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Fall 2017 • Complimentary

At Home with Centra Most people when given a choice prefer to stay in their own home. We understand that. If and when health issues arise, Centra Home Health, Centra Hospice and Centra PACE are programs designed to meet your healthcare needs and provide support to make staying at home possible. Our services can help you recover from an illness or injury, support patients and families with end of life care, or help

We can help determine what services may be needed. To learn more about what each program offers, call us or visit

a frail elderly person remain at home.

Home Health 434.200.4111 / Hospice 434.200.3204 / PACE 434.200.6516


actual CVO patients

Your smile is your best asset. At Central Virginia Orthodontics, we are dedicated to helping people of all ages achieve their perfect smile with the best care in a relaxing atmosphere. State-of-the-art technology and the latest techniques ensure that each member of your family receives exceptional care.

Dr. Eric Baugher | Dr. Jennifer Claiborne

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your guide to an inspired life



Jennifer Prince Academy Center of the Arts..................................... 29 CREATIVE DIRECTOR

Photo by Demi Mabry Photography

Breanna Pair

Aesthetics by Ridgeview Dermatology.................. 13 Amazement Square.................................................... 3


GRAPHIC DESIGNER At Home with Centra................................................ inside front cover

Amber Ingram

It’s so hard to believe that fall is

Kate Scullen

Bowen Jewelry Company.......................................... 3

It is easy for autumn to take us by


Carilion Clinic............................................................ back cover


Meggan Robinson

Speaking of surprises, this issue


has a lot in store for you. From

Shella Baker

inspiration for your own picnic to

Hannah Cline

here. Where did the summer go?

a focus on fashion and conscious

Centra Medical Group, Plastic Surgery Center..... 36 Central Virginia Orthodontics................................ 1 CoLab........................................................................... inside back cover

Tea Hadzic

Demi Mabry Photography........................................ 9

Emily Hedrick

clothing choices, we want to

Katie Lane

inform and equip you for the

Jaclyn Meadows

Fink’s Jewelers............................................................ 7 Get Downtown........................................................... 3

Jennifer Prince

season ahead.

Gladiola Girls.............................................................. 41

Deirdre Serio

Oh, and if you’re out and about, we

Azalea Smith

will be, too! We’ve partnered with

Taylor Thornburg

three local organizations to bring

Grand........................................................................... 15 Hill City Bride............................................................. inside back cover

Laura Watts

fun and awareness, so be sure to


say “hi” if you see us around town.

Demi Mabry Photography

James T Davis Paint & Design Center.................... 30 Lynchburg Bridal Expo............................................. 46

No matter your plans, we are here

Maier Museum of Art................................................ 35

to partner with you and inspire

Melissa Batman Photography.................................. inside back cover

you along the way.

Rosetta Coffee Company.......................................... 46 Southern Provisions Company................................ 41

Happy fall!

photo by Demi Mabry Photography clutch, your guide to an inspired life is a quarterly publication. To contact us for advertising, comments or questions: please email or call 434-851-2224 Copyright 2017 by 7 Hills Publishing. Contents within are for informational purposes only and may not be copied in any way in whole or part without written consent from clutch. All views expressed are that of the authors and not necessarily that of clutch. Advertisers are not inevitably endorsed by nor can clutch be held responsible for their services. The information contained within is deemed to be reliable at the time of printing. Our pictorial material has been used in good faith with permission from the advertiser, photographer or source, yet clutch cannot be held responsible for infringements arising out of such usage. As much as is humanly possible, wholehearted attempts have been made for our publication to be as accurate as possible, and we hope that those who read it realize the purpose of our publication is to bring about thought and creativity to its readership.











inside this issue COMMUNITY THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS an initiative for a cause GEEKY GIRL



PLACES, PLEASE a show with purpose




MY OMBRE LIFE 16 consider philanthropy HOME LIVING BEAUTIFULLY 17 a romantic autumn picnic DI-WHY NOT IN SEASON


27 28




PET PONDERINGS considering a new pet




STYLE PARING DOWN 38 a capsule wardrobe experiment FAST FASHION 42 conscious clothing choices 32

FASHION FORWARD 47 a week of style in Lynchburg






Photo provided by the Junior League of Lynchburg.

THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS an initiative for a cause aligns with


their mission


women in our

to empower community.

Ah, the Little Black Dress or LBD. It’s

What exactly IS this initiative and

a wardrobe staple that many of us

how can you help? Participants

have a collection of in our closets.

are asked to “wear one black dress,

The look is iconic, just like Audrey

or other black attire, for one week

Hepburn’s adorable number in

to highlight the effect distressful

Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

situations can have on a woman’s

Besides making a statement about fashion, the Junior League of


access to resources, confidence, and

• A selection of LBD’s for $49 and under

opportunities,” states the Junior

• Sales on select items

League, which is partnering with

the Little Black Dress Initiative

For 5 days - from October 9-13 - we

• LDB themed hors d’oeuvres and beverages from Isabella’s

(LBDI) raised over $6500 for both

are asking ladies not only to wear

• & more surprises in store!

the Domestic Violence Prevention

the same LBD each day, but we are

Center and Sexual Assault Response

also encouraging donations towards

Program for the YWCA of Central

the YWCA’s programs, which can be

VA. In fact the LBDI “is a fundraising

done through the Junior League of

• Pick out one black article of clothing

campaign that aims to bring

Lynchburg’s website.

• Wear it from October 9-13

Will you join us? We hope so! Pick out

• Raise awareness and funds for the YWCA’s programs

Lynchburg is using this article of clothing for a cause. In 2016,

awareness to women facing distress, whether it be poverty, violence, or inequality,” according to the Junior League. The initiative perfectly 6

clutch to help raise awareness.

your LBD and get ready to talk about preventing domestic violence.


• Use #LittleBlackDressJLL on social media

it’s passion. it’s trust.

LYNCHBURG: 16960 Forest Road 434.237.6301 ROANOKE: 419 at Colonial 540.342.2991 • Valley View Mall 540.362.3779

GEEKY GIRL on the record with Speakertree The notions of hunting and gathering may initially bring cavemen to mind, but they also apply to the modern geek. Regardless of our passions or hobbies, we geeks tend to seek out what we love (sometimes with great persistence) and curate collections that celebrate and showcase that love. For example, I collect books, clothing, and figurines from my favorite fandoms: Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast, and Dragon Age. You may collect antique silverware, items depicting a certain kind of animal, or vintage clothing. Or perhaps you collect records? If that’s the case, there is a vinyl haven awaiting you in downtown Lynchburg: Speakertree. Speakertree was founded in 2008 and just moved from its original location on 5th street to 901 Jefferson Street in early June. After a few transitions in ownership, Blake Gederberg and Nick Cotrufo took the helm last July. Their decision to relocate was almost a year in the making. “When we first took over the shop, we had a few visions for the place, but we decided to at least feel out the market for about a year and get an idea of what we were looking at,” Blake says. “We were able to turn around the business and get to the point where we couldn’t go any further without having more foot traffic, so basically the move was to get into an area that has more retail foot traffic and more tourism. When you go downtown, you usually park and walk around for the day, and we were just a little too far off that path.” Read on for more of my interview with Blake about the new and improved Speakertree, the vinyl industry, and his quest for an elusive record.


community Why is Lynchburg the ideal place for your shop? There are a few reasons. For one, the vinyl industry is definitely coming back. For a while, the generation ahead of ours was getting rid of their vinyl and not really pursuing it any further, but now we’re seeing a lot of millennials who are inheriting their parents’ collections and getting into vinyl. We see a lot of that in Lynchburg because it’s a college town, and we have a pretty big following within the colleges around here. Every year, when thousands more students come to Lynchburg for the first time, we have a direct ability to tap into that market through word of mouth. Music definitely appeals to everyone, but I think right now the vinyl industry is piquing the interest of millennials especially. I would say our primary market right now is people ages 18 to 40. There’s always going to be a really good demographic of those people in Lynchburg because people graduate from college and settle Photos by Demi Mabry Photography

down and start their families here.

wedding + senior photographer VA || NC || SC 9

Are you guys originally from Lynchburg? I’m actually from New Jersey and Nick is from North Carolina. We came here for school and ended up staying and finding a great market for our business. We love Lynchburg! Besides millennials inheriting their parents’ collections, why do you think the vinyl industry is making a comeback? I think a big part of it is that the digital world is expanding and everything is being streamed, which kind of disconnects people from the music in a way. Even though this makes music very accessible, people still want to connect with music on a deeper level. A lot of people collect music because it’s a part of who they are. People are starting to realize that they can fall back in love with the tangible aspect of music and collecting records, which often come with something cool like posters. There’s also something about the records being bigger, and if you really love the album artwork of a record, you can decorate with it. A lot of people have record walls, and they’ll change out the album artwork depending on what they’re listening to at that point. We’ve seen some really cool setups.

