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Letter from the Founder and CEO This year has been unprecedented and full of disbelief and tragedy. Although we all were impacted in some way—whether setback, loss, or hardship—2020 allowed each individual to self-reflect and appreciate the gift of life. God continues to provide and watch over us. As we accept our new normal and impart positive light to those around us, I am hoping that the launch of The Heat Seekers Magazine will help to bring positive vibes to everyone. As the Founder and CEO of this publication, I want 2021 to be a year of reflection and positivity. As you read each article on how each artist has made it through the trials of 2020, congratulate and appreciate their willingness to overcome. I will call 2021 our “new beginning.” As we begin the process of healing, restoring, and evaluating all around us, let’s remember to still celebrate one another. Without God, this magazine would not be possible. Without hope, I would have stopped midway in the year. Without courage, I would have dropped everything and settled for second-best. Instead, I decided to use my gift of spreading joy and love and compress it into colorful pages and images of individuals that I honor and adore. Thanks for joining me on this new journey of journalism; I wish you peace, happiness, joy, and prosperity for 2021. Remember: “Quitters never overcome, and overcomes never quit!” Blessings to all of you!

Teresa B. Howell Founder and CEO, The Heat Seekers Magazine



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Kerenhappuch Sessoms

by DAViD R. navarro

by Lasheera lee

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featured indie artist bookER SNOW

Podcast of The Month un•therapy PODcast

by teresa B. Howell

by teresa B. Howell

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Author Reece J by lissha sadler // HARDCORE GRIND

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ThE AmEn CoRnER-Vol9 by Nayomi Charnelle

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Facebook down, engagement up by DAViD SPENCER


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TRENDING on riches in reading by kenyatta ingrim

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tito montoya IV aka krazET33 THE EmCEE by DAViD R. navarro

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EXCluSivE IntERviEW WITH BROTHER MARQUIS by teresa B. howell & david r. navarro Cover Photo by @stunttimehd

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by teresa B. Howell

sPOTLIght artist SHimmER JohnSon

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by teresa B. Howell

by anGEla anderson

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by cleavester

by lissha sadler // HARDCORE GRIND

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author of The Month pamela horne Asha sanaa actress of The Month anna stadler by teresa B. Howell

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“donda” finding inspiration in untraditional places”

anGElA’S litERAry CAFé book rEViEWs nahan smith AMALA H. DAVIS by teresa B. Howell

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Robin’s taSTEFul tipS & TripS Food article & Blog by robin ShoCklEY


Teresa B. Howell

Talk Show Host, Sony-Orchard Distributor, and Award Winning Writer/Producer.

Bailey Elora Listen, Like & Download Bailey Elora’s new single: “DRUNK RN”

Photo of Bailey Elora by Ricky Zastrow @coloradophotoworks




Photo by @stunttimehd

Master of Visibility Interview by David R. Navarro

DJ Lucky Luck is a respected DJ and Promoter. His years of experience, industry knowledge, and big picture attitude have lead him to work with amazing artists such as Krizz Kaliko, Snow Tha Product, Lil Flip, Caskey, Don Trip, Three 6 Mafia, MO3, Boosie, Mystikal, Juvenile, Mya, H-Town, Bell Biv Devoe, Bobby Brown, Warren G, Xzhibit, Snoop Dogg, The Dogg Pound, Tyga, Tinashe, Baby Bash, Devin The Dude... and many more.

David R. Navarro: Tell us a little bit about yourself? DJ Lucky Luck: I started DJing when I was 18 years old. I had a love for it ever since I heard the scratching sound coming out of a turntable at 12 years old or so. I had a rap group that I was apart of that I just volunteered to DJ and rap. I went to school for computers and learned a lot about internet marketing, so I chose to apply that into promoting shows. DN: How long have you been a DJ? Promoting shows? DJLL: I’ve been DJing for 22yrs. I started dabbling with promoting around the same time I was promoting my own events and other events, but really got into it after college. I would say, somewhere about 2010 is when I really got involved in promoting bigger shows. DN: What made you decide to be serious about music? DJLL: It has always been a passion of mine… since 12 years old. I’ve always felt if you work hard at it, anything is possible. I started working the networks and avenues I needed to make it a possibility. DN: Who has had the most influence on your music career and why? DJLL: I’ve got a lot of national celebrity artist friends, as well as local friends and people I look up to. But, I would say one of the people who taught me some game in this industry would be, Lil Flip. He’s a good friend and businessman. DN: What would you say is the #1 key to success in the music industry? DJLL: Persistence and Perseverance. DN: Talk about the biggest failure you’ve had. What did you learn from it? DJLL: There was an event I helped organize that the car denizer decided to pull the event last minute. There were 50 disgruntled artists who paid to get on the event. They have yet to receive their refunds. Now, I deal with the guilt that I introduced the people, even though it wasn’t my event solely. So, it doesn’t fall on me. I’ve learned that contracts go further than conversations.

DN: What advice can you give other individuals who want to follow in your footsteps? DJLL: Dream big, because anything is possible. It takes hard work and dedication to break through in this industry. DN: What does a typical day in your week look like? DJLL: Wake up. Respond to emails. Work on social media presence. Client meetings either in person or via Zoom. Scheduling and paperwork. DN: What keeps you going when things get tough in the business? DJLL: I have a no-quit attitude. I’m in it for the long run. DN: What’s next for you? Promoting any shows? DJLL: A couple shows I’ve been helping with, but Covid has really strained the music entertainment industry. I’ve just been taking this time to spend with the family. DN: Please list your social media platforms. DJLL: DJluckyluck on all social media platforms. DN: What’s your all time favorite artist? DJLL: I have a few favorites. It’s kind of hard to choose. I like Da Baby, Lil Dicky, Lil Wayne, Dr Dre and Slick Rick as some of my favorites. DN: Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you? DJLL: Life is about roller coaster rides and challenges. Keep pushin through the drops to get to the tops.






Multi-Talented Artist Interview by Teresa B. Howell Teresa B. Howell: When did you first get into music? Booker Snow: I first got into music around 1997 or 1998. I used to admire these groups in Detroit. One was ‘Vo Cab’ or ‘Vo Cab Crew’. The other was ‘MVPS’. This all most 25 years ago, so my apologies if I got the names wrong. We were all around the same age. But these crews were really tight like a family and I hadn’t seen that before with Detroit Hip Hop. Not with a group of kids my age. They were tight like younger Detroit versions of The Wu-Tang Clan. So, one day I went to a record store over in Harbor Town for an open mic session going on and their crews were up there dropping bombs. It was MC after MC killing every beat. A friend of mine Jacquay Lawrence who’s ran with MVPS happened to see me and he said, “Aye Book, get yo ass up there!” I’m in the back minding my business enjoying the DJ and watching my peers kill it. I’m nowhere near as nice as any of them, so I shake my head no. Jac rolled up on me and talked me into it. I got up to the front and got the mic. The DJ put on Mobb Deep “God Father pt. III” and I’m nervous, 1st time performing in front of people... self, got busy. That packed record store rocked with me. From there, I was all in. I didn’t know when I was going to do music, but I knew eventually we’d come full circle and here we are. TBH: What was your inspiration? BS: My parents, my Mom was an amazing vocalist. I literally watched her bring rooms full of people to tears from the passion she gave in her performances. My Dad played the upright bass and my Uncle played sax. I can’t remember the rest of the band seeing that I was only 4 or 5, but I remember the music and lyrics. They would tour around Michigan performing and there I was with a front row seat. It was amazing to have that privilege as a child.


TBH: How has your music evolved since you first began in the industry? BS: I’ve become more relentless. I speak my mind more. Whether it’s the business portion or if its in the music. If I don’t give a fuck about something, I just don’t and I’m not afraid to say it. As I continue to develop and mature, I’m finding that I’m not as angry but I’m still intense. I have to express where I am at that time with whatever track I’m given. I’ve done an Inspirational Hip Hop project. I’ve don’t a Blues Hip Hop project. I’m featured on my Brother Sove Reign EP “Weed, SeX and ComiX” and we just had fun with it. The music that’s about to release is more THE HEAT SEEKERS MAGAZINE

raw and more expressive. The filters have been removed. TBH: Which ingredient do you think makes your sound different from others? BS: My siblings and my age. I’m over 40 and I have zero shame about it. To me it gives me and edge. I’m careless about having a “following” of “fans”. It’s all about the Love at this point. Love it or dump it. It’s cool. I’m still going to put out my art. And then there’s my brothers. One of my brothers is 32. My next oldest Sove Reign is 26 and my youngest who listens to everything is 22. So I’m blessed to different perspectives on what I’m putting out. And I’m truly blessed because they know that they can tell me “nah bro” anytime with any song and give me advice and I’m receptive of it. But the most important ingredient is my Sister, Delta Wolf. Without her I’d be unheard right now. Period. She’s my producer and she calls the shots. Nothing is put out with her name on it without her approval. TBH: What has been your biggest challenge in the music world? BS: Building a consistent team. That’s easily been the hardest part of this journey. Life happens. Relationships change. It’s hard to stay steady in the industry without a solid, like-minded team where everyone is willing to struggle with everyone until the mission is complete. TBH: Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how? BS: Yes. I have an advisor Donna Mitchell. My Distributor, Teresa B is dope beyond words. My main producer Delta Wolf is EVERYTHING! And being able to restart this with my brothers Ron Styles and Sove Reign has been great. Of course there are still pieces that need to fit, I’m confident that this is my new beginning. I’ve gotten a lot accomplish since restarting a few years ago after a long hiatus.

