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Models: The Beauty Within Models @tbwmodels Arizona & Caroline Designer: @candicewucouturebridal Location: Rhode Island State House MUA: @anniefitz69 Hair: Letticia @ur_mane_chick w/ @calmasalon PC: @ryan.fotografie




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PC: Denisse / Lotus Eye Photography

Inside the ICONIC

Versace Mansion By Nolan Christopher Wills

Built by architect Alden Freeman in 1930, Casa Casurina is a Miami landmark that in 1992 was purchased by fashion designer, Gianni Versace. What sold Gianni Versace on the house instantly, was the artful sculpture of the lady of the house outside, Aphrodite. That very captivating statue continues to watch over the mansion and all of its thousands of visitors to this day. Until his tragic murder in 1997, Gianni Versace renovated Casa Casurina into an opulent oasis of Versace splendor right on Ocean Drive. The mansion itself offers a wide array of unique architectural details sourced from all over the world, elements that reflect this creative geniuses eclectic yet uniquely glamorous tastes. Today, this famous property is a posh boutique hotel as well as a venue for any luxury soiree ones heart could desire. The courtyard is the heart of the villa, centered with an elegant fountain topped with Poseidon faces spouting water. Beyond the courtyard is the newer part of the 1930s mansion, the pool which was added by Gianni Versace in 1992. The Medusa head, Versace’s iconic logo, is prominently emblazon in mosaic stones and tile alongside the stunning mosaic covered pool. In true Versace fashion, no expense was spared when this pool was commissioned. From the 24 karat gold tiles to the mosaic aquatic motifs colorfully lining the pool and duel fountains, this pool is ideal for literally swimming in luxury. The ornate mosaics continue into the lavish dining room where an array of multi colored river rocks cover the walls. Today guests of the mansion can dine on Versace china and take in the true energy of this storied American mansion.



The lavish details continue into the many private suits designed by Gianni Versace himself. Every inch of every wall is festooned with rich woods, hand painted murals and stonework. Each individual suit is unique, be it the bespoke double king sized bed in Versace’s former personal suit or the one tub in the entire house as requested by Queen of Pop, Madonna for her stays with the fashion legend himself. Many of the fixtures and dÊcor on display within these rooms remain from when Gianni Versace lived in the home. Elements down to the original curtains still hanging in the windows give todays guests the tangible experience of all that the Versace lifestyle has to offer. What makes the Versace mansion so special is that it stands as a personal look into the aesthetics and artistic interests of a creative mastermind. Though Gianni Versace’s life was tragically cut short, his legacy and enduring style lives on through both his international fashion brand and this one of a kind magical mansion by the sea. PC: Pamela Masucci


PC: Denisse / Lotus Eye Photography



Spring/ Summer 2019

By The Beauty Within


Photographer: Denisse / Lotus Eye Photography

2-5 A Stately Affair Candice Wu Couture graces the Rhode Island State House.

8-11 Inside The Versace Mansion A look into the iconic Casa Casurina in Miami.

14-15 The Trend Report The latest looks every woman can apply to their wardrobe.

16-30 15 Inspiring Pages Of Pageant Stars StyleUp sits down with an array of prominent young ladies in the pageant world to discuss their experiences.

38-39 Savor This Summer Simple & delicious recipes perfect for the summer season.




The Splendor Of Casa Casurina

Dress like a vacation queen.

StyleUp magazines most opulent editorial yet, shot at the Versace mansion in Miami.

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The Romance Of Hong Kong

A look into a simpler life in the California wilderness.

A guide to one of the worlds wealthiest cities.


50-51 Essential Oils The best ones and how to use them.


Puppy Love Dogs and dreamy bridal fashion.

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90-99 Miami Swim Week The hottest looks in swimwear.

102-103 New England’s Best Boutiques StyleUp magazine’s list of the best boutiques around.

112-113 Editors Final Thoughts The last word from our Editor in Chief.

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By Elle Grant This summer may just be the summer of trends absolutely no one asked for – and fashion is loving it! Inexplicably, the trends heating up this season seem to mimic the bold looks of young influencers and their cult followings. Said influencers, and the styles they promote, prove hip is attainable this summer! Tie Dye Hope you are feeling psychedelic, surprisingly tie dye is having a resurgence, but it is one that definitely packs a punch. Another trend flowing from the festival scene, tie dye is commonly worn by the younger crowd as a larger t-shirt dress or an oversized shirt tucked into denim. Present on runways like Prabal Gurung, tie dye becomes a little more elegant. This season, tie dye is enhanced by structural choices, think more blazers and midi skirts and less


the scrunched-up ball from summer camp days long gone. Woven Work A woven element, from clothing pieces to accessories, is all the rage. It makes sense, too; the breathable fabric often provides not just a statement, but a relief from the summer heat. Stemming perhaps from the famous festivals of early spring like Coachella, woven pieces have received a highly desirable, high fashion upgrade. For full clothing, dresses worn over undergarments pack a bold statement; to reign it in wear a crochet dress over a swimsuit to the beach. If crochet shows too much skin, the accessories this season stemming from a basket-like woven look may be more your speed. A basket purse or straw hat still ties back to this breezy summer look.

CHANEL Mixing Bold Prints In what is shaping up to be one colorful summer, the season is feeling bold enough to mix and match colorful prints. A step away from the “groundbreaking� florals usually associated with springtime, combinations of everything from plaid to animal print to gingham and back again are being combined on the runways. A pro tip when mixing patterns for the day to day life: make sure the patterns you are combining have a baseline similarity to demonstrate coordination. For instance, tying the black of cheetah print to the black of houndstooth for a comprehensive final look.



STYLE GUIDES Bike Shorts Ladies feel free to take your bicycle shorts from Soul Cycle to the streets this season. Another trend especially popular amongst the younger crowd, the trend is often dressed up with a matching top and blazer or dressed down for the hot summer days with just a crop top. Perhaps not the most applicable trend to be assimilated into daily life. As to why they are a thing, no one seems to know. Alas, they seem here to stay for the season on runways from Prada to Fendi and influencers like the Kardashian clan. If you’re feeling courageous, take a spin on a wild side this summer!

JACQUEMUS 2000s Shoes In another trend that has a hard time justifying its presence, the favorite shoe trends of the early 2000s have been reborn for the summer of 2019. Affectionately known as Dad Sneakers, these clunky shoes have been on the scene since spring first broke out of its shell. Often white, these shoes have functioned as a Converse or Adidas shoe in a classic closet – shoes for on the go. Though it may appear as though they are merely just a heavy step, the added height of the shoe can give some power and also comfort if summer wedges aren’t your thing. Also, back from the year 2000, square toed shoes. Seemingly out of nowhere, these shoes on the catwalk have us running to page Carrie Bradshaw. Pair a square sandal with shorts and a blouse on your summer trip to give this a try.


Bucket Hats Not just military wear, not just for fishing, the bucket hat has had a major resurgence on both the runway and in street style. Don’t believe it? Check the runways of Chanel, Fenty x Puma, and Prada for proof. It promises to inject a certain amount of cool and casual into any outfit, high fashion or not. Although not appropriate for the office or more formal occasions, the bucket hat is perfect for a long summer’s day on the beach. This summer, pair a solid bucket hat for a bold pop of color in your outfit instead of rocking a typical sunhat or visor.

