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EXPRESS YOUR CLIENTS’ COLOUR IDENTITY New ChromaID semi-permanent mix & tone colour system with integrated bonding. From subtle to bold shades – 100% colour flexibility without damage.

For more information please contact your state representative, or alternatively call the Schwarzkopf Professional customer service number on 1800 251 887.



New ghd lightweight professional hairdryer with Aeroprecis™ technology drastically cuts blow-dry time,* giving you ultimate styling control to achieve smoother results** with 30% more shine.** #ghdhelios #queenoftheblowdry

For more information, contact your ghd area manager or phone 1300 443 424. *consumer testing vs. regular hairdryer **vs naturally dried hair


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aking it to the end of May felt like passing challengeridden level six of Jumanji - or was that just me? A broken compass, a continually interrupted mojo and a sea of indefinite, and it’s no wonder both business and life goals for 2020 bear no resemblance to the reality we have been facing. We’ve learnt more about ourselves in just a few months than in 2019 put together, through some loss and some gain and through new perspectives. We’ve disabled our cruise control and learnt to free steer again even if we have absolutely no idea where the next step has been at times, but the best thing we've learnt is to just be ok with the now. We’ve had to completely reset while at the same time deal with less or zero income and the same amount of commitments and stress compounding daily. The same goes for what we’ve had to endure in the world, from the sadness and unrest in America and now the world, countries that wore the brunt of a far worse pandemic than Australia, to anti racism revival and protests - it’s been questionable how much more we can take! One thing that never leaves us is our sense of leadership, and we have seen both the good, the bad and the ugly sides of leadership of late. At every touch point in business and in life we are all leaders and must set an example for what we would like to see. Unfortunately the stress of such unexpected circumstances has forced some of us to act out of passion and anger instead of from a place of love and understanding. We must remember that no matter how hard it is, being a strong leader from a place of copassion is a quality that is undying. As difficult as it has been, there have been somenotable moments of relief. We’ve been able to reconnect with our family, we’ve been reminded who our real friends are. Socialising has been difficult, which in turn has encouraged us to better assess who really should be part of our inner circle, who has our best interests at heart and who only wants us when our interests are at best – there’s a big difference! We still aren’t out of the woods. Some salons have only just been re-opened, some may not have opened their doors again, some may have lost their team, their dream or their passion or someone they thought they’d never lose. It’s not a state of back to ‘normal’ and never will be. We must not judge others for what they are doing with their business and perhaps have done to survive. Everyone has a new way of coping that they’ve had to adopt for the sake of their sanity and livelihood. For the most part I am proud of some of the great leaders in our industry – the positive messages they have continued to spread and for maintaining a level of community spirit even though at times our industry framework has been questionable. We saw an industry divided and on the day of writing this letter was the first day in months our friends in the beauty industry were given the green light to open after more than 3 months of complete unknown. The remainder of 2020 is going to look different now, and ultimately we are still unsure what it looks like. We may have had to tear up our goals for the year, but we have to set new goals and accept that a goal for the day or week can be just as powerful as a goal for the year. Every difficulty we face we have the chance to work on improving the person that will arrive at the next destination. It’s a chance to rebuild and opening your doors is one thing, but it also depends on the willingness of the consumer to come back and embrace your new experience. One word that has never been more pertinent, in my opinion, is authenticity. Whatever we do and however we move forward it has to be done with authenticity and a genuine disposition. On page 22 we take a look at the world of consumer spending and see where the haircare industry adding up in terms of buying behaviour, popular searches, trends and more. It’s my belief that in times like this our knowledge is paramount – and upgrading it is essential. We also take a closer look at what some of our most valued supporting brands have been doing to support salons and adapt during this time (page 16). One thing that’s certain - if you are genuine you will have a swathe of genuine followers wherever you end up.

Cameron Pine, Editor

The Intermedia Group takes its Corporate and Social Responsibilities seriously and is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. We continuously strive to improve our environmental performance and to initiate additional CSR based projects and activities. As part of our company policy we ensure that the products and services used in the manufacture of this magazine are sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers. This magazine has been printed on paper produced from sustainably sourced wood and pulp fibre and is accredited under PEFC chain of custody. PEFC certified wood and paper products come from environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests. The wrapping used in the delivery process of this magazine is 100% biodegradable.








HELEN OWENS What did you initially feel when restrictions hit? What was your biggest fear? This was the most confronting period of my 30 year hairdressing career. Leading four salons and their full teams through to a stand down was a rollercoaster of emotions for myself and the Tigerlamb team. The government regulations were changing quickly and we had a team of accountants and a lawyer in action to keep up with guidelines. We called it operation: ‘You’re Kidding Me..’ We were numb, outraged, confused, uncertain, apprehensive and sometimes defeated. My biggest fear was panic breaking loose and bad decisions being made. As hard as times were getting, I didn’t feel particularly that I would lose my business but I could feel the agitation as the industry turned on itself, some of the public turned on salons and people were fearing for their families lives.

How did Redken help keep you inspired through uncertain times? Redken was outstanding from the beginning. As a team their message was consistent that they were committed to continuing to support us in any way that we needed. Within days, Redken had coordinated a Digital Academy as well as an online Business School that we could have our teams participate in a few times a week. They supported us with a ‘Digital Tool Kit’ that gave us access to things like social media assets, EDMs for our clients and a ‘How To’ guide. Initiatives like the #hairforyou campaign lifted spirits and kept us connected, but the most amazing tool was the very swift release of their ‘Support Your Salon’ online store where our guests can purchase their retail in the comfort of their own home and have product couriered out to them and received within days. We benefited with 40 per cent of the sale and our clients could be cared for by ‘us’ as we sheltered.” I’m sure in another time some of these initiatives would have taken years to develop but somehow Redken connected closely with us and pushed these offerings out to us within weeks. It was magnificent.


What did you feel initially when restrictions hit? What was your biggest fear? 'Shit we are going to be closed down!' I initially thought we could lose everything we had worked for, including my team.

How did you adapt your business and bunker down during the restrictions? We just took day by day. We couldn’t really plan for anything as things were changing daily. Luckily we continued to trade and had to make a lot of adjustments around social distancing and utilised the support from Kérastase #hairforyou campaign.

What did you communicate to clients? We tried to do our best to let clients know we were there for them and working within the health orders. We now take clients temperatures when they come in. This makes them feel more at ease.



NICK MAMMOLITI What did you feel initially when restrictions hit? The initial restriction of 30 mins appts was ridiculous and would have been impossible to service our clients to the standard that we offer. We decided that we would have to close under these restrictions. When the 30 minute restriction was lifted the following day we decided that we would still close. Our main fear was the health and safety of our staff and clients if they were exposed to COVID-19 and the effect it would have on our personal lives. The fear of how long we would be closed for and whether we would have a business to go back to because we had no idea how bad COVID-19 was going to get.

“Before we had a chance to call on L’Oréal Professionnel and Kérastase they had come to us offering lots of support across retail, digital education and business support.” NICK MAMMOLITI

How did you plan to re-open if you closed the salon and did it occur in stages? Our plan to reopen was guided by the statistics of active cases declining on a daily basis in WA and the lack of risk to the public contracting COVID-19. We gave ourselves a two week timeframe where we decided on a date and if the WA active cases kept declining we would reopen. Damien and I recorded a video and put it on social media to let clients know what our plan was.


JACLYN MAMO What did you feel initially when restrictions hit? What was your biggest fear? I was incredibly grateful that I could continue to trade. My focus shifted to how do I pivot my business to adhere to the federal and state government guidelines and ensure the safety of my clients, as well as continue to provide them with the amazing service they know and love. I have a boutique salon and work on my own, so I focused on identifying the ways I could adapt the business without compromising the service I provide to my clients.

How did Redken help keep you inspired through uncertain times?

KARIZMA HAIR STUDIO SUZZIE WILSON What did you feel initially when restrictions hit? What was your biggest fear? I had been through quite a lot of different bad karma over the years from fires to break-ins and at times I felt like hanging up my boots, but we have worked far too hard to walk away from a business that has literally become our DNA, even during COVID-19.

How did you adapt your business and bunker down during the restrictions?

Redken have offered some really great education opportunities online. I’ve focused on the business orientated classes, particularly L’Oréal Professional Business Academy - which helped me refocus on my business goals, highlighting what I’m doing well in my business and opportunities to grow. We utilised ‘Support Your Salon’, ‘Google My Business’ support and ‘Redken Business School.’

We made the crucial decision to close, as the fear of the uncertainty was overwhelming for myself and my team. It was paramount to me and my priority to protect ourselves from what was a downward spiral of endless "what ifs".

What new initiatives did you release in terms of retail/products or future strategies?

Since closing the doors, we had a few friends and loyal clients reach out to see if there was any way we could accommodate them for hair services to help keep some cash flow within the business for support, it meant the world to know that those clients were intent on helping my business through a tough time.

I leveraged opportunities provided my suppliers, for example Redken and Piiq collaborated to offer ‘Support your salon’ – this is a great initiative that I promoted to my client base to buy their haircare products online with Redken and have them delivered to their home.

How did you plan to re-open if you closed the salon and did it occur in stages?

How did you call on your suppliers for support during this time?

“We communicated to clients that we were closing for services but not for business.” SHARON CROMWELL


SHARON CROMWELL What did you initially feel when restrictions hit? What was your biggest fear? Panic and relief at the same time. The panic was knowing how much needed to be done in order to make it happen in a short period of time – the relief came in the decision to close for a month to protect my family, friends and my clientele. Initially the rate of COVID-19 spreading was a big fear for all of us.

How did you adapt your business and ‘bunker down’? We made a COVID-19 action plan starting with contacting all outgoings asking for some relief and support, SMS messages to clientele to keep them updated and keep the team engaged. Initially I diverted all salon calls to my mobile and drew on the resources from the Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC), my accountant and the Matrix community plus ZING weekly coaching. We communicated to clients that we were closing for services but not for business.

How did you call on your suppliers for support? We utilised the Matrix ‘Support my Salon’ campaign, online education for my team, and the Digital Tool Kit for ease of social media awareness. We had weekly Zoom meetings with our Matrix representative around strategies to survive in business. Setting up the Piiq ‘Support my Salon’ online store was also amazingly easy. I love the fact that Matrix kept in touch and followed up to make sure I had time to take on board and implement all of their information.

I was very fortunate I did not need to call on my supplier, they were already at my doorstep ready to embark on a fantastic business support relationship, they were my actual ‘rock’. We utilizsd: • Online Education – the Digital Courses Lighten ME and Sync ME hosted on Teams • Digital Academy - Digital Courses across five modules that were all free. • Digital Tool kit (social Media assets, EDM) – Zoom meetings, Access into the Asset Hub so I could choose the images and pre-made marketing material for our socials to help communicate salon hygiene during Covid. • Support your Salon – showed us how to try and get a passive income from retail while the salon was closed. • The Matrix Community Facebook page to keep my team motivated.


JO CAPOMOLLA How did you call on your suppliers for support? Kérastase and L’Oréal teams have been exceptional – they provided us with ongoing support even before we closed our doors. The highlight was the ‘Support Your Salon’ initiative which supported Kérastase sales through an innovative and online platform where my clients could support the salon by buying direct. My team have benefitted from the L’Oréal Digital Academy and the three L’Oréal Business School webinar sessions from Chandell Labbozetta were very helpful. We were inspired by the L’Oréal #hairforyou campaign and hashtag – they certainly are.


UPFRONT AVEDA TRANSFORMS SALONS DURING COVID-19 Aveda salons have been transformed under the social distancing guidelines of the pandemic, with 160 Aveda salons opening in Australia to maintain the family focus, ritualism and strong brand ethos Aveda is famous for, even without its iconic elements of touch. The structure of the brand’s salons has changed to forgo its holistic and ritualistic elements, including aromatic hand and neck massages and scalp checks. Personal interaction has been limited with clients requested to shampoo their hair beforehand to

BHAVE SUPPORTS SALONS DURING COVID-19 Retail continues to be big business, with clients needing home haircare and salons, whether closed or open, able to offer them packages and products that they require. bhave is helping in this endeavor with unique retail initiatives that incentivise clients to buy and hand profits back to the salons. “We have initiated a number of incentives to help our salons generate a passive income on retail sales while watching their cash-flow,” said bhave co-creator Sheryl Cleminson. “Every bhave salon and hairdresser in Australia has been allocated with a coupon code unique to their business. This coupon code encourages the end user to continue supporting their local hairdresser through their online purchase, without disadvantaging the hairdresser. The hairdressers are encouraged to share this code with their clients who either cannot access products in store, if a salon has chosen to close at the moment or has minimal stock on their shelves due to tighter cash-flow. Every time a code is used in an online purchase, the salon receives a meaningful share in the sale.”