TBH: We all experience joy and pain when creating art. Has it been a balance of both for you? Explain. BS: I don’t think its ever balanced with artist. That creates comfort. We’re never satisfied. We express our pain or joy in the creating process and we’re usually deep on one or the other. Then there’s a really brief sense of accomplishment once a project is done, then we go back into that creative space where its either one again. For me, it’s all extreme highs and extreme lows. I don’t think I’ll be balanced until my mission within this journey is complete. TBH: Has the internet had an impact on the creation of music and sales? BS: Without a question it has. The access and ease of connecting with various art is limitless. You’re not waiting for a record store to open or for the radio or network to play what you want to hear. What you’re trying to listen to may not ever even reach the radio. You don’t even need a ton of sales to make money. Some artists never perform live. Artists can drop something that grabs people’s attention and do a half decent video from their phone… boom… viral. And if your song is available to stream or download, you in there. New producers are popping up everyday with online beat making software. You don’t hae to be an actual producer. Although nothing beats a real producer, you can make solid beats that work for you. You can even start a record label from the comfort of your home. No paperwork. Everything is online. There are new distributors popping up every day and new information is available 24hrs. You can even promote your music through a multitude of media outlets for free. All it’ll take is a few shares and your life is changed forever. TBH: If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be? BS: I don’t know if there’s anything I would change. Everyone has their journey’s whether good or bad. Experiences have to happen in order to learn. If someone signs a bad deal, that’s a part of their learning process. We all have to go through the highs and lows. You’ll meet real people. You’ll meet fake people. You’ll meet people who just want to make money. You’ll meet true artist. Hopefully you don’t experience anything too bad and you can recover and keep grinding. But the game is the game. Move as wise as you can. Hell, I’ve made a few bad calls. Keep going until its time to stop.

of light and colors. His music makes you believe in everything beautiful. 3. John Coltrane was insane, is the most brilliant of ways. He literally has something for any mood. His music can support your calm or crazy. But all of it is dope. 4. Sade is Sade. There’s nothing like her before or after. There may not be a greatest hits album as well put together as hers. Although, I can sit and listen to her projects completely through. 5. Royce Da 5’9” is an ever-evolving genius that doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He’s a poetic juggernaut and expressional warlord. I love the way he represents our hometown of Detroit and he’s just an overall good man. He’s a big brother and Unc to some top-quality lyricist in Hip Hop. Only 5 wasn’t easy… TBH: What is the best advice you have received concerning music and movies? BS: To not give a fuck, focus do my art. It was simple and understood. So, that’s what I do. TBH: What are you working on now? BS: Currently, I have a single and video coming out October 21st, 2021 named “Mind Your Business” featuring Sove Reign and ReeCee Raps and produced by Ron Styles. I’m have an EP with myself and Sove Reign coming out that’s produced by Delta Wolf. I’m completing a another EP produced by FDP (Friend Dap Pounds). I have a movie that I wrote named ‘Untouchable’ that’s directed by Quasheem D. Herring and Delta Wolf will be the Executive Producer and Producer of the soundtrack. Quasheem and I have two other films that will shoot in 2021 and the one to start the year. TBH: What’s next for you? BS: I’ll be releasing the second volume of my book of poetic letters to follow my first book, “Journey to Love vol 1, 40 Letter Dedicated to Love” available exclusively through Amazon. Just like the with the first volume, I’ll be releasing mini films of some of the letters. TBH: How can you be reached for performances or interviews? BS: I can be reached through my website, through my contacts.

TBH: Name 5 artists that you admire? And why? BS: 1. Nas is my favorite Hip Hop lyricist. He’s my G.O.A.T. He’s a true M.C. inspired by the greats ahead of him. You can hear it in his flow. He’s a true poet that’s an educated master at his craft. And you can tell that he’s still studying. 2. Stevie Wonder’s music is peace. It’s Love. He’s a conductor THE HEAT SEEKERS MAGAZINE


author reece j



Ten Toes Down For Her Hustle: An Intimate Conversation With Author Reece J Interview by Lissha Sadler of Hardcore Grind

New to the literary world, Author Reece J turned her pain and soars into a growing empire of powerful words. Born and raised on the west side of Chicago, Hustler would be her middle name if it were not Reece. Girl power at its finest, she figured out early that working for someone else’s dreams is not what God put her on this earth to do. In August 2020, she released her first book Remy and Ryder: A Story of Survival on Amazon, with 162 pages of pure dynamic chaos and a splash of reality. Lissha Sadler: Tell everyone about your literary brand and journey? Reece J: As a child, experiencing sexual and other forms of abuse, I never really had a voice. Do you know? It was hard being the black sheep of the family. Since I did not have anyone else to speak to about my hidden pains, I began to write, and before you know it, I had little note pads of short poems and stories. Years later, I got up the courage to put my life’s tears within pages of a novel, and here I am. LS: A black woman who can write is powerful. What does the power of your pen mean to you? What made you want to write? RJ: the power in my pen means PURPOSE AND FREE. My life to me was a book itself, and I felt that if I could not confide in anybody, I had to put it on paper to free myself, so I would forgive those who hurt me. LS: Describe your pen style in five words? What do you admire most about your pen? RJ: Wow, what can I say? Well, for starters, it is unique, seeing as though I can write from both male and female points of view. Most readers look for that in an author; it is sporadic. LS: Where does your creativity flow? How do you avoid burning out? RJ: Life is my Creative Shoulder, if that makes sense. I take every situation within my reality and place them within the pages of each Novel. LS: If you could change anything about the literary industry, what would it be? RJ: I would try to get more people back into reading and come together as one community; I mean, we are all here for the same thing.



LS: You inspire so many people; how does that make you feel? RJ: It makes me feel GREAT; it feels like I have severed my purpose or that I have a sense. LS: What can readers expect from the book “Remy and Ryder”? What do you want readers to get from your story? RJ: no matter how complex your life is or what you go through, never let it determine who you are. LS: What is the hardest part of your journey? RJ: NOT GIVING UP AND QUITTING. LS: What is next for Author Reece J? RJ: I am working on quite a few things. I will be collaborating with one of my favorite authors, Vette Wilson, and I am also working on my 3rd Novel entitled “The Dead Can’t Talk.” LS: Are there any success quotes you have adapted to what you want to share to encourage others? RJ: Treat people how you would like to be treated, and no matter what a person does to you, always forgive and never hold a grudge.

The Amen Corner-Vol8 by Nayomi Charnelle

The Wind of God by Vashwan Mitchelle. Hearing the words alone made me want to just lift my hands in praise. Wind means breath, wind means a shift, wind means freedom. When we let the opinions of others persuade our perception of who we are, that’s when the trouble begins. It’s even worse when we stop seeking the very things that God has promised us. We start looking to different vices to ease the pain of things that hurt us so badly in our past. We think alcohol and other drugs will soothe our inner being and the pain we may have endured within our past life. God is saying if we just look to him and we call on his name and know that if we have the faith the size of a mustard seed, He will send that wind in our direction. If we just call on him whenever fear or doubt sets in. If we would just believe that if He made the blind see and the lame walk, He can ease the pain and deliver us from the things that haunt us and torture us. Allow God to send that wind in your direction. Allow Him to blow that wind of new life. Thank you, God, for the wind.




