INCLEAN NZ February 2021

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Why sustainable and NZ made products are crucial for BSCs


s we all find ways to adjust in times of uncertainty, businesses have the choice to turn disruption into opportunity. One way is future proofing so that your business is prepared and rise with the challenge should another disruption happen.

COVID-19 ACCELERATES DEMAND FOR LOCALLY MADE PRODUCTS As a key provider to the BSC (building service contractors) market, NXP - National Express Products has maintained consistent supply of PPE and cleaning supplies with limited disruption through the COVID-19 period. As the demand for chemicals surged, products from international brands became constrained through available supply or allocation. 6 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND February 2021

From this NXP has developed key relationships and product initiatives with some key NZ manufacturers. Whilst the whole country was in desperate need of PPE in preparation for the first lockdown, NXP came to the rescue by supplying locally manufactured hand sanitisers to essential workers such as police and healthcare.

MEETING POST- COVID-19 MARKET DEMANDS With the increased importance of workplace hygiene, more businesses are putting drastic new measures in place to reduce the risk of spreading virus. An example of this is companies replacing all electric hand dryers with hand paper towels as a recent research showed that microorganisms inside hand dryers could contaminate washed hands.