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The Vanguard Digital VK300D-HS is the impressive high speed version of our six-time award winning VK300D series.

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VOC FREE HEAV Y METAL FREE REACH COMPLIANT For more information, please contact HIGH PRODUCTION FLATBED LED UV PRINTER The Vanguard Digital VK300D-HS is the impressive high speed version of our six-time award winning VK300D series.

Durst Oceania launches Vanguard across the region

Durst Oceania has launched the entire range of Vanguard products in Australia and New Zealand, and has also confirmed its first sale in the region.

The first Vanguard product sold in Australia is the VK300D-HS

Durst Oceania has launched the entire range of Vanguard roll-toroll, flatbed and hybrid products in New Zealand and Australia.

Matt Ashman, Durst Oceania managing director, says, “Durst acquired Vanguard back in 2019 and the Covid pandemic prevented us from launching it earlier into the local market. The benefit of waiting to launch has meant that the brand is now assimilated into the Durst business as well as the hardware and software ecosystem and this is fully backed by the Durst service network.

“There are now over 1000 Vanguard installations and the brand continues to grow in the established market of North America as well as exponentially in the European market.

“Printers have been telling us that they are looking for an alternative to the other players in the market. There have been a number of manufacturers that have delivered some great innovation, but unfortunately this was a number of years ago. Now Vanguard is here delivering

what Durst is famous for – innovation on a constant rolling basis. We will continue to be focused on what customers need and what customers want.

“Vanguard is here delivering what Durst is famous for – innovation on a constant rolling basis. We will continue to be focused on what customers need and what customers want.”

managing director, Durst Oceania

“Vanguard can deliver amazing quality at incredible speeds, while also providing a very commercially attractive proposition. Vanguard sits within the Durst range as a more accessible entry point for the aspiring print business and we look forward to welcoming new customers to the ever-growing Durst family. I am pleased to confirm that Dan Mantel has come on board to develop the Vanguard business sector as business development manager and we will be reaching out to

work with potential partners as well as existing customers in the near future.”

According to Mantel, there is a clear place in the market for dedicated flatbed printers that complement the remainder of the Durst product portfolio. He says, “Vanguard printers are known for their quality build and reliability. The good news for Vanguard customers is there are various machines to suit a number of applications. In-field upgrades are available with these machines and additional rows of printing heads can be added to double and even triple the speed without buying a new machine.

“We have plenty of options including a high velocity vacuum table with stronger pumps and additional perforations which enables the customer to work with challenging substrates such as printing single-sided or double-sided corrugated boards.

“There has been a lot of internal information shared within the Durst Group and we have now been able to upgrade the Vanguard platforms to

3 May 2024 COVER STORY


the latest technology including Durst workflow software and Durst analytics.”

Durst Oceania confirms first Vanguard VK300D-HS sold in Australia

Durst Oceania has confirmed the first Vanguard product sold in Australia is the VK300D-HS to Evan Evans in Melbourne. Matt Ashman says, “The VK300D-HS is a part of our 6-time award winning VK300D Series. It is a fully featured printer that has revolutionised the industry with a highspeed electro-magnetic drive system that propels the carriage at speeds up to 1.8 metres per second for an incredible speed of up to 317 square metres an hour. These impressive advancements ensure your business will outperform any competitor.

“The VK300D-HS comes equipped with industrial Kyocera KJ4A print heads that deliver print dots as small as 4 picolitre drop size ensuring tight dot placement for vivid output on virtually any substrate up to 10cm thick.

“Other features include auto height detection, one-touch pin registration, front-to-back and back-to-front printing, liquid cooled LED curing technology, static suppression bars, and reversible vacuum zones. Engineered to grow with your business, the VK300D-HS is available with multiple rows of print heads and can be expanded in the field.”

The new Vanguard VK3220T-HS

The new Vanguard VK3220T-HS ultra-high production UV-LED flatbed, on display at the recent FESPA Print Expo in Amsterdam and launched at

Printing United in late 2023, redefines productivity and promises unparalleled quality at incredible speeds with phenomenal productivity.

The VK3220T-HS represents the apex of Vanguard’s evolution. It offers a larger bed size and up to three rows of industrial printheads for maximum productivity, an electro-magnetic carriage drive system for speed and precise drop placement delivering exceptionally high print quality, as well as field-upgradeability for peace of mind, making this printer the ultimate option for any print service provider.

The new compact and user-friendly 3.2 x 2 metre size offers further throughput potential and enables the printer to operate on an industrial scale.

Kyocera KJ4A printheads are equipped with variable drop technology and four picolitre drop sizes for remarkable print quality with better colour gradients and smoothing capability.

The printer has been engineered to grow with any business, offering options for single, dual and triple row print heads, with optional white ink and varnish channels that can be added after installation.

The new machine can produce 1,800 dpi print resolution and speeds of up to 360 square metres per hour.

Vanguard global CEO, Jim Peterson said: “The VK3220T-HS is the culmination of years of technological advancements and our response to the demands of the market.

Vanguard VK 3220T-HS

“We are dedicated to delivering the best printers available, and through our innovation and commitment to our customers, we have created the new benchmark for speed and quality, with a focus on productivity and efficiency. The VK3220T-HS symbolises the start of a new chapter for Vanguard globally, and we are so proud to share it with our friends in Australia and New Zealand.”

“Vanguard printers are known for their quality build and reliability. The good news for Vanguard customers is there are various machines to suit a number of applications. Infield upgrades are available and additional rows of printing heads can be added to double and even triple the speed without buying a new machine.”

– Dan Mantel, technical sales, Durst Oceania

The VK3220T-HS can print on nearly any substrate up to 10cm thick and is driven by an electro-magnetic drive, ensuring tight dot placement for remarkable print quality and speeds.

Combined with a seven-zone, userselectable vacuum system, this printer ensures efficient hold-down for no unintended media movement and easy transitions between jobs.

Other strategic features include auto height detection, one-touch pin registration, front-to-back and back-tofront printing, water-cooled LED curing technology, and ionization bars.

The VK3220T-HS Ultra-Productive Flatbed UV-LED Printer redefines the meaning of productivity on a 3.2 x 2 metre UV-LED flatbed. With up to three rows of Kyocera printheads, print speeds can reach up to 360 square metres per hour. Utilizing 4 picolitre drop size Kyocera heads and a high-speed magnetic drive, there’s no compromise on speed to achieve remarkable quality. With the ability to print up to 10cm thick, the only limitation is your imagination.

4 May 2024

Vanguard VR6D-HS

The VR6D-HS Flatbed UV-LED Printer is the most advanced 2.5 metre x 1.2 metre flatbed on the market today. It combines the latest state-of-the-art Ricoh Gen 6 print head technology and high-speed magnetic drive unparalleled speed, resolution, and quality. The VR6D-HS can be configured in a number of ways to fit your needs as your business grows. The option to be field upgradeable with up to 10 heads (5 x 2 rows) allows you to expand your capabilities and never slows you down. The VR6D-HS sets a new standard for all UV flatbeds.

Vanguard VR5D-E

The VR5D-E is the most revolutionary flatbed UV-LED printer on the market. It is field upgradeable, with up to 10 print heads in 2 rows (2x5), for increased production. While pricing is entry level, the VR5D-E is an industrial printer engineered for worry-free maintenance and ease of operation. High production workflow at a low operating cost is at your fingertips. The VR5D-E supports CMYK + W + V + Lc + Lm printing while utilizing 7 pL dots for vivid colour output on substrates up to 10cm thick. Other features include auto height detection, one-touch pin registration, front-to-back and back-to-front printing and 4 reversible vacuum zones. The end result is a versatile printer that helps you expand your job applications and grows with your business.

The robust VKR3200-HS 3.2 metre true roll-to-roll UV-LED can produce up to 269 square metres an hour utilising Kyocera’s 11cm wide KJ4A print heads and high-speed electromagnetic drive system. The KJ4A is a dual channel print head design that supports two colours at a time. The small 4 picolitre drop size ensures tight dot placement for a vividly printed output on flexible substrates up to 2.5cm thick. These advanced features make it the fastest and most accurate printer in its class. The VKR3200-HS is field expandable up to two rows of heads for a total of 8 and supports CMYK + W + V + Lc + Lm. The VKR3200-HS also comes standard with liquid cooled LED curing lamps, dual-roll printing capability and an ink-catch for mesh banner, window film, edge-to-edge printing, textile materials and other porous materials.

5 May 2024
Vanguard VKR3200-HS

Cover Story p3-5

3-5 Durst: The entire range of Vanguard flatbed, roll to roll, and hybrid products are now available in New Zealand through Durst Oceania. These machines deliver high quality print at speed and provide an accessible entry point for companies needing to get into wide format production.

Features p11-48

14-15 Currie Group: ABG strengthened its ties with Currie Group at the recent By Appointments event.

16 Konica Minolta: Chris O’Hara shares his thoughts on the show and tips on how to get the most out of your time there.

34 Think Laterally: Mick Rowan shares strategies to help you shine brightly across digital platforms.

48 Think Laterally: In this drupa special, Mick offers some insider tips on how to use social media to get more out of drupa 2024.

PrintNZ p10-12

10-11 Helping Hand: Iain MacIntyre serves up a printing primer 101 that you can share with prospective clients.

12 Comment: Recently, our training graduates attended ceremonies in Auckland and Wellington, reports Ruth Cobb.

Wide Format Plus p35-46

36 News: Visual Impact registrations; Epson’s latest P-Series; and Speedy Signs feature this month.

38 Fujifilm Business Innovation: A new Epson SureColor T5760D printer boosts production at Peninsula Design.

40 Fujifilm New Zealand: Benefitz has upgraded its 5m capability to an Acuity R2 LED 5m wide format printer.

42-45 Total Supply: Spicers, Total Supply and Universal Packaging hosted their annual Charity Golf Day at Pakuranga Golf Club

46 NZSDA Update: Mikayla Hopkins reports back from the latest NZSDA regional meetings and webinars

People In Print Awards p18-32

18 Introduction: Welcome to our celebration of the People In Print and the Rising Stars of Print

19-30 People In Print: This year, we had the privilege of sharing our celebration with a diverse group of talented and hardworking Kiwis who put everything they have into their work.

31-32 Rising Stars of Print: Who could fail to feel inspired with the quality of our Rising Stars? We introduce 11 of the best.

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Jenkins Award, from left: Levi Lindsey, MCC Auckland; Tony Sayle, Jenkins Group; and Amit Shankar, Labelmakers – page 12.
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COLOR-LOGIC has designed its website to use Google Translate, so that licensed Color-Logic printers, dealers, and OEM partners can quickly review how print embellishments are produced and formulate their own strategies for successful print embellishment implementation.

Mark Geeves, director of sales and marketing at Color-Logic, says, “We constantly provide design tips, marketing templates, and demonstration files to our licensees and their key support personnel, making it easier to sell and demonstrate our embellishments.”

SCREEN GA has received the 2024 Technology Award from the Japanese Society of Printing Science and Technology for its Truepress Label 350UV series. The award recognises technology that has made an outstanding contribution to the printing industry’s growth and entails evaluating a company’s level of innovation, progress, marketability, and expandability. Yukiyoshi Tanaka, president of Screen GA, says, “We hope to contribute to the transformation of society through the promotion of digital printing, which offers environmental and economic advantages.”

XSYS has announced the introduction of EcoFillX, a software feature developed for ThermoFlexX imagers, which promises to significantly reduce washout solvent usage. It targets the nonimage areas of photopolymer printing plates. Dirk De Rauw, senior optical designer at XSYS, says, “Sustainability is a central responsibility for any manufacturer today. EcoFillX joins a host of other environmental initiatives from XSYS for plate processing operations.”

New leader at Heidelberg as Monz steps down

Heidelberg has announced management changes as Dr Ludwin Monz steps down from his position as chair of the Management Board at his own request. Jürgen Otto will become the new chief executive officer at Heidelberg on July 1.

The chair of Heidelberg’s supervisory board, Dr Martin Sonnenschein, says, “We very much regret Dr Ludwin Monz’s decision to leave Heidelberg. He has decisively advanced our company strategically and operationally and thus strengthened our foundation in a difficult


opens local office

Global plastics specialist Orafol has established a sales company in New Zealand in response to what it sees as “a significantly increasing market potential for premium films and special plastics in the Asia Pacific region”.

Across the region, the business already oversees sales and production companies in China, Japan, Taiwan, India, and Australia. The five sites in Australia, including

market environment. With Jürgen Otto, we are gaining a proven leader. With his experience and network, we will continue to consistently prepare Heidelberg for the future, increase profitability and further strengthen our significant technological expertise in the printing and packaging industry and beyond.”

Monz says, “I really enjoyed working at Heidelberg. I would like to thank the Supervisory Board,

its headquarters in Sydney, form the foundation for the expansion of its Asia Pacific presence. Alex McClelland, who has been the managing director of Orafol Australia since 2019, is responsible for this expansion. The company has appointed him to the role of executive vice president Asia Pacific.