On October 4, 2021, Facebook Inc. experienced an outage that shut out many of its 2.7 billion users worldwide. Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp all went down for approximately six hours. Six hours is not a long time, but in a world where businesses use social media, and some exclusively, to drive consumers to its products and services, six hours can really hurt the bottom line. Money still answers all things, and I cannot help but wonder if Facebook has become too big to fail. Social Media is an effective tool, but now it’s a monopoly on how we communicate with our audiences. Is the audience really yours if you cannot touch them and talk to them when you please? Those six hours exposed a flaw in our communication strategy hiding in broad daylight- we aren’t as connected to the people we should be connected to. When Facebook went down, our engagement should have stayed up. As creatives, we are not exempt from the calamity that ensued that day. Those six hours in the dark should have prompted us to examine how we connect with the people who digest our art. In the future, there are a few things we should do to help mitigate the damages of another blackout. First, creatives need to diversify the channels we use to facilitate communication. Social media channels should be one way but not the only way we send messages to our consumers. I recommend developing a system to collect phone numbers and email addresses. These are still great ways to build customer loyalty and engagement with your base. It’s also a great way to identify your “real” supporters. People passively digest information on social media. However, if they are willing to give you a phone number or email address, it’s a great sign that they are interested in hearing from you. Keep in mind that even though many people are on social media, many people are not. How are you reaching them? Phone numbers and email addresses will help extend your reach. Next, I recommend creating your own website. Another aspect that is frustrating during a blackout is your supporters cannot reach you. We are notorious for posting inbox me for details. During the blackout, we lost access to the inboxes on social media. Having a website gives you a channel that you control. It ensures people



still have access to your products and services and can connect with you. Websites also provide a space where you shine and are the focus. Making money is high up on the agenda for these social media platforms. Your competitors’ message is sometimes literally next to yours. Social Media will give your fans other options, especially if they are paying. My final recommendation, for now, is to remember nothing will never replace human interaction. Social Media is pale in comparison. People still want access to you, and when they can experience you, the reward is more significant for the end-user. Use social media to augment the journey. Take your followers on the journey with you. Show them your process from inception to finish. Don’t just post the final product and ask them to buy it. Show them the sweat and tears that went into developing the product. Make them care so much that they miss the light you shine in their lives when a blackout happens. I, too, am guilty of saying that’s just my friend on social media. I need to work harder to make them my friend in real life. A blackout will have little effect on a deeper connection. David Spencer is a communications professional, gifted singer, public speaker, and author. His voice can be heard loud and clear, regardless of the medium he chooses. He is responsible for influencing the people around him through his works.

David Spencer is a communications professional, gifted singer, public speaker, and author. His voice can be heard loud and clear, regardless of the medium he chooses. He is responsible for influencing the people around him through his works.

Margo Williams, Author I Am That BUTTERFLY: The Transformed Life


kerenhappuCh sessoms


Your State of Affairs Interview by LaSheera Lee

Kerenhappuch (Keren-ha-puck) Sessoms, is a positive force in the media industry. She utilizes her influence and platform to give a voice to all. This syndicated media personality, believes it her mission to uplift and promote positivity in the African American community. One of her radio shows, “The Ultimate Side Hustle,” showcases African American entrepreneurs. Kerenhappuch (Keren-ha-puck) Sessoms, provide a safe space for them to share and shine. You can listen to hear show on State of Affairs Radio. LaSheera Lee: Your show showcases entrepreneurs from various disciplines. Have you noticed any current business trends? Kerenhappuch Sessoms: The trends that appear to be on the rise are podcasts, haircare items, technology around gaming production. LL: How has being being a media personality change your perspective on how you view the news? KS: My perspective has definitely been altered. It is amazing how far a sound bite goes, and how easily it can be either taken out of context or mis-represented. Personally I make every effort to ensure that what is said remains in tact 100%. When viewing the news. I am now hyper-sensitive to the manipulation or misrepresentation of soundbites. I almost don’t want to hear it unless I can hear the entire interview etc. LL: What do you believe are your greatest contribution to the media industry? KS: I believe my greatest contribution to the media industry is bringing information to the forefront that it most time left in the conference room or behind closed doors, Not necessarily because the information is top secret but most times because the “powers that be” don’t view it as important enough for the headlines, not realizing that its “all” important if it is affecting the lives of people!

LL: Do you feel that you selected your career or did your career choose you? Please elaborate. KS: My career selected me. I have been blessed with having a successful career in government where I learned much about its inner workings. I have met some tremendous people along the way who have poured into me and allowed me to learn and grow. When I retired from government it became very obvious to me there is an information deficit in media today and almost immediately an opportunity presented itself and off I went! LL:What conversations do you hope to spark via your show topics and guests? KS: Some of the in-depth conversations I hope to have are the rebuilding of the black family and what that looks like. How we should all not only vote but be very involved and intellectually curious about how government works. Really breakdown employer sponsored pension plans so that lay persons have a better understanding of how it all works and can work for them.

LL: What are some of the defining moments of your career? KS:Hands down, taking a chance on me by creating, producing and managing my own syndicated radio shows! THE HEAT SEEKERS MAGAZINE



un•therapy 20


Podcast on the Rise Interview by Teresa B. Howell

Life by itself is difficult enough. Imagine having to go through it without someone to talk to & share your most inner thoughts with. Here at UN•THERAPY, we understand that although we aren’t professional therapists, sometimes just talking it out with friends makes life a lot easier. Join in on our weekly UN•THERAPY THURSDAY sessions as we analyze + discuss life, love, happiness & how we can help each other mature into the best versions of ourselves. Teresa B. Howell: Tell us about your awesome podcast? The UN•THERAPY: The UN•THERAPY journey is honestly a unique story by itself. Around July 2020, two things happened: I joined Clubhouse and began watching the newest season of Married at First Sight New Orleans. I know what you’re probably thinking. This is a super weird combo. So, as I began to watch Married at First Sight New Orleans, I would host Clubhouse rooms every Thursday after the show would premiere and act as a moderator for “live discussions” about what happened the previous night on the newest episode. Over time the Thursday night Clubhouse rooms would grow, and more people started joining in on the discussions consistently. After a while, we had a dedicated group of listeners which eventually migrated into creating a Facebook group to host mini discussions outside of the live discussions every week. About 12 weeks into hosting “live discussions,” someone said to me, “Jehan, you should start your own podcast.” At that moment in time, I was flattered, but I knew deep down, I knew absolutely nothing about podcasting. Weeks later, I began doing research on the best streaming platforms for podcasters, how to distribute, and overall, how to make a podcast successful. One week later, after I began my research, I hosted another “live discussion,” and there, I was able to identify co-hosts for my podcast. And then boom, UN•THERAPY Podcast, was born. Every Thursday, a new episode is released, and the weekly discussions highlight trending topics in the news and media, pop culture, love, dating, mental health, and overall, strategies to become a better version of yourself.

TBH: Give us the demographics of your audience? UT: UN•THERAPY podcast touches a wide range of audiences. Statistics show that we have listeners worldwide from the United States to Germany and even in Ghana, just to name a few. As well as our listener base is mostly Millennials. During every episode, we analyze + discuss life, love, happiness, and bring in relevant + current event discussions. Honestly, all of the topics that are discussed are transferable throughout many stages of life and our goal is to impact every person who tunes in. TBH: How long have you worked on this particular concept? UT: UN•THERAPY was more of a hit the ground running kind of thing. Once the concept was created, we began to record, and one week later the first episode was produced. Honestly, being multi talented made an entire world of a difference as it pertains to podcasting. Creating my podcast was super simple because I started this journey already having vast knowledge of the media and communications industry, branding, marketing, graphic design, and most importantly, video and audio editing. Being able to complete all of those tasks myself eliminates needing a “middle man” and truly eliminates all start-up costs. TBH: What is your focus for each show? UT: The goal of each show is to bring an innovative and timely concept to our listeners that allows them to analyze the way that they currently think about certain aspects of life. More THE HEAT SEEKERS MAGAZINE


importantly, create a safe space for an environment to listen to dialogue that offers a worldview on a variety of topics. TBH: Who makes the decisions on the topics discussed? UT: As a weekly podcast, we record new episodes every week to ensure that all our content is fresh + relevant. Within doing so as a group we toss ideas back and forth throughout the week. These ideas can come from social media, the news, anything pop culture, or situations that each of us is currently enduring. Before recording each session we decide on a topic right before we begin so everything that is said during each episode is truly organic, authentic, and not premeditated. TBH: Do you plan to create this podcast for multiple seasons? UT: Absolutely! UN•THERAPY will become a household name. We plan to continuously curate good content that illuminates our audiences for decades to come. My children will one day listen to UN•THERAPY and it will serve as a memoir of my life’s journey.



TBH: What platforms do you use to get the word out to the public? UT: Social media has been the GOAT for UN•THERAPY. Currently, as our sole platform for advertising, we have been able to tap in and corner the market on ensuring that our brand is easily distinguished and recognized. As UN•THERAPY continues to grow, so will our outreach.

