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A tradition continues for nearly a decade

10 Inagural Class

“Big” Ten

by Maxwell Marucut


Midnight Nightmare




Class of 2006

Class of 2010

Class of 2011

Class of 2012

Class of 2013

Class of 2014

Class of 2015

Class of 2016

Named for being the first class at

The First “Official” Class Name, starting the tradtion.

Named after Blackjack’s Ace value of 11.

Named after the final hour of a day, 12:00AM.

Named after 1980s Friday the 13th directed by Sean Cunningham

Named after the date of Valentine’s Day.

Named after the expression, “15 Minutes of Fame.”

Named after the atomic number of Carbon, 6.

Cherokee Trail

The Class Names of CT Lucky




Class of 2017

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Class of 2020

Named after the fact that March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day.

Named after the fact that the legal age of adulthood is “18”.

Named after the 19th element on the periodic table being Potassium, which promotes muscle strength.

Named after the fact that perfect vision is “20/20”

Zariah Smith

Peyton Gaer

Ritika Chopra

Gabriella Ello

Jr. Class President

Sp. Class President

Fr. Student Leadership

Sr. Class President


Vision, Power, Freedom, and Lucky. These four words encompass the foundation of our current year of students, forged in the tradition of the class name established in 2006 with the class of 2010’s “Big Ten” year, we as a community at CT have clung to the idea of class names for the last ten years. Since the start of the tradition, the development of the class name’s purpose has evolved to become a much larger piece of the CT community. With the naming of each class based on the years, such as 2011’s class, “Aces” being named after the value of the ace in blackjack, to the most recent class of “Vision”, the class of 2020’s play on eyesight. As students, class names are used to signify our establishment in our community, since they are a definition of our character. “I think they’re cool, fun, and they help unite us.” said jr. Jaden Fleury who fully subscribes to the tradition, as well as social studies teacher, Ms. Emch who stated, “I think that it serves to unify the students, there’s some creativity in it, and is a part of the school’s culture.” As a portion of our school’s culture, the idea of the class name hold strong within a vast portion of the community, though some hold unsavoury opinions. However, others don’t hold the same beliefs. Soph. Ryan Schlichting is one of those who doesn’t see the same value in the class names. He had said, “class names help define the class, but there isn’t any real purpose to it.” He among others see the class names as a gimick more than an establishing feature of the culture. Jr. Braeden King is among that group, stating that “I don’t really care for them, they’re not doing much.” Despite some dislike of the names, this subsection of the school is predominantly divided into those who dislike the class names, and those who dislike the system. Jr. Amaiya Khan belongs to the former, stating that “I think it’s really cool to see how creative people get with them.” However, she believes that the names don’t follow much of a structure, and that “[She] wishes they would make them more accurate, and actually hold a voting.” This comment was common among those who disliked the class names, the subject that there wasn’t much of a public poll for the voting of the class names. The decision is mainly held within the hands of Student Leadership, which many believe to be less democratic for a unifying feature of the class.

Photo by: Maxwell Marucut Cougar paws are painted on the Cougar Nation banner by Student Leadership during homecoming week.

Photo by: Reuben Evans

During homecoming week, students were advised to join their class Remind 101 Via Banners.

This lack of true democracy has affected the views of the students, since the whole purpose of the class name, as seen by the student body, is to unify the school and it’s students. Sp. Kaiya Bolton had stated that, “The fact that we don’t really get a say in what the names are kind of takes away from it.” With the lack of the students opinion in the poll, suggestions for the medium in which the class names are proposed/voted for would like to be seen. With the propositions, mediums that are widely available to the common student saw the most attention with students, Twitter and Remind 101 Polls being the most common requests. The accessibility of and formality of a poll is something that is widely desired among the students, since a class name is something that is used to unify. However, the determination of the class name is something that is just as complicated. “There are always going to be some that dislike the class name, like the sophomores who wanted their name to be ‘Equility’,” said sr. Class President, Zariah Smith, “We decided based on what was seen as desired.”

“I think they’re cool, fun, and they help unite us.” - jr. Jaden Fleury Though the desire for a more formal form of voting is appreciated by the student body, the voice of the class is the ultimate deiding factor of the class name. In conclusion, a class name is far less when in context of the school’s untiy. Cougar Nation is, a community of students, teachers, and all other associated to Cheerokee Trail, which is something that won’t change with a class name. The class name serves as a unifying force to bring together those who spend their years in highschool. All in all, a class name unifies a student body a trail that we forge as a community. The quotes that line the walls of our hallway are small snippets of a collection of memories, joy, sadness, stress, blood, sweat, and tears. These quotes help define the memories of all that have spent their precious years before adulthood here toil in their studies to their external lives and friendships. Muriel Strode, a CT graduate had said it best, to define Cougar Nation and the class names of our school. “...I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail.” And that, is just what we will do, under class name or not. Because we, are Cougar Nation.


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