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SKINCARE NATURAL LOOK Honour Nature, Honour Your Beauty

Natural Look Skincare is clean, conscious, effective skincare that is gentle on your skin and gentle on our planet. Made using nature’s most restorative, nourishing ingredients, showcasing natural, clean, plant-based formulas, that are never tested on animals plus they are Vegan Friendly and Australian Owned & Made.


Good for you - Good for the planet

Swiss Pine polyphenols & a hyaluronic acid duo INNOVATION ONLY AT SELECTED PAYOT SALONS & SPAS Call 1300 367 969 or 02 9874 1166 for the location of your nearest Payot Salon & Spa. | join us payotaustralia


AsseeninMarieClaire We’resendingPAYOTsalonsnewcustomers

Protects skin against daily aggressors and blue light(2)

Regenerates the skin during the night(3)

Gives an immediate and lasting plumping effect(1)

10-day express radiance and wrinkle treatment

Improves skin texture(4)



A combination of smoothing and stimulating movements to erase wrinkles, relax the features and restore radiance to the face.

Wrinkle smoothing cream Resurfacing sleeping cream Plumping booster serum
The skin is plumped The skin looks visibly younger The skin is rested
86% (1) 91% (2) 85% (3) 87% (4) (1) Use test carried out on 21 volunteers. Application twice a day for 4 weeks. % of volunteers who perceived the effect. (2) Use test
out on 23 volunteers. Application twice a day for 4 weeks. % of volunteers who perceived the effect. (3) Use test
out on 20 volunteers. Application
23 volunteers. Application
The skin tone is evened out
once a day for
weeks. % of volunteers who perceived the effect. (4) Use test carried out on
as a cure twice a day for
days. % of volunteers who perceived the effect.
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Simon Grover


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WELCOME TO our first issue of the year and what better way to kick it off than to celebrate some of our homegrown heroes, who are busy flying the Australian Made flag – while many business owners that I chatted to revealed manufacturing onshore can be a challenge they have reaped the rewards both locally and internationally. Founders such as Victoria Curtis reveal their inspiring journey in our Talking Point feature on page 40.

In keeping with our celebration of Australian produced stars is Biochemist Donna Marcal who reveals her journey from scientist to skincare formulator in our cover story on page 24. Donna was a speaker at our third instalment of BSI in 2022 and is always an engaging source of knowledge. Best of all, for those in the business she manages to translate the sometimes baffling science behind skincare into simple terms that can inspire other innovators.

“A main passion is formulating in the lab. I truly enjoy researching the ingredients we are going to use and how they are going to play together in our formulas. There is nothing more rewarding than launching a new formula, that you know is a game changing product, and hearing all the wonderful feedback and how our clinics are achieving life changing results,” she says.

This edition we also reveal our edit of summer trends and have noticed how nails have become huge news – a bit like brows, but more colourful. Check out all the latest beauty and skincare heroes from page 28. Founder of Glowie Nails Chloe Zhu also shares her inspiring story on page 36 on how she launched her new business, born out of the frustration at the lack of nail style diversity.

Skincare is ever-changing, and I loved chatting to Software Founder Niamh Mooney who reveals how she launched the revolutionary customised skincare range online utilising doctors, pharmacists and formulators. Read how she is changing the way skincare is delivered on page 56. We hope you enjoy the read!



Niamh Mooney


“Software is Australian made, designed and operated. We are a healthcare business, not just a skincare business – our doctors, pharmacists and products are all Australian.

The past two years have been hard for consumer brands – first we experienced delays in global supply chain and then we saw costs rise due to inflationary pressures. We certainly haven’t been insulated from these as an Australian business but being Australian made and operated means we have full visibility over our supply chain and production line.”

Read her story on page 56.

Emma Hobson



This renowned educator reveals how the company is adapting to the changing needs of clients on page 48.

“All Dermalogica education workshops are free. This is a support service we offer our customers to help grow their businesses, upskill, and retain their team members. This education is powered by The International Dermal Institute (IDI), the global education provider and the generic arm of our company, which has no reference to Dermalogica or our product formulations. It is feepaying, general information which focuses on subjects, treatments and trends that everyone in the industry find of great value.”


With nails making a trend resurgence this budding entrepreneur reveals how she launched her own Australian brand on page 36.

“I have never been prouder to be an Australian founder and I truly hope that all Aussies get the same joy as I did when I first saw the transformation of my hands after applying my first ever samples! It’s like that feeling of walking out of the salon with a fresh set of nails.”

Glowie’s goal is for customers to have the best experience from the product to the shipping and customer service aspects of the brand.”

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PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY 13 editor's letter



UK-based wellness company Cellular Goods recently released a white paper outlining five key benefits to cannabinoids in skincare. The paper, titled ‘The 5 A’s of Cannabinoid Skincare’, revealed that after robust scientific research, the following impacts could be evidenced in the skin: Ageing Prevention (where cannabinoids could be successfully used in conjunction with other anti-ageing ingredients such as Vitamin C, retinoids and exfoliating acids); Anti-Inflammatory (where CBG and CBD have been noted to prevent skin inflammation caused by UV radiation, for example); Antioxidant (where in comparison to Vitamin C, CBG and to a lesser extent CBD had markedly higher antioxidants and were consequently more effective at preventing the formation of ROS — a key driver of ageing — within human dermal fibroblasts); AntiBacterial (by combating blemishes without irritating the skin); and Anti-Melanogenesis (with CBG lauded for its effectiveness in enhancing the anti-melanogenesis outcomes of select skin brightening actives). For the full report, visit


dermaviduals’ bespoke skincare range has over 30 years of product development that has achieved global success among skin aestheticians and health professionals. The bespoke skincare range designed to treat individual skin types and conditions sets dermaviduals products apart from the conventional blanket-approach.


Pantone recently announced the 2023 Colour of the Year to be Viva Magenta (18-1750). The rich red hue is said to reflect strength and bravery. Pantone notes of the colour: its “exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.” Expect to see this shade on the lips of your clients as the year progresses!



Australian ingestible beauty brand OPTY.NC has launched a line of edible serums. Three Ingestible Probiotic Serums have been released: Moisture Surge, Dermal Clarify, and Dermal Restore, each designed to target and improve specific skin concerns. On the development of the formulations, OPTY.NC co-founder and naturopath, Cate Lilja said it was “understood that enhancing bioavailability was paramount to the success of our targeted serums. That’s where fermentation came in.” Each serum contains a blend of pre, pro and postbiotics, working together to rectify gut issues that can impact the skin. To stock, contact


The Australian Treasury, in partnership with Everymind, has developed the Ahead for Business program to provide resources tailored to small business owners. The relaunched online hub provides written, spoken and video tools for individuals looking for advice regarding topics such as finances, mental health, job demands, and stress management.

Resources are free, and can be found at


The Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) will host its 2023 Education Event in Melbourne on Sunday 12 February.

Brisbane welcomes its very first Platinum Beauty Expo, running 11–12 March.

Cosmoprof Bologna 2023 will kick off 16 March through to 20 March, showcasing key beauty trends from across the globe.

The Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists (ASCD) will run its 2023 Annual ASCD Symposium across 24–26 March.

For makeup lovers, Bombshell Beauty Academy’s Makeup Conference has released a new date of Monday 27 March, to be held in Melbourne.

T r y Council
BombshellBeautyAcademy ’ s M a k e u p fnoCecnere
eauty Expo

its offices, manufacturing and distribution centres.


Cosmeceutical skincare brand Medik8 is looking to firm up its status as a sustainable beauty heavyweight with the release of a revised strategy heading into the new year.

The British owned business recently released a statement on the strategy, marking its objective to “reduce its products’ footprint in line with the latest science – so consumers never have to choose between results, experience and the impact on the planet.”

The strategy falls into four pillars, with each pillar responding to a different sustainability goal:

Climate action



Stand out targets include:

♦ Carbon Neutral by 2022 and thereafter

♦ 50% reduction of carbon emission intensity by 2030

♦ Achieve Net Zero by 2040

Social investment


Stand out targets include:

♦ Invest the higher of 0.25% EBITDA or £300,000 between 2022 and 2026

♦ Select a long-term charitable partner by 2022

Waste reduction


Stand out targets include:

♦ 100% packaging to be reusable, refillable or recyclable by 2026

♦ 25% reduction in factory water usage by 2024 (from FY21 baseline)

♦ Zero Waste to Landfill by 2025

Ethical business


Stand out targets include:

♦ Supplier sustainability programme in place by 2023

♦ 100% sourcing from responsible suppliers by 2024

♦ 100% traceable & responsibly-sourced natural raw materials by 2030

Alexandra Florea, Head of Sustainability at Medik8 said: “Medik8's commitment to sustainability has always been part of who we are. But our updated strategy is taking our efforts to the next level, both in terms of ambition and of positive impact we want to have on the world around us. It's not an easy task and we don't have all the answers, but we are very excited for the journey ahead.’’ Medik8 has already achieved carbon neutrality and uses 100 percent renewable energy to power its offices, manufacturing and distribution centres. In 2019, Medik8 also converted all professional bottles to 100 percent PCR, with cartons made from responsibly-sourced paper (FSC-certified).

For more information on Medik8, contact Advanced Cosmeceuticals on 1800 242 011.

Medik8 has already achieved carbon neutrality and uses 100 percent renewable energy to power
“Medik8's commitment to sustainability has always been part of who we are.”


UK-based e-commerce site, Beauty Pie has released a list detailing the most talked-about beauty trends across social media.

The list, developed after analysing millions of data points* for hundreds of trends on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and Google, was compiled to form ‘The BEAUTY PIE 2023 Trends Report’.

The biggest beauty trends to arise in 2023 were predicted to be:

♦ Coquette Makeup — overall engagement up by 1,690%.

♦ Chebula Serum — overall engagement up by 922%.

♦ Peptide Lip Treatment — overall engagement up by 442%.

♦ Slugging — overall engagement up by 392%.

♦ Doe Eye Makeup — overall engagement up by 112%.

* To calculate the biggest up and coming trends for 2023, the experts analysed year-on-year Google search data for each of the trends, comparing the average annual volume over the past 12 months (September 2021 – August 2022 — this is the most recent data available) with the previous 12 months (September 2020 – August 2021) to reveal which are seeing the biggest percentage increases in searches. All data correct November 2022, courtesy of Beauty Pie.

It helps with tracking everything and the admin involved in running a business, but also helps in the day-to-day running, like keeping track of client notes and history, and all communication with a specific client. Talk to us: 1800 161 101 SCAN FOR AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER
Elevate your in-clinic results with Regul8’s Digestive Tune-Up® Take the holistic approach to skincare and treat your clients from the inside out with Regul8’s plant-based Digestive Tune-Up. Formulated to rebalance good bacterial cultures and remove unwanted organisms, the Digestive Tune-Up’s advanced micro-encapsulation technology delivers 100% all-natural active ingredients to the lower intestine. Take your results to the next level with Regul8! For stockist enquiries | 02 8424 6688 |


US-based skincare brand emerginC has re-entered the Australian market under the distributorship of Spa Circle Brands.

The brand’s Signature range will be made available to salon and spa partners within Australia. emerginC currently stocks a range of face and body care products.

Since first launching in 1996, emerginC has developed a focus on sustainability, with partnerships at some of the world’s top salons and spas. Some such sustainability initiatives include their ‘Buy One, Plant One’ tree program (where 1 million+ trees have been planted so far), the development of their emerginBees bee habitat initiative, and emeginCeeds organic vegetable seed program, aimed at providing a healthy and

thriving ecosystem for plants, people and animals in local communities.

The business also invests in sustainable packaging options like glass and biodegradable jar caps, and sources natural, organic and fair trade ingredients where possible. emerginC works with carbonfund. org to reduce its environmental impact, and hosts offices operating on wind power, with approximately 80 percent of products manufactured with wind power.

The brand centers around result-oriented treatments, offering an array of facials including their Apple Stem Cell Facial and Lift Peptide Firming Facial. emerginC also prides itself on hero products, such as its 20% Vitamin C Serum, and eye-catching MultiVitamin + Retinol Serum, to name two.

emerginC was founded by Ian Lirenman, who said in a statement: “We are so pleased to join forces with Danielle and Brad at Spa Circle. We are looking forward to cleaning up the online space with them and re-focusing on spa and salon partners.


keeping their team supported financially.

On occasion, communication becomes weak, strained even. Processes are missed and money is owed. In an employee’s market, keeping staff happy is no longer just a desire, but a necessity. Where wages are left unpaid, the onus falls on the individual staff member to take legal action, namely via the issuing of a Compliance Notice.

Managing the legalities of owning your own business can be tough. While you may be secure in believing you’ve dotted every ‘i’ and crossed every ‘t’, issues do arise and problems need to be dealt with.

When you throw in a team of staff into the mix, you will find yourself also managing the needs and expectations of others. Similarly, ensuring all correspondence with your suppliers, software teams and banks is kept up-to-date can make for a hectic schedule, whereby messages may unintentionally be left unread.

For those on the receiving end, with bills to pay and families to feed, it’s paramount a manager is diligent in their approach to

According to The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO), the issuing of Compliance Notices are considered “an effective tool to expeditiously fix underpayments where systemic compliance issues have not been identified,” Professional Beauty learns.

“Compliance Notices play a key role in ensuring underpaid wages are back-paid quickly, as the notice formally compels a person or business to take specific action to fix alleged breaches of the applicable industrial instrument.” The Compliance Notice, therefore, acts as a first step before further legal action could be taken by Fair Work.

“The FWO can issue a Compliance Notice based on a reasonable belief that breaches have occurred. If a person or business fails to comply with a Compliance

emerginC is already available at the top salons and spas in the US and elsewhere across the globe, and we look forward to expanding our results-driven, luxury spa offerings to more places in Australia.”

“We are excited to bring the Signature range back to salons and spas exclusively here in Australia,” Spa Circle Brand’s Director Brad McDonald said. “There aren’t many brands that have been able to do what emerginC has done since 1996.

I’m proud to represent emerginC here in Australia. They are market leaders in the spa and salon industry globally and we now have a very diverse range here at Spa Circle that focuses on elevating experiences in the treatment room.”

To become a salon or spa stockist, visit

Notice in accordance with statutory requirements, the FWO will take court action to enforce it in appropriate cases.

If we’re successful, the court can order the employer to repay the employee (under the terms of the original Compliance Notice) and also impose a penalty for failing to comply with the Compliance Notice,” a Fair Work Ombudsman spokesperson tells PB.