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Love Me Carefully by A.C. Arthur Autographed copies available at Riches In Reading For better or worse, this unlikely hook-up might be the perfect union. For wedding planner Leah Graham “Happily Ever After” is just her job. It’s fine for her clients to believe in fairy tales, but when it comes to her own nuptials, her feet aren't just cold - they're frozen. Computer programmer Terrell Pierce is on the prowl for his perfect bride, but when he catches his girlfriend in bed with another man, his search comes to a screeching halt. Then, as if he needed more drama in his life, his mother announces her intention to remarry, and her groom-to-be is a suspected criminal. Finding a wife suddenly takes a back seat to proving this joker is no good for his mama! Terrell and Leah are at instant odds - their positions clashing, their attitudes getting in the way. Still, the passion between them simmers as they travel the streets of Baltimore in search of a drug lord, then cruise the seas to Negril with the FBI hot on their trail. Love-at-fist-sight simply isn't enough to get this couple down the aisle. But murder and mayhem might be!


Feeding The Soul by Tabitha Brown You are seen, you are loved, and you are heard! Before Tabitha Brown was one of the most popular personalities in the world, sharing her delicious vegan home cooking and compassionate wisdom with millions of followers across social media, she was an aspiring actress who in 2016 began struggling with undiagnosed chronic autoimmune pain. Her condition made her believe she wouldn’t live to see forty--until she started listening to what her soul and her body truly needed. Now, in this life-changing book, Tabitha shares the wisdom she gained from her own journey, showing readers how to make a life for themselves that is rooted in nonjudgmental kindness and love, both for themselves and for others….. Kenyatta Ingram IG/ FB/ Twitter: Riches In Reading




Tito Montoya IV


Keeping The Beat Alive Interview by David R. Navarro

David R. Navarro: Tell us a little bit about yourself? Tito Montoya IV: My name is Tito, I go by Krazet33 The Emcee. I’m a fast rapping connoisseur of Hip Hop. One of those rare Hip Hop heads that does it for the love of music. I’m a mix of Twista, Busta Rhymes, and the East Coast lyricism. I beatbox, produce, and sing as well as do my own graphic design and promos. I double as a local Hip Hop promoter in Denver, Colorado and have brought out acts such as X-Raided, Mr. Pookie, The Luniz, Eternal of the Wu Tang Killa Beez, Michael 5000 Watts, Mad Squablz, and many more. I’m set to bring out master lyricist Locksmith, soon. Got connections to the East Coast, West Coast and all in between as far as promoter pull for mainstream artists. Sky is the limit, I do it for my people. DN: How long have you been a performing artist? TM: I’ve been a performing artist since I was able to get into a venue. I’m 30, now. So, it’s been a good 12 years .. I’ve been promoting for 11 years. DN: What made you decide to be serious about music? TM: I started taking music seriously as a teenager. My uncle and family kinda raised me to be into the music scene. My dad used to have me write 20 words out the dictionary, 20 times each and put them in sentences to show that I understood what the word means. That went on from about 1st grade to 5th grade. At age 15, I wrote my first flow and the rest is history. Now, I like to put on boom bap beats and have people throw me words to rap about to hone my freestyle skills. DN: Who has had the most influence on your music career and why? TM: Honestly, coming from Colorado, I’ve had so much influence from a plethora of artists from all sides of the game. I’ve idolized all the lyricists like Eminem, Big Pun, Biggie, 2Pac, Mos Def, Andre 3000, Black thought, Wu-Tang Clan, and so many more. I was in love with the whole westside connection movement, as well as the screwed up click movement with DJ screws people like zro and Trae. Swishahouse movement with artists like Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, etc. I think I’ve pulled influence from everywhere and I wouldn’t have it any other way .. from the old-school 80’s era with the Guru, Grand Master Flash, Kurtis Blow, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim to the Motown oldies and R&B.

Tito Montoya IV with The Luniz in Denver. DN: What would you say is the #1 key to success in the music industry? TM: Marketing, marketing, marketing, and networking with the right people that have the same dream and goals as yourself. Nowadays the industry isn’t going to try and give you anytime of day, unless you’ve taken yourself to places without them and have a solid marketing strategy as well as quality music ready to be released and published through either ASCAP or BMI. With that being said you want to be a well rounded artist from the jump and don’t worry about getting a record deal go for a publishing deal those are a lot more beneficial. DN: Talk about the biggest failure you’ve had. What did you learn from it? TM: I think the biggest failure I’ve had in this music game was trusting the wrong people to back me up, like I would back them up. It’s the reason why I became a promoter and artist .. I rather create opportunities that I wish I would’ve had when I was naive to the game and what it takes to make things happen. Ask anyone around me, I make sure everyone doubles up on their investments when it comes to shows and I promote the hell out of my events, because I understand it takes a community to make things happen. DN: What advice can you give other individuals who want to follow in your footsteps? TM: The best thing you can do is always work on perfecting your craft and take time to network, but stay humble and cautious. There’s a lot of snakes in the industry that will be there when your getting recognition and will leave u by yourself when your down and out .. don’t get discouraged if your people don’t believe in you, it starts when you believe in yourself. You can achieve whatever you put your mind to if you only take the time to practice, practice, practice till you get it down. THE HEAT SEEKERS MAGAZINE


DN: What does a typical day in your week look like? TM: I’m always so busy, lol. I am a landscaping contractor and jack of all trades as well as an artist and promoter .. my week consists of bids, grabbing materials for jobs, managing my employees, managing the projects. In my down time, I’m producing new beats, writing 2-3 songs at a time, because I have ADHD and it’s just how I work best. I network with as many artists as possible, especially when I have a show coming up to book the artists and find vendors for shows as well as new venues to potentially do business with .. it’s all about the grind .. because you have to put in the work to reap the rewards. DN: What keeps you going when things get tough in the business? TM: My people, it’s all about my people that have been around since the beginning and leaving my sons a legacy, a dream they can follow because they have seen their Dad work relentlessly. DN: What’s next for you? New music? Shows? TM: I have new music that can be streamed coming soon as well as a catalog of 50+ songs I’ve worked on over the years. I’m working on doing a all analog performance where I can build beats live with my beatboxing and looper station as well as with my Roland mc505 groovebox. I have a more unique performance to bring to the table .. as far as shows.



DN: Please list your website and/or your social media platforms. TM: You can find me just about anywhere under the name Krazet33 or Krazet33 The Emcee. YouTube, Spotify, iTunes Music, Deezer, DatPiff, etc. I have distrokid for distribution .. Social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok at: @therealkrazet33 DN: What’s your all time favorite song/artist? TM: Honestly, as far as artists go, one of my all time favorites is Big Pun. He was definitely ahead of his time and his lyricism was on point. I’ve often been compared to him as Denver’s Big Pun. DN: Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you? TM: I have started a underground Hip Hop website that acts as a voice of the people and will be covering all of Denver, Colorado and more as time goes on. I make custom t-shirts with my airbrush and I can get features to artists from any of the national artists that I named above. Personal contact is: Tito Montoya IV, 720-436-4030

Exculsive Interview

BROTHER MARQUIS Rapper with 2 Live Crew


Photo by @stunttimehd

Rap/Hip Hop Pioneer Interview by Teresa B. Howell & David R. Navarro

Mark D. Ross, better known by his stage name Brother Marquis, is an American rapper and member of 2 Live Crew. He appears on all of 2 Live Crew’s albums, except Back at Your Ass for the Nine-4. Ross was the last member to join the most well known line up of the group. First off, shout-out to DJ Lucky Luck for contributing great questions to this exculsive interview with Brother Marquis for The Heat Seekers Magazine. The Heat Seekers: How did you get the name Brother Marquis? Brother Marquis: Got the name Brother Marquis from the car Grand Marquis. I used to play in this car and we were practicing Islam at the time. So my cousin started calling me brother Marquis who was a Muslim. THS: You started out in high school under the group “Caution Crew”. When did you join 2 Live Crew? How did that come about? BM: Mr. Mix was in riverside California and I used to see him at the park or on public transportation. I was all about mixing and grapheti. Mr. Mix was one of the best DJ’s at the time outside of LA. I befriended him and he said if ever I get an opportunity music wise I will put you on. He kept his word and put us on. THS: The artistic direction of 2 Live Crew changed from West Coast Hip Hop style rap to comical, sexually explicit lyrics. Who made that decision and why did you decide to go that direction? BM: Because Luke had befriended Mr. Mix while he was a concert promoter at the time. He had Luke skywalker lyrics in the show. A song came out called throw the D. came out and it was a huge success in Miami so they kept it sexual and started to change the music in that direction. THS: You all fought through the Supreme Court twice and won. You helped pave the way for new artists these days to have freedom of speech. Explain being “Banned in the U.S.A.”. How was that? BM: I didn’t like. I thought it was a bunch of bull. When THE HEAT SEEKERS MAGAZINE


