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Annual Report 2017

Letters From Our Leadership Dear Friends, My statement in this Annual Report will be my final one. I will be retiring on January 2 after 15 years of meaningful service to the kids and families of Massachusetts. I am very proud of the expanded program portfolio we have developed over the years. The Home is a well respected and valued organization in Massachusetts; and our size, breadth and depth has made us a valuable advisor to state and local government about what works for the families we serve that live in vulnerable circumstances. The 800 staff that work at The Home are the organization’s strongest asset. Our staff come to serve every day to assist our families in building a life of stability and success. As W.E.B. Dubois once said, “it is easier to build strong children then repair broken men.” The Home’s staff respect the people we serve, though we often come into contact with them, sometimes at their most challenging times.

As I leave The Home you should be confident that we will continue to provide excellent and high quality programs of service and advocacy under the leadership of my successor as President and CEO, Lesli Suggs; and I hope that you will continue to support Lesli and our work, and join us when needed, to advocate for the children and families of the Commonwealth. While no longer its leader, The Home will always remain near and dear to my heart. Sincerely,

Joan Wallace-Benjamin, Ph.D.

President and CEO

Letters From Our Leadership Dear Friends,

Fiscal Year 2017 was in fact a success. The Home broadened its reach and opened several new programs such as The Center for Early Childhood which promotes social-emotional wellness in young children by treating families and training educational staff. The organization deepened its commitment to youth living in its programs by launching a Permanency Initiative to ensure priority is given to finding permanent, lasting connections for every child in The Home’s care. Sustainability is important in supporting the 20 programs The Home operates. The persistent growth of its endowment is proof that The Home continues to be a positive institution of the Boston Community.

Home. Her unanimous endorsement by our Board speaks to her ability to continue The Home’s leadership in an ever changing field into the coming decades. Lastly, I’d like to thank all of our stewards and donors for The Home’s 217th successful year serving the most vulnerable children and families in the Commonwealth. Sincerely,

Christopher F. Egan Late in the year, The Home’s longtime President and CEO, Joan Wallace-Benjamin announced her intention to retire in January 2018. On behalf of the Board, we thank Joan for her service and leadership over the past 15 years. We would also like to welcome Lesli Suggs as the new President and CEO of The



Each year, the annual report gives The Home and its Board of Directors an opportunity to reflect on and share our accomplishments with our supporters. As the Chairman of the Board, I measure the organization’s success by the quality of service delivered and the quantity of children and families impacted, as well as The Home’s sustained fiscal health.

Permanency Practice

Permanency looks different for every child, which is why each plan is individualized with a team of specialized staff who work closely with the child, biological family, other significant adults in their lives and the Department of Children and Families. Through our work, we have found children are more successful in their treatment and time spent with The Home.

Developing a permanency plan for every child in our care is intensive, emotional work. The Home is proud to commit to this initiative knowing it will vastly improve the long-term outcomes for the children we serve.

“Children deserve to GROW UP in families, not in the child welfare system.”


Children come into the care of The Home through no fault of their own, mostly because of circumstances of abuse and neglect. Being removed from their family is traumatic and the staff at The Home provides support to minimize and treat their traumas. While we provide vital stabilization and treatment services, The Home is only a weigh station for children on their path to adoption, reunification, or independent living. Lesli Suggs, Vice President of Program Operations says it best, “Children deserve to grow up in families, not in the child welfare system.” Research shows children are more likely to be successful when they have at least one positive relationship with a caring adult. The Home’s new Permanency Initiative, launched in FY2017, prioritizes finding that positive relationship as soon as a child enters our care.

Growing Up in Group Homes Serena did not have much experience living in a home with a

We’re proud to share that Serena has lived with Susan for more

family. The first few years of her life were spent with a drug

than a year and will be adopted by her in the coming months!

addicted mother before she came into state care. At 12, Serena

Serena received in-home therapy with her adoptive mom through

came to live at The Home’s Harrington House. It would mark her

Harrington House and is continuing to receive family therapy with

fifth year living in a group home.

her biological mom through The Home’s Child and Family Counseling Center. Now, at age 15, she is attending an elite high school focused

Permanency is important to every child, but especially to one like

on the performing arts. Much of Serena’s success can be attributed

Serena who had essentially grown up in the system. Jenn, the

to our personalized permanency plan which recognized and

longtime Program Director at Harrington House, noticed that Serena

prioritized her connection with her biological mother.

would excel in school and at the program when she had consistent visits with her biological mom, Tamara. Unfortunately, Serena could been terminated years before. The Home’s Permanency Initiative allowed Jenn to be creative in her plan for Serena. Part of The Home’s approach to permanency is for it to be childcentered and to include biological parents even if reunification is not possible. It was clear that Tamara’s presence in Serena’s life made a positive impact and that her opinion carried a lot of weight with her child. Through the staff at Harrington House, Serena and her mother received family therapy which helped Serena with her abandonment and attachment issues. Jenn asked, “We know that Serena can’t go live with you but is there anyone in your network?” Since getting sober, Tamara had become very active in her church. She turned to the faith community for help. The Home’s Permanency Initiative enables staff to take this type of ‘deep-dive’ into family networks. Tamara suggested Susan, a mom of four who was also very active in the church, and Serena approved!

“The HOME NEVER gives up

on CHILDREN and WE DON’T let them give up



not return to her now sober mother because her parental rights had

Michael Finds Permanency At 14 years old, Michael found himself alone in a new state at

As the permanency initiative is designed, Michael was in control of

Waltham House, a group home for LGBTQ youth in Massachusetts.

his plan. It was evident he and Josh had a connection. He wanted

His father was deceased, his mother was incarcerated in another

the stability of that relationship while remaining connected to

state in New England, his aunt whom he had been living with

his mother. Josh understood that for Michael to thrive he needed

disowned him because of his gender identity, and his very young

mom on board. He visited her in prison and discussed how they

sister was living with a family friend. Michael settled into Waltham

could co-parent, but she would need to give up her parental rights

House and quickly made friends with other teens in the group home.

to do so. Mom petitioned the court, stood before a judge, and relinquished the rights to her now 15 year-old son because she

Michael loved his mother and sister dearly. Weekly, staff from

knew he would be better off.

Waltham House would drive him, picking up his younger sister on the way, to visit their mother. Vocal about wanting a family, Michael

Even though Michael was from another state, Massachusetts’

knew he would not be able to get the stability he needed from his

Department of Children and Families (DCF), to their great credit,

mother who planned to live in a shelter after her release.

recognized the importance of Michael being able to live with Josh

Waltham House. On his application, he listed he was an approved

Michael is now living with Josh and his adoption is currently in

foster parent and wanted to help LGBTQ teens. Staff at Waltham

process. He continues to be a big brother to his sister and remains

House knew Josh would be a perfect mentor for Michael, the quirky

connected with his mother. The stability Josh provided has allowed

teen who loved video games. Josh and Michael instantly bonded,

Michael to thrive and finally regain the childhood he never really had.

“from the moment they sat down together, I knew this was the right

It was permanency work done by The Home and the collaboration

fit,” shared Rebecca Reed, Program Director of Waltham House.

of several different systems — Courts, DCF, Community — that made Michael’s success possible.

“From the moment they sat down together, I knew this was the right fit.”


and took custody of him until the adoption could be completed. Meanwhile, Josh, a Physician’s Assistant, applied to be a mentor at

T A H W ! O D WE Our Mission is to Ensure the Healthy Behavioral, Emotional, Social and Educational Development and Physical Well-Being of Children and Families Living in At-Risk Circumstances

Yo u A ca ng R de Ad o ul m So xb t R m ury ic S es er u V ou p vi i p l la lle ge ort rce V fo N ill et r ag C e ol wo r le ge k ( Y an AR d N ) Li fe (A SC


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Southeast Campus


Harrington House Roxbury House

Waltham House

Children’s Community Support Collaborative

FY17 Financial Statement The Home for Little Wanderers’ Schedule of Operations Years Ended June 30, 2017 and 2016 (Reported in 000’s)







Endowment Draw



Total Revenues



Revenues Program Revenue Fundraising (portion for operations)

Expenses Programs


Administrative and General








Operating Surplus1

Change in Net Assets 1


Total Expenses

Change in Permanently Restricted Net Assets4


For internal management and budgeting purposes, The Home uses the Operating Surplus/(Deficit) line.


Included in the balance of other non-operating items in FY2017 is $(454,139) of management fees and $(121,238) of other non-operating expenses. Included in the balance of other non-operating items in FY2016 is $(431,835) of management fees and $343,962 gain on disposal of property.





Included in the change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets in FY2017 is $4,361,298 of additional Investment activity, $748,162 of additional Fundraising

Non-Operating Items

activity, $(619,354) of activity related to Net Asset released from restriction for program operations, and $(2,235,140) of activity related to Net Asset released for




Investment activity






$(661,958) of additional Investment activity, $998,475 of additional Fundraising

Total Non-Operating Items



program operations, and $(2,151,114) of activity related to Net Asset released for



Change in Unrestricted Net Assets Change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets3

appropriation of Endowment appreciation. Included in the change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets in FY2016 is activity, $(963,233) of activity related to Net Asset released from restriction for appropriation of Endowment appreciation.




The change in Permanently Restricted Net Assets in FY2017 of $502,396 consists of additional Investment Activity. The change in Permanently Restricted Net Assets in FY2016 of $(683,064) consists of additional Investment Activity.

2017 Operating Revenue



Administrative and General

Endowment Draw










2017 Operating Expenses

We gratefully recognize all our donors who gave

Thank You

in Fiscal Year 2017. Thank you for your generosity to the children and families in our care.

The Home is honored to recognize those individuals, families, corporations, and foundations whose generous donations help to make our work possible. The following lists reflect all gifts and pledges received between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.

