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Featured Designer Martha Jackson Restored By Design. Restored By Design is a one-of-a-kind boho chic boutique & studio, a showcase of ecofashion jewelry & apparel reinvented from found bits and bygone parts. 8 Franklin Street Newport, Rhode Islan​d ​@RestoredByDesign​​ (401) 241-2143

Photo provided by: Bill Crowley / Prize Portraits Photography TBW Models: Viviann Grace MUA: Nikki Dawson Designer: Martha Jackson / Restored by Design

Special “Thanks” to Westerly State Airport who helped and contributed to making our 1st editorial shoot for ‘Style Up’ Magazine such a success. The area is a public airport in Washington County, Rhode Island. It serves the town of Westerly and is located two nautical miles ( 4 km) southeast of its central business district. It is primarily a general aviation airport​ , but there is also scheduled airlines services to Block Island provided by New England Airlines.

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Gregory Paul Martha Jackson Ella Tang Berta Bridal Berta Bridal Gowns @ Alexandra Bridal

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ON THE COVER TBW Model Allie W PS: Armando Photo Stylist: Devyn Penney Location: Renaissance Hotel

TBW Model Katie Sul PC: Joe Harary

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Let me first of all take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very happy, peaceful and prosperous 201​7. This is the first issue of TBW Media Publication quarterly on-line magazine. I would like to express my considerable appreciation to all writers who contributed their expert advice, designers, photographers, stylist, hair & makeup artist and TBW Models. It is their generous contributions of time and effort that made these issues possible. At the same time I would like to encourage all our readers to consider sharing their special insights with​ STYLE UP​community by submitting an article. Send to ​TheBeautyWithinSTYLE@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you. TBW Model: Janna A HMUA: Makeover Artistry By Donna Sousa Jewelry: LookLove ( www.lookluv.com ) Photographer: Ian Barnard

Bluemoonstone Creation jewelry is owned and designed by Pamela Forman, a RISD graduate, who’s been designing jewelry for 17 years. She designs each piece in her studio in Providence, RI, and spends time in Bali, Indonesia, where she works closely with her team of highly skilled artisans, who handcraft each of her pieces for production. All of her jewelry is carefully and completely handmade, including the high quality chains, giving them a rich, dramatic, one of a kind essence. Pamela’s detailed Bohemian style, combined with a rare blend of Victorian charm, is enhanced by luminous high quality semi-precious gemstones from India and the Baltic Region, naturally infused with beneficial healing properties. Some pieces also contain significant symbols or words to enlighten the spirit, bringing harmony, balance, love and protection. Most of all, each piece is meant to create a personal self expression, to adorn the body and radiate beauty.

Jewelry: Bluemoonstone Creations TBW Model: Sydney A MUA: Holly Dalton PC: Ian Bernard

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Designer: Gregory Paul Photo By: Armando Photo TBW Model: Allie Stylist: Devyn Penney

Designer: Gregory Paul Photo By: Armando Photo TBW Model: Cassidy​ Stylist: Devyn Penney

Designer: Gregory Paul Photo By: Armando Photo TBW Model: Cassidy​ Stylist: Devyn Penney

In the heart of downtown Providence, this smoke-free hotel is close to many area attractions, and features state-of-theart accommodations and first-class amenities. Originally built in 1929, the Renaissance Providence Hotel has a variety of modern conveniences in a historic atmosphere, including a 24-hour fitness center, wireless internet access and spacious meeting and conference facilities. The Temple restaurant is on site and features an elegant American cuisine menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Renaissance Providence is ideally located in the city’s Capitol District, only minutes from many popular sites, including the Roger Williams Park and Zoo and historic government buildings.

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With winter, many of us anticipate dealing with dry, itchy skin. It is important to start moisturizing your skin early in the season, BEFORE it becomes too severe and uncomfortable. A good daily regimen will do wonders to prevent dry skin from becoming unmanageable. Keep your body clean with a healthy lifestyle exercise, natural beauty & skincare products and healthy food choices.

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TBW Model: Ashton P Photo: Ian Barnard MUA: Makeover Artistry by Donna Sousa

LookLove was born in 2009, from the creative minds of third-generation jeweler, Anthony Calandrelli, and style guru Eva DeCosta. Their mission was simple: to launch a unique, online-only source of top-quality, accessibly priced fashion jewelry. Because, what good is jewelry if you can’t afford to wear it?

We are focused on enhancing the beauty of real women, of all styles, types, fashions and backgrounds. Our designs are chosen to be, at once, inclusive, versatile and as beautiful as the person wearing them. Whether your style is sweatshirts and jeans, or tight black dresses, there is a LookLove design for you.

