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THE DARLING OF HAIR Hair Festival welcomes
to Darling Harbour

TIGI copyright colour is a professional hair colour line designed for salon use. With a wide range of shades and tones, this innovative colour line allows hairdressers to unleash their creativity and provide clients with vibrant and long-lasting results. The superior formula of TIGI copyright colour delivers exceptional shine and nourishment to the hair, leaving it healthy and beautiful.

Colour Undo is a revolutionary product that removes unwanted semi-permanent and permanent hair colour without damaging the hair. This gentle and effective formula is perfect for clients who want to change their hair colour without the commitment. Colour Undo is also infused with nourishing ingredients that leave the hair feeling soft and smooth.

hair industry with the latest and best brands on the market!
Supplying the
TIGI Copyright Colour, Colour Undo, NVNT haircare, and Organik Bodi are now available for purchase on Parallel Distributions' website and through its authorized salons.

NVNT haircare is a game-changer in the hair industry. This luxurious line of hair care products is made with natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients, making it a guilt-free choice for hair care enthusiasts. From shampoos and conditioners to styling products, NVNT offers a complete range of products to cater to all hair types and needs.

Organik Bodi offers a range of body care and haircare products made with organic and natural ingredients, providing clients with a healthier and more sustainable option for their self-care routine. The Organik Bodi line includes body washes, scrubs, lotions, and more, all created to nourish and pamper the skin and hair with 100% soured organic ingredients right here in Australia.

For more information, visit the company's website or follow them on social media for updates and promotions. (02) 83587227 @paralleldistributions W P E

enhance your in-salon colour service with a full spectrum of shades, providing out-of-this-world performance without compromise.

bigger… discover
new shades of permanent colour
deliver vibrant results
ammonia, resorcinol, ppd-free / vegan / gluten-free / gimmick-free / tested on humans – /evohair – @evohair – @evopro – #hueverse EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS
the hue-verse just got
and demi-permanent gloss that
with epic

Barberian sources Australian-native botanicals like Kakadu Plum, known for its antioxidant properties, and Tea Tree Oil for its cleansing benefits. Eucalyptus Oil, revered for its soothing qualities, and Quandong Fruit, rich in essential vitamins.

Founded BY Jorge Viota, Barberian Men’s Grooming redefines men’s care by focusing on holistic health and environmental stewardship.

Eco friendly grooming products for the modern man

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Being efficient. Living the life we want, it’s plastered everywhere across social media from the simple possibility of self-belief to coaches cashing in on those of us who are overstretched, strung out, or in some desperate need of an energy shift. The fact that these positive messages of self-belief are everywhere also poses the problem of heightened expectations and a comparison mindset. The truth is, things are rarely as they appear, yet somehow many of us have been conditioned to judge based on what we see.

To survive in business in 2024, a coping mindset is required, one that takes a leader and true entrepreneur to manage their role versus expectations and still come out on top. There’s never been a more challenging time to run a business, yet there’s also no better time than now to truly connect on our shared challenges. It’s time to be vulnerable about where we really are in business.

Communication skills are under threat to the social binge of information and an avoidant problem-solving culture. In many cases, those that preach it may not even be juggling the volume of demands that businesses can throw our way. However, the positive in all this is that no successful leader was born because it was easy.

Being busy and being distracted are too often confused. We are increasingly falling victim to the pattern of being so over-stretched we become just like every other salon and business that’s stuck in the same cycle. Hustle is in your nature even if you will almost die trying.

Many leaders may try to force everyone, including new staff, to fit a generation or ideal that they were never part of in the first place. This is where our experience often becomes counterproductive and not helpful, while we are running ourselves off our feet. As much as we hate to hear it and think our business won’t survive when we are gone, it’s just as much our fault. I’ll repeat that again. Everything going on in your business is on you. If you’re not happy with where things are at but aren’t quite sure how to get out of it and change it, that’s usually the exact time you need to take a little step back and come up with a new action plan.

I’m seeing it so much everyday where we are trying to get more from less. Our business has changed but we are still trying to embrace and maximise the change while doing all the same things we used to do, which is simply not possible.

We need to fix this mentality. Look to make some changes and start giving it all to every part of what we do and who we are and not just half baking some of it - we all need to be accountable.

The same goes for your salon clients, if you are skimping on something that’s clearly noticeable to them then that’s your first problem. We can make cuts where it may not be obvious, but in reality we all need to face that maintaining our level of standard and service is more important than ever in a world that’s increasingly stressed, jaded and as judgemental as ever.

However, I understand that when you’ve poured years or your lifetime into something and made considerable sacrifices for it, it’s very hard not to take a lack of control to heart, whether it’s purely business or not.

More than ever, our independence is value but in a collective environment, in a salon, anywhere where we continue to work alongside others, open communication and taking responsibility of that culture and communication presents the true value. As the proverb says, ‘if a fish smells at the tail, it smells at the head’. If there’s anything going on in your business or life that you’re not happy with, it’s your responsibility to fix it.

We spend so much time behind a screen that coming together on these issues is our only way forward – this is why Hair Festival continues to grow in momentum each year since we launched it in 2022. Visit for more details.

I look forward to actually seeing you all on June 30, and not just what we are all posting!

Cameron Pine, Editorial and Creative Director This publication is published by BHA MEDIA Pty Ltd (the “Publisher”). Materials in this publication have been created by a variety of different entities and, to the extent permitted by law, the Publisher accepts no liability for materials created by others. All materials should be considered protected by Australian and international intellectual property laws. Unless you are authorised by law or the copyright owner to do so, you may not copy any of the materials. The mention of a product or service, person or company in this publication does not indicate the Publisher’s endorsement. The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Publisher, its agents, company officers or employees. Any use of the information contained in this publication is at the sole risk of the person using that information. The user should make independent enquiries as to the accuracy of the information before relying on that information. All express or implied terms, conditions, warranties, statements, assurances and representations in relation to the Publisher, its publications and its services are expressly excluded save for those conditions and warranties which must be implied under the laws of any State of Australia or the provisions of Division 2 of Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974 and any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof. To the extent permitted by law, the Publisher will not be liable for any damages including special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages (including but not limited to economic loss or loss of profit or revenue or loss of opportunity) or indirect loss or damage of any kind arising in contract, tort or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such loss of profits or damages. While we use our best endeavours to ensure accuracy of the materials we create, to the extent permitted by law, the Publisher excludes all liability for loss resulting from any inaccuracies or false or misleading statements that may appear in this publication. Copyright© 2024 - BHA MEDIA.
INEDIT @instylehairmag

Australia’s Only


De Lorenzo has always been an Australian owned and made company, with a rich history that goes back over 80 years.

We develop and manufacture all our products at our headquarters in Silverwater, NSW. Each product is designed to suit Australia’s unique climate and conditions.

Our 100% vegan certified Nova360º range offers a complete professional colouring system, allowing you to achieve the full spectrum of colouring from the cleanest of blondes to rich dark hues and every fashion shade in-between.

De Lorenzo provides a world of high performance natural hair colour and supporting haircare products in one complete series.

Infused with Australian native plant extracts, protein complexes and Novabond technology, the results will ensure truer, richer, longer-lasting colour, complete white coverage and unmatched shine and condition.

A truly Australian home grown brand supporting salons with natural and organic beauty.

1800 800 347 delorenzohaircare
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Welcome the Coastline Reflects campaign from Davines, which offers four inspiring new colour looks as led by Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell. The campaign is inspired by the colour palette of the sea and its surrounding areas, including the impact of metallic reflections, as each complemented by two specific styles.

“Coastline Reflects is all about capturing the essence of the sea and its surroundings in a relaxed yet captivating way,”

Tom shared. “We’re drawing inspiration from the stunning color palette you find along the coastline – think rustcolored rocks, whitewashed stones, bronze sand, and those pearlescent, shimmering reflections on the water.”

“We’ve crafted four distinct looks, each with its own personality, and we’re presenting them in two variations, but what really sets Coastline Reflects apart is how we’re embracing hair’s natural beauty and letting the sunlight work its magic to enhance those hues and styles.”

In showcasing the synergy between colour and styling, the collection presents bold new colour application techniques, titled ‘freemapping’ and ‘freescaping’, using the new Davines Colour Blending Brush, within versatile styling.

“Each styling variation in the Coastline Reflects campaign has been carefully crafted using products from our MORE INSIDE product line. This range is known for its versatility and ability to cater to a wide range of styling needs,”

Tom shared. “The new More Inside Dry Wax Texturizing Spray gave each look definition and hold but due to its lightweight formula can be removed by simply running your fingers through the hair, it was key in multiple looks during this shooting.”

“We’re excited to introduce the latest addition to this line, the Dry Wax Finishing Spray created and developed in collaboration with myself. This unique finishing spray effortlessly creates instant, undone waves, giving hair a natural and relaxed look. Not only does it provide definition and dimension, but it also leaves a satin-matte finish that adds to the overall aesthetic.”

With Tom’s hair direction complemented by colour from Ashleigh Hodges and Nadina Thelen Ray, photography by Jon Gorrigan and Raffaele Grosso, styling by Rubina Marchiori, makeup by Alessia Stefano and videography by James Cox and Lorenzo Franzoni, this new campaign inspires trends in both colour and style.

IndustryHappenings 14 INSTYLE



O&M offered their styling talents for the Cartier High-Jewellery gala at the Sydney Opera House, with John Pulitano, O&M ambassador and owner of Headcase Hair, taking the reins as Hair Director. The team created three looks for ten female models and styled two male models, all with an understated editorial style for the luxury jewellery house.

The exclusive event catered to 202 VIP clients from across Australia, featuring Cartier High Jewellery pieces styled by Jess Pecoraro in a decadent dinner that coincided with the inter-regional High Jewellery exhibition in Sydney. The gala was the pinnacle of the High Jewellery event series in Australia, including a grand arrival, fine dining experience and the interactive runway show with featured performances by a Sydney based string quartet. The hair looks spoke to this elegance.

“Our vision for the hair was to enhance the appearance of the jewels with sleek, sophisticated, and minimal looks that showcase the décolletage and ears,” John said. “The hair is split into three different looks; the first look is a deep side part with a dewy and polished finish, the second look focuses on enhancing the definition of the curly-haired models, and the third look is a sleek middle part low ponytail.”

O&M’s Pomade Styling Tub, Atonic Thickening Spritz and Frizzy Logic Serum acted as hero products.


Wella Professionals and ghd partnered with Victoria Beckham for her AW24 show at Paris Fashion Week with a glossy, luxe look. Lead hairstylist Anthony Turner styled the low ponytail look with healthy hair as a central component, complementing the fashion designs’ silk textures. Hero products and tools included the new Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair range and the recently debuted ghd chronos styler, which delivers up to three times faster styling backstage, while the Ultimate Repair products ensures strength, smoothness and shine to damaged hair. “We played with proportions in the collection this season, so I wanted the hair to play into those same beautiful contrasts,” Victoria Beckham shared. “We went with a sleek, sharp pony that is gorgeously silk-soft in texture, which was achieved with the Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair range and the new ghd Chronos Styler for effortless polished and healthy hair. ghd is always my go-to for sleek, straight hair – there’s no other tool that can create that perfect silk texture finish.”

“I love Victoria and we spoke at length about the texture of the hair primarily. Should it look messy? Wet? Sleek and chic? We tried lots of variations, but Victoria loved the silk-textured hair look we saw today,” Anthony shared. “For this to be achieved, I use Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair which helps me to ensure that I’m delivering 99 per cent less damage to the models’ hair as I’m smoothing it out. The ghd Chronos Styler is my go-to for smoothing hair quickly – it delivers incredible performance backstage being three times faster for the ultimate Victoria Beckham smooth, sleek results that I need.” and FSP [Follicle Stimulation Program] THE PROVEN TREATMENT FOR THINNING HAIR IN MEN & WOMEN 67% OF PARTICIPANTS IN A CLINICALLY SUPERVISED TRIAL EXPERIENCED A POSITIVE RESULT INNOVATION PATENT *Result of 2014 medically supervised trial at the Knudsen Hair Transplantation Clinic Sydney 02 9489 7776 trichovedic @trichovedic


Kitomba Salon and Spa Software have named global hairdressing leader Tracey Hughes as its international ambassador. These two titans will team up to empower salon owners through greater business education, drawing on Tracey’s vast experience as an award winning and Hall of Fame inducted educator and hairdresser.

Tracey was one of the early adopters of Kitomba Salon and Spa Software, in her role as a long term salon owner for the luxury salon brand Mieka Hairdressing. Within this partnership and beyond, Tracey advocates for leveraging technology to drive business success.

“It’s a privilege to endorse Kitomba and help business owners leverage this incredible technology for their growth,” Tracey said. “My longstanding relationship with the company dates back to being one of the first salons in Australia to implement the software, so I know first-hand the power Kitomba has for helping salons to increase their efficiency and revenue.”

Tracey and the Kitomba Team will share inspirational and educational content covering various aspects of salon success, including KPIs, business strategy, marketing and leadership.


A new haircare brand titled AER Haircare has debuted, as created by hairdresser, salon owner of Revampd Hair Studio, Creative Director and educator Nicole Lamers with holistic hair wellness at its centre.

Nicole is a proud Western Australian and advocate for natural haircare, with 20 years of industry experience. Nicole is a multi-award winning salon owner and educates with Kao Australia’s KMS Division and Original & Mineral. Her accolades include titles and nominations such as AHIA WA Hairdresser of the Year 2021 finalist, AHIA WA/NT Salon of the Year 2023 finalist, AHIA Eco Salon of the Year 2023 finalist and 2019 HOT SHOT Visionary.

The range is delineated into four essential products, as a naturally derived, sustainable and eco-friendly collection. Nicole hoped to deliver professional performance without the need for harmful ingredients in products that are manufactured locally and crafted to reflect the essence of outback Australia. All of the products are vegan and cruelty-free. With close connections to Nicole’s beloved home state and the WA coastline specifically, both brand campaign as well as the exclusive launch event took place at Perth’s iconic City Beach, ushering the new era of AER.


Davines hosted a regenerative floral workshop, facilitated by B-Corp eco-conscious florist Florada, with additional insights from the brand’s Italy-based chairman, Davide Bollati, who was joined by Davines’ Giulia Visalli and Vanessa Esposito. The event took place at Palm House in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens, with the fresh blooms and greenhouse aesthetic ushering in the right atmosphere immediately.

The event celebrated the brand’s recent B Corp recertification with a score of 123.5, speaking to their ethical production principles. The intimate floristry workshop showcased Davines’ values in an immersive way.

The brand presented this environmental significance by transforming Palm House into the Davines Farmer’s Market, mirroring the charm of Davines Village in Parma, Italy. The festivities included an Italian-style grazing table by Stories to Gather for guests to enjoy during the workshop.

Guests took home baskets of fresh produce, alongside select Davines products including the exclusive new refill packs, which were added to the package. The take-home gift also included creative potted herbs in recycled Davines conditioner pots and each guest’s selfassembled bouquet of sustainably grown florals.


Australian brand Foil Me have expanded into Norway, partnering with Norwegian distributors Heidenstrom AS to further expand their reach into Northern Europe. This marks the seventh European country to join the global Foil Me movement, after Switzerland, Germany, UK, ROI, Hungary and Croatia, as well as becoming the eleventh country to distribute the brand overall.

Heidenstrom AS is a family business based in Oslo with over 50 years of operation, which was founded by the father of current owner, Hans-Petter. The business has a mixture of physical stores and makes personal visits to salons, with a suite of brands that look to elevate the hair industry.

“We discovered that Norway is quite limited in the range of foils available to their hairdressing community, and through initial conversations with Hans-Petter we found that he believes Norwegians deserve more than regular supermarket style foil,” added Foil Me Co-Owner and Creative Director, Emily Ciaridello. “Of course, we couldn’t agree more, and we are very excited to be bringing Foil Me and our unique exclusive signature embossed foils to beautiful Norway and change the way Norwegian hairdressers ‘foil’!”



Australia’s own Sharon Blain was honoured with the title of International Hair Legend by the International Hairdressing Awards as the platform made its way around the world to surprise and announce the winners in its sixth year. Taking place from March 10 to 20, winners in eight categories were revealed and personally visited by Mikel Luzea, IHA director and founder, and Sergi Bancells, global ambassador of the awards, which was all documented on social media in real time. The winners were then honoured at a gala event in in Lisbon on April 29.

Sharon was awarded in Sydney for her longstanding, influential career across editorial hairdressing, education and so much more, which has had an indelible effect on hair globally. Beyond this award, Best International Women’s Commercial Collection was won by Carlos Valiente and Bernat Sayol from Salones Carlos Valiente, Spain, International Film & TV Hairdresser of the Year was won by Ivana Primorac, Marie Larkin and Clare Corsick for their work in the smash hit movie Barbie, and International Hair Influencer of the Year was awarded to Ken Paves from the US.

UK hairdressers took home a myriad of awards. Best International Men’s Commercial Collection was won by Sam Elliot, Best International Avant-Garde Collection went to Efi Davies and the International Artistic Team of the Year was named as the TONI&GUY Artistic Team, all from the UK.

Importantly, current British Hairdresser of the Year Cos Sakkas, TONI&GUY’s Global Creative Director, won the pinnacle title of International Hairdresser of the Year for the third year in a row, becoming the first winner to secure this hattrick.

“This is incredible, I am speechless, and I am honoured to win this again,” Cos said.

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Haircare Group has proudly celebrated its 50th birthday, with the business founded in 1974 by Geoff and Jan Gauvin as built to offer innovative and professional products to the hair industry.

Haircare Group employs 220 people across Australia and New Zealand, servicing over 12,000 salons and hair professionals with salon exclusive products, education, and tailored business solutions. The organisation leads study tours and business summits, and partners with brands such as Moroccanoil, Lakmé, Olaplex, Evo and Color Wow in its products, innovations and education initiatives.

The company celebrated with a gala event with over 220 employees, including all generations of the Gauvin family, with celebrations to continue through the year and extend to customers. Look out for unique initiatives such as the opportunity for salons to win a host of prizes including $500 credits to their accounts in July, a ‘golden ticket’ surprise and vouchers.

Haircare Group continues to move forward with new roles and responsibilities for the family and team. Ward Gauvin transitions to the Managing Director of Haircare Group and Garth Gauvin assumes the position of Managing Director for Gauvin Group, which is a group of companies that work together under a single umbrella for improved productivity, efficiency and long-term scalability.


Revlon Professional have launched a new loyalty program for the first time in Australia to empower salons through collaboration, community and ongoing learning, fittingly titled Empowered Salons. The program has been designed exclusively for salon owners and salon managers across Australia, with collaboration as its core principle. Empowered Salons is available to salon owners and managers who meet selection criteria.

The program encourages salon owners and managers to share success stories, exchange ideas, and collectively advance the industry towards greater heights, ensuring the brand’s members have the tools and support necessary for business success and reinforcing its professional and educational commitment.

The initiative delivers exclusive salon marketing material, priority access to NPD, and creative and media opportunities, as well as offering half price education for all team members, and access to an exclusive program conference. The inaugural conference will take place in Cairns in August with dynamic special guests.

“At Revlon Professional, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to drive positive change within the hairdressing industry. Empowered Salons is more than just a loyalty program; it’s a close-knit community where people can come together to inspire, learn, and grow,” shared Brad Raper, CEO of Revlon Professional.


TIGI Copyright Colour has returned to Australia and New Zealand, bringing with it the highly anticipated launch of Colour Undo. TIGI Copyright Colour offers 80 shades of vibrant and innovative hues to empower the creativity of professional hairdressers with shades spanning from intense reds to cool blondes and so much in between.

TIGI has further elevated the colouring process with a new, faster and more efficient new mixing ratio of 1:2.

The launch of Colour Undo also comes new to our national markets thanks to Parallel Distributions, fighting unwanted hair colour with the ability to easily remove up to three shades of hair colour, without causing damage or dryness to the hair. This allows clients to change hair colour without the commitment, extending the possibilities in a salon menu, while also addressing unfortunate colour mishaps.

TIGI will be hosting a series of educational events and seminars across Australia and New Zealand to celebrate these launches, which will give hairdressers the opportunity to learn about the new products and techniques from TIGI’s expert educators. Hairdressers can also find the brand at the Hair Festival Hub at Stand #56, over June 30 and July 1.




Hannah Gerritsen has been chosen as part of the 2024 Skillaroos team to complete in the 47th International WorldSkills Competition, taking place in the French city of Lyon from September 10 to 15.

Hannah works for Belinda’s Hair Creations and is a student of TAFE NSW West Wollongong. Her talent for hair is anchored in her lifelong passion for the craft, which has been guided by Janelle, her TAFE teacher.

Hannah has earned her place as one of 33 young apprentices, trainees, and students representing Australia. This is the largest delegation the organisation has sent overseas since Lyon last hosted in 1995, with the broader team of competitors, trainers, officials, and team management being their largest contingent of all time. Fittingly, this WorldSkills competition will be the biggest ever, with over 1,500 competitors from 65 countries set to compete in 59 skills, and 250,000 visitors expected to attend as well.

Represented vocations will include Plumbing, Carpentry, Baking, Industry 4.0, Cyber Security, and Fashion Design. Team members have earned their place in the national team over two years, beginning with a regional WorldSkills competition in 2022 that involved more than 3,000 competitors, and moving to the National Championships in 2023.


Kao Salon Division hosted THE WEEKENDER, inviting 300 hair salon owners and hairdressers to network and experience inspiring education at the QT Gold Coast. The event showcased artistry from local and international hairdressers, presented keynote speakers and debuted launches from Goldwell, Kerasilk, KMS and Oribe.

The opening presentation unveiled a collection by Goldwell ambassador Alannah Jade of Ella&Jade to celebrate the 50th anniversary of historic colour range Goldwell Topchic, which is used by more than 100,000 salons globally. Other speakers opening the event included award winning hairdresser and educator, Dario Cotroneo, who was the MC of the event and welcomed Rita Marcon, GM Kao Salon Division ANZ, on stage to kick off the proceedings.

The first keynote speaker was Sarah Grynberg, a mindset coach to professional athletes, senior executives and businesses, as well as a professional writer and podcast host. Sarah shared her instructions and insight into cultivating a powerful mindset.

A myriad of on-stage styles were then presented by Kerasilk ambassadors, Amanda Magistro from Salon Alm, Chris Hunter from Willomina and Kirby Lago of Pélo by Lago, as well as Adam Dyer for Oribe. That evening, THE WEEKENDER Celebration at Surfers Pavilion allowed delegates to dance and connect.

The following day spotlighted keynote speaker and author Erika Cramer, also known as ‘the Queen of Confidence’, who explained the five Cs of confidence. KMS also welcomed Pip Edwards, CoFounder of P.E Nation, as interviewed by Ali Holmes of Wildlife SOGO. She talked about her creative inspiration, social media tips and beyond.

Ali and Piet Pantano then showed off cutting tips and techniques on live models in a retro 90s style. Delegates were also given a sneak peak of the new KMS products launching later in the year using upcycled ingredients and presenting greater sustainability than ever in an interactive brand activation. The final keynote speaker was professional surfer and founder of The Good Human Factory, Cooper Chapman. He discussed mental health, teaching tools and daily habits for wellness. Ethan King, also known as ‘The Curl King’, from Texas and colourist Kylie Bussing from Boston presented the IT Girl collection to round out the proceedings.


Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC) CEO Sandy Chong is changing roles within the renowned institution, stepping away from her prolific position as CEO, but staying with the organisation in an advisory capacity. Sandy has led the AHC from its inception, first as a foundation director into the role of CEO, with a 15-year tenure. Sandy’s new role within the AHC will see her continue to offer her esteemed expertise and counsel, particularly in the areas of policy and advocacy. Sandy will continue to maintain her strong connection to the AHC, while facilitating a strong leadership transition and evolution.

“Moving forward, my focus within the AHC will be centred on my passions for making positive change for our industry, particularly in the areas of education, policy and advocacy," Sandy shared. CLASSIC AND NEW NATURAL APPLICATION LUXURY KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT BRAND NEW GEL BASED FORMULATION • Super Quick & Easy Comb Out on Dry Off • Even Smoother & Longer Lasting 300ML & 1 LITRE SIZES AVAILABLE EVALUATION KIT trichovedic @trichovedic 02 9489 7776 CLASSIC NEW NATURAL JUST $95 UPFRONT


The winners in the RPR MYCOLOUR GLOSS competition have been announced in the inaugural contest, where hairdressers throughout Australian and New Zealand were asked to showcase their gloss expertise after the launch of the product.

“The response from the hairdressers and level of skill was phenomenal,’ said Rebecca Ganim of RPR. “The colour work, condition of the hair and brilliant shine was outstanding.”


Jadore Hair Supplies are aiming to revolutionise the wholesale and consumer hair care experience by debuting a new, redesigned website. The hub offers premium quality hair extension products in a platform that promises a top-tier wholesale experience and ground-breaking educational offerings.

Within the talented entrants, judges chose ten finalists who all received prizes, before narrowing down a top three and a winner. Congratulations to the medallists – winner Callista Gundaya of Love Lexxy Love who won for her tonal colour work, long waves and luxurious gloss finish, second place finalist Natalie Smith of Natalie Winn Hairdressing and Tenille Mellan of Imperial Hair Studio.

RPR MYCOLOUR GLOSS can be used as a stand-alone gloss, mixed for demi or tonal work and also be creatively used for pastelisation, making the creative possibilities endless for these and all hairdressers.


“Empowering hair professionals with the finest tools, products, and knowledge has always been our mission at Jadore Hair Supplies,” said Emilly Hadrill, Director of Jadore Hair Supplies. “With the unveiling of our redesigned website, we’re ecstatic to elevate this commitment by delivering a seamless wholesale and consumer journey.”

“Whether you’re a seasoned stylist, salon owner, or simply cherish exceptional hair, we invite you to encounter the Jadore Hair Supplies difference.”

In the elevated wholesale experience, the platform features streamlined ordering processes and expedited delivery options for a convenient, reliable experience. The updated aesthetic also speaks to the brand’s commitment to innovation, with the website’s user-friendly interface offering a seamless shopping experience within the premium extension and hair supply range.

“Jadore Hair Supplies extends a warm invitation to hair professionals and enthusiasts alike to explore the revamped website and uncover the ultimate destination for premium hair care products and educational resources,” the brand shared.

MuseAvenue, a digital platform launched just over 12 months ago to support the Australian hair industry, is proud to announce its latest venture into addressing the skyrocketing rise of freelancing within the industry. Under the leadership of Co-Founders Raphael Veron and Thomas Roux, MuseAvenue has evolved into a powerful tool for salon owners, empowering them to seamlessly rent out their salon chairs to freelance hairdressers. MuseAvenue’s innovative and state of the art software provides salon owners with a comprehensive suite of features to streamline the chair rental process. With a dedicated MuseAvenue page, salon owners can easily and effortlessly set up their chair rental pricing structure, showcase their salon through captivating images and videos, gather reviews from freelancers and receive pre-screened applications from freelance hairdressers.

One of the standout features of MuseAvenue is its search engine optimisation (SEO) ensuring salon listings are prominently displayed in Google searches. Additionally, salon owners can easily share and promote their dedicated MuseAvenue page with a single, user-friendly URL. The salons also appear on MuseAvenue’s marketplace, which currently stands as the only dedicated platform in Australia 100 per cent focused on rent-a-chair salons, providing a centralised hub for both salon owners and freelancers.

Since its inception, MuseAvenue has rapidly gained traction within the industry, boasting over 80 salons listed on its marketplace. Additionally, more than 1,000 hair professionals have joined the platform, eager to find their ideal salon match through MuseAvenue’s innovative salon and client solution.


O&M have named colour sensation and UK native Tia Lambourn as International Ambassador as part of their International Expansion Program. Tia travelled from the UK in November to Australia to attend the much anticipated Made for Originals education event where she participated in a panel discussion with O&M founder Jose Bryce Smith.

Tia is a world-renowned educator that has over 100,000 Instagram followers, as a brand ambassador, salon owner and balayage and blonde expert. She is also the creator of The Blonding Bible, teaching both in person classes and online education.

“This is an incredible partnership strengthening our commitment to celebrating and making the hairdresser our focus while collectively ensuring the health and wellbeing of future generations within the hairdressing industry,” shared O&M Global Education Director Gary Prigge. “Tia’s remarkable talent, unwavering dedication to her craft and her want to educate the industry perfectly align with O&M’s ethos, and we are excited to embark on this journey together.”

“With Tia’s boundless creativity and passion for hair, we anticipate many unforgettable moments and groundbreaking achievements in the years to come – welcome to the O&M family Tia.”



