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FROM THE FIRST SHOT THROUGH THE LAST The Viking Cue Billiards Glove is performance engineered for comfort and protection allowing you to play longer with more consistency from your first shot through the last. VIKING ERGO DESIGN Exclusive Viking Cue 3-finger True Ergo design is engineered with reinforced stitching in all high-stress areas for extra hand/wrist support, flexibility, and provides consistent performance through comfort and protection when shooting.

AIR COOL CONSTRUCTION Constructed with top quality moisture-wicking fabric providing excellent fit and freedom of movement with breathable mesh and side slots for enhanced ventilation and next-to-skin comfort.

MOROCCAN LEATHER Embedded into the tab and palm areas, Genuine Moroccan Leather is extremely durable yet also soft, lightweight, and naturally water resistant.

SNAG-FREE CLOSURE The Viking Cue Snag-Free Velcro® closure is softer against the skin, reduces lint build-up, and specifically designed to eliminate snags on soft, delicate fabrics or cause damage to the glove itself.

Viking Cue Manufacturing, LLC



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Holiday Gift Guide Viking A682 Scorpion Johnny Archer series – World New Model for 2018 Champion Johnny Archer and Scorpion 56 Genuine Abalone, Cues have joined forces again on a new Blackas (IMA) This is the only polisher in the world that actually spirals the balls theyand performance line! These are cueslined are constructed Mirror Inlays spin. The dual spinning platters with carpet and accommodate a full set of pool The free floating sprockets from(IMA) and usingballs. the highest quality hardwoods and keep the ballsBlack banging together as theywith rotate. (Snooker and Carom Billiard sprockets areRings come standard an Inox quick-release Stainless Steel available.).joint and revolutionary Telson Performance Ivory Premium Pearl System shaft construction. Retail price $195 Sleeve - Limited 1 year warranty. – $345. Qualified dealer requests welcome. Bloodwood Forearm - Carpet is secured with Velcro for easy replacement. Call 1-800-645-9803, go to Gator Embossed - Balls will not fly out. exclusively by Leather Wrap - Plug it in,Manufactured set the timerand anddistributed walk away. - Extremely quiet operation. CueStix International Viking Quick Release - Simple. Reliable. It works. Joint Tip: Tiger Everest® To order call DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS, INC. (812)288-POOL Laminated Ferrule: Viking SUPER Ferrule, capped and threaded This is the only polisher in the world that actually spirals the balls as they onto the shaft spin. The dual spinning platters are lined with carpet and accommodate Wrap: Gator a full set of pool balls. The free floating sprockets keep the balls from Embossed Leather banging together as they rotate. (Snooker and Carom Billiard sprockets are Shaft: ViKORE Hard available.). Rock Maple (Aged 5 -Limited 1 year warranty. years) -Carpet is secured with Velcro for easy replacement. Benefit: Extreme -Balls will not fly out. Control & Accuracy -Plug it in, set the timer and walk away. Turnings: 9 to 11 -Extremely quiet operation. turnings over 18 to 24 -Simple. Reliable. It works. months To order call DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS, INC. (812)288Taper: 12” to 14” Pro POOL Taper Finish: Ultra-violet Urethane 3 coat finish Forearm: Bloodwood Joint: Stainless Steel / High Impact Black A682 (IMA), flat faced with a brass insert Pin: Viking 5/16 x Han’s Delta AB & BC Cues 18 Quick Release, use the best materials available, Stainless Steel Birds eye maple, ebony, rengas, ButtPlate: High blue diamond, ivorine inlaid Impact Modified and so much more. Expert Acrylic with Viking craftmanship, rare materials Logo and performance are what you Bumper: Threaded can expect from Han’s Delta. Rubber Wholesale & dealers welcome. Warranty: Lifetime, Visit or call including warpage Delta Sport International at MSRP $775.00 1-844-376-0637.



December 2017

The Break

Viking A912 New Model for 2018 64 Blue Dream Premium Pearl, White (IMA) and Black (IMA) Inlays Stainless Steel and Black (IMA) Rings White and Black (IMA) Index Rings Viking Khaki Stain Premium Birdseye Maple Ostrich Embossed Leather Wrap by Tiger Products Viking Quick Release Joint Tip: Everest® Laminated Ferrule: Viking SUPER Ferrule, capped and threaded onto the shaft Wrap: Ostrich Embossed Leather by Tiger Products Shaft: ViKORE Hard Rock Maple (Aged 5 years) Benefit: Extreme Control & Accuracy Turnings: 9 to 11 turnings over 18 to 24 months Taper: 12” to 14” Pro Taper Finish: Ultra-violet Urethane 3 coat finish Forearm: Premium Birdseye Maple Joint: High Impact Black (IMA), flat faced with a brass insert Pin: Viking 5/16 Quick Release, Stainless Steel ButtPlate: High Impact Modified Acrylic with Viking Logo Bumper: Threaded Rubber Warranty: Lifetime, including warpage MSRP 1200.00

Holiday Gift Guide Athena – Named for the Greek goddess of wisdom, adding an Athena cue to your bag could be the wisest decision you make for improving your game. Designed for female pool players, these cues come with a free 10” extension for added reach and a thin tapered 12.5mm shaft for smaller hands. Retail price $147. Qualified dealer requests welcome. Call 1-800-645-9803 or visit Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

3x5 Sport Case McDermott’s new 3x5 Sport Case is sure to impress! This unique case holds three butts & five shafts, and features two pockets for storing your jump handle and other accessories. It also features stylish dual-shoulder backpack straps that make carrying your cues easier than ever. McDermott’s 3x5 Sport Case retails for $170. Learn more at

Viking A550 New Model for 2018 15 Rolling Thunder and Gold Premium Pearl, Maple and Black (IMA) Inlays Rolling Thunder and Smoke Premium Pearl, Brass and Black (IMA) Rings Viking Khaki Stain Select Birdseye Maple Double Pressed Irish Linen Wrap Viking Quick Release Joint Tip: Everest® Laminated Ferrule: Viking SUPER Ferrule, capped and threaded onto the shaft Wrap: 100% Irish Linen Shaft: ViKORE Hard Rock Maple (Aged 5 years) Benefit: Extreme Control & Accuracy Turnings: 9 to 11 turnings over 18 to 24 months Taper: 12” to 14” Pro Taper Finish: Ultra-violet Urethane 3 coat finish Forearm: Select Birdseye Maple Joint: High Impact Black (IMA), flat faced with a brass insert Pin: Viking 5/16 x 18 Quick Release, Stainless Steel ButtPlate: High Impact Modified Acrylic with Viking Logo Bumper: Threaded Rubber Warranty: Lifetime, including warpage MSRP $595.00

Han’s Delta introducing Acrylic bridge head and joint protectors. Transparent Acrylic bridge head is individually hand polished to ensure no sharp edges for snooth cueing. Clear Acrylic joint protectors present a see through effect, Identifying joint pin is no longer a hassel. Wholesale & dealers welcome. Visit or call Delta Sport International at 1-844-376-0637.

Billiard Glove McDermott’s Billiard Glove provides a smooth and consistent stroke by reducing friction between your hand and the shaft. It’s made from a lightweight, stretchable material for enhanced comfort and features a mesh palm for breathability. The Billiard Glove retails for $25 and is available for left and right-handed players. Learn more at mcdermottcue. com/glove.

Han’s Delta proudly introducing the all new Victoria series case. Revolutionary two case in one combo design, includes both 3B5S and 4B8S adjustable padded interior gives an option to hold 3x5 or 4x8. Extetior has three pockets for accessories and a zipper pocket for jump butt or extension storage. Wholesale & dealers welcome. Visit or contact Delta Sport International at 1-844-3760637.


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December 2017


Cyclop Balls

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• The hottest ball sets on the market. The unique phenolic resin is made of high strength, anti-wear, and heat resistant material that delivers professional playability. •

High-tech finish that provides extremely sharp and accurate playability as well as a polished shine that lasts.

Available in three color schemes: Ares, Athena, and Zeus

Han’s Delta - NL series using only the best exotic materials, Cocobolo, Bocote, PurpleHeart, Rengas, Ebony. New Lizard embossed leather wrap are all installed by hand and provide flawless performance and gives players a true hand feels. Wholesale & dealers welcome. Visit or call Delta Sport International at 1-844-376-0637. Cyclop Balls • The hottest ball sets on the market. The unique phenolic resin is made of high strength, anti-wear, and heat resistant material that delivers professional playability. • High-tech finish that provides extremely sharp and accurate playability as well as a polished shine that lasts. • Available in three color schemes: Ares, Athena, and Zeus To order call DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS, INC. (812)288-POOL

Stinger NG07 Break/Jump Cue The Stinger NG07 is the ultimate break/jump cue. It features snazzy graphic overlays, a quick release jump joint and a patented Stinger shaft with phenolic tip. The Stinger NG07 retails for $225. Learn more about Stinger’s gamechanging technology at

Action Impact – The Action Impact series is all about just that – making an impact. These carefully crafted cues feature hardrock maple construction that’s designed to maintain perfect shooting balance. They also have a matte finish texture that all but eliminates slipping and reduces unnecessary feedback to help improve every single shot you take. Retail price $73. Qualified dealer requests welcome. Call 1-800-6459803 or visit Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.



