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Must-have heroes for 2021

NEW! neck fit contour serum • Immediately tightens skin, and tones it over time • Visibly lifts skin's appearance • Smoothes and firms with Retinol-like results

NEW! professional neck fit refining masque *Only available for Dermalogica stockists.

• Refines for brighter, more even skin • Firms for plump, smooth skin and to soften the appearance of fine lines • Lifts with modalities and massage

Become a Dermalogica stockist, visit

#HoldThePose Dermalogica’s NEW! Neck Fit Contour Serum campaign #HoldThePose features Ella Havelka, the first Aboriginal woman to join the Australian Ballet. With a focus on leading with education to support Australian First Nation Girls, Dermalogica have also partnered with the Stars Foundation. Dermalogica are proud to support the Stars by providing career mentorship and employment pathways, and raise awareness of this cause throughout 2021.

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• • • •

• Equipped with a tilting needle plate that adapts to the surface of the skin to ensure perpendicular needle penetration & minimal epidermal trauma

Visibly reduce wrinkles Treat acne scarring Reduce the depth of scars Normalise skin structure

ALL WHILST • Reducing pore size • Improving skin texture • Stimulating growth factors to activate collagen synthesis

GLOBAL CERTIFICATIONS • Medical device certification (CE0123) according to MDD and DIN EN ISO 13485 standard • ARTG: 315425

1300 420 223

• Small cartridge head, containing 6 x 32 gauge needles, allows the aesthetician/practitioner to carefully treat all contours of the treatment area • Adjustable speed & needle depth - allows precise control of up to 900 microchannels per second depending on skin density & condition • Patented safety membrane in the disposable cartridge prevents contamination of the handpiece • Engineered and manufactured in Germany

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education, chemistry and skin solutions


a bespoke skincare regime that begins with dermaviduals Skincare should do exactly that, care for the skin, which is why dermaviduals is formulated with physiological ingredients and without surfactants, fragrances, preservatives, parabens, common emulsifiers, perfumes, mineral oils, silicones, amines or colours.

ee • derm av y fr elt

is proudly c als ru idu

ee • derm av y fr elt

1300 420 223

is proudly c als ru idu


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Viewpoint – The most important tool to boost your revenue


Skincare – Australian made serums


Makeup – Youth-boosting products


Nails – Bright shades


Waxing – Best of products


New products


Masterclass – Ocean Road launches the latest must have beauty essentials


Education – Top leaders reveal their education strategies


Homegrown Heroes – Lumira


Skinfluencers – Single vs multi-use devices


Marketing – Lisa Conway on taking care of business


Interiors – Reimagine your salon in 2021



Salon Profile – Salon Lane


Beauty Barometer – The RF


no downtime treatment 72

Book Excerpt – Beautiful Unique Faces


Talking Beauty with Hannah Gay


Beauty Escape – Lilianfels Resort & Spa


Last Word – Aspect


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In this issue we chat with Lydia Jordane who has announced LYCON is very excited to launch its brand-new LYCON Skin collection, a premium bioceutical skincare with complex ‘superhero’ ingredients that make significant visible differences. Find out all the details on page 24.



Welcome to the first issue of the year! It seems 2021 has kicked off with a refreshingly positive vibe with beauty businesses keen to build upon the lessons learnt during a tough year in 2020. With strategies in place many have adapted to the changing landscape and have hit the ground running. Every salon owner is looking for ways to bolster revenue and in this edition in Viewpoint I chat with long term business advisor Graham Hendrickson about the one tool that businesses can put in place to thrive going forward. Check out page 22. One of the most important foundations of business is education – chat to any salon owner or supplier and they will reveal the enormous investment in up to date learning tools for staff. We chatted to some of the industry’s top leaders to find out about their educational strategies for this year and how they have adapted to the changing market. Page 44. This issue, as always, is jam packed with the latest news to keep you ahead of the game – one hot topic of debate is how to choose the right equipment for your salon. Beauty Editor Hannah Gay shines the spotlight on the important decision of investing in devices – find out the pros and cons of splurging on a multi-functional device and a single use piece of equipment in our Skinfluencer article on page 60. Our not to be missed beauty pages are dedicated to the fabulous homegrown beauty brands that are proudly labelled Australian Made – with so many products that come across our desk, we love to see the incredible local offering that is sought after globally. Find out the standouts on page 28. We have so many exciting plans for 2021 and look forward to sharing the journey with you this year. Stay safe.


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Lisa Feleppa It’s a new year, new you salon vibe. We check in with Comfortel’s Brand Marketing Manager to chat about the latest trends to suit your style that won’t break the budget from the natural remedy to the laid back resort style finishings. “2021 is all about embracing a style you love that represents your brand, “ she says. Turn to page 64 for some serious inspiration.

We chat to Graham about the best sales tool to boost your profits this year on page 22. “In our work as a management consulting firm, we’ve found that salons have a unique advantage over other outlets. That advantage is ‘trust’ and it’s something consumers rate ahead of any other factor when it comes to purchase decisions.”

Lisa Conway We love the sassy style and advice from Zing’s Lisa Conway who imparts her wisdom on how beauty businesses can position themselves to thrive during 2021 on page 62. “Remember your vision in good times and bad, connect with your tribe both your team and your clients and build a financial buffer and you will be around to go another round of whatever life throws at you.”

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On our RADAR



Internationally acclaimed ingestible beauty brand Advanced Nutrition Programme has arrived in Australia. Founded in 2006 by David Alpert, the brand prides itself on delivering products based on two key pillars – daily skin health and targeted skin solutions. The line is geared towards what the company describes as ‘the vitamintellectual’ – a customer educated in the efficacy of oral ingredients in treating the skin. The company also has a strong focus on environmentally sound practices, retailing their products with sustainable packaging and biodegradable lids. For distribution enquiries, contact Margifox Distributors on 1300 850 008.


a recent report found that the global

DISPOSABLE TWEEZERS market was likely to surpass

$US380.6 million by 2027




Terri Vinson and the team behind Synergie Skin have recently released a skincare product containing 21 percent niacinamide – both an Australian and world first. The brand’s XCell B Serum is marketed for its formidable hydrating capabilities and was formulated to suit all skin types. “Niacinamide has become an increasingly popular ingredient in the last decade and is one of my favourite ingredients due to the multitude of cosmeceutical benefits,” Terri explains. “I thought it was time to take my original, award-winning Vitamin B formula and see how I could create an even more potent option.” The serum retails for $129. For more information, contact Synergie Skin on 1300 689 619.


Australia’s endota has taken home the award for Most Sustainable Face Moisturiser at the Global Beauty & Wellness Awards 2020 (GBWA). The brand’s Organics Deep Hydration Face Moisturiser beat out a slew of submissions and was judged based on factors such as ingredients, sustainability, usability, innovation and packaging. Ivana Pur, chemical engineer and GBWA Jury Member, honoured the brand for having “developed products with a high level of natural and organic ingredients, with packages manufactured locally, using solar energy and made out of recycled plastic.” For enquiries, contact endota on 03 5971 8700.



Caronlab has launched a line of wellness gifting solutions with the offering geared to increasing the bottom line of its salon distributors. The brand’s stylishly designed, monochromatic packaging features across a range of products, including hand and body washes, candles and lotions. Products are eco-friendly, manufactured in Victoria in a 5-star energy efficient factory and are packaged in 100 percent recyclable plastic. Vegan and cruelty-free, the line features Australian native active ingredients and is marketed toward the luxury-minded customer. For enquiries, contact the Ocean Road team direct at


Oz Hair & Beauty is heading back to its roots with the opening of its flagship bricks and mortar store at Sydney’s QVB. Originally operating as a hair salon in the 1980s, the business transitioned to a digital model in 2012 when Anthony Nappa saw an opportunity to sell hair and beauty products virtually to a growing market of Australian online shoppers. In January 2021, the business will be reimagined as a physical space; one that combines a hair salon, skin clinic and retail store in one and offers a range of services including clinical skin services such as facial, IPL and skin observation with OBSERV 520. The store is located on the Lower Ground of the Queen Victoria Building, 455 George St, Sydney NSW 2000.


Louise Walsh International (LWI), the UK-based company behind Plasma Pen, is now partnering with Advanced Cosmeceuticals to distribute its non-invasive device range to Australian salons. The brand’s product line-up includes Plasma Pen Ultra and Plasma Pen Platinum – both designed to lift, tighten and shrink excess skin, as well as HyaPenPro – a recently developed hyaluronic acid filler delivery device that is both TGA and FDA registered. To learn more, contact Advanced Cosmeceuticals on 1800 242 011.




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EXPERIENCE 3D PRECISION Vivace RF Microneedling Vivace offers a safer and more effective treatment utilising radiofrequency and microneedling to gently heat the targeted area underneath the epidermis for optimal results, with minimal downtime. MINIMAL DOWNTIME COMFORTABLE TREATMENT GREAT RESULTS!


1 month after 4th treatment

Courtesy of Dr Shobhna Singh


1 month after 4th treatment

Courtesy of Dr Shobhna Singh

Start your Vivace journey today

Treatment indications • • • • • •

Acne and acne scarring Fine lines and wrinkles Skin rejuvenation Stretch marks Skin tightening Enlarged pores

#VIVACESKIN Cynosure Australia Cynosure Australia

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NEWS AVOID BURNOUT IN 2021 We have big expectations for 2021, but the toll on our mental health needs to be managed. Let’s all agree that 2020 wasn’t our best year. Chances are, if you own a salon, you’re already plugging away at ways to make up some of the income you lost last year. And while that’s all well and good – and necessary – it can put a lot of pressure on a person. And unrelenting pressure can be a direct route to burnout-ville. Here’s our list on how to avoid burning out in 2021.

Have time away

It sounds counter-intuitive, we know, but sometimes the way to do better work is to take a break from it. And we don’t mean 20 minutes of it. “Give yourself a day, if you can, where you spend time on something that isn’t your business,” says organisational psychologist Janice Waters. “It can take several hours to really switch off, but it’s important that you do. Living and breathing your work isn’t as productive as people often think.”

Pay attention to your body

Our bodies tend to give us fair warning when burnout is approaching, and it’s important that we listen. “Ignoring things like back and shoulder pain, stress headaches or digestion issues is likely to compound the problem,” says Janice. “Listen to your body’s warnings and slow down. You’re of no use to your business if you can’t get out of bed.”

Get your sleep

Of course as business owners, we’re used to burning the midnight oil, but getting adequate sleep is important, says Janice. “Get it when you can, and if you can’t, change your schedule so you can. Sleep is nonnegotiable. We are not machines, if our bodies aren’t recharged properly, we’ll break. It’s as simple at that.”

Get outside

Even better, join an outdoor sports team. “The camaraderie of being part of a team, is really positive,” says Janice. “Working together to achieve a good result is exhilarating when it works. And it gives you something else to focus your energy on. Not to mention the physical health benefits.”

Recognise when you need help

If you feel like you’re headed towards a burnout, ask for help, says Janice. “Whether it’s your family, a friend, business partner or a professional, speak up. Dealing with burnout in its early stages is always going to be easier than trying to fix a complete breakdown.”




CPCA CALLS FOR LASER REGULATORY CHANGE The CPCA says there needs to be tighter rules for just who is able to carry out laser treatments. The Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA) has long been an avid advocate for patient safety, especially with regards to unregulated laser use in Australia. For many years, the CPCA has been lobbying industry bodies about this very subject with the aim that uniform, national laser regulation be introduced. Currently the regulations governing the use of lasers among states and territories vary significantly, ranging from minimal state regulations to none at all. While Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia have some form of regulation, with Queensland’s being the strictest, our two most populated cities, Sydney and Melbourne, have no regulation at all. However, as CPCA President, Dr Michael Molton points out, even in the states where regulation exists, the actual enforcement of those regulations is often lacking. “In Australia, there are a wide range of practitioners performing cosmetic medicine procedures, with different degrees of training and experience, education and understanding and unfortunately, this means there is a wide discrepancy in skill levels and the undertaking of responsibility,” said Dr Molton. Registered healthcare professionals are tightly bound by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) that enforce strict standards of advertising and procedure. Those that are not governed by the same regulations, such as the type of non- medical personnel highlighted in last night’s program, have the freedom to advertise and effectively lure members of the public in a more enticing manner, without having to disclose their level of training and expertise. As with all technology, performing laser treatments in a manner that ensures patient safety involves a steep learning curve. “At this time, all that’s required is adequate money to purchase the laser device and set-up shop. The CPCA believes this is incubating an environment where untrained operators are in fact, experimenting on unsuspecting members of the public, while they hone their skills,” says Dr Molten. “The patient visits a practitioner in good faith, and they have every right to believe they are being treated by an experienced professional,” said Dr Molton. Moving forward, the CPCA aims to work together with industry bodies in a collaborative manner to lobby for the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) to act quickly on this matter, as national regulation and enforcement of these regulations is well overdue. Far too many people have suffered pain, burns and permanent scarring as a result of government inaction.

Next-Generation Plasma Delivery to Lift, Tighten & Shrink Excess Skin Plasma PenTM by Louise Walsh International is one of the most advanced non-invasive, nitrogen plasma devices on the market. German engineered and designed, Plasma Pen delivers next-generation plasma delivery, making it the number one solution for aesthetics and medical professionals worldwide.

des Inclu lass ld-C Wor ning Trai s ram Prog


Crow’s Feet


Nasolabial Folds



TGA Registered, CE Certified and FDA Registered

Contact us today

1800 242 011



COVID-PROOFING YOUR MAKE-UP KIT While 2021 is set to be a continuation of social distancing and safe practices, our make-up artists are needing to overhaul their entire kits in order to comply with the safety standards. While much of the directive is common-sense based, such as wearing masks where possible and sanitising often, artists are finding that certain guidelines are putting a financial burden on their hip pocket. Marley Angus, a Melbourne-based make-up artist, has had to resort to purchasing single-use make-up brushes, at a cost that greatly affects her bottom line. “There are certain things that I have always used disposable versions of, such as mascara and brow spoolies, but you just don’t get great quality with disposable foundation brushes or eyeshadow and contouring brushes,” the freelance make-up artists says. But, she says, it’s impossible to properly sanitise her much loved brushes to the degree required to combat any possibility of COVID transmission. “Plus, soaking them in alcohol that often would just ruin them,” she says. In addition, double-dipping is a big no-no. And that may sound like easy enough advice to follow, until you consider an eyeshadow palette or the like. “We’re needing to dig out lumps of eye shadow from the palette and put it into a petri dish and use that, rather than placing the used brush back onto the palette, which is fine in theory, but the amount of wastage is huge,” Marley says. As frustrating as the wastage and the additional outlay of cash is, Marley concedes that the alternative – not being able to work, or worse, passing on the COVID 19 virus – isn’t worth the risk. “Look, everyone’s losing out at the moment. We just need to find a way to do our work safely, and be happy that we’re working at all.”

