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Fall can take your breath away.


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August, 2013

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Shelley Mozelle

business and EVENT COORDINATOR Josh Sanchez

copy editor Kim North

EDITORIAL DESIGN BluePanda Design Studio COVER: Yolanda Arriola

web producer/Staff writer Daniel Bell


Ernie Sanchez


Jacqueline Ramsey

Jorge Yapor

Lisa Carrejo


Christian Uribe

Caleb Campos

FASHION STYLIST Cassie Jean Johnson

EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Felipa Solis, Jannet Bustillos, Grace Neuhaus, John del Rosario, Michelle Cromer, Adrian Vaquera, Patrick Martínez, Adair Margo, Andrés Rodríguez, Cassie Jean Johnson, Daniel Bell, Meagan Kinley, Josh Sanchez, Michael Graham, Bob Nitzburg, Vic Poulos, Amanda North, Ryan Heape, Robin Niland, Maggie Asfahani Hajj, Brittany Sawrey, Luis Miranda, Jr.

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CREATIVE SUPPORT Theresa Guerra, Ibrahim Sánchez


Meagan Kinley, Luis Miranda, Jr.

August, 2013



in and out

August's Do's and Don'ts By CASSIE JEAN JOHNSON


Back to School Beauty By CASSIE JEAN JOHNSON






His Prerogative

Back to Cool

The Best New Products for Men

New Technology for School and Beyond




Meet The Queens – a Q&A

Miss El Paso and Miss Teen El Paso Spill their Secrets on Competition and Life By MEAGAN KINLEY



What's in a Label? By VIC POULOS




Pressed for Time?


August is National Panini Month





Have Poetry, Will Travel By AMANDA NORTH




Tom Lea Trail By ADAIR MARGO




Beyond the Bond: Explosive Detection Dogs By BRITTANY SAWREY

The cool place to be this summer.



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Discover the other New Mexico. There’s the Southwest that’s dry, flat and hot. Then there’s us – a mountain oasis where cool alpine breezes whisk across pristine lake shores and where every guest is made to feel like the only guest. This is living. This is Inn of the Mountain Gods.

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*Plus tax. $10 resort fee added per night. Offer valid Sunday-Thursday only. Now - August 29, 2013. Offer code: SESCAPE. Based on Availability. Upgrades are available for an additional charge. Standard room included. Valid credit card required to make reservation. Credit/debit card pre-authorization or $100 cash deposit per night required upon check-in for incidentals. Not available on blackout dates and holidays. Must be 21 years or older to reserve room. No pets allowed. Not valid with any other offers, discounts, and group rates. No rainchecks. Management reserves all rights to modify, extend or discontinue offer. The Mescalero Apache Tribe promotes responsible gaming. For assistance, please call 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537).




Make a Date With Your Dog By MEAGAN KINLEY


Practical Education Southwest University is Bringing New Opportunity By MICHAEL C. GRAHAM


Paws for Thought How to Pick the Perfect Pet By ROBIN NILAND


pet barracks By JOHN DEL ROSARIO


Philosophies of Veterinary Care By MEAGAN KINLEY




Is it True Love?



Living a Simple Life







116 Jamie Dick's Wild

World of Racing By BOB NITZBURG


Eye of the 118 Beholder. Find the Beauty Within By PATRICK L. MARTINEZ




Locally Owned Businesses



Jumpland Trampoline

How the Silverman Family is Changing El Paso's Jewelry Business



Shining to the Top-Martin Roldan


A Brilliant Cut



Animal Care







132 Classical & Beyond By FELIPA SOLIS

El Paso Designs Supporting El Paso's Fashion Scene


137 Astrological

Pet Peeves








Box Office Battle By FELIPA SOLIS

Investing with


To Russia, With Ambition By RYAN HEAPE



Eyelid Surgery Procedure


August, 2013

{ let ter from the }


I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ~ AUTHOR UNKNOWN

The month of August our editorial focus is on locally owned businesses. Running a locally owned business myself, I am aware of the importance, and advantages that come with that opportunity.

third generation, locally owned, family run


lmost universally a locally owned

A little over a month ago I found myself in

business will have more expertise

the company of our cover woman Yolanda

in their field, create a unique, one-

Arriola, CEO and founder of Southwest

of-a-kind business, and because of their

University. The true impact of this woman

community relationships, local businesses

is immeasurable. This visionary remem-

spend more of their money locally, which

bers when her heart hurt for those young

K-9s except that they protect our bor-

pumps up the local economic multiplier—

adults who never hoped for the possibility

ders. Meet fifty-pound Dutch Shepherd

the foundation for local income, wealth, and

of college; their dreams were not that big.

Eva. Simply put, Eva saves lives. She

jobs. Independent business owners foster

She, as most women, was inspired so

searches for anything out of the ordinary:

self-reliance in a community, preserving

deeply by her single mother who instilled

drugs, explosive devices, and things we’re

and celebrating their unique culture, foods,

the importance of college education, mak-

not allowed to know about, much less dis-

architecture, history, music, and art. Most

ing sure that each of her children gradu-

cuss. After you’ve read the editorial titled

importantly, local ownership ensures that

ated. Yolanda began her education empire

“Beyond the Bond: Explosive Detection

important decisions are made locally by

by teaching six students English, then

Dogs” you’ll look at these K-9s differently

people who live in the community and who

classes prepping students for their GED,

when passing through our borders.

will feel the impacts of those decisions; no

expanding to vocational training courses.

one knows us, like us.

Today, she runs the fastest growing place

I hope to see you out and about and hope-

of learning in the region, Southwest Uni-

fully capture you on one of our pages soon.

business has been built on value, personal attention, and fine craftsmanship. They’ve seen the highs and lows of El Paso and have managed to keep a business alive for 90 years which is nothing but admirable. Read page 48 as you learn more about the J. Edwards Diamonds history.

We were very honored that the Silverman

versity. Her passion for change is the men-

family allowed us a little insight into their

tality that El Paso is starving for, and that

family. El Pasoans have grown accustom

same mentality that it takes to raise El

to the smiling greeting of Gina, who in-

Paso to the level the Sun City deserves.

stantly made our crew feel welcome as we


entered the store carrying lights, cameras,

Living on a border town, we’ve all grown

and trailing interns. Parents John and Rita,

accustom to the border stops and those

along with their children Todd and Gina

smart looking dogs who sniff our vehicles,

each took turns educating us on the jew-

make our children point out of curiosity,

elry store history. Proudly they talk about

and drive the dogs traveling with us nuts.

John’s father and the legacy he’s built. This

We know little about these fierce looking

Our audience matters to us, so we proudly vow to continue delivering the content and quality you expect and desire. After all, we love our city and our neighbors too.


PIAGET ALTIPLANO The world’s thinnest automatic watch White gold case, 5.25 mm thick The world’s thinnest automatic movement Piaget Manufacture Calibre, 2.35 mm thick

Colony Cove on North Mesa Street (915) 584-4700

the city

the Contributors













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7) JOHN DEL ROSARIO 8) Andrés Rodríguez 9) JANNET BUSTILLOS 10) Adair Margo 11) PATRICK L. MARTINEZ 12) Robert Corral

August, 2013

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Cassie Jean Johnson MICHELLE CROMER Victor Poulos Robin Niland Daniel Bell bob nitzburg

19) Meagan Kinley 20) Amanda North 21) Ryan Heape 22) Brittany Sawrey 23) Luis Miranda, Jr 24) Maggie Asfahani Hajj




August, 2013

for her

for him

IN: Snacking During the Day

IN: Reflective-Lens

Who says you can’t


eat what you love and

When lounging around

still be fit? Well you

the pool, or on summer

can! By being mindful

vacation, the new sun-

of the ingredients in a

glass trend for men is

snack you can transform all of your favorite desserts and snacks into healthy fun treats that everyone will be a fan of! S’more bites are a delicious summertime snack and with each dish being less than 300 calories per serving, it makes “cooking” fun! For simple fun snacks, especially just in time for back to school, look for recipes that offer new ideas that are fun and easy. Make any dish healthier by simply replacing usual ingredients with organic ones, or fat free and sugar free ingredients. They are still delicious, and now you wont feel as if you are breaking your diet! IN: To-the-knee Skirts Summer time is coming closer to an end and the newest craze for fall is knee length skirts! This new skirt length can easily be worn with


a statement at the beach, or wherever your journeys take you this summer, but will compliment any face shape. There are many lens and colored tints to choose from by different designers brands. OUT: Dark-Lens Shades Dark-lens shades are out! All dark lens

OUT: Constantly Counting Calories Food diaries, counting calories after every bite, is just pure torture! Eating

reflective-lens sunglasses. This new sunglass trend will not only make


ankle boots, knee-high boots, as well as heels.

should be fun and also at the

Longer skirts not only look more sophisticated,

same time healthy! Reduce all

but also are very professional, especially at

that extra stress and worry-

work and for special occasions. They are perfect

ing about what you devour

for chilly fall nights, and offer a feminine and

by simply changing your

fitted look that will dress up any outfit. Longer

eating habits to organic

skirts will flatter most body types and for fall,

and sugar/fat free

checker and plaids are the rage!

foods. Simply portion-

shades do is make you look like you are in the secret service! You don’t want people to perceive you the wrong way, or ever make a bad impression by what you are wearing. By simply trading in your dark-lens shades for a fun pop of color, reflectivelenses can definitely liven up any environment you are in and bring some summer fun to any party!

ing and moderating OUT: Short Skirts

what foods you eat can

Short skirts are no longer in style and long skirts

make all the difference in the world

have finally made a comeback this season! We

for your future health. Have fun being

have seen short skirts for so long and have

able to enjoy what you eat and never resort

grown bored of them. Just off the runway

to barely eating. Also don’t always insist on

to-the-knee skirts are anything but ordinary,

salads; get the right amount of protein and

and offer a fresh new look to your wardrobe,

carbs into your diet.

just in time for fall! Short skirts tend to make you look and feel much younger and are not flattering for every body type.



August, 2013

IN: Master your Grill Be the king of your grill this summer and your neighborhood barbecues will never be the same again! You can grill just about anything you want whether it be steaks, Mexican corn salad, even dessert! You can even use your grill as a smoker. Have fun this summer trying out new grilling techniques and different recipes to impress the whole street, and have their mouths watering by just the smell from your backyard! Try different heat settings for the best results; low heat grilling for roasts or brisket, big heat for vegetables, kabobs, and burgers. Lastly, moderate heat is best for grilling sausages, pork chops, shellfish and other types of fish. End your summer right and have your friends and family anticipating next summer’s get-togethers. OUT: Ordering Takeout We all do this time to time, but summer is the season for BBQ’s and enjoying the great warm weather! Make your backyard the place to be this summer with home cooked meals and ditch the take-out boxes.

OUT: Constant Overuse of Technology

for Everyone

We all have been busy bees this summer, and it’s hard to

IN: Summer Reading

imagine functioning without

What better way to enjoy your summer then

all of our technology we are

relaxing by the pool with a good read! Summer

accustomed to! But the

is a time to not only get in as much rest and

overuse of technology con-

relaxation as possible, but to also catch up on

stantly does wear us out and

some best seller novels. For men some of the

is exhausting. Take a breather and a

recommended books are The Telling Room,

break from your busy day and relax with a

Angel Baby, The Blood Of Heaven, and Trans-

nice novel or magazine to regain your focus

atlantic. For women the must read summer

and thoughts. It is therapeutic to read and

list of books include, Kiss Me First, Sisterland,

ease our minds from all the stress we have

Inferno, and The Ocean at the End of the lane.

to endure everyday, so take the time to relax

Enjoy the end of summer with some best

and catch up on a good book.

seller novels!


in and out

IN: Dialing Down The Stress Wherever our lives take us, we can never avoid all that stress! In today’s society, stress and anxiety levels are at an all time high. No matter what it may be, or your reasons for the stress you are having, dial it down! We are only human and all need time to ourselves and time to regain our strength, and be able to get through our busy schedules. We all need chill-out-time; try going to the park on a nice relaxing walk, call up an old friend and catch up for a few hours, or just enjoy baking something delicious or a nice drink outside on the patio. Whatever calms you down and relieves your stress is the key to a happy life. OUT: Nervous Wreck Nobody likes a worrywart, or someone constantly stressing about every little thing! We all have stress and our own problems in life and don’t need someone stressing us out even more by all of their problems! Take a chill pill, or even take a day off and go somewhere to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Constantly worrying 24/7 will get you absolutely nowhere and wear you down completely. Take a break and enjoy life!

| By: Cassie Jean Johnson |


August, 2013

What better way to start off the new school year, then with a totally new makeover! These fresh new beauty products will not only give you a natural fun look, but also let you transform from a natural school look, to a bold vibrant weekend look!


or early school mornings quickly approaching,

just the right amount of shimmer, without being

the fastest and easiest way to get ourselves

overbearing and will leave your lips moist all

ready for a long exhausting day, without piling

day. For a perfect nighttime lip, Yves Saint

on the makeup, is by simply having a natural dewy day

Laurent, Rouge Volupte Perle sparkling

look. To create this, highlight your best features for a

pink lipstick, gives just the right amount of

fresh vibrant glow. Start off by using a light founda-

color for a perfect pout, and don’t forget the lip liner,

tion makeup cream for your face. Napolean

Yves Saint Laurent’s, Dessin Des Levres Natural, is a

Perdis foundation stick makeup is very light

perfect match to top off this amazing vixen night-

and airy, water and sweat resistant for those

time look! Lastly, to really exaggerate and make

long hot summer days and offers minimum

your eyes show up, try a bold metallic eyeliner for

to maximum coverage perfect

a fun night out! Urban Decays 24/7 Glide-

for a day or night look. For

on Eye Pencil in Scorch, is fun for a

your eyes, Too Faced

bright-eyed golden look , and Neu-

Natural Eye Neutral

trogena’s Crease Proof eye shad-

eye shadow collection

ow in Forever Platinum offers a

palettes are great for a

super shiny metallic look

school day look. To transform into a nice, still

that will be sure to turn heads!

natural nighttime look, Too Faced Natural at

Going back to school should

Night, offers nine matte, shimmer and glitter

never be boring, spice things up

eye shadows adding a little bit of glamour to

with these new natural and bold

a more natural look. Also included with these eye shadow collections is an easy 1,2,3

back to school looks, and be the apple of every guys eye!

step guide. For natural looking lips, Yves Saint Laurent Golden gloss gives you



| By Adrian Vaquera |


"Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; its up to you to merit the face you have at fifty." Coco Chanel


ruly caring for your appearance is no longer con-

Facial moisturizer: Kyoku

sidered taboo. More so than ever before, men

Facial moisturizer

appreciate and understand the benefits behind

According to Kyoku, on average most men are exposed

caring and looking their absolute best. The same princi-

to 2.3 hours of direct UV exposure through their office

ples of maintenance that apply to your vehicle or home

window, car, and time spent in the outdoors. This places

apply to taking care of yourself. To make it simple and

you at an extreme risk of skin problems that may even

specific, your morning regimen should not consist of

include skin cancer. Not only does Kyoku’s Facial Mois-

only a two-step process. Monthly, the best products

turizer include ingredients full of antioxidants like green

are selected from the overwhelming options available

tea and bamboo extract, which help prevent your skin

on the market, used and reviewed for your benefit of

against breakouts and blemishes while reducing the ap-

simplifying your life and enhancing your image. So the

pearance of fine lines, but it also includes SPF 15, which

next time you are out shopping and consciously decide

provides UV protection. This vital ingredient helps block

to skip the grooming isle in fear of being labeled a "met-

about 93% of the sun's nasty UVB rays, keeping your

rosexual,� you must stop and realize two things. First,

skin looking healthy and young.

caring for your image makes you look like a contribut-

($31; www.kyokufor-

ing member of society, and second it also gives all of us something nicer to look at. Help keep El Paso clean gentlemen, one mug at a time.

recommended for: the men who refuse to look like a Jersey

Shore exile or like they belong in a leather furniture store showroom.

Shave: L'Occitane CADE Shaving Cream

Hair: Bumble and Bumble Tonic Shampoo

A different take on shaving altogether, Cade Shaving

This heavenly concoction is one of Bumble and Bumble's

Cream is a thicker and creamier formula that cush-

latest creations, which not only deeply cleans your hair

ions the skin allowing the razor to glide effortlessly

adding shine, moisture and fullness, but also contains

across your face when compared to other shaving

tea tree oil and peppermint extracts to help stimulate

lotions. The shaving cream is enriched with organ-

circulation. Other key ingredients include rosemary leaf

ic CADE essential oil, as well as Shea butter, that

extracts, hops extract and lamium album flower extracts

helps moisturize and tone your skin while allowing

which help condition, moisturize and soften your hair leav-

for a close and comfortable shave. The active in-

ing it shiny and glossy. For those men who don't have hair

gredients in the cream leave your skin clean and

and wonder why they should even buy shampoo, simply

smooth providing you the ideal end result.

try it for the skin soothing and scalp circulating properties.


recommended for: all men, especially those with sensi-


recommended for: those looking for an everyday cleansing

tive skin looking for a shaving cream that not only pro-

and conditioning shampoo that deep cleans, adds shine,

tects and soothes, but also helps combat against nicks

while it soothes and stimulates the scalp. Consider it pam-

and cuts on your face produced by the dreaded razor.

pering of the melon.



Body: Kiehl's Ultimate

Scent: Jean Paul Gaultier

Man Body Scrub Soap

'Le Male Summer' Eau de Toilette

Made with ingredients that include oat

Once again, Jean Paul Gaultier released their

bran, oat kernel and pumice, this effective

annual summer limited edition colognes. Le

soap not only thoroughly cleanses and

Male Summer 2013 is a refreshing, citrusy and

exfoliates your skin, but it also liberates

lighter take on the original woodsy and sophis-

August, 2013

the soul. Start your morning or end your

ticated Le Male scent. Still keeping true to its

day on the right note; one that reinvigorates the senses

original, the cologne has a base of musk, va-

all the while turning the roughest and toughest skin into

nilla and its trademark sandalwood notes. The

that which is invitingly softer. Who new a little cereal and

romantic and masculine layer is balanced with notes of

volcanic rock would make such an effective body scrub?

lavender, mint and ginger that make this scent summery


and light, yet refined and sophisticated. It's the perfect scent to accompany you on your midsummer night's

Recommended for: the men who build up a sweat during

dream. ($64 for 4.2oz; Sephora)

experience. I highly recommend this over the alternative

Recommended for: those looking for a trademark scent that

the day and need a reinvigorating, grime-ridding shower of using sandpaper or a pot scrubber to wash off all of the day's impurities.

is perfectly balanced between being strong and masculine, yet refreshing and young. This cologne is truly unlike anything you may have smelled before.