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Delta Chalk - Guaranteed the best! The finest quality and innovative Delta billiard chalk. Proudly Made in Canada. Exclusive developed formula to prevent miscues and increased the accuracy of control. Available in 2-cube set or display box of 25 sets. Wholesale & dealers welcome. Visit www. or call Delta Sport International at 1-844-376-0637.


Holiday Gift Guide CR-1 • Commercial grade triangle ball rack that provides a professional level, tight rack. • Designed to be a replica of the renowned wooden DIAMOND rack • Rounded edges allow this rack to slide easily, reducing cloth wear of your pool table • Polycarbonate finish will not chip or fade over time with use. To order call DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS, INC. (812)288-POOL www.

Commercial grade triangle ball rack that provides a professional level, tight rack. Designed to be a replica of the renowned wooden DIAMOND rack Starallow Gothis Cue Rounded edges rack to slide easily, reducing cloth wear of your pool table Polycarbonate willGo not chip Thefinish Star Cueorisfadea over time with use.

full-length (58”) travel cue that breaks apart into three pieces for portability. It comes with a portable travel case that measures 21.5” in length, meaning the entire cue will fit in most suitcases. Take your game on the go with the Star Go Cue! Learn more at

Viking A518 New Model for 2018 Blue Dream Premium Pearl Sleeve Blue Dream Premium Pearl, Stainless Steel, and Black (IMA) rings Black and Ivory (IMA) Index Rings Viking Concord Stain Birdseye Maple Double Pressed Irish Linen Wrap Viking Quick Release Joint Tip: Everest® Laminated Ferrule: Viking SUPER Ferrule, capped and threaded onto the shaft Wrap: 100% Irish Linen Shaft: ViKORE Hard Rock Maple (Aged 5 years) Benefit: Extreme Control & Accuracy Turnings: 9 to 11 turnings over 18 to 24 months Taper: 12” to 14” Pro Taper Finish: Ultra-violet Urethane 3 coat finish Forearm: Birdseye Maple Joint: High Impact Ivory (IMA), flat faced with a brass insert Pin: Viking 5/16 x 18 Quick Release, Stainless Stain ButtPlate: High Impact Modified Acrylic with Viking Logo Bumper: Threaded Rubber Warranty: Lifetime, including warpage A518 MSRP $385

Viking A503 New Model for 2018 Ocean Glow Premium Pearl Sleeve Ocean Glow Premium Pearl, Brass and Black (IMA) Rings Custom Faded Viking Ocean Blue and Yellow Sunflower stain. Birdseye Maple Double Pressed Irish Linen Wrap Viking Quick Release Joint Tip: Tiger Everest® Laminated Ferrule: Viking SUPER Ferrule, capped and threaded onto the shaft Wrap: 100% Irish Linen Shaft: ViKORE Hard Rock Maple (Aged 5 years) Benefit: Extreme Control & Accuracy Turnings: 9 to 11 turnings over 18 to 24 months Taper: 12” to 14” Pro Taper Finish: Ultra-violet Urethane 3 coat finish Forearm: Birdseye Maple Joint: Brass / High Impact Black (IMA), flat faced with a brass insert Pin: Viking 5/16 x 18 Quick Release, Stainless Steel ButtPlate: High Impact Modified Acrylic with A503 Viking Logo Bumper: Threaded Rubber Warranty: Lifetime, including warpage MSRP $320.00

KATBJ – The brand new Katana break jump cue offers unparalleled control with multiple cue configurations. This multi-piece break jump cue can be put together in three different ways depending on the shot. So whether you need to execute a powerful break, an explosive long jump shot, or a tactical short jump, this is the cue for you! Retail price $250. Qualified dealer requests welcome. Call 1-800-6459803, go to Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

National Series cases are exclusively manufactured by Delta Sport. It holds 2 butts 3 shafts, thick confortable shoulder pad, newer improved confort handle. They’re easy to carry, deluxe quality. Wholesale & dealers welcome. Visit www.deltacue. com or contact Delta Sport International at 1-844376-0637.

Outlaw Lightning – Introducing Lightning, the electrifying new series from Outlaw Cues. This line of cues takes Outlaw’s edgy western style and pairs it with bright white finishing details. This series features break, jump, and playing cues so there’s something for everyone! Retail price $105 – $189. Qualified dealer requests welcome. Call 1-800-645-9803, go to Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

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December 2017


Jan. 19th - Jan. 27th, 2018 The 20th Annual Horseshoe Derby City Classic


October 2017

The Break

The Psychology of Pool DR. CHRIS STANKOVICH Dr. Chris Stankovich, known as “The Sports Doc,” is a national expert in the field of sport & performance psychology and has been featured on ESPN for his work with elite athletes. His #1 best selling pool video “Mind of Steel: Mental Toughness for Pool Success” has been used by thousands of players to improve focus, increase confidence, and eliminate anxiety. You can learn more about Dr Stankovich and Mind of Steel by visiting

MIND OF STEEL MENTAL TOUGHNESS FOR POOL SUCCESS Eliminate nerves & anxiety, beat pressure, and DOMINATE THE COMPETITION!! Streaming in HD on any device 24/7/365


THE MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT IN POOL It is not uncommon to experience nerves while playing pool; after all, it’s just you and the table with no teammates to hide behind when you miss a shot. In fact, most of the time when pool players fail it is because they “got in their own head” so to speak --- meaning their nerves and anxiety leads to a missed shot. With that said, it makes a lot of sense to learn the many ways to improve mental toughness so that you miss less shots, and consequently, lose fewer games.

shots because of nerves!

To better understand how to control nerves it is important to begin by examining what we know about nerves:

• Develop a pre-shot routine that becomes automatic and consistent over time. • Your pre-shot routine should include a deep breath (or two) that allows you to breath deep into your stomach, hold the breath 4-5 seconds, then slowly exhale. • In addition to breathing, use imagery to clearly see exactly what you want to happen on the next shot. • Self-talk, or the thoughts we have to ourselves, should always be positive and productive – anything short of this and you should walk away from the table and regroup for a moment. • Do the next thing best – this means practice developing all your focus on the next shot, and not the last bad one.

• Everyone experiences nerves, even if it looks like some people don’t. • Nervous energy is a product of thinking, meaning that when we think things like “I might not make this shot,” your body responds by panicking (i.e. rapid heart rate, shallow breathing, and muscle tightness). • Anxiety is really just a form of human energy. What this means is that the nerves you feel can be channeled into healthy confidence with a little bit of practice. The key to playing better pool is to first realize (and get excited about) the fact that you can improve your game dramatically by simply improving your mental toughness. What this means is that even if you never improved your knowledge of playing pool, you will still get better with stronger mental toughness because you will miss fewer

The most important moment in pool, therefore, is the moment just before you approach the table and prepare to make the next shot. Even if you have been nervous the entire time leading up to your shot, the moment that you engage in your pre-shot routine you will put yourself in the best possible position to turn nervous energy into healthy confidence. Below are a few quick tips to help you get started:

Pool is a tough enough game as it is, so make it a point to not beat yourself by allowing unnecessary nerves and anxiety to take you off your game. Instead, improve mental toughness and begin dominating the competition!

I would like to hear from you. If you have a question for me please submit to:

The Break

December 2017


LET’S GET JUMPING by Tom Simpson © January 2000 – All Rights Reserved –

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson


December 2017

The jump shot is becoming an important skill these days, especially for 9-Ball players. While good kicking skills and basic massé ability will get you out of many tough situations, sometimes going to “the third dimension” is really the best solution. This article will give you an overview of the subject. Balls jump all the time. Most players don’t realize it, but the cueball actually leaves the table on almost every shot. Because pool tables have rails, the butt of the cue is always at least a little bit elevated. When the cue is elevated, you are hitting down into the ball. That downward force has to go somewhere, and the slate under the cloth is not going to move. Since the cueball is resilient (as is the cloth), it compresses a little and then springs upward and away, leaving the table at an angle roughly equal to the angle at which it was struck. The closer your stick is to flat, the lower the jump. The more elevated the stick angle, the higher the jump. The harder you shoot, the longer the jump. The resulting jump action comes from the combination of the stick angle, how hard the ball is hit, the quality of the stroke, and the “jumpability” of the stick. So, to jump high and short, elevate steeply. To jump even higher, shoot harder. For a lower trajectory, elevate less. For a longer low flight, shoot harder. The easy way to understand how the ball jumps is to imagine you are throwing the cueball onto the table. The angle and speed at which the ball hits the table determines the angle and distance of the bounce. Jump cues are short, to make them light in weight and to avoid hitting overhead lighting. Typically, they weigh about half of what a regular cue weighs. They usually have very hard tips and thick shafts. Jump/break cues are full-size cues with an extra joint just in front of the wrap so you can remove the rear portion of the butt. This makes the cue lighter and shorter. Since jump/breaks serve two purposes, they have to make compromises. While they may jump better than a full cue, they may not jump as well as a cue made specifically for jumping. Decent jump cues today start at around $80. Some players jump with their shaft only. This works well, but is illegal in world standard rules, and in most leagues and tournaments. You can jump with your regular shooting cue, but just not as easily. If you are using a low-squirt shaft (such as a Predator), a soft tip, a heavy cueball, or thin cloth (such as Simonis), you may have difficulty getting much jumping action. There are two very different stroke techniques in jumping – “pendulum” and “dart.” The pendulum stroke is the normal (but elevated) pool stroke with

