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September 2006

September 2006

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Philippines Take First Ever Partypoker.Com By Matchroom Sport - August 27, 2006

The Filipino dream team of Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante become the inaugural World Cup of Pool Champions as they hammered Team USA 13-5 in front of a packed arena at the Newport Centre, South Wales. The American duo of Earl Strickland and Rodney Morris were expected to make a match of it but a combination of bad luck and loose shots on the part of the Americans and unrelenting skill from the Filipinos meant there was only one winner. With upwards of 900 people in the arena including a large contingent of expatriate Filipinos, the atmosphere was electric and the tension mounted as the two teams shared the first eight racks of the race-to-13 final. From there though things unraveled for the Americans. They lost control of the cue ball on the break and consequently found it difficult to get anything going. By contrast the Philippines turned up the heat with Reyes in particular playing a series of stunning shots to get out of jail and pot some seemingly impossible balls. The second half of the match became something of a procession as the Philippines won seven consecutive racks to leave their

For the Americans, Rodney Morris summed up their feelings; “That was pretty disappointing. After 4-4 it didn’t go our way although the match was closer than the score suggested but when it went to 7-4 we were both pretty deflated and felt it slipping away.” ”We never really got a clear shot off the break and it was a tough hill to climb but they played great - the way they were supposed to so congratulations to them,” he added.


Efren Reyes, Francisco Bustamante

week.” Bustamante was thrilled to take pool’s first ever World Cup event; “In the beginning there was a lot of pressure on us but when we went three games ahead it all lifted”, he said. ”Efren played lots of unbelievable shots; some of them I’ve never seen in my life! That’s why we won.” ”They were unlucky because they didn’t get the shots after the break but when he plays perfect and I play good we knew we had a great chance and it is a great feeling to be World Cup of Pool champions.”

opponents in no mans land. Team USA got one back to take the score to 11-5 but Reyes and Bustamante knocked off the final two racks to take the magnificent silver trophy, the title and a cheque for $60,000. ”It’s funny that every time there is a new big tournament, I win it but all week I thought if we could get to the final we can win, said a delighted Efren Reyes after the match. ”The USA is a good team but they were unlucky and that made it easy for us. The support of the fans was brilliant, they’ve come from all over Britain and have looked after us all



MON: 8 oz New York Steak w/Potato & Salad $4.99 (all day)

7 DART BOARDS (1 NEW AVANTI) Dart Tournament Every Thurs & Sat

TUE: Tacos 3 for $1 (3-6 pm) Baby Back Ribs $7.99 (all day) WED: Hot Wings 13 ¢ (3 - 7 pm) Prime Rib $7.99 (5-9 pm) THU: Electric Shrimp 13 ¢ (3 - 7 pm) All-U-Can-Eat Spaghetti $4.99 (with garlic bread & salad 5-9 pm) FRI: Steak & Shrimp $7.99 from 5 - 9 pm

Open 8-Ball Every Saturday $5 entry - Vegas Rules Sign-up 6:30PM - Start 7PM Limit 32 Players

8-Ball Every Monday B & Below $5 entry - Vegas Rules Sign-up 7 PM - Start 7:30PM Limit 32 Players

$300 Guaranteed Payout with 24 players

First Round Losers receive $3,000 per team Second Round Losers receive $5,000 per team Quarter Finals Germany 9 - 4 Taiwan Vietnam 9 - 8 Italy USA 9 - 3 Hong Kong Philippines 9 - 6 Czech Republic Losers receive $10,000 per team Semi Finals USA 9 - 7 Vietnam Philippines 9 - 7 Germany Losers receive $16,000 per team The Final Philippines 13 - 5 USA Losers receive $30,000 per team, winners receive $60,000 per team

Sat & Sun 1233 164th St. SW

Lynnwood, WA


$2.99 Breakfast $1.99 Bloody Mary’s from 10 am - 1 pm

Friday Live Music 9PM - 1AM - No Cover Rock n’ Roll - Oldies to Newies Texas Holdem Tournaments Tuesdays at 6:30 PM & 9 PM NO ENTR Y ENTRY orld Series of Poker Qualify for the W World



Sat 1 - 3 PM: Hamburger, Fries & Beer Sun 1 - 3 PM: Foot Long Chili Dog, Fries & Beer

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September 2006


International Challenge of Champions JOHNNY ARCHER CAPTURES 2006 CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS August 10, 2006 “This is the toughest tournament in the world,” said an elated Johnny Archer moments after capturing the 2006 International Challenge of Champions title. The pressure packed $50,000 winner-take-all event was held at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut, August 9 and August 10. Archer, from the USA, defeated Thorsten Hohmann of Germany in a one game Sudden Death in the final match, and was crowned the new “Champion of Champions.” The two semifinals and the Championship match were taped by ESPN for telecast beginning October 5. Archer was the first American since 1994 to win the International Challenge of Champions. “We may look cool out there, but the pressure is just incredible,” he said. “There’s no margin for error when every player is a champion. One shot missed and you can lose $50,000! Your nerves are off the chart during the entire tournament.” Indeed, of the eight international champions in the event, Archer had to fight

his way to the title. He defeated Euro Tour Champion Alex Lely in a quarterfinal round Sudden Death, after splitting sets 5-1 and 5-2. The Quarterfinal, Semifinal and Final matches require the winner to win two sets, race to 5 games each set. In the event of a tie, the pressure becomes intense with a one game Sudden Death shootout. Of the seven matches in the tournament, four went to Sudden Death to determine a winner. Archer, a four-time World Champion, next had to play Philippine Champion Marlon Manalo in a semifinal match, which also went to Sudden Death after they split sets 5-3 and 5-1. His final match against Hohmann was a nail biter, featuring flawless run outs and exquisite safety play. Hohmann easily won the first set 5-2 after Archer failed to get out in four games on his own break. Hohmann then took the first

Johnny Archer

game of set two, but came up dry on his own break in three games. Archer quickly rallied, ripping off five games in a row, to win the second set 5-1. Known for his pinpoint accuracy, Archer won the lag and after a gutwrenching safety duel closed out the Championship match in a one game Sudden Death. The Quarterfinal matches also brought cheers from the standing–room-only crowd. Marlon Manalo defeated Euro Tour Champion Niels Feijen in

S u d d e n Death after they split sets 5-2 and 5-2. FongPang Chao of Taiwan, the 2005 winner and defending Champion, narrowly ousted Ralf Souquet, the current World Pool Masters Champion, by a score of 5-1 and 5-4. Hohmann in a close match eliminated Skins Billiards Champion Santos Sambajon 5-2 and 5-3, then took on Chao in the other semifinal match. After battling back and forth, Hohamnn emerged the winner 5-1 and 5-3. The crowd gave Archer a standing ovation when he won the final match. He raised his arms in victory and then accepted the highest single purse in international winner-take-all tournaments of $50,000. The trophy and the check were presented by Bob

Yalen, Director of Sports for Mohegan Sun, and Gregg Hovey, President and CEO of Olhausen Billiards. The presentation brought another round of cheers from the audience. The 2006 event was the Sixteenth Annual International Challenge of Champions and the tenth to be held at the Mohegan Sun. Paul Munick, Senior Vice President of Mohegan Sun, was delighted with the support displayed by the crowd of pool fans. “We will continue to host this event,” he said. “The crowds were even more than we anticipated, and the players were amazing. We are extremely pleased.” In addition to the fine tournament site at Mohegan Sun, the event was sponsored by Olhausen Billiards, Aramith Super Pro Balls, Simonis Cloth, Mueller Recreational Products, Ozone Billiards, Original Italian Slate, Liguria International and Silver Cup Chalk. The WPA sanctioned event was produced by Matt Braun and Bettiane Braun of Billiards International, Ltd. Cover Photo and article compliments of Matt Braun

September 22-23 (FRIDAY and SATURDAY)

(Based on 32 teams)

$40 per team entry Entry Deadline

Friday Sept 22 6PM Calcutta at 7pm play starts after calcutta For information contact: Val Weber 406-208-0518

BULLWACKERS 1520 Wyoming - Billings, MT

(406) 259-9865

Open Daily: 11am -2am

w w w. e a t a n d d r i n k . n e t

September 2006

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2006 IBSF World Snooker Team Championships

From: Diana Slampyak – Press Officer

SAN JOSE, CA – August 17 – 26, 2006 Snooker fever has hit San Jose, CA and it’s wonderful because it’s very cold in the Gateway Ballroom at the Doubletree Hotel. All over the hotel, smartly dressed men – some as young as 21, some over 40 for the Seniors’ tournament – carry long, thin, aluminum cases filled with their snooker cues, sporting vests, bow ties and dress trousers. They have little clips with metallic chalk ready to use for each shot in their pockets. They come from England, Japan, the Isle of Man, India, almost every ex-English colony. Some speak English, some don’t, but it doesn’t matter. They’re all proper gentlemen, and they’re all

sweet as all get-out. They communicate through the sport, and they communicate well. And of course there are 3 US teams and 1 Canadian team, to keep our North American presence known, lest you think snooker is NOT an American sport. For indeed it is, and it’s growing every year. Thanks to the work of Executive Director Alan Morris of the US Snooker Association, who aims to bring notice to the sport in the US. More on him another day Indeed, as I watched matches today (there were 3 going on at one time; tomorrow and then on there will be, at certain times, 4), I saw some amazing shots, some amazing snookers, and some heartbreaking misses and failures to get out of snookers. Which, if the opponent chooses, makes the player stuck in the same situation again and again. Two subsequent misses and the player automatically loses. Talk about ruthless! Of course not ever match is ruthless. One frame had an

American player and a Scot battling it out until the final ball, when all of a sudden the game was tied, and a black ball ending had to occur. This means that the black ball is respotted on its opening spot and the cue placed in the opening circle. The referee flips a coin, and whoever wins gets the first shot on the black ball. Of course it’s nigh impossible to get it in from there, so he almost always just has to set up a safety. Which he did. But it was not safe enough. The Scotsman got the black ball in and won the match. Talk about exhilarating! I was holding my breath the whole time.

A few stragglers came in from the outside world, checking out the sport. They stick out, they do. Looking lost, as though in another world. As though completely bewildered. Maybe they’d heard that it was a sport like pool or 9-ball, and didn’t expect the whopping 12’x6’ table. Maybe they didn’t expect the showmanship and gentlemanly nature (believe me, a woman’s tourney is just as regal), unusual in most American sports. One guy was reading the rules of the game – so maybe he was really trying to learn. Whatever it was, it was enough to keep the sparse audience here.

Senior Finals India Victorious

England Upsets India Geet Sethi - Devendra Joshi - B.V.S. Murthy

(l to r) David Lilley, Michael Rhodes, David Craggs

So the Men’s World Team Snooker Champions have emerged, and they are David Lilley, Michael Rhodes, and David Craggs from England. They made fast work of the India ‘A’ team, consisting of Pankaj Advani, Manan Chandra, and Yasin Merchant. In a best of 11 frames, England easily took 8, leaving the Indian team in the lurch.

This means the English lads have won the $5,000 purse, and Lilley has thus far taken home the $1000 prize for the highest break, with a 134 (the Seniors have yet to finish their final match and so someone could still make a higher break. It’s 4-4 now, New Zealand and India tied in heated battle to the finish!).

SENIORS’ FINAL COMES DOWN TO FINAL FRAME So. Some snooker today! A blowaway in the Men’s final, but not the Seniors’. With the winning team needing 6 frames, it came 5-5 New Zealand v. India. New Zealand started off in a fast lead, 3-1, but India slowly came to life as the match progressed. Pretty soon the Kiwis found themselves tied with the Indians, 5-5. And so… the final frame. It started off with a safety dance, each player playing cautiously, not giving anything away. Until New Zealander Dene O’Kane made a 63-point break, leaving the match at 64-1. Next thing you know, however, Geet Sethi kept creeping forward, the reds spreading and Sethi successfully blocking O’Kane from making another shot. Finally,

the game came down to the final colored balls, which Sethi potted in succession – winning the match for his team 69-64. What a match! Never such tension has been felt! So that’s it. India walks away with the $1200 prize. New Zealand goes home proud, having made it into the finals. And now we can say goodbye to the first American world snooker event. All that are left are the closing ceremony and the after party. I, for one, am going to miss what I and the rest of the US Snooker Association are deeming a resounding success, one which we hope to repeat as soon as possible. I’ve made some wonderful friends around the world, and hopefully some new fans in you readers. Ta ta.

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September 2006



TIGERS SPORTS BAR & GRILL 8-Ball Monday & Wednesday $5 entry Sign up 7:30 pm Start 8:00 pm House Matches the Pot

Welcome Pool Players Club Dancing with DJ “G-Man” Friday & Saturday at 9 PM

Beer & Liquor - Pool & Darts Full Kitchen - GREAT Food Happy Hour: 3-8 Mon - Sat & All Day Sunday

New Location

14314 Greenwood Ave N Seattle, WA 206-417-8492

Where Customers are Treated Like Owners Hours: 10:30 am - 2 am Daily Open 365 days a year

Cindy Doty, Nick Lopez Story by Mike Jensen

LONGVIEW, WA - July 24-25, 2006 59 players came to play 8-ball at Cadillac Island Casino’s monthly tournament with the guaranteed $1000.00 added. Nick Lopez from Yakima, WA went undefeated Saturday and Sunday to win the tournament. Nick had wins over Roger Terrell, Morgan Presscott, Nick Go, Paul Ng, and Peter Ploem. He then faced Cindy Doty for the match point. Cindy had wins over George Stefuak, Robert Ferrell, Tim Desmarais, Randy Ohrstrom and Jeff Coates before losing to Nick. Cindy then faced off with Ron O and got another win to have a second chance at Nick. Once again, Nick came through with the win. Congratulations to Cindy for a great tournament and consistent play. Showcasing the winners of tournaments is a great way for people to keep up on what is happening in pool in the Northwest. With little time and limited space we miss so much about special things going on, from visiting with friends, to how close matches can be and how events can change with just a shot or roll. Lets also not forget that we not only go to tournaments to try to do our best but to also enjoy all the hidden treasures that make up a good pool tournament. Thanks to all that attend our tournaments and a special thanks for the good sportsmanship shown by everyone. Congratulations to all our winners! 1st Nick Lopez nd 2 Cindy Doty Ron O 3 rd 4 th Jeff Coates th 5 Peter Ploem, TW Larson 7 th Steve Meyers, Paul Ng 9 th Britt Merson, Randy Ohrstrom, John Cassidy, Kevin Horner th 13 John Kiske , Jack Lowrey, Dan Stenburg, Brian Bailey

September Winner Kirsten Gilliam submitted her license plate “Pool Widow”. She wrote, “This is the license plate I put on my Suburban last year. Anyone who knows us understands why.”

TOURNAMENTS! 8-ball every Wednesday, 7:30pm $10 entry, double elimination A-B-C-D handicap $50 added last Saturday

National Pool League handicap buy-back 9-ball Race to 7, $20 entry ($25 on last Saturday) $500 9-ball breakpot 3-Cushion! Carambola 3rd Saturday every month, 6:00pm, $20 entry $50 added prize money - Rapid-fire handicap, ratings from 10 to 20 5179 Mission near Geneva  San Francisco  (415) 585-6800 Open from 11:00am until 2:00am 365 days a year 14 pool tables, 1 bar table  3 billiard tables  video games  pinball 1 giant projection screen TV and two 67” TVs  Hot snacks & cold beer

Owners Francisco Francisco & & Mirna Mirna Murcia Murcia -- 27 27 years years & & counting! counting! Owners

Got a Pool License Plate? send A photo to P O Box 100 Three Forks, MT 59752 or email it to: If we use it - you will receive 1 year home delivery of “The Break” FREE

September 2006

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“Where Good Times are Not a Matter of Good Luck”

October 14th: 8-Ball Singles

Exhibitions Corporate Functions, Special Events, Major Tournaments, League Tournaments, Grand Openings, Anniversaries, Parties (Home, Business, Taverns) LESSONS BCA CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR Private, Group, Clinic and 1 to 3 day Workshops. Digital 8 video taping available. *Special package rates for lessons*

Call Sarge (206) 719-2695 Private Lessons available at: Harvey’s Billiards, Renton, WA (425) 251-9851 City Lights, Tacoma, WA (253) 383-3301 Full Splice Billiards, Tacoma, WA (253) 512-6898 Java Billiards, Auburn, WA (253) 939-6690

Jump Discipline This month’s Artistic shot is from the Jump Discipline and has a Degree of Difficulty (DOD) of 6. Maybe you have seen this shot performed on ESPN’s Trick Shot Magic recently. This is one of the easier jump shots. Object ball letter coincides with corresponding pocket letter. To set this shot up place A ball centered between pocket points. Now place row of blocking balls curved as per diagram, with one end of row starting at first diamond left of pocket C and

Entry $20 + $5 green fee - Field is Limited Double Elimination - $$$ Added - Call for Times Weekly 8-ball Tournament Every Saturday – Year Round $5 entry–Bar Matches pot-Ball in Hand Rules–1 pm sharp Double Elimination - Drink Specials

1400 Airport Road - Kalispell, MT

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Friday & Saturday 8-Ball T ournaments Tournaments $5 entry - Starts at 8PM

House adds 50% Wednesday

34525 16th Ave S Federal Way, WA

Scotch Doubles League


Join Anytime

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A+ rated program with over 25 years serving the hospitality industry Knowledge Service Support

Billiards Darts Game Room Furnishings other end of row at first diamond from pocket C on the foot rail. The maximum spacing between the blocking balls is one inch. Next you place the cue ball anywhere between the curved row of balls and pocket C. Now you are ready to execute the shot. The objective of this shot is to shoot the cue ball with a jump stroke into the foot cushion. The cue ball will rebound back jumping over the blocking balls and travel down table to make A ball as pocket letter designated. Here are some special notes. The cue ball may touch an extra cushion on it’s way to pocket A ball. The blocking balls must not be touched by any means in the shot process. A scratch is allowed. Here are some helpful hints on executing the shot. Don’t elevate the butt of your cue too high for this shot. You only need to be between 20 to 30 degrees on this shot. You must use a stable, elevated open V bridge for this shot. When you place your cue ball align it so that when it jumps over the blocking balls it jumps over the edges of two balls instead of having to jump over a full ball. This will make the shot much easier. When you aim into the foot cushion make sure your tip is centered through the vertical axis of the cue ball. You definitely don’t want any English on this shot. Have fun with this one.

