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is making a record and it’s a different world to what it was 20 years ago. ‘And it’s been great to see the enthusiasm he and his friends have for what they are doing,” she adds. “It’s like when the Cake started out back in 1990.

“But you can now do it all yourself these days and don’t have to worry about a record company,” Helen then says. “If you want to do something and upload it to the internet straight after it’s done, you can do that. It has changed, yes, but many of those changes have been good.” Are you involved in any way with your son’s album?


When much-loved Melbourne ensemble My Friend The Chocolate Cake announced a national tour to wrap up promo for their latest offering, The Revival Meeting, many thought it would be another jaunt before the band took a break, as is usual, before returning in another couple of years with a new recording. The combo’s cello player, Helen Mountfort, says that this current venture, however, will mark the end of My Friend The Chocolate Cake and will serve as the band’s final tour.

My Friend The Chocolate Cake have amassed a strong and loyal following over the 28 or so years they have been around

“We sure have,” Helen agrees. “We’ve been very lucky in that way because we have a lovely, lovely audience and they are such great people too. My favourite part of a Cake show is actually coming out after the concert and talking to people. “And some we’ve got to know pretty well over the years which is really nice,” she adds.

It was almost a year ago that the ensemble came to Adelaide to launch The Revival Meeting with a concert at Adelaide Festival Centre’s Dunstan Playhouse on a cold winter evening and they are looking forward to making a return.

“No,” she says. “In fact he informed me the other day that he wants strings on his album but has a friend who is a really good cello player. ‘Sorry, mum’, he said but I told him that was quite okay and we had a good laugh about it.” Helen says the demise of My Friend The Chocolate Cake will mean she can concentrate on other musical pursuits.

“I’ve just made a solo cello record which has been something I’d wanted to do “There will be a for the last 10 years,” she says as few older songs we round up the interview.

but the focus is “So I shall now focus on that and still on the last all I can say is that if you like the album as it’s cello, you will probably enjoy it if you don’t like cello, you such a strong and probably won’t,” Helen laughs. release. It’s a great album to Quintessentially Australian chamber pop play live.”

noir group My Friend The Chocolate Cake are coming “We were originally just going to slip quietly “We enjoyed that part of the tour to Adelaide for a special farewell out the back door,” Helen says with a laugh. immensely,” Helen says, “because it’s such concert at Adelaide Festival a great venue. It’s a really lovely theatre “We weren’t going to say anything about Centre’s Dunstan Playhouse and we can’t wait to get it being our final tour but back. we’ve now announced that on Saturday 7 July and will be it will be the farewell tour performing songs from their “And while there will be for the band. some old favourites in the highly acclaimed 2017 album, The Revival Meeting, alongside old set as it’s our final tour, “And why is it our final there will also be a lot favourites from their extensive tour?” Helen says before I of stuff from The Revival can gather my thoughts and back catalogue. ask. “We just thought we’d quit while we were ahead and do a final tour of some lovely theatres for an album we think is our best.

“And while we may pop up again at some stage for something special, it certainly won’t be any time soon,” she adds. “So if people want to hear us again they will have to come along and see us on this tour. For now, at least, we just wanted to put a line under Cake, announce it’s the end and refocus on other things.”

Meeting because we really playing the material friend-the-chocolate-cake-2018/ from that album. So there will be a few older songs but the focus is still on the last album as it’s such a strong release. It’s a great album to play live.” I remark that it’s sad the way the music industry has gone in recent times with the decline of record sales and all that. “Oh, I don’t think it’s sad,” Helen counters. “There are just exciting new ways of doing things now. For example, my son Jackson


WEDNESDAY 4 JULY Strung Out (US) FRIDAY 13 JULY Obie Trice (US)

FRIDAY 27 JULY Mammal, Osaka Punch and Fresh Violet FRIDAY 10 AUGUST Lez Zeppelin (New York)

SATURDAY 25 AUGUST Psycroptic (Tasmania), Archspire and Hadal Maw at Fowler’s Live SATURDAY 1 SEPTEMBER Moose Blood (UK) and Movements SATURDAY 15 SEPTEMBER Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko SATURDAY 27 OCTOBER The Sword (US)

68 North Tce, City 8212 0255

he was going to play guitar, but that didn’t end up happening.” Where do you find inspiration to combine so many different styles (desert rock feel, old style prog etc)?

“I’m really influenced by a lot of old stuff – records from maybe 1965 to ’75, all sorts of psychedelic and rock stuff from that era. I go through it and it usually comes out in a guitar riff. Usually it comes from sitting around with a guitar and coming up with something.” What have been key factors to the band’s longevity?

radio moscow RADIO MOSCOW By Hugh Schuitemaker With their fifth studio album, New Beginnings, released in late 2017, American psychedelic rock trio Radio Moscow have landed in Australia to start their full tour of the country which includes headlining Holy Land III in Adelaide. BSide Magazine’s caught up with front man Parker Griggs to talk about the new record and the band’s evolution over 15 years. How do you feel New Beginnings has been received by Radio Moscow’s fans?

“It seems like people are digging it pretty well, I think it’s gone over well. I try not to get online and spy down that stuff too much, but I’m pretty stoked on how it came out so I hope people dig it. I try to do what I dig and hopefully people will like it too.”

kind of garage rock stuff, a lot more raw and grungy – just a whole different style. By the time we put the first album out, we were in a little more of the groove of what we do now.

“Well when we started way back in 2003 it was just me being solo and it was way more

Are there ever periods where you feel burnt out of touring/writing – how do you cope with this?

“Yeah that can happen. It’s kind of hard to cope with, sometimes you just don’t “I’ve always been influenced by a lot of old to pick up the guitar for school ’60s and ’70s stuff, so we try “I’ve always want a while or do much and then to go in that direction and the rest been influenced you have to get back into it. kind of came naturally I guess.” by a lot of old I’ve got a side project and it’s nice to do a different What changes have you noticed school ’60s and been style – kind of a breath of in the world that have influenced ’70s stuff, so fresh air.” your music over the years? “I guess with rock you write a lot about personal stuff – a lot about relationships and everyday life stuff. It’s a good way to let off some of the steam when you don’t know how to get it out.”

we try to go in that direction and the rest kind of came naturally…”

It was a small crew who worked on New Beginnings – do you prefer simple production for albums?

“We kind of like getting in there and producing it ourselves – working with a good engineer ourselves. Then the band really has all the control in the studio and There’s been a lot of variation it turns out to have a band in the trio, are there any sound. I like doing it that reasons for keeping the same way – in the first album we lineup now since 2013? worked with Dan Auerbach [The Black Keys’ guitarist] and “I’ve been like that for a long he produced, but since then time. I’ve played with the bass player [Zach Anderson] for like five years also, but he left I’ve kind of worked the opposite way. We like around 2011 maybe. It’s kind of how it ends doing it that way and we’ve found a really good guy to work with.” up I guess, you go different places. I’ve had a lot of different players over the years, but Are you still involved with Dan Auerbach at now we’re all located in San Diego.” all? How has Radio Moscow developed over five studio albums?

“I guess I’ve always kept it going, I’ve gone through a lot of members, but it’s always been the songs I write and I’ll always hopefully write songs.”

“No, kind of after they started taking off we lost touch a little bit. We talked about starting a side project where I would play drums and

How has the shift in labels to Century Media been?

“It’s still pretty new, but so far they seem pretty cool and I think they are happy with us which is good. I don’t think it’s a major jump in fanbase, shifting labels, but I think it’s helped us grow a little bit and it’s a variation too – they are quite a different label.” Presented by Twisted Echidna Booking Agency, US trio Radio Moscow will headline Holy Land III at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, alongside Filthy Lucre, Japan’s Bahboon, Sydney’s Dirty Wolves, Melbourne’s Devil Electric, Sydney’s Sumeru, Melbourne’s Fifth Friend, Oko, Sons Of Zoku, Sydney’s Born Lion and The Fyoogs from 5pm until 1am on Friday 29 June with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

the middle of mixing an album I produced for an American guy, Karl Straub, who came over for a month “Karl’s a guy from the DC area who I’ve known for years from touring over there,” Jeff says. “He’s a very impressive songwriter.”