Dyson have unveiled the new Supersonic r™ Professional Hair Dryer, made exclusively for professional use, as built smaller, lighter and with faster drying, as well as with no heat damage. The Dyson team unveiled the new format backstage in their runway work for New York Fashion week, showcasing a uniquely precise tool powered by impactful technologies, as housed in the original, ergonomic and titular ‘r’ shape. Components of the tool include a new technology streamlined heater, the Dyson Hyperdymium™ motor and intelligent Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors in each attachment, which communicate with the hair dryer, automatically adjusting the motor and heater to deliver optimal airflow and temperature. The dryer houses this power in a tool that’s 30 per cent smaller, 20 per cent lighter, and more manoeuvrable, combatting strain related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

The tool additionally offers a streamlined flow heater for even heat, with proprietary new heater technology that is small, light and incredibly power dense. The brand’s streamlined flow heater technology is the first Dyson curved heater in a hair dryer, made of symmetrical foils which form a suspended track, for even heat, no hot spots and maintained hair health. The track is efficient, with maximum exposure to the airflow and minimum impact on the flow rate and performance, and cleverly fits the tool’s unique shape. The heater is made with twenty-eight 99.9 per cent copper microfins that transfer heat evenly into the airflow for increased precision when styling and greater hair shine. The tool also features optimised integrated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors in each attachment, which communicate with dryer to automatically and intuitively adjust the motor and the heater to deliver optimal airflow and temperature. This ensures the tool is tailored to all hair types and styles. The attachments also

have the ability to remember the last used settings, reducing the time required for adjustment, with customisable options as well.

The dryer also boasts a depth loaded filter that is engineered to capture professional pollutants such as hair sprays, airborne styling products and other dust in a 3D mesh design to protect machine performance. This means the dryer lasts up to two times longer in-between cleans.

The Dyson Supersonic r™ Professional hair dryer offers three precise airflow settings and four heat modes, including a constant cold shot, with ergonomically placed controls within a thumb’s reach and LED indicators on the handle.


Wella took to Bondi to host the Ultimate Summer Soiree at North Bondi SLSC, gathering over 120 guests to celebrate the Australian visit of the night’s special guest – Wella Company CEO Annie Young-Scrivner.

Illuminating the venue in red in honour of the brand, guests experienced a Q&A with Annie, as hosted by Wella Woman Zoe Marshall, discussing the Wella empire consisting of OPI, ghd, Briogeo and Wella Professionals.

“After a summer of sun, sand and sea, your nails and hair definitely needed a treat, so we wanted to create a fun, intimate event,” said Wella Australia General Manger, Guillaume Cantelou.

Annie wowed guests with her authenticity and strong connection as a global leader with the 143 year old company. Annie and Zoe tackled women’s empowerment and the importance of the salon industry – with 500,000 salons across the globe supported by the three global brands.

The event paid tribute to new launches, such as the innovative new ghd chronos and Wella’s reparative care in the form of Wella Ultimate Repair, and allowed for some requisite OPI pampering at the OPI nail bar. A runway show brought these brands to life, with creative direction and execution from Australia’s leading hairdressers including such stars as Renya Xydis and Haleema Harris from Valonz and Monique McMahon from Que Salon.

After this hair show, guests enjoyed iconic Sydney beach views sipping on French champagne and fresh coconuts, as well as experiencing live oyster shucking on the rooftop, before leaving with a Grammy-style goodie bag of products. Guests included Elle Ferguson with husband Joel Patfull and Sydney socialite Emma Pillemer.

Annie Young-Scrivner, Wella CEO & Guillaume Cantelou Manager of Wella ANZ, The Ultimate Summer Soiree


L’Oréal Professionnel styled PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival with aplomb, and we went backstage to talk to the team about the looks, the products and the experience, writes Shannon Guss

PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival took to Australia’s most fashion savvy city, with high profile figures flocking from all over the country to the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton for a week of artistry, from creative garments to the hair and makeup looks that further brought them to life. L’Oréal Professionnel was backstage, tools in hand, to create those hair looks, with versatile briefs each night elevating an already eclectic week of trends.

INSTYLE went backstage on Thursday, March 7, delving into the looks that complemented tribal, colourful and highly patterned looks in the Emerging Mob In Fashion x Fujitsu runway, for designers such as Wagan Metals, Yapa Mali, Kirrikin, Delvene Cockatoo-Collins and many more. Platforming dynamic emerging First Nations fashion talents, Indigenous imagery, musical performances and a cacophony of prints and textures comprised a bona fide fashion extravaganza.

Backstage, hair directors Jamie Furlan and Danni Soiler from Melbourne’s LNDN Hair led the team in embracing individuality and maximising natural textures, in a brief that was about having fun and being bold.

“A lot has been embracing natural texture, which is really cool because for a long time we’ve done the complete opposite,” Jamie shared. “There’s been a lot of emphasis on doing what’s in front of you and cutting hair where it lies. We’re also really utilising the products, there’s a lot of hydration going back into the hair. Hair health is really important.”

“For hairdressers to maximise natural texture, I would recommend, if clients have curly hair,


refining and adding polish to the curl, if they have a natural beachy texture, just getting a lot of shine on there with maybe some hot tools and products,” Danni added about the relevant organic looks.

“I think the newest trend is actually what suits you best. So hairdressers have to have the bravery to say that it’s about what suits you. There’s always trends we can tap into and adapt but it should be about what suits the client’s complexion, their face shape and what looks best on them, we need the confidence to say that to clients,” continued prolific hairdresser Scott Sloan of Sloans, who styled across the week. “I feel like what’s nice is that now designers are embracing everybody’s diversity and individuality and really showcasing that.”

Hero products across the evening included the brand’s Tecni.ART Super Dust Texturising Powder and Savage Panache Powder Spray for volume.

Ben Semple of Circles of Hair credited the brand’s Tecni.ART Liss Control Smoothing Cream and PLI Thermo-Modelling Spray as a particular hero tool for necessary structure, speaking to the blowout effects, exaggerated and jumbo ponytails and plenty of movement that added some runway drama to the natural theme. Kelvin Nguyen of Buoy Salon in New Zealand recommended utilising various tools, such as versatile curling irons and the brand’s Steampod 3.0 Steam Straightener to enhance textures. The L’Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Molecular Leave-in Mask was credited for hair health and condition.

sculptural aesthetic. The team also mixed a combination of mousse and moisturising cream and applied it like a colour for shine over the sculptured parts of the hair, creating dual textures, between the bun and ponytail’s natural, soft and shiny texture, and high gloss shine within the sculptural elements.

“The hair has been really sleek and really polished and very directional,” confirmed Alicia Perruzza of Circles of Hair. “L’Oréal Professionnel is all about beautiful hair and really expensive hair so it’s very on brand for us.”

These hair looks, which complemented vibrant swimwear, tribal textures, nature-led prints and fabrics that extended all the way to metal, also paired with artistic makeup, thanks to Lancôme and beauty director Lara Srokowski.

“There’s a few creative looks, which is really fun, we’re really pushing the boundaries of makeup. Every look is Lancôme signature skin, so really beautiful effortless glowing skin with a combination of skincare and makeup mixed together to give that second light skin finish, and then there’s three different coloured eye looks,” Lara shared.

A vibrant blue eye aesthetic, a fuchsia pink that extended from eyes to cheeks and a multi-coloured eye palette comprised the looks, while hand selected models wore graphic eyeliner to embody a tribal effect.

The versatility of these hair and beauty looks was evident across the week, exemplified in the disparity in this natural trend to the highly polished hair look the night before, led by hair director Melissa Gesualdo. Titled The Glam Up runway, the evening showcased designers such as Mariam Seddiq, Paolo Sebastian and Jason Grech.

The team gathered hair artists from all over Australia and New Zealand, congregating established session artists and new and emerging talents, looking to build their backstage skills.

Kelly Manu from New Zealand’s Una salon brought experience from five seasons in New York, Paris, London and countless stints backstage in New Zealand, crediting the creativity in Melbourne.

“I actually feel like from all the seasons of New York that I’ve done, this Melbourne Fashion Festival has been the most creative fashion week that I’ve worked on. Every show has had such different looks. Melbourne is so creative, it really goes with the city,” she shared. “All the models have really cool cuts and textures so I love that they’re all about celebrating their individuality. There has been a lot of mullets and shags, a lot of deep side parts and a lot of amazing curly textures.”

For Anne Russell of Sloans of Lane Cove, the festival marked her first foray into runway styling.

“It’s so amazing to be able to create something completely different to salon work and be creative with my peers and follow the director’s brief, it’s really fun,” she shared. “It’s very different having to work so quick, being under the pump in the timeframe and keeping up with everything.”

“The clothes were very red carpet and very highend glamour and she went for a very sculptured, beautiful little bow shape or bun shape, in almost a new version of a half up, half down hair look,” Scott said. “It was a really amazing collection to work on because it was really skilful, it was groomed. It was polished, high shine, and high detail.”

The look incorporated hero tools such as L’Oréal Tecni.Art Air Fix and Volume Lift to create this

“Give everything a go,” she advised to similarly emerging hairdressers. “If you’re worried, what’s the worst that’s going to happen? Just jump in, get your hands in everything and just give it your all.”

This sense of fun, talent and camaraderie underpinned the backstage atmosphere all week long, becoming the anchor of varied styles and aesthetics across Melbourne Fashion Festival.

“It’s been beautiful, having the whole L’Oréal Pro team working all together has been amazing,” Ben said.

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The all-new Salon Lane in Teneriffe, Brisbane, made its debut, with cocktails, styling moments and big-name hairdressing stars ushering in the space.

Salon Lane has officially debuted its second Brisbane location at a launch event celebrating the opening of Salon Lane Teneriffe. The new space adds to the ever-extending legacy of this independent hair, beauty, and wellness brand, which gives independent hair and beauty professionals and entrepreneurs space, tools and a sense of community to operate their business.

The event joined forces with hairdressing icon Natalie Anne and other high profile hair artists as Salon Lane Teneriffe’s open workstation area was transformed into a vibrant Styling Bar. Local Brisbane talent, Chantelle Maree, Niki Taylor, and Shannon Williams created up styles and waves alongside Natalie Anne, while music by DJ Johnny Drama and the signature ‘Natalie Anne Caramel Infused Vodka Espresso Martinis’, created in partnership with The Underground Distillery, added to the evening. Natalie Anne even stepped behind the bar to mix the drink. Other event features included Dermalogica’s misting moments, a lavish grazing table, and a cocktail bar.

Attendees toured Salon Lane’s expansive 830 square meter sanctuary, purpose-built for independent hair, beauty, and wellness professionals and their clientele. The space joins the West End, Surry Hills and Lower North Shore locations in Queensland and Sydney within the Salon Lane Empire.

“We are thrilled to have collaborated with Natalie Anne and her talented friends for the Grand Opening and ribbon cutting of our Teneriffe site. It was a fantastic evening that not only celebrated creativity and the independent hair and beauty professional but also supported a worthy cause,” said Salon Lane’s CEO, Jared Keen.

In a display of touching philanthropy, guests donated over $2000 to Saint Vincent de Paul Society, underscoring the evening’s commitment to giving back to the community, in line with Salon Lane’s community values.

For more information visit



The first ever EXPO4BARBERS on the Gold Coast brought together barbering’s best, with education, parties and stands evolving the next frontier in men’s hair.

TThe inaugural EXPO4BARBERS congregated 1500 barber enthusiasts and over 40 exhibitors at the Gold Coast Convention Centre in April, hosting two dynamic days of immersive education, bold stands and technologies and networking events.

The event floor featured a VIP Lounge, food and beverage outlets, tattooing and an array of exciting hairdressing and barber brands from around Australia, so attendees could be inspired by top barbering tips, technologies, products and insights all in one place.

Education features abounded on the main stage, packed with some of the nation’s leading barbering talents, and beyond. A sold-out and transformative education session by headliner Barber.josh.o.p of BaBylissPRO became a stand out show, with Josh wrapping up his first ever Australian tour at the event. The famed US educator shared his renowned DFS formula, teaching expert techniques with the all-new BaBylissPRO

FXONE System as unveiled for the first time nationally, and delivered insights on the importance of mindset in finding barbering success and joy.

“Australian barbering is poised for greatness, both as an industry and a culture. It’s been an honour to meet each and every one of you. I’m humbled by the warm reception and grateful to be part of this journey with you all,” Josh said at the event.

An unmissable expo feature came courtesy of the opening night party, hosted alongside the barber battle, as held at the Mobile Barber Shop Depot. 300 people attended the event, speaking to the competitive edge, sense of camaraderie, dedication to growth and artistry, and excitement in the men’s hair industry. A panel of nine experts, including Josh, judged the competition, which tested barbers ranging from apprentices to experts. Entrants competed for the title of the 2024 Australia and New Zealand Barber

Battle Champion, with a myriad of barberspecific prizes and products in store.

“We are thrilled by the overwhelming response to EXPO4BARBERS," said Fraser Forsey, Organiser, EXPO4BARBERS and owner of 4Barbers. "The inaugural exhibition exceeded our expectations, providing a dynamic platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts to connect, learn, and celebrate their passion for barbering."

EXPO4BARBERS will return in 2025 with further updates, while a new exhibition in New Zealand at the end of 2024 has been announced by the organisers, further cementing and bonding this inimitable industry. For more information visit

Matt Clarke Barber.josh.o.p



Pulling together a vibrant community of heartfelt hairdressers at The Island on the Gold Coast on Monday February 19 was a room of more than 200 salon professionals driven by a day of connection, true character and being honest and kind to ourselves as we welcome the salon life of the future, writes

Under the guise of ‘Salon of the Future’, CPR’s solution to tackling the real issues and current opportunities in the industry was to get the country together with leading coaches and mental health advocates and talk about it using real life stories and messages, belief and a sense of gratitude every step of the way.

“We are all here to share the love that you are –the love you have in your heart and the love that we are sharing. That’s the take home from me today,” said CPR CEO Cass Donnelly. Compered by Jarred Stedman from Mocha Group, Jared added a fun and relaxed approach between speakers while keeping the formalities as brief as possible, so more time could be spent interacting and soaking up more than five hours of solid information and networking opportunities.

Starting the conference with a fun exercise that had the entire audience standing to demonstrate the difference between being ‘creative’ and ‘not creative’ – the simple exercise with music and moving to the beat and one with silence and free of movement summarised the active energy that the hairdressing industry thrives on and how CPR is attuned to what it really is that hairdressers and salon owners need.

“Creativity, confidence and self-expression for me is the foundation of the hairdressing career. Because we are creative people, we didn’t feel right without the music, did we? We were all uncomfortable because we are creative and we need to move and connect,” Cass said.

discussion where you can talk on the microphone to the audience as well. So that’s going to be a really powerful moment to really declare what you’re committed to over the coming months,” Cass said.

Encouraging everyone in the room to speak, especially if they haven’t in a room of 200 people before, summarised the notion that we all have a chance to show who we are, and the industry is not about hierarchy, instead togetherness.

The first speaker of the day was Lisa Conway and was all about ‘filling your cup’, a true reflection of her past and current personal journey, Lisa gave a heartfelt insight in why being your authentic self is crucial for success and survival, adding a little vulnerability to the piece as well.

CPR approached the conference from a different perspective than usual by tying every touch point back to the ‘Holistic Salon Service’ and asking around the room for real stories from the audience about why they decided to be a hairdresser.

Rather than just bombard the audience with an overwhelming amount of information like many conferences can do, CPR promised to develop a 12-month plan following the event to celebrate each and every individual and salon – building the content into service tips and training plans that lasted the entire year.

“So there’s these movements that we’re going to be going through today so we all finish together – we’ve got about an hour closing and sharing and a big group

“If your cup is empty you can’t give much. Only three per cent of businesses make it to one million in revenue, less than one per cent make it to five and for me it’s not really about the money – you could make five million and waste it all or burn out,” Lisa said. “There are two types of salon owners. One that implements, others that struggle to implement.”

Prioritising ourselves to avoid burning out, the power of manifestation and the honesty to admit when you need help were good lessons for sustainability.

In exciting creative inspiration to balance the heartfelt topics and business inspiration, CPR also launched the very first preview of the Autumn/ Winter collection – Awaken. Developed in conjunction with Paul and Paul salon, Paul spoke of the importance of creative inspiration and putting yourself up for creative pursuits to inspire staff and your own path. The collection featured bold haircuts, colours from copper to blonde and textures and gender fluid silhouettes – a real break away from the everyday, aimed at inspiring all client profiles.

“I wanted to create something with the style of CPR but something that would appeal to every type of hairdresser, and that I hope also inspires you to go back to salon and do more creative hair again, impress clients and show them what you can do,”

The next speaker from Scruples Hair and Beauty, Sandra Bayer, told her own personal journey of discovery and how she built a large salon and personal brand, how she became immersed into the

Julie Gillespie

salon environment – the evolution of the hairdresser and more ways to ignite your team.

Thanks to Comfortel furniture the back of the conference room featured a real live salon set up where guests were taken on a journey of how to better greet clients, take the best pictures maximising lighting, angle and iPhone features while enhancing their personal guest journey back at the salon as well – from front desk, to greeting to ensuring everyone walking out of the salons becomes an advocate to share their work and the best images are on display.

Shakira Jade Business Coach is an entrepreneur and business owner who built a well-known brand – Hair Candy, from just a few products and long-time dream into more than $4 million per year.

Shakira’s story was one of sacrifice and scaling – also having owned a salon, it’s a story of pivoting from your real purpose, adaptability and encouraging the audience to expand their ideas and opportunities by expanding their thinking and realising. “You are much more than a hairdresser,” Shakira said.

Talking through her background in brand-building and creating a clear plan for the future, Shakira also gave insights into how to increase your e-commerce blueprint, improve strategy and to create clarity in your business to move forward.

Julie Gillespie centred her approach around kindness and wellbeing and seeing the person and not the problem to transform the way we connect and tap into the multitude of mental health resources available to us.

“The cure for burnout isn’t and can’t be just selfcare. It has to be all of us caring for each other,” Julie said. “Your workplace is a safe space for people to come to, to understand how conversations are what connects us, your salon is full of functional and compassionate humans.”

Listening with intention and fully debriefing with all staff and clients is the best way to add value to both the business and the team morale, and Julie shared her invaluable tips.

Dario Cotroneo is a multi-award winning hairdresser and educator that almost needs no introduction. Known for his impeccable cutting skills, street-based creativity and strong architectural lines in hairdressing, he’s turned

his energy to an empathetic and informative presentation of how to align skill with beliefs and minimise our doubts and control our mind to improve our work.

“You can’t be what you can’t see – you have to eliminate threats in your system and evaluate your life – it’s upgrading your operating system, just as we do with our phones and technology,” Dario said. “The brain is not designed for the success, its designed for survival – success is about doing things that are uncomfortable.”

Dario discussed that by the time we are 35 our box brain becomes our identity – but by the time we meet that age we become hard wired attitudes that can be hard to shift.

“These attitudes, beliefs and perceptions function just like a computer,” Dario said.

When a person decides to change and go against five per cent of their conscious brain they can think positively all they want but the thought will never make it past the brain stem. If you’re not using your thoughts to define a new future of your life – you are left with the memories of the past and you will become predictable in your life.

Linking back to the brand team, including Cass’ approach to harnessing emotion and gratitude for patient journey, the aspect of learning from each other continued to be the overarching theme of the Salon Forum.

“We are all coming together closing today and we are going to be back here in 12 months time so we can reflect on these visions we have implemented over the next 12 months. It’s going to be a really powerful moment to declare what you are committed to over the next year to change and grow,” Cass said.

All guests took home a customised Holistic Salon Service booklet designed to be a step by step and pictorial guide to unleash the approach and proven simple concept of both in-salon excellence and in between salon visits.

The resource is built on the premise that each guest visit is a masterpiece, a canvas of excellence and an opportunity to unleash the full creative potential of your salon team, whilst engaging the community to newfound levels of loyalty and connection.

The book helps to identify missed connections, optimise first impressions and show how to maximise your digital presence. Linking back to the salon on the floor where guests were showed how to take good -in salon pictures using angles and opportunities, every level of hairdresser left with a better understanding of their areas to improve but most importantly further signified their key role in the salon of the future.

A sound healing gong journey ended the day whereby some guests lay to the ground to really sink in and better realise their manifestations.

With an emotional finish, Cass Donnelly confirmed, “The journey for salons is an exciting proposition for us at CPR, today was really about revolutionising the salon experience.”

For more information visit

Sandra Bayer Lisa Conway


The latest launch from Dyson considers the health of hair and scalp with technological advances that personalise and revolutionise heat styling. Welcome the Nural™ Hair Dryer.

Dyson’s most recent technology comes courtesy of the new Nural™ Hair Dryer, which was launched in Seoul, South Korea, and later to beauty media in Sydney, to prioritise scalp health, lessen heat damage and intelligently and personally respond to each user’s needs.

The tool is equipped with the new Scalp protect mode, which uses a network of Nural™ sensors, automatically reducing heat and airflow as it nears the head to protect the scalp from damage. The sensors also enhance shine and prevent heat damage. In this mode, heat is automatically reduced to 55°C, the optimum temperature for scalp comfort and drying speed, as the hair dryer gets closer to hair and scalp, as indicated by the changing LED light colour.

“If you’re able to limit heat damage, you can get a healthier scalp; and healthier hair,” James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer of Dyson, shared. “Our new Supersonic Nural™ has a time of flight sensor, which recognises your head and reduces the heat as it gets close to your hair, preventing heat damage to both your scalp and your hair. Innovation only comes from investing in research and development. Our obsession to truly understand the root of the problem continues, as we build up some of the most sophisticated hair laboratories in the world.”

“From our research into the science of hair, we know that there is a connection between the quality of hair and a healthy scalp. The scalp tissue comprises different layers, with the outermost layer serving as a barrier against external stressors, but when your scalp is damaged, moisture loss can occur, a key factor in our development of the Scalp protect mode feature. This helps to maintain scalp moisture levels, and allows for gentle drying,” added Shawn Lim, Head of Research, Dyson.

New attachments cater to all hair types and are equipped with attachment recognition, learning a user’s styling preferences to simplify their routine. This works by the tool remembering their lastused heat and airflow settings for each styling attachment, and automatically applying them the next time it is in use. The new attachments include a new Wave+Curl Diffuser for waves, curls and coils, which helps to define natural hair patterns across two modes, in dome or diffuse mode for curls that can be more elongated or defined. The Gentle Air Attachment is for fast, gentle styling, a styling concentrator is built for precision styling,

while a Wide-Tooth Comb and Flyaway Attachment round out the range.

The tool’s Scalp Protect Mode, Attachment Learning and Pause Detect, for when the tool is placed down, all contribute to this intelligent approach to styling. The Pause Detect uses a motion-sensing accelerometer, which automatically deactivates the heater, decreasing airflow and noise, when in between styling passes.

“This product is groundbreaking for scalp care, however it also allows for a seamless transition between styling tools, with its attachment learning technology. This will revolutionise the way I style my clients hair, as well as how they can replicate the style at home,” explained Dyson Styling

James Dyson

Ambassador, Renya Xydis, at a launch event for media in Sydney.

“Already, the Australian environment is quite damaging to our scalps and can lead to oxidative stress, caused by UV Damage, stress and poor diet,” added Trichologist, Chelcey Salinger. “The Dyson Nural has the capacity to prevent any further and unnecessary damage to the hair and scalp, with its scalp care technology forefront, maintaining a healthy temperature of 55 degrees, no matter how you use the tool.”

Aesthetically, a new clear end cap shows the technology within, while palettes of Ceramic Patina and Topaz or Vinca Blue and Topaz house technology.

“I’ve been on my healthy hair journey for about three years now and noticed a drastic improvement since using Dyson hair tools,” shared public figure and friend of Dyson, Laura Dundovic. “When we want to improve the health of any part of our body we need to take a holistic approach, so our hair shouldn’t be any different. The scalp is where hair growth begins, so having a tool that can protect and improve my scalp’s health is life-changing.”

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The esteemed finalists in the Australian Hair Industry Awards (Creative) for 2024 have been named.

With record-breaking entries in the Creative Australian Hair Industry Awards’ fourth year, finalists have now been chosen in categories that span from state to creative disciplines such as cut, colour, men’s and Avant Garde, team accolades and the pinnacle Australian Hairdresser of the Year, New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year and International Hairdresser of the Year titles.

Delivered by the Mocha Group over hairdressing’s pinnacle weekend, taking place with Hair Festival over June 30 and July 1, this year saw the addition of five new categories and an all-new AHIA Awards Path that allows participants to evolve and grow through the categories. The gala event will take place on Monday July 1 at The Star, Sydney.

“When we created the AHIA Creative Awards four years ago I could only hope to have this much of an impact on Australia’s incredibly talented hair and barber community,” said Mocha Group Owner and Founder Linda Woodhead.

“The way that such a diverse mix of salons have embraced the opportunity to push themselves creatively in front of their communities and clients never fails to inspire. A much-deserved congratulations to all these finalists.”

For the title of New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year, Andrew Cobeldick of Buoy Salon and Spa, Ann Marie Young of Jingles Hair Design, Jock Robson of Dharma, Kelly Manu of UNA, Kylie Hayes of Moha Hairdressing, Sara Allsop, of Dharma and Shannon Dowd of Zibido Hair are the finalists. The Australian Hairdresser of the Year nominees are Bernadette Beswick of Beswick Education Services, Bill Tsiknaris of Tsiknaris Hair, Dee Parker Attwood of Wieselmann Salon, Justin Pace of Co and Pace Salons, Nathan Cherrington of Salon Zephyr, Nathan Yazbek of Salon Yazbek, Paul James Graham of Paul & Paul Salon, Sam James of SJ Establishment and Stephanie Bellairs of Cabello by Stephanie Bellairs.

Judges for this year included Sally Brooks, Sam McKnight, Cos Sakkas, Hooker and Young, Candy Shaw and Vivienne MacKinder, as well as global media figures Charlotte Grant West from HJI, UK, Nicky Pope from Tribu.te Magazine, UK, and Veronica Boodhan from Salon Magazine, Canada. The emerging talent platform, 2024 HOTSHOTS, was judged by local hairdressing icons such as Justin Pace, Jayne Wild, Scott Sloan, Benni Tognini and Mary Alamine.

The gala event will feature hair, fashion and entertainment installations, including a 2024 Creative couture opening performance led by international hair icon Natalie Anne, as well as a runway moment from Redken. The event is sponsored by brands including Redken, Amazing Hair, Excellent Edges and Natalie Anne Haircare, with support from Jadore Hair Supplies, Gamma+, Danger Jones, Matrix, Hair Festival, Dateline Imports, Heiniger, O&M, Expo4Barbers and Schwarzkopf. The onsite after party will be hosted by Rogue Beauty.

Congratulations to all the finalists, listed on Styleicons.

Paul James Graham Nathan Cherrington Sam James Dee Parker Atwood Bernadette Beswick Stephanie Bellairs Nathan Yazbek Bill Tsiknaris Justin Pace

Natural Look StyleArt is an Australian-owned, unisex hair styling brand that combines strong product performance with minimalistic design. Our cruelty-free, vegan products are infused with high-quality natural ingredients to nourish hair without build-up. Offering various hold factors and finishes from matte to high-shine, our range is perfect for adding volume, enhancing curls, or reducing frizz.

ü An extensive range of products formulated to suit each hair goal

ü Sustainable packaging made from up to 50% PCR content (Post Consumer Recycled Materials)

ü Manufactured using up to 80% solar energy

ü Cruelty Free & Vegan

ü Made in Australia

Professional product performance supported by 60 years of industry experience. MADE IN AUSTRALIA | VEGAN | CRUELTY FREE Natural Look Australia | 575 South Road, Regency Park, 5010, SA | +61 8 8300 1999 | NATURALLOOK_AUSTRALIA | NATURALLOOK.COM.AU

ASPYA 2024

Designed to reward salons that choose to build a long-term loyal future with Australia’s own De Lorenzo, ASPYA 24 took 185 guests overseas to seaside Phuket, where culture and connection left each salon owner more enriched, re-energised and with lasting memories, writes Cameron Pine.

To create change, you must first change up your environment, goals and surround yourself with the people and skills to propel you forward – all of which are cornerstones of the ASPYA program that some members have been attending for 20 plus years, myself included. 2024’s program sparked a little trip down memory lane to my very first ASPYA conference some 22 years ago. For an Australian owned and made product that’s continued to evolve, pass vegan milestones and play at the top end of town in terms of performance, De Lorenzo continues to drive better business, but most importantly better people and processes along the way, all while in the surrounds outside of the everyday that set the mood for discovery and fun, the JW Marriott Resort and Spa. Leading with people and compassion first, the brand has continued to take its relationships seriously – a focus on loyalty not only through an

Rob Carlton

De Lorenzo Director Chris De Lorenzo set the tone for the ensuing days with a typically heartfelt and family focused front.

“We are here to respect our world, our legacy and our people, for a brighter future through our products,” he said. “The concept of the ASPYA was first created by Vincent and Anton De Lorenzo, my father and uncle to give hairdressers something extra beyond products where they could network with like-minded people. This particular conference has been four years in the making since its original date in 2020 down at Karon beach when COVID hit.”