“In 2021–22, [FWO] issued 2,345 Compliance Notices, recovering more than $20 million in underpaid wages for 12,537 employees. This is 16% more Compliance Notices than we issued the year before and 23% higher recoveries.”

The FWO has recently developed an online learning centre designed to educate employers on what a Compliance Notice is and how to respond if they receive one. The tool includes a step-by-step guide on how to respond to a Compliance Notice, as well as activities around how to calculate an underpayment.

Employers and employees can access free advice and assistance via the following:

♦ By calling the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94

♦ An interpreter service is available on 13 14 50

♦ Visiting or



The future of


SALON OWNERS and suppliers know all too well how the COVID-19 pandemic affected supply chains and the industry as a whole. It’s not a welcome reminder to think back on, but it changed the way we look at business and growth from sourcing ingredients from overseas to the rise and importance of Australian Made products.

From delays in salon equipment to beauty products it was not expected for the market to fully recover until 2023, yet here we are in a new year with new expectations and goals for the professional beauty industry as a whole, and hopefully brighter expectations to look forward to as an industry.

Australian Made products have shown a continued increase since 2020 with 93% of Australian consumers stating that they are more likely to buy Aussie made according to consumer research conducted by Roy Morgan. As international borders were closed and restrictions implemented to travel around the world, the silver lining really was the fact that Australian Made goods received a much needed boost to help increase support and preference.

The pandemic highlighted the fragility of global supply chains while also triggering action to boost local manufacturing and Australian made products. It’s a strange but poignant look at a pandemic that took so

are always made to the highest standard with the highest quality ingredients,”

much away from the world. It’s a small but impactful movement to come out of a dark time for Aussie consumers and businesses alike to realise just how heavily Australians over-relied on imported products. From manufacturing to job creation, locally made and sourced products ensure the highest standards in the industry while giving back to the community and creating local jobs.

Australian Made Chief Executive Ben Lazzaro said, “It is an exciting time for Australian Made businesses and retailers. A renewed focus on buying Australian and supporting local has consumers and businesses exercising their preference for Aussie products more than ever. A trend that we expect to continue.”

With the welcomed shift in Aussie Made products being top of mind for consumers, Lazzaro went on to say, “the pandemic brought the many benefits of buying Australian Made into sharp focus. Not only do our local makers produce products made to some of the highest quality and safety standards in the world, but they also create economic activity and employment opportunities. Remember, you can be sure it’s a genuine Aussie product by looking for the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo.”

Morgan and Keenan Littler are founders of the Australian Made skincare brand, Bohemian Skin. The husband and wife are a proudly Aussie owned and operated company born out of the mission to

As the beauty industry bounces back in 2023, we take a look at the rise in demand for Australian Made products and the importance of that little green and gold Australian Made logo for both the beauty industry and Australian consumers writes, Ariana Pezeshki.
“Australia’s quality, safety and manufacturing standards are extremely high and we believe it gives a certain assurance to our community that their products
22 | WWW.PROFESSIONALBEAUTY.COM.AU beauty investigation

provide access to deliver safe and effective natural skincare during pregnancy and has filled a hole in the market for more than just another skincare brand. “Bohemian Skin takes the guesswork out of a very murky industry allowing the consumer to take control of the ingredients they are using and giving them peace of mind for their health and wellbeing. Bohemian Skin’s mission is to support the skincare needs of all people through all life stages with health, safety and efficacy at the forefront.”

As a certified organic Australian Made, owned and operated company, Bohemian Skin has been developed by chemists in the highest standard manufacturing facility using only the highest quality Australian Certified Organic ingredients to ensure the best for consumer’s skin. Morgan and Keenan said, “being an Australia Based, made and owned brand is undeniably important to us and this will not change. Australia has some of the strictest quality, safety, business and labour laws in the world and remaining an Australian

based company supports the Australian economy, Australian jobs and the sustainable manufacturing and strict environmental policies Australia has in place.”

In addition, the Littlers’ had to face the challenges of the pandemic on Bohemian Skin’s operations, from creation to distribution. “COVID-19 has impacted Bohemian Skin in a multitude of ways both positively and negatively. The beauty, health and wellness industries saw a massive spike in sales during the pandemic due to the “lipstick effect” which is a theory that explains that despite times of uncertainty and economic downturn, consumers will still purchase affordable self-care items to help them through tough times. While we cannot speak to the challenges other companies have had, the biggest area of negative impact came from supply chain issues and distribution to consumers. This was a major issue and although it is largely resolved now the shipping carriers are still under a lot of pressure to deliver items in a timely manner which has led to a higher rate of delivery issues.”

Many companies post-pandemic have implemented measures in place should something cause disruptions to business again and the Littlers’ are no different, they said, “if anything like the pandemic were to happen again, we would be adequately equipped to deal with it. The pandemic has forced us to think on our feet and become much more adaptable. We have put into place measures to ensure limited disruption to our consumers during unprecedented times and have re-evaluated our minimum stock levels on hand and triggers to start production on new batches to ensure we always have adequate stock to eliminate consumer disruption and minimise delays if supply chain issues were to occur.”

Bohemian Skin’s goal for 2023 is to continue to grow and increase our footprint within Australia and continue international expansion while remaining Aussie Made, “we are proud to be Australian Made and this is something that will never change. Australia’s quality,

safety and manufacturing standards are extremely high and we believe it gives a certain assurance to our community that their products are always made to the highest standard with the highest quality ingredients,” the Littlers’ said.

QED Skincare is another Australian Made company founded by Sydney based Pharmacist Shoshana Eisner whose mission is to tackle skincare issues with science lead ingredients for sensitive skin. “When we opened a salon that specialised in handson European facial treatments, using our safe, plant-based products which made our customers feel wonderful, of course, I was always going to manufacture in Australia, as we are blessed with excellent, reliable quality control, fair-trade and keeps our carbon footprint down, which makes us all feel good,” Shoshana said.

Shoshana also stressed the impacts of the industry on QED’s business from uncertainty, to production costs. “Nothing made us more aware that we are working in an Island economy than COVID-19, we are fortunate as many of our core ingredients are locally produced and we were not so reliant on imports. However, what was impacted was our packaging, a lot of which is imported. It created delays in production but fortunately, we work with wonderful suppliers who have been part of the QED team for many years and we just found workarounds that allowed us to service our customers with their favourites as best as we could,” Shoshana said.

“What this period did teach us as a company is the importance of flexibility and thinking on your feet. As with everyone, our short—and longer-term plans changed in an instant and as a small company, we had the ability to modify our strategy in order to meet the constant changes imposed on us all.” n

Shoshana Eisner
PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY | 23 beauty investigation
MorganandKeenan Littler

SCIENTIFIC APPROACH The with Dermatonics

Biochemist Donna Marcal chats to Anita Quade about her passion for science, skincare and launching Australian Made brand, Dermatonics.

You are a Biochemist that was in Academic Research. Why the switch to creating a skincare range?

“I absolutely loved the research that I was doing throughout my PhD and Post-Doctoral Research on several areas of macrophagemediated inflammation and how it impacted human biology. I was finding though, as passionate as I was about my research in inflammatory conditions, it doesn’t translate fast enough to outcomes in human conditions. I wanted to find a way to translate the knowledge and expertise into solutions and measurable outcomes in human diseases and conditions.”

Tell us a little bit about your research background and what you are most passionate about in science.

“My research has always focused on inflammation, more specifically macrophages. Those are white blood cells that are often compared to ‘Pacman’ as they are really good at ‘eating up’ foreign materials (a process called phagocytosis). I spent several years studying macrophages and how they degrade biomaterials (materials used in implanted medical devices). My research then brought me to Australia where I began working on macrophages and inflammation related to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries due to cholesterol build up and plaque formation). Studying inflammation and molecules that play a role in inflammation is still central to what I do and an important part in our formulations with Dermatonics, as inflammation is an underlying factor in so many skin conditions.”

The launch of Dermatonics was inspired…

“By the search to apply our knowledge and expertise to human inflammation, wound healing, and tissue regeneration, we began to formulate unique products for the skin. We wanted to mainly use natural extracts that had evidence behind them and key synthetic active ingredients, determining their effectiveness in key skin conditions. We wanted to meet a gap in the market for highly effective products that are packed with actives (not just one ‘magic molecule’), gentle on the skin and formulated to be used by skin specialists in targeting specific skin concerns. Needless to say, I haven’t looked back and am loving everything we are doing and the results we are achieving with our clinic partners.”


“The main things I love about what I do with Dermatonics….

1) Interaction with our clinic owners and therapists, and

2) creating new products in the lab. I am very involved in our interactions with our clinic partners. I am at the head of all our clinic education, both online and in-person. Every Friday, we talk about our achievements for the week, whether it’s little steps or big goals achieved and love hearing about every single one. Another main passion is formulating in the lab. I truly enjoy researching the ingredients we are going to use and how they are going to play together in our formulas. There is nothing more rewarding than launching a new formula, that you know is a game-changing product, and hearing all the wonderful feedback and how our clinics are achieving life-changing results.”

“When a clinic comes on board with Dermatonics…

...we really do a little happy dance as we are so excited to have connected with another amazing clinic. You become part of the Dermatonics family and I love getting to know each of the clinic partners and their teams. We ensure that each new clinic partner has their training ‘bible’ (our training binder) with all the information they need on our products, ingredients, and protocols to get going with our products. Clinics also get access to us at Dermatonics where they can ask us questions, and we can help with any online or in-person training they need from myself or our team. For businesses with multiple therapists, we often come

directly to you to train in your clinic. We know training in your space is much easier and we love spending time in your space, working with your team and how Dermatonics and our protocols can fit best into your business.”

“We make it easy to implement Dermatonics into your clinic… we know that starting off in your new clinic or changing to a new brand in your clinic can be a big and sometimes daunting task. It is important that you have the right tools to address your clients’ skin concerns. Therefore we do still have a minimum opening order and we are VERY flexible in what you open with in your clinic. Our team works with you as you bring on our range, to help chose the best combination of retail products and professional protocols to start with that suits YOUR business. For example, if you have a gap in your clinic for addressing pigmentation, we have a range of products that are specifically tailored to this. You can start small and focused and gradually expand with our range, especially if you are starting out or slowly swapping over from an existing range.”

“Dermatonics is a family….

...and we truly enjoy building a community of like-minded skin professionals. When each clinic comes on board, the whole team becomes are part of the community. They are also introduced into our Facebook Group and we get to know each clinic partner closely. We also love seeing our clinic partners interact with each other and form new bonds at our training days. We want our clinic partners to feel a sense of comfort amongst each other and to collaborate. We also support and assist our clinic partners, we share in the wins and support them when things may not be going well (goodness knows the last few years have been difficult for so many various reasons). We are here to support our clinics and help them build their business, not just sell them a product.”

“We love education at Dermatonics….

...and it is one of the core components at Dermatonics that will grow. It is imperative to us that we are transparent about our products, what they do and the ingredients that are in each product. Building confident clinics leads to business growth and most of all, builds client loyalty and retention. Education at Dermatonics includes online Mini Education sessions, Online Product Training sessions (this is really important when we onboard our clinic partners), our closed Facebook Group, and also our In-Person Training Days.”

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY | 25 cover story
“Our purpose at Dermatonics is to create highly innovative results-driven skincare products and connect them with the hands of amazing forwardthinking therapists.”

“Our In-Person Product Training days are a full day of fun and education...

We typically have a morning of product and ingredient knowledge, also chatting business building tools and the Dermatonics philosophy. Then we break for lunch, [followed by a] relaxing afternoon getting hands-on with our products in purpose-built training facilities across the country. We love, during our in-person training days, when different clinic partners meet for the first time in-person, make great connections and friendships that continue to meet up outside of our training, swapping treatments and building relationships. It’s a truly rewarding experience to facilitate those connections.”

“We decided to grow Dermatonics as a clinicexclusive brand….

as we know that this is important and a key deciding factor in bringing a new skincare range into the clinic. With so much choice on the market, we know that clinics want a product that their clients come to them for. We know it’s also important that therapists prescribe the best skincare regime for their skin concerns and their skin goals. Our products were always developed to be in the hands of the skin therapist to address skin concerns, and therefore it only made sense to ensure that our products are exclusive to them and their businesses and not sold by us online and direct to the consumer.”

“We recently refreshed our Dermatonics brand in 2022 because…

we wanted the look of our brand to reflect the clean and clinical nature of our product range. Our Dermatonics brand has really grown and evolved since we launched in 2016 and began with just six retail products in our range. Now we have over 25 retail products, six starter packs and a growing range of professional products. We are continually developing new products (watch this space, some wonderful new serums to be launched very soon and exciting new professional facial products!). The refresh of our brand has allowed us to unify our range and give us more direction with as we move forward. It has also helped with the visual aesthetics of our brand in-clinic.”


• Transparency

• Caring

• Education

• Building Relationships

• Sustainability

• Purpose Driven Products

• Innovating

• Supportive

You mention evidence-based ingredients in your range, tell us a bit more about this and what it means.

“Using scientific methods to formulate a product range is one thing, and we do use high scientific standards and methods in our formulations. However, it is important to us that the ingredients we use in Dermatonics have purpose, function and evidence that they will specifically benefit the skin. We will not put an ingredient in a product solely because it is ‘on trend’ or a popular ingredient. We do our own research and background work to ensure there are specific benefits and evidence to show that our ingredients are the best for the skin and the formulas and will have the desired outcomes for the skin.”

If you already have existing product ranges and want to add on additional range… Dermatonics fits well into many businesses that already have existing ranges and protocols and are looking for something new or additional for their clients. Often clinics will come to us as they are looking for a specific range that will give them great results, however is also more gentle on the skin, and more natural with ingredients. We find that clinics and clients are starting to want products that really respect the skin barrier, don’t have the harsh ingredients yet can still achieve life-changing results. This is where Dermatonics will fit into your business as you search for that range that resonates with you, your clients and your business.”

Our purpose at Dermatonics…. is to create highly innovative, results-driven skincare products and connect them with the hands of amazing forward-thinking therapists.”




Australian owned and made

Doesn’t sell online or undercut the clinic partners

Passionate and caring team behind the brand

Products that drive results Dedicated Education

(Product, Ingredient, Skin Knowledge)

Doesn’t contain harsh or unnecessary ingredients

Flexible opening and ongoing order options

A brand that is not saturated in clinics

A brand that is committed to my success as a business


Tia Churstain – Dermal Clinician – Miss T & Co

“I CANNOT recommend Dermatonics highly enough! I LOVE the products, brand philosophy and support this amazing company offers; clean and clinically effective skincare that works! I’ve been a stockist for over three years and have helped transform many of my clients’ skin with their in-clinic treatments and retail range!”