Broward County presented all the evidence in court it was a joke because the audio wasn’t clear and the jury didn’t understand what was being said. A white drunk lady had the recording device in her bosom and the jurors laughed when they heard the recording. We were on 95 and I got a message to turn myself in to Dave county and at that time I thought it was a joke. But when it got to the supreme court, I took it seriously. Broward County was just trying to get publicity. THS: 2 Live Crew was raw and nasty back in the day. The music enticed sexuality. Did any of the shows get crazy and out of hand? Did you ever have any problems at shows? BM: I didn’t have any problem with having sex but yes the shows were really getting out of hand. We got harassed in Hollywood and got arrested. One of Lukes people slapped a girl at a concert and that got us in trouble. And then there was a time in Carolina with me and China man had dancers and it was a young man that they dragged on the stage. They got his pants down and they stuffed a vibrator up his behind. Then squirt their body juices into the audience. They just let us do what we do. One time in Texas a guy from rap a lot records was there and we were in the Galleria. They threw a girl in the audience and when she came back she was necked. We thought we were going to jail since the chief of police was there but he just laughed and let us go. THS: Rap music was a new art at the time and taking over the rock world. 2 Live Crew was a pioneer in that art form. You all beat censorship. How does it feel to be a pioneer in Rap/Hip Hop music? BM: It’s a great feeling because no one can never take away from me what we did. I can take that to my grave that we made a difference. THS: How would you compare 2 Live Crew’s music to today’s music? In terms of the sexuality expressed through music and lyrics. BM: Nicki Menaj, The City Girls, Megan the stallion so they represent our old music. I can even hear bits and pieces of our music in pop music today. THS: You have probably met a lot of celebrities/artists over the years. Would you share 1 or 2 of your favorite stories with us? BM: Flavor flav and we still have a relationship. I was



friends with Ice T until the early 2000’s. We used to be friends. Sir Jinks is also still one of my closest friends in hip hop after meeting him. I run into Rick Ross and Flow Rider a lot too. Our conversations are always positive. THS: Who is the most inspiring artist to you? BM: Nas…. I met him too! He was always my favorite rapper. THS: Talk about the biggest failure you’ve had. What did you learn from it? BM: I learned not to trust people in the business. Its all a bunch of BS once you look at it on the surface. I didn’t follow my gut and I let a lot of situations run away from me. I stuck around in spaces longer then I should have when God was telling me to leave and I didn’t. THS: What keeps you going when things get tough in the business? BM: I didn’t have anything to keep me going. My mom died in the hight of my success and I am an only child. I didn’t have family to turn to back then. But now I have people to turn to. For a long time I didn’t even watch rap videos. I just stayed to myself. I took our bad deal hard and even fell into depression. THS: What’s next for you? New music? Shows? BM: Yes new music coming and people are saying I have a hit record. I am starting to get my passion back for writing and recording. I am being creative in the studio and I am getting my mojo back. THS: Please list your social media platforms. BM: BrotherMarquis2livecrew on Instagram Mark Demetrius on Facebook 2Livecrew on twitter THS: Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you? BM: I appreciate all of my fans and I appreciate people who grew up on our music. I appreciate the DJ’s, Artists, and the young people that keep it going. I get so excited when I hear the records that people are doing. I guess we was speaking it all into existence. I am grateful that Jay Z took one of my records to make a hit. I made an impact on a big artist such as him and that makes me feel good. Bottom Right Photo by @stunttimehd





Singer-Songwriter Interview by teresa B. Howell

Teresa B. Howell: Tell us about yourself? Mr.RickyG: I Am Mr.RickyG. From Oakland, California. TBH: How long have you been in the music industry? MRG: Since 1987...I Have Been Independently Producing/Writing/Singing And Recording... Starting With R&b/Soul/Hip-Hop Music.. TBH: What is the genre of your music? MRG: And With Those Collective Styles...Almighty God Has Blessed Me To Use What He Has Given Me To Minister In Song As A Professional Gospel Singer Since 2012 As A Member Of The GMEG Gospel Music Family TBH: When did you become serious about music? MRG: 1980… TBH: Is it now considered a career? MRG: Yes… TBH: What made you decide to pursue music? MRG: Passion...My Gift Of Music...Great Mentors Who Have Blessed And Taught Me Along The Way… TBH: Who has the most influence your music career and why? MRG: My Faith...Almighty God... MySkillset...My City...My Team… TBH: Were there any mistakes you’ve learned from in the industry? MRG: Nope… TBH: Have you experienced concert life yet? MRG: Yes I Have...With Indie And Major Gospel Artists...On The Concert Bill/Stage Opening For Kierra Sheard...Pastor Shirley Caesar...Le’andria Johnson...Tamla Mann...Mr.Marvin Winans Jr....Tamela Mann...JMoss...Pastor Wes Morgan… TBH: What advice can you give new artists who want to follow in the group’s footsteps? MRG: Let Almighty God Write Your Songs Of Testimony About Your Precious Life In Your Gospel Music Career...Select Your Team Carefully ... Pray Your Way Through It All...Have Faith... Trust God...Even If It Takes A While...Pray For Me As My New Song Release “The Master” Has Been Entered For The Gram

my Awards Committee To Vote On For Nomination For The Christian/Gospel For The 2022 Season…It’s From My Album Mr.RickyG. “My Life”... It’s Currently Available And Streaming On Spotify And All Digital Music Formats/Outlets...Thank You As I’m Blessed By Your Support..You Can Join Me On... Instagram/Twitter/TikTok/Facebook…Amen





Author on the Rise Interview by Teresa B. Howell

Elder Pamela Horne was raised and educated in Durham, NC. A woman of God with a compassion for ministering to broken women, she has a heart for seeing men and women delivered, restored and renewed in Christ. In 1988, she earned a Bachelor’s degree from Western Carolina University in Radio/TV and Journalism. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Education and Biblical Studies in 2011 from the Durham Extension of the United Christian College of Goldsboro, NC. Elder Horne began her ministry under Pastor Dr. Mae V. Horne of Gateway To Heaven UHCA. She was ordained under Chief Apostle William D. Lee in 2012. In 2015, her vision for Consuming Fire Ministries was birthed. She loves the Lord and continues her ministry work at Gateway To Heaven UHC under the leadership of Pastor Marian Freeman-Weaver. In 2019 she was ordained as an Elder in the UHCA. She retired after over 27 years of service to the Sheriff’s Department. Currently, she serves as the Co- Director and Event Planner of The Women of Triumph Ministries. She is a true worshipper and loves music & singing and is a three time Best-Selling Author on Amazon. In February of 2021, she released her first solo book entitled, “Daughters of the King Stop Kissing Frogs.” Elder Horne is also a co-author of anthologies “Down For The Count - Bouncing Back From Life’s Blows Volumes II and III” by Felicia Lucas. As a single woman with no children, One of her favorite scriptures is Romans 12:1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. She strives to live this scripture out in her life that others may see the Christ that lives inside of her. Teresa B. Howell: Tell us a little bit about yourself? Pamela Horne: I am Elder Pamela Horne. Born the fourth child of eight in Island County, Washington State, but I was raised and educated in Durham, NC. In 1988 I earned a Bachelor’s degree from Western Carolina University majoring in Radio/TV and minoring in Journalism. In 2011 I graduated Valedictorian from the United Christian College of Goldsboro, NC with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Education and Biblical Studies.

