Claire 空海之迴

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Performed in English 英語演出 Inspired by Swiss dramatist Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s The Visit 創作源自瑞士劇作家迪倫馬特的經典作品《老婦還鄉》



2022 hong kong cultural centre studio theatre (FRI-sun)


Returning with a fortune to her hometown, her proposal was irresistible to the destitute villagers – kill the ex-lover who betrayed her and receive money to revitalise the town. So, executed the former lover they did, in the name of justice and humanity. Unsure about the ‘lesson of justice’ in this story of vengeance, he was told by a tree in the wilderness: ‘Go tell this story a hundred times, you will find the answer.’ The ending celebratory feast in Swiss dramatist Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s Der Besuch der alten Dame (The Visit of the Old Lady) sparked off our creative process. Justice was served. She encountered him by the ocean… 她,擁有驚人的財富回到貧窮的故鄉捐出巨款,唯一的條件是——將 出賣她的舊情人殺死。村民在貧窮之中經不起金錢權力的引誘被收 買,並以正義之名將舊情人了結。


樹告訴他:「離開這裡,把這個故事告訴一百個人,你就會找到答 案……」創作靈感湧現自瑞士劇作家迪倫馬特的作品《老婦還鄉》,原

劇本終結於一個歡天喜地的歡送會上,而這創作正由那歡天喜地的漩 渦開始。在取回公道之後,在大海之前,她遇見……他。

List of Scenes 分場表

Prologue: The Silent Tsunami 序:無聲的海嘯

Oracle of the Tree 樹之諭

Lovers in the Wood 樹林裡的戀人

The Love Story 愛的故事

Joyful Procession 歡樂遊行

Cleansing 淨化

Claire and Tree Claire 與樹 The Soldiers 士兵

Travelling 探問

The Love Story 愛的故事

The 99th Time 第99次 When Dream Visits the Dreamer 當夢走進夢者

Dissolving 溶解

Director’s Notes 導演的話 Bonni Chan 陳麗珠

The midnight sound of showering, a moment in a Korean temple, someone cutting an onion, the entrance to the secret garden of a wild cat called Butch, a jelly fish who swims through waters and time, a mausoleum where a woman called Claire sits by the ocean. From last Christmas through to this early summer’s day, the stories swirled and brought the whole team together to make them come alive on stage. How does Claire’s entanglement lead to the Showering man’s transcendence? This seemingly impossible reconciliation did not occur because of our will as writer and devisers. Instead, we travelled along a path where at times we were lost but then found our way again. It is truly the magic and joy of theatre making that last Christmas none of us could have predicted the fruit which has emerged today. A big welcome to you all to this gathering that began with our initial encounter of Dürrenmatt’s play The Visit. My thanks and admiration to everyone in the team for being so open and brave during this adventure that was blessed with uncertainty and then adaptation. A tree told us not to get stuck in one place and no one did. Our stage designer Yunsoo from Seoul is one example of this. This Korean tree has made all his branches available to support and inspire us from afar. Thank you for joining us. Your presence makes this performance complete! 誠以這一季的工作旅程和果子,送予上月剛離開我們的張向明大哥。 他的笑容和笑聲、圓轆轆的眼睛和金絲眼鏡、抱著 prompt book 站 著——像個認真的小孩在認識新玩具的模樣、和演員們一起拆解排練 的進程……他監督了舞台多少個年頭?三十年?應是更長吧!我幸運 地能近觀過這一顆香港第一代劇場的伯利恆之星,更在 prompt book 以 外感受他的善美與友誼。 「向明,謝謝您的一切,我會繼續踢足球,知道你在遠方微笑看着我們 送著暖。今年的鳳凰木開得很燦爛,今天看花還是火紅火紅的,就送 你一株!」 潮漲帶走了沙堡壘,但它永遠存在。

