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Chre Crush Your metallic colour muse


2018 L’OrÊal Professionnel Spokesperson

*Color after color, hair quality is visibly improved; consumer test, Europe, 408 women & 489 hairdressers




LO R E A L P R O F E S S I O N N E L .C O M . AU     @ LO R E A L P R O     # LO R E A L P R OAU S     # N O DA M AG E CO LO U R




System Professional helps you unleash the full potential of your clients‘ hair with a range of over 174 million possible care systems powered by the EnergyCode™ Complex for hair that feels reborn. EXCLUSIVELY IN SELECTED SALONS Contact your Wella Sales Consultant, call 1300 885 002 or visit:

Hairstylist: Jason Fassbender, Photographer: Andrew O’Toole

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here’s a lot standing between the consumer and the salon and what motivates them to make choices. Your salon business is not just four walls anymore. It used to only be about the magic that happened within and the experience at the time but now we’re required to build a sentiment and a profile that lasts. Ask most people why they do what they did 10 years ago and it was about offering their clients the ultimate service and ‘making them feel great’ – it’s just not that simple now. You have your external image, website, social media, online reviews and various other touch points that people interpret as your image to the world. Then there’s the education side of things where salons have recognised the need for an education presence to not only remind the consumer they are at the coalface but also the industry that they have something valuable to share. The dilemma is how do you focus on both the in-salon experience and the external image? You can’t do this alone. If you love working on clients in the salon, you require a culture that helps to self-manage the external. One owner could drive a business a decade ago, now it takes at least two almost split personalities. Maintaining that moment in-salon that is memorable still needs to be just as much as a focus. Just because your socials look good doesn’t mean you have a business that customers love to spend time in. The chore has been taken out of shopping with e-commerce making it a lot easier and as a result that ‘cherish’ moment, the 'experience' is constantly under threat. The ‘new normal’ now is that consumers are empowered to be experts in every field, they think they know everything. Not only does this limit your ability as a business owner to wow and impress, but it forces us all to try harder with points of difference nobody can match… most of these come in the form of human connection. Your ability to connect with someone is your greatest commodity yet so many people fail miserably at this. If only it was as simple as 'you do your job and I’ll do mine' however the consumer is used to micromanaging their experience now, customisation is a blessing but also a curse. We need to get to them before they feel they are in control, we need to fi nd that sweet spot where they trust before trying to reach for supremacy. Trust and knowledge often work against us. That time in the chair really should be about you as the owner or expert taking charge of making them look their best and not about an ideal in your client's heads or their latest lust-have Instagram image. Human connection should take over and the feeling of leaving the salon needs to be on par with the result. I was dining at a new restaurant recently. An unusual restaurant with an irregular menu that was almost illegible although creatively designed. We sat for a while trying to decipher some things we could eat. As usual I took control suggesting some items that might be great to share before calling over the waitstaff. I had to ask them what they recommend, I had to remind them that it was my fi rst time here rather than being asked the simple question when we were seated. ‘Have you been here before?’ Th is is yet another example of someone not really doing their job. The truth is that not many people do their job. They float around waiting to react, waiting to complain about someone they don’t like or a customer that’s being difficult rather than take control of that customer. If the customer still chooses to be difficult then that’s their loss not yours. You’ve done your best. It’s important to remind ourselves in an age of immense confusion and choice that meanwhile, the experiential side of retail — the part that involves discovering great products and socialising with others — won’t be going away. People will still make their way to physical stores, not because they want to ‘buy stuff,’ but because they want to get experiences that they won’t fi nd anywhere else. Th is is all we are going to remember one day. Not one of 1000 photos we just saw as a reference. Communicate and do your job. Communicate and connect with people. Communicate and share experiences. In real life.

Cameron Pine, Editor



COMBINING THE BEST OF NATURE AND SCIENCE TO DELIVER PREMIUM AND PROFESSIONAL HAIR COLOUR Novacolor is the only professional colour range on the market today manufactured on site in Australia specifically for our climate. It provides a full spectrum of low ammonia based, permanent hair colour shades designed for truer, richer, longer-lasting colour, complete grey coverage and unmatched shine.

1800 800 374 I I Proudly vegan certified


24 L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy 34 Hairjamm Pure Colour Competition 38 Aveda Colour Harmony 44 Session A Century of Style with Franck Provost 52 Session Blue Blush with L’Oréal Professionnel 62 Session Liquid Luxury with System Professional 72 Session Silk Swoon with Goldwell 82 Session Colour Club with Wella Professionals


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KEVIN.MURPHY LAUNCH COLOR.ME AND NAME JAYE EDWARDS AS AMBASSADOR BIG THINGS ARE happening in the world of KEVIN.MURPHY, and we’re here to keep you up to speed. The headline is that the brand is launching their fi rst ever professional hair colour in Australia, titled COLOR.ME. To celebrate the launch, the haircare company has also announced COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY as the major partner of the Australian Hair Fashion Awards, where they’ll be bringing international celebrity hairdresser and The New York Times labeled ‘Most Influential Hairdresser in the World’, Jen Atkin, to the event. And did we mention that lauded hairdressing legend Jaye Edwards of Edwards and Co. has just signed on as a brand ambassador? We told you, big things.


Industry Happenings

“When I began working with KEVIN.MURPHY at the start of 2017, I was so happy with the results and the quality of the entire range,” Jaye said. “The only thing that was missing was a colour line that matched the aesthetic of the brand. When they told me COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY was launching in Australia, I was completely on board, the first fashion focused colour brand that matched the KEVIN. MURPHY aesthetic.” The COLOR.ME range offers high-performance, naturallooking results, in products comprised of gentle, natural ingredients, such as Shea Butter, Pomergranate, Aloe Vera and Honey, which serve to nourish and moisturise the hair. The range is proudly cruelty, PPD and Ammonia free.



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Glide’s premium brush range at a great price! 20mm

Glide Velvet Carbon Collection • All carbon coated • Handle barrel bristles • Strength - holds NEXT hair firmly GENERATION • Control of static hair • Faster drying wavy bristle • Curb fly-aways Ease in picking • Smoothness up hair

25mm 30mm


Normally $16.95

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Refined & enhanced Glide STRETC TCH TC CH Neck Cape! • Snap lock closure • Slits for your arms • Do not tumble dry

• All purpose • Smooth flat line • No more hair or water inside

Embroidering Service

HOW TO PREVENT AND DEAL WITH SALON BREAK-INS A SERIES OF social media posts and news articles caught our attention in the last few months, detailing salon-specific break-ins that have rocked the hairdressing industry. These break-ins have tended to focus on actual salon stock, particularly high-end brands, making salons a prime target and changing the nature of salon security altogether. We spoke with Tom Donato, whose salon Xiang Hair was broken into in the last few weeks, and discussed ways your salon can prevent break-ins from totalling your business. Typically, authorities have suggested leaving your cashless cash register open to show that there’s no money on the premises, but with stock being the new target, the security measures have shifted. Alarm systems, security cameras and innovative shatter-proof glass security fi lms that prevent robbers from breaking into your windows are well advised. Surprisingly, organisation is the real key. “Make sure you have adequate insurance to cover,” Tom said. “Also ensure that all your invoices are in order – one of the things that you have to do as part of your insurance claim is you have to provide evidence that you own the stuff that you’re claiming you’ve lost. So I can’t stress enough the importance of having a proper fi ling system so you can go in and check.” Something that is of major concern, is the salon’s computer system, as most salons would be ruined if their software system, and, on it, all their client details, day schedules, rebookings and business intel, was taken. “My biggest concern driving from home when I got the call was the actual computer system – if they take your computer you don’t know which clients are coming in that day, unless you’ve done a print out the night before,” Tom said. Aside from actually having the backed-up USB stick on your person (that’s the old school method of security), salon software agencies are increasingly offering online and cloudbased back-ups, automatically saved beyond your actual computer. While these services tend to cost more, the extra research and money could prove worth it at a particularly unlucky time.


Your Business NOW

Enquire about your salon logo on your capes. YOU’LL BE AMAZED AT HOW LITTLE IT COSTS!


Normally $29.95

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for $

Avg per Cape $25.00 17% discount

Avg per Cape $20.98 30% discount

Check out the Video Demo on our Facebook page


Buy 2 Glide 320m Foil & get a Glide Colour Kit FREE! 320m

20 micron $36.95

18 micron $35.95

Colour Kit value $10.25 YOURS FREE!

Glide Colour Kit includes... • Sample 10 Meche Sheets • Glide Tint Brush • 3-way Highlight Comb

15 micron $31.95


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Beaute Internationale – Stafford 07 3856 5399 H & B Warehouse – Raceview 07 3202 1133 Kimdec – Salisbury 07 3277 8211 Kimdec – Capalaba 07 3245 6223 Kimdec – Stafford 07 3856 1414 ProHair Supplies – Aitkenvale 07 4725 5300 Ruby’s Salon Supplies – Toowoomba 07 4638 0477 Salon Depot – Kendron 07 3350 2133


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Head Office: 02 8730 8847


SUSTAINABLE SALONS TO DEBUT IN NEW ZEALAND FOR THE FIRST time Sustainable Salons is stretching beyond Australia, with the company debuting in New Zealand. The company is therefore dropping the Australia part of its former Sustainable Salons Australia banner to operate under the moniker of Sustainable Salons. “It’s pretty simple. When an opportunity comes up to take the sustainability movement somewhere, you make it happen,” shared Sustainable Salons Co-founder and Operations Director Ewelina Soroko. “Awareness is awesome and extremely important, but action is the only way we’re truly going to build a better planet.” “New Zealand are our neighbours, especially in our salon industry” continued Paul Frasca, Co-founder and Managing Director of Sustainable Salons. “Australia and New Zealand have been working and playing together for so long, whether it’s in recognising our top talents or sharing resources and education. Getting ready to spread the sustainability love across the ditch has been a huge buzz and we’re so excited that we can finally have our Kiwi mates on the Green Team!”

REVLON PROFESSIONAL AUSTRALIA ANNOUNCES NEW GENERAL MANAGER A BIG NEW appointment has been made in the Revlon Professional family, with Brad Raper announced as the brand’s new general manager for Australia. The industry veteran has been with Revlon Professional since 2016, when he joined the team as a National Sales Manager, and has been a part of the hairdressing industry in a number of successful brands and in sales and management positions since 1994. “It’s exciting to have the opportunity to develop Revlon brands in some new and exciting ways,” Brad said. “We have a really strong team to support future growth and some fantastic forecasts from global to really get the brand moving”.


NEW HAIR EXPO SEMINAR EDUCATES HAIRDRESSERS TO HELP CLIENTS EXPERIENCING FAMILY VIOLENCE THE LINK BETWEEN hairdressers and identifying domestic violence is surprising at first, but obvious the more you think about it. Now this concept is coming to the epicentre of the industry, Hair Expo 2018, courtesy of Leanne Cutler of Siren Marketing. The Safe Hands seminar will present a panel to help hairdressers identify and assist with family violence. Panellists include Jenny Jackson, the Executive Director of the Eastern Domestic Violence Service (EDVOS), which has already begun a free family violence training for hairdressers in Melbourne’s East, titled HaiR-3R’s. Jenni Tarrant of Bond Hair Religion ACT, who is a qualified Lifeline counsellor and philanthropist, will also speak. Zoe Wilde and Natasha King, who are ambassadors against domestic violence, have also been instrumental in developing the not for profit seminar. “The hairstylist/client relationship is quite intimate when considering the elements of touch, the time spent together and the conversation that can evolve,” Jenni shared. “It’s important that hairstylists are armed with information to refer clients who are experiencing domestic violence so they don’t take on a counselling role and the negative ramifications that can come with being untrained. To me it’s about helping the client while protecting the hairstylist. It’s about safety for everyone.”

PAOLO ELIA EDUCATES FOR EMSIBETH IN PERTH EMSIBETH PROFESSIONAL HAIR Care, which is made in Italy and distributed in Australia through Contact Hair Services, offered an education opportunity in November 2017 headlined by their head colourist from Italy. Paolo Elia presented at a sold out education seminar at the Perth Convention Centre, bringing bold, artistic colour and innovative education to our shores. At the event, the brand launched a range of 10 minute ammoniafree processing colours. Meanwhile the brand’s Australian stylistic director and international team member, Renato De Felice, demonstrated on-stage cutting alongside Paolo, who showcased live artistic colour. The duo also exhibited in salon education on the trip, hosting a course with the Dale James Salon team, where attendees learnt the styles and colour techniques presented on stage. The duo also took part in a shoot utilising the seminar models to contribute to an inspiring new collection.

KAO SALON OPEN MELBOURNE ACADEMY KAO SALON HAS opened their brand new training Academy in the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell, adjacent to the brand new KAO Salon Head Office. Designed to be the ultimate environment for knowledge enhancement, the opening of the new open-plan 200 square metre Academy called some of our country’s leading educators, mentors and salon owners to celebrate the chic new Scandanavian style space – packed with natural light while maximising a collaborative learning style. Designed to provide a fully functional and state of the art environment for creatives to learn, network and share the Kao Salon brand values, the new academy is just one more reason Kao salon is committed to the professional development of stylists and colourists across the country, and now in the brand’s new Head Office city of Melbourne. “We are so thrilled to open such a creative space, you can hear the hairdryers and smell that it is a real environment for creativity. Not only dedicated to growth and education we are really passionate about creativity and education at Kao Salon,” said KAO CEO Shane Scully. The Kao Salon mission, We Th ink Stylist, is about continuing to provide world class education and training to salon partners and stylists, “We have 150 seminars scheduled in 2018 encompassing everything from our MasterSeries programs educating on colouring, cutting and styling,” said KAO Salon Director of Education, Rita Marcon. The Academy design itself is framed by floor to ceiling glass, with panoramic views across Camberwell – there’s nothing better than natural light to showcase the incredible colour work from Goldwell master colourists, educators and international guests who will frequent the Academy. The custom-designed colour bar has been specifically manufactured to showcase the entire colour portfolio with special attention given to non-stain laminate drawers and cupboards for the ultimate durability. Soft Oak floors keep the space in-line with the Scandiaethetic across other Australian Academies – now implemented in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne locations, with a brand new Sydney Academy soon to open.

intense copper shampoo Enhances rich orange tones in coloured or natural hair types. Helps to prevent colour fade resulting in a refreshed, more vibrant look for your hair. Can be used as a top up between salon visits or daily for a more intense colour.


UPFRONT KINGS DOMAIN AND AMERICAN CREW HOST MYER INSTALLATION MELBOURNE’S BUSIEST SHOPPING area, Bourke Street Mall, was transformed with a pop-up display, with American Crew, Myer and Kings Domain creating a high-end barbershop in the windows of the iconic department store. The talented team at Kings Domain showed off their barbering skills across three days with full view of the frenetic street. Signature American Crew looks on display included classic fades, the pompadour and razor grooming techniques, as well as looks from their all new Americana Collection. The installation celebrated the new full-time Kings Domain barbershop on level four of Myer. “Th is was a fantastic opportunity for American Crew to showcase their range combined with barbering to the general public,” said American Crew Marketing Director, Cristobal De la Rubia. “Kings Domain is the quintessential American Crew Barber destination, so the fit for the window display was perfect. The response and feedback from the public was overwhelming and so positive in response to the product performance.”

LA BIOSTHETIQUE HOST 2018 LA SOIREE A GROUP OF AUSTRALIA’S hairdressing elite showed up to Sydney’s five star Primus Hotel, where La Biosthetique was hosting their annual La Soiree. The 2017-2018 Colour Lab competition winner was announced as Brett McKinnon of the Murphy Gozzard Hair Community, chosen from a long list of entries from Australia and New Zealand. He was chosen by a panel of judges comprised of the brand’s top talents, including Brett Albury, Adam Isles, Belinda Keely, Todd Arndt, Mia De Vries and Alexander Fuchs The event included a runway show, split up into different segments styled by teams led by Hair Director Todd Arndt of Vogue Nationale, Maria Ardino and Remington Schulz. The evening was also the ideal forum for a myriad of announcements, such as the launch of a new award titled the 2017 Colour Experts, where talented colourists are put through a 4 day boot camp to become the brand’s premiere colourists. Colour with Care ambassador Brett McKinnon also announced that the brand have reached 40,000 Emergency Nutrition packs raised for Medecins Sans Frontieres through their philanthropic colour program.

BOX HILL INSTITUTE HOST LAUNCHPAD NIGHT TO DEBUT NEW HAIRDRESSING PROGRAM VICTORIAN HAIRDRESSING STUDENTS are in exceptional hands, with Box Hill Institute (BHI) relaunching their hairdressing program, and introducing a host of new features to innovate hairdressing education even further. Under the incomparable expertise of Jane Trewin, BHI will be a dynamic, connected and unique education experience for students. The institute hosted educators, salons and special guests in Melbourne to introduce them to the future of hairdressing at BHI. Jane compered the evening, and spoke at length about all the enthralling new features on offer, such as the use of augmented reality technology, event partnerships with Sustainable Salons, opportunities to present at GenNext at Hair Expo, new education modules, a partnership with Schwarzkopf Professional, barbering courses and facilities, innovations in the sister skincare program and more. Other notable speakers at the event included Box Hill Institute Chief Executive Officer Norman Gray, who welcomed everyone to the institute. Schwarzkopf State Manager Rachell Hanneysee was also there to signify the new partnerships between the brands. Sharon Blain spoke to the audience about her relationship with Jane and BHI’s education offering, with her all new Boot Camp online course acting as the perfect tool to be used in education facilities, to teach necessary hair techniques, while improving on a weekly basis through a 12 week course. Her recent collaborative shoot with the hair educators at BHI was on full display, and Sharon even re-created one gravitydefying, thread-woven look for the occasion. Patrons eagerly snapped photos of this intriguing and ethereal live hair look.


Leanne Cutler also spoke about an incredibly important facet of the hairdressing industry, and in the future of hairdressing education. She focused on the vital work hairdressers can do in helping clients who are victims of physical, emotional, sexual and fi nancial abuse. She discussed the education options available to hairdressers looking to learn how to deal with these situations, and use their role as confidants and trusted advisors for good. Chief among these education opportunities is the free Safe Hands seminar at Hair Expo, and the work of the Eastern Domestic Violence Service (EDVOS) in educating hairdressers on how to deal with these often life-threatening situations.

