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April ~ 2012

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Staff Dear Reader, So here we are at the beginning of another month in Paradise! The temperature is rising, Spring is here and I really hope you enjoy this month’s edition of the Camposol District Journal. Quite a lot has been taking place over the last month. Most notably, and as I’m sure you are all well aware, the Paramount Studios theme park is one step closer to becoming a reality and brings with it high hopes for this part of Spain. Make no mistake, times are still tough, but having spent quite a while out and about this month it has been refreshing to see the enthusiasm of many of our local businesses. Estate agencies are already reporting an increase in enquiries and the bars and restaurants are getting ready for a big summer. On A sector the old Saladillo Vista is reopening as the Vista-Bar with Simon and Vicky and Louise and James at the helm. These 2 couples done great things with their previous bar and we would like to wish them every success in their new place. Over at the Sensol Golf and Social Club things are also moving forward for Margaret and Jim as they open their Gourmet Delicatessen shop on site. Yorkshire Linen in the Port are very excited about their April sale (see P5 for details) and Luis Canovas from the security company reports that the take up of the poligono offer has been exceptional. He is happy to report that he can now, as promised, extend the 10€ a month offer to ALL properties on B and D sector. It really is great to see things start to change for the better and be witness to so many people prepared to support our local businesses which are the lifeblood of our community. Whether its the spring air, the high hopes of a new theme park for the area, or just the fact that people are fed up being glum about the recession, it doesn’t really matter. The main thing is that for the first time in a long time there is sense optimism and hope out there that didn’t exist before. There is no doubt that these are exciting times we live in so make the most of them! Happy reading, Robert Rutherford

Enjoy the Camposol District Journal like never before!

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For Spain, an Economic Lifeline from China

With another recession looming, immigrants are shoring up growth With an unemployment rate of 22.8 percent, the euro zone’s highest, Spain appears to be spiraling back into recession. Yet the Cobo Calleja industrial park 15 miles south of central Madrid shows few signs of economic distress. A manager’s Mercedes must be moved to make way for an incoming truck. Forklifts and workers pushing metal carts swerve to avoid each other as they rush to deliver orders. Merchants cram white sneakers and brown leather boots into cardboard boxes. “I can’t think of one Chinese person who is unemployed,” Jin Jing says as she surveys the commotion outside her warehouse crammed with women’s clothing. “There are jobs to be found in this crisis if you are willing to work. The Chinese are clearly willing to work.” The activity in Cobo Calleja reveals a surprising source of strength for the troubled Spanish economy: immigrants from China. Virtually all of the shopkeepers and wholesalers in the park are Chinese. Only 2.9 percent of Chinese registered for social security received unemployment benefits in 2010, vs. 16.5 percent of Spanish nationals and 24.5 percent of all foreigners, government data show. And though they account for less than 3 percent of Spain’s 5.7 million immigrants, Chinese make up nearly 23 percent of the country’s foreign-born entrepreneurs, labor ministry data show. For a decade, Spain’s explosive growth lured foreign workers into the country. But when the housing market collapsed in 2008, more than a million immigrants found themselves out of work. The government offered €10,000 ($13,300) to foreigners who agreed to go home and not return to Spain for at least three years. Few Chinese accepted the offer, and government statistics show there are now 165,000 Chinese in Spain (though many academics believe the real number may be more than double that). Nearly 18,000 new Chinese immigrants arrived in Spain in the three years ended December 2010, and most seem to have found work with little problem. From 2007 until the end of 2011, legal Chinese workers increased 41 percent, while employed Moroccans and Ecuadoreans—the largest non-European immigrant groups—fell 23 percent and 52 percent, respectively, according to the labor ministry. A primary strength of the Chinese community in Spain is its cohesion. Though no official figures exist, many Chinese in the country say a strong

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majority of their ranks come from one place: Qingtian County, about 300 miles south of Shanghai. That mountainous corner of Zhejiang province has little arable land, so for the last 200 years many of its people have emigrated. Qingtian folklore even holds that 18th century migrants walked across Siberia to Europe. Throughout the 20th century, Qingtian immigrants trickled into Spain, and their numbersbegan to rise in the late 1990s. After arriving in Spain the Qingtianese began opening Chinese restaurants and small corner stores, then began importing and selling goods from their homeland. Lately they’ve started buying tapas bars catering to Spaniards, and today signs of their presence are everywhere. Many Chinese schools and cultural centers are operated by Qingtian natives. Chinese restaurants serve up the region’s cuisine, and the lingua franca in many Chinatowns in Spain is the rough Qingtian dialect. The close Chinese community helps new arrivals find work and has created informal lending groups that allow immigrants to pool capital and more easily borrow money. Such networks helped Jin Jing and her siblings, who have been in Spain for more than two decades. They own Freebase, a clothing line designed in Spain, made in China, and sold in over 2,000 stores across Spain, including the El Corte Inglés department-store chain. In 2002, the siblings invested €60,000 in a tiny store in Madrid. Three years later they plowed €3 million into a sprawling warehouse in Cobo Calleja. In January the company bought a 113,000-square-foot textile printing factory previously owned by a Spanish company. “For the Chinese who have managed their savings, this crisis has brought a business opportunity,” says Jin’s brother Yong. The growing Chinese presence has forced Spaniards to recognize the Chinese as customers and competitors. While many in Spain admire the cando spirit of the newcomers, they often feel the Chinese “do not integrate and are only interested in working,” says Dan Rodríguez, an anthropologist at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. As a result, “anti-Chinese sentiment is quite widespread,” he says. Katia Wu, a 27-year-old clothing wholesaler and retailer in Barcelona, says she has experienced that resentment. “I have been told by Spaniards that I work too hard and steal business from the locals,” Wu says. Though Wu says business has slowed, she and her husband, Deng, opened three new shops last year. “We had a choice,” Deng says. “Slow things down or be aggressive. We decided to compete.” And in Mazarron? The last few years have seen half a dozen new and very large

Chinese stores opened. They sell virtually everything, except food and carry huge amounts of stock. In our February edition we reported on the sad passing of Robbie France. It was felt that we we may have been unintentionally misleading in our article. We would like to clarify that Robbie’s partner Karen, is not the mother of his son Max. We apologise for any upset that this may have caused.

Zara’s story

Its always nice to write a happy story! Two months ago Fred’s death was reported. Fred a very large mountain dog or mastin was one of Camposol’s original inhabitants and had lived here eleven year in total, mostly with Harry and Julie. They were a regular feature amongst the dog walkers. With Fred, very large but distinctly affable, walking twice daily. They have now homed Zara, a female of the breed, but in terms of looks, could be Fred’s younger sister. Her original owners died of cancer and Zara was looked after by a friend of hers, who was very careful about the re-homing. After all, looking after a big dog is not as easy as a small one. She has had all her vaccinations and is spayed. Zara comes from a large gardened farm

where she was kept outside and roamed the property. She was not used to walking on a lead and is very strong. Looking out of the window you can see Julie and Zara, or rather Zara and Julie going for their constitutionals. She is lovely and certainly, like Fred, gets on with other dogs and is used to them. Zara is an interesting addition to local dogs. There are not many mastin’s around Camposol, understandably as they are very large and very strong. It is a very different life for her here, walks in the campo, becoming an inside rather than outside dog. Rod Sawyer



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The carnival comes to Puerto de Mazarron

Source: City of Mazarron Carmen Maria Mendez and Bartholomew Musa Churches are elected and Muso Children The morning saw the seafront of Puerto de Mazarron filled with people who did not want to miss the carnival parade for the first time. Dozens of people enjoyed the performance of the young members of the dance studio “Terpsicore” which opened the

procession playing elaborate choreography. Behind them marched a large group of children and residents who joined the free parade and a quintet of musketeers and those representing the Senior Center Puerto


de Mazarron. The event was also attended by the Mayor of Mazarron, Ginés Campillo, and the

council of Celebration, Isidro Coy. Ginés Campillo has felt “enormously pleased” with the conclusion of this first show, “which is the starting point for holding a carnival in Puerto de Mazarron.” The Mayor added that “it is gratifying to see how life is full on the promenade”, who thanked the participation of everyone The Carnival celebrations in the city yesterday pulled the choice of Musa Muso Child and Child at a gala held at the sports hall “La Aceña”. After an exciting part where the candidates and candidates were showed at their best on stage, the jury decided to proclaim as Child Musa Carmen Maria Mendez Martinez, who

represented the AMPA “The Cañadica”. The title was Bartolomé Child Muso Iglesias, representative of the rock “Nitro”. The jury found it very difficult because the other candidates, Mia Louise Stokes, Miriam Hernandez Vera and Bartholomew Raja Raja, also carried out some brilliant performances that thrilled more than a thousand people gathered at the sports hall. There was also the appointment of the carnival Year, this year awarded to Juan Sanchez Garcia, better known as John of “The Artisan” and who was pleasantly surprised because his family had managed to hide that he would receive this recognition. Two women completed the evening show. The star of the Senior Gala was Lorena Lopez Diaz, Musa Carnival 2012 and representative of the rock “Caño del Molino”, sporting a spectacular fantasy called “The eternal fire of the volcano Mauna Loa.” The Muse displayed all his best on stage and opens today in Mazarron senior parade. The other young woman who also shone was the Queen of the Festival, Maria de los Angeles Izquierdo Alarcon, who made the opening speech of the parties encourage people to enjoy and participate with joy and excitement of them.

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Seven out of ten fruits and vegetables grown in the region of Murcia are exported

Source: CARM

‘Fruit Logistica 2012’ opened with the participation of over 200 horticultural businesses in the region and the presence of more than 130 countries belonging to the production of fresh produce Murcian firms who come to Berlin represent 70 percent of the volume of exports of fruits and vegetables in the Region More than 200 entrepreneurs and

page 6

cooperatives in the Region of Murcia participate from today until next Friday in Berlin at “Fruit Logistica 2012 ‘, considered by producers and exporters of fruits and vegetables as the first European exhibition industry to maintain networks increase sales and market shares of production in Murcia. The purpose of this meeting is to strengthen the image of these products on the Community market and the ability to increase exports to European countries. Seven out of ten fruits and vegetables grown in Murcia, are for export. UK was in 2011 the main destination for regional production, followed by Germany, France and Italy, while the United States

and Switzerland are the main non-EU countries consumers of Murcia. Responsible for Agriculture said that Spain is the largest exporter of these products, followed by the Netherlands



and the U.S., and stressed that “our productions are safe, healthy and high quality.” Cerda said that “Fruit Logistica” is a “show of excellence” for fresh produce and stressed that this event “is intended to measure the degree of satisfaction” of regional products in the European market. Increased fruit and vegetable exports “Murcia has a large export capacity,” said the Minister of Agriculture, who recalled that the sector’s exports amounted in 2011 to three billion euros, an increase of 6.7 percent over the previous year. In addition, exports of fruits and

vegetables gives Murcia 20 percent of the national total. Citrus, melon, watermelon, peaches and nectarines are the most popular fruits in these countries, and lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower vegetables

exported to these international markets. The owner of Agriculture said that during these three days Murcian companies and cooperatives “have devoted their efforts to further international business contacts and expand our product positioning at the top.” To do this, “the entrepreneurs of the region have based its entire business strategy on two main aspects, first innovation of its products and on the other internationalization. That’s What makes Murcia a model of entrepreneurship” said Jose Ballesta.

Spanish MOT (ITV) price Increased by 2.5%

Updated fees for the Vehicle Inspection, which will cost 28.28 euros on average Passing the Vehicle Inspection (ITV) is more expensive this year in the Region of Murcia, as the Ministry of Universities, Business and Research, led by José Ballesta, has updated the rates concession companies of different stations the Region of Murcia (Alcantarilla, Caravaca, Cartagena, Espinardo, Molina de Segura, Jumilla, Lorca and San Javier)

shall apply to users. Thus, the owner of a vehicle with four wheels and motor gasoline (testing for diesel powered cars are more expensive) will cost 28.28 euros to comply with the ITV (inspection technique control emissions gases), 1.87 euros more expensive than last year (about 2.5%). The second inspection, if not exceeded the first, carry a charge of 11.53 euros, when in the course of 2011 was 11.24. The rates were recently published in the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia (BORM), which establishes the obligation of concessionaires to place the updated prices in the bulletin boards of the respective stations. Still, the cost of MOT stations in the Region of Murcia is well below the national average, which stood at 36.04 euros for a four-wheeled vehicle and gasoline engine (according to a study by Federation of Consumers in Action (FACUA) held recently. This report also reveals that the neighboring Valencia is the most expensive region to pass the Technical Inspection of Vehicles. For a normal four-wheel vehicles and motor gasoline, costs more than 40 euros.