Interested in starting your own collection but

Each record has a unique code that can be found on both

wondering where to start? Blake advised us on

the sleeve and the record. This code can be searched

savvy tips for a burgeoning collector.

on this site to see exactly which pressing this record is.

Where is a good place to start, and are there resources available for the novice collector? Finding a local shop is the best way to get into it because we have the ability to source some of your favorite records and order them for you so you can

most valuable to collectors which will mean it would sell at a higher price than a re-pressed record. Let’s talk storage - what is the best way to store (or not store!) your records?

start your collection off strong with some of your

Heating and cooling causes the vinyl to warp, which will

go-to records.

change the sound of the record making it hard to listen

You talked about inheriting collections - how

to and can be bad for the record player.

does one go about knowing if anything in those

Storing the records together are always a good idea

collections is valuable or not?

because the pressure of them being together keeps them

The best place to source the value of the record would be on a website called “Discogs” - this is the eBay for records...where you can see what the market is paying. 10

Original pressings are the most rare and typically the

flat. Leaning them up would probably be best...similar to what you’d see in a shop.


Any particular records you’re trying to find?

What exactly is important? Blake told us in

The number one thing I’m looking for is the original Jurassic Park

his own words what collectors search for when

soundtrack, which is really hard to find. I’m a big Jurassic Park

choosing records.

fan. I could buy it online and spend a lot of money on it, but I

• Condition - Condition is key and sometimes the deal breaker for a lot of hardcore collectors out there. From the condition of the sleeve

think the hunt is part of the fun. Maybe one day it will come to the shop, and I’ll get to buy it. Nick already knows that if it ever comes to the shop, it’s mine [laughs]!

to the cleanliness and scratch free vinyl, it all

What’s the best thing about your job?

matters to them. If it’s in mint condition and

I would say the community aspect. As an entrepreneur, my

50+ years old that really shows collectors that

ideas are very community-driven and community-minded. I’ve

this was a well kept album from all the hands

always been drawn to networking and things that bring people

it’s come in contact with over the years.

together, so I think it’s cool to have a close-knit community of

• The Pressing - Many collectors are looking for

music lovers who come into the shop. We have some really, really

the original pressings, special editions, limited

cool people who come in and support us way more than we ever

editions and color/variant of the records. Some

thought possible. We’re grateful for that support, and we love

mean more to others but this is a really big deal

what we do!

for many. It makes the hunt that much more exciting. • Album Art - There are many people we encounter who do love some album art and want it in their collection regardless of how much they find themselves listening to that record. There many albums that have iconic album art, such as, The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, Nirvana’s Nevermind, Abbey Road by The Beatles and many more. • Music Taste - Lastly, many people want their favorite bands and records in their collection. These will more than likely be the ones that they listen to most often. These will be the ones closest to their heart and may even be the ones that dig deep in their pockets for.

Do you consider yourself a “record geek?” Nick is actually more of the record geek, and I’m more of the business geek [laughs]. When the opportunity to buy Speakertree from the previous owners presented itself, it was kind of like a match made in heaven type of situation where we each brought something unique to the table. I had experience in the music business and booking shows for local bands, so I was going to

Need a record player? A local shop can order one for you, and vintage ones can be restored. Although with restoration, like a vehicle, it depends on year and availability of replacement parts.

handle that side of things, and Nick was going

Want to find out more?

to handle the record side of things. I do have a

vinyl collection and I have some things that I’m always hunting for, so if I do find them, I will geek out!

901 Jefferson St. Suite G7

Emily Hedrick is a youth services librarian and enjoys being with her husband and family, singing, and geeking out as often as possible.

(434) 485-8262 11

PLACES, PLEASE! a show with purpose

Want to have even MORE fun? Come to our special clutch ladies night to support the arts and the YWCA. From donated raffle items and door prizes to pre-show entertainment and a specialty drink, we’ll have various opportunities to raise funds and awareness. Come join us!

Wednesday, October 18th at 8pm $25 Half of the proceeds from this night are donated towards the Central VA YWCA

As a theatre buff myself, finding an all-female show is rare, so when the opportunity presents itself to

ten women that she’d brought to

producing company’s philanthropic

life. I was ecstatic to have been cast

endeavors...I almost feel sometimes

and found myself among a group of

like I can’t take any credit for how

complete strangers who very quickly

this show has evolved.”

became some of my dearest friends,” Melissa reminisces.

Renaissance Theatre’s production of To the New Girl is also philanthropic.

be involved in such a production -

What’s remarkable is that every

A portion of the proceeds will

either in the audience or on stage -

single one of these women’s stories

benefit the Central Virginia YWCA,

I take notice.

is grounded in truth. Playwright

and (compliments of clutch) every

Samantha Macher offers, “I wrote

member of the audience will receive

the show initially because I was

a card with hotline numbers to

using my writing to explore some

discreetly place in their wallet. Past

of the heartache I had following the

outreach productions include a 2013

dissolution of my marriage. Even

show at the Bower Center to benefit

though this show was difficult for me

Bedford Domestic Violence Services

to write, it helped me to know that in

and also a 2014 show at Showtimer’s

Such is the case with the fall production at Renaissance Theatre entitled To the New Girl, which not only features an all-female cast but deals with real life issues such as Alzheimer’s, suicide and domestic violence. Director Melissa E Kennedy states, “To the New Girl tells the tales of ten women as they address their

this small way, in this small theater, I

to benefit TAP’s Sabrina’s Place.

was able to help give an equal voice to women I knew and cared about.” The

Melissa has been involved with To

husband’s new wife or mistress (or

theater she references is Los Angeles’

the New Girl since the very first show

in one case, new mister)! These

SkyPilot Theater Company, where she

(she is credited in the script as a part

women are heartrendingly relatable,

was asked to contribute a female-

of the original cast!), and it was her

regardless of whether you’ve been in

centric show in a predominately

idea to bring this show to the stage

their shoes: their loss and grief and

male season.

at Renaissance for her directorial

triumph and resilience are palpable and inspiring.”

“Then, sort of unexpectedly, the play, which had once been very personal,

debut. “I’ve wanted to direct a show for a while and could not come up with a better combination of show

Melissa’s first experience with the

left me. In every production, what’s

show was in 2012 at Studio Roanoke.

on stage is no longer my story, or

She was so drawn to the playwright’s

the story of those who inspired it,

work that she braved the stage after

but rather the story of the women

a hiatus that was longer than a

who produce it, direct it, and act

decade. “I found myself drawn to the

in it,” Samantha says of how her

premise of the show - and the voice

show has traveled and grown. “It

of playwright Samantha Macher

has even occasionally become the

supportive and welcomed the idea

- and couldn’t wait to meet these

audience’s story by way of the

with open arms.”


and venue than at Renaissance Theatre,” Melissa offers. “At least one member of the board had seen the show and was a very enthusiastic supporter of this endeavor; the remainder of the board was

community This show is designed to touch

Samantha goes on to say, “I’m so

the audience and have them relate

grateful that what was so painful for

and experience the stories of the

me at the time has become a way for


characters in a meaningful way, yet it

women to connect to each other, and

This entertaining evening of

isn’t just the viewer that is impacted.

to their communities for almost six

theatre consists of ten monologues

years. I hope that I’m blessed enough

from scorned women who directly

to continue telling this - and new

address their exes’ new wives

stories - with these generous friends

and lovers. This show is not

and colleagues I’ve made working on

recommended for children under

this piece.”

the age of 16.