GHD UNVEILS DIGITAL RESOURCES FOR SALONS TACKLING COVID-19 GHD IS SUPPORTING the industry with resources to make things a little easier during the pandemic. “There is no doubt the world is going through some very tough times at the moment, but we have been inspired by the positivity, support and kindness of the salon community coming together, and we intend to play our part in helping the industry to navigate this challenge,” said Ludovic Dellazzeri, managing director ghd ANZ. The brand has made a range of digital resources available to salon partners, from online education to upskill salon teams during any periods of downtime, to social media assets to help salons keep in touch with clients. “ghd has always believed in partnering with salons to help them run better businesses – now, we’re working to make even more resources and education available to help support salons through this period ahead, Ludovic said. As well as digital resources, the brand is also educating salons on how best to use social media during the weeks ahead. “We believe self-care is going to be more important than ever before, and hair tutorials and demos will help you keep connected with your clientele and make you a source of positivity in a challenging situation,” said Karen Cox, Head of Marketing, ghd ANZ. “IGTV livestreams are a great way to hold Q&As, and 16 INSTYLE


Industry Happenings // COVID-19

reduce time in the salon. The salons are going above and beyond to offer additional home care rituals, blow-drying adjustments and dry cuts. Salons also propose virtual consultations prior to the insalon appointment, again reducing time in the salon. “In a time when touch was critical to Aveda and salon business, heightened hygiene and social distancing protocols for stylists and clients are in place with an extensive daily checklist sent to all salons as safety is still the number one priority,” the brand said. As social distancing slowly decreases around the country, many services are being sought after by isolating clients, including colour, root services and more. Aveda continues to offer their renowned exceptional service and brand identity, proving that client connection goes far beyond touch to true care, consideration, service and ethos, and offering a savvy blueprint for salons across the nation.

As an added bonus, the team is offering monthly prizes awarded to the salons or stylists who make the most sales from coupon codes and is helping salons with a standard discount across the range to boost profit. Allowing salons to make retail profits while the brand itself ships the products to clients offers ease and convenience for salons, while having salons push the codes and packages online offers marketing value for the brand, and the clients gain value by buying the products on sale. It’s a win-win-win!

“We have initiated a number of incentives to help our salons generate a passive income on retail sales while watching their cash-flow.” SHERYL CLEMINSON

“As an Australian, family-owned business we feel strongly about supporting our family of hairdressers,” Sheryl said. “Our message through our various initiatives is that you not alone. We are all in this together and we are stronger together.”

create a place to check in with clients.” “We’re all living in an evolving situation, which means it’s important to be sensitive to the situation particularly in your local community. Ultimately, we are all in this together, and we want to uplift each other – use common sense, listen to your community and take on board any feedback,” she continued. Aside from these tips, it’s also essential to keep content simple and relevant. Beyond that, salons and hairdressers need to utilise this challenging time to pursue education and further their knowledge. “The team at ghd ANZ are inspired every day by the creativity and passion of hairdressers and the salon industry, and will be here to help the industry continue to deliver good hair days to their clients as we come out the other side of this situation,” said Ludovic. “On behalf of the whole team, we are sending our best wishes for everyone to stay safe. Even if we are physically apart right now – we are in this together.”

KAO SALON DIVISION ANNOUNCES SALON INDUSTRY RECOVERY INITIATIVE Welcome the Kao Salon Industry Recovery Initiative, a directive by the Kao Salon Division, which houses Goldwell and KMS, solely focused to helping salons recover from the crisis. The initiative involves three pillars of constructed support to guide the industry through its unique challenges in 2020. The company aims to deliver important, tangible resources for salons and individuals to utilise in the effort of bouncing back better than ever, as centred on aspects of financial, creative and community support. “Our priority during this crisis has been to galvanise our efforts around the full and complete recovery of the industry as a whole, with special focus our partners and stylists,” said Cory Couts, Global President, Kao Salon Division. “We know the needs and concerns of the salon community are very specific. That’s why we designed this initiative to not only to commit global resources, but local, real solutions for their recovery.” The first tenet of this initiative is the Stronger Together pillar, built on the company’s financial support and partnership, as

L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS DIVISION AND PIIQ UNVEIL SUPPORT YOUR SALON INITIATIVE The L’Oréal Professional Products Division has joined with Richard Kavanagh and his innovative smart mirror technology, titled piiq, to debut the Support Your Salon initiative. The platform allows salons stocking Kérastase, L’Oréal Professionnel, Pureology, Redken, Matrix and Biolage to elevate their retail opportunities in this time. The initiative helps salons to connect with their clients online around the clock, providing a tailored digital consultation to recommend a personalised and professional haircare routine for them to use at home. This prescription can be purchased online and delivered to the client, offering 40 per cent of sales to the salon behind the online consultation. “As the situation started to escalate and we could see more and more salon owners wondering what to do to survive, we decided to fast track a ‘smart retail’ initiative we have been developing for the past couple of years, take it out of the piiq system and into a consumer facing interface as a way of offering some useful and practical financial support to salons and giving their clients and guests a tangible way to offer their support,” Richard said. “Professional products are a cornerstone of the industry and, apart from quality of ingredients, the thing that truly sets professional products apart is a professional recommendation for a client’s unique needs. By helping clients navigate their hair needs, with a smart recommendation, giving them a little education along the way and providing them with the best quality haircare regimen,

ROGUE BEAUTY DEBUTS 35 PER CENT AFFILIATES COMMISSION PROGRAM AND E-COMMERCE SITE Rogue Beauty is helping salons and hairdressers through the crisis, with a new affiliate program designed to help support salons and stylists to sell retail products online. COVID-19 has demonstrated more than ever the importance of retail as a contributor to sales and revenue for the salon ecosystem, and the program elevates salons in this endeavour. “E-commerce and the growth of online shopping have been growing trends over the last decade, but e-commerce has and will become more important in the future as consumer shopping behaviours have been further reshaped by the impact of COVID-19,” Rogue Beauty explained. As such, Rogue Beauty have launched their first e-commerce site, found at, where they have

individually tailored to each international market. The initiative’s second pillar is in artistry, namely Creativity Never Stops. The pillar builds on creativity as an essential facet of the industry, motivating artistry in the industry at this time with access to digital and online education programs that offer relief and inspiration to isolated stylists. It also evolves the annual Goldwell Creative Awards into an entirely virtual experience. The third tenet of the initiative is titled Kao Salon Family, which delivers relevant, positive messages through the Kao Salon network. This section of the platform offers a communication network for stylists to ask questions and voice concerns. “This has been a challenging time for all of our salon partners and we have stood by each of them with their individual decisions. We will continue to work alongside all of our salons to help them navigate through these very challenging times,” said Justin Anderson, General Manager, Kao Salon Division Australia. “The Kao organisation in Australia is very proud of the Kao Salon Industry Recovery Initiative and all of the steps Kao is taking to help salons around the world.”

we are doing our little bit to help clients help their salons.” Salons who stock any of these six brands qualify for the initiative. Salons must sign up to receive a unique URL that can be sent to clients via email, SMS message or by adding to a link to the salon’s social media bio. When clients click on the link they will be taken through a professional consultation, powered by piiq, where the haircare products will be recommended to them and they will be able to purchase them online. The products are shipped directly from the brand to the clients and 40 per cent of the proceeds go to the salon. “We have to play our part as an industry leader and be there to support the community of salons who depend on us to help keep their businesses running,” said David Higgins, General Manager, Professional Products Division at L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand. “If there was ever a time to think differently, it’s now. The Support Your Salon initiative is an innovative solution for our salon partners to address the current and challenging climate. It enables salon owners to receive revenue from retail sales without having to purchase and hold stock, pack product, outlay costs for shipping or to set up an online store.”

integrated a Rogue Beauty Salon Affiliates Program. Rogue Beauty takes care of the admin side of things, sending salons a unique link to send to clients. Clients can then order from the Rogue Beauty website using the link, earning salons a 35 per cent commission of the purchase. Commissions are sent out on a monthly basis and the brand handles all the headache of inventory, shipping and distribution. Customers are also offered rewards, such as a 10 per cent discount off their first purchase. All Rogue Beauty brands are available to customers on the platform, including Oribe, R+Co, Sachajuan, IGK and more. Share the initiative under #shoplocalsalons sign up and allow ease of retail sales for you, and your clients. There’s never been a better time to jump on board with this savvy program. INSTYLE 17

UPFRONT FOIL ME DEBUT THE PRIDE COLLECTION JUNE IS PRIDE Month and, to celebrate, Foil Me have debuted their all-new Pride Collection of foils. “The Pride Collection foil was initially designed in 2019 with the LGBTQI community in mind, paying homage to the colours of the pride flag by using rainbows, but going a few steps further by placing two rainbows 'kissing' or touching – representing love and acceptance – no matter what the race, colour, gender, national origin, age, religion, faith, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression a person identifies with,” said the brand’s co-founder and creative director Emily Ciardiello. The bright packaging and important meaning are as significant as ever as the world faces difficult times. Adding to their contribution to the planet at large, the brand will be donating $1 for every Pride product sold through Pride Month to ILGA World, which assists the LGBTQI community globally. The organisation facilitates smaller associations to fight for human rights and make progress in the legal sphere on behalf of the community. “I have no doubt these foils are going to create conversation and interest in the salon which is always a good thing,” said Foil Me Brand Ambassador, Craig Purves, who helped connect the brand to the charity. WATCH NOW

DEE PARKER ATTWOOD NAMED AS HAIRDRESSING AND BEAUTY INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT ACCLAIMED AND AWARD winning hairdresser Dee Parker Attwood has been named as the new president of the Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Association (HBIA), following the retirement of Andrew Woodward. Dee will utilise her influential voice, passion for her craft and the industry, knowledge and community respect to take this role to its heights. “I am excited to have Dee Parker Attwood lead with such a strong industry connection and voice. Under Dee’s guidance, HBIA will move towards its vision of unity and celebration of the diversity of business that we represent,” said the General Manager of the Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Association, Mark Rippon. Within her storied career, Dee has advocated for the progression of the professional hairdressing, beauty and barbering industries, with education and support being two of her extreme focuses for improving the industry. Dee is particularly passionate about providing support networks for young people wanting to work in these industries and facilitating their career journeys. 18 INSTYLE

#HAIRDRESSERSUNITED DIGITAL CHARITY HAIR FESTIVAL INSPIRES THE GLOBAL INDUSTRY A 27 HOUR (plus) live stream of 41 international hair artists from 19 countries over 13 different time zones presented online education segments in nine different languages, cementing #HairdressersUnited as a record-breaking endeavor. Organised by Henkel Beauty Care Professional brands, with brands such as Schwarzkopf Professional, Joico, Pravana, Alternao, Indola and #MyDentity as the focus, and in collaboration with the Fritz Henkel Stiftung charity foundation, this unique event inspired and raised money for a good cause. The Look and Learns streamed on social media for over a full day, covering hair colour techniques such as blonde, balayage and blurring, while styling presentations, barber tips, up style tutorials, braiding intel and more made up the motivating shows. Australian talent was a major part of the event. On behalf of Schwarzkopf Professional ANZ, Natalie-Anne started the event and hosted the Australian arm of the event with Travis Balcke. The Fritz Henkel Stiftung charity foundation will be donating 100,000 euros to charities including the Red Cross and United Ways, in addition to donations from the online global audience, which are still being tallied.

WELCOME BOTTLE-FREE SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER AND BODY WASH RANGE ‘FOAMIE’ FIGHTING AGAINST PRODUCTION processes that facilitate plastic consumption at a huge risk to mother earth, distributor Phoenix Nationale is showcasing Foamie to the Australian market, set to revolutionise haircare, body care and the beauty industry at large. The mission of the innovative product is to disrupt and innovate retail products, for conscious, fun, clean and sustainable products that reduce plastic, provide efficient and multifunctional formulas and are cruelty-free, vegan and made in the EU. In haircare, bottle-free shampoo and conditioner bars invigorate the hair across various personalised categories. These concentrated formulas have been engineered in the EU, changing the face of haircare and retail products. The ergonomic shape of the bars lends itself to both hand and head shape for ease of use. Products include Hisbiskiss to strengthen damaged hair, Aloe You Very Much to hydrate dry hair and Shake Your Cococnuts to offer natural shine, frizz fighting capabilities and volume to normal hair. All products are optimised for skin to cleanse, hydrate and reduce irritation.

