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January/February 2018


EDU 2018


Metallic Musing No damage colour with INOA


2018 L’OrÊal Professionnel Spokesperson

*Color after color, hair quality is visibly improved; consumer test, Europe, 408 women & 489 hairdressers




LO R E A L P R O F E S S I O N N E L .C O M . AU     @ LO R E A L P R O     # LO R E A L P R OAU S     # N O DA M AG E CO LO U R

r u o y r e t En ! D N A L R E D N O W 200 BRANDS

Including Matrix / Haircare Australia Professional Use / GlamPalm De Lorenzo / Oribe / Biolage R.A.W Excellent Edges / WAHL / Andis Rogue Beauty (Pulp Riot, R+Co) Alterna Haircare / many more!

International Headliners USA

UK Angelo Seminara

Candy Shaw

USA Tabatha Coffey

9-11 June 2018 Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

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OM .C A I L A R T S U A IREXPO A H T A W O N S ICKET Hairstylist: Jason Fassbender, Photographer: Andrew O’Toole





Now I can say #YEStoBlonde

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ave you ever felt speechless when someone has asked you how you are? After 14 years in this industry I think I’m fi nally speechless. I don’t see this as a negative or a positive thing – overwhelmed and exhausted at times perhaps but still passionate – probably too passionate about a lot of the things that go unnoticed. It’s the same for a business owner –things might look so good on the outside that people can’t understand why you’d want to ‘sell the salon’ or ‘get out of the salon’ but the real story is usually because this person has hit their fi nal limits and just want one day where they don’t have to fi ll the gaps and manage so many different things from their day job to the latest drama. Their family or personal life may have suffered and you get to a point where you have to ask yourself is it all worth it? It’s also at this time that the subject in mention sets out to fi nd the place of enjoyment and the reason they got into the industry in the fi rst place. They just want a moment to breathe - doing what they love. Don’t we all? It’s rather ironic that salons are places where people actually get time to take a moment to be mindful. But to offer that moment in time for someone else we often have to forgo that for ourselves. We have to be selfless and someone who puts energy in, someone who is there and listens and doesn't suck it all out like those clients we all know. That’s the challenge of being a business owner. As much as we want to continue to grow, it’s surprising the amount of people who would eventually choose a consistent and perhaps more modest income over a business that breeds cash. It may breed cash but also burn a hole in your heart and soul at the same time. If you aren’t topping this up daily at least somewhere the success won’t last. Have you ever noticed how many hugely successful celebrities and people crash and burn? It’s not easy to sustain and maintain moments when you don’t have time to stop and be present and enjoy those moments to yourself. Every year for the past eight or so I have made myself a promise in the few weeks over Christmas. I tell myself that I am not going to allow myself to get so busy like last year, that I am going to try and do less in a week, more things that actually mean something, but I don’t. I fail miserably. I try and tell myself I will give myself a chance to sit and work on something I’m passionate about and take the time to enjoy it and feel that satisfaction at the end. Each year a lot of us seem to get asked to do more, you try and squeeze in that catch up that you don’t really have time for again and again – seeing a friend after work actually becomes a chore rather than something you enjoy. We have an industry to be proud of for so many reasons and it's one of the few where people power will always reign supreme but people need time to stop. The once upon a downtime is a distant memory and the conference and event or competition becomes hard to fit in and often it is only us that can see the personal sacrifice made while ironically it can bring just the right amount of renewed energy we need. The course that seems too expensive or too difficult to fit in is worth every penny if you gain inspiration and an invaluable new level of focus. Everywhere I have been over the years I have picked up something and learned a new perspective and this gets you through the stress bubble of oblivion. We are all a bit crazy…or perhaps it’s just me, despite all the differences and nuances between personalities there are ultimately two types of people – those that can sit and look at the pile of washing and those that can’t stand the thought and have to keep moving in a crazy frenzy until everything is done. I think you’ve guessed which one I am. But we can’t be truly successful on our own. We need people around us and souls who help us. Never put personal success before success with others – share ideas, share success, share opportunity and learn from each other. We are so good at this as an industry, in fact the only way to creatively survive and succeed in business at the same time is by keeping abreast of both. The thing is, I really did feel a bit speechless when I sat down to type this, so exhausted that when someone asked that question ‘what’s been happening?’ I couldn't even begin to think of what to say without sounding like a negative Nancy. I gained some new perspective from Vivienne Mackinder recently. I talk a little bit about her in our annual education mini mag (52 bonus pages with this issue). Just take time out to breathe and look around – you will fi nd something to take your mind off it all and be better, better at something at least.

Cameron Pine, Editor




Cover Story Dannii Minogue


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KÉRASTASE ANNOUNCES EMILY RATAJKOWSKI AS NEW FACE OF THE BRAND TWO MAJOR FORCES in the beauty world have combined, with Kérastase announcing Emily Ratajkowski as the all-new face of their brand. Acting as an ambassador for the brand, Emily is already part of a campaign, photographed by iconic fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh,that officially welcomes her into the luxury haircare family. “I am excited and proud to be chosen as Kérastase ambassador,” Emily enthused. “Hair is essential to how I express myself. I love that feeling of clean, textured, natural hair, which instantly makes me feel more confident. I consider my hair as the reflection of my inner strength, it’s not an ornament but a way to express myself. I think that’s true for all women. There’s such an empowering femininity to hair. It allows women to define who they want to be. That’s why they deserve the best care.”


Industry Happenings


INDUSTRY ICON TONI MASCOLO PASSES AWAY TONI&GUY CEO and Co-Founder Toni Mascolo has sadly passed away, leaving an incomparable legacy in the hair industry, with over 50 years of experience and innovation that shaped modern hairdressing as we know it. Few people have touched as many lives in hairdressing as this man. Toni co-founded TONI&GUY with his brother Guy Mascolo in 1963, with a single salon, and they watched their empire grow to 485 salons across 48 countries, 29 of which are based in Australia. Toni’s innovative nature spread beyond just his trademark brand, as he went on to found essensuals and label.m, as well as ventures away from hairdressing, such as coffee shops, financial services and, harking back to his strong Italian roots, his own pasta sauce. The industry icon’s achievements were recognised nationally in Britain and globally, with particular acknowledgement from the Fellowship of British Hairdressers and even The Queen of England, and an Italian knighthood showing his international prominence. He was awarded an honorary OBE for his services to British Hairdressing, and has been honoured with awards in business, hair and philanthropy for his contributions to every sector. He and his wife Pauline were given the award of Knight & Dame Commander of Saint Gregory from the Catholic church, bestowed personally by The Vatican City and Pope Benedict XVI. He has received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Fellowship for British Hairdressing Awards, as well as the AIPP International Legend Award. Toni’s impact can’t be condensed to his many achievements and awards, it was felt even beyond these substantive accolades in the many lives he touched, and careers he built in his extensive time as an industry pioneer. Beloved for his entrepreneurial spirit, infectious energy and capacity to help others, Toni leaves behind an untouchable legacy, and will always be remembered for his enormous influence and the many personal relationships he formed over his long and important career. “Toni was the unsung hero and leader of our brand, as he sat behind the scenes building the business while his other brothers represented the brand on stage,” shared Dennis Langford, Managing Director of TONI&GUY Australia. “Toni had both courage and compassion. Courage to make the hard decisions and compassion to listen to others needs. He came from a family of hairdressers, as his parents were both hairdressers and their father before that.” “Toni had this gift. He could see things that others could not see, and the ability to then make them happen,” Dennis continued. “He got people to believe in his dream. He got every single salon owner within the brand of TONI&GUY​to put up their own money and invest in themselves. His dream has always been to grow the best, most respected, creative hairdressing company on the planet, where people love to work, and clients love to be.”



WELLA PROFESSIONALS PARTNERS WITH MARDI GRAS 2018 WELLA PROFESSIONALS HAS announced its partnership with the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras as the exclusive haircare partner for 2018, the parade's 40th birthday. “For over 130 years, Wella has been delivering innovations and services that enable hair stylists and their clients to feel the best version of themselves,” said Jerome Toulza, General Manager, Coty Professional Beauty Australia & New Zealand. “It’s Wella’s view that hair is an integral part of our identity, and like Mardi Gras, it can be a celebration of self-expression, inspiring boldness, colour and creativity.” “The hairdressing industry is also one of the most representative of the LGBTQI community. Our Wella family is a creative, courageous and inclusive one, so we could not think of a better partnership than with Mardi Gras,” he continued. “As part of the Coty family, our mission is to celebrate and liberate the diversity of your beauty. Here’s to celebrating every colour of the rainbow, each as wonderful, individual and diverse as the next!”

AVEDA WINS SUSTAINABILITY LEADERSHIP AWARD AVEDA HAVE CEMENTED THEIR place as the pinnacle of sustainable beauty practices, winning a Sustainability Leadership Award at the Sustainable Beauty Awards (conducted by Ecovia Intelligence) in Paris. “This award means a lot to all of us at Aveda – it’s an honour to be recognised for our commitment to caring for the world we live in,” shared Barbara De Laere, Global General Manager and Senior Vice President of Aveda. “The Aveda mission has never been more relevant than it is today, and we want to continue to set an example and to push the bar for environmental responsibility. Hopefully others in the beauty industry – and beyond – will join us in living the importance of sustainability in the way we do business.”


JUST CUTS DEBUTS STYLE BAR A NEW HAIR SALON innovation is here thanks to Just Cuts, which has launched its new Just Cuts Style Bar, in conjunction with Myer. “This new salon concept is based on our core business model with no appointments, fixed pricing and services delivered by fully qualified hair stylists only,” shared Just Cuts founder and CEO, Denis McFadden. “However, we’re now thrilled to offer our clients another level of service with more hair styling than what’s offered in a traditional Just Cuts salon, also at an affordable price. It’s an ideal solution for time poor clients who want to pop in for a blow dry or styling for a special occasion while running other errands around the shopping centre.” The range of services available include Style Cuts, blow dry services, straightening and styling, with the brand’s Justice Professional range (exclusive to Just Cuts salon) as the product arsenal of choice, and the salon’s retail offering.

FRANCK PROVOST PARIS OPENS SALON IN BARANGAROO FRANCK PROVOST PARIS has opened its 18th Australian salon, with a new flagship location at Sydney’s trendy Barangaroo. This 15th Sydney salon means the city has the largest number of FPP salons globally outside of Paris. Aesthetically, gold features, a crisp off-white colour palette and warm-toned leather contribute to a luxury, minimalist vibe. The brand’s French roots and fashionable centre are also apparent in smaller details, such as gold chains that mimic Chanel accessories, tracked spotlights that convey runway shows and large, near leather-like tiles that pay homage to leather artisans Hermès. The salon’s serene aesthetic is supported by the salon’s eco-conscious, raw, industrial effect, including textured block walls, raw ceiling materials, natural elements and a hero forest garden wall. Expansive glass windows allow for an influx of natural light and, therefore, limited electricity usage. “We are delighted that our company’s eponymous founder, Mr Franck Provost, has chosen Australia, and more specifically, Sydney, as a key business focus for the company, and for it to be the ‘second home’ for Franck Provost outside of Paris,” said Jean-François Carré, Master Franchisor for Franck Provost Paris Australia. “This reinforces our plans for the growth and development of the network to reach all corners of Australia over the next couple of years and echo the same strength and presence the Franck Provost brand enjoys in Europe.”


ANNUAL PREMA HAIR AWARDS 2017 ARMING THEIR TEAM with an unbeatable culture of recognition and reward each year, Prema Awards their top stylists, colourists and apprentices with a Logies style trophy to encourage further success as the authority in salon style. Taking over the upstairs private room at The Local Taphouse Darlinghurst, more than 50 Prema staff from both Bondi and Surry Hills salons gathered under the dress to impress theme – the perfect opportunity for staff to go all out and celebrate individuality and achievement. A live feed from New York with owner Francesco Ruggerino added further value to a truly international hairdressing mindset and inspired staff to continue to drive their own personal growth. “Thanks for a great 2017. I have been away for three years building the New York business and you continue to build as a team and in leadership. Prema Sydney has never been in a better place,” Francesco said.


TWO BIG NAMES are the first major draw cards for Hair Expo 2018, with the festival of hair announcing Angelo Seminara and Candy Shaw as international headliners. The Melbourne based event will be held over the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend (June 9 – 11) with a host of interesting education, events and stalls to warrant the trip. Angelo will be a major feature at Hair Expo, bringing incomparable experience and skill to Australia as a multiaward winner of British Hairdresser of the Year. His education sessions will combine artistic colour with clever cutting and bold styling, anchored by a day-long creative workshop where attendees can learn from him in a more intimate fashion. Candy Shaw will provide her own colour tips and tricks, particularly as a global expert in balayage. Playfully known as The Balay Lama, Candy offers creative and business education centered on this important and profitable trend.

HAIRDREAMS HAIR EXTENSIONS FEATURED IN GRÉVIN MUSEUM EXHIBITS THIS YEAR, THE Hairdreams brand of hair extensions has again proven its importance beyond the set or the salon, becoming a pivotal facet of a wax exhibit at the legendary Grévin museum. The latest additions to the museums‘collections are wax figures of pop sensation Katy Perry and couture designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. The wax figures can take up to 1000 hours to create, with the elaborate hair detail often necessitating up to 100,000 hair strands to be attached manually. With this arduous process, Grévin collaborated with Hairdreams, a leading manufacturer of professional human hair, relying on its trademark quality, healthy hair to help the wax figures come to life. Katy Perry’s hair looks in particular portray her playful, creative nature, showcasing bright, bold hues of green and blue in the different locations. INSTYLE 17

UPFRONT SACHAJUAN STYLES PACIFIC RUNWAY 2017 SACHAJUAN STYLED THE diverse and fashion-forward Pacific Runway show in 2017, with a talented hair team in tow and backstage to create the eclectic looks. The premier event, hosted at Sydney’s Carriageworks, was attended by Pacific, New Zealand and Australian fashion VIPs and the media. Traditional influences, seasonal trends, contemporary touch points and bold designs all walked the runway. Led by Hair Director Trevor Masoe, the Sachajuan team also included Isaac Ah Kiong, Tein Cowen, Lee Andrews, Karissa Setu, Bow Feiloakitau, Helen Masoe, Helen Tupai, Molly Leilua, Terry Piua, Alofa Privitera, Danica Ta’ala, Marie Ropeti-Lupeli and Shannon J Williams. The team championed strong natural textures and a wide variation in style across the whole show. Harlotte Cosmetics complemented the hair with their beauty looks. “It’s about showing a different side to the Pacific, using a high profi le to draw attention to what Pacific people are capable of doing,” famous Tongan Olympics flag bearer Pita Taufatofua, who walked the runway, said. “Pacific designers have world class skills and creativity and Pacific Runway give them an opportunity to show this.”