In the words of Melissa, “We are

October 13, 14, 15, 19, 20 at 8pm

so lucky to have a theatre like

and October 21 at 3pm $20

Come early from 7-8 to experience: • Complimentary Refreshments • Signature Drink ($5) • Donated Raffle Items • Musical Entertainment by Catherine the Great • Live Painting by artist Christina Ball • & more

Renaissance in this area that is open to new ideas and community

“This show has been a great source

outreach and willing to step outside

of friendship and support for me

of some comfort zones in order to

- members of the original Studio

produce quality works while still

Roanoke cast still get together as

embodying the ‘community’ aspect

often as we are fervent

of community theatre.” And we

hope is for another group of women

couldn’t agree more.

to be able to experience that kind of community,” Melissa explains as she

Renaissance Theatre 1022 Commerce Street, Lynchburg (434) 845-4427

Jennifer Prince enjoys her family, traveling, kittens and an occasional stint on the stage.

looks forward to directing this show.

Love Your Look Our goal is to help you feel confident with your appearance. Some of our services include: CoolSculpting® Botox® & Fillers PRP Hair Restoration PRP Facial Rejuvenation Skin Type Solutions®

MiraDry® Laser Resurfacing Laser Hair Reduction Cosmetic Services Much More!

300 Enterprise Dr. Suite E, Forest, VA 24551 | (434) 333-7370 | 13

Women of a Certain Age SPECIAL DELIVERY Bette Bibbe has found a new direction for her floral business. She hand-delivers flowers with a twist – recipients get blooms and a visitor! Bette’s primary business at Perfect Arrangement is weddings and special events. Now she is also offering a new subscription service, “Send Love All Year Long.” Clients can have flowers delivered once a month or quarterly. According to her flyer, “Included in the delivery is a quick visit to say ‘hi’ and ‘how are you?’” The idea was born after a wedding guest asked Bette if she could deliver flowers to his mother every month. The gentleman had been using an 800 service. “But it was a disappointment,” she said. “They (the flowers) were either

Photo by Alina Thomas Photography

dead or poor quality. It was a stress to her.” So he hired Bette to bring flowers

text after each delivery, he said “no,

to his mother every month. “It’s a

she calls as soon as you are gone”

comfort to him,” she said. When

and tells him all the details of the

Bette brought the first arrangement,

lovely arrangement. “I didn’t live in

she decided to visit with the woman

the same city as my mother,” Bette

for a few minutes. She thought of it

said. “I would have loved that kind

as kind of a wellness check for the

of service.”

son. “It’s non-medical,” Bette said. “It’s not like I’m checking her blood pressure.” And Bette was pleased to discover the gentleman’s lucky mother wasn’t the only one who relished the conversation. “This thing has rung true to me,” Bette said. “I would very much enjoy the visitation once a month.”

Bette has loved flowers since she was a young child. “My mother was always a good flower arranger,” she said. “She taught me a lot.” After graduating from Virginia Tech with a design degree, Bette designed clothing for Imperial Reading, then worked as an interior designer at Complements until it closed in 2009. After that,

After delivering the monthly flowers,

friends started asking her to design

she will send a text message or email

floral arrangements for weddings

to confirm delivery. But when Bette

and events, so Bette started her

asked the son if he wanted her to 14

own business.

community The subscription business will help fill the months when there are fewer weddings, such as January, February, March, and November. “Those aren’t busy wedding months and I could still have fun with flowers,” Bette said. The arrangements come in a disposable container so the containers don’t pile up. She finds interesting metal or wicker baskets, odd and interesting glass containers, and wooden boxes for arrangements. She keeps the container price low by searching Goodwill for her little treasures. “I like to use locally grown flowers if I can,” she said, so the choices will vary by season. Bette, who has worked on floral arrangements for the Rose Bowl Parade, Garden Day, graduations and other

Photo by Gaudium Photography

local events, is focusing on expanding her business in Westminster Canterbury and The Summit. “Everyone loves getting flowers,” she said. Deirdre Serio has written for newspapers, non-profits, and her present “day job” as a technical writer. She loves the great outdoors, especially hiking and kayaking.


Sweet Home




5401 Fort Avenue

Valley View Mall

Across from Tanglewood 15

(434) 239-5900

(540) 563-2070

(540) 774-7004


the best feeling in the world check for local soup kitchens. Spend a day with incredibly selfless people who serve to help feed the homeless. Soup kitchens will never turn you down. An extra pair of helping hands is always needed! Don’t forget about the environment. There’s nothing like keeping our planet green. We are very lucky to live in Virginia, where outdoor activities are everything.

Author Tea Hadzic volunteered to teach English through Blue Ridge Literacy. Photo by BRL

Key is keeping it clean and neat, so that many generations after us

In a perfect world, where student loans or sky-high rent didn’t exist, or you

can enjoy this luxury. My team and

didn’t have to work 40 hours a week (because responsibilities)…I would be

I have raided parks and rivers for

a full-time philanthropist. Volunteering and spreading positivity in my

trash. Spend a Sunday with your

community really brings happiness to me. But even with an endless list of

friends picking up trash, fixing

responsibilities, there’s always room to give back.

up parks, gardening, or simply spreading green love.

My love for humanity and giving back developed a long time ago. I was born in Bosnia, and if you know anything about Bosnia, you would know about the

There’s no better feeling than

civil war back in the 90s, which tore the country of Yugoslavia apart. I was

giving back with the people you

just 3 years old when my family and I fled to Germany. Then about 8 years

love. Instead of shopping around

later, we settled in Virginia. This was back in 1999, and today I am happy to

at the mall with your BFF, grab her

call Roanoke my home. My family has taught me how to appreciate and be

hand and take her to the nearest

thankful. They have built something out of nothing and they will always

rescue mission. Trust me–your

express how grateful they are.

bond will be so much tighter and your heart so much fuller.

It almost feels like it is a duty to give back and inspire others. My current job has provided me with a platform to give back. Once a month, I try to create an

Use your platform. Spread the

event–whether it’s helping a local family in need, cleaning a park, or simply

message of philanthropy ANY

donating–and get my team involved with volunteering. No matter how much

WAY YOU CAN. Whether it’s on

my co-workers have on their plate, they never say no to and we always end up

your Facebook, at work, or even

having a great time while doing good for others.

at your family dinners, share your volunteer experiences. You have no

There are tons of ways to give back.

checking out at your local grocery

idea how inspirational you can be!

There’s also no right or wrong way

store helps charities too, but you can

This fall, try to make an effort.

to give back. If you have never really

truly experience the feeling of giving

Check for local charities, clean

had the chance to get involved or

back when your very own community

your neighborhood, and be kind

volunteer, here’s a couple of tips to

reaps the benefits first. Learn about

and aware of your surroundings.

get you started:

local homeless shelters, charities and

One by one, we can make this place

so forth, and start small!

better. And if possible, please share

Do things for your neighborhood

Lend a helping hand. If you cannot

your volunteer events with me.

first. Yes, donating a buck while

give funds, do the labor. For example,

I love to help!

Start in your own community.





I love picnicking in the fall - that magical time of year when the hot, sticky Virginia summer weather is turning cooler and we can venture outdoors and not melt away. There are fewer bugs to bother us and the scenery is ablaze with vibrant colors. So grab those you hold dear and head out among the turning autumn a big, cozy blanket and sit down for good conversation and warm apple cider. You only need a few essential items and you’ll be ready to head into the Blue Ridge Mountains or visit a local park, lake, or playground. Find a level spot to sit and take in the breathtaking views as you dine. Picnics in the fall are also the perfect way to end a day spent gathering autumn bounty at a nearby orchard or pumpkin patch. 18


THE BASKET: Find a vintage basket or a new basket with an older feel. Mine is a rectangular, natural wicker basket with a double-hinged top and a comfortable handle. In a classic picnic theme, the interior is lined with red and white checkered fabric, and came complete with a square bamboo cheese board, cheese knife, a bottle opener, and two plastic glasses. I tossed the plastic and found four tasting-sized wine glasses for classier outings. I wanted a distinctive picnic basket, so I went on a quest for vintage enamelware plates dressed up by cloth cocktail napkins and antique silverware to complete my setup in style. During an antiquing trip to Tink’s in Roanoke I spotted an enamelware set which included four white appetizer-sized plates rimmed in navy blue, four matching small mugs and four silver-plated forks, spoons, and knives. Score! All I had to do was visit a few local home décor shops and I was lucky enough to find a set of four red cloth cocktail napkins. My personal set was complete!!!

