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MELBOURNE SKA ORCHESTRA By Robert Dunstan This year, Melbourne Ska Orchestra have been recording one cover song per week – be it a classic ska song of the revamping of a old movie or television series theme and now, with half of them done and dusted, are taking the concept out on the road.

had a relevant connection to the band whether it be songs we had performed in the early days to songs that had an influence in our musical adolescence.” Run Joe features legendary Jamaican Stranger Cole. Was that done when he toured Australia recently?

think we know it, with the underlying theme that the mind is an enormously powerful entity in itself. Perceptions and perspectives rule our observations and thought processes. Not exactly breakfast light reading but pretty damn interesting.” You personally have played the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel under many guises. The pub, under current ownership, is celebrating its 25th anniversary in June. What are some of your fondest memories of playing the pub.

“Our first real show in SA [as Melbourne Ska Orchestra] was at the Gov and every time we play there it’s been great. Adelaide ska fans vote with their feet, and dance accordingly, making the nights always memorable. They have a great team there that get behind the events and work hard to make the night a success.

“Yes. We invited Stranger to my studio “We’d like to congratulate them on a in the hills and we did a lot of chatting, milestone year,” Nicky adds. storytelling and making music. He loved the version and was visibly ecstatic at What are the orchestra’s plans for the the new lease of life his song had.” remainder of 2018?

Have you been pleased by the response? “We have lots of great gigs How did you come up with the I see they often get a lot of “They have a coming up including Gympie inspired notion of recording one song per ‘shares’ on Facebook. great team Muster and Airlie Neach Festival, week for 2018 and then taking it out on that get behind but for the most we are head tour? “The response has been down bottom up exploring the wonderful and far and wide. the events and songwriting ideas for the final “We wanted to try some different things Fans from all over the globe work hard… 26 songs. We have also written with our songs and releases given the are getting on board and We’d like to some great tunes and are way the music industry has changed in trying to get us gigs in their congratulate excited by the new grooves and the last couple of years,” the orchestra’s relative countries. Mexico melodies. acknowledged leader, Nicky Bomba them on a is calling loud and clear at begins. present and some European milestone year.” “It’s a great band to be writing dates have opened up too.” for as there are so many “Spotify, playlists, the way people possibilities and such an expansive consume and access music, has all Will the songs be released in any kind of palette,” Nicky concludes. morphed into a model that is so different physical format – compact disc, USB or from the old vinyl and CD releases. We even vinyl? believe the only way to stay relevant and Melbourne Ska Orchestra are present is to be active and fresh with “We are releasing four CDs with each our ideas. The song a week challenge skanking their way back to the block of 13. The first one with the was first suggested by our tour manager ska classics will be available for the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 (and trombone player) Wally Maloney Adelaide show. We also made some Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday to which we smiled and said, ‘Yes!’ Then, tea towels which have proven to be a 22 June with tickets via the ‘Oh?’. And then, ‘Hmm.... Then, ‘Yes’, again! hit! Lots of domesticated ska fans out venue or Oztix and Lucky Seven there!” “Taking it on the road then seemed an as swingin’ special guests. obvious part of the rollout,” he adds. What’s the story behind US BB Olshin, Professor Of Philosophy, History & Has it been fun selecting the songs and Philosophy Of Science and Technology delving back into the vast ska catalogue at the University Of The Arts in of classic songs? Philadelphia, writing a book inspired by MSO? “There has always been an active involvement by members of the orchestra “Crazy and random I know. He wrote with our various projects and the song a book called Deciphering Reality choices were right on the money with the and used our lyrics in the preface. vibe. Choosing which ones to leave out They reflected his philosophy and was the hardest. We went for songs that observation of life as we know it, or

FRIDAY 15 JUNE Dream On, Dreamer (Melbourne)

SUNDAY 17 JUNE Hardcore Superstar (Sweden) and The Babes SATURDAY 23 JUNE Skegss (SOLD OUT)

WEDNESDAY 4 JULY Strung Out (US) FRIDAY 13 JULY Obie Trice (US)

FRIDAY 27 JULY Mammal, Osaka Punch and Fresh Violet FRIDAY 10 AUGUST Lez Zeppelin (New York)

SATURDAY 25 AUGUST Psycroptic (Tasmania), Archspire and Hadal Maw at Fowler’s Live SATURDAY 1 SEPTEMBER Moose Blood (UK) and Movements SATURDAY 15 SEPTEMBER Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko SATURDAY 27 OCTOBER The Sword (US)

68 North Tce, City 8212 0255

Are there any different musical influences or ideas that Superstar have tried to incorporate into the new record?

makeup, what the fuck is this’. But now it’s like German guys with beards and eyeliner and I was like what is happening?

“You get inspiration from the people you meet – Baboon for example, that song is about the dude who comes to the party – the ‘soccer’ dude – we’ve all met that guy who tries to take over, tries to meet

Are there periods in your career where you’ve been burnt out of touring or writing?

What do you think has been the key factor in Superstar’s longevity?

“We try to take a little bit from everyone [and] “Go to a Hardcore Superstar concert, combine them into a good you can see a dad and a kid. When dad mix. The most important first saw Hardcore Superstar he was 15, thing the melody now he’s going to our “You look for shows with his kids. It’s – that you have catchy melodies inspiration in awesome. Maybe we’ve got that people everyday life something going here.” can sing along and I can tell you What’s the meaning behind to. That’s very important for us we’ve met a lot Bring The House Down as well as a band of weird folk.” video? - hard rock’n’roll with melodies.” “It was ‘Adde’ [drummer Magnus Andreasson], Vic [Zino – Where do you and guitarist] and the director’s idea, Superstar get the because every musician hates the record inspiration to go from a companies, they always want to destroy a more upbeat sound to record company office. So as you can see harder tracks such as in the video, we’re destroying an office – a Electric Rider? made up one, but it was fun to do.”

hardcore superstar HARDCORE SUPERSTAR By Hugh Schuitemaker Sweden’s Hardcore Supersar formed way back in ’97 and now, armed with their latest offering, Baboon, are heading back to Australia. BSide Magazine chats away to singer Joakim ‘Jocke’ Berg, a founding member of the hard rockin’ outfit. How is the new album, Baboon, going?

“Great. We’ve released four singles now and it’s going great actually. The fans like the new songs so we’re very happy about that – compared to the last album HCSS, 50% were like, ‘What the fuck are they doing now’, and 50% were like, ‘Okay, it’s good, but it’s not Hardcore Superstar’. This time everyone is happy, so that’s good. Can you ever please your whole audience? “It’s always hard to please everyone, but compared to the last one, maybe that was 50/50 - this one is like 85/15. It’s in the right direction.”

girls. So you look for inspiration in everyday life and I can tell you we’ve met a lot of weird folk.”

“First of all it’s the love for the music. Nowadays we can almost pick the shows we want to do, but Hardcore Superstar is best to see live and we love playing live. As long as it’s still fun, then we’re going to keep doing this.

With so much complicated production elements in a lot of current music, how can metal bands keep that factor of simplicity which was core?

“Sometimes I don’t want to go up on stage – I’m tired or hungover – but when you go up on stage, some kind of force grabs you and gives you power and energy. The thing you thought about before you went up on stage doesn’t matter anymore.

“On this album we’re very relaxed, the things you do in the studio, [if] it doesn’t work – the day after it works. The whole recording process, this time was like a dance.”

Presented by Silverback Touring, Sweden’s Hardcore Superstar will hit Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Sunday 17 June for a licensed all-ages show and with tickets via Moshtix and The Babes as special guests.

“This time we went into Martin [the bass player’s] studio – when you rent a studio it costs a lot of money and this time we did it almost for free and we could be in the studio as long as we want. We took our time, no stress, if it didn’t work one day we went home and did something else, then we got back the day after and continued.

