Profitable Services To stay financially viable, you must know how much profit you’re making on every service you provide. There’s simply no shortcut to knowing this incredibly important information. Guessing these numbers isn’t an option, and you should never rely on other people’s figures, so you must work out the service costs yourself. 24 | SPA+CLINIC

To calculate the basic service cost, combine the expenses for labour, products and consumables. It’s nearly always greater than you anticipated, especially if you’ve never done these calculations before. Once you’ve identified your most profitable services, you can use them in your salon promotions and feature them more prominently on your service menu and website. When you do this, you’re using your treatment time more effectively and getting a bigger return for the time invested in every service provided.

Strategy #2 – Schedule Regular Price Increases with Confidence So many salon and spa owners fear that if they have a price increase, their clients will disappear into a cloud of dust. But this doesn’t mean that you should avoid having necessary price increases. When planned and implemented with care, clients won’t flee to the other salons in your neighbourhood the moment your prices go up. Clients do understand that costs go up; they see it every day at the petrol bowser and supermarket. They may not love it, but they expect that your prices will go up too at some point. What they don’t expect, or like, is when you’ve been sitting on a much-needed price increase for so long that you have a massive increase on all your services at one time! Rather than inducing price-shock in your clients with a massive increase, you should implement small but regular price increases throughout the


year. When expenses rise, so should your prices to maintain your profit margin. Don’t be tempted to simply charge the same price as the salon down the road or what suppliers tell you is the is ‘average selling price’ for your services. These figures are truly meaningless to your individual business. The salon down the road may be slowly going broke because of their lack of reliable pricing information, and the supplier has absolutely no idea about your unique expenses. This means that armed with all the relevant information required, the only person who can work out a profitable selling price for your services is you.

Strategy #3 – Market to Attract Premium Clients Do you ever feel like the clients who come to your salon or spa are exactly the opposite of the types of clients you really want to work with? I think it would be realistic to say that most salon or spa owners want to attract clients who spend freely, remain loyal and refer others, but instead, often attract clients who guard their wallets like the last cookie on the plate. To understand why you’re attracting the wrong people, you need to examine the salon’s own marketing and branding activities as this is often where the problem lies. First and foremost, you must avoid using discounts as the basis of your marketing activities. Not only is it the laziest form of marketing, but it makes you look desperate for business. Instead, try using value-adding for your promotions rather than discounts. Once you have the ‘right’ clients, work on providing a first-class experience at every visit. Not only will this keep them returning, but it will improve the quality of referred clients also.

Strategy #4 – Increase Your Clients’ Average Service Spend If you can’t increase the number of clients you have, then you need to make more money from each client if you want to increase your revenue. Easy to say, I know, but really not that hard to do when you put your mind to it. The obvious solution to increase client spend is to have a price increase but, aside from this, there are other worthwhile options. One way to lift the average client spend amount is to up-sell additional services and treatment extras. So many of your clients would happily purchase more if they were actually offered some extras. Assuming your clients aren’t interested in something more will strongly limit your revenue production. Your clients are often very willing to spend a little more on additional services or extras that will enhance their results or experience. More often than not, the lack of a sale is due to their lack of awareness. Truthfully, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Make it a regular habit to talk to your clients about the additional services they might be interested in trying

and make a goal to upsell something to every client. And what about selling courses or service packages that offer something extra? These not only provide great value for the client in most cases, but you receive a substantial chunk of money up-front that keeps the client returning to you over a longer period of time.

Strategy #5 – Get Excited About Retail Sales

Once you’ve identified your most profitable services, you can use them in your salon promotions and feature them more prominently on your service menu and website.

If you’ve never explored how much additional revenue you can generate through retail sales, you are about to get truly excited. There is no doubt that product retailing is one of the fastest ways to not only megaboost your revenue but add real profits to your business. And this is because it requires very little extra time in exchange for the handsome profit it generates. In any hands-on or service-based industry, the cost of wages is often the biggest expense, so when it requires only a few minutes of your time to sell one or two products, the profit to time ratio is exceptionally attractive. Just consider the profits from a standard 1hr/$120 service – maybe $20 or $30 dollars after all expenses. Now look at the profit you can earn from selling $120 in retail with a profit margin of 50%. That equals $60 profit for just 5 to 10 minutes invested in the sales process compared to 10mins of service time which only returns around $5 profit. When you compare both scenarios, you can easily see that retailing is 12 times more profitable for your salon. Time is the one thing we can’t make more of, so when it comes to making money in exchange for your time, selling retail beats providing services hands down.

Retailing tips: a. E nsure your team members are all personally using the products you stock. They have to know it, use it and love it to sell it with honest enthusiasm. b. Set individual retail sales targets. Realistic targets help team members stay focussed on their retail goal. Acknowledge and reward success. c. P  rovide regular product knowledge training so team members can talk to clients about the specific product benefits that they want to know more about. d. M  ake sure your salon stocks the right product ranges in the right quantities. You want sufficient products with a healthy profit margin that meet the needs of your clients. Every service you provide should come with a retailing opportunity. Products should always deliver on promises as well as deliver a healthy profit margin for your business. So, if you want to increase your revenue without increasing your effort, consider implementing some, or all, of these strategies that are guaranteed to make a worthwhile difference to your bottom line. Pam Stellema is a Salon Specialist Coach at Salon Savy. Salonsavy.com.au spaandclinic.com.au | 25


Employee or Contractor? Do you hire employees or contractors? GRACE KIM explains the differences between independent contractors and employer-employee relationships. Understanding the differences and the nuances will save your business from unnecessary and preventable problems. An industry issue


ome months ago, the Foodora decision dealt with the multi factor test for assessing whether an individual is an employee or a contractor. This interested me as an observation of the beauty industry evidences both employees and a high number of contractors. As such it would be essential to clarify the issue on characterising an individual as a contractor or employee to ensure associated risks are minimised.

Highlighting the Risk Hiring contractors is usually not an issue when the contractor being engaged is either another significant business or engaged through a labour hire organisation, or the principal has appropriate processes in place to ensure those engaged are truly characterised as contractors. 26 | SPA+CLINIC

However, there are difficulties which regularly arise in circumstances where businesses have little regard to, or knowingly avoid, the constraints of employment legislation and their obligations under employment and or taxation laws. The consequences for engaging someone as a contractor, when in reality they are an employee, are serious and may involve backpay if you get it wrong. The Fair Work Act 2009 prohibits sham contracting arrangements. Whether done intentionally or carelessly there are significant fines and penalties for such arrangements.

Let’s Clarify - Contractor or Employee? So, what are the differences? On a regular basis we have clients contacting us to clarify whether or not an individual is a contractor


or employee, and in what particular circumstances they would be classified as either. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut statutory definition on the issue so we need to apply a variety of factors to determine: • A contractor is a person who contracts his or her labour to another entity in furtherance of their own business; and • An employee is a person who works for an entity, in exchange for wages, in furtherance of the employer’s business.

Criteria for determining the relationship It is important to note there are two perspectives and different criteria used to assess whether an individual is an employee or a contractor. This means the same individual can simultaneously be a “contractor” for tax law purposes but an “employee” for employment law purposes. Too often, we have clients contacting us to say they have contractors making an employment related claim against the business, despite having contractor agreements. The reason for this is the business has solely relied on the ATO criteria on characterising the individual as a contractor. Consideration must be given to the totality of the relationship and no single factor is determinative on its own. The following is a nonexhaustive list of the factors that must always be considered: • Degree of control – contractors have a high level of control on how the work is done while employees are required to perform work under the direction and control of the employer • Hours of work – contractors decide what hours of work to complete while employees generally work set hours   • E xpectation of work – contractors are engaged for a specific task while employees usually have an ongoing expectation of work. • R isk – contractors bear the risk for making a profit or loss on each task while employees bear no financial risk. • Superannuation and tax – contractors are required to pay their own tax and GST to the ATO and pay their own superannuation while employees have income tax deducted from their payments by the employer, and the employer pays the superannuation contributions. • Tools and equipment – contractors usually use their own tools and equipment while the employer usually provides tools and equipment to employees. • Method of payment- contractors are usually paid on an invoice while employees are paid regularly on an agreed cycle. • Leave – contractors would not receive paid leave where employees are entitled to paid leave. There have been occasions where the employer characterised the employee as a contractor to avoid payment of leave entitlements and were heavily penalised. The control test is still the oldest and primary test and is one of the multi-factors a Court or other statutory body will look at to determine whether an individual is actually an employee or contractor. Understanding the benefits and disadvantages in hiring contractors or employees would assist you to make the right decision for your business.

Pros (+) and cons (-) of engaging independent contractors For principals

+ Lifts administrative burdens + Access to specialists skills with no commitment to an ongoing employment relationship + Reducing labour costs + Reduces exposure to workplace relations regulations. – Potential competitor having access or contact with your clients – L ack of predictability of labour as contractors decide what hours to work – E ven if the individual is a contractor for taxation purposes, the employer may still be required to make superannuation contributions

For contractors

+ Ability to obtain profits + Opportunities to grow and develop their own business + Autonomy – B earing the financial burdens and absorbing business overheads and other operational costs – Need to work harder to remain competitive in the market – L ack of income security and difficulty in securing personal finances

The Fair Work Act 2009 prohibits sham contracting arrangements.

Pros (+) and cons (-) of an employment relationship For employers

+ Predictability and stability of workforce + Minimises risk for mischaracterising an individual + May exercise a greater degree of control – Liability on insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and the provision of leave entitlements – Administratively burdensome – B earing financial and vicarious liability and need to pay overheads – Compliance under Fair Work Act and other legislative obligations

For employees

+ No added burden of having to build business + Stability in hours worked, pay, entitlements, and job security + No liability or risk – Limited control of performing tasks – Limited opportunities to grow a business, unless employer is entrepreneurial

Key takeaways Ultimately, it is critical to appropriately characterise the relationship, and at the start, before any preventable claim is made against the business. This will prevent future litigation and the expenditure of unnecessary resources. Avoid confusion by drafting appropriate contracts that fit the relationship and represent the true characterisation of the relationship. As always, seek assistance if in doubt. Grace Kim is a lawyer for Workforce Guardian. Workforceguardian.com.au spaandclinic.com.au | 27



Right Fit Uniforms are often less of a priority for a spa or salon owner, but they shouldn’t be. Here’s why there’s really no excuse to work in less-than-perfect attire.


hat do your uniforms look like, and how much thought did you put into the matter when you bought them? “We believe the collection empowers One of the first things your clients see when salon owners to have online access to they walk into your spa, clinic, or salon is your uniform packages that work for their services staff wearing your uniform, so you want that and brand image, as well as providing designs that showcase the diverse personalities within first impression to be perfect – no less. Dated, ill-fitting, or dirty uniforms are their teams so that they can look good and feel good every day.” an absolute no-go in our industry that is so focused on visuals, and of course, beauty. If your Made from sustainably grown Bamboo, receptionist or beauty therapists are greeting the fabric feels as soft as silk, but without the high maintenance care, plus it keeps you cold clients in a faded black T-shirt – or worse – wearing a uniform that has holes or loose in summer and warm during winter. Rather than just offer an online shop, threads in it, chances are your clients will think you don’t pay attention to detail, and Leesa and her team also love to that your staff might have the same consult clients who might not be sure what kind of uniforms to get. attitude during their treatment. Getting your hands on beautiful “What we find is that salon owners know exactly what they don’t uniforms that represent your brand want. However, they don’t really well might have been difficult 10 Uniform Stylist know what they do want to wear as a years ago, but there really is no Founder Leesa uniform. Mostly because they haven’t excuse nowadays thanks to people Dawson like Leesa Dawson from The been able to find it in the past, or they found the ‘custom design’ option to be Uniform Stylist, offering a large variety of too expensive, so just stopped thinking about fashionable, high-quality designs to meet any beauty business’ requirements. a ‘perfect ’uniform, or are simply too busy to hunt for one,” says Leesa. Before founding The Uniform Stylist, Leesa was a fashion buyer for some iconic “All of our designs have been previously brands, so it’s not surprising that her uniforms tried and tested by beauty industry experts and professionals - so we know what to are anything but boring. Her latest collection, Embassie, is a “luxury clothing collection that advise on from a practical point of view. For us, we consider ourselves as a partner, is perfect for beauty industry uniforms – not just because it’s fashionable, but because it’s here to collaborate on that decision, like a personal stylist would for an event.” practical for all day wear in the salon or spa,” Even though it’s often the business Leesa explains. 28 | SPA+CLINIC

owner’s decision to choose a uniform style, your team should also feel comfortable wearing them. Because everybody has different taste when it comes to cuts and styles, Uniform Stylist offers collections whose overall look is coordinated, yet each staff can wear style variations. The result, according to Leesa, is that “each team member is dressed in something they actually feel confident wearing. In fact, some of our clients try on our products and say ‘Omg, this is perfect!’” “That’s when the team are happy, and your brand image is best represented - your clients will then enjoy a more valuable experience in your spa or salon.” When it comes to trends for 2019 uniforms, Leesa says that statement sleeves and sustainable fashion are here to stay. “We’re still seeing sleeves with details (like pleats and gathers) being important well into 2019 and the midi dress is still going to be a hit. We’re also working on a boiler suit which is going to be amazing - this style trend is not going away yet! Probably the biggest trend of all is any ‘clothing with a conscience’.  We’re all able to start making better choices for our own wardrobes at home, and now with the Embassie collection, it’s possible with uniforms too.”


Pinterest Leads The Way In Beauty Inclusivity Getting personalised beauty inspiration has just become a whole lot easier.


e know that social media is an integral part of any beauty related business, but while we often focus on Instagram and facebook, Pinterest has shared some exciting statistics and news that prove its relevance in the beauty, health, and wellness sector. The numbers are mind-boggling: Over 250 million people come to Pinterest each month to plan their lives and get inspiration on a variety of topics, and over 175 billion ideas have been saved to 3 billion boards to-date. That’s a lot of content, and when it comes to beauty, the most searched for terms indicate that people are becoming so much more aware and savvy about cosmetic products and their ingredients. The term ‘DIY goat soap’ was up by 231% in 2018, while ‘Bakuchiol’, the natural, gentler alternative to retinol, experienced a 275% growth. ‘Liquid exfoliator’ was searched 53% more often than the year before, and ‘natural lash lifts’ grew by a whopping 52% making it pretty clear that we all want full, curled lashes. Beauty and wellness are some of the most searched categories on Pinterest with the term ‘self-care’ increasing in searches by 140%, so it’s not surprising Pinterest have introduced a handy new feature that makes finding inspiration more inclusive and efficient. Women all over the world use Pinterest as a visual discovery engine to get beauty inspiration, and the company wants to make search results as useful as possible for them. Recently, Pinterest has started rolling out a new skin tone feature that allows Pinners to customise

their search results based on their colour of skin. Users can choose a palette from a dropdown menu that represents their skin tone best to receive more personalised and suitable search results. In an official statement, Pinterest announced that last year “nearly 60% of the top 100 search terms for skin-related searches involved a tone, such as dark skin, pale skin, and olive skin, which showed us women of all skin types wanted a way to customise their searches.” “This feature is a result of our technical and Inclusion & Diversity teams working closely together. As we recently shared in our annual diversity report, we’re committed to growing an employee base that understands and reflects the world we want to serve. “Pinners shouldn’t have to do extra work like add keywords to find personally relevant ideas. And so the teams got together, listened to Pinner feedback, and worked on improving our machine learning technologies for more diverse results, which continues to evolve. Increasing engagement with beauty Pins is just a start in making all results more representative of a range of looks and styles.” By combining the latest in machine learning and more inclusive product development, Pinterest is able to directly respond to Pinner feedback and build a more useful product. Time will tell if more social media platforms will make a similar effort to further personalise the user’s experience, and most of all, offer a product that’s all about inclusivity. The new skin tone feature is currently being rolled out on iOS in the US, and will soon be available globally. spaandclinic.com.au | 29

What It Takes To Be Your

Own Boss

Opening a spa or salon is many women’s dream, but only a few dare to actually do it. We take a look at what it takes to be a #bosslady.


