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DURST DELIVERS AT DRUPA WITH NEW P5 SMP THE SUPER MULTI-PASS The alternative to the single pass printing system People Technology Business JUNE 2024 Visual Impact 2024 The latest on what to expect in Brisbane in July 2024 Vale Geoff Selig Remembering a great man in print and an incredible life lived Women in Print Thinking outside the box at the annual Breakfast Series event

Thanks for doing a great job on the Annual Reports.

They were really pleased with them. I am sure I will have more jobs to print with them soon!!

Nicole - 18/4/24

Wow, thank you!

Your turn-around time on business cards is fantastic.

Thanks again!

Sarah - 9/4/24

The end result of that last foil job you did for us but it came out amazing.

The registration was spot on and looked great. Thank you to both yourself and your production team for the great work.

Kris - 28/3/24

I received the job yesterday a day earlier than expected - which was fantastic.

The printing quality is excellent, and overall, I’m very happy with the service.

Thank you!

Jorge - 7/3/24

Just a quicky to let you know both urgent jobs arrived at the Adelaide Expo yesterday.

My client is super happy, so thank you as always


Mel - 5/3/24

Thank you for all your invaluable help arranging the printing and delivery of the brochure.

It was received extremely well and the printing quality is just superb.

Guy - 8/2/24




Championing women in print

In this edition of ProPrint, we are proud to highlight the importance of championing women in the printing industry.

The Women in Print Breakfast Series is a significant annual event for Australia’s women printers, offering a platform for professional development, networking, and solidarity. The camaraderie and

Contents JUNE

6-7 Update

A news round-up from the world of print

10 Comment: Charles Watson

mutual encouragement showcased at the breakfast are a powerful reminder of the community we are building together. Turn to page 16 to see all the familiar faces.

We also take a moment to honour the memory of Geoff Selig, an industry leader and family man whose recent passing was

Navigating the role of AI in recruitment and performance management processes

13 Comment: Mick Rowan Silos no more: unleashing collaborative innovation

21 ProPrint Diary

Keep up to date with the latest industry events


8 Vale Geoff Selig

Remembering an industry leader


14-19 Women in Print

The national Women in Print Breakfast Series 2024 brought women working in the industry together to inspire and learn

20 Currie Group turns 75 Currie Group celebrates 75 years of innovation and service

28-37 Visual Impact 2024

The latest on what to expect in Brisbane in July 2024

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Managing Director James Wells,

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a profound loss to us all. His contributions to the industry and the lives he touched will not be forgotten. We pay our respects on page 8.

Thank you for reading this edition of ProPrint. We hope you find inspiration, valuable insights, and a sense of community in these pages.

42-43 Kwik Kopy Conference 2024

Kwik Kopy franchisees gathered in Fiji to celebrate growth and success


22- 24 Durst delivers new products at drupa 2024 Durst launches products across five key platforms


26 Phil Trumble, owner of Pozitive Sign and Graphic Supplies marks 30 years in the business


38-39 Go To Print’s Linda Angelone and Victor Gonzalez share their printing journey and mutual appreciation for Ricoh’s technology


40-41 Frank Mezo, owner of the Melbourne printing business Mezographic, talks about the benefits of his latest Durst purchase


44 IVE hosts LIA Victoria members in its Sunshine operation 4 ProPrint June 2024
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New ton’s Cradle demonstrated the conser vation of Energy and Motion, We also owe it to Sir Isaac New ton for the discover y of colours in white light – the beginnings of Colour Management 320 years later, SCREEN is honouring that same spirit of innovation, developing the world’s finest inkjet printing machines for commercial, label, packaging and industrial applications. Spot and Pantone ® colours are faithfully reproduced with Screen’s high - definition Tr uepress ink s. Deep blues and oranges make labels come alive with extra colours, plus white on our Tr uepress L abel series. There is more, much more to tell in our stor y of endless innovation. Contac t us today

SCREEN Tr uepre ss Jet 520 ser ie s r ange of book and commercial colour digit al pre sse s with o set qualit y on o set paper s .

SCREEN Tr uepre ss L350 U V SA I digit al label pre ss. Up to 7 colour s inc. High Opacit y W hite 60 m /min across 350 mm web *

SCREEN Tr uepre ss PAC 52 0 P sus t ainable paper- based fle xible pack aging pre ss with water- based ink s .*

Digital Labels Innovation Commercial Digital Innovation Packaging & Flexibles Innovation Computerto - P late Innovation Workflow & Colour Innovation
Tel: + 61- (0)
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REE N G P Austr alia P t y Ltd
2 -

TorchMedia secures exclusive advertising rights to Sydney Light Rail

Australian Transit Media specialist TorchMedia has again secured exclusive advertising rights to Sydney transit asset, the Sydney Light Rail, in a competitive closed market tender.

TorchMedia’s rights for advertisers on Sydney Light Rail span exterior and interior formats on 76 Light Rail vehicles across the CBD South East and Inner West lines, including premium show-stopping Full Wraps available across the network.

On the win, TorchMedia managing director Kirsty Dollisson said, “The Central Business District and South East Light Rail network has been a transformative infrastructure project for Sydney. Since

Phil Rennell joins Ball & Doggett

After Ball & Doggett announced it had taken over the Kornit Digital distribution, its next savvy business move was to appoint Phillip Rennell to the role of national manager of Industrial Equipment & Apparel Solutions.

Rennell brings with him a wealth of experience and passion from former roles in the industry. He has been an integral part of the Kornit Digital team and before that, played a key role for 20 years as Currie Group’s sales and marketing director.


the L2 Randwick Line opened in late 2019 and the L3 Kingsford Line soon after, Sydney Light Rail has become an important part of the fabric of the city.

“Not only has it helped reduce bus congestion and provided a higher capacity mode to transport people to the event precincts of the Sydney Cricket Ground, Allianz Stadium and Randwick

A spokesperson from Ball & Doggett said Rennell “is well-equipped to provide the

Racecourse, it has become a reliable and convenient part of the daily commute for Sydneysiders, illustrated by the skyrocketing recent patronage. We are excited to extend our partnership with Transdev, ALTRAC Light Rail and Transport for New South Wales, to continue bringing stunning campaigns to life in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.”

highest level of support and services to our industrial range and apparel solutions.” Rennell told ProPrint he was excited to join a professional company with a clear strategy and great people.

“It’s a great environment. I feel it’s the right time, and the (company) strategy feeds into my experience and skills,” said Rennell. Following his appointment, Rennell said he hopes to contribute to making the business a better partner to its customers.

“What I’ve seen of the people and the way the business is developing, particularly in terms of the equipment portfolio, I think augurs well for the business to be more important to its customers and to serve its customers in a broader way,” Rennell said.

The recent voluntary administration of Mesh Direct highlights the wider problem of race to the bottom pricing wars plaguing the printed mesh production industry, according to Stephen Lamont, owner of Townsville-based Lamont Print & Signs.

“The race to the bottom of any product only leaves in its wake negative effects,

and in this case, a huge loss to all involved,” said Lamont.

Mesh Direct was placed in voluntary administration in April. It is understood the print broker owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to a number of wideformat printers and staff entitlements of more than $250,000, with a total debt calculated to be $1,924,086.53.

“While blame will no doubt be allocated and fingers pointed, the commercial environment that we now are part of, means that all work produced by any company needs to have sufficient margin and discounting costs at all levels,” said Lamont.

“It also diminishes the value of the product as the production from a print perspective is compromised by using the cheapest media, lower print quality and

using the ‘it’s only mesh and it’s short term’ as an excuse to produce a compromised print work.

“Unfortunately, there exists in the printed fence mesh industry those who not only engage in this type of business, but enable as suppliers, those companies that do this.

“In my opinion, it is a bit hypocritical to be saying that this was Mesh Direct’s fault for seeking the cheapest price, when as trade print providers, it was the very same companies who helped them get to this point by continuing to discount in the hope that more volume would eventually deliver a profit,” he said.

According to Lamont, printed fence mesh is a growing market in Australia, to the surprise of some of the major print machinery providers. 6 ProPrint June 2024 UPDATE
Mesh Direct collapse highlights
to the
Torchmedia Full Wrap on Sydney Light Rail Phil Rennell

CMYKhub WA enhances wide format offering with new Fujifilm flatbed printer

CMYKhub WA has announced the installation of a new flatbed printer in the wide format department.

The Fujifilm Acuity Prime 30 is a significant addition to CMYKhub’s printer fleet across Australia.

After extensive research and testing, CMYKhub selected the Fujifilm Acuity Prime 30 for its exceptional quality provided by Ricoh Gen 5 printheads. The dual rows of printheads offer additional speed and the capability to run 90 sq/m per hour (30 boards). The new printer promises to enhance performance and efficiency for CMYKhub plus its compact footprint fits

Heidelberg announces management changes

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG has announced a series of management changes, including the appointment of Jürgen Otto as new CEO, following the resignation of Dr. Ludwin Monz.

Otto will become the new CEO of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, effective from 1 July, 2024. He succeeds Monz, who will resign from his position as chairman of the management board at his own request and in agreement with the

ABG announces leadership transition

Finishing equipment manufacturer,

A B Graphic International (ABG) has announced the appointment of Simon Nadin as its new CEO designate.

A structured transition period alongside the outgoing CEO, Richard Knight, will take place until the end of the year, after which Nadin will officially assume his appointment.

According to ABG, Nadin brings a portfolio of experience and leadership

seamlessly into the existing factory space.

Excellent local service, with technicians trained specifically on this machine, also influenced the purchase decision as did the automated self-cleaning feature protecting the device in Western Australia’s warm climate.

“This is the first Fujifilm Acuity we have purchased. It replicates what we currently

supervisory board. At the end of June 30, 2024, Monz will step down from the management board of Heidelberg.

from various sectors including switchgear, electronics, and gearbox industries. His career has been marked by

offer in WA and other sites. This installation was about replacing an old AGFA Anapurna that had reached the end of its life. It has been a workhorse for our business, but it’s time to update it and provide our WA customers with a new machine with improved quality and speed,” said Alan Nankervis, national wide format manager at CMYKhub.