What changes have you seen, both in your country and in the world, over the 20+ years with Superstar which have influenced your music and view of the world?

“It happens a lot during 20 years. Germany has always been a hard country to break into for Hardcore Superstar, but we worked like 15 years to make some ground. Now it seems like the kind of music we play is accepted in Germany – before that, during this 15 years of struggle it was like, ‘Those weird guys in

“As long as it’s still like that, we’re going to keep doing this, you’re going to keep getting the energy you need from the fans, live, on stage. We are the new Rolling Stones.”

out in their area of musical expertise but with no emphasis on one individual musician. It’s about everyone grooving away together. “There are no egos in the band,” Benny adds.

“Ah, I’d like to think I have an ego,” Peter chirps in with a cheeky chuckle. “But yeah, it’s not about anyone in the band taking over – it’s about creating a sound as a whole unit. “And I think the other thing that is going to set us apart from other blues-type bands around town is that our sound is very much a Memphis blues sound,” he then indicates. “It’s more about the blues and soul music that was coming out of Stax Studios in the ’60s and ’70s.

THE HONEY BADGERS By Robert Dunstan The Honey Badgers are a relatively new combo on the Adelaide scene but is made of up of some highly seasoned local musicians who share a love for honey badgers along with a great liking for soulful blues and funk filled with great horn lines with the addition of some Memphis and New Orleans-style spices.

“There’s definitely blues, but it’s more a soulful Freddie King kinda blues,” he adds. “And the funky thing comes in with having horns. Y’know, The Memphis Horns sound. So we do some early Robert Cray as well.”

Dolly, says of the ferocious animal. “We all The band already has one gig under their belt like honey badgers because they don’t give – a Sunday afternoon outing at McLaren Vale’s a shit. They are not to be messed The Groove Garden. “It’s been with.” “It seemed to go well,” Nigel says. about “I guess it’s like us saying, ‘We “People seemed to like it and we forming a are going to form a band and play had fun. We had some pretty good whatever we want to’,” Benny says. band around feedback.” “It’s just about doing what we do players who and enjoying it and having fun.” all stand out “And I reckon that once we have a few gigs under our belts we’ll hit in their area up some of the wineries for gigs,” “Se we got the band together – someone suggested we get Peter of musical Peter says. “Y’know, events like Sea Nixon to play bass but I thought expertise & Vines and Clare Valley Gourmet he’d be too busy – and because I’d Weekend because The Honey but with no Badgers would fit right in.” played in bands with Peter before, it’s all working out nicely.” Peter emphasis on says.

one individual The Honey Badgers

musician.” (featuring the honkin’ “And another reason we got Peter The band – Benny Brown on vocals and in is that he can arrange horn Nigel Bourne), will be guitar, Peter Nixon on bass, Peter Allan parts,” Nigel Bourne says. “And that’s great behind the kit, Josh Chenoweth on trumpet presenting Soul Gumbo when because it means we can bring in other horn and Nigel Bourne on tenor saxophone they play Aldinga’s Pepper Tree players. For example, for the gig we have – got together after forming friendships coming up at Pepper Tree Café down at Café, 445 Old Coach Rd, from at the Thursday evening Gumbo Room Aldinga, we are bringing in Geo Heathote to Blues Jam in the front bar of the Governor 8pm on Saturday 7 July with play some baritone sax with us.” Hindmarsh Hotel. special guests The Mighty Night “Nigel and I had been throwing some stuff around for quite a long time after meetng at the Gov’s Thursday night blues jam,” Benny Brown, originally from the UK where he played in blues bands and was quite involved in the scene, begins. “So from that new friendship we started to get some things happening with some other players we knew who were interested in forming a band to play that kind of soul and blues music,” he adds.

“I think the only reason we got together was because we discovered we all shared a common respect for honey badgers,” Peter Allan, who also plays drums with Shades Of Blue, Fistful Of Trojans and Fritz

The Honey Badgers, who are working toward original material, are inspired by the sounds of New Orleans music.

“So it’s mostly blues funk with an emphasis on soul,” Peter says. “So it’s mostly covers we all like at the moment but will soon be playing a couple of tunes that Benny is going to work up.” “Yeah, now that we have our heads around what direction we are going, I’ll put pen to paper and start writing,” Benny says.

“And my favourite aspect about the band is that we take a holistic approach to our sound,” he then says. “It’s been about forming a band around players who all stand

Owls (featuring the honkin’ Geo Heathcote) and with $12 tickets via Trybooking or at the door on the night for $15. book/event?eid=365278


a shop that’s on the verge of closing down - because who uses anything other Drawn from A.G. Sulzberger’s than their damn mobiles to New York Times article take photos these days? This (by screenwriter Jonathan naturally gets Matt, Benjamin Tropper) and directed by Mark and Zooey on a cross-country Raso (only his second feature), journey where they talk a lot, this fairly barbed character and it’s pretty damn good talk piece is heavy on nostalgia and too. features strong performances by a cool cast, especially lead Harris is fine here Jason Sudeikis, who’s far more (demonstrating his knack than just a comedic player for playing nasty again), and and reveals something harsh Olsen is very good even if and unforgiving under that she’s mostly on board as a bit handsome exterior. of a plot device - but anyway. And then there’s Sudeikis, Jason’s Matt Ryder is on the who’s never been better verge of losing his job as a and works really well with record executive because he Elizabeth, with their jokey, has no idea how the music swoony rapport proving industry works anymore lovely to watch, even if it’s a (who does?), and he’s bit predictable. When they get approached by Zooey Kern loaded and start singing along (Elizabeth Olsen taking time and hamming it up to Live’s out from Avengers sequels), classic Lightning Crashes it’s assistant to Matt’s estranged pretty much worth the price Dad Benjamin (Ed Harris, of of admission alone. course), There’s huge and longtime bitterness between And snap! father and son, of course, but Zooey convinces Matt to visit his Dad because Benjamin OCEAN’S EIGHT (M) is dying and hopes to make **1/2 one of those final pilgrimages (AKA road trips!!!). When this female-centric spin-off/reboot of Steven A prestigious photographer, Soderbergh’s Ocean’s films Benjamin wants to travel to was announced threatened Parsons, Kansas, and develop blokes the world over some Kodachrome film at screamed that it would ruin

a classic, which neglects the facts that 1) Soderbergh’s pics are hardly brilliant and 2) that his Ocean’s Eleven was a damn remake of the Rat-Packstarring Ocean’s 11 (1960) anyway. But let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good sexist rant, hey? Nevertheless, this rethink is fairly flat simply because we’ve seen it all before, and director Gary Ross has trouble bringing energy to proceedings, despite the presence of a cast you can’t believe were ever all in the same room at the same time.

of pros to help out, and they include jewel expert Amita (Mindy Kaling), con artist Constance (Awkwafina), professional ‘fence’ Tammy (Sarah Paulson from TV’s American Horror Story), druggy hacker Nine Ball (Rihanna) and troubled fashion designer Rose Weil (Helena Bonham Carter with what seems to be an Irish accent).

And if only it was better, fizzier and funnier, especially as there’s obviously a touch of #metoo here as these women set out to be better crims than Danny’s guys It’s no spoiler that Debbie (some of whom might - or Ocean (Sandra Bullock) is the might not - turn up in bits to sister of the now-deceased bless the enterprise). There Danny Ocean (George Clooney are fancy editing tricks that in a photo), and after she’s tie it in with the Soderbergh granted parole from prison series (he’s on board as she meets up with her old producer too), lots of bouncy partner in crime Lou (Cate soundtrack cuts and a few Blanchett), and they start jokes that work - but it does discussing a huge heist. And feel like a rip-off. ripping off a $150 million buck Cartier diamond In the end, this isn’t really necklace from vain movie bad: it’s just stale and star Daphne Kluger (Anne disappointing. Come on, Hathway half-parodying don’t these gals deserve herself) at the Met Gala, no something classier? less, is quite an ambitious job, so the pair assemble a bunch MDB

and you can put it in any order. When you buy a normal synth the architecture is sort of all set.” Ritchie is not only a curious presence in Adelaide’s music scene but is heavily involved in scoring. A recent opportunity to work on an animated horror film in America will have him patching like a man possessed. I asked Ritchie how that all came about.