Some COVIDSafe tips for make-up artists: • Never put lashes on a client if they have been worn by another person. You cannot sanitise eyelashes. • Never double dip. • Always use disposable sponges and mascara wands. • Sanitise everything with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. • If you double dip into a product, throw it away. • Use disposable brushes if you can’t properly sanitise between clients. • Carry hand sanitiser in your kit. Wash your hands with soap and water between clients. This is more effective than using hand sanitiser only. • Never use lipstick from the tube on clients. Scrape a bit with your spatula onto a palette and use a brush or disposable lip brushes.

FALLOUT FROM THE JOBKEEPER CUTS It’s been three short weeks since JobKeeper payments were cut, and the knock-on effect the adjustments have had on some salons is clear. The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) Kate Carnell says many small business owners are struggling to keep staff on as they feel the impact of JobKeeper cuts. “While some small businesses are doing well, there are a significant proportion of small businesses that are still doing it tough,” Ms Carnell says.

“JobKeeper was reduced again on 4 January 2021, and with some eligible businesses unable to afford to top up wages, they are having to reduce the hours of their staff. It means staff are resigning to go to jobs offering more hours and pay.” Ms Carnell says while the JobKeeper program was originally designed to allow businesses to keep their existing staff, the economic recovery is presenting new challenges for some small businesses, including salons. “Under JobKeeper rules, eligible businesses cannot replace their staff with a new staff member and still attract the government payment. Unfortunately this rule has the unintended consequence of increasing the divide between the haves and have nots in the small business sector. Ms Carnell says the adjustments have really hit alreadystruggling businesses in a big way. “It’s imperative that the government changes JobKeeper so that small businesses that have been hit hardest by the COVID crisis can replace their staff to help them get their businesses back up-and-running. Our national economic recovery will be driven by jobs growth and that’s why it’s critical to support small business employers during this difficult time to allow them to survive, grow and hire in the future.”


NEWS WANT TO MENTOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF SALON OWNERS? The Federal Government is looking for female business owners to mentor the next generation. Let’s be frank here and assume that you own your salon because you love the beauty industry. Let’s also assume that you’ve had your share of trainees and apprentices work in your salon. But what if you could be a mentor to other women who also dream of owning their own salon? The Australian government is seeking qualified and experienced individuals to become mentors for women entrepreneurs, establishing a pool of mentors to provide advice and knowledge to women entrepreneurs forms part of the expanded Boosting Female Founders Initiative. “We encourage potential mentors to respond to the Request for Tender (RFT) through AusTender. The RFT will be open until 1 February 2021,” said a government representative. “Mentoring startups is an empowering experience that benefits both mentors and mentees. For a mentor, it is an opportunity to share the knowledge and expertise gained through the years and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. Mentoring provided under the Initiative will help foster female entrepreneurship and harness the full potential of the startups. This will have a positive social impact and help to create jobs and grow the national economy.” Acknowledging the disproportionate challenges faced by disadvantaged groups, the programme is seeking a diverse mentor cohort. Mentors with experience assisting regional or remote, Indigenous or migrant-owned businesses and those founded by people with a disability are strongly encouraged to register their interest. Applicants will be assessed on the types of mentoring they’re able to provide and their area of expertise. Mentors will provide guidance and advice through one on one mentoring specifically designed to help each founder establish, grow and scale their startup. Applicants must be able to provide women founders with guidance and advice designed to help them establish, grow and scale their startups and to achieve their business objectives. What is the Boosting Female Founders Initiative? The Initiative provides co-funded grants from $25,000 to up to $480,000 for female-founded startups that are majority-owned and led by women. The funding aims to help women entrepreneurs to overcome the disadvantages faced in getting access to finance and support to grow their businesses.




WHY YOU NEED A LOYALTY PROGRAM Your customers come to you because you offer a great service, sure. But they’re also savvy and likely watching their purse strings. If your salon doesn’t have a loyalty program, it’s probably time to consider it. Given the year we’ve all had, client retention is more important than ever before. And chances are that our clients are watching their pennies. “Beauty treatments are being touted as an important method of self-care,” says business advisor Sean MacNamara. “But even so, they’re an expense. So when it comes to spending money, clients are being picky about where they spend, and what value they’re getting, more now than ever.” With that in mind, loyalty programs are important. They encourage repeat business through the promise of a reward. “Whether it’s a tenth treatment for free, or a complimentary service when they’ve spent a certain amount of money, loyalty programs are exactly that; developed to encourage your clients to stay with you.” While it can seem counter-intuitive to offer freebies in order to stay in business, Sean is adamant that it can pay off. “Otherwise, people will always be looking out for a salon that offers a better price, or looking for promotions offered by other therapists in a bid to save money. And they’re obviously within their rights to do that; it’s their money. But if you have them enrolled in a loyalty program, with a worthwhile reward to be working towards, they’re significantly less likely to look elsewhere.” The other trick, Sean says, is to put a time limit on the rewards. “If the reward, for example, is a free massage once they reach a spend of $500, then you should suggest that they must spend that $500 within six months, for instance. The goal is to have them consistently spending money with you. Otherwise you could have these programs running for years when really, what you want is to have them reach their target, claim their reward and start again.”






ARE YOU USING SMS MARKETING? You have your customers’ phone numbers. Now put them to good use. At 98 per cent, SMS has one of the highest open rates of any platform, with most of us opening a text within 90 seconds of hearing that enticing little beep. So it makes sense that

using texting as a marketing tool is reportedly one of the most effective methods of reaching your clients. According to marketing expert James Connolly, SMS marketing has a higher ROI than any other platform. “While opening rates are extremely high, response rates are also high, about 30 per cent. And what’s more, about 50 per cent of responders go ahead and make a purchase. That’s significantly higher with regards to engagement and conversion that any other method of marketing,” says James. But what to put in your message? While SMS marketing has great results, flooding your clients’ inbox can have an adverse effect. “At best, they’ll ignore you. At worst, they’ll unsubscribe,” says James. “So use the tool when it’s relevant – to tell your client base about a great deal, to remind them about appointments, or to alert them to a competition.” Even better, James suggests tailoring your client list to ensure they only receive SMS alerts that are relevant to them. “If you have an older client that comes to you for anti-ageing treatments, then a promotion on teen age acne is of no use to her,” James says. “Make sure the text is something they care about, otherwise they’ll zone out and you won’t get a second chance with them.” Getting started is as simple as subscribing to a tool, such as Twilio, MessageMedia or Yotpo, and getting your plan in order. “The basic principal is to keep it simple, make the message clear, and ensure it’s relevant,” says James.

BEAUTY WORKERS TO LEARN DENTAL TECHNIQUES The hunt for new revenue is leading salon owners to train in teeth whitening techniques. It’s little wonder that many salon owners are looking at opportunities to increase their revenue in 2021. Enter Alison Egan and Maria Lucas, directors of The Institute of Aesthetic Teeth Whitening, and their plan to help beauty therapists upskill in an effort to broaden their client offering. Both veterans of the teeth whitening and dental profession (Alison is the mastermind behind the multi-million dollar franchise business Sparkling White Smile, while Maria has over 14 years’ experience in dental clinics), the pair has established a series of learning modules that educates and equips students in the industry of teeth whitening. It delivers the latest in knowledge that is of a high grade standard making the course appropriate from beauty technicians through to dental healthcare professionals. It has been purposely built to meet the current needs of the market by utilising highly specialised digital media, videography and animation to deliver exceptional content to its audience. Of the move to educate beauty therapists on teeth whitening, Maria exclusively told Professional Beauty: “Clients will seek beauty treatments in the quest to feel good about themselves, better their appearance and regain confidence. It is no denying that teeth whitening – for suitable customers – is a simple, relatively non-invasive and common procedure

that helps to achieve these outcomes. Thoughtful discussion between therapist and client, along with skilful business development, means that teeth whitening treatments are an effective way to add services – and revenue – to any beauty clinic.” “At IATW, the founders believe that everyone should be exposed to as much knowledge as possible and they want all those doing teeth whitening treatments on clients to be educated with the most current and up to date training techniques. This is to ensure that the customer is always the priority in every situation. An industry first, the founders are on a mission to break down the divide and come together as a community so all operators are better informed at making decisions and doing treatments, with the best interest of the consumer always.”




✓ Created for Dermal Clinicians and Doctors ✓ Plastic Surgeon Formulated

Restoring Brightening Creme Peptides, botanicals & ADT to lighten & brighten dull and pigmented skin

Restoring Youth Serum Total Wrinkle Therapy Complex, Tri-C complex and stem cells to lift, firm and brighten

Restoring Post Treatment Masque Advanced cooling gel masque for post-procedure skin

Restoring Retinol Crème Encapsulated time-released retinol, peptides & AHAs for advanced anti-aging results

Restoring Collagen Recovery Eye Gel Peptides & stem cells to firm and brighten eye area

Utilising the most advanced delivery technology (ADT) & active ingredients available in the skincare industry. The Science Of Skin Health. Image MD features clinical advancements in skincare technology for transformative results. With breakthrough ingredients, including collagen-supporting peptides, encapsulated retinol, AHAs and unique concentrates, this collection reduces wrinkles, strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier and supports optimal hydration and skin elasticity.

Distributed by Professional Beauty Solutions (PBS).

Call 1800 625 387 or visit for more information.






Australian beauty salons are rated highly for technical skills but considered weak when it comes to selling retail products. Is selling retail products really important to a salon business and if so, why do so few do it well? Graham Hendrickson reveals the most powerful way to boost revenue this year.

THE BEST PLACE to start is with the question - ‘Would you like fries with that?’ Confused? Ok, let me explain. ‘Would you like fries with that?’ is a sales technique credited to McDonald’s Restaurants. It emerged at a time when their customers were purchasing burgers but little else. Wanting to increase the turnover and profitability of their restaurants, research suggested it could be achieved simply by increasing the number of items purchased by existing customers. The same research indicated this solution would cost less and require less effort than what was needed to attract more customers. So, staff were instructed to ask those who only ordered a burger - ‘Would you like fries with that?’ and overnight the sales of fries, soft drinks and sundaes went through the roof. Since then, this sales technique has been adopted by retailers across the world. So, if you were to purchase a pair of polished leather shoes from a store, you can expect to be asked if you would like shoe polish or spare laces with your purchase. Even online retailers have adopted this principle by using auto pop-ups to suggest related merchandise to what customers are purchasing before they checkout.




Insight into consumer buying behaviour can help explain why this technique is so successful: • The main purchase decision generates the most objections. Once this decision is made, additional related items are much easier to sell. • Consumers forget to purchase related items or may not be aware of them unless prompted. Now, we all know salons don’t sell burgers or fries. But replace the burger with a treatment or service and fries could be a cosmeceutical treatment cream; products that help maintain or continue to improve skin condition between salon visits. To answer the question of importance, you only need to look at the money Australian consumers spend on beauty products. According to research published by Mordor Intelligence Pty Ltd in November 2016 - the Australian cosmetics market was worth $4.98 billion in 2015 and is projected to grow to $ 7.76 billion by the start of this year. Now, that is a lot of products that promote, maintain, or improve skin condition. So, if consumers are not buying these products from a salon, they must be shopping elsewhere – and that’s from supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies and on-line.






Affordable Medical Skincare Simple. Effective. Affordable Internet Protected No Set Opening Orders FREE Samples Available Average price per serum $60


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ATP infused skincare



When it comes to the benefits of selling retail products, there’s a lot more than just additional sales: 1. Retail Products provide the opportunity to generate incremental sales and profit for the business and represents one of the few ways a salon can increase the $ return per/client or $ return per/hour. 2. Selling retail products allows a salon to extend the salon experience to the clients’ home. 3. Retail products create an additional reason for clients to visit/return and provide the means for promotions and reward clients. 4. The display of retail products can make a powerful visual impression. This makes a salon more visible, enhances its appeal and can attract passing traffic and new clients (walk-ins). Are consumers more likely to purchase their beauty products from a salon than from the traditional places where they buy? Putting aside the fact that the time between salon visits is typically 4 to 8 weeks which corresponds to quantity/usage rate of most retail products - the answer is yes. In our work as a management consulting firm, we’ve found that salons have a unique advantage over other outlets. That advantage is ‘trust’ and it’s something consumers rate ahead of any other factor when it comes to purchase decisions. When asked why they continue to return to the same salon rather than venture somewhere else, the number one response was trust. Allowing another person into your personal space and to touch you requires considerable trust and it’s this trust that sustains the relationship between client and practitioner. Clients believe the advice they receive and follow the recommendation made by their beauty therapist and do so because they trust them. Now, that we’ve established the benefits to be gained and the advantages salons have over other outlets, we can turn our attention to what needs to change for this to happen. Professional beauty products will not sell themselves no matter how beneficial they are or how attractive the packaging. Even though they’re perfectly positioned to be the ‘go to’ option for beauty products, the reality is that salons in general have failed to capitalise on the advantage. To sell them successfully requires skill, knowledge, and confidence. Good retailers have this along with high standards of product merchandising and a disciplined approach to inventory management. But unfortunately, the professional training that beauty therapists receive in order to qualify doesn’t include much in the way of retail management. As a result, it’s not high on their agenda or something they’re passionate about. Most salon owners fail to give it much attention, are uncomfortable with selling and leave retail products to sell themselves. Under such circumstances, you don’t need to be a scholar or a management consulting firm to recognise that in order to gain the commitment of a salon owner to retail your brand you need to provide them with the opportunity to generate retail sales with the least amount of effort and least investment in stock. Yet, from my experience you will be hard pressed to find a supplier who’s figured this out. To have any hope of capitalising on the relationship between salons and their clients, the manufacturers and distributors of retail products must consider a salons trading context. These are the contributing factors that apply to how a typical salon operates and they include:



• The traditional pathway to salon ownership is through success as a therapist. Therefore, success depends on technical expertise and skill rather than experience in retail management. • Just like the entrepreneurs in any other industry, salon owners have put everything on the line to start their own business. Every spare moment is spent ‘doing’ business with little or no time left to consider ‘how’ they do business. • Most feel uncomfortable with selling – concerned that clients will feel pressured to purchase. • To sell effectively, salons need product knowledge training, coaching in effective selling techniques and educating in inventory management. • It’s fair to assume that consumers want the best products to suit their individual needs at an affordable price.