Like many, Jeff had a lot of fun on Facebook recently when he was nominated to name 10 albums that have been an influence on him and these included Cold Chisel’s Circus Animals, Ry Cooder and VM Bhatt’s A Meeting By The River, Tom Wait’s Bone Machine and Willie Clancy’s The Pipering Of Willie Clancy. “Some people get annoyed with that kind of Facebook stuff but I found that one to be quite fun” he says. “And while it was supposed to be, ‘Just post the cover and don’t say anything’, I couldn’t help ignoring that rule and writing a story about how I discovered the album.

jeff lang JEFF LANG By Robert Dunstan ARIA award winning blues and roots music artist Jeff Lang is set to make a return to Adelaide for a Trinity Sessions show as part of Music SA’s Umbrella Winter City Sounds before he jets off overseas and then returns home to consider his next move. We chat to Jeff over the telephone who reasons it’s been about 18 months since he last came to town which, coincidentally, was also at Trinity Sessions. “I’m really looking forward to it because it’s such a lovely place to play with a great set up,” he says. “It’s a lovely sound room and the folk who run it [Roger and Yvonne Freeman] are such lovely people too. And such passionate music lovers.

“And it was a place I first heard about from Mick Thomas,” Jeff says of the former leader of folk rockers Weddings Parties Anything. “Mick had played Trinity Sessions and said to me, ‘If ever you are looking for a place to play in Adelaide…’. Mick put me onto it.” A week after the Adelaide show, Jeff will be embarking on another tour of the UK.

“It’s been about 18 months since I’ve been over there too,” he laughs. “So I’m just going back to let people know I am still around and renew some friendships. I’m playing a couple of festivals while I am over there and few

clubs, including a couple of folk clubs, and some places I haven’t played before.” Jeff is a bit coy when asked about his next recording. “I don’t want to say too much but I am looking at collaborating with a bunch of different people over the next year or so,” he says. “I have a few people in mind but, yeah, not gonna say too much about it at the moment. It’s just some ideas I have.

“I didn’t get hemmed down by any of the rules,” he laughs, “I just chose 10 albums and wrote a story about them. And when it first came up, I quickly made a list of 10 albums and stuck to it. I didn’t later say to myself, ‘Oh, I’d better put that one in I completely forgot about’. Otherwise you’d be doing it forever.”

Jeff says he’ll be heading over to SA armed with a few guitars but the songs will likely come to him on the night.

“Mick Thomas “And I’ll be coming over a couple had played Trinity of days before the concert and Sessions and said staying with Chris Finnen,” says of the award winning to me, ‘If ever you Jeff local guitarist with whom he are looking for a once recorded a live album at a place to play in Barossa Valley winery. Adelaide…’.” “It’ll be great to catch up with

“But I have at least made a start on it by writing some new songs with some of those collaborative ideas in mind,” Jeff adds. “I have some ideas for each particular combination but we shall just have to see how it shapes up over the next year or so.” The musician says he’s been keeping busy in his recording studio.

“Yeah, I’ve just done some stuff with [American-born pedal steel player and former radio presenter] Lucky Oceans for a Hank Williams tribute album he’s doing,” Jeff reveals. “There’s going to be a couple of songs on that that myself, Ben Franz [bass] and Lucky have done together as a trio. “And I produced Alison Ferrier’s new album that just came out and there’s a new Cat Canteri album coming out that I produced,” he continues. “And I’m also in

Finnen,” he concludes. “We usually just catch up for half an hour at gigs so it’s going to be great spending a couple of days with him. We’ll just be sitting around eating and laughing most of the time.”

ARIA award winning musician Jeff Lang will be stepping into Trinity Sessions at Church Of The Trinity, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, from 8pm on Friday 13 July with tickets via Dramatix as part of Music SA’s Umbrella Winter City Sounds.

live review

for the movie Dig!) very little of this behavior is seen these days, except for a false start here or there, or perhaps the band starting a song a little faster, at which point its scrapped and started again. The band did have a few long pauses between songs for tuning issues and broken strings – also at one point the bass amp needed to be replaced – but this only built on the mystique the band have on stage.

brian jonestown massacre The Brian Jonestown Massacre to let them all know that he had been sick recently, but truth be Live Review told it was hardly noticeable, by Adam Vanderwerf Live at The Gov Sunday 3-June-2018 Adelaide was treated to an amazing set by San Francisco Psych Shoegaze royalty The Brian Jonestown Massacre on Sunday 3 June 2018, on the back of their just released 17th full length Something Else. The Anton Newcombe led septet are part way through an enormous international tour, and tonight’s show at the Gov was the second of 10 around Australia (including a headline set at Vivid Festival in Sydney). Taking to the stage with little fanfare, the band kicked into a brand new song We Never Had a Chance, followed by Revelation track Whatever Happened To Them and then new material Hold That Thought and Forgotten Graves which sounded as glorious as their vast back catalogue of 17 albums, and almost as many Eps. Right off the bat Anton apologized for his voice, addressing the crowd

with the bands dense, wall-ofsound guitars, synths and organs punctuated by Newcombe’s distinct vocals and guitar licks.

On bass, Collin Hegna holds down the groove with Dan Allaire on Drums, Ricky Maymi and new guitarist Hákon Aðalsteinsson providing lush layers of guitar, and Rob Campanella alternating between synth, organs and mellotron and additional guitar. Of course no one can miss Joel Gion out front playing percussion, armed with an array of tambourines and maracas. As a whole the sound out front was extremely good - much like what you expect to hear at one of the best live venues Adelaide has to offer.

As the end of Other songs the night came filling up the creeping up, the set include band finished the classics up with an When Jokers extended version Attack, Sailor, of Yeah Yeah Who, That from the 2008 Girl Suicide, album My Bloody Nevertheless, Underground, Anemone, climaxing into a Servo and feedback loop to the amazing which the band Wisdom left the stage, from 1995’s leaving the crowd Methodrone. both exhilarated in what they saw More new/recently released and wanting more. tracks performed included Who Dreams of Cats, Pish, A Word, Government Beard and Drained. With another album due out later this year – it’s safe to say that there is Whilst much has been made of this bands love/hate relationship still a creative energy in the band that (thanks to the somewhat colourful (hopefully) brings them back to our fair state again soon! use of the word “documentary”

my friend the

chocolate cake

Painting by Warwick Jolly



“It’s a real mixture of classic British and American rock,” he states. “We try and steer away from any Zeppelin though as Adelaide has enough Led Zeppelin tribute bands and we don’t want to tread on their turf. So we do some Rainbow stuff and some classic Stevie Ray Vaughan. And we throw in some more obscure covers too such as Frankie Miller’s A Fool. “And there’ll be some Steve Miller Band material in the mix too because he’s one of my favourite artists,” Ross reveals. “While we do fairly well-known tunes, we hopefully don’t do too much stuff that everybody has heard hundreds of times before. People like to hear stuff they know when they go and see a cover band, sure, but not over and over again and again.

“And we do The Kinks’ Lola – that always goes down well – and a couple of Queen tunes,” he then quickly adds. “And I reckon we might have a crack at The Kinks’ Waterloo Sunset. And we also do Joe Cocker’s version of The Letter. We just like doing great songs.”

THE ICEMEN By Robert Dunstan The Icemen, who cover classic rock songs along with delving into blues rock, formed 30 years ago and were popular on the Adelaide scene for a number of years. The band have now elected to undertake a reunion show to celebrate their 30th anniversary and BSide Magazine speaks to guitarist Ross Brennan.

The Icemen melted away back in the early ’90s due to a number of reasons.

Local legend Betti Boo will also join the band for a couple of numbers.

