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Everglades defies bombers

The Everglades Hotel in Derry defied those behind the firebomb attack on the premises on Friday by re-opening fo rbusiness on Saturday.

The foyer of the hotel was badly damaged after a masked man left a device in around 11 p.m. on Thursday night. The device exploded some hours later causing fire and smoke damage to the foyer area of the hotel. However, no one was hurt as the staff had succeeded in evacuating all the guests including 15 people in the city for the funeral of a relative. Following the blast the Hast-

ings Group who own the hotel vowed that it would be business as usual for th ehotel as soon as possible. Repair crews worked all night on Friday night to ensure that th ehotel was ready to open its doors again on Saturday just in time to receive a party of fifty from the US who were due to arrive on Saturday afternoon. Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness also paid a visit to th ehotel on Saturday to

show’solidarity’ with staff. Condeming the bombers Mr. McGuinness said that the people of Derry will not be held back by those living in the past. Martin McGuinness said: “I’m relieved that no one was killed or injured in this attack and I extend my thanks to everyone who helped to safely evacuate people from the hotel. “I condemn unreservedly this fire bomb attack on the Everglades.

“Derry is a place looking to the future and those promoting and building the changing city will not be held back by those living in the past. “Those behind this attack have nothing to offer and should end their futile actions now.” The Mayor of Derry , Cllr Martin Reilly also condemned the fire bomb attack on the Everglades Hotel describing it as an attack on the entire community. “On a night when our city was

winning awards for the performance in the tourism sector we are reminded that there is a small minority who are intent in putting lives in danger and holding our city back,” The Mayor said. Praising the efforts of the hotel management, staff and emergency services in dealing with the incident, the Mayor said their prompt actions and professionalism had undoubtedly saved lives. “My thoughts are with the hotel staff at this time. This was a very cowardly attack that will not deter us from promoting our city as a tourist destination. It’s very unfortunate that hotel residents and people living in the Prehen Road area had to experience this and every effort will be made to get the Everglades Hotel up and running again as soon as possible. This is an attack on the whole city but rest assured, it will not it deter us from the good work we are doing to move the city forward. “I know who the real heroes of the city are - it’s those who are intent on positively promoting Derry to the wider world, not those who seek to bomb and destroy,” he added. Meanwhile leading Derry dissident republican Gary Donnelly who topped the poll in the council elections accused First Minister Peter Robinson of do-

ing more damage to economy with his comments about Muslims and Islam then the hotel bombers. He slammed: “To those who talk the damage to the economy all I have to say is that Peter Robinson did more damage to the economy with one statement than this bomb ever did,” he claimed. The Derry councillor elect added: “People who planted this device will give their own rationale. “I’m not in the business of speaking for them nor have I ever been. “I will not be acting as their cheerleader but at the same time not calling them traitors.” “History has shown that the politics of condemnation do not work. “I would condemn the situation in this country with the British denial of Irish sovereignty it means things like this will happen. “Sources say the Derry hotel was targeted because it has recently hosted a PSNI recruitment event and was due to hold another.” The leading dissident republican added: “There is an onus on the people who planted the device to protect civilians at all times equally there is an onus on the PSNI to be aware of where they are doing their propaganda and recruitment.”


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Advertising sales: Huge turnout for Walled Burgalry in Derry

City marathon

Thousands of people lined the streets of Derry on Sunday for the second Walled City marathon that saw 1500 runners complete the 26 mile course.

Tara Tel: 07858 043396 E: David Tel: 07759 525421 E: Marian Tel: 07872022925 E:

Shortly after 8 a.m. the runners had been gathering at the Everglades Hotel for the big start. Just before the race got underway the runners were addressed by Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness He said it was things like the marathon that showed the true spirit of Derry and not Friday’s bomb in the hotel. Once the race got underway the runners made their way through the Waterside then into the city side. The gruelling course saw runners cover the main roads as well as local beauty spots and landmarks including the Peace

Bridge. It also included a run up Fahan Street on the 25th mile something many runners found difficult. To encourage the runners on this particular stretch the streets on both sides were lined with well wishers cheering and encouraging everyone as they struggled with the hill. There were even drummers on hand to provide motivation. The marathon was won by Kenyan Freddy Keron Sittuk who crossed the finishing line at the Guildhall Square shortly after 11 completing the course in two hours 25 minutes and 47 seconds. There was a huge crowd

in the Guildhall Square cheering on every finisher and the runners were presented with their commemorative medals as they crossed the finishing line. Traffic disruption was kept to a minimum with most roads open. Throughout the course there were water stations where volunteers held out cups of water for the runners. As the day wore on stragglers could be seen still intent on finishing the course well into the afternoon. However as the saying goes it was not about winning it was about taking part.

Detectives are investigating following an aggravated burglary in Derry. At approximately 4am this morning two masked males entered a house in the Moss Park area. The pair, believed to have been armed with a handgun and a knife, confronted a 32 year old male in a bedroom demanding money. They struck the householder a number of

Petrol bomb attack

Detectives at Strand Road are investigating an overnight petrol bomb attack in Derry. The device was thrown at a house in the Fergleen Mews area at around 2am on Sunday morning causing scorch damage to the front door.

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times causing minor injuries to his nose and arm. The intruders then made off with a sum of cash. Officers investigating this incident are keen to hear from witnesses or anyone with any information that could assist the investigation. They can be contacted at Strand Road CID by calling the non-emergency num-

Anyone who was in the area at around 2am and who witnessed the attack, or anyone with information that could assist the investigation, is asked to contact Strand Road CID on the non-emergency number 101.


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Case against former Charges against Irish RUC men adjourned speaker dropped The case against two former members of the RUC who were due to appear at Derry Magistrate’s Court today charged with perverting the course of justice has been adjourned. The two John McGahan (71) and Philip Noel Thompson (54) both with addresses as c/o PSNI, Knock Road, Belfast were supposed to appear at a preliminary enquiry charged with perverting the course of justice on dates between February 27 and March 2 1979 by altering a statement from one member of a group that became known as the Derry 4. The Derry 4 were four men charged with shooting a British soldier dead in February 1979. The four had always maintained that any admissions they made had been

extracted under duress and fabricated. They went on the run and their names were cleared in 1998. Today a solicitor for the two former RUC men said that while they had received papers in the case one of their clients was working out of the country and the other was on holiday and had not yet been contacted. He asked for an adjournment until June 27. Deputy District Judge Peter King said he would grant the adjournment but the PE must go ahead on that date.


man from Dublin who had been charged under the terrorism legislation after he gave his name to a PSNI officer in Irish has had the charges withdrawn.

Dermot Douglas (49) of Cardiff Bridge Road in Finglas in Dublin had been charged with failing to answer questions to the best of his ability on March 6 after he was stopped in the Creggan area of Derry. At today’s sitting of Derry Magistrate’s Court the charges against Mr. Douglas were withdrawn. No explanation was given for the decision.

Speaking after the case Mr. Douglas described it as’ a farce’. He said: “I have no idea what this has cost the state. It has cost me about £200 travelling up from Dublin every time but the cost to the state must be a lot more than that. “I am surprised that the PPS allowed this case to go as far as it did. “At the very first hearing the judge himself raised the question as to what would have happened if I had spoken in Chinese or Romanian. “When I was stopped I gave my name as it is Diarmaid O’Douglas and my address in Irish as it ap-

pears on the street where I live. “I was arrested and by the time I reached the Strand Road they PSNI had all my details.” He added: “At some stage during the night they held me two men who I can only assume are MI5 came in and asked me about dissident activity In Derry. “I was arrested for speaking in Irish and that is disgraceful. Things like that should not happen. “Derry was supposed to be the city of culture but it seems there is not much room for the Irish culture.” Irish language activists protested outside the court with banners proclaiming ‘Speaking Irish is not a crime.’

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Domestic abuse victim ‘relieved at sentence’ A

woman who was the victim of a ‘campaign of physical and sexual abuse’ has said she is ‘releived’ that the court case is finally over.

Terri Louise Graham waived her right to anonymity in order that her attacker Greg Logue could be identified. On Friday Logue was sentenced to three years in prison to run consecutive with another prison sentence he is already service. He was also ordered to sign the sex offenders register for an indefinite period and also to observe a sexual offences prevention order for seven years. Speaking after the court case Terri Louise Graham said she was ‘relieved’ her ordeal is now

Terri-Louise with Logue

over. She said she is ‘glad it is finally over’ and hopes that now Logue is on the sex offenders register other women will be protected from him. Speaking of her ordeal Ms Graham said: “The court case has taken a lot out of me. “The sentencing has been delayed so many times and now it is over there is a sense of relief and everyone knows what he is like’. Terri Louise made the brave decision to waive her right to anonymity to encourage

other women who may be experiencing physical or sexual abuse to come forward. Her message to anyone who is experiencing abuse is to talk to someone now. She said: “There is no excuse for it and you don’t deserve it. No one is entitled to abuse you in anyway. “Try your best to get out and speak to somebody, anybody.” She added that while the experience of going to court may be difficult it is worth it. Terri Louise knows that her ordeal at the hands of Greg Logue will remain part of her life, but believes she has emerged stronger from it. She said: “There are times I think I will never get over it. But today I believe I will. I am a stronger person for it and I hope to be able to help others”. She now plans to go back to university to finish her degree and ‘make my kids proud of me’. Terri Louise also hopes to volunteer along with those who helped her through her ordeal.

Man jailed for ‘campaign of abuse’

A man who subjected his partner to a ‘campaign’ of sexual and physical abuse has been jailed for three years. Greg Deyzel Logue, of Duddys Court, pleaded guilty to eight charges of indecent assault and six charges of common assault. The offences were committed between January 2008 and February 2011. The 34-year-old is currently serving a seven year sentence for assaulting the same injured party and the three year sentence will run consecutively to this. His victim, Terri Louise Graham, has waived her right to anonymity so that Logue can be named in the press. Derry Crown Court heard the details of the ‘campaign of sexual and physical abuse’. Over the three year period, Logue bit her on the nose and face, slapped and punched the injured party. He also assaulted her as she held her 18-month-old child and recklessly hit the child. The court was told Logue sexually assaulted Ms Graham in her home and in a hotel and on occasions in public.

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court Logue now has the status of an enhanced prisoner and is a counsellor to new prisoners. Passing sentence, Judge Steven Fowler said that the relationship between Logue and Ms Graham was marked by alcohol abuse and domestic violence, something which is ‘sadly all too common in this jurisdiction’. He said the ‘campaign of sexual abuse’ the injured party was subjected to was ‘facilitated by physical abuse’. The judge added that there was a ‘gross breach of trust’ in the case as ‘people in a relationship should be able to trust one another and feel safe’. Judge Fowler imposed a three year sentence, which will run consecutively to the seven year sentence Lgoue is already serving. Logue will also be subject to a sexual offences prevention order for seven years and must sign the sex offenders register indefinitely.



It was also revealed there was a ‘background of intimidation’ and Ms Graham was in fear of the 34-year-old. She was told by Logue a number of times that the abuse was to stay in the family. The court heard the Logue has been assessed as posing a significant risk of harm, particularly in the context of a relationship. Ms Graham has ‘significant harm’ as a result of the abuse and is still suffering from the effects of post traumatic stress disorder and remains ‘fearful’ in her own home. Defence counsel Brian McCartney QC said there were underlying factors to the violence, including jealousy, possessiveness, domestic arguments and issues with drugs and alcohol. He said this doesn’t excuse the behaviour, but goes some way to explain it. However, the barrister said Logue ‘should never have lifted his hand to this girl’. Mr McCartney revealed to the

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New Rector installed at St. Augustine’s programmes into the local community. Bishop Ken Good, Mayor Martin Reilly and the new Rector Rev. Malcolm Ferry.

A wide range of family, friends, parishioners and colleagues from across the community attended the Institution Service. It was also attended by Mayor Martin Reilly as well as two African bishops and Bishop John McDowell (Clogher diocese). The preacher was Bishop John McDowell and the Service was conducted by Bishop Ken Good. After the Service a reception was held in the adjacent hall. This was an opportunity for a number of speeches to welcome Rev Ferry, his wife Carol and family to St Augustine’s.

Mayor welcomes Factory Girls progress Mayor Martin Reilly said he was delighted to hear that plans are now advancing for a redesign of the Factory Girls sculpture to be located at Harbour Square, at the riverside entrance to the Guildhall. ‘So many people in the city throughout my time as Mayor have raised the query as to progress on this important piece of public art. I know that representatives of all parties and officers of Derry City Council have worked hard together to secure progress. I’m delighted

that something as important as recognising the contribution of the shirt factory workers to our city in the form of this of public art is now moving closer to completion.” “News that artist Louise Walsh has started work on the piece is greatly welcomed. The Factory Girls artwork, once completed and situated in the context of this public realm area will be a valuable homage and significant reminder to the rich heritage and those who worked hard in the textile industry across the city.”

Prior to ordination Rev Ferry spent a number of years in business. His first parish as Rector was in Castlerock.


large congregation witnessed the Institution of a new Rector in St Augustine’s Church, known as ‘the wee church on the walls’.

Rev Malcolm Ferry was instituted to the Londonderry parish at a Service on the evening of 14 May.

Malcolm, his wife Carol and family will not have far to move. Before taking up his new post Rev Ferry was Rector of the Waterside parish of All Saints Clooney.

During his time in this parish he oversaw the major renovation project of the All Saints Parish Centre and the development of a significant range of outreach

All change after Derry poll W

ith counting for the new super councils which will replace the old councils next April completed the main talking points in Derry are the rise of independents and the fall in the SDLP vote.

For many years Derry was seen as an SDLP citadel and no matter what the party fortunes were in other parts of the North Derry always remained a SDLP city. However following last week’s elections that has now changed. The seats on the new super council of Derry and Strabane show that Sinn Fein have 16, the SDLP 14, the DUP 8 the UUP 2 and Independents 4. However one of the most significant votes is that for the first time ever the SDLP are the second party in Derry City itself. Within the boundaries of the old Derry City Council Sinn Fein took ten seats while the SDLP only took nine.

It appears that the rise of independents, including dissident republican Gary Donnelly who topped the poll in the Moor ward, was more at the expense of the SDLP than Sinn Fein. In terms of the percentage votes Sinn Fein took 36.1% of the vote compared to 25.7% for the SDLP. Within the unionist camp the DUP took 15.3% while the Ulster Unionists secured 7.6%. The ramifications of the Sinn Fein eclipse of the SDLP could be seen as early as next year when the Westminster elections take place. Until now the Foyle seat has been a safe SDLP seat but if the voting trends are replicated in the Westminster election Sinn Fein could take the seat. Speaking after the results

Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney said: “It’s now o b v i ous that

we have out polled the SDLP in Derry for the first time. “It’s always difficult to project too far into the future, but I think we can go forward into the Westminster election with hope.”We set our stall out that we see

Westminster as a good target, and then in 2016 we’d be wanting to go for a third assembly seat. “What has unfolded over the last week didn’t do the SDLP any favours, but it’s not for us to over-analyse.”

St Augustine’s Church is situated on Derry’s city walls, on Palace Street in the city centre. It is in the diocese of Derry and Raphoe.

