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SAVING THE PLANET Why being eco-friendly is important for business

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Mother’s Day, Easter and pets

sacred chakra

These soft and sweet fragrances soothe the mind and body. Helping focus and concentraion.


A calming collection of healing stones, natural florals, essential oils and more.

Wiccan Magic

Wiccan is a fast growing trend, being a witch isn’t just for Halloween.


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eco why businesses need to be on board

24 visual merchandising inspirational window displays for autumn

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30 marketplaces the rise of the one-stop-shop platform 40 mother’s day the latest gifts for mum 46 pet accessories a category that continues to grow 54 easter what’s trending 56 trends pantone colour of the year 58 products to take you from summer to autumn MARCH 2022 3


A curated collection of retail’s best original brands from Australia and beyond. REGISTER NOW

See, touch and feel the products before you buy. Meet small, local makers and creators alongside some of Australia’s and the world’s premium brands.






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Today’s brands want to be be connected with people and community through their ethical and sustainable processes and products.


ccording to a Global

“I wanted to send a message that we can enjoy

Sustainability Study (2021),

beautiful goods without harming the environment,”

one third of consumers are

founder Monique Montfroy explains.

willing to pay a premium for

“It is important to me to make conscious choices

sustainable products and companies should

and be aware of my environmental footprint, while

prepare for sustainability to become the

still being practical and looking elegant.”

expectation and not the exception in the future. Texcoco Collective aims to be the voice of sustainable thinking and to share unique, highquality designs with the ethos of nurturing the earth. 6

She says now more than ever as a global society we are aware of our impact on the environment and the power that our purchasing decisions have. “Eco-friendly and sustainable products are becoming more important because we have to


make a change in what we consume. We will not stop consuming things, but we can start to make more informed choices about what we do consume. “As businesses we are the ones that bring products to the people, so we are on the front line

Texcoco women’s wallet

of deciding to make products that are better for the environment and cause the least amount of harm to nature, animals and humans.” Texcoco offers a range of high quality, handmade vegan leather handbags, crafted from cactus leather by Mexican artisans. After researching how traditional leathers were produced, Monique Montfroy was shocked to discover the enormous waste involved. Texcoco bagpack La-luna bag from Texcoco.

From the water wastage to the impact it has on our planet, the effect on human lives and animal cruelty, she knew there had to be a better solution. “[Sustainability] has got to be the way forward. I don’t see any positive future by continuing with this outdated method of manufacturing goods. As sustainability becomes a more urgent concern on an individual level, brands need to ramp up their efforts to reflect customer values. “Consumers want to know where materials come from, how products are made and whether the people involved are treated fairly. We know better now and we can see and test the impact MARCH 2022 7


Texcoco bag

of making more sustainable choices can do for

“When I finalised the samples and received them

businesses. Putting sustainable practices at the

here in Australia was a pivotal moment. Having the

forefront of operations can renew a brand’s image,

finished, physical product in my hands, being able

change the way people view products and create

to touch and feel the bags cemented that this was

a collective change.”

what I was meant to be doing.”

Montfroy admits that starting a sustainable

Montfroy is currently working towards

fashion brand during a pandemic is not for the

creating a new range of not only handbags but

faint-hearted and so far it has been an incredible

camera straps, fashion and accessories made

and crazy journey.

in Guatemala through a strategic alliance with

Coming from a creative background she had

grassroots NGO I Am Hope Guatemala, which

little business experience and the challenge

provides women with support and employment,

was to learn every process of starting a small

which in turn supports the local economy and

business from admin, to web design, building

expansion of cultural practices and traditions.

a strong network and finding investment

“Texcoco will continue to use innovative

opportunities, to marketing and sales. These

materials such as cactus leather, that cause

are challenges as much as they are highlights,

no animal suffering and the least harm to the

having learned everything along the way and

environment. I want to create a fashion statement

producing everything with this outcome is a great

where cultures blend, celebrate and support each

achievement, she says.

other and the earth.


Tikiri Garden Friends Fully Enclosed Teether Toys

Tikiri & Tender Leaf Toys are proudly distributed by Kaleidoscope ww w.kaleidosc Austalasia sa les @k (07) 3375 6446


“We will be adding new colours to the first collection. You can also expect a new range to be released this year and make vegan leather more accessible for everyone to choose from by being stocked in like-minded boutique stores that have the same values as Texcoco of shaking up the fashion industry and moving toward a more ecoconscious society,” Montfroy adds. For Jessica Clark, launching Earth Worthy was Earth Worthy founder, Jessica Clark.

“As a photographer I view much of the world through the lens of my camera and that has shaped

as much about the environment as it was about the community. The social enterprise employs people in Bangladesh to handmake bags that are sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly.

the way I see and investigate my surroundings.

“I used to live and work in Bangladesh in an

Having spent a lot of time in Mexico and central

environmental advocacy, back in 2015, and saw

America, I take a lot of inspiration from the colours,

these amazing sustainable materials, especially jute,

textures and shapes of these culturally rich nations.”

which grows in Bangladesh prolifically,” she says.