Dr Holger Loclair, chair and chief executive officer of Orafol Group, says, “New Zealand offers legal certainty and political stability. Additionally, our strong presence in Australia provides a solid foundation for taking this step and successfully expanding our product sales in the Asia Pacific region.”

the management team, and all employees of the company for their good cooperation.”

Otto says, “Heidelberg is an icon of German industry with product quality and service expertise that is appreciated worldwide. I look forward to becoming part of Heidelberg and working with the management team around Tania von der Goltz and David Schmedding, as well as all employees on a successful future for the company.”

Dr David Schmedding has joined the Supervisory Board. ing as a new member.

Sonnenschein adds, “Due to his previous management positions in the company, Dr David Schmedding is an accomplished Heidelberg resident. With his appointment to the management board, we will place an even stronger focus on convincing our customers with innovative, high-quality products.”

Alex McClelland adds, “With Orafol New Zealand, we are creating a key pillar in the Asia Pacific economic region – for Orafol and, of course, for our customers who can rely on our proximity and the constant availability of our premium films.”

Orafol will offer an extensive range of products and services to retailers of graphics products, as well as customers in reflective solutions and adhesive tape systems in New Zealand. Additionally, it will leverage synergies between its various sales and production companies in the APAC economic region to an even greater extent.

8 May 2024 NEWS
Jürgen Otto, new chief executive officer at Heidelberg

Nathan Pene returns to the paper market with Spicers

After an eight-year hiatus, Nathan Pene has returned to the New Zealand paper market with Spicers.

He brings with him over two decades of experience in senior management positions. Returning to paper supply after honing his skills serving as general

Xeikon unveils new 1200 dpi inkjet press

The next generation Xeikon Panther inkjet technology has arrived with the company announcing the Xeikon PX3300HD. This 1200dpi digital press targets the high-quality labels market.

The five-colour machine offers a 330mm printing width and speeds up to 70 metres per minute, even when printing with high opacity white. In addition, Xeikon PX3300HD uses a newly developed ink series, PX-Cure LED HD, for improved perfect curing, while supporting sustainability targets for converters.

Jeroen Van Bauwel, director for solution design at Xeikon, says, “As inkjet technology continues to mature, there’s a clear need to update Xeikon’s Panther portfolio with a higher resolution option to meet specific customer requests. Consequently, we are now introducing a 1200dpi engine to complement the existing 600dpi product range.

“The new Xeikon PX3300HD will extend the capabilities for printers by giving them the tools to reach excellent quality at even higher productivity levels in a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)-friendly way.”

Xeikon says the small footprint

Epson wins Red Dot Awards

Epson has won multiple Red Dot Awards in the product design category for the sixth consecutive year.

Epson’s Red Dot Award winners include the SD-10, a highly accurate, compact, and affordable spectrophotometer equipped with a MEMS Fabry-Perot tuneable filter developed by Epson.

The SD-10 can be used to measure colour and perform colour matching, a

manager for a leading supplier of resin and fibre-based solutions in the primary

PX3300HD excels at producing high durability, full-colour labels for diverse markets, covering up to 88 per cent of Pantone colours within Delta E 2, rising to 94 per cent within Delta E 3. To meet the specific requirements of the higher resolution engine, Xeikon has developed new PX-Cure LED HD inks. The new inks match the sustainability benefits of the recently introduced PantherCure UV LED series for Xeikon 600dpi inkjet presses, including significant savings in energy consumption, instant warm up for more agile operation, and 10 times longer lamp life compared to traditional UV arc lamps, resulting in lower waste.

The new press leverages Xerox W-Series industrial inkjet printheads with dedicated waveforms and screening software developed by Xeikon. The company adds that the PX3300HD is fully prepared for hybrid printing to increase productivity, with the option to add Xeikon’s modular inline label

conventionally time-consuming process. It can be used stand-alone or with a smart device for added functionality. Pocket-sized and portable, it allows you to measure colour anytime, anywhere.

Another Epson Red Dot Award winner

packaging sector, he looks forward to creating new relationships and reigniting established ones.

He says, “Paper has been a constant presence in my career since I joined the industry in 1994. Despite the significant transformations the industry has undergone, these changes have clearly led to new opportunities, which are demonstrated by our current business pipeline.

“New to the business, I appreciate the success and progress of opportunities the team has already engaged in. My intention is that we deliver exceptional results that we can all be proud of from this strong foundation.”

converting units, and a large unwinder for longer uninterrupted production runs.

The Xeikon X-800 digital front end powers the new printer for faster job turnaround and just-in-time delivery. Colour management forms an integral part of the software. Every X-800 comes with a Pantone license so customers can convert Pantone colours for their press and substrates. In addition, the basic press configuration offers operational support with an inline camera for quality inspection included by default. Adjusting registration, stitching and compensation for missing nozzles, all measured and corrected in a fully automated way, this feature also helps to alleviate ongoing issues with finding skilled staff to run the press, while extending the lifetime of the printheads and ensuring consistent high quality.

Van Bauwel concludes, “This extension of Xeikon’s inkjet capabilities is an incredibly exciting development for customers. It offers them a cost-effective and highly competitive opportunity to scale their businesses. They can supply profitable luxury market segments with exceptional productivity and quality. We are currently well underway with customer trials and will start sales at drupa. I encourage all attendees to make their way to Hall 11, booth A01. You can experience the PX3300HD 1200 dpi press running live and discuss your future path in inkjet for labels and packaging with Xeikon.”

was the SureLab SL-D1060 commercial photo printer. Epson says these printers are loaded with features to suit the needs of professional photographers and photo printing service providers. The compact size takes up minimal counter space and suits installation in cabinets and on shelving. With flexible media handling and an optional duplex feeder, users can produce a wide range of photo prints and photo merchandise including photo books. Durability has been significantly increased over its predecessor for enhanced ROI while ink packs have replaced traditional cartridges for superior productivity with less waste.

9 May 2024 NEWS
Back at Spicers: Nathan Pene The Xeikon PX3300HD digital inkjet press The Epson SD-10 spectrophotometer in action on the Epson Auto Table

From letterpress to digital, the breadth of print knows no end

Print touches everybody’s life, every single day.

“The purpose of this story is to provide NZ Printer readers with an overview of print they can share with others outside of the industry and even within as appropriate, to further understanding as to the broad spectrum that the industry covers – essentially delivering a little “Printing 101”

PrintNZ chief executive Ruth Cobb

Print is ubiquitous. We see it in the daily newspaper or the latest bestseller; on touch screens for high end medical devices; or the decals on the fuselage of an Air New Zealand jet.

While certain sectors of the industry face a reduction in size, the mainstream constantly evolves as new avenues emerge. Ruth Cobb, chief executive at PrintNZ, says, “The print industry is so broad; it affects everybody’s life, every single day. Since the emergence of digital technology, further enabled by the internet, a narrative developed that the print industry would soon die out. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“As per all industries and all avenues of life, there is natural evolution. Nothing stays static. The industry continues to create so many products and it is impossible to name them all. For example, the general public might not associate print with clothing labels and street signs, but they are also very much a part of our industry.

“Print has played an important role in New Zealand’s response to recent natural disasters. During events such as the Christchurch earthquake and the Hawke’s Bay floods, print was the main method of communication with isolated communities and ensured they were kept informed.”

Power of print

The greatest demonstration of the power of print during an unprecedented event was the reliance on the sector during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the country went into lockdown. Ruth explains, “This wasn’t just in the form

of newspapers providing updates, it included signage for workplaces and retail, education packs for those at home, hospital documentation, enhanced food packaging requirements and Covid-19 hygiene messaging, to name just a few.”

She considers the evolution of printing technology as a testament to human ingenuity and creativity. She explains, “From humble beginnings, through to cutting-edge capabilities, this sector shows no signs of stopping. Print is one of the few industries that, while new processes continue to evolve, the old don’t get mothballed. There is still a place and strong appreciation for those older technologies, each of which can yield a specific characteristic or look and many of which produce specialist products in niche areas.”

You can use the following print primer to help explain some of the enormous world of print that they rely on.


The prepress process relates to the colour, composition, page layout and other work done after the design stage, but before the job is actually printed. There are three stages in prepress: pre-flighting, creating a proof, and making the printing plates or creating the digital pathway for the job. This process is vital to ensuring the finished work is correctly set up for whichever type of process will be used to output the work.


Letterpress is the oldest form of printing, whereby letters are arranged on a frame, dipped in ink and then pressed onto the printing substrate to produce an impression. Most commonly, letters are carved on the surface of wood or metal and then placed on the press to be printed.

Although superseded by the faster offset printing method, Letterpress never disappeared. Currently having a renaissance of sorts, letterpress produces high end, highly embellished products such as business cards, wedding invitations, labels and certificates.

10 May 2024
helping hand
IAIN MACINTYRE Print is one of the few industries that, while new processes continue to evolve, the old don’t get mothballed


The most common printing technique, offset involves printing from a metal plate onto paper or other materials such as card, board, self adhesive and foil. We see it typically used for commercial print jobs such as books, magazines, annual reports, carton packaging, business stationery and marketing products.


Flexography (flexo) uses a printing plate with raised letterforms to transfer the ink. Through high-speed rotary functionality, it can print on substrates including plastic, metallic films, cellophane and paper. It is most commonly used for printing self-adhesive labels, food packaging and corrugated board products.


Excellent print quality and high speed characterise this roll to roll process. As opposed to flexo, which uses raised images, gravure engraves images onto a cylinder, which is then rolled on ink-coated paper. It can print on various surfaces and predominantly used for high end work, the largest sector of which is food packaging, and also used for books, magazines, and even bank notes.


One of the oldest forms of printing, the process of printing on a surface by the ink being forced through a mesh screen has not been superseded. One of its most significant advantages is its use for printing on many different materials including textiles, cardboard, plastic, metal, and glass. Although most people recognise t-shirts as screen printing’s most recognised product, the process produces many other items including fine art prints.


With digital printing, data goes to a specialised printer that can produce one copy, multiple copies, or individuallypersonalised prints. As digital printing technology has evolved, so too has the breadth of products it can produce, and this will continue to expand as

innovation continues to reach new frontiers.


This technology enables the creation of an object by laying down successive layers of material, one on top of the other. From prosthetics and aerospace components to architectural models and personalised products, the applications for 3D printing across all industries continues to increase, and this will continue to drive innovation and reshape the manufacturing landscape.


The printed product takes its final form, often undergoing embellishment, enhancing the integrity and the value of the product. From gold foiling on a wedding invitation to cutting and creasing to form a printed shape, to cutting intricate patterns into printed work or hand-binding a book, the finishing sector completes the product and ensures that it is both functional for the purpose intended and is durable.

Today and tomorrow

Ruth says, “Print is an industry that worldwide has taken huge steps to be innovative and relevant and at the same time has reduced its carbon footprint by 95 per cent over the last 15 years – something which very few other industries could lay claim to.

“Entries into the Pride In Print Awards each year showcase the extent of the developments that are taking place and highlight the readth of products that the industry produces.

“In a world increasingly driven by digital innovation, print remains a timeless medium of communication – connecting people, businesses and communities.

“As we look to the future, the possibilities are endless and will continue to redefine the way we interact with the world around us.

“Print isn’t going anywhere, it is part of our lives every day. The sector deserves to be recognised and rightfully proud for the role it plays in both our personal and business lives, as well as its contribution to the community and economy.”

11 May 2024
helping hand
How big is print – that’s a statement, not a question


Our bright stars of the industry

Training Graduations are a celebration of the wonderful people in our industry.

While people were outside this month watching the bright lights and wonder of the Aurora Australis, we were inside looking at some bright stars of our own. We have just completed our print industry training graduations in Christchurch and Auckland, and it always serves to remind me of the diverse group of people that make a commitment to make a career in our industry.

The graduations recognise these people and the skills they have gained at all levels across a range of disciplines, from an introductory L2 manufacturing qualification through to a L5 Diploma of Print Management.

Our industry relies on skilled people to produce the outstanding work that our customers require, and you can’t do this without people that are willing to learn, people that are willing to teach and companies that are willing to support the process.

The training graduations are about acknowledging all three parties and it is important to celebrate these achievements. As always it was a pleasure to see the smile on the faces of the trainees as they cross the stage to get their medals, and the pride shown by the employers and families that attended.

For some it is the first qualification they have ever achieved and for some it is the culmination of four (sometimes more) years of hard work. We celebrate them all, each of those skills has a place in the industry.

We celebrate printers, print finishers, digital, prepress, sales, team leadership, fibre board packaging, signmaking, business administration, general manufacturing, and the Diploma of Print Management.

These two events are also the showcase for our top Print Industry Training Awards and a stepping stone through to the three major awards that will be announced at the Pride In Print Awards: Print Apprentice of the Year, Trainer of the Year and Training Company of the Year.

The finalists for these Awards, along with the overall Print Management Diploma Student of the Year were also announced at the graduations, highlighting the brightest stars in our galaxy of talent that have shone during their training, and the trainers and businesses that encouraged them.