THE ESSENTIALS • basket with wares • blanket • assortment of fun food and drink

THE BLANKET: Last fall I purchased a huge red and blue plaid blanket scarf from Gladiola Girls and decided it worked better as a blanket than a scarf on my small frame. Used for a small picnic, it is perfect. You can certainly use a vintage quilt or any other blanket that suits you. Picnics are meant to be intimate affairs, and 2-4 people per basket and blanket is ideal. If there are more in your party, just have additional groups fill a basket or cooler as needed and bring along extra blankets. 19

THE FUN FOOD AND DRINK: Food is rarely served hot at a traditional picnic, so focus on sandwiches, wraps, and appetizers made ahead, along with fresh fruit, salad, and cold meats like fried chicken. I enjoy packing chilled chardonnay or a light red wine like pinot noir, and on chilly days, a thermos of hot tea or apple cider is perfect. I enjoy a full cheese spread on a picnic, too, so arrange a combination of aged, soft, blue and firm cheeses. Suggestions are: • Aged: Sharp cheddar • Soft: Brie • Blue: Roquefort • Firm: Manchego Add a crusty baguette or water crackers.

LOCAL ORCHARDS: Carter Mountain Orchard – Charlottesville, VA Dickie Bros Orchard – Roseland, VA Drumheller’s Orchard – Nelson County, VA Johnson’s Orchard – Bedford County, VA

LOCAL PUMPKIN PATCHES: Layman Family Farms – Blue Ridge, VA Yoder’s Farm – Rustburg, VA Seaman’s Orchard – Roseland, VA

Many local orchards provide corn mazes, haunted forests, and many other fall-related activities for the whole family. Check their websites for further details and dates. If you decide to go, use #clutchinspires and show us your fun!


home SPICED CHARDONNAY Ingredients (per person/serving) • 1 cup apple juice or cider • ½ of a cinnamon stick • 1 apple slice • 8 oz. chardonnay

Heat up the apple juice until boiling – 1 cup per person. Add a half cinnamon stick and apple slice, and place in a thermos to keep it piping hot. Take the filled thermos and the chardonnay to your picnic site. Once you are there – pop the cork, fill up your glass halfway with chardonnay, and top the other half off with the spiced juice. You’ll have a spicy, spiked treat at the perfect drinking temperature!

Pick up fresh grapes, pears, apples, and figs and do the prep work ahead of time. Slice any that need cutting and place in baggies or small containers so you can relax and enjoy your picnic, rather than making a mess on your blanket. Salami and - my personal favorite - bacon-wrapped feta-stuffed dates with a honey and fresh mint drizzle can be a great, hearty addition for the meat lovers in the group. Kalamata olives are a nice savory touch, and nuts will finish off the spread. A mixture of walnuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts as well as candid nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds will do nicely. Fig jam, honey and apple butter will tie it all together! Bring along small jars and small spoons for easy access. If your cheese board is large enough, smear large globs directly on the board once you lay out the cheese. Now that you have your basket, blanket, and food and drink ready to go, dress to impress in a dark denim dress, scarf, tights and boots or pair dark denim jeans with a crisp shirt, blazer and boots to keep warm with the new chill in the air. Have a wonderful picnic and a magical fall season! 21



VENDORS: Concept and Styling – Jaclyn Meadows Photography – Demi Mabry Photography Project Management – clutch Britmarie’s Clothing, Shoes and Necklace – Gladiola Girls Britmarie’s Ring and Earrings – Bowen Jewelry Company Vintage Styling Elements – Jaclyn Meadows and it’s FOUND vintage

Jaclyn Meadows is a local artist and traveler with an enthusiasm for living life beautifully! Follow her journeys on Instagram @twiggyjacqua and her blog at







Pretty Planets 2–2:30pm Amazement Square hosts a planetarium and project.




Mountain Valley Cluster Dog Show 8am–4pm Fun in Salem!

13 The Addams Family 2pm Showtimers puts on this fun show!







Blues Traveler 7pm Hear music via Riverfront Park Concert Series.



Best of Broadway 2000’s 7:30pm Hear showtunes at Mill Mountain.



Party in Elmwood 5:30–8:30pm Listen to beach music.

Chalk Festival 9am–2pm Head to this annual Riverfront contest.


Acoustic Fridays 4–7pm Hear music at the MM Zoo!

Art in the Plaza 10am–3pm Celebrate local artists in Roanoke.



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Ro b



Red Sox Baseball 7:05pm See a game!


Architecture of the 7 Hills 5–7pm Learn at the Lynchburg Museum.


Green Market Wednesday 10am–2pm Head to Lynchburg Community Market.

Winnie the Pooh 2pm & 4:30pm Take the kids to see this classic at the Academy.


Lynchburg Salsa 8–11pm Dance at The Glass House.



Wolfswood Faire 1–6pm Enjoy a Renaissance event in Appomattox.

Roanoke Art & First Fridays 5–8pm & 9pm Peruse galleries.


US Navy Band Bluegrass 7–8:15pm Listen in Elmwood Park.



Drop Dead 8pm See a comedy at Renaissance Theatre.

Food Truck Thursday 11am–2pm Grab lunch in Miller Park.


Lynchburg Hillcats 6:30pm Enjoy Baseball.




Willy Wonka Jr. 7pm Support theatre at Mill Mountain.

Architecture Tour 2pm Stroll Presbyterian Cemetery.

Yoga at the Taubman 12:30–1:30pm Dress comfy and enjoy.


Maker’s Brunch 10am–3pm Riverviews Artspace hosts makers.

Photo by Dave Rosenblum

For more information check out these websites: 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: &

30 Pets Golf Tournament 8am Ivy Hill hosts a benefit for LHS.


5th: 6th: 8th: 10th: 11th: 12th: 13th: 14th:

31 Shakespheare Under the Stars 7:30pm See drama at Poplar Forest.

Amazement Square


15th: 16th: 17th: 18th: 19th: 20th: 22nd: 23rd:


Photo by LuAnn Snawder Photography

24th: 25th: 26th: 27th: 30th: 31st:








Enjoy Central VA Fashion Week 9/11–9/16 Head to: for more information!


LABOR DAY Enjoy a respite

Experience a brief summary at the Maier.

with friends and family.

10 Human Library 3–5pm Dialogue and learn at Riverviews.




Spotlight Tour 2pm










21 Goosebumps: The Musical 7pm See a show at Roanoke Children’s Theatre.


28 Film Screening 7pm The Maier shows a documentary.

Grape Stomping Festival 12–6pm Beliveau Estate Winery hosts fun!


Maier Museum

1st: & 2nd: 3rd: 6th: 8th: 9th:


Photo by Gemma Billings

10th: 11th: 13th: 15th: 16th: 17th: 20th:


9 Family Fun Night 4–7pm Enjoy $3 admission at Amazement Square.



Great Artists 4pm Learn about Kokeshi dolls at Amazement Square.

Artthrive Workshop 2–4pm Artists learn about the business side.


Sedalia Country Fair 10am–4pm Enjoy demos, animals and more.

Get! Downtown 6–9pm It’s a festival in Lynchburg!

Franklin County Agricultural Fair 5–10pm Rocky Mount hosts fun!

Come Blow Your Horn 2pm Little Town Players does a comedy.


6 Green Market Wednesday 10am–2pm Head to Lynchburg Community Market.

Patriot Day 8:45am Remember at the D-day Memorial.


Roanoke Art & First Fridays 5–8pm & 9pm Peruse galleries.


Designer Fashion Show 7–10pm See local designers at this capstone show!



Opening Reception at the Maier 5–7pm View a poignant exhibit.

Movies in the Park 7pm Take the family to Riverfront Park.



The Lone Bellow 7:30–10:30pm Listen to a concert on the Riverfront.

Bedford Country Fair 4pm Take the family!