When designing and selecting the first range of

”It harvests in 12 weeks and leaves a soil richer and

handbags for Texcoco Collective she wanted to

more nutrients than before it started growing.

emulate the feelings experienced when travelling through the landscapes of Central America. The bags had to be practical and functional yet beautiful and stylish, reflecting the beautiful yet rugged environment. “I chose the green not only to reflect that of a cactus but also as a quiet statement of activism, to launch a sustainable brand with this ethos of nurturing for the earth and celebrating nature. 10

Earth Worthy bags

Inspiring feel-good giving.

Beautiful cards and stationery for an earth-friendly Mother’s Day. Explore all of our new arrivals now, with easy online ordering.


survivors. We have a small production house which offers a safe place to make bags.” Clark adds that if it is good for people and the planet and if it is giving back that’s what Earth Worthy is all about. “We are a social enterprise and our profits go back into employing people in Bangladesh. We want to create an alternative way of doing things Bags from Earth Worthy.

that values the maker and also the planet. Work “Producing jute provides a lot of income at different points of the supply chain from cultivation all the way to the final product. “Having worked for the advocacy and having

with natural fibres so they can compost and go back to the earth. “We are in the process of setting up a foundation to formalise the training process as

those contacts in Bangladesh, I really wanted to

well. Bangladesh is one of the largest producers

do something when I came back to Australia.”

of garments, we produce bags which are

However, Clark came back pregnant with twins

simpler to make. Everything is handmade

so she had to put those plans on the backburner

including the labels, again it’s all about creating

for a little while.

job opportunities.”

When in 2018 the plastic bag ban was

While Bangladesh is close to her heart, she

introduced she knew the time was right to do

realises there are many growth opportunities in

something really good.

other markets and one of them is to become a

“I went back to Bangladesh in 2019 before Covid hit and was able to connect with an

marketplace for artisans around the world. “When you purchase from Earth Worthy you

organisation which offers employment to survivors

know its ethical and sustainable, which will allow us

from a garment factory collapse (2013). Going

to expand and work with artisans in other parts of

back to a factory environment was not an option

the world. We don’t chase trends; our products are

for these workers so we were able to work with

multi-use and durable and we want to make sure

the organisation and offer employment to those

we have long-term relationships with our makers.”


Guzzini, a desire to sustainably build a MORE BEAUTIFUL WORLD! In order to encourage a more natural and circular economy, Guzzini has developed ‘Circle’; a system which gives a new lease of life to recycled material by creating eco-sustainable home and lifestyle products from postconsumption second-hand materials. The Circle system integrates sustainability, and a circular approach to the traditional characteristics of durability and recyclability; traits which have always featured in Guzzini collections. Guzzini views the issue of sustainability as being key to understanding, interpreting and responding to social and environmental change and to lifestyles. This ongoing challenge pushes the company towards constant research and innovative use of raw materials and towards the creation of new product lines. Building partnerships with sustainable organisations in recycling, design, print, production, transport and distribution, Guzzini has developed an entire integrated system in which they can make products which will help to bring a new, environmentally sustainable mindset into people’s homes. Through the Circle project, Guzzini is building a new future and deciding how the world will be by recognising its existing values; knowledge, technologies, creativity and sustainability, and using this to build a better world than before. They make room for a revolution in terms of consumption, passion, colour, ideas and innovation.

How smaller retail businesses can become more sustainable By Anaita Sarkar, co-founder of Hero Packaging The pressure is on businesses, now more than ever, to consider their corporate responsibility. From reducing your carbon footprint to recycling your plastics and reducing your energy and water consumption. So where do you start when you want to make your business more sustainable? Firstly, what does being sustainable mean? In essence, it means to consider the environmental impact of the decisions you make within your business. While this may seem frustrating to some, many businesses are using it to their advantage, leveraging this potential limitation to become another tool in their marketing repertoire. Here’s how you can make your brand more sustainable, while also showcasing your efforts: The fundamental of sustainability is less is more. Meaning reducing what natural resources you’re using and also reducing what you’re putting out in the environment. So how do you do that? The easiest way is to remember these three Rs—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Firstly, look at the consumables you use within your business. We recommend going through your expense invoices over the past few months and make a list of the consumables you use to run your business. For example copy paper, toilet paper, coffee pods, packaging and shipping materials. Then make two lists. The first list in order of consumption from highest to lowest and the second list in order of ease of implementation to change. For example, it’s easy to switch non-recycled copy paper to 100 per cent recycled copy paper, so this could go to the top of the ease of implementation. Look at the ‘low hanging fruit’ in regards to what changes you could make within your business easily. Then look at the order of consumption list as this will give you the best idea of where your biggest impact will be. 14

If you’re shipping products, can you reduce the amount of packaging and are you using fit for purpose packaging and shipping materials? We’ve all received that one small item we’ve purchased online and it arrives in a ridiculously large box with a ridiculous amount of packaging. Is your business guilty of this? Remember, the less packaging and the smaller the shipping box you use will reduce your shipping expenses. The next step is to look at what you can reuse within your business—the little things can add up. Is your business using any disposable cups or cutlery? By reusing items and not sending them to landfill, this can also reduce the cost of waste disposal for many businesses. Thirdly, if you can’t reduce or reuse, then you need to look at recycling. Offer returns for end-of-life products—do you sell a product that can be recycled? Lots of materials (including hard plastics) can be recycled at the end of their lifespan, yet customers generally won’t do this if it’s an unfamiliar process. If you offer end of life returns, you can recycle those products for your customers, lowering your product’s environmental impact. If it’s not a simple step, you can recycle returned products in bulk a few times a year. If you offer a consumable product, consider switching to ecofriendly packaging that can be easily recycled/ composted by your customer or add an option for their packaging to be refilled. Recycle also applies to using products that are made from recyclable materials. Another initiative your business can implement is a ‘buy recycled policy’, where you only purchase materials that are made from recycled content. This is of course if you can’t reduce or reuse first.