“She’s a lot of fun and has been a big “I’d just gotten married and so Angela and I supporter of The Icemen going back to all moved up to Whyalla for employment,” Ross those years ago,” Ross says. “So she’s going to says. “So that made it hard to continue and jump up and do a couple of Suzi Quatro songs with us.” the other guys were starting to do other things anyway. “When Darren And Sam Giancaspro [AKA moved back Whammy Sammy Detroit], Adelaide rock legends The here I realised our bass player back then, had Icemen will be celebrating already joined High Voltage. it had also been

their 30th anniversary reunion with a winter “And The Icemen were pretty much [vocalist and guitarist] shindig at the Cumberland Darren Constable’s first band Hotel, 76 Causeway Rd, but he then went off to form Glanville, from 2pm Appetite For Destruction, the until 6pm on Sunday 8 Guns N’ Roses tribute band July with Ross Brennan that did pretty well,” he adds. “So, by 1992, The Icemen had pretty much on guitar duties, Tristan Rodda “We used to do a lot of gigs at the Royal finished up.” on bass, Gonzo on drums and Admiral,” he says of the Hindley St pub that is now Dog & Duck. “And we did Ko Klub Darren Constable on guitar and The band have never really had an [now Enigma Bar] a few times too. We also opportunity to reform in the past as singer vocals with the added possibility did a lot of gigs at some of the northern Darren moved overseas for many years. of original bass player Whammy suburbs pubs as well as gigs in Pt Adelaide. Sammy Detroit making an “But he’s back now,” Ross says of the appearance but confirmation that “We did a few country shows and musician who can often be caught around sometimes did shows down south but the place doing solo gigs as well as currently singer Betti Boo will join the band Hindley St was our main haunt,” he says. hosting a weekly jam night at Brompton’s for a couple of songs. “And we did a few good supports too – a Gaslight Tavern.

30 years since we first started off. It was a bit of a shock actually…”

couple of shows with High Voltage at The Old Lion Hotel. And we played lots of 21sts “So when Darren moved back here I realised and other parties around the place. it had also been 30 years since we first started off,” he says. “It was a bit of a shock “We also did a big multi-band show at actually but we just thought, ‘Why not? Let’s Thebarton Town Hall [now Thebarton get back together for a reunion gig and have Theatre] so it was all a lot of fun,” Ross some fun’.” merrily continues. “Ah, yeah, we did The Tivoli a few times and also The Venue [now Ross says the band’s repertoire is quite the new HQ Complex] in Hindley St for a varied. benefit show with High Voltage.”

think it’s a cover they’ve never heard. They either like ’em or they don’t.

“But the original thing has been interesting as it can run hot or cold,” Steve continues. “I had a band in Perth called The Casual Dogs, which ended up being an 11-piece band, and we did alright doing the radio and television rounds – Telethons and stuff like that – and made it into the local charts. “And in Tamworth I did okay with a band called Stray Dogs for a while,” he recalls.

Steve, who has plans to enter SCALA’s upcoming FOOM Festival, moved to Adelaide just over two years ago but chose to lay low for the first 12 months.

THE STEVE CHARLES BAND By Robert Dunstan Musician, songwriter and singer Steve Charles has led a welltravelled life as he has lived in a number of Australian cities where he has been actively involved in the music scene. Now based in Adelaide, the seasoned performer is now keen to present his music to local audiences and has a number of shows with his band coming up. Steve, whose last album, Hope, was an ABC Album Of The Week with two songs hitting number one on American radio stations, began our conversation over lunch in Semaphore by revealing his background. “I was born in New Guinea,” he says between bites of a healthy green salad. “And then we moved down to Tamworth where I went to high school. So I first started playing music there and then moved to Sydney in the ’80s. But they then changed all the laws in regards to live music venues – a lot of venues such as The Strawberry Hills Hotel and Frenchie’s closed – so I moved over to Perth.

“A mate of mine lived over in Perth and was always telling me how good the live music scene was over there and yeah, in the late ’80s and early ’90s, it was really booming,” Steve continues. “People such as John Butler, who I once supported at a gig in Mt Newman up there in the Pilbara of all

places, and The Waifs were doing really well.

“So I was in Perth for eight years – something like that – and then went north and was the in-house entertainer at the El Questro resort up in the Kimberly region,” he announces. “And then I was in Queensland at Arlie Beach for a couple of years. And then I moved back to Tamworth where I started working with a lot of the country music dudes I knew from when I was a kid in high school.” Steve’s music is now roots-based although over the years he has flirted with a variety of genres including a collaboration with Sydney-based DJ Bigfurr for the electronic dance production Midnite Train.

“I’d always been into jazz and then rock and punk,” he laughs. “But when you live in Tamworth, if you wanna work you have to fit in. But I was also involved in a couple of duos – I played bass in one – and we were doing dance music – doof doof stuff – and then I started sittin’ in with the country guys – people like Adam Harvey, Lee Kernaghan and all those blokes.


“And I had a jazz band up there too called Champagne Charlie doing corporate stuff to earn a bit of money,” the musician

Steve, who has five albums to his credit, has always been writing his own material, however.

“Yeah, and I drop them in sometimes when I’m playing cover gigs,” he says. “The audience, particularly at some venues, don’t know they are original songs as they

“I was just sussing things out at first and still am I guess,” he laughs. “But about a year ago I got the buzz to start playing again so, while I already knew a few Adelaide players, I put the word out about putting a band together.” The Steve Charles Band, who play sweet, country-infused R&B and rock, has since played a number of gigs – mostly in their local area including Semaphore Music Festival – but are now looking further afield with a gig coming up at the Wheatsheaf Hotel that they plan to record. “We’ll see how that comes up,” he says. “And what I like about that pub - I’ve been to a few SCALA events there – is that people actually sit and listen.” The Steve Charles Band will be undertaking a free entry show from 9pm on Saturday 30 June at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, with Mantracoda as special guests.

As part of Music SA’s Umbrella Winter City Sounds, The Steve Charles Band will also be presenting two free entry shows at The British Hotel, 60 The Parade, Pt Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday 14 July and from 3pm on Sunday 15 July with the added bonus of special guest Susan Lily at each show. Steve will also feature on Radio Adelaide’s Songcatcher at 9pm on Monday 9 July and will then present Mixtape at 10pm.

“We’re so grateful to be gaining such a great reputation in that whole scene,” Bobby concludes.

the harmonics THE HARMONICS By Robert Dunstan The Harmonics are a dynamic, Adelaide-based five-piece funky swinging rhythm and blues band, known for their brand high energy and versatile blues grooves.

UPCOMING CLUB5082 BLUES EVENTS FRIDAY 3 AUGUST: Chris Finnen Band stoked to be a special guest harmonica and Holler & The Bones from 7pm at player for touring blues legend Dan Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Aykroyd (The Blues Brothers). Prospect, SA, with $10 tickets at the door that includes a complimentary “I’m excited about where The Harmonics drink. are currently,” the harp player says. “This

is the best line-up of the band, as well as being the most stable. The reaction we’re currently getting from audiences is FRIDAY 7 SEPTEMBER: Shades Of Blue phenomenal. and Mick Kidd & Dave Blight from 7pm

“We’ve got some great writers in the band now and we’re thinking that a release is definitely the way to go. I’m Formed 10 years ago, the band have pretty keen to include originals inspired since performed hundreds of shows in by my recent trip to Mississippi and Adelaide’s premier live music venues Louisiana and Russell and Brother T and have established themselves as a highly- are keen to work together on delivering respected blues outfit. groove infused rhythms that we’re known so well known for. The Harmonics performances feature a diverse mix of American blues artists “Add to this a few carefully selected R&B including Bobby Rush, Junior Wells, T-Bone tunes, showcasing the DNA of the band Walker, Little Walter, The Meters, WAR, and I reckon we can definitely deliver Charlie Musselwhite, Booker T & The MG’s, a sensational swag of funky swinging Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers, Duke rhythm and blues songs you can’t help Robillard and Snooks Eaglin. but groove to,” Bobby notes. The Harmonics now includes original member, lead singer and guitarist, Russell Stuart, award winning, well-known local Adelaide blues icon bass player Narmon ‘Brother T’ Tulsi (formerly of The Hiptones) joined the band in 2003 and has helped cement the combo’s now signature sound and is super keen to contribute as songwriter.

Presented by Adelaide Roots & Blues Association and Claymore Wines, The Harmonics are now set to play Club5082 at Prospect Town Hall, 126 Propsect Rd, Prospect, with special guest Will Kallinderis (AKA Billy The Tree) with doors at 7pm for a 7.45pm start on Friday 6 July with $10 tickets via Eventbrite or at the door with a complimentary wine or Coopers beer upon arrival.