“A composer in LA knew of my work I had up online, on YouTube and such. So I will be doing all the synth programming and beats, and essentially creating loops and whatnot for him to use.

r.domain r.domain by I. C. T. Messenger One of Adelaide’s leading lights when it comes to modular synths and the immersive sonics they create is a solo artist by the moniker r.domain. BSide Magazine had a chat to Adam Ritchie recently after he just prepared a synth patch for his upcoming show at the Grace Emily. Many do not know what a modular synth is, and seeing one on stage is a rare thing. Ritchie explains that there’s

“The other people on board are a cello player who’s creating some sounds, and then there’s a software guy creating not too much to it when you compare some sounds. Then the composer takes it to a guitarist’s pedalboard, of course all those bits and creates a score with that plus with whatever else he writes. it’s a highly involved thing below the Yeah so I’m like a synth programmer, or surface. a sound designer.” “Well it’s pretty involved but So what are audiences to expect when essentially a modular synth is they rock up to the Grace modular, so you build “Now I’m honing Emily and hear r.domain up the system yourself. in on some sort go for it on modular synth. You can buy predesigned “Well I’m still tweaking of flight path systems but most people buy their own modules. because it’s all it. I’ve got my patch all It’s kind of like building fairly improvised. designed, I designed that a couple of weeks out. Now up your own pedal train Especially being a I’m honing in on some if you’re a guitarist and having all your separate modular there are sort of flight path because it’s all fairly improvised. no presets.” pedals to create your Especially being a modular own sound. there are no presets. You can’t just hit a button and change everything, so “So yeah, you build up a module at a time and each one you’ve got to spend a lot of time with it.” does a specific thing. As far as the Playing at the Grace Emily, 232 sound goes you Waymouth Street, Adelaide, on buy an oscillator which is the thing Thursday 21 June will be our man r.domain as he supports which makes the sound. It could be MULE and Hello, Lover. Free [seen as] a noise entry. module which makes noise. Then you need utilities that shape the sound, so if you want to sequence notes you get a sequencer of some sort. “Essentially it’s like building up your own synth,

my friend the

chocolate cake

Painting by Warwick Jolly



me the last 10 songs you’ve listened to – not albums but 10 different songs. We all busted out our phones and Robert [Ortiz – drums] was listening to Metallica and Simple Plan. It was all over the place because that’s how human beings are. We’re full of emotion and we all different types of emotion. “The new album kind of brings you through this story – it opens up with Beautifully Tragic where you’re kind of reflecting over the years, [it’s] somebody a little older reflecting on their time and heartbreak. Then it goes into, ‘You know what, screw it I’m gonna go out and party and try to forget about all the crazy shit that’s going on’ – which is what we all do, so I thought it was the perfect title.”

ESCAPE THE FATE By Hugh Schuitemaker Nevada’s Escape The Fate were recently in Adelaide to play a sold out show at Fowler’s Live – alongside Awaken I Am and Between Kings – and BSide Magazine caught up with lead vocalist Craig Mabbitt who joined the band 10 years ago after fronting Blessthefall and The Word Alive. How has ‘This War is Ours grown in significance for you over the years?

“It’s been very significant. Some of those songs have been a part of our set list for the past 10 years – so it’s very significant and we couldn’t be happier to still be able to be here today and say, ‘Hey, happy 10 years – let’s celebrate it and play it back’.” What are the motivations behind the anniversary tour? Is it a celebration/reflection of the band’s past?

“Yeah, celebrating the past, celebrating the fact that we’re still here in the present and looking forward to the future.”

Do you notice changes in your family or surrounding environment since This War that have shaped your view of the world and musical direction?

“Definitely man, I think that’s evident in our newest album – especially on the title track, I Am Human. I feel like This War Is

Every second album that comes out these Ours had a lot of those lovey-dovey, pop days seems to be produced by Kanye West emo songs, but I also remember us shooting – do you think big name producers and a video for 10 Miles Wide and they featured production elements are a necessity now? that video on the front page website of Playboy magazine. “You know, I’m so on both “There were porn stars on the plane and everybody was partying – we were like these 18, 19, 21-year-old dudes from Vegas and it’s like. ‘Yeah man, party, rock’n’roll, sex and drugs’, and all that crap. Robert [Ortiz – drums] has twins now and I’ve got two little ones – you get older, you get more mature, you start regretting some of the bad decisions you made.

“We’ve just always been such a diverse band anyway and when I wrote the title track I was like, ‘This is the perfect title to just name the album’.”

“You just get wiser, every day you become a better person – I guess that’s what life is all about anyway, becoming a better version of you, everyday that you can. So that definitely is a big thing that is reflected on me, I think time changes everything anywhere, but especially when you’re living a life like this and you’re constantly on the move, trying to keep in touch and trying to keep relationships going.” The new album has such a wide range of emotions (the song Empire is upbeat while Bleed is more forlorn). What experiences go into creating this? “We’ve just always been such a diverse band anyway and when I wrote the title track I was like, ‘This is the perfect title to just name the album’.

“We’re all human beings – [I told everyone] bust out your cell phone right now and tell

sides of that question it’s hard to answer with complete and utter honesty.

“It’s like when the Napster thing was happening and music was starting to become streamed – you had all those old-school bands that were like, ‘This is fucked up, this is killing music, nobody is going to buy records anymore’ – people used to complain about them, but they were right – nobody is buying records anymore because they can stream it.” “I was on both ends. You should definitely support the band playing music, but who doesn’t want to have music readily available to stream? I want to listen to these songs and if it’s easier for me to go online from my home than to take $20 into the record store, why wouldn’t I want to do that? It’s convenient.”

Escape The Fate’s latest album, I Am Human, is out now via the Eleven Seven label.

SATURDAY 7 JULY Dan Sultan (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh My Friend The Chocolate Cake (Melbourne) at Dunstan Playhouse (Adelaide Festival Centre)

Mammal, Osaka Punch and Fresh Violet at Fowler’s Live SATURDAY 31 JULY Lloyd Spiegel (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel

FRIDAY 15 JUNE SATURDAY 23 JUNE SUNDAY 8 JULY The Whitlams (Sydney), Archie Roach and Tiddas Shirazz (Melbourne) at FRIDAY 3 AUGUST Alex Lloyd (Sydney) at Dunstan Playhouse Wheatsheaf Hotel Kasey Chambers at and Deborah Conway (Adelaide Festival Centre) Thebarton Theatre (Melbourne) at Governor Baby Animals (Perth) at The Easy Leaves (US) and Hana Brenecki at Grace Lanks at Jive Hindmarsh (Sold Out) Governor Hindmarsh Emily Dream On, Dreamer Dan Tuffy and Lucie SATURDAY 4 AUGUST (Melbourne) at Fowler’s Thorne at Wheatsheaf TUESDAY 10 JULY The Babe Rainbow Live Hotel P!nk (US) at Adelaide (Byron Bay) at Jive The Presets (Sydney) at Entertainment Centre Suzanne Vega (US) at Thebarton Theatre SUNDAY 24 JUNE Thebarton Theatre Harry Howard & The Z-Star Trinity (UK) and WEDNESDAY 11 JULY NDE (Melbourne) at Hotel Hussy Hicks (Qld) at P!nk (US) at Adelaide FRIDAY 10 AUGUST Metro Wheatsheaf Hotel Entertainment Centre Ed Kuepper (Brisbane) at Governor Hindmarsh SATURDAY 16 JUNE WEDNESDAY 27 JUNE THURSAY 12 JULY Lez Zeppelin (New York) The Whitlams (Sydney), Streetlight Manifesto (US) Mega Muso Masterclass: at Fowler’s Live Alex Lloyd (Sydney) at Governor Hindmarsh Justin Derrico, Mark Dave Graney & The and Deborah Conway Schulman, Eva Gardner mistLY (Melbourne) at (Melbourne) at Governor FRIDAY 29 JUNE and Jason Chapman at Wheatsheaf Hotel Hindmarsh Holy Land III: Radio Governor Hindmarsh Pete Murray (Qld) at Jacob Diamond (Perth) Moscow (US), Filthy Lucre, Norwood Live and Laura Hill at Japan’s Bahboon, Sydney’s FRIDAY 13 JULY Wheatsheaf Hotel Dirty Wolves, Melbourne’s Jeff Lang (Melbourne) at SATURDAY 11 AUGUST Lagerstein (Brisbane) at Devil Electric, Sydney’s Trinity Sessions Dave Graney & The Enigma Bar Sumeru, Melbourne’s Fifth mistLY (Melbourne) at Rudely Interrupted Friend, Oko, Sons Of Zoku, SATURDAY 14 JULY Wheatsheaf Hotel (Melbourne) at Governor Sydney’s Born Lion and Ben Harper & Charlie Pete Murray (Qld) at Hindmarsh )from 3.30pm) The Fyoogs at Governor Musselwhite (US) at Norwood Live Fripps & Fripps (Sydney) Hindmarsh Thebarton Theatre Shredfest 2018: Earth at Exeter Hotel Jack Carty and Gus Rot, Mason, Hidden Gardiner at Trinity THURSDAY 19 JULY Intent, Se Bon Ki Ra, THURSDAY 21 JUNE Sessions William Crighton and Christ Dismembered, Kev Walsh (Melbourne) Perch Creek (Melbourne) Melody Pool at Grace Trigger, Lucifer’s and Aaron Thomas & at Jive Emily Fall and Roadhaul at The Human Patterns at Edinburgh Castle Hotel Wheatsheaf Hotel WEDNESDAY 4 JULY FRIDAY 20 JULY Bob Dylan (US) at Botanic Strung Out (US) at Ian Moss (Sydney) at Pk Fowler’s Live Thebarton Theatre FRIDAY 22 JUNE SUNDAY 12 AUGUST Archie Roach and Tiddas WEDNESDAY 25 JULY Dave Graney & The at Dunstan Playhouse THURSDAY 5 JULY Legs Electric (Perth) at mistLY (Melbourne) at (Adelaide Festival Centre) The Bennies, Gooch Crown & Anchor Wheatsheaf Hotel Melbourne Ska Palms and Young Orchestra (Melbourne) Offenders at Adelaide Uni FRIDAY 27 JULY FRIDAY 17 AUGUST and Lucky Seven at Bar Tumbleweed Regurgitator (Brisbane) Governor Hindmarsh (Wollongong), Even at Governor Hindmarsh Z-Star Trinity (UK) and (Melbourne) at The Gretta Ray (Melbourne) Hussy Hicks (Qld) at FRIDAY 6 JULY Dunes at Governor at Jive Wheatsheaf Hotel British India (Melbourne) Hindmarsh Courtney Barnett at Governor Hindmarsh

(Melbourne) at Thebarton Theatre SAURDAY 18 AUGUST Chris Wilson (Melbourne) & Sweet Baby James at Wheatsheaf Hotel

SUNDAY 19 AUGUST Melanie Horsnell and Steve Appel (Candelo) and The Baker Suite at Trinity Sessions Stryper (US) at Governor Hindmarsh

SATURDAY 1 SEPTEMBER The Screaming Jets (Newcastle) and Boom Crash Opera (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh Moose Blood (UK) and Movements at Fowler’s Live SUNDAY 2 SEPTEMBER Michael Waugh (Melbourne) and Rich

THURSDAY 20 SEPTEMBER Booze & Glory (London) at Crown & Anchor SATURDAY 22 SEPTEMBER Scott Bradlee’s Post Modern Jukebox (US) at Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre

SUNDAY 21 OCTOBER Rob Snarski (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel

TUESDAY 23 OCTOBER Skid Row (US) at Governor Hindmarsh SATURDAY 27 OCTOBER The Sword (US) at Fowler’s Live

THURSDAY 23 AUGUST Luca Brasi (Tasmania), Tiny Moving Parts and Eliza & The Delusionals at Governor Hindmarsh

FRIDAY 2 NOVEMBER Diesel (Sydney) at Governor Hindmarsh

FRIDAY 24 AUGUST Movements (US) and Eat Your Heart Out at Jive

SATURDAY 3 NOVEMBER Parkway Drive (Byron Bay), Killswitch Engage and Thy Art Is Murder at Adelaide Entertainment Centre Diesel (Sydney) at Coopers Alehouse (Wallaroo)

SATURDAY 25 AUGUST Psycroptic (Tasmania), Archspire and Hadal Maw at Fowler’s Live

TUESDAY 28 AUGUST The Charlatans (UK) at Governor Hindmarsh Gene Simmons (US) and Ace Frehley (US) at Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre

SUNDAY 14 OCTOBER Stephen Cummings (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel Foreigner (US) and Cheap Trick (US) at Botanic Pk

Davies (Melbourne) at Grace Emily

FRIDAY 7 SEPTEMBER Chocolate Starfish WEDNESDAY 29 AUGUST (Melbourne) at Governor Britrock Must Be Hindmarsh Destroyed: Reef, Terrorvision and The THURSDAY 13 Wildhearts at Governor SEPTEMBER Hindmarsh TesseracT (UK) at Governor Hindmarsh

TUESDAY 25 SEPTEMBER Destroyer (Canada) at Governor Hindmarsh

FRIDAY 9 NOVEMBER XSLF (Northern Ireland) and The Go Set (Melbourne) at Crown & Anchor

SUNDAY 25 NOVEMBER Osaka Monaurail (Japan) SUNDAY 30 SEPTEMBER at Governor Hindmarsh Radio Birdman (Sydney), Josh Smith (US) and Chris Los Chicas (Spain) and Finnen at Semaphore The Sunday Reeds at Workers Club Governor Hindmarsh David Byrne (US) at Bobby Kimball (US) and Adelaide Entertainment Mark Gable (Sydney) at Centre Theatre Thebarton Theatre FRIDAY 31 AUGUST FRIDAY 14 SEPTEMBER SATURDAY 8 DECEMBER The Screaming Jets Unknown Mortal MONDAY 8 OCTOBER James Reyne (Melbourne) (Newcastle) and Boom Orchestra (NZ/US) at Fat Ke$ha (US) at Thebarton at Thebarton Theatre Crash Opera (Melbourne) Controller Theatre at Governor Hindmarsh SUNDAY 9 DECEMBER Roots & Branches: SATURDAY 15 FRIDAY 12 OCTOBER Frank Turner & The Kristy Cox, The Weeping SEPTEMBER The Ballroom Blitz Sleeping Souls (UK) at Willows at Trinity Tech N9ne and Krizz (Germany) at Governor Governor Hindmarsh Sessions Kaliko at Fowler’s Live Hindmarsh


68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Sunday 17 June for a licensed all-ages show and with tickets via Moshtix. STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO

The very popular Melbourne-based ska ensemble Melbourne Ska Orchestra, who are recording one song per week in 2018, will be skanking their way back to the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday 22 June with tickets via the venue or Oztix and Lucky Seven as swingin’ special guests. HARRY HOWARD & THE NDE

June with another show up in the hills at Ashbourne on Sunday 24 June.