Earth Worthy bag

Earth Worthy launched its wholesale side of the

Clark is also looking to establish a social

business at the recent Sydney Gift Fair and interest

enterprise here in Australia. “Getting our products

was huge from independent homewares stores

to people quickly has been a challenge during

as well as some bigger retailers with a focus on

Covid, so we are thinking of introducing a range of

ethical and sustainable products.

bags and do the screen printing here in Australia.

“Just before Christmas we started selling our products in three different stores down near Wollongong including Berry. Our bags

We will employ people that have trouble getting a job or have different needs. “We also produce custom bags for events

sold really well as customers like the story and

and retailers as well as custom packaging,

meaning behind the product, and we had to

for example, for candles. We have new

keep restocking.

collaborations in the pipeline and because

“There is a huge shift to buying local and we

our main goal is employment (and not profit),

want to support retailers, help them sell products

we have more opportunities to create some

that are meaningful, ethical and sustainable.”

amazing partnerships.” G MARCH 2022 15

2 1 3 4

5 1. ECOMAX loofah scouring pad twin pack, wholesales from $5.60. ImportAnts, 02 9516 1496,,,, 2. Set of 2 coconut bowls with cutlery, wholesales for $16.85. Ibubambu, 0488 726 010,,,, 3. Eco animal art, wholesales from $8.60 to $9.80. IOco, 02 9810 2211,,,, 4. Eco-friendly bamboo grazing board, wholesales for $7.49. Lisa Pollock, 07 5576 2369,,,, 5. Large pop up pot ‘clouds’, wholesales for $21. Sow ‘n Sow, 07 5435 2579,,,, 16





1. Organic Farm Buddies Mr Moo & Miss Moo collection, wholesale from $9.05 (soft rattles) to $12.70 (plush toys). Artiwood Australia, 02 8294 3030,,,, 2. Spiral bound journals, wholesale for $11.30. Earth Greetings, 08 8277 2001,,,, 3. Matte watercolour counter roll with jade 100% cotton ribbon and b&w gift sticker, prices upon application. Finmark, 08 8277 0555,,,

MARCH 2022 17





5 1. Mindful Living Mandala 500 pcs puzzle breathe and balance, wholesales for $16.50. Axis Toys, 02 9986 3456,,,, 2. ShooFly Kaleidoscope eco food cover, wholesales from $15.91 to $21.82. Glass on the Grass, 0421 068 430,,,, 3. Djeco cut out doll house, wholesales for $24. Kaleidoscope, 07 3375 6446,,,, 4. Make My Shave starter kit, retails for $21.99. Make My Shave,,,, 5. Stainless steel travel cutlery, wholesales from $6.80 to $8.60. IOco, 02 9810 2211,,,, 18


3 1


1. Apple Park organic fluffy dice set, wholesales for $20.50. Artiwood Australia, 02 8294 3030,,,, 2. ECOMAX loofah scourer and wash pad, wholesales from $5.60. ImportAnts, 02 9516 1496,,,, 3. Eco-friendly bamboo teatime tray, trinket tray & mini bowl, wholesale for $7.49. Lisa Pollock, 07 5576 2369, online@lisapollock.,,,

Simple - Useful - Timeless

To view the entire range and to become a ZAKKIA Stockist, visit our website email us Phone 02 8002 7498

MARCH 2022 19






1. Apple Park mint organic soft doll, wholesales for $26.80. Artiwood Australia, 02 8294 3030,,,, 2. Washi tape, wholesales for $3. Earth Greetings, 08 8277 2001,,,, 3. Green and purple leaves counter rolls with jute burlap, natural jute twine, hazelnut paper twine & kraft gift stickers, prices upon application. Finmark, 08 8277 0555,,, 4. Ecoffee Cup ‘Sunflowers’ reusable coffee cup, wholesales for $12.45. Ibubambu, 0488 726 010,,,, 5. in-wood flora and fauna balancing game, wholesales for $50. Axis Toys, 02 9986 3456,,,, 20





3 1. Bamboo beauty buds, wholesale from $7.70 to $10.90. IOco, 02 9810 2211,,,, 2. Tikiri My 1st Arctic Animals, 12-piece CDU wholesales for $106. Kaleidoscope, 07 3375 6446,,,, 3. Happy birthday gift of seeds, wholesales for $9.95. Sow ‘n Sow, 07 5435 2579,,,,

Prints by Mim Cole shown here.