FOIL ME™ ANNOUNCE NEW ZEALAND AMBASSADOR AUSTRALIA’S FASTGROWING pre-cut foil company, titled Foil Me™, is highlighting their ever expanding international reach with the appointment of a New Zealand ambassador. Amiee Marie, a blonde and balayage expert specialist from Auckland, has been named as the new member of the team. “I aligned with Foil Me™ because not only do I love the foil – I think they are the best in the world – I absolutely love the people behind the brand. They have always been so friendly, fun and relaxed to deal with yet are super-efficient at the same time,” Amiee shared. “Foil Me™ foils are so easy to use, the packaging is fantastic, and as I have essentially grown my business through the medium of Instagram, the bonus is the pink foils look great in my Instagram posts!”


KAO USA ACQUIRES ORIBE KAO USA INC. has added another renowned beauty brand to its already impressive stable, with luxury haircare brand Oribe now a part of the family. Other major haircare brands under the company include Goldwell and KMS. Rogue Beauty, which distributes the brand nationally along with hair and beauty labels such as R+Co and V76 by Vaughn, will continue to distribute Oribe in Australia. “It has been a privilege to have been involved in the launch of the Oribe brand in both the US and Australia, and we are so excited about this next stage in Oribe’s journey,” said Jared Fisher, Managing Director of Rogue Beauty. “Rogue Beauty will continue to work hard to deliver excellence to our premium Oribe salon and retail partners.”

NATULIQUE SUPPORTS ECO FASHION WEEK AUSTRALIA 2017 AN ENVIRONMENTALLY-CONSCIOUS HAIRCARE brand was the natural choice for an eco-friendly fashion show, and as such Natulique was the brand of choice backstage at ECO Fashion Week Australia 2017. The event was created by Perth-based Australian Eco fashion designer and visual artist Zuhal Kuvan Mills of Green Embassy, and acted as the inaugural outing of Eco Fashion Week Australia. Zuhal conducted the event in Western Australia, collaborating with local and ethically-aligned designers, artists, activists, community, media, businesses and educational programs, as well as the local Governments, to raise awareness for environmentally conscious fashion. Natulique was backstage with some of their more iconic styling and care products (the brand’s Volumizing Hair Mousse, Nourishing Hair Cream, Vitalizing Dry Shampoo and Curl Defi ning Hair Cream stand out among the many favourites) to prove that the brand is as comfortable backstage as it is in the salon.

Fall in love with the power of Platinum.


A concentrated Platinum Blonde Toning Shampoo. Designed to transform yellow blonde hair in an instant. Deletes all signs of unwanted yellow, creating a cool platinum silver tone in all super lightened blonde, white or grey hair. NAK Platinum Blonde Shampoo - Anti-Yellow, transforms golden threads into a pastel paradise.











KEVIN.MURPHY PARTNERS WITH THE AHFAS THE AUSTRALIAN HAIR Fashion Awards have revealed some major news for their 2018 awards, with KEVIN. MURPHY on board as the event’s new product sponsor. “Th is is truly an exciting time for Ozdare brands and what better way to celebrate than an event like the AHFAs?” shared CEO of Ozdare Carlo Gattuso. “As a company, we believe wholeheartedly in the growth of this industry and its people. We want more people to know how incredible our industry is. The AHFAs is a relevant, energetic platform that has a voice for today to help us all become and continue to be successful tomorrow.” “Together with the environment and product performance, fashion has always played the biggest role in the KEVIN.MURPHY brand – it’s where it all began for us. For that reason, partnering with the AHFAs which is truly a celebration of hair and fashion seems like a perfect fit,” Kevin Murphy added. “I’m excited to be a part of an event that awards amazing Australian talent and creativity. Our brand is now sold in 50 countries globally and I’m so proud to share this incredible event with the rest of the world.”

JOICO TO STYLE KATY PERRY TOUR AND AMERICAN IDOL SEASON KATY PERRY HAD a wild hair journey in 2017, and she’ll have some expert hands styling her tresses for the foreseeable future. The star will be styled by Joico stylist Rick Henry (Nine Zero One salon, in West Hollywood) on her Witness: The Tour and on the next season of American Idol, where she’ll be a new judge. Rick will be providing monthly Joico how-to’s and colour formulas that spell out Katy’s looks of the moment. @rickhenryla and @joico will be your online tickets to seeing all the looks in real time. Ricky has had success working with Katy Perry for almost 13 years, as well as working with Leona Lewis, Britney Spears, Rita Ora and Brittany Snow. “As colour is ever evolving, we have decided to keep Katy blonde bright, but with some depth at the roots,” Rick said of her current look. “Th is look will create a look of dimension with her shorter cut while also helping to frame and accentuate her beautiful face.”


2018 AUSTRALIAN FAME TEAM FINALISTS ANNOUNCED IT’S OFFICIAL – 14 of Australia’s best hairdressing talents under the age of 35 have been named as 2018 FAME Team fi nalists. The entrants were whittled down after a stringent judging process, and the four 2018 FAME Team members will be announced at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards after a live fi nal round. “Th is was my fi rst year judging the FAME team and I was blown away by the thought and hard work that went into the entries,” said judge Kobi Bokshish of Intershape Hair Stylists. “There are some really impressive young hairdressers out there!"

BEN RUSSELL, Biba Gertrude Street BRITTANY CRISTAUDO, Sloans of Lane Cove CHARLENE FERNANDEZ, Rokk Ebony CHERIE FALCO, Kinky Curly Straight CLAUDIA CATALDO, Cataldo’s DANIEL DI IORIO, Diior 10 Salon DANNY PUOPOLO, Rakis on Collins ELIZABETH SHEDWICK, TONI&GUY Paddington IDY DUONG, Sloans of Lane Cove LAURA SPINNEY, Academie Salon MIKAYLA AULD, Mikki Auld Hairdressing SHANNON WILLIAMS, Black Avenue Hair SHANTELLE NEATE, Fruition TIFFANY DECAUX, Boris the Cuttery

ELEVEN AUSTRALIA PARTNERS WITH AACTA AWARDS ELEVEN AUSTRALIA ARE once again pushing the Australian hair industry into the international spotlight, having partnered with the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Art (AACTA) Awards in their local and global iterations. The brand styled the Australian event on December 6, 2017, with Joey Scandizzo leading the styling team backstage, and were also the official styling partner for the AACTA International Awards on January 5 in Los Angeles. “The AACTAs are an extremely exciting night for the fi lm and television world – giving well deserved recognition to those in the industry and celebrating incredible achievements,” Joey said. “We are extremely excited to have once again worked with the Australia’s top talent in 2017 and now to work in LA in 2018.”

L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL ANNOUNCES ALEXA CHUNG AS INTERNATIONAL SPOKESPERSON THERE’S A NEW role fitting British fashion icon Alexa Chung, who has become the spokesperson for European megabrand L’Oréal Professionnel. Alexa wears many hats as a designer, model, TV presenter, creative consultant and writer, with 2.8 million Instagram followers chasing her effortless style. Her Parisian roots perfectly complement the L’Oréal Professionnel brand, and her accolades as Women of the Year and Fashion Icon in editorial and fashion awards, cement her incomparable stature in the industry of hair, beauty and fashion. “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Alexa Chung as our 2018 L’Oréal Professionnel International Spokesperson. Alexa Chung truly embodies some of L’Oréal Professionnel’s core values,” shared Marion Brunet, International General Manager for L’Oréal Professionnel. “She is a true trendsetter, always at the forefront of trends. She is passionate about fashion. She believes in the added value of professional hair artistry. And her personality perfectly embodies the L’Oréal Professionnel woman: confident, elegant, impertinent and free. In 2018, she will represent two key launches for the brand, both in hair care and hair colour.”

SHORTCUTS LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE SOFTWARE COMPANY SHORTCUTS has launched a new website, which includes business inspiration, how-to videos and regular webinars, helping salon owners, managers and teams maximise their business potential and improve their work life balance. “My favourite feature would have to be the all-new, searchable learning centre. It’s the go-to place for our customers, providing short and sweet videos that answer all your questions about how to use Shortcuts,” said Shortcuts’ VP of Evolution Joanna Burgess. “It’s a great introduction to everything we have on offer, including the Mobile Guest App – which puts your salon in the palm of your clients’ hands – and the popular Customised Forms feature.” “For those thinking about signing up for Shortcuts, we’ve even included an interactive wizard so you can discover the perfect pricing package for you,” she continued. “All you need to do is tell us a little bit about your business, and it will generate a recommendation for you in an instant.”

ANTI-FRIZZ NO MORE BROKEN ENDS OR FRIZZY BITS. The new Anti-Frizz Shampoo, Conditioner and Reconstructive Mask are infused with pure Jojoba Oil to restore and balance the moisture content of the hair, controlling unwanted frizz and static. Protects and gives a lustrous shine to all hair types.





JOEWELL SCISSORS CELEBRATE 100 YEARS JOEWELL SCISSORS IS celebrating its long and storied history, passing its 100th year and celebrating nearly 50 years in Australia. The company came to Australia in 1979 as an innovative Japanese tool brand ideal for a market enjoying a boom in the precision cutting trend and Vidal Sasoon aesthetic. The brand’s new designs and smaller size options, as well as efficient distribution from Australian International Industries (AII), which distributes the scissors to this day, made it a quick success. Premium quality is synonymous with the historic brand and their range of cutting scissors, thinning scissors and left-handed scissors. Despite its historic beginnings, Joewell has survived and thrived through consistent innovation, and, even after passing a century, is releasing an all-new scissors with exclusive technology. The Supreme Powder Metal Scissors, available as 5, 5.5 and 6 inch models, boast hardness and strength, with new and bold technology that make them wear resistant and corrosion resistant.

ROKK EBONY AWARD TEAM MEMBER A CAR THERE’S WINNING BIG, and then there’s winning giant. Rokk Ebony personified the latter by gifting a company high-achiever with a car. Senior hairstylist Lisa Burns walked away from the salon group’s company awards with a brand new Hyundai Kona, from a draw of twenty senior hairstylists from three salons. “Our company chose to reward our teams with one big incentive to boost overall results,” shared Managing director, Maurice Torcasio. “Rewarding our teams for their achievements over a twelve month period was a new approach. We wanted to offer our hard working employees with a life changing reward. How many employers have the ability to offer such great rewards for consistent hard work? A car was not the only bonus the team could work towards with numerous overseas holidays also handed out during the incentive period.” “It’s life changing. To be rewarded in my career after all these years of hard work has come at a vital stage,” Lisa said. “Th is will greatly help me to get ahead in the future. I have been working for Rokk Ebony since I was 15 year old. I would have never imagined as a hairstylist I could receive such a large reward.” 22 INSTYLE

BRITISH HAIRDRESSING AWARDS NAME 2017 WINNERS THE LATEST BRITISH HAIRDRESSING AWARDS took place on November 27 2017, with 1500 attendees there to see which talented hairdressers would take home the gold. Compered by TV presenter Cat Deeley, alongside HJ’s executive director, Jayne Lewis-Orr, the evening provided plenty of highlights, including the awards presentation, a performance by pop group Boyzlife and the Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks collection show. The highlight of the night was the presentation of Britain’s most coveted award, British Hairdresser of the Year, this year presented to Sally Brooks, who is the fi rst woman to win the award since 2005.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS! BRITISH HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Sally Brooks, Brooks & Brooks, London AFRO HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Charlotte Mensah, Hair Lounge, London ARTISTIC TEAM OF THE YEAR RUSH Hair, London AVANT GARDE HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Emmanuel Esteban, Anne Veck Salons, Oxford SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL BRITISH COLOUR TECHNICIAN OF THE YEAR Robert Eaton, Russell Eaton, Leeds MEN’S HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Terri Kay and Andrea Giles, Mark Leeson, Mansfield NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR Olivia Nevill, Ashley Gamble, Shifnal EASTERN HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Joseph I’Anson and Lisa Graham, Mark Leeson, Mansfield LONDON HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Indira Schauwecker, TONI&GUY Bedford Street, London MIDLANDS HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Shaun Hall, Mark Leeson, Chesterfield NORTH EASTERN HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Isobel Eaton, Russell Eaton, Barnsley NORTH WESTERN HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Daniel Couch and Ashleigh Maybank, Russell Eaton, Leeds NORTHERN IRELAND HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Julie Cherry and Colette Fitzpatrick, Shane Bennett Salon, Lisburn SCOTTISH HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Suzie McGill & Dylan Brittain, Rainbow Room International, Glasgow SOUTHERN HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Thomas Hills, TH1 Hair, Oxted WALES AND SOUTH WEST HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Zoe Williams & Scott Evans, Ken Picton Salon, Cardiff


For further information or to stock évolis call 02 9233 8975 @evolisprofessional *20% faster hair growth was observed in users at 4 months. Double blinded placebo controlled study. Department of Dermatological Science, The University of Tokushima, Japan (2007, Maeda et al)


Hair by Alex Cordell


Hair by Ben Russell

Hair by Suetanya Grant

With a fitting name like Next Level, BIBA introduced both full and part time students to the creative stage with an awards program to inspire the next generation of our industry, writes Cameron Pine. OVER TWO TRULY rewarding days (November 19, with the awards presented on November 27, 2017), we took a look inside the BIBA benchmark, gained wisdom from other industry leaders and shared the true passion of hairdressing – a colourful and longstanding legacy for which we have Paul Divitaris (BIBA founder) to thank. As the ‘BIBA event of the year’ the next level competition gave up and comers not only the opportunity to refine their finishing skills but to jam, celebrate and learn from the art of collaboration among some of the industry’s best mentors, educators and leaders. It’s no wonder, as one of the most respected hairdressing academies, that BIBA invests in the creative capsule of rising stars like no other. They encourage stylists to take the lead from both a commercial and creative standpoint – whether it be to specialise in barbering or just to up-skill and refresh as a qualified stylist. There is something for everyone, all with that boundless BIBA element of freedom and creativity. Countless hours of preparation were put into the creative visions and total look masterpieces and in many cases hairdressing fantasies were realised. The heartbeat of BIBA lies in the continual investment into the industry’s new blood, not just through both creative and technical brilliance but by leveraging stylists to an international standard.  With a prize pool like no other that included five trips to London to train at the Sassoon Academy – the 24 INSTYLE

