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and allowed them to come through. At the same time, we allowed each of our songs to have its own personality and never tried to steer our sound into one particular direction.

“And that probably frustrated some people because there were definitely some who preferred our heavier sound and wanted us to do more stuff like that,” Nik adds. “And then there were the people who much preferred our more poppier side. But that’s just the way we were.”

the mavis’s THE MAVIS’S By Robert Dunstan The Mavis’s, who formed in Ballarat in 1987 and went on to have great success with their second album, Pink Pills, a decade later, are now touring to celebrate the album’s 20th anniversary so we quickly got on the phone to guitarist Nick Gill (AKA Nik Daniel) and discover that he now lives in the US. “I’ve become a bit disconnected from music over the years as I now work in restaurant management,” he reveals. “But it’s funny because my wife works for a record label. But I am looking forward to getting back into music and really, really looking forward to this tour. “We actually do our first rehearsal together tomorrow,” Nik then announces. “Because Beki [Thomas – vocals] and I both live over in the US where she has a band called The Fascinators in Los Angeles, we’ve been doing kinda disconnected rehearsals. Matt [Thomas – assorted instruments] has been rehearsing by himself and we’ve been doing things online. But, yeah, tomorrow will be our first and only band rehearsal together before we do the tour. “But it’ll be fine because we know the songs anyway,” Nik adds with a laugh. The guitarist goes on to say that a 20th anniversary tour was never in any longrange plans.

“We hadn’t thought about it at all but then it all came together suddenly and pretty organically,” he says. “We got offered a spot on a festival [Stone Corner Festival] up in Brisbane so we all went back and revisited

Pink Pills and then decided to do a whole tour.”

Joining the band on bass for their anniversary tour will be Matthew Sigley, son of legendary Australian television and radio presenter, Ernie Sigley.

When The Mavis’s’ anniversary tour was “We did a big tour with Matthew’s [former] announced, many could not believe that band, The Earthmen, all those years ago,” Nik it had been 20 years and maybe that’s says, “and he also plays bass in Matt Thomas’ because their gigs were so memorable other band, Video Video. So we know him it seems like they happened “We just threw really well and have always loved much more recently. his bass playing.” “We actually got a shock that it had been 20 years because, yeah, it seemed like it happened not that long ago,” Nik agrees. “Matt, Becky and I have maintained a close connection over the years, especially with Matt and Becky being brother and sister.

all our various influences into whatever we were doing and allowed them to come through.”

“So we’ve remained really close but the years seem to have gone past really quickly,” he adds.

The Mavis’s, who recorded a version of Jim Keays’ The Boy From The Stars for the Sample People soundtrack of 2000 and have also covered ABBA, Burt Bacharach and Duran Duran for assorted tribute and soundtrack albums, seemed to come out of nowhere and had immediate success, but Nik explains that’s not really the case. “It may have seemed like that but we’d been around for quite a while,” Nik says. ‘For us, the success we had seemed quite gradual because we had been around for some time. But it was always something that was constantly growing and something we always wanted, but nothing we ever fully expected. “We weren’t really the kind of band who expected to become so popular because our sound is kind of schizophrenic,” he continues. “You only have to listen to a song such as Naughty Boy and then play it alongside something like Cry to realise that. It says a lot about what kind of band we are.

“I think if we had been chasing commercial success, we would not have done that,” he laughs. “We just threw all our various influences into whatever we were doing

Nik concludes by hinting that Pink Pills will eventually be released on vinyl – pink maybe? – but says The Mavis’s have put together a new CD to coincide with the tour.

“It’s called Beaches and is made up of lots of demos,” he says. “It’s stuff that was recorded but never got released. And it’ll have stuff we recorded for what was going to be our fourth album that never saw the light of day. So Beaches is full of rarities.”

Presented by Consume/Valve, Melbourne’s much-loved The Mavis’s have announced their 20th anniversary Pink Pills tour that will bring them to the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Wednesday 9 May with tickets via the venue or Oztix and Ghyti as special guests.

“We’re floating around some ideas but may just release them as one single at a time,” Rowey says. “That way you can work around promoting that each time rather than doing an EP launch and then that’s it. Releasing a single every month or so might be the way we go. “Each single will then also have its own character rather than just being part of a bunch of songs on an EP,” she considers. “We can drip them out one at a time and do a lot of promotion for each one and maybe do a little film clip as well.”

the tangerines THE TANGERINES By Robert Dunstan The Tangerines (photographed here by fellow musician Ben Searcy) launched their self-titled EP at two sell out Adelaide shows late last year and are currently recording more material. The band (vocalist Rowey G, keyboard player Shane Abbott, bass player Paul Rupinskas and guitarist Darren Zaza) are also now set to do a show alongside Kylie Brice Band and The Wisps.

“The beauty of putting something on at a pub like The Exeter Hotel is that they allow you to curate the show,” Rowey says. “They leave it up to the band to find their own supports so we actually get to do what we want. “That’s exciting because you can often work with bands you haven’t played with before,” she continues. “And when you are promoting the show, there is also a lot of exchange going on between everybody involved about how best to work it. So you get to know everyone and also do a bit of networking at the same time.

to, especially because her band line-up is relatively new.”

The Tangerines, in the current form, have been around for a few years but the history goes back much further than that.

“It’s now all about trying to think outside of the square a bit,” Rowey adds. “At the end of the day, all we want to really do is make good music but these days, with so much other music out there, you also have to stand out.” Rowey sees the value of having their recorded work available for purchase whenever they play however.