325 Sunset Blvd N

425-793-0020 or 253-638-0008 Retail and Wholesale Supplies Coin-Op and Residential Table Maintenance Moving and Cloth Recovery

welcome to Sam’s billiards

Keep Stroking, Sarge

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September 2006

3-Rail Position

Email Questions to:

By: Bob Jewett of the SFBA

San Francisco Billiard Academy

Bob Jewett

I hope that by now your game has progressed to the point that you realize that while shotmaking is a nice skill to have, positioning the cue ball for the next shot is far more important, and can make your runouts much easier. Most position shots fit into only a few categories. Major ones that don’t necessarily involve a cushion include: Stop shot — a straight in that leave the cue ball motionless after impact. Stun shot — like a stop shot but with a slight angle so the cue ball moves more or less straight to the side from the collision. Follow shot — a straight in (or nearly so) with the cue ball sent forward. Draw shot — a straight in (or nearly so) with the cue ball “drawn” more or less straight backwards

towards you. These first four are the simplest ones to play and judge, and if you can get through a rack using nothing else, you’re planning and playing well. The next level of complication is where there is a significant cut angle and you modify the cue ball’s path with added draw or follow. Precise control is more dependent on factors such as the cloth and distance to the object ball than for the first four position types. These shots are very useful for maneuvering on a cluttered table. Next let’s introduce the huge complication of bouncing off a cushion. The above shots still apply, as you need to determine where on the cushion you’re going to hit, but you now have an additional tool to work with: side spin. In a previous column, which is available on this magazine’s web site, I discussed some of the perils of using side spin. These include miscuing, squirt, swerve, throw and skid. Each of these is more than large enough to make you miss shots you would normally make, so side spin should be reserved for those situations that demand it. In the diagram is a good shot to practice with. The object ball is easy to pocket, so most of the aiming problems can be ignored. What we want to concentrate on is controlling the path of the cue ball. While you can cheat the pocket to change angle some, you should try as much as possible to put the ball in the center of the pocket. First, try to pocket the ball and leave the ball near balls 2, 3 and 4 on the first end cushion. Put a ball down as a target, and make the cue ball touch it and stay close by, say within six inches. Try this with and without side spin. Which allows you to hit the cue ball more softly? To get to the 2, you will probably need a little draw as well as side. For your last shot of this set, try to make a ball in pocket P. Next, crank up the speed a little and go to the 5, 6 and 7. Doing this one in

three is a good start, but make three in a row for each position your goal. Experiment with more and less side spin to see how it changes the angle and speed. Since the cue ball will come off the end rail at roughly a 45degree angle, you will find that to get to the 7 you need to go to about the 2 ball, depending on how much spin you use. Similarly, landing where the 4 is shown will next go to the 5. Finally, go for the 8, 9 and 10. For these, it’s fair to give yourself more leeway on the final position. The main thing from a position point of view

is to know whether you are going to hit on the long cushion or the short cushion by the H pocket. Can you get the required angles without side spin? Does side spin make the shot easier? If you have trouble getting the cue ball to the 8 ball on the long rail, try playing the shot firmly with draw. If there is still draw on the cue ball when (3-Rail Position continued on page 26)

5536 Garfield Ave Sacramento, CA 95841 (916) 332-8793

Monthly Jamboree Weekend 1st Weekend of each month One Pocket Saturday - $300 ADDED with 30+ players Sign up & Free Practice for Paid Entries 11AM - Starts at Noon sharp!

Entry fee $20 - Race to 2 - Double Elimination

Open 9-Ball Sunday -

$500 ADDED with 50+ players

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Entry fee $25 - Race to 6 Winners Race to 4 One Loss

WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS Wednesdays 9-Ball ‘B’: $5 entry-$50 ADDED-7PM Signup 7:30PM Start Single Elimination-Race to 3 (25 or more players) race to 4 with 24 or less players $75 added each week Thursdays 9-Ball USPPA: $15 entry - 7PM Signup 7:30PM Start Single Elimination, Race to 5-Must be a member of the USPPA Sundays 9-Ball Open: $15 entry-Noon Signup 1PM Start-Double EliminationRace to 6 Winners to 4 One loss-$5 per player added up to $150

September 2006


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A few months ago, I received the following letter from a fellow pool player: I haven’t been doing so well in APA 9ball… they finally dropped me from SL8 to SL7. I’ll get back there, and eventually go to SL9. But, I need to work on my stroke… mostly on 9 ft tables. There’s something I do that causes me to usually hit a little offcenter on the cueball, which spells disaster with straight follow and draw shots… the cueball unintentially curves and/or deflects. I use a Predator 314… I might try that Predator Z shaft… I think my bridge hand is a bit too loose. My response Samm Diep Hi, I have been giving your email some thought and was hoping you would be open to trying the following: 1) shorten your bridge-length (which in turn, of course, you would choke up accordingly on your grip so the length from hand to hand is always the same) 2) set up 30 stopshots into the corner pocket wth the cue ball approximately 2-3 diamonds away. do not lift your head or move any part of your body until all the balls stop moving, even if you miss. When you’re doing this, notice if the cue ball is stopping dead, it if’s spinning at all, and what part of the pocket the object ball is entering (if there is any pattern). Also, notice your grip & stance, and what direction your cue tip is pointed after you follow through. Now, move the cue ball and object ball a couple diamonds farther apart from one another and shoot another 10 stop shots. If you are not in stroke by now, you may notice yourself tightening your grip when you follow through. It’s very natural to want to do this, but if you catch yourself doing it, close your eyes for a couple of them and just “let go…” And, an even better response: Hi Samm,Your words are not news to me. I always do #2 and #3 as part of match preparation. As for step #1, that will not help my sighting problem at all; I am left eye dominant and shoot right handed, and my perceived “center hit” is slightly off.You know the name Joe Tucker? He wrote “Racking Secrets” long ago, which went to DVD. His 3 part, 15 minute or so video from his “Previews” section at was mentioned to me by a friend. It sums up all the bitching and moaning I have been doing for the past few years. When I saw it, I couldn’t believe it. What he says in that video makes perfect sense to me. I bought the 3rd Eye Trainer from Joe Tucker’s website, and I have been emailing back and forth to him about stuff. Last Saturday, I used his trainer. My first 3 shots, I had to make an adjustment to my perception, and I missed those. Then I proceeded to make 3 or 4 racks (at least 50 balls) in a row, without any miss. These shots are across the diagonal from opposite corner pockets, cueball a bit behind headstring, object ball about midway along the path between the cueball and pocket. I would do one rack to the left, then 1 rack along the right diagonal. The last rack or 2 I not only made the balls but was nearly able to draw the cueball back into the corner pocket each time. My back grip has gotten looser over the last couple years — especially when I have an important long shot which requires no spin. Our league uses a mix of 7 and 8 and 9 foot tables, although the APA is supposed to be 7 ft tables. I play about 7 nights per week, probably over 20 hours per week. I mostly play on the 8 ft (for free) because I would go broke paying table time on 9 ft tables on off-league nights. Yesterday, in the APA Regionals, I won 5-0 against one of the best 8 ball players in our (North East Massachusetts) region. Two of my wins were break and runs. (I should have had 3 though.) The other games were a bit more defensive. Two weeks ago, for our division championship, I won 5-0 also. The next day, I did very well in APA 9 ball reaching 65, while my opponent only reached about 10, securing our spot in 9ball regionals. (I am APA SL8 in 9ball, my opponent was SL4 that day.)In 9 ball, I play defense when needed. You ask if I don’t get out in the last few balls. I am not sure what you mean by this. Are you asking if I tend to lose focus near the end of the run? Well, sometimes yes, but I try to be aware of that problem. I have missed too many ducks to just take things for granted. That, we all do, unfortunately. I personally have not tried this Joe Tucker training aid. He offers an $86 value for $65 (shipping included) on his the above mentioned site. If anyone has any additional feedback on this product, I would be happy to know about it. I’m requesting one for use with my clinics. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Restaurant & Bar 605 E Seltice Way

Post Falls, Idaho

(208) 773-7752



Ranger Lounge 110 S Central - Sidney Sidney,, Montana


Watch for Upcoming Tournaments

703 W Babcock In the Bar-muda Triangle Bozeman, MT Open 11am - 2 am Daily

“Unsinkable” Nightly Beer Specials POKER Home of the $2 Jager 9 Pool Tables & Other Video Games

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Tacoma, Washington’s Premier Sports Bar 10011 Bridgeport Way SW 253-581-2580 I-5, EXIT 125, HEAD WEST 1 1/2 MILES

Open Daily from 5pm - 2am


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September 2006


Women’s 8-Ball SALEM, OR Jammers Bar & Grill will be hosting a Women’s 8-Ball Open Tournament on September 23, 2006. The bar will open at 8 am and the tournament is scheduled to start at 9 am. The entry fee is $20 with a race to 3 for open players and a race to 4 for master players, double elimination. Jammer’s is adding $250 to the prize fund (based on 32 entries) and will pay 25% of the field. The field will close at 32 players. Contact Annie Gay (503) 999-3301 or email: for more information or to sign up. So join Annie and the gang at Jammer’s, 1897 12th St SE, Salem, OR.

OUR 3RD WEEKEND McQ’s Billiards & Sports Bar 9614 E Sprague Spokane WA 99206 (509) 891-8357

“B” Class 9-Ball: Sept 30th - Oct 1st



w/ full field (54 min.)

$40 ($35 entry + $5 Green Fee) - Texas Express Rules Race to 7 Both Sides - Open to the first 64 paid players Free Practice 9-10 AM - Draw: Saturday Sept 30th at 10 AM Play starts immediately after Draw QUESTIONS CONTACT: Nita (509) 891-8357

Great Daily Food Specials

ABC Billiards Lynnwood & Lakewood

Three Generations Serving You Since 1972

Lakewood Cinema Plaza 2510 South 84th St Lakewood, WA 1-800-707-2390

Pool in the Park 2006

Pool Player Rates at: Quality Inn Reservations 509-928-5218 or 800-777-7355

Events will be played on 9 ft. Brunswick Gold Crowns Weekly Tournament Mon 9-Ball 7:30PM

20015 Hwy 99 Lynnwood, WA 1-800-605-4140


Custom Cues Billiard Lamps Darts & Accessories Air Hockey & Foosball Professional Recovery & Moving

From: Dick Jones Event Coordinator/Manager

This tournament was held Saturday, July 29, 2006 and has been appropriately named Pool in the Park. Pool in the Park, you remark? Yes that is correct, we move pool tables outside into the park located next to the Eagles Club. Therefore Pool in the Park. However the city of Bozeman has, for the last 60 days, been revamping the park and still is not done. Mumble-Mumble-Mumble, maybe next year. I did however bring the park inside, just ask the players. To the best of my knowledge, this outdoor pool tournament has its early beginnings on the sidewalk in front of the Plaza Bar in Three Forks, Montana. I am also under the assumption that Stuart Armstrong first started this tournament about 1990. I keep inviting him to come and play but he never shows up. What a great turn out we had. We started the day with 25 mixed doubles teams. Final standings: 1st $240 Mike Wright/Susie McRae, Bozeman This team came out of the losers side of the bracket and won six in a row to win it all 2 nd $190 Aimee Neel/Curt Watts, Belgrade/Bozeman 3 rd $130 Karen Grimm/Don Partyka, Billings th 4 $80 Sky Tigart/Justin Salcido, Great Falls/Butte I would like to thank all the pool players that came to play in this tournament. The day was a fun one and the field was filled with nothing but class act pool players. Temperature wise the day was just right, a mild 100+ degrees. Maybe it was a good thing we had to play the tournament inside. Again, thank you for playing in the Pool in the Park tournament. Just so you pool players know, we will be doing Pool in the Park in July 2007. Make sure you know where your sunscreen and lawn chairs are. Hopefully the park is finished by then.

Do you play in a Junior pool league? Send your results to

8 Check out the results of the National Junior Championships at

Looking for a junior pool league to play in? Email:

September 2006

Byrne’s Complete Book of Pool Shots ABOUT THE AUTHOR: B YRNE has won R OBERT tournaments in 8-ball, 9-ball and straight pool. In 1999 he won both the National Senior and National Amateur tournaments in threecushion billiards. Named “Best Billiard Writer” by Billiards Digest, his books and videos on pool have sold nearly a million copies. Byrne was inducted into the Billiard Congress of America’s Hall of Fame in 2001. He lives in Dubuque, IA.

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7th Rail

1911 N Maple Spokane, WA 509-325-7751

4 Dart Boards - 8 TV’s - 2 Big Screens 6 Pool Tables - Championship Cloth Full Menu Happy Hour: M-F 4-7 - Ladies Night Great Food Monday Tuesday - Torture Tournament

00 Tournament - 100% Bar Match Drink Specials Everyday Friday - $3. 9-Ball Saturday - $3.00 8-Ball Tournament - 100% Bar Match Open 7 days/week Sunday FREE POOL Noon - 2am Always Great Drinks at Great Prices

The Best Pool - The Best Players - The Best Place to Play

Thursday night


8-ball Tournaments

Editors Note: Excerpts reprinted with permission of the author, Robert Byrne.

$5 entry sign up 6:30PM Play at 7PM House adds 50% with 1-16 players 100% with 16-32 players

SIDE POCKET SHOTS 8924 Canyon Rd Puyallup, WA


WWR Western Women’s Regional 2006 Tour Schedule

TWO KISS-BACKS At the bottom, the 2-Ball is frozen, or close to frozen, to the pocket point, but from the cue ball position it can’t be cut in. The ball can still be made, though, with a full hit, maximum right sidespin, and soft speed. Enough sidespin is transferred to the 2-Ball to force it to the left and over the edge of the slate. The cue ball will kiss back as shown. Even if the 2-Ball can be cut in with a thin hit, the kiss shot might be better for positional reasons. At the top, the 3-Ball is deeper into the pocket and can be cut in. The player has an option: a kiss-back with low right will send the cue ball on the diagrammed path. Firm speed can be used because the shot is hard to miss.

Aug 12-13: California Billiard Club, Mountain View, CA Sep 16-17: Hard Times Billiards, Sacramento, CA Oct 7-8: Broken Rack, Emeryville, CA Nov 4-5: Family Billiards, San Francisco, CA

$30 entry with $30 membership- $60 entry without membership Sign up at 11 am - Play starts at 1 pm Host location adds $700 and $300 to End of Season Event Contact Julie Hunter 775-882-5997 - WPBA sanctioned regional tour

Pat Sheehan

The Man of the Cloth

iiaall ngg c e c SSppeippppiin ee TTiplliieess u u C C Suuppp S

(Pool Table Cloth) 51875 SW Old Portland Rd Scapoose, OR 97056 503-232-POOL (7665) Cell 503-313-8646

We Build One of a Kind Pool T ables Tables Specializing in Antique Tables and Restoration Tables recovered anywhere in the Pacific NW

AROUND-THE-TABLE KISS-BACK If the object ball is deep in the jaws, you don’t need to rely on cue ball spin to force it into the pocket – almost any movement will send it over the edge and in. With a setup like that you can use draw and right English and send the cue ball off three or four rails. As a challenge to a friend, set up the diagrammed position and see if he or she can make the 4-Ball and get position on the 5-Ball. My thanks to Tom Rossman for this one.