Writer’s Notes 編劇的話 Irene Tsang 曾靜雯

Writing has always been an activity that provides me with the space to be free; free to express and free to imagine. As much as I enjoy the reassurance of logical thinking and fitting bits and pieces into a tidy structure, this space of freedom offers an exhilarating experience that allows me to appreciate the beauty of crafting words. Publishing short stories in the past years has been a great encouragement for me as a writer. Writing this play was more like a dream come true. I would not be able to do this without the support from my friends at Theatre du Pif. The creative process that led to the realization of Claire was an unique, enjoyable experience where dedicated and passionate professionals came together and created what I consider as the magic of theatre. 一直以來,寫作讓我有空間去自由發揮、隨想隨說。邏輯思維和精密 部署帶來的安全感,我固然喜歡,可是寫作自由帶來的亢奮,令我能 欣賞細啄文字之美。 過去數年發表短篇故事,對身為作者的我而言,有很大的鼓舞;創作 這個文本更如夢境成真。沒有進劇場的支持,我是不可能做到的。我 甚為享受《空海之迴》的創作過程,與積極投入、熱情洋溢的專業工 作者合作,創造我所認為是劇場的魔法,是獨一無二的經驗。

The Team 團隊 Director 導演 Text 文本 Devisers 創作 Performers 演出

Stage Designer 舞台設計 Composer 作曲 Lighting Designer 燈光設計 Costume Designer 服裝設計 Paper-cutting Art 紙藝設計 Video Designer 影像設計 Sound Designer 音響設計 Video Director 影像導演 Voice-over 旁白

Camera 拍攝 Camera Assistant 拍攝助理 Producer 監製 Production Manager 製作經理 Stage Manager & Deputy Stage Manager 舞台監督及執行舞台監督 Assistant Stage Manager 助理舞台監督 Lighting Designer Assistant 燈光設計助理 Paper-cutting Art Assistant 紙藝設計助理 Make-up 化妝 Dresser 服裝助理 Sound Crew 音響助理 Stage Crews 舞台助理 Light / Stage Crews 燈光 / 舞台助理 Production Assistants 製作助理 Graphic Designer 平面設計 Illustrator 圖像

Theatre du Pif 進劇場

Co-artistic Directors 聯合藝術總監 Company Manager 劇團經理 Administration Officer 劇團行政主任 Company Assistants 劇團助理

Bonni Chan 陳麗珠 Irene Tsang 曾靜雯 Bonni Chan 陳麗珠 Lau Ming Hang 劉銘鏗 Bonni Chan 陳麗珠 Lau Chi Bun 劉子斌

Irene Tsang 曾靜雯 Lau Chi Bun 劉子斌 Lau Ming Hang 劉銘鏗 Iris Sun 孫鳳枝

Lee Yunsoo 李淪洙 Lau Chi Bun 劉子斌 Lau Ming Hang 劉銘鏗 Cheng Man Wing 鄭文榮 Lau Ming Hang 劉銘鏗 Wilfred Wong 黃漢樑 Bu Chan 陳衍昊 Wilfred Wong 黃漢樑 Bonni Chan 陳麗珠 Irene Tsang 曾靜雯 Lau Ming Hang 劉銘鏗 Yeung Shing Hei 楊承熹 Lo Man Hong 盧文康

Lau Chi Bun 劉子斌 Sean Curran 紀文舜

Jamie Wu 胡家欣 Lawrence Lee 李浩賢 Fan Man Yan 范文恩

Leung Hei Wa 梁烯樺 Kwok Pui Yan 郭佩欣 Eldergirl Lee 李長女 Patsy Leung 梁碧君 Jasmine Wong 黃靖雯 Hin Lo 羅成軒 Eric Chan 陳偉德 *Vickie Tang 鄧泳琪 ^Chan Yip Mei 陳葉美 Chan Lok Sze 陳樂詩