CONCLUSION This summer take a note from the kids! Although the trends may seem a little extreme for the casual individual just knocking on the door of fashion, there is no better season than easy breezy summer to take a risk. A bold fashion choice from any of the trends will certainly make you look cool this summer, no matter how high the heat climbs. DIOR PHOTOS: ELLE.COM



Nicole Pallozzi What is it like to win a beauty pageant? Winning Miss Rhode Island USA was the most surreal feeling. I have dreamt about winning for so long, and now my dream finally came true. I started sobbing when I won because all of my hardwork finally paid off. What has changed in your life now that you are a title holder? My life has completely changed since winning Miss Rhode Island USA! I am constantly attending appearances and prepping for MISS USA. I've enjoyed my reign so much. It has been everything I hoped for and more. I've been passionate about volunteering with individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities my entire life and being Miss Rhode Island USA has allowed me to continue volunteering with Best Buddies and the Special Olympics of RI on a local and national level. What does it take to become Miss USA or Miss Universe? It takes a lot of drive and passion to win Miss Universe. You also need to be committed and willing to give it your all in order to respect your country and world at the fullest potential. It would be an honor to represent the US on the Miss Universe stage. Not only do you have to be mentally prepared but physically prepared as well. I have been committed to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle and maintain a workout regime. If you had to chance to either go back in the past and change one thing only about your past, prior to winning or to see your entire future beforehand, what would you choose and why? I honestly would not change either! I live by the motto to "Trust the process" so I believe that everything that happened in the past has led me to where I am today. It took me 4 tries to finally capture the crown but every pageant taught me something new about myself. I felt completely ready for the title during my 4th time competing for Miss Rhode Island USA.


PC: Daniel Gagnon



Olivia Volpe What is it like to win a beauty pageant? The feeling when I won was unexplainable! This was my first pageant, and I won!!! It really is a feeling that will be with me forever! What has changed in your life now that you are a title holder? So much has changed now that I am a titleholder. I now have a platform to speak about mental health awareness and I could not be happier. What does it take to become Miss Teen USA? I honestly believe that being myself is what lead me to be Miss Rhode Island Teen USA. I have always stayed true to myself and I feel as though that will get me the furthest. Hard work with dieting, working out, and truly flourishing as an individual will help me succeed. If you had to chance to either go back in the past and change one thing only about your past ,prior to winning or to see your entire future beforehand, what would you choose and why? If I had a chance to go back and change one thing about my past prior to winning, I would definitely tell myself to just go for it! I refrained from doing a pageant due to my anxiety however once I did a pageant this year, I really felt myself grow out of my comfort zone and become a more confident woman.


PC: Daniel Gagnon



Daescia Demoranville What is it like to win a beauty pageant? From the moment I was crowned Miss Rhode Island USA 2018 my life changed in the most positive way possible. Being able to go out to events and travel as much as I did was an experience that I wouldn't trade for the world. I was able to meet amazing people who were able to teach me a lot of great things. I got to work with some of the top photographers, makeup artists and many more amazing and greatly talented people. I really came out of my shell throughout my year as Miss Rhode Island USA 2018 and stepped outside of my comfort zone so I was able to be the best title holder possible. I learned a lot about myself. As well as you may think you know yourself, being a titleholder helps you to express yourself on a whole different level. I was able to interact with people of all ages and spread all the positive messages that I wanted to. I gained a whole new sense of confidence in myself that I didn't have before. I allowed myself to be vulnerable throughout this whole process. I think one of the greatest things I took out of my whole year was the amazing friends that I made. I gained 50 new sisters from Miss USA and I love that no matter what state I visit in the US, I know someone there! This really is a sisterhood and I am so proud to be able to say I am a part of it. I have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I am beyond grateful for all the opportunities I have been presented with and sometimes still cannot believe that I walked the national Miss USA stage. I am also a people person, so this title was perfect for me. There were so many events that I was able to attend here in Rhode Island that I normally wouldn’t have, so my year allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone on multiple occasions. One thing that I really loved most was that even though I only had a year to have this title, it has open so many doors for me. I can continue to be involved in the pageant industry or if I decided to go into modeling or acting there’s people who would be willing to help me get to where I want to be in those industries. While having this title, I never once felt like I was struggling with anything. I always had people that were supporting me and there for me when I needed them to be. Whatever I needed help with there was always someone there to guide me. My entire year has been an experience that I would not trade for the world and I could not wait for another girl to experience what I have because it truly was life-changing. What has changed in your life now that you are a title holder? Since I have been a titleholder I think what has changed the most for me is I have really come of of my shell and I step outside of my comfort zone much more often than I used to before winning this title. I have always been someone who liked to challenge myself but was a shy person and often doubted myself. I can now say I have more confidence than ever and love how comfortable I have become with being and speaking in front of large groups of people. Even after giving up my title I still want to continue to make a difference in the community and spread the same positive messages I did throughout my reign.


PC: Daniel Gagnon

What does it takes to become Miss Universe or Miss World? I think in order to become Miss Universe or Miss World you have to be someone who is true to themselves and is a positive role model. Someone who has all the confidence in the world and doesn’t let the opinions of other steer them in the wrong direction. She is someone who wants to make a change in the lives of those who surround her and she is someone who is persistent with encouraging and motivating not only herself but others. I think to hold the title of Miss Universe or Miss World, you must just remain the most authentic version of yourself that you could possibly be. If you had a chance to either go back in the past and change one thing only about your past prior to you winning or to see your entire future beforehand, what would you choose to change and why? I am someone who strongly believes in "everything happens for a reason" so I honestly wouldn't choose either. I like to just let things happen the way they are supposed to without trying to alter or have complete control over things in my life. I am someone who feels like I am in the place I am in my life because of everything in my past. So there isn't anything I would change. As for the future, again, I think whatever is meant for me will happen to me the exact way it’s supposed to and I don't think being able to look into my future would change any of that.



Alexa Papigiotis 1. What is it like to win a beauty pageant? Winning a beauty pageant is a whirlwind; as soon as the crown gets put on your head you feel like you are officially among a group of the most beautiful and empowering women in the world. It is a realization that the hard work and determination put in the preparation to showcase your best self in front of an audience and group of judges pays off completely. It is a very special feeling. 2. What has changed in your life now that you are a titleholder? It is interesting to me that I am considered part of Rhode Island pageant history as Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2017 and it is something I hold very close to my heart always. I dedicated my year to helping others raise awareness for anxiety and mental health as well as overcoming bullying. I spoke to hundreds of people and groups of student bodies throughout my reign, and the feedback I have received from children and young adults considering me a role model to them has touched my heart forever and undoubtedly changed my life. 3. What does it take to become Miss Rhode Island Teen USA? It takes a strong mind, thick skin, passion, and drive to become Miss Rhode Island Teen USA. A competitor must be able to go out of her comfort zone at times, and to not fear but embrace rejection a times, treating every form of rejection as learning and growing opportunities. It must be remembered that beauty comes in many different forms but having kindness is always most beautiful. 4. If you had the chance to either go back in the past and change one thing only about your past prior to winning or to see your entire future beforehand, what would you choose and why? Prior to winning, I faced disappointment and rejection and I was very hard on myself. Although I do believe in everything happening for a reason in life, as well as God’s timing, what I would change about my past prior to winning is how difficult I took loss. I wish I had known that winning at another particular time was not for me, and was not my time to have a title, but the year that I won was perfect timing for my life. When I was ready for it. With that being said, I must always believe in myself and uplift myself, keeping in mind that God has special divine plans for us all. Besides, I could never see my future ahead of time, I love surprises.