TAKE CONTROL OF AGEING HAIR Introducing 5 new, sultry, shine-enhancing red, copper and mahogany shades from AGE DENIED by TIGI copyright©olour. Designed by the TIGI International Technical Team to provide healthylooking, seductive and vibrant results. Engineered with the AGE DENIED Rejuvenating Complex and pre-blended formula to provide up to 100% multi-dimensional, skin-flattering coverage on over 50% non-pigmented hair. Make your clients’ hair 5 shades hotter. For more information and to become an AGE DENIED by TIGI stockist contact: NSW & SA: 02 9871 9210 QLD, VIC, WA & TAS: 1800 251 215 or email: TIGI PROFESSIONALS TIGI PROFESSIONAL TIGI PROFESSIONAL TIGI PRO #AGEDENIED #5SHADESHOTTER


PAUL MITCHELL HOST 2018 SIGNATURE SERIES THREE CONSECUTIVE DAYS of education meant the Paul Mitchell Signature Series was back for 2018, hosting salon owners and hairdressers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, to offer networking, brand intel and social media tips. We showed up to the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool with a stunning view of Sydney Harbour to take part in the Sydney event, gaining both knowledge and lunch-time canapes in the process. Brand representatives John Pizzey, Managing Director of Paul Mitchell, Stephanie Gelston, Director of Education for the brand, and Carmen De Souza,

Paul Mitchell Marketing & PR Manager, spoke about what’s next for Paul Mitchell, including covetable new products and electric tools such as Neuro, the Tea Tree Extension trio and the Invisiblewear range. Social media expert Steph Johnson delivered the feature presentation, giving insider intel for salons to maximise their social media in order to see real financial results. Steph spoke about the ‘sales funnel’ and how to use Instagram campaigns and Facebook advertising to take clients from the starting point to a booking, often all in one Internet search.



THE END OF February marked a major new step for the global hairdressing community, unleashing Sharon Blain’s awardwinning, much-loved Boot Camp program to a complete international audience via its online platform. The course is a 12 week intensive agenda where stylists will learn over 100 techniques as supported by 75 educational videos. Boot Camp has been an educational feature for 7 years, fi lling a gap Sharon saw in the market for education driven by technique, concern for longevity and quality styling in long and short hair. The education workshops cover core fundamental skills to simplify hairdressing and imbue students with the confidence to treat hair with maximum care and technical skill. Boot Camp Online is the ideal solution for stylists with a busy work schedule and lifestyle and who are limited by time and travel. The Online Boot Camp platform has been newly developed for hairdressers and makeup artists. Students are given 16 weeks to complete the course with 12 weekly modules, allowing Sharon to reach practically through the screen and offer her unrivalled brand of dynamic, technical teaching.

CRAZY COLOR HAS its roots in the 70s era punk rock scene, and it’s still going strong. Packaged in iconic pink bottles, the products are known for the artistry and inventiveness they inspire in colourists. In its fourth decade, the colour brand continues to grow and educate. The brand presented at Salon International at ExCel London in October 2017, with Marie Nieuwoudt at the helm and Brisbane hairdresser Holly Sharpe, from B’Me Salon, alongside her. Holly is part of the Australian International Industries Education team and educates in salon and around the country, sharing her colour knowledge and Crazy Color expertise with Australian hairdressers. Crazy Color’s current hero product is the Rainbow Hair Colour range, consisting of Vibrant Shampoos designed to maintain bright colour, as the partner to the brand’s Semi-Permenant Hair Color Cream. The product is available in four shades, preserves the boldness of colour and can be colour matched with any red, blue, pink or purple Crazy Color shade. The complementary Rainbow Care Deep Conditioner supports the strength, shine and suppleness of coloured hair, using a unique protein blend that contains Sunflower Seed Oil and Brazil Nut Oil for maximum nourishment and vibrancy.



WARRIORS Meet ghd’s league of brand warriors, understand their new gold styler education agenda and hear from Mary Alamine about this dynamic time in the brand's progression. 2018 HAS BEEN a characteristically major year for hair tool super brand ghd. The company launched their premier 2018 tool, the luxe ghd Gold styler and, with it, an enticing brand of education that made its way through Australia’s major cities. The Golden Experience Education Show tour kicked off in Sydney in February to a full house and continued to host a series of leading ‘brand warriors’ who delivered top-tier styling-based education across the country. These brand warriors include Brodie-Lee Stubbins (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba), Brad Lepper (Auckland and Christchurch), Mary Alamine (Sydney, Wollongong), Uros Mikic (Hobart, Adelaide), Hermiz Daniels (Melbourne) and Pauline McCabe (Perth). They have headlined the education in these locations while being supported by the ghd education team. The education sessions put the agenda in the hands of these savvy brand warriors, who act as advocates for ghd, and showcase the ghd Gold styler by using it to create bold hair looks. In-salon


looks and more creative styles are both covered in the sessions, while a social media element centered on how to achieve that ideal Insta-shot with lighting, hashtags, and optimal posting times, is also taught. “I have always been obsessed with the ghd tools since I was an apprentice. I remember spending my whole pay on the very first Breast Cancer limited edition Pink Styler when it came out and I didn’t have any money for food for the rest of the week! Was it worth it? Heck yeah!” new brand warrior Mary Alamine enthused. “I joined ghd because I’m so passionate about the brand and believe in it, but it’s also the team that you get to work with that make it so much fun. It’s more than just being part of a team, I’m part of a family.” Mary started the education series off in supreme style, using the ghd styler to create four different techniques with four unique looks and models. “I am absolutely loving the ghd Gold styler,” she shared. “It’s so much smoother and sleeker on the hair. I find it’s super easy to curl and gives longer lasting results. What I noticed immediately was how well it glides through the hair and the incredible shine. I’ve really enjoyed using it in the salon and hearing all the positive feedback from clients.” Dates spanned through February and March at major cities and country towns, covering the whole country in proverbial gold and spreading luxe styling education to every corner of Oceana. You can count on ghd to imbue the hairdressing industry with that extra shine. For more information visit



Emma Tsipas, 39, proves it’s never too late for a career change, having recently taken out the BIBA Academy Full Time Student Award, writes Michelle Ruzzene. How did you get into hairdressing? I came to hairdressing fairly recently after a career change. Would you believe I previously spent 13 years as a paralegal? I couldn’t have imagined a bigger change and it was definitely a leap of faith. But honestly, it has been one of the better life decisions I’ve made.  I’ve always had creative bones, it just took time to find the right outlet. I think it all happened at the right time and everything fell into place when it should have. Tell me about your winning image and inspiration behind it? I wanted to create a sci-fi character who was a strong female superhero type with androgynous beauty - and attitude to boot.  My model, Angie, was made for the role. In the end it truly was a team effort. I’m lucky to have had incredible mentoring and collaboration from some seriously talented friends and colleagues.  What inspires you on a daily basis? My crazy kids. They never fail in bringing me back down to earth.  On the job, my biggest motivator is simply making people feel good, giving them the time out to reset and to feel more like themselves. What do you love about BIBA? What I love is all the insanely talented and interesting folk at BIBA Academy and the BIBA Group, who are ever-giving of their time and knowledge. They show me everyday I made the right decision. At every turn I’m surrounded by endlessly inspiring, creative and hardworking people that really give back to each other and the wider hair-loving community. What fashion/design and other things are you into? Aside from hairdressing, I make jewellery, I do tapestry weaving and I am endlessly inspired by Australian art, fashion and colour.  

What are your career aspirations? I just really want to be a contributing part of the hairdressing community and challenge myself with all it has to offer. What challenges you? Going back to school and learning completely new skills after years working in a different industry was definitely a challenge, but also very empowering. I want to drive myself to never settle and constantly develop my knowledge and skills to be a better hairdresser and team member.  What would you be doing if not doing hair? A year ago I would have said sitting behind a desk, but so much has changed so fast.  Definitely something with my hands, creating in one way or another. Anything else you’d like to add? A big huge thank you to all the beautiful people who have helped and inspired me to date. For more information visit INSTYLE 23


TROPHY LIFE We showcase a deeper look at the work of L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy 2018 winners and medallists, clearly presenting just why these editorial creations wowed the judges after an exhaustive national search. TAKE A DEEP COLLECTIVE breathe – the return of the L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy Awards is over, after an extensive semi-final run with events in each state, and a grand finale that took place at the beginning of February at The Palms at Crown, Melbourne. In our previous issues, we documented these events in full, from the enthralling runway shows at each state semifinal, to the inspiring Avant Garde presentation by acclaimed international Avant Garde Guylaine Martel at the grand finale, and the winner announcements that acted as the pinnacle of the final night. Today we’re here to take a closer look at the work of the winners, who inspired with bold, rich and gentle colour looks all at once. Congratulations again to the evening’s major winner Wendy


Hair by Wendy Gunn - Colour Trophy Winner

Gunn of Ink For Hair, who won the Colour Trophy prize against a myriad of talented finalists, earning editorial opportunities and a trip to Paris to represent Australia in the global competition. Well done as well to first runners up Courtney Treyvaud and Lyndal Salmon, and second runner up, Danni Solier of Xiang Hair. The marie claire Reader’s Choice Award was awarded to Deeann Watt of Watt Style, while Alex Cordell of Rakis on Collins won the Rising Star Award. You can see each of their inspiring editorial entries, which they recreated for the semi-final and grand final events, right here. Utilise them to ignite your creative colour imagination, challenge you to take on the next editorial task and appreciate the hair art that’s being created right here on our home soil. For more information visit

Hair by Deeann Watt - Marie Claire Reader's Choice Award Winner

Hair by Courtney Treyvaud and Lyndal Salmon - Colour Trophy Runners Up

Hair by Danni Solier - Colour Trophy Second Runner Up

Hair by Alex Cordell - Rising Star Award Winner


Angelo Seminara


Tabatha Coffey Candy Shaw

We’re just weeks from Hair Expo somehow, and you can book your place by purchasing tickets now. The event has released tickets for 2018, and there are new tiers and packages to entice you through its doors in Melbourne over the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend. WITH SO MUCH in store for Hair Expo, including a presence from over 200 brands and international headliners that include Angelo Seminara, Candy Shaw and Tabatha Coffey, a diverse and specialised group of passes is paramount. This year, Hair Expo is offering passes that include a one day pass and three day pass as well as other unique and education-driven options. If you wish to capitalise on the presence of inimitable international guests, the Creative Super Pass is for you, gaining you entry into sessions with Angelo Seminara and Candy Shaw, as well as all eight Look ‘N’ Learn seminars and including the three day expo pass. These Look ‘N’ Learn sessions include masterclasses, bridal sessions, colour showcases and salon deepdives with such top-tier guests and brands as Matrix, Pulp Riot, Howard McLaren, Lorna Evans, Joey Scandizzo, muk, TONI&GUY and more. A Look ‘N’ Learn Pass will allow you into these sessions as well as the three day expo, while the Barberland Pass gives you entry to the three day expo and the five Barberland sessions. The Business Pass gives you access to the three day expo as well as the 10 business sessions scheduled. The full Festival Pass is the true way to maximise the event, giving you almost $3000 of value for a ticket priced at less than $700. The pass includes all Look ‘N’ Learn sessions, creative seminars, business education, barbering education, access to the GenNext Gala and a 3 day expo pass. All passes are offered at the early bird price until April 13, so don’t miss out! It’s a tantalising offer, with a stacked education agenda across the three days showcasing international and local hairdressing icons presenting a range of relevant topics. Add to that the maze 26 INSTYLE

of brands at the centre of the expo floor, and complementary stages, and you’ll probably want to run to it all. Brands on the floor currently include MATRIX, Haircare Australia (with Olaplex, evo, Cloud Nine, Moroccanoil, Reuzel, BaByliss PRO, and more), Professional Use (Mizutani, Balmain Hair Couture, Y.S. Park Professional, Janeke), Rogue Beauty (Oribe, R+Co, Pulp Riot, V76 by Vaughn), Original & Mineral, De Lorenzo, Excellent Edges, Biolage R.A.W., Wahl, Parlux Professional, Glampalm, Barberbrands International, Comfortel Furniture, Andis, Amazing Hair, Sunlights Balayage, Trichovedic, and many more. “The Hair Expo team is thrilled to return to Melbourne in 2018 with an amazing program bursting with international talent and local heroes,” said Cory Watson, Hair Expo Event Director. “With names like Angelo Seminara, Tabatha Coffey, and Candy Shaw on the bill, along with some exciting brands on board, we feel that hairdressers will be just as excited as we are for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. I will be working hard with the team over the coming months to ensure we deliver another fabulous event this year.” The pinnacle will, as always, be the Hair Expo Awards on the Monday night, where the greatest talents in Australian hair are crowned as bona fide hair royalty. It’s a true and all-encompassing ode to hairdressing taking place over three full days, with events, education and product intel to cater to each and every attendee and catapult the hairdressing industry further as a whole. Choose your tickets and then start counting down. For more information visit

THE ART OF CREATION Neil Barton landed in Sydney and sat down with us to discuss new launches for Goldwell and KMS, his hairdressing achievements and Color Zoom advice from one of the competition’s greatest success stories, writes Shannon Gaitz. IF YOU’RE GIVEN the chance to speak to legendary Scottish hairdresser Neil Barton – over a delicious lunch at Sydney’s Nour restaurant, no less – you take it. The Goldwell Master and Professional Trainer, as well as KMS ambassador, utilises his exceptional colour and style work as something of a passport, taking the opportunity to travel the globe and offer incomparable knowledge when it comes to hair skills and trends. Sydney was a primary stop on his fullcity tour of Australia, and one of the main events was a lunch with beauty media over Lebanese cuisine. Appearing alongside two key launches in the new Goldwell Kerasilk Styling range and KMS Primer products, the brands’ teams used the new tools to create styled looks at Nour’s neighbouring Prema salon in Surry Hills, before lunch commenced. There, beauty media were given unrivalled access to Neil, his insights and his wealth of experience. As a winner of the Goldwell Color Zoom Trophy in 2010 and as a consistent mentor for the teams that create the yearly Color Zoom trends, Neil was the ideal person to explain how to master Elemental and, beyond this, editorial creation generally. “Keep the hair self-made looking, the hair has to look like the model has done it herself and the pastel colours have to be soft and not so metallic,” he said of Elemental. “Elemental, even more so than the previous years, is for the salon, with its twisted razor cutting and twisted scissor cutting, it really fits in with exactly what we’re seeing with textured haircuts and micro-fringes. And you don’t have to go so crazy with the colour palette but it’s there to take inspiration from, you can tone it down and translate it.” Neil’s eye for editorial is born from his background in fine arts, a skill that catapulted him to the title of Scottish

Hairdresser of the Year as well as many other coveted titles. “When I won Color Zoom, I didn’t understand why I had won when I had just done a simple bob and never went so crazy, and they told me that was why I won, because I kept the style simple, classic and didn’t try too hard,” he explained. “The judges see hundreds of hair entries, and you can’t go what I call too ‘hairdresser-tastic’ – for me hair has to look beautiful and suit the model’s face shape." This talent has also seen him step into roles of education and brand progression (he’ll be designing Goldwell’s campaign images to be used over the next five years later this year) and ignited his international travel schedule. He sees our global hair industry as one giant community, facilitated by social media, with runway and viral trends that are very much up to date with each other no matter where you are in the world. When not constantly travelling, he still works as close to full time as a professional traveller can at his prized Scottish salon, with a 13-strong salon team that he counts as his greatest pride and accomplishment. “My biggest achievements and what makes me most happy is my team, who I’ve trained from start to finish, I also get to travel and work with lots of younger people who are inspired by me, but I’m inspired by them and watching them grow,” he said. “I like to lead teams and find a different outlook on hair – when I was younger I was obsessed with creating hair that had never been seen before, but to me everything’s been seen before, it’s about creating a beautiful image on the model that suits her look.” Neil is optimistic about a 2018 that looms with his own new academy and salon renovations – as well each of the brands’ new launches. KMS has rebranded entirely,

speaking to a wider demographic and releasing the Primer products that work in conjunction with styling products for more optimal textures. Meanwhile, Goldwell’s new Kerasilk Style products cater to that high-end client who simply wants the best. “I see the Kerasilk Styling Range as a Gucci handbag, because it’s top range product and it’s for the client that really looks after themselves and is really proud of what products she buys,” he said. “Every product in the range has silk in it so it makes the hair feel expensive.” As you possibly prepare for your own take on Elemental and Color Zoom 2018 entries, it’s nice to hear and learn from one of the most respected editorial artists in the business. Particularly, one of his statements has stayed with us since lunch. “Because of my art background I’ve always loved creating images, but I’ve never done a competition to win a competition, I just want to create beautiful images,” he said. Use that as your mantra and we don’t see how you can go wrong. For more information visit INSTYLE 27


LOVE IN COLOUR Wella Professionals partnered with Mardi Gras to exude the brand ethos in front of 500,000 people – that is, love, inclusion, colour and glitter. IN EARLY MARCH, the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardis Gras took over Oxford Street and really the entire city at large, all in the event's major 40th anniversary. Wella Professionals and 80 of their stylists and brand representatives were on hand as the event’s official hair partner, celebrating this historic time in Australian history with an inspiring #LoveInColour message. Also, we feel it’s important to mention, Cher was there. The brand put out a suitably sparkly, colourful float, one of 195 floats in the parade that featured 12,300 participants. The star of the Wella Professionals float was Drag talent Krystal Kleer, who whipped her styled hair to Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair’, in front of 500,000 parade-watchers. It was just one important cog in an all-encompassing carnival of love, acceptance and that significant, symbolic rainbow, with Sydney given the chance to truly celebrate the recent vote for equality, and a significant 40 years of Mardi Gras propelling the event even moreso as an annual must-attend event in Australia’s calendar. 28 INSTYLE

Krystal is renowned for her vibrant collection of wigs and hair creations, which she co-creates herself, and as such her Mardi Gras ensemble was cocreated by herself and Wella Professionals Technical Educator, Justin Barbirotto. Her prestige and aesthetic was enough to include her in the Cher tribute performance at Taylor Square, otherwise known as Mardi Gras’ dream destination. For the part of Wella Professionals, their partnership with Mardi Gras was a natural step, speaking to the brand’s emphasis on self-expression, colour and creativity, an ethos Mardi Gras matches in its bold, effervescent parade persona. Wella Professionals’ place in the parade, alongside so many other advocates, supporters and businesses wishing to voice their backing, reiterates that colourful hair, a penchant for glitter and a brand identity built on inclusion and love is at the core of the Wella Professionals business mode. “The hairdressing industry is one of the most representative of the LGBTQI community, and as part of the COTY family, our mission is to celebrate and liberate the diversity of your beauty,” shared Jerome Toulza, General Manager, Coty Professional Beauty Australia & New Zealand. “Our Wella family is a creative, courageous and inclusive one, so we could not think of a better partnership than with Mardi Gras, and we had a fantastic time celebrating at the 40th anniversary parade on Saturday.” The message was clear from Wella Professionals, 195 floats, 500,000 attendees and Cher herself – love is love is love. We’ll be turning back time to this memory for quite awhile. For more information visit


BOTANICAL Revlon Professional introduced Color Sublime to Sydney, inviting them into an all-encompassing natural haven, and allowing them to see, feel and even smell their new colour range for the senses. FOR A COLOUR range that’s natural, fragrant and ammoniafree, a venue that doubled as a floral wonderland was a fitting launch location. Media and industry figures gathered at The CALYX at Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens to welcome Revlon Professional’s Color Sublime, enjoying speeches, canapes, champagne and a GIF creator in celebration of this covetable new salon technology. Guests were given presentations by Revlon Professional General Manager Brad Raper and Revlon Professional ambassador Malisa Masci, while three pre-done models, dressed in show-stopping Steven Khalil gowns, walked a circular runway and came up to the stage to show off their hair created by the new colour technology. Making use of the incredible vertical gardens in the event location, models posed for an events-based photoshoot and, with the new fragrant facet of the colours, even stopped to have their smelled by the guests.