“We very much regret Dr. Ludwin Monz’s decision to leave Heidelberg,” said chairman of the supervisory board, Dr. Martin Sonnenschein.

“He has decisively advanced our company strategically and operationally and thus strengthened our foundation in a difficult market environment. With Jürgen Otto, we are gaining a proven leader. With his experience and network, we will continue to consistently prepare Heidelberg for the future, increase profitability and further strengthen our significant technological expertise in the printing and packaging industry and beyond.”

Otto brings decades of experience in the sustainable orientation of large industrial companies, complemented by experience in the field of turnaround management in the recent years.

significant achievements in operations, engineering, and later in sales, commercial and business development roles.

“I’ve always thrived in diverse environments, which have shaped me into a well-rounded leader focused on driving profitable growth and market expansion,” Nadin said.

Looking ahead, Nadin’s vision for ABG revolves around enhancing customer value and innovation through significant investments in people and product automation.

“I am excited to leverage my background in driving business excellence to further establish ABG’s position as a pioneer in the label printing industry,” he said. June 2024 ProPrint 7 UPDATE
Fujifilm Acuity Prime 30 Dr. Ludwin Monz Richard Knight and Simon Nadin

The industry mourns Geoff Selig

Last month, the print industry lost one of its most spirited and progressive champions. The untimely death of the executive chairman of IVE Group and third-generation printer Geoff Selig sent shockwaves through the industry. We pay tribute to one of our greatest.

Vale Geoff Selig.

In a statement IVE Group said Selig’s death was “caused by unforeseen complications arising from an accident in Barcelona”.

“The board, management, and the whole IVE family express their deepest condolences to Geoff’s family following this tragic event,” the company said.

Geoff Selig is a third generation Selig. The story of his family establishing one of Australia’s leading printing companies, IVE Group, is one of challenge and triumph.

It is a business journey that involves constant innovation, pushing the limits, always looking ahead, anticipating what’s coming next, and investing accordingly.

Due to its forward planning, the company reached its 100-year milestone in 2021 and is still going strong.

The background story of IVE began in 1921, when Geoff Selig’s grandfather, Oscar Selig, returned from World War I and established a local newspaper in Balmain, The Link.

The business then expanded into Victoria and continued expanding its product and service portfolio to meet market needs.

After finishing up their university degrees, Geoff and his brother, Paul, joined the family printing business.

In the late 1990s, driven by customer demands, the company diversified its business through acquisitions and organic growth initiatives.

Since then, the company evolved into an ASX-listed commercial printing operation and grew to become Australia’s most diversified marketing and communications company.

Today, its breadth of services enables the business to connect clients with customers.

Testament to the values and integrity of Geoff and the Selig family, IVE CEO Matt Aitken said since the beginning, the company’s valued client partnerships have always been at its core.


Geoff played a major role, over 40 years, in establishing IVE as Australia’s leading marketing and communications business, in the process, reshaping the landscape of the Australian printing industry IVE Group spokesperson.

Geoff was an influential and inspirational leader, one I had the great privilege of working with across industry projects over the years, and was truly passionate about our industry. The VMA board, members, and industry share our sincere condolences and thoughts to Geoff’s family and to the entire IVE Group during this difficult chapter — Kellie Northwood CEO of the Visual Media Association (VMA).

A print industry icon and an inspiration to all those who knew him, Geoff will be sadly missed. Condolences to the management and staff at IVE — Keith Ferrel, general manager, Cactus Imaging.

Our sincere condolences to the whole Selig family. This is a tragic loss to all. Geoff was a smart and influential person who always had time for you. I owe a lot to the Selig family who gave me a great opportunity when I started my business

in the 80s Emmanuel Buhagiar, director of Imagination Graphics.

We offer our condolences to Geoff’s family and the team at IVE. It’s a real tragedy to lose someone so inspirational and influential in the print industry at such a young age Matt Ashman, managing director of Durst Oceania.

On behalf of FESPA Australia and our members, I want to express our deep sadness at the news of Geoff’s passing. We recognise Geoff’s significant contribution to the printing industry as a whole and to the success of IVE. Our thoughts are with Geoff’s family and his colleagues at IVE — Nigel Davies, president of FESPA Australia.

The scope and significance of Geoff’s contribution is on a scale that is rare. In particular, we pay tribute to his enormous role in establishing IVE as a market leader in the industry over the past 40 years, especially in the last decade on the board. His leadership will be keenly missed, but more than that, he will be missed by very many in the industry who called him a colleague, a client and a friend. On behalf of the Visual Connections Board, operational team, and membership, we express our heartfelt condolences to Geoff’s family, friends and colleagues — Mitch Mulligan, president of Visual Connections.

As a third-generation print professional and one of the industry’s leaders, Geoff walked tall among the ‘people in print’, building on the proud legacy started by his grandfather. We pay tribute not only to his achievements, which are well documented but to his professionalism and his leadership which will be greatly missed. We are thinking especially of his family, and send our deepest sympathy to them, the board, the people of IVE, and all those who called Geoff a friend — Mel Ireland, federal president, LIA.

My condolences to the Selig family and to the IVE family such a tragic loss, RIP Geoff. This will be felt by the entire print family Australia-wide — Walter Kuhn, director at Kuhn Corp Print & Packaging.

The team at Printer Media Group also forward our heartfelt condolences to Geoff’s family, friends, and colleagues.
8 ProPrint June 2024
Geoff Selig
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Navigating the role of AI in recruitment and performance management processes

Charles Watson considers the benefits and pitfalls of business in the fast-moving world of technological and AI advancements.

In our industry, staying competitive means embracing cutting-edge technologies to optimise operations and boost efficiencies. However, technology can assist in other areas of your business, and AI platforms are emerging as invaluable tools. Particularly advantageous for smaller businesses without dedicated HR departments, these platforms can greatly assist in recruitment and performance management processes. However, caution is warranted against over-reliance, as human oversight remains essential to ensure accuracy and mitigate errors, much like proofing of printed materials.


AI platforms are already being used in recruitment processes across many industries. The larger the employer or recruitment firm, the more likely they are to use them to review and assess candidates. Related AI platforms rapidly sift through resumes, looking for patterns from data inputs, which result in recommendation and prediction outputs. These platforms utilise advanced algorithms to analyse resumes and identify candidates that closely match the job requirements. If the inputted search parameters are clear and detailed, the platform can ensure promising candidates do not slip through the cracks by focusing solely on qualifications and skills. Further, and if used appropriately, AI based assessments can provide valuable insights into a candidate’s skills and aptitudes.


Traditionally, performance reviews occur annually, resulting in employers reviewing a worker’s performance using potentially outdated metrics that fail to provide meaningful insights in real time for both the business and the worker. By contrast, and if used appropriately, AI platforms can be used to analyse worker performance metrics such as productivity, engagement and


achievements in real-time. This has the potential to help identify issues that need to be addressed earlier than an annual performance review. Further, AI platforms can be used to create personalised development plans for workers based on their individual strengths and those areas requiring improvement.


Implementing AI in the workplace necessitates a comprehensive policy and compliance framework, and that includes related authorisation or approval requirements for their use. Regular reviews of these policies is essential due to the rapid evolution of AI technology.

Additionally, it is not recommended to use AI platforms for critical issues and decisions if you don’t understand the platform. Adequate training is crucial to ensure proper understanding and appropriate utilisation of the platform. Like with all computational related processes flawed or poor quality inputs and questions will result in less-thanoptimal outputs.

Businesses must also consider data protection and privacy implications, especially when using open-source AI platforms. Businesses should understand that inputted data is going to be used by that platform for machine learning purposes, as well as for use in answering similar queries from other businesses. If your business uses a paid service, consider the commercial terms and conditions carefully.

Further, compliance with employment laws is paramount, as any decisions based on AI recommendations must be justifiable and legally sound. If an employer is challenged over a recruitment or performance management decision based on a recommendation from using an AI platform, they must be able to explain how AI was utilised and that the recommendations and other outputs were not biased and were considered by the business prior to implementation. Further, if the use of an AI platform causes legal exposures, liability will most likely land on your company rather than the AI software company.


Despite the challenges that accompany the adoption of AI platforms, their transformative potential in recruitment and performance management practices, and other areas are significant. These platforms offer a myriad of potential benefits, from streamlining processes to enhancing decision-making efficiency. However, to fully capitalise on these advantages while minimising associated risks, businesses must adopt a strategic and ethical approach to their implementation and utilisation.

This entails striking a balance between automation and human intervention, recognising that while AI can offer unparalleled speed, human oversight is indispensable for ensuring accuracy, trust, fairness, and ethical conduct.

Charles Watson GM – IR, Policy and Governance Visual Media Association

This article is of a general nature and guidance only and does not constitute legal advice.
10 ProPrint June 2024
the new AI world, businesses are cautioned not to lose sight of human value


Discover the latest insights & trends from the world’s largest print & visual communications trade show

Join us for drupa Highlights, our exclusive postdrupa event, where we will bring you the latest and greatest in groundbreaking innovations direct from Dusseldorf.

Experience the spirit of Henkaku – transformational innovation – as our team shares the most exciting advancements and technologies showcased at drupa.

Enjoy refreshments and network with industry experts and peers at this free industry event.

FRIDAY 25 OCTOBER, 2024 6.45pm, Shangri-La Sydney

Silos no more: unleashing collaborative innovation

IThe time has come to tap into the power of collaboration.

n the dynamic landscape of modern business, small and medium-sized business owners often find themselves in a delicate balancing act, where the demand for innovation is high, but resources and expertise are limited. Here’s where cross-functional collaboration emerges as a potent force, serving as the great accelerator of a company’s innovation engine.

Traditionally, businesses have organised themselves into functional departments, each with tasks, goals, and priorities. However, this siloed approach can act as a barrier to innovation, hindering the free flow of ideas and information across the organisation. By fostering a culture of cross-functional collaboration, business owners can effectively break down these barriers, tapping into the collective intelligence and expertise of diverse teams.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are well positioned to embrace cross-functional collaboration. With smaller teams, greater opportunities exist to create connections between different functions, leading to quicker decision-making and a more agile response to market changes.

