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Friday Night Lights Photo by Sara Stifter

One may think that when you show up to a football game you’re just going to be watching the game, however , however, for a Cherokee Trail football game, that’s just not the case. A typical football game at Cherokee Trail High School is a social evernt. Many of the students socialize until the chanting starts, which is a big part of the fun. Games usually turn out to be half about watching the athletes play and half about cheering as loud as you can. Ocassionally, CT’s own mini poms performs during half-time, practicing their dances on the sidelines before the performance. While mini poms is practicing, the croud is shouting, and encouraging our team and having a ton of fun. When cheer gives the crowd their “CTHS” signs, it is another way of supporting our team and getting the crowd to get rowdy. If you are a person who wants to watch the game rather than socialize, CT’s student section is not the place for you. Sudent’s chant and cheer at the top of their lungs all four quarters no matter the score of the game. So the next time you’re looking for something to do on a friday night, put on some CT gear and come cheer on your CT cougars.

What to Wear to a Game

Friday Night Lights Playlist

As the nights get colder, it get harder and harder to find spirited outfits to wear to football games. Well no need to worry anymore, we’re here to let you know what to wear to a CT football game. Starting with the basics, the easiest way to show school spirit is to wear burgundy and navy, since these colors go well with jeans, leggings, and khakis, its pretty easy to make an outfit with these colors. If you want to show a little more school spirit, the DECA store sells an assortment of CT shirts, hats, jackets and even socks that are guarenteed to spice up any boring outfit. Now that you have a perfect outfit that bleeds Cherokee spirit, you can finish off the look with temporary face tattoos or CT colored face paint.

1. Champions // Gucci Mane & Kanye West 2. Pop style // Drake 3. Anthem part two // Blink-182 4. Party Up // DMX 5. Thunderstruck // AC/DC 6. Who Gon Stop Me // Jay Z & Kanye West 7. Centuries // Fall Out Boy 8. Berzerk // Eminem 9. The Hell Song // Sum 41 10. Power // Kanye West 11. Fairly Local // Twenty One Pilots 12. Hard in Da Paint // Waka Flocka Flame

Photo by Sara Stifter

Photo by Sara Stifter

Photo by Sara Stifter


photos by Sara Sifter & Madi Koenig CT Poms and cheer hype up the student section after a touchdown right before half. Number 30, Chase King, fights off two linebackers, with Gavin Bell number 26 going in for another tackle. JV poms teaches mini poms a dance and exercises so they can perform for half. With a silent buzz of the crowd each student waits to see who will score.

13 Photo by: Madi Koenig

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