“We’re also negotiating with venues in Melbourne about gigs over there and I’m really excited about some of my recent contacts at radio stations in that regard. I guess I’m feeling that this bunch of guys gets on really, really well and we reckon we can hang out for an extended period without killing each other which is pretty awesome in this business.

Blues and jazz drum specialist Paul ‘PT’ Turner is also an original member and the talented Richard McDonald (also of Gumbo “And it’s such a cool time to be cranking Ya! Ya!) is the newest member on Hammond up a blues band here in Adelaide with organ and piano. the ever-growing support from Adelaide Roots & Blues Association and their Front-man and founder Bobby Blues involvement and affiliation with the recently toured the US through the Memphis Blues Challenge, as well as gigs Mississippi delta and state of Louisiana like at Club 5082 and there has always playing juke joints and clubs including been such a loyal following of the blues Morgan Freeman’s Ground Zero Blues Club here in Adelaide. in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and was recently

at Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Prospect, SA, with $10 tickets at the door that includes a complimentary drinkie poo. FRIDAY 5 OCTOBER: Bluetique and Jesse Deane-Freeman from 7pm at Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Prospect, SA, with $10 tickets at the door that includes a complimentary drink. FRIDAY 2 NOVEMBER: Muddy Road and Nikko & Snooks from 7pm at Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Prospect, SA, with $10 tickets at the door that includes a complimentary drink. FRIDAY & DECEMBER: The Fleurieu Bluesbreakers and Ben Ford-Davies from 7pm at Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Prospect, SA, with $10 tickets at the door that includes a complimentary drink.



accompanied by a string quartet and with tickets via Moshtix. LEGS ELECTRIC

Fresh from performances at WOMADelaide and Bluesfest, Dan Sultan, armed with his voice, a piano and guitar, is embarking on a solo trek that will bring him to the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 7 July with tickets via the venue or Oztix. SHREDFEST 2018 Shredfest 2018 is heading to Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, from 5.30pm on Saturday 11 August and will feature WA’s Earth Rot, Melbourne’s Mason, Hidden Intent, Se Bon Ki Ra, Christ Dismembered, Melbourne’s Trigger, Lucifer’s Fall and Roadhaul presenting blistering heavy metal with $15 tickets on sale now via Oztix.

ARIA award winning musician Jeff Lang will be stepping into Trinity Sessions at Church Of The Trinity, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, from 8pm on Friday 13 July with tickets via Dramatix. STRUNG OUT


Presented by DRW, legendary American punk act Strung Out have an Australian tour coming up at which they will be performing Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues in full as well as crowd favourites and will be doing so at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on American Independence Day (Wednesday 4 July) with tickets via Mosthtix. THE EASY LEAVES The Easy Leaves, a country duo from Sonoma County, USA, are on an Australian tour opening for Kasey Chambers but will also be dropping into the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 7pm on Sunday 8 July with Hana Brenecki as special guest and $15 tickets available now.

JACK CARTY & GUS GARDINER Jack Carty and Gus Gardiner have just completed a tour of Europe but are now bringing their Hospital Hill album to Trinity Sessions at Church Of The Trinity, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, on Friday 29 June at which the duo will be

Perth’s Legs Electric are an all-female band who play maximum rock’n’roll and have just released their Two Sides EP and are taking it out on the road which includes a show at Crown & Anchor Hotel, 296 Grenfell St, Adelaide, on Wednesday 25 July with special guests Surviving Sharks and Imogen Brave. THE BENNIES

The Bennies are on their Natural Born Chillers album tour and will be joined by Gooch Palms and Young Offenders at Adelaide Uni Bar for an all-ages shindig on Thursday 5 July with tickets via Oztix.

Melbourne-based pop folk exponents Perch Creek, four of whom are siblings, have a new single, Gold Shop, from a new self-titled album and will be hitting Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, on Friday 29 June with tickets via Moshtix and Jumpin’ Jack William as special guest.

MEGA MUSO MASTERCLASS Justin Derrico, Mark Schulman, Eva Gardner and Jason Chapman will be presenting a huge masterclass at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Thursday 12 July from 6.30pm with tickets via the venue or Oztix. HOLY LAND III Presented by Twisted Echidna Booking Agency, Holy Land III has been announced

and it will be taking place at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, as part of the award winning pub’s 25th celebrations and is set to feature US band Radio Moscow alongside Filthy Lucre, Japan’s Bahboon, Sydney’s Dirty Wolves, Melbourne’s Devil Electric, Sydney’s Sumeru, Melbourne’s Fifth Friend, Oko, Sons Of Zoku, Sydney’s Born Lion and The Fyoogs from 5pm until 1am on Friday 29 June with tickets via the venue or Oztix. MY FRIEND THE CHOCOLATE CAKE

Tce, Adelaide, as part of a national tour on Friday 27 July with special guest Osaka Punch and Fresh Violet with tickets via Moshtix. KASEY CHAMBERS Kasey Chambers is taking her Campfire tour to Thebarton Theatre from 8pm on Friday 3 August.

PSYCROPTIC Presented by Direct Touring and Soundworks Touring, Tasmanian metal band Psycroptic will be joined by Archspire and Hadal Maw when they play Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, most exciting live acts and will be proving so at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Friday on Saturday 25 August with tickets via Moshtix. 10 August with tickets via Moshtix. WILLIAM CRIGHTON William Crighton has a new album, Empire, and TECH N9NE a national tour that will have him playing the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, SA on Thursday 19 July with tickets via Moshtix and Melody Pool as special guest.

NESSI GOMES Presented by Sonic Heart, Guernsey’s Nessi Gomes will be performing at Trinity Sessions at Church Of The Trinity, 196 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, from 6pm on Friday 24 August with tickets via Sonic Heart’s website.

Quintessentially Australian chamber pop noir group My Friend The Chocolate Cake are coming to Adelaide for a special farewell concert at Adelaide Festival Centre’s Dunstan Playhouse on Saturday 7 July and will be performing songs from their highly acclaimed 2017 album, The Revival Meeting, alongside some old favourites from their extensive back catalogue. DAVE GRANEY & THE MISTLY

Presented by Metropolis Touring and Slingshot Touring, hip hopper and rapper TECH N9NE will have Krizz Kaliko as special guest at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Saturday 15 September with tickets via Moshtix. BOB DYLAN Melbourne’s Dave Graney & The mistLY have announced no less than three shows at Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 8pm on Friday 10 August and Saturday 11 August and an afternoon matinee from 4pm on Sunday 12 August and tickets selling fast via Oztix. BRITISH INDIA Bob Dylan and his band will be playing inside a huge heated, seated marquee at Adelaide’s Botanic Pk on Saturday 11 August with tickets on sale now via Ticketmaster.

Melbourne’s much-loved British India have announced a return to their second home and will be playing the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on their Midnight Homie tour on Friday 6 July with tickets via the venue or Oztix. LEZ ZEPPELIN Founded in 2004 by New York guitarist, Steph Paynes, all-girl quartet Lez Zeppelin has since gained unanimous critical acclaim as one of the

TUMBLEWEED Tumbleweed will be rollin’ into the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, with their stoner rock to play their 1992 self-titled debut album in its entirety to celebrate its release on vinyl on Friday 27 July with tickets via the venue or Oztix and Even and The Dunes as special guests. IMOGEN CLARK Late night country girl Imogen Clark has announced huge national tour for her current album, Collide, and is heading to the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Adelaide, on Saturday 22 September.

MAMMAL Mammal are coming to Fowler’s Live, 68 North

GRETTA RAY Melbourne’s Gretta Ray is back with her new single, Time, and has announced a national tour for her EP, Here & Now. Catch her at Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, SA, on Friday 17 August with tickets on sale now vis Moshtix.

STEPHEN CUMMINGS Melbourne’s Stephen Cummings will be accompanied by guitarist Sam Lemman and a choir when he steps into the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 4pm on Sunday 14 October. PARKWAY DRIVE Parkway Drive have engaged Killswitch Engage and Thy Art Is Murder to join them for a huge show at Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Saturday 3 November as part of the metal band’s Reverence tour which will boast full production for the first time in Australia and tickets via the band’s website. POST MODERN JUKEBOOX Scott Bradlee’s very popular Post Modern Jukebox are returning to our shores and will be playing Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre on Saturday 22 September.

