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The Design School Annual Highlights 2018

Our mission is to educate future designers, to shape collaborations, synthesize complexity, and catalyze transformation for public good.

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Director’s Letter The 2017/18 academic year has been a tremendous time of growth, exploring and imagining the future of design education. During this first year as Director, we were challenged with this question: how do we make design schools collaborative, relevant and equitable in our complex world? How do we redesign school? The Design School is already innovative, but we want to do even more. To start that process, we launched the ReDesign.School initiative to listen to the field - and the world - about the future of design education. By having this honest and open conversation, the feedback we collected will help guide us through our transformation.

As we enter into this new school year, we will be working hard on this redesign, and welcome you to engage with us. Whether you attend one of the new lectures on “Experimentation,” experience a design students’ exhibition, or visit our end-of-year summit to explore what the future of education looks like, we want you to be part of this collaborative process. The only way we are going to move towards a better future is together. I’m proud of where The Design School is going and what the future holds for design education. Take a look inside at all of the wonderful accomplishments from this year and please join us in the next exciting chapter of design education! Sincerely,

Jason Schupbach, Director The Design School, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Arizona State University


ReDesign.School Initiative

Where is design education going? How can design education be more relevant? What are the future skillsets designers need to learn now? What should a design school do to prepare students for transdisciplinary work? What should a design school do to forward equity and inclusion? New challenges call for new solutions. In this rapidly changing world, new designers must be able to handle these complex challenges in a different way. This year, The Design School launched a listening initiative called ReDesign.School, led by these five key

questions, to engage with the best minds in the design world and rethink design education. This collaborative process invited every member of the school - from students and faculty to alumni and community partners -

to help create the next great design school that can meet challenges of a new generation. We opened the invitation to the world at large, receiving responses across the globe, from San Rafael, California to Mumbai, India and Manizales, Colombia.

We then took ReDesign.School to designcentered cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York City, Tempe, and Phoenix to host roundtable discussions with design leaders in their field and have more intimate conversations.


The responses to these questions will be a powerful tool for the next stage in the redesign process. In order to address social issues like global warming, women’s health, or designing inclusive urban communities,

we first must consider how we are preparing students to face new design challenges they will be tasked with while also understanding where the design world is heading.

We will compile what we have learned during this first phase to change how we teach and develop designers who are in tune with this dramatically evolving, globally connected world.

Stay tuned for the next steps in this exciting, new process for The Design School! Learn more at



The Design School by the numbers: 1509 students – 1250 undergraduate, 259 Master and PhD students, and 55 faculty members Awarded $205,833 in scholarship monies for our students and $142,399 in Design School research expenditures Architecture Master of Architecture #3 in the nation 2017 SR Education Group/ Industrial Design #20 Best Industrial Design School 2018 The Art Career Project 2018 Top Three Industrial Design Schools in the nation, 2018

Interior Design BSD in Interior Design #19 Best American Architecture and Design Schools 2017-18 DesignIntelligence 9.2017 Landscape Architecture BS in Landscape Architecture #16 Best American Architecture and Design School 2017-18 DesignIntelligence 9.2017

Master in Landscape Architecture #17 Best American Architecture and Design School 2017-18 DesignIntelligence 9.2017 Visual Communication Design #22 in top 50 Graphic Design Schools and Colleges in the United States (public and private) Animation Careers 12.22.2017

#2 in top 10 Graphic Design Schools and Colleges in the southwest Animation Careers 1.4.2018 #15 (out of 50) in the Nation of Undergraduate Programs, College Choice 9.2017


Alumni Highlights Elena Frampton Class of 1997 Elena Frampton has taken New York by storm with her firm Frampton Co., specializing in interior architecture, decoration and art advisement. For the past decade, her studio’s diverse portfolio and signature projects have been highlighted

in top publications such as Architectural Digest, Business of Home, Design Magazine, and New York Cottages and Gardens. This year, she was awarded the ASI D New York Metro’s Design Excellence Award for residential kitchen design.

Tony Garcia Class of 1995 Whether through his practice or his dedication to community engagement, Jose Antonio Garcia, AIA, broadens the profession’s demographic spectrum. Recognizing that great architecture connects people

to their communities, the environment, and, ultimately, one another, Tony has developed a professional focus on work that enhances social equity.


Michelle Shelor Class of 2001 Principal of Scottsdale-based firm Colwell Shelor Landscape Architecture, Michelle Shelor is responsible for shaping Colwell Shelor as a leading, nationally-recognized firm in the Southwest, known for their design excellence and focus on sustainability. Her diverse work in landscape architecture encompasses urban plazas, cultural institutions, educational facilities, over-structure gardens and urban gardens. Michelle holds holds a Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture and was named the Arizona ASLA Landscape

Architect of the Year in 2016. Her signature projects include Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, Mesa’s City Center and the University of Arizona’s Environmental + Natural Resource Building I I.