The demons that swim in Cabo Tiñoso

Discovered off the coast of Murcia new species whose existence was unknown in the Mediterranean Spider octopus, fish demon or tube anemones are some curious species that swim at home in a complex of underwater canyons off Cape Tiñoso and have been discovered by marine conservation organization Oceana. The organization has included in the report to be submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment with the description of several habitats and nearly 200 species found in five areas of the Mediterranean deep sea, which will join the Spanish Inventory of Habitats and marine species. Specifically, Oceana has submitted to the department head Miguel Arias Cañete their findings, including species such as coral reefs and oysters, whip gorgonian soft bottoms and rallies of thousands of stars feather. The development of the Inventory, a pioneering initiative in Europe, is currently in progress and the inclusion of depth zones that is comprehensive and rigorous. In the first contribution to the project, undertaken with the support received from the Ministry of Environment, Oceana provides the results of sampling with underwater robot (ROV) about 10,000 square meters of seabed in the Alboran Sea and south of Murcia. This images were taken to more than 500 meters deep, a working environment where few organizations can operate. The director of Oceana Europe’s marine research, Ricardo Aguilar explained that in areas that Oceana has documented against Andalusia and Murcia have been identified species whose presence there was unknown, and dozens of deep habitats, which in some cases, “require immediate protection. “ Specifically we have studied the ‘Crest

page 8

Abubacer’, compared to Almeria, where Oceana highlights giant oysters, crabs deep, crabs porters and black coral species not yet identified, “Banco del Algarrobo ‘, more than 500 meters high, with high concentrations of stars feathery, deep-sea corals, bamboo corals, sea pens, sponges, lobsters glass or blackberries. It has found new soft coral species for the Mediterranean and pedunculate sponge that may be new to science. The Spanish Institute of Oceanography and stressed the importance of deep communities. Right where Repsol want to find oil The organization also has investigated the ‘edge of the platform in front of Calaburras’ (Málaga), where oyster reefs have been observed of Community importance according to the EU. This enclave, “worthy of being part of the European Natura 2000 network,” according to Oceana value is in the exact spot of oil exploitation project SIROCO, Repsol. According to Oceana, the Spanish Inventory of marine habitats and species is one of the integral parts of the Spanish Inventory of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity, which the Government is developing in collaboration with scientists, institutions and other Spanish experts. This inventory is intended to collect and organize all available information on the natural heritage Spanish, both terrestrial and marine, in order to assess their status and establish measures for their conservation.

Spain made Easy? The archaic way that business owners have to proceed in order to achieve an opening license for their establishment will soon become a distant bad memory. No longer will it be necessary to wait for months or in some cases years to get an opening license. The State Secretary of Commerce, Jaime Garcia Legaz has announced that the government will be launching a “License

express” program and the scheme will be piloted in Murcia. According to Jaime Garcia Legaz, “In order to open a new business all that will be needed is a report from an Arquitect that states that the project complies with the current legislation and requirements and the payment of the corresponding fees (tasas), once this is presented to the council the business can open it’s doors and begin to trade within 24 hrs. of submitting the documentation.” This initiative will remove the bureaucratic strangle hold, local councils have to date had on entrepreneurs and business people who have wanted to open a new venue. In fact the never ending paperwork and the extremely slow way that the relevant municipal bodies have replied to opening license requests have turned many businesses away from Spain including multi national chains such as Ikea, who recently decided against opening further stores in Spain specifically because the licensing side of the operation took far too long to achieve. This slow way of operating has undoubtedly helped the unemployment figures to rise as many companies and individuals simply refuse to branch out and open more venues, thus creating jobs due to the hassle and sometimes fines involved with obtaining opening licenses. The council in Los Alcazares, whilst not on it’s own, is notorious for the slow way in which opening license requests are processed. Various business owners in the municipality had been literally waiting


Spain made Easy?


for up to 5 years for the council to grant their opening license. This slow procedure can cause substantial financial damage to businesses as in many cases they begin paying rent or mortgage repayments on a premise before the license is granted and are unable to open legally until the license is granted, yet they are still having the outgoings. In other cases where the business owner decides to open without the correct paperwork, they run the risk of being inspected by the police and if they are found to be operating and open to the public without the license they can and in many cases are fined, substantial amounts of money. The 24 hr. express license will be introduced next month and is just one of the labor reforms the new government have initiated in order to try and stimulate the economy and help business ride out and indeed grow through these challenging economic times. The government proposes changes to the contract laws that will make it easier for businesses to hire, fire and alter contracts. Under these changes it will mean businesses will be able to reduce their employees without being fearful of large payouts, which has in the past caused many businesses to file for bankruptcy and to close. The employees will still be protected under the governments guaranteed income payout program (fogasa) but as the government has discovered in several recent surveys, the unemployed seem to be far more concerned with finding a job than worrying about if they will be entitled to 45 days redundancy if they were to be let go. Discounts and incentives in the social security system will also be available for part time temporary contracts, thus further encouraging businesses to take on more staff. Low interest rate ICO loans are also to be made more easily available to businesses thus encouraging expansion.

British expats star in Channel 4 TV documentary programme ‘Our Man In… The Costas’

British residents on the Costas are set to star in a widely-praised TV documentary series on the work of the British Consulates, due to be broadcast next week. Expats at an outreach event in Torrevieja, shoppers meeting consular staff in Iceland supermarket and Brits caught up in a forest fire are among the British public who feature in ‘Our Man In…


The Costas’, was broadcast on the UK’s Channel 4 at 23.00 Spanish time (22.00 GMT) on Thursday 8th March. The programme provides exclusive, behind-the scene access to the work of the British Consulate in Alicante in helping Brits in distress. Consul Paul Rodwell assists British nationals evacuated because of a forest fire The job of the eight-strong consular team is to provide assistance to an estimated 330,000 British residents in the Alicante district, plus 3.5 million British holidaymakers who visit the area every year. Paul Rodwell, Alicante Consul, says: “The programme shows some of the expats we are here to help. Our pro-active visits to the community are designed to listen to the concerns of British residents, and help them with issues ranging from property to pensions.

panama hats and ambassador’s receptions but the life of a British consular officer is far from glamorous”, says The Daily Telegraph. “Her Majesty’s representatives are there to pick up the pieces” says The Times,

while the Mail on Sunday describes the series as “Insightful… light hearted and tragic by turns”. As well as helping Brits caught up in a forest fire, the programme shows consular staff working with Spanish police to manage an invasion of tartan-clad football fans for a Spain v Scotland game in Alicante, and dealing with a fatal road traffic accident in Benidorm. The three part series, ‘Our Man In…’, is being shown on the UK’s Channel 4. The series was filmed mainly in August and September last year and is produced by Screenchannel Television, a Londonbased independent production company.

“We’re also very keen to get the message across that residents can do simple things to help themselves and their friends. Consular staff check the passport of a British visitor to Alicante consulate Make sure your visitors have got travel insurance, or they could end up asking you for money to help with huge medical bills. “There is a lot of help that is easy to find on the ukinspain website. It could save you from confusing and incorrect advice Tuesday to Saturday that circulates on the expat rumour mill.” ‘Our Man In… The 10 till 4 7 Days a week Costas’ is the second in a three-part series on the work of the British consulates in Spain that has been widely praised by the critics. “The job title may All day Breakfast from only 3euros suggest a world of

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The council works to get a grant to rehabilitate the Castle of Velez

Source: City of Mazarron

Social Policy requested an expansion of places for disabled people in the Day Centre

As a stop press, Councillor for the Historical, Social Policy, Equality and Health, Maria Martinez, and the mayor of Development, Training, Employment, Local Development and New Technologies, Matilde Blázquez, held several meetings in Murcia with the Director General of Cultural Assets Autonomous Community, Francisco Giménez, and technicians involved in both the Town Council of Mazarron and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The purpose of the meetings was to initiate the necessary procedures

page 10

for getting a grant that would go for the rehabilitation of the Castillo de Los Velez and the adequacy of their environment. As commented Mayor of Mazarron, Ginés Campillo, “it is to recover a project stalled in 2010 by modifying various aspects that do not convince the current government team, especially those concerning the subsequent maintenance of the facilities.”

Institute for Social Action (IMAS) to request the expansion of places for people with disabilities from the Day Centre Mazarron. Currently, the agreement with the Autonomous Region covers only 20 places, taking a waiting list of 6, “so we need to make such an extension as soon as possible to give a wider coverage and better service to citizens,” Maria Martinez explained.

The proposals made by the councilors, especially in aspects of project modifications in place to reduce the costs of rehabilitation and subsequent maintenance, were welcomed by the region. As explained by the mayor of Heritage, “it is to modify parts of the project, which were assigned an excessive cost, to suit the current situation and the change of some materials to facilitate future maintenance without losing quality in the result and achieving an optimal fit for the interest of the Castle of the municipality “. Also hosted a very positive approach to undertake some of the works under various funding programs of the Employment Service and Training (SEF). Also, Maria Martinez met late in the day with the deputy director general of Disabled People, Maria Dolores Gomariz, and technical Murciano


Two Britons killed in an accident in Los Alcazares The incident, which injured two others, happened in the afternoon when the car in which they were traveling left the road for unknown reasons. Two people died and two others were seriously injured when their car left the road for unknown reasons on the AP-7, near the municipality of Los Alcazares. The emergency services received numerous 1-1-2 calls from witnesses of the accident at 12.11pm. They reported out that the car had left the road at the exit of Torre Pacheco-Los Alcazares. It was reported that all four occupants were injured and trapped inside the wrecked vehicle. Fire and ambulance crews attended immediately. Sadly as a result of the incident, two men (one 72 years old) died on the spot and two other men were stabilized



by medical personnel and taken to the Hospital of Los Arcos del Mar Menor.

Paramount Park

PREMURSA executed purchase options for the future of the land and LifeStyle Center Paramount Park in Alhama de Murcia, for a total of 1,031,077 m² and an amount of € 10,341,708.53 Source: PREMURSA The exercise of the option to purchase the remaining land could not be carried out, and they still do not meet the necessary requirements. Great projects Murcianos SA (PREMURSA) has been paid this morning to purchase 1,031,077 m² of land in Alhama de Murcia which will house the future Paramount Park and Lifestyle Center. The amount of the operation is 10.341.708, 53 €. The option to purchase the remaining land (550,000 m²) has not been able to be carried out; not fulfilling all necessary requirements to “escriturarlos”. A fact that as Jesus Samper,

President and CEO of PREMURSA says, “does not affect the normal development of the project that follows in its set course” So much so, that the ‘foundation stone’, is expected to be laid to in the coming months. After signing the deed to the land acquired, Samper noted that today’s event is “an important and necessary step for this great project which includes Paramount’s first theme park in Europe and the LifeStyle Center, a multi-cultural, business and of leisure.” For its part, the LifeStyle Center aims to establish itself as the hub of business, cultural and leisure in the region throughout the year, thanks to its 7 hotels and recreation area including a Street Mall, restaurants, bars , clubs, casino, convention center, an auditorium and an office area. The opening of the Paramount Park, and the first phase of the Lifestyle Center is planned for the first half of 2015.

35,000 million to Town Halls and Regions

The Government has been forced to give Town Halls and Regions a total of 35,000 million euros in loans over 10 years, at 5% interest, so they can pay their debts to suppliers.

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A meter of snow in Trapería

A century and a half thermometers in the city dropped to minus 5.5 degrees Celsius Their deaths occurred, although no one for sure ever did find out, between midnight and ten o’clock AM. At some moment of those dark hours the temperature fell 2.6 degrees below zero and their tiny, fragile bodies, if any resisted the freezing water at the end were trapped in the ice. Not a tear was shed for them nor would history remember them, but they were the only deaths that occurred last big cold snap in Murcia, which occurred in December 1970. Luckily, those victims were the fish of the crib that was installed in the Plaza de Santa Isabel. Losses in the garden were of fearful. Simply go to the markets of the city to verify that the vegetables that were once green and healthy were now Luceran, the

blackness caused by the cold. The frost, which scorched large plantations of lemon and orange trees, felt in other nearby towns as Santomera or Librilla. But it was not by far the greatest scourge of winter to the city. Half a century before, in 1926, the city suffered one of the worst snowfall ever. To the extent that the city was cut off from the rest of the country. The first flakes began to fall, for the enjoyment of the many, on Saturday December 25. The next morning, the streets of the city woke up covered with a layer of snow about 30 inches high and falling flakes kept on. No telegraph or telephone, even within the urban area, the storm had also hit power lines. Only resistence came from the gas lamps, which did not prevent the suspension of the functions at the Teatro Romea. Trams stopped. Cafes, almost deserted, lit with candles. It also suspended a bullfight and the meeting between Real Murcia with Baracaldo. And uncertainty grew. “We have no news of railway operations. Only we know that the strom has come quickly, “reported the newspaper. The Murcian remember the last big snow of 1914, which caused significant economic losses. However, the of 1926 tripled in volume to the first. Input damage was estimated around 150 million pesetas, according to Commercial Circle, who lamented how “our bountiful garden has become a wasteland.” In El Carmen a house collapsed. The City of Murcia, two days after he

ordered that each neighbor withdrew the snow from your sidewalk and inspect the roof to prevent further subsidence. By the way, the delay was justified in acting noting that the mayor “wanted to issue an edict giving some instructions to the neighborhood,” although he did not. “For the sake of not press it withdrew on Monday,” reported. The management of the crisis caused by the Consistory angry criticism. Especially since the brigades cleaning the streets were inneffective”people laughed and remained quietly in their homes to wait out the storm.” True, the Urbana Police Commission met first thing in La Glorieta, but the fact remains that there was not a worker present to give orders to. According to the National Institute of Meteorology historical low was recorded on January 15, 1871 when the thermometer dropped to -5.5 degrees in the capital. The next coldest day was December 26, 1970, with -2.6 degrees. Two days later, the youth players of Real Murcia would dispute a meeting with their rivals from Albacete. 1. Snow. The Plaza de Santo Domingo for another big snow in 1915, photograph published in the play ‘Our Past Photo. Murcia memorable ‘Mary Manzanera.