Made obscene remark about judge When an 18-year-old man was arrested he made an obscene remark about Derry’s District judge the local Magistrate’s Court was told today. James Bradley of 40, Collon Lane in Derry appeared charged with breaching bail and five other offences. He was charged with criminal damage to a glass panel, assault, possessing an offensive weapon namely an iron bar, disorderly behaviour and criminal damage to a police cell. All the alleged offences were said to have occurred on June 1. The court heard that in the early hours of the morning police were called to Fergleen Park in the city after reports of a commotion. The reporting party told police that he had a child sleeping in the house and Bradley had allegedly been running an iron bar across railings.

The man asked him to keep the noise down and Bradley was said to have become irate and ran towards the man who went back to his own house. Bradley was then alleged to have smashed a door panel hitting the man with a shard of glass. When police arrived he ran off but was arrested a short distance away. He then made the remark about District judge McElholm. He was found to be intoxicated in breach of his bail conditions. While in police custody he urinated and defecated in a police cell. At one stage during the court hearing Deputy District judge Peter King asked Bradley did he find the proceed-

ings funny as he could be seen smiling in the dock. A police officer told the court that during interview Bradley had ‘smirked and luaghed’ and they opposed bail. Defence solicitor Seamus Quigley said that his client had a ‘bad record’ for someone his age with 11 previous convictions. He said on the day in question Bradley had taken a huge amount of drink. Judge King said that the police had clear concerns Bradley would re-offend and said his attitude in court ‘gives me no confidence you would adhere to any bail conditions.’ He remanded Bradley in custody to appear again on June 12.


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Red Arrows set to perform at LegenDerry Maritime Festival

Red Arrows to provide a stunning send-off to Clipper 2013-14 Round the World Yacht Race


he world-famous Red Arrows will take to the skies over the North West Coast of Ireland at the end of June with their display of daredevil aerial manoeuvres, to bring a spectacular close to the 2014LegenDerry Maritime Festival. Brought to the North West by a partnership between Derry City Council, Donegal County Council, Limavady Borough Council and the RAF Red Arrows will perform their thrilling flying display as the stunning send-off to theClipper 2013-14 Round the World Yacht Race on Sunday 29th June 2014. The distinctive red jets, which are this year celebrating their 50th display season, will execute their trademark formations, close-passes and dynamic loops and rolls at the mouth of the River Foyle between Greencastle in Co. Donegal and Magilligan/Binevenagh in Co. Derry. Thousands of people are expected to descend upon the North West Coast to capture a clear vantage point of the Red Arrows’ stunning performance and celebrate the official Race Start of the Clipper 2013-14 Race at Greencastle, Co. Donegal. Mayor of Derry City Council, Councillor Martin Reilly said: “It is a major coup to have the Red Arrows perform and their display will provide a suitably spectacular final flourish to our week-long LegenDerry Maritime Festival. We are delighted to have been able to facilitate this in partnership with our friends in Limavady and Donegal, who are bringing the world-famous Red Arrows here.

Mayor of Donegal County Council, Councillor Ian McGarvey,Mayor of Derry Cllr Martin Reilly and Mayor of Limavady Councillor Gerry Mullan with two pupils from Scoil Colmcille, Greencastle, Fiona McLaughlin and John Lynch at the location of the official Clipper Race start where the Red Arrows will perform to bid farewell to the 12 strong fleet of Clipper Yachts in Greencastle, Co Donegal on Sunday 29th June 2014.

“Our stunning North West coastline will provide the perfect backdrop for the official Race Start of the Clipper2013-14 Round the World Yacht Race. We are thrilled that thousands of local people

will be able to share the celebrations and the spectacle on land, on the sea and now, also in the sky.” Mayor of Donegal County Council, Councillor Ian McGarvey said: “Along with my fellow Mayors from Derry City Council and Limavady Borough Council I am delighted to confirm the staging of this spectacular Red Arrows event. I am sure this will attract visitors from across the region and beyond to the Lough Foyle area. Their exciting air display will be an excellent way to see off the Clipper Race as the fleet prepares to sets sail off the coast of Greencastle. I hope that everyone who comes to Donegal has a safe and enjoyable time.” Mayor of Limavady, Councillor Gerry Mullan said: “I am delighted to welcome back the spectacular Clipper Race event and am looking forward to seeing the boats sailing into Lough Foyle past Magilligan Point. I wish all the crews a warm welcome to the area and hope they get the chance to explore all it has to offer when they come ashore.” Derry is the penultimate stopover for the Clipper 2013-14 Race, the world’s longest ocean race. After a gruelling journey of almost 40,000 miles, 11 month circumnavigation of the globe the City will welcome the 12-strong fleet of Clipper Race yachts back to the city, including its very own Derry~LondonderryDoire yacht, with a weeklong LegenDerry Maritime Festival from 21st - 29th June 2014. The LegenDerry Maritime Festival will transform the River Foyle’s quayside into a summer promenade, with race village, award winning continental market, seafood festival, music extravaganza and a host of sea-faring activities on and off shore for families, sailors and land-lubbers alike.


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New scheme to help communities tackle bonfire issues


ocal community organisations are being invited to take part in a new scheme aimed at tackling the issue of bonfires, and the associated anti-social problems which can affect communities over the summer months.

Through Derry City Council’s Good Relations Programme organisations can engage in a number of training events to raise awareness about issues

such as safety and finding positive alternatives to bonfires. Speaking after a special Event Management Training Day which took place in the new DiverseCity Offices the Mayor of Derry, Councillor Martin Reilly pledged his full support for the initiative. “I would like to encourage local community organisations to get involved in this scheme, which provides essential support for any area which is affected by these problems year in year out,” he urged. “The scheme not only increases awareness, it brings together members

of all communities and provides them with practical training which will help promote safety and create a better environment for everyone. Our Safe Community is one of the key aims highlighted in the new good relations strategy 2014-17 and our community relations officers are committed to working with local communities to either assist in the elimination of bonfires or assist with the promotion of safe, family focused and nonsectarian cultural celebrations.” Laura Hamilton, Community Relations Officer, stated that some training courses

Caption Mayor Martin Reilly pictured with participants at the “Bonfires - Alternative to Bonfires” event held in Holywell DiverseCity Community Partnership Headquarters, Bishop Street. Seated, second from right is Seamus Coyle, WEA - event management. Also included are Laura Hamilton and Helena Kearney, community relations officers, Derry City Council. (Photo - Tom Heaney, nwpresspics)




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have already taken place aimed at safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, first aid and fire station visits. “Some of the courses have proved so popular that we have had to arrange repeat courses,” she said. “Over the next week there is a Why bonfires – is there an alternative? dialogue event being held on the 21st May (7-9pm) in the DiverseCity Offices and it is hoped that many of the leaders within the groups will take this opportunity to come along and have their say in discussion around various aspects of bonfires and alternatives. “On the 22nd May risk assessment training is taking place with some spaces available on the evening

course which will also be held in the DiverseCity Building, 6pm-8.30pm, and finally hand held radio training for events will take place in the shared future centre on Friday 23rd May from 10am – 2.30pm.”

If you belong to a group or organisation connected to or involved in bonfires and alternatives, and are interested in attending any of these events please contact Laura Hamilton, Community Relations Officer, on 07736213164 or email:

All viewers welcome at ‘Exile!’ DVD Dialogue Workshop Are you up for a discussion on one of the elements of our troubled past in this city? If so, Derry City Council’s Community Relations Team is inviting you to book now for the ‘Exile!’ DVD Dialogue workshop. ‘Exile!’ focuses on the today’s legacy of the ‘Exodus’ in the 1970’s of the Protestant Community away from the ‘Cityside’ of Derry~Londonderry. The DVD resource (developed by Blue Eagle Productions, Towards Understanding and Healing and Derry City Council Community Relations) uses recorded drama to kick-start conversation and sharing of different viewpoints on the topic. The event also provides a chance to meet the playwright Jonathan Burgess and understand his motivations for tackling this topic. “There’s no doubt there are different perceptions out there as to what caused much of the city’s Protestant community to move

away from the Cityside in the 1970’s” explains Sue Divin, Community Relations Officer with Derry City Council. “It is however clear that there is still an impact felt in the city today from those events. The acted scenes filmed for the DVD resource focus more on the legacy of those events today – and allow people who want to talk about it, and hear a range of views, to discuss their thoughts.” The free event will be held on Wednesday 11th June, 11am – 1pm (including light lunch) in Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin, 37 Great James Street. To book a place contact Dean Steele on email or tel: 02871365151 ext 8218 This initiative is funded under Derry City Council’s Good Relations Strategy with support from the Community Relations Unit, OFMDFM.

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Free ‘Culture Quarter’ Derry’s Walls shortlisted in

workshops for local schools! National Treasures competition Local people are being urged to cast their vote for L the city’s historic walls in a competition to find the ocal primary and secondary schools are invited to book now for free culturally based workshops for their pupils under Derry City Council’s ‘Culture Quarter’ initiative.

The Community Relations Team is delighted to announce that due to the success of the initiative it will be kept going for the next 1-3 years. The first round of workshops for 2014 are running from 2nd – 20th June to tie in with Community Relations Week. All workshops are related to understanding diverse identities locally to promote reconciliation and awareness. Schools based in the Derry City Council area can choose up to 4 workshops from ‘Different Drums’ – Interactive drumming workshop (Suitable P5 – Year 10. 30 pupils max); ‘Story of Derry~Londonderry’– Tower Museum tour/workshop (Suitable P4- Year 10. 60 pupils max); ‘Ubuntu’ Workshop – Global identity/culture locally workshop (Suitable P3 – Year 8. 30 pupils max) and ‘Marching Bands’ – Workshop and Music on bands culture (Suitable P7 – Year 11. 30 pupils max) Mayor Councillor Martin Reilly

said that these workshops proved extremely worthwhile last year for all communities. “The workshops can once again be provided on a long term basis, free of charge due to the success of the delivery of the existing programme and the uptake of each workshop which secured additional funding. This is a positive step in encouraging interaction of our Primary School children to engage in the cultural traditions of others, that they may not otherwise have an opportunity to do so.” “We’re delighted to have secured the funding to keep this great scheme going as a legacy of the 2013 year” explained Sue Divin, Community Relations Officer. “Due to the success of last year we’re repeating the Different Drums workshops by local drummer Richard Campbell, and also the free opportunity to take schools groups to the Tower Museum to do the ‘Story

of Derry’ tour and ‘Plantation’ workshops. New this year we have ‘Ubuntu’ global workshops linked to our Ubuntu festival running as part of the Clipper festivities. ‘Ubuntu’ is a South African word meaning that all our identities and humanity are inter-linked and should be respected. Those workshops will cover global identities here locally and will also have a flavour of the Phillipines, India, Spain, Japan or Latin America brought to them by locally resident facilitators with different identities.” Specific workshop dates/times will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis and may be heavily oversubscribed. To book or check availability of workshops on particular dates and times contact Helena Kearney uk tel: 02871365151 ext 8223

top 12 National Treasures from areas across the UK. The famous 400 year old fortifications and the Walls400 project have been shortlisted as a contender in the Northern Irish section of the National Lottery’s ‘What’s Your National Treasure’ campaign. The project is the only one in the North West included in the competition, and the city’s walls face competition from landmarks and historic locations right across the UK, including Scotland’s tallest mountain Ben Nevis, Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium and the Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim. The Mayor of Derry, Councillor Martin Reilly, said everyone should show their support for the city’s nomination. “Following on from the 400th anniversary of the building of

the Walls, it’s fitting that we should have this opportunity to mark their historic significance,” he said. “It’s fantastic for the city to be recognised in this way, both in terms of its history and as an exciting and interesting visitor destination. I would like to pay tribute to all the agencies who work so hard to preserve and convey the rich heritage of our city’s iconic fortifications. “With less than a week to go until the voting closes, I would encourage everyone to take a couple of minutes to register their vote, and see the Walls recognised as one of the top national treasures to visit in the UK.” The Historic Walls of Derry

are the largest ancient monument in state care in Northern Ireland. In recent years a number of projects and events have reinvigorated the image of the city’s walls including the Awakening of the Walls during the Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival, the Lumiere Festival of Light and European Walled Towns Day, while the City Lighting Strategy currently shines a new light on one of the city’s most beautiful features. The National Lottery have launched the What’s Your National Treasure? campaign as part of their 20th anniversary celebrations. As well as voting for your favourite place, the public are also being asked to vote for the celebrity who is most deserving of the title from a 20 strong selection of famous faces.

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Derry’s Musical Legacy Comes Alive

The LegenDerry Maritime Festival is the perfect opportunity to revisit Derry’s musical legacy with a host of music events to suit every age and taste, from traditional to electronic dance to a headline gig from the mighty Beach Boys. With a world-renowned welcome guaranteed, Derry is the place to bring your ears and your dancing shoes from 21-29 June.

Music City Day

Saturday, June 21, Citywide Music is at the heart of the city of Derry in 2014 and is set to reach a crescendo with Music City Day on Saturday, June 21. The event was launched last year as part of the UK City of Culture 2013 festivities and is back with a bang for the opening day of the LegenDerry Maritime Festival. The banks of the Foyle will reverberate with every imaginable form of musical entertainment ranging from solo performances to choirs and orchestras in public spaces, commercial venues, community centres, street corners and even on the historic City Walls! Music-lovers of all genres from pop and rock to traditional folk and classical will be singing and dancing from dawn to dusk as the city becomes one huge performance area on the longest day of the year. Who needs Stonehenge? Hundreds are expected to flock to the ancient Grianan of Aileach ring fort outside the city to take part in the Summer Solstice Dawn Chorus and get Music City Day off to a spectacular start. From 10am until 8pm, Guildhall Square will play host to a celebration of all forms of music featuring choirs, bands, schools and the best in local/national talent. At 1pm, children, adults and choirs of the city will come together for a massive outdoor performance of Danny Boy.

At 8pm in the Guildhall, Radio Ulster presenter John Toal will introduce some of the city’s finest performers, alongside the Ulster Orchestra, conducted by Stephen Bell. The Roaring Meg Busking Competition will be in full swing in the Craft Village from 12.30pm4.30pm, with £2,000 in cash prizes up for grabs. Ubuntu festival Sunday, June 22, Festival Village, Queen’s Quay With Derry being home to over 50 nationalities, the Ubuntu festival will celebrate cultural diversity. The South African word, Ubuntu, means that all our identities and humanity are interlinked and should be respected. With sights, sounds and flavours from across the globe, join us for a whistle-stop experience of Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.


June 25~29 City centre venues If your musical taste is a little less sedate, Celtronic is perhaps more your pace. Now in its 14th year, the Celtronic festival has been described as ‘Ireland’s answer to Sonar’ and attracts thousands of fans to Derry to dance to the world’s best electronic music talent. This year’s headliners include Karenn, the live collaborative project from UK producers Blawan & Pariah, playing in NI for the first time while Max Cooper,

whose ‘Human’ album has been tipped to be one of the albums of the year, will also bring his acclaimed live show to the festival. Other live acts include Denmark’s Kolsch, German/Dutch trio Move D, Juju and Jordash.

All hands on deck for the LegenDerry Maritime Festival

There’s a host of fun in Derry~Londonderry at the end of June as the LegenDerry Maritime Festival creates Northern Ireland’s biggest spectacle of the year on land, sea and sky. There will be plenty to keep the little “buoys and girls” entertained as the Foyle Quay in the city is set to transform into a summer promenade filled with the sights, sounds and flavours of the sea, with fun for both the young and the young at heart from 21-29th June 2014. As an event highlight, the LegenDerry Maritime festival will welcome the much-anticipated homecoming of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, including our own Derry-Londonderry-Doire yacht, on its penultimate stopover in the world’s longest ocean race, after 40,000 miles and 9 months at sea. The stunning yachts will begin to arrive beneath the Foyle Bridge from Saturday 21st June, just in time for Music Day, when an array of musicians and performers will take to the streets and stages across the city, with live music from dawn to dusk.

