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Ann Cinema Complex (Kothamangalam) Embraces Auro 11.1 Barco's Immersive Sound Barco, a global leader in digital cinema technology is pleased to announce that the Ann Cinema complex in Kothamangalam will enter a new cinematic era, this Saturday. With the inauguration of their 2nd brand-new theatre equipped with Auro 11.1 by Barco immersive cinema sound, EVM Group looks to awe spectators with fully immersive sound sensation. The installation follows EVM Group's earlier positive experiences with Auro 11.1 by Barco's sound technology at Ann Cinemas.

Frontrunner on all fronts Throughout its history, which started out back in 1935 - EVM Group has always kept an open mind to new opportunities to broaden and deepen its businesses. Including two official Volkswagen dealerships, major assets in agriculture and tourism, and a mature entertainment division, the group's activities are all built around a common vision: bringing innovative products and services to the people of the Kerala region.

3D franchise EVM Group manages a franchise of over seventeen movie theaters in the area. Several of the group's theaters are equipped with 2K 3D projection technology, offering customers an exciting 3D cinematic experience. Each of these venues draws in a regular crowd for a schedule filled with Malayalam, Tamil, Bollywood classics and the latest international blockbusters. With the opening of two new screens-EVM Talkies and Jawahar Theatre-the group now looks to expand its offering with fully immersive audio. The EVM Talkies screen has been fitted with a brandnew Auro 11.1 by Barco system. Introducing a three-layered sound-

belt including the first install of EVM group at Ann Cinemas, Mr. Baburaj proved to be a great help, completing the 2nd installation on time and within budget. As a result, Kerala's film aficionados are in for a treat as of this Saturday.

overhead, height and ear-level-this technology manages to draw film fans into the story told on screen more than ever. As both producers and theatres embrace innovative audio technology, like the Auro 11.1 sound format, spectators around India are rejoicing in a new and immersive cinematic experience. Mr. Robin Jose, managing director of Ann Cinemas, comments: "We are very proud our new EVM Talkies theater will feature the Auro 11.1 technology. We are convinced this groundbreaking and award winning sound format will make each show at the movies an unforgettable one for our customers."

Farah Khan's Happy New Year Already Makes 200 Cr. The Shahrukh-Deepika Starrer Happy New Year seems to be creating waves even before its release. There is a buzz around the industry that YRF has committed a Rs.125 crores Minimum Guarantee (MG) to the film for worldwide release. In addition, the Zee Network has purchased the satellite rights for Rs. 65 crores and TSeries has purchased its music rights for 12 crores. Doesn't this mark a record history sales for the movie?

Lasting partnerships EVM Group has a positive history with Barco's cinematic technology, including the first Auro 11.1 by Barco install at their own Ann Cinemas at Kothamangalam. Mr. Robin Jose says: "We have great confidence in Barco. The performance and quality of its products have played a major part in the evolution of our entertainment division." When they chose to implement Auro 11.1 in the new EVM Talkies theatre, EVM Group turned to Mr. Baburaj from Cinematics for technical support. Cinematics has a longstanding relationship with Barco as a system integrator. With a series of similar installations already under his May-June 2014


Kulraj Broadway Mumbai Introduces Bollywood to Auro 11.1 Barco's Immersive Sound Format Barco, a global leader in cinema technology, is pleased to announce that HEPL’s (HDIL Entertainment Pvt Ltd) Kulraj Broadway, the first 'Auro 11.1 by Barco speaker layout in Mumbai, will open its doors for public to have mesmerizing experience of the sound inside the hall. Famous Indian movie director Subhash Ghai-who's upcoming movie Kaanchi is also the first Bollywood movie mixed in the Auro 11.1 by Barco's immersive sound format - will be screened at Kulraj Broadway, resulting in unforgettable experience for the audience. As Mumbai is the central hub for the Indian cinema industry and Bollywood in particular, the news marks a major achievement for leading technology provider Barco and the Auro 11.1 sound format.

an invaluable asset, creating an immersive, audiovisual experience for our customers. The sound is so natural; it's like your part of the action on-screen." Clyde Monteiro, A.V.P, HDIL Entertainment says, We believe in giving best to our customers, with technology improving we too need to be upgraded, sound is always very important part of a film, it's sound that tickles our senses (fear, emotions etc.) and something like what we heard in Auro, will surely touch all our senses, the experience of a moviegoer shall no longer be ordinary.