For those companies and trainers that are named as finalists, we know that they have made an extraordinary effort and are recognised not just for what they do for their own businesses but what they are doing for the industry. Everyone recognises the benefit of employing a qualified tradesperson, but not everyone is prepared to train them, and so we celebrate those that do.

Worthy candidates

Selecting the Apprentice of the Year sector winners was no easy task as there were many worthy candidates. We started out with a list of everyone that completed an apprenticeship, then moved to a Top 10, and

from there we selected the five contenders for the overall Print Apprentice of the Year title, with each of those five winners being the top in their sector of the industry.

In Auckland we also heard from a very special guest, Freddie Bennett, who has achieved some incredible milestones by setting goals, focusing on those goals, learning what needed to be done and then getting on and doing it, putting one foot in front of the other. While running across the Sahara Desert or transferring the Arctic are a lot harder than what most of us set out to achieve, the approach we take and the attitude we adopt are the same.

For some of our learners it takes just as much grit and determination to get to the end, often facing substantial obstacles along the way, but they keep the goal in sight and feel a great sense of achievement at the end. The graduation events are there to celebrate that achievement.

PrintNZ and Competenz take pride in congratulating the following graduates for their special awards:

• Trust4Skills Reelfed Apprentice of the Year – George Cunningham, Allied Press, Dunedin

• BJ Ball Label Printing Apprentice of the Year – Amit Shankar, Labelmakers, Hamilton

• GAPF Digital Apprentice of the Year – Anna Hodge, Be My Guest Design, Dunedin

• Heidelberg Packaging Apprentice of the Year – Levi Lindsey, MCC Auckland

• PrintNZ Binding and Finishing Apprentice of the Year – Kathryn Wheeler, Freedom Plus, Palmerston North

Trainer of the Year – Finalists

• Cheyne Lesa, Blue Star Wellington

• Sam Kay, Labelmakers, Hamilton

• Jason Marshall, MCC Auckland

• Rob Ellis, MCC Albany

Training Company of the Year Finalists

• Blue Star Wellington

• Graphic Packaging International, Auckland

• MCC Auckland

• MCC Albany, Auckland

• Inkwise Print Partners, Christchurch

12 May 2024
Jenkins Award, from left: Levi Lindsey, MCC Auckland; Tony Sayle, Jenkins Group; and Amit Shankar, Labelmakers
helping hand


A B Graphic International visit further strengthens ANZ ties


Hyde, sales manager for ABG, joined the ABG by Appointment event at Currie Group’s Melbourne headquarters.

For more than two decades, A B Graphic International (ABG) and Currie Group have been close partners in the supply of digital finishing solutions to the ANZ label and packaging market.

Recently, Mark Hyde, sales manager for A B Graphic International marked his 38th visit down under by bringing top-tier expertise to industry businesses through the ‘ABG By Appointment Event’ held in Currie Group’s Melbourne Demonstration Centre, where he also met with the local sales, service, management, and administration teams.

Mark says, “ABG was one of the very first manufacturers of digital packaging and label finishing systems, and our partnership with Currie Group began when digital finishing was really in its infancy.”

“Over the years, as we have continued to innovate and push the technologies

forward. It has been fantastic to see Currie Group also expand to become a leader in the region, with an ideal mix of equipment and solutions for the sector and, importantly, an unmatched service and technical support operation which means businesses can invest with confidence.”

Currie Group says that it takes considerable pride in being an end to end supplier, with a wide range of solutions through its partnerships with international OEMs, many of which line up perfectly with ABG’s own collaborative relationships.

It is also aligned with ABG on many other topics, including its commitment to service, with a strong team of factory trained technicians backed by their counterparts at ABG in the UK, and supported by a finely tuned rolling stock arrangement which keeps stock and spare parts on hand for fast order fulfilment,

despite the inevitably long shipping times between the UK and ANZ.

This synergy was clear at the fully subscribed By Appointment sessions, which Currie Group has now run successfully on a number of its product ranges.

Mark Daws, director – labels & packaging ANZ at Currie Group, explains, “By Appointment is an approach which we created to give customers opportunities you simply can’t provide at a traditional open house event – namely, individual sessions which are tailored to suit the particular requirements of the client.

“Perhaps they are a print service provider who is looking at moving into labels and packaging, or an established label house adding digital options or looking at ways to enhance their business with automation – a personalised appointment allows us to better provide the information and insights they need.”

14 May 2024
From left: Wayne Quayle, Currie Group; Mark Hyde, ABG; Mark Daws and Jon Murray, Currie Group


Visitors to the sessions experienced end to end label production and converting workflow in action, featuring the very latest ABG Digicon Series 3 and ABG DigiLite 3 digital finishing systems, and an ABG SRI3 slitter rewinder inspection system, coupled with an HP Indigo 6K Digital Press and CERM workflow. Guests also had access to HP and CERM experts.

Mark Daws adds, “The workflow on show is designed to demonstrate the benefits of ABG’s modular, flexible and highly automated solutions, which push the boundaries of digital embellishment and finishing to add maximum value, while also improving productivity and profitability with advanced automation and operational efficiencies.”

Mark Hyde agrees. “We’ve invested heavily in automation in recent years as guests will see, and this, together with quality and genuine innovation, are the real focus for us going forward.”

These themes – innovation, quality, automation, and profitability – will also be a focus for ABG at drupa, where the company will not only welcome guests to its own booth but is also planning a heavy presence on the HP stand.

Mark Hyde says, “We are constantly evolving our technologies, of course, but we are not in the business of holding back innovations from our customers to get mileage at a show, so anyone who attended the By Appointment event recently will have found that they were already very familiar with most of the innovations and advances that will feature in Düsseldorf.

“We will, however, be making some exciting announcements on our future direction and global strategy – so we are very much looking forward to that.”

For now, however, the focus is “local, focused, and friendly”.

He adds, “We have channel partnerships all around the world, of course, but few are as strong as the one we enjoy with Currie Group throughout Australia and New Zealand. In fact, they are our top distributor globally, and our most advanced partner, anywhere in the world.

“Our companies have really developed side by side, and it’s been great to visit so often over the years and to see the relationship grow from strength to strength.

“I am very much looking forward to meeting more businesses during this visit and to coming back again, many times in the future.”

15 May 2024
The teams from Currie Group, ABG, and CERM ABG SRI3 - Tim Gavin (l), Currie Group and Raymond Moio, Print Media Group ABG Digicon Series 3 ABG SRI3 slitter rewinder inspection system


Konica Minolta New Zealand cuts a path to drupa 2024

‘See the Potential in the Future of Print’ is the Konica Minolta theme for drupa 2024.

Chris O’Hara, national production and industrial print manager, and Wade Marriner, national industrial print specialist, will represent Konica Minolta New Zealand drupa 2024 on the stand in Hall 8B. Chris will host New Zealand customers from May 28 to June 3 and Wade will host customers from May 31 to June 8.

Chris says, “With no physical drupa in eight years, we expect to see an incredible display of new technological advancements, especially at the Konica Minolta stand. The excitement includes 20 European premieres of new technology; pioneering digital transformation; and live running of the biggest machines Konica Minolta has ever shown at drupa.

At Konica Minolta’s 2,400 square metre exhibition booth, we will demonstrate how we are strengthening and expanding the business of commercial and industrial printing customers, and ways of sustainable production in line with the philosophy of Industry 5.0.

The booth will showcase Konica Minolta’s new robotic solutions and the AI driven automated production lines; an ultramodern web shop; and never before seen use of robotics and software solutions, including major advancements in remote service engineering.

From commercial printing to label printing, packaging, and industrial printing, we will cover the range of business opportunities. In our Production Print portfolio, Konica Minolta will premiere new digital colour models; new in-line finishing options; and next generation quality automation. From our Industrial Print portfolio, we will premiere our new B2 inkjet, the AccurioJet 60000; new label converting technology; digital embellishment solutions; and it will be a rare opportunity for Kiwi printers to see our AlphaJET product. And we will produce every print sample on the stand, on-demand, and in real time.

Visitor tips and tricks

The 17 halls at drupa make it impossible to see everything. Chris says, “You need

a strategy to succeed but remember that although you know what you want to see, you can gain so much from an openminded outlook to see new technology, ideas and suppliers so you can gain a full understanding of where the industry is going in the next four to five years.

Schedule time with the various New Zealand exhibitors to ensure that when you arrive on their stand, you have their full attention and can efficiently gain an understanding for what their vision is to determine how that aligns with your vision. Of course, you must also schedule free time to wander around and discover the things that you didn’t know, and to just take in the experience of this incredible exhibition.”

Kiwis at drupa

Chris sees attending drupa as a valuable asset for Kiwis in the print, labels, packaging, and signage verticals. He explains, “It’s not about purchasing decisions that you are making today or even this year, it’s about understanding where the industry is going; what advancements are coming; what new verticals you can explore so you can

formulate your short, mid and long term plans. At drupa, you will see everything going on in the printing industry, giving you the opportunity to identify ways to transform your business.

“We have many appointments already booked for the large contingent of Kiwis heading to drupa and we still have available slots. We encourage attendees to schedule times to ensure they get the full value from visiting the Konica Minolta booth, and all booths for that matter.

“In addition, it is also advantageous for our Kiwi attendees to connect with international print professionals, to see the printing industry through other lenses and from that to draw fresh perspectives, which they can apply to our New Zealand market.

We encourage all visitors to attend the official ANZ Drupa night on June 3, which offers a chance to meet other industry professionals and share your drupa experiences.


As the industry realises the need for more creativity and sustainability, drupa will focus on these trends. Chris says, “Waste reduction and helping companies minimise their overall carbon footprints are already principal issues for Konica Minolta.

“At drupa, we will highlight the benefits of digital printing and help people to ensure they concentrate on the creative tasks, with assistance technology taking away many of the mundane tasks. The road to sustainable scalability: Industry 5.0 automation is a trend to follow. We will see a high degree of automation bringing efficiencies to printing companies while significantly improving profitability. It is about bringing value back to the print and the end value proposition of each printed piece to maximise return on investment for the print purchaser.

“Advancements in two key growth verticals, labels and packaging, will include reduced run lengths while retaining a high quality, high value proposition.

“We will conduct post-drupa activities to share as much as we can with everyone.”

16 May 2024
The Konica Minolta Booth in Hall 8B spans 2,400 square metres Chris O’Hara, national production and industrial print manager, Konica Minolta New Zealand


The new Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 400 press helps you profit from the latest trends in the Digital print customised label market. With the addition of our Vivid white colour option, you can capitalise on special finishes on a wide range of clear and metallic label media to produce striking Labels in one pass efficienc y.

Whether you’re a label print specialist looking to upgrade your digital capacity, or adding labels to your offering for the first time, you’ll profit from the flexibility and speed the new AccurioLabel 400 Press brings to your business.


People in Print Awards and Rising Stars of Print Awards in association with

Welcome to the 2024 People In Print Awards and Rising Stars of Print Awards,

Over 100 print industry professionals gathered to celebrate this year’s People In Print Awards and Rising Stars of Print Awards at Sorrento in the Park on Maungakiekie One Tree Hill, Auckland.

A stormy night did not deter guests from enjoying themselves and giving the awardees ovations as Ruth Cobb, chief executive PrintNZ and New Zealand Printer editor Bruce Craig called out the award winners names and shared a brief bio of each winner.

Matt Ashman, managing director of Platinum Sponsor Durst Oceania, warmly

welcomed everyone and explained how the awards aligned so well with Durst, still a family-owned operation after almost one hundred years in business.

This celebration could not happen with the sponsors and we thank Durst Oceania and our Gold Sponsors, Computaleta, Cyber, Konica Minolta, and Wholesale Print along with Currie Group, our drinks sponsor.

The People In Print Awards and Rising Stars of Print Awards demonstrates the wide range of talent, skills, knowledge, experience, and diversity across our print community, which covers so many sectors including commercial print, signage, packaging, labels, letterpress, finishing, and prepress to name but a few.

Ruth Cobb spoke about the importance of promoting our industry and explained what a busy and important time of the year it was in the industry. The People In Print Awards and Rising Stars of Print Awards really kicked off a year of significant print events with the Pride In Print Awards judging taking place in the same week. PrintNZ named the Apprentice of the Year top 10; and announced upcoming the Training Graduation Ceremonies in Christchurch and Auckland.

So please sit back and enjoy our People In Print Awards and Rising Stars of Print Awards winners. Learn a little bit about their journeys and celebrate the part you all play in making this industry successful and significant.

18 May 2024
Matt Ashman, managing director of Platinum Sponsor Durst Oceania Ruth Cobb, chief executive PrintNZ




A leader in the print industry for many years, David disguises a razor-sharp business and print mind with a disarmingly warm sense of humour. Alongside Fred Soar, he has guided one our largest print companies through some difficult years as the general economy deteriorated from the aftershocks of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite his achievements during the past year, David points to the capabilities of the team that he and Fred Soar have assembled at SCG, for much of the company’s success.