Yanky Wong 黃琰圭 Christopher Wong 黃世榛 ^Wong Sin Ying 黃倩盈 Hui Wing Yan 許穎恩

Terrenz ChAng 張惠淳 Sylvia Chan 陳鳳儀 Bonni Chan 陳麗珠 Jamie Wu 胡家欣 Keeley Wai 衞如欣 Winnie Fung 馮德君

Sean Curran 紀文舜 Kiki Ng 伍綺琪

* with the permission of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts 承蒙香港演藝學院批准參與製作 ^ with the permission of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education 承蒙香港專業教育學院批准參與製作

Theatre du Pif Theatre du Pif was formed in Scotland in 1992 by Bonni Chan and Sean Curran and for three years, they conducted daily classes, taught professional and community groups and devised productions that toured around the UK and Europe. In 1995, Theatre du Pif relocated to Hong Kong and became known for its cross-cultural heritage and bilingual productions performing in Cantonese, English or both. Often using a workshop and devising process as well as collaborations with dramaturges and artists from other disciplines, the company orchestrates movement, text and visual images to create new productions acclaimed for their power and their poetry. Facebook | IG thtdupif

Past productions/Projects 2021 Old Times by Harold Pinter A play by the Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter, directed by Paul Poon. When Deeley and his wife Kate are visited by her old friend Anna, tensions bubble up as memories becomes a weapon.

​2020 Seed 2020 A new 2-year program aiming to improve the skill and insight of Hong Kong theatre practitioners and to consolidate a unique training and performance-research platform to enrich their craft, knowledge and perspectives.

2019 Hong Kong Poetica Devised theatre based on Hong Kong literature to explore the world of local poet Leung Ping Kwan (Yasi).​

Ghosts by Ibsen A play-reading and interactive commentary event, at the World Cultures Festival.​

Crow H. A butoh theatre work, from a gaze at the his-story of Ankoku Butoh, the sound of caws insinuates; at the International Butoh Festival of Japan in Tokyo.

2018 Faith Healer A staged reading, one of the masterpieces of Ireland’s greatest living playwright by Brian Friel, Faith Healer weaves together the stories of a travelling healer, his wife and his manager.

The Journey of the Isle A journey constructed and mapped out based on verbatim transcripts from dialogues with local Cheung Chau residents.

進劇場 進劇場於 1999 年由陳麗珠及紀文舜在蘇格蘭成立,其後 3 年為不同的專業表演團 體及社區團體擔任教學工作,並以編作排練方式發展舞台創作,於英國及歐洲作 巡迴演出。 ​1995 年,進劇場移師香港作為基地,本著跨文化的傳統、創作英語、粵語及英粵 雙語的原創劇場作品,成為香港重要劇團之一。劇團經常邀請戲劇工作者及不同 範疇的藝術家合作,透過工作坊及編作排練的形式,使創作能糅合形體、文本和 視象等各種元素,作品獲讚譽為深具舞台力量亦同時充滿詩意。

Facebook | IG thtdupif


2021 《時光》

諾貝爾文學獎得主英國戲劇大師哈洛.品特的名作,由潘惠森翻譯及執導。Anna 來到 Kate 的住所探望這位很久沒聯繫的朋友與她的丈夫 Deeley,三人憶起過去的對話,以文 字、語言、沉默、意象、回憶、空間,編織出一個時空交錯的當下。


《楔子 2020》

全新兩年計劃,以提升香港劇場工作者的技巧和洞察力為目標,聚集具劇場期盼及有志 於劇場探索的藝術工作者,一起投入自由而扎實的交流空間,回歸身體、文本洞察及演 技的磨煉和實驗。