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For almost 30 years Carl Anthony Tuxedo has earned a reputation for firstrate customer service and quality fitting formalwear. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and customer satisfaction. The Carl Anthony name speaks for itself and with referrals as our strongest source of business, we will remain focused and dedicated to every one of our customers. ​ arl Anthony Tuxedos C ​1460 Park Ave Cranston RI. 401·942·7555 1920 Mineral Spring Ave N Prov. RI 401·228·7715 http://www.carlanthonytuxedo.com/

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Bomber or Varsity? Know the difference between these two iconic jackets and how to use each one to flare up any look


Men’s Style by Kyle Moschen

he 2017 New York Fashion Week runways paraded their fair share of throwback styles. From long v-neck sweaters to flare jeans, we saw staple treads from the 1960 era coming back to life. Bomber and varsity jackets are two major trends that were revamped. Both are iconic, stylish, and sometimes can be confused with one another. Bombers, originally worn by WWI pilots, spiced up whatever looks they were styled with. In the Dolce & Gabbana show, bombers were included in several of the looks. One model strutted down the runway in an offwhite bomber patterned with pineapples and polka dots paired with a matching shirt underneath. The collar, cuffs, and waist band accented the jacket perfectly as they were black with white horizontal stripes. Using bombers to make a twist on a traditional look is a great way to create an attention grabbing outfit. Try throwing a red or maroon bomber over a black buttonup when attending a semi-casual event. In a more casual setting try dressing up a v-neck, jeans, and work boots with a forest green bomber. Varsity jackets, also known as letterman jackets, are no longer just for the jocks. Designers are making these iconic jackets work with any style. Calvin Klein’s collection had it’s fair share of varsity jackets with an array of styles. The collection put a bit of a spin on the retro jackets by using semi spread collars as opposed to traditional scrunched cotton collars. In addition, the designer chose to make the body of the jackets and the sleeves contrasting colors. Varsity jackets can be used to make a look more attention grabbing and retro. Put a black and white varsity over a white t-shirt and black skinny jeans to make a simple outfit more outgoing. Or pair a red and white varsity with a pair of blue jeans and converse for a retro jock look. What’s the difference? The specific details that separate these jackets can be interchangeable depending on how a designer chooses to put it together. Bomber and varsity jackets are very similar, however a few details can help tell the

difference between the two. The most defining feature of each is how they close, bombers tend to have zippers as opposed to varsity jackets which are iconically know for their buttons. Additionally, the color of the buttons on a varsity jacket tend to contrast the base color of the jacket. Pin stripes that wrap around the cuffs, collar, and waist band are typically a iconic feature of a varsity jacket. Traditionally, these stripes are white, but they can be found in a wide array of colors depending on the jacket. Bombers can have pin stripes if a designer decides to include them, but traditionally the stripes are not included. Collars are a less noticeable feature that can help tell the two apart. Bomber jackets tend to have small collars, compared to varsity jackets which normally have collars that are long enough to flip back for that traditional jock look. The original design of bombers included deep cargo pockets that could securely hold all the items a pilot may need while in the air. Modern bombers tend to have pockets similar to those of varsity jackets which are shallow and open. To make up for the smaller

pockets, bomber jackets normally have a zipper pocket on the left sleeve. Celebrities Rock the Trends Both jackets are great for adding a retro aspect to an outfit and celebrities have proven that they can use both jackets to make simple styles pop. Kanye West is consistently taking advantage of the bomber trend. He is constantly rocking his green bomber jacket with ripped jeans and a t-shirt. Joe Jonas appeared on Live! With Kelly sporting a camel colored varsity jacket and black leather sleeves made by Dior Homme. Other celebrities such as Scott Disick, Justin Bieber, and Chris Brown have been out and about with their varsity jackets. While stars such as John Legend, Pharrell Williams, and Zayn Malik have been dressing up with bombers. Many more celebrities seem to be strutting the trend and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon.