re you a business owner? If so, congratulations, you’ve taken the daunting step into selfemployment with all its risks, hard work, and independence. If not, you may be one of thousands of Australians thinking about founding their own business, but not having acted on it yet. In fact, new research released by CGU Insurance has found more than half (53%) of all Australians have self-employment ambitions, and we can only imagine how many of those are beauty business related (we’re guessing a lot). According to the CGU’s survey of 2,000 Australians in August 2018, more than two thirds of Australians (68%), and even more small business owners (75%) believe Australia has a culture of negativity toward those with ambition, and nearly half (44%) say they worry too much about failure to act on their ambitions, with women (48%) and Millennials (54%) are more likely to feel this way. So what exactly is holding us back? The answer is Tall Poppy Syndrome, which describes the feeling of being resented for one’s success as a consequence of being classified as a superior. What sounds a bit silly and like it should only apply to teenagers wanting to fit in with their friends, 30 | SPA+CLINIC

is actually a feeling many of us can’t shake even deep into adulthood. The survey found that 70% of us don’t like to talk about our ambitions or successes for fear of being labelled a ‘bragger’. This feeling can actually get stronger the older we get, along with the sheer fear of failing, which is why often success stories of business owners include fairly young people, who might have had just the right amount of naiveté and courage when deciding to be their own bosses. Such is the case with Natalie Papadopoulos, founder and owner of beauty salon The Parlour Room in Sydney’s Clovelly. Natalie opened the salon when she was only 24, and doesn’t regret her decision. “It honestly feels like a lifetime ago. I don’t know if looking back I was ready but I just jumped head first straight into it and learnt how to go as I went,“ she admits. 24 may seem young, but The Parlour Room was actually her second business. “Previously I had hired a room inside a gym in Melbourne and started to do my own clients out of this tiny space. I called it Lilamaya, I don’t even know what that means now to be honest! It had a bed, reception desk and a tanning machine all in the one

space. I had no idea what I was doing at the time and I found it really lonely working for myself at such a young age (I was 21 years old) but at the same time I was so passionate about trying to build something of my own.” Natalie admits that she wasn’t quite prepared for the first business as she didn’t know anyone in Melbourne (she’s from Sydney), and might have rushed into it, however that didn’t stop her from giving it another shot, this time better prepared and surrounded by family and friends who helped her. “For me it was never a big decision to open my own business, I was brought up in a family where you studied a skill as much as possible to start your own business. When I was studying I kept a note pad and I wrote down all my ideas and concepts for the dream business I wanted to create. When I went into working at salons I did the same thing and kept track of what worked and what didn’t work,” she explains. The Parlour Room was a success from the start, something that Natalie credits her focus on customer service to. “I was brought up in a family all about customer service and I think that made the salon successful from the start. Everyone


forgets how far kind gestures can take you. Our industry is so much more than just providing a great treatment, it's about listening to what the clients want and making them feel comfortable from the second they walk in the door. The reputation of my salon has always been more important to me than anything else. I am very detail orientated as well so I think that definitely helps too.” That doesn’t mean it was easy. While many people want to run their own business in order to have more flexibility, they often underestimate the workload and the difficulty to take a break or go on a holiday. “I think sometimes people that don’t know you look from the outside and think you have it very easy but they don’t know all the hours you spend working in and out of the business. You never switch off even if you’re on holiday on the other side of the world. I’m also not someone that talks

about my struggles or how tired I am either so maybe people from the outside think it’s easier,” says Natalie. One of the biggest challenges for Natalie was managing staff. “You want to be everyone’s friend and it can make it hard when it comes to being the boss. Now that I am older I’m definitely better at this. It's a balance you have to find because you need to have a good relationship with your staff so that they are comfortable to talk to you and want to work hard for your business,” she explains. “To someone thinking about starting their own business I would say: ‘travel the world as much as possible first!’ I always wanted to travel and live overseas and never did as I was always working and now I can’t just pack up and explore the world.” “But more seriously, go for it! Just don’t expect not to fail. I can’t tell you how many

ideas I’ve had that have been absolute failures but you just have to keep going till one of them works. Just make sure that you learn from them and don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over. Have a great support system behind you and invest time in your staff as they will be responsible for your name, your reputation and make your business a success or not.” Natalie has recently renovated her salon and now has a team of eight women working at The Parlour Room, which won Best Beauty Salon 2017 in the Randwick City Council Business awards. When asked about her plans for the future, she says she likes not knowing what’s ahead. “I like the idea that maybe I will do something entirely different one day. But I love my salon and I’m really enjoying working on it every day at the moment.” In the end, that’s all that counts.

spaandclinic.com.au | 31


Adults Only

Should kids be banned from salons and spas? It’s a tricky question.


ate last year, Sydney based eyebrow salon owner and director Kristin Fisher made headlines when she announced she had decided to put a no children policy in place for her clients. Fisher penned an open letter to her clients on her Instagram explaining the decision. “This is a very hard post for me because I hate upsetting people and I feel this may do just that, but we have no other option,” she wrote. “We are imposing a new rule that clients must not bring children or babies to their appointments.” Her reasoning for the new rule was the potential dangers that lured in and around her salon when kids were repeatedly unattended while their mothers were getting treatments. “We have had kids run onto the street, we’ve had clients leave midway through their appointments as they’re too annoyed about the noise being made by children and we’ve had mums call and complain saying their brows are crooked after they’ve been nursing a squirming baby the whole appointment,” she wrote, continuing to argue that it “simply isn’t fair” to those clients that come to the brow salon for a relaxing experience. While the drastic measure was sure to - pardon the pun - raise a few brows, the question whether children should or should not be allowed in salons and spas is a valid one, for two reasons: the child’s safety, and the potential disturbance of other clients. A no-child policy is more common in hair salons due to the dangerous nature of them with scissors and chemicals all over the place. Some salons state their policies on their website, such as Texas based Tayler Made Hair, saying “No children under the age of 13 are allowed in the salon during the client’s appointment. Please make sure your children have a babysitter the day of your appointment. It is the 32 | SPA+CLINIC

salon’s policy not only for the child’s safety, but to make sure every appointment goes in a smooth and timely manner for each client.” Furthermore, a New Zealand hair salon has recently increased their prices for kid’s hair cuts drastically “after 24 years of broken tools, snot rubbed into chairs and vomiting.” So what about spas that have a focus on wellness and relaxation? Will their clients ever be able to enjoy a massage/body scrub/facial while their toddler is running around in the treatment room? Should staff be responsible to look after the kids during their mother’s (or father’s) treatment? Most industry professionals would probably say no, but of course it’s not as black and white as that. Banning children completely could see many parent clients look for a new place, whether that’s out of principle, or because they simply can’t be bothered to organise a babysitter when they know their child behaves well. Therefore, a softer approach to keeping your business’ peace and quiet could be a ‘supervised children only’ policy, which asks clients to take another adult with them if they want to bring their children. It’s a personal decision that every business owner or manager has to make for themselves, but when we asked Kristin Fisher if she regretted her decision, the answer was pretty clear: no. “Our no-child policy was not an easy decision to make! We had been considering it for a long time for a few reasons. First and foremost it was a safety issue, but we also want to create an environment in which our clients can completely relax. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive from mums and non-mummys alike. I knew that our loyal clients would understand the decision,” the mother of two said. Time will tell if more salons will follow suit.

Ways to Give Back Ever wanted to volunteer, raise funds for a cause you’re passionate about and give back to the wonderful world we live in? Here’s how.


e all know how easy it can be to get swept up in our work, to become trapped in our ‘bubble’ and to feel as though your business is your entire world. This can also make it easy to forget how incredible it feels to give back. There are several ways in which business owners and teams can band together for a good cause, some in ways you never knew existed and some from the comfort of your own spa, salon or clinic. In many ways, businesses in the aesthetics space lend themselves well to fundraising initiatives – you have a team of enthusiastic, driven practitioners at your disposal, a database of clients with disposable income, and an amazing set of skills to offer. We also understand that often your schedule, or perhaps budget constraints, simply don’t allow you to give back as much as you may like to. Don’t worry, there are some options for the time-poor or budget-restricted too!

Use Conscious Brands The beauty, skincare and cosmetics industry is responsible for a huge amount of packaging waste around the globe each year. Doing your bit to cut down on this can absolutely make a difference, as well as stocking and using brands in your spa or salon that use sustainable packaging, make from recycled or recyclable materials. You could also incorporate a sustainability program within your salon to ensure packaging is properly recycled, such as Sustainable Salons Australia. SSA is the first comprehensive resource recovery service designed for the salon environment, specialising in collecting up to 95% of the salon waste bin and redirecting all material for reuse, recycling and repurposing 34 | SPA+CLINIC

solutions. Every fortnight, SSA collects resources from its salon members, saving waste from landfill, chemicals from our oceans, and allowing new recycled products to be created.

Team Building You can give back to your community and engage in some wonderful team building initiatives at the same time through corporate volunteering programs. Options will of course depend on your location, but volunteering at your local animal shelter is always a popular choice, and many shelters have dedicated corporate programs in place and can always use the extra helping hand, with no experience required. Or you could opt for something that will both test your team’s partnership skills and provide for people in need, with organisations like OzHarvest or FoodBankNSW. Your team will have a ball preparing food together in a ‘cooking class’ style environment, which is then delivered directly to children and families who need it most.

Give Your Skills How about providing your skills to those who need it the most? You’re already wellaccustomed to making your clients look and feel incredible, so why not do the same for those who have lost their confidence, are in pain and are in real need of nurturing? Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is an organisation built on this – a free service founded by the Cancer Patients Foundation, dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage aesthetic side-effects of their treatment. Workshops are led by volunteer industry professionals, and cover skincare techniques to address side effects like dryness and sun sensitivity, makeup tips to correct redness, sallowness, pigmentation and dark circles, techniques for brows, and advice on


headwear including scarf styling and wig selection. Each participant also receives a complimentary Confidence Kit full of skincare and makeup products donated by the cosmetic industry.

Fundraise In-House


There are so many wonderful opportunities to raise much-needed funds for various causes throughout the year, that can be done at low cost and even at your own facilities during work hours – talk about two birds with one stone! Prime examples are Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning tea through May and June, or Pink Ribbon fundraisers during October. All you have to do is sign up online as an event organiser, you’ll receive an event pack in the mail and you’re good to go. These types of events give you as much freedom as you choose - you could go as small as a simple team lunch or as large as an open in-salon morning tea for your clients and team to participate in throughout the day. You could either purchase your own low-cost food options to sell, whip some up yourself or request your team and any willing clients to lend their baking skills to the cause.

Donate To Local Events Throughout the year, keep your eyes peeled for any local fundraising initiatives or events with non-for-profit organisations. Many of these host raffles or silent auctions to raise funds for their cause; to which you could offer to donate a prize package or gift voucher. There is a lot of freedom here too, allowing you to decide the value of the prize or voucher plus the expiration date. These types of donations are also incredibly easy to organise and won’t take too much time off your hands – you can simply post a voucher to its recipient by mail, or arrange for someone to pop in and collect their prize package in person.

Update Your Website With Your Work Ensure to keep a page on your website detailing your charitable work and partners. Not only will your clients love to hear about it, but it will allow for other non-for-profit organisations to find you online and contact you regarding potential partnerships. The same, of course, applies to your social media. Who knows, you may end up falling in love with an organisation you’ve never even heard of before, thanks to the wonders of Google searching!

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LivNordic spa on board the Viking Cruise Ship

Formula for success Does your spa ‘flow’? Did you put much thought into its layout and design? Spa consultancy group Raison d’Etre have the secret formula to a successful spa.


ave you ever been to a spa, maybe during a holiday, and it wasn’t just the treatment that you enjoyed, but the spa space itself made you feel good? It’s a client experience that we all strive to deliver, that warm and fuzzy feeling from the moment they walk in to the second they walk out again. Well, as much as customer service plays an important part in this, chances are it’s the layout and design of the spa that wins you over without you even knowing it. Worldrenowned spas, such as Six Senses, nail the concept of ‘flow’, and the responsible people behind the spas’ concept are spa consultancy group Raison d’Etre. The UK based company offers services ranging from the very start of a new spa endeavour, brand creation to consultancy, management, and operational support. Raison d’Etre is proud of having been directly involved in the creation and development of eight renowned spa brands to date and offering inspiration and input to many more over the years. Now, the company has revealed its 36 | SPA+CLINIC

formula for the perfect spa design to assist spa operators and developers. Answering the question, ‘Is there a formula for the perfect spa design?’ the team at Raison d’Etre believe formulas for ratios and design plans are essential when it comes to balancing design with operational needs. Raison d’Etre applies this clever method to the unique needs of each individual project. Ian Bell, the Senior Project Manager at Raison d’Etre, set out the five key factors that are used in every project, all balanced by the flow of energies and pattern to detail, ensuring the integrity of the original space is maintained.

1. Industry KPI’s These inform the feasibility and size of spa needed for a project based on factors such as cost, profit, market size and resources. KPI’s tell us, for example, how many guests we can expect on a daily basis in a spa, hotel or resort spa but also the ratio of treatments that are generally booked. An example is that approximately 80 per cent of guests to a spa may simply be looking for a good massage.

2. Space requirements Starting with the overall space that is allocated for the spa, we then work with the finer details such as; size of lockers in a changing room, space needed for saunas and steam rooms to accommodate the maximum number of guests, right down to the space needed around a treatment table so that a treatment can be performed. Each comes with its own understanding and formula and all need to be integrated to create the perfect space within the parameters of the spa design.

3. Creative use of the edges A spa is never a separate entity and the edges and margins of the spa are where we need to focus attention too. These are the crossing points where a guest comes from one world into the other. For example, we need to be aware how a conference room on the other side of a relaxation room wall might impact on the spa environment. So here, we integrate the spa into the whole, rather than trying to see it as separate.


4. Balance of guest needs and operational needs Other formulas help us to create balance within the spa, such as the minimum requirement of back of house facilities that are needed for a spa to be run successfully. Another is the percentage of circulation that needs to be added around the facilities of the spa, which include the corridors. As these spaces do not directly generate income, they are often ignored or reduced but only to the detriment of the guest experience and ease of operation.

5. Timelines Working towards the grand opening, we work with linear timelines to ensure a smooth opening of a spa. These combine all our knowledge of lead times, from the ordering of custom made supplies and equipment to marketing efforts, product testing and time needed for successful recruitment. These five formulas are then all balanced against the two following overarching objectives:

1. Flow of energy through the spa

The journeys through a spa follow circular flows of energy. One is the guest flow from busy to still to busy again, the other is the flow of staff to support all aspects of the guest journey and spa operation. We need to manage both flows of energy and the crossing points between the two.

2. From pattern to detail

Foremost is keeping the overall concept and flow in mind and then moving from there into the details. This will inform anything from the kinds of products used, to where sockets, music and light panels are placed in a treatment room.

LivNordic spa on board the Viking Cruise Ship

Bell explained further that it doesn’t necessarily take a huge space to build a spa that makes clients feel good. “A spa is about privacy and privacy is about personal space. For a spa to feel spacious, public areas and the treatment rooms need to be the correct size for guests to feel safe, especially when sharing the space with other guests or a therapist. Light also plays a vital role in this, either offering wide views and natural light, or using shadows to give the illusion of space unseen.” According to Bell, one of the biggest mistakes spa owners tend to make is “thinking that building a spa is easy to do and that anybody can do it.” “Owners and architects very often underestimate for example, how much linen is used in a spa and the logistics of managing linen flow without affecting the guest experience. Second is the vital need for sufficient back of house facilities. We are often bought into a spa operation that is not working, only to find it is because there is no or very limited back of house

LivNordic spa on board the Viking Cruise Ship

space available. To an extent, building a spa is like building a small hotel, with exactly the same guest, back of house and operational considerations needed.“ Having worked at Raison d’Etre for almost 20 years, Bell has seen the evolution of spas from what he calls ‘the outer’ to ‘the inner’. “To me a treatment has three aspects. The outer, which is the products, sequences and rituals, the inner, which is the benefits and intentions, and the secret, which is where healing really takes place. 20 years ago, spas were focused on the outer, vying to be different from each other with long menus and fancy treatment sequences and descriptions. We are now seeing a shift to the inner and in some places the secret dimensions of what spas should really be about. At LivNordic for example, we only have three massages on the menu with options to focus and enhance the treatment. This allows us to establish the mood of the guest, the rest of the treatment is then up to our highly trained therapists.” “I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw spas becoming educational centres for wellness and wellbeing affecting all areas of life, and with that also a complete merging of spas and medical facilities. Six Senses and LivNordic for example, have incorporated wellness screenings into their spas worldwide, which is just a short step away from offering wellness and wellbeing programs with a medical focus.” “Our Raison d’Etre Think Tank on the other hand, offers to bring Wellness components to any industry that understands the need for wellbeing for its clients and employees. I believe that ‘integration’ will become a keyword and new dimension in the spas industry in years to come.” For more information, visit raisondetrespas.com spaandclinic.com.au | 37



Customer Satisfaction

Customer experience strategy expert Darrell Hardidge explains why you need to strive for more than just ‘satisfactory’.


ave you ever seen a salon advertisement read something like “100% satisfaction guarantee”, or “our satisfaction ratings are the highest”? Whenever I see these statements my first thought is ‘as opposed to what, 80%?’ Customer satisfaction is no longer the way to ensure you have loyalty. It’s one of the key factors as to why so many spas are caught in a price trap and offer discounts. Delivering customer satisfaction is basically giving people what they paid for and any experience is mostly a head connection; things like efficiency, having suitable products/stock, minimal fuss, and a good price. There is a real problem with a mindset and attitude of complacency around service. Think about how often you (and therefore your clients) are wowed by experiences. If you consider all of your own personal transactions, you’ll discover it’s only about 15% that go way beyond your expectations and provide an excellent experience. This is where the golden opportunity of optimising their loyalty is hidden. 38 | SPA+CLINIC

The Powerful Distinction of Customer Appreciation Think of the people in your life that you care about, the ones that you love, the ones that are significant in life’s experiences, the ones you truly appreciate. Whenever you do, there is a strong heart connection to them. Business can also be the same, if you think about those you are truly loyal to, you will find that it’s not because you got what you paid for, it’s because you got a lot more. It’s usually because of the relationship you have with them and how they make you feel when you connect. Customer Appreciation is a very powerful and profitable currency. It’s without doubt one of the biggest weapons a salon can have against its competitors. The challenge is how to define customer appreciation in the culture of your business and especially the front-line teams. It’s effectively impossible to have extremely high customer loyalty with an average team culture. Most companies do not place a high enough importance

on the relationship between team culture and customer experience, in fact it’s rarely measured or implemented as team training. Having customer appreciation as the objective instead of merely delivering customer satisfaction will have a massive impact on your bottom line.