《鴉 H.》

舞踏劇場作品,靈感來自暗黑舞踏的歷史以及烏鴉的預示,為日本國際舞踏節的受邀節 目之一。






Director 導演 Deviser 創作 Performer 演出

Bonni Chan 陳麗珠

Bonni graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Ballet and went on to study acting at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, winning the Best Actress of the Year award for three consecutive years. After graduating, she joined the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and performed in a number of productions. In 1991 she moved to London to study with various teachers, and in 1992 founded Theatre du Pif with Sean Curran. Since returning to Hong Kong in 1995, she has continued to devise and direct all of Theatre du Pif’s original productions. She won the Best Actress at the Hong Kong Drama Awards for her roles in Fish Heads and Tales – A Tender War as well as The Oak Tree – An Odyssey. In 2015 she was again nominated for the Best Actress Award for her portrayal of Hedda Gabler in Adrian Noble’s production of Ibsen’s classic play. In 2016, she received an honorary fellowship of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. The Hong Kong Theatre Libre voted her Best Actress of the Year for her performance in 4.48 Psychosis – A Staged Reading, she also won IATC(HK) Critics Awards’ Performance of the Year, Director of the Year, Performer of the Year and Scenography of the Year for the performance 4.48 Psychosis. Her recent work as the guest director on Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov for The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts was nominated for the Best Director in IATC(HK) Critics Awards and The Hong Kong Theatre Libre Award. She is a professional Feldenkrais practitioner.

進劇場聯合藝術總監。畢業於香港芭蕾舞學院,隨後於香港演藝 學院攻讀戲劇,連續三年獲校內最傑出女演員獎。畢業後,加入 香港話劇團。一九九一年赴倫敦深造,九二年與紀文舜成立進劇 場,在英國及歐洲等地進行創作及教學。九五年回港,繼續創作 及導演所有進劇場的原創劇目。曾分別憑《魚戰役溫柔》及《闖 進一棵橡樹的年輪》獲香港舞台劇獎最佳女主角。一五年,憑諾 布爾執導的《海達珈珼珞》獲提名香港舞台劇最佳女主角。一六 年獲香港演藝學院榮譽院士。同年憑《4.48 精神崩潰》獲香港小 劇場獎最佳女主角,IATC(HK) 劇評人獎年度演出獎、年度導演 獎、年度演員獎、年度舞台科藝/美術獎。她最近為香港演藝學 院執導的契訶夫《三姐妹》分別獲香港小劇場獎及 IATC(HK) 劇評 人獎提名最佳導演及年度導演獎。自O一年起隨美莉茵.費花接 受魁根斯方法的訓練,為專業的魁根斯方法導師。 Text 文本 Deviser 創作

Irene Tsang 曾靜雯

Tsang is a native of Hong Kong and spent her formative years in Canada. She works as an independent facilitator and coach, focusing on individual and organization developments. Irene obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Languages from McGill University. Her graduate studies included master’s degrees in Comparative Literature, Buddhist Studies and Buddhist Counselling. She has also completed her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Hong Kong. In 2013, Irene won the Hong Kong Top Story Competition. She published short stories and her first play was featured in the first TenMinute Play Festival in Hong Kong. Claire is Irene’s first full-length play.

香港人,長於加拿大。獨立導師及人生指導,以個人及機構發展 為主。畢業於麥基爾大學,獲現代語言學士學位,其後修讀比較 文學碩士、佛學研究及佛法輔導碩士,並於香港大學修畢創意寫 作文學碩士學位。二O一三年,曾氏於 Hong Kong Top Story 比 賽脫穎而出,之後出版短篇小說,其首個劇作於香港第一個「十 分鐘短劇節」中公演,《空海之迴》為其首個長篇劇作。

Deviser 創作 Performer 演出 Lighting Designer 燈光設計 Paper-cutting Art 紙藝設計

Lau Ming Hang 劉銘鏗

Deviser 創作 Performer 演出 Composer 作曲

Lau Chi Bun

Also known as Sun Fool, Lau is a paper-art and pop-up book artist and founded “Pop-up Book Theatre”. His works include Ordinary Living and Dance Me to the Trees. Lau is also a light designer and has collaborated with many artists including Bonni Chan, Paul Poon, Lee Chi Man, Rebecca Wong and Ong Yong Lock. His visual art work has also been exhibited in TST Stories, an exhibition about trees in Tsim Sha Tsui.