1902 East Main Puyallup, WA



amous That’s all it takes to play pool at World Fh e n Waynes ... one quarter Kitc 15 TV’s - 3 Pool Tables (new felt)

Where Puyallup Ends and the Good Times Begin

Distributors & writers wanted Exchange services for ad space. email:

e-Break - WHAT IS IT ??? An exact digital replica of “The Break” always at your fingertips log onto

Billiard Directory The Index page....30

Copyright OTB 2001

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www.onthebr Where Good Friends Meet

Jammer’s Bar & Grill Scott & Judy McComas, Owners

September 2006

From The Work Bench by: Pat Sheehan See ad page 11

1897 12th St. - Salem, Oregon

Monthly Pool Tournament Every Friday 7:30 pm

1st, 2nd & 3rd Saturdays 7:30 pm

Open 16 Winner 8-Ball Qualifier

8-Ball Tournament Blind Draw Scotch Doubles ACS Rules

House Matches $6 entry - Race to 2 Double Elimination ACS Rules Sign-up by 7:15 PM Limit 32 players

House Matches $5.00 entry

FULL EN KITCH R & BA Every Sunday 6:30 pm

Last Saturday at 7:30 pm

Open 8-Ball ACS Rules

8-Ball Scotch Doubles

House Matches $5.00 entry

Bring your own partner

House Matches all pots


Old Friends Return Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson When you have been in business long enough old friends come back to visit and new friends come along. Glen Kinder called me to move his table and said that he had a Brunswick Monarch. All the old tables have Monarch cushions stamped on the nameplate so I thought that was what he was describing. “No it is an original Brunswick Monarch table with the metal legs” and sure enough it was. Dad and I had set this table up in Vancouver 40 years ago. Chris Breslin from the Ford dealership had purchased it, we restored it in the late 1980’s and set it up in the Pat Sheehan conference room at the dealership. It of course was a showpiece and Chris was very proud of it and it remained until the Late 90’s. The Ford Motor Co had done some creative accounting that brought the dealers under scrutiny from the IRS and Chris was forced to sell his dealership and all the assets including the pool table. Glen’s sister bought the table and later sold it Glen. In August of 2005 Aaron Curti and I moved the table from Roberta’s house in Scappoose to the Kinder’s in Gresham.

The table was one of the sisters from the old Ericksons Bar on Burnside Street in Portland originally purchased by Henry Wienhart from the J.M. Brunswick and Balke Co at the tail end of the 19th century. There were 6 sisters and I still have the Birds eye Maple table and have had the pleasure of restoring the French Walnut, Mahogany and Tulipwood tables. Glen has the Rosewood inlaid with California Laurel burl, Ash French walnut Ebony, Mahogany, and Tulipwood. The chalk on the back of the slate told the story on all the tables. The slate was the shipping document recording the trip from the San Francisco office. Not to waste the veneer from the Marquetry process each of the pieces made up a sister table. The weird table is now in Bend Oregon. All the sisters were to be 46” x 92” but they only had so many so they cut down a 4 1/2’ x 9’ to make the shipment. But since they were in a hurry they got by with not changing the diamond sights and for years we thought it was a 4 2 x 9 since the sights were 12 1/2 “ on center. There were so many crazy things that happened in the early days of this industry and I know still go on. As I started to write this article on the anniversary of setting Glen’s table in place I got an email from Joe West in Palm City Florida who was restoring what appeared to be a Brunswick Wellington and it opened a large “Can of Worms”. With Joe who became my Doctor Watson, Sherlock Holmes put on his deer slayer cap to unravel the mystery of the Bott Bros scandal. Like so many of us young manufactures they pieced together parts and pieces to make a complete table. Joe West (Dr Watson) worked with me to create a web of history from his table and caused Sherlock Holmes (yours truly) to dig into the pages of history with the magnifying glass. Joe’s table has a Brunswick Wellington frame in ribbon Mahogany, Vermont slate produced by Brunswick and their hardware. Now the rails were something (Old Friends continued on page 29)

September 2006

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Sam’s Straight Pool

JOIN US for Sunday & Monday Night

Football On Direct TV with Sunday NFL Ticket

(l to r) Sam Rabito, Vinnie Mellot, Mike Ottoboni, Bill Bradford

Every once in a while a newcomer wanders in at the last minute and wins it all. Such was the case at Sam’s Billiards in Portland on Sunday, August 6, for the monthly 14-1 Tournament. After losing on a time-shortened match in the qualifying heat to Vinnie Mellott, Mike Ottoboni came back to beat Vinnie 50 to 25 in the final match for first place. It was Mike’s first Straight Pool Tournament at Sam’s Billiards. Sam Rabito beat Bill Bradford for the second time 50 to 33 in the finals to take 3rd place after losing to Mike 50 to 39. Sam also had an early high run of 23, which held up as the high run for the day. The final results are summarized as follows: 1st $55 Mike Ottoboni 2nd $40 Vinnie Mellott 3rd $25 Sam Rabito 4th $15 Bill Bradford High Run: 23 – Sam Rabito Sam’s Billiards Monthly Straight Pool Tournament, the longest running 14-1 Tournament in the Northwest, continues Sunday, September 3, with tables open at 10 am and the tournament starting at 11 am. Newcomers are always welcome. The 14-1 Tournament format starts with groups of 4 to 6 players playing round robin. The group winners move on to the finals. Generally games are to 50, but there’s a time limit to keep the tournament moving. For a $12 entry fee you are guaranteed to be able to have at least 3 hours of table time. $10 of each player’s entry fee plus a total of $25 from the house feed the pot. There’s also a $5 gift certificate for the high run prize.

Great Breakfast Specials Every Day Opens at 7 am Sundays: Free Pool All Day Thursdays: Ladies Night

6106 SE King Road - Milwaukie, OR


Pool Sharks IPT Qualifier

(l to r) Paul Brienza - IPT Player, World Champion and Touranment Director, Trick Sixty - local player and IPT hopeful

What a great field for a qualifier. Antonio Lining and Lee Heuwagen won entry into the IPT in Reno in September for the Worl 8-Ball Championships. We have quite a few returning players from our first qualifier, such as Thang Hoa and Victor Ignacio. We also added some well known names like Dave Matlock, CJ Wiley, Bernardo Chavez, Ismail Paez, Cliff Joyner and others. In addition, two local players entered, Trick Sixty and Ian Costello. I thought we’d have few more locals considering how many good players live here. Trick and Ian can both play so to see one of them do well won’t be a big surprise. Unfortunately Alain Boutin was a no show.

Billiard Directory The Index page....30


LEAGUES START OCT 3 & 5, 2006 BOZEMAN Eagles American Legion Crystal Bar Scoop Molly Brown Cats Paw Filling Station The Pourhouse The Haufbrau Crossroads

BELGRADE Lucky Cuss The Hub Bar

MANHATTAN Sir Scott’s Oasis American Legion

THREE FORKS Frontier Bar Town Club

Page 14

4-Man Team Round Robin Nov 17-18-19

$1,500 added w/14 teams

$100 entry Entry deadline Nov 15, 2006 Calcutta 8:00 Friday Night Play Starts Immediately following Calcutta Mail Entries to: John Barnes 224 38th Ave. NE Great Falls, MT 59404 For More Info Or To Sign-Up Call John Barnes (406)-231-1622 or (406)-452-5646 Tourney Located: 907 Smelter Ave. NE Great Falls, MT 59404

September 2006

8-Ball Singles - Entry: $20 Race to 4 On 8 Tables - Race to 5 In Finals Sign-up: 11:00 - Calcutta: 12:00 Sharp - Start: 12:30 Men’s & Women’s Divisions Added: $750 Men’s & $250 Women’s Early Bird Tourney September 22 @7:00 Sharp For More Info Contact John Barnes (406) 231-1622 or (406) 452-5266

September 2006

Page 15


Golfing at the


California Billiard Club





Break Time Billiards 14411 SW Pacific Hwy - Tigard, OR (formerly Classic Billiards West)



By: Chet Itow

Every Friday and Sunday night you will be guaranteed a competitive Golf game at California Billiard Club. Lately 4 to 5 handed Golf games are going on every afternoon starting about 4pm. People just love this annoying game. On Friday, August 4th eight players showed up at 6pm to lag for The Break. In the photo from left to right are George Patterson, Octavio Priego, Javier Alcala, Jerry Ridenour(came all the way from the state of Washington), David DelCastillo, Ed Neves, Phil Hopkins, and Rick Thomas. This one game took 3 ½ hours of yelling, screaming and just having a great time. The victor was Javier Alcala who took home $200 plus change for this one game. The following Sunday, August 13, 9 players showed up to play golf. Now we are having golf games every afternoon and evenings and the stakes are usually $10 or $20 per person. California Billiard Club has 3 snooker tables but everyone likes to play on the “A” Table. The games are always open to everyone and the winner feeds on the bragging rights.

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Players, I would like to start this letter off by congratulating Sarah Ellerby on her fine IPT finish. Sarah defeated several top men pros to earn her way into the Wednesday rounds and a well deserved $10k. Also, our “surprise baby shower to remember” given by Jeanette Lee for soon-to-be mommy Jennifer Barretta was a complete success. Thanks for the memorable moments! This is also a reminder for those of you who intend on nominating pros or touring pros for our three open board positions, and nominating players for “Sportsperson of the Year” and the “WPBA Hall of Fame”. We respectfully request your participation in the nomination process. This is our sport Kim White and we need to recognize those players we hold in high regard who may not otherwise be recognized for their outstanding achievements. You can send any nomination to the WPBA office on or before the September 8th deadline. The following is a list of current board nominees:Belinda Campos-Calhoun, Gail Grecar, Sarah Rousey, Melissa Herndon Sueyen Rhee. If you are nominated and wish to decline, please contact Peg Ledman at the WPBA office. For those of you who are not familiar with the upcoming feature film “ Nine-Ball”, I would like to take this opportunity to acquaint you with the movie along with its writer, director and producer, Mr. Tony Palma at Main Street Productions. This movie reveals the journey of one young woman (played by Jennifer Barretta) who beats all odds in order to become a world champion player. Top touring professionals and technical consultants Karen Corr and Julie Kelly assisted with finalizing the script which includes special appearances by several top female players. This movie has it all; drama, suspense, romance, and plenty of “action”! Mr. Palma’s intent for this movie was to raise public awareness about women’s professional billiards while creating a piece that unraveled the true grit and determination it takes to be a female pro today. “Nine-Ball” is a movie about struggle and heart; overcoming one’s personal demons. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the script and look forward to seeing the movie as I’m sure you will too. For more information on “Nine-Ball” please visit Mr. Palma at Thank you in advance for taking the time to read your newsletter. Take care and I will see you all in Albuquerque.

WI-FI Access Now Available 1st Saturday of every month One Pocket - $20 entry - Noon 3rd Saturday of every month Straight Pool - $20 entry - Noon Call Kevin for details 503-443-6166

The East Bay’ Bay’ss Finest Billiard Room 20 Beautiful Pool T ables Tables Full Bar - Full Kitchen Pro Shop - Smoking Lounge Private Party Facilities Monday College Night TOURNAMENT 2ND WEEKEND Tuesday USPPA Tournament OF EVERY MONTH Wednesday Ladies Night Located at the Public Market in Emeryville across from the Emberybay Cinema

(510) 652-9808 6005 Shellmound Emeryville, CA

Jillian’s Seattle 731 West Lake Ave N - Seattle, WA Mon: Tues: Wed: Fri/Sat: Sun:

$5 Game Room Night from 5 PM to close all video games, for one flat fee Texas Holdem Poker at 6 PM 9-Ball at 7:30PM $7 entry - 100% ADDED Club J with a DJ, dancing, and NO COVER S.I.N. Night- Work in the hospitality industry? Bring down a paycheck stub or ID badge to prove it, spend $20 or more on anything in the house and receive free pool from 8-close.

206-223-0300 Hours: 11:30AM-2AM

881 E. El Camino Real Mountain View, CA. 94040 (650) 965-3100

30 Gold Crown III Tables 2 - 12’ Snooker Tables 2 - Verhoeven 10’ Billiards Tables Video Games - Pinball - Foosball Full Line of Cues & Accessories Full Service Kitchen - Beer & Wine Bar Third Weekend of the Month: Saturday One Pocket Sunday 9-Ball $20 entry Starts 1PM $300 ADDED

$20 entry Starts 1PM $300 ADDED

(based on 32 players)

(based on 32 players)

September 2006

Horner Wins

(l to r) Nick Lopez, Donna Totten, Kevin Horner

KENNEWICK, WA - August 11-13, 2006 The Tri-Cities is once again breaking the dry spell with Classic Island Casino’s second tournament since opening there doors less than three months ago and the first B and Below event. With $1000 added, this event attracted 41 players to Shooter’s Pool Hall located inside the Casino to make the Tri Cities the new Hot Spot for great billiard events in South Central Washington. The B ratings were destined to bring some great matches into the area. One of which was Gary Halverson’s battle through the bottom bracket. An amazing 5 out of 6 of his matches went hill-hill making Gary a favorite with the crowd who applauded his determination. Nick Lopez stopped Gary’s run after being sent to the bottom bracket by Kevin Horner as Kevin took his position on the point. Nick sent Gary home with a third place win and headed back to try to take the title. The final matches were a continuation of a very tough weekend for the players before a winner was determined. Nick won the flip in the first match and took game 1 with a well earned table run. Kevin tried his luck but only to scratch on the 8 ball. Taking advantage of the break Nick quickly advanced to a 3-1 lead. Kevin battled back in game 6, 7 and 8 to tie and continued what seemed to be a tradition all weekend taking the match to the final 9th game. Game 9 was all Nick’s and sent the finals into another match. The Second match seemed to be a continuation of the first. The spectators were in for a treat as we watched each player alternate wins but neither player overpowering the other. Kevin tied the match in the 8th and took the win. Kevin Horner 1st 2 nd Nick Lopez Gary Halverson 3 rd 4 th Robert Danielson th 5 Tim Desmarais 6 th Ryan Parke 7 th Scott Thurston th 8 Robby Simmons


Cue Ball

Tournament Results August 12th, 2006

Photo courtesy of

Page 16

(l to r) Russell Cearly, Bob Cook

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5-6 7-8

$200 $120 $80 $50 $25 $10

Russell Cearly (AA) Bob Cook (A) Matt Horner (AAA) John Campbell (AA) Martin Thurber (A), Nathan Armstrong (C) Edward Arndt (B), Sam Scott (A)

September 2006

Jennifer Chen Disappears; Huge Gambling Debts Reported is reporting: Taiwanese billiard superstar Jennifer Chen is reportedly missing and believed to be hiding from gangsters after running up enormous gambling debts. Asian TV and print media have been buzzing about C h e n ’ s Jennifer disappearance since early August, reporting that the 31-year-old WPBA pro allegedly had lost as much as $600,000 gambling on Taiwanese and U.S. baseball, and the 2006 World Cup. Reports of her whereabouts have varied, with some claiming she has gone into hiding in Hong Kong, and others claiming she has fled to the U.S. It’s a case with the whiff of the sensational in Taiwan, where the photogenic Chen has long been a celebrity as a pool player, sports broadcaster and actress. According to a report in the Aug. 13 edition of the Taipei Times, prosecutors in a related case involving a gambling ring were able

to gather intelligence on Chen’s gambling debts. Allegedly, gangsters met with Chen on July 24 and demanded that she give up her T a i p e i residence in order to cover the debts, the T i m e s reported. Chen went missing soon after the meeting. WPBA officials Chen have not heard from Chen since mid-June, according to tour director Peg Ledman. Chen did not compete in the WPBA’s Florida Classic in late June, nor the Midwest Classic, held July 27-30 in East Peoria, Ill., dropping her ranking to 19th. Chen told Ledman in mid-May that she did not intend to play in the two events, and that she instead would be working with an acting coach, the tour director said. Their last contact was in mid-June, when Chen confirmed via telephone that she would not attend the Florida Classic. Chen won a bronze medal in billiards at the 2001 World Games and a silver medal at the 2005 World Games.

Page 17

JOHNSON NAMED NEW CEO Former racing executive accepts top spot at BCA Colorado Springs, Colorado: The Billiard Congress of America [BCA] has officially announced the hire of Rob Johnson as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective September 5. Coming from a successful term as general manager of the Grand Prix of Denver and vice president of Sutton International Motorsports, Johnson was responsible for the recent staging and marketing of one of the largest and mostelaborate sporting events in the city of Denver. “We’re very fortunate to have found someone of Mr. Johnson’s caliber,” said BCA President Gregg Hovey of Olhausen Billiards. “He has experience taking major projects from inception to the finish line, and we’re pleased to put him in the driver’s seat for the Expo and other marketing initiatives for the billiards industry.” The announcement followed a six-month search by the board of directors, which Rob Johnson concluded at its latest board meeting in Baltimore on August 13. Acknowledging the differences between the two industries, Johnson was intrigued by the thought of working with another sport that’s also familyoriented. “This is another sports marketing opportunity with promise, and I’m thrilled to move into the billiards industry with its rich and long tradition in American history. I just hope I can learn to play billiards better than I learned to drive a race car!” At 38, the Colorado-native has spent much of his professional career up and down the front range of the Rockies. Johnson is married with three young sons and is well-acquainted with the Colorado Springs community, having served on the board of directors for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Colorado Motorsports Hall of Fame, Fort Carson Educational Museum and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Chancellor’s Leadership Class. To read the complete press release visit

Page 18

September 2006


Check out our new look... through the current issue on the website. All the information contained on our website before is still there in a more accessible and easier to navigate format. Your favorite columnists, interviews, and the tournament pages are easy to find and select. As for the Current Issue, the front page is still prominently displayed in the center of the screen so that you our readers can easily read the “eBreak” online. With over 250,000 hits each month, we know that our has a new look! We have taken all the information previously on our home page and made it easier to navigate. Just scroll down to look for your favorites under their headings. Pool balls on the left side of the screen alert you to the choices for tournaments, our instructional columnists, and interviews.National and regional leagues and tours can still be easily accessed. Each link takes you to an index page where you can choose your articles.