While it seems like yesterday, a lot has changed in four years, so a new format and conference, as its name would suggest, was just the inspiration delegates needed to re-focus.

inherent culture but a continually moving goal of taking time to re-think and take stock of changes and celebrate those that have helped get us to where we are today.

Back by popular demand and a regular on the De Lorenzo conference front, emcee Rob Carlton does more than the average emcee, you’d almost think he was part of the De Lorenzo family. Rob has a combination of comedy, wit and inspiration weaved within throughout and among the dynamic speaker program. He was the ideal conduit between speakers, kicking off each day with a recap and summary from the day before. Comedic, upbeat and constantly changing with the emotional journey of life, Rob’s examples were relevant and relatable.

“We are here to take you away from the day to day – it’s the source of all your love and your frustration,” said Rob. “We do this so that when we go back to our cups are full and we can be that source of joy for customers.”

“During that four years the world certainly did change and so did our habits. One example for hairdressing was the rebooking times became longer. It certainly changed our business models and the way we think about things,” he said.

On a positive note, Chris shared that the Kline industry report (audited by KPMG) revealed the professional hairdressing industry was worth 407 million dollars in 2022, which is 11 per cent growth over the previous year and continues to climb.

The first guest speaker of the program was what many call the industry’s own supporter and voice to Parliament at the Australian Hairdressing Council, Sandy Chong. Sandy works directly with the federal and state government, with a real connection or commitment to education and training.

“There’s a lot of changes there that I’m not going to talk about at all today, what I am going to talk about is the culture of your salon,” she said. “I can’t control what you’ll hear in this presentation but I believe you will hear what you are meant to hear.

Lisa Pollini and model

I’m going to talk to you about above the line and below the line – and remind us to ask ourselves on a day-to-day basis, ‘where is my head at?’”

Sandy spoke of the levels in which we operate and as hairdressers the important need to be productive and create and be above the line, what it is we do and start each day with and how it sets the tone for our ‘above the line’ and not ‘below the line’ mood and temperament. Sandy then expanded into a separate seminar for salon owners only, which was a more concentrated session around current rules, legislation and hours, with a myriad of case studies and examples from the audience with each owner overcoming some limiting beliefs and how better to handle staff interactions and issues.

Author of the Grow My Salon Business Series and Podcast Antony Whitaker hails from the UK and forced the hard and blunt question, ‘What is your business’ vision?’. From packed out events, one to one calls and online courses, Antony adjusts his approach to suit his audience and broke it down to opportunities for De Lorenzo delegates through six key growth indicators. These were expanded on and broken down between new clients, new client retention, existing client retention, average spend, frequency of visit and productivity.

“Your vision is really what you want to achieve. I think people often will say to me, as an example, just like McDonald’s for IBM, ‘why do I need a vision statement?’ I say, ‘don’t get hung up on the terminology. The terminology

isn’t a problem at all, the vision statement is or the vision is when you say what your purpose and vision for your business is.’

All I’m asking you is what do you want your business to be,” Antony said.

“The biggest challenge now is that frequency of visits is down, but if you understand the three functions of marketing you can keep them and turn them into regulars. You need to understand the client lifestyle and not just the numbers,” he said. “We live in different times, so if you had a business five, ten or 15 years ago, what worked then won’t work. You need to evolve, you need to change.”

Antony further reaffirmed the importance, now more than ever, to reimagine, because in a market that is oversaturated with a choice, what are you going to do to stand out?

Amanda Stevens is a global thought leader on marketing, the customer experience and the future of consumers. Having a long list of academic achievements and experiences under her belt, Amanda hit the speaking circuit specifically specialising in how to sell to women. As an author of the books, Pure Strings, Selling to Women and Turning Customers into Advocates, her experience around customer advocacy and evoking the emotion that encourages spending and loyalty is second to none.

Adding a futurist spin to her presentation, Amanda very much confirmed that the future of the consumer is still very much embedded in the personal touches and the little

things that are often the big things we underestimate the real power of. With her entire speaking schedule completely decimated at the beginning of COVID and the introduction of hybrid working, Amanda reset her pathway onto the ever-increasing potential of consumer flexibility and choice within their experience as essential to creating loyalty at a deeper level.

“The share price of Moët Hennessy, the parent company of various luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, increased by 148 per cent in 2020 and consumers are willing to pay 12 to 15 per cent more for a product or service if they see the value,” Amanda said.

Amanda spoke of the concept of Omotenashi, a deep-rooted Sado culture in Japan, which means to wholeheartedly look after guests.

“The difference between men and women is that men’s dopamine levels kick off when solving a problem, whereas women just want you to listen. It’s not sales, its service. If I do nothing else but ask the question, that’s often the only difference. We all know that two dollar KitKat at the service station when we pay for petrol? Apparently 62 per cent of consumers actually buy one, just by being asked the question,” she said, encouraging hairdressers to be more curious and agile. “That’s $678,000 a year extra just from asking if you want a KitKat.”

Chris Helder has an in-built ability to shift mindsets and perspectives regardless of the content.


“Understanding can be as powerful as gravity. A better result usually comes from a better useful belief.” he said.

Using humour that’s relatable to hairdressers, Chris brought an impressive energy and pizazz to the stage, combining education and entertainment that also delivers a radical mindset shift. Chris is the author of several best-selling books, including Re-Ignition, Useful Belief, The Ultimate Book of Influence and The Simple Shift.

Chris spoke of the difference between the best and the average, which is that they see opportunities that others don’t see.

“Whatever your reality is, you can change it or come up with some useful beliefs about it,” Chris said.

Without bombarding guests with product, a nod to education and the revamped and expanded Nove 360 permanent colour range gave ASPYA guests exclusivity and ownership over a colour brand they love. Compered by Megan Yabsley, De Lorenzo Education Manager and trichologist at De Lorenzo, Megan spoke of the newfound versatility of the Nova 360 range and imbued creative inspiration into the conference.

“We have our amazing educators putting on a show that highlights our new season collection and features our full range of Nova 360 colour palettes, and further cements our vegan, sustainable, cruelty free and Australian made standpoint,” Megan said.

Celebrating personal style and exuding natural confidence, De Lorenzo’s AW24 campaign, FLOURISH, was released to ASPYA members first –presenting a symphony of current trending colours from warm tones to cool peekaboo pastels, natural highlights and an overall bolder palette for the brand. FLOURISH is a firm progression from the 2024 SS Home Grown collection, from a normal natura feel that’s still connected to nature and heralding De Lorenzo’s plant-based botanicals.

FLOURISH highlights the diversity in current trends through shorter styles, mesmerising upstyles, bolder blunt cuts and sophistication in natural tousled waves, with colour work and styling created by De Lorenzo’s National Educators. Lisa Polini, Angela Soong and Holly Breen were all live on-stage demonstrating the tips and techniques from colouring to styling and some handy in-salon ideas around finishing, photography and those many relatable moments that inspire hairdressers.

Anthony De Lorenzo closed off the entire program with an honest insight into the key take aways and some of the little memorable moments from the entire program.

He affirmed how much belief and information improves the way salons operate every day, from engaging in the useful suite of cutting education, to entering awards and listening to the latest trends and taking that one message from your favourite speaker and sharing it with your wider team.

“Use your curiosity to discover the magnetic threads that give us commonality.”

Ultimately through some tumultuous years, COVID fast-tracked some major shifts in consumer spending and trends, yet De Lorenzo’s values remain unchanged. While their vision for the future is strong, the loyalty among salons and asking for feedback continues to drive the brand forward. For owners, staff and industry educators and experts concerned with relationships, consistency and character, ASPYA was another exemplification of why De Lorenzo salons and clients are a special breed of Australian made and proudly home-grown individuals.

Just as Chris Helder summarised, useful belief and respect go a long way. “Use your curiosity to discover the magnetic threads that give us commonality”, and that they did.

If you missed ASPYA 24 and you’re missing the kinship, mentorship and family friendly mood your salon once had, 2025 alongside De Lorenzo’s leading delegates is one not to be missed. Once bitten, twice shy – you may recover from missing one, but definitely be fearful of doing it again. See you next year.

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FLOURISH Collection


More than 60 years of hair fashion, heritage and education was heralded locally in Melbourne with more than 120 TONI&GUY salons and stylists nationally uniting for their love of hair and most importantly each other on February 11 and 12, writes Cameron Pine.

With attendees flying in from as far as the West Coast all the way up the East Coast and into Melbourne, two days of festivities for the annual TONI&GUY conference kicked off on Sunday afternoon with an immersive mixology experience led by award-winning bartender Alex Boon of Pearl Diver Cocktails and Oysters.

Alex and TONI&GUY Sales and Customer Experience Manager Beau Walker explored the surprising number of similarities between hairdressing and bartending – with a specific focus on the importance of client experience and interpreting the specific desires of the customer in your chair. Not only this but the importance of knowing your ingredients and how to cocktail certain ingredients, sharing many synergies with the leading Label.m range.

The afternoon of team building and encouraging conversation concluded with a cocktail-making competition inspired by ingredients within the Label.m portfolio and got the room ready for the annual TONI&GUY Party to be held later that night at the Morris House rooftop.

The riverside Metropolis events became the backdrop for salons, speakers and educators that continue to inspire the next generation of TONI&GUY

hairdressers. As one of the only vardering programs that continues to elevate the craft for aspiring hair heroes, TONI&GUY proved why creativity will foreign reign supreme in their 30 salons nationally and staggering 475 globally.

Jack Morton, long-time awarded TONI&GUY artist and general hair education guru and advocate kicked off the second day of education, welcoming the many new faces into the unique fold and family that is TONI&GUY.

“The whole idea of creating this opportunity to connect to the brand, re-ignite the passion and uphold the standards that we need to have when we work with such a prestigious brand – to enable us to educate ourselves and to reach our life goals together, Jack said.


Sara Langford, TONI&GUY’s CEO, took to the stage to recap on the importance of bringing the family together and to celebrate the past, present and look to the future TONI&GUY stars. With a focus on education and development of their own, TONI&GUY’s mission is to continually up-skill from creative to programs like assistant manager programs that continue to lead the business side of the brand in every salon. From business but to salon owners like Kelly Wright jumping on monthly calls with 50 people to dedicated time to the LGFB (Look Good Feel Better program), the brand continues to hit the mark in both philanthropy and fashion.

“The theme that we have for this year is ‘have you heard’, you’re going to see this go through the whole year, you’ll see it when we have our creative collection reveal soon. I guess the biggest thing for everyone here is that we’ve been really busy. The things that we have achieved over the last 12 months are none other than impressive. As a brand, we’ve celebrated 60 years globally and we’ve seen the celebrations with the whole team going over to London, we’ve seen it on socials, we’ve seen it through our marketing, we’ve seen it everywhere,” Sara said.

“It’s a huge achievement for any brand to be around that time and to continuously evolve and change. We’ve had 28 years in Australia, which I know there’s a couple of you in this room that were here from the very beginning. In the last 12 months you saw 86,056 clients, across 20 businesses,” she added. “We set out since the 2022 conference with the mission we would have growth, and that we’ve achieved and with everything that’s happening across the globe, you all grew your average bill.”

With a big focus on learning and digital connection between the teams and groups, from Facebook page to Instagram noticeboard – all with a focus on pathway and progression, education continues to run through the veins of a brand that remains one of the only globally to produce a world-class annual collection that unites hairdressers from all corners of the globe.

“2023 was certainly a year of growth for us but more importantly a year of growth for some of our esteemed team members and educators immersed in the brand,” said TONI&GUY General Manager, Marie Bombardieri.

“In 2023 we set out to reach our industry more and collaborate with others. Our Artistic team blew it away at Hair Festival –creative triumphs and collaborating with a sense of community we will continue to lead with creativity in 2024,” Sarah confirmed.

With some streamlining, restructuring and re-assessing at the head office level, it’s been a year of evolution for the brand and now the structure is set for considerable progress. From strong sectioning patterns in the 80s to texture through products and leading styling tips in the 90s, TONI&GUY’s heritage is forever referenced.

Label.m and the distribution company run by Beau Walker, ID Link, will still be processing all the orders but no longer distributing ID colour to other salons when the focus is now going to be a pure TONI&GUY focus. Beau is coming on board to also help boost salon retail sales, mentor and coach overall salons in a broad retail and service role.

Next up was the official launch of not one but two new collections – UNFOLD and Hair @ TONI&GUY – presented by TONI&GUY’s National Creative Team. Led by National Creative Manager Jo Smith and comprised of Roberto Pozzato, Eunji Kim, Cathy King, Maddy Robinson, Morgan Weiss and Aarron Baker, the two collections certainly stoked the creative fire within the room as the Creative Team unpacked how to achieve each of the cuts and colours presented in the collection.

“We were so excited to launch two new collections at Conference,” shared Jo Smith. “The first collection, UNFOLD, is our Creative Collection that was brought together by the TONI&GUY Artistic Team using imagery from the British Hairdressing Awards and techniques that they had pulled together to create a vision of motivation and inspiration for the hairdressing industry.”

“For this one, they really looked back at our heritage and sourced inspiration from some of our most iconic collections across the past 60 years as it’s so important for us to look back in order to go forwards,” Jo continued. “When you look at the timeline of hair – not just our TONI&GUY collections but also hairdressing in general – it’s so interesting to see how hair has evolved through cutting techniques, colour

technology and innovation within the product space.”

“The second collection that was showcased on Monday was our in-house collection, HAIR @ TONI&GUY. You’ll see this on all of the brand’s marketing for the year as well as through social media campaigns. It truly does have lengths, textures, cuts and colours to suit everyone. HAIR @ TONI&GUY has evolved from our previous collection REVIBE and has kept a strong emphasis on our signature feel – individuality, suitability and beauty,” Jo said.

While creativity is the crux of it for the brand, business and consultation skills are required to be razor sharp and TONI&GUY Head of Customer Experience Adie Luff inspired with his practical approach to business, defining the difference between service and hospitality, while imparting a refreshed, passionate and simultaneously realistic in-salon approach as to how best to optimise your guest experience throughout service.

An afternoon packed with insightful speakers served as the perfect end to an unforgettable two-day immersive experience. TONI&GUY’s Beau Walker took the crowd through the fundamentals of the recently relaunched Label.m range. Wella Professionals’ Nadene Heapy and Stevie Hay discussed the 20 year partnership between the two brands with a fun and interactive quiz style seminar, testing stylists' recall of key technologies and ingredients including the new Wella Ultimate Repair and System Professional Blonde with its new insalon opportunities.

After looking forward at the collections set to guide the TONI&GUY Creative Team in 2024, the success and creative triumphs of the year prior were celebrated through the 2024 TONI&GUY Awards.

Congratulations to the full list of 2024 TONI&GUY Award Winners. For more information visit



O&M’s second wellness retreat this year took an increasingly conscious minded cohort to Gwinganna to prioritise their individual health well before the demands of life and business, writes Cameron Pine.

Asuccess story of consistency and resilience, O&M founder Jose Bryce Smith has always wanted hairdressers to live healthier lives, and it’s only now many are starting to realise the health choice of hair colour stems way beyond just product. Topping off the first wellness retreat in numbers and offering, the 2024 wellness instalment is just one of the many ways O&M continues to invest in the industry’s people.

A larger group's than 2023's cohort at EDEN discussed as much about industry mindset and motivation as concepts such as nutrition. Most of all, the value is in an environment for connection, character building and an overall sense of calm free of our industry that’s often swathed with chaos.

“My mission has always been to help hairdressers to live healthier lives and this retreat is about enjoying time your own way and taking some time to be with yourselves. I’ve done a lot of retreats, even when I had no time and no money, and they were the times that I really got to know myself - what I liked, needed and wanted in business and in life. Not only this, but who I wanted to be in the world,” Jose said.

“I really hope the next four days while you are here you find out some really amazing things about yourself. I just want you to enjoy the days – we have incorporated three O&M panel sessions to choose as

you wish. Everything is optional if you don’t want to just think about hair, it’s all up to you,” she said.

This year’s backdrop for a program of reinvention was high above the Tallebudgera Valley and set on Gwinganna’s steep 500 acres of sprawling grass, with an infinity lap pool and unique collection of accommodation options. Gwinganna’s prerogative is simple – to reset and curb many old lifestyle habits that all of us as professionals and business owners easily fall into. A rotating name tag for a different table to sit at each night aided a sense of connection.

From organic food tailored specifically for a healthy gut microbiome, to daily wellness practices, guests were able to truly engage and inspire each other through both personal and panel discussions, one on ones and throughout the sprawling venue that


O&M invested in. There was plenty of time for elective activities from dawn to dusk, intermixed with three separate ambassador panels and presentations across brand, business challenges and social media strategies to get your work seen, build your personal brand and manage negative feedback online.

O&M’s Global Head of Marketing, Skye Burkin, unleashed a range of tools, fast facts and resources that O&M have in place to help better define your brand, reach and footprint while Sarah Di Iorio spoke of her journey and the importance of brand vision in her large salons in Melbourne’s Elwood and Carlton. Joined by none other than O&M’s International Ambassador, Jaye Edwards, Jaye also spoke of how he built his brand, how it’s changed and to the importance of creating your own trends, ditching the rule book and the need to be authentically you to build your following. He posed the question, ‘is a following going to make you more money?’ and encouraged everyone to ask themselves this question before setting out on their salon and personal brand journey. From the integrity of the brands you work with to knowing your value and ditching that ‘me too’ mentality, Jaye’s insights were raw, honest and open hearted.

“In my ten years as a salon owner and ambassador, it’s so nice to work with a brand that cares about its people and we are all so grateful for the connection, the quality time together and allowing us to take time

to ask questions, so thank you to Jose and the O&M team for making it happen,” Jaye said.

Carefully picked by O&M, each ambassador brings a different energy from location, to specialisation, salon numbers or following and, in an environment ripe for connection, the lessons where significant.

The speakers shared their personal journeys of how they overcame obstacles, specialised, set new goals and trusted their gut. This included Kirsty Anne’s goal of reaching 100,000 followers by the end of the year last year, which seemed unrealistic at the time but is testament to the very fact that setting a higher goal than what many would deem reachable can actually be the difference between success and failure. As Jose says, we all have different brands and have something to learn from each other if we are in a supportive environment.

“It’s been amazing the community build that’s happened in the last 12 months for O&M and our retreat is just one part of it coming together, tailoring a schedule to fit in with busy hairdressers and what they want to learn,” Jose said.

“There’s so much goodwill built with the community, and we are always welcoming to everyone. We’ve had people that are not O&M salons come along and it’s great to get to know everyone. While we will always build I think next year we will do something slightly different because we want to mix it up and our customers to feel like they are on a growth journey,” she added.



Attendees heard from ambassadors about what they’re going through in business and what it takes to be an ambassador, as well as topics of social media and staff discussions.

It wasn’t all just hair, in fact you could choose your own path, but diet and nutrition segments came to the fore throughout the four days, especially the ever-important gut microbiome conversation and how stress and mindset can affect us in more ways than we realise. The golden rule was that, in terms of balance, as long as you are doing right 80 per cent of the time, the 20 per cent should be manageable. It’s more than just a protein and plant rich diet, it’s about understanding ingredients better, managing our cravings and understanding how the decisions on what we choose each day to eat can really change the trajectory of our lives.

With plenty of time to ask questions around the room, the sentiment was set to real connection, rather than the common platform to drive excessive amounts of information or motivational material into the brain. Gwinganna is a place that’s unique to each choice you make, whether it be to reset, move past trauma, instil healthier habits or just have some time out. O&M proved that wellness and success go hand in hand.

A heartfelt and grateful disposition was felt by all. A resounding ‘I just feel lucky to be here,’ was smattered throughout the days. The real thanks should be directed to O&M’s ongoing commitment to providing such a valuable opportunity for salon owners and stylists to really top themselves up in an environment of wellness. Sometimes you need to step away from the workplace toxicity to really see how to better manage or go back and make a noticeable difference.

“My mission was always to help hairdressers lead healthier lives and a retreat is a personal experience. We don’t want our clients to feel pressure, some come here to learn and some come to go off the grid. It gives time to connect with people not on the phone but in person, boundaries they want to set in their life and the opportunity to become more aware of their sense of self. Just a break away from the family or salon just for four days is priceless,” Jose confirmed.

As one of the breathwork facilitators, Ryan Poulter confirmed, whether we are into spirituality or not, it’s scientifically proven that our heart energy has an aura that can be felt and seen and O&M has enabled each guest to take the same idea and apply it to themselves before their team to better resolve problems.

“Many salon owners haven’t had four days just for themselves. I love having all the spiritual therapies. I believe we are all a spirit in a body, whether spirituality is something we think about or not,” Jose said.

Beyond spending time together It’s a place like Gwinganna that helps every individual find a better balance, especially as hairdressers who give so much emotionally and physically.

“If you don't put back in you can't put back that energy into others, and I think a lot of hairdressers do put themselves last and their health and wellness in their daily practice,” Jose said.

Adding time without rushing to massage, breathwork, pilates, meditation, yoga, silent walks, challenging walks, sunrise Qi Jong, swimming, sauna, an award-winning spa and ice baths to the mix, the realm for self- discovery was infinite. Jose swiftly added the ice bath specifically for the retreat and invited Jake Putan in for some breathwork as just one of the many ways to make the retreat even more special than the usual experience.

“Wellness and success are linked. You don’t have to be extreme but if you are well and look after yourself you are going to be more successful,” she said.

Success is something we all want, whether it’s over four days or all year through the ways we can be kinder to each other and the planet. O&M have created a place where creativity, motivation, wellness and business strategies sit hand in hand, where it’s not about the over sensationalised trends but understanding your own path. Overall it’s really quite as simple as prioritising wellness can improve mental and physical health, leading to greater professional success for yourself and others and, as such, elevate the salon environment!

Thank you O&M!

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With a mission to transform the industry and bring out the uniqueness in each and every salon, artist and partner, L’Oréal Professional Product Division’s 2024 instalment of Pro.Connect combined a record number of guests, with more than 300 putting their vulnerable business and personal brand forward for a greater level of connection, writes Cameron Pine.

Adding New Zealand salons to the fold and taking over the illustrious absolute beachfront Langham Hotel on the Gold Coast, L’Oréal New Zealand’s market director, Wesson Van Tonder welcomed the fold from each corner of the PPD camp –setting the scene while taking on the role as emcee throughout the full two-day business program.

“We’re driven by change in our business. We’re a future thinking organisation. We want to bring those changes to you today to enable your business and give you the power that you need to grow,” Wesson said.

As the ‘new PPD, the future of Professional Beauty’ slogan played in the background the group set out the expectations loud and clear by admitting their huge responsibility to guide, care and to further valorise the true power of professional hairdressing.

Beginning all things beachside and poolside, welcome drinks set the mood for a few days of a lot of information, connection and fun for every type of salon owner or artist, and what ensued was one of the most comprehensive salon business programs we’ve seen in a long time.

Three years ago, L’Oréal PPD made the strategic decision to digitalise their B2B ecosystem, enhancing their relationship with stylists and salons.

With the overall objective to better connect to each other and go home with coping mechanisms in a very stressful time for business owners, the program was designed to be centred around ways to enhance your profile physically and digitally, while being fortunate enough to have a dynamic duo from TikTok to share some insights into just how many consumers are out there waiting to be reached on the dynamic platform.

Omnichannel Commercial Director Cara Riley spoke to the overall vision and potential of the professional market.

“Can you believe as Carlos Figueiras, our PPD GM, mentioned, we’re actually nearly a third of the market within the professional haircare market, which is huge, largely so with many of our brands also in the top ten? With that we have a massive responsibility, and with that responsibility is also tapping into the consumer,” Cara said.

“We know that about 63 per cent of prestige skincare consumers, that’s consumers who use like YSL or similar, do not actually purchase premium haircare. So that means we have an amazing

Sophia Hilton Erin Deering

opportunity to recruit almost two million new consumers to the professional haircare market –and that is huge.”

As a company L’Oréal takes community, it’s partners and the environment seriously and this year have continued to announce their recent partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to show their dedication to environmental processes, having so far invested 46 million dollars into environmental projects. They can now proudly say that all of their products are made with 85 per cent recycled plastic.

The first speaker of the ensuing days was Erin Deering. Hosted by M Division’s David Mannah the duo spoke of her success, turning the Triangl swimwear brand into a 200 million dollar business and author of the book, Hanging by a thread. From treating every customer like your first customer to being comfortable with being uncomfortable and never cutting costs on things the consumer will notice, Erin’s story was one of self-belief and resilience.

L’Oréal’s very own education superhero duo, Sylvia Stewart and Jordan Kidner, spoke of the resources that continues to help us better understand our customer. They were then joined on stage by Sandy Morgan and Kelly Li to talk through future trends and to uncover what the salon of the future really looks like.

“We know that in this phygital (physical + digital) world we live in, online and offline education both matter, so in 2024 we wanted our face-to-face component of Pro.Connect – our very own business

education program - to be bigger and better than ever,” Jordan said.

“This year and for the first time we brought together our business savvy clients from Australia and New Zealand all in one place for Business Forum. Why? To strengthen our sense of community and to celebrate the incredible salon businesses that are part of the L’Oréal PPD family. It’s all about inspiring, connecting, and creating together.”

“We are entering a time of transformation where much seems to be going in the wrong direction – the shifts in climate, the economy and sociopolitical tensions are worrying but may also indicate a move to a promising future – the repair of a malfunctioning system into one that may work,” said Sylvia. “As an industry leader it’s our responsibility to shape beauty for the better. Beauty can bridge emerging communities and embracing new norms. The future is built on knowledge wisdom, technology and culture.”

Taking a look at the six macro beauty trends for the future, together the group delved deeper to understand the power of these trends and how together we create positive change. These trends include Singularity, Trust in People, Spectrum of Values, Medicalisation, Eco Systemic Wellness and Vital Escapism.

Heading over into social media, attendees heard from two experts at TikTok.

“With a top search being hair transformation videos that show others how they create contentpeople want to see the human behind it now and we really recommend posting twice per day on each day across both platforms such as Instagram and TikTok," TikTok's Stacie Poulos said.

From how to build a profile page to tips on the biggest trending reels, hashtags and engagement tools – the room was pumped to boost their TikTok offering, but also share content between multiple platforms to elevate their overall presence.

Redken Artist, salon owner and TikTok star Kaine Vakai then took to the stage to tell his personal journey, and how in just a 12-month period he amassed a following of over 291,000 – and more than 8.8 million likes.

“For us it’s all about getting clients through our doors, promoting individually in my salon, our personality and is the best way to truly showcase my point of difference,” Kaine said.

Continuing with brand immersion and education, each brand’s strengths and unique insights and strategies were leveraged. Sandy Garcia and Kelly Li – brand managers across both French and American brands - talked through the why and what to look out for different for the remainder of 2024. Karen Strano also educated on the power of the consultation, using the L’Oréal Professionnel consultation app.

Rebecca Broadhurst, Head of the Professional Channel, paid tribute to some of the key salon owners’ loyalty in the room, while shouting out to Maurice Meade for the immense 50 years with a

Carlos Figueiras Janine Allis Salon panel: Sam James, Helen Owens, Brodie-Lee Tsiknaris and Belinda Robb


birthday tribute. Attendees also heard from Sophia Hilton from the UK, a highly awarded salon owner of Not Another Salon, also famous for her Hilton One Hundred program and Not Another Academy modules, which have educated more than 12,00 students globally.

“I originally set out on my journey because I wanted to connect to young people in a way they haven’t been connected to before. I wanted to create an environment that was fully inclusive where young people could express how they previously weren’t able to in the workplace,” she said. “For the most part I’m proud to say it worked and I’ve made some huge changes in the industry in the last 10 years – we also changed the way gender has been seen in the salon.

Talking through how she lost sight of her original objectives as she grew too big, Sophia shared a vulnerable video she hadn’t shared anywhere else – breaking down and talking her way through how she was going to get her brand back after a huge salon walkout. Through rawness she created relatability in the room by discussing and not judging from things such as the self-employed revolution, which is 68 per cent of the market in the UK, and how every generation always speaks of the last as lazy or not motivated, yet it’s up to us to rewire ourselves to make changes and not be victims of it. She also education on inclusivity and being informed on mental health so conversations can be had safely in the workplace.

From various initiatives and platforms, Head Up launched in 2023 to help salons with terminology and practices around mental health, strategies and boundaries that further realise L’Oréal’s mission to give you the tools you need to navigate where business is.

Keeping the salon conversation’s flowing, Mocha Group’s Jared Stedman then ran a panel to talk about ‘contextual truth’, a concept he made up from the idea of two salon owners or two people with different needs and how to bridge the gap and openly discuss and learn from the idea of somewhat conflicting truths.

“Two or more right answers for the same question allow us to not only understand other’s points of view but also be more open to learning,” he said.