The 4 Steps to Revenue In a competitive market there are four specific categories that define and create revenue. These four areas are critical to master and manage if you want to build powerful ambassadors to your business and maximise margins. If you are only delivering the basics of customer satisfaction, your primary focus will be about price. However, if you deliver very high levels of customer appreciation then the experience is the currency and it’s about value. 1. L  ead Generation: Your marketing strategies are designed to bring potential customers into contact with your salon and ideally attract the ideal prospect. In the last 3-5 years there has been an explosion in the methods of how to market your business, and it’s expensive if you don’t measure and manage it wisely. The most effective lead generation strategy has always been and still is powerful referrals from loyal customers




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as they know what they want and they want to deal with you. 2. Conversion Rate: The fastest way to increase revenue is to increase conversion rates with prospective and existing customers. If you sell to 2 out of every 10 and increase conversion rate to 3 out of every 10 it’s a 50% increase. Powerful referrals deliver the most effective and profitable conversion rates as they are the best possible prospect. 3. The number of transactions: Successful salons have a very high focus on having repeat customers as they know they are more profitable for multiple reasons. Especially as ambassadors value experience over price and reward you with the maximum wallet share. Just think of who you are loyal to and how you choose them first every time. If you don’t have loyalty then you have to be price competitive to get customers back and this costs margin. Satisfaction is based on price whereas appreciation is based on experience and value. 4. A  verage sale value: Customer Satisfaction has your clients purchase the basics of what they need from you. Customer Appreciation has earned you the right to have them purchase what they also want. Appreciative customers

can spend considerably more (often double) than satisfied customers. If your salon has a high focus on delivering appreciation from service excellence you will be rewarded with higher sale values. This area is often overlooked as the speed to transact overrides the opportunity gained from delivering service excellence. Customer satisfaction is a price driven economy, a very fragile and unforgiving market place to operate in. Many salons are stuck in the price trap and don’t even realise it. Customer appreciation is a value driven economy, a very secure and predictable space from customers who genuinely want you to succeed as they want you to be there for them in the future. True Customer Appreciation creates an “unshakable emotional connection” to your business that ensures you have the most powerful advocates who will go out of their way to support you. Darrell Hardidge is a customer experience strategy expert and CEO of customer research company, Saguity, which works with large and small businesses on developing customer appreciation. Darrell is also the author of The Client revolution and The 10 Commandments of Client Appreciation.

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your waiting room

The waiting rooms of spas and clinics represent a largely untapped opportunity, and in some cases, a hindrance to customer growth. Mark Larner, Head of Innovation at Mood Media, explains how your waiting room can improve customer experience and grow business with a captive audience of active considerers.



he look and feel of your waiting room speaks volumes of your practice, spa or clinic and creating a comfortable experience is key to customer engagement. Gone are the days of the sterile or stuffy waiting room with old magazines, fluorescent lighting and uncomfortable chairs. You don’t want patients walking into your clinic with a feeling of uncertainty, or even anxiety if it is their first visit or procedure. A waiting room should convey a feeling of comfort, safety and pleasure. Not only can a comfortable waiting room create a more favourable impression for your patients, it can also set a positive expectation for the care a patient is likely to receive. The waiting room is usually where the customer has time to think and consider what exactly they are doing there. How comfortable they feel will determine how they see your business and how willing they are to return, or even refer you to their friends and acquaintances. The waiting room of any place, from a multinational company to a boutique business, is where you have to take care of the customer as if it were the most important room in your business. Here

is how you can supercharge your waiting room to create a more relaxed experience and turn it into a marketing tool for customer engagement, conversion and growth.

Music Just as you need to put care into your customer service, furniture, decor, and lighting, you need to put careful thought into your background music – something that almost every spa and clinic has in their waiting room. Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially slow, quiet music. This type of music can have a beneficial effect on our physiological functions, slowing the pulse and heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones. Music has become intertwined with the beauty and relaxation experience. And in clinics, calming music can settle patients who are feeling nervous. Choose music based on your brand and what it represents, and who your customers are. Calming music does not need to only consist of Enya and such, but instead, you should really hone in on what will be both calming and a good overlap with your customers.


for example, gameshow-type content is too noisy – with too many bells and whistles – as it tends to heighten the anxiety of waiting patients instead of lowering it. Instead, choose your content based on a digital screen strategy. For example, in beauty waiting rooms content might be best tailored to women, whereas in a dental waiting room content might be best tailored to families.

One of Mood Media’s clients’ bright and modern waiting area

Distraction is not always good!

Volume level is also a critical component: too loud and you’re jolted out of your happy place, too quiet and you can hear the paper on the table rustle. Aim for the middle path. It should be at a nice level, creating a mood but still making it possible to talk comfortably with your customers and colleagues. This is an area you can have an audio technician advise on when they are installing your speakers and amps. One of our clients varies the type and volume of its music for different spa waiting rooms, treatment rooms, and staff work areas. They play tranquil music in their spa waiting areas and the treatment rooms, as they want their visitors to relax, feel comfortable and escape any tensions they may have. Whereas in the staff areas they tend to play a bit livelier music to help keep staff entertained and motivated. Another one of our clients, Bupa, is highly attuned to the needs of their patients and customers, and from the comforting tones of their selected music playlists to the helpful content of their messages, their music and on-hold strategy reflects their patient-first approach. Bupa Dental’s music plays in the reception areas and in some of their treatment rooms, aiming to provide a pleasant environment for both customers, whether they are waiting or being treated, and for staff. A modern selection of friendly and acoustic pop and folk music is played during some parts of the day, whereas classic hits from the 1960’s to today are played during times in the day when footfall or visitor numbers may be a little busier. Music can be easily tailored to its environment – and it’s possible to integrate it with other technologies and deploy strategies such as scent marketing. Scent has been proven to reduce anxiety in more than 60% of patients facing medical procedures. Both patients and staff will relax with calming lavender, vanilla or jasmine scents.

Consider your audience Your waiting room delivers a captive audience, who are time-rich and activity-poor – within a targeted and trusted environment. So seize this opportunity with a digital screen strategy that is based on: •A  blend of engaging content including, news, health, entertainment, weather and advertising • The ambiance you wish to create • Health, well-being and lifestyle relevance • Defined and certified demographics • Creating minimal distraction or competitive activity • Reaching all or some of your audience • Using data to tailor content at the practice level Rather than specific content, many spas and clinics will have live television running in their waiting room. While this does give patients something current to watch while they wait, it is not ‘selling’ your practice. However, if you choose to use live TV be aware that, unless your receptionist is constantly watching, programs can be inappropriate, offensive or simply convey negative energy, for example the news. Live TV can also be too distracting,

Wall-mounted televisions are a popular choice for spas and clinics, but it is important to consider the effect this is having on patients. While a television can provide a distraction for patients, research has found that when unable to control the volume or programming, some patients get more stressed as opposed to entertained. If you do install a TV, play content with closed captioning, or content relevant to your clinic. For example, you can also include information about procedures, before-andafter photos to put customers at ease while they wait, staff profiles, and promotions of new services that are available. And some of our clients offer digital kiosks to suppliers as paid advertisement opportunities. A waiting room is generally a trusted environment that prepares customers for a good treatment experience, and is also an opportunity to tailor marketing creative and drive brand awareness when consumers are receptive to your message. Mark Larner is the Head of Innovation at Mood Media Australia. From intuitive digital signage, human-curated in-store background music, footfall heat maps, and scientifically designed on-hold music, to scent marketing and clever WiFi marketing – Mark helps match innovative customer experience marketing with savvy businesses in Australia.

Screens in waiting rooms can inform as well as entertain

spaandclinic.com.au | 41


What Does Wellness Mean To You? One simple question, 12 different answers


ellness. It’s one of those words that seems to be everywhere at the moment. Wellness classes, wellness drinks, wellness cruises – everyone’s jumped on the W-word bandwagon. But ask someone to define it, and you’ll most likely get blank eyes and several attempts to finish a sentence that encompasses everything it means. As the Global Wellness Institute reported late last year, the world wellness market grew 12.8% in just the last two years: from a $3.7 trillion industry in 2015 to $4.2 trillion in 2017, making the consumer spend on wellness more than half as much as total global health expenditures ($7.3 trillion). Clearly the demand for anything wellness related is huge, so we asked beauty and wellness experts to share with us their thoughts on the buzz word and what it means to them personally.

Nicole Manning, Owner/Director Tribe Natural Beauty “Wellness to me means enjoying a life in balance. I love what I do and find it incredibly fulfilling, however at times it can be tiring. It’s important to me to take a holistic approach to wellness; not only keeping my skin healthy, but taking care of my body, inside and out, and my mind. This means achieving what I set out to do each day with enough energy, vibrancy and presence to practice my personal self care rituals with an enthusiasm that helps me to feel well. I do my best to create personally meaningful moments throughout the day, no matter what I may be doing or where I am. I begin each morning by making my bed, sipping a glass of warm water with lemon and apple cider vinegar and taking a dip in the ocean to get in touch with nature. Approaching wellness in this way has become a useful signal for me when I may be pushing myself too hard 42 | SPA+CLINIC

and perhaps need to take a step back and find more balance. And for me, it’s a more relaxing way to think about living a healthy life.”

Laura Soszynski , Owner/Director Willow Spa “When talking about wellness from the point of view of a skin specialist, I think that wellness is so much more than making choices towards an active or healthy life. I think that wellness is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. When treating our guests' concerns we are always conscious about what they are putting into their body and around their body, just as much as what they’re using on their body. I think it is important to take the time to really understand all of these contributing factors when treating our guests, as, if they truly want to find results in you, you first need to find out where their concerns may be feeding from, which is not always limiting to what they’re putting onto skin. When I talk about wellness I believe we also need to consider the mental state of mind, this to me can include spiritual well-being.” 

Melanie Gleeson, CEO/Founder endota spa “Wellness is not just about physical rejuvenation but also about spiritual and emotional invigoration. This is what became the guiding principle of endota, to help women be their ‘best me’, to show them the benefits of taking time out for themselves to replenish body, mind and spirit so they can give back to family and loved ones – to disconnect in order to reconnect. endota is a curated place for women to replenish, rejuvenate and take some time out for themselves. Myself and the whole team at endota believe that having


spa treatments should be accessible and not limited to being a ‘treat’ but rather a regular part of your wellness routine.”

Andrea Moss, Co-Founder and CEO Liberty Belle Skin Centre “Wellness to me means a clear mind that can focus, being content and happy, taking care of yourself by monitoring your health and hopefully preventing illness. I turned 50 in July so I can no longer take for granted good health and I encourage everyone to visit their GP at least once a year. I’ve had phases in my life of high stress but now with the wisdom of age I don’t get so worried. The only thing I really care about is the health and happiness of my family and friends.”

Melanie Grant, Celebrity Facialist and Founder Melanie Grant “Wellness for me is not only about having a healthy lifestyle, it’s a state of mind. I’ve always believed that our skin is a true reflection of everything that is going on within us; that also takes into consideration not only our physical state, but our emotional and spiritual health as well. I approach my work and my life holistically - I feel it’s really important to maintain an attitude for self improvement that isn’t just about one's outward appearance, but rather about striving for balance in all areas of our lives, as best we can.”

Jocelyn Petroni, Founder/Director Jocelyn Petroni “Wellness means an holistic approach to how we live our life and being kind to ourselves in the process. Wellness is about finding balance in our work, rest and play so that we give ourselves enough nurturing and time out from our hectic schedules and daily stresses we face in life. Wellness to me is exercising and eating a healthy diet as well as making the time for my family and friends and also meditation every day.”

Katherine Millar-Shannon, Cosmetic Nurse/Director Duquessa “Wellness to me means waking up from a good night’s sleep with the energy I need for the day ahead. It’s setting aside time, no matter how busy I am to move my body and/or clear my mind with a form of meditation. It is also knowing when a great slice of cake is a better tonic for the soul than a salad. Busyness and stress are the greatest factors that are affecting my wellness at the moment. While I know it is temporary and I have lots of personal strength and resources and could “carry on”, I found getting professional help was valuable and helped my mental wellbeing almost immediately.”

Kristin Fisher, Owner/Director Kristin Fisher “Wellness to me is the ability to maintain a balance in all areas of my life. Being the owner of busy salon and a mother of two little ones, I can often feel pulled in many different directions! I always take the time to prioritise the most important roles I perform, but I also know and value the importance of “me” time. Having a

diary where I can clearly visualise my week ahead really helps, and I schedule in absolutely everything! Wellness to me is physical, mental and emotional so as well as keeping up with my fitness, skin care and beauty regime, I like to keep some time free to recharge my mind. I would desperately love to get more sleep as I know how vital it is- at the moment that is my biggest struggle!”

Monika Radulovic, ‘HIVITA Health and Beauty Ambassador “I’ve found that the meaning of wellness has evolved over the years to include not only our physical health, but also our mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s important to feel good on the inside, as well as the outside. This can be achieved by taking small steps in our health journey to reach our ultimate wellness goals. Take care of your skin, consume healthy foods, exercise regularly, balance work and social commitments, and most importantly, spend quality time with the people closest to you.”

Victoria Fox, Self Care Advocate and Director MISS FOX “For me, “wellness” is a feeling created through self care. It means experiencing life from a place of health and abundance, able to give to yourself and others from the overflow of goodness within. Self care is how you cultivate wellness — it’s how you fill your “well”. By prioritising your needs and aligning your life with what you truly value, you increase the flow of energy to you, and stop draining it. Wellness is our birth right — take care of yourself so that you can access and enjoy it every day.”

Magdalena Roze, Oil Garden Ambassador “For me, wellness is about taking a holistic and gentle approach to my health with the idea of attaining strength, positivity, energy and balance in all facets: body, mind and soul. It’s a lifestyle choice that focuses on living in a more natural way, doing things that make me feel good, and being intuitive. Sometimes we’ll crave a certain food or jump in the ocean; and other times it will be an aromatherapy massage or comforting soup. I think the key to feeling well is listening to our bodies, they tell us exactly what we need.”