The Break

the cue swinging in a pendulum arc below your elbow. The dart stroke is used when you have to elevate the cue so steeply that you can’t use the pendulum. It’s called dart stroke because it looks a lot like throwing darts – your stick swings directly above the elbow. The dart stroke is more difficult to control, but it’s necessary when you have to clear an obstructing ball that’s within a short distance of the cueball (say, less than about 6”). Here’s a tip for pendulum stroke: Bend your front elbow to allow you to stand closer to the ball and elevate the butt of the cue. Keep your forearm in the vertical plane. Surprisingly, a light grip works best. Let the stick do the work. Here’s the trick for the dart stroke: Stand tall. Pin your wrist to your chest directly under your chin, so your forearm is stable and your stroke is with your wrist & fingers only. Try to align your body and head so that your body is out of the way of your stroke and you can see down the shaft without tilting your head. Grip with thumb and forefinger, as lightly as possible, with the palm of your hand open and facing the shot. Cock your grip hand back so that your wrist is bent all the way backward. Flop your wrist forward to execute the shot. Imagine you are throwing the stick at the ball like you would throw a dart, and allow the stick to “bounce off” of the cueball. This is a feeling – don’t actually let go of the stick. On all jump shots, take great care to strike into the center of the cueball, or slightly below. If you hit too high on the ball, you will trap it between the tip and the table, and it will not jump. Hitting too high on the ball is the most common error, followed by timidity. Do not use any sidespin at all, unless you want to execute a jump/massé (usually a bad idea). Once you are confident in your aim and contact point on the cueball, focus your gaze on the cueball until you hit the shot. Strike the ball with confidence, and don’t worry about hitting the cloth. If you are not getting the ball to jump, try lightening up on your grip. Try less elevation. Try more elevation. Focus on hitting toward or just below the true center of the cueball. Don’t hit so hard – your stroke accuracy may fall off. Be patient with yourself, especially if this is a new skill for you. It will happen. Don’t start with dramatic full-ball jumps 2” from the object ball. Start with little jumps – clear a coin, a pencil, or the edge of a ball, and work your way up. It does take some practice. For free video lessons on both pendulum and dart, visit You’ll find photos and additional instructional materials there, as well as information about the Stinger™ JumpBreak Cue. Let’s get jumping.

A Jacked-up Fouetté Draw Shot


Stefano Pelinga (born 1964) hails from Rome, Italy, where he has served since 1985 as a police officer for the Italian government (Polizia di Stato), until his retirement in 2011. He began to play pool at the age of 12, drawing inspiration from his favorite singer and actor, Dean Martin. Stefano, currently a 5-time World Champion in Pool Trick Shots, won several titles in Italy in straight pool and nine-ball throughout the late 1970s and 1980s. In 1990, he devoted himself entirely to “Artistic Pool,” commonly referred to in its practice as “Trick Shots.” Due to his outstanding achievements, Stefano is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest Trick Shot champions in the history of the sport, and has earned a spot in ESPN’s Trick Shot Magic Hall of Fame. Most importantly, on November 17, 2012, Stefano was inducted into the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame. In the presence of approximately 500 VIP guests and many sports stars such as Tommy Lasorda, Mike Piazza, Tony Esposito and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Stefano was awarded this honor, becoming a member of this group of legendary Italian Americans.

Sticking to fancy and useful shots, this month I want to introduce you to an advanced pool technique called “Fouetté” stroke. The word comes from the French language and means “whipped”. It basically consists in hitting the Cue Ball with extreme low-left or low-right, but also with extreme high-left or high-right English, depending on the needed CB position, when the Object Ball is very close to it (1/16” to 1”). It is quite difficult because it normally requires a pretty powerful stroke and you all know that the harder we shoot a ball, the harder it gets to precisely deliver the tip of our cue onto the desired spot on the Cue Ball. While you will be practicing the Fouetté, you will likely miscue several times or,




especially when trying a Fouetté Draw, push both the CB and the OB forward. In the former case, you obviously have delivered the tip of your cue too close to the edge of the CB. In the latter case instead, you have hit “too much CB” causing a so-called “double-hit”. Getting back to our useful shot, let’s pretend we are playing a game of 9-Ball and place the CB in the middle of the short rail and at one-ball distance from it. Then place the first OB (the Blue Ball in the diagram) at 1/8” distance from your CB and with their line of centers pointing at the right point of corner pocket F (the Blue dotted line). Then place two Obstacle Balls perpendicular and frozen to the short rail and to each other, at one diamond from pocket C, and the second Object Ball (our ideal 9-Ball) F hanging by pocket C. What you need to do in order to pocket both the Blue and the Yellow Ball in one shot is the following: aim at the first diamond from pocket F (the Brown dotted line); jack the butt of your cue up by about 45°. I recommend using a close bridge, partly elevated on the rail (only the tips of your middle, ring and pinky fingers are touching the rail). Shoot down on the CB letting the tip of your cue touch the table cloth and even slide on it, using a 2-tip, 5 o’clock, E speed 3 stroke. When shot it just right, the CB will slightly jump forward then the English will grab making it turn left and draw backwards around the obstacles, thus making the 9-Ball in the corner. Good luck!

D The Break

December 2017


San Francisco Billiard Academy

PBIA certified instruction is available for all levels from beginners to instructor training.


Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett


December 2017

One of the most common questions I have from beginning students is how to break better at nine ball. For beginners the main points are simple: Make sure the balls are racked as tightly as possible. Hit the one ball full. Try not to hit any cushion with the cue ball after impact. Adjust the height of the hit on the cue ball to leave the cue ball in the “Parking Lot” in the diagram. Increase speed only if you can keep control of the other points. For the vast majority of players, the break shot is just a way to start the game and has little to do with whether they win or lose. If they can open the balls reasonably well and not scratch or launch the cue ball off the table, they have done a good job. I think the break only starts to be important when the player can run out one or two racks out of ten. Until that point they should practice their aiming and position play and let their accurate power develop naturally. Let’s assume that the racking is done with a standard traditional triangle. If you use a template or other method that gets a really tight rack, the wing balls are dead and the best way to break changes drastically. Often additional rules are added to compensate for the automatic ball. All that is a subject for a future column. One result of traditional racking is that there are usually gaps between the balls. These will tend to be somewhat consistent between racks, so you can try to find a break that works on each table. If you are trying for a full hit on the one ball -- and that’s a good start -- simply vary the starting position for the cue ball along the head string. Most players break from the side rails since that makes the wing ball on that side (3 or 7 in the diagram) dead for a perfectly tight rack. If that doesn’t work well, try other positions. You can remember the position by where your break stick passes over the rail. Unfortunately, experimenting with cue ball positions works well only for a home table or long matches. In a race to 6 on a strange table you don’t really have time to find the optimum position. The best you can do is move from the current spot if you have a dry break after a pretty good hit or watch for where other players break from. Your opponent’s break has info in it but the rack may be different due to a different racker. Do you want to try something a little fancier? Let’s make the nine ball on the break. If the rack is fairly tight, the nine will not move unless it is hit in traffic. The idea is to take the cue ball off a side cushion after hitting the one ball and send it back through where the nine is. Two ways are shown in the diagram. Many players at the 2017 US Open Nine Ball Championships were using

The Break

something like Re-entry 1. They were required to break from the center half of the kitchen and a non-full hit as shown made the wing ball and the one ball fairly frequently. A little outside draw brought the cue ball back through the rack area. I saw one player make two nines in a row, one in the corner and one in the side. Re-entry 2 can be done with just some follow and a hit on the one ball that drives it straight towards the 9. For both of these shots you have an increased risk of scratching relative to a full, straight-on hit, but they can be devastating when they work. Next time I’ll discuss which gaps to look for in slightly loose racks and what their effects are.

Re-entry 2

2 6 4 3 9 7 8 5 1

Re-entry 1

Parking Lot


THE SECRET OF A GREAT POOL STROKE! As you well know, I’m a Master Instructor that focuses a lot on mental game, so if you think you are getting a magical stroke tip here, this article may disappoint you. But if you want enhance the way you think and allow yourself to deliver more straight, smooth strokes, well then maybe I can be of assistance. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PRACTICING AND PLAYING

Anthony Beeler is the 2017 Pool Instructor of the Year and is a former BCAPL National 9-Ball Champion. He has numerous top 25 national finishes and is one of only 8 ACS Master Instructors in the world. He is the primary author of the National Billiards Instructors Manual and has also authored the book Unstoppable! Positive Thinking for Pool Players. Anthony currently has the highest established Fargo Rating of any Master Instructor. He has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.