2020 BRITISH HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR NOMINEES ANNOUNCED THE NOMINEES IN the British Hairdresser of the Year Award, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional, have been named. “British hairdressing has certainly faced its greatest ever challenge this year. It has been a testing time for us all and I have been so impressed with, but not surprised by, the industry’s continued professionalism, resilience and creativity,” said Executive Director of Hairdressers Journal International, Jayne Lewis Orr. “The British Hairdresser of the Year title has been the most sought-after for more than three decades. This year especially, it is recognition of the stylists at the forefront of this thriving, talented and professional community. The award not only cements the careers of exceptional hairdressers but consistently raises standards across our industry year-on-year.” Congratulate Adam Reed, Angelo Seminara, Cos Sakkas, Darren Ambrose, Errol Douglas, Eugene Souleiman, Gary Hooker & Michael Young (Hooker & Young), Richard Ashforth, Robert Eaton and Sally Brooks for their welldeserved nominations. The winner will be announced on 30th November 2020 at JW Marriott Grosvenor House, Park Lane, alongside the winners in six specialist categories and nine regional categories.

AUSTRALIAN HAIRDRESSING COUNCIL SHOWCASES INDUSTRY SPECIFIC RECRUITMENT SITE THE AUSTRALIAN HAIRDRESSING Council (AHC) will continue its support of the hairdressing, beauty and barber industries, elevating that support even further with a new industry specific recruitment site, launching on June 8 and titled HeadHunter Recruitment. The platform hopes to help businesses in accessing and retaining reliable staff, which will in turn grow and attract new clients. This has been a long reported challenge within these industries. Market analysis indicates that more general recruitment platforms can fail to meet the requirements salons need, supplying a high volume of applicants without the relevant skill and experience. This can waste time, add stress and deplete energy and resources in recruiting exercises that go nowhere. HeadHunter Recruitment will personalise this by representing all hairdressing, barbering, beauty, spa, education and training stakeholders, including applicants, salons, businesses and product companies and suppliers in the industry. The organisation will be powered by the AHC but managed separately by General Manager Dwayne Hawthorn. The streamlined platform allows businesses to efficiently search for employable candidates, with functions that offer resume matching, an inbuilt message centre, a custom dashboard with full tracking of visits to each job advertisement and candidate screening. WATCH NOW

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UPFRONT BIXIE COLOUR TURNS FIVE BIXIE COLOUR HAS JUST celebrated their fifth birthday. The specialist colour salon employs a bevy of creative Australian talent as led by renowned colourist, hairdresser and educator Sheree Knobel. The salon currently employs 12 people and doubled their salon space, located in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire, in 2016 due to demand. “Five years ago, with just three hairdressers and a vision, I opened the doors to Bixie Colour. I’d always worked in salons that were focused more on cutting, styling, and editorial, but my passion was colour. I hoped Bixie would be a relaxed environment in which my team and I could focus on creating stunning colour work for our clients. I was not prepared for how quickly the business would grow," Sheree said. “Our swift growth has meant we’ve learned extremely valuable lessons, fast and on-the-fly. I’m very proud of what we have become. For me, the most rewarding part of the job has been growing my team, most of them from apprentices! Seeing them become confident, talented, beautiful hairdressers fills me to the brim with joy."

HAIR SHOTS 2 THE WORLD NAME COVER OF THE DECADE WINNER HAIR SHOTS 2 The World has named their illustrious Cover of the Decade winner, in a competition built to celebrate their ten years in the editorial industry. The group awarded Craig Smith of Fruition Salon in Brisbane as the winner for an image from his 2015 Epoch collection, photographed by Andrew O’Toole. This was a cover in the Netherlands in Coiffure Magazine. “Judges from each continent scrutinised 329 covers by year to see Craig’s quintessential cover image gain the highest score,” Hair Shots 2 The World founder, Leanne Cutler said. “Their job was to identify a cover that not only held all the qualities of an excellent hair fashion image, but that would also provide strong allure to sell a magazine.” Craig was awarded for the image’s accessible and directional hairstyle, strong model look, superior photography skills and small details including the model’s unique expression. An image from the Coachella collection by Daniella Barca and Adam Isles of Rokk Ebony, Melbourne, came a close second, as photographed by Michaela Barca. This was a cover in Russia in Hairs How Magazine. 20 INSTYLE

FOIL ME RAISES $10,000 FOR BUSHFIRE HIT ANIMALS AS LOVELY AS it would be to cancel 2020 amidst all the uncertainty and craziness, there are stories of hope that remind us there is light on the other side. The husband and wife team, Iliano and Emily Ciardiello, at Foil Me are doing their bit to help some of Australia’s most hard hit from the bushfires, the wildlife. In response to the devastating bushfires that ravish throughout the summer, the Adelaide-based company has raised $10,000 for the charity Animals Australia. It has donated one dollar from every pack sold throughout January, and also rallied contributions from families and friends. These funds will help Animals Australia fly expert wildlife vets into the fireaffected areas and send food to animals in need. It will also assist with funding for vets and volunteers and help supply them with the right equipment to rescue animals. “We like to be active in our local and surrounding communities, and it was important to us that we contribute in some way to help those in need – and those without a voice – during the bushfires and in recovery,” Emily said.

WELCOME THE TRUE ME BRAND OF HAIR STRAIGHTENERS SALON PROFESSIONAL RESULTS at an affordable price point spells the new True Me brand of hair straighteners, packed with features that put aesthetics, efficiency and hair health first. Developed by Greg and Leonie Whatling, the Australian founders of ghd and Cloud Nine, True Me presents a new frontier of luxe heat styling tools, experimenting with hair type as it pertains to styling temperature for truly tailored results. The game changing brand offers both an Original and Wide model, with a three year warranty and at an attractive price point, speaking to their understanding of the consumer’s lifestyle and pure style needs. The tools have several heat settings for individual hair types, in the pursuit of healthier hair and better style. In its manufacture, the tools boast advanced keratin-infused ceramic plates with specialised fuse technology that are designed to withstand a range of electrical currents. The plates incorporate an ion-lock technology that – fittingly - locks moisture into hair and reduces heat damage for a shinier, more long-lasting finish. The tools host a ‘non-negotiable’ temperature control and can maintain a 220 degree temperature with unparalleled ability. Adding to ease of use, the stylers utilise a 360-degree swivel cord, heat guard and storage pouch, and also go into hibernation mode after just 20 minutes of inactivity. With renowned Australian hairdressers on board – Jon Pulitano of Headcase Hair is a global brand ambassador and Barney Martin is an advocate and major fan – True Me is on the rise.

L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL DEBUT ONLINE EDUCATION PLATFORM WELCOME THE ESTEEMED L’Oréal Professionnel Education and Artist team into your home with their all new online education platform, containing a new digital suite of educational assets that can be accessed online and via social media and titled Chez Moi – meaning ‘at home with me’. The series will deliver daily educational pieces created by the Education team, plus weekly Instagram live takeovers as delivered by the Australian L’Oréal Professionnel Artists. The videos will be released weekly on IGTV through and some of the topics covered will include colour and retail education. L’Oréal Professionnel will be hosting live education classes for salons via Zoom, to ensure salon owners and staff are given an opportunity to interact and ask questions with the content. “We know that the overall personal touch of these online interactions will bind our community together as one during these challenging times," said Sylvia Stewart Head of Digital and Education.

HOUSE OF TERRE A MER IS MELBOURNE’S COWORKING SALON SPACE AS THE SALON industry faces the challenge that is 2020, new concepts are taking shape and flourishing to meet these tough times head on. Co-working salon spaces, like Melbourne space House Of Terre A Mer, could provide solutions to the problems of various hairdressers fighting to make a living during the pandemic with fewer overhead costs. The thriving salon community offers hairdressers the chance to grow their business and focus on their craft. House Of Terre A Mer hosts hair, beauty and wellness spaces that maintain a quality environment with a different business model. The system works by hairdressers and salon business owners selecting a space that fits their needs, agreeing to the terms, becoming a member of the space, booking the space on a flat hourly, daily or monthly rate, bringing clients in and operating the business from there. The benefits include no stress around property management, no fit out costs, no commissions, no utilities and total transparency around the process. WATCH NOW

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he global haircare market is expected to reach $221.1 billion by 2025 – an astounding figure that represents a massive opportunity for haircare brands looking to fuel further growth in specific product categories and lead the market with disruption and innovation. When it comes to the customer, the old adage that the customer is king has never rang more true and, in some sectors, brands and consumers have even switched roles, with the consumer now the real driving force behind new trends and growth in the industry, not the brand’s campaigns. The biggest challenge this has represented for hair and beauty brands in recent years is the demands of consumers are now somewhat layered or ‘two-fold’ – they want the best product innovation coupled with personalisation. This is no mean feat when it comes to consumers in so many areas demanding scientific results with more natural formulas. They want natural ingredients, long-term hair health, a low environmental impact and an aesthetically chic packaging all in an affordable price bracket. Something’s gotta give, as they say, but the salvation here is that when it comes to luxury, price is rarely a barrier to entry – the sky’s the limit. So with this in mind, how can haircare brands successfully predict the behaviour of consumers ahead of its competitors? The answer for many lies in solid customer profiling and search intelligence and, in a sea of disruption, this remains challenging. As a global leader in search intelligence, Captify powers business, marketing and media decisions for over 700 global brands through advertising data searches. From an analysis of over 491 million haircare searches from Captify’s global network, much of the information drawn on here from this mega brand in data intelligence unlocks the truth behind macro world trends, competitor and brand intelligence, consumer interests and - putting it simply – best defines the real intent and ‘hot signals’ of what make consumers buy. Yes, a crystal ball many of us as business owners and brand experts would love to have access to but we must remember that any report is 22 INSTYLE

merely just that, a report and not necessarily based on individual authenticity and intent. How we engage with our customers individually, many will argue, will always be the biggest precursor to success. So what are you doing to better engage with your customers? What data do you look to before reaching out to them and making decisions on how to communicate with them? Who do you trust? The brand you represent or your gut? It’s a complex scenario that leads to various forever evolving conversations. The best answer lies in a combination of data fuelled by genuine content and service. For example, some of the audiences you should be targeting are sometimes hidden in your business and not even seeing these messages through yout channels. Some that may be your top spenders on retail often go unnoticed when it comes to ‘data’ analysis in such an emotionally driven industry. The question every brand wants to know: what do consumers really want? It’s a forever changing pendulum, but one thing is for sure and that’s chemicals and plastics are now perceived as nasties in modern haircare and through every step of the salon process. With health at the top of consumer’s priority right now, adaptation is the only way to survive.

MARKET TRENDS *Shoppers have become more ingredient savvy; In comparison to 10 years ago, women are starting to see haircare as an extension of their beauty routine. The haircare industry thrives on new trends, many of which are now born on social media, while many brands jump on the ‘fads’, however you may be surprised to know that scalp health, above all, remains a key hook in purchasing decisions for many. For a long time, the beauty, fragrance and haircare industry have relied heavily on gender-specific product marketing. Some of the most successful brands currently have targeted this ‘genderless generation’, providing neutral packaging that appeals to all audiences. This is a sweet spot for 2020 and beyond.

Salons like Bleach London and Josh Wood offer at-home colour shots to boost hair colour between appointments. It's a controversial topic for many salon owners but ,whether you like it or not, the reality is incentives like this are what’s keeping consumers engaged with a brand, product or salon service and we have to now cover multiple bases – not just the salon chair. Labels that have been winning out (in a more retail space, rather than professional) include hair brands such as IGK, offering premium ‘instagrammable’ packaging at more affordable prices that appeal to the ‘influencer generation’. The same goes for Jen Atkin, founder of now well-known disruptor brand Ouai – using her vast social media following to understand what consumers really want from their haircare, which ultimately powers the product strategy of the brand. Communication and ingredient transparency is paramount – one thing is clear, people want to see who the leader is behind the business and what are their values.

Disruptors to the market recognise their own niche. The rest of the range flows directly from that. Disruptors are cutting into big brand’s profits. BATHROOM AESTHETIC ‘SHELFIE’ Consumers spend a staggering 47,000 pounds on average in their lifetime on haircare in the UK according to Marie Claire's* 2017 research. With hundreds of brands on the marketing, it’s no surprise shelf space is premium.

