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Complete Healthcare for Seniors Living at Home

Is PACE right for you or your loved one? PACE provides an alternative to nursing facility care for frail older adults who want to live at home. We offer peace of mind for families that loved ones are cared for by a compassionate team of professionals. Our services include but are not limited to: • Medical care • Prescription medicines • Transportation to and from PACE and specialists • 24-hour on call physician services • Adult day center • Rehabilitation and therapy services • Vision, hearing and dental care • Meals and home care

A team member can come to your home to fully explain the program. Call us for more information or to schedule a tour: 434.200.6516 Additional PACE centers located in Farmville and Gretna.

• Social activities/outings PACE is a program of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Federal Government 2

407 Federal Street / Lynchburg, VA 24504 /

your guide to an inspired life



Jennifer Prince Amazement Square.................................................... 24 CREATIVE DIRECTOR

Photo by Demi Mabry Photography

Breanna Pair

Art Box......................................................................... 24 At Home with Centra................................................ inside front cover


PROOF READING Carilion Clinic............................................................ back cover

Meggan Robinson

Warm weather is upon us, and

Centra Plastic Surgery Center.................................. 10

beating the heat is key. Whether


you head to the beach (take

Steven Bowler

us with you!) or stay in the air

Hannah Cline

conditioning, I hope you’ll give us a thorough read.

Central Virginia Orthodontics................................ 1 Get Downtown........................................................... 29

Tea Hadzic Grand Home Furnishings......................................... 31

Emily Hedrick Katie Lane

Komen Laugh for the Cure....................................... 7

Joy Niehaus

Inside you’ll find a variety of

Jennifer Prince

inspiration in our pages. Take

Member One............................................................... 3

care of your skin, check out

Punch Boutique.......................................................... 29

fashion trends (even geeky ones!),

Roanoke Children’s Theatre..................................... 4

and even get a glimpse into our upcoming wedding issue. I hope to see all of you at the 10th anniversary of Get Downtown, and if you are an animal lover, please be inspired to help our local shelters. No matter your interests, I hope this issue leaves you full of inspiring ideas so that you can, in turn, influence those around you.

Enjoy! photo by Daria Shev clutch, your guide to an inspired life is a quarterly publication. To contact us for advertising, comments or questions: please email or call 434-851-2224 Copyright 2018 by 7 Hills Publishing. Contents within are for informational purposes only and may not be copied in any way in whole or part without written consent from clutch. All views expressed are that of the authors and not necessarily that of clutch. Advertisers are not inevitably endorsed by nor can clutch be held responsible for their services. The information contained within is deemed to be reliable at the time of printing. Our pictorial material has been used in good faith with permission from the advertiser, photographer or source, yet clutch cannot be held responsible for infringements arising out of such usage. As much as is humanly possible, wholehearted attempts have been made for our publication to be as accurate as possible, and we hope that those who read it realize the purpose of our publication is to bring about thought and creativity to its readership.






Which Member One Credit Card are you?

Meet our new collection of VisaÂŽ credit cards. For the life juggler who needs a grab-it-and-go card, Member Everyday has you covered. Community cheerleaders rejoice! The plusONE combines purchases and passion for community in a cash back card that gives back in more ways than one. And for the go-getter, the Member Premier card rewards you for enjoying the finer things in life. Meet your credit card match at

Call. Click. Come in. 800-666-8811 Membership eligibility required. Member One Federal Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

2018-2019 SEASON OCT 5-7, 2018 DEC 20-23, 2018 FEB 28 & MAR 1, 2019

APRIL 25-27, 2019

MAY 3-5, 2019 For tickets: call 540-345-2550, or go online!


inside this issue COMMUNITY GET DOWNTOWN









IN SEASON 18 letting summer linger




AGING GRACEFULLY reversing skin damage




TEA TALKS 28 barbeque vibes THE SKIN YOU’RE IN skincare basics







Photos from Downtown Lynchburg Association

get downtown

If you are searching for an evening of fun, entertainment, and food, then look no further than Lynchburg’s very own Get Downtown event. This decade-old street festival brings together the entire community, providing an exciting way for many event-goers to experience the downtown area for the first time or to see the progress and change that has happened since the last time they visited.