When choosing a retail brand for a salon, the first thing you should do is ask for the brand strategy. That’s because the brand strategy will: • Provide evidence that there is a plan in place to achieve growth • Indicate how invested the distributor or supplier is in achieving success • Provide some measure for the level of support you can expect for stocking the brand. If it’s a long-term relationship you want, then you need to be confident of the sales turnover you can expect to generate, starting with the first 12 months. As brand strategy experts, we can say with confidence that any brand worth its salt will require its sales force to submit sales targets for each account. So, it’s therefore in your best interest to know this figure. It’s most likely that this figure will be based on wholesale purchases and not retail sales, but it’s easy to calculate one from the other. It’s also important to remember the first 12 months target will include the opening order and you will need to set your budget based on the estimated sell-through per month. Retail products don’t sell themselves, so when considering your expected sales turnover, you need to examine the brand strategy to ensure you have the necessary tools to achieve it. You should check for the following: • New Product Launches • Product Promotions • Marketing Campaigns • Print and Digital Advertising • Co-operative Advertising If it’s not covered in the brand strategy, then ask specifically for the distribution strategy. The last thing you need is to put a whole lot of effort into a brand only to find it’s now being sold by your competitors. When reviewing the distribution strategy, pay attention to the following: • The account criteria • Who makes the final decision? • Current places where the brand is sold? (distribution network and types of retailers) • What geographical rules apply to stockists? • Is there a minimum turnover requirement? • Order shipping costs (order value for free delivery) • You should also enquire about the order supply rate and check if there’s anything to suggest a possible difficult in getting stock of best sellers.

I also recommend that you find out how Sales Representative are remunerated (commission Vs base salary). This can have a significant effect on how they behave and the level of support you can expect as a stockist. If their income is based purely on commission or sales turnover, then you should be alert for aggressive sales tactics and ensure all returns and credits are processed promptly and keep a close eye on the age of your inventory.

How to choose the right brand for your salon The process of choosing a brand when there are many on offer can be overwhelming. To help with your decision making it’s best to identify the top 10 critical factors you want from a brand and rate each candidate out of 10 for each of the criteria you’ve set. Here are some of the issues you might wish to consider. • Point of sale and display material supplied along with the opening order. • How and when will product training, sales education be provided. • Advice and tools relating to inventory management and ordering procedures. • In the case where a new brand is to replace an existing one, you can always request the new brand to help to clear the discontinued stock of the old. It’s not uncommon for new brands to purchase what remains of the competitors’ stock or provide a mark down subsidy to help clear it to fast track the opening order. • Price position and level of exclusivity. • Return of aged stock/ mark-down subsidy of slow sellers.

The five golden rules Regardless of the selection process you follow or the criteria you apply in making your decision – Here are the five points to consider. 1. Choose your brands carefully and think about long-term benefit. 2. Make an informed decision and that can include getting some independent advice. 3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 4. Appoint a member if the team as the champion to oversee this part of your business and rewards them for it. 5. Have an exit strategy if it fails. By now you should have a good understanding of the sales principle – ‘Will you have fries with that?’ and the value it represents to beauty salons to help boost your profits in 2021. n

Graham Henrickson has a degree in Organisational Psychology and a 35+ year track-record of success in executive management. He spent 13 years at Myer including buying and marketing for Prestige Cosmetics & Fragrances then General Manager for Clarins Paris for 3 years. He founded idResults 12 years ago on the principle that expert help and advice should be affordable for a business of any size. Check out

KITOMBA DELIVERS REPORTS ON ALL THE KEY INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW. We believe KPIs are important because they represent behaviours, outcomes and experiences that happen in the salon. What Kitomba does brilliantly is it turns experiences into numbers that you can measure and monitor, and it makes it really easy to do that.

Lynden Mason

Director, Vivo Hair & Skin Clinics Talk to us: 1800 161 101



Changing the paradigm of beauty LYCON Cosmetics, one of Australia’s leading brands, features many established, award winning coveted skincare and waxing products. Thorough Research and Development, rigorous product efficacy and stability testing is crucial before any LYCON product ends up in the hands of professionals and their clients. Anita Quade chats to Lydia Jordane about navigating skincare options.

LOOKING AT PERSONAL skincare options can be a confusing exercise. It is difficult to find products that will give the desired results, therefore many products sit in bathroom cabinets barely used because of a poor outcome. This creates a lack of enthusiasm and confidence in consumers to try again. For this reason and many more, LYCON is very excited to launch its brand-new LYCON Skin collection, a premium bioceutical skincare with complex ‘superhero’ ingredients that make significant visible differences.




LYCON has long standing skincare development and manufacturing experience that spans almost 50 years, with further diverse experience beyond that. LYCON Skin is formulated using LYCON’s new Adaptive Skin Science Technology, which makes each product multi-faceted and multifunctional, shifting the paradigm of what skincare should be like. LYCON Skin is all about a minimalist skincare collection that is easy and simple to use, with a big personality, and strong, long lasting skin corrective results.

AT LYCON, WE NEVER SKIMP ON QUALITY. WE TAKE PRIDE IN BEING THE BEST AND QUITE SIMPLY, WE LOVE EXCEEDING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – IT’S IN OUR LYCON DNA. “A dream come true, very necessary in this day and age,” says Lydia Jordane. This does not happen overnight. It is coupled with the experience of LYCON CEO & Founder Lydia Jordane, who is a world-renowned aesthetician and entrepreneur. Her involvement in the beauty sphere dates as far back as her childhood in Europe in the early 50’s when Lydia would always be meddling in her father’s cosmetic chemist laboratory, under his feet or on his lab bench, often with a lot of creams all over herself. These days all R&D at LYCON Cosmetics is conducted by LYCON’s inhouse cosmetic chemist, with decades of cosmetic science experience, sharing Lydia’s passion for all things LYCON, beauty, thorough ingredient research and rigorous functionality testing. A lot goes on behind the scenes before any product reaches the lit-up shelves in any shop. LYCON does not skimp on ingredients, always including the recommended ingredient dosages in each formula, ensuring LYCON lives up to and continues to be recognised for its results-driven, high quality products. This does not happen overnight, it is dependent on thorough testing, evaluating, painstaking detail and stability testing, before scrutinising over packaging design, marketing and necessary training. Lydia is not a newbie in the development and launching of new products or associated training programmes. She has a keen eye for detail and is one of Australia’s foremost pioneers in the beauty industry, first starting with her wax making experiments on the family kitchen stove in 1968 for her own personal use. She became an aesthetician in 1977, followed by the manufacturing of LYCON waxing products and skincare from 1978, that is now exported to over 75 countries. LYCON Skin - Adaptive technology. No two skins are the same and to top it all off, most have a combination of different skin conditions and concerns on different areas of the face, with conflicting needs. In addition, individual skin needs change daily, depending on its chemistry, climatic conditions, pollution factors, genetics, nutrition, as well as environmental and emotional stress factors. Considering skin changes throughout the day, it is necessary that the skin’s intricate needs are continuously addressed with dependable skincare. LYCON has taken their core A-Beauty values of simple, natural ingredients that work overtime to deliver outstanding visible results, amplifying performance and simplicity by

harnessing the natural bioceutical ingredients which intelligently adapt to individual skin changes and needs. Traditionally, skincare products have been solely focused on one skin type as conventional ingredients have often been heavy-handed and simplistic in their interaction with the skin. However, by embracing natural biotechnology, LYCON have carefully employed smart bioceutical ingredients and complexes that work with the skin’s own protective and restorative ability to achieve effective results that harmoniously adapt to the skin’s needs, regardless of each skin type. The result is a minimalistic fuss-free skincare regime featuring products that are suited to all skin types, effortlessly delivering the visible results that everyone aspires to. The hero biotech ingredient that lies at the core of LYCON Skin adaptive skincare technology is Beta-Glucan. This natural polysaccharide derived from the cell walls of baker’s yeast, delicately communicates with the skin to enhance its natural protective, detoxifying, and restorative functions to bring balancing, soothing, hydrating, repairing and anti-ageing results that can be seen and felt. In addition to Beta-Glucan, LYCON Skin products also feature an intelligent and synergistic blend of other high-performing effective natural ingredients such as Peptides, Vitamins, Fruit AHAs, Rosehip Oil, Vegan Sunflower Ceramides, and multiple types of Hyaluronic Acid, to support and enhance all skin types. As if all of that wasn’t enough, LYCON Skin has been formulated to care for skin under extreme Australian conditions, so the formulas are further boosted by highly researched and results-orientated Australian botanicals such as Kakadu Plum,






Finger Lime (aka Caviar Lime), Tasmanian Pepperberry and anti-ageing Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract. This bounty of Australian botanicals provides multiple skin care benefits from antioxidant activity to cellular renewal, to soothing hydration and even the improvement of the skin’s dermal architecture to effortlessly transform the skin’s past damage and fortify it against future damage from everyday skin stressors and the general signs of ageing. LYCON Skin Adaptive Skin Science Technology understands the intricacies and nuances of the skin, allowing for each product to uniquely deliver what the skin needs, while the skin in turn takes what it needs in each specific area to achieve outstanding visible results. This new range features three masks, a hydrating anti-ageing serum, and micellar cleansing gel in retail and professional use




sizes. The dynamic masks can achieve a multitude of different results; deeply hydrate, firm, reduce excess oil flow and pore size, calm blemishes, and soothe and smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles. They are an excellent trio for multi masking treatments at home and in the salon, to cater for the different skin areas on the face, neck and décolletage. The pièce de resistance of this range is the Revitalising Hyaluronic +B5 Booster Serum, an intensive lightweight serum which provides an instant moisture surge to plump the skin from deep within. It contains dual action Hyaluronic Acid complex, Provitamin B5 and Beta Glucan, making it packed to the brim with decadent, gentle bioceutical ingredients that provide superior results, boosting the effects of LYCON Skin’s adaptive technology all day long. The beauty of the LYCON Skin collection is that it is a multi-faceted and succinct, yet a fully functional skincare of exceptional quality that makes the skin think and behave like young skin. This is why with LYCON Skin everyone can have a more youthful complexion easily and effectively without complicated regimes or unnecessary expense, and it is vegan friendly. Lydia says: “At LYCON, we never skimp on quality. We take pride in being the best and quite simply, we love exceeding customer satisfaction – it’s in our LYCON DNA!” LYCON Skin redefines the parameters of beauty. n


THE AQUAPURE II IS A MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DERMAL HYDRO FACIAL & BODY CARE DEVICE Combined with wet & dry dermabrasion, micro-focused needling and LED hand-pieces into one single system. AQUAPURE II is equipped with various proprietary solution delivery to infuse exfoliating and antioxidant ingredients into the skin, resulting in improved hydration and skin elasticity with collagen regenerating effects.

AD Peel



AD (AQUA+DIAMOND) PEEL AD Peel Technology creates channels in the skin to enhance delivery of solutions, further maximising the effects of microdermabrasion. While removing dead skin cells, it cleanses pores and delivers moisturising agents and nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin. AQUAPURE II FUNCTIONS INCLUDE • Skin Rejuvenation • Deep Exfoliation & Extraction • Skin Texture • Skin Boost • Transdermal Delivery

VACUUM ASSISTED MF (MICRO-FOCUSED) NEEDLE New transdermal delivery technology with vacuum maximises treatment comfort, efficiency and results. By using a thin needle, nutrients are supplied to the epidermis through microscopic channels and elasticity is improved through epidermal remodelling.


1300 346 448 | Micro Needle

Diamond Peel

Aqua Peel

LED Light Therapy

Distributed in Australia & New Zealand by Cryomed Aesthetics, the leaders in laser and energy based devices



Trust in these leading Oz skincare brands to deliver serums made right here at home.


Aspect Retinol Brulee – Advanced Skin Technology 1800 648 851 Biologi Regenerate Anti-Ageing Serum – Biologi 02 6686 3455 Dermaenergy Calm The Harm – Dermaenergy 1300 799 709 La Mav Hyalauronic Acid Hydra-Max Serum – La Mav 1300 052 628 Pelactiv Vita C+ Rapid C Serum + AHA – Pelactiv 02 8422 5000 Spaceuticals Super Proof B3 Perfecting Serum – Waterlily Skin Body and Spa 07 3390 3988





Alpha-H Vitamin A – Alpha-H 1800 659 777 Anthogenol Anti-Ageing Facial Serum – Phytologic 02 9700 8850 Arbré Stem Cell Serum – Arbre 02 4964 3999 asap B Super Complex – asap 1300 131 970 Natural Look Immaculate Bioactive Serum – Artav Australia 1800 805 276 Divine Woman Age Defying Gel Serum – The Divine Company 1300 416 100




YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE Mask signs of aging with our line-up of strategically selected cosmetics.

Bronsun Eyelash and Eyebrow Dye in Dark Brown – Salon Supplies and Furniture 1300 797 656 Grown Alchemist Age-Repair Tip Treatment – Grown Alchemist 03 9023 8851 Guinot Youth Perfect Finish Cream SPF 50 – Hamaya International 1300 811 024 Mavala Crayon Khol in Warm Brown – Cosimer 03 9645 1933 Mirenesse Secret Weapon Clear 4D Lash Primer – Mirenesse 1800 666 880 Skeyndor Skincare Make Up Age Preventing Foundation – Vogue Image Group 1800 554 545 SLA Studio Finish Fixing Base Skin Primer – Encore Beauty 1300 770 428 Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Light Reflecting Highlighter in Aurora – Professional Beauty Solutions 1800 625 387





Clarins Lip Comfort Oil Intense in Intense Rosewood – Clarins 1800 861 888 Elleebana Ellevate Lash Lift Mascara in #002 – Ex-Import 07 5576 6388 Jane Iredale In Touch Cream Blush in Chemistry – Margifox Distributors 1300 850 008 Napoleon Perdis Luxe Lids Eye Stix in Minx Maid & Cheeky Chestnut – Napoleon Perdis 1300 625 387 O Cosmedics O-Biome Hydrating & Setting Spray – INSKIN COSMEDICS 02 9712 8188 Sisley Phyto Cernes Eclat Eye Concealer – Sisley Paris 1300 780 800 Velvet Concepts The Ultimate Primer – Style Patisserie 02 8095 8112





BRIGHT Try your hand at these eccentric nail shades for a look that packs a punch.

