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November 2009


November 2009

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November 2009

The Elevator Shot - Go Up and Down By Bill Smith “Mr3Cushion”, Old School

WHY DO SO many billiardists play around the table shots when up-anddown shots would suit them much better. Start taking a closer look at your around-the-table opportunities, especially when the second object ball isn't "big" in the corner. You can turn small target areas into huge ones. In Diagram 1, for instance, the third ball is positioned in a small, unforgiving area; an aroundthe-table shot would have to score on the way in or not at all. Also, you'd have to hit the first ball very thin, using extreme English, and avoid a kiss in passing the first object ball. But play the same shot up and down, and you have far more control of speed; you're assured of leaving the first ball in a high scoring zone; and that final ball is much, much bigger. Hit the first ball with enough speed to bank it twice across the table to the side cushion; use minimum 2 o'clock English with a slightly elevated cue to create a little curve on the cue ball. In the shot of Diagram 2, most players not only choose an aroundthe-table shot but

the wrong one to boot: four rails instead of five or six. There's a kiss there, too. So why not go up-and-down again, going four rails in behind the second ball as shown, and getting good position too? Hit the first ball thin, with minimum 1 o'clock English, and again, a slightly elevated cue. The first ball is banked cross the table to a "big ball" position in the corner for the next shot. Diagram 3 shows another often-overlooked option. Most average, and even skilled, players will try for five to seven rails around the table, and just about always get a kiss after the third rail. Instead, bank that first ball cross-corner the long way, and go up and down with high center ball, a level cue this time and an eighth-of-a-ball hit on the first ball. You get a high degree of success of scoring, plus simple position for the next shot. Again, four rails work slightly better for position than three. The important thing to keep in mind is that these up-and-down shots give you a much bigger target — plus simple opportunities for great position play.


Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot

SUNDAY: 8 Ball 6:00 pm

Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot FREE POOL Mon-Fri 11 am - 3 pm

Karaoke DJ Sun-Thurs 7 pm

Fri-Sat Live Poker Daily at 10 am Hold-em and Omaha

3663 Pacific Ave SE #D - Olympia, WA (360) 412-1330

November 2009


The Benefit of Full Stroking

“Pool Saved My Life”

One Man’s Tragic Story and What Pool Means to Him

By Roger Long, Advanced Certified Instructor

“Don’t poke it, stroke it.” No doubt you’ve heard that worn out cliché many Roger Long times before. But what does it really mean? What identifies a motion as a poke instead of a stroke? What is really wrong with poking at the cue ball? And how can you get rid of a poke stroke? Those are some questions we will attempt to answer with this month’s article. First off, let’s look at one of the most common types of pokes in existence in order to get a comparison between it and the kind of poke we’re talking about here – and that poke would be a poke in the eye. If you imagine one person taking their finger and poking another person in the eye with it, do you visualize a long, smooth motion taking place, or do you visualize a short, quick jab? Of course, you visualize a short, quick jab. You say, what’s your point, Roger? Well, my point is: A POKE IN THE EYE HURTS, DON’T DO IT! Seriously, though, a poke is just what we identified it as; it’s a short, quick jab. In pool, most people think of it as not following through the cue ball. In other words, it can be the act of stopping the stroke as soon as the tip contacts the cue ball. And this is very true, but it can also be the act of shortening the backswing to just a couple of inches before accelerating the cue stick forward. Either way, the motion is a short, quick jab. It’s a poke. Okay, so what’s wrong with poking at the ball as long as you hit it in the right spot? Again, most people think it’s only one thing, when really it’s quite a bit more. The one thing most people blame on a poke stroke is skidding of the cue ball, causing it to go off of its intended line of travel. While it’s true that that can happen, it’s probably not the highest price you’ll pay for not stroking through the ball. When a player gets down on a shot and starts taking a few warm-up strokes, there are a couple of things that should be going on: one, the cue shaft should be observed as it moves back and forth to see if the stick is moving straight along the line of aim; and two, the player should be feeling the movement of the shaft through the fingers while he or she visualizes the shot to get the correct speed of stroke. When all feedback says “go”, the stick is slowly pulled back until the ferrule reaches the fingers of the bridge hand, and then it is accelerated forward through the cue ball at just the right speed. Bingo! We just discovered in the previous paragraph what defines a full stroke. It is pulling the cue back until the ferrule reaches the bridge hand before it starts accelerating forward, and then allowing the tip to go all the way through the cue ball before it starts to decelerate. Now if you don’t get the first part of the full stroke correct on your final stroke, you rob yourself of that all-important feel for the speed of the shot. You can take all of the long warmup strokes you want, but if you only pull the cue back a couple of inches on your final stroke, you erase half the benefit of the warm-up strokes. And believe it or not, I know many players who do just that.

By Samm Diep, © November 2009 Samm Diep

From the early age of 13, Phil recalls banging balls around at the nearby YMCA with his skateboarding buddies. With no bridges available, it was normal to switch between shooting right-handed and left-handed. Their summers were carefree and pool kept them out of trouble. It would be seven years later before Phil’s adolescent pastime would rescue him from his darkest demons. Continuing to play throughout grade school, he entered college and found himself a regular at Classic Billiards, the all-ages pool hall at the time. On one late night he witnessed the owner, Jason, matched up in 9-ball sets with a road player and for the first time, he recalled seeing two players “play 9-ball the way it was supposed to be played.” The two men broke “I was purposely and ran racks, played strategic destroying myself. I was defensive moves, made all the looking for answers. tough shots and made the game Why is this happening look so beautiful. I’m sure we to me? What did I do can all remember the first time we saw pool played at a high wrong?” level. It’s like making music. A couple years later, Phil invested in his first pool cue. It was a hundred dollar Viking cue which he still owns today. Along with the cue, he picked up a couple instructional videos. The one he watched over and over was Jerry Briesath’s “How to Play Pool Right.” That would be his first breakthrough in taking the game more seriously. At a young age, his parents divorced and his mom remarried. Both his dad and his step-dad also dabbled in the game and encouraged his interest. At age 20, Phil attended a college party that would forever change his life. It was there that he met Julie, an old high school crush. The two instantly connected and within weeks were head over heels. Their romance quickly progressed. They were madly in love and after a brief five-month courtship Phil proposed marriage and Julie accepted. It was a fairytale love story that would have a devastating ending. The two married and briefly moved to the East coast. In the fall of 1996, they returned to Colorado where Phil would face the initial blows of the hardships to come. That December, Phil’s step-father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They were told he only had three months to live. He called his wife to break the news. She was spending Thanksgiving with her family in Chicago and planned to return to Colorado as soon as possible. The haunting events that followed will remain with Phil for the rest of his life. continued on page 25


November 2009


up short on the 8 which was just off the bottom For Xiaoting Pan, this was her first chance to rail, and she had a choice of a bank, or a safety win a WPBA Tour event since 2008. For Jasmin, as her coach, Michael, looked on in concern. She this was her opportunity to win her second title of chose the safety although Xiaoting could see this year. Both came into this match undefeated about ¼ of the ball as a result. Xiaoting’s return and both were shooting lights out. Xiaoting won the lag and ran out to post the first game of the match, up 1-0. Jasmin broke, came up dry Xiaoting missed and Jasmin ran out. Xiaoting had the break in game 3, pocketing a ball and soon it was now 2. Jasmin made a great bank shot on the 1 to continue through the layout and ran out to go up 3-2. Xiaoting broke in game 9 but came up dry and left Jasmin an open shot to start her run. She made the 1 but was forced to play a safety on the 2 ball, which Xiaoting missed. Jasmin knew she had to take advantage of this opportunity and ran out to regain a one game lead, up 5-4. The 2 was about 10” off the bottom rail, with the 9 ball sitting another Jasmin Ouschan 8” above that in line with the corner pocket safety came way up-table and Xiaoting aimed for the strange up dry leaving Jasmin a bank shot which Jasmin missed. Luck was on Jasmin’s side though as carom, and the crowd oohed and aahed as the the cue ball slowly rolled right up under the 9, 9 went straight in traveling 8’ away and we were giving Xiaoting nothing more than a one long rail tied again at 5 all. kick shot. Xiaoting did hit the ball, but the 8 rolled Xiaoting broke in game 11, making the 6 ball. up for perfect position for Jasmin who ran out She had a very, very tough cut on the one ball, and reached the hill in which she missed badly and left it wide open for the most tense of all the Jasmin to take advantage of the error. To her games, 6-5. frustration, her shape to the 4 ball was straighter Jasmin broke in game than she’d wanted it and in trying to cheat the 13 and although she pocket with draw, she missed the ball. Xiaoting made a ball, missed the stepped up and also missed the ball, leaving 2 ball playing position it a duck in the pocket. Jasmin made the 4 but for the 4. Xiaoting was snookered herself behind the 7. She could see left to play a one rail half the 5 and executed a beautiful short jump kick slider on the ball shot, with position on the 7. Her force follow came and made it with great Story & Photos by Anne Craig – WPBA

881 E. El Camino Real Mountain View, CA. 94040 (650) 965-3100

position to the 4. She took a quick look at the 6 which was tied up awkwardly with the 9, and missed the 4, leaving a 4/9 combination after she’d knocked away the 6 ball. Jasmin stepped up, shook the nerves out and made the 4/9 to win her second tournament of the year! Dee Pigsley; Chairperson of the Siletz Tribe of Oregon, presented our winner and runner up with their custom made Pendelton blankets and blown glass trophy bowls. Many thanks go out to Chinook Winds Casino Resort, especially Josh Blacketer and Kelli Duhamel of the Marketing Department. The staff here at the casino was wonderful and treated our staff and players well. The shot clock volunteers provided by Merle & Boomer Humphries were a fantastic group of people and we hope to see them next year! Thanks to our sponsors; The American Poolplayers Association, Aramith, Brunswick, Cuetec, Pooldawg. com, Mueller Recreational Products and Simonis Cloth, for their continued support of the WPBA. Next up; the final tournament of the season, the 2009 WPBA Tour Championships at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, November 11-15, 2009. See you there!

November 2009

Rockin’ the Party Palace

September 25th Butte was hots of a $4,000 payout with no entry fee needed and a small green fee. Sixteen men’s teams, three per team and sixteen women’s teams, three per team competed in a round robin each player playing everybody in the tournament one game. The team with the most wins was awarded $700 for both men and women, second place was awarded $500, third place $400 and fourth place $200. Also awarded was men’s top shooter and women’s top shooter $100 for first and $50 for second place. $100 went to print the books each team used to keep all


These were some of the best male players I have seen in a tournament. Thank you for coming to the Butte 3 man. See you next year. First place men’s top shooter went to Chase Guthre with 34 wins, second was split between Shane Shumaker, Jason Dawes and Jeff Boucher with 33 wins. The Billings girls came to play and won first place with a total of 104 games. Linda Asleson, Sue Miller and Jonella Staus. Linda also took top woman shooter with 38 wins that meant she only lost 7 games of a

1st Place: Linda Asleson, Jonella Staus, Sue Miller

2nd Place: Amanda Bray, Cat Hanson, Misty Debates

the scores. Jeff Boucher, Jason Dawes and Seth King took home first with 96 wins, second was Nate Neergard, Macy Christadora, Chase Gather with 90 wins. The Idaho boys came and game a good effort and went home with third place with 86 wins. Congratulations to Shane Shumaker, Bill Buchanon, Greg Hoffman. Gary Steinman, Dave Rodrigo’s, Mark from Hamilton/Darby area took fourth place. Good job.