Mary Ann Milano-Picardi Elisabeth and Thomas Niedermeyer

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Cares Construction Source Management

Stephen and Angie Knightly Caren and Guy Leedom Marigold Charitable Trust Markley Group

G. Gorham Peters Trust

Estate of Gladys A. Cushman

George Z. Marootian

Paul and Susan Sugarman

Dean Foundation for

Lisa K. Matthews and Andrew



Teamsters Local 25


Estate of Donna M. Silva

Walmart Foundation

Susan and Digger Donahue

Maureen and James Mellowes

Irene Roman Revocable Trust

Anne and Laurence Sperry

J.L. Weil and G.R. Weil

Massachusetts Department

Merrill B. Wilder Estate

Trust of Edna Betts Talbot

Yawkey Foundation

Little Children

J. Byrne

Memorial Charitable

of Elementary & Secondary

James and Anna Milbery

Foundation, Inc.


Lauren and Timothy Miner






Elizabeth Childs Murphy Trust

New Balance Foundation

Estate of Claire M. Flury

Anonymous (3)


Trust of George Emerson

Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

The Montsweag Foundation

Amundi Pioneer Asset

Anonymous (4)

Eversource Energy Foundation

The Nyce Family Foundation

Estate of Joseph L. Amodeo

Amy Fardella and

Paula J. O’Keeffe

The TJX Companies, Inc.


Element Productions

Oliver W. Mink Trust

Deborah and Steven Barnes

Bryan and April Anderson

Josh and Anita Bekenstein

Atlantic Management

Edward and Kate Farrington

Trust of Robert B. Brigham

Atlantic Retail Properties

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fitzgerald

Osterman Family Foundation


James and Deborah Burrows

Bank of America Foundation

Lionel P. and Judith A. Fortin

The Pabis Foundation


Cummings Foundation

Dale and Beverly Bearden

Pasquale Franchi

Philadelphia Insurance Co.

Trust of Elisha V. Ashton

Diane Claire Cataldo Fund

Drs. Beverly A. & Robert

Leslie and Michael Gaffin

Robert and Elizabeth Pozen

Natixis Global Asset

Doe Family Foundation

Stephen and Judith Gay

Procter and Gamble/Gillette

David and Wendy Giunta

Raymond James

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Happy and Will Rowe The Ruggles Family

United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley

Management Natixis Global Asset Management Employees The Thrift Shop of Boston, Inc.

Eaton Vance Investment Managers


A. Brown Stephanie L. Brown Foundation

Clifford Hakim

Christopher and Jean Egan

The Boston Bruins Foundation

Mabel A. Horne Fund

Estate of Virginia M. Whipple

The Bucknall Family

HRH Foundation

G.F. Sprague & Company, Inc. The Hamilton Company Charitable Foundation

Foundation Mr. Benjamin Butcher and Ms. Linda McLaughlin

HUB International New England, LLC InterContinental Insurance

The Baupost Group, LLC

George Harrington Trust

C&W Services

Citizens Bank

Trust Under the Will of Mary

Clifford Charitable Foundation

J. Calnan & Associates, Inc.

Matthew and Diana Coldren

Donna Kelleher

Libra Foundation, Inc.


Liberty Mutual Foundation

Low Hodge

Brokers, LLC

Old Mutual Charitable Foundation

Foundation John J. Sacco and Edith L. Sacco Charitable Foundation Daniel and Natalie Santaniello Saquish Foundation The Schwartz Charitable Foundation

Charity Fund

Fargo Securities

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Sliwa

Ascienzo Family Foundation

STAG Industrial, Inc.

The Bigbird Fund

State Street Corporation

BMC Healthnet Plan

State Street Foundation

Carolyn N. Boday

Deborah Stein Sharpe and

Boston Properties

James M. Sharpe


Foundation J. Owen Todd Charitable Foundation

Lenore Elisa Hill Hinckley Allen

Ted and Maureen English

Hunt Street Fund

Phoenix American

The Equality Fund at the

Inez Woodberry Trust of 2000

Falcon Investment

Bowdoin Construction Corp

Advisors, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. FX Jacoby Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Keefe

Breckinridge Capital Advisors

Robert and Iris Fanger

KeyBanc Capital Markets

PNC Bank

Campaign for Fair Access to

First American Title

Jon Kingsdale

Estate of Mary N. Purdy

Koya Leadership Partners

Red Sox Foundation

First American Title Insurance

Kramer Portraits

Rite Aid Foundation

Company - Agency Division

Jessica Larrabee

Amelia S. Rockwell & Carlos

Insurance Company

Ululani Foundation, Inc

James Caron


Samantha and Kalli Catcott

First Republic Bank

Liberty Construction Services

Walmart Stores, Inc.

CBIZ Tofias

Nancy and Neal Foster

Liberty Mutual Insurance

White Family Fund

CBRE/New England

Americo J. Francisco

Lisciotti Development

Henry T. Wiggin

Cedar Street Foundation

Salvucci Masonry Co., Inc.

Colliers International

Charitable Trusts

Mandarin Oriental, Boston

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scribner Jr.

Massachusetts Charitable

Michael and Jennifer Sexton


Gerald R. Curtis and Jeanne A’ S

Michael and Karen Gorton Deborah and Charles Gray Greenberg Traurig LLP

Dain, Torpy, Le Ray, Wiest &

Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundation The Julia & Seymour Gross


Brian and Barbara Davis


Garner P.C.


•E D

Massachusetts, Inc.

Deloitte LLP



Susan DeRoche

Foundation Inc.




Cushman & Wakefield of


Charley and Maureen Goheen



M. Curtis Fund

Keith Glover


• PR E

Sadie C. Adams Rev. Trust

Teri and Ian Macduff




Raymond and Susan Lynds



Chen Rothchild

Patrick and Kristin Loranger

Fund, Estate & Realty/




Americo J. Francisco

Perry Rockwell Charities Fund Joseph and Terry

Clarivate Analytics Jeff Conklin and Family



Charitable Trust




Rick Cresswell Pillsbury Charitable Trust

Capital One Securities


Incorporated Jamie Pierce and

Keryx Biopharmaceuticals

Tufts Health Plan

Charitable Trust

Estate Services Carol and John O’Neil

Quality Public Schools

Barbara and Ed Wilson

Northstar Project & Real

David & Tiffani Hudson

Boston Foundation

Boston State Community Trust

The Margaret and Jack Tarver

Eastern Bank Charitable

W E Marina and Andrew Gross R L ITTL

Guggenheim Securities, LLC

Mechanic Association

Sherin and Lodgen, LLP

Thomas and Donna May

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shifman

Michelle McDonough and

Jennifer Sparks, M.D.

Cynthia Mulica Sean and Kerri McKeever

The Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. McNeill

Structure Consulting Group

Margaret L. Merrill

Sugarman and Sugarman, P.C.

Christopher and

Jean C. Tempel

Catherine Milton John C. Morrison & Eunice

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. Corey and Anya Thomas

Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc.

John and Maureen Hailer

B. Morrison Charitable



The Doherty Family

Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc.


Transwestern | RBJ


Duane Morris, LLP

John and Carol Harrington

Richard and Jill Murphy

Turf Technologies

Anonymous (2)

Shelley P. Duncan

Hawk Foundation

Harry D. Neary Fund

Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.

AEW Capital Management, L.P.

Durant Family Foundation

Herb Chambers Charitable

Neighborhood Health Plan

Anne H. and Raimund

The Lassor & Fanny Agoos

Eastdil Secured/Wells

Foundation, Inc.

Newport One

G. Vanderweil, Jr.


Single Point Partners

Walmart, Danvers MA

Aisha Al Riyami

Richard K. Bendetson

Nancy Budge

Cheryl R. Clark

Walmart, North Reading MA

Alavi & Braza, P.C.

Adam Benjamin

Bunker Hill Community College

Tim and Christina Cohen

Walmart, Saugus MA

Deb Allaire

Robert and Ruth Benker

Doug and Connie Burton

Dr. Hardin Coleman

Ann H. Webster

The Allegis Group Foundation

Tiffney Bergeron

Susan O. Bush

Kevin Coleman

Webster Bank

Marcia T. Allen and Kevin

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Berkson

William C. Butcher

Victor and Janet Coletti

Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture

Mrs. Robin E. Buttner

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Colgan

Beth Israel Deaconess Medi.

Jennifer Caiazzo

Combined Federal Campaign

Cail Family Foundation

Commonwealth Land Title

Robert and Elizabeth Weiler Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Wells, III

David and Holly Ambler

Westfield Capital Management

Ames & Gough, Inc.

Company, L.P.

Center- the Clinical Trials Off.

Amgen Foundation

Bob Bevis

Cynthia L. Cajka

William Blair

Amica Companies Foundation

Birchwood Charitable Trust

Cambridge Hospitality, LLC

Christian and Jessica Connors

Jack Williams Endowment for

Joseph and Glenda Amirault

Peter J. Black and Christine

David and Patricia Cameron

Lisa Conrad

Carl Forstmann Memorial

Louise S. Conti

Wednesday’s Child, Inc.

Christopher S. Anderson

C. Cooney


David and Melinda Anderson

Stephen and Maria Blewitt

Clara B. Winthrop

Gaille Anderson

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Charitable Trust

Paul C. Anderson

of Massachusetts


Insurance Company

Converse, Inc.

Lorraine Carlson

Charles M. Cook

Ian T. Carnathan

Jesse Correia

Michael and Margaret

Jeff Coury

Winxnet, Inc.