22 PC: Georgina Vaughan Photography

PC: Daniel Gagnon MU: Alexis Seng



Manya Saaraswat

What is it like to win a beauty pageant? It was surreal! I felt so proud to represent my town at my state pageant and now, my amazing state at the Miss USA. I felt so honored that I was chosen. I am very grateful that the committee trusts me to represent NJ. What has changed in your life now that you are a title holder? I am so thankful that I have gotten to meet so many inspiring and motivating people. That is the best part of being a titleholder. I always try to surround myself with empowering people. Now that I have a large audience, I can shine light on issues that are important to me such as pediatric healthcare. What does it take to become Miss USA or Miss Universe? Confidence: not just confidence in your looks but also in your values. I think that greatness is what you give and not what you have, and your actions show your true self. Therefore, I think as a Miss USA or Miss Universe, you have to be confident in your values and showcase them through your actions. For me, I show my values by showing compassion and giving back to my community that has constantly supported me. If you had to chance to either go back in the past and change one thing only about your past, prior to winning or to see your entire future beforehand, what would you choose and why? I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason so I don't think I would change anything. I like to live moment by moment so I'm not sure how beneficial it would be to see the future. If I had to change something in my past, it would probably be to have had less arguments with my mom as a teenager. I think every teenage girl has a rough patch with their mom at a young age but my mom and I are best friends now and I'm so thankful for that. Additionally, to become Miss Universe/World, you have to be passionate and hard-working. It truly tales a village to prepare for pageants.


PC: Daniel Gagnon



Ava Tortorici

What is it like to win a beauty pageant? It is life changing winning a pageant! It's not just about the crown & sash, but the opportunity that comes with it. It's a wonderful responsibility. What has changed in your life now that you are a title holder? My schedule is different- busier but an amazing kind of busy! This title has given me so much opportunity!! The Miss Teen USA | Miss USA organization has changed my life! What does it take to become Miss Teen USA? It takes grace, kindness and a positive mindset to become the next Miss Teen USA. Being Miss Teen USA is not just about the fashion & beauty but the fitness & maintaining a healthy lifestyle, community service & volunteering that goes along with it. If you had to chance to either go back in the past and change one thing only about your past ,prior to winning or to see your entire future beforehand, what would you choose and why? I would tell myself that everything happens for a reason. When negative things come my way, to always keep your chin up and turn your negative energy into positive vibes!


PC: Daniel Gagnon



Naira Zakaryan What is it like to win a beauty pageant? Most of all I am grateful for the opportunity and trust that comes with it. It's an opportunity to spread the love and light and share with the world the beauty that has little to do with physical appearance; it's the love, care and passion for people that should shines through that makes you beautiful and worthy of a crown. What has changed in your life now that you are a title holder? It's a huge responsibility where you have younger generation looking up to you and making certain choices that you are indirectly sharing the responsibility for. And so I use the platform to make positive influences and hopefully change the world one little step at a time towards the better of it. What does it take to become Miss Universe or Miss World? It takes your all. Heard work, discipline, dedication and most of all faith. If you had to chance to either go back in the past and change one thing only about your past ,prior to winning or to see your entire future beforehand, what would you choose and why? I wouldn't want to change things in my past nor do I want to know the future. I am grateful for all the lessens and appreciate the memories of the past that I cherish every day. As far as the future goes, I have a great faith that whatever is awaiting me ahead is purposeful and amazing. I strongly believe in my life path and willing to walk it with dignity.



Honorable Mentions










Q: When was RI State House Built? A: The current State House is Rhode Island's seventh state house and the second in Providence after the Old Rhode Island State House. It was designed by the architectural firm of McKim, Mead, and White and constructed from 1895 to 1904. The building had a major renovation in the late 1990s. The building is of course on the National Register of Historic Places. Q: What is the style? A: Neoclassical architecture is an architectural style (is characterized by the features that make a building or other structure notable or historically identifiable that began in the mid-18th century). Q: Why do the light fixtures really showoff the lightbulbs? A: This grand structure was one of the first public buildings to use electricity, so an emphasis on the lightbulbs was proper for the time period. Today the Rhode Island State House is lit by 109 floodlights and two searchlights at night. Q: Just how big is that marble dome? A: The Dome of the State House is the fourth-largest self-supporting marble dome in the world, after St. Peter's Basilica, the Minnesota State Capitol, and even the Taj Mahal. Q: Who is the Statue on top of building? A: On top of the dome is a gold-covered bronze statue of the Independent Man, originally named "Hope". The Independent Man represents freedom, independence and alludes to the independent spirit which led Roger Williams to settle and establish Providence. Q: What is the meaning behind state flag? A: The flag of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is white and consists of a gold anchor in the center, a symbol for hope. That anchor is also surrounded by thirteen gold stars and represents the original 13 colonies, as well as Rhode Island's status as the 13th state to ratify the Constitution. Q: What is the State Room used for? The State Room is an entrance area for the office of the governor and contains a full-scale portrait of George Washington by Rhode Island native Gilbert Stuart. This room is also where the governor has press conferences and bill signings at the State House. It also made a beautiful shoot backdrop for our British Vogue & StyleUp Magazine shoot.


HEADED TO the NEW ENGLAND SHORES? East Beach: Charlestown, RI East State Beach, takes up three miles of prime beach shoreline and is one of Rhode Island’s most spectacular seaside treasures.

Madaket Beach: Nantucket, MA A beach fit for a surfer! This shoreline is known for its crashing waves and rough surf. Be sure to bring your surfboard if your one for a challenge.

Goose Rocks Beach: Kennebunkport, ME


There are no amusement rides or Tshirt shops, just two broad crescentshaped beaches edged with sand dunes that stretch three miles. An ideal beach for families and people of all ages.

Mother’s Beach: Kennebunkport, ME Complete with a playground on the beach and calm waves, this is a popular choice for families with children. This long yet wide sandy beach is the perfect place to walk, tan, play in the surf or build some sandcastles.

Hammonasset Beach: Madison, CT Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison is a great place to walk the dogs and catch some photos of birds on the marshes. That's if you have any time left after catching some striking ocean views!

Napatree Point: Watch Hill, RI Hikers and beach goers love this sandy stretch, separating the Atlantic from Watch Hill's little bay. The conservation area also protects rare dune habitats lying on the migration route of multiple bird species.

Short Beach: Stratford, CT This is a spot for sea glass seekers. Be sure to bring a racket so you can play tennis with a view of the ocean at your side.

Hampton Beach: Hampton, NH Hampton Beach is the largest and most popular beach in New Hampshire. This is a typical beachside town, complete with heavy crowds, and a strip of stores selling souviners and beachside food like fried dough. Recently renovated, Hampton Beach is stepping away from its once seedy reputation in favor of a more family-friendly atmosphere.



t s e r i Fa & Dearest

TBW Models: Aidan & Gretah @tbwmodels Venue: @miltonclubevents Event Styling & Design: @vintagecharmeventdesign Floral Design: @flowersbydonaldanthony Photography: @ellafarrellweddings Makeup: @rosiemake_up Hair: @jlanehair Bride: @gretahdiorio Gown: @lelitebridal Gown Designer: @marchesafashion Stationery: @were_into_it Cake: @silverwhiskbakeshop Menswear: @aldos_formals




SAVOR this SUMMER By Kimberly Wills

This summer celebrate the flavors of lemon, fresh blueberries and sweet peaches. A trifle ideal for summer soirees, and a delightful pie perfect for small gatherings with friends. These are two recipes sure to help you savor the summer.


Lemon Blueberry Trifle Serves 10 - Ingredients • • • • • • • • •

1 Cup heavy cream ¼ cup powdered sugar ½ tsp. vanilla extract 2 3.4 ounce boxes of instant lemon pudding mix 3 Cups whole milk One 8 ounce pkg cream cheese, room temperature One 9 inch lemon cake, cubed 4 Cups fresh blueberries Lemon slice for garnish

- Directions For the whipped cream: place cream and sugar in a chilled mixing bowl and mix on high for 1-2 minutes. Add vanilla and beat for an additional 1-2 minutes or until soft peaks have formed. Set aside. In a large bowl, add the pudding mix and whole milk. Beat for 2-3 minutes or until thickened. Add the cream cheese and beat until mixed in. Fold in half of the prepared whipped cream. Save the other half to top before serving. In a trifle dish, layer ⅓ of the lemon cake cubes, ⅓ of the pudding mixture, and ⅓ of the blueberries. Repeat layers twice. Chill in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours or until fully chilled before serving. Top with reserved whipped cream and lemon slices before serving.