Caxton Print & Design Excellence

Another busy year at Caxton has seen Bridget continuing to lead the company as a significant independent contributor to the industry in Canterbury. Through diversification and investment in technology and staff, Bridget has strengthened the company with a solid team culture. While she continues to enjoy her time guiding the company through a welcome period of growth, she retains a pragmatic attitude to the challenges the coming year will bring. As always, she looks forward to every day being in the industry she loves.



Guiding one of New Zealand’s most diverse companies, Aidan encourages his team to continually improve and credits them for the ongoing success of the business. Benefitz provides services across the likes of advertising, design, print, signage, and web development. The company is well integrated into the community and Aidan has served as a local Community Board chair. His personal involvement in the North Shore community spans decades and he also oversees design, content and production of the hugely popular Channel Magazine.


Beacon Print

One of the industry’s strongest and most active advocates for media in print, Aaron continues to advise community newspaper publishers, offering ideas and options to optimise print requirements and costs. He has been active in lobbying government for meaningful solutions to assist publishers. He has also worked with other print businesses to assist in print remaining as viable as possible for newspaper publishers. Recently, he helped to ensure publishers remained in print following paper supply and cost issues, as well as print company closures.



After his start in the industry creating barcodes in 1992, Tony moved the business toward labels and evolved the company into Labelshop. Along the way he created a flexible, responsive business with a can-do attitude that continues to achieve in an increasingly competitive and tight market. He says, “The best thing about Labelshop is the people I work with. Many of our staff members have learned on the job, and it is great to see what we can achieve in terms of the service we offer.”

19 May 2024



Beacon Print

Brian led the delivery of a four-to-five-year programme of significant capital development for Beacon Print. He has recruited, grown, and developed a stable and high performing print site team, including supporting one of his press team in working toward their apprenticeship in printing. Through all this change, he has maintained excellent customer relationships, and delivered with superb print quality. His colleagues congratulate him on “a magnificent 36 years of continuous service in the newspaper printing industry”.


Blue Star Group

Jill oversees one of the most diverse workforces in the country but, when praised for her work with Blue Star Group, and behind the scenes in the industry in general, Jill deflects the attention to the achievements of her staff and leadership team. Always an advocate for the industry, Jill shares her enthusiasm for print with everyone in the business. Her authentic leadership style has proved invaluable as the country’s largest printer has navigated its way through “a difficult few years”. Her staff describe her as “An excellent person. We have nothing but respect and admiration for Jill”.


Leading Label

With an unwavering devotion to label printing, Bryce has grown Leading Label over the past few years and most recently, Leading Label has acquired another label company in Canterbury. Typically excited about what lies ahead, he looks forward to bringing it into the Leading Label family. He says, “I am grateful to be nominated for these awards and I could have made it there on the night but right now, there is just too much work to do here.”


Spectrum Print

An excellent leader and contributor to the industry in Canterbury, Sonia has returned to the helm of Spectrum Print and thoroughly enjoys her role there. She readily shares her knowledge and expertise with junior members in her team, who rate her as “a great manager and wonderful person to work with. Sonia has a low-key leadership style, getting the job done in the most efficient way through her many years of experience in the industry, We are lucky to have Sonia at Spectrum Print”.


Graphix Explosion

Shane started the business with his wife Sharon in 1995 and they have steadfastly grown the company into one of Taranaki’s busiest. The team at Graphix Explosion works across a range of print and print related services, as well as designing websites and signage. Despite the expansion, Shane says, “We have always tried to keep the small business feel. What matters to us is building relationships, listening to and learning from you, our clients, and giving you the best products and services we can.”

20 May 2024



Graphix Explosion

Sharon has been in business with her husband Shane since 1995. They have evolved Graphix Explosion into one of Taranaki’s most successful design and print companies through a mix of hard work, smart decision making and resilience through the difficult times. Currently, “one of the region’s main promoters of print, Graphix Explosion produces a broad range of excellent work that raises the industry’s profile and the general public’s awareness of print’s value in the community”.


Windmill Press

Making a great impression with clients from all parts of New Zealand with her adept hand on her two Heidelbergs, Christina promotes the craft of letterpress and foiling. On top of running a design and printshop, she runs a home with a husband and three small children, and in 2023, she managed a trip to California to keep up with the latest trends in letterpress. Her business has become one of the handful of small letterpress businesses in New Zealand known for its award winning work.


Image Concepts

Chris’s father Dave started Image Concepts in 1997 and Chris took over the business 11 years ago. Although he originally trained on offset, he has moved the business to digital printing, providing his customers with end to end solutions. He says, “I particularly enjoy producing quality print work, especially books, which offer greater variety. I am looking forward to employing more staff as the business demands it, as well as continuing to invest in innovative technology.”


Wholesale Print

Running the country’s largest trade printer, Lawrence embraces the changes that he sees working in the industry’s favour. Despite Wholesale Print’s investments in technology, he believes that it is people who make the industry exciting, vibrant and motivational. He says that print has shifted with astonishing speed toward a hi-tech manufacturing industry but it is still important to acknowledge the visionaries, the determined and the straight up survivors that populate our market.


Eamar Innovative Solutions

As the job sharing general manager at Eamar Innovative Solutions, Rachel makes good use of having more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. Through her roles at the likes of BJ Ball Papers and Blue Star, Rachel has helped print, packaging, labels and signage customers with print solutions and showcasing what they could achieve on paper. Since returning to the print side of things, she continues to learn in all areas of the industry and willingly shares her passion for all things print.

21 May 2024



Logick Print & Design

Four Pride In Print Awards Supreme Award wins has not diminished Dave’s passion for imagining and manufacturing the highest quality printed products. A range of customers make their way to Logick Print to challenge Dave and his team to again overachieve in designing and creating. Always looking for new ways to solve print problems, Dave has the ability to think outside the box to deliver for Logick Print’s customers.



In his short time with SCG, Craig has become an indispensable member of the management team with a hands-on approach. During his 37 years within the print industry, he has handled significant roles at the likes of APN and PMP, where he has undertaken paper procurement, sales support, as well as and sheetfed and web operations management, inclusive of nine press and post-press installations. An easy-going manner and self-effacing attitude make him a popular and approachable team player.



Mike has been in the coldset industry for 40 years. At the age of 16 years, he began his apprenticeship at the Auckland Star and has worked on both single and double width presses. Mike has a passion for non-conventional screening and believes in pushing coldset boundaries. He is currently utilising both his knowledge and passion in high quality coldset in his role as general manager External Print at NZME.


APC Innovate

Tim has been involved in the print and packaging industry for over 35 years dealing in rigid plastics, flexible films and for the last twenty years as Chief Executive of APC Innovate. APC has transitioned from being a corrugated box manufacturer to New Zealand’s largest, and leading, point of sale solutions provider, utilising world first equipment and technology and utilising materials as diverse as corrugated board, paper, wood, steel, and plastics. As well as being a judge for the Pride in Print Awards, Tim is on the Pride in Print Awards Committee and is a member of the Fibreboard Packaging Training Advisory Panel.



A decade in the industry has seen Andrew gain widespread knowledge and experience. After seven years in wide format working for Aarque Group, he took the opportunity to purchase Labeltec in 2021. He says, “I love the ever-changing technology, people, and excitement of bringing people’s brands to life. Every day is different. You know there is no down time and certain tasks must be completed regardless. We have a fantastic small team of four at LabelTec which always makes it easier.”

22 May 2024



He began his apprenticeship in the 1960’s, and he continues to showcase, excite, and educate printers all over New Zealand. With retirement not even in his vocabulary, Graham continues to create award winning letterpress work from his home studio along with educating the younger generation at library and school visits with his mobile print shop. He also regularly hosts workshops, passing on his wonderful knowledge of all things letterpress, and he remains an absolute gem in our industry.



After completing his flexographic print apprenticeship, Sam stepped up as print team leader and maintenance lead. He has recently completed a six-month secondment as production supervisor, responsible for the installation and implementation of three new machines into the plant across our digital and flexographic platforms. His make-it-happen attitude and problem solving ability sees him helping to train and develop apprentices and operators; completing repairs and maintaining machinery; as well as fostering team engagement, and always with a smile on his face.


Banner Express

Immigrating to New Zealand from Malaysia in 2013, this astute business owner initially focused on designs but later moved to digital printing. Always looking for ways to improve the business, he says, “We have developed a strong web presence allowing us to go nationwide. I am appreciative of the 10 staff members here at Banner Express. For me, the people around me are important, and it is a fact that the staff members are a significant factor in the success of this business.”


Kale Print

Brent has worked in the print industry since he could walk and start sweeping the factory floor. He has an eye for detail, quality, and recent technology, keeping the factory running smoothly across all areas of production. He plays an active role in the future growth of the company and business developments, and he enjoys coming up with ways to create fun and a bit of competition amongst the team such as themed parties, cricket matches, tomato growing and fishing competitions.

A hands-on general manager, Brian’s experience in print ranges from his initial work as a photo-lithographer to production and general management across design, printing, and wide format. Known for attention to detail and sense of humour, Brian loves getting the job to the highest possible print quality and on time. Even after a lifetime in print, he remains a fan of the process, and is always willing to share his extensive knowledge with anyone who wants to learn, especially junior staff.

23 May 2024



Kale Print

As Kale Print’s brand manager, Tessa has had another exceptional year driving the company’s marketing programme. This is a busy role, encompassing sponsorship and events, marketing, and brand for all Kale Print’s sites. In between all of that, she looks after some of Kale’s key accounts and is driving the development of client integration through the company’s website services. Described by her peers at Kale Print as “our rockstar Tessa”, she is proving an indispensable part of the team.


In 2007, Dennis Lindsay asked his son Josh to join his print company. With a background in IT, and having also worked in the event management industry, Josh decided to bite the bullet and dived in. Seven years later, he bought the business and seven years after that, he became managing director. Josh loves doing “the clever stuff”. He says he enjoys the process of “making perfect bound books and the excitement you get when delivering the job to the client. They put so much effort into the artwork that to see them with the job in hand is special. Doing tricky data work certainly scratches the itch we have for problem solving.”


Kale Print

According to the Kale team, “Pete always arrives each day at work with a smile on his face. He continually comes up with new ideas to improve the operations of the company and he provides support to the team and to the wider Bay of Plenty community. His calm and consistent demeanour reassures all of us in the team, and the way he guided and reassured everyone through the Covid-19 pandemic is something to be celebrated and awarded”.


Permark Industries

A dedicated commitment to the graphics industry sees Craig helping to keep Permark Industries at the top of its game. He freely gives his time to countless people, providing them with opportunities and insight into the wide world of print, graphics, and manufacturing. A stickler for perfection, Craig is also patient as he shares a wealth of technical knowledge.



The Fuzed production manager is a dedicated professional known for his unwavering commitment to his role, his staff, and the success of every job that comes through the print business. With his infectious energy and passion for each print job, he is a key player in the success of Fuzed, ensuring that each job is completed with precision, pride, and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

24 May 2024



5 Digital

Alan has hugely influenced the progress of prepress at 5Digital. A photolithographer by trade, he saw the emergence of desktop publishing and is a pioneer and expert in the field. As manager of the prepress department at Nicholson Printing, Alan took responsibility for the imposition programmes and dot gain applications that are still used today. Described by his peers as “a great person to work with, Alan unselfishly gives of his time and is a pleasure to work alongside – an asset to 5 Digital”.


Auckland Copy Shop

Keyz moved to New Zealand from Kiribati in the 1990s to attend high school. After graduating from the University of Auckland with a computer engineering degree, he briefly returned to Kiribati for a holiday, and worked in his father’s print shop training the staff in IT. He returned to New Zealand and started Auckland Copy Shop in 2011. Owning Auckland Copy Shop has given him the chance to continue his love for printing and to make space to work as an engineer in IT.


Contact Labels

A pioneer for women in print, Denyse was only 15 years old when she got her first full-time job in printing. She completed her apprenticeship 43 years ago. As a valued member of the New Zealand print industry for many years, her knowledge and expertise are respected and sought after and she is more than happy to share all of that with colleagues and competitors alike who says she is “well known, well liked, and especially well regarded by all who meet her”.



A true industry constant, known for his exceptional leadership and business acumen, Matt has over a decade of successful operation of Fuzed under his belt. His team describe him as a great boss who embodies dedication, innovation, and a strong commitment to excellence. His strategic vision and ability to steer the company through challenges have earned him respect and admiration from employees and peers alike. Matt’s legacy as a leader at Fuzed is characterised by his unwavering passion for success and his relentless pursuit of growth and development within the organisation.



A dedicated and compassionate leader known for her unwavering commitment to the staff and the growth of the business. Tegan has over a decade of experience playing a pivotal role in the success of Fuzed by ensuring the well-being and professional development of the team. Her considerate nature and genuine care for the people around her have created a positive and thriving work environment where employees feel supported and valued. Tegan’s ability to implement changes seamlessly and with pride in the business’s progress reflects her exceptional leadership skills and passion for excellence.