Megan Baston – Degree Qualified Aesthetician – My Face Place

I LOVE Dermatonics is an understatement! If there was a queen for the ‘I love Dermatonics’ support page, I would be its leader. The products are sensational, the value is extraordinary and the people behind the brand are truly in business for the right reasons. Do yourself a favour and get on board the Dermatonics train as you will not regret it! I’ve given 5 stars but really, they deserve more!”

Linda Wans – Dermal Clinician – Mediskin Australia

“I came across Dermatonics in 2017, on my hunt for an Australian made, therapeutic and active skincare range but without the “red flag ingredients”. Donna was, and is, an amazing wealth of knowledge! Her professional background in human biochemistry and special interest and passion for inflammation and skincare shows in the power and effectiveness of this amazing Dermaceutical skincare range she and her husband created. There isn’t a Dermatonics product that I don’t like (or my patients for that matter!) When I brought the range on and combined it with my treatments the first comments were “wow, that smells and feels amazing!” and it all grew from there. The range is simple and easy-to-use, targeting specific skin concerns with the power of nature and science and the biggest bonus: no nasties. Since I started with Donna and co , Dermatonics has ‘raised’ a few more babies like the Copper Peptide Calming Mist, Nourishing Face Oil and best of all, a sunscreen! I really love that Dermatonics is clinic exclusive and the service and support for clinic partners is amazing. Donna has always been super approachable, helpful, creative and she really knows what she is talking about. Dermatonics is my go-to skincare range for everyone and it really helps to support, nourish, repair, correct and protect the skin. It works in great harmony with the procedures and treatments I offer and I always say a good skincare is half your treatment.” n


Bioluronic Buzz #3 Hydrate Smoothing

Hyaluronic Hydrator

Jane Scrivner 0439 370 435

Defence + Antioxidant



Ella Baché

1300 845 259

Dewy Glaze Toner Jelly Ko

Brilliancy Vitamin C


Brightening Face Oil

CosMedix 1800 648 851

The Secret Serum

The Secret

0444 555 261

Hyaluronic Mist Fixing Spray


1300 770 428

Biovitality Day Cream

Natural Look

1800 805 276

Photography: Brandee Meier Concept and product curation: Ariana Pezeshki

The sweaty look is in and hydrating products are here to stay and create the desired sheen on the skin.


Bioactive Hydrating Serum Natural Look

1800 805 276

Body Glow Salt Salt by Hendrix

Daily Protector Tinted Base + Moisturiser

Spf 30


1300 660 297

Rare Rose Cream Hydrate & Glow and Rare Rose Lotion

Hydrate & Glow


1800 805 286

Nourishing Australian Botanicals Facial Oils Founder’s Formula

Vitamin B3, B5 & Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum SAINTLOUVE

D2O™ Hydration Spray jane iredale

1300 850 008




1. Satin Duo Highlighter and Skin Glow Illuminator in shimmering lights BABOR 1800 139 139

2. SLA PARIS Palette Glow Up Complexion in Summer Glow SLA PARIS 1300 770 428

3. Rare Beauty Liquid Luminizer in Captivate Rare Beauty Rare Beauty

4. Ciate Bronze Glow Shimmering Lip Oil Ciate

5. RMS Beauty Blush ReDimension Hydra Powder in Pomegranate Fizz RMS

1. 2. 3. 4.

Makeup essentials that deliver the ultimate sunkissed glow.

6. Christina Sikalias Luce Del Sole Illuminating Powder 7. Saint Minerals All-Over Highlighter Saint Minerals 1800 717 525 8. SLA PARIS Luminizer 1 SLA PARIS 300 770 428 9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dripping in Gold Stick Highlighter Anastasia Beverly Hills 10. Kylies Professional Makeup Mineral Goddess Pure Loose Foundation Kylies Professional Makeup 0413 351 717 11. Radiate Starlight Luminizing Gloss Radiate 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Photography: Brandee Meier Concept and product curation: Ariana Pezeshki
RECRUITS the new A break-down of the most lust-worthy product launches, with Liberty Belle Intensive Rejuvenating Hand Cream Liberty Belle Rx Pure Fiji Kakadu Super Vitamin C Brightening Crème Professional Beauty Solutions 1800 625 387 In Practice Skincare Vitamin C Serum In Practice 0404 348 027 Adoreyes Obsidian Peptide Complex Eyeliner Reveal Australia 0421 103 738 Indie Lee Retinol Alternative Cream Sephora Rawceuticals Eye & Lip Craft emerginC new products GLASSHOUSE Fragrances Jubilant Haze and Neon Rays Candles Glasshouse 32 | WWW.PROFESSIONALBEAUTY.COM.AU

Image MD DR Restoring Eye Masks Image MD

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum Dermalogica 02 8437 9600

PAYOT Purifying Exfoliating Duo PAYOT or 02 98741166 for selected salons/spas

Iredale Pure Brow Gel Margifox Distributors 1300 850 008

PAYOT Purifying Concealing Pen Payot or 02 98741166 for selected salons/spas

OPTY.NY Dermal Restore OPTY.NY

Jane Iredale Pure Brow Precision Pencil Margifox Distributors 1300 850 008

Pure Australian Collagen PUREACOL PEPTIDES Pure Australia

Image Skincare Ageless Total Microderm Exfoliator Professional Beauty Solutions 1800 625 387

Vida Glow Clear Advanced Repair Capsules Vida Glow

new products


Jump on the glazed nails trend in your salon this year!
Photography: Brandee Meier Concept and product curation: Ariana Pezeshki

OPI Infinite Shine 2 Long-Wear Lacquer in Exercise Your Brights, Merry & Ice, Snow Holding back, Sun-rise Up OPI 02 9486 3211

Mavala +Silicium Mini Nail Color in Pink Light, Satin Light, Solar Light, Nordic Light Mavala 03 9645 1933

Glowie. Press on Nails in Classy Gal, Moonstone, Pale Rose Dr. Dough Donuts Glitter Glaze



Chloe Zhu had the brilliant idea of starting up her own company during one of Sydney’s 2021 lockdown periods when she couldn’t make her way into the salon for a fresh manicure. Since then the young entrepreneur has grown her Aussie based eCommerce company from the ground up. Ariana Pezeshki spoke with Chloe about her passion that fuelled her brand into what it is today.

SYDNEY BASED content creator and 21-year-old multi-business owner Chloe Zhu is no stranger when it comes to creative ideas and starting businesses. From studying finance and computer science degree under her belt and teaching high school students to then working in social media, she turned her passion for beauty into her very own eCommerce business, in her young years, her career has already started on an interesting trajectory. “I truly have found my passion and couldn’t be more fulfilled with what I do.”

Chloe’s brand Glowie came about during the June to September lockdown in Sydney during the pandemic. During the lockdown, Chloe was in need of self-care products to step up her nail game outside of the salon and she had the idea to create her own press-on nails. “Glowie is an Australian beauty company, that creates innovative beauty solutions through salon-grade

DIY products, starting with our flagship product called our press on nail palettes, which give you an instant manicure in 10 minutes that look salon done.”

When Glowie first began in 2021, Chloe felt the need to create a brand of press on nails that were not yet available on the Australian market, which was salon quality press on’s that were both trendy and easy to apply. “I’ve always dreamed of starting my own beauty brand ever since I was in high school obsessing over pretty makeup packaging — but never thought it was something that would be possible for me,” said Chloe.

During her research stages of the business, Chloe said, “I came across press on nails and thought they were a brilliant idea. But whilst they were great in concept, they did not work for me at all — the sizes were too big and not inclusive, they barely lasted an hour, and they also looked fake when applied.”


“I knew there was so much potential in this product as a pricey and timeconsuming alternative. So I thought — what if I was able to make press on’s in trendy designs, that actually worked? And so, I went back home, got on my laptop, and started furiously researching the product, manufactures, trends etc. — and that’s when Glowie was born,” said Chloe.

Glowie is Chloe’s first endeavour in the beauty industry and as a young entrepreneur, she faced her fair share of challenges beginning the brand from the ground up. “This was my first time entering a completely new space, and there were so many things I had to learn when it came to finding the right supplier and marketing the brand.”

“Luckily, I had saved up enough money from tutoring students and my education company to invest my own capital into the business, so I’m extremely grateful that it wasn’t a huge financial risk for me.”

Chloe also admitted the challenges of finding the right supplier with salon quality press on’s they wanted for the brand, she said, “this was also a big learning curve, as many press on nails in the market are very flimsy, poorly shaped, and have untrendy looking designs which were exactly the status quo we wanted to see reshaped.”

As a young business owner, Glowie leveraged the power of organic virility to launch the brand into the hands of consumers with TikTok. “A month before launching, I started posting about my journey and product on TikTok, and we went viral! This gave us so many eyeballs to our small business at such an early stage and we were able to start building a community around our brand,” said Chloe.

“I think people were really drawn to the trendy designs that we had in our unique packaging which took months to create the mould for, and we really went hard on our

launch strategy to make sure that people were ready to buy on the day that the product was released.” With this strategy, Glowie sold 13,000 in sales within the first 24 hours of launching, which is an impressive achievement for a new beauty business, and demonstrates the power of social media in the beauty industry today.

Chloe went on to say, “I have never been prouder to be an Australian founder and I truly hope that all Aussies get the same joy as I did when I first saw the transformation of my hands after applying my first ever samples! It’s like that feeling of walking out of the salon with a fresh set of nails.”

Glowie’s goal is for customers to have the best experience from the product to the shipping and customer service aspects of the brand.

In terms of the company’s long-term goals, Chloe would love for the brand, Glowie, to be a household name and the go-to brand for press on nails in Australia to make DIY beauty products and beauty routine’s easier.

Glowie is currently available exclusively online at, but the brand has exciting plans up its sleeves for 2023, including pop-up shops throughout the year as well as focusing heavily on consumer channels to create the best possible beauty brand experience for customers. “In 2023, we’re focusing heavily

on both solidifying our foundations by improving our product even more, and on growth,” said Chloe.

“As a Gen Z company, we are very much driven by the latest nail trends, particularly celebrity nail styles! Following current trends is an important business model for Glowies’ success, with Chloe mentioning the popularity of the ‘glazed nail trend” popularised by model, Hailey Bieber’s nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt. “In fact, we actually saw that chrome nails were becoming a trend on TikTok before Hailey [Bieber] wore them, so we were able to get them manufactured and available to customers right away with our first drop of the ‘Hailey’ nails selling out in an hour, and then again in 15 minutes when we were able to restock!”

The future of Glowie seems bright, thanks to the power of social media and Chloe keeping on top of the next big trends. Chloe said, “as a brand, I think it’s so important to listen to our customers, and hear what they want to see next, so a lot of our designs are inspired by what our amazing community has asked for us to make.”

“Early next year, we’re also releasing a collection ‘Glowie by You’, which is a collection designed by our customers and everyday people from all different backgrounds as part of our inclusivity and diversity campaign. It’s like an influencer collection — but with regular people and we really wanted to give back to our community by involving them as part of the design process.”

In the future, Glowie hopes to keep making its mark as a leader in the press on nail space by experimenting with more designs and utilising the organic power of TikTok. Chloe’s advice to young Aussie entrepreneurs is to just get started and leverage TikTok, she said, “learning how to create captivating content and communicate your brands' story online is such a powerful skill that can be applied in so many different ways with social media marketing being the key driver of sales for businesses in our generation.” n

“As a Gen Z company, we are very much driven by the latest nail trends, particularly celebrity nail styles!...”


Cosmoprof Asia – the leading beauty trade show in the Asia Pacific region – made a spectacular return to the stage with a three-day show titled the 2022 Singapore Special Edition after a three year hiatus due to Covid restrictions. Here are the trends to watch this year.

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY was invited to attend the incredible event which showcased the world’s most innovative brands, the latest technology and featured engaging seminars as part of the lineup which saw more than 15,000 attendees from across the globe converge on the Singapore Expo site.

Who attended Cosmoprof Asia?

More than 1,200 exhibitors and brands from 40 countries and regions visited the event which spanned over more than 50,000 sqm of exhibition area — it was a welcome return in late 2022 after it was relocated from its usual home in Hong Kong.

Director of Cosmoprof Asia David Bondi, kicked off the proceedings by welcoming guests at the opening ceremony,

commenting how wonderful it was for attendees to once again be meeting in person and sharing insights into the beauty industry before inviting VIP delegates onto the stage for the official ribbon cutting ceremony that heralded Cosmoprof’s triumphant comeback.

Beauty trends

During his address, Bondi said the event aimed to highlight some of the most prominent beauty trends that have evolved post pandemic. He pinpointed five main trends that have emerged these included; a focus on efficacy, a spotlight on health and wellness, the boom of beauty technology, the rise of sustainability and a move to plant-based products. He also revealed that transparency was high on the agenda for companies and consumers along with

identity-fluid trends becoming popular. Throughout the event – guests from around the world had the opportunity to attend 14 Cosmo Talks and hear from 28 speakers on topics ranging from packaging and formulation, revolutionary technology and ethical sourcing, to sustainability themes. Attendees also had the chance to get inspired by the NAILS Beauty Masters Championships Asia 2022 featuring over 150 leading artists and beauty professionals competing in categories including nail art, eyelash extensions and makeup.

In Hall 4 of the expansive site, there was an incredible international line-up of exhibitors from countries including Italy, France, Spain and our own homegrown heroes from Australia. Among those was Rachael Finch, the founder of Australian ingestible brand Kissed Earth – which offers a range of collagen, vegan protein, botanical supplements and beauty products. She said she was excited to showcase her brand to a global market and Cosmoprof was the perfect platform.

“We are super excited to be here - we have been launched for three years and I


so much hard work behind the scenes, in product creation and getting the brand out there and just being able to showcase it on a global level in Singapore is incredible.

It’s so nice to be able to meet different people, members of the public, press and various people from different businesses and to also see what is going on in terms of the beauty and wellness landscape. It’s great to see what other trends are out there and for us quality is number one, so we love getting that message across and making sure people are aware of us,” she said.

BeautyStreams partnership with Cosmoprof Asia

One of the most anticipated talks on day two — that attracted a line-up of more than 200 guests, was the Cosmotrends

Michael Note – Senior Vice President and Creative Director of BeautyStreams, along with the founder and CEO of BeautyStreams, Lan Vu.