Carlos Terminel Class of 2016 As the newest industrial designer for Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group, Carlos Terminel is advancing technology for the next generation. During his time at The Design School, he served as an assistant researcher for The Biomimicry Center, conducting controlled user research studies and market research for innovative products. As a product designer, he also served on a team for ASU’s InnovationSpace program to develop solutions that could be retrofitted to create more equitably designed wheelchairs.

Tanner Woodford Class of 2009 Tanner Woodford is an anchor in the Chicago community for design. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Design from the visual communication design program, he founded the Design Museum of Chicago in 2012, designing unexpected cultural experiences to inspire, educate, and innovate through design. As the museum’s founder and executive director, Tanner’s mission is to create greater awareness around role of design within cities and within the lives people who experience it.


Student Highlights


Ali Saman Chopra As a graduate teaching assistant of the Interior Design and Interior Architecture programs, Ali Saman Chopra has had a profound journey at The Design School. One of his biggest dreams as a freshman during the milestone was to become a teaching assistant. After six years as a student, Ali has taught three courses, working alongside his professors and mentors who supported his work. He enjoys seeing how innovative the design students are and encourages them to push boundaries in their projects.

Sydni Alaniz, Rachel Estes, Ryan Luy, and Lauren Schaecher Visual communication senior students Sydni Alaniz, Rachel Estes, Ryan Luy, and Lauren Schaecher applied their design skills and passion for social justice by branding a series of Martin Luther King, Jr. events held at Arizona State University. Through collaboration, these talented students developed a comprehensive redesign plan for a working event committee. Their ideas were then selected from over a dozen groups to apply towards the 33rd annual celebration of M LK events.

Kristin Antkoviak Kristin Antkoviak received a Masters of Landscape Architecture in 2018, where she participated in a service-learning studio partnership with Hawai’i Green Growth to mitigate canal flooding. Through the landscape architecture program, Kristin applied her expertise to focus on social justice in a south Phoenix neighborhood. Kristin was named an outstanding graduate by the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, and received an honorary community service award from Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton.

Dan Duquette, Ethan Fancher, Erlend Meling and Derek Smoker Industrial design majors Dan Duquette, Ethan Fancher, Erlend Meling and Derek Smoker created a bus stop shelter design that was selected by the City of Phoenix to be implemented on 400 bus stops over 5 years. It will provide shade and comfort to the 32 million annual bus riders, including stops that don’t currently have shade structures and for new stops on Phoenix’s bus route expansion.


Global Engagement Studios Many of our students have the unique opportunity to learn design principles hands-on through our global studio programs. These programs introduce students to an enriching experience in a global environment to create perspective, gain global awareness, intercultural competence,

and meaningful experience of place to help them succeed in the workforce. The Design School offers global engagement programs in Italy, France, and Spain, allowing the participants to study and analyze the relationship between context and design in three great European cities:

Rome, Paris, and Barcelona. Students can also explore diverse approaches to planning, landscape architecture, urban design and development found in Northwestern Europe, such as Copenhagen, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Paris. Through the study and observation

of the physical and social structure of cities, villages and the rural landscape, these young designers can begin to understand historical precedents, cultural differences, design priorities, and innovative ideas with sustainable solutions.


Design Primer When a high school student dreams of one day designing a poster, building a skyscraper or even constructing a public park, they now no longer need to wait to see what a career in design is all about. Design Primer is a summer

introductory course for high school and incoming freshman students to experience the disciplines of architecture, industrial design, interior design, landscape architecture and visual communication design.

This program is a unique way for young, brilliant minds to explore and succeed in design education. In five weeks, students learn a variety of basic design skills, such as sketching, interpretation, creative thinking

and model construction. At the end of the program, Design Primer students exhibit their final prototypes, demonstrating their understanding of design and how to address challenges creatively.


Student Organizations Our student organizations at The Design School create a pipeline of professional opportunities and design activities. Through these active groups, students can connect with various professional organizations and other design interests outside of the classroom. With valuable resources like mentoring programs, service activities, site visits, local events and national conferences, a design student can bridge their education into lifelong learning experiences and future goals for a promising career path.

AIAS ASU Student Chapter American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) student chapter at Arizona State University is a robust group aligned with the AIAS national student organization. AIAS is dedicated to advancing leadership, design, and service among architecture students. By learning about design beyond the borders of textbooks or studio, AIAS students continue to build crossdisciplinary relationships between professionals in AIA, AIA-10, and other diverse student organizations of engineering, landscape, interiors, sustainability, LG BT+, and beyond.