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Full Splice Billiards

es 9324 South Tacoma Way abl T t rn Lakewood, WA Bes este o n W ngt n i shi Wa


APA, BCA, Militar y & Stu dent Discou nts

Now Serving Cold Beer - Non Smoking Open: Sun - 12:30 PM - Midnight Mon - 10 AM - 1 AM Tues - Thurs 12:30 PM - 2 AM Fri - Sat 12:30 PM - 4 AM

8-Ball Tournament Every Saturday Starting at 2:00 PM

Open to all Players - Entry $5 + $3 green fee House Matching 100% with 16 players or more 50% with less than 16 players Race to 3 - BCA Rules - Played on 9’ tables Max. number of players 32 Payment and sign-up in advance accepted

Every Tuesday 9-Ball at 7:45 PM $8 entry - 50% added with less than 16 players 100% added with 16 players or more - BCA Rules

Best Prices on Cues and Accessories in Western Washington I will BEAT or MATCH any dealers discounted price Customers can Chalk and Test all cues before purchase Professional in-house Billiard/Pool Cue Repair Tips Replaced While-U-Wait - anytime during business hours

6 - 4 1/2 X 9 AND 2 - 4 X 8 PRO-SERIES KASSON VERMILION TABLE TIMES 12:30 - 6PM $3 for 1 person / $5 for 2-6 people 6PM - Close $6 for 1 person / $10 for 2-6 people

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Fully Stocked Billiard Pro-shop Ask About Our “Trade-up Policy”

Memberships Available $60 per month unlimited table time Noon-6PM

Family Billiards 2807 Geary Blvd - San Francisco, CA

(415) 931-1115

Hours: Sun-Wed: 11:30am-2am Thurs: 11:30am-4am Fri-Sat: 11:30am-4am


September 23-24, 2006 $2,000 ADDED - starts 1PM

6th Annual

San Francisco One-Pocket Challenge in memory of Glen White

$2000 Added* *Based on Minimum 32 Players

SEPTEMBER 30 - OCTOBER 1 One Pocket - $50 Entry Fee Race to 3 - Finals One Race to 4 Double Elimination TOURNAMENT STARTS 12 PM DOORS OPEN 11 AM

18 Gold Crown Tables USPPA Mon & Thurs 7PM Last Mon & Thurs of month - 7PM Pays top 4 spots (Winner 1/2) 48 player limit

September 2006

Page 19


Uncle Jacks Class “B” 9-Ball Results LYNNWOOD, WA Uncle Jack’s held a Class “B” 9-Ball tournament August 26th & 27th. 48 Players came from all over the Northwest to fill the field and challenge the defending champion Marlon Oliveros. Uncle Jack’s even offered a $100 bounty for any player who could beat Marlon which was won by Tyler Luce and Steve Hanks. James Davee went undefeated through the match with wins over Dick Trichler 9-6, Russian Dave 96, Scott James Davee Chandler 9-1, George Stefurak 9-2, Tyler Luce 9-7. James had the hot seat and waited to meet his opponent in the finals. Pastor “Junior” Sardoncillo was sent to the losers bracket by Davee 7-9 and “Junior” & Son would return to face him in the finals. Earlier Junior defeated Maria Brown 9-5, Kevin Fong 9-5, Dave Goodenbour 9-6, John Cassidy 9-6, Michael “Rocky” Baird 9-3.

Davee remained undefeated 11-7 over Junior for the tournament title. Entry Fee: $55 Green Fee: $10 Payouts: Total $3,200 $1,000 James Davee 1st 2 nd $500 “Junior” 3 rd $350 Michael Baird $250 Al Perez 4 th th $150 Steve Holloway 5 6 th $150 Tyler Luce

Full Field 48 Players 7 th 8 th 9 th 10th 11th 12th

$100 $100 $75 $75 $75 $75

Steve Hanks Roy Garza Chuckie Holyoke George Stefurak Jake Dosch John Cassidy

Top Woman: $100 Kim Jones $100 Bonus for beating Defending Champion Marlon Oliveros Tyler Luce $100, Steve Hanks $100 Entry Fee $45 x 48 = $2,160 Green Fee $10 x 48 = $480 Added Money $560 Total Added Money by Uncle Jack’s $1,040 Kim Jones

TOURANGEAU BROTHERS WIN The Tourangeau brothers finished the 1st Stan Tourangeau th th July 8 and 9 tournament at The Club 2 nd Boyd in Okanogan, Washington with top 3 rd Phil Tourangeau honors. In the end the younger brother, 4 th Victor Poland, Washington Phil, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Top Woman Dena Timentwa, bested his older brother Stan to walk Washington away with the top prize and bragging Sixteen players entered the Second rights. Nineteen players arrived at The Chance Tournament on Sunday: Club on Saturday with an 1st Boyd unprecedented quarter of the field being 2 nd Billy Zumwalt, Washington made up of female shooters. 3 rd Ike Williams, Washington Eventually top woman distinction went Top Woman Bunny Williams, to Cindy Sliva of Federal Way, Washington (l to r) Eddie Mataya, Phil Tourangeau, Stan Tourangeau, Daniel Oxley Washington. Throughout the two days Phillip and Tammy Dunckel, Owners of of play there were eleven break-and-runs which garnered earned player The Club, would like to thank all the players for their patronage; also the a $5.00 token for the newly opened Club staffs of The Club and Club Casino for helping the weekend run smoothly. Casino. They would also like to give recognition to tournament director Daniel st 1 Phil Tourangeau, Canada Oxley and his assistant Sheri Thiele. Join us at The Club September 2 nd Stan Tourangeau, Canada 23-24 for another 9-Ball tournament. For more information call 5093 rd Eddie Mataya, Washington 422-1907. See ya there! (See ad page 29) th Daniel Oxley, Washington 4 5 th Rudy Boyd, Washington 6 th Sal Saenz, Washington Top Woman: Cindy Sliva, Washington “Call Pocket/Single Foul” During the warm-up tournament Friday • Bar Box/9 ft Tables night twenty-two players entered: • Bonus/Scotch Doubles “UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP” Cindy Sliva • In-house/Traveling For More Info. Contact: TAP Las Vegas FALL SESSION (15 WEEKS) Tel.: (702) 340-5338 Starts up the week of August 21st-25th Fax: (702) 262-1340 8-Ball Call Pocket & 9-Ball Single Foul - SAME NIGHT (Bar Box Traveling League) TAP into the fun! Thursday Nights: EAST/WEST Friday Nights: NORTH LV

POOL LEAGUE 8 & 9 Ball

White Buffalo 8

Inglis Coin Machine 300 EAST 35TH BOISE, IDAHO 208-345-5305 800-520-2646 (TOLL FREE)

22 Year VNEA Member

FREE POOL MONDAYS 4 Pool Tables NFL Package Lots of Big Screen TVs 5616 Evergreen Way

Everett, WA


Page 20

September 2006

Mike Massey Shows Off

(l to r) Dave Lauer (Pro shop manager), Mike Massey, Steven Olson (owner)

BELLEVUE, WA - August 24, 2006 Last night was great at The Parlor. Mike wowed the crowd with his famous trick shots (shooting one ball into an onlooker’s boot) and humored participants who challenged him for a game. He ran the table more than a few times. Mike Massey is widely considered the greatest trick shot artist in the world and was voted the Best in the History of the Game by Billiards Digest magazine. The Parlor is the Northwest’s premier, full-service upscale billiards hall and the $4.2 million brainchild of former dentist Steven Olson. It features 43 pool tables, two bars, 10 plasma screen televisions, and two private suites. The Parlor offers free parking and does not admit minors.

Mike Massey wows the crowd

NATIONAL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS AUGUST 18 - 26, 2006 Loves Meeting People Tony Flores (left) of Bakersfield, Calif., has been an APA member since 1988. This is his 5th trip to Vegas for APA Team Championships! “This is my old stomping grounds. I haven’t been back here since 2001 and I’m getting nervous but it feels good to be back. What makes this event so great is all the people, we love all of the people we meet.” Ladies 8-Ball 1 st 2 nd 3rd 5 th

9th 17th 25th 33rd 49th


8-Ball Open 17th 33rd 65th 129th





5th Place 9-Ball Open Teams: 8 OR 9 R US (Portland, OR) 9-Ball Division 1st 2nd 5th

9th 17th

33rd 65th





8-Ball Open continued 513th


September 2006


Page 21

Mike Massey Dazzled Medford Oregon Locals... By Stephanie Karpins For two hot August days, the 18th & 19th, at The Break Room & Billiard Café in Medford Oregon, residents of the surrounding area got the chance to meet the one and only 12-Time World Trick Shot Artist Champion, Mike Massey. Day 1, Massey showed how to perform some of his shots, and other helpful pointers that pertained to the game of 8 or 9 ball, in a small workshop/clinic. Then for 4 ½ hours straight on day 2, the packed Break Room house, got to see Mike in action performing all his amazing tricks. Taking on local challengers in a game of 8 or 9 ball (which by the end Mike was undefeated), and learning new tricks as audience member; Steve Heiman got to show Massey a trick that

Massey didn’t know. And in turn asked if he could add the new trick to his play book. In the beginning of the show, he gave thanks to The Break Rooms’ owners, Drew & Robin Brown for hosting his show, and gave his complements to them for having such a wonderful place to play. Then his artistic demonstration began with him setting up his easier shots, and pulling out audience members to execute the shots. As the day went on, Mike’s performance kept the crowd roaring with more of his difficult trick shots,

masses’, and jump shots. He even played his famous boot shot without the boot. Massey misplaced his boot, and so an audience member, Mike Morang lent Massey his tennis shoe. Massey had a puzzled look on his face as he took the shoe, and marked off the distance away from the table that he needed to jump the cue ball off the table and into the shoe. In his first attempt, using a cue he had never used before, slam dunked the cue ball right into Morang’s shoe. If the shoe could have swooshed, you would have heard it. The crowd just went nuts with their applause. Many people afterwards voiced their opinions of the show, and all said they had the greatest time, and enjoyed every minute of the Amazing Mike’s show. They would do it again in an instant. He is the best performer

ever. Thanks Mike for coming to Medford Oregon. You’re welcome back any time!

Snohomish County American Poolplayers Association Invites you to join the Largest Amateur Pool League in the world

Have Fun….Meet People….Play Pool Teams now forming for Fall Session Scheduled to begin Sept. 26th 2006 Start your own team or join an existing team

Formats available:

8 Ball…9 Ball…Masters…Scotch Doubles Using the Equalizer handicap system Everyone Can Play……Anyone Can Win Guaranteed $1 Million in Prize Money at National Championships For More Information Contact League Operators: Jeff Lilleberg 206-276-2427 Lisa Lilleberg 206-818-8835 e-mail:

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September 2006


Break Time’s New Room Kevin Parr owner remarked, “I was inspired by the popularity of poker and the fact that no one else is doing it. Everyone is welcome to come and play. There are no membership requirements.” Break Time’s Poker Room has not had it’s Grand Opening yet so watch for it. In the meantime stop by 14411 SW Pacific Highway in Tigard, Oregon and play some Texas Holdem’. For more information you can reach Kevin at 503-443-6166. See ad page 15.

Break Time Billiards in Tigard, Oregon, has opened a great new Poker Room and is inviting everyone who likes to play Texas Holdem’ to stop by and play awhile. Their new room is on the second floor of their poolroom and features two Poker tables with seating for 8 players each. Currently tournaments are held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at 7pm. Eventually the Poker Room will be open every night of the week. The Poker Room also has a lounge area with two leather sofas and a huge 55” Plasma TV for players waiting to get to the table or those who come to watch the action. Food, beer and wine are available to the players in this non-smoking air-conditioned environment.

WWR Results MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA The California Billiard Club hosted the first stop of the Western Women’s Regional Tour August 12-13, 2006. Thirty-one ladies competed for first place but it was Jessie Killian a young player from San Jose who took home the prize money. Jessie began playing pool at the age of 14 and was taught by her mom. She has been a part of the WWR since 2002. A noteable performance was given by Emilyn Callado with her highest finish in a tour event 4th place!

Tour Stop #1

(l to r) Jessie Killian, Revelina Morales

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

$390 $260 $205 $150 $110 $110 $65 $65 $30 $30 $30 $30


September 2006

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All-in-One Stinger™ Cue – A Breakthrough Some Background on the New All-in-One Stinger™ cue – Q & A with Tom Simpson Q: What is the All-in-One Stinger? A: It’s an amazing new Stinger model that actually does EVERYTHING well. It’s a terrific playing cue, break cue, jump cue, full-cue jump, massé cue, and short cue. It plays so well, I’ve put aside my very high-end playing cue, and am playing with the All-in-One because it plays better than anything I’ve ever tried. And on top of that, I can jump and break without carrying extra cues. Q: What’s the difference between the original Stinger and the new All-in-One? A: The original Stinger (now known as the Pro Stinger) is flat-out optimized for breaking & jumping. The All-in-One is the world’s first truly excellent all-purpose cue. It jumps & breaks almost as well as the Pro model. Q: How is such a cue even possible? Doesn’t great breaking & playing performance in a cue really require opposite types of equipment? A: Yes, it certainly seemed impossible. However, the All-in-One is here, and it really works. We know it makes no sense, so we’re offering players a 30-Day Test Drive. Beat on one for up to 30 days and return it for a full refund. This cue lights up most players pretty quickly. Q: So what’s the secret? A: Both Stinger models make use of Jerico Cues’ patented tip/ferrule technology, albeit in different ways. The cues are optimized for their purposes in a number of additional ways. We’re not going to give away all of the secrets behind the Stinger, but I can tell you a few things about it. Q: How does the Stinger technology work? A: The tip works in conjunction with the patented Stinger technology inside the ferrule. On the Pro Stinger, the tip is molded in one piece, with a stinger (a stem – imagine a thumbtack) projecting through a hole in the top of the ferrule. The stinger transmits the hit energy directly to center of the shaft, rather than through the sides of the ferrule. This results in a huge “sweet spot” for the hit. Because the hit energy is going more cleanly

down the center of the shaft, you can mis-hit by as much as an 1/8” or so and still get the result you wanted. Because we have a means of getting the energy to the center of the shaft more directly, we also use a flatter tip profile. This gives more forgiveness and less spin (both desirable for jumping & breaking).” Q: Are any IPT players using Stingers? A: Absolutely. We have many players, including Mike Massey, Kid Delicious, Buddy Hall, Grady Mathews, Tony Robles, and several that have major cue sponsors. In fact, the new All-in-One tip came out of an R&D effort conducted by Jerry Powers, the engineer, cuemaker, and pro player behind Jerico Cues. Our IPT players are required to use leather tips. The Pro Stinger uses a bi-directional linen/canvas fabric, impregnated with our proprietary phenolic resin. It makes the Pro Stinger a monster jumpbreak, but it’s not acceptable for the IPT. So Jerry went to work on how to get the best possible breaking & full-cue jumping performance (no jump cues in IPT, but you can hit shots with your break cue). We tested through several pros as we went. Eventually, Jerry found a great solution for the IPT players. They now use extremely hard leather tips that work in concert with the Stinger technology inside the ferrule. The IPT Stingers are optimized for maximum breaking & jumping effectiveness, while the All-in-One compromises the breaking & jumping power a little to gain playability.” Q: So how did the All-in-One happen? A: One of the leather experiments produced the tip that gave us the ridiculous, impossible “magic wand” that is the All-in-One. We were not looking to add another product to the line. But when this happened, and after I had many players try it out, I came to see that this is a revolutionary product that really must become available to players. It’s only been available since August 2006. Q: What happens if my tip wears out or something breaks? A: Jerico Cues are made 100% in the USA. If you have a problem, we (Stinger continued on page 24)

Page 24

September 2006

Sang Lee International Open Frederic Caudron is Champion By Ira Lee - August 22, 2006

Photos courtesy of Joseph Ratke

The players burned up the heated carom tables for eight straight days as eighty-two world class three-cushion players from 18 countries descended onto Carom Cafe’s ten-table arena from August 13-20 for a grueling round-robin competition to vie for the $85,000 prize fund and to determine who would be this year’s strongest billiard player. After playing over five hundred matches from start to finish, two players remained standing - and it all came down to a single momentous point between defending champion Torbjoern Blomdahl of Sweden and the great Belgium carom player, Frederic Caudron, in the final match. If Blomdahl would score his last point, both players would then have an identical 6-3 record and thus force a sudden-death 15-point Frederic Caudron playoff. During the final ten-person round robin, Caudron finished with the best record of 7 wins and 2 losses and a grand average of 1.881 and a best game of 3.077. Blomdahl averaged 1.851 for his last nine matches – falling short of his usual 2.0+ New York performances. The total tournament average for the final ten players was a sizzling 1.653. The Sang Lee International Open is the largest open three-cushion event in the U.S. played in round-robin format attracting the world’s greatest players. The 2006 memorial event was held at Carom Cafe in Flushing, NY within the 25,000 sq/ft ten-table carom billiard facilities created by the late carom champion, Sang Lee. The competition was played on the finest equipment available: the official table of the event was the Gabriels Imperator heated 3-cushion table; the official cloth was ultra-fast and super-accurate worsted 300 Rapide from Iwan Simonis; and the official balls were the Pro-Cup Aramith spotted balls.

