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Made by Hand pg 4 5 local bloggers come together to bring you quick, easy DIY gift ideas for those on your list.

Last Minute Gift Ideas ‌ Locally! pg 10 Support locally owned businesses with your gift giving this year.

Lasting Impressions pg 26 Creativity, design sense and a love for vintage things inspire a Roanoke man to create his own form of art.

Daycation pg 32 Four shops make a wonderful shopping and pampering destination in downtown Lynchburg

New Year, pg 41 New Goals, New You Consider locally owned options this year to jumpstart your 2013 fitness plan.

Don’t Give Your Fitness Plan the Cold Shoulder The weather is brisk, but outdoor exercise is a possibility with the right gear.

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Green Sweep

Minding Her Business pg 9 tips from an area businesswoman

Vintage Diaries pg 13 reflections on life and love

clutch Goes Culinary pg 14 a winter feast with friends

You may notice a little bit of a change,

The Embellished Life pg 19

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ideas for dressing up a gift

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resolution review pg 22

With many of our writers and staff

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Bliss & Makeup pg 49 a new look for a cancer survivor

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Mise en Place pg 50 organization for a new year

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Findings from a recent survey of our readers:

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Made by Hand SIMPLE, DO IT YOURSELF GIFTS Whether it’s a present for a friend or the need for a hostess gift, a simple DIY project can be just what you need to give something a little extra special. Enjoy making these fun, easy ideas for others (or even yourself!) this season.

Stamped Washer Ornament Supplies:


washers (assorted sizes)

1. Using a hammer on a concrete floor,

metal stamp kit

stamp a name or message on two washers.


2. Color over each letter with a marker.

black permanent marker

Quickly wipe away the excess marker with

E600 glue

a baby wipe.

ribbon or twine

3. Glue washers together with E600 glue.

baby wipes

4. Attach ribbon or twine for a hanger. Paula is a teacher by day and in her free time enjoys biking, tennis, decorating, gardening, and cooking. Be sure to visit her blog at





1. Find printable paper dolls online

magnetic printer paper

that you like, and save to your

printable paper doll clip art


scrapbook paper

2. Follow directions on magnetic

decorative tape

paper for loading into printer.

glue stick

3. Print dolls on magnetic paper, and cut out. 4. Decorate tin with scrapbook paper and decorative tape. Joy enjoys reading, drinking hot tea, writing, and being creative. Keep up with her life at www.


DIY Monogram mugs Supplies:

2. Trim the print out of the initial to

white porcelain mug (check the dollar

fit on the mug.

store or salvage stores)

3. Flip the initial over, and create


your own transfer paper by rubbing

graphite pencil

a graphite pencil all over the area. Be

paint marker (oil based) for use on

sure to completely cover the back of


the initial.


4. Tape the initial (graphite side

rubbing alcohol

down) to the mug.

printed initial in font of your choice (a large, block style font will work best for this application)


5. Trace the initial using a pencil or a pen. A nice firm pressure will yield the best results. When completed,


remove the paper.

1. Prepare the mug by wiping the

6. Take the paint marker, and trace

surface with rubbing alcohol.

over the outline of the initial. Next,

fill in with sketchy diagonal strokes. 7. Allow to sit for 24 hours. 8. Place in a cold oven, and set to 350 degrees. Once it is preheated, set the timer for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, turn off the oven, and let the mug cool inside. 9. Any leftover graphite will wipe right off at this point. 10. Hand wash. Heather is a crafty wife and mom of three who has a passion for creating beautiful things for those around her. Life is more fun when you craft, create and celebrate! For more creative ideas check out her blog at

Painted Vintage Tray Supplies: spray paint fine sand paper tray (find at thrift stores or yard sales)

Directions: 1. Find any tray you that you love for the shape and size. Most of the trays this size will be under $3. 2. Spray two coats of a fun color that “pops”. 3. After the paint fully dries, take your sandpaper, and sand in a very un-uniform way. You want to try to make it look as if it has taken years and years of wear. 4. That’s it! Trays can be used on most surfaces to collect decorative items and even add a bit of color. Place them on coffee tables, console tables and even the tops of bedroom dressers. Amanda Carver has a very eclectic style and gets immeasurable joy from transforming items from thrift stores and garage sales into unique, usable pieces. Follow her at


Upcycled Rosette Brooch Supplies:

4. Glue the leaves to the back of the

denim from a hem or found piece

rose to secure the rose’s shape. Once

(we got a dress from Goodwill)

dry, follow up by gluing the pin back


to the rose and then covering the

fabric glue

inside of the pin back with the small

pin back

circle of denim.

fabric dye (optional)

5. Allow to dry and enjoy! *If you

Directions: 1. Cut off a strip of the hem of the washed denim (the length will determine the size of your rose).

between steps 2 and 3. Follow the instructions on the dye (we improvised and used small containers and the microwave to heat

2. Freehand cut two leaf shapes

up small amounts of water instead of

from the denim and a small circle.

utilizing the washer).*

3. With fabric glue in hand, begin

In addition to being a wife and mom, Jennifer enjoys crafting, antique shopping and decorating with thrifted/upcycled items. She blogs for brides at

to roll the hem strip to form the rose. Twist slightly at times so the rose is not completely flat on top.


choose to dye the denim, do so

Photos by KD Burke Photography



BUSINESS: Leecy Fink

About Leecy - Wife, mom of 5 (ranging from 1 to 15 years old), owner of Celebration Bridal and co-owner of Tresca on 8th. When Leecy Fink walks into a room, heads turn. She has a beautiful, commanding presence matched with a magnetic personality that instantly draws people to her. I had the privilege of getting coffee with this thirty-something businesswoman where I asked her a couple of questions about the secrets to her success. Christy: How do you own and operate two successful businesses and raise a family at the same time? Leecy: I include my family in my decisions, and my staff is a part of my family, so my work family is

Photo by Stone Blue Productions

incorporated into my real family. As a result, we have people over at our

Christy: How did you two meet?

house all the time, and we have a

Leecy: We met in high school and

revolving door policy. Our house is

then reconnected when we were in

a social Mecca. We’ve also raised our

college. He was in the Marine Corps

children to be very independent, but

at the time, and his mother had made

we all take care of each other.

post cards for friends to mail out to

Christy: Where do you find

him. I wrote him a simple letter, not

your inspiration?

thinking anything of it. A few weeks

Leecy: With people. I’m extroverted,

later I got a random call at night

so I draw energy from other people. I

from a pay phone in California.

don’t like to work alone; in fact, when

Gary was stationed there, and

I had an office, I never used it. Christy: Tell me about your relationship with your husband. Leecy: It’s based on mutual love and respect. He sees my job as importantly as I see his job. We have equal respect for both of our careers.

we started talking regularly. By Christmas break we were dating; by January, I had bought a plane ticket to fly out there to see him; by August we were engaged! Christy: If you could describe yourself as an item of clothing, what would it be?

We have what I like to call a “staying

Leecy: Clarks: the frumpiest shoe on

power,” a commitment to get through

earth. They’re the most comfortable

anything. We have to work through

shoes on earth, though, and I own a

things for the good of us and the

bazillion of them.

good of our children. We’re invested

Although we don’t think Leecy is frumpy

in each other. We’re ridiculous …

in the least, we know that she is reliable

we still dance together and kiss in

and as down to earth as favorite pair of

public. I’m smitten with him.

shoes becomes. Visit her in downtown

I think he’s amazing.

Lynchburg when you can!

Leecy’s Tips •You have to jump in with both feet. I remember taking the leap and thinking, “what the heck did I just do?” When you take the leap, you can’t look back. •Don’t believe the hype that because you are a female business owner that you are going to get special treatment from the banks, government ... etc. •Surround yourself with professionals who are strong, where you are weak. For example, if you are a master accountant, do your own books. If not, pay a professional. •Build a team of people that have your back. You want to be able to trust your teammates with your business secrets, your strategies and fears. •When things get tough, you can’t give up. You have to keep on keeping on. I use the same “staying power” philosophy in my business as in my marriage. Failure is never an option.

Christy Mays is a twenty-something student finishing her B.A. in English and Writing. She lives in Lynchburg and works at Robin Alexander Bistro. She is marrying the love of her life, Steven Chichester, this March.


Last Minute

Gift Ideas

Under $50 A gift certificate to Must Have

... locally!

Shoes, a new shop in Lynchburg and Richmond that has SO many awesome choices.

There’s no time better than right

Animals on Canvas

now to buy locally and by the time

at The Urban Merchant.

you are reading this, you will most

They are all so cute! Starting at $32.

likely need a last minute gift or two. It’s also a GREAT idea to have a few extra little things to give to the

The Virginia Shop in Charlottesville

unexpected guest (or to give when

has fabulous gifts and gift baskets.

handed a gift from someone that

You can create your own basket for

you ... eh hem, forgot).

under $50, and they have some already

Photography by Stone Blue Productions When Michelle isn’t planning and creating handbags for her company elle & anne, she enjoys decorating her own home where she spends time with her husband, David, and their three dogs.

prepared to choose from as well.  Exercise gear from Riverside Runners. Buy warm layering pieces or a collection of essentials, like headbands and water bottles at this Lynchburg store.

Under $25 Estate costume jewelry at The Burnt Orange in Lynchburg, $5-$20. Also ask them to see their local made, all natural soap from Pure Harmony, $7.

Yummy chocolates from chocolatepaper in Roanoke, $5.50+.

Fantastic scarves at Gladiola Girls in Lynchburg, $24+.

Paper goods in Lynchburg at Farmbasket. What girl doesn’t love pretty stationary or a cute notepad? There are lots of choices for under $25 there.