Brooke Benson Campbell, Clinical Nutritionist and Bookwell Health and Wellness Expert “When it comes to the word ‘​wellness’, I would personally define it as the integration of the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It’s about striking a balance between mind and body, and employing the art of self-care to create a stronger and more resilient self. Of course, achieving this balance in wellness is easier said than done, which is why beauty and wellness booking platforms such as Bookwell’s are so helpful for me and others. You can maintain your physical wellbeing through exercise, chiropractic care and nutrition, whilst also harnessing the power of relaxation through a calming massage or facial - many treatments help both physical and mental wellbeing.” spaandclinic.com.au | 43

Holistic Wellness Haven



Brisbane’s new place-to-be, the Calile Hotel, has a secret weapon: Introducing Kailo Wellness Medispa. Nadine Dilong shares her experience.


s a Sydney local, it’s hard for me to admit this, but Brisbane is slowly becoming a major beauty and wellness hub of Australia, not least because of the recent opening of Kailo Medispa inside the brand new Calile Hotel on picture perfect James St. The luxury hotel complex evokes serious California vibes with its palm tree lined pool surrounded by mint green and white furniture and adjacent to the always-crowded Hellenika restaurant. Tucked away from the action is beautiful Kailo Wellness Medispa, founded by Meaghan South, a pioneer in the medispa industry, who has teamed up with renowned medical aesthetic practitioner Dr Edwina Morgan to offer tailored modern beauty and health treatments in a relaxed, stylish and nur turing environment. The two industry exper ts were joined by Brisbane businesswoman Kath Merlo, wife of coffee company owner Dean Merlo, and human resources specialist Kristy Park, and together they have developed unprecedented customer service protocols to ensure Kailo sets a new benchmark for luxury and excellence in Queensland’s spa sector. The space is clad out in terracotta hued tiles, wooden furniture, and round shapes everywhere including archways topped by skylights letting in an abundance of natural light. There are two waiting areas, one in front of the reception desk and the other one hidden around the corner, reserved for clients coming for medical treatments such as injectables who wish to experience a bit more privacy. The spa takes a holistic approach to beauty, which is clear from the moment I walk in and am offered a cup of herbal tea and a protein ball as well as a hot towel next to a rose quartz crystal on a gold tray – this place is visually stunning down to the smallest details.

Kailo’s Medical Director and Co-Founder Dr Edwina Morgan

The Calile Hotel opened in September 2018

spaandclinic.com.au | 45


Co-Founders Kristy Park and Dr Edwina Morgan in the Wellness Pod room


The emphasis on holistic wellness and deep spiritual healing continues as their indulgent, 2-hour ‘Sacred Nourish & Nurture Ritual’ begins. The full body treatment includes an Australian desert seasonal salt scrub and body wrap, which is infused through a hot stone massage using locally sourced volcanic river stones. Signature essential oil rituals and chakra rebalancing are also incorporated throughout. After getting comfortable amongst luxe white linen, the treatment begins with a cleansing of the room with a burning of Paolo Santo, a sacred timber that translates to ‘Holy Wood’ and provides uplifting notes of pine and citrus. This is accompanied by a small meditation session designed to soothe, centre and connect the senses, focusing more on the present moment and less on events that led me here. I’m greeted with an instant sense of harmony as my therapist suggests the salt scrub symbolising the sloughing away of the day’s worries as it also buffs away my dull skin. The unique oil body wrap melts away the salt scrub upon impact without the need for removal, allowing for a peaceful and smooth transition to massage and hot stones. After the back and front of the body is complete, I’m cocooned in an ultra-plush duvet to allow the body wrap to work its magic, and to facilitate another short meditation and positive affirmation session, focused on taking the time to soothe the soul, letting go of past negatives and becoming aware of your senses and surrounds as I awaken. The treatment is completed with some deep breathing exercises, accompanied by Kailo’s signature sacred essential oil spritzes over the face and body to re-awaken and energise, providing refreshing floral and citrus fragrances to break through residual sluggishness. Kailo, meaning ‘wholeness’ and ‘good omen’, is so much more than just another spa offering a bit of pampering. “Kailo’s anti-ageing programs combine internal and external treatments,” explains South. “We use nutrient therapies to restore balance to the body and enhance cellular renewal, as well as cosmetic injectables to correct volume loss, restore symmetry and enhance facial features.” Kailo offers a range of wellness programs from weight loss and detoxification to intravenous vitamin therapy, which can be enjoyed under supervision by Dr Edwina Morgan in the spa’s so-called ‘Wellness Pods’, a room with comfortable beds surrounded by blush linen curtains to offer ultimate relaxation. “These pods give guests the flexibility to have a treatment during their lunch hour or to receive a revitalising vitamin infusion in a beautiful, tranquil space before they tackle the rest of their busy day. We work closely with our clients to provide personalised treatments and programs which focus on long-lasting, natural rejuvenation and boosting confidence and wellbeing inside and out,” Dr Edwina says. It’s that open communication and education of Kailo’s clients that differentiates the spa from its competitors. Every Wednesday, Kailo offers free, informative and practical workshops on a range of topics and treatments, and the spa’s latest initiative, a membership package further stresses the importance of building a mutually beneficial relationship between clinician and client. Members of Kailo receive free beauty, skin, and wellness consultations, and discounts on several treatments tailored to each individual. “It’s exciting to welcome new and existing guests to this gorgeous new space, which is designed to ensure all our guests feel rejuvenated and revitalised,” Dr Edwina says, and we can only attest to that feeling.


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You’ve probably heard the term ‘ASMR’ quite a bit lately, but do you know what it is? Nadine Dilong explains why it’s more relevant for our industry than you might think.


o you know that feeling you get when you hear a really good song whose sounds send shivers down your spine and goose bumps all over your body? It’s unintentional and unexpected, and it feels great. Similar to that, some people get a tingling sensation when they hear certain sounds and/or receive other stimuli, be it visually or through gentle touch. The feeling is described by many as a ‘head orgasm’ that starts at the crown of your head and slowly travels down your spine making you feel all warm and fuzzy. This sensation is called autonomous sensory meridian response, or ‘ASMR’ for short, and has sparked a sub-culture-like fandom of ASMR videos. Youtube shows over 13 million results for the search term ‘ASMR’ with some vloggers doing nothing but come up with new sensorial sensation videos on their channels. By using two microphones and an endless array of props, such as brushes, fabrics, food, or simply their own voice making whispering sounds, many viewers reach a state of deep relaxation and spine tingling. While ASMR hasn’t been scientifically explained just yet, it’s known that not everyone is able to feel the sensation, but those who do recorded a much slower heartbeat than those who didn’t ‘tingle’ during a study in the UK. Those who experienced ‘head orgasms’ reported the highest levels of positive emotions and lowest levels of negative emotions, which could explain why some people say ASMR videos help them cope with anxiety and even depression. What does this have to do with spa treatments, you ask? A whole lot. In fact, New York was home to the world’s first ASMR spa, Whisperlodge, last year. An “immersive theatre performance”, Whisperlodge invited people to escape the hustle and bustle of New York and “relax the body and mind, expand awareness, and heighten the senses.” Guests were guided through different sensorial experiences, such as getting their hair brushed, listening to clinking drinking glasses and lots of whispering sounds. Most guests found the experience soothing and deeply relaxing – kind of like clients should ideally feel after a good massage or facial. 48 | SPA+CLINIC

While Whisperlodge started as a piece of performance art, its success has prompted the creators to look for new locations in order to re-open the ASMR spa once more. It goes to show the deep impact a little bit of one-on-one attention combined with simple things like sounds can have on an individual, so why not incorporate a few ASMR techniques into your beauty services? I recently had a wonderful 90-minute facial that started with the therapist using soft brushes to lightly stroke my face and chest with for a couple of minutes – it was my favourite part of the facial. The brush strokes set me up for the facial, relaxing me and making me forget about the world outside for the time I was on the treatment bed – so simple, yet so impactful. Another idea to incorporate ASMR techniques is to choose the right background music. What about thinking outside the box and playing sounds instead of music, such as rain falling on a tin roof, birds chirping in a forest, or waves crashing onto a beach? Certain treatments might even allow the client to wear headphones playing ASMR sounds – this allows for a binaural sound experience, i.e. the listener hears different sounds on the right and left ear, making it much more realistic. This, combined with light touches, brushing, and stroking can transform a simple massage or facial into a meditative experience for clients.



Cruising Along Some of the world’s most luxurious spas don’t have an address. Instead, they float across country borders welcoming thousands of travellers looking for serenity and beauty bliss. Take a look at these stunning cruise ship spas.




ou either love or hate cruise ship holidays, but it’s a fact that the popularity of cruises is on a steep ascent. Demand for cruising has increased 20.5 per cent in the last five years making it one of the fastest growing industries. Over 27 million people cruised the oceans last year, and it’s fair to say that most of them would have opted for a cruise not least because of the overly luxurious on-board amenities and entertainment options. From over-the-top offerings like Go-Cart racing and bionic bars to planetariums and surf simulators, cruises are no longer just a fancy way to get from A to B – it seems like for many, the journey is the destination. With more and more people placing importance on wellness as part of their holidays, having a beautiful spa on your cruise ship is crucial to attract clients who enjoy the finer things in life. We take a look at the world’s most gorgeous cruise ship spas that are so grand and luxurious, it’s hard to believe they’re floating.


1. The Spa at Seabourn Seabourn’s Steiner spas offer a wide range of face and body treatments as well as a fitness center with ocean views, but for anyone wanting more than that, they can book ‘Wellness Cruises with Dr. Andrew Weil’, an exclusive mindful living program at sea. A number of complimentary wellness seminars, and interactive sessions led by Dr. Weil and his team are part of the cruise, which also includes the on-board Mindful Living coach. A selection of optional, for-charge shore excursions are also on offer, taking the wellness mindset to enriching destinations ashore. The spa’s design reflects Seabourn’s emphasis on mindfulness with a contradiction of pale subdued colours and splashes of brightness, and the use of natural materials such as wood and stone. 50 | SPA+CLINIC


Wellness 2

2. MSC Aurea Spa



MSC Cruises is unique in bringing authentic Balinese spas on-board its ships, offering a massive choice of health and beauty treatments with the added benefit of superb sea views. Each lavishly appointed MSC Aurea Spa boasts an exotic interior of natural stone, precious woods and rich mosaics, and is equipped with massage and treatment suites, hair and beauty salons and of course a thermal area. The Shu Uemura Art of Hair suite, traditional Barber Shop and nail boutique are also found in most spas. For those after beauty from within, exclusive wellness cocktails in the Spa Bar based on the concept of the 5 colours of nature are on offer to be enjoyed pre- or post-treatment.

3. The Spa on Celebrity Edge Having recently made its inaugural sailing, Celebrity Edge is home to the arguably most stunning cruise ship spa out there. Boasting marble and black and white tiles, and lush greenery, the spa offers cruise guests over 124 treatments and provides a distinctive sensory experience, uncompromising service and a variety of wellness options that have never before been seen on sea. Created in collaboration with world-renowned designer Kelly Hoppen, The Spa is inspired by the soothing elements of nature and Celebrity Edge’s mantra of bringing the destination closer to guests. Gone are the days of dark, small rooms on cruise ships. The Spa boasts of natural lighting evoking a sense of calmness. Besides the spa, a fully equipped hair salon, a relaxation lounge, and a fitness center invite guests to make the most of their time on Celebrity Edge.



4. The Crystal Spa & Salon 4




On board the award winning Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity, you can find the only Feng Shui-inspired spa at sea. In serene treatment rooms, rejuvenating services such as Aroma Stone Therapy, Japanese Silk Booster Facial and Well-Being Massage are performed with expert care. A private, canopied relaxation area on the Spa’s aft deck invites relaxation before or after a treatment. Separate facilities for men and women include state-of-the-art sauna and changing areas featuring showers with multiple head and side body jets, fibre optic lighting, and a selection of special rain and mist functions. The full service Crystal Salon offers a relaxing experience with sweeping ocean views, and the medispa offers cosmetic treatments under the care of a fully-licensed medical doctor.

5. Mandara Spa on Norwegian Bliss/Escape As a part of Norwegian’s Breakaway-Plus class, Norwegian Bliss and Norwegian Escape feature some of the most expansive spas in the entire fleet. Mandara Spa is fully equipped with a salt room, a steam room, a sauna, a snow room, several treatment rooms and a thermal suite with over 15 heated beds for ultimate relaxation. Guests can choose from over 50 specialty treatments including a hot-stone massage, acupuncture, seaweed massage and so much more. A Fitness Center offers state-of-the-art equipment and classes such as spinning, yoga or Pilates. spaandclinic.com.au | 51

Acne Advanced 28 Day Treatment System 1 Cleanse

2 Treat

3 Hydrate

Introducing the Éminence Organic Skin Care Acne Advanced Treatment System: a 28-day organic solution to treat and prevent moderate to severe acne. Using a combination of time-released encapsulated salicylic acid and powerful natural botanical actives, the Acne Advanced Treatment System addresses skin conditions associated with acne and proactively prevent future breakouts naturally. BEFORE


Day after day, I continue to see improvements and feel so much more confident when I look in the mirror. My breakouts are gone and my scars look lighter! – Vanessa T.

Spa Support • All spa Partners receive comprehensive on-site training • A wide selection of marketing and education material for therapists and clients • 20% saving on retail bundles for clients + discounted purchase packages • Generous samples for trialling • Graphic design support for social media and in-house spa promotions

Acne Advanced Treatment System









Acne Advanced Cleansing Foam

Acne Advanced Clarifying Masque

Acne Advanced Clarifying Hydrator

Pro Salicylic Acid Peel 15%

Unique liquid-to-foam cleanser that gently soothes and tones

2-in-1 masque and spot treatment

Ultra-lightweight mattifying lotion

Potent in-spa acne peel — professional treatment that complements 3-step system

A closer look: how the Acne Advanced Treatment System works

3-Step System

Professional Treatment

Cleanse | Treat | Hydrate

Pro Salic ylic Acid Peel 15 %

The Acne Advanced Treatment System features at-home products that utilize encapsulated salicylic acid and botanical actives to deliver a proven organic solution for those looking to treat and prevent acne. Each of the products in the 3-step system work together to combat acne while also addressing skin conditions associated with acne breakouts.

The Pro Salicylic Acid Peel 15% is a professional-grade spa treatment used to treat and prevent acne and was designed to complement the at-home 3-step system.

The Acne Advanced Treatment System bundle features fullsized versions of the Cleansing Foam, Clarifying Masque and Clarifying Hydrator. For best results, use these three steps together consistently to treat and prevent acne.

This treatment targets congestion within pores, rapidly removing blockages to help improve acne breakouts. Suitable for all skin types, this peel utilizes a combination of natural ingredients specifically chosen to exfoliate, refine and rejuvenate, resulting in visibly-improved skin.

To find out more about our NEW collection and receive 15% discount, order before 31st April 2019 Conditions apply.

Contact Éminence Organic Skin Care on 07 33576277 or info@eminenceorganics.com.au

Cover Story

Profound Results

Beverly Hills based Plastic Surgeon Dr Ben Talei is known for his noticeable but natural results, which is why he loves using Syneron Candela’s Profound on his patients.


e is one of America’s most respected and well-known facial Plastic Surgeons with his Los Angeles based clinic attracting thousands of (famous) faces every year, but besides his great surgical skills, Dr Ben Talei also takes pride in offering only the best in non-surgical treatments at his Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery. “The focus of the [center] is to improve people in the most natural way possible and better than anybody else. I don’t have a sense of competition but I do need to give my patients the best outcomes,” he explains. “Since I’ve been in practice the industry of plastic surgery has changed immensely and definitely for the better. More and more patients are realising that they do not need to look plastic. They are seeking surgeons who are able to provide more natural results and they are trying to reverse unnatural results.” Dr Talei is widely known for providing natural results, so how did he get here? As it turns out, he initially wanted to become a heart surgeon. “Once I began my rotations in the different surgical fields I was drawn very strongly to Head and Neck Cancer surgery. I knew no matter what, I wanted to be a surgeon. It’s simply my personality. I loved head and neck because of the intricate surgeries and I loved the idea of healing cancer, but the stress of telling patients they had cancer day in and day out became too much for me. 54 | SPA+CLINIC

Dr Talei’s Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery

Cover Story

Before and after Profound RF

Before and after Profound MicroLift

”I’m a very sensitive person and it caused me excessive amounts of stress. I realised that as much as I loved the cancer treatments, I revered the reconstructive surgeries involved. More and more I focused on the reconstruction and I realised how happy these intricate surgeries made me. The ability to reconstruct or improve someone’s face while leaving an entirely natural result was a challenge that I loved. I continue to do cancer surgeries in a very benign way - with children’s birthmarks. Vascular anomalies in children are vascular tumours. So now I have my dream job. I have my cake and I’m eating it too,” Dr Talei says. His knowledge and experience with birthmarks led him to buy Syneron Candela’s Profound, a device offering a revolutionary energy-based facial treatment designed to create new elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. “I am very well versed in energy and laser technologies. For years I have waited for such a device. It goes beyond magical thinking and creativity and relies instead on a surgeon’s logic. Why find ways to pass energy through the skin without damaging it when you can just pass microneedles to the deepest and most important portion of the skin while sparing the superficial portions and creating a diffused and repeated controlled trauma that the body will recover from predictably? Any neurosurgeon will tell you the difference between monopolar and bipolar energy and the significant advantages of a true bipolar device,” he explains. “The Profound is able to treat the face and neck together better than any other device. It can improve skin quality, texture, and overall appearance while tightening the jawline and neck and reducing shadows on the face such as the nasolabial folds and horizontal lines in the neck. Most importantly, it does this without the risks carried by the other strong devices. The horror stories of [ultrasound-based devices] are all over the internet. Devices that crank up the energy in order to compete and they can effectively age someone permanently. Clearly there are many devices that are low risk in the same category and they don’t have any downtime, but the results are also minimal.“ Together with his nurse, Dr Talei performs roughly 40 Profound treatments every month, not least because the treatment is suitable for all kinds of different clients.