人稱「神父」。最近較常從事紙藝及立體書的事,自家創作「立體 書故事劇場」,有《日常生活》及《大樹舞舞舞》等製作。閒來 參與一些劇場燈光設計工作,跟陳麗珠、潘惠森、李志文、黃碧 琪與王榮祿等劇場藝術家共事。此外亦有接觸視覺藝術,參與了 《此地是朵泥》的展覽。 Souloaksqueez.



Performer 演出

Iris Sun 孫鳳枝

Studied dance in Beijing Dance Academy and in Xinjiang, graduated from the School of Contemporary Dance, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Sun was awarded The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships to study at the Laban Centre London-Transition Dance Company for a year and acquired a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Performance. She has also been to Spain multiple times to advance her practice. Sun is at present a part time instructor in the School of Contemporary Dance of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, EXCEL, Hong Kong Dance Company and City Contemporary Dance Company. As a dancer, she has worked with different companies include Guangdong Modern Dance Company (Picasso Performance), Art of Cantonese Opera (Butterfly and Red Pear Blossom), Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio (Thunderstorm), Hong Kong Arts Festival (The Truth About Lying), Theatre du Pif (The Will to Build), Y-Space (Awaiting), Hong Kong Dance Company, City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, E-Side Dance Company, etc. Tour performances have taken her to South Korea, China, United Kingdom, United States of America, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, etc. Sun is currently a tutor in the Children’s and Youth Troupes of Hong Kong Dance Company and is teaching and creating at the same time.

於 北 京 舞 蹈 學 院 及 新 疆 修 習 舞 蹈, 畢 業 於 香 港 演 藝 學 院 現 代 舞系,一九九八年獲香港賽馬會獎學金前赴英國 Laban Center London - Transition Dance Company 深造一年,並取得專業教育 及表演研究生文憑,更多次前往西班牙研習舞蹈。孫氏曾為香港 演藝學院現代舞系、EXCEL、香港舞蹈團及城市當代舞蹈團教育 兼職導師,並參與多個藝團及藝術家合作演出包括:包括:廣東 現代舞團《PICASSO 演出》、粵劇戲台《蝶影紅梨記》、鄧樹榮工 作室《舞•雷雨》、香港藝術節《香港式離婚》、進劇場《樓城》、 多空間《等待》、香港舞蹈團、城市當代舞蹈團、香港中樂團、 及東邊舞蹈團等演出。並曾前往韓國、中國、英國、美國、星加 坡、日本、台灣、菲律賓等參與演出。現從事教育及創作,並為 香港舞蹈團兒童團及青少年團導師。

Stage Designer 舞台設計

Lee Yunsoo 李淪洙

Lee is a renowned Korean stage designer. He graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design of the University of the Arts London, gaining a Master Degree in Performance Design and Practice Course. He has been working as stage designer for the over 20 years. Lee has worked for the acclaimed Yohangza Theatre Company as scenographer, and also collaborated with Theatre du Pif as stage designer, for Hanako’s Pillow, Nocturnal Vista, Waiting for Godot and 4.48 Psychosis. He just won Stage Design Award at The 43rd Seoul Theatre Festival. Lee is currently a lecturer at Kyonggi University.

韓國著名舞台設計師,畢業於倫敦藝術大學中央聖馬丁藝術及設 計學院,獲表演設計與實踐碩士學位。過去廿多年一直擔任舞台 設計師,在備受讚譽的韓國旅行者劇團擔任舞台設計。曾多次和 進劇場合作,參與《花魂》、《亮夜》、《等待果陀》及《莎拉.肯 恩在 4.48 上書寫》等作品的舞台設計。他剛剛獲得第四十三屆首 爾劇場節舞台設計獎。現為韓國京畿大學兼職教授。 Costume Designer 服裝設計

Cheng Man Wing 鄭文榮

Cheng graduated from L’Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in Paris, L’Université de la Sorbonne in France, and The Somerset College of Arts and Technology in the UK, majoring in fine art textile and fabric printing technology. Cheng explores in the realms of fashion and theatre. He has worked for numerous local performing groups as costume designer including: Theatre du Pif, On and On Theatre Workshop, Actors’ Family, Hong Kong Arts Festival, City Contemporary Dance Company, Theatre Horizon, Y-Space and Hong Kong Repertory, etc.