“The new Colour Sublime range is not only ammonia free, it can also be personalised with custom scented oils, so the client can enjoy softer natural scents rather than the oxidisation of colour and gases”, Malisa explained, going on to emphasise how important wellness is in the current hair market landscape. The Color Sublime by Revlonissimo range is an exclusive ammonia-free permanent hair colour formula supplemented by fragrance, ensuring an imitable, multi-sensory colour experience. 51 shades, three signature fragrances and an over-all colourenhancing oil system ensures refi ned, radiant, quality hair results. It also is complemented by an exclusive Instagram Hair Contour Technique created by the brand to maximise the hues. Walking down the steps of the Royal Botanical Gardens to a magical floral chamber, it was hard not to be reminded about the vivid colours, rich scents and vibrant culture that is front and centre with Revlon Professional’s Color Sublime. Products lay amidst flowers showcasing the tools in their most Instagramworthy settings. It was one of those rare occasions where product was ideally complemented by location and vibe and we walked out even more immersed in the Color Sublime experience than ever. Take note – this new technology is a game changer. For more information visit

*In a test of 128 consumers, significantly more consumers agreed that ghd gold® was better than ghd V® styler for leaving hair sleeker, smoother, shinier and healthier looking.


Transform your every day. The new ghd gold® styler. For sleeker, smoother, healthier hair.* Visit #ghdgold #goldstandard


THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Seasonal clothing trends, opulent hair and a futuristic setting with which to consume it all, David Jones AW18 immersed attendees in an all-encompassing, high-fashion setting that seemed to pull you beyond the front row, writes Shannon Gaitz. IF THERE’S A way to draw you straight into a fashion-centric sphere you barely knew existed, David Jones discovered it, erecting a series of translucent screens along a winding, full-room runway to envelop you in season Autumn Winter 18 in its entirety. With models walking through the large warehouse-style room of The Locomotive Workshop at Australian Technology Park, and a circular centrepiece with David Jones spelt out and the latest looks in greater than life size form, this was a runway experience to make you feel like Alice, through the looking glass. The screens were the talking point – a collection of clear, savvy backdrops that, at different times, showed flashing colours, shapes and patterns, flying doves, drops of water, city scapes, performers and parading models, and even the David Jones ambassadors themselves, all with the actual (live) models visible behind them and through them. With the models interacting with the screens and the images moving to the music and complementing each fashion aesthetic, this was a runway show built for the 21st century. Different categories of high end fashion, think brands such as Camilla, By Johnny, Ginger & Smart, Dion Lee, Aje, Macgraw, Zimmermann, Romance Was Born and Carla Zampatti, were clearly delineated by lighting, effects and music choice. Intermittent live performers punctuated the runway show and provided the ideal finale. Still, amongst the many collections, fashion perspectives and artistic decisions, the hair created by Aveda and Hair Director Teri 32 INSTYLE

Robertson-Kirkwood stayed constant, with luxury and opulence, and one very distinct look, leading the way. Th ink of it as an ideal statement look, to complement bold fashion ensembles and a runway show entitled ‘Take The Leap’. “We have the ponytail but it has two different finishes to do with the ribbon, which is the structural focal point. So we have clear ribbon and we have black frilled ribbon, which is actually elastic, who would have thought elastic would be pretty?” Teri said of the hero look, which was built around the idea of hair adornments. “The brief was about pushing boundaries and making women feel like they can push boundaries but still feel like they’re not silly,” she continued. “When I saw the collections I just thought I had to produce something couture. They just had the couture shows in Europe so I went and did a bit of research and all the research is pointing to volume somewhere on the head, but a lot of the looks also have detail close to the face, so we’ve gone with that feeling and have a nice, close, tucked behind the hair look, and then natural volume and that structural detail that’s either transparent or black.” Invati Advanced was essential in prepping the hair, while the range’s Revitalizer and the brand’s Volumising Tonic and Texture Tonic were necessary in creating juxtaposing textures, from smooth details to the big hair at the back of the look. Models with hair too short to be tied back into the ponytail and leading ladies and ambassadors such as Jessica Gomes and the all-new Victoria Lee were given bold, luscious blow dries, rather than the principal look. With a hair look dually bold and feminine, the models paraded down the runway as if they were a very chic army emerging from the screens, an enthralling mix of real and virtual, as if the VIP audience was sitting in a fashion-centric episode of Black Mirror. Fashion, music, special effects, beauty and hair were used to pull you into that universe, where trends rule and fashion is for all of the senses. We never wanted to leave. For more information visit


FABRIC OF NATURE Hairjamm’s upcoming Pure Colour Competition is devoted to the brand’s commitment to nature, harnessing the wonders of the environment for both product formulations and artistic inspiration. THE UNINHIBITED BEAUTY in the textures and colours of nature is something often captured and heralded in various forms of art, and Hairjamm is tasking hairdressers with harnessing these aesthetics in their own hair art, for the Pure Colour Competition. The theme is set as ‘Fabric of Nature’, meaning you need to observe the tactile presences of wood, plants and other environmental materials and translate this to editorial hair and beauty looks. Hairdressers must use Hairjamm’s extensive range of pure colours to interpret these raw and organic textiles in hair, with a fashion-forward alluring final look as a result. The winner will be published in INSTYLE, partaking in a professional photographic session with the hero shot to be featured in our November December 2018 issue, as well as becoming the promotional face of Pure Colour. The winner will receive flights and accommodation necessary to create the photoshoot. Runners up receive a hair stylist’s kit valued at $1500, while the top 12 winners will be featured in the brand’s 2019 calendar, whilst also receiving a certificate of recognition and being promoted across Hairjamm’s social media platforms. Entries will be accepted until a deadline of July 30. with the finalists to be announced on September 3. Images will be judged 34 INSTYLE

by a panel of industry peers and professionals, who will survey the colouring and styling merit displayed. Entering is simple, with three pathways available for prospective entrants – you can directly upload your forms and images online, send them via a file transfer program or mail the images direct to the headquarters the old fashioned way. All material, questionnaires and entry forms can be downloaded from the website. This natural theme suits the Hairjamm brand perfectly, particularly the Pure range, which is balanced by nature in a unique blend of 100 per cent organic extracts. The products prioritise both hair health and the environment with a sulphate, paraben and cruelty free formula in a range of different colour options. These colours are PPD and ammonia free or low ammonia and available in permanent and semi-permanent forms, as well as instant tones, lift and deposit colour, lightening powder, bleach, activators and developers. The colours are enriched with argan oil, glossing treatment and micro pigment molecules that ensure lustrous, bold colour. Hairjamm is wholly focused on nature, in preserving it, utilising it and honouring it with artistic expression. Take the essence of these products and the brand’s mentality to find the beauty in nature and interpret it in hair in your own creative way. To enter or for more information visit



What does malt in whiskey have in common with Redken Brews? Well, while it may be hard to believe that fermented grain mash is good for the hair – Redken has proved us wrong with the most comprehensive line up of men’s grooming we’ve seen hit the market in quite some time, writes Cameron Pine. WHEN REDKEN FIRST LAUNCHED THEIR complete men’s range, Redken For Men, more than a decade ago in Australia, the brand was ahead of the curve, shaping men’s grooming habits and taking charge of a new frontier in beauty – one that now represents 15 per cent of a 352 million market at an impressive 52 million. Redken Brews is a response to the need for innovation and the charge towards men feeling confident no matter what their style. Globally, it was fifty years ago that Redken launched the first grooming lines for men and now the focus is on providing styling inspiration and innovation to new generations – and we’re not just talking a typically older Whiskey drinking demographic, Redken Brews has managed to pull off a somewhat millennial meets masculine portfolio. Designed to appeal to men who love their malt and wish to embark on a stoic journey to becoming a true individual, Redken Brews is designed to free men of styling limitations, from beard to back and sides and that in-salon feeling akin to Redken. As the fortunate first to touch and feel, guests gathered at Melbourne’s Starward Distillery in Melbourne. It was an exciting moment as the first round of lifestyle loving men (and women) to learn about the how and the why and sit up close and personal with the savvy line up. Mark Twain once said, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” Guests quickly learnt this for themselves. Sniffing, sipping and some sculling some of the best whiskey our country has to offer. Quintessentially Melbourne, Starwood’s factory meet’s cool warehouse bar space not only stores kegs of the fine stuff but opens to the public to experience, take a tour and herald all things great and small about the finest malt of all. They use only the finest ingredients to gain the finest result – brand values shared with the new Redken Brews. Models and dancers each carried a series of hero looks that the range conquers to showcase the true versatility of the collection from long to short and everything in between. We went from the short preppy side part of the 60s, to the 70s looser ‘freedom of speech’ styles, to 90s more architectural and geometric shapes and back again, but ultimately the greatest asset for men is that no matter their style, Redken Brews masters a somewhat neater appearance. Fast forward to the product formulations and malt is a key ingredient for nourishment in this power-packed comprehensive new men’s grooming range. “The whiskey is what creates the hydration in our Redken Brews family,” said Redken National Education Manager Karen Strano said. The easy on the eye collection responds to the growing diversity in men’s fashion, comprising 23 products across styling, haircare and even skincare – because after a big night on the malt every 36 INSTYLE

man’s skin needs the right pH too. There’s even hair colour, with the prized colour camo maintaining its stance as a key pre-curser to the ultimate men’s in-salon experience. There’s a Daily Shampoo and a Conditioner (that can be added to any other product in the range) as well as an Extra Clean Shampoo, a Mint Shampoo for those die-hard clean feeling fans, a Silver shampoo – whether it’s grey toning or cooling down some of those awkward warm tones. Styling is as equally an arsenal with a Wax Pomade, Clay Pomade, Maneuver Cream Pomade, Outplay Texture Pomade, Grip Tight Holding Gel, Dishevel Fiber Cream, Work Hard Moulding Paste, Hairspray for Men, Get Groomed Finishing Crème and a Shave Cream and Beard and Skin Oil (coming soon). But to really understand the line-up, Redken believe the experts in salon teamed with these products will create the ultimate men’s salon aesthetic and not just because of the unique Brew inspired bottle design. “Redken Brews stays true to Redken’s NYC heritage and mission by delivering trendsetting products and services that respond to the modern man,” said Redken General Manager Erwin Santos. With dancers, an almost too expensive to touch Harley Davidson and dude food (think fried chicken on waffles with maple syrup), guests felt the need to stick around. The scent of malt brewing in the background and the bravado of the Brews scent mixed with tunes, good company and models – it was hard not to want to take a bit of the Brew life home. For salons and consumers alike it seems Redken has brewed a new kind of men’s market with Redken Brews. They aren’t just finishing hair, they’ve groomed it and want you to have a good time in the process. Are you up for the challenge? For more information visit


2018, A MILESTONE YEAR, is set to be a big year for Aveda. At the top of the agenda is the return of the brand’s Colour Harmony Awards, a competition that heralds its commitment to hair, colour, beauty and the environment all at once. Th is year, the theme is ‘Know What You’re Made Of’, a bold, all-encompassing theme that pays tribute to the brand’s historic 40th anniversary and company aura. Marking this momentous occasion is the competition’s media partnership with INSTYLE, ensuring greater exposure and media presence for the finalists and winners. Entrants are tasked with creating an image that captures Aveda’s important role, authenticity and relevance in the beauty sphere today, from their leading position in beauty, wellness, environment, fashion and art. “Winning the Colour Harmony category as well as Salon Collection Category has had a huge impact on my hairdressing career as well as the popularity of the salon,” said Tracy Doak of De Stijl, who won Colour Harmony in 2017. “Salon guests as well as new guests at De Stijl have been interested in knowing about Colour Harmony and have been impressed with the work the salon produced for the awards. It has boosted the salon brand and given us a higher level of exposure nationally.” Entrants can enter into categories of Colour Harmony, which is a complete cut, colour, style and beauty interpretation of the theme for all hairdressers, New Talent for apprentices and Editorial, which focuses on session styling elements like editorial hair, clothing and makeup that would suit a magazine cover. Each of these categories is a photographic entry that will then be recreated in live competition. The competition also offers purely photographic only tiers, such as the Men’s category, Digital category and Salon Collection, which is made up of 4 to 6 images from the whole team. The prizes for each of these categories vary to highlight their individual attributes. The Colour Harmony winner will win an international trip to Aveda Congress 2018, the New Talent winner will receive a hairdresser’s kit valued at $1500 and the Editorial winner will fittingly be awarded a six page editorial spread in INSTYLE. The Men’s winner will receive a barbering kit valued at $1000, the Salon Collection winners will receive three Dyson 38 INSTYLE

Hair by Linda Aragon

In its 40th year, Aveda is releasing competitions, hair innovations and beauty products that speak to its DNA, ethos and incomparable legacy.

Hair by Matthew Woolley

Hair by Tracey Doak


Hairdryers, valued at $1800 total and the Digital winner will win a social media photo shoot with an Aveda Guest Artist. “Entering Colour Harmony for the first time I would say stay true to your style, believe in it and give it 110 per cent,” shared past award winner Anmar Sahar of Element. “It’s about the whole image not just the hair. Do it for the experience and push your limits letting your creativity shine!” Also essential to the brand’s 2018 output is their Full Spectrum Demi+ custom deposit treatment hair colour, a high-shine, conditioning and customisable colour option. The new line of 93 per cent naturally derived colour treats damaged hair with botanical ingredients and certified organic plant oils (think sunflower, castor, jojoba and kukui) for optimal nourishment. “Full Spectrum Demi+™ Custom-Deposit Treatment Hair Color™ is exciting for the colourist because it’s unique in its level of customisation and flexibility for shade and tone,” said Wendy Prior, Aveda Executive Director, Technical Education. “The results are predictable, it’s easy to use, and the faster processing times and simplicity of the line allow the salon to offer every guest a quick colour treatment add-on without sacrificing quality. It allows a colourist to service every guest from the bold to the colour shy. Stand-alone tones or a clear gloss can be used for a subtle refresh and shine, quickly and easily adding revenue to a guest’s ticket.” Adding to a stellar start to 2018 for Aveda, the brand has recently launched their new Feed My Lips collection, proving that their commitment to quality and eco-friendly products extends from hair to beauty. The cruelty-free, plant-infused collection, which is 95 per cent naturally derived, is imbued with peppermint and vanilla scents, the ideal finish to any in-salon hair look, or well presented as a reception desk retail purchase. The range includes a Pure Nourish-mint™ Lip Treatment, Lip Primer, Lip Liner in eight shades and Lipstick in 23 shades. “Feed My Lips™ is an opportunity to return to the roots of Aveda makeup, which evolved from lipstick touchups in salons. Th is new line was sparked by a conversation about connecting lip colour to hair colour,” shared Janell Geason, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Makeup. “We looked at how different lip shades complement certain hair colours and built a collection based on that knowledge. We wanted to simplify the process of finding your perfect lip colour based on its Colour Connection with your hair colour.” Constantly innovating in a way that prioritises natural, bold and healthy hair and beauty, in 2018 Aveda will be adding to your service list, offering covetable beauty options and awarding the hairdressers that absorb this energy and express it editorially. Be a part of it. For more information on the competition visit

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For further information or for your local distributor please contact Australian International Industries Distributor of Colour Placement Systems Unit 7c Scoresby Industry Park, 28 Janine Street Scoresby Vic 3179 Phone: 03 9764-2833 | Fax: 03 9764-9709 | Email:

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Colour COMMUNITY In today’s social media driven age of viral colour and hashtag-able trends, YouTube sensation Guy Tang and his colour brand #MyDentity have reached Australia to empower colourists, satisfy clients and stand out amongst the fray.


airdressing in the millennial age has a new set of protocols typical for the 21st century hairdresser. Social media is paramount, bold colour is more commonplace and self-expression is key. With that we welcome a new colour range from Guy Tang to Australia. Titled #mydentity, hashtag included, the range is a playful, vivid and unique product offering, much like the man behind it, and true to its name, its DNA and personality is exceptionally strong. Created by world renowned and viral colourist Guy Tang, the range of Permanent, Demi-Permanent and Direct Dye colours are about creating top-tier colour within a unified hair community Guy refers to as #HairBesties (again, hashtag included). The products’ online presence from their US starting point prompted mass international demand, and those comments have been answered with expansions into countries such as ours. “I created #mydentity because I wanted to customise colours that we all dream of – colours that are missing from today’s hair colour,” Guy said. “I want to create a line that brings back the fun and excitement in our industry. Most of all, I want to create a community that empowers our #Hairbestie family, and enables all of us to find our #mydentity. Because when you know who you are, you have the courage to do anything you dream of.”


To put Guy’s community and reach into perspective, he engages 4 million people constantly, with 1.8 million Instagram followers, 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and almost 1 million likes on Facebook. It’s clear that the global hair world is very interested in his effervescent, uninhibited and skilful approach to creative hair colour. The range is far more than just Guy’s persona though, with important technology anchoring each product. The colours use break-through Miru-Style X-HP, which offers extreme heat styling protection, as well as a keratin and argan seed oil blend that enhances the integrity of the hair. Advanced Vibrariche technology increases vibrancy and shine, and a lavender fragrance is the ideal finish. From a branding perspective, the story of Guy Tang’s personal history and journey to selfdiscovery is woven through the packaging, The range is emboldened by a multi-tier approach to marketing and communication, including PR, shows and education and, of course, a lead in social media. This approach has seen the range (and Guy himself) featured on major news websites, think Allure, Cosmopolitan and Refinery29, and engaged hairdressers across various social media platforms. The brand’s specifically built platforms average one hundred new followers daily, link straight to purchasing information and utilise each platform’s live features for maximum engagement.