There are fundamental differences between practicing and playing. One of the major differences between the two environments is that there are consequences during actual game play (that result in either winning or losing). Conversely there are no consequences to each shot if you are practicing. THE BENEFIT OF A QUIET MIND From a mental perspective, when you are practicing, your mind is generally quiet, there’s no mental clutter before you start your stroke. There’s the cue ball, there’s the object ball and there’s a pocket. During match play, quite often there is a distraction caused by fear: What if I miss? What if I don’t get position on my next shot? What if the table rolls off? And so on… This not only causes stress, but it also causes subtle changes in the body. You may not even notice, but most likely your muscles are tensing up (starting with your grip pressure). The effects of these mental and physical changes are: • Loss of focus on the shot at hand • Loss of focus on the process – decision-making, aiming, proper alignment, (visualization and feeling the shot) etc. • Loss of fluidity in your stroke • Changes in stroke timing The end result is a stroke that is inconsistent and unlike the one you had while practicing. SO HOW TO WE CHANGE THIS? There are several things that you can do that increase confidence, maintain a quiet mind and maintain access to your best game. When a professional is performing at their best, there’s direct correlation between their senses and their brain. You have heard

of this state of mind referred to as “the zone”, or “dead stroke”. Also, when a player is performing their best, they are not preoccupied by thoughts, judgments or emotions. There’s no sense of self or “self-consciousness”. The mind is 100% focused on the present (there is no past or future). WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE BRAIN DURING FLUID MOTION? The pre-frontal cortex is the part of the brain responsible for managing complex processes. It helps you make decisions and controls your mental game. In pool it’s great during the “decision making phase” of your routine, but it can easily become that “little voice in your head” when you are down on the cue ball. To produce a better pool stroke, and get into the “dead stroke” that little voice needs to be turned off to allow you to execute each shot subconsciously. THE BEST PRE SHOT ROUTINE The best pre-shot routine is one that enables you to keep your mind quiet, and focused. When I ask students to describe their pre- shot routine, they describe all the physical steps, but virtually nothing about where their focus is or what’s happening mentally. How committed you are and how quiet your mind is more important than going through the physical steps. I want to know exactly what you’re focusing on from the time when you fall into your stance all the way through your stroke. What are the best things to focus on? From my experience, the best thing to focus on to keep your mind quiet is one of your senses (sight, feel, sound, breathing etc.). Experiment with this while you are practicing, and find out what allows you to produce your best stroke. Then, during match play, make this one of your process goals to measure the success of the shot. Over time this will become automatic which will result in better strokes, more wins, and more tournament championships!

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December 2017



Martinez Rolls on to Take November Nubbins Memorial place side pot cash. Kenny Wilson of Rawlins, WY took 3rd place and had wins over Anthony Lucero, Orner and EJ Glode before his losses to Martinez and Orner. EJ Glode, (tournament promoter) of Saratoga, WY, took the fourthplace money. These tournaments continue each month with $1,000 added to each tournament and only a $30 entry fee which is paid back to the players 100%. The fact that there are no green fees or quarters required and $49 per night motel rooms this tournament is certainly a must for all rocky mountain regional players or those just passing through the area! For more information on these tournaments call Monte Thayer at (307)7101447.

RICARDO The $1,000 cash money added Andy Cloth Nubbins Memorial Monthly Pool Tournament held at Duke’s Bar & Grill in Saratoga, WY on November 3-4, 2017 was an event that drew in several players from around the state of Wyoming to compete for the Saratoga (a 10-ball & 8-ball hybrid game) title. This month it was the hot shooting Ricardo Martinez of Rawlins, WY that showed that he was still “hitting ‘em great” on route to a 1st place finish that included strong shooting wins over Tom Thompson in the semis and a win over Kenny Wilson in the hot seat match. Ricardo championships in our now then beat Lance Orner fromsport Cheyenne, WYusing to claim Andy

The players continue to appreciate the support of the Nubbins Memorial Pool Tournament sponsors Andy Billiard Cloth, Shively Hardware, Koobey 1311, Sagebrush Amusements, Cowboy Saloon, Buckhorn Bar, Duke’s Bar & Grill, Riviera Lodge, Wreck-a-Mend Collision Center the top cash prize and the top side pot money! Lance had and the Carbon County Visitor’s Council. a great showing recording a win over John Marich and then losing to Kenny Wilson in the quarterfinals before 1st $600/$70 Ricardo Martinez recording five straight wins on the B-side with wins over 2nd $420/$20 Lance Orner JJ Morris, Jana Thompson, Tom Thompson, Glode and 3rd $320 Kenny Wilson Wilson to get to the championship match where he lost to 4th $200 EJ Glode Cloth? Martinez, thus settling for the runner-up money and 2nd


Nubbins Memorial Pool Tournament

- $1,000 added money starting September - $30 entry fee - No green fees or quarters needed (open free tables) - Hotel rooms for tournament players $49/night or $79/two nights TYPE: These tournaments rotate from 8-ball to Saratoga (a 10-ball & 8-ball hybrid game) every other month 1-307-710-1447 Duke’s Bar & Grill - Saratoga, WY FORMAT: Two day double elimination Call Monte Thayer (307)710-1447 4 divisions in one bracket where spot games are used to give everyone a chance for details or sign ups

Nov 3-4: Saratoga 9 out of 10 Pros agree, Dec 8-9: 8-Ball ANDY CLOTH plays as good as Jananything 12-13: Saratoga on tour. even better. FebMaybe 2-3: 8-Ball Mar 30-31: Saratoga Apr 13-14: 8-Ball May 18-19: Saratoga


December 2017

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5 Pool Tables

4-8’ & 1-9’ Diamond

13 TV’s Full Menu

14824 Smokey Point Blvd Marysville, WA 98271 360-659-2248

League Play 4 nights a week

Open 11AM-2AM everyday

Lingelbach Back on Top at Sam’s Portland, OR – A record 41 players showed up to compete for their share of more than $1000 in prize money at the Sam’s Billiards end of the month Sunday 10-ball tournament. We were excited to welcome a handful of players from out of town! James and Diane Brewer traveled down to keep their buddy Luke Ledford competitive company! And Stan Tourangeau made the trip to visit friends, and play some pool!

(l to r) STAN 1 2 3 4 5/6 7/8 9-12


$300/144 points $200/121 points $130/100 points $90/81 points $60/64 points $40/49 points $25/36 points

Steve Lingelbach High Open Finishers: Stan Tourangeau Bill Fuller, George Liao $20.50 Paul Marquez Bob Zack Cole Gibbons, Dave Canova Al Perez, Michael Jensen James Brewer, Jared Santoyo, Vinnie Mellott, Greg Strandberg

As play unfolded throughout the day, many of the Fargo Feud participants rolled along strong despite early round losses; Kiran Shankar, Min Yu, and Dave Canova seem to get more and more fierce, with Dave Canova fighting his way up to the 5th place position where local monster Bob Zack put an end to his run. On the front side of the bracket, Stan Tourangeau and Steve Lingelbach marched straight to the hot seat match for a showdown. Steve bested Stan 4-2 sending the visitor back to wait and see who he would face. Paul Marquez had suffered an early loss to Steve and was shooting his way back through for a rematch. In 4th place, he defeated Bob Zack 3-0 to move on to a 3rd place guarantee. In the contest between Stan and Paul to see who would get that second shot to knock off Steve, the tides went back and forth but Stan ended up the victor this time around in a hill-hill thriller. Stan got his shot at Steve, but the pool gods appear to favor Steve at Sam’s, and Stan was stopped just short of a second match opportunity in this true double elimination tourney.

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December 2017


Kruger Undefeated Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Malarkeys Pool & Brew Tacoma, WA November 24-26, 2017 $1,500 Added

1st $850 Nick Kruger 2nd $675 Stan Tourangeau 3rd $525 Lake Mackey 4th $400 Stephen Folar 5/6 $300 Jr Sardinalla Paul Potier 7/8 $225 Damian Pongpanik Eddie Carrido 9-12 $175 Ed Hobbs, Robert Colby Dan Louie, John Doherty 13-16 $125 David Lash, Sean Lewis Joe Tamera, Mike Kurz



Friday night 8-Ball at 8PM $11 entry BCA Rules 13 - 7’ Valley Cougar Bar Boxes 7 - 9’ Olhausen Pool Tables

8492 Gravenstein Hwy - Cotati, CA 707-664-8040


December 2017

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Photo by: Don Akerlow

Thanksgiving 9-Ball Classic


Pockets Inc.

14 Pool Tables - Darts Foosball - Video Games

Happy Hour: Mon-Sat 5-7pm/Sun 6-7pm

Aug 8th - Sept 12th - Oct 10th 8-Ball - $20 entry - $$$ added - 11AM

905 E Lincoln Rd - Idaho Falls, ID 208-525-9962

3rd Annual Fall Classic 9 Ball Jointed Cue Billiards Sacramento, CA November 11, 2017

g n a K r a Am

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Photo by: Steve Register - Snap SAR

Congratulations to Amar Kang for winning the Fall Classic at the Jointed Cue! Thanks to all of the players (48) for making it down here for a great tournament. 1st Amar Kang $800 2nd Michael Glass $650 3rd George Michaels $500 4th Doug Whaley $300


Montana State 8 Ball Tournament

I would like to take a minute and thank everyone that played this weekend. We had 98 singles entries which makes this the largest ever! I would like to thank those of you that helped with

Men’s A: Wade Thompson (2nd), Jeff Boucher (1st)

1st Place Women’s: Candace Lucht

WOMEN’S 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

running match slips and keeping the tournament running well. There is alot of work that happens behind the scenes and weeks in advance.