Ashley Kershner, Executive Director

be bigger and better than ever!

businesses, organizations, and

of Downtown Lynchburg Association

If you are attending, be sure to put

entertainers, this festival highlights

explains, “As this event has grown

on your walking shoes as the event

not only the best of downtown but

exponentially over the past ten years,

covers an additional two blocks to

the entire Lynchburg community.

we have seen the same tremendous

span Main Street from 6th to 13th.

growth downtown. Hundreds of new

It also includes three main stages,

downtown lofts and apartments,

a bigger Kids Zone, and - for the

an explosion in the restaurant

first time ever - a beer garden at the

scene, beautiful public spaces and

Lynchburg Community Market.

a brand-new boutique hotel. The

See you downtown!


downtown of today is very different

Expect to see spectacular lighting

from the downtown of 2008, and the

displays as the event extends an

momentum is still with us. We have

additional hour until 10 pm, and be


a really exciting future ahead of us.”

sure to take a photo next to the new

for more information.

This year marks the 10th anniversary

LYH public art piece created by Vector

of Get Downtown, and it promises to

Space. With more than 150 vendors,


Friday, September 7, 6-10pm

MEET THE MAKER oil painter Mary Peterson Vargas With a soft style picturing real-life objects, painter Mary Peterson Vargas has a flair all her own. From plein air glimpses into her life to beautifully shaded still lifes, this mom of three works with oils to express herself in a medium that spans her family’s generations, including her father and late grandmother.

WHAT IS THE MEDIUM YOU WORK WITH? Only oil. With three young ones in the nest, time is short and I would rather be master of one than decent in some. WHY DO YOU ENJOY WORKING WITH OILS? Despite its reputation as being temperamental, oil is a very forgiving medium. The slow drying time allows for scraping and reworking areas. WHEN DID YOU FIRST DISCOVER YOUR LOVE FOR ART? I have always been stirred to create art, but perfectionism stifled my pursuit of oil painting until I was almost thirty years old. My misconceptions led me to believe if I couldn’t paint as well as I desired, I must not be a good artist. Once I understood that being an artist is a journey that requires learning, effort, and perseverance, I was able to embrace the imperfect. Now I have found my love for art lies not in expecting immediate perfection, but in the thrill of solving the inevitable problems which each work presents. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Between living in Virginia and summering in New England, I am blessed with no shortage of landscaped beauty. I also find that nothing ignites my passion to paint faster than a day in an art museum. CAN YOU RECALL A FAVORITE PIECE? I will admit to having an abundance of favorites, which means, with each sale, I feel a tension between a thrill and a sadness. AT WHAT POINT DID YOU DECIDE TO SHOW YOUR WORK? At the point that people began expressing interest in buying it!


If you’d like to find Mary’s work, feel free to visit her website at She also has pieces available both at Southern Provisions in Lynchburg, Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke and The Artisans Loft in Staunton.

Jennifer Prince enjoys filling her 1922 craftsman-style home with work produced by local artisans. Photos provided by Ashley Eiban Photography


Toes in the water, sarong in the sand

You’ve marked your calendar. Salty breezes and long walks on the beach are all you dream about. Time to think about getting ready for strappy sundresses, cute shorts, tank tops and those oh-so-adorable bikinis. You’ve been dieting and exercising, but sometimes those things can only take your body so far.

Call today and schedule your private consultation

Why not consider a little help along the way? • SculpSure® is the world’s first FDA-cleared, noninvasive laser treatment ideal for patients looking to lose excess fat around the mid-section.

• SmartLipo® is an FDA-approved, minimally invasive breakthrough procedure in body contouring as an alternative to traditional liposuction surgery.

10 | 1330 Oak Lane, Suite 100 | Lynchburg


PET PONDERINGS ‘tis the season Warm weather is in full swing! And for rescue centers, that means an overflow of puppies and kittens – many of whom are too young to adopt out. Foster programs give animals a chance to get out of the shelter and be tended to by people who have a heart for furry friends. The centers provide all that you need – food, blankets, toys, litter – and all you need to add is love! So, if you some extra time and a bit of extra space in your home, why not consider fostering?