“The merchandising thing is something we’ve been working on but have noticed “I formed The Tangerines many years ago that you can often sell quite a – maybe close to 15 years ago “We can drip few CDs at gigs,” she says. “And now – as myself and the keyboard them out one while we are definitely not in player, Shane,” Rowey reveals. at a time and it for the money, that can be a “And since then we’ve had a great little bonus when you play. number of different people come do a lot of It helps to make it worthwhile. into our musical world and, for promotion for various reasons, leave to move each one and onto other things. “But this version of the band, at least since guitarist Darren joined, has been around the place for about four years now,” she adds-

maybe do a little film clip as well.”

The Tangerines are currently recording new material at Wizard Tone Studios.

“We did our last EP elsewhere but the benefit of Wizard Tone is that we can all be in the same room recording together,” Rowey notes. “So it’s been a different type of recording experience. And it’s very gee whiz there and the people behind Wizard Tone are just such extraordinary people. “For instance, Jarred Payne, is such a dream to work with,” she continues. “When you are working alongside someone who is a great musician, it makes a lot of difference. His musical knowledge is so good that you can just ask, ‘What’s not quite working here?’ and he’ll give an immediate answer. It’s all so effortless.

“You make new musical friends,” Rowey laughs. “And while we’ve worked with The Wisps before because we share a guitarist, Darren, and we like their music because, like ours, it can be quite dark and brooding at times, we haven’t worked with Kylie Brice “And it’s such a lovely studio that it’s also such a pleasure to be there,” Rowey then and her band before. suggests. “I’ve known of Kylie for a while now but, until now, there’s not been an opportunity for us to work together,” she adds. “So that’s The singer is, however, unsure of just how they will release their new material. going to be something to look forward

“And even with doing free entry shows, it’s much more engaging to be performing to a roomful of people rather than a row of empty chairs,” Rowey adds with a laugh. “We’ve done that before.”

The Tangerines will be joined by The Wisps and Kylie Brice Band when they undertake a free entry musical evening at the Exeter Hotel, 246, Rundle St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Thursday 17 May.

SATURDAY 5 MAY BulletBoys (US), Dellacoma, The Babes and Trash City TUESDAY 15 MAY Silverstein (Canada) and Comeback Kid WESNESDAY 23 MAY Jeremy Loops (South Africa) THURSDAY 24 MAY Pain (Sweden) TUESDAY 29 MAY Escape The Fate (US), Awaken Am I and Between Kings SATURDAY 2 JUNE The Iron Maidens (US) FRIDAY 15 JUNE Dream On, Dreamer (Melbourne) SUNDAY 17 JUNE Hardcore Superstar (Sweden) SATURDAY 23 JUNE Skegss (SOLD OUT) WEDNESDAY 4 JULY Strung Out (US) FRIDAY 10 AUGUST Lez Zeppelin (New York) SATURDAY 1 SEPTEMBER Moose Blood (UK) and Movements THUSDAY 6 SEPTEMBER The Sword (Texas) SATURDAY 15 SEPTEMBER Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko

68 North Tce, City 8212 0255


The Tangerines (photographed here by Ben Searcy and who will be highlighting songs from a new, self-titled EP) will be joined by The Wisps and Kylie Brice Band when they undertake a free entry musical evening at the Exeter Hotel, 246, Rundle St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Thursday 17 May. GOLDSTEIN

Adelaide folk rock band Goldstein will be launching their new CD, Message From Home, from 8pm on Friday May 11 at The Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, in support of the great work of the Hutt St Centre and joining them on the night will local singer songwriter Ruby Mensforth and Hutt St Centre’s very own band, The Outsiders. It’s $10 at the door with proceeds going towards helping people experiencing homelessness rebuild their lives without judgement. THE HONEY BADGERS

The Honey Badgers (featuring the honkin’ Nigel Bourne), will

be presenting Soul Gumbo when they play Aldinga’s Pepper Tree Café, 445 Old Coach Rd, from 8pm on Saturday 7 July with special guests The Mighty Night Owls (featuring the honkin’ Geo Heathcote) and with $12 tickets via Trybooking or at the door on the night for $15.

LOWGROUND Presented by Tower Productions, Adelaide singer songwriter Casey Thomson is remounting Lowground, a musical retelling of Grimm’s Rapunzel, and it will feature Courtney Robb as the princess, Kc Guy (Stephensen) as the prince and Jonathan Crouch as the fool with Casey as a witch musical accompaniment from Emma Woolcock (violin and cello), Kerryn Schofield (flute), Shaun Doddy (percussion)and Dee Trewartha (guitar) and the folk opera will run for four performances only at Bakehouse Theatre, 255 Angas St, Adelaide, from 7pm on Thursday 3 May and Friday 4 May as well as 6.30pm and also 8.30pm on Saturday 5 May.

and offers a wide range of equipment including Fender and Blackstar products along with Cole Clark and Guild guitars as well as products from Hughes & Kettner and electro-harmonix as well as a huge range of ukuleles (Kala, Alvarez and Mahalo) and much more as well as a wide range of accessories. Give’em a buzz on 08 8367 6107. COURTNEY ROBB

Courtney Robb has announced the launch of her new album, You Are Not Alone, which she is also putting out on vinyl, and it’s to be on a lovely winter arvo from 4pm on Sunday 3 June at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, with special guest Tom Redwood and with tickets via Oztix.

Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Wednesday 9 May with tickets via the venue or Oztix and that they will be launching new material, Race To The Bottom, at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Friday 1 June with special guests Dean Forever and Stranger Than Strangers with an entry via the door for $10.

DILENETTES Get set for a huge late afternoon and night of music when Dilenettes grace the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, alongside Sincerely, Grizzly. Bitchspawn, Madura Green, Apparation, Melbourne’s Phil Wolfendale, Colourblind, Year Of Cold and Mount Seldom for Welcome To The Void from 4.30pm on Saturday 12 May with $10 tickets at the door. AUDIOISM



Helmed by Darren Lane, Adelaide-based Flat Cap Productions can offer affordable merchandise in the form of badges, stickers, black and white T-Shirts and stubby holders for bands and venues along with the filming of live gigs and interviews for promotional purposes. Contact Darren on 0425 085 449 or via email at flatcapprod@ with a nice discount if you make mention of BSide Magazine. GLOBAL MUSIC REVOLUTION Global Music Revolution, 16/47 OG Rd, Klemzig, is Adelaide’s newest music retail store

Fresh from sell out shows, Ashes to Ashes (The David Bowie Experience) will be making its way to Club5082 at Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Prospect, SA, from 7pm on Friday 18 May for a licensed, all-ages show from 7.45pm with Big Daz as special guest and $10 tickets via Eventbrite. There are also meal deals on offer at the Windmill Hotel, 94 Main North Rd, Prospect, with those flashing their ticket to receive a whopping 25% discount! To book a table at the hotel call 08 8344 1046. GHYTI Ghyti are excited to announce that they will be opening up for Melbourne’s The Mavis’s at the Governor Hindmarsh

Audioism is a new Adelaide business with over a dozen years industry experience that specialises in mobile recording and can come direct to you to record and can also offer photography for promotional purposes as well as various other services. JOE MAN MURPHY

Happy days are here for Joe Man Murphy as he is on a huge national tour for his

new solo album, Happy Days, which will include a stop at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Friday 4 May with very special guest Benjamin Roberts of Ukulele Death Squad – May the fourth be with you Joe.

BREWHOUSE BLUES NOOK NOSH The Clare Valley’s Pike’s Brewery will be presenting Brewhouse Brews from 5.30pm on Friday 20 May and the event will feature a New Orleansstyle menu and performances from Ollie English and band, Max Savage & The False Idols and AP D’Antonio with the $20 tickets to include a complimentary drink.

THE SEADRAGONS The Seadragons, essentially lyricist Steve Jones and musician and singer Corey Stewart, have just issued their SEMAPHORE MUSIC FESTIVAL debut single, 24th Of April, 2018 with it being readily available via Bandcamp and proceeds going to Former Ward 17, Repatriation General Hospital with the duo currently working on more music for release.

Boutique small bar Nook Nosh, 111 Unley Rd, Unley, features live acoustic sounds from 5pm on Sundays and has a courtyard area at the rear. Pop in for sips ‘n’ nibbles from 3pm on Wednesdays through to Sundays (open from 4pm) with Don Morrison on Sunday THE SOUND GARAGE Applications are now open 6 May and David Robinson Got a gig coming up and need for artists, food vendors and booked from 2pm until 4pm for a set-up? The Sound Garage, market stall holders to register Sunday 27 May to launch his 1/179 Hindley St, Adelaide, is their interest for Semaphore new solo album, Inner Groove, offering a 25% discount to those Music Festival 2018 which will for a special one-off show. who have a show that week. be taking place in Semaphore Contact Jordan on 0481 155 from Friday 28 September WEST THEBARTON 892 or just pop in. until Monday 1 October. Presented by triple j, the Applications can be made via the seven-piece West Thebarton MARY WEBB festival’s website. have announced their Different Beings Being Different tour SCALA which will include a show at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 30 June with tickets via the venue or Oztix. FISTFUL OF TROJANS

Mary Webb will be gracing the Grace Emily Hotel, 242 Waymouth St, Adelaide, with her talents and new album, Love Like Planets, as part of a national tour from 4pm on Sunday 20 May with $10 tickets at the door and special guests to soon be announced. ORANGES & LENNONS

Gary Burrows is remounting the successful John Lennon tribute, Oranges & Lennons, and returning it to the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, with a six-piece band on Saturday 2 June from 7.30pm with tickets via the venue or Oztix and bound to sell fast.

SCALA (Songwriters, Composers & Lyricists Association) will host their next event at Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 8pm on Thursday 17 May with the show to feature Georgy Rochow, Hannah Yates and Moonta Street and it’s free for members and an easy $5 for non-members with the ability to join the long-running association on the night. THE SAUCERMEN Fresh from playing Kustom Kulture SA’s Kustom Kulture Weekender, Adelaide’s The Saucermen are on a high as they have now announced their 20th anniversary party at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, SA, from 8pm on Wednesday 1 August with special guests The Satellites and special international guest Darrel Higham from the UK.

Fresh from skankin’ away at Kustom Kulture Weekender, Fistful Of Trojans are taking their ska-filled ditties to Crown & Anchor, 196 Grenfell St, Adelaide, for a free entry affair on Thursday 3 May with special guest Katie Pomery and band. THE HARMONICS The Harmonics will be celebrating their 10th anniversary of funky R&B when they play Semaphore Workers Club, 93 Esplanade, Semaphore, SA, from 8pm on Friday 11 May with Gail Page and Steve Brown as special guests for the occasion and tickets at the door (cash only) for an easy $10.

