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a PATHWAY of Support, a LIFETIME of Acheivement

Our Mission is to Ensure the Healthy Behavioral, Emotional, Social and Educational Development and Physical Well-Being of Children and Families Living in At-Risk Circumstances.

adoption & foster care Child placement services ensure children of all ages are placed in a safe and nurturing home. Whether starting a family or adding to their own, parents are supported throughout the process with training, counseling and support groups.

family counseling In-home and clinical services help families improve communication, solve problems and cope with difficult situations. In a time of crisis, counselors meet with the family in the home and collaborate with emergency medical teams to ensure the safety of the children and stability of the home.

mental health services Our trained team of mental health counselors help children of all ages who are struggling with emotional, behavioral and social difficulties. Full neuropsychological testing and medication evaluations augment our counseling programs when needed.

special education Education is an integral part of any child’s ability to succeed. Our highly structured, year-round schools ensure children in our care who face challenges receive the educational and therapeutic services necessary to reach their fullest academic and social potential.

therapeutic residential Residential programs that range from group homes to intensive treatment facilities offer a safe, homelike environment where children aged 5-18 can receive therapeutic services that emphasize positive social skills and reduce behavioral regression.

independent living Comprehensive vocational and life skills training programs help youth who are aging out of state systems of care to transition from dependent living to independence and adulthood.


Joan Wallace-Benjamin President and CEO

As we do at the end of every fiscal year, we look back and reflect on what kind of year it was for The Home and, like most years, we find it was one of both opportunities and challenges. On the positive side, we have continued to deliver top quality and life changing services to thousands of children and families in need; we have been active in the public policy arena and have had a great year in terms of philanthropy, thanks to our loyal and generous friends. Two important milestones for the year were the agency’s reaccreditation for another four years by the Council on Accreditation and the final sale of our Knight Children’s Center facility in Jamaica Plain — exactly 100 years after The Home took occupancy. On the less positive side, we felt some residual turbulence generated by the difficulties at the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families. Much of this was due to misrepresentation by an overzealous media and a lack of understanding about the type of work we do. Nevertheless, it is a distraction and requires extra vigilance to stay focused and keep the best interests of the children and families in the forefront.

Pamela Herbst Acting Chairperson

The year did provide some hugely gratifying moments, such as in April when we celebrated five young women receiving their diplomas from Bridgewater State University as part of the first graduating class from our Academic Support for College and Life program. These “First Five” are well on their way to the next stage of their lives. Our annual Voices & Visions gala was special this year as it was the 10th anniversary and the Sabino Marinella award was presented to one of our own — Board Member Tim Miner and his family were recognized for opening their home to a group of siblings struggling to stay together during a critical time in their young lives. Additionally, an important partnership between The Home and Wellesley College was formed to research the educational experience of students with trauma histories. We will work with Michelle Porche, Ed.D., an associate director and senior research scientist at the Wellesley Centers for Women. The study will seek to evaluate which academic and clinical interventions are effective for students with multiple adverse childhood experiences and help us further understand the impact of trauma symptoms on students’ learning. The Home’s Longview Farm and Southeast Campus residential/education programs will be the focus of the study. As always, none of our accomplishments would have been possible without the generous support of our friends and donors, our Board of Directors, Board of Ambassadors, volunteers and staff. Thank you for your continued belief in our work. Thank you.

Joan Wallace-Benjamin President and CEO 2

Pamela Herbst Acting Chairperson

WHO NEEDS THE HOME’S HELP? Children and families come to The Home for a variety of reasons; most are facing hard situations that threaten their well-being. Our goal is to counsel the youth and families in crisis, helping them to grow stronger and stay together.

Some of the youth who come to us…

• Have been abused or neglected • Have behavioral and mental health

issues their families cannot manage on their own

• Have learning challenges that need specialized education supports

Families seek support for…

• Parenting skills • Pre-adoptive and adoption supports • Accessing community resources • Crisis Intervention


HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS Having graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education from Bridgewater State University, Lucy has always had a passion for working with children. When she was first hired by The Home in October 1993, she was a group home supervisor in Plymouth. Many of the youth who spent time living in the facility remember how she tried to make the residential program feel like home by adding nautical decorations throughout the hallways. Other staff members recalled how Lucy frequently took on the role of parent. “She was empathetic and kind to the kids and no problem was ever too small. She made them feel like they really mattered.” Lucy Collins (left), Family Recruitment Coordinator, The Home’s Intensive Foster Care Program, at the Foster Parent Appreciation Dinner

After Lucy Collins moved to Cape Cod several years ago, her friends and colleagues questioned why she would continue working “off Cape,” especially during the summer when the traffic is horrendous. “This is my life, it’s what I do,” she would respond. For more than twenty years Lucy has dedicated her life to The Home for Little Wanderers where she helps kids who are disadvantaged or at risk. Each day she gets up at 4 a.m. to begin her commute to her Dorchester office where she is the Family Recruitment Coordinator for The Home’s Intensive Foster Care Program. Intensive foster care provides additional behavioral and medical support. In Massachusetts alone there are over 7,000 youth in foster care who need a safe and loving place to live and with Lucy’s unwavering dedication, they find them. But Lucy’s job doesn’t stop in Dorchester. On a typical day she is interviewing new foster parents in their homes, performing site visits to make sure families are doing a good job caring for the kids and keeping their homes up to licensing standards, or promoting the need for foster families at statewide events. No matter where Lucy is, she is always advocating for children that need care. 4

When the group home merged with The Home’s Southeast Campus, also in Plymouth, Lucy’s role shifted and she became a campus liaison between

I am able to draw upon The Home’s wide network of services. —Lucy Collins

The Home and the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families (DCF) to find permanent or foster homes for the youth in the program’s care. When The Home’s Intensive Foster Care Team was looking for a new recruitment coordinator, Lucy was the perfect candidate for the job. “It didn’t take me long to realize there was a need for more foster families statewide and also to understand both the rewards and challenges of foster parenting,” Lucy said. “Many of these youth have experienced trauma, such as abuse and neglect, and I am able to draw upon The Home’s wide network of services and resources to support and strengthen the foster families and the children they care for.”


It is because of the work that Lucy does with The Home that 8-year-old Matty now has a place to call home. Matty had been in foster care with a family from Lynn — a young widow and her son — for 14 months when his biological mother’s rights were terminated. Lucy and the foster family worked in cooperation with DCF and the boy’s biological mother to support Matty during the process. The foster family is now in the process of finalizing guardianship and Lucy has never been happier. “I recruited this family and worked with the mother through the application process, training and licensing. I am now her family resource worker. And she continues to thank me for bringing Matty into her family’s life!” Last summer, Lucy accompanied several foster families on a weekend camping trip to Vermont. “On the last night of the camping trip,” Lucy recalls, “we had a camp fire and everyone sat around eating s’mores, sharing stories about the weekend, laughing and relaxing. As I looked around the circle I saw families, of all different kinds. Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, biological, adoptive and foster children were sitting together enjoying the warmth of the fire and the pleasure each other’s company. And everyone at the campfire had someone to call family.” This is what drives Lucy to work every day.

JOIN OUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS The Home’s Circle of Friends is made up of dedicated supporters who have committed to making a sustaining gift – an automatic recurring donation that is both easy to set up and maintain. Show your commitment to our communities’ most vulnerable children by becoming a member of this devoted group. Your sustaining donation reminds children, who may otherwise feel alone, that someone is thinking of them – that someone believes in them.

The Home for Little Wanderers provides full adoption services, placing infants, international and domestic children, and waiting children from foster care with loving families of all ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and socioeconomic backgrounds. In addition, we provide MAPP parenting training, adoption assessments, and post-adoption services such as support groups, search/reunion services and counseling. We also provide Intensive Foster Care services for children currently in the care of the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families residing in temporary situations or with birth parents who are unable to care for them. These children from birth to age 18, are faced with emotional, behavioral, developmental, and/or medical challenges and are in desperate need of loving and stable foster homes. In FY14 The Home’s Adoption program:

• Worked with 160 adoptive families

• Placed 17 children in homes • Legalized 9 adoptions • Helped 52 clients in postadoption program

• Handled 410 informational calls about adoption



2005 Theme: “Extreme Makeover” Honoree: Megan Mercier

2006 Theme: “Surrealism” Honorees: Clemmie and James Cash

2007 Theme: “Without a Face” Honorees: Steve and Barbara Grossman, Bryon Hefner

2008 Theme: “Animals in Their Habitats” Honorees: Sherri Raftery, Gregory Ricks, Frederick Kramer

2009 Theme: “Landscapes of Massachusetts” Honorees: Brett Braufman Adam, Ronald Logue

2010 Theme: “Outer Space And Beyond” Honorees: Dennis Eckersley, Grace and Frank Cyr

2011 Theme: “Cultures of the World” Honorees: Stephen Pemberton, Rick Loughlin

2012 Theme: “Celebrating Heroes” Honorees: Virginia Griffin, Robert K. Sheridan

2013 Theme: “A Journey Through the Ancient Past” Honorees: John T. Hailer and youth from The Home’s programs pursuing higher education

The Home celebrated the 10th anniversary of our annual Voices & Visions gala at the Seaport World Trade Center with children’s artwork inspired by the 2014 theme, “I Dream a World.”

VOICES & VISIONS 2014 10 YEARS OF CREATIVE EXPRESSION On May 21, 2014, The Home for Little Wanderers celebrated the 10th anniversary of Voices & Visions, our annual children’s art exhibit and fundraising gala. This event has showcased the talent and imaginative power of the children and youth in our programs, and has become the highlight of our year. Each year, the kids work on an innovative yearlong art project incorporating painting, sculpture and writing, based on an inspirational theme. Past themes have included “Landscapes of Massachusetts,” “A Journey through the Ancient Past” and “Animals and Their Habitats.” The 2014 theme, “I Dream a World,” showcased children’s innermost hopes and wishes for a better world. The 10th anniversary event was a huge success, raising over $1.1 million with more than 900 guests in attendance. We honored Joanne Y. Jaxtimer, Regional Executive at BNY Mellon, and presented the Sam Marinella award to Board Member Tim Miner and his family, who opened their home to foster a group of siblings struggling to stay together.