Deep Steep body products at Telitha in Lynchburg. The products are good for your body and smell delectable! 10

Of course, gift certificates to these locations (or any of our advertisers!) guarantees “one-size-fits-all!”

Under $100

Will you join to “buy local” with us this Christmas?

G orgeous white Nora Fleming Cake

We would LOVE to see you buy all of your

Platter (everyone needs a cake platter

gifts at locally owned shops, but we are

during the holiday season!) at Steger

asking our clutch readers to partner with us

Creek in Lynchburg and Roanoke,

to take 5 people from their list and commit


to buying those gifts locally. You may be

Jewelry from Bowen in Lynchburg.

surprised that you can check off more

They have fine jewelry and gifts

people than that, but 5 is a great place to

from under $100 to $1000s. Shop for

start! Instagram or tweet your finds with

anything from Jefferson cups to

#buy5local, or post them on our Facebook

diamond rings!

page … we would love to see them!

Candles, embroidered tea towels and collectibles at Enchanted in Lynchburg.





The story of Dottie Phillips

Vintage Diaries Reflections From Yesteryear

Photo by Jennifer Prince

APPLESAUCE CAKE We thought Applesauce Cake sounded pretty amazing, so here is a delicious recipe we found.

Dorothy (Dottie) Phillips has lived a life marked by true love. Born in Kentucky, she moved to Fort Knox when she was just 19. Like many of the other girls from her town, she went in search of work. What she ended up finding was a love that lasted a lifetime.


Dottie worked in the payroll

their reunion, Dottie could barely

department and became close friends

reach her husband. “His men were

with the head actuary and his wife.

all around him. Most men didn’t like

When they requested that she

their officers, but Jack’s men loved

accompany a friend of theirs to his

him.” Eventually Dottie and Jack

graduation from Officer’s School, she

were united and she was able to give

resisted. Only after much prompting

him the applesauce cake she had

from her boss and his wife did she

made just for him. “He ate the whole


finally agree.

thing! He wouldn’t share any of it,”

1. Cream butter with sugar. Add applesauce; beat well. Stir in flour, soda, and spices. Add nuts and raisins.

Nine weeks later John Phillips, ten

1/2 cup butter 1 cup white sugar 1 cup chilled applesauce 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves 1/2 cup raisins (optional) 1/2 cup chopped walnuts (optional)

2. Pour the batter into a greased and floured 8 inch square pan. Bake at 350 degrees F for 40 minutes, or until done. Serve warm.

years her senior, informed her he

Dottie and Jack had a full life

had made an appointment with a

including two daughters and a son.

minister that afternoon and that he

“I always knew where they were.

hoped she would be there. “I’ll be

Their friends liked coming to our

there,” she answered. What followed

house.” John Phillips passed way

was 66 years of love and devotion.

three years ago, leaving behind three

Jack Phillips spent two years overseas during WWII. During that time In addition to writing, Joy enjoys crafting (including her handmade Waldorf dolls!) along with being a creative wife to Josh and mom to her two sweet little girls.

she reminisced.

Dottie wrote him twice a day. “I wrote him V-mail every morning and airmail every night.” Dottie’s belief

children, seven grandchildren, and even a few great grandchildren. Though other memories may have faded, memories of Dottie’s true love are still as clear as ever.

that she married a good man was only confirmed upon his return. At 13

A Perfect Winter Picnic 14

A small gathering of friends on a cool night calls for candlelight and comfort food. As darkness falls wintry lasagna is pulled from the oven, leaving a trail of steam as it is taken to an outside table. It joins a salad of paperthin vegetables and crispy kale and Brussels sprouts sautĂŠed with thick-cut bacon, as friends eagerly pass their plates. Wine glasses clink, and everyone merrily digs in, each person exclaiming over the heartiness of the lasagna despite its lack of meat. As the air chills further dishes are gathered, and the party moves inside. Moist cake laced with ginger is sliced into hefty chunks as coffee is poured, friends find their place in front of a roaring fire.


crispy kale salad with lime dressing Ingredients

1/2 red Thai chili or 1/4 red jalape単o, seeded, thinly sliced

3 cups (loosely packed) mixed tender herbs (such as cilantro, mint, and basil)

1 1/2 tablespoons (packed) palm sugar or light brown sugar

24 small Tuscan kale leaves (about 5 inches) or 5-inch-long pieces torn from large stemmed leaves

3 cups mixed shaved vegetables (such as carrots, beets, and radishes)

1/4 cup fresh lime juice 3 tablespoons fish sauce (such as nam pla or nuoc nam) 1 teaspoon minced garlic

1 tablespoon vegetable oil Kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper

2 cups pea tendrils, watercress, or baby arugula 2 cups thinly sliced stemmed Tuscan kale leaves (from 1 bunch) 1 cup thinly sliced cucumber

Andrea Hubbell is a photographer with a passion for cooking at home. Andrea is the creator of Bella Eats, a food and recipe blog which shares stories from her kitchen.

Method Boil 2 Tbsp. water on high until sugar is dissolved, about 30 seconds. Let cool. Whisk in next 4 ingredients for dressing. Set aside. Arrange racks in upper and lower thirds of oven; preheat to 250 degrees. Brush tops of kale leaves with oil; season with salt and pepper. Arrange in a single layer on 2 large baking sheets. Bake, rotating sheets top to bottom halfway through, until kale is crisp, about 30 minutes. Transfer leaves from baking sheets to a wire rack; let cool. Mix herbs and remaining 4 ingredients with 6 Tbsp. dressing in a large bowl. Divide salad among plates; top with crispy kale leaves and drizzle remaining dressing over.



Butternut Squash Lasagna Ingredients

3 1/2 cups whole milk

2 tablespoons olive oil

Sprig of fresh sage, plus 12 fresh sage leaves (thyme can be used as a substitute if sage is not available)

1 (2-3 pound) butternut squash, peeled, seeded, and cut into 1-inch cubes

Pinch nutmeg

Salt 12 no-boil lasagna noodles Freshly ground black pepper 5 amaretti cookies, crumbled 1/4 cup butter

2 1/2 cups shredded whole-milk mozzarella cheese 1 cup freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano

1/4 cup all-purpose flour

Method Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Toss squash cubes in olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and spread in one layer over a foil-lined baking sheet. Roast for 30-40 minutes or until tender and caramelized. Cool slightly, and then transfer the squash to a food processor. Add the amaretti cookies, and blend until smooth. Season the purée with salt and pepper to taste. Make a roux by melting butter in a heavy, medium-size saucepan over medium heat. Add the flour, and whisk for 1 minute. Gradually whisk in the milk, and add whole sage sprig. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce the heat to medium, and simmer until the sauce thickens slightly, whisking often, about 5 minutes. Whisk in the nutmeg. Cool slightly. Season the sauce with salt and pepper, to taste. Lightly butter a 13 x 9 x 2 inch glass baking dish. Spread some of the white sauce over the prepared baking dish. Arrange 3 lasagna noodles on the

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Ingredients 1 pound fresh Brussels sprouts, cut in half 3-4 slices thick-cut bacon, cut into small pieces 1 tbsp olive oil Splash of good quality craft beer (for deglazing)

bottom of the pan. Spread some of the squash purée over the noodles.


Sprinkle with some of the mozzarella and Parmigianino. Drizzle more white

Freshly ground black pepper

sauce over the noodles. Repeat layers and finish with squash puree and any remaining white sauce. Lay whole sage leaves across the top.

method Begin by sautéing the bacon in a non-

Tightly cover the baking dish with foil, and bake the lasagna in the center

stick pan for 3-4 minutes. Add the

of a 375-degree oven for 40 minutes. Sprinkle the remaining mozzarella and

olive oil and stir to combine with the

Parmigianino over the lasagna. Continue baking uncovered until the sauce

bacon fat.

bubbles and the top is golden, 15 minutes longer. Let the lasagna stand for 15 minutes before serving. Cut into squares using the sage leaves as a guide.

Place the Brussels sprouts in the pan, cut side down, in a single layer. Allow to sauté until a nice, golden char forms on the cut side, about 5 minutes. Deglaze the pan with the beer, give everything a good shake or stir, and cover the pan. Allow the Brussels sprouts to steam, covered, for 2-3 minutes, until they are easily pierced with a fork. Remove from heat. Salt and pepper to taste. 17

Ginger cake If you love ginger, you will love this cake. With a pound cake consistency, it is also great with coffee for breakfast the next morning.

Ingredients Softened butter for brushing pan 1/2 cup raw sugar 2-1/4 cups all-purpose flour 4 tsp ground ginger 2 tsp baking powder

2 cups sugar 4 large eggs 1 large egg yolk 2 tsp vanilla extract 1 cup sour cream 1 cup chopped, crystallized ginger

1/2 tsp salt 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature

method Position rack in center of oven, and preheat to 350 degrees. Brush softened butter generously all over the inside of a 12-cup Bundt pan. Sprinkle turbinado sugar over butter in pan, tilting pan to coat completely. Whisk flour, ground ginger, baking powder, and salt in a medium bowl. Using electric mixer, beat 1 cup butter in large bowl until smooth. Add 2 cups sugar, beat on medium-high speed until blended, about 2 minutes. Add eggs 1 at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat in 1 egg yolk and vanilla, stopping to scrape down the bowl as needed. Add flour mixture in 3 additions alternately with sour cream in 2 additions, beating on low speed just until blended after each addition. Mix in crystallized ginger. Spread batter in pan, being careful not to dislodge sugar. Bake cake until top is light brown and tester inserted near center comes out with a few small crumbs attached, about 55 minutes. Transfer to rack; cool in pan 15 minutes. Gently tap bottom edge of pan on work surface while rotating pan until cake loosens. Place rack atop pan, and invert cake onto rack; remove pan. Cool completely. Serve with whipped cream or fresh berries.