A Tech Guide for the Modern Student



ack to school is around the corner, whether you are a student or

backpack, this compact keyboard fits anywhere for easy transport.

have students that will be returning to school, one thing is for

Easier than typing on a tablet or phone screen, get your work done

certain, it’s time to shop. Supplies, electronics, new clothes…

faster, with this roll-up techy dream of an accessory.

we spend a pretty penny around this time of the year. HUB SUPPORT Gadgets and tech devices are always on our list. Here are some ideas to help the ever-stressed student: hopefully some of these gadgets

Belkin USB 2.0 Plus Hub ($30-$50)

With all of the devices we try and share

can solve a problem, make your school life easier, or even just simplify

between one or two ports, everyone

your hectic life, whether you are a student or not.

needs this USB hub. Phone, iPod, MP3, camera, printer, mouse, flash

WAKE UP!!! Clocky and Tocky by Nanda Home ($45-$58)

drive, and more-we spend too much time shuffling them around. This hub has

This alarm clock is the unconventional way to get

its own power supply to handle several

that over-sleeping, snooze-button offender out of

attached devices. Small yet efficient, stu-

bed and wide awake. These alarm clocks will make

dents will take this with them and bring

you jump out of bed to turn them off; literally, as

it back home.

they will jump off your nightstand and bounce all over your room, running away from you, until you catch it. Don’t be late for school or miss that morning lecture again.

CHARGE IT PowerStick (starting at $49.50)

This USB powered portable charger can be a lifesaver for any student. TYPE FASTER Bluetooth® Silicone Roll-Up Keyboard from Brookstone (starting at $29.99)

Is your smart phone or other portable device about to run out of battery while you’re at school and your charger is at home? No worries because in your backpack pocket you have a PowerStick. Charge the PowerStick with your

This super slim, water resistant keyboard is the

laptop through the USB port and have it ready for that

perfect tablet accessory. Easy to charge, the battery

emergency you know is inevitable. Equipped with nine

pack connects with a USB charger, a full battery can last you for weeks. Roll it up and toss it in your 28

mini adapters you can charge virtually any portable device. It even comes with memory to store your files.

August, 2013

PACK IT UP Keen Daypacks ($65-$125)

Known for their footwear, this company makes a mean backpack. Made for trail hiking, this pack can be the perfect student sack. Made of durable weatherproof material, straps that distribute a varied workload across your shoulders, and a padded sleeve that is suspended for shock absorption for your laptop, makes this pack the best for your student’s back and belongings.

LOCK IT Kensington Portable Combination Laptop Lock

($24.99 and up)

How terrible would it be if your student lost their laptop! The Kensington portable locks are a great measure to prevent having your student’s laptop from being stolen. Compatible with 99% of laptops out there, the Kensington T-bar secures the lock to your laptop. Anchor it to a desk or fixed structure and give your student the piece of mind of being able to walk to the restroom, without their laptop going anywhere.

STORAGE SOLUTION Seagate FreeAgent Go (starting at $90)

You might need this sleek backup tool to store lots of files, large ones such as video projects, or maybe your entire music library. This external hard disk is very compact and portable; it fits in many backpack pockets. Always back up important documents, projects, or work; there’s never telling what can happen, and when this backup storage can be a lifesaver.



lass and sophistication are exuded through every inch of your body, head-to-toe, and in everything you wear to cover it. Style reflects the person you are and so ladies, dress like the woman you wish to be. This end of summer prefall season, show skin in the right places; whether it is leg, back, neck, shoulder, or even mid-drift, pick one, possibly two, but no more. You will see a lot of black and white in this Look because, well, you can never go wrong with black or white, but

never be afraid of color. Even the "L.B.D." (Little Black Dress) in this Look is a standout piece. Accessorize simple outfits with a lot of jewelry. Layer necklaces for bold statements. Wide cuffs or stacked bangles are a must to add drama to a simple outfit. This Look features clothing and accessories from Nono's, Ruby Lola,, Union Fashion, and Ella Blu. For these pieces and many more, The City magazine encourages you to shop local and support El Paso's local businesses!

Special thanks to LAT Studio for allowing the City Magazine crew to shoot "The Look" at their eastside location. Special thanks to Miss El Paso Texas and Miss El Paso Teen Texas, independently produced by Laura's Productions Modeling, Talent and Promotions, the official recruiter of the Miss Texas USA and the Miss Texas Teen USA. Model (left): Alexandra Valenzuela, Miss El Paso Texas 2013 (Laura's Productions) Model (right): Summer Stout,

Miss El Paso Texas Teen 2013 (Laura's Productions) Photographer: Dav Anmed

Creative Director: Josh Sanchez Stylist: Cassie Johnson

Hair: David Pulido at Quartermane SalON Make Up: Claudia Castillo


Clothing and Jewelry: From RUBY LOLA

Dress: KEEPSAKE Necklaces, Ring, and Bracelet: YOENI (exclusively at Earrings: SORRELLI (exclusively at


Top: BlACK Skirt: luluMAri Jewelry: ellA Blu


Meet Miss El Paso Texas 2013 and Miss El Paso Texas Teen 2013

ALEX ANDR A VALENZUEL A SUMMER STOUT | By meAgAn Kinley, Photography By: roBert corrAl |

A Q&A with Miss El Paso and Miss El Paso Teen TEXAS


his year the competition to win Miss Teen El Paso and Miss El Paso was more intense

How did you begin competing in pageants?

than ever before. For two nail-biting nights, Magoffin Auditorium housed ladies from all

Alexandra Valenzuela: “Well, I work

over the surrounding area as they vied for the two

at the mall and one day I was ringing someone

coveted titles. On the second evening, the judges nar-

up and I felt someone staring at me. I turned

rowed the competitors down to the top five for each

around and met Robert who convinced me

title. Among all the lovely ladies, two stood out among

to try pageants. Today I am really glad I did.

the rest and Summer Stout and Alexandra Valenzuela

This was actually my first pageant so I’m really

were crowned El Paso Teen Texas and Miss El Paso.


The City met up with these bright young women and got the scoop on everything from the competition to

Summer Stout: “It actually just kind of

their favorite summer accessories. (Miss El Paso Texas

happened, it wasn’t planned. I started last

and Miss El Paso Teen Texas independently produced

year in Miss El Paso Teen and then I went on

by Laura’s Productions Modeling, Talent and Promo-

to compete in Miss Texas Teen and now here

tions, the official recruiter of the Miss Texas USA and

I am.”

the Miss Texas Teen USA.)


What has been your biggest challenge? AV: “I really didn’t know what to expect out of pageants. There is just a lot of competition.”

SS: “Going to all the practices just because there are so many and they are so time consuming. It’s a lot of fun but the practices usually last three hours each, it can make your feet pretty sore.”

What are some things people don’t know about you? AV: “I am really sporty, people don’t see that because in pageants, we’re so done up. I’ve always been athletic whether it’s in school with basketball, volleyball or just hiking and working out for fun.”

SS: “I did really well in school, I graduated in the top five percent of my senior class. This was my first year to transition to a public school from a small private school—it was a big change but I am happy I did it.”

What do you love most about pageants? AV: “The relationship you make with all the other girls. In pageants you come in contact with a lot of people you wouldn’t meet otherwise. I’ve actually made a lot of really great friendships through this.”

SS: “I love picking out evening gowns because I think it’s a great way to show personality. I also really love swimsuits too, it motivates me to work out and stay in shape. Interviews are a lot of fun as well, getting that one-on-one time to get to know the judges and for them to get to know you, it’s a great challenge.”

What do you do to work out? AV: “I work out everyday. I have an amazing trainer. He definitely kicks my butt everyday. We do a lot of different things but mostly cardio and weight lifting.”

SS: “I go to the gym and lift weights.” What are you still learning? AV: “Day by day, just learning how to deal with the obstacles that come in life.”

Outfit from Ella Blu

Outfit from union fashion

SS: “I am learning and discovering what path I want to take in college. I know I want to be a trauma surgeon but there are a lot of ways to get there.”

What makes you unique? AV: “My personality. I’ve been told that’s what sets me apart.”

SS: “I am really determined in everything I do, from pageants to school and beyond. When I set my heart to doing something, I give it 100 percent.”

What is your favorite summer accessory? AV: “Sunglasses, for sure.” SS: “I like wedges, right now I am really into multi-colored wedges. I just got a new pair that are bright orange.


bright orange.”

What’s your favorite beauty product? AV: “Lip gloss, I can’t live without it.” SS: “I like getting a spray tan. Even when I got back from the beach I still wasn’t very dark, so it’s nice to get a great glow.”

What is your favorite guilty food pleasure? AV: “Ice cream—chocolate with almond is the best.” SS: “I love anything cake, especially red velvet.” What sets you apart as a teenager? SS: “I am really not like the typical teenager. I don’t go out every night; I’m usually in bed by 10 p.m. Mostly, I like to read and hang out with friends.”

What sets you apart as a woman? AV: “I’m real and genuine.” Outfit from ruby lola

Outfit from j. LUXE

| By: Vic Poulos | As you could probably guess, the most important thing when it comes to producing a good wine is what's inside the bottle, but next to that, there's probably nothing more important to whether a wine is sold or not than its label.


s a wine producer, the

back label, you probably won't find much more than

label is your best chance

a paragraph that straightforwardly explains the wine.

aside from the wine itself

to make a sale. It's a chance for producers

Now look at the American wines. You'll find a lot

to pitch their product to the consumer and at-

more creativity abounds. There's bright colors, funny

tempt to stand out on shelves among hundreds of

names, such as Dirty Laundry, Bad Attitude and 3 Blind

other bottles.

Moose, just to name a few. And don't be surprised to see cars, trucks, female figures, animals or celeb-

One of the things that makes wine and other alco-

rity faces on the front of an American wine, too. Turn

holic beverages trickier to market than other prod-

the bottle around and you'll also probably find a quirky

ucts, is that while there's plenty of room to be crea-

story about the producer or an interesting tale of the

tive and have fun, the alcohol industry is also heavily


regulated – including the labels. Europe's long history of tradition and quality wine


Take for instance European wine labels versus Amer-

are a key factor for their more subtle labels. So many

ican wine labels. Next time you're in the wine aisle,

of the producers are already so well known and es-

compare the two. You'll see that European wine

tablished, there's less of a need for an extravagant

labels tend to be more "traditional." They're usually

marketing budget. Why spend money on a label

a simple white, with a fancy font elegantly stating

when that money would be better used building the

where the wine is from and who produced it. On the

quality of your wine in a tough market? In Europe,

August, 2013


your winery's name is

harm of sulfites is still very

your marketing tool.

much up in the air. But after these require-

Sure, Coca-Cola and Pepsi

ments are met properly,

spend a ton on their mar-

there's some room for

keting, but if there are two

creativity. As a wine

bottles in front of you that

producer, this is where

look the exact same, except

I have had a lot of fun –

one is labeled Coke and one

deciding which wines

Pepsi, you probably auto-

should have a more fun

matically know which one

vibe and which ones we

you're going to reach for.

should reserve a more serious label for.

Because Europe's wine industry has been around for so long, it's also

One of our wines that has become very suc-

been governed for a long time, meaning there

cessful largely because of its label is our Man’s

are established rules and laws for just about

Best Friend Merlot. Each year, as part of a fun-

everything a producer does. One percent off

draiser for the El Paso Humane Society, we

on your wine blend, and you might need to

auction a portrait of the winner’s dog to appear

call your wine something else – labels must

on the label. We’ve had all sorts of different

follow strict rules as well.

dogs over the last several years and it has become a tradition for many of our customers to

And just because there's a little more crea-

collect these bottles after they debut.

tive freedom for American wine labels, don't let that fool you. American winemakers must

We've even found that a large portion of our

always remember that federal and state laws

customers who buy this particular wine aren’t

dictate several things that must appear on a la-

even wine drinkers – they just want to make

bel and many things that can’t. Make one mis-

sure they have the entire collection – and

take, and you could face a loss of thousands of

we're not the first to utilize an animal on a

dollars after you print erroneous labels.

wine label, either, just look at Yellow Tail and the success they have had with the yellow

The things that must appear on a wine label in-


clude a government-warning about the hazards of alcohol, where the wine was made, the type

Then there’s the back label of the wine, which

of wine it is, the alcohol content by volume and

can be a daunting task. Should you try to de-

the size of the bottle. Since 1987, there must

scribe what the wine tastes like? Should it be

also be a declaration on all wines that they con-

more of a marketing piece about the region

tain sulfites, although the controversy of the

and the history of the winery? To me, a good combination of both of these things makes a good back label. In general, we try to avoid using wine buzzwords and instead focus on trying to describe the environment the wine was produced in. The ultimate deciding factor in whether you love a bottle or not should of course be the wine itself, but take a moment next time you're in the wine aisle to just observe the diversity in labels – it's a lot of fun!

August, 2013


Panini Month August is

Pressed For Time? How about making a Panini? By: KIM NORTH, Recipes courtesy of: PANINIHAPPY.COM



f you were in Italy and you ordered a

sandwiches frequently I would

panini (or panino as they say) you would

definitely suggest investing in

most certainly not get what we Ameri-

an electric one. They are quick,

cans commonly consider a traditional panini.

easy, and some are even


Here in the United States we call any pressed

decorative enough to leave


or toasted sandwich on sliced bread a panini.

on your counter full-time. You


In Italy, a panino specifically refers to a sand-

will want to be sure to look

wich made from bread other than pre-sliced

for one that offers removable

Prep time: 15 minutes

bread. This could be a baguette or ciabatta

plates for easy cleanup, an

Cook time: 8 minutes

that is sliced horizontally and served warm

adjustable thermostat, and a

Total time: 23 minutes

with a variety of deli ingredients. In Central

floating hinge to cover larger

Yield: 4 panini

Italy the preferred panino is filled with por-


chetta, and slices of pork roasted with garlic,


salt, rosemary, and sage. Delizioso!

1/4 cup granola If you think that paninis are only good for a

4 tablespoons butter, room temperature

With the growing popularity of paninis, there

quick lunch, think again! There are hundreds

8 slices rustic white bread, sliced

are a slew of convenient panini presses on

of recipes that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner

from a dense bakery loaf

the market today that range from old-school

and even dessert! So what are you waiting

1/2 cup almond butter or peanut butter

cast-iron presses to (much) more expen-

for? Turn off your hot stove and start experi-

1 ripe pear or apple, peeled, cored and sliced

sive electric panini presses. If you think you

menting on the panini grill. The possibilities

2 teaspoons honey

are going to be making these tasty grilled

are endless!



DIRECTIONS: 1. Pulse the granola in a food processor until the oats have been cut down to about 1/8-inch in size, but not completely ground up. Mix the chopped granola in with the butter until it’s well combined. 2. For each sandwich: Spread granola butter on two slices of bread to create the outer crust of the sandwich. Flip over both slices of bread and spread almond butter on each. Top one slice of bread with a layer of pear slices and a drizzle of honey. Close the sandwich with the other slice of bread, buttered side up. 3. Grill the panini, two at a time, until the bread is toasted, 3 to 4 minutes.

Lunch Sweet Corn Grilled Cheese with Smoked Gouda, Scallions, and Chile Butter Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes Total time: 20 minutes Yield: 4 sandwiches INGREDIENTS: 4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) butter,


at room temperature

Green Chile Steak Melt Panini

1 teaspoon chile powder

These are great panini to make with any kind

A pinch of cayenne pepper

of leftover steak, or you can quickly grill a fresh

8 slices sourdough or other rustic white

steak. If you keep a batch of caramelized on-

bread, sliced from a dense bakery loaf

ions on hand in the fridge, as I often do, you

8 ounces smoked Gouda or smoked cheddar

can significantly cut down on the time.

cheese, thinly sliced

Prep time: 15 minutes | Cook time: 1 hour 35

1/4 cup cooked corn, ideally fresh from the cob

minutes | Total time: 1 hour 50 minutes

2 tablespoons chopped scallions

Yield: 4 panini



1. In a small bowl mix the butter, chile pow-

For the Caramelized Onions:

der, and cayenne pepper until they’re well

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil


3 medium yellow onions

2. For each sandwich: Spread chile butter on

Salt and black pepper

two slices of bread to flavor the outside of the sandwich. Flip over one slice of bread and

For the Chipotle Mayonnaise:

top it with cheese, corn, scallions, and more

1/2 cup mayonnaise

cheese. Close the sandwich with the other

1 tablespoon finely chopped chives

slice of bread, buttered side up.

1 chipotle in adobo sauce

3. Grill two panini at a time, with the lid

1 1/2 teaspoon adobo sauce

closed, until the cheese is melted and the

1 teaspoon lemon juice

bread is toasted, 4 to 5 minutes.

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Ton of Linens we’ ve got you covered

5800 Doniphan Street | El PA so, T x | 915 727 4587

10630 Montwood at Lomaland 915-629-7707 |


For the Panini:

To make the Panini:

1 pound New York strip steak

1. Season the steak generously with salt and

Kosher salt and pepper


1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

2. Heat a skillet or grill pan over moderately

Strawberry, Banana

Chipotle Mayonnaise

high heat. Once it’s hot, add olive oil to the

& Nutella Panini

1 ciabatta loaf or baguette, cut into 4 sections

pan, then the steak. Grill the steak, turning

Prep time: 10 min | Cook time: 6 min (3 min

8 slices Monterey Jack cheese

every few minutes, until it’s cooked to your

per sandwich batch) | Total time: 17 min

Caramelized Onions

preferred doneness. For medium, I cook it

Yield: 4 panini

1 7-oz can whole roasted green chiles,

until my instant read thermometer reads




3. Let the steak rest on a cutting board for

8 slices multigrain bread


10 minutes, then slice it crosswise into thin

3/4 cup Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread

To make the Caramelized Onions:


4-6 strawberries, hulled and sliced

1. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over me-

4. Preheat the panini grill to medium high

1 banana, sliced

dium heat. Add the onions and cook for 10


2 tablespoons melted butter

minutes, stirring occasionally.