主 修 純 藝 術 織 物 及 布 料 印 花 技 術。 曾 先 後 畢 業 於 巴 黎 L’Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré , L’Université de la Sorbonne 及英國 The Somerset College of Arts and Technology。 熱衷於探索時裝與劇場間的互動關係,而為劇場演出設計服裝的 藝團包括進劇場、前進進戲劇工作坊、演戲家族、香港藝術節、 城市當代舞蹈團、天邊外劇場、多空間及香港話劇團等。

Video Designer & Director 影像設計及導演

Wilfred Wong 黃漢樑

Graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Wong cofounded HerStory Polygon. The group’s body of work includes In Search of The ReXXlution Scene(s), Regarding O and How I learned to do Bad Drifting presented by the New Vision Arts Festival. Wong also collaborates with different companies as dance video director such as Mountains, Seas, Panorama, and The Island Whispers with Helen Lai, as video director for Waking Dreams in 1984 by On & On Theatre Workshop, as MV director of Michelle Siu’s The Heroine Within and director of My Daddy, My Flying Car and Me (Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme). He has recently won a couple of awards with his dance video 9 in many international dance film festivals such as the Mención especial Fiver in Fiver International Screendance Movement, International Award and Audience Award in Jumping Frames Hong Kong International Movement-image Festival. His commissioned work Mountains, Seas, Panorama by Jumping Frames in 2020 was also selected to be screened at the short film corner of the 74th Cannes Film Festival.

黃氏畢業於香港中文大學。與友人集結為「她說創作單位」,作品 包括:《N 個被 XX 的革命現場》、《O 先生與 O 小姐》;新視野藝術 節《六十分鐘「飛車黨」直播現場》等。黃氏亦以獨立創作人身份, 參與不同創作,包括︰《山海流》 (舞蹈錄像導演)、黎海寧《咏嘆 調》 (舞蹈錄像導演)、前進進戲劇工作坊《午睡》 (影像導演) ; 《看 不見的神奇女俠》 (MV 導演)、《飛飛遊遊爸》 (社區文化大使計劃; 導演)等。近年,憑舞蹈短片作品《9》入選多個國際舞蹈電影節, 並獲得獎項,包括 Fiver International Screendance Movement 中 獲得「Mención especial Fiver」,以及於跳格國際舞蹈影像節中獲 得「國際舞蹈影像大獎」及「觀眾之選」。二O二O年獲「跳格國 際舞蹈影像節」委約舞蹈電影《山海流》並入選第七十四屆康城 影展短片角落放映。

Sound Designer 音響設計

Bu Chan


Chan likes to transmit stories and feelings through sound. Majoring in Sound Design, Chan is a graduate of the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. During his study, he had designed sound for productions like Fireface and Three Sisters. He has continued to work as a freelance composer/ sound designer after graduation. His works include Jockey Club New Arts Power dance programme Contempo Lion Dance by Daniel Yeung, X in the Dance Off; The Phenomenon of Man Revolver 2021 by On & On Theatre Workshop; Our Land – Site Specific Transdisciplinary Audio-guided Performance Bus to the Wild by Little Breath Creative Workshop; The Open Platform: Theo by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre; ‘Cheers!’ Series: Madam Sew by Fantasy Puppet Theatre. Other composer/sound design works include Free Falling Body, True Lies and True Lies (Self-censored version) by Poor Guy Diary; The Furies Variations by Rooftop Productions; Waking Dreams in 1984 and Tit Hong Lane by On & On Theatre Workshop. Chan also involved in sound installation production in The Great Movement by Ellen Pau at Kiang Malingue Gallery, sound editing for The Plague (Cantonese version) at the Hong Kong Arts Festival, video sound coordinator for Seven Boxes Possessed of Kafka by Cinematic Exhibition of Andrew Chan’s Theatre Works and sound coordinator for Jing Wong’s The Drifters.