Photo by Jairo Alzate

Types of animals to consider: • Pregnant moms – often called “queens”, these mommas need a safe place to be able to relax and have their babies

“The Humane Society provides

reach can only extend as wide as our

everything we need, so all we have to

foster homes allow it to.”

worry about is giving those babies as

~ Brandi Evans, Central Virginia

much love as possible.”

Regional Rescue

~ Ashley Hamilton

“I try to work with each individual

“Fostering is rewarding in so many

foster and their needs as far as

ways. Yes, you will be attached. But

the length of time. The only true

just like we have children and raise

commitment I have of foster homes

them to go out in the world to do

is that they provide a safe and loving

good things, we take these animals

environment for these animals.”

• Feral cats – working with and

into our homes and help them

~ Beth Cihak, Lynchburg Humane

giving special care to these animals

become socialized and healthy so we


can teach them to trust humans and

can send them to a loving family.”

become domesticated pets

~ Susan Stanbery

• Senior pets – often stressed by the

“My love doesn’t stop when I drop

they will be glad you did! Oh, and one

shelter environment, these animals

them off it goes off with them

final word. There are so many dogs

need a break and often a safe haven

forever. I have connected with their

and cats out there that need loving

for their final days

forever homes on occasion through

homes. Please, PLEASE spay and

Facebook and I love watching them

neuter your pets to help control the

grow up. My reward is the satisfaction


• Abandoned babies – whether puppies or kittens, providing a loving environment for them to learn and play is essential

Touching words from those who have fostered:

Ready to foster? Be sure to get in touch with your local rescue center…

of knowing I really did make a

“I love fostering because I know how

difference.” ~ Caitlyn Runk

much it is helping give these cats

Words from those who

and kittens a fighting chance at a

manage foster programs:

good life. I love that I get to lay the groundwork for a lifelong friendship/

“When you work in a group that has

companionship between human and

no facility, and no paid employees,

animal.” ~ Rachel Woolard

foster homes are our lifeline. Our

Jennifer Prince loves opening her home to foster animals, five of which have found their permanent homes with her family.




AIR PLANT TERRARIUMS I’ll go ahead and admit that I have a black thumb, so air plants and trusty houseplants (up high, so my cats can’t eat them) have become my staples. I recently tried a cat-proof way to house my plants - an adorable air plant terrarium. You can make one, too, in a few simple steps.

SUP PLI ES : • Air plants • Clear glass jar • Moss assortment • Terra cotta clay


INSTRUCTIONS: 1. I chose to bring the outdoors in by

making my own terra cotta beads. Take

terra cotta air-dry clay, roll it into little

balls and let them air dry. You can

easily use pebbles if you want to skip

this step.

2. Place the clay beads into a clear jar in a

single layer to cover the bottom.

3. Add your moss and lichen pieces to cover

the layer of beads. You may have

to use a spoon or long object to tamp the

pieces down a bit.

4. Pick a spot for your air plant – mine are

off-center – and place it where

you see fit.

Voila! You just made an air plant terrarium. So cute! I adore them in vintage jars, and they are a quick way to add some green and bring the outdoors in this summer.

Wondering how to care for an air plant? Be sure to soak them in water for only a few minutes once a week. The little guys love to be misted, too. They’re fairly low maintenance, but keep them away from sources that could potentially dry them out or cause big temperature shifts.

Jennifer Prince loves her 4 cats and her houseplants, therefore she tries to keep them from interacting as much as possible.


GROWING READERS Job Wanted By Teresa Bateman Want a fun book for summer that’s also a confidencebooster? This hilarious book is filled with jokes about different characters who are actually blades of grass! Each blade of grass is unique, whether it’s tall, pointy, or curly. All except one. But then the ferocious lawn mower comes and changes everything! Check out We Are Growing by Laurie Keller for a lighthearted way to talk about self-image.

