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your guide to an inspired life

Summer 2017 • Complimentary

RENEW offers rehabilitation for cancer survivors before, during and after treatment. Centra’s cancer rehabilitation is open to everyone at any stage of cancer or phase of recovery. The focus of RENEW is to restore and preserve flexibility, strength and endurance in order to lessen disability and optimize

RENEW Team Includes:

recovery. Rehabilitation can help improve functioning and


stamina in preparation for and during treatment as well as

Physical therapists

years after treatment has concluded.

Occupational therapists Speech and swallowing

RENEW addresses common complaints such as pain, fatigue, lack of energy, restricted motion and

therapists Licensed clinical social



Covered by most insurance companies including Medicare.

Whether you are newly diagnosed or long finished with cancer treatment, you may benefit from RENEW!

Wellness professionals Lymphedema therapists Registered dietitians

RENEW is available in Lynchburg, Bedford, Danville, Gretna, Farmville & Keysville. For more information call 434.200.6053.


your guide to an inspired life



Jennifer Prince Aesthetics by RidgeView Dermatology CREATIVE DIRECTOR

Photo by Melissa Batman Photography

Breanna Pair

Carilion Clinic Centra Oncology

Meggan Robinson

front inside cover

Centra Plastic Surgery Center

In this issue we have tried to



inspire you to gather in style!

Shella Baker

From a citrus inspired summer

Hannah Cline

soiree with friends to a casual,

Tea Hadzic

Central VA Orthodontics


Cleaning Connection

Emily Hedrick

coastal tablescape, we hope you


Curtains, Blinds and Bath


Dr. Kristen Kuk

take the time this season to linger

Katie Lane

with friends - and you can do it

Jaclyn Meadows



Fink’s Jewelers


Joy Niehaus Gladiola Girls

Jennifer Prince Deirdre Serio


Grand Home Furnishings


Azalea Smith Hill City Bride

Laura Watts

have a great list of 93 different


things for you to try - I hope you

Melissa Batman Photography

enjoy testing out each and every

3 back cover


days, aren’t you?

are 93 days of summer? Well, we

Bowen Jewelry Company

Amber Ingram

longer nights and breezy, warm

Also, did you realize that there



Happy summer! I’m thankful for

tips for shoes and outfits. So fun!


Amazement Square

Dear Friend,

fashionably with our trends and

Academy Center of the Arts

inside back cover


James T Davis Paint & Design Center Lynchburg Landscapes



Sterling Life Photography Melissa Batman Photography

one of them throughout these


Rivermont Makery


Southern Provisions


warm months. You may even be encouraged to make use of your

The Art Box

local library before you head out


to the beach or lake. No matter what your summer entails, be sure to live beautifully and thoughtfully, and let us

photo by Melissa Batman Photography with styling by Jaclyn Meadows

inspire you along the way.

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Sci-Fi Camp | June 12-16 Science and Fiction merge in this camp designed to thrill and inspire young space enthusiasts.

Sci-Fi Camp | June 12-16 Science and Fiction merge in this camp designed to thrill and inspire young space enthusiasts.

Dino Days | June 19-23 Calling all future paleontologists to join us as we investigate dinosaurs.

Dino Days | June 19-23 Calling all future paleontologists to join us as we investigate dinosaurs.

Cirque du Square | June 26-30 Express yourself by developing part of an act to perform under the big top!

Cirque du Square | June 26-30 Express yourself by developing part of an act to perform under the big top!

Earth Day, Every Day | July 17-21 Campers will learn ways to protect the Earth through engaging hands-on activities.

Earth Day, Every Day | July 17-21 Campers will learn ways to protect the Earth through engaging hands-on activities.

Dragons, Duels, & Damsels | July 10-14 Fantasy comes to life for every prince and princess in this medieval STEAM camp.

Dragons, Duels, & Damsels | July 10-14 Fantasy comes to life for every prince and princess in this medieval STEAM camp.

Egyptology | August 7-11 Become an archaeologist for a week as you learn about life and death on the Nile.

Be Inspired | July 31-Aug 4 Investigate famous innovators in history and be inspired to invent!

WonderCamp ages 5-9

Egyptology | August 7-11 Become an archaeologist for a week as you learn about life and death on the Nile.

WonderCamp . ages 3-5 Jr

These materials and the activity described herein, are not sponsored or endorsed by the Lynchburg City School Board.

Amazement Square 27 9th Street | Downtown Lynchburg (434) 845-1888






WonderCamp . ages 3-5 Jr

Amazement Square 27 9th Street | Downtown Lynchburg (434) 845-1888

WonderCamp ages 5-9


Be Inspired | July 31-Aug 4 Investigate famous innovators in history and be inspired to invent!

These materials and the activity described herein, are not sponsored or endorsed by the Lynchburg City School Board.

home of Rivermont Soap Co & Avenue Bath

Shop our Marketplace 2486 Rivermont Avenue Beside The Corner Restaurant Tu & Th 11-2 & Sa 9-12

create & celebrate 3





inside this issue COMMUNITY PRACTICAL DESIGN 6 tips from the Design House IN SEASON 93 things to do







LIFE WOMEN OF A CERTAIN AGE tested packing tips







32 34





SUMMER SOIREE 38 a citrusy outdoor event ON TREND 47 this season’s shoe trends








The Central VA Design House not only provided a plethora of inspiration for tour goers, but funds raised were utilized by the YWCA of Central VA and its programs. It truly is a win-win for the community!

The home was filled with ideas from local designers, and although each room had its own unique voice, here are a few of the trends and ideas we noticed woven throughout.

Photos by Tera Janelle

One of a Kind Art Think beyond heading out to the local big box store for wall decor. Our area has both established and new artists, so why not choose something one-of-a-kind for your walls? On a budget? Vintage art can be picked up at local thrift, consignment and estate shops. Interesting Angles Break out from your comfort zone and place your furniture somewhere other than parallel to your walls. Angling a bed or couch may not be for the faint of heart, so try this approach on a statement chair to incorporate it into your own home. 6

White on White Incorporate white pieces - and even white on white - as long as there is a variance of textures. Tone on tone can be very high impact when there are different surfaces to move the eye around. Texture overall - from soft, faux animal throws and pillows to ornate legs and hard edges - adds interest and variety.

Subtly Repeated Color If you love a color you may not be bold enough to carry it through your entire room, which can be a good thing! Instead, choose art, vases, pillows and maybe even a unique chair in the same hue to carry the eye from item to item without having to commit to a bold color palette.

Dedicated Space We are oh so busy nowadays. I loved that this house had several areas for reclaiming your own moments. Having a dedicated - yet lovely - space for creating, working or reading offers a respite for the soul.


Committed to providing beautiful, creative & functional landscapes. 434-­333-­0788

Specializing in: Patios,  Pathways  &   Retaining  Walls   Landscape  Lighting   Waterfalls,  Streams  &   Ponds   Planting,  Mulching  &   Pruning   Scheduled  Lawn   Maintenance

, 434.385.6040 M-F 10-5, Sa 10-4 18458 Forest Road

8 434-907-4477

The Human Form This one surprised me a little, but I noted the variety of uses when I actually saw the forms - mostly cherubs or females - peppered throughout. From statuettes to bold paintings to subtle prints on the walls, celebrating the human form is a great way to add personality to your space. Loose Greenery If you haven’t heard “Greenery” is Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, but in my opinion it’s always en vogue. After all, have you ever seen a plant that didn’t match its stem? The color goes with everything! Scatter it throughout your space with live plants, loosely arranged stems or botanical prints.