The Andover - Green’s Fund

BMW of Sudbury

Sharon and Wesley Wratchford

The APAS Foundation

Edward and Barbara Boches

Argent Wealth Management

Boston Children’s Hospital

Mary Ann and Andrew Carter

Mary A. Crabtree Fund

Jeanne Armocida

Boston Financial Data Services

Christy and Jay Cashman

Kathleen Craig

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Auffermann

Boston Micromachines

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Catanese

Ross N. Hoffman & Dorothy

Avondale Partners

Boston University Student

Catania Oils Fund



•E D




A’ S











Ms. Patricia L. O’Brien and Mr. Joseph Badaracco Bank of America Charitable

D. Crawford Charitable Giving Fund Gary and Jeanne Cronin

Matthew and Katie Babine

Charity Swanson

Kevin and Patricia Cronin

William H. Brack and Jessica Anne Ladd

Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cullinane

Charles River Associates

Christopher G. Cunniff

Charlesgate Realty Group

Jack Dahlstedt

Jeffrey and Ruth Barker

Lyn Braz

Peter J. Cheever

Katya Daragan

Michelle L. Barnes

Ellen Brezniak

Chestnut Hill Realty

Katharine Daragan

Jamison J. Barr and

Jean Brodnax

Sharon Alzner

Anonymous (15)

Dave Bautfur

360 Public Relations LLC

The Bay State Federal Savings

Akamai Technologies

Cetrulo & Capone LLP

F. Richard Couture

Cindy and Kylie Chan

J. Fisher Fund Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Barbaro


Bob and Karen Boudreau Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Boyle

James and Eloise Barter

Elizabeth Aarons

Activities Office

Gift Fund Arthur


Drs. Ralph and


J. Doherty

Charitable Foundation Deborah and Ben Bean Andrea and Bryan Belton

Brooke Private Equity Associates Brookfield Power US Asset Management LLC Mr. Benjamin K. Brown and Ms. Ariella M. Feingold Gregory Brown

Corporation David and Jeanine Christian The Christopher Catanese Children’s Foundation Churchill Properties, LLC Michael D. Cimini Citizens Bank South West Region

Stephen Darr and Linda Fermery David and Patricia Cameron Charitable Fund Mr. Christopher David and Ms. Shannon Wood Estate of Charles Davis Amy Davis and Frank Dunau

Laura Davis and Tyler Jacks

Preston and Candice Ford

Gilbert G. Menna Family Fund

Estate of Eugene B. Hamilton

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Mark and Jill Engerman

Joanne and Timothy Forde

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Shaun and Alicia Erickson

Forest Foundation

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Lisa and Domenic DeAngelo

Estate of Irene R. Sweeney

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Estate of Judith Forde

Savings Foundation

Women’s Cancer Center

S. Foster

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Maureen Fallon

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Mr. and Mrs. Robert Friede

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Gordon

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Harvard University Employees

Estate of Giovanna DeNapoli

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Ann and John Grady

Antoine Hatoun and

Depository Trust and

Mrs. Gertrud Fedele

Jean DeLuca Dave Demerjian and Ethan Brackett

Clearing Corp.

C. Fanning


Deborah Graeber

Andrea Levitt

Federal Management Co., Inc.

Matthew S. Garzone

Maxine Grant

Henderson Headley

Destination XL Group

Deb Felix

Edward R. Gates

Great Hill Dental Partners

The Honorable John F. Kerry

Robert J. Devaney Jr.

David and Vinita Ferrera

Erica Geist

Nancy and Gary Greenberg

Peter Diana

First Congregational Church

Anthony and Maureen Gemma

Greenhill Family

Lynn Dionne

of Fall River

Gen Re

Charitable Fund


Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fitzgerald

General Electric Foundation

Irene Gruber

Kathleen and Thomas Doherty

William M. Fitzgerald

Ace and Tally Gershfield

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Guarnieri

James J. Dolan

Flagship Foundation

Gesmer Updegrove, LLP

Eileen F. Haggerty

Mr. and Mrs. William

Paul Flynn

Vartan Ghugasian, D.M.D.

Anne K. Halvorsen

and Mrs. Teresa Heinz Kerry Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Heney Herb Chamber’s BMW Hewlett Family Charitable Gift Fund Stephen and Donna Hickox

H. Donovan Duane and Tatiana Downey Dr. Richard E. Frates, Senior Memorial Fund Kyle Draeger Cathi and Mark Duffy Frank Dunau and Amy Davis Charitable Fund Gregory Dunn Dineen M. Dusablon Margaret V. Egan James and Kathleen Elcock Barbara Elia Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Emerman Employees of Department of Radiation Oncology at Dana-Farber/Brigham and

Donors gave $7,976, 245 in FY17

Denise Bordonaro Joseph E. and Frances E. Heney Charitable Trust Juneau Fund

16,683 Individual donors in FY17

Steven Gray

Sheila C. McCann Michael D. McCart

Kaplan Financial Services, Inc.

Henry and Mary Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Edward

Lori and Stewart Karger

Legacy Place

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kaseta

Ben and Cyndi Levine

Kevin F. McCune

Mrs. Olga Kasparova

Gardner Lewis

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Lindeke Wolff Family Foundation

Ken Keating Charitable Fund

Cyrus B. Linscott

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Linscott Trust

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Mr. and Mrs. Bill Maffie

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Hope Woodhouse and Richard Canty Charitable Gift Fund Steven and Heather Horan Jane Hovey Trust of Adelaide B. Howland

Gifts Program The John L. McHugh Foundation Christopher Johnson and Kenneth Repp

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Massachusetts General

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McKinsey & Company

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Estate of Dorothy Jane Morisi

Carol S. Parks

David and Jessica Reilly

Morris M. Rand Memorial

Mary Parziale

Roger and Hannelore Reiser

George M. Patrician

Yvonne and Richard Renwick

George C. Patsouris & George

RH Keleher Company

G. McIntyre

Stephen and Beth Mecke

Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Meehan

MIT Federal Credit Union

Gilbert G. Menna

MIT Sloan School of

Mercer Barbara Putnam Metcalf


Foundation, Inc. Mark Morrison Mrs. Clara J. Motter

Charitable Fund Mr. Peter D. Parker and Ms. Susan Clare

M. Bennett

R. Michael Scott Family Fund R.W. Holmes Realty Company Shelly and Ed Rainen

Richard Bros Electric

Akash B. Modi

MSL Group

Meghan Peachey

Kennedy P. Richardson

& Robert Treat Paine

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mohan

Timothy and Sara Mulcahy

Charles H. Pearson

Park and Heather Ridill

Metcalf Fund

Roberta and David Monroe

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mullin

Foundation Fund Trust of Louise Pease

Aimee Rives

Alex Myers

Sara and Daniel Pellegrom

John Rives

Julie S. Nack Lock

David and Suzanne Pendergast

Robert Reiser & Company, Inc.

Fred Naddaff

Performance Pediatrics

Joyce L. Robsham

Nahikian Family Foundation

Joseph Perini Memorial

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Rooney

Pattie Nassav


Alicia Rose

Jennifer A. Nassour

Jeanne and Todd Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Rosen

National Grid

John and Mary Peters

Lisa K. Rowan-Gillis and Gary

Nelson Mead Fund

Beth Pfeiffer

Lance A. and Deborah

Lisa Piazza

Mr. and Mrs. George Rowland

C. Neumann

M. Gillis

Beatriz Pina-Smith

RSC Foundation, Inc.

New England Building Supply

Claudia Piper and

Karen and Richard Ruben

New England Sports Network

Matthew Green

Hope and Steve Rubin

Beth A. O’Brien

Pivotal Labs

Mrs. Paula O’Brien

Poduska Family Foundation

OneBeacon Insurance Group

John and Susan Poduska

Safety Insurance

Drs. Anna J. Mitus and

Tiziana Polizio

Kent Sahin

Forest Foundation

Salesforce Foundation

Henry Orvin

Prime Motor Group

Gregory and Karen Salvucci

Mrs. Lynne Osborn

Principal Financial Group

Larry Salvucci

Sofia Ostrer

Meghan Pritchard

Mr. and Mrs. Hans P. Schaefer

Linda and Edward Owens

Andrea and Tony Proctor

Mr. and Mrs. David Schelzi

Oxford Fund, Inc.

The Mashikian Family

Chris Schlag

David and Virginia Packer

Margot C. Pyle

Heidi Schliesske

Jay D. Orlander

4,882 New donors in FY17

Janna and Matthew Rigatti

Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Murray

Mr. Kyle Rys and Ms. Carrie Rainen


Eric McGrath

Gared Schneberger

Charles W. Stavros

Mindy Schneider

Nadine and Alexander Steffan

Frederick and Kathleen Schultz

Abigail Stein

Suzanne Swift

Dr. and Mrs. R. Michael Scott

April and Geoff Stein

Kevin and Joan Symmons

Carol A. Thomas

David Wells

Edna M. Sears

Deb Stevens

Sandra A. Tamer

David and Nancy Thyng

Wells Family Foundation

Jean Seidler

Seth and Jennifer Stier


Harold Tibets

Beth K. Werths

Joanne Sewell

Stifel, Nicolaus and Company

Mark and Jeri Tarini

Diana G. Tottenham

The Whistler Fund

Ashish Shah

William Stone and

Taylor & Luongo Charitable

Robert S. Townsend

Whitridge Associates, Inc.

Deborah Trachtenberg

William James College Inc

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tegan Jr.

Patricia E. Trebino

Willis Towers Watson

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel

Trees Unlimited

Robert H. Willoughby

Trillium Asset Management

Anthony and Susan Wilson

Donna M. Sharp Shaun and Alicia Erickson Charitable Fund

Genevieve and Stephen

Casey Carlson


Gift Fund

Stop & Shop Corporation, New England Division

Waters Family Fund

Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Weber

Mary Strachan

Ross and Kathleen Sherbrooke

Courtney Sullivan

Diane and Teuten

Dr. and Mrs. William U. Shipley

John and Cathleen Sullivan

Donna M. Thacker


Jessie Winslow

Trust of Laura Sibbel Fiske

Richard H. Sutphin Family

The Job Family

Tufts Health Plan Foundation

Monika Wirtz

Mandy Turgeon

Wolfe Family Charitable Fund

U.S. Bank

Mr. Robert L. Wolff and Ms.

Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.

Foundation Charity Swanson Mary Swanson

Charitable Fund The Jon And Kathy Savitz Foundation


Ultimate Software

The Wine Group Inc.

Caroline S. Lindeke

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Valley of the Sun United Way

Hope Woodhouse

Claire M. Skinner

United Way of Greater

Janice T. Yakel

Paul and Lisa Slack


Raymond H. Young

Slade Gorton & Company, Inc.