How about our Spanish winter

The main record was in February which saw one of the driest months ever. In fact

Tel: 968 138 516

Mobile: 620 27 76 90 Fax: 968 59 29 08 Email:

Camposol Insurances C/Castellon de la Plana,229 Urb Camposol A 30870 Mazarron (Murcia)

Open Monday to Friday 10am till 1pm & 2pm till 5pm Mazarron Office Tel: 968 59 28 28

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there has been little rain this winter, not that the ministries are squealing yet about water rationing! There were two cold weeks in February, but January was unseasonally warm. The cold winds of February certainly affected a number of winter vegetables, but the almond trees seem to have survived Winter looks like being driest since 1940s The last winter quarter (December February) has been “extraordinarily dry” according to the Spanish met. office (AEMET) with virtually no rain at all in February and little forecast for the next few days, making it the driest winter on record since the 1940s. Only 58 litres of rain per square metre has fallen so far this past quarter, which is considerably less than the quantity collected in the last very dry winter of 1980-81 when 86 litres of rainwater fell. Despite unusually heavy rain in October and November last year, there is still a 41% deficit in water levels for the time of year, confirming the beginning of a drought since the rain expected in February didn’t come. There has been a “considerable lack of rain” in the Canary Islands, although low water levels are affecting virtually the whole country, except to the west of Extremadura, Levante, Murcia, and the south and south east of Andalusia, the north east of Catalunya and the Balearic Islands, which currently have normal water levels.  There is no surplus water in any part of the country. Barcelona went 44 days since seeing any rain (from December 3rd to January 15th) the third longest winter drought in the city’s history; León has been without rain for 26 days (since January 27th); Madrid saw no rain at all from 17th December to 1st February; Málaga was without rain for 44 days (between December 3rd and January 15th) - the fifth longest winter drought the city has suffered (the longest being during the winter of 1980-81 when no rain fell for 90 days). According to AEMET’s spokesperson Ángel Rivera, however, it is not the number of days we have gone without rain that is so notable, but rather the “scarce amount of rain” that has fallen across the country.  Many areas have seen “less than 25% of the normal rainfall for this quarter”. Temperatures have also been above average this winter, so unless there is substantial rainfall in spring, something that the AEMET spokesperson says “can’t be relied upon” seeing as the various rainfall forecasting models they work with don’t suggest any forthcoming anomalies, Spain is looking at an extended winter drought period.


‘B Clean’ Gardening Group.

Working together to make Camposol look great! At last, the pruning and spraying of all of the Palm Trees in the Sector has now been completed. It has taken us longer than we had hoped and many thanks to the few who have been assisting in this thorny task. Many will have noticed the Green Cages which the Council provided for the removal of the fronds. The weeds have now started to grow more vigorously and so if there is anyone who can assist with the spraying; perhaps someone who is normally unable to help out on our normal Tuesday workmornings, please contact us. Future Projects. The stairway to Best wishes is soon to be repainted and this year we also intend to paint the Metal Railings. On the approach road to the commercial centre, where we have gravelled and planted shrubs, we are planning to erect a ‘Welcome To Camposol’ sign Help!! We really do continue to need more volunteers. Unfortunately our numbers have depleted over the past year, so please – if you are able to help us in our efforts in any way, we would love to hear from you. B Sector is the one part of the urbanisation which is used by just about everyone on Camposol and we do welcome the help that we receive from other groups. Legal Registration. We are continuing our efforts towards soon becoming a Legally Registered Group, as other sector groups have already done. Reps are still needed for B20 and B22. Late May Fun Night – Friday 25th May we are holding a DISCO Nite with a meal of Bangers and Mash or Beef burgers at the Golf Club. Posters will be displayed shortly and tickets are now on sale for 10€. All proceeds go to community garden needs. Monthly Meetings. Please join us at our meetings held on the last Tuesday of each


month 16.00 to 17.00. in Trevi’s Function Room. Please show up and give your support. Join in and discuss how we can continue to improve our sector. Weekly Working Party. Meets each Tuesday – 9 a.m. till 10/11 ish. Usually in front of the commercial centre unless otherwise arranged. Please just turn up and help. For Information: Please contact: Sandy: 968986030 Helen/Glyn: 968199506 Roger: 968199502

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Camposol ‘C’ Green Fingers Gardening and Social Group

A great evening was had by all at our March Games Evening, most of us easily confused by the ‘musical chairs’ during the Beetle Drive! Tickets sold out and our overall profit was approximately Euros 485.00, the breakdown of which can be found on our website. We received an undertaking from the bar that future Greenfingers functions will have discounted drinks as previously arranged, due to their misunderstanding about pricing. Thank you all for making it a resounding success! The ‘Welcome to C’ feature is already looking lovely and will be finished by a new bench so we can all take a breather on our way to and from the precinct while enjoying the lovely flowers planted nearby. Many more tons of gravel have

been delivered and laid by the working parties…just think of those muscles, guys; by Summer you’ll have bodies to make the ladies faint! As the final few streets were weeded a regular spraying program began; the chemical used is pet friendly so no danger to animals and will control regrowth during warmer months. 450 new plants have been put in – if there are any near your casa, please keep them alive with a good watering now and then, thanks. There are so many ways you can help us; even if you can’t afford a monetary donation; our volunteers are always grateful for drinks and we are happy to have your unwanted plants or decorative pots (chipped or broken is fine) to decorate the borders. Particular thanks must go to Andrew Brown who has donated 150 plants and to a Spanish family for donating the mature conifers which have been planted opposite the old Masa office; it’s so rewarding to feel welcomed into their larger community. Please check the chalkboards for any future functions, the next being our Annual General Meeting being held in the Golf Club in early April, details will also be in our April newsletter delivered

page 14

to all residents of ‘C’. We are holding a street party celebrating the Diamond Jubilee on 4th June, with a barbeque and complimentary glass of cava for the Loyal Toast – save the date! Of course, new volunteers are always welcome - on Wednesday mornings your sterling efforts are rewarded with a free breakfast and refreshments plus the incentive of making many new friends! Please check our website and Facebook for full details of February accounts; and for any further information; Bernard, our chairman, can be contacted on 626 513 842, e-mail or visit the website:

The X Factor Returns

The ‘X’ Factor returned to Camposol. On Wednesday 28th March the start of a twelve week countdown to the Camposol Fiesta with acts being eliminated until there is a star in the making. The winner receives a fantastic cash prize and has a half hour spot on the Camposol Fiesta and in October a spot on the prestigious CAFÉ Concert 6 at the Playa Grande Hotel in the Port. With the voting totally in the hands of the audience the judges will be able to voice their opinions freely, there are two permanent critics, Phil Brady and Peter Lilley and each week a well known local entertainer or celebrity will join them to voice their opinions.. The venue is the Golf Club on Camposol, the show starts at 8pm each Wednesday and drinks prices have been pegged to 6 Euros for a bottle of wine and 1.80 Euros for a pint of beer. There is a special ‘X’ Factor meal available each week.

Tickets from the Golf club or on the door at 5 Euros and what promises to be nights of Fun entertainment. Fancy entering? Then would all entrants, whether registered or NOT to get in touch with Ken Payne direct on 626 460 465. Chris Cross whose number has appeared in some adverts has suddenly returned to the UK but be quick there’s a lot of interest. X FACTOR 2012, Camposol Golf Club. Wednesdays 8 pm from 28th March

House sales in the region fell by 35.8% in 2011

They are six and a half points above the national average which was 29.3% Home sales in 2011 dropped by 35.8 percent in the Region of Murcia, six and a half points above the national average which was 29.3 percent. In Spain, home sales fell in 2011 in all regions and worst in La Rioja, Galicia and Aragon, with percentages above 38 percent, nine points above the national average. According to the latest statistics published by the Ministry of Development, in 2011 sold 347,305 homes, 29.3 percent less than in 2010, when the sale of properties amounted to 491,287. Besides the three communities mentioned, home sales plummeted in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, with a set of data reduction of 39 percent over the previous year. More sales fell from 36.5 in Castile and Leon, followed by Murcia (35.8), Asturias (34.4) and Cantabria (33.3 percent). By contrast, where fewer dropped the sale of flats was in Navarra (13.3), Baleares (18.7) and Andalusia (24.7 percent). In absolute terms, in 2011 there were more sales in Andalusia (67018), Valencia (48,028), Madrid (45,020) and Catalonia (44,961). Despite the crisis, in 2010 the figures were considerably higher and Andalusia were sold (89,053), followed by Valencia (64,805) and Catalonia (64,331).

Age Concern & Health

I thought this might be of interest to everyone.  One of our caseworkers was approached by some Spaniards who felt that the British were becoming a burden on the Spanish Social Security Health Service.  The Pensions, Benefits and Healthcare Team has explained to me the following: There are two different ways by which the UK pays Spain for British nationals registered under UK healthcare in Spain.



The first is by the average annual amount paid through the S1 form. This average amount is submitted by Spain to the EU Commission on an annual basis. This year the amount is €4267 and is stated by Spain as being sufficient to cover all pensioners health needs. The second way Spain is paid is through claims made for individual treatments via either the UK EHIC, E106 or E109 forms (now also known as the S1 form). Every claim submitted by Spain is paid by the UK regardless of the type of treatment received.  Therefore, the only way in which a British pensioner would be a burden was if they were not accredited for healthcare and was a private patient. This clearly does not happen in 99% of cases and the majority have the right to cover under the S1 form. The Age Concern Committee.

Iceland at Vera.

Everyone seems to know and visit the store at San Javier, a very appropriate stop for those on an airport run, but few seem to know the one at Vera. You can use the new motorway to get there, but it is almost as easy to use the road to Totana, the slip onto the A7, coming off at Vera West and its on the roundabout about five minutes

from the turnoff. Its bigger than St Javier and has a fresh meat counter. Vera itself is worth a visit and a very nice Menu del Dia can be had at the La Brasa restaurant which is visible from the roundabout.

The Ex Servicemen’s Association of Mazarron District (ESAMD) are meeting on the 11th April for a Menu del Dia at the Restaurante Marina ( along the Paseo, former owners of La Pena ) at 2.30.p.m. The Function is open to all Members of ESAMD and invited guests. For more information contact by email or the Social Secretary on 968956058 or 690780429. Any Ex- service personnel wishing to join us to contact the Membership Secretary on 629818611.

Perhaps now more than ever Advertising budgets matter. Call us and enquire about our low cost effective advertising Contact Robbie on 968 103 008 / 664 287 099

FOR SALE!!! ONLY 96,000€ 2 Bed Duplex in Ciudad Quesada Restaurant & Bar Bolnuevo’s Steakhouse Everything Freshly Cooked Full English breakfast 4.00 from 10am Value main meals available 12 till 3.30pm 4.95 Menu del dia 8.50 for 3 courses + coffee Menu del noche 3 courses 14.95 Fish & chips from 5.00 Special offer 2 large fish chips & peas with a bottle of wine only 18 Evening Menu, Sirloin, Ribeye, Fillet & Argentinian rump Leg of lamb steak, gammon steak, poached fillet of salmon Medallions of pork tenderloin, pan fried chicken fillet.

Evening Meals start from 6.30pm Private Parties & Buffets Catered for. Two minutes from the beach, a real restaurant!

please book on 968 158 499 2012

This is an fantastic opportunity to purchase a fully furnished 2 bed Duplex in Ciudad Quesada. Set in a quiet location with spectacular views over the golf course, the property boasts a spacious lounge/Diner, separate kitchen and bathroom and shower room. Owners have full access to the large communal pool and BBQ area. The property is within easy walking distance to all amenities including Bars and Restaurants, Supermarkets and Commercial Centres.