Cross-functional collaboration has driven transformative change in businesses across various sectors. For instance, software start-ups have found success by integrating their customer service and development teams. By doing so, they can swiftly identify customer pain points and develop solutions at an unprecedented speed. This virtual closeness allows developers to gain a deeper understanding of the real-world applications of their work, leading to products that better meet consumer needs and expectations.

Another compelling example is a manufacturing plant that brought together its production and sustainability teams. This collaboration led to the development of a recycling program for the plant’s waste materials, thereby reducing environmental impact and saving costs on waste management. The innovative solution

In virtual workplaces, businesses can use collaboration tools and platforms to emulate an interactive environment

stemmed from integrating expertise from various functions, showcasing how collaboration can yield impressive results that benefit both the business and the wider community.

Integrating teams from different backgrounds and disciplines broadens the scope of problem-solving. Each function brings a distinctive perspective, skill set, and approach to the table, which can lead to out-of-the-box thinking and breakthrough innovations. By encouraging employees to work across silos, businesses foster an environment where creativity and innovation thrive.

One effective way to promote crossfunctional collaboration is by breaking down physical barriers within the workplace. For companies operating from physical offices, this could involve creating shared spaces where teams can meet for collaborative discussions and brainstorming sessions. In virtual workplaces, collaboration tools and platforms can be utilised to emulate the same interactive environment, fostering spontaneous interactions and idea-sharing among team members.

While the benefits of cross-functional collaboration are clear, integrating teams from different departments can come with challenges. Differences in work processes, communication styles, and priorities can create friction and hinder collaboration efforts. Business owners must proactively address these hurdles by setting clear goals, establishing protocols for communication and decision-making,

and fostering a culture of openness and mutual respect.

Leadership also plays a crucial role in cultivating a collaborative culture within an organisation. Managers must lead by example, connecting with colleagues across functions. Leaders must champion collaborative projects and provide the necessary resources and support.


Cross-functional collaboration is an investment in a business’s future success and sustainability. As companies scale their collaborative efforts, they can consider implementing cross-training programmes and team-building activities to familiarise employees with different functions and foster greater understanding and empathy among team members.

Additionally, establishing cross-functional project teams to work on innovation initiatives provides a structured framework for collaboration and ensures that diverse perspectives are represented throughout the process.

Measuring the impact of cross-functional collaboration on key performance indicators and business outcomes is crucial. By tracking metrics such as project success rates, time-to-market for new products or services, and employee satisfaction levels, businesses can gauge the effectiveness of their collaboration initiatives and identify improvement areas.

For small and medium-sized businesses, a strategic emphasis on cross-functional collaboration has the potential to ignite innovation and enhance competitive advantage. By dismantling departmental silos, embracing diverse perspectives, and surmounting challenges through adept leadership and open communication, businesses can cultivate an environment where creativity thrives, and the collective wisdom of their teams is fully realised.

Now is the time to seize the moment and tap into the power of collaboration, propelling your business towards a trajectory of perpetual innovation and lasting triumph.

Mick has spent the past decade building printIQ into one of the most recognised software brands in the printing industry, and with over four decades of experience, Mick truly has ink in his veins.

June 2024 ProPrint 13

Women in Print build better boxes

Keynote speaker and Sellabilities founder Christina Bruce engaged women in the printing industry across Australia’s capital cities at the annual Women in Print Breakfast series with her thought-provoking presentation, ‘Don’t just think outside the box; build a better box’.

Established in 2007, Women in Print is a not-for-profit industry collaboration of women across the print media sector. Its events, webinars, and engagement sessions throughout the year provide women

in the industry to grow and learn, but none more so than the Women in Print Breakfast Series.

Over the years, it has grown in popularity. More women attended this year than ever

before. Melbourne drew a record 200 women to its event at the Parkroyal in Monash, while Adelaide sold out in record time. This year’s draw card was the director of Sellabilities and professional motivational coach Christina Bruce.

Women in Print Perth was hosted by Patron for Western Australia and Board Officer for Women in Print Australia Kimberley Skinner, general manager of Total Digital Solutions. Women in Print Brisbane was hosted by Queensland Patron Morag Pugh, manager of People and Culture at QLM Labels.

1. Women in Print Perth: Rhonda Slattery, Cathy Adams, Tracy Fryer, Anne Dickson, Gayle Marshall, Margaret Ioannidis 2. Women in Print Perth: Kat Murray, Christina Bruce and Kimberley Skinner (WA Patron) 3. Elaine Rosen (Turning Point) Michelle Merrigan (AJ Parkes & Co Pty Ltd), Aleisha Gill (Kwik Kopy Eagle Farm) Robyn Rudd (Printplus) 4. Women in Print Perth: Lisa Blanchut and Rachel Jenner 5. Women in Print Brisbane: Amy Maher (IVE Distribution) Melanie Kershler (IVE Print), Wendy Baydo, Kristina Langer, Jelly Zhang (IVE Distribution) 6. Women in Print Perth: Out of the box thinking
1 3 5 4 6 2

Women in Print Adelaide was hosted by Patron for South Australia Diana Nikolic, Board Officer for Women in Print Australia, and Business Development executive at Ball & Doggett.

1. Women in Print Adelaide Committee: Nicole Jesenko (NJ Creative), Diana Nikolic (Patron for South Australia, Ball & Doggett) and Marisa Smyrneos (Ball & Doggett)

2. Breakfast at the Lion Hotel in North Adelaide

3. Jenifer Palacios and Lorena Salavarrieta (MCC - Multi Colour Corporation)

4. Julie Millea, Biyanka Gunaratna, Angel Baki (MCC - Multi Colour Corporation)

5. Janine Brodie, Bronwyn Skinner and Jodie Hogben (Kwik Kopy Norwood)

6. Rachel Morcom and Anita De Sciscio (MCC -Multi Colour Corporation)

7. Christine Tee, Elydene Cox, Siew Yong (Created 2 Print)
1 5 3 7 4 6 2 June 2024 ProPrint 15 ADELAIDE WOMEN IN PRINT


Women in Print Breakfast Melbourne was hosted by Victorian Patron Rita Karagiannis, group account director at IVE—Data Driven Communications.
16 ProPrint June 2024
1. Engaging with ‘out of the box’ thinking at Melbourne’s Parkroyal Monash 2. Samantha Thomson, Rhiannon Novak, Miami Coppard, Erin Loveday, Teagan Duff, Nivia Fernandez, Annie Chidgey, Jess Nash (Prima PMI) 3. Chris Uren (Spicers) and Jane Jackson (Ball & Doggett) 4. Tracey Williams (Breen Printing), Christina Bruce (Sellabilities), Kirsty Woodhead, Jaz Allen (Breen Printing) 5. Irene Daws (Winc) 6. Angela Lantouris, Tania Gilson, Aida Sabic and Rachel Elia (IVE Print Group) 7. Trudy Henshaw, Leonie Chieng, Alice Sheok Hoon Ng, Amelia O’Donnell, Sam Hall (Finsbury Green) 8. Melissa Parker (Printer Media Group) with Robyn Frampton (Visual Connections)
1 3 4 5 7 2 8 6 9
9. Taylor O’Neill and Cyndi Setia (Spicers) with Kellie Northwood (Visual Media Association)

1. Experiencing firsthand the restrictions of the ‘Box’.

2. Courtney Moran and Rachel Hann (Ball & Doggett)

3. Roz Mason, Tanya Little and Rachel Lake (MC Melbourne)

4. London Mills, George Tzintzis, Kellie Northwood and Emma Ward (Visual Media Association)

5. Christina Bruce (Sellabilities)

6. Lorraine Fox and Jessica Frame (Southern Impact)

7. Christina Bruce with Team E&S

8. Team Kissel + Wolf June 2024 ProPrint 17 MELBOURNE WOMEN IN PRINT 1 2 4 3 6 5 7 8

Women in Print Sydney was hosted by Debbie Burgess Patron for New South Wales, and joint managing director of Bright Print Group.

1. Attendees engaging with Christina Bruce (Sellabilities)

2. Cecilia Wang, Mai Nguyen (Muller Martini)

3. Beth Corbin, Kiera Ward, Amy Abdilla, Pooja Venugopal, Neetu Dureja (Easy Signs)

4. Karen Lawler, Emily Watterson, Gabriella Kangas (Cactus Imaging)

5. Chloe Ross, Tia Trumble, Ana Bellagamba, Lynette Hawthorn, Andrea Trumble (Pozitive)

6. Carmen Ciappara (Printer Media Group) Franca Balsamo (Women In Print Photographer)

7. Corinne Gardiner, Natalie Lam, Sharleen Jack, Nicole Jandik, Zafana Haq, Suzi Corapovska (IVE Group)

8. Belinda Tanner (Media Super)

9. Darren Massey, George Fryer (Konica Minolta)

10. Hasanah Mahmud, Darren Massey, George Fryer, Melissa Dempsey, Sarah Carvalho, Georgia Ray, Danielle Dobson, Gabrielle Stevens (Konica Minolta)

11. Linda D’Arcy (Carbon8), Sarah Marsden (CMYKHub), Alex Laidler (Upfront Directions)

12. Grace Albanese, Kyla Ambrosi, Lisa and Cassie Farrugia, Kylie Ginty-Wise (Creative Plastic Cards

13. Karen Lawler (Cactus Imaging)
1 3 2 4 5 6 7 18 ProPrint June 2024 8 10 11 13 12 9 SYDNEY WOMEN IN PRINT

1. Linda Wang, Renee Du (RR Donnelley)

2. Team IVE Group

3. Stacey Ford, Amanda McKenzie, Liz Sargent (Ball & Doggett)

4. Lynette Hawthorn (Pozitive), Carmen Ciappara (Printer Media Group), Andrea Trumble (Pozitive)

5. Marina Garces (Centrum Group) Sue Everett, Ayla Halil, Lisa Sharpham, Jule Tu, Debbie Burgess (Bright Print Group)

6. Lisa Tierney (Ricoh Australia)

7. Susana Holiwaty, Nora Nabi, Emma Kavanagh, Sinoun Moun, Sonia Kushnir, Nikki Hack (Finsbury Green)

8. Panteha Jadidi, Glenn Lewis, Angela Vertsonis (Kwik Kopy)

9. Nicola Fanning, Jessica Cronshaw, Zurina Bryant, Sonia Shwabsky (Kwik Kopy)

10. NSW Women In Print Committee, Carmen Ciappara (Printer Media Group), Debbie Burgess (Women In Print NSW Patron), Sarah Moore (Visual Connections)

11. Ranjeetha Hegde, Jehan Tabet, Bianca Trevine, Elizabeth James (HP)

12. Maria Elliott, Maryanne Walsh, Lani Draheim, Zane Kean (Rawson Print and Packaging)

13. Team Ricoh Australia June 2024 ProPrint 19
1 3 5 7 9 11 12 2 4 6 8 10 13 SYDNEY WOMEN IN PRINT


Currie Group celebrates 75 years of innovation and service

As Currie Group reaches a landmark milestone, it attributes its success and strength to remaining true to company values and weathering industry change.

