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Dec. 2013

2013 holiday Edition

The Intimate Holiday 3 Ways to Let go of the Humbug

Stay the Course The Art of Sensual Living Giving & Recieving

Be Here Now

The Tale of Two Economies, The Revolution

Work Life Balance is a Myth

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December 2013

I Am Enough

The Movement in Words

Stay the Ad forCourse by: Dr. Anita M. Jackson Cafe Press


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The Art of Sensual Living - Giving and Receiving by: Ivana Siska


3 Ways to Let go of the Humbug by: Monika Zands


Be Here Now by: Shannon Otness


The Intimate Holiday by: Elise Cohen Ho


The Tale of Two Economies The Revolution by: Debbie Dobbins


Lead Like a Woman, Live Like a Queen by: Amy Cheryl


Work/Life Balance is MYTH! by: Kim Boudreau Smith


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Letter from the Publisher Dr. Anita M. Jackson Happy Holidays from all of us at “I Am Enough!” It is our deepest wish that during this holiday season you experience the beauty and power of connecting more deeply to family and friends. There is nothing more fulfilling and healing than to open our heart and allow ourselves to receive and give love. It is in this process of giving AND receiving that we welcome in more of what God and the universe has for us. In this holiday issue of “I Am Enough,” the theme is, “live in this present moment of life.” All too often, we as women are busy running from one activity to another rarely having a moment to just stop, be still, and breathe. It is in our willingness to be still that we get grounded, gain clarity, find inner and outer peace and experience more of life. During this holiday season, we invite you to stop and enjoy yourself and each other. Much love and God Bless, Anita M. Jackson, EdD Founder and CEO of The I Am Enough Institute Divas for Success Training Program Website:

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I Am Enough

The Movement in Words

I AM ENOUGH is dedicated to igniting and transforming the heart, soul, and mind of women from a false, negative belief system of “I am not good enough” to a positive, empowering mindset of “I Am Enough.” Catering to women between the ages of 18 to 65, I AM ENOUGH will provide a platform for women to rediscovery and reconnect to their authentic truth and purpose as well as reclaim their spiritual, feminine power and intuition for the intent of bring back harmony and balance to herself, her relationships, her community and the world. We believe that when a woman is empowered she is more than enough in all her beauty, wisdom, glory, and her power.

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We are a multi-service based female personal development empowerment educational agency. Our staff includes a multicultural team of dedicated and highly experienced women with varied personal and career backgrounds ready to provide their wealth of knowledge and expertise in empowering, teaching and helping women confidently know that they are enough while living whole and outrageously well. Our passion and ultimate intention is to ignite a spirit and knowing of “I Am Enough” within all women that will empower, inspire, and validate them on their journey to rediscovering their true authentic selves. Through a wealth of exciting services, programs, resources, and venues, women will have access to rich transformational information and passionate successful leaders that will assist them in remembering who they are and how to live fully and purposefully on their own terms. In addition, women who participate in our Institute will learn, grow, network, and connect to other like-minded women around the world creating a global sisterhood and female empowerment movement like never before.

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Dr. Anita M. Jackson’s ultimate mission is to empower every woman to know that she is enough! It is time for women to rise to another level of power, authority, leadership that heals and ushers in the next wave in the feminine evolution and movement.

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Diva Elite Intensive Coaching with Dr. Anita focuses on: • Developing a deeper sense of inner self-confidence and worth • Empowering a high level of divine feminine intuition and wisdom • Releasing past emotional and energetic traumas and patterns • Strengthening your inner personal success mastery and power • Empower feminine wealth consciousness • Support in the development of an outrageously successful mindset • Feminine strategic planning for personal and business success Dr. Anita offers several coaching packages that cater to her client’s powerfully transitioning into their next level of success. For specific details and prices, contact Dr. Anita at: Email: Phone Number: 641/715-3900 Ext. 639452#

Stay the Course by Dr. Anita M. Jackson military often use the phrase “stay the T hecourse” to inspire its men to remember their

objective when facing the challenges of battle. This phrase empowers them to keep moving forward, hold onto the vision at hand, and to never give up. It is this phrase, “stay the course,” that I want to share with you today as we move into 2014 just a few weeks away. 2014, I believe, holds new and grander opportunities and possibilities for every woman who takes the time to go deep within her divine feminine spirit and truth to gain intuitive wisdom as to who she should be this year and what she should do for her personal life and business. Upon gaining this truth, whatever that may be, every woman willing to “stay the course,” remain faithful and committed to the path before her, will step into her next level of outrageous success that she has never experienced before. This is no light task for it requires a dedication and commitment to your own heart. It means making yourself a priority, while at the same time continuing to give to those people and situations around you that fulfills your heart and soul. It means being willing to say YES to everything that happens, good, bad or ugly, as well as being willing to learn the lessons along with way. And finally, this commitment means being open to each and every experience knowing that everything happens for a reason and your good! “Stay the course,” in 2014 means, finally allowing yourself to get reconnected to your deepest heart’s desires and dreams, finding strategies that align with your values and truth as well as supports your continued movement forward. Staying the course means allowing yourself to receive support from a coach, a mentor, or community of girlfriends and 