American punk rock and ska exponents Streetlight Manifesto have announced a show at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Wednesday 27 June with tickets via the venue or Oztix and special guests being Dan Potthast from the US and Reuben Davis of Adelaide band Hightime.

BABY ANIMALS Baby Animals have an EP set for release with the first single being Tonight and they have added a show at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 23 June as part of a national tour with tickets via the venue or Oztix and Melbourne’s Palace Of The King as special guests. JACK CARTY & GUS GARDINER


Melbourne’s Harry Howard & The NDE are set to play Hotel Metro, 46 Grote St, Adelaide, on Friday 15 June with special guests The Sunday Reeds and tickets via Oztix. HARDCORE SUPERSTAR Presented by Silverback Touring, Sweden’s Hardcore Superstar will hit Fowler’s Live,

Perth’s Jacob Diamond is touring a new album, Goodbye Gondwana, and will be bringing it and his full band to the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George, St, Thebarton, SA, from 4pm on Saturday 16 June for a free entry launch with Laura Hill as special guest. DAN TUFFY & LUCIE THORNE Dan Tuffy and Lucie Thorne are set to kick off a big tour at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Saturday 23

Jack Carty and Gus Gardiner have just completed a tour of Europe but are now bringing their Hospital Hill album to Trinity Sessions at Church Of The Trinity, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, on Friday 29 June at which the duo will be accompanied by a string quartet and with tickets via Moshtix.

HOLY LAND III Presented by Twisted Echidna Booking Agency, Holy Land III has been announced and it will be taking place at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, as part of the award winning pub’s 25th celebrations and is set to feature US band Radio Moscow alongside Filthy Lucre, Japan’s Bahboon, Sydney’s Dirty Wolves, Melbourne’s Devil Electric, Sydney’s Sumeru, Melbourne’s Fifth Friend, Oko, Sons Of Zoku, Sydney’s Born Lion and The Fyoogs from 5pm

until 1am on Friday 29 June with tickets via the venue or Oztix. MY FRIEND THE CHOCOLATE CAKE

Adelaide, on Friday 10 August with tickets to the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, via Moshtix. Adelaide, on Saturday 22 September. STRUNG OUT

MAMMAL Mammal are coming to Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, as part of a national tour on Friday 27 July with special guest Osaka Punch and Fresh Violet with tickets via Moshtix. KASEY CHAMBERS Kasey Chambers is taking her Campfire tour to Thebarton Theatre from 8pm on Friday 3 August.

Quintessentially Australian chamber pop noir group My Friend The Chocolate Cake are coming to Adelaide for a special concert at Adelaide Festival Centre’s Dunstan Playhouse on Saturday 7 July and will be performing songs from their highly acclaimed 2017 album, The Revival Meeting, alongside some old favourites from their extensive back catalogue. DAVE GRANEY & THE MISTLY

Melbourne’s Dave Graney & The mistLY have announced no less than three shows at Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 8pm on Friday 10 August and Saturday 11 August and an afternoon matinee from 4pm on Sunday 12 August and tickets sure to sell fast via the venue. BRITISH INDIA

Melbourne’s much-loved British India have announced a return to their second home and will be playing the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on their Midnight Homie tour on Friday 6 July with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

LEZ ZEPPELIN Founded in 2004 by New York guitarist, Steph Paynes, all-girl quartet Lez Zeppelin has since gained unanimous critical acclaim as one of the most exciting live acts and will be proving so at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce,

Presented by DRW, legendary American punk act Strung Out have an Australian tour coming up at which they will be performing Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues in full as well as crowd favourites and will be doing so at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on American Independence Day (Wednesday 4 July) with pre-sale tickets via Mosthtix.

TECH N9NE Presented by Metropolis Touring and Slingshot Touring, hip hopper and rapper TECH N9NE will have Krizz Kaliko as special guest at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Saturday 15 September with tickets via Moshtix. BOB DYLAN Bob Dylan and his band will be playing inside a huge heated, seated marquee at Adelaide’s Botanic Pk on Saturday 11 August with tickets on sale now via Ticketmaster.

THAT 90S SHOW Tania Dokia will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Bachelor Girl’s hugely successful song Buses & Planes when she is special guest of That 90s Show at the Arkaba, 160 Glen Osmond Rd, Fullarton, from 9pm on Friday 15 June with $25 tickets via the hotel’s website or $30 at the door if any remain. TUMBLEWEED Tumbleweed will be rollin’ into the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, with their stoner rock to play their 1992 self-titled debut album in its entirety to celebrate its release on vinyl on Friday 27 July with tickets via the venue or Oztix and Even and The Dunes as special guests.

JEFF LANG ARIA award winning musician Jeff Lang will be stepping into Trinity Sessions at Church Of The Trinity, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, from 8pm on Friday 13 July with tickets via Dramatix. IMOGEN CLARK Late night country girl Imogen Clark has announced huge national tour for her current album, Collide, and is heading

PSYCROPTIC Presented by Direct Touring and Soundworks Touring, Tasmanian metal band Psycroptic will be joined by Archspire and Hadal Maw when they play Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Saturday 25 August with tickets via Moshtix. WILLIAM CRIGHTON William Crighton has a new album, Empire, and a national tour that will have him playing the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, SA on Thursday 19 July with tickets via Moshtix and Melody Pool as special guest. NESSI GOMES Presented by Sonic Heart, Guernsey’s Nessi Gomes will be performing at Trinity Sessions at Church Of The Trinity, 196 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, from 6pm on Friday 24 August with tickets via Sonic Heart’s website. GRETTA RAY Melbourne’s Gretta Ray is back with her new single, Time, and has announced a national tour for her EP, Here & Now. Catch her at Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, SA, on Friday 17 August with tickets on sale now vis Moshtix.

Z-STAR TRINITY The UK’s Z-Star Trinity completely wooed audiences when they played the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, recently so are quickly heading back to do two shows (Friday 22 June and from 4pm on Sunday 24 June) with Hussy Hicks (Julz Parker and Leesa Gentz) as special guests. “Hussy Hicks Rock!” says no less then Michael Franti.

that Canadian musician Dan Bejar will bring his indie guitar project Destroyer to Australian shores for the first time and will play the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Tuesday 25 September with tickets via the venue or Oztix.


Presented by Metropolis Touring, UK stalwarts The Charlatans have announced another tour which will see them making a Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, return to the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, on Sunday 19 August with tickets sure to sell fast via the venue or Oztix. 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Tuesday 28 August with tickets via the venue or Oztix. COURTNEY BARNETT KATIE J WHITE

Courtney Barnett will be armed with her new album, Tell Me How You Really Feel, when she plays Thebarton Theatre on Friday 17 August with tickets via Perth’s Katie J White is currently on a huge national tour and will play the Exeter Ticketmaster. Hotel, 246 Rundle St, Adelaide, from 9pm RADIO BIRDMAN on Saturday 21 June before making a return to town to grace the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, with her musical goodness on Wednesday 31 October. SHREDFEST 2018

Shredfest 2018 is heading to Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Curiie St, Adelaide, from 5.30pm on Saturday 11 August and will feature WA’s Earth Rot, Melbourne’s Mason, Hidden Intent, Se Bon Ki Ra, Christ Dismembered, Melbourne’s Trigger, Lucifer’s Fall and Roadhaul presenting blistering heavy metal with $15 tickets on sale now via Oztix. STRYPER Much-revered Californian Christian metal band Stryper have a new album, God Damn Evil, and are taking it out on tour which will bring them to the Governor

MICHAEL WAUGH & RICH DAVIES Michael Waugh and Rich Davies will soon be out on tour and will be bringing their folkinfused rock and more to the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Sunday 2 September. CHOCOLATE STARFISH

Chocolate Starfish, overwhelmed with the success of the band’s recent homage to INXS’s Kick album, are now taking it out on tour and will play the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday 7 September with tickets via the venue or Oztix. LUCA BRASI

The legendary Radio Birdman have announced a tour with Spanish rockers Los Chicos and will hit the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hidmarsh, on Sunday 30 September with The Sunday Reeds also on the bill and tickets via the venue or Oztix. DESTROYER Handsome Tours is proud to announce

Tasmanian punks Luca Brasi will play the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, SA, on Thursday 23 August with special guests Tiny Moving Parts and Eliza & The Delusionals with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

THE EASY LEAVES The Easy Leaves, a country duo from Sonoma

County, USA, are on an Australian tour opening for Kasey Chambers but will also be dropping into the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 7.30pm on Sunday 8 July with Hana Brenecki as special guest and $15 tickets available now.