Peach and Blueberry Pie Serves 8 - Ingredients 2 Tbsp. Lemon juice 3 Cups sliced, pitted, and peeled peaches (About 2 ¼ lbs.) o 1 Cup Blueberries o 1 Cup Sugar o 2 Tbsp. quick cooking tapioca o ½ tsp. Salt o Pastry for 2 pie crusts o 2 Tbsp. Butter - Directions Combine the peaches and blueberries in a large bowl. Sprinkle the lemon juice over the fruit. Combine the sugar, tapioca and salt. Add to the fruit tossing lightly to combine. Let stand for 15 minutes. o o

Preheat oven to 425°. Prepare pie crust. Turn fruit mixture into pastry lined pie plate, mounding in center, dot with butter. Put top pastry on, make several slits near center to release steam. Bake 45-50 minutes.


PC: Hien Nguyen HMUA is Shaunna Legatos TBW Models : Arizona Retoucher: Erika Kremer

Butter Bronzer Physicians Formula ($15.99),

Metallic Flare Highlighter Elf ($6.00),

Tom Ford Lip Blush Tom Ford ($55.00),

Magic Star Concealer Jeffree Star Cosmetics ($22.00),

Kush Waterproof Mascara KUSH Waterproof Mascara ($24.00),

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Gucci ($78.00),


Riviera Eyeshadow Pallette Anastasia Beverly Hills ($45.00),



the romance of

By Elle Grant

HONG KONG Following my graduation from high school, I had the phenomenal opportunity to visit Hong Kong for two and a half weeks. Luckily, I was visiting a best friend from the city who not only knew the best of the best to do, eat, and more, but he also spoke Cantonese. Thus, I was offered a more authentic, more streamlined version of what tourists typically get when visiting Hong Kong. I was dazzled by the city: it’s vibrancy, dynamic nature, and culture were all experiences I had never had before and believe I can never have again until I return to the city. A trip to Hong Kong may seem a bit overwhelming or exotic for an American traveler, but it is well worth it to squash any reservations and jump into the city wholeheartedly.

What to Do: The options for exploring Hong Kong Island and its surrounding areas are nearly endless. It may seem overwhelming to attempt to tackle all of the things that seem necessary for a trip to Hong Kong. Traveling with a local allowed me to see the best of both the tourist traps and the haunts off the beaten path. There are some touristy locations that despite the label, simply must be visited. A visit to Victoria Peak for the postcard view of Hong Kong is absolutely necessary; views from all over the city are breathtaking, but there is something irreplaceable about a picture-perfect view of the whole city. A visit to the Tian Tan Buddha is unforgettable. Situated on the outlying Lantau Island, a jump on the MTR and then an astounding cable car ride will take you to a major center of Buddhism in Hong Kong, the Po Lin Monastery. If you’re traveling with children, the theme park Ocean Park makes a fun day or two. It isn’t particularly culturally relevant, but it is good old-fashioned fun and at Ocean Park you may even catch a glimpse of a panda bear! Drinks with a view to cap a day are a classic. There are views at bars across the city, but my personal choice would be a trip to the 118th floor of the Ritz Carlton to Ozone Bar for an inventive cocktail to close your day. In Hong Kong, there are many special places to visit that are often overlooked. First, during a visit it is essential to leave the city itself, the surrounding area and islands of Hong Kong are often underrated. Take a trip to Stanley Beach, wander Lamma Island or visit Hong Kong Global GeoPark for stunning experiences of nature, right outside one of the world’s great metropolitan centers. Back in the city, explore the PMQ (Police Married Quarters) that was revitalized in 2014 to house local design galleries, shops, exhibits, and boutiques – a much better choice than Hong Kong’s plethora of luxury malls. You can also have an excellent high tea at spots across the city! It makes sense given Britain’s colonial presence on the island, but most foodies are more interested in dim sum than scones, why not try both? The Mandarin Oriental is a great choice.



What to Wear: Most of the year, Hong Kong is known for its incredible heat and humidity. Not the glamour many people hope for when visiting such a vibrant metropolitan center, but that means preparing for a nightmare of sweat, sunburn, and more. Take a note from the locals, loose flowy t-shirts paired with equally loose pants provides a breathable option while still looking cool. Another good option would be a breezy summer sun dress. Tighter jeans and shorts will prove disastrous in this tropical climate. When packing a bag for the day, the accessories for traversing the city will prove essential. The best accessory is healthy, glowing skin so be sure to pack your sunscreen for the merciless sun! Sunglasses and hats will also prove handy. A pro tip, if you have room in your daily bag a handy thing to pack is a light cardigan. Hong Kong is notorious for icing out their buildings with air conditioner, heading in and out of the buildings while moving around the city will prove beneficial if you chill easily. For footwear options, although being a discernable tourist is not particularly desirable, comfortable sneakers is the way to go. A cute pair of white sneakers will match anything and prove a sensible choice when walking the length of the city. If a comfortable pair of sandals can be found as well, it’ll prove a more breathable option.

What to Eat: The food of Hong Kong is as dynamic as the city itself. The dim sum of the city is what is most commonly associated with the island and ranges from high end to the local equivalents of Mom and Pop joints. Dim sum at Lung King Heen is world renowned but is only a possibility if you are willing to book well in advance and are willing to drop an enormous amount of money. If you are feeling exploratory, merely step outside your hotel and it is likely a dim sum spot will be around for a cheap price. Give these local places a chance! Local culture is much more present off the beaten track. To bring out your inner child, indulge in the Instagram popular egg waffles. Shaped like bubbled waffles, these sweet treats make the perfect afternoon snack. Many shops have glammed up the egg waffle as it is popular with tourists, but there are still street vendors across the city that serve the waffles in fun flavors. Egg waffles are one of those things you can’t leave Hong Kong without trying! Milk tea, or as it is also known bubble tea or Boba tea has gained a global presence and following in the past years, but its roots remain in Southeast Asia including Hong Kong. Leftover from a time of British colonial presence on the island, milk tea is a combination of brewed tea with milk in a variety of flavors from black to matcha to taro and more! An Instagram favorite destination is Tiger Sugar Bubble Tea, but the lines can get long. Look for local places, there are many for this popular drink all over Hong Kong. If you are adventurous and dedicated to exploring Hong Kong’s more unusual culture palette, options like century eggs (eggs preserved up to months in a clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hull mixture) or birds nest soup (a rare and expensive delicacy made with the nest of the swiftlet bird). All these cultural delicacies are found across Hong Kong.

Pro Tips, Rapid Fire o o o o o o o

Use Hong Kong’s incredible subway system to move around the city. A far cry from the rattling cars of New York, Hong Kong’s subway is high tech, punctual, constant, very easy to navigate, and cheap. The Octopus card, as a subway card there is known as, comes in handy at a variety of locations on the island Although English is largely spoken on the island, having a few phrases of Cantonese in your back pocket will make your trip easier. Looking for a bottle of wine? Try your local 7/11! Take the airport express into the city, it connects to the subway and is much cheaper than other alternatives Don’t take the tram up to Victoria Peak, the line is brutal and the views the same no matter how you get up there! Often it is cheaper as well. Carry a small umbrella with you at all times, the sky often opens up with rain out of nowhere in Hong Kong For the quintessential Hong Kong Instagram, walk along the Kowloon side of the riverfront at night to see colorful buildings aglow.