For more information on this fantastic offer please call Graham on 634325792 or 0044 7904333654

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Improved villa inspection to check that your house is in good order for your peace of mind At least one, or more, inspections of your villa every night Key hold & custody of your villa when you are away for a period of time

Emergency response service included If you feel threatened or intimidated when in your villa, call our special emergency number for assistance. We will initiate the necessary measures and actions in co-operation with the Police/Guardia Civil. (Available during our normal surveillance periods) Discounted cost for specialist support if police station visit needed (Available for reporting break-in or theft from your villa) Three month / Six month / Annual contracts available

10€ per month (includes IVA) Published and printed by Luis Canovas & Global de Servicios, Seguridad, Guarda Rural y Control, S.L. Camposol Business Center Tel: 968 103 008 Please Note: This special offer is available to ALL Poligonos on Camposol Its availability is subject to a large majority of the villas on the Poligono signing up for the service Further reduction in the monthly fee possible, depending on the size and take-up of the Poligono It is intended that this service will be available from 1st January 2012 Further details available from Luis Cánovas or Conchi at theCamposol Business Centre or email Telephone:

968 103 008


Saladillo Vista re-opens

Just under two years ago, Si & Vicky, Louise & James opened up at the Tropikana. In late March they are due to switch to the Saladillo Vista. They have opened the bar up physically, giving customers a large open space to dine or dance in. The kitchen is ten time the size of the Tropikana and Vicky and Louise are looking forward to being able to build on their existing menu, “we will be able to do Sunday lunch, a feature of the old Vista, as well as our 3.50 full English breakfasts,” says Vicky. As well as Sunday lunches, customers will be able to take part in their early doors quiz on a Thursday night; a quiz which has seen the Tropikana packed to the doors. The quartet also built a fine reputation for BBQ’s, often accompanies by some good music and again early doors, “we forget that lots of people on Camposol would rather have some thing afternoon and early evening rather than late night” says Si. As well as special events they plan to open the full seven days a week, providing for a breakfast, lunch and evening clientele. As well as regular quizzes, the team expect to be running karaoke and working with groups like Age Concern to provide popular ameniries on Sector A of Camposol. “We hope to make the Vista a popular watering hole, somewhere to relax and enjoy a convivial atmosphere.” Says Si. All four have a background in retailing and hospitality, Si and Vicky ran a shop in Cornwall and James and Louise ran the jack and Jill pub in Stockport They all see this move as an important step forward, they enjoyed the Tropikana but particularly over the last year, have outgrown it as a bar, where even the addition of a large canopy meant standing room only for many occasions. Bookings can be made on 649 219 270 or 603 149 414 Rod Sawyer

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Could we all send “get well soon!� wishes to the chair of the fiesta, Dickie Davies, the proud possessor of a new hip? I know exactly how he is feeling and am shortly to undergo one myself! The fiesta is doing well, every week a


few dollars more are raised, and you can donate yourself at their weekly raffle at the Camposol market. Everything is gradually taking shape and April sees a treasure hunt on Sunday 15th 1.30 to 2.30PM on Sector B car park, 7.50 Euros with food. They are having a rock & Roll Night at Marianos, with chicken and chips at five Euros and a separate entry to

the dance at five, on the 27th April. Their big event of the year is the Spring Ball on Friday 25th May in the yacht club at the new marina in the port, music by the Cas band and a free bus from Camposol, tickets are 22 Euros but this includes a superb buffet meal. You can get tickets from the Trevi bar on Camposol or from the stall on the Thursday market. Its your fiesta! Rod sawyer

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Camposol Residents Association

An almost full contingent of CRA Committee Members discussed a wide range of topics at the latest meeting held at the Cultural Centre on the 7th of March. Perhaps the most significant issue on the agenda was that of the confusion that has come about as a result of the various pieces of conflicting and disturbing Information coming from council sources regarding the completion and adoption of the urbanization. When the Mazarron administration announced that Masa were keen in bringing Camposol up to standard it was naturally thought this would come about by way of the developer’s finances and efforts. Over the last few weeks however we have been told that Masa have no money and that the council have been paying for the work so far carried out on sector A, on the other hand it has also been claimed that Masa are indeed undertaking the task . An amount totalling four million euros has been presented by a council officer as being available to fund the operation. Not only this being far short of the fifteen million euros hat had previously been stated as needed, it also seems likely that less then third of this sum can be considered as secure. Bearing this in mind together with the concern over matters such as the apparent slow progress and news that A Sector will be adopted before it is finished and accepted, it is therefore not surprising that CRA Chairman Bob Owen has made Camposol Mayoress Kelly Ensor aware of our dissatisfaction with both the quantity and quality of reports coming from the council and as a result she has subsequently agreed to convey to the Mayor a request for one reliable, central source of information. It has also been agreed that committee member Jose Navarro will compose and forward our concerns to the Mayor in writing. Not for the first time the hazards caused by vehicles who are entering the B commercial centre parking area by way of the exit was discussed. It was felt that the lack of road markings and signs are probably contributing to this situation and Bob Owen has volunteered to take photographs and present them to Kelly Ensor with a request that she reports the matter to the Town Hall. It was learnt that Kelly has announced that the return of the Road Train service imminent and so by the time you read this it should be in service again. It has been agreed that committee member Jackie Drew is to draw up proposals for the updating of both The Rules of Association and the CRA Website Forum Rules. It seems that the CRA are finding that it is being increasingly burdened with many of the administration responsibilities connected with the Cultural Centre. As well as Bob Owen being placed in a position of legal accountability, committee member Ernie Prior has been putting considerable time and effort into organising various tasks. All lockers have been relocated and labeled, new locks fitted and keys cut where needed and the cost of ₏147.50 has initially been born by Bob Owen. An approach will be made to Pepe Gomez, Councilor for Foreigners applying for reimbursement of this amount together with a suggestion that a form of budget from the Council be set up for any future costs that the Centre may incur. An outside storage unit has now been provided and a new procedure for bookings and alterations that requires conformation by e-mail has been activated. A request to have an external light fitted has been turned down by Pepe but the Council have now accepted responsibility for the cleaning of the toilets and the supply of toilet rolls. Website: e-mail:


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Here We go again Fiestas Camposol are pleased to announce that with effect from March they are once again giving away a new Citroen Car in thier grand prize draw at the fiesta

in June. Tickets are only ten euros and a maximum of 2000 are sold. This is a great opportunity to win a new car with so few tickets sold Tickets are available on monday,tuesday and wednesday outside Consum on Camposol B on thursdays at the Camposol market on A and on fridays and saturdays on Camposol B commercial


centre. The hours are 10am to 1pm each day Like a new car? remember you have to be in it to win it GOOD LUCK Dickie Davies

Thought for Today … and tomorrow!

to produce more copies than ever, but have less communication. We have become long on quantity, but short on quality. These are times of fast foods, but slow digestion; tall man but short character; steep profits but shallow relationships. It’s a time when there is much in the window, but nothing in the room” his Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama

“We have bigger houses but smaller families; more convenience, but less time. We have more degrees, but less sense; more knowledge, but less judgement;  more medicines, but less healthiness. We have been all the way to the moon and back, but we have trouble crossing the street to meet the new neighbour. We built more computers to hold more information

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Weekly Events Sunday Lunches & Sundays Elliots in Bolnuevo,The Trevi Sensol Golf club, 12 Euros! Canadas Social Centre 6E booking advised, And night time! Bernie Mac from 7PM Saladillo Vista Mondays. Trevi’s music quiz, Alley Palais Music quiz with Hutch & Bowling League Sensol Golf Club Fun Quiz with Brian, Tel’s entertainment quiz at 9PM. Mondays and all week! Elliots Menu Del Dia 8.50, great tapas at Trevi & 3 euro breakfast. Saladillo vista has a 3.50 breakfast

Saturday 31st March Sensol Golf club, Camposol Laking Lewis Wellcome Group Book Swap 3rd and 17th Wellcome Group Crib Night Tuesday 3rd Wednesday 4th April, Age Concern free talking shop social at Cultural Centre, Camposol B, 1.30PM Thursday 5th April Sensol golf Camposol, Casband Friday 6th April Sensol Golf club Camposol Pals & the dog house blues! Saturday 7th April Sensol golf Camposol Protocal

Tuesdays Alley Palais Poker night 9pm Every Tuesday Darts at the Trevi from 7.30pm At the Trevi Sue’s fitness class 10AM. Mens fitness at 11.30AM. Karaoke with Byron Canadas Social Centre 9pm. food always available.

Sunday 8th April Special Easter lunch at Sensol Golf Club Carvery, four courses by Jim Stewart

Wednesdays The Trevi-quiz.9pm,Tel’s Bingo at 1.30PM, Alley Palais Music/Karaoke with Lisa B 9pm onwards

Tuesday 10th April Sensol Golf Club, woody and the peckers, 10 Euros plus meal!

Thursdays Camposol Golf Club Camposol-live music with wine at €6 & beer 2pints for 3euros! Tel’s quiz & football card at 9PM. At the Trevi Sues fitness class 10AM.. Free line dancing at Canadas, 7.30pm followed by actual dancing, evening menu. Early doors quiz at saladillo Vista Fridays Alley Palais, Dj music/karaoke 9pm onwards 2nd and last Friday of the month indoor market at Alley Palais At the Trevi, bridge daytime starting at 9.45am Saturdays Golf club, live entertainment, Trevi karaoke Bernie Mac, Fortnightly afternoon tea dance Sensol golf club Camposol 2.30 Bingo - Tel’s Sunday 7.30PM & Wednesday 1.30PM, Quiz - Trevi Monday night music quiz with John, Trevi-Wednesday quiz, 8.30PM Sensol Golf, fun quiz with Brian on Monday night; Tel’s Monday 9PM entertainment & Thursday fun 9PM, Open Mike Nights Thursdays as usual at the golf club 2 pints 3 Euros and wine 6 Euros a bottle also Jimmy’s BBQ 12 Euros! Karaoke Alley Palais at 9pm Friday, Saturday’s and Sundays, Trevi Bernie Mac Sunday’s, The Trevi Bernie Mac at 7PM, Friday evening Tels. Tuesdays Canadas from 9pm Local Markets! Alley Palais 2nd and last Friday of the month! Canadas Sunday mornings, Mazarron Saturday morning. Camposol Thursday morning on Sector A

Wednesday 28th March and then every Wednesday until the fiesta X factor competition. To enter Ring Ken Payne on 626 460 465

Restaurant & Bar Bolnuevo’s Steakhouse Open 7 days Monday to Saturday 10am till 3.30pm 6.30pm till close. For breakfasts, lunches, and evening meals. Sunday lunches Everything freahly cooked 968 158 499

Thursday 12th April Sensol Golf club Camposol, Backwater Friday 13th April At Canadas Social Centre, a la mode plus food, 6 Euros for a splendid Evening of Jazz and food! Age Concern Grand Spring Ball, Sensol Camposol Golf club, 18 Euros, music the Beagles and a 4 course carvery by Jimmy Stewart Saturday 14th April Sensol golf club Camposol Andy Jones Sunday 15th April Fiesta Treasure Hunt, 7 ½ euros, food inc! 1.30 to 2.30 PM Tickets from Trevi or stall at Thursday market Wellcome Group April Dance 18th Marianos Camposol 10€ Food 5€ Thursday 19th April Sensol golf club Camposol 3Way Saturday 21st April Sensol Golf club Camposol Dog Houise Blues band Wednesday 25th April, Age Concern Country Club Menu del Dia, 10 Euros, 1.30pm Wellcome Group Petanca Wellcome Group Race night in aid of MABS Monday 23rd April Alley Palais St Georges Day - traditional food, St Georges day quiz and karaoke Thursday 26th April Sensol golf club Camposol Backwater Saturday 28th April Sensol golf club Camposol, Woody Alley Palais Bistro Gourmet night 25 euros, 7 courses Saturday 12th May Age Concern at Lagarto Verde in the port on the Via Axial, summer fair all day from 11AM until 3AM. Stall holders phone 634 336 484 Friday 25th May Spring Ball Fiesta committee, 22 Euros, free bus from Camposol, buffet, Cas band, at the yacht club new marina the port

the golf and social club

Open every day 8am till late. The best views on and over Camposol 603 135 387

QUICK GUIDE TO ADVERTISERS Accomodation & estate agents

Mercers 00 34 968 199 188 from UK 08450 177 805 2let2buy2sell 968 979 876 from UK 00 44 1223 968 199 Sensol Golf Villa Rentals 968 970 614 or 608 631 700 Costa Calida Property Services 968 199 251 Villa Quest 968 974 918 Spanish Resort Rentals, 0034 669 19 01 13

Bar, restaurants & cafes

Alley Palais (CamposolB) 968 97 88 69 Bar Trevi (Camposol B) 669026544 Elliots (Bolnuevo) 968 158 499 Sensol Golf Restaurante (Camposol) 603 135 387 Seventh Heaven - The Port 968 332 088


Beautiful Bathrooms 968 974 038 / 663 617 563

Beauty Care & Health Heather mobile 636 657 481 Freedom Mobility 968 153 620

Electricians Andy 617 644 339

Fish & Chips Elliots Bolnuevo 968 158 499

Funerals and funeral plants

ASSA 968 153 396 Tony Smith, the funeral director 650 631 719

Golf & Accessories Condado Golf Company, 652 436 925


Camposol Fitness, ladies only 696 000 341


Carols, Camposol B, 968 974 989

Insurance & Asesoria

Nash Warren, Bolnuevo 968 156 583 R&L Seguros 968 138 516 / 620 277 690 ASSA 968 453 386 El Pilar 968 425 210 Ibex Insurance 968 595 945 Kennedy Financial Services, 951 219 576 - 678 935 992