My favourite thing to do is a facelift followed by Profound several months later. The procedure has a 100% satisfaction rate in my practice.

“This device has a wide range of applications. Younger patients who want a tighter jawline but won’t benefit much from lipo, patients with acne and skin irregularities, patients whose faces have been overfilled with fat or fillers, patients with poor results from a facelift, or patients who don’t want a facelift and want to tighten things in a safe and natural way - so many people including myself. I had it done five months ago and I’m seeing the results more and more,” the surgeon says. Being a Plastic Surgeon, Dr Talei stresses the fact that a Profound treatment won’t replace a facelift, however, the two are “mutually beneficial.” “The Profound is certainly a great option for patients desiring a non-surgical tightening and they can follow up with fillers for volumisation. As patients age, their faces change in many ways. The skin quality worsens and loosens, volume is lost and soft tissues droop. The Profound deals with tightening of the skin quality while surgery can lift. My favourite thing to do is a facelift followed by Profound several months later. The procedure has a 100% satisfaction rate in my practice.” When it comes to his relationship with Syneron Candela, Dr Talei only has praise for the device company. “I have worked with the devils and the angels in the laser world. The angels seem to work for companies like Candela. They know what they are doing and they have never pressured me to purchase anything. I feel that most people working for Candela know that they have great products, which sell themselves. It gives you the feeling that they are only there to help. I have worked with them in New York and Los Angeles and my experience has been the same. Even with the best devices in the world you will experience problems. You better hope that when problems happen the company is there to help you and you don’t have to shut down your office for weeks. They are all super responsive. I know it’s a big company but it certainly doesn’t feel like that. I feel like I know everyone there even though I don’t,” Dr Talei explains. Over 30,000 physicians worldwide treat their patients with Syneron Candela’s products, all of which are scientifically proven with over 700 clinical papers published. For more information, visit syneron-candela.com/au. spaandclinic.com.au | 55


A Of Tassie

Tasmania is renowned for its outstanding scenery and delectable fresh produce, but what does the Apple Isle have to offer when it comes to spa and wellness?


asmania is absolutely teeming with beauty, from vast National Parks to long scenic coastal drives, towering mountains to rolling hills of lavender, and its reputation for friendly residents, incredible cheese, wine and seafood, brings visitors from around the globe in droves, regardless of the time of year. This constant role in the spotlight means that spa and wellness providers must be on their A-game at all times, be capable of dealing with high volumes of tourists at any given moment, and highlight and incorporate their beautiful natural surroundings into their facilities and treatments. This special set of circumstances means that Tassie spas do things a little differently from those on the other side of the Bass Straight, the most notable emphasis being placed on local and organic ingredients, holistic and wellness-based treatments, and bathing experiences – perfect for soothing tired post-hiking muscles or those enjoying romantic getaways. We chat to some of Tassie’s most highly regarded spas to find out what their unique focus and positioning is.

Tasmanian Walking Company - Bay of Fires Lodge Tasmanian Walking Company, a recognised leader in environmental travel practices, is passionate about showcasing Tasmania’s beautiful national parks, and over the last 30+ years, has been the only commercial operator entrusted with providing private accommodation along the Overland Track and within the Tasman National Park. They offer three multi-day guided walking experiences – the Cradle Mountain Huts Walk, the Three Capes Lodge Walk, and the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk; which offers a very special day spa experience to its attendees. The Bay of Fires Lodge accommodation sits on a hilltop 40m above sea level on the north-east coast surrounded by stunning 56 | SPA+CLINIC

Tasmanian Walking Company - Bay of Fires Lodge


national park. The lodge features an eco-spa designed as a retreat for guests who take on the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk. According to Marketing Manager Ros Young, the spa and its services are inspired by indigenous healing practices that harness the restorative, clarifying and invigorating properties of Australia’s native botanicals. “The most unique feature of the spa is the outdoor bathing pavilion which will fully submerge you in nature. Taking in the spectacular ocean view, guests choose from three experiences – Tasmanian Peat Mud Bath to rehydrate the skin, Jiga Jina Bath Soak to remineralise the body, or the Ocean Dreaming to invigorate.” The Lodge caters to a mix of predominantly domestic travellers plus a smaller portion of international visitors. The spa also offers massage, facials, body treatments and a range of foot, hand and head rituals.

Silo Day Spa - Peppers Silo Hotel Launching last year inside the new Peppers Silo Hotel in Launceston, Silo Day Spa is located within one of the old grain silos, and truly heroes Tasmania not only in its treatments, but its facilities; highlighting the raw cement silo walls and furnishing with warm, natural Tasmanian timber. “Each and every treatment has a touch of Tasmania included incorporating local oils, balms and leatherwood honey,” says Silo Day Spa Manager, Anita Conroy. “Visitors come to Tasmania to experience the pristine natural raw beauty this state provides. The spa experience they seek reflects their journey of nature and relaxation. They’re looking to captivate their senses in sight, taste, touch and sound. Natural products, coupled with holistic treatments boosting health and wellness, are key features of Tasmanian Spa experiences. Our luxurious treatments are curated to

No minimum opening order. Call now for more information 1300 759 828.

Silo Day Spa - Peppers Silo Hotel

spaandclinic.com.au | 57


elevate your body to new levels of relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s the small things that create a memorable experience, the warm feeling of being welcomed and nurtured is just the beginning.” Silo Day Spa currently welcomes a fairly even mix of travellers and locals guests, with a spa menu that offers relaxation and hot stone massage, body wraps, facials, pedicures, and a number of extended spa packages. Cheese and wine platters are also available.

Light Legs treatment for instant invigoration and lightness from stimulating blood circulation. Additionally, the menu also includes several massage options, facials, hands and feet treatments, body scrubs and wraps, and luxurious signature packages, one of which includes a couples option with dual bath tub.

Spa Saffire - Saffire Freycinet

Cradle Mountain’s hidden gem, Waldheim Alpine Spa is tucked away inside Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge. A must-visit destination of Tasmania, Cradle Mountain is undoubtedly one of the most ideal locations for an immersive spa experience, and Waldheim really makes the most of its picturesque surroundings. Visitors to the surrounding national park can quite literally step off one of the winding walking paths and into the spa, nestled amongst towering King Billy Pines. Both reception and spa treatment rooms feature plenty of floor-to-ceiling glass in order for guests to appreciate the surrounding wilderness, in particular the private relaxation area complete with dry sauna, steam room, outdoor hot tub and cold pool. The extensive spa menu has a clear emphasis on nourishing both the mind and body, including decadent private bathing rituals infused with vitamin milk baths (local strawberries and sparkling wine also available!) and several healing body wraps rich in natural oils, minerals, botanicals and crystals. Also available are Elemis facials, revitalising spa rituals, massage, manicure and pedicure, and several couples packages; in which friends and lovers alike can enjoy the couples room’s incredible views through the jaw-dropping, full-length glass wall – which, as Waldheim’s spa therapists assure us, is even more spectacular when the surrounding landscape is dappled with snow.

The prestigious Spa Saffire, located inside Saffire Freycinet luxury suites, is located mid-way along Tasmania’s East Coast, just over 2 hour’s drive from Hobart and a little under that from Launceston. A common thread in Tasmania’s luxury spas, says spa manager Michele Cregger, is establishing a strong connection to the place for guests. “Rather than guests feel like they are ‘escaping’ the world, we like to make guests feel like they are ‘immersed’ in the stunning natural surroundings that are abundant in Tasmania,” she says. “For example, we offer a unique spin on the full body hot-stone massage, having hand-crafted the stones from the distinctive pink granite of the Hazards Mountains that Saffire overlooks, unique to the area. Guests, as a result, leave feeling well-connected to their surrounding environments for a seamless in-and-out spa experience. La Gaia has also created an exclusive range just for Saffire, containing botanicals and essences that match our surrounding environment.” A large part of Saffire’s guests are domestic guests from within Australia, but plenty visit from all over the world. Spa Saffire has kept this in mind when designing their treatment menu, which offers a ‘Journey Recovery’ package for travellers suffering jetlag – a rejuvenating back massage and scalp massage followed by a Payot

Spa Saffire - Saffire Freycinet


Waldheim Alpine Spa – Cradle Mountain Lodge

Waldheim Alpine Spa – Cradle Mountain Lodge


Can Mystery Shopping Improve Your Business? Most aspects of any spa or aesthetics businesses can only be fully experienced in person – which is why mystery shopping could take your market research to the next level.


f you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to say that staying ahead of competition and keeping up to date with the latest trends, treatments and industry movements is relatively important to you. Dependant on to what degree, you may already be utilising many different streams and methods in order to do this – including traditional media, social media, attending expos, networking events, conducting your own research, and requesting your team give you updates on any relevant info they come across. But have you ever considered one of these methods being mystery shopping? Some of you may be familiar with the mystery shopping process already, but for those who aren’t, it generally involves an ‘undercover’ shopper or client attending a business under the pretence of being a brand new customer that has never experienced its products and/or services before, in order to get the ‘inside scoop’. It’s exceedingly common in the retail industry, with large companies and franchises often outsourcing the process to an external agency. This way, the business simply provides a checklist of requirements, the

agency sends an undercover agent to the business, and they assess whether the business and its staff meet the specified requirements – this can be anything from customer service and answering specific questions to a certain standard, to the cleanliness of the facilities. On a smaller scale, the process can of course be carried out in much the same way by a friend or family member of the business owner. While mystery shopping is most commonly carried out by those wanting to discretely assess the state of their own business and employees, it can also be a fantastic tool for business owners wanting to educate themselves on what others throughout their respective industries are doing. While suitable for most sectors, visiting other businesses to ‘mystery shop’ them can be particularly helpful for beauty and aesthetics industry practitioners, using their visits to inform their own business decisions, compare standards and learn new things. When assessing local or competing businesses, a lot of your research you can easily carry out independently through word of mouth or online, such as their service

offerings and pricing models. But most aspects of any aesthetics or wellness-based business simply can’t be understood until experienced in person. Since we know that music choice, fragrance, the fashion of your greeting, tone of voice, the therapist’s touch, and so many other aspects all come together to create a unique package that is your business – to fully understand anyone else’s, a physical visit is really your only option! A big believer in mystery shopping is Leah Rice-Levitt of Queensland’s Calming Concepts, who regularly engages the process in order to improve her own services. “I feel mystery shopping is important to compare and contrast my own clinic with the ‘competition’. This inspires me to improve where I may be lacking in customer service, ambience and technique. I often use my own need for services as an opportunity to try a new spa or clinic and then take away from their offerings how I can improve my own services. This is usually once or twice a month with different local therapists and also when I visit my regular service providers, I am reminded of how they do things well.” So aside from experiencing new facilities spaandclinic.com.au | 59


Experiencing your competition’s services can be a great learning experience

and treatments, what are some other reasons business owners engage in mystery shopping?

Keeping Current Frequent mystery shopping of a relatively large volume of other businesses can be much more indicative of what is truly trending in the industry versus online research, which can often be overwhelmed with passing fads. Plus, if it’s a treatment, product or device that is totally new on the scene, what better way to try it out for yourself? Also, if you opt to withhold the fact that you’re a business owner or practitioner, you get to learn about it from the ground up with the same complete and in-depth explanation that any consumer would expect to receive.

Assessing Therapist Skills By visiting other businesses’ therapists, you can gain a unique insight into their standards, how yours compare, and specific areas in which they can improve to increase your overall treatment impact. “Most times visiting other salons and spas helps to remind me of all the little things that I am doing well, and is an opportunity to 60 | SPA+CLINIC

promote my own point of difference to my existing clients,” says Leah. “If I am disappointed with a service, I aim to avoid that with my own clients and usually write an update to my own policy and procedure guide.”

Experiencing New Brands If you’ve had your eye on a product range for a while and would love the chance to experience it yourself, what better way to do so than via a treatment? This way, a therapist can walk you through each product in the regime as you experience it and you can ask as many questions as you like, without committing to meeting with a brand rep.

International Research Since Australia is (generally speaking) slightly behind the eight ball when it comes to beauty, wellness and aesthetics, any overseas travel makes for a fantastic chance to see what’s happening in other countries, bring any new trends back home with you and establish yourself as a leader in your field. Sydney’s renowned luxury spa Gillian Adams regularly undertakes international research

I feel mystery shopping is important to compare and contrast my own clinic with the ‘competition’. This inspires me to improve where I may be lacking in customer service, ambience and technique. to incorporate into their services, particular in person whilst travelling. “Both Gillian and myself are definitely beauty addicts and whenever possible, usually when travelling, spa and hair treatments are on the agenda!” says Allie Clark, a Therapist and Educator that works regularly alongside Gillian herself. Of course you’ll also find business people that say “never look left or right”, i.e. don’t compare yourself to others when it comes to your career and your brand. In their opinion, it doesn’t matter what your competition is doing as comparing can sometimes lead to copying or make you a bit ‘lazy’ when it comes to new ideas. While this may be true to some extent, our industry lends itself perfectly to some healthy competition. However, if you don’t feel comfortable going ‘incognito’ for some mystery shopping, you can always reach out to other businesses directly if you’d like to know their opinion on a certain treatment or protocol. Most of the time, they will be happy to help you out and share their knowledge with you. After all, everyone wins when we support each other.

Flexible finance options available

Beauty Buzzwords Welcome to our latest instalment of Beauty Buzzwords, where we delve into the latest trends, terms and breakthroughs making headlines in the industry.


he skincare industry continues to evolve at dizzying speeds, and in order for brands to keep up with consumers’ desire for the latest and greatest innovations, we’re constantly introduced to new ‘beauty buzzwords’, concepts and trends. It can be difficult to keep on top of it all. Sometimes these are completely new, other times they are age old concepts that have been given new life, or well-known scientific theories and practices that have been adopted by the skincare industry. So what are some of the latest buzzwords going around, and what do they all mean?

Multigenic When applied to a skincare product, the term multigenics, or multigenic technology, refers to its alleged effect on the expression of various genes involved in cellular ageing, halting the process and promoting more ‘youthful’ cellular activity. This may be seen as a continuation of the recent epigenetic skincare trend; taking the theory of ‘switching on’ good genes and ‘switching off ’ bad ones in our epigenome, and applying it to cosmetic ingredients that aim to activate good and/or counteract bad external stimuli. An example of this is Skeyndor’s new



Timeless Prodigy range, which uses growth factors, proteoglycans, Piedmont white truffle and Damask Rose stem cells to “turn back the clock in your skin.”

Biophotonic Biophotonics is the field of study that combines biology with photonics, namely, how light, optical techniques and imaging interacts with molecules, cells and tissue. In the beauty industry, we’re seeing the term crop up more and more in relation to packaging. This may be attributed to the rise of both ‘clean beauty’ and demand for recyclable packaging, spawning an increase in glass bottles and tubs, as well as the popularity of concentrated vitamins and actives that can react to exposure to sunlight. Biophotonic glass, also known as Violet or Miron glass, protects its contents from light, retaining its efficacy and extending its shelf life. A great example of this in professional skincare is Mukti, who regularly utilises biophotonic glass to protect and preserve its organic formulations.

Blue Light There has been a huge amount of buzz lately around blue light and how it can adversely affect skin. Not to be confused with UVA or UVB rays, blue light is a high-energy, short-wavelength light (from 380 nm to 500 nm) and a part of the visible light spectrum, our main form of exposure being the sun and smaller amounts through indoor lighting as well as mobile and device screens. It has been linked to eye diseases including cataracts and glaucoma, but also plays a pivotal role in maintaining good health, including its regulation of our circadian

rhythm, which determines our sleeping patterns. There is mounting evidence to suggest that blue light penetrating the skin (which it also does so deeper than UVA or UVA) can break down collagen and elastin fibres, increase melanin production and cause hyperpigmentation. It is for this reason we are seeing the release of new skincare ranges dedicated to protecting from blue light, such as Payot’s Blue Techni Liss range.

Biostimulators What sounds futuristic and science-y, is actually just another word for a specific type of filler which stimulates the formation of new collagen in the skin, adding volume over time. Results are not immediate and a series of treatments is usually recommended. The components of the filler act like a scaffold under the skin which collagen is built upon. Biostimulators can cover larger areas and create a good base for other injectable treatments as hyaluronic based fillers can be layered on top. As well as plumping the skin, patients often see an overall improvement of the quality of the skin from Biostimulators. A second treatment is usually recommended after about eight weeks, and results can last for up to two years.