2014 Theme: “I Dream A World” Honorees: Joanne Y. Jaxtimer, Tim and Lauren Miner and family

Thanks to all the staff, volunteers, sponsors and donors who have made this event possible for the past 10 years; and most of all, to the children and youth who generously allow us to share in their voices and visions. 7

LEADING THE WAY OVERSEEING A NEW ERA FOR TROUBLED YOUTH The Home’s role as an agency leader in helping to set good public policy in Massachusetts was best illustrated in 2014 through our ongoing work transitioning CHINS to CRA. Far too often over the past forty years under the Children in Need of Services (CHINS) program, a desperate parent who sought help as they struggled to raise a child with difficult but non-criminal behavior faced punishment, even the loss of custody, instead of the services they needed and were expecting. Last year, CHINS was replaced with the Children Requiring Assistance (CRA) system that ensures those families and children will receive the direction and assistance they seek. Under CRA, the juvenile court will become a gateway to community-based services first, rather than the automatic entry to the criminal justice system it had been under CHINS. Governor Deval Patrick appointed The Home’s


President and CEO, Joan WallaceBenjamin, Co-chair of the Families and Children Requiring Assistance Advisory Board, created to implement the new CRA law. The Advisory Board has been meeting monthly since the law was enacted and worked closely with the Executive Office of Health and Human Services in designing a community-based network of services and Family Resource Centers (FRC) to house them. Among its recommendations, The Advisory Board suggested that the new network of care build up from existing Department

of Children & Families facilities that were already in place but limited both in services and geography. The new FRCs will provide more comprehensive care including behavioral health assessments for CRA children up to age 18 in each of the Commonwealth’s 14 counties. As a result of strong advocacy, this is becoming a reality. In his FY15 Budget, Governor Patrick touted the new FRCs as “an effective and compelling local service model,” and joined the Legislature in funding the system on par with the Advisory Board’s recommendation. Today, the new FRC’s are being piloted in each county from Barnstable to Berkshire, and will be fully implemented in late 2015. The Home was selected to run the FRC for Suffolk (Boston) County.


• Across the agency, children and

youth receiving clinical services demonstrated statistically significant improvement in their mental health functioning by the time they exited from services.

• 100% of Department of Children & Families caseworkers surveyed felt that The Home’s Park Street Family Networks staff used a strengths-based approach when working with their clients.

• 83% of young adults who

participated in the Individual Placement and Support employment program at The Home’s Young Adult Resource Network (YARN) secured a job.

• 100% of teachers surveyed

rated the quality of the clinical consultation received through The Home’s Child and Family Counseling Center as “good” or “very good.”

Governor Deval Patrick visits with The Home’s CEO and President Joan Wallace-Benjamin. He made it a priority throughout his tenure to support the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable children.

is no government “ There role more important

than ensuring that children are protected.

—Governor Patrick 9

A 100-YEAR-OLD TIME CAPSULE REVEALS HOW WE’VE GROWN a headline about The Great War, later to be known as World War I. For the early 20th century the Jamaica Plain center was cutting edge. Most programs of that period provided only the basics. But KCC offered much more than just food and shelter, including; onsite educational, recreational, and medical services.

In 2014, The Home recovered a 100-year-old time capsule at the closing of our landmark site in Jamaica Plain. It is pictured above with a Boston Herald article showcasing the site’s famous Tiffany window.

One hundred years ago in 1914, we buried a time capsule at the newly-built Knight Children’s Center in Jamaica Plain. In 2014, we retrieved the capsule after saying goodbye to KCC. In it, we found historic documents and forms, newsletters and a newspaper with

Fast forward to the 21st century and The Home is still leading the child welfare field by evolving with youth’s ever changing needs. In the summer of 2014, we buried a new time capsule at Longview Farm, our state-of-the-art residential program in Walpole. Children from the program created poems, stories, and art to accompany a letter from our President and CEO Joan Wallace-Benjamin and that day’s Boston Globe. We hope the students in The Home’s care at Longview Farm will open the time capsule in 2114, with as much excitement and anticipation as we opened the KCC capsule.

Youth at Longview Farm help Joan Wallace-Benjamin fill the agency’s new time capsule with handmade artifacts.

THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW Established as one of the first organizations in the country to provide a refuge for homeless and neglected children and find them permanent homes.

1799 10

The Home’s Knight Children’s Center opened in Jamaica Plain to help children in need of social, emotional and academic support.


Today with over 20 comprehensive programs, clinical presence in more than 45 schools, and in-home family support, The Home provides one of the widest networks of services in the state and remains dedicated to the emotional, mental and physical well-being of children.


FY14 FINANCIAL STATEMENT 2014 Operating Revenue

The Home for Little Wanderers’ Schedule of Operations Years Ended June 30, 2014 and 2013 (Reported in 000’s)



$ 35,415

$ 33,246

Fundraising (portion for operations)



Endowment Draw





Revenues Program Revenue

Total Revenues



Administrative and General










Total Expenses Operating Surplus1

Program Revenue


Endowment Draw

Expenses Programs




2014 Operating Expenses



Non-Operating Items Bequests



Investment activity






Total Non-Operating Items



Change in Unrestricted Net Assets



Change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets3



Change in Permanently Restricted Net Assets4



$ 14,344

$ 5,891

Change in Net Assets



Administrative Fundraising and General

1 For internal management and budgeting purposes, The Home uses the Operating Surplus/(Deficit) line. 2 Included in the balance of other non-operating items in FY2014 is $140,665 of activity released for plant and equipment acquisitions, net of other nonoperating expenses and $7,755,691 gain on the sale of property of The Home. In FY2013, the activity released for plant and equipment acquisitions, net of other non-operating expenses was $856,738. 3 Included in the change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets in FY2014 is $4,136,219 of additional Investment activity, $451,693 of additional Fundraising activity, $(592,423) of activity related to Net Asset released from restriction for program operations, $(1,982,543) of activity related to Net Asset released for appropriation of Endowment appreciation, and $(140,665) of activity related to Net Asset released for plant and equipment acquisition. I ncluded in the change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets in FY2013 is $4,241,443 of additional Investment activity, $999,498 of additional Fundraising activity, $(527,152) of activity related to Net Asset released from restriction for program operations, $(1,847,827) of activity related to Net Asset released for appropriation of Endowment appreciation, and $(856,738) of activity related to Net Asset released for plant and equipment acquisition. 4 T he change in Permanently Restricted Net Assets in FY2014 of $1,360,882 consists of additional Investment Activity. In FY2013, the change in Permanently Restricted Net assets consists of $749,490 of additional Investment Activity.

The information reported above has been obtained and summarized from the June 30, 2014 and 2013 audited financial statements of The Home for Little Wanderers. For complete audited financial statements, please contact the Development Department at 617-927-0663. 11


We gratefully recognize all our donors who gave in Fiscal Year 2014. Thank you for your generosity to the children and families in our care.

LEADERSHIP CIRCLE OF HOPE The Leadership Circle of Hope is The Home’s recognition society for donors contributing $1,000 or more within a given fiscal year. The following list reflects all gifts and pledges received between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014.

VISIONARY CABINET ($500,000 and above) Estate of Robert A. Paolucci Yawkey Foundation

VISIONARY COUNCIL ($200,000 to $499,999) Anonymous (1) Natixis Global Asset Management Trust of Edna Betts Talbot United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley

VISIONARY CIRCLE ($100,000 to $199,999) Trust of Elisha V. Ashton Estate of Edward P. Bosson Natixis Global Asset Management Employees Daniel J. Riccio and Diane M. Riccio The Thrift Shop of Boston, Inc.

CHAIRMAN’S CABINET ($50,000 to $99,999) Estate of Doris M. Anthony Mrs. Alison K. Barry Estate of Joseph Berlo Drs. Beverly A. and Robert A. Brown James and Deborah Burrows Pasquale Franchi Robert Friede Mary Beth and Chris Gordon Libra Foundation, Inc. Maggie and Roger Merrill Laurie and Eric Slifka Thomas and Carlotta Soviero Anne and Laurence Sperry Penny Windle and John Kline

CHAIRMAN’S COUNCIL ($25,000 to $49,999) Anonymous (3) Bank of New York Mellon Corporation Deborah and Steven Barnes Dale and Beverly Bearden Josh and Anita Bekenstein Boston Celtics Trust of Robert B. Brigham Stephanie L. Brown Foundation Tushara Canekeratne The Clifford Foundation


Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Cares Doe Family Foundation Christopher and Jean Egan John T. Hailer George Harrington Trust Lisa K. Matthews and Andrew Byrne MFS Investment Management Lauren and Timothy Miner Robert and Elizabeth Pozen SEI Bertha Slade Fund Louise C. Slotnick and Family Paul and Susan Sugarman The TJX Companies, Inc. The TJX Foundation, Inc. Walgreens Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Wells, III Jack William’s Endowment for Wednesday’s Child, Inc.