OSAKA MONAURAIL Presented by DRW, Osaka Monaurail, Japan’s premiere super heavy funk orchestra, are returning to Australia and will be playing the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Sunday 25 November with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday 14 July with special guests Favour The Brave, Already Gone and Ripcord. MOONSHIFTER


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have just issued their debut album, Hope Downs, and are taking it out on the road with the Melbourne-based pop punk band hitting Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, on Saturday 6 October with tickets via Melbourne’s hard rockin’ Moonshifter are Moshtix and special guest Body Type. on tour for their new album, Love Lust Fire Dust, and will be playing Enigma Bar, 173 WINTERSTEADY: MODULATION Hindley St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday Presented by Going Steady Music, 8 September with Skyhammer, Born Of Wintersteady: Modulation will feature Dust and Ouroboric completing the line-up Queensland’s Sacred Shrines alongside and $10 tickets at the door. Battlehounds, Faraday Waves, Oko, Presented by Silverback Touring, American Butterfly Spine and some stellar Three THE ANIMALS band Fozzy are on their Judas Rising tour D Radio DJs at Crown & Anchor, 196 and will be bringing their melodic hard rock Grenfell St, Adelaide, on Saturday 21 July to the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port with $10 tickets via Moshtix or at the Rd, Hindmarsh, on Tuesday 13 November door if any remain. Previous years have with tickets via the venue or Oztix. sold out so don’t snooze. THE ELECTRIC GUITARS Presented by Studmuffin Tours, Melbourne’s The Electric Guitars (featuring members of Rocket Science and Interstellar Villains) are heading over the border armed with their second album, Sideways Changeling, via Volume Creep Records, and will be stepping into Hotel Metro, 46 Grote St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Friday 29 June with special guests The Sunday Reeds, Wild Rocket and Swamp Kitteh before hitting Crown & Anchor, 196 Grenfell St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Saturday 30 June with special guests Fear & Loathing and Thanes. SKUNKHOUR

Sydney’s Skunkhour are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their self-titled debut by taking it out on the road with a horn section and special guests to play it in full alongside other hits and will be bringing it to the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 20 October with tickets via the venue or Oztix. ROLLING BLACKOUTS COASTAL FEVER


Aydan, who did well on this season of The Voice, will be performing a special matinee all-ages show at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 8 September with tickets sure to sell quickly via the venue or Oztix.

Presented by Metropolis Touring, legendary UK band The Animals (founding member and drummer John Steel joined by keyboard player Mick Gallagher, Danny Handley on guitar and vocals and Roberto Ruiz on bass and vocals) will be performing all their classic hits including We Gotta Get Out Of This Place and many more, when they make a return to the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday 9 November with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

PLINI Presented by New World Artists and Evolution Touring, renowned guitarist FIGHT THE SUN Plini will soon be embarking on his first full Australian headlining tour in more than two years, bringing with him fellow progressive music luminaries Mestis (guitarist Javier Reyes from Animals As Leaders) from the US and Serbia’s David Maxim Micic and will hit Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, on Friday 14 September with tickets via Moshtix. Before each show, you can also attend a one-hour long Masterclass and Q&A session with Plini, Javier and David, tailored to the interests of the group and covering anything from composition and guitar Melbourne lads Fight The Sun are on techniques to touring and building a career as their Goodbye Gravity Tour and will be playing Crown & Anchor, 196 Grenfell St, an independent musician.

He has now enticed guitarist Justin Derrico, drummer Mark Schulman, bass player Eva Gardner and keyboardist Jason Chapman, who are all members of P!nk’s current touring band, to present a Megastar Muso Masterclass in Adelaide.

The clinic’s musicians all come with great pedigrees as over the years they have worked with such artists as Mars Volta, Billy Idol, Stevie Nicks, Simple Minds, Cher, Snoop Dog, Velvet Revolver, Beyoncé, 98 Degrees, Jessica Simpson, Mary J Blige, Missy Elliott and Chico Debarge as well as on sessions for countless commercials and movies.

MEGASTAR MUSO MASTERCLASS When Pete Barter, co-founder of SAMii and ETI, was 12 years of age he witnessed American drummer Dennis Chambers, who was inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall Of Fame in 2001, present a drum clinic that sparked his life’s purpose. He awanted to make sure other 12 year olds had an opportunity to have similar experiences as he knew that being inspired

Justin Derrico, Mark Schulman, Eva Gardner and Jason Chapman will be presenting a huge masterclass at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Thursday 12 by the world’s best might just commit a July from 6.30pm with tickets student to a life of music. via the venue or Oztix. https:// Pete has since presented a number of clinics aspx?Event=87419 and past events have allowed music lovers and learners to be inspired by the likes of Darryn Farrugia, Pete Drummond, Mark Charters, Terepai Richmond, Chris Colman, Adam Ventura, Darryl Beaten, Gary Pinto, Brian Frasier Moore, all of the Tennessee kids (Justin Timberlake’s band) and Mark Schulman, Justin Derrico and Eva Gardner to name but a few.

PlanB (on stage at 7.30pm) with tickets via the venue or Oztix.




SCALA (Songwriters, Composers & Lyricists Association) will host their next event at Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, friendly event selling fast via from 8pm on Thursday 28 Eventbrite. Flash your ticket June and it’s free for members at Prospect Cibo. Shop 3, Presented by Adelaide Roots & and an easy $5 for non124C Prospect Rd. Prospect, Blues Association and Claymore members with the ability to join to receive $1 discount off a Wines, The Harmonics, who the long-running association on warm cuppa! Lunch specials recently celebrated their big the night. AJ’s NY Street Food are also available at Caffe Cena, anniversary, are now set to truck will also be plonked out 101-103 Prospect Rd, Prospect, play Club5082 at Prospect the front. if you show your ticket when Town Hall, 126 Propsect Rd, Prospect, with special guest Will paying the bill to receive 20% WHEATY MIDWINTER BALL discount! Kallinderis (AKA Billy The It’s time again for The Tree) with doors at 7pm for a Wheaty’s annual Midwinter THE ICEMEN 7.45pm start on Friday 6 July Ball at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide rock legends The with $10 tickets via Eventbrite 39 George St, Thebarton, SA, on Icemen will be celebrating or at the door if any remain their 30th anniversary reunion Saturday 7 July. Fairy Tale is with a complimentary wine or the theme, 8pm is the time, $25 with a winter shindig at Coopers beer upon arrival. plus booking fee at OzTix is the the Cumberland Hotel, 76 deal. The night includes special Causeway Rd, Glanville, from HENDRIX VS ADELAIDE finger food, a photobooth Every second song will be one by 2pm until 6pm on Sunday 8 for frivolous fun and hours July with Ross Brennan on Jimi Hendrix when Moraygun, of musical entertainment guitar duties, Tristan Rodda Already Gone and Orangutang from Lucifer’s Lounge and DJ on bass, Gonzo on drums and beat the crosstown traffic and Paul Gurry. Darren Constable on guitar gather together at the Grace and vocals with the added Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, possibility of Whammy Sammy CHOIR AT THE PUB Adelaide, from 4pm on Sunday Detroit making an appearance Helmed by Jennifer DeGrassi, 22 July for a free entry affair. Choir At The Pub has hit the but confirmation that singer Betti Boo will join the band for salubrious front bar of the JAMES SMITH Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, James Smith (AKA The Walking a couple of songs. 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, from Creative) will be holding an 7pm on Monday evenings. exhibition, Colour The Space, from DAVID ROBINSON The Rising Sun Hotel, 19 Main 6pm on Thursday 5 July at the North Rd, Auburn, is open for Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George SWIMSUIT meals, accommodation and St, Thebarton, with the work on Swimsuit have announced a functions, has open fires and display until the end of July. rare live outing and it’s to be lots of live entertainment on from 4pm on Sunday 5 August offer with David Robinson MATT WARD at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 set to get his inner groove on Matt Ward is all set to launch Waymouth St, Adelaide, with from 2.30pm on Sunday 1 his new single, Annabelle, and Winter Witches as special July. The pub also has plenty will be doing so at the Grace guests. coming up in July as part of Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday Music SA’s Umbrella Winter City Sounds. Phone bookings 25 August with special guests for lunch, dinner and such are TOM REDWOOD Emily A Smith and interstater Fresh from opening for recommended by calling 08 Harvey Russell. Courtney Robb at her recent 8849 2015. sold out album launch, Tom THE AMAZING MAGIC MIKE Redwood will be making a BEATLES VS STONES Club5082 will be playing host return to the Wheatsheaf Presented by Jim Sharman to award winning AdelaideHotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, International, it is to be an based magician The Amazing evening of Beatles Vs Stones at with his band for a free entry Magic Mike at Prospect Town the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 show from 4pm on Sunday 1 Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Prospect, Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday July and will have Emily Davis from 11am on Thursday 12 as special guest. 20 July with special guests July with tickets to the family-