Shar Van Boskirk

Paula Zavrl

Jane and Gordon Slaney

VanDernoot Family Gift Fund

Hallie Zenga-Josephson

Gilda Slifka

VDA Productions

Joseph Zink

Smiles for Life Foundation

Anna and Andreas Voyatzakis

Amy and Guy Zuccarello

Barry F. Smith and Susan

W.T. Phelan & Co. Insurance


Agency, Inc.


Elizabeth F. Smith

Wallace International


James M. Smith

Walmart, Chelmsford MA

Anonymous (18)

Snider Family Fund

Walmart, Framingham MA

A. R. Carvalho Grounds

Snowcap Technologies

Walmart, Hudson MA

Snyder Fund for

Walmart, Salem MA

Brian J. Abbanat

Walmart, Tewksbury MA

Abendroth, Berns & Warner

Caitlin Walsh

Robert G. Abruzese

Peter and Jessica Walter

Acadian Asset Managment

Charitable Giving Mark Snyder Michael E. Solomon State Street Matching


Robert B. Washburn Jr.

The Palmedo Family

Henry and Joyce Shepherd

Sidley Austin, LLP

D. Tempesta

The Midnight Riders, Inc.

Gift Program

3,477 Cornerstone Society donors in FY17 Cornerstone honors donors of 20 years or more

Family Fund Mark D. Wambolt

Maintenance, Inc.

Heidi and John Adam Dr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Adams

Jonathan P. Ash

Esther L. Bachrach

Lori Adams

David L. Ashcroft

Steve and Angela Bader

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard

Athena Capital Advisors

Rosemary Bagnell

C. Adelson

Anthony Barbagallo and Kristen Fowks

The Bennett-Hemenway School

Kim A. Barber

Maria F. Benotti

Matthew Barber

Jamille A. Benson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Adler

Christine Barensfeld

Mrs. Sylvia Bergeron

Shari Leigh Agatstein and

Paul J. Barlett

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Berlinguet

Dr. and Mrs. David Barlow

Christopher Bernier

Thomas Barocci

Paul and Rebecca

Mimir Reynisson John Aharonian Alere, Inc. Amanda Allard Barbara J. Altman Kara L. Amara Lou Amaral AmazonSmile Foundation American Contract Group Esther D. Ames Carolyn S. Amstutz Mr. and Mrs. Nick Anastasi Charles Anastos

Join Our Circle of Friends Show your commitment to our communities’ most vulnerable children by making a sustaining gift — an automatic recurring donation that is easy to set up and maintain. Your sustaining donations remind children, who may otherwise feel alone, that someone is thinking of them.

Haley Barrar

Alfred B. Bigelow

Beverly Barrett

John and Lisa Biggio

Ryan Barrett

Priscilla Bill

Thomas and Caroline Barrett


Thomas S. Barrett

Kenneth Birely

Joseph P. Barri

Charles L. Blauer

Brian Barriero

Yelena Bloomenthal

Robyn Bash

Kristin Blount

Sharon Batchelder

BLS Child Corps

David Baum

Blue Hills Regional Vocational

Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson

Michele A. Baymor

Rafe and Aimee Anderson

Mrs. Helen R. Beal

Susan M. Anderson Kaitlin Andryauskas Heather and Charlie Annaloro Anthony Piatelli Family Charitable Foundation

A heartfelt thank you to our friends and supporters for helping us make a difference in the lives of children and families who need it the most.

David J. Apfel

Sumner M. Beal Jr.

Technical High School BNY Mellon Corporation’s Community Partnership

Robert F. Bean

Joseph M. Bochetti

Curtis and Karen Beard

Jeff Boehning

Nancy K. Beaumont

Joshua D. Bogen

Mr. and Mrs. Norman

Andrew Bois


Kerry Aquino


Barbara Barrett

Philip and Carol Bois

Sue M. Beauregard

William and Lily Bond

James and Jane Archambeault

Nicholas Atkinson

Sibylle Baier

Kathleen Beckman

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Bonito

Architectural Caulking &

Atwood & Cherny

Baird Foundation

Beckman/Postol Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Bonneville

Mr. and Mrs. John Aucello

Jesse and Pamela Baker

N. Clark Bedford

Brenda Booth

Peter Arden

Dennis and Susan Ausiello

Steve and Deborah Baker

John Behnke

Susan P. Booth

Barbara A. Arena

Mrs. Pamela A. Avedisian

Robert P. Ball

Jessica Bell

Craig and Terrie Borden

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Armstrong

Jonathan Azevedo and

Nicoleta Baltas

Carol M. Belliveau

Boston Celtics

Elena A. Balzac

Christopher Belmonte

Boston College

Bank of New York Mellon

Nancy Benchoff

Boston Herald

Alex Bennett

Boston Marriott Copley Place


Gail Arnold

Matt Robinson

Peter Arsenault

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Babish

Artline Greetings

Rebecca Bachand



Karen and Brian Adams

Boston Millennia Partners

Ina Brothen

Nicole Campbell

Arthur Carr

Boston Plumbing & Gas

David Brown

Gary and Lynne Callahan

Sybil A. Campbell

Mary Carroll

Jane M. Brown

Ruth Caloggero

Vincent and Karen Capozzi

Neal and Edwina Carroll

Kathryn Brown

Phyllis Camara

Paula Caputo

Joseph and Jennifer Carrozza

Mrs. Miriam B. Brown

Elizabeth and Ronald

Peter Carcia

Christine and Larry Carsman

Anne Carey

Mr. Keith D. Carter and Mrs.

Fitting Contracting Boston Pre-Release Employees and Wellness Boston Renegades Players Boston University- Math and Statistics Department

Judy Garber Tomiko Brown-Nagin

Campbell Mary H. Campbell, OFS

Joseph Carper and Susan McKittrick

Una Marlborough Mark Carter

Dimas Botelho

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Brunini

Michelle Carter

Elizabeth and Michael Bothner

Donna E. Brustin

Clemmie and James Cash

Amy L. Boughan

Keith L. Buchanan

Steve S. Boukedes

Dr. Elizabeth Buckner

Sean and Tany Boulger

Heather Buder and

Gayle A. Bourdeau

Christopher Buder

Monique Bourget

Tom and Judy Bullitt

Richard and Deborah Boutilier

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Burgess

Malaina Bowker

Barbara Burke

Melissa Bowman

Deborah Burke

The Boyce Family Fund

John F. Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Boyce

Judith A. Burke

Boylston Schul-Verein

Kevin Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Bradley

Thomas Burke

Stephen Bradley

Melissa Burns

George Bramhall and

Craig L. Burr

Elizabeth Warner Theresa Popp Braun and Ray Braun Ann P. Brazier Elizabeth Brennan


Myles A. Brown and

Kathleen Mooney-Cahill

John Bush Ms. Nancy A. Busnach and Mr. Joseph D’Ovidio Eugene and Shirley Buzderewicz

Robert Brennan

David and Moira Byer

Margot H. Brickelmaier

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Byrne

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Brickley

C.H. Del Gizzi Charitable Fund

David A. Bright, Esq.

Cabot Corporation

Hans E. Brings

Elizabeth W. Cabot

Richard Brinker

John J. Cabral Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James Brockelman

Keith Cabral

Robert A. Brooks

Mr. Edward L. Cahill and Mrs.

Think Differently. Give Differently. Many of our generous donors have devised quite creative ways of ensuring that The Home is remembered — both now and in the future. Some examples are:

Mrs. Nancy R. Casper Mrs. Dorothy Cassesso Mary and Eugene Cassis Mrs. Alice M. Cataldo John A. Cataldo Mr. Miltos Catomeris and Ms. Debora Spar Angela Cavallaro JoAnn Cavallaro Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Cavanagh Michael J. Cavaretta

  •  Naming The Home a beneficiary in their will   •  Earmarking their Social Security check to come to The Home on a monthly basis   •  Making The Home the beneficiary of their insurance policy   •  Establishing a charitable gift annuity   •  Bequeathing the balance in their savings account to The Home   •  Transferring stock and appreciated assets

888-HOME-321 | give@thehome.org

Kristi Celello Ms. Sandra Censabella and Mr. Thomas Vittorioso Robert Cerra Christina Cervini Stanley and Dolores Chaban Ellen and Paul Chae Carolyn and Leo Chaharyn Mrs. Susan M. Chandler Marcel R. Chandonnet Yuchiao Chang Michael J. Chao-Lerner Thomas S. Chapman Charles and Claire Blauer Family Fund

Columbus Elementary School

Philip Chase

Commonwealth of

Victoria McKeen Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cronin

Mr. Wayne C. Davis and Ms. C. Ann Merrifield

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Doherty Edward Doherty

Children’s Village

Massachusetts Employees

Jort Cronin

Carrie L. Day

Edward M. Doherty

Melissa Chilimiento

Charitable Campaign

Edwin C. Crosby

Sean Dazet

Thomas Doherty

De La Chapelle Charitable

Philip G. Dole Sr.

Chin Family Charitable Fund

Community Giving at MIT

Madeline A. Crosby

George and Mary Chin

Computer Associates

Suzanne Cross

Theresa and Douglas Chope



Michael Donohue

David P. Crosscup

Christopher J. DeBord

John A. Donoian

Christ Church Parish

Edward R. Comstock

Michael Crowther

Rick DeCristofaro

Carlie Donovan

Maureen Christani

Dr. Patricia A. Connolly

Crystal Financial

Mrs. Constance H. Del Gizzi

Donovan Family Gift Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Christian

Kenneth and Carol Connor

William F. Cummings

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Delaney

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Donovan

Christine & Larry Carsman

Rosemary A. Connors-Botto

Jaqueline Cunniff

Carolyn Della Pietra

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Donovan

Maureen A. Conroy

Marion O. Cunningham

Patricia Della Pelle

Mr. Matthew Donovan and Mrs.