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Shoot Concept: Ashley Saffer of We Tie The Knots & Lynne Reznick Photography Photography: Lynne Reznick Photography Wedding Dress: Floravere Suiting: Hive & Colony Flowers: Lilac & Lily Hair and MU: The Artists Hair & Makeup





Beauty & Styling Lead Makeup, Makeup Artist & Beauty Producer: Lilly Rivera, BridalGal New York | IG: @bridalgal & @lillyriveramakeup Makeup: Danielle Boyer for @bridalgal Key Hair Stylist: Janet Reynoso @Janet_pink_ivy_beauty Hair Stylist Assistant: Julie Diaz Wardrobe Director and Stylist: Meghna Parikh @BRIDALGAL Indian Jewelry: Jewelry: Harani Jewels @haranijewels Indian Gowns The Mall at Oak Tree @themallatoaktree Designers: Shah Gaurang @shahgaurang Falguni Shane Peacock @falgunishanepeacockindia Models: Valentina Julio @tinablue0415, Seana Nicol @seananicol55 & Arianna Pafum @apafume Modeling Agency: The Beauty Within Models @tbwmodels Photographer: @photosmadeez Set design, decor, & floral: Wedding Design, Ravi Verma @weddingdesignanddecor Wardrobe: Designer Loft Bridal @designerloft_bridal Yumi Katsura @yumikatsuranyc Western Bridal Jewelry: @bridalstylesboutique


StyleUp’s Guide To


Essential oils are highly concentrated versions of the natural oils found in plants. Following distillation, the product is a highly concentrated extract of the plant—an essential oil—with the healing properties and fragrance of the plant it was extracted from. If you don’t know how to use essential oils, don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated by how to get started with essential oils. It’s really easy and a lot of fun!


Apply To The Skin: A popular way to enjoy your essential oils is to simply apply them to your skin for absorption – though never directly on the skin, but always mixed and diluted with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil or apricot kernel oil.

Inhale: Open the bottle of essential oils, hold it up against your nose or place a few drops on a tissue, and take a deep breath to inhale and enjoy.

Steam inhalation: Boil 2-3 cups of water, pour it into a bowl and add 2-5 drops of oil to the water. Place your nose about 12” away from the bowl, cover your head and bowl with a towel, and slowly inhale the steam

Electric oil diffuser: It will gently fill the air with the aroma and healing benefits of the essential oil of your choice within minutes. a few drops of essential oils in your diffuser, turn it on, and circulate the oil into your room.

Aromatherapy: Essential oils are too concentrated and strong to use for massage by themselves, so you need to mix them in with neutral-smelling carrier oils such as sweet almond oil or grape seed oil. Add up to 20 drops of essential oil to 1 ounce of carrier oil.

Bath Time: Buy a box of simple Epsom salts as the base for your essential oils. If you just drop the oils into the water, they will not dissolve as nicely as they do when first mixed into the salts, who then dissolve beautifully. Please don’t combine any other chemically produced soaps or products into this mix in an effort to fully enjoy all the benefits of the essential oil and Epsom salts alone.


LIVING WELL • • • • • • •

7 Benefits of Essential Oils -Improve Mood and Set a Positive Atmosphere. -Benefits of Essential Oils for Relaxation and Sleep. -Inflammation Relief. -Benefits of Essential Oils for Pain Relief. -Prevent Certain Illnesses and Boost the Immune System. -Heal Skin Irritations. -Safer Alternative to Candles and Incense.

OUR TOP TEN OILS Bergamot - Bergamot essential oil can also be used for such things as pain relief, breaking up chest congestion, reducing fever and treating digestive problems, speeds up the healing process of cold sores,. Clary Sage - This oil offers anti-inflammatory, astringent, antispasmodic, antiseptic, antiinfectious, antifungal, antidepressant, and anticonvulsant properties. Clary sage oil is also a sedative and nerve tonic with warming and soothing components. Clove - Used to reduce inflammation, treat nausea and other digestive ailments, freshen the breath, Dental pain relief, anti-fungal properties, treating cold sores, arthritic pain, antibacterial properties. This oil even clears up acne! Cinnamon - Cinnamon oil can help with infections like toenail fungus and with common skin problems like acne. Cinnamon essential oil uses and benefits include: boosts heart health. decreases inflammation. Eucalyptus - Easily recognizable by its bold, fresh minty aroma, it is well known for its use in decongestant chest rubs as well as in many topical pain relievers. However, its uses don’t stop there. Eucalyptus essential oil is also a powerful anti-microbial and immunostimulant, making it ideal for staying healthy during cold & flu season. It can also be used in aromatherapy to provide mental clarity and a boost of energy, or even as a natural insect repellent! •

Frankincense - has a sweet, woody scent and is sometimes used to ease stress. Also for respiratory support, reduced nightmares, immune support, skin health.

• Lavender - Stress relief, itch relief and burn treatment. It's soothing scent that's long been associated with relaxation and sleep, and used as a natural remedy for anxiety reducing and beneficial effects on depression. Lavender is probably the most rigorously studied essential oil. •

Lemongrass - Traditionally has been used to treat digestive problems and high blood pressure, the essential oil has many other potential health benefits. For example, it's becoming a popular tool in aromatherapy to help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

• Peppermint Oil - is used as a dietary supplement for irritable bowel syndrome(IBS), other digestive problems, the common cold, headaches, and other conditions. Peppermint oil is also used topically (applied to the skin) for headache, muscle aches, itching, and other problems. Rosemary Oil - Naturally anti-inflammatory, which makes it a great solution for stubborn swelling. When you have a sprain or any other type of muscle and joint pain, consider massaging a little rosemary oil into the affected area. Tea Tree Oil - Applied to the skin (used topically) for infections such as acne, fungal infections of the nail (onychomycosis), lice, scabies, athlete's foot (tinea pedis), and ringworm. 51






Production Company: @lyb_lifestyleyourbrand Photography: Denisse Jonsson Photography Venue: @giannisatversacemansion Men’s Attire: @sartori_amici @thelapelproject Designers: Vama Designs @vamadesigns @ElitePourLaVie Cosmetics: @alyssamckenziecosmetics & Emily B Hair: Ashley Anderson & Josephine Cosmetics Co: @mariamxmoore @jennifermatteoevetplanning


















Little heroes protect our beautiful skin!


