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Two Kiwi-owned Businesses Combine Strengths


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The new era of Street cleaning is here. The well-being of people has always been the focus point when designing the new Dulevo D6. Starting from the new cab layout, more comfortable and ergonomic, until the emissions are reduced for lower environmental impact. Reduced noise emission values in the cab -5 dB.

Digital, intelligent and connected. For more information talk to us today

@ 0800 2 NZ CLEAN


Unmistakable at first sight, revolutionary on board – Dulevo D6 paves the way for a new sweeping experience. Its unique DNA blends with the most advanced technology ever to once again redefine the high standards of its category and accompany the operator in every moment of his work, every day.


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s we go to print on this issue, many of you are preparing for CleanNZ. This year, there’s a number of new and returning exhibitors set to showcase their latest products, as well as a great line up of speakers as part of the CleanNZ education program, with all sessions free to attend. Another event not to be missed as part of CleanNZ is the BSCNZ’s CleanSweep Awards. The CleanSweep Awards recognise and celebrate the excellence, dedication, skills and work of members and their service teams in the commercial cleaning industry. Everything you need to know about CleanNZ, including the complete program directory, is from page 33. Also in this issue, we look at the important role cleaners have played in keeping healthcare facilities safe over the past 12 months and as the pandemic continues. Read our healthcare feature from page 28. Supply chains and procurement processes have also been seriously tested during the pandemic, with border closures and lockdowns leading to more red tape and, in some instances, complex customs clearances. We speak to some of the industry’s leading suppliers about they are having to navigate global supply chain disruptions to deliver the goods. Read our procurement feature from page 44. Also in this edition we look at the challenge of succession planning. The cleaning industry has a high concentration of family business owners, and it employs an evergrowing number of people. They form an integral part of the economy and their unique dynamic means that many family business owners hope to pass their business onto the next generation. Despite this however, research shows that only 40 per cent of established family businesses survive the transition to the second generation. Past that point, 13 per cent will survive to a third generation and only 3 per cent to a fourth generation and beyond. We outline some practical tips for you to consider in planning your succession. Read more about this on page 62. We wish everyone a successful tradeshow and look forward to seeing you there! Happy reading!

Claire Hibbit Managing Editor



What’s on 2021 ISSA Pulire

7-9 September 2021 Italy's professional cleaning exhibition will be held in Verona.

Thank Your Cleaner Day 20 October 2021

A New Zealand-based social initiative for the cleaning industry.


Wed 15 - Thu 16 September 2021 Clean NZ Ellerslie Racecourse, Auckland, New Zealand Newmarket Room,

1-2 March 2022

Clean NZ is New Zealand’s only dedicated trade event for the cleaning industry.

23-24 MARCH 2021 SYDNEY

ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo 16-17 March 2022

The cleaning indsutry's premier trade event will be held at ICC Sydney

Interclean Amsterdam

10 May 2022 – 13 May 2022 Europe's leading exhibition for the professional cleaning sector.



BSCNZ CleanSweep Awards receive record number of entries

Serco launches integrated facilities management business

Award winners will be announced at a blacktie event on 2 March following CleanNZ.

Serco Asia Pacific established integrated facilities management business unit.

OfficeMax gifts hand sanitiser to Kiwi charities

Report on New Zealand's gig economy launched

OfficeMax redirects more than 200,000 bottles of hand sanitiser to charities and community groups.

New report on the state of New Zealand’s gig economy released.

Essity finalises purchase of Asaleo Care Essity finalises acquisition of remaining 63.8 per cent of shares in Asaleo Care.

AoG office contract goes sustainable AoG office supplies contract – used by more than a thousand government agencies – to focus on low-waste, sustainable products.


19-22 September 2023 Industry conference and trade fair will take place in Berlin.

ON THE COVER: In November last year, NXP – National Express Products entered into an agreement to purchase New Zealand's largest mid-market facilities supplies ¬firm, The Service Company. Read how building service contractors can benefit from the integration of NXP and The Service Company on page 16.







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24 Mastering your cleaning plan How to build a standardised workloading strategy. 28 In safe hands How a focus on research and training is helping keep health workers and patients safe. 33 CleanNZ Exhibitor Directory Take a look at what’s on at this year’s CleanNZ Expo. 44 Supply chain reaction How suppliers are navigating global supply chain disruptions to deliver the goods. 52 Floorcare to the fore Equipment providers are in demand as COVID-19 puts the spotlight on hygiene. 60 Advanced restrooms deliver hygiene and more Five benefits of smart restroom solutions. 62 Passing the baton Four succession planning tips.

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common floor care mistakes to avoid

Consider the following errors and solutions to keep floors looking their best.


loors are often the first thing that your customers and visitors notice when entering your facility. Floors that are stained, scratched and covered in dirt and debris send the wrong message and may even discourage guests from spending time and money. There are several common floor care mistakes that can impact the look and lifespan of floors. Facility managers should understand these and how to solve them to ensure guests are always greeted with clean and safe floors.

A FIX FOR EVERY FLOOR CARE FAIL Understanding frequent floor care mistakes can help organisations avoid them entirely or take corrective action if they’ve occurred in the past. Consider the following errors and solutions to keep floors looking their best:


Neglecting daily floor maintenance

Floors need attention every day, not just when they appear visibly dirty. Plus, spending time each day to address floors can save time and money in the long run by prolonging their life. Regular vacuuming helps remove dirt, dust and contaminants like sand and salt. Vacuuming also helps prepare floors for tasks like daily floor cleaning. Today, floor care pads constructed with billions of microscopic diamonds can simultaneously clean and polish floors with just water, making floor care faster and 6 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

easier. These pads can also revitalise the look of floors that have been neglected, as they remove scratches and bring shine back to dull surfaces.


Not cleaning spills immediately


Using too much or too little chemical

Spills from beverages, greasy food and even paint can turn into permanent stains if left on floors for too long. Employees should quickly address spills and do visual inspections for spots on a daily basis. Keep a variety of microfibre cloths and mops, carpet spotters and floor cleaners in your supply room to address these often-unavoidable spills and keep them from impacting floor fibres and finishes.

Using the right amount of chemical is crucial for a number of reasons. For example, using too much chemical is wasteful and can result in sticky residues or a hazy appearance. Using too little chemical will likely require employees to clean floors again, which drives up labour costs. To remove guesswork from floor care, consider chemical-free options like Twister diamond pads or use a floor care machine that accommodates pre-portioned pouches of chemical and doses solution according to the speed of the machine to avoid overwetting floors. Many of Diversey’s TASKI floorcare machine range come complete with intelliFlow,

SPONSORED delivering the perfect dose of chemical for the speed of the machine, thus avoiding wet patches or over/under dosing chemical.


Using the wrong product


Failing to train employees

There’s a reason that floor care products are specially formulated for wood, carpet or tile. Using a product on the wrong type of substrate can result in visible damage such as etching and wear on the finish. Know your environment and make sure to use products that are compatible with your floors. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to apply the product.

Organisations can avoid many of the above issues if employees are trained in proper floor care. Make training part of the onboarding process for new employees and provide refresher training for seasoned employees so that they understand cleanliness standards and expectations, as well as how to operate equipment and use tools and chemicals correctly. When employees are confident in how to perform floor care, they are more likely to complete the necessary tasks. your


Ignoring the investment required

It’s important to assess if you are truly willing to invest in the amount of maintenance that is required to achieve the level of appearance you desire. There are different programs available today and the right partner can help you determine the one that best fits your needs and budget. With the right products, machines, pads and procedures, you can align your reality with your expectations. Clean floors lay the groundwork for a successful business. To avoid customer complaints, floors should always be free of contaminants like dirt, dust and debris, scratches and unsightly stains. By addressing the above lapses in floor safety and applying best practices, organisations can maintain cleanliness and protect their flooring investment. Diversey offers a variety of machines, tools and chemicals to help you build a floor care program that fits your needs. Diversey’s facility management solutions save time and increase profits while creating greater value for your customers.

With the right products, machines, pads, and procedures, you can align your reality with your expectations.

Contact your Diversey Representative on 0800 803 615 to find out more. ■


productivity with INTELLISWEEP

A machine that sweeps as it scrubs Interested?

Customer Service:

0800 803 615

Visit our stand to view



at the CLEAN NZ Expo


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Make your floors shine like a diamond



n high-traffic retail settings, keeping floors well-maintained is key for upholding cleanliness, minimising abrasions and reducing slip-and-fall hazards. However, certain maintenance methods like stripping and refinishing can be costly and time-consuming. Retailers that are installing ‘low-maintenance’ floors still need to understand how to preserve the look, safety and lifespan of floors. Thankfully, new floor care options can have a positive impact on appearance, the bottom line and sustainability.

THE TREND TO LOWERMAINTENANCE FLOORS Although every retail store’s floor maintenance plan varies depending upon the desired 8 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

appearance and the amount of daily foot traffic, facilities typically utilise daily cleaning, regular burnishing, scrub and recoat processes, and stripping and refinishing to care for floors. Stripping and refinishing should occur once or twice a year, or even every few months for busy stores. This requires removing old layers of finish and then adding four to eight new coats. Although necessary, stripping and refinishing requires stores to block off areas to allow for work to be completed and floors to dry. The chemicals used are powerful and can produce unpleasant odours that bother customers. Additionally, refinishing is an expensive investment that requires lots of finish and labour. To reduce costs and time spent on floor care, many retailers are transitioning to lowermaintenance substrates like concrete, terrazzo,

SPONSORED marble and stone. However, it’s important for facility managers to understand that these floors still require regular attention. Some opt for ultradurable coatings that require minimal upkeep. Unfortunately, if floors become scratched with these coatings, the abrasions cannot be removed.

THE POWER OF DIAMONDS When floors are glossy, they project an image of cleanliness while those that are dull give off a dirtier appearance. Since a facility’s floors can serve as a lasting first impression for guests and help build brand loyalty, it’s important that they always look their best. Stores once had to utilise both mechanical and chemical components in their floor care routines, first polishing floors with a floor care machine, then applying a chemical protector for stain, slip and abrasion resistance, and then finishing with a cleaner maintainer to add gloss. However, there are now floor pads available that use billions of microscopic diamonds to simultaneously clean and polish floors. These pads are used with conventional floor care machines and don’t require the use of chemicals – water combined with these powerful pads will

remove dirt and build-up from floors as well as unsightly abrasions. The result, beautiful natural looking floors that are safer for guests and employees. In addition to introducing a more sustainable approach to floor care, pads like Twister diamond pads from Diversey can reduce the need for periodic floor maintenance because daily polishing is being conducted. Twister pads deliver productivity and cost savings by reducing the need for more extensive floor maintenance and restoration. Their lifespan is also three times that of a traditional floor cleaning pad.

AN EASIER APPROACH TO FLOOR CARE Twister Diamond Pads are the answer to minimise business disruption, avoid costly stripping and refinishing and ensure an immediate return on investment! Diversey can help you build a floor care program that fits your needs. Diversey’s facility management solutions save time and increase profits while creating greater value for your customers.

Since a facility’s floors can serve as a lasting first impression for guests and help build brand loyalty, it’s important that they always look their best.

Contact your Diversey Representative on 0800 803 615 to find out more. ■

TWISTER Diamond Floor Pads Interested? Customer Service:

0800 803 615

Pads and water are all you need to

Visit our stand to view




at the CLEAN NZ Expo


114 9


BSCNZ CleanSweep Awards receive record number of entries The Building Service Contactors Association of New Zealand’s CleanSweep Awards have received a record number of entrants. The CleanSweep Awards recognise and celebrate the excellence, dedication, skills and work of members and their service teams in the commercial cleaning industry. Award winners will be announced at a black-tie event at the Ellerslie Events Centre on Wednesday, 2 March, following the conclusion of CleanNZ.

CleanNZ is the leading trade event for the commercial cleaning industry. It will take place at Ellerslie Racecourse on Tuesday 1 March and Wednesday, 2 March 2022. The CleanSweep Awards will be hosted by radio and TV personality, Kerre McIvor. The award’s appointed judge, Wendy Stephens, will be in contact shortly with entrants to organise a time for site visits.

“The CleanSweep awards night is an opportunity for the New Zealand commercial cleaning industry to come together and celebrate the success of outstanding organisations and individuals,” said Sarah McBride, CEO of the BSCNZ. “Everyone is welcome to attend the awards dinner so please join BSCNZ for a night of glitz, glamour and celebration.” For more information about the event, visit:

i-team and Filta announce New Zealand partnership i-team is pleased to announce the appointment of Filta as master distribution partner for New Zealand. The i-team range includes the i-mop as well as the new i-drive, i-air and i-spraywash. The i-mop & i-range have been in New Zealand under the stewardship of OfficeMax. Lee James, GM at Filta Cleaning products, said Filta is proud to support i-team in New Zealand and looks forward to developing the products within the NZ market. According to James, i-team is an anchor brand for Filta and offers the New Zealand market “real change in the COVID world”. “Filta and i-team believe we can inspire change through a selected network of i-team distribution partners, expanding the accessibility and support for the i-team range within the market. 10 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

“The i-team range will change the way the market cleans, and it is great to be part of a brand that is on the cutting edge of technology, productivity and design,” said James. “The i-range represents a focus on changing the way we think about cleaning. With i-team solutions on your side, the traditionally menial task of commercial cleaning can be fun and inspiring. “Our developments in high-end commercial and industrial cleaning technologies ranging from floor scrubber dryers, vacuums, washroom cleaning, microfibre and air cleaning will simplify and improve the effectiveness of cleaning processes.” Filta anticipate delivery of the i-range in September and will be present at the upcoming CleanNZ Expo at Stands 42 & 72.


Kärcher NZ welcomes two new team members Ryan De Goede

Kain Shields

Kärcher NZ is proud to introduce two new professional team members. Ryan De Goede has joined Kärcher NZ in the role of key account manager to assist the business look after the BSC and other key industries nationally. His knowledge base derives from 14-years’ industry experience in floorcare equipment, process, and trouble shooting to major industry sectors including hospitality, healthcare, BSC, warehousing, and logistics. “I’m excited to be a part of the Kärcher team in New Zealand and aim maintain and grow existing relationships now and into the future,” he said.

Also joining the team is Kain Shields as territory manager for Auckland and Northland regions, focusing on B2B solution sales and support Kärcher dealer channels. He has a track record as a top achiever from the materials handling industry. “A great communicator with high energy and top attitude Shields is picking up the technical aspect of our industry requirements well,” the company said. “I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful career with Kärcher New Zealand and enjoy the technical nature of the equipment and industry and will strive to make a difference,” Shields said.

09 253 9013 www.tennan


Careerforce will be exhibiting at Clean NZ in March 2022.