In 2009, I preached my initial sermon under the late Pastor Dr. Mae V. Horne of Gateway To Heaven UHCA. In 2012, Chief Apostle William D. Lee ordained me leading to my vision for Consuming Fire Ministries to be birthed in 2015. Currently, I am serving under the leadership of Pastor Marian Freeman Weaver at Gateway To Heaven UHCA and I’m an ordained Elder of the UHCA. I am also busy in the Women’s ministry, serving Elder Anna Lyons as an Associate Director and Event Coordinator for the Women Of Triumph Ministries in Durham. I’m retired and currently writing and ministering to women with my new book, “Daughters of the King, Stop Kissing Frogs’’ and Stop Kissing Frogs conferences. TBH: How long have you been in the writing industry? PH: I have been writing most of my life. English and Language Arts were always favorite subjects in school. Being a quiet person, writing was always an outlet for me to express myself. However, I didn’t start publishing any of my writings until recently. In 2019 I contributed the chapter They Called Me Sarah, The Painful Struggle to Walk in Healing in the Anthology by Felicia Lucas called Down For the Count, Bouncing back for Life’s Blows Vol II. In 2020, I contributed the chapter, “This is my Exodus” to Vol III of the same series of anthologies. This prepared me to pen my first solo book, “Daughters of the King, Stop Kissing Frogs” in 2021. THE HEAT SEEKERS MAGAZINE


and knew that I had something to say that a lot of people needed to hear. She encouraged me to take the first baby step and take part in the first anthology which she also contributed a chapter. TBH: Who has the most influence on your writing experience and why? PH: The Holy Spirit’s guidance in recalling the experiences and being able to make spiritual comparisons and connections on the one hand. On the other hand, many family members like my cousin Joyce, brother Martin, sister in law Daphne who were asking me constantly, “When?” There are so many, but if I had to pick a person, I would have to say my old college professor, the late Professor Alfred Wiggins. He encouraged me and mentored me and believed in me more than I believed in myself. I thought about him as I began to write because he had recently passed in 2017 and never got the chance to see me publish my first book. He was a great man, a father-figure to many and loved by all of his students. TBH: alk about the biggest failure you’ve had. What did you learn from it? PH: The biggest failure I’ve had was not following through with my career path because of my lack of independence. Just something as simple as not having a driver’s license held me back and limited me from taking positions that were offered early on in life. I started freelance writing for a local blackowned newspaper after college but I didn’t stick with it. I regret that because I should have been a journalist years ago.

What made you decide to be serious about writing a book? After so many words were spoken to me about this book that I was going to write that would minister to many women in their brokenness, I decided to start writing about my life experiences. I started in 2011 but procrastinated and waited to publish it until 2021. TBH: What was it like starting off your incredible writing journey? PH: It was awesome and therapeutic for me. Being able to express myself in that way unleashed a new sense of identity for me. It felt like I had finally begun to walk into my destiny and purpose. I was built for this! TBH: What made you decide to publish your finished works? PH: I was encouraged to write by Minister Diane Pace, a friend and sister in Christ. She had seen some of my Facebook posts



TBH: What advice can you give new authors who want to follow in your footsteps? PH: Whatever you do, just do it. Take the chances and put yourself out there. Don’t procrastinate and doubt yourself like I did. TBH: In your opinion, what are the benefits of being an independent writer? PH: The benefits to being independent is that I get to express my own ideas and spiritual insights. I can help other women and men also just by having the freedom to be transparent. Also, it’s as I said earlier, “therapeutic.” I have been able to release some things that happened and take them for what they were, life lessons learned, and see how God has taken what I went through and worked it together for my good. TBH: Do you plan on writing another book? PH: Yes, I have several books in my belly so to speak but I’m working on one in particular that I will hopefully be publishing in 2022 so stay tuned for that. I’m definitely blessed to have embraced this calling and I can’t stop now.

Asha Sanaa



{Money + Power: Teenpreneur} Meet Teenpreneur Asha Behind SauceyCases Interview by Cleavester

When 17-year-old Asha gets a break from her busy school schedule, she loves to focus on her new business SauceyCases. Recently, I had the great opportunity to sit down with teenprenuer Asha the creator of SauceyCases. So, sit back and enjoy what we discussed and stop by her site to show your support. A Cleavester Interview Cleavester: Hi Asha! We love your idea of creating SauceyCases - we wish we thought of it! How did you come up with it? Asha: I love using my phone in stylish cases. So, back in October of 2017, while I was looking at cellphone cases, I decided I wanted to sell my favorite cases through my own business. Cleavester: How did you come up with the name SauceyCases for your brand? Asha: It started with my “sauce” hoodie from Kreative Coaching. Kreative Coaching is my favorite clothing line, founded by two young entrepreneurs. To me “sauce” means something that is very stylish and “lit”. Since I will have “lit” cases, I decided to name my company SauceyCases. Cleavester: How did you get the funds for starting out? Who helped you? Asha: My parents gave me one of their credit cards and gave me a small budget which I have to pay back once I start earning a profit from my business. Cleavester: How did you come up with the designs for the Cases? Asha: Well, I do not design my own cases (yet). I buy them from different manufacturers at wholesale rates and sell them at retail prices. I did a lot of research on different brands and wholesalers to determine where to buy my cases from at the best prices. Cleavester: How did you find a manufacturer? Asha: Through the internet. Cleavester: Who helped you with your business plan? Asha: My parents had me fill out a business plan template. The template helped me to think about how to market my cases, expenses, sales methods, and how to identify my customers.


Cleavester: How do you balance running your own business with normal teen stuff? Asha: I make time for it. I usually spend time on my business after track practice and homework and on the weekends. Cleavester: If you could have one celebrity endorse SauceyCases, who would it be and why? Asha: Rihanna, because she has a lot of style and people like to wear and have what she has. She has a lot funky clothes and I have a lot of funky cases. If we collaborated it would have a huge impact on my business. Cleavester: Who is your biggest role model and why do you look up to them? Asha: My parents because they both have businesses and they make me their top priority. Also, my grandmother because she is loving and wants to see me prosper. Cleavester: Can you put into words how proud you are of launching SauceyCases? Asha: I am really excited about launching my own business. I am proud of all the work, research and sacrifice that allowed me to get to a point where I could launch my business. Cleavester: Where do you see SauceyCases in the future? Asha: I see my business getting bigger and expanding to opening a store and designing my own cases. For more info please visit: Photo Courtesy: CreativeMindz Media, Inc.




Actress on the Rise Interview by Teresa B. Howell

Teresa B. Howell: Tell us a little bit about yourself? Anna Stadler: I recently graduated high school Summa Cum Laude and I am currently taking online college business courses, along with continuing to take acting classes. I am passionate about animal rescue and volunteer at several local shelters, and am a foster for animals that need extra care or when there isn’t space left at our shelter for them. TBH: How long have you been involved in the film industry? AS: I’ve been involved in performing since before starting school, but found passion specifically in acting during elementary school and decided in high school that my true love was in film/tv and not stage/live performances. I’ve been acting professionally for about two and a half years now. TBH: What made you decide to be serious about film production? AS: During a session with my acting coach, I shared that although I enjoyed stage acting and musical theatre, I wanted to be a professional actress for TV and film. He pushed me to research the top talent agencies in our region and encouraged me to attend an open call for new talent. I was asked to sign with them that night and the rest has been a wonderful ride with many opportunities. TBH: Which people or books have had the most influence on your career and why? AS: A lot of Kevins- lol! Firstly, Kevin Jones, my acting coach, was extremely influential in building my confidence and pushing me to take the shot at going from theatre actor to professional actress. Outside of my family, which has all been beyond supportive from the start, he was the first person professionally that truly believed in me and my ability. He definitely helped me believe in myself. Secondly, Kevin Cornell Kellum has been an influence. He’s my talent manager, but also so much more. He always genuinely has my best interest at heart and can always be counted on to give me straight forward advice. He’s also pushed me beyond acting and is encouraging me to take my talents behind the camera in producing, as well. He’s an industry professional, but also has become a trusted friend. TBH: What advice can you give other individuals who want to follow in your footsteps? AS: Go after your dreams! Research talent agencies in your area and attend open call events. Surround yourself with


friends in the industry. It’s a great way to both give and get support and can also be a great connection for casting. I’m thankful to have already made so many lifelong friendships with industry professionals. Join several professional casting sites, but make sure they are ones that don’t only focus on background acting. Most importantly, take advantage of opportunities. Take student film roles, no pay jobs and anything that helps you build a resume in the beginning in order to get experience. TBH: What’s an average day like on set for you? Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of acting? AS: I’ve learned to bring something to read onset. Most major productions don’t like electronics on set so having hardcopies of scripts you’re studying or a book keeps me busy in between takes/scenes. Hobbywise, I enjoy shopping and love nothing better than finding a good deal or repurposing something found in a thrift store or vintage shop. I love hiking, spending time with my friends and watching movies, especially musicals. Who are your major film and acting influences? I have such respect for James McAvoy! I’ve watched SPLIT many times and am continually amazed that he can convincingly play so many contrasting characters in one movie. He TBH: Tell us about some of the talent artists/celebrities you’ve worked with in film. AS: I recently had the opportunity to be on set with Joey King