The Steve Charles Band, who play sweet, country-infused R&B and rock, will be undertaking a free entry show from 9pm until 11pm on Saturday 30 June at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton with Give Peas A Chance food truck having scored a park out the front and Mantracoda as special guests. TALASH Talash are Adelaide’s leading Indian music band. Initially formed in 2008 the band has undergone a number of changes and developed to its current lineup of 10 including five featured vocalists performing in various Indian languages. The band plays popular songs from the extensive back catalogue of Indian cinema and classical music and has audiences grooving to its blend of Indian rhythms and modalities fused with dashes of blues, rock, funk, folk and jazz and will again be doing so at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, from 1pm on Sunday 8 July. ABRASKA Abraska will be launching their Finding Colour EP at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Saturday 30 June with The Winter Gypsy and Ollie English (in solo mode) as special guests and tickets bound to sell quickly via Tryboking. LAURA HILL Laura Hill, who will be special guest of WA’s Jacob Diamond at the Wheatsheaf Hotel on Saturday 16 June, has announced that her new album, Secrets, will be released on Friday 3 August and that she will also be launching it from 2pm on Sunday 29 July at Kuitpo Hall, 772 Brookman Rd, Kuitpo, with $27 tickets via Moshtix or $30 at the door with a BYO wine and food platter offer.

AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE Aussie, Aussie, Aussie will have Bon 4 All paying tribute to Bon Scott, Davinyls paying tribute to Divinyls and These Days paying homage to Powderfinger at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 7 July with tickets via the venue or Oztix. SLEEPY GHOST It would seem that Andrew P Street, who many will recall from Adelaide band The Undecided, will be gracing the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, as special guest of Sleepy Ghost on Thursday 28 June with free entry from 9pm. ONLY OBJECTS It’s winter so synth pop act Only Objects are launching their Chase The Sun single at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 8.30pm on Sunday 1 July with tickets at an easy $5 at the door and with no less than Fleur Green as their special guest.

working on more music for release.

OVATION FLAT CAP PRODUCTIONS Presented by RAW Adelaide, Jimmy Hurford is set to have an exhibition of his photography work, Ovation, and it will happen from 6.30pm on Friday 20 July at Burnside Ballroom, 401 Greenhill Rd, Tusmore. SALVY & THE HIRED HELP Salvy & The Hired Help, who will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in August, are taking their punchy, neo rockabilly to Aldinga’s Pepper Tree Café for the first time on Saturday 21 July with $5 tickets via Trybooking or by phoning 0400 144 467 to book for dinner and show.

THE SAUCERMEN Fresh from playing Kustom Kulture SA’s Kustom Kulture Weekender, Adelaide’s The Saucermen are on a high as they have now announced their 20th anniversary party at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port KATE FULLER Rd, Hindmarsh, SA, from 7.30pm Kate Fuller is taking her fiveon Wednesday 1 August with piece band to the Wheatsheaf special guests The Satellites Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, and very special international from 8.30pm on Friday 29 June guest Darrel Higham from the to present some dark songs of her UK. own and others under the name Tales Of Love & Murder with NOOK NOSH tickets via Oztix or at the door if any remain. ST BRIDE

New Adelaide rock band St Bride will have special guests Chinese New Year and Strangway with them when they present an over 18 years only event to make their live debut and first single, Say Something, at Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Friday 6 July with tickets via Moshtix or $10 at the door. THE SEADRAGONS The Seadragons, essentially lyricist Steve Jones and musician and singer Corey Stewart, have just issued their debut single, 24th Of April, with it being readily available via Bandcamp and proceeds going to Former Ward 17, Repatriation General Hospital with the duo currently

4pm on Sunday from 4pm with $10 tickets at the door.

Boutique small bar Nook Nosh, 111 Unley Rd, Unley, features live acoustic sounds from 5pm on Sundays and has a courtyard area at the rear. Pop in for sips ‘n’ nibbles from 3pm on Wednesdays through to Sundays (open from 4pm).

FIDEL’S BAR Fidel’s Bar is an alternative music and arts club situated at 66 Wattle Ave, Royal Pk, which opens from 4pm until 8pm on Friday evenings and for a special Sunday afternoon fundraising concert each month with the next taking place from

Helmed by Darren Lane, Adelaide-based Flat Cap Productions can offer affordable merchandise in the form of badges, stickers, black and white T-Shirts and stubby holders for bands and venues along with the filming of live gigs and interviews for promotional purposes. Contact Darren on 0425 085 449 or via email at flatcapprod@ with a nice discount if you make mention of BSide Magazine.

persuasions, a 9pm start and entry via donation. Catch Hebe Sace, Jake Brookes, Tony Only, Attonbitus, Marc Ryan and Richard & Elena on Saturday 16 June. GUMBO ROOM BLUES JAM The weekly free entry Thursday evening Gumbo Room Blues Jam in the front bar of the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, has a raised stage, a backdrop, drink specials, $10 gumbo and rice, an ARBA information stand and a jammer’s board. THE HONEY BADGERS


Global Music Revolution, 16/47 OG Rd, Klemzig, is Adelaide’s newest music retail store and offers a wide range of equipment including Fender and Blackstar products along with Cole Clark and Guild guitars as well as products from Hughes & Kettner and electro-harmonix as well as a huge range of ukuleles (Kala, Alvarez and Mahalo) and much more as well as a wide range of accessories. Give ’em a buzz on 08 8367 6107. MOVE2LIVE Move2Live at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, Here’s the deal. Meet prior to 6pm on Wednesday evenings and then head off for a 40-minute walk, run or whatever with a bunch of lovely people and then head back to the pub for refreshments and a natter about this and that. THE GOV’S VARIETY SHOW The Gov’s Variety Show now takes place in the front bar of the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on the first and third Saturday of each month and features an array or performers of all

The Honey Badgers (featuring the honkin’ Nigel Bourne), will be presenting Soul Gumbo when they play Aldinga’s Pepper Tree Café, 445 Old Coach Rd, from 8pm on Saturday 7 July with special guests The Mighty Night Owls (featuring the honkin’ Geo Heathcote) and with $12 tickets via Trybooking or at the door on the night for $15. book/event?eid=365278 MONTHLY MUSO MANIA Wow, man! Far out. Have you heard about the return of Monthly Muso Mania which has kicked off from 2-6pm at Glanville’s Cumberland Hotel continues on the third Sunday of each month.

live performances including Megan Washington Peter Coombe The Audreys Fiona O’Loughlin

long lunches workshops live music comedy shows ice-skating

markets kids’ activities hearty food, mulled wine pop up bars and so much more!

Hart's Mill Precinct • Mundy Street • Port Adelaide

6 - 22 July #portwinterfest

open space including a waterfront promenade and pedestrian links to the Glanville train station. It will feature adaptive reuse of Fletcher’s Slip, which is State Heritage listed. “ Family entertainment at Winterfest 2018 will include ice skating on the undercover ice rink, located on the waterfront, ice-skating performances, children’s art and craft workshops, Peter Combe concerts and roving performers.

Adults can also get involved by singing up a storm with hundreds of new friends in Pub Choir, learning some ‘granny skills’ from Rebecca Sullivan, author of The Art of the Natural Home series, or grabbing some needles and thread for a Stitch and Bitch with comedian Libby Gorr. Hearty appetites can be sated with warming food and drinks from a range of food trucks and bars, and for more leisurely dining, there will be a vegan long lunch and two long lunches with an indigenous theme to mark the start and end of NAIDOC Week.