It’s that time of the year when we are most focused on gift giving. Whether for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whichever ... gifting is most likely a HUGE part of your thinking. As far as I am concerned, I would rather give than receive any day! I love, making my lists, narrowing down the purchasing possibilities according to my recipient’s personalities or needs, and then searching the stores for the most bang-for-my-buck. To be quite honest, the biggest reason I love shopping for others is because I get to present it to them with a myriad of wrappings, ribbon, and little “do-dads” attached to the packaging.


When gift bagging ... use colored tissue paper that matches or compliments the bag. Put a REAL gift card on there. Tie the two handles together, and slide the bow to the base of the handle. When wrapping ... if you have several gifts, wrap them individually and create a gift “stack”. Tie the stack with some pretty ribbon or twine. Add a nice gift tag, and tuck something (like an ornament!) in the ribbon.

Even the smallest gift deserves wrapping. Twist ribbon all the way down a tube of lipstick, tying a bow at the bottom, and then tuck an artificial flower in the top of the ribbon. Voila! A mini bouquet. A pad of paper could be dropped in a brown paper “lunch bag”, fold down the top a couple of times, punch two holes through the folded part, run some ribbon through, attach a gift card, and there you go!

Use whatever you have! I have used newspaper, white paper that kids have decorated, bits of twine and ribbon, and even sticks laying in my yard along with pinecones and snaps of cedar branches or holly. Get creative, and get the kids

Nevertheless ... I do believe that when


there. You may have even rolled your

you are giving a gift to someone, how

Don’t go for perfection! Do what

eyes at me because the last thing

you present it to them shows just as

you want to do when you get home

much about how much you care as

from the crazy hustle and bustle of

the gift itself does. Here’s the bottom

those stores is to sit down and wrap.

line: say “I care about you” with your

your photos and include #clutchwrapping.

In fact, a gift bag with white tissue

wrapping and whatever is inside

You may even give me some ideas!

paper may be your “go to.” That’s

won’t matter … truly! I have given the

fine. Seriously, if that’s all you have

smallest of gifts to those who I just

time for, at least you’ve done that.

want to give a little token, and they

For me, it is like an expression of art.

have squealed in delight because I

It is another layer to the gift.

made the outside look like there was

I know I have lost some of you right

a treasure to be unveiled. 20

you can, and don’t think they have to look like my examples. I hope these things help, and I can’t wait to see what you have wrapped. Instagram

When Michelle isn’t planning and creating handbags for her company elle & anne, she enjoys decorating her own home where she spends time with her husband, David, and their three dogs.

Photos by: David Duncan Photography

one dress everyday for a month.

Onetober...success! We did it! Approximately 30 ladies

A few ladies capped off the end of Onetober with a luncheon at Farmbasket in Lynchburg.

supported and drew attention to the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center through our 2012 Onetober project … whether it was due to sharing daily photos on Facebook or someone simply noticing the dress. The journey was introspective as you will find out through the answers below.

what they said: It was certainly fun knowing I could go from a professional look to casual and relaxed with a few changes. — Marilyn It’s not about material things. — Jessica I was surprised by how really how easy it was.— Joy

accessorize! jacket, shirt, belt, boots, tights, scarves, jewelry, cute shoes, leggings, sweater, cardigan

“I thought it would be easy for me, but I soon realized how bored I got and learned a lot about myself (vanity) was eye opening.” — Erin

In honor of

Photo by Sincerely, Liz: Photography

lessons learned There are lots of fun ways to accessorize a dress just from shopping in your own closet. — Heather I can think creatively, go a little bolder with accessories and just keep basic items in my wardrobe. —Jennifer

The whole “ ‘getting ready in the morning’ process and how ‘put together’ I looked and felt was super easy! —Amy


said they would do it again


Resolution Review The ball will drop, the party hats will be discarded, and the Christmas decorations

•Do share your plans with one or

will get packed up. Ready or not, the New Year is upon us, inspiring many to do

two people whom you trust to hold

some reflecting and perhaps decide it is time for a change. No matter what your

you accountable.

past resolutions have been, surveys show that as many as 4 out of 5 resolutions are abandoned. So how do you move toward lasting change? Here are few simple dos

•Don’t beat yourself up over your failures. It takes a while to

and don’ts to get you started.

establish new habits. Making a change can be overwhelming, and •Don’t overdo. Trying to tackle

far too generic and makes it hard to

it may take time and even some

everything in your life that you

track actual progress.

readjusting of expectations.

•Do narrow down your resolution

•Do celebrate the small victories,

to something specific like drinking

and be willing to readjust

•Do pick one area that you feel

three glasses of water a day, saving

resolutions as needed.

you can honestly address, and focus

$100 a month, or calling your mom

on that.

once a week.

•Don’t be overly general. Saying

•Don’t go it alone. If you don’t share

you want to lose weight, save money,

your resolutions with someone, it is

or be a better friend/wife/mother is

very easy to shrug them off.

want to change is a sure fire way to burn out.


In addition to writing, Joy enjoys crafting (including her handmade Waldorf dolls!) along with being a creative wife to Josh and mom to her two sweet little girls. Photo by Stone Blue Productions


The Murse

murse (mûrs) n. a man’s handbag

Five Tips from Anthony I have used the following five tips in every aspect of my life, personally and professionally. Always Challenge Yourself No matter what, be prepared to do things that others wouldn’t do and to step out of your comfort zone. Invent The Box People always preach about thinking outside of the box, but inventing the box puts you in a whole new state of mind.

Name: Anthony Andrews — goes by

haberdasher. I’ve always wanted to

his middle name, Breon, among old

learn how to make my own bow ties

friends and family.

and pocket squares and learn how to

Have Personal Responsibility

Age: 32

sew — all that good stuff.

Occupation? Master Firefighter

What did you want to be

and EMT with the Lynchburg Fire

when you grew up?

Be ready to accept the failures as much as you accept the successes. I have learned more from falling and getting back up.

Department, Volunteer coach for

A pediatrician, actually.

9-10 year old boys basketball for the

What was your first paying job?

Lynchburg Department of Parks and

At A&N. It used to be at The Plaza.

Recreation (even though he doesn’t

I was a shoe salesman. I sold tennis

have a child on the team!)

shoes, and I absolutely loved it.

Status: Married to Stephanie, with

What book is on your nightstand?

two kids, Alaya and Sean.

John Maxwell’s, The 21 Irrefutable Laws

Where can we find you most often?

of Leadership. It walks you through

When I’m working, at Station 4 on

different ways of how to treat

Bedford Avenue. At home, in the

other people and how to influence


others and inspire others to be their

Do you have a mantra, motto,

best selves all the time. It’s about

or life philosophy?

leadership but also inner leadership.

I didn’t have my dad around when I was younger, but one of the things that he told me was, “There is no

doing the same.

happiness.” That’s something that

Strawberry cheesecake.

has stuck with me a long time, during

What’s the last big idea you had, and —

many different endeavors. People go

success or failure — what happened?

enjoying life around you, and live for today and not just tomorrow.

Remain Humble, Have Great Manners, and Be Nice I understand that everything can be taken away from me at any time, so I shouldn’t take those opportunities that others have given me for granted.

“A game” and their best if you’re not

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

goals and forget that you need to be

I wouldn’t be anywhere without the people around me or family and friends. These are the people that can be honest with you about all things and keep you grounded.

You can’t inspire others to be on their

pursuit of happiness. The pursuit is

through life with all these different

Build Relationships

Owning a childcare center. How it’s been successful is I’ve been taking

to step out and do something out of my comfort zone. What’s your guilty pleasure? Every night — almost every night — I have to eat a bag of popcorn and Raisinets. It doesn’t feel right if I don’t go to bed filled with popcorn and Raisinets.

steps to make sure I can live that dream someday — volunteering at

What might people be surprised

a local childcare center and taking

to know about you?

classes on child development and just

I have a passion for fashion. I

being a good dad. A lot of stuff is just

would love to be what they call a

learning as I go and not being scared

When she’s not daydreaming about her next trip to New Mexico, Suzanne Ramsey writes, runs, reads, cooks, gardens, and spends time with husband, John, and cats, Hector and Edna. Photography by Stone Blue Productions


Backyard Chronicles As the holidays approach, family traditions are renewed and remembered.


Whether simple or grand, the most important part of any tradition is


memories with loved ones. Reading books out loud can be a part of your holiday traditions, and here are a few favorites to check out:

Snowbear’s Christmas

The Animal’s Christmas Carol

Christmas Tapestry


by Helen Ward

by Patricia Polacco

by Theresa Smythe

This beautifully illustrated book was

Jonathan is upset about moving

On the first day of December,

inspired by the French Christmas

away from Tennessee. His family has

Snowbear starts to prepare for

carol “The Friendly Beasts.” All the

relocated to Michigan where they

Christmas. Each day he fulfills one of

beasts fill the stable, “warm and

are working to rebuild a dilapidated,

his holiday traditions, such as writing

bright, with love and peace that

old church. Through a series of

out Christmas cards, picking out a

Christmas night.” This book is a

events related to it, two people are

tree, wrapping presents, and baking

reminder of the importance of giving

miraculously reunited after many

cookies for Santa. He also enjoys the

God the gift of our worship and our

decades. Jonathan realizes that all

winter weather traditions with his

talents, each person in his/her own

the events—both the unfortunate

friends like sledding and ice-skating.

unique way. In addition, it prompts

and blessed—are part of a Christmas

The textured collage illustrations

us to consider how God protects

Tapestry. This touching story is sure to

embody the exuberance and warmth

and blesses, often in ways hardly

be one your family will want to revisit

of the holidays. The adorable cast

ever noticed. The meaningful text,

year after year as a reminder of the

of animal characters will charm and

delightful poetic verse, and stunning

importance of perseverance and love.

delight young readers. This read is

illustrations make it a must read

ideal for listeners ages 2-8.

tradition for ages 4-9!