Photo by Giuseppe Milo

21st: 22nd: 23rd: 24th: 28th: 29th: 30th:


Photo by Jeffery Keeton






Drumheller’s Festival 9am–5pm Have fun at the orchard.






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21 Breakfast with the Animals 8:30am–10am Eat at Mill Mountain Zoo.

27 Ugly Bug Ball 6:30pm–12am Fundraise at Amazement Square.

28 Foreset Farmer’s Market 8am–12pm Get goodies near the Forest Library.

HALLOWEEN Be safe and have fun!


1st: 5th: 6th: & 7th: 8th:


14 A Year with Frog and Toad 10:30am & 1:30pm See a show at the Academy.


Autumn in the Gravegarden 3–4pm Take a guided walking tour.

Photo by Charlie Lyons-Pardue

Candlelight Tours 6–9:30pm Head to Old City Cemetery.

Rail Yard Dawgs 7:05pm See hockey in the Star City.

Macbeth 7:30pm See a show at Randolph.


CityWorks Xpo TBA Enjoy the final day of this gathering.



Clutch Ladies’ Night 7-9:30pm Have fun and see a show at Renaissance.

Apple Harvest Festival 12–5pm Amherst Co. High School hosts.


Roanoke Art by Night & First Fridays 5–8pm & 9pm Peruse galleries.


Art Talks 5:30–6:30pm Talk to a local artist at the Academy.


o Ph o t

Craftsmen’s Fall Classic 11am–5pm View arts and crafts in Roanoke.





LBDI Shopping Night 6–8pm Shop for your LBD at Gladiola!

22 9



Apple Harvest Festival 12–5pm Amherst Co. High 10 School hosts.

Family Workshop 2–4pm Make mono-prints at the Maier.



Photo from JLL

12th: 13th: 14th: 15th: 18th: 20th:


21st: 22nd: 26th: 27th: 28th: 29th:

Maier Museum



Lavender Sugar Scrub Make this simple and fabulously fragrant body scrub in just minutes and enjoy the lingering scent of summer all throughout the fall (and beyond). YOU WI LL N EED : • 1 cup of sugar • 1/3 cup of organic coconut oil (room temperature - solid) • 2-3 tsp of lavender essential oil • Lilac or Purple Soap Safe colorant (optional) • Fresh lavender (optional) Photos by Woody Watts

1. Start by combining your sugar and coconut oil in a glass or aluminum bowl. (Plastic bowls may react with essential oils.) 2. Using a spatula fold in the coconut oil with the sugar until you get a wet sand consistency. (If you want to add more of the coconut oil, feel free.) 3. Then add in your essential oils, 3-4 drops of colorant and fresh lavender buds. Put all of your ingredients in an airtight jar or container and enjoy!

Laura Watts splits her time between instructing, pinning on Pinterest, and watching Netflix with her film making husband and their puppy, Ellie.


In Season

EMBRACING TRANSITION After nearly 15 years in Central Virginia I have learned that the seasons transition slowly and are unpredictable. When you can expect 65-degree days in June and 85-degree days in October, you can’t depend on the weather to indicate a changing of seasons. As a result, I have developed my own little rituals to help move my family and myself from the lazy days of summer to the cozier days of fall. Try a few and embrace the changing seasons, no matter what the thermostat says. 28









Décor: Transitioning my home from

as our preferred dessert, and fresh

a Junior, and Betsy and Joe. For

summer to fall may be one of my

bread (from our oven or the bakery)

read-aloud books for kids I love A

favorite things. I pack up the pool

encourages us to linger a little

Little Princess and All of a Kind Family.

towels and summer decorations. I

longer at the table when the days get

(For more reading ideas stop by your

wash and air out our favorite quilts


local library. I’m sure the librarians

and throw blankets and place them around the house. Mornings can be cool, and it’s nice to be able to grab something cozy off of the sofa and sit on the porch swing first thing in the morning. Using warm-colored throw pillows, seasonal flowers, and a few pumpkins or gourds to decorate can also signify the new season. Table: In the summer, we always have iced tea or lemonade in the fridge. As we move through the year I will replace this constant beverage with apple cider. Served cold or hot, it’s a fresh tasting reminder that cooler days are coming.

Scent: They say that scent triggers memories more than any other sense. fall scent I strongly encourage you to find one. Whether you light candles,

own beauty and joy and

oils, having a go-to can be a special

however you choose to

tradition. Apple, pumpkin, and baked goods are popular choices for this

usher it in, we wish you

time of year.

memorable autumn. Share

Mentally: I don’t miss being in

your seasonal moments

school, but I do miss the clear-cut transition from summer break to the

by tagging them with

drawn to new hobbies and favorite


books this time of year. Learning something new or reading something past.

warm cookies take the place of scoops of ice cream or popsicles

with us on Instagram

start of the school year. I find myself

familiar triggers nostalgia from years

from long days at school. Fresh,

Each season holds its

warm wax melts, or diffuse essential

use as we move through September. and hearty appetites that come

with you!)

If you don’t already have a favorite

The crock-pot also gets a lot more It’s perfect for the busy schedules

would love to share their favorites

Need a good “back to school” read? My favorites include: the Harry Potter books (especially books 1-6), Heaven to

Joy Niehaus is a freelance writer and free time creative. She enjoys reading, baking and spending time with her husband and daughters.

Betsy, Betsy in Spite of Herself, Betsy was 29


The answer? Redirection. This is a major tool in the gentle parent’s toolbox and starts when little crawlers first start getting into shenanigans. Instead of stopping “bad” behavior, encourage good behavior. Let’s say your crawler is

ELEMENTS OF GENT LE PARENTING: Avoid physical punishments Redirect undesirable behavior Prevent behavior problems before they occur Make positive statements instead of negative statements Forgive yourself and begin fresh

When it comes to parenting,

trying to pull up on the stove - you

navigating disciplinary waters can

quickly show them something good

be difficult, and a style called “gentle

to do by giving them engaging ideas

parenting” is gaining popularity.

to distract them from the behavior.

It’s intuitive to conclude that this

Redirection also includes explaining

method means no spanking, but

to them the dangers that surround

there is so much more to it!

their undesirable activity.

Beyond not physically punishing

Of course you don’t want to spend

your children, the gentle parenting

every waking moment redirecting

method also excludes giving time

your child, so a little preparation is

outs, yelling or speaking harshly

in order. If you prepare - think baby

to your kids. This leaves many

proof - your child’s environment, you

parents wondering what they can

set your child up for success! Also, be

use in order to get their children to

sure their environment is engaging

understand consequences

so they don’t get cranky or bored,

and behave.

and - yes - gentle parenting is a very

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades.


Friendly | Knowledgeable | Great Products | Competitive Prices

active style of rearing your kids. As a child begins to become cranky or start to push boundaries in a way that would require redirection, then the child’s needs should be evaluated. Are they hungry? Thirsty? Sleepy? Bored? Boredom can often be counteracted by changing

before the fire gets started. If you

urgency to protect children, the best

have a baby you can mime getting

of us will raise our voices or blurt out

burned and say, “Hot. Ow. Boo Boo.”

something that comes across as very

With an older child you can teach

harsh. If you had set a goal of gentle

them to start the fire themselves so

parenting then you may feel like you’re failing yourself or even

Instead of stopping “bad” behavior, encourage good behavior.

environments or putting away toys and pulling out different toys.

including the word “no” is the hard part, so be prepared to explain and discuss things with your child. Using campfire safety as an example, “No! Don’t touch that fire!” would be

yourself and take a fresh start. Parenting is hard and gentle

that they have a heightened sense of awareness and respect for the fire.

Positive statements are easy to make. Eliminating negative statements,

your child. You aren’t. Forgive

parenting is even harder. Happy parenting!

Truthfully, children can get into moods that can aggravate the calmest person on earth. They also can have an uncanny knack for getting into dangerous situations. Through frustration or out of

Azalea blogs about her crunchy lifestyle at, and she enjoys motherhood, all things natural and bright colors.

replaced with a calm explanation

Photo by Liz Cook Photography


AMOUR BEBE being sensitive about infertility In my job, I have the opportunity to meet patients and hear stories of

Photos by Liz Cook Photography

healing and reflection during what many consider their darkest days.