5. Halve each piece of bread lengthwise to

2. Reduce the heat. Season with salt and

create top and bottom halves.


pepper and continue to cook, stirring often to

6. For each sandwich: Spread about a ta-

1. Preheat the panini grill to medium-high

prevent scorching, until the onions are soft,

blespoon of mayonnaise inside each half


deep brown in color and caramelized, another

of bread. On the bottom half, add a slice of

2. For each sandwich: Spread 1-2 table-

40 to 50 minutes.

cheese, steak, onions, chiles and a second

spoons of Nutella inside two slices of bread.

slice of cheese. Close the sandwich with the

Top one slice with strawberries and bananas

To make the Chipotle Mayonnaise:

other half of bread, mayonnaise side down.

in a single layer. Close the sandwich and

1. Combine all of the ingredients together in

7. Grill the panini until the cheese is melted,

brush melted butter on top.

a food processor or blender. Season with salt

about 4 to 5 minutes. Cut in half and serve

3. Grill for 2-3 minutes until the sandwich

and pepper to taste. Chill until you are ready


is heated through and the bread is toasted.

to serve.

Slice in half, serve immediately and enjoy! 47

| By: Amanda North |

"Paying attention to details as you travel turns you from a tourist into a traveler" | Written and photographed by Amanda North|


Lover's locks on a bridge in Florence

God is in the details. Writers, and vivid readers of poetry, know this truth and allow it to manifest in their lens of observing the world around them.

The emblem of James Joyce approved pub in Dublin

The width of an actual Venetian Street


he quote “God is in the details”

college that a teacher had you read endless amounts of

has been attributed to many

Emily Dickinson?” The answer is usually high school. That

sources, from architects, to his-

same teacher usually told the students, in a haughty man-

torians, to writers. I first heard it in a cre-

ner, that their interpretations of the poems were incorrect.

ative writing class. As a writer I search

Another one bites the dust.

for what makes something unique, and, in turn, real. Fiction writers give quirky

Why does poetry matter, and what does it have to do with

habits to characters to flesh them out;

travel? God is in the details. Writers, and vivid readers of

poets emphasize details of images to

poetry, know this truth and allow it to manifest in their lens

make them dance off the page. These

of observing the world around them. As Camille Pissarro

are the moments that make something

said, “Blessed are those who see beautiful things in hum-

flat become alive. Details are what make something indi-

ble places where others see nothing.” Poetry invites the

vidual to itself, worth noting and taking a second glace at.

reader into the details sculpted through language to expose a reality. Language is heavy with all her ghosts, each

The way people’s faces contort when I tell them what I

word encrypted with multiple meanings and years of var-

do, “I am a poet,” is a source of never-ending amusement.

ied histories. This is the poet’s clay. The language, sculpted

Eyes widen in a sort of disbelief or a lip curls up in one cor-

so scrupulously, creates a new meaning through detail that

ner mockingly or a nostril flares with judgment. Sometimes

is discovered in the exchange between the writer and the

a combination of all three. I understand that I am a special

reader. Whatever that high school teacher forced you to be-

breed, one mostly contained inside a selected room of

lieve about ‘I felt a funeral, in my brain’ was wrong. She

academia. When I teach, and when I am at social gather-

was right in her own interpretation, but your interpretation

ings, I typically get the question, “Why poetry, what is the

was for you and Dickinson to decide. The way language

point?” I always reply with this, “Was it in high school or

affected you, the way the details spoke to you, is all that


August, 2013 mattered. When you travel you learn place, culture by details. The blessings come from the nuances to create an authentic exchange. When I lived abroad a few years ago I learned a valuable lesson, paying attention to details as you travel turns you from a tourist into a traveler. Tourists search for big picture items, while a traveler searches for local. The details force you to see the new town for what it truly is. Noticing details allows you to find yourself in more local situations, memories beyond the tourist site. A new face for the Virgin Mary in Venice

The details force you to see the new town for what it truly is.

If you feel you simply cannot commit to this, if you have the need to control your travel in tourist patterns, then go to Venice.

Those who jump from town to town, trying to force all the tourist traps into a limited bit of vacation time can miss the point entirely. These are the people who have to bring heavy suitcases and spend all their time in a stressful gridlock. I am not innocent. I had to learn the lesson. Of course, go see the Eiffel Tower or the Duomo, but pick your battles. You will never learn the local behavior, and truly learn the culture, if you spend your time in long lines waiting on every ‘must see’ with your nose buried

Scarves in the London Portobello Road

in travel guides. Stop. Breath. Sell some of the junk that you over-packed. Then, look around. Locks glisten on the bottom rails of most Italian bridges, lovers broken promises or kept vows. Graffiti in the back alleys of Montmartre are brilliant letters written in a Picassoesque hand. The new faces of the Virgin Mary in each Venetian architecture pocket rewrite prior conceptions. Locals in Positano slowly sip limoncello while never losing eye contact with whom they are dining. If you feel you simply cannot commit to this, if you have the need to control your travel in tourist patterns, then go to Venice. It will break you. Control freaks can find the therapy they need in the myriad of tiny Venetian Side street art in Montmartre

August, 2013


streets. You can try a map, you can scream at Siri, but it won’t help. There are streets in Venice less width than my arms stretched out. These said streets would appear on one map and then disappear to the next. The first hour of my being there I asked a young woman directions to the Rialto bridge, she looked at me and smiled in the kindest way, “Maps are useless here, getting lost is part of the charm.” I took her advice and got lost, over and over. My being lost brought me to an incredible but bizarre modern art museum, and a picturesque little bistro where I had squid ink pasta. The next day I happened upon locals having aperitifs and drinking Aperol spritzers on the edge of a canal. Their bright drinks blended in beautifully with the setting sun. I learned culture. I let go, noticed the details: the way the sun bounces off the water of the canals in tiny corners, the way the bottom of every door is decaying, the way locals spend their afternoons. Don’t want to stop and see the details? Venice is your helpful answer. It is sinking after all, at some point we have to let go. These moments, these details, make a place become something more than the inside of a travel brochure. If you do not believe me then open up a travel brochure for your town and tell me it doesn’t leave you dissatisfied. The sweeping generalizations don’t even begin to house the vast details of your day to day. If someone from across the world came to your town for two days, where would you take them? Probably not most of the must see suggestions in the brochure. Let me note, there are some great travel writers and their guides try to go beyond the traps. Use those as a spine to the body of your travel, or partial spine, but make your own footprints and don’t follow someone else’s. Like poetry, every interpretation is correct in that it is personal. Let go of expectations and look around, there is a god waiting for you in the details.


rg o | | By Ada ir M a



August, 2013

RANGER ESCORT WEST OF THE PECOS, 1965. Oil on Canvas, 36 X 52. Tom Lea Collection, HRHRC, U.T. Austin. Copyright: Tom Lea



• The structure of the earth and living plants found in the Chihuahuan Desert while visiting his Southwest (1956) mural at the public library • The founding cultures at the Pass of the

his subjects were while visiting the Tom Lea Gallery at the El Paso Museum of Art • What hats the early travelers wore in Pasaron por Aqui over the Brown Street entrance of the International Museum of Art

North – Indian, Spanish, Mexican and Anglo while visiting the Pass of the North (1938) mural at the historic Federal Courthouse downtown • The First Recorded Surgical Operation in North America, Cabeza de Vaca (1965) re-


• The first books in New Mexico while visiting Lea’s mural of a Franciscan Friar Showing a Book to Indians in the 17th Century (1935) at the Branigan Cultural Center

moving an arrow from an Indian’s chest in

• The Conquistadors and Old Mesilla (1934)

1535 while visiting the Paul L. Foster School

while visiting his WPA murals in the Branigan

of Medicine, Texas Tech University Health

Library on the New Mexico State University

Sciences Center – the first medical school


on the US/Mexican border • A famous Texas Western football game


through Lea’s painting, The Turning Point

• The Longhorns and what can happen during

(1966) in the Larry Durham Center; Who

a Stampede while visiting the Odessa Post

Came to Stay (1984) about the Anglo settler


in the Library; and the Cabeza de Vaca lintel at the Centennial Museum while seeing the Bhutanese architecture of the University of Texas at El Paso


• Comanches as great horsemen while visiting the Seymour Post Office

• The Arrival of the First Train in El Paso, 1881 (1956) while visiting the Transportation Gallery of the Museum of History

• What Tom Lea looked like and what some of


• The 1936 Texas Centennial murals in the Hall


August, 2013


of State at the Dallas State Fairgrounds, featuring cowboys, ranching, pioneer settlement and the coming of the train • Tom Lea’s painting Rio Grande that was displayed in the Oval Office of the White House while visiting the George W. Bush Presidential Center on the SMU campus IN WACO LEARN ABOUT

• The Texas Rangers and pioneer Texas history while visiting the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame


and Museum • R. E. B. Baylor – a founder of Baylor University – who was a judge during the week and preached on the weekends while visiting the Texas Collection at the Carroll Library on the Baylor University campus IN BRYAN/COLLEGE


• President George H.W. Bush and Desert Storm through Old Breed, New Brotherhood, a drawing done of a Fort Bliss soldier who posed for Lea after returning from battle, while discovering the Medal of Honor winners in the Student Memorial Center on the Texas A&M campus IN AUSTIN LEARN ABOUT

• Tom Lea’s art, literature, illustrations for J. Frank Dobie, and paintings from all over the


world at the Harry Ransom Humanities Re1.- THE TURNING POINT, 1966 Oil on canvas, 31 X 42. The University of Texas at El Paso, Larry Durham Center. Copyright: Tom Lea 2.- THE FIRST RECORDED SURGICAL OPERATION IN NORTH AMERICA CABEZA DE VACA, 1935, 1965. Encaustic, 20 x 28. Collection of the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine, El Paso Gift of Mary Ann and Ron Gum Copyright: Tom Lea


search Center (HRHRC) on the University of Texas campus • The history of the Texas Rangers, including Col. George W. Baylor and Sergeant J.B. Gillett in Ranger Escort West of the Pecos while visiting the Texas Capitol • The giants of Texas history on Republic Hill

where Tom Lea’s cenotaph -with his quote about living on the “sunrise side of the mountain”- resides while visiting the Texas State Cemetery In Fredericksburg learn about

• The bloody battle of Peleliu where Tom Lea landed with the 7th marines, painting The Two Thousand Yard Stare while visiting the National Museum of the Pacific War In Galveston learn about

• Cabeza de Vaca and the First Recorded Surgical Operation in North America, 1535 and the distinguished surgeon Truman Graves Blocker while visiting the Moody Medical Library at the UT Medical Branch at Galveston In Kingsville learn about

• The mammoth King Ranch which inspired Tom Lea to spend 5 years writing its history while visiting the King Ranch Museum and taking a tour In Hebbronville learn about

• El Randado, Tom Lea’s poetic tribute to the legendary ranch dating to the Spanish colonization See you on the road! ADAIR MARGO

Ranger Escort West of the Pecos, 1965. Oil on Canvas, 36 X 52. Tom Lea Collection, HRHRC, U.T. Austin. Copyright: Tom Lea


Practical Education. T h e S to ry o f E l Pa s o ’ s N e w e st U n i v e r s i t y

| By Michael C. Graham |


lbert Einstein once remarked that “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” As someone who has spent a fair amount of time pursuing and obtaining several degrees, at different institutions and at different levels, I have always understood Einstein’s remark to be a comment on the inflexible and rigid nature of educational systems. In other words, sometimes educational systems become so large that they lose sight of the true purpose they

were created for: to teach students. Here in El Paso, one family has been waging a small war against educational barriers and conventions; and they are winning. In the late 1990s, Yolanda Arriola began teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to people seeking to learn basic English language skills in order to potentially qualify for a variety of programs or careers. In most cases, the students that came to her classes were seeking to pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), which is a common admissions requirement at many universities for applicants who do not speak English as their native language. Quickstudy Learning Centers, Inc. was her solution to their challenges, and was the beginning of her steady quest to create a new educational system driven around a simple purpose: teaching students what they need and desire to learn. From her very first class of only six students until today, that focus is what is helping Southwest University change how many people view the educational process, and helping many people continue their pursuit of a great number of educational goals. Quickstudy not only assisted students with their TOEFL preparation, but also provided students with classes and programs designed to assist those without a high school diploma in passing the General Educational Development (GED) Tests, providing them with a recog-



August, 2013

nized high school equivalency credential. It is in this area that her passion is perhaps best seen. “I was very involved in my children’s school, throughout their education. I would see all of these kids that had nowhere to go; there were no opportunities or avenues for them to explore. I could see how a lot of them were getting left behind.” As word spread of Quickstudy’s successes and approach to educating those students with perhaps the greatest need, demand for their services grew as well. They began expanding the course offerings and working to provide vocational training, and career-based educational certifications and courses. Quickstudy became Southwest Career College and continued to grow and serve and assist growing numbers of students. If you read some of the early brochures and other marketing pieces about the school, you will find a few of the unique approaches that were helping to make Southwest Career College one of the fastest growing places of learning in the region. Yolanda and her team focused on building relationships within the established business and educational communities that would assist their students in continuing their development and start their careers. They also offered a very robust and committed job placement assistance program, also driven by developing relationships. It was perhaps at this stage of Southwest’s growth and development that Yolanda’s passion and skill for developing effective teams of people became apparent. “I believe we were put here for a reason. Everyone has a different one, but everyone has a unique talent. I believe that my talent is finding the right people; people who really are and want to help others.” Perhaps more than anything else it is that teamwork and sincere commitment to their students’ success that has propelled Southwest on its journey. As they continued to grow and expand their course offerings, they also began working with their business community partners to help identify needed areas of expertise and 58

August, 2013 proficiency, and developed programs to meet those needs. They became leaders in programs for Office Technology, Administrative Assistants, and Medical Records and Health Information Specialists. As the demand for medical training and certifications grew, they added a Medical Assistant program in 2004. The Medical Program has grown to include a variety of certifications and programs within all areas of the medical field, including coding, billing, transcription and others in the office management area, as well as a number of skills and certifications within the Medical Assistant program.

"I have a passion for change. What I love about my job is watching someone come in and seeing a different person leave. Being able to touch a life, that’s what drives me." The school continued to grow, and so did the team. Yolanda’s husband Ben had been growing more directly involved and integral to the school’s growth steadily over the years, and Ben was instrumental in helping them move into a new area of education and development. In 2005 they began offering courses and programs in the diesel industry, beginning with the diesel technician program. They worked hard to cultivate relationships within the industry prior to beginning their courses. As in the past, the focus remained on providing the most effective program and environment for the students. They looked to add space and equipment to assist them in this arena, and they found a complete staff of highly trained and qualified instructors. This period also provided a solid demonstration of one of Yolanda’s other passions: change. “I have a passion for change. What I love


about my job is watching someone come in and seeing a different person leave. Being able to touch a life, that’s what drives me.” Yolanda and Ben’s son Benjamin Arriola, Jr. joined the team in the early 2000s as well, and currently serves as the school’s director. While many families certainly have successful businesses and other enterprises, the Arriola’s are remarkably efficient and consistent in their approach to

"It all began by getting involved in the community. I am not from El Paso, but I love El Paso and there is no place I would rather live. I really just wanted to give back to this community."

the school and their service to the

cational-driven education, was delivered for almost 15 years now, and the period of the late 2000s perhaps illustrates that skill better than any other period.

In conjunction with

the addition of the diesel technician areas, the school obtained state of the art facilities that allowed the students to work in spacious, safe and technologically current areas. The program expanded into automotive areas, and now offers Associates level degrees in both Diesel and Automotive Applied Sciences.

community. In the purest sense, Southwest University at El Paso represents the embodiment of the core of Yolanda and the

Southwest also became a pioneer in the use of technology by

family’s simple philosophy of giving back. As Yolanda says, “It

becoming one of the first institutions of higher learning, at any

all began by getting involved in the community. I am not from El

level of education, to move towards a completely paperless

Paso, but I love El Paso and there is no place I would rather live.

textbook environment several years ago. Students utilize iPads

I really just wanted to give back to this community.”

as the hubs of the learning experience, loading that semester’s requirements of books electronically as they go. In reality, the


Southwest University and the Arriola family have been pioneers

switch to the electronic reader was the easy part. The hard part

in changing the way education in general, but particularly vo-

of the shift was ensuring that the textbooks required by each

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August, 2013

of the programs were available electronically, which required a thorough examination of all of the curriculums and making any changes wherever necessary. Today, the paperless textbook environment and the extensive use of technology are two of Southwest University’s hallmarks. However, the Arriolas did break from the conventional wisdom regarding technology when they felt that the educational experi-

"The biggeST advaNTage we have iS ThaT we are a family-owNed School. we are very iNvolved. The day ThaT i doN’T recogNiZe my STUdeNTS, ThaT iS The day we geT oUT. ThiS iS aboUT PeoPle; NoT oNly The STUdeNT, bUT Their familieS aNd Their childreN" ence would be better and more effective if real world situations could be more accurately re-created.