Movies, to Kulraj Broadway(HEPL), have always been about more than just entertaining patrons. Since the company's inception 7 years ago, Kulraj Broadway(HEPL) has focused on providing audience with a complete cinematic experience. Being equipped with state-of-theart projection and sound technology is just one way of achieving this.

R&S, Barco's long-time partner in India, took care of the integration of the Auro 11.1 sound platform at the Kulraj Broadway (HEPL) in Mumbai. Established in 1992, R&S is dedicated to providing theaters-as well as studios, night clubs, museums and other venues-across India with the best possible audiovisual equipment. "Based on Kulraj Broadway (HEPL) needs, we managed to implement the solution without any problems," says Anirvan, Director of R&S.

Natural sound

Big in Bollywood

It is with this in mind that Kulraj Broadway Management contacted world-leading technology provider Barco for a demonstration of the Auro 11.1 speaker layout. Incorporating a unique height and overhead channel with a minimal number of speakers and amplifiers, the platform enables sound waves to come from every direction, just like they do in real life.

Not only does the Auro-installation at Kulraj Broadway (HEPL) mark the first of its kind in Mumbai, the theatre will also be screening the cutting-edge director Subhash Ghai's movie Kaanchi-which is also mixed in Auro 11.1 format. Famed for embracing new technology in his movies, Ghai is an avid fan of the Auro 11.1 format. His upcoming movie Kaanchi will be the first Bollywood film to be mixed in the format.

Mr Mukesh Gupta, C.E.O of Kulraj Broadway (HEPL): "When we first heard Auro 11.1 in action, we were immediately convinced that this was


May-June 2014

Brian Claypool, Senior Director of Strategic Business Development at

Barco comments: "Both the installation of the Auro 11.1 technology at Kulraj Broadway(HEPL) and Subhash Ghai's support of the format are major achievements for Barco. We are much honored to be able to launch this technology in Bollywood with such visionary partners."

EVM Group's Jawahar Cinema to be the First Dolby Atmos Screen in Kerala Dolby Laboratories, announced the arrival of its latest audio technology, Dolby Atmos, in the state of Kerala, India. EVM Group's Jawahar Cinema, situated in Kothamangalam, will be the first cinema in the state to offer the new technology to the cinema lovers starting April 8, 2014. Dolby Atmos unleashes the potential of sound in storytelling by giving filmmakers the creative freedom to easily place or move sounds anywhere in the movie theatre to create a lifelike, virtual reality of sound and the most powerful cinema experience ever.

New Delhi Gets Its First Dolby Atmos Screen

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Jose Mathew, Managing Director, Jawahar Cinema, said, "We are proud to be the first ones to bring Dolby Atmos, the revolutionary audio technology, to the cinema watching audiences in Kerala. Dolby Atmos is a major differentiator, providing greater definition and dimension to movies. With this achievement, we reinforce our mission to bring the best entertainment experiences to our audiences by offering state-of-theart technology and exceptional facilities, providing them with the best innovations for an exciting, enhanced, and convenient moviewatching experience."

Dolby Laboratories, announced the arrival of its latest audio technology, Dolby Atmos, in the capital city of India. Delite Cinemas, situated in Daryaganj, will be the first cinema in the city to offer the new technology to cinema lovers, starting May 1, 2014. Dolby Atmos速 unleashes the potential of sound in storytelling by giving filmmakers the creative freedom to easily place or move sounds anywhere in the movie theatre to create a lifelike, virtual reality of sound and the most powerful cinema experience ever.