Roberta Converse

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Curran

Mr. and Mrs. Francis

Mark Conway and Mary

Melvin S. Cutler Charitable

Charitable Fund Chu/Dahlberg Family Charitable Gift Fund Claudine M. Ciccia

Angelo A. DelPriore

Gregg Dooling

Donald Cooke

Peter Cygan

Richard and Vivian Demers

Melody Dorfman

James and Catharine Claiborne

Sean Cooper and Aaradhana

Amy Dahlberg Chu and

Iphigenia Demetriades

Kevin and Marjorie Dorney

Tamara Derananian

Paul and Barbara Dowling



Emily Largent Paul and Catherine Donovan

Anthony Cintolo Caroline Clapp


M. Dellorusso

Julian Chu

Cynthia Clarke

Mrs. William Cooper

Jackie Dahlquist

Michael and Elizabeth Derby

Brent T. Dragisich

James F. Clarke Jr.

Joseph and Gay Coppola

Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. D’Alelio

Mrs. Isabelle DerKazarian

Meredith Drane

Maureen Clarke

Mrs. Shelly A. Corcoran

Abhijeet P. Dalvi

Alfred W. Descenza

Lisa Drapkin

Stephen W. Clarke

Christopher J. Corkery

Frances Daly

Thomas and Mary DeSimone

Mrs. Heather S. Drevna

Christopher Claudio

Dr. Joseph Corkery

Dr. and Mrs. Louis F.

David M. Desmarais

Jeffrey J. Driscoll

Kim Clifford

Mr. and Mrs. Mario

Susan M. Deutsch

Mr. and Mrs. F. Thomas Driscoll

Mrs. Vanessa D’Amelio

Catherine Deveney

David W. Drislane

Paul J. Clifford

J. Cornacchio


Michele V. Cloonan

Mike Corrente

Marcia Damon

Mary and Russell Dexter

Sara Drumm

Jeffrey C. Clough

Mr. and Mrs. Russell V. Corsini

Andre & Marilyn Danesh Fund

Manuel Dias

Robert Drury

Coalition for Charitable Choice

Amy E. Costa

Anita D’Angelo

Miss Barbara K. Dick

William B. Duane

Kathryn Cochrane Murphy

Jared Costanza

Brent Daniels

Maryrose DiDomenico

James and Sharon Duda

Haskel Cohen

Mary Costello

Danversport Yacht Club, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

Joseph P. Duffey

Jerome D. Cohen

Vincent X. Costello

Nika Daragan


Stuart Cohen

Christine M. Coughlin

Vera Dardati

Maggie P. Diller

Mr. and Mrs. James Dufort

Mr. and Mrs. A. Richard Cohn

Vivian Cournoyer

Taci Darnell

Mrs. Elinor L. Dilorio

Michael and Nancy Dunn

James G. Coletti

Lynda M. Coye

David and Beverly

Paul W. DiMaura

Nicolas Dunn

Lucy Collins

Daniel R. Coyne

Barlow Fund

Louis J. DiMeo

Ted and Beth Durant

Mathias J. Collins

Robert Crawford

Michelle Davidson-Schapiro

Steven Diodati

Tom and Noelle Durling

Deborah A. Colony

Brian Cronin and

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Davis

Dionisi O’Rourke, LLP

William and Leah Dusett

Robert L. Duffy


Jennifer A. Chase

Dussault Family

April Evans

Kevin Fitzgerald

Nelson and Ellie Everts

Daniel J. Fitzpatrick

Winifred June Dussault

Lucille M. Ewing

Michael J. Fitzpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Fryer Jr.

Mrs. Traci Gens

Rosemary Dwyer


Patrick J. Fitzsimons

James Fuerst

Ron Geraneo

E. R. Miller Interiors &

Phyllis C. Fairchild

David and Judy Flad

Susan B. Furtado

Dr. Ramin Ghelichi

Kerry P. Falco

Ann E. Flaherty

Christina Fyock

Alaina J. Giampapa Pica

Douglas V. Faller

Eva and Joseph Flaherty

G. Pfuetze Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gilbert

Jeannine Fallon

Agustin and Mariblance Fleites

Ms. Emily Gaberman and Mr.

William Gilchrist

Frederick E. Ehrsam

Barbara Fargnoli

Robert Flood

Mr. Alan Einhorn and Ms.

William A. Farrell

Frances B. Florencourt

Kristina Gage

Andrea Gillis

Mrs. Jennifer Faulkner

Charles and Charlotte Floyd

Kathleen M. Gallagher

Lisa Gilmore

Mrs. Karney M. Eldridge

Carol Fazio

C.E. Floyd Company, Inc.

Kim Gallaugher

Gilmore, Rees & Carlson, P.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Elia

Clive B. Fazioli

Christopher L. Flynn

Anne Moroney Gallucci

Thomas Ginivisian

Karen Elias

Sharon and Morton Fearey

David L. Flynn

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Galvin

Adeline Giuggio

Ann M. Elliott-Holmes

Emily Featherston

Malcolm Flynn

The Galvin-Gaudreau Family

Linda D. Glahn

Gary and Dena Elovitz

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Federico

Paul Flynn

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Games

William Glatfelter

Alison and James Elsman

Ed Feijo

FM Global Foundation

Sridhar Gandhari

Deborah C. Gleason

Jesse Elton

Mr. and Mrs. Charles

Andrew S. Folley

Alex Gannon

Mr. and Mrs. Ian Glick

Primo Fontana

The Gap, Inc.

Michael J. Gnozzio

Charitable Fund

Furnishings Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellot

Suzanne Salamon

Emera Energy

Co., LLC

Chris Reckling

Paul T. Gelep Gemline

Molly Gilligan

Joan Emery

Susan G. Feinstein

John R. Foran Sr.

Charles Garcia

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Goddard

Carl and Pauline Emilson

Elaine S. Feld

Mr. and Mrs. James Forcier

Paulina Garcia

Leslie F. Gold

Energy Services Group, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Feldman

Nicole Forde

Ronald N. Garcia

Peter and Catherine Goldring

Chris Engebretson

Albert L. Fenn

Mrs. Mary C. Forman

Rhys Gardiner

Alec Gonzalez

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Engle

Selma Ferhatbegovic

Robert R. Forsberg

Stan Garfield

Joshua Good

Mr. and Mrs. Robert English

Robyn Ferrero

Fortis Management Group, LLC

Sandra M. Garraway

Chip Goode

Ennis, Inc.

Valerie Feula

Eric J. Foster

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Garrity

Google, Inc.

Patricia A. Enright

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Fick

Ramsey E. Fountain

Gary and Dena Elovitz

Gordon Brothers Group, LLC

Environmental Health &

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Fidelman

Frank and Britta Nielsen

Fidelman Family Fund

Loretta C. Franklin

Gary Darman Company

Susan Gordona

Daniel M. Epstein

Kathleen A. Fidler

Anita K. Fraone

Polina Gasparian

James J. Gorman

Miss Ruth G. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Field

Mrs. Alicia Fraser and Mrs.

Peter and Carol Gately

Kathryn Gorman

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eshbach

Alfred J. Filiaggi

Howard Gaynor

Molly and Colin Gorman

Frank Espino

Kathleen Findlem

Miss Dawn Frazier-Bohnert

Sharon Gaynor

Mrs. Daniel Gottlieb

Louis Esposito

Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel C. Finley

Diane E. Freeman

GE United Way Campaign

Mr. and Mrs. Richard

Ethos Fitness + Performance

John W. Finn

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Freeman

Patricia A. Geagan

Alexandra Evans

Mrs. Ellen T. Finneran

Rhyana Freeman

Michael W. Geis

Christopher Goulart

Amiel H. Evans

Patty Fisher

Henry Frissora

Richard and Shari Gelber

Mr. and Mrs. John Gould

Engineering, Inc.


B. Feininger

Frontier Capital Management

Monica Duplessie

and Family

Gordona Fund

M. Gottlieb

Philip and Barbara Graceffa

Betty A. Haley

Helen Keller Elementary School

Thomas G. Hirl

Justin and Laura Houk

Grandin Family Foundation

Haley Charitable Gift Fund

Edward E. Heller Jr.

Elizabeth Hitron

Margaret M. Houlahan

Kate Grant

William Hall

Wendy Henry

Kalon Ho

Michael and Susan Houle

William Grant

Courtney Hallinan

Matthew T. Henshon

John V. Hobgood

Freda B. Houpt

Erin, Lynn, Mary, and Jim Gray

Philip Hamilton

Robert R. Henzler

Deb Hodges

Andrea and Andrew Houser

Jo A. Green

Denise Hamman

Janet Herrett

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen

Tony and Erin Howard

Dr. William and Mrs.

Jim and Amy Hampe

Nancy L. Herring

Richard H. Howe

Thomas Handrahan

David Hugh Fund

Melanie and Richard Green

Kevin Hanley

David Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Greene

Patricia H. Hanna

John Hughes

Richard Greene

Robert and Margaret

Mrs. Kirsten B. Hughes

William Greene


Claire Humphrey and

Ryan A. Gregory

Harvey and Jeanne Hansen

Frederick and Cathy Grein

Kent F. Hansen, Ph.D.

Cassie Hurd


Mary E. Happel

Margaret Huskins

Brian J. Griffin

Jennifer and Brian Harkins

Dennis I. Huszar

Douglas W. Griffin

David and Joan Harper

Hydra Biosciences, Inc.

Patricia A. Griffin

Mrs. Deborah S. Harrison

Linda Hyland

Linda and Alberto Grignolo

Lisa Harrison

I. U. O. E. Local 4

Veronica Groom

William P. Harrison

Jeannette Iles

Virginia Guarino

Lauren Harshman

James P. Ingram

Guido Guidotti

Michael Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J.

Hart Supply Co., Inc.


Vickie Henry

In FY17 we had $105, 625 in Matching Gifts

Margot Hartmann, M.D.

Iron Workers Union Local 7 Isaacson, Miller Ralph R. Isberg

Mrs. Margaret Gulla

Paul J. Hartnett Jr.

Sue Gunby and

Debra E. Harvey

Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Hession

Jane E. Hoffman

Sany and Christine Iskandar

Mrs. Lorraine C. Harvey

Kathleen and Robert Hevert

Michelle Hoffman

Donald and Joanna Ives

Mr. and Mrs. Atul Gupta

Heather Hauck

Deborah Hildebrandt

Joseph F. Hogan Jr.