In 2008 the Univer-

sity added a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technologist program, and broke from the standard approach. Most other institutions providing instruction in this field have opted to use virtual methods to facilitate the hands on portions of the program, due to the relatively high cost of obtaining an actual MRI machine in an academic setting. But the Arriolas felt that the opportunity to provide an actual machine for student use, as well as providing an additional communi-


August, 2013

ty resource, outweighed the costs. Therefore,

program service to being a comprehensive

at some major private universities. Their cam-

a few years after beginning the MRI program

educational institution, centered on providing

pus has grown to include major facilities at

they purchased a machine and are now one of

effective and thorough education and training

various locations throughout the city, so that

only a few, if not the only, institutions providing

in focused areas of study. But with that name

they now provide a free shuttle to their stu-

students the opportunity to learn and work on

change came the ultimate pursuit: becoming

dents to move between the various locations.

actual MRI scanners.

an accredited four-year institution providing

Yet through it all, the family remains focused

Bachelor’s degree programs for qualified stu-

on retaining the intimate and focused environ-

dents. In 2012 that quest was realized, and

ment from the beginning. Perhaps Yolanda

Southwest University began offering Bache-

put it best herself: “The biggest advantage we

lor’s Degree programs in Business Administra-

have is that we are a family-owned school. We

tion and Health Administration in 2012.

are very involved. The day that I don’t recog-


nize my students, that is the day we get out. But perhaps the biggest changes have oc-

Today, the school has found itself providing

This is about people; not only the student, but

curred in the last year or two. As Southwest

much needed services to a growing base of

their families and their children.” With a collec-

continued to grow, and as they added the

prospective students. They serve students

tive focus and purpose, and with an amazing

capability to add first the Associates Degree

from all over the world, including a growing

level of sincerity and care for their community;

in Applied Sciences in Diagnostic Medical So-

number of students from Mexico. They put a

I am certain that Southwest University at El

nography, they changed their name to South-

large emphasis on providing incredible value

Paso will continue to grow and develop and re-

west University, to more accurately describe

in their programs, and their Bachelor’s pro-

shape how our community views education.

the educational environment of the school.

grams have a total cost over the four years

Perhaps more importantly, it will help our com-

They had truly evolved from providing a single

that is comparable to one year of total costs

munity rethink how we educate ourselves.

August, 2013

By: Maggie Asfahani Hajj Photography by: Robert Corral



n this age of fast food, self-checkouts, and online shop-

ideals of fine craftsmanship, value, and personalized at-

ping, truly personal customer service is a rare commod-

tention that has made J. Edwards a household name in

ity. But to the Silvermans, it’s a way of life.

the community.

John and Rita Silverman, along with their children Gina

Although many businesses play a part in customer’s

Silverman-Smith and Todd Edward Silverman, are the

day-to-day lives, jewelry stores hold a particularly special

forces behind J. Edwards Diamonds, a third-generation

place in people’s hearts, providing lasting mementoes

El Paso business.

for some of their most important milestones. For the Silvermans, that aspect of their work is the most moving

“(El Paso’s) been a really good city to us,” said Todd. “It’s

and fulfilling part of what they do. Bring up engagement

a really good jewelry town, really good customers. It’s

rings, and the family visibly lights up with excitement.

really kept the longevity of our business going forever. That’s a good thing about it being a family business. Peo-

“I love it,” Rita said, smiling. “That’s probably one of my

ple know that. They trust you; they’re loyal to you. And

favorite things, to help a couple find the engagement ring

we appreciate it.”

that she wants and that he wants to give her. A lot of times, the man will come in by themselves. It’s just fun

J. Edwards Diamonds began in 1929, when John’s father

to help them.”

Henry Silverman returned to El Paso after studying at Stanford. Many years, three stores (including one in Al-

Even after their big day, customers find a way to stay

buquerque), and an online business later, the family car-

connected, which speaks to the friendly, extended fam-

ries on the traditions Henry began, holding true to the

ily vibe the Silvermans strive to create. “After a couple is


"Everybody loves each other, but everybody wants everybody to do well". happy and they get married, they end up coming back for

and the customer knew nothing about diamonds, so they

their anniversary ring, or anniversary gift, and then when

had to depend on the jeweler. There was not a standard

they have babies they always want to buy something spe-

grading system.” He goes on to say that in addition to

cial in celebration,” Gina said.

standardization of grading, non-profit laboratories that perform independent third party opinions have leveled

The jewelry trade is not all romance and fuzzy feelings,

the playing field for everybody. “It’s taken out the guess-

however. There is a practical side as well, and the Sil-

work,” he said.

vermans strive to stay at the forefront by offering a high quality product and making excellent customer service

No matter the profession, work can sometimes be more

part of their goals. In addition to jewelry sales, J. Edwards

drudgery than fun. Adding the constant presence of your

offers their customers access to the exclusive Wedding

nearest and dearest would be enough to drive most

Club, a partnership with local businesses that entitles par-

people to madness. Not the Silvermans. They not only

ticipants to discounts on photography, dresses, tuxedos,

love the community they live in and serve through vari-

and other wedding-related services.

ous charitable endeavors, they still manage to adore their work and each other.

Part of that dedication to customer service is helping guide an increasingly educated consumer. “The industry

“It has its moments,” Todd said, to laughter from the group.

has changed in many ways over the years,” John said.

“I’d rather work with family than not. That’s for sure.”

“The biggest thing that I’ve seen since I’ve been in busi-


ness, which is to the credit of the industry, is certified

Gina agreed. “It’s hard, because it is your family, and so

diamonds. When I first started, no diamond was certified,

a lot more is expected from you because you are family,”

Gina said. “And you want to do your very best, since it’s all family and everybody’s together and it’s everybody’s same interest. Everybody loves each other, but everybody wants everybody to do well.” When asked if any of them had ever wanted to leave the family business and try something else, the group replied with blank stares before answering with a unanimous and hearty “no”. Their looks of confusion and surprise give hope that J. Edwards will continue to be an El Paso institution for many generations to come. “There’s some conflict in any family business, but I think you would have that with anyone you work with,” said John, who has shared the same office with Rita for 32 years. “The business in general is a good business, as far as a nice business to be in. It’s primarily a happy business. The business end of it does create its moments, but I’d say for the most part it’s a pretty happy, content family business.” 69




T CORRA y: ROBER B y h p ra og Phot


August, 2013

"These incredible dogs, which can be German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Belgian Malinois or Dutch Shepherds, are specially trained to detect explosive devices efficiently, safely, and with little inconvenience."


n this era of technology, it can seem that flesh and blood is being

there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears when you work with these

replaced by machinery. One shining exception to this is Cesar

dogs, because your life depends on it.” Not only does Salmon’s life

Salmon and his K-9 companion, Eva. They are El Paso’s own Fed-

depend on it, but often the entire community’s life depends on it.

eral Protective Service (FPS) Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) team,

These incredible dogs, which can be German Shepherds, Labra-

and Eva’s incredible nose can beat out any computer.

dor Retrievers, Belgian Malinois or Dutch Shepherds, are specially trained to detect explosive devices efficiently, safely, and with little

“The well-trained, properly employed EDD teams are the most

inconvenience. Vayer explains, “We need to balance the need to

effective tool available for deterring, detecting and predicting the

continue business in federal facilities against the need to be as

placement of explosives,” Joshua Vayer, the Division Director for

safe as possible, and the K-9s really help us to do that.” These EDD

Uniformed Operations, states. “If you think about our other tech-

teams, like Salmon and Eva, patrol our borders, respond to bomb

nologies…the K-9 turns out to be more reliable than any of those

threats, and even attend large community events as both a deter-

other techniques; you can take the dog and the handler and move

rent and a resource.

them anywhere you need them, when you need them.” Uniformed inspectors – federal law enforcement officers who are Salmon, one of the nation’s 70 EDD teams distributed throughout

trained in both physical security and law enforcement – go through

the country, was very decisive when I asked how he felt about

an application and interview process to be considered for the pro-

his job. “To be honest with you, I can’t believe I’m getting paid for

gram. Although no prior K-9 handling experience is required, the in-

what I do. It’s the best job out there. I did expect it to be fun, but

spectors are required to kennel their dog partners at home. Some

B E YO N D T H E B O N D : E X P L O S I V E D E T E C T I O N D O G S

August, 2013

"I’m her leader, I’m her love, I’m her life, but to me, she’s completely, always faithful, she’s courageous; I don’t know if I completely meet her expectations because she’s such a great working dog" the industry standard in every regard.” These tests, in which neither the inspector nor the evaluator know where explosives have been hidden in a certain area, ensure only the best join the ranks. During this training, the handlers use only positive reinforcement, which includes both verbal praise and toy rewards. Although some programs use food rewards, the FPS feels that this limits them, and makes it necessary for the dogs to work for all their food. Instead, they find what toy the dog loves the most, and makes that their reward. Eva’s ultimate reward for a job well done? A yellow tennis ball. While the dogs are searching for an explosive device, they are careful to never paw an item or touch it with their nose, lest it be a motion-activated device. The signs that they are ‘on the trail’ of an odor is more nuanced. “It’s not just a machine, you turn it on and it gives you a red light [or] green light. There’s a complex interaction between the handler and programs don’t feel this is necessary, but the

Discouraged, Salmon soon met his new

the dog,” Vayer explains. “The handler is very

FPS has found that this strengthens the bond

partner; a 50-pound, tiger-striped Dutch

well trained to detect changes in behavior in

between human and dog. When Salmon was

Shepherd. Hesitantly, he opened the cage

the K-9, and that’s really where the art comes

selected for the program and arrived at train-

door for his fearsome looking charge, and

in to being a handler.” When I asked Salmon

ing, he was initially partnered with a large yel-

immediately got licked in the face. “It was

about this part of his relationship with Eva, he

low lab. Unfortunately, after a few weeks the

on from there,” he laughs. Eva has never

began by explaining what makes Eva unique.

dog didn’t want to work – a huge requirement

disappointed Salmon since, quickly rising to

“She’s a weird dog; she’s very slow, me-

for EDD K-9s. These dogs are selected at 12

the top of her class and, at five years old,

thodical, but it’s really easy to recognize the

months of age, and are specially bred to be

passing every difficult evaluation with flying

change in behavior in Eva. You’ll see her nose,

a part of the program. The most important

colors. Vayer explains that this is no small

the front of her face, start to change into dif-

traits evaluators look for? A desire to please,

feat: “There is a very specific, rigorous certi-

ferent levels.” That’s when he knows Eva’s

and a drive to work.

fication that the handler and dog must pass

on to something, and she lets him know that

as a team…that in fact meets or exceeds

she’s sure when she simply sits down.



August, 2013


"You learn to trust this dog with your life, and it’s the greatest feeling when Despite their incredible bond, Eva is not

down in the yard, excited to

you watch your dog succeed. The payback

a pet – she is a partner. When she comes

start. They’ll then head to a

home with Salmon, she is separated from his

park for some training and re-

from the dog is amazing"

household, and has her own areas to occupy.

wards before tackling whatever the day has

to Salmon. “She’s kind of a superstar. No one

This separation between work and home

to offer, whether that’s a day at the border

really knows my name when you go down to

keeps Eva excited to work and interact with

sweeping vehicles or attending a high-pro-

these areas where we work, but when she

her handler during the day. I asked Salmon if

file court case to ensure safety. These EDD

walks in everyone knows her name.” De-

this unique working relationship was what he

teams don’t only stay in their region, either.

spite Eva’s amazing skill and fearsome look,

thought it would be. “I didn’t expect it to be

As many as 20 teams attended the presi-

her handler claims that she is a sweetheart,

what it is now,” he confesses. “She depends

dent’s inauguration to partner with the Secret

and very eager to please. They attend many

on you…to her I’m her leader, I’m her love,

Service, and following the Boston bombing a

outreach events together, where her sweet

I’m her life, but to me, she’s completely, al-

National Crisis Response team was sent to

disposition is showcased.

ways faithful, she’s courageous; I don’t know

aid law enforcement in responding to suspi-

if I completely meet her expectations be-

cious packages.

The average length that dogs will be in service for the FPS EDD program is seven years,

cause she’s such a great working dog.” In many instances, however, the dogs’ pres-

but each case is evaluated individually. If

Their day usually starts very early, and Eva

ence itself is enough to discourage wrong-

there are any health or behavioral problems,

is always ready to go. As soon as the truck

doers. Eva certainly seems to have made a

a dog may retire early, but if they still seem

is opened she can be seen jumping up and

name for herself here in El Paso, according

eager and able to work they can certainly con-


August, 2013

Their day usually starts very early, and Eva is always ready to go. As soon as the truck is opened she can be seen jumping up and down in the yard, excited to start. tinue. When they retire, their handler is first given the opportunity to adopt them as a pet, and according to Vayer a vast majority of handlers choose this option. If they are unable to adopt their partner for some reason, others can adopt the dog. When a dog is ready to retire, the FPS makes sure they go to a welcoming home as a reward for their amazing service. Many handlers, after having such a rewarding first experience, choose to be partnered with a new one-year-old dog and begin the program again once their K-9 retires. El Paso is incredibly lucky to have such a unique team helping to keep it safe, and to be a part of this nation-wide program. Salmon also feels fortunate to be a part of this region’s security, and makes it very clear that he wouldn’t trade his job for the world. “I’ve had the opportunity to move up within the ranks,” he explains, “but instead I’d rather be with a 52-pound Dutch Shepherd every day getting dirty. You learn to trust this dog with your life, and it’s the greatest feeling when you watch your dog succeed. The payback from the dog is amazing.”

| By: Meagan Kinley |

This summer take advantage t gh li n su of rs ou h a tr ex e os th d of the warmer weather an . d n ie fr t es b s ’ an m h it w e m ti g in d by spen 76


August, 2013

Whether it’s a shopping trip around town, a Saturday morning at the dog park or bringing Fido along while you enjoy an evening sipping champagne at one of El Paso’s local eatery’s; there’s never been a better time to hang out with your four-legged friend. Canine Couture

Doggie Food From El Paso to the plaza at Old Mesilla, there are many restaurants that welcome leashed puppies of all ages to wine and dine with their owners out on the patio—some will even offer your dog their very own water dish.

- Cafe Central (Downtown) - Hope & Anchor (Westside) - Ripe Eatery (Westside) - Zin Valle Vineyards (Canutillo) - Josefina’s Old Gate Cafe (Old Mesilla) - Pepper’s Cafe (Old Mesilla) - Andale Dog House (Old Mesilla) - Kinley’s Coffee House (on patio) - Starbuck’s (on patio)

Have a lot of errands to run? Let your furry

Give your dog a change of scenery and take

beast tag along. Well-behaved, leashed dogs

them somewhere new. With dog parks, state

are invited to accompany you all around town

parks, museums and more, your pooch will

to help you shop till you drop.

enjoy fresh sights and smells.

Las Palmas Marketplace: Dogs are allowed

Dog Parks:

in the common areas of the mall; it is up to individual stores whether they allow dogs inside.

- Jewel Gallery (Westside) - One-Fifty Sunset Garden Center (Westside) - Pets R Gr8 (Westside) - El Paso Saddleblanket (Eastside) - Camping World (Anthony) - Home Depot - PetSmart and Pet’s Barn - Pup-Venture

Eastside Dog Park | 12701 Pebble Hills Eastwood (Album Park) Dog Park | 3110 Parkwood St. Westside Dog Park (Don Haskins Community Center) | 7400 High Ridge Dr. Franklin Mountain State Park Chamizal National Memorial Railroad and Transportation Museum (Leashed, well-mannered dogs are allowed inside)

Mujeres & Amigas An Afternoon of Sisterhood



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des l a V lisa named

as aldes w Alisa V he 25 Most in the t one of ial Hispanics t n e u TIME Infl tates by a magazine S d e t i in Un ne; Lat of the magazi er a Woman eekly h W named ntertainment ut o k E Year; er as a Brea panic s h i hailed Star; and H s y a r h a Liter s magazine ng the s o e n m er a Busi h d e m a people twice n st Influential 100 Mo ation. in the n

Saturday, August 10 10:00 am - 3:30 pm

International Museum of Art 1211 Montana Ave. El Paso, TX






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August, 2013

P a r e n t i n g

Paws For Thought Choosing a Family Pet | By: Robin Niland |

Adding a pet to the family is a huge decision, and one to be taken very seriously by all those whose responsibility the pet will be. “Pets are a wonderful addition to any family,” my pet-lov-

once Fido has a comfortable place in the family dynamic,

ing friend Kirsten DiDonna and mother of three assures

the care usually comes down to Mom and Dad. Daily

me. In my heart I know it’s true, but my new sofas, my

food, water, and exercise, weekly habitat clean ups, obe-

(finally!) fruitful vegetable garden, and my third pair of

dience training, veterinarian visits, grooming, teeth clean-

gnawed up flip-flops are making me seriously re-consider

ings, and extra vacuuming of pet-hair are just some of the

whether adopting our Beagle puppy, Syd, was truly the

duties of responsible pet-ownership.

best decision for our family. One veterinary assistant I spoke to said one of the bigAdding a pet to the family is a huge decision, and one to

gest mistakes people make is buying or adopting a pet

be taken very seriously by all those whose responsibil-

spontaneously without researching the right type of pet

ity the pet will be. All kids promise to feed, walk, and clean up after the would-be furry/scaly/ feathered friend during the beg-


for their family. “Having worked in veterinary medicine for several years, I've noticed a lot of families that have purchased new pets without con-

ging and negotiation phases

sidering the financial, time, and health

of pet-ownership, but

obligations to the new family member,”


August, 2013

ing a pet is a great way to teach responsibility to your children, and showing them how to care for another is a great benefit to their future, especially in social and financial interactions.” Katie Rindt and her dog Roxie participate in Tail Waggin’ Tutors which helps kids hone their reading skills by reading to specially trained therapy dogs. “It's impossible not to be happy around [her]” she says of their sweet-spirited yellow lab. She adds that having a dog has taught her to “appreciate the simple things in life” like rustling leaves or a small bird you might encounter on a walk through the neighborhood. Katie says, “her enthusiasm is contagious!” Eleanor Ann Schoenbrun says that her pet “taught me to be kinder to things and animals.” Her love of animals spurned a philanthropic endeavor called Pennies FUR Pets, which she founded in 2011. Her mother, Lisa Ann Schoenbrun, says that through this experience she has learned that anyone can make a difference in the world. Hmmm, this is something we all say to our children, but perhaps it takes actually experiencing it for a

she says. This can lead to strain on the family, which takes away from the joys and benefits

Pets can actually be a teaching tool for kids: responsibility, compassion, and the knowledge that the animal’s well-being is dependent on a family’s care are just some of the benefits kids reap.

of caring for a pet. Ten-year-old Eleanor Ann Schoenbrun also offers some sage advice about choosing a pet:

child to truly understand. I notice how my own eight-year-old daughter So what do fami-

often anticipates Syd’s needs by leaving ice



cubes in his water on a hot day or remind-


ing me that we are low on dog food. Could



in for


this be the start of this important thing called

of time, energy, and

“responsibility” so many parenting gurus say

money? “Companion-

we should be teaching our kids? Could Syd,

ship and complete and

aka, The Shredder, be teaching my children


unconditional love and affec-

things my husband and I alone cannot?

tion,” Kirsten tells me. She also

“A pet is a lifetime commitment. You don't

says pets can actually be a teaching tool for

I look forward to seeing how much our fam-

get rid of a pet because it has an accident

kids: responsibility, compassion, and the

ily learns and grows during our pet-ownership

in your house or chews up a pillow.” I’m tak-

knowledge that the animal’s well-being is

experience, but right now we are all content

ing her words to heart today as I pick up the

dependent on a family’s care are just some

to just enjoy some snuggle time--even if he

web-like white filling of what used to be an

of the benefits kids reap. She should know,

is getting fur on the new sofa--and pretend

outdoor chair cushion that is strewn around

her family has cared for as many as 7 pets

that we aren’t all sneaking him little bits of

our yard.

at once (did I mention she also has THREE

table food. Our justification? Just look at that

boys?). My veterinary assistant agrees: “Hav-

adorable face!