Internet Cafes

Bowling Alley

Alley Palais (Camposol B) 968 978 869 Email:

Alley Palais 968 97 88 69

Law services

Shirley Ann Fisher 968 103 008

Builders CM Constructions 659 159 948

Metalwork of all kinds/decorative&utility

Car Hire

Mobility, aids & equipment

Eriks, Camposol 636 050 008

F&C Rental 968 199 156

Freedom & mobility Camposol 968 153 620

Painting & decorating

Car mechanics & car sales

Trevor Smith 968 163 298

Ken Sherwood mechanics 679 646 859

Pool cleaning, maintenance & repair

Camposol Business Centre

Mediterrania, District Journal, Security, Dentist, Chiropodists, Another World Properties 968 103 008

Central Heathing & Plumbing

Mark,The Boilerman 630 036 569 Calida Gas & Oil 659 761 771


PALS 968 422 228 / 626460 465 Andreas animal rescue 690 906 565 JJPuppies 618 934 921 Making a Difference 634 357 137 Mabs 639 665 370 Lions 682 104 635


Nathalia Camposol Business Centre 968 103 008

Computer design services

Daniel White

Tony, the pool diver, complete services 646 438 694 Complete Pool Services 681 076 048 Pool King 628 055 973 Kohn pool Services 968 138 638 Or 626 684 979 email: Watermaid pools systems, 636 698 501

Printing & Design

Insignia Graphics, 618 615 903 Mister print 638 893 357

Shows & private events Kim, 699 293 136

Spanish interpreters and courses Debbies translations & interpreting, 677 353 136 Pilar Garcia 630 21 99 82

Television Services

Rainbow, 686 358 475 email

Window cleaning services


AYS 619 877 303

Camposol Business Centre 968 103 008

Water, purification services

Ear Canding

The H20zone 619877303

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In the event of a medical emergency call 112 and then phone F.A.S.T on 968 970 626 (Camposol Only)

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Out & About

Rod Sawyer Early February was in stark contrast to the warm January, not weather for strolling around! The third Saturday we decided enough was enough and with two friends made our way to an old haunt. Its years since I have written about La Caverna, a delightful restaurant in the village of Los Ventorrillos de la Costera easy to find from Mazarron, take the motorway past Polaris World and then at the mega roundabout take the third exit to El Palmar, on the old Murcia road. The village is just two mikes down the road in the village on the right hand side. It’s really a brasserie and is built in an old barn. You enter into a courtyard, which is great most of the year to sit out in and the entrance is on your left. Inside it’s as though you are transported back to the Stone Age, a great idea for a brasserie. The walls complete with cave paintings are like the inside of a cave. The tables are laid out well with plenty of space; light music provides a nice and unobtrusive background. You will get a hospitable welcome from the Catalan proprietors who a month

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ago engaged a delightful waitress who speaks excellent English, who in another life is training to be a teacher. The food

is brilliant. We always have a tostada to start, crunchy toast, garlic. Tomatoes accompany a decent mixed salad, very fresh. The mains are a choice between fish and meat, all prepared over charcoal. Don’t forget the char grilled vegetables either! Cheesy baked potatoes, excellent chips. The steaks are a meal on their own, and would suit any palate. Do not forget the vino de casa, a more than fruity house wine. I have had too many meals wrecked here and in the UK by lousy house wines, so this was a treat. There is a choice of house desserts and we all opted for pancakes with ice cream, a neat choice. We washed everything down with

brandy and good coffee. Now we did not stint ourselves and could have had a smaller meal, but honestly we saved on the Sunday by not being able to face our usual Sunday roast! The food and service were excellent. And the cost? 30 Euros a head which is half what the Michelin starred restaurant at El Palmar charges! If you just had a salad and tostado and main, then you could easily do it on a 20 Euro budget. One thing I did notice but did not follow up was that the menu had a sticker offering free transport from Camposol! Interested? It’s open Monday to Saturday lunch time and evening, and for Sunday lunch Catalan style. You can phone for a reservation on 639 63 37 79. The Age Concern menu del Dia was at La Barraca in the port. The food was super, Bill Roberts has done a first class job ferreting out restaurants of different kinds which can take a group of 50 to 60, and do the job for under ten Euros. The entertainment provided has meant that instead of just drifting away, folk have stayed the afternoon. Given that Age Concern work with those over 50, a clear majority of local Brits, providing two socials a month, the first Wednesday in the month being an afternoon at the



Cultural centre, with the opportunity to mix, greet old friends and meet new ones has made a difference to those who otherwise would find it difficult to get out. Virtually all ex-pat social life revolves round bars, bingo, quizzes, karaoke, live music are all provided in an alchol based atmosphere; and there are many, especially those living on their own, who find this difficult. Age Concern will soon have a year of socials under their proverbial hats. The next few are a mix of Spanish and British, all basically in the Mazarron area. We have spent two Sundays at La Manchica. Its Spanish owned but has chef Garry, who used to work on Camposol, as maitre d and chef. Alf and June, neighbours and members of the dog walking clan of Sector A, told us about it. Alf spends Sunday morning on his little tour around, trying something old and valued and something new. He told me about thus new place and we booked. Gary the chef did warn us that the kitchens were only just finished so we would have to bear with them. The bar and restaurant is out at La Manchica, which is a small village some twenty minutes away from Camposol. Easy to find, motorway and off at Pinilla turn off, through Pinilla and onto la Palas. Small diversion, Meson Medara was closed and we were told it was closed down for the second time. Turn left at the Las Palas roundabout and then right at the next one, sign posted La Manchica a couple of hundred meters up the road. You now have a straight run to La Manchica three or four kilos and tucked away in the corner of the village square. It is very tardis like, with the main bar inside the restaurant and then a covered terrace behind

with views across a delightful garden area. We were as expected the only four for lunch although more joined us later. It was excellent. Alf told me that it was typical and that he had really enjoyed his last one there, not to mention some very good fish and chips one Friday. The starter was a very tasty smoky tomato soup, very Spanish. The main came on two serving dishes, with a chicken carved nicely on one and a full array of vegetables on another; caramelized carrots, green beans, cauliflower and greens, with plates laden with roasties and mash, gravy in two boats. Deep fried bread crumbed balls of stuffing accompanied the veggies. Nobody could possibly quibble at the quality or quantity. Three chose the hot rice pudding, cinnamon and citrus flavoured with raspberry jam separate to add. I had the excellent Spanish style flan. The house red was good hearty fruit red. We did linger over the meal on one of the warmest days this year, and took our time driving home. If you want to get out of Mazarron and go inland to a village bar then this is really for you. The proprietor Gary has been there a while and was formerly a chef at a well known restaurant on Camposol. His prices are very reasonable, 6.95 for the main and 2 Euros each a starter and dessert. It’s a shame about Meson Medera but La Manchica, really only five minutes from it is a more than worthy replacement. It’s good to meet a chef who is

willing to do the best of Spanish and British. We noticed when we left that the Thursday quiz can be accompanied with a meal for 5 Euros! We spent another Sunday out at La Manchica, and had the usual Garry welcome, a delicious cream of courgette soup, a pork dinner with some of the best crackling I have had in ages, and a great chocolate mousse. Four of us spent a lovely afternoon out there. Garry, an ex Merchant Seaman, can really cook, has that sense of timing so crucial to the production of dishes which come together rather than that dreaded mixture of underdone and over done! The Kitchen is still not completely in action but you can phone him, on 669 525 438, and plan a meal with him. It’s a nice run out from Camposol or Mazarron; good to get out into the countryside rather than the port or the mountains. Rod Sawyer Stop Press, A la Mode are at Canadas on the Friday 13th April. Book in at Canadas!

Debbie’s Camposol Medical Center Scheme Would you like a Interpreter with you for ALL your medical appointments on Camposol? Would you like a Interpreter to take all your phone calls from the hospital? and be your contact for when they want to give you appointments or change them? Well this is now possible for ONLY 45€ a YEAR. I will be at Camposol Medical Centre Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, During the Doctors appointments times. I will be on hand to help with queries at the desk, making appointments; Taking calls from hospitals, and of course, Your Doctors appointments at the clinic. If you are interested in joining this scheme, or require more information please Call Debbie on 677 35 31 36 or Email This will be run by a LEGAL and REGISTERED Translator. PLEASE NOTE: This is a NEW scheme and you will need to contact me if you wish to be included. Anyone who registered with the “translation club” last year, Needs to re register with me if they are interested in joining the new scheme.


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The father of world singing superstar, Robbie Williams was a surprise guest when Los Amigos de Mazarron FC held its third Annual Gala Evening and Dinner in support of Mazarron Football Club at the Hotel la Cumbre, Puerto de Mazarron on Wednesday, 8th February. Peter Williams, who was an entertainer in his own right under the stage name of Pete Conway, was a New Faces winner back in 1973 and finished in third place, behind comedian Les Dennis in the 1974 All Winners Show. In glittering surroundings, guests enjoyed a fabulous evening which included a four course meal and entertainment from the guest speaker, Duncan McKenzie, comedian Justin Sane and local duo, the Beagles. The event, which was a complete sell-out, was jointly sponsored by New Images Hair & Beauty Salon and Nail Bar of Camposol and Ibex Insurance of Puerto de Mazarron. In addition to Duncan McKenzie, former England International Tony Currie and Everton and Manchester United central defender, Mark Higgins were special guests along with the Mayor of Mazarron, Gines Campillo Mendez, the Mayoress of El Saladillo, Kelly Ensor, the Sports Councillor, Andres Valera Hernandez and the President of Mazarron FC, Jose Rodriguez. Well known singer, Karen Noble, who worked with Duncan McKenzie entertaining British troops in the Falklands also popped in to surprise Duncan on the night. The evening also included an auction of football memorabilia which included an autographed Real

Madrid shirt and a limited edition framed photograph of Eric Cantona scoring the winning goal in the 1996 FA Cup Final between Manchester United and Liverpool, signed by the great man himself. Over €3,000 was raised on the night and Los Amigos de Mazarron would like to thank everyone who helped to make the evening such a huge success including sponsors New Images and Ibex Insurance, VIP guests Paul Higgins, Steve Tucker and their guests, TJ’s Bar Camposol, Don Ricardo’s Bar & Restaurant, Puerto de Mazarron, Melissa and John from The Salon, Camposol, Miguel from the Caixa Bank, Camposol, Bill Davis, Ian Barron and Richard Haselgrove and last but not least Belen, Manuel and all the staff at Hotel la Cumbre. Rick and Claire Daibell hosted a VIP Reception at their Don Ricardo’s Bar and Restaurant, Puerto de Mazarron, on Monday 6th February to welcome former footballers Duncan McKenzie, Tony Currie and Mark Higgins to Mazarron. The Reception, which included a fabulous hot buffet prepared by Rick, was also attended by Robbie’s Dad, Pete Williams together with the joint sponsors of the event, New Images Hair & Beauty Salon and Nail Bar of Camposol and Ibex Insurance of Puerto de Mazarron and other guests who had purchased

Duncan proves he has lost none of his skills

VIP tickets for the event. Duncan McKenzie spent four days in Mazarron, the first time he had visited the area, and was rarely without his camera on his early morning walks which took him all around the Bays of Mazarron. Along with Tony Currie, who attended the Los Amigos functions for the second year running with his wife Elizabeth, Duncan also played in the Los Amigos Golf Society’s monthly competition at Hacienda del Alamo and both thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Mazarron games are normally played on Sundays with varying kick off times. Full details of all games, both home and away, are announced on the Tuesday before the weekend on which the game is to be played and advertised in the local media, on our website and on posters at various points throughout Camposol and Mazarron. Provisional fixtures for March 2012 are:Sunday 4th March Jumilla CD (AWAY) Sunday 11th March SC Aguileno (HOME) Sunday 25th March CD Bullense (AWAY) Sunday 1st April FC Pinatar (HOME) Admission to home games is just €5. Los Amigos de Mazarron FC organise coaches to all away games and the cost of a coach ticket is €7. Coach tickets can be purchased at our weekly meetings. If you are interested in football and would like to take part in Los Amigos de Mazarron FC activities, please join us for our weekly meetings, every Thursday at the Trevi Bar, Sector B Camposol at 4 pm. Membership of Los Amigos is just €10 and all funds raised are in support of Mazarron Football Club. You can also take part in our very successful Key in the Box competition with the cash prize often rising to €1000, a great gamble for just €1

Saturday 28th April Gourmet Night 7 Courses


Chicken liver and cognac pate with sherry and red onion chutney. Cappuccino of mushroom soup. Asparagus and Serrano Ham with Parmesan cheese sauce. Marinated mussels in shells. Lemon sorbet. Lamb chops with grilled sweet potato, peas and mint sauce. Chocolate Amaretto brownie with orange sauce and vanilla ice cream. 25 euros

Chicken teriyaki

Open from 7pm till 11pm

Various homemade soups

Booking essential - Telephone 968 978 869

Steaks Alley Palais speciality fried chicken Pasta: various sauces bolognese, carbonara, garlic or prawn Thai chicken & prawn stir fry Spare ribs with various sauces, Jamaican, hosin or cajun

Monday 23rd April - St George's Day Good English food - with a quiz, music and karaoke, check with staff for details Saturday 26th May Caribbean night - fancy dress essential, bottle of Cava for best dressed (see bar for menu and reservations)

The region has almost the same number of public officials that Germany has

The number of public employees in Murcia is around 85,000, one for every 17.6 citizens Spain is taking draconian measures to reduce the number of public employees. The measures announced by the regional government and municipalities to adjust spending by extending working hours or the thinning of numbers makes them feel the scapegoat of the crisis. Unions on Monday attended the General Bureau of Public Service in which the new Minister of Economy and Finance, John Bernal, raised their proposed adjustments for 2012, unions complained that the pockets of public employees and have been particularly punished. And the truth is that despite the successive decrees applying the scissors to spending on staff, the public workforce in the region is proportionate to the number of people and is close to that of Germany. The State Administration, the Community and the municipalities totaling about 85,000 staff serving a million and


Fish: Swordfish, sizzling shrimps Desserts: all homemade by Antoine And Lots more, please see inside for menu's Telephone 968978869

half people. This means that a public employee salary per 17.6 inhabitants. This portion is less than that of Valencia, which has a public salary for every 22.3 inhabitants. Catalonia is a public official for 24, 7. The national average is a public employee for every 17, 5 people, which is virtually the proportion of Murcia. The region is similar to Germany, which has a staff member for every 18.26 people. Sweden is the country with a major public workforce in proportion to its population with a staff member for every eight inhabitants.

bodies of officials in each country. The list was topped by the most “social�, such as Sweden, Belgium and Germany.