Dolby Atmos has quickly become the preferred choice for nextgeneration sound in the cinema, with major studios, award-winning filmmakers, and exhibitors from around the world embracing its approach. Unlike traditional channel-based sound systems like 5.1, 7.1, and 11.1, which require filmmakers to think about the number and location of speakers, Dolby Atmos allows them to simply designate where in the cinema space each sound should be placed or moved to make audiences experience the film as if they were within its world.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Shashank Raizada, owner of Delite Cinemas, said, "I believe Dolby Atmos will prove to be a major differentiator for the moviewatching audiences in New Delhi. It provides greater definition and dimension to movies with its unique approach to sound. With this achievement, we reinforce our mission to be the best in entertaining people by offering state-of-the-art technology and exceptional facilities, as well as providing our audiences with new and innovative concepts for an enhanced and powerful moviegoing experience."

"We are very excited to work with Jawahar Cinema, who are the first cinema to bring Dolby Atmos to Kerala. Dolby's introduction of this next-generation sound platform marked a giant step forward in the evolution of movie storytelling. We are proud to have pioneered an approach to sound that makes you feel as if you are in the movie, not merely watching it," said Mr. Pankaj Kedia, Country Manager-India, Dolby Laboratories. He further added, "There is an exciting lineup of top movie titles coming up in Dolby Atmos, and we are confident that moviegoers will go back again and again to Jawahar Cinema once they enjoy Dolby Atmos movies."

Dolby Atmos has quickly become the preferred choice for next-generation sound in the cinema, with major studios, award-winning filmmakers, and exhibitors from around the world embracing its approach. Unlike traditional channel-based sound systems like 5.1, 7.1, and 11.1, which require filmmakers to think about the number and location of speakers, Dolby Atmos allows them to simply designate where in the cinema space each sound should be placed or moved to make audiences experience the film as if they were within its world.

movie, not merely watching it. We are confident that moviegoers will be captivated by the remarkable clarity and dimension of the sound and will keep coming back to Delite Cinemas to get this amazing experience that Dolby Atmos provides," said Mr. Ashim Mathur, Marketing Head, Dolby Laboratories India.

'Bhoothnath Returns' Debuts in 750 UFO Digital Theatres Indian horror comedy film 'Bhoothnath Returns' starring Amitabh Bachchan debuted in 750 UFO digital theatres. 'Main Tera Hero' in its second week screens in 592 digital theaters. 'Ragini MMS - 2' screens in 144 digital theatres in its fourth week. 'The Dark Secrets of Tonhi' in its seventh week is in 75 digital theatres. 'Queen' in its sixth week screens in 62 UFO digital theatres.

"We look forward to working with Delite Cinemas to bring the ultimate cinematic entertainment experience to moviegoers in New Delhi. With Dolby Atmos, you feel as if you are in the May-June 2014


Regional Language Film Industry Most Popular in South India The FICCI-KPMG Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Report 2014 confirmed Tamil and Telugu to be the largest language markets. As per the report amongst the 4 southern languages (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam) Tamil tops the charts with 250 movies/year. 2013 recorded maximum box office collection of Rs.200 cr and Rs.100 cr from the two movies 'Vishwaroopam' and 'Arrambam' respectively. The 50 crore target was achieved by other movies namely Singham 2, Raja Rani, Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam, Soodhu Kavvum and Theeya Vela Seiyyanum Kumaru. The films made additional revenues from the international markets of Australia, Malaysia and UK. As mentioned in the report, Shibashish Sarkar, chief financial officer, Reliance Entertainment stated, "Films of regional markets (especially those in the south) are much stronger than Bollywood films. The sheer percentage of footfalls in theatres is disproportionately higher in case of Tamil and Telugu films. Theatre infrastructure needs to be further improved in regional markets to further increase the absolute theatrical contribution." Speaking about the Telugu Film Industry it also saw a boom in the number of releases and occupancy. The blockbuster 'Attarinitiki Daredi' earned Rs.187 cr across 1200 screens. Andhra Pradesh saw 100% occupancy across many screens for this movie. The TV channels report mentioned South India to be the important market for advertising and subscription. It contributes around 35% of C&S subscriptions across the country. Tamil Nadu tops this market with Sun TV being the consistent dominant channel. Fiction and movies still are popular as compared to the non-fiction shows in South.