August, 2013



eaving your family behind for military deployment may be hard, but there may be an added burden if that family includes a beloved pet. Finding a trustworthy friend to watch your dog or cat while you're away on deploy-

ment may be very difficult.

For retired colonel Sam Stipe, finding a caretaker for

ted, had infections in their eyes, were underweight

her and her husband's three cats (mixed Siamese’s:

and unhealthy. It was hard having to deal with some-

Mai Thai, Ching and Jessie) was as easy as dropping

thing you loved so much - and that's your baby - and

them off to a local animal boarding service, ending

you expected a certain level of care when you put


them in, knowing you didn't want to put them in but you didn't have a choice."

"Every time we left our cats, we'd pull them out of


the kennel, pay the bill and get them home," Stipe

At the time, the Stipes didn't have a choice. But

said. "They reeked from having sat in a litter box for

since then, Sam Stipe has been on a mission to

all those weeks that they were gone. They were mat-

give pet people like her and her husband Gary (also

August, 2013

a retired veteran) a choice when it came to pet boarding with the highest level of care and support.


"Animals just have such an unconditional love"

cial "CQ" (charge of quarters) area, which is a resting area for the night watch person - also another aspect of the military theme. Also, the building is where 10 three-tiered "cat condos" are located which give visiting cats a lot

The couple opened the Pet Barracks in No-

of room to stretch and move around.

vember of last year. Located in the Northeast at 11145 Dyer Street, the 5,500-square-foot

the oceans couldn’t knock it over," she said.

modern pet boarding and day care facility

She kept in contact with the builder and had

Then there is the kennel, itself. In a sepa-

looks suspiciously futuristic sitting in the mid-

him build the barracks.

rate building, it is an air-conditioned space of 76 individual kennels with dividing walls

dle of an otherwise long stretch of desert "We don't only cater to the military, but it just

for privacy and indoor play areas for daycare

happens that a great number of our custom-

dogs. Though the volume when one enters

Its design is distinct, looking like a top-secret

ers are military," Stipe said. "The theme was

is typically loud from all the barking dogs,

government test site or greenhouse with its

to keep it familiar to military so when a mili-

what is really remarkable is how absolutely

angled walls and rounded shape. When Colo-

tary person walks through the door, they im-

clean it is in there. No stench from "acci-

nel Stipe was Brigade Commander in the

mediately relate to it."

dents" or generally bad-smelling dogs. This

road littered with faceless buildings.

is a point of pride for the Barracks being

Marshall Islands, her employees were living in dilapidated 1960s-era trailer homes. She

Stipe speaks of the military thematics in more

that they use a hospital-grade, high heat

knew a guy in Mississippi who built these

ways than one. First, there is the layout of the

vapor steam system to clean the kennels

polycarbonate structures who eventually

office area. It is complete with a reception

twice a day. With no drains in the kennel

came out and built 40 for her men. "The de-

area, a mess hall, public latrine, quartermas-

floor, they do not deposit any waste into the

sign looked aerodynamic, like the wind from

ter laundry, quartermaster supply and a spe-

El Paso sanitary system.


August, 2013

Prices, reservation setting and discounts information are all available on their website, Dogs and cats can be held for day care, boarding (a matter of days or weeks) or boarded for deployment (a matter of months with proper proof of military orders, though deployment spots are limited). In addition to taking care of pets, the Stipes wanted to help take care of their fellow disabled veterans. "As we were building, Gary and I really felt strongly about taking care of soldiers and their families simply because we have that bond to the military," she said. "As we were formulating the business model and plan, we decided to take care of as many veterans, disabled or otherwise, as we could. We could use the military as our philosophy for hiring. What Then there are two play areas for dogs of two

we wanted to do was hire veterans with PTSD

size categories, small-medium and medium-

or traumatic brain injuries coming back from

large. The dogs have access to an outdoor

the most recent wars where working with ani-

play area with synthetic grass (to minimize

mals could somehow be therapeutic to them."

dust and to not be a drain on the city's water supply), a doggy pool and plenty of space

The handful of disabled veterans that they

to run and chase after balls alongside their

have let work for them have seemed to ben-

new doggy friends. Each dog gets four to

efit tremendously from the animal therapy that

five hours of outdoor play time to keep them

comes from playing and caring for the pets.

healthy, as well as tire them up in order for a

"Animals just have such an unconditional love,"

sounder sleep in the night.

said Gary Stipe, a Vietnam War vet who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. "They

Each dog has an elevated cot, akin to Army

have no expectations of you other than to just

cots, both to play to the theme and to keep

be there. Their desire is to just be there for

them clean if accidents happen in the middle

you. It helps to overcome the effects of an en-

of the night.

vironment that was rather harsh. Being shot, or being perceived that you're going to be shot

Every staff member is trained online through

at, is a very harsh environment and working

Penn Foster University from where they also

with dogs is a really big stress reliever. It al-

get a certification. The 18-week course en-

lows you to relax and to not always be on your

sures that they "pretty much know everything there is to know about taking care of dogs: safety, handling stressful situations and learning breeds and what they're known for," Stipe said. “For all of that, our price is clearly reasonable," she said. "Any other place in the United States we would be charging $100 a night." 84

"Watching some of the vets that we've had here open up and be accepting of a dog's love is phenomenal"

guard because the training for combat is to always, always be on your guard." "Watching some of the vets that we've had here open up and be accepting of a dog's love is phenomenal," Sam Stipe said. "If we can provide any amount of therapeutic healing to someone who's been through that stressful situation, it makes us feel good."



August, 2013



August, 2013


othing completes a family like man's best friend. Giving your dog the right healthcare is the best way to ensure he or she will live a long, healthy life.

Today's science and modern research have brought many changes to the practice of medicine, which have improved

Holistic vets in turn offer a different method to combat these

healthcare for not only humans, but also canines. Today, two

ailments called traditional medicine or allopathic medicine,

different philosophies on the actual practice compete for

which seeks to directly identify the disease condition. These

prominence. The first is the more widely accepted approach,

treatments vary widely depending on the type of problem the

which relies on the latest surgical advances and prescription

vet is trying to cure. Herbal medicine, supplements, home-

drugs, while the second emphasizes a more natural approach

opathy, or even acupuncture may be part of the treatment im-

with holistic methods. Looking at both camps, it's easy to find

plemented to help your animal.

the good, the bad and the downright weird in each of them. But perhaps the key to getting the best care for your pet isn't


drawing a line in the sand, but incorporating a balance of both

Many people are familiar with the phrase “you are what you

into your pet's healthcare.

eat,” but few realize how critical nutrition is for your pet. This important building block can even be a defining factor for your

Pharmaceutical Drugs vs. Natural Remedies

dog's day-to-day lifestyle and long-term health. Research sug-

Antibiotics, as well as a countless list of other vaccines and

gests leading dry dog food brands use cereal grains and a

medications, have been adapted to suit animals, helping them

whole slew of synthetic chemical additives which have the po-

to overcome Mother Nature's fiercest illnesses. The list of

tential to cause joint pain, arthritis, allergies, metabolic imbal-

available animal drugs is almost as long as the list for humans

ances, autoimmune disorders, irritability and even heart dis-

with many of these pills diagnosing a full range of infections:

ease. Some people also assume their dogs are getting their

bacterial, respiratory, ear, etc. As well as allergies, diabetes,

full day’s worth of nutrition from these 40 pound

heartworm, parvovirus, rabies, the list goes on and on. Pre-

bags when the truth is this method is leav-

vention is the best option for many of these ailments. Almost

ing most dogs without the essential

all vets will recommend vaccinating your dog with preventa-

vitamins and minerals they need. On

tive medication four to five times throughout their first two

this issue, most vets will recommend

years of life, with annual boosters in the years following.

an individualized diet plan focused on your animal's needs (factors contributing

Once a dog has developed a disease or disorder, vets have

to these plans can be age, gender, breed,

different opinions on what is best for the pet. Most vets will

etc.). Holistic veterinary practice will take

prescribe different antibiotics and drugs to quickly suppress

this method a step further and recom-

the signs and symptoms of the disease. Holistic veterinarians

mend an all-natural whole foods diet

argue that using antibiotics in this way, while it can bring heal-

complete with whole vitamins (as op-

ing for the short-term, can actually hurt the animal long-term

posed to multivitamins). While this

as well as fail to identify the true issue. Antibiotics will kill the

can be a bit more expensive than a

lethal germ, but they will also kill thousands of other germs

$20 bag of dry dog food, you will

that benefit the bodies overall health. This in turn will deplete

add years of healthy vitality to your

the body of necessary tools, as well as create a further de-

dog and even prevent them from

pendence of antibiotics; a dependence, which will decrease

developing a disease or disorder

the animal’s chances of survival in the future once the bacte-

that can strip years from their

ria, has mutated to survive the antibiotics attack.

quality of life.


ReidSan Kennel In The Grove & Dog Training Center "We have the total package. Our mission is to provide a better relationship between our clients and their dogs."


eidSan Kennel in the Grove is a dog

to breed and train dogs. Since then, Reid has

San is a volunteer licensed evaluator for Pet

training center that has it all. Founded

trained dogs for people in The Netherlands,

Partners. This group brings certified therapy

by Ret. MSG Wilbert Reid and his wife

the United States, Mexico and Canada.

animals of all species to visit people with serious health conditions and injuries in

Sandra Reid, this dynamic duo has fine-tuned

the business of pet care and offers a truly

Today both Reid and San work out of their

unique service for man's best friend.

facility in Canutillo, Texas. With a team of

hopes of bringing them a little bit of joy.

highly skilled dog trainers, they have a range

“We enjoy working with people and we love

Reid first started working with dogs when he

of dog classes that meet all AKC standards;

the dogs,� said Reid & San.

was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in

from simple puppy class, to basic obedience,

1972. Working with Jamie Youngblood PhD.,

advanced obedience, boarding with training,

he learned the odds and ends of training

conformation handling and even service dog

and quickly fell in love with working with the

training. They also have a full service kennel

dogs. From there, Reid took his new-found

for dog boarding and grooming, offering

skills all over the country and then began

lush greens on a seven acre pecan grove for

working with a man named Henk Harmers in

playtime and delicious all natural pet food

the Netherlands where together they worked

catering. In addition to these great amenities,


ReidSan Kennel In The Grove & Dog Training Center 840 Reidsan Grove Road Canutillo, Texas 79835 (915) 877-3647 Fax: (915) 877-3374

89 S P E C I A L A D V E R T I S I N G | 89

| By JannET BusTillos |

have you been dating someone for the last couple of months, and things are going great? There are certain feelings that are beginning to develop, but you're not quite sure of how to determine what these feelings are? is it love that you're feeling or simply lust? To help you answer that question, below is a list that might help you realize if it's true love that you are experiencing. The biggest sign that you are in love with someone, has to

The little black book is not an option anymore. You're simply

do with how much time you are willing to spend with them.

not interested in dating anyone else. My biggest advice is to

You don't want to spend time with anyone else, and you look

always follow your instinct. If you think it's love that you are

forward to the next time you two will get to spend more time

feeling, then it probably is.

together. If you catch yourself feeling excited about seeing your love interest, these are feelings of love.

What your partner thinks of you is very important to you. You want to impress them and change certain aspects of your

You're more confident, and you just have that feel good feel-

life for them. For instance, you were a smoker or you were a

ing. Everyone keeps telling you the common phrase, "you're

few pounds overweight in the beginning, but now you signed

glowing!" And silly things that used to upset you are insignifi-

up for the gym and got rid of the smoking habit once and for

cant now. You are an overall happier person.

all. You find yourself wanting to change certain bad habits in order to better yourself for this person.



my biggest advice is to always follow your instinct. If you think it's love that you are feeling, then it probably is.

You are accepting of your partner’s quirks. Everyone has them, but if you are willing to accept and tolerate your love interest’s quirks, then you are definitely heading in the love direction. Putting your guard down, and accepting someone with everything they have to offer, is a sign that there are deeper emotions in the relationship. Falling in love and daydreaming definitely go hand-in-hand. If you are in love then you catch yourself randomly thinking of your partner. You may be thinking of all the possibilities for your relationship.

Daydreaming and having

the feelings of butterflies in the stomach are common side effects of love. When you're in love you are constantly checking your phone and emails to see if they tried contacting you. Listening to their voice or receiving a text message from them suddenly becomes so exciting.


| By MiCHEllE CroMEr |

1. Realize that other people’s objections often have more to do with them than with you. Their objections are their fears. Trust you know what’s best for you. 2. Prove to yourself that you’re making the right choice. Some days it feels like I was the weak animal waiting to get preyed on during my

“The greatest step toward a life of simplicity is to learn to let go.” -STEVE MARABOLI

transformation into a new life, because as soon as I show doubt, insecurity, or even waffle a tiny bit on whether I am doing the right thing for me, the people closest to me pounce. The best defense to these challenges is proof. When you stay the

So I am taking the plunge. I stated out loud

tures and experiences along the way. I have

that I want to simplify my life.

a dream of inspiring people to dare to incorporate spirituality into all aspects of their

I want to have a life where what I do for a

lives, including their work. So a new book

living and how I live are more in balance with


the person I am and aspire to be. The waterfall effect of that verbal declaration has cata-

In all my newness and transformation the

pulted my life into a stratosphere of change

one thing I did not count on is the resistance

that I am still learning to just “go with.”

I am receiving from people closest to me. I assumed that others would be genuinely

course, people start to accept it. 3. Have a flexible plan. I have learned in my new journey that without a plan, I am just a leaf blowing in the wind. It is not enough that I say that I want to make a change. So I have an actionable plan, with milestones and tangible goals that, when achieved, help reinforce my adventurous journey of a new life.

A month after that declaration, I am selling

happy for me if I were happy. Unfortunately,

4. Be patient.

our vacation home. Next comes the purge.

that is not the case.

I’ve learned to have patience with oth-

Closets are being emptied, drawers are be-

ers and myself. Recognizing where peo-

ing sorted, and the garage is starting to clear

The largest objection comes in regards to

ple come from, the stories in their own

out. I am donating and selling what seems

my career, or lack of a career pursuit. A dec-

heads, and the story in mine assists in

to be the physical barrier to my new life of

laration of not wanting to go back to an of-

keeping me on track. Keeping perspective

“less is more.”

fice, sit all day under fluorescent lights, and

and learning to let go of other people’s

go after new clients seems to stun family

fears and objections enables me to con-

and friends alike.

tinue on, one step at a time.

So in all of this, I am managing to stay on

I am by no means an expert on self-help,

course, even if the road is a bit bumpy at

making life changes, or living a life of sim-


plicity. What I am learning, is that other

Finally comes the decision: What do I want to be when I grow up? Or what do I want to do now? So, I finally decide: No more suits, no more office life, and no more aspiring to climb a ladder, I’ve done that. I decide that I am not searching for a new job; I am creating a life. I want to write and share my adven-

people’s objections can fuel the flame and If you’re also making a life change and experiencing resistance from the people around you, these ideas may help:

reinforce our decision to create a new life.

Your Time Your Terms Your Pleasure


Since 1928, Cutter Aviation has been creating solutions using private and business aviation as a tool for generations of customers.







We understand how precious your time is especially when traveling. Cutter Aviation has more than 85 years of experience in aviation, providing our customers with unparalleled discrete, safe and professional service, accommodating all your travel needs, getting you back to what is really important.

Conveniently located in the Southwestern USA Authorized Dealers




 it. Your time, your terms, your pleasure. Cutter Aviation ELP 94

800.351.1021 Toll-Free | 915.779.0270 Direct

El Paso International Airport 4IVUUMF$PMVNCJB%SJWFt&M1BTP 59




ELIZABETH MARRERO Global Hospice Care and Texas Palliative Center


hen thinking about the future of our

that only palliative care can provide lets us

loved ones, it's not easy to accept

help families grieve and cope with the loss.

the need for end of life care. End

of life situations should not be perceived as a

Hospice is about walking with the family

test of spiritual and psychological character.

through the disease. Few people realize that

Palliative care should be considered as an ex-

there is a choice when it comes to Hospice

tension of care to all patients and begin prior

service. It is important to discover a provider

to the end of life stage.

that has your interests at heart. A truly great

"You have a choice."

Hospice provides services in the comforts of Mr. Jose Marrero and Mrs. Elizabeth Marrero

home while simultaneously giving them the

are the founders of Global Hospice Care and

quality care and respect they deserve in a

Texas Palliative Center. Through our personal

specialized facility.

Texas Palliative Center

experiences we have been able to provide the El Paso community with a facility dedicated

Global Hospice Care and the Texas Palliative

to provide palliative end of life care.

Center are unique family and locally owned facilities dedicated to treatment and end-of-

Texas Palliative Center is the first and only


life care.

