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“No more United States.”

- sr. Kat Koslov regarding the future of America following the 2016 Presidential election



By Dylan Cooper

It’s obvious that this upcoming election will be one to go down in the history books. Whether you’re Trump all the way or all for Clinton it’s obvious to all that there is some serious controversy within this election. “No more United States,” said Kat Koslov when asked what she thinks the future will look like with either of the candidates as president. Trump, a muliti-billionare, and a man who’s become famous for the line “you’re fired” and Clinton who’s been a politician for some time and has experienced several problems from her lost chance in the last election she ran into the email scandal everyone is familiar with, are both certainly interesting options for our next president. While both have mastered their craft, they both have a few scandals under their belt as well. Trump, a real estate mogul, reality tv personality, and multi-billionare, announces his presidency Jr. Austin Shaulis stated in regard to June 2015. this upcoming election that, “this will be a joke.” The President of the United States of America is not only one of the most important positions in the world according to Forbes, but it is a position that is stressful complex and not something we can entrust to just anybody. The power to put someone in such a position belongs to the people and when the people put someone in the oval office do they really want it to be a joke that can be laughed about. We need to focus on choosing a strong leader and a good representative of who we are as a nation. Shaulis also said, “Trump can help us or take us to war.” For Clinton he says, “with Hillary I think she won’t change much.” When electing someone to be the next president of the United States, and our leader for the next four years, we need to choose someone who is going to unite and not seperate the United States. Hilary Clinton, former First Lady, Secretary of State, and a Senator of New York, runs for presidency.






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