Monthly Results from: Hard Times tournament director Tom Suarez

The First of the Month One Pocket tournament had 23 players that paid $460 in entry fees. Hard Times added another $230 in added money to bring the total to $690. Jim Fabionar took wins over Dennis Dolce, Don Armstrong, Trevor Smith, Ed Ames and the hot seat match over Amar Kang to ease into the finals. Amar Kang won matches over James Williams, Al Baker, Pat McLeod Charles Lintz before a close loss for the Hot Seat by Jim Fabionar. In the finals Jim and Amar went to the hill with Jim winning the final game. The first of the Month 9 Ball event had 41 entries. A total of $1025 from entry fees was supplemented by Hard Times with an added $410 to bring the prize fund up to $1435. Joey Gebron won the winners bracket with a hard fought match with Frank Nordmann. Joey got to the finals with wins over Johnny O, James Harris, Tinsley Johnson, DJ and Frank Nordmann. Frank got to the finals with wins over Dave Rodden, Gilbert Areallno, Tony Chohan, Taylor Townsend before losing to Joey. Frank also defeated Tony Chohan on the one loss side finals. The finals went two sets with Frank winning the first set easily. The second set was a classic Hill-Hill match that ended with a quick 3-9 combo win for Joey. Aug 5th One Pocket Aug 6th 9 Ball 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6

$260 $160 $110 $80 $40

Jim Fabionar Amar Kang James Williams Trevor Smith Ed Ames Charles Lintz


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6

$435 $260 $180 $120 $80

Joey Gebron Frank Nordmann Tony Chohan Amar Kang DJ, Taylor Townsend

(continued from page 23)

take care of it promptly, and typically at no charge. Since the All-in-One tip is leather, it will eventually wear out. However, it’s very hard, it will mushroom very slowly if at all, and it will last a long time. Replacement tips will be available only through us for now, but at a modest price. The tips can be installed, in normal fashion, by any good cue mechanic. Note, however, that the tip will not produce the same kind of performance on non-Stinger shafts, and of course, a normal tip will reduce the performance of the All-in-One. Q: What’s it like to play with the All-in-One? A: My experience of it is that it does exactly what I try to do. It’s a surgical instrument. It just seems easy to do anything I have in mind. Obviously, I’m sold. The cue makes a pretty sharp sound when you hit a ball. The tip is much harder than typical leather playing tips. The sound sometimes puts a player off for the first few minutes, but they get over it once they see how well it performs. As for re-configuring the cue, it’s a standard 3-piece jumpbreak style cue. It offers quick-releases at both joints. You can switch to jump cue in less than 10 seconds. Switch to massé or short cue in about 20 seconds. Break & full-cue jump do not require re-configuration. Not to mention you don’t need a big, heavy cue case with several cues...””More importantly for most players, you get top performance for breaking, jumping, AND playing, all for the cost of a decent playing cue. Most of these players would not spend $350 to $425 for a special-purpose jumpbreak (such as the Pro Stinger), but they would be willing to justify the cost if they get everything. Q: But what if I don’t know how to jump balls?” A: If you have not seen the free ball jumping videos & articles at, I’d recommend checking them out. With good equipment and decent technique, anyone can jump. Q: What’s the cost? A: Retail is $425. Since few dealers have them yet. Players may purchase directly from us at $349, in your choice of cocobolo, purpleheart, bocote, or ebony (ebony is $30 more). Typical delivery is a few days. See ad page 23


Harry B Platis


Fighting for your rights since 1970 Platis Law Firm 4202 198th Street S.W., Suite 2 - Lynnwood, WA 98036 Phone - 425-776-3888 Toll Free - 1-800-245-3777 Fax - 425-778-4915 Email -

September 2006

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Classifieds SALE & Services Cue Sales & Repair

For Sale

100’s cues in stock from $39.50 to $1500 Call Paul @ 503-761-2622 (Portland, OR) Chalk and test all cues before you buy. Tips replaced while-u-wait. Best prices on cues and accessories in Western Washington 253-5126898 (Lakewood, WA) Special Cue Tipping supplies and repair. Call Pat @ 503-313-8646 (Portland, OR) Over 700 cues in stock -tips, shaft cleaning, ferrule replacement - While You Wait. Call Jesse @ 253-945-1888 (Federal Way, WA) Full Service In-house Pro Shop, wide selection of cues and cases call Terry 253-835-1468 (Federal Way, WA) Southwest Washington’s largest selection of quality name brand cue sticks and dart supplies call Sandy 360-892-8815 (Vancouver,WA) 100’s cues in stock from $39.95 to $1000 - Cue Repair. Call Mike @ 406-585-7665 (Bozeman, MT)

Boomer’s Equipment 16 Pool Tables and equipment: Gold Crown III, Gandy, Global, Valley - Call Jackson 360-608-1405 The newest product on the market - The CuePen - comes with genuine leather carrying case. To order call 1-406-285-3099. Dealers Wanted. Protect your pool cues with the Gripper Cue Caddy by Bauer. To order call toll free 1-877467-8942. (Spokane, WA)

Custom Cues

Platis Law Firm If you need a lawyer, have on that plays your GAME. Harry B. Platis fighting for your rights since 1970. Toll free 1-800-2453777 or email Tavern/Bar Insurance Average savings over 20%, A+ rated program with over 25 years serving the hospitality industry. Available in WA, ID, OR, NV, CO, AZ. Wheat & Associates Dan Wareham 800-733-1786 or email

Instruction Lessons by BCA Certified Instructor, private, group, clinics, exhibitions call Sarge 206-7192695 (Renton, WA) San Francisco Billiard Academy, lessons, classes email:

Services Handcrafted Todd Custom Cues, exotic woods and materials. Call Jesse 253-945-1888 (Federal Way, WA) Huebler Custom Cues and Cases, made in the USA by Paul E Huebler 573-897-2062 (Linn, MO)

Custom Pool Tables Custom Pool Table Manufacturing. Call Dave 503-674-2707 (Troutdale, OR) Man of the Cloth Pool Tables Sales and Service since 1913 - We build to suit - Call Pat at 503313-8646 (Portland, OR) Montana Made Custom Log Pool Tables - Very Affordable and One of a Kind. Call Mike 406585-7665. Dealer Inquires Welcome. (Bozeman, MT)

Employment Publish your own entertainment newspaper we’ll help you start a newspaper of your own. Call for marketing packet 253-265-8355 (Gig Harbor, WA) Distributors wanted. Email inquiry to: Distributors & writers wanted Exchange services for ad space. email:

Table Maintenance Professional Recovery and Moving, New Tables Sales, Pool and Dart Supplies. Two locations Lynnwood: 20015 Hwy 99 1-800-6054140 or Lakewood: 2510 S 84th St 1-800-7072390. Recovering, setup, tear down, moving and maintenance. Call Mike @ 406-585-POOL (Bozeman, MT) Coin-op and Residential Table Maintenance Moving and Cloth Recovery Call Leo @ 253638-0008 (Renton, WA) Professional Pool Table Installation & Repair. Call Dave @ 503-674-2707 (Troutdale, OR) Tables recovered anywhere in the Pacific Northwest - Specializing in Antique Tables and Restoration. Call Pat @ 503-313-8646 (Portland, OR) Table Recovery, moving and delivery, sales. Your Brunswick and Olhausen Dealer in Southwest Montana 406-549-1100 (Missoula, MT)

Monday Night 8-Ball $5 entry - House Matches Pot $1.50 Bud & Bud Lt Drafts for the Pool Players

Thursday Night is Ladies Night $1.50 Well Drinks & Drafts




Thursday through Sunday


535 Dock Street

Tacoma, WA


Diamond Billiards 10303 Folsom Blvd - Rancho Cordova, CA

(916) 368-8800 HOURS: Monday - Saturday 11am - 2 am  Sunday Noon - Midnight

5 - Diamond Professional Tables 1 - 9’ Billiards Table with Simonis 860 Cloth - Aramith Super Pro Balls - Red Dot Cue Ball

Food  Beverages Darts  Video Games - - - - - 17 Tables - - - - Wednesday 9-Ball: C & below - $5 entry - 7:30PM - Break Pot Thursday 9-Ball: B & below - $5 entry - 7:30PM - Break Pot Sunday 8-Ball: $5 entry - 7:00PM

November 4th 2006 Open Singles

3B New rand Va 11:00am start - $20.00 Entry Poo lley Tab l les! !! added


Jan 12-14 Helena Bar Box Monday Night 8-Ball at 8PM $5.00 entry and the Bar Matches the Pot

DEADLINE for “THE BREAK: 25th of each Month

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September 2006


Eli’s Roadhouse (formerly Lucky Star Pub)

24228 104th Ave SE

Kent, WA

253-859-1783 ATTENTION TOURNAMENT PLAYERS Mon & Thurs 8-Ball Open to all players Wed & Sat Scotch Doubles House Adds 50% New Tournament Area on the Lower Level

Good Time Ernies 15747 Ambaum Blvd SW Burien, WA 206-248-1670

Come on in for our NEW MENU and our NEW POOL TABLES

Kodiak’s 7601 Evergreen Way

Everett, WA

425-347-6659 Sun (4:30 PM) & Wed (7:30PM) 8-Ball $3 entry - “B & Below - Double Elimination

Monday (7:30PM) Open 8-Ball

$5 entry - Vegas Rules - Double Elimination

150% Added to all tournaments

Oasis Bar 304 N Main

Pocatello, ID


Sunday 8 or 9-Ball - 8PM (alternating)

$5 entry - House Matches the Pot

Classic Billiards

Gold Crown Tables Group Parties Food - Espresso

100’S OF CUES FROM $39.50 TO $1500 WI-FI ACCESS 3636 SE 122nd Portland, OR 503-761-2622

Tall Timbers Bar & Grill 3 POOL TABLES APA & TAP LEAGUES Pool Tournys Every Mon. at 6:30PM

COCKTAILS NOW AVAILABLE PULL TABS - BAR TOP VIDEO GAMES Good FFood ood riends and an Endless SSupply upply of FFun un ood,, Good FFriends 35509 21st Ave SW

Federal Way, WA


Halftime Bar & Grill 7115 NE Hazel Dell - Vancouver,WA

360-694-3114 Monday: 8-Ball Open at 7PM $5 entry - Added Money Sunday: Blind Draw Scotch Doubles at 6PM $5 entry-Added money 16+ players

Maggie O’Tooles Pub



Mondays 9-Ball at 7PM Thursdays 8-Ball at 7PM $5 entry - House adds 100% “B” Players Only

6006 100th St SW Lakewood, WA 253-584-3278


The Premier special events in professional billiards will be hosted by ESPN Zone in Las Vegas on October 4-5. The Semifinal matches and the Championship match of both events will be telecast by ESPN beginning in November. International Speed Pool Challenge will feature four top players from an international roster competing for a purse of winner-take-all $50,000. Dave Pearson holds a Guinness Book of World Records Speed Pool listing. Jason Kane also has a Speed Pool mark in the Guinness Book of World Records. Jeanette Lee recently established a mark as one of the premier Speed Pool players in the world. Luc Salvas holds a lifelong record for Speed Pool in regular competition. The winner will claim the title of International Speed Pool Champion on October 4. The game is all action and offense, with players competing against the clock to run racks in the fastest possible time. A match consists of two sets, the first set a variation of Straight Pool and the second set regulation 8-Ball. Players routinely run a rack of fifteen balls in one-minute-thirtyseconds or less. Tied sets result in a blistering one rack Sudden Death. Trick Shot Magic will present eight international stars of the sport contending for a purse of $50,000 on October 4-5. Mike Massey, the 2006 WPA World Artistic Pool Champion. Stefano Pelinga, the 2005 Trick Shot Magic Champion. Nick NIkolaidis, the 2006 Masters Artistic Pool Champion. Andy Segal, the 2005 Comet Clasic Artistic Champion. Bruce Barthelette, the 2006 Masters Artistic Pool Runnerup. Luke Szywala, the 2004 WPA World Artistic Pool Champion. Charles Darling, the 2001 WPA World Artistic Pool Champion. Tom Rossman, the 2002 Trick Shot Magic Champion.

The Trick Shot Magic winner will claim the crown and $30,000. Format for the tournament consists of four skill shots and sixteen artistic show shots in each match. Players will execute a challenge shot of their choice, and their opponents are required to duplicate the shot or lose a point. The players alternate shots in twoman head-to-head matches, performing intricate trick shots meant to stymie their opponents. A sudden death tiebreaker to decide a match will require an eight rail bank shot onto the face of a $100 bill. In 2005, Stefano Pelinga defeated Nick Nicolaidis in sudden death for the Championship. ESPN will telecast three 1-hour programs each on Trick Shot Magic and International Speed Pool Challenge. ESPN Zone will make the events Admission Free for spectators. ESPN Zone is a 50,000-square-foot sports-themed dining and entertainment complex located at the New York New York Hotel Casino in Las Vegas (phone: 702-933-3776). The tournaments are sponsored by Olhausen Billiards, Viking Cues, Aramith Super Pro Balls, Simonis Cloth, The Association for P.O.O.L., Mueller Recreational Products, Ozone Billiards, Original Italian Slate, Liguria International and Silver Cup Chalk. The tournaments will be produced by Matt and Bettiane Braun of Billiards International, Ltd. in association with Allen Hopkins. Ample parking is available near ESPN Zone. The INTERNATIONAL SPEED POOL CHALLENGE Semifinals and Championship Finals will begin at 4 PM on October 4. The TRICK SHOT MAGIC Semifinals and Championship Finals will begin at 4 PM on October 5. Admission is free and those attending should plan to arrive early. For more information call: 860-379-8414.

WPA Rules/Referees Congress Delegates Announced The World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) is convening a WPA Rules/Referees Congress to review and update the world-standardized rules for the sport and to establish a WPA international referees program. The Congress will take place in Chicago, Illinois, September 21-23, 2006, and fourteen delegates from each of the six member continents to the WPA – Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America – have now been formally announced to attend. The primary goals of the Congress will be 1). to finalize the new version of the worldstandardized rules for pool to go into effect January 1, 2008; and 2). to determine the

3-Rail Position

structure of a WPA referees program through which current and new referees certified within the programs of various national pool federations may be accredited on a standard international level. Results from the Congress will be announced once any proposals on rules updates and an international referee program are approved at the next WPA Annual General Meeting scheduled to be conducted in the latter half of 2007. The WPA is recognized as the world governing body for pool by the World Confederation of Billiard Sports – the permanent member for cue sports of the International Olympic Committee since 1998.

(continued from page 8)

it comes off the first cushion, it will tend to curve towards P, and the shot will go “shorter.” A ball is said to go “short” after hitting a cushion when it bounces straighter off the cushion, and is said to go “long” when it leaves more parallel to the cushion. When I was first learning to play position on shots like the one shown, the cue ball always seemed to go into pocket X, so I was taking the cue ball too “long”. Another word about vocabulary: if you use right

side spin on the shot shown, it is called “outside” english. This has nothing to do with what happens on the cushion, it just refers to whether the stick is pointed to the “inside” or “outside” of the shot. Left side spin would be “inside” on this cut. Finally, if you can’t get to the targets shown, try a slightly different starting position to make it easier. If it’s already easy, try other angles that make it harder.