1817 Wyoming Ave. El Paso Texas 79903 (915) 543-6060 Fax: (915) 543-9350 and

facility built that specializes in medical care relief of serious illnesses. Palliative medicine

Please visit our websites for more information

allows us to manage symptoms and attend

about us; and

to the patient’s mental, spiritual and social

needs. The type of preparation and support





" We believe our employee selection process is one of the highest in the industry." THE JOB CONNECTION, INC. 9530 Viscount, Ste 2L El Paso, TX 79925 (I-10 West & Viscount @ Barley Square) 915-629-7900 915-629-7901 FAX HUB Certified


ounded initially as a franchise staffing

to Fortune 500 companies. "We are able

company in 1990 by Alex and Velia Berta,

to work with any size client and tailor our

the company now known as The Job

services to fit your needs."

Connection boasts a 22-year track record in the staffing industry. After earning the honor

Fueled by their love for people, the industry,

of "Branch of the Year" in 1994, 1996 and 1998

their staff and the city of El Paso, Monica

the Bertas, along with their daughter, Monica

Moreno and The Job Connection seek to

Moreno, realized that they could no longer

ensure that their client’s needs are wholly

be competitive as a franchise and opted to

and professionally met.

establish The Job Connection in January 2000.

employee selection process is one of

"We believe our

the highest in the industry. Our series of "We are a Texas Corporation and a 100%

screenings and evaluation profiles assist

El Paso owned and operated independent

in the selection of the best candidate to

staffing agency," explained Velia Berta, owner

meet your needs. We ARE successful when

of The Job Connection.

As a firm, which

YOU are successful. The Job Connection is

specializes in temporary staffing, temp to hire

committed to providing exceptional interim

staffing, professional recruiting and on-site

staffing to you when needed. We are locally

management, The Job Connection supplies

owned so we have the flexibility to give our

interim and direct hire staff to companies in

customers quick solutions to any unique

varying industries from mid-size businesses

situations that may occur."


S P E C I A L A D V E R T I S I N G | 97

EXHIBIT Incorporation, LLC


xhibit Incorporation, LLC is a leading

The company has provided services for

company that creates world-class events

grand openings, meetings, car presentations,

with more than 10 years of experience.

conferences, and trade shows. Some of

As part of the organization, bi-national corporate

their clients with whom they have worked

representative Victor Duran, opens the door to

are: El Paso Convention Center, Southwest

the biggest company of event solutions.

University, UTEP, LEXUS, Mattress Firm, The

Complete Event Solutions

City Magazine, and Telemundo. Along this time, Exhibit’s quality and service have been in cities like Atlanta, Washington,

Exhibit’s creativity is a main factor in each

San Diego, Dallas, San Antonio, Las Cruces,

project because they combine architecture

and of course, El Paso.

and design to create impact, and offer fresh ideas based on the customer’s needs.

Some of the services that Exhibit offers are the design and installation of custom backdrops,

For social events, Exhibit has its own brand



of furniture called Twodesign, which provides

podiums, entrance archways, red carpet,

the best lounge and vintage furniture,

lounge furniture, broadcast sets, and the most

dancefloors, bars, bride and groom sets,

high-end productions in lighting and sound.

shot glass carts, cocktail tables, etc., that will

Therefore, Exhibit provides innovative event

make every event original and unique.



EXHIBIT INCORPORATION, LLC 11450 James Watt Suite B8 El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 235-1136

solutions for corporate and social events. There is no doubt that you can find everything "You can find in Exhibit all you need to make

you need for your event in Exhibit.

your function a world-class event; full service with an immediate response”, said Victor. 98




" Reaching as many people as possible and inspiring them to make a change in their eating habits." THE GREEN INGREDIENT 201 E. Main St, Ste 112 El Paso, Tx 79901 (915) 298-1010 OPEN Monday - Friday from 7:00am - 3:00pm Follow us on Facebook


ith a goal of "reaching as many

anesthesia, chemotherapy and radiation, so

people as possible and inspiring

she was not a candidate for conventional

them to make a change in their

cancer treatment.

She decided to pursue

eating habits", Jacqueline Cordova, owner and

a natural alternative treatment instead. I

visionary behind The Green Ingredient, has

attended many workshops with her where we

pledged to offer patrons of this new boundary-

learned how to deal with cancer in a natural

breaking downtown eatery, the option of a

way. She switched to a raw-vegan diet and

menu free of GMOs, hormones, high fructose

by doing this, she managed to contain the

corn syrup, chemicals, pesticides, trans-fats,

cancer for 5 years with a high quality of life."

nitrites, artificial coloring or flavoring and highly refined products. Having earned her degree in

Armed with invaluable information and a

Computer Information Systems, Cordova is also

passion to help others, Cordova opted to

a vegetarian, environmentalist Health Coach

open The Green Ingredient with the purpose

and Certified Raw Food Instructor.

of continuing her friend's legacy. "During that process we learned that many diseases could restaurant

be prevented, or even cured, if you take care

ownership was inspired by her close friend

of yourself properly," explained Cordova. "We

who was diagnosed with breast cancer in

help people make better choices regarding

December 2007.

"Poor eating habits and

their eating habits and teach them how to

stress took a toll on her," Cordova shared.

benefit from all-natural, well-balanced meals to

"She was allergic to many things, including

improve their health and future quality of life."





S P E C I A L A D V E R T I S I N G | 99



Rincon de Maria

“We are bringing the most beautiful parts of Mexico to El Paso.”

“We love what we do. It's not so much about selling jewelry, it's about the people.”



n the heart of downtown, a team of four women, Angelica Ellis, Claudia Villegas, Karla Zuniga and Ingrid Hernandez had a dream to impact the renovation of El Paso by infusing it with art.

or Victor and Pat Vargas, their start in the jewelry business began as a hobby. After a chance encounter in New York City, the couple had an inspired idea that led to the opening

of The Jewelry Box.

Rincon de Maria is located in the Mercado Paisano in downtown. The store offers handmade and authentic art from all over the

For the last ten years, Pat and Victor have been selling unique

nation of Mexico. The shop also features ornate pieces of blown

jewelry from Russia, Poland, Mongolia, Peru, New York, Dallas,

glass, talavera, pewter and much more. They also have included

Florida, Istanbul, Tasco and beyond. What is truly unique about

a famous educational toy line, which teaches children motor skills

The Jewelry Box is the level of personal service and quality product

and a whole line of children's books. A new addition to the store

Pat and Victor provide to every customer.

is a line of clothing from California called Bali Queen; this brand specializes in offering cool, comfortable clothes for the summer

“My favorite part of selling jewelry is combining my background in

heat that are still chic and fashionable.

counseling with jewelry. I love connecting a person with a special piece. It's so rewarding when you see a customer's eye twinkle


when they have found a piece they truly love.”

Mercado Paisano 400 S. Oregon


El Paso, Texas 79901

400 S. Oregon, Suite C-5, El Paso, Texas 79901


915-351-3708 | 915-525-1541 |

100 | S P E C I A L A D V E R T I S I N G


DORNEY SECURITY SYSTEMS "Our goal is to become the name for security and safety in the El Paso region."


hen looking for a locally owned

Dorney prides themselves on understanding

company to secure your home, look

the financial needs of their customers and

no further than Dorney Security

have always sought to offer competitive rates

Systems: providing exceptional service and top-

at a price that anyone can afford.

of-the-line technology since 1984. Founder John Dorney, a retired El Paso Fire Fighter, started

“We are the oldest locally owned and operated

the company with the dream of providing the

security provider, giving back 15 percent of

people of El Paso a high quality security service

our income to the community in an effort to

they could count on. Today, the company has

try and help keep kids off the street and not

been passed down to his son Shane Dorney,

become the type of person our systems are

and for the last two years under his direction

designed to stop. Our community outreach


Dorney has grown by 30 percent.

really sets us apart locally,” said Dorney.

Dorney Security Systems offers El Pasoans

In the last few years, Dorney Security

TX B-05781 ACR-1831165


Systems has experienced great success and





alarms home

with control

immediate systems

isn't done growing.

(turning on/off lights, locks, thermostat from your cell phone), surveillance cameras,

“The future looks bright,” said Dorney. “We

business security systems, commercial fire

are in a rapid growth mode, and by November

alarm systems, phone system integrator

we plan to open a retail store selling security

and they are also a full service IT/Network

supplies like pepper sprays, tasers, cameras,

provider for homes and small businesses.

and more.”


S P E C I A L A D V E R T I S I N G | 101

MIGUEL & SUSAN GUERRA Total Orthotic & Prosthetic Solutions, Inc.


he experts at Total Orthotic & Prosthetic

With two locations, one on the Eastside and

Solutions, Inc. have been providing

Westside of the city, they are in business to

quality prosthetic and orthotic care in

help the people of El Paso. Miguel prides

El Paso for over nine years. Miguel and Susan

himself on being a unique specialist because

Guerra are native El Pasoans who bring the

he both sees his patients and works in the

latest technological advances and personal

lab to personally make the orthotics and

care to each and every customer who comes

prosthetics himself.

into their clinic. Their continuing commitment to excellence ensures that they will be able to

“We believe that a team effort between

provide patients with the latest advances in

ourselves, the physician, the rehabilitation

design and technology. They custom fabricate

therapists and the patient will result in the

every prosthesis and most orthoses at their

best outcome for the patient,” said Miguel.

facility to meet each individual's unique needs and desires. The total recovery and rehabilita-

Total Orthotic and Prosthetic Solutions is proud

tive success of the patient is their goal.

to be a family owned and operated orthotic and prosthetic business. Their practitioners are

“Our patients feel at home here. We take that

all state licensed and board certified. Together

extra step to make our business personal,”

with the care they provide and their one-on-

said Susan.

one patient care, they truly offer a one-of-akind orthotic and prosthetic service.

" We believe that a team effort between ourselves, the physician, the rehabilitation therapists and the patient will result in the best outcome for the patient." TOTAL ORTHOTIC & PROSTHETIC SOLUTIONS, INC. 900 E. Yandell Dr. El Paso, Texas 79902 Phone: (915) 541-8677 Fax: (915) 541-8678 1393 George Dieter Dr., Suite C El Paso, Texas 79936 Phone: (915) 595-0730 Fax: (915) 595-0732

102 | S P E C I A L A D V E R T I S I N G



"Our clients love coming to the gym and with the dramatic results, people are starting to care more about their health.”


ollowing their passion for fitness and

continue to inspire local business owners

wellness, coupled with the ultimate

by characterizing and personifying the roles

goal of building a boutique-style gym

of successful entrepreneurs, in addition to

unlike anything that had been seen in El Paso,

achieving success in their day-to-day goal

Shane and Elizabeth Martinez began working

of motivating their members on their quest

humbly toward bringing their grand vision to

toward better health.

life. “We didn’t go all out and try to borrow

changing people’s perception of El Pasoans

money to start a huge business,” explained

being over-weight and out of shape. Our

Lizzie Martinez, co-owner of New You Gym.

clients love coming to the gym and with the


“We started with 2500 square feet and only 30

dramatic results, people are starting to care

members. We saved our money, and invested

more about their health.”

5020 North Desert Blvd., Ste B

any amount we got back into the gym. Little

El Paso, Texas 79912 913-306-3383

“Our clients are

by little we grew and expanded. Thank God

“Our gym is a private boutique style fitness

we have now moved into a new location off

center with complimentary water, and towel

I-10 with 4 times the amount of space for

service. We have 12 personal trainers to

training, a 24/7 cardio access room, smoothie

attend to anyone’s personal needs and goals.

bar, sports apparel, supplement store and over

Our training style includes body sculpting

300 members!”

with functional training exercises including weights, bands, cardio, boxing and much

Attributing their success and growth to their

more! We invite anyone to join us for a free

unwavering faith in God, Shane and Lizzie

trial session and see what we’re all about!”


S P E C I A L A D V E R T I S I N G | 103



f you are looking for a fresh and unique ex-

the tacos themselves? They are made with

perience to spice up your taco cravings, look

your choice of fresh meat (beef, chicken,

no further than Tacoholics. Jessie Pena and

pork or tofu) “that has never been frozen.”

Carlos Lomeli, owners, are one dynamic duo

Tacoholics also only uses handmade and

that are out to offer organic, high quality tacos

locally sourced corn and flour tortillas. The

and sauces that keep their customers coming

sauces and marinades are made in house and

back for more.

from scratch. This is truly a great product for

"Food is a concept that is tangible, regardless of culture or background it is a real touchable thing that we can all smell, taste and enjoy."

any taco fan. “Food has been a form of family love for me. I grew up with the appreciation of food and


As for the future of Tacoholics?

how it is cultivated, grown and eaten,” said Pena. “We try to make our style of tacos

“A casual cantina concept is in the works. We

appealing to all.”

are also upgrading our catering department and continuing to enhance the onsite cooking

Tacoholics specializes in taquizas or taco

experience. Part of Tacoholics’ vision is to

catering and is a great place for both meat

make a difference in the El Paso community

lovers and vegetarians. Right now Pena and

and we pride ourselves in contributing in

Lomeli have a retail taco shop that is open

every way we can,” said Pena.

7450 Gateway East (Suite B) El Paso, TX. 79915 915-929-2592

Tuesday-Saturday as well as a food truck that offers lunch and dinner to passersby. As for

104 | S P E C I A L A D V E R T I S I N G



August, 2013

Written and photographed by: LUIS MIRANDA, JR.



August, 2013


t’s not too often you ask someone what they do for a living and you get “bolero,”

the Spanish word for a shoe shiner. Shoe shining has been around since the 18th century getting more and more popular over the years. Even in this new modern age the market for shoe shining still exists. Many would think a shoe shiner can’t possibly make it in today’s economy, but





about a man that was able to overcome all odds, and build a career being a “bolero” and making it last over 20 years. Martin Roldan (53) has been in El Paso since 1986. He first started working as a construction worker in downtown El Paso, but after a dangerous accident that endangered Roldan and 16 other men, Roldan knew construction was not the field he wanted to pursue. Roldan had the idea to put a shoe shining bench in San Jacinto Plaza, however City Hall denied permission to place a shoe shining bench there. With no work he decided to leave with only a suitcase to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Roldan started shoe shining in two different bars while he was living in Albuquerque, but decided that working in a bar wasn’t for him. He moved back to El Paso in hopes of sponsibility the worker would

finding a new field of work because his last

have would be to bring in the

wasn’t all what it was

grocery carts. Finding a job that Roldan was already excellent at,

cracked up to be. After trance. He asked the grocery store why the

in a location that could be taken more seri-

applying at a grocery store called “Save N

shoe shining bench was placed in the grocery

ously, was a bit of a dream come true. Roldan

Gain” but was denied again. Feeling defeated,

store. He was told that the store was looking

worked at the Save N Gain for five years until

Roldan was leaving the grocery store when

for a new shoe shiner, that the pay was going

the grocery store eventually closed. In 1991

he spotted a shoe shining bench near the en-

to be 2.50 an hour plus tips, and the only re-

Roldan came across another shoe shining

having no luck in finding work, Roldan tried



bench placed in a

"Being a “bolero” takes skill and

Roldan, he says he

Bank Of The West in

patience. Being the best “bolero”

has no intentions

downtown El Paso.

you can possibly be and putting

on retiring any time


pride in your work is what keeps

soon even though

the customers coming."

he can. He’s doing



the bank about the bench, Roldan was

August, 2013

it for the sport now.

told that the one person he needed to speak

Being a “bolero” takes skill and patience. Be-

with was Jonathan Rogers, a former mayor

ing the best “bolero” you can possibly be and

of El Paso and CEO of the bank. Roldan im-

putting pride in your work is what keeps the

mediately spoke to Rogers and was granted

customers coming, says Roldan.

permission to start shoe shining in the bank. Today, although the bank’s name has changed Roldan has a family of four: a wife, two

to West Star Bank, Roldan continues to shine

daughters, and one son. The family has lived

shoes there. This shoe shiners work is now

in Sunland Park, New Mexico over the past

very well known amongst businessmen in El

17 years. His son Alfonzo Roldan (17), a high

Paso and his reputation precedes him. Charg-

school student at Santa Teresa High School,

ing $6.00 a pair, Roldan tells me he will be

has helped his dad run the shoe shining busi-

shoe shining until he is physically unable to

ness for more than five years. He says it’s

perform the job. Roldan has shined shoes for

not the most glamorous job but the satisfac-

many years now and is now shining in this

tion of helping his dad is well worth it. As for

article as one of El Paso’s hidden treasures.



August, 2013

| By: ANDRÉS RODRÍGUEZ | Photography by: LUIS MIRANDA, JR. |


August, 2013



unny Kwon, owner of Jumpland Trampoline Park, is walking and talking with one of her

35 employees as they prepare for the Eastside park’s first day of business. Minor complications pushed back the opening of the new business, but 30 minutes from opening on July 3, the park

The park, which was designed by Trampoline Unlimited Inc., is the first

is ready, Kwon assures.

indoor trampoline park in El Paso since the 1960s. Kwon noticed a need

The trampoline park is equipped with over 10,000 square feet of trampoline space

for a park of this sort where everyone could have fun while keeping fit, she says. “The bigger cities have one or two (trampoline parks) already that our whole family could enjoy so I thought this is a great concept. That’s why I wanted to see about it.” Jumpland is a product of hard work and investment. It was scheduled for an opening June 29, but delays in construction pushed the date back. Still, Kwon says she received positive feedback from the

which includes sections for open jump, “supreme” jump, kids jump

community. “Everyday a lot of people came to see whether we

and dodgeball, a foam pit and a basketball court. The kids jumping

opened or not,” she said. “I felt so sorry but I had no control...but

area is reserved for children under 42 inches.

now we are open.”

This is Kwon’s, a California entrepreneur, first business in the city. She

Jumpers are required to sign a waiver and watch a safety video. They

says she’s now a full time citizen of El Paso since she moved to pursue

are advised to come in 20 minutes before jump time and are encour-

Jumpland. Kwon says she looks for business inspiration in the things

aged to purchase their tickets online. They are also required to come

she loves. She has been the owner of a sushi restaurant and a frozen

in with active wear.

yogurt store. “If I don’t enjoy it, then I cannot serve,” she says.


August, 2013


Kwon says that the park sticks closely to the rules to ensure everyone’s safety. Each trampoline area is monitored by a jump patrol.