By Anne Fitzgerald, Luminous Makeup & Skin Studio

There are so many choices for skincare products available today , what is worth trying lately? We can apply topical masques and creams in search of the holy grail of what will make our skin “behave” predictably well, but what really can make crucial changes to improve and maintain skin appearance is something you may not have expected. There is an exciting trend that may be worthwhile for you to add to your skincare routine, and be just what your skin has been needing. There is growing awareness of how microorganisms affect how the skin acts. Not only are some cutting edge natural skincare companies adding products with healthy beneficial microorganisms called probiotics to their lines, but there are skin supportive supplements that will help tackle your skin concerns from the inside and can be found in beauty stores, and health food stores. Estheticians are adding probiotic containing services to their skin cleansing treatments. YouTube skincare gurus are discovering the newest products out there from all over the world that they really like. Functional medicine doctors, naturopathic physicians and dermatologists are offering their clients more holistic approaches to taking care of their skin health. This growing emphasis on maintaining skin health by companies, beauty advisors and practitioners is based on the awareness of how beauty can be attained not only from taking care of the skin from without with microorganisms called probiotics, but also from within with a balanced diet and oral probiotic supplements. More and more, we are discovering what can maintain healthy skin and that beauty really can start from within! Friendly microorganisms exist on our skin from time immemorial and these species of bacteria protect us from invaders so we need to maintain these. They live in the moisture barrier on the skin in the microbiome, however, sometimes the colonies of good bacteria are compromised by different factors such as ill health, medication, extreme weather, pollution, and harsh cleansing. When the skin experiences too many heavy challenges, the microbiome is disrupted and can't sustain their growth. When we replenish this microbiome with more "hero" microorganisms in our skincare products containing probiotics, they can alleviate bothersome reactions such as breakouts and inflammation. Look for products such as Juice Beauty Prebiotix Moisturizer to fortify the microbiome. Results are luminous, comfortable, supple skin. In addition to the microbiome on skin, there is a microbiome in the digestive system where healthy "flora" lives. It consists partly of bacteria that maintains our “gut” health and this can influence what is happening on our skin. Just as on the skin itself, If bad bacteria grow in the intestines and outnumber good bacteria because of sickness, harsh medications, or not eating enough healthy foods, we may notice changes in our skin. Some of these changes may be acne, dryness, dehydration, inflammation, and sensitivity. Ingesting digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics will help our digestive system become rebalanced and better able to extract nutrients from our food that keep our skin healthy. Food sources such as papaya and pineapple provide digestive enzymes. Eating fermented foods like plain Greek yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, ghee, and drinking kombucha and kefir provide good sources of probiotics. Consuming fiber, such as chia seeds, provides the probiotics “food” to subsist on. Sometimes it's a challenge to find the time to eat what our bodies need. There are supplements in health food stores, beauty stores, and online that will compliment a healthy balanced diet. Besides a moisturizer, Juice Beauty also has recently added an organic daily Prebiotix supplement, reflective of the holistic approach to skin care. Discovering how your inside microbiome influences your outside microbiome is key to learning how to make healthy choices for your skin health and beauty. Adding probiotic products to your skincare regimen and having probiotics and other digestive health supportive nutrients such as enzymes and prebiotics in your diet can really be the boost your skin is wishing for. Now we know how much our largest and most noticeable organ, our skin, is dependent on the smallest of "heroes" to be our most healthy and beautiful!



Choices By Alonso Sanchez

When we procrastinate and put off becoming better versions of ourselves, we perform an Act that is one of self-hatred. All of us are better than that thus we should demand more of ourselves. Every day we should all strive to live a good life. Each day we have the opportunity to become better versions of ourselves. What truly really matters is our health, our ability to have movement without pain and our ability to give and receive Love. Many never really live a full life. People are so caught up with pretending to be someone they are not. Some people even stress about things that truly don't matter and forget to acknowledge that we cannot take anything with us when we die. We must learn to live with more purpose and awareness. I believe to create and embrace a lifestyle focused on the collective instead of individual can be so impactful on the world we live in today. If we chose to love more generously, make the time to care about others more deeply and practice being more empathetic with our peers, that alone could change the world.

Simple acts that can change the world: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Be excited when a loved one comes home, always greet them with a big hug and kiss like it was your last. You never know! Never pass up the opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner or friends, its important! Each day go outside and allow yourself to experience some fresh air and the wind in your lungs. Let the warm of the sun grace your skin, we as humans need that. Rest is so important you must get proper sleep, we grow when we give our bodies time to recover and regenerate. Yoga is so vital. Stretching, movement and meditation our the keys to longevity. Don't forget to schedule time for yourself, because a fun activity keeps everyone young at heart. On perfect sunny days, lay down on the grass or the beach, relax and unwind. Water consumption and eating healthy is a lifestyle. It is not only necessary for longevity, but its the best avenue for a healthier life. When you’re happy don’t be afraid to show it, express yourself and never let anyone dull your light. Discover the delights in a long walk or a car ride, doing the little things are what many people are missing. Be faithful to your partner, its usually not greener on the other side. You fell in love for a reason, strive daily to keep that alive. Never pretend to be something you’re not, you will never be happy not being authentic. When the ones we love are having a bad day, take it as an opportunity to develop more active listening skills. By simply listening without judgment, you are being there for them and that is more than enough. Becoming more mindful of the simple things that can be done every day can truly make our world a better place for everyone to live in.


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There are many different reasons people choose to live off the grid. Some simply want to save money while others are preparing for the possibility of a life-altering change to our way of living. Either way, living off the grid can be a viable option if you’re looking for a radical change in lifestyle. Housing options for living off the grid are abundant, but most of them include downsizing in one form or another. Not only will downsizing allow for a smaller house and simpler life, but living in a smaller house will allow you to use less energy and resources. Solar power is one of the most popular and widely available options when it comes to off-grid energy. This option harnesses the sun’s energy by photo-voltaic solar panels plus batteries to store it. Since sunlight is a renewable resource, solar panels create an abundance of energy and they require very little maintenance. What’s the best place to live off the grid in the USA? While technically you could live off grid anywhere, there are some places that are better suited for living off the grid than others. The reasons are many, but most have to do with land prices and local county building codes and ordinances. A number of factors should be considered: land prices, country building codes, property taxes, zoning restrictions, climate, water availability, septic system regulations, food sources, power systems and much more. In its most simplistic definition, “off grid” living is being disconnected from the public power grid. Off grid living, by itself, is not technically illegal. Producing your own power is off grid living and perfectly legal. Growing your own food is living off the grid, and legal. Building your own home in the country while not being connected to the power grid is off grid. So is raising livestock, building a greenhouse, planting your garden, etc. All legal.

+Where to live? Northern Arizona offers cheap land, a mild climate and some trees. Water is an issue and you will probably have to haul water to your property, but it’s doable. California and northern California specifically has a lot of good land and it’s priced reasonably. The climate is milder than most northern territories, water is readily available, ordinances are less strict, taxes are lower, and land prices are affordable. SoCal is good, but expensive and overpopulated. Land is expensive there and there’s too many people and rules. Honorable mentions go to the states of Colorado, Florida, Maine , Montana, Oregon, Texas and Vermont as they are full of highly rural locations. Once you decide to live off the grid, be prepared for a large commitment. However, the rewards can be immense. Aside from the monetary benefits, people living off-the-grid enjoy a more self-sufficient lifestyle, independent from the state. Lowering your carbon footprint and living a naturally healthier lifestyle is also something you can look forward to if you are living off the grid. Because you are growing and raising your own food, you know exactly what is going into your body. If you choose an off the grid lifestyle today you will have security in the future should anything happen to the food and water supply or electrical grid. Once the initial costs are paid off, you will no longer have to worry about monthly bills and may be able to work part-time or work on your homestead exclusively. If this lifestyle is for you, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences you ever choose!




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New England’s

Classic Car Shows

Car shows are fun for the whole family and offer everyone an engaging look into automotive history. This is StyleUp’s list of the best car shows in New England this summer. A few cruises and shows are listed below, for a complete schedule visit!

By Scott & Judy Poirier May 2, Mulligan's Island: "Best Drive" Car Cruises, 1000 New London Avenue, Cranston, RI, 4pm - 9pm, All Makes, Models, Years, Trophies, for more info contact Rich (401) 575-6933 May 3, Cruise The Pavilion at The Boneyard: 15 Frontier Rd, Ashaway, RI, every Friday night (weather permitting), $2 Entrance Fee per Vehicle, 4pm until dusk, Trophies, for more info visit May 3, Cruisin' Rocky Point Clam Shack: 1689 Post Road, Warwick, RI, April thru September, every Friday night , 4pm to dusk, Food Specials for Car Owners, Trophy, for more info contact Rich (401) 575-6933 May 4, Strawberry Park: 42 Pierce Road, Preston, CT, (I-395 North to Exit 85. Right off Exit 85 onto RT 164 South, 4 miles to left onto RT 165 East, Strawberry Park is 1 mile on left), 12noon - 4 pm, Food, Music, Trophies, for more info call Roger Mainville (860) 376-3157, or email May 4, Seekonk Speedway Show and Go: Seekonk, MA, Gates open 8am, Judging begins 9am, for more info visit or call (508) 336-9959 May 5, Cam Jammers Auto Club Benefit Car Show: Bart's Drive In, 55 Palisado Avenue, Windsor, CT, 10am - 3pm, Specialty Awards, $10 Show Cars Registration, Proceeds to Benefit "Protectors of Animals Inc.", Specialty Awards, Top Ten Picks, for more info call Bob Carterud (860) 559-2509 or Bob Stickels (860) 478-1974, Rain date May 19 May 5, Summer Knights 2019 Show and Shine Car Show: Berlin Fairgrounds, 410 Beckley Road, Berlin, CT, Participants $10 per car, 7am - 3pm, Rain or Shine, Dash Plaques to All, Top 30 Trophies, All Years Welcome, Swap Meet, NSRA Safety Inspections, for more show info contact John at (860) 670-8532 or Swap Meet info contact Gene at (860) 331-1258 or visit May 7, Oakland Beach Sea Wall: Oakland Beach Avenue, Warwick, RI, 5-dusk, first Tuesday of the month May 9th, 23rd, New England's Premier Cruise Night: Bass Pro Shops on US Route 1, At Patriot Place, Foxboro, MA, next to Gillette Stadium, every other Thursday thru October