influential/like-minded women without feeling guilty or ashamed for wanting and needing it. And finally, staying the course also means never letting the challenges of your present moment to dictate the final condition and decision of your future. Instead, staying the course means acknowledging the truth of what you are currently experiencing and then doing what you can and must to keep moving forward. Then, staying the course is maintaining your commitment to being and doing what aligns with your divine feminine energy, power and truth.

Steps to Staying the Course Step 1:

In this past year, what have you learned about yourself? Every experience you have had this year was for the purpose and development of your divine higher self, Godself, and perfect authentic self. If you paid attention to your lessons, hopefully you have gained a deeper sense of confidence in who you are and your abilities as well as experience a deeper level of inner peace.

Step 3:

Learn the Art of Receiving.

Step 2:

Embrace the “process of becoming.” According to Aristotle, becoming means, “any change from your lower level of potentiality to a higher level of actuality.” From my perspective, the process of becoming, especially for a woman, involves the acceptance of her story, her past, her present moment and her future. It is a deep calling and yearning from her Goddess-like self that beckons every woman to come forth in her full feminine power and truth. This process of becoming requires the acceptance of responsibility in being a woman empowered with the spiritual and intuitive gift of deep knowledge and profound wisdom that enables a woman to heal and transform, as well as becoming the conduit and flow of wealth and abundance in the full experience of life. It is in the process of becoming an “I Am Enough” woman that outrageous success manifests and the reality of our human existence is healed, restored, balanced, and awakened to experiencing God, the universe, and life more abundantly.

Receiving is just as crucial to the experience of life as well as wealth and abundance as giving is. Unfortunately, many women struggle with allowing themselves to receive. Yet, to experience your next level of success this is necessary to the increase of the feminine energy and power so desperately needed right now. To begin learning how to receive, start by learning how to take a compliment and just say, Thank You. Instead of justifying any compliment or statement made toward or about you, just open your heart and say, “Thank You I take that in.” If you can do something as simple as this, than the rest, as they say, becomes easy. And finally…never give up, never let go of you. For your deepest heart’s desires, dreams, and future depends of it. Staying the course literally means…Stay the Course! You ARE Enough…You Always Have Been…You Always Will Be!

Dr. Anita M. Jackson 

The Art of Sensual Living Giving and Receiving by Ivana Siska a woman is a delight - in theory, or at B eing least in the ideal setting. Sure we watch mov-

ies and read books about women who are raised up on pedestals, revered as queens, pampered and adored, some who just check out of their everyday lives and take year-long journeys abroad. It’s a beautiful vision and it’s mostly a fantasy. This type of adoration and seductive indulgence seems so removed from the reality most women are living today. How can we really delight in being a woman?

our lives, leaving us with a terrific sense of accomplishment, but with very little time and energy left over for what is truly feminine and what really feeds our souls.

Feminine energy is giving and receiving of life, love, nurturing, sensuality, inspiration and creation. When a woman no longer feels vibrant, alive, beautiful, and full of love, how can anyone else feel alive either? We are the source of life and love on this planet, we are beautiful flowers, here to be adored, to inspire and to blossom in our lives; we live to give and receive love energy, and yet, most of us are just too tired, too busy, running the rat race to Based on what most of the female clients I work even be aware of our beauty, sensuality and enwith tell me, and from all the research readily avail- ergy. In order to feel truly content, relaxed satiated able in just about any publication, it’s evident that and fulfilled, we (women) need to cultivate these today’s average woman’s life experiences are a elements with ourselves. If you have consciously far cry from what the romance novels and perfume taken care of yourself in this area in the past 24 ads we are exposed to on a daily basis are sellhours, then that is wonderful and healthy, but you ing. Women today rush around from their work and are the rare exception. Most women do not take career responsibilities, to caring for their families, the time, nor allot the resources for the self-care pets, and friends, getting or staying fit and slim, they need on a regular basis. This is a critical mismaking and saving money, shopping for affordtake; but it can be fixed. able health care and non-GMO produce, looking sexy on an average of 4-6 hours of sleep a night, Your life energy, your happiness, your sassiness, and keeping up-to-date with Facebook, Twitter and sexiness and optimistic mood can all be magnified Instagram just so that they can get some peace of and sweetened with an increase in your exploramind about who they are and what they mean in tion of your sensuality and your femininity. It’s easy the world. It’s a whirlwind of must-dos, shoulds, and it doesn’t really take much extra time, but it is have-nots, and some-days that make us all feel so a vital part of your health, happiness, success and empty, tired and frantic. well-being. If you are like most women, you might feel like there is no way to experience the sensual We feel alone, we feel overwhelmed and we feel feelings that the protagonist in the latest romantic anything but sensuous, alluring, and satiated. comedy feels, but you really can. And you can also have the benefits that come from being happy, Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Your sisters sensual, and feminine. It’s not only possible; it’s feel it too. As women, we have taken on so much; unavoidable when you allow yourself to get back in we’ve stepped into playing all the various roles in touch with who you are at your core. 10