With the Peace Bridge as a backdrop, the Clipper Yachts will be moored at the new Foyle Marina, along with tall ships, naval vessels and all the colour of this global carnival flotilla. The crew of the Jamaica Boat has something very special planned for their stay in Derry – think Pirates and Caribbean! Families and a host of international visitors will be treated to one of Derry’s biggest ever combined local and continental markets, seafood, arts and crafts, taster sailing and paddling sessions, treasure trails, face painting, street entertainment, live music, a vintage fairground, and much more! The Maritime Festival will draw to a close with a piratethemed party finale for which festival goers will be invited to don fancy dress. The highlight will be a spectacular fire and water show on the River Foyle. Two large pirate ships will battle it out in a dramatic pyrotechnic display followed by a spectacular fireworks finale. As part of the send-off for the Clipper Race’s final leg on Sunday 29th June, families will be treated to a stunning performance by the world-famous aerobatic display team, The

Red Arrows, which will be visible from the coast of Greencastle in Donegal to as far away as Magilligan/Binevenagh in Co. Londonderry. Whether you’re in the City for the spectacular parting flotilla or on the coast for the Red Arrows, this event is set to be the perfect start to summer. Mayor of Derry, Martin Reilly said: “Whether you are a novice sailor, a lover of great food and live music or simply looking for a fantastic day out, this festival will enable families to enjoy a host of exciting and diverse activities, and even try their hand at sailing. Be sure to keep an eye out on the River Foyle for some pirate mischief too! Everyone knows the welcome here is Legenderry and this festival will be the spectacle of the year, so don’t miss it!”

For more information on the full programme of events, visit Keep up to date with the local boat’s progress in the Clipper Race on

Some of the finest DJs in the world will appear at Celtronic Ben Ufo and Pearson Sound, Derrick Carter, Chicago house legend Ame, Move D, Space Dimension Controller. For more info, check or follow @celtronic on Twitter.

The Beach Boys

Thursday, June 26, 8pm Ebrington Square The legendary Beach Boys are ‘Getting Around’ this summer as they travel all the way from California to the banks of the Foyle. They shot to fame in the early 1960s and have sold in excess of 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time. An impressive 29 albums later the band are still going and will be performing here live in concert for one night only. Who better to headline the LegenDerry Maritime Festival than The Beach Boys, belting out classics such as, ‘Surfin’ USA’, ‘Good Vibrations’, ‘All Summer Long’ and, ‘I Get Around’ in the city’s premier outdoor performance venue on a fun-filled festival evening. Tickets priced £20 are on sale now from the Millennium Forum on 02871 264455 or

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Dublin Mayor launches Ireland’s biggest Maritime Festival of 2014 The countdown is on to the Irish arrival of the world’s longest ocean race, Clipper 2013-14 Round the World Yacht Race. The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Oisín Quinn, welcomed The Mayor of Derry, Cllr Martin Reilly to the banks of the Liffey as the pair launched the countdown to the LegenDerry Maritime Fes-

tival and Clipper Race to Derry~Londonderry from 21st - 29th June 2014. The 12-strong Clipper race fleet leave New York on 7th June and arrive into Derry for the LegenDerry Maritime Festival. For information visit: or





Derry ~ Londonderry ~ Doire

21st ~ 29th June ... tim o et



Welcoming the return of the Clipper

Round the World Yacht Race m y r r e d .legen www

... t im

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£30 p.p.s

The Beach Boys ~ Music City Day ~ Ubuntu Festival Red Arrows ~ Celtronic ~ Continental Market Navy Vessels ~ Tall Ships ~ Sail Taster sessions and much more ...


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A look back at what was making the

The City Herald History Page

headlines in May in previous years. May 1st 1947: Portella della Ginestra massacre Born on this day: 1939 Judy Collins Died on this day: 2003 Miss Elizabeth May 2nd 1946: Battle of Alcatraz Born on this day: 1972 The Rock Died on this day: 1972 J. Edger Hoover May 3rd 1979: Margaret Thatcher forms her first government after the general election Born on this day: 1934 Frankie Valli Died on this day: 1916 Tom Clarke May 4th 1932: Al Capone starts jail time Born on this day: 1951 Mick Mars Died on this day: 1987 Paul Butterfield May 5th 1981: Bobby Sands dies after 66 days on hunger strike Born on this day: 1942 Tammy Wynette Died on this day: John MacBride

May 6th 2001: Pope John Paul II becomes first pope to enter a Mosque Born on this day: 1960 Roma Downey Died on this day: 1992 Marlene Dietrich May 7th 2000: Vladimir Putin becomes president of Russia Born on this day: 1965 Owen Hart Died on this day: 1998 Eddie Rabbitt May 8th 1912: Paramount Pictures founded Born on this day: 1953 Alex Van Halen Died on this day: 2008 Eddy Arnold May 9th 1955: West Germany joins NATO Born on this day: 1949 Billy Joel Died on this day: 1985 Edmond O’Brien May 10th 1924: J. Edger Hoover appointed director of the FBI Born on this day: 1946 Donovan Died on this day: 1999 Shel Silverstein

May 11th 1949: Siam becomes Thailand for the second time Born on this day: 1941 Eric Burdon Died on this day: 2006 Floyd Patterson May 12th 1981: Frances Hughes dies on hunger strike Born on this day: 1968 Catherine Tate Died on this day: 2001 Perry Como May 13th 1981: Pope John Paul II shot Born on this day: 1950 Stevie Wonder Died on this day: 1961 Gary Cooper May 14th 1963: Kuwait joins the UN Born on this day: 1943 Jack Bruce Died on this day: 1998 Frank Sinatra

Born on this day: 1905 Henry Fonda Died on this day: 2010 Ronnie James Dio

Benoit Died on this day: 1981 Patsy O’Hara

May 17th 1973: Watergate hearings begin on TV Born on this day: 1956 Sugar Ray Leonard Died on this day: 2012 Donna Summer

May 22nd 1992: Johnny Carson hosts the Tonight Show for the last time Born on this day: 1907 Laurence Olivier Died on this day: 2013 Mick McManus

May 18th 1980: Mount St. Helen’s erupts Born on this day: 1943 Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka Died on this day: 2013 Steve Forrest

May 23rd 1934: Bonnie & Clyde killed Born on this day: 1933 Joan Collins Died on this day: 1999 Owen Hart

May 19th 1962: Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday to JFK Born on this day: 1925 Malcolm X Died on this day: 1994 Jackie Kennedy

May 24th 1956: First ever Eurovision Born on this day: 1941 Bob Dylan Died on this day: 1991 Gene Clark

May 15th 1905: Las Vegas founded Born on this day: 1958 Ron Simmons Died on this day: 2003 June Carter Cash

May 20th 1949: Armed Forces Security Agency (pre-NSA) formed Born on this day: 1944 Joe Cocker Died on this day: 2011 “Macho Man” Randy Savage

May 16th 1929: First ever Oscar ceremony

May 21st 1904: FIFA founded Born on this day: 1967 Chris

May 25th 1977: Star Wars released Born on this day: 1943 Jessi Colter Died on this day: 1965 Sonny Boy Williamson May 26th 1897: Dracula published Born on this day: 1940 Levon Helm

Died on this day: 2008 Sydney Pollack May 27th 1995: Christopher Reeves paralyzed Born on this day: 1922 Christopher Lee Died on this day: 2006 Paul Gleason May 28th 1974: Sunningdale collapses Born on this day: 1944 Sondra Locke Died on this day: 2010 Gary Coleman May 29th 1988: Ronnie Reagan visits the Soviet Union Born on this day: 1953 Karla DeVito Died on this day: 2010 Dennis Hopper May 30th 1922: Lincoln Memorial dedicated Born on this day: 1961 Harry Enfield Died on this day: 1967 Claude Rains May 31st 1911: Titanic’s hull is launched Born on this day: 1930 Clint Eastwood Died on this day:1983 Jack Dempsey

Breakfast and Banter – A Community Relations Event Just for Men


erry City Councils Community Relations team held its ‘Breakfast and Banter’ morning for

men in the All Saints Centre last week, where men from all walks of life came together to sit down to a cooked

breakfast and have chat with each other. After breakfast there were a number of groups who facilitated tables at the event which

allowed the men to find out more about what they do and ask questions. Organisations that were there include The Londonderry Bands Forum, PSNI, NICEM, Tar Abhaile, A

sports Coach from Derry City to bring the men of the city Council and a member of the together for breakfast and a Gypsies and Traveller commu- chat around community relanity. tions issues ranging from imFormer Mayor Cllr Martin Reilly migration to policing to name said. “A unique event from but a few. The event was well Community Relations team, attended and I would like to targeted directly towards thank all our facilitators, forand essentially for male audi- mer Mayor Martin Reilly for ences across all the Derry City his attendance, The All Saints Council district communities, Caring Association and indeed to help to promote open com- each man who attended and munication and social cohe- made the event a success” sion for the men in our society. The success of this event in This event was run through the terms of participation and out- District Councils Good Relacome as well as the feedback tions Strategy (OFMDFM, CRC) from those involved should lead to more events of this nature in the future.” Dean Steele from the Community Supplier of UPVC Windows & Doors Relations team said Repairs Carried Out “The BreakCMG GLAZING - Moville fast and BanCall or text Cathal: 00353 (0) 86 2386045 ter morning was a bril- Fax: 00353 74 93 85462 Email: liant way


Window Installation & Repair


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Loughnagin, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland Tel: 00353 74 912 1655


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Aileen Reid carries the Commonwealth Baton

Derry’s Walls shortlisted in National Treasures competition

convey the rich heritage of our city’s iconic fortifications. “With less than a week to go until the voting closes, I would encourage everyone to take a couple of minutes to register their vote, and see the Walls recognised as one of the top national treasures to visit in the UK.”


ocal people are being urged to cast their vote for the city’s historic walls in a competition to find the top 12 National Treasures from areas across the UK.

ll Local children welcome local triathlete Aileen Reid ashore after her boat journey

up the Foyle carrying the Commonwealth Baton, which arrived in the city yesterday

The famous 400 year old fortifications and the Walls400 project have been shortlisted as a contender in the Northern Irish section of the National Lottery’s ‘What’s Your National Treasure’ campaign. The project is the only one in the North West included in the competition, and the city’s walls face competition from landmarks and historic locations right across the UK,

including Scotland’s tallest mountain Ben Nevis, Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium and the Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim. The Mayor of Derry, Councillor Martin Reilly, said everyone should show their support for the city’s nomination. “Following on from the 400th anniversary of the building of the Walls, it’s fitting that we should have this opportunity to mark their historic significance,” he said. “It’s fantastic for the city to be recognised in this way, both in terms of its history and as an exciting and interesting visitor destination. I would like to pay tribute to all the agencies who work so hard to preserve and

The Historic Walls of Derry are the largest ancient monument in state care in Northern Ireland. In recent years a number of projects and events have reinvigorated the image of the city’s walls including the Awakening of the Walls during the Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival, the Lumiere Festival of Light and European Walled Towns Day, while the City Lighting Strategy currently shines a new light on one of the city’s most beautiful features. The National Lottery have launched the What’s Your National Treasure? campaign as part of their 20th anniversary celebrations. As well as voting for your favourite place, the public are also being asked to vote for the celebrity who is most deserving of the title from a 20 strong selection of famous faces.

ll Local triathlete Aileen Reid carries the Commonwealth Baton under the Peace

Bridge as the rowing crew make their way to Prehen boathouse

00353 86 6058838 Mike / 00353 86 3553029 (Oliver) or

Web: Facebook: pml windows & doors


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Guildhall scoops top Judge brands architecture award Derry family Derry’s iconic Guildhall building has scooped the award for Best Conservation Project at the biannual Royal Society of Ulster Architects awards ceremony.

of the Grade A listed building, which was built by The Honorable The Irish Society in 1887 on land reclaimed from the River Foyle, at a cost of £18,000.

Congratulating the team behind the project, the Mayor of Derry, Martin Reilly, said: “I am delighted that Consarc have been acknowledged with such a prestigious award for their work on the Guildhall project.

The ceremony took place at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast, where a large number of the industry’s leading professionals and clients gathered to acknowledge some of the best architectural projects in N. Ireland. The awards aim to raise awareness of the architecture and built environment in the towns

and cities across the North, and also recognize the high standard of local architectural practice. This is the second major award for the project, with the Royal Institute of British Architects acknowledging its Architectural Excellence with an accolade in April. Architects, Consarc Design

Group, were the lead consultant on the £10 million regeneration project which has transformed the landmark building, enhancing its historical features and creating a bright and open public space featuring a new café, tourist information point and exhibition area. The company was tasked with the restoration

“They have succeeded in beautifully restoring one of Derry’s most iconic landmarks, both enhancing its original features and creating a more welcoming visitor experience for the public. The Guildhall can now be enjoyed and utilized in so many ways by everyone, in both its role as a busy civic hub, and an impressive building of unique historic interest.” The restoration of the Guildhall began in 2010 and was completed in June 2013, and work included the restoration of the stained glass windows,

extensive cleaning and repairing of the stonework façade, replacement of all roof finishes, accessibility improvements throughout and a complete refurbishment and remodeling of the internal accommodation. Over its 120 year history the Guildhall has been destroyed twice – by fire in 1908 and in bomb attacks in 1972. The building features 23 original stained glass windows, many of which were gifted by the London companies who built it.

The concert Organ is a major feature of the building, originally costing £2,000 and the Guildhall Clock was installed in 1891 modeled on Big Ben by James Richie & Co Edinburgh at a cost of £456.

To find out more about the Guildhall project go to

Pictured at the biannual Royal Society of Ulster Architects awards ceremony are Frank Morrison, Project and Design Manager, and Tony Monaghan Regeneration Officer, both with Derry City Council, Bronagh Lynch, Director with Consarc Design Group, Mayor of Derry, Councillor Martin Reilly, John Savage, Project Supervisor with Consarc, and Lord Mayor of Armagh, Councillor Robert Turner.



District Judge has described a Derry family as ‘disgraceful’ and a ‘blight on the landscape’ when he dealt with two sisters today at the local Magistrate’s Court. Judge Barney McElholm’s comments came during a hearing involving Bridget (23) and Eileen Mongan (25) both of Stanley’s Walk in Derry. The court heard that Eileen Mongan was released from prison yesterday (Wednesday) and within hours was re-arrested for disorderly behaviour. Bridget Mongan, who was at the centre of controversy after she was lifted from the road by two police officers in March and left in a bus lane, was appearing for her fourth breach of bail. A prosecuting solicitor outlined the case against Eileen Mongan. He said that the owners of a Bed and Breakfast called police requesting that several people be removed from the premises as they were arguing. When police arrived the group which included both Mongans agreed to leave but as they were departing Eileen Mongan began flailing her arms about and shouted ‘scum b-----s’ at police. She was warned about her behaviour and continued and at one stage stuck her face right into an officer’s face and called them ‘scum orange b------s’. She was eventually arrested. Bridget Mongan who is on bail for an attack in the Intensive Care Unit of Derry’s Altnagelvin Hospital was arrested for having consumed alcohol in breach of her bail conditions.