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE ($10,000 to $24,999) Anonymous (3) AEW Capital Management, L.P. Estate of Joseph L. Amodeo Richard K. Bendetson Estate of Katharine G. Bingham Stephen Blyth and Anita Gajdecki The Boston Foundation Boston Properties The Bromley Charitable Trust The Boston Bruins Foundation Cedar Street Foundation The Chubb Corporation Citizens Bank Citizens Bank Foundation Estate of Gladys A. Cushman Dean Foundation for Little Children Susan A. DeRoche Susan and Digger Donahue DTZ Durant Family Foundation Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Elizabeth Childs Murphy Trust Trust of George Emerson Ted and Maureen English Leslie and Michael Gaffin Genzyme Corporation David and Wendy Giunta Global Partners LP The Hamilton Company Charitable Foundation

Paul and Rebecca Bidwell-Hanson Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc. Henry T. Wiggin Charitable Trust Norman Hicks Mabel A. Horne Fund Geoffrey F. Ide and Peggy Hernandez Patricia Jabar and Wayne Smith Stacey H. Jacobson Estate of Virginia M. Jones William and Sinesia Karol Caren and Guy Leedom Lia Sophia Elizabeth Lodi Chris MacKenzie George and Ann Macomber Marigold Charitable Trust Marinella Family Foundation Markley Group McGladrey LLP Christopher and Catherine Milton Oliver W. Mink Trust National Home Furnishings Association The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation Northeast Utilities Paula J. O’Keeffe Old Mutual Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Pemberton John and Mary Peters G. Gorham Peters Trust Philadelphia Insurance Co. James Pinney Pioneer Investments Procter and Gamble/Gillette The Mashikian Family Putnam Investments John J. Sacco and Edith L. Sacco Charitable Foundation Saquish Foundation Deborah Stein Sharpe and James M. Sharpe Gilda Slifka State Street Corporation State Street Foundation Stewart Title Stop and Shop Corporation, New England Division Sugarman and Sugarman, P.C.. Jean C. Tempel The Today Show Charitable Foundation, Inc. Tufts Health Plan United Way of Tri-State, Inc. Anne H. and Raimund G. Vanderweil, Jr. Vinson & Elkins LLP Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Edwin S. Webster Foundation John and Ann Webster WilmerHale

Barbara and Ed Wilson Winston Flowers

PRESIDENT’S CABINET ($5,000 to $9,999) Anonymous (6) Leonora and Daniel Abrams Admirals Bank AEW Capital Management Employees Marcia T. Allen and Kevin J. Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Bryan W. Anderson Anna’s Taqueria Armony Erel Charitable Fund Atlantic Associates, Inc. Bank of America Merrill Lynch The Bank of New York Mellon Foundation The Bennett Family Foundation Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation Craig and Terrie Borden The Boston Bruins Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation Boston Financial Data Services, Inc. Boston Scientific Corporation Bushrod H. Campbell and Adah F. Hall Charity Fund Estate of Louise Lois Canessa Charles River Associates Clark Family Fund Clough Capital Partners Club Corp Matthew and Diana Coldren Colliers International Jeff Conklin Josephine and Louise Crane Foundation Gerald and Jeanne Curtis D. O’C General Contractors, Inc. Brian and Barbara Davis Deloitte LLP Delta Dental of Massachusetts Devaney Energy DLA Piper US LLP The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. The Drew Company Melissa and David Druley Duane Morris, LLP Eaton Vance Investment Managers eBay Boston GIVE Team Elaine Construction EMD Millipore Energi Insurance Services Inc. ExecuSpace Construction Corp. Robert and Iris Fanger First American Title Insurance Company Lionel and Judith Fortin Nancy and Neal Foster Americo J. Francisco Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Freiberg, III, Ph.D., J.D. Frontier Capital Management Co., LLC Goodwin Procter LLP Deborah and Charles Gray Greenberg Traurig LLP Estate of Henry D. Grew Harvard Management Company, Inc. Robert and Pamela Herbst Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Inc. Barbara and Amos Hostetter Hunt Street Fund John Hancock Financial Services Jones Lang LaSalle JP Morgan Chase & Co. Lori and Stewart Karger The Nick Katsiroubas Foundation KDSA Consulting, LLC Kramer Portraits Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Loomis, Sayles & Company, L.P. Raymond and Susan Lynds Mandarin Oriental Foundation Markun Zusman Freniere & Compton LLP Marsh USA Martha Coakley Committee Massachusetts Convention Center Authority James and Maureen Mellowes John C. Morrison and Eunice B. Morrison Charitable Foundation Richard and Jill Murphy National Development NFS Leasing, Inc. The Nokomis Fund Northstar Project & Real Estate Services Carol and John O’Neil Kathleen Peto and Dan Rice Jamie Pierce and Rick Cresswell PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Red Sox Foundation Sarah W. Rollins Charitable Trust The William Rosenberg Family Foundation, Inc Joseph and Terry Chen Rothchild Happy and Will Rowe The Ruggles Family Foundation Salvucci Masonry Co., Inc. Nicola and Whitney Savignano The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt Seaport Companies Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shifman Shoebuy.com Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Slifka Structure Consulting Group Suffolk Construction Company Sun Life Financial The Svenson Family The Margaret and Jack Tarver Foundation TD Bank, N.A. The Waldwin Group, Inc.

Timocracy Foundation J. Owen and Eileen Todd Matthew and Denise Troxell Valley of the Sun United Way Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Virtusa Corporation Vila B. Webber Charitable Trust Webster Bank Elizabeth Weiler Wells Fargo Bank Westfield Capital Management Company, L.P. Weston Patrick, P.A. Clara B. Winthrop Charitable Trust Sharon and Wesley Wratchford

PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL ($2,500 to $4,999) Anonymous (6) 360 Public Relations, LLC Michael Acton and Miriam Smith ADD Inc. The Dr. Anne H. Addington Fund Air Cargo Club of New England Dennis and Catherine Arinella Hillary Ashton Kavita Baball Backpacks for New Beginnings Bank of America Matching Gifts Dr. Rosalind Barnett and Dr. Nat Durlach Shelley Barrows Basic Math / Columbia Pictures Belmont Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center The Benevity Community Impact Fund Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Bigonet Peter J. Black and Christine C. Cooney Stephen and Maria Blewitt Bob and Karen Boudreau Katie and Chris Bouton Bowdoin Construction Corp. Nancy Budge Bunker Hill Community College John G. and Peggy Carberry Patricia Carroll The Cash Catalyst, LLC Clemmie and James Cash Mr. and Mrs. Peter Catanese Sherri A. Cavallo The Christopher Catanese Children’s Foundation Combined Federal Campaign Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees Charitable Campaign Consolidated Service Corporation CoxLevin, LLC Cummings Properties Dana Farber/Brigham and Women’s Dept. of Radiation Oncology Erik and Marcela Danesh Stephen Darr and Linda Fermery Mr. and Mrs. Domenic DeAngelo Robin W. Devereaux Diesel Direct

The Doffie Project Michael Dunn EMD Serono, Inc. Mark and Jill Engerman Edward and Helene Faneuil Arthur J. Fisher Fund Flagship Foundation Mrs. Henry L. Foster Mr. and Mrs. David A. Freeman The Fuller Foundation G.F. Sprague & Company, Inc. Global Premier Soccer Michael and Karen Gorton Trust of Martin David Granville Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundation The Julia & Seymour Gross Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hampoian Harvard University Employees HelmsBriscoe High Pointe Foundation John J. Hitchcock Trust of Adelaide B. Howland HUB International New England, LLC IBM Employee Services Center Income Research & Management, Inc. Amy and Rob Job Christopher Johnson and Kenneth Repp Michael Kelly Stephen and Angie Knightly Frederick and Susan Kramer John and Caroline Langan Little Sib, Inc. Teri and Ian Macduff Bridget R. Maillet Michelle McDonough and Cynthia Mulica James and Anna Milbery MIT Federal Credit Union Barbara Moore and Jack VanWoerkom Nahikian Family Foundation Elisabeth and Thomas Niedermeyer Richard S. Noone, Jr. and Leslie D. Damon Officeworks Inc. Drs. Anna J. Mitus and Jay D. Orlander Joseph Perini Memorial Foundation Jeanne and Todd Peters Pillsbury Charitable Trust Pitney Bowes, Inc. Michael P. Quercio R.H. Keleher Co., Inc. Richard and Joanne Ramsey The Reebok Foundation Bridie Rielly Charitable Trust Roundel 47, LLC Mr. and Mrs. David Schelzi Joanne Sewell Henry and Joyce Shepherd Warren C. Shoop Martin B. Shulkin Trust of Laura Sibbel Fiske

Adam and Gail Slifka Beatriz Pina Smith Susan M. Smith Gerald F. Sprague State Street Matching Gift Program John and Cathleen Sullivan Bernard A. Taradash Deborah Trachtenberg Travelers Insurance Patricia E. Trebino Trinity Partners US Bank W.T. Phelan & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc. Beth K. Werths Lisa Wexler and Tom Monroe Wheeler del Torro Inc. Robert H. Willoughby Young/Sommer, LLC

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE ($1,000 to $2,499) Anonymous (31) Dr. Ralph Aarons and Dr. Elizabeth Aarons Acis Travel Mr. and Mrs. Leland J. Adams, Jr. James Adelstein The Lassor & Fanny Agoos Charity Fund AHA Consulting Engineers, Inc. AKL Services Inc Jeff Alpaugh Kara L. Amara David and Holly Ambler Amgen Foundation Matching Gift Program Amica Companies Foundation David and Melinda Anderson Gaille Anderson Paul C. Anderson The Andover - Green’s Fund David L. Ashcroft Noah D. Augustine Dennis and Susan Ausiello Sibylle Baier Christine H. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Barbaro Cole and Avery Barbeau Cornelia Barnard Joseph Barrett James and Eloise Barter Kenneth and Auli Batts The Bay State Federal Savings Charitable Foundation Kerri Bean Susan C. Beck Mr. and Mrs. John G. Bemis Robert and Ruth Benker Azita Berenjian and Shariar Motakef Mr. and Mrs. Paul Berlinguet Bethesda Lodge #30 I. O. O. F. Birchwood Charitable Trust Lawrence R. Bisbee, Jr. Mark Bissell BlackRock Foundation Marin Blitzer Joshua D. Bogen


LEADERSHIP CIRCLE OF HOPE (continued) Boston Bruins Alumni Foundation, Inc. Boston Herald The Boston Sisters Convent Doris E. Bouwensch William H. Brack and Jessica Anne Ladd Ellen Brezniak Joshua and Fiona Brooks Noah Buffett-Kennedy Doug and Connie Burton Susan O. Bush William C. Butcher Cynthia L. Cajka Mr. John J. Calnan David and Patricia Cameron Patrick D. Campbell Keith F. Carlson Ian T. Carnathan Michael and Margaret Carrington CBVA Inc Brent Charriere Anjali and Yash Chitre Laura and Chris Choma Claudine M. Ciccia City of Boston Employees’ Charitable Campaign Clarion Healthcare Employees Cheryl R. Clark Jennfier B. Clark Tim and Christina Cohen Coldwell Banker Duxbury Coldwell Banker Waltham Victor and Janet Coletti Christine Collins Charles and Camilla Collova Columbia Construction Company Congress Wealth Management, LLC Christian and Jessica Connors Mrs. Rosemary A. Connors-Botto Charles M. Cook Lynda M. Coye David and Janet Coyle Mary A. Crabtree Fund Jenna Crenshaw Christopher G. Cunniff Richard D. Curran Todd E. Dambrauskas Bruce Daniel and Susan Dacey Danversport Yacht Club, Inc. William and Kathleen Davidson Amy Davis and Frank Dunau Laura Davis and Tyler Jacks Michael K. Davis Mary Dawley Dedham Institution for Savings Foundation David and Deborah Deitz Del Frisco’s Claudia Dent and Pam Hurley Mr. and Mrs. Ray Derise Thomas and Laurie DesRosier Matthew DeSutter and Donna Paglia Mr. and Mrs. James Devaney Peter Diana DiCicco, Gulman & Company LLP