陳氏喜歡以聲音傳達故事和情感,畢業於香港演藝學院舞台及科 藝製作系,主修音響設計。在校時期擔任音響設計演出包括《火 臉》和《三姊妹》。畢業後為自由身工作者。曾參與作品包括賽馬 會藝壇新勢力《舞。獅》音樂及音響設計;舞鬥《X》音樂;前 進進戲劇工作坊《聽搖滾的北京猿人 2021》音響設計;小息《往 山𥚃去》音樂及音響設計; 「新戲匠」系列《西奧》音樂及音響設計; 莊梅岩 x 奇想偶戲劇團《車輪婆婆》音響設計。參與音響工作作 品《自由落體事件》 ;窮人誌《真實的謊言》及《真實的謊言》 (自 我審查版) ;天台製作《復仇變奏曲》 ;前進進戲劇工作坊《午睡》 及《鐵行里》 ;鮑藹倫《大運動之紅籌》聲音裝置製作,香港藝術 節《鼠疫》 (粵語版)聲音剪接;陳恆輝劇場作品影畫展《卡夫卡 的七個箱子》拍攝收音統籌;以及黃靖《我們在此漂流》音響統籌。 Producer 監製

Jamie Wu 胡家欣

Wu is the Company Manager of Theatre du Pif. She is also an Independent Producer, working with various artists and arts & cultural organisations across multi-art forms locally and internationally, and worked with the Adelaide Festival Centre’s OzAsia Festival 2017 in Australia as Assistant Producer. Jamie received the 2017 Fellowship of the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) to attend ISPA’s 99th Congress, The Association of Performing Arts Presenters Emerging Leadership Institute and Conference in New York. She had been selected to participate in the Global Cultural Leadership Programme 2018 in the framework of the Cultural Diplomacy Platform in Amsterdam, and the Producer’s Academy 2017 in Brussels organized by The International Centre for Training in the Performing Arts (CIFAS), On the Move.

現為進劇場劇團經理及獨立製作人,與多個本地及國際藝術家 和藝術機構合作。曾應邀赴澳洲阿得萊德藝術中心為澳亞藝術 節 2017 擔任助理監製。胡氏亦積極參與國際表演藝術市場及會 議,曾為 2017 國際表演藝術協會 (ISPA) 的獎助金得主,出席其第 99 屆會議及美國表演藝術經紀人協會領袖課程。她亦被挑選參加 Cultural Diplomacy Platform 於荷蘭舉行的全球文化領袖計劃 2018 以及由 The International Centre for Training in the Performing Arts 及 On the Move 主辦於布魯塞爾進行的製作人學院 2017。

Production Manager 製作經理

Lawrence Lee 李浩賢

Lee graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a BFA (Hons) degree in Stage Management. He has worked for numerous local performing groups as production manager, stage manager and deputy stage manager, including: Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies, Theatre Space, Drama Gallery, Actors' Family, Hong Kong Chorus, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Zuni Icosahedron, Edward Lam Dance Theatre, Hong Kong Ballet Group, YURI and company danciNG, and Chor Fung Ming Cantonese Opera Company (Yam Pak Charitable Foundation’s production). He is currently working as a freelancer.