Today, Currie Group is one of the industry’s largest and most comprehensive suppliers. Its evolving portfolio of solutions encompasses everything from digital and analogue print and finishing equipment to sign and display solutions, software, and consumables. The company is backed by the industry’s leading technical support and service operation.

Like many companies, however, it had humble beginnings, starting life as a print engineering company, Currie & Southward, established by a young William ‘Bill’ Currie and Tom Southward in 1949.

The two worked together as maintenance engineers with the Herald & Weekly Times, and Bill’s expertise soon had other printers requesting his assistance with servicing their machines after hours. The opportunity to start up independently became apparent, and the two hung out their shingle.

While Tom would soon move on to other things, for Bill, it was the start of a life-long commitment to the industry.

To understand how the fledgling business grew into the market leader we see today is to understand the foundations on which Currie & Southward was built – chief among them is customer service.

With a wisdom that belied his years, young Bill knew that his business would only

succeed if his customers succeeded. No request was too complex, no call too late – Bill’s customers knew he could be relied upon to ‘keep the presses running’. It was a lesson he passed on to his son, David – the company’s current Chair, when he joined the business in 1969.

Over the years, the print sector has been transformed – first by the advent of offset printing, followed by digital technologies rendering it almost unrecognisable from the industry of the 1940s.

Currie Group, too, has had to evolve, but service, along with innovation, people, and partnerships, continues to underpin the company’s success today.

Several milestones mark the company’s evolution: first, the addition of a transport service, then the supply of second-hand equipment, before moving into the supply of new presses in the 1970s.

It was during these years that David’s entrepreneurial flair became evident. He set up agreements with manufacturers in Europe, an established source of technology for Australian businesses, and Japanese companies like Shinohara and Horizon.

They were successful moves, and as years went by, the company expanded further into finishing equipment, consumables, and eventually digital technologies, culminating in David’s 2002 agreement to make Currie & Co. the exclusive channel

partner in the ANZ region for HP Indigo Digital Presses.

The deal was a pivotal moment for the company and was just another step on the continuing journey to make Currie Group the source of end-to-end, ‘best-in-class’ solutions provider we know today.

Current CEO Rob Mesaros, who joined the company in 2021 when David stepped back from the CEO role, sees his role as continuing the process of modernisation across three fundamental pillars: updating and expanding systems and tools, evolving service capabilities, and expanding the product portfolio.

It is challenging to effect changes to benefit customers while protecting the strengths and values that have made Currie Group well-respected and trusted, but Mesaros is undaunted by the task.

Under his leadership, the company’s product portfolio has expanded, most recently with additive manufacturing, or 3D print, and a full range of sign and display solutions. And the growth is far from over, with areas like media and robotics already under consideration.

Alongside that continued growth and innovation, the company has invested in expanding its engineering prowess, product knowledge, and expertise to support its customers. Bill’s principles and values, set 75 years ago, have earned the company its most valuable asset: the trust of its customers.

Those values are still very much in evidence today, not just at the leadership level but also in the expertise, professionalism, and commitment of every staff member across Australia and New Zealand, in the quality of the company’s relationships with its vendors and customers, and its strong service infrastructure.

Seventy-five years of success is a remarkable achievement. With Currie Group’s continued commitment to evolving and modernising its business to ensure its customers can realise their full potential, its proud history is set to continue for many years to come.
20 ProPrint June 2024
Currie Group marks 75 years of success

Hosting an event? Send an email to the editor — Melissa Parker — with the details

• Near total coverage of roller requirements for the graphic arts sector

• Wide range of rollers for printing and packaging, laminating, gluing, transport and nip

• Specialised services for non-standard applications

• In-house expertise to help you achieve your production goals

Systems  Printing Böttcher Australia: the experts in new rollers and replacements THE SMART WAY TO SAVE ON ROLL ERS Talk to us about the range of services we offer for all your roller maintenance needs. National Free Call 1800 204 102 WWW. BOTTCHERSYSTEMS . COM.AU PRINT DIARY
EVENT Visual Impact Brisbane Printing United Labelexpo Americas 2024 ProPrint Awards FESPA Australia Annual Conference FESPA 2025
Brisbane, Australia Las Vegas Chicago Sydney, Australia Sydney,
DATE 17-19 July 2024 10-12 September 2024 10-12 September 2024 25 October 2024 25 October 2024
May 2025 June 2024 ProPrint 21

Durst delivers at drupa 2024

At drupa, Durst launched products across five key platforms including large format, label printing, water-based printing, digital corrugated printing and folding carton production.


One of the most important launches in the Durst portfolio was the P5 SMP (Super Multi Pass) for the Sign & Display, POP/ POS, Corrugated Packaging & Display and Industrial Decor sectors. The hybrid LED Super-Multi-Pass printing system combines efficiency and productivity with maximum versatility. With a print width of 3.5m and a maximum productivity of up to 2,000 square metres per hour, the P5 SMP achieves an annual capacity of 5 million square metres, setting a new benchmark for high-volume digital printing. As a hybrid solution, the P5 SMP can process both roll and sheet material and has the versatile functions of the P5 platform.

Durst vice president – sales, Christian Harder described the new P5 SMP as the

“pinnacle of efficiency, speed and quality in graphics, displays, corrugated and industrial decoration”.

“We successfully introduced the P5 platform in 2019 and today we offer a complete product portfolio comprising hybrid as well as dedicated roll to roll printing with UV inks in various widths and various speeds.

“This year at drupa, we proudly introduce a further enhancement to the P5 series. The P5 Super Multi Pass delivers a new peak in productivity and is tailor made for the sign and display and corrugated display printing market. The new P5 Super Multi Pass will be available in the various levels of automation empowered by our software solutions to further enhance the production process.”

Durst Oceania managing director, Matt Ashman said he believes the new P5 Super Multi Pass sets new standards in terms of productivity and quality.

“The P5 Super Multi Pass is a game changer in the graphics, signs and display and corrugated packaging markets,” Ashman said.

“There are a number of features and benefits available with the new P5 Super Multi Pass that will make the product attractive to printers looking for the very best productivity.

“Our vision was to develop a Super Multi Pass printer with the highest possible productivity but without limiting the proof of benefits of the current P5 portfolio. So in a nutshell, we took all COVER STORY
22 ProPrint June 2024
P5 Super Multi Pass

of the best features from the P5 portfolio and super charged it.

“We also continued on our mission to reduce required set-up times as well as seamless integration of different support systems such as automated corrugated guides, accurate image positioning, easy head exchange and adjustment as well as the important integration of an improved and flexible feeding and stacking automation.”

The P5 SMP will also feature LED drying and new UV ink formulations.

“With this machine we will be using UV ink since we want to be versatile and allow our customers to print on a wide range of different substrates such as rigid, carton and various banner materials.”


In late 2023, Durst acquired the Comobased printing company Aleph specialising in advanced direct-to-fabric and direct-topaper inkjet printers for the textile and visual communications categories.

On display at drupa 2024 was the Aleph Laforte 600 Paper, which was designed for

poster and billboard printing. In its most powerful configuration, the printing system achieves an output of 1,000 m2/h and reaches a new level of quality in poster and billboard printing with six colours and 1,200 dpi.

According to Durst Oceania managing director, Matt Ashman, the acquisition of the Aleph range of products is a logical expansion for the company to expand its positions in the field of water-based and sustainable printing technologies.

“Aleph provides the environmental and sustainability credentials printing businesses have been looking for with the ability to print with 100 per cent water-based ink for posters and signage as well as textile applications. Brand owners are always looking at the most sustainable printing and media solutions and what is more sustainable than paper. We look forward to announcing the first Aleph installation in Australia shortly,” Ashman said.


Durst has launched the KJet at drupa 2024 – the successor to the XJet. The KJet is a new hybrid solution for label printing

and is the second product developed in conjunction with Italian family-owned manufacturer OMET.

According to Durst Oceania managing director, Matt Ashman, the KJet is an end-to-end solution that combines OMET’s dual servo flexo printing units with Durst’s state-of-the-art RSCi inkjet technology.

“In addition, modules for finishing and further processing such as cold foil stamping or die-cutting units can be integrated into the KJet. This flexibility opens up an enormously broad application portfolio for the KJet. The configuration of the KJet is tailored to the specific requirements of each customer,” Ashman said.

Durst sales and director for labels and packaging, Thomas Macina, said the combination of digital with flexo offers an innovative hybrid solution that maximises productivity and flexibility, enabling printers to select between flexo or digital printing, thereby optimising efficiency and reducing costs while meeting evolving market demands such as personalisation and just-in-time deliveries in a single pass.