MASSAGE Pregnancy Massage Australia® provide a great range of courses that give your spa, salon or clinic the opportunity to develop the skills of your therapists so you can offer personalised therapeutic massage to your pregnant clients. Certificate of Pregnancy Massage is a popular Australia-wide course, covering appropriate massage techniques and styles of application suitable for each trimester. Upon completion of the training we will endorse your pregnancy services so your staff can safely treat your pregnant clients with confidence.

For more information or to enrol:

1300 773 462



But First,

Coffee! Love coffee as much as we do? There are many ways you can incorporate java into your beauty business. Here’s how.

Why not choose a coffee bean that helps give back?


ou can tell a lot about a person by their coffee order; cappuccino drinkers like to indulge while long black fans are notoriously busy, and flat whiters are no fuss, straight to the point people. Whether you agree or disagree, it’s no secret that Aussies are slightly obsessed with the liquid gold that wakes us up, gets our metabolism going, and tastes ridiculously good. Which is why having a proper coffee machine at your spa, salon, or clinic is important to make clients feel welcome. Of course, offering water or tea is great – and you should continue to do so – but you’d be surprised how many clients will place an elaborate double shotalmond milk-extra-hot-macchiato order when you let them know there’s coffee at your business. And that’s what it’s all about in customer service, going that extra mile to make your clients remember you. But which coffee machine is right for you? The main question you should ask yourself is how many coffees a day will it make on average, as well as who is preparing the coffees? Is it one of your staff or the clients themselves? If it’s the latter, you would want the machine to be as intuitive as possible to prevent constant questions and spilled beverages. We take a look at a variety of coffee machines on the market so you can find one perfect for your rooms.



Capsules (including flavoured ones) means you can offer clients a wide variety.

3) Breville the Barista Touch, $1,499

1) Nescafe Dolce Gusto Lumio, $189 Is it a piece of art or a coffee machine? If you’re worried about a coffee machine ruining your beautiful reception space, this one’s for you. The futuristic design of the Dulce Gusto Lumio opens at the push of a button and transforms into a versatile coffee machine. With a maximum 15 bar pump pressure, Lumio makes coffeeshop quality drinks with no mess, no fuss. Simply pop in a pod, select the volume you desire by touching the volume selector, and go!



A sleek design, intuitive touch screen telling you exactly what you’re going to get, and an impressive 3-second heat-up time make this Breville machine a pleasure to use. You can create and save up to eight favourite coffees, and create barista-style coffee your clients will love. As this is a professional espresso machine, you may require your staff who know how to tamp ground coffee to prepare the beverages, but the flavour is worth it!

4) Jura Z8, $4,490

2) Nespresso Zenius, $749 Recommended for 5 to 20 users, the Zenius coffee machine is compact yet designed to satisfy demanding professional needs. Three buttons for Ristrettos, Espressos, and Lungos means there won’t be any confusion for your clients, and 13 different Coffee

A brand dedicated to servicing salons and donating a portion of profits to charities, JACKSON&BROWN is a quality coffee blend made from carefully selected, organic beans sourced from the finest fair-trade plantations on the planet. The concept of creating a coffee brand that donates profits to charity has been a growing idea of co-founder, Valerio Domenici, for many years, and it’s now reality. Salons and spas can sign up on www. jacksonandbrown.co and choose between 3kg, 5kg, 7kg or 10kg of coffee. A subscriptionbased model means you can have coffee delivered every month without having to worry about re-ordering. The order is placed and delivered straight to the salon. Besides the convenience, the great thing about this coffee brand is that for every kilo sold, $2 will go to charity making a difference for less fortunate children and communities.


If you’re after the Rolls Royce of coffee machines, look no further than the Jura Z8, giving you any coffee creation you could imagine at the touch of a (touch screen) button. With its fast Aroma Grinder and optimum Pulse Extraction Process, it produces café-quality coffee including milk-based beverages like cappuccinos and lattes as the machine switches from milk to milk foam automatically. It includes a one-touch lungo function, and for the tech-savvy, the Z8 can be controlled via the free Jura Coffee App.


Can’t get enough of coffee?


Lab & Co Marketing Director Tijana Desancic loves it as an ingredient in skincare as it “delivers healthy, energised, smooth, clear, bright skin without any invasive or expensive treatments, a far better approach to skincare I believe. And let’s not forget the smell, so a pleasure to use also!” Add some java to your treatments or spruce up your retail section with these heavenly-smelling beauties.

endota Organics Coffee & Coconut Body Scrub

Coffee Bar Exfoliator Vanilla Latte

Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM Eye Cream

Salt by Hendrix Body Buff

Sustainable Coffee Pods

Coffee pods are well-loved for their convenience. Pop the pod into your machine, and within a minute or so, your machine brews you a cup of coffee. But what is the price you pay for such convenience? The single use design of disposable pods, with its mixture of plastic, aluminium and organic material within doesn’t lend itself to easy reuse, recycling or composting. In a disposable coffee pod, the machine pierces the pod and high-pressure hot water is passed through the pod to extract the coffee. Once the pod is punctured, it cannot be reused. However, a stainless steel reusable coffee pod like Pod Star has small holes on the top and bottom, allowing the water to pass through without the need for perforation by the machine. This then enables such a pod to be reused again and again. All you need to do is unscrew the top lid, fill your pod with your preferred ground coffee by pressing firmly (but not too hard), level off the coffee when it reaches the top of the pod, brush any coffee remnants away from the pod and screw the lid back on. Pop the pod into a Nespresso machine (or whichever machine is compatible to your reusable pod), and voila, a beautiful cup of coffee is ready for you! And the added bonus? You get to choose your own favourite blend, and you save money as each disposable coffee pod costs more than filling it with your own ground coffee. A win for the environment, a win for your taste buds, and a win for your bank account! PODSTAR.COM.AU

Mesoestetic Local Reducer C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub

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Should you offer teeth whitening at your salon, spa or clinic? Here’s everything you need to know.


hen people are asked what they find attractive on someone, a great smile is often at the top of their list. Full lips and straight, white teeth are generally regarded as beautiful, so it’s no surprise that after the drastic rise in popularity of lip fillers in recent years, teeth whitening has followed suit. As drinks like coffee and wine and foods like curries or berries stain our teeth over time, it’s almost inevitable to have slightly discoloured teeth as an adult, but there are ways to remove stains and restore the natural white shade of teeth. What used to be a dentist-only treatment, has evolved into a multi-million dollar industry of at-home teeth whitening kits, which may be less effective but safer to use, but more on that later.

In-Salon Teeth Whitening As a beauty salon, spa or clinic, there is now an option to offer teeth whitening to your clients without having a dentist on site. Face masks using LED light to treat different skin concerns, such as acne, redness, or fine lines, can also offer a teeth whitening component as a standalone or add-on service. Australian LED device company Aduro offers a safe, effective and pain free cosmetic teeth whitening treatment that can whiten and brighten your clients’ teeth 6-12 shades in just one 20-minute session. The face mask includes seven unique colour LED light wavelength options including both primary and secondary light wavelengths plus the ‘near infrared skin booster’ that works in the background with any visible light selection of your choice to amplify clients’ results and encourage better product absorption through the brand’s Collagen Infused Vitamin Masks. The technology gives the practitioner the ability to split the face into four different quadrants and use different light wavelengths to target specific skin concerns at different dermal layers in each area, being the face, eyes, nose and mouth. 66 | SPA+CLINIC

Using a non-peroxide teeth whitening service from PearlySmile Australia, Aduro’s device takes into consideration the legal boundaries which prohibit the use of whitening gels with more than 6% peroxide for non-dentists. Instead, the gel used is sodium bicarbonate based, which is much more gentle on gums and teeth. A prefilled gel mouth guard with magnifying capabilities helps to convey light to the back of the teeth as well as the front and sides. Once the client inserts the mouth guard into the mouth, blue LED light is turned on for 20 minutes. After the teeth whitening session, clients can choose to purchase an at-home aftercare kit including a brightening powder and foam to keep teeth white for longer. Getting the client ready for the treatment usually only requires eight minutes of a beauty therapist’s time, making this treatment highly profitable.

Aduro LED Light Therapy masks and device


Dr Gamer Verdian and patient

Dentist-Only Teeth Whitening So how does it compare to an in-chair teeth whitening treatment at the dentist? Dr Gamer Verdian of Dental Lounge in Sydney has been offering the globally known Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment for many years. “Zoom whitening has steadily increased in popularity, especially with the advent of social media, there’s more exposure to people with bright white smiles. We do approximately 20-25 Zoom whitening treatments per month,” he explains. Philips Zoom uses a strong whitening gel consisting of 25% hydrogen peroxide combined with a blue LED light, which, according to Dr Verdian, is “much stronger than the at-home variety. It must be used carefully and correctly as it can cause complications such as burning. As a result, the home lights are much weaker.” The treatment takes about an hour and is relatively painless; about a quarter of all patients will experience some nerve pain afterwards which usually subsides within 24 hours. Teeth are noticeably whiter immediately after the treatment, and depending on your lifestyle, the result lasts up to a year. “Zoom whitening is safe to be used regularly, I have quite a few patients who come in every 6-12 months with no complications (they love coffee and wine). I would recommend the treatment be performed every 12 months or so,” says Dr Verdian, who uses the treatment on himself, too. “We have many, many success stories and happy patients with Zoom whitening. There are people with certain types of enamel and tooth colour that is resistant to tooth whitening of any kind. These patients are best served with bonding or porcelain veneers.”

game changer for me was in 2013, where I attended an intensive dental workshop on skin treatment and cosmetic injectables. This really opened my mind to what I could do with my already acquired dental and medical knowledge. Up until then, I was trained to focus on one small area of the teeth and gums, but the smile is so much more than that. The smile is your whole face, and without paying any reference to the face, I was not assisting my patient as much as I thought I was,” Dr D’Anna explains. “Today within my practice, I now run two businesses; iDental and Dermal Distinction. My roles within the businesses include director, principal cosmetic dentist, advanced cosmetic injector and dermal skin therapist. I love the uniqueness of my practice, where I blend dental health, with the smile aesthetic and facial zones. My business life is busy, but I love my ever-evolving role in my clients’ health and cosmetic desires.” Just like Dr Verdian, Dr D’Anna has seen the rise in popularity of teeth whitening treatments in recent years. At her practice, she offers an in-office procedure called Opalescence Boost. “This treatment takes around 60 minutes to complete and we do all the work for the patient. We apply a flexible guard over the gums and lips to protect them during treatment. Gel is mixed/activated and then applied to the teeth. At our practice, I will sit beside my patient throughout the treatment to ensure they are comfortable and treatment is proceeding as expected. The gel will be refreshed a couple of times during the session. To complement the treatment, I usually undertake a Red-light LED face treatment so that we boost collagen production within the skin. This truly makes the smile and skin glow. As a cosmetic dentist, my first priority will always be to ensure that I put the wellbeing and health of a patient first. This means I ensure that there is no active decay or gum disease, and that all the fillings are of a high standard. Once we get this baseline right, we can move into the cosmetic phase of discussing the options to enhance the smile, including teeth whitening. I truly enjoy cosmetic dentistry, and love blending teeth whitening with other dental and skin treatments to create a beautiful healthy smile.” The bottom line is that teeth whitening is here to stay, and if you’re a salon owner, you might want to consider offering the treatment to your clients, too. As with all cosmetic treatments, informing clients about all risks involved and managing their expectations is crucial, as well as explaining that a teeth whitening treatment doesn’t replace a check-up appointment at the dentist. Dr Giulia D'Anna

Combined Dentist And Dermal Therapist The fact that teeth and skin treatments are a great combination is proven by dentist turned dermal therapist, Dr Giulia D’Anna, who started as a dentist in the 90s, but has since combined her passion for teeth with her passion for skin. “I graduated as a dentist from Melbourne University in 1996, and started up my own dental practice iDental just two years later […] The spaandclinic.com.au | 67


Don’t Tell Anyone! Secretive clients can be tricky to work with. Cosmetic Physician Dr Phoebe Jones gives us an insight into how she handles patients who don’t want anyone to know they’ve had work done.


very cosmetic practitioner could probably attest to the fact that their patients’ attitudes towards treatments differ greatly. While some patients live stream their filler treatment on their Instagram hoping the entire world sees what they’re getting done, others ask if they can come to their appointment through a backdoor of the clinic so nobody sees them. It’s an interesting dynamic that every practitioner faces at work, and it’s crucial to adapt to each individual patient’s needs to keep them happy. Cosmetic Physician Dr Phoebe Jones knows a thing or two about secretive clients (as well as the extreme opposite) having worked as a cosmetic doctor for many years. “I always had an interest in cosmetic medicine because I enjoyed being a patient, especially with getting skin treatments. I had acne as a teenager and have always been obsessed with having beautiful skin. I started working with injectables and lasers as a way to earn a living while researching, but it became a passion and now my career. I feel lucky to have found it,” she explains. Dr Jones finds that many of her patients are still inquiring about cosmetic procedures they can undergo to improve their appearance yet keep it a secret from friends, family and colleagues. Making patients like that feel good about themselves isn’t always easy. 68 | SPA+CLINIC

“From unwanted attention, fear of judgement, not wanting to justify their choices, embarrassment to disapproving partners, there are multiple reasons why people choose to keep treatments to themselves,” says Dr Jones. The best option for this type of clientele is to offer treatments that don’t require much downtime. “We can easily do things that their friends won’t notice. For conservative people, concentrating on skin treatments is by far the best way to go. This can be done with skincare, lasers and skin boosters. Having beautiful skin is the most important thing anyway. I would rather people have a few wrinkles, a bit of volume loss with beautiful skin than the other way around. Doing little things slowly over time is also a smart way of having cosmetic treatments because changes won’t be obvious,” explains Dr Jones. Dr Jones has noticed a tendency towards a more open attitude about cosmetic procedures in the last few years, though. "Cosmetic treatments have certainly become destigmatised, especially in bigger cities and amongst the younger demographic. More and more people are starting to see it as a necessary part of their basic maintenance. Most people of a certain age

who look really good, are almost always certainly getting a little cosmetic help. When done well, it shouldn’t be easily detectable. Some older people also see it as income protecting, because they don’t want to look like the oldest person in the office, and we live in an ageist society,” she says. And then there is the exact opposite of the discreet clientele; the kind of patient that begs the injector to put another ml of filler in their lips to make sure everyone sees what they had done. “There are people who like to look done. There is an interesting term for it called ‘plastic positive’ where people see it as a status symbol and a sign of affluence that they can have treatments done. For some people it’s a way of expressing themselves in a different art form or another form of body modification. Different people have different ideas of beauty. Unfortunately, there are a small number of patients who have body dysmorphia and will unlikely ever be happy with any treatments they receive, and probably shouldn’t have cosmetic treatments at all,” Dr Jones argues. Secretive or too open – either type of client can be tricky to please, but with the right amount of empathy and a treatment menu to cater to all kinds of patients, anything’s possible.

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Don’ t Sweat It

Ever wanted to know what can be done for patients suffering from excessive sweating? Here is your complete breakdown of in-clinic treatment options.


yperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, affects as many as 3 in 1 Australians, and depending on severity, can be a hugely distressing and embarrassing condition with a substantial impact on the sufferer’s quality of life. There are two categories of hyperhidrosis: Focal Hyperhidrosis: excessive sweating in certain areas, usually armpits (axillary) hands (palmar) feet (plantar) or face (craniofacial). Generalised Hyperhidrosis: excessive sweating of the entire body, usually caused by an underlying medical problem. Normally, the central nervous system triggers sweat glands in order to cool the body down in response to heat or exercise, but in those affected by hyperhidrosis, sweat glands are triggered unnecessarily, regardless of temperature or physical activity. The condition can also worsen with heat as well as stress, and some find it aggravated in response to alcohol, caffeine and/or spicy foods. Beyond the use of prescription medication or anti-perspirants, there are several treatment options available for hyperhidrosis, which will vary according to the area to be treated, offered at a large variety of dermatologists, vascular and skin clinics across the county. As with almost any clinical treatment, every patient will respond to each method differently.