Katie McQuain Lane is the Children’s Program Manager for the Campell County Public Library System, and her loves include her husband and her three rescue dogs.

ACTIVITY: Cut or rip strips of green paper (or tissue paper). Even different colors would look cute! Draw faces on the blades of grass to match the book (or make your own). Glue to paper. OR Take picture of your child making a silly face. Glue or tape the picture onto a cup. Fill the cup with dirt and grass seeds. Water and place in sunshine to watch your child grow grassy hair.



Salem Fair 12–10pm Catch the last day of the fair.




Where in the World? 1–3pm Learn at Mill Mountain Zoo.





Lynchburg Salsa 8–11pm Dance the night away.




For more information check out these websites:

Head to your local farmers market!


Summertime Barrels, Bottles & Casks 6pm & 7pm Tour at Poplar Forest.

Touch a Truck 10am–3pm Take the kids to Salem.


Green Market Wednesdays

Photo by Vee Terzy


Mary Poppins, Jr. 7pm See a show at the Academy.

Br’er Cotton 7:30–9:30pm See an original show in Lynchburg.





Green Market Wednesdays 10am–2pm Head to Lynchburg Community Market.




Farmers Market


Photo by Erik Scheel 15th: 17th: 18th:

Barrels, Bottles & Casks

Photo by Markus Spiske 19th: 20th: 26th:

27th: 28th:








Green Market Wednesdays 10am–2pm Head to Lynchburg Community Market.









Clover Hill Village Wine Festival 20 21 12–6pm Go to Appomattox.






4 Big Lick Comic-Con 11am–6pm Head to Roanoke for fun!


Take the kids to Amazement Square.


18 Face the Forest 8am–12pm Do an obstacle course run in Forest.


25 Arts, Crafts & Music 10am–2pm Support arts in Vinton.



Art Gone Wild

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

8th: 9th: 11th: 16th:


Family Fun Night 4–7pm

Lynchburg Salsa 8–11pm Dance the night away.

Photo by Jonathan Mast




Green Market Wednesdays

1st: 3rd: & 4th:


Art Talks 5:30–6:30pm Learn at the Academy.

Art Gone Wild 10am–12pm Create at Mill Mountain Zoo.

18 19

3 First Fridays and Art by Night 5–8pm & 9pm Support art in Lynchburg and Roanoke.


8 Shrek The Musical 7:30pm See a show at Mill Mountain Theatre.


18th: & 23rd: 25th:








SATURDAY 1 City Market Saturday 11am–2pm Head to Roanoke for entertainment.

3 2



Labor Day Enjoy time with family and friends!





7 Get Downtown 6–10pm Head to the 10th anniversary of this fun street festival!


A Streetcar Named Desire 2pm See a show at Little Town Players.







Franklin County Agricultural Fair 5–10pm Explore the fair!

Art Talks 5:30pm–6:30pm An artist shares at the Academy.



Friday Farmer’s Market 7:30am–1:30pm Shop local in Bedford.

21 An Evening in Buchanan 5:30pm Rediscover small town life.







Jo Koy 8pm Hear comedy at the Berglund Center.

Get Downtown



8 Olde Salem Days 9am–5pm Take the family downtown.

15 Lynchburg Beer, Wine & Cider Festival 12–7pm Fun at City Stadium!

22 Fincastle Arts & Crafts Festival 10am–4pm Enjoy the 50th anniversary.

29 VA 10 Miler 8am Race for a cause.

VA 10 Miler


Photo by DLA

1st: 7th: 8th: 9th:

Photo by KG Thienemann

12th: 13th: 14th: 15th:

21st: 22nd: 27th: 29th:



In Season

LETTING SUMMER LINGER When I was a child, summer seemed to last forever. Endless sunshine every day and days that stretched out one after the other. Enter adulthood, which means jobs and responsibilities. Summer often feels like it loses some of its magic, but with long hours of sunshine, there are still plenty of breezy moments. Here are a few of my favorite ways to add a splash of summer to my ordinary days.