J. Petrowsky Gift Fund

Paul and Carol Gustafson

Hawkins-Ferguson Family Fund

H. Hill

Mark Hollick

Ann Jackman

Gerald F. Gustus

Mr. and Mrs. John Hayes

Eileen M. Hinchey

Mrs. Lucile J. Holliday

Robert and Mary Jackson

Mary Guzek

Dr. Yuan He

David Hinds

Hollister Staffing

Ruth Jackson

H. Kerner and Patricia G. Smith

Gerald and Anne Healy

Jerri Hines

Kevin Hom

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jaffe

Mark Healy

Jerri Hines/Colleen

David J. Hooks

Emily and Derrick James

Michael Horowitz

Jamison Giving Fund


Janet E. MacQuarrie

Michael Murphy

Charitable Trust Alma Haddard

Heather Lynn Photography

Connally’s Writings

Sandra Haiman

Cecilia Hedlund

Hingham Lumber Company

Sandra Hakala

Jordan Hegedus

Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard

Steve Hakansson

Jeffrey and Polly Heier

G. Hinteregger

Gerald P. Ishkanian

Family Fund

Revocable Trust

John Horvath

Mr. and Mrs. Mark


Linda Green

G. Hoffman

M. Jarzombek

Daniel and Pamela Kaplan

Chris and Leigh Kelter

Mr. and Mrs. John Koch

Peter Latham

Walter R. Jeanig

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Kaplan

Mrs. Nancy F. Kendall

E.M. Koerner

Erin Lau

Jeffrey and Polly Heier

Eva R. Karger

Amy Kennedy and David

Stephen Kogon

Brian Lawlor

Byron Koh and Fran Wall

Jim Lawlor

Gerald Kokos

John P. and Craig F. Lawrence

Joanna D. Kolis

Jaclyn Lazar

Marcia Kometa

Marcia and Jonathan Lazar

Susan Koulouris

Nanette Le Blanc

Mr. and Mrs. William Kozachuk

Ann Leary

Joyce M. Kraley

Drs. Bernard and Britt Lee

Thomas and Linda Kraus

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee

Ginny Kremer

Marybeth Leetch

David Krone

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leighton

Nobuko O. Kuhn

Mrs. Ellen Leikind

Mr. and Mrs. Miles Kulukundis

Susan LeMoine

Patricia A. Kurkul

Anthony Leonard

Sophie Kushkuley

Elizabeth Levenson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kenney

Susan Kushlan

Joseph Levenson

Laurence J. Keohane

Joseph Kvedar

Robert Lewis

Mark and Annemarie Kerwin

Martin A. Lacava

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lewis

Jeffrey E. Keselman

Anthony and Jenna Lafont-


Family Fund Gary and MaryAnn Jentzen Nancy and Peter Jeton JJ MADD Fund Joan & Leonard Engle Family Foundation Joe and Cindy Wickwire Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Johnson Charlotte A. Johnson Georgia M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Johnson Richard and Suzanne Johnson Robert Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Johnson Sara L. Johnson Jonathan and Leah Lass Charitable Gift Fund David A. Jones

Amalie M. Kass

Sette-Ducati William Kennedy

Did you Know...

Our adoption team worked with 23 families in FY17 Kathleen Bragdon Revocable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Kettner


Scott Lezberg

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Jones

Jan and Alane Katzew

Paul T. Keyes

David Lake

Liaison International

Christine Joyce

Katherine and John Kaufmann

Mark Kilens

Elizabeth Lakes

The Life Initiative

Joymark, Inc.

Susan M. Kavanaugh

Steve T. Kimball

Michael Lally

Robert A. Liggett

Jus and Kumud Singh

Fallon Keating and

Kimpton Onyx Hotel

Cindy A. Landreville

Andrew and Alice Lindsay

Susan Kincaid and

Frederick and Lisabeth Lane

Julianne Lindsay

Heidi E. Lane

Jeffery K. Lines

Michelle Langwieder

Scott Lipcon

Michaela Lankas

Barbara A. Litwak

Giving Account


Eric E. Karnowski

Matthew Flammini

B. Glenn and Cindy Jutras

Nancy Keddy

Ralph Luongo

Maureen L. Kalfas

Robert D. Keefe

Kathy B. Kalimon

Chris Keeley

Tony Kalinowski

Andrew and Carla Keith

Ariane Kirkpatrick

Nicholas A. Lanney

LiLi Liu

Susan Kalled

Martha Keith

Kunal Kishore

Mr. and Mrs. James LaPointe

Francesca Locati

Gregory V. Kanarian

Thomas and Cynthia Kelleher

Daniel and Sharon Kleitman

Geoffrey Laprade

Buck Locke and Judith

Eileen M. Kane

Kathleen A. Kelley

William Klepper

Judy B. Largesse

Sean Kane

Maura Kelley


Christine and Bryan Larish

Timothy R. Loff

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kanner

Michael and Christy Kelly

Maureen Byrne Kobayashi

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan H. Lass

Mary L. Logue

Mr. Daniel K. Kingsbury and Ms. Caitriona N. Dhuchon

Piggins Locke

Genia Lomas

Jane Mancini

Kim R. McCant

Carol McNichols

Pamela Milligan

Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Lombard

Audrey R. Mandell

Margaret E. McCarte

Mary A. McQueston

Attorney Paul Milliken

Carl D. Long

Mrs. Diane Mandile

Gerald and Marianne McCarthy

Mr. David McWheeney and Mrs.

Kenneth and Barbara Milllicer

Doug Long

Jean and Michael Marcella

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard

John J. Lopes

Dan Mardeusz

P. McCarthy

Barbara and Antonio

Diane Margolis

John McCarthy

Amy Meade

Maria Laurence and

Sara-Ellen McClellan

Medtronic, Inc.

Chris Miltiades

J. Lorusso, Jr. Lowell, Blake & Associates, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mead Jr.

Craig D. Mills Hiedi Milne and Michael Lariviere

Julien and Anthony McCluney

Jeanne and Aruthur Meehan

Shari Miltiades

Ralph W. Lowry

Linda and Patricia Marsden

Alison McCormack

Dr. and Mrs. Peng Mei

Brandon Miner

Josh and Rebecca Lubov

Brenda Marsh

Timothy J. McCormack

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Melaugh

Jonatas Miranda

David Luinis

Elaine and Robert Martin

Anne Marie McCormick

Joseph A. Mello

Luke W. Miratrix

Kenneth W. Lund

John B. Martin

Karen McCormick

Merchants Automotive Group

Charles E. Mitchell TTEE

Russell and Barbara Lurvey

Matthew Martin

Carol E. McCourt

Mark Merolli and Ines Merolli

Sarah Mitchell

Daniel Lynch

Neil D. Martin

Sarah McCoy

Merrimac Charitable Trust

Shannon Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Lynch

Peter and Anne Martin

Rebecca H. McCullough

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Meskell

Theresa and Stephen Mitton

M&M Transport Services, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Martin

Francis X. McDonald

Mill Falls at the Lake

Clark and Jane Moeller

M.I.R. Associates

Mrs. M. J. Martinson-Alexa

Mr. and Mrs. Michael

Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Reza Moini

Bryan MacCormack

Alan Marzi

MacDonald Development, Inc.

Judith A. Maselli

Marla J. McDougall

Donald and Susan Miller

Susan E. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Peter MacElhiney

George E. Maskell

David and Dena McFadden

Robert and Dorothy Miller

Eliott Morra

Roderick and Marcia MacLeod

Mark E. Mason

F. Warren and Karen McFarlan

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Miller

Elaine S. Morrill

Stephanie MacLeod

Massachusetts Capital

George McGoldrick

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Miller

Theresa M. Morris

Stephen F. MacNichol

Associates, LLC

Lori McWeeney

Resource Company

A. McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Chandler J. Moisen

John McGrory

Mrs. Suzanne L. Macri

Massachusetts Dental Society

Miki McGuire and Kenny Farrell

Amanda Madden

Helen A. Massaro

Jeffrey McHarg and

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Magnuson

MassBay Community College

Frances Mahan

Massport-Public Services

Jeanne O. McHugh

Judie and Michael Mahan

Stephen J. Mastrocola

Monica McIntyre

Brian D. Mahoney

Stephen Matheson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey McKay

Nancy E. Mahoney

Samuel James Matthews

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McKenna

Nicholas Mainieri

Alexandra Mavrogiannidis

Mr. and Mrs. Harold

Alan and Marion Malkasian

Christopher May

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Malone

Ross Mayer

Stephen J. McMahon

Laura Maltby

Annsley and Robert McAleer

Carol McNeil

Francis and Anna

David McAuliffe

Jim and Deb McNeil

Tara McCabe

Ryan McNeill

Maria Mancini

Matching Gift Program

Elaine Dors

A. McKinney

In FY17, we had 38 licensed foster families in our program

Cathleen Morrison

Newton Wellesley Hospital

Janet and Stephen Ogilvy

Alfred J. Paquette

Morrison Family Charitable

Wayne Nichols

Alma and Frank O’Glishen

Dr. Shirley F. Partoll

Tim and Anastasia Nickerson

Violet Ohanasian

Ronald M. Pastore

Justin Moss

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nielsen

Katherine and Ian O’Keeffe

Dr. Allan Patrick

Nanette Moss

No Parent Behind

Charles and Dana Oliver

The Honorable Deval L. Patrick

Phu Pham

Ioannis K. Moutsatsos

Christopher and

Franklin and Karen Ollivierre

Arthur D. Patten

James and Bonnie Philip

Joseph and Alma O’Loughlin

Drs. Brendan and Liz Patterson

Philips Color Kinetics

Giving Account

Marsha Muawwad

Gifts Program Gretchen Pfuetze and Ethan Thurow

Dr. Peter R. Mueller

Kimberly Noble

O’Lyn Roofing

Liam Patterson

David Phillion

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mulcahy

Sean and Hilary Noel

Marie O’Malley

Paul T. Hession Family Fund

Beth L. Phillips

Emily Mulla

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Noonan

Mary P. O’Malley

Paul T. Keyes Charitable

Physical Sciences, Inc.