The panel featured well-known single and multisalon owners Belinda Robb, Sam James, BrodieLee Tsiknaris and Helen Owens. Together they emphasised the importance of retention in their salon and how to prioritise it over creative work, how to motivate staff and create content with them to enter into awards’ submissions, the importance of creative work to the stylists but also discussing very serious issues such as community projects, domestic violence and how they have navigated some very difficult situations and created their businesses to be a ‘safe space’ for many.

The beauty industry faces numerous challenges, including sustainability, mental health, and collaboration. Sam James emphasised the

importance of understanding the context of one’s business, while Helen discussed the challenges of staffing and growth. Belinda shared personal experiences with the pandemic’s impact on the industry, and Brodie emphasized the benefits of using L’Oréal access for education to name but a few.

Paul Frasca from Sustainable Salons spoke about the various sustainability milestones and achievements through the industry and the company but also how purchasing decisions are made based on values.

“Consumers are 38 per cent more likely buy a product or service based on values over any difference in product or service,” Paul said.

Janine Allis spoke to her incredible journey as an entrepreneur from Boost to the portfolio of brands as part owner and founder of Retail Zoo, but most importantly heartfelt questions around humanity, the why, stripping away the unnecessary expectations and being prepared to fail or for people

“It’s not just about worrying about that profit the drops out the bottom of a business but also the affect it takes on you as a person if you allow any business to steer away from your goals and objective of why you set out,” she said. “As soon as you lose this, you start to feel a victim of your own reality. It’s important to always be the student and take accountability in everything that we do.”

Having a great passion for business over sales, a love for surfing and taking time to reflect – Janine is a true example of success by numbers doesn’t just come from crunching numbers, just looking at the more than two billion globally in sales she has helped amass as part of her entrepreneurship.

The professional setting emphasised the importance of embracing innovation, staying ahead of the curve, and prioritising culture and values. It also highlighted the need for agility and adaptability and stressed the importance of being open to new ideas and perspectives before popping out to Cali Beach Club for the ‘Pro Chella’ party where guests had the entire rooftop bar to themselves to immerse in a booth and installation from each brand.

It’s also where we at INSTYLE interviewed guests on the many things they learnt, building hours of content under the guise of ‘Poolside With the Pros’. We just hope that all or any of this connect inspires you to do even just one thing better, and that’s

For more information visit
Kaine Vakai Pro Chella
Exclusively distributed by Sabre Haircare / 1300 764 437 / LEARN MORE JOICO’S MOST POWERFUL BOND-BUILDER 5X STRONGER* HAIR IN ONE USE! @joicoaustralianz @sabre_haircare *Against combing breakage on damaged hair during heat styling


International Malibu C Educator Missy Peterson will educate at Hair Festival 2024, teaching the all-new Malibu C Head Lab scoping services and directing attendees to revolutionise their colour.

Malibu C’s own Missy Peterson is travelling from the states to make her Australian debut at Hair Festival 2024, with a session on June 30 that teaches attendees to revolutionise their colour. The fast-growing company has made waves with 100 per cent vegan, clean, customised haircare remedies for the scalp, hair, and skin, and Missy will utilise her expertise and this technology to further teach about innovative hair and scalp care.

With over 20 years of experience, Missy has become renowned as a corrective colour expert. With roles as an American Board-Certified Hair Colourist as well as a Certified Clinical Trichologist, Missy is an inspiring educator who constantly pushes boundaries in her work.

The session will provide a glimpse into the innovative Malibu C Head Lab scoping services, where attendees will learn to master the use of Malibu C’s customised haircare and corrective colour wellness remedies for addressing all scalp and colour-related issues, allowing for a boost in revenue and new service menu possibilities. This seminar is ideal for stylists, colourists, barbers and salon owners who are eager to learn new techniques to expand on their services, or who have an interest in scalp wellness.

The scoping technology offers an unprecedented, up-close-and-personal look at clients’ scalps, redefining the approach to hair and scalp care by helping hairdressers identify and resolve scalp issues while enabling clients to visualise these concerns through dermoscopic imagery. The compact Digital Scope device fits comfortably in the hand and offers powerful magnification, a bright light for clear viewing, WiFi connectivity, and photo and video capabilities. This allows hairdressers to showcase real-time evidence of the before-andafter effects of their Malibu C treatments.

The Malibu C Head Lab Intro Kit is headlined by this tool, while also offering Malibu C products such as the Malibu C Crystal Gel XL, Miracle Repair Cooling Menthol Treatment, and Un-Doo-Goo Shampoo to clarify the scalp, eliminate product buildup, and rejuvenate damaged hair with nutrient-rich formulas. Key components such as soothing menthol, powerful L-ascorbic acid and chelators combine to revitalise dry scalps and offer a potent version of vitamin C, which effectively extracts oxidised minerals, medications, and chemicals from both the hair and scalp. Orange zest and vanilla comprise the product scents.

The brand merges these gentle formulas with trackable, transformative, and technology-based wellness answers, and Missy will educate on the power of these innovations.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from an international expert and discover this new technology with Malibu C. For more information visit

Missy Peterson
With Kitomba’s powerful marketing features, turn your clients into loyal fans and keep them coming back more often. 1800 161 101 Elevate your client experience LEARN MORE
REALtalk Business Forum
30 JUNE – 1 JULY
Education Sessions | Competitions | Wonderland Indie Empowerment Summit








Welcome to the industry’s biggest celebration of hair!

Building in momentum year on year and carrying that true creative spirit of a festival, for the third consecutive year, we are so proud to bring you Hair Festival 2024. As the largest gathering gracing our industry in Australia, Hair Festival is a localised modern and multi-dimensional approach to experience all the best elements of our incredible industry.

IN A COMPLETELY new venue at Darling Harbour’s ICC, the 2024 instalment of this growing hair celebration promises to be the biggest yet. While continuing to make mass gains in size and stature, the Hair Festival team have have nurtured an event that continues to evolve and adapt with the changing needs of the hairdressing industry and what we need today.

Sydney’s ICC brings with it the luxury of more space for inspiration and celebration at a customised venue that’s ripe for exploration, and not only this, but positive feedback for the new date continued to roll in all through the lead up to our largest Hair Festival network ever. This revised weekend has made travel expenses a little easier on all of us plus the added bonus of just a little more time to prepare your favourite event of the year – even if it is just a few more weeks to finalise your schedule.

At the heart of Hair Festival is the immense sense of human spirit and those that continue to invest their lives into the craft and business of hair. Yes, we are bombarded and overloaded with information and online resources, but we are craving physical connection and real-life experiences more than ever, salvation that only an event such as Hair Festival can provide.

The Hair Festival team has spent over a thousand hours on meetings and brainstorming sessions to work with our partners and sponsors to better execute and come up with as many fresh ideas as possible to keep Hair Festival relevant, engaging and value for money.

With the rising costs of living and running a business at any size, limited budgets and decreased discretionary spending, we still firmly believe that Hair Festival represents the best value for money and a strong industry presence for both brands and creatives. At the forefront of our priority is maintaining an experience for you the hairdresser, with incredible education classes starting at low as $89.

From styling, hair competitions, colour, editorial, salon tools and that extravagance we know our industry for, we have a bit of everything, including dialing into your best Business Building mindset with REALtalk and the Indie Empowerment Summit as supported by Salon Lane. These Business events taking place on the Sunday and Monday mornings of Hair Festival complete an

already dynamic line up of education and shop floor activity across all industry sectors that is sure to be where you saw it first.

We feel extremely proud to provide an event that offers something for every individual at every level of their creative and business journey over two days nobody in the industry wants to miss.

From barbering, competitions, cutting, editorial hair, colour and styling, all facets of artistry are on stage over two full days, and with the All Access Pass still representing the best choice if you want to ensure you are included in the entire weekend of Hair - now is your last chance to secure one!

With standing room only in many of the Education Sessions last year, we urge you to be one step ahead and jump online to prepare your ultimate Hair Festival Shop, Learn, Compete and Connect experience.

From mindfulness in The Holistic Shift meditation session on the Monday morning with Jake Putan to a strong sense of innovation at every touchpoint of the weekend from our industry’s biggest and most loved brands, Hair Festival is a true investment in yourself.

We can’t wait to see you and help you reset your focus for the remainder of 2024!

Cameron Pine, Editorial and Creative Director Renita Collins, Events and Marketing Director


Immerse yourself in the Festival Hub. The heart and soul of Hair Festival 2024. This two-day exhibition will be your source of what’s new in the industry, showcasing a collection of your favourite brands. Discover the latest industry innovations, learn and be inspired by live demonstrations, and network and recharge at one of the dedicated networking and coffee spots. Connect and unite like never before. Registration is FREE and includes an attendee bag with some exciting supplier offerings.

The learning will be never ending at Hair Festival 2024 with a packed line up of respected industry leaders, renowned educators, and beloved brands sharing their knowledge expertise and insights on all things hair.

The REALtalk Business Forum brings together a significant line up of international and local talent to create authentic, inspirational and unbranded conversations on what matters most to the hairdressing industry. You can expect to leave with tangible tips to grow your business, inspire your salon staff and review your service offering.

The Education Sessions will leave you with a laundry list of ideas on salon business, colour artistry, cut and style intricacies and so much more.



Will you be crowned the 2024 Hair Festival Champion? Get ready to show off your skills and gain industry-wide recognition at the live Hair Festival Competitions powered by O&M. The competition is heating up with additional competition categories and prize money to be won, there's a category for every hairdresser. See you on the competition floor. Every competitor will receive a free O&M gift upon registering.

The party of the year is back and better than ever! Welcome to Wonderland, the most vibrant and exciting event on the Hair Festival calendar. Let your hair down and be immersed in a world of wonder. Dress to impress in your most showstopping outfit and get ready to shine under the disco ball. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be immersed in a colourful world filled with dazzling performances, immersive entertainment, and delicious treats. We’ve got plenty of surprises in store that will keep you dancing and having fun all night long.



Sunday 30 June - Monday 1 July 2024

ICC Sydney - Hall 1 14 Darling Drive, Sydney SWS 2000

New Date. New Venue. In line with the recent growth of Hair Festival we've moved to a bigger and better venue! ICC Sydney will be the home to Hair Festival 2024 set against the stunning backdrop of Darling Harbour.

Get ready to take your Hair Festival experience to the next level with the Hair Festival App. Plan your weekend schedule, connect with other attendees, participate in interactive sessions, and keep up to date on all the exclusive App activations, giveaways and prizes. All registered attendees will receive an invitation email to download and set up the app prior to the event.

Establishment Bar Sunday 30 June 2024 | 7.00pm – 11.00pm

Get ready for an all-new experience of wonder as we step into the chromosphere. A second world of disco awaits you! Expect flowing food and drinks, show-stopping entertainment, and endless photo opportunities.

Get the official Event App Access Via Sprintr Events App 56 INSTYLE
Sponsored by FESTIVAL HUB FESTIVAL HUB The Hub THE STAGE Business Hub Barber Hub EDUCATION SESSIONS REALTalk BUSINESS FORUM INDIE EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT PARKSIDE 2 PARKSIDE 1 C2.6 C2.5 To download from Google scan here To download from Apple scan here
Hub, REALtalk , Education, Competitions,
Empowerment Summit


Festival Hub

Sunday 30 June 2024 | 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday 1 July 2024 | 10:00am - 4:00pm

Location: Hall 1, Level 2.

The hottest brands, trends and styles are all under one roof at the Festival Hub.

Your source of what’s new in the industry. Engage with leading brands, purchase the latest industry innovations, learn and be inspired by live demonstrations and stage shows.

Registration is FREE and includes an attendee bag with some exciting supplier offerings.


Bringing you bite size educational live demonstrations, model displays, and the coveted Hair Festival Competitions. The STAGE provides the perfect spot to kick up your feet and soak in some free education after a packed day of shopping your way around the Festival Hub.

Powered by Pivot Point.


Powered By Sonders Academy and BLAK Haircare, the Barber Hub will be showcasing the best in barber education, inspiring existing and up and coming barbers and showing new age barber trends.


Register now!

Visit the Business Hub where you will be welcomed by brands showcasing new innovations, business advice, marketing and more.


Centrally located, this will be your connection point in the Festival Hub. Ideal for coffee, snacks, recharging, meetings and catching up on all things hair. Subscribe to INSTYLE and purchase inspiring business books.



MarketPlace Directory

Alfaparf Milano Professional – Stand 44

Alfaparf Milano Professional are a multi-local and agile group, led by enterprising people who are pursuing sustainable growth and creating high-performing products through daily collaboration with beauty professionals: hairdressers and beauticians. The brand is an Italian enterprise with a beautiful story, having been established in 1980 from an idea by Roberto Franchina.

“Today we are the world’s leading Italian beauty company in the professional channel, an independent and integrated group that has always revolved around innovation: as evidenced by our brands but above all by the number of leading international beauty companies that have relied on us to develop their products and projects,” the brand shared. “Our business divisions interact to circulate the skills that we have acquired and transform them into the best possible responses to market evolutions, with a single objective: to continue to raise the quality of the service offered by professionals, leaving a better world for future generations.”

American Express - Stand BH107

"Come and join us at the American Express stand to discuss ways we can drive new customers to your business, simply by accepting American Express as a payment option."

Ana Hair Care – Stand BH111

Ana Hair Care is a Brazilian family business brand, developed and manufactured in Australia, bringing the best of Brazil beauty to Australia. Ana and her team will give attendees access to review and see all their products and will assist with all your hair care questions.

“Our aim is to create a wonderful experience in this blessed space. Ana Hair Care is grateful for the opportunity to be at Hair Festival.”

Art Hair Extensions – Stand 65

"At Art Hair Extensions, we are delighted to announce our participation in the Sydney Hair Festival 2024. We will be showcasing our extensive range of Russian Hair extensions at the event. With thirty years of experience, our founder Tony will be sharing his hard-earned secrets of creating beautiful and durable hair extension products specifically tailored for Australian customers."

During the fair, the brand will be offering excellent discounts and promotional prices exclusively for wholesale customers. Take advantage of these great offers and provide outstanding value to your own customers.

Aulte Pty Ltd I ACANLUX – Stand 83

ACANLUX is a new natural beauty company that creates skincare and haircare products using botanical ingredients like Sea Holly and White Cypress. They are committed to using organic and sustainable practices to create effective yet gentle formulas. Their current product line includes serums and shampoos, and they are developing new products using different botanical extracts.

BB SLEEK – Stand 58

BB SLEEK offers products that are meticulously crafted to address specific hair concerns while infusing each strand with the nourishment it needs to thrive. “At BB SLEEK, we’re more than just another haircare brand – we’re innovators, game-changers, and advocates for sleek, healthy hair every day,” the brand said. “Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair and hello to smooth, healthy, and shiny locks with BB SLEEK.”

BLAK Haircare – Stand 19 Barber Hub

BLAK Haircare was created during the second COVID lockdown in Sydney, Australia by two long term friends and business partners - Ji Ratnagopal and Samuel Raffaele. Both being men’s hair stylists, Sam and Ji felt the compelling need to create a product brand that could cater for all the styling needs that they were facing everyday inside their salons. This was due to years of facing the same problem, searching and struggling to find a styling range that could check all the boxes and complement all the styles and looks they were creating.

“The word BLAK to us embodies strength, being bold and having an unapologetic attitude. We want to empower men, encourage them to embrace their individuality and feel confident every time they use our products.”

BOSS Coaching – Stand BH105

Estelle Carroll, champion of ‘Salon Mumpreneurs’, empowers hair and beauty entrepreneurs to thrive. With a focus on wealth, time freedom, leadership, and high-performing teams, Estelle draws from her success managing a regional salon whilst being a mum, enjoying 14 weeks off yearly while working just ten hours weekly. A master of the Language of Leadership and certified NLP Practitioner, her coaching emphasises clear communication and streamlined systems for business success. Through BOSS Coaching, Estelle provides tailored support, coaching, and training, transforming survival into thriving. Her philosophy centers on courageous leadership and clear boundaries. From Australia to New Zealand, Estelle guides salon owners to unparalleled success.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT) – Stand 48

BKT is a hair salon and haircare brand that specialises in hair straightening treatmen ts. Leticia Prado developed BKT Nanoplasty with a range of aftercare products. This treatment is customisable for all hair types, vegan, cruelty-free, and formaldehyde-free. BKT aims to empower women by offering a revolutionary product to boost their confidence and transform their lives with effective haircare. Suitable for all hair types, BKT Nanoplasty ensures straightening and frizz reduction while prioritising sustainability. “Our Nanoplasty supports salon success and nurturing client relationships. Our products are customisable, user-friendly, emit a pleasant fragrance, and are suitable for all hair types,” the brand shared.

Brazil Protein – Stand 39

ARE Brazil Protein is a Brazilian brand dedicated to creating safe and effective cosmetics. The products are a true reflection of the brand’s values. They are developed by professionals who combine scientific knowledge with traditional wisdom while promoting the sustainable use of Brazil’s diverse botanical resources. The result is a range of innovative and safe creations that aim to provide pleasure, beauty, and well-being.

In line with its commitment to sustainable development, Brazil Protein adheres to the strictest standards of pollution control and water treatment. The brand also refrains from conducting animal testing and ensures full compliance with existing regulations and good production practices to minimise environmental impact.

Comfortel Salon Furniture – Stand 49

Committed to providing visionary furniture and equipment that helps salon professionals create beautiful results, Comfortel proudly introduces their latest range of trendsetting hairdressing furniture at Hair Festival. Explore their range of salon chairs,


wash lounges, trolleys, stools, and mirrors – the essential pieces of furniture that will help you create the salon space you love. Don’t forget to pick up their new 2023 Comfortel Look Book, full of heaps of salon interior inspiration and the latest in salon furniture and equipment for your salon!

Creative Styling Systems – Stand BH104

Visit Creative Styling Systems at Hair Festival to witness the brand new Professional Utility Kit (thePUK) in action! Attendees will have the opportunity to try on and experiment with the tool belt experiencing its versatility firsthand. Additionally, Iris Wieselmann will showcase her range of professional makeup brushes and assorted makeup products. Don't miss this chance to see these high-quality tools in action, ask questions, and enhance your professional tool kit, in an interactive and engaging experience.

Crown Brush Australia – Stand 42

With over 40 years of brush making tradition in the USA and world markets, Crown Brush Australia offers you the largest range of professional make-up brushes with over 700 different styles. The brand also stock a large range of professional make-up palettes and student kits, which can be customised to suit your academy needs.

Crown Brush is a leader in recognising and manufacturing top quality make-up brushes from the finest materials available. The brand also stock a range of professional top quality make-up cases that cater for the professional make-up artist. Crown Brush is dedicated to the environment and is also 100 per cent animal cruelty free.

Curly Hair Education Australia – Stand BH110

Curly Hair Education Australia (CHEA) came about to help meet a need for hairstylists in Australia to learn about working with curly hair. There was a distinct lack of education available without travelling overseas and CHEA wanted to change that.

“In 2018 CHEA was born and our first class was held in Brisbane with the first cohort attending,” the institution said. “Since then we have trained over 140 hairstylists both in person and online. Our goal is to continue to provide high quality education that stylists can put to into practice straight away and that is 100 per cent useable to help serve the curly hair community.”

Cutting Through The Noise – Stand 51

This dynamic duo bring a wealth of knowledge and experience about the market space. Stephanie Mason and Hayley Mears are individually known for their unique approach to business. They will dissect their highly adaptable skill sets and will share their strategies and approaches to pivoting and reinventing their offerings as needed in this ever-changing market. No commercial topic is off limits, with the @CuttingThroughTheNoise podcast keen to explore the impact of current supply chain issues, the latest e-commerce trends and their introduction into the beauty market, and the changing shape of salon culture and workplace flexibility. With two unique career perspectives, there is sure to be an abundance of knowledge from the aspects of salon ownership, business-to-business, marketing and digital content.

Danger Jones and Colortrak – Stand 1

Community is a word that is synonymous with Danger Jones and Colortrak. The team at Salon Cosmetics is proud to bring these two passionate and artistic focused professional hair brands to Australia and Hair Festival!

Danger Jones was founded by David and Alexis Thurston and in less than a year has become a haven for artists searching for their very own colour asylum.

Colortrak offers the largest variety of professional hair tools for equally inspired artists who demand innovative and exciting colour tools to take their art to another level.

Dateline Imports | BaBylissPro & Silver Bullet; Malibu CStands 21 and 24

The future of hair. Dateline Imports presents industry pioneers BaBylissPRO, Silver Bullet and Malibu C.

BaBylissPRO is driven by innovation. Award-winning, cuttingedge and high performance technology to satisfy the creative needs of professionals.

Silver Bullet crafts tools that professionals know, love and trust, and is proudly Australian-owned with over 30 years of hair industry experience for faster, better styling.

Malibu C leads the market in 100 per cent vegan, clean, customised haircare remedies. Solve hair and scalp problems with the best of both science and nature.

Days for Girls – Stand 7

Days for Girls Australian Limited is dedicated to shattering stigma and limitations associated with menstruation for improved health, education and livelihood outcomes by partnering with others to break the silence and deprivation that accompanies lack of girls menstrual health needs.

This is done with a simple, direct and effective solution available to girls month after month – Days for Girls washable menstrual health kits.

“We believe in a world where periods are never a problem.”

E-one (Xiemen) Trading Co Ltd – Stand 75

E-One Company have been making professional scissors since 2005, where most of them are sold to the USA and Europe. Discover this international stalwart at Hair Festival.

Excellent Edges – Stand 71

Discover tools unlike you’ve ever experienced them with Excellent Edges.

“With 35 years of experience, we are Australia’s biggest, best and funniest producers of hairdressing scissors and cutting accessories,” the brand shared. “Make sure you come say hi to us on our stand and check out all the tools we have on offer, or just pop in for a drink and check out the artists doing live demos over the festival.”


Ever feel like your salon's chairs are emptier than you'd like, but you're worried about the high marketing cost? Imagine your salon as the hottest spot in town, always bustling with clients and a jam-packed calendar—all without breaking the bank. That's precisely what FLAGSALON can do for you!

“We specialise in affordable, effective digital marketing tailored just for hair salons. Our proven strategies leverage Google and local SEO to make your salon the go-to destination. Don’t just settle for social media fame or overspend on ads. Visit us at Hair Festival 2024 for exclusive show specials and discover how we can help your salon thrive!”

Floractive Sydney – Stand 57

Floractive specialise in providing Nanoplasty solutions. “Our main product, Wone, has gained recognition as the leading nanoplasty solution globally,” the brand shared. “We are excited to be participating in Hair Festival, where we will be offering our


renowned Wone solution alongside our team of expert technicians, who will be on hand to explain the entire application process. We are proud to have a widespread presence across Australia, with multiple sales point located throughout the country.”

Follicle Labs – Stand BH115

Follicle Labs is a pioneering Hair Care company dedicated to revolutionising hair care with cutting-edge scientific expertise. Follicle Labs combines over 15 years of scientific acumen with a passion for restoring hair and scalp health. The brand’s flagship product, Que+ Hair Growth Serum, blends pure quercetin with natural ingredients like Saw Palmetto, biotin, Vitamin B5, B3, caffeine, Vitamin C, and NMN. This scientifically curated formula targets the root causes of hair loss, promoting healthy follicles and revitaliaing hair growth. Discover the science of beautiful hair and scalp with Follicle Labs.

Foxy Blondes – Stand 40

Get ready to shine brighter with Foxy Blondes (est. 2020). “Our innovative hair foils and salon tools redefine the artistry of colour transformations,” the brand said. “From faster application to flawless results, Foxy Blondes empowers stylists to unleash their creativity effortlessly. Join us and experience the future of foiling – where every colour service is uplifted and every client leaves feeling confident and radiant. Elevate your salon experience with Foxy Blondes and discover why we’re the go-to choice for stylists worldwide.”

Gellibn – Stand BH113

Make your life easier with Gellibn. Boost productivity in your salon and create a thriving work environment with your answer to harmonious and effective staff management.

Gellibn is the game changer in managing, directing and supporting your team. Empowering you with real-time feedback, streamlined communication, and hassle-free issue resolution, and liberating you from the complexities and headaches of staff management.

The Gellibn user-friendly app transforms your workplace , fostering efficiency and team engagement. Experience the freedom to manage on the go, resolve issues without the hassle and build a positive and thriving work environment effortlessly.

Global Scissors – Stand 63

Australian owned and family operated for ten years, the owner of Global Scissors is a barber and has been involved in the hairdressing industry for over 30 years. Global Scissors was born from recognising that scissors are one of the most important tools in a stylist’s toolbox. Scissors are extremely personal but also fun! What stylist doesn’t love a new shiny, sharp pair of scissors? We all do!

The owner went on a journey to manufacture the best quality and affordable professional hairdressing and barber scissors from the highest quality Japanese metals. Global Scissors are affordable and backed by industry experience and expertise.

“We aren’t happy unless you are. Try us today!”

Gold Hair Collections – Stand 91

Australia’s largest Hair Topper retailer! Bringing Crown Clip in Hair Extension pieces to Hair Festival in 2024

“Our range offers more than 30 different colours, these Human Hair Toppers can also be coloured and styled just like your clients’ hair,” the brand shared. “You simply clip over the crown eliminating regrowth, adding volume, fresh colour or escaping another hair cleanse day.”

Guava Bay Pty Ltd – Stand BH108

Born in Australia in 2023, Guava Bay is the brainchild of a dynamic

Australian couple who are true hair and skin care professionals. With a deep passion for hair and skin care, the dup are offering a range of premium, 100 per cent mulberry silk products.

“At Guava Bay, our mission is clear: to develop exceptional, high-quality silk products that cater to the specific needs of Australians. We strive to bridge the gap by developing the best product for our local market. Our dedicated team has invested extensive time in prototyping, testing, and personally experiencing our products to deliver unmatched quality and durability. With GUAVA BAY, you can expect nothing but excellence. Join us on this exciting journey.”

Hair Aid Inc – Stand 3

Hair Aid has two key initiatives - to provide dignity and respect and empower underserved communities.

Hair Aid International Projects is an initiative that trains people living in poverty in developing countries in basic hair cutting skills. This enables them to start a micro businesses, earn money to support their families and enhance their living conditions. Since 2014, Hair Aid has trained over 6,700 people.

Hair Aid Community Cuts coordinates volunteer hairdressers in Australia to provide free haircuts to homeless and vulnerable persons in parks, churches, domestic violence safe houses, hospitals and soup kitchen locations. Volunteer hairdressers gift two hours every six weeks, within their own communities, offering dignity and encouraging positive life changes.

Hair and Beauty Kingdom – Stand 101

Hair and Beauty Kingdom is Australia's premier supplier for barbers and hairdressers, renowned for their exclusive selection of highquality products and tools. The company proudly stock leading global brands such as Cree, Tuft and Caliber ensuring clients have access to the best in the industry. Their extensive range, from cutting-edge styling tools to premium hair care products, meets the diverse needs of professionals nationwide. Committed to excellence, they provide reliable Australia-wide distribution, ensuring timely delivery and exceptional customer service.

Hairdreams (Hair and Soul) – Stand 94

Hairdreams© fulfils hair dreams worldwide with high-quality hair extension and thickening systems.

“As a partner to salons in more than 60 countries, we have been serving millions of customers for over 30 years and pioneering innovative solutions,” the brand said. “Founder Gerhard Ott started Hairdreams in a garage and developed the company into the market leader. Our products are exclusive to salons and are used by certified experts trained at the Hairdreams Academy. Mastering the art of hair extensions and thickening guarantees flawless results worldwide. Our mission is to realise everyone’s hair dreams with natural-looking extensions and solutions for hair thickening and hair loss.”

Haircare Group | Lakmé – Stand 98

Discover Lakmé's full concept, salon exclusive haircare brand at Hair Festival this year. All Lakmé products are consciously developed in their high-tech laboratories in Barcelona using both sustainably-minded formulas and practices. Lakmé is committed to producing high-performing, natural and organic products and equipping colourists with everything they need.

Come along and learn more about Lakmé's full concept range, access some exclusive deals, sample what the range has to offer and get your complimentary personal colour analysis done with Colour Consultant Amelia McFarlene.


Haircare Group I Moroccanoil – Stand 79

Discover Moroccanoil’s complete range of care-infused hair colour and product designed to support the professional in offering a wide variety of in-salon services. There are so many reasons to visit Moroccanoil – everyone receives a bottle of the new Moroccanoil Treatment Purple plus you can ‘Spin the Wheel’ to win an array of prizes including the new Moroccanoil Frizz range valued at $279.50.

“We are excited to showcase Moroccanoil’s complete portfolio of professional colour. The collection includes permanent, demipermanent hair colour, and lighteners all featuring our own ProArginine + ArganID® System, delivering exceptional protection throughout the colour process.”