Photo by Daria Shev




Nothing says summer quite like settling

While most of us can’t afford brand-new

down on a blanket outside and losing

wardrobes every season, adding a favorite

yourself in a good book.

accessory or two can add sparkle to

Summer at Tiffany’s

the season.

an easy read about two of the first female

Throwing on a pop of color to any outfit

employees at Tiffany’s

is easy.

The Mitford Years Series by Jan Karron

A big straw hat adds interest to an outfit

a great way to “get away” to a small town

and protects your skin.

while sitting in your favorite chair The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants coming of age books will have you reliving your favorite adolescent summer A Ring of Endless Light another coming of age story set on a beautiful island, exploring themes of loss,

New flip flops are inexpensive and can add colorful hues to your summer staples. Grab a good pair of sunglasses. The bigger the better. A fresh lip color gives a sense of adventure without breaking the bank.

life and poetry Carney’s House Party light historical fiction that will have you daydreaming of summer picnics and days at the lake

TRY A NEW TWIST ON LEMONADE We may live in the land of sweet tea, but lemonade is a fresh alternative. Whether

Astronaut Wives’ Club

you drink it plain or Arnie Palmer style

a tale of 6 women as their husbands

(mixed with sweet tea), try a few unique

become America’s first men in space

spins on this summer favorite. Coconut Lavender Blood Orange


Strawberry Mint

When summer heat drives you inside, why not turn on some fans and lose yourself in


a good movie?

Passion Tea

Summer Magic


a Disney classic for the whole family Quick Tip: Make it frozen! Add in your favorite Man in the Moon

flavors (berries work great), add in frozen

a relevant tear-jerker

lemonade and sprinkle with chia seeds for a


quick, summer treat.

revisit a classic 60s beach movie The Parent Trap relive childhood summers at camp Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn and Rome. Enough said.

Joy Niehaus is a freelance writer and free time creative. She enjoys reading, baking and spending time with her husband and daughters.





When it comes to weddings, sometimes simple is best. Many couples today are choosing to elope and are doing so in style. From details like signature drinks and up-to-date fashions to delectable cakes and flowing florals, our styled shoot graces these pages in a palette full of purple hues.

Craving more wedding and event inspiration? Be on the lookout for our wedding issue coming out in October. Contact us at 434-851-2224 or to get involved as a vendor.

VENDORS: Creative Director – clutch and Hill City Bride Planning and Coordination – A Little Party Events Photography – Ashley Eiban Photography Venue and Florals – Pharsalia Rentals – Paisley & Jade Styling – Max & Dexter and Hill City Bride Cake – Love is in the Air Models – Shana and Andrew Jewelry – Bowen Jewelry Company Gown – Ashley Grace Bridal Hair – Jessica Comisky Hair Design Makeup – Courtney Mills Makeup Artistry Shoes – Consolidated Shoe Company Suiting – R Coffee Invitations – Rachel Noel Photography Leather – Moore & Giles Table Décor – it’s FOUND vintage, A Little Party Events, Max & Dexter, Pier 1, TJ Maxx Candles – Beeswax Candle Cocktail – Andrew Borsay

Aging Gracefully

REVERSING SKIN DAMAGE People look different. Not different in a bad way — just different from each other. We all live in our own wonderful, unique skin. It varies in size, shape, color, age, and features. However, we all have the same need to take care of the skin we go through life in, since it’s the only skin we have. Over time, skin can sustain damage from age, exposure to the sun, tobacco


use, certain chemicals in cleaners and detergents, chlorine, dehydration, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and sleep, sleeping on dirty pillowcases or in your makeup, excessive hot showers, and of course stress.

CHEMICAL PEEL Chemical peeling helps accelerate

With summer’s appearance comes clothing’s disappearance. We go from

skin exfoliation by using chemical

layers of cozy sweaters, coats, and scarves to tank tops and shorts. Because

substances to promote renewed,

of extra time out enjoying the sun and all that summer has to offer (in

healthier-looking skin and a more

less clothing to protect your skin), it’s a great time to begin assessing your

uniform complexion. These peels

skin’s damage and what you can do to repair it — or at least reduce it.

address visible skin imperfections from skin aging and sun exposure

Instead of just trying to get a great tan to cover up your skin damage, begin

as well as skin tone unevenness

addressing the real issue. There are many great options available today at

caused by acne scarring or

salons, dermatology offices, and healthy skin centers to help your skin fight


back against the damage that has been done over the years.