May-June 2014

As per the research, a lot of marketing is done by non-fiction shows; however, they do not generate expected viewership. Movies are dominantly shown in South Indian regional GECs followed by comedy clips and songs. Sun TV Network has purchased maximum C&S rights for movies thus gaining approximately 70-80% share. Recently, Sun TV Network is facing competition from other channels namely Maa TV (Telugu) and Suvarna TV (Star Asianet-Kannada). Other channels in fray are Zee Telugu and Zee Kannada who are in the process of launching a movie library. This increasing competition is helping the South Indian film industry gain more popularity.

Viacom 18 sued Bhoothnath Returns

30% Ad Revenue Growth Targeted by Big Cinemas this Fiscal Big Cinemas, a sister venture of Reliance Anil Ambani Group is targeting an advertising revenue growth of 30% this fiscal year. Presently its 50% of the net profit from the revenue it generates from advertising. "Having already clocked over 120% growth in the past two years, from Rs 19 crore to Rs 44 crore in FY14, we expect our advertising revenue to grow over 30% this fiscal at Rs 55-57 crore," Shirish Srivastava, head of marketing and sales at Big Cinemas, which is a division of Reliance MediaWorks. He added, "The Company's ad revenue, which contributes close to 50% of the bottomline, is much above industry average of around 17%." According to him, advertising contributes a bit more than 10% to the overall revenue, while food and beverages unit contribute approximately 25% and above (>Rs.100 cr). He stated, "35% of the ad revenue comes from non-metro halls."

Bhootnath Return saw a gloomy start before its release. Viacom 18 sued the company for Rs.20 crores. According to Viacom 18, they did not abide to an agreement signed earlier. The case was filed on April 7 at the Bombay HC. BR films and Viacom 18 had tied hands for 2 films in 2007 with the later paying Rs.10 crores. However, none of the films got rolling. To compensate, BR Chopra made Viacom 18 to mutually agree to give stake in their production house. However, this agreement was not fulfilled during its implementation. Hence, Viacom 18 proceeded legally.

Comparing the national and international sales figure he said, "We operate over 410 screens in 320 halls, out of which around 100 are in the country, and the rest in the US, where the ad revenue is minimal." Big Cinemas have been using the experiential marketing concept where in they associate with marketers for washroom advertising too. The motto of the company is to give the viewers not only a movie experience but 360 degree entertainment.

Film Investment Fund can now be Approved by SEBI The Third Eye Cinema (TCEF) introduced by SEBI, an alternative investment fund for individuals with less investment capacity is expected to be launched soon. It has been launched with an expectation to gain 25% returns. "Given the growth of the Indian film industry, many individuals want to invest in it, but have no clue how to go about it. Also, there are many myths such as the segment isn't professional and organized. With the digitization of screens and the advent of a corporate structure in major studios/production houses, these myths are being busted. What better time to enter the industry and make it more professional and transparent?", said Kewal Handa, Chief Executive of the fund and exmanaging director of Pfizer. "We are confident the first project under the new fund will be underway by the third quarter of this year," he added. The fund will be inspected by IL&FS Trust Company which are the trustees and will be audited by Fidelis. KPMG will take care of the taxations and auditing whereas the legal advisor will be ALMT. The registration will be taken care by Karvy. The fund will take care right from the pre-production to the marketing and distribution after the film is ready to hit the screens. It will be similar to a mini studio, which will also distribute Small scale Hollywood movies. It also plans to explore the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) market for films and music across satellite and digital platform. Ashutosh Gowarikar, Kunal Kohli, John Mathew Mathan, Chandraprakash Dwivedi, Sagar Bellary and Nagesh Kukunoor will be a amongst the advisory board of the fund. The fund's management also comprises Chief Investment Advisor

Sandeep Bhargava and Chief Operating Officer Shariq Patel. The other film funding firms include Vistaar Religare (2008), a joint venture of Religare Enterprises and Vistaar Entertainment Ventures which is a company worth 200 crores. Another in line, is the Dar MentorCap film Fund (2012) another joint venture of DAR Media and MentorCap Management worth Rs. 100 crore.