HairCo – Stand 68

Salon Dr - InStyle Half Page.pdf 1 7/5/2024 6:05 PM

HairCo Australia is a family-run wholesaler serving the hairdressing, barbering, and beauty trade for over 15 years. With over 50 years of collective experience, the team offers the latest innovations, exclusive brands, and exceptional service. HairCo provide seamless shopping with over 10,000 products, same-day despatch, and click and collect options. As the exclusive distributor of leading brands like JRL, Brazilian Bond Builder, Reuzel, Modern Pirate, and Difiaba, HairCo ensure you access top-tier products. Founded by Tony and Connie Alessi in 2005, and now operated by their sons, HairCo pride themselves on a legacy of quality and customer commitment, as well as unparalleled service and product excellence.

Hairhouse – Stand 99

Hairhouse is a leading hair and beauty retailer offering expert salon and piercing services.

“With over 30 years of experience and a growing network of over 110 salon-powered stores nationally, we are proud to be Australia’s largest employer of hairdressers. Our professionals have the tools and expertise to make every customer look and feel their best,” the brand said.

“At Hairhouse, we understand that healthy hair sets the stage for a great cut or colour. From everyday to premium, we offer over 120 globally-recognised beauty brands with solutions to care for every hair type, including Kérastase, K18, Olaplex, KEVIN. MURPHY, ELEVEN Australia and Oribe.”

Hair Perfecto – Stand 4

Qingdao Hairperfecto is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality hair extensions, hair toppers, and wigs.

“We offer a wide range of hair products with flexible pricing, ample stock, and the option for customised orders. Our mission is to provide top-tier hair solutions that empower you to enhance your customers’ natural beauty and styles. We pay attention to details to help your business thrive.”

Hairware – Stand 55

Hairware, Salon Software has specialised in salon software for the hair and beauty industry since 1986.



See the all new 2024 Hairware software, and the HB GO App using the latest hybrid technology, setting the benchmark for salon software

“We don’t believe in hidden or extra costs. Every feature is included, we don’t charge booking fees or ask you to pay extra to unlock features. Simply pay the subscription plus SMSes sent and that’s it,” the platform shared. “We offer amazing Support, your calls answered in minutes by our local support team, no waiting for emails, no making appointments or annoying chatbots.”

Heiniger – Stand 95


As a quality-orientated professional, you understand the importance of outstanding cutting results. Heiniger’s precise, powerful, and quiet machines are not only efficient, reducing haircut time, but also deliver a more comfortable experience for both you and your clients.

“For over 75 years, innovation has been a top priority for our family business, which designs, develops, and manufactures highquality machines and cutting blades in the heart of Switzerland.

Heiniger – when results matter.”

Home Based Salons – Stand 88

Thinking of starting your own salon at home? Come see the future of hairdressing with the Home Based Salon Portable Basin at Sydney’s biggest event! Meet the HBS team and check out their new, patented, one-of-a-kind basin that transforms and revolutionises the way hairdressers work. Watch demos, learn, try it out for yourself and maybe win a prize!

“We’ve helped over 250+ hairdressers become their own bosses, will you be next? See you at Stand 88.”

Indie Hair Academy – Stand BH118

Solo operators, Indie Hair Academy is here to support you!

“Whether you're curious about going solo or already operating independently and looking to elevate your business, we have you covered,” the academy said. “Our Business Academy teaches you how to run your solo business successfully, from startup to success, helping you create the life and business you truly desire. We have salon fit-out packages starting from $50 a week to help you get started. Come and say hi at Hair Festival, we would love to support you wherever you are on your journey.”

Inspire Brands – Stand 16

Inspire Brands is an Australian owned brand specialising in developing its own ranges, importing and distribution, across the professional haircare industry

“Haircare products in our portfolio are as layered and as multidimensional as the person using it. We take pride in giving people options to create their own rituals around self-expression.”

Brands inclide Gamma+, an Italian brand of salon quality hair appliances, which provides all professionals with the tools they need to ensure their clients’ satisfaction. The range offers trending clippers, trimmers, shavers, dryers and straighteners for barbers and hairdressers alike. Gamma + will also have a Spin Pod for you to take Videos on, make sure you come along and share the fun.

Salon & Co. is the workhorse of the company, providing all the essentials to enhance any hairstyle, like foils, bleach, peroxide and brushes. This is supported by the Just Brushes range of quality professional hair brushes for hairdressers and consumers.

KINUJO Inc. – Stand 61

KINUJO Inc. was founded in 2012 in Tokyo, Japan and launched

a straightening hair iron in 2014. This product has the industry’s fastest temperature rise speed and revolutionary plates that prevent moisture evaporation. In 2021, the brand released an epoch-making hair dryer that is ultra-compact but has a super large air volume emits super far-infrared rays (terahertz waves) that can achieve both quick-drying and shiny, silk-like hair.

Lorna Evans – Stand 89

Step into the world of Lorna Evans Hair at Hair Festival and be the first to see the company’s biggest launch since the Timesaver brush!

“Our stand will be full to the brim with all our innovative tools that you can get your hands on and try for yourself, including our Aluminium Core Velcro Rollers, tool belts, brushes and combs, with an incredible show-only deal."

Maryanne Kourouche Training – Stand BH114

Maryanne Kourouche Training, founded by New York-trained and renowned educator Maryanne Kourouche, offers comprehensive training in both curly hair techniques and advanced hairdressing skills. Known for her Roõ Cut and RoõArtisan Colouring methods, Maryanne’s innovative approaches have revolutionised the hairstyling industry. Her training programs include hands-on workshops, personalised one-on-one sessions, and immersive courses, covering precision cutting, creative colouring, and advanced styling for all hair types. With a global perspective and a dedication to professional growth, Maryanne Kourouche Training empowers hairstylists to achieve exceptional results and elevate their careers.

Matrix Australia – Stand 20

Where Matrix plays, hairdressers slay. Don’t walk, run, so you don’t miss out on learning more about Matrix and all the opportunities they have to offer salons and stylists.

“Join us for some complimentary ice-cream while Matrix Pro Artists Tarik Jašarević and Sam James share their passion for creativity. Level up with the new Matrix Express Melt Service and new Tonal Control Acidic Pre-Bonded Gel Toner and try your luck on the claw machine to win some goodies.”

Mayo International – Stand 70

Mayo International was founded in 1983 and has an extensive range of shampoos, conditioners, styling and treatment products for all hair types.

“Our hair care range is designed, manufactured and bottled in Australia with the exact levels of the highest quality ingredients to ensure ultimate performance and to achieve their desired outcomes in every aspect. Bursting with botanicals and derived from nature, our products are niche and are created to specifically target solutions for many common hair problems. Keep an eye out for our 100 per cent Aussie brand and product ranges including Revitafoam, Revita for and Gentix Reborn FX.”

Monay Hair Cryotherapy – Stand 97

Discover the revolutionary technology for hair freezing!

"We are thrilled to introduce the first and only ice therapy treatment and ice collagen that works with Cryotherapy! Capillary cryolipolysis is a groundbreaking treatment designed to repair damaged and brittle hair, control frizz, and straighten locks without any harsh chemicals. By working at ultra-low temperatures, our treatment acts on the hair from the inside out, correcting and replacing damaged fibres. It's vegan and infused with top-tier ingredients carefully developed in collaboration


with the finest French chemists and made in Brazil. Freeze those nutrients and Hyaluronic acid in the capillary cortex, and experience a hair transformation that stimulates and prolongs the treatment's effects."

muk haircare Pty Ltd – Stand 93

muk haircare is an Australian, family-owned brand specialising in professional haircare. their complete brand portfolio includes colour, haircare and electrical tools supported by extensive education in salon and online; catering to all salon professional services from back to the front.

“We prioritise honesty, performance and reliability in our products, ensuring consistency and success since 2006. With a focus on technology, performance and salon profitability, choosing muk haircare is the right business decision for your salon. Proudly Australian, committed to product integrity, cruelty free and dedicated to you.”

Natural Look Australia – Stand 84

Natural Look Australia’s passion and dedication is to create ranges with naturally derived bases that deliver hair care and beauty solutions along with the best service and support for salons, clients and businesses alike. This process includes a global network of distributors based over 20 countries worldwide.

The Natural Look story began in the 1950s with founder and qualified hairdresser and beautician Arturo Taverna opening his first salon in the city of Adelaide; his business soon grew to a group of 30 recognised salons throughout South Australia and over time transitioned into a firmly established, well respected, manufacturer and supplier of professional hair care and beauty products, developed to a consistently high standard, following a natural approach and a strong sustainability commitment.

Netsujou/Osaka Scissors – Stand 67

For over 40 years, Osaka Scissors has been a leader in the hairdressing scissors industry. Based primarily in France and together with partner Passion Scissors in the UK, Osaka Scissors manufacture and supply quality scissors across Europe, South America, Japan and now Australia. The brand’s scissors are known for their simple, ergonomic, clean and sleek aesthetics. Combined with a strong focus on the use of quality Japanese steel, they deliver premium and dependable cutting tools.

O’nature Pty Ltd – Stand 30

O'nature, the sole wholesaler and importer of O'right and O'right Pro in ANZ, is thrilled to launch O'right in Australia!

O'right is a global award-winning, COP recognised and worldfirst, carbon-neutral premium beauty and hair care product brand. O’right products are 100 per cent vegan and eco-friendly, which is verified by SGS, and have been recognised with numerous global awards. O’right’s diverse ranges of premium products are here to meet all hair needs in a natural way.

“We will be giving away 20 prizes, our hero products: O’right Caffeine Shampoo and Green Tea Shampoo. Follow us on Instagram and visit our booth to be eligible for the draw! Join us to experience sustainable beauty solutions and discover how O'right can transform your hair care routine. Don't miss out on the excitement and the opportunity to enhance your hair care with O'right by O’nature!”

Parallel Distributions – Stand 56

“We bring you the best and highest quality professional hair care products from TIGI Copyright Colour, COLOUR UNDO, NVNT and

ORGANIK BODI. At Hair Festival we will be showcasing all these amazing products and are launching COLOUR UNDO. Invented for the Australian market, we can't wait to show you the technology and luxury ingredients of these ranges with live demos and free education all weekend.”

The company will showcase the new formulated powder lighteners, TIGI true light, and the full TIGI range, as well as the new colour removal powers of COLOUR UNDO, the styling capabilities of NVNT and organic, Australian made and owned products from ORGANIK BODI at Hair Festival.

Phorest Software – Stand 66

Phorest Salon Software powers over 9,000 hair and beauty salons in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Finland, the USA and Canada and the platform processes seven million appointments a month for hair and beauty consumers.

“Our system touches every point of the salon experience – from the in-salon software appointment calendar and CRM with a fully integrated marketing suite to staff apps to payments. We are also the window through which the salon provides their end customer with an amazing experience through custom native apps, eCommerce and online bookings."

Pinkchic Hair Care - Stand 5

Touted as "the experts in straightening systems", Pinkchic Hair are Brazilian Keratin and Nanoplasty Specialists that help salons transform hair.

P.O.D by ECOHEADS – Stand 35

Ozdare is proud to partner with ECOHEADS, the industry leader when it comes to sustainable, professional hairdressing solutions to launch P.O.D by ECOHEADS – an entirely new way to colour and care for hair. The system is designed to improve your salon’s working environment, reduce the environmental impact and grow your salon business.

P.O.D by ECOHEADS is a concentrated colour product, delivered by water. The system allows your salon to significantly cut down the amount of water and time to cleanse, tone and treat your client’s hair with clean and effective results. Discover your point of difference!

Professional Use – Stand 2

“Professional Use is the pinnacle of luxury hair in Australia,” the company said. “Explore our exclusive range of premium hair care and styling tools. As the exclusive distributors, you will only find the full range with us. Join us in elevating your hair care and colouring to unparalleled levels of luxury and style.”

Discover Mizutani Scissors, handcrafted in Japan since 1921, centuries-old craftsmanship with premium materials for purposeful design. Y.S.Park Professional offers brushes, combs, and accessories crafted by hairdressers for hairdressers, using top-tier Japanese craftsmanship. With over 45 years of expertise, Balmain Paris Hair Couture, brings catwalk-inspired hair to life, blending heritage with innovation.

Qingdao Hairperfecto Co., Ltd – Stand 4

Qingdao Hairperfecto is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality hair extensions, hair toppers, and wigs. The company offer a wide range of hair products with flexible pricing, ample stock, and the option for customised orders, with the mission to provide top-tier hair solutions that empower you to enhance your customers’ natural beauty and styles. Qingdao Hairperfecto pay attention to details to help your business thrive.



Qingdao URemy Hair Factory – Stand 45

Qingdao URemy Hair Factory is mainly engaged in high quality hair extensions, lace wigs and hair pieces, as the professional manufacturer in China for over 20 years. Products include tape hair extensions, V light hair, keratin hair, clip in hair, wefts, microloop hair extensions and more, with quality guaranteed and all hair cuticles aligned in one direction to make sure the hair is strong and healthy.

Rizvan Beauty – Stand 6

Rizvan is an innovative boutique brand that specialises in handmade, all-natural hair care products tailored as system for wavy and curly hair.

“Our range includes shampoos, conditioners, gels, custards, masks, oils and styling products, all made from the highest quality ingredients. Complementing our hair care line, we offer a selection of natural skincare and spa products. Rizvan is actively seeking partnerships with hair salons, distributors, spas, beauticians, and retailers who share our commitment to natural, high-quality beauty products. We offer competitive margins, bonuses, risk-free buyback guarantees, no MoQs, and a high commitment to customer service.”

Realise Business – Stand 9

For 30 years Realise Business has guided business owners from starting, growing, scaling their business, and beyond. Their expert team of advisors provide the guiding hand to connect, energise and grow your business

The company offer Business Connect, which is personalised advice to start, run, adapt or grow your business, as well as Digital Solutions - a program to empower small businesses with digital solutions, resources, and expert guidance to accelerate their growth, productivity and efficiency in the digital age. Lastly, Women in Business (Access to Finance) is for female business owners, to grow and scale business, using expert advisors by accessing different types of funding and investment.

Russian Doll – Stand BH117

The enchanting tale of Russian Doll Hair Extensions Studio is a journey that began in the cosy confines of a friend’s living room. Armed with passion, creativity, and tremendous experience brought from Russia, a haven and sanctuary was created where beauty thrived. Adorned with elegant mirrors and comfortable chairs, this studio is a refuge for those seeking exquisite hair transformations.

“It is with great honour and exhilaration, we proudly represent the sought after Russian method in hair extensions at Hair Festival, educating, and surrounded by fellow artisans and connoisseurs. Learn new techniques at our stand.”

Savvy Industry Clothing – Stand 53

Savvy is more than just workwear – the brand offers bleach and colour stain resistant uniforms for all professionals who want comfort and class in their everyday clothing. From hair and beauty to massage therapists and cosmetic therapists, Savvy cater for anyone who wants to have clothes that fit their style while being comfortable enough to work in.

Bring Savvy’s style to everyone on your team. Choose uniforms that suit each personality and set trends in salon.

Seamless1 – Stand 34

Seamless1, a respected figure in the hair industry, is recognised

for its dedication to innovation and top quality. Beginning in Australia and expanding globally, their diverse range includes hair care essentials, extensions, styling tools, bleaching products, and accessories. Embraced by international stylists, Seamless1 products are trusted worldwide for their reliability and effectiveness.

Shortcuts Software – Stand 80

“Celebrating 30 years as a global industry leader, we have helped thousands of businesses run their salons successfully. We simplify appointment scheduling, client management, marketing, stock, point of sale, and reporting. Our features include a touch-screen appointment book, automated SMS confirmations, online booking, and online payments, all designed to enhance client engagement. Track business progress, cash flow, and team performance with our easy-to-use reporting tools. Manage retail with extensive stock management and integrated point of sale. Discover the Shortcuts community with live industry benchmarks, 24/7 local customer support, monthly webinars, and expert training resources.”

Shui Scissors – Stand 54

Established in 2008, Shui Scissors are specialist professional scissor suppliers and offer repairs nationwide. Made from Japanese steel ensuring a longer lasting edge, Shui Scissors are hand made in two pieces offering both a regular or ergonomic offset scissor available in 5” – 7”. Scissors are weighted differently with balanced handles with these modern blades shelled 36 degrees that makes them versatile for all cutting techniques.

Smartpay – Stand 25

Smartpay has saved millions of dollars for Aussie and Kiwi businesses, helping them simplify and smarten up their payment solutions.

With Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS, add a small surcharge to the payment and you’ll save on EFTPOS fees and keep service prices low for your customers, all while putting money back into your business. Plus, take the hassle out of managing your cash flow with no EFTPOS bill and no more end-of-month admin. If surcharging’s not for you, know what your bill will be at the end of every month with the software’s Simple Flat Rate solution.

Sonder Academy – Stand 19 Barber Hub

Located in Neutral Bay, Sydney, Sonder Academy is a fast-growing educational space offering one-on-one, group training and online education.

Merging precision barbering and contemporary men’s hairdressing, Sonder Academy offers a range of face-to-face extensive courses: Clipper Workshops including clipper control, fading and lining up; and Scissor Workshops including shape, anatomy, graduation and layering.

Stellar Group Co – Stand 73

Designed in Australia, with a background of over 20 years of experience, Stellar is ready to launch in Australia with its innovative hair tools. From cutting-edge technology to comfort, value, and luxury style.

Get ready to be amazed at Stellar’s professional launch. Be the first to get your hands on the most advanced tools on the market. Experience quality, ground-breaking technology, healthy styling, outstanding service, education and sustainability.

Stellar is already loved by celebrity stylists and consumers around the world as seen at their VIP pre-launch party!


Style Factor – Stand 22

Style Factor, where innovation meets beauty, and the ultimate destination for premium hair products.

“Our mission is to empower both professional hair stylists and individuals by providing exceptional products that inspire confidence and creativity.”

Superior Hair and Beauty Supplies/The G5IVE Haircare – Stand 86

Backed by cutting-edge research and a team of haircare experts, THE G5IVE HAIRCARE brings you innovative and bespoke formulations.

“We believe in harnessing the power of premium ingredients to create transformative products to cater to diverse hair types, textures, and styling preferences,” the brand said. “Whether you’re looking to embrace your curls, achieve sleek, straight strands or add volume and bounce, THE G5IVE HAIRCARE has a solution crafted just for you.”

Superior Hair Products Ltd. – Stand 43

Superior Hair Extensions aren't just a hair extension manufacturing business.

“What makes us different? We've created a multi-million dollar e-commerce store selling our products to customers around the world. Now, we've opened our doors and are sharing the secrets to success with brands all over the world just like us,” the brand shared. “Celebrating our 20th anniversary, we are one of the most established brands in hair extensions! Our factory-to-consumer model allows us to offer custom-branded hair extensions with no minimum order requirement. We cater to unique salon needs and individual preferences, so reach out for a chat today!”

Sustainable Salons – Stand 27

Sustainable Salons is a unique social enterprise that specialises in collecting up to 95 per cent of the salon bin and redirecting all material for reuse, recycling and repurposing solutions. The program also offers rewards for the business’ recycling efforts with useful items and savings for the business, while 100 per cent of the recycling proceeds are donated to charitable organisations OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest to help feed those in need.

The Attache Line – Stand 77

The revolutionary Attaché tray is self-supporting and fits all your essential basin equipment so you can focus on creating beautiful hair. With its lightweight design, universal basin clips and cut outs to ensure the mixing bowl, colour bottle and detangling brush sit neatly and securely where you can easily access them.

Whether you’re a home salon, renting a chair, an apprentice or from a fully staffed 20 stylist salon, this tool is designed with you in mind.

The Salon Dr – Stand 109

Sonia Thomas, the founder of The Salon Dr, developed ‘The Accelerator Course”, which leverages her 35 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, from Salon Owner to Corporate Sales as a Business Development Manager, and then selling to the hair industry for over 15 years. She has seen it all and fully understands the pain points of the salon industry. Sonia has a great passion for helping salon staff reach their full potential.

The Accelerator Course by Salon Dr is designed for salon professionals wanting to increase revenue aiming to enhance their skills and knowledge in various areas such as client consultations, retail sales, and team building.

Sonia also coaches salon owners and helps implement strategies on increasing revenue, staff motivation, leadership, and personal development.

TNS Trading – Stand 52

TNS Trading are a proudly Australian-owned manufacturer of professional hair tools, dedicated to helping you achieve the best salon results with ease. Their advanced technology ensures superior performance and user-friendly designs.

“Welcome to our exhibition stand! Our experienced and welltrained staff are here to explain and demonstrate our full range, including our high-performance hair dryer, award-winning automatic curler, the latest technology hot brush, and our brandnew addition, the Super Styler. Experience the difference our tools can make in your hair styling routine. Discover innovation, quality, and style with us!”

upcover – Stand 76

upcover is Australia's fastest growing business insurance brand for beauticians, hair stylists, salon owners and several others from within the hair, beauty and wellness industry. upcover offers market leading public and products liability insurance for beauty businesses, indemnity cover for hair styling businesses, equipment insurance for beauty salons and several other types of business insurance at affordable prices!

Whether you a sole trader or small business, and whether you have a salon, hire a chair or provide at home hair care, upcover's got you covered. upcover is trusted by 50,000+ small businesses and rated 4.9 on Google.

Wahl Australia – Stand 36

Wahl is a worldwide brand that was born over 100 years ago in America by Leo Wahl. The company remains family-owned. Back in 1919, Leo invented the first electromagnetic clipper and also invented personal massage products that were first used in barber shops in America. Wahl strives to stay innovative and provide the world with quality personal grooming, self-care, pet grooming, and professional barber and stylist products that stand the test of time.

Waste Free Systems – Stand 64

Reduce your carbon footprint with Waste Free Systems.

“At Waste Free Systems, we are all about people, we have dedicated ourselves to not only making it easy for salon industry businesses to repurpose their waste, but also to support incredibly worthy charitable causes in the process,” the company said. “A leader in the charge towards creating waste free, sustainable businesses, we support businesses with our unique waste management bin systems with World and Australian first clean tech solutions.”

XB1 – Stand 87

Xclusive Beauty One (XB1) stands at the forefront of innovation within the professional hair care industry, driven by a relentless pursuit of advanced technologies and groundbreaking developments.

The introduction of the Luxury Straightening TechnologySLK B7 NANOplasty Treatment represents a new era in hair care, combining the latest scientific advancements with a commitment to safety and efficacy. With each application, hair is transformed, gaining strength, and frizz -free straightening that lasts. Whether it’s through their state-of-the-art straightening products or transformative reconstructor and hair tool products, XB1 is dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality and performance.



REALtalk Business Forum

Sunday 30 June 2024 | 9:00am - 1:00pm

Location: Parkside 1, Level 2

REALtalk Business Forum creates authentic, inspirational and unbranded conversations. Learn from international industry experts ways to grow your business, inspire your salon staff and review your service offering.

Scan to book your tickets.


REAL talk Program

8.30am – 9.00am Coffee and registration

9.00am – 9.20am Welcome by Cameron Pine (emcee)

9.20am – 9.40am Staff Performance & Team Building Solutions

• Voulla Fronis, Founder, Gellibn

9.40 am – 10.10am Panel: Staff Management, culture and feedback discussion

• Clive Allwright, Co-founder, Piloroo

• Jose Bryce Smith, Founder, O&M

• Sheridan Rose Shaw, Creative Director, MAMAWEST

10.10am – 10.40am Panel: Holistic Salons – The Future

• Cass Donnelly, CEO, CPR Hair

• Natalie Chadwick, Digital Sales Coordinator, CPR Hair

• Shakira Jade, Business Coach

• Paul James Graham, hair stylist

10.40am – 10.55am Morning Tea

10.55am – 11.15am Dealing with difficult clients and complaints

• Faye Murray, Director, Your Coach

11.15am – 11.35am The New World of Sustainability

• Steven Ko, Founder & CEO, O’right Inc.

11.35am – 12.00pm Panel: Innovation

• Aygun Sana, Head of Sales and Operations – AUS/NZ, Vish

• Paul Frasca, Sustainable Salons

• Kate Champion, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

12.00pm – 1.00pm Unlocking Fresh Social Media Opportunities in 2024

• James Fitzgerald, Managing Director, SMK

1.00pm Recap End of REALtalk

1.00pm – 2.00pm Buffet lunch – Outside Parkside 2

Up to date program can be found at



REALtalk Speakers

James Fitzgerald, Managing Director, SMK

SMK is a global EdTech business specialising in marketing capability transformation, offering both continuous and oneoff, discrete learning experiences for brand, government, not-for-profit and agency clients.

As Executive Director of Programming, James is responsible for devising and developing all blue chip and corporate education programs. James has taught over 15,000 senior business decision-makers from leading brands, organisations and agencies, including NAB, ABC, Apple, Ralph Lauren, Tourism Australia, Air NZ, Sky TV and many more.

Steven Ko, Founder & CEO, O’right Inc.

Sustainability pioneer, environmental trailblazer and ardent advocate for planet earth, Steven Ko founded O’right in 2002, started Green revolution in 2006, navigated the company’s transition to becoming the world’s first zero carbon beauty company. Since 2020, for three consecutive years, it has achieved carbon neutrality across all product categories and organisational operations in scopes 1, 2, and 3, surpassing RE100’s renewable energy targets ahead of schedule. Clinching the coveted “Enterprising Leader Award” from RE100, and being honored with the global Best Business Case Award by Reuters UK and the Bloomberg Green ESG Environmental Vanguard Award, further solidifies its commitment to sustainability.

O’right’s Green Headquarters has garnered accolades from ten prestigious global architecture design awards and holds national certifications as environmental education facilities. Its green influence extends internationally, attracting coverage and recognition from renowned media such as Bloomberg Businessweek, The Economist Group, CNN, and Nikkei, who have sought interviews, speeches, and commendations.

Voulla Fronis, Founder, Gellibn

At the age of 15, Voulla embarked on her hairdressing journey, driven by a passion for creativity and a desire to make people feel their best. Over the years, she honed her skills, eventually becoming an award-winning stylist and educator. Her calendar was consistently booked with enthusiastic clients and she dedicated a significant portion of her time to training and mentoring young stylists, guiding them towards their own success stories. With up to 100 staff members under her guidance at any given time, she discovered that, regardless of the field, her true passion lay in people. She understands the complexities and joys that come with running your own business, especially when it involves managing a team. This understanding led her to a singular mission: to empower business owners who invest their hearts and souls into their ventures. She founded Gellibn with the vision of providing a comprehensive solution for business owners, equipping them to lead their teams with confidence, value their contributions and, ultimately, create a thriving environment destined for success.

REALtalk Panellists

PANEL – Staff Management, culture and feedback discussion

Clive Allwright, Co-founder, Piloroo

Jose Bryce Smith, Founder, O&M

Sheridan Rose Shaw, Creative Director, MAMAWEST

Cass Donnelly, CEO, CPR Hair

Natalie Chadwick, Digital Sales Coordinator, CPR Hair

Shakira Jade, Business Coach

Paul James Graham, Hair Stylist

Aygun Sana, Head of Sales and Operations –AUS/NZ, Vish

Paul Frasca, Sustainable Salons

PANEL – Holistic Salons – The Future PANEL – Innovation

To find out more, scan the QR code or contact your Ozdare Business Development Consultant

Introducing an entirely new approach to hair care and colour. P.O.D by ECOHEADS is a system designed to improve your salon’s working environment, improve sustainable practices and grow your salon business.

A never seen before concept in the global hair industry, P.O.D by ECOHEADS offers a concentrated product delivered by water, resulting in unparalleled results. P.O.D by ECOHEADS is distributed exclusively by Ozdare.