BROMHAM Bromham are excited to announce the launch of their Friends Fame Folly EP from 8pm on Saturday 5 May at Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, with special guests Abraska (formerly Conchilla) and Naomi Keyte with $10 tickets at the door. LITTLE CAPTAIN Little Captain have a free entry Friday evening residency coming up during the merry month of May at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, which kicks off on Friday 4 May with special guests Elli Belle and Beyond The Picture and then continues on Friday 11 May with Georgy Rochow and Bromham, Friday 18 May with Ron The Ox and Ty Alexander before concluding on Friday 23 May with special guests Panacea and Hey Harriett. METAL MEET UP Hosted by IMB Presents. there is to be a metal meet up and party at The Caledonian Hotel, 219 O’Connell St, North Adelaide, SA, from 8pm on Friday 11 May. DIRTY PAGANS Presented by Your Mate Bookings, Dirty Pagans will be hitting Jive, 181 Hindley Sr, Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday 26 May for a huge 18+ rock show with $10 tickets at the door and Jungle City, Tough Boys and Acid Wolf also on the bill. SCOUTED Music SA is excited to announce that Scouted will return in 2018 as part of Umbrella Winter City Sounds. Scouted is a music showcase event featuring South Australia’s best unsigned talent and, as the official closing event for the Australian Independent Record Labels Association Awards & Indie-Con conference, brings together music industry and music fans alike with the goal of getting our local talent seen by interstate tastemakers. This year Scouted will take place on Friday 27 July across multiple venues in Adelaide’s West End. So put the date in your diary and stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!


composer and collaborator Marc Ribot , celebrate women in music with Perth’s formidable Abbe May who will perform The full program for the and host a night of female performers at Clam Jam and get gritty with 2018 Adelaide Guitar Australia’s Heath Cullen. Festival has been released and it will showcase 20 Adelaide musicians in this year’s international artists, five festival including Wanderers, Kelly Menhennett, Hana & Jessie-Lee and world premieres, two Australian premieres and four more. And discover handmade treasures from Australia’s finest luthiers at Adelaide premiers as well the Guitar Expo, a free event in the as workshops, artist talks, a Festival Theatre foyer. guitar expo, masterclasses Adelaide Guitar Festival’s artistic and more. cirector Slava Grigoryan says: “I am so proud of this year’s program. We’ve got The festival, which runs from Thursday a stellar line-up of exceptional artists 9 August until Sunday 12 August at from all over the world and our own Adelaide Festival Centre, will feature an home-grown heroes. From legends eclectic, exciting line up of local, national like Albert Lee and Tommy Emmanuel, and international artists across all genres world premieres and unique community of guitar, from rockabilly through to engagement events like Resonance and rock, soul, blues, classical, country and Guitars in Bars, I cannot wait to share everything in between. and experience this with you all in July and August!” Australian legend Tommy Emmanuel will show off his artistry on opening night, The 2018 Adelaide Guitar Festival along with special guest guitarists Pedro program also includes Guitars in Javier Gonzalez and Richard Smith. Witness Grammy-award winning legend Albert Lee and discover why his career has included collaborations with Emmylou Harris, Eric Clapton and Joe Cocker. The Guitar Festival Symphony Gala will be another highlight, as will the Festival Finale featuring South Africa’s Derek Gripper in his only festival appearance. Television and media personality Julia Zemiro joins Adelaide Guitar Festival this year, hosting the Festival Finale as well as bringing her irreverent brand of interviewing to In Conversation With…, interviewing a variety of festival artists in this free event. Expect a kaleidoscope of colour and a feast for the senses with cutting-edge performer Kaki King, see living legend,

Bars with more than 200 gigs expected across the State, and Resonance, where worldclass musicians will perform in hospitals, community centres and homes for older people across South Australia from 28 July – 10 August. Guitar Festival Winter School, from Monday 16 July until Friday 20 July, will be a oneweek intensive program run by some of the country’s finest guitar players, covering two streams of tuition across blues and roots and classical genres, for all ages and skill levels. Adelaide Festival Centre CEO and Artistic Director Douglas Gautier says: “The calibre of artists at this year’s Adelaide Guitar Festival is extraordinary across so many genres. This, combined with the community engagement elements of the program, make this an accessible, entertaining and world class event.” Adelaide is the first and only UNESCO City Of Music in Australia. As the leading winter guitar music event in Adelaide, Adelaide Guitar Festival is proud to celebrate and contribute to this status as a UNESCO City Of Music. Adelaide Guitar Festival is a biennial event bringing incredible artists from around the world together with some of the best Australian musicians to deliver an exciting and entertaining program of events. The festival includes performances, workshops, master classes, artist talks, panel discussions and programs for emerging musicians.

For more information, please visit www.