“We have been leading the inkjet label printing market for many years and we provide entry level solutions up to industrial needs at 100 metres per minute and 510 millimetres wide. We have been observing a clear market trend towards end-to-end production and this is why we have reinforced our partnership with OMET. The KJet is a perfect combination of a dual-servo cylinder based flexo unit combined with the robustness, efficiency and productivity of the Durst RSCi digital print engine. This provides a new experience to operators in terms of simplicity, minimal set-up time and low waste,” Macina said. COVER STORY
June 2024 ProPrint 23
Aleph Laforte 600 Paper


On display at an exhibition for the first time at drupa 2024, the VariJET 106 is a significant innovation from the Koenig & Bauer Durst joint venture, which will pave the way for the digitalisation of industrial folding carton production. At drupa, single pass VariJET 106 was shown in a hybrid configuration linked to Koenig & Bauer’s Rapida offset press technology and workflow as well as demonstrating the latest die cutting and folding gluer technology.

The VariJET 106 was first announced in 2021, and uses water-based inks, so that primary packaging for food can be produced. However, the VariJET 106 is also a promising solution for applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and tobacco industries for the economical production of short to medium runs and individualized packaging.

The VariJET 106 covers the B1 format and achieves a printing speed of 5,500 sheets per hour. The monthly print volume ranges from 500,000 to more than 1 million B1 sheets. Thanks to its hybrid design, several finishing units can be optionally integrated into the VariJET. In this way, the VariJET 106 becomes an end-to-end solution that enables economical and fast production of high-quality jobs.


Another product from the Koenig & Bauer Durst collaboration, the Delta SPC 130 is a single pass digital sheet-fed machine for corrugated markets.

According to Durst Oceania managing director, Matt Ashman, what was missing in industrial digital corrugated printing until now was the colour white.

“Durst is once again taking on a pioneering role in the industry and is launching a water-based white ink for the Koenig & Bauer Durst Delta SPC 130,” Ashman said.

“The use of white with extremely high opacity on brown corrugated board opens up new design possibilities and enhances transport packaging. By overprinting white, a significantly improved image quality is achieved on almost all topliners and at the same time an exact match to spot colours. All inks and fluids used in the Delta SPC 130 meet the current and future requirements of the food industry.

Koenig & Bauer Durst managing director, Daniel Velema said one of the highlights of drupa was the demonstration of the VariJET106 in full production.

“The VariJET106 is a monster of a machine and combines the very best of conventional

and digital printing. We believe drupa will be a landmark in our journey within the folding carton and corrugated markets. The tipping point is here. Corrugated and folding carton printers/converters who was to increase efficiency, flexibility and work even more closely with brands and retailers recognise that they need to digitise their production environments.

“As a global leader in digital sheetfed, single pass press systems and software services for the folding carton and corrugated markets – and with the backing of two giants in the packaging and printing industry – we see huge opportunities to grow substantially over the coming years and continue to support and accelerate our customers’ digital journey,” Velema said.

Durst CEO and co-owner, Christoph Gamper told journalists at drupa that the “little big company” now has over 1000 staff and 295 registered patents.

Gamper confirmed annual sales revenue of 360 million Euros, global distribution of 2.2 million litres of ink with 320 service engineers working across the company’s 33 subsidiaries around the world.

“We invest 7.5 to 8 per cent of our revenue back into research and development, and we have 4000 installations in 72 countries.”
24 ProPrint June 2024
Delta SPC 130
Koenig & Bauer Durst VariJET 106

The alter nati ve to the single pass pr inting s ystem.

For more information, please visit P5 SMP

Phil Trumble celebrates 30 years at Pozitive Sign and Graphic Supplies

Phil Trumble owner and managing director of Pozitive Sign and Graphic Supplies reflects

on 30 years in the business.

In 1994, 16-year-old Phil Trumble was a Year 11 student when he heard a job was available at a two-year-old signage company. David Wager and Ray Clarke ran the small business from a single-car garage in Sydney. Not one to embrace school life, and with a keen interest in technology and computers, Trumble took the job as the first Pozitive employee. Trumble turned up, they raised the garage door, and the rest is history.

Trumble says he had no idea what he was getting into. All he knew was that the business was looking for someone, and they made signs from computers.

“It was in the early days when the industry was moving into computer work from handwork, and it was my sort of interest area,” said Trumble.

In 2004, Trumble bought into 20% of the business, and in 2012, he took over entirely when Ray Clarke moved to pursue other interests.

In that time, Pozitive has grown exponentially from signing exclusive deals with major brands such as Summa, DGI and swissQprint to establishing a Melbourne presence with a permanent team and premises.

From three people in 1994 to 10 staff in 2012 and 26 in 2024, Pozitive has more than doubled its people power.

After 30 years, Trumble says his biggest career highlight is representing some very high-end brands on an exclusive basis.

“It’s been a real highlight because when you’re dealing with companies like that, it’s much more than just invoices and purchase orders; you really become quite close personally, and they’re more friends these days than they are just business relations,” says Trumble.

“Over all these years, I think the real highlight is the number of people and lifelong friends I’ve met in this industry.”

The past 30 years have not been without its challenges. Trumble says learning to run the business independently was a learning curve and COVID hit hard.

“What do you do when there’s a pandemic? Well, exactly. Nobody knows. When there’s no work, and the lights get turned off? Trying to work out how we keep the team together, how we keep everybody motivated, how we keep everybody feeling like they belong to something bigger - that was definitely a very big challenge.

“It was just weeks and weeks of uncertainty, and fortunately, we all pulled together, we all helped each other, and we were able to come out the other side with everybody intact in the business,” Trumble said.

On the positive side, Trumble says one of his greatest achievements is signing swissQprint exclusively in 2012.

Pozitive has grown exponentially from signing exclusive deals with major brands such as Summa, DGI and swissQprint to establishing a Melbourne presence with a permanent team and premises.

“When we first started talking to them, we were smitten by the technology and the product, and we thought,‘What an amazing company and amazing people’.

“When they showed us the pricelist, we fell over backwards. How could this little company in Sydney possibly sell a machine that was going to cost that much?”

Pozitive found a way and now boasts more than 50 swissQprint machines in the Australian market.

“I think for a company of our size, it’s a huge achievement,” says Trumble.

As for the next 30 years, Trumble hopes his kids will consider taking the reins.

“It would be wonderful if they come into the business over the next 30 years and put their name to it.

“My son is almost 10 and constantly talks about coming to work at Pozitive and being the guy who gets the machines working. My daughter is already in the business; she’s working in order processing.”

Trumble says they have had a small celebration at work because he was ‘blindsided’ by his wife.

“I didn’t realise everybody was in on knowing that it was my 30th year in the business, but at the end of the day, I’m just one guy, and without the team, none of this would have happened.

“It’s the support that I get from my family and the support from the team and what we’ve been able to build together that really makes the achievement enjoyable and worthwhile.” 26 ProPrint June 2024 PROFILE
Cheers to Reto Eicher, one of the founders of swissQprint Phil Trumble


Survival of the Fittest

Visual Connections tells ProPrint why Visual Impact Brisbane 2024 is essential to the evolution of your business.


Businesses are facing challenging times with rising materials costs, interest rates, and customer pressure to do more for less. Times like these begin to separate the prepared from the unprepared, those who can do more over those relying on slower, older technology. It is a period of survival of the fittest. And how do you prepare your business for such a time? The best place to start is to speak to experts and see the latest technology and materials to give you a manufacturing edge.

The company representatives on the stands have their fingers on the pulse of the markets and what sectors will be profitable in the future. Their advice could be invaluable, helping visitors look at practical solutions to developing their business and moving into different markets while realising the full capabilities of their equipment.


The pace of change in the industry and the broader economy is such that it is imperative to get out and see what is happening, how it is changing, what is new and most importantly, where the industry is headed in response to changing consumer demand and economic times. Industry professionals and businesses know that to maintain profit margins and be able to deliver to client expectations, they must work faster, more efficiently, and to a higher standard. The latest technology and materials on display

at Visual Impact Brisbane 2024 will show how this can be done.


Visual Impact Brisbane 2024 is going to be about getting ‘hands-on’ and making plans to ensure the future of your business. The timing is perfect. Hot on the heels of drupa, there will be the very latest tech and materials on display, perfect for future-proofing your business.

Looking at what is on display and speaking to the experts will help you better understand what can be done with new equipment and how that equipment can be used in conjunction with new materials to develop new markets while reinforcing existing ones. There’s always something new to see, a product or service with a ‘wow’ factor.

The new technology and materials on display will cover the entire gamut of the industry. A raft of new tech, materials, and solutions only recently released at drupa will be making their way to Australia for the very first time. So, too, will new laser engravers, sign systems, textiles, printing effects, label makers, prototyping devices, personalisation systems, and more.


The show also provides the opportunity to solve technical challenges. It’s one of the real benefits of attending Visual Impact, meeting the people responsible for the technology and equipment the print and sign industry uses. There is ample time for attendees who

want to have questions answered, learn more about specific applications, or get the most from their equipment.


At Visual Impact Brisbane 2024, these are just some of the seminars you will be able to attend:

• Sustainability digital print/ graphic trends — Avery Dennison.

• Creating a Highly Engaged & Satisfied Workforce — Myra Anwar, Smartech

• Mastering Heat Printing Integration: A Blueprint for Business Success — Ben Carroll, Velflex

• Apprentices and Trainees - Fiona Jacklyn, MEGT

• Tree Hugging is Smart for Business: Sustainability for Signage is Here — London Mills, Visual Media Association

Visual Impact Brisbane 2024 will also host social events in and around the show, including Women in Print. These events will provide local and international guests with the chance to mingle, establish new networks, or rekindle existing ones. So much of what happens at the show occurs away from the machines and materials; it’s the things visitors didn’t expect to see or discover that Visual Impact Brisbane 2024 can provide. That’s why it is essential to be there.

Check out all the details for Visual Impact Brisbane here.
28 ProPrint June 2024
Kellie Northwood speaking with Keith Ferrel, Damian Nielsen, Sean Kelly and Ben Eaton

17-19 July, 2024

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Connect With Success

Australia’s leading exhibition for sign, display, wide-format print, engraving, vinyl applications, textiles, digital print, routing and laser cutting.