and Gillian Anderson. Joey is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever seen. She literally didn’t stop while on set. She is also producing the feature film, so when she was literally everywhere at the same time. She’s even more adorable in person too. Gillian is not only an amazing actress, but she’s one of the kindest and most hilarious people I’ve ever met. She kept us laughing non-stop and seemed to genuinely care about everyone on the project. TBH: Out of all the movies you have filmed in, which is your favorite and why?? AS: I realize this sounds cliche, but I can’t pick a favorite. I have favorite aspects about each one of them. I will say that my favorite thing about all the projects I’ve been involved in though is that you become a family on set. The friendships made are invaluable and are my favorite takeaway about this industry, by far. What would you say is the #1 key to success in the film industry? Perseverance and professionalism are paramount. You hear far more no than yes and you have to take the disappointments in stride and use them to fuel your next audition. Every role I didn’t get, has pushed me to do better in the next one. You have to show your best in every facet. Everything is public these days, so post social media responsibility, behave responsibly and don’t give anyone a reason not to want to work with you. Work hard, meet deadlines and be easy to work with. This industry is hard and I always try to be the person that people want to work with again. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Always come into the job or even an audition knowing all you can ahead of time. TBH: Are you involved with any big projects coming up? AS: Yes, I have several great supporting roles in both TV and feature films coming up along with a couple lead roles that should begin filming soon. I also am involved in producing on several projects, so I am excited to have new opportunities both in front of and behind the camera. TBH: Please list your website and/or your social media platforms. AS: IMDb profile page: Instagram: @officialAnnaStadler Facebook: Anna Stadler Website: Under Construction, but Coming Soon. TBH: Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you? I can’t think of any. Thank you for the great questions and for the opportunity to share my experiences.



“donda” finding inspiration in untraditional places” by DAViD SPENCER

“God got us, God got the children, the devil run the playground but God own the building,” Kanye West. I will talk about “Donda” later but this line deserves some unpacking. A lot of things happen on the playground but at some point you have to grow up and go inside. When you were young the playground had mass appeal and it was the highlight of your day. Think about it, you’re in the class room all day and this is the only moment that was yours- felt like freedom. But as you mature, you realize the key to your freedom, the key to your success, and your future is determined by what you get in the building where God is teaching and instructing. When you want more of God, you go where he is. While playing with my kids, I tried to go down a slide and got stuck. I got stuck because the slide wasn’t made for the person I am today (the things I used to do, I can’t do no more). What used to be fun is now uncomfortable. Get out of the playgroundgo in the building. I find inspiration in untraditional places. While saved, sanctified, and filled

with the Holy Ghost I checked out the album. Still saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost afterward in case you’re wondering. So yes I listened to “Donda.” Felt like a lot of lo-fi interludes and random incomplete thoughts which contributed to it feeling long. I think about the stuff I wrote (and wanted to write) after my Father passed. It feels a lot like this- I get it. Happy and sad, emotional and emotionless, healed but hurting- a walking contradiction. Bold move from Kanye putting it out as most people keep that stuff to themselves. I personally don’t think “Donda” was for the fans, he had some stuff he wanted to say to her and about her. Ya’ll listened though. As always, I love his treatment of the vocals, especially the choir stuff. The way he approaches and processes vocals get my creative wheels turning. It’s different and in a world where everyone celebrates being the same, I welcomed the listening experience. I haven’t picked a favorite song and I probably won’t- I don’t I need to. There are a lot of great moments here to unpack like the playground reference. I will listen again at some point and see what other inspiration I can find this untraditional place.

David Spencer is a communications professional, gifted singer, public speaker, and author. His voice can be heard loud and clear, regardless of the medium he chooses. He is responsible for influencing the people around him through his works.





Angela’s Literary Café Book Reviews


Sweet Tea Piper Huguley

Piper Huguley hits the ground running with her debut Hallmark Publishing novel, Sweet Tea. It is a total breath of fresh air with a since of home, history, and southern small-town charm and community. This refreshing read is set in a town, where everybody knows everybody with comfort and rich history, that if not careful, will soon be forgotten by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, changing of times, and people leaving on a quest for something new. Intellectual property attorney, Althea Dailey is a successful, independent, beautiful woman on the verge of making partner at her prestigious law firm in New York. Althea has it all together, so she thinks, with no desire of going back to the small town of Milford, GA. Her current success has no room for her past. It has been said that people who came from Milford always return. Althea is running from that very saying and determined to make this not her truth. She is determined to prove that saying wrong. However, a new case takes her back to her roots down south as well as to find out more about this person who has recently befriended her grandmother. While working a case for work, she is also determined to protect her grandma and her intellectual property of famous recipes. Jack Darwent is a cute, smart, sexy rebel with a hint of nerdiness that makes him all so attractive. He has a since of southern charm and ease with all that he comes in contact with. Not to mention, he is a crafty cook, who knows his way around a kitchen with his mouth-watering cuisines. Connected to the high society of southern living, he rebels and runs to chase his own level of success and what makes him happy. His passion of cooking and the creation of a legendary documentary and cookbook of authentic southern food leads him to the presence of the famous cook of Milford College, Miss Ada Dailey. In a quest to discovering themselves and running from their past and in a sense, their reality and present truth, Jack and Althea, find themselves in a forced proximity that makes them both hard to resist. There is definitely an attractiveness that they did not see coming. They find themselves on a journey of self-awareness that leads to the past meeting the present, and on an expedition of saving and protecting a legacy. Despite a rocky meeting and preconceived assumptions, Althea finds herself being engulfed by the very presence and essence of Jack. There just may be more to Jack Darwent than meets the eye but she is sure to keep a close eye on him all for the sake of protecting her grandmother and family recipes. Connected by rebelliousness and determination to make their mark in the world in their own way is a performance of the Tango that neither Jack nor Althea saw coming. A little digging and investigation of one another, they find that they have a lot more in common as they journey on their quest to live out their truths. Their round and round, back and forth entanglement mixed with a few match maker moves from Grandda, brings for a delightful page-turner of a read. Sweet Tea will have you drinking sweet tea, enjoying great food and making an investment to finish this beautifully crafted heartwarming story. Sweet Tea is available where books are sold. To read more books by Piper Huguley go to her website at www.



Angela’s Literary Café Book Reviews


Redeemed by His New York Cinderella Jadesola James

Who does not enjoy a good enemies to lovers read? Jadesola James, hits the ball out of the park with her debut Harlequin Presents read, Redeemed by His New York Cinderella. Laurence Stone is wealthy, successful, ambitious, instinctive, and a sexy businessman. His attractiveness is an understatement. Yet he is alone, hunted by the past and trauma that runs deep, entangled with a secret that he would like to keep buried. It is also the fuel he uses to be successful and not need anyone for anything, especially the parents that he has not spoken to in years. Dumped by his facade plus one at the last minute, puts him in desperate need of a pretend stand in, and fast. He has a lot riding on this, to include a major business transaction. He just might have found her. Not his typical choice, but there is something about Kitty Asare, that will make her the perfect eye candy for the occasional needed date and pretend girlfriend. Plus, unbeknown to her, he owes her. Kitty Asare has a foundation that is inspired by her past and childhood. She is determined for her foundation to be a success and receive groundbreaking donations from reliable donors to help children like her to have a better life. Not to mention the benefactors and donations would perform miracles for her foundation as she is in need of new donors. Even if it means crashing exclusive dinner parties. In her ambition, a case of party crashing places her in a place where her past finds a way to catch up to her present when she least expects it. Connected by their past, neither Laurence nor Kitty were prepared for what was next. Desperation, connections, the will to succeed, fiery chemistry makes it hard for either to say no at a chance for both to get what they want. It’s just being willing to yield and play by the rules and separating what’s real from what’s pretend. This leads to a thin line between the world of reality and make believe. Especially when they are both not used to allowing vulnerability and the feeling of needing anyone to surface. Who knew that two individuals from opposite sides of the track, connected by their past hurt and trauma could be so perfectly made for each other? It just takes them being willing to explore the odds and take a chance on love. Both with stony guarded hearts find themselves needing each other more than they know. But hidden secrets, inflated egos, and the resurface of the past just might be too much for either to yield to one another. Redeemed by His New York Cinderella is a wow factor of a read. It’s a beautiful Cinderella story modernized into the waves of a modern-day love story. You can feel the chemistry of Kitty and Laurence radiating from the pages with this Cinderella meets Pretty Woman read. A page turner for sure, you will not be disappointed by this exotic escape to a world of opposite attract, glitz and glam and laugh out loud banter. Prepare for an emotional investment experience that has a way of pulling at your heart strings and rooting for both Kitty and Laurence to have a happy ever after. Redeemed by His New York Cinderella is available where books are sold. To read more books by Jadesola James go to her website at