In 2008 the French Presidency of the European Union issued a report comparing the

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The Spanish social health system (Seguridad Social) like the NHS in the UK, is designed and funded to ensure that it can cater for the emergency treatment of all persons in possession of either a European Medical Travel emergency card (EH1C) or a SIP card. You may use these cards at your local Medical Centre (Centro Salud) or Social Security Hospital. However, you will notice that the key word with the EH1C card is, in a travel emergency situation. In order to obtain fully comprehensive cover from the Spanish Social system, you will need to qualify for a full SIP card. Full SIP card entitlement will only be granted by the Spanish authorities to those persons who can show that they qualify through working and paying contributions into social system funds, presenting the correct paperwork from their country of origin to show that they qualify for reciprocal funding or by applying to make voluntary contributions. The days are long gone whereby SIP cards were once issued just because Expats had taken up residence in certain districts. Due to the ongoing global financial crisis, Spain will be taking a close look at where it

page 26

can make even more savings. The Spanish social health system is already under staffed and grossly under funded. Therefore foreigners not contributing to the social system can no longer expect to receive anything other than emergency medical treatments while these circumstances exist. Indeed, many people who are already in possession of a SIP card are taking out a private health insurance. This precautionary measure ensures that they have all the additional benefits that this affords them: ✭ Immediate access to private hospitals and private physicians. ✭ A personal advisor in one of our customer service offices to support your medical needs. ✭ No language barriers. ✭ No waiting periods for doctor’s appointments and/or emergency operations. ✭ Extensive annual medical preventative check ups. Do not make false economies in this current climate of economic difficulty. Invest in your health and insure yourself adequately with a private health insurance from ASSSA. We currently have some exceptional offers of up to 30% discount on our brochure prices, for the entire lifetime of your policy. Starting from day 1 of your policy, you can qualify for the benefit of an extensive medical check to include for ladies, a mammography and mammarian scan, smear test and bone density test to detect the early signs of certain cancers and osteoporosis. For gentlemen, PSA blood test, Electrocardiogram (E.C.G.) and urological scan, to detect the early signs of prostate problems, cancer and heart disease. The premium to obtain these valuable services starts at under 50 years old from around 60€ per month – excellent value for money. Amongst many other benefits, in addition, you would be entitled to 30 to 60 physiotherapy treatments each year. For example, you do not have to endure back pain any longer with the benefit of immediate treatment. ASSSA private medical insurance premiums start from

as little as 43€ per month, so there is really no reason not to have the peace of mind that results from having some form of cover in place. ASSSA offers unique guarantees: ✭ The age you join is the age you stay – no increase in premiums due to simply growing older. ✭ Guaranteed for life – cover is guaranteed irrespective of advanced age or your claims profile. ✭ The flexibility to move to us from your current insurer without loss of cover for those conditions already covered by them. Why not ask us for a completely nonobligatory personal quotation? We will be pleased to advise you and answer any questions. In order to ensure a first class service for our clients we stay close to you through our local customer service offices along the coast with a personal advisor at your disposal. Our multilingual female advisors take time to offer non-committal consultation and advice in order to recommend the right level of insurance for both your budget and medical needs. We are also happy to make hospital and doctors appointments for you including those for your annual medical checks. In addition to health insurance, ASSSA also offer very attractive terms for Dental and Funeral Insurance and would be – both also offering immediate cover. Why not just call in and see us! There is surely an Asssa office or Agency close by to you, or you can telephone any of our offices for a personal appointment. Also by email, we are happy to answer your questions in your language. Customer service office: Mazarrón: Tel: 968 153 396



Planning your funeral ahead saves time, Unnecessary upset and money Planning ahead with Iberian Funeral Plans SL could save you thousands Iberian provides the caring choice for your family Because the Guaranteed Funeral Plan is provided by Iberian SL, one of Spain´s foremost providers of funeral plans, you can be sure that you will receive unrivalled service and excellent value for money.


• A practical way to reduce the financial strain on loved ones • Prices are fixed from day one, so you´ll know exactly how much to pay • The services outlined in the funeral plan are guaranteed to be paid in full • Acceptance to the Funeral Plan is guaranteed whatever your age or health situation • Your family will receive personalized attention, compassionate guidance and complete support • All details handled with discretion and care

Peace of mind is priceless- but with Iberian it wont cost the earth

Iberian plans start from €2995.00 with nothing else to pay Please read the below translation from our Funeral Director confirming that we can use the local Tanatorio in Mazarron: Good day susan, in answer to your question about Mazarron, “Can we do a service there” the answer is yes, we do services in Mazarron as in the rest of the peninsula.Where the situation occurs that we do not have our own installations as in Mazarron, we collaborate with local funeral directors, especially if our local offices or tanatoriums are of great distance.We would then work with them to provide the service requested.Having said the above, our personal advisors would advise the family and offer options about most convenient location to provide the plan cover with SPN/IFP and cause as little inconvenience as possible, if the family want’s to use the local funeral directors premesis- in this case the Tanatorio in Mazarron then we are able to use these facilities, and we would liase with the family in each specific case. If you have any doubts please do not hesitate to call me. Regards Lorenzo Bravo Director of Andalucia Center Grupo ASV ServiciosFunerarias Guaranteed fixed cost and interest free installment plans

This is not insurance or a credit agreement

Find us on Facebook: Iberian Funeral Plans Iberian Funeral Plans S.L, Phone 965 993 498 / 698 217 927 or e-mail info@iberian Reg/Cif no: 11138305/B3156107



One in three motorists would prefer their car’s fuel economy figures to be measured in miles-per-litre rather than gallons, an AA Populus poll revealed. Of 21,450 drivers surveyed, more than 7,000 voted to ditch the traditional mpg figure, which the AA agrees is now “outmoded, confusing and irrelevant”, particularly for young drivers. Fuel has been sold by the litre for at least two decades, but despite that, fuel economy figures are still most prominently advertised and displayed as mpg. AA president Edmund King said: “We buy fuel in litres, yet the majority of us still think about economy in miles per gallon. These two different measures don’t add up. As fuel economy is vital to motoring today, I think it is time to break with the nostalgia of the past and begin using fuel economy figures which relate to what we buy at the pumps.” The AA’s latest Populus poll revealed that it was younger drivers, aged 18 to 24 years, who were most in favour of that switch (51 per cent). But when it came to converting mpg into actual fuel costs at the pumps, Auto Express found motorists of all ages were confused. When we asked 10 drivers to calculate the cost of a 20-mile round trip behind the wheel of a car achieving 45mpg – with a fuel price of 140ppl – only one motorist was able to do the sums in their head. This was the only motorist who knew the conversion rate – roughly 4.5 litres per gallon. When the same maths problem was posed, swapping the 45mpg for its equivalent 10 miles-per-litre, 60 per cent of the drivers quizzed at the Tesco Extra fuel forecourt in Watford, Herts, were able to quickly come up with the correct answer: £2.80. Edmund King said: “When money’s tight, the last thing motorists need is a fuel economy measurement that is virtually impossible for the average

page 28

driver to convert into real spend at the pumps. “Our findings clearly show that motorists could easily do these sums in their head if the industry started quoting fuel economy figures in miles per litre.” By law, economy figures should actually be published in litres per 100 kilometres, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. However, it says motorists are confused by this metric measure, so mpg is used more prominently alongside it. Gallons have been used for centuries, originally to measure wine and ale. But it became law to sell fuel in litres in 1988.

British car news

BRITISH motors show why they are set to steal the limelight at the Geneva Motor Show today — as it was revealed THOUSANDS more UK car jobs are being created. Nissan announces today it is investing

£127million to build a new hatchback model at its Sunderland factory. It will safeguard 5,000 jobs and create 400 more — plus another 1,600 car-part roles. And Jaguar Land Rover is hiring up to 1,000 new workers in Halewood, Merseyside. But all eyes are on the kings of the road. Rolls-Royce are revealing their £300,000

Could 2011’s most exciting new car convert into a cabriolet? The idea isn’t as wild as you may think. Speculation is mounting that a soft-top version of the groundbreaking Range Rover Evoque is in the pipeline.

And when we broached the subject with Land Rover, a spokesperson added fuel to the fire. “A convertible Evoque wouldn’t be the maddest brand extension. It isn’t a totally crazy idea,” she admitted. “All I can say is watch this space. We’ve got lots of ideas for the Evoque.” The three-door Evoque is the first-ever Land Rover or Range Rover coupé, and would lend itself perfectly to a layout with a retractable fabric roof. And our exclusive image shows how the headturning convertible could look. Anyone thinking a roofless SUV isn’t possible need only check out Nissan’s line-up. Earlier this year, the firm introduced a convertible version of the Murano, called the Cross Cabriolet. This four-seater crossover has a canvas hood, and is designed specifically for American customers – a lucrative market the Evoque cabriolet could also exploit. Land Rover claims a key part of the appeal of the regular car – on sale as a three and five-door from September – is the fact buyers can have it anyway they want it. A cabriolet model would broaden that choice even further.

£300,000 Phantom Phantom — while Bentley unveils its first 4x4.


A unique special edition of the Evoque, with an interior designed by Victoria Beckham, has also been confirmed for release early next year. This is an important component of the marketing push behind the newcomer.


BMW is a key player in manufacturing and producing one of the best and most

coveted luxury cars every year. The BMW M3 CRT (carbon racing technology) is the

er wn f o of u r

l o ads l l a ia o n k e P

ec t i n g B r a p S f it ied e p Fre sup


newest addition to the ever-so luxurious and elegant range of cars from BMW. It is the epitome of a perfect blend of state of the art expertise in development and a lightweight design made intelligently. This model debuts the innovation in production process in cars using carbonfiber reinforced plastic components in the industry of automobile. This process will pave the way for CRFP to be introduced in the production of highperformance saloon-based BMW sports cars. This model will be produced in limited edition with only 67 units to be sold in the market. This model will enter the automobile market by 2013 and is fully equipped with BMW Active Hybrid drive system technology and a body comprised of CRFP entirely in the passengers’ area. The new development process allows for excess cuttings used in the production of one unit to be reprocessed and used for the

production of the next unit. This innovation in the manufacturing process of cars creates a considerable potential for the new materials that helps lowering the weight of cars. Truly, this car is an innovation and the new breed of sports cars.

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Recipes Pina colada al vaso (Rum cake filled with Pina Colada)

Description: Yo ho ho and a bottle of pina colada! This cake is like a Caribbean Pirates treasure chest. Well worth finding! Ingredients: 1 slce pineapple 1 egg 75 g butter 1 tablespoon flour ¼ cup brown sugar 1 tablespoon honey ¼ cup water ½ cup rum - For the custard: 100 ml of cow’s milk 50 ml coconut milk - To decorate: 4 Cherries mint leaves Directions: To make the cake dough, put the egg in a bowl, add a tablespoon of brown sugar, a tablespoon of honey and mix all ingredients well with a hand held blender. Add a tablespoon of flour and mix gently. Take two cup cake molds lined with baking paper and add the cake mixture into them. Bake at 180 º C for 15 minutes. Put the coconut milk and cow’s milk in a saucepan and mix well with a wooden spoon. Put the butter in a skillet. Cut the pineapple slice into small cubes and add it into the pan with the melted butter. Add a pinch of brown sugar and a splash of rum. To plate up the dessert, unmold the cakes. Remove the tops of the cupcakes and set aside. Hollow out the cupcakes in the middle, put them on two plates and fill the hole with pineapple. Pour over milk mixture in a decorative manner. Place the reserved top of the cake, sprinkle with sugar. Finally garnish with two cherries and mint leaves. Serve.