Caption Nail Polish in Freakin’ Psyched and Kinda A Big Deal – Young Nails 1300 766 121 Hawley Manicure Gel Polish in Eye Candy – Think Beauty Salon Supplies Mavala Nail Color Cream in Santa Monica – Cosimer 03 9645 1933 Miss Frankie 10 Free Breathable Nail Polish in One Night Stand – Miss Frankie Nails.Inc Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Infused Nail Polish in Looking Super Juicy – Style Patisserie 02 8095 8112 Raww Nail Lacquer in Kale’d It – Total Beauty Network 03 8544 8000





Adorelle Signature Nail Polish in Banana Cream – Salon Supplies and Furniture 1300 797 656 CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish in Taffy – Pacific Nail & Beauty 07 5597 4555 Color Club Coated One Coat Nail Lacquer in One-Step Psychedelic Scene – GlamaCo 1300 343 572 Issada Professional 5-Free Nail Polish in Heidi – Issada 07 3904 2288 SLA Vernis à Ongles in Amazing Orange Neon – Encore Beauty 1300 770 428






Ensure your salon is up-to-date with the best waxing products on the market.





LEFT BodyLine Disposables Non Woven Material Disposable Apron – SalonQuip 03 9767 2777 BodyLine Disposables Spun Lace Waxing Strip – SalonQuip 03 9767 2777 Cirepil by Perron Rigot Cristalline Depilatory Non Strip Disposable Wax – BLC Cosmetics 1800 659 777 Mayamy Eyebrow and Facial Hair Depilation Wax Pen – Salon Supplies and Furniture 1300 797 656 Professional Hard Wax in Natural Apricot – SalonQuip 03 9767 2777 Xanitalia Depilatory Wax Galets – SalonQuip 03 9767 2777 ABOVE Brow Code Design & Define Microwavable Brow Styling Hot Wax – Brow Code 07 5564 6977 Crystal Clear Pure & Natural Strip Wax – SalonQuip 03 9767 2777 Epil Fresh After Hair Removal Soothing Treatment – Hamaya International 1300 811 024 Lycon Lycojet Eyebrow Hot Wax – LYCON Cosmetics Australia 07 3004 6200 Professional Bodycare Antibacterial Hand & Body Lotion – SalonQuip 03 9767 2777




THE NEW RECRUITS A break-down of the most lust-worthy product launches of late, with Hannah Gay.

Omum Light Legs Gel – Encore Beauty 1300 770 428

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid Lightweight Sunscreen Non Shiny Finish 50+ – L’Oreal Australia 1300 101 411 Mukti Calming Moisturising Crème – Mukti 1300 306 554 Alpha-H Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum – Alpha-H 1800 659 777

Lycon Skin Revitalising Hyaluronic + B5 Booster Serum LYCON Cosmetics Australia 07 3004 6200 Dermo Corrective Moisturizing Make Up Primer and Corrective Foundation Packs – Cryomed 1300 346 448

Dermalogica Neck Fit Contour Serum Dermalogica 02 8437 9600

Doctor Babor PRO Peptide PEP – BABOR Cosmetics Australia 1800 139 139




Issada Clinical Formula Skincare Range – Issada 07 3904 2288


Ginger & Me Skin Chill Globes – INSKIN COSMEDICS 02 9712 8188

Black Chicken Garshana Dry Body Brush Black Chicken 02 9310 4102

Centella Hungary Hydra-Plumping Cream Schmelzkopf Cosmetics 0433 122 201 Vita Liberata Blur Luminosity Cream Highlighter in Gold Encore Beauty 1300 770 428

Brows by Ryan Brow Lamination Kit Megan Marx

Glasshouse Sunset in Capri Soy Candle Sapphire Group 02 9757 3080

MODELROCK Lash Line and Go! in Purple MODELROCK Lashes 0414 864 186

b.tan Too Tan to Give a Damn Insanely Dark 1 Hour Self Tan Mousse – Marq Labs 1300 819 331

Medik8 H.E.O Mask Advanced Cosmeceuticals 1800 242 011

Mine Tan 1 Hour Express Pro Spray Mist – Marq Labs 1300 819 331

Kadalys Musaclean Gentle Pink Banana Micellar Gel – Encore Beauty 1300 770 428









Just like the ocean – as wild & dangerous as it is calm & beautiful – Ocean Road has captured pure indulgence in two complementing lines: one that is light, delicate and sophisticated and one that is bold, strong and robust. Together, they bring a new level of luxury to your home, leaving you encapsulated in that calm, relaxed and revitalised feeling only the ocean can give you. Photography by Ocean Road




MASTERCLASS SUSTAINABILITY The Ocean Road skincare brand was born out of a desire to unite highquality, luxurious products with an ethically conscious philosophy. Our products are proudly manufactured in our 5-star energy efficient factory on the South-West coast of Australia. The entire range is 100% vegan and crueltyfree, relying on powerful native plant nutrients and potent active ingredients to nourish the skin and improve overall skin health. The packaging is recyclable, reusable, and made with a PCR (postconsumer resin) recycled plastic.




AUSTRALIAN ACTIVES Each skincare product contains its own skin-loving active ingredient which is ethically derived and sourced from Australian nature. Each individual ingredient works to target and address a particular skin concern, remedying your unique needs and creating a new found healthy, glowing complexion. Not only will they inspire a smooth, supple complexion, but the natural properties will bathe your skin with evocative, invigorating fragrances.





SUPPORTING SALONS Ocean Road was founded by Caronlab Australia to support the beauty industry. After enduring a particularly difficult year, we believe we have the opportunity to help salons recover and thrive by giving them a muchneeded edge. Through the creation of a high-quality skincare range, without sacrifices, we want to offer salons a fantastic retail opportunity with excellent margins. Ocean Road is sold exclusively online and in beauty salons, so you will benefit from it most.



from THE SHOOT...

Greg Ure

Black Protecting Body Lotion


Tell us why you launched the ethical Ocean Road range? “We launched Ocean Road initially, because we have seen for years that gift stores were generating significant sales of basic lines such as moisturisers, body lotions and hand washes. These were sales that Beauty Salons were missing out on. We decided that there was a gap in the market for beauty salons to compete in this higher end luxury market space so we created Ocean Road and kept it exclusive to Hair and Beauty Salons.”

Black Stimulating Body Wash

White Corrective Hand Wash

White Refining Hand Cream

White Smoothing Body Scrub

You are proudly manufactured in a five star factory near your headquarters in Geelong – Tell us about that. “Our 5 star Manufacturing Facility is our headquarters, here in Geelong Victoria. This is our own factory. The same facility where we manufacture all Caronlab Australia Waxes, Creams and Lotions, Massage Oils and Bump Eraiser Products. We moved into this site in August of 2010 and the Owners of Caronlab Australia also own the building. Therefore we have been able to confidently invest in the infrastructure to reduce our ecological footprint. We have installed 350 Solar Panels which generates up to 80% of our electricity requirements, our factory lighting is natural through Laser light panels on the roof and supported by movement and light sensing detectors on LED lights that only come on when the light is low and someone is in the area.” What was the inspiration behind the range? “Once the decision was made to develop a luxury range that would help to add retail sales to Hair and Beauty Salons, our core value of sustainability provided a strong foundation into the direction that the products should take. We looked at ways that this range could help to provide a better life for everyone concerned, our team, our customers, the beauty industry, the community and our future generations. We found that we could make luxury products with ethically sourced natural ingredients from local suppliers. Using recycled plastics and paper means that we keep waste out of our oceans. This helped to also provide inspiration for the name Ocean Road. Potentially the road we need to take to keep our oceans clean and healthy.” What has the reaction been like in the market? “The range has been extremely well received. Participating salons are seeing great retail sales at the time when they need it most. COVID 19 lock downs have had a dramatic impact on the beauty industry, particularly in Victoria. We sped up the launch to get the range into stores before Christmas so that these salons could sell this high quality range with a strong margin to support their reopening efforts.” You are vegan and made locally with 100 percent recyclable packaging how important was this to you? “This was an extremely important factor. We consider our customers and the environment in everything that we do at Caronlab Australia. We want our products to be available to everyone so we are always working on improving everything we do so that nobody is excluded. The Vegan movement is growing and we don’t want these people to miss out on the opportunity to use Ocean Road products. “ You have also harnessed the best of Australian actives – was this difficult to find the right mix? “The most difficult part was to get the balance correct between the subtlety of the fragrances and the performance of the active ingredients. We wanted the active ingredients to be effective but also keep the products suitable for everyone. We needed the scents to be present without being overpowering. We are lucky that we have two in house formulating chemists who were passionate about the project. We also have very good relationships with our raw material suppliers so we were able to use our supply network to find the best possible ingredient combinations.” For more details on Ocean Road check out:











the E DUC ATOR S EDUCATORS HAVE HAD TO CHANGE AND MODIFY HOW THEY DO THINGS IN ORDER TO PROVIDE ONGOING TRAINING VIA A DIFFERENT MEDIUM. – Lydia Jordane How important is education to you and your team? “Education is very important to me and my team. Not only do we pride ourselves on offering world class training throughout Australia and all over the world, we also ensure our team is up to date with the latest products and trends. This allows LYCON Cosmetics to make sure we offer the most up to the minute training. Waxing is more than just putting wax on the skin and some hair comes out. There are many factors to consider and evaluate while waxing, taking into consideration the area being waxed, the hair growth type as well as the condition of the skin. In addition, there are psychological factors to be considered and monitored in everything a professional therapist does. It is therefore immensely important to continue to grow and develop our waxing skills, communication, and interpretation skills, even if you have been waxing for decades.”

During the pandemic how did you alter your education for staff and clients? “During the pandemic we moved most of our training online. Our trainers in Australia were still able to offer our world class LYCON support to the RTO’s and students who were studying from home. We all became experts at training via Zoom and the students were still able to experience the wonderful world of LYCON from the comfort and safety of their own homes. As trainers we were still able to interact




with the students and provide training to assist them in developing their knowledge and skills and answered their questions along the way.”

Tell us how it has changed to be an educator going forward? “Educators have had to change and modify how they do things in order to provide ongoing training via a different medium. In turn people have become more receptive to the idea of receiving training via alternative methods via the Internet. It has been interesting for us to do online training, as it has also taught us a lot of how to deal with these changes and still share our world class training.”

How important is it to upskill in a new landscape during 2021? “It was important for us to upskill and over online training and in turn the industry has been able to continue to grow and learn what they need to as well. It has been a two-way street. It has been an interesting journey with the change, and we feel that we will rely more on online training in the future. With some more learning curves no doubt along the way. “

What are some of the educator plans you have put in place for the year ahead? “We very much look forward to returning to face to face training, as beauty therapy is a very hands-on industry. The


best way is still in a hands-on, in person environment with a trainer and we love being involved with the students and we know they very much enjoy interacting with us as well. We will however incorporate online training for those who are unable to receive face to face training. This will allow LYCON to reach more passionate therapists and upcoming beauty therapists who would like to learn new skills and continue growing in an ever growing industry.”

Has online/tutorial educating become more important now and how does it replace the face to face educating? “It has been important for us to be able to offer training online to support all of our customers who we cannot get to but also those who have not been able to work at all. Our education and our products are exported to over 75 countries and it has been imperative that we could continue to support our LYCON lovers all over the world throughout this pandemic. Our Founder and CEO Lydia Jordane has performed thousands of hours training internationally and we have many well-trained trainers connected to our export agents all over the world as well as our own trainers and account managers who we also have dotted around Australia.

Any educator advice for the year ahead when it comes to innovative ways to make sure business stays ahead of the game?

They are all remarkable people who share the LYCON passion and continue to provide in person or online LYCON training in their territories. All the same we very much look forward to again be able to provide in person training in Australia and globally as much as possible. There are so many little nuances we all miss when trainers and students are not interacting in the same room at the same time.”

“I feel that 2020 was a very difficult year for everyone. Businesses have been in lock down for long periods of time and some have unfortunately had to close all together, not to mention that lives and loved ones have been lost. The main thing is to stay safe and healthy and to believe that things will get better and we will all get though this pandemic. We must believe that things will change for the better and that life will blossom with more opportunities and great things in the very near future. In so many ways, if everything works out well, which it will, business will come back and we will grow again.”







How important is education to you and your team?

During the pandemic how did you alter your education for staff and clients?

“Education is extremely important to my team and our business model. Our products in particular are very unique and they require specialised training to be able to master how to use them in the correct way to get optimal results. I have been very fortunate to grow up in the beauty industry being surrounded by amazing and inspiring educators at my mother’s beauty college. My mother co-wrote the very first Diploma of Beauty in Australia and I remember many times seeing her working on this or hearing her have discussions with colleagues about it. My mother was so dedicated to “Education” and having her as a mentor, she helped me really understand and respect the importance of it and this has played a fundamental role in my career to date. Our brand has a reputation for offering award winning education, I was fortunate enough to win Educator of the Year at the ABIA’s and NALA and have had multiple finalist nominations over the years, this recognition has made us work even harder for the future to ensure that what we deliver is world class and at the highest level. We conduct regular education symposiums for our global team to ensure we go through our curriculum and see what improvements can be made and implement any new strategies, product training techniques and importantly keep the motivation there for everyone to want to deliver at the highest level.”