Hair by Krystal Appleton

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE AWARD WINNERS! BIBA ACADEMY FULL TIME STUDENT AWARD: Winner: Emma Tsipas, BIBA Northland Runner Up: Tyler Lambkin, BIBA Academy and BIBA Moonee Ponds Encouragement Award: Maree Hajiantoni, BIBA Northland BIBA ACADEMY RTO APPRENTICE AWARD: Winner: Alex Cordell, Rakis on Collins Runner Up: Bianca Hillier, Zucci South Melbourne Encouragement Award: Karlie Roberts, Chumba Concept Salon  BIBA STYLING AWARD: Winner: Ben Russell, BIBA Gertrude Street Runner Up:  Teagan Cousins, BIBA South Yarra Encouragement Award: Cyc Viardot Ep Brie, BIBA St Kilda MASTER COLOUR AWARD: Winner: Krystal Appleton, BIBA Emporium Runner Up: Rekha Kumar, BIBA Carlton Encouragement Award: Lizzie Emery, Kane and Cole BARBERING AWARD: Winner: Bronson Cheong, BIBA Academy and Fleet Street Barbers Runner Up: Muammar Diedericks, Razorsmiths Encouragement Award: Alex Menegola, Fleet Street Barbers BIBA OPEN AWARD: Winner: Suetanya Grant, Joey Scandizzo Salon Runner Up: Markis Weisheim, BIBA Academy Encouragement Award: Ryan Brown, Joey Scandizzo Salon 

Hair by Emma Tsipas

Hair by Bronson Cheong

BIBA Next Level competition sets a benchmark for our industry’s training facilities to not just follow curriculum but to go above and beyond. It inspires stylists by reminding them of the reasons why they were attracted to hairdressing as their career. “The quality of the work our students are producing just gets better and better and it was a very difficult process for our judges to score such a high standard – thanks to all our judges for the expertise,” said Simon Divitaris, BIBA Director and Educator. With a free form judging criteria, judges had to score the overall look as well as the fusion of colour, technique and styling – and some very unique statements were made through total looks from punk, Avant Garde, street to a smorgasbord of colour and texture. “We were so thrilled to have such an amazing group of leaders and experts in their field judge and be part of our competition and we really appreciated their support and expertise, it really shows how our industry can come together – it really means a lot and elevates our competition,” said BIBA Creative Director, Lyndal Salmon. With six awards categories; Full Time Student Award, Academy RTO Apprentice Award, BIBA Styling Award, Master Colour Award, Barbering Award and BIBA Open Award, more than 50 stylists competed for the ultimate prize while enjoying the atmosphere of a street-party style catwalk at the BIBA Academy in Fitzroy and celebrating on the awards night at hip Fitzroy venue, Craft and Co. We saw impeccable fi nishing and fashion styling and technical brilliance up there with some of the world’s biggest competitions – it was hard to believe many of these entrants were still students. From at least 80 per cent hands-on learning to giving all levels of stylists a taste of what it’s like on the competition stage, Next Level is as much about encouragement as it is achievement – for if creativity does not get unleashed our industry will not continue to grow. “We thank Wella for their support in helping us to create this platform for our stylists,” Simon said. Education need not be formulaic, boring and repetitive, BIBA proves it can be fun, involve some of the best tunes, popcorn and a street party while also taking you to London – what more could you ask for? We look forward to witnessing next year’s new crop of creative talents! For more information visit

beige blonde & rose blonde shampoo

Provides pastel tones and helps to prevent colour fade, resulting in a refreshed, more vibrant look for your hair. Can be used as a top up between salon visits or daily for a more intense colour.




Goldwell’s newest Color Zoom trend has one clear objective in mind – convey creativity in its purest form. The Creative team outline the shape, colour and texture details that elevate this aesthetic to the global stage. ANNUAL TRADITIONS IN the hairdressing industry run the gamut, but an annual highlight always comes courtesy of Goldwell and their creativity-first, artistically bold Color Zoom competition, as well as its centric trend. This year, that trend is Elemental, a collection that fuses modern technology with a more inherent primal creativity. The trend is anchored by the interplay of rawness and refinement, the contradiction of solidity and translucency, colour contrasts and modern, minimalistic shapes. Entrants will learn from the collection created by the Color Zoom ’18 Creative Team, previously debuted at Global Zoom Barcelona, and engage with the themes of progressiveness and past reflection to create their own Elemental looks. As always, the collection expresses strong aesthetic ideas in terms of colour, shape and texture. In colour, muted pastels and rich earthy tones are vital, while transcluent techniques define the application style. Matte and unpolished tones merge with luminous surfaces, muted and shiny hues are used in conjunction with each other and metallic tones are forgone for new mineral shades. Depth, varying techniques and overlapping hues are key to the aesthetic. Shape leads from a future-thinking perspective, derived from a minimalistic approach. Sophisticated and precise, the shapes centre around soft facets with jagged edges, while handcrafted


shapes, unexpected irregularities and subtle asymmetry give the looks a unique point of difference. Texturally, the collection is based on a free-form sense of texture, that incorporates proper styling elements infused with airiness. Elemental is influenced by the balance between raw and refi ned, both the result of skillful texturing. The airy techniques and selfmade texture tend to a futuristic look. The collection is the creation of the brand’s talented Creative Team, comprised of USA hairdresser Daniel Rubin, Color Zoom Global Winner for the Partner Category in 2016, Russia’s Sargis Airapetian, the 2016 Global Winner for the New Talent Category, Germany’s Sascha Haseloff, a Goldwell International Artist, Agnes Westerman, a Goldwell International Artist from the Netherlands and Australia’s own Larissa Bresnehan, the

The Color Zoom 2018 Creative Team


Global Winner of the Color Zoom Creative Category in 2016. The team offer a truly global perspective, basing their aesthetic on current fashion trends. The collection is made up of six main looks – Maisie, Ava, Raniya, Lea Sophia, Patricia and Kea – each interpreted in two different ways,

and connected within the overarching aesthetic theme, despite their versatility. As such, the trend allows entrants to discover their own personal aesthetic, anchored by the core tenants of colour, shape and texture displayed in the collection. Offering an opportunity to elevate your skill set, discover relevant trends and maybe win your way onto the next Creative Team, Goldwell Color Zoom is, once again, a necessary opportunity to pursue this year. For more information visit



Coup de Coeur ‘The Crush’ winner – Chloé Stoffel, Franck Provost Bondi Beach


Franck Provost Paris need no excuse to party – but the talents of their stylists, rapidly expanding national business and sense of community proved pillars at their annual Artistic Awards evening. ENTER CUB IN Sydney on a Saturday night last November and be welcomed by the inimitable Franck Provost Paris (Australia) family, an ever-expanding community dedicated to hair artistry and there to award the best talents in their large group. Announcing the winners in the Franck Provost Artistic Awards, the night commended a myriad of impressive photographic entries, while dually celebrating another successful year for the franchise. The entry process itself was a six month education endeavour, where entrants participated in a two day photoshoot with photographer Milos Mlynarik. The photoshoot produced 25 images across the five categories (Artistic Hairdresser of the Year, Artistic Colourist of the Year, Artistic Team of the Year, Artistic Men’s Hairdresser of the Year and Artistic Apprentice of the Year), with two additional categories (Coup de Couer, as voted by Franck Provost himself and the People’s Choice, as decided by the event attendees) also in play. Complimentary creative and technical workshops, conducted by presenters such as Sharon Blain, Jayne Wild and Gary Latham, aided this process, teaching these hairdressers insider skills in model selection, mood board creation and working within an editorial team. This ensured premium work from the many entrants. It also left the judges with a difficult task. The illustrious panel included INSTYLE Editor Cameron Pine, Australian Hairdressing Council CEO Sandy Chong, session stylist Sarah Laidlaw and Franck Provost himself. The evening, which hosted over 100 guests in the dynamic venue, was compered by Franck Provost Master Franchisor Jean-François Carré, General Manager Raphaél Vëron and Head of Education & Talent Manager Virginie Gayssot. “This November is a very special month for us, as it was on 17 November 2008 that we opened our very first salon in Macquarie Street, Sydney,” Jean-François revealed. “So tonight we will celebrate the ninth anniversary of the Franck Provost Paris brand in Australia at the same time as the launch of our brand new flagship salon in Barangaroo, which opened its doors today. Additionally, our Warringah Mall salon also opened on 17 November in 2016, when it was inaugurated by Franck Provost himself during his visit to Sydney last year, so it is also the first anniversary of this salon. We have plenty to celebrate tonight!” Congratulations to the winners, who won prizes such as photoshoots, education, French delicacies, champagne, 28 INSTYLE

professional tools and products and more, valued altogether at $35,000. This prize pool includes a photoshoot in INSTYLE, won by the Artistic Team of the Year. The announcement warranted the ensuing celebrations, with the party in full swing and plans to be back for the fourth instalment next year. It isn’t silly season (officially) until Franck Provost kicks it off. For more information visit

WELL DONE TO THE WINNERS, LISTED BELOW. ARTISTIC HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Chloé Benoit, Franck Provost Rozelle ARTISTIC COLOURIST OF THE YEAR Lauren Parkes, Franck Provost Breakfast Point ARTISTIC TEAM OF THE YEAR Franck Provost Sydney CBD ARTISTIC MEN'S HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Grant Lee, Franck Provost Breakfast Point ARTISTIC APPRENTICE OF THE YEAR Ciara Fagan, Franck Provost Crows Nest COUP DE COEUR ‘THE CRUSH’ Chloé Stoffel, Franck Provost Bondi Beach PEOPLE’S CHOICE Amy Barton, Franck Provost Sydney CBD





CULTURE SHOCK Every year TONI&GUY Australia host one of hairdressing’s most dynamic parties to showcase their Global Collection to an enthralled crowd of hairdressers, VIPS and Brand Partners. Building on the success of 2016’s show, they came back and did it even better than before, reminding us of their unique and dominating global stature, writes Ida Almasi. TITLED CULTURE SHOCK, the part runway, part dance party did not disappoint, with over 500 attendees at the Westin Sydney. A pre-show reception jump-started the party with a bar centre stage and a DJ serving up tunes. Recognised for fusing commercial with creative, TONI&GUY is a truly global brand that employs more than 5000 hairdressers, it’s a community standard like no other and with 475 salons across 48 countries their global power is palpable. First opening in Australia in 1995, they have expanded far beyond their original Darlinghurst salon and Academy, and now boast 30 locations countrywide. As such, the event was everything you would expect from such an industry leading brand and a host of corporate sponsors. Once inside for the main event, Australian CEO Dennis Langford shared that 2017 was about celebrating “transient trends and fast fads” followed by announcing the major news that, for the fi rst time ever in Australia, TONI&GUY will be the official hair partner of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Groundbreaking style and fashion-savvy hair throughout the evening showcased why this major industry news made so much sense. The runway show itself was split into a number of acts and at the top of the bill was the Gucci inspired collection which took

‘old looks worn new ways’ and ‘70s inspiration with a little more oomph’. Wella Professionals’ hair colour was used to showcase natural bases and technical hues, ensuring the collection varies in strength, texture and shape with its trend-driven colour palette. The cool counterpart to this was the men’s daring cut and colours using label.m to simultaneously present modernised hip-hop styles with hard edged colouring. Details such as grungy fringes paid homage to TONI&GUY’s London roots. TONI&GUY left no cards to spare when between runway shows, with another ‘Guy’, Guy Sebastian, there to entertain the crowd with his soulful tunes. Following the music, the audience was transfi xed watching the presentation of the Avant Garde collection, which could have been straight out of an Alexander McQueen runway show. Featuring chest pounding ambient tunes and ever-modern art with hair, of course, as the medium, TONI&GUY made sure artistic inspiration was in no short supply. Presented by American Express, Wella Professionals, label.m and Fitness First, the event also had an altruistic aim – to raise funds for two national partner charities, the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Look Good Feel Better, which helps women deal with the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment. Focusing on these causes, Roxy Jacenko of Sweaty Betty PR shared her struggle in overcoming breast cancer at an already turbulent time of her life. “Th is year we wanted to do something different, and help out people less fortunate than ourselves,” Dennis Langford explained to the audience. “We have 4000 clients a week in Australia, split mostly from 28-48 years of age. Within that, 70 per cent are female, which led to our choice of charities.” After the climax of the night — when all the models, hair artists and dancers were brought out onto the stage for the fi nal bow — the party kicked on with live Daft Punk Tribute DJ. As you can imagine, the festivities raged on ever closer to Monday morning, a non-stop celebration of hair, art and this incredible community built to innovate. Culture Shock, we’ll be back. For more information visit

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BLACK AND GOLD ghd’s newest launch, the Gold styler, sets the standard for technology, opulence and luxury in the styling sphere, writes Shannon Gaitz.

STEP INTO WILDLIFE SALON at Milson’s Point and you’re greeted with an incomparable view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, closer than you’ll see it almost anywhere else in the city. In January, for the launch of ghd Gold, that view was adorned with gold balloons, and accompanied by gold-toned cocktails. Between the new styler’s gold design, gold-standard new technology and an exclusive 18 karat version consumers can win, luxe styling was front of mind for this important new launch. The new Gold styler features balanced heat of 185 degrees and a heat-up time of 25 seconds, as well as contoured, floating plates for flexible styling, dual-zone technology that contains heat sensors and controls the heat from root to tips, and a sleep mode that turns the straightener off if it hasn’t been used for 30 minutes. Universal voltage, protective plate guards, a professional length 2.7 metre cable and a 2 year warranty are additional features that make the new styler a salon must-have. “The major point of difference is the feel of the hair, so they’re looking after the health of the hair, it’s not just about the lovely sheen, you’re actually looking after the hair,” shared ghd ambassador and Wildlife salon owner, Jayne Wild. “It’s not too hot or cool, it’s that optimal heat of 185, so the hair holds that heat in, and the balanced heat makes such a difference to use, you can feel it.” “It’s faster, it’s more efficient, you can do it in one go and it’s done, you know the client is going to get what you’re telling them they will get,” she continued. “If they learn to use it well it will save them so much time and effort for doing their own hair at home, because they’re nice and light and they don’t get too hot in the back, so you won’t burn yourself.” Jayne, Richard Kavanagh, Brodie Lee Stubbins and other ghd ambassadors were on hand at the launch to speak to beauty media and actually put them in the chair to style their hair and have them experiment with the technology. It’s an important part of a campaign targeted at clients who will love the ghd Gold, especially 32 INSTYLE

if their hairdressers offer them the quick education to maximise it themselves. “We can retail the ghd Gold to the girls who want to do something more than straighten their hair, they want that versatility, so if they straighten their hair for work they may want to put a wave in the front to go out, or give it a bit of lift or body at the crown,” Jayne said. “They want their hair to be flexible.” Beyond its place in the salon and for consumers, the adaptable styler is also an ideal choice editorially. ghd Global Ambassador Adam Reed recently used the new tool, in conjunction with the ghd air, to create a modern, straight haired look for Julien Macdonald over season SS18. “We’re treating the hair very carefully, as you would a beautiful and delicate fabric,” he said at the show. “The ghd Gold styler glides through the hair, delivering a constant safer-for-hair heat of 185 degrees to ensure hair is perfectly styled but is not damaged.” Apart from the Gold styler, the event launched another, more opulent model, the ghd Gold 18K Styler, otherwise known as the world’s most expensive styler. The model is worth $3000, and there are only 70 in existence globally. Comprised of a shimmering gold aesthetic and real 18 karat gold pivot caps, the straightener is dually a work of art and a hair tool. For now, the tool has only been previewed for celebrity use (Margot Robbie, Jessica Biel and Saoirse Ronan experienced the technology during the recent Golden Globes) but consumers will have a chance to win one between February and May, by purchasing a ghd electrical styling tool and fi nding a golden ticket in the box. With unprecedented influence in the heat styling market (ghd sells four stylers every minute globally, amassing 2,102,400 sales ever year), it’s no wonder ghd only goes for gold. Sleeker, more advanced and more opulent than ever before, ghd Gold is cementing itself as the bona fide styler of 2018. For more information visit





vs. hair treated with a 24 h average amount of sebum



PROVEN IN LAB, PROVEN IN LIFE Be back ON THE GO before you know it with NEW INSTANT FULLNESS: fuller hair anytime, anywhere.