Mirrors Often used to make a space appear larger, mirrors can do double duty when it comes to showcasing the hard work you’ve done decorating your home after all that is what it’s reflecting back! From ornate to repurposed (notice the one made out of shoe molds), these pieces add visual interest.


Geometrics Geometry gave us fits in high school, yet using geometrics in your space can add clean, unexpected lines. Whether hanging in the air on on the wall (or in a perfectly lined piece of furniture), these shapes offer structure for your room and are often utilized in metallic finishes.

Statement Light Fixtures Updating light fixtures is a good idea (unless your home has fabulous originals!), but choosing the right ones can be a daunting task. Utilizing pieces that make a statement yet don’t overtake a room is key to a cohesive space. Striking Rugs Wood floors and carpet are perfectly acceptable surfaces, yet rugs offer a way to anchor areas with a purpose - such as dining or conversation. Bold colors and patterns definitely come into play with these beautifully designed pieces.

Jennifer Prince recently moved into a 1922 craftsman home and is looking forward to implementing these trends.



Jewelry should be as unique and personal as you.

Every letter, number, and symbol is hand stamped into our jewelry, one character at a time. Making impressions directly into the metal with the moments that have made the biggest impression in your life.


In Season

Ways to Stay


Cool This Summer

There are 93 days of summer. Ninety-three days. Maybe summer calls you to roll down the windows and find an adventure. Or, perhaps, you are just looking for a way to escape the heat and entertain yourself and the kiddos. No matter what summer means to you, here are 93 ways to keep cool this summer. have a nice indoor pool and water slides for rainy days.) 26. Have a moonlight picnic. 27. Make no-bake cookies. 28. Have a giant water gun war. 29. Check out the Roanoke Pinball Museum. 30. Take a class at Rivermont Makery. 1. Make popsicles.

31. Make fresh lemonade.

2. Drive back roads with the windows

32. Drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

down and your favorite music turned

33. Go bowling.


34. Explore Crabtree Falls.

3. Fix a big glass of iced tea or

35. Eat watermelon.

lemonade and sit in front of a fan.

36. Get a banana split at Mr. Goodies.

4. Swing on a porch swing.

37. Make something funky at a paint-

5. Eat frozen grapes.

your-own pottery place.

6. Slide down a water slide.

38. Test your puzzle solving skills in

7. Get ice cream at Sluggos in

16. Go boating.

Madison Heights.

17. Play in the water at Lynchburg’s

8. Go fishing.

Splash Pad by the river.

9. Eat a snow cone.

18. Wash your car.

10. Go down a water slide.

19. Jump in rain puddles.

you and your friends.

11. Visit Smith Mountain Lake.

20. Make milkshakes.

41. Play with water beads. (These

12. Go night swimming (be safe!)

21. Visit your local library.

sensory objects are equally soothing

13. Spend the afternoon at

22. Make root beer floats.

for children and adults.)

Amazement Square.

23. Have a water balloon fight.

42. Go ice skating.

14. Volunteer at your local animal

24. Visit Maylynn’s Creamery.

43. Play flashlight tag.


25. Spend the day at Splash Valley

44. Go on a cruise on The Virginia

15. Go roller skating.

Water park in Roanoke (they even



an escape room. 39. Get a Lavender Lemonade from the Bean Tree Café. 40. Host a murder mystery dinner for

home 45. Run through the sprinkler.

64. Burn off some energy at a bounce

46. Have a movie marathon.

house or trampoline park.

47. Check out the Salem Fair June

65. Create your own board game.

28-July 9.

66. Have a glow-in-the-dark dance

48. Go wine tasting at the Peaks of

party in your basement.

Otter Winery.

67. Visit a pet store.

49. Treat yourself to a movie at Venue

68. Go thrift store shopping for the

Cinemas. (The movies are so cheap

perfect cover up.

you can spring for some popcorn.)

69. Try doing a somersault

50. Wander around Riverviews


Artspace for some amazing local

70. Visit used bookstores until you

art. (The first Friday of the month

find the one that feels like home.

is a great time to visit this local art gallery.) 51. Play at the sprayground (or playground!) at Riverside Park in Lynchburg. 52. Cool off while taking in a movie at the historic Grandin Theater. 53. Plan a trip to the Virginia Museum of Transportation. 54. Make a slip-and-slide in your back yard. 55. Go tubing down the James River. 56. Make infused ice water. 57. Play tag in the rain. 58. Watch a movie under the stars.

71. Talk into a fan and laugh at how silly it sounds. 72. Embrace your inner 40’s movie star and wear a big sunglasses and a

84. Make dog friendly ice-cream for

bigger hat.

your favorite canine friend.

73. Make slime.

85. Keep a journal of all your summer

74. See a community theater



86. Light sparklers.

75. Create a photo wall collage.

87. Serve sorbet in scooped out

76. Read your favorite book - again.

grapefruits at your next party.

77. Fix mason jar salads for lunch.

88. Press summer flowers in the pages

78. Avoid turning on the oven by

of your favorite winter book for a

making pizzas on the grill.

reminder of the warmth when things

79. Throw some glow sticks into a

feel cold.

cool bath for a fun end-of-the-day

89. Make fruit slice coasters out of

59. Send a message in a bottle.

surprise for the kids.

Perler beads (those plastic beads from

60. Put glow sticks into water bottles

80. Go camping…inside.

and go glow-in-the-dark bowling in your back yard. 61. Have a read-a-thon. 62. Make a splash with bumper boats. 63. Cool off at Pop’s Ice Cream and Soda Bar in Roanoke.

81. Make water bombs out of sponges and zip ties. 82. Perfect your messy bun skills. 83. Munch on some homemade frozen yogurt fruit bark.

summer camp that you melt together with an iron.) 90. Make friendship anklets and wear them till they fall off. 91. Freeze chunks of watermelon to use as ice cubes. 92. Watch your favorite Christmas movie…in July. 93. Make ice-cream pie.

Joy Niehaus is a freelance writer and free time creative. She enjoys reading, baking and spending time with her husband and daughters.

Photos by Laura Richards Photography


Stop plotting your cover-up

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14 | 1330 Oak Lane, Suite 100 | Lynchburg




Take a moment to think about the

Juster. If you haven’t already read

literary criticism courses. Although

place that most inspires you. It may

it, it is the story of an apathetic

I struggled with depression and

be your bedroom or another room

boy named Milo who is perpetually

anxiety during this time in my life, I

in your home, a specific tree in a

bored with his life and the world

always found solace and inspiration

specific park, any beach at sunrise, or

around him. One day, he receives

in that large, beautiful building filled

somewhere no one would ever guess.

a mysterious package that ends up

with books and fellow knowledge-

For me, that place is a threshold

being a tollbooth. With nothing

seekers. By the time I finished college,

between the real and the possible,

else to do, Milo drives his toy car

I had used libraries in many ways and

a place where both knowledge

through the tollbooth and embarks

realized that they were a consistent

and imagination are valued and

on a surreal adventure that changes

bright spot in my life. After working

encouraged: the library. There are

his perspective and thus, his life.

at a bookstore for years, I began to

thousands of libraries around the

I have always associated libraries

apply and interview for library jobs

world, and though they may look

with this book not only because a

before being hired as a youth services

different and offer different materials

librarian recommended it to me, but

library assistant at the Lynchburg

and programs, they are united by

also because I believe libraries, like

Public Library in 2013. Today, as I

their commitment to the individuals

Milo’s tollbooth, can transport and

plan programs for and share my

and communities they serve.