Celebration books to check out:

Winter books to check out:

Mary’s Baby by Jane Chapman

The Night Before Christmas

Petal’s First Winter by Joy Findlay

All About Hanukkah

by Clement C Moore

It’s Winter by Linda Glaser

by Judyth Groner and Madeline Wikler

My Two Holidays: A Hanukkah and The

The Snowflake by Kenneth Libbrecht

A Children’s Book of Kwanzaa

Nativity by Ruth Sanderson

by Dolores Johnson

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

Christmas Story by Danielle Novack


Snow by Uri Shulevitz


Creature Feature Marmosets

Photo by Jennifer Prince

forest floor. Up to 70% of their diet

Louis — Age: 11, Gender: Male

Calvin — Age: 8, Gender: Female

Personalities: Although Calvin is the younger marmoset as well as the female, she is more dominant than Louis, who tends to be somewhat timid. In fact, Calvin will scent mark anything she perceives as belonging to her... including the zookeeper! Activities: For fun, they love to tear apart paper, feathers, and snake sheds. They find the feathers and snake sheds to be delicious snacks as well as enriching entertainment. The Mill Mountain Zoo staff recently discovered that Calvin and Louis have a previously unknown talent ... they can paint pictures and even use paintbrushes to do so! Eating Habits: Louis and Calvin are provided with a variety of foods in their diet, but they have particular favorites. Their favorite treats are Cheerios, but they are also very fond of honey. These marmosets are also quite delighted when an unsuspecting insect wanders into their enclosure, because they find bugs quite tasty as well! Louis and Calvin are known to gently receive food from the keepers by hand feeding. Calvin will even rest her hand on the keeper’s hand while taking food.

is made up of plant exudates, or gums, saps and latex, although they do supplement this with insects, fruit, flowers, birds and other small animals. Threats: Although they do face threats from hunting for the pet trade and destruction of habitat from slash and burn agriculture, they are listed as a species of Least Concern by the IUCN. They are actually enjoying an increase in population in some areas, and they have an ability to adapt to disturbed habitats. Fun Fact: Black tufted-ear marmosets practice non-maternal infant care. Both males and siblings are quick to assist mother marmosets with any care required, and this behavior

Species Specifics

recognizable by their light grey faces,

greatly increases the chances for

Common Name:

white foreheads and the telltale black

infant survival.

Black Tufted-Ear Marmoset

ear tufts. Be sure to visit this duo on your next visit

Scientific Name: Callithrix penicillata

Habitat: Black tufted-ear marmosets live in the tropical and subtropical

Appearance: This type of marmoset

forests and savannahs of Brazil.

is a small New World Monkey,

They walk quadrupedally through

ranging in size from 7-10 inches

the treetops or leap from perch to

with a 7-12 inch tail. They are easily

perch, rarely coming down to the

to Mill Mountain Zoo in Roanoke.




Lasting Impressions Downtown Roanoke is like a magnet for me. I just can’t help myself! With the market boasting fresh produce, baked goods and handcrafts combined with outlying boutiques and restaurants, it’s a win-win for everyone. Recently, during one of my visits, I wandered down

were the fact that Roanoke has an airport, and it is

a side street and was immediately drawn in by a

between the cities of Atlanta and NYC, which contain

shop on Salem Avenue. The clear glass windows of

the best markets for letterpress products.

Appalachia Press offered a glimpse of the loveliness that was inside, which had the form of letterpress cards, vintage paper goods and a plethora of fun, eclectic finds. I walked out with letterpress thank you cards and a few antique brooches (see … you never know what you will find!), and I left quite impressed

John describes his style as, “Absolutely clean and modern but also with a nod to the past. I love vintage and old school, but I present it in a clean, fresh way. I love my history. I love the look of simple, two color designs.”

with the work of the owner, John Reburn. p recycled



is an understatement, and his whole life has been

er ap

le bi

To say that John is passionate about letterpressing


b m agazin


Want get an even closer sneak peek of John's workspace and the letterpress process? Be sure to view our online version at

pointed in the direction of doing what he loves today. Originally hailing from Maryland, he has always had connections in our area with family in Lynchburg and spending summers at nearby Smith Mountain Lake. He moved to Los Angeles where he did graphic design, and it was there that his love for letterpress began. John also built a symbiotic relationship where he taught a friend technology, and she taught him the art of letterpressing. Through several transitions, John discovered that the design business was unfulfilling to him on some levels, even though he had the opportunity to design for MTV and had invested his time into helping non profits. In California it seemed that the graphic industry was becoming more about money and less about the craft itself. Being a true artist, John gained a love for letterpressing and decided to take up the art form. When it came time to choose an area, John decided to go back to his roots and settle in Roanoke. “Everything about the decision of starting a business was right here,” he says about the Southwest Virginia city. Besides being close to family, other plusses





Half of his dies are vintage, and the

most popular requests are for wedding

other half were made from his own

invitations, baby announcements and

illustrations. “Some things I can

also personalized stationary.

illustrate; other things I find,” he states. Scouring antique stores and perusing trusted sources for that one perfect die is part of the fun, and sometimes John picks up dies because they are unique. If anyone ever has the need for a flying pig, a vintage Santa or a monkey with a tack in his foot, John’s collection can fit the bill. His many cabinets also house 150 drawers of type, which contain 85 typefaces (which are like fonts). The combinations to create indeed are endless.

No matter what John is creating, the roots and longevity of the craft itself reigns through everything that he does. “I really do care about the history of it all. The history is so beautiful,” he reflected. That beauty is so evident … it’s strewn in John’s products and his creativity, which we encourage you to experience yourself. Take the time to peruse Appalachia Press in Roanoke. Feel the papers, chuckle at the quirky cards, and take the time to say, “Hi,” to John … you will be glad you did, and you, too, can

In addition to the eclectic pieces

gain a love for the history of these

in his many printers’ trays, his

handcrafted paper pieces.

collection boasts a plethora of decorative flourishes and botanicals. Although he enjoys creating his own line of cards (including an amazing postcard collection for Roanoke,

When Jennifer isn’t making new downtown discoveries, she enjoys running and spending time with her family.

which includes the Mill Mountain Star and the Dr. Pepper sign), his

Photography by Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography

Steps to creating the perfect letterpress product 1. John selects his dies and typefaces for his project. 2. John carefully plans out the design placement, makes measurements, and lays the dies and wooden spacers into a frame to create the perfect alignment for pressing. 3. Once paper is cut, dies are placed and colors are mixed and placed on the wheel, John is ready to create his beautiful, letterpress products. 30


Christian environment and wealth of opportunities... all at LCA!

Educating for Eternity

2013-2014 New Family Enrollment Opens February 11th. Realize your God given potential! Call 434-832-2000, or visit

Liberty Christian Academy 31

Daycation: The Shops at 12th and Main by: Jennifer L. Prince

Telitha Apothecary and Spa




Pampering is a special treat for any woman, and an

Owner Mary Brockman, aptly named her shop Enchanted.

appointment at Telitha Apothecary and Spa is sure to

Boasting fine antiques along with accessories from

soothe the soul or beautify your body, depending on the

Europe and beyond, this stop is sure to please those who

type of treatment you choose. Named after the owner,

are looking for the exquisite things in life. From linens

it is a wonderful retreat for a massage, facial or pedicure

and lamps to jewelry and decor, this shop is perfect

(or all three!).

for accessorizing your home along with carrying regal

Why I love it: In addition to offering all of the spa

furniture pieces.

services I enjoy (I would get a massage every day if I

Why I love it: I have a passion for antiques, so the

could!), it is a wonderful place to stop for products.

sheer quality and beauty of the specimens in this shop

Whether I need a natural line of body lotions or a

speak to me. In addition, I have a love for Europe, and

new nail polish color, this store has a vast selection of

I enjoy soaking in the collection of pieces from around

products in which to indulge.

the globe.


p recycled



these four great local shops on pg 47.

er ap

le bi

Find out how you can be a part of our clutch connect with


b m agazin


Want to find out more? Be sure to check out our online version for more information about this collection of downtown shops.


Downtown Lynchburg has so much to offer in the way of shopping, eating and history. We think it’s a great place to visit, but one little strip of shops catches our attention across from the Lynchburg Community Market. For ladies who are looking for unique gifts, stylish fashion, one of a kind antiques and products to pamper themselves, let us introduce you to The Shops at 12th and Main.

Urban Merchant

Gladiola Girls



Upon entering Urban Merchant, you will most likely be

Although Gladiola Girls is new to Lynchburg, it has

greeted by co-owner, Michelle Rivers, whose brightly

its original roots in Boone, NC. In the words of owner

lit, colorful store evokes a feeling of excitement with its

Renee Furman, “You will find a thoughtful collection of

eclectic mix of products. From fashion to home decor,

wearable trends from well known boutique labels and up

this truly is the perfect stop for gifts for any generation

and coming designers.” From designer jeans and jewelry

(think decorative pillows for grandma, a cookbook

to dresses and handbags, expect to find brands such as

or scented soap for mom, and a stuffed animal for

Free People, Johnny Was, Lucky Brand and many more at

daughter). Of course, you will be tempted to get yourself

this chic women’s shop.

a little something, too.