* Value Data Kline & Company


Contact your Wella Sales Consultant or call 1300 885 002 to find out more.


* Value Data Kline & Company

ID Artist Team's ode to the 80s


RENAISSANCE Welcome to the all-new iteration of Australia’s L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy – a once historic hairdressing event that is more relevant than ever in 2018, writes Shannon Gaitz. THE FINAL NATIONAL chapter of the L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy Awards made its long-awaited return to Australia in early February, gathering a list of celebrities, talented hairdressers, finalists and performers for one massive show at The Palms at Crown, Melbourne. Walking into the famous location, it was the brand’s name in lights that indicated that, yes, you were in the right place and, truly, this iconic competition was back for another historic outing. After an extended hiatus, the return show was worth the wait, showcasing the many fi nalists’ alluring live looks in a multitude of runway shows, and proving that the many state semi-fi nals found the best colour talent our industry has to offer. The night’s proceedings were hosted by TV personality and celebrity Joel Creasy, while the fi nal award, and a preview of the brand’s metallic trend, was presented by brand ambassador Dannii Minogue. Celebrities such as Laurina Fleure, Alex Nation and DJ Havana Brown were in the audience as special guests, and rising band Confidence Man provided the musical interlude. Other entertainment included a show from the brand’s ID Artist Team, as accompanied by Damien Rinaldo and Justin Pace. The team, created a time machine of sorts, presenting looks from the disco-led 70s, quirky 80s and edgy 90s. For the 70s, think Woodstock hair in all its long, luscious, ultra-blonde glory. For the 80s, a more Avant Garde approach to big hair and bold shapes amongst frills and plenty of polka dots, accompanied by a thrilling break dance routine. The 90s was titled as a mixtape, with long ponytails and short crops in equal measure creating the modern underground club aesthetic of the decade. To close, Damien and Justin created a smorgasbord of their hero looks with bold hues, hair pieces, hair sewing and Damien’s trademark hair tapestry techniques elevating the runway show to its editorial peak. Another major highlight of the evening was watching the incomparable Guylaine Martel in action. Hailing from Canada, Guylaine created enthralling Avant Garde looks on stage, turning each model into the living reincarnations of natural and supernatural wonders, from mountain ranges, to ocean depths and even extra-terrestrial beings. Guylaine’s original hair sculptures, artistic colour work and major reveals (the fi nale included a model becoming the living surface for graffiti work) comprised a presentation that was both a unique hair show and a true work of art. However, among these many highlights, the night’s fi nale was its true epicentre, as the winners were announced for the Colour Trophy Awards. Congratulations to Wendy Gunn of Ink For Hair, who took home fi rst prize amongst the fi fteen talented fi nalists, delivering an emotional winning speech about her 53 years in the industry and the power of the hair community itself. Wendy has won editorial opportunities with INSTYLE and marie claire, and a trip to Paris to represent Australia on the international stage. 34 INSTYLE

“The Colour Trophy Awards is an illustrious competition showcasing some of the brightest hairdressing talent from across the country,” said L’Oréal Professionnel General Manager, Olga Zanetti. “Wendy created the most Hair by Wendy Gunn innovative, fashionforward and inspired look demonstrating exemplary skill and technique.” “Being a part of this year’s L’Oréal Colour Trophy Awards has been the most incredible experience of my career. Not only has it raised my profi le in the industry, but it has also opened the door to so many opportunities,” Wendy enthused. “It’s been an unrivalled experience and to win means the adventure just continues with the chance to travel and work with some of the best hair colourists from around the world.” Congratulations as well to fi rst runners up Courtney Treyvaud and Lyndal Salmon, who flew their model back from Texas to recreate their bold pink look, and second runner up, Danni Solier of Xiang Hair, who impressed judges with a multi-faceted blondebased look. The marie claire Reader’s Choice Award went to a pink, floral incarnation created by Deeann Watts of Watt Style, while Alex Cordell of Rakis on Collins triumphed over tough competition for the Rising Star Award. It was a nostalgic return for many hairdressers, including Wendy, who remember Colour Trophy as a vital facet of their hairdressing trajectory. The renewed iteration opened doors for an updating generation of Australia’s finest hairdressers to show off their innovative colour work. Built as a competition that skews to the commercial, the evening put the focus on actual hairdressers, with the objective of really driving clients into salons. Meanwhile it still provided extraordinary editorial inspiration that may have no place behind the chair but is vital to igniting artistic vision. It seems after a long hiatus, Colour Trophy returned as relevant as ever. For more information visit

STOCKHOLM Styling Chair

SIENNA Workstation/Mirror

SKI Side Table

MARMO Waiting Bench

HELSINKI Retail Shelves

ANDERSON Reception Desk MESH METAL BOXES Retail Display




Coat Hugo Boss, Tony Bianco Shoes


* Colour after colour, hair quality is visibly improved; consumer test, Europe, 408 women & 489 hairdressers

Asilio Dress, Goossens Paris at Cristine Earrings

Ginger and Smart Vest, Trelise Cooper Belt, Jan Logan Earrings

Maje Dress, Unreal Fur Jacket, Anton Jewellery Rings, Jimmy Choo Shoes

Nicola Finetti Dress and George Jensen Brooch worn as ring.

Hugo Boss Coat


How does L’Oréal Professionnel allow you to stand out from the rest? I have been with L’Oréal Professionnel for over 25 years and they are constantly progressing especially when it comes to colour palette trends and investing in high quality products. Their support in an ever-changing industry, especially now with social media, is allowing the artist to be who they want to be which further allows the artist and company to collaborate and grow together.

Colour techniques used to create a metallic look on Dannii for the INSTYLE x L’Oréal Professionnel shoot? First we created a blend of shadow and light using my signature hand painting technique. We zone toned to create depth at the root area, and alternated sections in the mid-lengths and ends with an array of shades within a smoky grey palette from L'Oréal Professionnel's Nodamage Colour* by INOA, which is also ammonia-free. The result is a shimmering and multi-dimensional silver.

In 2018 I will… Face my fears.


L'Oréal Professionnel Artist and Chelsea Hairdressing founder Peter Thomsen transformed Dannii into a metallic Queen. Here he shares tips and trends on how he colours without compromise. How does L’Oréal Professionnel empower you as a hairdresser? Their inspiration, extensive research and the quality of products is never a risk in colour. I have trust in everything they do as a brand.

Ultimate muse? There are so many amazing people in the world that influence me, from models, front covers of magazines, hairstylists, makeup artists, musicians - it would be hard to pick one! I do love Debbie Harry, Grace Jones, Tom Ford and the Studio 54 era, the list goes on. I think we need to change to progress and with that gain inspiration from everywhere.


* Colour after colour, hair quality is visibly improved; consumer test, Europe, 408 women & 489 hairdressers

Any hair trends you foresee this year? For me, trends is a great way to lead and stay ahead of the game, but I'm definitely more about customising a look based on suitability to the individual.

Recent purchase you are loving right now? A book called Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight. It’s the perfect read for my much needed discipline kick every now and again… and my new puppy Archie!

Where can we find you on your days off? Relaxing in my hometown of Kiama with my loved ones when I am not traveling for work, which was a lot last year!




This is perhaps L’Oréal Professionnel’s greatest feat yet: No-Damage Colour* by INOA. We detail how this industry leading campaign will boost your colour business.


olour researchers at L’Oréal Professionnel have brought science back into the chair with their latest triumph – No-Damage Colour* by INOA. The new science is formulated with the hairdresser front of mind, built to sustain and elevate the salon in its daily business cycle, putting the focus on hair health, ease of colour application and client satisfaction. To put it simply, this innovation is all about you. Until now there has been no proven colour that gives the hair 100 percent


grey coverage while visibly improving the quality of the hair. As we know, colouring hair often goes together with damaging effects as a result. Since the stoneage of hairdressing, the norm was that any colour that excluded ammonia from the formula would not get as good of coverage as those that included it. Ammonia is used in conventional colours to open the hair fiber so that colour molecules can penetrate and colour the hair, however, recent research is highlighting the ill effects the chemical may have on the health of individuals.

Lucky for those of us who love our colour, the researchers at L'Oréal Professionnel alongside its marketers, have fused technology with consumer demand and created a new campaign, No-damage Colour* by INOA designed to drive people into salons for the perfect colour that is as effective as traditional colours without any damaging results. Hopefully this discovery marks the end of the time your client with an aversion to chemicals shows up to your door hoping you can make their henna hair job look normal again.

We wanted to break down exactly what this innovative product does and how you and your clients can benefit from it. In short, healthier hair and more colour changes equals a happy client that can explore their look without the damage. Still not sure? Let’s look at the science. The key to INOA is in the revolutionary Oil Delivery System which transports colour pigment to the hair fibre without the damaging effects of ammonia, providing respect for the hair and scalp with an exceptional colour result. The researchers took the product to the people, and after testing 408 women and 489

“L’Oréal Professionnel has finally figured out what stylesavvy clients have been dreaming of - drastic colour changes without the damaging effects to hair.” hairdressers with the INOA technology, hair quality visibly improved, colour after colour. The ammonia-free, odourless INOA allows you to lighten the hair up to three levels, darken hair and perfectly cover grey hairs all while respecting the scalp and hair fibre. Not only was the colour result achieved but the hair actually became healthier. L’Oréal Professionnel has fi nally figured out what style-savvy clients have been dreaming of - drastic colour changes without the damaging effects to hair, hence why the likes of Dannii Minogue and Alexa Chung have quickly hopped on board as ambassadors for the brand. “Looking back, there’s not many colours I haven’t been and I love that L’Oréal Professionnel can continue to transform my hair wardrobe with no damage colour”, Dannii said. With such pertinent technology created by hair revolutionaries at L’Oréal Professionnel, your clients can fi nally change their hair colour like they change their makeup. True versatility has fi nally arrived. Photography by Ben Vella, Shoot Everything * Colour after colour, hair quality is visibly improved; consumer test, Europe, 408 women & 489 hairdressers



A day with DANNII

We sat down with L’Oréal Professionnel brand muse Dannii Minogue on the set of our cover shoot, discussing new beginnings and transformation - from television projects to her new metallic look, discovers Ida Almasi.


any Australians feel like they have grown up with Dannii Minogue. From the days of seeing her headline magazines to watching her every move, we feel like we have followed Dannii - through her challenges, successes and not so private life. When you say this household name to many Aussies or Brits there is often someone that either breaks out in a lyric or admits to having her poster on their wall when they were younger. There is so much more to this woman than meets the eye. Somehow, unbeknownst to us watching, Dannii has managed to humbly come out on top of the rollercoaster of stardom we often see those that grow up in the limelight struggle with. When sitting down with Dannii at the INSTYLE x L’Oréal Professionnel shoot to celebrate her newest metallic locks and another year as L’Oréal Professionnel brand muse, we are reminded why we love this bad-girl turned good-girl, sister, reality star, mum and everything real in between so much. Like her titles, we have seen her hair evolve just as much throughout the ages and like most muses, she has pulled off more than a lifetime of looks than your average celebrity. On set, L’Oréal Professionnel Brand Ambassador, Peter Thomsen, was conducting the final touches of Dannii’s new and very voluptuous metallic hair that was equally as hot (in true Thomsen fashion) as the Melbourne weather outside. Dannii, caught a glimpse of herself and we were unsure whether or not the look in the mirror was in love or distaste for her newest metallic do - but it is this that reminds us why she is a Minogue.


“I have always loved changing my hair look. I find it empowering. I like the theatre of it, it’s like a new costume or ‘hair armour’ that inspires me when taking on new projects. There is nothing like that fresh-from-the-salon feeling," she said. “I walk out with a spring in my step and I feel an inch taller!” Dannii’s latest metallic transformation, which only L’Oréal Professionel could satisfy, was created with INOA and powered by Smartbond to get the smoky metallic colour true to their reliable products. The new technology acts as a protecting and strengthening service, simply added to the colour to ensure no extra time is spent in the chair. It allows for colour flexibility without sacrificing the integrity of the hair, a big concern for women like Dannii that love transformations. “I feel confident knowing that I can transform my look throughout the year without damaging my hair.” And for her favourite hair looks she says, “I’ve always loved extremes, some of my favourites were my dark brunette Cleopatra bob, my ultra-blonde locks in the 90s and my pink colour I wore to the Australian Hair Fashion Awards in Sydney last year. I love this smoky metallic colour and the touchable softness of this look, it really is ‘no-damage colour’.” Watching Dannii’s hair transformation over the years has felt like watching a chameleon change to fit its surroundings, never a hue out of place. This ability to transform makes it clear why she was an easy partner for L’Oréal Professionnel for the second year in the row and how her story makes her feel connected to what the brand represents.