Rebecca Mulzer

Lisa Norcross and Friends

Brian O’Mara

George and Beth Murnaghan

Mr. and Mrs. Hans Nordby

Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. O’Meara

The Paula’s Gift Fund

Pier Charitable Donation Fund

Mrs. Donna M. Murphy

Charles Norman

Amanda O’Neil

Gerald Paulauskas

Dr. Gerald B. Pier

Aaron E. Murray

Jaqueline Normand

Jim O’Neill

Pax World Management

Glenn and Kimberly Pierce

Betty A. Murray

Northeast Invitational

Maureen O’Neill

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Stewart C. Myers Mrs. Tracy Nagel

Tournament Northeastern University Facilities

Gift Fund

Charitable Fund

John Piccione

Sam Pietropaolo

Oppenheimer & Co., Inc.

Jonathan Peck

William and Amy Pike

William Oppenheimer

Mrs. Roberta Pelkey

Timothy Pinch

Clive W. Oram

Mrs. Melissa J. Pelletier

Planet Aid, Inc. Mr. Richard J. O’Connell and

Michael G. Najarian

The Northern Trust Company

Alysia M. Ordway

Penobscot Investment

Nancy E. Bonneville Fund

NPR Digital Services

Adrienne D. Ortyl

Managment Co., Inc.

Charles B. Nanick

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Nutt

Osterman Propane, LLC

Dr. Nicholas Pepe

John and Marsha Pliakas

Sandra Narinian

Cornelius J. O’Brien

Eric Otenti

Danielle Peppard

Plimpton-Shattuck Fund


Frederick and Elaine O’Brien

Pamela A. Ouellette

Steven Pereira

Plymouth Congregational

Graham W. Nash

Stephen and Isabel O’Brien

Lisa Ouradnik

Karen and William Perkins

Benjamin Nastou

Mark O’Brien

Out of Asia, LLC

Wayne E. Perrault

Poirier & Springer, Inc.

Jaimie Nathanson

Michele Occhipinti

Kyle Outlaw

Paul Perrotta

Jennifer Polalas

Brendan Neagle

Ira and Judith Ockene

Edith H. Overly

Samuel D. Perry

Walter Pollard

Neiman Marcus Group

Ellen O’Connell

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth

Karen Peschel

Dr. Maria P. Ponsillo and Mr.

Matching Gift Program

O’Connell Giving Fund

R. Overoye

Peter and Joan Carcia Fund

Mrs. Susan R. Playfair

Church of Belmont

Arthur Rabinowitz

Harriet Neipris

John O’Connell

Mr. and Mrs. David Pace

Ann Peterson

Dr. Mark Popovsky

Justin Nelson

O’Connor & Drew, P.C.

Mrs. Olesia Pacholok

Stacey Peterson

Susan Poyant

Mary Nelson

The Family of Francis

Kimberly A. Paddock

Thomas Petr

George and Elena Price

Scott Page

John Petrowsky and

Nickolas Prieto

Dr. Nancy J. Nersessian


Christine Noble

Pfizer Foundation Matching

P. O’Connor

David J. Nesbitt

Deirdre O’Connor

Deborah S. Palmer

Thomas Vise

Mary D. Neumann

Mrs. Jane W. O’Connor

Nina Palmer

Nora Petrucelli

Frederick and Ruthann Prifty Fred & Ruthann Prifty Fund

New Englad World Ministries

Paul O’Donnell, III

Diane Palombi

Petrucelly, Norris & Minsch


Nancy T. Newton

Mrs. Marsha P. Oest

Craig Panzer

Gennaro Petruzziello

Priscilla B. Bill Family

Financial Services

Mrs. Nancy Roberge

David Rourke

Pamela A. Sanborn

Robert S. & Maria J. Reisman

Larry Rowe

Gerald and Lucille Sands

Carol Rubel

Paul Sanghera

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Senechal

Sanitrol Building Maintenance,

Marcy Setter

Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Stephan H. Semerjian

Cheri Pugatch

Robert W. Baird & Co.

William Rudolph

Putnam Associates

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Roberts

Stephen and Janet Ruggiero

Donna Qualters

Roberts Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Rusconi

Joan Sapir and Joel Ristuccia

Henry D. Shaw

Joan A. Quinlan

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Roberts

Russ Allaro Interiors

Adi Sarosa

Shawmut Design and

Deborah L. Radovsky

Gail Roberts

Kristin and Michael Russell

Annmarie Sasdi

Brian Rahley

Mr. and Mrs. Philip

Mrs. Mary J. Russell

Rachel Sater

Elizabeth Rust

Mrs. Lisa Savini

Ronald J. Rajewski Mrs. Sara Ramirez Allison Ramoutar Alicia M. Rampulla, Ph.D. Charles and Patricia Rand Roger H. Randall William A. Rangnow Luis and Kathy Raposo Mrs. Katherine C. Raymond Raymond W. & Theresa Popp Braun Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. James Raza Claudio Rebbi Ludmila Reed Rebecca Reed Mr. and Mrs. James Regan

S. Robertson


Shark Ninja

Construction Yevgeniy and Kira Shcherbakov

Did you Know...

Mrs. John H. Sawyer

Elizabeth Ann Shea

Christopher Scarpa

Harrison Shea

The Home’s Children and Family Counseling Center delivered 45,147 hours of therapy in FY17.

Kenneth J. Scarry

Lucy I. Sherman Charitable

Diane A. Schalke


Tony and Heatha Schena

Marguerite Shreve

Nicholas Schmalz

Martha and Richard Shults

Michael W. Schmid

Victoria Siciliano

Catherine G. Schneider

Jacob Silberstein

Suzette D. Schochet

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Silver

Marion Schoon

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Simon

Michael Schroeder

Amanda Simons

Bud Schultz

Elizabeth F. Simpson

Judith Schwab

Jus and Kumud Singh

Christine Ryan

Shelley Schwartz

Peter and Karen Siniawski

Michael Ryan

Courtney Scott

and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Register

The Robertson Trust

Peter and Colleen Ryan

Harry Scott

Mrs. Jaime P. Reid

Paul Robicheau

Heidi and John Ryder

Kristen Scudieri

Diane V. Reilly

Mrs. Anne F. Roche

Barbara Sable

Kathy Seaman

Donna M. Sirutis

Maryanne Reilly

Rockland Trust

Sacred Heart Parish

Sean and Amelia Walsh

Timothy Skalaban

Stephen D. Rice

Gabrielle A. Roegner

Dr. Steven A. Safren and

Clifford Richards

James E. Rooney

Lisa and Paul Richards

Mrs. Ann Rosen

Amy Richmond

Dr. William Pirl

Family Fund

Nazanin Sioshansi and Joubin Hassanein

Eric Skeffington

Mrs. Maralyn K. Segal

Skydive New England

Barbara J. Saint Andre

Segel Family Fund

Norma Slater

Abby Rosenberg

Xavier Saint Andre

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Segel

Valerie A. Slater

John and Dyanne Ridill

Robert Rossilli

Frederick E. Sale

Manav Sehgal

Amy and John Slavik

Katherine A. Ririe Yancey

Robert A. Rothenberg

Salem Waterfront

Professor and Mrs. George

William P. Slimbaugh

Dr. Ruthann P. Rizzi

Mrs. Susan Rothenberg

Hotel & Suites

Dr. Celeste Robb-Nicholson

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Rourke

Michael A. Salinger

M. Seidel Mrs. Debra Seidenberg

Mrs. Clair Sloan Dr. Jonathan E. Slutzman and


Charitable Fund Prudential Insurance and

Barton Tomlinson

Shawn Vallee

Analesa Smith

Amy M. Weiss

Scott Stephens

Alexander G. Taft

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Toomey

David Vallon

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Smith

Mr. Ames Stevens and Ms.

Anna Tam

David Torres

Jeroen Van Paassen

Mark Tansey

Barbara and Jon Trachtenberg

Brian VanDelinder Charles VanMeter and

Mathew and Hayley Smith

Karen L. Dane

J. Sytkowski

Michelle L. Smith

Steward Health Care

Michael and Merle Tarnow


Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart

Julia Tassinari

Tracy Triplett

Edward Snell

Stockholders Steakhouse

Ben and Kate Taylor

Maria Tripp

Lindsey Vanney

Alissa and Kyle Snowden

Elizabeth B. Stommel

Tammy Tripp

George M. Vazquez

Mrs. Donna Sola

Jennifer Stone

Elizabeth K. Taylor

Priscilla S. Trlica

James W. Ventola

Norman and Joanna Solari

Jason Stonehouse

Seth F. Taylor

Susan Tropeano and

Michael A. Vesprini

Lilyane and Peter Soltz

Mrs. Carol Story

Kathleen and Stewart Taylor

Janet M. Sortor

The Stravinski Family

Tennessee Valley Combined

Christopher Sower

Sarah Struble

Mr. and Mrs. David Spada

Robert Struck

Spaulding Management Corporation Lorie Spencer

Charitable Foundation

John Lovatt

Donna Marcin

Frederick S. Vetterlein

Tru Corporation

Ann Vieira

Michael Tsuk and Edith Epstein

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Vincent

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Terzakis

Tufts University

Tansea L. Vines

Christopher and Erin Stulb

Jebb G. Tether

Mrs. Pamela W. Turner

Vinium, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and

Alireza Teymourian

Richard T. Udale

Christopher Voce

The Chickering Foundation

Mrs. Ingeborg Uhlir

Friedrich Klemens

Carol Suitor

Federal Campaign

Mary J. Spiro

Daniel and Leslie Sullivan

The Columbus School

The United Church in Walpole

James W. Spitzer

Theresa A. & Maurice L.

The Gold Foundation

United Way of Central &

Mr. and Mrs. John Spurr Jr.