Why I love it: Reminiscent of Anthropologie, this

Why I love it: Truly, I could spend hours perusing, but

boutique has my current obsession, scarves, in a range of

selfishly my favorites are the one of a kind, handmade

prices and styles. I feel that anything I buy here will keep

jewelry and home decor pieces by local artisans.

me on the cutting edge of fashion.

Photography by Stone Blue Productions


Photo by Taylor Hooper Photography.

places, please! Lynchburg Native Makes Broadway Debut

wanted “toI’vebe always an actor. To get to do it in New York where I’ve always wanted to live is a dream come true.





le bi

er ap


b m agazin


To see Hilary's cultural "must sees" this winter, be sure to check out our web version at

At 25, Justin Bowen’s daily routine

Singin’ In the Rain at the now defunct

includes waking up in Queens, New

Lynchburg Fine Arts Center. Bowen

York, taking the subway to midtown

remembers, “Linda Nell Cooper

Manhattan, and going to work at 243

directed it. She had me tap dancing.

West 47th Street. While it may sound

It’s where I first fell in love with

like any other work address, Bowen’s

doing it. I went and auditioned and

employer does not require him to

never stopped.”

use spreadsheets, Outlook, or to be at work at 8:00. However, they do expect him to be ready to walk a tight rope, do a back flip, and play the violin at a moment’s notice. Bowen is an actor in the new Broadway musical Chaplin at the Barrymore Theatre, where he is in the ensemble and understudies Rob McClure in the title role. Bowen’s talent, savvy, discipline, and genuine likability paved the way for his journey from childhood community theatre in Lynchburg to the Great White Way. The Hill City native first caught the acting bug at the age of six when he was cast in


When probed, Bowen cannot remember a time that he did not know he wanted to be on Broadway. “My Mom and I always watched old movie musicals together,” he recalled. “Moving to New York and doing musicals was always my dream.” In the eighth grade Bowen traveled to New York as a part of a career shadowing project in school. He met with actors who he connected with through Mill Mountain Theatre and met another Lynchburg native, Faith Prince. Prince has performed in over ten Broadway shows including

explore her Tony award-winning turn as

[then Artistic Director] Jere Hodgin.

Bowen made his Broadway debut

“Adelaide” in the 1992 revival of

He gave me a list of top schools that

when Chaplin opened on September

Guys & Dolls. “She was kind enough

he would recommend. My mom and

10. Fully realizing the impact of his

to meet with me, and we chatted in

I flew down to Florida State, and I

lifelong dream come true has come

her dressing room. She talked to me

auditioned. It was the best fit. It was

in waves for Bowen. “There have

about her journey from Lynchburg to

the perfect experience.”

been so many little moments ... the

Broadway. That was the first time it felt like it was attainable,” said Bowen.

first time we got to do the run on the

After performing in a senior showcase in New York, Bowen signed

stage, the first costume fitting, going into the recording studio, filming the

Hometown audiences have likely

with a talent agency. After graduating

seen Justin perform at E.C. Glass

from FSU he moved to New York.

High School where he graduated

Soon, he started booking gigs at

“I’ve always wanted to be an actor. To

in 2005, on stages with the Cherry

top tier regional theatres such as

get to do it in New York where I’ve

Tree Players, or the Lynchburg

Papermill Playhouse where he played

always wanted to live is a dream come

Fine Arts Center. Bowen made his

“Hero” in A Funny Thing Happened On

true,” Bowen reflected.

professional debut in 2000 at Mill

the Way to the Forum and Goodspeed

Mountain Theatre in Roanoke

Opera House, where he originated the

where he played the role of Kurt in

role of “Mickie Mckee” in the world-

The Sound of Music. Bowen credits

premiere of Hello! My Baby. Last year,

his opportunity to work with

he was cast in the La Jolla Playhouse

professionals at Mill Mountain with

production of Chaplin and was

his decision to attend Florida State

subsequently cast in the Broadway

University, where he majored in


theatre. “I had a conversation with

commercial, opening night.”

For more information about Chaplin or to purchase tickets check out Hilary loves red velvet cake, Broadway, and her husband Juan Carlos Lagares (but not necessarily in that order). Connect with her on Twitter @HilarySutton.

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Off the Beaten Path

Indoor Adventures So the weather outside is frightful, but that’s no excuse to sit on your rear end! For your reading pleasure, I have rounded up my favorite things to do indoors (no parka required) for the winter months. that houses 40-foot high walls with

trained instructor man the ropes.

routes for beginners to experts.

Either way you’ll get in a good full-

You’ll be attached to a harness and

body work out.

If you’re looking for something closer

belay system that will keep you from

to home give rock-climbing a whirl.

plunging to your death. I recommend

Try: Rise Up!

At Rise Up Climbing right here in

bringing a trusted friend who hasn’t

1225 Church Street Lynchburg, VA (434) 845-7625

downtown Lynchburg you can take

recently taken out a life insurance

M, W, F 1 – 10 PM, T, Th 3 – 10 PM

advantage of their huge facility

policy on you. Or you can have a

Sat & Sun , 1 – 7 PM,

It is about that time of year when you’re probably starting to suffer from cabin fever. Your kids might even be bouncing off the walls. So let them! Just take a short drive to Charlotte, NC and you will find a place where kids and adults alike can bounce off the walls and everywhere in between. At Sky High Sports you will find a gymnasium that consists of wall-to-wall trampolines. Even the walls are made of trampolines! So you can boing boing boing your way across the gym until you face plant into the wall. As if that’s not fun enough, you can head over to

court where you can throw a ball hard enough to take a punk teenager’s legs out mid-air after he has made an “old ladies aren’t supposed to play dodgeball” comment. Someone had to teach him some respect, and I nominated myself.

a room where you can work on your double front flip or full twisting back flip. You jump from one trampoline to another, gaining height with each jump until you get to the edge where a giant foam pit is waiting to soften your landing just in case your double front flip turns out to be more of a belly flop. Add to that a trampoline dodgeball

Try: Sky High Sports 601 N Polk, Pineville, NC 28134 Weekends – 11am-11pm, Weekdays 2-9 pm, $10-$12/hour, 704-889-5867

and landing in the grip of Hans, the

They will teach you more and more

ever-so-helpful and muscular Swede

sophisticated tricks until you are

who has been waiting patiently on

circus ready! You can also check out

another trapeze bar for you to fall

their aerial silks, trampoline, and

into his arms. They will start you out

juggling classes.

by belting you into a harness that keeps you attached to a rope and


Try: TSNY Washington DC

That’s right! This winter, sojourn

pulley system from the time you start

to our nation’s capital. Not for the

climbing the narrow ladder until the

monuments, not to say hi to Mr.

time Hans gently drops you onto the

Prez, but for a flying trapeze class! If

net below. But before you can hurtle


it sounds daunting, don’t worry. By

yourself at blondie, you will need to

$49-$59 for flying trapeze.

the end of your one-hour class, you

learn a few basic tricks like jumping

will be leaping off a little platform

off the platform properly and how to

25 feet in the air, gliding through the

time a knee-hang. Once you get the

air, flipping yourself off a trapeze bar,

hang of those, the sky is the limit.

4th St. SE and Tingey St., Washington DC, 20003 Classes offered all week and weekend. Book in 410-459-6839


Winter Photo Check List

Winter is a busy season, so sometimes it takes a little encouragement to stop and enjoy the small moments. Take a hint from our photo checklist, and see how many you can check off this winter.

Allegra’s List

Heather’s List

m Frost/ice on a window m Close up of tree lights m Sparkly clothes m Pet with reindeer antlers m Breath in cold air m Pile of mittens, scarves, and hats m Fireplace m Family wearing jammies m Celebrating the New Year m Outside of a church at night m Your favorite present m Party food m Candles with greenery m Card display m Empty tree branches m Deer in the woods m Cardinal m Squirrel with a nut m Snowstorm m Red outfit m Someone napping m Champagne bubbles m People holding hands m Marshmallows in hot chocolate m Holiday meal on the table

m Snowflakes falling on a tongue m Snowman m Icicles m Making snow angels m Lighting a menorah/candles m Something hanging on a tree m Play/pageant m Manger scenes m Carolers m Footprints in the snow m Tying ribbons on presents m Serving food to others m Decorated cookies m Gingerbread man m Opening a present m Flour on fingers from baking m Music sheets m Writing 2013 with sparklers m Throwing confetti m Football party feasts m Opening a present m Ice skating m Boots lined up by the door m Snowball fights m List of 2013 resolutions

This plethora of fun images to capture was compiled by local photographers (and moms!) Allegra of Allegra’s Studio and Heather of Visions by Heather Photography. If you want to share them with us, feel free to use #wintersnaphappy on Twitter or Instagram. We would love to see them. Ok, grab that camera (or phone) and snap away!


DI - W h y N o t ? Recessed Glass Votive Holder Centerpiece

MATERIALS 2 x 6 pine board cut to 31.5 inches 5 glass votive holders (I purchased mine at the dollar store.) Luan or other thin wood Ruler Pencil Router Drill press Band saw, sabre saw, or coping saw Sander or sand paper

STEP-BY-STEP 1. Trace the bottom of a glass votive on a sheet of luan (or other thin scrap wood) to make a template for routing. Use a 5/8” drill bit to cut a hole in each corner and then a band saw (or sabre saw or coping saw) to cut out the sides. Mark the left and right sides at the midpoint.