You must allow yourself to receive the love and life energy that you are. Slow down for a moment and imagine what it would be like if you were to open up and allow the gifts of attention, pampering, savoring, attending-to, service, and adoration to flow towards you for a change… There… like that, just like that, I know you are beginning to be conscious of the possibilities… Let’s explore some of them right now. Do this little sensuality experiment for yourself now.

Get Ready to Feel Sensual, Rich, and Abundant….

ing and purely you…. Breathe it in…. get lost in your breath and ask how you can have even more life to live today…. Feel yourself become more awake, more inspired by the unlimited possibility of the day… Touch your body where it wants to be caressed…. Explore yourself… how do you feel today? Feel the world beneath your fingertips… how exquisite! Can you feel it?... What is possible? What have you noticed in these precious moments? So much sensory information, and you’ve not even left the bed yet! How delightful! What gifts! Don’t you feel richer, with this awareness of all that is around your and within you? Can you feel how increasing the awareness of what is in the moment can enrich your life, wake up your soul, and bring you more joy in everything you do?

Position yourself comfortably in a place that you can relax quietly uninterrupted for a few minutes. Read the next couple of paragraphs aloud, but softly and slowly, almost in a whisper to yourself… Really become aware of the attraction that your body has to certain ideas and phrases, and just let yourself float into them, being creative and adding your own details to really flesh out the scenario for your own, personal enjoyment… some of them will call to you more than others, just note this and file it away in your mind for later…

Tilt your beautiful face towards the sun so that it may be kissed with warmth and light every chance you get. Allow your daily duties to become rituals of radiance; shower time is now the cleansing of the day, and the realization of the flow of warm, transformation on your body; the drive to work is an adventure and a chance to explore every avenue of possibility, and to flirt with the people in the streets; preparing and eating meals is sacred nourishment and nurturing which honors mother nature’s abundance; feel the richness, depth, and symbolism in Allow the sensuality, the indulgence of your senses, everything. Drink your fill and then share it with the world. and your palpable taste for life to really penetrate you, your body, and your heart. Be emotional. Be I invite you to play with your senses, to get to really sensitive. Be open. know them for the first time, or to become reacquainted with your senses, your feelings, your intuYour body is relaxing, more deeply with each ition, your delightful femininity and wisdom. Taste breath… As you breath in, you are aware of the each and every moment, savor the flavor of every nourishment the clean air brings into your lungs, experience, swallow the spice of life and really feel and it feeds your soul somehow… you are aware of the rhythmic movement of your chest and tummy alive. By nourishing your soul and your sensuality, you will radiate life and vitality, your health will rising and falling as the air flows through you… be abundant and your smiles will bring success. You hear the soft rush traveling in and out of your When you are full of life, you can give more. Gift nose, liberated air, the life invisible symbol of opyourself the gift of you. portunity…. What is possible today?..... Receive yourself and feel the love, the true, and most Envision your day beginning with your awakening moment… in what way does your sweet day begin precious gift life has to offer… and delight in being in your vision of bliss?.... see the sights you revel a sensual woman. in upon waking…. Notice the threads in the linens that support your head… hear the soft sounds your body makes as is stretches and bends in postslumber bliss across your sheets…. Outside your window are the sounds of morning…. Birds sings, cars whiz, winds blow and you’re warm and cozy in your bed… You can smell the scent of yourIvana Siska self, of the room in which you sleep… it’s comfort11

3 Ways To Let Go Of The Humbug

for who you are sets the tone for a positive, inviting environment, and allows others to show up as they are, not as you remember them to be. This begins to eliminate the grasp of expectations and obligation.