Defence solicitor Mr. Seamus Quigley said Eileen Mongan had been released yesterday from a sentence she had been serving for public order offences. She had booked the B&B for her and her partner then others arrived and they were ejected. He said she was ‘apologetic’ about her behaviour and added that her tolerance for alcohol would have been lowered due to her time in prison. As regards Bridget Mongan he said she had been released on High Court bail on May 2 after being locked up for her third breach of bail at the end of April. The solicitor said that she had not taken a drink until her sister’s release. Judge McElholm said that Bridget Mongan would not ‘pay the slightest attention’ to bail conditions. He said it was her 4th breach of bail. Turning to Mongan who was crying in the dock, the judge told her to ‘stop your whinging it does not impress me.’ He estreeted £100 of her bail and ordered her to pay £7 a week in installments. He also told the solicitor that if Mongan was back for breaching bail ‘I won’t even listen to you.’ As regards Eileen Mongan the judge said she couldn’t even last 24 hours. He added: “The behaviour of this family is just disgraceful. A blight on the landscape.” He sentenced Eileen Mongan to 4 months in prison suspended for 2 years and fined her £200 which she must pay at the rate of £5 per week.


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Visit Derry Announce Ambitious New £4.2m Target for Business Tourism V

isit Derry have launched a new ‘Business Tourism Taskforce’ aligning with an ambitious new strategy to drive the growth of the Conference and Meetings sector and generate £4.2m to the city over the next 2 years.

Following the phenomenal success of City of Culture 2013 which attracted a record £5m in conference bookings and over 10,000 conference delegates, Visit Derry have identified a number of new initiatives to capitalise upon these successes and continue this positive momentum into 2014 and beyond. The Taskforce brings together key industry stakeholders, government agencies and venues who will work collaboratively with key local academic, medical, corporate, cultural and sporting sectors to capitalize upon the city’s expertise and excellence within these sectors and attract National and International conferences and events

to the region. Aoife Thomas, Business & Leisure Tourism Officer at Visit Derry commented ‘The majority of our conferences are secured as a result of working in partnership with dynamic local representatives who act as ‘Ambassadors’ to promote the city as a conference destination throughout their extensive network of industry

contacts, colleagues, clients and suppliers. “Hosting a conference is a fantastic way to raise the profile of your organisation, research or product and we encourage anyone who is a member of a Professional body, Association, Institute or Society or may be able to bring an event to the city to get in touch with us at Visit Derry.

“We are fully equipped to support our Ambassadors through every stage of organising an event to ensure all delegates enjoy a ‘LegenDerry’ experience in the city.” Odhran Dunne, General Manager at Visit Derry also commented, “The Taskforce and Ambassador Network will support the destinations growth as a unique meetings

location. We are delighted that NORIBICs European Business & Innovation Centre Network Annual Congress has been shortlisted as a finalist for ‘Best Large Scale Congress’ at the forthcoming Conference Awards in London. “This will increase the profile of the city for hosting conferences in the GB market. Our Business Tourism

Ambassador Programme has also recently been shortlisted as a finalist in the Derry~Londonderry Business Awards for ‘Best Tourism Initiative’ and this highlights the importance of the role that Ambassadors play in securing conferences that generate increased economic expenditure in the city and region.”

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Page 24

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stock from businesses closing down or have closed and large multi-national companies in Europe. Our moto is buy right and sell right. We acquire stocks of sofas, dining sets, small electrical appliances, mattresses, occasional furniture, storage solutions, pictures, lamps and so much more. We price everything as cheap as possible without any frills, we don’t offer any warranty and everything is sold as seen, thus keeping the cost to you the customer down. We are open 6 days a week , 9.30-5.30 Monday to Saturday. Check us out on Facebook to see what we are all about.

Mayor of Derry, Brenda Stevenson with her family

‘Depressing’ court case


man who had been a fireman and then worked for the Gardai appeared at Derry Magistrate’s Court in a case where the judge said was clearly one of ‘when the drink is in the wit is out.’ William McClelland (70) of 37 Caw Hill Park in Derry admitted two offences that occurred on November 1. The court was told that McClelland had taken a taxi and when they arrived at his house the driver asked for the fare. McClelland told him ‘Go f--k

yourself’ and went into the house. The taxi man tooted his horn on several occasions and McClelland came out and began banging on the car causing £220 worth of damage. A defence solicitor said that his client had since paid full restitution for the damage and the fare. Deputy District Judge Peter King said it was ‘depressing’ to see someone of such previous good character and a life of public service appearing in court. He imposed a conditional discharge for a period of 12 months.

Mayor of Derry, Brenda Stevenson with her family members at the Guildhall last night. Included is her husband Tommy Stevenson, and sons Ross and Ben on the balcony of the Guildhall after the meeting in which she was officially appointed as the incoming Mayor for 2014-2015

The Big Lunch

The Mayor Cllr Martin Reilly with, Andrea Campbell, Derry City Council, left, Peter McCloskey, Derry City Council Community Relations and Big Lunchers, Meabh, Ciaran and Eimear McAllespie, who took a tour of the City’s Walls on Sunday 1st June. The Big Lunch Event yesterday was a great opportunity in which thousands of people across Northern Ireland got the chance to sit down with neighbours and residents in their communities for the annual Big Lunch event and for the first time Derry got involved. Participants joined an estimated 4 million people across the whole of the UK on the city’s historic Walls where there was food, music and entertainment establishing The Big Lunch in the nation’s annual calendar on the first Sunday every June. Picture Martin McKeown.

Peter McCloskey and Andrea Campbell from Derry City Council with Big Lunchers Emmett Mailey and Ben Farren on Derry’s Walls at the Big Lunch event on Sunday 1st June. The Big Lunch Event yesterday was a great opportunity in which thousands of people across Northern Ireland got the chance to sit down with neighbours and residents in their communities for the annual Big Lunch event and for the first time Derry got involved. Participants joined an estimated 4 million people across the whole of the UK on the city’s historic Walls where there was food, music and entertainment establishing The Big Lunch in the nation’s annual calendar on the first Sunday every June. Picture Martin McKeown.


Does Your Roof Leak?

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The company staff have a vast knowledge of waterprooong technology and standards this experience is always through training courses in house and on site past to the already highly trained staff all of which are accredited in there designated eld so to sum up Asbestos-Coatings in a short phrase, we are the company you can afford to see but cant afford to miss. we hope you nd our site of interest and are only to happy to advise and assist in your coatings projects.

Asbestos Coatings are a UK and Ireland waterprooong OUR PRODUCTS Asbestos-Coatings Polyurea and asbestos encapulation • EPDM Liquid Rubber • specialists Asbestos-Coatings • AlgoPro • Asbestos-CoatContact us now to discuss Clear ings Tuffdeck • Instacoat • your needs... SuperDeck carpark system • SuperDeck balcony system


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z d i K

r e n r Ko

n o i t i t e p m o C g n Colouri

Send this page to:

The City Herald Colouring Competition

North West Business Complex, Ground Floor Office Skeoge Industrial Park, Beraghmore Road. Derry BT48 8SE

5 - 8 year olds,

0 5 £ A N I W

Kids Name: Address:


Date of Birth: Contact Telephone Number:

Last months winner is Caolan Green, 67 Knockalla Park L’Derry


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“Come and check out our newly refurbished ‘Bunker Room’, ideal for every occasion including Birthday Parties, Christening Parties, Exhibitons & many more. We are now offering a new pre-wedding package in our ‘Bunker Room’, where the bride or groom can enjoy their final breakfast as a singleton before the stress & fun begins. Contact for more information. Continuously introducing new and exciting products for our customers. We have recently introduced a vast range of herbal teas from Java Republic. More than 20 flavours now available. Boxes of Herbal Teas also available to purchase in store.

“Showcasing Local Talent at it’s best”

Live Music

Every Friday Saturday & Sunday LaTE nigHT OPEning TO 7PM THuRSDay & FRiDay FOR aLL yOu LaTE nigHT SHOPPERS.

Exhibitions of local artists

“Latin Salsa Fiesta” every Thursday with Marco Rey Classes from 8pm - 9pm Free Club from 9pm - 12am The Sandwich Co Diamond & The Jammhouse present: Music City Talent Contest 2014 “You, bring the Talent,You win the stage” 4 Heats, 4 weeks, first come, first serve entry Main prize - A performance slot on the main stage at the 2014 City of Derry Jazz Festival 2014 Apply online via For more information visit our facebook page - TheSandwichCoDiamond

Open every sunday from 10am Breakfast served daily until 12 noon. Introducing our new dishes suitable for vegetarians (some dishes vegan friendly) Try our all new mixed salad served with Feta Cheese, Pasta, Olives and Tomatoes.Or if you’re looking for something with a kick, why not try our new Spicy Five Bean Salad. We have also introduced a brand new vegetable cous cous dish served with Homemade hummus.

OPENING HOURS Monday Tuesday and Wednesday 8am – 5.30pm Thursday Friday 8am - 7.00pm Saturday 8am – 5.30pm Sunday 10am – 5.00pm

The Diamond, Derry | T: 028 7137 2500 |

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Orchard Farm Shop Pennyburn


Clipper race to head for Derry

there is no room for error. “We had a good race. Leaving Jamaica we came quite quickly out of the blocks and made it past the first mark quite quickly in second or third position, then we had a good run up and we decided to break a little bit from the pack.


ace 14 in the Clipper round the world yacht race is due to leave New York on June 7 heading straight to Derry. With the Derry~ Londonderry~ Doire boat currently lying in fourth palce on 105 points 33 behind the race leader Henri Lloyd excitment is building for the return of the clippers to Derry. In 2012 the clippers received an ecstatic welcome when they arrived in the city and for a week the quays were conti-

nental in character. This year’s race has seen some success for the Derry boat and also drama with a mid ocean rescue after one of the crew went overboard. Sean McCarter, skipper of the Derry~Londonderry~Doire yacht said his team was pleased with its fifth place position but hoped to improve on the next race into its home port. “It’s been an amazingly close race which gets even closer as it goes on, we are all so evenly matched at the moment so

2L Milk 79p • 5lb Gammons £6.99 • 5lb Back Bacon £8.99 • 8 x 1/4lb Steakburgers £3.99 • 25 Large Chicken Fillets £21.99 • Chicken Fillet BBQ Sticks 75p • Premium Coal £5.00 • Kiln Dried Logs £3.00 8 Orchard Business Park, Pennyburn Ind Est, Derry. Tel 07771608123

“Our plan was to drop out of the Gulf Stream to catch them up and we were looking good to do that for a while but we dropped out at a bad time. “There are still a lot of points on the board and we have seen how Henri Lloyd came in on this one winning the extra points. “If you can manage that on the next race then you can expect to jump a position or two on the leaderboard, so I can imagine there will be a lot of teams looking to do that.” Following the end of Leg 7 and Race 13: The Grange Hotels Trophy only 9 points separates third placed Switzerland from Derry~Londonderry~Doire.

10 minutes from Derry City centre

UNDER We don’t keep RE-OPENED MANAGEMENT the BEST plants, NEW Serving the North West for 40 years. We SELL them We would like to welcome back all FANTASTIC OFFERS

our customers, new and old

ANY 4 SHRUBS OR PERENNIALS OF YOUR CHOICE €20 Huge Range of Summer Plants, Baskets & Tubs

g edgin

H om fr


& Vegm er Sumding osFtree p m d o C 2 Get 1 Be Buy

T: 00353749360640

Baskets & Window Boxes Refilled

M: 00353868505709


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Rockwell Ornaments Ltd


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Please contact a member of our team for a free quotation

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orth West Labels Ltd. are a family run company who offer a nationwide service.

Our in-house Graphic-Designer can offer advice & guidance on your label needs.

Established in early 2006, we provide a wide variety of choice & design, all of which is delivered in the quickest possible lead time. Our experience in the printing industry stretches back to 1990. Our commitment to customers, as well as continued investment in State-of-the-Art technology has been the back-bone of our success. From plain to full-colour labels, or short run digital labels, we’ve got it all. Price guns, thermal printers and ‘Point of Sale’ consumables are all part of our extensive product range. We service Retailers, Pharmacies, The Food Industry & many more throughout Ireland.

T: 00353 (0)74 93 84088 E:

Why not call a member of staff today for a free quotation.

“For us, working with North West Labels means having a reliable supplier, who is always at the end of the phone & wouldn’t let us down. Their top class service means a lot to our business.”

Paddy Harkin. - Paul’s Butchers, Derry.

The Glen House - Inishowen The Glen House is owed and run by local couple Sonia & MartinMc Gonigle. They has been welcoming guests to this beautiful Georgian guest house, which dates back to 1766, for the last 9 years. With recommendations by some of Irelands top travel writers including Georgina Campbell, and the world renowned Lonely Planet, Sonia was delighted last year to be added to John and Sally McKennas Guide as one of the 100 Best Places To Stay In Ireland 2013. You are sure to get the warmest of Irish welcomes at the Glen House. Situated at the foot of the Urris Hills overlooking the splendid Tullagh Bay area and adjacent to the spectacular Glenevin Waterfall, it is a perfect location for lovers of hill walking, with a National Loop Trail walk starting right at the door step.

Call down to visit our NEW craft shop & ice-cream parlour. Stocking local, hand-made, arts & crafts

* * *

It offers the perfect base for exploring the fantastic countryside and beaches that are on offer in the area. With horse riding, surfing and kyaking all near by there is something for everyone during your stay. The world class Ballyliffin Golf course is located just a 5 minute drive away. The Glen House has nine spacious rooms, all ensuite and offers guests a home from home in a level of comfort only country accommodation can offer. Bedrooms are ensuite with power shower, have tea/coffee making facilities, TV, direct dial telephone and hairdryer. General facilities in the guesthouse include free and secure on-site parking for all guests, residents bar and lounge, free WiFi, patio/outside dining area, decked seating area next

to river with access to Glenevin Waterfall Park. Guest can also get to enjoy some home baking and snacks in Sonia’s Rose Tearoom. They are very excited at there newest addition to the premises, a Ice Cream Parlour & Craft Shop which will open this Thursday. Serving Northern Irelands very own Mullins Ice Cream and stocking a beautiful selection of locally produced Arts and Crafts.

So for an over night stay or a stop over on a family day out, make sure not to miss The Glen House. Sonia and Martin are offering our readers a special package - a 2 Nights Midweek Stay with Breakfast and a home baked Cream Tea all for only £60 per person sharing.

The Tearoom and Craft Shop will be opened every day until Sunday 27th April for the easter holidays Display of Art by local Artist thought out the house - spend time wandering around and enjoying them

Monday June 2nd sees the biggest day in the Glen House calendar - The Strawberry Festival - with over a 1,000 visitors last year it is a great family day out. With bouncy castles, face painting and games for the kids and a large selection of arts and craft stalls, BBQ, and Afternoon tea for the adults. This event is a benefit for The Glenevin Waterfall Park and raised close to €2,500 last year to help maintain the park.