Fully Australian owned and proud members of the

Wonderfully colourful Aboriginal artists’ accessories, travel, folios and more for Autumn/Winter 2022. Showcasing the paintings of women artists and printmakers, Liberty Fabrics, and other limited edition designs in vibrant seasonal prints! All artists benefit directly from proceeds of all designs produced. Email for current catalogue: 0492 819 527

MARCH 2022 21

A uniquely Australian collection of Skin Care, Body Care & Home Fragrance. The range showcases the extraordinary ingredient, Jarrah Honey, with its antimicrobial properties and beneficial antioxidants. Following the success of the first release from the range, Trelivings are proud to introduce the second release of products, arriving in April.

PRODUCT RANGE INCLUDES: Fragrance Candle Fragrance Diffuser Fragranced Room Spray Fragranced Bath Salt Whipped Body Mousse



Our theory is that happy feet are the basis for a healthy body. The Trelivings Foot Theory range includes 3 uniquely Australian Foot Care products to exfoliate, soothe, smooth and rejuvenate tired feet.

PRODUCT RANGE INCLUDES: Pumice Foot Scrub-A-Dub-Dub Supercool Foot & Muscle Rib Sooth & Smooth Foot Creme Triple Treat For Feet




As we head into the colder months, here is a selection of window displays to inspire your own visual merchandising story.




visual merchandising





visual merchandising






visual merchandising







GAME CHANGERS The rise of online shopping has fundamentally changed the expectations consumers have of their favourite brands and retailers. As consumers spend more on marketplaces, they are increasingly recognising the benefits that they offer.


here have been some key

Two-thirds of consumers surveyed globally

shifts in consumer behaviour,

prefer ecommerce sites with online marketplaces,

especially over the last two years,

and 70 per cent say online marketplaces are

with many people moving online

the most convenient way to shop. Two-thirds

to do their shopping. According to recent research, Australians now conduct nearly one-third (30 per cent) of their online shopping on marketplaces and 92 per cent

of Australia’s high-volume, high-value ‘power shoppers’ wish that more of their favourite retailers had online marketplaces. “The onset of the pandemic accelerated many

of Australian consumers expect to maintain or

changes in consumer behaviours that were

increase their marketplace usage in 2022.

already in place, with consumers turning to

Indeed, findings of the 2022 Mirakl State of

ecommerce options that were more convenient,

Online Marketplace Adoption report show the

faster, more reliable and accessible on the run

ecommerce landscape has shifted in response to

or from the comfort of their own home,” says

rising consumer expectations around rapid delivery,

enterprise marketplace platform Mirakl’s co-

product quality and variety, and lower pricing.

founder and co-CEO, Adrien Nussenbaum.



Sixty per cent of Australian respondents identify online marketplaces as the most convenient way to shop today. Roughly half of Australians clearly prefer ecommerce websites that have an online marketplace over those that do not, giving retailers a clear mandate to explore this innovative business model. “Importantly for retailers, Australian shoppers

Einat Sukenik

to maintain or increase their use of online

on online marketplaces do their homework.

marketplaces into 2022 and beyond, the number

Our survey data shows that over half of Aussie

of retailers launching online marketplaces is sure

respondents will research a third-party seller

to continue its growth, driven by popularity with

before making a purchase on an online

consumers and retailers alike,” Nussenbaum adds.

marketplace, with the majority of those checking the seller’s reviews.” The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic saw a sharp rise in the use of online marketplaces, with Australians’ usage of these marketplaces almost

TradeSquare was launched during the pandemic in October 2020 with the aim to create a B2B marketplace to support digital transformation and capabilities of businesses. The one stop online wholesale hub now features

doubling from 26 per cent in 2019 to 43 per cent in

150,000 products and 7,000 brands. Its founders

2020 and holding steady at that amount in 2021.

and partners are Australian entrepreneurs

“In a time characterised by sudden changes, unpredictability and a need for flexibility, marketplaces are steadily gaining popularity

themselves. They understand the challenges, especially for retailers. They’ve faced them. “We have lived through the hard knocks

among consumers, giving retailers the means

of running a business in Australia and have

to meet their customers’ rising expectations.

come out the other end,” Roey Balbus from

This is no clearer than when considering power

TradeSquare states.

shoppers, whose shopping habits are leading the increasing popularity of online marketplaces. “With 92 per cent of Australians expecting

“That’s where we stand apart. Australia can be a rugged environment for small businesses. The last two Covid years have made it even harsher.” MARCH 2022 31


spoke to suppliers and found that they didn’t always favour small business clients because of the credit checks and paperwork needed to bring them on board. “We decided to vet buyers and guarantee payments ourselves so sellers don’t have to track payments and risk defaulters. They also didn’t have the digital or marketing capabilities to reach those segments.” However, changing people’s mindset to reveal Liza Tinker

the simplicity of ordering and managing orders TradeSquare prides itself on being a true Australian company that aims to support Australian wholesalers and businesses, which can only

online was challenging at times, says co-founder Einat Sukenik. “For suppliers this meant no chasing after

happen by developing a strong ecosystem that will

payments, using TradeSquare customer support,

bring more value to both buyers and suppliers.

receiving orders 24/7 and understand that

“We set up TradeSquare by talking to Australian

more suppliers on the same platform mean

buyers, from retailers to schools and a vast range

more buyers, which is a big shift in the supplier’s

between. Invariably the responses were about

mindset,” she says.

more product choice and orders delivered on

“For buyers it meant realising that they have

time, which they hadn’t always experienced from

a massive online trade show whenever and

overseas trading platforms,” Balbus adds.

wherever they are, with one login they can get

“They also wanted a single payment method, rather than filling out multiple credit applications with different suppliers and not having to predict taxes and fees on imported goods.” The marketplace, which recently raised $28 million from US investment firm Tiger Global, also 32

free shipping, credit terms and be exposed to great Aussie brands.” One of these is Liza Tinker in Bundeena, whose businesses were affected by bushfires before Covid hit. Although bushfires didn’t hit her retail store, Tinker’s business began to decline in its wake.