Conditioner remains highest on searches at 37 per cent followed shortly thereafter by shampoo at 22.2 per cent and electricals at 17.3 per cent. These search results really should quantify what categories brands should champion in their marketing strategy. Following on from this is accessories (9.2 per cent), dye or colour (6.4 per cent), styling (5.5 per cent) and treatments (2.4 per cent). On a more detailed note; 17.7 per cent of consumers search for ‘thickening shampoo’ and 11.1 per cent are searching for ‘caffeine shampoo’ – who would have thought? It seems it's not just morning coffee that rules the roost when it comes to consumers' wants and needs in what stimulates their decisions. On top of championing category searches, new technology will impact haircare, whether it's innovations that can reverse hair loss or being able to achieve salon quality results in between visits. It’s no longer just about ‘wash and go’, with consumers increasingly focused on products that will benefit the long term health of hair. Thickening and dandruff are the top two attributes that consumers look for in a shampoo, yet surprisingly it’s a sector many professional brands ignore – no wonder 'head and shoulders' is number two globally in searches. Aspreviously mentioned, consumers are also searching around organic haircare products and are more conscious about ingredients. Price and gender are less of an issue than we always thought – it just needs to be simple to understand. Qualities that you might expect consumers to be searching for around conditioner, such as damage and repair, actually index quite low in searches while moisturising and thickening are the top two attributes that consumers seek. Cost is not as much of a concern when it comes to products at the upper end of the market – it’s the buzz words that are more important.

Users are 75 times more likely to be searching for moisturising over any other attribute when searching for conditioner.

TELEVISION AND MEDIA FUELS INTENT It’s no wonder brands experience difficulty in building loyalty with consumers in such a saturated market. Unfortunately, consumers are 1.4 times more likely to search for pharmacy chains such as Boots (UK) when looking for haircare, which is surprising considering the retailer's reputation and the number of haircare brands that are available online and in salons. Overall, consumers are 40 times more likely to be searching for Superdrug than any other retailer. For example a fair comparison in Australia would be the rapid onslaught of Chemist Warehouse, taking a fair portion of a consumer’s buying power. The advantage we do still have here though is a luxury market that they can’t yet touch.

MOBILE FIRST Mobile phone surfing (usage) is expected to grow to more than 2 hours and 14 minutes per day by 2020 and by the end of this year will probably jump another staggering 30 per cent at least. Unsurprisingly consumers' search behaviour across a mobile device reveals invaluable insights for brands, including key activation times to target customers. Consumers are using their desktops more, however, when researching around brands and reviews of products. In contrast, searches conducted on mobile are more focused on influencers and specific haircare problems. While desktop searches remain high, mobile is obviously growing and now accounts for 36.9 per cent of haircare searches. INSTYLE 23

John Frieda saw a 2208 per cent search uplift over two days after announcing Rochelle Humes as the new brand ambassador for their ‘Frizz Ease Dream Curls’ product. This shows that the right alignment can be powerful. The majority of consumers are searching haircare in the evenings, however 19 per cent of desktop users typically search in the lead up to lunch and late afternoon while at work. It’s important to understand the lifestyle of your clients or potential customers too and really understand when is the best time to remind them to purchase and buy. Surprisingly, if they’re a desktop job browser, who may not be really efficient, they aren’t always loyal consumers in the long run. Every salon’s profile will differ slightly but loyal customers are usually more time poor.

Killer insight: desktop (Monday to Friday 54.9 per cent), mobile (7pm to 10pm 36.9 per cent), tablet (7pm to 10pm 8.2 per cent)

behaviour, but ultimately it’s true reach that often goes unnoticed in the sea of followers that many claim. Remember followers doesn’t always translate to customers who click ‘add to cart’ at the end of a long day. They are still looking for a professional opinion in many cases, even though they may have first noticed the brand via an influencer, this is where salon’s need to be smart and use the same buzz words out there In the world of influence to be able to offer a better level of expertise. The most searched haircare influencers in 2018 were Jen Atkin (54 per cent), Tracey Cunningham (13.2 per cent), Sam McKnight (13.1 per cent), Scotty Cunha (3.8 per cent) and Sali Hughes (3.4 per cent). Now, in 2020, there very well may be individuals like Chris Appleton higher up on searches lists. One thing is for sure, the influencer profile for a brand is key.

UNDER THE INFLUENCE Influencer marketing is expected to be worth between five to 10 billion in 2020 – a large scope but in actual fact, depending on global conditions, (such as COVID-19 now, for example) the relevance of influencer marketing fluctuates a lot more than traditional forms of marketing. Brands are cutting up the pie to try and reach consumers rather than throwing big budgets on a single campaign. Brands are increasingly using influencer content as part of their core brand strategy to boost sales, increase reach and awareness while fostering trust and loyalty. It’s important to identify what brands are proactively searching and aligning with influencers if you are wanting to grab a piece of the influencer juggernaut. It’s just as much about being connected as it is about purchasing 24 INSTYLE

On average there is a 55.3 per cent increase in searches for influencers year on year however brand endorsements don’t always mean results – L’Oréal (consumer brands not their Professional Products Division), for example, saw just a 4.7 per cent increase in searches following their

Cheryl Tweedy Casting Crème Gloss advert back in 2018 despite a huge social following that should have resulted in a much higher result. So the question remains, are disruptors powerful or just a fad? It’s no surprise that in the past few years disruptor brands have come seemingly out of nowhere and shaken up many industries, haircare included. However, in hair, new disruptor products are often purchased as a one-off, with many customers reverting back to trusted brands or recommendations. To top it off, more recently, large haircare brands have been acquiring niche and nimble brands to become disruptors themselves.

COMPETITOR INTELLIGENCE Brands and businesses should arm themselves with unique competitor intelligence to intercept challengers. By identifying those with a high share of search, brands can target users actively searching around competing products. For example, retargeting is something that works well in the trade and consumer space when trying to track down more customers – by following them across multiple sites they visit with your advertising and messaging. For example Ouai by Jen Akten took off after she was named by the New York Times as the ‘Most Influential Stylist in the World’ and, incidentally, consumers instantly became five times more likely to search for Ouai than the same time the previous year.

Killer insight: People searching for Ouai are 92 times more likely to be searching for DIOR or 90 times more likely to be searching for the Kardashians.



MOMENTS OF TRUTH Haircare brands need to plan and activate around key trigger moments to connect and stay relevant with their audiences – the Oscars result in a significant uplift in haircare searches, heavily inspired by celebrities. Other top haircare moments include New Year, Valentine's Day, Spring, Summer Holiday, Festivals, London Fashion Week. In contrast, consumers are also more likely to be motivated by sporadic moments such as convenience, chill/ relaxation and bargains when searching for haircare, suggesting that intent is often spontaneous. Many brands in the fast moving consumer goods space take a ‘one size fits all’ approach with consumers, whether it’s brand messaging, campaigns or product packaging, however this approach is off the menu for haircare. Haircare requires clear segmentation across categories such as hair damage or dandruff, life profiles, key moments, sporadic moments, connected interests, top searches. Haircare problems, at the end of the day, index the highest, which indicates that hair longevity is a true concern and passion for many. Hair is a real trigger moment when it comes to confidence and signals that can be used to encourage loyalty and/or a first purchase.

Killer insight: Consumers searching around hair loss are over 286 times more likely to be searching for remedies. Female vs male in hair search sits at around 79.3 per cent versus 20.7 per cent.

The forever growing luxury market has undergone some significant shifts with the majority of growth (85 per cent) fuelled by Gen Y and Gen Z and the increasing spending power of this ‘millenial’ group. Traditionally, endorsement for luxury brands was a role reserved for celebrities but more influencers and consumers are being engaged with higher expectations and more interactive based marketing to justify the price tag. Personalisation is now key at this end of the market. Luxury haircare consumers are 2.3 times more likely to search for influencers than the mass market audience. The top problem searches around haircare are; dandruff, dull, and oily or greasy hair with the top three audiences of stay-at-home parents, parents of toddlers and family shoppers. Despite disruptor brands shaking up the market and driving new trends, mass brands continue to dominate overall share of search for haircare.

The top three demographics searching for luxury haircare are business travellers, millennials and city dwellers. Killer insight: Top searched luxury brands in other industries are Dyson (40 per cent), Jo Malone (39 per cent) and Champneys (15 per cent) ADVERTISING Hair is big in the world of social media . On Instagram alone there are more than 180 million posts with the hashtag #hair, 17.6 million with #hairstyles and another 18.8 million with #haircolour all across a wide spectrum of inspiration and influential tips, and the ‘girl next door’ is just as much in the spotlight as celebrities. We are using blogs, reviews and individuals for inspiration and people are more engaged with someone they can relate to.

From micro influencers (less than 10,000 followers) to middle to power influencers (10,000-250,000), they are often seen as more relatable and hold a greater weight of audience than ‘red carpet’ celebs. However, genuine content reigns supreme – more often than not they will have an #ad or #spon hidden amongst their carefully curated words than be a genuine fan and consumers are more savvy to this now too. So how long can influencer marketing last? One thing is certain, the real genuine consumers hold the power. Authenticity is key and companies need to remember this when building their campaigns. Consumers have already begun to lose trust in some influencers, so, whatever you do, genuine partnerships will reign supreme. So by now, whether in a highly saturated marketplace or just a crowded mind with information, at least having a better idea at what to champion on your social media strategy, who to target in google searches and what motivates the customer, knowledge will always be the most powerful tool in influencing consumer spend. There’s no one size fits all but every piece of information needs to be filtered down into the way you recommend a better solution to your customers in the forever elusive customer service and retail maze. May the knowledge give you power! INSTYLE 25





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THROUGH THE SCREEN WELCOME VIRTUAL EVENTS TO THE INTERMEDIA PORTFOLIO, ADDING A NEW, MULTIDIMENSIONAL, NECESSARY AND TIMEOUS FACET TO THE COMPANY’S BUSINESS-BASED CATEGORIES. VIRTUAL EVENTS ARE facing unprecedented popularity in the strange state of 2020 as digital communication becomes paramount in industries across the country. The Intermedia Group is adding to their strong portfolio of publishing, event management and technology with a new Virtual Event initiative that offers a variety of markets unique digital brand opportunities. In an education, brand, networking and community focused industry like the hair salon space, this initiative is the ideal fit. “As a B2B media company, we’re in the business of connecting brands with their customers – so we’re very excited to be launching Virtual Events, which provides our clients with dynamic new marketing opportunities and makes events accessible to everyone, irrespective of geography or social distancing rules,” said Simon Grover, managing director of The Intermedia Group. “A natural extension to our existing media solutions, Virtual Events enables companies to continue to engage 32 INSTYLE

and interact with our audiences, sharing expertise, showcasing brand credentials and building relationships with customers, even in these unprecedented times.” The platform provides end-to-end virtual event solutions built off the company’s proven distribution channels, ranging from live to recorded content that allows for elevated brand awareness, boosted engagement and extended audience reach. Live streaming, hosting and recording capabilities allow for a professional product for event, education, content delivery and more. The Intermedia Group continues to provide opportunities like this in the event, print, online and digital space, innovating their many industries within bold and savvy mechanisms. We look forward to seeing how the hair salon industry innovates in this space and brings event, community and education initiatives back to their peak in 2020.








IF YOU’RE LOOKING for things to do in isolation, we recommend a social media based creative hair competition. The Three Six Five Salon Group have announced that their 2020 Paul Mitchell Color Outside The Lines competition has extended its entry deadline until 31 st August 2020, giving savvy, talented hairdressers the chance to win prizes with their skill. Originally, the winner of the competition would have won their way on an international trip to the 2020 Paul Mitchell Gathering. The gathering has now been cancelled for 2020, but a new cash prize of $US1500 makes the competition still very worthwhile. The winner will also receive the same amount in brand products, as well as editorial exposure, publication in the brand’s professional marketing content and a trophy. Three runners up will receive a $500 brand gift set and certificate. The unique competition ensures you can enter without needing professional photography – it’s based on the beautiful colour work you’ve created and snapped on your phone by using Paul Mitchell colour and style products. Salons can submit multiple individual entries and enter via Instagram with the competition posting guidelines, which will decide the four national finalists. The winner and runners up will be announced on 14th September 2020. There’s no excuse not to create and photograph your best work, all on the handy device you’re already scrolling on constantly. Take a picture, enter and win some amazing prizes on the back of your own colour talent. Good luck! For more information visit


[Follicle Stimulation Program]

THE PROVEN TREATMENT FOR THINNING HAIR IN MEN & WOMEN *Result of 2014 medically supervised trial at the Knudsen Hair Transplantation Clinic Sydney

02 9489 7776 trichovedic @trichovedic


TREAT YOURSELF! INSTYLE has rounded up some of your favourite at-home hair treatments.


here is nothing that can replace the expertise of a great hairdresser when it comes to reviving tired and damaged locks, but if there was to be a close second, it’s hair treatments. When a salon or stylist isn’t available, at-home treatments can help reverse the damage of the most ghastly hair sins. During the early months of 2020, this became a reality due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Hairdressers were no longer at an arm’s reach (more like a safe distance of 1.5 metres), and clients were left to fend for themselves as salons could not operate at full capacity. Read, home job haircuts, neglect and *gasp* box colour.