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Border Bike Shop

Bridgend Co.Donegal

For all your bikes & accessories - Sales and Repairs

Bike Service & Repair all makes & Sizes Catered For

Free Fitting On Lights and Mudguards Get Your TAX FREE Bike Here


Hybird / Touring Bikes..........€15 per day €10 for each additional day €60 per Week Racer / Road Bikes..........€25 for 1 day €60 for 3days..........€100 per Week Suitable for Triathlon events

Mountain Bikes suitable for OFF ROAD..........€25 for 1 day €60 for 3days..........€100 per Week

sports nutrition

•Santini Cycle Clothing •Spiuk Helmets •Trek •Spiuk Cycling Shoes •Giant •Continental and Schwalbe Tyres •Energy Product High 5 and Power Bar


Tel: 00353 749386497 or 00353 872758818 Email:


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6TH – 8TH JUNE 2014


ow in it’s 13th year the Inishowen vintage show is proving to be one of the most popular shows in the country with exhibitors travelling from as far away as Cork and indeed Scotland, Starting off in 2002 when a group of local enthusiast came together with an idea evolving from the very successful vintage car rally, approached local farmer and land owner Patsy Gillen about hosting a vintage show. Patsy a keen collector himself was more than happy to accommodate the show and on a glorious Sunday afternoon the Carrick field in Moville became home to the Inishowen Vintage Show. With dedication and determination of those involved plans got underway for a second year and the rest they say is history. As the show grew it became apparent that there was an opportunity to create some entertainment on the Saturday night and in 2010 the Humble Earth Worms and Lightning Strikes drew a large crowd to the Marquee. This has proven to be a much sought after event and this year we are pleased to announce a second gig on Friday night, the show itself has grown so big that they have had to move to a field twice the size of last year’s so there will be plenty to see and do for everyone. Proceedings get underway on Friday night with Richie Remo and his big band, and

if you haven’t heard of this young man from Claudy, then you are in for a musical treat. Hailed as a fiddlin’ sensation, Richie Remo is one of Ireland’s top attractions. With his fiddle and his bow he has brought the house down wherever he plays with his energetic performances. Now performing with his big band, Richie Remo is guaranteed to give you a night you won’t forget. Tickets are on sale for €10, with a chance of winning a weekend for two in the fabulous Manor House Hotel in Enniskillen or you can pay at the door. If you don’t go then you will be guaranteed to be told the next day that you missed a great night. Doors open at 9pm with Richie on stage at 11pm. Saturday evening in the town square, trial-star sports will be giving a demonstration of their fantastic new show with even more daring stunts and maybe a couple of volunteer participation. There will also be some steam engines parked up for a while before they lead the way to the Carrick field cause, Saturday night is The Yetis, that I’m sure needs no introduction in Inishowen. James Mc Ivor, Paul Bredin and Stephen Mc Daid have been filling pubs, clubs and now marquees with their infectious brand of music all over the North West in the last few years. The lads just can’t help drawing crowds to every gig they play and they are really looking forward to playing in the Carrick Field, “this is going to be fantastic, we love playing festivals and particularly this one. We have been

getting so much feedback on Facebook that we reckon this could be our biggest gig yet”, says Paul Bredin. Doors open at 9pm with Derek Burns setting the tempo for the night and the Yetis coming on stage at 11pm. There is a fully licenced bar on both nights. Sunday is the main event with the 13th vintage show getting underway and this year is bigger than ever. “The show has become so big now that we’ve

had to move to a field twice the size of last year” explains committee member, Noel Doherty. “It’s great to see, especially in the economic times we are in that our show is still going from strength to strength”. As well as being able to host more cars and tractors, this year sees the return of the hilarious comedy duo, The Poteen Makers and the fantastic Trialstar sports with their all new dare devil routine. As well as Starfare amusements there will be a free children’s play area with lots to do including a puppet show, face painting, sand pit,

juggling and lots more. You can also get your photo taken on the PINK TRACTOR. Also for the first time in Inishowen, is a working model farm, an attraction not to be missed as it is one of the most impressive displays in the country. There is something for all the family and you can be guaranteed a great day out. Admission is €7 with children free. For more information or booking, contact Noel on 0866062038 or Sammy 0862574554. Traders are advised to book in advance and be on site before 11am.


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Bridal Including...

• Hotel offers • Wedding Fayres • Florists • Dresses • Picture framers


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Elaine McCloskey

Wedding Dress Alterations Bridal Gowns Bridesmaid Flowergirls dresses Dressing at Home Service on morning of wedding

Specialist Alteration Services With 20 Years of Experience Call today:


Private Consultation & fitting area

Buncrana Road Derry




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The Tower Hotel • Butcher Street, Derry~Londonderry, BT48 6HL T: +44 (0) 28 7137 1000 • E: •


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In the heart of the city... Florist

49 Spencer Road Waterside, Londonderry, County Londonderry, BT47 6AA

T: 028 7134 1275 & Stockists of vera wang


Get in touch for more details

Standing tall beside the historic walls in the heart of this ancient city and within 2 minutes walk from the dynamic city center, the 4* Tower Hotel is the superior choice for your Wedding Day celebrations. From the moment your guests arrive at the Tower Hotel, our highly experience team roll out the red carpet and put the champagne on ice in anticipation for the arrival of our new happily married couple for this special and memorable day. Our 4* property offers you and your guests ninety-three luxurious guest bedrooms, the Award-Winning ‘The Walls Bar and Restaurant’ together with our Lyric Bar & the beautifully appointed Tyrconnell Banquet-

ing Suite. The Tyrconnell Suite is a magnificent, fully air-conditioned room situated on the ground floor. This beautifully co-ordinated room is complete with its own bar and is adjacent to the hotel lobby, a picture perfect location! Planning your special day... Our experienced and professional team is available to help you plan the most memorable Day of your lives. Remember we cater for just one wedding per day so you will be assured of our best attention at all times! Every detail is attended to in advance with one thing in mind - that you will be com-

fortable with your plans and arrangements for the big day. Your own personal Wedding co-ordinator will liase with our experienced Operations Team to ensure that every special detail of our day is tailor made to your very need. Our Operations team will be your Master of Ceremonies for the day and guaranteeing their special care and attention allowing you to relax and enjoy every precious minute of the day. Behind the scenes will be our Executive Chef and his talented team preparing an exceptional banquet designed by him and chosen by you From the superb menu suggestions right down to providing a checklist of formalities for your speeches and toasts, you could be forgiven for thinking of us as your very own wedding planner!

Contact our Wedding team today on events@ or 02871371000





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AT THE CITY HOTEL Let us bring your Dream Wedding to Life WEDDING PACKAGES FOR 120 GUESTS FROM £5000

Queen’s Quay, Derry BT48 7AS T: (028) 7136 5800 E: W:

Offer subject to availability. Terms & conditions apply.

WEDDING RECEPTION VOUCHER £500 Present this voucher to receive £500 Off the total cost of your Wedding Reception at the City Hotel.

Vouchers bear no cash value and are in conjunction with City Hotel special wedding offer. Terms & conditions apply and vouchers are only redeemable on dates agreed with City Hotel


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WEDDING CELEBRATIONS @ CITY HOTEL, DERRY At the City Hotel we understand each and every wedding is as distinctive and unique as you are and for this reason we ensure we offer you the utmost care and attention promising you and your family & friends a truly memorable day. Standing proudly overlooking the River Foyle and beside the iconic Peace Bridge, the contemporary styled City Hotel Derry offers an unrivalled location for your wedding celebrations in one of Northern Ireland’s most historic cities. Our impressive Corinthian Ballroom, catering for up to 250 guests comes complete with private bar, is stylishly decorated and is accented by rather unique coloured mood lighting to help create the perfect ambiance for your wedding celebration. For smaller, more intimate weddings, our Alexander Suite, bathed with natural daylight and views of the river, will host up to 70 guests. Both our Corinthian Ballroom & Alexander Suite are licensed

the dinner service enough on the day. Patricia & Shaun

McNutt 10th August 2013

Our wedding packages start from £5000, based on a midweek wedding for up to 120 guests. We have carefully selected a package which ensures that you our bride & groom are guaranteed a wedding day to suit you both by working with reputable suppliers who have a wealth of experience. Our packages are clearly detailed with no hidden costs giving you financial peace of mind before the big day! for civil ceremonies too if you would like us to host your complete wedding day. Our reputation as a premier wedding venue has evolved from the relationships we have with each of our brides and grooms. We believe in committing our time to ensure your wedding day is flawless from start to finish. Some of our previous brides & grooms commented:

‘I had my wedding in the City Hotel in July

and I have to say the whole experience was amazing. The events team were so dedicated from the day we booked, nothing was a hassle. On the day the food and service was first class, so many of our guests commented on the food. The staff were constantly on hand to make sure my husband and I had everything we needed and the staff were lovely. Overall I loved my wedding day in the city

hotel and would not hesitate to recommend them to other brides :)’ Catriona

& Kevin Concannon 4th July 2013

‘On August 10th 2013 I celebrated my wedding reception in the City Hotel. From the offset, I received the utmost professional treatment from all the staff, especially the events team. Planning my wedding from England was a little challenging,

however, there was always a kind voice at the end of the phone or email to go through every detail. As the wedding day progressed, I could not fault one person, from the catering staff / porters / front desk /events team to the bar staff etc. Everyone was very accommodating, warm and friendly to both my new husband and I and to all our guests. Everyone had a great time and could not compliment

As a professional team of wedding co-ordinators we have many years of experience organising fabulous events therefore we carefully advise and guide you to ensure we tailor your wedding day to suit your needs.

Look out for our special offer with £500 off your wedding reception! To arrange a viewing of our Corinthian Ballroom or for more information contact our Wedding Team on 028 71365800


Wedding Special Offer Package Bride 2 Bridesmaids Flower Girl Mens Button Holes Mothers Button Holes 2 Hand Tied Bouquets For Mothers Table or Chapel Arrangement


From £10

NOW OPEN MON-FRI 9-7 SAT 9-6 SUN 9-4.30


normally £499


From £20


£3 each or 2 for £5




7127 1030


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Hair Spray


00353 74 932 7912


Wheather you are getting married, being a bridesmaid or simply a guest of honour at a wedding this year. we have the perfect wedding hairstyles for you from classic up-dos to boho down-dos

Make up and hair all under one roof At our make-up counter we use mostly MAC, Illamasque and Senna

salon open 6 days | qualiied experienced staff | competitive rates | late open Thursday | early mornings by request

Root colour cut and blow dry. €40 | €10 blow dry the we'd and thurs


Give Mom another reason smile Give Mom another reason toto smile Give Mom another reason to smile


Whiterose Clinic Have a Whiter Smile from this day forward about a healthy, radiant smile today AskAsk about a healthy, radiant smile today Ask about a healthy, radiant smile today Special Mother’s offer! Special Mother’s DayDay offer! Special Mother’s Day offer! Winner


Professional Oral Care Category Professional Oral CareofCategory Survey 50,180 people by TNS.

Survey of 50,180 people by TNS. Winner

Telephone:+44(028)71355566 Fax: +44 (028) 7133 5512

Professional Oral Care Category Survey of 50,180 people by TNS.

*In the U.S. *In the U.S. Philips is a registered trademark of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. Philips is a registered trademark of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. 052312 ©2012 Discus Dental, LLC. All rights reserved. 20-2915 ©2012 Discus Dental, LLC. All rights reserved. 20-2915 052312 *In the U.S. Philips is a registered trademark of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. ©2012 Discus Dental, LLC. All rights reserved. 20-2915 052312


Page 44 Photos taken by

ÂŁ25 per person Wedding packages from ÂŁ4995 for 100 guests Tailor made weddings from

Caw Roundabout, Waterside, Derry/Londonderry, BT47 6TB T: +44 (0)28 7134 5500 | E: | W:


Page 45 Photos taken by

ÂŁ25 per person Wedding packages from ÂŁ4995 for 100 guests Tailor made weddings from

Caw Roundabout, Waterside, Derry/Londonderry, BT47 6TB T: +44 (0)28 7134 5500 | E: | W:

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City Herald Tea Break Teasers Crossword

Across 1. Utensil (5) 3. Path (5) 7. Disregarded (7) 9. Send out (5) 10. Military command (5) 11. Mythical beast (7) 12. Taste (6) 14. Movie house (6) 18. Bet (7) 20. Deduce (5) 22. Awkward (5) 23. Roamed (7) 24. Finished (5) 25. Small boat (5)


Down 1. Mariners (7) 2. Possessed (5) 3. Boredom (6) 4. Legal excuse (5) 5. Svelte (7) 6. Beer mug (5) 8. Relating to country life (5) 13. Tycoon (7) 15. Dialect (5) 16. Condense (7) 17. Worshipped (6) 18. Forgo (5) 19. Graded (5) 21. Criminal (5)

7 2 8


4 7 3 6


1 3 6 8 2 3 9 4 8 1 8 1 7 2 6 7 4 2 3 5 7 Anagrams - Food & Drink Can you work out the items of food or drink from the 1following 6 anagrams? 2 3 4 SOLUTIONS

top model

4 8 6


6 9 8 6 4 3 1 7 8 3 2 4 7 9 8 5 1 4 2 5 9 8 5 3 9 8 7 2 4 8 10


7 4




5 1

9 3

2 8 2 5 9 5 8 8 3 9 6 9 3 7 2 1 4 9 5 1 8 5 4 3 7 2 3 6 4 1 8 4 7 7 8 5 4 1


3 2

3 9 6 1 2 5 8 7 1 9 1 6 1 9 8 3 6 4 2 1 5


World Cup Facts

1. The tournament has been held 18 times since 1930, however, only seven different nations have lifted the trophy. 2. No country from outside South America or Europe has ever won the World Cup. 3. Five-time champions Brazil are the only World Cup winners who have not won



















1 9 PAST EIGHT (9)7 5 CRACKPOT INLAW 4 (5,8)










8 1 4




8 7 9 1 4 8 5 9 6






1 2 3 4 3 9 5 2 4 1 4 8 1 2 7 3 6 6 8 9 5 3 8 1 8 6 5 9 2 1 4 2 7 8 9 1 8 9 3








7 99

EAT (3)


Word lengths are shown in brackets.


the title on home soil. 4. Oliver Kahn of Germany is the only goalkeeper to have won the Golden Ball (best player at the tournament) trophy. 5. During the inter-war years, Italian football Chief Ottorino Barassi secretly took the Jules Rimet trophy home from a

9 bank 11in Rome and kept it under his bed in a shoebox to ensure Hitler and his Nazi troops didn’t find it. There it stayed until the 1950 World Cup. 6. The largest crowd for a World Cup match was in the 1950 final between hosts Brazil and Uruguay, when 199,954 people filed into the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro

10 (the host venue of this year’s final). Uruguay won the match 2-1. 7. Korea Republic became the best performing Asian nation when it reached the 2002 semi-finals on home soil. 8. Australia will be the lowestranked nation at this year’s tournament – the Socceroos currently sit at 59 on FIFA’s world rankings.

9 8 3 6 3 9 2 5 8 2 9 6 4 5 3 6 3 8 3 2 8 6 6 1 9 3 2 5 4 8

8 1 3 6

5 8

9. Tim 12Cahill is the only Australian player in the current squad to have scored a World Cup goal. 10. In 2010, New Zealand finished the tournament as the only undefeated side after drawing all of its matches. Eventual winners Spain suffered a shock 1-0 defeat to Switzerland in the group stage.


2 8 7

9 4

3 1 9 1 9 2 7 8 5 3 5 2 7 5 3 2 1 7 6 6 1 3


8 7

9 6 3 7 6 2 4 7 1 5


Page 48

Dental Anxiety Control

Your dental questions answered by Dr Dan McKenna, Whiterose Clinic Q. What is Dental Anxiety Control? A. This is a method of behavioural management technique which puts nervous patients at ease with dental procedures

Q. How Does It Work? A. By communicating with the subconscience mind you can let your fears drain away and let yourself go to a Happy of relaxation to flow through your whole body.