Would you like to WIN $1,000* CREDIT? All invoiced sales over $750+gst will automatically go in the draw to win $1000* credit towards their NEXT order with DARLIN. DON’T MISS OUT OFFER ENDS 31ST MARCH 2022


Visit DARLIN.COM.AU and register your business today! Contact local DARLIN Agents at P (07) 3205 7007 | E *Winners account must be up to date. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Offer valid from 03 February 2022 and ends 31 March 2022. Winner will be notified by phone or email.


“I diversified and turned it into a café plus a retail

ago. I don’t even have to stress when I need to

store,” she explains. “It started to thrive and then

fill my store on the Monday after seeing what has

Covid hit.”

sold,” she says.

Tinker refurbished it to become a café only and

At the end of the day marketplaces provide

moved her retail business to a new site. “Our new

incomparable value to businesses regardless of the

products were all bought through TradeSquare

pandemic, offer them a buying power and one place

and we opened within two weeks. We survived

to source products. They also offer an exceptional

all of this.

experience that allows the businesses which are time

“I love buying and merchandising and bringing things together. Making people happy with the things they buy matters to me.” Mostly, though, it’s the easy flow from finding

poor to focus on running the business rather than sourcing product, Sukenik adds. “On the other side we democratise wholesale and allow each wholesaler access to many

products to receiving them that makes Tinker

businesses and new segments which are

value her relationship with TradeSquare.

extremely hard to be exposed to. The marketplace

“When I had my business three years ago, I had to ring around companies for them to sell to me.

is a collaboration platform that underlines the premise that together we can achieve more.”

TradeSquare is a godsend to sign up—everything

Being able to choose from many suppliers and

gets delivered quickly, it’s a one-stop shop for me

lower minimum order quantities has helped Irene

to set up my store with a great range of products.

Tuoro, who runs a small gift hamper business

I wish this would have been around three years

based in Melbourne.


Proudly Australian, the U Like Homewares family brings beauty into Australian homes and gardens.

View latest collections now

03 9583 9699  0411 428 043  


“With Covid-19, online gift hamper businesses have increased, so we face challenges in competing with many other new online businesses as well as high demand on courier services, which is seeing delivery delays Australia-wide,” she explains. “As a new business I was able to browse a variety

Jenn Donovan, Sarah Britz and Lauren Hately from Spend With Us.

the best way to supports the businesses going

of options for my business, it was handy having all

through these adversities has been hard and

the different suppliers on one easy to use website.”

challenging but, in the end, extremely rewarding.”

For Tuoro, the benefits are also about the

What makes Spend With Us a little different is that

TradeSquare community. “TradeSquare has

it is a social enterprise and only supports small and

been an important part of my business. It helped

micro businesses from rural and regional areas.

me choose my first products for my store and

“We do webinars, have special guests, post

introduce me to different local suppliers I didn’t

tips and tricks on how these small businesses can

know existed.”

grow their social followings and business, even

The local community has certainly been integral to

outside of our platform. We do this because we

the launch of Spend With Us, an online marketplace

believe we are just one channel and small business

and directory of rural and regional businesses.

owners need several to succeed in business in

It was created by Sarah Britz, a web designer from the Central Coast of NSW, Lauren Hateley, a

2022 and beyond. “We also offer ‘done for you marketing’ to

clinical psychologist from rural Victoria, and Jenn

help bring customers to their stores via SEO, our

Donovan, a Riverina-based marketer.

extensive database, our paid Google and social

“We started our platform to help rural and

media ads, and via blogs and podcasts and PR

regional small business owners through horrific

opportunities. We are all about abundance—if our

drought and then bushfires,” Britz says.

members are successful, then our marketplace

“But the adversities have just continued— Covid-19, floods (this year, last year, the year before), mouse plagues, so many. Knowing 36

and platforms will be too.” Indeed, so many small business owners credit Spend With Us platforms (Facebook group and

If it’s on trend, then you’ll find it at NF Living. Winter 2022

View the winter 2022 collection at

Contact Us 10 Barry Ave, Mortdale NSW 2223 02 9579 2200 ·

marketplace website) in helping them through

technical skills and budget required to reach the

some of the toughest years in business or for

people they want to sell their products to.

having a business at all. “They knew they were talented at what they did

“A platform like ours that offers help with ecommerce technology, marketing, done

but didn’t know how to ‘get the word out there’

for you marketing and marketing education,

about their talent. Enter our platforms, we have

allows our members to succeed both on and off

made getting online and their marketing simple

our platforms.”