Brisbane 2024
presented by
Proudly sponsored by PLATINUM


Strength in Service spearheads



Growing print businesses through competitive customer service is where SMARTECH positions itself as it prepares to showcase its strengths at Visual Impact Brisbane.


SMARTECH will showcase a range of innovative products from our portfolio, including the HP Latex 630, Canon Colorado M-series, Epson SC80600, Multigraft CF 375, and Oki Pro 1050 printers. Additionally, we will officially introduce the capabilities of Agfa inkjet printers to the public. Our diverse portfolio ensures that attendees will have

the opportunity to explore cutting-edge printing solutions tailored to their needs.


The newest latex, UV, and Wide-Gamut printer models will be on show. We now represent a wide cross-section of well-known brands from across the

industry and will highlight the software innovations, speed, and productivity that these products can bring to your business. Scalable technology for growing print businesses is what we do best.


What sets SMARTECH apart from competitors is our excellent service team. In addition to our extensive range of printers, we have the largest and most capable team of trained technicians in the industry segment, able to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers. With 90% of service issues resolved on the first visit, our commitment to superior print quality, media versatility and environmental sustainability ensures that we consistently deliver the best value to our customers.


Visual Impact Brisbane 2024 provides an invaluable platform for attendees and exhibitors to connect, learn, and explore the latest innovations in the printing industry. With our recent partnerships with Canon and Agfa, we have an opportunity to educate visitors about the incredible range of products we can now offer. Attendees will benefit from networking opportunities, educational seminars, and hands-on demonstrations, while exhibitors will showcase their products and services to a targeted audience, fostering business growth and collaboration.


Visitors to our exhibit can look forward to exclusive deals, promotions, and live demonstrations of our printers in action. We will offer special show pricing packages, bundle deals, and personalised consultations to help attendees find the perfect solution for their printing needs. Additionally, we will showcase the capabilities of our printers through live print demonstrations, highlighting their performance, quality, and versatility.
SMARTECH will showcase its best offerings at Visual Impact 2024
30 ProPrint June 2024


Spicers showcases interior design solutions at Visual Impact

Key Visual Communication brands, Roland, Mimaki, and RollsRoller as well as wall

covering solutions, will be the focus at the Spicers exhibit at Visual Impact Brisbane.


We have seen growth in the wall covering space, where end users want to transform and enhance their interior spaces. Spicers offers various solutions for wall coverings, and General Formulations has a new product and range suitable for interiors and exteriors; we will debut this at VI Brisbane.


Mimaki UCJ300-160


We will feature the Roland TrueVis AP-640, Mimaki UCJ300-160 and Rolls Roller Flatbed Applicator machines on our stand. Our key brands from our Visual

Communications portfolio such as General Formulations, 3M, Neschen and many more.


We carefully select and source materials from the best manufacturers worldwide, ensuring that every product offers superior performance. We collaborate with our customers to understand their diverse needs, and we provide an expansive product range. This versatility enables our clients to access a wide array of products and services from a single provider, simplifying their process and delivering a seamless experience. At Spicers we are committed to sustainability, and many of our products have CoC certifications from recognised environmental organisations. This assists our customers in achieving their own sustainability goals.



Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the latest technologies and innovations, allowing them to stay ahead of industry trends. For exhibitors, it’s the market visibility, lead generation and it’s an effective platform to showcase products to a targeted audience.


We will have demos on our hardware, show specials and have some give aways for those that come through the stand. These will include some lucky recipients of a free bundle but everyone who comes will get a discount voucher for placing online orders.
32 ProPrint June 2024
Roland TrueVis AP-640

Stick on Signs presents the new Neschen ColdLam 1650 SW

ATORS P 03 87919555


Pozitive showcases its exclusive Summa cutting products

Summa state of the art cutting technology and optimisation will be on full display at Pozitive’s stand at Visual Impact Brisbane. The Pozitive team looks forward to ending the six-year hiatus between shows with its back to back demonstrations.


We’re excited to showcase the Summa S One & S3 Roll cutters as well as the Summa F Series Flatbed Cutter. With our innovative workflows we can show you how a Pozitive solution can optimise your print & cut workflows, saving you time, money and materials whilst increasing your productivity.


Experience automated barcode workflows on the Summa S One and S3 Cutters, with the S3 featuring tangential cutting technology plus O POS Cam for even registration and increased cutting speeds.

The Summa F Series is the most versatile flatbed cutter ever, perfect for any sign shop. The compact F1612 model offers cutting, creasing, routing and more across a variety of materials. With an arsenal of tools, it handles intricate graphics, robust packaging and so much more. Its advanced features streamline workflows and boost productivity. Durable and reliable, the Summa F Series is an invaluable addition to any production setup.


For over three decades, Summa has been manufacturing the highest quality cutting solutions offering versatility, durability and efficiency. Pozitive are proud to represent Summa down under, distributing the entire range as well as having our own Summa accredited technicians for local install, training and support.


After six years since the last Queensland exhibition, Visual Impact Brisbane looks to be a fantastic event for the industry to reconnect, network and learn, and of course check out the latest innovations in the industry. For exhibitors like us at Pozitive, we always look forward to engaging directly with our customer base, understanding their evolving needs and showcase our latest products and technologies.


We’ll be running back-to-back demonstrations across the entire Summa range. From Print & Cut barcode workflows on the Summa S One & S3 to demonstrating the endless applications of the Summa F Series including cutting a range of materials, producing corflute signage, stickers, packaging and much more. Be sure to visit us at stand E05 to see the machines in action and check out our show specials.
36 ProPrint June 2024
Summa technology will be on display at Visual Impact in Brisbane Summa cutting precision will be demonstrated at Visual Impact in Brisbane

Lamination System to give away a laminator at Visual Impact

SignMaster Workstations and the largest silicone laminating rollers are just part of what to expect at the Lamination System exhibit at Visual Impact. Plus, the chance to win a brand-new laminator.


All new machine releases from SignMaster Workstations and Sign Easy / Master Pneumatic Laminators.


All laminators come standard with a pneumatic roller open/close, and they boast the largest silicone laminating rollers in class.


The new pneumatic roller system eliminates

the imbalance that can occur with other machines. New models also feature our new contact liner rewind system.


Events are always great for meeting clients past, present, and future in one place.


Yes, we will be giving away a new laminator to one lucky person. Details to be announced. June 2024 ProPrint 37 LAMINATION SYSTEM AT VISUAL IMPACT
Email • IRIS 72WF 1300 SignMaster Workstation Miniband 520S 2015 IRIS 52 Manual Feed Sign Easy 1600 PLUS -NEW$5,495 +GST -USED$34,500 +GST ONO -NEW$19,550 +GST -USED$17,500 +GST ONO -NEWSAVE $1000 NOW ONLY $5,995 +GST NEW & USED DEMO EQUIPMENT The benefits are clearly obvious . . .  08 8374 2177 SOLD Sign Master 1700 AG

Go To Print embraces the digital age

Melbourne-based Victor Gonzalez and Linda Angelone, partners in life and business, share insights as this month’s ProPrint Star Business, highlighting their journey from offset to digital printing and the transformative power of Ricoh technology.

Victor Gonzalez’s nearly four-decadelong career in printing began with an apprenticeship in North Melbourne. Drawn to the industry’s lucrative prospects in the late ‘80s, he quickly mastered offset printing, initially attracted by its financial rewards and abundant opportunities.

“The money was ridiculous for the ‘80s. Most printers back then were on $100K. It was the best paid, and there was so much work,” remembers Victor.

Reflecting on those early days, Victor reminisces about bustling classrooms filled with aspiring printers, indicative of the trade’s popularity and promise. His journey led him from major print facilities to the Herald Sun newspaper.

Victor worked as a contract printer before fate intervened. Upon the untimely

passing of a colleague, he assumed management of DuoPrint in Moorabbin, eventually purchasing the business 23 years ago. Under his and Linda’s stewardship, DuoPrint flourished, achieving a remarkable 400% growth within the first year, earning accolades from Small Business Victoria.

Linda and Victor were the faces of a key Small Business Victoria campaign. Through their participation in the mentoring program, they gained invaluable guidance for business development. Their journey was so impactful that their photo was featured on the Small Business Victoria website, marking an inspiring achievement for them.

“Before his passing our friend at DuoPrint was turning over $100,000 a year. He was comfortable, but when we took over, we

took that to $600,000 within two years. We had our faces on the Small Business Victoria’s website and did a couple of talks about small business,” said Victor.

Encounters at industry events, such as one with Nick Theologos, paved the way for further expansion. Together, they established a new venture in South Melbourne, necessitating partnerships and workforce expansion to meet escalating demand.

“The business grew so much that Linda and I couldn’t cope. We were working 24 hours a day. When Nick offered to work together, I said maybe it would be good to engage in a partnership and hire people. And that’s when we got even bigger.”

The introduction of digital printing marked a pivotal shift, streamlining STAR BUSINESS
38 ProPrint June 2024
Victor Gonzalez with the Ricoh Pro C7500

processes and necessitating a re-evaluation of industry practices.

Victor laments the loss of traditional printing knowledge amidst this transition, noting the industry’s increasing reliance on automation and digital expertise.

“The knowledge has gone, and it’s a real shame; everything is becoming so technical now you just press a button; you don’t need to know anything”.

Victor says the downside of the digital age is that printing trade schools no longer exist, and there is a shrinking pool of specialists trained to operate offset printers. Most companies still working with offset printers bring specialist operators in from overseas.

Today, Victor and Linda champion Ricoh printing technology at Go To Print in Braeside, leveraging their firsthand experience at Ricoh’s Thai facility to enhance operational efficiency and print quality. Their endorsement extends beyond performance to Ricoh’s commitment to customer support and comprehensive training, enabling them to address issues swiftly and independently.

They were the first in Australia to purchase the Ricoh Pro C7200 and the Ricoh Pro C7500.

“We bought the Ricoh Pro C7500, which was the first machine to be installed in Australia!” said Linda.

“We love Ricoh machines. We are fairly new to the Ricoh family and enjoy the relationship, reliability, and consistency in colour quality. Using a digital press has actually increased our turnaround in meeting deadlines.