Q. Then What? A. Then the dentist can carry out dentistry without causing you any concern, and then you are back to normal before you leave.


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Page 50

Bridge Street, Carndonagh

Blush Boutique has over 20,000 followers on Facebook. We upload all our new styles daily and also offer a DELIVERY SERVICE to our Facebook audience to avail of. Simply log on browse our constant uploads and call or private mail us your query.

opening hours

Monday to Wednesday & Saturday 10 am to 6 pm Thursday and Friday 10 am to 8 pm Sunday 2 to 6 pm Blush BTQ gladly offers a full refund on full price items bought online if they are unsuitable. Also running competitions every month to win vouchers for the store. What’s not to love LIKE US TODAY

Follow us on Twitter @boutique_blush Follow us on Instagram @blushboutiquedonegal LIKE us on Facebook Blush Boutique



Also a huge selection of HANDBAGS JEWELLERY AND CLUTCH BAGS in store.

Sizes 8 to 16 InStore. Student discount given 10% OFF with a valid student ID.


Page 51

Bridge Street, Carndonagh TeL 00353 74 932 9906 opening hours

Monday to Wednesday & Saturday 10 am to 6 pm Thursday and Friday 10 am to 8 pm Sunday 2 to 6 pm


Page 52

Ten Good Tips to help Make Life with Eczema Easier Everyone who struggles with eczema everyday knows how much effort it involves. Life seems to revolve around eczema and stress levels soar. Having a long term interest in eczema myself I am always looking out for ways to make life with eczema easier and here is a list I found online recently which I thought was very clear and sensible, ten good tactics which, when you take them on board, can help inform an eczema-friendly approach to life, hopefully lowering the tension. I have gathered them together as a “Ten Commandments “ at the bottom of the article so that if you wish, you can print them off as a reminder list. I think they are simple, sensible and easy to follow and I hope they help to make life less of a grind! 1.Know your eczema triggers. Many things can set off a flareup of eczema and they vary from individual to individual. Fragrances in bodycare products, perfumes and body lotions are all potent irritants. At Marble Hill we have recently focused on the problems with MI (Methylisothiazolinone), the preservative found in everything from body washes to laundry products and other triggers can include dust mites,

pet dander and foods. It is helpful to think about what might have caused an attack and try to pick out what caused it and then avoid contact with the problem. 2.Moisturise, moisturize, moisturize. Regular moisturising with unscented moisturisers is one of the best things eczema sufferers can do. After bathing or showering is a time when the skin is particularly receptive to moisturizing and always remember to be generous when applying the cream or ointment you choose as many sufferers underestimate how much their skin actually needs. 3.Manage temperatures at home. Although we can’t control the weather we can control the house. Turn down the thermostat if your home is very dry or hot in winter and think about fans in the summer. Sudden temperature fluctuations can be a shock to eczema-prone skin so cover up in winter. Many people find that their extremities are vulnerable so always keep a pair of gloves handy in winter, the more protective the better on the fingers. 4.Don’t scratch eczema patches. This may sound obvious but scratching may worsen itch and can cause infection. If moisturizing more generously/ frequently does not do the trick seek advice from your health

professional: they may recommend strategies such as cold cloths, moisturising baths or itch –relieving medication? 5.Keep sweating to a minimum Easier said than done, perhaps if you are keen on sport or the gym but sweating can worsen eczema and it is advised that a shower as soon as possible after exertion is a good practice. Also try to avoid sweat-inducing fabrics or extra-high TOG duvets 6.Wear eczema-friendly fabrics: Wool is often a problem, as are polyester synthetics. Cotton and cotton blends are better and it is a good idea to wash clothes before wearing them for the first time. It is recommended to always use liquid fragrance –free laundry products and omit fabric softener. It is still possible to obtain pure soap flakes but they are hard to find and many people rinse twice to remove the maximum amount of laundry soap residue. 7.Watch your stress levels. Eczema is often worse when stress is high - exam time for example. Then the eczema makes you tense and uncomfortable, a classic vicious circle. Stress reduction techniques like yoga, deep breathing and biofeedback or meditation can all be used and exercise is potent stress-buster so a walk in the

fresh air can be a big help. 8.Sensible bathing/showering. Hot water and long showers are all bad news for eczema flare-ups .Use cool, not hot, water and avoid rinsing away all your skin oils by keeping showers short. Avoid scrubbing actions when cleansing and don’t use strong liquid body washes or harsh soaps, instead choose a gentle, moisturizing option and don’t overdo it. Often simply changing from a liquid detergent based shower gel to an un-fragranced gentle soap can have excellent results. 9.Protect your hands. Water and detergents can wreak havoc with hands and they need to be protected. Use gloves for protection, making sure to avoid latex if you are allergic and try not to wear rubber gloves for more than 20 minutes at a time. Wash hands in cool, not hot water and remember that most moisturisers are over 50% water and that as the water evaporates it can make dermatitis even worse, we recommend either pure Shea Butter (SheaSalve) or in very dry situations, PediSalve to moisturise skin without irritation. Both are 100% natural products and neither contains any water or irritant additives and are intensely moisturizing. If you are finding shampoos are irritating your skin get help when washing your hair or use

gloves and keep your hands out of washing-up water as dishwashing liquids are very drying and irritant. 10.Use eczema medication/ get medical support when you need it. If modifying your lifestyle alone is not enough get your doctor’s advice on how to handle your skin conditions. Your doctor can counsel you, prescribe medication or refer you to a specialist if needed.

Ten Commandments of Eczema! Know your eczema triggers. Moisturise, moisturize, moisturize, and remember to use irritant free products such as our own Marble Hill Neem Oil Soap. Manage temperatures at home. Don’t scratch eczema patches. Keep sweating to a minimum Wear eczema-friendly fabrics Watch your stress levels Sensible bathing/showering Protect your hands. Use eczema medication/get medical support when you need it. Please note that this article reflects my own personal views and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice. Always contact your own medical professional if in any doubt.

Dr Maria McGee graduated from Manchester Medical School in 1979. She has developed her own unique all natural skincare range, which is available through her company, Marble Hill. She also developed PediSalve, the world’s first water free total footcare cream and continues to be involved in the development of natural alternatives for skin health. Her wide ranging interests are reflected in her blogs which include health and lifestyle issues and she is a regular contributor to the City Herald. You may read her blog posts on the Marble Hill Facebook page and also by subscribing to the Marble Hill newsletter. To find out more go to or find Marble Hill Natural Skincare on Facebook. Locally Marble Hill products are stocked by Belmont Pharmacy on the Culmore Rd, Carlisle Road Foot Clinic, Shipquay Natural Health Clinic, Shipquay Street and Brookmount Pharmacy in Omagh. For all stockists see

If you want to make more profit, you need to understand your costs!


et’s face it, you’re good at what you do. Otherwise you would not be in business. However, being Good at what you do does not guarantee that you will make profit. There could be plenty of demand for your service or product, but you still could end up losing money at the end of the year. You do not want this!

Why might you be losing your hand earned sales? Part of the answer, may be that you do not understand your costs properly. Let’s try and exlpain. Generally, there are two basic types of costs. The first of these are fixed costs. These are costs that do not really change much throughout the year. For example, lighting costs, telephone costs, rent and rates. In other words, these are the costs that

do not change, no matter how busy you are! Let’s say that for a simple business, these costs, when they are all added together, add up to £10,000. The second cost that you need to know about, is to understand your variable cost. This is the kind of cost that moves in line with your sales or production. In other words, if you double your sales, your variable costs will double, or if you double your production, your costs of production will double too. Examples of basic variable costs, include purchases for me resale, sales commission, or factory electricity costs. The key thing that you need to remember, is that if you take your unit variable costs from your unit sales, you will have a profit. Now obviously this prof-

it is before you take away your fixed costs. Accountants call this profit, contribution. What this number represents, is the amount of contribution selling just one unit to a customer, makes for your business. And here is the important thing. If you divide, this contribution number into the total value that you have for your fixed costs, the number that you get, will be the actual number of sales that you need to make in the year to breakeven. So, let’s say that our unit selling price was £30 per unit and that our unit variable cost was £10 per unit. This means that the contribution per unit is £20t, (£30-£10). Therefore, as our total yearly fixed costs are £10,000, this means that we must sell 500 units to break even. Every unit that we sell

above 500 units, will make £20 profit for the business. What can we learn from this? The first point, is that if you have high fixed costs in your business, then you need to sell quite a lot of items to breakeven. It is only after you reach your breakeven point, in our example 500 units, that you will actually start generating real profit. Any units sold above 500 units, will each contribute £20 to profit. The second point, is that the lower your unit variable costs, the greater your contribution will be to each unit being sold. Therefore, you should reach your breakeven point, much quicker. In our example, if our variable cost was only £5 per unit, then your contribution would be £25 per

If you want financial, business or tax advice, we at Taxbusters Northwest will be delighted to meet with you…… Out of hours appointments can be arranged. Please call Michael Bolster, 079 6623 1099 or 028 7135 6151 or email for your free initial consultation.

year, (£30-£5). The number of units that you would now need to sell, in order to breakeven would reduce to 400 units. This is 100 units less than previously, (500 versus 400). The last point, and to conclude, is that you should now appreciate the importance of understanding the cost structures of your business. Do you have high a variable costs? Do you havehigh fixed costs? What is your breakeven point? Finally, do you think that you need to do anything about your costs? At Taxbusters, we help our clients with not only tax, but also their finances and also getting the optimum cost structure for their business.


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LOST OR DAMAGE LUGGAGE AND TRAVEL INSURANCE One of the hazards of holiday travel, particularly using aircraft, can be that luggage Page is 12damaged or perhaps delayed or even lost. If an airline is responsible BUSINESS for the loss, damage or delay of your luggage then there are certain guidelines which are applicable. The airline must pay you compensation under the Montreal Convention. The maximum compensation that you will receive is £1,080.00.If the value of your luggage exceeds that you must declare that value to the airline when checking in. Needless to say it would be helpful if your travel insurance covered your luggage contents also.

Delayed luggage.

If you are travelling with an airline and your luggage is delayed the airline in question has 21 days to ascertain its whereabouts and get it returned to you.If after 21 days nothing has appeared then the luggage is deemed to be lost. The main difficulty for you of course would be what to do during the 21 day period when the luggage is delayed and how it is dealt with really depends on what you can agree with the airline. Some airlines can give you a set amount each day of the delay up to a set number of days. Secondly you may receive a one off payment to buy emergency items. Thirdly they may not make any payments in advance

but ask you to retain receipts for sometimes putting a claim Travel insurance. any emergency items that you through your travel insurance It does make sense to purchase a have purchased and then refund or indeed household insurance travel insurance policy when goyou once you furnish them with you may obtain a better settle- ing off on holiday. It can provide the receipts. Delayed luggage ment depending on your level you with protection that the airclearly can cause a significant of cover. line will not provide you with. amount of stress and inconveCheck clearly the terms and connience on holiday however the Damaged luggage. ditions of your travel insurance airlines generally will not vol- If when your luggage arrives policy before you depart. It is aluntarily pay you anything for off the aircraft it has been dam- ways sensible to take emergenthis and you might have to take aged in transit or by baggage cy telephone numbers and your other steps if you feel you are handlers you should report policy number with you even if entitled to compensation in this the problem immediately at you don’t take the entire policy regard, for example go through the airport before continuing document. It makes particular Explain with the background to the up of thesense business and your business than a client who feels that you have done your best for court. if you arethe travelling abroad your journey. A set property them in the circumstances of their particular case. motivation for set up? and not on a package holiday. irregularity report should be What vi- are the main challenges for your business and how do you Lost baggage. completed and obtain a copy Travel insurance could prove overcome them? of years ago. He left in 2001 to establish his own practice McKeone tal if for example the airline you To arrange an appointment If within the 21 days your and bagof this report as it will help you Co and asked me to join him a few months ago. I had always are travelling with goes bust or what it would be compensation like to run my own practice and decided gage has not appeared wondered it is with any claim for contact the office rise to you the challenge. Having the worked for someone elsedifficulties for so manyabout is aacchallenge, however hard work and a conscientious approach there are deemed to be lost and intothat may have against airline. on 02871 or etomail combined with self belief goes a long265566 way to help overcome the commodation providers actually situation you are entitled toafford look meYou must make challenges that we face. appealed to me.and file a written This combined venture is in its infancy and it is about establishing to the airline for compensation complaint within 7 days from providing you with the accomor McKeone McGilloway as a practice with a reputation for reliability modation. It can also be vital in in this regard. The airline are en- is the receive your lugand excellent quality of service. A bit of luck helps too - then again What yourdate own you background? titled to ask you for a list of what gage if it is damaged otherwise the event of a death or serious you generate your own luck- isnÕt that what they say? Since qualifying as acould solicitor I worked with Brendan Kearney and injury when on holiday either to was in the luggage. Very often the airline refuse to comor derefuse compensate What are or thelost, chiefdamaged qualities that customers aretolooking for in ayou Co and was a partner there for almost 20 years. I was educated at a member of of your party or to abusiness it will not be possible to provide you.As withUniversity lost lug-Belfast. legal the minute? Thornhillpensate College and Queens The type work layedatluggage or cancelled then seek legal advice as I did wasgage mainly litigation, I have considerable at home when you may original receipts for the items thefamily airlinelaw willand assess what butrelative flightsto or there a number of if steps My experience datethe as ainability solicitor to in Derry hasare taught me that experience in many other aspects of the law having worked in a very need to again quickly. but it is a matter of negotiation compensation they are prepared catch flight to an thatincan be taken to assist a client feels that ayou havedue a sincere interest the best possible busy general practice for so long. Cormac has 10 yearsget as ahome sole pracwhenbase. purchasing outcome travel for between yourself and the airline to givewhich you if time they he accept liability Clearly them in their case, youthe treat them withyou respect are titioner, during has established a solid client emergency whatever you and haveand recourse and direct in your dealings with them and provide honin relation to what you can man- and again original receipts are insurance you must be straightforward difficulty if it is covered unto remedies through the What are the main services that the business offers in the area? them with value for money then they will be content with the service. age to get them to pay. If the be- always helpful but it may not est with the insurance provider In matrimonial cases,travel I trulyinsurance believe that the ability to listen and der your courts. Cormac offer a truly fully comprehensive legalany service for health process you are hearing in a sympathetic and humane way is existing prob- what longings in your luggage are not and be Ipractical to produce them. about policy ensure you have If youdelay wishisto clients. We both have skills in different aspects of the law which vital. with their that business expeditiously and without otherwise you may not beDealing brand new it is unlikely that the Clearly it otheris wise not to carry any- lems familiarised yourself with have any furcomplement each also clearly fundamental. covered in respect of these difairline will give you the full value thing of immense Family/Matrimonial Law value in hold time limits etc for submisther informaPersonal Injury claims What advice would you give to people looking to set up in their of those items since they will de- luggage. It can be extremely ficulties if an emergency should sion of claims so that you tion or advice Conveyancing/Private client commercial work own business? duct a certain amount for Wills/Probate wear difficult to succeed in a claim arise when you are away. It is alstand a chance of being please feel free With regards to anyone considering opening a business I would say and tear. If on the other Estate hand Management/Trusts against the airline if you allege ways useful for travelling around compensated. to contact Employment Law follow your instinct. If your gut feeling is to take the leap go for it Europe to have the European much of what is in your luggage Carmelwhy Mcyou Gilloway Criminalthat Law during the flight valuable unless of course there are very obvious reasons shouldnÕt. as said is brand new it is possible to still items were removed from your Health Insurance Card EHIC Having that usually there isMc a way! Clearly, If you feel thatwhere your there rightsis a will Mc Keone Gilloway SoIn the climate do you service as essential? a degree should be exercised in terms of not being entirely this can help with providing you ofascaution have the receipts at home and if present baggage. Unless youview havequality per- of a passenger in whatever licitors reckless. Another thing to remember is that very often opportunities urgent business medical treatment so these should be produced to of haps indicated their existence to with Quality service is quintessential to running a successful in life appear need them to, not necessarily we want waywhen havewe been violated 1 Carlisle when Terrace, Derry. any climate not toin talk the current climate. Ultimately, clients them to - so never reject an opportunity as02871 completely outorofe hand free. the airline to help supportinany the airline theoffirst place and by the airline and having 265566 mail are free to decide they wish to represent are entitled consideration. Be honest and have integrity in your If theand situation does arise without either some claim that you have. are able who to provide proof that them complained towhere the airline to the highest standards of service possible which is what we aim to dealings with others and, possible, carmel@mckeonemcgillokeep things simple. inadvertisement respect of medical It is widely acknowledgedprovide. that At thethe items thethere baggage. endwere of theinday is no better for emergency you feel unheard or they