“What a year it was! Eye opening to say the least for all of us, and the obvious answer is we went online with our education. We always did have some online options before COVID, but we didn’t really want to do online because we believed face to face training is so much better for our products and techniques in particular. We had regular classes booked everywhere with our trainers all over the globe so there was no real need to do online because we offered so many hands on opportunities. Everything was flipped on its head when COVID appeared and of course we were forced to really look at what we offered and create an even better solution for our clients when it comes to online learning. We needed to be sure that our clients and students would get as close as possible to the face to face training experience through our online platform. We recorded a lot more content but we also integrated mandatory face time sessions with our educators, so it wasn’t just a pay now and watch a video and do an automated exam to get your certification. We wanted to give that face time elements for interaction and supervision. The feedback has been phenomenal and it has actually made us now seriously revise our online outlook and add more courses to our online academy. We have started going back to face to face training now that restrictions have eased, but we of course have a COVID safe plan in place and masks are required during the training sessions on students and models. We are quite lucky here in Australia, somedays it doesn’t even feel like we are affected by COVID at the moment



and things are back to some normality or new normal. We have a company in the USA and that is a totally different ball game, hands on classes are still being cancelled in some states, the US is being hit hard but they are fighting back and are a very resilient bunch of people.”

Tell us about your latest launch and how you are educating salons about this? “It’s fair to say 2020 was a year of challenges but was also a year of epic achievements. One being our latest offering “Elleeplex Profusion” which is a new type of lash and brow lamination system that contains no thioglycolates or bromates and is based on amino acids and plant extracts, the formula optimises the chemical process to ensure lashes and brows are healthy and the original integrity of the hair is maintained. This product has been two years in the making, hundreds of clinical trials and it has now been set free into the world. The reviews have been amazing so far, it is a slower system by only a few minutes more than the original system, but it is more suitable for brows and has some advantages in the formulation to be more “fool proof ” when applying the

treatment. The original system is still available as it is so popular around the world, but we wanted to give our clients two options as the industry was asking. When we launch products we have to consider all global markets as Elleebana is now in 60 countries, so there is a lot of planning and global compliance required to get the products ready and fit for sale, then our training programs also have to be finalized and considered for each market, our distributors help with translations of manuals and videos and relevant content so that students in each country are getting the best learning experience. We have various methods of face to face learning and online learning that will be available for this release, classes are being scheduled Australia wide with our amazing distributors and many schools also choose to use our products. Official training with the brand always gives you the best learning experience and extra add on options such as online upgrades, so it’s well worth the investment to give you every success when offering these services.”

How important is it to upskill in a new landscape in 2021? “I think it is more important than ever before, I’m not exactly sure why everything has just boomed in the beauty industry (and many industries), I have a feeling it is because everyone was locked down, then once they got the chance to get out and about, everyone booked in for treatments and did not hold back at all from making themselves feel and look better than ever. The world is moving so fast, it literally is a matter of if you’re not upskilling and continually learning then you’re not moving forward. If you are not wanting to move forward then that’s fine and I completely respect that, somedays it can all be a bit too much, but if you’re in business and you’re wanting to grow your business, then you have to be hungry for education and importantly “use it!” Implement that knowledge and test it out, work hard on it and be persistent, don’t give up if it doesn’t all work as planned the first time. It’s the ones that fall and keep getting up again that reach the highest success. If you’re a salon owner, what are your goals for the year ahead, what are your goals for the next 3 years and so on, the hardest thing to do for many of us is to stay on top of these goals. Once we have clear goals we know what steps we need to take to achieve them and educating yourself on the most efficient way is money well spent if you use it. There is so much competition in the market, but you don’t need to worry about that, what you need to do is keep working on your game and delivering and it doesn’t matter if you’re not the first, just do it well, really well!”

As an educator yourself what is the best piece of advice you can offer salons for the year ahead? “Goal setting, planning and then implementing. These are the first key things you need to do to get your business to the next level of success that is relevant your dreams and ideals. If you need to increase revenue, then look at the key attributes in order of priority that need to be implemented to make that happen. If you need to take more time off for yourself, then what do you need to do to make that happen? Life is too short and the world is spinning, it only get’s faster as you get older, so find out what ultimately is going to give you and your family the best life and go for it. Don’t forget to be nice to people along the way and help your fellow colleagues.

Otto Mitter Managing Director Ex-Imports Niche Pty Ltd. PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY



the E DUC ATOR S THE HUGE ADVANTAGE OF EDUCATING FROM AN ONLINE PLATFORM IS THE ABILITY TO CAPTURE SO MANY MORE ATTENDEES FROM ALL AROUND AUSTRALIA AT THE SAME TIME. – Dora Erdossy How important is education to you and your team? “At Advanced Cosmeceuticals, there are many facets to the company that are important to us as a team and education is one of those facets. But how important is education to me and the team? It is very important! It is paramount to the success of our clients. To be ahead of the game in this competitive industry, one needs to be a point of difference whether as a clinic or as an individual. That ‘point of difference’ is being as knowledgeable as possible about the products that are both retailed and used in clinic but also having a clear understanding of the treatments being performed. As a company who distributes skin care products and devices, it is important for us to ensure that our clients fully understand what they are working with. This not only ensures that our clinics work with the products and devices effectively and successfully but also safely. Providing ongoing education and training will also help our accounts be ahead of the game and be that point of difference. As an educator, it has always been my focus to help make a difference whether it be in a large group setting, one-on-one or as 2020 has taught me educating via Zoom. The end goal is always the same and that is to further someone’s knowledge so they can be the best they can be as a therapist or as a clinician. This may mean that at times l am getting someone out of their comfort zone, but l believe that is when the real magic happens.




Providing education in an industry that l am passionate about has always been important to me and at Advanced Cosmeceuticals, l have the opportunity every day to share in my passion. l am also very fortunate to be working alongside a team that is just as passionate about making a difference.”

During the pandemic how did you alter your education for staff and clients? “2020!! What a year!! Let me put it this way. Honestly, l really did not know about Zoom prior to March like everyone else it is one of the online training platforms l have become proficient at. Advanced Cosmeceuticals, like all companies, had to pivot quite quickly so that we were able to continue to provide the high-level of service we were accustomed to providing but on a virtual scale. Prior to the first lockdown, education and training at Advanced Cosmeceuticals has always been provided in a couple of different ways. We would hold product training days in hotels throughout the year across the country where we could house up to 40-50 people, which have always been successful. Further to that, the sales and training team would conduct in-clinic training, which enabled us to provide personalised training specific to the needs of the clinic. Pivoting to online education was not at all challenging as we could continue to essentially provide what we were doing faceto-face and translate that to an online platform. PowerPoint

Tell us how it has changed to be an educator going forward? “Becoming an educator on an online platform l must admit was initially challenging, especially as l am someone who likes to use her hands a lot in training along with overall body language, such as moving around the space l am in whether l am standing or sitting. So, to sit all the time and only have my face on the screen…well…it was different! However, as an educator you need to be open to change, be flexible as well as creative and the pandemic l am sure forced all educators within the industry to learn how to be creative and open to change, quite quickly. And boy we had to learn quickly! Educating via an online platform taught me how to engage with our clients in a unique and different way while still providing the high level of education they are used to receiving. I needed to learn quickly how to not only engage but maintain interest when there were only my facial expressions to see along


presentations that were being used could continue to be used on Zoom and provide us the opportunity to provide National Education Sessions or book in face-to-face via a computer and conduct ongoing personalised training for individual clinics. The huge advantage of educating from an online platform is the ability to capture so many more attendees from all around Australia at the same time. It made for interactive sessions that were both fun and informative. It was lovely to see how many people wanted to take advantage of the ‘downtime’ and educate themselves. As the online landscape grew not just within the realms of education and training but also within the realms of online sales, it was important for us to support our clinics in how to do this effectively and successfully. To support our clinics during lockdown, especially our Melbourne clinics during their second lockdown, we provided Zoom sessions on how to conduct online skin consultations. This enabled the clinics to provide a service that could keep their clients connected to them but also continue to buy products based on their skincare needs following a personalised online consultation. Many clinics had already embraced this online service but found the sessions helpful in how to make them more professional.”

with hearing what l had to say. Not so easy via a screen but it worked, and l mastered a new skill in education and training. So how has this experience changed me as an educator going forward? I have changed in knowing that there is flexibility in how we can train moving forward. Yes, there will always be a degree of face-to-face training required from a practical training perspective, but l am already learning that rather than taking a large amount of time for instance for theory and practical in one sitting, to utilize time more constructively theory training could be done via Zoom and then practical training could be done at a different time. This will allow for the theory knowledge to sink in and be understood and hence a better outcome from the training overall.”

How important is it to upskill in a new landscape in 2021? “Upskilling is always important regardless of what is happening in the world around us because we are in an industry that is constantly changing and evolving. For instance, if your interest extends beyond traditional beauty therapy treatments, then it is very important to further your education. This may be completing a Dermal Science Degree or an equivalent course or perhaps completing a course in nursing or nutrition. What is taught in a beauty therapy course is a very important foundation that one can grow from if they want to stay updated and relevant. What is so incredibly wonderful is the various options we have now as to which way we want to take our journey within the skin industry. From an educators’ perspective, it is not only important to continue to stay abreast of new ingredient technology and devices for example, but it is also ascertaining how proficient you are at educating and training on an online platform. Maybe discovering new platforms that provide online training a little differently or learning how to capture data more effectively such as who has attended the online training and what you will do with that information. I must admit, what l will l need to upskill on is the administrative side of things from an online perspective because if online education and training is to continue, which it will, it’s learning how to capitalise on it better.”

Dora Erdossy Educator Advanced Cosmeceuticals PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY




How important is education to you and your team? “It is essential to keep up to date with the latest evidencebased procedures in order for us to deliver the highest quality of education to our students. Being up to date with the latest, cutting-edge technologies allows us to equip students with the skills and knowledge required by industry to be ready to take on the many opportunities available to them. Unfortunately, there is so much unregulated information available on the internet today so receiving education through nationally accredited, and industry connected courses is more important than ever for the confidence and safety of clients and therapists. In addition to obtaining a formal, recognised qualification, AACDS promote the continued education of those practicing in our industry. To support this, AACDS established Aesthetics CPD which is an initiative providing ongoing education for continuous professional development to our graduates and other aesthetic professionals through partnering up with clinical equipment companies and industry leaders. This is ideal for those who may not be able to attend conferences due to time restraints and cost.”

During the pandemic how did you alter your education for staff and clients? “During the pandemic, we introduced Microsoft Teams Support Groups for the units delivered throughout our courses. Since all professional development events and face-to-face trainings were cancelled, we organised theory delivery via webinars and




invited guest speakers to deliver these sessions. We also utilised Microsoft Teams and Zoom which allowed us to host weekly support sessions for students providing an opportunity to check on their progress and ensuring that even during lockdown they never felt isolated. The delivery methods used in our courses were improved to make them more interactive to increase engagement and keep our students motivated throughout lockdown. We achieved this by developing online tutorials, implementing discussion forums and Q and A sessions, whilst also holding numerous one-onone sessions via video conferencing. We also invited industry leaders to host live webinars for us on special interest topics in aesthetic medicine and this was very well received by our students. In addition to this, we also introduced an educational video series of advanced injectable demonstrations delivered by cosmetic medical professionals to keep students motivated during lockdown.”

Tell us how it has changed to be an educator going forward? “The pandemic has certainly brought change to the delivery of education. Educators now need to be competent and confident in online delivery. The future of education is about effectively utilising technology to deliver expert content in an engaging manner. Monitoring student progress and engagement is critical with online delivery methods as you deal with different learner styles while maintaining quality and standard of student work.


Instant feedback to students through facilitated one-on-one chats, small support groups to build and maintains student rapport is essential for student success. Moving forward, it will be imperative for educators to view technology and content as equally important.”

What are some of the educator plans you have put in place for the year ahead? “We will continue to hold the fortnightly Microsoft Teams Support Groups for each of our units which are run by our Unit Coordinators for students. We will also be starting a podcast channel in 2021 which will be an interview platform for leaders in the aesthetic industry. We also are excited to be launching virtual CPD events which allows us to encourage people from all over Australia to attend to keep up their professional development from the comfort of their own homes. This will be in addition to the quarterly face-to-face CPD events showcasing the industry leaders and latest technologies in VIC, NSW and

also needs to go beyond that to compensate for its “human factor” limitations, such as being able to instantly gauge engagement and to some extent relationship development. To compensate for this, AACDS builds relationships among student cohorts, lecturers and industry via our Teams support sessions. Hands-on practical training can never be replaced in our industry and will continue to be a key element in achieving competency in new skills. Therefore, the importance of faceto-face training will remain essential, however we will see it more readily interspersed with online content to provide a well-rounded opportunity for learners.”

Any educator advice for the year ahead when it comes to innovative ways to make sure business stays ahead of the game?

WA. In addition, we will also be adding to our educational video series to provide additional advanced and complex treatment techniques to our current and past graduates.”

Has online/tutorial educating become more important now and how does it replace the face-to-face educating? “Certainly, they both have their place. Online educating allows unmatched flexibility and student accessibility, but it

“Definitely start preparing for a post pandemic future as this is going to include requirements to be more innovative and resilient than before. Investing in social media training for staff, integrating add to cart for sales to boost clinic revenue would be key to ensure you stay competitive. My advice to businesses would be to have their staff attend Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events in order to keep up their currency. Clinics should also encourage their staff to look for courses with units of competency which can be studied as a stand-alone course but then build towards achieving a nationally accredited qualification. AACDS have also introduced Professional Certificates which encourage learners to upskill with flexible self-directed learning activities, not just in clinical training but also marketing and management of the cosmetic clinic which is a very useful skill set for staff wanting to move into a managerial position. Businesses must also ensure that their staff is aware of what their occupational health and safety requirements are and have protocols in place to reduce business risk.”

Ekta Tandon RN Senior Lecturer Business Development Manager Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS) PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY



the E DUC ATOR S MY ADVICE IS TO STAY MOTIVATED AND THINK CREATIVELY AS TO HOW YOU CAN REALLOCATE EXISTING RESOURCES TO ADAPT TO AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE NEW EDUCATION ENVIRONMENT. – Hayley Sultana How important is education to you and your team? “It is now two years since we embarked upon a totally fresh approach towards lash and brow tinting and styling using RefectoCil products. From the outset our mission has been to generate greater interest and imagination with our colour blending master classes. We believe lash and brow tinting services are such important salon services and to be able to offer customised treatments is key to ensuring a high degree of customer retention. It’s also important that salon staff have the necessary training to be able to be creative when discussing options with their clients.”