and sales have flowed because of that. “We are a community, not just a marketplace and

Spend With Us offers tonnes of products across all categories including bush experiences, cosmetics,

therefore we are always asking for and receiving

clothing, gourmet food and artisan homewares,

feedback on what our community would like to

and recently added alcoholic beverages.

see in the future, what they would like to see done

It’s easy to find, discover and purchase

differently and what works and what does not.

delightful new gems which are then delivered

We can’t always fix the issues or problems, but we

straight to your door from rural and regional small

absolutely do our best,” Britz adds.

businesses. Better yet, as a social enterprise,

She believes having an omnichannel marketing

your purchasing dollars go directly back to the

strategy is the only way to go, especially if you’re

business, so you can feel great about doing your

trying to compete in a busy and very noisy space.

bit to support rural communities.

“Sitting back and enjoying the fruit of your own

“Being three rural ladies ourselves, we know

website and your own social platforms doesn’t exist

there are amazing wines and alcoholic beverages

in the marketplace these days, so you need to be

created in our regions. We buy them, we drive

more places than just your own. You need to be

past them every day.

listed on marketplaces, directories, be spending

“The primary reason as to why we started

time on social media, not just for your business, but

looking at alcoholic beverages as a market for us

interacting and joining in with others.

was simply when the market changed for them

“We see that marketplaces and other digital

and China was not importing their products as

platforms will only continue to grow because small

they have in the past. We also knew that many of

businesses don’t always have the marketing or

them were impacted by drought, fires and the



pandemic and wanted to do something to help.” Britz believes they can be part of the solution in

Spend With Us is now supporting regional wineries

helping these rural and regional businesses sell more products, creating more brand awareness and positioning themselves in the domestic market. “Mind you, we didn’t bank on the red tape to get a liquor license—it took five months—but now we have it we are stoked and can’t wait to support more rural and regional wines, distilleries and breweries in the future.

a difference. Every time a small rural or regional

“We are always looking to branch out in other categories. It’s just a matter of someone asking. However, we want to branch out into supporting

business receives a sale, they genuinely do a happy dance. “Our ultimate goal is to become a household

more service-based, tourism-based and

name and be known as the Amazon of rural and

accommodation-based businesses in the future.

regional Australia. We want to double in size in the

That’s definitely a goal for 2022.”

next 12 months to start employing the necessary

So what else can we expect in 2022?

experts to help us reach our goal of being a

“This year is an exciting year for Spend With Us.

household name.

We have many new features and projects rolling

“We also hope to partner with more fantastic

out for our platform that will allow us to provide

Australian companies in the near and distant

even further support and awareness for rural and

future. We hope to impact over one million small

regional small and micro businesses and can’t wait

rural and regional businesses in the next five years.

to see them evolve.”

“Not only putting many more businesses ‘on

Sadly, if the start of 2022 is anything to go by,

the map’ and in front of a buying audience that

small businesses on the platform need more

they could only dream of by themselves, but also

support now than ever.

highlighting the absolute talent that exists in rural

“Our small business community is so important to us and by supporting them, we can help make

and regional Australia that remains unknown and undiscovered,” Britz concludes. G


MARCH 2022 39

Djeco Little Flowers & Wild Birds umbrellas from Kaleidoscope, wholesale for $9.

Annabel Trends wine tumbler mum power & groovy grandma (double wall stainless steel), wholesales for $12.

With Mother’s Day approaching, now is the time to start planning for unique and thoughtful gifts. From lovely body care ranges to luxurious robes, we have gathered a selection of gifts for this special day.

Mama fragrance diffuser set by Urban Rituelle, wholesales for $20.50.

Mother’s Day cards from Lil’s Cards, wholesale from $2.20 to $2.75.


mother’s day

LyndalT Love plate, wholesales for $29.95.

Trelivings Jarrah Honey collection from Cocco Corporation, wholesales from $5.95 to $10.95. Splosh Mother’s Day 2022 starter pack, wholesales for $409.92.

Eco-friendly bamboo affirmation plaque – mum from Lisa Pollock, wholesales for $5.49.

Intrinsic Mumma Love coffee cup with lid, wholesales for $14.80.

Thoughtful Words letter & zodiac mugs from TSK Giftware, wholesale for $6.80 each.

MARCH 2022 41

Amazing Mum mug from Gibson Gifts, wholesales for $4.95.

Lav-ish bling shoes and bags by Aidangus & Co, wholesale from $39 to $60.

Annabel Trends boxed socks mum power, wholesales for $8.15.

Crystal blocks (mother) from Gatto & Co, prices available on request.

Import Ants ECOMAX Cleopatra loofah, loofah mitt & washcloth, wholesale from $4.80 to $8.20.


mother’s day

NF Living mum & bub resin elephants from Nicholas Agency, wholesale for $12.50.

Mama scented hand cream from Urban Rituelle, wholesales for $11.80. Mother’s Day cards from Earth Greetings, wholesale for $2.97. MARCH 2022 43

Mother’s Day Kath card from Candle Bark Creations, wholesales for $2.70.

Annabel Trends ceramic travel coffee cup mum power, wholesales for $8.60.

Cath Kidston cards from Vevoke, wholesale for $3.15.