2. Measure and mark with a pencil the midpoint of the width of the board in several places. Use a ruler and a pencil to mark a center line down the board.


DO WITHOUT THE POWER TOOLS • Skip the routing, and display the votives on top of the board. • Have the lumberyard cut the board to size. • Use pre-milled molding, and glue to the edges.

TRY THIS! • Paint it to match a friend’s decor, and give it as a gift. • Stain it and fill with acorns or pine cones in the fall. • Use white candles and red berries for a Valentine’s evening. • Paint it in pastels, and fill the votives with jelly beans for Easter. • Place it on a dresser, and use the glass

3. For my project, I used glass votive holders that measured 2 3/4” square. For this size votive, I chose to center them on the board by

holders for loose change and jewelry. • You are only limited by your creativity! 

marking the board as follows: using a ruler, start at one end of the board and mark the center line at the following points: 3” from the edge and then every 5 1/2 inches. These marks will insure that your glass votive holders are evenly spaced.

4. Line up the lines drawn on the template with the line drawn down the center of the board. The left edge of the square cut out of the template should be placed on the mark made at 3”. Clamp firmly in place. Use a router to make a 5/8” recessed opening for the first votive.

5. Move template to the next pencil mark (5 1/2” from the 3” mark), clamp, and route 5/8” deep.

6. Continue the same process until five squares have been routed. 7. Rout the edges, if desired. 8. Sand until smooth. Stain or paint to match your decor.

by: Paula Skulina


Urbane Folklore This month, I have decided to part from the normal fashion, music and art to solely concentrate on a few Christmas CDs that I have grown to love. Enjoy these selections, and maybe you will find some new songs to add to your holiday music repitoire.

Sujfan Stevens

She & Him

Bright Eyes

Songs for Christmas (2006):

A Very She & Him Christmas (2011)

A Christmas Album (2002):

This five disc set recorded over five

The first time I heard Zooey

Not everyone is a fan of Conor

years has become one of my favorite

Deschanel sing was in Elf when her

Oberst’s voice, but I definitely am.

Christmas albums. Sufjan Stevens

character unknowingly did a duet

It’s unique and completely different

is one of my favorite musicians,

with Will Ferrell’s character. Her

from the mainstream, which I always

and when I heard his versions of

voice, which is slightly reminiscent

welcome. There are no original

some of my most beloved Christmas

of Judy Garland and Patsy Cline

Christmas tunes on this album, just

songs, I was elated. He sings popular

was a refreshing change from what

classic ones. Every year, my husband

Christmas songs but also mixes

you hear in music these days. Last

and I put on this CD, pour a mug of

in hymns and original songs. His

year her band She & Him, which is

egg nog, and trim the tree. It’s very

version of “Come Thou Fount” is

comprised of herself and M. Ward,

nostalgic and has worked its way

beautiful and will forever be my

released their third album, which was

into our tradition. It starts with a

favorite adaptation of that song.

a Christmas album. Being a fan of

beautiful thoughtful version of “Away

Much to my excitement, he has

their previous releases, I was excited

in a Manger” and ends with a Santa-

released another Christmas music

to hear it. Very stripped down and

sounding man reading “The Night

box set this year, Silver & Gold, so be

simple, this is the perfect Christmas

Before Christmas”. I just absolutely

sure to check out both albums if you

album to have on during your

love it.

get a chance!

Christmas parties and get-togethers.



New Year, New Goals, New You The New Year is just around the


Martial Arts:

corner! Here comes a brand new set

CrossFit was started as a

Are you looking for an amazing way

of 365 days that are just waiting for

methodology to train the Santa Cruz

to get your body in shape or build

new possibilities and opportunities.

Police Department in the late 90’s.

strength? Martial Arts is fitness

We all love to bring in the New Year

This fitness movement started in

with a purpose, aiding in developing

in all different forms, from parties

the garages of participants but has

flexibility and building your overall

and traditions to spending time

now grown to over 4,500 associates

strength, all while giving you a great

with family and friends. However, a


cardio workout.

CrossFit is a varied and functional

Martial arts incorporates practical

movement that is usually preformed

self-defense, personal development,

at a high level of intensity. However,

cardio training, and stress relief while

this should not discourage you from

keeping a positive mental attitude all

Setting resolutions for the year ahead

participating. Workouts are scalable,

wrapped up into one technique.

is something we all love to do; being

meaning they can be done at any age

women, fitness is always one of those

or on any level of ability.

common and smart way that we bring in the New Year is to start everything out right, setting new goals to strive to achieve in the upcoming year.

goal topics. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or just tone up, here are five fitness ideas for you to try out; taking the mystery out of creative ways to achieve your fitness goals. Biking: Bicycling began as a common form of recreation, exercise, and even

Studio to try: The Renaissance Academy of Martial Arts

“The personal attention and community makes CrossFit in


Lynchburg a great place to achieve

This technique will encourage you in

elite fitness,” offers Amanda, who

improving your posture, flexibility,

owns a CrossFit gym.

strength, balance, and stability.

Gym to try: Crossfit Lynchburg

Pilates is about emphasizing on breathing, centering, control,

transportation. Riding a bike is easy on the joints since it is low impact and can become very addictive, as a bike ride doesn’t have to be long to be beneficial. Using a bike as a method of transportation for short trips to the library, park, and store add up when it comes to burning calories. Cycling comes in different forms, such as on-road-riding and off-roadriding, which gives you the leisure to ride on green ways, trails, gravel roads, and even to the extreme preference of going deep into the woods on a mountain bike. Store to try: Blackwater Bike Shop Photography by JMK Photos


precision, and concentration, which

designed to improve flexibility,

has a calming affect that will carry

strength, balance, and composure

over into your everyday life. It does

along with soothing breathing

not depend on your level of fitness,

techniques that help to relieve stress.

as it is safe and appropriate for most Yoga even aids in burning calories,

people to try.

as it requires more effort than many As Suzanne, owner of Peakland

people realize. Many yoga studios

Pilates, states, “The struggle for many

offer a genre of classes that are all

is when exercising becomes a chore

modified to your skill level, tailoring

and the body becomes the enemy.

each class to a specific need.

Pilates is a mind/body exercise with a

Studio to try: James River Yoga

positive approach to staying in shape. Studio to try: Peakland Pilates

Another perk to running or walking is that it can be done where, when, and

All of these techniques give you the

for as long as you care to endure. It

ability to build your strength, tone,


also requires very little equipment …

and form flexibility in creative ways

It seems like every weekend there is

a good pair of shoes can have you well

that support our local businesses.

a 5k or half marathon going on in

on your way to fitness in 2013.

The New Year is all about new

our area, and there is a great reason.

Store to try: Riverside Runners

Running is a wonderful, overall metabolism booster that offers camaraderie with other runners.


If running is not quite for you (or if

Unusara Yoga is oriented to help

you want to build up some stamina

with alignment. Yoga is designed

before heading out for a jog), walking

to correct small problems such

will keep your circulation flowing.

as postural issues and alleviating

It also offers the opportunity to get

chronic pain, particularly in the

out into nature with all of the trails

low back area. In general, yoga is

and sidewalk laden neighborhoods

a 3000-year-old practice that is

opportunities and working towards new accomplishments. So, make sure you add one of these techniques to your “New Year Resolutions” list, and get working toward your fitness goals for the year.

Coffee and chocolate make life even more enjoyable for Michelle Wood, who loves the beach and is a Southern girl through and through.

in town.

extraordinary You.

An Event as


extraordinary 42

540.586.1407 812 East Main Street, Bedford, VA 24523 www.T

thrive Photo by Sabrena Deal

Playful Parenting

Kids in the Kitchen My kitchen is a very small space, but

everything. Simply allowing her to

nutritional values, solids/liquids, and

what goes on in our little kitchen

scramble an egg or wash an apple

the final products.

can often fill me with immeasurable

provides a sense of ownership and

Be creative. Make pizza with a veggie

joy. Let me assure you that the joy I

pride that is priceless. Here is a list of

or pepperoni smiley face. Cut food

experience does not just come from

things you can do with your children

(like sandwiches) with fun shaped

the meals I create (I mostly make the

in these winter months that will

cookie cutters. And, my personal

same recipes every week ... anything

bring new excitement and fun to your

favorite, give children small pieces of

semi-healthy, quick, and tasty).

kitchen and your family.

dried fruit, and allow them to create

Instead, it comes from the sweet

Make a fun, kid-friendly recipe.

artwork on or in their favorite (or

moments I share with my children in

Model reading and following step-

least favorite) foods!

that room.

by-step directions. Allow your child

Food scavenger hunt. Open your

Now that the colder weather has set

to count and sort ingredients, use

in, I’ve found that it is the perfect

measuring spoons and cups, pour and

time to include the kids in kitchen

mix ingredients, set the stove to a

activities. It’s a fun and mostly

specific temperature, and check food

messy routine that often turns into

when it’s done.

a teachable moment. Young children

Give them the ordinary jobs.

can learn quite a lot when you expose

Children can wash fruit, rip apart

them to various tasks, and getting

lettuce or string beans, use a plastic

your kids in the kitchen is a natural

knife to cut or spread soft foods, and

and practical way of engaging them

use a sponge to clean up spills or

in different learning experiences.