transform us if we let them.

recommendations with young readers

Libraries have always been a big

After elementary school, I frequented

(yes, I do recommend The Phantom

part of my life. We had “library

my local public library often to

Tollbooth quite often), I can’t help

days” in elementary school, and

work on school assignments and

feeling that my story has come full

those were always my favorite days.

check out books; I then volunteered

circle. The joy this gives me is hard to

Our school librarian was kind and

as a shelver and as an assistant for

put into words.

grandmotherly, but she was also

the library’s summer program for

Your library experiences likely differ

witty and unconventional. She

children in high school. In college, I

from mine; just as our imaginations

recommended a book to me that

spent myriad hours at the university

and intellectual pursuits are unique,

remains one of my favorites to this

library researching and working

so too are our experiences at and with

day: The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton

on papers for my literature and

libraries. That said, there are 15

certain universal components of


libraries which make them abidingly

As someone who reads children’s and young adult literature on the

important institutions.

regular, I am a firm believer that children’s and young adult books don’t have a maximum age limit. That being said, I also love reading books


written for adults. Here are some of my favorites! Please share your favorites by tagging me on Instagram @librariem with #clutchinspires and #clutchreads!

In a way, libraries are the front lines of the communities they serve. Through our daily interactions with

Contemporary Fiction

patrons, librarians acquire first-hand

The Circle by Dave Eggers – an absorbing, sometimes terrifying

knowledge about the community’s

cautionary tale about the pervasiveness of social media

needs and interests. This knowledge

The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri – a beautiful story about an Indian

allows library staff to plan programs

family adjusting to life in America

and add collection materials that

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer – a heart-

will enrich the community. When

wrenching story about a boy coping with the tragic death of his father

people come together for a library program or meet to talk about books,


new communities are built, and

Bossypants by Tina Fey – a heartfelt, laugh-out-loud hilarious, and

the community as a whole benefits

sometimes heartbreaking memoir from an SNL favorite


Yes Please by Amy Poehler – If you love Tina Fey, chances are you also love Amy Poehler (and vice versa). This book is not as autobiographical

#2: THEY ARE FOR EVERYONE When libraries open their doors each day, those doors are open for everyone, and the free resources

as Bossypants, but it’s just as authentic and funny! You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day – Felicia Day is one of my geeky girl idols, and her memoir is smart, insightful, and poignant.

within are for everyone as well.


Furthermore, and more importantly,

In the Woods by Tana French – I love all of Tana French’s books – her

the resources within reflect the

characters are memorable and realistic, her attention to detail is

reality that people are diverse.

exceptional, and she is a master of twist endings!

Offering books and programs that

Night Film by Marisha Pessl – an utterly absorbing, eerie story about

represent and celebrate various

a detective searching for the cause of an acclaimed horror film’s

points of view is an essential and

daughter’s untimely death; Pessl uses mixed media (photos, emails, text

central role of all libraries, and it is a

messages, etc.) to bring the story to life.

role that is sometimes controversial. One of my favorite displays to put together at my library is the “Banned Book Week” display; it features titles that have been challenged or banned in certain schools, libraries, and bookstores (often for arguably absurd

The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith – This is the second of three mysteries written by J.K. Rowling (under pen name Galbraith) about London-based private detective Cormoran Strike. Rowling’s trademark biting wit and knack for believable settings, characters, and dialogue pair delectably with a grisly, twisted murder mystery plot. Sci-Fi/Fantasy

reasons). These displays represent

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel – a gorgeous but heartbreaking

our freedom to read, and you may

imagining of a post-apocalyptic Earth centered on the experiences (both

be surprised by how many of your

pre and post-apocalypse) of members of a traveling Shakespeare troupe

favorite books are on the banned or

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss – an epic coming-of-age

challenged book list (you can check

fantasy tale about a young man named Kvothe who rises to unbelievable

out the list at

heights after a tragic childhood


Ready Player One by Ernest Cline – This post-apocalyptic tale is essentially a love letter to video games and ‘80s pop culture, and you


won’t be able to put it down!

community veritable passports to other worlds.

making that big an improvement, and

At my library, we have done many

without books that remind us where

The importance of literacy in a

programs themed around fandoms

we started and how far we’ve come,

person’s life cannot be overstated.

like Harry Potter, Doctor Who,

the role of technology itself becomes

The ability to read is tied to nearly

and Star Wars. Talk about a geek’s

dubious. I believe the best thing

everything we do, especially how


about libraries is their paradoxical


we communicate with others. Libraries promote literacy by offering

ability to both honor the past and


build the future, to stay relevant and

programs for children that use

The question “Do libraries still


reading, singing, talking, writing, and

matter?” is often posed alongside

playing to foster early literacy skills

assertions that improving technology

such as phonological awareness, print

renders libraries obsolete. In my

awareness, letter knowledge, and

opinion, however, libraries and


technology go hand in hand. STEM

books that teach and strengthen pre-reading skills and by offering

and STEAM initiatives – especially


technology-intensive subjects like coding and robotics – have gathered

even innovative without abandoning their rich histories and humanitarian

Whether you go to the library to check out history books for your child’s school project or to try out new technology (or hopefully both,) know that you are in a place where you are accepted and valued – and that, unlike technology, will never change.

enormous momentum and are now

In addition to encouraging literacy,

prevalent in library programming,

libraries encourage fun! Most

and libraries remain the only public

libraries offer programs for different

places that offer completely free

age groups about a variety of

access to computers and other

different topics, and all libraries have

technologies. Without accessibility,

collections filled with books that are

improving technology isn’t really

Emily Hedrick is a youth services librarian and enjoys being with her husband and family, singing, and geeking out as often as possible.

Leave the cleaning to us! new construction residential commercial windows

Your cleaning specialists! licensed . bonded . insured (434)846-3641


Living Beautifully

A Coastal Inspired Event Ready to see the beauty in the everyday? Why not try grilling out in style? Just a few added touches can create a relaxing ambience for you and your guests. After all, with all of our connectivity using technology nowadays, sometimes it’s nice to have an excuse to get together face to face.

Set the Stage. The warm summer evening air will beckon you to get outdoors and entice you to invite over a few friends. Set your cell phone on Bluetooth and put on your favorite Pandora station to set the mood and welcome your guests. Your table will look beautiful covered in a natural runner. Dress the table with décor inspired by the coast – rich aquas and blues along with eclectic pieces that have hints of the shore. Coral, shells and other elements found in the sea add a spark of fun! If you venture outside, you can use lanterns or seashells, each with a citronella candle inside to create a warm and inviting atmosphere while keeping the bugs at bay! Farm fresh flowers add a pop of color to finish the look. Bust out the good china, cloth napkins and silverware - forget the paper plates and plastic forks. We all have serving pieces that never see the light of day. Why not dust them off and put them to use? Use the good glasses too, or opt for upscale plastic drinkware (the glasses you see aren’t glass). Your special touches will be happily received and remembered. Throw on a long summer dress or Photos by Melissa Batman Photography


home pair an off-the-shoulder blouse

alongside. Honey and jam can be

simply dress them with a bit of olive

with skinny jeans and sandals to

put in small bowls beside the cheese

oil and salt and pepper and then wrap

match the scene. Your hair can be let

board or spooned directly on the

them in foil and place on grill until

down loose or tied up in a ponytail

board. Place the crackers or baguette

browned. For corn, I like to roast with

depending on the heat. Set off the

in a larger bowl or small basket

a pat of butter, salt, pepper, cilantro

look with fun, dangly earrings.