Indie Empowerment Summit

Monday 1 July 2024 | 9:30am - 4:30pm

Location: Cockle Bay Room - ICC Sydney

Introducing the first-ever Indie Empowerment Summit in Australia! Tailored exclusively for independent hair, beauty, and wellness freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re a home operator, a mobile freelancer, a rent-a-chair professional, or a member of a shared workspace—or if you’re still considering the leap into independence—this event will support you in building and expanding a business that offers the freedom, flexibility, and financial success you desire. *program subject to change


Osher(AndrewGunsberg G)

Freelance TV Presenter for Australian Idol, The Bachelor

Melanie Burnicle

Makeup Artist, Award Winning Entrepreneur & Podcast Host

Natalie Anne

Award Winning Hair Stylist, Influencer, & Entrepreneur

Hayley Mears Founder & Director Six Underground Media

Jose Bryce-Smith

Founder, O&M

Maria Cocciolone

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CEO & Founder, INSKIN Cosmedics

Renee Meredith Day

Member Growth Manager, Salon Lane

Zander De Klerk

Managing Prtner, Xeta

Sammy Kennedy

Business Coach & Salon Mentor

Patrick Kidd

Director of Design & Innovation, Patricks

Dr Naomi McCallum

Founder, The Manse Clinic

Chloe Gal Morton

Founder & Principal Designer, Cloud Creative Co

Cait Muir

Founding Director & Coach, Cait Muir Coaching

Angela Rose

Founder, Indie Salon Academy

Katy Reeves Unwritten

Martha Bedgood Independent Operator



Festival Education Sessions

Sunday 30 June 2024 | 9:00am - 5:45pm

Monday 1 July 2024 | 8:30am - 1:45pm

Location: Parkside 1, Parkside 2, Room C2.6

The Hair Festival Education Sessions hand the mic to a myriad of respected industry leaders, renowned educators and beloved brands to share their knowledge and cutting edge techniques through classes, demonstrations and speaker sessions. *program subject to change

2024 Educators

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Day 1 | Sunday 30 June, 2024


9.00am – 1.00pm

*REALtalk Business Forum

2.00pm – 3.00pm

Multi-Million Dollar Moves by Circles of Hair

Your Educators: Sharlene Lee & Jessica Del Borrello

Presented by L’Oréal PRO.CONNECT

3.30pm – 4.30pm

Essential Looks 1:2024

Your Educators: Dee Parker Attwood, Jennifer Morgan, & Jason Fassbender

Presented by Schwarzkopf Professional


9.00am – 10.00am

Endless Possibilities

Your Educator: Sarah Emilia

Presented by Seamless1 10.30am – 11.30am

Lorna Evans Reveals: Fast & Fabulous Event


Your Educator: Lorna Evans

Presented By Lorna Evans Education 12.00pm – 1.00pm

S pectrum Of Possibility

Your Educators: Fiona Dessaix, Diana El-Sayed & Becky McEvoy

Presented by De Lorenzo

1.30pm – 3.00pm

Certified Trichologist and corrective colour expert: Missy Peterson Introduces Malibu C Head Lab® – Put the focus on the scalp health. “Reveal what is Real”

Your Educator: Missy Peterson

Presented by Malibu C 3.30pm – 4.30pm

WAHL Asymmetrical Creative Crop

Your Educator: Ben Kane

Presented by Wahl


9.15am – 10.15am

From Manes to Men: Creativity Unleashed

Your Educators: Rex Silver, current Australian Modern Barber of the Year - Matt Clarke and Tarik Jasarevic

Present by Heiniger 10.45am – 11.45am

Signature Hair Extension Methods

Your Educators: Shakira Jade, Tenyka Rowe, & Lori-Anne Hall

Presented by Hair Candy Australia 12.15pm – 1.15pm

Become a BKT Nanoplasty Pro: Unleash Your Salon’s Straightening Potential!

Your Educator: Leticia Prado

Presented by BKT Beauty 1.45pm – 2.45pm

The Danger Jones Show: A Creative Color, Blonding, Toning, Cutting, and Styling Event

Your Educators: Alexis Thurston, Mary Ott, Jessica Powers, Holly Sharpe, Kate McFarlane, & Lexie Shay

Presented by Danger Jones 3.15pm – 4.15pm

JOICO Trendscapes: Future Collection

Your Educators: Carolyn Gahan, Joshua Congreve, & Mikelah-Jayde Riley

Presented by Joico

*Program subject to change


Day 2 | Monday 1 July, 2024


9.45am – 10.45am

Mamawest’s Signature Shag Haircut

Your Educator: Sheridan Rose Shaw

Presented by Timely

11.00am – 12.00pm


Your Educator: Caitlyn Muir

Presented by Cait Muir Coaching

12.15pm – 1.15pm

WAHL Creative Textured Mullet

Your Educator: Sarah Wall

Presented by Wahl

Open Mic

Your Educators: Caterina Di Biase, Benny Tognini, Jayne Wilde, Dave McCulloch, Kristina Russell, Nicole Healy, Sheridan Rose Shaw, Simon Doyle, Nicole Lamers and Nathan Yip with Clive Allwright and Gary Latham as emcees.

Presented by Open Mic and Piloroo


8.30am – 9.30am

Holistic Shift

Free Session with Jake Putan 9.45am – 10.45am

Turn Content Into Cash

Your Educators: Eoin Mccarthy & Leigh Winsor

Presented by One Zero One Education 11.15am – 12.15pm

Exclusive BaBylissPRO Barberology Masterclass with Sofie Pok: Unveiling Modern LA Style and Precision Techniques

Your Educator: Sofie Pok

Presented by BaBylissPRO 12.45pm – 1.45pm

Mane Masters

Your Educators: Bernadette Beswick & Sharon Blain

Presented by Eleven Australia

*Program subject to change



Hair Festival Competitions

Monday 1 July 2024 | 10:00am - 12:30pm

Location: THE STAGE, Festival Hub, Hall 1, Level 2

Show off your skills and gain industry wide recognition!

NEW for 2024

Your chance to be crowned the Hair Festival Champion 2024. This will be achieved by entering more than one competitions with your accumulated points seeing you awarded as either:

Hair Festival Stylist Champion 2024

Hair Festival Barber Champion 2024

Rising Star (Apprentice/Students) Champion 2024

Prize Money: Every Competition with thanks to O&M

1st Place – $300

2nd Pace – $200

3rd Place – $100

All competitors will receive an O&M gift upon registering.

Competition Details

Some competitions will run consecutively with proposed timing as follow:

• Cutting competitions 30 mins

• Editorial competitions 15 mins

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• Barber Street for seniors or more confident up and coming Barbers

• Men’s Total Look (Pre-done)

• Inspired by Colour (Pre-done)

Highest points accumulated from two or more of the competitions will be awarded the title: Hair Festival Barber Champion 2024.


• Women’s Street Style – senior and confident up and coming hairdressers

• Inspired by Colour (Pre-done)

• Women’s Total Look – Glam Slam

• Bridal (Pre-done)

Highest points accumulated from two or more of the competitions will be awarded the title: Hair Festival Stylist Champion 2024.

Rising Stars

• Rising Star Women’s Cutting Competition

• Rising Star Barber Cutting Competition

• Rising Star Blow Dry

Highest points accumulated from two or more of the competitions will be awarded the title: Hair Festival Rising Star (Apprentice/Students) Champion 2024. This category is for apprentices and students.

MONDAY, 1 JULY 9:30 am - 4:30 pm ICC Sydney Presenting Partner TICKETS ON SALE NOW INSTYLE 77 COMPETE.



Sunday 30 June 2024 | 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Establishment Bar

Dress code: Disco Chromosphere.


A world of disco awaits you.

Welcome to Wonderland, the most vibrant and exciting event on the Hair Festival Calendar this year. Get ready to let your hair down and be dazzled as you celebrate the creativity, passion, and fun of the hairdressing industry.

The drinks and food will be flowing (included in your ticket, of course). Prepare to be mesmerised by the by the show-stopping entertainment and surprises at every turn. Get ready to snap all the fun and don't miss the spin pod for a memorable keepsake from the Chromosphere.

*Festival Wonderland is a licensed event with alcohol service, therefore, attendance is for over 18’s only. Proof of ID will be requested on entry.

Celebrating 10 years of Rogue Beauty 80 INSTYLE
Sponsored by


How to book

The return of Hair Festival promises to be an action-packed weekend of fun for the entire hairdressing industry. Don’t miss out. Get your tickets today!

Ticket Types

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Ticket includes access to; Festival Hub, RealTalk Business Forum, All Education Sessions and Festival Wonderland.

REALtalk Business Forum Pass

Includes access to all REALtalk sessions, breakfast, morning tea and lunch.

Education Session Pass

Includes access to one session of your choice.

Education Sessions – SPECIAL OFFER Buy 4 Get 1 FREE

Festival Wonderland Party

Inclusive of food and beverage.

*Festival Wonderland is a licensed event with alcohol service, therefore, attendance is for over 18’s only. Proof of ID will be requested on entry.

Indie Empowerment Summit

A one-day conference is tailored exclusively for independent hair, beauty, and wellness freelancers and entrepreneurs.

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Standard 20 May until 23 June 2024 Last Call 24 June until 30 June 2024
$695 $749
$199 $229
$89 $99
$356 $396
$199 $225
$225 $250 *all prices are ex booking fees and gst


We spoke to Mary Centofanti, Director of Dresslier, who celebrates 40 years with the company, discussing her four decades with Dresslier, leading Aussie brand Davroe and so much more.

Starting with Dresslier, a prominent national importer and distributor in hair, at the age of 15, Mary’s work within hairdressing is innate and storied. She began as a receptionist and ascended through the company, with a major role in the launch of Davroe in 1986, of which she is now the owner and director.

Mary’s passion for quality, eco-friendly products, with her influence reinventing Davroe as a sulphate free, vegan brand, has defined the brand, and been a feature of her tenure in leading Dresslier since 2006. Davroe is now a global stalwart with significant international expansion.

We spoke to Mary about her career and this milestone.


Mary Centofanti: There are so many highlights, it really has been an amazing journey! When we took over the company [in 2006], it was in a bad way and we needed to see what we could do to fix it. Dresslier was started in 1930 and had been manufacturing ever since, it was important to us to keep an incredible operation from closing down. Another highlight would be the re-launch of Davroe in 2008. At the time, Davroe was the first sulphate free, paraben free and vegan range available in the salon

market. Seeing so many other professional brands adapt to this proves this was game changing for the time.


MC: I was 17 and had been at Dresslier for two years, when one of my bosses David [Sloan] started formulating the range in 1986. It was a small range consisting of nine products, some of which are still included in the range today. The brand grew slowly, but it wasn’t until John and I took over in 2006 that we made the significant formulation and branding changes you see today.


MC: When Davroe was relaunched in 2008 with brand new formulations, we needed to change the focus of our target market. There wasn’t a positive uptake

from salons initially so, in turn, we made the decision to target the consumer directly. Consumers were more open to a gentler professional product, but vegan still wasn’t a selling point. It took about five years to gain a positive uptake from the salon market, but overtime the brand continued to grow and thrive, not just here in Australia, but in Europe and the US, as well.


MC: Our first export markets were the United States and New Zealand; in 2019 we kicked off Europe and have grown organically since. More distributors continued to reach out to us as we grew in Europe through positive word of mouth. The potential for Davroe is immense and I am looking forward to seeing where Davroe will go next.


MC: Celebrating 40 years in any industry, you really need to love it. From the moment I walked into Dresslier 40 years ago, I instantly fell in love with it! You must be passionate about what you do and enjoy it and that will truly show through your work and relationships. Something my parents instilled in me was to work hard and to always go over and above. In order to grow a brand or company, it is essential to put in the extra work.


MC: Both John and I are currently succession planning for the company. Both our children, Sophia and Michael, work with us now and the plan is for them to eventually take over while we are still young enough to be here and support them. That planning also includes mentoring and nurturing many of our young team and giving them opportunities to grow with the company, like I did. For Davroe this means growing into a global brand!

There are so many people I would like to thank - my parents for giving me the opportunity to make the decision of whether I wanted to take the job with Dresslier at the age of 15; my husband and partner John; our two beautiful children Sophia and Michael; my family that work with us and our Dresslier family including our staff, salons, clients and suppliers. For more information visit



NAK Hair introduce the new-look Liquid Gloss, which promises a new way to colour with creativity and condition at its centre. Welcome a new look and more shades with the same ultra-conditioning results.

Discover the new Liquid Gloss by NAK Hair, which launches into the market as a no basebreak colour, specifically built for gentle no-lift toning and demi-colouring techniques that colours and tones without creating lightening effects or hair damage.

Colourists can expect gentle, versatile technology anchored in an Ammonia-free formulation that features nourishing skin protectives and delicate, PPD free colour actives. Hydration, condition, shine and lustre are all a priority in this new colour tool.

Liquid Gloss offers 40 illuminating shades with these condition-rich properties in a shimmering collection of modern, considered liquid colours. The no-lift demi colour and toning system offers colour, gloss and care for all hair types. Hairdressers and clients will both benefit from no-base break colour technology that tones without damage, incorporating gentle colour actives and multi-dimensional colour pigments for hair that shines in both aesthetic and quality. PPD free technology is ideal and inclusive for all and sensitive scalps.

These gloss colour actives include Ethanolamine, the ammonia-free colour active, while Oleic acid is a natural component and omega 9 fatty acid usually found in olive oil, which preserves the effectiveness of more delicate ingredients from light and air degradation. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects and strengthens the scalp and hair, regulates pH and safeguards liquid colour technology from light and air, and Squalane is an anti-aging ingredient and vegan skin protective obtained from sugarcane, which acts as a multitasking hydrator and softening extract, that equalises hair porosity through the colouring process.

The technology conditions hair fabric as it glosses, restoring colour brilliance and toning balance and neutralising and correcting unwanted tones through the process. Colourists can personalise their colour selection with versatile and colour-rich naturals, neutrals, violets and blondes, while the colour-free conditioning Clear Gloss creates pastel, lighter, less intense and bespoke shades. It can also be used solo for colour-free glossing on all hair types. The range’s

Activator offers gentle, no-lift colour activation as enriched with natural extracts of Squalane. It provides no basebreak colour protection and utilises the lowest volume of oxygen required.

The collection is ideal for toning hair after lightening, highlights or balayage, when there is natural base colour or regrowth to consider. It takes the guesswork out of product selection for successful results from transformative colours to subtle grey blends, in versatile bottle or brush applications.

Elevate your artistry with creativity and condition as pillars in this new iteration of Liquid Gloss by NAK Hair. Happy colouring.

For more information visit



A recent breakthrough from Charles Sturt University and Sustainable Salons has discovered how to turn human hair into graphite, which can then be used in lithium-ion batteries to power everything from phones to electric vehicles. Discover how hair can power the future.

Sustainable Salons has teamed up with Research Fellow in the Charles Sturt University Rural Health and Research Institute, Dr. Amandeep Singh Pannu, and his team, garnering a breakthrough in how hair can be a source of power and help the planet. Dr Singh’s research has demonstrated the potential to turn simple human hair into graphite - the key material in the manufacturing of lithiumion batteries.

This breakthrough offers a sustainable solution to a material that is typically imported from China, as an eco-friendly and cost-effective environmental solution. The process sees hair treated with intense bursts of heat and no chemicals needed, powering the future of smartphones, electric cars, energy storage, drug delivery technology and more.

Sustainable Salons collaborated in the research by donating hair clippings from members to aid in the study, diverting hair from landfill and contributing to the future simultaneously. Preliminary work on the concept was conducted with the Queensland University of Technology

“We envision a future where hair transcends its conventional status as waste and emerges as a sustainable resource of immense potential. What sets hair apart is that it is an infinite resource - hair is constantly growing,” Sustainable Salons Co-Founder, Paul Frasca. “The prospect of harnessing hair to power our electric vehicles demonstrates that a sustainable future is limitless when we embrace the circular economy.”

“There is an ever-rising demand for more energy production and countries are trying to switch to renewable sources,” Dr Singh added. “However, to make that

chemicals, such as Hydrofluoric acid (HF), adding to pollution, while hair serves as a readily available clean, eco-friendly, carbon-rich source.

switch, one needs sustainable ways to store such energy, and hence there is an urgent need to manufacture high-energy density storage materials in a sustainable manner.”

“Graphite is a key material used as a negative terminal for lithium-ion batteries and its production is concentrated in a few countries, causing the material to suffer from supply chain and geo-political issues which affect the whole energy storage industry down-stream.”

The ability to produce graphite locally in Australia and from a sustainable, ample source in hair will hugely benefit the national energy sector, particularly as the demand for electric and hybrid vehicles,

“It’s an incredibly clean source right through the entire process with very minimal pollutants or negative outputs,” Dr Singh shared.

Dr Singh has previously used hair as a form of sustainable energy in his research, where it was transformed into hairderived carbon dots.

“We have essentially been able to fabricate flexible light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which are used in so many technological products today, but instead of heavy metals the active material is ingeniously derived from discarded strands of human hair,” he said. “This could totally revolutionise how we achieve emission reduction goals in the future.”

For more information visit

Dr. Amandeep Singh Pannu Chris Hunter Ewelina Soroko and Paul Frasca Paul Frasca

Fabricate Dry Texture Spray

Discover the newest addition to Davroe’s high performing haircare range - Fabricate Dry Texture Spray. Already a must-have for stylist, most recently stealing the spotlight backstage at Fashion Week.

Fabricate delivers instant and buildable volume, texture, and long-lasting hold. Whether you’re crafting runway-ready looks, or looking to add an extra edge to your everyday style, Fabricate gives you the power to create and transform as you desire.


at Fashion Week in New York, Milan and Paris, this product is the hot topic right now - I have models asking me if they can take it home with them!”

Davroe’s Fabricate is the Dry Texture Spray that’s shaking up the hair game and making waves (literally) in the hair world.

Davroe’s ambassador, Jordan Robertson says, “Fabricate isn’t just a spray; it’s a great all rounder. Need volume? Done. Want texture? You got it. It’s the secret weapon for effortlessly chic, tousled styles that everyone’s craving.” @davroe
Madison VoloshinDavroe Ambassador, AFW24 Jordan RobertsonDavroe Ambassador, Manestage’23


Welcome a versatile, comprehensive range of authentic Australian-made products courtesy of Natural Look Australia. The powerful products boast the brand’s sixty years of industry experience, with an extensive product range made to cater to each hair goal. This is StyleArt.

Natural Look Australia have unveiled their latest technology by way of StyleArt, which focuses on offering dynamic, diverse hair styling products for all textures, as credible, professional and Australianmade technology. The collection is made in the Australian spirit, and is cruelty free and vegan, as infused with highquality natural ingredients to nourish the hair without build up. Products offer matte, natural or high-shine finishes in a range of holds. The technology can add volume, enhance curls, reduce frizz, increase shine and more.

The range is packaged with a minimalistic, less-is-more style polished packaging design. The collection offers three hold factor groups that are delineated by the packaging colour

scheme, where blue, silver and white represent the strongest hold from 10 to eight, then medium to strong from seven to five, then flexible from four to one, respectively. Repetitive iconography also aids the user in identifying the product’s strength. Peach orange accents on the packaging closures are a playful and modern addition. Importantly, the packaging is also sustainable and made from up to 50 per cent PCR content (Post Consumer Recycled Materials), as manufactured using up to 80 per cent solar energy.

The full StyleArt range includes super-hold and flexible mousses, made with Panthenol, Quinoa Protein and Vitamin E for easy styling and intensive conditioning, with additionally superhold and flexible hairsprays comprised of Wattleseed and Panthenol. A selection of Waxes and a Fibre Cream offer strong and extreme holds that define, give texture and control the hair without weighing it down, thanks to Avocado Oil and Australian Native Wattleseed.

The range also offers a Quick Cleanser, which is a unique take on a dry shampoo that cleanses and styles simultaneously, as anchored by Bamboo Extracts. A Thermal Protector, Texturisers and a

Sculpting tool utlilise Quinoa Protein, Creatine and Seaweed Extracts for protection, thickening and control. Curl Defining, Anti-Frizz and Straightening technology defines movement with added hydration and shine, thanks to Queratin Protein and Aloe Vera, while a Volume and Hair Thickening category gives extra fullness and body at the root area and beyond, with Wattleseed and Aloe Vera. In Finishing and Gloss, products enhance the hair’s natural and healthy shine and offer added body, with Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.

Experience the power of Australianowned professional styling and this new StyleArt technology at Hair Festival at the Artav/Natural Look stand #84. See you there!

For more information


The Barberian brand of men’s grooming products is ten years in the making, the passion project of co-founder Jorge Viota, who sought to create products that defined “the man we want to embrace”. Drawing on over 40 years of hairdressing experience, the products champion personalised grooming and holistic self-care, as tailored to individual needs from hair texture to lifestyle.

Each product is meticulously crafted with high-quality, Australian-native ingredients, which are built with a commitment to purity and low toxicity, as natural, cruelty-free product options that are made in Australia.

The brand is defined by values of consumer care, environmental consciousness, wellness and refinement, which combine in tools ideal for the sophisticated, modern man, in what Jorge describes as “responsible masculinity”. The brand DNA fuses approachability, with authenticity, confidence, tradition, innovation and the pursuit of quality. Barberian forgoes excess in favour of simple, effective product solutions.

“Men’s grooming, when coupled with sustainable, natural haircare, isn’t just a choice; it’s a commitment to both personal refinement and a healthier

A new suite of men’s grooming products redefine masculinity. Dedicated to self-improvement, integrity and purpose, in hair care and beyond, Barberian is more than a product range – it’s a movement.

planet,” Jorge said. “To partner with Barberian is to join a growing movement – a commitment to excellence, a vow to uphold the highest standards, and a promise to contribute to a more conscious and caring experience. Your clients aren’t just using a world class product; they are partaking in a philosophy that enriches their lives and respects the environment.”

The Barberian considered, curated ten-product range includes a specialised beard oil, a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, a daily shampoo and conditioner, waxes in medium and strong holds, a Moustache wax and the brand’s signature tattoo care cream. Each product is named after iconic male celebrities and historical figures, such as John Lennon, Salvador Dali, David Bowie and more.

The range is housed in packaging that is made with recycled paper with the printing on the bottles printed in non-toxic ink, in line with the brand’s environmental values.

“We´re committed to reducing waste and using recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Our journey has been challenging, but our goal remains unchanged: an exceptional grooming range with unwavering integrity. Barberian men’s grooming is where grooming meets a commitment to a better self and world,” Jorge said.

Recently launched and now available exclusively to salons and barbers Australia-wide, join the Barberian movement as a new frontier in men’s hair and so much more.

For more information visit



Hue-Verse, Evo’s professional colour portfolio, welcomes an upgrade, with 17 new shades of ammonia-free colour that continue to put both care and creativity first. Discover New Horizons.

17 bold new shades in the New Horizons colour collection present the latest frontier in Evo’s Hue-Verse colour, which launched into the market three years ago. Four new permanent and 13 demi-permanent shades expand the colour wheel and elevate artistry in salon.

Dedicated to health and performance with no compromise, Hue-Verse’s ammonia-free colour capabilities have trailblazed in the realm of cleaner colour, leading the brand to expand their capabilities, as per industry needs.

“We’ve worked closely with our network of educators and salons to gain market feedback,” said Jay Kownacki, Evo’s Head Of Education and Product Development. “Not only do these new additions perfectly complement the existing shades, they also help bolster further creativity and give colourists more options for even the most specific salon and client situations.”

Continuing the Hue-Verse legacy, these shades add to and elevate the portfolio by empowering colourists with coverage, lightening, condition and shine capabilities. The technology prioritises people and planet, replacing components like ammonia, PPD and resorcinol with ingredients that produce less odour, sensitivity and irritation, ensuring a more pleasant colouring experience for both the colourist and the client. Organic oils, plantderived glycerin and low-levels of allergenfree fragrance anchor the formulations, to create longer-lasting, vibrant results, as well shine and condition.

The new colours can produce hero trends such as ash shades across permanent and demi-permanent options and a soft, permanent copper hue, while a light violet and red gloss is one of the many solutions to aid versatility – referred to as the “colour chameleon”.

Built from Evo’s ever-rogue spirit, the brand continues to shake up the salon industry’s status quo, as an Aussie stalwart with global impact that continues to achieve the extraordinary. With New Horizons, extraordinary artistry is at its core. For more information visit



Paloma Rose Garcia and the PALOMA Salon team are highly committed to using their salon brand as a platform to give back to those in need and empower their community to make some small and easy changes in the aid of people and planet, writes Cameron Pine.

Abig advocate in the fight against climate change and a proponent of the many things we can do in our everyday life to minimise its effect, Paloma has always held close to her heart a community minded approach, beyond just the salon walls and staff, extending through family, friends colleagues and community.

Most recently, Paloma has shared a few personal posts and social media stories showing gratitude for the resilient and committed people in our lives that continue to serve, keep us healthy and look after our loved ones, many who often go unnoticed at a salon level or don’t take the time for their own self-care.

“Having given birth to my sons, had experiences in ER, and home schooled my children through COVID it’s only natural for me that my mind shifts to how my business PALOMA can give back to these angels that do so much; midwives, nurses and school-teachers to name a few,” Paloma said.

“So offering a small gesture of a 15 per cent discount to these beautiful humans that are constantly caring for a huge portion of our society and rarely receiving enough recognition was a simple and thoughtful gesture to give back,” Paloma said.

“Being conscious of our climate and giving back wherever we can is a strong brand pillar at PALOMA, whether it’s through community events, creating workshops to educate hairdressers on climate change and the role us hairdressers can play, this is all part of what we do and how we show up as a business.” she added.

On top of a constantly evolving trenddriven salon space, PALOMA offers social outreach programs and awareness built within the salon walls.

“I always plan the program first, then educate my team so they are grounded in the facts, so the conversations in salon start, and that’s where the magic lies –conversations with our community and guest,” Paloma said. “I never forget how powerful us hairdressers are, we are relationship builders, it’s a special space

we hold and always an opportunity for powerful conversations.”

In recent years Paloma has also developed The Brush with Climate program that was inspired by the reality that hairdressers have unique opportunities when interacting with clients to have important conversations that can inspire action.

Giving back to communities in need is in the PALOMA DNA. Post the traumatic bushfires season of 2020, Paloma and her team spent three separate weekends in the town of Cobargo, 382 kilometres south of the salon, looking after the hair of many victims that had lost everything in the tragic fires. Rounding up products from all suppliers, Paloma and her team gifted each person a goodie bag filled with hair and beauty products to uplift and helped them get back on track.

“Performing haircuts all day for the locals, we also held space for some very emotional break downs, offering big hugs. Small things we can do, can become big things,” she said.

For Paloma, her climate action journey began when she was fortunate enough to be invited to Heron island on the Great Barrier Reef in 2018 by the Climate Council to take part in a climate immersion. Since then, growth in the Paloma salon business and an integrated approach to community has become a hallmark of the brand.

For more information visit



Welcome FARCOM PROFESSIONAL to the Australian market, as this Grecian inspired, European brand brings five decades of international success to our national shores.

FARCOM PROFESSIONAL has hit Australia, exclusively distributed by EONIA Australia, and with over 50 years across 56 countries of global experience to its name. The European brand continues to expand with products that are uniquely designed, thoughtfully curated and famously fragranced with authentic scents from Greece.

The brand is inspired by the pristine beaches and turquoise waters of the Grecian Isles in its sense of luxury, and houses 18 sub-brands and 3,500 SKUs across the range. The brand also partners with award-winning hairdressers around the world, speaking to its impact, knowledge, innovation and premium product offering enjoyed globally.

With the brand’s Grecian roots, it maintains a strong presence in Europe, recently as the major sponsor of the prestigious hairdressing training festival, titled HAIRFEST EXPERIENCE, in Greece in 2022, 2023 and 2024. They also recently participated in events such as COSMOPROF in Bologna, Italy and PLMA in Amsterdam.

A diverse and modern product offering runs the gamut from haircare products to colour technology manufactured inhouse by chemist engineers at FARCOM’s Research and Development lab. Product options span shampoos and conditioners, strengthening repair oils, and moistureinfused masks along with intensive treatments and dynamic styling options.

Ranges include the SERI range and SERI Natural Line of professional haircare and styling products to cater to diverse hair textures. The Seri Natural Line is anchored by sustainably sourced Palm Oil, with

ingredients such as Honey and Almond, Hisbiscus, Argan Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Green Tea and Ginger Extract catering to needs of damage, dryness, colour care and beyond.

The EXPERTIA range offers in-salon styling expertise, while the HD range is a retail and professional option to ideally suit both the kit and the shelf, with Argan Oil, Keratin and Monoi de Tahiti – AKA gardenias seeped in coconut oil – as hero components for moisture, shine, softness and protection against breakage.

The BIOPROTEN range is an intensive treatment option that offers ampoules for Post-Colour Keratin Protection and Restructuring Lotion for Chemically Treated Hair with Cotton Seed Extract Oil and conditioning ingredients. The technology hydrates, soothes, protects and

invigorates colour treated and chemically treated hair.

The range is 100 per cent paraben-free and free from animal testing, without outsourcing any tests for product safety, effectiveness, or environmental impact. FARCOM PROFESSIONAL also works with certified FSC packaging material suppliers, ensuring products are environmentally friendly and houses products in recyclable materials.

“EONIA Australia is thrilled to partner with Australian salons,” the company said. “We can provide you with the right haircare and styling package to suit your needs, with no lock-in contracts and offer salon owners peace of mind, knowing that we’re the exclusive distributor of FARCOM PROFESSIONAL.”

As EONIA Australia brings FARCOM PROFESSIONAL to the Australian market, the company will commence with a soft launch, distributing to NSW metro areas, ACT metro areas, VIC metro areas and QLD, initially. As the business builds, EONIA Australia plans to distribute Australia-wide.

As part of the launch, EONIA Australia is offering 45 per cent off all FARCOM PROFESSIONAL treatments to participating salons.

Discover this Grecian find, now in Australia.