Unfortunately my beautiful fantasy is just a fantasy and the reality of my family holiday is filled with expectations and requests. UUGGHH!!! 

Second, is the beautiful practice of forgiving. Often times, forgiveness is viewed as a one-way street. We feel when something is done to us that we must forgive someone for what they have done, but the truth is forgiveness is something we ourselves get to practice to feel compassionate about what we have done; good or bad, right or wrong.  In practicing forgiveness, we can rise to the occasion, be present in the moment, and have more affection for one another.  The act of forgiveness can be practiced at any time.  Whether it’s out loud or in an inner dialogue, simply saying, “I forgive myself for judging myself as having expectations” or “I forgive myself for judging my husband as insensitive” can alter your experience of the moment.  As the process of forgiveness begins, the hold loosens on the way it “should be” and begins to open to entirely new ways.

When you think about your ideal holiday experience, what does it look like? Who is there with you? What do you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch? What are the things you are most looking forward to? What are the things you would like to avoid? As you get closer to your holiday festivities, I invite you to consider three ways to let go of the “HUMBUG”.

As judgment falls to the way side, a sense of gratitude arises. Being grateful for who you are and what you have to offer creates a space for others to step into that gratitude themselves.  Find ways to invite people around the family circle to share what they are grateful for.  An engaging conversation can elevate people’s experience and clear away any misunderstandings.

by Monika Zands I imagine what my ideal holiday will look W hen like, I imagine cuddling in front of the fire

snuggled up having deep meaningful conversations with the people I love. I imagine the smell of warm holiday cookies baking in the oven and large amounts of delicious, perfectly prepared food everywhere I turn.  I love the anticipation of the holidays, and this movie plays over and over in my head as the seasons change and the weather gets colder. I love the long family drive to get to my parent’s home and I look forward to being greeted with warm smiles and enthusiasm…

Recognize and Transform Expectations • Practice Compassionate Self Forgiveness • Share and Reside in Gratitude

So this holiday, I invite you to enjoy your family in a way you never have before; release your expectations, forgive misunderstandings with yourself and others, and shower your gratitude on the people and the environments you love. With these tools your fantasy of love, connection, and affection can become a reality too!! 

Happy Holidays!! See your As the holidays rapidly approach, a longing for lost greatness. Be your connections may begin to emerge.  Excitement and greatness. Pay it forward!! enthusiasm build with the thought of going home Love, or being with loved ones and friends.  Suddenly, Monika xo expectations begin to shape, old memories resurface, and the past sneaks up by surprise causing a multitude of problems.  Certain triggers and people may dredge up feelings and emotions of doubt, which lead to blaming ourselves or others, leaving a bah-humbug attitude towards the holidays. This season, consider ways to enter an environment without expectations.  Arriving with gratitude

Monika Zands 13

Be Here Now! by Sharon Otness now.” That can be tricky to do even in “B ethehere best of times.  But over the holidays, forget about it!  With all of the demands we make on ourselves from Halloween through New Year’s, those three months from the end of October through January can happen at warp speed.  Why do we suddenly feel the need to see every one of our friends and family (whether we like them or not), make the perfect meals (and they need to look magazine or Pinterest perfect), decorate like Martha Stewart, bake, wrap,  dress like a celebrity, eat everything in sight, skip the exercise  and somehow expect ourselves to not gain a pound or get sick? I decided to ask as many people as possible this question, “How can you practice “Being Here Now” over the holidays?”  I posted on Facebook in a couple of forums and I was able to talk to a couple of live groups of creatives.  It was interesting how universal the answers were.  I have compiled a list of the top answers in no particular order.

Love Simply compile of list of your absolute favorite things about the holidays and just do those. Really!  What is the one event you wouldn’t miss?  The one tradition you would be lost without?  Who are the people you absolutely want to share these special moments with? Two people said that gift wrapping each of their packages in a unique and wonderful way was their favorite thing.

Eat your Greens (ok this was mine). Seriously, eat as many whole foods as you can this time of year. Put greens into everything you can think of (soups, smoothies, stews, even scrambled eggs).  Avoid sugar as much as possible. Take a good probiotic for immunity and B vitamins for stress.  Crowd out the sweets, mini sausages and goopy meatballs with as many veggies, fresh fruits and clean lean protein and healthy fats as possible.  Your health, sanity and waistline will thank you.  If and when you are going to indulge, then do so with love. 14

Self-care Make sure to maintain your own personal routine. Indulge in a bath with Epsom salts and essential oils when you get stressed or over tired.  Treat yourself to a mani/pedi that will work for any function.  Give yourself a facial.  Ask for a spa certificate as your gift this year so you can treat yourself well 365 days of the year.  Drink plenty of water and stick to your routine as much as possible.