Sullivan Humanitarian Trust

The Holten Richmond

Northeastern Connecticut

St. Anthony Shrine &

Jeff Sullivan

The Winsor School

Joe Sullivan

Robert and June Thibeault

Elizabeth St. George

Joseph and Marcia Sullivan

Thomas Family Foundation

Philadephia & Southern

Mr. and Mrs. David Walsh

St. Joseph Church/Religious

Kevin and Paola Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard

New Jersey

Kevin M. Walsh

Ruth Ann Stacy Matthew Staff

Mary Sullivan Meghan Sullivan and Oliver Keller

N. Thomas Wayne Thomas Thomson Reuters My

Greater Cleveland United Way of Greater

United Way of Greater Portland United Way of Metropolitan

Richard V. Wallace Dave and Neila Walsh

Lenore Walsh and Robert F. Jackson Michael Arthur Walsh

Paula Sullivan

Joel Stahl

Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Sullivan

Barbara Staples

Sarah Sullivan

Star of Bethlehem Lodge AF &

Misty and Jamie Sutton

Nathan Tiller

Maryann Suydam

Pope Timothy

Susan Upham

Kathryn E. Ward

Dr. Susan Staves

Janet V. Swanson

Karen and John Tobin

Urban Insulation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ware

Charles and Elaine Steeger

Sylro Sales Corp. dba

and Family

Richard D. Urell

Annemarie and George Warren

Sunvent Industries

Leigh N. Todd

Jerome Urvoy and

Anthony Warren

Lyle Steere Elizabeth Stefanik

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur

TIAA-CREF Employee Giving Campaign

Noha Tohamy and Eric Hansen

Atlanta, Inc.

Mrs. Paddy V. Wade

Beatrice E. Stahl

AM Walter Gove Fund

Community Program

United Way of

Voya Foundation

Jeanne M. Sullivan


Middle School

Von Gottberg Kenneth B. Vona

Squantum Realty Ministry Center


Gary and Deborah Stein

Michael P. Walsh

United Way of Rhode Island

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Walsh

United Way of the

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Walsh

Coastal Empire

Marc-Andre Wurbel

Robert J. Wanek

Alvin and Judy Warren

Matthew Waterbury

Anne L. Williams

Joshua J. Waters

Rodney Williams

Jacqueline Waxlax

Scott and Sarah Wilson

Wayne Foundation

David Winship

Alison L. Weaver

Amelia D. Winston

Irvin W. Weaver

Walter B. Winthrop

Gerry Weber

Matthew J. Witkos

Norman E. Weeks

Nancy Wolf

David Weinstock M.D.

William Wong

Drs. Gordon and Susan Weir

J. Daniel Woodyshek

Dr. Oren L. Weisberg and Ms.

Gilbert K. Wooley

Tamara Charm

George and Celeste Wright

Scott J. Weiss

John Wright

Deborah Well

Norman N. Wu

Ralph A. Wellings

Danielle Wuschke

Jim Wells

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Wythe

Wentworth Institute

Brenent and Bharat

of Technology


Kevin C. West

William S. Yerazunis

Westwood Woman’s Club

Pat Yingling

Deborah Whalen

James and Kathy Yoshizawa

Thomas F. Whalen

Bernardo Young

Mrs. Constance V.R. White

Renee and Jim Yourk

Matthew White and

Kevin Yurch

Kathryn Downes Whittier Family Charitable Gift Fund Ruth L. Wickline S. Joseph Wickwire, II Regina B. Wiedenski Edward and Kathleen Wiggin David and Lisa Wilk William and Lily Bond Family Foundation William Duane Charities Account William Raveis Real Estate

Did you Know...

An FY17 assessment revealed two-thirds of youth in our permanency-focused programs have a lifelong connection to a caring adult.


LEGACY CIRCLE The Legacy Circle honors those friends who have included The Home in their estate plans or have established a planned gift. This perpetual link between the donor and The Home is a testament to the donor’s passion to better the lives of vulnerable children and families. Estate of Joseph L. Amodeo

Edward Dinaro, CFP

Oliver W. Mink Trust

Trust of George Emerson

Patricia A. Monk

Estate of Irene R. Sweeney

Estate of Dorothy Jane Morisi

Estate of Judith Forde

Alexandra Moses

Estate of Virginia M. Whipple

Malcolm Mulloy

William Farmer Jr.

Dr. Nancy J. Nersessian

Estate of Claire M. Flury

David and Virginia Packer

Americo J. Francisco

Kevin and Ann Paicos

Frederick L. Haggerty

Trust of Louise Pease

Estate of Eugene B. Hamilton

Mr. Mark Hollyer and Mrs. Robin

Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. and Merle Marie McConnell, M.L.S. Trust Under the Will of Mary Low Hodge

Pendleton-Hollyer Wayne E. Perrault Lawrence and Leslie Petzing Claudia Piper and Matthew Green

Trust of Elisha V. Ashton

Thomas and Caroline Hovey

Estate of Mary N. Purdy

James and Eloise Barter

Trust of Adelaide B. Howland

Mrs. Sharon Reed-Eramian

Gary Bedrosian

Irene Roman Revocable Trust

Barbara J. Schaefer

Helen Hunt Bouscaren

Cynthia Jones

Trust of Laura Sibbel Fiske

Trust of Robert B. Brigham

Eva R. Karger

Estate of Donna M. Silva

Jarka and Grayce Burian

Christine E. Kenny

Norman D. Socher

Mrs. Nancy Carter

Maureen Byrne Kobayashi

Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Sproul

Doris Drescher Cook

Mrs. Dorothy L'Homme

Charles and Elaine Steeger

Eileen D. Crittle

Melissa M. L'Homme

Anthony Taiani

Jeffrey Croll

Lisa K. Matthews and Andrew J. Byrne

Trust of Edna Betts Talbot

Estate of Gladys A. Cushman

Ida M. McCarthy

Heidi Trilsch

Estate of Charles Davis

Robert B. McCauley

Mr. and Mrs. John Vibberts

Estate of Giovanna DeNapoli

Merrill B. Wilder Estate

Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Wells, III Henry T. Wiggin Charitable Trust

MATCHING GIFTS Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

Eversource Energy

Natixis Global Asset Management

Baupost Group

Excet, Inc.

Neiman Marcus Group


FM Global Foundation


Biogen Idec Foundation

Frontier Capital Management Co., LLC


BlackRock Foundation

The Gap, Inc.

Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation

Boston Trust & Investment

General Electric Company


Goodrich Foundation

Prudential Insurance and Financial

Management Company Boylston Schul-Verein

Google, Inc.

C.R. Bard Foundation, Inc.

Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo


CA Technologies

Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc.

Sapient Corporation

Cengage Learning

Highfields Capital Management, LP

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.

The JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Highland Capital Partners

State Street Corporation


Chestnut Hill Realty Corporation

The Home Depot

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.


The Chubb Corporation

Houghton Mifflin Company

Thomson Reuters

The Allegis Group

Citizens Bank

Income Research & Management, Inc.



Computer Associates International

Jefferies LLC

Trillium Asset Management Corporation



John Hancock

Tufts Health Plan

American Institute for Foreign Study

DayNine Consulting, Inc.

Johnson & Johnson

U.S. Bank

Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

Dell Inc.

KPMG International

UnitedHealth Group



Loomis, Sayles & Company, L.P.

Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.

Amica Companies Foundation

Eastern Bank

McKinsey & Company


Amundi Pioneer Asset Management

Eaton Vance Investment Managers

Medtronic, Inc.

Waters Corporation

Anchor QEA



Wellington Management Company, LLP

Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

Environmental Health &

MFS Investment Management

Woodland Partners, LLC

Bank of America

Engineering, Inc. The Estee Lauder Companies


Millennium Pharmaceuticals NASDAQ



Many employers sponsor matching gift programs that essentially double the value of any charitable contributions made by their employees. In the last three years, the following generous companies have matched gifts to The Home:



Chris Egan, Chairman of the Board

Stephen M. Knightly


Lisa K. Matthews

President, Carruth Capital, LLC

President, Portfolio Manager

Rebecca L. Bidwell-Hanson

Michelle McDonough

Frontier Capital Management

Erik M. Jones

Margaret Merrill

April Anderson Shelley P. Duncan

Tom Niedermeyer

Partner, Technology Media &

Co-Founder, Principal, Managing


Partner, Portfolio Manager


Liberty Square Asset Management

Scott FitzGerald

Daniel M. Santaniello

Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President, Manager of

State Street Sector

U.S. National Sales

Solutions Americas

Natixis Global Asset Management

Charles Goheen

Matthew J. Sliwa, III, Treasurer

Chief Financial Officer


Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

KSP Financial Consultants

Deborah E. Gray, Secretary

Corey E. Thomas

General Counsel

President and CEO

The Achievement Network


Rene Jarquin

Joe Zink

Chief Investment Officer


Single Point Partners

Atlantic Management

Donna Kelleher


Co., LLC

Jonathan P. Ash David A. Bright Christopher Buchanan Deborah Burrows Joseph Byrne Susan A. DeRoche Molly Diggins Susan Donahue David Giunta John. F. Harrington Damon P. Hart John F. Hennessey Ariana Jackson Olga Kasparova Christina A. Larson Caren I. Leedom Mark H. Lippolt Kristin Loranger

Christopher Milton Cynthia Mulica Sherri Raftery Kara Lee Rainey Bronwyn Roberts Lisa Rosen Eliza Hapgood Rowe Peter D. Soltz Jennifer Sparks Jennifer Titus Alison Todd Patricia E. Trebino Chip Weintraub Michael Weissenburger Harry E. Wells

EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT TEAM AS OF JUNE 30, 2017 Joan Wallace-Benjamin, Ph.D President and Chief Executive Officer Jeanne Armocida, MBA Vice President for Development Brian Condron Vice President for External Affairs Thomas L. Durling Vice President for Finance Heidi Ferreira, J.D. Vice President of Risk Management, Evaluation, and Outcomes Michael L. Pearis, MBA Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Lesli Suggs, LICSW Vice President for Program Operations Leonora R. Wise, MA, MLA Vice President for


Human Resources

10 Guest Street, Boston, MA 02135 888-HOME-321 | thehome.org

Profile for The Home for Little Wanderers

FY2017 Annual Report - The Home for Little Wanderers  

FY2017 Annual Report - The Home for Little Wanderers  

Profile for thehome

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