My three year old is in the stage

Engage their five senses. Discuss

where she wants to help with

colors, shapes, textures, smells, tastes,

pantry or fridge, and direct your child to find all the foods that start with a certain letter. For the letter ‘M,’ they can find items like milk, macaroni and cheese, mayo, meat, marshmallows, and maple syrup. • Clean up. Don’t forget, if they help make the mess, they have to help clean the mess! Katelyn Rigg is a teacher, wife, and mother of two young children. She loves to encourage targeted learning as kids sing, play, read, and get messy in her mobile pre-k program, Prodigy Playgroup (


AMOUR BÉBÉ when things don’t go as planned Like many expectant first-time mothers, while my belly was expanding over the course of those long nine months of pregnancy, I spent many an hour researching the topics of birth, early parenthood, and most excitedly, breast feeding. My desire was to make what I believed were the best and healthiest choices for myself, for my child, and for our family as a whole. Although I was two weeks early, I went into labor feeling confident, prepared, and eager to finally meet the precious miracle that had been growing inside of me for so long. While labor was so much more intense than I ever could have imagined, I was overjoyed and so grateful to God to have been successful in having the natural, non-medicated birth experience I had so desperately hoped for, and I was now looking forward to enjoying a long, meaningful, breast feeding relationship with my son. During those first weeks at home, it appeared that nursing was going perfectly. But I soon discovered my son simply wasn’t gaining weight or being nourished as he should, and I found myself feeding at a pace of nearly every fifteen minutes in an effort to satiate my ever-hungry child. His heart wrenching screams between feedings became constant and often led me to tears of frustration as I struggled to understand why I couldn’t satisfy his needs the way my body was intended. Overwhelmed and beyond exhausted, I sought professional guidance from several lactation consultants who determined I had a very low-supply, made worse by the fact that my son was a lazy nurser. Despite my best effort, the situation worsened. Alone with the baby all day, I began to feel trapped in our home, and I teetered on Photo by S. Carter Studios


the edge of emotional collapse. I was


devastated to watch as the beautiful

What I came to realize is that more

especially when I have no idea

breast feeding experience I had hoped

than the means by which my son was

what someone has gone through.

for, for so long, disappeared.

fed and whether or not others agreed

I have also found that the more I

or disagreed with my decisions, what

open up about my own struggles,

mattered most is that I was doing the

the more it gives others the

very best thing I could for my son –

freedom to share their own, which

and myself. The stress and heartache

is the perfect environment for

was immediately removed from our

“mother-bonds” to grow.

I wanted so much to make things work. I wanted to give my son the very best, and I felt guilty that I should be able to and yet couldn’t. I was worried about how my son would react to formula or other supplementation and about what others what think of me if I chose to supplement.

relationship, my son was growing and satisfied, and for the first time since his birth, I was able to fully enjoy the wonder of being a mother as we began to bond in a whole new,

It was ultimately through the wonderful encouragement of dear family and friends and confirmation and reassurance through loving advice that I finally felt released and at peace to begin down a new path with my son.

beautiful way. My own difficult journey has brought

be, it is still the most difficult job any woman can take on, and it is so important to surround yourself with others who will lift you up and offer support through this beautiful season of life.

me to a new level of understanding of the importance of showing and accepting grace, and likewise, being slow to judge other mothers,

If you’re in the Lynchburg area, I encourage you to take a moment to check out The Motherhood Collective (, a non-profit resource for area moms. In addition to offering wonderful online ©

As rewarding as motherhood can

resources and information, several meetings and playgroups are held throughout the month. This group provides an opportunity to connect with other moms, while being nurtured and encouraged as women and mothers.

In addition to being a new mom to son, Brock, Rachel also manages her event company, RS Exclusive. She loves spending time with her husband, Chris, and is passionate about green living.




o ns tos u ct i b y s to ne blue prod

1200 Main Street downtown Lynchburg (434)384-7722

apothecary and spa

featuring services and products for your whole body 45

2008 langhorne road, lynchburg, va 24501 •

follow clutch on facebook, to enter our 12 Days of gifts giveaway

Girl’s NiGht Out sip. sample. savor. shop. save.

join us

12.12.12 6-8 pm


2008 langhorne road, lynchburg, va 24501 •


Don’t Give Your Fitness Plan the Cold Shoulder The seasons are changing, and the temperatures are dropping. As the weather gets colder, it is easy to let it take control of our exercise routines. Dark, chilly morning air?—No worries, I’ve hit snooze three times, and my blankets just won’t let me go. Snow and sleet in the forecast?—I might slip on an icy patch on the sidewalk, and I’m feeling a little sniffle coming on. Temperatures are below forty degrees?—I can’t figure out what to wear to be warm but not hot … I’ll skip today. We often find ourselves withdrawing from our goals and plans because we think: I’ll just be too miserable, when really the opportunities for seasonal changes in our exercise plans couldn’t be more positive.

If you prefer running outdoors: Cover your extremities: head,

Don’t forget dry clothes! There

hands, ears, and ankles. Losing

is nothing worse than finishing

heat through the top of your

a run feeling great and then

head, tips of your fingers, and

heading to the car, only to

exposed ankles never feels good.

remember you have to wear your

Wear a hat or headband to keep

damp, sweaty clothes home.

your head and ears covered.

Having a warm jacket or dry

Try a convertible mitten/glove

pants to pull on after your run

combination to adjust your

will make it easier to get into the

hand temperature as your body

chilly car for your ride home.

heats up. Wear taller socks to

*You can always avoid the

cover your ankles.

temperature by heading to your local gym and giving the

Wear a water-resistant or

coldest temperature you can run in is an individual preference. As long as you feel comfortable and aren’t outside for hours on end in damp, sweaty clothing, you should be able to run in most temperatures. Be aware of signs of hypothermia.

waterproof jacket when it’s raining or snowing. Water-resistant means a jacket will repel water, but it’s not sealed at the seams. If you are in a downpour, you will probably get wet. Waterproof means the seams are sealed and water is not going to get through the jacket even in a driving rain.

Don’t overdress. Prepare to be chilly at the beginning of your run. If you dress as though it is about 20 degrees warmer outside, you will end up feeling “just right” once you are a mile or two into your run. It is easy to want to feel toasty and warm as you start out running on a cold day, but your body will quickly heat up. When you are wearing too many layers, your body will begin to sweat too soon, and before you know it, you’ll be shivering from your damp clothing.

Photography by Stone Blue Productions

Gauge the temperature. The

treadmill a whirl.*


If you’re up for trying something new: Try yoga! Yoga is a great way to

clothes and a hairdryer for when

Cooler weather can be positive in

increase flexibility and keep your

you’re finished!

so many ways. If you would rather

muscles long and lean. Most places

Pop in a video! Pull out your leg

not head outside for a run, there

don’t require a membership, so

warmers and leotard, pull up a high

are lots of indoor options to try

you can just drop in to a class

ponytail when no one is looking,

all winter long. If you are out for

without feeling tied to one spot.

and try an aerobics, kick-boxing, or

a run, less sweating means less

Test out James River Yoga or another

oldies workout video in your living

dehydration. No hot sun means

local studio.

room. You can find lots of workouts

you might run faster than you

Hit the deck! The pool deck, that

on YouTube, and they’re free!

did in the summer! You may have

is. If you belong to a gym with an

Go for a walk. When it’s cold

indoor swimming pool and have

outside, sometimes the chilly air

never checked it out, swimming

can be hard on your lungs. If you’d

is a great winter activity. Consider

rather not work up a sweat and feel

cross-training in the pool. Flexibility-

the frost in your chest, a brisk walk

improving, calorie-burning, and

can be a great alternative. Dress

endorphin-releasing; swimming

as though it is 10 degrees warmer,

is a low-impact way to lose weight

because you’ll warm up before you

and build strength. Don’t forget dry

know it!

to do more laundry, but your Thanksgiving and Christmas waistline will thank you.







Private and semi-private Pilates Equipment Sessions with STOTT PILATES® V2 Max Plus™ Reformer & Split-Pedal Stability Chair




Pilates Matwork, TRX™, & CORE BARRE™ group classes


Heather Cavaliere is an avid runner, which is integral to her life considering it helped her meet her husband, Gregg. She is also the manager at Riverside Runners and is ready to help you with your fitness gear needs.

Complete martial arts training classes for all age groups



For more info and schedules:


thrive Makeover by Emily Garbee Harris of Bodyworks Day Spa & Salon

Photos by Crystal George of Crystal George Studios

Bliss & Make up Martha As women we all like to look our best, but sometimes we just need a little help along the way. We love treating our Bliss & Makeup nominees to a makeover coupled with beautiful photos. If you have a woman you would like to suggest (or want to nominate yourself), just send a photo and story to info@theclutchguide. com. We read each and every one! This issue we chose four time cancer surgery survivor, Martha Moore, who was nominated by her friend, Linda Hall. Linda wrote, “Martha is a lovely lady. She has undergone several surgeries for cancer, the most recent in March. She is very attractive, very sweet and has been through so much. I’m just thinking how wonderful it would be for her to be treated to such a fabulous makeover.” We agree!

Ends Expand gives volume and texture to hair.

Morocconoil was used to add shine.

Hair Martha’s hair went from blonde to brunette, and

Makeup A dark cranberry lipstick with a metallic

Emily repigmented her base to a dark, cashmere color

glaze was placed on Martha’s lips. Her blue eyes were

and gave dimension with soft, platinum highlights.

accented with charcoal liner and shadow blends of gray

Her former asymmetrical shape was cut into a long,

and blue in matte finish. Berry blush was used to create

European pixie with a lot of texturing around the face.

an overall cool palate to give a fresh, winter look.