September 2006


Page 27

Billiard Directory All times are Pacific Coast Time Add one hour for Mtn Time 09-01-2006 8:00 am 2000 Int’l Challenge of Champions Finals 09-05-2006 8:00 am 2000 Wmn’s Tournament of Champs Semi #1 09-06-2006 8:00 am 2001 Int’l Challenge of Champions Semi #1 09-07-2006 8:00 am 2001 Int’l Challenge of Champions Semi #2 09-08-2006 8:00 am 2001 Int’l Challenge of Champions Finals 09-09-2006 8:00 am 1993 US Open 9-Ball Championship 09-11-2006 8:00 am 2002 Int’l Challenge of Champions Semi #1 09-12-2006 8:00 am 2002 Int’l Challenge of Champions Semi #2 09-13-2006 8:00 am 2002 Int’l Challenge of Champions Finals 09-14-2006 8:00 am 2001 Sudden Death 7-Ball 09-15-2006 8:00 am 2001 Sudden Death 7-Ball 09-16-2006 8:00 am ’98 $50,000 Challenge of Champs Semi #1 09-18-2006 8:00 am 2001 Sudden Death 7-Ball 09-19-2006 8:00 am 2001 Trick Shot Magic 09-20-2006 8:00 am 2001 Trick Shot Magic 09-21-2006 8:00 am 2001 Trick Shot Magic 09-22-2006 8:00 am 2002 Trick Shot Magic 09-23-2006 8:00 am 1998 Women’s Tourn. of Champs Finals 09-24-2006 5:00 am 1998 $50,000 Challenge of Champs Semi #2 09-25-2006 8:00 am 2002 Trick Shot Magic 09-26-2006 8:00 am 2002 Trick Shot Magic 09-27-2006 8:00 am 2002 Sudden Death 7-Ball 09-28-2006 8:00 am 2002 Sudden Death 7-Ball 09-29-2006 8:00 am 2002 Sudden Death 7-Ball 09-30-2006 8:00 am ’98 $50,000 Challenge of Champions Finals 10-01-2006 5:00 am 1993 Pro Tour Championship Finals 10-02-2006 8:00 am 2003 Sudden Death 7-Ball 10-03-2006 8:00 am 2003 Sudden Death 7-Ball 10-04-2006 8:00 am 2003 Sudden Death 7-Ball 10-05-2006 8:00 am 2003 Trick Shot Magic

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e-Break WHAT IS IT ??? An exact digital replica of “The Break” always at your fingertips log onto Distributors & writers wanted Exchange services for ad space. email:

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09-10-2006 11:00 am 2006 Enjoypool.Com Semifinal #1 09-17-2006 11:00 am 2006 Enjoypool.Com Semifinal #2 09-24-2006 11:00 am 2006 Enjoypool.Com Finals 10-01-2006 12:00 pm 2006 WPBA Midwest Classic Semifinal #1 10-01-2006 1:00 pm 2006 WPBA Midwest Classic Semifinal #2 10-01-2006 2:00 pm 2006 WPBA Midwest Classic Championship

09-05-2006 11:30 am 2005 Men’s Trick Shot Magic Championship Nikolaidis vs Pelinga at Las Vegas, NV 09-11-2006 1:00 pm 2006 Enjoypool.Com Battle of The BCA Champions Semifinal #1 09-14-2006 12:00 am 2005 Men’s Trick Shot Magic Championship Nikolaidis vs. Pelinga at Las Vegas, NV 10-02-2006 12:00 am 2005 Women’s Trick Shot Magic Semifinal #1 A. Fisher vs Hopkins at Las Vegas, NV 10-05-2006 4:00 pm 2005 Men’s Trick Shot Magic Championship Nikolaidis vs Pelinga at Las Vegas, NV 10-05-2006 5:00 pm 2006 Int’l Challenge of Champions Semi #1 10-05-2006 6:00 pm 2006 Int’l Challenge of Champions Semi #2 10-05-2006 7:00 pm 2006 Int’l Challenge of Champions Finals

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WEEKLY POOL TOURNAMENTS Tues: 8-Ball ‘B’ & below at 7PM Fri: 9-Ball at 7PM 3985 Commercial SE

Salem, OR


09-06-2006 3:00 pm 2005 Men’s World Summit of Pool Semi #2 Deuel vs. Immonen at ESPN Zone NY, NY 09-06-2006 4:00 pm 2005 Men’s World Summit of Pool Final Deuel vs. Chamat at ESPN Zone NY, NY 09-07-2006 9:00 pm 2005 Men’s World Summit of Pool Semi #2 Deuel vs. Immonen at ESPN Zone NY, NY 09-07-2006 10:00 pm 2005 Men’s World Summit of Pool Final Deuel vs. Chamat at ESPN Zone NY, NY 09-19-2006 1:00 pm 2005 BCA Open 9-Ball Semifinals (Men) Immonen vs. Hohmann at Las Vegas, NV 09-19-2006 2:00 pm 2005 BCA Open 9-Ball Finals (Men) Hohmann vs. Archer at Las Vegas, NV 09-20-2006 9:00 pm 2005 BCA Open 9-Ball Semifinals (Men) Immonen vs. Hohmann at Las Vegas, NV 09-20-2006 10:00 pm 2005 BCA Open 9-Ball Finals (Men) Hohmann vs. Archer at Las Vegas, NV 09-21-2006 9:00 am 2005 BCA Open 9-Ball Semifinals (Men) Immonen vs. Hohmann at Las Vegas, NV 09-21-2006 10:00 am 2005 BCA Open 9-Ball Finals (Men) Hohmann vs. Archer at Las Vegas, NV 10-05-2006 2:00 pm 2005 Men’s World Summit of Pool Semi #2 Deuel vs. Immonen at ESPN Zone NY, NY 10-05-2006 3:00 pm 2005 Men’s World Summit of Pool Final Deuel vs. Chamat at ESPN Zone NY, NY

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September 2006

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Maguffy’s Pub

Lottery - Pool - Darts - Foosball Big Screen TV - Games

Great People ~ Great Fun ~ Stop In

Lil’ Big Foot 3015 E Mission Spokane, WA


Farmhouse 3612 SE 82nd Ave Portland, OR



Royal Bear 35731 West Valley Highway - Algona, WA 253-833-6686

Sun 9-Ball & Thurs 8-Ball Entry $5+$2 g.f.-House matches the pot

Sign up 7:00 pm - Start 8:00 pm $1 Taco Thursdays Tequila & Corona Specials

Happy Hour Mon - Fri 3-6 pm

5300 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle 206-525-1300

All Players W elcome Welcome

Sunday Night 8-Ball

Hours: 11:30 am-2 am

$5 entry - Ball-in-Hand

House Adds 100% $3 You-Call-It Drink Specials Lots of Great Prizes

American CueSports Alliance (ACS) The American CueSports Alliance (ACS) is a non-profit organization that offers many programs to benefit the sport locally, regionally and nationally. Offering everything from a Referee Certification program, a Billiard Instructor Education program, an amateur pool tour for 2006-2007 with stops in the northwest the McDermott All American Tour, ten ACS state associations, junior leagues and a Junior Nationals in Las Vegas, and a sister league sanctioning body in Canada (Canadian Cue Sport Association [CCS]), the ACS is best known as a league sanctioning body that will be conducting its 2007 ACS Nationals at the Riviera in Las Vegas to feature competition in 8-ball singles and teams and 9-ball singles and teams, June 7-16. By paying a $10 national sanction fee per player annually, any league can sanction with the ACS without changing any other aspect of its current structure. Sanctioned league players in California and the Northwest can look forward to the following events for which they are qualified: -Pacific ACS Super Tournament: Little Creek Casino (Shelton, WA) / March 2007/ $12,500 added -ACS Nationals: Riviera Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, NV) / June 7-16, 2007/ 8-Ball and 9-Ball Singles and Teams -ACS Junior Nationals: Riviera Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, NV) / June 11-16, 2007/ 8-Ball Singles and 3-person teams -McDermott All American Tour: At various billiard rooms throughout the Northwest in Winter 2006/ Spring 2007 -CCS BC Provincial 8-Ball Championships: (Vancouver, BC) Feb. 1-4, 2007 -CCS Western Canadian 8-Ball Championships: (Calgary, AB) April 26-29, 2007 -CCS Canadian National 8-Ball Championships: (Toronto, ON) April 4-7, 2007 The national ACS Board of Directors also includes representatives from the various national governing bodies of other disciplines (carom, snooker, wheelchair and Canada) for the purposes of coordinating efforts to affiliate to the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). Further news on ACS activity is available at

McQ’s Billiards

Sure Shot Billiards & Darts 5510 W Clearwater - Kennewick, WA



Open: Tues - Fri 10am-6pm Sat 10am-4pm

BCA In-House Leagues will be starting in September Contact Nita (509) 891- 8357 for details or to sign up

Pierce County APA Fall Session start: 8-Ball September 5,6,7 9-Ball September 17 and 18 Masters September 18 9-Ball finals match: September 10 and 11 Contact information: Clark (253) 219-2215 Michelle (253) 219-2130

Get Teams Together Last Call BCA Pool League 2006-07 Cascade Pool League kicks off its annual 200607 fall/winter 8-ball season. Don’t’ miss out this qualifying BCAPL session. This is the last time to sign up pool league teams. Have your teams ready for this 8 ball session. Fall divisions start September 14th. There are both traveling and in-house divisions. This session will be the biggest in the greater Metropolitan Portland area. Team Sign up meeting is on Sept 9th Saturday. All those who missed the captains and new players meeting, it is the last chance to start this session and qualify for the biggest event in the Northwest the Chinook Winds 8Ball Regional in March. You must contact the Office Final sign ups scheduled at Pub 181 at 182nd and SE.Division, Ave Portland, OR 97236, 11am to noon. Saturday Sept 9 th Contact Andrew 503-422-0623 CPL, now in its 9th year, is taking sign ups now for 5-person teams. Their divisions cover Portland, Troutdale, Oregon City, Milwaukie, Gresham, and expanding. Currently Cascade pool league has about 300 plus members. More events are on the horizon, like the $1000 added mid season tournament and gala awards party. Been waiting to play a BCAPL league now is the time. Find out why CPL is sanctioned with BCA Pool League and is the BEST. Don’t be left out!! Call the CPL office to learn more about signing up your team. 503-252-4215

Rocky Mountain Gaming Players Meeting Tuesday September 26th Eagles #326 at 7 PM Bring your complete roster Open League Starts Oct 3rd Women’s League Starts Oct 5th

If you have league information or announcements Send us your information by the 25th of the month. email:

September 2006

Old Friends

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SKYLAND 503-661-6464 PUB Corner of Stark & Troutdale Rd (across from Troutdale Thriftway)

(continued from page 12)

else. They were not Brunswick but had a name plate that stated Akron Billiards. Joe had sent me some excellent photos of the table so it was clear that Akron had done such a poor job that the old outline remained. It was very similar to the Brunswick plate used in the beginning of the 20th century. Joe found the name Bott Bros, in the table and began to check the web for more clues. He found that the Bott boys claimed to be table manufacturers and had a Billiard room in Cleveland Ohio. Sure enough several tables like Joe’s were in that room, and the nameplate claiming to be Boat Bros, was as identical to the Brunswick plate. Mystery solved. In order to make themselves look like a prestigious manufacturers they bought several Wellingtons and put their rails on them. They installed them in a saloon and Billiard room that is a legend to this very day. Dear On the Break News, My name is Joe West, (Dr. Watson in Pat’s current article) My story with this table began in 1973, when my parent’s purchased a home and in the basement was a disassembled antique pool table. I assembled and enjoyed this table all through my teen years. Later, when Mom moved from the house I could not stand to leave it behind so I disassembled and brought the table with me to Miami 20 years ago and then to my current home in Palm City. Wanting to bring the old girl to it’s original state and wanting to make the table look good as well as play properly I began researching on the net, which in turn led me to my new friend, Pat Sheehan. Since Pat’s articles were the most intelligent technical advice I could find on the net, we struck up a dialogue and began an investigative correspondence that has been fun as well as educational. Pat soon became Sherlock and I his humble assistant Dr. Watson. Sherlock’s assistance and experience have been appreciated greatly both in piecing together the mysterious history of my table as well as what and where to purchase the right components. Anyone on a similar quest would do well to call my new friend, Sherlock. Sincerely, Dr. Watson I did a pool table that had been donated to the Abbey at Mt. Angel. Jim Lebold had picked it up but there were no legs. I remember the tables from the days that I had spent planning to study for the Priesthood . It was in the prep school and it sat on two very heavy sawhorses. The last time I saw it, it was covered with cassock material (first black pool table) I no more than got it to Portland than Richard Kip bought it. It was up to us to design legs and make a great table out of a forget-me-not. The woodwork in the table was magnificent, the Marquetry was simple and seemed to tell a story. It was very delicately spelling AThe JMB and B Co A the John M. Brunswick and Brothers Co. The man who did the inlay later was hired by Emanuel Brunswick when he and Daniel started their own companies. The unusual part of the table was the slate. Two of the sections were 54" x 36” sawn on one side and two were smaller on one side and across the seam. With a lot of head scratching I figured that the slate had come from a 6 x 12 English Billiard table, and only a hungry young company

Pool Leagues Starting Call for Information 7 POOL TABLES FULL KITCHEN 20 BEERS ON TAP HARD LIQUOR 356 36th St - Bellingham, WA

360-647-8132 O LD F ASHIONED H OME C OOKING Biggest Sports Bar in Watcom County

Pull Tabs - Pool - darts - Air Hockey - Video Games Cocktails 24 Tap Beer Open 11:30 am - 2:00 am Daily

Sunday 8-Ball at 7PM - $5 entry HOUSE MATCHES THE POT All Mr Ed’s Tournaments have food served and no table fees

Watch for Upcoming Tournaments 1700 Harrison Ave - Butte, MT


The Club

125 W Pine - Okanogan, WA 509-422-1907

Sept 23-24: 9-Ball on full field of 32 $500 ADDED based Entry $40 - Race to 7 - Texas Express Players meeting 11am Sept 23rd $100 Top Woman with 4 women entering Friday Night Warm-up at 7PM $10 entry - $100 ADDED

Jake’s Old Inn 360-568-7835 FREE POOL ALL DAY 502 3rd St Snohomish, WA

SUNDAY & MONDAY Monday Pool Shoot 7:30PM - $5 entry Vegas/Call Pocket Rules 50% ADDED


TavernSteak Nite

Taco Nite

Tuesday 5pm

Thursday 5pm


Renton, WA


as Brunswick was at that time in their history, would go to such pains to complete a project when the right set of slate was not available. I know I did a lot of it in my early years. If you have any interest in this kind of stuff, please let me know. Pat Sheehan 503 313 8646 or by Email

In-House Leagues Starting in September Mon-Mixed, Tues-Women’s & Wed-Men’s Sun-Sept. 10th - BCA Qualifier 2PM Contact Angela 206-265-2103 or sign up at McCorry’s

AMF Billiard Tables & Professional Pool Table Sales Over 100 Cues In Stock (match internet 20% off retail) Custom Cue & Special Orders Available  Darts


(406) 670-4325 Large Selection Of Cal Spas Available Shipping Available


(425) 488-0140

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Billiard Directory

Directory of League Operators

Contact us at:

13th Avenue Pub Lynnwood, WA 7th Rail Spokane, WA 8 Ball In Great Falls, MT Billiard Palacade San Francisco, CA Billiards Plus Vancouver, WA Break Time Billiards Tigard, OR Broken Rack Emeryville, CA Buffalo Jump Livingston, MT Bullwacker’s Billings, MT Cadillac Island Casino Longview, WA California Billiard Club Mtn View, CA Cattlemen’s Casino Kalispell, MT City Lights Tacoma, WA Classic Billiards Portland, OR Club, The Okanogan, WA Cue Ball, The Salem, OR Cue’s Billiards Portland, OR Dante’s Seattle, WA Diamond Billiards Rancho Cordova, CA Dock Street Landing Tacoma, WA Eagles Club #326 Bozeman, MT Eagles Club Havre, MT Edge Casino & Lounge Helena, MT Eli’s Roadhouse Kent, WA Falls Club Post Falls, ID Family Billiards San Francisco, CA Farmhouse Portland, OR Frankie’s Sports Pub Olympia, WA Full Splice Tacoma, WA Good Time Ernies Burien, WA Halftime Bar & Grill Vancouver, WA Hard Times Billiards Sacramento, CA International Pool Tour (IPT) Reno, NV Island Casino Kennewick, WA Jake’s Old Inn Snohomish, WA Jammer’s Bar & Grill Salem, OR Jillians Seattle, WA Kings Korner Casino Billings, MT Kodiak’s Everett, WA Las Vegas Cue Club Las Vegas, NV Lil’ Big Foot Spokane, WA Log Cabin Bar Sumner, WA Longhorn Saloon Lakewood, WA Maggie O’Tooles Lakewood, WA Maguffy’s Pub Beaverton/Hillsboro, OR McCorry’s Woodenville, WA McQ’s Billiards Spokane, WA Mike’s Place Renton, WA Molly Brown Bozeman, MT Mr Ed’s Saloon Butte, MT New Peking Port Angeles, WA Nifty’s Puyallup, WA NiteHawk Portland, OR Oasis Bar Pocatello, ID P C’s Pub Everett, WA Parlor, The Bellevue, WA Pool Sharks Las Vegas, NV Prospector Casino Great Falls, MT Quarterback Pub Bellingham, WA Ranger Lounge Sidney, MT Royal Bear Algona, WA Sam’s Billiards Portland, OR Shanahan’s Vancouver, WA Sharkey’s Pool & Brew Salem, OR Sharkey’s Pub Sumner, WA Shooterz Port Orchard, WA Skyland Pub Troutdale, OR Spot Bar & Grill Vancouver, WA Stars Pub & Grill Federal Way, WA Tall Timbers Federal Way, WA Tiger’s Sports Bar Seattle, WA Time Out Alehouse Federal Way, WA Toby Magee’s Everett, WA Uncle Jack’s Lynnwood, WA Wayne’s Inn Puyallup, WA White Buffalo Everett, WA Wichita Milwaukie, OR

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Billiard Supplies ABC Billiards Lynnwood, WA Beads & Billiards Federal Way, WA Big Foot Billiards Troutdale, OR Big Sky Billiards Missoula, MT CasinoSuppliesOnline Portland, OR Classic Billiards Portland, OR Huebler Linn, MO Leo Hancock Billiards Renton, WA Man of the Cloth Portland, OR McQ’s Billiards Spokane, WA Mueller Lincoln, NE Rec Room Billings, MT Stinger, The Columbus, OH Sunshine Billiards Bozeman, MT Sure Shot Billiards Kennewick, WA