畢業於香港演藝學院科藝學院,獲舞台管理榮譽學位。曾為多個 本地表演團體擔任製作經理、舞台監督及執行舞台監督,包括香 港戲劇協會、劇場空間、劇場工作室、演戲家族、香港合唱團、 香港小交響樂團、進念.二十面體、非常林奕華、香港芭蕾舞學 會、YURI and company danciNG 及雛鳳鳴劇團(任白慈善基金 製作)等多個藝術團體。現為自由身舞台工作者。 Stage Manager & Deputy Stage Manager 舞台監督及執行舞台監督

Fan Man Yan 范文恩

Fan graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Arts, Events and Stage Management. She has participated in different kinds of productions, including Shade of Butterfly and Red Pear Blossom by Loong Kin Sang; The Reincarnation of the Red Plum by Lam Kim Fai & Pak Suet Sin Charitable Foundation Ltd. x Xiqu Centre; Old Times, 4.48 Psychosis, Crow H. (Japan) by Theatre du Pif; A Floating Family a trilogy and Frogman by Hong Kong Arts Festival; We Go Berzerka Explode Into Life by Josie and The Uni Boys, etc. She is currently working as a freelancer.

畢業於香港演藝學院,主修藝術、項目及舞台管理。曾參與多個 製作,近期包括龍劍笙《蝶影紅梨記》 ;任白慈善基金x西九戲曲 中心《再世紅梅記》;進劇場《莎拉.肯恩在 4.48 上書寫》(首演 及北京演出)、《鴉 H.》 (日本) ;香港藝術節《香港家族》三部曲、 《Frogman》;何超與海膽仔《We Go Berzerka Explode Into Life》 等。現為自由身舞台工作者。 Assistant Stage Manager 助理舞台監督

Leung Hei Wa 梁烯樺

A freelance theatre practitioner. Recent works include Who Killed the Elephant, A Fork in the Road, Pool (no water), Ballads of Expulsion & Best Wishes by On & On Theatre Workshop; Poison, The Days of the Commune, Frosty Boy on the Equator, Doubt, Sound of the City, Stones in His Pockets (3rd Run), Krapp’s Last Tape, Life. In Hong Kong (Edinburg Festival Fringe & ACT Shanghai International Theatre Festival) by Wedraman; The Happy Dying, Interpretation of Classical Chinese Literature through Drama II by Class 7A Drama; Stay/Away by Hook Dance Theatre; MaD Festival; makye ame by ThreeWoods Playwright and Hong Kong Dance Exchange, etc.

自由身舞台工作者。近期參與製作包括:前進進戲劇工作坊《誰 殺了大象》、《放逐》、《泳池(沒有水)》、《大驅離》、《會客室》; 同流《毒》、《巴黎公社的日子》、《赤道上的冰花男孩》、《聖訴》、 《都市的聲音》、《拚死為出位》 (三度公演)、《最後的錄音帶》、愛 丁堡國際藝穗節及上海當代戲劇節《活.在香港》;7A 班戲劇組 《大笑喪:喪笑大晒》、《戲解文言 II》;舞合劇場《Stay/Away》; MaD Festival;三木製作《瑪吉阿米》;香港比舞等。





導賞團隊 Jenna Yiu Jennica Ku Michelle Yau Serene Leung

導賞計劃簡介 『刀神3.0』導賞訓練計劃 「看不懂」令觀眾卻步劇場。劇場教育以藝術評論為主,甚少導賞訓練,我們希望此計 劃能夠彌補空隙,同時提供新崗位讓觀眾深入認識劇場。導賞並非晦澀的學術闡述,而 是為藝術提供簡潔明快的解釋與參考。 *本計劃由香港藝術發展局資助

關於一月一藝術 願景 建立欣賞表演藝術的習 慣,讓藝術融入生活, 變成一種生活態度。

使命 建立以觀眾為本的藝術 平台,令香港成為藝術 最普及的城市,凝聚熱 愛藝術的觀眾。

目標 培養一月一次欣賞藝術 表演的習慣。


graphics terrenz@atVis | illustration sylvia chan

Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. 香港藝術發展局全力支持藝術表達自由,本計劃內容並不反映本局意見。 Ticketing & Media Partner 購票及媒體伙伴


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