DERMALINFUSION Dermalinfusion is an advanced skin-resurfacing treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of condition-specific serums to improve skin health, function, and appearance. It can help reduce damage from the sun, stretch marks, cellulite, acne, bumps, dryness, and discoloration. MICROPEEL Micropeels can help reduce visible signs of photoaging, including fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, it can improve the appearance of uneven skin tones and dullness by exfoliating surface cells, soften and smooth the skin’s texture, decrease the frequency of acne breakouts, and fade the appearance of post-acne discoloration. Photo by Daria Shevtsova

FRACTIONATED LASER A fractioned laser is a noninvasive treatment that divides a laser beam into thousands of microscopic treatment zones with each one targeting a fraction of the skin at a time. It is used for skin resurfacing to minimize wrinkles, help reverse sun damage, and improve skin’s appearance. FACIALS There are various types of facials that can leave your face feeling relaxed

Take steps today to repair the damage to your skin, so you can enjoy healthy, youthful skin for years to come. The Centra Medical Group Healthy Skin Center is a great place to restore and rejuvenate your skin as well as learn how to maintain it for the future. Visit for a list of available services and information about at-home skin care.

and pampered and your skin polished and pure. A facial is a multistep treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion. 25

Geeky Girl

GEEK CHIC If you’re familiar with the concept of cosplay, you know it entails brainstorming, designing, creating, and wearing an elaborate, one-of-akind costume that, when executed properly, renders the wearer nearly identical to a specific character or object from a movie, TV show, book, or video game. Cosplay is a popular and highly celebrated art form, particularly at comic conventions,

of the top. The best thing about these

list, but they are a major trend in

but it is certainly not intended for

blouses is their versatility: you can

women’s fashion and will secure your

everyday wear. If you want to geek up

pair them with skinny jeans and flats

geek cred due to their androgynous,

your wardrobe without veering into

or dress them up by tucking them

intellectual vibe. Modern women’s

costume territory, consider adding

into a pencil skirt and wearing heels.

oxfords aren’t limited to the iconic

one or more of the following pieces


to it!

black and white leather saddle shoes of old (although those are back in

Cardigans are another librarian chic

too); you can now find oxfords in a


staple, and they can also add a cool

variety of colors, fabrics, and heel


professorial vibe to most outfits.

heights. Flat-heeled oxfords (sans

Geek chic encompasses a wide range

Unlike Peter Pan collars, cardigans

socks) with either skinny jeans or

of styles and doesn’t just refer to a

are not always feminine, which

rolled-up boyfriend jeans, a solid

subtle expression of devotion to a

makes them even more versatile.

V-neck t-shirt, and a blazer or well-

fandom. There is also a kind of geek

Cardigans are available in a myriad

fitted jacket is one of my all-time

chic that I think of as “librarian chic,”

styles - chunky, thin, buttoned, open,

favorite geek chic looks. Bonus points

and it includes pieces that tend to

long, cropped, etc. - and by shopping

for black-framed glasses!

have a vintage, feminine, modest, and

around, you will likely find your own

intellectual feel and feature special,

perfect mix of fabric, structure, and


delicate details. My favorite of these

length that complements your body


details is the Peter Pan collar: a soft,

shape and your style. When you find

This option is for those of you who

curved collar that is a sweet but still

the perfect mix, consider buying that

want to express your inner fangirl

work-appropriate alternative to a

cardigan in all the colors you like!

through your clothes and who are

severe pointed collar. I especially love


blouses that feature Peter Pan collars in a color that contrasts with the rest 26

willing to sacrifice some subtlety for the sake of supporting your favorite

Oxfords may be the least inherently

fandom. Whether you’re sporting a

feminine geek chic essential on this

graphic tee or a more sophisticated

shirt that references your fandom of

clothes, especially dresses, in a wide

choice, tucking it into a knee-length

variety of sizes. Many of my fandom

solid-colored skirt keeps the outfit

dresses are Harry Potter-themed and

from being too costumey or juvenile.

feature details from the books as well

Black skater skirts pair especially well

as interesting necklines, back details,

with lighter-colored tops, and pleated

and/or pockets. I pair most of my

gray skirts pair well with darker tops.

fandom dresses with black tights and


Photos by Bryan Hedrick

boots or lace-up wedges.