Recently, I met with one patient population that I found particularly

This type of statement can make

inspiring: In vitro fertilization (IVF) mothers. “The infertility journey

your loved one feel like they are to

is a profound one,” says Emily Evans-Hoeker, M.D., with Carilion Clinic

blame. Also remember, the “stress”

Reproductive Medicine and Fertility. “For women, the dream of becoming

they may be experiencing probably

a mother often begins during childhood, and the reality can be painful.

started after they realized they were

No one dreams of seeing a fertility doctor to start a family.”

having fertility issues, not before.

It can be difficult to know what to say to a friend or loved one struggling

“The vast majority of couples

with infertility, but after meeting with these mothers and Dr. Evans-

who have trouble conceiving, are

Hoeker, there were some clear takeaways.

experiencing it not due to stress, but rather biological causes,” said Dr. Evans-Hoeker. “Blocked ovarian


tubes, abnormal ovulation, or poor

of manually combining an egg and


sperm in a laboratory and then

It is always good to direct a loved one

infertility diagnoses.”

transferring the embryo to the

back to a medical professional. There

uterus. “IVF is a complex series of

is a lot of information online, and it

treatments and not appropriate for

is great to do online research, but it

every patient,” said Dr. Evans-Hoeker.

can also lead people to inaccurate

“It is definitely not the cure-all for

information. Most couples who are

every family.” It is also very expensive

having trouble conceiving are probably

and rarely covered by insurance, so

already talking with a specialist, but

for many couples it may not even be

in the off chance they are not, this

a realistic option.

could be a good reminder.

In vitro fertilization is the process


sperm production are examples of biological causes. Relaxation will not completely fix a majority of

INSTEAD SAY: “I’M HERE FOR YOU IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT OR IF NOT, LET ME TREAT YOU TO ____ (SOMETHING THEY’D ENJOY DOING). Showing interest in your loved one’s situation can be the best support.


Just know their boundaries on what they would like to discuss and what they wouldn’t. Often times suggesting an activity they would enjoy can help keep their spirits high and your bond strong.

DON’T SAY: “WHO’S FAULT IS IT? HIS OR HERS?” “There could be many reasons why a


couple is not conceiving right away,”

Remember, when they are ready to

said Dr. Evans-Hoeker. “Don’t make

share their good news they will. It

any assumptions that it’s one person’s

can feel really horrible to have to tell someone that “no, my treatment didn’t


‘fault’ or the other’s. We don’t like to

Adoption can be a wonderful option

conditions are largely out of the patient’s


for some couples, but it is not the

control and not something they are

Take their lead. Let your loved one

right decision for everyone. There are

doing intentionally. Also, just because

decide how involved they want

often financial and emotional costs

someone is sharing that they may be

you to be, but make sure you let

associated with adoption. Suggesting

having fertility issues, doesn’t mean

them know you’re available to

adoption in a flippant, casual way is

they want to share every detail. Try to

help however you can.

an unrealistic solution to your loved

not overstep their boundaries.”

think of it as anyone’s fault. These

work” or “no, I’m not pregnant yet.”

one’s situation.

Again, this shows you are interested


in their situation but not pushing

If your loved one or friend is already

any one idea. The couple needs to

going through fertility treatments…


work through all of their options before they make any decision about

Hannah Cline is a public relations specialist with Carilion Clinic. Out of the office, she loves sprucing up antiques with sandpaper, paint and lots of love.

family building.


PET PONDERINGS considering a new pet

Photo by Courtney Timms Photography

Picking out a new pet can be overwhelming. It’s a big decision, but with

(species, breed or size restrictions)?

careful consideration and a little research, everyone can find the perfect

You need to make sure your pet will

companion. Different breeds of dogs and cats have varying personalities

be allowed and if there will be any

and energy levels, so it’s well worth investing some time in exploring your

interactions with neighboring pets.

options. Before getting a new pet there are many factors to consider and questions you should ask to help make this important decision.

LIFESTYLE FACTORS: Do you lead an active or sedentary lifestyle? How long do you work


If you prefer a barn/outdoor cat then

How much space do you have, both

look for more environmentally savvy

inside and outside? Do you have

cats with outside experience. Often

a yard, and is it fenced? These are

shelters or humane societies will have

a dog may be appropriate. If you

important questions to ask, as larger

cats available who would do better

work long hours then considering

dogs require more space. You will

outdoors with minimal interaction,

a cat or an older dog may be more

need to plan areas for your pet to

though some organizations will

appropriate option.

use the bathroom and get adequate

not permit adoption of cats out as

exercise. If you have an indoor cat,

outdoor pets because of the risk of

you need to make room for litter boxes (one per cat plus one) and lounging areas. If you have a farm or lots of land then think about what

disease or injury. In most locations, indoors is a much safer place for cats, plus indoor kitties live longer and are generally healthier.

daily? If you enjoy getting outdoors and lead an active lifestyle then

Do you have children? Do you have other pets? The age of your children is an important consideration in deciding what pet to acquire. If possible it would be good to do multiple meet and greet times or

breed of dog may be best (herding,

Do your neighbors have pets? If you

even a trial at home to be sure of how

sport, working dogs).

rent, are you allowed to have pets

pets and children are interacting.


life Do you travel frequently? You have

Remember pets can be long-term

What’s more, the staff at these

to consider who will watch your

commitments. You need to be able

shelters knows the animals in their

pets when you are gone or if you

to provide a great home and loving

care and can help you make a good

will board them. Cats tend to do

care for their entire lifetime in their

match for your personality and

fine alone and can be managed more

forever home.

lifestyle. Often you can have meet

easily if you are away from home frequently.

FINANCIAL FACTORS: Do you have financial resources

and greets, days out with pets, foster or have a trial period to make sure you get a good fit prior to adoption.

Does anyone have allergies in your

for routine care (vaccines, flea

family or will anyone be bothered

and tick medications, heartworm

If you take the time to prepare and

by pet hair? There are some breeds

preventatives), veterinary visits

plan, you have much better odds of

of cats and dogs that are better for

and emergencies? In addition to

a successful match. The investment

people who may have allergies or

veterinary care, you will need to

you make in selecting a pet carefully

prefer less shedding.

supply food, toys and possible

will pay off for years. Although dogs

Wondering what breed may be best? Check to help guide you.

boarding, litter

and cats are the most popular pets,

and grooming.

also consider birds, fish, reptiles,

It’s frequently a

pocket pets, rabbits and ferrets.

mistake to bring home a pet just

Are you willing to clean out

because it’s free, as the other costs

litter boxes daily? This time

to care for your pet properly require

consuming task is a very important


consideration before getting a cat.


Do you have expensive furniture or

Please consider adopting. There are

collectables? If you do, then getting

many wonderful dogs, cats, rabbits

an older dog or cat would be more

and other animals at local animal

ideal. Kittens and puppies can be

shelters and humane societies. There

more active, time consuming and

are also rescue groups for many

more likely to be destructive during

specific dogs breeds and other types

their growth phases.

of pets, which can be found online.

Happy hunting for your new family friend!

Shella Baker is a veterinarian at Peaksview Animal Hospital. She enjoys beekeeping, crafting, gardening and spending time with her family and fur kids.


Randolph College’s

nationally recognized collection

features works by outstanding American artists of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. HOURS: Tues – Sun, 1–5 p.m. SUMMER HOURS: Wed – Sun, 1–4 p.m.

1 Quinlan Street | Lynchburg, VA 24503 | 434.947.8136 |


Edward Hopper, Mrs. Scott’s House, 1932, oil on canvas. Collection of the Maier Museum of Art at Randolph College


The struggle is real Oversized sweaters. Aren’t they fabulous? Throw one on with the perfect pair of skinny jeans, and you’re not only stylish but comfortable, too. Sometimes, too comfortable. You eat right. You exercise. Some areas just won’t go away. The fall and winter months make it so easy to cover-up those trouble spots. Sadly, sweater weather doesn’t last forever. Here’s the deal... It doesn’t have to.