“The printing result is excellent, and clients are extremely happy. This new machine is faster, and the 900mm banner capabilities are an added bonus. It has an excellent register and a user-friendly interface. Lastly, it is super reliable, and breakdowns are few and far between.

“Dealing with John Yiannis has been an easy relationship because of his support and being proactive with any issues.

“We saw their state-of-the-art factory in Thailand and how they make a machine. And then we saw the quality. It was way better than we had ever had and easy to operate,” said Linda.

“What I also like about Ricoh is that they train you to fix the machine and change the parts, which other companies don’t. It’s brilliant. We have the spare parts here, so you can keep printing rather than wait for a technician.

“Other companies don’t provide one spare part, and for a simple procedure, you need to put in a call, and that can waste half a day. Ricoh will also talk you through troubleshooting over the phone,” she said.

Despite industry evolution, Go To Print remains versatile, offering a spectrum of services from textile printing to digital embroidery. For Victor, the allure of printing lies in its diversity and creative possibilities, an enduring passion that transcends technological advancements.

“Every job is so different. You can make boxes and posters, create a book. It’s never boring. I just love it. I think once, once printing gets into you, it gets into your blood,” Victor said. STAR BUSINESS
June 2024 ProPrint 39
Another example of the special finishing options Linda Angelone Linda Angelone and Victor Gonzalez outside Go To Print

Mezographic grows with Durst

Frank Mezo, owner of Mezographic has been in the printing business for as long as he can remember – 35 years, to be exact. He has seen it all. But this piece of printing technology from Durst has even him excited. ProPrint talks to Frank about the P5 350 HS D4, which he says is so good it’s nuts.

Established in 1993, Mezographic is a family-owned business based in Dandenong in Melbourne. It is also an innovative boutique specialist in highquality, wide-format digital printing.

Owner Frank Mezo is a vocal advocate for new technology and runs his business with people who know printing. He calls his staff a team of ‘old screen printers’. They

know the drill, they know how printers work, and they are great problem solvers even when it comes to the most advanced printing equipment in the print room.

Mezo’s latest Durst P5 350 HS D4 has been up and running since June 2023. The purchase required Mezographic to relocate for the extra space needed to accommodate it.


It picks up 5 mm sheets of oversized PVC and is fully automated. We have never had fully automated machinery like this before. From the time you put it in the loader to when it comes out the other side. We have loaded a video on LinkedIn. It is worth looking at. It shows us feeding two pallets of Corflute into the machine, taking DURST CASE STUDY
40 ProPrint June 2024
Frank Mezo with the Durst P5 350 HS D4

it out and then putting them straight into the cutter. No human hand touches the job until it is sorted at the end.


We’ve needed fewer people to do the same amount of work. With the cutter, the job can run unattended.

This kind of thing sets you apart –automation and productivity. We have Durst roll-to-roll printers we run unattended every single night. We load them up, turn the lights out and go home. We’ve been doing that for years.


It’s the way the print is taken off. A vacuum table picks it up and stacks it neatly at the other end, one on top of the other. At FESPA, robots were taking it from one machine to the other.

They are not the cheapest in the market, but they are the only machine I would buy without a service contract. When I show you my print room, I buy the best machine in the segment. I have the Durst 312 and a 512. They are the machines we print the big metre rolls on overnight, and they are absolutely magnificent.

The whole unattended thing is a gamechanger. It works. We print flatbeds during the day and print unattended rolls at night. Also, Durst is the only company that says you can operate overnight. The others don’t recommend it. It’s the Durst reliability. The latest P5 is the fourth Durst

I’ve bought, and I’ve never had a service contract on any of them. And you can run them overnight with no problem.

If you think you’ll save money by spending on something cheaper, you need to look at the cost of ownership because, one way or another, you’ll end up paying more.


I had the first P5 in the Southern Hemisphere. I first saw the machine by accident. I was visiting the Durst factory in Lienz to buy my 512, and I saw it and asked Matt (Ashman) what it was. It was incredible. The print quality was insane.


Yes. I kept my eye on it and kept asking about it. What’s happening with the P5?

I bought the first one, it was the HS 250. That was my first P5. I walked away being a happy Durst customer and still am now. When it arrived in Australia, Durst exhibited it for the first time in Sydney at Printex. It was part of the deal when I bought the machine. It was mine and had my logo on it. It was a good promo for me!


Yes, and I flew an important client to Sydney to see it on the stand and show them what was coming. I don’t have sales reps. I never have. I don’t promote myself

heavily on social media or anything. The business flows through word of mouth.


I am continually upgrading. People have nice cars; I have printers. It’s what I do. It’s about speed, automation, productivity and cost savings.


The size. The machines we were using were limited in width. It’s 3.5 metres wider, so that is much larger. The machine is also a hybrid, so it can do roll-to-roll.
June 2024 ProPrint 41
Mezographic HQ in Dandenong South Qualified offset printer, Sajeewa, with the Durst P5 350 HS D4 at Mezographic


Kwik Kopy Franchise Conference 2024 Celebrates Growth and Success

Leading design, print, and signage franchise Kwik Kopy recently held its highly anticipated 2024 Mega-Conference, themed “World of Opportunities: Empowering US to Make Possible!”

The event, held from 19 to 23 April on the laid-back tropical island of Fiji, marked a significant milestone for Kwik Kopy with a record attendance and new enthusiasm.

The Conference, led by CEO Sonia Shwabsky, showcased Kwik Kopy’s commitment to continuous growth and innovation, highlighting the strides made under Shwabsky’s leadership over the past two years.

Matthew Penfold, Chairman of Kwik Kopy Australia, expressed immense pride in the company’s achievements. “We are immensely proud of the strides we’ve made as a company, and this year’s Conference is a testament to our commitment to continuous growth and innovation. Our unwavering dedication to our core values and purpose, a clear brand direction, and strategic initiatives have propelled us forward in the face of challenges and opportunities,” said Penfold.

The Conference saw unprecedented attendance, with over 200 individuals, including franchise owners, partners, staff, suppliers, and industry guests, coming together to celebrate Kwik Kopy’s success and chart the course for future growth.

Highlights included a trip on the custombuilt Catamaran Sabre and a fire-lit dinner on the beach to celebrate Top Performers. An exclusive experience at the Malamala Beach Club fortified Kwik Kopy’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and supportive community.

Kwik Kopy Chairman Matthew Penfold congratulated Shwabsky and her team for an outstanding conference, saying, “We have in place a team of exceptional and dedicated leaders and support staff who bring our ideals of excellence, creativity, ambition and community to the fore in all they do. We’re excited to launch many ground-breaking initiatives over the coming months and enhance the Kwik

Kopy network regarding footprint, sales, and innovation in the years ahead.”

Presentations, workshops, and discussions centred around wide-format expertise, peer learning, community collaboration, and sustainability. Topics ranged from leadership and purposedriven decision-making to customer understanding, e-commerce integration, sustainability initiatives, and investment in growth in growth providing valuable insights shaping the industry’s future and empowering franchisees for success.


Special guests included Kellie Northwood, CEO of the Visual Media Association, and keynote speaker Mark Carter, who delivered inspiring presentations and workshops.

Highlighting the Conference’s success, Sonia Shwabsky remarked, “This Conference isn’t just about the here and now - it’s about preparing you for the future. We’re providing new thoughts, tools, and systems. But above all, we’re nurturing our superpower: our community. Together, we are unstoppable, and We Make it Possible.”

With a clear vision for the future and a collaborative approach to growth, Kwik Kopy aims to lead the design, print, and signage industry and deliver exceptional value to customers and stakeholders. KWIK KOPY
42 ProPrint June 2024 Fiji time
Kwik Kopy franchisees gather in Fiji

Kwik Kopy recognises excellence and success at 2024 Awards event

In recognition of growth, innovation and achievement, Kwik Kopy concluded its successful 2024 Mega-Conference with an Awards Night held at the Sofitel Fiji Resort at Denarau in late April.

The Awards Night, a conference highlight, showcased the accomplishments of Kwik Kopy franchise owners across various categories, recognising dedication, resilience, and commitment to excellence.

MC Mark Carter, alongside trophy presenters Andrew Cocker — Konica Minolta, John Sexton — COO Kwik Kopy, Dean Hosking — Konica Minolta, Sonia Shwabsky — CEO Kwik Kopy, Panteha Jadidi — Marketing Kwik Kopy, Annalise Andrews — Board director, Matthew Penfold — Chairman of the Board, led the evening’s festivities, honouring individuals and teams who have excelled in driving growth and delivering exceptional results.




Winner: Steven Morrison, Kwik Kopy Canberra

Years as Owner: 2 years

Steven Morrison’s remarkable growth and success in the Canberra region in his first two years of ownership exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.

GROWTH 750K - 1M

Winner: Jeremiah & Caroleen Akladious, North Sydney

Years as Owner: 14 years

Jeremiah & Caroleen Akladious’ achievement in driving growth and resilience in the face of adversity in North Sydney is commendable. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets a

benchmark for success within the Kwik Kopy community.


Winner: Daniel McKenzie, Kwik Kopy Miller Street Years as Owner: 11 years

Daniel, Susie & Vicki McKenzie’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence have been instrumental in the success of their centre on Miller Street, North Sydney.

The Awards Night also featured special categories recognising exceptional performance in sales, wide format, e-commerce, marketing, community engagement, and overall franchise excellence. Notable recipients for other sales & growth awards included Anthony and Shahna Nixon from Kwik Kopy Perth, Peter Clarke from Kwik Kopy Gosford, Shaun Weir from Kwik Kopy Bankstown, and Marcus Gehling from Kwik Kopy Dandenong.


Recipient: Aleisha Gill, Eagle Farm Years as Owner: 2 years

Aleisha and her partner Evan Gill have implemented many innovative marketing strategies and shown commitment to brand excellence at Eagle Farm, earning them the prestigious Marketing Award.


Recipient: Luke Slattery, Artarmon Years as Owner: 12 years

Luke Slattery’s outstanding potential and dedication to continuous improvement

have been recognised with the esteemed Possible Award.