Prioritize Make a list of expectations and decide which ones are the absolute musts. Try and cross off the rest or ask for help when possible.

Organization One of the men I talked to made a great point. The holidays come every year.  Several of them are on the same set days every year.  No surprises.  So think ahead and do whatever you can in small chunks to alleviate stress when the holiday arrives.  Buy gifts throughout the year, purchase tape, scissors, decorating supplies ahead of time.  Clean table linens, buy specialty spices when they are on sale, freeze extra quantities of soups to have on hand for those “emergency” dinners when time gets away from you.

What if this year you decided to do the holidays differently? What if you made decisions based on the healthiest well-being of yourself and your family?  What if you just selected the things you LOVED doing and forgot the rest? Slowed life down at least a notch and took a look at the basic priorities that would make you HAPPY? Happy Holidays! Sharon

Sharon Otness 15

The Intimate Holiday by Elise Cohen Ho relationship is one that may, or A nmayintimate not, include physical intimacy but always

includes emotional intimacy. Emotional intimacy should always be a part of a sexually intimate relationship, though unfortunately, this is not always the case. An emotionally intimate relationship offers warmth, acceptance, love and a genuine real relationship. But what exactly does it mean to be emotionally intimate?

Emotional intimacy provides a sense of warmth, love and acceptance. Emotional intimacy provides a sense of warmth, love and acceptance. When we are emotionally intimate with another person we are invested in their lives, we can share personal thoughts and we feel secure in their love and acceptance. If ever there was a time when this true and deep connection was at its peak of importance it is during the holidays. The holidays are a time when many feel insecure, possibly unloved, and almost definitely more stressed. People may be stressed because of finances, romantic relationships, family, friends or an overwhelming sense of urgency regarding all 16

that the holidays represent. So how do we keep all of this in check and nourish our relationships? These emotional intimacy tips should be a great place to start. • Share your feelings. This may sound very simple, and you may even be thinking that you already do this, but it is important to really be honest with yourself and determine if you are sharing your feelings or your opinions. Feelings will often bring people to feel more bonded with you whereas opinions, especially those not delivered in a kind way, tend to drive people away. • Be respectful of other people’s opinions. This does not mean that you have to agree with them but rather listen with an open mind and recognize that we are all truly entitled to our own opinions. If you believe that you are absolutely correct then think long and hard before you share that little tidbit. You must consider if making your point really serves a purpose. If the only point is to prove that you are right, and that the other person is wrong, than it is time to just agree to disagree and move right along. If there is a point to making sure that your side is heard than use sentences starters such as “I feel “rather than “You should.” Sentences in which you seem to be commanding someone to do something will result in bruised egos, hurt feelings and unhappiness. The sentences in which you share your feelings will help facilitate open communication and a sense of closeness. • Listen. Simple, right? However, it is really not that simple for some people. To really, and truly, listen one has to be completely tuned in. If someone is speaking to you about their feelings, their day, or anything else and you are not in a situation where you can truly engage in what they are saying then respect them enough to tell them so. If you want to

lose a relationship one of the quickest paths to the end is to not fully engage. • Treat everything that is shared with you as simply between the two of you. If you tell someone else’s information to other people than they will no longer trust you and a bond may be forever broken. Remember, “A secret is no longer a secret once you tell someone.” • Do not ever use information shared by a loved one against them in a challenging time. This is unfair and will only serve to insure that you will no longer be honored with the intimate sharing of information and feelings.

To have a truly strong and intimate bond we must laugh as hard as we cry. • Share the good times, as well as the bad. To have a truly strong and intimate bond we must laugh as hard as we cry. Simply put, building a relationship on a house of cards that is built with the foundation of the illusion that everything is always good all of the time is sure to end with a building that has been burnt to the ground. Conversely, if you never have anything nice and uplifting to say than you may be seen as a difficult person who is too depressing to be around. Again, you must consider your feelings as well as the feelings of those that surround you.

Give yourself permission to believe that about yourself too. The best version of you can nourish a relationship and create an amazing outcome. Repeat to yourself every day, “I am enough.” • Accept that some problems cannot be solved. During this holiday season this may come out in the form of a mother-in-law that does not care for the way you parent, a friend who is upset that you will not go to yet another party, a child who is sad that they cannot eat 15 pieces of candy or a spouse who is frustrated at how many people are on the holiday guest list. Accept that there are differences, stay calm, be true to your values and be realistic of what is expected of you. • Enjoy yourself and those that surround you. The Holiday season is not supposed to be about presents and exhaustion but rather fun times with those that you care about the most. These are the intimate bonds to honor as these are the bonds that will sustain you and nourish you. Happy Holidays!