Careerforce poised to transition its standard setting functions The Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) was first announced back in February 2019. As a result of these reforms, Careerforce’s two functions, that of arranging workplace training and standard setting, will be transitioned to other organisations. The key function of arranging workplace training is expected to remain with the Industry Training Organisation (ITO), until December 2022, at which stage, it will be transitioned to an as yet unknown provider. In the meantime, Careerforce continues to focus on business as usual, and improved outcomes for its employers and their learners. The responsibility for standard setting is however set to transition to one of six new Workforce Development Councils (WDCs), expected to be operational on 4 October 2021. For most of the sectors that Careerforce presently engages with, these responsibilities will transition to the Community, Health, Education and Social Services WDC. However, the “Building and Other Industrial Cleaning Services” sector 12 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

will transition to the Service Industries Workforce Development Council. According to Minister Chris Hipkins “The newly formed Workforce Development Councils will play a fundamental role in creating a unified vocational education system that will bring together industry and educators to make sure New Zealand’s workforce is fit for today’s needs and tomorrow’s expectations.” At the time of writing, governance roles for each of the inaugural Workforce Development Councils are being appointed. More information about the services industry WDC is available on the TEC website. Standard setting encompasses a range of responsibilities, including developing qualifications, setting standards, moderating assessments and helping shape the curriculum of vocational education. In its current standard setting role, Careerforce has worked closely with stakeholders and employers across the cleaning sectors to identify their workforce skill requirements and standards. It

has also worked with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), to develop these standards into nationally recognised qualifications, with regular reviews to ensure they continued to meet the evolving needs of the workforce. Careerforce would like to thank those people who have provided valuable feedback over the years to help shape the qualifications to meet the changing needs of the industry. More recently Careerforce completed a review of Cleaning Skills and Cleaning and Caretaking Unit Standards in June 2021 and expresses its thanks to those organisation who participated in the review. Careerforce will continue to engage with the cleaning sector over the coming 12 to 18 months as it works towards transitioning its arranging workplace training responsibility to a new provider. It will be consulting with employer partners over July and August to outline the options, and to seek feedback on preferences. Go to transition for more information, and to have your say.


Transforming the Cleaning Industry One bot at a time. Supporting smart navigation, easy operation and a versatile range of cleaning features. The autonomous floor cleaning robots from AutobotsClean increase productivity, improve efficiency and measurability compared to traditional cleaning methods.

To enquire or book a demonstration contact: Anthony Lau 021 886 887 |


Cleaning at MIQ hotel concerns industry expert One of New Zealand’s leading cleaning experts is questioning the safety of managed isolation facilities after experiencing “worryingly substandard cleaning” at an MIQ hotel. Liezl Foxcroft, who heads CrestClean’s Master Cleaners Training Institute (MCTI), recently spent a mandatory 14 days in managed isolation after returning from a trip to South Africa for family reasons. According to Foxcroft, when she arrived at the hotel she was shocked to find a thick layer of dust on some surfaces and mould in the bathroom, both of which indicated the room had not been cleaned thoroughly. There were no cleaning or sanitising products provided for use during her stay — and when requested, she was given a used toilet brush, Chux-style clothes and general-purpose cleaners that did not contain hypochlorite, as recommended by the Ministry of Health to disinfect surfaces from COVID-19. “I expected it to be meticulously clean, but it was far from it,” said Foxcroft. “Given that our MIQ facilities are our highest risk areas, this level of cleaning is utterly unacceptable. If this is indicative of the standard of cleaning in other rooms and other facilities, then it poses a serious health risk.” Particularly concerning was the layer of dust, creating a microbial reservoir for bacteria and viruses, said Foxcroft. The most up-to-date research shows that if surfaces are not cleaned properly before being sanitised, they can still harbour germs, which live beneath a layer of biofilm undetectable to the naked eye. 14 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

That is why fogging, or the large-scale spraying of areas with disinfectant, is not recommended by the Ministry, World Health Organisation and international cleaning experts, she explains. “If the surfaces haven’t been cleaned properly, fogging is nothing more than hygiene theatre.” As CEO of the Master Cleaners Training Institute, the largest trainer of cleaning personnel in New Zealand, Foxcroft is responsible for the training of more than 1000 CrestClean personnel each year. Continually upskilling with the latest international findings and best practice in cleaning, she recently completed the Cleaning Industry Research Institute’s ‘Viruses and Dust in the Indoor Environment and the Impact of Cleaning’ course. “Most people might not be bothered by a bit of dust, but knowing what I know, I was horrified by what I found in my hotel room,” said Foxcroft. With black mould in the bathroom, and the hand basin in the bathroom doubling as a kitchen sink and laundry tub, it was not only COVID-19 that posed a risk, she adds. “You are washing your dirty dishes and clothes in the same basin where you are brushing your teeth — and there are no cleaning products provided. There are all sorts of bugs that can incubate in that environment.” Foxcroft questioned what processes were in place to ensure safe and thorough cleaning of MIQ facilities. “At CrestClean we carry out regular audits for all our customers, and this level of cleaning would not have made the grade in a regular clean, never mind a pandemic clean.”


23-24 MARCH 2021 SYDNEY

ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo rescheduled to March 2022 In light of the current COVID-19 situation, ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, has reschedule the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo. The ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo will now take place on 16-17 March 2022 at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney. Lauren Micallef, Oceania Manager, ISSA, said the decision was made following consultation with industry and the ISSA Oceania advisory council. “Our focus is the health and safety of our exhibitors, their staff as well as speakers and attendees. While it’s disappointing that we can’t hold the expo in 2021, we want to ensure we are putting forward the best possible event for all those involved and ensure that everyone has a chance to participate and attend,” said Micallef. “We remain as determined as ever to deliver a bigger and better event for the industry and its stakeholders. The ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo is a national event and a time when the industry, as well as related industries can come together to share their experiences and insight as well as showcase their latest products, services, and innovations.

“Delivering an event like this takes an enormous amount of planning and dedication from everyone involved. We would especially like to thank all exhibitors and sponsors for their patience and support throughout these challenging times.”

ISSA INCLEAN Excellence Awards 2022 The INCLEAN Excellence Awards will be a major drawcard and highlight of the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo. “We plan to make the awards bigger and better than ever,” said Micallef. “The new and improved awards program will feature a diverse and professional panel of judges from different sectors of the industry, as well as a robust and comprehensive judging process that guarantees transparent, fair and independent results. “We look forward to welcoming you to the rescheduled ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo in March 2022.” All current bookings for the previously scheduled show in October 2021 will be transferred to the new show dates. If you have questions, please contact Samantha Ewart on (612) 8586 6106 or email

wwSCRUB - WASH - DRY ONE w MACHINE TO CLEAN ALL .sYOUR pe FLOORS cia OUTSTANDING RESULTS! lis tcl ean ing rotowash su pp lie CALL NOW for an onsite demonstration ! s.c o.n Free Phone : 0800 477 6243 z Authorised New Zealand Distributor

Hard Floor Cleaning: Ceramic Tiles Marble Concrete Natural Stone Anti-Slip Wood

Soft Floor Cleaning: Vinyl Lino Rubber Anti-Slip Resin Sports Surfaces including Tatami Flotex

Special Cleaning: Escalators, Travelators Entrance Matting Metal Floors including Checker Plate

Carpet Cleaning: Synthetics Commercial CLEVER CLEANING Domestic since 1971

R 15






What BSCs can benefit from the integration of NXP and The Service Company In November last year, NXP – National Express Products entered into an agreement to purchase New Zealand's largest mid-market facilities supplies firm, The Service Company. We are thrilled to announce that we have integrated the two businesses and are operating as one company under NXP. Service is key. The Service Company's name says it all, the business has a massive focus on providing personalised service to the different needs of BSC customers. By adopting this model into NXP means we are taking our service offering to a new level and expanding our team with more expertise to further help our BSC customers grow their business, big or small. What does this mean for you? Rest assured that you can still rely on the same great people and collectively we will continue to provide you with quality service. Single Source Solution | Rogue spending is costly so get everything you need from one place. From the essentials that keep your business going like cleaning, kitchen, and safety supplies, to

Cleaning Machinery


Cleaning Hardware

The merge of the two Kiwi-owned businesses means we are combing our strengths to provide an even better outcome for you and your business.

Reduce your procurement costs and source locally Exclusive Offers and Products | As we expand our range and solutions, expect to see more deals and offers only available to our BSC customers. Our recent exclusive product includes Willmop 50, a scrubber dryer that substantially saves water and power, and is 40% faster than similar machines in the market. NZ Made | The Service Company has been supplying and manufacturing cleaning chemicals here in New Zealand for over 20 years. Following COVID-19, it has become critical for businesses to source locally to guarantee surety of supply. Not only can you count on us for high quality Environmental Choice NZ certified cleaning chemicals and products as well as low-cost options, we can also produce personalised products for your cleaning practices.

new insights about work technology, workspaces, print and marketing, leverage our buying power to save time and money.

Cleaning Chemicals


Waste Solutions

Get ahead of competitors and future-proof your business Expertise on Tap | Our facilities specialists have been training cleaning contractors for decades, bringing you the latest solutions that optimise your staff ’s productivity and safety. We are hands-on people and will work alongside with cleaners and your clients' staff regardless of what time it is. Best in Class Service | BSC is a fast and flexible industry so we have to be the same in order to help your business grow. Whether it is same day delivery, stocking your cleaners' cupboards or installing dispensers, our team’s core focus is to help you save time and labour.

Simon Witchalls, NXP's Facilities Specialist providing training on their latest exclusive scrubber dryer, Wilmop50

Innovation Day & Webinar | Stay on top of industry knowledge by attending our innovation events and talk to experts from leading vendors.

Save time by reducing admin and complexity Powerful E-Commerce | Thousands of buyers including government, corporate and small businesses use the NXPortal daily. Get access to budget and approval functions, control small orders and restrict buyer access to low-waste or low-cost alternatives. Expect free next day delivery for orders over $50 with a cut off time as late as 5pm.

B2B Integration | By integrating with NXP, you can automate workflow and approvals, reduce procurement cycle time and costs and eliminate manual requisitions so your team can have more time to focus on business activities. Business Advisory | Not only can we provide you with a transparent overview of your purchasing and deliveries, you’ll get a comparison against the BSC industry, trending procurement behaviours and environmental impact reporting, all provided with insights that will drive better outcomes for your business.

Stocktake and Ordering done for you | Take the worry out of managing stock on hand, while removing the risk of running out of critical items with NXP.

With the NXP Advisory Service you will get insights and analysis to maximise the value and savings of your procurement.

Exclusive e-commerce portal to BSC customers with tailored product range. 17


OfficeMax gifts hand sanitiser to Kiwi charities OfficeMax has undertaken a mammoth task to donate more than 200,000* bottles of hand sanitiser to charities across New Zealand ahead of the cold and flu season, equal to more than $1.9 million at retail value and the equivalent of 115 metric tonnes. What began as an internal initiative in June to contact charities in need, quickly escalated with more than 100,000 bottles donated so far. OfficeMax is now inviting charities, and community organisations in Auckland and Christchurch that would like to request hand sanitiser to email to receive free bottles for members of their communities this winter. The operation will see products ranging from small (375ml) and medium sized (500ml) pump bottles to large refill bottles (1-5L) being distributed to hundreds more New Zealand charities and community groups from its Auckland and Christchurch distribution centres to help fight the spread of germs. All Heart NZ, the charitable trust that helps redirect businesses’ surplus items away from landfill to communities in need, along with NZ Food Network, the not-for-profit that distributes grocery goods to food rescue organisations Kiwi and charities, were

amongst the first groups to receive the hand sanitiser and help distribute it around New Zealand. All Heart founder, Joseph Youssef, says: “Throughout the course of our three-year partnership with OfficeMax, we’ve been able to redirect countless products to find a positive and circular solution that benefits our communities. The hand sanitiser will help us to support those facing hardships this winter to create a healthier and safer environment for them and their whānau.” Since the beginning of June, 28,504 bottles have been redirected to more than 30 different community organisations via All Heart NZ, while a further 15,120 bottles have been given to more than 12 charities via the New Zealand Food Network. OfficeMax employees have also been provided with hand sanitiser, with more than 23,000 bottles distributed across Auckland through immediate whānau, friends and their own chosen charities. OfficeMax managing director, Kevin Obern, said: “With the cold and flu season imminent, it’s important that our communities stay safe and healthy and we know that hand hygiene is a big part of that. Our aim is to redirect product, directly to the charities and organisations who need it most – I’d encourage community organisations to get in touch.”

Approximate figure of bottles distributed based on best data from OfficeMax. Exact figure may reasonably vary. *

Essity commits to cutting greenhouse gas emissions Essity has announced its updated sustainability targets including a commitment to develop targets to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest. This includes raising the ambition level of Essity’s current Science Based Targets. Other updated targets include sustainable innovations, occupational safety and responsible sourcing. The net-zero ambition means that Essity will join the U.N. Global Compact’s “Business Ambition for 1.5°C” to develop targets to reach net zero emissions by 2050 for the entire value chain, in line with Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) criteria.


This includes an upgraded target in line with “Well-below 2°C” scenario and means the company commits to reducing its Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions with 35 per cent by 2030 from 2016. Essity will reach the net-zero target and reduce its environmental impact by increased focus on energy efficiency, removal of fossil fuels, and increased use of renewable energy. In addition, Essity has increased the ambition for sustainable innovations. The new target is that at least 50 per cent of all innovations should yield a social and/or environmental improvement. Sustainable innovations are measured as share of revenue from innovations launched in the last three years. For occupational safety, Essity has an updated target to reduce the total recordable injuries rate by 75 per cent by 2025 compared to 2019. Essity has also updated the target for responsible sourcing to 95 per cent of Essity’s total purchase cost is to be from suppliers that comply with Essity’s Global Supplier Standard by 2025. “We are committing to ambitious targets that will require us to continue to constantly improve the way we innovate and contribute to a circular society,” said Magnus Groth, President and CEO at Essity. “As a leading global hygiene and health company, Essity has an important role to play and together with our customers, consumers, and other partners for increased well-being for both people and the planet.”





The next generation of Upright Scrubber Dryer Machines

x w.n






360° range reaching all hard to reach areas Covers 2100m² per hour

z p.n

Designed for commercial, healthcare and industrial cleaning

Energy saving mode provides 40% water saving & over 15% of working battery-charge efficiency

Contact your NXP facilities specialists today

Supported by NXP in-house service technicians

Large tank capacity 5/7L and wide scrubbing path of 50cm Ergonomic desgin allows user to work with one or two hands with minimal effort Detachable tank equipped with detection sensor

North Island - Neil Donoghue - 022 423 3251 - South Island - Jim Kettle - 027 274 1388 -


Make your healthcare compliance auditing easier with

CheckupOnline CheckupOnline offers efficient and effective cleaning standards auditing.


leaning audits play a pivotal role in evaluating cleaning outcomes and reducing risks. Regular internal audits identify areas of cleaning and maintenance concern, and the need for continuous improvement to achieve an acceptable quality level. Cleaning standards auditing requires a thorough knowledge of the applicable cleaning standard relevant to your industry, the resources, skills, and tools to undertake valid audits efficiently, and access to meaningful data. Auditing can assist in improving outcomes, support and maintain accreditation requirements, address gaps in service delivery, and identify key deliverables as part of contract negotiation and management. By auditing your cleaning standards, you will demonstrate a consistent approach to a clean safe work environment where risks are minimised, and you have access to timely data to manage performance.

A SIMPLIFIED SOLUTION CheckupOnline is a web and app-based auditing tool, created by Infection Prevention Australia (IPA) that is specifically designed to make the task of auditing simpler and faster, enabling more powerful and actionable reports. IPA is a leading company providing independent infection prevention and control services, aligned with best practice and healthcare standards and guidelines. 20 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

CheckupOnline was created by IPA founder Michelle Bibby, who as an authorised cleaning standards auditor, identified a gap in the market for digitalised auditing. “I realised there weren’t any simple, easy to use tools to conduct audits, which could not only generate reports at the time of the audit, but also provide feedback to cleaners and managers,” explains Michelle. “The problem this posed was, if it was difficult for me to conduct an external audit, then I could only imagine how difficult it must be for organisations to implement a robust internal cleaning audit program that allowed for scheduled auditing, timely and easy functions, as well as generate a range of reports that could be used to improve outcomes and comply with relevant standards.” CheckupOnline is based on the Cleaning Standards of Victoria 2011 Standard. The system automates auditing schedules to be aligned with individual facilities and risks, taking the guess work out of which rooms to audit, with room audits easily identifiable by location and by month. “Cleaning reports are simple and easy to generate at the time of the audit. There is no need to go back to a desktop. As soon as the audit is done, and you know what audit report you want, it is done and can be emailed straight to the team or department. “We really wanted to be able to provide reporting so that organisations can benchmark across multi-campuses and right down to the individual element so that targeted education and resources can be implemented as a result of the audit.”