BeautyStreams has enjoyed a 10-year collaboration with Cosmoprof and are the B2B source and platform of beauty trends around the globe.

The stand-out trends identified globally by BeautyStreams after liaising with beauty editors around the world included; ethics and the focus on planet, people and profit; gender freedom, holistic health, and intersectional individuals.

An Aussie perspective

International guests also had the chance to see live demonstrations on stage and at selected stands throughout the event. Among the familiar Australian beauty entrepreneurs that made the eight-hour

trek from Australian to attend the muchanticipated event was Sydney based brow queen Amy Jean.

“As a business owner in the beauty space, I thoroughly enjoy attending Cosmoprof Asia, Europe and America. As the largest global beauty exhibition, Cosmoprof attracts a diverse gathering of global industry experts and I believe it’s important to immerse yourself in this environment to remain creatively inspired,” she said.

“I’m committed to investigating the development of new services and products available to market, hence why I’ve been a loyal attendee at Cosmoprof since 2007. I recognise the speed at which the beauty industry evolves and you simply cannot become complacent in your offering to your clients and customers.”

“I’m committed to investigating the development of new services and products available to market, hence why I’ve been a loyal attendee at Cosmoprof since 2007. I recognise the speed at which the beauty industry evolves and you simply cannot become complacent in your offering to your clients and customers.” — Amy Jean

Mr Bondi also revealed at the event — that Cosmoprof Asia would be returning to its original home of Hong Kong this year and another exciting addition had been added to the Cosmoprof list of destinations – this year it will also include Miami as a location to extend its offering that currently includes showcases in Bologna, Asia, Las Vegas, Mumbai and Bangkok. n




The lure of locally manufactured and homegrown ingredients for beauty and skincare brands is more popular than ever. Anita Quade chats to thriving companies about how investing locally has been a dynamic drawcard for business.

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY | 41 talking point


Tell us what you love most about being an Australian founded business?

“As a proud Australian, it is a privilege to call my business Australian owned!

I am a Melbourne girl who completed my schooling and university degree locally, so being able to say that I now own a business that is sold throughout the country is incredible and almost surreal. I feel honoured to say that I have run an Australian owned business for over 10 years and been able to offer Australian women a makeup brand that is home grown. I love supporting fellow Australian business owners, as I believe that making a success of yourself

in a highly competitive world, with international brands on our doorstep, is a huge achievement that we should all be proud of. Often we do not have the financial backing that the multinationals have, so it speaks volumes and is a true testament to those business owners who have taken on the big brands and stood up to create their own space in the market.”

What are some of the biggest lessons you have learnt when building the Victoria Curtis brand?

“Throughout my journey, I've learnt how critical it is to your business to constantly remain passionate about your

products, your branding and your customers' experience. Often it is the emotional connection your customers have with your brand that is the most important. Having a clearly defined brand identity will encourage customer trust and loyalty. Staying relevant, consistent and true to your brand values will enhance the emotional experience your customers have when purchasing your products. In such a competitive industry, it is imperative to stay in your lane and do what you do best. That's what will ultimately give you that competitive edge.”

Any advice for other Australian companies starting out?

“Having a unique product offering with a point of difference is crucial in a world where most markets are now saturated.

In addition to this, being financially astute and understanding where you are spending your money is just as

important as having an amazing product idea.

The key is to surround yourself with people who can offer you advice or services in the areas that you require assistance and build your brand slowly but surely. Not many business owners are fortunate enough to become an overnight success. Most stories have very humble beginnings. It takes time, planning and hard work. If you believe passionately in what you set out to achieve, work towards your goal with a clear vision and also with patience. Timing is everything, trust the process. Often the journey is the most enjoyable part!”

What are the plans for your brand this year?

“We have many exciting products in the pipeline, due to launch in '23. We are moving into a slightly different space in the beauty world and I can't wait to share what is coming! For now my lips are sealed, however it will be worth the wait!” n

“Staying relevant, consistent and true to your brand values will enhance the emotional experience your customers have when purchasing your products.”

Tell us why it’s so important for Regul8 gut health supplements to be manufactured locally?

“Regul8 was formulated by DMK Australian & New Zealand founder Debbie Dickson to assist our DMK clinic community in working to rebuild and revise difficult skin conditions. Debbie has over 20 years of experience in advanced professional skincare and Chinese herbal medicine, along with leading the global education for DMK skincare. As we know, not all skin issues can be revised topically or through rigorous skin care treatment programs, and therefore we need to look at the holistic approach that also revises what is happening internally that is causing skin conditions. From this position, and through rigorous development we know that digestive health and our immune system link not only to our skin health but our overall well-being. To have such an item manufactured locally is important for our


customers as it builds trust, that the correct practices in the manufacturing process are adhered to and that rigorous testing and TGA approvals are gained to ensure no false claims are made. Australian manufacturing is highly respected and ensure that the product can really stand up and provide the desired results to cleanse, maintain and restore gut health, as well as provide gut-related stress relief.”

What are the main benefits of being locally made?

“There are obvious benefits and value of being locally made, which include a contribution to local jobs, the economy and trade, as Regul8 is also distributed internationally to China, the US, and Northern Ireland to name a few. Although Regul8 is just one small piece of the

Australian manufacturing industry, these small pieces are critical to maintaining our high living standard and we are thrilled to be part of that.”

Supplements have become such big news in wellness –how does Regul8 stand out?

“Regul8 has a unique microencapsulated technology, which ensures 100% of live cultures are delivered to the target area, the lower intestine. Unlike regular pre and probiotic supplements where many live cultures do not survive the passage through the digestive system, Regul8 ensures the all-natural and plant-based

ingredients are able to fulfil their purpose.”

Can you share with us any plans for Regul8 this year?

“We are excited to announce that last year the merger of DMK and Advanced Cosmeceuticals also includes Regul8. This partnership will provide greater availability of Regul8 for Australian and New Zealand skin clinics, as well as consumers. Unlike DMK, Regul8 is sold both in-clinic and online, and we look forward to growing the availability of Regul8 through the partnership with the largest professional skincare and machinery provider in Australia & New Zealand.” n



Tell us why it’s so important for you to be Australian Made?

“There was never any doubt — it is what we do. Our founder (my father) started manufacturing cosmetic products for others here in Australia in the early 1980s. As well as producing products locally, he refined his focus to natural and organic cosmetic manufacturing, he’s always looked first in our own backyard for native ingredients and actives to bring benefit to the skin.

organicspa was established in 2007 after 30 years of researching, refining and formulating natural and organic skin, hair and body care products. Two years prior to the birth of organicspa my family had moved from Sydney to the Northern Rivers of NSW (where the

business is still based today) which brought inspiration for organicspa. Recognising a gap in the professional skincare market, the range was to be uniquely Certified Organic, results driven, crafted where possible using local ingredients, and manufactured in Australia. We never considered manufacturing anywhere else. Australia is literally and figuratively in our DNA and our skincare. Whatsmore, our contribution to the Australian industry and economy is something we have always been, and continue to be, proud of.”

What are the benefits to your brand by being locally produced?

“Being Australian made is quite simply a badge of honour (and to certify this we wear the Australian Made

certification trademark). Consumers do not need education on the quality Australian Made products provide and every aspect of our business is aligned to Australian expectations — from quality, customer service to sustainability.

But the benefits are not just product-based. By producing our professional skincare range locally it supports a local community; from the courier driver who delivers our product, to the mechanic who fixes our forklift, our salons partners and their therapists, and of course our manufacturing, sales, customer service and marketing teams. There are a lot of people (and their families) who underpin our business. Not to mention our contribution to the national economy — money spent on our products remains

within our economy, further helping to fuel the growth of Australia.”

What does it mean for your spa and salon partners?

“Being Australian Made means that they also benefit from true connection, local training and support at every level of our business. Our chemists literally formulate across the carpark from the customer service team, marketing sit upstairs and products are formulated, bottled and warehoused on site (all within our facilities, and our control). Information flows more readily and support is in real time.

In summary, we are proud to be Australian Made, in doing so we consciously feed directly into local job creation and uphold high ethical standards and fair workers’ rights. We can choose to be more sustainable


in our sourcing, the vast volume of our products travel shorter distances (helping to lower our carbon footprint) while manufacturing through solar panels powered by the Northern River’s sun.

We do export organicspa to other markets and by carrying the Australian Made logo we benefit from recognition, cut through and favourability on an international stage. In particular the Australian Made trade mark ‘speaks’ through language barriers — demonstrating qualities synonymous with Australia.”

What are the main challenges to becoming Australian Made?

“The challenge here is often financial. It takes investment to become Australian Made, and higher manufacturing and wage costs have an ongoing impact on our margins. We could, of course, choose to manufacture elsewhere, reducing labour and production costs, but the benefits of being locally made outweigh the financial cost to our business / brand.

When organicspa was launched the entire range was formulated to be Certified Organic at the highest standard (and still is today). Our manufacturing facility is built to adhere to the national Australian Organic Standard.

This is another cost we absorb to stay true to our values, to ensure we contribute to the local economy and produce an effective, yet genuinely organic product range.

There are components of our products that cannot be sourced locally, ie packaging and some raw materials. So while we source locally as much as possible we do have to work with international supply chains and disruption to these (as we have felt in recent years) can be challenging.

Finally staffing can be a challenge locally. Education on specialised cosmetic chemistry/ manufacturing is limited in Australia, so qualified staff can be challenging to find. Luckily we have a wonderful team and many who have been with us for many years.”

Any advice for other brands looking to become 100 percent locally produced?

“Most businesses would already recognise the value of the Australian Made Trademark Certification, but one piece of advice to brands keen to become 100% locally produced is; certify your contribution.

Our heritage, along with integrity and traceability, is core to our brands beliefs, so accredited logos that hold pride and place on our packaging help

to reinforce our values. The Australian Made symbol sits alongside our Certified Organic accreditation, Vegan and Not Tested on Animals badges. A quick reference for customers to align what is important to them, with what is important to us.”

Other considerations are;

Lead time expectations — unlike some overseas manufacturers Australia does have some high quality standards, which means there is a lot of boxes to tick. Some raw materials and components will likely come from outside of Australia. Plus stability testing is required on bespoke formulas — all which takes time.

Communication — Make sure your manufacturer documents and has a clear understanding of the product you want to achieve. Do the research before approaching the manufacture on exactly the product you wish to produce provide benchmarks, examples and concept ideas at the briefing stage.

Quality — To help ensure your growth and export potential — ensure that your manufacturer is at the very least GMP 22716 accredited (or TGA). There are manufacturers in Australia that are not accredited under the international ISO standard. Most countries require the products to be made at a GMP accredited facility to allow the products to be imported. If you wish for your brand to have international growth in the future — ask this question first.” n

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY | 47 talking point
“Our manufacturing facility is built to adhere to the national Australian Organic Standard. This is another cost we absorb to stay true to our values, to ensure we contribute to the local economy and produce an effective, yet genuinely organic product range.”


Dermalogica and education are two words synonymous with one-another, as the internationally regarded skincare brand enters the new year with a reimagined set of training strategies. Hannah Gay caught up with the brand’s Asia-Pacific Head of Education, Emma Hobson to dig further into the fresh ways Dermalogica looks to educate industry professionals in 2023.

In recent years, you have been awarded the ABIA Educator of the Year for a Product Company. What does this title signify to you and your clients?

“To be acknowledged by our industry for the incredible work, passion, sheer dedication, and expertise my team put into their roles each day is so rewarding for them and company-wide. I cannot express my pride in their achievements. They stretch themselves when delivering innovative education with new delivery systems and techniques, and to new audiences. At Dermalogica’s core is education; we live and breath it daily, and for ABIA to recognise this is praise indeed! For our clients, it is confirmation and assurance that they are receiving outstanding education from a company embedded in education and the pursuit of professional development, knowledge, and expertise.”

What initiatives will be most important this year in terms of business liaison?

“Last May we were delighted to open our ‘physical’ doors to welcome back our students to in-person education. It had been too long, and we missed the connection with our wonderful customers. We are now able to offer a complete suite of blended learning options; in-person, or digitally, hosting live webinars and self-led online courses.

In 2022 we moved our Melbourne training locations, and in February of this year we will move into a fabulous new location in Brisbane. These new locations showcase a completely new design that

allows us to deliver learning moments in a new education landscape to an array of audiences. This includes workshops for our professional therapists, as well as direct-toconsumer masterclasses, delivering a bespoke curriculum for our ‘Skinfluencer Academy’, focused on providing up-to-theminute informed education for influencers and media with the aim to create an environment of engaging, relaxed, grouplead learning.”

Dermalogica has increased its focus on digital learning. Why is this so important for today’s industry professionals?

“We now place the decision of how and when someone wants to learn completely in their hands. This freedom of choice means our customers can navigate their own professional development pathway. It can fit perfectly into their lifestyle and their preferred learning style and timelines.”

How do you distinguish which programs are made free-to-access versus fee-payable?

“All Dermalogica education workshops are free. This is a support service we offer our customers to help grow their businesses, upskill, and retain their team members. This education is powered by The International Dermal Institute (IDI), the global education provider and the generic arm of our company, which has no reference to Dermalogica or our product formulations. It is fee-paying, general information which focuses on subjects, treatments and trends

that everyone in the industry find of great value. Through IDI, we have some exciting new curriculum coming in 2023, kicking off on March 15 with an accredited Dermaplaning course. Currently, there are many courses in Dermaplaning available in Australia, however Dermaplaning currently has no legislation, and therefore many courses don’t carry an accreditation as it isn’t legally required. The benefit of an accredited course is the ability to insure yourself, your clinic and protect clients and therapists alike. At the IDI, we pride ourselves on the standard of education delivered, and therefore the PRO Dermaplaning course is an accredited course through IDI.”

What prompts Dermalogica to continue its focus on education in Australia, given the time and financial resources involved?

“It is important to note that IDI and Dermalogica started and remains an education company that also creates a product line. Education is why we do what we do. It is instrumental in our thinking, our innovation, and our roadmap for the future; it is the compass that guides us to our ‘True North’.

When times get tough it is the critical time to arm yourself with advanced skills and knowledge, it’s what gives you the competitive edge, makes you an employer of choice, and a business clients seek out to receive their professional, skilled services from.”


Skin health starts with NEE-V.

Are you offering your clients an inner wellness option?