Lisa Pollock stainless steel bubbly mug, wholesales for $19.99.

Intrinsic Mumma Love quote book, wholesales for $10.43.



mother’s day

Mama scented soy candles from Urban Rituelle, wholesale from $12.15 to $20.50.

Plaque Puns Hello Beautiful by Gibson Gifts, wholesales for $8.95.

Intrinsic Mumma Love ceramic mug, wholesales for $11.36.

MARCH 2022 45



We chat to the founder of Australia’s first online marketplace for the coolest dogs on the block about how it all started and why it’s important to support small business.

The Dog Market founder, Teneille Lake.


pet accessories


et accessories had already been a growing category before the pandemic hit, however, with many people working from home during Covid, pet ownership increased significantly, strengthening

demand for pet items even more. The pandemic also steered consumers online as physical stores closed, people felt uncomfortable visiting shops or they were isolating at home due to the virus. Many retailers focused on their ecommerce offerings, ensuring their slice of the $3.3 billion pet accessories market. According to IBISWorld, industry operators are likely to focus on the continued roll-out of digital platforms over 2021-22, even after restrictions are eased, to capture changed shopping patterns and to take advantage of higher pet ownership rates. Indeed, consumers are now hunting for the best deals and convenience of a one-stop-shop, which is why Teneille Lake created The Dog Market. The inspiration came from having to shop from multiple places to get everything she needed for her dogs, explains Lake. “As a dog mum to two beautiful fur babies I struggled to find a destination that could provide a unique selection of harder to find labels and more specifically, dog-centric pieces under the one roof,” she says. “It was difficult to find on-trend products that weren’t being mass produced. I knew the products were there as I was always seeing them on Instagram and that’s where the idea was born. “Not only did I want to bring trendy dog brands to customers, but I Nonna’s Garden harness

also wanted to support Australian business by giving them a platform to mark their brand.” MARCH 2022 47

pet accessories

positive, particularly on the branding and product offering. Customers are loving that they can buy products for their dogs Flo and Londyn leather dog collars & leashes.

Having been made redundant

allows them to showcase their

that aren’t the same as every other dog at the park. “However, it has been

from a high-flying corporate role

products and access a wider

challenging to educate

at the start of the pandemic she

audience. All at one click,

customers on how a

thought it was the best time to

you will find everything from

marketplace works in terms of

build her doggy dream.

apparel, harnesses, collars and

Combining her experience

leads to beautiful bedding,

working with major retailers on

bowls, beachwear and

ecommerce marketplaces with

travel accessories.

her love of dogs has allowed

Now, Australians have no need

her to create her match made in

to shop international brands

heaven, The Dog Market.

when they can support growing

“When it comes to our furry four-legged friends we not only

Australian businesses. “A lot of people are splitting

want them to look good but also

their time between the office

feel good in their local pup-

and working from home and

hood,” she says.

want the companionship. This

Focused on stylish and unique

is an incredible time for all pet

products, The Dog Market is

brands as there is an abundance

bringing together a curated

of consumers wanting to buy

range of Australian dog brands

the best products for their

who don’t have extensive

furry friends.

marketing budgets, which 48

“The feedback has been so

Bendo dog bowls.

Barkolino snuffle mats

Reach for the sky harness.

their orders being sent by each

see a lot more launching as

brand separately,” she adds.

time goes on. Customers want

Marketplaces have seen a surge in both demand and other

and marketplaces provide this

players entering the market

by curating ranges suited to

during the pandemic. The

their lifestyles.

Dog Market has a much more

“We have a lot of new brands

boutique feel to it as opposed

coming onboard this year

to other marketplaces. It is also

including Boss & Boo and some

dedicated only to dog products

exciting collaborations. I can’t

and curated ranges from brands,

give too much away but I can say

says Lake.

there are dog photographers

“I believe marketplaces are here to stay and we will certainly 50

easy access to products now


and pop-ups involved, so watch this space,” she enthuses. G

pet accessories

Holly & Co - Ok Bloomer harness

Ruffiti bundle

Reach for the sky bundle

Holly & Co - Ok Bloomer set

Sweet Coraline bundle MARCH 2022 51


1 3

4 5 1. Andalucia Zahara floor cushion, retails for $395. Weaver Green Australia, 07 5231 9805,,,, 2. Salt Lakes leather dog lead, retails for $29.95. Outback Tails,,,, 3. Apple & Lemongrass gift pack, retails for $25.99. Smiley Dog, 03 9580 3005,,,, 4. The Dog Room by Michael Ong, retails for $814. Made By Pen, 0450 920 300,,,, 5. Herzog sage dog leash, retails for $64. StyleDog,,,, 52


pet accessories


2 3

1. Goats Milk & Vanilla gift pack, retails for $25.99. Smiley Dog, 03 9580 3005,,,, 2. Puli Puli dog bandana, retails for $17.95. Outback Tails,,,, 3. Marble dog bowl in black Carrara, retails for $125. StyleDog,,,,

MARCH 2022 53

Folkmanis rabbit puppet range from Kaleidoscope, wholesales for $15.


Perkins & Morley hare cushion BLOC collection, retails for $72.89.


Heavenly Homes and Gardens orange, yellow & purple paper mache hand painted eggs, retail for $12.34.