25 May 2024


26 May 2024


27 May 2024



Fivestar Print

Joining Fivestar eight years ago, Khushboo started with prepress and expanded her understanding of the print industry and her creativity to enhance the company’s brand recognition along with print media. A strong believer that promoting the brand to clients is an ultimate market tool, she has achieved great results. Recently, she has worked to get the word out for print clients to understand the value of the brand and represent the brand using various print materials.


Fivestar Print

Working in the New Zealand print industry for the last 16 years has seen Suresh specialising in wide format machines. A background as an electrical technician gives him an understanding of the technical aspects of the machinery. After joining Fivestar he took care of all the grand format operations and has achieved full-scale results in its large format business areas over the last five years.



Working in what is now regarded as a highly skilled niche sector of the industry, Tim has established a reputation for excellence, winning three Letterpress Process Awards at Pride In Print. His attention to detail and commitment to producing work with “no compromise on quality” sees him delivering his customers a plethora of high-end letterpress and other specialty printed products. Keen to share his letterpress knowledge and to learn more about his craft, Tim has hosted workshops and recently joined forces with Studio Q to take his craft to the next level.


Torque Digital

Six years ago, Torque Digital added Angela to its formidable management team, leveraging her background in chartered accountancy, finance, operations, and process improvement to help the company retain its position as an industry leader. PrintNZ also recognised Angela’s ability and invited her to join the Management Board last year. Coming from outside the sector, she provides a “fresh pair of eyes” as she can ask the “help me understand why” questions, to prompt valuable discussions, reflections, and challenges to the status quo.


Willie has completed the Diploma in Print Management and for the last few years has excelled in the role of production planner and artwork coordinator. Willie “doesn’t miss a thing and ensures that printers are set up for success with appropriate artwork print tolerances, accurate master data on our job bags, and a well-organised schedule that supports high productivity and plant efficiencies”. He is highly respected for his technical knowledge and trouble shooting machinery issues as well as his willingness to get in and help others when required, and his focus on continuous improvement.

28 May 2024



An industry stalwart who continually gives his time and energy to others through the company and in his role as PrintNZ president. Fred shares his commitment to making SCG as environmentally friendly as it can be with everyone in the company. Alongside business partner Dave Atkins, Fred sees opportunities throughout the industry in different niches and says that “while offset and web runs have shrunk, we can see plenty of packaging, labelling, and signage applications with more on the way; graphics is everywhere”.



With husband Mark, Caro has developed Printrun into “the epitome of a New Zealand small to medium business enterprise as a family-owned and operated business, that occupies a distinctive niche in the New Zealand industry. Printrun has evolved into a distinctive business that has integrated printing into the world of sports events with the capability to deliver virtually any printed materially such as race numbers; all kinds of labels; entry forms and flyers; and so on”.



Supplying nationally and internationally to a wide variety of sporting events, Printrun keeps Mark and his wife Caro busy throughout the year. Dedicated to providing their customers with printed products that are robust enough to handle the demands of sporting competition, on demand and on time, Printrun has established and maintained a reputation for quality and service to a range of clients who might be mountain bikers; serious or fun runners; or waka ama crews.



Glenn positioned craft and artwork front and centre at the Pride in Print 30th Anniversary Awards by submitting a truly excellent piece of artwork that became a Supreme Award winner. Glenn and his team consistently produce fantastic artwork in the screenprint area that enhances the breadth and craftmanship of our industry. Dedicated to keeping old school traditions strong, Glenn’s attitude and attention to detail inspire his peers and enables his customers to realise their dreams.


Torque Digital

The operations manager at Torque Digital is a demanding role and Jo embraces everything the job throws at her. Recently, she has been the integral person to help Torque Digital become Toitū Bronze accredited. She handles all operational issues at Torque Digital including health and safety, helping the company’s success in running a 24-hour a day print structure. Her managers describe her as “an invaluable team member who takes on any challenge with enthusiasm and care”.

29 May 2024



Studio Q

In many ways, doing things differently is something that really works for Dave, and he has used that attitude to carve a special niche in this sector. Alongside his business partner and sibling Liesl, they have forged their own path and grown Studio Q with a passion for the work, especially the more artistic jobs. Studio Q has quietly expanded by acquiring companies that have allowed it to explore more boutique and art focused work, making print more accessible to a wider audience.


Studio Q

Company co-founder Liesl Trotter has walked in lock step with her sibling Dave through their 20 years in the business. The company offers its clients a full suite of services ranging from design and advertising, to creative, web and printing. Guiding Studio Q’s multidisciplinary team, which can handle any aspect of a job or the job in its entirety, Liesl shares her commitment to delivering solutions that consistently exceed clients’ expectations.


Blue Star Group

Sarah bleeds print, having been around print since her early childhood to growing up within the print industry. She has a plethora of print knowledge and is “an amazing proponent of the print business, extremely passionate and an awesome leader. Sarah is so passionate about every aspect of the print industry and is the first one to grab any freshly printed brochure, sticking her nose in to smell what she always refers to as the best smell ever”.


Freedom Plus

From running his business out of a garage 20 years ago, Dan has built Freedom Plus into a print company that delivers “an extremely diverse and innovative range of offerings to the market. It has become a significant player in the regional lower North Island area of the Manawatu”. Freedom Plus has continued its expansion, acquired other businesses, and developed its growing staff contingent. Recently, two Freedom Plus apprentices made the list in PrintNZ’s Top 10 Apprentice of the Year finalists.



Highly regarded across the sector, Russell shares his enthusiasm for print with everyone he meets and gives praise to the team producing the country’s largest daily newspaper, which comprises a group of high calibre print industry professionals who share a passion for the work they do. He says, “Teamwork forms a major part of our success and part of that is keeping everyone informed about what we are trying to achieve and how we are going to get there.”



Starting as a wallpaper printer, Steve completed his apprenticeship and worked in several sectors including textiles, flexible packaging, and self-adhesive labels. He began as Easy2C’s operations manager 15 years ago and took on the role of Australasian general manager seven years ago. Easy2C consistently submits excellent and innovative award-winning work to Pride in Print Awards and contributes to the country’s export earnings. He says, “We have a great team, and we believe in continuously improving quality.”

30 May 2024



Torque Digital

His peers and managers describe Steven as “a young person who has taken very well to the print industry. As an up and coming young digital printer, he has already gained great knowledge within the wide format space at Torque Digital. All his managers and workmates agree that he has a great future ahead of him in print. Truly, a Rising Star of Print”.


MCC Christchurch

An Apprentice of the Year finalist, Paul enjoys the process of learning new skills. Through working with and learning from his co-workers, he has learned to deal with the challenges of being a press operator, knowing how daunting it is “to take responsibility for sending work out the door that must be of a high standard”.


The Big Picture

Also an Apprentice of the Year finalist, Rising Star Tammy persevered through her training to overcome difficulties with spelling and writing, which dated back to her school days. Now, giving up is never an option and Tammy has learned that she is not a person who quits easily. She strives continually to learn more about her work and loves to simply “get the job done”.


Kale Print

The 2021 Apprentice of the Year joined Kale Print from Tainui Print in December 2023 as an account manager and administration support person. With a background in graphic design and digital printing, she quickly adapted to the new sales role and is now one of the company’s senior account managers. Currently studying for her Diploma in Print Management, Vanessa has been a key driver in implementing several special lean manufacturing projects at Kale Print.


Torque Digital

While Madhu is a long-standing senior printer at Torque Digital, he has managed to keep a low profile, except with the people who work at the company. Responsible for Torque Digital’s night print team, Madhu is highly regarded by his co-workers and management team alike. They say, “Madhu is always on hand to assist the team and leads from the front in providing the best quality print in the country”.


Sealed Air Hamilton

Always amazed at the breadth of the industry and how it continues to evolve, Apprentice of the Year finalist Waka enjoys the challenge of adapting daily to whatever the job throws at him, especially responding to the challenges in creation and colour transformation. In the future, he plans to continue to learn more about the industry and take on further leadership roles.

31 May 2024



Display Associates

Our 2022 Apprentice of the Year, Catriona says that after six years, the print industry has consumed her life. Now in a senior role as head designer at Display Associates, she spends more time meeting and interacting with clients, and she feels privileged to be a part of the entire process, as Display Associates completes most of its work in-house. She adds that it is incredibly satisfying to talk with a client out on-site and then work with the team all the way, until the job is completed.



Apprentice of the Year finalist, Jamie loves the problem solving aspect of his work. He has also enjoyed learning and developing the skills required to diagnose and solve issues, which he has found to “be so fulfilling”. Now eyeing a move into digital printing, he feels excited at the prospect of learning a new method of printing to meet the needs of an ever-expanding list of digital clients. He is also taking an active interest in the IT side of printing.


Stuff Wellington

Apprentice of the Year finalist, Saxon had made a career switch from construction having previously completed an apprenticeship in interior systems. He loves the challenge of operating a printing press, especially one working in news and current affairs. He has become “an integral member of the firm’s print team with a can-do attitude and the willingness and courage to take on tasks to help with the running and operations of the press. Saxon is a highly-valued and well-liked member of staff throughout the print site”.

HAYDEN WYMER Labelmakers

A qualified flexographic printer, Hayden’s roles have included warehousing, finishing, printing, as well as health and safety. He is now the raw materials co-ordinator at Labelmakers and is implementing a new inventory management system to improve the way the site handles and manages its raw material. A key leader and advocate in health and safety improvements on site, Hayden is multi skilled industrious, hardworking, and a highly regarded trainer. He enjoys getting involved in finding a solution to challenging problems.

BROCK WYMER Labelmakers

Starting as a finishing operator, Brock completed his flexographic print apprenticeship before moving into other roles including raw material co-ordination and purchasing, and process improvement. Brock has a strong focus on continuous improvement, problem solving, attention to detail, getting it ‘right first time’ and setting people up for success with good communication so everyone understands what’s happening. He focuses on implementing long-term solutions that deliver results and improve business outcomes whilst engaging employees to perform to their best.

32 May 2024


SEO blogs can boost business

Strategies to shine brightly across digital platforms.

n the digital battleground of today’s business world, where the virtual spotlight can either illuminate success or cast a shadow of obscurity, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Amidst a sea of marketing strategies, one powerful strategy often remains shrouded in mystery. Let’s peel back the layers to uncover the unparalleled significance of crafting search engine optimisation (SEO) blogs and leaping up the Google search rankings as an expert in your field.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their online presence and attract potential customers. In this context, SEO has emerged as a crucial component of digital marketing strategies. At the heart of SEO lies content creation, and among the various forms of content, blogs have emerged as a potent tool for driving organic traffic to websites.

Optimise your content

In the digital realm, blogs serve as a vital conduit for businesses to engage with their target audience by providing valuable, relevant, and informative content.

By strategically weaving carefully selected keywords and phrases into their blog posts, companies can optimise their content for search engines, enhancing their visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

This heightened visibility increases the likelihood of attracting organic traffic and solidifies the business’s position as an authoritative voice within its industry. Moreover, by addressing common questions, concerns, and challenges potential customers face, blogs effectively serve as a beacon of knowledge, guiding and empowering individuals in their decision-making process.

Google reigns supreme, commanding over 90 per cent of the global search engine market share. Achieving a high ranking

SEO blogs can shine a light so that clients can clearly see your expertise

in Google search results is paramount for maximising online exposure and audience reach. Google’s search algorithms are designed to prioritise relevant, authoritative, and user-friendly content.

By writing blogs that adhere to these criteria, businesses can improve their chances of ranking prominently in Google search results, increasing their visibility and attracting potential customers.

Moreover, securing a coveted position on the first page of Google search results holds immense value for businesses. Studies have shown that most users rarely venture beyond the first page when conducting online searches. Therefore, ranking on the first page enhances visibility and boosts credibility and trust among potential customers.

Linking blogs

The benefits of writing blogs extend far beyond improved search engine rankings. Blogs are a powerful tool for driving organic website traffic, expanding the business’s reach, and attracting a steady stream of potential customers. By consistently delivering high-quality, informative content that addresses their target audience’s needs and pain points, businesses can build trust, credibility, and loyalty among their customer bases.

Additionally, SEO blogs play a crucial role in the lead-generation process. Businesses can nurture leads, build relationships, and guide prospects towards conversion by creating content that addresses common questions, challenges, and concerns their target audience faces.

While SEO blogs are undeniably impactful, their potential can be further amplified when integrated with a robust social media strategy. Posting links to blog articles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can significantly expand the reach and visibility of your content. With social media’s vast user base and powerful targeting capabilities, businesses can precisely target their desired audience segments, driving traffic to their blogs and increasing engagement with their brand.

Leveraging social media platforms allows businesses to encourage user interaction, foster community engagement, and facilitate meaningful conversations around their content. By including compelling Calls to Action (CTAs) in social media posts, such as inviting users to read the full article on your website, subscribe to your blog, or engage with your brand in other ways, businesses can effectively guide social media users towards taking desired actions and ultimately drive conversions.