and parmesan cheese. Sweet potato

Prepping and cooking together lets

Salad - I love a simple butter lettuce,

fries are another fabulous side dish

you create something as a group.

cherry tomato and avocado salad.

in case anyone craves a starch. They

You can have a drink, converse, catch

You can mix up an easy olive oil and

can be cooked in the oven, placed in a

up and listen to the day’s events, all

balsamic vinegar dressing, crack

basket and dressed in sea salt.

while working together to prepare a

a little salt and pepper over it and

Dessert - A small scoop of walnut

delicious meal.

you’re done. Adding a touch of dijon

gelato or vanilla ice cream would be

mustard to the dressing adds a bit

the perfect touch. Pair with a drizzle

more character.

of chocolate fudge and a dollop of

Main - Prep burgers by using ground

whipping cream and you’ve made a

lamb instead of beef for a nice twist

summertime favorite - the sundae,

on a classic. Add salt, pepper, a drizzle

perfectly portioned. Add a warm

of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and

brownie or cookie to it, and you’ve

rosemary to the lamb and mix it all

got a crowd pleaser. A sweet sorbet

up. Shape into patties, grill, and

paired with a fresh fruit topping

top with goat or feta cheese. Serve

would also be delightful.

The Eats. Let your guests in on your vision for the menu in advance, and make it interactive by asking guests to bring something to share. Whether it’s a cheese spread or a bottle of wine, each contribution makes your gathering unique and helps with the cost of your dinner.

with avocado, lettuce and tomato on a toasted potato roll or ciabatta,

Appetizer - Set up a tantalizing

and you’re about to enjoy one good

cheese plate on a board or platter

burger. Caramelized onion would

with offerings like brie, stilton,

make a nice relish on top too, and

manchego, cheddar and blue. I like

if you’re entertaining vegetarians,

to include both sweet and savory

they’ll appreciate a veggie burger or

cheeses to appeal to everyone’s


tastes. Accompaniments can include: honeycomb, fig or blueberry jam, macadamia nuts, pistachios, assorted berries and dried fruits, all with water crackers or a crusty baguette served

You can also cook vegetables like carrots, turnips, brussels sprouts and sweet summer corn or squash on the grill or in the oven as your side -


The Drinks. Serve your meal with a variety of wines, like a chilled pinot grigio or rosÊ, along with a red or two to complement your lamb burgers -pinot noir or cabernet sauvignon are both lovely choices. Your guests will choose the wine that best suits their palate, so it’s nice to have a variety. For those that prefer something nonalcoholic, grab a bottle or two of the beautiful Belvoir Fruit Farms Organic Lemonades. My personal favorites are the Elderflower PressÊ Lemonade and the Elderflower & Rose Lemonade. You can find them in the Health Food section of your local grocery.


Extra Tip. Serve plenty of water to keep everyone refreshed throughout the evening. Drink dispensers or pitchers of cool water infused with cucumber slices will add elegance and style as well as much needed hydration for you and your guests. I also find it fun to add a tea or coffee course nearing the end of the evening to perk guests up for their ride home. Tea and coffee can be served with or after dessert. After dinner, gather over a game, cards or a movie to keep the fun going and simply enjoy the breath of summer as much as you can. It’s a fun time of year. Get outside and enjoy it. Have fun grilling and remember to eat, drink and be merry! Jaclyn Meadows is a local artist and traveler with an enthusiasm for living life beautifully! Follow her journeys on Instagram @twiggyjacqua and her blog at



Split Pea Wreath To make this gorgeously green split pea wreath, get outside and have some fun!! Set up your work station, use a picnic table or create on a blanket on your front porch. Then gather your supplies: • 1 green foam floral ring • 1 pound bag of split peas • chip brush • Mod Podge (Don’t use regular glue. It doesn’t dry as fast, and Mod Podge seals as it dries.) • ribbon to hang or add a bow (optional) Now you are ready to make!

• Use your chip brush to apply a thick, generous coating of Mod Podge to your foam ring. • Grab a handful of peas and press them onto the wreath where you have the Mod Podge (I did mine in quarter sections and started with the inside sections). • Cover the entire wreath and allow 3045 minutes to dry. • Once dry, apply another coat of Mod Podge and split peas in the same way, and fill in any gaps. • Allow this second layer to dry 30-45 minutes. • Lastly, apply one more coat of Mod Podge to act as a sealer around the whole wreath. Voilà! You now have your very own summer split pea wreath. Add ribbon or a bow to top it all off. Happy handmaking!

Laura Watts splits her time between instructing, pinning on Pinterest, and watching Netflix with her film making husband and their puppy, Ellie. Photos by Woody Watts





2 Harry Potter Film Series 7–10pm View a movie at Charter Hall




Sunday Stroll 2–3pm Take a tour of Lynchburg’s Presbyterian Cemetery

14 Mother’s Day Tea 11am–4pm Treat mom to Kathleen O’Byrne’s

21 Monacan Indian Powwow 10am–6pm Experience culture at this annual event


Hillcats VS Carolina 6:30pm Take in a local game



Salem Sox VS Frederick 7:05pm Take the family to a game

22 National Maritime Day 10am–5pm Head to the D-day Memorial

West End Farmer’s Market 3–6pm Shop for local food



Moonlight & Magnolias 7:30pm Mill Mountain Theatre hosts this fun comedy



Jesus Christ Superstar 8pm Head to Renaissance Theatre for this musical


Green Market Wednesdays 10am–2pm Shop at Lynchburg’s Community Market

17 Disco Mountain Bike Race 6pm Head to Mill Mountain and ride!


Art Talks 5:30–6:30pm Hear from local artist at the Academy


First Friday & Art by Night 5–8pm Explore art in Roanoke and Lynchburg

Madagascar 7:30pm This fun musical is at Timberlake Christian



Movies at Longwood Park @ dusk Watch an outdoor movie in Salem!

LPL Comic Con 1–4pm Have fun at Lynchburg’s Public Library




A Raisin in the Sun 7:30pm The Academy presents this poignant drama

The Mousetrap 7:30pm Attic Productions presents this mystery

Lynchburg Food Fest 11am–6pm Eat at Riverfront Park






Miriam’s House Luncheon 12–1:30pm Support a local cause

Lend Me a Tenor 7pm See a show at EC Glass

Rooftop Riot 6–10pm Enjoy an after hours party in Roanoke

Bluegrass & BBQ Festival 12noon–11pm Head to Floyd for a fun time

Movies in the Park 7pm See a movie at Riverside Park



16 28


The Powhatan Arrow 7am–12:30pm

Memorial Day 11am Head to the

Take a round trip from Roanoke to Lynchburg

D-day Memorial

Shop local at the Farmer’s Market! Photo by Gemma Billings

Photo by Heather Turner Photography


22 & 29

Photo by Stephen Kellam

For more information check out these websites: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5th: &

7th: 9th: 10th: 11th: 12th: 13th: 15th:

16th: 17th: 18th: 19th: 20th: 21st: 22nd:

23rd: 24th: 25th: 26th: 27th: 28th: 29th:







Photo by Laura Richards Photography 1


1 Food Truck Thursday 11am–2pm Head to Miller Park for lunch




Sidewalk Art Show 10am–5pm Enjoy art near the Taubman

11 Promises, Promises 3pm See a musical in Bedford!

18 Father’s Day Brunch 11:30am–3:30pm Take dad to Peaks of Otter Lodge



D-Day Anniversary 11am Head to the Memorial today



Sci-Fi Camp 9am–3pm It’s fun all week at Amazement Square!