Many salons relied on the sale of products to remain afloat and also keep client’s hair in check for when they could safely return to the chair. Now, more so than ever, it’s been essential to emphasise how at-home treatments can help salons and the health of the client’s hair. Take Natural Look, for example. A box of the 12 tiny but mighty vials pack a punch when it comes to hydrating overstressed and damaged hair. Formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Active Botanical Extract, Natural Look brings the in-salon treatment menu into the home, making the luxury of hair treatment available to everyone.

NATURAL LOOK Intensive Concentrated Treatment 08 8300 1999 34 INSTYLE


Do you suffer from scalp problems? Natural Look Purify Range includes targeted formulations developed to stimulate hair growth, treat and prevent scalp problems including dandruff, hair loss and oiliness.

Formulated with a potent blend of Tea Tree Oil and Artav Australia’s exclusive herbal complex of Active Botanical Extracts, the 3 STEP program consist in:

CLEANSING - TREATING* - PREVENTING. Purify restores the natural pH balance of the hair and scalp, reducing premature hair loss whilst promoting hair growth. * Apply treatment vials twice a week for 6 to 12 weeks. Box contains 12 vials x 10mL. CONTAINS NO SULPHATE, PARABEN, MINERAL OIL, GLUTEN.




BASE Mircale Ends Repair 07 3208 1892

PURE Fusion Complex Bond Repair Treatment


07 3850 6200

BC Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick BB Hydra Pearl

EVY PROFESSIONAL Rebonding Repairing Masque

02 9978 0666

03 9439 4841

AVEDA Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair 1800 292 069

EVO FABULOSO PRO REF. Illuminate Colour Masque 03 9553 2142

restructures, fortifies & hydrates overstressed, damaged hair 36 INSTYLE

Platinum Blonde Toning Treatment 1300 437 436



Mircale Repair Mask

Tame Frizz Smooth Reconstructor

1800 804 757

1300 135 722

GOLDWELL Blondes & Highlights 60 Second Treatment


1300 135 722

Kerasilk Reconstruct Intensive Repair Mask 1300 135 722

TRICHOVEDIC Blonde Toning Deep Therapy Treatment Masque 02 9489 7776

INTENSIVE CONCENTRATED TREATMENT VIALS Is your hair in distress and in need of extra love? Cherish it with Intensive Concentrated Treatment*, a targeting treatment enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Plant Extracts to nourish and hydrate, deeply penetrating the hair fibre to reconstruct from the inside. Specifically formulated to repair overstressed and damaged hair from the frequent use of heat styling tools, with Intensive Concentrated Treatment strength is rebuilt, moisture is replenished and shine is restored. * Apply treatment vials weekly or more often as necessary for hair that is overstressed and damaged. For best results, it is recommended to use the Intensive cleansing and ongoing protection range. Box contains 12 vials x 10mL. CONTAINS NO SULPHATE, PARABEN, MINERAL OIL, GLUTEN.

















WHITE SANDS ER Fusion Treatment


03 9781 5615

Masque Soin 1300 780 800

CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Shade Variation Care Pockets 0421 989 028

ME & MY Power Shot Energy Treatment 1300 881 612

BHAVE Intense Toning Mask 1300 402 064



Lavender Softening Mask

1 Minute Treatment

03 9553 2142

07 3850 6200

CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Temporary Colour Gel 0421 989 028


good hair starts starts here. good hair here.

Good for your hair. Good for your health. Recommended and sold by hair professionals.

Naturopath approved teas to grow healthier, stronger hair

start your good hair journey here. | | @trico.lab | 1300 365 350 Good Hair Vitamins are listed on the ARTG #311268



Transcend colour limitations from subtle to bold with Schwarzkopf Professional’s first 100 per cent customisable semi-permanent mix and tone colour system. Base to Bold empowers a new level of client and colourist individuality.

BOLD EXPRESSIONIST Photographer: Simon Emmett Hair: Tyler Johnston Hair Colour: Edoardo Paludo Make-up: Alex Byrne Clothes Styling: Kim Howells



ROSÉ HUNTRESS Photographer: Sebastian Lemme Hair: Tyler Johnston Hair Colour: Maayan Birnstein Make-up: Alex Byrne Clothes Styling: Kim Howells


Photographer: Sebastian Lemme Hair: Tyler Johnston Hair Colour: Maayan Birnstein Make-up: Alex Byrne Clothes Styling: Kim Howells

GINGER E XPLORER Photographer: Simon Emmett Hair: Tyler Johnston Hair Colour: Edoardo Paludo Make-up: Alex Byrne Clothes Styling: Kim Howells

REFRESHED ORIGINAL Photographer: Sebastian Lemme Hair: Tyler Johnston Hair Colour: Arjan Bevers Make-up: Alex Byrne Clothes Styling: Kim Howells

COLOURFUL RE VOLUTIONIS T Photographer: Sebastian Lemme Hair: Tyler Johnston Hair Colour: Arjan Bevers Make-up: Alex Byrne Clothes Styling: Kim Howells


Photographer: Simon Emmett Hair: Tyler Johnston Hair Colour: Edoardo Paludo Make-up: Alex Byrne Clothes Styling: Kim Howells


What do you love most about your Schwarzkopf Professional portfolio? The confidence that comes from working with a colour brand that’s intuitive and reliable! I know I can rely on perfect lightening results with BLONDME Premium 9+ Lightener and true to tone colour results every time. By the way, Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Mask is everything!

Where do you look for colour inspiration? Friends, family and strangers. I always want everyone to look amazing and think what I could do to them to transform them. I want everyone to look and feel beautiful. My celebrity style muses are Chris Appleton, Andrew Fitzsimons and Christine Centenera. They’re always at the forefront of fresh and happening trends. I’m obsessed with the California hip-hop culture and if I wasn’t a colourist I’d be a rap singer living in L.A!



What are your four favourite Schwarzkopf Professional Styling Products?

BC Moisture BB Hydra Pearl

OSiS+ Refresh Dust

What hair colours or techniques do you feel are timeless? Balayage has proven to be a modern timeless trend that will be here for some time yet. Its also hard to go past good old traditional babylights/ highlights.

How does Chroma ID improve your efficiency and creativity in the salon? The ease of having the most popular shades ready to go in Chroma ID means I can apply, refresh and treat within minutes in the salon. I can also really easily create personalised colour formulas, keeping the client's colour regime unique to them. Having a take home colour system unique for each client compliments the salon colour appointment for harmonious maintenance and no correction surprises!


What do you love the most about working with Chroma ID? It’s so easy! Sometimes a classic ready to go shade is the perfect tone refresh for a client leaving the hair condition light and shiny but it’s so easy to create my own combinations specific for the most discerning customers to use in their own bathrooms. Pastel pinks, soft apricots and lavenders make up high rotation favourites in the salon right now.


BLONDME All Blondes Mask

If you had full creative reign what would you create with colour? I love blondes and everything pastel! So now with Chroma ID fitting perfectly into the customisable colour space it’s hard to top the spectrum of pastel nuances I can create to fit my philosophy of beautiful healthy hair and ultimate shine for every blonde!


What is one of your most proud hair moments to date? Firstly let me just say I love colour corrections, bring them to me! I love a good hair challenge. I have a longstanding relationship with a client of whom I first met in 2005 and still colour her hair to this day - wow 15 years! Also, Natalie Bassingthwaite is a dear client of mine and the first celebrity Aussie actor/singer and seeing her beautiful face, on television and in magazines means a lot to me and continues to be very proud moments in my career.
















Owner of In Awe Salon and 2019 SA/TAS Hairdresser of the Year I love this look! I love that the streak is back. I have serious flashbacks to year 12, and this is basically ‘bitch stole my look in 1996’. L.O.V.E! I’m a sucker for a full-length vintage leather coat. I still drag my own out that I bought from an op shop in the 90s. I think when you see a woman walking down the street looking like she’s feeling powerful and loving her look, it’s hard not to love it too! If I could do anything to change her hair, I’d lighten up the streaks a bit more and cool it off by using the new Matrix 5 Minute Toners in Anti-brass. And because I love a sneaky peekaboo foil, I’d add a moon-shaped panel behind the ear, just so that as the hair moves you get a pop of colour now and then. I’d lighten it with Matrix Lightmaster and tone it with the new Sheer Pastel Toners, which I’m loving because they give me serious toning power without any lift, and they leave the hair looking glossy and beautiful. Let’s face it, if you have a solid bob and it’s not glossy, what are you even doing with your life? 50 INSTYLE

� + 61 3 8790 4230





Co-owner and Creative Director of Hair & Harlow

I love the simplicity and elegance of the three neutral tones, brown, white and black, especially with the trans-seasonal weather and coming into winter. The textures work quite well together and add depth to the outfit through the combination of the different fabrics. Wearing all black as a base with a brown/white bold statement jacket and simple brown accessories is an excellent way to switch up the expected and keeps the look balanced. I would even add in a black belt to tie everything together. I would prefer to wear a little ankle boot with a pointed toe and top it off with a gold chain to add some bling. Cha-ching! Now let’s talk hair. An undressed ombré is never understated when an outfit speaks. Lived in colour is what I’m all about, and I think the style screams ‘I woke up like this with effort’. Females love the feel of that second-day wave; tomorrow’s hair today. Creating movement with dry texture spray is essential for this look. I love when textured styles have mobility, and a hair flip is always available. 52 INSTYLE






nspired by the growing trend towards customisation and selfexpression, the Chroma ID portfolio was designed to allow shade intermixability and maximum colour versatility. From sophisticated neutral colours to the most daring shades, discover infinite colour possibilities both in the salon and with customisable at home care that totally rejuvenates salon colour as we know it. Empowering salons with the tools to create unparalleled levels of colour individuality, Chroma ID is a game changer for any salon serious about colour. Spanning nine different genres, Chroma ID has been categorised into a neat portfolio that’s simple for both the colourist and client to understand. Arctic Pioneer; neuralisation service for cool colour results after a lightening service. Pastel Warrior; Pastel Service for cool smokey pastel looks with high impact dimensions. Edgy Naturalist; Colour refresh service for a natural look with a twist where a powdery clay base meets cool pastel roots. Ginger Explorer; Colour refinement service for a warm copper look with yellow and gold undertones. Bold expressionist; Bold Colour Service for a vibrant multi-dimensional pink with orange undertones. Rose Huntress; A toning service for beautiful retro hues. 2 tone Artist; Two tone bold colour service for a bold and edgy colour statement without brassiness. Colour Revolutionist; Colourful placement for multi-

dimensional, bold colour effects, blending effortlessly with a natural hair base. Refreshed Original; Colour refresh service for rich and warm chocolate hues.