Carmel McGilloway In partnership with Cormac Mc Keone.

in the following areas. Matrimonial/Family Law

Private Client/Commercial Personal Injury Claims Conveyancing (North/South)

Estate Planning/ Probate &Trusts Employment Law Criminal Law

For appointments with either solicitor please contact us at 71265566 Or call to 1 Carlisle Terrace, L’Derry (facing Craigavon Bridge on the City side) Email at


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Get ready for the world cup with the City Herald

Derry bands to make waves with the Beach Boys L

ocal artists will have the opportunity to compete for the chance to support one of the most famous names in music this summer, when the Beach Boys bring some good vibrations to the Banks of the Foyle on June 26, during the LegenDerry Maritime Festival.

catalogue of hits, and to be able to share a stage with the band is such an exciting opportunity. Following on from our City of Culture year, we have seen the calibre of our local musicians and we continue in our commitment to supporting that talent. I would urge local artists to submit their entries, and take the opportunity to showcase their music alongside such a legendary act.”

The competition is being run by Derry City Council, and the concert is one of the main highlights in a packed nine day programme of events running from June 21-29. Up to 100,000 visitors are expected to descend on the city for the nautical celebrations, providing an exciting chance for local artists to play to packed audiences.

This is the second in a series of opportunities being offered by the council for local artists to enhance their profile and reach new audiences. The competition is open to both solo artists and bands, and open to all genres of music. Entries should take the form of a song (file size less than 10mb), a link to online media (ie. SoundCloud) or a link to a performance video (ie. YouTube), along with a short biography and a brief description of how this opportunity could benefit your career. All entrants must be from the Derry and Strabane area, and must have previous live experience. Deadline for entries is June 12.

The event has been organised as part of the council’s Legacy Programme for 2014, which this year takes Music City as its theme, celebrating the city’s wealth of musical talent. Announcing the competition, Legacy Director with Derry City Council, Oonagh McGillion, urged local performers to send in their entries. “I am thrilled to be able to open this opportunity up to local artists, the Beach Boys are one of the most influential bands in American music, and we are delighted to be able to bring them to the city,” she said. “I don’t think there is a generation that isn’t familiar with the Beach Boys massive

F o r more inform a tion on how to enter go to www. legacy, and all entries should be submitted tocolin. coyle@derrycity.


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Sunday Comforts At Da Vinci’s T

he Grillroom Restaurant at Da Vinci’s Hotel in Derry/ L’Derry have launched a Sunday comforts menu which run throughout the day from 12.30 until 8pm.... Talk about a collections of home cooked traditional dishes and comfort food. All of the classic favourites catered for and at excellent prices!!

On the menu you will find classic roasts at £7.95 with all the trimmings. I began with one of my favourites the bacon caesar salad which was served on a bed of crisp leaves with shallots and creamy caesar dressing. This was a splendid and very light dish to start with and I loved how fresh this tasted on a Sunday afternoon! My partner opted for the ultimate comfort choice to start with, the butter milk fried chicken wings in a barbeque sauce. These looked fantastic and by the end of the dish there

wasn’t much evidence of any food left! Our main course was a little difficult to decide on as there actually such a great selection to choose from on the menu. I went with the pan seared rump of Slane Valley lamb with wilted cabbage and lamb gravy. Lamb being one of my ultimate favourites I was expecting this to be cooked perfectly and this did not disappoint! The meat was tender and juicy and the accompaniments were fantastic! I ordered some garlic potatoes which were lovely also and had a thoroughly enjoyable meal. My partner ordered the 10 oz sirloin with peppercorn sauce and chargrilled tomatoes which was cooked medium, right to his specification with creamed potatoes and onion rings. In his opinion “a classic dish with a very polished finish and presentation and fantastic flavours!” Our main course was brilliant! A lot of food to get through however isn’t this what Sundays are all

about? Not to forget my favourite point in any dining experience.... The dessert! I had the warm coconut and jam sponge with cutard which was traditional and delightful. Perfect finish to the meal. On the other end of the table my partner had some lovely ice cream with a scrumptious looking cappucino with the Da Vinci’s logo impressively nestled on top. A very classy

touch I might add. A Sunday for me is all about spoiling and indulging and this menu was the perfect opportunity for us to do so. The selection on offer is great and although the dishes are traditional, there is still a very classy and up market presence to the ingredients in each dish. The homely surroundings and soft lighting also give a very relaxed and comfortable

T: 028 7127 9111

feel to diners. There was a great atmosphere going around on this Sunday afternoon with busy staff who did not slip at all on their customer service even under pressure and managing a busy restaurant. A definite “Must Visit” for a lovely Sunday lunch with friends, loved ones and family.

LegenDerry business opportunities at the Maritime Festival L

ooking back to 2012 it’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since Derry welcomed home the crews of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race for what was certainly a homecoming celebration to remember. Such was the success of that event that organiser Sir Robin Knox-Johnston was quick to announce the return of the Clipper Race fleet as a highlight of the LegenDerry Maritime Festival which will draw tens of thousands of visitors to the city from June 21-29.

With the huge volumes of visitors will of course come many opportunities for the city to build its international profile and demonstrate the warmth and hospitality that has become synonymous with Derry. And to maximise trading opportunities for local businesses throughout the festival, the Business Opportunities Programme has compiled a package of initiatives which local companies can sign up to, and become part of the event. These opportunities include the ‘Adopt a Boat’ scheme, which will allow local businesses to link up with the Clipper Race crews during the event, outdoor trading opportuni-

ties at the Walled City Market, and access to a special Quayside Corporate Zone. Companies can also provide branded products for event welcome packs, and download a special LegenDerry Maritime Festival toolkit to show their support for the event. For companies hoping to devise more effective business strategies there will also be a special leadership event taking place on June 25 in the City Hotel. The team selected as Clipper Race’s Learning and Development partner, Mission Performance, will be in the city to lend their expertise to local businesses, based on a groundbreaking new study of

performance levels during the race. The study is led by survival expert Rob Lewis, who has over 25 years of leadership training and facilitation experience with a wide variety of international clients. Rob has been working closely with the crews throughout the duration of the race to gauge how certain behaviours and actions affect team performance. His study seeks to identify the simple and replicable lessons of exemplary leadership and followership that can be used to improve future race training and develop learning tools to inform greater business performance.

Hear from Rob and colleagues Jamil Qureshi and Matt Burgess, who will engage with local businesses in a day long workshop tackling areas such as creativity and innovation, and leadership communications.

For more information about the event, and to register go to www.derrycity. And for more information about the many opportunities open to local businesses throughout the LegenDerry Maritime Festival, go to business The Business Opportunities Programme is delivered by Derry City Council, with support from Invest Northern Ireland and the European Regional Development Fund.

Louise Breslin


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June lineup Fri 6th :Main Venue Queen+Disco Back Bar: Audio Asylum Sat7th:Main Venue Club Havana:Dance,Pop,Rock/Indie. (Every Sat) Great value party packages available,contact Back Bar: Renaissance DJs Sun 8th Downstairs Bar,Traditional Session 5pm (Every Sun.) From 6pm our Sun Lounge will be open ,come and relax on the sofa and enjoy some summery drinks. Btl of Prosecco and Strawberries,ÂŁ10.50. Fri 9th Main Venue:Celtronic presents, Andy Weatherall . Back bar: The Benjamin Chapter +Gatefolds.(Live) Fri 20th :Main Venue: Queen+Disco Back Bar: The Woodburning Savages(Live) Wed 25th:Celtronic Festival Opening Night .Main Venue 10pm Fri 27th: Main Venue Queen+Disco Sat 28th Back Bar :The Rumble Club 10pm Sun 29th: Celtronic Closing Party with Derrick Carter.

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SUMMER WEEKDAYS  O'DIOCHANS BAR live entertainment 7 nights a week


MON 9th june : jimbo on guitar TUES traditional irish folk night with danny mc gillaway WEDS spice THURS salsa night



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City Hotel Thompsons Restaurant


n an amazing evening with the perfect setting right in the heart of the city Thompsons restaurant had us thoroughly spoiled for choice....

With a new menu boasting excellent variety and choice we were absolutely amazed at what was on offer for such great value in price. To begin with I ordered the Chicken caesar salad which was delishiously prepared and presented. The chicken was wrapped delicately in a smoked bacon and nestled on a bead of fresh leaves with croutons, parmesan and a garlic dressing. The flavours were simply perfect and was a great light starting point for the main which followed. There were two homemade soups on offer which my partner sampled the vegetable which was thick and creamy and served with warm bread and butter.

a bed of sweet chilli creamed noodles and char grilled vegetables along with a side of garlic potatoes and honey roasted vegetables. This was a really colourful dish which

was full of aroma and flavour. I enjoyed every bite and struggled to make it to the end as there was plenty of food but delishious all the same. My partner ordered the 12oz rib eye steak along with a peppercorn sauce on a bed of mash and accompanied

with onion rings. A fairly traditional dish but cooked extremely well to his taste and again not much left to spare at the end. As well as the options on our table the menu selection offers so much more and a great adaptation included also for vegetarians

visiting the restaurant! Desert made for an interesting topic of discussion as there was a great selection on this menu also! I went with the warm apple tart tartin with fresh cream and apple sorbet. This was splen-

From the very beginning of our dining experience, the staff could not have been friendlier or more accomodating. They were there in between each course to check in on us and offer assistance at any point. This is always a great addition and accomnpanied by a beautiful interior with gorgeous views of the foyle as you dine.... Thompsons makes for a fantastic treat!

For our main course, I opted for the Grilled escalope of chicken which was served on

Diary of a crew member


rew member Alastair Murrell on board the Derry~Londonderry~Doire gives a taste oif life on board.

Well the time has finally arrived! As we reach the exciting climax to the thirteenth instalment of the Clipper 13/14 Race, crossing the finishing line in the next 24 hours or so will also draw to a close my personal experience and contribution to the Derry-GoRound challenge. So, perhaps this final blog would be a good time for me to reflect a little on the highs and lows and, of course, thank those that have made this adventure come to life is so many ways. But before I do that a quick up-

did! The mixture of hot and cold is always a preference of mine come desert time and this did not disappoint! The warm sweetened apples were delishious and heavenly for sinishing off this wonderful meal! My partner ordered the warm chocolate brownie with the vanilla bean ice cream which I must admit I also sampled and this was remarkable! A crunchy coating on top with a soft velvet cake alongside the ice cream was fantastic!

date on Race 13; as I type we are sitting in 5th based on the DTF readings to the shortened finish line that lies East- West and some 150 nautical miles North. This probably doesn’t tell the whole story as there are four boats sitting on similar latitude all trying to work their way North against the moderate headwinds. As one of the contenders for a podium finish we are pushing the boat and ourselves to the limit. Picking up a pennant would be the perfect icing on the cake both for my personal experience

and for this race, which for me has been a great blend of match racing, with a great line start coming out of Port Antonio, followed by some fun kite work plus the added bonus of working out the currents including the infamous Gulf stream. Time will tell whether we can pull it off but fingers crossed! As for the Clipper Race experience here are a few anecdotes from my personal diary of events: Human beings were never meant to sleep in anything

other than a bed on a flat surface in an air-conditioned room. The ghetto alleys just don’t quite cut it and are unlikely to catch on in my opinion. Having not shaved for nearly

three months I am willing to accept that I do indeed have a hint of ginger in my hair colour. A single wet-wipe really can go a long way to making you feel clean and refreshed but you can’t beat a hot shower for a proper “deep” clean. There is never such a thing as too much peanut butter when begin applied to a single piece of bread; this has been a staple of my boat diet. Apparently I am still able to survive all-nighters (just!) but have probably seen my fill of rum for the rest of the year. Some great stopover memories if a little hazy! Bizarrely, and lastly, the only time I really have felt sea-sick is trying to type these blogs; well that is my excuse for the poor

grammar and suspect content. Before I sign off and say goodbye to the Clipper Race I do just want to thank publically all the crew and, of course, skipper Sean for making this unforgettable. I will be speaking to people in person and genuinely hope that I stay in touch with a good number of the Leg 6 and 7 crews that have had to suffer and share all the DLD trials and tribulations. The last words have to go to Lou, my fiancé, who has been my shore crew rock throughout and made all the stopovers well worth the wait. See you very soon in New York! All that remains is to say a final “goodbye” from me and I wish the Leg 8 crew the best of luck on their homecoming race.

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Guide to trades and services To Advertise Call 07872 022 925


Gardening Services Available Grass Cutting General Clean Up Power washing Guttering

Tel: 07540 165522 CAR DISMANTLERS


Unit 2, Northwest Business Park, Skeoge Industrial Estate Beraghmore Road, Derry, BT48 8SE


M:077 36486009 • SALES: 028 7086 8814 • OFFICE: 028 7086 8050 email:



Email: Find us on Facebook

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are fully insured with fully comprehensive motor “tradeWeinsurance. We can collect your car from your home or place of work, then return it again at no extra cost


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Rainbow Rehoming Centre, Ballygudden Road, Eglinton. - TEL : (028) 71 812882 Alvin - BELOW

Harold - RIGHT

The extremely loving Alvin was brought to the centre recently after he was reported as a stray with a lump on his back. Thank fully for the big guy it was nothing serious just a massive lump of matted hair which had to be shaved off. Every cat coming into the centre has a quarantine period in this time they spend 7 days in a cage that measures 36inW x 24inH x 28inD. With his quarantine period behind him he has now been moved to the main cattery. Alvin is extremely stressed and we standing with him every day to encourage him to eat! We are extremely worried that his stress will lead to ill health as often it does. Alvin needs a home desperately. He is a loving big cat with a sweet gentle nature. He loves to be petted and stroked and seeks comfort in your hand.

Harold was taken by the centre on 9/05/2014 from Monaghan dog pound. Unfortunately when he arrived we noticed that he had a skin infection which he is now receiving daily treatment for. He has a further 3 weeks of treatment left but can be viewed and booked to go to his new home when his treatment has finished. Aged approx. 8 years old Harold is a Springer Spaniel. Anyone who owns a Springer will know they are an active dog and Harold is no different. Investigating his surroundings on his walks and always keen to learn and please. He is extremely friendly and loves company and well on with other dogs also.