3rd Place: Molly Jones, Barb Walker, Becka Larken continued on page 25


By Tom Suarez Tournament Director


November 2009

Tony Chohan comes home for a visit and decides to take the The Brackets were drawn and play started just a few minutes weekend off and take off the One Pocket and 9 Ball tournaments and after 1pm. The Hot Seat match consisted of Tony Chohan and Rex wins both undefeated. Chan. Mr. Chan of Elk Grove has There were 32 players in the been showing great improvement Saturday One Pocket event. $640 in his game over the last few from entry fees and another $300 months. Rex has defeated some added by Hard Times Billiards for of Sacramento’s elite players a total of $940 in the prize fund. on a regular basis to establish Tony’s path to the finals of the One himself as a very good player. Pocket tournament included wins Rex defeated Frank Nordmann Jr. over Walt Dorcy, Bart Mahoney, (3rd), Tommy Soria, Loren Mah Alex Kopel, Tony Perone and in (7th), Jim Fabionar (5th) before the Hot Seat match Pat McLeod. losing to Tony Chohan for the Hot Mr. McLeod fought hard wins Seat. over Max Harbough, Shawn Roy, Tony Chohan’s trip to the Frank Nordmann Jr., Jim Fabionar finals included victories over and finally lost to T-Rex in the Hot Mohammad, Billy Palmer, Marshall Seat match. Pat took the win in the Williams (4th), Deo Alpajaro (5th) left bracket over Jeff Gregory to and Rex Chan (3rd) for the Hot match up again with Mr. Chohan. Seat. Frank Nordmann Jr. took Pat took the first game rather the long road to the finals with the Tony Chohan, Warren Kiamco and Dennis Orcollo easily and then quickly lost the first round loss to Rex Chan (3rd) next two games to Tony. then consecutive wins over Patrick Stewart, Will Smiley, Billy Palmer, Sunday’s 9 Ball event had 33 players for a total entry fee of $825 Art Valencia, Loren Mah (7th), Deo Alpajaro (5th), Marshall Williams plus another $330 added by Hard Times Billiards for a grand total of (4th) and then taking revenge for the early defeat by winning a tight $1155 prize fund. hill-hill match with Rex Chan (3rd). Saturday Oct 3rd Open One Pocket Monthly event 32 players and $300 added for a total of $940 prize fund 1st $330 Tony “T-Rex” Chohan of Detroit and Sacramento CA 2nd $200 Pat McLeod Stockton CA 3rd $120 Jeff Gregory Lodi CA 4th $90 Jim Fabionar Sacramento CA 5th $60 Tony Melendez Sacramento CA and Tony Perone Bay Area 7th $40 John Henderson (Dem Dar Hills) and Joey Gebron Sacramento CA

Rails BAR 841 Broadway Sheridan, WY

“Wyoming’s Best Pool Hall” 8-Ball Every Saturday at 5PM Art & Linda Erickson - Owners

Doc’s Tavern Home of Frosty Beer and Where Old Rockers Meet!

BCA Pool League Wednesday’s at 7 pm Meat Shoot Fridays at 3 pm 1414 Bay Ave - Ocean Park, WA


9-Ball Open November 7-8 $20 entry + $5 green fee Handicapped - Master players race to 7 Open players (all women) race to 5 Sign up 9:30 am - Starts 11 am $250 added with 32 players $500 added with 64 players For info contact Craig 503.680.9009

19195 S Molalla Ave - Oregon City, OR 503.650.2363

Sunday Oct 4th Open 9 Ball Event 33 Players and $330 added for a total of $1155 prize fund 1st $350 Tony “T-Rex” Chohan Detroit and Sacramento CA 2nd $240 Frank Nordmann Sacramento CA 3rd $170 Rex Chan Elk Grove CA 4th $115 Marshall Williams Concord CA 5th $80 Deo Alpajaro Bay Area and Jim Fabionar Sacramento CA 7th $60 Jeff Gregory Sacramento CA and Loren Mah Sacramento CA

Hard Times Billiards of Sacramento 5536 Garfield Ave Sacramento, CA (916) 332-8793

Monthly Jamboree Weekend 1st Weekend of each month

One Pocket Saturday Sign up & Free Practice for Paid Entries Noon - Entry fee $20 Race to 2 - Double Elimination - $10/player added up to 30 players

9-Ball Sunday

Sign up & Free Practice for Paid Entries Noon - Entry fee $25 Race to 6 W/4 L - Double Elimination - $10/player added up to 50

Weekly Tournaments

Wed: 9-Ball $5 entry-$50 added-7PM Signup-7:30PM Start Single Elimination-Race to 3 (25 or more players) race to 4 with 24 or less players $75 added each week Thurs: 9-Ball USPPA $15 entry-7PM Signup-7:30PM Start Single Elimination-Race to 5-Must be a member of the USPPA Sun: 9-Ball Open $15 entry-Noon Signup-1PM Start-Double Elimination Race to 6 Winners to 4 One Loss-$5 per player added up to $150

Deadwood Shootout

November 2009

Deb Gustafson

in the field. The action was hot and heavy at the Pavillion and VFW all day Saturday. 16 players went to the finals in the Open Division on Sunday, 4 Seniors and 4 form the Women’s Division, with a redraw on Sunday. All finals players started over with no losses. All the matches on Saturday and Sunday went off on time and many were early, kind of a rare occurrence for most tourneys. All matches had posted times, so the players were able to enjoy Deadwood between matches. Thanks to all


The Deadwood Shoot-out was held October 23-25, 2009. It’s pretty hard to find a better place to hold a pool tournament than in Deadwood, South Dakota. Lots of fun, or should I say slots-of-fun, good food and plenty of action packed pool occupied the entire weekend. OTBnTV was there streaming live and that always makes the tournament more exciting. A really big thanks to OTBnTV for their time and efforts. The $5,000 added purse brought 115 players to the Open Division with 8 states being represented

Tammie George

Latitude 84 Pool Tournaments

Mon & Wed 9-Ball at 8PM Sun 8-Ball at 8PM Entries $5 + $3 green fee 703 W Babcock In the Bar-muda Triangle Bozeman, MT Open 11am - 2 am Daily

Nightly Beer Specials


Home of the $2 Jager 9 Pool Tables

& Other Video Games

Poker Tournament Tuesdays at 6:30PM

Weekly Specials Big Screen TV Pull Tabs 4 Pool Tables 6 Dart Boards Karaoke/D J: Thurs-Sun 8401 S Hosmer Way-Tacoma, WA



the players, and We hope you will all be back next year.

Tyler Perry

OTBnTV would like to thank Art and Linda Erickson, Mike Trucano, the Deadwood Pavilion, Ponch at the VFW, the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce, the Iron Horse Inn and all the players who made this LIVE streaming possible and all the viewers in record numbers. Art and Linda Erickson made sure the tournaments ran smoothly with all matches having a designated time which gave the players time to rest in between matches knowing what time they had to be back. As well as to see Historic Deadwood South Dakota, with Vegas-like slot machines and some of the best food you will find anywhere. OTBnTV brought to you by Lucasi Hybrid was asked to join the Deadwood Shootout and to LIVE stream from 6 pm Saturday night where the action took place at the Deadwood Pavilion and again on Sunday starting at noon through 8 pm. A redraw on Sunday for all divisions so all players started without a loss. OTBnTV caught some of the best young players in the midwest and even the country. Jared Truman You can see all the action at and click on the Deadwood Shootout or go to Ustream and watch from our showpage below the player are all our recorded matches look for the videos designated DSO-1 through DSO-16. Sponsors of OTBnTV: Lucasi Hybrid, Crown Cues, Rackem Magazine, CuePen and

Mike Bailey continued on page 26

November 2009


Wild West Shootout The Wild West Shootout in Great Falls, MT took place on October 3, 4, & 5. There were 141 Open division and 42 Ladies division competitors. This was possibly the strongest field to ever come to Great Falls, and arguably Montana. Beginning with mini tournament and Calcutta action on Friday night, it was pretty much non-stop action all weekend. In addition to the tournament matches, we had Shane Van Boening taking on anyone who wanted to play on our Diamond 9ft Smart table. Jana Montour, the eventual ladies division champion was one of the few, if not the only one to get a game off of him. Thanks to the Barnes Family who provided all of the added money, venue, food and drinks for the weekend. Classic 50’s also help us out and provided a space for our over flow. On October 1, 2009, Montana instituted its clean indoor air act which means that all public establishments are non-smoking, including the 8 Ball In. With this, the 8 Ball plans a remodel and Diamond 7” Smart tables. The final 8 Ladies featured Veronica St. Germaine, Lori Warnell, Mary Garcia, Linda Asleson, Sky Tigart, Janet Dunks, Debbie Snook, and Jana

Above: Shane Van Boening. Bottom left: OTBnTV. Bottom right: Jana Montour.

Montour. These ladies all battled hard and earned their finals spots out of 42 terrific ladies. Thanks Ladies. In the end however, it came down to Jana having to defeat Debbie twice

Barts Pub & Grill

8-Ball Tournaments Tues - Thurs - Sun at 8 pm Golden Tee Golf - Darts Texas Hold’em Poker Table Diamond Pool Table 7052 Orangewood St - Garden Grove, CA 714-891-1719 Are you tired of being just out of the money at the local tournament? Do you feel your league percentage is not what it should be? Does your stroke seem to fail you at the wrong time? Would you be happier with your game if you could just be more consistent?

You need to learn the Back Half of the game the SPF way with BCA instructors!

for the crown of 2009 Wild West Shootout Ladies Champion. Jana and Debbie did just that and had a 2 match battle, and Jana emerged victorious. The Open division final 32

featured many great players like Shane Van Boening, Tyler Edey, Stan Tourangeau, Edwin Montal, and Nick Kruger, just to name a few . Also a Thanks to all the other great players in the final 32 and those who didn’t make the finals. The final match put Tyler Edey having to defeat Shane Van Boening twice. It was a great effort but Tyler fell 5-3 in the first set. There were so many great matches before and during the finals, it is impossible to write in one article. We had OTBn TV doing live streaming and recording matches. I would suggest that if you would like to see some of the matches, go The 8 Ball In has several events throughout the year, for more info on upcoming events, go to We are scheduled to host the Wild West 9-ball Shootout on March 19, 20, &21, 2010, check out the 8 Balls website or On The Breaks website. By then, we should also have Diamond Smart Tables in place. Once again Thanks to all players, fans, family, and others who attended this event. I have heard your concerns, and will do what I can to continue to make this a great event. Results on page 19

November 2009



From left: Kim Benson, Mary Rakin and Michelle Rakin. By Christina Piona

The largest field yet participated in the 3rd stop of The West Coast Women’s Regional 9-Ball Tour at California Billiard Club in Mountain View, CA September 26th/27th. California Billiard Club was the happening place to be if you were a pool player. Not only did they host our women’s tour but they also hosted a huge APA tournament on Sunday. When it comes to supporting pool, this place really rocks! In addition to hosting our event, they donated two – one month memberships as raffle prizes. Michelle Rakin began this event with a first round bye and a win over Mia Schieck. She was sent to the one-loss side with a loss to Linda Carter. She then won her next six matches against Gale Ligotti, Julie Baker, Mary Anne Ereso, Helen Gaughran, Linda Carter and Bonnie Plowman, respectively; earning her way to play for third place or move on to the finals. In a match that went hill-hill, it was Kim Benson who came out on top and moved on to the finals, leaving Michelle with a third place finish. Kim Benson also had a first round bye in this event. She steered her course with wins over Vivi Chen, Caryl Powell, Bonnie Plowman and Linda Carter, earning her way into the ‘hot seat’ match against Mary Rakin, where she was defeated readily, forcing her to face off against the other Rakin sister. She earned her way to the finals in a tough match against Michelle. In the finals, it was Mary who had the momentum, leaving Kim with a runner-up finish. Mary Rakin has been competing confidently since she was a Junior; representing the United States at Worlds on more than one occasion. She is making a name for herself as a poised, but deadly competitor. She began this event with a first round Bye; then smoothly defeated Carolin Koo, Deborah Cullen, Mary Anne Ereso, Revelina Um and Kim Benson; with only one of these opponents reaching higher than 3 games. While Mary waited to see her opponent would be in the finals; New Leagues Forming in December the other competitors battled it out. Eventually, it was Kim Benson who would earn another chance against Dec 12, 2009 Mary, but there was no need for a second set as Mary dispatched Kim added w64 7/3. $25 entry - BCA Rules On behalf of the players, thanks No “A” players - Players meeting at go out to all the tour sponsors 11am - Calcutta follows - Play starts at Noon - Open to 1st - 64 PAID (Tonkin Custom Cues, Diablo Valley players - Opens at 8 am Pool League, Robin Dodson Pro Food & Beer Specials all day long Shop and The Piona Family) for Call to Register - Will Fill Up Quickly their support. Of course, kudos to 115 N Hayes Ave - Emmett, ID California Billiard Club’s owners and

8-Ball Open $500


staff for taking great care of all of us for the weekend.