THE BALLROOM BLITZ Direct from Germany and performing the songs of The Sweet, The Ballroom Blitz will be bringing the glam to the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday 12 October with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

Port Rd, Hindmarsh, from the early time of 3.30pm on Saturday 16 June with tickets via the venue or Oztix. The band will also be taking the opportunity to play at the Gov’s monthly Club Cool disability event from noon on Sunday 17 June. XSLF

Crown & Anchor Hotel, 296 Grenfell St, Adelaide, on Wednesday 25 July. THE BABE RAINBOW


XSLF features Henry Cluney and Jim Reilly who are original members of Northern Ireland’s Stiff Little Fingers and they will be joined by Melbourne’s The Go Set when they kick of an Australian tour on Friday 9 November by kicking up a racket at Crown & Anchor, 196 Grenfell St, Adelaide, with the local acts to be announced in due Byron Bay’s The Babe Rainbow, who play course. what they describe as ‘monkey disco’, are bringing their Double Rainbow tour to CHILDHOOD CANCER BENEFIT CONCERT Jive, 181 Hindlay St, Adelaide, from 8pm FOUR on Saturday 4 August with tickets via Childhood Cancer Benefit Concert Moshtix. Four will feature Mental As Anything, The Ultimate ABBA & Bee Gees Show DAVID BYRNE and Cardijn College Big Band and will be taking place from 6pm on Saturday 3 November at South Adelaide Football Melbourne’s Kev Walsh will feature with Club, 1 Lovelock Drv, Noarlunga Downs, Aaron Thomas & The Human Patterns with tickets via Ticketmaster and all when they engage in a free entry musical shindig at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George proceeds going to the charity. St, Thebarton, on Thursday 21 June with El Diablo food truck finding itself a convenient MOVEMENTS park out the front. RUDELY INERRUPTED

Presented by Young Henrys, much touted Melbournites Rudely Interrupted will be launching a new single, Calculus & Tea, at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59

David Byrne has announced a visit to Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre US post hardcore band Movements will on Sunday 25 November armed with his have Eat Your Heart Out as special guests 12-piece band, his new album, American when they visit Australia for the first time Utopia, a wealth of Talking Heads’ hits and and play Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide from with tickets via Ticketek. 8pm on Friday 24 August with tickets via Moshtix. WARPED Legendary punk band Warped are set to play a free entry show from 7.30pm on LEGS ELECTRIC Saturday 11 August at the Cumberland Perth’s Legs Electric are an all-female band Hotel, 74 Causeway, Glanville, with who play maximum rock’n’roll and have just Melbourne’s Grindhouse alongside released their Two Sides EP and are taking Adelaide bands Meatbeaters and Blue it out on the road which includes a show at Flame Special.

guns blazin’ when they grace the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, for a free entry show on Saturday 16 June with the help of some hired help in the form of Salvy & The Hired Help. NICK PENNINGTON

taking place from high noon until 3.30pm on Sunday 24 June at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, as an all-ages event that will feature a monstrous line-up of ARMI student bands performing punk, rock, metal and alternative hits supported by special guests Sukka Punch and As I Destruct and hosted by Super Metal Bros.

Jazz guitar exponent Nick Pennington, originally from Adelaide but now based in sunny Melbourne, is making a return FLAT CAP PRODUCTIONS home to play a special COMA event with his combo from 7.30pm on Monday 25 June at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, with tickets at the door and Mobile Melt & Grid food truck parked out the front of the award winning establishment. Helmed by Darren Lane, JOHN BAKER Adelaide-based Flat Cap Productions can offer affordable merchandise in the form of badges, stickers, black and white T-Shirts and stubby holders for bands and venues along with the filming of live gigs and interviews for promotional purposes. Contact Darren on 0425 085 449 or via email at flatcapprod@ with a nice discount if you make mention of BSide Magazine.


Congratulations to John Baker, of The Baker Suite, who is to be inducted in Adelaide Music Collective’s SA Music Hall Of Fame from 4pm (doors at 3.30pm) on Sunday 8 July at Trinity Sessions at Church Of The Trinity, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, with Deb Tribe from ABC Radio as the MC and The Baker Suite performing with a string quartet and special guests Paul Grabowsky and Kate Ceberano and tickets selling very fast via Trybooking. EVOLUTION 2018 Evolution 2018 is an ARMI student showcase that will be

Global Music Revolution, 16/47 OG Rd, Klemzig, is Adelaide’s newest music retail store and offers a wide range of equipment including Fender and Blackstar products along with Cole Clark and Guild guitars as well as products from Hughes & Kettner and electro-harmonix as well as a huge range of ukuleles (Kala, Alvarez and Mahalo) and much more as well as a wide range of accessories. Give ’em a buzz on 08 8367 6107. MORAYGUN Moraygun will have all musical

Saturday 30 June. The pub also has plenty coming up in July as part of Music SA’s Umbrella Winter City Sounds. Phone bookings for dinner and such are recommended by calling 08 8849 2015.


ANDY MACQUEEN Family and friends are invited to celebrate Andy MacQueen’s life at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Sunday 17 June at 4pm. In lieu of flowers the family has requested that a donation be Ben Martin Trio are taking made to Survivors & Mates their jazzy sound to The Rising Support Network. Sun Hotel, 19 Main North Rd, Auburn, from 8pm on Saturday THE DAILY CHASE 16 June with ticket at $10. Presented by Overthrow Phone bookings for dinner Productions, metal band The and such are recommended by Daily Chase will be headlining a calling 08 8849 2015. new, free entry, monthly all-ages show at Mt Gambier’s South ROB MCDADE AND ANDY Aussie Hotel, 78 Commercial SALVANOS St East, from 8pm on Saturday Guitarist Rob McDade and 22 June with The Ascended, noted Rundle Mall Chapman Obsidians Curse and Alda Sky Stick busker Andy Salvanos also on the bill. will be presenting a free entry evening of experimental music SCALA at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 9pm on Friday 15 June with Soza’s Sri Lankan food truck parked out the front. THE RUMBLE SA Spoken Word SA have been presenting the free registration The Rumble SA Youth Poetry Slam for those under 26 years of age with the final happening at Carclew Youth Arts, 11 Jeffcott St, North Adelaide, from 6.30pm on Friday 15 June and special guest host Tomas Ford.