“The L’Oréal Professionnel woman is brave, modern and informed, she is sophisticated but approachable, loves to have fun and appreciates quality. I always choose to be daring, I’m confident and love bringing that out in others. I have learnt perfection is overrated and I’m happy to make mistakes. I see enthusiasm and bravery as desirable traits.” One thing, however, that this fearless mum and entertainer doesn’t enjoy taking risks with is her styling. “I have been so lucky to work with some of the most incredible colourists and stylists around the globe. Although, I have picked up many tips and tricks along the way, I have to say that styling is not my strong point- creating the perfect blowdry in particular.” Hairdressers regularly hear from clients, often those that are time poor, that they have trouble styling their hair at home to accomplish that salon-feeling look on a daily basis and Dannii is no different. “The L’Oréal Professionnel SteamPod has been brilliant for me by using the gentle power of steam, it hydrates and de-frizzes my hair quickly and easily. I love that I can use it

“I always choose to be daring, I’m confident and love bringing that out in others. ” DANNII MINOGUE

to either enhance the sleekness of my blow-dry or create soft, natural looking waves.” From being a partner with international brands like L’Oréal Professionnel to gracing the covers of magazines, pursuing her career in music and recent TV projects, we wonder what all the years of being in front of the camera in the ruthless entertainment industry has taught her, and what lessons fellow creatives can learn from those ups and downs. “I have learnt to have thick skin. I love to take on a critic and I constantly try to improve, but I am old enough not to get swamped by too many opinions. Being memorable is important, but not everyone will like what you do, so toughen up!” As many seasoned professional creatives would agree, once the idea of what other people think of their work stopped mattering, the real success started to take place and like most good things, this one is one of those lessons learnt with years under your belt. Children are one thing, however, that can prove to be the most difficult of challenges for any career, especially for women. “Through years of working, I have become accustomed to long days on set… I really get into the rhythm of it, but gone are the days where I could recover the next day with a big sleep in. My ‘Mummy duties’ are also a priority and as such, I have to restrict the hours I work to create sensible work days that allow me to spend quality time with Ethan.” Like the challenges that come with parenting, the entertainment and hair industries are ever-changing with new technology and tech and unfortunately, those who do not embrace the new find it hard to keep up. Dannii has created a love for the new, her key to staying afloat in one of the world's trickiest industries. “Being a total geek has been great and as entertainment has evolved so much, I have been able to evolve with it. I started in live TV that was recorded on huge tape reels and stored on a shelf, to worldwide TV shows that are recorded with the most incredibly detailed digital cameras and beamed out across the world." With what seems like a world that is strung on the tip of her finger, what else is in store for this super woman? “More beautiful collaborations with L’Oréal Professionnel and a mixture of work at home and abroad. I have been looking for new projects that are both interesting and challenging and have an exciting TV project hitting screens this year… you heard it here first.” INSTYLE 47




Revlon Professional Brand Ambassador I love her style! She has a cool 70s Grand Prix thing going on that not everyone could pull off. 10/10 in my books! If I got my hands on her hair I would shorten the length into a lob (long bob) and add some long textured layers for more movement, fi nishing with a light feathered fringe. I love her base colour as it works well with her tones but I would put some lighter tones of foils in there (only two shades lighter) so it looks sun kissed. I would also apply some random foils under her fringe so when her fringe moves it looks very subtle.



Rokstar Brisbane I think her style is super chic but this dress would also look amazing with something like the Gucci bee sneakers. For colour I’d take her hair lighter with some freehand blonde contouring around her face using Wella Blondor which would add more tonal dimension. I’d also love to bring the length up around her chin and activate some texture in there. For styling I’d finish with Sebastian Texture Maker for the perfect sultry wave and Sublimate for definition.


DE LORENZO Defence Argan Oil 1800 800 347


TANLIINES Red ‘Julie’ One Piece

DE LORENZO Extinguish Thermal Spray 1800 800 347

Oh Faah! In or out of her iconic red bathing suit, this ultimate sex symbol is still the essence of 70s cool girl. Good morning Charlie!

NIKE Cortez Sneakers

LEVI’S Graphic Logo T-Shirt

MEHRY MU Bamboo Box Bag




Girl MEETS Boy Femininity mixed with a boyish silhouette and scruffy thrown-together looks, Annie Hall was a fast talker that convinced girls everywhere they could wear whatever they wanted.


HOT MUK Thermal Protector


Checked Blazer

MAISON MICHEL Henriette Fur Felt Hat

High-rise trousers

ELLERY Joplin Point Collar Shirt



Styling Paste

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Round Aviator Sunglasses






Products you can’t live without on shoot days Lakmé K.Style Cool Top-Ten Style Care Balm is a standout for me, and I don’t go anywhere without Evo Builder’s Paradise, Olaplex No. 3 and Cloud Nine tools when I am on set.

Advice for a young hairdresser starting out Don’t let anyone tell you what you can achieve with your career or the pathway you should take. There are so many incredible pathways in the hair and beauty industry in and outside of the salon. There is nothing that cannot be achieved with hard work, dedication and a good attitude.

Our roaming fairy godmother of editorial hairdressing and Creative Director of Haircare Australia, Lauren McCowan reveals her favourite Lakmé colour tones and products she couldn’t live without. Colour tones you are loving right now I always love a warm, smoky pink, I think it looks so great on so many skin tones and features. I really love natural, lived-in colour that doesn’t go too far away from the base and of course buttery blondes.

Best thing you’ve bought under $100 I am obsessed with hydrating my skin and I swear by La Mer The Mist. That’s under $100 and I buy one every time I go through Duty Free. Which is a lot.

How is Lakmé colour different from the rest? I was really impressed when I first started using Lakmé’s comprehensive range and how true to tone the shades are. Salons love the fact that the brand is privately owned and boasts some of the highest manufacturing standards in the world. Combined with a comprehensive and impressive technical team in Australia led by Deborah French, salons are really getting behind the brand and exploring what it has to offer. Vodka or tequila? A good sipping tequila gets me every time. Although so does a really good martini.


Concept behind this shoot The Lakmé 2018/2019 collection is focused on the idea that a woman can and should be herself - exploring the biggest global trend in hair - the art of the individual. This campaign celebrates the social movement of the individual - working with trend-based colours, encased in natural hair textures, lengths and nationalities. We wanted to move away from the over lit, glossy advertising feel that many campaigns embody. Instead, we wanted to create something that felt a bit more raw and real. Colours and hair that girls want, hair that actually exists outside of a clever photoshop expert.

Current tunes I am currently going old school and cycling back through the 70’sFleetwood Mac, Creedence, The Kinks, Elton John. It’s a good time.




Redken’s new Shades EQ Gloss hues range from pastel dreams to every shade of grey, allowing your colour wheel to span the scope of your imagination.


ou may already be addicted to the iconic Shades EQ Gloss range from Redken, noted as professional liquid demi-permanent hair colour that’s more akin to a conditioner, and its new launches are set to be your updated 2018 addiction. With pastel variations and grey tones, colour in 2018 will officially be more creative, versatile and on-trend than ever before. The colours are renowned for their technological advantages. Comprised of an acidic pH and ammonia-free formula, the use of Wheat Amino Acids is utilised to condition the hair and promote shine. The fashionable hues allow clients to be bold without the commitment necessitated from permanent colour, and the Shades EQ Gloss range can even be used to freshen up the hair, with a glaze, tone correction or blending service, without lifting the hair’s natural pigment. The colours can also be employed as a shine boost, using the titular gloss function accordingly. “The Shades EQ Gloss range does not change the natural hair colour so it’s great for zone toning highlights or counteracting unwanted tones, it also leaves the hair feeling thicker and glossier,” explained Redken colourist Sheree Knobel. “I love the consistency. It’s a gel so it’s almost see through unlike cream toners, and it lasts up to 6 weeks so is non-committal.” With a wealth of experience in experimenting with the colours, she also lauded the products for their treatment properties, gentle fade, blending capabilities and high shine. With the new launches, Redken are suitably on trend, offering four pastel hues of Pastel Peach that balances pale orange and pink tones, Pastel Pink that enhances its blush tone with violet, Aqua Blue that is renowned for its dual radiance and warmth, and Silver Green, a glass-like colour with metallic shimmer. The bold, makeup inspired shades allow colourists to make their own version 64 INSTYLE

of pastel, customising results by mixing the tones with existing Shades EQ colours, or using various amounts to correct, wash or tone an existing look. “Pastel hair is fun and we all need a bit of fun in our lives!” Sheree enthused. “Fashion is more eccentric and hair is filling these trends and mirroring the playfulness. These days our guests are becoming more experimental. It is now socially acceptable to have pink hair or green hair on any age group.” From one bona fide trend to another, the range’s next headline launch is a collection of greys. The vast collection, titled Shades EQ Silver Glosses, spans from celebrating natural silvers to strong chrome hues. The Redken team, led by global hair superstars Redken Global Colour Creative Director, Josh Wood, and Redken Creative Director, Guido Palau, collaborated to test the colours themselves, creating a current and seriously trendy grey look for Redken muse Jetta. The range provides the necessary colours, on set and in salon, to personalise natural or coloured grey hair looks, adding dimension with tones of pearl, ash, titanium and chrome. “I think grey is going to be around now. In beauty, all of the barriers are being broken down really fast in every way, and grey is just another barrier,” Guido said. “I think it’s something that women and men are going to embrace. Women look really chic and men look super handsome with grey hair, so why would you want to hide that?” Part conditioner, colour, styling aid and finishing tool, Redken Shades EQ has always been the pathway to fresh colour with health and opulence at the forefront. Pastels and Silver Glosses are the new trend-focused and necessary additions to the ever expanding colour wheels your clients crave – maximise these hues and expand your colour repertoire to keep up. For more information visit


New Order Contemporary style for every modern man.


For more information about stocking this in salon please contact Conceptual Brands 1300 110 032. INSTYLE 65


Headliner Hairdressing legend is an understatement when it comes to Angelo Seminara, and Melbourne will be graced with his presence at Hair Expo 2018. We talk experimentation, education and enlightenment with Hair Expo 2018’s bona-fide headliner, writes Shannon Gaitz.


f you’ve been in the hairdressing industry for even a moment you’ve heard of Angelo Seminara. The four time winner of British Hairdresser of the Year and three time winner of the Grand Trophy AIPP Award is renowned in styling circles. Experienced backstage (Angelo is a regular at Paris, New York, London and Milan fashion weeks, for brands such as Chanel, Valentino, Hermes, Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood) and on set (his work has been featured in publications including Harper’s BAZAAR, Vanity Fair and Vogue), Angelo’s aesthetic is internationally lauded. Angelo is well-known as the Artistic Director of Italian brand Davines and his creative vision has seen him create colouring techniques and instruments. He has moved beyond the set and the runway, presenting his work in bold hair installations in museums from Mexico to Venice, Japan and London. He shares this talent in his work as an educator, a role he’ll take on as a major drawcard of Hair Expo 2018, with sessions titled ‘An Audience with Angelo Seminara’ and ‘A Day With The Master’. Here we preview what’s to come, gauge his view on our local talent and dissect his current creative inspiration. 66 INSTYLE

INSTYLE: What are your plans for your upcoming trip to Australia? AS: In my Hair Expo seminar, I’m planning for the session to be a treat for the senses, arousing, absorbing and mind opening. I love expressing my passion for hairdressing and sharing my experience with fellow professionals. I want to get the message across to the audience to never close your mind to an idea – no matter how unlikely or impossible it seems. INSTYLE: What education will you be conducting at Hair Expo? AS: I’ll work through some handy cutting techniques, demonstrate the artistry that goes into dressing hair and show how innovative colouring can really show off your work. Audiences are usually interested to know about the sources of inspiration which stimulate me creatively, so I’ll most likely talk about that too. INSTYLE: What is your impression of Australian hairdressing as it compares to the global stage? AS: Over the past few years, I’ve noticed how many Australian hairdressers are increasingly challenging their comfort zones and pushing what’s perceived to be hairs’ limitations. They’re coming up with a striking combination of looks, from dramatic and Avant Garde to colourful, client-popular commercial styles. INSTYLE: What is the biggest thing British hairdressers could learn from Australian hairdressers – and vice versa? AS: Although the UK hair industry is known as a hotbed of experimentation where rules are broken with the aim of creating

Hair: Angelo Seminara, Hair Assistants: Yoko Kurokawa, Chihiro Meifuku, Minako Yoshida, Hyung Wook Ko, Photography: Andrew O’Toole, Make-Up: Laura Dominique, Styling: Niccolo Torelli, Products: Davines (Your Hair Assistant)

“In Australia there’s a high level of vibrancy and optimism (maybe it’s something to do with the weather!) where creatives throw caution to the wind and just go for it.” ANGELO SEMINARA

something new, occasionally, although technically brilliant, some hairdressers hold back and are a bit restrained. In Australia there’s a high level of vibrancy and optimism (maybe it’s something to do with the weather!) where creatives throw caution to the wind and just go for it, although technically the result isn’t perfect. So, the learning for both nations is to hone flawless techniques, open your mind to endless possibilities, be confident and let your creativity fly. INSTYLE: What is inspiring you creatively in 2018? AS: I’m inspired by the idea of developing more eco-friendly products with Davines. I’ve been the brand’s Artistic Director for a few years now and, being Italian, I’m proud to be associated with this exceptional Italian company. The brand’s ethically-sound products respect and care for the environment and when it comes to hairdressing, Davines’ products really are so brilliant to work with. We have

great respect for each other and when working with the company’s research and development department, we have an honest, two-way street. We say it like it is because we share the common goal of designing products compatible to nature, which enhance peoples’ hair and fulfil the everyday needs of the professional hairdresser. INSTYLE: What are you most excited about for your upcoming trip to Australia and Hair Expo? AS: At Hair Expo I’m hoping my session will be truly inspirational and enlightening so it sparks people to awaken and activate their own creativity and give it their all to work on something new. As for visiting Australia, I’m hoping to have the time and the chance to see untamed parts of the country, where I’ll be sure to find inspiration in Mother Nature’s stunning, vibrant landscapes. For more information visit





OL’BASTARDS Pomade, Volume Dust and Smoothing Shampoo.

PUREOLOGY Hydrate Superfood Treatment. 1300 386 421

DE LORENZO Novafusion Colour Care Shampoo Rose Gold. 1800 800 347

NAK HAIR Luxe Finishing Crème and Platinum Blonde No-Yellow Shampoo. (07) 3895 4544

KERA COLOR Color+ Clenditioner Rose Gold. (02) 9666 3611

NOOK Artisan Geghe Gel Fluid Gel Cement Hold. 1300 343 572 AFFINAGE PROFESSIONAL White Ice Miracle Repair Mask with Kera-Diamonds. (07) 3823 4566 DESSATA Bright Leave-In Regenerative Cream.