During the pandemic how did you alter your education for staff and clients? “We are still working in a very challenging environment. Initially it was very difficult as most salons were focussed on ways to stay in business and keep their staff. Education was definitely not a priority, however, during the second half of 2020 technology enabled companies to be able to reach out to salons through various e-platforms to facilitate up skilling which has completely transformed education. This presented RefectoCil with an exciting opportunity. We have had to rethink the content and delivery methodology of our courses including offering more flexibility with class numbers, course duration and schedules. The key factor for




the success of our current education programme has been accessibility and adaptability. Not only have we been able to reach out to remote salons, we have been able to offer training to educational institutions.”

Tell us how it has changed to be an educator going forward. “The current climate has made me completely rethink the way in which I offer education. It has encouraged me to be innovative and creative, both in the way I develop


course content and the manner in which it’s presented. The biggest challenge has been in developing ways to keep attendees engaged during a class, particularly when faced with a large audience. Definitely I have missed to face to face communication, however, over time I have developed techniques to personalise the sessions. The exceptional client feedback has also reignited my passion for education. Personally it has been somewhat challenging as I have had to upskill and learn various e-commerce packages, e.g. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. I have worked very closely with the whole RefectoCil team to ensure uninterrupted course delivery as well as ensuring we had the necessary materials and equipment.”

Australia and New Zealand and without e-platform training we simply couldn’t have ongoing relationships with all our audiences, including distributors, educational institutes, salons and all beauty professionals. Whilst I do miss the face to face interaction, online training has allowed me to train and educate in the most effective way possible under the current circumstances.”

Any educator advice for the year when it comes to innovative ways to make sure business stays ahead of the game?

Has online/tutorial educating become more important now and how does it replace the face to face educating? “Definitely it has become more important as it’s the only option we have to effectively deliver a cohesive training programme. RefectoCil offers master classes across

“I have talked about being to able to offer extensive training programmes across a broad spectrum of audiences via on-line mechanisms. This has enabled us to rethink and reallocate our education budget and consequently produce more tangible training materials. We have also been able to expand both our training calendar and course content. My advice is to stay motivated and think creatively as to how you can reallocate existing resources to adapt to and take advantage of the new education environment.”

Hayley Sultana National Educator RefectoCil Australia PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY




How important is education to you and your team? “I believe education plays a vital role in influencing and nurturing future industry leaders, by sharing their vast experience, values and knowledge. By investing in education and making this a key focus in business, we ultimately benefit our customers and the beauty industry overall. I am incredibly passionate about education and feel that being able to share information with my peers and our customers is a privilege. The benefit ultimately sits with our clients, as the aim is to offer the most premium service, product and experience on the market. Staying up to date with information, industry trends and new product launches means that we are one step ahead of the game. We can only achieve this through education and programs that facilitate change and constant improvement in everything that we do.”

During the pandemic how did you alter your education for staff and clients? “As our retailers are spread far and wide across Australia and New Zealand, ensuring that they are able to access information on the Victoria Curtis brand, products and pricing at any time was always important to me. For this reason I designed and built a website exclusive to our stockists “Access All Areas”. This was created with the intention to allow our salons to educate themselves and their staff remotely, at any time. Video tutorials, which are live on




our site, are such an excellent way to provide ‘virtual’ hands on training during the pandemic. I found these to be an excellent tool for our stockists as well as training on line via Zoom Meetings.”

Tell us how it has changed to be an educator going forward? “As educators we have had to adapt very quickly to a new environment! Our methods, techniques and ways of communicating have all changed and as a result we have had to become more innovative in our approach, without losing the crucial element of human connection - something I am incredibly passionate about. The key is creating material and content that is relatable, engaging and relevant. This is the only way to captivate our audience and ensure that they are invested and interested in the knowledge that we are sharing. Finally, it all comes down to passion and energy - when this exists within an educator, the medium that they are communicating their message through becomes irrelevant. It is contagious and inspiring, regardless!”

How important is it to upskill in a new landscape in 2021? “Now is the time to upskill, to educate yourself further and to discover new talents and interests. We have all just witnessed how quickly our environments can change, having additional skills can only benefit us long term. I would highly


I believe some students actually feel more comfortable with online tutorials! This allows them to learn at their own pace and cover the material a number of times until they have perfected the technique. A live demonstration can often mean that we miss or forget the way an educator created a part of a makeup look. In the case of online makeup tutorial, the content is saved and can be referred back at any time. This can be hugely beneficial for students and educators. Always look for the positive, its there! The key is to take advantage of it.”

recommend taking that course that you have always thought about, pursuing a passion and exploring ideas that you were possibly afraid to in the past. There is nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain. Knowledge is so powerful, never underestimate the power of education.”

What are some of the educator plans you have put in place for the year ahead? “This year we are focusing heavily on Makeup Tutorials for our retailers. Filming new and exciting techniques online that will ensure our stockists are up to date, motivated and excited about the brand. We want to ignite the passion within our team when it comes to makeup and for them to share that passion with their clients. That is ultimately the most important factor of all.

Has online/tutorial educating become more important now and how does it replace the face to face educating? “I believe we have all learnt through experience in 2020, that we can and have found ways to replace face to face training.

Any educator advice for the year ahead when it comes to innovative ways to make sure business stays ahead of the game? “This once again comes back to having a passionate approach in everything you do, especially as an educator! Our role is to communicate and share our knowledge with enthusiasm and a level of energy that is infectious and not easily forgotten. I’m always interested to listen to my friends speak fondly about their favourite teacher throughout their lives. It is very often someone who has left a lasting impression on them. I always ask why? The answer… because they genuinely cared. Cared about their students, cared about the message they were sharing and cared about the end result. Our world is changing, business is changing and so are the ways that we are educating, but the one thing that remains the same is human connection! Make this the focus of all that you do and result will always be the same. Success!”

Victoria Curtis Founder Victoria Curtis Cosmetics PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY





HEROES ALMIRA ARMSTRONG Inspired by destinations near and far, this scent collector has devised a portfolio of products worth inviting into your salon and home. “I WAS BORN in Sydney. It all started when I was two or three years old and playing with Mum’s perfume bottles; I was obsessed with YSL’s Paris and Opium. After earning a master’s degree in marketing and embarking on a successful career that took me to London, New York and LA, I naturally returned to fragrance and founded LUMIRA in 2012. Art, design, travel and poetry are all things that inspired me growing up. LUMIRA’s scents are influenced by my international travels, like annual family holidays in Europe... the sweet, earthy aroma of the mountains as we drove the winding roads towards Italy.

Paradiso Del Sole, for example, is inspired by The Amalfi Coast; it instantly transports me back in time. And the scent of the ocean always brings back memories of family, good food and the warmth of the sun on my skin. As a business owner, knowing the importance of making decisions that not only solve the challenges I face today, but also those I am likely to face in 6-or 12-months’ time, is vital. As manufacturers of luxury goods, the




challenge of scaling the business to support growth, whilst maintaining strict quality standards and attention to detail is never-ending! Ultimately though, my definition of success is waking up each day passionate about the work I do. I love that I have taken my personal passion and created my professional success. It’s easy to streamline my efforts when my drive is fuelled by my ever growing passion for my brand and the industry.”

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SKINFLUENCERS Single-use versus multi-use devices – which make for a better investment for salon owners?

SANDRA SOSTRES, Australia and New Zealand National Clinical Manager for Cynosure, believes multi-use devices are the way to go. “Multi-use devices are as effective as single-use devices if they are coming from a reputable manufacturer. In my role, I am responsible for the clinical training of, support and education for Cynosure customers and employees. A clinic owner may reach out to me to ask about Cynosure devices and more specifically about the clinical indication, the treatment outcomes and the clinical publication available to support the technology of interest. The type of training and support a clinic owner receives with a company can often influence their choice in a device. With a multi-use handpiece device, the clinic can offer a wider range of treatment options to its clients and make their experiences unique. The clinic can expand their services, especially when they have limited space available. It is also timesaving for the clinic to be able to treat multiple indications at once. Therapists have the opportunity to upsell to their clients and therefore increase revenue. A platform such as The Icon, for instance, consists of various handpieces where multiple indications such as hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation and vascular lesions can be treated in one session. Results can be achieved quicker, increasing overall client satisfaction. Another benefit to multi-use devices is that the clinics are only required to liaise with one company on areas like training, servicing and marketing needs. Once a therapist is trained on the basics of light and energy devices, it is easier to develop their knowledge on the use of multiple hand pieces. The trainee therapist can increase their knowledge on how to perform a combination of treatments and can therefore offer customisable treatment plans to reach customer goals. Receiving proper education from reputable companies will make all the difference in treatment outcomes because when the best methods are taught, a clinic will gain confidence in what they are doing.”





ZAHRA NADERI, cosmetic tattoo specialist and official distributor for Purebeau Australia argues the advantages of single-use devices. “There are several factors to consider when shopping for new devices with the main concerns being around function, quality of manufacturing and price point. With the speed at which beauty trends and treatments are advancing, it is often tempting to purchase the cheapest device or the device that does it all. But don’t forget – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Devices designed for multiple treatment types and services are most likely using a power output optimised for one type of treatment, but that is not necessarily best for all treatment functions. There is also going to be additional wear on the device as a result of using it more frequently. The lifespan of the device will therefore be decreased, along with the frequency required to service it. If a single treatment device breaks or requires servicing, this will only affect your salon’s ability to book one type of service. By comparison, relying on a single device to perform multiple treatments on your service menu, you may find that you experience a greater loss of income and disruption to operations when it comes time to service or repair the device. There is also the matter of scheduling your clients’ treatments. If you run a busy salon with multiple rooms and multiple staff members, you may run into issues when scheduling client bookings, and struggle to avoid double-booking the device. Keep in mind also that devices that perform multiple treatment functions will have more settings to master and a larger chance of using incorrect settings by mistake. You will therefore need to invest more in training for each treatment type, which may or may not be supplied by the device manufacturer. By the time you master every setting on the device, it may be time to switch to the next new trending salon treatment. It’s often a tough choice to make for both salon owners and sole trading beauty therapists when it comes time to purchase a new device. It’s an exciting time, full of potential growth and plans of future income, but also a stressful time as the decision will affect the next few years of your salons’ operations and your clients’ results. As a distributor for Purebeau Australia, we offer both single treatment and multi treatment devices, so that’s not to say that multi-treatment devices don’t have a place.” n






If COVID has taught me anything it has taught me that having a great business isn’t enough anymore, you need an outstanding one. Lisa Conway reveals the tips to be a leader in 2021.

WE NEED TO take the base line up a notch as a business and as an industry. I believe you will need to have an outstanding business to be confident in today’s climate and going forward in 2021. Three things that I have observed is that at the foundation of every business there needs to be three core Principles. Beauty businesses that had these positioned themselves so they can continue to thrive. What I observed some clinic and spa owners deliver in these times were the same three things we also keep front of mind at ZING. Time Team and Money ….and also in that order. • TIME -a Business as usual mindset • TEAM - Community in both team and tribe • MONEY - rainy day Money in the bank Those that have these three things at the core not only survive they are able to pivot and thrive.

TIME - Business as usual Things got weird there for a while in 2020 and the uncertainty of business was at an all-time high. This flushed out two types of thinking.




The first is probably the most common and it goes a bit like this “OMG this is shit, this not right, this is not fair, how do they expect me to do A B and C I can’t and here are forty reasons why. It actually caused people to literally freeze. The other was quite the opposite, it was more along the lines of OK let’s get a plan together so that we are all in sync. Clearly, we can’t X but what about if we did X instead, I am sure that will work or at least worth a try. To make sure we are hitting the mark let’s ask our most frequent, top spending and loyal clients and that way we get the clarity we need. Let’s put a few questions together and compile the answers. My aim is to gather enough intel first so that we can accurately support our clients though this time of shut down, this line of thinking is what I witnessed working repeatedly.

TEAM -Community in both team and tribe When times are tough, and the waters are muddy is when good leaders shine. It’s also when leaders see greatness in their people. 2020 was a year like no other and COVID 19 happened to everyone in some shape or form at the exact same time. We all experienced it completely differently. How the pandemic played out in your salon or clinic depended on the communication that was there when the lights went out. Although the global pandemic kept people apart, in so many ways the great clinics and spas felt more together and connected than ever.

Rezenerate NanoFacials are trending worldwide!

Covid didn’t change anyone, it simply magnified who you already were. If you had kindness at the core of you that shone through, if you were a person quick to blame, then you had a reason to blame everywhere and everyone. Whatever you are was just magnified. If you cared about the people in your team those you are leading then you took one more step and led in a time when most stood still, nobody knew the answers. People need people and so ISO in my opinion was a very difficult time more so if you have you own issues like either mental or physical health or unfortunately both. People who cared were kind and showed compassion towards a wider range of their community. I really did see some bright stars amongst the clinics we care for.

Blemishes and Tone



Courtesy of Sole Luna Spa, PR - 4 Facials

Fine Lines and Pigmentation

MONEY - Rainy day money in the bank I wouldn’t be the first to say that money can’t buy happiness, however what I will say is what money does gives you is the option to choose. Money also buys you some time. Time to pause, to think, to regroup and time to get your shit together. At some point we will all be faced with sticky situations and life not going to plan, that’s when money buys your time, this time is what we all need time is a luxury most don’t have, and all adds to the stress of business. The financial wolves will come knocking, so the more time you have to get your shit together the less uncertainty you feel, the lower your stress will be. When your head is full of uncertainty, it’s difficult to take in anything new. Children who come to school who have a happy family do 10 times better than those living in an uncertain environment. Money in the bank will give you a fighting chance to keep going and to sort out what life throws at you. Being able to dip into a cash reserves will propel you forward when you have no idea what lies ahead. We all feel like throwing the towel in from time to time but knowing you have some back up money gives you piece of mind. Aim for three months of trading in your bank account is ideal, if your expenses/break even figure for one week is $12,300 you need to be able to get your hands on 13 times that at short notice. That is $159,900. Having that figure sitting in redraw against a loan would be ideal. Have it and you won’t ever need it. Living close to the wire is adding to your stress level and shortening your life span. Remember your vision in good times and bad, connect with your tribe both your team and your clients and build a financial buffer and you will be around to go another round of whatever life throws at you. n

Lisa Conway is the author of Your Salon Retail: the no-nonsense, no-hype guide to kick-arse retail in your salon and the founder of Zing.