ashion week comes but only twice a year to cities around the world, once in the Fall and once in the Spring with high fashion gracing the world with the artistry, ideas, aesthetics, and dreams of the best designers. I always knew fashion week was when the big cheeses of the fashion world premiered their new collections, however I never understood just how magical fashion week was until I experienced it first hand. I had the great honor of attending the Versace 2017 Women’s Spring/Summer fashion show. I also made sure to watch every fashion show on YouTube the day it premiered while I was in Italy, and I was left with many inspiring favorites. GUCCI: The city itself was a runway and Gucci was EVERYWHERE. If one was to take a shot of the finest Italian wine for every time they saw someone in the streets wearing Gucci, they would be black out drunk. It’s Alessandro Michele’s fault, the Creative Director breathing new life into the legacy brand that is Gucci, which over the past years has been rather up and down. However, with its new direction into the fashion world well underway, Gucci has seriously made a fierce comeback and it’s evident, even I drank the Koolaid. To sum it up, the Gucci fashion show was mystical, fresh, and poetic, combining a unisex artistic aesthetic with a vintage embroidered flair while taking nods from fashions past all while still maintaining something fresh, modern, and new feeling. Gucci was a feast for the eyes and certainly one of my favorite shows to watch. Gucci held my attention, something very difficult to do considering my ADD. The fabrics, the embroidery, the sequence, the fur accents, the true artistry and detail that has been applied to each and every item is what is making Gucci so delicious and popular right now. VERSACE: Another one of my favorites was with little surprise, Versace, Versace, Versace, Medusa head on me like illuminati (OHHH!), they seriously did it right this year (as they do most of the time). The aesthetic focus of this Spring/Summer show was Athleisure, a style that is becoming very popular amongst a younger demographic. Versace’s Spring/Summer line had a unique take on Athleisure, it was elevated into something modern, sophisticated, high fashion, and visually pleasing. What I so enjoyed about this collection was that the sleekness of the clothes did not lack attention to the details, each garment was something unique, fresh, and sexy while still holding true to Versace’s glamorous legacy. Versace pays attention to the weather but in the end always beats to its own gold drum. I also had a deep appreciation for the usage of Niaomi Campbel, a long time friend of Versace as well as an icon in her own right in the show along with the usage of Gigi Hadid to close the show. Again Versace reflected female empowerment, that it’s clothes are for every strong women bold enough to take the leap in life.

DOLCE & GABBANA: Dolce and Gabbana summed up in five words: fun sense of Italian community. What I enjoy about D&G is the family and cultural heritage they like to portray through there clothes. I may not be Italian, but this seasons show evoked the fantasy of being part of this care free, culturally enriched, enchanting family or community. At the start of the show, a group of professional male and female dancers came out and danced to Italian music as if presenting this picturesque fantasy of Italian street life. It was just lovely, lighthearted, and fun. The clothes were beautiful, and featured many classic Italian motifs, referencing different eras and aesthetics. If the show was to defy what it is to be Italian it’s to love your culture, love your heritage, and love your country. While D&G has been notorious for their depictions of classic Italian family life, nods to country, and a life lived decadently well, they still come across fresh and fun and this show was no disappointment. FENDI: Fendi did a really good job, I felt it’s collection also reflected the current climate in the Italian high fashion world. The combo of the modern, with the vintage, with the detailed elements, made each piece interesting and provided us with a unique Fendi flair. I wouldn’t mind running around a magical minimalist garden wearing head to toe Fendi if that makes any sense. Fendi gave its Fendi take on what’s up, but I felt that it reminded me of what Gucci is doing and the entire show I found myself making comparisons once the thought was in my head. Just saying. MOSCHINO: Moschino is a newer favorite of mine, I find its creative director Jermey Scott to be very inspiring as well as massively creative. Moschino’s place in fashion is definitely relevant and necessary. Trends are lovely, fashion is ever evolving, however in a world of designers that take something and place their own spin on it *yawns*, Moschino reminds us to take a break and look at something totally unrelated to what ever is going on. Every Moschino collection reminds the fashion world to have some fun, laugh a little even. I felt this years show was a playful nod to fashions elegant French influence laced past combined with the modern, colorful, artistic Moschino take. Jeremy chose to make each of his models look like classic paper dolls, literally, and it was delightful. The Barbie themed collection will always hold a special place in my heart however. By. Nolan Christopher Wills

What is it: The Clean Look

Who needs it: everyone, every age! Whether for a no makeup look for a shoot, casting call, or a day doing errands around town this look is for everyday!