The easy to use auditing tool also provides immediate results and reporting on progress, outcomes, and rectification requirements that can be printed or downloaded for sharing in multiple formats such as PDF, Excel, .CSV and images. CheckupOnline also captures and identifies rectification and maintenance issues without impacting cleaning audit outcomes and enables different user access at an organisation and facility level. “One of the big benefits is that when the audit is set up for your organisation, we schedule it so that when the user logs on, all they have to do is open the month and they will see what audits are due. Only those due are visible. “We also wanted to make it quick and easy to adjust audit schedules too. For example, if a ward was closed, with a click of a button we can take it off the schedule and re-set it when it is back in operation. That way, staff know exactly what areas they need to audit and can plan accordingly.”

DATA DRIVEN OUTCOMES IPA has recently collaborated with Quality Auditing to launch the system in New Zealand. Quality Auditing’s aim is to provide quality assured cleaning audit services to organisations operating within New Zealand’s healthcare services using CheckupOnline.

“Quality Auditing has a vision to improve cleaning standards including auditing for organisations in NZ just as I did when I founded IPA,” says Michelle. “To work in cleaning, you need to have a passion for it. It is hard work, and we need to make it worthwhile. The three main reasons why we need a robust cleaning audit program are to: improve patient outcomes and prevent infections, improve public perception around cleanliness, and provide a safe work environment for all users of an organisation. “We have seen the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how important cleaning has played in reducing transmission. Quality Auditing continues to demonstrate a commitment to wanting to help organisations achieve that.” With a passion for the cleaning industry and in making a difference, Quality Auditing’s Director Darlene Chatfield has personally completed Level 2 & 3 Cleaning Qualifications through New Zealand-based registered training organisation, Careerforce. Darlene is also a Certified Management System Lead Specialist for Quality Management Systems, and a qualified Victorian Cleaning Standards Auditor (QVCSA). “Having a background in contract management for cleaning services within a large District Health Board, you quickly get

Quality Auditing’s aim is to provide quality assured cleaning audit services to organisations operating within New Zealand’s healthcare services using CheckupOnline.

Left: Sample audit report capturing Cleaning and Maintenance Comments 21


Using CheckupOnline, we work with you to map your facility and room data to the standard and load your audit schedule ready for use. Our goal is to ensure your schedule meets the standard.

Above: Monthly audit schedule with completed audits in green Below: Quick and easy audit tool with option to upload evidence

to understand the importance of developing your teams to provide a proficient service that delivers on your contractual obligations,” explains Chatfield. “It’s easy to be focused on your profit margins and ticking the boxes on your service level agreement, but it’s not just about operating a commercial cleaning business. It’s about creating and maintaining a clean health care service environment. In minimising the risks of infection for patients, or the risks associated with occupational health and safety for staff and visitors. "Substandard cleaning doesn’t provide value for money. It degrades your brand and can draw unwanted media attention, which in turn has a negative impact on contract renewals or new business." Says Chatfield.

“Using CheckupOnline, we work with you to map your facility and room data to the standard and load your audit schedule ready for use. Our goal is to ensure your schedule meets the standard. No more. No less.” Training and support are also provided for users, as well as training to properly undertake a cleaning audit. “We set-up your user access and provide training on how to use the system,” explains Chatfield. “We can also provide experienced auditors to undertake internal or external auditing for you. Support is provided by way of phone or email during business hours to published SLAs.” For Michelle, CheckupOnline is not just about the technology, but the people behind it. “IPA together with Quality Auditing want to make it a better space to work in, to really make a difference. It’s not only a super easy tool, that is fun to use, CheckupOnline also offers support, education, and training.” For more information call +64 274949700 (New Zealand) or +61 429 071 165 (Australia) or email or ■

Don’t miss the Quality Auditing & CheckupOnline launch at CleanNZ Expo on

Tuesday, 1 March and Wednesday, 2 March 2021. 22 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

Automate your cleaning standards auditing A complete and fully customisable solution to auditing within healthcare and other service industries

Created by an auditor for auditors, CheckupOnline is a simple, easy to use, cleaning standards auditing tool, providing powerful audit management capability to an organisation. Based on the Cleaning Standards for Victorian Health Facilities, CheckupOnline: 4 Is mobile device friendly enabling audits to be completed on the go. 4 Automates your audit schedule taking the guess work out of what to audit and when. 4 Provides immediate reporting on audit outcomes that can be printed or downloaded for sharing in multiple formats. 4 Captures and identifies rectification and maintenance issues. 4 Enables different user access at an organisation and facility level. CheckupOnline pricing is based on your average monthly audit volumes. In collaboration with infection Prevention Australia (IPA), Quality Auditing’s aim is to provide quality assured cleaning audit services to organisations operating within New Zealand’s healthcare services using CheckupOnline. Don’t miss the Quality Auditing & Checkup launch at Clean NZ Expo from 15 - 16 September, 2021. Call us today to find more about CheckupOnline and how we can help make auditing your cleaning standards simple and easy.


+61 429 071 165 (Australia) or +64 274949700 (New Zealand) | | |


Mastering your cleaning plan

Build a standardised workloading strategy with these six steps. Words Tim Poskin




isinfecting took center stage during the global pandemic. You may now find yourself behind on other important cleaning tasks assigned a lower priority. How do you determine and defend staffing levels to ensure these cleaning tasks are completed too? Cleaning standardisation, workloading, and scheduling are the keys to your success. Cleaning organisations typically don’t standardise their methods for determining cleaning practices and priorities, even with a limited staff. Many are reactionary in their custodial operations and lack a dedicated investment in workloading. Organisations that create tightly integrated and standardised workloading solutions are better able to stay on course for success, even when there are less people available to do the work. They are prepared when an opportunity or crisis arises that requires a quick decision. Efficient workloading creates a calendar for necessary tasks and documents their

frequency. It enables staff assignments based on a building’s cleaning needs, the risks associated with doing (or not doing) these tasks, and the available budget. Proper workloading that is specific to the tools and equipment chosen allows organisations to align resources with the people who do the work.


Organisations that create tightly integrated and standardised workloading solutions are better able to stay on course for success.

The path forward is easier than you think. Adopting an existing standard that has already been vetted by the cleaning industry will simplify the process. The new Official ISSA Cleaning Times resource details hundreds of tasks and tools, including a benchmarked time for each. For additional assistance, implement the following recommendations to create an integrated approach to the entire cleaning program:

1. Set aside the right amount of time: Dedicate the appropriate amount of time to plan, execute, and follow through to ensure your success.


w.c “Our investment in are training has helped e rfo staff motivation, retention, and rc e.o client satisfaction.” rg Yvonne Percival, Kleenrite Customer Services Manager


Yvonne Percival can attest to the quality of work and service improvements that result from staff completing Careerforce training programmes. Cleaners gain the skills needed to achieve nationally recognised cleaning qualifications.

Careerforce is the Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for the cleaning sector, supporting employers to deliver workplace-based training.


Call us about free enrolment in cleaning programmes! 0800 277 486




A workload strategy provides cleaning organisations with the opportunity to build an efficient and innovative cleaning plan with a balanced workload that leads to high performance.

2. Define your cleaning objectives: Give some thought to defining and setting your cleaning goals. Ensure these goals are in line with the organisation’s expectations, regulatory requirements, and desired healthy cleaning outcomes. This will serve as a guide later when you are prioritising, assigning, and scheduling the cleaning work. Make sure the tasks and workload are aligned to these objectives and review them often to ensure they remain aligned, especially if you have recently given all your attention to disinfecting. Defining your cleaning objective will also allow you to clear your cleaning schedule more readily of tasks that are not bringing you closer to accomplishing your objectives. 3. Calculate the workload: Once you’ve defined your cleaning goals you will need to calculate what needs to be done to achieve them. In other words, you need to calculate the actual cleaning team workload. This step will range in complexity depending on the type, size, and number of cleanable areas, space types, and tasks involved so it helps to break it down. First, make a list of all the cleaning projects and processes the cleaning team needs to deliver. Estimate the time and commitment each of these cleaning projects and processes will demand from your team. Break down the projects/processes into smaller tasks/phases to set workload on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Identify which tasks are most urgent and organise them by priority. 4. Establish your team’s capacity. Now that you know how much cleaning work needs to get done, you’ll need to understand how much work your cleaning team can actually deliver. Make sure to account for real-life events such as vacations, hiring struggles, or other compromises/responsibilities.


5. Distribute the cleaning work. Assign the cleaning work according to the workloaded tasks. Avoid overloading the overachievers and undermining those that are at the other end of the spectrum. Giving work to those who will eagerly take it and complete it quickly will be tempting, but you risk burning them out. 6. Be flexible. Don’t expect to complete workloading once and be done with it. You must also be prepared to rearrange workload if needed. Take a flexible approach and understand you may need to pivot, as being rigid about the workload strategy can create long-term cleaning problems. Priorities may shift and workloads may become uneven. As long as everything evens out over the span of a year, it’s normal to have ups and downs in between while still achieving the desired cleaning results.

BUILDING A BETTER PLAN A workload strategy provides cleaning organisations with the opportunity to build an efficient and innovative cleaning plan with a balanced workload that leads to high performance. Standardised workloading not only benefits the front-line cleaning workers, but also the employees tasked with making and defending custodial staffing levels. The result provides a mathematical and factual basis for custodial staffing levels to meet customer and management expectations of clean. This article originally appeared in the July/ August 2021 issue of ISSA’s Cleaning and Maintenance Management (CMM) magazine. Tim Poskin is president of Cleaning Management Concepts LLC. He is a leading authority on custodial workloading and currently serves as chair of the ISSA Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) workloading and benchmarking committee. He can be reached at ■


in cleaning products and parts

New Zealand’s leading wholesale distributor of commercial & domestic cleaning products and parts. The solutions driven and local Vacspare teams have extensive experience and product knowledge, working with customers to build a successful business partnerships for over 15 years. Domestic, commercial & ducted vacuums, vacuum bags & filters, janitorial, motors, hoses, electrical cords & many other vacuum spare parts & accessories. Leading brands including:

Contact your local Vacspare sales representative today

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In safe hands

A focus on great research and robust training is helping to keep health workers and patients as safe as possible in New Zealand healthcare facilities as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.


Words Cameron Cooper

s one of the world’s most respected authorities in the field of infection prevention and control, Dr Greg Whiteley is proud to be making a difference to health outcomes as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds. However, the impact is not always confined to well-recognised areas such as the Whiteley Corporation’s distribution of hand hygiene, disinfectant, and skincare products through its New Zealand distribution networks. A case in point is how the organisation is helping Pacific region communities through a philanthropic program which supplies muchneeded infection-prevention products to countries in the region. “We’re supplying products into Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa and many of the other smaller islands around the area and this is something that we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do,” Dr Whiteley says. “It’s good neighbourly behaviour that we continue to support our friends and family in these small nations to make sure they stay safe.” Operating out of its Otahuhu headquarters in New Zealand, Whiteley’s commitment to clinical research is having its most profound impact in 28 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

areas such as hospitals, healthcare and medical facilities, and aged care centres. For example, its antibacterial hand sanitisers, hand soaps and hand moisturisers help reduce the spread of healthcare-associated infections. A range of disinfection products keeps healthcare facilities clean and safe. And the business’s skincare products include a bedbathing system and patient care wipes that are suitable for aged care, palliative care and rehabilitation facilities. Dr Whiteley says there has been a very strong response to its products in New Zealand over the past quarter. “We’ve put new staff on, and things are tracking well and we’re grateful for those good outcomes.” While much of the media and public focus is on the coronavirus, Dr Whiteley says his team is keeping its mind on broader health issues, too. “The underlying issue in all markets globally is that while we’re fighting this COVID pandemic, we still constantly have an eye on what’s happening with superbugs and they’re continuing to expand their own footprint into healthcare and other applications. Those super bugs still kill far more people than COVID, especially in New Zealand and Australia.”



There has been a change of focus by employers to now include infection control in the training, rather than just general cleaning.


TRAINING AND EDUCATION THE KEY Whether it is superbugs or COVID-19, what has become clearer than ever in the past 12 months is the important role that cleaners have to play in keeping people safe in healthcare facilities. One group that is helping to improve cleaning standards across New Zealand is Careerforce, an industry training organisation that supports workplace-based training and enables employees to achieve nationally recognised qualifications across the health and wellbeing sector. Elizabeth Steer, product manager at Careerforce, says one of the upsides from COVID-19 has been the recognition of the importance of cleaning, and of having a welltrained and competent cleaning workforce. “There has been a change of focus by employers to now include infection control in the training, rather than just general cleaning,” she says. Steer says when the pandemic hit, it was clear that the level and type of cleaning needed to change. “Hospitals were already focused on cleaning and infection control, now they had to be even more vigilant. In the aged care sector, there was additional in-house training and processes and practices updated.” She adds that two of the most significant changes in the past year have been the introduction of ‘disinfectant fogging’ and the increased use in the type and range of personal protective equipment (PPE).

“At the beginning of the pandemic, the focus was on droplet infection and surface cleaning and fogging became a new tool for the general cleaning sector, particularly as an additional layer of protection. Use of fogging equipment and the different types of PPE required for fogging has required additional training and knowledge by both the employers and cleaning staff.” Careerforce has witnessed a clear rise in the appetite for training and education among cleaning companies as a result of COVID-19. Training is a mandated requirement for cleaners in hospitals through the Ministry of Health’s Multi-Employer Collective Agreement (MECA), so these cleaners must have the opportunity to train to a Level 3 qualification.

HYGIENE IN THE SPOTLIGHT Dr Whiteley, who in the past has called for increased investment in healthcare cleaning, says in the fight against superbugs and viruses such as COVID-19 a delicate balance is required between having sufficiently aggressive cleaning products and not destroying underlying surfaces. For instance, some solutions might work well on metals but not plastics, and vice-versa. Dr Whiteley says superbugs can be shielded from cleaning products, especially when they are in biofilms, which are thin slime-like layers of microorganisms that promote bacterial growth. Killing those bacteria effectively is crucial to infection prevention.

HEALTHCARE “We’re looking at the underlying science. It’s a very complex area, but it has major ramifications for cleaning and how we get things cleaned and how we remove biofilm from surfaces and stop these superbugs spreading.” Dr Whiteley notes that three big factors have made a significant difference to hygiene standards in the past two centuries – recognition of microorganisms, the development of vaccines, and the creation and proliferation of antibiotics. “Those things have meant that paradoxically in the last 90 years we’ve become a little more complacent about hygiene. But the cat is out of the bag now and global pandemic means that awareness of hygiene has risen back to levels we haven’t seen really since post-World War II.”