SEO blogs are a fundamental component of digital marketing strategies, enabling businesses to enhance their online visibility, attract organic traffic, and establish themselves as authoritative voices within their industry. By consistently creating high-quality, keyword-optimised content and integrating social media promotion tactics, businesses can maximise the impact of their blogs and achieve their business objectives in the digital age.

By mastering SEO blogging, businesses not only increase visibility but also assert themselves as industry authorities. In a digital landscape crowded with competition, let your SEO blog illuminate your expertise and triumph. You are the expert. Now, the time has come to showcase that fact to your audience.

Mick has spent the past decade building printIQ into one of the most recognised software brands in the printing industry, and with over four decades of experience, Mick truly has ink in his veins.

34 May 2024
: Peninsula gets Epson • Charity Golf hits out • Speedy Signs re-signs Computaleta Benefitz updates to a Fujifilm Acuity R2 LED 5m wide format Fujifilm New Zealand supports a long-term partnership


Speedy Signs reappoints Computaleta as preferred supplier

The Speedy Signs network has reappointed leading sign and graphics industry supplier Computaleta as its preferred supplier.

The agreement spans three years and encompasses the provision of self-adhesive vinyl, digital films, and various signage consumables throughout the network. Speedy Signs based its decision to again select Computaleta on its extensive product range, national

New Epson SureColor P-Series printer on the way

Epson has announced its most advanced 162cm (64-inch) SureColor P-Series wide format printer, the P20560. This new model succeeds the SureColor P20070, and Epson will showcase it during Visual Impact Brisbane from July 17-19,2024.

The SureColor P20560 comes with significant upgrades compared to the current model, offering faster processing speeds and an expanded 12-colour ink set that is shared with the SureColor P7560 and P9560, providing a wider colour gamut and up to 99 per cent Pantone coverage.

A newly designed bulk ink system feeds the new printer, which ships with 12 x 1.6L ink packs designed for high-volume print jobs. A new 11cm optical touch colour LCD, optional 1Tb SSD and Adobe PostScript 3 add to improved workflow and efficiency. Epson has bundled its Edge Print PRO RIP

VI Brisbane open for registrations

Registration has opened for Visual Impact Brisbane 2024, which takes place from July 17-19, 2024.

Organisers expect thousands of industry professionals to gather at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre for the show. The show promises to highlight the latest technology and innovation in signage and display; wide format printing, textile and direct to garment printing; routing; engraving

presence, and the expertise and responsiveness of their staff.

Arlette Farland, director at Computaleta, says Computaleta will provide comprehensive training in specific areas over the next three years, aiming to benefit both Speedy Signs staff and the broader industry. She says, “Skilled staff shortages have been a real

software with the machine.

The SC-P20560 shares the same 6.7cm PrecisionCore printhead as the current model, but the printhead adds two additional lines to support the 12-colour ink set. Usability improvements that streamline workflows and media handling include the availability of Epson Media Installer, Epson Print Layout and Epson Print Automate, as well as a spindle less roll adaptor, optional take-up reel for rollto-roll printing, front operation, and easy media roll loading.

Epson lists the SureColor P20560 key features:

• Advanced performance – Delivers crisp, detailed, colourful prints using a reliable 2.64-inch PrecisionCore Micro TFP printhead, producing

and laser cutting; textile printing; and a massive range of media.

All stands for the Visual Impact Expo at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre in July have sold out. Suppliers supporting the event will bring their solutions to Queensland for the first time in more than six years.

Charly Blades, events manager for Visual Connections, says, “Attendance numbers for our exhibitions have been really strong in the past couple of years, with people keen to take any available opportunities to acquaint themselves with the very latest solutions. Visual Impact Exhibitions, combined with Image

problem for every business. Our job as a supplier is to work with our customers to ease that burden by upskilling or training existing staff across multiple areas of their business, such as lighting and print production.

“In the end, our goal is to assist our customers in diversifying their services and ultimately becoming more profitable businesses.”

Grant Archibald, chief executive officer of Speedy Signs Group, says, “We chose Computaleta as our preferred supplier because of its product range, nationwide account servicing and overall expertise. Their comprehensive support makes them an invaluable partner for our network.”

Speedy Signs also recently opened its 28th location in Blenheim and is currently seeking interest for owner-operators in Gisborne, Napier, Wairarapa, Timaru, Central Otago, and Invercargill.

Expo, hosts bi-annual exhibitions to showcase the latest in the Visual Graphics industry, which include signage, digital printing, engraving, routing, awards, vinyl application, design, airbrush, screen printing and display solutions.

“The trade shows offer an opportunity to see new products, meet leading suppliers, learn about new technologies and network with like-minded individuals.

“Visual Connections now has the largest trade show portfolio in the industry with PrintEx, PacPrint and Visual Impact Expos coming under its banner.”

• • • • • •
Signed up: Arlette Farland, director at Computaleta with Grant Archibald, chief executive of Speedy Signs
The new Epson SureColor P20560


Aarque’s range of KATZ Display Boards are premium substrates especially designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Ideal for POS signage, hanging displays, interior design and free standing display units.

KATZ Display Boards consist of a wood pulp core with a high-quality paper lining, to provide a totally organic, chemical-free alternative to traditional screen board & plastics like extruded PP, PVC & paper lined styrene boards.

It has excellent, consistent ‘stay at’ properties, a superior cut-edge & outstanding print surface, making it perfect for even the most demanding images & creative applications.


is a water resistant wood pulp double-sided board with water repellent properties. The product can be used for outdoor conditions over several weeks, without signi cant visual change of the print image. However, moisture can cause paper typical deforming and loss of sti ness of the KATZ Outdoor Display Board. Therefore we recommend a maximum outdoor use of 12 weeks.


Promotional campaigns

PoS/PoP displays


Retail & commercial signage

Drink coasters

Scan here to view our product range...

KATZ indoor glazed DISPLAY BOARD

is a premium substrate with a glazed high white semi-matt double-sided board with a high white surface, providing excellent printing results and dimensional stability. The premium substrate is especially designed for digital printing. Whether used for POS signage, hanging displays, interior design or free standing display units, KATZ Display Board Glazed o ers versatile converting options.


Hanging signage

Promotional items

PoS/PoP displays

Shop & interior design

Exhibition design & stands

Scan here to view our product range... • • Freephone 0508 22 77 83
contact us to order a sample ai171592227423_Aarque Ad - NZ Printer Magazine - KATZ Display Board - May 2024.pdf 1 17/05/2024 5:04:45 pm

Peninsula Design powers up the Epson SureColor T5760D

Fujifilm Business Innovation helps Hibiscus Coast printer boost production and print quality.

From its Hibiscus Coast base, Peninsula Design delivers a range of digital print products to its customers.

Andy Li, owner and director at Peninsula Design says, “We complete a variety of digital work including business cards, flyers, booklets, invoice book, binding, laminating, stickers, T-shirt, plans, posters, display signs, canvas, and banners.

“We have had an Epson SureColor S60600 printer for a few years and it has been very reliable. So, when the time came to update another of our wide format printers, we decided to choose another Epson printer. We opted for an Epson SureColor T5760D, which we will mainly use to print colour plans and posters.

“Our long-term partner Fujifilm Business Innovation installed it in January. The Epson SureColor T5760D gives us very fast printing with architectural plans and great colour on posters. Our customers need fast printing services on their plans and posters, and we can deliver this with the Epson SureColor T5760D.

“The colours on the posters are amazing, and the speed of plan printing is fast. When we also print on canvas and make large banners on synthetic stock, they come out great too. So far, we haven’t needed to do much maintenance to it;

the printer will self-clean the print head when necessary.”

Versatility and reliability

Combining a compact footprint with flexible media handling and a high print speed, the SureColor T5760D is ideal for companies like Peninsula Design who produce large format colour drawings and posters in moderate to high volume.

It supports sheet sizes up to A0/B1 and roll media up to 914mm (36 inches) wide. Epson says the printer offers a low running cost with reduced ink consumption and ultra-low power consumption. For ordering ink cartridges, you can choose 350ml or 700ml sizes to suit different operational and costs per print requirements. Dedicated PK/MK ink lines, inkless-nozzle status monitoring, and automatic nozzle replacement minimise wastage. Everything loads from the front making consumable replacement easier.

Accepting a range of roll and single sheet media, the SureColor T5760D supports stock as light as 80gsm and has a special straight path for heavy media including board. It will print borderless and features a high-speed auto-cutter. Roll media loads automatically once placed on the spindle and the printer will automatically change between rolls when one runs out or when the operator selects an alternative type or size.

Growing Peninsula Design

After immigrating to New Zealand as a teenager, Andy Li finished high school and completed an IT degree at the University of Auckland. He worked in the industry for five years, saving enough money to buy Peninsula Design in 2016.

With two staff members, Andy continues to grow the company despite the challenge of lower priced competition. He says, “Nowadays, people can easily order things online, and online prices are often quite low. Some of these products come from overseas, making it difficult for us to match their prices. To overcome this, we simply need to focus on providing the best quality and services to remain competitive.

“We appreciate our relationship with Fujifilm Business Innovation as it gives us stability in service and support; the latest digital print technology; and access to really knowledgeable and helpful people.”

Epson SureColor T5760D boosts productivity

With a raft of innovations, the Epson SC T5760D answers Peninsula Design’s requirement for high quality and quick turnaround poster and technical printing. Key features include:

• Productivity – The Epson PrecisionCore print head enables poster and POP production at over 27 square metres per hour with CAD and technical drawings at up to 130 square metres per hour.

• Image quality – UltraChrome XD3 Ink for fine lines and solid fills with vibrant imaging and enhanced colour gamut.

• Wide application – prints on glossy, bond, matte and specialty medias, even rigid poster board up to 1.5mm thick.

• Dual-roll productivity – prints continuously or on multiple media types and/or sizes with auto-loading and exchange, alternatively use the second roll as a take-up reel for roll to roll production.

• Easy setup and operation –simple to install, large 11cm LCD touch screen control panel, all front-loaded consumables, integrated pull-out drop-down media bin.

• Versatile connectivity – HighSpeed USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, and Wi-Fi connectivity (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).

• Maximum productivity – ships with Windows and Mac drivers, print and accounting software, and remote management.

38 May 2024 WIDE FORMAT
Andy Li, owner and director at Peninsula Design, with the Epson SureColor T5760D


Even when the tiniest details matter, you can trust the SureColor SC-T7760D to help your businesses deliver remarkable results in every print. Enhance your technical productivity with the dynamic duo of the EPSON T7760D and estestack 2000. Enjoy dual-roll capability, automatic roll switching, and a 500-print stacking capacity for seamless efficiency. Achieve impeccable precision, even with the finest details, thanks to PrecisionCore printhead technology delivering vibrant, sharp prints at lightning-fast speeds.

Scan here to find out more and get in touch with your local sales team

Benefitz updates to Fujifilm

Acuity R2 LED 5m wide format

Diverse company retains 5m capability and adds numerous innovations to its wide format armoury with the installation of a Fujfifilm Acuity R2 LED wide format printer.

Based on Auckland’s North Shore, Benefitz has a focus on innovation as its team of 75 provides high quality print to its appreciative customers. In March, the company installed a Fujifilm Acuity R2 LED 5m wide format printer, supplied through Fujifilm New Zealand, replacing its old Uvistar 5m printer.

Aidan Bennett, founder and managing director of Benefitz, says, “We love being able to print to five metres, so we are pleased to have retained that ability.

The Acuity R2 LED installation continues our successful partnership with Fujifilm for this part of our business. Fujifilm has been very good to us with its support and service over a long period.

The Fujifilm Acuity R2 LED uses one third of the power required by the machine it is replacing. He explains, “Essentially, it is LED versus UV. There are advantages in longevity of the LED technology in that the LED lamps last longer that the old UV lamps.”

In addition, the new printer offers a 3040 per cent saving in ink cost compared to its predecessor and it delivers 1200dpi resolution, compared to the 600dpi of the older machine.

Aidan adds, “Other advantages include media crash detection; water-cooled platen; anti-static control; auto media thickness detection; a multi-roll option of up to 3 x 1.6m rolls; and extension arms to allow for wider substrates. On top of that, due to the improved resolution and extra substrates that this new machine prints on, we can realise advantages in

versatility with the new machine. There are speed advantages as well.

“We look forward to making the most of improvements in colour management, colour consistency, print quality, and productivity. With the Acuity R2 LED, we can print on a much wider range of substrates than previously.

“The installation ran well with our team undergoing two weeks of training with Fujifilm technicians. This machine is a lot more automated and once our team have mastered it, it will be easier to run than the previous machine.”

Service and support

Benefitz enjoys a solid relationship with Fujifilm New Zealand. Aidan says, “We have been customers of Fujifilm for over 25 years. We work with them on small format digital machinery and large/grand format machinery. We had no hesitation on choosing to entrust them again with this investment as they were fantastic with the support they provided on the previous machine.

“They are very good with their servicing and technical support. They helped us keep the older machine running for two to three years longer than would be desired due to recent global upheavals the past four years, so we ‘sweated the machine’. Todd Powell, Stephen Hodson and Cary Rawson did a very professional job late last year in convincing us to invest in this machine. We have worked with Todd for a long time, and he has an outstanding knowledge of the machinery.