Cinepolis ups Screens to Gain 800cr Investment International Cinema Exhibitor, Cinepolis plans to expand in India by increasing existing 84 screens to 400 across 13 cities. Cinépolis, an international cinema exhibitor having its presence in India, plans to invest around Rs 800 crore in in the country to increase the number screens to 400 from the present 84 in 13 cities. The investment made by the Mexican company is expected to be approximately 800 crores. "Post expansion, the seating capacity in the country will reach up to 88,000 from the current 17,600," said Alejandro Alejandro Ramirez Magana, chief executive officer of Cinépolis (Global). "We plan to have 400 screens all over the country by the end of 2017. And each screen will be set up with an average cost of Rs 2.5 crore. We have already opened 84 screens and the remaining 316 will be opened by the end of 2017," he added. Keeping the growing popularity of South Indian Films in mind, 180 screens will be launched in South India with Andhra Pradhesh and Telangana getting 70 screens. Around US$40 million has been invested so far in

India with the break even already achieved in 2012. The company has 5,70,000 seats globally. Ranked 4th globally, it has 3400 screens spread across 11 countries. "Kochi and Vijayawada were among the eight upcoming multiplex locations. It has 22 operational screens in South India," said Javier Sotomayor, managing director, Cinépolis India.

Hyderabad Based Asian Cinemas to Open 9 More Multiplex Asian Cinemas plans to expand in Hyderabad by opening 9 more multiplexes in the coming months. "Each multiplex will involve an investment of over Rs 2 crore," said D Suresh Babu, Asian Cinemas Partner. The company launched its five screens with 1,528 seats in Uppal on April 11. "This would be followed by a fourscreen multiplex at Attapur on the outskirts of Hyderabad by June," added Suresh Babu during the launch of another 3 screen multiplex at Kukatpally. The target for the company is the Telangana districts keeping in view the box office collections. Presently it has single-screen theatres at Hanumakonda in Warangal district, Nizamabad district and at Kapra in Rangareddy district. "There is still potential for singlescreen theatre development and hence we are looking at opening more standalone cinema halls, even as we are in the process of renovating old theatres like Lakshmi Kala and Sashi Kala, and converting Satyam Theatre at Ameerpet in Hyderabad into a multiplex. While the first property will be ready in a couple of months, the second will be up and running in two years from now," he concluded.

May-June 2014


Melbourne Names PhD Scholarship After Amitabh Bachchan

international as always, but also was attended by International star John Travolta. The event took place in Tampa Bay with Bollywood stars gracing the function for the 15th year. He was awarded the 'Most Popular All Time International Star in India' Award at the function. Travolta has been nominated twice for the Academy Award and awarded Golden Globes twice amongst 7 nominations.

The Amitabh Bachchan charm doesn't seem to get enough! Yet another credential to the super-star Melbourne names its PhD scholarship by his name. The actor rewarded the first scholarship to Indian based, Roshan Kumar during the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne. Kumar had graduated in Masters in International Business, from La Trobe University. Mr.Bachchan received a warm and excited welcome from everyone at the University including John Dewar, the Vice Chancellor of the University. While mentioning about the event in his blog, Big B said, "The La Trobe University names a scholarship after me, to be accorded to the deserving students from all walks of life that will come and study media and entertainment courses here."

The function witnessed star studded performances by Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Pritam, Farhan Akhtar and a musical routine by the stalwart Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Other stars who performed were Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh and the gorgeous Madhuri Dixit-Nene amongst others.

Dada Saheb Phalke Award Honored to Gulzar

Star lyricist Gulzar was bestowed the Dada Saheb Phalke Award at the 61st National Awards Ceremony in New Delhi on 4th May 2014. The 79 years old writer has contributed more than 50 years to the film industry. Not only did he give Bollywood some unforgettable song lyrics but also some memorable dialogues. How can someone forget his dialogues from Sholay?

IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) this year not only went


May-June 2014

Deenanath Mangeshkar Award Honored to Rishi Kapoor

The evergreen chocolate boy, Rishi Kapoor was given the Deenanath Mangeshkar Award this year. Considered as the hard core romantic hero of the 80s, Rishi Kapoor have given many block buster super hits to the film industry. From Bobby, Sagar to Khel Khel Mein, this actor has seen romanticizing with actresses of over two decades or more. Mr. Kapoor has resumed acting after a long gap. However, he has shed his lover boy image after his comeback by doing intense roles in films like DDay, Agneepath and many more for which he has received huge appreciation.

However, Vidya Balan was not present in the event.

John Travolta Graces His Presence at IIFA

The Dada Saheb Phalke Award is the highest honor in the film making industry given to people contributing their best.

Gulzar has also received Sahitya Akademi award in 2002 and Padma Bhushan in 2004, apart from the numerous National Film Awards.

The other artists who received the Award were Tabla player Zakir Hussain, Marathi actress Mukta Barve, TV and film actor Shivaji Satam and many others. Social activist Anna Hazare also received a special award for spreading social awareness amongst people. The award ceremony took place on April 24. The Deenanath Mangeshkar award was initiated as a mark of respect to renowned artists Deenanath Mangeshkar by his daughter Lata Mangeshkar. This award recognizes talents in the field of entertainment and social activities.

Irrfan and Bryce shoot for Jurassic World It's 'Hollywood' time again for Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan. The actor is shooting in Hawaai for the Jurassic Park Franchise with actress Bryce Dallas Ron. Bryce is the daughter of famous American Director Ron Howard. Sources say, "She is playing a stellar role opposite Irrfan in Jurassic World. The two actors seem to have got along well with their on-screen chemistry." They have been seen spending some cozy time together between their shoots. Irfan will be seen showing his hard side in the movie. He is

Commenting on his good luck to have gorgeous co-stars always, Irrfan says, "I've been exceptionally lucky with my heroines. Right from my first film Govind Nihalani's Drishti, where my co-star was the stunning Dimple Kapadia, I've worked with some of the most attractive actresses like Tabu, Natalie and now Bryce.

performing difficult aerial action scenes on a helicopter.

Bryce has gone to the same acting school as Natalie Portman. Irrfan has worked with Natalie in Mira Nair's film Kosher, Vegetarian.

Rajkumar Hirani Listed in BIFF Jury Commercial film-maker Rajkumar Hirani bagged the honor of being the first Bollywood personality to have attended the Beijing International Film Festival 2014 (BIFF). He was amongst the jury members for the festival that took place from 16-23 April 2014.

after his film 3 Idiots recovered huge business and became a popular name internationally. The other jury names include China's Lu Chuan, Ireland's Jim Sheridan, France's Philippe Muyl, Spanish producer Andres Vicente Gomez and Italian actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

Hirani became popular in China

Nargis Fakhri Thrilled After her First Hollywood Shoot Another Indian actress to have joined the Hollywood industry is Nargis Fakhri. The beautiful actress has returned from US after shooting for her first international film 'Spy'. She will be seen performing action scenes in this movie. Commenting about her role and the film Nargis says, "I don't know why some sections of the Indian media have written that I've shot with Jude Law. Because I haven't! He is in the film but I haven't shot with him yet. There are also Jason Statham and Melissa MacCarthy in Spy with me. I can't reveal what I

campaign with actors from various parts of the world. I'd be representing this part of the world." The actress has gone all gaga about her Director Paul Feig. She says, "He's directed Bridesmaid and Heat. He was amazing to work with. All I'll tell you about my role is its action-packed."

am playing until the producers make their announcement. But I can tell you they're planning a global

Comparing her experience working in both Bollywood and Hollywood she says, "I am not saying one is better than the other. I enjoy both. But Hollywood is far more organized than Bollywood."