Molly Diggins and Mark Duggan DiGiovanni Family Digital Results Group Ted and Coleen Dinneen Lynn Dionne William and Julie Doe Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Donahue Mr. and Mrs. William H. Donovan Brent T. Dragisich Joseph P. Duffey Dineen M. Dusablon Dyax Corp. Dr. Sari J. Edelstein Thomas and Margaret Egan Mrs. Tracy Egan James and Kathleen Elcock Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Emerman Ronald F. Enemark Drs. Andrea and Peter Enzinger Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Ettinger Laurie Ewald Frank and Eileen Faggiano Charles and Anne Farrington Edward and Kate Farrington David and Vinita Ferrera Festive Adventures, Inc. Mrs. Heidi Findsen-Scire First Unitarian Church of Clinton Atsuko and Larry Fish William M. Fitzgerald Tracey and Joe Flaherty Frederick Fortmiller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Foster John J. Fraher Donald Fraser Patricia L. Furness Robert and Catherine Gallagher Richard Galvin Rhys Gardiner Mr. and Mrs. Garland Matthew S. Garzone General Electric Foundation Ted Giese Gilbane Building Company Sandra Gillis Julie M. Gleason Keith Glover and Lenore Hill The Gold Group Daniel L. Goldberg Golden LivingCenter Kenneth and Ann Gorson Patricia A. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Grondin Guido Guidotti Ian and Dianne Gutterman H.M.L. Associates Eileen F. Haggerty Anne K. Halvorsen Estate of Eugene B. Hamilton Robert and Theresa Hamm Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. and Merle Marie McConnell, M.L.S. Antoine Hatoun and Andrea Levitt Teresa Heinz and John Kerry Henry Family Fund Hewlett Family Charitable Gift Fund

Hicks Family Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard G. Hinteregger Evelyn F. Hitchcock Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Hodgman Creighton Hoffman Stephen and Ann Hogan Hollingsworth & Vose Company Justin and Laura Houk Dr. James Raymond Hughes Christopher T. Hunter Walter and Suzanne Huskins Marianne and Nicholas Iacuzio Interactions Corporation Interior Resources Inc. Duane and Deborah Jackson Lois and David Jacobson JD Cordage, LLC Nancy and Peter Jeton JMS Family Foundation Cynthia Jones Jay and Susan Jostyn Leila R. Kamal Kaplan Financial Services Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Karlberg Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kaseta Katsiroubas Brothers Wholesale Fruit & Produce Chris Keeley Rachel D. Kelly Stewart W. Kemp Donna and Ronald Kendall Susan E. Kennedy Christine E. Kenny The Kenwood Foundation Amina Khan Pyong Yon Kim Bonnie E. Kirchner CFP, MST William Klepper Carmella A. Kletjian James T. Knowles George and Carolyn Koehler Mrs. Luella S. Kramer KSP Financial Consultants Steven and Mary Ann La Pierre Langham Hotel Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Lanuto Andrew Larson and Steven Gray Christina Larson and John Kelly Wendy J. LaVallee John P. and Craig F. Lawrence Gardner Lewis Mrs. Dorothy L’Homme and Melissa M. L’Homme James G. Liebau Allison Lincecum Trust of Alfred V. Lincoln Mark H. Lippolt The LJS Family Fund George and Ilse Lohrer Daniel G. Lynch MacFarlane Energy Michael R. Mach Mr. and Mrs. Loran B. Macumber Timothy P. Maher Gregory P. Mailloux Mandarin Oriental San Francisco Robert and Donna Maresca

Mark Family Foundation Morris Mark Meghan Marquez Theresa Martin Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail Massport-Public Services James Mattie Kirsten E. Mcauliffe Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. McCarthy Carol C. McDonough Joan McLaughlin Thomas J. McNichol Karen McPhillips Meadowood Napa Valley E.F. Merkert 1996 Charitable Foundation Barbara Putnam Metcalf & Robert Treat Paine Metcalf Fund MIB Group, Inc. The Michael and Jennifer Sexton Charitable Fund Mary Ann Milano-Picardi Hyun Ju Minton Ed Moffitt Jennette Morgan Morgan Stanley c/o Cybergrants, Inc. Elaine Mosesian Karen Mosman Mrs. Clara J. Motter Mulcahy Family Fund Mullen Advertising, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mullin Charles B. Nanick Patricia Nassau Network Health New England Office Connection, Inc. New England Revolution New England Sports Network Northeast Relocation, Inc. A.B. & J. Noyes Foundation Joseph and Alma O’Loughlin Mrs. Lynne Osborn Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Osterberg Linda and Edward Owens Oxford Fund, Inc. David and Virginia Packer William J. Pananos The Pappas Family Charitable Fund Peter D. Parker and Susan Clare Parkway Message Center, Inc. Dr. Shirley F. Partoll George M. Patrician Charles H. Pearson Foundation Fund Trust of Louise Pease The Lori K. and Roland F. Pease Foundation Mrs. Roberta Pelkey David and Suzanne Pendergast John Petrowsky and Thomas Vise Gennaro Petruzziello Law Offices of Stephanie A. Petty, LLC Larry and Leslie Petzing Beth Pfeiffer Gretchen Pfuetze and Ethan Thurow Thomas Fallon Photography Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pilkerton Pinehills, LLC

Claudia Piper The Piwinski Family Marsha Pliakas Plimpton-Shattuck Fund Laura and Robert Plumb Plymouth and South Shore Association of REALTORS Tiziana Polizio Mrs. Kathryn M. Portle Margot C. Pyle Susan Raffetto Shelly Rainen W. Warren Ramirez Frederick Ramos and Robert Starmer Kelley and Hamilton Ray David and Jessica Reilly Robert Reiser & Co., Inc. Roger and Hannelore Reiser Kennedy P. Richardson Joyce L. Robsham Barbara and Pat Roche Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston-Saint Patrick School Heather Roney and Michael Yalon Paul and Margaret Rosenberg Lisa K. Rowan-Gillis and Gary M. Gillis Karen and Richard Ruben David and Sandra Rullo Kyle Rys and Carrie Rainen Theresa M. Sabean Dr. Steven Safren and Dr. William Pirl Barbara J. Saint Andre

Saks Fifth Avenue Salem State University Gregory and Karen Salvucci Suzanne Salvucci Terry and Larry Salvucci Gared Schneberger Frederick and Kathleen Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Bennett W. Schwartz Laura J. Sen The Sentinel Fund Michael and Jennifer Sexton Jill and Tarek Sharif Timothy D. Shay Walter A. Shephard Sheraton Framingham Hotel Ross and Kathleen Sherbrooke Showcase SuperLux Dr. Lakshmikant Shrinivas Paul and Lisa Slack Slade Gorton & Company, Inc. Jane and Gordon Slaney Mr. and Mrs. John J. Slavik Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Sliwa, III Barry F. Smith and Susan Ogrodnik-Smith Courtney Snegroff Michael E. Solomon Lilyane and Peter Soltz Thomas Sonnabend Ryan Sorley Carolyn and Andrew Spangler St. Margaret Regional School James and Joan Stanley Nora Stanulonis

Star of Bethlehem Lodge AF & AM Walter Grove Fund Deborah and Ben Starr Geoffrey and April Stein Seth and Jennifer Stier William Stone Stonehurst Real Estate Group Stowe Mountain Lodge Student Universe Ellen L. Sugarman Stephen Sugarman Maryann Suydam Genevieve and Stephen Sweeney Symetra Kevin and Joan Symmons Sandra A. Tamer Taylor & Luongo Charitable Gift Fund Gavin A. Taylor Shabahang Teymourian Carol A. Thomas Thomas Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation Tim and Bonnie Thomas John Timmerman Todd & Weld LLP Trillium Asset Management Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Clayton H. Turnbull The United Church in Walpole United Way of Greater Waterbury United Way of Rhode Island Upward Bound Program- American Student Assistance Nan Vandervelde

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program The Verrill Foundation Luis and Jennifer Vidal Gabriel Vincenzo James and Terri Vogel Joan Wallace-Benjamin, Ph.D. and Milton J. Benjamin, Jr. Mark D. Wambolt Pearl Waters Wayfair, LLC Rick and Patti Wayne The Frederick E. Weber Charities Corporation Gerry Weber Chip Weintraub Dr. Ronald Weintraub and Mrs. Margo Howard Ellen Weitzler Wells Family Foundation The Whistler Fund Whittier Family Charitable Gift Fund Lee Wise and Elaine M. Sullivan Wood MacKenzie, Inc. Estate of Nancy W. Workman WSP Group Za-Beth’s Magic Carpet The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation Paula Zavrl

THINK DIFFERENTLY. GIVE DIFFERENTLY. Many of our generous donors have devised quite creative ways of ensuring that The Home is remembered — both now and in the future. Some examples are:

• Naming The Home a beneficiary in their will • E armarking their Social Security check to come to The Home on a monthly basis

• M aking The Home the beneficiary of their insurance policy

• Establishing a charitable gift annuity • B equeathing the balance in their savings account to The Home

• Transferring of stock and appreciated assets 15

CIRCLE OF HOPE The Home proudly acknowledges members of the Circle of Hope recognition society who have contributed $250 to $999 within a given fiscal year. The following list reflects all gifts and pledges received between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014.