NEE-V is an ingestible collagen that has been clinically proven to promote collagen formation, reduce fine lines, improve skin elasticity and firmness and enhance hair and nail strength.

To stock NEE-V in your salon, contact


Tell us about the launch of your incredible mineral makeup range?

“When I first launched my cosmeceutical skincare brand “Douglas Pereira Skin Health” over a decade ago, I always knew I would include a mineral makeup collection. I believe makeup is an extension of your skincare and should not cause harm to the good work your skincare products are doing.”

Can you share with us the process?

“The “Douglas Pereira Mineral” collection of makeup has been a long but exciting process, a couple of years ago we first launched the “Skin fluid tint SPF” in three shades, a lightweight tinted moisturiser with SPF 30+, that provides the skin with a foundation type coverage, that balances skin texture and evens out colour tone, without feeling like a heavy traditional foundation or a thin non coverage tint.

In early 2022 we launched phase two, the first four fluid colour makeup products consisting of two cheek colours, an illuminator and an all over face bronzer. Each of the products are a sheer liquid, fluid consistency allowing the true mineral colour pigment to illuminate, define and provide the skin with a flush of colour, enhancing one’s own natural beauty.”

You have your signature skincare line and we have often discussed how makeup can be an extension of client’s skincare regime – tell us about this?

“Before being a skincare and makeup creator, my experience comes from nearly 30 years as a skin therapist and educator in the industry. I have educated, treated, and supported many clients in achieving optimal skin health. I am always challenged by the concept of clients investing in good quality, result driven, active skincare and professional treatments to achieve their skin goals, but then use synthetic, toxic, chemical-based makeup over the top of their skincare regime.

A lot of the ingredients that are used in makeup can be damaging, ageing and

sometimes over time quite toxic to the user and can cause skin challenges like acne, dryness, skin irritations and sensitivity. All the challenges we use skincare to treat.”

How have you advised your clients on using mineral makeup as part of their overall regime?

“I have always recommended my clients to use a good quality mineral-based makeup instead of traditional makeup products. As true mineral makeup should be formulated with pure mineral pigments and supportive ingredients. When we were formulating the range, I also wanted the products to treat the skin not just add colour and even out skin tone.

will the formulation have on the skin and what will the experience be like for the user.

When we were formulating the mineral makeup, we wanted to achieve super lightweight fluid textures with strong colour pigments, we wanted the products to feel like you were not wearing any makeup but still give you coverage.

The formulation process was definitely a long and arduous one due to the goals of what we wanted to achieve. Working with super fine mineral compounds, zinc and fusing active ingredients into a refined wearable fluid did pose it challenges.

It was basically a process of trial and error, many formulation batches and lots of

So, within the formulations we also included skin treating actives in the form of technologically advanced biomimetic collagen and immune boosting peptides, potent vitamins and antioxidants as well as a compounded of platinum calibre zinc. This tightly knitted mesh of ingredients supports, calms and guards against premature ageing. Making the mineral makeup collection good for your skin and an extension of clients skincare regime.”

The colours and consistency are incredible I love the rosy hue in skin fluid cheeks – how do you go about perfecting the final product?

“The process of formulating the mineral makeup was, as always, a collaboration between my formulator and myself. Just like any formulation we develop it starts with a list of outcomes we want to achieve, but most importantly what effect and results

makeup application testing on our human guinea pigs were done until we achieved our ideal formulation. And still even today after perfecting the formulations we still are in the lab making the formulations even better and always striving for excellence.”

Mineral makeup has come a long way since a decade ago – how have you seen it develop?

“I was first introduced to mineral makeup in the early 2000s by Mandy Gray of True Solutions international, when she started to distribute the Bare Minerals makeup collection — they started formulation mineral makeup back in the mid-eighties. Instantly I was hooked and a big advocate for mineral makeup, it made sense.

Back then mineral makeup was only available in a powder form and was a little messy to use and not all skins suited a powder. Now we can see minerals used in

“I am always challenged by the concept of clients investing in good quality, result driven, active skincare and professional treatments to achieve their skin goals, but then use synthetic, toxic, chemical-based makeup over the top of their skincare regime.”
Skincare guru Douglas Pereira reveals to Anita Quade his launch of mineral makeup is the ideal extension of a client’s skincare regime.

of new mineral makeup brands hit the market as well as the big brands launching their own mineral collections. This has been great for the consumer. But unfortunately, when I look at the ingredients that make up the formulations with some of these brands, I become confused. They are promoting a pure mineral makeup but in fact they have formulated the same synthetic, chemical-based product, with some minerals within the formulation. This really defeats the benefits of a mineral makeup. A true mineral makeup formulation should be free of all synthetic, toxic, chemical-based ingredients.”

What has the feedback been like to your mineral makeup?

“It has been positive, clients are loving using the collection. They love the lightweight texture, strong colour pigments and how the makeup feels on the skin. The two biggest comments I receive is how the products give the skin an instant luminosity and how much coverage they get without feeling like they have a layer of makeup on their face.”

Can we expect to see any additions to the line – such as lipstick in the near future?

“I will be developing more products in the collection over the coming years. First, I will be expanding the skin fluid cheek colour range with a few new colours, following that I am contemplating a collection of lip tints and fluid eye colours.”

You have worked with an incredible formulator for years

“I am very transparent in saying my background is not in cosmetic formulating and that I draw experience for my many years treating skin and education in the industry. So, when I embarked on the adventure to develop and launch my own skincare brand, I need to find a formulator that understood my needs and philosophy.

My formulator is one of the key attributes in the success of my brand. Over the last 12 years the two of us have worked very closely in forming an amazing relationship both professionally and personally.

We both share the same philosophies and beliefs on skincare, have the same high standards and we just love formulating products that transform the skin’s health.

Over the years, through our collaborative process I have gained so much knowledge and experience about products and product formulating. I feel so lucky to have found the perfect formulator all those years ago.”

Where do you find inspiration for your brand?

“As I still treat clients in my flagship clinic in Sydney just a couple of days a week, I find a lot of my inspiration in the treatment room or in consultation with my clients is just having a conversation about skin. What better place to get inspiration and discover the needs of people’s skin than in a practical setting with the user of my products.

But over the last few years since the pandemic commenced, I have really opened my eyes to the world that we live in and realised, that to have a brand that the consumer invests their hardearned money into, means I need to really understand my consumers life, lifestyle and how today’s modern and ever evolving society plays a part in their skin needs and purchasing capabilities.

I feel the changes we are facing in today’s society with climate change, social culture and economic challenges all play a part in forming my brand and provide inspiration.”

What is one of your favourite parts of developing skincare and mineral makeup?

“It’s simple, creating products that achieve transformational results for the user.”

You always have so many visionary plans on the boil – can you share with us any major developments for your brand in 2023?

“It is going to be a big year for the brand. I have a couple new ranges launching throughout the year. In April I will be launching a line extension in the Douglas Pereira Skin Health range, it’s called the Platinum Peptide collection and includes three new 99% peptide serums one for day, one for night and an eye serum, but that is all I can say for now.

The biggest news for 2023 is, I will be launching my secondary range of products called Douglas Pereira Skin Science. The new range is a simpler concept to its sister range “Douglas Pereira Skin Health”. The range will consist of 13 universal skin type products and be priced at a lower price point than the DP Skin Health range, but will keep the high-quality formulations and delivery system found in DP Skin Health.”

If we didn’t find you as a skincare creator/entrepreneur what would we find you doing?

“It’s hard to say because I have been doing what I do for so long and I love it. I don’t think I can see myself doing anything else.

But to answer the question, I do have a passion for graphic design and do a lot of my own design work for my brand so possibly in another lifetime a graphic designer or something creative.” n







Tell us about your plans for 2023?

“We have a BIG 2023 planned. We have a lot of new products in development, including a neck and dec cream coming out in Feb 2023. We also have a super-rich and luxe moisturiser launching in mid 2023. With my personal history of melanoma and other skin cancers, our most exciting products for 2023 for me are the sunscreens which we've been working on for years. We're launching several sunscreens in late 2023 and we're trying to get them just right! We want them to be exceptional and addictive to use and that is a formulation challenge. I want women and men to love using sunscreen rather than feeling it's a chore.”

You have such a huge following in Australia – any plans to expand globally?

“I'm planning to spend more time in the USA in 2023 as we've been working on growing the brand there. No Aussie cosmeceutical brand has ever cracked the US market so we want to be the first to do it. Obviously we understand that it's a huge challenge, but we're ambitious and will dream no other way than big. I'm fortunate to have a clever and motivated team and we will do the work it takes. Our next step in the plan for the brand has always been physical store retailing, so please watch this space.

Skincare founder and entrepreneur

Dr Naomi McCallum reveals her plans for 2023 and how the introduction of her at home devices are extending clients beauty regime.

Our products have won several awards, but my personal highlight of 2022 was winning the People En Español magazine's Beauty Star products award for Catfish eye cream. I would love to win another award for Vitamin Amen or Let's C in their 2023 awards.”

What are some of the favourite parts of your job?

1. Transformation of patient's skin, beauty and mindset. I want to help our customers get the most out of life, whatever that means to them. It is the best feeling watching that mindset change happen. As a provider, that has been my drug for decades.

2 Getting high performance teams together is one of the best parts of the journey. It's rewarding to improve my leadership skills and help others on the team do the same. I love seeing my team members succeed and grow. The great thing for an entrepreneur is to have incredible implementers by your side. It has taken time, but I have achieved that, which is an incredible opportunity and feels like a business luxury.

3. I love the learning aspect, the formulating, the marketing, the people and culture, the platform backend. It's just nonstop learning.

52 | WWW.PROFESSIONALBEAUTY.COM.AU beauty black book


4. The challenge of having a start-up and attempting to scale is a wild ride. I think it must be my nature to “enjoy” this risky and stressful journey.

5. I get a kick out of the fun and random creative decisions I get to make. eg last week I pictured one of our Superoils in a new colour packaging in my mind, so I just sent an email and now my awesome implementers on the team make my idea come to life. To me something little like that is really cool and fun.”

This is PB’s Australian Made issue and it’s great to see business women like you proudly flying the Australian flag – how important has it been for you to be Australian Made and use Australian ingredients?

“I'm finding the manufacturing part of this business very challenging. It's quite new to me and I had no idea it would be this difficult. Keeping it Australian-made is a big call and there are a lot of cons, but we're committed to it, currently.”

What are the benefits of being local?

“Australian standards are very high. We are required to meet some of the world’s strictest labour, business, safety and quality control standards. It has been interesting to see this in relation to sunscreens. Buying Australian made products helps to reduce the energy consumption used to transport

products, this reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Lead times and delivery costs may also be reduced. I think another thing is the personal side too - it's great to watch the local businesses we partner with grow and become more successful.”

Have you come across any drawbacks?

“Extra cost, sometimes less reliability with regards to timing of supply. Australia is so small so another issue is not enough sources of supply.”

How do you think it effects a consumer’s choice to buy your brand knowing its Australian made?

“The environmental aspect is really important to some consumers, which is fantastic. It's also about a level of trust due to Australia's strict regulations. I think for some consumers there's an aspect of pride too, especially when the products are world class. The fact that people want to support local products is something I wasn't expecting before creating my skincare. Seeing how it has been embraced locally has been the best surprise.”

In 2022 you extended your offering from skincare to some great at home devices for clients – tell us about why that was important?

“That comes probably from my decades of being in a treatment room, serving beauty achievers who have high expectations.

These consumers want the best and most efficient results in-clinic, and they have the same expectations for their home care. We owe it to them to do everything we can with products and devices to meet these high expectations.”

How have you found the response?

“Incredible. Our brand has become well known for the quality of our devices, and our sales reflect that. We need to keep working to keep creating and delivering the best home-care options though, which is a big job, but we're on it!”

What makes your LED face mask a stand-out from others on the market?

“We have 156 lights. It's very powerful, and our irradiance is 40mw/cm2. The mask is light-weight and comfortable with full face coverage and the design is super cute on top of it all.”

It was great to see the launch of Big Dec Energy – for the décolletage –how long was this in the making?

“New product development takes such a long time. So much more than expected. Mostly, like with BDE, it takes years. Sunscreens take the longest.”

Where do you come up with the fabulous names for your products?

“That is my fun job to choose the names. However with BDE, that was an Instagram

“Australian standards are very high. We are required to meet some of the world’s strictest labour, business, safety and quality control standards. It has been interesting to see this in relation to sunscreens. Buying Australian made products helps to reduce the energy consumption used to transport
this reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Lead times and delivery costs may also be reduced.”

competition we did with our followers, who are responsible. Our followers are creative and funny and we love involving them. They really understood the assignment when they came up with the name ‘Big Dec Energy’.”

Share with us your favourites in the range…

“I have a few. I just love Pore Relation. Consumers are sleeping on it. It's such a great product and should be a hero of the range. It's a hydrating toner, which is a pleasure to use. It's by far the best value product in the range. At $89 it has the effects of a serum and for many customers it lasts a year! Another slept-on product is our retinol, Vitamin Amen. I also love Plump Fiction moisturiser (which is a best seller) and one of the sunscreens in development.

For devices, I love LED it Glow, obviously. It just calms me down skin-wise and mentally when I wear it. It's so self-nourishing.”

Last year you made your foray into New York – can you share with us any international plans for 2023?

“We have a US warehouse and website and need to optimise both. Our service to our US customers needs to improve. I also want to partner with some US online retailers, so we're working on that. We are working on a lot of regulatory aspects for our international plans, which is very time-consuming and expensive.”

What new treatments can we look forward to on your menu?

“Bioremodeller was the best new addition for the menu in 2022, but for 2023 we are finding a lot of wonderful new areas and ways to use it. We are hopefully getting a body version of it in 2023.”

Any skincare trends you can predict?

“I think the focus will be aiming to achieve in-clinic results at home. Things like our product, “One Night Stand” which is a powerful overnight facial. Consumers love seeing a result after one application of a product.” n

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Tell us about your decision to launch Software? What was the inspiration?

“I grew up in rural Victoria and had to drive four hours to Melbourne to see a specialist dermatologist to treat my acne, so access to healthcare has been a real pain point for me. Software ensures that all Australians can easily access doctors for accurate advice about their skin concerns and also access personalised, prescription-grade medications for their skin.

I had used the tele-dermatology model in the UK, when I was living in London and realised how efficient it was. There is no country in the world better suited to the tele-dermatology than Australia — we have a huge geography and our harsh climate has damaged our skin so we are more reliant on skin doctors.