roducts: For this look, I made it look as if Olivia was not wearing makeup. Like the Alicia Key’s no makeup look, however, there is makeup on the face. For TV and professional photographic media you need to employ something to prevent shine, cover any imperfections, discoloration and dark circles. Products used: Eye Primer: NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Base in “Skin Tone”. It creates a smooth canvas, increases eyeshadow and liner longevity and decreases transfer to beyond the eye area. I like this applied thinly with a synthetic concealer brush and finger tip around the perimeter of the eye because it’s oil absorbing and conceals discoloration. It also doesn’t set up quickly like other eye primers and provides the ability to tweak the eyecolor later on. I personally don’t like using those clear, fast drying potions because if there is dry skin or loose skin around the eye it gloms on unevenly and makes my inner makeup artist shriek silently as I redo the whole eye. Eyeshadow: Lorac Mega Pro Palette 3. I used the neutral matte shades on her, well blended. No cut creases here. I added a little sheen mixed with the matte to create luminosity in the inner eye area to and make the eyes appear wider set. It’s important that there’s no flashback, and I’ve learned the hard way that light shimmers will appear ghastly white on dark skin lasses especially with flash photography. By the way, this palette was a limited addition. I’ll sell mine to you for $1000, I love it so much. Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pro Palette. I used Soft Brown Shades mixed together that matched the lightest and softest shades in her hair, concentrated in the arch hairs..Please no instagram eyebrows.. If you come into my chair with these, because you feel you can’t live without that look, I will remove it and your hour of stencilling and highlighting around the eyebrow will be all for nought. Ideally, if a person has to look closely to ascertain that you have eyebrow makeup on, or any makeup on for that matter, then we have achieved success for the clean look..classy and timeless. Eyeliner: Lady Burd Indelible Gel Eyeliner in Chocolate Mousse applied with a small flat definer brush within the lashline (if you tightline the upper waterline use a sanitized brush or pencil that’s not too sharp, and a waterproof product made for the waterline that you haven’t ever double dipped in since you’ve had it. Your pretty peepers don’t deserve bacteria in them. Mascara: Boots No. 7 Stay Perfect Mascara in black. Brown mascara can be used for lighter hair. This mascara is great for low maintenance girls who want to remove their mascara with just warm water, but the real reason I love it is its tubular technology. It is smudgeproof even with humidity, sweating, and tears. Best for those that have oily eye areas or use eye creams containing oils.. It doesn’t creep and give you the dreaded raccoon eye. It also doesn’t clump. I have found Better Than Sex, Maybelline Volumizing and They’re Real mascaras very heavy and fake looking. I cringe when I see gloppy spider legs. Foundation: Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cc Cream... This tinted moisturizer is certified organic which is a nice perk. I like to use this for a dewy warm glow. There is no appearance of makeup as long as you have the right shade. However, be aware that products with zinc oxide like this, and titanium dioxide found in SPF formulas, can sometimes give a whitish glow if not used sparingly or incorrectly. Thus I usually mix with other pro foundation products such as Graftobian HD Creme Palette for contour and finish with a burnishing technique on the prominent features of the face to cut down on the chance of flash back and seeing edges of contour. (This is why it’s a great idea to hire a makeup artist to do your makeup for professional looking images... We use products and techniques best suited for whatever is needed for that day.) Concealer: 5 Camouflage Cream Palette for Dark Complexions used here on Kerri. Highly pigmented to offer coverage where needed for dark circles under the eyes or blemishes. In Olivia’s case she has a skin tone that is so unique and beautiful I mixed a couple of the colors from this palette with one or two of the Coastal Scents Camouflage Palette. Inexpensive in comparison to the Makeup Forever (MUFE) palette, this one is regarded as essential in a makeup artist pro kit because of its ability to blend flaws away instantly. Highlighter: Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in “Gleam”. I worked this on the cheek bones, cupid’s bow and above her chin for a lit from within luminosity. I go over with my foundation brush to blend seamlessly and take down possibilities of flash back. The result is a subdued highlight, not strobing. Blush: NYX Cosmetics Stick Blush in “Tea Rose”. Cream blushes look like they’re a real blush on the cheeks if they’re applied to the apples and blended back into the contour of the cheek with the warmth of your fingers. Powder: To impart a soft focus finish, prevent shine, and set the makeup on an outside shoot, I used Cover FX Matte Setting Powder Medium. It’s great for darker tones because it doesn’t look chalky or ashy on the skin. It’s also talc free. However, it wasn’t quite the depth of tone I needed so I mixed in my Ofra Mineral Loose Powder Foundation in Cocoa. Lips: Rainbow Lips palette wheel in Pink Lady. I applied the shade closest to the color of the inside of her lower lip, then blotted and applied clear gloss by Sephora so it looked like a dewy natural stain. Setting spray: NYX Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray sprayed on an uplifted face with criss cross and T motions will help assure the makeup stays in place. Voila! The no makeup look in 30 easy steps! Kidding aside, it is one of the hardest looks for students to learn because there can’t be clear evidence of makeup! Practice, practice, and you’ll achieve that look for your next casting call... Where the interviewer will only see your natural beauty: Your beautiful features enhanced. It’s not about the makeup... It’s about YOU! - XOXO Anne Fitzgerald Makeup Artistry for The Beauty Within