($500 to $999) Anonymous (27) 50’s Diner Brian J. Abbanat Abiomed, Inc. AcuIty Business Integration, Inc. Joan Adams Cesar Agudelo Robert Alan Ameriprise Financial, Inc. Ameriprise Financial, Inc. Corporate Giving Program Elizabeth M. Ames Esther D. Ames Victor J. Amirault Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Andrus Mr. and Mrs. David A. Antonelli Atwood & Cherny Austin W. McHoul & Associates Steven and Angela Bader Abigail Baird Sharon Bak Ballentine Partners, LLC Elena A. Balzac Bank of Canton Anthony Barbagallo and Kristen Fowks Jeffrey and Ruth Barker Joseph P. Barri Barter Family Trust Sharon Batchelder Robert Bayers Gwenyth Beaven Benchmark Assisted Living, LLC Elizabeth Bennett Joanna Bickford Edward and Barbara Boches Bohler Engineering MA, LLC Bond Brothers Gayle A. Bourdeau Richard and Deborah Boutilier Michael Boyson Shawn and Kathleen Bragdon William A. Brennan James M. Broderick and Karen A. Johnson Jean Brodnax Paula Brody Kathryn Lachelt Brown, Esq. Myles A. Brown and Judy Garber Meredith Bryan and Family Heather and Christopher Buder Mrs. Mary Buffinger Buildium, LLC Tom and Judy Bullitt John F. Burke Burns & Levinson David and Ethel Butler


David and Moira Byer C.M. Cleaning Co., Inc. Paul D. Cammarata D.M.D. Elizabeth and Ronald Campbell Sybil A. Campbell Leslie and Lynn Cannon Capital Crossing Servicing Co., LLC Patti and Albert Cappelloni Paula Caputo Joseph Carper and Susan McKittrick Mary Ann Carter Edward Cassidy CBIZ Tofias Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Cericola Jody P. Chadwick Nicole Chang Peter J. Cheever Spiro A. Christopulos Mirza and Nora Cifric Clearview National Partners, LLC Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cleary Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Clerico Kathryn Cochrane Murphy Chris Cogdill Jerome D. Cohen Joel and Stephanie Cohen Nancy Colbert Michael and Linda Collins Janice L. Colombi Colvin’s, Inc. Combined Federal Campaign of Rhode Island and SE MA Comiskey Family Edward R. Comstock Dr. Patricia A. Connolly Lisa Conrad Maureen A. Conroy Alicia M. Cooney and Stephen Quigley Mr. and Mrs. Mario J. Cornacchio Mr. and Mrs. Russell V. Corsini, Jr. Redmond Costello Vivian Cournoyer F. Richard Couture Mr. and Mrs. William Cox Daniel R. Coyne Dr. and Mrs. Keith Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cronin Gary and Jeanne Cronin Bala Cumaresan and Veithehi Muttulingham Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cummings, III Marion O. Cunningham Curis, Inc. Sean Curtin CVS Caremark Marcia Damon Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. D’Angelo Katharine Daragan

Chris David Megan DeGrass John DelPrete DePrisco Jewelers Alfred W. Descenza Dylan DeSimone and Wendy Henry Thomas and Mary DeSimone Sandra and Jessie Desjardins Robert J. Devaney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Diarbakerly Mark C. Dickson Mrs. Rosemary Ditullio Daniel K. Doe Mrs. Kathy Doherty Mr. and Mrs. James M. Donovan Matt Donovan Paul and Barbara Dowling Alysa E. Doyle, Ph.D. Mark Doyle Kyle Draeger Robert L. Dubee Robert Duffy Earthshare EdTechTeacher Educational Toyland Ennis, Inc. Equity Office Properties Trust Dr. Heidi Erlacher Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eshbach Dr. Thomas G. Evans and Susan E. Moser Peter and Maryann Evers Pamela Ferrante Fifteen Beacon Hotel Alfred J. Filiaggi Patricia Fisher Daniel J. Fitzpatrick Michael J. Fitzpatrick Patrick J. Fitzsimons Five Star Quality Care, Inc. John J. Flatley C. E. Floyd Company, Inc. Eric Foley Preston and Candice Ford Forest Foundation Eric J. Foster Glenn Frank Barry and Evan Freid Mr. and Mrs. Peter Frodigh Mary L. Fulton Kathleen M. Gallagher Gallivan Brennan Charitable Gift Fund Sridhar Gandhari Gartner Gary Darman Company Edward R. Gates Gemline Anthony Gemma Gerald Card Alaina J. Giampapa Pica Paula J. Gilligan Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gilmore Joseph Giso Jeffrey Glassman Jill and Michael Glazer Matthew and Karen Glynn Hannah Goodale

Sabrina Gori Philip and Barbara Graceffa Grandin Family Foundation Dr. William and Mrs. Linda Green Melanie and Richard Green Linda and Alberto Grignolo Grimes Oil Co. Marina and Andrew Gross Clifton S. Gustafson Stuart Haber Donald L. Hagerty Mark Hagopian George F. Hailer Sandra Haiman Jean Hale William Hall Yasmin Hamed John P. Hanavan Robert and Margaret Hannemann John M. Hannigan Eunice M. Harps Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation Mr. and Mrs. George Haskell Denis and Elizabeth Helm John J. Hennessey Marguerite Hernandez Stephen and Donna Hickox Jennifer S. Hilton Mark Hollick The Home Transition Resource, LLC Steven and Heather Horan Michael Horowitz Michael and Susan Houle John W. Howard Steven Hudberg David Hughes John Hughes David Hugh Fund Michael A. Hunt Alison Husid Robert Hyland James P. Ingram ISD - Knowledge Management Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ives Janis Research Company Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Januszewski Geraldine Jarvis Joanne Jaxtimer David Jennings and Jennifer Krebs Steven Jilcott Candace Jodice John Hancock Matching Gifts Program John Nagle Co. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Johnson W. F. Johnston Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. C. Bruce Johnstone Roger Joseph Maureen A. Joyce Joymark Inc. Eileen M. Kane Ann R. Karnovsky Fiduciary Charitable Foundation Eric Karnowski Maria Katsileros Mr. and Mrs. Noah Kaufman John W. Keefe

Robert D. Keefe Brian Kelley William Kennedy Hristiyaniya Kessler Mr. and Mrs. David Kettner Susan Kincaid and Ralph Luongo Sandra T. King and Robert T. Tunis Daniel K. Kingsbury and Caitriona N. Dhuchon Kirwin Family Charitable Fund The Klein Family Charitable Fund E.M. Koerner Byron Koh and Fran Wall Xanthra Kolk Nobuko O. Kuhn Cheryl Kuzborski Ambrose Kwong Kristin Landgraf Douglas A. Lauffenburger and Linda G. Griffith James Lawlor Marianne C. LeBlanc Laura L. Lester Tina Leung Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Lewis Sharon Ireland Lewis The Life Initiative Andrew Limeri Julianne Lindsay Cyrus B. Linscott Bill and Amy Logan Mark Loughlin Ralph W. Lowry F. Cameron Ludwig Elisabeth A. Luick lululemon athletica Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Lynch Bryan MacCormack Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. MacKay Stephen MacNichol Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Maffeo Scott J. Magin The Mahan Family Linda Mahon Rodd Malitsky and Karen Turk Mandarin Oriental Boston Carla Olga Manganaro Jaime and Harry Manion Marinosci Law Group Una Marlborough and Keith D. Carter Ashley B. Marlenga Deborah L. Marshall John B. Martin Alan Marzi Mark E. Mason Massachusetts Capital Resource Company Massachusetts Municipal Association Masterpiece Praise and Worship Christian Church Stephen Matheson Thomas and Donna May Annsley H. McAleer Sheila C. McCann Michael Mccart Mr. and Mrs. Gerard P. McCarthy Julien and Anthony McCluney Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCourt

Sarah McCoy Waterman Debra McGold Jeffrey McHarg and Elaine Dors Wendy McLean Bradley McMillin Kevin Mcmorrow Carol McNeil Mary A. McQueston Dr. and Mrs. Peng Mei Merck Partnership for Giving Randy S. Meyers and Jeffrey Rand Mr. and Mrs. Peter Michalozski Millennium Pharmaceuticals Matching Gift Program Michael Miller Rosemary Minnehan Mitchell and Karen Kuflik Charitable Foundation Modern Wealth Management, LLC Stephen Mongeau and Janice Ruell Alex Moore Susan Moore Beth A. Morrison Dawn Mortimer Lisa A. Motta George and Beth Murnaghan Lauren Murphy Robert J. Murray Mary and Sherif Nada Randall W. Nason Needham Bank Nelson Mead Fund Martha Niebanck Richard Nilo Nimble Partners, LLC Nina McLemore, LLC NWBR, LLC Mr. and Mrs. James M. O’Brien Tara O’Brien The Family of Francis P. O’Connor Marsha P. Oest Keith A. O’Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Oldfield Ometek William Oppenheimer Paul O’Rourke Wyn O’Shea Maryann Ouellette Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pace Sarah S. Packer Kimberly A. Paddock Deborah S. Palmer Diane Palombi Dr. Jay Pathmanathan Arthur D. Patten The Paula’s Gift Fund Joanne C. Peckarsky Eileen Pembroke Nicholas Pepe Charlotte A. Perretta Jazmine Perrichon Paul Perrotta Nancy E. Petronio Richard Pfeiffer Pfizer Foundation United Way Campaign G. Pfuetze Family Fund Phu Pham

Beth L. Phillips Physical Sciences, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred J. Pouliot, Jr. Leo Power Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Price Frederick and Ruthann Prifty Providers’ Council Mr. and Mrs. John Quint R. M. Waite Co., LLC Charles and Patricia Rand Anja K. Rauh-Bresler Mrs. Katherine C. Raymond Claudio Rebbi Christopher Reckling Kathleen R. Reinold Bob Reissfelder Suzanne and Jack Reno Rental Beast, Inc. Yvonne and Richard Renwick Janna and Matthew Rigatti Timothy Ritchie Robert E. Alan Charitable Foundation Matthew and Andrea Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Robertson Johanna Rosato Stephen and Janet Ruggiero Mr. and Mrs. Michael Russo The Sacks Family Foundation Michael L. Sakala Michael A. Salinger Mark Sanders and Kathleen Donohue Santander Bank Foundation Rodney A. Sassaman Schneider Family Charitable Fund Joseph Scott Dr. and Mrs. R. Michael Scott Donna Seim Dr. Eva M. Selhub Brian Shea George and Beatrice Sherman Family Trust Norton L. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Shults Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Silver Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Singer Donna M. Sirutis Erik and Susan Skramstad Adam Smith Edward J. Smith, Jr. James Smith Harold T. N. Smith Memorial Foundation Mark Snyder South Shore Charter School James W. Spitzer Dr. Susan Staves Scott Stephens Ames Stevens and Karen L. Dane Deborah Stevens Mary Strachan Cathrine Strahan Molly Stuart Lesli Suggs Jeanne M. Sullivan Joe Sullivan Joseph and Marcia Sullivan Pamela Sullivan Paula Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan Stephanie R. Sullivan Dr. Scott Swanson Suzanne Swift Lia Sylvestri Cathy Tardiff Michael and Merle Tarnow James J. Tavares Scott Taylor and Laura Hodges Taylor Thomas and Diane Teuten Textile Stores of the Upstate, LLC David and Nancy Thyng Tico Boston Susan M. Tobin Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Toomey Magdalena Tosteson United Way of Greater Portland United Way Suncoast Unum Richard D. Urell David Vallon Charles VanMeter and Donna Marcin Verizon Foundation Linell Vilaseca Mrs. Katherine Headen Waddell Mrs. Paddy V. Wade Heather A. Walsh Michael Arthur Walsh Dana E. Warren, Jr. Alvin and Judy Warren Frederic W. Watriss Watson Printing Co., Inc. Stuart H. Watson Alison L. Weaver Erika Welch Wellesley College The Westin Boston Waterfront Westwood Woman’s Club Janet and James Wheeler Mrs. Constance V.R. White William H. Whitledge Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wildes David and Lisa Wilk Willow Path Childcare Monika Wirtz Glenn M. Wolfset Davin Wolok William S. Yerazunis James and Kathy Yoshizawa