For more information visit

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! 1st July 2024 • 7pm-Late The Star, Sydney ALL FINALIST COLLECTIONS AVAILABLE TO VIEW VIA THE MOCHA WEBSITE. Sponsored by Supported by OfficIal After Party Sponsor Facebook: Mocha Hair Instagram: @mochahairaustralia TM

1. MALIBU C Replenish Hair Treatment (02) 9666 3611

2. ILES FORMULA Intensive Hair + Body Balm 1300 725 122

3. TRICHOVEDIC Luxury Argan Oil

4. MARIA NILA Pure Volume Hair Masque 1300 725 122

5. REVLON PROFESSIONAL RE/START Balance Scalp Moisturizing Lotion

1300 764 437

7. QIQI Super Soaker Smoothing Masque (02) 9666 3611

8. FARCOM PROFESSIONAL Seri Hair Treatment for Grape Dyed Hair

9. DESIGNME Puff.ME Volume Treatment Whip (02) 9666 3611

10. NAK HAIR Ultimate Treatment (07) 3899 9133

11. SANTA MARIA NOVELLA Honey Hair Cream

12. ORI LAB Rescue Masque, Restore Treatment and Overnight Dew Serum (07) 3899 9133

13. JOICO Defy Damage KBOND20 Power Masque 1300 764 437

4 13 1 7 10 12


Welcome dynamic tools, inspiring images and a technological revolution as Heiniger’s hair tools take over Australia.

Heiniger’s Swiss machines are a technological stalwart in a myriad of categories, and their hair tool revolution has been taking over Australia since the national launch of their Intergalactic Range. The brand has now also launched the new Tauro model, first introduced at Cosmoprof 2024 in Bologna, Italy, and then in Australia at the first EXPO4BARBERS on the Gold Coast.

“Heiniger’s involvement and presence at EXPO4BARBERS was a testament to our commitment to engaging with the barber and hair community,” shared Heiniger Global Creative Director Rex Silver. “Our massive nine-metre-long and three-metredeep interactive stand allowed barbers and stylists to explore and test-drive the complete range of Heiniger products, including the Tauro, on mannequins, and was a resounding success.”

The brand put forward live demonstrations at the stand, as well as main stage show by Rex and Matt Clarke on behalf of the Heiniger creative and education team.

The new Tauro launch is accompanied by the Heiniger ‘24 collection, which was created across two international cities.

In Brisbane, Heiniger Senior Educator Matt Clarke and videographer and photographer James Latter led the editorial, while Heiniger Artistic Director Robert Braid led a London shoot with creative direction by Rex, choreography by Dennis French and photography by Liam Oakes, working with a team of 17 models.

“The shoot’s content highlights the effectiveness of Heiniger's products, focusing on their precision and the ease with which they handle hair cutting, which is demonstrated in the detailed stepby-step series in print media and, of course, available to view on the Heiniger Professionals YouTube channel,” Rex explained.

The images were displayed at EXPO4BARBERS on an ultra-large monitor, showcasing the power of the Heiniger tools. The brand will continue

Australian Hair Industry Awards (Creative)

The brand is also expanding into the UK, the US and Europe through targeted product launches, media and social media campaigns and the work of local creative teams who are engaging with the barbering community through ongoing educational and promotional content. For more information visit

Rex Silver
Photographer: Levon Baird Hair: Natalie Anne Ayoub, Becc Snow, Grace Kelly, Travis Bandiera, Tommy Beale-Burchell Fashion Stylist: Sarah Starkey
For more information visit
Makeup: Molly Warkentin


Deep-rooted in the ever-evolving world of haircare, Original & Mineral (O&M) has always stood tall on its commitment to clean beauty and original formulations. Now, O&M is taking another innovative step forward with its latest brand campaign that captures the essence of Australia via a stunning showcase of the brand’s unique Australian-born heritage.

This new campaign that captures the relaxed vibe and culture of Australian style is more than just brand a refresh; it’s a reinvigoration of O&M’s core values - clean, kind and original. With imagery that encapsulate the breathtaking landscapes and dynamic energy of Australia and its magnificent coastline, O&M invites you to experience the beauty and inspiration that lies at the heart of its brand. From the golden beaches to Aussie sunshine, every element of the campaign reflects the natural, effortless beauty that O&M is proud to champion.

“Our new campaign is about celebrating classic Aussie beauty through both quintessentially Australian models and the landscape,” said Jose Bryce Smith, founder of O&M. “We wanted to create imagery that not only showcases our original products but also tells a story about where the brand was born and what continues to inspire us.”

The refreshed brand imagery features stunning visuals that highlight the pristine environment and diversity of Australia, shot right in the heart of Sydney at Clovelly Beach. Models with sun-kissed copper, blonde and radiant skin epitomise the healthy, natural look that O&M products help to achieve. Each image is a testament to the brand’s dedication to using native Australian ingredients and sustainable practices throughout its manufacturing.

As part of this exciting launch, O&M is also introducing a series of new products throughout the remainder of 2024 that embody the spirit of Australian beauty. These additions to the O&M line-up promise to deliver even more options for those seeking healthy, beautiful hair through the power of science and nature.



The picturesque coastline of Clovelly Beach in Sydney made the perfect setting for the ‘Under the Australian Sun’ story, providing diversity of ocean, rockpools, sea breezes and exposed to all the elements of Australia. Take a look behind the scenes and further relish in the beauty of the Australian coast.



Hairware Beautyware Salon Software has launched its newest innovation, with HB Ignite drawing on 38 years of industry experience to offer a hybrid model salon management platform that paves the way in the future of hair business.

The Hairware Beautyware Salon Software journey began in Brisbane in 1986 and continues to soar to new heights. Referred to as both a pioneer in the salon software realm, as well as the “best kept secret” in the category as well, the platform continues to uncover new ground in this space.

Recently, Hairware Beautyware has unveiled HB Ignite, building on their hair and beauty industry expertise to offer technology that suits these industries specifically. The software has a modern look and feel with unique hybrid technology that offers all the benefits of cloud software without any drawbacks, as the future of salon management. The unique technology allows business operations to run smoothly even amidst poor or even unavailable internet connectivity.

The platform promises no hidden costs or additional features, with every feature included and every update available at no extra cost. The subscription plus SMS messages sent from the platform comprises the entire financial obligation.

The platform also prides itself on “real service and real support”, referred to as the “soul of Hairware Beautyware”.

“Expect to be treated with the same care, compassion and dedication that you provide to your clients,” the company said. “When you call the Australian-based call centre, you’ll speak with a real person and without long hold times, with an average wait of less than three minutes. There’s no having to wait for email replies or dealing with frustrating chatbots. Going the extra mile is part of the daily routine at HB Software. Services and stock are set up for you, as well as ongoing updates to stock files as needed. Plus, when moving from another software company, data migration is completely free of charge.”

Other recent innovations include the new HB GO App, which brings the Hairware Beautyware mobile, with feature elements of the technology available on both Apple and Android devices.

“Whether you’re in the salon or halfway around the world, managing appointments, clients, stock, and more has never been easier. The app's reporting feature provides vital information in real time,” the platform said.

The HB Ignite hero features are designed to both enhance efficiency and reduce costs, with facets such as automated SMS deposit requests for in-salon, over-the-phone, and online bookings to help reduce no-shows, updated AI technology such as the AI Marketing feature, which creates marketing and social media content instantaneously, and more.

HB Pay is another new software solution that reduces the salon’s EFTPOS and merchant bills to as low as $0, with no change of bank accounts necessary. The funds are paid directly into existing business

accounts on the next business day, drawing on consistent consumer trends in hospitality and beyond that take on these costs to the benefit of small businesses. This is estimated to save salons between $150 to $1000 a month,

“Over recent years, the team have worked tirelessly to bring you software that will be the envy of the industry,” the company said. “With the new HB Ignite and HB GO App, we believe we have achieved this goal, with even more exciting developments on the way. Our commitment to innovation and excellence continues as we explore new technologies and features to further enhance your salon management experience. Stay tuned for upcoming releases that will continue to set the standard in the industry, helping your business thrive in an everevolving market.”

For more information visit

GET THE LOOK FROM COMFORTEL SALON FURNITURE 1. IVY II SAGE Waiting Sofa 2. SANTORINI Retail Shelves 3. ARCH Retail Shelves 4. DUCHESS Reception Desk 5. MARTINI Reception Desk 6. DUKE Reception Desk 7. WAVY METAL SHELVES Small and Large Retail sheves 8. MAYA Retail Shelves 9. CLOUD STONE Waiting Sofa 10. AMARA BLUSH Waiting Sofa 4 2 1 5 WELCOME AREA Inspiration to make your front entry a welcoming space & front entry 6 8



The Absolute Curl Cream (02) 9666 3611


3 in 1 Chamomile Pine and Ginger Tea 1800 738 776

3. NATURAL LOOK AUSTRALIA StyleArt Surf Spray 1800 805 276

4. R+CO Grasp Shaping Balm 1300 725 122


Première Concentré Décalcifiant UltraRéparateur 1300 060 116



Gold Lust Dry Heat Protection Spray 1300 725 122


3 7 9 10 2 5 8 6 4 11


Inner Joi Preserve Shampoo, Conditioner and Protective Milk 1300 764 437

10. TRICHOVEDIC Volumising Powder


Jono: Daily Shampoo and Conditioner



Engineered with unparalleled craftsmanship, each cut is a testament to innovation and tradition. Experience effortless precision, unmatched durability, and ergonomic design. Choose Mizutani Scissors and redefine your artistry today.

THE OFFICIAL & EXCLUSIVE ANZ DISTRIBUTOR OF YOUR FAVOURITE BRANDS Scan the QR code to create your free account to get access to our exclusive industry pricing. SAVE UP TO 50% OFF RRP WWW.PROFESSIONALUSE.COM.AU • PH: +61 2 9813 3080 VISIT US AT HAIR FESTIVAL STAND #2 EXCLUSIVE OFFERS AVAILABLE THE TOOLS EVERYONE LOVES Shop the full collection & all colours only at Professional Use

5 7 11 3 2 9 1

1. THEORIE Sage Restoring Mask (02) 9666 3611

2. IGK Pick Me Up

1300 725 122

3. KERATIN COMPLEX PBO Personalised Blow Out Kit (02) 9666 3611

4. SANTA MARIA NOVELLA Lavanda Shampoo

5. MARIA NILA Ocean Spray

1300 725 122

6. FARCOM PROFESSIONAL Seri Bioproten Ampoules

7. MUK HAIRCARE Fat muk Volumising Powder

1300 768 264

6 8 10

8. ILES FORMULA Intensive Hair + Body Balm

1300 725 122

9. MOROCCANOIL Purple Treatment

1300 437 436

10. JOICO Inner Joi Sea Salt Spray and Blowout Crème

1300 764 437

11. DAVROE CURLiCUE Curl Balm, Hydrating Hair Oil, Curl Activator, Cleansing Clay and Deep Condiorning Rinse

1300 328 763


New to the Intergallactic Collection

· Lightweight at only 260 grams

Crafted with Swiss engineering excellence, the all-new Heiniger clipper range embodies unparalleled quality - each one delivering power, precision and performance when results matter.

· Fits comfortbly in the hand, for great manoverability

· Runs quiet, still retaining clipping power




Owner and Director of PALOMA Salon



As the years continue to pass by, the team and reputation has grown from strength to strength. Gaining a strong identity in the consumer market of being a beautiful salon to visit, delivering world class hair and service, focusing on the small gestures that give our guests a break from all that modern day demands is key for us.

The salon team is fuss and drama free and demonstrates teamwork every single day while the values and beliefs of the brand grown stronger each year, demonstrating the power of giving great hair. Most importantly, we help people really in need through our social outreach programs, be it gender diverse young people, health care workers or assisting in raising awareness and funds for important issues such as mental health and climate change. We value and love giving back to our community.


Matteau, ESSE Studios, NAGNATA, Acne Studios, Maggie Marilyn and Fella Hamilton, for a variety of reasons for beautiful designs, likeminded conscious brands that make huge efforts around the footprints they leave on this planet.


At PALOMA we are all really into the classic velcro roller blow dry. The hair is super shiny, voluminous, bouncy and sexy.


Undone, fuss free, highly suitable to face shape and lifestyle, fresh, modern and cool.


Our work with Transcend last year was huge, working in support for this amazing organisation, supporting young gender diverse and transgender people. We participated in education, including ways of raising awareness with our

community and clientele, and how to hold conversation with this community. It was a big education piece for myself and the team, and of course our clientele and community.

Communication is always a working piece. We have a big workshop next month with a communication specialist. I am passionate about shifting the norm about what is OK and not OK to converse with, with clients.

We don’t do the typical ‘where do you live? What do you do for work? Are you married? What are you doing tonight?'. There is no place for it, and it’s none of our business to be asking these questions, we focus on getting to know our guests and understanding what brings them joy in life.


I have seen some gorgeous copper work coming out of the salon of late - really beautiful from soft and natural apricots to super punchy Vivien Westwood coppers!


Climate is an important conversation to be had, with so much to lose, and the solutions in front of us, hairdressers have the opportunity to hold meaningful conversations unlike many other professions. I mean, how often is the weather spoken about in salon?


IMBIBE Collagen Powder and Renewal Elixir in my water every day right now!


Pre-pregnancy my partner and I were doing weekly traditional saunas, now being pregnant we love a weekly magnesium float tank together. We love self-care and this modern-day date night!





We are always looking at fashion because staying current is what inspires us to create change and meet our clients expectations. Art and pop culture are huge influences on how we look, style and what makes us want to change our look.


The opportunities that the Oscar Oscar group provides in and out of the salon such as education, fashion week opportunities, ongoing PR and events, as well as the support from the Oscar Oscar family, is second to none. Oscar Oscar is a luxurious brand that gives me the space and platform to provide a five-star service to my guest.


My work takes on a structured yet modern approach to classic designs. Soft and textured finishing is also my speciality.


Prada! I love the simplicity and the combination of strong bold lines, colour and textures that their pieces make up. Like the Oscar Oscar label, their aesthetic is simple. I love Balenciaga also for its out of the box thinking on everyday fashion items, almost like a wearable piece of art. Trends and opinions move fast so fashion is ever evolving.


Competing and placing in a local Queensland hair cutting competition during my apprenticeship – this was a big achievement early in my career. Then, becoming an insalon trainer for Oscar Oscar and helping create the next generation of stylists is something I’m very passionate about. Also, Fashion Week creative teamwork continues to be a highlight.


There’s so many but the biggest would be showcasing curated styles from our very own shows working along Australian designers at Fashion week. Access to the best brands in the industry and first in market is another huge plus.


It brings me so much joy seeing the success someone feels after showing them how to do something or an alternative to achieve a similar result. I want more assistants and stylists to feel like they’re capable of anything and everything in our industry.


Honestly, hair cutting is slowly becoming a lost art. It’s something I see people do the bare minimum but then spends the other 90 per cent of the efforts in flawless colours and social media. I feel a haircut does the majority of the work to represent the best aspects of your colour design and assists in a flawless finish.


People are embracing trends more than ever. Whether it embracing the grey with grey blending techniques or people stepping away from being saturated blonde and wanting a more natural tone throughout with subtle highlighting.


This is hard because there’s so many but at the point in time I am infatuated with Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade Eau De Parfum.


Hang in there! It’s hard, we’ve all been there but the reward of all your hard work is so worth it.



BaBylissPRO educator Sofie Pok is making her Australian education debut at Hair Festival 2024, teaching social media tips, cutting, fading, and styling techniques and the brand’s all new FXONE technology.

Global barbering educator, filmmaker and businesswoman, Sofie Pok from the US is arriving in Australia to educate on behalf of BaBylissPRO.

Sofie has led a barbershop, inspired as an educator and has been a motivational ambassador from her home base in California, as well as helping design the BaBylissPRO BlackFX Collection. She is also a cinematographer and is renowned in the industry for her modern LA style, detailed looks and precise lines, sharing these skills through her content to her 500,000 strong follower base on Instagram.

Sofie has proudly taken home awards such as Female Barber of the Year at Barbercon, Men’s Shot of the Year, and Fade Shot of the Year at Behind the Chair, and Barber of the Year at the American Influencer Awards. She has also been featured editorially and was highlighted by Instagram as part of their AAPI #RethinkOurInfluence Campaign.

Sofie is a Global Educator for BaBylissPRO and is the Co-Creator of the STMNT Grooming collection, a custom styling collection sold in retail stores and professionally. For BaBylissPRO, Sofie shares expert tips and tricks using prized BaBylissPRO tools, and also offers important insights about growing a presence as a barber on social media.

finesse,” the brand shared. “Learn to achieve flawless fades and create sharp lines all while ensuring your client has a pleasant experience. Dive deep into the art of tool selection for every desired outcome and discover high quality tool maintenance tips to maintain longevity and unleash optimum performance.”

Sofie is set to make her Australian debut at Hair Festival 2024 to educate barbers and hairdressers with detailed breakdowns of cutting, fading, and styling techniques. Taking place on July 1 at Sydney’s ICC, with the title ‘Mastering Precision: Advanced Techniques Using BaBylissPRO Barbering Tools’, the session is ideal for barbers and hairdressers at all levels. Sofie will also share social media tips from her vast experience, such as

“It’s not just a seminar; this is a rare opportunity for professional barbers to hone their craft, for hairstylists who are looking to expand their skills and services, for eager barbering students who want to learn about leading tools in the industry, and for salon owners who wish to stay ahead of the curve with the latest equipment.”

Additionally, Sofie will educate on the all-new and revolutionary FXONE Collection, which launched recently in Australia at EXPO4BARBERS. The system is anchored by the universal

be seamlessly used in each tool in the FXONE system and eliminates the need for bulky chargers and reduces the need for costly tools. The collection tools are reimagined versions of current classics, now featuring Metal-Injection-Moulded (MIM) blades that integrate built-in oil reservoirs for constant lubrication and friction-free performance. The collection includes the FXONE GoldFX and BlackFX Clipper, Trimmer and new Stick Shaver, as well as the FXONE LoPROFX Clipper and Trimmer.

Sofie will deliver an expert-led guide to quality tool selection, blades, maintenance and advanced techniques using this technology.

Don't miss Sofie’s Australian debut and the benefit of her inimitable talent and experience, at Hair Festival 2024.

For more information visit education-sessions/babylisspro/



HB Pay offers a game-changing payment solution designed specifically for the hair and beauty industry, with a personalised approach to payment support and simplicity for salons front of mind.

Discover HB Pay, which shines a spotlight on efficient payment processing within the ever-frenetic world of salon management. The bold technology is made especially for the hair and beauty industries, simplifying EFTPOS payments and seamlessly calculating and passing on the card surcharge to the consumer. This ensures the salon’s EFTPOS and merchant bills can be as low as $0.

The system is made with a versatile approach, with the mindset that one size doesn’t fit all, using this mentality to save businesses money and offer tailored, comprehensive support.

“Much like a mortgage broker, we offer tailored solutions,” the platform explained. “We ask questions and find the best EFTPOS option for your business, ensuring you save the most and get paid the fastest. With HB Pay, you have peace of mind knowing that payments are guaranteed and provided by well-established banks and accredited payment providers, supported by dedicated teams.”

Salons won’t need to change banks, with funds settled into existing bank accounts on the next business day. The platform rejects complexity,

with no EFTPOS fees, no terminal rental and no lock-in contracts.

The system is based on a hospitality industry that already largely passes on the card surcharges as an unquestioned, normal routine, even extending as far as government payments for necessities such as car registrations or tax bills. It builds this into the hair and beauty model, with the knowledge that consumers are now accustomed to paying the surcharge, and small businesses are often the least able to absorb these costs.

“The average EFTPOS bills for salons range from $150 to over $1000 per month, with an average of around $263. That’s an average saving of $3000 per year. Imagine what you could do with that money: pay for a holiday, treat yourself, or reinvest in your business,” the platform said.

Loyal HB Pay customers can enjoy discounted software subscriptions, annual gift cards and exclusive benefits and perks that help members save even more. This partnership allows salons to elevate their business and transform payment process with savings and efficiency as the ultimate wins.

For more information visit

Salons won’t need to change banks, with funds settled into existing bank accounts on the next business day.



Shortcuts Software Co-Founder Jo Burgess takes us on a trip down memory lane to celebrate three decades of the groundbreaking software brand. From introducing touchscreen technology to revolutionising appointment scheduling, discover the many milestones of Shortcuts.



As a salon owner myself, I knew firsthand the challenges faced by others in the industry during the early '90s, which had been defined by manual processes and paper-based systems, until the recent advent of computers. Our journey started with a small but determined team, driven by a singular mission: to make salon life easier.

From day one, our goal was to disrupt the status quo and simplify the lives of salon owners. In 1994, Shortcuts made a bold move, purchasing one of the first touchscreens in the country. This singular acquisition laid the foundation for the development of cutting-edge software tailored specifically for touchscreen use. By streamlining appointment scheduling and eliminating the chaos of manual processes of record keeping, marketing and reporting, Shortcuts set a new standard for salon management technology, forever changing the industry landscape.


Fast forward to the late '90s and early 2000s, and Shortcuts was at the forefront of salon management innovation. We leveraged the internet and introduced cloud technology for functionality like online booking and automated marketing, empowering salon owners to take control, keep their books full, and connect with clients like never before.

From two-way SMS appointment confirmations to automated email marketing, Shortcuts was always ahead of the curve, anticipating the need for seamless client communication. In 2007, we took things up a notch with the launch of mylocalsalon - a salon directory that allowed salons using Shortcuts to take online bookings and be found by more clients.

From there, we continued to innovate, introducing solutions with automated email marketing to ease the burden of manual marketing and let you focus on what you do best—making clients feel fabulous.



The rise of smartphones brought a new wave of convenience, and Shortcuts was ready to ride it. Our guest app, launched in 2015, revolutionised the salon experience, putting booking, rewards, and promotions at your clients' fingertips. With Shortcuts' guest app, salon owners and clients alike entered a new era of convenience and connection, making every salon visit an unforgettable experience.



The pandemic turned our world upside down, and salons had to quickly adapt to survive. Instead of just weathering the storm, salons rose to the occasion, embracing technology like never before. Suddenly, online bookings and contactless

payments weren't just convenient—they were lifesavers! These innovations not only kept us all safe but also ensured that we could still rock those fabulous hairstyles while keeping our distance.


Each year, Shortcuts grows and adapts, all with one goal in mind: to improve your salon, spa, or barber operations and support your team. In today's hyperconnected world, data is the name of the game, and Shortcuts understands this better than anyone. We're here to equip salon owners like yourself with the necessary tools to effectively harness the power of data. As the salon landscape evolves, so does Shortcuts. With advancements in AI, automation, and data analytics, we stand poised and prepared to spearhead the revolution in salon management.

To our amazing clients and partners, a massive thank you from the Shortcuts team! Your trust, support, and being part of our journey means the world to us. As we raise our glasses to the next 30 years, we're making a heartfelt promise - to keep listening, innovating, and lifting you up. We are dedicated to the hair, beauty, and spa industry. We've also got something special in the works, just for our solo operators out there. Stay tuned for all the exciting updates!

Here's to the next 30 years and beyond. Let's keep making that magic together! For more information visit

Jo Burgess

Celebrating 30 years as an Industry Leader 30 launching soon!

more than just a booking system

Technology to Boost Revenue + Loyalty

Better Management with Data Driven Dashboards

Fully Automated Marketing Tools

24/7 Local Support, Anywhere, Anytime

We are a premium business management software built for salons, spas, clinics and barbers. Celebrating 30 years as a global industry leader and innovator, we have helped thousands of salon owners worldwide to run successful businesses.

Claim your free Hair Festival gift!

New Product



Launched in May, Queen of Silk from premium fragrance house Creed, weaves together exotic Chinese osmanthus, decadent tuberose and ethereal Javanese patchouli, paired with cedar, agarwood and Madagascan vanilla in a lingering, sensual testament to timeless refinement. Queen of Silk is presented in The House of Creed signature bottle, in a rich purple hue that honours the treasured purple silks once reserved for the highest echelons of the nobility-a fitting colour for this most majestic of perfumes. Creed partnered with Australian Fashion Week as the official fragrance partner to celebrate the launch of Queen of Silk and highlight their origins as a tailor.


Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Dark Spot Serum contains a breakthrough natural ingredient Vinodferine - a potent ingredient derived from vine sap, that claims to be 62 times more effective than Vitamin C and 43 per cent more effective than 10 per cent Niacinamide. Rich in active ingredients, Vinoperfect’s rich combination of actives promote cellular renewal by diminishing marks left by sun, age, acne and pregnancy to name a few. The range is joined by a new Vinoperfect Brightening Micropeel Foam.




Cosmedi™ Repair Face cream and Body Cream is scientifically formulated to enhance skin repair. Touted as an accelerator for cosmetic procedures, the product soothes soft tissue trauma, supports wound healing, reduces pain and inflammation and relieves skin irritation and sensitivity. Its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties make it ideal for minor cuts, abrasions, and procedures such as tattoo removal, laser hair removal and micro needling to name but a few.

Supergenes Healthy Hair & Nails from renowned brand The Beauty Chef, is a simple easy to digest capsule to promote thick healthy hair and strong nails. Providing the ultimate combination of ingredients for lustrous hair health and optimal scalp health, you can also bid farewell to brittle nails with the intensive herbal probiotic, designed to support hair thickness, hair growth and healthy nails.


Everyday teeth whitening has just become easier with White Glo’s launch of its newest researchbacked teeth whitening range, Optimum: Clinical Series. With an unwavering commitment to delivering advanced oral care solutions, this new range features an Australian first dual chamber technology developed by leading Dental Physician and White Glo Ambassador, Dr Aodhan Docherty. The outer chamber holds the 6 per cent bioactive Hp+HAP whitening serum, while the inner core chamber contains the all-round daily protection toothpaste. The two formulations meet at peak bio availability at time of use and come in a variety of flavours.



P.O.D by ECOHEADS is true to its name, offering an entirely new way to care for and colour hair to distinguish your salon services.

PO.D by ECOHEADS, partnering with Ozdare, launched into the hairdressing industry to acclaim, innovating the hair colouring and care process as it pertains to health and sustainability, in its approach to both the amount of water used at the basin during colouring and its solution to the harsh chemicals used within this process.

ECOHEADS was launched in 2012 by industry pioneers including awardwinning hairdresser and salon-owner Kobi Bokshish along with innovator Benny Risher and friend Ben Cohen. The gamechanging ECOHEADS SHOWERHEADS reduces water usage by 65 per cent and effectively improves the health and condition of the hair through its natural use of componentry and natural minerals and stones to activate negative ions in the water, which has revolutionised the industry from 2012 until now.

P.O.D by ECOHEADS is the next natural progression of this business venture, as a system that improves the salon’s working environment, reduces its environmental impact and helps businesses. The technology is a concentrated colour product, delivered by water, utilising the ECOHEADS SHOWERHEAD, which provides improved water quality and usage.

“When we were looking to develop P.O.D, our number one priority was to create a product that would help the global salon industry reduce water waste and pollution at the basin. We thought, how can we provide basin-specific services without sending unnecessary chemicals down the drain?” Benny shared.

“We are very proud to launch P.O.D, the ultimate solution that aligns business opportunity, sustainability, and wellbeing in the hairdressing industry,” Benny added. “With our revolutionary delivery system, we are taking a giant leap forward in creating a more sustainable future while maximising time, convenience, performance and creativity for the hairdresser and consumer. At ECOHEADS, our goal is to innovate by introducing

unique concepts that bolster, evolve, and expand the global salon business – doing so without compromising the environment and preserving the artistry of hairdressers.”

Your salon can now pair reduced time and water usage with clean and effective colour results. P.O.D by ECOHEADS can be used as an innovative way to colour, as well as a post colour treatment to enhance and prolong colour. The process redefines colour application, infusing a concentrated product of micro-colour molecules, along with lipophilic oils and amino acids, deep into the hair’s core, thanks to the patented ECOHEADS delivery system.

The efficient process necessitates less than ten minutes to apply colour at the basin, in a system that is free from harmful chemicals and is cruelty free. This tenminute service time includes prepping and cleansing, toning, treating and sealing the hair in a four-step system. It lasts up to eight to twelves cleanses and saves 75 per cent of time compared to other semi-permanent colour applications. The application service takes only three and a half to five minutes, depending on the length and texture of the hair.

Components such as Arginine, Olive Oil, Carapate Oil, Illipe, Shea Butter, Wheat Amino Acid, Soy Amino Acid, Pure Amino Acid, a rich Phytocomplex, Reginine, Luminescine, Citric Acid and Italian Citrus Extracts anchor the four-step system. These ingredients soften and open the cuticle for elevated colour binding, hydrate, moisturise, strengthen, nourish, protect and repair the hair, and also protect against UV pollution, reduce frizz and add shine.

The system is ideal for colour refreshing and rejuvenation, toning in between highlight services, blending highlights or balayage, toning highlights and other blonde and colour transformations.

Beyond the talented team at ECOHEADS, major colouring talents are leading this colour education, with prolific colourist and educator Stevie English helping to educate salons on the different ways to apply P.O.D by ECOHEADS and teaching the key benefits it brings to their business.

“As a creative colourist, I’m always excited to bend the rules and explore the limits of what colour can do for me. The business benefits for the salon and the team are a no-brainer. It’s an excellent way to build tone on tone colour into shorter services and as an add-on, refresh treatment, that is truly express,” Stevie shared.