Iontophoresis A non-invasive, virtually painless treatment against hyperhidrosis, most commonly palmar 70 | SPA+CLINIC

and plantar, as these are the easiest areas to treat using this method. Hands or feet are places into trays of tap or saline water so that a small electrical current can be introduced to the area, staying submerged for around 30 minutes. Some clinics treat underarms using dampened pads attached to electrodes, but this is not nearly as commonly carried out as hands and feet. Most clinics charge around $60 per area. The method has been used to treat hyperhidrosis since around the 1940s, and since that time various studies and clinical trials have shown significant success rates, at around 70% of candidates experiencing decreased sweating. Despite this, we still haven’t managed to accurately pinpoint the exact effects the treatment has on the nerve’s interaction with sweat glands, other than having the capacity to interfere or block this to some degree. In the same way that iontophoresis is used in some facial treatments to infuse

ingredients into the skin, it can also be used to deliver sweat-reducing drugs, such as Sodium glycopyrrolate, to the area. This is an anticholinergic agent that helps inhibit the nerves responsible for sweat stimulation. The method is completely safe, with patients experiencing only a mild tingling sensation. This means it is suitable for almost anyone, including children. However it cannot be carried out on those who are pregnant, have a pacemaker or metal orthopaedic implants, or suffer from arrhythmias or epilepsy. Unfortunately, the results are quite temporary, with several treatments being required per week for several months, followed by once per week maintenance sessions for several more weeks in order to see best results. There are also plenty of at-home devices on the market for those not wanting to visit a clinic.

Botulinum Injections Just one of the many wonderful ways in which botulinum injections can be used, around 100 units are administered to each underarm in order to treat axillary hyperhidrosis, blocking nerve receptors and, in most patients, eliminating sweating for around 3-6 months. As with regular anti-wrinkle injections, numbing cream can be applied if the patient chooses, but it is a relatively low-pain procedure. Botulinum injections for hyperhidrosis treatment are approved for Medicare rebate here in Australia, given the patient has


received a GP referral. GPs will also only provide this to those who have attempted to use medical-strength, high aluminium anti-perspirant, which often isn’t a viable option as many patients will experience high irritation, redness and itching in response to these. Not all clinics offering the injections include the rebate, which is upon discretion. Patients can receive Medicare rebates on two treatments per calendar year. Prices can vary drastically depending on the clinic, but most clients can expect to pay between $600$1000 per treatment, and receive roughly $200 back under the Medicare scheme.

in just one treatment, others require two. Most see around 80% reduction in sweating after the first session. The treatment takes around 40 minutes. Sessions are generally charged at around $1000 - $2000 per treatment, but as a permanent solution, this is seen by many as a viable option. It should be noted that the destruction of the underarm’s sweat glands does not have a detrimental effect on the body’s ability to cool itself, as the underarms contains just 2% of the body’s sweat glands.


This is a permanent, surgical solution for the feet and underarms in which sweat glands are removed or a section of the sympathetic nerve trunk is destroyed. Offered by specialised surgeons, this method is rare, and considered by most practitioners as a last resort, as there are many other less-invasive, highly effective treatments available. ETS can also cause compensatory sweating in other areas of the body.

Offered at just a handful of clinics around Australia, miraDry is a permanent solution for reducing excessive axillary sweating. It’s a relatively new treatment, only FDA approved in the US in 2011. The device delivers controlled electromagnetic energy to eliminate the sweat glands themselves, which will not grow back, while cooling the surface layers of the skin to ensure their protection. Side effects

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS)

can include some discomfort, numbness, swelling and bruising, and ice applications and reduced physical activity are advised over the first several days after treatment. Some patients achieve the desired results

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To Peel

Or Not To Peel 72 | SPA+CLINIC


That is the question. Understanding the keratinocyte life cycle and how over exfoliating can cause more problems than it solves leads dermaviduals ambassador Robyn McAlpine to question what we are achieving when we reach for the peels and exfoliants.


hen our first thought is to reach for the peel solution, do we really know why? When a skin comes into our clinic with bumps, lumps, breakouts or dullness… do we really know the why behind that skin’s presentation and expression? Peels and strong exfoliating treatments are praised as the quick fix and cure-all for so many skin concerns but are they really what they’re cracked up to be? What are we doing when we peel? Are we treating the cause or are we temporarily putting a Band-Aid over a symptom that is a skin trying to tell us there is more to the story? I trained in an era where peels, acids, glycolic were the miracle answer to everything, even better when sold in a package and done weekly, especially before a big event! Sounding familiar? But after a while I started wondering why? What is this doing? How is it working on a cellular level? Is it creating change or just making a temporary improvement to a longer term, underlying issue? Why, if we are removing the problem, do we need to keep peeling and exfoliating? Exfoliating is about removing surface cells to reveal younger fresher cells. Which in a perfect world makes some sense? But what if the cells we are revealing aren’t fresher? But they are plagued with the same problem as the cell we just burned off with a 30% PH buffered peel? Because if we aren’t looking at why skin is presenting in this way, we aren’t contributing to the solution on getting a skin to function at its very healthiest. We may actually be contributing to it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not about being the exfoliating Nazi (though I think I may be getting a reputation for such); I do think that we are reaching for peeling agents far too often, for too many skin issues, without thinking about the long-term benefit or truly understanding how it is working in respect to the function of our keratinocytes. A healthy skin is all about the keratinocyte life cycle and what is happening below the surface, either contributing to smooth, clear, happy skin or perhaps bumpy, congested, not so happy skin. If there is an issue with the cell lifecycle and the natural shedding process of our skin… Why? What is interfering with the lifecycle process to stop this from happening? If the surface of our skin is ‘thickened’, what is it that is happening in the cell lifecycle process preventing the surface cells form naturally shedding? If our skin is dull, lacklustre and needing a pick me up, what are the systems and cells involved in this process and is a peel going to address that? Understanding the cause of skin conditions and addressing this should be our first priority and a peel isn’t always going to address this. When we look at a skin, what are we seeing? Are we only seeing what’s showing on the surface or does our brain think in 3D about what cells, systems and structures are involved? The incredible Gay Wardle opened my eyes to thinking this way (trust me, it wasn’t easy at first, but the more I learned and studied, the easier it became, now I can’t imagine looking at skin any other way, but I assure you it took a lot of time and practice). Understanding our skin’s cells lifecycle intricately and intimately is our job. If we don’t know this (and I’m talking about more than just the layers that we learned in beauty college) how can we call ourselves skin experts and more importantly, how can we really get results? If a skin isn’t presenting smoothly, there is always a reason why and it is our job to find it. Is it because there’s an issue with cell compaction? If so, we need to find fix why those cells are not compacting. Is it an amino acid

deficiency? How will a peel address this? Is there an issue with cells not turning over? If so, is it due to poor bilayer alignment and an imbalance of oil and water? How will a peel address this? Is there a topical ingredient that is disrupting the stratum corneum and damaging the delicate acid mantle and leaving skin dry, flaky and congested? How is a peel going to fix that? If a skin is congested and pores are blocked, what is causing that? Is it something topically causing congestion? Or is it caused by cells not shedding and blocking pores and follicles? If so, how does a peel fix why those cells are sticking together? Or does it just unclog the ones that are currently there? Have we ever stopped to think about the why? Do we know the signs to look for and the questions to ask to understand with more detail the why behind the skin in front of us? Once we understand what is happening on a cellular level, we are then more empowered to choose a treatment or skin solution for our clients that isn’t just a quick fix of exfoliation. We might also find that peeling or exfoliating isn’t the answer and more a short-term solution to a long-term issue. Maybe it is. But until we work out the why, peels might not be the answer.

Do peels have a place? It is all depends on who you ask, their ethos on skin and what ranges they are committed to working with. Some would say yes. But what I want to question is why? What purpose do they serve? Are they part of a skin respecting, overall treatment plan or have they become the go to for every skin that steps into our treatment rooms? If we can answer the question of why we are doing it, what cells functions we are working on and how the treatment is going to help and we still come back with yes, peels are the answer, then we’ve done our homework and you have my blessing to strategically look at how to integrate an exfoliating agent into your treatment plan. Remembering that once we’ve removed a skin’s barrier it is also our responsibility to restore it as quickly and skin respectively as possible. But if we are just peeling because that’s what the trainer told us to do and we haven’t considered otherwise, this is the challenge I want to propose. To peel or not to peel… that is the question. For the record. I don’t peel, use acids or abrade in my skin clinic. Not anymore. I used to be a microdermabrasion wielding, peel layering, glycolic prescribing addict because I thought this was how to get results. It’s what I was taught by well-meaning trainers and college teachers and I never thought to question the why. It was a journey of learning and understanding skin on a deeper level that finally swayed me to switch sides. If you’re on the fence and not quite sure, or perhaps reading this has piqued your curiosity and challenged you to dig deeper, let me assure you there is redemption for those of us who’ve gone a little peel crazy and that it is possible to create amazing results without an acid in sight! Robyn McAlpine is an expert skin therapist, mentor, writer, salon owner and skin cell lover. Her passion is in motivating beauty therapists to think beyond the label, to truly understand skincare ingredients impact skin cell structure and function. Robyn is the owner of SkintifiX, a corneotherapeutic skin care clinic based in Newcastle NSW. This is where you will find her in her element, getting hands on in the treatment room, changing skins and changing lives. spaandclinic.com.au | 73



and Ice

Contrast therapy is nothing new, but with spas specialising in the hot and cold treatments, there’s a new wave of clients taking advantage of the health boosting temperature shock. Founder of Sydney based Koa Recovery, Shaun Button, explains.


or many health-conscious people and Wim Hof fans, exposing the body to extreme temperatures is nothing new. Contrast therapy is also known as immersion therapy or hot/cold immersion. The treatment involves exposing the body to a contrast of temperatures i.e. hot then cold and is typically seen with ice baths and spas or hot and cold showers. The concept of contrast therapy has been around for many years in fact, the Romans were onto this little secret way back in the day. The use of ice packs and heat packs are familiar rehab tools for many but lots of us are still yet to try therapeutic contrasting. Thanks to some state of the art technology, at Koa Recovery we bring our clients a quick and effective solution for contrast therapy – Whole 74 | SPA+CLINIC

Body Cryotherapy followed by a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna – the ‘Fire and Ice Combo’. While it might not sound enticing to everyone, what if I told you that this surprisingly relaxing activity could potentially help you to train harder, recovery quicker, burn calories, increase energy, boost the immune system and help a range of skin conditions to leave you glowing? Contrast therapy works on the concept of vasodilatation (which occurs in the heat) and vasoconstriction (which occurs in the cold). Basically, this results in alternating the blood from flowing to the internal organs and extremities, which may help reduce swelling, inflammation, enhance your sleep, improve circulation, relieve depression and provide an overall sense of wellbeing. There is also

some exciting evidence coming out about the positive effects on the nervous system. Wim Hof fans and elite athletes are not the only people loving regular contrast therapy and the impact that it has on our bodies. Miss Universe Monika Radulovic is a regular to the therapy. “I love the energy that I have after my treatment at Koa Recovery and the way that it leaves my skin glowing and smooth,” she says. Other regulars include busy mums, those who are interested in their health and wellbeing as well as people with inflamed or itchy skin. Often though, the fear of the unknown or concern about trying something different prevents people from receiving the benefits of the treatments so we ease our clients’ nerves by answering their most common questions:

What temperatures will Clients get to? During your cryotherapy session the cabin temperature will get to temperatures as low as -120 degree Celsius. Follow this up with an infrared sauna session where your body


will be exposed to temperatures as hot at 70 degrees (however we do suggest you stick at around 50 so you get the benefits of the full spectrum infrared heaters during your treatment).

How long does it take? The cryotherapy treatment takes three minutes – short and sharp. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to be in those cold temperatures any longer than that! Infrared sauna sessions are 40 minutes long. All up, you can expect to be in and out in under one hour.

Does it hurt? Absolutely not! The cryotherapy treatment can be likened to a cold spray tan and when you get out feeling like you have had a few coffees and a massage in the space of a few minutes, we guarantee you will be asking when you can get back in. The infrared sauna on the other hand is super relaxing and the use of chromotherapy during your treatment will enhance your feeling of bliss.

How many calories will Clients burn? The contrast therapy will have you burn up to 1000 calories. That’s not bad for less than 45min of pampering! Founder of Sydney based Koa Recovery, Shaun Button

Can Clients come with their friends? Sure, we can fit up to 4 people in the sauna at once. The contrast combo is a heap of fun with friends or a date with a difference. At Koa Recovery, we also offer a range of other relaxing treatments to help our clients sleep right, feel good, look great and recharge in the beautifully curated space. Therapies include floatation therapy and Normatec compression boots. Healthy bodies and healthy minds are intrinsically linked. For optimal wellbeing, we must nurture both aspects of ourselves. Float therapy is a revolution for relaxation, regeneration and stress-reduction. Floating provides the opportunity to unplug from your chaotic life and the busy external world by lying in a luxurious, soundproof pod whilst floating in magnesium-rich water filled with 100% naturally mined, pharmaceutical grade, therapeutic epsom salts. NormaTec compression boots use compressed air to massage your legs, glutes, and lower back, mobilise fluid, increase circulation and feel real nice as an add-on to the contrast therapy combo. spaandclinic.com.au | 75

Made In

Australia Home-grown brands that are sure to make you feel proud to be Aussie



Brought to you by


ustralia might not be known as the land of innovators, but when it comes to all things skin, Aussies know more than anyone how to keep it at its best. So it’s not surprising that most spas and clinics don’t have to look far to source premium quality products. Australia offers ideal growing conditions for many plants, herbs, and minerals found in skincare products, and we’re lucky to have an abundance of clean air, water, and soil. Australia has been a forerunner in natural and organic skincare, relying on Mother Nature long before the term ‘natural’ became a buzzword. One of

those true Aussie brands is Waterlily, using only premium quality phytonutrients fortified with anti-ageing vitamins, and the purest clinical essential oils to create a collection that would satisfy founder Michelle Reeve's own exacting standards. Several of our home-grown ‘true blue’ brands are a hit overseas, with many of them stocked in major international department stores and online retailers, and we totally get it. Who wouldn’t want a slice of this wonderful country? We’ve put together the ultimate A-Z list of beauty products made in the land Down Under.

spaandclinic.com.au | 77


You know a skincare line means business when they’re confident to go to market with only two products. Claire Hill skincare focuses on active antiageing ingredients as an alternative to more invasive treatments, and promises a decrease in wrinkles by up to 63%. Aussie founder Loretta Hill created the luxe skincare line as a mother’s legacy to her daughter.




From the western suburbs of Melbourne, Mini Latif opened Australia’s first brow threading bar in 2009, Ottoman3, inspired by her Turkish/Cypriot heritage. 10 years on, Mini has grown the business to complete almost 600,000 Brow Transformations and create a custom Brow product line that has sold out time and time again using the best chemist in the world.

Aussie professional skincare brand Aspect Dr has become many clinics’ line of choice thanks to its results-driven formulations and uncomplicated regime. Sold exclusively through medical professionals, Aspect Dr includes take-home skincare as well as peels, both of which have won several industry awards.


Entirely Australian made and owned, Ultraceuticals contains high levels of active ingredients in tested formulations to provide effective products. In 1998, determined to improve upon imported skincare ranges on the market, Dr Heber formed a powerful team of Australian and international chemists charged with the goal of creating potent, effective and affordable cosmeceutical skincare products — and Ultraceuticals was born.


ESSENTIALS Arguably one of the most popular skincare brands in Australia, Melbourne based Rationale has been prescribed by many dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The ‘Essential Six’ (cleanser, serums, cremes) draws on world-leading Australian solar skincare research to deliver all of the actives clients need to protect from and repair sun damage and maintain healthy, glowing skin for life.


Making nail polish that’s kind on you and kind on the planet is Kester Black’s credo. The Aussie brand was founded in 2014 and not only produces ‘free’ products (cruelty free, palm oil free and vegan), but also gives $1 of each Kester Black purchase to a deserving cause. Their nail polish is water permeable and accredited ‘made in Australia’.




Founder and CEO of The Beauty Chef, Carla Oates, began lacto-fermenting foods in her Bondi kitchen, which eventually led to the creation of GLOW, The Beauty Chef’s first inner beauty product which contains 24 bio-fermented, skin-loving superfoods. Fast forward 10 years and the beauty supplements brand is stocked in hundreds of spas, salons, and health food stores. Oates is also a bestselling author of two books, ‘Feeding Your Skin’ and ‘The Beauty Chef: Delicious Food For Radiant Skin, Gut Health and Wellbeing’.

Launched late last year, Liberty Belle Rx is the brainchild of renowned Aussie Plastic Surgeon Dr Chris Moss and his wife and practice manager Andrea Moss. With the clinical knowledge gained from caring for over 35,000 patients and clients, the skincare line has been formulated with the highest levels of skin expertise and experience. The minimalist design and catchy product names, such as ‘Glam Squad’, make it a fave among beauty aficionados.