NIOXIN Intensive Treatment Diaboost Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment. 1300 885 002

ASP LUXURY HAIRCARE Edge Control Freak Mega Fibre Moulding Crème. (07) 5520 0232



AMERICAN CREW Firm Hold Styling Cream. 1300 738 776

NATALIE ANNE HAIRCARE Monaco Beach Resort Styling Kit (Climax BlowOut Cream and Lived-In Texture Spray) and Undone Perfection Dry Texturising Powder. 1800 233 386

DEPOT Normalizing Daily Shampoo. 1300 110 032

THEORIE Amber Rose Hydrating Conditioner. (02) 9666 3611

LESS IS MORE Elderflower Salt Spray and Kieselwax. (02) 8765 1100

WELLA PROFESSIONALS Fusion Conditioner, Shampoo and Mask. 1300 889 886

REF Rough Paste. (03) 9553 2142 SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL Solar Hair and Body Shampoo and Hydro Repair Cream. 1300 889 886



ASP LUXURY HAIRCARE Edge Revive-Me Dry Shampoo and Dry Mud Matt Hairwax. (07) 5520 0232

EVOX HAIR REJUVENATION THERAPY Shine-In Taffy With Fibroblast. (03) 9439 4841

SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist Volume Conditioner and Ocean Mist. (07) 3395 4997

PAUL MITCHELL Invisiblewear Pump Me Up and Undone Texture Hairspray. 1300 365 350

1922 BY J.M. KEUNE Purifying Shampoo. 1800 628 699 ECOLAB STYLE PROJECT Firm Hold Hairspray. 1300 856 744

SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL Twisted Conditioner, Styling Spray and Mask. 1300 728 333

SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL OSiS+ Powder Cloud and Crystal Gel. 1800 251 887

NOOK Artisan Riccioletto Curl Control Milk. 1300 343 572



DAVINES Love Curl Controller and Curl Revitalizer. (07) 3267 5511

LENDAN Eternal Moringa Shampoo and Mask. 1800 536 326

DENNIS BERNARD HAIRCARE Bond Building Shampoo. (03) 9764 2833

PAUL MITCHELL Invisiblewear Volume Whip. 1300 365 350

OL’BASTARDS Matte Clay. NOOK Artisan Spumiglia Creative Elasticizing Mousse. 1300 343 572

REF Sculpting Gel and Pomade. (03) 9553 2142 EVOX HAIR REJUVENATION THERAPY Liquid Plasma. (03) 9439 4841

LESS IS MORE Rose Serum. (02) 8765 1100









JUST $75

02 9489 7776 trichovedic @trichovedic





Men’s skincare routines have picked up the pace, from influencers in the spotlight to the average professional. As we discover, maintaining a balanced lifestyle and taking care of his skin go hand in hand for newly devoted Ultraceuticals client, Luke Casey. LET’S BRING DOWN the stereotypes - most guys go to a salon for a haircut more often than women – it’s every 3-4 weeks if you’re Luke Casey and add to this a skincare routine and the men’s market is a lucrative one. Th rowing in some grooming tips are almost a given to maintain client loyalty and before you know it the style beauty style book for men is just as bold as a woman’s. Here we discover just why Luke’s pretty insta-cheeky face is his most important asset. When did you first start to take care of you skin? I started looking after my skin at a pretty young age, I actually had severe acne from age 13 so for me looking after my skin has been a mission ever since then. When did you first use professional skincare (Ultraceuticals) and what difference did you notice to your skin? I’ve only discovered Ultraceuticals in the past year, from men’s grooming lounge, Face of Man, but this last year my skin has improved in leaps and bounds. Before that I was using different products and brands and changing every time as nothing seemed to really make a change. I’ve been using products such as the Ultra Brightening Serum and Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum for over a year now and I can genuinely say I won’t be changing any time soon. How important is your skin to your job? For me, working a few different jobs, there is almost zero consistency between hours, environments and job requirements. The Ultraceuticals range enables me to tailor my skincare to my job requirements. For example, I’m a footy player and on any given Saturday my best friend is the Ultra Sun Active SPF 50+ Face and Body lotion, which enables me to spend the whole day in the sun. Where as, the Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum works really well when I’m pulling long hours in air-conditioned studios. You show a bit of skin in your line of work - what’s the best skin compliment you’ve ever received? For me the best compliment I can receive is about how clear my skin is, after suffering for years of acne, having a clear face with no massive break outs is what really gets me in the feels. What are you favourite hobbies and recreational activities? It would have to be two things. One is my rugby, which I take pretty seriously, and the other is café hunting… I absolutely love breakfast and discovering cool new trendy places to eat with their own unique signature dishes. What does fitness mean to you and how do you stay fit? Fitness to me is a lifestyle, it’s not something that a 12-week body 74 INSTYLE

transformation program can give you. It isn’t about how much you can bench or how low your body fat percentage is, it’s about being healthy and maintaining good functioning at all stages of life. Have you noticed more interest from guys and mates about taking care of skin and hair in recent years? 100 per cent! Gone are the days where dudes don’t look after themselves. Personally, I think it will continue to grow over the coming years and become the norm. Explain your beauty routine. Firstly, I cleanse my face when in the shower, and then use my Ultra Brightening Serum, Ultra Hydrating Serum and before I leave the house my Ultra Daily Protective Moisturiser Mattifying SPF 30 - that’s my go to on a daily basis.I also get regular Ultraceuticals treatments at Face of Man which range from MicroHydrabrasion, Mandelic peel, Vitamin A (Azyme) peel and a Vita A peel (AHA). Depending on the season and where my skin is at. What is your most commonly asked question? The question I get asked most in regards to bring a model is “do you like it?” and honestly the answer is a resounding yes! Not only because I get to work in an environment that is fun and creative which suits my outgoing personality, but a lot of the time I get to bring my best mates along for the ride, and honestly that’s the best part. Doing awesome stuff with the family you choose. What’s an average day for you? An average day for me is pretty hard to pinpoint as my days can range from a 4am get up for a 5:30am call time, to an 11am roll out of bed after pulling an all-nighter to complete an assessment for university. Generally, it will be breaky followed by emails and making sure I don’t have any pressing deadlines. Then it could be just about anything until I have training in the night time. Most awkward skincare moment or a moment where you weren’t looking your best? Look, my worst moments probably come 3 days post a Vitamin A peel “A-zyme peel” where my face literally looks like it’s falling off. But it’s all worth it when the peel is done because your face has never looked better!

Viva Glam Sia

Photography by Michael Comninus Creative Direction by Lauren McCowan Styling by Sarah Birchley Makeup by Cat Smith


Inspired by muse Sia and her boundary breaking Avant Garde style, the new Viva Glam campaign from MAC Cosmetics captures the soulful, warm, vivid essence of the singer. The deep red lipstick, signed by the artist, continues the Viva Glam campaign by donating its profits to the MAC AIDS FUND, which has raised over $US470 million for the cause since it debuted in 1994. Constructed as a Warm, Vivid Red (Matte), the lipstick combines art and philanthropy. 1800 613 828

New Age Endota Spa Endota Spa has launched a highly active cosmeceutical range – titled New Age, it’s packed full of hexapeptides and vitamins A, C and E to guard against wrinkles. Tipped as a great solution to Botox by boosting the skin’s natural collagen production, the range boasts hero products such as an Age Defying Retinol Serum, Super C Firming Serum, Potent Brightening Serum and Peptide 8 Hyaluronic Serum that each address specific skin concerns such as ageing, redness, hyperpigmentation and dehydration. (03) 5971 8700

Matte Dreams

Palladio has debuted a line of Dreamy Matte Lipsticks in a myriad of vibrant shades, from deep reds and violets, to orange, softer pinks and more nude shades, in tones such as Coral, Red Carpet, Bella Pink, Scarlet and Velvet Wine. The products are imbued with Aloe Leaf Extract and Safflower Oil to moisturise the lips, Vitamins C and E to protect against damage, and Coconut and Palm Leaf to aid application. The matte lipsticks are highly pigmented and long lasting. (02) 8781 0123

Beauty NEWS Stand for Mascara A new mascara offering from Lee Fran Beauty Imports is an all-encompassing lash beauty option for your reception desk or retail shelf. The stand includes a Waterproof Mascara, which nourishes, lengthens and moisturises lashes, an X Volume Mascara for an extreme, highly pigmented and long lasting look, an Immediate Mascara that provides instant volume, curl and length with quick drying and layering capabilities, Ultra Define Mascara, which is a one-coat, creamy and full-bodied product and the Eco Volume Mascara, which is 98 per cent naturally derived. (07) 5525 0888

Body Lotion David Mallett’s BODY LOTION No. 1 L’HYDRATION offers moisturising and nourishing properties for the skin, following on from the brand’s hair portfolio and Body Wash. Infused with hero ingredient pomegranate, and with scents of bergamot and yuzu, the product prevents dry skin and delays ageing. Other elements such as shea butter, glycerin and panthenol calm and soothe the skin. Free from harsh chemicals and renowned for its reparative properties, David Mallett’s Body Lotion is a treat from head to toe. (07) 3395 4997





For summer skin, all year round.

LUZERN Serum Absolut V12. 1300 367 969 DMK Direct Delivery Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum. 1300 00 SKIN ALPHA H Vitamin C with Grape Seed. 1800 659 777 DR NATASHA COOK DERMATOLOGIST COSMECEUTICALS Concentrated Illuminator Lightening & Brightening Serum. (02) 9247 2887

KIEHL’S Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. 1300 651 991 DERMAVIDUALS Vitamin C Liposome Concentrate. (02) 9960 1300 76 INSTYLE



Lip stains, rom-coms and roses are essential.

GLITTER LIPS I’m All Yours Ruby Slippers. (07) 5520 0232 MAC COSMETICS Tender Talk Lip Balm in Side Dish and Versicolour Stain in Resilient Rouge. 1800 613 828 BODYOGRAPHY Electric Lip Slide in Passion Sorbet. 1300 263 964 SALT BY HENDRIX Lip Glow in Rockstar Pink. 0452 183 503 SHU UEMURA Laque Supreme in PK 05. 1300 651 991 ENDOTA SPA Natural Lip and Cheek Tint. (03) 5971 8700 INSTYLE 77


ENCHANTMENT International Artist and gifted entrepreneur Guylaine Martel connects her creativity with emotion to truly transport her audiences across the world, writes Cameron Pine.


privileged Australian audience was lucky enough to witness first-hand this master’s true talent at the return of the prestigious L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy on February 4, and despite the incredible talent and worthy awards recipients in the room – Guylaine’s show continues to be the talk of the night. It’s refreshing to witness her take on hairstyling as art and not just high-fashion or commercial trends weaved into everything we do- every artist must go on the Guylaine journey. Fourteen years as a L’Oréal Professionnel ambassador and now Art Director of L’Oréal Canada, Guylaine has maintained her originality while being demanded by a brand to create a stronger connection with their creative audience – beyond product and towards our constant yearning to be taken back to the reason we started in this great industry - to inspire people to truly be themselves. It’s remarkable that one woman can do this all with her own hands in just half an hour on stage. Guylaine holds an awards list that spans 25 years in the industry, some of the most elite in the industry including World Haute Coiffure Francais, down to a local award for her giving spirit. Her personality is likened to the incredible journey of nature and nurture – a breath of fresh air, a creative green light to feel the hope and the joy in a room filled with people who live their life in hair and live a life to be constantly inspired. With the name of the show ‘enchanted’, it’s no surprise that Guylaine firstly studied art before entering hairdressing. Art is intrinsic to her approach and how she lights up a room and elevates our thinking. It’s not long before you can see that hair becomes just one aspect of this woman’s creative expression. Expanding on her shows for Singapore, Spain, Rome and L’Oréal Business Forum in Seville – there’s a reason that Guylaine’s formula is more fairytale than a run sheet of looks and why it’s been requested in in all corners across the globe. “You need to create an emotional response with people. People want to be entertained. To be transported. This is what my work is all about,” Guylaine said. Building on her show each time, Guylaine feels the more and more she does it the better it gets, whether it be small tweaks or ways to expand the show’s dynamic repertoire, Guylaine’s ability to create shape and texture in the hair is second to none. The show is likened to a story of a boy appreciating the beauty of nature and instilling hope and discovery into his spirit. Broken into three main stories – a ‘magic forest tree story’, ‘under the sea – dream river’ and finished with the ‘titan woman’. The idea developed to create a full spectrum fairytale story with an emotional ending. “I work on improving the show every time and in different countries you adapt to different models and there’s always something new to see from it. Every country you go to you can adapt a show. People are different but emotion is one language." 78 INSTYLE

It’s no surprise that different cultures and countries share and celebrate emotion differently. For example, everyone told Guylaine in Italy and Singapore the audience would not show emotion, they would not stand but people in the audience stood and cried. “I have been told people wouldn’t applause but they did – emotion is how we all connect,” Guylaine said. “This shows me one thing and that’s despite culture everyone wants to feel emotion and connect with something that makes them feel something different, something that gives them hope,” she said. Ultimately it’s this response and universal language Guylaine has been able to transport globally, with audiences celebrating her work and even in the toughest audience of all – Australia. We had even the tallest of tall poppy syndrome critics celebrating her mastery. “Despite these cultural differences being clear every country has said to me the same thing – Guylaine you give me hope – you push me, it was the most beautiful show I have seen,” she said. “When L’Oréal asked me to do this show I said I wasn’t going to do another ‘perfect’ show because there are a lot of very good hairdressers that know how to perfect hair.”

“Looking at the world they are pissed off about politics and climatic change, it’s a little bit sad and I feel that people need to just be happy.” GUYLAINE MARTEL

From artistry to emotion, staying humble and open perhaps the biggest lesson of all from Guylaine – and what a beautiful woman inside and out, she truly is at the pinnacle of her career and admits she will never stop learning and discovering. “I want to touch the emotion of people, of many aspects. I didn’t want to do perfect hair without emotion. I am showing the big story behind – it’s very hard to explain this story behind because people have to take different things from the story to make it truly memorable,” Guylaine said. “Looking at the world they are pissed off about politics and climatic change, it’s a little bit sad and I feel that people need to just be happy. Don’t ask questions and just be happy in front of what they see. Just beauty. I think that works.” Explaining that her creative life continues to be a journey and we all need to be more accepting of what comes our way, Guylaine even has the ability to light up a frantic backstage room. “When I did the first show in Seville, L’Oréal was very stressed about the show – even nine days before they were unsure because it was Avant Garde. A lot of people think when it is Avant Garde that it is too strange. I see it as elegant Avant Garde.” “For me it’s really important the woman looks beautiful and elegant while still being creative.” Beauty is everywhere.