Entry to Winterfest is free but tickets must be purchased for activities including ice-skating and workshops and concerts.

WINTERFEST Winterfest is returning to Pt Adelaide from Friday 6 July until Sunday 22 July and will once again offer an array of entertainment with free entry events alongside some world class ticketed shows in new concert venue The Ice Cube.

Renewal SA General Manager People and Place Management’s Georgina Vasilevski said Winterfest would showcase Port Adelaide’s attractions and encourage more people to visit this unique part of South Australia.

“We had an overwhelmingly positive response from visitors and traders to our first Winterfest last year, which is why we have expanded it,” she said.

LIVE MUSIC PROGRAM ICE CUBE Friday 6 July at 8pm: Fiona O’Loughlin Saturday 7 July at 8pm: Megan Washington and Naomi Keyte Saturday 14 July at 8pm: The Audreys and Kelly Menhennett Friday 20 July at 8pm: All Our Exes Live In Texas and Hana Brenecki Saturday 21 July at 4pm: Peter Combe (family show) Saturday 21 July at 8pm: Peter Combe and AP D’Antionio

The festival has also been expanded to 17 days following the success of the first Winterfest in 2017 which attracted 57,000 people over 10 days. The Ice Cube will comfortably seat 400 people and will host ARIA Award winning musicians Megan Washington, The Audreys, and All Our Exes Live In Texas.

WINTERSET Thursday 5 July: AP D’Antonio (6pm) Friday 6 July: Panacea (6pm) and Emily “Nearly half the food and drink vendors at Davis (7pm) this year’s event are based in Port Adelaide, Saturday 7 July: Katie Miller (6pm) and including the newly re-opened Port Admiral Sweet Alice & Billy Bob (7pm) Hotel, Red Lime Shack, Spice N Ice, Drummer Sunday 8 July: Ryan Martin John (4pm) and Boy and Café 2 U. Banjo Jackson (5pm) “We have also just appointed two Port Adelaide- Friday 13 July: Kylie Brice (6pm) and Nate based entrepreneurs, Jaqueline Barmentloo and & Rubes (7pm) Andrea Christie, known together as POSH, to Saturday 14 July: Naomi Keyte (6pm) and co-ordinate the market stalls at Winterfest. Tara Carragher (7pm) Sunday 15 July: Don Morrison (4pm) and “Jaqueline and Andrea are experienced event Zkye & Damo (7pm) organisers and business people with a strong Friday 20 July: Kelly Brouhaha (6pm) and commitment to Port Adelaide. In addition, we are providing targeted support to local Courtney Robb & Snooks (7pm) businesses, including a business mentors Saturday 21 July: Jessica Wishart (6pm) scheme, throughout the year and Renewal SA and Nancy Bates (7pm) is leading the urban redevelopment of Port Sunday 22 July: Gemma Theatre-Riley Adelaide,” Ms Vasilevski said. (6pm) and Corey Theatre (7pm)

Winterfest is being held by Renewal SA with the support of the City Of Port Adelaide Enfield and local traders to generate economic activity and build on growing confidence and momentum at Port Adelaide.

“This will offer 500 homes, about 30% of public

Fiona O’Loughlin, star of stage and screen and winner of the 2018 TV reality show, I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here, is one of Australia’s most popular comedians will also be headlining the entertainment at this year’s expanded Winterfest at the historic Hart’s Mill precinct in Port Adelaide and will be performing at The Ice Cube venue on the festival’s first night, Friday 6 July.

An enchanting northern European-style atmosphere will be created at Hart’s Mill by crackling open fires, twinkling lights, an alpine style bar offering mulled wine, a craft market and a bonfire singalong.

“Starfish Developments has started work on Stage One of its waterfront residential precinct Full Wintersteady Program here: https:// at Dock One. The completed development will comprise about 650 homes, public open space, a promenade and pedestrian bridge. “Across the Port River, Cedar Woods is continuing work on plans to develop about 15 hectares of waterfront land at the Fletcher’s Slip and North West precincts,” she said.

WEDNESDAY 27 JUNE Streetlight Manifesto (US), Dan Potthast (US) and Little Mountain at Governor Hindmarsh

FRIDAY 29 JUNE Holy Land III: Radio Moscow (US), Filthy Lucre, Japan’s Bahboon, Sydney’s Dirty Wolves, Melbourne’s Devil Electric, Sydney’s Sumeru, Melbourne’s Fifth Friend, Oko, Sons Of Zoku, Sydney’s Born Lion and The Fyoogs at Governor Hindmarsh Jack Carty and Gus Gardiner at Trinity Sessions Perch Creek (Melbourne) at Jive The Electric Guitars (Melbourne), The Sunday Reeds and Swamp Kitteh at Hotel Metro SATURDAY 30 JUNE The Electric Guitars (Melbourne), Fear & Loathing and Thanes at Crown & Anchor WEDNESDAY 4 JULY Strung Out (US) at Fowler’s Live

THURSDAY 5 JULY The Bennies, Gooch Palms and Young Offenders at Adelaide Uni Bar

SATURDAY 7 JULY Dan Sultan (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh My Friend The Chocolate Cake (Melbourne) at Dunstan Playhouse (Adelaide Festival Centre) SUNDAY 8 JULY Shirazz (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel The Easy Leaves (US) and Hana Brenecki at Grace Emily TUESDAY 10 JULY P!nk (US) at Adelaide Entertainment Centre

WEDNESDAY 11 JULY P!nk (US) at Adelaide Entertainment Centre

THURSAY 12 JULY Mega Muso Masterclass: Justin Derrico, Mark Schulman, Eva Gardner and Jason Chapman at Governor Hindmarsh FRIDAY 13 JULY Jeff Lang (Melbourne) at Trinity Sessions

SATURDAY 14 JULY Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite (US) at Thebarton Theatre Fight The Sun (Melbourne), Favour The Brave, Already Gone and Ripcord at Crown & Anchor

FRIDAY 6 JULY THURSDAY 19 JULY British India (Melbourne) William Crighton and at Governor Hindmarsh Melody Pool at Grace Emily

FRIDAY 20 JULY Ian Moss (Sydney) at Thebarton Theatre

SATURDAY 21 JULY Wintersteady: Modulation: Sacred Shrines (Qld), Battlehounds, Faraday Waves, Oko, Butterfly Spine and Three D Radio DJs at Crown & Anchor Tangents (Sydney), Last Days Of Kali and A/Sweat at Hotel Metro

FRIDAY 10 AUGUST Ed Kuepper (Brisbane) at Governor Hindmarsh Lez Zeppelin (New York) at Fowler’s Live Dave Graney & The mistLY (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel Pete Murray (Qld) at Norwood Live

SATURDAY 11 AUGUST Dave Graney & The mistLY (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel Pete Murray (Qld) at WEDNESDAY 25 JULY Norwood Live Legs Electric (Perth), Shredfest 2018: Earth Surviving Sharks and Rot, Mason, Hidden Imogen Brave at Crown & Intent, Se Bon Ki Ra, Anchor Christ Dismembered, Trigger, Lucifer’s Fall and FRIDAY 27 JULY Roadhaul at Edinburgh Tumbleweed Castle Hotel (Wollongong), Even Bob Dylan (US) at Botanic (Melbourne) at The Dunes Pk at Governor Hindmarsh Warped (Melbourne), Mammal, Osaka Punch Grindhouse (Melburne), and Fresh Violet at Meatbeaters and Fowler’s Live Blue Flame Special at Cumberland Hotel SATURDAY 31 JULY (Glanville) Lloyd Spiegel (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel SUNDAY 12 AUGUST Dave Graney & The FRIDAY 3 AUGUST mistLY (Melbourne) at Kasey Chambers at Wheatsheaf Hotel Thebarton Theatre Lanks at Jive FRIDAY 17 AUGUST Regurgitator (Brisbane) SATURDAY 4 AUGUST at Governor Hindmarsh The Babe Rainbow (Byron Gretta Ray (Melbourne) Bay) at Jive at Jive Suzanne Vega (US) at Courtney Barnett Thebarton Theatre (Melbourne) at Thebarton Theatre