May-June 2014



Big Cinemas

Bigger and Wider Reliance MediaWorks has launched its two mulplixes in Harayana and Gujarat with its inimitable style. The circuit has launched a three-screen multiplex at Rajkot and Kundli with the latest 2K projection system equipped with a 3D screen and fully digital sound.

Kundli, Haryan Reliance MediaWorks is all set to launch a Big Cinemas, multiplex in Kundli Haryana. Conveniently located at Ansal Highway Plaza Mall one of the most happening and widely popular places in the city. Big Cinemas multiplex in Kundli is Reliance MediaWorks 96th multiplex in India, 3rd in Haryana and 32nd in Northern India. The new Big Cinemas multiplex will enhance the cinema viewing experience in Kundli. This cinema is equipped with 2K projection system and is equipped with a 3D screen and fully digital sound. Spread across an area of approximately 28000 sqft the new Big Cinemas multiplex has 3 screens and a seating capacity of approximately 666 people. The opening of the multiplex coincides with the most eagerly awaited film of the year Dhoom 3 which will be screened at the theatre.


May-June 2014

• INDIA PLEXING • Speaking on the occasion Mr. Venkatesh Roddam, CEO Reliance MediaWorks said, "Big Cinemas have consistently delivered a differentiated entertainment experience that has not only delighted our guests but offered us a competitive edge that has strengthened our business. Throughout the network, of Big Cinemas the quality of film theatres and services is constantly being improved notably through the development of digital projection to offer both higher projection quality and a greater diversity of films. We look forward to introducing audiences to a movie-going experience unlike anything they've experienced before."

and are extremely happy to extend the reach of our most vibrant brand, Big Cinemas to the residents of Kundli. We are confident that our new multiplex would receive a warm welcome from the discerning audience in the city because of the unparalleled movie experience and extremely enjoyable ambience that Big Cinemas offers."

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Ashish Saksena COO Big Cinemas said, "We are reinforcing our presence in North India with the expansion of our cinemas business

FACTFILE Consultants Interior Architects / Interior Designer

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Technical Design of Audi & Acoustical Consulting

Silhouette, Architects & Interior Designers

Building services (HVAC, Plumbing, FFTG, Elect)

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Lighting (cold cathode & neon)

Adapt Consulting

Contractors Electrical & Plumbing

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Booth equipment

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Pulz (M5/CS8/XO36)


Harkness Screens (Spectral 240-SP, MW matt plus)


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Capital Carpet (RP 714DB), Navneet Sales (Cotton Velvet with FR)

Acoustical Materials

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May-June 2014



Rajkot, Gujarat Reliance MediaWorks has launched an R World Big Cinemas, multiplex in Rajkot, Gujarat. R World Big Cinemas, multiplex in Rajkot is Reliance MediaWorks 97th multiplex in India, and 8th in Gujarat. The new R World Big Cinemas multiplex provides a perfect venue for the inaugural run of new movie releases in Rajkot. The new Big Cinemas multiplex will enhance the cinema viewing experience in Rajkot. This cinema is equipped with 2K projection system and Digital Dolby sound. Spread across an area of approximately 30,000 sqft the new Big Cinemas multiplex has 3 screens and a seating capacity of approximately 600 people. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Venkatesh Roddam, CEO Reliance MediaWorks said, "Reliance MediaWorks makes long term commitments in the communities where we own theaters by building local partnerships, employing local people and engaging with our patrons. Our mission is to return style and elegance to the movie-going experience; we look forward to applying the same approach at our new property in Rajkot. As we continue to aggressively grow the Big Cinemas network throughout India, we are proud to build on the success of our existing multiplexes. Big Cinemas have created a truly differentiated brand and entertainment experience that we believe will serve as a key anchor attraction and continue to have a positive impact on our operating success." Commenting on the launch, Mr. Ashish Saksena COO Big Cinemas said, "Movie goers in Rajkot will now be able to enjoy a world class movie going experience and enjoy the best of cuisines at R World BIG Cinemas, Rajkot. Equipped with the latest digital projection and surround sound equipment, through R World Big Cinemas, Rajkot and we plan to bring the broadest possible range of films to


May-June 2014

• INDIA PLEXING • entertain Rajkot's enthusiastic film fans in the years ahead." The three-screen multiplex will offer patrons the luxurious 'Big Cinemas' experience, and has opened with the super hit movie Dhoom 3. R World Big Cinemas looks to set the bar for delivering the premium cinema-going experience to the people of Rajkot.