RESULTS – Main Event: 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5/6th: 7/8th:

$400 $300 $200 $140 $90 $60

RESULTS – 2nd Chance: 1st: 2nd: 3rd/4th:

$80 $50 $25

Mary Rakin Kim Benson Michelle Rakin Bonnie Plowman Linda Carter, Revelina Um Vivi Chen, Helen Gaughran Heather Pulford Carolin Koo Jessica Skye, Julie Baker

November 2009


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Happy Hour til 10 Well Drinks $2.50

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Classic Billiards

i Wi-Fss e Acc

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Gold Crown Tables Group Parties Food - Espresso 3636 SE 122nd

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Much as golfers must adapt to weather conditions and different courses, pool players must make a sometimes difficult transition themselves: switching between 9-foot and 7-foot tables. Many capable big table 9-Ball players have trouble downsizing to a bar box to play 8-Ball. Keeping key concepts in mind will make the change less challenging and make a player more comfortable on different sized tables. Keep the cue ball movement to a minimum. Less cue ball movement is advantageous on a bar box. The 7-foot table has tight quarters. Some players exhibit better control of the cue ball using a slightly more compact stroke. Shorten or reign in your stroke since most shots can be made without a big stroke. Punch balls in by focusing on a deliberate stroke. If you are struggling with speed control on the bar box, consider rolling balls in. Follow and natural position leave less to chance if you have confidence in the table at a slower speed. Simple, natural position at controlled speeds also gives you a better chance to get the correct speed for position. Rails on bar tables are easier to predict at a low speed than high speed. Just beware of skid and learn to recognize which angles and pace the balls tend to stick. Select patterns appropriate to the table size. Shot selections should favor stop and stun shots over shots with close distance. Close distance refers to positional shots with little distance between the cue ball and object ball. For example, it is better to take a long stop shot over a close range cut where the cue ball will travel two rails back to the center of the table flirting with traffic. A slight miss hit will still pocket the ball in a stun/stop shot and hold cue ball position. Conversely, the cut may still pocket the ball, but the speed and direction of the cue ball will be altered. This could lead to the possibility of bumping into balls or missing position from too much or little cue ball pace. The saying goes, “Get in line and stay in line.” If your position becomes a little less than ideal, chances are that the amount of inaccuracy will escalate on the next shot. This may accumulate over several shots until you are in a self imposed trap and are forced into a low percentage or desperation shot. It’s one of those runs that you wish you could rewind and select another opening shot or play a preemptive safety. Beware of equipment differences. In bar box pool, you have a much greater chance of finding a subpar (or less than ideal) cue ball, mismatched object balls, a cheap triangle, inferior cloth, and mismatched cushions. All of these factors hurt the highly skilled player because they introduce unexpected variables into the game. Under ideal conditions, the more advanced player can exhibit a mind blowing demonstration of control. Such a player can move the cue ball ten feet or more to a target the size of a quarter. If the cue ball arrives via three cushions, one of which is from a different table, then the player may have to settle for a dinner plate for position. Pay special attention to the cue ball model and condition. Heavy or large cue balls drive through the object ball and alter the tangent line. It just doesn’t follow the physics of ball behavior. It is yet another variable that befuddles experts, but doesn’t harm the lower skilled players who may not realize the difference. It’s an equalizer. Ralf Souquet will not even hit a ball on a seven foot table. He considers it mini-golf compared to a professional PGA approved course. Souquet, the money leader on tour in 2008, once commented on continued on page 23

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November 2009


Raising Your Sights

“Have you ever used drills in your practice routine?” And if so, how do you keep from getting board?

By: Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy Bob Jewett

A common piece of advice around pool tables is that you have to play better players to get better yourself. While I'm sure playing tough competition helps your game, I think watching top players is nearly as useful. I remember the first big tournament I went to that had players like Steve Mizerak, Jersey Red and Luther Lassiter. Back then, the highest run I had ever seen was my own, and I had no idea who the top players were or how they played. That 1969 US Open (14.1) was a real eye opener and mind expander. I learned shots, moves and personalities. There was great play and major controversy. I just got back from the 2009 US Open (9 ball) in Virginia. It was my first time to Barry Behrman's annual event which is in it's 34th year, and I had a great time. If you have never been to the event, I urge you to make time and see it at least once. There were current and former world champions playing continuously for a week, and the problem Wing ball was to pick which one to 2 ball always in back watch. I tried to watch them all, paying special attention 2 5 8 to the ones I had not seen 7 9 3 6 4 before like Donnie Mills and 1 Chris Bartram. The general seating had great views, Draw Towards with raised bleachers. and spin side (Some other tournaments try to skimp by with chairs on the floor or with low risers.) A VIP ticket got you Potential scratch special seating close to the action and with a table for The “Cut Break” at drinks and snacks. the US Open Play was on 16 Diamond tables. They were the 9-foot model with one-piece slate. Leveling is done using 26 levels Break Box simultaneously, with 18 independent adjustments. That's a show in itself if you arrive early. If you do make the trip to Virginia next year, there is a lot to see besides pool -- seven days is a little much for a steady diet of nine ball -- including Navy installations, several military museums, gardens, and Virginia Beach. Mid-week the weather was great and I visited Colonial Williamsburg during two days to see where people like Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and George Washington started the colonies on the path to independence Of course, I was back at the Chesapeake Conference Center in time to see the evening matches. The main controversy, and it was pretty minor, was the use of the break box at nine ball. The players are required to place the cue ball in the middle two diamonds of the kitchen when breaking. In addition, the players were required to use a "hard, open break" that was not otherwise specified. Most players were using the "cut break" in which you hit the one ball along the same line as if you were playing the standard break from the REJ

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From an up and coming player in Colorado Melissa Little

By Mellissa Little, Ask the Viper

Answer: Here in Colorado I only have a few pool players I workout with1) John Sandifer is one of my workout partners and has been for years- but these days he travels a lot for work and I only get to see him maybe once a week or so. 2) Mark Haddad (my significant other) is the other partner I spar with, but he travels a lot too. So, I had to create something that keeps me interested in the game but at the same time challenge me to progress. A few years ago I created some custom workout sheets that helped me monitor what I am doing wrong offensively. I would monitor how many misses, scratches, positional errors, hooks, fouls, and racks run. Basically, I play 10-ball the ghost for 45 –racks per day- and it takes me about 5 ½ hours per session with plenty of feedback on my errors. People in the poolroom would ask “what are you playing” and that’s when made up a name for it and called it “15-Rack”. A few months later I turned it into a pool league, and that is when my star was born…. I strongly believe players MUST receive some sort of feedback on their games to improve. When you play in a tournament the best feedback you receive is if you won matches or not- if you play in a league that does not support stats then where are you receiving the feedback that you need to improve your pool game? If you want to view my sheets on-line visit and if you are interested in practicing with my sheets drop me a e-mail at lately I have taught a few pros (like John Morra, Belinda Calhoun, Allison Fisher, and Tiffany Nelson) how to play and all of them have asked me for 15-Rack sheets to practice with at home. No matter what your drills are make sure you document any progress made- so this way you can make goals for yourself. If you have a question for “viper” please e-mail them to otbnews@

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Mika Back2Back

Story & photo of Mika Immonen provided by NYC Grind Contributor, Alison M. Fischer

Pool fans from across the country gathered at the final day of the US Open 9-ball Championships in Chesapeake, VA, as they watched the showdown of the final four players, out of a field that started with 216. And these fans did in fact get to see history in the making, as Mika Immonen was crowned US Open 9-ball Champion for the second consecutive time. This had only been done once before, by Nick Varner nearly twenty years ago, with his back-to-back wins in 1989 and 1990. At 1:00 pm, on Saturday, October 24, two matches would determine the fate of the four final players at the US Open. In the Predator Arena, in a match streamed live by Accu-Stats, “The Kaiser” Ralf Souquet andDonnie Mills faced off as the final two undefeated players in the event. In this “hot seat” match between Souquet and Mills, where seasoned veteran Souquet was the favorite, it looked like Souquet would run away with the match, jumping ahead 9-5 in a race to 11. However, after Souquet scratched on the break in the following rack, Mills went on a four-game tear to tie the score at 9-9. With the score 10-9 in Mills’ favor, Donnie MIlls broke dry, leaving the 9-ball hanging in the bottom right corner pocket. And yes, Ralf Souquet ran out to go hill-hill, while Mills sat stewing in his seat. And in the next rack, Donnie Mill’s dreams of going into the finals undefeated were shattered as Souquet broke and ran out.. Meanwhile on the adjacent table, Mika Immonen was facing off against Lee Van Corteza of the Philippines in the quarterfinal match. Once again, Mika looked to be exiting the event when being down 8-5, but turned things around to win six straight games to take the match 11-8. Congratulations to Lee Van Corteza of the Republic of the Philippines for his fourth place finish at the US Open. Corteza is becoming one of the most threatening Pinoy players around, having finished 7th in 2008 US Open, and winning the Derby City Classic 10-ball Challenge. Watch out for him in upcoming major events, including the WPA World 9-ball Championships in Manila. This moved Immonen into the semifinal match against Donnie Mills, where Mika Immonen got off to a slow start. Mills led the match 7-4, but Immonen picked up speed after an untimely scratch on the 8 by Mills. However, Mills had another letdown as the cue ball headed right into the side pocket in his hill-hill break, and Mika ran out to claim the spot in the finals against Ralf Souquet.

November 2009

The final match of the 2009 US Open 9-ball Championships would be a showdown between two European Champions who have undoubtedly matched up many times before. The undefeated Ralf Souquet faced Mika Immonen, in a single race to 13 games. The arena surrounding the beautiful Diamond Paragon Table was packed, and this would be the defining match to make one of them a two-time US Open Champion. After US Open promoter & founder Barry Behrman introduced the players, the match began shortly after 7 pm. Mika Immonen jumped to take the lead at 4-2, and looked to take a 3-game lead, but missed an easy 8-ball, with the crowd gasping in shock. Souquet

took that game, the broke and ran to tie the set 4-4. Following that, Immonen missed a 6-ball, which allowed Souquet to take a 5-4 lead. Souquet claimed the next fwo racks for a 7-4 lead, but the momentum shifted again in favor of Immonen, and after a solid safety on the one ball, Souquet fouled, allowing Mika to take a 9-7 lead. Immonen and Souquet both added a game to the score to go 10-8, and after Ralf’s dry break in Rack 19, it looked like “The Iceman” was out for sure. However, he misjudged the angle to get to the 8 ball on the head rail, and landed the cue ball on top of the 8. Immonen attempted to play a safe

on the 8, but ended up nearly banking it into the bottom corner pocket, leaving the 8 and 9 for Ralf, who edged closer with a score of 10-9. In Rack 20, Souquet broke and ran to the 3, where he played a safety. This forced Immonen to jump, and although he got a good hit, he left an open shot for Souquet to run out and tie at 1010. The next rack brought a safety battle over the 3, which ended when Souquet left it hanging in pocket and Immonen cleaned up to take the lead. Immonen broke in the next rack, and shocked the audience by missing the 2 ball entirely. This gave Souquet ball in hand, however, a scratch on the 6 ball proved lethal, and Immonen took the hill, 12-10. Immonen successfully made a ball on the break in the next rack, and a clear 1-9 carom laid out for The Iceman to claim the match. He collapsed to the floor in shock as his name would be put in the history books as only the second player to ever win back-to-back US Open titles. The celebration proceeded in the arena as fans and friends watched Mika Immonen receive his plaque memorializing this event. In his blog, www.icemanmika.blogspot. com Mika shared his thoughts on his comeback win. “I’m still in disbelief that it really happened. I lost my second game in the tournament and went on a crazy mission to win 14 games in a row to snap it off from the B-side of the double elimination chart.” Look for more updates on the Iceman’s blog on his performance at the US Open. Congratulations to Mika Immonen for this landmark in his career. Immonen continues to prove that he one of the most dominant players in the sport today, and we will look to see many more great performances from him to come… Let’s see if he can do it again next year! 1st $40,000 2nd $15,000 3rd $10,000 4th $7,000 5/6 $6,000 7/8 $5,000 9-12 $4,000 13-16 $3,000

Mika Immonen Ralf Souquet Donnie Mills Lee Van Corteza Rodney Morris Kim Davenport Karl Boyes Steve Moore Johnny Archer Shane Van Boening Imran Majid Chris Bartram Y. Akagariyama Charlie Williams Mike Dechaine Jose Parica

November 2009


12th Annual Regional

By B

Men’s/Mixed Team: Dusty’s Dana Aldridge, James Davenport, Matthew Denmark, James Meiers

Every October, players from all over the Northwest make the annual pilgrimage to Lincoln City, Oregon to Chinook Winds Casino Resort to compete in the Western BCA regional 9-Ball Championships. This year’s championships were held October 20-25th with almost 700 players competing for their share of $58,000 and 11 different champions being crowned. Equipment was brought in and set up again this year by Bad Boys Billiard Productions. Ric Jones and his staff did a first rate job in setting up 80 Diamond Smart tables and this year marked the first year with lights over every table! This truly is a first class tournament program and is connected with a first class tournament event. Play got underway on Tuesday, October 20th with the beginning of the Open and Masters Mixed Scotch Doubles tournaments. The Open Mixed Scotch Doubles consisted of 62 teams competing for the title with last year’s 9-Ball scotch doubles winning team of Paul and Laurie Kinney looking to defend their title and last spring’s 8-Ball team of Larry Maes and Jessica Orth looking to make a sweep of the 2009 scotch doubles events, the field was pretty strong. After two days of competition, the final match came down to Maes and Orth sitting on the hot seat looking to complete the sweep of scotch doubles titles and the surprise team of Bob Robbins and Katie Moses of Eugene, Oregon who had lost their first match of the tournament and