Stephen Hodson, general manager at Fujifilm New Zealand, says, “We value our great partnership with Benefitz, especially that they trust us to deliver what our products say on the box, which reminds us of our mission to deliver even more than that.

“Benefitz is the first New Zealand company to install on of the new grand format innovations from the new Fujifilm stable. These printers, which include the R2 and new hybrid collection, are designed from the ground up and manufactured to the highest specifications.”

Economic headwinds

Since its inception in 1988, Benefitz has thrived no matter what the economy has thrown at it. Aidan says, “We began in the middle of the share market crash recession period of the late eighties.

“Over almost 36 years, we have been through a few economic downturns and our experience is that we cope with them quite well. We have certainly had enough practise! Currently, the market is our biggest challenge, the economic softness.”

He believes the major key to the company’s success is how diverse it is. He says, “We are the most diverse company in the market. We never rest on our laurels either. We are always investing and innovating to ensure we remain relevant to our customers.

“We also have an excellent team with young leaders coming through to steer the business on beyond the founder. The wide spread of business that we do is also a real strength. We have a strong focus on sales and have built a particularly good reputation over decades. We love our customers, both big and small and that is a proven recipe for success.”

Aidan’s passion for the business is infectious. He adds, “I feel grateful to have such a great team who I believe share my passion. I love the variety and still get a kick out of seeing the neat things we do and create. I believe there is nothing that Benefitz can’t do.”

40 May 2024 WIDE FORMAT
From left: Benefitz team members Blake Douglas, Stuart Fausett, Dallas Bennett, Gerrard Zohs and the new Fujifilm Acuity R2 LED 5m wide format printer
Both the Acuity Ultra R2 and Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED are high quality, high productivity platforms. Engineered with the operator in mind, they have been designed to support the printing of exceptional near photographic interior graphics and the high speed printing of both roll and rigid substrates. The Acuity Ultra R2 is a modular system with a scalable architecture, meaning it can grow and change as your business evolves. Low cost-in-use for exceptional ROI Capable of producing ultra-high quality print at the highest production speeds Incorporates advanced operator features for ultra reliable, profitable printing New Zealand Wide Service For more information contact one of the team: Cary Rawson - – 021 240 7547 • Craig Hutchinson - – 021 335 986 Scotty Martin - – 021 645 096 • Todd Powell - – 021 244 8661 Acuity have a range of grand-format printers all with nationwide service, to keep you printing all year round. The Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED is a high-end printer designed for rigid and flexible media, offering superb, high quality printing in a 3.3m platform.


Spicers, Total Supply, and Universal Packaging help make Little Miracles happen

Industry professionals enjoy their golf and raise money for a great cause.

This year’s Spicers, Total Supply, and Packaging Charity Golf Day raised $22,900 for the Little Miracles Trust.

Industry professionals turned out in strong numbers to support the charity and enjoyed a great day of golf and fellowship at the Pakuranga Golf Club in Auckland.

The Wedderburn team won the tournament with Panorama Signs placing

second and Torque Digital in third place. However, the main winners of the day are the families that benefit from the efforts of the Little Miracles Trust.

In 1986, two Wellington families with extremely premature babies, saw a need for specialised support for parents experiencing a neonatal journey and established the Neonatal Trust. Since then, it has grown into the Little Miracles Trust, a registered charity, operating across New Zealand, working closely

with all 23 neonatal units to support the whānau and babies that they care for.

Like all not-for-profits, it relies on the goodwill of volunteers, community support, and a dedicated team working on a part-time basis. Nowadays, the Little Miracles provides, and coordinates, support to the whānau of premature or sick full-term babies as they make their journeys through newborn intensive care units and special care baby units, the transition home, and onwards.

42 May 2024
From left: Zoe McSkimmings, Total Supply; Samantha Bennett and Sarah Rusholme, Little Miracles Trust, and Gareth McGrail, Total Supply Second place: Roger Scott (l) and Barry Dyer from Panorama Signs The winning Wedderburn team, from left: Jim Close, Bruce Stevenson, Richard Hastie, and Chris Slack Third place went to the Torque Digital team, from left: Ross Halidy, Angela Nauck, and Kris Hassett


43 May 2024
From left: Andreas Hauser, Jim Bennett, Shane Gadsdan, and Tim Houlden from APC Innovate From left: Bridget Collins, Brian Burns, and Ashleigh Green from Tork From left: Mike Corbett, Carl Compaan, Shane Marshall, and Alex Smith from Speedy Signs From left: Allen Masterson, Blue Star; Darrin Kennedy, Total Supply; with Terry Brown and Glenn Woolford, Blue Star The Design Signs Team, from left: Steve Elkin, Graham Stannage, Dan McGall and Greg Sharp From left: Raul Pratap and Luc Verstraeten, Wise Studios; and Rae Abbot, Total Supply Steve Brown (l) and Sam Moorhall from Total Supply Scott Prouse and Sabrina Soar from Ricoh From left: Brooke Painter, Ash Tyson, and Sharyn Kidd from Spicers/Total Supply


44 May 2024
From left: Brian Landry, David (Dash) Ashton, David (Barney) Collins, and Larry (Lezza) White from SCG Andrew Sharp (l) and Sean Hawkins from Ricoh Shae Goom (l), Wise Studios and Rae Abbott, Total Supply Andreas Hausser (l) APC Innovate and Geoff Milliken, Total Supply Dylan Mitchell (l), Total Supply with Gary Clayton, Capitol Signs Allan McKenzie (l) and Carl Benton from Wade Graham Stannage (l) and Greg Sharp from the Design Signs team Scott Harvey (l) and Dan Jones from Total Supply From left: Julie de Beer, Alex Smith, and Markus Grozdanovski from Goodman

with our new Canon varioPRINT iX3200

Delivering short run printing on a wide range of media at incredibly high speeds with stunning image quality and the ability to personalise without breaking the bank.

If you’re not already one of our thousands of trade partners, call us 0800 289 774 or register online at

Experience high resolution inkjet printing
Offset Printing | Digital Printing | Wide Format | High Speed Inkjet

Counting down to the NZSDA Conference and Awards

Webinars and regional meetings precede the NZSDA main event.

amping up for our busiest time of the year, as the 2024 Sign Makers Conference and Sign Display Awards rapidly approach, sees everyone at the NZSDA excited for the month ahead.

It is hard to believe we are already in May and will head over to Napier in one short month. We certainly realise and appreciate the real value of our membership during these events. Sharing highs and lows, swapping stories, bouncing ideas off each other, and discovering new and innovative ways to collaborate are just some of the bonuses the event offers. The opportunity to immerse yourself in the community and connect with industry peers is so important for both business and personal growth.

We recently hosted a webinar with Nigel Davies from M-Power, who explained and promoted his workflow software. It was an insightful session, particularly

for those looking for modern, streamlined business solutions. This webinar had a high attendance and lots of great questions asked. For any members unable to make it, the recording is now available in the members section of our website.

On May 16, we also ran a webinar on cashflow tips and debtor management with co-hosts Anna Ramm of Network HR, and Tom Maling from Brown and Associated Accountants. Filled with easy to absorb and actionable tips, we have also made a recording of this seminar available for members on our website.

We are excited to announce a new partnership with 2 Degrees, offering NZSDA members discounted broadband, mobile plans, and power. This is one of many new benefits we are offering to our members this year. While our focus is on providing education and support, and fostering community and inclusivity, we know that these discounted offerings can make all the difference for smaller businesses struggling to get through the year.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Christchurch regional meeting. It was great to meet some of our Canterburybased members and we congratulate all those who received their Certificates of Recognition this month. We appreciate your continued and invaluable support.

NZSDA also hosted a regional meeting in New Plymouth with guest speaker Lee Bird from Safety Logic, who shared tips and tales from his experience as a Health and Safety Advisor.

Good luck to all those who have submitted entries for this year’s awards, we look forward to celebrating with you at the Awards Ceremony next month.

Ki te kore ngā pūtake e mākūkūngia, e kore te rākau e tupu.

If the roots of a tree are not watered, the tree will never grow.

46 May 2024 NZSDA
Allan Flanagan from The Sign Team with his Certificate of Recognition Melissa Coutts, from NZSDA presents Antony Merriman from Signlink with his Certificate of Recognition Sign makers at the recent Canterbury NZSDA regional meeting

Label Academy on digital embellishment and self-adhesive materials.


Wayzgoose 2022

September 17, 2022

September 17, 2022




APPEX and Auspack

Foodtech Packtech

September 20-22, 2022




Labels Foil Stamping

Labelexpo Americas

March 12-15, 2024 | Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

May 28-June 7, 2024 | Düsseldorf, Germany

September 13-15, 2022

Chicago, USA

NZ Sign Display Awards

The Association of Handcraft Printers has a full day programme including visits to Havelock Neighbour’s Press in Hastings; a swap meet; as well as a barbecue dinner at the Napier RSA. This is a must attend event for all interested in letterpress and the craft.

The Association of Handcraft Printers has a full day programme including visits to Imprimo in Havelock North and Neighbour’s Press in Hastings; a swap meet; as well as a barbecue dinner at the Napier RSA. This is a must attend event for all interested in letterpress and the craft.

People in Print Awards

June 15, 2024 | War Memorial, Napier

The country’s largest food manufacturing, packaging and processing technology trade show brings industry professionals and decision makers together providing a forum for education, discussion, as well as sharing knowledge and expertise.

All in Print China

October 11-15, 2022


Auspack has transitioned into APPEX, the Australasian Processing and Packaging Expo. Organisers aim to truly represent all sectors of the industry: machinery, ancillary equipment, materials and packaging, food processing, and industry services. It will provide a comprehensive range of all processing and packaging equipment and services under one roof.

Foodtech Packtech

March, 2023 | Auckland

Foodtech Packtech

September 20-22, 2022

September 20-22, 2022



The climax of NZSDA’s big conference weekend, the Awards of Excellence recognise the craft and work that goes into making the country’s best signage. On the night, we will also find out the NZSDA Apprentice of the Year as well as the Mana Influencer, Keith Langstone Highflyer, and Innovation Champion Awards.

Pride In Print Awards

Wayzgoose 2022

The world’s leading trade fair for printing technologies has attracted more than 1400 exhibitors, who are in the last stages of preparing their equipment and solutions for the big event. Visitors to drupa can stay on trend with all the latest technology and seminars featuring topics from sustainability to digitisation.

Apart from the latest technology and solutions, Labelexpo Americas this year features a full two-day conference programme and two masterclasses organised by the Label Academy on digital embellishment and self-adhesive materials.

Fespa Global Print Expo

March 19-22, 2024 | Amsterdam

The country’s largest food manufacturing, packaging and processing technology trade show brings industry professionals and decision makers together providing a forum for education, discussion, as well as sharing knowledge and expertise.

The country’s largest food manufacturing, packaging and processing technology trade show brings industry professionals and decision makers together providing a forum for education, discussion, as well as sharing knowledge and expertise.

September 17, 2022


July 12, 2024 | Takina Wellington Convention & Exhibition Centre, Wellington




More than 1300 exhibitors will demonstrate their solutions across the 120,000 square metres of show space at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Organisers expect more than 160,000 visitors from all over the globe as they open the “Oriental Window of the World Printing Industry”.

Nominations will soon open for the People in Print Awards and Rising Stars of Print Awards. Do you know someone who is consistently achieving excellence in their work in this industry? Of course you do, so when the time comes, put their name forward for these awards so they can receive recognition for their efforts.

Get your tickets now for the print industry’s big night of the year where we will celebrate the best of the best in New Zealand print. The evening will also see the Apprentice of the Year, Trainer of the Year and Company Trainer of the Year Awards as well as the Business Awards

All in Print China

All Print

October 21-23, 2022

The Association of Handcraft Printers has a full day programme including visits to Imprimo in Havelock North and Neighbour’s Press in Hastings; a swap meet; as well as a barbecue dinner at the Napier RSA. This is a must attend event for all interested in letterpress and the craft.

Covering digital printing, screen printing, textile printing, garment decoration and signage, Fespa Global Print Expo will mix all the latest technology and solutions with events like the World Wrap Masters and Fespa Party Night alongside features such as its Sustainability Spotlight; Personalisation Experience, and Sportswear Pro.

October 11-15, 2022

October 11-15, 2022

Connect 2024



August 20-22, 2024 | Las Vegas, USA


May 3-5, 2024 | Corbans Estate, Henderson

The Association of Handcraft Printers has a full day programme including visits to Imprimo in Havelock North and Neighbour’s Press in Hastings; a swap meet; as well as a barbecue dinner at the Napier RSA. This is a must attend event for all interested in letterpress and the craft.

Sign Foundry, Welling

Foodtech Packtech

Foodtech Packtech

September 20-22, 2022

Craig Paul 027 655 4267

Craig Paul 027 655 4267


The call has gone out for all signees to grab their brushes and head to Lower Hutt for the annual Letterheads event. This year’s theme is ‘Red and Blue’. Your hosts this year are Lydia Reeve and Duncan Rourke.