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE To pay its part in keeping New Zealanders safe, Careerforce has been working closely with the Ministry of Health to create ‘hand washing’ and ‘infection prevention’ resources. It has also supported the cleaning sector, in association with the Ministry, to develop training resources around deep cleaning for COVID-19. 31


Full steam ahead without chemicals

Steer says the pandemic comes with strong warnings for cleaning contractors and cleaning-service providers. “It is clear that contract cleaners operating in a hospital setting need to observe best practice principles or they will not get the contract,” she says. The positive side is that COVID-19 has emphasised cleaners’ role as essential workers and opens the way for more career opportunities in the sector. “In a commercial cleaning environment, organisations experience a lot of churn, often with roles taken by students,” Steer says. “However, we have seen an increase in cleaners being trained in supervisory skills and being enrolled in the New Zealand Certificate in Cleaning (Level 3) Supervision Strand to become team leaders. Some cleaners also choose to look at franchise or business opportunities and we have seen some make the move to running their own cleaning operation.” For his part, Dr Whiteley wants his team to keep contributing to better health outcomes for all New Zealanders. “We collaborate with world-class universities and we make sure that we are operating at global best practice and doing it in a way that’s economically viable for New Zealand and Australia.” He says when companies buy Whiteley technology they have the surety that it has been developed in Australia and New Zealand. “This is not material that’s being imported and then rebranded under local conditions. We want people to not catch diseases they don’t need to catch and that’s the core message we’d like to communicate to our friends in New Zealand.” ■ 32 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

Going chemical-free in a hospital seems like a brave call. However, it is a move that has paid off for Hutt Valley District Health Board since it overhauled the cleaning strategy at Hutt Hospital in 2016. The hospital introduced chemical-free cleaning, relying instead on stem cleaning and microfibre cloths. Debbie Jennings, manager, Domestic Services for Hutt Valley DHB, admits some rates of infection from bacteria that are known to be resistant to chemicals had been higher than expected. So, it made sense to trial a new form of cleaning. Today, cleaners at the hospital use dry steam under pressure at 140 degrees for cleaning and sterilisation. Microfibre cloths are the key to tackling organic matter and dirt. Jennings says the microfibre cloths are the “work horse” under the new approach. “We focus on picking up bioburden rather than killing it with chemicals.” Curtains are also steamed and do not have to be taken down each time for cleaning, solving a former problem whereby wards did not have enough clean curtains at any point in time.

Hitting paydirt While Jennings concedes that not using chemicals in a hospital is controversial, especially in the wake of COVID-19, the results speak for themselves. For example, the number of Clostridioides difficile diarrhoea cases at Hutt Hospital have dropped dramatically, and ATP tests across high touch-point areas have also reported a massive improvement. Furthermore, an analysis of the changes conducted has seen financial savings in cleaning time and chemical costs. Initial reservations from clinicians at the hospital have been turned around.

“At first they asked, ‘why are we cleaning theatres with water?’ but we just had to show them our infection data to convince them,” Jennings says. “And the amount of money we save is huge.” Other benefits include being able to clean sensitive equipment with microfibre cloths and having the ability to steamclean textiles that cannot be cleaned with hypochlorites bleach and disinfectants. Such outcomes have led to interest from other hospitals and healthcare operations.

Team effort To ensure all nurses, workers and cleaners are up to speed with the chemical-free cleaning regime, Hutt Valley DHB has implemented a robust training program. All cleaners are shown best-practice techniques for steam and microfibre cleaning, and they also go back to basics to learn the key principles of proper hygiene, sterilisation and sanitisation. “We’ve actually been teaching cleaners how to clean properly,” Jennings says. “Too many people just rely on chemicals and don’t use them properly. They just spray and wipe.” The one concession Hutt Valley DHB has made since the outset of the pandemic is to increase the frequency of steam and microfibre cleans where appropriate. Jennings says the old approach of adhering to Victorian cleaning standards that simply recommended a ‘visual standard’ of cleanliness for hospitals has been proven to be flawed, with visual indicators being a poor indicator of cleaning efficacy and microbiological cleanliness. Conscious of potentially losing a valuable client, chemical-wipe manufacturers have come on board to make the disposable microfibre cloths the hospital needs. As Jennings explains: “They know it’s the future.”


New Zealand’s largest dedicated cleaning & hygiene trade show

Tue 1 - Wed 2 March 2022

Newmarket Room, Ellerslie Racecourse, Auckland, New Zealand

Expo Directory & Programme Visit or phone 0800 451 590 (NZ) / 1300 789 845 (AUS)

New Zealand’s largest dedicated cleaning & hygiene trade show

I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone attending the CleanNZ expo for 2022. In conjunction with Interpoint we are excited to host this fantastic two-day industry event. This is our opportunity to network, learn and connect. Our suppliers and exhibitors are present to share new innovations, products, and services. Please come to our expo stand and meet the BSCNZ team, find out more about membership, and what we have in store for the following next 12 months. At the conclusion of the CleanNZ™ expo we will hold the biannual CleanSweep™ industry awards, where we celebrate the very best of our industry. We have a brilliant evening planned with Kere McIvor as our MC. Please come along and celebrate our industry’s best. We have many informative seminars organised over the next two days, so please check out the schedule and ensure you bring your team. BSCNZ are pleased announce a dual seminar with FMANZ which will be held on the second morning of this two-day event, providing further opportunities to engage, network, and share ideas. Again, welcome to CleanNZ expo, we look forward to connecting with you soon. Sarah McBride CEO, BSCNZ

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Seminar Programme Day 1

Tuesday 1st March

10:00 – 11:00 am Carpet cleaning to industry standard Paul Pritchard, Training Manager - Cleaning Systems This presentation will follow an open forum (audience participation style) and deal with important aspects of the ANSI/IICRC S100 and AS/NZS 3733:2018 carpet cleaning standards and why a science based approach rather than an anecdotal one in carpet cleaning is so important. Paul will be encouraging any questions from the audience relating to approved methods of cleaning, troubleshooting any cleaning issues, stains or anything related to the correct cleaning of carpet or upholstery and fabric. He will be promoting the Carpet Cleaners Association of NZ. About Paul

Paul Pritchard is Training Manager at CSL Ascend Training which is the leading training provider for Health & Safety, Flood Damage Restoration, Carpet & Fabric Cleaning, Meth Testing & Decontamination and Pest Control. CSL Ascend provides both NZQA & IICRC courses both in classroom and livestream format and has been a recognised industry training provider for more than two decades.

11:15 – 11:50 am The latest on pest control training Paul Pritchard, Training Manager - Cleaning Systems There has been a significant change in legislative requirements around who can perform professional pest control since 2017. There has also been a paradigm shift in how pest control technicians are trained. With the increasing use of live stream, as well as in-person, and workplace training the pest control sector has embraced these very accessible forms of training. In addition learning incentives such as the governments TTAF apprenticeship scheme now provides generous subsidies for those wanting to enter this sector. The audience will be encouraged to ask questions as to what is required legally in the pest control industry and any pest control issues in general.

12:00 – 12:45 pm Labour shortage: Finding (and keeping) cleaners André Reynolds, Founder - Grow@ Finding cleaners in a tight labour market has become difficult, and is set to become an increasing constraint on operational growth over the coming years. Contractors, and the industry as a whole, need to consider a different approach to recruiting and retaining workers. Pay and conditions are important, but these are just part of the overall employment value proposition (EVP) that the industry has to offer. About Andre

André Reynolds has worked in human resources in the facilities services industry for the past 25 years. Following his Baccalaureate of Social Science degree in South Africa, he went on to achieve a Master of Science degree in the UK, specialising in facilities management. Immigration to New Zealand saw him leave his 12-year career in hospitality industry HR management to join the team at OCS. In 2016 André left OCS from the position of General Manager: People, establishing an HR consultancy (and retaining OCS as a primary client). More recently, André has launched Grow@, an organisation specialising in finding cleaners and other workers.

1:30 – 2:15 pm Understanding levies if you work or own a business Presented by ACC Representative Everyone who works or owns a business in New Zealand pays levies. These levies cover injuries that happen at work, at home, on the sports field and when you’re out and about. Find out how ACC are helping businesses to improve their health and safety performance. Safer workplaces lead to higher productivity, save money and improve quality of life.

2:30 – 3:15 pm The impact of COVID-19 on the cleaning sector: A workforce development response Nicky Murray, Research Lead Adele McLean, Manager Strategy and Government Relations - ServiceIQ In this interactive session, we outline the purpose of the Hinonga Kōkiri / Head Start Project, a TEC-funded project that brings together service sector stakeholders, including those from the cleaning sector, to reflect on how COVID-19 has reshaped business, and to tell us what people and skills, training, and learning pathways they need for their future success. About Nicky

Dr Nicky Murray is the Research Lead on the Hinonga Kōkiri / Head Start Project, a TEC-funded project that brings toghether service sector stakeholders to reflect on how COVID-19 has reshaped business, and to tell us what people and skills, training, and learning pathways they need for their future success. About Adele

Adele McLean has worked in the Vocational Education Arena for over 20 years in both ITP and ITO roles. Currently with ServiceIQ she has had the privilege of leading the Hinonga Kokiri Project giving the Services Workforce Development Council a head start to understanding the skill and development needs of their sectors.

3:30 – 4:15 pm Lets get home safe tonight Wendy Stephens, Project & Audit Manager - Sappho Creative Solutions Wendy is presenting in her capacity as the CleanSweep™ awards judge for 2021. Wendy has 20 years’ experience in commercial cleaning contract management, working with customers such as Auckland Council, Genesis Energy, Kaipara District Council and Ockham Residential. Her work covered monthly reviews of contractor’s performance, quality control, health and safety and running contract meetings. During Wendy’s career she has been involved in quality control, cost reviews and health and safety reviews. About Wendy

As a self employed project manager Wendy has undertaken many roles in the last 25 years. Wendy has audited large cleaning and maintenance contracts and prepared many tender documents. Wendy’s real passion however is health and safety. She helps small to medium size companies prepare and review their documents. Wendy also undertakes audits on large construction sites. Her motto is, “lets get home safe tonight” 35

Seminar Programme Day 2

Wednesday 2nd March

9:00 – 12:00 pm Mental health: Building resilience for your people Caroline Wilson, CEO - A-OK.NZ Mental distress is all too common in New Zealand, with levels continuing to trend upwards. As a manager, you will be aware of how vital mental wellbeing is to the overall wellbeing of your people, their communities as well as the culture of your workplace and the productivity and success of your organisation. We encourage senior FMs and leaders within the commercial cleaning sector to recognise the key role they play within their organisations in tackling this silent pandemic. Caroline will present a multi-level response approach to ensure your teams recognise signs of distress and know how to respond appropriately. About Caroline

Caroline Wilson is CEO of A-OK.NZ, a provider of quality, internationally recognised training that equips people to be able to have life-supporting conversations. Their frameworks have been proven to work in preventing suicide and help support people even if suicide is not a concern. This workshop session is brought to you by FMANZ and is complimentary to all BSC members. If you are not a member and would like to attend then please register at the website events/building-resilience-for-you-and-your-people-easy-answers-tohard-questions

12:30 – 1:15 pm Worksafe: Work with the meat industry association commercial cleaning H&S Julie-Ann Mail, Engagement Lead - WorkSafe New Zealand The presentation will provide an overview of the work which the meat industry association is undertaking, as a result of a number of workshops with WorkSafe New Zealand and industry. The presentation will also cover the associated health and safety risks when working in the commercial cleaning industry. About Julie-Ann

Julie-Ann Mail is passionate about raising levels of health and safety in the workplace. Julie-Ann is WorkSafe’s Engagement and Harm Prevention Programme Lead for the Manufacturing sector, and has a background in senior level project management and engagement. Julie-Ann lives in the Wairarapa with her family on a lifestyle block with a team of horses and dogs.


1:30 – 2:15 pm Employment Law update Paul McBride, Partner - McBride Davenport James In this session, Paul will provide an update on the changes made/imposed by Parliament: Triangular employment relationships; the Holidays Act and Fair Pay agreements. This session will also examine recent developments in the courts, including about the contractor/employee distinction (if there is one) and developments under Part 6A. About Paul

Paul McBride has over 30 years’ experience as an employment lawyer. He has worked extensively in the cleaning industry over that time - up to and including appearing in the Supreme Court about Part 6A.

2:30 – 3:15 pm Update from MBIE Labour Inspectorate Callum McMillian, Labour Inspectorate Regional Manager - Ministry Of Business, Innovation And Employment The presentation will provide an overview of cases involving cleaning operators investigated by the Labour Inspectorate and discuss common compliance issues we encounter. This session will also look at changes to work visa requirements and upcoming ‘duty to prevent’ legislation. It will touch on end-to-end assurance processes and what support is available to help employers maintain compliance. About Callum

Callum is a regional manager at the Labour Inspectorate, based in Hamilton. He is sector lead for Employment New Zealand’s cleaning, transport, and dairy strategies.

Book your table now for the networking CleanNZ Gala Dinner The BSCNZ CleanSweep™ Awards are back for 2022. Proudly sponsored by Auckland Convention Bureau, Tork Professional Hygiene, Careerforce, Cottonsoft, NZ Cleaning Supplies, Eco Bags, NXP – The Service Company, Alsco and Kiwi Maintenance Group. The awards will be held during the CleanNZ Gala dinner on

Wednesday 2nd March 2022. BSCNZ would like to thank their sponsors for their ongoing support, and we all look forward to seeing you there!

Proudly Sponsored By


the name you can trust



Kerre McIvor – MC of Clean Sweep Awards Highly sought-after speaker and MC, Kerre McIvor is a wellknown media personality. She currently hosts the Newstalk ZB morning show every weekday and has a weekly column in the Herald on Sunday. She is also the book ambassador for the ‘Paper Plus’ franchise. Kerre has made several appearances on TV including Intrepid Journeys, Fair Go, Heartland, Ready Steady Cook and Dream Jobs. She has also hosted several TV

documentaries. With her sharp wit and knowledge, Kerre is a fabulous debater. Kerre is popular for product launches and awards events where she can put to use all facets of her talents. She has written two best selling books - ‘Short Fat Chick in Paris’ and ‘Short Fat Chick to Marathon Runner’ which went into a third re-print in New Zealand. Kerre is a brilliant MC and guest speaker. She is lively and warm, and quite simply a national treasure! 37

Exhibitors Chemical Solutions 3M Cleaning and Workplace Safety Stand: 58 3M provides facility managers and contract clears with innovative, sustainable high-value solutions to help protect a building’s life and enhance the performance and productivity of employees. 3M facilities care and cleaning solutions enhance protection, performance and productivity for the life of a building. Whether you need cleaning supplies or janitorial supplies, facility maintenance materials or specialty items from floor mats to safety tapes and treads. 3M products deliver. We also provide industry-leading Scotch-Brite™ products for food services cleaning needs, from griddle cleaning to appliance cleaning, as well as food quality and food safety products.

Stand: 66 Chemical Solutions Ltd, established in 1991, is a privately and proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated company specialising in the formulation, manufacturing and distribution of an expanding range of cleaning and sanitising products.

Clean IT Stand: 146 Clean IT is a NZ owned workstation cleaning company that cleans and sanitises all the “high touch” areas - computer screens, laptops, keyboards, mouse, telephones and work surfaces. Clean IT also sells a bespoke computer cleaning products including our own Computer Cleaning Kit.

AutobotsClean Stand: 130 AutobotsClean is an authorised distributor of GS robotic autonomous cleaning range of equipments. Ecobot 75 to sweeper 111 is autonomous floor cleaning robots with world class leading Obstacles avoidance technology and user friendly interface. All machine is equipment with on navigation system and mapping abilities. It is capable of mapping 3000sqm of area within one hour, and it capable of storing 100,000sqm of maps which makes operation ease.