May 10 - 12, MBA Springfest Car Show: Misquamicut, State Beach Lot, Westerly, RI, Trophies by People Choice, for more info visit May 11, Dream Machine Classics celebrates 40th Anniversary: at Bozrah Moose Lodge #950, 115 Fitchville Road, Bozrah, CT, 5pm - 8pm, $5 per person, All Clubs and Friends are Welcome, Pizza and snacks, Cash Bar, Videos and Scrap Books, call Rich Chaluto or Gail Holland at (860) 887-3584 May 14, Dream Machine Classics Club: Home Depot Cruise Night at The Montville Commons, 5:30pm - 8pm, Music by "The PO'M", Food Available, Rods - Customs - Antiques - Muscle Cars - Special Interest, call (860) 546-6113 or (860) 887-9049 May 15, GTMC Cruises: Colchester, CT, Colchester on the Green, more info, or call (860) 873-1049, Rain date following Wednesday May 18, Southeastern Connecticut Mustang Club’s Cruise Night: The Center of Montville, 601 Route 32, Uncasville, CT, 5pm 8pm, All Cars and Trucks Welcome, No cut-off dates, Appreciation Trophies, Raffle Prizes, 50/50, Music and Fun, All proceeds go to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Rain date the following Saturday, for more info visit May 20, Cruise Nights at Elks of Willimantic: 198 Pleasant St., Willimantic, CT, 5:30pm 'til Dark, Open to all Classic Cars, Awards, Free to participants and Spectators, Music by Gary Pomo: THE P'OM, No animals Allowed Except Registered Service Dogs, for more info contact Lenny Incandella (860) 428-7733 May 21, Bozrah Moose Lodge: 950 Cruise Night, 115 Fitchville Road, Bozrah, CT, (Exit 24 off Rt 2), 5:30pm - 8pm, Rods / Customs / Antiques / Muscle Cars, Special Interest, for more info call (860) 889-6856 May 27, RI Street Rodding Automotive Extravaganza Car Show: Johnston Memorial Park, Rte. 6, off 295, Johnston, RI, $10 Registration Fee, 9am - 3pm, Sponsored by the Rhode Island Street Rodding Association, for more info contact Bill Sharpe/Dave Lombari (401) 823-0409 or visit June 2, 32nd Annual British by the Sea: Harkness Memorial State Park, RT 213, Waterford, CT, 10am - 4pm, more info contact Steve (860) 693-4249 or email, or visit, Rain or Shine June 3, Fish Family Farm Car Cruise: 20 Dimock Ln, Bolton, CT (just off Rt 85 at the Fish Family Farm Dairy Store-Ice Cream), every Monday night starting April 30, 5pm, All Makes and Models Welcome, Raising money for Lymphoma doing a 50/50 June 4, Hank's Dairy Bar Ford Car Cruise: 1006 Norwich Road (Route 12), Plainfield, CT, 5pm - 8pm June 5, Cruising Through Time: Lowes, 167 Waterford Parkway N., Waterford, CT, 4pm - 7pm, All Classic & Antique Cars Welcome June 9, Washington County Swap Meet & Car Show: 78 Richmond Townhouse Road, Richmond, RI, Fees: $10 Per Show Car, $10 per Car for the Car Corral, $5 per Spectator, Swap Meet opens at 6am, Car Show starts at 9am, Trophies, for more info visit June 11, Dream Machine Classics Club: Home Depot Cruise Night at The Montville Commons, 5:30pm - 8pm, Music by "The PO'M", Food Available, Rods - Customs - Antiques - Muscle Cars - Special Interest, call (860) 546-6113 or (860) 887-9049 June 16, Father's Day Classic Car Show: Central Baptist Church, 16 Elm Street, Westerly, RI, 10am - 3pm, Rain date June 24


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ALL THAT SPARKLES ABOVE: Gucci Bow brooch in metal ($420),



ABOVE: Versace Tresor de la mer tribute sunglasses ($295),

LEFT: Ralph Lauren Reversible leather belt ($48.00),

NO HAT HAIR RIGHT: Stella McCartney Logo canvas visor ($235),

METALLICS IN SUMMER LEFT: Coach Casey Espadrille ($135),


STYLE GUIDES GOOD LINENS RIGHT: Ralph Lauren Relaxed fit linen shirt ($128),

QUEENS WEAR PEARLS Honora 8-9mm white freshwater potatoe pearl necklace ($150),

COMING IN CLUTCH LEFT: Anya Hindmarch Neeson woven leather and straw clutch ($550),



PARAISO SWIM WEEK 2019 90 Designer: Sinesia Karol

Designer: Sinesia Karol


Designer: Gigi C Bikinis



Designer: Gigi C Bikinis



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Designer: Gigi C Bikinis


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Timeless Desserts

By Lori Mattingly

Cadbury Turtle Cheesecake Serves 8 Ingredients

• • • • • • • • •

1 cup all-purpose flour 1/3 cup packed brown sugar ¼ cup finely chopped pecans 6 tablespoons cold butter, cubed 1- ½ teaspoons vanilla extract 4 eggs, lightly beaten ½ cup milk chocolate chips, melted and cooled ¼ cup caramel ice cream topping 1/3 cup chopped pecans


4 packages (8 ounces each) cream cheese, softened

• • •

1 cup sugar

2 tablespoons heavy whipping cream

1/3 cup packed brown sugar ¼ cup plus 1 teaspoon all-purpose flour, divided


• • • •

½ cup milk chocolate chips ¼ cup heavy whipping cream 2 tablespoons chopped pecans Additional caramel ice cream topping, optional

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Serves 8 Ingredients -

1 cup white sugar 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 1 pound fresh rhubarb, chopped 2 pints fresh strawberries 2 tablespoons butter 1 egg yolk 2 tablespoons white sugar

Directions Place a greased 9-in. springform pan on a double thickness of heavy-duty foil (about 18 in. square). Securely wrap foil around pan. In a small bowl, combine the flour, brown sugar and pecans; cut in butter until crumbly. Press onto the bottom of prepared pan. Place pan on a baking sheet. Bake at 325° for 12-15 minutes or until set. Cool on a wire rack. In a large bowl, beat cream cheese and sugars until smooth. Beat in 1/4 cup flour, cream and vanilla. Add eggs; beat on low speed just until blended. Remove 1 cup batter to a small bowl; stir in melted chocolate. Spread over crust. In another bowl, mix caramel topping and remaining flour; stir in pecans. Drop by tablespoonfuls over chocolate batter. Top with remaining batter. Place springform pan in a large baking pan; add 1 in. of hot water to larger pan. Bake at 325° for 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 hours or until center is just set and top appears dull. Remove springform pan from water bath; remove foil. Cool cheesecake on a wire rack for 10 minutes. Loosen sides from pan with a knife; cool 1 hour longer. Refrigerate overnight. For ganache, place chips in a small bowl. In a small saucepan, bring cream just to a boil. Pour over chips; whisk until smooth. Cool slightly, stirring occasionally. Remove sides of springform pan. Spread ganache over cheesecake; sprinkle with pecans. Refrigerate until set. If desired, drizzle with additional caramel topping before serving.