(his son joined the army and was recently killed in action, and that’s not a spoiler) and, however improbably, Sal and Richard agree to join him for the expected road trip to collect the body - although, of course, it can’t be as simple as that, and Linklater mostly covers the contrivances necessary to keep the trio on the move and talking.


social life beyond a meaningless Tinder encounter or two. The voyeuristic cinematography suggests that she’s being Workaholic director watched right from the start, (and pseudonymous After a run of prestigious and when she goes to a local cinematographer and editor) character dramas (the sequel Steven Soderbergh likes to do hospital to discuss her past and Before Midnight, the longhow she was forced to leave her something small, loose and in-production Boyhood, the often freaky after a run of big hometown after being stalked, ’70s-evoking Everybody films (see also Schizopolis and her thoughts about suicide lead Wants Some!!) director Full Frontal) and so, after last to her being forcibly kept in and co-producer Richard year’s star-stuffed heist comedy the psychiatric ward (a site of Linklater worked on this mortal cinematic fear since the Logan Lucky, he turned to one’s screenplay with original And talk they do, and a lot, silents) for 24 hours. this, his first horror/thrillerauthor Darryl Ponicsan, which could have worn pretty type outing (oh the supposed and while the book was a Soon she’s fighting with Violet damn thin if it weren’t for the shame!) and all, believe it or direct sequel to The Last wonderful performances by not, shot on an iPhone 7 Plus in (Juno Temple) and getting into Detail (filmed in 1973) this Steve, Bryan and Laurence, all 4K (using the FiLMiC Pro app). more and more trouble, and is intended to stand on its then she realises that one of the of whom go through the usual own (aside from a few details laughing, bitching, denying, staff, George (Joshua Leonard The results are visually ugly if you want to take them on a.k.a. “JOSH!!!” from The Blair fighting and forgiving for a at times (and a bit ‘Dogme board). Witch Project), is actually her slightly leisurely two hours. 95’-esque but without the stalker under a fake name and Some will argue over which is posing), and yet the harsh In 2003 Larry ‘Doc’ Shepherd the standout turn here, and it’s there to convince her of his aesthetic fits this dark, (Steve Carell) visits the bar frightening love. probably Steve, as his Larry has uncomfortable piece which run by Sal Nealon (Bryan an ongoing battle to keep his can’t quite decide if it’s a biting Cranston), a former Marine emotions under control, but black comedy, a grim satire of With random glimmers of all with whom he served in Bryan and Laurence (making a the appalling American health sorts of other films (from One Vietnam, and when Sal Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest to meal of his gyp leg and need for system, a scathing attack on (still quite the partier) Misery), this never quite finds an a walking stick) are just about modern psychology, a study realises who he is the pair identity of its own, and yet Foy as good. of the damaging effects of have a night of boozing. Sal is good and Leonard suitably stalking, a running-throughthen agrees to drive Larry Other punters might be the-dark-woods-and-corridors unpleasant and there are some somewhere without asking cruel laughs, especially in the uncomfortable with this one’s shocker or a nutty mash-up early establishing sequences. what’s up and soon they’ve army background and yet, of bits and pieces of all of the And is it deliberately trying to reunited with the nowgiven how it was made with the above. be a bit #metoo too? Reverend Richard Mueller co-operation of the US military, (Laurence Fishburne), a guy it’s fairly surprising to note that Sawyer Valentini (Claire Foy) And Steven Soderbergh making who preaches about God and its attitude towards serving is a hard-working but deeply love and never talks about his your country is at best neutral. troubled young woman in New a horror movie? Do you know wild, horny, hell-raising past. But that’s Linklater for you, so York who’s obviously escaped how crazy that sounds??? something and now doesn’t please salute! Larry announces why he’s communicate much with her got them back together MDB MDB Mom (Amy Irving) and has little

Beasley Street, well-known as a, ‘Searing indictment on Thatcher’s Britain’ even though Clarke tells the audience that he wrote it some 18 months before Margaret Thatcher came to power, is followed by its sequel, Beasley Boulevard. He says he’ll perform them quickly so, ‘We can all see Squeeze and get home in time for Family Guy’.

dr john cooper clark LIVE REVIEW DR JOHN COOPER CLARKE The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel Monday 30 April Review and photograph by David Robinson “Will you please welcome on stage… Dr John Cooper Clarke!”

The introduction is met with applause from the growing crowd, and the man of the hour appears as the theme to 1950s US cop show Dragnet fades. Dr Clarke (University of Salford) resembles a well-dressed stick figure. He thanks the audience for coming out and announces that he needs to read out the guest list as he has arrived late. Cue Official Guest List. After that faux-formality, the next hour comprises a selection of 69-year-old

Clarke’s poems, a raft of observations and a few jokes that wouldn’t be out of place at The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club.

He sounds like he’s never left Salford, such is the richness of his accent, but he’s actually lived in Essex for decades. When he does affect another dialect it seems that he’s fond of the sounds of the Essex hard-man and the New York gangster. He tells the audience he’s been ‘Piling on the pounds lately’ (he hasn’t) and that this is due to a, ‘Cessation of the use of opioid drugs in a non-therapeutic milieu’. This monologue leads him into Get Back On Drugs You Fat F*ck, another poem that has the audience laughing out loud. Clarke is as sharp as a tack but every now and again the rapid pace of delivery seems to lose everyone, himself included. It’s probably all part of his shtick. He tells a story of meeting the Dalai Lama at Glastonbury and his light-hearted take on minimalism.

Despite the humour, there’s no doubting the passion of the pieces. Moving deliberately from the sublime to the ridiculous, Clarke proceeds to give a wonderfully cheesy plug for his merchandise. The relentlessly obscene Evidently Chickentown, a poem that has been good to Clarke, features as the last piece of his set, before Twat and I Wanna Be Yours (adapted by Alex Turner for Arctic Monkeys’ AM album) make up the encore and finish off his evening.

“You’ve been wonderful; let’s do it again sometime.” Dr John Cooper Clarke, rambling, reciting and ranting, has delivered an hour to remember. Exit, Johnny Clarke.