Betty - LEFT

the attention. She also would be best suited to a home with no young kids. If you would like to offer Betty her new loving retirement home please ring the centre to arrange meeting Betty as she is still with her foster family

Volunteer foster homes are a vital lifeline to the dog or cat that may need your help Become a Cat fosterer

We sometimes have adult cats who find cattery life difficult. Foster carers offer an opportunity for shy and nervous cats to unwind and show us their true personalities, or they provide rest and recuperation for adult cats that may have health issues. During kitten season we are always in need of foster homes for a mother cat that may be heavily pregnant or very young semi feral kittens that need handling. If you have experience of cats, a spare room and

are at home must of the day the centre would love to hear from you.

Become a Dog fosterer

Many of the dogs who come in to our care have never experienced a kennel environment before, and some can find the whole experience very stressful. When a dog is very stressed it can be difficult to assess its true personality and determine the kind of home it is looking for, so in these circumstances we seek temporary foster care for the animal. This way we can

assess them in a home environment, and try to reduce the length of time spent looking for a new home. If you have experience of dogs and feel that you could help a dog in need the centre would again love to hear from you.

Please contact the centre during opening hours 12pm -4pm daily 71812882. We provide food, medical treatment and check-ups throughout the duration of the foster period.

Betty is an older Jack Russell aged approx. 9 years old who was rescued from the local pound back in April. When she first arrived at the centre she was in very poor condition and extremely frightened of people. She cowered and flinched every time she was approached or touched expecting to be hurt. The vet that examined her said it was obvious she had a previous hard life. She had a number of tumours on her stomach which she had to get removed. After her operation she went to a Rainbow foster home and went on to make a full recovery from her operation. Whilst at the centre before her operation she had started to gain more confidence and trust in us slowly, making progress every day. Now in her foster home Betty confidence has much improved a different dog in all accords. She loves her belly rubs, walks and most of all her ‘one on one’ time with her foster mummy. Betty gets on with other dogs but would be suited best to a home with no other dogs were she can have all

Meet Binky - ABOVE

The very handsome Binky was brought into the centre as a stray on 2/05/2014. He had been living rough in and around the Crescent Link, Retail Park, Derry/Londonderry. He is a very confident cat who walks around the cattery as if it was his own leaving the other male cats on edge. For this reason we sometimes move him to an individual pen so that the other male cats are not as stressed with his presence .He is becoming more frustrated in the cattery and is desperate for his freedom beyond the cattery fence. Binky is an extremely friendly and affectionate big cat who loves attention from whoever is offering. He would be better suited to a house with no other male cats.

DRUMAHOE VETERINARY CLINIC 4 Ard l ou g h R o a d, L ond ond e r r y, BT 4 7 5 S W Email: Web:

Congratulations to Rainbow and all the team at the rainbow shelter on the magniicent work undertaken in giving these gi rescued animals a new lease of life.

Rainbow Rehoming Centre, Ballygudden Road, Eglinton. - TEL : (028) 71 812882 Tami - RIGHT

Over 1 year at the centre and still waiting Tami was rescued by the centre on 05/03/2013 from the local dog pound where she was handed in as a stray. She is an adorable Staffordshire Bull Terrier aged approx.4 years old. She is an extremely loving and affectionate little lady who adores company and cuddles. She is very playful and bursting with personality. Tami adores people and is good with kids but needs to go to a home

Clarrissa got her happy ending

and more. Dispute numerous appeals 3 months later Clarissa was still at the centre but after a final urgent appeal on our Facebook page and website a family from Larne fell for her story and the rest was history. On 16th May Clarissa left the centre with her new family and her Rainbow life well and truly behind her. We receive regular updates from her new family. It seems that Clarissa has been making herself right at home and runs

the house as if she had been there all her life. She has finally got the ending she deserved. Too often at the centre we see stories just like Clarissa’s. Many cats struggle in the cattery seeking their freedom and a family home of their own. Often leading to ill health due to the stress caused with living with other cats in a stressful environment. We currently have 2 cats that are extremely stressed and desperately seeking a new beginning just like Clarissa got.

Dogs Trust Cats Promotion Protection Promotion **Extended for an-

tection neutering hotline on 03000 12 12 12 (lines open from 9.30am-1pm) or contact your nearest vet and ask whether they are participating in the £5 campaign. Almost all veterinary practices in Northern Ireland are currently working with Cats Protection on this initiative.

Clarissa came into our care on the 10th February this year as a stray that was reported to the centre with an extremely sore paw and hair loss. After weeks of treatment she recovered from her sore paw and her hair has now grown back. When she was moved from sick bay to the main cattery she found it difficult to adjust and in her final weeks at the centre struggled, hiding away in her kennel more

other month now ends 30th April 2014**

Dogs Trust announce FREE Neutering & Mirco-chip for dogs FREE to dog owners on means tested benefits that live in BT47-BT48 area.(Derry/Londonderry area)

Pooches in the Park

Dog Show

“a fun day out for your dog & family”

Sunday 20th July

St. Columb’s Park, Derry.

(Browning Drive Entrance)

Dog Show Categories Most Obedient ~ Waggiest Tail Best Fancy Dress ~ OAP (8 yrs +) Pup Idol (under 18 months) Fastest Sausage Eater Best Teeney Weeney (small dog) Almighty Medium (medium dog) Best Gentle Giant (large dog)

Agility Course

*Tombola* *Vet your Pet*

Register from 1.15pm ~ event starts 2pm ~ £10 entrance per dog (includes entrance to all dog show categories, agility course & free doggy bag)

Tea, Coffee sandwiches Home bakes

*Dog Groomer*

~ Rosettes & prizes for all winners ~ All proceeds in aid of

s and doggy bag Prize ss

po ns


You may be entitled to help from Cats Protection Their Northern Ireland wide scheme enables cats to be neutered for £5. This offer is open to owners who are receiving state benefits, are on a low income and who are students or pensioners and who live in Northern Ireland. Either phone the Cats Pro-

In 2013 we had 274 kittens came through the centre and the calls reference pet owned cats having kittens were endless. Why are cat owners allowing their family pet to have kittens? We heard many excuses to why the mother was not neutered. “Did not think she would get pregnant so soon” “She never gets out” “It’s not my cat...even though I have been feeding it for months” “I could not put her through the operation” The centre have a free trap/ neuter and release scheme. If you are feeding a feral/wild cat or kitten that you cannot get caught to neuter please contact the centre immediately. Do not wait until you see kittens, always assume the cat is a female and not neutered.

where she will be the only pet as she is not keen on other animals. She would make a very loving and loyal pet. We are heartbroken for Tami that her new home has never been offered and we are extremely keen to see her in a home environment very soon. Tami is neutered, vaccinated, wormed and deflead. If you would like to offer Tami her forever new home please visit her at the centre during opening hours 12pm -4pm daily

ed or

Please contact the following vets for details: Drumahoe Vets: 028 71311448 Foyleview Vets: 028 71346399 St Elmo Vets: 028 71353538 Whitehouse Vets: 028 71262596 Dogs Trust have a neutering scheme for those on means tested benefits at vets throughout Northern Ireland please contact your local vet for more details on the Dogs Trust means tested scheme in your area.

Please get responsible people and STOP unwanted kittens being born and charities like ourselves having to pick up behind irresponsible people. Please take note: Kittens will breed at 6 months old They have on average 3-4 kittens They can have up to 3 litter per year A feeding mother can still get pregnant Relations will breed will one another (example: brother & sister or mother & son etc)

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Rainbow Rescue & rehoming centre for cats & dogs

DRUMAHOE VETERINARY CLINIC 4 Ard l ou g h R o a d, L ond ond e r r y, BT 4 7 5 S W Email: Web:

Congratulations to Rainbow and all the team at the rainbow shelter on the magniicent work undertaken in giving these gi rescued animals a new lease of life.


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T: 028 71 279 111





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80’s for Autism event

ll The jigsaw project are a local youth and support group an non profitable organisation that give a safe haven to those children on the spectrum with ADHD and Asbergers it is run by an amazing group of volunteers lead by Sonya Blakely ... these children have to struggle with daily routines in society at school in public often looked upon as difficult I would ask anyone that see’s a child in the street in a playground in a classroom if their behaviour is not what society has somehow deemed correct before you cast judgement stop and think there maybe a reason for the childs reaction outburst or and behaviour, I also would ask you to teach your children to reach out to the quiet kid in the corner of the playground who maybe finding it difficult to join in and they may often like different things these children are not being antisocial they are struggling and if people are taught awareness out there from an early age daily life forthese children can be so different

Tickets are £10 each and are available from .NaturalTouch TreatmentSpa our city centre ticket outlet Barrs mobile Carnhill, Racecourse Road, Micky Cliffords Shantallow and the Delacroix Derry Bridies Take away Trench Road £10 each all proceeds go to the Sonya Jigsaw-Project support group for Autistic Children Come have a some fun and put a smile on a childs face x if you need other info contact Lana Campbell of Facebook or go find the Simply the 80’s for Autism event page


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Irish Stew buy 1 get 1 FREE 4oz Burger Chips & Can Scotch Egg, Chips, Beans & Can Mince Pie, Chips Peas, Gravy & Can Sausage & Bacon Dinners Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Buy 2 Fish Suppers an get a portion of Onion Rings or Curry FREE Chicken Curry Box with rice and chips 2 bigfoot hot dogs £4.99



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Ladies Get Set and Get Registered NOW for the Female Walk! This is the final call to all the ladies of the North West to come along and take part in the Foyle Hospice Female Walk. Get out, get dressed up, and bring family and friends for a truly fun day out whilst supporting the North Wests only Hospice. The Foyle Hospice Female Walk will take place this Sunday, 8th June 2014, at 1.30pm and will start from Templemore Sports Complex with the finish line at Ebrington Square via the Peace Bridge. This is now coming into the final week for registrations so Foyle Hospice has extended hours and locations for everyone to get registered. Foyle Hospice Fundraising Centre, 61 Culmore Road (028) 71359888 Monday 2nd June & Tuesday 3rd June 9am – 5pm

Walk which has grown in popularity year by year. Last year entries to the sponsored walk were around 4,800. Now this year the big push is on to increase those numbers even more and hit 5000! The new route introduced last year will commence at Templemore Sports Complex, travel along the Buncranna Road progressing onto Riverside Walk at Fort George and then crossing the Peace Bridge to finish at Ebrington Square. Speaking recently, Noel McMonagle, Community Fundraising Manger said “As of next week we have extended opening hours and increased registration points to

make it as easy and accessible for everyone wishing to register. This is our largest fundraising event of the year so we really need all the ladies of the North West to come out in force and help support Foyle Hospice. I would also like to extend our sincere thanks to Seagate once again for their fantastic support” The Female Walk will take place on Sunday 8th June 2014 at 1:30pm. It is approximately 5km. Entry is £7. Buses will be available to take ladies from Ebrington over to the start area and then return to Templemore at finish of walk.

Late Opening Wednesday 4th June 9am – 8pm Thursday 5th June 9am – 8pm Friday 6th June 9am – 8pm Saturday 7th June 9am – 8pm Foyle Hospice Shop, Waterloo Place Monday 2nd June – Saturday 7th June 10am – 4pm Foyleside Shopping Centre, Level 3 (top of escalator, between O2 and Burton) Monday 2nd June – Thursday 5th June 10am – 4pm Friday 6th June 10am – 7pm Saturday 7th June 10am – 5pm This is the 14th annual Female


ABC OPENING HOURS Seniors Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8.00pm-9.30pm Juniors Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6.30pm-7.30pm

Ebrington Centre, Glendermott Road, Waterside, Londonderry, BT47 6BG

Tel: 028 7131 1005 Fax: 028 7131 1637 Email:



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JK AUTO SERVICES Unit 19c Pennyburn Industrial Estate

| T: 028 71 372757



we offer up to 60% Saving over main dealer prices and we are extremely competitive against other local service garages

JK AUTO SERVICES Up to 1300cc Up to 1900cc Up to 2200cc Over 2200cc 4x4 Vehicles





£44.99 £59.99 £69.99 £79.99 £89.99

£79.99 £89.99 £99.99 £109.99 £119.99

£119.99 £129.99 £139.99 £149.99 £159.99

£149.99 £159.99 £169.99 £179.99 £189.99

Oil & Filter Change

Interim Service/Minor

Excluding Gearbox, Long life sparkplugs @ extra cost

Including MOT

JK Auto Services are able to carry out all repairs and servicing to maintain your vehicle and keep you on the road. Terms & conditions apply

Brake Fluid Change All Vehicles

Misfuel and Fuel Drain Service

Engine Management Light & Vehicle Diagnositic Check




Cambelt replacement advice

Clutch Assessment and advice

Free of Charge

Free of Charge

Service book always stamped when presented and service lights extinguished

Got a problem with your car? Blown bulb? Broken door handle or “I’ve got a funny noise coming from somewhere!” then give us a try, we will only be too pleased to help!

JK Auto Services | T: 028 71 372757 Unit 19c pennyburn Industrial Estate, Derry, bT48 0lU E:


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Eglinton Road Runners

Stephen Thompson of Eglinton Running Club crossing the line with his daughters Caitlin and Abbie.

Freya McClements manages a smile in the last mile the Walled City Marathon on Sunday. Picture Martin McKeown.

Gareth King of Eglinton Running Club

Tommy McCallion the the Walled City Marathon on Sunday. Picture Martin McKeown.

One of the charity runners during the Walled City Marathon on sunday Picture Martin McKeown.


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Anne Curley makes her way to the Peace Bridge during the Walled City Marathon on Sunday Picture Martin McKeown.

Athlete Matrina Campbell approaches the Peace Bridge to the sound of Tullintrain Pipe Band during the Walled City Marathon on Sunday. Picture Martin McKeown.

Athlete Shane Carton approaches the Peace Bridge to the sound of Tullintrain Pipe Band during the Walled City Marathon on Sunday. Picture Martin McKeown.

some of the 1500 athletes make their way from the starting line during the Walled City Marathon on Sunday. Picture

Paul McLaughlin, Alan Clarke, John Hasson and Mal McCay pictured during the Walled City Marathon on sunday. Picture Martin McKeown.


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Finishing first Freddy Sittuk, from Kenya

Aisling Thomasius gets help to cool down during the final mile of the Walled City Marathon on Sunday Picture Martin McKeown.

Running as a team


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cocktail making session with 4 cocktails




cocktail making session & 3 course meal


cocktail making session, meal & overnight stay



WAS £17.00 NOW



WAS £22.95 NOW

£12.95pp £15.95pp AVAILABLE MONDAY – FRIDAY 5.30 TO CLOSE BOOK NOW, CALL 028 7134 5500

Caw Roundabout, Waterside, Derry/Londonderry, BT47 6TB


Delicious 5 course meal + entertainment £15.95 adult £7.95 kids under 12 under 5’s FREE Funky Friends Characters FREE childminding

Planning a

Party or Celebration? STUDIO

Book Studio 5 – FREE! FREE Private Function Room Private Bar & dance floor Buffet from £8.50 per person DJ provided for a supplement

Ideal for any occasion including birthdays, hen parties, retirements, christenings, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers. Ask about our Cocktail Making Sessions & Themed Parties.! Minimum numbers apply

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