Recipient: C-Y Thew

Role: Learning and Development Manager, Area Sales Manager

Awarded by Simon Farahar, the Kwik Kopy Owners’ Association Award is presented to a member of the Kwik Kopy Australia Support Team who is a champion for advocacy, information, and resources. Long-serving team member C-Y was celebrated for her hard work and dedication in connecting owners and staff to the tools and support they need to thrive.


Recipient: Paul Lindsey Years as Owner: 10 years

Paul Lindsey’s exemplary commitment to community engagement and mentoring has earned him the prestigious Chairman’s Community Award. Paul’s selfless dedication to positively impacting his community embodies the values of compassion, generosity, and social responsibility.


Recipient: Daniel McKenzie Years as Owner: 11 years

Sonia Shwabsky proudly announced Dan McKenzie as the recipient of the Franchisee of the Year Award for 2023. Dan’s exceptional leadership, creativity, dedication to excellence, and remarkable ability to foster a familial environment within his team earned him this prestigious accolade.

Sonia Shwabsky, CEO of Kwik Kopy Australia, congratulated all award winners.

“The Awards Night was a true celebration of the incredible talent, dedication, and innovation within our Kwik Kopy community. Each award recipient embodies the values of excellence, ambition, creativity, and people focus at the heart of our success. We are immensely proud of their achievements and look forward to their continued success,” she said.
June 2024 ProPrint 43 KWIK KOPY AWARDS
Sonia Shwabsky, Susie Jackson, owner of Neutral Bay and Miller St and sister to Dan, Dan McKenzie, owner of Miller St and winner of FOTY, Annalise Andrews and Matt Penfold

LIA Victoria members ‘blown away’ by IVE’s Sunshine operation

Lithographic Institute of Australia (LIA) Victoria’s technical tour of IVE’s Sunshine catalogue and magazine plant in Melbourne attracted record numbers. Members were awe-inspired from witnessing this printing behemoth in operation.

Part of the LIA Victoria technical events program, the tour offered industry professionals the chance to see inside one of Australia’s leading web printing facilities. Witnessing a heat-set web printing plant in action was a firsttime opportunity for many in attendance.

This facility produces millions of catalogues annually for market leaders like Coles, Woolworths, and Aldi.

LIA Victoria president Robyn Frampton welcomed those in attendance before Brad Hoffmann, general manager of PrintWeb Offset, and Ken Bishop, head of salescatalogues, shared valuable insights into the site’s history and IVE’s catalogue business.

Hoffman and Bishop, with Ward Glennon, account director, led the tour, covering production, prepress, platemaking, print halls, conveying, packing, distribution, and waste management.

“I am sure I speak for all the guests when I say that we were blown away at the sheer size, scope and professionalism of the operation,” Frampton said following the event.

“IVE’s thoughtful approach not only to its production process but also to the entire manufacturing operation and sustainability initiatives like the capture and recycling of reel cores and offcuts impressed us all - and there is nothing more exciting in print than being in the room when a large heat-set web press is in full flight!”

“It was fantastic to see so many new faces and to extend our connections to our fellow people in print through this remarkable opportunity,” she said.

“ We are looking forward to further technical events this year and to joining Visual Connections and the FPLMA for a post-drupa dinner on 25 June, where we will also celebrate the presentation of our Graduate of the Year Awards.”

For more information about the LIA go to and to join LIA Victoria, contact

IVE OPEN HOUSE 44 ProPrint June 2024
LIA members gained valuable insights on the LIA tour Ward Glennon guiding LIA members through IVE’s Sunshine facility


1857 Imperial Letterpress

Craft Your Legacy

For enquiries, please contact: Carmen Ciappara, National


For Sale A piece of printmaking heritage, the 1857 Imperial Letterpress. Fully operational and meticulously restored by Barry Tombs in Camden, NSW.

•1857 model

•Restored in 2000

A rare find for enthusiasts to continue the tradition of letterpress printing and share the passion with the public.

Volunteer or Sponsor help us grow!

Come and see the extensive expansion and renovations.

Need a venue for a function? Talk to us we can help.

Manager Direct: 02 9833 4314
0410 582 450 | Email:
Contact 0427 002 204 Please scan the QR code for contact details

MARKETPLACE 46 ProPrint June 2024 E: Complete factory relocations: Specialising in a wide range of machinery from Engineering, Metal Work, Printing & Packaging Providing a full rage of services including: 3 Machinery handling
General crane hire 3 Forklift hire and transport
Packing and unpacking of containers Established 7 years. Serving a wide range of customers we pride ourselves on punctuality, reliability and customer satisfaction. All aspects of printing machinery 19/09/12 12:26 PM




þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ 48 ProPrint June 2024 MARKETPLACE Freight Charge Per Order Your Printing Partners FREE CALL 1800 666 088 EMAIL: AU Wide Delivery with Capped Freight Charge Trade Only Easy Online Quote & Order We are the Specialist in NCR Paper Printing Trusted by Printers Nationwide for Over 20 Years

Did you know that D&D Mailing Services is one of the largest mailing companies operating in Australia? D&D Mailing Services:  High speed laser printing and print supply services  Cost-effective parcel and postal distribution analysis  Expertise in Australia Post regulations and services
‘Pick and Pack’ warehousing services
Overseas mail inbound and outbound
Specialised hand-finishing services D&D Mailing Melbourne 16 Elonera Road Noble Park VIC 3174 03 9790 5844 D&D Mailing Sydney 1064 Canley Vale Road Wetherill Park NSW 2164 02 9725 2114 D&D Mailing Services

JTS Engineering servicing the industry for all machinery and engineering requirements, has partnered with Longer Machine Industrial Co Ltd to supply a specialised range of paper guillotines systems featuring high speed, precision and safety.

Contact us anytime for all service and guillotine requirements

JTS Engineering Services Pty Ltd

Jim Strounis, Owner

Mobile: 0433 100 243 Email: jim@jtsengineering

Scott Mohammed, Service & Account Manager

Mobile: 0431 887 501 Email: Unit 5, 80-82 Seville Street, Fairfield, NSW, 2165 Web: jtsengineering

Are you looking to skyrocket your brand’s visibility and connect with a highly-engaged audience featuring 1000’s of printers? LOOK NO FURTHER!

Sprinter News is the leading online destination for delivering printing industry news FAST, twice a week.

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To secure your spot today, contact Carmen Ciappara 0410 582 450 50 ProPrint June 2024 MARKETPLACE

Bound to Succeed

Revolutionise Your Bookbinding with Our State-of-the-Art Hard Case Solutions.

Print Logistics is proud to offer cutting-edge, hard case binding technology that delivers a new level of durability and sophistication. Our innovative process involves expert casing of the hardcover, resulting in a final product that exceeds the competition in both robustness and elegance.

Elevate your publications, specialty books, and projects to new heights with our superior hard case binding solutions, perfect for customers who refuse to compromise on quality.

Why Choose Us?

• Fast turnaround times

• Competitive trade-only pricing

• Privileged communication

• Family owned and run

• Variety of customisation options to meet your specific needs

What Customers Are Saying?

“We’ve relied on Print Logistics for years and couldn’t be happier with their service. Their professionalism, precision, and dedication to confidentiality make them invaluable partners. We highly recommend Print Logistics for exceptional printing and binding services.” Principle Design

Print is perception and we treat it accordingly.

Contact Us Today

Phone: 1300 659 029



Why LED-UV ?

No odor

No Ozone

No spray powder

No set-off

No loss time

• Instant dry

• Instant ON/OFF irradiation

Reduce CO2 emission

No large peripheral equipment

No need for overprint varnishing

Reduce electrical consumption

• Up to 91%

No VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Reduce heat generation

Long life span

• Up to 15 times

Printing on film and cardboard

Just like your conventional offset press

...without the cons.

To better handle ultra-short-run printing, the make-ready time had been further reduced from 3 minutes to 2 minutes with the introduction of the new Smart-Parallel-FPC. Non-stop continuous printing with our new Smart Assist Printing is made even more efficient. The “parallel process” function simultaneously performs plate change, blanket clean, and ink preset by independent drive mechanism with the plate cylinders contributing to further productivity improvement. Fast job changeover is a powerful advantage as the volume of ultra-short and short-run work continues to grow. Together with our well received LED-UV dry-to-dry printing system, a diversed range of work can all be done within a single shift. In addition, as part of the “RMGT Smart Factory” driver, the RMGT Press Information Cloud Management System, AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) system and the future Robotic-arm automatic plate loading system will together create a smart factory where one can visualise the whole print production digitally where you can optimise job order to product delivery in the shortest time.

Stay tuned.

ON/OFF instant light source switching lower power consumption long life 91% * 15,00 0hr Ozone free Low heat Mercury free RMGT 1060ST-6+CC LED-UV 1,060mm Format 6-Colour O set Press with LED-UV RMGT 1060TP-8 LED-UV 1,060mm Format 8-Colour O set Press with LED-UV
SMART PARALLEL-FPC TRANSLINK UNIT Singapo re - Tel: (65) 6272 8936 Thailand   - Tel: (66) 2 682 3411-4 Malaysi a - Tel: (60) 3 7955 1668 (Kuala Lumpur) Tel: (60) 7 598 0771/2 (Senai, Johor) Indonesi a - Tel: (62) 21 2555 8924 Vietna m - Tel: (84) 9 0938 9468 Sydney : 38 V ictoria Street, Beaconsfield, NSW 2015 Australia Tel: (61) 2 9318 0099 Fax: (61) 2 9318 0399 New Zealan d : Unit 22, Ground Floor, 6 Ken Browne Drive, Te Rapa, Hamilton 3200, New Zealand Tel: (64) 7 949 7722 - Rob Crough 0423 337 788 - Peter Erskine 0432 663 322 - Alan Strugnell 0418 955 512 - Paul Hilleard (64) 21 191 6548 Sydne y Melbourne Brisban e Pert h - Greg Knight 0411 338 855 New Zealan d
New Smart-Parallel-FPC

Turn static files into dynamic content formats.

Create a flipbook
Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.