The comprehensive products account for every colour need, with ranges including the Ash Series, Natural Ice Series, Ice Gold Series, Rose Red Series, Midnight Blue Series and more in varying and very specific iterations. The brand’s #Magnum8 Powder Lightener, #Big9 Crème Lightener, Developer Collection, X-Press Toners and Dual Booster Color Max provide more tools to cover every base in a colourist’s repertoire. “Growing up, I struggled everyday with my identity. I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted to do in life or what my purpose was,” Guy shared. “It wasn’t until hair that I found purpose, my direction, and it truly saved my life. I found my identity - it was to make a difference and change the world doing hair. More than that it was to be a friend and inspire other stylists just like me to fi nd their identity, because I had such a hard time fi nding mine.” In this tight-knit global age, you can share your hair colour

“I created #mydentity because I wanted to customise colours that we all dream of – colours that are missing from today’s hair colour. I want to create a line that brings back the fun and excitement in our industry." GUY TANG

obsessions across the world, engaging with fellow colourists and educators like Guy Tang and his followers in the click of a button. These channels, along with the #mydentity products and community mindset, build a bona fide family around hair colour, inspiring, educating and sharing with each other to bolster creativity. With a different colour trend going viral every week and Guy’s online education material reaching millions of followers regularly, bold colour is certifi ably covetable in the eyes of millennials and #mydentity allows you to fi nd that trend-driven, technology-supported artistry wherever you are. Australia, welcome to the #mydentity brood. For more information visit



EDWARDS and Growth

With a new salon soon to open in Australia’s first W hotel in Brisbane and further expansion in progress, Edwards and Co has championed its own luxury label, writes Cameron Pine.


n fewer than five years and now with five salons, Jaye Edwards has created a salon empire built on a fresh aesthetic, an open plan and similarly open-minded approach to working with an industry of creatives. We are soon to see another three locations and a renovation hit the marke, and all in 2018. There’s no stopping the growth of the social media savvy and highly profiled salon brand and it’s not just the bursting-at-theseams appointment book that has enabled continual growth. Industry engagement, education and partnerships continue to forge new ground beyond the tarditional safe salon model. Next up is a new salon opening on Crown street in Surry Hills in June, the W salon and a new Melbourne location. The brand’s Budd’s Beach salon up north has just undergone a complete renovation – pulling it up to par with the rest of the Edwards and Co stable. This waterside salon on the Gold Coast while having been the rogue in the mix has just been Edwards and Co-ified. There’s a lot to take in considering June 1st will see the opening of Brisbane’s most anticipated hotel – the first Australian property for the W hotels group. No doubt bringing a new level of sophistication to Brisbane’s riverside scene, the chic Edwards and Co Salon will be adjacent to the globally recognized W Away Spa. This marks Jaye’s first hotel collaboration with a hotel brand. With over 84K instagram followers on the company account alone, a packed education schedule and a brand personality to match, Edwards and Co have defied the trend of smaller salons and slowedup salon franchises with a constant industry inertia of what’s next. “When the team at the W contacted me, it was a no brainer to align with a global brand of their calibre. They share the same ethos for luxury customer service as we do. We had played with the idea of Brisbane for sometime now but it never felt right until now,” Jaye said. The general consumer awareness of the brand in the most part falls down to consistency, through a well-balanced mix of staff and renta-chair style partners and a fresh no nonsense design. Every salon emanates luxury but with a simplistic approachability.


W Hotel Brisbane (artist's impression)

“We create the kind of space people want to hang out in, just like when they see a home they really like for the first time,” said Jaye. Add to this an exclusive colour brand partnership right at the time KEVIN.MURPHY has launched their COLOR.ME professional colour range in Australia. Jaye jumped on board immediately with a brand he says 'you can tell is KEVIN.MURPHY just by looking at it' – it’s little wonder he’s their ambassador. “I started working with KEVIN.MURPHY at the start of 2017 and was really happy with the results and the quality of the entire range. The only thing missing was a colour line that matched the aesthetic so when they told me they were launching in Australia I was completely on board,” said Jaye. Melbourne was the second location for the Edwards and Co brand and has continued to be a key growth trigger for the brand. So much so, there is demand for another Melbourne location that will open in Fitzroy in the second half of the year. As one of Melbourne’s coolest suburbs from home to design, advertising and media agencies, the Fitzroy salon will also double as a Melbourne Academy space. Salon growth is not the only thing pushing the brand to the forefront of people’s minds and social media feeds. Education has become a hallmark to the brand’s culture. On top of a schedule covering Melbourne on May 14, June 11 and October 29, Brisbane on June 3, London on July 9, Wellington on August 26 and 27, Perth on September 10 and Sydney on October 22, there are floods of emails requesting in-salon shadowing and private training. “From the outside I am sure it seems we are expanding at a pace that could be difficult for some to keep up with and then come the questions of ‘how?’” Jaye said. “I like to take risks, make mistakes and even more- take victories. Right now the Edwards and Co wave is riding high and there are small crashes to shore, like any young business it’s through mistakes that I learn and grow, which then in turn gives me new insight into potential opportunities. One thing I believe I am good at is recognising opportunities where others don’t and this is where I take risk." With any risk also comes new opportunity and as Jaye said he wouldn’t take risks if he didn’t see the potential. “The more we grow as a business and with each salon we open while maintaining skill level and quality of work, industry engagement grows too,” Jaye said. Humble and energetic – what’s next for this powerhouse of growth? For more information visit




he level of impact Hairdreams has had on the industry extends beyond just product, the brand’s range of hair extensions shifts the way we may think about hair extensions, once considered a luxury, but now deemed absolutely necessary for certain clients and a real solution to hair loss and hair thinning. Paramount in this mentality is their iconic MicroLines system, which is now being updated with the latest advancements and technology to ensure true, unparalleled innovation. While the system has been renowned internationally for years, it is only making its way to Australia now – and our industry will be better for it. The system is created to directly address hair loss, something that becomes more prevalent with age and environmental stresses, and leave clients, especially female clients, feeling under-confident and upset. The MicroLines hair thickening system provides an option of extensions that closely resemble a natural head of fully grown hair, plus they’re practical, varied and easy for hairdressers to apply and style. This system has won acclaim since its inception, and consistent client satisfaction, impressive sales and top-tier reputation has ensured it’s stayed a global market leader in the realm of professional hair thickening systems. The new generation of the MicroLines system will offer even greater technology and complementary product that impact the industry further. MicroLines (as well as their 2.0 iteration) have found their niche in the market due to the exceptional quality of the hair, which is vital to the product’s success. It uses 100 per cent real human hair, with health, shine and elasticity that lasts months. The extensions are hand-made over several weeks at a specialised Hairdreams manufacturing facility by

experienced experts, leading to a superior aesthetic and feel. Furthermore, it’s attached by a patented attachment system using Hairdreams’ Bondingring and ergonomic attachment points to ensure secure, gentle and stressfree application and wear, which allow the scalp to breathe. Stylists can also utilise a temporary attachment using clips. The range is also lauded for its variety, with ten different basic models and 400 different MicroLines options, allowing the system to tackle a myriad of hair conditions and create a number of styles. Challenging hair conditions, such as bald spots, and unusual styles can be even further addressed with custom-made MicroLines, created using advanced 3D technology. The intricate craftsmanship that goes into the hair ensures it is long-lasting and can be worn for up to two years, while being re-used several times. The product is also made for everyday use, so that clients can wear it like their own hair, through swimming, exercise and more, with no limitations. Hairdressers are also prioritised in the MicroLines system, with a quick, safe and easy to learn form of implementation, and a global education network that offers experienced trainers to give guidance and support. Intensive marketing is also a Hairdreams feature, and for the brand’s 30th anniversary, the brand will be assisting its partners with a comprehensive marketing program that covers print and online advertising, alongside in-salon events and more. The brand is also offering anniversary packages and discounts for those coming on board or continuing their loyalty in Hairdreams’ historic 30th year. These features have always been true of MicroLines, and the 2018 version offers more. The updated version will see new natural hues with root shadow effects that

gradually evolve to the ends. The new iteration also provides added MicroLines options, with short 20cm lengths, long 40cm styles and an innovative knotting technique that creates more volume. In general, the product has been updated and perfected, for better-wearing, natural-looking, easily-applicable, diverse and smooth extension options.

Hair loss continues to be a massive concern for your clients, and providing an ideal solution can offer your salon an important point of difference. Hairdreams pairs quality, experience and a stellar reputation with forward thinking innovation that ensures they won’t slow down as they head towards their 30th anniversary. Experience MicroLines and witness the transformation firsthand. For more information visit


40s “Kiss me. Kiss me as if it were the last time.” CASABLANCA

A century


The Franck Provost Sydney CBD team celebrate their victory as the 2017 Franck Provost Artistic Awards’ Artistic Team of the Year with an editorial heralding woman’s style throughout the ages.


“I am very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.” MARILYN MANROE

Photography by Milos Mlynarik, Hair by Franck Provost CBD team: Alizé Micard, Carolyn Jayun Gahan, Amy Barton, Isabelle Ebert, George Katehos, David Hautot, Maddy Mouhanna, Makeup by Johnny Beresford, Styling by Courtney Humphreys


“She was one of the rare ones, so effortlessly herself and the world loved her for it.� ATTICUS

70s “They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ANDY WARHOL


ALIZÉ MICARD + CAROLYN JAYUN GAHAN + AMY BARTON + ISABELLE EBERT + GEORGE KATEHOS + DAVID HAUTOT + MADDY MOUHANNA We welcomed 2017’s Franck Provost Artistic Awards’ Artistic Team of the Year into the studio and on a journey through the ages- channeling the power of hair and fashion to recreate the era’s that brought us to where we are today. We chat creativity, opportunities and all things Franck Provost here in Australia. Which era do you resonate with the most from our shoot? AM: I loved the 70s: the style, the hair and way of life. I also love how chic and just sexy enough the 40s were. CG: I love the 70s! I’m guilty of owning a few pairs of bell bottom pants and platform shoes. In terms of hair, there is nothing that excites me more than super long wavy locks. AB: 60s icons like model Jean Shrimpton and Bridget Bardot - both icons with soft fringes and voluminous hair. DH: I think all of them are amazing but especially the pin-up 50s look.

How does Franck Provost harness your individuality and creativity? AM: Working in a nice environment with talented hairdressers fills us with inspiration and support and the great education team allows us to push ourselves. CG: As the Creative Director for FP, I organise and host a photoshoot studio night once a month in salon which helps my colleagues and I get a little crazy and create looks we wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to day-to-day. AB: FP allows me to be creative with my haircuts and colours. I am able to base my work off our signature collections and personalise them to suit my clients’ hair. GK/IE : FP best harnesses our skills by celebrating our individuality and constantly promoting internal and external training.


What inspires you about the Franck Provost Brand? AM: Bringing a bit of Paris back to Australia inspires me. Paris will always be a top destination for fashion, hair and allure. Bringing it to Australia is exciting! CG: I get inspired by the unique colouring techniques used in salon. There are so many different colouring tools and application processes which make the possibilities endless. AB: FP inspires me to learn. They provide a lot of training opportunities throughout the company where we can update collections and advance our skills. GK/IE: It gives us access to the artistic aspect of our careers which allows us to excersise teamwork, creativity and professionalism. DH: The fact that it is a French brand and knowing a lot of fashion and hair has come out of France is very inspiring in and of itself.









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Life of

Jose Bryce Smith and Mary Alamine

LUXURY Jose Bryce Smith, founder Original & Mineral hair care, catches up with Michelle Ruzzene to talk life, luxury and loyalty.

Tell us about the evolution of O&M? O&M was born in a hair salon in Paddington, Sydney, 18 years ago. I worked on the reception of our salon and couldn’t believe the smell and fumes. My former partner had terrible contact dermititis from using high chemical products.  I believed that if you could colour hair without the smell and fumes that hairdressers and clients all over the world would choose that – so we had the first ammonia-free hair colour back in 2000.  It’s been a long journey with lots of learnings, and now is the time for O&M. A natural, luxury product and low chemical hair colour is the now and future of hairdressing. Tell us about any challenges you faced in recent years with your colour range? Some of our greatest challenges have been my biggest learnings - the worldwide demand for O&M over the past three years grew so fast that the supplier could not keep up, and this proved to be very challenging.  This spurred me to move the production to a bigger factory, which had greater capacity and also more advanced technology. In 2017 we launched our third generation of ammonia, PPD and resorcinol free hair colour, COR Color and since then there has been no looking back. The feedback has been incredible on the quality of product and performance and the growth spurt continues around the world.   50 INSTYLE

Tell us more about your launch into Sephora and other major stores? We have always believed in certain markets, that high-end retail complemented salons and enhanced brand awareness. Therefore, we have strategic retail partners overseas such as Sephora, Nieman Marcus,  Space NK, Selfridges and John Lewis. Professional salons are still by far our widest distribution and these high-end stores have given O&M great exposure at a luxury retail level.  What is the brand’s focus today? The core of O&M has always been colour and so COR Color is very much our focus. The UK Cancer Council recently warned people against using PPD, claiming their research shows that people who colour their hair with PPD are 15 per cent more likely to get breast cancer and that hairdressers are 50 per cent more likely to get bladder cancer.  Our focus is on educating hairdressers that they can cover grey and get blonde, red, any shade that they choose without PPD and that COR Color is a safer alternative.

Tell us about your philosophy? I have always had coloured hair, I just felt that if you could colour hair with fewer chemicals, why wouldn’t you? No-one knows the long-term health effects of breathing in chemicals every day, so why wouldn’t you choose something with no smell or fumes? Health is a number one priority for me and it’s my passion. It was important to me that O&M looked and felt like luxury and looked beautiful in salons and bathrooms around the world. I’m lucky that working on the reception desk of a salon led me to follow my dreams. Why is O&M  more relevant to salons than ever? There is just so much awareness about chemicals now and also there is so much technology around high-performing natural ingredients that hairdressers and consumers are choosing the brands that are pioneering this. Australians are also proud of their country and supporting Australian brands and what we are doing seems to connect with people.

What some of your biggest challenges and successes? Our biggest challenge has been that we have been pioneering for nearly two decades. Initially it was breaking the myth that ammonia-free hair colour didn’t perform, and getting a sulphatefree shampoo that foamed - we reformulated it multiple times to get that luxury feeling.  We had the first five nasties free formula – which contained no sulphate, paraben, propylene gylcol, MIT and Triclosan - at a time when no one really had much awareness about chemicals and that natural ingredients could do the same job. Getting hair colour to cover grey without ammonia, PPD and resorcinol, it’s taken 18 years to perfect it and we did, benchmarking against ammonia colour because we want O&M to be the ammonia-free colour that performs like traditional hair colour.  Our biggest success, COR Color, is the Christmas present that keeps on giving. Tell us about being a woman of power in business? I have been in my own business for nearly 20 years. I have learnt a lot along the way; in many ways as an entrepreneur you are pretty much out there on your own, let alone being a female. Taking risks is not for everyone and your thought-process sometimes leaves you on an island. This is further amplified as a woman, because there are fewer women at the heads of businesses. Particularly at the beginning when I would go in to a new potential customer, I would tell them my story and I would often get the comment, ‘Jose, we love your product, who owns the business?’ No-one ever assumed that I owned it. Some of my biggest allies have been other women — I believe that women should back other women. In 2018 being a woman is very powerful and there is a growing number of women who realise they can do anything. Having your own business starts with a dream and a belief and then you just have a go. Tell us more about Royals Hair coming on board? Royals coming on board has been very exciting for me personally and professionally, I have been friends with Mary and Adam Alamine for many years, they have also carried the O&M haircare line. I have watched the Royals Hair Salons and Academy evolve over the past few years in particular and I really admire what they have done.  There were an inspiration to me, it is very difficult to have multiple salons and be successful let alone while leading and inspiring a large team and winning many awards and they also have two gorgeous children. When we launched COR Color and they tried the product and loved it and they felt that their customers were looking for more natural low chemical products, it was a great fit. We have never had an Australian ambassador and Mary has the talent and passion to represent O&M. For more information visit INSTYLE 51



Playing with pinks, pastels and shades of blue, L’Oréal Professionnel showcases a metallic colour story where tone on tone inspires a new depth of creativity.

Hair by Scott Sloan, Jordan Hone, Mark Wainstein and Sarah Radcliffe, Makeup by Diana Djurdjevski, Styling by Cheryl Tan

Daniela Stephanie top and skirt, Lonely Lingerie bra, Wittner shoes, (right) - Amy Taylor Designs dress

Manning Cartel dress

Daniela Stephanie top and skirt Lonely Lingerie bra. Tony Bianco heels available from Style Tread

Escada suit

Equipment shirt and pants available from Edwards Imports. JY Jewels earring. Pretty Little thing heels

(left) Zara coat. By Malene Birger belt available at Christensen Copenhagen. JY Jewels earring (right) Top shop jacket




SENIOR STYLIST/COLOURIST Ultimate industry icon? Being part of such a passionate and creative industry we are inspired by many people from one year to the next. Vidal Sassoon has been a long-time inspiration for Maurice Meade himself, while we were both very inspired by Eugene Souleiman at the 2017 Hair Expo.

We sat down with Mark Wainstein and Sarah Radcliffe from the Maurice Meade team and discussed what their average client expects from a luxury service and who this talented team looks up to.

Something you never travel without? A Dyson hairdryer and the everversatile L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Pli Thermo-modelling Spray which adds shapememory, grip and hold and is perfect for instant root-lift for volume based hairstyles.

What is the most common request in-salon? Any services that are personalised and luxurious are our most popular requests. This is usually our Personalised Colour Chemistry packages and more unique services such as the Calligraphy Cut, along with customised treatments at the back-bar.

How does Perth weather impact your clients’ hair and which products do you use to counteract this? In Perth, we are blessed with lots of sunshine and all-year-round swimming weather which means we need to be even more vigilant when it comes to colour protection. We include L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond to protect and strengthen hair during the colour process and know that the results will ensure longer lasting colour perfection!   Go-to drink? MW: Negroni SR: A glass of red, preferably organic Merlot

Describe the quintessential Maurice Meade client and what they ask for in a luxury service? Our clients are inspired by the latest trends but want them tailored to suit their needs, which is why they rely on us to translate and adapt them. As part of the ‘Maurice Meade experience’, clients always get expert advice when it comes to managing their hair and scalp health – our highly trained team ensure that each client can walk away with a targeted haircare routine which will maintain beautiful hair in between their salon visits.