MIS and workflow specialist eProductivity Software to Las Vegas in August 2024 but has moved from the Wynn to another popular hotel on the strip, The Venetian. The event welcomes industry leaders, business owners, and technology users. Delegates will learn how to optimise their technology investments, drive profits, network with peers, exchange ideas, and hear from industry experts and partners.

Now into its third year, the Printopia Festival of Original Print promises a fun, inspiring, print-filled weekend of artist talks, demos, workshops, live printing and of course our print fair. International artist Jenny Robinson will give the keynote presentation on May 4 and a masterclass the following day.


More than 1300 exhibitors will demonstrate their solutions across the 120,000 square metres of show space at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Organisers expect more than 160,000 visitors from all over the globe as they open the “Oriental Window of the World Printing Industry”.

More than 1300 exhibitors will demonstrate their solutions across the 120,000 square metres of show space at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Organisers expect more than 160,000 visitors from all over the globe as they open the “Oriental Window of the World Printing Industry”.

Printing United


May 4-10, 2023

The country’s largest food manufacturing, packaging and processing technology trade show brings industry professionals and decision makers together providing a forum for education, discussion, as well as sharing knowledge and expertise.

May 28-June 7, 2024 | Dusseldorf, Germany

September 10-12, 2024 | Las Vegas, USA



October 21-23, 2022

October 21-23, 2022

Düsseldorf, Germany

• Consulting and Machine Recommendations Sourcing

All in Print China

• Export/Import Sales

The world’s leading trade fair for printing technologies has opened registrations to again welcome the industry’s main players, and quite a few minor ones. All will show their latest solutions. Visitors can stay on trend with the technology and seminars featuring topics from sustainability to digitisation.

Sign Foundry, Welling

Sign Foundry, Welling

Highlighting the latest innovations and applications in specialised printing, the event attracts thousands of visitors from across the printing industry, serving as an exhibition and as a knowledge hub, where experts share their expertise and stimulate discussions about the future of the industry.

October 11-15, 2022

• Machinery Inspections & Valuations

Labelexpo Americas 2024

Visual Impact Brisbane Expo

September 10-12, 2024 | Chicago, USA

July 17-19, 2023 | Brisbane

The call has gone out for all signees to grab their brushes and head to Lower Hutt for the annual Letterheads event. This year’s theme is ‘Red and Blue’. Your hosts this year are Lydia Reeve and Duncan Rourke.

The call has gone out for all signees to grab their brushes and head to Lower Hutt for the annual Letterheads event. This year’s theme is ‘Red and Blue’. Your hosts this year are Lydia Reeve and Duncan Rourke.


• Plant Relocation OFFICE: 09 8367577, ALEX MOB. 021 975 477

The global packaging industry will meet in Düsseldorf with a focus on packaging materials, packaging machines and related process technology for the food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, non-food and industrial goods sectors.

Going head-to-head with Printing United, America’s biggest label show promises something for everyone interested in labels including printers and label converters; flexible packaging and folding carton producers; brand owners; label and packaging designers; as well as industry suppliers.

Visual Connections Australia will host visitors and exhibitors at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Exhibition hopes to attract over 2,500 visitors interested in the signage, print, graphic and engraving industries and featuring digital printing, personalisation, signage, sublimation, design, routing, display solutions, and vinyl applications.



More than 1300 exhibitors will demonstrate their solutions across the 120,000 square metres of show space at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Organisers expect more than 160,000 visitors from all over the globe as they open the “Oriental Window of the World Printing Industry”.

May 4-10, 2023

May 4-10, 2023

Printing United

Las Vegas, USA | September 10-12, 2024

Düsseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf, Germany


October 21-23, 2022

Sign Foundry, Welling

Showcasing the latest innovations and applications in specialised printing, the event attracts thousands of visitors from across the printing industry, serving as an exhibition and as a knowledge hub, where experts share their expertise and stimulate discussions about the future of the industry.

The global packaging industry will meet in Düsseldorf with a focus on packaging materials, packaging machines and related process technology for the food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, non-food and industrial goods sectors.

The global packaging industry will meet in Düsseldorf with a focus on packaging materials, packaging machines and related process technology for the food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, non-food and industrial goods sectors.

Craig Paul 027 655 4267

The call has gone out for all signees to grab their brushes and head to Lower Hutt for the annual Letterheads event. This year’s theme is ‘Red and Blue’. Your hosts this year are Lydia Reeve and Duncan Rourke.


May 4-10, 2023

Düsseldorf, Germany

The global packaging industry will meet in Düsseldorf with a focus on packaging materials, packaging machines and related process technology for the food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, non-food and industrial goods sectors.
by the
NewZealandPrint_August2022.indd 7
the Label Academy on digital embellishment and self-adhesive materials.
organised by
4A/157 Stoddard Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland 1041.
Embossing Die Cutting
Creasing Kiss Cutting Perforating
NewZealandPrint_August2022.indd 7
4A/157 Stoddard Road, Mount Roskill, Kiss Cutting Perforating Machinery Considering Graphic Contact E: l Printing l Import l Plant Valuations Craig Paul 027 655 4267 - PMS 308 - PMS BLACK Please respect legend colours integrity m - PMS - PMS Please respect m MACHINERY WANTED • Consulting and Machine Recommendations Sourcing • Export/Import Sales • Machinery Inspections & Valuations • Plant Relocation OFFICE: 09 8367577, ALEX MOB. 021 975 477 Craig Paul 027 655 4267 NewZealandPrint_August2022.indd 7


Master your social media and get more out of drupa 2024

Use social media to get the most out of the giant show.

n the realm of digital marketing, social media has emerged as a heavyweight champion, offering businesses of all sizes a direct line to their target audience. Social media is a game-changer for printing businesses specialising in labels, signs, offset, and digital printing. With the ability to showcase stunning visuals, engage with customers in real-time, and drive tangible business results, social media has become indispensable in the modern printing industry’s digital marketing arsenal.

As you prepare to attend drupa 2024 to stay current with trends and potentially acquire new equipment, leveraging social media can maximise your presence and opportunities. drupa is the perfect platform to elevate your brand, attract new customers, and network with industry leaders. Let’s explore tips and tricks to help printing businesses leverage social media to dominate their market niche.

Goal setting

Before diving into social media marketing, it’s crucial to define clear and achievable goals. Whether you aim to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or drive sales, having specific objectives will guide your strategy and help measure success. At drupa 2024, your goals could include showcasing new technologies you’re adding to your factory or establishing partnerships with suppliers and rivals.

Understanding your target audience is critical to crafting content that resonates with them. Research their demographics, interests, and pain points to tailor your messaging accordingly.

Selecting the right social media platforms is essential. For visual-centric industries like printing, Instagram and Pinterest can be particularly effective for showcasing your work. Additionally, LinkedIn is

Visually appealing content

As a printing business, you have an advantage in producing visually appealing content. Showcase your products, highlight customer testimonials, and provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of your world. High-quality images and videos will grab attention and showcase the quality of your work. Share live updates and new technology demos during drupa to captivate your audience.

A consistent posting schedule is vital for maintaining audience engagement and staying top-of-mind. Whether it’s daily updates or weekly features, stick to a regular cadence to keep your audience engaged and ensure a steady flow of content.

Social media is not just about broadcasting your message; it’s also about fostering two-way communication with your audience. Respond to comments, answer enquiries promptly, and actively engage with users to build relationships and foster loyalty.

Hashtags can significantly expand your reach on social media by making your content discoverable to users interested in related topics. Research relevant hashtags in the industry and incorporate them into your posts to increase visibility and attract new followers. Use event-specific hashtags like #drupa2024 to join the broader conversation and reach event attendees.

Encourage your customers to share their experiences with your products or services on social media. User-generated content serves as authentic testimonials and helps amplify your brand’s reach and credibility.

Regularly track the performance of your social media efforts using analytics tools provided by each platform. Pay attention to metrics like engagement, reach, and conversion rates to evaluate what’s working and identify areas for improvement.

While organic reach is valuable, investing in paid advertising can help amplify your social media efforts and reach a broader audience. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer highly targeted advertising options that allow you to reach users based on demographics, interests, and behaviours.

A social media strategy

The social media landscape is constantly evolving, with new features, algorithms, and trends emerging regularly. Stay informed about the latest developments and adapt your strategy to stay ahead of the curve and maintain relevance. drupa 2024 will showcase the latest in print technologies. Use this as an opportunity to integrate fresh, innovative content into your social media strategy.

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, printing businesses must adapt, or risk being left behind. Social media isn’t just a passing trend. It is a fundamental shift in how companies connect with their audience and drive growth. By harnessing the power of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, printing businesses can transform their online presence from ordinary to extraordinary.

Your printing business has the power to captivate, inspire, and engage like never before. With the right strategies, dedication, and creativity, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Embrace social media opportunities and watch as your business thrives in the digital age. The time to elevate your brand and dominate your market niche is now, so go forth, ignite your passion, and let your printing business shine bright in the digital spotlight.

Mick has spent the past decade building printIQ into one of the most recognised software brands in the printing industry, and with over four decades of experience, Mick truly has ink in his veins.

48 May 2024
valuable for connecting with other professionals attending drupa 2024. Embrace social media opportunities to help your business thrive
People In
Awards and Editorial enquiries: Bruce Craig | | 021 631 559 Sponsorship and Advertising enquiries: Brian Moore | | +61 410 578 876 celebrating the Kiwis who drive our industry Don't miss the 2025 Awards; nominate your colleagues (or yourself) early Presented by New Zealand Printer magazine in association with PrintNZ 1987-2024 years in print
Print Awards

People In Print Awards

celebrating the Kiwis who drive our industry

Don't miss the 2025 Awards; nominate your colleagues (or yourself) early

Presented by New Zealand Printer magazine in association with PrintNZ 1987-2024 years in print

Eamar is a leading producer of customised PVC and polypropylene packaging and stationery products.

Awards and Editorial enquiries: Bruce Craig | | 021 631 559

Sponsorship and Advertising enquiries: Brian Moore | | +61 410 578 876

We have more than 30 years experience tailoring our products to the specific needs of our customers. Our skilled staff and 'can do' attitude mean you are limited only by your imagination.

If we do not already manufacture the product you seek, we will find a way to do so. With our sister company, Tabbing Services, we provide a complete solution for all your packaging and stationery requirements.

So come and see us first!

11b Culperry Rd, Glendene, Auckland 0602

NZP CLASSIFIEDS To advertise please email
BOOK YOUR GALA DINNER Sponsors 2024 Patron 2024 Media Sponsor 2024 Friends Of The Awards 2024 : Blue Star Group (New Zealand), Kale Print, SCG, Sealed Air (Hamilton), Wholesale Print TICKETS TAKINA EVENTS Wellington 12 July

Why LED-UV ?

No odor

No Ozone

No spray powder

No set-off

No loss time

• Instant dry

• Instant ON/OFF irradiation

Reduce CO2 emission

No large peripheral equipment

No need for overprint varnishing

Reduce electrical consumption

No VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Reduce heat generation

Long life span

Printing on film and cardboard

Just like your conventional offset press ...without the cons.

Assist your potential

We continue to undertake new challenges in response to the tremendous changes facing the printing market.

In 2024, to assist printing and packaging companies in dealing with digitizing information, rising cost of materials, and the shortage of skill workforce. At Drupa 2024, RMGT will be exhibiting solutions for greater automation by introducing various automated systems, improving efficiency through visualisation utilizing cloud, and reducing labour requirements.

We look forward to being able to meet all of you at Drupa 2024.

Up to 91%
Up to 15 times ON/OFF instant light source switching lower power consumption long life 91% * 15,00 0hr Ozone free Low heat Mercur y free RMGT 970PF-8 LED-UV A1-Plus Size 8-Colour O set Press with LED-UV and Perfecting Device Hall 16, Stand E11 Singapo re - Tel: (65) 6272 8936 Thailand   - Tel: (66) 2 682 3411-4 Malaysi a - Tel: (60) 3 7955 1668 (Kuala Lumpur) Tel: (60) 7 598 0771/2 (Senai, Johor) Indonesi a - Tel: (62) 21 2555 8924 Vietna m - Tel: (84) 9 0938 9468 Sydney : 38 V ictoria Street, Beaconsfield, NSW 2015 Australia Tel: (61) 2 9318 0099 Fax: (61) 2 9318 0399 New Zealan d : Unit 22, Ground Floor, 6 Ken Browne Drive, Te Rapa, Hamilton 3200, New Zealand Tel: (64) 7 949 7722 Melbourne - Greg Knight (61) 411 338 855 - Rob Crough (61) 423 337 788 - Peter Erskine (61) 432 663 322 - Alan Strugnell (61) 418 955 512 Sydne y Brisban e Pert h - Paul Hilleard (64) 21 191 6548 New Zealan d 1060LX-6+CC+LD LED-UV 1,060mm Format 6-Colour O set Press with LED and Chamber Coater

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