Courtesy of Lash-Angeles, Los Angeles, CA - 1 Facial

Pigmentation and Blemishes



Courtesy of Sole Luna Spa, PR - 3 Facials

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SALON INTERIORS Trend Forecast for 2021

It is all about embracing a style you love that represents your brand. Here’s some salon inspiration to transform your space or take elements to make it your own. By Lisa Feleppa.


lots of curves

Modern &

For the modern muse, find tranquillity by working with these contrasting fluid curves and forms. A pared back space fuses natural finishes with new curvaceous shapes in doorways, decorative pieces and furniture.




Self by The Parlour Room NSW @

Designer Tip:

Highlight curves with a neutral colour pa lette to showcase beau ty in a bold form.

Anastasia McGrath Make Up Studio & Academy NSW @makeupbyanastasia

Curves embraces every detail from doors to furniture choices. Kristin Fisher Eyebrows NSW @kristin.fisher.eyebrows

GET THE LOOK: Arch Retail Shelves & Sansa Waiting Seat in blush PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY





Modern Mediterranean and dreamy escapes. Take us away to the Mediterranean and dream of a resort style salon with sculptural proportions and feminine undertones. Earthy, dusty tones are taking centre stage, think clay, rust, blush and peach with natural materials like travertine, terrazzo, light timbers and rattan to add a sense of escape. Lush tropical foliage completes the look.

Designer Tip:

Choose vibrant ferns and banana leaf for a tropical oasis or dried fa n palms and pampas for a Boho inspired look .

Stepping into Kailo, really feels like you are in a resort with every detail considered. Kailo Medispa @ The Calile Hotel QLD @kailomedispa_

Aesthetica Byron Bay NSW @aestheticabyronbay GET THE LOOK: Lara Blush Reclining Salon Chair with Matching Blush Salon Stool




Glow Beauty Space NSW @glowbeautyspace

A curved stone look reception desk kept minimal creates the perfect welcome area. BLANC By Dr Clara Hurst WA @blanc_perth



Rubi Wax & Beauty VIC @rubiwaxbeauty


Textures and all things neutral. It’s only natural with a calm and nurturing sense of style, featuring a warm neutral tonal palette, with plenty of stone and subtle metallic touches. This salon look champions textures as the design focus incorporated with paler tones like white, ivory, sage and sandy nudes.

Designer Tip:

Keep things min imal and light filled. Choose signature pieces that let the textures talk .

BODHI Spa, Cottesloe WA @ bodhijspa

GET THE LOOK: Quattro Treatment Table

Lisa Feleppa is the Brand Marketing Manager at Comfortel Salon Furniture. For inspiration on salon interior ideas go to or @comfortelfurniture

Begin your own skincare journey with Medik8’s simple strategy of using vitamin C and sunscreen in the morning and vitamin A at night. We call this strategy: CSA.


@medik 8australia 1800 242 011




In an era of flexible working conditions and the need for wise investment, the opening of co-working space Salon Lane has come as a welcome solution to Australian aesthetic professionals. Hannah Gay spoke to the company’s co-founder and executive director, Lance Kalish. When did Salon Lane open in Sydney? “Salon Lane officially opened the doors to its flagship salon in Surry Hills on November 10, 2020.”

Lance, you’ve worked in the beauty space previously, having co-founded Yes To and headed up Beach House Group in LA. What led you to work on bringing Salon Lane to Australia? “Over the last few years I’ve seen the salon suites concept really take off in the US. It intrigued me as to why this concept had not yet come to Australia when the benefits to hair and beauty professionals, and to the industry at large, are so obvious and are as relevant to Australia as they are to the US. After spending months researching the Australian market, I decided ‘to hell with it!’ and found incredible business partners ( Jared Keen and Moss Kadey) to help me bring it here first!”

Why do you believe there is a need for a co-working space like Salon Lane to exist in 2021 and beyond? “I’d seen more and more hair, beauty and wellness professionals starting to branch out on their own and become independent, which started to fuel the fire. When COVID hit, I saw an immediate need to accelerate the launch because many salon owners have had to scale back, return to work from home, or even go back to being sole traders just




to stay profitable or to keep the lights on. The world is changing quicker than ever and the current pandemic only further exposed the essential need to have flexibility around where you work and how you work, and to make sure you can mitigate risks as much as possible (like never locking yourself into a contract!). Co-working shared spaces have revolutionised several industries already, including commercial offices, the food and creative industries. Salon Lane offers a way to get back into a stunning professional space without the commitment and overheads associated with your typical 5-10 year commercial leases. We know that professionals in the Australian beauty, hair, and wellness industries are smart and ambitious, and we think they’re ready for this next evolution of industry towards salon studios.”

What inspired Salon Lane’s Surry Hills fit out? “The Surry Hills space itself is built on the ground floor of what was previously known as the Lamson Paragon Factory - an architecturally designed 1920s building that has been re-imagined and renewed as an idyllic shared creative workplace. We were able to utilise the gorgeous wooden roof trusses, black metal


Reserved parking Bookkeeping services Payment processing services Laundering and cleaning services for their private studios Business setup services and business coaching Furniture and equipment hiring and leasing Client booking software Professional and business services Secure lockers.

beams and exposed brick from the original factory design to create an industrial chic look that will ‘wow’ any professional’s clients from the second they enter the space. In addition to our private salon studios for monthly rent, we have a large open floor area with 19 hair and beauty workstations that can be leased on a daily basis. We have a communal processing area, a member break room, a coffee/wine bar and a front desk reception to greet all clients entering the space and to show them to their hair or beauty therapist’s studio.”

For a beauty and/or wellness professional in particular, what do treatment studios and floor workstations include and what do the spaces provide scope for? “Each beauty studio is move-in-ready and is purpose built for beauty professionals with beautiful floor to ceiling walls, decked out with premium furniture and finishes including a treatment bed, reclining beauty chair or manicure table, a beauty stool, and a storage cabinet with workbench and sinks. You then get to personalise your studio to match your style and speciality. The floor workstations are separate and socially-distanced, purpose built for hair, makeup and beauty professionals who prefer a communal environment or who work part-time. With a modern and industrial aesthetic, the atmosphere always hums on ‘The Floor’.”

What are some of the key benefits to members who operate out of your studio spaces, both short-term and long-term? “We’ve removed many of the major barriers and risks associated with setting up and managing a salon. We offer move-in-ready private studios and open workstations on both a daily and rolling monthly basis that our members can access from 7am-10pm, 365 days a year. They also receive a suite of services, access to amenities and industry training and business education. At Salon Lane, our members are always in control. They keep 100 percent of their takings and have complete freedom to choose their business name, trading hours, décor, services, products, pricing, clientele, music, software and more. They also benefit from the powerful member-to-member referral network. For clients of our members, they’ll be visiting an incredible space with a great atmosphere where they even have the option of multiple services in the one location.” n





BEAUTY FREQUENCY Looking for a pain free beauty boost in the New Year that offers skin rejuvenation in a lunchtime appointment? Anita Quade chats to Dominika Gialouris, Founder of Body Sculpting Clinics about the benefits of Radio Frequency. Tell us how effective is RF? “RF is a gentle treatment that has virtually no downtime, and is clinically effective in stimulating collagen production. This should be a staple in everyone’s skin care ritual - the benefit of this is it’s also quite a relaxing experience. RF is a facial rejuvenation treatment. Starting in our 20s, our skin loses collagen at a rate of 1% per year. This means that by the time we are middle-aged, our skin has lost almost half of the essential elements that keep it firm and elastic. Our high performance RF is a treatment designed to deliver fuller, plumper skin without any downtimei.”

Who is the ideal client for this treatment? “Relatively good skin health, no active acne is the ideal patient in their late 20 - 50’s, this treatment is a real red carpet ready treatment that give you a glow before a big event. It’s also a favourite with brides.”

How many sessions are required? “A minimum of six sessions, and then a regular treatment once every six weeks.”

RF has been around a long time – has there been any updates to the treatment? “It has been around a long time but unlike laser treatments, RF has been found to be effective in the safe delivery of energy into the skin, independent of skin colour. RF penetrates deeper than laser treatments, reaching approximately 1.5mm to 3mm beneath the skin›s surface as a diffused energy source. This diffused energy and those specific depths help to stimulate collagenesis without any downtime deep in the structural layers of the skin.”

What has been the advantage of the clinic investing technology? “Any good clinic will have a full spectrum of the correct medical grade technology that work on different types of patient concerns. As a non-ablative and non-invasive technique, radiofrequency rejuvenation does not cut into your skin or blast off layers of it.”

How popular has the device been with clients at the clinic? “This treatment does have a loyal following - for those people that want to maintain their results or just get a quick glow up.”

What products do you stock in the clinic? “We stock a locally compounded range of clinically formulated skincare called Skin Genius MD. These are personalised and a prescribed paramedical range of skincare and we also have the professional range of Dermal Peels from Skin Genius MD. The benefit is these are freshly compounded actives, which means they remain quite active.”

What results can clients expect and how long does it take to show the effect? “Results always with any treatment vary from patient to patient, and are dependent on a number of things such as patients current skin condition, how much sun exposure they have had, their current skin laxity. Clients that are looking for a no downtime glow up this is the treatment for them! We have a loyal fan following for this treatment and they absolutely love it!”

Is this treatment ideal to be used in conjunction with any other treatment in the salon? “Absolutely we always encourage a multi-modal approach to skin health! There is no one treatment that fixes everything, a combination of cosmetic injectables, PDO threads, skin needling, dermal peels and non-ablative RF can do wonders for a person - but it depends on the individual.”

What is it? STEP 1: What do clients need to do pre-treatment: There is no real pre-treatment required, the most important thing is that patients cannot have active acne or recently had cosmetic injectables or skin needling. We recommend waiting at least 7 days for all the above. STEP 2: The 25 minute treatment begins with… Cleansing the skin first using Skin Genius Professional cleansing treatment. We then apply a conducting agent - so that the RF device can glide onto the skin. After the treatment we will give the skin a cleanse to remove any of the conducting cream and apply Skin Genius hydrator and SPF. There is a special technique motion that’s used so that we can really stimulate the collagen. RF uses multipolar electrodes to deliver heat to the skin and is combined with red photodynamic energy to optimise results. The RF technology penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue between the cells where the collagen fibres are embedded. This causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibres. At the same time it increases the metabolism of the fibroblastin order to accelerate production of both new collagen fibres and new elastin fibres, which gives the skin a glowing and instantly plump appearance. As a non-ablative and noninvasive technique, radiofrequency rejuvenation doesn’t cut into your skin or blast off layers of it. STEP 3: The aftercare details: Post treatment, it’s recommended not to go directly into the sun - but the treatment has relatively no downtime so you can head out that night. This particular RF treatment is non ablative so there will be no open skin incisions, its very gentle and quite a relaxing treatment. We recommend using the Skin Genius Gentle Cleanser, Collagen Peptide Serum and Moisture Surge Hydrator (all 3 products come in a pack for $99) to maintain the glow. This is a glowing skin treatment and a favourite with models that come into the clinic for shoots as its a no downtime treatment.






UNIQUE FACES An excerpt from Beautiful Unique Faces by nurse practitioner, medispa director and bu skincare founder, Anita East. SEE IT, WANT it, buy it, have it. This is our life motto. We live in a quick-fix society. We rely on instant gratification to give us hits of serotonin and endorphins for pleasure. Often, we get these from peer acceptance via social media posts and, dare I say it, quick-fix cosmetic injectables. We live in a community that struggles with a lack of meaningful connection despite being ‘connected’ and visible 24/7. The subsequent isolation, anxiety, and the expectations we place on ourselves to be prettier, thinner, fitter, happier, and more successful than ever is real. It makes it easy to see why our human need to belong is often met with hits of social media consumption. T h e ‘influencer’ curse. Social media shows us the glamorous lives of heavily filtered and edited influencers. They are the ‘picture perfects’ who, I’ll continue to remind you, are paid enormous amounts of money for endorsements. They’re literally paid to tell you about how happy a product or service has made them, even if it is a lie. In a nutshell, our modern-day marketing consists of approaching an ‘influencer’ who has a decent following on their social media page, made up of possible customers who are likely to not only be sucked into believing any shiny-happy-story but furthermore, buy the product being endorsed by the influencer. As a cosmetic enhancement clinician with a busy clinic, and a social media presence, I’m approached daily not only by influencers themselves but by their agents who flatter me by telling me they identified me as a high-profile business. They say that, with the help of an influencer, I can increase my customer base and dollar turnover.




I’m a practitioner in a medical clinic, prescribing and administering schedule 4 pharmaceutical drugs. They want me to give a treatment to a young woman who can then publish a gushing post about how amazing it is, how it’s improved her life and made her happier. They’re asking me to exacerbate a society in crisis. They encourage me to increase the promotion and usage of highly controlled medicines in women who are already vulnerable, confused, but, most importantly, don’t require the drug. Their attempt to lure me in with the promise of increasing the money I can make is not only medically unsafe, but also unethical and immoral. But it’s happening. And there are plenty of clinics who are grasping the opportunity, regardless of the cost to women and their physical or mental health. Many things strike me when I receive these requests. First, it is illegal to give away scheduled medicine for the promise of a shout out. Second, the influencers they are parading in front of me like some sick beauty contest DO NOT NEED COSMETIC INJECTABLES. Third, the people following their influencer’s page are being lied to by the marketing agent and the influencer. Despite what the photos supposedly show, the influencers are not the happiest they have ever been, with their Pretty Ugly Faces. Their overfilled lips have not made them the best person they have ever been. They are not winning, living their very best lives, and filling their cup of love to the brim because of their newly chiselled jaw. Truth be known, many of these influencers (who I’ve treated as private patients) are on a multitude of anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications. They’re usually riddled with self-doubt, crippled by a lack of self-worth, and they

hate their PUFs. Their golden handcuffs keep them in the role of influencer because of the money they know they can earn. And, because they are often young women, they feel their looks, bodies, and overall appeal to an audience is the only way they can earn money. Out of the spotlight the influencers I’ve met pay the price from the extreme pressure of always being ‘on.’ Their mental and physical health suffers because they are continuously swallowing down the pretence of perfection. More than most, they are expected to put on the happy face and sell the lie that the product/ service/cosmetic injectable treatment is responsible for the joy they show in their post. Is it medicine or is it business? In Australia, we are seeing the use of Botox and dermal filler injections rising faster than ever before. We estimate that Australia’s cosmetic procedure business is about $1bn, which is 40% larger per capita than The United States. But what is often seen and promoted as a low-risk procedure is not akin to having your eyebrows waxed or hair cut. Botox and dermal fillers are far from risk-free.