The trampoline is certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials

Angie Betancourt visited the park with her young children. She said it’s a nice alternative form of entertainment that lets the kids be active. “It’s really fun for everybody I think, the kids and adults. I like it because it’s a lot more, well, it’s more activities here in El Paso. It’s a healthier

“We consider safety a serious matter. All of our employees were

environment,” she said.

trained by the trampoline company (Trampoline Unlimited) and also trained by us...They are pretty well trained.”

Jumpland is located at 1691 N. Zaragoza Dr. Prices are $12 for one-hour jump, $6 for children under 42 inches. Additional hours

Kwon plans on opening a second location on the Westside soon. “I

are $7. Party packages are available. During the summer, the park

think El Paso can support at least two parks like this,” she said.

is open Sunday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday

“We were looking for a location, so far we couldn’t find the right

and Saturday from 10 a.m. to midnight.

one yet, and because of this construction last phase we stopped looking...that’s our next project.”

For more information, visit

Alejandro Sanchez visited the park over the weekend with a friend. He says he especially enjoyed the free jump section. “Usually, when I was little, we used to play with trampolines but they were too small. Over here they have all this variety to play with to just jump around and have fun,” he said.


August, 2013




creasing public understanding

f you’ve ever been to New York or Hollywood, you may be familiar with streets filled

|| By: By: daniEl daniEl bEll bEll ||

with self-proclaimed fashionistas strutting their personality through their unique style. Turn towards El Paso and you will see one local organization that is making it their mission to foster that fashion spirit here at home. El Paso Designs is a group of designers cre-

and appreciation of the El Paso fashion arts. Founder Gracie Cain says, “There are many designers in the El Paso industry that El Pasoans have no idea about. I have met many of them throughout the years and I felt the need to produce an all day event to showcase the beauty of all their work!”

ating everything from women’s and men’s wear to jewelry and accessories. Recognizing the great talent and passion of some El Pasoans

As part of their efforts to increase the visibility and appreciation of El

for fashion design, El Paso Designs serves to support, grow and raise

Paso fashion designs, El Paso Designs is hosting a fashion showcase

fashion design as a prominent part of the borderland arts and culture.

focusing on the creations of local El Paso designers. Kid designers, young designers, T-Shirt designers and professional designers will all

Founded in 2012 by local El Pasoan Gracie Cain, El Paso Designs

have a chance to display their work and talent at this event which

combines a love for our Sun City and for fashion by promoting and in-

will also have over 40 booths and exhibitors for your entertainment.


Join this unique event on Saturday, August 10, 2013 at the Camino Real Hotel. Tickets are $10 for general admission and $20 for VIP tickets and can be purchased at Hommework boutique located at 2603 N. Stanton. el Paso designs Fashion showcase SATURDAY, AUGUST 10TH, 2013 General Admission $10, VIP $20 Purchase tickets at: Hommework 2603 N. Stanton (915) 219-9041

| By: Bob Nitzburg | Picture a polite, mild-mannered, soft-spoken 24-yearold young man. What proud parent wouldn’t want to have his son described that way. Twenty-four-yearold Jamie Dick is all of the above, but still manages to race, door handle to door handle at close to 200 miles an hour, on the NASCAR Nationwide Tour. Twelve years ago he got his first go-cart and the rest is history. If you’re a racing fan and watch the Nationwide tour on Saturday afternoon’s, you’ve probably noticed the word “Viva” plastered all over the number 55 Chevy. That’s “Viva” motors, one of the biggest automotive dealerships in El Paso. But don’t think this is just some rich kid getting a NASCAR ride because of his dad. He’s spent half his life 116


August, 2013

Jamie with his father Jimmy Dick

working his way up the ladder the hard way. He started racing on dirt ovals around the

I realized that all I

Southwest, and because of his suc-

really wanted to do

cess, more prestigious racing

was drive race cars

Jamie’s team has only 12 members compared to some of the veteran teams that can have as many as 30. The 24-year-old has had his moments…he finished 12 at Talladega and looks to improve every week. He’s just

series naturally followed. By 2009, he was rac-

pretty good, but I didn’t realize I could do it as

moved to China Grove, North Carolina (just

ing in the NASCAR

more than just a hobby until pretty recently

outside Charlotte) so he can be closer to his

when I was finished up school.”

team, their shop, and where the action is.



Truck Series, and years

While all this racing was going on, Jamie

Like most kids, Jamie got his driver’s license at

later he was in

found the time to get bachelor’s and master’s

age 16…his daily driver back then was a Ford

the NASCAR Na-

degrees in business from the University of

F-150. When I arrived at Viva Ford to talk to the

tionwide Series.

Denver. So what does a young adult in his

young NASCAR driver, I noticed a vintage white

early 20’s do with an MBA in his pocket? “I

and blue Ford AC Cobra in the showroom. This

Jamie said, “It was

realized that all I really wanted to do was drive

was the sports car that put the legendary Car-

a big jump to the

race cars.”

roll Shelby on the map in the 1960’s. Back in



the day, every kid, including yours truly, want-

trucks, driving 170 after going just 70

Jamie has had his scary moments in the

ed to drive that car... and drive it fast. Jamie

on quarter mile dirt

number 55 Chevy. Last year at Michigan

told us, ”I got to drive that AC Cobra for a few

track ovals.” I was

International Speedway he hit the wall and

weeks, but I didn’t drive it very long because it

curious as to how

the car caught on fire. “You know when

was probably too fast for a 16 year old.”

long it took before

you’re about to wreck it’s gonna hurt, and




the other kids. “When I was 14 or 15 I knew I was

it does hurt. If you’re lucky, a few days later

Who knew that less than a decade later, he’d

you’re ok.”

be driving at over 200 miles an hour, and getting paid to do it! 117

August, 2013






hey say that beauty is only skin deep, but how deep are we really looking? Beauty comes in many forms. There

is no clear cut definition or picture of beauty because there are many cultures that perceive beauty differently than we do. So how can we really say what is beautiful and what is not? I believe that we must first find the beauty within ourselves before we can define the beauty in someone else. As a trainer, I found that clients wished to reach a result based on what they thought was beautiful. They may have seen a fitness model or movie star in a magazine and decided that they wanted to achieve similar results. Now I am all for self-improvement, but you shouldn’t try to be someone else. I believe more in the health aspects of fitness. I tell my clients that looking good is just a result of living a healthy lifestyle. Living healthy is the ultimate goal. When discussing beauty, you have to consider many factors. Diet and exercise are a big part, but you have to include the mental and spiritual factors as well. Many people tend to focus the majority of their efforts on their

Being strong in spirit requires the same com-

physical strength and appearance and they

mitment. I know that not everyone shares

neglect their mental and spiritual well-being.

the same beliefs when it comes to spiritual-

When in reality, your true strength comes

ity. So in order to accommodate everyone I

from the mind and spirit. With a strong mind

will say that you just have to believe in some-

and spirit, your physical strength and appear-

thing greater than yourself. You have to be-

ance will improve.

lieve that the universe is greater than any one individual. Take the time to step outside of

So how do we get a strong mind? Is it by

your busy life and appreciate the beauty that

reading? Is it by learning in a classroom? No.

is all around us. When you can do that, then

Becoming mentally strong begins with you.

you can find a peace in your heart that will

Before you can achieve any goal, whether it’s

guide you through your journey.

fitness, business, relationship, or personal, you have to decide that you really want it.

Being of strong mind and spirit will help you

You have to believe that you can achieve it be-

more than being physically strong. When you

cause you deserve it. You have to know and

have a rough day at work, you may hit the

understand that you will encounter obstacles

gym to relieve stress, but are your biceps re-

that may keep you from attaining that goal,

ally there for you? If you lose someone spe-

but you must stay resolute and stick to it.

cial, does having tight glutes really take the pain away? Of course not. The same is true


August, 2013

when trying to define beauty. Your physical appear-

mental and spiritual beauty, they may or may not be.

ance is probably only 25% of your total beauty. Be-

So what I challenge you to do is to not only try

ing confident in yourself and having a peace about

to be physically beautiful, but mentally and spiritu-

you is what makes you beautiful.

ally beautiful as well. You know what to do for the physical part: eat right, exercise, get enough rest,


These are the characteristics that really matter as

stay away from drugs and alcohol, etc. But you

we interact with others. You may have a phenom-

also have to manage your stress, your marriage,

enal physique but you still may suffer from low self-

spend time with your children, do your best at

esteem. You may be beautiful by society’s stand-

work, help those in need, and above all, give thanks

ards, but you may treat others poorly. So are you

for what you have. When you can find your mental

really beautiful? What about those who are over-

and spiritual beauty, then everyone else will find

weight? Are they not beautiful? Depending on their

your physical beauty.

August, 2013



By FEliPa solis

The summer movie season can seem endless, provide much needed air conditioning during this extremely hot el Paso Summer, and cost parents quite a bit of cash at the concession stand. Some movies have been fun like ironman 3 and the new Star Trek installment, while others like After earth collapsed at the box office in spite of all of the hype and investments by hollywood studios. With that in mind, here is a look at two movies, one for the adults and one for the kids. The adult film was my favorite so far this year... the kid flick left me a little, well, realizing that "merchandizing" is everything when it comes to bring the young patrons into crowded theaters.

World War Z I love Zombies. I remember the first Zombie film I watched while living in Los Angeles as a kid, called “I Walk with a Zombie,” starring John Carradine, the very classically trained actor/father of the late David and Keith Carradine. There was a television show called “Chiller,” on Saturday afternoons, where all “B” horror movies were shown. I never missed one, and although I probably lost a week of sleep because of the zombie action, I clearly never forgot it. Let’s skip a couple of generations to a film director named George Romero. He brought 122

the Zombie back to life in the 1970’s and the

Here is the odd premise… Brad is a former

“undead” were slow, meticulous and hungry

U.N. operative who becomes a stay at home

with an ax to grind. You had to be cunning and

dad who makes pancakes. He has grown his

daring to escape their wrath. What is their

hair out, and loves his existence of picking

wrath? Not quite sure, but their attack was

up his kids, until Philadelphia explodes, and

always impressive.

it does!

Films like “Shaun of the Dead,” and even the

It is time now for Zombie Apocalypse. Why

goofy “Zombieland,” make one enjoy their

now? Well, why not? It is rush hour, and only

odd existence. So this begs the question,

the strong and the quick survive. You see,

“Why would Brad Pitt want to do a Zombie

back in the day, the Zombie was slow, and

film?” Well clearly, it will sell, and if he trav-

meticulous. Remember of course, he was

els all over the world on every red carpet, it’s

the “undead,” so he or she, (there is no gen-

a guarantee. It has, and strangely enough, it

der bias amongst Zombies), slowly went after

totally delivers.

their prey, giving the film stars enough time


August, 2013 to steal a kiss or sneak behind a door or building. These guys in this film are swift. They run and race and there is no escaping them, unless of course, you are Brad Pitt. So, how is he qualified to lead the charge to end this epidemic? He’s not, he just does, and it is actually why it works. There is no thought behind this, just eliminating Zombies at their worst. I pushed the Twizzlers away for obvious reasons. The script was written by Max Brooks, who at this point, is better known as the son of

instead, works on an interesting script that

I have to say it...Brad Pitt, although he pro-

genius Mel Brooks and his

travels the globe in search for the clues that

duced the film, does not take himself seri-

fabulous mother, the late

lead to Zombie destruction. There is a most

ously in this one. He is working towards

actress Anne Bancroft.

interesting scene that takes down the walls

global consciousness, all the while ridding

Definite kudos to the Di-

of Jerusalem. Spoiler alert… There is a hor-

the world of a few nasty Zombies. One of

rector, Marc Forster, who

ribly bloody scene at the end, but survival is

the better films this summer. Brad has built a

the key, and it happens… enough said.

better Summer Blockbuster. Who Knew?

actually keeps the blood and guts at bay, but

Barnett BMW Motorcycles of El Paso 8229 BURNHAM RD EL PASO, TX 79907-1524 915-592-6599

August, 2013

Monsters are good people. YES THEY ARE!

Monsters University Monsters are good people. Yes they are! Pixar established that concept a couple of summer's ago with the highly successful Monsters Inc. It was hip to be green or purple or bright orange, scare the living daylights out of someone, but then learn a lesson about friendship and respect. Who are we kidding? This was a fabulous way to lure young children in the theater and fill their heads with cuteness, a mini lesson and lots of animated color, not to mention they will leave the movie theater in search for the cute doll that goes with the film. The voices of John Goodman and Billy Crystal also help parents laugh along with their little ones. Success breeds success in Hollywood, so whenever there is a "score" at the box office, rest assured that there will be a sequel, or the highly popular, "prequel," where we learn what happened "before the story." Let me introduce you to "Monster's University," Pixar's latest box office bonanza that actually kept Brad Pitt and his Zombie friends from the Number One spot. This is indeed a prequel where young Sulley and Mike actually meet at Monster's University, belong to a "Revenge of the

Nerds" type Fraternity called "Oozma Kappa," and then work to participate with other Monsters (not all good ones) in a type of "Scare Games." Lessons are learned here for young children about playing well with others, and how terrifying young children just because you are a monster, simply is not cool. Let us cut to the chase, shall we? This is indeed Pixar, which means incredible graphic designs, extraordinary characters, and visual stimulation to the tenth power. Parents (or the adult set) will be mesmerized by all of the colors, whereby, dare I say, "cartoons" never looked like that when we were kids. Rest assured, I am not being cynical here but with all of the bold monster colors, this University was more like "Animal House" meets Starburst Fruit Chews. The end result was box office heat in week one, and merchandise sales that clearly flew through the roof; that is the summer end game and these films proved that point. Bottom line is the kids have fun, fall in love with a few more characters, and we all wait for the next best thing to buy.





t a slender 5’2”, Alana Krafsur is small for a ballet dancer. If you ask someone who watches a lot of ballet, they’re likely to have strong opinions on the merits of taller versus

shorter ballerinas. Admittedly, I’m not one of those people, so all I’ve gathered is that the 17-year-old Krafsur has danced larger than her slight frame; she certainly dreams larger. Accomplished, ambitious, and supremely talented, she’s been traveling the country--and now, beyond—in pursuit of her singular passion. When I called Krafsur two weeks ago, she

in the Vaganova technique. You can read my

was in New York City preparing for Moscow,

conversation with her below—she’s articulate

where she’ll spend six weeks training with

and confident in a way that belies her age, and

the famed Bolshoi Academy while being im-

she’s not shy to correct my botched pronun-

mersed in the culture of her Russian heritage.

ciation of Vaganova (it’s va-GAH-no-va!).

The program is prestigious: She won one of 15 scholarships set up by the National Secu-

rh: So you’re 17 now, you’ve already spent

rity Language Initiative for Youth (NSLIY) pro-

a summer in New York City and now this

gram, funded by the U.S. State Department

one you’ll spend in Moscow. Are you getting

in coordination with the Russian American

used to being out on your own?

Foundation (RAF). A junior at El Paso High School, Krafsur dances at Olga’s Russian Bal-

ak: I’ve gone to a lot of summer intensive

let Academy of El Paso, where they specialize

[training programs] before and last year being

L ocal A rtist S potlight

in New York for six weeks really prepared me well for this sort of thing. This year is going to be the opportunity of a lifetime though. I’m so grateful to the U.S. State Department, the Russian American Foundation, and the NSLIY for making this all happen. RH: What’s been the best, most memorable experience you’ve had traveling so far? AK: I’d say last year at the Bolshoi Academy in New York. Mostly because I had never been to New York before and meeting the teachers at the actual Bolshoi and learning from them was incredible. And I went to a lot of ballets and Broadway shows. RH: Do ballet dancers warm to each other pretty quickly? Is it hyper-competitive from the start or is it all about the inside jokes? AK: So many inside jokes [laughs]. It kind of depends on the teachers and the kind of program. I will say that at the Bolshoi, the instructors didn’t speak English very well and would always say things that either we couldn’t understand or with the wrong connotation and we could never stop giggling about it. RH: [Laughs] How is your Russian so far?

"Going to these summer intensives has really made me want to dance more and more and it’s given me such great confidence."

AK: I’m barely starting off and pretty much all of us are at the basic level. In New York, we’re

RH: It was your older sister who first moti-

having a couple of Russian classes a week to

vated you, right?

prepare us for that. AK: Yeah, we did everything together. She reRH: You started dancing ballet when you

ally begged me to start ballet and I’m so glad

were four years old. When did you realize that

she did.

you were going to be good at this…that this was going to be your thing?

RH: Vaganova is your dance style of choice, if I’m not mistaken. How is it different from

AK: It was probably when I went to my first


summer intensive. Doing this in El Paso is one


thing but when you go out and start learning

AK: It’s more focused on every single detail,

from different kinds of teachers and meeting

every single movement, even down to the fin-

new kinds of people, that’s when you know.

gers. It’s very technical. Other styles of dance

So, yeah that was when I was twelve.

can be technical as well but with the Vaganova

August, 2013


it’s the main focus. They teach it that way at Olga’s [Russian Ballet School] here in El Paso. I prefer that technique, I love it. RH: Were you ever attracted to other forms of dance outside ballet? AK: None of the studios I’ve danced at taught anything but ballet, though I’ve taken jazz before. I’ve done character dancing, which is a Spanish form, and that really helped me with what I do in ballet. RH: How old were you when you got your first pair of pointe shoes? AK: Eleven, I think? I know I really wanted pointe shoes so I got those and ran around the house with them on before I could even go en pointe. [Laughs] I started taking class and going en pointe when I was 12. RH: So have you been hurt at all since then? AK: Oh yes. I hurt my hip early on and I had to almost constantly see a chiropractor. And pointe shoes are definitely rough on your feet. I had to change to a different type of toe pad once; it turned out to be too thin and I had a toenail come completely off. RH: Something I’m curious about is what kind of music do you put on when you’re dancing by yourself? Is it something you play around with? AK: I usually do a combination of traditional and whatever I feel like. I’ll dig out a lot of classical ballet songs, but I’ll dance to pop. Especially if it’s instrumental. I’ve taken classes in the past where we would dance to a lot of instrumental pop to get a break from the old stuff. RH: What is your diet like during a summer intensive program like the one you’re about to undergo?



