Footy Finals Checklist 2022

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Winning Footy Finals menu with awardwinning pizza bases Footy Finals and pizza are a match made in footy heaven. RDM’s Square Bases offer a cost effective, no wastage and high margin incremental sales menu offering.

FOOTY ON THE big screen? Check.

pizzaiolo. “We’ve experienced a significant

Beer on-tap? Check.

uplift in our square base sales and talking

restaurants, pubs, clubs and cafes.

RDM square pizza bases that cook in under

to our customers, we believe this is being

such a way that you can achieve a high-

2.5 mins? Check!

fueled by the current climate with venues

end pizzaiolo result in your kitchen without

The RDM bases have been designed in

and customers seeking innovation, value

ever needing an experienced pizza chef in

Footy and pizza go hand in hand like

and fun,” says Riccardo Moretti, founder of

the business.

spaghetti and meatballs, like tomato and

RDM Pizza Australia.

basil, like... venues and RDM Pizza products! Finals Footy provides the perfect lead

There are many benefits to using a square

“Our pizza bases cook almost twice as fast as other brands on the market with bases

base and it is particularly well-suited to

cooking in under 3 minutes and dough in

into the holiday season and provides

events like Finals Footy, where it can be

60 seconds,” Moretti says. That makes them

opportunities to grow incremental sales

sliced conveniently for canapes or joined

perfect for Footy Finals weekends where

within your venue for the months to come.

together for a higher value perceived menu

venues have an influx of customers. You need

item. RDM’s square bases offer a cost-

to be able to get meals out quickly, with no

Why you should go square

effective, no-wastage and innovative menu

errors, and maximise your output through an

In Australia, there have been emerging key

offering. It’s a high margin item, and, with

incredibly busy period.

trends through venues now offering one

RDM Pizza bases, easy to execute. Venues

metre pizzas or pizza al metro as a value

can also maximise the season with Footy

made behind the scenes,” Moretti explains.

offering that also wows customers. It’s

Finals promos for customers, offering meal

“Our products are 100% Australian made,

perfect for families and groups and full of

deals i.e. a metre-long pizza for a special

using only 100% premium ethically-sourced

‘instagrammable’ moments as well as being

price or combined with certain beverages.

ingredients and supporting Aussie farmers.

able to cater to different toppings across

“No one will ever know that it wasn’t

We also manufacture everything in our

the metre. There has been a perception

No experience required

that this was unachievable without a

Our bases are designed to go into any

‘pizzaiolo’, but RDM’s square bases now

kitchen, anyone can make and cook them

additives to their products, unlike some

allow any venue to add these squares

with extremely low room for error. This

brands on the market, and are 100%

together and form a metre (or longer!)

combined with the variety of sizes on

vegan friendly.

pizza for their menus and customers

offer, makes it ideal for various venues and

without the need for an experienced chef or

channels from caterers, food trucks, to

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factory in Marrickville.” RDM don’t add any preservatives or

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