Careerforce Stand: 6 The team at Careerforce is pleased to welcome you to Stand 6 at CleanNZ. Staff will be on hand to discuss the cleaning qualifications and learning resources, and the updates following a comprehensive review of the programmes. Learn about free enrolments in the cleaning programmes and find out how the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) will impact the cleaning sector. Careerforce is the Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for the cleaning and health and wellbeing sectors. It develops qualifications in conjunction with NZQA, and helps support on-the-job training to advance the skills of the cleaning workforce.

Cottonsoft / Livi Stand: 60 Livi is a world-class paper and hygiene brand bringing you quality and comfort you can trust. The Livi range consists of three tiered product levels, tailored to suit all business needs. Livi Everyday, Livi Essentials and Livi Impressa offer a range of bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towel and napkin products along with a range of soap, sanitiser and dispensers. Our paper products also carry PEFC certifications, which means you can be sure that they are sustainably sourced, with fibre from responsibly managed forests and ecosystems. Livi is the ideal choice for New Zealand businesses that value flexibility, sustainability and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality, comfort or hygiene.

Diversey Stand: 114 Harnessing 95 years of expertise and knowledge, Diversey develops cleaning technologies that save lives, providing a tailored, customercentric approach that empowers sustainable solutions. Protecting and improving the environment, we operate with our customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do. Diversey’s ethical commitment is implicit in all our products and everyday relationships with our staff, our customers, and our planet. These ethics drive our commitment as pioneers of the future and creators of connection and innovation.


Ecobags & Ecopack

Filta Cleaning Products

Stand: 18

Stands: 42 and 72

Ecobags - creators of the Ecopack product range - is a New Zealand company on a mission to provide sensible packaging alternatives that help kiwis reduce, reuse, recycle, and repurpose. We’re best known for our extensive range of robust bin liners – we have liners for everything from small caddies to wheelie bins. And our bags are available in various material compositions including home compostable, degradable, and recycled – catering for every customer, purpose and budget.


Filta Cleaning Products have been in business since 1977 and during this period have helped define and navigate the New Zealand Cleaning landscape for our key partners. Filta brings a can-do attitude and understanding of the New Zealand cleaning market that reflects quality, all with a transparency and a partnership approach. Filta lead the market with investment into the latest technology and the integration of our expertise and experience to maximize our partners experience within the cleaning space. What We Do

Essity - Tork Stand: 118 Tork is a brand of Essity. Essity Australasia is a leading global hygiene and health company that develops, produces and sells Professional Hygiene products and solutions, Personal Care (Feminine Care, Incontinence Products and Medical solutions).

Drawing on our experience in the cleaning and vacuum industry, we know what it takes to deliver world leading products that promote productivity and maximize our clients’ opportunities across New Zealand. Leading Knowledge

With International brands and suppliers Filta looks to trends across several markets for exciting new opportunities. These are spearheaded by our expert team who have a great understanding of our clients’ needs throughout NZ. Leading Technology

Tork is the leading global brand in workplace hygiene and manufacturing in Kawerau New Zealand using geothermal steam, has reduced carbon emissions and helps support the local Iwi community reducing our impact and yours.

Filta looks to the future for product innovation and category changes that will lead our partners to greater execution in their business opportunities.

Filta can provide all aspects of supply, from working with our clients to innovate and excite the market to maximize health and safety protocols, procedures for today’s office, commercial space and or home.

From Home to Office

Ezitracker Stand: 20 GETTING MORE WITH... EZITRACKER Ezitracker is a powerful platform allowing you to effectively manage your workforce. Evolving from a facilities management and contract cleaning heritage, we understand the complex issues that arise when managing dispersed and remote teams, and the need to have information available and distributed to your workforce in real-time wherever they are. Ezitracker has a simple ethos - to provide a single solution that tracks the employee lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between.

Kärcher New Zealand Stand: 136 Kärcher NZ. German family-owned company designing and manufacturing quality commercial high-pressure cleaners, vacuums, floor care equipment, truck and vehicles wash. Kärcher has 100 subsidiaries in 60 countries. In NZ we are proud to provide four Kärcher NZ Centers Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, supporting a network of regional sales and service agents to deliver world class cleaning solutions to your door. 39


Premier Hygiene & Packaging

Stand: 36

Stand: 22

Discover new levels of convenience, efficiency, and productivity with Makita® Cordless Building Maintenance Products. With over 100 years of motor engineering and over 40 years of cordless innovation, Makita’s leading cordless technology offers freedom from the cord for maximum convenience, access to hard-to-reach spaces, and completing jobs quickly and easily.


Cover more space in less time and increase productivity with Makita’s wide range of cordless products. Makita’s unsurpassed quality drives down the cost of equipment ownership and maintenance. With LXT® Cordless backpack vacuums, commercial compact vacuums, canister vacuums, industrial robotic vacuums, blowers and accessories, Makita provides a solution for a variety of applications, in one cordless system, so that users can get the job done.

Premier Hygiene offers New Zealand’s best value hygiene products. We are proudly New Zealand owned, with a focus on sourcing sustainable products. We take our impact on our world seriously and are a verified Toitū Carbon Zero company, offering products across our range which carry the Environmental Choice and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Standards. Talk to us today about our tissue, wipes and paper range and our soap and cleaning range.

Quality Auditing Stand: 54

NZ Cleaning Supplies Stand: 142 NZ Cleaning Supplies Limited specialises in the provision of products, equipment and services used in the cleaning industry with customers ranging from small to medium enterprises to heavy commercial and industrial businesses throughout New Zealand. We focus on commercial and industrial solutions that incorporate customised functionality specific to our client’s requirements through a combination of robust processes, comprehensive experience and an expansive creative vision. Established in 1997 in response to the growing market demand, NZ Cleaning Supplies Limited has provided an extensive range of innovative products and services catering for the professional, commercial, industrial and the domestic cleaning industry; as well as a wide range of customised solutions that enable businesses to improve operational effectiveness.

Infection Prevention Australia (IPA) is an infection prevention and control consulting company that in addition to facilitating IPC programs has invested in cleaning standards as a key indicator in any IPC program. IPA has developed an automated cleaning standards web based auditing tool called CheckupOnline, that will enable efficient and effective cleaning standard auditing. By auditing your cleaning standards, you will demonstrate a consistent approach to a clean safe work environment where risks are minimised, and you have access to timely data to manage performance. In collaboration with Quality Auditing Ltd across New Zealand, we are launching CheckupOnline at the Expo, so if you require more information on CheckupOnline, education on how to audit, auditing services or other support on how to correctly audit.

RapidClean New Zealand Stand: 124 RapidClean New Zealand are specialist suppliers to the janitorial and cleaning industries, stores are base across NZ in all major cities.

OfficeMax New Zealand Stand: 56 OfficeMax has been a supplier of cleaning and hygiene products for over 25 years, offering tailored solutions to all types of business – from home office all the way up to the largest corporate and government accounts. Over time the category has grown to become an integral part of our business, allowing customers to consolidate cleaning and hygiene orders into their other workplace needs, and source everything through a single invoice with OfficeMax.


RapidClean supply products used on a daily basis covering, toilet paper & hand towels, chemicals, hand care, packaging, machinery, PPE solutions, window cleaning equipment, accessories , servicing and educational and onsite advice and support. RapidClean members can support you locally whether in store or onsite with product demonstrations , training , deliveries , application advice, with vast knowledge of innovative products and systems to help you navigate the many options of product choice, its really about support to your the end user and ensuring you have the best advice and knowledge for problem solving at your finger tips.

SCS Specialist Cleaning Supplies

The Service Company - NXP

Stand: 78

Stand: 84

Specialist Cleaning Supplies are leaders in the technical aspects of cleaning. If you need to clean it then chances are one of our staff knows how. If you need real world, practical advice and specialist equipment and product then we have it.

NXP & The Service Company are now integrated, even better we are 100% Kiwi-owned and operated. With a wider range of products, more exclusive offer and deals as well as in-house specialists, we partner with you to support your business’ growth.

We love cleaning, we won’t sell crappy machinery that doesn’t do the job or breaks down frequently. We have chosen everything we sell based on its ability to perform in professional applications... products that are not for the home handyman, but for the professional technician.

Visit our stand to check out our exclusive products including the Wilmop and see how our advisory service can provide insights to drive better procurement outcomes for your business.

We stand by everything we sell as we would like you as a client for life.

Viral Shield Novalent Stand: 94

SynbioShield NZ - MADA Solutions Stand: 8 MADA Solutions Ltd t/a SynbioShield NZ aims to bring the revolution of probiotics cleaning and personal care products to every organisation and household in New Zealand. We strive to provide the best and healthiest cleaning and personal care products, while raising awareness to the benefits of using synbiotic (prebiotic + probiotic) products, compared with traditional chemical-based equivalents. With a range of fogging, cleaning and personal care products, SynbioShield NZ provides a holistic solution to anyone and everyone. Our products have been subject to numerous independent scientific studies and have been in use in over 60 countries worldwide for over 15 years.

Specialist electrostatic spraying machines used to comprehensively coat surfaces with Novalent, a non-toxic, microbial surface protectant and barrier to germs, pathogens, virus and mould. Viral Shield has a lucrative profit opportunity for existing cleaners throughout Auckland.


YHI Energy Stand: 154 YHI Energy – a division of YHI (New Zealand) Ltd is a Distributor of Automotive and Stationary Batteries, Solar, EV Charging, Energy Storage, Power Quality and Continuity products and associated services. Offering world-renowned brands, backed by local service and support and New Zealand’s largest wholesale distribution network.

Whiteley Tennant New Zealand

Stand: 100

Stand: 14



‘‘Best practice” are two words the Whiteley organisation takes very seriously. Because in the field of cleaning and infection control – best practice saves lives and livelihoods.

Tennant Company is a recognised leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, safer, healthier world. With a vision to become a global leader in sustainable cleaning innovation that empowers our customers to create a cleaner, safer and healthier world, Tennant creates solutions that are changing the way the world cleans. Tennant products include equipment used to maintain indoor and outdoor surfaces, as well as TennantTrue® financing solutions, equipment parts, service, and maintenance to help ensure superior cleaning performance from your Tennant machines.

And given how pathogens spread and mutate so easily, improving infection prevention processes has never been more important. An obsessive focus on clinical research combined with a bespoke TGA certified manufacturing facility has already led to many significant advances in hand hygiene as well as medical instrument and hard surface cleaning and disinfection. And these have been relied upon by healthcare facilities both in Australia and overseas for many decades. 41

15 - 16 September 2021 Newmarket Room Ellerslie Event Centre, Auckland New Zealand

Floor plan 2.4










58 3.6













36 4.8



7.8 4.5












Coffee Cart


Dish Washer




Chef Office Main Kitchen












































Shelf Office


Lift Rolling Door

Ramp Laundry

Car Park

Stand 6 - Careerforce

Stand 78 - SCS Specialist Cleaning Supplies

Stand 8 - SynbioShield NZ - MADA Solutions

Stand 84 - The Service Company - NXP

Stand 14 - Tennant New Zealand

Stand 94 - Viral Shield Novalent

Stand 18 - Ecobags & Ecopack

Stand 100 - Whiteley

Stand 20 - Ezitracker

Stand 114 - Diversey

Stand 22 - Premier Hygiene

Stand 118 - Essity - Tork

Stand 36 - Makita

Stand 124 - RapidClean New Zealand

Stand 42 & 72 - Filta Cleaning Products

Stand 126 - Viral Shield

Stand 54 - Quality Auditing

Stand 130 - Autobots Clean

Stand 56 - OfficeMax New Zealand

Stand 136 - Kärcher New Zealand

Stand 58 - 3M Cleaning and Workplace Safety

Stand 142 - NZ Cleaning Supplies

Stand 60 - Cottonsoft / LIVI

Stand 146 - Clean IT

Stand 66 - Chemical Solutions

Stand 154 - YHI Energy


Tues 1 - Wed 2 March 2022 Newmarket Room Ellerslie Event Centre, Auckland New Zealand



i-team & Filta!

z an am -te w.i

i-team are pleased to announce Filta as our new partner for New Zealand! (see page 10) The leading range of i-team innovations is now available through Filta.



The smarter ride on scrubber

Increase commercial cleaning productivity & speed


Breathe the cleanest indoor air

Revolutionary foaming cleaning system

m .co


Get to hard-to-clean areas

Fast & efficient industrial mop machine


A perfect dose of extra cleaning power




Improving floor safety

Learn more at Get in touch to schedule your demonstration in NZ! +61 1800 861 030 +64 0800 345 828


Supply chain


With customers demanding more and more high-quality cleaning products than ever before, cleaning industry suppliers are having to navigate global supply chain disruptions to deliver the goods. Words Cameron Cooper

The ability to think outside the square in procurement is really important.



hen looking after his clients’ needs, Specialist Cleaning Supplies manager David Berry makes a point of ensuring that he always goes to them with solutions rather than problems. The approach is paying off for the business at a time when pandemic-related procurement challenges are often making it difficult to deliver some popular cleaning products. “The ability to think outside the square in procurement is really important,” Berry says. “It’s not good enough for us to say we don’t have a product. We must have already thought of an alternative that will do the same job and have that available. It’s our job to find what clients need.” Based in Palmerston North, Specialist Cleaning Supplies provides everything from commercial vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers and sweepers to cleaning equipment, chemicals, paper products and even tea and coffee supplies. Berry says the business has been prepared to hold much higher levels of stock than normal to act as a buffer against import delays. “You’ve just got to have stock and in some respects, irrespective of what you have to pay to get that stock, you still have to have product to supply.”

Specialist Cleaning Supplies has also been quick to respond to market trends. A case in point is the decision last year to purchase considerable stocks of gloves at a time when they were in demand because of the COVID-19 outbreak. “We bought all the gloves we could, so we had stock and it meant that our prices weren’t as volatile as some others.”

TESTING TIMES Supply chains and procurement processes have been seriously tested during the pandemic, with border closures and lockdowns leading to more red tape and, in some instances, complex customs clearances. Some freight-forwarding organisations have also reported five-fold hikes in freight prices as a result of container shortages and bottlenecks out of nations such as China and the United States. However, smart players in the cleaning industry have prided themselves on being able to deliver. Craig Newton, national manager of RapidClean New Zealand, says strong local networks and knowledge have allowed the business’s members to keep reliably supplying innovative and alternative product choices as required during COVID-19.

RapidClean, which has 14 owneroperated outlets in New Zealand, sells a range of cleaning equipment and accessories, chemicals, hospitality supplies, paper products and safety gear. Newton says there has been a conscious decision to supply more New Zealand-made cleaning products in the past 18 months so that product stocks can be quickly replenished. “Nationally, RapidClean members have the ability to act with speed and make decisions on the spot given that they are in their own businesses, which are heavily stocked, whereas some of the larger businesses are a little slower to the coalface.” The pandemic has highlighted the fact that southern-hemisphere nations such as New Zealand and Australia can be exposed to significant distribution delays as suppliers focus firstly on larger northern hemisphere markets. “We’re in a long delivery chain with some international brands, so it has been a fantastic time to engage a lot more with local manufacturing,” Newton says. As a renowned New Zealand tissue converting company which manufactures and distributes leading brands of high-quality toilet and tissue paper, Cottonsoft has been caught in the maelstrom of supply chain challenges. Its leadership team has watched on as panic buying has unfolded across the supermarket retail sector, with consumers stockpiling toilet paper, hand sanitiser and canned food. Similarly, the business’s B2B channel has experienced unprecedented demand for all of its commercial toilet paper, soap, sanitiser and antibacterial cloth wipes. “Sales hits record levels never seen previously, which in turn directly impacted the supply chain with stock inventory levels reduced significantly,” says Murray Gale, National Sales Manager – AFH for Cottonsoft. However, he says careful planning meant that Cottonsoft was not caught off guard. “Our team had been watching COVID developing overseas in the months prior to any cases reaching NZ. We had watched our affiliates overseas begin to be impacted by COVID changes, and had taken early precautions with our team and in our sites, in addition to restricting travel from early February. Of particular note

was an armed robbery in Hong Kong for toilet tissue, so we were very aware of the implications for New Zealand.” The business also transferred its packaging orders to only the products it expected to keep making, letting others slide, and brought more raw materials such as adhesive, packaging and coreboard on site from suppliers rather than having just-in-time deliveries. “We got extra orders under way from our mills as the panic buying started, rather than waiting until things got bad,” Gale says. Micro-managing and reviewing every order received into the business on a daily basis meant Cottonsoft was able to effectively control what was supplied to customers. “Communication was critical as we worked through periods where we were faced with short-term out-of-stocks of a particular product,” Gale says. “In most cases we were able to offer a ‘like for like’ alternative product as a substitution to void gaps in the market. Having the ability to source from multiple vertically integrated supply partners enabled us to rebuild inventory levels to give ongoing supply security to the market.”