Photo by: Rachel McLean

Mise en Place:

As a busy wife and mom of three, Heather not only finds time to manage her home well, but she also enjoys running, being crafty, and testing out new recipes for her family.



organizing the well placed home One year is winding down, and a new

feel accomplished and to keep you

Commit to Staying Organized

year is fresh on the horizon, which

focused. This simple step will make a

Make a commitment, and be

presents a perfect opportunity to take

big difference in your home.

consistent. Get the whole family

charge of your space. If this year has been characterized by more clutter than order, take charge of your home, and be prepared to trade the chaos for order.

Add Creative Storage Everything won’t be in its place if it doesn’t first have a designated place to belong. If you notice the same items creating clutter around your

on board, and schedule it into your day. You have worked hard to purge and organize, now use the storage solutions you have put into place to combat the chaos.

One in, One out

home, give those items a place to call

Don’t become so wrapped up in

When putting away those new toys

their own! Add baskets and bins to

organizing that you miss the why of

for the kids, donate a few older ones

areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and

having a well placed home. It is so

to charity or pass them along to

bedrooms. Invest in bookcases for

much more than neat closets and

another family. Go through closets

living spaces. Maximize vertical space

pretty baskets. We are creating a

and drawers, and purge what you no

with hooks and floating shelves.

home that is a refuge for our families

longer wear or need. If you don’t use

Simply taking things off of the floor

and a place of rest for our hearts and

it, lose it! Get rid of items you really

creates so much visual space in a

minds. When we take the time to

don’t need that are just taking up

room. Take advantage of furniture

intentionally clear out the things that

space, and ultimately aim to have

pieces like ottomans and trunks that

don’t matter, we make room for the

less stuff than you have space for.

do double duty as storage for toys,

things that do.

De-clutter in chunks to help you

board games, or extra linens.



Provided by Virginia Eye Clinic, PLLC Photos by Crystal George Studios



Often, as we get older our skin starts to wrinkle and


sag around the eye area. Are

How often should eye

there ways to prevent this

makeup be replaced?

from happening prematurely?

All eye makeup should be replaced

Yes. Do not rub your eyes. Also do

every three months. This is

not tug at the delicate skin around

particularly important with mascara,

the eye area. As we age, our skin loses

as it is most prone to microbial

elastin and collagen, which gives skin

growth, which can lead to eye

its tight, supple look. Tugging at the

infection and dry out a person’s

skin that has less collagen causes

eyelashes. Some eye shadow may

deep ridges to form prematurely

last up to six months but should be

and can contribute to wrinkling

thrown away immediately once it

and sagging. This is important to

starts to break up.

remember when applying eye makeup


What is the proper

placement of eyeliner? Eyeliner should always be applied below the lower lashes. Some people,

and/or contact lenses.

it off. Waterproof makeup may take


longer. This will make it easier to remove

Just like your skin, your eyes can

makeup with less pressure or rubbing.

be sunburned! If you do not wear

Let makeup remover sit for 30-50 seconds to loosen makeup before gently rubbing

especially teenage girls, put the

How do I protect my eyes in a tanning bed?

goggles in a tanning bed and the

eyeliner on the inside rim of the

front surface of your eyes is exposed

lower lid above the lashes. This

to the light from the bulbs, you

placement blocks the glands that

can develop UV keratitis, which is

secrete the outer layer of the tear

a painful condition that is like “a

film. This can cause infections or can

sunburn to the front of your eyes”.

lead to poor tear production and a

It can distort your vision and cause

secondary dry eye.

a lot of pain. Recurrent exposure


to UV light without protection can

Why are sunglasses so

also increase your risk of developing

important no matter the

cataracts or other problems that were

time of year?

discussed above.

Harmful UVA and UVB radiation is

The heat from a tanning bed is also

cumulative over a person’s lifetime

a very dry heat, and this can often

and may contribute to age-related

cause your eyes to get dry. If you wear

eye diseases such as macular

contacts, this can cause your contacts

degeneration, cataracts, and even

Use your ring finger to gently pat makeup

to dry out and feel uncomfortable or

melanoma in the eye. It is important near the eye. The ring finger is the lightest to protect the eyes every day and in finger on your hand, so it using it will

“stuck” to the eye. For this reason,

all light conditions. Just because it

often keep you from being too rough on

tanning bed and to always wear the

is cloudy outside doesn’t mean that

your skin during application of makeup.

goggles provided!

there is no UV radiation present! 52

it is best not to wear contacts in the




Get more

Sleep. — Shelanne

More whole foods. — Laurie

Relax more often. — Carrie G Drink more water. — Dawn Eat less carbs. — Christie

Walk dog daily. — Sabrena Cook more meals. — Carrie H Less fast food. — Amy T Get off tush! — Kathie

Grow your food. — Laura Stick to it. — Tiffany No more sugar! — Kim

Shop the perimeter. — Julie Eat less junk. — Charissa Take deep breaths. — Jennifer

Feed your soul. — Mari No more beer! — Betsy Eat more veggies. — Malissie

Make a Plan. — Noelle Skip the wheat. — Ali Park far away. — Mauresa

Love first more. — Rebecca C Apple a day. — Lauren Don’t eat out. — Amy

Just do it! — Lisa

Ride your bike. — Karen

Enjoy the beauty. — Rebecca S Detox body monthly. — Brittany No more excuses. — Carolina

Hike the Peaks. — Amy D

Your wedding story has started, let us help you along the way!


Sunday, March 3, 2013 1:30PM-5:30PM

$20 until 1/7/12, $25 after Tresca on 8th, Downtown Lynchburg Register online at

photo: Stone Blue Productions

Spend the day learning creative ideas and practical tips from local experts to help you in your wedding planning journey. 53


Out and About Tuesday








1 Old Southwest Parlor Tour 5pm-9pm Tour historic homes in holiday splendor in Roanoke.


D Bu r ke

Ph o tography





t ho

o gr






Holiday Tours 12pm-3pm Tours at Poplar Forest will focus on holiday traditions and dining in the early 19th century.

17 16


Holiday Open House 3pm-5pm Stop by Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg for hot cider, holiday decorations and a concert.

The Great Russian Nutcracker 7:30pm A production of the classic Christmas story in Charlottesville.


24 Christmas Eve


Vinton Christmas Parade 6:30pm-8pm Come and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Exhibit of Bedford Photography Club 11am-4pm Come out and support and enjoy the local art that is on display.





Lynchburg Christmas Parade 5pm-7pm Every year Lynchburg throws a parade on the streets of historic downtown.




Farmbasket Night Out 6pm-8pm This amazing night is full of prizes, discounts and SO much more just for our clutch ladies.

Arts at the Jax 4pm-5pm Come and experience a genre of arts and crafts in Floyd.

12 20




First Fridays Lynchburg 5pm-8pm Stroll along the streets of downtown and enjoy the exhibits and various activities.

Holiday Traditions Downtown 10am-2pm Stop by the Lynchburg Community Market for an old fashion carriage ride.


Jingle Bell Run/Walk 5k 8am Participants tie




jingle bells to their shoelaces and wear holiday costumes in Charlottesville.

Forest Farmers Holiday Market Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase fresh produce and more for last minute holiday shopping.



r ke



26 KD



1st: 1st: 2nd:


Dickens of a Christmas 6pm-10pm Come and enjoy the annual holiday parade with a large variety of entertainment.

Liberty’s Winterfest Celebrate the New Year with two action-packed days of activities and entertainment.

For more information check out these websites:

Bedford Christmas Parade 12pm Come and see the one and only Bedford Christmas Parade

5th: 6th: 7th: 8th: 9th: 12th: 13th:

14th: 15th: 16th: 17th: 22nd: 30th:: 31st::

Love’s Labour’s Lost

Happy New Year!

January 1st



Clutch Connect

Roanoke College


performs this comedy

Girls’ Night Out at

by Shakespeare.

The Shops at 12th

and Main.

January 15th

January 22nd

January 19th

January 26th



January 4th First Fridays 5pm-8pm Experience art and culture in downtown Lynchburg.


Bluegrass Concert

Farmers Market


7am -2pm

Many styles of bluegrass

Come and stock up on

are highlighted in Bedford.


fresh produce and more.

Live music and art

Art by Night

surround this event.

CLUTCH CONNECT 1 evening. 4 shops. 3 hours

the girl’s guide to everything essential

Gather your friends, and join us for a fun evening of shopping and pampering as you experience The Shops at 12th and Main in downtown Lynchburg.

Discounts. Refreshments. Door Prizes. Samples.

Tues, January 22nd 5pm- 8pm *snow date Tues, January 29


Alex Johntston

Amanda Gray

Rebecca Sturm-Clauser




Snap Happy

Accessories Winter is here, and that means layers and accessories. We enjoyed all of the boots, scarves and jewelry we saw from ladies throughout Virginia. Keep warm!

We are asking our clutch readers to partner with us to take 5 people from their list and commit to buying those gifts locally. You may be surprised that you can check off more people than that, but 5 is a great place to start! Instagram your finds #buy5local or #clutchsnaphappy.

Emily Graham

Lauren Rosneau

Lauren Bennion




Lexie Dache

Laura Honnol

Marcy Bolick






At Home With Centra Your Life. Our Mission.

Centra Home Health

Centra Hospice

Centra PACE

Helping you recover at home from surgery, an injury or illness

Compassionate end-of-life care for patients and families

A Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly

Providing essential nursing, medical and rehabilitation services

Full-time physicians, nurses, social workers and spiritual support

Providing complete health care for seniors living at home

Dedicated team of experienced therapists, nurses and aides

Pain and symptom management, medication, equipment and supplies

Allows frail seniors to live at home and in their community




Home Health Your Life. Our Mission.

Call us or visit to learn more or to self refer.








Clutch Winter 2012/2013  

This issue offers holiday and cold weather inspiration for you to enjoy with friends and family.

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