INCLEAN NZ August 2021

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In safe hands

A focus on great research and robust training is helping to keep health workers and patients as safe as possible in New Zealand healthcare facilities as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.


Words Cameron Cooper

s one of the world’s most respected authorities in the field of infection prevention and control, Dr Greg Whiteley is proud to be making a difference to health outcomes as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds. However, the impact is not always confined to well-recognised areas such as the Whiteley Corporation’s distribution of hand hygiene, disinfectant, and skincare products through its New Zealand distribution networks. A case in point is how the organisation is helping Pacific region communities through a philanthropic program which supplies muchneeded infection-prevention products to countries in the region. “We’re supplying products into Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa and many of the other smaller islands around the area and this is something that we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do,” Dr Whiteley says. “It’s good neighbourly behaviour that we continue to support our friends and family in these small nations to make sure they stay safe.” Operating out of its Otahuhu headquarters in New Zealand, Whiteley’s commitment to clinical research is having its most profound impact in 28 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

areas such as hospitals, healthcare and medical facilities, and aged care centres. For example, its antibacterial hand sanitisers, hand soaps and hand moisturisers help reduce the spread of healthcare-associated infections. A range of disinfection products keeps healthcare facilities clean and safe. And the business’s skincare products include a bedbathing system and patient care wipes that are suitable for aged care, palliative care and rehabilitation facilities. Dr Whiteley says there has been a very strong response to its products in New Zealand over the past quarter. “We’ve put new staff on, and things are tracking well and we’re grateful for those good outcomes.” While much of the media and public focus is on the coronavirus, Dr Whiteley says his team is keeping its mind on broader health issues, too. “The underlying issue in all markets globally is that while we’re fighting this COVID pandemic, we still constantly have an eye on what’s happening with superbugs and they’re continuing to expand their own footprint into healthcare and other applications. Those super bugs still kill far more people than COVID, especially in New Zealand and Australia.”