ADVOCATE ($250 to $499)

Anonymous (51) Abendroth, Berns & Warner, LLC Accenture ACP Cleaning, Inc. Lori Adams Thomas H. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Adler Mary-Ann Agresti Michael J. Albrecht Daniel E. Alletag Allstate Giving Campaign Amy Almeida Paula Alvary American Contract Group Ames & Gough, Inc. Amesbury Industrial Supply Co. Inc.


CIRCLE OF HOPE (continued) Stanford Amstutz Anchor Capital Advisors, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson James and Jane Archambeault Peter Arden Argyle Executive Forum David Arnold and Ann P. Mortiz Gail Arnold Jonathan and Colleen Ash Astro-Med, Inc B & A Brokers, Inc. B.W. Kennedy & Co. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Babish Esther L. Bachrach Rosemary Bagnell Steve and Deborah Baker Kiril Balanov Robert P. Ball Robert Banaski Dennis A. Barous Thomas P. Barret Barbara Barrett Barrett Sotheby’s International Realty Brian Barriero Paul J. Bartlett Robert A. Barton Jennifer Bauer Robert J. Baum, Esq. Bay State Executive Association Mrs. Helen R. Beal Curtis and Karen Beard Nancy K. Beaumont Jessica Bell Nancy Benchoff Samantha Bendetson Benevolence Group Christ Apostolic Church Charles Benson William F. Bergen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Bergin Clyde and Rene Bergstresser David Berman Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bernazzani Mr. and Mrs. Warren Besser Lynn Betlock Mr. and Mrs. Dikran Betzig JudyAnn Bigby John and Lisa Biggio Biogen Idec Foundation Elizabeth P. Black Kristin Blount Blue Jeans Bar Amy Blumenthal Steve Bocamazo Margery Bohan Kathleen Bohner Philip and Carol Bois Linda and Mitchel Bollag William and Lily Bond Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Bonito Robert and Margaret Bonney Boston Bayside Properties Boston Firefighters Local 718 Boston Lyric Opera Dimas Botelho


Mrs. Elizabeth H. Bothner Erica Boudreau Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Boulanger Mary M. Bounapane Richard and Joan Bowen Jean M. Bowes Jocelyn Bowker-Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bowler Gerard F. Boyle David C. Bozzo Nanette C. Braucher Braver Wealth Management Lyn Braz Margot H. Brickelmaier Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Brickley Bridge Partners, LLC David and Barbara Brierley Brigham and Women’s Hospital Clinical Sciences Jeanne M. Brookfield Richard F. Brostowin Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brountas, Esq. Mrs. Abbey L. Brown Cynthia C. Brown David Brown David A. Brown Robert E. Brown Dr. Rosalind S. Brown Elizabeth Brownell Craig Brunetti Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Bubonovich William Buck and Judith Piggins Locke Robert W. Bunn Melinda M. Bunting Judith Burke Julie Burke Kevin Burke Thomas Burke Alec Burleigh Burlington Donuts, Weiner Network Mr. and Mrs. Eric G. Butler John and Dorothy Butler Thomas J. Butters Mrs. Robin Buttner Mr. and Mrs. Charles Button Eugene and Shirley Buzderewicz Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Byrne Elizabeth W. Cabot Daniel D. Callahan Mrs. Frances Callahan Gary and Lynne Callahan Candela Laser Corporation CAPA International Education Vincent and Karen Capozzi Mary S. Carolan Christine and Larry Carsman Michelle Carter William and Linda Carter Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. Cassis Ralph Castagna Linda Cavanaugh Stanley and Dolores Chaban Jody P. Chadwick Carolyn and Leo Chaharyn Yuchiao Chang Francis P. and Debra D. Chiacchieri Brian F. Chiango

George and Mary Chin Maureen Christani Eric K. Christesen David and Jeanine Christian Susan Ciampa Anthony Cintolo Claudia G. Clark Maureen Clarke Jeremy A. Cohn Jason Cole Dr. James M. Coleman John E. Coleman Kathleen A. Coleman Jennifer Collins Lucy Collins Collins Management Inc. Deborah A. Colony Andre G. Compagna Dr. and Mrs. Peter S. Connolly Kenneth and Carol Connor Mr. and Mrs. William E. Conroy Mark Conway Jon and Laurie Cooley Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cooper Mrs. William Cooper Mr. and Mrs. James E. Coppola James Corning Vincent X. Costello Covidien Steven Cowley Nancy Coyle Michael and Mary Coyne Adam and Lisa Crane Hugh C. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Crimmins Janice Crosby Mrs. Norman C. Cross Henry and Claudette Crouse Jeff Crowley Edward and Susan Culver Paul L. Cummings William F. Cummings Joan P. Cunningham Courtney Cutler Mrs. Renee R. Czajkowski Abhijeet P. Dalvi Stephen P. Daly Roxanne Dalzell Anita D’Angelo Annamarie D’Angelo Anita and Flora D’Angio Mrs. Julie Daniels DAR Paul Revere Chapter Sharlee M. Datnoff Mark David Janice B. Davis Janet K. Decosta Joyce DeCristoforo Eunice F. Delaney Mr. and Mrs. William F. Delaney Dell Giving Stephen Deman Anne C. Demeter Anna T. Dern Barbara and Keith DeSutter Deutsche Bank Championship Mary and Russell Dexter Wilfredo Diaz

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard John DiCarlo Donald and Paula Dickinson Maryrose DiDomenico Dignity Boston, Inc Mrs. Elinor A. Dilorio Paul W. DiMaura Philip G. Dole, Sr. Ernest J. Donaldson Brian Donegan Donna Karan Mark Donovan Paul and Catherine Donovan Julie B. Doran and Friends Doubletree Hotel - Bedford Mickey and Lisa Marie Doyle Paul Drappi Ryan and Reagan Driscoll Elizabeth Duggan Ted and Beth Durant Jason and Michelle Durkin Ruth Anne Dykeman Dyan Eagles Kevin Ebert Michael Eck and Hyesung Jeon Adam Elias Ann M. Elliott Jeffrey Ellowitz Emerson Consulting Group Emerson-Swan, Inc. Emison Fund Chris Engebretson Mr. and Mrs. Robert English John L. Ennis Sharon and Harry Eramian April Evans Lauren Fahey Phyllis C. Fairchild Douglas V. Faller Maureen Fallon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Fanning Barbara Fargnoli William A. Farrell Douglas Farrington Lee and Lily Fay Carol Fazio Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston Elaine S. Feld Laura Felice Heidi and Tony Ferreira Elio Ruth Fine Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Finkel Mrs. Leah Finn First Parish Church in Waltham Judith A. Fitzgerald Kevin Fitzgerald Elizabeth Fitzula Ann E. Flaherty Linda and Paul Flaherty Peter and Virginia Fleisher Agustin and Mariblance Fleites Joseph A. Fleming Christopher L. Flynn David L. Flynn Katherine Fogarty Foley & Lardner LLP Stephan G. Fopiano, Sr. John R. Foran, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Forde

DID YOU KNOW? During FY14, 2,950 of The Home’s 7,000 clients and families received clinical care and coordination allowing them to remain at home.

Kristine Forgit Robert R. Forsberg Paul E. Foskett Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Fougere Ramsey E. Fountain Normand Fournier Frances Ray Jules Salon Zachary Freelove Mr. and Mrs. John A. Freeman Frontier Science & Technology Research Foundation, Inc. Thomas and Cherry Frost Mr. and Mrs. George R. Fryer, Jr. James Fuerst Christina Fyock Constance Galanis Candace Galvin GAP Foundation Gift Match Program Paul S. Garber Charles Garcia Stan Garfield John Gately and Carol Gately Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Gatti Norma E. Gavazzi Dan Geary Michael W. Geis Mary Gelrud Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Gens Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gilbert Adeline Giuggio Denise Givens William Glatfelter Susan Gogolinski Peter and Catherine Goldring Kenneth M. Gomulka Messalina Goncalves Dr. Annekathryn Goodman David Goodsell Google, Inc. Julie Hume Gordon and Phil Gordon Kathryn Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Colin Gorman Mrs. Joan Gorton William and Kathleen Goss

William Grant Greater Boston Real Estate Board Foundation Emily Green and Lydia Green Brad Greene Richard Greene Frederick and Cathy Grein Douglas Griffin Tom Griffin Virginia Griffin Peter Griswold Michael F. Groden The Grossman Companies, Inc. Arthur S. Grove Ken Guan Guaranteed Rate Virginia Guarino Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Guilbault Diane T Gulinello Mrs. Margaret Gulla Mr. and Mrs. Atul Gupta Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Gurski H3 Biomedicine Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Habich Ted Hailer Richard C. Hale Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Haley Allison Hall Karen S. Hambleton Jim and Amy Hampe William Haney and Maura McCarthy Paul Hanley Hannula Harvey and Jeanne Hansen Greg Hanson David and Joan Harper Mr. and Mrs. William Harrington David B. Harris Jeffrey Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Nick Harrison Hart Supply Co., Inc. Paul J. Hartnett, Jr. Harvard University Press Chester H. Harvey