Call today to schedule your private consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeons

Enter SculpSure® and SmartLipo®:


• SculpSure® is the world’s first FDA-cleared, non-invasive laser treatment ideal for patients looking to lose excess fat around the mid-section. • SmartLipo® is an FDA-approved, minimally invasive breakthrough procedure in body contouring as an alternative to traditional liposuction surgery.

36 | 1330 Oak Lane, Suite 100 | Lynchburg

GROWING READERS the story of a bug Get ready for the season’s rich colors by flipping through the lovely, nature-inspired illustrations of the creative children’s book, Hank’s Big Day: The Story of a Bug by Evan Kuhlman and Chuck Groenink. Enjoy a moment together as you

ACTIVIT Y: DO ODLE YOUR OWN DO ODLE BUG 1. Snag an ink stamp or use a washable marker. 2. Place your thumb in the ink or color it with maker. 3. Press your cute little thumb on paper.

follow along the journey of a pill bug (doodle bug or roly poly, if you prefer) and the friendship he finds with a young girl named Amelia. Together they go on adventures and

4. Draw arms, legs, antennae, a helmet, quotes, etc. to your new “friend”. 5. Repeat until desired results.

take “trips” around the world that will make your own imagination fly. Embrace the chance to talk about Amelia’s compassion towards a small creature and how they both benefited from her kindness.

Katie McQuain Lane is the Children’s Program Manager for the Campell County Public Library System, and her loves include her husband and her three rescue dogs.




PARING DOWN a capsule wardrobe experiment If you have spent any time on social


media in the past two years you

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of timeless clothing pieces that work

probably noticed the growing trend

well together. The exact number of items varies depending on what you

of the “capsule wardrobe.” With

read but it’s considered to range from 30-40 items. Purists would say

the minimalist movement gaining

that a capsule wardrobe includes almost everything in your closet from

popularity, it’s not a surprise

shoes to coats and everything in between. However, like the number,

that people are downsizing their

what’s included changes from person to person.

wardrobes. As I sat looking at another birthday and new season,


I felt the need to streamline things

I ended up with 35 articles of clothing in my capsule. I included shorts,

and clear some clutter. On a whim

jeans, yoga pants, t-shirts, a couple of sweaters, a few nicer tops, tank

I decided to experiment with the

tops for layering, a couple of dresses, and my favorite lounge pants.

capsule wardrobe for a season and

I didn’t count shoes, pajamas, undergarments and seasonal items

share with you my experience.

(bathing suits/heavy coat).

MY RESERVATIONS • I always thought it was impractical. I assumed I would have to buy clothing, and I didn’t have the resources to do that.

like to eventually swap out in my

out for another top in my wardrobe

wardrobe, but for now I am willing

that didn’t fit as well.

to wait until I have the money and find things I love to replace items I am currently using.

• I was worried that I would have an event that required items of clothing I didn’t have in my capsule. • I was afraid it would look like I was always wearing the same outfit.

same few items. Having a lot of clothes in my closet didn’t mean

• I attended a birthday party where

I was wearing them. I don’t think

we supposed to wear something

anyone even noticed a difference

yellow. I had zero yellow in my

in how I dressed. I felt more put

capsule because I owned zero

together because I had more time

yellow items to begin with. My original plan was to buy a cheap


yellow t-shirt and donate it after.

• I had so many clothes I didn’t have

My mom ended up buying me a

to buy any. There are pieces I would

• The reality is most of us wear the

to spend on things like my hair and makeup.

tunic I liked so much I swapped it



I LOVED doing the capsule wardrobe. I was looking to get rid of some physical clutter and ended up getting rid of a lot of mental clutter as well. Getting dressed was so much easier in the morning when my options were more limited. I didn’t have to wade through clothes that didn’t fit or I didn’t like. I knew whatever I pulled out would go together, fit well, and make me feel good about myself. Because I didn’t have to try on a bunch of clothes every morning, I saved time, and my room was less clutteread from discarded clothing. Another unexpected outcome of the experiment is that I took better care of my clothing. Having less laundry to do made it easier to follow care instructions and dirty clothing didn’t sit in laundry baskets as long. With only a few items to maintain I could easily air dry items and stay on top of any ironing. I was also more careful when I wore things. I was better at using aprons when cooking and cleaning so I didn’t get grease or cleaning solutions on my clothes. When only the stuff I loved was in my closet, I stopped treating my clothing like it was disposable. While some people maintain one capsule wardrobe year round, I don’t feel like the weather in Virginia is conducive to that. As the weather gets cooler I will switch out my shorts for leggings and my sun dresses for more sweaters. I will pack up and store out-of-season clothing during the off season to reduce clutter in my dresser and closet. Because I wasn’t sure how I would feel at the end of my experiment I didn’t actually get rid of most of my clothes. I went through and tried everything on. If it didn’t fit or I didn’t love how I felt in it I got rid of it. Because of our lifestyle, I also got rid of most clothing that required dry cleaning. If it was out of season, or I was just on the fence, I packed it up. I plan on going back through those clothes in storage soon and getting rid of a lot of what I kept. This time I will only keep items that I intend to rotate in for a different season or when items in my current capsule wear out.


Photos by Demi Mabry Photography of author Joy Niehaus showcasing some of her capsule wardrobe items.

Interior Design . Fabric . Gifts 2704 LANGHORNE ROAD - LYNCHBURG, VA 24501 MON-FRI 10-5, SAT 10-4 - 434.845.2704


SLOW AND SUSTAINABLE WINS THE RACE MOVING AWAY FROM FAST FASHION Most of us would agree that the fashion industry is far

waste a year, most of which is non-biodegradable (11

from perfect. Fashion designer Orsola de Castro believes

million tons from the United States alone). Americans

that since clothing is “our chosen skin,” it holds much

are buying clothes so much and so fast that few have

significance in defining who we want to be. However,

stepped back to examine this new model of clothing and

the fashion industry has changed dramatically over the

its consequences. Most people now treat the things they

last couple decades and our desire for more up-to-date,

use as the things they use up, leading to ever-increasing

inexpensive clothing has led to a “Fast Fashion Industry”

consumption. If clothes don’t sell in a retail store, go

that has revolutionized the way we think about our

out of style, or fall apart, they end up in a landfill in


a developing country. But where is this clothing even

Globalization and rampant consumerism have allowed

coming from, and why does it matter?

the fashion industry to spiral out of control. The

The effect of the fashion industry on place is a second

systemic issue of the clothing industry revolves around

large issue. As the online Business of Fashion blog states,

three key ideas: product, place, and people. Perspective is

“Every stage in a garment’s life threatens our planet and

what will begin to mend the way we view ourselves and

its resources.” Communities and the earth’s resources

our world in light of our clothing. We need to change

suffer all around from the modern garment’s lifecycle.

the way we think about the things we wear because it

The West sources from developing countries in the East

impacts more than just ourselves.

because of the profit; wages are lower in economies like

One local store owner, Renee Wood of Gladiola Girls, was

India’s and Cambodia’s, which want the business so badly

alerted to the concept of fast fashion by her daughter.

that they give in to the larger Western businesses.