Koda MOMENT The all-new iteration of Koda Cutters has recently re-opened in Bondi with a bang, writes Shannon Gaitz.


oda Cutters, a Bondi salon stalwart just one road back from the beach, faced a problem many salons would actively want – it simply ran out of room, after two years in their previous Gould St space. Needing more chairs, a designated colour space and a new look but a similar location, Koda Cutters shifted over to The Pacific, Bondi’s new hub. Nestled behind shops, restaurants and the QT hotel, meet Koda Cutters 2.0. With more staff, more chairs and an entirely new aesthetic, Koda Cutters’ move has been prolific, and their reopening already a standout in terms of both service and design. Their interiors were lauded with a feature on Vogue Living (the publication called it “one of Bondi’s coolest salons” with “interiors nicer than your home”) and they were the salon behind Jestina Franklin’s headlinemaking platinum bob late last year. For salon owner Diane Gorgievski, the salon is the realisation of decades in the industry, with incomparable experience and vision

that has led to her creating her uninhibited dream space. “We’ve really been able to consider everything, because the venue we decided to go with had nothing in it before,” Diane explained. “So I think I put up all my dreams, being in the industry 21 years, I wanted colour to be in a space where nothing can be stained and I wanted lots of natural light in the colour room because you really want to see tones and what is true to colour. I wanted the styling to have a sense of luxe but a homely feeling, so it has beautiful wooden floorboards and every drawer that we’ve put into our joinery has a purpose.” The space is anchored around a bold marble reception desk, a hero interior piece surrounded by an influx of light that captures the eye the moment you enter the salon. Diane describes the dramatic piece as a “beautiful statement” and “the heart of the flow of the salon” that is one of the many reasons its staff are so proud to work there. Beyond that, the salon is defined by full-size windows and mirrors, giving it a sense of openness and space. Paramount to the salon structure is the separation between styling and colour, with each room given its own unique treatment in adjacent areas. “Colour is something that takes a long time and needs to be in a comfortable environment, and it needs to be in an environment where hairdressers can feel free to makes a mess,” Diane said of the space. “Styling and finishing is very clean and a lot about having space and time to really look at structural haircuts, so it’s two totally different vibes.” The team has a specialised following in blondes, foilyage, lived-in colour and pops of colour, from peach tones to reds. They’re also well-known in terms of cut

and style. Their popular Koda blow dry, a face framing style with straight ends that every salon member is trained to excel in, is something the salon is particularly renowned for. With these specialties, lighting was paramount, in order to achieve perfect colour and then style it accordingly. “The lighting was a really big thing for me, because a lot of the time you have these beautiful colours coming down into styling and you can’t see them, so we’ve had lighting be a massive feature in the salon,” Diane said. The salon offers luxury, high-end hair, without the exorbitant price tag, supported by brands such as Oribe, R+Co, System Professional, David Mallett and Balmain at the basin and on the retail shelf. The salon refuses to price themselves out of the market but still feels as if they are elevating the Bondi hair scene as a whole with premier products and services. “We’re not just doing that high end client, we’re doing everyone, we’re giving that high end hairdressing back to everybody,” Diane said. The clientele really does fall into that “everybody” category, bringing over every Bondi local that has been a Koda regular for years, and mixing in travellers and tourists who now leave Australia with a stellar impression of Sydney hairdressing, services and products. With Diane’s dream space in an iconic location, it’s no wonder Koda couldn’t reopen with a whimper, but with a bang. Between celebrity stylings, media attention and an aesthetic that makes you stop and walk inside if you pass it on Bondi’s famous streets, look out for the very new iteration of Koda Cutters. We promise, you can’t miss it. For more information visit INSTYLE 79


Glam SQUAD For a salon with impeccable service and style, look no further than Surry Hills’ Saba Hair, writes Michelle Ruzzene


n institution in the Surry Hills hairdressing scene, Saba Hair is a salon success story, having recently moved to a bigger, brighter salon on Crown St. Driving down the quieter end of Crown St more than 10 years ago it was hard not to notice Saba Hair – a salon fi lled with a head of foils and industry leading products. Sixteen years later, stepping into Saba Hair is like stepping into an oasis in the desert, far away from the dirt and grit of the real world. Buckets of air and light are abundant in the 110sqm salon space and are a refreshing surprise in a densely populated, urban area synonymous with small, dark terraces. Aesthetically, glam is the fi rst thing that spring to mind with US antique white walls and beautiful polished concrete floors complementing champagne coloured chairs and full- length, intricate silver mirrors at every station. Greeting customers is none other than George Saba himself, a man with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, but who remains as hands on today as he did when he began his apprenticeship. “I still love cutting, colouring and styling,” George said. “I’ll never get sick of my job – I love it too much.” George opened his fi rst salon at the age of 21 – it was a gift from his parents who soon realised how passionate he was about the industry. George had that original salon, based in Parramatta where he still lives today, for 15 years. 80 INSTYLE

“I worked seven days a week for pretty much 15 years,” he said. “After that, I sold the salon and went travelling for two years, supporting myself by working causally in hair salons all over the UK and Europe. “When I came back to Australia, I worked in Rose Bay in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, before settling on opening a salon in Surry Hills in 2002.” That salon, also on Crown Street, was situated about 50m down the road from where he is today. But he eventually outgrew the salon and in July 2016, George moved to his current location, which saw his salon floor space go from 77sqm to 110sqm. He said the most important thing to him running a successful salon was having a “good, strong team”. “I pick staff on attitude, not necessarily skill,” he said. “You can train someone in skill, but you can’t train change their attitude.” He said his team of six salon staff, who ranged in age from 30 to 55 and included a mix of males and females, were the “backbone” of his salon’s success. “I liken my team to a bike chain,” he explained. “Everyone in the salon is a link in that chain, and the chain is the thing that keeps the bike going. Everyone has to be committed and do their job for the bike to work – we all depend on one another.” It’s a formula and a philosophy that has worked well so far for George – he said a lot of clients he has had for the 30 years he’s been in business.

People travel from as far as Brisbane and Melbourne to book in an appointment with him. “I have a lovely clientele, some of whom I have been looking after since I was 18,” he said. “I’ve seen them go through relationships, have children and now some of their children also come and see me. “It’s a running joke with some of my clients that I’ve been in a relationship with them longer then they have been in one with their partner.” It is clear George is a relationship builder and putting his clients at ease is second nature to him - every customer that wonders in, George immediately greets like an old friend. His business has been consistently strong because of these relationships, besides the obvious talent of the master cutters and colourisits working the floor. A loyal L’Oréal Professionnel fan, he said he would recommend the brand to anyone and he has been using their range of products for more than 25 years. Another brand he stocks and that he is quick to recommend is Paul Mitchell. When pressed about who inspires him in the industry, George immediately mentioned Vidal Sassoon. “I did a Sassoon Academy Course in the UK while I was travelling,” he said. “It was incredibly inspiring – his styles are still so cutting edge and he’s an icon for hairdressers all around the world.” George also cited people from the L’Oréal Professionnel Academy as continually motivating him and said he was a huge fan of acclaimed hair educational artist Sharon Blain. Although George himself used to teach Avant Garde styling at TAFE, he now prefers to keep his teachings in-house and sticks to mentoring the staff in his salon. He said his philosophy that he teaches is based on three simple steps that make up a successful technique. “You have to do three things,” he said. “First visualise. Next break it down, and lastly, create it. “Always have a plan.” When asked what the current trends were in his salon, or most requested styles, he said for males it was still “short back and sides” while “ladies still love balayage” and “beachy, natural curls and waves”. George said he gets a number of requests for fluorescent colours and late last year one client came in requesting a spiral perm, singalling tight curls could be making a comeback. Curly or straight, balayage or bridal, one thing’s for sure, George and his impeccable staff are sure to look after every client like a family member from their very fi rst visit to Saba Hair. Saba Hair, 640 Crown St, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 (02) 9319 1480


split ends and defrizzing balm - 50mL Designed to provide a smooth mirrored finish which will enhance the appearance of the hair. Buff forms a protective seal which will protect hair from the harmful effects of heat styling and the sun’s damaging rays. Hold Factor 0.




Celebrity inspired curls are trending, and Robert de Soto Acid iPerms make natural curls and waves easy to create. Beautiful, natural looking curls and waves elevate hair’s existing body and bounce without damaging hair. The formulas come with Permanent Wave Treatment and Neutraliser for easy salon styling and are designed for use with perming rods. Available in three formulas to suit the hair type of any client: Normal Hair, Resistant Hair and Damaged/Coloured Hair. Contact Dateline Imports on (02) 9666 3611 or visit

The Juuce 1 Minute Treatment restores, rebonds and rejuvenates all at once. The intense 60 second repair formula is a Moroccan lava clay treatment packed full of Australian natural botanicals. The unique blend of ingredients saturates extremely dry or damaged hair to moisturise and soften. It reduces dryness while also removing toxins and product buildup improving hair’s elasticity and unblocking the scalp’s pores. Contact Hair Jamm on (07) 3850 6200 or visit

FAST FOILS Just like its name suggest, Fast Foils is a simple device designed to give you foils – and fast. The device can cut a salon’s hair foil prep in half. Designed by Michael de Graaf, this Australianmade product effortlessly cuts rolls of foil into pre-cut strips of 14cm, 17cm or 19cm. The device cuts the foil cleanly and ensures it does not stick together. Increase the productivity of a salon by decreasing the time it takes to prep hair foils. Call 0408 945 132 or visit


The latest tools, terms and technology HOT SEAT

PURPLE REIGN Leading haircare brand, Dessata, has captured Pantone’s celebrated hue of ultra violet purple in their latest range of professional detangling brushes. Developed to protect the integrity of the hair shaft, the metallic ultra violet brush by Dessata utilises triple length bristles to detangle hair with ease, efficiency and minimal effort. Sporting a unique, ergonomic shape that moulds to the contours of the hand, the brush’s patented gel bristle technology leaves hair shiny, glossy and soft to the touch; and is available in three exclusive sizes. Visit or call 1800 536 326


The Apollo II Barber chair is a sleek, stylish chair that is renowned for its strength and durability. Its Japanese heatpressed or stitch-sewn upholstery and cast-iron metalwork make it easy to see why it has become the work horse of many thousands of barber shops not only in Australia, but all around the world. his stylish hydraulic unisex chair is ready to give decades of service to the next generation of barbers. Contact Joiken on (02) 8781 0123 or visit

Up your cutting game with Joewell’s Concave Cobalt. The high-tech scissors combine the keen edge and easy cutting of a concave blade with the long life of cobalt steel. Durable yet light, the scissors are available in Silver or Black in either 5.25 or 5.75 inches. They come complete with finger-ring inserts, scissor oil and a cleaning cloth. Contact Australian International Industries on (03) 9764 2833 or visit

Officially Distributed by EKI Pty Ltd

PEACE Using carefully selected NATURAL ingredients, Peace is a strong and effective range of styling waxes and creams, with the fragrance Aqua Rose that will bring Peace to your day.

ARIMINO – the #1 hairstyling product company in Japan.

Celebrates hair as a limitless source of inspiration. 4 key ranges

CARMEN HAIR COLOUR, SOLARIS LIGHTENERS, ESSENTIEL CUSTOMISED RITUALS - premium hair and scalp care, COLLECTIONS NATURE - botanical and organic hair and scalp care.

Strengthen and enhance your client’s hair, during chemical services by solving three major causes of hair damage. SHISEIDO PROFESSIONAL’S SALON PROGRAM TREATMENT SYSTEM With the exclusive Intense Triplex Technology. New Products.

Ultimate straightening. Unbelievably soft, smooth hair. THE CRYSTALLIZING STRAIGHT SYSTEM With Hyaluronic Thermal Straight Technology.

EKI is the official Australian distributor of Arimino, Eugene Perma and Shiseido Professional Hair Products. For further information or an in salon training-demonstration-consultation, please call 02 9719 1418 or visit our website Mobile: 0404 831 488 | Email: or Showroom and Office, Shop 1, 52 Lyons Road, Drummoyne, NSW 2047, Australia Salon and Training Centre, 83 Lyons Road, Drummoyne, NSW 2047, Australia


More than magic:


Mushrooms‌and no, not the magic kind, are quickly becoming a health and wellness trend thanks to the natural enhancing effects and energy they feed our brains.


rands like Four Sigmatic want to popularise medicinal mushrooms by incorporating them in popular drinks like coffee and hot cocoa while making it easy for us to decipher which mushroom we need and easy ways to drink them. Incorporating even small amounts of nutrient-rich mushrooms into your daily routine can help you tap into significant health benefits. If only it could make hair colour process faster.


Here is your Mushroom 101:


If you want to look and feel younger Chaga mushrooms are packed with a range of potent antioxidants and are a great option if you’re looking for anti-aging benefitsthink berries on steroids. Researchers have compiled evidence that the antioxidants in Chaga mushrooms can help lower inflammation (which is linked to just about every chronic and


nerves and may even help treat or stall the progression of multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. In Asia, it is referred to as the mushroom that gives you “nerves of steel and the memory of a lion.” This mushroom is perfect if you feel like you’re having brain fog or memory loss. When to drink: when studying, reading, writing or struggling with anxiety


If you feel the 3pm slump

autoimmune problem) caused by stress, poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles. Chaga also contains an enzyme which is able to neutralise damage caused by free radicals, thus protecting the body against certain cancers of the liver, lung and brain. When to drink: in the morning to kick your day off right or when you’re feeling run down and looking to support your body’s immune function.