Helados de pina colada (Pina Colada ice cream)

Description: This ice cream doesn’t need an ice cream machine or churning by hand - perfect for hot lazy days. Ingredients: 125ml/4fl oz pineapple juice, from a carton 80ml/3¼fl oz white coconut-flavoured rum, such as Malibu generous few drops coconut flavouring 2 tsp lime juice 100g/3½oz icing sugar 500ml/17fl oz double cream 75g/3oz sweetened shredded coconut (available online), to serve Directions: 1. Pour the pineapple juice and coconut rum into a large bowl and add the coconut flavouring and lime juice. 2. Add the icing sugar and whisk to dissolve.

3. Whisk in the cream and keep whisking until soft peaks form when the whisk is removed. 4. Taste to see if you need more coconut flavouring or a squeeze more lime juice (and remember that the flavour won’t be as strong when frozen), then spoon and smooth the ice cream into an airtight container and freeze overnight. 5. On serving, toast the sweetened shredded coconut in a hot, dry pan until just turning golden, then remove to a bowl. Sprinkle a little over each person’s portion and leave the rest for people to add as they eat.

Granizado de melocotón y almendra (Peach and Almond Granita)

Description: Infused almonds make a richly flavoured “milk” that forms the basis of this light, easy, tangy dessert which would be the ideal choice to follow a filling main course. Ingredients: 115g (1 cup) ground almonds 900ml (3 3/4 cups) water 150g (3/4 cup) caster sugar 1 tsp almond extract juice of 2 lemons 6 fresh peaches Amaretto liqueur, to serve (optional) Directions: Put the ground almonds in a pan and pour in 600ml (2 1/2 cups) of the water. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer gently for 2 minutes. Remove from the heat and leave to stand for 30 minutes. Strain the mixture through a fine sieve placed over a bowl, and press lightly with the back of a spoon to extract as much liquid as possible. Pour the liquid into a clean, heavy pan. Discard the infused almonds. Add the sugar and almond extract to the pan, with half the lemon juice and the remaining water. Heat gently until the sugar dissolves, then bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer gently for 3 minutes without stirring, taking care that the almond syrup does not boil over. Leave to cool. Cut the peaches in half and remove the stones. Using a small knife, scoop out about half the flesh to enlarge the cavities. Put the flesh in a blender or food processor. Brush the exposed flesh with the remaining lemon juice, chill the peaches. Add the almond syrup to the peach flesh in the blender or food processor, and process until smooth. Pour into a shallow freezer proof container and freeze until ice crystals have formed around the edges. Stir with a fork, then freeze again until more crystals have formed around the edges. Repeat until the mixture has the consistency of crushed ice. Lightly break up the granita with a fork to loosen the mixture. Spoon into the peach halves and place two on each serving plate. Drizzle a little amaretto liqueur over the top, if you like.

A Postcard From Condado

By John Brown The top 64 male golfers in the world met in Arizona to compete in the Accenture World Match Play event. In 2011 Luke Donald defeated Germany’s Martin Kaymer in the Championship Match, 3 and 2. This year the event was won by Hunter Mahan who defeated Rory McIlroy by 2 and 1. This year’s event was again played at the new Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain in Marana, Arizona. The course was designed by Jack Nicklaus. The golf course is about 100 miles from downtown Phoenix. What is striking about watching this event (from the comfort of our sofa back in England) is that the course is a spitting image of Condado. Jack Nicklaus has used the same hole shapes, the same bunkering, the same heavily contoured raised greens and the same desert scrub between the holes. I found that I had extra interest in following the event knowing that I was about to play at Condado the following week. It was revealing to watch the world’s finest golfers play on a course that is nearly identical to one of the finest courses in this region. They all hit the ball over 300 yards, they all reach the par 5’s in 2 shots and they all putt well. Lee Westwood finished 3rd and he reckoned he was 4 under par for most of the rounds he played. So we know that Condado will


provide a good test for the world’s best golfers. In order to move towards an end point of having a mature golf course at Condado that is well frequented and acclaimed by the best golfer’s in the world, something needs to be done about the clubhouse (or the lack of one). The local Condado ( website states that: “The IRM Banking Consortium (owners of the site) have no current plans to build a new permanent club house. Architect plans have been drawn up for this but in the current climate no timescale have been set. As others in the know have already stated there are plans to move the old show room building over to the area between the driving range and the 1st tee.  The Course Manager, Enrique has confirmed that this is the case and that IRM are awaiting approval from Alhama council.  Approval is expected within the next few weeks and once this comes through work will commence.  IRM are hoping to have the building moved during February and completely refitted to provide a Pro sop, changing facilities and a bar and cafe for opening before Easter.   The temp clubs house will be open during course times and a number of local businesses have already tendered to run the bar.” It is March now, and work hasn’t started yet, but it is still promised. The course is in good condition currently, although very dry. It looks like water is being used very sparingly on the course. I’m told that the arid conditions are normal during these colder temperatures and that the colour green will return in the warmer weather. The horrendous knee high rough that was prevalent last year, has all been cut back. “A new Management Company is in charge now. OLA Golf have departed and Global Golf have taken over. With the management of the Alhama signature course now under the new management of Global Golf the green fees and membership fees for 2012 have now been released. Annual memberships remain the same price as last year but the discount for residents has been reduced from 10% to 5%, now that all the Polaris courses are under the same management company a new 6 course membership replaces the old 3 course deal at only €1520 for residents. Green fees have dropped slightly to €45. For residents and non-residents alike the absolute cheapest way to play golf at Condado is through the Condado de

Alhama golf society. For only a €5 a year membership fee society members can play in the Monday, Wednesday or Friday competitions for only €40 a round including a shared buggy. This represents a saving of €35 for 2 players. As well as these unbeatable prices membership offers many other benefits see for full details, or contact Barry Barker at” I’d like to personally express mine and other visitor’s thanks to Barry Barker and Graham White for setting up and coordinating the Condado Golf Society over the last 2 years. It goes from strength to strength with now over 800 members like myself – people coming out to a golfing paradise, looking for a game. The practice facility at Condado is also excellent. You will receive 42 brand new balls for only 1 Euro, from a machine that always works. You will be playing from grass rather than rubber mats (reducing impact injuries significantly), and there are two chipping areas and a very testing putting green. Coming from the winter greens in England, I found the speed of the greens very difficult to get used to. They are Augusta-like in pace and difficulty. Putting off the green and watching your ball roll off the green back down to the fairway needs to be expected! If you haven’t given Condado a try yet, pick up your passport or some other form of ID to get in, then have a look at the range and the course – you won’t be disappointed. It is the finest golf course around – by miles!

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Property, Financial and Legal DID YOU EVER “CONTRACT OUT” OF THE UK STATE EARNINGS RELATED PENSION SCHEME?? Cast your minds back to the early 80’s – remember Maggie Thatcher – hmm there will be divided views on her time as Prime Minister. Maybe some of you have forgotten that it was good old Maggie who created the right for us workers to contract out of the State Pension Scheme – maybe someone came to your firm to talk to you about it, or maybe you heard about it in the press. There was a lot of talk about depending how old you were at that time – whether it would be to your advantage to contract out or not. You probably don’t remember doing very much – well you didn’t have to do very much! Just sign a form to say that you wanted to contract out and that was it. Then everything carried on as normal – the same deductions were taken from your wages – and because you had contracted out, that portion for the State Earnings Related Pension was invested in another location ie an insurance company, to wait until your eventual retirement date. Maybe you remember receiving a statement from the company concerned

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telling you how much was held in your fund? If this is what happened to you, the situation is a little different to those who decided to actively start up their own private pension fund and additional monies from their wages were taken for that and invested accordingly. Well the FANTASTIC news is that BOTH these situations are covered under QROPS Regulations – Qualifying Regulated Overseas Pension Scheme. This means that now you are living in Spain, those “contracted out” monies can be taken from the UK and you could receive a cash lump sum – ie 25% at age 55 - or maybe even ALL the fund, to do with as you wish ie invest to create a personal pension for your retirement. If you were “contracted out” for some time, these funds could be substantial. There are further advantages – because funds from this source work well with the Spanish tax system – so you wont be getting it in the neck over here either! Well I can hear lots of machinery grinding now, cos your mind is working overtime, thinking “Did I” and hunting around for paperwork. All you need to do to make an initial enquiry, which is free of charge, is to come and see me with your paperwork and we can get the ball rolling. Contact me on my mobile 634 053 976 or send me an email to shirleyfisherlegalservices@ or leave a message for me at the Business Centre if Im not around - Tel. 968 103 008. I look forward to helping you enjoy your retirement! Shirley Ann Fisher UK Lawyer & Commissioner of Oaths Camposol Business Centre, Calle Madrid 19, Sector A (next to Mariano’s Restaurant)

Mortgage victory

By Samantha Kett

A LANDMARK court verdict has allowed an Oliva couple to wipe out their mortgage debt by handing the keys to their property back to the bank in what is thought to be the first case of its kind in Spain. At present, where a property is repossessed due to non-payment, the bank will auction it off - but the former homeowner still owes the shortfall plus legal and administration costs. This can effectively leave the person in the same position as they were prior to the repossession, except without a house. However, this could soon change as Spanish Economy minister Luis de Guindos this week presented a proposal in Congress allowing low-income families with all their members on the dole to cancel their debt by giving up the property as long as it is the main residence. Evicted homeowners could also be allowed to remain in the house for up to two years until a solution is found.

Credit cards more expensive

In February, banks increased further the costs of maintaining credit and debit cards. Over all charges increased 0.6% compared with the previous month. To have a credit card now costs 37.93 euros p.a., a debit card 20.39. Commission charges for using a Spanish credit card abroad increased in February to 3.39%, seven points up from January. The commission on using a Spanish debit card abroad increased to 4.02%.



As the economic situation worsens and the Governments of both Spain and the UK seek to collect as much tax from us as possible we need to do all we can to make sure we are not paying too much tax in the UK or Spain. Four years on from helping our first clients obtain the refund of their overpaid UK tax UK Tax Refunds sl are still providing a service to the expatriate community obtaining refunds of overpaid tax, helping people become fiscally correct in Spain, writing tax efficient wills and advising on tax efficient wills. How many people reading this have thought it really is time I got my affairs in order in Spain, but for whatever reason language, economic and other difficulties, have never quite got around to it, well for the cost of a telephone call UK Tax Refunds will advise you if you are entitled to a refund from the UK taxman, how being fiscally correct in Spain cou save you thousands of euros in the long term and give you peace of mind that you are conducting your affairs properly in both countries. If you have ongoing problems with HMRC can we help? is self assessment driving you mad? do you have a “K” code and don’t know why? do you think HMRC are not giving you the best advice would you like a second opinion. For help on any of these things

please telephone us on

965 690 518.