The other pain point I experienced was a lack of quality advice. The internet is full of unqualified recommendations on how to manage acne which I found so confusing so it was important that doctors are available through the full skincare journey to give advice and make adjustments to the formula as needed by patients.”

Can you tell me your background?

“I was actually born in Ireland but Mum and Dad moved our family to Australia when I was one year old. They came here on skilled working visas because Australia had a shortage of country doctors – it’s because of them I’m so passionate about accessible healthcare for rural Australia.

There are four children in my family — all pretty outspoken — so our childhood was pretty chaotic. In fact, my older

sister, Emma, is a dermatologist so she was instrumental in helping us set up the business.

I studied politics and law and practiced as a lawyer in Sydney for a few years before moving to London and working for a firm over there. I loved London — I don’t think I had a quiet night in three years — there’s so much happening.

But when Covid hit I decided to come back to Australia until it ‘blew over’. When I realised the impact that Covid was having on healthcare we started scheming a go-to-market plan for Software. Covid changed how we engaged with healthcare so I realised that if we were going to launch the platform, it needed to be now.”

It’s such an incredible Australian concept to offer customised skincare — what has the reaction been like from customers?

“People love it! My favourite part of running Software is the feedback we get from customers. It really helps clear up people’s skin and has a huge impact on their confidence and quality of life. The most common feedback we get is: “I can finally go outside without make up for the first time in years.”

It seems the results are incredible and the fact it can be adjusted with each delivery makes it a great ongoing skincare program –how many people are involved in the process?

“It’s quite an involved, complicated process, because we connect patients with doctors and pharmacists. Patients answer

a questionnaire and upload photos of their skin. The doctor reviews the answers and photos and asks the patient more questions so they have all the information they need to prescribe an accurate formulation.

Once the patient confirms they’re happy with the formulation the pharmacy then compounds the formulation and sends it directly to their door. Our patients love the convenience!

We see the best results when the product is used consistently, over six –12 months so we ship a new bottle to customers every eight weeks. Patients can adjust their formula or increase the strength at any time throughout the journey.

Skincare can be really confusing so we allow patients free, ongoing access to ask their doctor questions all the way through their skin journey.”

Can you walk us through the steps of how the formulations are prepared?

“Software formulations are very different to skincare that you buy off the shelf. Each formulation is unique, compounded by the pharmacy team, to meet your skin needs. Your formulation will be different and depends on your skin goal, your health status, your skin type and where you sit on the sensitivity spectrum. For example, a patient who is trying to fade their pigmentation will be on a different formulation to someone who is trying to reduce their acne.

Compounding happens in a sterilised, clinical pharmacy setting because the ingredients we use are prescription-grade. We get such great results because our

After a childhood growing up in country Victoria and having limited access to specialist dermatologists — Software skincare founder, Niamh Mooney how she and her team launched a skincare range for clients with game changing results. By Anita Quade

ingredients are more potent than anything you can buy over the counter. Our ingredients are also more delicate than normal active ingredients so can only sell enough for 8 weeks at a time, to ensure potency and stability of ingredients.”

How hard is it to offer individual skincare?

“Software is an operationally complex business to run because each formulation is personalised. Unlike skincare that you buy from off the shelf, each product is formulated by our pharmaceutical team.”

Our Jan/Feb issue is based around Australian Made and wellness — how important it is to be an Australian company? What are the benefits?

“Software is Australian made, designed and operated. We are a healthcare business, not just a skincare business — our doctors, pharmacists and products are all Australian. The past two years have been hard for consumer brands — first we experienced delays in global supply chain and then we saw costs rise due to inflationary pressures. We certainly haven’t been insulated from these as an Australian business but being Australian made and operated means we have full visibility over our supply chain and production line. Many brands today couldn’t tell you where their ingredients or labour are sourced, because the skincare industry is outsourced and operationalised. We’ve intentionally scaled Software so we still have full visibility over every stage.”

What are your favourites in the collection?

“Software has both a prescription line and an over-the-counter line so I have favourites in both – unsurprisingly.

From the prescription line, I’ve had great results from using hydroquinone and tretinoin. I had pigmentation across my cheeks and forehead and this combo has been a game-changer.

From the over-the-counter line, I love the Vitamin C and Ferulic Serum and the Ceramide Repair Balm. We spent months formulating the most potent, yet stable Vitamin C formula, and I’m chuffed with the final product. Meanwhile the Ceramide Repair Balm keeps my dehydrated skin glowy by locking in additional moisture overnight.”

Is there one must that clients should not live without?

“I always find this question so hard – it’s like asking a mum to choose her favourite child! But I’d have to say the new Daily Sunscreen SPF50+. I know this is trite because everyone in the skincare industry always says it… but it’s a key protection against wrinkles, pigmentation and, of course, skin cancer.

We’re in a fortunate position to see, first-hand, the benefits of sunscreen over time. Software treats patients of all ages and it’s very obvious to see the impact of the sun once we hit our 40s and 50s. Those who spend too much time in the sun, unprotected, look many years older.

The importance of sun protection didn’t hit the zeitgeist until the noughties, so many women in their 30s and 40s spent too much of their youth in the sun. Many women find regular use of prescriptiongrade retinoids reduces fine lines and pigmentation caused by sun damage.”

Of course there are always the salon owners out there stocking skincare that worry about the competition such as Software with such an

innovative model and can be worried about it taking their market share –what are your views on that?

“I view Software as complementary to, not a replacement for, salons. Skincare is inherently a very tactile experience –people love to smell and feel their products before they buy them, they also relax through facials.

Currently, we connect directly with patients through our website but I’d love to start partnering with salons, so we can work together to help more people achieve their skin goals. If you’re a salon owner and you’d like to chat, get in touch with me at”

Your packaging is minimal what were your thoughts behind developing this?

“Our packaging is intentionally minimal because we want Software to be accessible to men and women, of all ages. We use prescription-grade ingredients that are quite sensitive so our packaging needs to protect from the air and the sun.

We have plans to adjust our packaging to make it refillable … watch this space in 2023.”

Can you tell us your plans for 2023 for expansion?

“2023 is going to be big — so many exciting plans! We are starting to work more closely with GPs and skin clinics so that people can have an ‘in person’ experience. We have plans to move our over-the-counter into retail too which will be a huge unlock for the brand. Finally, we launched a prescription hair loss treatment at the end of 2022 so a huge focus for this year will be to grow that offering.” n Any questions get in touch with the Software team:

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Clients looking to treat their skin to a New Year overhaul are finding incredible results with SkinPen – the benefits of no downtime and no injections. Heather Harrison, Managing Director Advanced Skin Technology chats to Anita Quade how this small device is creating big returns for salon owners.

SkinPen has been offering clients great results – can you tell us about the benefits of this device?

“It helps rejuvenate skin without the use of heat, chemicals or injections. It helps address some of the most common skin concerns— fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, surgical scars, pigmentation conditions, enlarged pores and stretch marks which ultimately helps patients feel more confident and happier in their own skin! You can treat multiple body parts in one treatment up to 80 minutes with one treatment head, so it’s very cost effective.”

What is great about this compact innovation?

“SkinPen Precision works by creating temporary small microscopic channels in the skin. These tiny punctures stimulate tissue regeneration through a process called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) which visibly improves the appearance of the skin, creating a radiant glow. It’s versatile as it is suitable for all skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI) and can be used all year round. The procedure itself is relatively quick and visible results can be achieved for a range of skin concerns.”

What is the cost of investment to a clinic?

“The initial cost of the device is under $4000 — an effective profit for the clinic on every treatment as well as effective results for the patient.”

How can salon owners get a return on investment with the pen?

“By working with their patients to identify the most appropriate way for them to

achieve their skin goals. A treatment plan for five patients would likely easily cover the investment in the device. There are additional retail opportunities, enhanced potential for word of mouth referrals and it’s a great way to strengthen customer relationships. The option to treat multiple body parts and multiple indications increases revenue potential for clinics also.”

Why has skin needling become so popular?

“It’s a great way to address a range of skin concerns without the drawbacks of alternative offers.”

“A treatment plan for five patients would likely easily cover the investment in the device. There are additional retail opportunities, enhanced potential for word of mouth referrals and it’s a great way to strengthen customer relationships.”

What results can be expected?

“Of course, individual results vary from patient to patient. Generally speaking, a visible improvement in the concern being treated may be achieved within a treatment plan recommended by the treating professional.”

How many treatments are clients likely to have?

“Again, dependent on patient needs, but 3-5 treatments is an approximate range, then an annual review.”

Who is the ideal candidate for this treatment?

“Anyone looking to improve the appearance of their skin and address specific concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, enlarged pores, stretch marks, pigmentation conditions or even surgical scars. A professional consultation is always necessary to determine an appropriate candidate.”

Are there in skincare maintenance trends you can predict for 2023?

“2023 will be a year of innovation and new development for skin health with discussions around restorative skincare, post treatment options, microbiome support, stem cells, DNA repair, growth factors. I would encourage clinics to look for clinical data and to be cautious of claims that cannot be substantiated or make claims that are not considered cosmetic. Education focus will also be important in 2023 due to the high turnover in clinic staff. Advanced Skin Technology offers Academy training every week in most locations across Australia and New Zealand for product and treatment protocols, skin understanding and sales skills.” n

SkinPen treatments are available at All Saints Clinic.


Advanced Age Management

The new DMK MD Home Prescriptive range represents the application of principles and functions found in biological systems to produce scientific-based solutions!


ABICactively supports

AUSTRALIAN businesses

While the Australian beauty and aesthetics industry is wide-ranging, there is one thing ABIC’s varied membership has in common; they are Australian. Tracey Horden reveals how ABIC is dedicated to being the largest and strongest voice in the beauty and aesthetic industry in Australia and an active element of that mission is to advance Australian businesses to directly benefit members, their businesses and the wider Australian economy.

ABIC’S GOAL is to represent the Australian beauty and aesthetics industry as one united, powerful voice to government, as well as to act as an advocate for benchmark industry standards, effective self-regulation, and to support the advancement of our Australian industry at every level.

ABIC facilitators can guide members with specialist advice from experts in Australian business development, team management, HR, marketing and Australian law. While the members specialities and needs may vary, members are all striving to succeed in a uniquely Australian society, with its own laws and high industry expectations.

ABIC secures government recognition for the beauty and aesthetics industry sector

One recent and extremely important achievement by ABIC in 2022 was to see that beauty therapy and all aligned industries has finally – after many years, made it onto the National Skills Priority List. This all-important government recognition of the beauty and aesthetics industry as a whole — and the contribution the industry makes to the Australian economy is a major achievement.

By identifying what occupations are experiencing labour shortages, industries can lobby governments and other relevant bodies to identify and implement solutions. The beauty and aesthetics industry is now better placed to address these concerns from a more informed and acknowledged position.


ABIC is very much an “umbrella organisation” according to Stefanie Milla, ABIC’s CEO. “We represent the whole industry, all the different segments of the aesthetics and beauty industry, from lash and brow bars to beauty therapists and the newer dermal and medical aesthetics sector such as injectors.

The industry is very diverse, with multiple sectors, but ABIC’s mission is to represent the whole of the Australian aesthetics and beauty industry,” explains Milla.

Given that the world is hyper-connected today with the world of products and services increasingly at our fingertips, ABIC actively supports Australian-made products and businesses for a variety of persuasive and logical reasons.

So, what exactly are the advantages of supporting Australian beauty and aesthetics businesses? Listed below are some — but not all — of the benefits gained by supporting our fellow entrepreneurs and workers in the broad, but increasingly connected local industry.

Made to our high Australian standards

It is no surprise that Australia has some of the world’s most stringent safety and quality control standards, as well as strict labour and business practice laws. Due to these high standards, when you buy Australianmade products or employ an Australian service provider, you know you are contributing to an Australian business that uses high quality materials that produce world-leading, quality goods. You also know that by supporting an Australian business, the workers are paid and treated fairly.

Guaranteed quality, plus accessible warranty and service options

Under the Australian Consumer Law, when you buy any Australian product or service, these services or goods are automatically guaranteed to meet the advertised standard of performance. Additionally, many Australian companies also offer further warranties and guarantees on their products and services than are the minimal required by law. In summary, you simply don’t have the consumer protections that are guaranteed in Australia with goods and services sourced that are from other countries.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of scams and sub-quality products that

have been ordered online. It can be almost impossible to guarantee an optimal outcome when your only point of contact is a far-flung, overseas website. And if you are ordering expensive goods, especially technology products, it simply is not worth the financial risk, let alone your peace of mind.

More reliable supply chains and lower delivery costs

We’ve all heard about the disruption of supply chains in the wake of the pandemic — but by keeping your business dealings and orders within Australia this means that you can rely on your orders arriving in a more predictable and timely manner compared with ordering goods from overseas.

As well as greater reliability, your delivery costs should be significantly lower than the increasingly high rates currently charged for overseas shipping. Add to these clear advantages of buying locally is the decreased impact on the environment. Buying Australian made products also helps to reduce the energy consumption used to transport products, which in turn, importantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Improved customer service and the advantages of high-quality Australian products

If you require professional customer service for your products or services, these needs can typically be met more promptly and efficiently within Australia. Additionally, as Australian goods are renowned for their high quality and durability this means that these products will typically last longer, resulting in a greater return on investment and less products ending up in landfill.

Supporting the Australian economy

When buying Australian-made products, you are first and foremost; helping to keep money within Australia. This will maintain and support local employment, boost local businesses, increase taxation dollars as well as adding to growth in related Australian industries.

According to research published by the Industry Capability Network, for every one million dollars of Australian manufacturing business generated in Australia, there is $713,400 worth of gross value added generated for the Australian economy with $225,300 worth of tax revenue collected and six full time jobs created. n

Showcasing Australian Talent at ABIC’s Educational Event –February 12th, 2023

ABIC IS excited to host their inaugural ABIC Educational Conference on Sunday, 12th of February from 8am to 7.30pm.

After a challenging two years of COVID as well as natural disasters, ABIC aims to bring people together to learn, connect and to network within our wonderful Australian industry. The aim of the ABIC Educational Conference is to take your careers and businesses to the next level by meeting and learning from Australia’s top beauty and aesthetic industry leaders.

ABIC will be welcoming Australian beauty therapists, dermal therapists, dermal clinicians, cosmetic nurses, cosmetic practitioners, cosmetic surgeons, specialist surgeons and clinic managers to a full day of education and inspiration at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

This will be the largest and most inclusive, non-bias aesthetic industry event to be hosted in Melbourne. Specialist speakers and experts from every sector of the Australian beauty and aesthetics industry will be coming together to promote collaboration and the sharing of ideas and information.