AUSTRALIA’S COSMETIC PROCEDURE BUSINESS IS ABOUT $1BN, WHICH IS 40% LARGER PER CAPITA THAN THE UNITED STATES. Last year in Australia, we had the first case of blindness from dermal fillers. According to reports, the patient may not have been warned about the potential for blindness. She started complaining about vision loss during the procedure. Still, the practitioner performing the treatment didn’t administer the dissolving agent that could’ve potentially saved her vision. The ophthalmology department treated the woman as a medical emergency in Sydney’s Prince of Wales Hospital, but they couldn’t save her vision. It seems the practitioner injected the dermal filler into an artery, which directly supplies blood to the eye. Once the dermal filler blocks the artery, the eye slowly dies, resulting in blindness. Meanwhile, in Asia, a thirteen-year-old girl convinced a clinic she was over eighteen, and they didn’t request identification. The young girl is now permanently blind in one eye, thanks to having dermal filler injected into her nose. Her parents thought she was at a friend’s house listening to music. n Beautiful Unique Faces (2020). Published by Karen McDermott. Available to purchase online at

Next-Generation Plasma Delivery to Lift, Tighten & Shrink Excess Skin Plasma PenTM by Louise Walsh International is one of the most advanced non-invasive, nitrogen plasma devices on the market. Plasma Pen delivers next-generation plasma delivery, making it the number one solution for aesthetics and medical professionals worldwide. Includes World-Class Training Programs


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TALKING BEAUTY PB’s Hannah Gay navigates the Australian professional beauty industry, one burgeoning trend at a time.


love this time of year. January provides a universal excuse to restart, refresh and get started on all of those little projects you had been putting off the year before. With a heart (and belly) full of Christmas cheer, we enter a new phase that promises a detox to the body, mind and spirit. Where are you at professionally and personally? Where is your team at? And where would you like to be in 12 months time? Surround yourself with a healthy support network and get cracking on making 2021 your best year yet.

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the master of SKIN

It’s not often I leave a facial treatment having gained more out of the experience than a fresh face and calm state of mind. Kaelon Atelier Beauté, with Dermal Therapist Madona El Nachar at the helm however, sits in a league of its own where clients can expect to leave their visit with a backlog of insight and a rife of motivation to boot. On first meeting Madona, I was taken by her intimidating knowledge bank combined with her friendly and reassuring demeanor. In her presence it’s easy to get the impression that she’s met you in another life; that she’s worked on your skin many times over and that no skin is too difficult to treat. I had checked myself in for a facial with Madona at her studio at Sydney’s La Porte Space, admittedly rather unsure of what the experience would entail. The treatment listings on Kaelon’s website note a series of bespoke and clinical facials aptly named after the results they aim to elicit. On arrival, Madona explained that her preferred approach would be to cater product usage to my skin where she saw fit, as opposed to having me elect a treatment at random. Her Solutionist Treatment was therefore the way to go – a method through which Madona says ensures “no two treatments may ever be the same. It is purely customised for your skin on the day of your appointment. This gives us 90 minutes to really focus on the needs of the client and it introduces new clients to our concept. I can then map out what their treatment plan will include.” The outcome for my skin would therefore be left entirely in Madona’s hands. Instead of having me recount my daily skincare regime, sleep habits or gut health, as is typical of a traditional consultation, Madona commenced her review of my skin from the moment the first round of lactic oil cleanser was applied. The intention behind this initial deep cleanse, Madona explains, was to “draw out any impurities and dissolve dirt, debris and sebum” via the combination of oil and clay. “I take my time to really work on this first step as I believe cleansing is the foundation of any skin regimen, treatments included. I like to massage and oxygenate the skin to increase circulation and promote blood flow

I’VE LEARNT FROM EXPERIENCE THAT THE ONLY THING PEOPLE WILL REMEMBER IS HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL. to strengthen it, preparing it for the next steps.” This was followed by an exfoliating cleanser and priming solution which Madona says “really creates a clean base to allow for optimal absorption of any subsequent products.” Between steps, Madona was able to perform a more detailed skin diagnosis, where factors including “sebum levels, hydration level, melanin, porphyrin count and sensitivity levels” were checked; I could almost hear her taking mental notes from beneath the sheets. We moved into an oxygenating treatment, which Madona explains “combines an antioxidant enzyme mask step to increase cell metabolism, further preparing it for the second treatment step which was an acid and enzymatic peel.” She then checked for any extractions needed and set me up for a round of LED using Healite by Lutronic. “I never perform


a treatment without it and [incorporate it automatically] because I really believe it should be a part of every treatment a client has.” Following this, Madona chose a specific vitamin infusion therapy suited to my sensitive skin. Her aim, she says, was to strengthen my capillaries and the integrity of my skin. For some clients, ultrasound or sonophoresis is also incorporated. “We also performed a massage which includes lymphatic drainage as well as shiatsu pressure points, and focused on lifting and sculpting the contours of the face. It’s my favourite part… I feel as though I’m dancing when performing the massage!” Madona jests. Customised serums, moisturiser and sunscreen are applied to finish. While her expertise is hard to match, working with skin was not always on Madona’s agenda. She says on

the brands I knew I wanted to work with would not supply home salons at the time. I would consult clients and then recommend products based on their needs. I was able to truly provide an unbiased service because I didn’t have to ‘sell’ anything, per se. That was a defining moment and I knew that was how I wanted to operate once I opened my own business. The loyalty is to the clients and what is in their best interest,” Madona believes. On the subject of her business, Madona had expressed concern around taking on additional staff at the mercy of consistency. I later questioned whether she had given the idea further thought, to which she told me she’d “realised attitude and mindset far outweighs experience and when looking for team members, that will be a focus. Culture is everything in a workplace and it’s up to me to nurture and provide

reflection of her work in the hotel industry: “regardless of whether it’s a retail sale or a treatment, we are at the service of our clients.” It’s a motto she’s carried through to her work in various industries, all while raising three children and eventually opening her own treatment room at La Porte. “I’ve learnt from experience that the only thing people will remember is how you made them feel. That is always at the forefront of everything I do within Kaelon.” “I’ve learnt from experience that the only thing people will remember is how you made them feel. That is always at the forefront of everything I do within Kaelon.” Her greatest strength as an aesthetician is her honesty. She describes the ease with which she can recommend products to her clients (anything from a flash PCA Skin cosmeceutical serum to an accessible Paula’s Choice toner is worth a look in), and opts to base those recommendations on not only the nature of her clients’ skin, but on their personal wants and circumstances. “I was running a skin advisory program while working from home after my third child. I was not carrying any brands; a lot of

an environment that will have happy and confident team members, which will directly impact their performance.” Madona places her attention on practicing discipline, which is she says ultimately trumps a person’s motivation. “It has a flow on effect towards consistency, which then equals stability; and I think stability is really underrated. Be it the kids’ sleep routine, (which I always break because the least path of resistance is what seems easier at the time), or the regular social media posts I don’t always get around to publishing.” Despite the independent and self-assured nature she imparts, Madona reminds me that one should never be afraid to ask for help, whether seeking it from a professional or personal standpoint. “Outsource what you can without thinking you have failed because you haven’t been able to do everything; it’s physically impossible to. While very cliche, saying ‘no’ without justifying your decision when you need to is also the key to happiness, and I’m still working on that. We are forever students throughout this thing called life.”









Escape Photography Lilianfels

Lilianfels Resort and Spa in The Blue Mountains is one of five resorts under the Escarpment Group portfolio. The destination typifies the ultimate escape: a quiet hideaway surrounded by hectares of Australian bushland. Hannah Gay visited the spa and spoke with Spa Manager, Trudi Zurlinden on what makes the venue so unique.

When did Lilianfels first open the doors to its day spa in The Blue Mountains? “Our day spa has been opened for more than 20 years and we have recently undergone a refurbishment with a completely revamped relaxation area inspired by the surrounding World Heritage Listed native forests surrounding us. It features indoor and outdoor heated pools, steam rooms, a jacuzzi and saunas. We have also expanded our spa offering and treatment range across to our sister hotels in The Blue Mountains: Echoes Boutique Hotel and Parklands Country Gardens & Lodges.”

What portion of your clientele is made up of tourists versus locals who regular the spa? “A large percentage of our clientele are in-house guests, however we have a faithful long-term local clientele that we also welcome regularly.”

Describe the appearance of the day spa. What ambience does staff aim to achieve for clients on entering? “With the addition of our relaxation area, we aim to evoke the peace and tranquillity found in The Blue Mountains’ natural environment. To achieve this we have employed the use of images, textures, materials and surfaces that are inspired by, or sourced from nature. To compliment this ambience, we serve a selection of herbal and plant-based teas in a low light calm environment.”

Photography Joseph G Media

Photography Joseph G Media





Photography Lilianfels

Photography Joseph G Media

• We stayed at Lilianfels’ sister accommodation, Echoes Boutique Hotel & Restaurant, however visited Lilianfels daily to utilise the resort’s pools, billiards room and gym. The resorts are located next door to one another! • The spa is tucked away below ground level at Lilianfels Resort. Amenities include a handful of treatment rooms, men’s and women’s changing rooms, spa bath, sauna rooms and dimly lit waiting area where guests are encouraged to put their feet up and enjoy a spot of tea post-treatment. Access is also granted to the resort’s indoor heated pool. It wouldn’t be a challenge to spend half a day here… • I experienced the spa’s signature Cocoon Bliss treatment, which included a one-hour full body massage with oil. Trudi also included an optional belly massage tailored to my baby bump! This was followed by a one-hour OrganicSpa facial. Measures were taken to ensure the optimal level of comfort was achieved for this mum-to-be. The bed was adjusted to suit, and pillows and towels were cradled between my arms and legs for hip and back comfort. • COVID-Safe measures were taken to ensure the safety and comfort of guests. We were encouraged to sign in on arrival at the spa and have our temperatures taken. Staff members wore masks at all times in line with updated NSW Government advice.

Photography Lilianfels

Why has the spa chosen to partner with Akorah and OrganicSpa?

What are your most in-demand treatments? “Our range of massages are our clear best-sellers with a preference for those featuring our range of pure essential oils. Our two and four hour packages are particularly in-demand, including our signature treatment called Outer Beauty, Inner Health, which includes a total body pampering from head to toe.”




Photography Joseph G Media

“We recently transitioned to the Akorah range for our body treatments. They are locally sourced products crafted in The Blue Mountains with treatments based around philosophies of Thrive, Dream and Spirit. The colours, plant extracts and formulations symbolise The Blue Mountains. Our facial treatment range is sourced from OrganicSpa – a brand from Byron Bay with more than 30 years experience. It is also certified organic and vegan. We offer a wide retail range to our clientele from both brands.”


Photography Lilianfels

You also retail the products used in treatments at the spa. Do you find this to be a profitable and worthwhile investment for the business? “The retail range compliments our range of therapies but also the land and the environment in which we live. These products are therefore in high demand with our clientele as they speak to the spa’s philosophies of living in and being inspired by nature.”

What are the most important qualities you look for when hiring spa staff at Lilianfels? “Professionalism, qualifications and a commitment to immersing themselves in our products and philosophies. We prefer our staff to be customeroriented and focused on making our spa a destination experience, not just a massage.”

Photography Lilianfels

Photography Lilianfels

What will 2021 look like for the business and its clients? “We will continue to move forward with our transitioned spa philosophy and products. We will also explore the potential expansion of treatment locations in our hotels aligned with our expanding wellness philosophy.” n






Marketing Manager at Advanced Skin Technology and Aspect Skincare chats to Anita Quade about her love of all things beauty.

I love the Aspect range because… “it is made up of amazing ingredients and effective formulations that achieve fantastic results plus a wonderful team of passionate people in the background who are creating it.” I love skincare because…”I know firsthand how debilitating acne can be and that cosmeceutical skincare can make an incredible difference to your skin and overall wellbeing.”

My favourite place to summer holiday is…”In my home state Western Australia – it has the best weather and beaches in the world.”




I would tell this to my younger self… ”Go with your gut, take the risk. Oh, and travel more/work less!” True bliss for me is…”Watching a beautiful sunset over the ocean with the sound of waves crashing and a glass of pinot in hand.” Three words that sum me up… “Loyal, determined and passionate.”

My favourite summer product is…” I can’t go past Aspect Extreme B as it is such an all-rounder with multiple benefits for all skin types.”

My career highlight is…”Successfully rebranding and relaunching Aspect in 2018. I am so proud of the team on this achievement and the brand has gone from strength to strength since.”

My plan this year is to…”Navigate and enjoy motherhood. My baby boy is due in February and I cannot wait to meet him!”


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Dermalist 83 Elleebana

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Professional Beauty Solutions

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Rezenerate 59 Ultraderm 81 Waterlily BC




C L Inew N I CA L Introducing our practitioner only range – DERMALIST CLINICAL The latest addition to our offering of multi-functional and concentrated products has been specifically designed to complement & enhance the results of our core cosmeceutical Radiance Range. DERMALIST CLINICAL is only for sale & recommendation in clinic, via prescription from qualified Physicians, Cosmetic Nurses, Dermal Therapists and Skin Health Professionals. These powerful formulations treat the skin using both a causative and symptomatic approach. They address skin health by reducing inflammation and promoting healthy cell function, whilst targeted peptides specifically focus on dramatically and quickly treating specific skin concerns. Designed by a team of dermal & formulation experts to deliver fast and dramatically visible results within 28 days, the range is condensed to facilitate fast and easy recommendation, and significantly increase patient compliance. Satisfying all the modern trends and requests by your clients, Dermalist is Australian made in small quality batches, vegan, cruelty free and sustainably and ethically sourced.

Patient before & after - 28 days

Patient before & after - 28 days

Contact us at for more information about the range.

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