Candace Lucht Lori Warnell-Dighans Misty Debates Sky Cristadora


1st 2nd 3rd

Jeff Boucher Wade Thompson Nate Neergaard

FREE POOL Fri & Sat 712 W Main St - Bozeman, MT



6-9 pm Daily Drink Specials 5 Pool Tables Open Daily 11am - 2am

December 2017

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4th 5/6 7/8

Jim Winter AJ Martino, Sean Fritzler Macy Cristadora, Jason Ellison

10 TV’s

2 Pool Tables Internet Darts

15 Big Sreen HD TV’s

Internet Music - 2 Pool Tables Internet Darts - Hottest Video Gaming Happy Hour 4:30-7:30 pm - VNEA Leagues

208 E Main - Manhattan, MT 406-284-3353 Open 10am-2am

Hottest Video Gaming

Happy Hour 4:30-7:30 pm VNEA Leagues

Open 10am-2am 204 N Main - Three Forks, MT 406-285-9880

Montana State 8 Ball Tournament

I get alot of comments on how well the tournament flows and is ran but realistically, Kristen does most of the work. Also, I’d like to thank the staff and management

1st Place Men’s B: Mark Vinogradov


1st 2nd 3rd

Wyatt Willson Gary Steinman Dustin Juvan

Ringo’s Bar & Grill

Every Sunday at 7pm Alternating 8 ball or 9 ball $5 entry - 100% payout House matches up to 23 players 12300 SW Broadway - Beaverton, OR 503-644-7847

of the Eagles and Bones, without their support, we couldn’t have such an awesome event. Thank you so much!

2nd Place Men’s B: Gary Steinman

2nd Place Women’s: Lori Warnell-Dighans

4th Jack Salveson 5/6th Brice Cady, John Reese 7/8th Steve Lesmeister, Derek Anderson

The Greek Village

FREE POOL on Sundays 6 - 50 cent pool tables with Simonis Cloth

7 TV’s + Big Screen Internet Jukebox ATM 301 NW Murray Blvd - Portland, OR 503-643-2119

The Only Billiard Museum in the World with a Bar! 719-597-9809

3628 Citadel Dr Colorado Springs, CO

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Home of the Rocky Mountain State Games

December 2017


Summer 8-Ball Tri Cup Champion is “Highly Overrated” with Capt. Lisa Aufderheide, Ryan Harp, Melissa Doherty, Michelle Bulman, Heather Shavonne Hoffmann, Richard West, & Rocky Lutz. Congrats, You guys played awesome all weekend. And 2nd place goes to Wicked Sticks - Capt. Jeremy Harvey, Shane Frye, Crystal Frye, Kim Kimberlee Rockwell, Rocky Rockwell, Allan Macomber, Good shooting. Both teams have some of the best sportsmanship. Makes us proud, we have awesome people in Snohomish County.

Wicked Sticks 2nd Place

Highly Overrated TriCup Champs -

20 Pool Tabl es 8 HD T V ’s F u l l K i tc h en F u l l Bar 12 Beer s on Tap - Happy Hou r - W eekl y Spec i al s - Leagu es - Tou r n am en ts - Cor por ate an d Pr i vate Par ti es

THE BROKEN RACK EXPANDING HOURS starting in October 2014! Open everyday 11:30 am to 2 am


December 2017

Est 1963

Pool Table Sales

New - Used - Antiques Over 100 in Stock Olhausen’s Oldest Dealer

Happy Hour Mon-Fri! 4:00pm-7:00pm

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1262 State St - Salem, OR


2017 - 2018 MONTANA POOL TOURNAMENTS Oct 14th: 8-Ball Singles SILVER SPUR SALOON Nov 11th: 9-Ball Singles Jan 6th: 8-Ball Dave Ward Memorial Doubles VAUGHN, MT Feb 3rd: 8-Ball Singles 406-964-1003 Mar 3rd: 8-Ball Chuck Thompson Memorial Singles Apr 7th: 9-Ball


Nov 4th: 8-Ball Singles Dec 2nd: 8-Ball Singles Jan 27th: 8-Ball Singles Feb 24th: 8-Ball Doubles Mar 25th: 8-Ball Singles

B.E.C.C. BLACK EAGLE, MT 406-761-8435

Oct 7th: 8-Ball Singles Nov 18th: 8-Ball Singles Jan 1st: 8-Ball Luck-of-the-Draw Mar 17th: 9-Ball

For more information contact: Ron DeWitt 406-868-9825

Why are many of the major championships in our sport now using Andy Cloth?

Why are 50% of the major championships in our sport now using Andy Cloth? Why are 50% ofofthe major in our now using Why are 50% the major in ourchampionships sport now using Andy Cloth? Why championships are championships 50% of the major insport our sport now using AndyAndy Cloth? Cloth?

Many pros agree ANDY CLOTH anything on tour. plays as good as anything on 9 out of 10 Pros agree, Maybe even better. ANDY -CLOTH plays as good as tour Maybe even better

9 out of 10 Pros agree, 9 out of 10 Pros agree, outasof 10 agree, ANDY CLOTH plays as good as ANDY CLOTH9 plays good asPros anything on anything tour. ANDYonCLOTH plays aseven good Maybe better. Maybe even better.


1-307-710-1447 on tour. Maybe even better. 1-307-710-1447

1-307-710-1447 1-307-710-1447

“When I found out that Andy Cloth was what I played on at the 71st World Tournament of 14.1, I called to order one for my home table where I still teach students” - Ray Martin, 3x World Champion & Author of critically acclaimed “The 99 Critical Shots in Pool” • • • • • • • • •

World class performance that surpasses any other surface Endorsed by international champions worldwide Costs significantly less, saving your customers money & building truyst and loyalty Longer lasting and more durable to weather/climate change Unique dyeing and surface leveling technology results in less burn marks Andy Pro Tour Cloth is a blend of 70% wool/30% nylon Used in the biggest prize purse tournaments in the World 41 years of cloth manufacturing experience Currently one of the fastest growing pool companies in the world

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December 2017


“To see where my game stacks up against the best of the best.” “There’s nothing else in pool like it.” “I want to leave a legacy.” Those were just a few of the many reasons event participants cited for wanting to compete in this year’s U.S. Amateur Championship and drove more than 2,100 of North America’s top amateur players to try and qualify. That’s what brought 128 men

and 39 women to Stroker’s in Palm Harbor, Fla., in early Novembern. This year’s U.S. Amateur Championship.

the championship trophy - a combination of marble and bronze that more closely resembles a piece of fine art than something awarded at a tournament.

Yeah, there were some great perks too. Like a getaway to Tampa, one of the premier vacation destinations in the world. An all-expenses paid trip to a pro event next year courtesy of the APA for the winners of each division. Oh, and let’s not forget

But winning the U.S. Amateur Championship is all about the title. It’s about leaving your mark on the sport of pool. It’s about having your name and your accomplishment forever etched in history on the Larry Hubbart Trophy.

spot for herself in the final round. If Huang was going to have a chance at the title she’d been chasing for more than a decade, she’d have to get past Rhea Brooks of St. Louis, Mo. With her back against the wall, and her opponent on-the-hill, Huang rose to the occasion. She forced a hill-hill showdown with Brooks, eventually defeating her 5-4. The win setup an opportunity for redemption with Theriault. Things seemed to finally come together for Huang in the final round. The match opened in 8-Ball, with Huang dominating the set 6-0. Theriault got on the board by winning the first two games of the 9-Ball set, but Huang would not to be denied this year. She took three of the next five

games and sealed the match with a 6-9 combo for the victory.