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Organizations Directory of League Operators Inglis Coin Boise, ID Junior Pool NWPA Kent, WA Rocky Mountain Gaming Bozeman, MT Snohomish County APA T.A.P. Las Vegas, NV WWR Carson City, NV Western BCA

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About Us The Break is a monthly publication, dedicated to the advancement of the sport of pool and to p r o m o t i n g enthusiasm and encouragement among the players at all levels, regardless Publisher of their league affiliation, in addition to recognizing those businesses who support them all. Covering Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California and Nevada & anywhere pool is played. The opinions expressed are those of the author or advertiser and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Break or its staff. We reserve the right to edit or reject any material submitted for publication. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of the Publisher. © 2006 The Break DON "CHEESE" AKERLOW

DEADLINE: 25th of each Month CALL IF LATE Places People Play

September 2006

California Bakersfield BCA: Randolph Winkle 661.332.7827 North Hollywood: Two of a Kind Gibbi Tkatch 818.509.1839 Concord: Diablo Valley Pool Tina Mendoza 510.861.0812 Idaho Pocatello: Gate City BCA Pool League Steve Gertonson Twin Falls: Magic Valley 8-ball Carl Wormsbaker 208.734.2560 Montana Billings: Doug Asleson Gallatin Valley: Aimee Neel 406.388.0448 Hamilton: Bitterroot 8-Ballers Mark Strandberg 406.821.3355 Helena: Chuck Hougland 406.431.8105

Oregon Albany: Mid-Valley BCA Bob Cook 541.760.8242 Astoria: Lower Columbia BCA Nancy Nelson 503.325.2931 Eugene: Emerald Valley BCA Darcy Williams-Moss 541.517.9816 Grants Pass: Players Club Danny Burdick 541.659.0467 Lincoln City: Lincoln City BCA Roger Jones 541.994.9305 Portland: Cascade Pool League Andrew Monstis / Sassy Campbell 503.252.4215 Roseburg: Players Club Bruce Deal 541.285.8542 Salem: Cherry City BCA Shawn/Tracii Self 503.851.0365 Toledo: South Lincoln County Melvin White 541.336.9563 Oregon, Washington Bend, Redmond, Portland, Oregon City, Vancouver, Longview: Northwest Players League Cindy Doty 360.577.0098 Washington Lynnwood: Sno-King BCA Pool League Mark Avlon 425.478.1598 Ocean Park: Lower Columbia Peninsula Division Don/Jenny Sheldon 360.665.4105 Olympia: Thurston County BCA Terry Ludwig 360.790.7139 Port Angeles: Juan de Fuca League Bill Henderson 360.452.3923 Puyallup: Western Washington BCA Pool League Doug Schulze 253.848.0277 Spokane: Greater Spokane BCA Clay Skidmore 509.998.7724 Inland BCA League Johnnie Landis 509.220.4255 McQ’s in-house BCA Pool League Nita Saddler 509-951-1207

California Bakersfield: Show Me the Money Dave Nunley 661-863-0193 North Hollywood: Two of a Kind Gibbi Tkatch 818.509.1839 Palmdale: High Desert Classic Travel 8 Joe Moore 661-264-3779 Concord: Diablo Valley Pool Tina Mendoza 510.861.0812 Idaho Inland NW ACS - Jackie Clark Nevada The Money League Dan Gai 702-838-4215 Oregon Central Oregon ACS: Kelly Reynolds (Bend) 541.420.4511 Lane County: Georgia Cassle Medford/Grants Pass: Dan Burdick Midnite Phoenix: Portland Jean Bartholomew Judy Griffith 360.892.7454 Becky Mowdy (contact Judy Griffith) Niki Phillipi Roseburg ACS: Dave Gerkin 541.673.1304 Willamette Valley ACS: Annie Gay Washington Midnite Phoenix Tacoma: Craig Arnold 253.219.7358 Midnite Phoenix Vancouver: Judy Griffith 360.892.7454 Puyallup: Western Washington ACS Doug Schulze 253.848.0277

Idaho Boise: Inglis Coin Mona Inglis 208.345.5305 Idaho Falls: Gays Music Mike Griggs 208.523.7774 Lewiston: C & B Music & Vending John Jordan 208.743.3248 Pocatello: Bannock Music Bruce McCaskill 208.232.4243 Salmon: Salmon River Amusement Bill Nemgar 208.756.4775 Twin Falls: Western Music & Vending Kevin Mahler 208.733.1212

Montana Bozeman: Rocky Mountain Gaming Don Lutes 406.586.9526 Helena: Capital Music Chris Warren 406.442.7088 Lewistown: Native Son Amusement Stuart Armstrong 406.350.2204

Oregon Portland: Cascade Pool League Andrew Monstis 503.252.4215

California San Gabriel Valley: Marc Ong 626.285.2455

Montana Helena: Bob & Becky Zapata 406.442.0014

Oregon Salem: Randi Lee 503.362.0133 Southwest Oregon: R J & Wild Bill 541.582.0821

Oregon, Washington Nevada Las Vegas: Sondra 702.614.0330

Washington Spokane: Mark Sprecher 509.710.2670 509.468.4348

Portland, Vancouver: Merle & Boomer Humphries 503.243.6725

Washington Seattle: King County Gene Birkeland 425.644.9331 Snohomish: Sno-Co APA Jeff Lilleberg 206.276.2427 Lisa Lilleberg 206.818.8835 Spokane: John Wenglewski 509.327.2591 Tacoma: Pierce County Michelle Barkdoll 253.219.2130

September 2006 Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

DA Y DAY Mondays

CITY Bellflower Oroville

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball USPPA Handicapped 9-Ball USPPA USPPA 9-Ball 9-Ball USPPA 9-Ball USPPA 8 Ball Handicapped 9-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball USPPA 9-Ball USPPA 75 & under 9-Ball Open 9-Ball - ‘C’ & below 9 Ball ‘B’ & below-Limit 32 8-Ball B 8-Ball 8-Ball 9-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball - ‘B’ & below 9-Ball 9 Ball USPPA USPPA Seniors 50+ (last Thurs) 9-Ball ABC 8/9 Ball Alternating 9-Ball USPPA NPL NPL 8-Ball B & C players 9-Ball Open 9-Ball USPPA Handicap 9-Ball USPPA 8-Ball 9 Ball Open

ENTR Y ENTRY $15 $12 $20 $5 $15 $7 $15 $10 $12 $12 (2 Brk Pots) $16 $20 $ Handicap $5 $5 $10 $10 $7 $10 $5 $12 $10 $20 $10 $20 $10 $12 $20 $20 $10 $15 $20 $12 $5 $15



PHONE (562) 867-7733 (530) 534-0135 (415) 931-1115 (408) 266-7665 (925) 725-3900 (760) 951-2800 (510) 652-9808 (650) 965-3100 (951) 785-9588 (619) 583-6361 (408) 266-7665 (650) 965-3100 (530) 534-0135 (916) 368-8800 (916) 332-8798 (619) 583-6361 (415) 585-6800 (408) 266-7665 (562) 867-7733 (916) 368-8800 (951) 785-9588 (916) 332-8798 (415) 931-1115 (408) 266-7665 (650) 965-3100 (408) 739-7665 (951) 785-9588 (415) 931-1115 (415) 346-9140 (408) 739-7665 (562) 867-7733 (650) 965-3100 (530) 534-0135 (916) 368-8800 (916) 332-8798

DA Y DAY Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays

CITY Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas

LOCA TION LOCATION Pool Sharks Cue Club Cue Club Pool Sharks

PHONE (702) 222-1011 (702) 735-2884 (702) 735-2884 (702) 222-1011

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball 9 Ball D & E Players Tourny

ENTR Y ENTRY $10 $10 $10 $5


TIME 8:00PM 6:30PM 6:30PM 7:00PM

DA Y DAY Mondays

CITY LOCA TION LOCATION Boise The Pocket Meridian New Frontier New Plymouth Double Diamond Hailey Mint Night Club Moscow Mingles Nampa Woodshed Moscow Mingles Twin Falls The Pocket Boise The Pocket Lewiston Shooters Moscow Mingles Nampa Woodshed Pocatello Oasis Bar

PHONE (208) 375-2474 (208) 888-9034 (208) 278-9282 (208) 481-1009 (208) 882-2050 (208) 467-7952 (208) 882-2050 (208) 733-9676 (208) 375-2474 (208) 746-9240 (208) 882-2050 (208) 467-7952 (208) 232-9347

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 9-Ball 9 Ball 8-Ball 8 Ball 8-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball 8/9 Ball Alternating 8 Ball 9-Ball 8/9 Ball Alternating

ENTR Y ENTRY $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $6 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5



TIME 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM

CITY Helena Three Forks Billings Billings Billings Kalispell Belgrade Billings Billings Butte

PHONE (406) 449-4997 (406) 285-9876 (406) 259-9865 (406) 259-9865 (406) 248-3314 (406) 257-9656 (406) 388-1811 (406) 259-9865 (406) 248-3314 (406) 782-3700

EVENT / RULES 8 Ball Free Pool All Day 8 Ball-Victoria Secret Ladies 8 Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball Free Pool All Day 9 Ball 9-Ball 8 Ball


ADDED Matching



San Jose San Ramon Victorville Emeryville


Mountain View

Riverside San Diego San Jose Wednesdays

Mountain View

Oroville Rancho Cordova


Sacramento San Diego San Francisco San Jose Bellflower Rancho Cordova

Riverside Sacramento San Francisco

San Jose Fridays

Mountain View


Sunnyvale Riverside San Francisco


San Francisco Sunnyvale Bellflower Mountain View



Rancho Cordova


WEEKLY POOL TOURNAMENTS LOCA TION LOCATION Hard Times Big Daddy’s Family Billiards CueTopia Crown Billiards Gary’s Victor Billiards Broken Rack CA Billiard Club Shooters College Billiards CueTopia CA Billiard Club Big Daddy’s Diamond Billiards Hard Times College Billiards Billiards Palacade CueTopia Hard Times Diamond Billiards Shooters Hard Times Family Billiards CueTopia CA Billiard Club Lucky Shot Shooters Family Billiards Billiard Palacade Lucky Shot Hard Times CA Billiard Club Big Daddy’s Diamond Billiards Hard Times

San Francisco


Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays DA Y DAY Mondays


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LOCA TION LOCATION Edge Casino Frontier Club Bullwackers Bullwackers Corner Pocket Cattlemen’s Casino Hub Bar Bullwackers Corner Pocket Mr Ed’s

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Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

DA Y DAY Mondays


September 2006

CITY Bellingham Everett Federal Way Kent Lakewood Lynnwood Lynnwood Marysville Port Orchard Sedro Woolley Snohomish Spokane Tacoma Vancouver Vancouver Tuesdays Everett Everett Lakewood Lakewood Oroville Sedro Woolley Spokane Sumner Wednesdays Everett Kennewick Kent Longview Monroe Port Orchard Renton Seattle Sumner Tacoma Thursdays Algona E Wenatchee Fircrest Kent Lakewood Olympia Puyallup Puyallup Vancouver Fridays Everett Federal Way Kennewick Longview Okanogan Renton Spokane Vancouver Saturdays Federal Way Kent Lakewood Lynnwood Okanogan Renton Spokane Sumner Vancouver Sundays Algona Bellingham Everett Everett Kennewick Lakewood Longview Lynnwood Okanogan Olympia Oroville Seattle Tacoma Vancouver Vancouver

WASHINGTON LOCA TION LOCATION Kendrick’s Kodiak’s Tall Timbers Eli’s Road House Maggie O’Toole’s 13th Ave Pub Uncle Jack’s J R’s Steakhouse & Bar Shooterz Cues-N-Brew Jake’s Old Inn McQ’s Dock Street Halftime Spot Bar & Grill P C Pub Toby Magee’s Full Splice Longhorn Saloon Pastime Tavern Cues-N-Brew 7th Rail Log Cabin Kodiak’s Classic Island Eli’s Road House Cadillac Island J.R. Phinickey’s Shooterz Mike’s Place Jillian’s Sharkey’s City Lights Royal Bear Jaws Billiards Charley’s Eli’s Road House Maggie O’Toole’s Frankie’s Nifty’s Wayne’s Inn Spot Bar & Grill P C’s Pub Time Out Alehouse Classic Island Cadillac Island The Club Mike’s Place 7th Rail Spot Bar & Grill Time Out Alehouse Eli’s Road House Full Splice 13th Ave Pub The Club Mike’s Place 7th Rail Log Cabin Spot Bar & Grill Royal Bear Quarterback Pub Kodiak’s Toby Magee’s Classic Island Longhorn Saloon Cadillac Island Uncle Jack’s The Club Frankie’s Pastime Tavern Dante’s City Lights Halftime Spot Bar & Grill

PHONE (360) 738-0405 (425) 347-6659 (253) 952-2302 (253) 859-1783 (253) 584-3278 (425) 742-7871 (425) 941-9928 (360) 658-7747 (360) 871-3863 (360) 855-2263 (360) 568-7835 (509) 891-8357 (253) 272-5004 (360) 694-3114 (360) 256-1110 (425) 258-9465 (425) 355-6561 (253) 512-6898 (253) 581-2580 (509) 476-9974 (360) 855-2263 (509) 325-7751 (253) 863-2905 (425) 347-6659 (509) 851-8577 (253) 859-1783 (360) 957-0065 (360) 794-6026 (360) 871-3863 (425) 255-9213 (206) 223-0300 (253) 863-0742 (253) 383-3301 (253) 833-6686 (509) 886-5297 (253) 564-9454 (253) 859-1783 (253) 584-3278 (360) 412-1330 (253) 531-8202 (253) 848-3466 (360) 256-1110 (425) 258-9465 (253) 838-0086 (509) 851-8577 (360) 957-0065 (509) 422-1907 (425) 255-9213 (509) 325-7751 (360) 256-1110 (253) 838-0086 (253) 859-1783 (253) 512-6898 (425) 742-7871 (509) 422-1907 (425) 255-9213 (509) 325-7751 (253) 863-2905 (360) 256-1110 (253) 833-6686 (360) 647-8132 (425) 347-6659 (425) 355-6561 (509) 851-8577 (253) 581-2580 (360) 957-0065 (425) 941-9928 (509) 422-1907 (360) 412-1330 (509) 476-9974 (206) 525-1300 (253) 383-3301 (360) 694-3114 (360) 256-1110

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball 8-Ball Open Vegas Rules 8-Ball Open Call Pocket 8-Ball Singles 9-Ball “B” Only 8-Ball B & below 9-Ball Open 8-Ball B & below 8-Ball 8-Ball Money Shoot Qualifier 9 Ball - Texas Express 8-Ball 8-Ball Open 8 Ball - Ladies Only 9-Ball 8-Ball Vegas Rules 9’Tables 9-Ball BCA 8-Ball Scotch Doubles Draw Partner 8-Ball - Women’s “Torture” Tournament 9-Ball Vegas Rules 8-Ball B & below 8-Ball Open Scotch Doubles 8-Ball Open 8-Ball 9-Ball 8 Ball 9-Ball 8-Ball 9 Ball - Texas Express 8-Ball 9-Ball 8-Ball/9-Ball Alternating 8-Ball Singles 8-Ball “B” Only 9 Ball - Valley 8-Ball 8-Ball 8 Ball - BCA Modified 8 Ball - B & below 8-Ball 9-Ball $25 top B player 9-Ball $25 top B player 8-Ball 8 Ball 9-Ball 8 Ball - Call Pocket 8-Ball Scotch Doubles 8-Ball Open Max 32 8-Ball Open 9-Ball 8 Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball Slop Pool 9-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball B & below 8-Ball Vegas Rules 9’Tables Blind Draw Sc Dbls

9-Ball Blind Draw Sc Dbls

Open 10-Ball 9-Ball 8 Ball - Valley 8-Ball 8-Ball 8 Ball - Vegas Rules Blind Draw Scotch Dbls 9 Ball

ENTRY $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $10 $5 $7 (incl. g.f.) $5 $5 $5+$2 g.f. $5 $5 $3 $5 $5 $8 $5 $5 $5 $1 $5 $3 $5+$1 $5 $5+$1 $5 $7 (incl. g.f.) $5 $7 $5 $5+3 g.f. $5+$2 g.f. Call $5+$2 g.f. $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5+$2 g.f. $5+$2 g.f. $5 $5 $3 FREE $5 $5 $5+$3 g.f. $5 $5 $5 $3 $5 $2 $5+$2 g.f. $5 $3 $5 $5+$1 $5 $5+$1 $10 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5

ADDED 150% 100% ($100 max) 50% 100% 100% $100 w/20 100% Matching $50 min. 50% $50 100% $$$ $2/player 100% Matching 100% w/16+ Pays 75% field $50 min. $20 Matching 150% Matching 50% Matching 100% Matching 100% w/16 100% Matching 100% 100% Matching 50% 100% Matching 100% w/16+ 50% w/16 - 100% w/32

$3/player 100% 50% $200 $200 100% w/16 Matching $2/player 50% 50% 100% w/16+ $300 payout w/24 100% w/16 Matching Matching Meat 100% Matching 150% Matching Matching Pays 75% field Matching $100 w/20 Matching 100% 100% $$$ w/16+ $3/player

TIME 7:00PM 7:30PM 6:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 6:00PM 7:45PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 5:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 11:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 6:00PM 2:00PM 6:30PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 2:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 4:30PM 6:00PM 2:00PM 8:00PM 2:00PM 7:00PM 2:00PM 6:00PM 1:00PM Call 2:00PM 6:00PM 1:00PM

E-Break @ POOL SPORTS OPEN 24 - 7 FREEMon-Fri: BAR & Pool Tournaments 7-9 AM Monday 8-Ball at 8PM GRILL 4-6 PM LADIES ONLY $3 entry THURSDA Y: 9 Ball 7:00 pm THURSDAY Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot


6:00 pm

Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot 3663 Pacific Ave SE #D

$2/player added

& 12-2 AM

SPOT BAR & GRILL 7225 4th Plain Blvd

Olympia, WA

(360) 412-1330

Vancouver, Washington 360-256-1110 Live Music Fri-Sat 9:30 PM

September 2006


Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.