1st Open MIxed Scotch Doubles Jessica Orth, Larry Maes

had won 9 straight matches to secure their spot in the finals. Robbins and Moses looked to carry their momentum all the way as they took the first set 5-2 to force the second and final set to determine the champion. The match came down to 4-4 and an exciting final game to settle things. Each player got a chance at the table in the final game with Maes and Orth running the last 4 balls to secure the championship and become the scotch double champions in 8-Ball and 9-Ball in the same year. A truly tremendous feat! Meanwhile, across the room, the masters were competing in scotch doubles 9-Ball, racing to 6. Thirty six teams took to the tables for the prestigious championship. At the end it was Dillon Standley and Jackie Fitchner on the undefeated side facing Sean Lewis and Jo Woodward form the one loss side of the bracket. Once again the team with the unenviable task of defeating the previously undefeated team twice took care of business in the first set 6-5 and forced the final and deciding set for the championship. Unlike the drama seen in the Open Doubles, Lewis and Woodward took the second set by a convincing 6-0 score and were crowned the Master Scotch Doubles 9-Ball champions for 2009. Wednesday evening as the Scotch Doubles titles were being decided the singles matches were getting underway. Play in the Men’s Open A and Men’s Open B divisions

1st Masters: Liz Cole

1st Masters Mixed Scotch Doubles Jo Woodward, Sean Lewis

began and the competition was hot and heavy. The Open B division featured 127 players, while 119 players tried their skills in the Open A division. At the end of play on Wednesday night both fields were trimmed to the final 24 players coming back on Thursday along with the masters men and women and the women’s open division. Thursday night in the Open B division saw Ric Couch and Morgan Prescott battle for the coveted hot seat and the privilege of having to be beat twice in the finals. Morgan Prescott prevailed in the match 6-5 which sent Ric Couch to the one loss side where he would face Roger Goodman in the B side finals to earn a spot in the championship match on Friday. Couch played well and earned that spot with the hillhill win. Then continued his strong play and defeated Prescott in the finals 6-5 and 6-2 to win the Men’s Open B Championship. At the same time those matches were taking place, the Open A singles were winding down with Martin Thurber taking on Andy Eiden to see who would take their place in the final match. Thurber prevailed 7-5, sending Eiden to the west side of the charts and a match with Brett Milburn who had been playing some strong 9-Ball. Milburn continued his strong play defeating Eiden 7-4 and earning a shot at Thurber in the finals. Thurber proved to be too strong for the rest of the field in this tournament and won the first set going undefeated through the event and earning the Men’s Open A title and the $900

1st Men’s A: Martin Thurber

9-Ball Championships

Bret Baker

Master Men’s Team: Soundview Bar & Grill

first place purse. On the women’s side of the tournament, Eileen Stephens and Stacey Eilts played their way through a formidable field to play the finals for the Women’s Open title and the $600 winner’s check. Stephens continued her stellar play and defeated Eilts 6-1 in the finals to take the crown. In the Master’s tournaments, singles play continued from Thursday into Friday with the 25-player women’s event coming down to two players who have had a lot of success in Western BCA events. Kris Robbins earned her spot in the finals going undefeated through a tough field while Liz Cole needed to defeat Josie Leroy hill-hill in the B side finals to earn her spot in the finals. Liz had revenge on her mind when she defeated Kris 7-5, 7-0 to take the coveted Women’s Masters 9 Ball title and the $850 winner’s check. On the Men’s side, Eddie Mataya showed why he is a threat to win any tournament he enters as he went undefeated through a very tough 66 player field and waited to see who he would face in Friday’s Master finals. That player would be Paul Marquez after he defeated last year’s champion, Bob Zack in a thrilling hill-hill B side final. Mataya would have no part of an upset here though, winning the first set 8-4 and taking the Championship and the $1200 winner’s check. Also taking place during the singles competition was the Men’s Senior Singles. Thirty two players matched skills with Gary Bragg coming from the west side of the bracket to double dip Robert Koski

1st Masters: Eddie Mataya

1st Seniors: Gary Bragg

in the finals 6-3, 6-3 to win the championship and the $555 winner’s check. In the women’s Novice division, Pam Haggard prevailed in the 8 player field by defeating Mindi Henning in two thrilling hill-hill sets. Friday night brought in a bunch of new players as the Men’s-Mixed Team event and the Women’s Team event got underway on Saturday morning. In the Men’s-Mixed team event 123 teams took to the tables in the race to 14 event to vie for the $3000 first prize. By Sunday morning the field had been trimmed to the top 16 teams. Dusty’s made up of players Dana Aldridge, James Davenport, Matthew Denmark and James Meiers played very well through the event securing their spot in the finals undefeated by winning the match for the hot seat over the Bounty Hunters in a nail biting 14-13 match. That sent the Bounty Hunters over to the one loss side of the bracket to do battle with team Hollywood. Hollywood prevailed in a close 14-12 match to earn their place in the finals against Dusty’s. Hollywood, consisting of players Steve Gibson, Brett Milburn and Roy Watkins made things interesting by taking the first set of the finals 14-8. But Dusty’s did not let the blemish on their perfect record bother them and came back to win the second set 14-9 and the Men’s-Mixed team title. In the Women’s Teams, 38 teams started out with dreams of being champions. All That Jazz, made up of players Sherry Griffin, Alisha Rogers and

1st Men’s B: Rick Couch

Women’s Team: Shooters From the Short Bus Mikki Small, Kim Hole, Lisa St Clair

RoseAnn Wilson took their place in the finals with a 14-6 win over Fire Away. That loss sent Fire Away to the one loss side to battle with Shooters From the Short Bus. Shooters From the Short Bus prevailed 14-8 to get their shot at all That Jazz in the finals. Shooters From the Short Bus, with players Kim Hole, Mikki Small and Lisa St. Clair double dipped All That Jazz by two 14-8 sets and winning the title of Women’s Team Champions and holding up the big $1600 winner’s check. A big thank you needs to go out to Western BCA. President Bill Henderson and his staff of great volunteers made sure that play stayed on schedule, all the money was paid to the winners and that this continues to be the best regional championship tournament in the country! Many players commented how nice it was to not have to play until 2 or 3 am then come back at 9:00 and try to continue on. Henderson commented that the information he was able to get from the computer system used by Bad boys Billiard Productions gave him the information needed to schedule events so they could stay on schedule. Thank you also to Chinook Winds Casino Resort for being such gracious hosts and for adding $7,500 to the event. Also to BCAPL which added $1500 to the Championships and to Western BCA which added another $8,500 to make the total added money in this event $17,500! We look forward to seeing everyone March 8-14, 2010 for the Regional 8-Ball Championships! ---- Results page 20

1st Women’s Novice: Pam Haggard

1st Women’s Open: Eileen Stephens


November 2009

Haj-Hussein Champion

Havre Hosts the Big Dogs

September 26th, 2009 young pool players from all over Colorado competed in the 5th Annual Colorado State Junior 9-Ball Championships for billiards that was held at the Wynkoop Brewing Company located at 1634 18th Street, Denver, CO.


In the finals it was the hot-seat winner Malek (Colorado Springs) who challenged the loser’s side winner bracket Frank Skora (Denver). But in the end, it was Malek who went undefeated in the tournament to be crowned our newest “State Champion”. Past winners include WPBA Touring Professional Nicole Kinney, and last year’s winner James Fortin. Special congratulations to Kyleigh Weston (Greeley) for winning two trophies! She won the “highest finishing 14-under and the highest finishing female”, great job to Kyleigh and all the other players who participated in this year’s event! Many thanks go out the our event sponsors The Wynkoop for donating all the championship trophies and being the host poolroom, Ernie Martinez for donating a cue to the highest finishing 14-under, Melissa Little (tournament director) and Roy Yamane (assistant) and Jacoby Custom Cues for donating the grand prize; a $300 custom cue! For more information on this event you may call Melissa Little/ House pool pro at the Wynkoop at 720-296-5395. Champion: $300 Malek Haj-Hussein Runner-up Champion: Frank Skora 3rd Place Finisher: Ricky Smiley Highest finishing female: Kyleigh Weston Highest finishing 14-under: Kyleigh Weston

Raising Your Sights

continued from page 13

side cushion in which you hit the one ball full. From a tight rack, the "wing ball" will usually go in for this break, and sometimes the one ball will go straight into the side. The problem with the cut break is control since the cue ball retains a lot of speed due to the cut angle. The solution is to turn down the speed -- the wing ball seems to go even more often for a somewhat softer break -- and use draw and outside english to bring the cue ball back to the center or top of the table. The problem was that some players turned down the speed too much to keep the officials happy. I don't think any player lost his turn for a soft break, but some were warned and cranked up the speed a little to comply. There were many great matches A few that I saw were the loss in the second round of Mika Immonen to Chris Bartram and the final three matches -- Mills v. Souquet, Mills v. Immonen and Immonen v. Souquet. All were well-played and close, with a variety of styles. If you have never seen these great players live and in person, you really need to take a trip. If Virginia seems like too long a trip and too far away, consider the Mosconi Cup -- ten champions fighting for the title in Las Vegas, December 10-13. The next US Open will be October 16-23, 2010.

The Eagles in Havre, MT hosted the Big Dogs Tournament on Oct 17 & 18. 35 Men and 10 Ladies were in attendance. This tournament is usually held in September, it is a $20 entry, $750 added to the Men and $250 added to the Ladies. It is always a fun tournament. Both the Ladies and Mens finals finished with the winner of the hill being defeated twice. The Ladies finished on Saturday night with Lisa Tesdal defeating Jo Lynn Henderson twice to take the tournament win. The Final 8 men finished Sunday with Jason Tigart defeating Art St. Germaine twice for the tournament. Thanks to Tom Farnham and the Havre Eagles for being a great host. Thanks to all players who attended. Havre usually puts on a 3 person team tournament in December, so keep a look out for that.

RESULTS: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6th 7/8th

Jason Tigart Art St. Germaine Sherman Talks Different Spencer Marsh Dave Schwartz, Patrick Ferryman Bob Paranteau, Wade Thompson

1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Lisa Tesdal Jolynn Henderson Denise Moore Brittany Barnes

November 2009

Pool for Boys & Girls

by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow Boys & Girls Clubs of the Phoenix Metro area, has a new guardian angel and benefactors. Bruce de Lis (the Cocobola Cowboy) posted a request on a local chat room “An Idea How You Can Support Youth Pool”. In the chat room Bruce wrote, “These kids who are members of the Boys & Girls Club in the Metro Phoenix area are mostly from poor homes. They don’t have cell phones, wifi’s, Xboxes, and they don’t get to go to a pro sporting event, so when they get an opportunity they go to the local Boys & Girls Club to have fun.” Bruce said when he was a kid this is where he went. The members of the chat room came through big time! As well as the Senior Center Bruce goes to, who donated ball sets. Others donated chalk, cue balls, cues, instructional DVDs, table brushes, wall racks, tips, triangles, cue holders, all items that the Boys & Girls Club needed desperately. Anthony Markey the youth program director of the Peoria Boys & Girls Club said, In the 8 months he has been there the cues didn’t even have tips or chalk. Bruce made several deliveries to Anthony at the Club site and teen center to deliver all the items he had collected. Bruce received an email from Anthony stating “We’re very thankful for all of the help that you and your friends have extended our way. Again, I’ll put out a request to our Clubs to put together a list of additional needs that they have.” de Lis got involved in pool back in 1954 at a Boys Club in Miami, Florida, “It was a great life experience and this is a way to give back some 50 years later. These kids are the future of pool. They are the future tournament players, league members and now is the time to invest in the future of our great sport, if it is to survive in the future.” “The last suggestion I will make is that there are kids playing pool in Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, Teen Centers, City and Country Recreational Centers right in your own back yard in many areas of the U.S.A. and