Huang Finally Secures Coveted Championship

Melinda Huang (above) of Los Angeles previously qualified for the U.S. Amateur Championship eight times, twice making it to the finals, but each time coming up just short of the title. For Huang, it was a bitter pill to swallow. After a two-year hiatus, she returned to Stroker’s once again determined to take home the championship. But opportunity doesn’t always come easy at the U.S. Amateur Championship. Undefeated and seemingly well on her way to another final, Huang’s championship hopes were derailed by Amy Theriault. In the hot-seat match, Theriault, of Sandusky, Ohio, sent Huang to the one-loss bracket and secured a


December 2017

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You could almost sense the relief from Huang as she grasped the trophy that had eluded her for so many years. Huang moves on to compete in a WPBA event next year, courtesy of APA. Theriault finished as Runner-up, her first appearance since 2010. Brooks finished in 3rd Place. Match coverage, including the finals, of this year’s U.S. Amateur Championship and Women’s U.S. Amateur Championship can be found on the APA YouTube channel at

In the finals of this year’s U.S. Amateur Championship, it was four-time U.S. Amateur Champion Brian Parks (below) of Bakersfield, Calif., looking to defend his title against Jeremy Edwards of Granger, Ind. Parks had gone undefeated coming into the final round. He was squaring off against a red-hot Edwards who also came into the final day undefeated before being bounced to the one-loss bracket by Parks. The match opened in the 8-Ball set, with Parks winning the first two games, the second of which by perfectly executing a jump shot to pocket the 8-ball in the corner. Edwards got on the scoreboard just moments later when Parks pocketed the 8-ball on the break, but also scratched. Leading 2-1, Parks would take the next two games, with Edwards winning the following two games to make

the score 4-3. Parks would close out the 8-Ball set with another win and took a 5-3 lead going into the 9-Ball set. The players traded the first two games of the 9-Ball set, with Parks taking the first and Edwards winning

games, and lead 10-6. In the seventeenth game, after Parks pocketed the 8-ball, and had perfect position to pocket the 9-ball for the victory, Edwards conceded the match in a show of good sportsmanship. The championship was Parks 5th U.S. Amateur Championship title in 11 appearances, the second time he’s secured the title in back-toback years. He’ll advance to the 2018 U.S. Open courtesy of the APA. For Edwards, the Runner-up finish was an impressive showing in only his second U.S. Amateur Championship.

Parks Drive for 5 the second. One of the more pivotal moments in the match came in the third game of the 9-Ball set. Trailing 6-4, Edwards had the chance to draw within a game, but failed to pocket the 9-ball. Parks instead capitalized on the mistake and took at 7-4 lead. Parks would go on to win three of the next five

Meet people, play pool and have fun!

Larry Maes Andrea Saenz-Maes 425-280-8422

Former champions David Rowell (’00) of Birmingham, Ala., and Henry Brodt (’98, ’99, ’15) of Laguna Beach, Calif., finished 3rd and 4th respectively.

The entry window for the 2018 U.S. Amateur Championship is now open with the Preliminary Rounds scheduled across North America in midSeptember. The U.S. Amateur Championship is conducted by the APA, and is the only tournament produced by the APA open to both members and nonmembers. Preliminary qualifying rounds were held throughout the country in mid-September. As Champions, both Parks and Huang will return next year to defend their coveted titles. The U.S. Amateur Championship is a double elimination tournament that offers the nation’s top amateur players the opportunity to showcase their skills through a combination of 8-Ball and 9-Ball matches, in the only APA event that does not use The Equalizer® handicap system. For complete coverage of the U.S. Amateur Championship visit http://www.

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December 2017


Callado Sisters Dominate TWCWT

Eleanor The West Coast Women’s Tour (TWCWT) completed Stop #6 of their 2017 season on the weekend of November 18-19 at Family Billiards in San Francisco, CA. Sponsor Delbert Wong is an avid supporter of the sport of billiards, a participant himself, and has been instrumental in the success of this Tour from its beginning. For this event, we had the largest field of the year so far with 41 players, including 5 new players who joined in. At the players meeting, Cony Mendoza (Director of Marketing and Sponsorship) invited 4 of the 5 players who participated in the last NAPT event to share their experience. It was very inspirational for the rest of the field to hear their stories. Eleanor Callado, who has had a superb year while competing in the NAPT Pro events, is getting used to finishing in top positions, challenging players of a high caliber: Allison Fisher, Karen Corr, Vivian Villareal, Monica Webb, all who have been ranked #1 at some point in their professional careers. Her sister, Emilyn, also made it to the money placing top 12, winning 4-5 matches on the one-loss side, and showing tremendous resolve as most of the time she was down on the scoreboard and then she would find the focus to turn it around and come out ahead. The Callado sisters continue to share their domination in the TWCWT. Their vision of the table, determination to win, skillful strokes and smart playing make for quite entertaining matches to watch. Eleanor tends to dominate, but, this year, Emilyn has stepped up her game and it seems as if she is getting closer and closer to the level of competition of Eleanor. Those of us who enjoy a great close match definitely love to see when they both clash at final tables.


December 2017

Emilyn (7) won matches against Amani Ali (6), Karen Zeng (6), Minnie Tayaotao (7) and the winner of our last stop in Modesto, Revelina Um (7). Eleanor (8) won matches against Dorothy Lam (5), Julianne Zuniga (5), Theresa Teague (6), and Frances Tso (6). One of the new additions to the tour, Motoko Siguenza (6), won matches against new player Ilona Solomon (6), Dar Domingo (6), Kathy Chu (6), and Yeva Plotnikova (6). Janna Sue Nelson (7), a regular in our top 8, received a bye, defeated Aj Grepo (6), May Tcha (6), and Susan Churba (6). As the tournament evolved, Janna begun to stroke the ball nicely, but, unfortunately, the table rolls did not favor her.

Eleanor Edges Out Emilyn Emilyn

The matches for Sunday on the winners’ side would be: Eleanor Callado (8) vs. Emilyn Callado (7) and Motoko Siguenza (6) vs. Janna Sue Nelson (7). The matches on the one-loss side: Dee Domingo (6) vs. Jessica Valdez (6) and Frances Tso (6) vs. Revelina Um (7). We saw the winner of the Modesto stop, Revelina Um, lose her focus and make enough mistakes to give up her lead and, in a surprising turn of events, lose her final match of the tournament to Motoko Siguenza. Revelina finished in 5-6th place. Emilyn, who was waiting for the winner of that match, would come ahead 7-3 and have another opportunity to challenge Eleanor. She had lost the quarterfinal match against

The Break

her sister Eleanor 6-8. Initially, she was down in the match, but was able to even up the match to a hillhill finish. Janna Sue Nelson would win her match against Motoko Siguenza 7-5, setting herself up against Eleanor. This match would end 8-3 in favor of Eleanor.


The TWCWT continues to grow and the level of competition continues to rise. The same way that we see the regular players dominating the top positions, we are also seeing many new and upcoming players rise to the occasion and challenge each other more and more at every stop.

For the final true double elimination match, the Callado sisters again displayed a great level of competition. Eleanor used her defensive skills to challenge Emilyn, who never gives up regardless of the deficit on the scoreboard. Again, she would manage to capitalize on the few mistakes made and take the

match to another thrilling hill-hill finish (after 2-5, 3-6, and 5-7 deficits).

Stop #7 will be at Edgie’s Billiards in Milpitas on December 16-17, 2017. We will also have our 2nd annual holiday gift exchange! Bring a new, wrapped $10 gift and please make sure your name is NOT on the gift. Sincere gratitude to our regular sponsors:, Don Akerlow of On the Break News, Cony and Tina Mendoza of Diablo Valley Pool Leagues and our room sponsors: Karen Markulis - Hard Times

Daily Specials Pizza ~ Seafood Burgers & Appetizers Pool Tables Tournaments Leagues Karaoke 9 ~ 12 Tue, Fri, Sat

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208-375-2474 20 Pool Tables Weekly Tournaments - Pool Leagues Free Pool 11am-2pm 7 days a week Food! Drinks! Fun!

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri: 4 to 7pm

1532 Kimberly Rd, Twin Falls, ID 83301 (208) 733-9676

Khanh Ngo 2nd Chance Winner

FULL BAR Restaurant 12 Pool Tables Snooker Table Pool Leagues

Alice Murphy 2nd Chance 2nd

Silver Dollar Tavern Hours: 9AM - 2:30AM Karaoke BCA Pool Leagues

4 Diamond Smart Pool Tables 479 Newmark Ave - Coos Bay, OR 541-888-5634

158-100th St So. Tacoma, WA


Pool Leagues Sun - Thurs Karaoke Wednesdays D J & Dancing Fri & Sat Food Specials

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Poker Tournaments

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Sun thru Thurs at 6 & 9PM Food & Drink Specials

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Hours: 1pm - 2am Daily 4300 Capitola Rd - Capitola, CA


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40 N Riverside Ave Medford, OR 541-779-6111

Doc’s Tavern

BEER & WINE - BCA - APA - TAP Friday night 8 Ball

Home of Frosty Beer and Where Old Rockers Meet!

BCA Pool League Wednesday’s at 7 pm Meat Shoot Fridays at 3 pm 1414 Bay Ave - Ocean Park, WA



Open Noon - 2am Happy Hour: Noon - 7pm


$10 entry - BCA rules - DE - Race to 2 both sides - $3/person added Loser breaks after 1st game - free practice after 6PM

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Family Billiards

18 Gold Crowns - 2 Diamond Bar Tables WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS: • Mon & Wed 8-Ball ~ $15 entry ~ 7PM • Tuesday Handicapped 9-Ball ~ $11 entry ~ Race to 2/2 ~ 7PM

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December 2017

NITEHAWK Tournament Director (503) 285-7177 (360) 892-7454

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Jerry Miller Wins the Viper’s 13th Annual Colorado State Junior 9-Ball Championships!