Directions Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Recipe for a 9 inch double crust pie. In a large bowl, mix flour and sugar. Add strawberries and chopped rhubarb. Toss with sugar and flour and let stand for 30 minutes. Pour filling into pie crust. Dot top with butter, and cover with top crust. Seal edges of top and bottom crust with water. Apply yolk to top of pie, using a pasty brush. Sprinkle with sugar. Cut small holes in top to let steam escape. Bake at 400 degrees F (200 degrees C), for 35 to 40 minutes, or until bubbly and brown. Cool on rack.



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in New England


Aldo’s House of Formals

173 Union St, New Bedford, MA 02740

685 Oaklawn Ave, Cranston, RI 02920

Since 2005, Calico has been the Southcoast's go-to source for stand-out women's fashion. With a fun, friendly vibe, new arrivals each week, and cool brands like BB Dakota, MINK PINK, Free People and more, Calico strives to provide great fashion and an awesome experience for our customers, both in-store and online!

Aldo’s House of Formals - based out of Cranston and Newport Rhode Island is a one stop shop for all of your formal wear needs. Aldo’s stocks a complete collection of rental items, as well as suits and tuxedos that are available to purchase. They also carry hundreds of different fabrics, if you’re looking for something completely custom. Aldo’s, specializes in providing the perfect fit and look for any occasion.

Bridal & Gift

Lilly Pulitzer

9 Washington St, Attleboro, MA 02703

31 Bay St, Westerly, RI 02891

The owner of Bridal and Gift has spent the past 26 years acquiring the very best designers of wedding gowns, mother of the bride dresses, flower girl dresses, prom and much more. With great customer service and a wide selection, this New England business is ideal for anyone planning a wedding or event.

The timeless, preppy and colorful brand has established a stunning new storefront in the posh town of Watch Hill, home to celebrities like Taylor Swift. Enjoy the beautiful waterfront view as you shop for your next brunch ensemble.

Indigo Bleu 134 Water St, Stonington, CT 06378 We are committed to quality Embracing fair trade, Earth Friendly recycled materials and purchasing products made in the USA. This boutique carries a very large inventory with a full range of sizes. From casual wear to that special event. Need an accessory? Indigo Bleu has a wonderful selection of scarfs, handbags and beautiful hand-crafted jewelry.


Alexandra’s Bridal & Alexandra’s Too 372 S Main St, Fall River, MA 02721 Alexandra’s Boutique is a full service bridal and special event boutique committed to offering an exquisite collection of bridal attire and occasion apparel and complimentary accessories from today’s top wedding fashion designers. Their boutiques showcase everything from private collection wedding gowns to stylish bridesmaids dresses, elegant mother of the occasion attire, stunning prom apparel, and evening, pageant and cocktail dresses. With over thirty years in wedding fashion consulting, Alexandra’s Boutique has been the perfect start to a new beginning. Our professional bridal consultants will make your wedding day dreams come true!

Galapagos Boutique 5193 Road, Charlestown, RI 02813 From museum inspired jewelry to unique name brand shoes, this local business has a wide variety of merchandise suited for all ages and budgets.

Marc Allen 200 S Main St, Providence, RI 02903 Founded on superior quality, make and service. Marc came to New England from New York with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Presently, Marc Aleen is a cadre of about 10 people that care about finding the best and most interesting pieces of clothing and clothes from all over the world. This is a store that helps clients achieve the look they want and the fit they need.

The Blue Horse Children’s Shop

Rochelle Boutique

1 W Main St, Mystic, CT 06355

Personal styling is what Rochelle is known for. Rochelle LaRue Gallo, owner of Rochelle's Boutiques, began these one of a kind boutiques 15 years ago in the beautiful little seasonal beach town of Watch Hill, RI. Unique items, USA made merchandise, and a love of fashion makes this boutique so fabulous. This boutique offers everything from peoples favorite brands like Free People, BB Dakota, & En Creme to brands they find from across the globe only available in their boutiques.

A fantastic children’s boutique with a large selection of apparel for kids of all ages and for all occasions.

Sonya’s Boutique 766 Oaklawn Ave, Cranston, RI 02920 This European inspired boutique has singing praises from local devotees for over 33 years. Sonya’s innovative merchandise mix evolves with the ever changing fashion scene. The shop’s mantra is to offer timeless fashion that spans the ages. Sonya’s has become a destination for styling advice and seasonal wardrobing. Their unique special occasion collection pleases the most discriminating of shoppers.

Three Islands 99 Bay St, Westerly, RI 02891

Ivory Ella

Three Islands Lifestyle combines the clean lines of classic American casual wear with vibrant, hand-made batik prints produced by Balinese artisans. The result is a fun and colorful collection of easy-to-wear apparel and swimwear for the whole family that conjures the feeling of sun on your skin, salt in your hair, and sand in your toes.

40 W Main St, Mystic, CT 06355

114 Bay St B, Westerly, RI 02891

Woodmansee’s Gift & Boutique 33 Broad St, Westerly, RI 02891 Celebrating its 115th year of operation, it’s safe to say that one of the most lasting fixtures of downtown Westerly is Woodmansee’s. Despite many changes to the scene over the years, the boutique that prides itself on providing beautiful clothing and accessories for the young at heart continues to thrive.

A brand famous for cute clothes and saving the elephants.

The White Dress By The Shore 104 E Main St, Clinton, CT 06413

Divas Palace 725 Branch Ave, Providence, RI 02904 An incredible store filled with vintage pieces and eclectic accessories. This is a unique boutique which offers something for women of all tastes and price ranges.

The White Dress by the Shore was founded in 2004 by Beth Chapman. After a career in fashion retail in New York, Beth decided to take her love of bridal and create the ultimate wedding shopping experience for brides. It is her belief that shopping for your wedding gown should be an intimate and memorable experience – one that is everything you’ve dreamed of, but nothing you would expect. Dressing brides is her passion and there is no greater joy for her then creating the perfect look for each bride.














EDITORS FINAL THOUGHTS Spring & Summer 2019 is truly an inspiring time of year. I am always in awe of our majestic sunsets that surround our shorelines and the flowers that bloom this time of year. I love the promise of a new beginning and the wonder I experience during these seasons. The professionals who call New England home always amaze me. The designers we featured in this issue from our LYB Miami Versace Mansion are inspiring in the way they truly embody a winning fashion collections. Our local boutiques and staff respect their costumers and their needs when looking for that perfect dress, suit or designer look for that special occasion. Their featured editorial story shows their dedication, expertise and passion for their field. As the good weather approachs, comes great wines to try and delicious fruity cocktails to savor. Many adults promise themselves they will eat healthy in the new year and choose a healthier lifestyle. Al Sanchez writes some great advice. Chef Lori and Kimberly offer up yummy timeless desserts perfect for this season. Trending features, must-have products skin care products, shoes, makeup and accessories for the seasons. Fashion swimsuits from Paraiso Miami Swim Week sizzling the runway with inspiring artist, who have overcome great odds to be successful. Fashion colors are light with bursts of color to embrace. If you are considering traveling or living off the grid alone, our insightful article gives many hints as well as encourages anyone to take that journey. As always, I thank everyone for making StyleUp Magazine a way to motivate, lead and celebrate all of the wonderful women (and men) in New England. Enjoy your 2019 spring and summer!


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