Setlist: Official Guest List Hire Car Get Back On Drugs You Fat F*ck Two limericks and a two-line poem Beasley Street Beasley Boulevard The Luckiest Guy Alive I’ve Fallen In Love With My Wife Evidently Chickentown Twat I Wanna Be Yours

MONDAY 14 MAY Marlon Williams (Melbourne) and The Dead Weather (Canada) at Governor Hindmarsh THURSDAY 3 MAY THURSDAY 10 MAY Dr Feelgood (UK) and Didirri (Melbourne) and Mick Kidd & Dave Blight Alana Jagt at Grace Emily at Governor Hindmarsh Kid Congo (US) at Crown Stereophonics (Wales) & Anchor at HQ Diesel (Sydney) at Slug N Lettuce FRIDAY 4 MAY Pears (US) at Edinburgh DZ Deatherays Castle Hotel (Brisbane), Clowns, These New South FRIDAY 11 MAY Wales and Boat Show Shannon Noll (Cobdogla) at Governor Hindmarsh at Governor Hindmarsh (SOLD OUT) Daniel Champagne The Cribs (UK) at Crown at Riverbend Gazebo & Anchor (Clarendon) Grigoryan Brothers Diesel (Sydney) at (Melbourne) at Arts Norwood Hotel Centre (Pt Noarlunga) SATURDAY 12 MAY SATURDAY 5 MAY Daniel Champagne at The Contortionist Wheatsheaf Hotel (US), SikTh Alithia Welcome To The (Melbourne) and Void: Dilenettes, Dyssidia at Governor Sincerely, Grizzly. Hindmarsh Bitchspawn, Madura BulletBoys (US), Green, Apparation, Phil Dellacoma, The Babes Wolfendale (Melbourne), and Trash City at Colourblind, Year Of Cold Fowler’s Live and Mount Seldom at Grace Emily (from 4.30pm) SUNDAY 6 MAY Diesel (Sydney) at Victoria Mildlife (Melbourne) at Hotel Chateau Apollo Holy Serpent (Melbourne), Earth TUESDAY 8 MAY Tongue (New Zealand), The Killers (US) and Kitchen Witch and Acid Jack Ladder at Adelaide Wolf at Edinburgh Castle Entertainment Centre Hotel TUESDAY 8 MAY Grant-Lee Phillips (US) at Governor Hindmarsh

TUESDAY 15 MAY Silverstein (Canada) and Comeback Kid at Fowler’s Live

Change and Glass Tides at Governor Hindmarsh FRIDAY 25 MAY Angus & Julia Stone at Flinders Uni Plaza TUESDAY 29 May Iron & Wine (US) at Governor Hindmarsh Escape The Fate (US), Awaken Am I and Between Kings at Fowler’s Live

WEDNESDAY 16 MAY Sepultura (Brazil), Death Angel (US) and Truth Corroded at Governor Hindmarsh FRIDAY 1 JUNE Red Fang (US) and Adam Eckersley, Brooke Drunk Mums at Fowler’s McClymont and Brad Live Cox at Wheatsheaf Hotel Dead Letter Circus THURSDAY 17 MAY (Brisbane) at Jive Urban Guerillas (Sydney) and David SATURDAY 2 JUNE Robinson at Grace Emily The Iron Maidens at Steven Adler & Adler’s Fowler’s Live Appetite (US) at Tired Lion (Perth) at Jive Governor Hindmarsh SUNDAY 3 JUNE FRIDAY 18 MAY The Brian Jonestown The Robert Cray Band Massacre (US) at (US) and Gail Page & Governor Hindmarsh The Dirty Roots Band at Governor Hindmarsh SATURDAY 9 JUNE Jet (Melbourne) at SATURDAY 19 MAY Thebarton Theatre APIA Good Times: Leo Michael Plater Sayer, Brian Cadd, (Melbourne) at Hade’s Marcia Hines, Russell Hula House (Semaphore) Morris (OAM), and Stonefield (Melbourne) John Paul Young at at Jive Thebarton Theatre SUNDAY 10 JUNE SUNDAY 20 MAY Goldentone (CD Joshua Radin (US) at launch), Giant Governor Hindmarsh Moths (Melbourne), Joseph Tawadros Marsden Williams (Melbourne/London) at & 245T (Melbourne) Elder Hall and Michael Plater (Melbourne) at Hotel WEDNESDAY 23 MAY Metro Jeremy Loops (South Khan (Melbourne) at Africa) at Fowler’s Live Crown & Anchor

SUNDAY 13 MAY John Flanagan Trio (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel (from WEDNESDAY MAY 9 4pm) The Mavis’s (Melbourne) Daniel Champagne at Live and Ghyti at Governor On The Deck (Willaston) THURSDAY 24 MAY Hindmarsh Peter Moss (UK) at Pain (Sweden) at Didirri (Melbourne) and Governor Hindmarsh Fowler’s Live Alana Jagt at Grace Emily Circa Survive (US), After

WEDNESDAY 13 JUNE PVRIS (US) at Governor Hindmarsh

FRIDAY 15 JUNE The Whitlams (Sydney), Alex Lloyd (Sydney) and Deborah Conway (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh (Sold Out) Dream On, Dreamer (Melbourne) at Fowler’s Live The Presets (Sydney) at Thebarton Theatre SATURDAY 16 JUNE The Whitlams (Sydney), Alex Lloyd (Sydney) and Deborah Conway (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh Lagerstein (Brisbane) at Enigma Bar