Shawn M. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Blair Heavey Cecilia Hedlund-Riddell Mr. and Mrs. James C. Heigham William Heinz Edward E. Heller, Jr. Hendren Family Fund John and Christina Hennessey Henry F. Owens, Inc. Matthew Henson Deirdre A. Hering Elizabeth J. Herlihy Nancy L. Herring Donna M. Hess Mr. and Mrs. William Higgins Deborah Hildebrandt Emilie Hilton Eileen M. Hinchey David Hinds Kalon Ho John J. Hoarty, Jr. Yvette Hochberg Jane E. Hoffman Joseph F. Hogan, Jr. Janice and Carl Hohenstein Holiday Inn Rockland Nicholas and Debe Holland Mrs. Lucile J. Holliday Reaz Hoque John Horvath Margaret M. Houlahan Richard H. Howe David K. Hudson Kirsten Hughes Diana Hunt Cassie Hurd Hurdle Hill Foundation Kelly Hurley Jodie Hurst Robert N. Husson Hyatt Regency Cambridge Jacob Hyman Mrs. Kristina Ikenberry Jeannette Iles

Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ING Direct Sarah Ingmanson Julianne Inozemcev Insperity Ironside Group, Inc. Isaacson, Miller Gerald P. Ishkanian Gladys and John Jablonski Ann Jackman Dorothy Jackson A. Jacovoni Paula Jaqlyn Samantha Jason Jennifer M. Jaynes Jason Jeanneret Jude M. Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Gary Jentzen Jim’s Landscaping Inc. Joe and Cindy Wickwire Family Fund Georgia M. Johnson Jennifer L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Johnson Linda Johnson Tracy Johnson Diane R. Johnstone-DeRosa Edward W. Joy Richard D. Kahn Kalido Inc Kathy B. Kalimon Susan Kalled Leonidas Kamitsis Julia Kan Robert A. Kane, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kanner Daniel and Pamela Kaplan Eva R. Karger Jan and Alane Katzew Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Kaveney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Keefe Michelle Keenan Peter Keeping Andrew and Carla Keith Kathleen A. Kelley


FY14 FUNDRAISING FACTS Donors gave a combined $7,144,992 to support our work with children and families. Our Cornerstone Society donors — those giving to The Home for 20 years-plus — grew to a total of 3,308! The Home had a total of 17,712 donors, of which 4,624 were new donors in FY14.

CIRCLE OF HOPE (continued) Mary E. Kelly Chris and Leigh Kelter Mrs. Mary Jane Kemper Dr. Judith Kempf and Mr. Paul T. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kenney Mark and Annemarie Kerwin Robert A. Keyworth Robyn Kievit Kirkman King & Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Robert King Daniel and Sharon Kleitman Maureen Byrne Kobayashi Christopher and Sheryl Kokkinos Susan Koulouris Joyce M. Kraley Andee Krasner Thomas and Linda Kraus Patricia A. Kurkul Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Lacava Sandra Lally Landmark Impressions Heidi E. Lane Courtney Langdon Judy B. Largesse Maria Laurence and Associates, LLC Law Offices of Janet K. DeCosta, P.C. Lawrence Academy Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lawrence, Jr. Nanette Le Blanc Edgar J. L’Ecuyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee Patricia Leighfield Courtney Lemoine John Levert Marc D. Levine Rosa Licea Lauren Lichten Thomas Licursi The Lin Family Fund Jeffery K. Lines


Maryel F. Locke Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Lombard Karen Lonati The Loring Family Fund Douglas and Linsey Low Malcolm Lowe David Luinis Kenneth W. Lund Russell and Barbara Lurvey Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lynch, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lytle Mr. and Mrs. Peter MacElhiney MacGregor Software Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. MacNevin Janet MacQuarrie Amanda Madden Dan Magaletta Joan Magnusson Frances Mahan Meaghan Maher Nicholas Mainieri Alan and Marion Malkasian Laura Maltby G. Whitten and Diana Manter Michael and Emily Margolis Jennifer and Chris Marks Marriott Boston Edna Marston Peter J. Martin Dr. Derek Martyn George E. Maskell Teri L. Mason David G. Massad Helen A. Massaro Stephen J. Mastrocola Nancy K. Matthews Samuel J. Matthews Richard and Yasuko Mattione Ross Mayer Nicholas and Kristen Maynard Judith Mazo Vincent Mazzarella Jennifer McCann Margaret E. McCarte

Trevor McCourt Robert and Elaine McDonald David and Dena McFadden George McGoldrick Theresa M. McGovern Barbara J. McIntosh Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey McKay Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. McKinney McKinsey & Company Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mead, Jr. Theresa Medeiros Michael J. Meehan Meeting Maven Associates Inc Robert Mello Mercer Mark and Ines Merolli Beatrice A. Merriam Catherine R. Messenger Regina Messina Metro Package Del, Inc Arlene F. Michael Donald and Susan Miller Pamela Milligan Catherine A. Milmoe Theresa and Stephen Mitton Mr. and Mrs. Chandler J. Moisen Jessica Mols Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Monteiro Barbara Carter Moore Gordon W. Moran Morgan Stanley William and Margaret Morin Freelon Morris Morse Barnes-Brown & Pendelton PC Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mulcahy G. Burton Mullen Alana H. Murphy Mrs. Elaine C. Murphy Gerald Murphy Susan Murphy Senate President Therese Murray Michael Muti Mrs. Jen Mynahan Josephine Nash

Nasiff Family Foundation Joseph T. Natoli Chris Neelon Mr. and Mrs. Alain Negueloua Neiman Marcus Daniel Nelson Robert and Erna Nelson Dr. Nancy J. Nersessian Lance A. and Deborah C. Neumann Mary D. Neumann New England Land Survey, Inc Nancy T. Newton Thomas D. Newton Next Generation Communications, LLC Pattie Nicastro Michele Nocera Patrick Noonan Daniel and Linda Noreck NSTAR Foundation George D. O’Brien Robert O’Brien Suzanne O’Brien Ellen O’Connell John O’Connell Mrs. R. O’Connell John and Jane O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Tom O’Connor Frank and Alma O’Glishen Peg O’Hearn Charles and Dana Oliver Richard Oliver Mary P. O’Malley Mr. and Mrs. Terence P. O’Malley Brian O’Mara One World of Yoga Clive W. Oram Orthopedic Surgical Center of the North Shore Mary O’Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Allen E. Ottoson Mrs. Olesia Pacholok Robert Paderson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pankievich, Sr.

Gary A. Pappas Mrs. Myran Parker-Brass Mary Parziale Ronald M. Pastore Mrs. Martha Patton Gerald Paulauskas Paulist Center & Chapel Mark and Kerry Payson Jonathan Peck Linda Pendleton Danielle Peppard Steven Pereira Rabbi Bart Perlman, Ph.D. Karen Peschel Yasmine Peseyra Ann Peterson Karen Peterson Mary and Brian Petrie James and Bonnie Philip Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Phillips John Piccione Gerald B. Pier Cesare Pietrangelo Timothy Pinch Hillary Pizer Michael and Jennifer Plaster Kevin Pojasek Jennifer Polalas John and Joyce Poles Kristen Polletta Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Pontolilo Michelle Porche Kate Poverman and Raphael Bueno Prince Lobel Tye, LLP Principal Financial Group Professional Image Professional Travel Agents of N.A., New England Chapter Patricia K. Profeta Project D.E.E.P Associates, Inc. Tony Pucillo Nancy Puleo Philip Pulitzer and Caitlyn Welle Scott Pyes Alison Quinlan Melissa Radzikowski William A. Rangnow Mrs. Sirisha Rao Luis and Kathy Raposo Mr. and Mrs. James Raza Barbara A. Reade Ludmila Reed Mr. and Mrs. Greg Register Residence Inn by Marriott Sarah Ricciardelli Stephen D. Rice Lisa and Paul Richards Rob Peters Entertainment, Inc. Dr. Celeste Robb-Nicholson Dr. John C. Robinson Danielle Rodrigues Gabrielle A. Roegner John Rogers

Barbara Roller Maria Rosato Michael Rosbash Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rosen Abby Rosenberg Samuel and Karen Rosenthal Clinton Ross Gary Rossi Mr. and Mrs. John F. Rourke Peter Rowden Larry Rowe Jane Rudnick Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Rust Michael P. Rutter Robert J. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Victor Sabalauskas Frederick E. Sale Judy Salt Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sanders Charlie Sanguinet Mrs. Linda Saunders Michael J. Scanlan Kenneth J. Scarry Dr. and Mrs. David Scheff Greg Schementi Jessica Schenck Schlessinger Ellowitz Charitable Fund Michael W. Schmid Marion Schoon Mark Schug Mr. and Mrs. Oreon Scott Sea Glass Fine Art Mrs. Maralyn K. Segal Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows Daniel Seto Jim and Ashley Seto Mrs. Dorothy Shapiro Henry D. Shaw Mary Ellen Shea Masood Sheikh Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sheldon Elizabeth F. Shephard Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Sheth Paula M. Shwab Signet Electronic Systems, Inc. Steven Simard Tracy L. Sisco Caitlin Slattery Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Smith Cheryl A. Smith Flavia Smith Mr. and Mrs. H. Kerner Smith Jami and Kevin Smith Laura Smith Mrs. Shelby K. Smith Stephen Smith Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles Snider Ellen R. Sokoll Norman and Joanna Solari David M. Solomon Joseph T. Sonsini Janet Sortor

Judith Spielman Deborah Spirio Mr. and Mrs. John Spurr, Jr. Ruthann Stacy Joel Stahl Station Row, LLC Erin Staudt Gary and Deborah Stein Allison Stephanian Sterling Golf Management, Inc. Mrs. Christine P. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart Adam Stojanowski Jason E. Stone Maria G. Stotz Timothy and Nancy Stout Richard R. Stoyle Strategic Planning Group, Inc. Wayne D. Strong Robert E. Struck, Jr. Christopher and Erin Stulb Elliot and Janet Suarez Barbara L. Sullivan Theresa A. & Maurice L. Sullivan Humanitarian Trust James B. Sullivan Jean C. Sullivan and Richard Cane Thomas Sullivan Brian Sunday Mrs. Rita Sutherland Janet V. Swanson Dr. Mary B. Tabacco Gene Takahashi Karen Tammaro Dr. Oren L. Weisberg and Ms. Tamara Charm Ben and Kate Taylor Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stewart D. Taylor Katherine Tedeschi Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tegan, Jr. Emily Terry Mr. and Mrs. John T. Terzakis That’s How We Roll The Essex Culinary Resort and Spa The Maids The Residential Group The Marc C. Thompson Family Fund Ortis Thornton Tammy and Frank Thorp, IV Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tierney Noha Tohamy Mrs. Marilyn Toole Paul Toomey Top Notch Quality Service, LLC Travelers Claudia Trevor-Wright and William Wright Paul Tringuk Michael Tsuk and Edith Epstein Arthur and Ingeborg Uhlir UnitedHealth Group Mrs. Ellen E. Urbano