Open Mic 7–9:30pm Baines in Appomattox hosts this event


West End Farmer’s Market 3–6pm Shop for local food

Dino Days 9am–3pm Send the kids to Amazement Square


Green Market Wednesdays 10am–2pm Shop at Lynchburg’s Community Market


Hillcats VS Wilmington 6:30pm Go out to the ballgame!

Salsa Night 8–11pm Dance at Lynchburg’s The Glass House


North VS South 7:05pm Watch an All Star Game in Salem



24 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 6h: 7th: 8th: 9th:


24 Forest Farmers Market 8am–12pm Get local shopping done

rap hy

Photo by DR Burtoni

ds ar


Photo via Evergreen Lavender Farm 10th: 11th: 12th: 13th: 14th: 15th: 16th: 17th:

17 Evergreen Lavender Festival 11am–5pm Head to the farm for fun!

Romeo & Juliet 8–10:30pm See a show in Appomattox

tog ich ra R Photo by Lau

16 Movies in the Park 7pm View outdoors at Riverside Park

10 Family Fun Night 4–7pm Enjoy Amazement Square!


Ph o

Amazement Square’s camps!

9 Pottery Date Night 7–9pm Take your beau to the Academy

3 Uncle Billy’s Day 9am–11pm Altavista hosts a fun festival

Spelling Bee 7pm Mill Mountain puts on this musical


Cirque du Square 9am–3pm More fun at

2 King Lear 7:30pm See an outdoor show at Popular Forest


30 1776 7:30pm Enjoy a musical at Popular Forest


Photo by Amanda White 18th: 19th: 20th: 22nd: 23rd: 24th: 26th: 30th:










Happy Independence Day!



Sunday Stroll 2–3pm Tour Lynchburg’s Presbyterian Cemetery



Happy 4th of July!

10 Minute Plays 6:30pm Watch young adult dramas at Hollins

Photo by Laura Richards Photography

9 West Side Story 2pm See theatre at the Academy




Dragons, Duels & Damsels 9am–3pm Enjoy a week at Amazement Square!



West End Farmer’s Market 3–6pm Shop for local food

Green Market Wednesdays 10am–2pm Shop at Lynchburg’s Community Market


Earth Day, Every Day 9am–3pm Fun at Amazement Square!




Where in the World? 10am–12pm Learn about the world at Mill Mountain Zoo

SML Pirate Days 9am–9pm Visit sites at this family event

20 Food Truck Thursday 11am–2pm Have lunch at Miller Park


7 Art by Night & First Fridays 5–8pm Explore art in Roanoke & Lynchburg

21 Aladdin, Jr. 7pm See this fun show at the Academy

Kids Make Art 1–3pm Get creative at Hollins University

8 Horse & Hound Festival 11am–6pm Have fun at Peaks of Otter Winery

15 Breakfast with the Animals 8:30–10am Eat at Mill Mountain Zoo!

22 Historic Roanoke City Market 8am–5pm Shop local downtown

Be Inspired




Head to Amazement Square for the week!


Photo by Laura Richards Photography


Photo by Joanna McGlothin

1st: 2nd: 6th: 7th: & 8th: 9th:




FloydFest 9am–midnight Enjoy 5 days of music

Kiss Me Kate 7:30pm See a show at Attic Productions

Touch a Truck 10am–3pm Head to Salem for fun


Photo by Eric Lynch

10th: 11th: 12th: 13th: 14th: 15th: 17th:


Photo by Patrick Kuhl

20th: 21st: 22nd: 27th: 28th: 29th: 31st:


WOMEN OF A CERTAIN AGE packing tips Adjusting to an empty nest can be hard at times. You miss your kids, you miss the chaos, and you miss cooking for a small crowd of young people. But once you realize how much free time you have, you start to fill it with new hobbies or revisit old hobbies you didn’t have time for before. And your bank account! You’ve raised responsible adults – now you get to spend your money on yourselves. Between graduation and grandkids, there’s a precious window of opportunity (and expendable income) to knock out a few of those bucket-list travel destinations. We’ve been traveling more, so I’ve learned a few lessons along the way. Here are a few packing tips: • Make a list! I hate forgetting some crucial item. A (male) friend forgot to pack pants, so he had to wear jeans to the first day of an important conference. I started a list several years ago and still refer to it, sometimes adding a thing or two. • Bubble wrap: It holds space in your suitcase for your purchases along the way. You can throw out what doesn’t fit, or use what’s there to protect valuables. • Extra day bag: Pack a small, empty bag in your suitcase that can be used as a carry-on to hold the goodies you buy on the trip. • Roll, roll, roll your clothes: Fold your clothes like you would to put them away in a chest of drawers, then roll. You can fit a lot more in your suitcase. Better yet, wrap a whole outfit together – undergarments and socks in the middle, shirt in the next layer, then pants on the outside. • Colorful handle or tassel: I thought I was smart to buy a red suitcase. On one trip, there were four nearly identical red suitcases on the baggage carousel. A flight attendant walked off with my husband’s suitcase once. He caught up with her and thankfully it had a luggage tag with his name on it. • Index card with your name, address, and telephone number INSIDE the suitcase: Name tags fall off. Suitcases get mis-directed. If you have

Photo by Melissa Batman Photography



no identifying info in your suitcase, it

• AC adapter for other countries:

shoulders, fit neatly under the

can end up in the vast storehouse of

Don’t assume you can buy one when

seat in front of you, and can carry

lost luggage.

you get there. My husband spent

an assortment of snacks, reading

• Shoes as storage: Put fragile

two days in Finland without a phone

materials, small blanket and pillow,

items like a shaver, which can get

charger. The airport stores were


accidentally turned on, inside your

closed when his flight arrived, and

• Garbage bag: To keep your clean

shoes. Put all your socks inside your

he had to travel another hour to his

and dirty clothes separated, especially

shoes – it’s wasted space.

destination in a small town.

if you’ll be moving from hotel to

• Scarf: A great multi-use carry-on –

• Eyeglass/contacts prescription:


it can be used as a pillow, a shawl, or

I lost a pair of glasses at the start of

a sarong.

a vacation. I went for a romantic, moonlit walk along the beach and

• Baggies: I once had a bottle of

Here’s to embracing that empty nest

put my glasses in my pocket. The tide

cough syrup leak all over a shawl I

Deirdre Serio has written for newspapers, non-profits, and her present “day job” as a technical writer. She loves the great outdoors, especially hiking and kayaking.

came and went before I realized it

brought home from Ireland. Baggies

and had to spend the next ten days

are also perfect for leftovers in

without my glasses.

countries that don’t encourage “doggy bags” and for liquids you may

• Carry-on: Consider a backpack.

carry home.