What music is on repeat in the salon? MW: Nora en Pure SR: Fleetwood Mac, Maggie Rogers or anything house and disco



DIRECTORS & CO-OWNERS We spoke to Scott Sloan and Jordan Hone of Sloans about the quintessential North Shore client and why creative colour is becoming the new norm.

Something you never travel without? SS: A collection of multiple pairs of shoes - I always like to be prepared for any occasion! JH: Well the obvious one is my phone mainly because it contains dozens (OK hundreds) of photos of my puppy Gracie who I could look at all day! How do you introduce creative colour to clients? JH: The fact that it has become more prevalent and not just on the runway or pages of VOGUE, but on more ‘approachable’ celebrities like L'Oréal Professionnel Ambassador Dannii Minogue (who went pink in 2017 and has recently been turned a beautiful silver) means that more women are coming forward to give it a go. Pink hair is no longer edgy or too ‘out-there’. Creative colour has become fairly mainstream as long as it’s executed perfectly.

Describe the typical Northshore salon client and what they ask for in a luxury salon? SS: Over at Lane Cove we have a mix of clients many of whom have been with us for years, but I would say the largest group are the ladies-wholunch. They have more time on their hands than the North Sydney clients and can be quite traditional, however, since they have been with us for so long they trust us implicitly and so are open to suggestions when it comes to colour.

What are you currently reading? JH: A guide book on Shanghai. It’s my first time there so I want to find out more about the city. SS: The Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983-1992 by Tina Brown. A British journalist’s account of her years at the helm of the US glossy magazine: addictive, funny and breathtakingly rude!


Describe your home aesthetic. SS: Luxury all the way darling! A touch of Missoni here and Tom Ford there, monochromatic tones and a splash of marble. I love to surround myself with beautiful things. JH: My place is minimalist and stylish - like me… Can I say that!?

What is the most common request in-salon? SS: Blonde foils all the way! It’s the lifeblood of the Lower North Shore.

Ultimate industry icon? SS: From a business perspective the wonderful Kirstie Stafford has been and continues to be a huge influence on me and how I run my business. From a creative point of view it would have to be Leesa Smith - one of the most inspirational and interesting people you can meet and someone I have been lucky enough to work with closely over the years. JH: I clearly admire Scott! He has been my mentor and greatest cheerleader over the years and is now my business partner. I can safely say I would not be where I am today without his support.

MORE STYLE. less effort.

NEW Style Primer service from KMS is the answer for your clients who struggle with their natural hair structures. A quick and customizable in-salon service and retail products. The Style Primer service helps prepare the hair for easy style-ability, with results that last up to 7 washes.* Whether it’s next-level volume, ultimate repair, or intense smoothing, or a combination, your clients will get amazing style – with less effort.


Visit our website to see our new Style Primers, new looks, and new Style Equations.



*When used with Core Reset Spray

Ida’s look features ADDVOLUME Style Primer to make her fine hair look and feel thicker from root to tip. It perfectly primes for next-level volume styles and easy style-ability.



A fresh level of care for decadent hair, we explore the multifaceted System Professional range with EnergyCodeTM – an undisputed essential from salon to runway.

Photography by Tim Ashton, Hair by Wella Professionals Creative Director ANZ Frank Apostolopoulos, Makeup by Mikele Simone, Styling by Emma Cotterill

Daria wears Mariam Siddiq cape pant suit, Pastiche bangle and ring

Darria wears Fame and Partners dress, Pastiche bangle

Daria wears MD Blouse

Daria wears Rachel Gilbert jacket, Calvin Klein bodysuit, Trenery ring, Reliquia earring

Henriette wears Fame and Partners dress

Daria wears Mariam Siddiq cape pant suit, Pastiche bangle and ring


What are you most passionate about in hairdressing? I’m most passionate about foundations, everyone needs to know the fundamentals and then onwards it’s all about mood and feeling. I love seeing my staff and other hairdressers create from the heart.


Tell us about your style of working, what’s one piece of advice you could share for the creative process? My style of work is really about instinct. When I see a face I already know what I need to do to hair. You need to excite and engage your client or model in your creative vision. The hair always look best when you are passionate and excited about what you want to do. I work very organically and am always super careful about putting the wearer first.

When Wella Professionals Creative Director ANZ, Frank Apostolopoulos is around you know the possibilities are endless. We chat about his seamless creative process and what a day in the life of this mastermind looks like.

Talk us through a day in the life of Frank. A day in the life of Frank .... is gym or boxing in the morning to clear the mind and stay healthy then it’s back to business from doing clients or working on wigs for future projects , meetings and teaching our staff to develop their skills. I travel a lot and to be quite honest I have the luckiest job in the world. The variety and diversity is amazing.

Tell us about your role as a Creative Director for Wella Professionals? My role with Wella Professionals is amazing. I work constantly with the team and have enjoyed the versatility of different elements of my role from education, sharing my ideas and teaching whether it’s cutting or editorial work. What makes it so amazing is that the brand let me express my passion, creativity and vision.

What are some key trends for 2018? =Wearable, touchable hair. Hair that’s less deliberate and hair that’s not overworked. It still has structure but isn’t tightly controlled. Hair colours are much more blended with the Wella Professionals SS18 Nontouring trend, as we start to see movement away from traditional balayage.


What are your must-have products in the System Professional range? System Professional Hydrate Quenching Mist and LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir are my must have products – always! All of the brand's products are amazing but these are the two that I can’t live without. What key elements do you feel are required to be original and unique? My intensions are never to be original and unique but I always want to create work that comes from the heart, I never overthink my work and it’s never too premeditated. I think my work shines most when I do an immediate response to what’s inspiring me on the day. Perhaps this is why it can look original and unique. I never fear thinking about what others will think.

If you were a new addition to the colour chart, what colour would you be and why? I love contrast so I would have to say black and white. How amazing would it be if we had that colour? 'Contradiction' would be its name. How has your relationship with Wella Professionals supported your success? Wella Professionals is an incredible support to me, helping to promote and grow my profile, business and salon team. The brand has been an amazing support system and a true hairdressing family that has always been here for me.




ROAR Here’s to strong women – may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.


he Murphy Gozzard Hair Community has a tradition in making collections anchored by hair and beauty but exploring so many more important thematic concepts. Their most recent collection, Deeds Not Words, is devoted to the strength of women, in honour of International Women’s Day. Helmed by business and life partners Brett McKinnon and Brett Albury, the pair are committed to creating editorial art that gives voice to the causes that they are passionate about. Their latest collection focuses on their support of strong women, particularly through recent experiences such as the #metoo campaign. The ability of women to rise up in 2018 and reclaim their identities and place in the workforce inspired the salon to represent these strong women editorially. Brett and Brett invited friends and clients to be involved in the shoot. The collection’s title is taken from Emmeline Pankhurst’s slogan during the Suffragette movement.


Sarah Reilly and Reilly Seet


Photography by Cybele Malinowski Styling by Lydia-Jane Saunders Makeup by Kimberley Forbes @ Network Agency

Kathryn and Kara Greiner

The collection was shot by renowned photographer Cybele Malinowski, who has photographed strong women such as Lorde and Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine. She also appeared in the collection itself alongside her mother, Helen, who used to be a model. Other women included in the shoot were Former Alderman of the City of Sydney Kathryn Greiner and her barrister daughter Kara Greiner, emphasising Kathryn’s incredible work supporting aged care, cancer treatment and advocacy against child abuse. Sarah Reilly, who works in community planning and consulting, and her high school student daughter Reilly Seet, were also captured in the editorial piece. “Equality, honesty, respect and trust are values which everyone has the right to, no matter their gender, so we wanted to create a series of images celebrating people who, to us encapsulate those very ideas,” said Brett Albury. For more information visit

Cybele and Helen Malinowski



Swoon The new Kerasilk Style range takes touchable hair to new heights. Luxurious and luscious – get lost in the gloss.

Leah in Fame and Partners white bow front pantsuit Tegan in Fame and Partners white cowl neck dress Alicia in By Johnny asymmetric ruffle top and Trelise Cooper flared pants

Photography by Tim Ashton, Hair by Shane Henning for Goldwell, Makeup by Diana Djurdjevski, Styling by Emma Cotterill

Leah in One Fell Swoop silver twist dress. Kerasilk Bodifying Volume Mousse, Kerasilk Forming Shape Spray, Kerasilk Accentuating Finish Crème, Kerasilk Fixing Effect Hairspray

Alicia in Plum Acler dress. Kerasilk Smoothing Sleek Spray, Kerasilk Accentuating Finish Crème, Kerasilk Texturizing Finish Spray

Leah in Fame and Partners asymmetric one sleeved dress Alicia in One Fell Swoop twist front dress. Kerasilk Forming Shape Spray, Kerasilk Enhancing Curl Crème, Kerasilk Texturizing Finish Spray

Tegan in One Fell Swoop charcoal asymmetric dress. Kerasilk Smoothing Sleek Spray, Kerasilk Accentuating Finish Crème, Kerasilk Fixing Effect Hairspray

Alicia in One Fell Swoop Charcoal twist dress and Susan Driver necklace. Kerasilk Bodifying Volume Mousse, Kerasilk Texturizing Finish Spray, Kerasilk Accentuating Finish Crème


SHANE HENNING You have been in the industry for a long time, how has it changed? The industry is much more competitive now due to social media. It’s all about the client and the service you provide. The client is much more empowered now and they will make subjective judgement and comment on social media on how they feel you performed.

Which new Kerasilk Style product is your favorite and why? The Kerasilk Texturizing Finish Spray because it can be used on wet or dry hair and it gives great volume, hold and does not weigh down the hair. Your salon is located in the vibrant suburb of Newtown. What makes Newtown unique to Sydney's culture? Newtown has an eclectic mix of diverse people and cultures. It’s such a hub of creativity and acceptance and is still finding itself so you always have lots of quirky shops constantly opening up.

How do you get your creative inspiration? Creativity and inspiration comes from everywheremusic, travel, movies, and people. It’s seeing or thinking of something that inspires or appeals to you and exploring it and expanding on it and seeing where you can take it by adding your own individuality to it.

We sat down with 5 x Hair Expo Hairdresser of the Year and celebrated Goldwell Guest Artist, Shane Henning, to tap into the mind of the master that turns everything he touches into gold. A lot of younger hairdressers look up to you, what is some advice you could give someone starting out? Learn as much as you can and always keep refreshing and learning no matter how long you have been hairdressing. Take every opportunity that comes your way.

Which Kerasilk products were your go-to for your shoot with INSTYLE? Kerasilk Bodifying Volume Mousse great hold for volume, no stickyness, no residue and easy to use. Kerasilk Texturizing Finish Spray -  can be used on towel dried hair before blowdrying or is great to finish on blow-dried hair as it gives fantastic volume and a beautiful hold while allowing you to rework the hair. Kerasilk Smoothing Sleek Spray - brilliant shine, no residue and heat protection when using heat styling products.

What is on your travel bucket list? Petra (Jordan) and India.

Do you have a favourite movie/musician or artist? Favourite movie - ‘A Room With A View’ set in Florence. It’s a love story and everything about this movie is perfection – the music, location, cinematography, casting, style. It’s visually beautiful. A combination of beauty, brutality, comedy, drama and romance. Cast members include Judi Dench, Maggi Smith, a very young Helena Bonham Carter, Daniel Day Lewis and Simon Callow. Just recently I think I have a new favourite - ‘Call Me By Your Name‘, also set in Italy. It’s also a beautiful love story. I guess I’m just a romantic. Favourite musician - David Bowie, who was an incredible inspiration to me growing up on an isolated farm in WA. I was 12 when I first started collecting his records, my first being Ziggy Stardust. Other artists I love include Amy Winehouse, Jake Bugg and George Michael.




Amazing ARIANA Aussie hair extensions company, Amazing Hair, has recently celebrated 13 years in business. Founder and managing director catches up with INSTYLE to talk about how she maintains her mojo.

Congratulations on celebrating 13 years in business this year. How did the idea for Amazing Hair came about? The business was formed on the premise of being an innovator. Our aim was to develop products that were revolutionary, while offering exceptional service and product quality.

How important is quality and consistency in the supply of hair extensions? Why? One of the most crucial factors of all! Hair extensions that are not of the highest quality and consistency will not only look and feel terrible, they will also be easily damaged.

Where did your passion evolve from? Why did you choose hair extensions as your business of choice? Starting a hair extensions business seemed like a natural choice given my prior industry experience of more than 20 years. I really had the drive and the desire to develop and introduce unequalled hair extension systems.

Is there a huge difference in types of hair available? How do you choose what you supply to salons? There is a massive difference. There are hundreds of different hair types and qualities available in the market. Our products are carefully selected using only the highest-grade hair quality, in conjunction with our stringent quality control systems and manufacturing methods.

What are the key elements that have led to Amazing Hair being a successful business? We are never complacent. We are focused on innovation and leading the fashion trends. We also have a relentless commitment to product quality. As a proudly Australianowned company, we are committed to supplying the highest quality of hair extensions on the market. We place great emphasis on design, research and technology. Offering an extensive range of both permanent and temporary pieces, wefts and wigs made from 100 percent REMY (hair with unilateral cuticle direction) human hair as well as a heat-resistant synthetic range, we have found we do offer a solution for any occasion. 80 INSTYLE

In your opinion, why are salons embracing hair extensions as an offered service, and why do they fall in love with Amazing Hair? Our hair extensions are quickly and easily applied, allowing salons to generate significant revenue in a very short period. Salons prefer to use Amazing Hair as they can be sure of superior hair quality, colour consistency and product performance. You have an enviable team of ambassadors behind the brand – how did this come about? We are quite lucky as we have had a natural progression of high profile celebrities looking to affiliate with a brand synonymous with luxury, quality, service and our reputation as the market leader.

INFEATURE AMAZING HAIR – SUPER STYLISTS “I have used a lot of hairpieces in my life but Amazing Hair is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to apply them, especially for red carpet events. Amazing Hair is quite simply the best hair I have worked with; I can’t live without it!” RENYA XYDIS, CELEBRITY STYLIST/OWNER OF VALONZ

“I always use Amazing Hair for my shoots and session styling. The quality is incredible and always creates the perfect natural finished look.” FRANK APOSTOLOPOULOS, BIBA

“The quality of Amazing Hair’s products is awesome; their range is massive and delivers exactly what they promise, every time.” JOEY SCANDIZZO, OWNER OF JOEY SCANDIZZO SALON

“The versatility of Amazing Hair products is second-to-none. We use Amazing Hair wigs for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week in the same way you might couture a dress; each wig is custom-styled to create a simply flawless finish.” KEVIN MURPHY, INTERNATIONAL STYLIST/KEVIN.MURPHY PROFESSIONAL

“I love working with Amazing Hair for my creative work; the quality of the hair enables me to create any look possible, and the educational support I have received has inspired me to push more boundaries. It’s the perfect partnership.” KOBI BOKSHISH, OWNER OF INTERSHAPE HAIR DESIGN

“Amazing Hair enables me to freely create what I want out of a hairstyle. Whether it be working with a client or creating a look for a collection.” HERMIZ DANIEL, JOEY SCANDIZZO SALON

“I love Amazing Hair’s tape extensions. They have incredible lasting quality and the solvent for removing them is brilliant.” LORNA EVANS, LORNA EVANS EDUCATION

“Amazing Hair’s high quality product range allows me to create beautifully natural, versatile custom-made hairpieces for my clients. From the Brownlow, to the Logie Awards, all of my clients are styled with Amazing Hair.” MARIE UVA, CELEBRITY STYLIST/DIRECTOR OF UVA SALON

“I simply love working with Amazing Hair products. Whether I am colouring hair for collections or heat styling, every time the integrity and the quality is ‘amazing’. The hair has never felt compromised and the shine is stunning. I love knowing that the hair has my back; as a stylist when you work with quality, your work is quality.”

What advice would you give to salons considering adding hair extensions as a service to their salon menu? First of all, carefully consider product quality and don’t be driven just on price. Be sure that your supplier is well established with a history of servicing top clientele. Successfully adding the right hair extensions will improve a salon’s overall profitability and allow for future earnings due to re-lifts and sales of aftercare products. What’s ahead for Amazing Hair? Lookout for exciting product launches incorporating new super innovative designs and the very latest technology. Amazing Hair will be a sponsor of the growing hairdressing industry Hot Shotsexperience and the prestigious Miss Grand Australia competition, while also gracing the runways at Spring Fashion Week, and having a presence at 2018 Hair Expo. We are looking to continue to expand the availability of the range globally, showcasing at 2018 Beautyworld Middle East and Las Vegas Cosmoprof, with a view to offer our products in many new countries and regions. For more information visit


“The choice to join Amazing Hair was an easy one, I’ve used them for years and the consistency and high quality of the hair is second-to-none. You are always guaranteed premium quality hair, ensuring both realism and the ease to create anything I want to – whether in-salon, on set or on the runway.” SAM JAMES, OWNER OF ORBE NORTH ADELAIDE INSTYLE 81


CLUB Wella Professionals colourists gathered to create a collection that explores a kaleidoscope of culture clashing colour using 11 intermixable shades from the new Color Fresh CREATE range.

Photography by Stefan Wellsmore, Hair by Elizabeth Shedwick, Mia Delveris, Mikey Forster, Ludmila Hlinovsky, Christina Charalambous, Charlene Fernandez, Jack Horton, Michelle Diasinos and Katy Reeve, Makeup by Johnny Beresford, Styling by Cheryl Tan Hair by Elizabeth Shedwick and Mia Delveris. Color Fresh CREATE High Magenta, Tomorrow Clear. Emporio Armani suit, F+H necklace and ring Opposite page: Hair by Elizabeth Shedwick & Mia Delveris. Color Fresh CREATE Nudist Pink, Tomorrow Clear. JY jewels earring, Lacoste Runway turtleneck, Raey Dress available at

Hair by Mikey Forster and Ludmila Hlinovsky. Color Fresh CREATE Nudist Pink, Super Petrol, Never Seen Green. White Story shirt

Hair by Jack Horton and Michelle Diasinos. Color Fresh CREATE Uber Gold, Future Yellow, Infinite Orange, High Magenta. Iro bomber

Hair by Christina Charalambous and Charlene Fernandez. Color Fresh CREATE Nudist Pink, Pure Violet, High Magenta, Tomorrow Clear, New Blue. F+H earrings, By Malene Birger bomber at Christensen Copenhagen, Iro singlet

Hair by Mikey Forster and Ludmila Hlinovsky. Color Fresh CREATE Nudist Pink, Tomorrow Clear, Infinite Orange. Lacoste Turtle neck, By Malene Birger pants at Christensen Copenhagen

“We wanted to play with the colour, but also to create something that was still wearable. Color Fresh CREATE is so versatile, it fades true to tone as a pastel version of its original application, so it still wears beautifully over time."