From left to right: Nico Rodriquez (2nd), Melissa Little and Jerry Miller (Champion) Colorado’s popular juniors event kicked off with its 13th Annual Colorado State Junior 9-Ball Championships this past Saturday, October 28th, 2017 which was held at Felt Billiards located at 101 W Floyd Ave, Englewood, CO. The youth event was open to any junior between the ages of 8-19 and was divided into three different age groups. 14-year-old Jerry Miller of Evans, Colorado successfully won this year’s title by defeating Pueblo’s 14-year-old Nico Rodriquez winning two straight matches 4-0 & 4-1 in the finals to become this year’s champion. Earlier in the year Nico won the 8-Ball Championship and Jerry won the 10-Ball event so there was no big surprise that these two were in finals of the end of the year’s State Championships. OTHER TOP FINISHERS: 1st Jerry Miller - Jacoby custom cue, trophy, multiple gift bags 2nd Nico Rodriquez – Trophy, huge Teddy Bear and gift bag 3rd James Ballinger – Trophy and gift bag 4th Highest Finishing Female Award: Amanda Campbell – (2) Trophies, Stuffed bear and multiple gift bags. 5-6 Issac and Hunter 7-8 Jin and Mackenzie 9-12 Nick H, Michael H, Noah and Soren Tournament director and creator of these prestigious junior’s events is WPBA touring professional Melissa Little Aka “The Viper”. She created her “Viper Juniors Program” back in 2004 and continues to support kids playing pool. She is also

the creator of other great programs like her Viper Kids Boot Camps, junior pool leagues, Kids open clinics and her popular after school program. Mark your calendars as Melissa will be hosting three additional junior events throughout the 2018 year. A special “Thank-You” to the events sponsors: Jacoby Custom Cues out of Nekoosa, WI; Felt Billiards in Englewood, CO; Bigge Construction Inc. in Englewood, CO; Gift bag sponsors Pro Player Mark Haddad and Studio 54 Denver. Other notable past Colorado State Champions: • 2005 DJ Martinez - CO • 2007 Nicole Keeney - CO • 2008 James Fortin - CO • 2009 Malek Haj Hussein - CO • 2010 Ricky Smiley - CO • 2011 Nick Weston - CO • 2012 Randy Rodriguez - WY • 2013 Nathan Diederich – CA • 2014 Seth Krafczik – NE 3 POOL TABLES ~ POOL LEAGUES • 2015 Kyle Chewning – CO DARTS ~ SHUFFLE BOARD • 2016 Kyle Chewning – CO GOLDEN TEE LIVE ~ PULL TABS

BZ’S Sports Bar

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Saturday Night Pool Tournament at 7PM

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December 2017


s n i W w a h S n o s Ja y

U. S. Open 9 Ball Pat Fleming, Shannon Behrman, Jayson Shaw and daughter, Brady Behrman


p i h s n o i C hamp

December 2017

The Break


SHAW VS. KACI IN THE FINALS! Eklent Kaci defeated Chang, Jung-Lin, last year’s runner-up (and this year’s fourth place finisher, to earn a spot in the semifinals. With the score tied at 6-6, Kaci put his precision position play game into overdrive and he sped past Francisco Sanchez Ruiz to earn a spot in the finals. His opponent is Jayson Shaw, who will almost certainly become the Player of the Year if he wins his first US Open. Jayson Shaw capped his undefeated run through a stellar field of 139 competitors from around the world with a convincing 13-4 win over 18-year-old phenom Eklent Kaci. Shaw took the first 8 games on the strength of two break and runs, great play, and a couple of rolls – he hung two balls and left Kaci in tough spots. Kaci finally scored a couple or racks, but then broke dry and Shaw ran out, broke and ran out, then broke in the 9-ball to take an 11-2 lead. The duo split the next four racks and Shaw concluded the festivities with a runout after Kaci scratched on the break. Photos courtesy of: Hailey Behrman



1 $40,000 Jayson Shaw 2 $24,000 Eklent Kaci 3 $12,500 Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz 4 $8000 Jun-Lin Chang 5/6 $5750 Naoyuki Oi, Ping-Chung Ko 7/8 $4500 Corey Deuel, Jeffrey De Luna 9-12 $3250 Thorsten Hohmann, Billy Thorpe, Jin-Hu Dang, Joshua Filler 13-16 $2750 Nick Van Den Berg, Shane Van Boening, Justin Bergman, Skyler Woodward 17-24 $2500 Carlo Biado, Yukio Akagariyama, John Morra, Mika Immonen, Albin Ouschan, Darren Appleton, Alex Pagulayan, Wen Lo Li 25-32 $2250 Niels Feijen, Earl Strickland, Radoslaw Babica, Jai-Qing Wu, Warren Kiamco, Mario He, Konrad Juszczyszyn, Reymart Lim 33-48 $2000 Petri Makronen, Haitao Liu, Rodney Morris, Jonathan Pinegar, Michael Delawder, Ronnie Alcano, Dennis Orcollo, Pin-Yi Ko, Johnny Archer, Jeremy Jones, Zoren James Aranas, Chris Melling, John Schmidt, Yu-Lung Chang, Martin Daigle, Juha Mallinen

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December 2017


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December 2017

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WEEKLY Pool TOURNAMENTS Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice DAY CITY Mondays Boise, ID Capitola, CA Fresno, CA Sacramento, CA San Francisco, CA

LOCATION The Pocket Fast Eddy’s Diamond Billiards Jointed Cue Family Billiards

PHONE (208) 375-2474 (831) 462-1882 559-283-0000 (916) 456-3243 (415) 931-1115

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Open WorldPPA 9-Ball 9-Ball Handdicapped 9-Ball B 8-Ball

ENTRY $5 $12/$25 $10 $10 $15

ADDED TIME $$$ 8:00PM $100 (last Mon) 8:00PM Call 7:00PM Call 8:00PM Call 7:00PM

Tuesdays Beaverton, OR Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA San Francisco, CA Wednesdays Coos Bay, OR Sacramento, CA Petaluma, CA Petaluma, CA San Francisco, CA Tacoma, WA Tacoma , WA Thursdays Boise, ID Modesto, CA Sacramento, CA Fridays Electric City, WA Cotati, CA Petaluma, CA Coos Bay, OR Medford, OR Salem, OR Lakewood, WA Ocean Pk, WA Tacoma, WA Tacoma, WA Saturdays Burien, WA Lakewood, WA Modesto, CA Salem, OR Petaluma, CA Sundays Tacoma, WA Pocatello, ID Coos Bay, OR Portland, OR Bozeman, MT

Ringo’s Bar & Grill Hard Times Jointed Cue Family Billiards Silver Dollar Hard Times Buffalo Billiards Buffalo Billiards Family Billiards Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Latitude 84 The Pocket Diamond Billiards Hard Times Banks Lake Pub Dog House Billiards Buffalo Billiards Silver Dollar Rackem Jake’s Bar & Grill Schooners Doc’s Tavern Latitude 84 Malarkey’s Pool & Brew BZ’s Sport Bar Schooners Diamond Billiards Jake’s Bar & Grill Buffalo Billiards Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Oasis Bar Silver Dollar NiteHawk Scoop Bar

503-644-7847 (916) 332-8793 (916) 456-3243 (415) 931-1115 (541) 888-5634 (916) 332-8793 (707) 794-7338 (707) 794-7338 (415) 931-1115 (253) 383-3301 (253) 531-5154 (208) 375-2474 (209) 577-1447 (916) 332-8793 (509) 633-2000 (707) 664-8040 (707) 794-7338 (541) 888-5634 (541) 779-6111 (503) 362-3600 (253) 584-1919 (360) 665-4105 (253) 531-5154 (253) 383-3301 (206) 243-6018 (253) 584-1919 (209) 577-1447 (503) 362-3600 (707) 794-7338 (253) 383-3301 (208) 232-9347 (541) 888-5634 (503) 285-7177 (406) 209-4124

8-Ball 8-Ball Line 9-Ball Open 9-Ball Handicap Players Choice 9-Ball B 9-Ball Hndcp A-B-C-D 8-Ball Handicap 8-Ball 9 Ball-Race to 3-DE 9-Ball 9-Ball Open 9-Ball Bar Table Handicap 9-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball - BCA Rules 9-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball BCA rules 8-Ball Open Poker 9 Ball-Race to 3-DE 8-Ball Call Pocket - BIH 8-Ball BCA rules 8-Ball Bar Table 8-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball 8-Ball 8/9 Ball Alternating Players Choice 8-Ball - Race 2/1 Outlaw Pool Tournament

$5 Call $5-$15 $20 $5 Call $5 $5 $15 $5+3 g.f. $5+$3 g.f. $5 $10 Call $5 $11 $10 $5 $5 $5+$5 g.f. $5 $3 Call $5+3 g.f. $5 $5 $10 $5+$5 g.f. $15/10/5 $5 $5 $5 $3 M/$2 W $10

House Matches Call $50 Call Call Call Matching Matching Call 100% Call $$$ Call Call Matching Break Pot Call $$$ w/9+ $3/player $$$ 100% Meat Shoot Call 100% Match to $100 100% $3/player $$$ Call 100% Matching Call $100 Call

Soundview Bar & Grill

Nicest Pool Tables in Downtown Everett F R EE POOL Saturday, Sunday & Monday Nights FULL BAR - GOOD FOOD GREAT PRICES 1116 Hewitt Ave - Everett, WA 425-259-3383

7PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 6:30PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 6:30PM 6:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 6 & 9PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 6:30PM 2:00PM 1:00PM 8:00PM 5:00PM 6:00PM 6:00PM

31 Brunswick Gold Crowns Tournament Room Domestic and Imported Beers on tap Kitchen serveing hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, sandwiches, and wings

5536 Garfield Ave - Sacramento, CA 916-332-8793

The Break

December 2017


Tournament Trail

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice DATE

Dec 2 Dec 2 Dec 2 Dec 3 Dec 3 Dec 3 Dec 4-7 Dec 8-9 Dec 9 Dec 16-17 Dec 16 Dec 30 Dec 31 Dec 31 Jan 1 Jan 6 Jan 6 Jan 7 Jan 7 Jan 12-13 Jan 13 Jan 14 Jan 20-21 Jan 20 Jan 22 Jan 25 Jan 20 Jan 27 Jan 27 Feb 2-3 Feb 3 Feb 3 Feb 4 Feb 4 Feb 10 Feb 10-11 Feb 24 Feb 24 Mar 3 Mar 17 Mar 24 Mar 30-31


Lincoln, MT Marysville, WA Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Portland, OR Marysville, WA Las Vegas, NV Saratoga, WY Keizer, OR Milpitas, CA Lynnwood, WA Lynnwood, WA Portland, OR Keizer, OR Black Eagle, MT Vaughn, MT Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Portland, OR Saratoga, WY Marysville, WA Marysville, WA San Francisco, CA Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Seattle, WA Portland, OR Lincoln, MT Saratoga, WY Marysville, WA Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Portland, OR Marysville, WA Sacramento, CA Portland, OR Lincoln, MT Vaughn, MT Black Eagle, MT Lincoln, MT Saratoga, WY





$1000 added Bring your own!

Race on the front side 6 Race on the back side 5 Finals Race: From the back side 9 From the front side 7

BCA Rules, Alt . Breaks Choice of Traditional or Magic rack. Doors open at 9:30am for open practice, sign-ups at 10am, Start 11am.



December 2017


Wilderness (see ad p23) 406-362-9200 8-Ball Call Danny’s Midway (see ad p16) 360-659-2248 8-Ball Doubles SL cap 10 $15 Hard Times (see ad p33) 916-332-8793 One Pocket $20 Hard Times (see ad p33) 916-332-8793 Open 9 Ball $30/20 Sam’s Billiards (see ad p17) 503-282-8266 Straight Pool $15 Danny’s Midway (see ad p16) 360-659-2248 9-Ball Doubles SL cap 10 $15 Mandalay Bay Casino Mosconi Cup XXIV tickets Nubbins Memorial (see ad p16) 307-710-1447 8-Ball $30 Kolby’s (see ad p34) 503-393-POOL Open 10-Ball Sc Dbls Call TWCWT (see ad p23) 408-942-9500 9-Ball Women - Edgie’s Billiards $30+fees Pub 44 (see ad p25) 425-582-8808 8-Ball $15 Pub 44 (see ad p25) 425-582-8808 9-Ball $15 Sam’s Billiards (see ad p17) 503-282-8266 10 Ball $15/$10 Kolby’s (see ad p34) 503-393-POOL New Year’s Eve 8-Ball (A’s & B’s) $25 BECC (see ad p23) 406-761-8435 Luck of the Draw 8-Ball Call Silver Spur Saloon (see ad p23) 406-964-1003 Dave Ward Memorial 8-Ball Dbls Call Hard Times (see ad p33) 916-332-8793 One Pocket $20 Hard Times (see ad p33) 916-332-8793 Open 9 Ball $30/20 Sam’s Billiards (see ad p17) 503-282-8266 Straight Pool $15 Nubbins Memorial (see ad p16) 307-710-1447 Saratoga $30 Danny’s Midway (see ad p16) 360-659-2248 8-Ball Doubles SL cap 10 $15 Danny’s Midway (see ad p16) 360-659-2248 9-Ball Doubles SL cap 10 $15 TWCWT (see ad p23) 415-585-2331 9-Ball Women - Billiard Palacade $30+fees Derby City Classic (see ad p10) 9-Ball Banks - Buy in option (bio) $110 bio $50 Derby City Classic (see ad p10) One Pocket - Buy in option (bio) $135 bio $75 Derby City Classic (see ad p10) 9-Ball - Buy in option (bio) $160 bio $100 Golden Fleece (see ad p28) 425-280-4514 One Pocket Handicap $65 Sam’s Billiards (see ad p17) 503-282-8266 10 Ball $15/$10 Wilderness (see ad p23) 406-362-9200 8-Ball Singles Call Nubbins Memorial (see ad p16) 307-710-1447 8-Ball $30 Danny’s Midway (see ad p16) 360-659-2248 8-Ball Doubles Finals Las Vegas $15 Hard Times (see ad p33) 916-332-8793 One Pocket $20 Hard Times (see ad p33) 916-332-8793 Open 9 Ball $30/20 Sam’s Billiards (see ad p17) 503-282-8266 Straight Pool $15 Danny’s Midway (see ad p16) 360-659-2248 9-Ball Doubles Finals Las Vegas $15 TWCWT (see ad p23) 916-332-8793 9-Ball Women - Hard Times $30+fees Sam’s Billiards (see ad p17) 503-282-8266 10 Ball $15/$10 Wilderness (see ad p23) 406-362-9200 8-Ball Doubles Call Silver Spur Saloon (see ad p23) 406-964-1003 Chuck Thompson Mem 8-Ball Call BECC (see ad p23) 406-761-8435 9-Ball Call Wilderness (see ad p23) 406-362-9200 8-Ball Singles Call Nubbins Memorial (see ad p16) 307-710-1447 Saratoga $30

The Break


Call Qualifier Call $300 w/32 Call Qualifier Call $1,000 $1,000 Call Qualifier Qualifier $300 $500 Call Call Call $300 w/32 Call $1,000 Qualifier Qualifier Call $10,000 Guar $15,000 Guar $25,000 Guar Call $300 Call $1,000 Qualifier Call $300 w/32 Call Qualifier Call $300 Call Call Call Call $1,000


Call 11AM 1PM 1PM 11AM 10:15AM Call Call 10AM Call  10AM 10AM 1PM 7PM Call Call 1PM 1PM 11AM Call 11AM 10:15AM Call  Noon Noon Noon Call 1PM Call Call Call 1PM 1PM 11AM Call Call  1PM Call Call Call Call Call

3838 River Rd. Keizer, Or. 97303

(503) 393-POOL (7665) NEW YEARS EVE

December 31st 7PM

A’s & B’s 8 ball —$500 added

$25.00 Entry, Race 4/4

BCA Rules, Alt. Breaks Choice of Traditional or Magic rack. Doors open at 9:30am for practice, sign-ups at 10am, Start 11am. Woman Masters /Grand Masters = A’s




The Viking Experience. More than 50 years of industry leading innovation comes together with simple, elegant design to give you the best playing cue money can buy. Period. The feel of the wood on wood joint and finger joined construction, the convenience of the Viking Precision Weight Bolt System and nearly unbreakable SuperFerrule and the added value of the standard Viking Quick Release are features built into every Viking at every price point. With looks as good as they play and made in America since 1965, it’s easy to see why Viking continues to be… A682 A912 $775 MSRP $1200 MSRP

...The Player’s Choice

Viking Cue Manufacturing, LLC. 2228 Pleasant View Road Middleton, WI 53562 1.800.397.0122 LIFETIME WARRANTY MADE IN THE USA


MAKES ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE The most important factor in cue ball deflection is cue end mass. Katana shafts use a ferrule that is half the length with thinner walls to reduce the amount of cue ball “squirt” during play.

7 Responsive Top Layers The top 7 layers are medium density boar hide, tanned naturally up to 12 months to achieve maximum control and consistency.

3 Foundation Layers The bottom 3 layers are high density pig skin, selected for its premium durability and legendary feel.


TIP: 12.5mm Katana tip by Tiger FERRULE: 3/8” Long Thin Wall Fiber TAPER: Pro


TIP: 11.5mm Katana tip by Tiger FERRULE: 3/8” Long Thin Wall Fiber TAPER: Conical

KATANA PERFORMANCE SHAFT TECHNOLOGY 10-Piece Spliced Radial Construction The grain in a solid wooden shaft creates a natural spine which affects how the cue ball reacts to impact. Rotating the cue, even a quarter turn, will change how the shaft performs. By splitting the shaft into ten sections and alternating the direction of the grain, Katana removes natural variances and provides lower deflection and more consistent results.

QUALIFIED DEALERS WELCOME WWW.CUESTIX.COM | 800.645.9803 Manufactured by CueStix International

The Break Pool Magazine December Issue 2017  

Amar King Winning the Jointed Cue Fall Classic is featured ..... Holiday Gift Guide .... Tournaments

The Break Pool Magazine December Issue 2017  

Amar King Winning the Jointed Cue Fall Classic is featured ..... Holiday Gift Guide .... Tournaments