It will save wear and tear on your

His curiosity: limitless. Your window fashions: cordless. Discover innovative window fashions from Hunter Douglas that enhance safety at the window. Ask today about a wide array of cordless operating systems including the ultimate in operating convenience, PowerView® Motorization. Nantucket® Window Shadings

James T. Davis Paint & Design Center 3416 Candlers Mountain Rd Lynchburg, VA 24502 M-F: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm Sat: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Sun: Closed 434-846-2721 Contact us for your FREE consultation & quote ~B






©2017 Hunter Douglas. All rights reserved.27 All trademarks used herein are the property of Hunter Douglas or their respective owners. 16CSMAGNAC1

Pet Ponderings

When to Seek Immediate Medical Attention We adore our pets and know their normal routines, and we understand that any worrisome, unusual behavior probably deserves a mention at the next vet appointment. But some instances require immediate attention. The problem? We’re not always sure which is which. Take a peek at our list of signs, behaviors and incidents that require immediate medical attention. • Trauma - This may include a fall,

poison), please call the Pet Poison

gunshot wound, being hit by car

Helpline 1-855–764-7661 or ASPCA

or animal fight wounds. Signs can

animal poison control 1-888-426-4435.

include excessive swelling with

A quick phone call can answer any

suspected fractures, severe lameness

questions you may have.

or inability to move the legs. Be

• Neurologic Issues - Any pronounced

especially cautious if your pet shows

change in your pet’s mental status,

signs of pain such as whining, pacing,

such as tremors, severe lethargy,

agitation, panting, aggression or

incoordination, staggering,


disoriented, head tilt, circling or

• Bleeding - Bleeding from the nose,

unconsciousness need to be dealt

mouth or rectum or coughing up

with. Seizures also require immediate

blood or blood in the urine requires

attention, especially if they last

attention. This also includes severe

longer than a couple of minutes or

bleeding or bleeding that doesn’t stop

there are multiple occurrences within

within five minutes. Pale or blue gum

a 24 hour period.

color can also indicate problems with

• Heat Stoke or Stress - Severe panting,

blood flow.

having non-productive gagging or

elevated temperature and collapse


• Respiratory Distress - This can be

can be signs of heat stress. Be

caused by foreign bodies, allergic

especially careful in brachycephalic

Be prepared and know your

reactions, heart disease or pulmonary

breeds (short nose/flat face). DO

veterinarian’s phone number

disease. Signs including choking,


and hours of operation. If your

difficulty breathing, nonstop

UNATTENDED - no matter how long

veterinarian refers evening and

coughing or gagging. Allergic

you will be inside. Please.

weekend emergencies elsewhere,

reactions can cause facial swelling,

• Eye Injuries - Eye problems can

know the phone number and

hives and itchiness.

deteriorate quickly and should be

location of the emergency clinic.

• Inability to Urinate or Defecate -

addressed promptly, especially if you

Locally we have the Animal

Signs include pain or vocalization

notice irritation or injury to the eyes

Emergency and Critical Care of

associated with having a bowel

or if your pet becomes acutely blind.

Lynchburg (434) 846-1504.

movement or trying to urinate. These

Other concerns are an abnormal

signs are especially important to

discharge, bulging, squinting or

watch for in male cats since stones

rubbing the eyes.

can become lodged in the urethra.

• Gastrointestinal Issues - Refusal to

• Toxicity - If you suspect your pet

eat or drink for 24 hours or severe

has ingested anything toxic (such

vomiting or diarrhea (more than 2

as chocolate, xylitol, antifreeze, rat

episodes in 24 hours) are reasons for


concern. Other signs to watch for are if your pet’s abdomen is swollen and hard to the touch and/or your pet is

Shella Baker is a veterinarian at Lynchburg Humane Society and Peaksview Animal Hospital. She enjoys beekeeping, crafting, gardening and spending time with her family and fur kids.


Photo by Holly Cromer Photography

photos: Melissa Batman Photography



FINDING MINDFULNESS I am a planner, a list maker and a sticky note addict. If I have a thought buzzing around, I will not feel at ease until it is penned down and captured in ink. As soon as my fiancé and I got engaged, you can imagine that I instantly went into planning mode. It didn’t take long to realize, however, that organizing an affordable wedding on top of a full-time job and all of my other responsibilities would quickly fill my plate. With each item checked off of the to-do list, I feel a little calmer and that much more excited for the day itself. But until then, there will always be lingering thoughts about the ceremony, the venue, my dress…. Many of us live fast-paced lives. We juggle work, family and other time commitments. Whether we are planning a wedding or just dealing with day-to-day activities, being constantly on the move is often followed by burnout. Burnout that, according to Laurie Seidel, a Carilion Clinic Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine nurse educator, can affect our relationships, the quality of our work and our general well-being. A solution to that? Embracing mindfulness. “Mindfulness is the ability to be fully aware of what is happening in the present moment without judgment and with a sense of curiosity,” explained Seidel. “In other words, intentionally paying attention to whatever you are doing, rather than being lost in thought about 30

Photos by Visions by Heather Photography

life better care for one another.

to take ownership of his or her own

When a busy day seems

time, ultimately improving quality

overwhelming, Seidel explains that

of life. Best said by Seidel, “Taking

pausing to consciously take three

ownership of your present moments–

deep breaths in and out allows you to

moments that would otherwise rush

slow down for a moment, essentially

by and be forgotten–is a powerful

anchoring yourself to the present


moment. “And when you notice you

This is a refreshing concept for

are stressed, a mindful moment

me. Mentally focusing on the now,

can be to simply pause, breathe

enjoying the fun of each step of

naturally and check in by observing

planning and not getting hung up

your experience,” said Seidel. “What

on expectations that I set for myself

thoughts are going through your

feels a little liberating. For many,

mind? What are you feeling? What

mindfulness could be the difference

physical sensations are present?

between Zen and bridezilla.

Spend a few moments checking something that has already happened

in. Knowing that you are directly

(rehashing) or something that will

contributing to your health and well-

occur in the future (rehearsing or

being, you can move forward with a

worrying).” Mindfulness can allow

lighter step.”

us to listen better, to make decisions

In sum, mindfulness gives power back

with greater clarity and provide

to the individual by allowing one

Hannah Cline is a public relations specialist with Carilion Clinic. Out of the office, she loves sprucing up antiques with sandpaper, paint and lots of love.

LIFE IS BETTER OUTSIDE making you happy

making you happy




5401 Fort Avenue

Valley View Mall

Across from Tanglewood 31 (540) 774-7004

(434) 239-5900

(540) 563-2070

CRUNCHY LIVING HOMESCHOOL, THE ADVENTURE THAT AWAITS When I first moved to Lynchburg the number of people who casually asked me if I was going to homeschool the children stunned me. My kids were not yet school-aged, and I had been planning on educating them myself since before my second child was even born. How could these strangers know that? What was it about us that screamed homeschool? In our prior residence of Richmond, not so far away, I had never run across a homeschool family...certainly they do exist, but I had never met any of them. A few months post-move I found the answer to my question. Nothing about us screams home education, but this type of schooling is common

Photos by Azalea Smith

and has a large community in our area. I just happened to be a stay-at-

Charlotte Mason, Montessori,

curiosities and impulses, though you

home mom, so asking if I was going

classical education, unit studies and

certainly may lay experiences and

to homeschool the children was just

unschooling, among others. The

learning opportunities in their path.

part of the conversation. There might

common thread for all families and

In most cases, children are naturally

have been a few more hints. There

styles of home education is that

drawn to read, write, and count in a

are a lot of places that homeschoolers

families have a heightened interest

home where books have been read as

love to frequent - pretty much any

in finding what works for them

a form of entertainment. Once you

place or event that occurs between

and tailoring the education to the

can read and write, then all topics are

9-5 on a weekday is bound to have

individuals. I’ve personally changed

just waiting for you to discover them.