WILD WEST RESULTS: OPEN DIVISION 1st $2900 Shane Van Boening 2nd $2075 Tyler Edey 3rd $1300 Nick Kruger 4th $650 Sean McKay 5/6 $160 Dave Martin, Eddie Carrido Sr. 7/8 $100 Criegh Dumo, Roger Bordley 9-12 $80 John Servoss, Edwin Montal, Jody Thornton, Scott C 13-16 Kim Bohnet, Jim Kellogg, Joe Gill, Lenny D 17-24 Leroy Dorsey, Dan Hamper, Patrick Ferryman, Chad Hovland, Mike Schaff, Brady Gollan, Jason Zampich, Allen C 25-32 Stan Tourangeau, Joe Gibson Jr., Dave Whitworth, Dan Edwards, Daniel Horn, Ron Reese, Nate Neergard, Brian Borchelwicz LADIES DIVISION 1st $715 Jana Montour 2nd $535 Debbie Snook 3rd $350 Janet Dunks 4th $195 Sky Tigart 5/6th $80 Linda Asleson, Mary Garcia 7/8th $30 Veronica St. Germaine, Lori Warnell


throughout the world. Many of the places that these kids are playing pool have little or no equipment, are under funded and would be a great place for you to get involved as I did with our local Boys & Girls Club.” ---- Be like Bruce! ABOUT THE BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS The Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix has been serving youth in Phoenix and the West Valley since 1946. Today, the organization operates 12 Clubhouses and 8 “The Club” Teen Centers, providing after-school and summer programs for some 35,500 youth ages 6-18 each year. All of the Clubhouses are located in areas neighborhoods that are in desperate need of positive activities for kids. For kids at the Clubs, learning to play pool is a great way to build new skills, make friends, and stay off the streets and out of trouble. Unfortunately, with such a high volume of youngsters wanting to play, the Clubs don’t have nearly enough pool equipment to keep up with the need. If you’re interested in donating new or used pool equipment to help keep the game alive for kids, please contact 602-954-8182 or mail your donation to: The Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix Del E. Webb Administrative Center 2645 N. 24th Street - Phoenix, AZ 850208 or email Bruce at:


November 2009

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Master Mixed Scotch Doubles 1st $1800 Sean Lewis, Jo Woodward LTD 2nd $1200 Dillon Standley, Jackie Fitchner EV 3rd $800 Chad Bisconner, Barb Thompson NPL 4th $530 Eddie Mataya, Andrea Saenz-Maes NPL 5th/6th $350 Sam Rabito, Vanessa Rabito NPL $350 Ken Welch, Bonita Mahaffey EV 7th/8th $230 Glenn Atwell, Eve Stockstill CPL $230 Paul Marquez, Coryn Walker NPL 9th-12th $150 Ken Dodd, Melanie Elder NPL $150 Andrew Monstis, Phyllis Fernandez CPL $150 Mike Stephens, Cindy Doty NPL $150 Anthony Wahpat, Karla Bagley-Tias NPL Open Mixed Scotch Doubles 1st $1100 Larry Maes, Jessica Orth NPL 2nd $800 Bob Robbins, Kati Moses EV 3rd $570 Kurt Hamm, Susan Millhollin CPL 4th $400 Roger Goodman, JenaAngerstein EV 5th/6th $280 Pat O’Meara, Pam Carraway PIH $280 Terrel Broussard, Becky Way NPL 7th/8th $200 Paul Kinney, Laurie Kinney PCGP $200 Mike Gwinn, Cindy Perry TC 9th-12th $140 John Te, Suwanna Kroll LTD $140 Brian Roberson, Michelle Barkdoll NPL $140 Bret Baker, Julie Baker PCGP $140 Ralph Belgarde, Melissa Bower WWA Men’s Master Singles Women’s Open Singles 1st $1200 Eddie Mataya NPL 1st $600 Eileen Stephens EV 2nd $900 Paul Marquez NPL 2nd $435 Stacy Eilts NPL 3rd $615 Bob Zack NPL 3rd $310 Karen Harvey CWY 4th $425 Damian PongpanikNPL 4th $225 Adrianne Beach LTD 5th/6th $290 Edmund Carrido WWA 5th/6th $165 Kathy Stanley LTD $290 Marvin Holmes LTD $165 Suwanna Kroll LTD 7th/8th $200 Ken Dodd NPL 7th/8th $115 Shirley Morgan NPL $200 Steve Linglebach NPL $115 Bonnie Russell LCC 9th-12th $135 Jim Conway LTD 9th-12th $85 Lorraine Krom LTD $135 Dan Louie LTD $85 Vi Brons NPL $135 Mike Stevens NPL $85 Alisha Rogers LTD $135 Don Wirtaman WWA $85 Pam Carraway PIH Women’s Master Singles Men’s Open A Singles 1st $850 Liz Cole NPL 1st $900 Martin Thurber EV 2nd $500 Kris Robbins EV 2nd $670 Brett Milburn CPL 3rd $280 Josie Leroy CPL 3rd $495 Andy Eiden CPL 4th $160 Jackie Fitchner EV 4th $370 Larry McKenzie NPL 5th/6th $100 Mary Hopkin NPL 5th/6th $275 Kiota Mitchell PCGP $100 Melanie Elder LTD $275 Wes Oshel MID 7th/8th $55 Robbin Iredale PIH 7th/8th $205 Doug Ellenberger CC $55 Barb Thompson NPL $205 Randy Petz CC Men’s Open B Singles 9th-12th $150 Michael CarpenterCPL 1st $680 Rik Couch TIO $150 Mike Siplivy WWA 2nd $500 Morgan Prescott NPL $150 Ron Miques CPL 3rd $370 Roger Goodman EV $150 Bret Baker PCGP 4th $275 Dustin Olsen NPL 5th/6th $205 Bill Dixon NPL Men’s Senior Singles $205 Dan Hawk LTD 1st $555 Gary Bragg NPL 7th/8th $155 Kenneth Wilson LTD 2nd $330 Robert Koski INL $155 Kevin Tibbs CC 3rd $195 Lono Kaai NPL 9th-12th $115 Jeffrey Rabal INL 4th $115 Vernon Joe WWA $115 Jim Meiers LTD 5th/6th $70 Owen Miller WWA $115 Jacob Andring NPL $70 Larry Beck NPL $115 Steve Wilson NPL 7th/8th $40 Ralph Belgarde WWA Women’s Novice $40 Terry Erdman CPL 1st Pam Haggard EV 2nd Mindi Henning PIH Men’s/Mixed Teams 1st $3000 Dusty’s (LTD) Dana Aldridge, James Davenport, Matthew Denmark, Jim Meiers 2nd $2160 Hollywood: (CPL) Steve Gibson, Brett Milburn, Roy Watkins 3rd $1560 Bounty Hunters: (CC) Rod Bair, Doug Ellenberger, Matthew Horner 4th $1125 Tiny’s: (TIO) Mike Richter, John Chaplin, Bobby Charitar, Shawn Kougioulis 5th/6th $810 Jeff Baker & Associates (WWA) Jeff Baker, Jing Gicoso, Don Wirtaman $810 Jessie’s #1 (TIO) Randy Baker, Rick Tillett, Tim Fox, John Weaver 7th/8th $585 Totally Beatable (LTD) Greg Brown, Sean Lewis, John Te $585 Jake’s Place (CPL) Jim Stiffler, Marc Cowling , Dave Foster, BJ Allers 9th-12th $420 The Pickett Line (CPL) Cecil Pickett, Steve Kelly, Todd Gooch $420 Little Dutch Inn (CWY) Nick Lopez, Clayton Foran, Tim Desmarais $420 Jade Dragon (INL) Virgil Ayers, Phyllis Fernandez, Patrick Moore, David Ohler $420 210 (LTD) Dan Hawk, Bill Hoffman, Mitch Kimball, Randy Paszkeicz Women’s Open Team 1st $1600 Shooters From the Short Bus (NPL) Kim Hole, Mikki Small, Lisa St. Clair 2nd $1080 All That Jazz(LTD) Sherry Griffin, Alisha Rogers, RoseAnn Wilson 3rd $735 Fire Away (NPL) Melinda Childers, Vicki Moore, Trisha Stephens 4th $495 Nuclear 9-Ball (NPL) Vi Brons, Mary Hopkin, Angel Veliz 5th/6th $330 That’s How We Roll (LTD) Melanie Elder, Suwanna Kroll, Angela Jensen 5th/6th $330 NPL Gals (NPL) Cindy Doty, Rosie Jensen, Shirley Morgan 7th/8th $225 Duck Inn Mother Duckers (EV) Julie Dewalt, Georgia Cassel, Bonita Mahaffey, Julie Stallings 7th/8th $225 J.A.M. Up (NPL) Michelle Barkdoll, Jessica Orth, Andrea Saenz-Maes

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November 2009

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Classic 11-01-2009 6:00 am Willie Mosconi vs. Babe Cranefield 11-01-2009 8:00 am 2007 U S Pro Tour Championship 11-07-2009 11:00 am Willie Mosconi vs. Babe Cranefield 11-07-2009 12:00 pm Willie Mosconi vs. Cowboy Jimmy Moore 11-07-2009 1:00 pm Willie Mosconi vs. Cowboy Jimmy Moore 11-07-2009 2:00 pm 1983 Willie Mosconi vs. Irving Crane

11-15-2009 12:30 pm Colorado Classic Finals 11-15-2009 1:00 pm 2009 Pacific Coast Classic 11-15-2009 2:00 pm 2009 Pacific Coast Classic 11-15-2009 3:00 pm 2009 Pacific Coast Classic 11-07-2009 3:00 pm 1983 Willie Mosconi vs. U.J. Puckett 11-07-2009 4:00 pm Willie Mosconi vs. Minnesota Fats 11-29-2009 6:00 am Men’s 9-Ball



Great Food Tuesday 9-Ball - 7:30pm $5 entry House Matches Wednesday 8-Ball - 7:30pm $5 entry House matches

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These schedules have been provided by ESPN. These are tentative dates and are subject to change

Hours: 10:30 - 2 am Kitchen 10:30-1 am

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425-603-9001 Wednesday Night 8-Ball 7:30PM

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Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-7 PM Pool Leagues Sun - Thurs Karaoke Wednesdays D J Dancing Fri & Sat Food Specials

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Weekly Tournaments Mon-Tues-Wed at 7PM Monthly Tournaments Every 3rd & last Saturday 6285 Ball Rd. Cypress CA (714) 952-1120

Tiger sponsors PacMania

The Manny Pacquiao Darts Association in cooperation with PacMan Productions proudly presents the PacMania Open 9-Ball Championships to be held at Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, Ca on Oct 31-Nov 1, 2009!!! This for charity benefit event is to include special guest player invitees: Efren “Bata” Reyes, Francisco “Django” Bustamante, and Jose “Amang” Parica!!! World Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao himself will be making a personal appearance to challenge the tournament winner! $10,000 in prize money!!! This event is to include media coverage from ESPN and The Action Report (TAR). For more information about this event, contact Valerie Gonzales at (213) 446-9009.

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November 2009

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November 2009

The Cue Ball Player Rating Place Mike Jarvis AA 2nd Chris Byers AAA 2nd Niles Kapuniai A 3rd Mical Tate B 4th Bob Cook A 5-6th Gary Jaremka B 5-6th Carlos Cadena B 7-8th Tony Tipton B 7-8th

Big Table to Bar Box

Results Oct 10th

Cash 160 160 80 50 25 25 10 10

photo courtesy of:

Points 75 75 60 50 40 40 30 30

photo (l to r) Niles Kapuniai Mike Jarvis Chris Byers

continued from page 12

the bed of a nine foot table where the bed had new cloth, but the rail cloth was unchanged. He is so sensitive to table conditions that his position play was a tad shaky because draw and follow took differently than the side spin did off the rails. He doesn’t require new, slick cloth to play well, just the same cloth for the bed and the rails. A light cue ball is a problem as well. All pool balls wear down with use. After all, they are hit with micro sandpaper in the form of chalk impregnated tips (only the cue ball, of course). That is why players hitting object balls with their cue tip is highly discouraged at finer billiard establishments. Object balls accumulate chalk from both the bed cloth and the cue ball, which can wear them down too. Cue balls have them all beat. I’ve seen and played with sets of balls where the cue ball was a full eighth of an inch undersized. This smaller lighter cue ball draws easily and follows reluctantly. Understandably, it doesn’t break out clusters as effectively as a heavier, regular sized ball does. The size of cue balls also affects cut shots. Smaller cue balls tend to overcut shots because the diameter is smaller, as the line at impact is slightly off. Likewise, oversized cue balls hit everything too thick. This, combined with the heaviness/lightness of the ball, makes predicting the tangent line (the final path of the cue ball after impact) almost like a guessing game. If you can run out, do it. The game at its highest level is very aggressive. Top players will try to run out even if they have two or three problem areas to deal with. Many times they’ll put on the brakes if their first crack at a breakout doesn’t work, but sometimes they’ll keep firing away. Why the testosterone overload? Players know that a safety is only so good on a bar box. Balls are so easy to kick, jump, or bank in on 7-footers that the shooter would rather go down firing than lay down a paper thin safety. Making a good hit on a ball isn’t that tough on a bar box and the chance of getting lucky looms large. The table can be in worse shape than pre-safety. After a kick or jump, foul or no foul, balls may be rearranged and un-runnable. The worst case scenario is the player making a lucky hit and magically getting safe. Many players have scratched their heads and thought to themselves that perhaps the safety wasn’t so wise and a run out would have been more likely to win the game. All of these adjustments can seem daunting to the small table game. Keep your head up. Many advantages make the game seductive. Larger pockets and less distance on the bar table make every shot makeable. Aggressive and creative play are rewarding and satisfying. Faced with a tough situation, you might dig up some low percentage kiss or carom and open up the rack perfectly. Bank shots are ill advised on tough 9-footers, but may be the correct shot on a bar box. Make some slight changes to your thinking and start running racks on the bar box.