August, 2013

AK: I try to stick to a little bit of protein, sal-

RH: Who is the dancer you most look up to

[laughs]. I think the whole foot injuries thing

ads, fruit. Sometimes I’ll just have yogurt in

and model your performance style after?

and the anxiety over foot injuries was spot on. I think from my perspective the drama is

the morning. But I do try to eat big portions of things especially right now since I’m dancing

AK: I absolutely admire Misty Copeland. You

a bit over the top. I think if you were to take

so much; it takes so much energy out of me.

know she’s a shorter dancer, like me. She’s a

one eighth of the drama I think you’d have

I definitely need those big meals.

true inspiration to me because ballet is most-

something that’s close to a realistic portrayal

ly a tall girl’s medium and she’s an example of

of ballet.

RH: You have one more year of high school

how shorter dancers can make it. RH: What do you feel when you nail a perfor-

left, but do you have long-term plans? RH: As I mentioned, my exposure to ballet

mance on stage in front of an audience?

AK: I definitely want to keep dancing and

has been very limited--I’m afraid I’m just your

take this further. Going to these summer in-

typical ignorant American bro here--so much

AK: It’s great--it’s liberating, really. You work

tensives has really made me want to dance

of my perception of ballet has been shaped

so hard and so long in rehearsals and that

more and more and it’s given me such great

by Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan...

one moment on stage when you land it is so worth all of that.

confidence. I would hope to continue on with this through college.

AK: [emits a knowing laugh] RH: On stage in those moments, are you al-

RH: What’s the best ballet you’ve seen? Or

RH: I’ll ask the dumb question here:

ways fully conscious of what’s happening or

been in?

What did that movie get right and what did

is there the chance of blacking out for sec-

it get wrong?

onds at a time?

AK: Well first of all, that’s a dramatic movie

AK: Oh, I’d say my focus stays strong always.

AK: The Le Corsaire I saw at American Ballet Theatre in New York last year was amaaazing.

August, 2013



| By Felipa Solis |

he 2013-2014 Season of El Paso Pro-Musica promises to take the organization to an all-new level when it comes to classical music. Expect concerts to be "out of the box" amazing with some of the greatest artists in the world, not only making their way to the region to perform in concert, but to educate and enlighten students throughout the region with area school outreach. The season begins on October 15 with a special EPPM 100 - Event fundraiser featuring world-renowned cellist and EPPM Artistic Director Zuill Bailey, alongside pianist Navah Perlman in an unforgettable concert. They are described as the two most admired “Artists of their Generation”. They will also perform in a regular season concert on October 16, in Las Cruces. Locations are yet to be announced so stay tuned. Mark your calendars for October 30 for the all-new Juilliard String Quartet. The legendary Chamber Music Ensemble is best known for playing new works like established masterpieces, and established masterpieces as if they were new. Cellist Joel Krosnick was Zuill Bailey's professor at the Juilliard School and returns for this once in a lifetime event. The El Paso Pro-Musica Chamber Music Festival is set for January 9 through February 4, 2014. The Festival features the finest musical artists in the world including amazing guitarist David Leisner and the Rubens String Quartet, young international sensations combining the old with the new. Rob Kapilow returns in a special educational event based on his NPR program, "What Makes it Great." This "thrill ride," takes the listener to the core of the music, whereby you walk away, "getting" what Beethoven, Bach, Brahms and other great composers were trying to say. It is a very special way of appreciating classical music and making it accessible to all. The Chamber Music Festival will also include the annual memorable collaboration with the El Paso Symphony Orchestra, and the show-stopping pianist Piers Lane, who will perform the hauntingly romantic Complete Chopin Nocturnes. And don’t forget the free "Bach's Lunch" each Thursday presented by the El Paso Museum of Art at the United Bank of El Paso Del Norte, the Classic Film Series and Café Concerts, or "Art Attacks," throughout the region. Be prepared, as you never know where an "Art Attack," will strike!

The rest of the main season will include Principal Cellist from the New York Philharmonic Carter Brey, special surprise guests for the spring and special events abound. The bottom line for El Paso Pro-Musica is education, and all the artists visit schools, hospitals and senior centers throughout the region to insure that everyone is exposed and learns more about the music. Special Ticket prices are available now, so take advantage of the special rates by calling the El Paso Pro-Musica office at 915-833-9400 or go online for tickets and more information about the amazing season at

You can also get on board as a member of the El Paso Pro-Musica Guild, a tremendous team of volunteers who create special success and fabulous events. Join online today!

August, 2013

The City Agenda August, 2013




R.G.T Live! Open Mic 2

Singers and songwriters of all ages are encouraged to come out to the RGT Live! Open Mic night from 6:30 to 10 p.m. at the Rio Grande Theatre in downtown Las Cruces. Acoustic musicians, singers and songwriters will compete to be part of the showcase that proves Las Cruces has talent.


Brave at UTEP’s Glory Field Movies on the Lawn The University of Texas at El Paso is hosting a Saturday movie night for the summer months. Admission is free, but the university will also be offering a $5 combo deal complete with a hot dog, small soda and popcorn. For info: 747-5711 or moviesonthelawn


Championship Dirt Motorsports Super Late Models Southern Series Stock Car Racing

Come out and enjoy an exciting evening showcasing different varieties of late model vehicles. Gates open at 5:30 p.m. with the event beginning at 7:45 p.m. Tickets are $12 with discounts available to students, Military, Seniors. Info: 791-8749 or

Must see 3


AUG. 2-25

3 AUG. 3-10

‘Viva El Paso!’ The summertime pageant returns to McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater, 1500 McKelligon Drive, for its 36th season Fridays and Saturdays. The outdoor musical extravaganza highlights the four major cultures of the region: Native American, Spanish Conquistadors, Mexican and Western American. Show times and tickets TBA. Info:

El Paso Diablos Baseball The American Association minor league team’s regular home game time is 7:05 p.m. (Sundays at 6:05 p.m.) at Cohen Stadium in Northeast El Paso. Info: 755-2000 or Aug. 2-4: Grand Prairie Air Hogs Aug. 8-10: Amarillo Sox Aug. 13-15: Laredo Lemurs Aug 20-22: Lincoln Saltdogs Aug. 23-25: Sioux City Explorers


AUG. 3-4

Bug Awareness Weekend The El Paso Zoo will be hosting Bug Awareness Weekend from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Come and learn about the bugs of the world and sample some tasty bug treats. Info: 521-1850 or Event-Calendar.php



Music on the Patio AUG. 3-SEPT. 27

Alfresco! Fridays

The 11th Season of free outdoor concerts is at 6 p.m. at Arts Festival Plaza in downtown El Paso. Info: 534-0665 or Aug. 3: Windy City- Tribute to Chicago Aug. 10: La Guira-Bachata Aug. 17: Reilkia – Spanish Rock/ Baladas 134

La Vina Winery is hosting ‘Music on the Patio,’ an event featuring live music from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The event is free so bring a picnic and enjoy an afternoon of all your favorite songs.


August, 2013

1-29 AUG.

Cool Canyon Nights August 1st: Matt Hires August 8th: Brown Betty

Enjoy Cool Canyon Nights of live music at the McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater from 6:15 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday nights throughout the summer. Admission is free.

August 15th: Ribo Flavin’ August 22nd: Team Havana August 29th: Fungi Mungle

For info:

Must see


AUG. 16-OCT. 19

Movies in the Canyos Through the fall months, the Rudolph Dealerships will be coming together to present Movies in the Canyon at the McKelligon Canyon Amphitheatre. Movies will commence at 8:30 p.m., admission is free.

Aug. 16: The Hunger Games AUG.

Plaza Classic Film Festival The El Paso Community Foundation presents: Plaza Classic Film Festival at the Plaza Theatre. Enjoy screening, talks, events and more. Tickets vary in price and go on sale July 1st.

Aug. 17: Madagascar 3 Aug. 23: The Lorax Aug. 24: The Dark Knight Rises Aug. 30: Annie Aug. 31: Despicable Me

Must see JULY 14-AUG. 11

Music Under the Stars The 30th summer concert series features local and international performers from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Sundays at the Chamizal National Memorial amphitheater, 800 S. San Marcial. Admission is free. Info: 541-4481 or August 4- Rosco Bandana- Americana Roots (Gulfport, Mississippi) August 11- Los Arrieros- Mariachi (El Paso, Texas)



Mission Trail Art Market Experience culture at the Mission Trail Art Market at San Elizario Historic District from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Shop for delicate pottery, vibrant jewelry, timeless home accents, or seasonal decorations. There will also be unique paintings, sculptures and photography. Sweet and savory treats will also be offered. Admission is free. Info: 851-0093 or


31 AUG.

Trader’ Market The Old Fort Bliss replica will host Traders’ Market from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Fridays through September. Info: 568-4518 or oldfortbliss/

The View offers a newly revitalized menu, ensuring phenomenal bursts of avor coupled with stunning views of the Sun City. Stop by and see for yourself why we call it the “Terrace in the Sky”. 136

4201 Camelot Heights | El Paso, TX 79912 | | (915) 351-2660



I am the proud Mom of three adorable four-legged boys.

Benji, the eldest, is smart though at times

grumpy. Buddy, the middle child, craves attention and hates to be left alone. Beau, the baby, is talkative and wonderfully clumsy. Knowing your pet’s astrological sign might help you in understanding them, or in picking out a new furry friend in the future. Aries is the leader of the pack, very active

Leo is the king of the pack and they love to

Sagittarius is the traveler and loves to be out

and loves attention. Constantly on the go and

be admired, petted and praised. They love a

in the neighborhood. They like lots of rooms for

loves to be walked and play tug of war. They

sunny spot in the house with a plush bed and

lots of freedom - don’t tie them to the home.

are balls of fire and always on the move. Toys

are very loyal to the owner and never leave

They are entertaining and love to go for runs.

and games suit them.

them out of the fun. Capricorn is the most likely to be a digger.

Taurus needs to be loved, feel secure and in

Virgo needs routine; it is not advisable to

They also love routine and their toys should

control. This animal can be very obedient and

change their walk times or feeding times.

always be put where they need to be. They

protective. Don’t take away their toys, as this

They do great in training and are very clean.

know when something is wrong and are very

will drive them crazy! Likes a daily routine.

Heaven help you if they are dirty. They can


easily become ill; watch for stomach issues. Aquarius is an unusual, strange pet that

Gemini is the talker of the pack. They are very vocal and will bark at anything. They do

Libra is the prettiest pet, is charming and loves

doesn’t care for a routine. They also don’t

not make good lap dogs because they are

to be adored. At times they can be lazy and

care to cuddle or be controlled. They like their

constantly on the go and would prefer to run

want you to do things for them. They don’t like

freedom and dislike collars and fences. They

around the house or yard.

being smothered so give them their space.

are very vocal and love to bark.

Cancer pets love the home and are not the

Scorpio loves to play cat and mouse and is a

Pisces is the most caring and kindest of pets.

best outdoor animal. Great with babies and

very intense pet. They don’t like obedience

They are very sensitive to your feelings also.

children they are perfect for a family. They

school and will retaliate. Needs a calm and

They love soothing music but have sensitive

will follow you room to room and enjoy

quiet house to sooth this Tasmanian pet.

ears and feet. They typically do not care for

sweet treats!

the outside world.


INVESTING WITH A LONG-TERM FOCUS It’s easy to follow a long-term investment strategy in good times; the hard part is sticking with it during bad times. What should you do if you are a long-term investor sitting in the midst of a bear market? If you are holding a well-diversified portfolio, the answer is rather straightforward: stay the course.


olatile markets can cause investors to abandon their long-term goals for risky

short-term investment strategies. Office (915) 598-8885 Fax (9150 598-6116 416 N. Stanton, Ste. 420, El Paso, Texas 79901

Volatility can range from a singleday market crash to extended periods of jagged performance. The market has undergone cycles with high and low annual returns

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. For illustrative purposes only. The content in this piece provided to Princor applies exclusively to the Ibbotson portfolios. Source: Stocks—Standard & Poor’s 500(R), which is an unmanaged group of securities and considered to be representative of the stock market in general. This is for illustrative purposes only and not indicative of any investment. An investment cannot be made directly in an index. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Returns and principal invested in stocks are not guaranteed.

from 38% (1995) to −37% (2008) over the past 50 years. It can be tough to stay the course in the face of such fluctuations. The graph illustrates annual stock market performance since 1963. The bull market from 1991 to 1999 lasted the longest, with an average annual return of 21%. In contrast, a majority of the downturns shown

Consequently, the sooner an individual imple-

in the image have lasted for shorter periods of

ments an investment plan, the better. By con-

time. Despite the ups and downs over the years,

tributing early and as often as possible to such

the stock market generated a compound annual

a plan, an investor’s money compounds over

return of 9.8% over this historical time period.

time. Compounding is the ability of an asset to generate earnings from previous earnings,

It goes without saying that the market will head

which serves to accelerate the growth of your

south at times, but history shows that despite

assets as time moves on.

this, the market’s long-term trend is upward.


August, 2013

A disciplined investment approach is still the best strategy for handling market downturns. This includes maintaining a welldiversified portfolio and using dollarcost averaging, instead of lump-sum purchases, to ease into new investments. Dollar-cost averaging involves the purchase of securities, usually mutual funds, in fixed dollar amounts at regular intervals. This strategy is maintained no matter what direction the market is moving. Finally, staying focused on a long-term investment plan may enable you to participate in recoveries. Overall, the stock market has exhibited positive performance in the past, but be prepared for periods of underperformance. The fact is no one can predict market declines with any type of certainty. As a result, a portfolio consisting of both stocks and bonds can serve as a good strategy for short-term diversification. On the contrary, investors who have a larger appetite for risk may want to consider long-term investments in stocks. With a disciplined approach to investing, one may be able to take advantage of market rebounds and may enjoy superior returns in the long run. Don’t be sidelined by market expansions and contractions.

Ë?2013 Morningstar Associates, LLC. All rights reserved. Morningstar Associates, LLC is a registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc. The information, data, analyses, and opinions stated herein are for informational purposes only and are not a recommendation to buy or sell a specific security, are as of the date published and are subject to change without notice. Morningstar Associates obtains data from sources it deems reliable; however, Morningstar Associates cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the data.


“is man's

Lights, Camera, Action

will be music to your business' ears” - D/S


(915) 694-8863





August, 2013

EYELID SURGERY PROCEDURE Puffy eyelids can be one of the most commoncosmetic problems that can literally ruin the beauty of your face | By MARCO A. GONZALEZ, M.D |

MARCO A. GONZALEZ, M.D. 5407 N. Mesa El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 845-3223 (FACE)

If you have noticed signs of exhaustion, age,

is lifted and reattached for a smoother, more

and dark bags appearing around your eyes,

refreshed look. Upper eyelid surgery can also

you may be an excellent candidate for eyelid

help improve vision for those with drooping skin

surgery. Medically referred to as blepharoplasty,

that is affecting your ability to see. Incisions

eyelid surgery is designed to correct drooping

for the procedure are made in the crease of

upper eyelids and puffy, undereye bags, giving

the upper eyelid, so residual scarring should

the face a more youthful, refreshed aesthetic.

be barely visible. A local anesthetic or general

Dr. Marco A. Gonzalez can perform effective

anesthetic can be used for upper eyelid surgery.

eyelid surgery with long-lasting, natural-looking

The procedure is generally performed as an

results. Dr. Gonzalez can reduce the typical

outpatient and takes from one to two hours

signs of aging and stress for a more youthful,

to complete.

refreshed appearance. Lower eyelid surgery

Depending on your own personal needs, blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both.

Dr. Marco A. Gonzalez, at Plastic Surgery Envy Aesthetic Center, is highly trained and

is mainly performed to reduce the appearance of bagginess under the eyes. A small incision is made under the lower eyelashes and excess skin, fat, and muscle are removed. The remaining skin is reshaped into a smoother and

Upper eyelid surgery typically involves the removal of excess skin that is affecting your vision and/or giving you a tired, haggard appearance. The remaining skin

firmer appearance. This procedure is typically completed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis, and takes from one to three hours to complete.

skilled in methods which can dramatically improve the appearance of a scar and minimize its visibility. ACTUAL PATIENT of Dr. MARCO A. GONZALEZ (UPPER & LOWER BLEPHAROPLASTY)




The City Magazine JULY Issue Launch Party at TABLA RESTAURANT | Photographed by JUNIOR MIRANDA








August, 2013

The Italian Kitchen West 450 Thorn Ave. | 915.842.0775 The Italian Kitchen West uses the finest homemade, gourmet ingredients to make your dining experience a real pleasure. Chicken Marsala, a local favorite for many years, is one of the finest Italian chicken dishes on our menu! It’s a real southwest food flavor fusion of Mexican-style green chile chicken wrapped in our world-famous pasta and topped with gourmet cheese. Of course never forget our signature dish, Meat Lasagna, a true blue ribbon dish of the Italian Kitchen for many years. The Italian Kitchen West caters large or small events and offers a private party room.

The Rib Hut 2612 N. Mesa | 915.532.7427 Famed for its slow-cooked, mouth-watering barbeque. Try the big, beefy ribs or baby-backed, mesquite-smoked pork ribs. The brisket is always lean, smoked, and thinly sliced. The sausage is spiced perfectly and always juicy. The chicken fried steak is the best in the south west. Rib Hut also offers a tempting selection of steaks deliciously grilled to your liking, as well as the half-pound Angus steak burger, which is served with your choices of toppings and ice cold beer. The atmosphere is relaxing and the staff is friendly. The Rib Hut can cater any size party or event. Come see why Rib Hut has been El Paso’s favorite.

ITALIANS 5380 N. Mesa St. Suite 110 | 915.400.4550


Italians offers authentic cuisine with a friendly and elegant environment for all occasions. We offer a delicious lunch menu ranging from $7-10. Enjoy Pasta al Pesto Italian pasta with a botanical blend of basilico, garlic,olive oil and pine nuts sauce all paired with $4 pours of house wine every day during lunch. Dinner offers the romantic setting for a perfect night out with that special someone. Chef Keeley’s masterful creations and beautiful presentation will certainly impress your pallet. Made fresh every day, nothing canned, Italians is the experience. Italians does it fresher!


THECITY Magazine El Paso • August 2013  
THECITY Magazine El Paso • August 2013