“When my daughter was looking at attending Wingate

These factories in the East are what people know

University, they gave her a book to read before coming in

as “sweatshops.” No one can deny the existence of

as a freshman class called Where am I Wearing? I started

sweatshops; many people instead say things like “These

asking questions and thinking about the big picture,”

are places where people choose to work” and “There

Renee offers. She carefully researches brands that she

are a lot worse things they could be doing.” These

carries in her store to reinforce that global impact is

two statements are true, as the garment industry is

indeed important.

not inherently wrong and does provide jobs for many

Acknowledging issues about the fast fashion industry

people. But the working conditions, non-livable wages

urges us to become more informed consumers. The first

(minimum wage is less than $3 a day), and exploitation

problem in the system is the product. American media

of these workers are what we should acknowledge. The

convinces us that we need their product to achieve a

garment worker is the only point of the supply chain

certain happiness, beauty, competence, etc. Fast fashion

where the margin is squeezed. This industry daily

is the new industry that has made it easier for us to get

disadvantages and harms the very people who are

the clothing we want for the price we want it. We are

making our clothing.

actually buying 400% more clothing than we did two

A group of people very much affected by garment

decades ago – that’s how much our need to buy has

production is the Punjab region in India, which is the

increased. But these cheap, trendy garments don’t last –

largest user of pesticides in all of India. These pesticides

they fall apart or we throw them away.

protect the genetically modified cotton seeds planted for

The average American throws away 82 pounds of textile

the use of garment making. These pesticides and



“I don’t want anyone wearing anything that is produced with our blood” - Shima Akhter, 23 year old garment worker in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Fast Fashion Facts • The fashion industry is the number two polluting industry on earth, second only to oil. • In the 1960s, we made 95% of our clothing. Today, we make 3% (the rest is outsourced). • Americans as a whole buy more than 80 billion pieces of clothing per year. • Only 10% of the clothes we donate to charity go to thrift storesmost is disposed of in developing countries. • In one Indian village, there are 60 mentally handicapped children as a result of the cotton seed pesticides used for garment production. • It takes more than 20,000 liters of water to produce enough cotton for a t-shirt and jeans. • About 8,000 chemicals are required to convert raw material into clothing, considering the dying process, etc. Film stills used with permission from The True Cost


chemicals cause numerous birth defects, cancer, and

Practical Tips for Promoting Conscious Fashion Choices • Research ethically produced brands and lines. • Read labels. Beyond the place it was made, consider care. Dry cleaning is an ongoing cost and also taxes the environment. • Consider shipping. It costs money and uses fuel. These ramifications double if you decide to return pieces. • Buy American produced items. These have the smallest carbon footprint, which is not only due to distance but also to the fact that the health and safety of American products exceeds that of most producing countries.

mental illnesses among the community members and their children. Chemicals used during the production of our clothing affect countless communities in developing countries, in tragic ways that we don’t acknowledge. Why does this industry fail in guaranteeing health and safety for the people who are the closest in proximity to its production, and the most involved in the process? The only way that we can begin to change the system is to change our perspectives, individually and collectively. We need to find ways to generate economic growth without this immense neglect of basic human rights. Creative processes can still exist while preserving the integrity of the worker. But we cannot simply improve sweatshop conditions and call it a day. The whole system needs to change. As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “We need a

• Invest in quality items. It takes no thought to

revolution of values.” One person cannot do it alone, but

purchase - and toss - multiple pairs of $9 jeans. If

that’s why Virginia can be a place to start.

you invest in well-made pieces, they will last longer.

As individuals, we can inform ourselves about what the

• Consider vintage and thrifted items. Someone

fashion industry is doing to our world and its inhabitants.

else’s castaways may be your new favorite item.

Practically, invest in clothing that will last you longer than

Consignment shops, thrift stores and vintage shops

a couple months. Look for clothing that’s made in America

(including Gladiola’s section of formerly loved

and doesn’t have to be dry-cleaned, which is just a future

items) is a way to buy conscientiously.

investment in a purchase you’ve already paid for. Cut down on buying clothes that aren’t organic or natural material,

“Take two very simple actions that we perform every single day: getting dressed and eating. Now start a journey backwards – to where your food and your clothes come from. At the other end, you will rarely find happy people, treated with dignity and respect. Human beings working at the bottom of any supply chain – whether is strawberry picking, prawn fishing, cotton farming, garment workers – are often treated like slaves, without reference to our common humanity.” - Livia Firth 44

style Want to find out more? We suggest these resources. The True Cost - documentary film by Andrew Morgan, 2015 Where Am I Wearing? - book by Kelsey Timmerman The Business of Fashion, 2017 Sustainable Apparel Coalition

so they don’t sit in a landfill later on

consumption worth the continuation

As a nation, we should look more

and release chemicals into the air.

of a system that is so bleak and

closely at our supply chains and move

Stop purchasing brand new clothes

hopeless for so many people?

towards equal partnerships with

every season; thrift stores and other

Something needs to change.

the communities that produce the

businesses that recycle clothing can

Looking at this from a different angle,

goods of one of our world’s largest

be gold-mines! Renee advises, “Read

Renee says, “I don’t know that I agree

industries. Brands like Columbia,

labels and ask questions. I think

with the buy cheap, sell cheap side of

Patagonia, J. Crew, L. L. Bean, and

the origin of a product’s production

fast fashion. If it’s costing them $1.30

Nike are making strides, joining

is always a great way to start that

to produce a blouse that they’re going

groups like the Sustainable Apparel


to sell to you for $21 to $33 - that

Coalition. The dysfunctional system

Once I defended a purchase from

margin is anything but cheap. They

that has produced fast fashion is

fast fashion brand H&M, saying that

only have to sell a small portion of

the problem, one which can’t simply

my new $5 dress did not mean that I

anything they produce and they’re

be addressed at an individual level.

hated the planet and supported sweat

still making better margins than

As Patagonia Vice President of

shops. But is that really the point?

anyone else in the business.”

Environmental Affairs Rick Ridgeway

My argument was invalid because

As a community, we can take steps

it didn’t affect my attitude, which

towards supporting businesses

was uninformed and unimpacted.

that promote sustainable values

A documentary called The True

and thoughtfulness about clothing

Cost discusses the connectedness

production in our world. Renee

of our world and how the fashion

is passionate about sustainable

industry has impacted it. The film

fashion and encourages her

“At any given moment you have

describes how the current model of

employees to become informed about

the power to say: ‘This is not how

the industry is all about the profit,

sustainability and makes sure that

the story is going to end.’”

and does not take the true cost into

her business reflects her values. In her

Christine Mason Miller

consideration. The cost is the water

store, the racks are lined with quality

pollution, unlivable wages, factory

clothing and brands that provide

conditions that jeopardize lives daily,

solid alternatives to outsourced,

and the lack of education for the

fast fashion that lasts a hot minute.

people involved in garment-making.

Businesses like Renee’s desire a “less

Is the profit really worth these

is more” type of atmosphere and

systemic tragedies? Is our constant

emphasize quality over quantity.

believes, we need to reduce our consumption overall and change how this is done together. But before we can solve a problem, we must first admit that we have one.

Taylor Thornburg is a Lynchburg native and recent college graduate with a degree in History. Hobbies include floral arranging, oil painting, soccer, and visiting museums at any possible chance.



LYHCLUTCH roasted in Lynchburg


Photo provided by Central Virginia’s Fashion Week of some of their models in training.

WANT TO GO? CHECK OUT CENTRAL VA FASHION WEEK! September 11-16, 2017 Shows Monday through Saturday 7-10pm Visit for more information and newsletter signup.

FASHION FORWARD Central Virginia’s Fashion Week

How many of us rifle through our closets daily, endlessly trying on clothing until we find something that matches our mood and what we have planned for the day? I dare say all of us! After all, in the words of Rachel Zoe, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” And if you are looking for fresh, unspoken inspiration be sure to head to Central Virginia Fashion Week this September. The major premise of the week is to ‘”promote and generate awareness of local, independently-owned retail businesses... establishing the region as a shopping destination,” explains Victoria Watts, who is the Executive Director for the week and founder of Let’s Talk Fashion Virginia. “We’ve found that it is not the local consumer’s lack of wanting to shop local, but more so the lack of awareness about what the region offers as it relates to retail fashion that is not only unique, but also locally-owned.” Offering a week’s worth of runway presentations at select stores, Central VA Fashion Week also provides a platform for local models to learn, practice and eventually perform during the shows. Another exciting aspect is the highly anticipated capstone show, which features the work of local, independent designers. Overall, Victoria hopes the event will facilitate “an intrinsic city vibe experience” in generating awareness about the talent and the shopping unique to the area.


What’s next? Plans are already being made for inspiring women - and men with their clothing choices during 2018. For trends, local shopping inspiration and providing a platform for local talent, be sure to keep an eye on what this group has in store.

• Consolidated Shoe Company • Bowen Jewelry Company • & many more!

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” — RALPH LAUREN Central Virginia Fashion Week is presented by Let’s Talk Fashion Virginia in partnership with the Retail Merchants Association Lynchburg and sponsored in part by the Downtown Lynchburg Association and ABC 13.





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Clutch Fall 2017  

Our fall issue is filled with fashion, causes and community including a styled picnic.

Clutch Fall 2017  

Our fall issue is filled with fashion, causes and community including a styled picnic.