Hot Shots 10-Ball


By: Roger Tafoya We had a field of 16 players for our monthly added money tournament this weekend. Due to some events last month, we decided to postpone our September tournament and combine the October and September events. 1st Place $362 Jose “Fach” Garcia 2nd Place $220 Butch Barba 3rd Place $160 Frank Almanza 4th Place $110 Santos Sambajon This tournament might have been on the smaller side, but it did not lack some strong competition. With the likes of Santos Sambajon and Ismael "Morro" Paez and a host of other strong local players, it was a tough little tournament. All throughout the day we had some tight matches. Santos was cruising along on the winner's side until he met up with our one and only undefeated player of the day and winner of the Hot Shots 10 Ball Tournament, Jose “Fach” Garcia. Our runner-up player of the tournament, Butch Barba, had a pretty strong tournament day as well. Butch took down players on the winner's side until coming up against our 1st month of the year tournament winner, Frank "The Barber" Almanza. Frank had a shot at the Hot Seat after sending Butch to the One-Loss side, but Fach would not be denied on this particular day. Butch would have his chance to avenge his loss on the winner's side, eventually, but not until he had to take down others, including Santos Sambajon. After beating Santos, Butch met up with Frank in the Semifinals and clawed his way back into the finals with Jose “Fach” Garcia. Butch fought tooth and nail with every bit of tenacity he could muster throughout the tournament, including the finals, but would come up just short against our winner. Fach refused to be denied this tournament win! The final score of the final match was 7-5. Thank you everybody for your support, and we'll see you all at our next event.


CSI Forms New Team

November 2009

Premier U.S. pool and billiards contact Mark Cantrill at (480) 612organization CueSports 7732. International (CSI) and innovative BreakRAK and TAR Join Legends and Champions producer Team CSI Mark Cantrill are pleased and BreakRAK, LLC and The Action proud to announceTeam CSI – Report (TAR) are joining Team American Grand Masters. CSI as team sponsors. BreakRAK Team CSI – American Grand is the manufacturer of the premier Masters is a collective of highly break training tool BreakRAK accomplished and well regarded and TAR is the leader in online U.S. players working together with cue sport promotions and live CSI and Cantrill to promote the streaming. game via exhibitions and group As the group at BreakRAK knows, instructions across the country. great breaks are developed Additionally the team will promote they do not happen by accident. CueSports International along with Accuracy, rhythm, coordination their individual sponsors at tours and speed are imperative in a and tournaments. Cantrill will act well executed break. Founded as the team’s manager. in 2002 by Charley Bond, the Photo by Justin Collette: (LtoR) Charlie Bryant, Corey Deuel, The 2009-2010 team members BreakRAK allows a more efficient John Schmidt, Earl Strickland are: BCA Hall of Fame inductee, and effective way to break train 13 year U.S. Mosconi Cup Team member and legend Earl “The helping players take their game to a higher level. The BreakRAK Pearl” Strickland, #7 U.S. ranked player and two time Houston Open is used in well respected training schools and utilized by numerous winner Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant, # 6 ranked U.S. player, 2006 U.S instructors all over the U.S. Open winner and 2009 Derby City Classis One Pocket winner John The Action Report (TAR) exploded on the pool scene just a few short “Mr. 400” Schmidt and current #1 U.S. ranked player Corey Deuel years ago. TAR has brought professional cue sport online streaming who has served on the U.S Mosconi Cup Team 5 times, won the U.S. to a new level. To date TAR has streamed 16 events with over Open in 2001 and is one of the most gifted pool stars on tour. $400,000 in prize money. Team CSI – American Grand Masters is part of a larger concept with more details to be announced shortly. For more information about Team CSI – American Grand Masters, to schedule an exhibition, group lesson or to inquire about participating as a sponsor partner

“The Mosconi Cup is coming!!! Get excited!!!” Matchroom Sports presents, “The Mosconi Cup!” at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, NV Dec 10-13, 2009!!!

To celebrate and welcome the Mosconi Cup back to the United States, Matchroom Sports is generously sponsoring the world’s longest running weekly 9-ball tournament - *22 years and still going strong! Matchroom Sports will provide prize giveaways for distribution on November 8 & December 6, 2009 at Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, Ca! To include a **Grand Prize (2), trip for two to the Mosconi Cup live at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas!!! *These giveaways will be awarded in conjunction with Hard Times Billiards’ $1,000 added 1st Sunday of the Month tournament. Brought to you by: C³ Sports Marketing and Hard Times Billiards! *Total sponsorship support value at over $5,000!!! Sweaters & Rail Birds alike are highly encouraged to join the festivities; only tournament participants will qualify for prizes. **Grand Prize Package Winners (2) to receive the following: • Five night’s room accommodations for two at the MGM Grand Las Vegas (Dec 9-Dec14, 2009)!!! • Two all-session passes to the four days of the Mosconi Cup!!! • Two invitations/passes to the Mosconi Cup players’ reception (Dec 9th – evening) – Meet the Stars!!! • $500 in spending cash!!! For more information about these events, email

BCAPL Rules and Refs Past, Present and Future

When Mark Griffin purchased the BCA Pool League (BCAPL) in 2004, the league did not have its own rules to govern play. Griffin assembled a team to begin writing the first-ever BCA Pool League set of rules. The team included main writer Bill Stock, now the BCAPL Director of Rules and Referees, and National Senior Referees Buddy Eick and Ken Shuman who served as technical editors. Over a year in the making, the first edition of The Official Rules of the BCAPL became effective October 1, 2007. The second edition was released June 1, 2008, and an annual updated version is scheduled to be released every June. Once the official BCAPL rules were established the next step was the creation of the new BCAPL National Referee Training Program. Eick was appointed as Director of Training and Shuman as Referee Instructor. Eick and Shuman designed a brand new course, including formal classroom and floor training sessions, physics demonstrations, and strict testing requirements. The BCAPL is the only league organization to offer this program of classes in remote host locations away from their home base. For more information go to


November 2009 total of 45. Well done. Second went to Bozeman girls Cat Hanson,

4th Place: Judy Lorengo, Mary Garcia, Janet Dunks

Misty Debates and Amanda Bray with 94 wins. Good job. The Livingston girls went home in third place. Congratulations to Barb Walker, Molly Jones and Becka Larken. Congratulations to Barb Walker for second top shooter. There was not enough beer in the house for these three clowns. The Butte girls ended up in fourth, Judy Lorengo, Janet Dunks and Mary Garcia. Hometown advantage did not help. We will get them next year. ALSO SPECIAL THANKS TO THE HELENA GIRLS FOR HELPING EVERYBODY HAVE A GOOD TIME.

Pool Save My Life

We also had $1,055 in the men’s calcutta and $875 in the women’s. We payed four places for each of them. We will be having this tournament the last weekend of September, please call early to sign up and confirm your spot with Mary Garcia at 406-490-3642. If you have played the first year you will have a confirmed place as long as you confirm by July 1st. We will have a waiting list this year so sign up early. I would like to thank Ted and Julie at the PARTY PALACE for the $1400 they put in the tournament and the food they put out for the players to eat. They have three Brunswick pool tables. Tell them you read about it in THE BREAK and they will let you play for free if you are from out of town. I would also like to thank CINZ bar for putting $600 in this tournament. If you want to get coyote ugly just call and she will give you a date to have some coyote fun. I would also like to thank JIM’S BAR for putting in $600. Go see Jim for some fun, nice pool tables and summer volleyball. And I would like to thank MR ED’S bar for putting in $600. Go to Mr Ed’s on Sundays to watch football and play in continued from page 5

On a chilly December evening, Phil received the most shocking phone call you could ever imagine. It was Julie’s mom. He listened in utter disbelief as she spoke the words, “…she’s gone…” Just like that, in an instant, Julie was gone. Phil’s beautiful bride was making her way back home from Chicago when, the state patrol later confirmed, she had fallen asleep behind the wheel and drove off the road. Luckily, no one else was injured but the grief over her death still remains with him to this day. Phil fought back the tears as he shared the details with me. “The most painful day of my life was when I saw my baby girl just lying there,” he said, “She looked peaceful but I never hurt so badly in my life. I wanted to die. This whole time, I just asked ‘why?’.” After failed counseling sessions and turning to his religion for answers, Phil then turned to the only thing at the time that numbed his sorrow – alcohol. Meanwhile, he and his mom were still pained by his step-dad’s diminishing health. Phil explained, “I was purposely destroying myself. I was looking for answers. Why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong?” Failing to find a reason to live, he was giving up on life. After three months of self-destruction and complete misery, a good friend’s words would unknowing commence Phil’s healing process. She said, “She [Julie] wouldn’t want you to live your life like this. Didn’t you love to play pool?” “It made perfect sense,” Phil recalls. In February 1997, he screwed his cues together again. “The first day, I was just going through the motions. I forced myself to do it again the next day. Then, for about half an hour, I actually forgot about what happened, for the first time.” He was immediately flushed with all his fond memories and experiences from the game. “From that point on, I really shaped up. I went back to school and took up pool again,” he recalls with a smile on his face, “Yeah, she wouldn’t want me to live this way. She knows that I’ll always love her.” He began taking lessons and playing again for hours. He transferred his pain from the bottle to the balls. He even took trips to the pool hall with his step-dad after chemo treatments, before his condition worsened and eventually ran its course. How does he handle pain nowadays? “Nothing can possibly compare to what happened,” he explains, “Pool definitely saved my life, wholeheartedly.

their pool tournament they have each week. Thanks to SAM’S PLACE for putting in $200 and food for the players, HELSINKI in Finntown also put in $200, thank you Linda. KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS and CORNER BAR also put in $200. And I would like to thank Cindy,

Lyle, Sheri and Dave for all your help. This tournament takes a lot of work and we will be improving the tournament with more tables. Thank you to all the players. Coming up in January of 2010 the 22-23-24 is another open 3 man tournament held by Dave Garcia. Contact him at 406-498-3740 call early!

POOL SCHOOL Cat Hansen with PRECISION8TERS POOL SCHOOL came to Butte to do a team quick fix workshop. We had 13 women come and learn the Basics of Pool. Cat and her team spent

one Sundy teaching the Basics in Stance, Bridges, Stroke, Speed, Rail Shots, Draw, Follow, Banks and Kicks, Combos and Junkyard Dog Mental Attitude. Thank you Cat and team for showing the Butte girls how to compete in league and tournaments. Cat’s website at for more information.

Yeah, I started to get my act together, but at the same time, all the energy that I had, whether it be good or bad, I channeled it into something positive.” When asked how someone going through struggles of their own could benefit from his story, he adds, “whatever situation you’re going through, it doesn’t have to be pool but find something that you’re passionate about, something you love, and use that energy to do something positive versus feeling like life dealt you a crummy hand. Think about what you have, how fortunate you are. Sure enough, there’s someone out there in the world that would kill for what you have.” As a powerful final statement, “You might leave the game, but the game will never leave you.” These days, Phil experiences another high in his life from marathon running and training. His time is split between pool and running. He is thankful for having found such a magnificent, faithful friend in pool. “My heart will always be to the game because of what it’s given to me. It’s hard to describe in words. It gave me my life back. It’s really not just a hobby. It’s a passion.” [The player’s name in this story has been changed to protect his identity.]