SMART RESPONSE As a result of supply chain disruptions and the unavailability of some established brands because of COVID-19, cleaning companies have to communicate closely with customers and educate them on alternative solutions. Newton says RapidClean’s clients have been receptive to such changes and have in many cases embraced the purchase of superior products. “There was a degree of complacency in some cleaning organisations in the past. The products and manpower were not considered to be so important – they just wanted to do the job quickly and save clients some money.” Now, cleaning companies, facility managers and private cleaning contractors are becoming more aware of maintaining the loyalty and trust of their customers through collaboration and a commitment to high standards. “All parties are pulling in the same direction,” Newton says. He is encouraged, too, that some global partners are now establishing a manufacturing presence in Australasia to shore up supply lines.

09 253 9013


Cleaning companies and contractors are looking for higher-performing products and alternatives to cheaper run-of-themill products.

“That’s good to see. It’s a smart move to have the ability to manufacture closer to the source of use.” Gale says because New Zealand is remote from the global supply chain, Cottonsoft has always held a good buffer against supply variations. “And with local manufacturing, were able to flex our product manufacturing to meet customer needs almost immediately. Our supply chain remained very strong and our supply security practices enabled us to replenish from multiple sources.” He notes that the current logistics situation triggered by the pandemic is unusual as all elements of supply are simultaneously under stress. “Shipping issues are a common occurrence, but they are normally temporary and limited to one link in the chain – a holiday period, a port strike, or peak-season restrictions. Currently most if not all pieces of global supply are stressed at the same time.” Cottonsoft expects the disruptions to continue into next year.

OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES Supply chain trials notwithstanding, Berry is confident Specialist Cleaning Supplies will have a strong year in 2021 and next year. “There’s a lot of opportunities out there,” he says. “And using our own connections in countries where we can import stock and take advantage of shortages in the market will give us an edge.” Apart from New Zealand suppliers, the business imports a lot of products from 46 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

China and the United States, both of which are experiencing distribution delays. In one instance, a container of products from the US took about seven months to arrive in New Zealand from the time of the order. “It’s very difficult, but everybody’s in the same boat,” Berry says. “You just have to plan for it and order stock more frequently and manage your stock holding.” Despite the rising cost of importing some products, Berry says Specialist Cleaning Supplies has tried to absorb price increases where it can. “We want to remain competitive. There’s always that balance between losing a sale because you’re so expensive and keeping a longterm client. We’d rather keep the client. Our relationships are for the long-term.” At RapidClean, Newton says turnover has risen just under 25 per cent in the past year, despite its product segments such as paper products and chemicals being at the mercy of city lockdowns that have affected sales. He is pleased that there have been fewer restrictions of product supplies this year and expects RapidClean’s New Zealand presence to keep growing on the back of demand for superior products, innovation and customer education. “Cleaning companies and contractors are looking for higher-performing products and alternatives to cheaper run-of-the-mill products,” Newton says. “We are well placed to support, educate and partner with our customers to retain their loyalty.” ■




r. he arc w.k



A world of cleaning under one roof What do you get when you marry a leading commercial cleaning machinery company with a best-of-breed cleaning supply business? A world of cleaning under one New Zealand family owned and operated roof! Proquip works closely with sister brand Frontline Cleaning Supplies, to provide their nationwide customers with comprehensive, fully tailored and fit-for-purpose cleaning equipment and supply solutions. Owned and operated by the same New Zealand family, both businesses have created a welcoming, warm, and supportive environment for their team and their customers alike. Their team visit customers to help them determine what equipment and products are best for their specific needs. They provide customised solutions to help improve effectiveness and efficiency across the board. An extensive range of machinery and equipment are handpicked from the best manufacturers in the world, ensuring they will suit Kiwi business conditions and environments. Extensive training and expert advice is all part of the Proquip service and their after sales support is more than just regular services or breakdown maintenance – the team really cares that their customers are getting the very best from their investment. Locally managed, nationally supported, Proquip have showrooms in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, and while it’s great to be able to head into the showrooms to see all they have on offer, the team love to get out and about to meet clients from all over the country.


Check out our brand new Product Overview Introducing our comprehensive Product Overview which showcases our full and extensive range of products and machinery. Scan this QR code to view our Product Overview online Or call us to order your hard copy

0800 277 678


Online Demonstrations wherever you are! Simply tell us which machine you are interested in and we will book a time with you. Give Proquip a call today to learn more

0800 277 678

Welcome to the World of Carpet Cleaning Cleaning commercial carpets is not a task to be undertaken lightly. Without the right equipment or products, the risk of damage or reducing the life of the carpet increases. Choosing the right fit-for-purpose products and machinery ensure efficient, effective, and safe carpet cleaning practices. With a wide range of products to choose from, the sheer variety of combinations can be daunting. That’s where the team at Proquip come in. From preclean treatments to stain removers, carpet cleaning machines to blowers and dryers, they know that each customer has a unique and specific need. Their range of products and machines have been hand-picked from worldclass manufacturers and brands known for their innovation, ingenuity, and commitment to excellence in performance.

Proquip provide comprehensive complimentary audits of customers sites and current carpet cleaning practices to make sure they are getting the best out of their equipment and chemicals. Plus, they provide ongoing support, training and maintenance for all their carpet cleaning customers no matter how big or small.


Born and bred in Italy, the Santoemma brand has become the leading name in carpet cleaning innovation and excellence worldwide. Features such as a unique injection extraction system, high-water lift technology, and the innovative mechanical brushing action gives the machines an edge in being able to wash, brush, and dry all in one. Portable and compact, they are also easy to use, light and, being Italian, attractive and sleek in design.

Knowing our people and our customers means listening to them and working hard to understand their needs and how to meet them.

- Kerry Boon Sales and Marketing Manager 49


Proquip is NZ's distributor for industry-leading professional carpet cleaning chemicals, Agar. Call us today to learn about our full range 0800 277 678

The full range of Santoemma carpet cleaners are recognised as industry-leading around the globe, and Proquip is proud to offer the full range in New Zealand. Giving our customers the best of the best is what Proquip are all about. Being the leading stockists of a brand like Santoemma assures customer satisfaction and cleaning of the very highest standard. Santoemma offers a diverse range of carpet cleaning machines, making them suitable for any carpet cleaning requirement. There is also a cordless battery powered range making them portable and easier to use when cleaning larger carpeted buildings. Models such as the Elite Silent have been designed to be exceptionally quiet, ideal for organisations such as aged care where minimising cleaning disturbances is important for residents and staff alike.

“We love our Elite Silent Carpet Extractor. It gets used 1-3 times a week and always does a great job and has been very reliable. After 2 years we have only had to replace a filter and get the jets cleaned out.” – O’Connor Retirement Home The Santoemma products are so popular that Proquip have a few of the machines available through Proquip Hire in Auckland and Wellington, perfect for giving them a trial or if you have a customer who needs a big one-off deep clean. Get in touch with the Proquip team to learn more about Proquip Hire.

The 7 Steps to Carpet Cleaning Success









Apply Treatment to Stains

Pre-Spray Main Carpet Areas

Rinse With Water

Agitate Carpet with Power Brush


Facilitate Carpet Drying

Elevated Temperature

Scan this QR code to learn more about The 7 Steps to Carpet Cleaning Success

Frontline – Online!

Order all your favourite cleaning products online now!





E L IN +



Frontline Cleaning Supplies has a brand-new website! Now it’s even easier to find and order all your cleaning supplies online. Including practical and helpful features, such as a favourites list and order memory, the site has been designed with their customers in mind. The team at Frontline wanted a website that was easy to use, easy to find the right product, and easy to manage and track orders. Multi-tiered account settings allow

your people to order what they need to get the job done while custom permissions give you peace of mind of knowing orders are tracked and the right products are on their way every time. Every customer account is tailored to their own specific needs. With thousands of products across a wide range of cleaning supply categories, everything you need to keep your customers clean is now just a simple click away!

We've hand-picked the best cleaning products from New Zealand and the world, helping Kiwi's clean better - faster - smarter!

And now, they're just a click away!


Hand & Body Care


Janitorial Products



Multi-tiered account settings allow your people to order what they need to get the job done

Order online now 0800 37 66 85


Floorcare to the fore

Leading providers of floorcare equipment and services are in demand as COVID-19 puts the spotlight on hygiene, while customers are demanding the latest and most cost-effective solutions to get the job done. Words Cameron Cooper


or Kärcher’s New Zealand national business manager, Simon Taylor, one of the most illuminating aspects of the pandemic is that an increasing number of floorcare customers no longer think price is everything. As COVID-19 unfolds, they are focusing on innovation, product education, after-sales care and support, as well as sustainability and recycling. The change is heartening for Kärcher, a business and brand that is renowned for its investment in quality and technologically advanced cleaning systems. “COVID has woken up businesses and they are now really interested in having a point of difference and being at the cutting edge of what they can offer their own customers,” Taylor says. “It’s not all about price anymore. Of course, price will always be important, but there are so many other factors where people need to be assured.” Kärcher’s wide range of commercial floorcare products, including industrial scrubbing machines, vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners, have been in high demand during the pandemic in response to the need for stringent cleanliness and hygiene levels. The business has benefited from having multiple supply-chain options – with 17 Kärcher-owned production facilities in eight different countries – which have enabled it to manage freight and port bottlenecks better than some other companies. 52 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

Not that it has been all plain sailing, however. Taylor notes that Kärcher has increased its stock holding by about NZ$2 million to ensure it has a product supply buffer. A lack of human labour because of border restrictions has also been an impediment. “We rely heavily on staff coming across from the islands and with the border closures there’s been none of that this year,” Taylor says. “All industries have been challenged and cleaning and agriculture are the ones that have been hit the worst.” Despite such difficulties, Kärcher’s sales to retail and professional customers in New Zealand have grown substantially in the past year.

INNOVATION THE KEY There is no doubt that cleaners, cleaning contractors and their customers are seeking better, more cost-effective ways to care for floors. Steve Bagshaw, the regional ambassador for i-team Australia and New Zealand, agrees the market wants great floorcare products and outstanding customer care. The business is best known for its i-mop floor scrubber, which is credited with cleaning up to 70 per cent faster than conventional wet mopping. Recognising the importance of intelligent distribution networks, Bagshaw concedes that awareness of the i-team product range has not always been as high as it could have been in the past. To help rectify that situation, i-team

FLOORCARE has announced a new distribution partnership in New Zealand with Filta Cleaning Products. “They’re a very well-regarded wholesale distributor, and they will be leading the charge in terms of introducing products to the market and establishing a network of i-team partners throughout New Zealand.” The i-team range will also continue to sell through channels such as OfficeMax. Bagshaw is confident the expanded distribution network will make a difference for i-team and its customers. “There’s already a substantial increase in stock holdings on its way to New Zealand through Filta to support the expected uptake in penetration of the i-team range into the market.” Godfreys general manager retail, Michael Owen, says vacuum cleaning products with “power heads for a deeper clean” are in high demand in New Zealand, along with machines with HEPA filtration. “Demand is across all categories,” he says. “Customers are focused on a deep clean and there’s definitely been a change in the kind of information customers are requesting regarding the performance of the products they’re purchasing.”

To convey to clients the importance of regular carpet-care maintenance, especially during a pandemic, Godfreys has been educating its sales team members so they can pass on crucial information to the rest of the team and then to customers. “Customers are conducting more research on their own and coming to our stores more informed,” Owen says. “We can then direct them to the right product to solve their cleaning needs.”

PRODUCTIVITY PUSH With floorcare, the objective increasingly is to make cleaning machinery and equipment more efficient and cost-effective. That is where scrubber dryers have come into their own as traditional mop-and-bucket cleaning of floors gets phased out in commercial sectors. Deane Rogers, key account manager in Kärcher’s professional division, says scrubber dryers clearly improve productivity, hygiene, safety and cleanliness. “It’s chalk and cheese when you compare it to a mop and bucket.” New Zealand’s labour shortage has by default been a benefit for suppliers of the most efficient floorcare machinery, according to Rogers.

With the scarcity of labour, it’s created higher demand for mechanised cleaning equipment because companies need to do more with fewer human resources.

wEnvironmentally w Sustainable Specialist wServices Cleaning .cr est cle an .c CrestClean offers a range of specialist services to help maintain buildings and premises, including Hard Floor Cleaning and Maintenance, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning and Pure Water Window Cleaning.

Our cleaning services meet the strict environmental criteria set by Environmental Choice NZ. This helps to improve the sustainability of our cleaning services and allows our customers to verify sustainable procurement.

Find out more at

o.n z 53


We’re seeing some customers who we’ve never dealt with before coming forward, or some who had waned coming back. More than anything, they are looking for consistency in service and support.

“It’s been a twin-edged sword,” he says. “With the scarcity of labour it’s created higher demand for mechanised cleaning equipment because companies need to do more with fewer human resources.” He notes that whereas a typical contract cleaner might be able to clean 200sqm an hour using a mop and bucket or a standard commercial vacuum cleaner, a sophisticated scrubber dryer can do thousands of square metres in the same time. “And you’re always cleaning with clean water when you use a scrubber device,” Rogers says. “You’re not spreading dirty water around.” With the i-team product portfolio, Bagshaw expects the i-mop, i-spraywash and i-dose to help drive sales. The i-mop has undergone many major improvements since its launch about five years ago. “So, where people might have had a product that was four to five years old and there might have been some things they didn’t like about it for any reason, there’s now been a lot of design upgrades,” Bagshaw says. “Allowing people to experience that is really exciting.” The i-spraywash is a foam-based washroom cleaning system that is designed for large washroom and wet areas, while the i-dose – a chemical dosing system – is expected to make a real impact on floorcare standards. “A lot of the problems in floorcare come from overdosing of chemicals, especially when manual mopping is happening because there may not be the right dilution controls. People are just glug-glugging chemicals into a mop bucket, so you end up with too much chemical on the floor, which leads to re-soiling.” 54 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

In response to the need for higher floorcare standards during COVID-19, there appears to have been a greater appetite than ever among cleaning contractors for more knowledge and skills development. Rogers says it is natural at a time when the pandemic has upped the ante with regard to cleaning equipment, higher levels of cleanliness and sanitisation, and the need to clean larger facilities to strict standards. “Cleaning is a very technical job,” Rogers says. “I think cleaners are undervalued.” Part of the Kärcher promise is to train customers on how to use equipment properly, rather than just delivering it in a box and leaving it up to them to learn. “It’s our duty of care to do that and it leads to better results,” Rogers says. At Godfreys, Owen says environmentally conscious products are becoming more mainstream. “Each year more and more customers are requesting this type of product,” he says. However, some other traditional strengths continue to resonate with customers. “Corded vacuum cleaners with power heads still provide the best performance and remove all allergytriggering dust and dirt,” he says. Customers also want access to cutting-edge products from a trusted supplier. “So we are here to assist the customer, ensure that they purchase the right product for their individual cleaning needs and provide great after-sale support.”