Picture Perfect, An Intimate Conversation with the CEO of Imaging Diversified, Nathan Smith Interview by Lissha Sadler of Hardcore Grind

Nathan Smith is not just a founder and CEO. He is also a mentor, life coach, financial consultant, and overall life motivator. Imaging Diversified, LLC is a Consulting and training-focused company for the field of Radiology. Nathan and his team remain dedicated to improving knowledge and overall image quality nationwide. Lissha Sadler: Tell everyone about Imaging Diversified? What made you want to go into Consulting and Training for the field of Radiology? Nathan Smith: Imaging Diversified is a Radiology services company specializing in the training of technologists behind the Images and consulting for all services found in Radiology as a whole. I wasn’t happy with the training I received and decided to give the quality service I expected. I also want to provide an avenue for technologists who need training that doesn’t have a current source or solution. LS: You have become a pioneer for other black men working in the medical industry. What does that Power mean to you? How does that make you feel? NS: It makes me feel encouraged to put my best foot forward and be the best example I can be. I want to set an example for the younger generation and show how Radiology services can be a field they can thrive in. That Power means that I have a responsibility to continue to grow, set new milestones, and break more barriers. Overall, it is humbling to be a pioneer in any right. LS: You wear many hats in the community. How do you avoid burning out? NS: I avoid burnout by setting and taking vacations, spending time with the family putting the phone away, and resting on Sunday. Sundays me and my family go to Church together and then try to watch movies or an activity. It’s a great relaxation and reset for the week. LS: What would you say are the five rules to success in business? NS: Honesty (Being Trustworthy), Follow-Through (finishing the work), Dependability (being accountable), Understanding People in your Industry and Vision (having a goal on where to take the business).

LS: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be? NS: I would put more control into the doctors’ hands-on how Radiology exams are ordered. There are times where patients can’t get specific exams paid for by insurances until guidelines by the insurance company are met which may not fall in line with the doctors’ concerns. I know policies are put in place not to abuse the system, but many patients suffer, and care is prolonged. I would have more facilities to pay for the exams they want when they want them at a low cost. LS: What advice do you have for any aspiring to start a business? NS: Write down your idea, then write down what problem you are solving, and then write down how much time you plan to spend on your business daily. Decide if you have a market for your business and work out details to see if you would be



profitable. I would look into sources like the Small Business Administration. Research your industry, and if all checks out, then get started! LS: What is the hardest part of branding your business? NS: Getting proper funding to grow my company to become a household name. LS: What is next for Nathan Smith? NS: I want to do speaking engagements focused on motivating others to achieve their goals. I want to continue to grow Imaging Diversified as a staple in the Radiology community. I also want to start using my knowledge to help rural and less fortunate areas get proper Radiology equipment so the community can get the appropriate diagnosis. LS: Are there success quotes you’ve adapted that you now live by that you want to share to encourage others? NS: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” Philippians 4:13. That verse has stuck with me and is my go-to whenever I doubt myself about anything.


Amala H. Davis



Redthreadz is the Next Level Interview by Teresa B. Howell

Teresa B. Howell: How did you start your business? Amala H. Davis: I’ve always been such a creative in many ways, especially when it comes to clothing. Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to start my own clothing line. At the age of 16, I drafted up my own mock-ups by printing out templates of different garments from Google images and then I sketched designs on them. I pitched the idea and showed my portfolio to my Mom, Pauline, who was an expert at sewing all kinds of garments. She was definitely on board with helping me to start my brand. At the time, I received lack negativity from my other family members since my designs were masculine and I ended up giving up on the idea. My Mother passed away in April 2017 and it left me in a super dark place with a huge hole in my heart. I was trying to figure out ways to cope and uphold the memory of my Mother. One day I just had the idea to tap back into my creative side and start a clothing brand. I decided to uphold my Mothers legacy by branding the logo with the color red, which was her favorite color, and I also have sewing-themed components as the logo, since my Mother LOVED to sew. Therefore, Redthreadz Clothing Co. was born! I simply started my sewing-themed brand to keep my Mom’s legacy alive! TBH: What snags did you run upon during the process? AD: At first, I ran into a lot of issues with getting my brand off the ground. Because the items for Redthreadz are manufactured in different countries, it can be difficult due to issues such as, material availability, language barriers, communication problems, shipping costs, etc. Another snag that I ran into was support. Expecting all and only your family and friends to support you is unrealistic. Not saying that they won’t, but you have to get outside of your comfort zone. Therefore, I had to network with people I’ve never met so that I could make new connections. People know people who know people! TBH: Who pushed you to keep going? AD: Honestly my Mom (in spirit), my Wife and all of my Redthreadz Fam (ask how you can be a part of the RT Fam) that continue to support me and Redthreadz Clothing Co. all the time! I am truly thankful. They make me so proud to continue telling my story and they give me the motivation to keep pushing!



TBH: How does the public respond to your product? AD: The public actually responds super well to Redthreadz via Instagram, Facebook and other social media apps. My first vending event for the year is in October 2021 (check our website for location info), so I will have obtain an opportunity to strengthen the response of the public outside of social media! TBH: Do you have staff? AD: I do not have staff. It is just me; by my lonesome, but as time goes on, I’m sure I will definitely need assistance in staffing! TBH: How long in business? AD:Redthreadz Clorhing Co was launched in August 2019 and has been in business since then! TBH: What business owner do you admire the most? AD: I admire all of the small business owners that I’ve met over the last few years. It is so many of them to name! They are truly

my inspiration. If I had to choose a popular worldwide brand, I would definitely say I admire the owner of Supreme. Supreme literally can have their name and branding on a can opener and it would be worth hundreds of dollars only because it says “Supreme” on it! I am working to get Redthreadz to that level. TBH: Do you have future plans for the business? AD: I am looking into doing at least one vending event per month just to make connections outside of the internet. I also want to start charity or volunteer work by feeding the homeless or clothing the homeless. That is still underway. TBH: What advice would you give a new business owner? AD: It’s going to be tough, but never give up! Stick to your plan, because your dreams are here to stay; fulfill your dreams rather than let them slip away. Nothing in life is ever easy, but it will become so if you stay consistent and keep your dreams alive. Do not be afraid of criticism. To me, constructive criticism from those who support you and those who want to support you is the best way to find your target audience. You don’t need to pay for someone to tell you who your target audience is, because you can know that information for free! Just listen to your customers. Do not change your prices or business practices to satisfy other people! Run your business the fair way! Amala H. Davis (832) 967-0638 //






spread the word to others about places that I visit and help promote businesses!

I come from a small town called Greenville South Carolina. One day my friend Michelle and I wanted to go to breakfast so we chose to visit the Flying Biscuit downtown on the West End of 665 Main Street. I have been meaning to try this place because I know the owners as well as the cook too. My choice selection was the “smoked salmon scrambled”. This meal consist of three eggs scrambled with chopped wood smoked salmon and dill cream cheese served with their signature creamy buttery grits and a fluffy flying biscuit. They are famous for their shrimp n grits so I paid a little extra to get a side order of the season Ed shrimp to try the full flavors. I was amazed. The shrimp and grits were so good. And yes, they were very creamy. The scrambled smoked salmon was cook to perfection and did not have a fishy smell as sometimes salmon does. As far as the atmosphere, our server was very pleasant and helping me choose my meal selection. She even went to the kitchen to get the Cook, Chris to come see me. With my breakfast I had a craving for a good Bloody Mary. They doctored it up for me with cheese cubes green olives and crispy bacon. It went very well with my meal. The environment was very colorful and had that fun happy feel to it. I think if you decided to visit you could go early in the morning or just for lunch until 3pm. I highly recommend not only because of the tasteful food but for the location. It right in the center of downtown Greenville and near walking to the Reedy River Falls Bridge and shops. I can’t wait to try again with one of my other friends. Tasteful Tips & Trips with Robin” is not just an ordinary food blog! It’s about fun, adventure, and a lot of tasty foods as I travel to places along this journey road called life. I am all about traveling and experimenting with food flavors and the mixtures of them. So what better way to



If you would like for me to visit your venue or restaurant please email me at the name of your restaurant and location. You may just see me show up unexpectedly one day with my big smile and readily appetite! Robin Shockley is the Founder of “Focus Forward with Robin” she is a Writer of magazines, TV Talk Show Host, Actress, Community Servant-Leader, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Author of books. She believes there is freedom to move forward in life to think, believe and achieve a thing. Contact Robin for future bookings to host your event or be a Speaker to help empower your audience.

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