Allen’s Billiards & More Billiards - Darts - Espresso Ice Cream - Xbox 360 & Fun PROUDLY SERVING OLYMPIC MOUNTAIN ICE CREAM 23692 NE State Route 3 Belfair, WA 360-275-2668 FOR ALL YOUR POOL AND DART ACCESSORY NEEDS We do parties - call for details email: Sean Allen - Owner


Fournier Goes to U S Open

Denver, Colorado October 10, 2009: After the fall session of 15Rack 10-ball Pool Leagues ended, it was Rick Field who won the US open qualifier but due to some personal issues Rick had to pass the torch to second place finisher Jeremy Fournier. Rick won a custom cue made by Jacoby Custom Cues and a special rack made by Delta-13. Highest finishing female was awarded to Miriam Goetzke, great job to all the participants who tried to win the grand prizes. Jeremy will attend the 2009 Men’s US Open to be held the week of October 18th-24th, 2009. A special thanks to 15-Rack pool leagues and the Colorado Cue Times for sponsoring Jeremy’s trip to Virginia, way to go Jeremy!! A few years ago Jeremy competed in many juniors’ events across the country that includes both BCA junior nationals and the VNEA junior nationals. On a bigger note his highest national finish was a 49th out of nearly 2000 participants in the BCA Open event held in Las Vegas. Jeremy fluctuated from an “A to B” most of the session running a high as 106 balls in week 8 playing 15-Rack. His overall average was 49.75 percent. For more information on player stats visit www.15rack. com.

Deadwood Shootout

RESULTS: Open Division: 1st $2000 Tyler Perry (ND) 2nd $1400 Jared Truman (NE) 3rd $1000 Ole Olson (SD) 4th $800 Jim McNenny (SD) 5/6 $375 Caleb Schumacher (ND) Ron Sully (SD) 7/8 $275 Jim Corean (SD), Wayne Smith (SD) Lucasi Hybrid Cue Winner & 9/12 $225 Tom Kaminski (ND), Art Erickson (TD) Gari Jo Bloomberg (SD) Shane Hatfield (WY), Ken Nash (SD) 13/16 $160 Tom Bourdeon (SD), Rich Haines (WY) Brett Van Vost (MT), Matt Evans (WY) Women’s Division: 1st $440 Deb Gustafson (CO) 2nd $330 Tammie George (WY) 3rd $220 Kim Shama (SD) 4th $110 Barbara Walker (MT) Senior Division: 1st $392 Mike Bailey (SD) 2nd $294 Gary Wilcox (CO) 3rd $196 Chip Wild (WY) 4th $98 Dick Spain (SD)

November 2009

Suzanne Smith Wins NWPA

October 29, 2009 On September 27th and 28th The Golden Fleece in Kenmore, Washington welcomed the Northwest Women’s Pool Association and hosted its 6th tour stop of the season. The Golden Fleece with its ten 9 foot Diamond tables has a weekly 9-ball tournament on Friday at 8pm. Known for its

Suzanne Smith - photo courtesy Anne Craig, WPBA

friendly atmosphere and Diamond tables, the Golden Fleece is a favorite among serious pool players. Golden Fleece owner Askar Ahmed added $500 to this event. This tournament also was the first time that the NWPA would have a live-streaming broadcast, and Askar was invaluable in helping to get the broadcast up and running smoothly. On Saturday morning, 27 women showed up eager tackle the challenge of the tables and the stiff competition. By Sunday, only eight players remained. Suzanne Smith and Liz Cole squared off to battle for the point, while Mary Hopkin, Cindy Slivia, Suwanna Kroll, Shelby Locati, Jo Woodward, and Kim Toops battled on the B-side of the bracket. The point match decided, 2008 tour champion Liz Cole found herself once again sitting comfortably on the point. Mary Hopkin defeated Cindy Slivia in a hill-hill match to win the chance to face Suzanne. However, Suzanne defeated Mary in order to face Liz again in the finals. Diamond tables have a reputation for tight pockets and these are no exception as was evident during the finals. The match began with Liz winning the lag and the first game. From there, Suzanne and Liz traded games until the 7th game. With the match tied 3-3, Liz played an excellent safety. Suzanne attempted a jump shot which fouled. Liz runs down to the seven but misses a cut into the corner. Suzanne misses the seven as does Liz again. Suzanne gets another shot at it which this time drops and set up for the eight. However, Diamond pockets strike and the ball stays on the table. Liz misses the eight giving Suzanne the opportunity to run out which she does. With the score 4-3 Suzanne, Liz breaks and get a good safe on the four. Suzanne attempts a kick but fouls. Liz with ball-in-hand looks to have a fairly routine run out, but rattles the six in the corner pocket. Suzanne pockets the six but rattles the seven in the corner pocket down table. Liz pockets the seven and then rattles the eight. Suzanne, using a bridge pockets, the eight leaving a tough shot on the nine which she cuts into the corner. Suzanne wins the next 2 matches to go up 7-3 over Liz. Liz wins the next 2 games to bring the score to 7-5. Suzanne breaks making 2 balls. She pockets the one in the side and the two in the opposite side pocket but misses the three. Liz misses the three giving Suzanne the opportunity to run out. With the score now 8-5, Liz breaks pocketing two balls but scratches. Suzanne with ball-in-hand runs out the rack winning the game and the match. Congratulations to Suzanne Smith! A big thank you to Askar Ahmed and The Golden Fleece for hosting a great tournament! 1 $415 SUZANNE SMITH 2 $270 LIZ COLE 3 $175 MARY HOPKIN 4 $135 CINDY SLIVA 5/6 $82 SUWANNA KROLL, SHELBY LOCATI 7/8 $62 JO WOODWARD, KIM TOOPS

November 2009



November 2009





CALL FIRST: Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

DAY Tuesdays Thursdays

CITY LOCATION Salt Lake City E O’s Billiards Salt Lake City E O’s Billiards

PHONE (801) 967-0777 (801) 967-0777

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED 9-Ball race to 5 Handicap. $15 9-Ball race to 5 Handicap. $15

TIME 6:30PM 6:30PM

DAY Saturdays

CITY Sheridan


PHONE (307) 751-1609



ADDED $100 w/16


DAY Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

CITY Aurora Aurora Aurora Denver Aurora Aurora Aurora

LOCATION Rack’em Billiards Rack’em Billiards Rack’em Billiards Wynkoop Rack’em Billiards Rack’em Billiards Rack’em Billiards

PHONE (303) 755-7675 (303) 755-7675 (303) 755-7675 (303) 297-2700 (303) 755-7675 (303) 755-7675 (303) 755-7675

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Bar Box BCA Rules 3-Ball on 9’ Tables 9-Ball on 9’ Tables 15-rack 10-Ball Hndcp 8-Ball Bar Box BCA Rules 9-Ball Race to 5/5 Prog. Pot 8-Ball Bar Box BCA Rules

ENTRY $5 $5 $10 $12 $5 $10 $5



DAY Mondays

TIME Call Progressive Pot Call Progressive Pot Call $100 7:30PM Matching/Prog.Pot Call $200 1st Guar. Call Matching/Prog.Pot Call Matching/Prog.Pot

CITY LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED Tacoma Latitude 84 (253) 531-5154 9-Ball $5+$3 g.f. Call to get your weeklys listed 406-285-3099 Tuesdays Belfair Allen’s Billiards (360) 275-2668 8-Ball (1st & 3rd Tues) $7+$3 g.f. $$$ Belfair Allen’s Billiards (360) 275-2668 9-Ball (2nd & 4th Tues) $7+$3 g.f. $$$ Everett P C Pub (425) 258-9465 9-Ball $5 100% Federal Way P J Pockets (877) R-U-LUCKY 9-Ball $8 $200 field based Lakewood Longhorn Saloon (253) 581-2580 8-Ball $5 Pays 75% field Mountlake Terr O’Houlie’s Pub (425) 776-1833 8-Ball $7 100%+BreakPot Sumner Log Cabin (253) 863-2905 9-Ball Vegas Rules $5 Matching Wednesdays Auburn The Sports Page (253) 288-0436 8-Ball $5 50% up to 16 Bremerton Stixx and Stones Billiards (360) 377-2359 9-Ball (Break pot) $5+$3 g.f. 100% Lakewood Full Splice (253) 512-6898 9-Ball $5+$3 100% w/15+ Tacoma Malarkey’s Pool & Brew (253) 383-3301 9 Ball $5+3 g.f. 100% w/32 Tacoma Latitude 84 (253) 531-5154 9-Ball $5+$3 g.f. Thursdays Bellevue Mustard Seed (425) 603-9001 8-Ball B only Limit 16 $5 up to $100 Graham Qz’s (253) 262-8437 8-Ball $5+$3 g.f. 100% Olympia Frankies (360) 455-0352 9-Ball Valley Rules $5 Matching Fridays Everett P C’s Pub (425) 258-9465 8 Ball - B & below $5 100% Kenmore Golden Fleece Billiards (425) 908-7332 9-Ball Handicap $10 $300 min Longview Cadillac Island (360) 957-0065 9-Ball $25 top B player $5+$2 g.f. $200 Monroe Robin’s Billiards (360) 794-7878 9-Ball Open $7+$3 g.f. Breakpot Ocean Park Doc’s Tavern (360) 665-4105 8-Ball Open $3 Meat Shoot Renton Mike’s Place (425) 255-9213 8 Ball $5 100% w/16 Vancouver Spot Bar & Grill (360) 256-1110 8-Ball Call Pocket $2 Matching Saturdays Lakewood Schooners (253) 584-1919 8-Ball BCA rules $5 100% Renton Mike’s Place (425) 255-9213 8 Ball $5 100% w/16 Renton Mike’s Place (425) 255-9213 8 Ball $5 100% w/16 Snohomish Kornerpocket Billiardz (360) 862-9054 Scotch Doubles $25 2nd Saturday Sumner Log Cabin (253) 863-2905 8-Ball $5 Matching Vancouver Legends (360) 693-8125 8 Ball $5 Matching Vancouver Spot Bar & Grill (360) 256-1110 Blind Draw Scotch Dbls $2 Meat Sundays Bremerton Stixx and Stones Billiards (360) 377-2359 8-Ball $5 100% Graham Qz’s (253) 262-8437 9-Ball $5+$3 g.f. 100% Kennewick Billiard’Aires Club (360) 783-4071 9-Ball $10+$2 g.f. Lakewood Full Splice (253) 512-6898 8-Ball/9-Ball Alternating $5+$3 100% w/15+ Lakewood Longhorn Saloon (253) 581-2580 9-Ball $5 Pays 75% field Longview Cadillac Island (360) 957-0065 Blind Draw Sc Dbls $5+$1 Matching Lynnwood Uncle Jack’s (425) 640-5474 9-Ball - Race to 3 $7 $5/player Olympia Frankies (360) 455-0352 8-Ball Valley Rules $5 Matching Snohomish Kornerpocket Billiardz (360) 862-9054 8-Ball Open $10 50% w/16 Tacoma Latitude 84 (253) 531-5154 8-Ball $5+$3 g.f. Tacoma Malarkey’s Pool & Brew (253) 383-3301 8-Ball $5 100% Vancouver Halftime (360) 694-3114 9-Ball Call the 9 $5 $$$ w/16+ Vancouver Spot Bar & Grill (360) 256-1110 9-Ball Race to 3 $5 Matching

TIME 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 6:30PM 7:30PM 7:30pm 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM Call 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 2:00PM 8:00PM 3:00PM 2:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 6:00PM 7:00PM 1:00PM 1:30PM 8:00PM 2:00PM 4:00PM 6:00PM 1:00PM 8:00PM 2:00PM 7:00PM 2:00PM

November 2009







CALL FIRST: Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

DAY Tuesdays Wednesdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

CITY Moscow Moscow Twin Falls Emmett Moscow Pocatello

LOCATION Mingles Mingles The Pocket Toadstool Mingles Oasis Bar

PHONE (208) 882-2050 (208) 882-2050 (208) 733-9676 (208) 398-7321 (208) 882-2050 (208) 232-9347

EVENT / RULES 9 Ball 8 Ball 8-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball or 9-Ball 8 Ball 8/9 Ball Alternating

ENTRY ADDED $5 $5 $6 $25 w/16+ $5 $5 Matching $5 Matching

TIME 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM

DAY Mondays Wednesdays Saturdays Sundays

CITY Kalispell Three Forks Kalispell Kalispell Belgrade Butte

LOCATION Cattlemen’s Casino Frontier Club Cattlemen’s Casino Cattlemen’s Casino Hub Bar Mr Ed’s

PHONE (406) 257-9656 (406) 285-9876 (406) 257-9656 (406) 257-9656 (406) 388-1811 (406) 782-3700

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Free Pool All Day 8-Ball 8-Ball Free Pool All Day 8 Ball