If you’re looking for a brain boost Lion’s Mane is the only mushroom that has potent Nerve Growth Factors that help your brain nerves grow and repair and keep your brain healthy and flourishing. It can help regrow damaged

Do you hit the middle of your day and reach for your third coffee or bag of lollies? Cordyceps are just for that. For those of us with particularly busy, active lifestyles, they have been shown to improve endurance by increasing oxygen in the blood. Theses mushrooms are also full of antioxidants which help offset free radicals. Also an extra bonus: some studies have shown that cordyceps can help increase libido. When to drink: In place of that piece of candy or second coffee at 3pm


If you need to loosen up Reishi mushrooms are often called ‘Medicine of Kings’. Studies have shown that reishi can enhance our body’s immune system and improve blood circulation. Reishi is also known to be helpful for those with insomnia by being naturally muscle relaxing and calming. When reishi is taken regularly it can restore the body to its natural state by enabling all organs to function at optimal level. When to drink: two hours before going to bed or during a stressful day. Find Four Sigmatic elixirs at INSTYLE 85





Eden Life Centres brings a new level of holistic wellness to Bali.

here’s no doubt the wellness and medical tourism industry is booming and Eden is a prime example – elevating the typical Bali day spa aesthetic and providing a haven for a total body and mind approach to wellness. At Eden you’ve reached that secret garden. Australians Deborah Vanderhoek and Duncan Angus are at the forefront of this emerging global trend in downtown Seminyak with the opening of their fi rst lifestyle centre at the end of 2017. It’s a Holistic, anti-ageing health clinic focusing on wellness and self-improvement and every client journey is different. Designed by J.R Kraal, Eden Life Centres is a peaceful sanctuary in the centre of ultra-busy Seminyak shopping strip and with Bali chosen as the inaugural site for its progressive, eclectic and artistic blend of expats, tourists and locals – Deborah and Duncan feel they have something for the Bali visitor who only wants the best. “People not only want to live longer, they want to live better,” said Simone Rogers, General Manager, Eden Life Centres. No doubt living better comes from the way you feel, instantly being greeted, welcomed and given time and care to relax and unwind as soon as they enter the doors – Eden clients are more than half way there. Deborah said the cool, clean luxurious feel of Eden Life Centres was designed to help people feel welcome, comfortable and safe. On arrival, you pass through a garden wall to the Moroccanthemed, tiled, sunken water fountain, splashes of pink and green velvet are mixed with a resort like outdoor vibe – think relaxed linen meets carrara marble. A cane swing sits against the wall, between the sandstone Ganesha (the elephant-headed Hindu God of success) and the perennially blooming white flowering tree. Creamy hand-cut, marble, lotus-shaped floor tiles bleed into the rich, emerald green cash desk with the logo embossed into it and the framed words ‘Self-Love’ above it. But the truly breathtaking, ‘pièce de résistance’ has to be the four-metre, square, stainless steel, hand-beaten and burnt to a rose shade fountain, that trickles with water and is placed between the vertical gardens and the widespread frangipani tree. “I want Eden to be a sanctuary - a safe place, inviting, and using the harmony of nature in every room. I wanted it to feel authentically Bali - unmistakably so,” Deborah said. The magic of the centre is further enhanced by its second level features. “I had always longed for a ‘Gone with the Wind’ staircase - I fi nally got it,” she said, laughing. “It’s beautiful.” Th is grand staircase winds its way up to the 86 INSTYLE

second floor where the nutritionist, osteopath, local healer, psychotherapist and medical-grade facial rooms are. At the top of the staircase, hand-beaten, copper lights hang from the soaring A-framed roof, with glass windows that concertina open to gardens that drip with bougainvillea. “I want people to walk in and feel like they are in their own lounge room, even though we are a medical clinic. Whether they are here for an hour or a day it was essential to feel like a place they could feel like home,” Deborah said. Every room looks out to a garden, be it a vertical garden wall, or a garden with red-trucked palm trees. Modern design meets green – a key play on ethos with both technique and nature irrigated throughout the services available. “The white leather Charles Eames chairs, in the vitamin infusion room, were a must have,” Deborah said. “And the framed quotes and collages placed on the dusty coloured walls infuse a calm and introspective aura.” The coffee table carries the theme of the lotus, with the same petal shaped marble as the floor, in a combination of marble that was used through the centre in the bathrooms, flooring and side tables. It’s a marble lovers fantasy – emblematic of the brand and even further reinforcement of the Eden logo. “The logo came out of the mud like the lotus flower,” Deborah explained. “The snake, entwined around the stem of the lotus flower. It’s our marriage of health and beauty. The spirituality is inextricably part of why we are all here in Bali, and what keeps us here. It’s the magic of Bali that makes this all possible.”

KEY SERVICES AT EDEN LIFE CENTRES: • The Skin Clinic to address topical skin conditions, skin texture and appearance. • The Aesthetic Clinic to address contouring and aging profi les. • The Nutrition Clinic for integrated health. • IV Lounge for heath, immunity, hydration and rejuvenation • Therapists for working on the mind-body connection. For more information visit



Early mornings, long delays, missed flights, connections, conferences and that never ending day of meetings, we’ve all been there whether we are in salon, session or swinging by the corporate rafters – here’s a few no nonsense pit stops for the dreaded layover on the corporate credit card.

FRENCH AFFAIR IT’S HARD TO go past Accor’s French luxury label, Sofitel, and as the perfect gateway to the Greek islands located only 50 metres from the arrival and departures terminal of Athens Airport, that exhaustion induced stopover never felt so good. Overlooking the Mossoghia Valley, the Sofitel is by far the nicest hotel anywhere near the airport and serves as the perfect starting point for touring around Greece. The recently refurbished Mediterranean Spata restaurant is a feast for the eyes from the food to the décor, flushes of velvet pink, navy white, rose gold and brass make it stand out as a clear culinary and luxury leader. There’s also a rooftop French restaurant, Karavi that completes the fine dining experience for a hotel of the Sofitel style. The true drawcard after a long journey is the spa, a sun-lit relaxation oasis on the 9th floor of the hotel, adjacent to a gym, pool and sauna, the spa offers some of the best spa treatments in Athens including Ayurvedic face and body treatments and balancing massages - the ideal travel remedy. There’s also a range of face treatments to rejuvenate that tired traveler skin -a lavender face peel and caviar luxury therapy are at the top of the list.

So then there’s the sleep – a very important ingredient for a stressed out creative, corporate or anyone looking to recuperative what the travel takes out. Spacious rooms and heavenly Sofitel King size beds and a club lounge with refreshments and snacks all day, make the Sofitel Athens the perfect place to rest, revive and move on to the next destination. So Sofitel.

MELBOURNE MOMENT DID SOMEBODY SAY Penthouse?! Even if you’re like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman and haven’t been above the 3rd floor, it’s hard not to consider these newly refurbished home away from home style penthouses at Melbourne’s Adina Apartment hotel. Adopting an international take on modernity and simplicity was the key objective of the new penthouse apartments designed by award-winning designers SJB – rich ebony timbers, luxurious marble bathrooms, LED light and an autumnal palette of bronze, maroon and olive green bring an old-word opulence charm to Melbourne’s CBD. Who said a corporate stay can’t be classy? And there’s room for the family to stay and cook in the fully functional stone kitchen if eating out again is enough to give you nausea. For some, hotel rooms just aren’t practical and Adina has answered this calling. With an exclusive lift entrance and a somewhat masculine New York loft feel, the Adina Penthouses rise above the chaos filling the Melbourne apartment scene. There’s a staircase leading to a private bedroom and a decent sized living and dining area overlooking the Melbourne CBD. Bronze detailing seems to be the hallmark of 2017 and when added to a Penthouse environment, it’s hard not to feel like you’ve had that much deserved upgrade.

The swimming pool area has also been re-modelled as a new outdoor entertaining terrace. Drawing inspiration of the famous Ipanema beach tile - the pattern is clean, crisp and geometrically bold. In taking a layered approach where materials echo and work in harmony, the result is a luxurious and bold interior that is at once contemporary and invitingly warm. It’s certainly slicker than your average and priced to be accessible. So when are you next in Melbourne?






Hair Expo Awards Ambassador and motivational speaker Julie Piantadosi juggles it all, and wants you to help you too, writes Michelle Ruzzene.

hose in the hair industry have most likely heard of Julie Piantadosi - if not, you’re certainly about to. The 42-year-old mother of three has just been named Hair Expo Awards Ambassador and Head Judge for Hair Expo 2018. As part of her role, Julie will lend her support to the judging panel and to awards entrants throughout the submission process. Although Julie is usually heavily involved with education at Hair Expo and is a regular speaker, she said this most recent appointment was particularly special. “I’ve been a huge fan of Hair Expo for many years and have educated at many expos in the past,” she said. “I feel very honoured to be appointed to this role. I honestly cried for a whole day. I’ve achieved so much, I often feel like the luckiest girl in the world, but this really was a jubilant moment.” The former hairdresser and beauty therapist said her appointment “made sense” and she was “the perfect fit” for the role. But before she takes on her role with gusto at Hair Expo, this year being held June 9 until 11 in Melbourne at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, the business coach will be flat out travelling around Australia, showcasing her ‘Julie Motivate Winning At Life Roadshow’ to all capital cities. This show is, as its name suggests, a motivational seminar about how to get all aspects of your life under control. On her website, it reads: ‘Be prepared to be amazed, empowered and transformed.’ Julie speaks from the heart when she coaches and motivates others – she left school at 13, set up her first salon at 17, by the age of 19 she had three salons.


However, by the time she was 20, Julie was bankrupt – perhaps this ‘too hard, too fast’ idea taught her lessons to realise her success today. Julie didn’t allow this setback, or any others, to inhibit her success - hers is a true rags to riches story that has now seen her become a published author who has taken to the stage in more than 22 countries and sold over two million DVDs and CDs. The topics covered in her upcoming roadshow will range from managing and balancing work and life, love and relationships, work success and making money, communication skills, ways to deal with depression and anxiety, identifying personality type and setting goals. For Julie, life is a journey that requires the support of loved ones around you. “My husband and I started our journey together, setting up salons and spas,” she said. “And what led to our success was our ability to systemise.” From her personal experience, Julie said when you were running a salon or spa, managing people was the hardest part. “Managers don’t know what to do when staff aren’t performing – they keep paying them but don’t address the issue. They have to be willing to put a plan in place, a plan that requires time and effort.” Julie said often where business owners go wrong is believing they can manage people. “People can’t be managed - people manage systems,” she said. “What I do is sell systems and procedures.” The systems and procedures Julie is referring to is Total Salon Solutions - her programs geared specifically towards small to

large business owners within the hair and beauty industries, which focuses on getting the most out of staff and running a profitable salon. She said in the industry there was a lot of “victim-like mentality”. “People get very focused on moaning about their business rather than fi nding solutions,” Julie said. “You can’t buy services that the hair and beauty industry offer online – it’s an industry that’s going to be around forever. “But what you do have to do is understand why you’re different from everyone else and make sure your customers know that.” She said if you didn’t know that fundamental concept, you risked losing customers to salons offering the same services at a lower price. “People shop on price if they don’t know why they’re different – you have to know what it is you do that’s different,” she said. She also puts the responsibility wholly in the hands of the salon or spa owner. “There is no such thing as a bad team – just poor leadership.” Broaching the subject of millennials in the workplace, Julie said the biggest problem was misunderstanding and an inability to communicate with the younger generation. “The biggest frustration salon owners have is they say young people aren’t like they used to be,” Julie said.

“People get very focused on moaning about their business rather than finding solutions,” JULIE PIANTADOSI

“That’s true but there is still an amazing abundance of talent in the industry – it’s just that millennials speak a different language – you have to connect with them in a way they understand and respond to.” The motivational speaker said the key thing she learnt was not to let anyone tell you what is impossible – only you are in charge. There’s no denying Julie certainly ‘has it all’ but it hasn’t come easy – and she is no stranger to hard work, long hours and the relentless highs and lows of being a business owner while managing enough family time for her loving husband, Mike, son Luca, 14, and daughters Sienna, 11, and Capri, 8. She relies on little sleep and says it is one thing she’s had to sacrifice, surviving on a meagre 3.5 to 4.5 hours a night. She refuses to leave her children for more than three consecutive nights – if the trip is longer than that, they come with her. “I don’t want to feel sad about living my dream, so the kids come with me,” she said. “Now they are all platinum frequent flyers and they get to learn and grow from travelling with me.” Julie Motivate Winning At Life Roadshow dates below. To book go to SYDNEY Sunday 18 February 1-5PM HOLIDAY INN SYDNEY AIRPORT Corner O’ Riordan Street and Bourke Road, Mascot BRISBANE Sunday 25 February 11-3PM MANTRA ON QUEEN 570 Queen Street, Brisbane ADELAIDE Sunday 4 March 1-5PM ADELAIDE MERIDIEN HOTEL 21-39 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide MELBOURNE – SOLD OUT Sunday 11 March 1-5PM MANTRA TULLAMARINE 2-12 Trade Park Drive, Tullamarine PERTH Sunday 18 March 1-5PM MANTRA ON MURRAY 505 Murray Street, Perth




HELLO BEAUTIFUL A little TLC goes a long way when it comes to creating a beautifully powerful website – and you’ll be rewarded with a lot more time up your sleeve and dollars in your pocket, writes Fleur Murphy.


get it, you’re flat out, and revamping your website is probably the last thing on your mind. But now that the festive chaos is over and the new year is with us, it’s really the perfect time to focus on creative projects like nailing your web presence. Sure, it’s going to require a little upfront investment of time and money, but trust me, if you get it right the results will blow your mind and you’ll get all of that back ten times over. Follow these essential tips for a drop-dead stunner of a website that’s as hard working as it is good looking!

CAPTURE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF You’re an incredibly talented human, with a to-die-for team, so why would you illustrate your offering with someone else’s photos? Show off your personality, creativity and salon with original photos – it’s so much more compelling than a bunch of stock images! And before you tell me you can’t afford it, it really shouldn’t cost the earth. A little online research should be all it takes to find photographer with a style that complements your own, minus the insane price tag.

BE A SOCIAL STARLET Are you a little Insta-obsessed? Is your Facebook fandom outta control? Milk it, honey! Make sure your website includes links to all your social media channels, and vice-versa. Social media is the ideal way to offer a bite-sized taste of your in-salon experience each and every day, build a loyal following, and tempt new people to your website and through your door. So if you wanna be Insta famous, go for gold, it can only help grow your business!

REMEMBER THAT PRICE IS NICE I’m begging you, don’t shy away from including pricing on your website. If you’re afraid your price tag is a potential turn-off, think about it like this: By the time a potential client finds your service menu, you’ve already had a chance to suck them in with examples of your fabulous work, which presumably by now is splashed all over your home page and social media. If they’ve come this far and aren’t prepared to pay for your awesomeness, it makes sense to filter them out from the get-go.


TAKE PITY ON MOBILE ADDICTS First impressions don’t just count in real life, they’re absolutely essential online too. Here’s a fun fact you might not have known: 50 per cent of website traffic globally comes from a mobile device. So, if you’re not always putting your best foot forward – i.e. if your site isn’t just as jaw-droppingly gorgeous on a smartphone or tablet as it is on a computer – visitors will probably lose interest before you’ve even had a chance to properly say “hi”.

GIVE GOOGLE SOME LOVE Stick with me, I promise not to get all geek-speak on you! The word “algorithm” is enough to make the best of us squirm, but all you really need to know is it’s essential to create a website that your users can, well, actually use. Google appreciates the small things, like getting rid of broken links and making sure people can find the information they need. Give the relationship a little time and effort, and I promise you’ll end up BFFs. And you know what that means? Your clients can find your website. Winning!

LET YOUR CLIENTS BOOK ONLINE So, you’ve built this amazing website, and clients are going crazy over it... You’re sorted, right? Hold on there, not so fast! Your guests are probably so gobsmacked by how incredible the whole experience is, that they’re absolutely itching to take the next step. For goodness sakes, make it easy for them! Add an online booking button on each and every page, and celebrate with a glass of bubbles as your appointment book fills to the brim.

Fleur Murphy heads up the marketing team at Shortcuts, Australia’s leading software provider for the hair, beauty and male grooming industries. She leads Shortcuts’ marketing strategy across social, print and digital, and managed the creation of the new Shortcuts website. Check it out here:

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