Indigenous Meaning ‘of the earth’, Li’Tya is inspired by the restorative, clarifying and invigorating properties of Australian Native Botanicals. Since 2000, the brand has been blending traditional Indigenous knowledge from our First Nations People with traditional spa therapies, and has become the go-to skincare line for many of the country’s leading wellness sanctuaries and spas. Australian at heart, Li’Tya has won many awards and is internationally recognised for its fusion of traditional and modern.


The first worldwide to create a skincare range based entirely on Jojoba, The Jojoba Company was founded by father and daughter team, Ian Turner and Vicki Engsall in 2008. The Jojoba plant produces a wax similar to that found in young, healthy human skin and penetrates deeply. The Aussie brand is committed to sustainability, from their packaging to marketing, to the way they grow and source ingredients. spaandclinic.com.au | 79



Liquid Gold

Naked Tan innovated the tanning industry in 2007 when founder Lea Taylor launched the world’s first 2hr wash and wear tan at Sydney Beauty Expo, and has since taken the world of safe tanning by storm. Naked Tan is known across Australia and the globe for not only their innovation of professional tanning products but their signature coconut and vanilla bean scent. Their products contain no alcohol or nasties, meaning even those with the most sensitive skin can experience a Naked Tan.

Proudly Australian owned and operated for over 20 years, Alpha-H is a global phenomenon, stocked in over 25 countries. Alpha-H’s best-selling resurfacing treatment Liquid Gold is symbolic of this success, becoming a “cult” beauty classic with two bottles being sold every minute of every hour. Brand owner and director Michelle Doherty believes brands need to be accountable for their products and deliver on the promise of a healthy functioning skin.


Founded in 2006, Inika Organic is 100% Australian owned to this day, revolutionising an industry by dispelling the myth that natural products mean a lesser level of colour, texture and glamour. Pioneering innovation and development in cosmetic formulations has led to the creation of a complete range of 100% natural and certified organic products across face, eyes and lips.


Skinstitut was founded in 2008 to fill a gap in the market for highly effective, results orientated, Australian skincare that unlike other brands did not have a massive distributor margin simply because it is being sold in Australia. Instead of fancy packaging and elaborate marketing campaigns, Skinstitut puts its money into formulations and is thereby able to sell their products for a fraction of the price of comparable other brands.


One Ingredient If you’re after purity in skincare, you won’t find many brands more pure than biologi. Each of the Byron Bay based brand’s plant serums consists of the organic extract from a single plant: Kakadu Plum, Davidson Plum, and Finger Lime. No fragrances, harmful chemicals or even water – just active plant serum that is organic, wild harvested and sustainable. Biologi source all of their ingredients locally and sustainably and control the whole production process from plant to bottle.




Born from founder Michelle Reeve’s deep, personal desire to experience an authentic spa brand which reflected the fundamental values of pure, results driven and botanically active, Waterlily was launched in 2004. Australian at heart and global in inspiration, the skincare brand entwines intense doses of clinical cosmeceuticals with naturopathic infusions for a premium skincare solution for all skin types.



Not many people realise that Jurlique is an Australian brand, but the iconic Rosewater Balancing Mist and all other Jurlique skincare products were founded by two Germans in the Adelaide Hills in the 1980s. Jürgen and Ulrike Klein specifically chose the South Australian location for its unspoiled nature and ideal growing conditions. Today, Jurlique products are sold in more than 19 countries around the world.

O Cosmedics stands for skin health and skin youth throughout the ages. Rather than claim the Holy Grail on barely-there volumes, founder Marie Enna-Cocciolone formulated O Cosmedics with potent, concentrated active ingredients using the purest combination of medical grade ingredients and cosmetic science blended harmoniously with nature. Based on Biomimetic advances, O works with the skin in order to maintain (or regain) normal skin function and cell optimisation.

Queensland based husband and wife team Katie and Owen Blyth founded their hair and skincare brand Lux Aestiva in 2015 wanting to produce honest and pure products that not only feel and look luxurious, but also give back. A portion of their profits is donated to charities of their choice, and the couple stand by their strict production guideline to never test on animals.

Twin Power

Founded by twin sisters, Kim and Zoe Roebuck, skincare brand Dr Roebuck’s was born in Bondi and inspired by their physician parents’ ‘less is more’ lifestyle. After years of perfecting the process, they created a range of clean skincare products fit for every lifestyle and skin type. With product names such as ‘True Blue’ or ‘Icebergs’, Dr Roebuck’s pays homage to its Aussie heritage.


Unlike any other skincare brand, hop & cotton does not have pre-made products ready for purchase, instead, the Brisbane based brand custom makes each and every product according to the buyer’s skin concerns. Founder Ee Ting was unsatisfied with the skincare products on the market and thus created her own. Customers take a thorough online skin test before ingredients are recommended and customised skincare is manufactured from scratch. spaandclinic.com.au | 81



Family-owned Australian company Aevitas Actives pushes boundaries to deliver the best possible products for the beauty market. Consisting of primers, a BB cream, and a makeup brush, the range focuses on creating flawless complexions while high levels of active ingredients protect, moisturise, brighten, and firm skin. Their products are also some of the very few available that are free from silicones.


Arguably one of them most successful Aussie makeup brands ever, BECCA was founded by Makeup Artist Rebecca MorriceWilliams in Perth in 2001. The brand was born on the beach and has since become famous for its beachy glow thanks to best-selling highlighter products. The brand was sold to Estee Lauder in 2016, and while the Aussie founder is no longer with BECCA, the brand will always have its Aussie heritage.

Gen Y

Arguably one of the most ‘Instagrammable’ brands out there, Sydney brand Salt by Hendrix clearly and very successfully targets Gen Y with its millennial pink body scrubs and product names such as ‘Mermaid Oil’ and ‘Magical Rose’. Kellie Collis decided to create a range that was safe on her little ones and would offer an environmentally friendly and guilt-free range of products. Initially developing an incredible body oil that was safe on her little one’s face and effectively treated dryness and sensitivities, she expanded her brand to an incredible offering of organic and plant based skin and body products.



We all know that beauty comes from within, quite literally, which is why Pip Summerville and her father Glenn founded Aussie natural supplement brand Tonik, which offers easy-toswallow gel capsules containing nothing but pure Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, or Turmeric to nourish your body from the inside out. With over 40 years of combined experience, this family duo is shaking things up in the health industry.


No ‘Made in Oz’ list would be complete without endota spa. The largest day spa network in Australia takes pride in its Aussie heritage and its ethos to live consciously and give back wherever possible. Their organics range of products is Australian Certified Organic using a powerful indigenous Australian plant complex including Lilly Pilly, Lemon Aspen, and Davidson Plum.


New Year Essentials Kick off 2019 with these new finds.

Votary Antidote Night Oil is a luxurious, multipurpose bath and body oil to cleanse, soothe and hydrate dry, irritated skin. Made from a potent blend of nourishing plant oils, it replenishes and restores skin while simultaneously helping the user to unwind. Passionflower, calendula and sweet almond deeply moisturise, and rose and chamomile help to de-stress, calm, and improve sleep. The formula can be added to a warm bath, used in the shower, or applied directly to your body. VOTARY.CO.UK


Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream is now upgraded with the latest technology to feature state-of-theart Active HydraMesh™ Technology, which works on a molecular level to help reduce trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) and infuse skin with 48 hours of continuous hydration. This advanced technology also helps shield skin’s natural microbiome from environmental stress. Hyaluronic Acid, complexed with Mallow, Cucumber and Arnica, brings hydration deep into the skin and helps lock in moisture, and Vitamin C defends skin from oxidative stress. DERMALOGICA.COM.AU

Professional US skincare brand, Skinbetter Science, has just launched in Australia! Their Alto Defense Serum FACE delivers 19 antioxidant ingredients, neutralises external free radicals, enhances skin vitality and radiance and reduces the appearance of redness, promoting a brighter, more even skin tone. ADVANCEDSKIN TECHNOLOGY.COM.AU

To address the needs of pigmented and dull skin, Biologique Recherche has developed their new Masque PIGM 400. Its fully biodegradable sheet mask formula contains a high concentration of brightening active ingredients and exceptional antioxidants to illuminate skin, restore radiance and erase fatigue. Used as a treatment program, pigmentation is reduced each day until the skin’s even complexion is fully restored. BIOLOGIQUERECHERCHE. COM.AU

Part of the new Avène Bright Intense range, Avène Bright’Intense Brightening Essence is a refreshing, pearly serum to brighten dullness and even skin tone, while also visibly minimising pore size, reducing dark spots and improving overall luminosity. The essence is also rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water to refresh skin and reduce irritation, and boasts an anti-pollution formula to prevent particle adhesion on the skin. AVENE.COM.AU


Introducing the new BLOC Cosmetics range, designed by Australian Dermatologist, Dr Michael Freeman. Your Mineral Foundation is a pure and natural powder foundation for flawless, buildable coverage that lasts all day. Packed with natural antioxidants to help protect the skin, while providing a physical sun barrier with an SPF 15. With no nanoparticles, it is especially beneficial to those prone to breakouts. BLOCCOSMETICS.COM

My Tribe Type Adaptogen Vegan Collagen Boost combines collagenboosting ingredients with the healing and balancing powers of adaptogens – a perfect combination, since adaptogens modulate stress; which can lead to collagen and tissue damage. The powerhouse botanicals in this inner beauty powder contain the nutrient building blocks to support and protect collagen, along with antiinflammatories like aloe, antioxidants including super berries, and other nutrients and immuneboosting ingredients designed to provide glowing skin. MYTRIBETYPE.COM

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra is particularly beneficial when skin aggravations are heightened, proven to actively soothe sensitive skin and reduce irritation while restoring both immediate and long-term skin comfort. This daily moisturiser is formulated with Neurosensine, Glycerin, Shea Butter and La Roche-Posay’s unique, soothing Thermal Spring Water, and its fast-absorbing formula is fragrance free and packaged in ultrahermetic packaging to ensure purity with every application. Also available in Toleriane Ultra Light for combination/oily skin. LAROCHE-POSAY. COM.AU

Part of the new DermalEpidermal-Junction range, Revision’s DEJ Night Cream is an intensive, prebiotic night-time moisturiser designed to work while you sleep to reveal a healthier, more radiant complexion upon awakening. New microencapsulated Retinol formulation means tolerance of retinol is greatly improved, while dryness and redness is reduced. Bakuchiol, a broad-spectrum antioxidant, also boosts the Retinol’s efficacy. Designed to address sagging and crepiness, thinning skin, fine lines and wrinkles, roughness and hyperpigmentation. REVISIONSKINCARE.COM

Medik8 Night Ritual Vitamin A, designed to be used at night in combination with Daily Radiance Vitamin C in the morning, contains 0.2% retinol to help combat the first visible signs of ageing while helping to improve skin elasticity. Combined with dragon fruit extract, it also provides a high level of antioxidant protection. It also uses Time Release Technology to reduce chances of irritation or redness. MEDIK8.COM.AU

spaandclinic.com.au | 85

+ Take your practice to the next level with our complementary device package Purchase a GentleMax Pro and a Zimmer Cryo-6 and receive a FREE eTwo valued at $59,990 From just $890 per week *

No deposit needed Includes 3 year warranty GentleMax Pro For the treatment of:

Permanent hair reduction Pigmented lesions Vascular lesions Skin tightening

SAVE $59,990

eTwo For the treatment of:

Acne and acne scars Facial wrinkles and skin resurfacing Striae (stretch marks)

Talk to us about how this offer could benefit your clinic. Visit www.syneron-candela.com or call 1300 (CANDELA) 226 335.

GentleMax Pro Clinical Results Laser hair removal

Facial and leg veins



Photos: Dr Hutton


Benign pigmented lesions


Photos: Dr E. Victor Ross.


Benign pigmented lesions



Photos: Dr Crane




Photos: Dr Jill Waibel

eTwo Clinical Results Wrinkles (combination treatment)

Acne scars (sublative treatment)



Photos: Ruthie Amir, M.D.

After 2 treatments

Mild active acne (sublative treatment)


. Photos: Sasha Jazayeri, M.D.

After 3 treatments

Striae (sublative treatment)



Photos: Davin Lim, M.D.

After 3 treatments


Photos: Tsai, M.D.

After 3 treatments

*Approximate cost based on a 60 month contract term and subject to finance approval. ©2018. All rights reserved. This marketing material may include registered trademarks, trade-names and brands in certain jurisdictions of Syneron - Candela group of companies. SYNCAN0089


10 questions with Ewelina Soroko After discovering how much waste is produced by Australian hair and beauty salons, Ewelina Soroko and Paul Frasca founded Sustainable Salons, a service which collects up to 95% of waste from salons and redirects it to be recycled, donating proceeds from repurposing salon materials to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest. We talked to the woman who makes a real difference in the industry. 1. What sparked your idea for Sustainable Salons? After we researched that Australian salons alone send over one million kilograms of aluminium foil to landfill every year, we just knew we had to do something about this massive waste problem.

2. What does a typical day in your life look like? Werk werk werk :) I’m an early riser; the early hours of the morning are the most precious to me, it’s me time. I get up at 5.30am for my workout, then grab a coffee on the way to the office and get some creative work done before the team arrives. Once the team is there, I rarely get time for myself as my main focus is making sure all staff are on brand, whether it’s in admin or the warehouse – [Co-Founder] Paul calls me ‘the octopus’ because I have my ‘tentacles’ in every aspect of the business! My day ends at 7pm and then I just switch off by (binge) watching a Netflix show.

3. The best and worst part about your job? Best – Sustainable Salons has given me a platform to work on ground-breaking solutions to real world issues. I pinch myself every day… best job ever! Worst – there’s never enough time to give all our initiatives the attention they deserve. I don’t like the compromising bit – in a perfect world, I’d work on product development all the time.

4. What inspires you? I get inspired by beauty, whether it comes from pop-culture, fashion, interior design, art or Mother Nature.

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I’ve been in Australia almost nine years now and those years have flown by! I don’t tend to plan ahead much – I prefer the approach of enjoying the journey rather 88 | SPA+CLINIC

10 questions with

than the destination. Having said that, it would be amazing if in 10 years from today every salon in Australia and New Zealand is a Sustainable Salon.

6. Favourite beauty products? For me, less is more. I don’t use many beauty products, but love getting regular facials. At the moment I’m using a great serum from a holistic beauty salon in Paddington, Sydney, Venustus beauty & body lab.

7. Favourite holiday destination and why? Queenstown, New Zealand. It’s an all-year-round destination, but we holiday there mostly in the winter. It just boasts endless beauty with the mountains, lakes, great food and people, plus the centre of town reminds me of many European towns [Editor’s note: Ewelina is from Belgium] where everything is in walking distance - very boutique.

8. What do you do to unwind and relax? Switch off all electronics and just enjoy beach life. I live close to the beach – I’m a total beach bum! I love walks, rockpool swims, meditating on the cliff tops, surfing and beach volleyball. Any beach-related activity relaxes me.

9. What’s one thing that anybody can do to live more sustainably? Wow, just one thing? That’s hard. I’d say be mindful when you’re shopping. Mindful of where the product was made, the life span, do you really need it and what happens to it after you’ve used it. I know that seems like a lot for just one thing!

10. What advice would you give your 12 year-old self? Where I come from, people look for security and as a 12-year old I was told that being successful meant choosing an academic career. It was important to think practically. Knowing what I know now and doing what we do now, I would tell that 12year old to follow your guts but realise you have to work hard to achieve your dreams. And don’t let other people tell you what your path in life should be! spaandclinic.com.au | 89


Advertisers ALPHA H


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52, 53 35











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INTRODUCING‌ THE NEEDED ADVANCEMENT IN HAIR REMOVAL The first aesthetic workstation to blend Alexandrite (755nm) and Nd:Yag (1064) wavelengths. Our unique Synchronized Laser Emission™ (SLE) technology, harnesses the power of two lasers and empowers you to treat all skin types, all hair types all year round quickly and effectively. The two lasers perform in unison allowing full customization of every pulse, adjusting the amount of fluence of each wavelength for a perfectly tailored treatment. Emitting a large square shape spot size and with a high repetition rate, it ensures rapid uniform skin coverage without the need for retouching. A built-in plume evacuator ensures a smoke free environment for the treatment.

Rapid coverage rate of the entire body

Blended wavelengths 755nm & 1064nm

Revolutionary square spot size with plume evacuator

Treatment versatility and skin solutions

For more information call 1800 586 364

LUMENIS.COM/AESTHETIC Energy to Healthcare




one of 12 new permanent shades available in GELCOLOR • INFINITE SHINE • NAIL LACQUER

Available from OPI Distributors Nationwide • 1800 358 999 • info@intbeauty.com.au • www.intbeauty.com.au

Profile for The Intermedia Group

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