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Easter eggs Queen Elizabeth turns 88 today. Queen of about 129 million people, she is queen of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and 12 other Commonwealth countries. Happy birthday!


Easter eggs in the English-speaking world are often covered in brightly coloured foil. They may be made of chocolate and are usually hollow. The brightly coloured foil and chocolate symbolise the joy of Easter. The hollow, empty centre symbolises the empty tomb of Jesus who Christians believe rose from the dead on the very first Easter about 2000 years ago. This year, most Christians celebrated the first day of Easter yesterday on the 20th of April. This festival lasts for one week and the Easter season lasts for about 50 days. Happy Easter! ________________

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It’s a dog’s life … Jay 牛家興 is a first year student of English at DYU and would like to tell us a little about his working holiday.

Hello. My name’s Jay 牛家興. Recently, I had a great holiday and I would like to tell you a little about it. My uncle runs a pet shop. One of his jobs is helping dogs or cats take a bath. He also gives cats and dogs beauty treatments. He is often very busy so whenever I have a holiday a go to wash dogs for him. Of course, he also pays me quite well. Washing dogs is not very hard, but it can make you feel very tired because they can be very naughty when you wash them. If you do this job all day long you will feel crazy. For instance, dogs like to bark a lot and some of the naughtiest ones might even try to bite you. If a dog is in a bad mood you must be extra careful! You really must like dogs a real lot to do this job. I have learnt a lot from this work experience and I am very pleased that I have had the opportunity to wash so many different kinds of dogs. Finally, I must admit that although I really like dogs I do not really like washing them. ____________________ THE


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Surfing’s fun Sophie 林黛燁 majors in German at DYU and would like to share with us her first experience surfing the waves. Surfing is one of the most famous watersports of all time. Starting off in Tahiti, it is now popular with surfers at beaches the world over. Although Taiwan is a beautiful island surrounded by ocean, I did not think it was possible to surf in Taiwan. However, recently I totally changed my mind. Yilan is located in Northeastern Taiwan and it has beautiful beaches around it. In the photo on the right you can see my 19 year old brother Timmy林志勳 who was learning how to surf for the first time. When I first got a surfboard, I felt so excited because I thought I could just jump into the water and surf like those surfers that you see on TV. I soon realised, however, that it is not that easy to stand on a surfboard and balance on it. In fact, if you want to be successful at surfing, you have to be very quick to catch a wave and you also need to be ready to immediately move your body and stand up at just the right time. You must also not be afraid of the waves.

Timmy林志勳 learning to surf for the first time.

I think that is the very difficult to learn how to surf. You need to believe that you really can get up and stand on a surfboard. You also need to be fearless of being pushed about by the waves. Finally, after trying many times comes success! Just like Timmy 林志勳 you are surfing along with your arms stretched out on either side of you and you will feel the pure joy of surfing.


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A forest recreation area Louis呂冠宗, a first year student of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, shares a few photos of his trip to a forest recreation area in Nantou called Sun Link Sea in English and 杉林溪 in Chinese.

My family and I travelled together to Sun Link Sea.

It is located in a very mountainous part of Nantou. It was very beautiful. We took a shuttle bus around the mountains to a beautiful waterfall. We also enjoyed walking around in the mountains and saw a lot of Peony flowers in a greenhouse.

Louis呂冠宗 on the right with his cousin Shawn 周佑昌 on the left.


A small lake in the forest.

Peony flowers.

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