at least one homeschooling family

the direction of my research a couple

Writing may be learned in the

present. We zoned in on those

of times, and I’m completely open

woods with a stick in the dirt, not

resources as soon as we moved here,

to switching directions to find what

only behind a desk in a classroom

which probably added to the air

works - or even canning the whole

in a time designated for writing.

surrounding us.

thing and packing them off to a

Trips can be taken freely when there

There are more styles, schools of

traditional school if all else fails.

is no schedule to maintain. New

thought, and curriculum programs

For us, unschooling is the umbrella

world experiences can be enhanced

for homeschooling than could

we most likely fit under. With

and expanded upon with reading

possibly be listed in a readable

unschooling there is no separate

material, experiential projects or

article. To name a few styles of

school time or schooling curriculum.

experiments. Being open to the

home education, there is Waldorf,

You follow your children’s natural

unknown direction that your children


for children of all ages. There are

or at the library, not to mention

also many resources in the arts. Art

at a homeschool co-op. This is a

classes and theater productions are

treasured benefit of home education

abundant through many different

in this particular area. Regardless of


your method of homeschooling or

will find and that you will nurture

Despite all of the options, the best

your personal reasons for choosing

makes every day an adventure for

resource for the homeschooled is

this path, you live in an especially

them and for you.

other homeschooled children. A

awesome place to pursue the

Our area has tons of resources for

responsible adult can provide a child

adventure of homeschooling.

homeschoolers. Virginia is ripe with

with an education, a curriculum,

Enjoy the journey!

history and nature any way you turn.

or other learning resources. Other

There are homeschooling co-ops that

children to run and play with can’t

offer learning for the home educated

be bought from a bookstore, ordered

in a group setting. The local parks

online, or imagined up by the

departments have a ton of activities

home educator. On any given day

for children, and the libraries are

school-aged children can be found

absolutely hopping with events

on the playgrounds, in the parks,

Azalea blogs about her crunchy lifestyle at, and she enjoys motherhood, all things natural and bright colors.

My Ombre Life


Photo by Melissa Batman Photography

While some sports are still considered fairly male-dominated (unfortunately,)

blogs, post status updates, and more.

there’s still room for women in sports and sports-related conversations. So,

Plus, a lot of them share their own

why not write a sports-related article for a women’s magazine? Perhaps this

opinions and talk to fans, answering

will encourage you ladies to join sports conversations.

their questions.

I grew up being the only child and

I do wish more women wouldn’t

spent a lot of time with my dad,

hesitate to talk about sports with

who has been an athlete all of his

guys, which is why I am writing on

life. He played lots of sports, mainly

this subject (and clearly begging

soccer, and the sports he didn’t play,

you) to ease you into how to hold

he watched. And he talked about

conversations about sports with

them. A lot. Thanks to him, I’m never

men. So, ladies, if you truly don’t

really afraid to join a conversation

know sports (like you only watch the

based on sports, especially basketball.

Super Bowl because of the half-time

Especially the NBA. And especially

show or the awesome commercials,)

when the conversation is held mainly

make a change. It’s never too late to

by men.

start cheering on a team and start

The reason why I love talking sports

watching sports. Here’s how!

with guys is because most of the time

• Stay up-to-date with sports and

my opinion doesn’t get attention at

start following professional athletes

first. I’m not an athlete whatsoever,

and teams on social media. Your fave

and I am pretty feminine (lipstick,

team will have an Instagram account,

high heels, cute purse–I rock all of

which stays current with rosters,

that.) Now, once I start building my

breaking news, upcoming games,

argument based on legit sports facts

highlights and more.

and using sports terminology (i.e.:

• Besides following teams, athletes

“Kyrie’s got handles,” “LeBron had a

and the top sports channels, start

triple double,” “in the paint,” etc.,)

checking in with credible sports

I turn a lot of heads and earn my

journalists. Most teams have

respect. I’ve also made a couple of

designated journalists who interview

jaws drop.

athletes. These journalists also write


• If your budget isn’t too tight, go to a professional game. Stay off of your phone and truly indulge in the presence of incredible athletes and play makers. Plus, being surrounded by other fans will make you feel right at home. Don’t forget to post your picture, possibly in fan gear, on Facebook for extra points. • You can also involve yourself in sports, and it doesn’t have to be the sport you’re following. Since I’m only 5’2” (like barely,) I’m not quite the one to dunk or shoot hoops. However, I do enjoy swimming and playing soccer. So, next time I see some of you girls, besides telling me about your cute shoes, let me know which game you’re going to see and who your favorite team beat the night before. And I hope we have this conversation in front of men! Tea Hadzic is a social media expert and fashion stylist. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking and keeping up with the latest fashions.

life Growing Readers

FINGER PUPPET FUN Book Summary: Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle Teaching children to read others’ emotions is a skill that can start at any age. The extremely creative and Caldecott winning children’s book, Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle, uses interactive flaps to showcase the emotions of each character. Follow the gorgeous illustrations that highlight the dance between the flamingo and her two-legged friend. Use every opportunity to talk about the displayed body language of hurt feelings, a helpful hand, and simple delight. This tranquil book teaches a great lesson about friendship and compassion...all without any words!

Flamingo Finger Puppet: Create your own finger puppet to mimic the flamingo’s dance! Feel free to create a puppet to look like you or any creature you would like. 1. Find paper that can be cut up to make your puppet. The colors and creature are up to you. 2. Draw your flamingo/creature of your choice on the paper. 3. Cut out the shape and then cut

Photos by Melissa Batman Photography

holes big enough for your fingers to fit in. 4. Add feathers, glitter, sequins or anything you would like to make your puppet come to life! 5. Add your fingers (aka the puppet’s legs) and let your creature dance.

Katie McQuain Lane is the Children’s Program Manager for the Campbell County Public Library System, and her loves include her husband and her three rescue dogs.


Beautiful You

Summer Self Confidence Boosters Ok, ladies, let’s admit...summer is here, and we are thinking about our appearance. It’s great that we live in an age where self acceptance is key, yet sometimes there are things here and there that we wish we could tweak and fix. With challenges like the environment, aging and other factors, it’s natural that things aren’t exactly how (or even where!) they used to be. Fortunately, there are a variety of options available to help combat these effects. Laser treatments, noninvasive fat reduction, as well as injectable products are only a few of the services available to improve appearance and self-confidence. Tired of unwanted hair? This is a common problem for men and women alike and affects people of all ages. From the feet to the face, removing hair can have benefits that range from simply eliminating the annoying task of shaving to banishing facial hair. Laser treatment can be done on most any part of the body and any skin type, and it can also be used to treat broken blood vessels and brown spots caused by sun damage. Have a muffin top or other stubborn area you want to fix quickly? Coolscultping has become increasingly popular. With age, it can be increasingly difficult to lose weight, particularly after childbirth. Coolscultping is a non-surgical method of fat removal that is an effective treatment for stubborn Photo by Andrea Caresse Lewis Photography


style areas of fat that can be difficult to

are accompanied by a significant

can make skin look and feel more

reduce with diet and exercise alone.

reduction in underarm hair.