• Remember that you do not deserve better than you give. If you want a good relationship with someone than you must be a good partner in that relationship. • Do not expect someone to change but do help them to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Make sure that no matter what they understand that you truly believe that they are enough.

Elise Cohen Ho 17

The Tale of Two Economies, The Revolution by Debbie Dobbins


he great lie is that we are in an economic meltdown. You can hear whispers of truth everywhere if you just listen. Because they are whispers, you will have be very quiet and still to hear them. It is difficult to hear it through the din and noise of the main stream press, the scare tactics of political campaigns and dull roar of water cooler talk.

Inner Money Game

Here’s what they are whispering. There are two economies, the big scary global economy and YOUR economy. One has nothing to do with the other, except that when you bolster your economy the big scary global eco-system becomes less and less powerful and we are fast approaching critical mass, that tipping point where the giant global economy is as bright and shiny as yours. If you choose to listen to the noise instead of the whisper of truth, you might find yourself stagnant, suffering, lacking and whining. Here are some statistics that may have you taking the cotton out of your ears: • Deloitte Center for Financial Services projects the total number of families with a net worth over a $1 million will double in 2020 • The families with net worth of a million that were wiped out from 2006 to 2008 have recovered and the boom is on for the next generation – CNN. • The US has by far more millionaires than any other country in the world – Deloitte. I could go on with statistics to prove the point. The real shift is in the increase of entrepreneurship. This wave of new business owners has flourished during this “economic meltdown” through hook or by crook. Leading the charge “Women”! 18

Lynn Parramore, co-founder of Recessionwire, says “Women trying their hands as entrepreneurs are creating critical jobs for Americans, and we need start-up funds, access to affordable education and training, childcare, and a reliable network of social services.” Even the Federal Reserve is getting in on the act sharing ideas and beginning the dialogue through the “Small Business and Entrepreneurship During an Economic Recovery” two day forum. What does this have to do with you if you’ve lost your job, can’t make the mortgage, struggling to find a foot hold financially? Money has an inner game and an outer game. Playing the outer game will keep you stuck where you are. Playing an inner game will allow you to open up to the secrets of your own personal economy and become one of these new entrepreneurs, taking that first step towards adding to the millionaires of 2020.

Step One

Step Three

Decide that you are going to stop listening to the noise and being a casualty. Start listening to your whisper that you have everything you need to create your own business. All those excuses of I’m not smart enough, tall enough, skinny enough, educated enough are no longer the truth. Millionaire business range from Cat Pet Psychics (putting your cat on the phone to do a reading) to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook (trillions of people connecting through the internet).

Do It. Money loves speed. Take action today. What is one small action you can take to begin your journey? Turn the TV off. Stop listening to the news. Focus on new entrepreneurs to see what they are doing. Develop your vision for your entrepreneur endeavor. Tell a trustworthy friend you are taking the leap. Once again find a mentor or a coach who will help you achieve it. None of this will happen doing it alone. Take action now!

Step Two Work on your inner money game. Change your conversation from there is not enough to money is everywhere. There are trillions of dollars floating out in the “big scary global ecomomy” waiting for you to pick it up. What are you waiting for? This is an inside job. Find the mentor who will show you how to change the conversation.

There is an economic revolution taking place. Do you want to be part of it or be trampled by it? Which economic tale do you believe?

Debbie Dobbins


Lead Like a Woman, Tip Number One: Live Like a Queen by Amy Cheryl like a woman, live like a queen” is a motto “L ead that came to me the other day. “To be a princess is to play at life. To be a queen is to be a serious player...The purpose of life as a woman is to ascend to the throne and rule with heart.” ~ Marianne Williamson But what I realized is in order to do this, one need to run their business and their life from the “Ways of the Feminine”. I see so many women not knowing what this means. They are running their energy from the masculine of pushing, go-go-go energy, and non-stop and as a result they are never satisfied, putting pressure on themselves for not “getting enough accomplished or done today.” They fall into the rat-race of competition and end up feeling as if they are not ever doing enough. Exhaustion and burnout sets in or perhaps their personal life begins to suffer. They are living in their heads when out speaking and sharing their work. I want to share with your some juicy insider secrets on how to be a true transformational leader as a woman. This is very different from being a woman leader who leads like a man. We as women have unique qualities and gifts that when fully understood, practiced and activated can have the impact and influence you are designed for. A true transformational leader is about “our being” having as much credence, if not even more, then what you are doing or saying. How you are run your business is just as relevant, because how you do one thing, is how you do everything. These tips below are just a taste of what it means to live from the qualities of the divine feminine to be an inspirational role model for the modern women of today. 20