Chocolate Cake (Melbourne) at Dunstan Playhouse (Adelaide Festival Centre) TUESDAY 10 JULY P!nk (US) at Adelaide Entertainment Centre WEDNESDAY 11 JULY P!nk (US) at Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Wheatsheaf Hotel Pete Murray (Qld) at Norwood Live

SATURDAY 11 AUGUST Dave Graney & The mistLY (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel Pete Murray (Qld) at Norwood Live SUNDAY 12 AUGUST Dave Graney & The mistLY (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel

FRIDAY 14 SEPTEMBER Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ/US) at Fat Controller

SATURDAY 23 JUNE Archie Roach and Tiddas at Dunstan Playhouse (Adelaide Festival Centre) Baby Animals (Perth) at Governor Hindmarsh

SATURDAY 15 SEPTEMBER Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko at Fowler’s Live

THURSDAY 20 SEPTEMBER Booze & Glory (London) at Crown & Anchor

WEDNESDAY 27 JUNE Streetlight Manifesto (US) at Governor Hindmarsh

WEDNESDAY 4 JULY Strung Out (US) at Fowler’s Live

FRIDAY 6 JULY British India (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh SATURDAY 7 JULY Dan Sultan (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh My Friend The

SATURDAY 1 SEPTEMBER The Screaming Jets (Newcastle) and Boom Crash Opera (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh Moose Blood (UK) and Movements at Fowler’s Live THURSDAY 13 SEPTEMBER TesseracT (UK) at Governor Hindmarsh

FRIDAY 22 JUNE Archie Roach and Tiddas at Dunstan Playhouse (Adelaide Festival Centre)

FRIDAY 29 JUNE Perch Creek (Melbourne) at Jive

FRIDAY 31 AUGUST The Screaming Jets (Newcastle) and Boom Crash Opera (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh Roots & Branches: Kristy Cox, The Weeping Willows at Trinity Sessions

FRIDAY 20 JULY Ian Moss (Sydney) at Thebarton Theatre SATURDAY 31 JULY Lloyd Spiegel (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel

FRIDAY 10 AUGUST Lez Zeppelin (New York) at Fowler’s Live Dave Graney & The mistLY (Melbourne) at

MONDAY 8 OCTOBER Ke$ha (US) at Thebarton Theatre

TUESDAY 28 AUGUST Gene Simmons (US) at Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre

WEDNESDAY 29 AUGUST Britrock Must Be Destroyed: Reef, Terrorvision and The Wildhearts at Governor Hindmarsh

SUNDAY 14 OCTOBER Foreigner (US) and Cheap Trick (US) at Botanic Pk SATURDAY 8 DECEMBER James Reyne (Melbourne) at Thebarton Theatre SUNDAY 9 DECEMBER Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls (UK) at Governor Hindmarsh


Onkaparinga Arts Centre from 8pm on Friday 4 May with tickets via Trybooking.

Urban Guerillas, featuring Ken Stewart, are GRANT-LEE PHILLIPS an Adelaide band who took off many years ago to find their fame and fortune in Sydney but who are now heading back to grace the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, with their uncompromising punk tunes from 9pm on Thursday 17 May with David Robinson as special guest. PAIN Now presented by Hardline Media and Overdrive Touring, Sweden’s industrial metal exponents Pain, led by Peter Tagtgren, will have Witchgrinder and Headbore as special guests when they play Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Thursday 24 May with tickets via Moshtix.

SEPULTURA Presented by Metropolis Touring, Brazilian metal band Sepultura are heading to the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, SA, on Wednesday 16 May as part of an Australian tour with special guests Death Angel from San Francisco and local metal legends Truth Corroded and with tickets via the venue or Oztix. MARLON WILLIAMS Marlon Williams will be performing at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Monday 14 May to promote the release of a new album, Make Way For Love, with special guests being Canada’s The Weather Station and tickets on sale via the venue or Oztix. GRIGORYAN BROTHERS Grigoryan Brothers (classical guitarists Slava and Leonard) are set to present a concert at Pt Noarlunga’s fully licensed

Presented by Premier Artists, Grant-Lee Phillips, of Grant Lee Buffalo fame, will have Matt Joe Gow as special guest when he kicks off an Australian tour at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Tuesday 8 May with tickets via the venue or Oztix. TRISTEN BIRD

Tristen Bird has announced an absolutely huge national tour for his Yonder Comes The Sun album that will kick off in SA on Friday 4 May at Goolwa’s 90 Mile Wines: Wharf Barrel Shed and then a show on Saturday 5 May in the city at Historian Hotel, 18 Coromandel Plc, Adelaide, with tickets via Moshtix and Stefan Hauk and Cal Williams Jr as special guest followed by a sterling house concert up in Stirling on Sunday 5 May with further regional shows in SA in June including a return to Goolwa’s 90 Mile Wines: Wharf Barrel Shed on Sunday 3 June. DIDIRRI

Fresh from playing WOMADelaide and also SXSW, Melbourne’s sombre folk dandy Didirri will be dropping into the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Wednesday 9 May and Thursday 10 May on his Formaldehyde tour and will have Alana Jagt as special guest and tickets selling fast via his website or Moshtix. THE MAVIS’S Presented by Consume/Valve, Melbourne’s much-loved The Mavis’s have announced their 20th anniversary Pink Pills tour that will take them around the country and bring them to the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd,


Hindmarsh, on Wednesday 9 May with tickets via the venue or Oztix and Ghyti as special guests.