IN GROWTH MODE As cleaners in the floorcare space seek to deliver the best possible products and services during the pandemic, i-team forecasts ongoing growth in the New Zealand market. “New Zealand is a great market and it really punches above its weight when it comes to innovation and finding solutions,” Bagshaw says. “That lends itself to the i-team philosophy of innovation in product design.” He believes the focus on hygiene, productivity and costeffectiveness will lead to customers making smart and informed machinery and equipment choices to cut down on labour costs. “The biggest line of any cleaning contractor’s P&L is almost always the labour line. So, finding ways to tweak that and find 5 per cent here and here, that translates to significant numbers.” According to Taylor, the current volatile markets because of COVID-19 have led to a flight to quality brands. “We’re seeing some customers who we’ve never dealt with before coming forward, or some who had waned coming back. More than anything, they are looking for consistency in service and support.” That augurs well for Kärcher, which has established showroom and service centres in Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton and Wellington. “People can come in and touch and feel the equipment and they know we have a strong service team,” Taylor says. “That keeps people coming back.” ■

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z o.n i.c Contact your Territory Account Manager to discuss our full range of dispenser and hand towel options, or contact us on

0800 22 34 11



The Makita LXT® System The LXT System is a leading technology that offers freedom from the cord.




akita offers over 100 years of motor engineering and over 40 years of cordless innovation. As a result, the LXT System is a leading technology that offers freedom from the cord. Makita’s LXT System is the world’s largest cordless tool system powered by 18V lithium-ion slide-style batteries. The LXT System encompasses 275+ cordless products, taking you from power tools to vacuums to solve any cleaning or facility maintenance need. This cordless technology can be found in Makita’s backpack vacuums, compact vacuums, canister vacuums, industrial robotic vacuum, and blowers. Makita is here to help you keep your facility clean without the cords. Makita’s LXT® Cordless Cleaning Products deliver convenience, efficiency, and productivity. The Makita® LXT System utilises 18V lithiumion slide-style batteries to offer freedom from the cord. Makita’s leading cordless system provides maximum convenience, efficiency, and access to hard-to-reach spaces.

BENEFITS OF CORDLESS Makita’s unsurpassed quality drives down the cost of equipment ownership and maintenance. Cordless cleaning products allow users to easily navigate around busy offices, crowded stores, and tight stairwells without searching for outlets or creating trip hazards. Makita LXT Cordless Cleaning Products weigh less and are ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue and injury. 57


CLEAN MORE WITH LXT® CORDLESS BACKPACK VACUUMS Makita LXT Cordless Backpack Vacuums are compact, portable, and the ideal complement to your current cleaning process. Cordless backpack vacuums eliminate trails of extension cords because no outlet is needed and reduce frequent bending and operator fatigue. Cordless backpacks reduce potential trip hazards, provide less disruption with quieter sound levels, and can be stored easily. Keep environments clean with Makita’s cordless backpack vacuums, which feature a two-stage HEPA filtration system. Each HEPA filtration system captures 99.7 per cent of particulates .3 microns or larger. This extends the life of the main filter and eliminates most particles from the surrounding air.


Cordless cleaning products allow users to easily navigate around busy offices, crowded stores, and tight stairwells without searching for outlets or creating trip hazards.

Clean more without a cord with the 36V (18V X2) LXT® Brushless HEPA Filter Upright Vacuum. This is Makita’s first cordless upright vacuum, and it carries the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval Certification for high performance in commercial cleaning applications. The powerful BL™ Brushless Motor generates 12.0kPa of suction power. The upright vacuum has a cleaning path of 318 mm for optimal efficiency and four height adjustment levels adjust to differing floor types. The horizontal position can easily be adjusted to clean under furniture. The efficient two-stage HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particulates .3 microns and larger. The vacuum cleaner has 3 speed options (high/medium/low) to match the speed to the application. Using two 18V LXT 6.0Ah batteries, the vacuum gets 60 minutes of continuous run time on the medium setting and 30 minutes on the high setting.

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY Get increased productivity with Makita LXT Cordless Vacuums. With a Rapid Optimum Charger, LXT Batteries charge fast, keeping users moving through a job with less downtime. Makita LXT is a complete system with proven battery technology, innovative brushless motor engineering, and exclusive communication technology that allows the tool and battery to communicate during use, for maximum cordless performance. Makita-built brushless motors efficiently use energy to provide cordless products with longer run times. Makita provides a solution for a variety of applications, all in one cordless system so that users can get the job done quickly and easily. ■ 58 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

ps htt



ak /m mp hi. ilc ma ://



F O R U P H O L S T E R Y & D I F F I C U LT- T O - R E A C H A R E A S



C A P T U R E S 9 9 . 9 7 % O F PA RT I C U L AT E S .3 MICRONS & LARGER



/ ita







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1 8 V X 2 ( 3 6 V ) L X T B R U S H L E S S U P R I G H T VA C U U M C L E A N E R ( D V C 5 6 0 )



Makita New Zealand Makita New Zealand


Advanced restrooms deliver hygiene and more Words Michael Slawson

Five benefits of smart restroom solutions that help facilities succeed.


n the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, one thing is clear: Hygiene is king. And there seems to be little debate that today’s daunting demand for heightened hygiene will remain long after the pandemic itself has waned. For businesses, that means the ability to improve hygiene and protect the health and well-being of facility occupants is critical to their survival. This puts a great deal of pressure on facility managers and building service contractors (BSCs), who must identify cleaning and maintenance solutions that will lead to success. Fortunately, advanced smart restroom technologies are available that leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to create data-driven facility management solutions. Some of these solutions monitor, analyse, and measure information that directly impact hygiene—and a great deal more. Five timely benefits of smart restroom solutions that can help facilities survive and succeed are: 1. Heightened hygiene 2. Improved sustainability 3. Enhanced user experience 4. Reduced staff burnout 5. Elevated confidence

HEIGHTENED HYGIENE Smart restroom solutions help improve hygiene for both restroom users and custodians. By monitoring supply levels and alerting custodians 60 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

when levels are low, smart technologies help ensure soap, sanitiser, and towel dispensers are adequately stocked so users can properly wash, dry, and sanitise their hands. Custodians can spend more time cleaning and sanitising additional spaces because they aren’t constantly running in and out of restrooms to check supply levels. By ensuring touch points like doorknobs, faucet handles, and toilet paper dispensers are cleaned and sanitised regularly, smart solutions help reduce the number of germs on surfaces and protect restroom patrons. By guiding custodians to refill and sanitise only when necessary, these workers come in contact with fewer touch points, lessening their own exposure to germs.

IMPROVED SUSTAINABILITY Over the past two decades, information has become readily available about the harmful effects of a wide range of products on the environment while, simultaneously, concern has grown about the depletion of the earth’s natural resources. In response, many facilities have gone to great lengths to implement sustainable business practices. Smart restroom solutions can help facilities improve hygiene while simultaneously advancing sustainability. By implementing technology that alerts custodians to refill dispensers only when needed, facilities reduce product waste. And by monitoring flush valves and faucets to help


ensure these fixtures are operating optimally, facilities reduce their water usage.

ENHANCED USER EXPERIENCE Imagine a restroom with adequately stocked soap, sanitiser, toilet tissue, and paper towels; fully functioning sinks, toilets, and urinals; and clean and sanitised counters, handles, and floors. Such a clean, well-maintained, fully functioning restroom is critical to a positive user experience, and smart restroom solutions can help deliver that positive experience every time. Solutions with sensors and monitoring capabilities maintain a proper balance between product supply and demand so users don’t experience outages. They also help facilities quickly address water leaks, clogs, and faulty flush valves so restroom disruptions are minimised. Technologies that collect customer feedback and determine patron satisfaction levels help facility managers determine if the restroom is performing as it should be and can quickly alert custodians of an issue. Together, these smart systems can provide a healthier and elevated user experience.

REDUCED STAFF BURNOUT It’s quite likely that facility staff are feeling a bit burned out right now. Since news of the coronavirus pandemic first broke, facility managers, BSCs, and custodians have been investing an inordinate amount of time and effort to keep facilities clean and safe.

Some may be manually creating and updating cleaning and sanitising checklists and keeping close tabs on cleaning staff to ensure tasks are completed. Others have seen their to-do list grow exponentially as they are cleaning more surfaces and doing so more frequently. The mental and physical toll is extreme. Smart restroom solutions, though, allow for smart cleaning. Checklists and task alerts are automated, performance is monitored, and results are measured, saving time, energy, and effort for all involved.

ELEVATED CONFIDENCE Smart solutions take a wide array of cleaning, sanitising, and maintenance tasks and create a systematic and methodical approach to organising, performing, monitoring, and measuring them. This streamlined, automated approach ensures everyone involved in facility maintenance has a clear understanding of tasks and expectations. As cleaning and maintenance tasks are completed, they can be monitored and measured in real-time. As a result, facility managers can be confident in the quality of work performed and, as a result, that the health and well-being of building occupants are protected.

Today’s daunting demand for heightened hygiene will remain long after the pandemic itself has waned.

Michael Slawson is vice president and general manager of connected solutions for GP PRO. This article first appeared in CMM and has been republished with permission. ■ 61


Passing the baton: Practical tips for succession planning


he cleaning industry has a high concentration of family business owners, and it employs an ever-growing number of people. These businesses not only support the families that established them, but also the families of those they employ and the families of the businesses that they support through their services. They form an integral part of the economy and their unique dynamic means that many family business owners hope to pass their business onto the next generation. Despite this however, research shows that only 40 per cent of established family businesses survive the transition to the second generation. Past that point, 13 per cent will survive to a third generation and only 3 per cent to a fourth generation and beyond. Why is that the case? It might surprise you to know that only one in four family businesses formally consider their approach to succession. It’s no wonder then that so many fail. 62 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

Succession can be an emotionally charged topic that is difficult for families to discuss. While it can be an awkward topic to bring up, the reality is that succession is one of the biggest risks to the ongoing viability of a family business. The proof is in the pudding! So what can be done about it? Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet or quick fix when it comes to succession. Every family is different and every transition is unique. However, by going through due process and tackling these issues head on, you can drastically increase the chance of a successful transition. By putting things on the table ahead of time and creating transparency amongst the family, you can minimise potential conflict down the track. Once the issues are all out in the open, it can also help relieve a lot of the pressure that family members may be feeling. With that in mind, the best thing that can be done in terms of succession is actually getting started. This article outlines some practical tips for you to consider in planning your succession.


START WITH THE END IN MIND As a starting point you need to understand where you’re going. What does success look like for your family and your business? What is your timeframe for getting there? Who do you want to be your successors? What do you want for your family and your business? You may wish to transition the management and ownership to some or all your children over a specific period. You may wish to transition the management of the business to your employees, separating the running of the business from its owners. You may want to build some of your wealth outside your business for your family who is not involved in the running of the business or you may wish to sell your business to capitalise on the hard work you have undertaken over the years. Whatever the vision that you have for your business and your family, it’s important to know and understand if this vision is shared with your successors and the family. Knowing exactly what you want can often be difficult and can take time, but the sooner you start thinking about it the clearer it will become.

KNOW WHERE YOU ARE IN THE JOURNEY The next step is to understand where you are in the journey and what obstacles and challenges you face. Have you made any progress to date? Are you ready for succession? Do your children want to take over the business? Do your future successors have the right skills and leadership capabilities? Do your successors have authority, credibility and your endorsement to make the business a success? To answer these questions, you need to understand the different perspectives and motivations of each individual that the succession impacts. The only way to gain this understanding is through communication. An advisor is a valuable resource in facilitating these discussions as they can look at your situation independently and taking the emotion out of the conversation. Advisors will help you get an understanding of where you, your business and your family stand so you can create alignment.

WORK BACKWARDS Once you understand the vision for the future, and where you and your family are on the journey, you can then start to design a plan. The plan should address the challenges you are facing now and those you potentially will face along the way. It should take care of the

three subsystems that make up a family business – the family, the business and the owners. It should support the business and the family, and it needs to set clear roles and responsibilities for how the plan should be executed.

MOVE FORWARD At the end of the day, you create a succession plan to move forward, to take action. The plan should detail the actions you will take. Including the steps involved with both the management and ownership succession. Importantly, businesses and families change over time, so a succession plan also needs to change. To support this, you will need to create a governance structure that ensures the plan is executed and evolves over time. These structures may include; • A family constitution (the rule book) • Regular and structured family meetings • Advisory boards • Strategic planning sessions for both the family and the business • Detailed and ongoing analysis of the situation and the strategy The process has many moving parts, many of which you will not know about or have the expertise in – and what you don’t know can hurt you. That’s why it’s important to get advice along the way. A family business advisor can help you with the process and ensure you are engaging with the right advisors at the right time so your legal, tax, estate planning, training and development needs are taken care of.

Businesses and families change over time, so a succession plan also needs to change.

THE GOAL At the end of the day, the goal should be to have a succession plan and a succession planning process that is transparent, understanding and creates alignment. It should create greater certainty for the future, collaboration and openness so that you can address issues or challenges before they arrive. The most effective plans; • Preserve and generate family wealth • Minimise disharmony between family members • Minimise the impact of tax • Encourage personal growth of family members • Fund retirement and family lifestyle • Bring clarity to where the business and the family are heading Remember, succession is a process and not an event. It takes time, and the more time you invest in it, the better. Andrew Ash is director, business advisory, HLB Mann Judd. ■

This article first appeared in INCLEAN Australia. 63


A message from BSCNZ


e are set to have a fantastic celebratory evening at our biennial CleanSweep Awards. This event will take place at the Ellerslie Events Centre on the evening of Wednesday, 2 March 2022. Given that the 2020 event was postponed, the excitement levels are high. The BSCNZ has had a record number of entries and fantastic engagement from our members. The CleanSweep Awards judge, Wendy Stephens, has spent six weeks traveling the country and has reported that the calibre of entrants was excellent. For Wendy, interviewing and dealing with the different BSCNZ members around the country has been a career highlight, and she would like to congratulate all entries on the high quality of work. I would like to publicly thank our event sponsors; Auckland Convention Bureau, NZ Cleaning Supplies, OfficeMax, Careerforce, NXP, Tork Professional Hygiene, Alsco, Ecobags, and Cottonsoft. Without their support this amazing event could not take place. The event’s MC Kerre McIvorm will host a fun filled evening where we will celebrate the best of the New Zealand commercial cleaning industry. There will also be some surprise guests to entertain and delight attendees. BSCNZ is also pleased to announce an event in collaboration with the Facilities Management Association of New Zealand (FMANZ), which will take place at CleanNZ. 64 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

The global pandemic has highlighted the importance of collaboration between facility management and our industry to ensure the The global pandemic ongoing health and safety of our community. More has highlighted details on this event will be announced shortly. The CleanSweep Awards dinner will take the importance place following the second day of CleanNZ. The of collaboration expo has a fantastic line up of industry relevant between facility speakers to educate and inspire. management and The educational sessions are free to attend and will run over course of the two-day expo, our industry to please check out the schedule at cleannzexpo. ensure the ongoing for dates, topics, and time schedules. health and safety of On site at the expo will also be a vast variety of our community. industry suppliers ready to show you the latest and greatest product ranges and services on offer to our industry. Everyone is welcome and registration is free. BSCNZ is also pleased to announce the ongoing working relationship with the Ministry of Social Development. Our team will continue to work with MSD candidates to find our members suitable work ready employees. Every industry can agree that finding labour is one of the biggest challenges we currently face. During the past 12 months the To purchase BSCNZ has successfully placed 90 work CleanSweep Awards tickets ready candidates into employment with or to register for CleanNZ Expo, BSCNZ members and we look forward to visit: continuing this important work.