AIGA ASU Student Chapter American Institute of Graphic Arts at Arizona State University (AIGA - ASU) student chapter offers a pathway to the active AIGA professional design community. AIGA represents a worldwide community of over 25,000 design advocates, connecting our students to a continuum of representation of emerging designers to the most seasoned design professionals. AIGA ASU is dedicated to designing for social good, holding an annual poster show and clock fundraiser each year to bring to light social issues happening around the globe.


ASLA ASU Student Chapter The American Society of Landscape Architects ASU Chapter (ASLA ASU) is a leading example of exemplary stewardship, where students learn about the artful design of cultural and natural environments. Design students in ASLA ASU participate in popular community projects such as Park(ing) Day and frequent sketch crawls to observe the natural world. By connecting to the global ASLA network of 16,200 members and 48 chapters, students have access to a breadth of knowledge and talent in the landscape architecture industry.

IDSA ASU Student Chapter The Industrial Designer Society of America (I DSA ASU) student chapter is connected to the longest-standing, professional society of industrial designers in the United States. The I DSA student group hosts regular workshops and industrial guest speakers, introducing good design techniques and business practices in the industry. As an active and collaborative design team, they demonstrate their chapter’s mission through ongoing industrial design education, community service and advocacy for their field.

ISA ASU Student Chapter Interiors Student Alliance (ISA) is the joint student organization for interior design and interior architecture at ASU and the home for ASI D and I I DA campus centers. Together, ISA advocates for positive impact in the interior design field, design excellence and public good. The ISA annual “Light for Hope” fundraising event, for example, is a unique way for interior design and interior architecture students to promote their work and produce original light fixtures which are auctioned to support local causes.

LASO - Latino Architecture Student Organization Latino Architecture Student Organization at Arizona State University (LASO) is vital part of the fabric of our student body. By championing diversity through architecture and collaborating with design professionals, LASO continues to promote excellence, offer valuable architecture resources to their fellow students, promote community engagement, and encourage social awareness. LASO serves as an effective source of motivation and inspiration for other minority youth who are interested in design.


Faculty Highlights Wanda Dalla Costa As the first First Nations woman in Canada to become an architect, Institute Professor Wanda Dalla Costa is a leading authority in the design world on indigenous architecture. Wanda is committed to nurturing native connections, mentoring students and deepening relationships through the built environment. Her groundbreaking work in design, construction and technology brings a new voice to our school with a strong emphasis on indigenous design.

G. Mauricio Mejía Mauricio Mejía is the newest assistant professor to the visual communication design program. His design practice and research work focuses on how visual and interaction design can be used in strategic goals, such as better human experiences and behavioral change. Mauricio is keenly interested in generating knowledge in design that informs innovative decisionmaking and increases social welfare.

The Design School’s distinguished faculty is committed to equipping students

with the design tools needed to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

Marc Neveu As the editor of the Journal of Architectural Education and former chair of the architecture programs at the School of Architecture at Woodbury University, Marc Neveu brings a fresh perspective to The Design School as head of the architecture program. Through his leadership, Marc champions the redesign effort by honoring the profession’s past while testing new ideas for the rapidly evolving program to continue to flourish.

Olivier Vallerand Before joining The Design School, Professor Olivier Vallerand taught at Université Laval, Université du Québec à Montréal and the University of California-Berkley. His research focuses on identity and its relation to the design and experience of spaces and on queer and feminist approaches to design education. His work appears in a variety of publications, including the Journal of Architectural Education.


Research Highlights At Arizona State University, our researchers tear down the silos between traditional disciplines in order to address some of the most complex challenges facing our world. At The Design School, our researchers strive to make a positive impact and respond to new challenges quickly by collaborating together with industry professionals and other partners. This approach has made ASU the fastest-growing research institution in the United States.

Architecture Research Professor Catherine Spellman of the architecture program served as editor “Conversations and Allusions: Enric Miralles,” where she examines one of the most prominent architects of his generation. The book outlines research of Miralles’ 25-year career, boasting over 150 projects around the world. Catherine’s work offers a way to understand the significance of Miralles’ architectural design, his use of space to serve the everyday conditions of life and designing to create positive change in the world.

Industrial Design Research Our students embrace innovation and inclusivity through powerful designs that serve future generations to come. This year, industrial design graduate Lauren Emmerson and senior Anastasia Miller created DomiCare, an at-home Pap smear test designed to reduce anxiety associated with the procedure and give women more control over their health without interfering with their work or social life. This user-friendly design addressed many issues facing the process,

providing ease of care based on extensive product research. DomiCare was awarded first place in the International Housewares Association Student Design Competition and the opportunity to license their product concept.


Interior Design and Visual Communication Design Research Through a collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach spanning a decade, The Design School created The Cluster Project, offering a prime example of pioneering in design education. Interior Design Professor Milagros Zingoni and Visual Communication Design Professor William Heywood, Ph.D explored a teaching pedagogy through a ten-day-long design thinking experience.