A slightly dressier (and, depending on


your job, possibly work-appropriate)

Whether you want to add a geeky

version of the fandom shirt and skirt

finishing touch to an already nerdy-

outfit mentioned above is a fandom

cool outfit or reserve your outward

dress. The important thing to keep in

geekiness for accessories only, you

mind for these dresses is subtlety. I

can’t go wrong with a purse and/

have several fandom dresses from Hot

or jewelry pieces that celebrate the

Topic. If you haven’t been in a Hot

fandoms you love. My Loungefly

Topic (or checked out their website)

R2D2 purse is my favorite accessory

since the 90s, you might be shocked

because it is as colorful, sassy, and

to know that they now offer a lot of

cute as the droid himself. Regardless

understated and flattering fandom

of what accessories you choose and what outfit you choose to wear with them, remember that confidence is key. When you wear things that make you feel happy and confident, your unique and charming geeky girl glow will shine through.

Emily Hedrick is a youth services librarian and enjoys being with her husband and family, singing, and geeking out as often as possible.


TEA TALKS barbeque vibes

Summer is my favorite season. I love the sun, I love being outdoors, and I love going to cookouts. I mean, who doesn’t like spending time with your favorite people while enjoying good food, good music and good weather? There’s seriously nothing like being invited to a backyard barbecue! Besides chowing down on delicious hot dogs, yummy burgers and quenching your thirst with an ice cold lemonade, you also get to relax, chill out, and dress down in casual perfection, fitting right into the laid back vibes of the party. Here are a couple of tips on what to wear to a summer cookout.

Co-Ord Sets: This is the perfect time to pull out all

anyone’s backyard barbecue. Having trouble finding

of your fun and flowy two-piece outfits. If you’re

the perfect white fashion sneaker? A white low-cut

always “in” and love following trends, try a co-ord

Chuck Taylor Shoreline sneaker can easily be an

set in print or a bold color. Co-ords, or matching

alternative yet classic go-to.

separates, are available almost everywhere. If you

Denim: Can you ever really go wrong with denim?

see a cute crop or wrap top, more than likely you’ll

It’s probably one of the oldest trends, yet denim

find a matching skirt (or flowy pant or culottes or

clothing still isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re

shorts...) nearby. Co-ord sets bring Coachella vibes

into jeans with frayed hems or a chic jean skirt

to any cookout.

with seam detail, denim is cool to wear anywhere -

Fashion Sneakers: Sneakers have become so cute and everyone should have ‘em...but not just any old sneakers. The must-have kicks this season should be: all-white, low-top, comfortable and lightweight.


especially while lounging on a patio or picnic table. PS: pair denim bottoms with a strappy bodysuit or rock an oversized denim shirt with a dress for a relaxed yet chic look.

Find this sneaker, and you can wear and pair it

Wrap Tops: As mentioned earlier, wrap tops are

with anything - long skirts, t-shirt dresses, denim

everywhere and come in multiple colors, prints,

shorts and oversized tops, etc. Yes, this crisp, clean

and fabrics. Special tip: the more voluminous the

tennis shoe will be the ultimate shoe revival at

sleeves, the better. Go for it!

Mules & Slides: Say bye-bye to your high heels and welcome a cute pair of mules into your life (yes - a piece of 90s fashion is back!). This easy slip-on shoe complements any outfit and ups your level of chicness. The best part? This renewed trend comes in a variety of styles: loafers, flat mules, mule clogs, mule sandals, etc. There’s nothing like hanging out in a comfortable heel height at a fun,memorable backyard party. Oh, and if you cannot get down with the 90s in 2018, go for cool slides which also come in multiple ways: sporty, faux feather, leather, jelly and more!