JAMES SMITH James Smith (AKA The Walking Creative) will be holding an exhibition, Colour The Space, from 6pm on Thursday 5 July at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, with the work on display until the end of July. THE RISING SUN HOTEL The Rising Sun Hotel, 19 Main North Rd, Auburn, is open for meals, accommodation and functions, has open fires and lots of live entertainment on offer with Toby Goels from 2.30pm on Sunday 17 June, Susan Lily from 2.30pm on Sunday 24 June and magician Scott Stunz with his comedy magic show from 8pm on

SCALA (Songwriters, Composers & Lyricists Association) will host their next event at Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 8pm on Thursday 14 June with Forte (farewell show), Jimmy Bay and Sons Of Zoku and it’s free for members and an easy $5 for non-members with the ability to join the long-running association on the night. SATISFACTION – THE STONES SHOW Fresh from a sold out show at the Gov, Satisfaction – The Stones Show will now head to The Barker Hotel, 32 Gawler St, Mt Barker, from 8.30pm on Saturday 23 June with $25 tickets available by calling 08 8391 1003 with a $60 show and drinks package also on offer. WHEATY MIDWINTER BALL It’s time again for The Wheaty’s annual Midwinter Ball at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, SA, on Saturday 7 July. Fairy Tale is the theme,

8pm is the time, $25 plus booking fee at OzTix is the deal. The night includes special finger food, a photobooth for frivolous fun and hours of musical entertainment from Lucifer’s Lounge and DJ Paul Gurry. AUDIOISM

Audioism is an Adelaide business with over a dozen years industry experience that specialises in mobile recording and can come direct to you to record and can also offer photography for promotional purposes as well as various other services. They are also putting together a night of acoustic music in Adelaide. Interested? Get in contact by calling 0426 911 977. TRAFALGAR Trafalgar, not to be confused with The Trafalgars, will be presenting songs by The Bee Gees (the pre-disco period from 1965 until 1973) at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 4pm until 7pm on Sunday 17 June with free entry.

9pm on Saturday 23 June along with Systemaddicts and Swamp Kitteh for a free entry musical shindig. CHOIR AT THE PUB Helmed by Jennifer DeGrassi, Choir At The Pub is coming to the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, commencing from Monday 18 June.

SWIMSUIT Swimsuit have announced a rare live outing and it’s to be from 4pm on Sunday 5 August at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, with Winter Witches as special guests.

TOM REDWOOD Fresh from opening for Courtney Robb at her recent sold out album launch, Tom Redwood will be making a return to the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, with his band for a free entry show from 4pm on Sunday 1 July and will have Emily Davis as special guest. STEVE CHARLES BAND

Steve Charles Band, who play sweet, country-infused R&B THE SOUND GARAGE and rock, will be undertaking Got a gig coming up and need a free entry show from 9pm a set-up? The Sound Garage, until 11pm on Saturday 30 1/179 Hindley St, Adelaide, is June at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, offering a 25% discount to those 39 George St, Thebarton with who have a show that week. Give Peas A Chance food truck Contact Jordan on 0481 155 892 having scored a park out the or just pop in. front. THE HEGGARTIES The Heggarties will be joined by Michaela Jenke (in duo mode) when they present Hello Trouble as a free entry Americana event at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 4pm on Sunday 17 June with Daisy Burger food truck planted out the front. LUCY New band Lucy, featuring Jamie on piano, Sarah on and Jack Ryder on violin, will be gracing the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from

ABRASKA Abraska will be launching their Finding Colour EP at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Saturday 30 June with The Winter Gypsy and Ollie English (in solo mode) as special guests and tickets bound to sell quickly via Tryboking. LAURA HILL Laura Hill, who will be special guest of WA’s Jacob Diamond at the Wheatsheaf Hotel on Saturday 16 June, has announced that her new album,

Secrets, will be released on Friday 3 August and that she will also be launching it from 2pm on Sunday 29 July at Kuitpo Hall, 772 Brookman Rd, Kuitpo, with $27 tickets via Moshtix or $30 at the door with a BYO wine and food platter offer.

Thebarton) from 9.30pm on Saturday 23 June.

SLEEPY GHOST It would seem that Andrew P Street, who many will recall from Adelaide band The Undecided, will be gracing the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, as special guest of Sleepy Ghost on Thursday 28 June with free entry from 9pm.

GRENADIERS Grenadiers and God God Dammit Dammit will be joined by Young Offenders and other special guests for a 10-year birthday celebration show at Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, on Saturday 16 June with tickets via Moshtix.

AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE Aussie, Aussie, Aussie will have Bon 4 All paying tribute to Bon Scott, Davinyls paying tribute to Divinyls and These Days paying homage to Powderfinger at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 7 July with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

ONLY OBJECTS It’s winter so synth pop act Only Objects are launching their Chase The Sun single at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 8.30pm on Sunday 1 July with tickets at an easy $5 at the door and with no less than Fleur Green as their special guest.

DRAINING Draining are embarking on their Dissonance single tour with dark wave electronica duo Butterfly Spine that will have them playing Crown & Anchor, 196 Grenfell St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Thursday 14 June with special guests Thanes and The Howling Fog. KATE FULLER Kate Fuller is taking her fivepiece band to the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 8.30pm on Friday 29 June to present some dark songs of her own and others under the name Tales Of Love & Murder with tickets via Oztix or at the door if any remain. KENNETT Kennett will be presenting their heavy, bluesy rock at West Thebby Social Club (West Thebarton Hotel, 51 South Rd,


New Adelaide rock band St Bride will have special guests Chinese New Year and Strangway with them when they present an over 18 years only event to make their live debut and first single, Say Something, at Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Friday 6 July with tickets via Moshtix or $10 at the door.

THE GIG Get set to party and dance away and celebrate 15 years of music and mental health with The JMG Band and guests from 1pm until 4pm on Wednesday 27 June at Theatre 1, The Parks Recreation & Sports Centre, 46 Cowan St, Angle Vale, for a free entry, family-friendly event with refreshments available at the centre’s café. FRANK LEE DUNN & STEPHEN O’MALLEY Frank Lee Dunn and Stephen O’Malley will be presenting some folk protest songs when they grace the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Thursday 14 June with free entry. MULE Mule will be cantering into the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Thursday 21 June to present some of their dark country material alongside the tunes of special guests Hello, Lover and r.domain.

community radio station 5GTR, says he has been a music fan since before he could walk.

“My mum was a big music lover,” he reveals. “There were lots of sing a-longs in the house – singing along to Bryan Adams and all that sort of stuff. And she’d have Eurythmics on when we were driving around. “And then, in school, I was putting bands together for school assemblies,” Haydon recalls with a laugh. “We’d get up and mime to Jimmy Barnes and all that. So I’d always wanted to do something involved in music.

Haydon has booked hardcore punk crew Deez Nuts for October, while July’s event will feature Submerge as the headline act.

OVERTHROW PRODUCIONS By Robert Dunstan Music lover Haydon J Cox was born and raised in Naracoorte, SA, but then moved to Adelaide where he spent the best part of a decade before travelling around the country. He then moved back to Adelaide for a while before relocating to Mt Gambier where he has been living for the past four years.

talking to the owners of The Loft in Warrnambool,” he says. “We’re going to try and swap and change a bit so that bands can head down south and get two gigs in. And it’s always good [for bands] to play to some new faces. “And I’m open to any bands or artists,” he says, “although most of the ones that have approached me so far have been metal or rock. But I don’t want the shows to be just those genres. And I’ve been given the go ahead by the owner of the pub, Mark Lane, to put on whatever I want. He’s said, ‘The room’s yours. Just go for it and bring in who you can’.

“I thought the scene needed a real big kick up the arse. I want to create a really vibrant scene where everyone supports each other.”

Dismayed by the town’s dwindling live music scene, Haydon has now put together Overthrow Productions with the aim of “And Mark reckons the presenting an all-ages gig on a Saturday of each month at popular Mt Gambier pub, The room will comfortably hold around 100 people – maybe more,” South Aussie Hotel. Haydon reveals. “So it’s not too big. And I’ll be supplying the sound engineer and PA “There’s not much happening,” he sighs. although bands are welcome to bring their “Sure, there are some bands playing but own sound guy if they want.” it tends to be the same bands playing the same songs to the same 20 people. And Haydon was recently in Adelaide to see that’s not sustainable. The Daily Chase play I’ve watched the scene Adelaide Uni Bar where go down over the four he caught up with years I have been living the band as they are here. headlining Overthrow Productions’ first “And there are no event alongside Pt decent bands coming Augusta’s Alda Sky, to play from either Warrnambool’s The Melbourne or Adelaide Ascended and Mt so I thought the scene Gambier band Obsidians needed a real big kick up the arse,” Haydon Curse. laughs. “I want to create a really vibrant scene where everyone supports each other.” “I also had a chat to some of the other bands playing Adelaide Uni Bar that Haydon says his aim is to get bands of night, so it was a good networking thing,” any genre from Melbourne, Adelaide and he says. “It’s always good when you can elsewhere outside of The Mount to play combine business with pleasure.” alongside some local bands. “It’ll be good for any touring bands because there’s a gig here for them and I am also

“And I’ll have two local bands on that bill,” he says. “One is a really young band of 15-year old high school kids and a grunge band that’s been around the Mount for about a year ago that I saw at the local Battle Of The Bands. So the July event will be officially announced soon.