• Your power as a woman lies in being in your body vs. being in your head. This is how we truly connect with others. People will trust you when they feel your heart, yet if you are all in your head, that connection cannot develop whether it is with clients, JV partners or any type of deep intimate rich and fulfilling relationships. In addition, we will be functioning at 100% vs. 10% when we are not in our body. A simple technique to drop you into your body, your heart and your power center is: Breathing! Breathe deeply and sensually into your body. Breathe into your body as if the breathe is making slow, deliberate love to you. Breathe into your belly, down into your hips and out through your heart, arms and fingertips. Do this every night as your evening ritual of activating and honoring the divine feminine in you. I even want to encourage you to do this prior to a meeting or seeing a client and witness the magic that will unfold.

Tip Number 2:

Final Tip:

• Using and trusting your intuition vs. trying to figure things out or making decisions from what you think vs. what you feel. The benefits to doing this are allows you to do less, think less while becoming more successful. Self-doubt and difficulty with decision making become a thing of the past and you will save yourselves thousands of dollars and make thousands more when you run your business from this place. Understand that your intuition lies in your body. So if you are not in your body, you will have difficulty accessing which is why Tip 1 is your foundation. My tip for you is once you are in your body, drop into what you feel in your body, vs. trying to figure it out from your head when making business decisions.

• If you find yourself getting caught up in your head, losing trust, having doubt, getting too attached to a specific outcome, DANCE! Dancing brings you back into your body, your yummy sensual essence that draws things to you and gets you out of your head and thoughts. So as we head into the holiday season with all the hustle and bustle remember to run your business and create your life by design from the Gifts and Magic of the Divine Feminine.

Tip Number 3:

A very different way of doing business as a women. • Function from the place of allowing and receiving vs. pushing and always making it happen. When you do this, magic happens. I kid you not, You will feel as if you have the Midas touch that your biz can run so effortlessly and attract exactly that which uplevels you. This is very much like dating. If you as the women are chasing the man, pushing him to be with you, being insecure and worried, there is no space or room for him to come to you. This is the same thing in your energy in running your biz. There is no room for magic to land when you are always pushing, always going non stop and not fully trusting the flow.

Connie Hertz


Work/Life Balance is MYTH! by Kim Boudreau Smith omen are constantly striving for balance in W their lives. Did you ever think you would be a professional clown juggling balls 24/7? Or how

about a professional food plate enhancer? What is that you ask? Well, I hear “my plate is so full” and yet we continue to stack more on! You can’t even get to the moldy peas and carrots at the bottom. What is the purpose of this? Are you tired of juggling and having trouble understanding what direction you are going in with your life? Well, work-life balance is a myth, our life is our life and work is a part of it. We need to live our lives so life stops living us, (whew! that’s a mouthful) including in our business! I know, I know, yet another article on balance, however, we need constant reminders but why and where do we begin? Well the why would be: less stress, less overwhelmed, more control over your day (YES, more control) less running around in circles, more productivity, and more energy! We all want that, right? The “where” is a little more complicated...... 22

Step one: Do a personal mission/purpose statement. Why not? Companies do this. Everyone should understand their personal purpose and mission for their life. Do one for yourself and your family as a group. When we are clear on our direction, we know what needs to be juggled and very easily. No stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. The yes and no’s become so easy because our plates aren’t stacked like Mt. Everest anymore. Now the plates are for our meals.

Step two:

Speaking of yes and no...Practice saying NO! This word is a part of our vocabulary just like the word yes. When you are clear on your direction, the estrogen guilt disappears so the word no is utilized with ease. Our health-mentally, physically and spiritually becomes stronger. Confidence levels increase, energy increases, we do not deplete ourselves with trying to do everything in one day. So many people say they are going to this or that and the intent isn’t there. When was the last time you said you would do something and didn’t deliver? So many unanswered emails, unreturned phone calls, empty promises, day after day. Know your intent of saying yes; know when you are coming to close for over extending yourself. This is called: living your life, not life living you.

Step three: Schedule, schedule, schedule! We schedule the kids’ activities but what about our business activities, and personal activities? There are so many programs to help organize your time for your business, family and PERSONAL!