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THE SKIN YOU’RE IN skincare basics Your skin is one of the first things people see, but it can be hard to navigate through the sea of cleansers, wipes, scrubs, masks and other products to know what is best to use. Suzi Bryant, a master aesthetician at Carilion Clinic Cosmetic Center, shares some of the most common skin care mistakes so you can get on the right track to take great care of your skin.

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Mistake #1: Not washing your face enough

skin care products, sunscreen or makeup are just sitting on

You should be washing twice a day with something

the dead skin.

specifically made for your face. “What you use to clean your body is not the right thing to use on your face,” said Suzi. “Use a facial cleanser and better yet, talk to an aesthetician for products that are best for your skin type.” The best way to wash your face is with your hands and warm (not hot!) water. Use circular motions and go in an upward-and-outward motion. Rinse with cooler water. Dry by patting, not rubbing, and use a clean hand towel—not the one you use to dry your hands. Apply cream or serum. If you really want to use a washcloth instead of your hands, make sure it is microfiber so it is gentle on your skin. You can use a wipe to remove makeup and precleanse, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you use.

“You do have to be very gentle when you exfoliate,” said Suzi. “It may seem like a good idea to scrub hard to get rid of buildup, but that can actually scratch your skin and do damage.” Wash your face first. If you’re using enzyme exfoliant, apply it in a circular motion but don’t scrub; you’ll let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes. If you’re using a scrub, use it in a circular motion but be gentle; don’t push too hard. Rinse, pat dry and apply cream or serum. Mistake #3: Using products that aren’t right for you Every person is different. Some need skin products that are more soothing or calming, some need a cleanser that is more heavy duty, some need products to help prevent breakouts. And some products that seem perfect when you pick them out at the store could actually cause breakouts

Mistake #2: Over-exfoliating

or clogged pores.

Whether you use a Clarisonic brush, charcoal or gritty

“Using skin care regimens that aren’t right for you

scrub, you should exfoliate only once every third night.

can leave your skin dry, red or irritated,” said Suzi.

Exfoliation is key because if you don’t exfoliate, any

“Aestheticians are trained to know the ins and outs of

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different kinds of products and can help you find what will work for you.” Share with your aesthetician what you’re currently using, how you’re using it and what your goals are—they’ll give you advice on how to use products properly or give you samples of new products to try. Mistake #4: Not wearing sunscreen every day You know you’re supposed to protect your skin. But do you know how much protection is enough? “It’s important to use SPF 30-50 every day on your face, neck, and hands,” said Suzi. “Those areas get the most exposure to the sun, even at times when you don’t realize it.” Lots of moisturizers and makeup products have sunscreen in them, but it is usually a low SPF—and if you use a moisturizer that is SPF 15 and a makeup that is SPF 15, that doesn’t equal SPF 30! Use a sunscreen that is specifically formulated for your face, and put it on before your makeup. There are also products available that are tinted moisturizers combined with a high SPF sunscreen. Mistake #5: Not doing anything for your skin Aestheticians are trained and skilled—but they aren’t miracle workers. The way your skin look depends on you and what you do at home. “At least 60 percent of the responsibility of making your skin look its best lies with you,” said Suzi. “A good skin care regimen and regular visits to your aesthetician add up to great skin.” Your skin can look brighter, tighter, less red, less dry and younger when you use the right products and get microderms or facials at least once a quarter. Do it for your skin, and do it for you. The sooner you start the better, but don’t be intimidated; your aesthetician is there to help you establish a routine that will work for you.

Hannah Cline is a public relations specialist with Carilion Clinic. Out of the office, she loves sprucing up antiques with sandpaper, paint and lots of love.


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Clutch Summer 2018  

Seasonal inspiration, fashion tips, health, activities and more fill the pages of this lovely issue.

Clutch Summer 2018  

Seasonal inspiration, fashion tips, health, activities and more fill the pages of this lovely issue.