alia Kamalani Cruz, TBW Model of Pawtuxet Village, Warwick, RI held the title of Miss Rhode Island Teen USA from August 2015 to September 2016. She traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada in July, 2015 where she competed for the coveted Miss Teen USA national title and received the prestigious Miss Congeniality award. Nineteen year old Malia is of Italian and Hawaiian descent and, has an older sister Kalana and younger brother Kanoa. She attended St Peter School through 8th grade and although she began high school at Pilgrim in Warwick she transferred and, graduated from The Met School (Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center) in Providence because of her interest in the Big Picture Learning Opportunities they offered. Her curriculum at The Met School included live presentations in front of classmates, school advisors and staff and, it was there, she began to feel comfortable with public speaking. Malia is very comfortable on stage and on the runway. She began her runway experience at age two as a flower girl at bridal shows and practically grew up in the industry. That lifelong experience has certainly resulted in her ease on stage today. Malia currently studies sociology at Community College of Rhode Island and University of Rhode Island and plans to continue to law school after graduation. An ambitious girl for sure . In addition to her school schedule works two jobs and models for The Beauty Within Model Management. Malia is as comfortable behind the camera as she is in front of it as she works part time for Melino Photography. In front of the camera, she has shot with photographers such as Daniel Gagnon, Juliette Holt, and Jonathan Carter. Keep an eye on this girl...she has a shining personality and it come through on the runway, on stage and in her photos.

Bill Crowley / Prize Portraits Photography TBW Models: Jackie S MUA: Nikki Dawson Designer: Martha Jackson / Restored by Design

Bill Crowley / Prize Portraits Photography TBW Models: Emma M MUA: Nikki Dawson Designer: Martha Jackson / Restored by Design

Bill Crowley / Prize Portraits Photography TBW Models: Emma M MUA: Nikki Dawson Designer: Martha Jackson / Restored by Design

Bill Crowley / Prize Portraits Photography TBW Models: Viviann Grace MUA: Nikki Dawson Designer: Martha Jackson / Restored by Design

Being Creative By Pamela Masucci


o you feel stuck with the same photo shoot ideas? We don’t blame you! If you’re a fashion photographer it’s tough to constantly come up with creative new concepts that will blow everyone away, and get your work published. Even the most brilliant photographers start to creatively burn out eventually. Very often inspiration hides in the unlikeliest places, and who said it always has to be a tribute to high fashion photographers. A sad melody, the way the moon and stars reflect in a sidewalk puddle or even the way the sunlight comes through your office window, good ideas are everywhere, tucked under even the most mundane every-day experiences. Here are some photos photographer Bill Crowley and stylist Pamela Masucci came up with after finishing Designer Martha Jackson’s Editorial shoot over the summer. What to do while hanging out with beautiful models in a hanger and being offered by the manager some aviation glasses and pilot headset??

New Year,

New You?

by. Anne Sherlock


ith the new year coming right up and Holiday festivities galore, it’s normal to celebrate with family and friends, eat delicious foods, drink (if you’re of age) and make less time for the gym. When the New Year begins, many people scramble to create goals for how they want to start up a new workout schedule, eat healthier foods, and/or stick to a regime. I’m here to tell you that all of that is great, but why not start now? Before the New Year begins, why not slowly incorporate that workout schedule into your daily life? Why not try a new “healthy” food? Try a new workout class even? I often hear many friends of mine complaining after the Holiday season is over that they have gained some unwanted weight from the festivities and now have to start a strict and intense workout schedule/diet for themselves, and end up getting burnt out. Through my experiences, I know that that lifestyle doesn’t work in the long run. If you want to make a change, such as trying new vegetables each week, or start something new, like trying that killer Cross-Training class at your local gym, you have to start now! Remember those old notebooks that you used to use back in grade school,

with the fresh, lined paper? I want you to buy one of those (only 99 cents!) and open up to the front page, and write down a few things you’d like to start doing or trying now, and how you plan on achieving them. I have found that writing down my goals makes them that much more real and necessary! The next step is for you to plan and do your research; want to try that new spin class on a Tuesday night? Find a way to Fit it into your schedule- write it down in your smartphone’s calendar so you won’t forget it. Now, you don’t have to start all of your goals full-force at once! Try to do one task a week! Then, you can slowly start to add more activities to your schedule. In doing so, you work at your goals long-term and avoid getting burnt out, getting frustrated and quitting when you don’t see results immediately, or stressing out and cramming things into your schedule all at once. Balance is key to all of your health and fitness goals, and results don’t come immediately- they take time. So my friends, make this year your year of hard work, progress, determination, confidence, strength, adventure and wellness.