Easter, believe it or not, is just around the corner. So to get in the mood we have put together some of our favourite trends to inspire your store’s Easter story.

Ginger Ray bunny Easter party bags, retail for $12.26. Annabel James bunny table decorations, retail for $13.17.

Blue Brontide Easter breakfast set cloud toast board & egg cup, retails for $85.54.

Tender Leaf Toys Tic Tac Toe game from Kaleidoscope, wholesales for $12.



Le Toy Van honeybake farm eggs in crate from Kaleidoscope, wholesales for $18.

House of Marbles extra-long jump rope, wholesales for $8.35.

Set of two Easter mice decorations by Ella James, retails for $37.92.

Peter Rabbit luxury easter crackers by Annabel James, retails for $48.74.

Handcrafted Cin honeycomb Easter eggs, retail for $19.01.

Ginger Ray Easter Bunny footprint floor stickers, retail for $9.43.


MARCH 2022 55

Simply Lavender incense by Buckley & Philips

Tappeto Next Very Peri by GT Design


REVOLUTION Koket Athina chair Very Peri purple

Fontanot Scala Clip Very Peri


For the first time in the history of the Pantone Colour of the Year, they have created an entirely new colour: Very Peri. We have picked a range of products to represent this beautiful colour. Rug Society Valencia rug Very Peri


Lounge Lovers’ new Bronte sofa in Periwinkle Linen

Essential Home Marco armchair

Purple gauntlets by dogrobes

Purple floral wallpaper – Serene Dream by Katy Clemmans at

Circu Shark Stool

Very Peri dining room by Cafe Latte

Fable swing by MyFace


MARCH 2022 57



The latest products to take your store from summer into autumn



1. Yankee Candle Outdoor collection, prices available on request. GNS Wholesale, 02 8708 3400,, 2. Eastwood silver jute and white four corners cushion cover, wholesales for $24.50. Mirage Haven, 0422 301 860,,,, 3. Kapok collection, wholesales from $36.50 to $49. ZAKKIA Homewares,,,, 4. Allen Designs designer shopper bags, wholesale for $4.75 each. Rikaro, 03 9587 9554,, 58





4 3 1. Neoprene wine glass coasters, wholesale for $3.25. Lisa Pollock, 07 5576 2369,,,, 2. Homewares, home décor & planters, wholesale from $0.50 to $180. Malmar, 02 5527 8899,,,, 3. ShooFly Botanical eco food cover & coasters set, wholesale for $15.91 each. Glass on the Grass, 0421 068 430,,,, 4. CUP O FLORA self-watering pots, wholesale from $6.49 to $24.99. Flora & Co, 0401 242 828,,,, 5. Aromatic skin nourish, retails for $39. Luk Beautifood, 1300 669 442,,,, MARCH 2022 59

1 2

5 4


1. Ewe Care luxury sheep milk skincare, retails from $65. Grandvewe, 03 6267 4099,,,, 2. DLUX Baby blankets, wraps & booties, wholesale from $15.50 to $73.50. COMPLICE, 03 9830 6811,,,, 3. Milroy double cross black stripes and silver jute cushion cover, wholesales for $24.50. Mirage Haven, 0422 301 860,,,, 4. Miniland dark blond girl doll, wholesales for $32.70. Axis Toys, 02 9986 3456,,,, 5. Wind chimes, mobiles and spinners, wholesale from $0.50 to $180. Malmar, 02 5527 8899,,,, 60



1 5


4 1. Stationery, wholesales for $7.20. Earth Greetings, 08 8277 2001,,,, 2. Stainless steel ‘bevvy’ mug & cooler bag, wholesale for $16.49 and $19.99. Lisa Pollock, 07 5576 2369,,,, 3. Manhattan Toy Hippity Hop pink & blue bunny blankie, wholesale for $10. Kaleidoscope, 07 3375 6446,,,, 4. DLUX Baby collection, wholesales from $13.50 for lion rattle to $36.50 for Milo blanket. COMPLICE, 03 9830 6811,,,, 5. Allen Designs designer water bottles, wholesale from $14.75 each. Rikaro, 03 9587 9554,, MARCH 2022 61



3 5 4 1. Lava counter roll with tangerine 100% cotton ribbon, prices upon application. Finmark, 08 8277 0555,,, 2. Mindful Living flow like a turtle, 72 pc puzzle and colouring in gift set, wholesale for $26.45. Axis Toys, 02 9986 3456,,,, 3. Pack of 8 bamboo straws, wholesales for $6.85. Ibubambu, 0488 726 010,,,, 4. Allen Designs designer handmade planters, wholesale from $11.95. Rikaro, 03 9587 9554,, 5. Keychains, wholesale for $7.27. Intrinsic Enterprises, 08 8232 2366,,,, 62



3 1


1. Bonikka organic fairy doll, wholesales for $16. Kaleidoscope, 07 3375 6446,,,, 2. Natruba natural floral rubber teethers, wholesale for $20. Axis Toys, 02 9986 3456,,,, 3. ShooFly Sunny eco food cover, wholesales from $15.91 to $21.82. Glass on the Grass, 0421 068 430,,,,




MARCH 2022 63