DA Y DAY Mondays

CITY Albany Aloha Beaverton Boring Medford Portland Tigard Troutdale Tuesdays Beaverton Medford Milwaukie Portland Salem Tigard Wednesdays Milwaukee Portland Tigard Troutdale Thursdays Aloha Boring Corvallis Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland Tigard Fridays Oregon City Oregon City Portland Salem Salem Tigard Saturdays Oregon City Oregon City Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland Salem Salem Sundays Aloha Oregon City Portland Portland Portland Portland Salem

LOCA TION LOCATION Riley’s Billiards Club Underground Hot Shots Full Moon Bar & Grill Rack’em Cues Billiards Break Time Billiards Skyland Hot Shots Rack’em Domenic’s Cues Billiards Sharkey’s Break Time Billiards Wichita Cues Billiards Break Time Billiards Skyland Club Underground Full Moon Bar & Grill Tommy’s 4th St Amazon SportsBar Blue Parrot Ranchouse Ranchouse Ranchouse Break Time Billiards K C Midway Rodders Amazon SportsBar Jammer’s Sharkey’s Break Time Billiards K C Midway K C Midway Amazon SportsBar Amazon SportsBar JoQ’s Ranchouse Ranchouse Ranchouse Jammer’s (1st - 3rd) Jammer’s (4th) Club Underground K C Midway Amazon SportsBar Farmhouse NiteHawk Sam’s Billiards Jammers

PHONE (541) 926-2838 (503) 649-1006 (503) 644-8869 (503) 663-0581 (541) 779-6111 (503) 251-8399 (503) 443-6166 (503) 661-6464 (503) 644-8869 (541) 779-6111 (503) 654-6969 (503) 251-8399 (503) 391-4912 (503) 443-6166 (503) 654-4201 (503) 251-8399 (503) 443-6166 (503) 661-6464 (503) 649-1006 (503) 663-0581 (541) 754-7622 (503) 203-8999 (503) 240-0249 (503) 702-7878 (503) 702-7878 (503) 702-7878 (503) 443-6166 (503) 656-9501 (503) 650-2363 (503) 203-8999 (503) 362-7494 (503) 391-4912 (503) 443-6166 (503) 656-9501 (503) 656-9501 (503) 203-8999 (503) 203-8999 (503) 287-4210 (503) 702-7878 (503) 702-7878 (503) 702-7878 (503) 362-7494 (503) 362-7494 (503) 649-1006 (503) 656-9501 (503) 203-8999 (503) 777-8126 (503) 285-7177 (503) 282-8266 (503) 362-7494

Rucker Ave PC’s Pub Pub 3021Everett, PC’s WA Now Serving Cocktails (425) 258-9465

“Where we take pride in what you swallow!” PULL TABS POOL - DARTS - GAMES

8 BALL B & BELOW - FRIDAY AT 8 PM $5 entry

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Vegas Rules

200% Payout


EVENT / RULES 9-Ball Open 9-Ball 9 Ball ‘B’ -Texas Express 8 Ball (Paying top woman) USPPA 8-Ball BCA Rules Golf Snooker 8-Ball B & Below 9 Ball ‘C’ -Texas Express USPPA 8-Ball 9-Ball C & below 8-Ball B & below Mod. BCA 8-Ball Modified BCA Open Pool Tourny 9-Ball B & below Golf Snooker 8-Ball B & Below 9-Ball 9 Ball BCA Rules 8-Ball 8-Ball / 9-Ball Alternating 8-Ball 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball Texas Express 9-Ball Texas Express $1650 APA Qualifier 8-Ball BD Sc Dbls/Singles 9 Ball-Open Qualifier 9-Ball Open Mod. Tx Exp Golf Snooker 9 Ball Texas Express 8 Ball BCA rules Open 8-Ball / 9-Ball Alternating 9-Ball with Break Pot 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped Blind Draw Scotch Dbls Scotch Dbls 8-Ball 9 Ball - Race 4/3 8-Ball / 9-Ball Alternating 8-Ball 8 Ball Straight Pool (1st Sun.) 8 Ball - ACS Rules

ENTRY $5 $3-$10 S/L $6+$1 $5 $8 $7 incl. g.f. $10 $3 $6+$1 $8 $5+$3 g.f. $7 incl. g.f. $5+$3 g.f. $5+$2 g.f. $5 $7 incl. g.f. $10 $3 $3-$10 S/L $5 $2 $5 $3 $6 $6 $6 $5+$2 g.f. $5 $5 $5 $6 $5+$3 g.f. $10 $6 $5 $5 $5 $5 $6 $6 $6 $5/person $5/person $3-$6 S/L $5 $5M/$2W $5 $3M/$2W $10+$2 g.f. $5

ADDED $$$ $5/player $$$

Matches $75/1st w/16 $25 every 8 Matching

$5/player $$$ Match+$10 $3/Player Matching $$$ $$$ $$$ $25 every 8 $75/1st w/16 $3/player Matching $75/1st w/16 $75/1st $75/1st

w/16 w/16

$3/Player $$$ $$$ $$$ Matching Matching $5/player $75/1st w/16 $3/Player Matching $100 Matching

TIME 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM Call 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 6:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM Call 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 5:00PM 7:30PM 9:30PM 6:30PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM Call 5:00PM 7:30PM 2:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 5:00PM 7:30PM 9:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 6:30PM 7:30PM 3:30PM 6:00PM 11:00AM 6:30PM

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DA TE DATE Sep 2-10 Sep 2 Sep 2 Sep 3 Sep 2-3 Sep 2-4 Sep 3 Sep 9 Sep 9-10 Sep 15 Sep 16 Sep 16 Sep 16 Sep 16-17 Sep 16-17 Sep 22-23 Sep 23 Sep 23 Sep 23 Sep 22 Sep 23-24 Sep 23-24 Sep 23-24 Sep 23-24 Sep 23-24 Sep 23-24 Sep 30-Oct 1 Sep 30-Oct 1 Oct 6-8 Oct 7 Oct 8 Oct 7 Oct 8 Oct 7-8 Oct 7-8 Oct 13-15 Oct 14 Oct 14 Oct 14-15 Oct 20 Oct 21 Oct 21 Oct 21-22 Oct 21-22 Oct 25-29 Oct 28-29 Nov 4 Nov 4 Nov 4 Nov 5 Nov 5 Nov 11 Nov 11 Nov 11-12 Nov 17 Nov 17-19 Nov 17-19 Nov 18 Nov 18 Nov 25-26 Nov 25-26 Dec 2-3 Dec 8-10

September 2006

CITY Reno, NV Tigard, OR Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Spokane, WA Riverside, CA Portland, OR Salem, OR Longview, WA Billings, MT Bozeman, MT San Francisco, CA Tigard, OR Sacramento, CA Mtn View, CA Billings, MT Salem, OR Salem, OR Bozeman, MT Okanogan, WA Okanogan, WA Lynnwood, WA Tigard, OR Port Angeles, WA San Francisco, CA Havre, MT San Francisco, CA Spokane, WA Great Falls, MT Tigard, OR Portland, OR Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Port Angeles, WA Emeryville, CA Kennewick, WA Salem, OR Bozeman, MT Lynnwood, WA Billings, MT Tigard, OR San Francisco, CA Lynnwood, WA Mtn View, CA Lincoln City, OR San Francisco, CA Helena, MT Tigard, OR Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Portland, OR Salem, OR Bozeman, MT Longview, WA Billings, MT Great Falls, MT Kennewick, WA Tigard, OR San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA Bozeman, MT Longview, WA Kennewick, WA

LOCA TION LOCATION IPT (See ad p36) Break Time (See ad p15) Hard Times (See ad p8) Hard Times (See ad p8) McQ’s (See ad p10) Shooters (See Aug) Sam’s Billiards (See ad p7) The Cue Ball (See ad p12) Cadillac Island (See ad p34) Kings Korner (See ad p16) Eagles #326 (See ad p27) Billiard Palacade (See ad p6) Break Time (See ad p15) WWR (See ad p11) CA Billiard Club (See ad p15) Bullwackers (See ad p4) Cue Ball (See ad p12) Jammer’s (See ad p12) Eagles #326 (See ad p27) The Club (See ad p29) The Club (See ad p29) Uncle Jacks (See ad p35) NWPA (See ad p10) New Peking (See ad p5) Family Billiards (See ad p18) Eagles Club (See ad p14) Family Billiards (See ad p18) McQ’s (See ad p10) 8 Ball In (See ad p14) Break Time (See ad p15) Sam’s Billiards (See ad p7) Hard Times (See ad p8) Hard Times (See ad p8) New Peking (See ad p5) WWR (See ad p11) Island Casino (See ad p34) The Cue Ball (See ad p12) Eagles #326 (See ad p27) Uncle Jacks (See ad p35) Kings Korner (See ad p16) Break Time (See ad p15) Billiard Palacade (See ad p6) NWPA (See ad p10) CA Billiard Club (See ad p15) Western BCA (See ad p17) Family Billiards (See ad p18) Edge Casino (See ad p25) Break Time (See ad p15) Hard Times (See ad p8) Hard Times (See ad p8) Sam’s Billiards (See ad p7) The Cue Ball (See ad p12) Eagles #326 (See ad p27) Cadillac Island (See ad p34) Kings Korner (See ad p16) Prospector (See ad p14) Classic Island (See ad p34) Break Time (See ad p15) Billiard Palacade (See ad p6) Family Billiards (See ad p18) Eagles #326 (See ad p27) Cadillac Island (See ad p34) Classic Island (See ad p34)

PHONE (847) 439-3485 (503) 443-6166 (916) 332-8793 (916) 332-8793 (509) 891-8357 (951) 736-7340 (503) 282-8266 (503) 362-9740 (360) 957-0065 (406) 256-8946 (406) 587-9996 (415) 585-6800 (503) 443-6166 (775) 882-5997 (650) 965-3100 (406) 208-0518 (503) 362-9740 (503) 999-3301 (406) 587-9996 (509) 422-1907 (509) 422-1907 (425) 640-5474 (206) 920-1936 (360) 452-3923 (415) 931-1115 (406) 231-1622 (415) 931-1115 (509) 891-8357 (406) 590-7849 (503) 443-6166 (503) 282-8266 (916) 332-8793 (916) 332-8793 (360) 452-3923 (775) 882-5997 (509) 851-8577 (503) 362-9740 (406) 587-9996 (425) 640-5474 (406) 256-8946 (503) 443-6166 (415) 585-6800 (206) 920-1936 (650) 965-3100 League Operator (415) 931-1115 (406) 449-4997 (503) 443-6166 (916) 332-8793 (916) 332-8793 (503) 282-8266 (503) 362-9740 (406) 587-9996 (360) 957-0065 (406) 256-8946 (406) 231-1622 (509) 851-8577 (503) 443-6166 (415) 585-6800 (415) 931-1115 (406) 587-9996 (360) 957-0065 (509) 851-8577

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball World Championship One Pocket One Pocket 9-Ball Customer Appreciation 9-Ball Labor Day Weekend-Limit 64 9-Ball Open Straight Pool 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players 9-Ball Pechauer Tour Stop 8-Ball Blind Draw Doubles Charlie Nowell Memorial Carambola Handicapped Straight Pool 9-Ball at Hard Times Billiards One Pocket/9-Ball 8-Ball Ball Buster Open Dbls U.S. Amateur Qualifier 8-Ball Open Women’s-Limit 32 8-Ball Mixed Scotch Doubles 9-Ball Warm up 9-Ball 10-Ball Open 9-Ball at Break Time Ironman Grand Master/Master 9-Ball Pechauer Tour Stop 8-Ball Big Dogs Singles M/W One Pocket Glen White Mem. 9-Ball Class “B” 8 Ball Men & Women Div. One Pocket Straight Pool One Pocket 9-Ball Juan de Fuca Mixed Sc Dbls 9-Ball at Broken Rack 9-Ball Pechauer Tour Stop 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players “Chip” Pool Classic 9-Ball WA State Champ. 8-Ball Blind Draw Doubles Straight Pool Carambola Handicapped Year End Event at Uncle Jack’s One Pocket/9-Ball 9-Ball Regionals One Pocket/9-Ball 8-Ball Open Singles One Pocket One Pocket 9-Ball Straight Pool 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players 8-Ball Wmn’s Dbls-Limit 24 9-Ball Open 8-Ball Blind Draw Doubles 4 Man Team Round Robin 9-Ball B & Below Straight Pool Carambola Handicapped One Pocket/9-Ball 8-Ball Holiday Classic M & W 9-Ball - 3 Person Team 9-Ball Open King of the Island

ENTRY Tour Member $20 $20 $40 $50+$10 g.f. $75 $12 $10 Call $5 $10 $20 $20 $30/$60 $25 ea $40/team $50/$40(APA) $20 $20/team $10 $40 $55 Call $100 (incl. g.f.) $30+$10g.f. $20 $50 $35+$5 g.f. $25 $20 $12 $20 $25 $70 (incl. g.f.) $30/$60 Call $10 $10 $55 $5 $20 $20 Call $25 ea Varies $25 each $20 $20 $20 $25 $12 $10 $20/team $35+$10 g.f. $5 $100/team $25+$10 g.f. $20 $20 $25 each $50 $120 (incl g.f.) $35+$10 g.f.



$3,000,000 Payout See Brackets

$50 every 8


$10 per 30 max. Noon $3,560 payout Noon

$5,000 payout $5,000 Guar. $200 $1,500 Matching Prizes & Fun $50 $50 every 8 $700 $300 ea $1,000 w/32 $250 $100 $100 $500 w/32 $1,000 w/48 $500 min. $750 $2,000 $1,000 $2,000 w/32 min. $2,800 payout $5,000 $50 every 8 $10 per 30 max. $10 per 50 max.

$1,000 $700 $1,500 $200 $200 $1,000 w/48 Matching $50 every 8 $50 $300 ea $12,000 $300 ea w/32 $300 $50 every 8 $10 per 30 max. $10 per 50 max.

$200 $100 $1,000 Matching $1,500 w/14t $1,000 $50 every 8 $50 $300 ea w/32 $4,000 Guar. $1,500 $1,000

10:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 10:00AM Call Call 11:00AM 6:00PM Noon Call 1:00PM 7:00PM Call 9:00AM 11:00AM 7:00PM 11:00AM 11:00AM Call 10:00AM 1:00PM 11:00AM Noon 10:00AM 7:00PM Noon 11:00AM Noon Noon 10:00AM Call Call 10:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM Call Noon 6:00PM Call 1:00PM Call 1:00PM 11:00AM Noon Noon Noon 11:00AM 10:00AM 11:00AM Noon Call 8:00PM 7:00PM Noon 6:00PM 1:00PM 9:00AM 10:00AM 7:00PM

September 2006 Paradise Billiard Productions

Table rates: 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

$2 per hour per player 6:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. $5 per hour per player

Air conditioned

New Hours: Everyday: 10:00 A.M to 2:00 A.M

Sept 23-24, 2006 10-Ball Open

Entry $55 - Races to 8 Double Elimination Finals one race to 11


Play on 9’ Gold Crowns with Simonis and Red Circle Cue Ball

ADDED w/48 players

(Limited to the first 48 paid entries)

Oct 14-15, 2006 Washington State 9-Ball Championship

$1,000 ADDED w/48 players Entry $55 - Races to 9 True Double Elimination Limited to 1st 48 paid entries (WA residents only)

Sponsored by: Electronic Gaming

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Call Uncle Jack’s to sign up 425-640-5474 or Email: For additional information call Randy 425-941-9928 Make checks or money orders to: Paradise Billiards

Weekly Specials Thursday* Ladies night $2.25 well drinks $1- off domestic drafts Steak Dinner w/fries and beer for $5.99 from 5-8 P.M Friday* Salmon Dinner w/fries and beer for $5.99 from 5-8 P.M Saturday* Burger w/fries and beer for $1.99 from 1-3 P.M Sunday* Open Bar Tables from 12-4 P.M w/purchase of beer, liquor or food Chili Dog w/fries and beer for $1.99 from 1-3 P.M

Tully’s coffee and espresso are available

The Break September Issue 2006  
The Break September Issue 2006  

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