CHROMA ID’S VERSATILE PORTFOLIO IS FORMULATED TO: • Neutralise brassy tones • Refresh or enhance coloured or virgin hair • Create pastel to bold expressive colour statements • Pre-pigment hair • Correct colour results

BONDING COLOR MASKS • WHAT: Use for low commitment colour services, to refresh dull mid-lengths and ends, to increase longevity of IGORA ROYAL and IGORA VIBRANCE colours, to recover vibrancy and to keep optimal hair condition. • HOW: Apply the desired Bonding Color Mask evenly on pre-washed and towel dried hair. • DEVELOPMENT TIME: Up to 10 minutes. Keep visual control. • LONGEVITY: Depending on shade selection, development time and hair structure, colour lasts up to 12 washes. Captured via a bold editorial collection, each of the Chroma ID ‘identities’ has been re-imagined to inspire colourists and elevate the in-salon colour service. From sophisticated neutral colours to the most daring shades, discover infinite colour possibilities. For more information on Chroma ID contact; Billie Ristoski NSW 0428 903 040, Rachell Hanneysee VIC 0414 442 334, Pieter Jan Alberts QLD 0409 537 415, Jarett Kava TAS/SA 0413 158 709, Ben Astill WAS 0428 692 134 INSTYLE 53


Kobi Bokshish

SALON DIRECTOR AT INTERSHAPE HAIR DESIGN How would you describe your style aesthetic? I like to consider my aesthetic like a chameleon. At the salon, I’m more commercial to suit my clients' needs. As an educator, my style is all about precision, and the ‘why’ not only the ‘how’. As a platform artist and in my collection work, I like to push the boundaries as far as I can, with a touch of fine art to create a new approach and an emotionally driven look. Where is your ultimate holiday destination? Thailand Pick your poison? Playing with fire What are some hair products or tools you will always reach for? Matrix colour, Excellent Edges scissors, GlamPalm hot tools, Amazing Hair extensions and everything about my baby Ecoheads. A song that is forever on repeat? Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven Favourite Instagram account? @guidopalau Best advice anyone has given you? Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist. How do you prefer to exercise? Walking with my dog and the gym. A career highlight? There are so many, but winning Global Hairdresser of the Year at the TCT Awards in Canary Island in November 2018 was definitely up there. When do you feel happiest? With my family every Friday for shabbat dinner. How do you make yourself feel calm? Shot of tequila, going to the salon locking the doors, playing some old school rock music and creating new hair looks for my collections, shows or education. 54 INSTYLE WATCH NOW


HYDRATION THAT WON’T WEIGH YOU DOWN Just a splash of Coconut Water-infused hydration quenches fine/medium hair without weighing it down. Hair looks replenished, shiny, and healthy after just one use.

#hydrasplash Exclusively distributed by Sabre Corporation / 1300 764 437 / / @joicoaustralianz *When using HydraSplash Hydrating Shampoo, Conditioner, and Replenishing Leave-In, or HydraSplash Shampoo and Gelée Masque

©Joico® Laboratories, Los Angeles, CA 90042-0308 800.44.JOICO

HAIR Larisa Love

COLOR Larisa Love

PHOTO Hama Sanders


Renya Xydis

CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF VALONZ HAIRCUTTERS AND WELLA GLOBAL CREATIVE ARTIST How would you describe your style aesthetic? I love a pop of colour! My pink hair is a pop, but if I am wearing an all-black outfit, I will always add a bright lip or another colour. My signature style is my pink/lilac hair, loose waves, black nails, and a Tom Ford red lip! Where is your ultimate holiday destination? Mykonos, Greece What are some hair products or tools you will always reach for? I find that I always turn to a loose, effortless wave when styling my hair. That means I always prep my hair using Wella Professionals' Ocean Spritz to give it volume and help hold its shape. I grab my Dyson SuperSonic hair dryer followed by the Cloud Nine Waving Wand to create big loose waves. I finish off by brushing them through for a natural, wavy look that’ll last all day. A song that is forever on repeat? Oh My God by Michael Frant


Signature scent? I love creating scents! I will take patchouli, orange, geranium, whatever I can find, and mix them. I put them on my hair and clothes as the scent lasts longer that way. I love the Fig Perfume from Kleins Perfumery in Melbourne. And as a bit of sentiment, I love wearing honeysuckle as it reminds me of my grandmother, that’s what she wore when I was growing up. Favourite Instagram accounts? @piabaroncini @vikyandthekid Best advice anyone has given you? I live by the mantra “surround yourself with creative, inspiring people and create unforgettable experiences". When do you feel happiest? I get the most joy from my husband and two sons, but apart from my family, it is either being in the salon or travelling. I find that being amongst different cultures and different places in the world is what makes my heart beat faster. I thrive off being busy, meeting new people and hearing other people’s stories. It inspires me! Top three things on your bucket list? Bungee jump, a Formula 1 car ride, or I’d love to have a conversation with Sophia Loren.









he Dyson Airwrap Styler has been elevated even further, with four new attachments to take your styling prowess to somehow even greater levels. The new attachments allow for the styling of hair of various lengths, styles and textures as an ideal retail option or kit must-have. The savvy tool is a feat of engineering, using jets of air to create curls, waves and finishes, and the new attachments add to that technology. The attachments include new lengthened barrels in both 40mm and 30mm widths, catering to longer hair styles and being able to style larger, full sections of styling at a time. The release also incorporates new brush attachments, the small soft and firm smoothing brushes, which allow the users to style fringes and smaller sections of hair, with the specific technology ensuring precise detailing and shaping capabilities. More broadly, the Airwrap is based around the brand’s innovative and groundbreaking digital motor, built to create Dyson’s own unique styling phenomenon titled the Coanda effect. The phenomenon utilises a high-speed jet of air flow across a surface, which attaches itself to the surface due to the difference in air flow. This has been harnessed by Dyson’s team of aerodynamicists to combine with heat for ultimate, futuristic styling, allowing for a variety of styling capabilities, offering a sleek finish and preventing heat damage. Heat and pressure are expertly balanced with high velocity jets of air, and without the need for extreme heat, to produce these results, as anchored around the brand’s inimitable motor. The tool was built over six years, with 642 prototypes, as built by 230 engineers and scientists to the tune of 24 million pounds of financial

investment into research and development. “We have been obsessively manipulating airflow for more than 25 years. It is one of our core expertise. Harnessing the power of Dyson’s digital motor we have engineered a truly unique styling tool preventing extreme heat damage when styling. I’m immensely proud of what our engineers have achieved,” said James Dyson, the brand’s founder. “As stylists, we often see the damage that extreme heat can have on hair. Many women have had to compromise on the condition of their hair to create the styles they want,” added Peter Thomsen, Dyson Australia ambassador. “So it’s incredible that Dyson has engineered a tool that enables women to achieve so many different styles and have the best possible hair styling experience. The Dyson Airwrap styler is a game changer, it’s what the styling industry has been waiting for.” Other must-have features of the tool include intelligent heat control that measures temperature constantly and consistently with a glass bead thermistor and a microprocessor to transmit data and regulate temperature. Additionally, these new attachments add to the already extensive list of attachments available including barrels and brushes such as the round volumising brush, as well as a prestyling dryer. Dyson continues to innovate and elevate the hair styling game. Ensure these new tools and attachments are a gift to your salon, your retail shelf or, let’s be honest, your own kit. For more information visit





JUST $75

02 9489 7776 trichovedic @trichovedic

PREMIUM COLOUR BOOK Showpony Professional has launched a Premium Colour Book, making it easier than ever for stylists to match the brand's human hair extensions to their client’s hair. The book features 36 on-trend removable swatches with a readyuse comb, which apply directly to the hair to help find the perfect match. The Showpony Premium Colour Book is also the first colour book to create a universal coding system. Call 1800 233 386


The latest tools, terms and technology

KEVIN.MURPHY has launched an ammonia-free cream lightener into the Color. Me range to give stylists greater choice when it comes to colour. The 100 per cent vegan formulation boasts up to six levels of lift and is suitable for all hair types and colour services. It’s packed full of natural ingredients including Murumuru Butter and Corn Proteins to help condition the hair, and the creamy consistency allows for maximum control while eliminating the risk of inhalation. Call 1800 104 204


Strengthen hair in just five minutes with the TIGI SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment. The marine protein complex treatment can be used to strengthen the client’s hair before and after a colour service or help treat clients who suffer from heat and styling damage. With 22 applications per bottle, the treatment is an excellent opportunity to upsell and drive regular client visits. Visit www. or call (02) 9666 3611


O&M has launched its new CØR.color Nudes Collection. The five shades cater to normal colouring and toning and embrace any base pigment to create blonde hues that suit diverse skin tones. The collection joins the brand's ammonia, PPD and resorcinolfree professional hair colour group. Email



Add some sparkle to your workday with the Galaxy Glitter Collection from COLORTRAK. The set of two brushes includes a signature wide glitter brush with feather-soft bristles for smooth colour control and an extra-wide glitter brush for seamless application across large sections of hair. The collection also features matching Galaxy Glitter Bowls with detachable suction rings to eliminate spills. Call 1800 536 326 or visit

EKSPERIENCE BOOSTER DOSE Discover the Eksperience Booster Dose range by Revlon Professional. The new line of exclusive in-salon treatments is customisable to suit all hair needs. The four Booster Doses have been developed to deliver instant results in personalised hair services using freshly mixed products in the salon. Each booster contains algae extracts and an exclusive Aquamaris Complex which is combined with the Eksperience Universal Gel Base. Together, this creates a creamy blend that transforms the hair service into a ritual that engages all the senses.

Officially Distributed by EKI Pty Ltd ASIAN COLOR FES Repaint yourself, and repaint the world.


What’s good for skin is also good for hair


Excelling in the art of repair,

THE KERATIN RANGE personalises the treatment process using keratin to fortify different hair types.


SPECIAL DISCOUNT offer ends 31 July 2020



Ultimate straightening. Unbelievably soft, smooth hair.

A unique bleaching system using Bond Technology e u g e n e–pideal e r m afor - p reveryday o f e s s i o n bleach challenges.



10 rue James Watt- Bât. C/D- 93200 SAINT-DENIS – France I BI LI EACI IHI M/�S 1 I I� . + 3 3 ( 0Eugene ) 1 5 5 8 4Perma 6 0 0 0 and Shiseido Professional EKI is the official Australian distributor ofT Arimino, Hair Products. by PRIM I ENCE

For further information or an in salon training-demonstration-consultation, please call 02 9719 1418 or visit our website Mobile: 0404 831 488 | Email: or Showroom and Office, Shop 1, 52 Lyons Road, Drummoyne, NSW 2047, Australia Salon and Training Centre, 83 Lyons Road, Drummoyne, NSW 2047, Australia


KERATIN COMPLEX GRAFFITIGLAM The first Keratin Complex hair colour range has landed in Australia! Introducing Keratin Complex GraffitiGlam; a vibrant collection of ammonia-free, semipermanent, direct dye and keratin enhanced hues. Formulated with protein-rich keratin and ceramides, Keratin Complex GraffitiGlam provides intense pigmentation while also reducing porosity and preventing hair damage. The collection of versatile colours can be mixed to create the desired colour and tone. Whether the colours are diluted for a pastel tint or directly deposited for bold colour, the results are long-lasting and work to strengthen the hair. Visit

Keep your staff and clients protected against germs in the salon with Angel’s Instant Hand Moisture & Sanitizer. The hand sanitiser helps to kill 99.9 per cent of germs without water. It also leaves hands feeling refreshed and soft. Enjoy the peace of mind that you’re protecting yourself against breeding bacteria while also taking care of your hands. Call 02 8781 0123

VEGAN-FRIENDLY BRUSH Evy Professional has created the boar-bristle brush effect without the guilt. The VeganFriendly Brush is designed to mimic natural bristles to deliver smooth and static-free hair. The rubber cushion pad gently massages the scalp and is suitable for all hair types, including extensions. The brush was inspired by the growing vegan movement and is perfect for stylists who want to continue this in the salon. Visit or call 03 9439 4841

INSTANT HAND SANITISER Instantly kill 99.99 per cent of germs without water using Ausmanos’s Instant Hand Sanitiser. The newly launched Australian brand specialises in hair, cosmetic, skincare and personal care products. The Instant Hand Sanitiser was developed by cosmetic chemists to meet medical grade standards. Handmade and packaged in Melbourne, it features a pleasant Sicilian lime scent and nonsticky gel formula. Visit



The latest tools, terms and technology ADAMANTIUM KERATIN SERVICE Jean Paul Myné has moved salon smoothing treatments into the fast lane with its Adamantium Keratin Service. This treatment works in just over an hour to provide lasting smoothness for 8-10 weeks. There are three results to choose from: ultimate smoothness, frizz elimination and curl reduction. Prep the hair with Jean Paul Myné Treasures Keratin Plus Shampoo. Follow by applying Jean Paul Myné Keratin Plus Adamantium Shampoo and process for 10-25 minutes to allow the keratin to work its magic. Style according to your client’s desired results. Visit