Haydon, an avid collector of vinyl who has also presented a regular show on

“And I think doing it once a month is ideal,” Jaydon concludes. “I don’t want to flood the town with music and it also gives people time to know about what’s coming up. And it gives me time to promote it properly.”

Presented by Overthrow Productions, metal band The Daily Chase will be headlining a new, free entry, monthly all-ages show at Mt Gambier’s South Aussie Hotel, 78 Commercial St East, from 8pm on Saturday 23 June with The Ascended, Obsidians Curse and Alda Sky also on the bill. For those who want a Saturday night gig in Mt Gambier, contact Haydon on 0424 715 069 or via email at overthrowproductions@Gmail. com or Facebook.

found our music through him and got in touch to ask us to be involved. It was a lot of fun.” Are you looking forward to getting back on home turf again and continuing the tour?

jack carty & gus gardiner JACK CARTY & GUS GARDINER By Robert Dunstan Jack Carty and Gus Gardiner are currently touring their album Hospital Hill around the UK but are soon heading home for an Australian tour during which they will be accompanied by a string quartet.

How is the UK tour going so far – I see you have five or so dates to be completed?

“It’s been great so far!” Jack announces. “We’ve played four days already and there are another six to go. The London show last Tuesday was AMAZING! Sold out and with the full string quartet – honestly one of my favourite shows ever.”

closely with them to put the whole thing together,” Jack says.

“Yes!” Jack exclaims. “I haven’t been back to Australia for about 10 months and haven’t toured there for over a year, so I am really looking forward to some good coffee, some beautiful shows and seeing some familiar faces.”

In Adelaide, you and Gus will be performing in a church. Do you think this will add to the ambience of the music you will be presenting?

“The day-to-day work has been a pretty DIY operation,” Gus then “Definitely! Special spaces like that reveals. “Just the three of us as we always add to gigs,” Jack reasons. “I are touring as a double-header with think this one will be particularly UK singer Maz O’Connor in the back special because Gus’ string parts are so of Jack’s Citroën telling jokes and dynamic.” us providing Maz with “We met in full the full gamut of an elevator in Have you ever performed in a Australian slang.” similar setting before? You are using a string quartet on some of those dates too. Are they English players?

the Arts Music department of the University Of Sydney. We were both studying there and I was a big fan of Gus’ old band Papa vs Pretty.”

“Unlike in Australia in a few weeks’ time, we’re actually doing most of these UK dates as a duo with me on vocals and guitar and Gus on cello,” Jack responds. “The quartet we played with in London was made up of local players. They were AMAZING.”

“Yes, I have,” Jack says. “I did a whole tour in February 2017 focusing on old churches, halls, theatres and special spaces. This will be my first time playing a space like this in Adelaide though:

Will the concert include some of your earlier material as well as the songs from Hospital Hill?

“We’ll definitely be playing a couple of songs from my earlier albums. There “This has been my first time touring in How did the Live In The Woods are a couple like Travelling Shoes, The the UK outside of London – I’ve come experience in Epping Forest come Universe and And The Ass Saw The Angel over before a couple of times just to about for the song Antipodes come play in London but it has been great to about? Were they people you had been where Gus wrote string parts for them too – and we’ll incorporate at least a few get out into the countryside!,” Gus adds. involved with before? of those into the gigs.” How did you organise this tour? Was it through past contacts and such?

“I think that came to us through a really awesome English songwriter named Blair Dunlop,” Jack says. “Blair “We have management and a booking has worked with them before, and he agent over here in the UK, so we worked and I are good mates, so I think they

I understand you have often worked with Gus in the past but was Hospital Hill always intended to be a much closer collaboration?

“Yes! Gus has played bass on all of my albums to date, except for the very first one, One Thousand Origami Birds. But this is the first time we’ve written, produced and recorded and released everything together in complete collaboration. It’s already been an amazing experience.”

“I think we were in a good position to collaborate in this given how much music we’ve played together over the years,” Gus says. “Me being fundamentally an instrumentalist and Jack being fundamentally a singer songwriter means we come at the music from different directions but I think it’s succeeded mainly because of the familiarity we have with each other’s contrasting approach.” And how did you first hook up?

“We met in an elevator in the Arts Music department of the University Of Sydney. We were both studying there and I was a big fan of Gus’ old band Papa vs Pretty.”

You’ve previously recorded at home. What was behind the idea of going into a studio for Hospital Hill?

“We wanted this album to sound like you were in the room with us listening to a live studio performance, with all of the energy and spontaneity that goes along with that,” Jack says. “The only way to capture that properly was to do it all live in a good studio with great players. “Yes – our homes aren’t quiet enough to capture the dynamics and aren’t big enough to fit the players!” Gus says.

Is it likely that you and Gus will continue to work together? “I’d say that’s pretty likely, especially if he keeps losing to me at Ping Pong. “I certainly hope to keep playing on Jack’s own albums and perhaps we’ll do something collaborative again,” Gus says

Jack grew up in Bellingen which seems to have a strong arts community for such a relatively small town. What was it like growing up there and do you often return? “Yeah, it’s a special place,” he says. “When I was growing up I didn’t really know any different - it was just home. Now when I think back I feel really lucky to have had such a safe, supportive, creative environment to grow up in. My dad, my sister and one of my brothers still live there so I get back as often as I can (which is not all that often now I’m living in the UK). “ How did you guys get into playing music? What were some early influences? Have these changed much over the years?

“I was just always obsessed with music from as young as I remember,” At which studio in Sydney was the album Jack says. “I started trying to write recorded and did you use the services of my own songs at about 13. At first, I a producer? was influenced by my parent’s record collection - artists and bands like Pink Floyd and Neil Young. “We recorded it all over two days at Hercules Street Studios in Surry Hills. Gus and I produced it ourselves, but “I’ve fallen in love with a lot of artists we had some help with our mic setups and music since then, from Deftones from Paul McKercher who is one of my to Elliott Smith, but I still love all those favourite Aussie producers and has bands too,” he adds. worked with everyone from Eskimo Joe to Sarah Blasko. “I grew up in a classical music household with my mum playing “We selected takes together at my place the harpsichord and my dad on the and I mixed it there – I tried to preserve flute,” Gus says. “My brother’s also an a pretty natural, open sound to the art music composer and I took cello whole thing and maintain a sense of 5 lessons from a really young age. I came musicians in a room. to popular music in my early teens

when I started playing electric bass. I love all sorts of stuff from Bach to Beethoven through to The Beatles to Jon Hopkins.” What are the plans following the completion of the Australian tour?

“I’m heading back to the UK for a lot more touring throughout September, October and November and then hopefully Gus and I will be back on the road in Australia playing festivals over summer.” Anything more to add?

“Hospital Hill is out now! Give it a spin,” Jack concludes.

Jack Carty and Gus Gardiner are bringing their Hospital Hill album to Trinity Sessions at Church Of The Trinity, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, on Friday 29 June at which the duo will be accompanied by a string quartet with tickets via Moshtix.