SAURDAY 18 AUGUST Chris Wilson (Melbourne) & Sweet Baby James at Wheatsheaf Hotel

SUNDAY 2 SEPTEMBER Michael Waugh (Melbourne) and Rich Davies (Melbourne) at Grace Emily

Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre

TUESDAY 23 OCTOBER Skid Row (US) at Governor Hindmarsh

TUESDAY 25 SEPTEMBER Destroyer (Canada) at SATURDAY 27 OCTOBER SUNDAY 19 AUGUST Governor Hindmarsh The Sword (US) at Fowler’s Melanie Horsnell and Live Steve Appel (Candelo) and FRIDAY 7 SEPTEMBER SUNDAY 30 SEPTEMBER The Baker Suite at Trinity Chocolate Starfish Radio Birdman (Sydney), FRIDAY 2 NOVEMBER Sessions (Melbourne) at Governor Los Chicas (Spain) and Diesel (Sydney) at Stryper (US) at Governor Hindmarsh The Sunday Reeds at Governor Hindmarsh Hindmarsh Governor Hindmarsh Bobby Kimball (US) and SATURDAY 3 NOVEMBER THURSDAY 23 AUGUST SATURDAY 8 SEPTEMBER Mark Gable (Sydney) at Parkway Drive (Byron Luca Brasi (Tasmania), Aydan at Governor Thebarton Theatre Bay), Killswitch Engage Tiny Moving Parts and Hindmarsh and Thy Art Is Murder at Eliza & The Delusionals at Moonshifter (Melbourne), SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER Adelaide Entertainment Governor Hindmarsh Skyhammer, Born Of Dust Rolling Blackouts Coastal Centre and Ouroboric at Enigma Fever (Sydney) and Body Diesel (Sydney) at Coopers FRIDAY 24 AUGUST Bar Type at Jive Alehouse (Wallaroo) Movements (US) and Eat Your Heart Out at Jive FRIDAY 9 NOVEMBER The Animals (UK) at SATURDAY 25 AUGUST Governor Hindmarsh Psycroptic (Tasmania), XSLF (Northern Archspire and Hadal Maw Ireland) and The Go Set at Fowler’s Live (Melbourne) at Crown & Anchor TUESDAY 28 AUGUST The Charlatans (UK) at TUESDAY 13 NOVEMBER Governor Hindmarsh Fozzy (US) at Governor Gene Simmons (US) Hindmarsh and Ace Frehley (US) at Adelaide Entertainment SUNDAY 25 NOVEMBER Centre Theatre Osaka Monaurail (Japan) THURSDAY 13 MONDAY 8 OCTOBER at Governor Hindmarsh WEDNESDAY 29 AUGUST SEPTEMBER Ke$ha (US) at Thebarton Josh Smith (US) and Chris Britrock Must Be TesseracT (UK) at Governor Theatre Finnen at Semaphore Destroyed: Reef, Hindmarsh Workers Club Terrorvision and The FRIDAY 12 OCTOBER David Byrne (US) at Wildhearts at Governor FRIDAY 14 SEPTEMBER The Ballroom Blitz Adelaide Entertainment Hindmarsh Plini (Sydney), Mestis (US) (Germany) at Governor Centre Theatre and David Maxim Micic Hindmarsh FRIDAY 31 AUGUST (Siberia) at Jive SATURDAY 8 DECEMBER The Screaming Jets Unknown Mortal SUNDAY 14 OCTOBER James Reyne (Melbourne) (Newcastle) and Boom Orchestra (NZ/US) at Fat Stephen Cummings at Thebarton Theatre Crash Opera (Melbourne) Controller (Melbourne) at at Governor Hindmarsh Wheatsheaf Hotel SUNDAY 9 DECEMBER Roots & Branches: SATURDAY 15 SEPTEMBER Foreigner (US) and Cheap Frank Turner & The Kristy Cox, The Weeping Tech N9ne and Krizz Trick (US) at Botanic Pk Sleeping Souls (UK) at Willows at Trinity Sessions Kaliko at Fowler’s Live Governor Hindmarsh SATURDAY 1 SEPTEMBER THURSDAY 20 SATURDAY 20 OCTOBER The Screaming Jets SEPTEMBER Skunkhour (Sydney) at (Newcastle) and Boom Booze & Glory (London) at Governor Hindmarsh Crash Opera (Melbourne) Crown & Anchor at Governor Hindmarsh Moose Blood (UK) and SATURDAY 22 SEPTEMBER SUNDAY 21 OCTOBER Movements at Fowler’s Scott Bradlee’s Post Rob Snarski (Melbourne) Live Modern Jukebox (US) at at Wheatsheaf Hotel

JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM (M) ***1/2 Coming three years after Jurassic World and also, of course, the fifth in the Jurassic Park series, this impressive sequel is remarkable in that it manages, 25 years after the original, to offer new ideas, a couple of cool performances and a lot of very scary dinosaurs. And let’s face it: it’s those curiously sympathetic beasts that keep this franchise going, no matter how hard stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard try to convince you that they’re real people.

Three years (naturally) after the events of JW the remaining dinos on Isla Nublar are threatened by an impending volcanic eruption, and amid lots of governmental speculation and thematic pondering (including a welcome cameo by Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm from the first two Parks) Claire Dearing (Bryce) is contacted by the ailing Benjamin Lockwood (James Cromwell), former business partner of John Hammond (formerly played by the now-late Richard Attenborough and seen in a portrait). Benjamin wants the creatures saved and sent to a new island, so Claire is forced to summon velociraptor trainer (and now ex-lover) Owen Grady

(Pratt) and also improbably take along timid tech-type Franklin Webb (Justice Smith) and paleo-veterinarian Zia Rodriguez (Daniella Pineda), both of whom bring life to slightly stock characters. Of course it’s all a trick (as the trailer reveals too) because Lockwood’s nasty aide Eli Mills (Rafe Spall) is up to something nefarious and new for the series, something which seems very fitting in the age of Trump, and one of his infamous quotes is uttered by villainous mercenary Ken Wheatley (Ted ‘Buffalo Bill’ Levine) too. It’s up to Owen, Claire, Lockwood’s granddaughter Maisie (Isabella Sermon) and Blue the smart Raptor to fight off a string of baddies and beasts at the Lockwood mansion, and try and stop something terrible happening… oops, too late!!!

IDEAL HOME (M) ***1/2

This camp-character-comedy from writer and director Andrew Fleming is somewhat clumsy at points and rather falls apart into the final act, and yet it’s worth catching anyway as charming stars Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd (taking time off in between Ant-Man installments) are so hugely charismatic.

Santa Fe celebrity chef and author Erasmus Brumble (Coogan) lives a coddled and extravagant life with his longtime partner (and mostly director and producer of his show Ideal Home) Paul (Rudd), and they’re introduced Much in the way that, say, bickering on the set with George Romero’s zombie funny, bitchy dialogue that falls movies had us siding with the just this side of the M Rating. undead, the Jurassic pics have us rooting for the dinosaurs, and when that final twist During a later dinner full of happens (much-betrayed in heavyweight guests, however, the trailer and ads) it’s hard their lives are turned upsidenot to think, “Sucked in!!!”, down by the arrival of a and wait with monstrous mysterious and surly kid (Jack delight for Jurassic World 3/ Jurassic Park 6/whatever they Gore) who turns out to be Erasmus’ grandson and has want to call it. nowhere to go.

It seems that back in the druggy, experimentationfilled ‘80s Erasmus fathered a child who grew up to be the estranged and pretty dim Beau (Jake McDorman), and he’s sent his son to be looked after by the father he doesn’t really know. And this leads to some familiar but witty and fairly caustic comedy as the two Dads and the kid (now nicknamed Bill) get to know each other and, naturally, grow to love each other, as Steve and Paul work hard to not be too outrageously stereotyped. And mainly succeed.

With Alison Pill in two scenes as stern Child Services type Melissa and apparently a bunch of gay supporting actors playing straight (to deliberately contrast with straight headliners Coogan and Rudd playing gay), this is sometimes seriously silly, and yet it’s hard not to enjoy it anyway, especially if you’re not a conservative idiot. But if you perhaps are a conservative idiot then what the Hell are you doing at a screening of this one anyway???