JOHN FLANAGAN TRIO Bluegrass exponents John Flanagan Trio have a new album, Honest Man, and will be bringing it to the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 4pm on Sunday 13 May for a free entry session with Loren Kate as special guest. THE CONTORTIONIST

Melbourne’s Mildlife, who mine jazz, psych and disco for an irresistible groove, will play Frome St’s Chateau Apollo in support of their new album, Phase, on Sunday 6 May with tickets via Eventbrite. SILVERSTEIN Presented by Destroy All Lines, Canada’s Silverstein will be hitting Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, with their post hardcore musings on Tuesday 15 May with Comeback Kid as very special guests and tickets on sale via Moshtix. TONIGHT ALIVE

American progressive rock band The Contortionist will have no less than SikTh with them when they play the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 5 May with tickets via the venue or Oztix and Melbourne’s Alithia And Adelaide’s Dyssidia as opening acts. PEARS

Explosive Sydney band Tonight Alive are back out on the road and will play the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 12 May with tickets via the venue or Oztix. BULLETBOYS

Presented by Arrest Records, New Orleans’ hardcore punks Pears will be hitting the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, on Thursday 10 May with special guests Hightime, Skategoats, Arse and She’s The Band. HOLY SERPENT Melbourne’s Holy Serpent will have New Zealand’s Earth Tongue with them when they slither into the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, on Saturday 12 May with Kitchen Witch and Acid Wolf also on the stellar, four-way psych rock bill.


British-born ukulele master Peter Moss will be performing at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, SA, on Sunday 13 May and is offering two workshops from 3pm prior to the 6pm show with tickets via the venue or Oztix. JOSHUA RADIN Presented by Metropolis Touring, acclaimed American singer songwriter Joshua Radin has announced another huge Australian tour that will bring him to the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Sunday 20 May with tickets, including special meet and greet packages, available via the venue or Oztix and Cary Brothers as special guest. SHANNON NOLL Shannon Noll will be presenting songs from a new album, Unbroken, when he plays the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday 11 May with tickets via the venue or Oztix with Indiago as special guests. CITY CALM DOWN

Presented by Silverback Touring, American hard rock band BulletBoys have a long history and a legion of fans and will be making their first ever trip to this country to rock hard at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, for a licensed all-ages affair with special guests Dellacoma, The Babes and Trash City on Saturday 5 May with tickets via Moshtix.

“Each band will be unique in their own right,” she suggests.

Kylie says it been fun taking her earlier material and reworking it with a full band. “And we are now starting to work on new songs as a band,” she says. “And it’s been good working up my old material because it was often quite stripped back. Sometimes it was just strings and percussion. It was a very relaxed EP. But my next EP will have a much fuller sound.”

KYLIE BRICE BAND KYLIE BRICE BAND By Robert Dunstan “I’ve been writing songs for a long time but it’s only in the past few years that I’ve been gigging,” Kylie Brice begins when we chat to her about her relatively new band and an upcoming show.

The singer songwriter says she draws on life experiences to pen her songs.

“It may be a subject that some people find difficult to talk about in real life,” “It’s been interesting listening back to Kylie says. “So it can be something I’ve experienced or something I’ve seen a her old songs and working out how to turn a cello part into something for friend go through. I’ll have an idea and go to the piano or sit down with my guitar guitar,” he laughs. “And there’s been and try and digest what I am trying to say. that thing where you don’t want to That way, I think my songs come out quite overpower anything and get in the organically and very naturally.” way of Kylie’s vocals.

Kylie cites here main musical influence as “But, having been working together for about four or five months now, it’s Missy Higgins. all coming together really well,” Staffy “She is my absolute favourite because I says. just love the messages in her songs and how clear she makes them,” she enthuses. Kylie released her CD, Broken & “So it’s only been in the last few years Beautiful, with a launch in 2016 at – maybe four or so – that I’ve actually “I’ve followed her very closely and looking Salisbury’s Secret Graden as part of been performing,” she continues. “And that years Adelaide Fringe. forward to seeing her play a few nights in the past it’s mainly been with my before my gig,” Kylie says of seeing Missy trio but we’ve recently added Staffy Lee “I have a fair bit to do with Salisbury Higgins play a now sold out show at to the mix and got an electric guitarist Council as I’ve been running Thebarton Theatre on Saturday 12 May. in and a drummer [Ian Reid].” songwriting workshops at their “I think seeing Missy play a few nights youth centre,” she “I still do a few solo gigs before my own gig will get me really says. “I also played though and sometimes at the launch of their amped up,” she concludes. as a duo or occasionally Suicide Prevention with a trio [with Disco Network which is all Dave on bass] but it’s about mental health Kylie Brice Band, The now mostly about and well-being. Tangerines and The Wisps are working with the band,” undertaking a free entry musical Kylie adds. “Being involved in Her current repertoire consists of her older songs and new songs that the current line-up is working on.

“We’ve done one show now as Kylie Brice Band,” guitarist Staffy Lee says. “That was during Adelaide Fringe for Carclew’s No Filter. But we’ve been rehearsing together since late last year. And it’s been fun working on Kylie’s older songs as well as working up new ones.

something like that, as an artist, makes perfect sense to me,” Kylie adds. She is now looking forward to play a show alongside The Tangerines and The Wisps.

“I’ve seen The Tangerines as well as The Wisps at some SCALA shows so while we all know each other, we’ve never actually played together,” Kylie says. “And, obviously, with it being three acts led by a female, but all quite different, it will make for a good night.

evening at the Exeter Hotel, 246, Rundle St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Thursday 17 May.

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