The Hotel Guide - Spring Edition 2022

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LE MONASTERE DES AUGUSTINES a unique wellness adventure T

o understand the uniqueness of Le Monastère des Augustines, we must go back 386 years. Founded in 1639 by three Augustinian Nuns, this Monastery Hospital was the first on the continent north of Mexico, laying the foundations for our current healthcare system. Historical Significance These women were hospital owners, nurses, pharmacists and entrepreneurs. Faced with their community’s decline, the Augustinian Sisters began a 20-years reflection process to entrust the public with safeguarding their heritage. Completely restored, Le Monastère des Augustines reopened in 2015 as a secular and modern haven of culture and wellness, where healing bodies & souls has always been the mission. A “Nurturing Sanctuary” There is something very special about the spirit of the place. Many visitors refer to it as a nurtuing sanctuary. Perhaps it is the compassion and the care that makes them

feel in a safe space and allows them to slowly let go and to let us take care of them with love and tenderness. Holistic Health Approach The guest’s journey at Le Monastère is inspired by the way the the Augustinians lived their lives through action and contemplation. What we offer is based on holistic health principals where the healing focuses on the body, the mind, the emotional and spiritual pillars. We believe that when those four pillars are strong and stable you can live a healthy life. Every guest lives a unique experience as we personalize the wellness packages to respect the needs of every individual. It all begins with a call from our staff prior to their visit to plan their stay. True Connection... We offer all visitors several ways to connect with the Augustinian heritage: experiential accommodation, a museum, archive centre, a program of activities around holistic health and culture, a mindful & healthy cuisine and spa treatments.