TBW Model: Gabrielle (Left) & Jackie (Right) Photographer: Armando Photo HMAU: Samantha Cummings Gowns: Berta Bridal @ Alexandra’s Bridal

TBW Model: Kirsten Ford Photographer: Armondo Photo HMAU: Samantha Cummings Gowns: Berta Bridal @ Alexandra’s Bridal

TBW Model: Ashlynne Faith Photographer: Armando Photo HMAU: Samantha Cummings

Where we will relax away the soreness from your body, relieve the stress from your mind and release the weight from your spirit.


ur spa is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. Our Foot Spa staff understands your needs, and will accommodate your budget & schedule. We are here to relax away the soreness from your body, relieve the stress from your mind and release the weight from your spirit. Please tell us if you have pain or discomfort area that we can address, or any area that needs special attention. We are here to give you the royal treatment you desire! Visit our comfortably-appointed location to enjoy a friendly, respectful welcome and a warm, inviting environment that features comfy furnishings and a relaxing ambiance. We welcome couples to enjoy their relaxing time together for a romantic occasion, a birthday or a holiday gift for you and your spouse, and we also provide parties! Treat yourself, your friends or family. Unique Foot Spa gift certificates are available! Please remember that you are in a professional foot spa, and do not expect anything other than foot reflexology and relaxation. Tel: 516-679-7799 Address: 3348 Jerusalem Ave, Wantagh, NY 11793 Open Hours: 7 days a week Mon–Sat 10:00am-9:00am SUN: 10:30am-8:30pm



aving a skincare routine is ideal for every female or male out there. At any age, having flawless skin is something we strive for. Thankfully, in today’s market there are advanced solutions for this. Featuring the top Dermatologist skin cleansing device, that has created an up roar over the internet; the “Clarisonic”. The Clarisonic is a powerful skin cleansing brush that removes make-up, dirt, and oil 6x better than just your hands alone! The brush has oscillating bristles that work to powerfully and effectively to remove everything layering on your skin and deep cleanse into your pores. The Clarisonic also comes in different versions that are more suitable for your skin type and preference. These facial cleansing brushes include: the basic Mia which is more universal for all skin types, the Mia 2 which has two speed settings, universal and delicate, then there is the Mia fit which is a smaller version of the Mia 2 that is more convenient to carry around. This device fits solely in the palm of your hand and is perfect for someone that is always on the

go. Then there is also the Smart Profile, which works for your face and body. Each Clarisonic brush comes with an interchangeable brush head for sensitive skin. One of the best features of the Clarisonic face brushes is the installed timer. To maximize efficiency, the Clarisonic have a 1 minute timer that beeps every 20 seconds to move onto the next portion of your face; 20 seconds for the forehead, then 20 seconds for nose and chin, and then 10 seconds on each cheek. But the brand also offers multiple different brush heads for your ideal skin. For example, there are sensitive, delicate, cashmere, acneprone, deep pore, body, pedicure, and even one for men. The Clarisonic offer’s a facial brush called the “Alpha Fit” that works perfectly for men’s skin with two speeds for the clean shaven, and the bearded. The Clarisonic has been tested to provide better looking skin and reduce appearances of imperfections. As someone who personally owns a Clarisonic, my skin has never felt smoother or looked better. After years of dealing with acne and oily skin, I am now confident in what my skin has turned out to be.

- Alexis Gerlach

Bill Crowley / Prize Portraits Photography TBW Models: Emma M MUA: Nikki Dawson

Winter Hair Woes... SOLVED!