Sarah McBride is CEO of BSCNZ. ■


Racer R 85 Racer R 85 is the ride-on scrubber dryer designed for cleaning operations in medium areas. Compact dimensions and the extreme manoeuvrability allows the machine to work without problems even in the narrowest and most congested spaces. Available in six versions, two basics and four full package (two of which BC and two BC PLUS), with batteries and battery chargers included. Features include: • • • • • •

85-litre capacity 650mm and 750mm cleaning widths Low noise level Retractable brush head and aluminium squeegee Eco System program optimises consumption and eliminates waste Can reach up to five hours running time in BC PLUS version

NZ Cleaning Supplies Limited 0800 269 253


Novalent, distributed by Viral Shield, is a biotechnology engineering firm that has pioneered the development of a long-lasting technology to protect against bacteria. Novalent’s unique nano-biotechnology creates a long lasting, invisible layer of highly resistant antimicrobial barrier on almost any surface – minimising the risk and preventing the likelihood of harmful bacteria transmission and surface cross contamination. Used in food processing facilities, hospitality, transportation, education, and recreation centers, Novalent’s solution is non-toxic and safe-for-food contact surfaces. It also provides durable hydrophobic properties to help keep surfaces clean and lubricity on all types of fibers. In June 2020, testing with multiple methodologies in independent laboratories confirmed Novalent is highly effective against the virus that causes COVID-19. Viral Shield, located in Auckland, offers a range of electrostatic, thermal, and ultrasonic applicating machines for best results in treating all surfaces.

Viral Shield 09 415 4026

NEW Sanitol Jade Antibacterial Sanitiser Sanitol Jade is a new addition to the Sanitol range, with a refreshing new fragrance. Sanitol is uniquely formulated to prevent the spread of harmful germs. Sanitol Jade’s rapidly acting formula kills 99.99 per cent of germs - protecting you against a range of potentially unsafe micro-organisms. Sanitol Jade contains natural emollients to replenish the skin’s lipids leaving hands feeling soft, smooth and revitalised. Its natural skin conditioners and light pleasant fragrance is ideal for all ages to use. Sanitol Jade is proudly Australian made in Whiteley’s manufacturing facility in the Hunter region of NSW. Sanitol Jade is available in 500ml pump bottles and 1-litre pods for use in Whiteley Dispensing Systems (automated or manual).

Whiteley Corporation 0800 257 352 65


Autobot 75 The most efficient commercial autonomous scrubber available today. Equip with 3D Lidar and deep camera, the Autobot75 is able to detect and navigator through most difficult supermarket and large area that require scrubbing with ease. This autonomous scrubber become cost efficient when you have area over 5000m2 to clean regularly. With easy-to-use interface, 5-6 hour run time and ability to scrub 2500-3000m2 per hour, you will be able to better delegate human resource to other areas robotics can’t do. A machine usually depreciate over time but with Autobot your asset will only appreciate! • • • • •

Clean 3000m2 per hour 5-6 hour run time Smart avoidance Mapping abilities 100,000m2 * Email job report Online management

AutobotsClean 021 886 887

NEW Kärcher B110 ride on scrubber Kärcher’s B110 ride on scrubber drier will wow you and your customer. With its 75cm alloy scrub roller brush head, it boasts pre-sweeping and scrubbing in one step. A productive 110 litre fresh and grey water tanks, time saving auto fill, easy switch operation switch and colour-coded operating elements. The Kärcher Intelligent Key (KIK) system enables total control over machine functionality and prevents potential operating errors. The B110 has a high level of user comfort, including a height-adjustable seat. Perfectly suited for retail and commercial applications. To arrange a test ride, contact 0800 527 2437. Visit the Kärcher team at CleanNZ Expo on March 1 and 2.

Kärcher 0800 527 2437

Dulevo D6 Street Sweeper Dulevo D6 paves the way for a new sweeping experience. Its unique DNA blends with the most advanced technology ever to redefine the high standards of its category. • Efficient and smart thinking – touchscreen panel, onboard diagnostics, set-up for remote connectivity, and Can Bus communication system of the sweeping functions • Ergonomic cabin layout – adjustable functions according to the operator’s needs • Adaptive technology – adjustable working speed, adaptive sweeping width, and 4 and 2 steering wheel system • Reduced environmental impact – low sound power, reduced water consumption, low fine dust emissions and low fuel consumption

NZ Cleaning Supplies Limited 0800 269 253 66 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021


i-mop xl Deep Scrubbing Bracket The Deep scrub bracket is an optional accessory for the,i-mop designed to raise the squeegee of the i-mop off the floor for deep scrubbing, floor stripping, or buffing. The scrub bracket allows operators to use the i-mop with the vacuum motor off, with no contact between the squeegee and the floor. The Deep Scrub Bracket is available for the i-mop XL and XXL models. All i-mop XL & XXL models are suitable to be retrofitted with the Deep Scrub Bracket.

TASKI Intellisweep A major breakthrough in cleaning productivity and efficiency, a machine which sweeps as it scrubs. With increased productivity offering a 2-1 process, the TASKI XP-M IntelliSweep™ combines two separate tasks of pre-sweeping of debris with scrubbing and drying of hard floors. The patented IntelliSweep process design offers a huge 30 per cent increase in productivity. Our smart design makes the machine flexible even in congested areas.

Diversey New Zealand 0800 803 615

h w.w

Why Buy 244NX The 244NX Compact Scrubber Dryer delivers fast, effective cleaning across all hard floors. Often the only solution when cleaning in small and congested areas has been traditional mopping, typically leaving floors wet with inconsistent results. Lightweight and easy to use, the 244NX leaves floors clean, dry and safe whilst reducing labour costs by 70% and water use by 80%.* Colour-coded Touch Points Operator friendly colour-coded touch points.

. ley ite

nz uip roq w.p




70% Saving in Cleaning Costs! 80% Lower Water Use!


Easy to Use * Simple to set up and easy to use, by any operator.

Fully Adjustable Handle Find the perfect working

Easily Removable Tanks Simple and fast emptying and filling.

position with fully The Numatic 244NX adjustable handle. Compact Scrubber Dryer is your answer for a fast, Adjustable Water and Flow effective, easy clean Easily adjust water flow to suit your cleaning.

New Zealand based support and spare parts

Why Buy 244NX

The 244NX Compact Scrubber Dryer delivers fast, effective cleaning across all hard floors.

co. delivering best in class water efficiency. Colour-coded Touch Points Operator colour-coded Counterfriendly Rotating Brushes touch points.controlled and lightweight Delivering handling with no messy spray.

Simple to Use

Easy to Use Simple to set up and easy to use, by any operator.

Robust Design


Centrifugal Water Delivery The direct water feed to the centre

Model Power Brush Speed Pad/Brush Width Solution Tank Recovery Tank Coverage per Tank NET Weight Dimensions (WxLxH) Runtime

Adjustable Water Flow Easily adjust water flow to suit your cleaning.

244NX 36V 140rpm 2 x 220mm 2.2L 3L

Foot-operated 682.70m2 / tank (34.48 Minutes) Floor Tool 21.3kg Eliminates frequent 520 x 450 xbending. 1200mm Up to 80mins

Easy to Manoeuvre

Centrifugal Water Delivery

*Based on replacing 16L mopping system with 244NX cleaning 7 days per week

Pay Back in 5 Minutes Smart & Sustainable Water Distribution Adjustable Handle Switching to the 244NX for just 5 minutes a day insteadFully of mopping The Centrifugal delivery of water using a direct feed through the the perfect working makes big savings, returning the total machine cost in 3Find years.* brushes minimises overall water use, has no messy spray-off and position with fully increases efficiency by reducing time-consuming refills. adjustable handle. One-Pass Performance Easily Removable One-pass cleaning performance is achieved by applying brush Agile and Lightweight Tanks Simple and and fast powerful drive motors with the right amount of water in pressure Agile and lightweight handling easily navigates obstacles in emptying filling. the rightand place. congested areas gliding over floors for controlled, effortless cleaning.


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Foot-operated Floor Tool Eliminates frequent bending.

Often the only solution when cleaning in small and congested areas has been traditional mopping, typically leaving floors wet with Centrifugal Water Delivery inconsistent results. Lightweight and easy to use, the 244NX leaves The direct water feed to the centre floors clean, dry and safe whilst reducing labour costs by 70% evenly and and of the brushes distributes water use by 80%.* consistently across the cleaning area,

Interchangeable NX300 Lithium ion battery

Call 0800 277 678 today for a FREE demonstration or visit Easy Cleaning Park-Up Mode “Park-Up” feature allows users to quickly park-up to move obstacles or carry out other cleaning tasks.



NX300 Cordless Cleaning Network The NX300 Cleaning Network brings the convenience and performance of professional cordless cleaning across our growing battery range.

Support at your Fingertips, Straight from your Mobile Access a wide-range of multilingual help and support, including troubleshooting and maintenance videos, through the Nu-Assist App.

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NEW Tennant T16AMR Address common labour challenges, reduce the need for pre-sweeping, drive efficiencies, and maintain a high standard of cleaning with Tennant’s industrial robotic solution designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees. Powered by BrainOS®, an advanced artificial intelligence and robotic technology platform. Reduce the amount of detergent and water needed with ec-H2O NanoClean® technology. Contact 09 253 9013 for a live demonstration.

Tennant New Zealand 09 253 9013

Agar specialised carpet care solutions available from Proquip Take Carpet Cleaning to the next level with the new range of specialised carpet cleaning solutions from Agar. These products offer the best cleaning outcomes for a wide range or carpet soiling and stains. Superior concentrated formulations designed and improved over many years ensure the best value for any carpet cleaning needs. The range from New Zealand distributors, Proquip, includes stain removers, pre-sprays, hot water extraction formulations, treatments and upholstery care, providing a solution for every task. Revitalise the oldest and dirtiest of carpets in any industry with Agar’s professional cleaning products, now available from your friendly team at Proquip!

Proquip 0800 277 678

Oxivir Excel with 15 second COVID-19 kill claim Kills SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus) in 15 seconds. Now available in a ready-to-use pre-wetted wipes in a convenient soft pack, Oxivir Excel Wipes are a One-Step Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaner based on Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP®) Technology to deliver fast, broad spectrum disinfection with enhanced cleaning power. Based on proprietary AHP technology to deliver fast, effective cleaning and disinfection. Bactericidal & Virucidal with one minute contact time including: Common colds - Rhinovirus, Influenza - H1N1, Gastroenteritis - Norovirus and Rotavirus. Yeasticidal with 1 minute contact time. The active ingredient hydrogen peroxide degrades into water and oxygen.

Diversey New Zealand 0800 803 615




Autobot 50 The latest edition to the autonomous cleaning family. With option to add a base station to auto refill and discharge. This autonomous scrubber can require as little as two hours human intervention per month. Autobot 50 become cost efficient when you require to clean floor area over 2000sqm per day. With Autobot 50 you staff will be able to concentrate on provide clients with better service and management reporting. A machine usually depreciate over time but with autobot your asset will only appreciate! • • • • • •

Clear 1300sqm per hour 3 hour run time Different level mapping abilities * Lift integration(optional) Mapping abilities 100,000m2 Online management Smart avoidance

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Specialist Cleaning Supplies 0800 477 624




Rotowash machines use up to 90 per cent less* water and cleaning chemical than other conventional cleaning methods, which means large areas can be cleaned between filling and emptying. Minimal water consumption also means smaller overall machine size, less weight to move and ease of use. A Rotowash is as quick and easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner, with outstanding results on difficult to clean flooring. Rotowash machines produce a high quality rapid scrub, wash and dry on all types of hard floors and carpets, leaving the floors ready to walk on within minutes.





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Diversey New Zealand 0800 803 615

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TASKI procarpet 30 allows users to select the cleaning application that best fits their needs based on turnaround time and soil levels. The procarpet 30 can be set-up for deep cleaning extraction for heavy soils or restorative type cleaning application or for interim cleaning using our specifically formulated encapsulation chemical. The Procarpet 30 allows customers to control all carpet cleaning activities and select the application that best fits their needs. Utilising interim cleaning will help to extend the time between deep cleaning activities keeping carpets looking better longer without extended dry times.

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Procarpet 30


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Advector-X Ultrasonic Transportation Diffuser Invented, patented, and trademarked in Avondale, New Zealand, the international launch of the Advector-X Ultrasonic Transportation Diffuser will take place at the CleanNZ Expo. This machine can deliver sanitisation of all surfaces inside a commercial jet airplane in less than 30 minutes, sanitisation of all surfaces inside a train carriage in less than 20 minutes, and sanitisation of all surfaces insidea bus in 10 minutes. See how it works at the Viral Shield stand at CleanNZ Expo on Tuesday, 1 March and Wednesday, 2 March 2021.

Viral Shield 09 415 4026

Pullman Commander PV900 Backpack Vacuum

Florogen range - Citrus, Original, Strawberry, Lavender, and Frangipani

A high-powered commercial backpack designed for maximum user comfort in any commercial setting. Featuring the worldfirst Comfort System harness complete with 3 height settings, anti-vibration and air ventilation systems, a turbo suction mode and HEPA13 filtration for a healthier environment.

Florogen concentrated alcohol-based air fresheners may be used as a space deodorant or as a surface deodorant for extremely long lasting 24-hour deodorisation. Florogen may be used in toilet areas, under sinks, behind desks and furniture and into waste bins after cleaning.

• Transforms into a powerful blower • Eco and Turbo modes for tailored suction strength • Professional-grade HEPA13 filter ensures clean air output

Available in the pleasant perfumes of original, strawberry, lavender and frangipani. Florogen has been proven to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria. It is available in a 5-litre bottle and 500ml ready to use spray bottles.


Whiteley Corporation

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Ranger R 115 Ranger R 115 is the ride-on scrubber dryer designed for cleaning operations in medium and large areas that combines high level performance with ergonomics and maximum comfort for the operator. Available in six versions, two basics and four full packages (two of which BC CHEM and two BC CHEM PLUS), with batteries and battery chargers included. Features include: • 115-litre capacity • Wide cleaning widths from 75mm to 850mm guarantee a productivity up to 5000m²/h • Practical and intuitive control panel includes Ready to Go function and Eco System program, which optimises consumption and eliminates waste • Can reach up to seven hours running time in BC CHEM PLUS version

NZ Cleaning Supplies Limited 0800 269 253 70 INCLEAN NEW ZEALAND August 2021

Capitalising on both of its international and local resources, ISSA will be putting together a two-day prodigious program of commercial cleaning, cutting-edge technology and education.

16-17 March, 2022 70+ local and international exhibitors

NETWORK with cleaning & hygiene professionals and industry stakeholders

Cutting-edge products and innovative services

LEARN how to adapt to change and lead from the front in your organisation

two-day schedule In-depth education sessions, workshops and panel discussions

GROW your knowledge of advanced cleaning & hygiene practices and products

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