ADDED Matching


$5 $5

Matching Matching

7:00PM 1:00PM




DAY Mondays

CITY Sacramento

LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED Jointed Cue (916) 456-3243 9-Ball B $5 San Francisco Family Billiards (415) 931-1115 USPPA $20 Tuesdays Cypress Hot Shot Cafe (714) 952-1120 9-Ball $12 Emeryville Broken Rack (510) 652-9808 USPPA $15 Garden Grove Bart’s Pub & Grill (714) 891-1719 8-Ball No ‘A+’ Players $10 Modesto Railhouse Billiards (209) 572-4283 9-Ball Hdcp race to 6 SE $10 Break Pot Mountain View CA Billiard Club (650) 965-3100 USPPA 75 & Under $12 Break Pot Riverside Shooters (951) 785-9588 9-Ball Handicapped $12 Sacramento Hard Times (916) 332-8798 8-Ball Line $10 Sacramento Jointed Cue (916) 456-3243 9-Ball Open staggered entry $5-$15 $50 Wednesdays Cypress Hot Shot Cafe (714) 952-1120 8-Ball $12 Sacramento Hard Times (916) 332-8798 9-Ball ‘B’ player $5 San Francisco Billiards Palacade (415) 585-6800 8-Ball $10 $50 Thursdays Garden Grove Bart’s Pub & Grill (714) 891-1719 8-Ball No ‘A+’ Players $10 Modesto Railhouse Billiards (209) 572-4283 Open Heads Up Race to 7 $11 Break Pot Riverside Shooters (951) 785-9588 9-Ball $12 Sacramento Hard Times (916) 332-8798 10-Ball $10 San Francisco Family Billiards (415) 931-1115 USPPA $20 Fridays Concord DVPL (510) 861-0812 Tourny at Vinnie’s Bar Call Modesto Railhouse Billiards (209) 572-4283 9-Ball 75 & Under $7 Break Pot Saturdays Daly City Town & Country (650) 992-7900 9-Ball Call Modesto Railhouse Billiards (209) 572-4283 8-Ball Heads up DE $10 Break Pot Riverside Shooters (951) 785-9588 9-Ball USPPA $12 $50 w/16 San Francisco Family Billiards (415) 931-1115 NPL $20 San Francisco Billiard Palacade (415) 346-9140 NPL $20 $500 Break Pot Call to get your weeklys listed 406-285-3099 Sundays Garden Grove Bart’s Pub & Grill (714) 891-1719 8-Ball No ‘A+’ Players $10 Mountain View CA Billiard Club (650) 965-3100 10-Ball Open $10 $25w/every 8

DAY Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

CITY Beaverton Oregon City Portland Portland Beaverton Milwaukee Portland Forest Grove Milwaukee Portland Portland Forest Grove Oregon City Salem Oregon City Oregon City Salem Oregon City Portland Portland

LOCATION Hot Shots Rodders Cues Billiards Greek Village Hot Shots Wichita Cues Billiards Ballad Town Billiards Wichita Cues Billiards Cues Billiards Ballad Town Billiards K C Midway Jake’s Bar & Grill K C Midway K C Midway Jake’s Bar & Grill K C Midway NiteHawk Sam’s Billiards

PHONE (503) 644-8869 (360) 798-6678 (503) 251-8399 (503) 643-2119 (503) 644-8869 (503) 654-4201 (503) 251-8399 (503) 357-1111 (503) 654-4201 (503) 251-8399 (503) 251-8399 (503) 357-1111 (503) 655-0089 (503) 362-3600 (503) 655-0089 (503) 655-0089 (503) 362-3600 (503) 655-0089 (503) 285-7177 (503) 282-8266

EVENT / RULES 9 Ball ‘B’ -Texas Express New to Portland 8-Ball BCA Rules 9-Ball (minimum 6) 9 Ball ‘C’ -Texas Express 9-Ball 9-Ball C & below 9-Ball/BCA 3/2 DE 8-Ball 9-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball/BCA 2/2 DE 9-Ball Texas Express 8 Ball-Open 9 Ball Texas Express 8 Ball BCA rules 8-Ball Blind Draw Sc Doubles 9 Ball - Race 4/3 8 Ball Straight Pool (1st Sun.)

ENTRY ADDED $6+$1 $5+$2 g.f. Matching $7 incl. g.f. $5 50% $6+$1 $5 House Matches $7 incl. g.f. $5 House Matches $5 House Matches $6 incl. g.f. $$$ $6 incl. g.f. $$$ $5 House Matches $5 $75/1st w/16 $5 $$$ $6 $75/1st w/16 $5 $75/1st w/16 $5 $$$ $5 $75/1st w/16 $3M/$2W $100 $10+$2 g.f.

TIME 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM

7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM

8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM



1:00PM 3:00PM 1:00PM 8:00PM 5:00PM

TIME 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 6:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM Call 7:30PM 7:30PM 9:30PM Call 7:30PM 7:30PM 5:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 6:30PM 6:00PM 11:00AM

November 2009

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice


DATE Nov 6-8 Nov 6-8 Nov 7-8 Nov 7-8 Nov 7 Nov 7 Nov 8 Nov 8 Nov 8 Nov 13-15 Nov 13 Nov 14-15 Nov 13-15 Nov 13-15 Nov 14 Nov 14 Nov 14-15 Nov 14-15 Nov 14-15 Nov 21 Nov 21 Nov 21-22 Nov 21-22 Nov 25 Nov 28-29 Nov 28-29 Nov 28-29 Nov 28 Dec 5 Dec 6 Dec 6 Dec 6 Dec 10-13 Dec 12 Dec 19 Dec 19 Dec 19 Dec 26-27 Dec 30 Jan 1 Jan 2 Jan 3 Jan 3 Jan 8-10 Jan 8-10 Jan 9 Jan 15-17 Jan 22-24 Jan 23 Jan 27 Feb 13-14

CITY Billings, MT Billings, MT Bellevue, WA Oregon City, OR Bremerton, WA Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Bellflower, CA Portland, OR Great Falls, MT Sheridan, WY Sheridan, WY Ogden, UT Ogden, UT Bozeman, MT Salem, OR Sedro Wooley, WA Bremerton, WA San Francisco Butte, MT Bremerton, WA Mtn View, CA Emeryville, CA San Francisco, CA Butte, MT Tacoma, WA San Francisco Cypress, CA Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Bellflower, CA Portland, OR Rugby, ND Emmett, ID Butte, MT Cypress, CA Cypress, CA San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA Lynnwood, WA Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Portland, OR Butte, MT Butte, MT Salem, OR Mtn View, CA Butte, MT Bozeman, MT San Francisco, CA Butte, MT

LOCATION Bullwacker’s (See ad Oct) Bullwacker’s (See ad Oct) NWPA (See ad Oct) Rodder’s (See ad p8) Stixx and Stones (See ad 13) Hard Times (See ad p8) Hard Times (See ad p8) Mosconi Cup (See ad p31) Sam’s Billiards (See ad 18) Eight Ball In (See ad Oct) Rails Bar (See ad p8) Rails Bar (See ad p8) Ogden Eagles (See ad Oct) Ogden Eagles (See ad Oct) Eagles #326 (See ad p20) The Cue Ball (See ad p22) Play at 3 Bars (See ad Oct) Stixx and Stones (See ad p13) Family Billiards (See ad p27) Party Palace (See ad p7) Stixx and Stones (See ad p13) CA Billiard Club (See ad p6) WCWR (See ad p11) Billiard Palacade (See ad p10) Party Palace (See ad p7) Malarkey’s (See ad p4) Family Billiards (See ad p27) Hot Shot Cafe (See ad p21) Hard Times (See ad p8) Hard Times (See ad p8) Mosconi Cup (See ad p31) Sam’s Billiards (See ad p18) Rugby Armory (See ad p23) Toadstool (See ad p11) Party Palace (See ad p7) Hot Shot Cafe (See ad p21) Hot Shot Cafe (See ad p21) Family Billiards (See ad p27) Billiard Palacade (See ad p26) Uncle Jack’s (See ad p14) Hard Times (See ad p8) Hard Times (See ad p8) Sam’s Billiards (See ad p18) Party Palace (See ad p7) Cinz (See ad p7) The Cue Ball (See ad p22) CA Billiard Club (See ad p6) Party Palace (See ad p7) Eagles #326 (See ad p20) Billiard Palacade (See ad p10) Party Palace (See ad p7)

PHONE (406) 656-2887 (406) 656-2887 (206) 920-1936 (503) 680-9009 (360) 377-2359 (916) 332-8793 (916) 332-8793 Email for details (503) 282-8266 (406) 761-9169 (307) 751-1609 (307) 751-1609 (801) 547-1622 (801) 547-1622 (406) 587-9996 (503) 362-9740 (360) 333-3476 (360) 377-2359 (415) 931-1115 (406) 723-4247 (360) 377-2359 (650) 965-3100 (510) 406-6327 (415) 585-6800 (406) 723-4247 (253) 383-3301 (415) 931-1115 (714) 952-1120 (916) 332-8793 (916) 332-8793 Email for details (503) 282-8266 (701) 776-5846 (208) 398-7321 (406) 723-4247 (714) 952-1120 (714) 952-1120 (415) 931-1115 (415) 585-6800 (425) 640-5474 (916) 332-8793 (916) 332-8793 (503) 282-8266 (406) 723-4247 (406) 723-4247 (503) 362-9740 (650) 965-3100 (406) 498-3740 (406) 587-9996 (415) 585-6800 (406) 723-4247

EVENT / RULES Montana State 8 Ball Singles Montana State 8 Ball Teams 9-Ball & Awards Banq. 9-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball One Pocket 9-Ball Straight Pool 4-Player Round Robin Mem. 9-Ball - Limit 32 8-Ball Race to Handicap M-W Utah Open 9 Ball Open & SD Utah Open 8 Ball Men & Wmn Women’s Doubles Limit 24 teams 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players Women’s Scotch Doubles 8-Ball UPL League Players Only Glenn White Mem. One Pocket Turkey Shoot 9-Ball Sat: One Pocket / Sun: 9-Ball WCWR 9-Ball @ Broken Rack 8-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball Singles 9-Ball Classic Annual 9-Ball 10-Ball Open One Pocket 9-Ball Straight Pool Northern Lights Shootout 8-Ball - No “A” Players Toys for Tots Women’s Open 9-Ball 10-Ball Open One Pocket/9-Ball 8-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball Open One Pocket 9-Ball Straight Pool Women’s Doubles Ma-Bell Traynor Memorial Doubles 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players 9-Ball - Chet Ito Memorial 8-Ball 3 Man 9-Ball Singles - Limit 32 8-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball Mixed Scotch Doubles

ENTRY ADDED $35 $2500 $120 $1000 w/24 t Call $500 Guar $20+$5 g.f. $500 w/64 $20 $200 w/32 $20 $10/p up to 30 $25 $10/p up to 50 Email $1,000 $15 $100 $2,500 w/18 t $20 $200 $40 M/$30 W $2,000+ $50+$12 g.f. $100+$20 g.f. $2500 1st Men $20/team $100 $10 $200 $60 (incl g.f.) Call $40+$10 g.f. $2500 $50 $2500 w/32 FREE Prizes $20 $200 w/32 $20 / $20 $400 each $30 $20 $200 $25 $500 w/40 $40+$10 g.f. $3,000 w/128 $60 (incl g.f.) $4000 w/64 $25 $250 $20 $10/p up to 30 $25 $10/p up to 50 Email $1,000 $15 $75 - $45 $5000 $25 $500 w/64 TOY $200 Grand Prize $25 $100 $25 $250 $25 each $300 ea w/32 $20 $200 $25 $250 Guar. $20 $10/p up to 30 $25 $10/p up to 50 $15 $20 $500 Call $10 $200 $50 (no g.f.) $10,000 FREE $3200 $25 (incl g.f.) $200 $20 $200 $25/team $$$

TIME 7:00PM 10:00AM Call 9:30AM Noon Noon Noon Email 11:00AM 7:00PM 7:00PM 9:00AM 7:00PM 9:00AM 11:00AM 10:00AM 10:00AM Call 11:00AM Call Noon 1:00PM Call Call Call 9:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM Noon Noon Email 11:00AM 3:00PM 11:00AM Call 1:00PM 11:00AM 1:00PM Call 9:00AM Noon Noon 11:00AM Call Call 10:00AM 10:00AM Call 11:00AM Call Call

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The Break - November 2009 Issue  

The November Issue of The Pool Players Best Source of Information is available now with results from the Wild West Shootout and the Deadwood...

The Break - November 2009 Issue  

The November Issue of The Pool Players Best Source of Information is available now with results from the Wild West Shootout and the Deadwood...