John J. Vaccaro Mr. and Mrs. Adam Valkin David Veling Laura A. Verville Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Vincent Paul G. Vivino Peter Vlaco Christopher Voce Friedrich Klemens Von Gottberg Anna and Andreas Cullen-Voyatzakis F. Channing Wagg, III Richard V. Wallace Maryann Walsh Robert J. Wanek Peggy Wang E. David Wanger Mr. and Mrs. Eric N. Ward Jeffrey T. Ward and Michelle Thomas Ward Susan Ward Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ware Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Warren Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Washington Matthew Waterbury Andrea L. Watson Jacqueline Waxlax Wayne Foundation Irvin W. Weaver Web Apps LLC / The SYNERGY Events Mr. and Mrs. James M. Webber Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Weir Wellington Management Company, LLP Wells Fargo Law Deparment Susan Westmoreland Weston High School White Chiropractic Health Center LeRoy White, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Whitehouse Regina B. Wiedenski J. Thomas Wilcox, Jr. Sarah Wilcox Fletcher H. Wiley Steven Wilson Amelia D. Winston Sara Wishner Mrs. Arlene J. Wolk Allen Wong William Wong Muriel Wood Wistar Wood John Wright Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Wythe Janice T. Yakel Michael and Andrea Yanoff Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Young Renee and Jim Yourk Karen Zarrow Jane and James Zavistoski Raymond and Nancy Zemlin Charlene Zicko


LEGACY CIRCLE The Legacy Circle honors those friends who have included The Home in their estate plans or have established a planned gift. This perpetual link between the donor and The Home is a testament to the donor’s passion to better the lives of vulnerable children and families. Anonymous (1) Estate of Joseph L. Amodeo Estate of Doris M. Anthony Trust of Elisha V. Ashton Gary Bedrosian Myron L. Belfer, M.D. Estate of Joseph Berlo Estate of Katharine G. Bingham Estate of Edward P. Bosson Dr. Helen M. Bouscaren Estate of John Edward Bradbury Trust of Robert B. Brigham Nancy and Gregory Bruett Jarka and Grayce Burian Wallace C. Butterfield Estate of Louise Lois Canessa Doris Drescher Cook Eileen Crittle Jeffrey Croll

William H. Cruickshank, Jr. Estate of Gladys A. Cushman Leo Darr Edward Dinaro, CFP Mrs. Mary C. Drazy Trust of George Emerson Sharon and Harry Eramian William Farmer, Jr. Mrs. Gertrude C. Feldman Maurice Fitzgerald Americo J. Francisco Fund, Estate & Realty/Charitable Trusts Estate of Frederic R. French, Jr. Robert G. Fuller Estate of Henry D. Grew Estate of Eugene B. Hamilton Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. and Merle Marie McConnell, M.L.S. Thomas and Caroline Hovey

Trust of Adelaide B. Howland Mrs. Joanna R. Inches Dianne Ingalls Estate of Virginia M Jones Cynthia Jones Christine E. Kenny Maureen Byrne Kobayashi Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Landay Mrs. Dorothy L’Homme Melissa M. L’Homme Mrs. Marion A. MacLeod Lisa K. Matthews and Andrew J. Byrne Ida M. McCarthy Robert B. McCauley Patricia A. Monk Estate of Margueritte F. Morday Dr. Nancy J. Nersessian Estate of Robert A. Paolucci

Joan Paul Trust of Louise Pease Mark Hollyer and Robin PendletonHollyer Mr. and Mrs. Russell Peterson Trust of Laura Sibbel Fiske Norman D. Socher Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Sproul Charles and Elaine Steeger Irene R. Sweeney Anthony Taiani Trust of Edna Betts Talbot Mr. and Mrs. Alex Taylor Jean F. Tierney Mr. and Mrs. John Vibberts Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Wells, III Merrill B. Wilder Estate of Nancy W. Workman

A WARM WELCOME AT LONGVIEW FARM Thanks to the thoughtfulness of our Board of Ambassadors (BOA), youth arriving at Longview Farm will have a warmer, softer, and more comforting experience. Two of our dedicated members launched the BOA Welcome Pack Program to help kids personalize their new room. Each Welcome Pack includes a themed comforter and sheet set, a “pillow pet” and wall decals. The BOA’s generosity will provide a more comfortable transition for our kids.

(L to R) BOA members Sue DeRoche and Tricia Trebino, present Welcome Packs to Longview Farm Director Yolanda Cloete.

©2012 Gregg Shupe


MATCHING GIFTS Many employers sponsor matching gift programs that essentially double the value of any charitable contributions made by their employees. In the last three years, the following generous companies have matched gifts to The Home: Acadian Asset Management LLC Adage Capital Management, L.P. Aetna Foundation AIG AllianceData American Tower Corporation Amgen Foundation Amica Companies Foundation Anchor Capital Advisors, Inc. Aon Foundation Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation Autodesk U.S. Bancorp Foundation Bank of America Bank of New York Mellon Corporation Biogen Idec Foundation BlackRock Foundation C.R.Bard Foundation, Inc. Cadence Design Systems, Inc. Citizens Bank Foundation Computer Associates International Covidien Cummings Properties Dell Giving Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Eaton Vance Investment Managers EMD Millipore Corporation FM Global Foundation Frontier Capital Management Co., LLC GAP Foundation Gartner General Electric Foundation Goodrich Foundation Google Grand Circle Foundation Grand Lodge of Masons In Massachusetts Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo Hachette Book Group Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc. Highfields Capital Management LP Highland Capital Partners Houghton Mifflin Company Illinois Tool Works Foundation ING Direct Institute for Cultural Exchange, Inc. Instrumentation Laboratory Invest in Others Charitable Foundation Inc. John Hancock

Johnson & Johnson JPMorgan Chase Foundation Juniper Networks’ Company KeyBank Foundation Loomis, Sayles & Company, L.P. LPL Financial Charitable Fund Macy’s Corporate Services McDonald’s Corporation Medtronic Foundation Merck Partnership for Giving MFS Investment Management Microsoft Microwave Development Laboratories, Inc. Millennium Pharmaceuticals The Minneapolis Foundation MSCI Inc. Natixis Global Asset Management Neiman Marcus Group Nokia NSTAR Foundation Old Mutual Charitable Foundation Olympus NDT Inc. Omgeo, LLC Oracle Pfizer Foundation United Way Campaign

Pioneer Investments Pitney Bowes, Inc. The Plymouth Rock Foundation The Prudential Foundation Putnam Investments The Reebok Foundation Reed Elsevier Inc. Rinet Company, LLC SAP State Street Sun Life Financial Tampa Bay Times Fund The Home Depot Foundation Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Thomson Reuters Tru Corporation Tyco UBS Financial Services United Technologies Unum US Bank Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Verizon Foundation Waters Corporation Wellington Management Company, LLP Woodland Partners, LLC

MEDIA SPONSORS These companies donated ad space and air time in FY14 to help spread the word about The Home's programs and services. Boston Herald Boston magazine Boston Spirit Magazine MAGIC 106.7 NESN WCVB-TV Channel 5

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing. Please direct any questions or concerns to: Janet Suarez Director of Development Operations 617-927-0663 jsuarez@thehome.org

We are responsible for the world in which we find ourselves, if only because we are the only sentient force which can change it.

—James Baldwin


LEADERSHIP Board of Directors

Board of Ambassadors

Officers Pamela Herbst, Acting Chairperson John T. Hailer, Chairman Emeritus James C. Burrows, Treasurer Lisa K. Matthews, Secretary

Molly Diggins, Co-chair Martin B. Shulkin, Co-chair

Members Dale Bearden Richard K. Bendetson Beverly A. Brown Tushara Canekeratne Anjali U. Chitre Hardin Coleman Chris Egan Deborah E. Gray Geoffrey Ide Patricia Jabar Stacey H. Jacobson Tim Miner Stephen J. Pemberton Laurie Slifka Pat Villani

Jonathan P. Ash Samantha Bendetson Becky Bidwell-Hanson Marin Blitzer Deborah Burrows Joseph Byrne Susan A. DeRoche Susan A. Donahue David R. Druley Melissa Druley Paul P. Epstein David L. Guinta Patricia A. Griffin Dan Grondin John F. Harrington John F. Hennessey Erik M. Jones Stephen M. Kogon Christina A. Larson

Caren I. Leedom Mark H. Lippolt Kelly S. Mann Roger Merrill Christopher H. Milton Suzanne Pilkerton Jasmine Punzalan Sherri Raftery Kara Lee Rainey Bronwyn Roberts Eliza Hapgood S. Rowe Joan A. Sapir Samuel Slater Peter D. Soltz Patricia E. Trebino Joseph J. Wayshak Charles Weintraub Michael Weissenburger Harry E. Wells

Executive Management Team Joan Wallace-Benjamin, Ph.D. President and Chief Executive Officer Meredith Bryan Vice President for Development and Communications Thomas L. Durling Vice President for Finance Heidi Ferreira, J.D. Vice President for Performance and Outcomes Michael L. Pearis, MBA Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Lesli Suggs, LICSW Vice President for Program Operations Leonora R. Wise, MA, MLA Vice President for Human Resources


Top row (L-R): Bryan, Pearis, Durling, Suggs Bottom row (L-R): Ferreira, Wallace-Benjamin, Wise


for helping us to make a difference in the lives of children and families.

10 Guest Street, Boston, MA 02135 888-HOME-321 | www.thehome.org

Profile for The Home for Little Wanderers

FY2014 Annual Report - The Home for Little Wanderers  

The Home for Little Wanderers

FY2014 Annual Report - The Home for Little Wanderers  

The Home for Little Wanderers

Profile for thehome

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