But don’t expect all the learning to consume you, guests will also be treated to morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a fabulous networking cocktail party. If beauty and aesthetics is your business or career, you can’t afford not to attend ABIC’s inaugural Australian Educational Conference.

To book your place, visit https://events.




Wanting to know the top ways to communicate with your clients to ensure repeat business? Podium’s Country Manager, Dave Schiene reveals the

FEW INDUSTRIES were harder hit by the pandemic than beauty. But through the most immense challenges they innovated and adapted to continue providing essential services for their customers. These customers have changed, though. Their habits, preferences and demands are drastically different compared to pre-pandemic. Before, the customer experience revolved almost around the few hours they spent in your chair or salon. Now, though, it begins long before they arrive for their appointment and long after they leave.

Technology is fundamental to our personal and professional lives, and consumers now expect quick, convenient and digitallydriven customer experiences from beauty salons too. But don’t be daunted; making small adjustments to your customer engagement strategy will enable you to build the customer relationships that incentivise loyalty and turn good salons into great salons. Here are four consumer trends that your business should be aware of heading into 2023.

1Convenience is king

Nail salons, beauticians and other beauty businesses are part of the glue that binds Australian highstreets. Support for these local businesses is — and always has been — strong in Australia. However, consumers — many of whom are tech-savvy — are slowly losing patience for businesses that fail to cater to their habits and preferences. Salons who recognise how their customers are changing, then cater to their habits with convenient communications strategies will be better placed to succeed.

Podium’s Business-to-Customer Communications Report sought to understand what consumers want from local businesses postpandemic, and reveals Australian consumers’ tolerance for poor business communication has decreased since the pandemic. So much so that many are willing to blacklist the businesses who don’t cater to their habits and preferences. Our survey of over 1,000 Australians reveals that 48% of consumers have less tolerance for inconvenient businesses, more than half (57%) would be less likely to engage with a business if the channel was inconvenient, and 55% would prioritise businesses that offer convenient communication options — even if they’re more expensive. Competition is fierce in the professional beauty industry, so if it’s not easy to differentiate yourself on price or service, do it on convenience.


Reliance on smartphones presents a communication opportunity

One of the biggest changes in consumer behaviour in the wake of the pandemic is how they want to engage with local businesses like yours. Today millions of Australians are reliant on their smartphone for their personal and professional lives, making it an incredibly convenient way to interact with them. They’re communicating with their friends, researching brands and organising their social lives.

The average Australian spends almost two hours a day on their smartphones, with a quarter spending at least three. For the beauty industry, tapping into this affinity to — and reliance on — smartphones, is a significant opportunity. If they have to log into their email or call your salon to interact with your business, it’s already inconvenient. Today, convenience is SMS.

3SMS is the new email

Email was once the primary form of communication between salons and consumers has been surpassed by SMS. Three-quarters (76%) of Australians say they’re reliant on SMS reminders to manage their day-to-day life tasks, while 69% say an SMS reminder has saved them from missing an upcoming appointment. Think of the value of those reminders if they’re coming from your business.

Text is an excellent way to book appointments, send payment links and even request an online review after a customer has left their appointment. That’s because, rather than customers having to make phone calls, book appointments online, search your website for an answer, or wait for paper invoices, you can offer everything through SMS — the channel they’re already using to interact with friends and family (and soon, their favourite salon).


Tailoring your services

The more your salon can tailor its processes to the needs and desires of your customers, the better customer experience you can provide. The less you spend working in your business, the more you can work on your business. With Aussies increasingly prioritising businesses based on convenience over cost, cater to their needs rather than requiring them to work around your business practice. Ultimately, the more you can show you recognise needs, habits and preferences, the more valued they’ll feel. If it’s convenient for them, it’s convenient for you.

Australia is home to tens of thousands of brilliant beauty businesses, but that means competition is high. Consumers are changing, and while their support for local businesses is still incredibly strong, their loyalty is with the salons that are convenient to interact with. So heading into 2023, you don’t need to give your business an entire makeover; a few digital touch-ups to your customer experience might be all your salon needs for a beautiful 2023. n For details check out:

fundamentals to follow.
PRO COLLECTIVE NEW ZEALAND For hair, beauty and aesthetics professionals Now launched in New Zealand PROCOLLECTIVE.CO.NZ Everything you need to know about hair, beauty and aesthetics in New Zealand. Sign up now for the weekly e-newsletter at ProCollectiveNZ ProCollectiveNZ


Looking for a new role and want to stand out from the crowd of applicants?

WE ALL know the clichés when it comes to job interview spiel — describing yourself as a “perfectionist” when asked what your greatest weakness is, and waxing lyrical about your “passion” for the industry and your “great work ethic”.

These phrases are bandied around so often that they’ve become practically meaningless in a recruitment context; who among us is going to tell a potential employer that they don’t have a great work ethic, for crying out loud?!

But that can leave us with a dearth of ideas when it comes to ways to describe ourselves that aren’t seriously overused and entirely run-of-the-mill. So what do you say when you’re trying to impress upon a prospective employer just why they should hire you over another of the dozens of candidates vying for the same role?

“I’m data-driven”

Are you someone who likes to do their research before making any big decisions? Do you rely on data to support the steps you take in your work? This is a great way of assuring any prospective employer that you’ll always be able to explain and back up your decisions, which will play particularly well if you’re going for a retail management or product development role.

“Organisation is my middle name”

Your CV may already have outlined your proficiency at Excel, but talking about your organisational nous gives you the opportunity to delve a little deeper into your savvy skills. Take the time to detail exactly how you like to organise your daily tasks, perhaps by listing the specific apps you use to segment your time and priorities, and explaining how you’d use them to maximise your efficiency, and that of your team.

“I’m a really supportive colleague”

This might just be a more modern way of calling yourself a great team player, but talking about how supportive you are in a team context allows you to outline the different ways in which your role intersects with those around you. There are also a lot of aspects of being supportive — showing compassion, empathy and cooperation — that can be applied to a professional context and show you in a super positive light.


Did you know that Professional Beauty has a dedicated job board?

VISIT: to discover your next position

“I’m self-aware”

A word of warning: do not say this if it’s not true. If you’re someone who’s previously been blindsided by feedback, positive or negative, it might not be ideal to tell porkies about just how self-aware you are. But this can be a useful way to discuss the weaknesses you’ve seen in yourself and your work in previous roles, and how you’ve worked to overcome them. Just don’t be tempted to talk about how your “perfectionism” caused you to do too well…

While job interviews often mean treading that fine line between bragging and selling yourself, don’t forget that they also offer a great opportunity to talk about all of the things you’ve accomplished in your career thus far, and how any company would be lucky to count you among their staff.

“I’m driven”

Like saying you’re “highly motivated”, talking about your drive will give you the chance to touch on your career ambitions without seeming overlyconfident. This also offers you an opportunity to talk about how this has manifested in your previous roles. Maybe you took the initiative to enact a new strategy, or took responsibility for a task that had previously been floating between teams and kept being de-prioritised, despite being important for overall company success.

This article was produced in partnership with Jobbio.

Rosemary Mac Cabe shares how.


FROM AN early career in the beauty industry and growing my own business in Australia and overseas, I realised how integral it was to surround myself with people who not only champion you but who are more than willing to share their knowledge.

Currently there is a national grant and program pool of over 5,300 different opportunities for all Australian and NFP businesses totalling $AUD99.7 billion. While that is fabulous news, the sad reality is that only 35% is ever granted, leaving 65% of untapped opportunities to assist with growth, research, and export for your business.

All beauty industry professionals should be aware of The Export Marketing and Development Grant and The Research and Development Tax Incentive. It may benefit you to know that my team and I to date have assisted over 500 hair and beauty companies in receiving more than $23 million in return for these grants alone.

So, what type of grants are available to the beauty industry, additional to the above?

Being a creative, like many of you, I think outside the box and businesses may not have considered their eligibility when it comes to other opportunities around tourism, sustainability, employment, capital works, manufacturing, female founders, start-ups, and entrepreneur programs and grants, just to name a few.

There are many advantages to making sure your business is Grant Ready and you have the correct Grant Mindset, as

grants are highly competitive, and many have short time frames for submission. Therefore, there are key factors you need to consider and prepare for before you embark on the grant journey.

Melrose International are grant specialists and strategists, and can not only help find grant opportunities for you, but can assist you to clearly understand the grant landscape and the intricacies of the application process.


• What funding and grant opportunities are available to explore

• What you need to know and do to be grant ready

• How to reset for a grant mindset

• How best to prepare for an Export Market

• How your researching and development.

For an obligation-free discussion, reach out to Melrose International via email or phone 0418 970 829.

Madonna Melrose, Director of Melrose International, is on a mission to enlighten the beauty industry on the plethora of untapped government grants available to individuals. Here she shares what every beauty professional needs to know.
“Only 35% [of money] is ever granted, leaving 65% of untapped opportunities to assist with growth, research, and export for your business.”

What ABIC membership can do for you

The Aest het i c & Beaut y I ndust r y Counci l i s commi t t ed t o pr ovi di ng aut hent i c, et hi cal , and accessi bl e suppor t f or t he bet t er ment of t he pr of essi onal spa, beaut y and aest het i cs i ndust r y We r epr esent you, as your t r ust ed voi ce and i nf l uent i al r epr esent at i ve body As an ABI C member , you ' l l r ecei ve excl usi ve access t o a r ange of benef i t s i ncl udi ng:

An ext ensi ve l i br ar y of exper t - cr eat ed busi ness r esour ces Ed ucat i on sessi ons wi t h sought - af t er i ndust r y speci al i st s Dai l y access t o advi ce f r om ABI C f aci l i t at or s

The l at est r el evant i ndust r y news and updat es Gover nment r epr esent at i on t o ensur e your voi ce i s hear d

Your member shi p not onl y benef i t s you as an i ndi vi dual or busi ness, but dr i ves t he success and t he heal t h of our col l ect i ve i ndust r y Toget her , acr oss Aust r al i a, wi t h your suppor t we can make a di f f er ence

S i g n u p t o d a y b y v i s i t i n g t h e a b i c . o r g . a u

C L I N I C M E M B E R S H I P $ 9 8 8 M A N A G E M E N T M E M B E R S H I P $ 4 4 9 I N D I V I D U A L M E M B E R S H I P $ 9 9 S T U D E N T M E M B E R S H I P $ 4 9


Australian Made?

Our founders were troubled by the merry-go-round small businesses had to go on just to get the right insurance cover for their business. So they set out to give small businesses a fair go.

claims made against you arising from actual or alleged negligence or omissions in the provision of your professional service or advice. It will assist with the legal costs associated with responding to or managing claims covered by your policy.


are at the heart of the Australian economy and supporting your local strikes deep into the pathos of the Australian identity.

The effect is nearly unanimous, with 96% of Australians saying they prefer to buy products made in Australia, according to Roy Morgan research — way ahead of products made in other countries1

The professional beauty industry has a particular advantage to tap into the Australian-made market, with Australia’s botanically diverse yet rugged environment placing it at the pinnacle of beauty development.

Time and again, savvy small business owners not only take full advantage of the wonderful array of native flowers, fruits and fragrances readily available, but they formulate their products with the breezy Australian lifestyle in mind.

Knowing your customers has helped facilitate Australia’s love affair with its own products.

And for good reason! Who knows Australians better than Australians? And who knows the nuances of your hometown better than a small business owner who grew up there?

If the Australian-made mantra works for your industry, why not employ it in other areas of your own professional beauty business?

The BizCover story

In an industry dominated by big players, time-consuming paperwork and poor service levels, getting your business insurance sorted used to be one of those painful tasks.

From humble beginnings in the heart of Sydney, they boldly disrupted the insurance market by creating BizCover, an online service to simplify comparing and buying business insurance from some of Australia’s leading insurers.

This revolution allowed them to reduce costs, increase pricing transparency and decrease the hassle of getting insured for time-poor and cost-conscious small business owners.

So, if keeping it in Australia is important to you, BizCover is your Aussie-made business insurance solution.

We know the beauty industry

While we know Aussies because we are Aussie, we also know the risks of the professional beauty industry.

Business insurance is there to protect a variety of different beauty businesses. From nail salons to mobile make-up artists, the types of claims you may potentially face could include anything from a third party injuring themselves on your business premises to some bad advice that you give out.

So, what types of insurance do beauty professionals need to consider? Let’s look at what cover you could get to keep your business performing a cut above the rest!

Professional Indemnity Insurance*

Your goal is to make your clients look and feel great. But sometimes things can go wrong, which can be an emotional and traumatic time. A compensation claim against you could be very costly to your business, not to mention damage your reputation.

Professional Indemnity insurance is designed to protect your business from

Public Liability Insurance*

Beauticians are often in close contact with your clients, making Public Liability insurance an important cover for beauty therapists.

An infection on your client’s finger resulting from a poorly done manicure or a botched lip job could result in a claim made against you, which could spell disaster for your professional beauty business. Fortunately, this is where Public Liability insurance can provide peace of mind and protection for your business.

Public Liability insurance protects your professional beauty business in the event a third party is injured or sustains property damage as a result of your negligent business activities.

Get your business insurance


Ensuring your supplies and products are Australian made makes good business sense. So why not get your professional beauty business insurance with an Australian business too?

Visit where you’ll get multiple competitive quotes in minutes from a great range of leading Australian insurers. Select your preferred policy, and you’ll be covered instantly, so you can get back to helping your local Aussie community doing what you love. n

*This information is general only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. It should not be relied upon as advice. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording.

© 2022 BizCover Pty Limited, all rights reserved.

ABN 68 127 707 975; AFSL 501769

For small business owners in the professional beauty industry, ensuring one’s products are Australian made is a sure-fire way of connecting with your client base.











The Mineral makeup and skincare market is expanding year after year to offer clients better prices and products to use for their skin. Mineral makeup varies around the world in cost and variety, however, all of them have a clear vision to deliver real results for customers.

Ariana Pezeshki chats to Stacey Hollands, CEO of Australia’s leading Clean Beauty Brand, Lust Minerals about her business and how the mineral market has changed along with the importance of being Australian Made.

“MY NAME is Stacey Hollands. I am a beauty therapist turned Entrepreneur, and I am the proud founder and CEO of Australia’s Leading Clean Beauty Brand, Lust Minerals. I am also a wife to my incredible husband and a mother to my two beautiful children who are aged three and six. My passion since a young age has always been the beauty industry and leading a cleaner healthier lifestyle.