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May-June 2014



Big Cinemas

Retelling the Retail Tale Cinema is one of the two most dominating religions of India, and thereby the multiplex business in the country is thriving. In spite of major growth plans happening in that space, India as a nation continues to be under-screened. Multiplexes have had a significant role to play in the further habit formation of constant film viewing. Watching at least one film per weekend is a ritual for a significant majority of the young Indian population. This is also possible thanks to the amount of diverse content that is available today, and the avenues for their exhibition, the multiplexes. But in addition to driving millions of cine-goers into the comfort of their dreams every year, multiplex chains like BIG Cinemas have also created a robust network and business driven cultural ecosystems, across the length and breadth of the country. The first and the most important change that organized players brought in the cinema exhibition business was standardization, then be it the overall hygiene levels or the variety at the food courts, or the comfort of the seats and the advanced technology of cinema viewing that they provide. Effectively these have set the standards for the Indian audiences, even deep down in the Tier 2 & Tier 3 markets. In an era of multiple multiplex chains, differentiation becomes a crucial driving point for the business, as also the revenue recognition from alternate revenue streams. Entertainment tax continues to be a deterrent for growth in margins, badly affecting them in certain cases; thereby creating the need for multiple touch-points of revenue generation, simultaneously while increasing the average revenue per user, on a constant basis. Also, for a business that is extremely content sensitive, relying on other sources of revenue becomes important in order


May-June 2014

than just that. Getting millions of captive audiences and dedicated footfalls annually, is perhaps the retailer's dream and that is where BIG Cinemas steps in, with its advent into the retail space. From creation of virtual walls for product display for high-end products to simulate touch and feel, to establishment of flagship stores for renowned brands to mark their space, the possibilities of retail exploration within the multiplex business are endless.

A viewpoint by Venkatesh Roddam, CEO - Reliance MediaWorks to drive sustainable business value in the long run. Seeking a position of great advantage, while addressing all of the above, BIG Cinemas will now utilize its network strength to create alternate retail platforms within the physical as well as virtual spaces, across its established properties within the country. Combining key business trends from across different spectra of businesses, while effectively utilizing technological tools is the future for the business. This works on a very simple principle. There is an existing physical space, a set of captive audiences, state of the art infrastructure, and a desperate need to increase the profitability. A suitable combination of all of the above in the right proportion will lead to a business model that will drive the future of the business in the entertainment business, while providing additional relevant entertainment, and keeping stakeholders within the value-chain happy. While cinema halls are meant for film viewing, multiplexes mean far more

The most significant contribution that technology has made to this era is the ease that it has provided. Anything is possible at the click of a button and we are thus spoilt for choice. The flipside to the same is the increase in the need for engagement with the consumers. While there is an increase in the number of avenues of communication, there is a sharp decline in the attention spans forcing marketers to constantly think and rethink their strategies. Multiplexes come by as handy solutions rolled into an entertainment avenue to provide this very engagement. This is precisely the space where BIG Cinemas is leading the industry. Consumers of today are spoilt for choice, when it comes to any media touch-point. The burgeoning ubiquitous mall culture is further adding to the number of avenues that are persistently trying to capture the consumer's share of mind. Multiplexes in that sense offer exclusivity and captivity like no other entertainment avenue, especially in a cinema crazy country like India; thereby making them the next apt targets as retail touch points. Riding the wave of the change, BIG Cinemas is presently formulating its strategy to create this business platform, which will bring about a change in the way Indians shop; and effectively retell the retail tale, going forward.

TheatreMagic ::: May-June 2014  
TheatreMagic ::: May-June 2014  

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