P.O.D is ammonia-free, MEA-free, DEA-free, PPD-free and PDT-free and does not require any developer. It is also vegan and not tested on animals, reflecting ECOHEADS’ values in being cruelty free and free from harmful chemicals. P.O.D by ECOHEADS is exclusively distributed by Ozdare.

For more information


Salon Vogue Hair is a stalwart of Werribee and has moved to its third iteration in the suburb to elevate their inviting salon style even further.

In the heart of Melbourne’s Werribee, a stylish salon boasts decades of experience, celebrating 30 years this year, with a whole new space after moving from its former premises in 2023. Salon Vogue Hair has been constantly modernised within their moves and updates, with community spirit consistently at its core within this innovation.

“I’m born and bred in Werribee so this is my home town,” shared salon owner Pino Burrone. “There is no better place to share my passion. The Werribee community feels like one big home. Everybody knows each other. It’s a place where we have all grown up together and watched each other grow. Creating, sharing, and being a part of Werribee’s history.”

The salon is in its third iteration as of the 2023 move, with different spaces in Werribee for 13 years, then 16 years, and now the new premises, showing its community spirit in every locale.


“Having a central salon makes it easier for our clients and we love supporting other local businesses in Watton Street,” Pino said of the new space. “I’m very proud to say that the loyalty of our clients is overwhelming. Many of our clients are like family to us now.”

The new space offers that welcoming, homely energy for the Werribee community in its design, with the colour palette, furnishings and interior elements all chosen to consider comfort and inclusiveness.

“With our salon, our goal was to blend modernity with warmth, creating an atmosphere that exudes cleanliness and sophistication,” Pino shared. “The chosen colour palette features softer tones, fostering an inviting environment for both clients and staff. I must acknowledge my wife, Anzelika, who meticulously handdesigned the entire salon, focusing on sleek furnishings. Each element was thoughtfully selected to promote a calm, neutral, and welcoming ambiance, seamlessly combining modern elegance with inviting comfort.”

The salon boasts a talented team, with trend-based, creativity and client-driven barber and hairdressing services at the core of the award-winning salon. The salon’s loyal clientele and stellar reputation is a testament to the quality of those services.

“I see myself as a passionate and creative person, which I aim to reflect through the business,” Pino said. “At Salon Vogue, we love educating our clients on the health and maintenance of their hair. We take pride in how our clients feel about themselves, leaving them with a Salon Vogue experience.”

“We are lucky to have won many awards and receive much recognition for our work over the years, as well as the incredible list of clientele that we have built up over time. We always aim to continuously raise the bar for our own standards, and all of the salon experts in our team look forward to their next exciting styling project.”

For more information visit



Discover NNC Pro Beauty Salon and the space’s seamless combination of hair and beauty, where true care is the ultimate unifying factor.

Salon owner Natalia Nicoletti travelled from her original home in Sao Paulo, Brazil to live in Australia and open NNC Pro Beauty in Sydney’s Darlinghurst in 2015, fusing hair and beauty treatments into one unique menu, and continuing to innovate with her own original beauty products, education materials and beyond.

“We create an exclusive and luxurious environment for our clients, blending elegance and personalised care,” Natalie shared. “From the moment they enter, they experience tranquillity and relaxation through carefully curated decor and soothing ambiance. Our team of professionals tailors every service to meet individual needs, ensuring a truly immersive and indulgent experience. Clients understand they’ll receive bespoke services from the start, feeling pampered, valued, and confident throughout their beauty journey.”

On arrival, clients are met with the drinks menu and a comprehensive consultation, with every intentional detail adding to the salon’s luxury approach. The service menu traverses expert beauty options such as brow, lash, skin and lip treatments, to also include considered hair spa services that specifically treat and style the hair. Treatments that focus on necessary

hair nourishment, scalp health and intense repair put true beauty and care into hair, while partnering with prestige brands such as Wella so clients can expect the ultimate luxury results. A hero Botox Hair Treatment is on the forefront of long-term healthy hair straightening.

“At NNC Pro Beauty Salon, we go beyond the ordinary by offering our clients the opportunity to indulge in dual self-care experiences,” Natalia explained. “In our bustling world, time is precious, which is why we’ve crafted a unique approach that allows our clients to simultaneously pamper their brows, lashes, lips, and enjoy an express facial, all while receiving top-notch hair treatments. This innovative blend of beauty and hair spa treatments sets us apart, ensuring that our clients receive top-tier care without sacrificing their busy schedules. At our boutique beauty salon in Darlinghurst, we prioritise convenience and luxury, making every visit a transformative and rejuvenating experience.”

The salon indulges these needs by dedicating the utmost time, care,

craftsmanship and knowledge to each service, finding the beauty in hair care and defining hair beauty in a diverse and still ever-considered menu.

“We prioritise quality over quantity. Our welcoming space is a testament to the love for our clients and our passion for the beauty industry. A place where dreams become reality and where self-care meets artistry,” Natalia said. “At NNC Pro Beauty Salon, we recognise that our clients are masterpieces waiting to be unveiled. Our skilled professionals share a passion for enhancing our clients’ natural beauty with every treatment. Through our tailored services and individualised attention, we cater to our clients’ unique needs. Witness the remarkable transformation that our commitment, dedication, and expertise can bring to our clients’ beauty journey.”

A modern hair, beauty and wellness destination all in one, NNC Pro Beauty Salon leads with expertise in hair and beauty and revolutionises the idea of bespoke luxury in Sydney.

For more information visit

Natalia Nicoletti


Foil Me are celebrating their tenth birthday with a new collection titled The Journey. The collection offers a sentimental and cohesive blend of their previous designs that pays homage to their many milestones. Features such as the brand’s very first white boxes, which included their logo on black stickers, pay tribute to their earlier days, with other elements woven together in what the brand says is like a “lovingly handcrafted patchwork quilt” that evokes growth, comfort and nostalgia. The collection is available in sizes of Original, Wide and the brand’s first ever 20cm Embossed Foil Roll. Visit




The all-new iQ2 Perfetto Hair Dryer combines lightness with power and performance, operating 30 per cent faster than standard dryers with a 110,000rpm BLDC motor and turbo function that increases the airflow to a supercharged 120,000rpm for 30 seconds. The ergonomic tool weights just 294g for optimal comfort, and features auto-cleaning technology, new Oxy Active Technology, which utilises the antibacterial and rejuvenating prowess of active oxygen infused into the airflow, and the new eSystem-C technology, which allows the dryer to detect when conditions of use are not suitable. Standby Technology with the new Smart Pad and a sleek black design add to this professional tool. Clients can expect shine, rejuvenated hair and longerlasting colour. Call (02) 9666 3611 or visit


JRL Professional has unveiled the Onyx Collection and the highly anticipated Ghost Edition. Cased in a sleek, white, matte design, the range include the Clipper, Trimmer, Foil Shaver, and Hairdryer, with precision and performance at the core of the tools. The Clipper and Trimmer promise smoother, cleaner cuts with sharper lines, zero gaps and extended run times. The Foil Shaver boasts magnetic levitation blade technology for a closer and cleaner shave, while the Hairdryer features a built-in ion generator to reduce frizz, increase shine and dry hair quicker.



Creative Styling Solutions has launched ThePUK, a customisable, stylish accessory that aids in functionality for salon professionals. ThePUK is an adjustable tool belt with multifunctional holders. Hairdressers can keep all professional tools ever-ready, saving time, ensuring efficiency


Introducing the Aries 7 Tier Hairdressing Beauty Salon Trolley, which is a seven-drawer, 360-degree rotating unit for total salon functionality and style in a modern and innovative design. The trolley has a sturdy framework made of high-quality tinted clear ABS plastic for both transparency, resilience and a sleek and contemporary look. The joining tube that allows the draws to fully rotate is crafted from long-lasting stainless steel. It also features Click’n’Clean Easy toolless cleaning castor wheels. Store your items in the trolley’s immense storage facilities with the rotating effect ensuring efficient organisation and retrieval from any angle. Visit



Experiences with artistic flair beyond the everyday are having a renaissance, from accommodation with soul to immersive dining, and a relationship that starts with the booking process. If you’re ready for more, farewell the ordinary and allow the senses to guide you to some magic places I’ve taken a little tour to, so you don’t have to, writes Cameron Pine.



Cascading down a hillside like a New York skyscraper over Manhattan, the Kempinski, known as the Apurva Kempinski Bali, for just a moment, has you wondering if you’re in even in Bali at all. Steeped in tradition and cultural immersion, the hotel’s surrounds and heritage are at every touchpoint of this ultra-luxurious inner-world, from entrance to the dreaded departure, a stay with such curated detail and ultra-sensorial surrounds is nothing short of breathtaking.

The Kempinski believes the experience started centuries ago, with every aspect of the hotel, its surrounds, rooms and suites built around a landscape of endless beauty and pure salvation from a busy world.

While not the only Kempinski globally, The Nusa Dua location away from the busiest spots of Bali but still close to the airport, maximises the yearning for a holiday. From the entrance lobby all roads lead down to a majestic and completely private stretch of beach. In fact, the management almost guarantee each stay will be spectacular, curated, sensational and serene.

Interior designer Rudy Dodo of Trivium Design Group has imagined the hotel’s opulent interior

Koral restaurant The Kempinski

spaces and utilised Indonesia's finest craftsmen and artisans, which pay tribute to the country's rich design heritage, while adding a sense of modernity, luxury and functionality. These elements together have raised the standard for luxury hotels and anchor The Apurva not just in the forever over-used realm of luxury but in the present day. At the crown of the resort, the Pendhapa-style lobby is a wideopen and welcoming space with a soaring tiered roof before each guest or visitor truly realises the overall scale of this grand property that presents itself as a majestic open-air theatre, a true embodiment of Indonesian elegance.

The word Apurva translates to ‘unique and magnificent’ in Sanskrit, embracing Kempinski's dedication to bringing unique experiences to everywhere. Not only this, but the property is home to an insane array of leading culinary experiences from coastal delicacies at Koral, the first underwater restaurant in Bali, to Bai Yun – a mouth-watering traditional hot pot experience - be sure to order the wagyu. If Japanese is more your thing, Izakaya by Oku has an elite range of signature Bento’s – think pure luxury and artful presentation compared to the Bento you’d expect at your local corner restaurant, as with all the options – the experience is superior and a level of service detail typically not seen in Bali.

While there may be many luxury options to choose from when it comes to a hotel, there is little comparison to the quality of food on offer at the Kempinski and that’s without the Reef Beach Club, where you can even order the best seafood on the sand. The Pala restaurant and rooftop bar are also on offer, and at Pala you almost feel like you’re in New York’s soho with graffiti clad walls, views and beats separated from the pristine poolside vibes of some of the other hotels' bars.

There are 475 luxurious guest rooms and suites, but despite the sheer presence of looking up at the building when you’re inside you feel like the only one. There are 146 suites and 43 private villas that come with their own pool, and 48 Grand Deluxe rooms that have access to a leafy lagoon pool. It is also the first hotel in Bali to be awarded as a GTSC Certified Hotel – acknowledged for upholding international benchmarks in environmental, social, cultural and government aspects.

Like the rest of the hotel’s curated experiences, the Apurva spa is impressive and iconic from first sight – the entrance met with stone stepping plates of gigantic proportions, lighting and water as if you are entering a completely new world. There are customised treatments and tonics for both men and woman. It’s not just a matter of a massage with the same oil you’d get everywhere – it’s a journey from its achievement of ‘Best Hotel Spa’ in the Condé Nast Johansens Awards for Excellence to the individual treatment rooms that are larger than many hotel rooms, and include private bathrooms and steam room showers. You will be forgiven for spending the entire day in your robe before retreating to the wellness space where you can sit and gaze in the

view over the property as if they were rice fields and straight onto the beach, before taking a cold-plunge and heading for happy hour drinks – which are at the Kempinski are every hour.

So, if an elevated stay of event is on your list, from Banyan branches in the rainforest to beachside margaritas – travel the world or travel to the Kempinski, either way you won’t be disappointed. For more information visit



Luna Beach Club is Bali’s newest and largest beach club in Tabanan, just moments from Canggu. It’s no ordinary beach club - it has eight experiences in one – and caters for all ages – think free ice cream from an ice cream cave with the kids before sending them home with the nanny to hear some of the world’s best DJs to play into the night. Luna is a world we all need to become acquainted with.

A highly immersive journey – there are treetop caves and even an underground swim up cave bar –it’s a real day to night venue where you’d be forgiven for skimping on your accommodation and spending most of your time here. Gastronomy, entertainment and design come together in a world where you don’t just have to be drinking to have a good time.

SUKU Beach Club Da Maria Bali


Book a table for lunch, stay for a poolside pod hang, dream among the treetops or dance front and centre stage – Luna will have you going back more than once. From poolside to cheeky cocktail cave at night, Luna is about not having to make a choice or compromise. There’s even a 360 degree mapping lighthouse that offers a lighting experience and insane views. Set on two hectares of beachfront land it’s a mega-venue akin to your childhood dreams of Fantasia.

For more information visit


Away from the chaos and perched above Secret Point Beach on Nusa Ceningan Island, SUKU Beach Club is not only the perfect spot to watch Ceningan’s most epic surf break, but it brings that elusive modernity and style to an island vibe with swim up pool bar and that tropical island spirit where you feel a million miles away from Bali.

A short 45 minute rife from Sanur, the best way to get there is by Rocky Fast Boat – just next to Nusa Lembogan, where both are connected by a bridge. Dining at SUKU takes you from traditional Indonesian, to Italian and Asian and back again and the cocktails and mocktails are equally as refreshing. Think of it as your little slice of paradise, fun and luxury while wanting to enjoy a quieter island of Bali.

For mire information visit



Da Maria Bali is a local institution in the bustle of Seminyak. Owned by famed Australia-based restauranteur Maurice Terzini, Da Maria is iconic Italian in an understated yet eccentric surrounding. Think Maurice’s Bondi Icebergs venue meets Italy – complete with a fountain in the centre of the restaurant and plants akin to Roma’s stone cobbled streets.

Da Maria is modern Italian Osteria Style with both hip music and an equally cool crowd. Until Da Maria, Bali was missing an Italian restaurant with a spark, open pizza ovens and that refreshing Aperol Spritz (you won’t get a better one in Bali). Designed by Italian architects Lazzarini Pickering, you’ll be both unwound and inspired. For more information visit


Ubud is increasingly known for its dining scene and nightlife with that extra touch of sophistication you don’t always see in downtown Seminyak and Honey and Smoke is at its epicentre. Honey and Smoke has the feel of both a wood fire restaurant and a Soho basement bar but with a twist. It's housed in a space that’s taken design from an old train carriage. Up the stairs you feel like you’re boarding a train to a den of true indulgence.


While fire is the kitchen’s focus, that’s not to say that Honey and Smoke is a steak restaurant. Dishes are varied with guests invited to tuck into the likes of Grilled Scallops topped with chilli butter, dried mint yoghurt, and sumac. It's probably the nicest scallops I’ve had in a long-time, coupled with the Fish of the day is a must. There's a range of little bites including Fried chicken and succulent grilled corn. It’s one for the Ubud bucketlist.

For more information visit


Hujan Local is an Indonesian treasure in the heart of Ubud’s busiest streets and nearby markets. A street food take on traditional Indonesian cuisine, it nods to all the flavours of the archipelago. Crafted cocktails, a grazing menu and the most insane dumplings and Duck Curry you’ve ever tasted – but be prepared for some serious spice. No wonder it’s called local, because local foodies and visitors flock to this venue 7 days a week. Not just the food but it’s chic two-story venue with bar and makes it easy to champion local food and fusions.

For more information visit

Honey and Smoke Luna Beach Club Hujan Local





Jake Putan takes a look at how a lack of purpose can severely affect not just our lives, but our businesses and how true success will only be achieved when we are fully aligned to our purpose.

During February to March this year I had really felt a significant sense of purposelessness. Apathy ran through my body as I thought about work, or even getting out of bed for that matter. I wondered what it was all for.

This was surprising for me as I feel like I’d spent the last few years towards an ongoing tribute of refinement of purpose through removing anything that wasn't in alignment with or supporting me to work towards what truly mattered to my heart.

It was somewhat expected, as we were just about to move into a new astrological year and were saying goodbye to all that was no longer needed.

In timely arrival, I attended an event marking this new season. I won't go into much detail here but I can share that I sat in a Tipi Ceremony along with 17 other men, guided by the fire and an ancient practice of ritual. The main point of this journey is that I was reminded during the experience of what really matters, of true success and becoming aligned with purpose. As assumed, it's a lot simpler than what a lot the noise on social media might be pointing towards to what success and purpose means.

The magic for me was in the remembrance of the fact that by nature, we are always aligned with purpose, we always have an abundance of energy, and health and happiness, the two fundamental pillars of true success, are in fact our natural baseline and state of being. The experience of anything outside of this is directly and significantly impacted by the common societal factors that mislead our due course: excess consumption, overstimulation, deprivation of nature, comparison, lack of responsibility and presence. All of this generally leads to destruction and self-sabotage within our health, relationships and business pursuits.

Since re-prioritising my natural state, I’ve noticed my mobile and private barber work becoming completely booked out and paid four weeks in advance with additional new clients requesting my services. I also have greater

mental clarity and awareness of my primary needs for optimisation and fulfilment through my connection to purpose, longer lasting and stabilised energy throughout the day, as well as a deepened capacity to be present with my day and sense the needs of others, particularly in close relationships.

The main point of this journey is that I was reminded during the experience of what really matters, of true success and becoming aligned with purpose.

So, the question begs – what are the contributing factors that allow us to reconnect to this natural state of feeling on-purpose again and begin dissolving the alternative experience of chaos? The answer may surprise you but the truth is much more obvious than we may have complicated it to be. Instead of chasing someone else’s idea of meaning, I invite you to let go. Let go of the nonsense we’ve been told, let go of the distractions, let go of purchasing another course for someone to upsell us their product of the month, let go of the attachments to consuming any information that genuinely has not been designed to help us reconnect to our own internal compass, for the most accurate sense of personal truth and meaning is always innately within us.

In fact, let go of the question ‘what is my purpose?’ altogether and instead acknowledge that you already know. Now ask ‘what is in the way?’ and start burning down the boats.

For more information follow @whoisjakeputan



BizCover goes to the archives to offer three real Australian salon claims when insurance saved the day.

Hairdressers turn bad hair days into head-turning tresses but, while you’re saving the day for your clients, who is looking after your business?

Everyday risks and unexpected events could end up costing you a bundle. That’s why many hairdressers, salon owners and beauty professionals protect themselves with business insurance. If something goes wrong, they have valuable peace of mind knowing they won’t break the bank setting things right.

Here are three real-life examples of the risks beauty professionals face and the insurance policies that saved the day!


Clients trust their hairdressers. Your expert skill and advice can help create healthy, luxurious locks and boost a client’s confidence, but what if a treatment causes a beauty disaster?

That’s exactly what happened to this Aussie hairdresser: While providing a bonding treatment, they noticed immediate breakage in the client’s hair. The hairdresser promptly cleansed off the treatment and applied additional treatments to minimise further damage.

However, upon returning home, the client experienced significant hair breakage. It was impossible to run their hands through their hair without it breaking and falling out. The client was understandably distressed and filed a claim against the hairdresser.

This is where the hairdresser’s Professional Indemnity policy kicked in. Professional Indemnity covers you for losses claimed by a third party & defence costs due to alleged or actual negligence in your professional services or advice.

In this example, the hairdresser’s policy covered $10,000 in damages to the client. Consider how a claim like this might impact your business and professional reputation. Professional Indemnity insurance may make sense if legal fees and compensation costs would put your salon in the red.


Beauty professionals are responsible for more than just a client’s hair and makeup. If your actions damage their belongings—even accidentally—it may be up to you to fix the problem.

Consider this: A stylist was providing wedding hair and makeup services at their client’s home. While they were sharpening a lip pencil, some shavings accidentally fell on the floor and stained the client’s rug. The stains wouldn’t come out, and the client filed a claim asking the stylist to replace the rug.

Thankfully, the stylist had Public Liability insurance. These policies cover legal fees and compensation costs if a customer, member of the public, or a supplier claims against you for injury or damage to their property as a result of your alleged negligent business activity.

In this case, the stylist’s insurer assessed the claim and agreed to pay $1,247 to replace the damaged rug.

You take great care with your client’s property, but accidents happen. Public Liability insurance could have your back if mishaps occur in your business or while working in someone else’s space.


Contents cover can help if a storm, fire, or other covered event spoils your business stock and other covered items.

Many salons sell hair and beauty items and keep extra supplies on hand for business use. If this stock were damaged, it could be very expensive to replace.

That’s exactly what happened at one Australian salon. A heavy storm caused the roof of their premises to leak, damaging the contents inside. The salon owner made a claim under their Business Insurance Pack, which included Contents cover.

Contents insurance covers your business contents or stock if they are damaged in a fire, storm or due to malicious damage or some other defined event listed in the policy.

The insurer sent a loss adjuster to assess the damage caused to the salon’s stock. They determined that the recent storm caused the damage, and the insurer paid $41,000 to replace the damaged contents.

No one expects weather damage to their salon—until it happens! Contents cover can help if a storm, fire, or other covered event spoils your business stock and other covered items.


Without business insurance, your salon could be out of luck and your bank account out of money. That’s why BizCover has made it easy for hairdressers, beauty professionals, and salon owners to sort their insurance online in minutes!

Buying insurance with BizCover is a no-dramas experience, with no paperwork and no waiting for your policy documents. Compare policies from selected leading Australian insurers and save—like Lisa in Victoria, who saved $300 on her Business Insurance Pack.

Visit to sort your insurance today!



Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not good enough? That you shouldn’t be running a business? Imposter syndrome is something almost everyone has felt at some point. Timely ambassador and owner of Skintifix in Newcastle, Robyn McAlpine, delves into the problem.

We all know that the journey to better skin isn’t an overnight fix. I want my clients to understand this too. So, I’ve learnt how to translate my strong knowledge of the science of skin into relatable information. Helping clients understand their skin then turned into helping therapists in the industry learn how to do this too – which is where my Beauty Squad was born.

As glamorous as all that sounds, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Imposter syndrome and I have a standing weekly – sometimes daily – appointment! Whenever I’m doing something outside my comfort zone, my little imposter devil plants herself firmly on my shoulder. She loves to ask me who I think I am to be running a business, mentoring a team and other therapists, posting on social media, and hosting squad calls.

Some of my career milestones have been deeply riddled with imposter syndrome. Take my book Skinside Out for instance. That almost never saw the light of day. I was so afraid of it being critiqued by the industry, I almost didn’t send it to the publisher. Seeing it become a handbook to therapists around the world has made me so grateful I didn’t let the little devil win!

The more you trust your instincts the easier it becomes to drown out the devil on your shoulder and stretch out of your comfort zone – which is where magic happens.

I almost never wear make-up – at the most a lick of mascara and a brow tint. It might sound a bit mad in the beauty industry, but I think so many of us use make-up thinking we need to cover up our flaws, or to fit into a societal expectation, but I think all skin is beautiful without it.

I love my clients to see what real skin looks like, no matter what my skin is doing on any given day. A testament to my skin care regime but also, skin is never 100 per cent perfect, 100 per cent of the time. Modelling that hasn’t been a conscious action, but my lack of make-up has become synonymous with my role as a skin therapist, and I feel like letting the ‘real’ me shine through helps with feeling authentic and quietens the imposter syndrome devil even more.

I used to think one day I would wake up and feel ‘good enough’, but as time goes by I realise that the feeling of inadequacy never goes away. I just get better at managing it.

I’ve turned that feeling into a strength. It’s spurred me on to continuously learn about skin. Using that feeling to drive my success has taught me a healthy awareness of when I can use it to my benefit and when I need to ignore it. It helps me remember that I don’t need to wait for the stars to align to do things perfectly.

Boss life is the constant feeling of having so much to do and never getting any of it done.

It also makes it more than ok for myself and my staff to fail and stumble. I hold them up and support them when they do, so that when they’re ready to try again, they can take the lessons and do better next time.

Boss life is the constant feeling of having so much to do and never getting any of it done. I rely on lots of tools to take the pressure off – one of which is a comprehensive CRM system that’s the nucleus of the business. That's where Timely has been paramount – I know our client journeys are taken care of and my team can track the vital things to create a seamless experience at every visit.

Having the right reporting means I’m able to have my finger on the pulse daily. I’m all over my revenue, and I understand exactly what’s happening in my business so I can adapt in real time. Since I made the switch to Timely I’ve experienced a real lifting of the mental load as I know that it's tracking the things I need.

Robyn McAlpine is a proud Timely Ambassador, owner of Skintifix, author of Skinsideout, speaker, entrepreneur, mentor, skin expert and skin strategist, who uses Timely appointment software to keep her business functioning at a high level, allowing her to focus on her passion and keep reaching new heights in her career. For more information visit



Kitomba’s Kamrin Hira takes a look at three innovative technologies for salons to make 2024 their best year yet.

In the fast-paced Australian hair industry, it's important to keep up with the latest technologies to help run your salon effectively. With the emergence of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), your salon software has become much more than just an appointment book.


Don't let empty gaps in your appointment book affect your salon’s potential revenue. With the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for the hair industry like, you can automate tasks like filling gaps in your appointment book, asking clients for Google reviews and following up with clients who haven't rebooked.

Your salon software should integrate with these tools to work seamlessly with your client database, ensuring you’re sending the right message to the right client at the right time and encouraging maximum communication without the admin.


We all know that time is precious and there’s never enough of it! That’s why you should be taking advantage of your salon software as much as you can – it may have features that you aren’t aware of that can help save you time, one of which is automated marketing.

By setting up predefined rules, such as identifying clients who haven’t rebooked within eight weeks, your

salon software can automatically send targeted messages to clients, saving you valuable time. Implementing a few automated marketing campaigns will free up your time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business while your software books clients, boosts revenue, and enhances the overall client experience.


Last-minute cancellations and no-shows are a huge problem in our industry, and every slot that you can't fill is wasted potential for your salon to generate more revenue.

You can combat this by having a waitlist that your salon software will have integrated into your appointment book. It should be a smart waitlist that intelligently displays relevant clients who have specified that they can make the time or staff member who has availability, to help you fill gaps in your schedule efficiently.

By leveraging the power of AI, automated marketing, and smart waitlists, you can stay ahead in the ever-evolving hair industry, save time, increase revenue and keep on top of the latest tech trends. Your clients and your bank account will thank you.

Kamrin Hira is a marketing expert at Kitomba Salon and Spa Software. To learn how Kitomba’s marketing automation tools and integrations with artificial intelligence solutions like can elevate your client experience, visit or call 1800 161 101.

Implementing a few automated marketing campaigns will free up your time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business while your software books clients, boosts revenue, and enhances the overall client experience.



Sonia Tomas is a Leading Retail Sales and Salon Business Coach that focuses specifically on retail. Here, she explains her work in elevating salons.

In the competitive landscape of the hair industry, many hairdressers find themselves fighting for the attention of salon clients, often overlooking the retail sales sector for building clientele through recommendation. Retail sales are not merely an add-on; they are a critical component of a salon's profitability and a stabilising force for its financial health.

Widely recognised as The Salon Dr, I have over three decades of experience in corporate and direct salon sales and have shifted the profit trajectory for hundreds of salons, turning retail sales into a cornerstone of their success.

Many salon owners face challenges with retail due to a lack of direction, uncertain confidence, and ineffective communication. It's a little-known fact that salons forfeit hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential retail sales to large beauty retailers every single year. Leveraging my extensive background, I bring a unique perspective to the table, particularly focusing on dynamic and customercentric sales strategies.

My experienced approach ensures that I address your specific needs and challenges, whatever they may be.

I partner closely with salon owners and their teams to refine their retail game through targeted training. This approach helps salons reclaim missed opportunities, significantly enhancing their bottom line. My programs, built on 37 years of industry expertise, are designed to completely change the perspectives of salon owners and staff alike.

The Accelerator Course by The Salon Dr is a comprehensive, hands-on training program is specially designed for salon professionals who want to perfect their retail sales skills and client relationship management.

I intimately understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in running a successful salon. My experienced approach ensures that I address your specific needs and challenges, whatever they may be. Whether you are just starting out or are already an established industry professional, my courses are designed to meet you where you are and continue to propel you toward your financial goals.

Each session is completely customised, focusing on the specific weaknesses and pre-existing strengths of your team with proven and tested methods. My course also goes beyond traditional sales theory, offering hands-on experiences that equip stylists with the skills and confidence necessary to excel, with fun along the way!

The Accelerator Course includes comprehensive diagnostics, where I personally assess each salon's operations to pinpoint areas for improvement and prescribe targeted solutions, leading to dynamic, interactive and engaging training with actionable, resonant and inspirational insights. You can revitalise your team's selling techniques and consultation skills to increase sales, improve client retention, and enhance overall satisfaction. For more information follow @thesalondr

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