Hair by Jack Horton and Michelle Diasinos. Color Fresh CREATE Uber Gold, Future Yellow, Infinite Orange, High Magenta. Givenchy dress available at NMI Imports, Lacoste Runway jacket

“Our looks showcase a warmer colour palette of rich gold, sunflower yellow, tangerine and watermelon inspired by sunset tones. We incorporated a 70s influence to styling the hair with forward curtain bangs and a modern shag haircut.�

“We intermixed colours to make the results truly unique. We wanted violet, blue and pink hues throughout, channeling our Nontouring trend, to add depth without the need for heavy styling.�

Hair by Christina Charalambous and Charlene Fernandez. Color Fresh CREATE Nudist Pink, Pure Violet, High Magenta, Tomorrow Clear, New Blue. Max Mara coat, By Johnny dress, Pretty Little Thing boots


YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Honour to singer Karen O, the punk chick that runs circles on the stage and glitter through our minds.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Beaded Waterfall Tassel Earring

RETROSUPERFUTURE Mirrored Square Sunglasses

WELLA Fusion Intense JEREMY SCOTT Tassel Biker Jacket

Repair Conditioner 1300 889 886

CASADEI Crystal Buckle Ankle Boots

MAC COSMETICS Retro Matte Lipstick Ruby Woo


WELLA Fusion Intense Repair Shampoo 1300 889 886

AMIRI Biker Mini Skirt


FAST TO USE, IMPOSSIBLE TO FORGET Use it like a conditioner, let it work for three minutes, and enjoy the results!

AVAILABLE IN 9 COLOURS · Marrone (Brown) · Rame (Copper) · Platino (Platinum)

· Capuccino · Dorato (Golden) · Argento (Platinum blond)


· Latte Macchiato (Milk & Coffee) · Rosso (Red) · Viola (Violet)





For those of us not ready to say goodbye to salt in our hair and warm summer nights, let’s keep the spirit alive with head to toe Santorini blue.

MANOKHI Baker Boy Hat

LUCY FOLK Sunglasses

SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL Hydrate Quenching Mist





SAINT LAURENT Court Classic Sneaker



FENDI FF Logo Belt

Print Scarf

CHLOE Styling Chair with Omega Brushed Round Base

SIENNA Workstation/Mirror with Natural Walnut Bench Option

2 DRAWER Hairdressing Trolley

BARCELONA 2 Seat Waiting Sofa with Black Leg Option

METAL BOXES Rectangle or Square Display


KMS Culture Looking internationally is a major facet of the new KMS, and leading brand stylist, Simon Miller, has the task of travelling worldwide to shoot, innovate and spread the message. His trip to Melbourne this year was the perfect example of that connected global community.


ollowing a recent rebrand of the KMS DNA, the company dropped its titular ‘California’ and became certifiably more global. This international energy has seeped into its products, packaging, marketing and trends, and Simon Miller came to Melbourne, Australia, in February to represent these worldwide connections firsthand. Shooting a Street Style video amongst Melbourne’s iconic laneway-laden city landscape, the international KMS stylist found a few moments to talk to us about global trends, the brand’s newest innovations and what’s to come. From his comments, and looking at the brand generally, it's clear the global KMS community has taken on a world of its own.

Tell us about the new KMS Style Primers. Treatments have come a long way over the last several years, and are now multi benefit that can aid in the styling process. Our clients can get really frustrated when they can’t recreate the look they have in the salon, and that was the inspiration behind our new style primers. With an in salon back-bar treatment that delivers repair along with styling benefits and has a follow up they do at home, they are able to increase longevity of their look and make the at home restyling effortless. Clients can choose from hydration, volume, or defrizz. I’m super proud of them and can’t wait for everyone to fall in love with them. Why did you choose to work with KMS? What do you think the brand is offering that spoke to you as a stylist? The imagery has always spoken to me. There is something that is so honest about the hair that we create. KMS truly values our stylist 94 INSTYLE

community that supports us and, as a part of that community, I feel empowered to be able to be myself and create the kind of art that inspires me. What do you see as the major hair trends of 2018? Amazingly I get to travel all around the world and experience trends and cultures from all walks of life. Each country has its unique trends and each stylists has their own interpretation of that trend. In Australia, I see a move towards natural texture styles with haircuts that enhance those textures. What are your plans for your Australian trip? We are here shooting one of our KMS Street Style videos. These videos feature myself and a local artist exploring the city and getting to see where they go for inspiration and what kind of hair they do in their salon. On this trip I will be hanging out with Simon Farley from Shibui salon in Melbourne. I’m really looking forward to getting to know this amazing city and hanging out with another like-minded stylist. What’s next for you as a hairdresser and KMS as a brand? I am going to continue to travel all over and spread the love of the KMS community. It’s a truly incredible opportunity that I have and I never take it for granted. It’s amazing how even though there are countless things that make us different, there are numerous things that link us. We all speak the language of hair. As a brand we will continue to deliver global style to the door of stylists all around the world making fashion and trend from our hotspots more accessible. We know that style may not save the world but it can definitely make your day! For more information visit


The Black

LABEL Ian Michael Black is Aveda’s global man of mastery – making his mark on hairdressers across the landscape with an aesthetic and an attitude you want to go on a long-lunch with. So what is it about the Black Label that audiences can't get enough of?


t could just be the cheeky English accent, the equally as mischievous smile, the sense of humour and lightness associated with not taking yourself too seriously – even on-stage it’s like he’s talking to a bunch of mates. It’s also probably why he loves visiting Australia and the Australian Aveda network so much -for the relaxed low-key attitude all round. Ian travels the globe to educate Aveda colourists, collaborates on Aveda trend collections and visual campaigns, and sees client’s at Aveda’s New York Lifestyle salon in Soho and now in LA where he’s based - but really there's so much more than this to his schedule and it's really a life well lived. Sitting at lunch with him at Otto in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo it was as much about people watching, taking it all in and having a laugh as it was about gaining yet another valuable insight into his creative brain. Ian’s approach is like couture for hair, everything he does is bespoke. He’s not boxed in, so it’s no wonder that Aveda have packaged him into a role that bridges the English/ European, American and global aesthetic that is the advanced Aveda network. “Here it’s a smaller market, it’s almost like one culture for one country and when you get to America it’s a completely different breadth of wealth of culture, you have to work to a generic standpoint when working globally,” Ian said. “A lot of people don’t agree but LA is much more the centre of hair than New York. It’s changed so much – 10 years ago I thought it was backwards but it’s different now. The modern art scene is much bigger there. It’s just like pastel is now a way of life and not a trend – regardless colour will always be about technique,” he said. Admittedly hairdressing was not a life-long passion of his, he wasn’t really ever exposed to fashion or beauty, he developed his own dexterity through trial and error and moving towards things that he found interesting. “It’s not just hair we transform. There is an aesthetic in LA that doesn’t exist everywhere. There’s a real Instagram aesthetic of small makeup brands and new markets,” Ian said. As Clint Piper, Aveda Australia General Manager also said, “There are two main places for innovation - one is Korea and one is Los Angeles.”

Ian believes that despite this people are the same in every country, time poor, stressed out and wanting to learn something that enlightens them. “You need to step outside the rat race sometimes to see where inspiration can come from. It’s been 7 years since I moved to New York with Aveda and its one of those jobs that doesn’t have a job description – if I left it could be re-conditioned. We could almost live anywhere and still do the same job,” Ian said. “There are so many buzz words now with colour but this year Eclipting is an innovative hair colour technique that takes into account facial features – to bring out the best in a face. It’s not just about the hair, the face is paramount with great work,” Ian said. “Hairdressing is really changing in the States. Suites have become so cheap to rent that the regular salon is constantly under threat but I still love working in a salon, I like the environment, I like sharing. This is why a lot of us got into the industry in the first place,” Ian said. Now living in LA on his own, it’s the people he works with all over the world that makes him who he is. He also takes another leap of faith with his schedule, forever staying humble to take every experience as a learning curve, even if this means a month of eating takeout. People change a lot these days from salon work, to working a suite, editorial or education there are so many options available. “Even on a bad day in America people can live on 20 percent tips.” For Ian, however, it’s the cohesive glue of an event like Aveda Congress, Salon International, Master Jam, Colour Harmony Awards and anything that collectively allows people to share that keeps the hairdressing industry 'happy’. The sun was shining, Sydney was turning it on and it was a hysterical lunch. An infectious energy underscored the entire lunch table. Ian is the type of guy that can find some fun anywhere he goes, his label of hair is just like a Black Label – always exclusive, always in fashion and always in demand. In a world full of same same, there really is only one Ian. For more information visit INSTYLE 95



EMOTION Genuinely joy-filled, Joico Global Destination Education brought together an industry united by passion and a brand promise that brings the Joi to healthy hair - the Joi of connection, the Joi of learning and the Joi of entertainment. From corny to crusade levels of connection, here’s your insight to one of the industry’s most unique global events, writes Cameron Pine.


panning over a mammoth seven nights and not 3 or 4 like most industry gatherings, Joico GDE was a special breed of its own right from the outset. I don’t think many guests, including the 30 plus from the Joico Australia and New Zealand network and myself, had ever been to a conference for that long especially not in the Caribbean, and there’s been plenty, so how exactly did Global Destination Education exceed expectations? It wasn’t just the all-inclusive package and that meant unlimited tequila (yes, you read that correctly) - there had to be something more in it than that for so many Australians, in particular, to travel more than 24 hours to an isolated island, to lose baggage and to endure never ending transits. That's as the conference so well put it, the Joi of connection. Too much of one thing is never good but just the right balance brings joy – and Joico knew all too well about create a balanced platform for guests to pick and choose their experience. Connection and education were perfectly married but most importantly the recipe to party – it’s a core basic for every hair conference and Joico simply nailed it. To capture people’s attention for that long, the agenda needed to span far and wide with a mix of salon commercial tips, fused with inspiration and most importantly that gut-wrenching emotion only the industry’s best can bring to the fore – for even the most critical of guest. A proven and successful product, Joico is a brand that needs to be truly experienced for its potential to be seen, heard and felt. As Grafton salon owner in attendance Kerrie Dimattia puts it, “I’ve tried so many other products but nothing is as good as Joico. We have to grow the education in Australia 96 INSTYLE

so more people can see what incredible opportunities the brand presents globally,” Kerrie said. From the outset with a seemingly typical format, it wasn’t long before guests realised they were part of something very unique from the idyllic location to the long-winded format, there was time to take home something more than most expected, and that they did. Most importantly, time to reflect and re-energise their business for 2018 and go home with a new approach to making money, but mostly how to do it with integrity. At the start of a new year the timing of GDE could not have been any more perfect. Guests had time to really soak up both the sunshine and the Lumishine (Joico’s business boosting colour portfolio) – and now as a Henkel beauty care brand, the directive was to make sure that wherever you were in the resort the Joico DNA was with you. The eight day event was led by technique-driven presentations including a highly valuable ‘expert panel’ on how to become social media savvy and ultimately unlock a creative passion and desire in each and every guest to achieve more. Jenny Strebe, Phil Ring, Larisa Love, Ricardo Santiago, Olivia Smalley, Denis DeSouza and Marissa Marino are at the top of their game – each with super strengths in their chosen area of specialty – if there was one thing GDE taught every guest, it was to pick your prose and go for it! More than 1000 hair professionals from 28 countries indulged in this tropical paradise meets world-class education experience with fun additions like a social media scavenger hunt (that ended in the biggest foam party you’ve ever seen), a Brazilian pool party, a fashion rocks party, live music, dress ups and a kaleidoscope of real-life Willy Wonka style fantasy as well as a classy fi nale event with guests wearing their whitest of whites for a beachside bash. There was something for everyone – those wanting a bespoke boldness or to sit in the background and avidly take notes. It was the mix of cultures that made it such a unique experience, and not a hard sell. While Joico was in the veins of everyone in attendance it came from a place of passion and leading by example – and not preaching a product prose. “We have made the promise to you, as our VIP guests that we will give your fi rst access to the next GDE in 2020. What we have seen is nothing short of an extravaganza of hair delights and networking – the memories made are lasting,” said Joico Senior VP, Sara Jones. We have the Canadians to thank for making it all happen – they were the fi rst country to develop the education platform, not only did they have the largest numbers in attendance, Joico continued to remind us of how this Canadian concept came to fruition as a global phenomenon on the hairdressing calendar.


GDE Emcee Ben Mollin styling the rock night

With colour being the hallmark of most salon's bottom-line profits, it seemed only appropriate to kick off the formal education components with celebrity Beverly Hills colourist Denis DeSouza alongside Joico Canada Guest Artist, Melissa Duguay. With a more commercial and classy approach to colour in contrast to bright and bold, Denis and Mel talked through the business of blonde and the art of glossing every colour client with Lumishine colour glosses. “My clients want their hair to be trendy, they are at work, they don’t want a line of demarcation and they want the hair colour more on the natural side. Low maintenance blondes are a real thing at the moment”, Denis said. Most importantly the educational content launched with the concept of sharing ideas rather than merely preaching techniques. As Denis said, “We grew up as stylists without the internet, we didn’t have any of the ways to see content online – back when I was at beauty school I wish I had videos that I could look back on and create from.” Next up was all about colour intensity with social media sensation and salon owner Larisa Love – concentrated pigments with over the top vibrancy deserves supreme creativity or if not that – fool proof techniques to add excitement to colouring. Judging by the hair throughout the room, it was evident that Joico salons go crazy for colour intensity and it continues to be a top selling SKU in the Jocio portfolio. Alongside Larisa was creative colour stars Ricardo Santiago and Phil Ring – creating a dynamic stage that was entertaining and informative. “Because you have to have fun with hair,” Phil said. “Working with Joico is one of the best things I’ve done in my career. The dynamic is like being with family and we really encourage and love on each other like nothing I’ve ever experienced,” Ricardo said. Larisa gave some secrets away for her Insta-famous techniques. “Technique of application is just as important with intensity as with lightening the hair – when you are working with intensity in a foil make sure to brush side to side with your techniques, it’s almost as if you need to surround and smother the hair as much as possible,” she said. Vivienne Mackinder – the legend, the creative, the business leader and pioneer of online education, drew a tear in the eyes of almost every guest as her role throughout the conference spanned several days, from unlocking creativity inside of you, to commercial cuts and business advice, there aren’t many people in the industry with her versatility. There were two key themes to her presentation each revolving around marvelous layers of mastery within a woman who remains a success thanks to her willingness to change. It’s no wonder her most commonly asked question wonders how she stays motivated 40 years later. “Creativity is like a muscle, if it’s not used it gets smaller and smaller. The more you flex it the stronger it becomes. I’m here to help you find that wealth of creativity that lies within your heart,” she promised the eager audience. But first she had to crush some myths to creativity like, ‘you have to be born with it’ but really the only difference between some people who are creative and those that are not, are those that

Kylie McLeod, Cameron Pine, Lisette Herrera, Waleska Higueros, Guillermo Flores

“Creativity is like a muscle, if it’s not used it gets smaller and smaller. The more you flex it the stronger it becomes. I’m here to help you find that wealth of creativity that lies within your heart." VIVIENNE MACKINDER

think they aren’t creative generally limit themselves – food for thought in an audience keen to be better in all aspects. “Every generation has something beautiful to give – honour your generation if you want to dive deeper into your creativity. Let history be your teacher and be open to visionaries,” Vivienne said. “To be successful you need to be unapologetically yourselfthink of the amount of people that have money and success but have blown it. Personality takes you to the top but character keeps you there,” she said. It seemed some of the greatest learnings came in the form of realisation, by checking in with yourself but also by sticking to goals and being open to learn. “I knew only one look when I started at Sassoon’s but if you don’t step forward you are always in the same place.” Vivienne almost had to be told by industry legend Trevor Sorbie that she was a hairstylist to open her mind and learn more about dressing hair and not just cutting hair. “Fear is temporary and regret is forever – while discipline wears out, regret weighs tonnes,” Vivienne said. Walking guests through intuition, the laws of attraction and empowerment – indeed the greatest barrier to creativity is fear. The room was left with new levels of confidence. “You have to marinate creativity, it’s not an Instagram moment, it’s a process.” Vivienne praised Angelo Seminara as one of the most creative people she has ever met before taking guests through the sensibilities of different eras and periods and facing them with the challenge of mastering more than three different textures on INSTYLE 97


Felicity Bruce, Wade Spink, Jade West, Alex Murphy, Jack Lemke, Kerrie DiMattia, Trevor Joy, Wendy Young