The project involved junior students from five disciplines at The Design School to reshape the evolving conceptual framework of design programs through a collaborative experience across ASU. Mixed teams worked to identify a problem, explore solutions that involved a transdisciplinary approach and communicate their proposals at The Interdisciplinary Cluster Competition.

Landscape Architecture Research Design addresses multiple challenges our world faces, such as extreme weather. Dr. Paul Coseo, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at The Design School, researches urban climate design to thoughtfully and holistically explore the design of cities. Through a collaborative project with Tempe, Arizona and Buffalo, New York, Paul explores

solutions to weather extremes through better use of materials, shade structures, policy initiatives and government relations. Through significant investment from NSF’s Smart and Connected Communities initiative, Paul aims to create city resilience to thermal extremes.


Lectures Our annual lecture series is an invitation for faculty, students and Arizona community members to experience world-renowned designers and transdisciplinary thought leaders sharing their expertise on pressing topics that matter to

the global community. Our speakers come from a variety of backgrounds and design disciplines, providing insight into their processes and challenges they have addressed.

Chad D. Danos 9.20.2017/ Susan Szenasy 10.4.2017/Josh Silverman 10.25.2017/Cheryl Heller 10.27.2017/ Lee Davis 11.1.2017/Rob Giampietro 11.8.2017/ Wanda Dalla Costa 11.29.2017/

Vishaan Chakrabarti 1.31.2017/ Francis KĂŠrĂŠ (2018 Curt Schafer Memorial Lecture) 3.14.2018/Christine Ten Eyck 3.28.2018/Toni L. Griffin 4.12.2018


Partners Because of our community partners and generous donors who help provide valuable resources to The Design School, our students have the best opportunities at their fingertips to create lasting change in our world. Each partnership helps strengthen the foundation of our mission and improves the quality of each student’s educational experience.

Thank you to our partners for helping us create a school that provides innovative ideas in design education!

We are grateful for partners such as The Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) Foundation and EnCon United who are committed to the success of our students. As a technical institute, PCI develops, maintains, and disseminates industry knowledge of precast concrete structures and systems, providing support to advance innovation at The Design School.

This year, our industry partners were fundamental in our collective success. The American Society for Interior Designers (ASI D) offered interior design students the chance to attend SCALEX, a unique one-day conference expanding their classroom knowledge to leverage their professional development. The American Society of Landscape

Architects (ALSA) were a key partner in celebrating our landscape architecture program’s 40th anniversary. The Industrial Designers Society of America (I DSA) and World Design Organization elevated our students’ stories during World Industrial Design Day, and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) helped organize a successful ASU alumni event during their annual convention.


ReDesign.School AIA Arizona (Architecture local roundtable partner) / AIGA Arizona (VCD local roundtable partner) / AIGA National / ASI D Arizona North Chapter (partner for Interior roundtable) / ASLA Arizona (Landscape Architecture local roundtable partner) / Contract Magazine / Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum (NYC Roundtable partner) / Gensler Phoenix (hosted Interiors local roundtable) / H DR Phoenix Office (hosted landscape architecture roundtable) / I I DA Southwest Chapter (partner for Interiors roundtable) / National Building Museum (DC roundtable partner) / True North Studio (VCD local roundtable host) / YBCA Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco roundtable partner/host)

Frame A Dream Interior Design Studio I I Hospitality project: Phoenix Children’s Hospital / Gensler Phoenix / Tony Sola

SCALEx @ASU ASI D National / Davis Furniture / Dunn-Edwards Paint / Hansgrohe / Humanscale / Interior Design magazine / Mohawk Group

Landscape Architecture III Studio Paul Coseo: Central Arizona Conservation Alliance / Chispa, Arizona / Haldiman Farms / The Nature Conservancy

Pause + Play Milagros Zingoni, Advanced Interior Architecture Studio I project: City of Mesa / I DEA Museum / Mesa Arts Center Main Street Prototyping Festival / Porter Elementary School

An Najah- Palestine Studio Harvey Bryan and Phil Horton: An Najah National University / Stevens Initiative / The Aspen Institute

The Experimental Room Elena Rocchi, Environmental Design Student Exhibition: Phoenix Art Museum

Responsible Forestry Certified SCS Global Services

Rio Reimagined partners: Arizona Forward /Tiger Mountain Foundation Creative Measurement and Neighborhood Change Maria Rosario Jackson, Ph.D.: Vitalyst Health Foundation Arts, Culture and Design and Community Development Maria Rosario Jackson, Ph.D.: LISC Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Phoenix

Other partners Chicago Architecture Foundation / Rio Salado Architecture Foundation / Jane Smith donated books by Jim Cramer

ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

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The Design School Annual Highlights 2018  

The Design School Annual Highlights 2018