For four decades, Hairart has been a global industry leader in European hair mannequin heads, and it’s now entering the Australian market. The 100 per cent European hair mannequin heads feature realistic faces with human hair lashes and are designed to give accurate results when colouring, chemically treating or heat styling. The natural hairlines also make them perfect for cutting and styling. Visit




vo’s new curl range is built with the ethos of simplicity, effectiveness and diversity, speaking to a range of curls and championing the notion of filter-free, natural beauty, simply enhanced and managed by great products, rather than masking or concealing those real qualities. As developed by the brand and renowned hairdresser Lauren McCowan, the collection of five products personifies the idea of curls as they exist in 2020. “This is a big passion project of mine. It’s taken me two and a half years to bring this to life,” Lauren said. “It’s so linked into the way the world’s going with body positivity. That push back on social media of filters, as people are becoming more and more aware of health and wellness, that it’s only natural that it translates up into your hair as well, and not forcing and manufacturing your hair to do things it was never meant to do.” The collection is based around texture as a longstanding global trend. It allows clients with textured hair mainstream and versatile options to enhance that, rather than feeling the need to straighten and change their hair completely. What was essential for the brand was the notion that this would apply to a range of people and curly hair types. “Many products on the market cater to a middle curl, like a Caucasian girl. They forget about or don’t worry about the curl type that has that light texture that could be built up, but it’s fine, it’s delicate hair right up to tight curly, like coil, afro textures that no one really looks after properly, unless they’re a specifically into that,” Lauren said. “That’s just, for me, as a hairstylist, it’s a big passion point of mine and a big pain point because as hairdressers, hair is hair. If you’re a good hairdresser, any head of hair should be able to sit in front of you and you should be confident doing that, and if you’re not, then you need to learn.” The products aim to simplify the curl management process for both clients and hairdressers, with the collection being both exclusive and effective. Essentially, the products work for every curl type, with the key words being both “curl-specific” and “curl-inclusive”. “That’s really the kind of vibe for evo. Just let your hair be hair. Whatever texture, whoever you are, whatever background and ethnicity you are, there is a product in evo that you can use and have fun with without feeling ostracised,” Lauren said. “I’ve tried to make the easiest, least complicated set of products that will just help knock over that biggest wall as fast as it can, which, as a brand, that’s something that evo really works to do. It constantly pushes boundaries and challenges the status quo.”

The collection is comprised of five products. springsclean offers a deep clean rinse as a no foaming gel, which prioritises scalp care. This detoxing product allows for textured curls, while also importantly breaking through scalp debris. heads will roll is a co-wash conditioning cleanser, with treatment and moisturising properties. The luxury product is to be used every so often to reset the hair, with every facet of the product accounted for, including its luxe fragrance. The collection continues with baby got bounce, an intensive treatment product that speaks to global market necessities. This product breaks the mould by coming as a spray rather than as a thicker product in a tub, while still allowing for intensive restructuring of the hair. The group includes liquid rollers, which is an already established and iconic product for the brand and hasn’t been changed, but works in perfectly to this specific brand category. The product is renowned globally for its ability to control frizz and retain moisture, with a covetable texture that has made it a shelf, kit and bathroom staple. The final product is total recoil, a unique curl definer that merges the texture of top-tier fiber creams with the hold of evo’s gangster grip stronghold styling gel. The cream is water soluble to melt into curly hair and act as a must-have elasticiser. “The whole range is sulfate, paraben, DEA, TEA, propylene and glycol free; free of all the nasties. We’ve never tested on animals, but everything in our bottles is active, there’s no filler ingredients,” Lauren said. “We’re very excited for this to hit the market, and just make curly hair really fun and enjoyable.” Beyond product, Lauren is passionate around education as it pertains to curly hair. She speaks to the diversity of hair types in the Australian landscape and the need for hairdressers to seek out online education that focuses on this skill set. “It’s about identifying where your weaknesses are and working on being confident because we’re in the business of human connection. The last thing you want to do is have someone sit down with a hair texture you can’t look after and make them feel less for it,” she continued. “If you’re a hairdresser, turning clients away just doesn’t sit right with me. Hair is hair.” It’s an era built for clients embracing their natural beauty and the professional industry styling, catering to and enhancing that as necessary – and we’re all the better for that. Work with that sense of comfort and innovation with education and products that champion curly hair. For more information visit INSTYLE 61



AVEDA Cherry Almond Body Scrub - 1800 292 069 LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask Vanilla - SMITH & CULT Nail Polish in Flaunterboy - 1300 725 122Â SISLEY PARIS Restorative Hand Cream - 1300 780 800 BRONZE BY LA MAV Gradual Tanning Moisturiser - 1300 052 628

S K I N C A R E SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Gua Sha - 0452 183 503 MON HUILETTE Sensitive Serum - 0421 989 028 ALPHA H Vitamin A With Evening Primrose - 1800 659 777 AINHOA Collagen+ Absolute Firmness Serum - 0419 686 991 MUKTI Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist - 1300 306 554 62 INSTYLE


S AV I O U R S A R O M AT H E R A P Y PALM BEACH COLLECTION Amber & Teak Scented Soy Candle - JO MALONE LONDON Lavender & Musk Pillow Mist - 1800 661 062 CIRE TRUDON Ourika Candle - 1300 780 800

M A S K S CARBON THEORY Charcoal Tea Tree Oil & Mineral Mud Mask - SUKIN Deeply Hydrating Sheet Mask AYLA SKIN Pink Perfect Clay Mask - SISLEY PARIS Radiance Glow Express Mask - 1300 780 800

S C R U B S SAND & SKY Enzyme Powder Polish - NEUTROGENA Bright Boost Resurfacing Mirco Polish - 1800 029 979 BOBBI BROWN Radiance Boost Exfoliating Mask - 1800 304 283 BIORE Witch Hazel Pore Strips - 1800 468 318



Meet Fluff There is a new kid on the makeup block, and she’s uber-cool. Meet Fluff, the brainchild of Frank Bod co-founder Erika Geraerts. Fluff is a range of ethically made, vegan and environmentally friendly cosmetics, and it’s turning everything you know about the beauty industry on its head. Fluff groundbreakingly just sells makeup. What it doesn’t sell is unrealistic beauty standards or self-esteem because, at the end of the day, it’s all fluff. If you would like to meet Fluff for yourself, you can visit their showroom in Fitzroy, Melbourne or order online.



Photographer: Sebastian Lemme, Hair: Tyler Johnston, Hair Colour: Arjan Bevers, Make-up: Alex Byrne, Clothes Styling: Kim Howells

Vanilla Sweet Dry and flaky winter skin has finally met its match. Jergen’s new OilInfused Softening Vanilla Moisturiser helps to nourish the skin while indulging the senses with its sweet vanilla scent. The oil-moisturiser hybrid locks in moisture to deliver all-day hydration and leaves the skin visibly revitalised. It’s the perfect addition to your PM skincare regime.


Brightening Pore Serum Diminish the appearance of blemishes and dark spots with Innisfree’s new Brightening Pore Serum. The daily serum is formulated with Jeju Hallabong Peel Extract, which is found on the remote Korean island of Jeju. Combined with the vitamin derivatives B3, C and B5, the serum works to brighten the complexion and hydrate the skin. Alongside the serum is another five new products within the Brightening Pore range including a Spot Treatment, Priming Cream, Sleeping Mask and Facial Cleanser.

New year, new me Ultracetiuals is rolling out a sleek new look for 2020 with the launch of new packaging for its range of cosmeceutical skincare. One of the first products to be updated with sustainable and recyclable packaging is its best-selling Ultra Hydrating Lotion. The lightweight and fast-absorbing lotion help to restore moisture to the skin. It’s formulated with lipid nourishing ingredients such as Ceramide-3, Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid and Cholesterol, and also contains conditioning Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Extract. The moisturiser leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and perfectly balanced. The remaining Ultracetiuals range will transition over to the new-look sustainable and recyclable packaging throughout the rest of the year.

Happy Hour Charlotte Tilbury is spreading positivity during these isolated times through the launch of her new series Charlotte’s Beauty Happy Hour. The founder of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty and all-round firecracker is asking her friends to share their life lessons and rituals to happiness. The series was inspired by Charlotte’s lifelong belief in the power of positivity and ambition to empower with confidence. Episodes have featured the likes of Dame Joan Collins, Kate Bosworth, Sofia Vergara and Alessandra Ambrosio. For updates, stay tuned on @ctilburymakeup

It’s Clarifique! With clarity earmarked as the latest skin ambition for women the world over, Lancôme’s newest launch is right ontrend. Backed by the radiant face of its global ambassador Amanda Seyfried, Lancôme’s new Clarifique Dual Essence is a bi-phase toning lotion promising to brighten, clarify and replenish. It harnesses the power of extracts from the ever-youthful French beech bud and exfoliating enzymes to improve skin texture, even skin tone and create that sought-after glow.


COLOUR LOCK Reduces colour fade, maintains colour vibrancy and extends colour life. RESTORES Deeply moisturises coloured, extra dry or damaged hair. ANTIOXIDANTS Native Australian Plant & Flower Extracts. With Papaya Extract, Coconut Oil & Chamomile. UV pROTECTION TREATMENT





Joey Scandizzo, Hermiz Daniel and Dee Parker Attwood

Kobi Bokshish, Gary Latham and Jayne Wild




OVID-19 has thrown the world into turmoil but the hairdressing industry continues to find ways to inspire, motivate and learn during this time. The latest example was an online event, hosted by the Box Hill Institute and Sharon Blain Education and titled Virtual Hair Experience: Journey to the Top. The online event welcomed iconic hairdressing names to share their hair experiences on June 8, when we would all usually be at Hair Expo, forging a spirit of growth and togetherness, even in times of distancing. “The primary purpose of the online event was to attract more people into the industry and keep our youth engaged, showing then the potential of how far they could go,” said co-producer, Jane Trewin,

Sharon Blain


Executive Director of Educational Delivery at Box Hill Institute. Everyone who missed the event can still view it via streaming till 8 July thanks to co-producers Box Hill Institute and Sharon Blain Education. Small viewing parties thrived on the day and remain a great idea to share the experience with other hairdressing colleagues and friends. With appearances by Errol Douglas MBE, Tabatha Coffey and Mark Hayes, as well as current Hair Expo Hairdressers of the Year for Australia and New Zealand respectively, Dee Parker Attwood and Danny Pato, a truly dynamic event was born. Kobi Bokshish told his inimitable story of starting hairdressing in the Israeli army and the enormous accolades he’s built from those beginnings, while Jayne Wild discussed her own work ethic and approach as it pertains to constant improvement necessary for success in the industry. This discussion happened in Sydney with interviewer Gary Latham, who also spoke to Lisa and Emiliano Vitale to gain their enormous insights and expertise as industry stalwarts. Switching from Sydney to Melbourne, Joey Scandizzo was in conversation with Dee Parker Attwood and multi-award winner, Hermiz Daniel, each of who have journeys in the industry worth hearing. Show host Richard Reid connected the locations, bringing an authentic feeling of Hair Expo to the festivities.