hen the humidity in the air dries out in winter, so does your hair. Some of us get static, some of us have curls that go limp. For those of us who have naturally drier textures, our hair seems to get rougher than ever. If you love straight smooth hair the dry air can be like a godsend, but have you noticed how your hair loses some bounce? The key to all of these problems is moisture content, appropriate hold for your preferred style, and adequate silicone protection. Hair is a fiber. If you take a shirt and wash it by hand, wring it out with a towel and blow at it with a blow dryer, it will be wrinkly and coarse. The same as shampooing your hair without conditioner. If you add fabric softener (conditioner) to your wash, the result is softer and less wrinkly. This is what I mean by adequate moisture content. All conditioners are not created equal. Price point is dependent on cost of ingredients and production, cost of packaging and marketing. In most cases you get what you pay for. Alterna's Caviar moisture shampoo and conditioner are some of the best in the industry. They have patented ingredients, which means they are the only ones who can make this perfect formula for gorgeous hair. Ask anyone who's used it and they will tell you how much they love it. Their formula includes enzyme therapy. Any great stylist will explain to their clients, how important it is to emulsify the product in your hands with water to activate the enzyme therapy and work up a good lather. It's so important to do this, because when you just squirt it in your hands and immediately slap it on your head it actually smells fishy. Because they really use caviar in the formula. Which is wonderful for its high omega3 fatty acid content which keeps your hair looking younger. When you activate the enzyme therapy, all the benefits are able to be absorbed by the hair fiber. Enzymes help the body breakdown nutrients into a useable form. Why is this important??? Picture this: Carrots are high in vitamin A, a nutrient essential for good vision. It's a scientific fact that carrots are good for your eyes. But if you stick a carrot in your eye, that is not going to help your eyesight. You eat the carrot, your body uses enzymes to break it down into useable form. Just like emulsifying your shampoo and conditioner in your hands before applying it to your hair. And if your stylist hasn't informed you that shampoo should be mostly directed toward the scalp area and conditioner toward the midshaft and ends, I recommend looking for a new stylist. Changing this one simple thing can make your hair behave better. If you already do this well, great! Now let's talk about leave-in conditioner. If you have oily hair or limp hair you probably don't use this. Personally, I have both. I want to explain why I use it all the time. In the summer, I use it instead of conditioner in the shower for detangling and sun protection purposes. In the winter I use it after conditioning and towel drying because my hair gets staticky and falls flat. Good moisture content will actually plump up your hair shaft and your hair will be fuller and bouncier with less fly aways. For those of us with drier hair textures you may want a lighter leave-in in the summertime and a heavier one in winter. If your scalp is dry make sure to massage your conditioner in the shower and the right leave-in conditioner right into your scalp. I've used many product lines in my 16 years in the hair industry and I've worked with every hair texture under the sun. My highest recommended leave-in that's lightweight and plumping is Evo's Day of grace. The best deeply moisturizing leave-in is Alterna's blowout balm. All of which are available for sale at Salon Bianco at 423 Atwells Ave. Providence 02909.

- Bethany Wood


ichael Fairbanks walked into our TBW office back in the summer of 2015 having minimal experience with modeling.​ Michael was willing and eager to learn about the business, leading him to sign up for one of our 2-Day Model Bootcamp’s. Our “Bootcamps” are taught by the CEO of The Beauty Within, Pamela Masucci. During this, Michael was able to shoot with the photographer Bill Crowley of “Prized Portraits”. During the shoot, Bill commented “This guy has got it, he’s a real natural”. From then on, Michael booked his first fashion show at Paddy’s Beach Club on Misquamicut State Beach, along with several other TBW Models. As well as a few fashion shows in Rhode Island during the “Bridal Season”, suited up in the finest tuxedos. Later on, Michael went back to Florida to finish his second year away at college. Soon to be returning the following summer, signing with PMV Models; otherwise known as his mother agency. From this, Michael was given the opportunity to visit some New York City agencies. With anticipation for a response, he soon heard back from RED Model Management, who showed tremendous interest in him. With this exciting news, Michael was given this chance with one condition; he had to lose his football shoulders and 1” of muscle on his arms. The standard commercial print male model in New York requires a 40 L suit size with a 32” waist. This was Michael’s one opportunity to get his size down, and that only pushed him further. His eagerness and dedication got him signed a couple weeks later. RED Model Management is known for having one of the strongest Male Model Divisions in New York City! Michael’s next steps are finishing the school year and moving to New York for 2017. Best of luck to Michael!


he conventions assemble a group of scouts from model and talent agencies from around the country (and sometimes from around the world) who are given a chance to see you, and talk to you if they are interested in what they see. TMC does deliver what they promise: an opportunity to be seen by real agencies and possibly be selected by them. The notion sounds enticing: instead of a model having to go to see agencies scattered all over the country to see who is interested in her, the model search brings agency reps from all over the country to one location and lets them scout you there. Saves you a lot of money and time. Sounds good! The model agencies are predominantly “editorial fashion� agencies, although there may be a few commercial print and promotions agencies in attendance as well. Most will be from major market cities: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago. There may also be a small number of local agencies in attendance. The agent may take measurements, ask about their personal interests and situation, or inquire about their ability to relocate to work with them. If the agent is interested he will ask for the model’s contact information or your MA agencies number. In exceptional cases a model may be offered a contract on the spot, but most often the agent will choose a subset of those he has interviewed to follow up with later. themodelconvention.com

The Model Convention is an International Model Search. You personally meet the top agents of the world and start your model career at the highest level.