Vivienne Mackinder and her 'live challenge' creation

one head of hair. Guests throughout the room randomly picked different eras and styles that Vivienne masterfully created into one seamless style. The closing day of conference with Vivienne saw a big emphasis on soft skills as she says a lot of the time we are so focused on technique and formula that we forget about the art of soft skill, “Soft skill is the gateway to being busy and that’s huge. Our entire industry has fallen short in soft skills,” Vivienne said. “You have to know what you want and see what you want and then you need to believe you can have it and work your ass off to get it. If you love what you do it will be a wonderful journey – I’ve never known a successful person to settle.” Richard Mannah elevated the art of cutting to a more fashioninspired series of looks but while sticking to the mantra that “It’s not just about trends, it has to suit the client and there always has to be a why behind the what,” Richard said. “What you see today is inspired by all my years of travels, from places I have been from Spain to Puerto Rico – I’m a massive believer that education equals motivation and sometimes staff get bored, it’s not because of a lack of money, it’s a lack of motivation,” Richard said. “I want the hair to look expensive – Joico is more about healthy hair but I’m here to break the rules and add some more fashion inspired texture,” Richard said. “If it ain’t broken, break it,” said Richard as he coined a new word 'moolay' (another word for a designer mullet). Richard also created a ‘90s ghetto girl’ with some creative braiding inspired by youth and rebellion. Mark Bustos is one very humble American hairdresser who has created a wave in the industry, not one built on ego but from doing haircuts on the homeless. Every Sunday Mark gives out haircuts everywhere from Guangzhou to New York City, “I don’t do charity work to make money, I make money to do charity work,” he said. Although trying to stay relatively ‘under the radar’, Mark graced the stage at Destination Education to portray himself as 98 INSTYLE

a humanitarian, a man of faith and a disruptor who just loves what he does. Mark started haircutting to his brothers and friends at the age of 14 in his backyard – even though he didn’t know what he was doing he always said ‘I can do that’ when someone would ask for a style – self taught, it was haircuts for a few sandwiches and slices of pizza. Now he works at a high-end New York salon and charges top dollar for a haircut, not only this but he is about to open his own salon called the Silver Vine Room. Mark’s story was an inspiring and for some a tear-jerking one. “I’ve always wanted to make a lot of money and charge a lot of money but once I realised I could sustain myself, I found myself giving all of this money away. The more you give, the more you get.” In the Philippines where Mark is from, there are children living in tents on top of gravestones in a cemetery, so he asked his aunt to organise a party for all the kids in the cemetery to celebrate his grandmother’s birthday, “Our problems are not problems – there are problems out there in the world that are real problems.” From learning to put ‘problems’ into perspective to trying new things in a room fi lled with passion, to be pushed creatively with no limits, to be inspired and excited by those around you, to feel emotion like you’ve never felt it before, to party and laugh while making new friendships - you realise a few things about life. As Olivia Smalley (@omgartistry) said, “I cannot express the camaraderie of everyone involved in GDE. I felt like all the elements were aligned and everyone’s mind was open to meet and learn from one another. I personally re-affi rmed that when you are green you grow and when you are ripe you rot. Not only this, but it was the most gorgeous lush green resort with some of the most inspiring hair stylists in the world." Joico implored everyone in attendance to be strong and raise the profi le of the industry, to elevate each other and make a lasting impression on everyone they meet. One resounding message from all speakers was to challenge yourselves and to view success as a holistic inertia and not just in one aspect of your life. Family, personal, fi nancial – the Joico network certainly focus more on happiness at a complete level rather than personal accomplishment. “Being able to inspire hairdressers on stage is so rewarding but also being part of a week like this and to be inspired by others as well, is the ultimate – every 1,000 plus guest has something to give,” Denis De Souza said. As Vivienne closed off her fi nal presentation she affi rmed that we need three things in life – someone to follow as your beacon of light, someone by your side to support you and someone who can give back to you. Th ree elements portrayed perfectly through the platform of GDE. Give back, step forward and become another Joico advocate – you just might achieve as much as this energetic group of hairdressers and professionals that together have reached the world – life changing! For more information visit


Create A STIR


Bespoke colouring made easy with Wella Professionals' latest launch.

ransform creative inspiration into real hair colour creations with the new Color Fresh CREATE line by Wella Professionals. There are 11 fully intermixable pure shades, including one clear shade, that offer stylists the freedom for unlimited colouring effects. The semi-permanent colours, ranging from bright and bold to soft and gentle pastels, fade true-to-tone over time with each wash due to carefully selected hues that avoid an off-tone fade. The vibrant colours in the range were co-created with nine global creative artists including OPI founder Suzi WeissFischmann, the brand's UK top artist Clayde Baumann, Dach top artist Jutta Gsell, global creative artist Alexis Ferrer, Australian top artist Ash Crocker, Global creative artist Sonya Dove, Italian top artist Egidio Borri, VP of creative hair Reiner Sauter and global creative artist Jason Gray. “The demand for colour is on the rise, and with all shades being fully intermixable, there are now no boundaries for creative colour," said Marie Uva, Wella Professionals creative colour director. "The arrival of the Colour Fresh CREATE range is exciting for all professional colourists.� For more information visit


renew and smoothing creme - 150g High performing plant extracts return split and damaged hair to its original condition, form and shine with this unique rich formulation. The light hold factor controls frizzy, flyaway hair while providing heat, solar and colour protection for your hair.







R+CO Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder. 1300 725 122 KERACOLOR Clenditioner Conditioning Cleanser. (02) 9666 3611

NVEY Colour Protect Shampoo. (03) 9654 2037 WELLA PROFESSIONALS Love Edition EIMI Body Crafter, Glam Mist and Perfect Me. 1300 889 886

ECHOS LINE M2 Hydrating Mask. (02) 9666 3611 BIOLAGE Recover Shampoo and Conditioner. 1300 386 421

ILES FORMULA Hair Mask. 0407 097 071 NUMBER 4 HIGH PERFORMANCE HAIR CARE Volumizing Shampoo.



NVEY Frizz Control Smoothing Oil. (03) 9654 2037 BHAVE Bombshell Blonde Conditioner. 1300 40 20 64 PUREOLOGY Clean Volume Weightless Mousse and Instant Levitation Mist. 1300 386 421

DESIGN.ME PowderDry.ME. (02) 9666 3611 GOLDWELL Kerasilk Style Texturizing Finish Spray, Enhancing Curl Crème and Accentuating Finish Crème. 1300 135 722 JOICO Color Intensity Pink Rose and Purple Mauve Color Butter Color Depositing Treatments. 1300 656 247 DAVID MALLETT Hair and Body Wash and Mask No. 2 Le Volume. (07) 3395 4997

VITALITY'S Espresso Violet Coloring Conditioner. (03) 9898 0018



JONNY+JUNE Original Treatment and Original Balm. (02) 9360 4877

AGAVE HEALING OIL Smoothing Shanpoo and Revitalizing Shine Spray. 1300 764 437

R+CO Freeway DeďŹ ning Spray Gel and Crown Scalp Scrub. 1300 725 122

BIOLAGE Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner. 1300 386 421 NVEY Blow-Out Volume Smoothing Cream. (03) 9654 2037 EVO Water Killer Dry Shampoo. 1300 437 436 REDKEN BREWS Mint Shampoo and Dishevel Fiber Cream. 1300 650 170

ORIBE Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Intensive Treatment. 1300 725 122

VITALITY'S Espresso Cappuccino Coloring Conditioner. (03) 9898 0018

12 REASONS Marula Oil Serum. (02) 9666 3611


Officially Distributed by EKI Pty Ltd

PEACE Using carefully selected NATURAL ingredients, Peace is a strong and effective range of styling waxes and creams, with the fragrance Aqua Rose that will bring Peace to your day.

ARIMINO – the #1 hairstyling product company in Japan.

Celebrates hair as a limitless source of inspiration. 4 key ranges

CARMEN HAIR COLOUR, SOLARIS LIGHTENERS, ESSENTIEL CUSTOMISED RITUALS - premium hair and scalp care, COLLECTIONS NATURE - botanical and organic hair and scalp care.

Strengthen and enhance your client’s hair, during chemical services by solving three major causes of hair damage. SHISEIDO PROFESSIONAL’S SALON PROGRAM TREATMENT SYSTEM With the exclusive Intense Triplex Technology. New Products.

Ultimate straightening. Unbelievably soft, smooth hair. THE CRYSTALLIZING STRAIGHT SYSTEM With Hyaluronic Thermal Straight Technology.

EKI is the official Australian distributor of Arimino, Eugene Perma and Shiseido Professional Hair Products. For further information or an in salon training-demonstration-consultation, please call 02 9719 1418 or visit our website Mobile: 0404 831 488 | Email: or Showroom and Office, Shop 1, 52 Lyons Road, Drummoyne, NSW 2047, Australia Salon and Training Centre, 83 Lyons Road, Drummoyne, NSW 2047, Australia


WELLA PROFESSIONALS Nioxin Instant Fullness Dry Cleanser. 1300 889 886

REDKEN BREWS Clay Pomade. 1300 650 170 JOICO Color Intensity Green Vert Color Butter Color Depositing Treatment. 1300 656 247

ORIBE Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream and Featherbalm Weightless Styler. 1300 725 122

BHAVE Nourish Hydrate & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner. 1300 40 20 64

VITALITY'S Espresso Platinum Blond Coloring Conditioner. (03) 9898 0018

EVO Head Mistress Cuticle Sealer. 1300 437 436 BIOLAGE Uplift Conditioner. 1300 386 421 LENDAN Plexforte Bond Filler. 1800 536 326 JOICO Body Shake Texturizing Finisher and Beach Shake Texturizing Finisher. 1300 656 247

KERATIN COMPLEX Smoothing Therapy Picture Perfect Hair Bond Sealing Masque. (02) 9666 3611

AGAVE HEALING OIL Oil Treatment. 1300 764 437

KMS Add Volume Style Primer. 1800 506 060





e spend most days dreaming of a getaway to Italy, where culture, art and great gelato is simply commonplace, but without being able to steal away on an international flight at a moment’s notice, we appreciate when the beauty of Italian hair and education can be fully realised in Australia. Emsibeth Professional Hair Care, which is made in Italy and distributed in Australia through Contact Hair Services, recently offered an education opportunity in November 2017, headlined by their head colourist from Italy. This was one of just many experiences that deepens the brand’s connection between the two countries. Paolo Elia presented at a sold out education seminar at the Perth Convention Centre, bringing the brand’s seasonal fashion and education systems to our local industry. The Australian team is well connected to the international creative team, with Australian educator and stylistic director Renato De Felice

travelling to Verona twice a year in order to communicate and work with the international team. Renato is a valued member of the international team and has ensured, since arriving in Australia in 2004,that Emsibeth Australia is well connected to Italy, personally delivering feedback to the global figureheads to strengthen this bond. Emsibeth salons in Australia are also equipped with new colour menus for clients twice a year, including new clearly-written formulas, which reflect global trends. The brand prioritises education, and Renato designs an annual collection dedicated to craft and stylistic direction that inspires Emsibeth salons. The product itself is treated as secondary to this artistry, more a tool in elevating professional skills and educating hairdressers than the main focus for the brand. Even so, the product range is extensive and high quality, it also boasts haircare alongside the brand’s iconic colour. The next step for Emsibeth Australia is the creation of a national stylistic team in Perth, the members of which will be able to participate in that international communication and feedback. It’s important to the brand that local stylists are part of this global conversation. Paolo’s seminar was one piece of this international puzzle. There, the brand launched a range of 10 minute ammonia-free toner colours, while Renato demonstrated on-stage cutting and Paolo showcased live artistic colour. The duo also exhibited in salon education on the trip, hosting a course with the Dale James Salon team, where attendees learnt the styles and colour techniques presented on

stage. They also took part in a shoot utilising the seminar models to contribute to the new collection. After an extremely successful trip, the brand gives special thanks to Dale Brierty of Dale James Salon, as well as Lorenzo Cremasco of Studio Capelli Salon, for their assistance. Dene Selby Modelling and the models employed, photography by Callum Hey/Piergiulio Fiore and makeup by Melika Shahid were all instrumental in the enthralling shoots and shows. With distribution in 30 countries, Emsibeth has its roots in Italy, continued growth in Australia and connections all over the world. While constructing their local creative team, the brand is also looking for distributors to spread the product and the message. Join the brand’s culturally rich, bold approach to care and colour and you’ll never look back from the Emsibeth tribe. For more information visit au or email



Photography by Tim Ashton, Hair by Shane Henning, Makeup by Diana Djurdjevski, Styling by Emma Cotterill

Glow Drops Lancôme’s latest innovation is their Teint Idole Ultra Wear Custom Glow Drops, an extension of the range’s Teint Idole Ultra Wear Stick and Camouflage, launched last year. The Custom Glow Drops are comprised of pearlised pigments to act as versatile highlighters. The products are available in four shades (Champagne, Rose, Golden and Bronze) as of the beginning of March, and are sure to add a filter-less glow to every complexion. 1300 651 991


Welcome Woman by Ralph Lauren, a feminine fragrance inspired by the concept of a heroine. In line with the brand’s fashion styling, it evokes strength, power and grace, taking something masculine and making it womanly. White florals, rich woods, and the hero Tuberose bloom present a bold contrast, while the bottle mimics the shape of a flask with soft cruves. Jessica Chastain will represent this heroic figure as the face of the campaign, alternately dressed in a tuxedo and evening gown. 1300 651 991

Beauty NEWS Spongellé

Beauty Boosters Beauty Boosters has debuted a range of three daily supplements to work into your skincare routine alongside your ritual cleansers and serums. The new range offers Collagen-C, enriched with Vitamin C for the support of collagen production and connective tissue formation, Complexion Perfection containing Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids with Evening Primrose Oil for the relief of dry skin, and Glow Getter which offers a unique blend of vitamins and minerals for the ultimate hair, skin and nail repair. 1800 637 697

Spongellé prioritises skincare from head to toe, offering a range of body sponges infused with moisturisers and cleansers to care for the skin. Each imbued with an exotic fragrance, in variations of Bulgarian Rose, French Lavender, Papaya Yuzu, Coconut Verbena and Ginger Bergamot, and able to switch between exfoliating to moisturising and cleansing properties, the products are versatile cleansing options. They’re proudly Paraben Free, Hypoallergenic & Dermatologist Tested. (03) 9898 0018

Make Up Fixer Stageline’s Make Up Fixer is the brand’s magical solution to ensuring makeup lasts all day. The tool won’t alter your makeup colours or finish, and keeps makeup fresh without having to apply powder. The product is ideal for brides and professional shoots, preventing the transfer of makeup onto clothes and eliminating smudging in an easy spray-on format. Make Up Fixer also contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to halt premature aging.


#NoMakeup All the tools we need to look natural.



THE DAILY EDITED Black Pouch. (02) 9195 3150 COVER FX BB Gel Mattifying Anti-Blemish Treatment. (02) 8880 9446 NUDESTIX Stardust Eye Pencil. (02) 8880 9446 SALT BY HENDRIX Lip Glow Argan Oil Lip Tint. 0452 183 503 AVEDA Feed My Lips Pure Nourish-mint Lip Treatment. 1800 706 377 MAC COSMETICS Face and Body Foundation, Prep+Prime Fix+, Lip Conditioner and Lingering Eye Brows. 1800 613 828 THE BODY SHOP All-In-One BB Cream. (02) 8880 9446 MODELS OWN Barely There Eye Shadow Palette. 1300 88 44 11 PAULA’S CHOICE Resist Anti-Ageing Lip Gloss. 1800 608 574 ENDOTA SPA Colour Mineral Powder Foundation. (03) 5971 8700 IT COSMETICS Heavenly Luxe Pointed Precision Complexion No. 11 Brush. (02) 8880 9446 INSTYLE 109


t a e r G e Th Experience the refreshing properties of Micellar Water.


PAYOT Eau Micellaire Express. (02) 9874 1166 SEPHORA Eau Micellaire Démaquillante. (02) 8880 9446 LUZERN La Defense Urban Protect Micellar Cleansing Water. 1300 367 969 GUINOT Démaquillante Micellaire. 1300 811 024 ENDOTA SPA ORGANICS The Easy Cleanse. (03) 5971 8700 G&M NEUROCOSMEDICS No 1.3 4-In-1 Micellar Detoxifying Water. (02) 9712 8188 ULTRACEUTICALS Ultra B2 Micellar Solution. (02) 9660 3066







of the same variant

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T H AT ’ S O N L Y


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Our BIGGEST selling brand over the last 5 years!


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$ 78 EACH

Created in Italy, the home of high-end fashion, the extensive range of colours by Hair Smart satisfies any professional colourists desire. The creme colour base is pleasantly scented and rich in high-quality protective ingredients to safeguard the hair throughout the colouring process. It blends perfectly to a creamy texture which literally glides on to the hair ensuring an even application. Hair Smarts active ingredients moisturise and hydrate to leave the hair with a stunning shine, perfectly showcasing your colour work. Multiple parcels available. Call 1300 343 572 for help.

SHOP 24/7 STORE LOCATIONS: ARANA HILLS | BROWNS PLAINS | GARBUTT | KAWANA | MERMAID WATERS | NORTH LAKES *Available while stocks last. Dangerous goods surcharges apply online. Deals are available to trade customers only.

SALON ESSENTIALS Solutions for hair problems

BRUSHLESS GENIUS Contact DATELINE IMPORTS P/L AUS (02) 9666 3611 NZ 0800 169 600

THE PERM PRODIGY Nobody knows more about perms than Robert de Soto. Luscious, long-lasting curls, waves and tousled texture for all hair types. Robert de Soto iPerms are available in hydrating for coloured/damaged hair, natural looking curls for normal hair and extra body for resistant hair.

Hair dryers don’t get any smarter than this! Silver Bullet K3 Brushless Motor Hair Dryer is an ultra-high performance hair dryer with a brushless motor created by the hair dryer geniuses at ETI in Italy. An unbeatable 50 month warranty, plus a massive 2200 watts of power.

TEXTURE TO THE MAX It’s big, bold and super volumising – that’s why we love it! With its deep crimping and textured undulations, the Texture Max by Silver Bullet takes you to new heights. As they say, the higher the hair, the closer to heaven.

UNBEATABLE BALAYAGE BLEACH When it comes to balayage, Robert de Soto is the expert. That’s why Robert de Soto Balayage Bleach is specifically formulated for freehand colouring techniques and is available in white, blue and purple.

SALON COOL Make your barbershop or salon look the part with stylish, nouveau-retro Salon Smart Capes and Aprons. Luxurious yet durable fabrics with vintage prints for all salon services. Six new, on-trend styles.

STACK IT UP Your traditional curler just doesn’t stack up! Silver Bullet MasterCurl saves you precious space, time and money. Upright, super-fast heating, affordable hot roller sets with higher heat to create a tighter, longer-lasting curl. Hotter, faster, better curls.

ROSE GOLD GLAMOUR Add a touch of rose gold glamour into the salon! Brushworx Rosette Cushion Brushes combine romantic rose gold with the impeccable quality of Brushworx. With soft nylon bristles, these brushes gently detangle and smooth all hair textures for silky, shiny results.

COLOUR CORRECTION GOES VEGAN Colour correction with a conscience! Malibu C helps you become a colour correction expert with extraordinarily easy and inexpensive 100% vegan, water-activated formulas. Three simple tools turn colour correction into a foolproof 45 minute opportunity.

BARBERING WITH ATTITUDE Barbering goes next level. Vines Vintage is a blend of quality ingredients, innovative formulas and passionate craftsmanship to bring you authentic barbering with attitude. Modern barbering and grooming products to finish and style hair.

BE INSPIRED BY ARTISTS & MODELS Embrace your creativity with Brushworx Artists & Models. Created by the Dateline Creative Team, this imaginative and unique design series elevates a simple brush into a work of art. Where brushes become an imaginative subject of desire.

THE COLOURS OF ITALY Echos Color, a calibre of colour like no other. 126 shades of premium Italian pigments offering infinite colour versatility. Use as a permanent or semi-permanent colour, toner or filler all from one tube. Elevated, versatile and masterfully priced.