Get the picture. I implement this with all of my clients and their productivity increases immensely! Make sure you work diligently for the business hours-progress-productivity-not busy-ness. There isn’t a work-life balance; however, there is a daily balance. One day you may have 1 hour for self-care and the next only 10 minute increments some days you are in your office longer than others because of deadlines, projects and client commitments. There are on-going family wants and needs, and they can be different every day. What really is important is managing your life so when unforeseen obstacles appear (sick kids or aging parents to mention a few) we have the other things handled, and then we are calm when making decisions from a responding platform and not reacting, right? We are not the juggling clown or have full plates as high as Mt Everest. This is how we manage and live life, not life managing, controlling and living us!

When working from home and kids are around, here are ideas for scheduling: • Make sure you have a space for your office with a door. • Make a Do Not Disturb Sign for the door. • Schedule your time for work i.e.: 7-8 workout; 8-12 office; 12:30-3:30 activity with family; 4-6 Prep dinner& dinner. *Remember to schedule time for yourself-daily. Self-care is very important in this process.

Kim Boudreau Smith

Featured Writers Anita M. Jackson, EdD, Founder and CEO of The I Am Enough Institute Dr. Anita M. Jackson is on a mission to empower all women to know they are enough. With 23 years of experience in working with individuals, mostly women, as a Marriage & Family Therapist and Organizational Psychologist, Dr. Jackson is convinced that when a woman truly understands the powerful and spiritual truth of “I Am Enough” there will be a powerful shift in all areas of life. To step into your next level of outrageous success in every area of your life with confidence, courage, and feminine power, schedule a free 30-min consult with Dr. Jackson via email at

Ivana Siska On the surface, Ivana Siska is a happy and engaging, Beverly Hills based love, life and relationship expert, speaker and author who wisely advises a diverse range of clients from students to stay-at-home moms, executives, and celebrities on their most intimate and personal issues.  She actively speaks on topics such as how sensuality and sexuality are powerful forces of good and not evil, and even provides creative business consulting for some of the more “open & inspired” companies. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what Ivana brings.


Monika Zands Monika Zands is an executive business consultant, communications specialist and skilled negotiator serving small businesses, corporate executives, college grads, mompreneurs, and entrepreneurs who are looking for new directions in their career or in their life. Monika uses an array of practical and experiential processes to support her clients in finding focus, balance, and a zest for their life and clarity in the choices they make. She engages her clients in thought-provoking inquiries, inspiring them to look at things in ways they never have before.


Sharon Otness Sharon Otness is a certified holistic health counselor and interior designer living in Santa Monica, Ca. Her holistic approach to emotional health and wellness allows her to help women of all ages meet the challenges of food, ultimate vitality, and creating santuary in a fast-paced world.  Sharon is passionate about supporting clients through depression, anxiety and life transitions so they can discover the balanced and amazng life they were meant to live, full of meaning, love  and without self-deprivation or guilt.

Her mission is to help people “Live Life on a Natural High.”— Website: 24

Elisa Cohen Ho Author with expertise in holistic health (mental, physical and emotional) and support of the family unit, as well as support of the individual. Her goal is to offer a no judgment zone, full of inspiration, while providing encouragement and healthy living, information on topics such as personal, family and business priorities, nutrition, and living the life that truly resonates with you. Website:

Debbie Dobbins As an international speaker/trainer, Debbie works with women entrepreneurs to dissolve their money roadblocks and instill confidence in their money magnetism. Through her fierce honesty and high-energy presentations, she challenges audiences and her clients to achieve their dreams, create success and overcome excuses. Debbie colors outside the lines of conventional wisdom while motivating, inspiring and encouraging transformation.

Debbie Dobbins Money Mastery 626-434-5421

Amy Cheryl Amy Cheryl is the founder of “Mesmerize Your Audience…Be The Women Who Lights Up The Room (Without Saying A Word) To Rock It And Profit in Biz and Beyond! She has been published in several national magazines including SHAPE and SELF, invited to speaking engagements in Dubai and all over the U.S., and interviewed on several radio shows. Originally from New York, Amy currently resides in sunny Los Angeles. To book Amy for speaking engagements or coaching, contact her at or # 424-279-3253. Remember to get your FREE gift at

Kim Boudreau Smith Kim is an International Business Consultant, Strategist & Coach, Speaker and International Best-Selling Author. Kim’s company, Kim Boudreau Smith, Inc., Power UP inside/Out is dedicated to support women entrepreneurs to step into living their dream life! Through “Power UP Inside Out” she provides the resources for women to become Top Producers in their life and achieve the wanted results-Success! Kim teaches women how to sell like a woman, with love and integrity!

Website: 25



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I AM Enough Magazine December 2013 Holiday Issue  

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