Paris Fashion Week 2016


lla Tang is the founder and designer of TANGOELLA, a ready-to-wear clothing line designed for busy metropolitan women. Traveling to America from Taiwan, she attended University of Massachusetts where she earned her Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Unbeknownst to Ella that her childhood hobby of creating clothes would later evolve into her career, she immediately enrolled in the School of Fashion Design in Boston after she completed her Master’s Degree. After two years, she graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. Ella worked as a senior designer for several well-known companies in the Boston area before she started her own brand, TANGOELLA, at the beginning of 2015. Ella’s artistic sensibility and gift in spatial thinking allows her to design collections that convey modern with an edgy twist, bringing TANGOELLA to life. Ella believes in designing with a purpose and empowering people with simple and versatile clothing. TANGOELLA’s timeless pieces introduce a rhythm that impacts the wardrobe. The philosophy of TANGOELLA is that clothing should make one feel effortlessly beautiful and confident. With close attention to real-life day-to-day needs, the masterfully constructed pieces from TANGOELLA are inspired by the casual and formal activities that define cosmopolitan life. The distinctive

modern attitude transitions seamlessly from day to night. n invitation to participate in Paris Fashion Week came unexpectedly early this summer. I was approached by a well-known designer scout for this opportunity. At first, I was very excited with the idea of my collection on the runway in Paris. Soon after, I was in dilemma of deciding if it was the right move to benefit my business with an expense I was not expecting. In August the organizer, Tiffany Fashion Week,


Designer: Ella Tang / Tangoella PC: Thierry Joly

and I decided to showcase my Spring 17 collection at Paris Fashion Week on October 2. Before I left for my trip, I was filled with worry. The thought of being alone on this long trip, and the unknown process about this show made me uneasy. Once I arrived, I was invited to a welcome dinner hosted by Tiffany McCall, the organizer of the show, she made me feel very connected and involved in the fashion show. I was able to meet the European models and do the fitting the day before the show. Afterwards, there was a press conference that gave me the opportunity of meeting all the other designers and the press before the show. The day of the show, I was just taken away by how beautiful the Shanghai-la Hotel was and how professional the team was. The turnout for the show was fantastic and my designs well received. TANGOELLA was the only contemporary line among all the couture designers. The day after the show, I had a chance of doing a photoshoot by the Pont Alexandre III bridge. When I first started my line, I never imagined doing a photoshoot in Paris. I am honored to have been a part of Paris Fashion Week and made so many new European friends. I am looking forward to the new opportunities for TANGOELLA and I can not wait to bring my vision of effortless dressing to people all over the world.

StyleUp Magazine

cordially invites you to our next issue with Featured Designers Toni Lyn Spaziano/ Chances R Martha Jackson/ Restored By Design Irina Gorbman/ Art That Heals showcasing their 2017 Collections with an elaborate fashion show April 2017 Location & Date: TBD

TBW Model: Emma M MUA: Nikki Dawson PS: Bill Crowley / Prize Portraits Jewelry: Restored By Design



y name is Ali Hornung. In 2013, my friend, Grace, was diagnosed with leukemia. Her diagnosis opened my eyes up to an entirely different world, the world of cancer patients, which most of us only have an outside view on. Throughout Grace’s treatment, I vied for a way to help her and the other children suffering from this terrible disease. On November 11, 2013, I was inspired to start my business, Barbie Bows Couture, in an effort to benefit and help children suffering from cancer. The first hair bow I created was an orange polka dotted fabric with an orange leukemia ribbon in the center. I sold these hair bows at my local middle schools and reached my goal of raising $1000 for Grace. As my passion to help others grew, so did my small business. Last year, I began making and selling bridal and fantasy flower crowns, as well as scrunchies, in addition to my hair bows. My hair pieces have been featured on Lifetime’s “Project Runway Jr.” and “Dance Moms.” The link to my Etsy shop is www.etsy.com/shop/ barbiebowscouture My newest endeavor is beginning in 2017. I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to help others. Each year, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) launches its Student of the Year Campaign. I have been nominated to participate in this year’s 2017 campaign. I am hosting events, doing a letter campaign, and selling t-shirts in an effort to raise $50,000 in the 7 weeks the campaign runs (January 20th to March 4th), which will go directly to LLS in support of its longstanding

mission to find cures for blood cancers and assist patients and families as they battle this disease. My kickoff event is a runway show. I started modeling for The Beauty Within last year, and I wanted to incorporate my passion for modeling within my campaign. My show, “Runway for a Cure” will be on the evening of January 28th at the Quonset O Club in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. The featured designers will be Kelly Dempsey, runner up of Project Runway, Ruby Mcaloon of Project Runway Jr., and Bianca Jones-Pearson of Clothes Horse Clothing. The cocktail hour will begin at 6 pm, and the show will begin at 7:30. Everyone is invited! There will be food, drinks, and raffles, all money raised will go directly towards my campaign to cure blood cancers.

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Style up issue #1  

'STYLE UP' by The Beauty Within prides itself on being 'The Heart of New England Fashion' featuring hot looks while giving relevant inform...

Style up issue #1  

'STYLE UP' by The Beauty Within prides itself on being 'The Heart of New England Fashion' featuring hot looks while giving relevant inform...