youthful. Sunscreen is certainly

These “problem areas” are different

Need to combat laugh lines? Facial

the most important product to use,

for everyone – thighs, abdomen or

lines and wrinkles are inevitable

to protect skin from further sun

upper arms, just to name a few. The

for almost everyone. They are the

damage. Knowledge of the products’

results can help people to fit into

result of aging skin with decreased

ingredients and efficacy can help

their clothes more comfortably and

elasticity and loss of facial bone and

determine which products are best

also inspire them to continue their

fat. Some wrinkles, particularly those

for certain skin types and in what

efforts in eating a healthy diet and

between the brows and around the

order to use them. For this reason,

exercising regularly.

mouth, can give the face an unhappy

seeking professional advice on which

Want to curb sweating? Another

or even angry expression. There

products are best can often help

common problem that can

are a number of treatments that

achieve optimum results.

cause anxiety or discomfort is

can improve the appearance of fine

In today’s world, there are both

excessive sweating, also known as

lines and wrinkles. Chemical peels

external and internal pressures to

hyperhydrosis. For some, it can mean

and microneedling will freshen the

maintain our appearance. While

only wearing dark colored shirts or

entire face, leaving the skin with a

confidence should ideally come

avoiding certain fabrics. It can be

smoother texture and softening the

from within, it is often impossible

particularly problematic for those

appearance of wrinkles and scars.

to avoid feeling self-conscious.

with jobs that involve public speaking

Botox and dermal fillers are better

Everyone deserves to feel good about

or giving presentations. There are

options for targeting deeper wrinkles.

their appearance and sometimes an

several options for treatment of this

The goal of treatment is always to

aesthetic treatment can help to boost

issue, which include over-the-counter

subtly enhance the skin’s appearance


clinical strength antiperspirants,

without changing a person’s features

prescription antiperspirants, botox

or natural beauty.

Looking for skincare solutions?

injections of the underarms and

Seeking overall healthy skin? A

Be sure to check out Aesthetics

MiraDry, which is a procedure that

good skincare regimen can improve

by RidgeView Dermatology at

uses microwave energy to destroy

both the health and appearance

the sweat and odor-producing

of skin. From cleansing and

glands in the underarms. Unlike

moisturizing the skin, to treating

other treatment options, the results

hyperpigmentation (dark spots)

of MiraDry are long lasting and

and acne, quality skincare products

Dr. Kristen Kuk is a physician at Aesthetics by RidgeView Dermatology. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband and four daughters.

choose thoughtfully live divinely Boonsboro Shopping Center (434)944-4233 - open daily photos: Melissa Batman Photography




Summer is the perfect time to gather with friends after work or on a balmy evening. With daylight staying longer it’s easy to linger over a lovely tablescape. Add in fabulous fashions, and you have an event to remember.

TABLESCAPE TIPS With a theme of fruit and flowers, we paired citrusy hues to give a summer flair while adding hints of fun.

 • First impressions are important - send an invitation to give a hint of the theme itself and add excitement! • Flowers add drama and interest. Splurge on (or construct) an eyecatching creation that adds panache as a centerpiece.  • A nearly naked cake flavored - and decorated with - blood orange gives your guests something to feast upon as a treat.  • Scour yard sales and thrift shops for pieces to add an eclectic flair to your table.  • Don’t be afraid to use your good glasses! These gold rimmed beauties add elegance while coordinating with the other metallic elements.  • Use good candles. We recommend natural candles, such as beeswax. Light them at dusk to add ambience.  • Pull a rug and pillows outside and give your guests the option of posh, vintage seating or to relax on the ground comfortably.










Feminine and free flowing, the light color palette of

Again, an off the shoulder blouse takes center stage

this look is right on trend. A long, translucent skirt

- this time in chambray. Soft pink, cropped, skinny

with a short underlay adds a fun, unexpected twist

jeans with a slight open hem, wedges and a long,

topped off by a fashionable off-the-shoulder blouse.

geode necklace complete the look.



Leg hugging jeans continue to be en vogue, and

This long, flowing dress in soft green gives comfort

white is the perfect color for summer. Add a

on a breezy, summer night. Chokers and an updated

breezy tunic in an eye-catching color scheme with

gladiator sandal add fun touches while giving nods

feminine detailing, and you’re good to go!

to timeless trends.


SIGNATURE DRINK We had a signature drink crafted specially for the event - with a sign to boot! Our Lilett Furlough contained Lillet wine, champagne, blood orange Italian soda and fresh fruit. Such a refreshing combination!




Vendors Creative Director - Hill City Bride The Setting Photography - Melissa Batman Photography and Sterling Life Photography Setting - Southern Provisions Vintage Rentals - Happily Ever After Event Rental Florals - The Arrangement Company Cake - Love Is in the Air Candles - Beeswax Candle Company Hand Lettering - r.e.written Invitations - Invitations by Caitlin Signature Drink - Andrew Borsay White Napkins – Southern Provisions Company The Guests Models - Amber, Brittany, Cailynn, Keshia Hair - Mitchell’s Salon on 7th Makeup - Julie Witcher, Mary Kay Clothing, Jewelry & Shoes - Gladiola Girls


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Use our

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Pick up your copy of our

wedding issue today!

On Trend

ATHLEISURE FOOTWEAR Sport is no longer just for athletes; it’s a way of life. Stay casual-cool this summer in one of this season’s hottest looks - athleisure. Perfect for summer, this trend includes sport casuals and comfortable walking shoes. Celebrate motion and an

We’ve discovered OTBT’s Travel Lite footwear collection is doing it right. These selected styles feature a light sport bottom designed for premium comfort, sporty style and ultimate functionality for all of us girls on the go!

everyday active and comfortable lifestyle for women. Shop yours at Consolidated Shoe Store on Timberlake Road in Lynchburg! #TravelLite

“Be it on the school run, in the line for morning coffee, over a business lunch, or even drinks, performancewear as everydaywear for women of all ages is becoming de rigueur.” RACHEL MARLOWE in VOGUE

Style: Cosmos

Style: Lunar

Function is its own trend, ranging

A spin-off of 90’s androgynous

from styles that feature elasticity

styling, comfort sneaks can be paired

for a comfortable fit and lightweight

with everything. Unstructured

soles for an easy wear that keeps you

materials offer versatile styling, so

on the move everyday. Wedge sandals

sneaks like this can be worn as a

give you stability while staying light

jogger, or, with the heel folded down,

and casual for spring and summer

worn like a slide.


Style: Khora

Style: Nova

Style: Star Dust

Sneakers are the new flat! Pair them

Whether you’re hitting up yard sales

Athleisure is THE trend. Super casual,

casually everyday in your athleisure

or running errands, a platform sandal

you can wear it with everything from

attire. Design elements like prints

is the perfect combination of height

a slip dress to high-waisted Levi’s.

and perforations elevate joggers for a

and easy summer style. Don’t let the

It’s relaxed and effortlessly cool, with

function + fashion lifestyle.

platform fool you - this style is nearly

design elements like perforations and

weightless, making it just right for

cutouts that offer fashion-forward

your everyday on-the-go schedule.

styling. 47




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Feel confident with your appearance.

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Confidence is Beautiful Aesthetic procedures are a very personal choice. At Carilion Clinic Cosmetic Center, we value your decision to trust our expertise. Our board-certified plastic surgeons are experienced in: ∞ Botox® and dermal fillers ∞ Facial procedures (eyelid, brow lift, nose reshaping and facelift) ∞ Mommy makeovers (liposuction, tummy tuck and body contouring) ∞ Breast augmentation, reduction and lift For a complete list of aesthetic services or to schedule a consultation, call 540-853-0510.

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