I founded my business, Lust Minerals in 2014 with a clear vision to redefine the beauty industry. Whilst there were plenty of natural-based products out there, I believed few married “clean” and “high performance” to deliver real results for customers. I was on a mission to prove that mineral makeup and clean, natural skin care products do have the high-performance power to change your skin and your life, while also leaving the planet a better place. At Lust Minerals, we aim to offer confidence, without sacrificing the health of our customers.

Although, starting a brand from the ground up comes with its share of challenges. I’ve always been someone to look at challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say there were definitely a few moments of self-doubt when I first came to starting Lust Minerals. I was up against some pretty big, well-known brands and at times felt like a small fish in a big sea. However, at the same time, this just motivated me to want to work harder to succeed. Initially, I was also wearing all the hats and running every single aspect of the business, as we didn’t have any employees to start with. I was doing this all whilst I was also working and being a Mum at the same time, so this was a challenge in itself. However, I had an incredible support system from my family who really helped me to succeed.

As far as the mineral market goes, I really believe it has come a long way in recent years. Previously, fillers were used a lot and actually still are in some cases to lessen the costs of production. However, this was quite damaging as this is a huge reason why people’s perception of natural-based products is and why they don’t perform. This waters down the product and therefore meant that it didn’t last and work as effectively. This is why we invest in high-quality ingredients so we can ensure our products are high performing. Our products are highly concentrated, and whilst they may be a bit more expensive cost-wise to buy, a little amount truly


goes a long way which makes them more cost-effective, meaning the product will last customers longer.

I definitely believe that more and more people are becoming more aware and understanding the “why” surrounding clean beauty products, however, it definitely takes a lot of education. There are still so many people that are unaware of what they are actually putting onto their skin when applying a conventional brand’s products. This is why we try to ensure through every touch point, education is the main focus of every conversation, every social media post and advertisement.

In saying so, the lack of education is something that we are really trying to change in terms of cleaner alternative products. Our products offer so much more in terms of skin and health benefits. We have carefully formulated the products with specific ingredients and vitamins to be able to offer healing and soothing benefits for this skin. Our products are also noncomedogenic meaning they are breathable, and won’t cause breakouts or skin irritations like chemicals in conventional makeup can do.

There are so many myths that surround mineral makeup and natural skincare, particularly when it comes to their performance, and this does deter a lot of people away from wanting to make the switch to a cleaner alternative brand. Another challenge that we find that customers face is application. Mineral makeup does need to be applied a certain way to achieve maximum results and to ensure the minerals are binding and warming well to the skin. This is why we send every new customer an application tutorial video, and we include in our customer orders flyers that have tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your Lust Mineral products. A challenge is exciting for us as a brand. It gives us the chance to workshop a solution to overcome it, which in turn allows us to learn and grow and I feel like this outlook has really shaped the success of where the brand is today.

When creating Lust Minerals I was inspired to educate and provide clean beauty products to men and women worldwide after watching my father lose his battle with cancer. Dad’s passing really made me realise that we don’t get a second chance at life and that toxins and chemicals can really lead to so many health issues. I saw a clear gap in the market and wanted to create a cleaner alternative range for men

and women to minimise the chemicals put onto their skin and into their bodies, without them having to compromise on achieving the results, and quality that they desire in a product.

I worked in the beauty industry for eight years prior to starting Lust Minerals so I always had a passion and love for the industry. I also always loved helping people. It fulfilled me and gave me a real sense of purpose. When my dad got sick, I spent so long searching for a miracle cure for him, which led me to research all the harmful effects that toxins and chemicals can have on our health. It made me realise that there isn’t enough education surrounding this, and from there, I was inspired to make a difference. I combined my two passions, my love for beauty and helping people, and from there, the idea for Lust Minerals was born.

Our skin is our largest organ and Lust Minerals exists to reduce the number of chemicals that men and women consume through this. I wanted to create a beauty brand that not only enhances but cares for our customers’ skin and their health, and

our planet. As a brand, we are inspired by all the goodness that nature has given us and use as much of it as possible to create beauty armour for you to protect, conceal and create. We are a brand that truly values people above profits. We also pride ourselves on investing in only the highest quality and ethical ingredients that are vegan, natural and nourishing for the skin. Our products have been designed to work as a solution for our customers’ skin concerns rather than a cover-up. We prioritise incorporating superfoods and vitamins into our ingredients to offer healing and soothing benefits for the skin.

Another extremely important factor to me when creating my brand was to make sure we were Australian Made. Being an Australian made brand was always a non-negotiable for me and was always something that was at the forefront of my mind when first starting the brand. It assures the integrity of the product and allows for quality control which is more important to us than cost. Australia is my home, and it is important to me that I support my own country.

I would love our customers and the industry to understand why it is important to use a cleaner alternative beauty product and to be more conscious of what they are putting onto their skin and into their bodies. I am dedicated to spreading awareness and creating change amongst as many people as I can to help them to live healthier and happier lifestyles. There’s no need to compromise your health for you to be able to get the results you want to achieve. We remove the unnecessary and irritating toxins, chemicals and synthetic ingredients and replace them with nourishing, clean, vegan ingredients that are designed to strengthen your skin, whilst providing you with the results you are after. You really can have it all, and Lust Minerals exist to prove that.

Year after year, we have experienced significant growth which is incredible, and something I am so proud of. Our aim is to become a global, iconic beauty brand and to be well-known worldwide and we are definitely making progress to get to this level. When I reflect on where we started eight years ago, it was myself running the business with the product stocked in a linen cupboard in my home. Fast forward to now, we have two warehouses, an office, and 20-plus staff members who are on this beautiful journey with me.” n

glow Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen in Original, Peach, Blueberry Krumbled Foods Beauty Bites in Apple Cinnamon, White Choc Rasberry, Choc Cherry Coconut Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Ultimate 1300 850 008 WelleCo The Skin Elixir 08 9284 6002 Inner 74 | WWW.PROFESSIONALBEAUTY.COM.AU wellness

Brighten the appearance of skin and begin to glow from within.

Dose & Co. Beauty Collagen Mixed Berry

Habitual Beauty Advanced Skin + Gut Health Collagen Elixir in Sicilian Blood Orange

La Mav Ayurvedic Beauty Powder Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Clear Biome 1300 850 008

Photography: Brandee Meier Concept and product curation: Ariana Pezeshki


Since making its debut in 2008, Skinstitut has created high-performance cosmeceuticals without fuss and fanfare, with clinically proven products that work. Now the brand has updated its packaging with a fresh new look and a media and influencer event to celebrate. Hosted at Sydney’s Rainbow Studios in Darlinghurst, guests were treated to customised gift bags with the newly designed Skinstitut products suited to skin type. Barista-made coffees were flowing as was the conversation about the brand-new look alongside anticipated product arrivals. With updated designs featuring the same advanced formulas you know and love now with a fresher, more refined face. The brand introduced Skinstitut 10% Vitamin C Super Serum, a highly active multi-tasker that hydrates, refines and evens skin tone and texture, Skinstitut 10% Niacinamide Power Serum, a moisture-packed serum that works overtime to plump and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and Skinstitut 10% Niacinamide Power Serum, an efficient all rounder heroing Niacinamide to calm, repair and protect the skin.


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ON A wet October day last year, I escaped Sydney and made the 1.5 hour trip down to Bowral for the opening of Isabella Loneragan Skin. I made the effort for two reasons: first, because I have been following owner Isabella’s journey for some time, after interviewing her for Professional Beauty in 2020; I wanted to attend in support of her. And second, because the sheer idea of venturing out of The Big City and hanging out at a quaint, quiet estate at a stylish, boutique beauty space is my idea of heaven.

Isabella tells me she opened the space to harness her own years of training. Working independently means her treatments are less tailored to the capabilities of her staff, but more to the demands of her own clients. Isabella is on the clinic floor herself—a contrast to the role she played managing The Dermal Diary back in North Sydney. “In Bowral, I’m working as a sole trader so I have reduced my professional back-end responsibility. Therefore, I’m more available to give treatments.”

The beauty of Bowral life is a sellingpoint in itself. “The atmosphere is vastly

different to that of Sydney,” Isabella explains. “In Sydney, women are time poor. Most are working full-time and have more than one child they have to get home and look after; it’s very fast-paced. I feel like the women allow themselves to ‘live’ a bit more in Bowral, so the type of clientele are open to taking a bit more time for themselves.”

Positioned within meters of her own home, Isabella Loneragan Skin (IL Skin) is a hidden gem. Its calming emerald walls and clean lines were the result of Isabella’s personal vision. “Think deep greens, rich walnuts, gold accents, and cosy, navy fluffy towels. It’s very private being in a standalone studio on my property, so those that appreciate not running into everyone they know on the street after a treatment loves coming to IL Skin. There is a treatment room, plus a client pre-treatment preparation room to allow each client to unwind and start to slow their breath down whilst getting ready for their facial treatment,” Isabella says. Every detail, down to the comfort of the bathroom, was considered in its design.” Personally I am

always disappointed when I go to a really lovely skin clinic — or any business — and their bathroom has been forgotten about in the design plan. Often it goes further than being left out — it is ignored altogether and is barely clean! It really brings the whole experience down. Therefore, I made sure that the bathroom at IL Skin carried the same feeling and design brief as the rest of the business: cosy, rich, elegant.”

She’s come a long way since opening her very first business in Cape Town in 2007. At the time, Isabella was married to a South African and while the marriage didn’t survive, the career did! (She also has a pretty wicked sense of humour, I learnt). While her passion for the skin was rife early on, her studies were originally in psychology. “There was a gap of about five years between both qualifications [in psychology and dermatology] as I was traveling overseas for those years… an extended gap year of sorts! The two fields are very strongly interconnected,” she explains. “Everything I do has a foundation that stems from psychology. It was probably the best degree I could

Isabella Loneragan has entered a new era. The esteemed skin therapist and business woman explains to Hannah Gay why her approach to the skin and mental health of her clients is anything but one-dimensional.

have chosen as I use it to this day when navigating how people feel about their skin and how their skin makes them feel about themselves.”

Isabella is a reactive person. Her resume speaks to a career history treating the skins of hundreds — if not thousands — of clients. And while her expertise may lie in reacting to what’s on the surface, Isabella prides herself on responding to the psychological state of each client as well as the physiological. “We as therapists can only do so much — the connection between beauty and how we think is huge,” Isabella shares. It’s with this understanding that Isabella bases her work, and underscores the ‘why’ behind Isabella Loneragan Skin.

Over the years, Isabella found herself moving away from the “one-dimensional” medical side of things. “My approach is purely holistic — I look at most things in their life and draw from that in the plan to achieve their skin goals for them. I found dermatology relied heavily on medication and scripting, and only touched on the other major players like stress, gut health,

diet, alcohol, attitude and lifestyle.” Such an approach is demonstrated via her delivery of intraoral massage — Isabella’s signature treatment: The Intrinsic Facial. The unique offering is what keeps clients stepping back into IL Skin time and time again. “It offers a very unique opportunity to provide the client with results that surpass that of a traditional facial,” Isabella notes. “It also allows the therapist to be able to build a level of trust with clients that you simply can not through a regular facial. Trust encourages repeat business.” She explains that while performing the treatment, people feed back to her; a form of communication and connection while they’re on the bed. “I designed this treatment with my clients’ needs in mind, and that seems to work.”

Isabella is also no stranger to product formulation, having developed her own line of skincare — The Private Collection — back when she first launched The Dermal Diary. “When I was tasked with the job of finding the correct skincare product for a dermatology clinic I was working at, it enabled me to take a deep dive into the

world of skincare and compare, contrast and analyse many products according to what they offered. I quickly learnt that we needed to stock a few ranges in order to cover all the needs of our patients. I took that intel and the four years of listening to the doctors and what ingredients they loved, and combined that with my chemistry and formulation knowledge to design my first range.” With a new business in tow, a fresh product line is imminent. “Once I sold The Dermal Diary, I reformulated as I felt it was time to keep up with the ever-changing technological advancements, and am formally launching my new range, Ragan Skin, in 2023.”

Used in conjunction, Isabella also vouches for technology such as the Observ and MoreMe AI systems to diagnose the skin. “In my opinion, the Observ enhances the capabilities of the skin therapist when describing every skin issue that is identified. I find it increases the trust in the therapist as there is a tangible way to point out what skin conditions are treatable and those that are not. It also provides a yardstick for the client to measure their results with, and keeps the skin therapist accountable to the results they indicate they can achieve for their client.”

The future looks bright for Isabella and her beautiful new clinic. It seems there’s nothing stopping her. n

BACK! Isabella’s first clinic was featured in Professional Beauty South Africa over a decade ago! PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY | 79 beauty escape

last word

Clemence Organic Founder

Bridget Carmady reveals how her work as a naturopath lead to her Australian Made innovative range.

Being an Australian Made product is important to me because… “We have some of the best manufacturing facilities in the world and this makes our products of a far superior quality. Our Asian customers particularly appreciate this and value Australian made products above many others.”

I’m most proud of… “Myself because I have been able to build a company that helps others, represents my most inner values and is able to help myself and my family live our best life.”

My mantra is… “Always do your best with whatever resources you have available at the time.”

My goal this year is… “To further improve our products and grow our customer base, both in Australia and overseas.”

I came up with the concept for the brand while… “I had been practising as a Naturopath for some time, making products for my clients to resolve their skin issues. (I had the confidence to do this after making a balm for my father years earlier which had successfully resolved his radiation dermatitis.) On a family holiday to France I spent time visiting natural skincare shops and factories, and realised that the products I had been making were actually quite good in comparison. I came home and spent a year working to get them shelf stable, designing packaging and researching how to run an organic skincare brand. I launched Clemence Organics in July 2016.”

Biggest life lesson I have learnt in business…. “Communicate with your customers. I find that being open and honest with my customers has led to stronger relationships and customer loyalty.”

One of the most special moments in launching Clemence Organics was… “Gifting my sister my first packaged products. She only had a few months to live at that point and I felt so proud to show her what I had created.”

I can’t live without beauty buy is… “The Clemence Organics Repair Face Serum. It makes my skin feel instantly soothed, hydrated and restored. I don’t go anywhere without it.”

I would tell this to my younger self… “Don’t be afraid to try. I’ve wasted plenty of time being too afraid to give things a go, only to regret it later.”

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