Avoiding unnecessary costs is always important, but in the current economic climate saving every cent possible is uppermost in many people’s minds. That’s why when it comes to transferring money from one country to another, Currencies Direct is the obvious choice. Using Currencies Direct for foreign exchange and international payments means no commissions, no sending or receiving charges (in Spain or UK) and the most competitive exchange rates, meaning you save money. There are all sorts of reasons for making international money transfers; you might want to move money from a British bank over to Spain to buy a property, a car or perhaps furniture. You might need to put money in a Spanish bank account to cover maintenance fees and regular outgoings. You might have monthly payments from a UK pension. Or perhaps you are looking to repatriate back to the UK. The traditional means of carrying out any international money transfer was through a high-street bank. But the fact is that banks apply charges for sending money overseas or for receiving money from another country. In some cases bank charges on international transactions can be high; depending on the value of the transfer, the charges could add up to thousands of euros. Currencies Direct does not apply charges to transfer funds. What’s more, “the banks’ exchange rates are generally 2-3 cents below what we can offer”, explained Currencies Direct’s, Andrew Brown, Regional Sales Manager. As Andrew pointed out, “with the present movements in currency, where you’re seeing swings of two or three cents in one day –

sometimes within two or three hours – fixing the rate at the optimum moment can make a massive difference; on £/€100,000 for instance it could be 2,000 to 3,000 Euros or GBP. “Because of our purchasing power we are able beat the banks’ rates”, Andrew continued, “we don’t have the vast overheads that banks do or cross-subsidisation of products to support via currency exchange transactions. We simply make our business from the small margin between buying and selling rates, and we are able to pass the rest of the savings onto the clients; and we save people a lot of money.” There are further plus points about choosing Currencies Direct for international bank-tobank transactions. One of the most crucial is the comfort and peace of mind of knowing your money is safe with Currencies Direct. It’s extremely reassuring to know that Currencies Direct uses HSBC and la Caixa, for sending and receiving funds. Furthermore, Currencies Direct has a guarantee with HSBC and la Caixa that all their clients’ funds are held in a secure client account. With Currencies Direct is there are no minimum or maximum amounts of money the company will transfer: the service and associated benefits are available to anyone who needs to make an international money transfer, or as Andrew stressed: “Whether it’s 50 euros or 50 million euros, or the equivalent in any traded currency, we can facilitate the transfer.” Yet another factor which builds confidence in Currencies Direct is the simple fact the company concentrates purely on currency exchange, which as Andrew affirms “is a major benefit to us and to the client”. “As a specialist; clients know we’re not going to diversify and talk about mortgages and loans for example. If you need to transfer money from one currency to another, bank-tobank, then that is all we do. And because we specialise in that it gives us the buying power to give the best rates in the marketplace to the

client.” To find out more about how the Currencies Direct currency exchange system works and how the company can help you, simply phone (you’ll be called straight back to save you paying for the call), send an email and they’ll send you an electronic client pack and explain their services, or pop into the office for more information and advice anytime during working hours (Monday to Friday from 09.3014.00 and 15.00 – 18.00: no appointment necessary). Currencies Direct can also go out and meet clients for a free consultation at their home or wherever is most convenient. There is absolutely no commitment or obligation to use the Company’s services. The Currencies Direct staff are all highly trained foreign exchange experts, who provide a jargon-free service; instead of blinding you with financial babble, they take the time to explain, in your language, exactly what their services are all about, allowing you to easily evaluate the proposal and compare the Currencies Direct solution with the alternatives before making a final decision. They put you completely at your ease and you are free to ask as many questions as you wish. All the staff at the Mojácar Playa office are British who have made the transition to Spain themselves, so on a personal level they understand exactly what the process involves and can explain from their own experience the simplicity of moving money from one country to another. Therefore if you’re making international transfers then take a look at Currencies Direct: you’ve got nothing to lose and potentially a great deal to gain. “Because what we offer is so straightforward, and the way it works so clear, it’s very easy for anyone with a currency requirement to look at our solution. It speaks for itself”, Andrew says. “If you’re moving money from one country to another, come and talk to us and let us show you how we can save you money.” Currencies Direct Avenida del Mediterráneo 359 bis Mojácar Playa 950 478 914

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Getting in touch with the committees and organisations

CRA Camposol Residents Association. Main base is the wooden hut on the car park on Sector B Commercial Centre. It is open Mon, Wed & Fri them on Chairman is Bob Owen available on Tel :(0034) 634 364 738 Secretary is Sandy Allison Their web site which is interactive and very informative is Sector A committee. Have their own web site at  They can be emailed at They publish minutes and notes in the window of the office at far end of shops bottom Sector A Commercial centre, behind the post boxes. The telephone contact number for the committee is 603109974 This number is manned every morning Monday thru Friday 10am / 12noon Sector A gardening group is run by David Senior Peake who can be contacted by email They also run a bookstall Friday morning outside the post room on A. The team leaders meet monthly in Tels first Monday in moth 11AM visitors welcome. Sector B & B-clean (their gardening group) NB B sector community group is newly formed. Helen White 968 199 506 is the pro tem organisor. Sector C Greenfingers gardening group, Bernard Holland, our chairman - Tel 626 513 842, email Camposol Community Group D Sector The group meets monthly on the first Tuesday at 4PM in the Trevi Chairman              Mick Drummond     968131971    or    660038015 Secretary               Les Crook                968979831     or   606874193 Ents and Tickets   Linda Crook             968979831     or   606874193 Trailer Bookings   John Hannah            634341427 Compost Site Supervisor                       651119145 Camposol Fiesta   Dicky Davies 968 199 967 Age Concern  Meets every Wednesday morning in the Cultural Centre everyone welcome Their chair is Anne Lambert 628 153 329 Camposolers  The registered group site for residents of Camposol, the proprietor is Reg Rogers who can be contacted by e-mailing reg Apply to Reg for membership. NB there is an underline dash between reg and rogers!!!!!! Town Hall can now be contacted through an office in the Cultural Centre Sector B, by the roundabout down from the roundabout by the filling station. Tatiana Andres is there to help you every weekday morning. Phone 968 131 717, email MABS now have an office in the old MASA office on the main dual carriage way on Sector C LIONS, Secretary  Lion Mike Coombs 968 429 129 Membership Lion Mervyn Booth 968 163 082 ANNOUNCEMENTS The Fiesta committee has announced that the fiesta will be held on the 16th & 17th June in 2012. If your committee would like your details here then please contact Rod Sawyer at



Tuesday 24 April-Volunteers Meeting-Trevi Bar, Camposol Sector B – 11.30 am If you would like to find out more about how you can help MABS come along to our meeting. For further information please ring Bev on 693 362 823 Friday 27th April- Jigsaw Bereavement group- Cats Bar Camposol sector A-2pm The MABS Mazarron bereavement group meets on the last Friday of the month at Cats Bar, Camposol Sector A, Mazarron. Call 620582 418 for further detaila. Every 2nd and 3rd Friday – BOOK SALE – Camposol Sector B Commercial Centre 2nd anniversary tickets and raffle tickets on sale outside Alley Palais every Friday

Keep watching the press or visit our website for more events For further details, please call 620 582 418

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Dog food panic spreads around Spain

Well what about the last few weeks. For starters we were asked by Galgos Del Sol to help in the rescue of 76 galgos. We were actually given directions on route, and it transpired to be in Isla Plana, jus a few kilometres from Mazarron port. We managed to rescue five dogs that were suffering from malnutrition, and various cuts and sores, and with the other centres we managed to take a total of 51 dogs. The following weekend we managed to rescue a further two and only last week we got another five from there. All of them are doing well and are in centres from here to as far as Benidorm This rescue was ongoing over a couple of weeks, and the other centres involved must have been impressed with us as they asked if we could help with the rescue of 120 more from Bullas near Mula. We said that we would and we took another seven. This was even videoed and shown on the Spanish National News. We feel honoured that these other centres thought that we were equipped to help them in these ventures. Luckily for us ALL these Galgos are under the protection of other rescue centres and therefore, there has been no expense to this organisation. I have personally fostered some of the dogs for Galgos Del Sol. You can read all about theses rescues and others within the Murcia and surrounding areas on the website, and our Facebook page. Other news is that Gypsy, who we have had, now for three years, has found a forever home in Torrevieja and Muffin has a new family in Camposol. Thanks go to both sets of new parents and we hope that they all have a wonderful life with their new ‘family’. We still are on the lookout for foster care placements, both short and long term and of course we have several more dogs wanting forever homes. I continue to stand on the car park of Camposol B on a Monday between 11.30 and 1.30 and on Mazarron Country Club between 11.30 and 1.30 on the first Thursday of the month. I will accept all your unwanted goods including furniture, bric-a-brac clothing and anything else that you think will bring a few euros into the till of the shop in Fuente Alamo. What about this lovely pair of beauties that are wanting homes. Give me a ring if you can help. Thanks Andrea.

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DOZENS of pet owners from across Andalucia, Murcia and Alicante have come forward to reveal their dogs have suffered kidney failure after eating Mercadona’s Compy dog food. Despite claims from the supermarket that the problem is limited to the north of Almeria, dog owners along the Costa del Sol and Costa Calida have contacted the media to say it is widespread. “I’m afraid this is not just Costa Almeria. We live on the Costa del Sol and the issue is here as well,” confirmed Nicola Lambert. “My own dog was victim to kidney failure and at just one year old our baby boy had to be put to sleep only five weeks ago,” she explained. Meanwhile Samantha Dean from La Cala de Finestrat, on the Costa Blanca added: “It makes me sick to my stomach what has happened to the other dogs I have read about and I feel guilty for effectively making my dog ill, especially as he was eating the food for about a month “It seems all areas are affected as I am in the Costa Blanca just south of Benidorm.” The issue came to light in early February, when dog owners launched an awareness campaign after several pets had to be put down after suffering kidney failure allegedly linked to two types of Mercadona’s own brand Compy pet food. Following complaints from six customers, the supermarket removed the food from the shelves ‘as a precaution’ around the Almeria area. The products are now being analysed by its technicians to see if there is a connection between the food and dogs suffering kidney failure. John Beachcomber, who runs the Beachcomber bar in Mojacar with his son, launched a Facebook page to warn owners after his friend’s beloved Labrador-cross Goldie had to be put on a drip five hours a day. The dog food – which comes in chunks of beef or as ‘a pate’ – recently switched from tins to cartons. “Some owners like me have seen the problem since the food changed from being in a tin to a carton,” added Beachcomber. “I don’t want to be scaremongering but what worries me is that if it is not the food but the carton that is to blame them what else is the carton used for. We need answers.” “We will let you know as soon as we have any more news.” Said Mercadona who also added that a helpline had been set up in English and Spanish for anyone worried on 900500103.

“As good as this bar is,” said the Scotsman, “I still prefer the pubs back home. In Glasgow, there’s a wee place called McTavish’s. The landlord goes out of his way for the locals. When you buy four drinks, he’ll buy the fifth drink.”  “Well, Angus,” said the Englishman, “At my local in London, the Red Lion, the barman will buy you your third drink after you buy the first two.”  “Ahhh, dat’s nothin’,” said the Irishman, “back home in me favorite pub, the moment you set foot in the place, they’ll buy you a drink, then another, all the drinks you like, actually. Then, when you’ve had enough drinks, they’ll take you upstairs and see dat you gets laid, all on the house!” The Englishman and Scotsman were suspicious of the claims.  “Did this actually happen to you?” “Not meself, personally, no,” admitted the Irishman, “but it did happen to me sister quite a few times.”

Frank Carson Stand Up Jokes (in memory Frank who died recently)

So I rang up British Telecom, I said ‘I want to report a nuisance caller’, he said ‘Not you again’. “Someone threw a petrol bomb at Alex Higgins once and he drank it!” Have you heard about the Irishman who reversed into a car boot sale and sold the engine? I don’t think my wife likes me very much, when I had a heart attack she wrote for an ambulance. Paddy is woken in the middle of the night by a phone call. The caller says “Is that Dublin 22 33 22?” Paddy says “no it’s Dublin 223 322!” the caller apologises for waking him in the middle of the night, Paddy says “Oh it’s all right I had to get up to answer the phone anyhow!” “Private Carson I didn’t see you in camouflage class today! Thank you very “A fella said to the doctor: ‘What’s the good news?’ ‘You’ve got 24 hours to live.’ He says: ‘What’s the bad news?’ And the doc says: ‘We should have told you yesterday.’ much sir.” “My wife said to me: ‘If you won the lottery, would you still love me?’ I said: ‘Of course I would. I’d miss you, but I’d still love you.’ “A guy goes into B&Q and says ‘I’d like some nails please.’ ‘How long would you like them?’ ‘I want to keep them.’” When the Pope asked him if he had ever met Elvis Presley, Carson replied: “No I have not but it won’t be long now.”

A blind man walks into a store with his seeing eye dog. All of a sudden, he picks up the leash and begins swinging the dog over his head. The manager runs up to the man and asks, “What are you doing?!!” The blind man replies, “Just looking around.”

Windows Awnings Fly Screens Pool covers Mosquito nets Walls and ceilings Glass curtains Sliding/folding doors

689 589 356 968 659 046

Cristaleria Toldos Mamparas Cubiertas de piscina Mosquiteras Enmarcacion Cerramientos y Techos Cortinas de cristal Puertas correderas y plegables

Librilla, Calle Totana No6

“Your meeting place in the Port�

estaurant -

s s i Pat





Restaurante Region de Murcia

The staff and management would like to welcome you to 7th Heaven! If you haven't been before then come to see what you have been missing! We promise that after tasting our home made cakes and food you will truly be in "7th Heaven". Not only do we serve a wide range of Beers, Wines and Spirits, but out famous patisserie is the best in the land offering freshly baked English and Continental gourmet cakes and pastries! For those who fancy a bit more something more to eat then then check out our extensive food menu where you will find something to satisfy every appetite! Choose from vast range of mouthwatering Steaks, Fresh Fish, authentic homemade Pizzas, Pastas, Burgers, Chicken, freshly baked baguettes with assorted fillings and our famous pancakes and gallets and a whole lot more. We serve food ALL DAY so come and join us for a truly unforgettable experience. FIND US AT THE NEW MARINA AT THE PORT!!



NEW TO CAMPOSOL DENTAL CLINIC! Revolutionary 3 Phase Dental Cleaning! Using new technology we can offer you a complete 3 phase clean in just one session! Phase 1: Plaque removal Phase 2: Complete dental surface polish Phase 3: Removal of stains caused by Tobacco, Coffee, Red Wine, etc.

Only 20 euros!!!

DENTAL CLINIC We also specialise in all aspects ` of dental care including Orthdontics Implants Oral surgery The best quality for the best price Ask for a quotation without commitment We care for the health of your mouth Payment by instalments possible

Offer valid until the 31st October

Find us at the



103 008

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