Other important testimonies came courtesy of Benni and Jules Tognini and the unique father-son relationship that informs their careers and experiences in hairdressing, as well as their passion for education. Renya Xydis of Valonz put out a powerful message about taking initiative and achieving your dreams, which, as a renowned runway and editorial hairdresser, she has. Both Renya and Steve Corthine of Stevie English Hair agreed that the number one quality for success was hard work and determination, as well as distinct but worthwhile points of difference in the salon. New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year, Danny Pato provided more useful intel in his moving and enlightening tributes to hairdressing and why he pursued the field, showcasing the opportunities, experiences and memories the industry has afforded him in journeys around the globe. Organiser Sharon Blain was the grand finale, talking through an incomparable industry career of over fifty years – one which has shaped the global industry, styling and the face of education, showing that the possibilities are endless. The event remains available to stream so jump in at any time until 8 July for these invaluable insights and spend some time with a few industry legends. Tickets can still be purchased for only $20AUD at boxhillinstitute/372084





ustralian salon empire Edwards and Co has opened its eighth national space at the luxury Calile Hotel in the James Street precinct of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, amongst exclusive boutiques and restaurants in the area. Salon leader Jaye Edwards continues to innovate in the Australian hair industry space, including product launches, education and a rapidly growing salon brand. This new salon is another welcome addition to that ascent. “James Street is one of most beautiful retail precincts in the country so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of it,” Jaye said. “This new salon is our most elevated and stylish space yet, with inspiration taken from the Calile Hotel itself. I wanted to keep the space sleek and minimal in design, while adding elements that will raise the bar for our future locations.” “The space is also one of our biggest, with 40 chairs and capacity to fit a team of more than 30, giving us 68 INSTYLE

“James Street is one of most beautiful retail precincts in the country so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of it” JAYE EDWARDS

the opportunity to really make our mark on Brisbane,” he continued. The salon offers the aspects of the iconic Edwards and Co look, with a raw, minimal design, spacious and bright interiors and the brand’s trademark edgy street art acting as a focal point of the salon design. The overall aesthetic screams both luxury and New York-style warehouse. This particular space is defined by its touches of luxe wood, marble floors, a streamlined, modern basin area, a muted colour palette of greys and beiges with black finishes and giant artwork that grabs the eye on the entire back wall. This signature artwork was once again created by Brian Connolly for the brand. Stylish furniture, crisp white salon chairs and lush greenery in and out of the salon finish the look in its pristine details, while lighting remains paramount and the exterior offers a grey, modern architectural look with the subtle blue Edwards and Co logo standing out. Edwards and Co continues to gain traction on and offline, nationally and internationally, for the manner in which they are elevating and defining Australia’s salon space. They receive acclaim for their creamy blonde colour looks, sun kissed highlights and mermaid waves, bringing Bondi to the country at large. This new luxury space continues that dominance and ensures more inspiration for salons everywhere. Welcome this new salon to the Edwards and Co family. For more information visit





rtégo’s Rain Dance range of products, and its complementary salon service was, fittingly, inspired by the rain, allowing hair growth to become an analogue for blooming plants, life cycles and the regeneration of fruit, flowers and fauna. As such, the unique concept is built to honour this essential element. The concept mimics this synergistic growth system, as scientifically built through plants being nurtured in greenhouses, in a myriad of ways. The products themselves are formulated with phyto-technology, while a sense of wellness and rituals are paramount to the process, where professional hairdressers activate scalp physiological receptors and the salon space in general becomes a centre for care, relaxation and beauty. The brand refers to these professionals as botanical beauty specialists and stresses that this is much more than a service – it's an experience. Scientifically, the product line was built with botanical active ingredients and extreme innovation, with components such as one-of-a-kind molecule Ipstic, silk proteins, which have been extracted by the double thread of Bombyx Mori (silkwarm), and eighteen natural active ingredients. Six of these ingredients are certified organic, ensuring strong hair growth, hydration, body, shine, volume, nourishment and protection to the hair, and the silk proteins even create a thin invisible film of hair protection. Within this, its main molecule, titled sericin, bonds with water molecules for pure and soft hydration. Moreover hydrolysed keratin repairs the smallest amino acid missing segments on the hair stalk. These boldly scientific ingredients have been thoroughly researched for true results in hair condition, quality and hair growth, adding essential amino acids to the hair bulb, stimulating activity, promoting scalp health, releasing functional active principles over time for longevity and prohibiting hair thinning properties. The products’ active ingredients, which range from organic certified tsubaki oil to argan oil, olive oil, chestnut extract and camellia oil, as well as quionoa, marula oil, coconut oil and more, stimulate shine, halt aging and build strength, among a host of other benefits. The collection of fourteen hair products are categorised to individually rebuild, protect, offer flexibility, structure and 70 INSTYLE

light texture, build volume, hydrate, hold colour and accelerate growth. The collection’s Hydra Booster, a hero product as a supreme hydrating mask, personifies the range with its ability to offer organic, scientific, quality hair results. A Color Shampoo and Conditioner, Hydra Shampoo and Conditioner, Hydrating Milk Spray, Volume Shampoo, Deep Repair Mask, Flex Mousse, Multi-Benefit Leave On Spray, Rich Serum, Replenishing Cream, Blooming Elixir and Thermo-Active Repair Fluid round out the other care and style products. The range even offers a Velvet Hand Butter as body care, which can be used during a hand massage within the treatment services. Professional hair skills are paramount to this hair concept, as the hair products all offer various benefits to be tailored to the client by the hairdresser and their expertise. Alongside this, the important Reconstruction service is significant, merging these products with a sensory experience in a treatment cycle that builds strength and body in the hair. Salons are educated on how to conduct these experiences from the moment the client enters the salon to their exit, relying on the significance of professional expertise and making the salon experience essential beyond the products. The products then become an ideal retail option for after care, as individually prescribed by the professional to cater to particular hair needs, such as after colour, hydration and restructuring. Evoking purity, rebirth and replenishment with its inspiration, product formulations and professional services, Rain Dance puts the salon in focus and champions sustainability, experience and hair health at its core. For more information visit




ducation for Wella Professionals is indicative of the brand as a whole, where a true dedication to the art of learning, growing and education is key to the heart and culture of the entire company. The brand continues to adapt their education content to work within the current climate, offering pertinent training that allows hairdressers to excel. A new flexible learning model delivered through virtual trainings, Instagram and Facebook Live tutorials, online modules and exclusive intimate seminars is worthwhile for the whole industry, across the spectrum of experience levels, and is ideal as 2020 education. “We are dedicated to delivering exceptional education that is relevant and flexible to meet both the business and creative needs of our Wella Professionals family,” said Tracey Hughes, the brand’s Education and Digital Transformation Leader, who drives the education program. “Our digital education provides us the ability to reach all stylists and our salon 72 INSTYLE

“We are dedicated to delivering exceptional education that is relevant and flexible to meet both the business and creative needs of our Wella Professionals family. Our digital education provides us the ability to reach all stylists and our salon education is customised to meet the unique needs of each salon.” TRACEY HUGHES education is customised to meet the unique needs of each salon. Our goal is to enable salons to boost their revenue through luxury colour services for their clients and our purpose is to help make their dreams a reality.” Wella Professionals utilised their time in lockdown well, intelligently upskilling their education team to increase their digital capabilities that accelerates the success of these digital programs. In demand programs

include their specific colour correction curriculum and the ‘Digital Activation’ business seminar that teaches vital digital marketing skills to strengthen salons’ social strategy. With every innovation, course and new program, Wella Professionals proves its intrinsic commitment to the future of hair education. Check out what’s available with the brand. For more information visit




espite the difficult times we have faced, I was so proud to see was how strong we banded together as an industry and worked as best we could within the restrictions and limitations of COVID-19. You did what was best for your clients and staff, and you also did what was right for your business – regardless of whether you decided to close or stay open, you did the best you could for this industry in one of the most trying times we’ve seen. As many went into self-isolation and various stages of lockdowns, you needed to think on your feet – just as you do when a colour goes wrong in the salon. The biggest question was though, how could you possibly make an income when your doors were closed? One of my favourite stories came from the incredible Tarryn, owner of MOB HAIR. She implemented an at home colour-kit and application service strictly for brunettes only (no-one wants their client getting their hands on bleach!). Under strict video surveillance, her team would assist their clients apply their own colour at home. Genius, right? Tarryn closed her salon before the government restrictions were imposed on the industry. She offered some of her insight into her decision to offer at-home colour kits to her clients. “Bondi and the Eastern Suburbs has been a high infection area for COVID-19, and we wanted to do the best thing for our staff and our clients for the health and safety,” Tarryn said. “We understand our clients very well, and we know if they are isolating and not being able to go about their regular life, at least not having regrowth at home would make them feel better about the current situation! We decided to offer this service for existing clients only, so we could look up their previous colour history on Shortcuts, and ensure the ratios were 100 per cent correct when we prepare it in a germ-free environment in the salon. It was actually so nice for my staff and I to reconnect with our clients virtually!” It’s ideas and positive outlooks just like this that shows our industry can survive anything! One of the most important things that many salon owners needed to keep in mind during the COVID-19 pandemic and closures, was to keep in touch with your clients. Even though you weren’t physically in the salon taking photos of your gorgeous work for your social feeds, there was still so much more to talk about. It was also a time to show off other equally important parts of your business – like your staff, your story, your

“why” moments. Things that your clients can emotionally connect with – not just visually. As we navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, our team began looking for ways to better support and serve the hairdressing industry we love so much. Social media is where most people are spending their time, so it’s more important now than ever before to get your socials in check. In a matter of weeks, social media established itself as a powerful channel for salons to communicate and stay connected with their clients during such a critical time. After some deep thought, we decided that one of the best ways we can contribute and help the global hairdressing community was to open up the doors to the Social Sorted membership. This allowed us to welcome and support more salons with their social media, especially in the thick of the pandemic. So, I wanted to take a moment to share with you how one amazing salon have absolutely rocked their socials! Daniel Di lorio, owner of Diior10 in the Bossley Park suburb of Sydney, took Social Sorted and made it a team effort! Each stylist has their own clientele and developed close relationships with those clients – so it made sense for the salon to have their own Instagram accounts. Daniel extended his Social Sorted subscription to his people so they could pick images and captions for their own channels. Laura Di Iorio, Daniel’s wife, who oversees salon marketing, then shares their posts on the salon feeds. The strategy guaranteed variety across the team’s feeds, driving their personal business, which in turn benefits the salon. Engagement is up across the board and several team members have even got the attention of marketing companies, which have noticed their recent jump in engagement. Ensuring that stylists maintained their client relationships during isolation was to important to the salons ability to thrive. Until 30 June 2020, Social Sorted are offering free access to their platform of social media content designed specifically for salons. After 30 June 2020, the service costs just $35USD a month with no lock-in contract, and provides 30 new and topical images, on-point captions, a detailed action plan, and exclusive access to the Facebook group each month. It’s all carefully curated to supplement every style of salon or shop in the hair industry.

To take advantage of this offer and sign up today, visit INSTYLE 73




’Oréal Professional Products Division General Manager David Higgins says this newly created role demonstrates PPD’s commitment to positioning digital as a true partnership differentiator, in a highly competitive environment. “As our industry continues to accelerate digitally, it’s our role as the industry leader to be a key driver of this transformation. Having a dedicated resource in Sylvia, to steer this for the division ensures that the latest digital touchpoints and technologies relevant to new and emerging trends in consumer interactions are maximised to inspire all stakeholders,” David Higgins said. Sylvia’s new role will involve a close working relationship within each of the PPD brands to ensure consistency and a strong digital footprint across education at a time when salons are needing to innovate in all aspects of digital and education. “This recent health situation has not only demonstrated a need for digital acceleration and upskilling of salons, but it’s also shown that there is an appetite for education in various digital formats,” said Sylvia. We take some time with Sylvia to discover more about this exciting new role.

Will each PPD brand receive a customised digital strategy focus across both brand and education or is it a more over-arching approach across the entire division? Strategic drivers across the brands are largely consistent. However to respect the uniqueness that comes with each brand identity, the levers to push and pull to achieve objectives, are bespoke to each. One thing for sure that is consistent across all brands within the division, is that ‘where education goes, business grows’.

How will this digital and education strategy improve the brand’s marketing footprint? Digital and education have emerged as the greatest forces behind engagement, something that is especially critical to loyalty these days. We believe in the power of the ‘golden square’ which represents a mutually inclusive relationship between commercial, education, marketing and digital.

which we will continue to build and execute in innovative and exciting ways. Stay tuned!

How will PPD link online consumer campaigns with trade and education? Providing 360 degree integrated campaigns is not new to us and we know all stakeholders require integration throughout the process of engaging with consumers to be successful. We truly believe that through the principles of ‘Salon Emotion’, the consumer journey is significantly enhanced when our trade business partners are expertly educated.

How will PPD promote the ‘digital academy’ to the trade? The Digital Academy program is an opportunity for our salon business partners to improve their visibility, attractiveness and desirability to consumers. Our field team are instrumental in the promotion of this new initiative and are fully trained to build this digital transformation journey for the unique needs of each of our salon business partners. The Digital Academy begins with a digital footprint analysis which determines participation in several facilitator-led online modules.

How have you seen the interaction with your salon partner’s change since COVID-19 and how will we benefit from some of these changes digitally? We used the downtime of the circumstances of the past few months to work even closer with our salon partners. Analysis of their digital footprint was only one aspect. Our teams in headquarters and in the field worked tirelessly to provide a suite of new everyday digital and social tools to set help salons communicate effectively to the myriad of changing consumer emotions and behaviours that emerged. The initiative of the e-commerce portal Support your Salon, was a solution created as a response to the COVID-19 situation, but its ongoing benefits sees consumers able to purchase home care while supporting their favourite salon, on-demand and well beyond the pandemic.

What excites you the most about education? We will see more online content leveraged across the trade? Absolutely! Content is king at the moment and will remain so in this age of connectedness. More than ever, we have fuelled the appetites of virtual learners in new ways, with new enthusiasm


Learning in any aspect of life, is truly an awakening experience. Those responsible for the education of others will bring prosperity and joy to everyone they touch. This ability gives me great satisfaction.