Glides Velvet collection is fast becoming the number one go-to brush for stylists. The entire brush including the barrel, handle and bristles are coated in high-quality carbon. The result is a tool that controls antistatic and allows for faster drying of the hair, leaving it soft and smooth. Contact Glide Hair Tool on (02) 8730 8847 or visit

Go straight or stay curly with Keratin Complex’s Personalized Blow Out Same Day Keratin Treatment. The three-step treatment can eliminates frizz, define curls or create maximum straightness. The treatment is powered by K-Pure Juice, a blend of keratin, botanicals and amino acids, that has the ability to smooth or straighten the hair or define curl while helping to preserve the hair fibres mechanical strength and increase manageability, with results that last up to three months. Contact Dateline Imports on (02) 9666 3611 or visit

FIGHT THE FADE Fight the fade or add hot shades with Joico Color Butter. The range is comprised of colourdepositing treatments that instantly add colour or refresh faded colour, while reducing breakage by more than 40 percent. The colours, available in six shades - pink, purple, red, blue, green and titanium - last for up to 10 shampoos. Visit


The latest tools, terms and technology ABSOLUTE COLOUR

LIFT IT LIGHTR The Nova Artiste is a versatile clay powder lightener that encourages stylists to become a master of free-hand colour techniques, creating unique hair effects without the need of foil or other coverings. The powder lightener can provide up to six levels of lift. Visit


Superior professional hair colour, Vitality’s Art Absolute, is manufactured in Italy and made with pure highly oxygenated water, sourced directly from the Swiss Alps. It’s free from hardeners, additives and contaminants and has a low ammonia content and low pH levels. It provides intense colour that is wash resistant, conditions and gives 100 percent grey coverage. Available in 103 colours. Contact D2P on (03) 9898 0018 or visit

The Trichovedic Deep Cleansing Shampoo is step one in a fi ve step insalon service designed to add strength, condition, elasticity and shine to hair that has been damaged by sun, sea and chlorinated water, heat appliances and colour and lightening services. Also in the range is the KWS TriProtein Complex that rebuilds protein, Natural Oil Blend to moisturise and protect, Deep Therapy Masque that tightly closes the cuticle layer and Glossing Serum or Argan Oil to add deep shine and protection. Contact Trichovedic on (02) 9489 7776 or visit


Live Full Volume With an ever-increasing amount of stress on the body both physically and mentally, peptides have fast become the most effective solution to boost the energy and strength of those with an active lifestyle. Australian brand aevol is the market disruptor affording optimum health, without the compromise, writes Cameron Pine.


irstly, if you think that peptides are only for people who want to show massive gains at the gym or to boost muscle mass then you’re wrong. There are a number of formulas and combinations to treat everything from injuries (especially for people on their feet all day) right down to fat loss. Aevol has taken away the complexity and overpriced doctors visits, with a peptide solution as easy as paying a bill online.

WHAT ARE PEPTIDES? Peptides are molecules more commonly referred to as proteins and range in size from two amino acids – dipeptides to thousands of amino acids or polypeptides. Peptides are found throughout every cell and tissue in the body and are an integral part of most biologic processes. Maintenance of appropriate concentration and activity levels of peptides are necessary to achieve homeostasis and maintain health, so an effective peptide is basically going to work boosting natural regenerative effects in the body. Clinical grade peptides are fast becoming one of the focuses of discussions for individuals interested in novel medical approaches for optimising health and wellbeing. Available both in a cream formulation and the traditional insulin needle, peptide supplements are a growing area of development in the health and wellbeing environment. 116 INSTYLE

These clever little proteins consisting of fewer than fifty amino acids impact some of the mechanisms in our body traditionally understood to be involved in our ability to recover and develop.  Some of these chains are pivotal in stimulating the release of natural human growth hormone (HGH), an element within the body that naturally declines significantly as we age. The hormone acts to repair and maintain our body, and as the levels of HGH reduce in our body the ability to fight aging, maintain vitality and manage our overall health declines.

THE AEVOL ADVANTAGE An Australian own and based company, Aevol has taken the clinical out of the peptides purchasing experience, with a website, customer service and brand aesthetic designed for the human in all of us. Whether it’s to fuel motivation, work smarter, push your limits, find your balance or get more out of life, the Aevol aesthetic appeals to all of us. Maintaining an active lifestyle and working for the most part 12 hour days is no easy feat – couple this with travel, lifestyle habits and time for family and the body is forced to work seriously hard when sometimes it simply doesn’t have the fuel to do so. All Aevol peptides are 100 percent compounded in Australian pharmacies, distributed from Australia’s magical Far North Coast of NSW.

INHEALTH “Frustrated with seeing patients struggle to consistently reach their health goals, at Aevol we believe peptides are of interest to anybody willing to reach those goals,” said Aevol marketing manager, Enya Pelling. Rather than taking supplements to reach peaks and troughs whether it be for body transformation or general health, the Aevol approach has been designed to make peptides more accessible to a greater audience, notably by developing a full range as creams, as well as injectables. The company strives to provide a top-notch medical approach. "Our medical team is composed of professional doctors, who will put your health at the centre of the picture by working with dedicated medical staff; should you have any questions, our medical team will be in touch," the brand said. "Our medical team is Australian-trained."

WHAT AEVOL PEPTIDE IS RIGHT FOR ME? There are a variety of bundles available depending on what goals or objectives individual customers have in mind from muscles to anti-ageing, fat burning, regeneration of muscle tissue or injuring recovery as well as safe tanning. Firstly it’s important to know what your primary goals are, just like some key areas below. Or a combination of a few can be achieved with bundling. • • • • • •

Anti-ageing Bodybuilding and muscle growth Injury repair Weight loss Tanning General health and wellbeing

To make this process easier Aevol has put together the Peptide Guide that decodes the technicalities of peptides into a simple formula so the end result is more easily understood. There’s the Lean Muscle multiplier, Vitality, Fat Metabolizer, Muscle Bulk, Body Regenerate, Body Recovery and Active Tan. Popular combinations contain the perfect amounts of ipamorelin (Human Growth Hormone), Sarms S22 and CJC1295 (ipamorelin and GHRP6) The Aevol website is easily navigated and actually conveys that Peptidesare a healthy lifestyle option and not a clinical process. They also have live chat options and representatives online to answer any questions and concerns. Simply sign up and you’ll be talked through every step of the process. So if you’re feeling like your goals are that little bit too unrealistic or your lifestyle sucks you of that forever elusive lifestyle satisfaction – peptides are, it seems, the new vitamins. For more information visit

NOW AVAILABLE! brilliant new cool reflects

pearl blondes • Up to 100 % coverage • Great for toning.

7.12 - Pearl Blonde Medium Ash Violet Blonde

9.12 - Light Pearl Blonde Very Light Ash Violet Blonde


pure pigment Steel Grey Concentrate Designed to neutralise unwanted warm pigments in the hair. Great for enhancing and to achieve brilliant slate greys.




Hairjamm Brand Ambassador, Eclectic Styles Hair Studio

Her current style is very edgy and attention grabbing. I love the combination of textures and colours, however I feel her hair is lost behind this and needs to make more of a statement. I would love to cut her hair shorter below the chin and create more movement and direction by using Pure Plex lightener to free hand paint some lighter panels to contour her face. I would then add in a deep matte root stretch of Pure Evolve 5.08 to keep a structured and contrasting base melted into a crisp beige 8.97 over the pre-lightened panels. For styling I would use Pure Shaping serum to give the hair a flexible hold with shine and style the hair into a soft wave keeping the ends out straight to harmonise with the fur collar.  I would finish with Pure finest powder and Pure Plumping Clay spray to give the hair a shot of volume that will last all day with a tousled natural vibe to the style. 



Owner, Elite Hair & Beauty, Newcastle

I love this powerful and playful pantsuit! I would love to bring her colour to life by adding babylights to create a more natural colour design. I would then add dimension to the hair by using Joico Blonde Life Lightening Powder, keeping the brunette tones warm and rich. Her length is great, but I would create more body and texture throughout the hair, combining Joico Heat Set and Hair Shake to work with the statement outfit!Â



CLUB Your new colour revitalising obsession shares a lot in common with your caffeine addiction – welcome Espresso by Vitality’s.


s hairdressers, it’s unlikely we’d survive without our morning coffee (or coffees, as it were), and colour brand Vitality’s is speaking to that obsession with their range of hues, aptly titled Espresso. Distributed in Australia via D2P, the nine-product strong range can be used to revitalise and perfect colour, while also making us really crave our daily brew. The nine products are ideal for maintenance and toning blonde, available as Marrone (brown), Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato (milk and coffee), Rame (copper), Dorato (golden), Rosso (red), Platino (platinum), Argento (platinum blonde) and Viola (violet). Hairdressers should choose the colour closest to the shade that has already been applied, and apply it after cleansing and towel drying the hair. The hues can have the effect of improving shine and brilliance, particularly in the blonde tones, and can be applied on the same day of the primary colour service or even weeks after.


The products are ideal for the many clients who colour their hair and expect it to be salon-level perfect at all times. The hues have the power to revitalise colour in just three minutes, are specifically designed for coloured hair and won’t affect the roots of the hair. They’re also easy to use for colourists, are ammonia and bleach free and made for clients with sensitive skin. The products contain Keravit, used to restructure and revatilise hair while boosting keratin levels, and the pH in the formulas fi xes the pigments deep down, closing the cells to provide enhanced shine. They’re also formulated to improve the absorption of colour pigments and active ingredients, softening hair, protecting cuticles from abrasions and sealing the hair for optimal quality. You can suitably associate this technology with coffee, in that its rich, addictive, top quality and completely necessary in the salon. Stop salivating and try these products now. For more information visit



IN THE WILD When you’re trying to run a business on a limited budget, the last thing you want to do is to eat into your earnings by spending up big on gizmos and gadgets that won’t get you ahead. If your relationship with technology verges on love/hate, it could just be that you’re using the wrong gear, discovers Fleur Murphy.


he team at Shortcuts spoke with Gary Latham from Wild Life Hair about the tech tools that actually save them time and money, let them focus on being “people people”, and help them provide an amazing experience for their guests.


YouTube doesn’t have to be a time-waster, in fact, it’s a treasure trove of incredible business resources that will help you motivate and inspire your team. “There’s something about video that brings a concept to life – you can use it to sell an idea, in a way that’s relatable and easy to digest,” Gary said. “It’s all very well to say to your team ‘sell more retail’, but unless you’re helping them understand why it’s important, and giving the right skills to be able to achieve, what’s the use? “Often at our Wild Life Hair staff meetings each month, we’ll get out the laptop or even the data projector and share a video that’s caught our eye. “We find that if our team hears it from someone else, they often connect with the message we’re trying to communicate much more strongly than if we just said it ourselves.”

MAKE MONEY MOVE Ever feel like one unforeseen bill could take your finances from smooth sailing to stormy seas in a single transaction? It doesn’t have to be that way. “You might have a pretty good idea of how much money is in your bank account – but you might not know how much is yours to keep, and how much of it actually belongs to someone else,” Gary said. “Staying on top of your cashflow is more than just a necessary evil to help keep the tax office happy each quarter. It’s critical to the ongoing success of your business. “We use a tool called Cash Manager to keep track of our income and expenses automatically. It doesn’t really matter which one you use, as long as it helps you set yourself a budget and track your progress over time.

“Once you really understand where things are at, you’ll start to spot the trends and adjust the game plan accordingly.”

EMBRACE MOBILE TECH Mobile technology might be one of 2018’s most overused buzzwords, but there’s a lot to be said for putting the power in your clients’ hands. “Everyone is so time poor these days. If we have, say, 300 bookings in a week, that’s a lot of phone calls and a lot of mucking around for us and for our guests,” Gary said. “We decided to make the booking process fast and simple using the Mobile Guest App from Shortcuts. Now all our clients have to do is pick up their phone, open our app, hit a few buttons and they’ve made their next appointment. “Sure, not everyone is going to want book via an app, but just being able to offer our clients the choice is so important. It shows you care enough to put them first and make their life just that little bit easier.”

STAY SOCIALLY SAVVY Facebook and Instagram aren’t just for sharing snaps of your Sunday brunchfest or watching videos of cats who are terrified of cucumbers. If you use them right, social media tools can be a powerful way to help you spread the word about your salon. “At Wild Life Hair, we find that social media is a cost-effective way to attract new guests, and to keep them interested between visits so they keep coming back for more,” Gary said. “We put a lot of thought into sharing content our clients might love, it’s not about how many hairdressers follow you but how many clients do. “You have to remember, the more you can show your people you understand them and care for them, the more likely they are going to be to engage with you on social media. “What really keeps them coming back though is the fantastic experience that’s waiting for them once they do make it into your salon. Never overestimate the power of great human interactions.”

Visit to watch Jayne and Gary from Wild Life Hair share their success story. INSTYLE 121


TOP 4 Managing a team can be difficult, particularly as we often don’t receive any formal training on how to be a great manager. So we’ve put together a list of 5 key skills every manager should have, writes Joanne Neville. SKILL 1: COMMUNICATION Good communication skills are essential to be successful in almost any role but it’s particularly important when you’re a manager. As the manager of a team there are several areas you could focus on: • Setting tasks: How you’ve outlined what you’d like your staff to do will ultimately determine the quality of the outcome. So check they’ve understood you by getting them to outline what they’re going to do. • Running meetings: As a manager you’ll probably be running some meetings. Meetings are notorious for wasting time, so clearly communicate the purpose of the meeting and what you’d like to achieve by the end of it, then it’s just a matter of keeping the meeting on track. • Providing feedback: Being able to give constructive, helpful feedback is key. Making time to provide your staff with regular feedback will ensure your team knows how they’re going. It’s also a great opportunity to give them advice and discuss any training they might need to thrive in their role. It’s important to combine your communication skills with great listening skills too! Your team need to know that their opinions are heard and valued. It also helps avoid misunderstandings and assists in building trust with your team.

• The healer: Healers are imaginative idealists who are concerned with the personal growth of themselves and others. Motivate them by pushing them to find an alternative way to solve a problem or complete a task. • The visionary: Visionaries want to analyze, understand and influence other people, and they enjoy challenging ideas. Motivate them by giving them challenging tasks that perhaps others don’t believe can be done. • The provider: Providers are sensitive to the needs of others, eager to please and like to work in a cooperative environment. Motivate them by showing them how a task will improve something and provide them with structure and organisation. • The supervisor: Supervisors are hardworking, keen to be in charge and like rules. Motivate them with a clear list of outcomes for projects and tasks, and encourage them to pursue management roles. • The inspector: Inspectors tend to be introverted and concern themselves with ensuring standards are met. Motivate them by telling them the completion of a task relies entirely on them and help them create their to-do lists. • The performer: Performers are spontaneous, energetic, talkative and they like to be the centre of attention. Motivate them by telling them how impressed others will be if they complete a task and allow them to be spontaneous in the workplace.



A top priority for any manager is delegation. No matter how skilled you are, there’s only so much one person can do in the hours we have each day. With a team behind you, you can achieve so much more and that’s why it’s so important you delegate effectively! Successful delegation starts with sharing the big picture with your team. Take them through your strategy or plans as it’ll allow them to see where the work you’re delegating fits. Delegation is all about matching people and tasks so it’s important to think about your team's goals and personal strengths. If there’s someone in your team who wants to upskill in a particular area, perhaps there’s a task you could give them that would assist their learning. Or you may have someone with a natural ability that perfectly suits another task.

Teams are made up of people who have different goals and abilities, and are at different stages of their careers. Some may be very driven and look for opportunities, while others may be unsure and need guidance. As a manager a very important part of your role is understanding where each person in your team is at and how you can help develop them. If you can help your team become better at what they do, your team’s performance will increase which will benefit your business overall. Some effective ways of developing your team are: • Giving regular feedback to each of your staff so they can see where they’re doing well and where they need to improve. • Providing opportunities for development. A model that works well is the 70:20:10 model. This suggests that 70 percent of learning happens through experience, such as daily tasks, 20 percent through conversations with other people, such as coaching, and 10 percent through traditional training courses. • Having regular performance reviews to discuss progress, create goals and build a clear career path.

SKILL 3: MOTIVATION A big part of a manager’s role is motivating their team! To truly be successful as a motivator it’s important to understand that different things motivate different people. You want your team to be able to perform to their full potential, so you need to understand them and effectively adapt your management style to match. Here’s an overview of common personalities you might find in a team and how to motivate them:


Joanne Neville is the Marketing Manager at Kitomba Salon & Spa Software. To learn more about what Kitomba can do for your business, visit or call 1800 161 101.

Customised colours that we all dream of A premium hair colour range formulated by celebrity stylist and social media powerhouse Guy Tang.

@guytang_mydentity #mydentity | #mydentityau

Exclusively distributed by Haircare Australia. For stockist enquiries call 1300 437 436 or visit

@guytang_mydentity #mydentity | #mydentityau

Natural Ice

Vibrant Pastel

Rose Gold

Guy Tang’s full colour range includes everything from unique cool Natural Ice tones to a sultry Midnight Rose. These bold new shades are unlike anything you have seen before, as Guy always stays ahead of the pack to give you the most unique customised colours that complement your creative vision. • • •

Advanced VibraRiche technology

Pre-blended signature shades for

Break-through Miru-Style X-HP

Lavender fragrance Guy Tang’s favourite

Exclusive keratin and argan seed oil blend improves the overall integrity of

for vibrant and intense colour with 2x the shine.

delivers heat protection up to 230°C

the hair, providing maximum colour retention and vibrancy.

Midnight Rose

the most demanding hair colour trends.


Colour categories available Permanent, Demi-Permanent, Direct Dye, Lighteners & Developer.


Exclusively distributed by Haircare Australia. For stockist enquiries call 1300 437 436 or visit

GUY TANG’S STORY I created #mydentity because I wanted to inspire stylists just like me to find their identity, because I had such a hard time finding mine. I wanted to customise colours that we all dream of – colours that are missing from today’s hair colour; to create a line that brings back the fun and excitement in our industry. But most of all, I want to create a community that empowers our #Hairbestie family, and enables all of us to find our #mydentity. Because when you know who you are, you have the courage to do anything you dream of.

#Hairbesties, together we will change the industry. Let’s evolve together. ng #mydentity!

Customised colours that we all dream of A premium hair colour range formulated by celebrity stylist and social media powerhouse Guy Tang.

@guytang_mydentity #mydentity | #mydentityau

Exclusively distributed by Haircare Australia. For stockist enquiries call 1300 437 436 or visit

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